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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of SIR GEORGE PAGET THOMSON FRS (1892-1975) Compiled by Jeannine Alton and Julia Latham-Jackson All rights reserved Deposited in the Library, Trinity College, Cambridge CSAC 75/5/80 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology under the guidance of the Royal Society’s Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of SIR GEORGE PAGET THOMSON FRS (1892-1975) Compiled by Jeannine Alton and Julia Latham-Jackson All rights reserved Deposited in the Library, Trinity College, Cambridge CSAC 75/5/80 G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL A.1 -A.53 SECTION B EARLY NOTEBOOKS AND RESEARCH B.1 - B.39 Introduction to Section B B.1 -B.10 School notebooks, 1905-10 B.11-B.31 | Cambridge University. Undergraduate notebooks and early research, 1910-14 B.32-B.39 Research in Cambridge 1919-22 SECTION C ELECTRON DIFFRACTION Introduction to Section C D.1 = D.78 D.1 -D.28 SECTION E cot *£, 145 SECTION D 32 32 34 37 Introduction to Section D THERMONUCLEAR RESEARCH D.29-D.78 Second World War: other activities Nuclear physics and the MAUD Committee NUCLEAR PHYSICS AND THE SECOND WORLD WAR Continued Patent applications relating to thermonuclear energy, 1946-59 Notes, drafts and calculations, 1946-59 Correspondence and papers, 1946-52 E.91-E.105 Minutes of meetings, 1952-63 E.106-E.111 Correspondence, 1958-63 Introduction to Section E 47 48 49 Of 60 6] 64 E.1 -E.70 E.71-E.87 E.88-E.90 G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 E.112-E.143 Research reports and lectures by others E.144, E.145 Miscellaneous other material SECTION F SCIENTIFIC LECTURES AND WRITINGS Fy b= F.207 Introduction to Section F F.l -F.33 University lectures (Cambridge, Aberdeen, Imperial College) F.34 -F.149 Physics F.150-F.209 Nuclear and Thermonuclear Energy SECTION G HISTORY OF PHYSICS AND PHYSICISTS G.1- G.116 G.1 -G.32 History of Physics G.33-G.116 Obituaries, lectures and writings on physicists SECTION H Hl =H, 16! Introduction to Section H H.79 -H.91 Science and education H.41 -H.78 Science and society H.92 -H.98 Science and war H.1 -H.40 Aims and methods of science H.99 -H.111 Science and religion SCIENCE-RELATED INTERESTS H.112-H.125 Chance and predictability INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS PLATES, SLIDES AND PHOTOGRAPHS H.160, H.161 Shorter talks SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE H.126-H.159 Euthanasia SECTION K G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE Most of the material was received from the Thomson family via Trinity College, Cambridge. The bound volumes of Thomson's autobiography (A.14), of his published papers (A.51, A.52), and of his own selection of letters from his wife Kathleen (A.14A), are included by courtesy of Mr. D.P. Thomson. The photocopy of the letter by Thomson at J.119 has kindly been made available by the Right Reverend the Bishop of Ely. CAREER AND WORK OF G.P. THOMSON Thomson was born in Cambridge in 1892, into a family of scientific distinction on both sides. His father, Sir Joseph Thomson (always known as 'J.J.'), was one of the foremost physicists of the day, Director of the Cavendish Laboratory, Factory (later Establishment) at Farnborough, where he was a member of the famous At the end of the War he returned to Cambridge, and in 1922 was most famous work was done, on electron diffraction by thin films (1926-28), for which After education at the Perse School and Trinity College, Cambridge, electron. His son George was much guided and influenced by his father, conducting early collaborative research with him and having access through him to current work on the frontiers of knowledge, as his later historical writings frequently testify. work on the Third (1928) Edition of Conduction of Electricity through Gases. Thomson's collaboration with his father continued for many years and included joint Cambridge, and in 1906 awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics for his discovery of the Thomson began research in 1913 at the Cavendish Laboratory under his father's super- he shared with C.J. Davisson the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1937. appointed Professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen. Here his vision, and was elected a Fellow of Corpus Christi College in 1914. During the First World War he was attached to the Royal Flying Corps at the Royal Aircraft ‘Chudleigh Mess' and formed lasting friendships with F.W. Aston, W.S. Farren, B.M. Jones, F.A. Lindemann (later Lord Cherwell), G.I. Taylor and others. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 In 1930, after a visit to America lecturing and working at Cornell, Thomson, now a Fellow of the Royal Society, moved to London as Professor of Physics at Imperial College. He continued work on electron diffraction and tried to develop it as a research tool for the study of surfaces, and also encouraged electron microscopy . A protracted illness which declared itself early in 1936 seriously interrupted his experi- mental work and marked the effective end of his work on electrons. Instead, he pursued the interest in nuclear physics begun a few years earlier, and in 1939 was quick to see the possible military implications of current work in nuclear fission. His professional knowledge, and his personal acquaintance with leading scientists and government advisers enabled him to initiate investigations, especially as (from April 1940) Chairman of the MAUD Committee which reported on the feasibility of an atomic weapon. During the Second World War, subsequent to his work on the MAUD Committee, and after two years at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, Thomson was sent as Scientific Liaison Officer to Canada, At this time, his wife Kathleen was seriously ill at Imperial College. He was knighted in 1943. His scientific interests now centred on the study of cosmic rays and to him. to become Deputy Chairman of the Radio Board (1942-43) and Scientific Adviser to the Air Ministry (1943-44). He resigned this post in December 1944 to resume work in America; her death at the end of 1941 was a great blow He remained in Canada until summer 1942 after which he returned to Britain mesons, and on nuclear fusion - itself a development of a theory of an electrodeless discharge put forward by 'J.J.'. | Under Thomson's guidance, work on an electrodeless torus proceeded at Imperial College and was provisionally patented in 1946; subsequently transferred to the A.E.1. laboratories at Aldermaston, while similar work Both groups produced an apparatus - SCEPTRE at was also in progress at Harwell. A.E.1., ZETA at Harwell - which attracted much attention when they were brought he died in 1975. In 1952 Thomson returned to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, as Master; he remained there until 1962 and spent his retirement in Cambridge, where the team to the notice of the general public in 1958. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material includes notebooks, manuscript notes and drafts, drafts for lectures and papers (many unpublished or additional to those listed in the Bibliography compiled for the Royal Society Memoir of Thomson), photographs and slides of experimental results, and correspondence. Of considerable interest are the drafts and text of Thomson's autobiography covering his career to 1966; this document, which he had written primarily for his family, is included at A.2 - A.14 and has, with permission, been drawn upon in compiling some of the catalogue entries. is an important source of information for some of the 'gaps' in the surviving manuscripts, particularly for It such matters as Thomson's activities in the Second World War (other than the MAUD Committee), his many foreign visits and his public commitments. In his introduction to the autobiography, Thomson mentions his inability to write adequately of his wife Kathleen, and of his hope to compile a selection of her letters to him; bound copies of the autobiography, and of the letters, have been made available by Mr. D.P. Thomson and appear at A.14, A.14A respectively. Thomson's scientific research on electron diffraction is well docu- Thomson's service to the Royal Society, The Institute of Physics, the British Association and many other learned societies, is also very scantily diffraction. documented. mented by notebooks, lectures and slides; his contribution to thermonuclear research, Unfortu- is clear that much has been lost of the early correspondence on electron on which he was able to publish very little because of the demands of security, survives mainly in the form of manuscript notes and drafts (see Section E). nately, it He frequently assembled information and together with his admiration for his father and early acquaintance with eminent men of science, made him always aware of the history of science and its practitioners. He wrote and lectured widely on these subjects, often for anniversary celebrations of various kinds, and also contributed many obituary tributes for individual scientists, Thomson's own distinguished contribution to scientific knowledge, many of them his personal friends. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 6 recollections additional to those which appeared in the final publication, but which survive in the collection. Material relating to his historical and biographical writings on 'J.J.' can be found in the collection of papers of J.J. Thomson (CSAC no. 74/4/80) in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge. In addition to an historical awareness, Thomson was also conscious of the impact of science on many aspects of life and thought. Sectiom H groups together his lectures and writings on science-related topics of this kind; it includes inter alia material on his work for the Voluntary Euthanasia Society which occupied much of his interest in his later years. LOCATIONS OF OTHER MATERIAL Thomson's original electron diffraction camera was deposited in the Science Museum, London, in 1948 (see J.107). Material relating to the Thomson and Paget families remains in family hands. relating to electron diffraction, is gratefully acknowledged. ENQUIRIES ACKNOW LEDGEMENT The help of Dr. M.J. Whelan, FRS, Reader in the Physical Enquiries should be addressed in the first instance to The Librarian, Examination of Materials in the University of Oxford, in identifying material Trinity College, Cambridge. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL A.1 - A.53 A.1 Obituaries and tributes. Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 23, 1977, pp.529-556 (by P.B. Moon). Contemporary Physics, 17, no.1, 1976. The Times, 12 September 1975. 2 pp. account of Thomson's life and work, by O.R. Frisch, nod. £19753. Photocopy of a printed collection of messages and photographs assembled by Thomson's younger daughter, Rose Bell, in honour of his 80th birthday (see Moon, Memoir, p.549). Thomson's friends as well as members of his own family. Contributors include many of Autobiographical material. The main source is Thomson's draft autobiography (A. 2- A.12) in a series of notebooks and loose pages, most auto- graph manuscript but including some typed-up sequences. Some additional notes and material are included in A.13, It | did A copy may be lent to whoever the Royal if John happens Of his autobiography, Thomson wrote (A.2): 'This book has been written for my children and grandchildren, in the hopes that the former may be interested in reading of events they remember or have heard about and that the latter as they grow up may enjoy hearing about the homes in which their parents lived, and the family into which they have been born. is not meant for publication, but | have no objection to suitable extracts being published at John's discretion C Sir John Adam Thomson, KCMG J, or at David's EMr. D.P. Thomson J to be out of England. Society selects to write the usual biographical memoir. not feel able to write about Kathleen C Kathleen Buchanan, née Adam Smith J, but hope to have a few copies made of a selection of her letters which may give a better idea of her than | can hope to do.' is included at A.14A. at A.14; a volume of Kathleen Thomson's selected letters A bound copy of the complete autobiography appears G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Biographical and autobiographical Spiral-bound notebook, ‘Autobiography 1', with loose pages inserted, Ms. and typescript, Childhood, family and early days to 1901 when Thomson entered King's College Choir School. Spiral-bound notebook, ‘Autobiography 2', with loose pages inserted, Ms. and typescript. ‘Chapt. II', King's College Choir School, and the Perse School, Cambridge. The book is used from the back. several pages of notes on Determinism. Aft the front of the book are Spiral-bound notebook, ‘Autobiography 3. with loose pages inserted. Trinity Years', Ms. and typescript. Ms, and typescript. Spiral-bound notebook, ‘Autobiography 4. Ist World War, Corpus', with many loose pages and longer sequences inserted. Trinity (Continued), Spring-back binder, ‘Autobiography 5. Aberdeen and early Imperial College. sequence. Visit to Rumania’, with an additional Narrative continues to include 'Chapter VI' on Corpus Christi College, further material for 'End of Chap.VI' on the Thomson and Paget families, ‘Chap. VII' on Aberdeen. served, often as Chairman. This covers the award of the Nobel Prize, Thomson's serious illness 1936 and 1937, the MAUD Committee, Kathleen Thomson's death, various Second World War activities, to August 1945. Rear of book contains lists of Committees on which Thomson This covers Thomson's marriage, and his most famous scientific work on electron diffraction. Spiral-bound notebook, ‘Autobiography 6. many loose pages inserted. Illness, War', with Ms, and typescript. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Biographical and autobiographical Spiral-bound notebook, ‘Autobiography 7. with some loose pages. Post War London’, Ms. Narrative includes visit to Pakistan, 1952, and became ‘Chap. X'. "United Nations XI'. Ms.,on 'Atomic Energy Commission of the United Nations, 1946-47' and 'Thermonuclear'. Narrative continues to about 1963. 'Chap. XII. Activities and organisations’ . Envelope of ms. narratives on ‘Institute of Physics', 'Schools', "Government Research', 'Committees', 'Clubs', 'Lectures', 'Books', 'Pugwash Conference’, 'British Association’. ‘Chap. XIII. Return to Corpus’. Ms. narrative, and spiral-bound notebook ‘Autobiography 8' describing visits to Malta (1963), and Holland and a note on portraits of Thomson. below.) (These are drafts for parts of 'Chap. XIV' ‘Chap. XIV. Visits and Holidays’. Envelope of various ms. and typescript narratives. Folder of miscellaneous material and notes assembled for autobiography. The last page is Thomson's conclusion, dated November 7,1966, in which he says 'l count myself strangely and singularly blessed’. probably for a history of the school, 1969. Lists of Hon. degrees, committees, holidays, land- marks in family history, summary diary of events 1949-62. 4 pp. account of 'Sixth Form Mathematics at The Perse, 1906-1910', sent with covering letter to A.C. Hawkins, Includes: G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Biographical and autobiographical Spiral bound duplicated typescript text of the complete autobiography; Thomson had a few copies prepared for presentation to members of his family and this one is included in the collection by courtesy of Mr. D.P. Thomson. ‘Kathleen's letters to G.P.T.' Duplicated typescript, 168 pp. This is a copy of the selection of Kathleen Thomson's letters to which Thomson refers in A.2, kindly made avail- able by Mr. D.P. Thomson. The Foreword, by Thomson, is dated 28 June 1968, and the letters run from 20 March 1924 to 1 December 1941. Kathleen Thomson died on 22 December 1941. Envelope annotated by Thomson 'My first published work’. Contains copy of an essay by Thomson entitled 'Effect on Naval Warfare of Substititon of Steam for Sails', published in The Navy League Journal, December 1906 as the result of the award of their annual prize to Thomson, then aged 14. 2 lectures on aeroplanes. His interest in ships continued throughout his life, and the autobiography contains many pleasant accounts of sailing holidays with friends or family. See K.40, K.41 for 2 boxes of slides relating to these lectures. Neither of the lectures is dated, but they were probably delivered soon after the First World War, perhaps in Cambridge. Some printed matter is also included in the folder. ‘How an aeroplane flies'. script with ms. corrections. 'The Science of Flight'. corrections. 1p. ms. notes followed by type- 12 pp. typescript with some ms. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Biographical and autobiographical A.18-A.23 Ms. notes and drafts for various speeches, delivered in Cambridge or relating to Cambridge University affairs, 1933-67. 1953, 1957 ‘Speech to Middlesex C.C. scholars', 24 September 1953. Speech on retirement of George Lewis, 4 October 1957. 1958, 1960 Speech on retirement of C.D. Bicknell, 8 January 1958. Speech at Marlowe Society Dinner, 17 November 1958. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts for broadcast on the Cavendish Laboratory, December 1958. Notes for talk delivered to Cambridge University Natural Science Club, February 1960. 1962-63 1964, 1966 1968, 1969 After dinner speech at 2200th Meeting of Cambridge University Natural Science Club, 30 May 1968. ‘Speech in the Senate House', 22 May 1962. Speech at Corpus Association Dinner, 6 July 1962. Speech at Feast of the Commemoration of Benefactors of Trinity College, Cambridge, 15 March 1963. Speech at Cambridge Society of York Dinner, 21 February 1962. Speech on retirement of T. Shand, 30 September 1969. ‘Discussion on Deer Report. Thomson', 7 March 1966. Statement by Sir George 2 copies, one annotated, Speech on opening of the George Thomson Building, Leckhampton, 10 October 1964. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Biographical and autobiographical Includes: Speech at inauguration of King's College School Assembly Hall. Speech delivered at Perse School (prizegiving?). Notes for speech to True Blue Club. Speech re Corpus Boathouse. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Biographical and autobiographical A.24-A, 33 Honours, awards, membership of societies A.24 Award of Howard N. Potts Gold Medal of The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia. 1932 Correspondence re award; Thomson was unable to attend the ceremony, and the medal was received on his behalf by the British Consul General. Conferral of Hon. D.Sc., University of Lisbon. Correspondence re Nobel Lecture. 1935 1938 Thomson was awarded the Nobel Prize in November 1937 but was unable, for reasons of ill-health, to travel to Stockholm to deliver his Nobel Lecture until June 1938. For typescript of the Lecture, see F.78. Letters of congratulation on Knighthood. Certificate of Membership, Society of Instrument Technology. See G.26-G.28. Conferral of Hon. LI.D., University of Aberdeen. Award of Royal Medal of the Royal Society. Letters of conferral; letters of congratulation. American Academy of Arts and Sciences. American Physical Society. Election as Member; certificate. Election as Foreign Honorary Member; certificate and correspondence. reply. Nomination as Honorary Councillor, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, Madrid. Conferral of Associateship, Royal College of Science. Farewell dinner and presentation to Thomson on his departure from Imperial College. Programme of events, Thomson's ms. speech in G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Biographical and autobiographical A.34-A.42 Correspondence re various committees. See also Section D, especially D.10-D.28 (MAUD Committee). Committee on the Education and Training of Students from Overseas, set up by Board of Education and Board of Trade. Correspondence, report. Royal Observatory, Greenwich. Renewal of invitation to serve on Board of Visitors. Copy of letter re Thomson's journey to U.S. as temporary replacement of Chadwick on U.K. Delegation to Atomic Energy Commission. Invitation to serve on Church Assembly Commission on Atomic Power. (Correspondence continues to 1948.) 1946 1946 Invitation (declined) to serve on Science Museum Advisory Council, newly reconstituted. 1947 1950 1951] 1961 Correspondence re Scientific Advisory Panel, and re consultancy, Ministry of Defence. Brief correspondence re University of London committees, and Old Centralians. 1950 Paper on organisation and functions of Scientific and Technical Intelligence Committees, sent for information to Thomson as member of the Joint Committees. 1968 Invitation to serve on Advisory Committee, U.K.A.E.A., set up in relation to the history of the Authority to be written by M.M. Gowing. Brief correspondence with U.K.A.E.A. re classified papers returned by Thomson. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Biographical and autobiographical Brief correspondence of biographical interest. Includes: Thomson's letter to Commissioner of Metropolitan Police, requesting permission to buy ammunition for his 'war trophy' pistol, in connection with his experiments at Imperial College on the deformation of metals under stress. Correspondence re Thomson's cousin, Meyrick Paget, missing after the capture of Singapore. A photograph of Thomson is also included in the folder. 1938 1945 A.44-A.48 Financial affairs A.44 Correspondence with Imperial College, 1937-51, re Thomson's F.S.S.U. policies, family allowances, College accounts and expenses. Correspondence with bank and brokers re shares, dividends, etc., 1947-51. estate of J.J. Thomson, 1947. Includes a little correspondence re Paul Instrument Fund Committee, 1950-51 Endeavour, 1948. Ministry of Defence, 1943, 1947 Foreign Office, 1947 Associated Electrical Industries Limited, 1950-51 Correspondence and notifications of salary or consultancy fees, from: Requests for autographs or biographical information. Shorter correspondence re subscriptions. Shorter personal accounts. Miscellaneous personal notes and jottings. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Biographical and autobiographical A.51, A.52 2 bound volumes containing a set of Thomson's published papers arranged in chronological order. A.5]1 1920-49 2 sets of ms. notes by Thomson on one of his papers are clipped to the relevant offprint. 1950-61 Book reviews and other shorter articles, some undated, are included at the back of the binder. Box containing loose offprints of Thomson's papers (incomplete set). G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 SECTION B EARLY NOTEBOOKS AND RESEARCH, 1905 - 1922 B.1 - B.39 This Section documents aspects of Thomson's education at the Perse School and Trinity College, Cambridge, and his early research conducted at the Cavendish Laboratory under the direction of his father immediately before and after the First World War. The material is presented as follows: B.1 -B.10 School notebooks 1905-10 B.11-B.31 Cambridge University. notebooks and early research 1910-14 Undergraduate B.32-B.39 Research in Cambridge 1919-22 Many of Thomson's notebooks were re-used at different periods of his life; sometimes the old pages were torn out, sometimes he restarted from the back of the book. Occasionally a single notebook contains very diverse material, such as B.2 (school exercises at one end and personal accounts for 1924-26 at the other) and E.60 (school exercises followed by notes on thermo- nuclear research). See also D.17 in the collection of J.J. Thomson (CSAC notes from Thomson's undergraduate days which he later used for his father's 74/4/80, in Trinity College, Cambridge), a notebook containing mathematics biography. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Early notebooks and research School Notebooks 1905-10 The earliest of these dates from Thomson's first year at the Perse School, Cambridge, and the subjects covered include English literature and the classics as well as science and mathe- matics. lectures at Cambridge University, and his notes on these appear at B.5- B.7. During his last year at school he attended A. Wood's Dilapidated hard-cover notebook with part of front cover missing, bearing the legend 'Physics. and Light as learnt by G.P. Thomson since the year 1'. Magnetism Electricity Contains school exercises from 1905. dated, but they probably continue for about 2 years. Very few entries are Hard-cover notebook inscribed inside front cover 'Thomson. Literature. Oct. term 1905'. Contains school exercises, October 1905-July 1906. The back of the book contains accounts of personal expenditure, November 1924-October 1926. A few loose pages of notes, all in Hard-cover notebook containing notes on mechanics and electricity. n.d. Hard-cover notebook containing notes by Thomson on ancient Greek history and culture, n.d., c.1906-7. Hard-cover notebook inscribed inside front cover 'Thomson. Summer Term 1907', with a later annotation by Light. Thomson 'Alex Wood's lectures 1908 or 9'. Some pages have been torn out of the front of the book - presumably the material on light. Thomson's hand, have been left in situ. cover 'Alex Wood's lectures 1909". Hard-cover notebook labelled 'Light. with a later annotation by Thomson 'Alex Wood's lectures 1909". G.P. Thomson’, Hard-cover notebook labelled 'G.P. Thomson. Light (2) and Sound', with later annotation by Thomson inside front G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Early notebooks and research Hard-cover notebook labelled 'Perse Grammar School. Thomson. "Geometrical Conies'. Inside front cover is the heading VI special’. Thomson mentions in his autobiography (A.3) that during his last year at school he was coached in 'modern geometry' by H.W. Turnbull, and the notebook presumably dates from this period. Hard-cover notebook containing notes on 'Conic Sections’, n.d., c.1909-10 (see B.8). Soft-cover notebook containing account by Thomson of ‘Experiments made May-July 1910' on the first 3 pages. Most of the rest of the book has been left blank. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Early notebooks and research B.11-B.31 Cambridge University. research, 1910-1914 Undergraduate notebooks and early The majority of these contain notes on lectures attended by Thomson during this period, including some by his father (B.26, B.27, B.30). ltem B.31 documents Thomson's first research at the Cavendish Laboratory, where he began work on positive rays under his father's direction in the summer of 1913, to be interrupted a year later by the outbreak of war. Hard-cover notebook with much later Thomson 'G.A, Herman's coaching’. dated October 1910, but most of the subsequent entries are undated. annotation by G.P. The first entry is ‘It cost nine guineas a term, quite a sum in those The coaching was really a set of lectures, but In his autobiography (A.4) Thomson recalls that he and five others went to G.A. Herman three times a week for private coaching. days ... examples were set and each morning he went through those set last time ... The actual lecture was given fairly fast and our notes were often incomplete, but we used to meet afterwards in someone's rooms and learned a lot in the pro- cess of sorting them out. had been free we should probably not have taken this trouble, to our loss.' If the lectures Orange cloth-covered notebook labelled 'G.P. Thomson. Trinity College. Invariants', with annotation by Thomson inside front cover 'Herman coaching date?'. Hard-cover notebook with barely legible label ‘Algebra. Thomson', and annotation by Thomson inside front cover ‘Herman coaching date?'. taining school exercises in algebra, have been torn from the front of the book. ~ E. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Thermonuclear research Liley, B.. . S. 'Sceptre', duplicated typescript, 1957. Sturrock, P. A. ‘Non-linear effects in electron plasmas', typescript, n.d., but accompanied by letter from Sturrock to Thomson, 31 January 1955, and 1 p. ms. notes by Thomson. E.121-E.132 Thompson, W. B. E, 121 'A phenomenological theory of the constricted gas dis- charge at moderate currents', typescript A.E.R.E. Report, May 1952. ‘The Diffusion Theory of the Constricted Gas Discharge', typescript (unsigned, probably by Thompson), October 1952. 'The theoretical characteristics of constricted discharges in mercury and caesium vapour', typescript draft, October 1952. Folder also includes final version, distributed as an A.E.R.E. Report, December 1952. 'The Scaling of the Constricted Gas Discharge’, typescript (unsigned, probably by Thompson), n.d. 'An elementary theory of the Hall effect in a gas discharge’, undated typescript and A.E.R.E. Report, February 1954, ‘Equilibrium Characteristics of a Pinched Gas Discharge Cooled by Bremsstrahlung Radiation', unsigned typescript, n.d. typescript lectures, n.d. 'The Viscous Discharge. A New Model of the Highly lonised Gas Discharge', typescript by Thompson and S.J. Roberts, n.d. 'An Introduction to Plasma Physics'. Set of 8 duplicated 'Gas Discharge Project', unsigned typescript, n.d. 'Pressure in a Gas Discharge’, typescript, n.d. ypescrip 'Neutral Gas Pressure Effects in the Gas Discharge’, typescript by Thompson and R.T.P. Whipple, n.d. 'Electron Beam as a Magnetic Probe', typescript with 1 p. ms. calculation, n.d. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Thermonuclear research E,133-E.138 Ware, A. A. EAS 'High Current Discharge Research. (Work done by S.W. Cousins and A.A. Ware, March 1949-March 1950)', typescript, n.d. ‘Relativistic Treatment of "Pinch" Forces', typescript, n.d. ‘Low Frequency Ring Discharge Giving Continuous "Pinch" Forces', typescript, n.d. ‘Note on the Theory of the "Pinch" Effect', typescript, n.d. 'The Radial Electric Field in a High Current Discharge and the Effect of the Discharge Tube Wall', typescript, 1 October 1952. ‘Power Loss due to Current Zeros in a Toroidal Ring Discharge - Suggested 50 cycle Ring Discharge’, script, 6 January 1953. type- E, 139 Wesson, J. A, 'The Effects of Stray Magnetic Fields on Plasma Containment’, typescript, 17 May 1960. Two typescripts with multiple authors: "Neutrons from Zeta', 1 p. typescript by R. Carruthers and others, 6 September 1957. Five unsigned typescripts : ‘Sceptre, a Stabilised High Current Toroidal Discharge producing High Temperatures', typescript by N.L. Allen and others, 31 December 1957. 31st March 1963', 12 February 1982. ‘Review of Fusion Research at A.E.1. and Future Programme’, January 1960. 'A Proposed Tubular Pinch Experiment', May 1960. 'A.E.1. Plasma Research for the Culham Laboratory. Proposed Research Programme for the year Ist April 1962 to ‘Conduction of Heat through a Plane Slab', n.d. "Sceptre 1', n.d. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Thermonuclear research Miscellaneous diagrams, photographs, etc. Bundle of miscellaneous reprints re thermonuclear research, G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Thermonuclear research E.144, E.145 Miscellaneous other material E.144 E.145 Small ring-binder containing lists of articles read by (or recommended to) Thomson, 1959-70. Miscellaneous bundles of notes and calculations, all undated, some with titles as follows: "Slowing down of Space Ship in Earth's Atmosphere’ ‘Perihelion of projected particle’ ‘Apparatus for Measuring the Volume of a Chest Cavity' ‘Pumping through Tube’ 'The Age of the Elements and the Age of the Crust' (typescript, probably not by Thomson) ‘lonisation on Balloon Flights’ G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 SECTION F SCIENTIFIC LECTURES AND WRITINGS F.1 - F.209 Fol@ F.33 University lectures (at Cambridge, Aberdeen, and Imperial College London) F.34 - F.149 Physics F.150 - F.209 Nuclear and Thermonuclear Energy The material in each of the sub-sections is presented in approximate chronological order, though Thomson rarely dated his early notes and drafts; in many cases they can only be roughly dated on internal evidence. The ‘University Lectures', especially those given at Aberdeen, were often cannibalised and updated for use at Imperial College, London, and no firm boundary can be drawn except for the post- Second World War lectures at London on cosmic rays and nuclear physics. The lectures and writings on 'Physics', F.34 - F.149, naturally focus on Thomson's own research interests and discoveries. F.36 - F.61 are almost After the Second World War, Thomson continued to write and lecture on the electron, and also on cosmic rays, mesons, and atomic structure. The advent of nuclear, and later of thermonuclear power, however, provided the chief matter of his scientific research and publications. F.120 - F.168 area crowded cluster of items - including several broadcasts - on the nature and control scope, as tools of research. speak, show the international recognition of his work. Several items, F.66 - F.77, all on electron diffraction, his own experimental research (for which he shared with C.J. Davisson the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1937) and the wave-particle theory of matter; the number of these, and the range of places at which Thomson was asked to deal with the practical applications of electron diffraction, and the electron micro- (F.188 et seq.). the remainder of the material, some linked with the opening of atomic power stations of nuclear energy, followed by a similar output at F.169 - F.174 on the then new implications of the hydrogen bomb. These problems continue to recur throughout G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings Thomson himself made a distinguished contribution to research on nuclear fusion from the early 1940s, and played a part in the development of thermo- nuclear research at Harwell and A.E.1. Most of his work was not released for publication, but the public announcement of Zeta in 1958 led to many lectures and articles by him, some technical and some more popular, on thermonuclear questions (F.193 - F.205). The material in this Section is only rarely accompanied by research material or by related correspondence - it should be consulted in conjunction with the notebooks and documents in Sections C and E. Although several items naturally contain autobiographical and historical reflections by Thomson on his experience of twentieth-century physics, his explicit writings on the history of physics and physicists, and his more general ideas on the methods, purpose and implications of science have been grouped in Sections G and H respectively. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings F.1-F.33 University Lectures Lectures at Cambridge, 1919-22 Spring-back folder inscribed 'Rigid Dynamics. Corpus Christi’. G.P. Thomson. Contains ms. notes for a course of thirteen lectures, paginated 1-20, followed by several unnumbered pages of examples. Spring-back folder, with ms. notes for fourteen lectures, many on verso of examination scripts. page is inscribed ‘Easter Term 1922, Hydrostatics Revision’. Electricity Optics and The first Lectures at Aberdeen (1922-30) See also F.34. Spring-back notebook, inscribed on first page ‘Electricity and Magnetism. Lectures'. Lectures are numbered 1-10, but material continues on various topics in the subject. Folder of notes inscribed on first page 'Senior Honours Class. Electricity. Oct. 1923'. Folder of notes, inscribed on first page 'Natural Philosophy Ordinary Class’. Folder of loose notes inscribed on first page 'Geometrical Some notes on 'Magnetism and Electricity’ are Optics'. also included in the folder, as is a list in Thomson's hand of those attending. similarly headed. University of Aberdeen candidate's examination book, notes inscribed 'General Dynamics of Multiply Periodic Systems’. Folder of loose notes for 'Senior Honours', on various topics, with a obtained in 'Mechanics' and 'Heat'. list in Thomson's hand of those attending and marks Ditto, inscribed 'Notes on Crystal Lattices and Space Groups’. Ditto, inscribed 'Laws of Motion’. Ditto, inscribed 'De Broglie Theory’, with some loose sheets G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings Folder of loose notes, inscribed on first page ‘Mathematics for Students in Physics'. continues on similar topics. Paginated 1-26, but material Folder of notes for a course of eight lectures on 'General wave properties’. Several of these contain revisions and insertions and may also have been used at Imperial College. Undated lecture on ‘Kinetic Theory', paginated 21-25, perhaps once part of a longer sequence (paper similar to | that in F.3). Undated lecture on ‘Dielectric Constant’. Undated lecture on 'Atom Structure’. Undated lecture on ‘Polarisation of Electrons’. Folder of extensive loose notes on 'Dynamics', with many revisions and insertions, perhaps for later use at Imperial College. Lectures at Imperial College, London (1930-52) Folder of loose notes on 'The Science of Moving Bodies', with 1 p. note of preliminary information for students (at Aberdeen). probably used revised versions of his earlier lectures at Aberdeen (see F.13, F.18 above), and continued to update the material by intercalating notes or printed matter which sometimes provide a terminus ad quem. Includes some related printed matter, latest date 1935. Green spring-back notebook of eleven lectures on ‘Heat for Engineers’, Spring-back folder inscribed ‘Elasticity’. paginated 1-16(a). "Imperial College. Oct.6. Electron Waves’. ‘Optical experiments with electrons’. Very few of these can be accurately dated. Thomson Notes for lectures, G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings Spring-back folder inscribed 'lonic Physics’. Notes begin in 1930s and are updated into 1940s and include note of sections of course which Thomson delegated to colleagues Cochrane and Barford. "Introductory Lecture to Modern Physics’. Early notes with later additions interleaved. ‘Relativity Mechanics’. Early notes with later additions. Folder of notes on various topics in physics, with various revisions and additions on nuclear physics and cosmic rays. Includes a letter and data from F.A. Paneth, 1947. Spring-back folder inscribed 'Harmonic Motion’. Early notes with some later additions (latest date 1946). Spring-back folder inscribed 'Wave Motion’. Notes for a course of eleven lectures; printed matter, 1949. includes related Spring-back folder inscribed 'Discarded pages from Wave Motion lectures'. Spring-back folder inscribed 'Atomic Physics Part II', of notes for lectures on atomic and nuclear physics. Spring-back folder inscribed 'Work at Imperial College on Cosmic Rays’. Includes a note headed 'Garton's Lectures' (W.R.S. Garton, FRS) on topics already dealt with in students’ courses, 1949 and 1951. elementary particles. Includes notes for lectures by Thomson at Imperial College and elsewhere, his notes on the literature, etc. (latest date 198i. Thomson's notes on work by Blackett, Heitler and others on G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings F.34-F.149 Physics F.34 ‘Modern Ideas about Atoms’. 13 pp. ms. lecture, with introductory notes on verso of last page; probably for Inaugural Lecture at Aberdeen. P.10 of ms. refers to a suggestion 'recently' by Rutherford that a new particle should be named 'proton' (suggestion made in Rutherford's speech to British Association, September 1920). ‘Electron Optics'. n.d. Notes for ‘British Association Discussion’. Ms. notes in which Thomson describes his classic electron diffraction experiment. n.d. but probably for meeting at Glasgow, September 1928, at which de Broglie and Davisson were also present (see Moon, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 23, 1977, p.538). Includes press-cuttings of Davisson's and Thomson's contributions, and of a note by Thomson ‘The Disintegration of Radium E from the Point of View of Wave Mechanics' (Nature, 121, 615-6). ‘New Discoveries about Electrons’. n.d., 1927-28. ‘Waves and particles’. 2 pp. ms. talk, c.1928. 'Waves or Particles'. 7 pp. typescript proof of article for publication in a French journal, 9 pp. ms. talk for radio with sections marked 'to be omitted for publication in the "Listener'. 6 pp. typescript. n.d., probably 1929 (death of A. Reid mentioned ‘in July last year' [1928 3). ‘Diffraction of Electrons. Feb.8/29'. 3 pp. ms. notes, 'New Discoveries about Electrons’. Talk or lecture given 13 August 1929, place unidentified. Lecture at University College G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings F.42, F.43 Two lectures on mechanics. Undated, but c.1930. F.42 ‘Fundamental Ideas of Mechanics’. 4 pp. ms, "New Mechanics’. 2 pp. ms. Two lectures given at Manchester. n.d., c.1930. 'The new mechanics’. 2 pp. ms. F.45 Untitled notes for lecture on electron, headed 'Lecture Nov. 30 Manchester’. F.46, F.47 Two lectures on relativity. No date or place. F.46 ‘The limitations of relativity’. 3 pp. ms. 3 pp. ms. uncertainty in physics. ‘New York Chemical Society’. F.48-F.55 Lectures in America. ‘Electron Diffraction. Univ. of New York Lecture 1'. Almost all on wave/particle atomic theory, electron, Thomson visited America September 1929-Spring 1930. Lecture on ‘Relativity considerations', headed 'Lecture 4'. 2 pp. ms. 4 pp. ms. 2 pp. ms. 2 pp. ms. ‘Lecture at Rochester’. "Franklin Institute’. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings "Smith College’. 2 pp. ms. 'Columbus'. Notes for four lectures. 9 pp. ms. With a letter of thanks from the Secretary, American Chemical Society, Columbus Section Notes for a series of four lectures, no indication of place. 15 pp. ms. Shorter sequences of notes for lectures: 'Homopolar Bonds' 5 pp. ms. 'Spin' 2 pp. ms. 4 pp. ms. 1 Lectures in India ‘Electron Diffraction. 2 lectures' 1 p. ms. Lectures in Canada ‘Electron Diffraction Bombay’. '‘Schenectady' (on wave/particle theory). p. notes for similar lecture at McGill University. 2 pp. ms. notes. Lecture on the history and teaching of science, given to "Rotary Lahore’. ‘Electron diffraction Lahore’. 2 pp. ms. l p. ms. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings Shorter notes for lectures on electron diffraction and wave/ particle theories. None dated, c.1930-32. Given at Sir John Cass College (London), Alembic Club, Amsterdam, Birkbeck College (London), British Association, Leeds. Lecture on 'Modern Physics’. n.d. 5 pp. ms. 'The Waves of an Electron’. Ms. and typescript draft for illustrated lecture, possibly 1928. Shorter notes for talks or lectures on electron diffraction, n.d. ‘Optical Experiments with Electrons’. 3 pp. ms. notes ‘extracted from a lecture to the Optical Society’. The formal lecture was published in Trans. Opt.Soc., 32, 1930. Book Reviews. Fraser: ‘Molecular Rays’. Book Review. Rutherford, Chadwick and Ellis: 'Radiations from Radioactive Substances’, For The Electrician, typescript, 1931. For Journal of Scientific Instruments, proof, 1932. 18, 1934. Ms. draft, and corrected typescript versions of paper published in Phil.Mag., 17, 1934. Typescript and ms. draft of paper published in Phil.Mag., Randall: 'Diffraction of X rays and electrons’. For the Physical Society, typescript, 1934. ‘Experiments on the polarisation of electrons’. 'The small-scale structure of surfaces’. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings Book reviews. Meyer: 'The Diffraction of Light, X-rays and Material Particles’. de Boer: ‘Electron Emission and Adsorption Phenomena’. Both for Proc.Phys.Soc., 1935. F.68-F.70 ‘Applications of Electron Diffraction’. Lectures given at the Royal Institution, January-February 1935. Ms. notes for four lectures. Ms. notes, diagrams, etc. related to lectures. 'Electron Diffraction as a Method of Research’. version of lectures, prepared for publication in Nature, 30 March 1935, with brief editorial correspondence and reprint of article as published. Summarised ‘Absorption Coefficients’. 9 pp. typescript, n.d. Book reviews. strahlen', All for Proc. Phys.Soc., 1936 Laporte: dans les Gaz'. Grimsehl: 'Physics of the Atom’. Von Lave: ‘Die Interferenzen von Réntgen-und Elektronen- 'Phénoménes Elémentaires de la Décharge Eléctrique Perhaps a report submitted to Thomson and not by him. 2 pp. ms. notes for talk or lecture, n.d. de Broglie: ‘Matter and Light, the New Physics’. 'Positive Electrons’. n.d. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings ‘Electron Waves as a Tool of Research’. 16 pp. ms. draft for illustrated lecture. Includes 2 pp. ms. notes on subject, and related onprint, n.d., c«1936, 'The Electron in Research’. Ms. draft, and corrected typescript versions of illustrated talk (refers to work at Imperial College), n.d., ¢.1936 'The electron microscope’. 6 pp. ms. and typescript, n.d., c.1937. 'The Electron Microscope’. . 17 pp. typescript with ms. corrections, and a photograph. An extended version of F.76, for publication in Endeavour, 8. Includes galley proof for published article. ‘Electronic waves’. Nobel lecture, delivered at Stockholm, 7 June 1938. 11 pp. typescript with ms. corrections. Another version, with additional ms. material, and a 1 p. introductory page headed 'National Academy of Sciences’. Thomson was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1937 but was unable to attend the ceremony that year because of ill health. See J.106 for related correspondence. 1 ms. and 2 typescript versions of lecture in French. 2 typescript versions of lecture in English, one with a note ‘Paris Nov. 1938'. 'La diffraction des Electrons’. See A. 26 for related correspondence. 'The velocity distribution of thermal neutrons’. 2 pp. typescript draft of collaborative paper published in Nature, 142, 1938. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings Shorter notes for lectures,on 'refractive index', and on ‘Analysis of surface layers'. n.d. ‘Electron Diffraction’. The May Lecture, delivered to the Institute of Metals, 19 May 1943. 11 pp. typescript with ms. corrections, and 1 p. ‘Summary’. Proof of lecture and diagrams for publication. 1 p. ms. notes for lecture on wave/particle theory, headed "Aberdeen. Dec. 29 1947'. 'The Growth of Crystals’. The thirty-second Guthrie Lecture, delivered 4 June 1948 and published in Proc. Phys. Soc. Ms. and typescript ‘Notes for Guthrie lecture’, draft text, ms. additions for insertion, galley proofs of text for publication. Four sequences of notes by Thomson on crystal growth (one dated March 1938). 7 pp. typescript paper on production and uses of high energy particles. Five sequences of notes and data, by Thomson and others, related to lecture. Sequence of notes on crystal growth, not in Thomson's hand but lent by him to R. Furth and returned with letter of thanks. Feb.10 1949". ‘Origin of stars’. Ms. notes and draft. 4 pp. draft for talk on similar subject, with heading 'Dublin "High energy electrons’. n.d., perhaps not by Thomson. 'The production of cosmic ray stars' (Phil.Mag., 40, 1949). 13 pp. ms. draft. Heavily corrected first proof, 16 pp. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings Three bundles of ms. notes on subject. n.d. Shorter notes: 1 p. on topics in physics 1 p. notes for a talk on crystallographic analysis of molecules 1 p. notes ‘Stockholm Dec. 1950! (perhaps at Nobel Prizewinners gathering) ms. and typescript ‘Conclusion’ to work on electron Book review. De Broglie: ‘Interaction entre le noyau et son cortége éléctronique'. For Endeavour; ms. notes, typescript of review. Two talks on ‘Photographic Study of Cosmic Rays'. 2 pp. notes headed 'Aldermaston September 20 1950'. 'The Study of Solid Surfaces'. F.98-F.103 Drafts, abstracts and notes, as follows: 1 p. notes headed 'Aberdeen March 1951'. ‘Electrons: particles and waves’. Talk for BBC ‘Science Survey', May 1951. 9 pp. typescript draft; broadcast. transcript of programme as 16 pp. typescript with ms. corrections, dated July 1952, with two loose pages of notes. ‘The Second Law of Thermodynamics deduced from information theory’. n.d. Ms. draft, with title 'The Second Law of Thermodynamics stated in terms of Information Theory’. Extensive notes and calculations, some in ten bundles as kept by Thomson, others as loose pages. F.99-F.101 Three ms. and typescript drafts, all with extensive F.103 Letter from G. Beck with comments on the draft paper. F.98 F.102 alterations. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings F.104-F.109 'Heavy Meson'. The Poynting Lecture, delivered at the University of Birmingham, July 1952. Drafts, notes and background material, as follows: Ms. and typescript draft of lecture. Duplicated version for distribution. 'Mesons', ms. and typescript heading ‘Portugal’. notes and drafts, with a ‘Capture of » mesons by heavy nuclei', ms. draft and notes, with a heading 'Not published’. Miscellaneous background material, reprints, conference proceedings, notes by others on the subject. p. ms. notes for a lecture on 'Meson', with a note 1 "Nat. Sci. Club Feb, 25 1954'. Miscellaneous background material on the subject, offprints, drafts and notes, including Atomic Scientists Journal, September 1953, with annotations by Thomson. 2 pp. ms. notes ‘Montevideo Electron Diffraction’. 2 pp. ms. notes 'Rio de Janeiro’. Two lectures on Electron Diffraction given by Thomson on his visit to the Middle East, 1955. Two lectures on Electron Diffraction given by Thomson on his visit to South America, 1954. 5 pp. typescript, with brief editorial correspondence. Article on current developments in physics research, for The Financial Times, 1957. 2 pp. typescript and 2 pp. ms. notes ‘Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad’. 2 pp. typescript and 1 p. ms. notes 'Damascus. Electron Diffraction’. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings F.114,F.115 'The Containment of Plasma by the Pinch Discharge', Phil.Mag., 3, 1958. F.114 Heavily corrected ms. draft, 12 pp. + 1 p. diagram. Potid Heavily corrected first proof, 16 pp. + 3 figs., marked 'Rec. May 16 1958". Brief correspondence with N.F. Mott re publication of article in Phil.Mag., 1958. This is based on one of Thomson's research papers prepared for, or related to, work on thermonuclear power at A.E.1./Harwell. For similar, unpublished material, see E.34, E.35. Draft chapter on 'Light', for proposed book on physics for adults, which Thomson was asked to contribute fo a series published by Harper and Brothers. 22 pp. typescript with ms. revisions. Correspondence with J.R. Newman of Harpers, May- December 1958. F.117-F.122 F.12] Fal i7 First ms. draft, 27 pp. F.118 First typescript version, 18 pp. Feri? 'Re-written' typescript version, 19 pp. F.120 Biographical notes to accompany article, 3 pp. typescript. ‘The Principles of Physics', article published in The Saturday Evening Post, 1959. related correspondence. Correspondence with editors re correction and publication of article, and later reprinting in ‘Adventures of the Mind! under title 'What you should know about physics', 1958-61. The Fison Memorial Lecture, delivered at Guy's Hospital, 12 May 1959. Correspondence re photograph for article, 1959, and re French translation, 1960. 3 pp. typescript, using similar material to above, with ‘Principles of Physics’. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings Speech at annual dinner, Institute of Physics, 3 May 1960. 3 pp. typescript with ms. corrections. Book review. de Broglie: 'New Perspectives in Physics' For Bulletin of Institute of Physics, 1962. Speech at Inaugural Dinner, Plasma Physics Group. Opp. m5. N.d., 61963; Fe127-F..133 'Matter and Radiation’. Thomson's contribution to Aspects of Scientific Thought, 1900-60, ed. H.R. Harré (O.U.P.). F.127 Correspondence with publishers and editor re plans for book, Thomson's contribution, photographs and illustrations, 1966-68. Fr. 12B; Poise? Letters from colleagues with comments or advice, 1967. F.130 F.132 F.131 Typescript with ms. corrections, 79 pp. F.133 ‘Corrected proof', date-stamped May 1968. F.134-F.138 Jubilee meeting of the Institute of Physics, 6-9 May 1968. Thomson's plan, list of illustrations, ms. drafts, on loose pages, and in spiral-bound notebook. Proof copy, with publisher's and author's corrections, pages numbered 71-150. F.136). was to have been given by Sir Lawrence Bragg, who fell ill shortly before the meeting. Thomson was asked on 23 April to take his place, and his paper was subsequently published in Physics Bulletin, 19, December 1968. Correspondence re meeting. written from his sick-bed and including 5 pp. draft notes for speech (p.3 is missing and is included in Thomson's draft at Includes ms. letter from Bragg, The first paper of the meeting, on 'The Atom Outwards', G.P, Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings Contributions and information from colleagues, originally sent to Bragg and passed on by him to Thomson. Includes material from D.W. Sciama, M. Ryle, J.A. Ratcliffe, some annotated by Thomson, Ms. and typescript versions of Thomson's paper. Printed notice of meeting. Offprint of article 'The structure of matter - the atom outwards', based on the lecture and published in Physics Bulletin. F.139-F.146 'The Electron’. Booklet published in 'Understanding the Atom! series by United States Atomic Energy Commission, 1971. Correspondence with editor and colleagues. invitation to write booklet, financial and publication arrange- ments, etc., permission to reproduce material, 1969-70. Includes Typescript version, with many ms. corrections and additions. editor re proofs and artwork of article, Ms. draft of book. Ms, notes, photographs. Typescript draft, with ms. corrections, and including reviewers' comments and Thomson's answers. Correspondence with and including Thomson's answers to queries on captions, December 1970- January 1971. Typescript and galley proof versions, all with some corrections. Correspondence with R.V. Jones (Editor, Notes and Records) re paper. Article published in Notes and Records of the Royal Society, 25. F.146 Final proof of book, with covering letter, September 1972. Ms. draft, and ms. notes for paper. F.145 Galley proof, with a few corrections and additions. F.147-F.149 "An Unfortunate Experiment’. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings F.150-F.209 Nuclear and Thermonuclear Energy re 150 ‘Atomic Energy’. 2 pp. ms. notes, n.d. A short general talk with no mention of atomic weapons, and a ms. note ‘Special position of Canada', see also H.92-H.94 for other lectures given in Canada 1941-42. Perhaps delivered in Canada 1942; Short broadcast for 'The Voice of America’, on peaceful uses of atomic energy, 13 August 1945. ‘Ethics of Atomic Bomb’. Typescript draft, undated, with ms. note 'I | to Wimperis'. Tizard, Duplicated version, 2 pp., dated September 1945. Ms. notes for shorter talks on atomic energy, 1945. ‘Imp. Coll. Debating Soc. Principles of the atomic bomb' "Atomic Energy’. Thomson was President ‘Atomic Energy. North London Collegiate School’ Dec.1 1945', also given ‘Atomic Energy. Canadian Khaki University Jan. 1946' 6 pp. typescript with ms. revisions. Ms. notes for shorter talks on atomic energy, 1946. ‘Atomic Energy. at 'London Hospital Jan, 22/46' Aberdeen. Address at Inaugural Meeting, Junior Institution of Engineers, 8 December 1945. of the Institution. Brief correspondence re arrangements. Talk broadcast by Columbia Broadcasting System, August 1946. Transcript of remarks as broadcast. Chatham House March 5 1946' ‘Charterhouse March 11 1946' "Manchester Feb. 6 1946' "Atomic Power. "You and the Atom’. Draft and revised script. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings Ms. notes for talks, n.d., c.1946. ‘Ashridge. Atomic Energy in Peace and War' ‘Prospective Uses of Atomic Energy. Chatham Club' Untitled notes on applications of atomic energy Ms. notes for shorter talks on atomic energy, 1947. ‘Atomic Energy. Jan 2 1947' Science Masters Association, ‘Oxford Physics Club. Feb 4 1947' Atomic Energy. ‘Society Instrument Technology, Billingham May 20 1947! ‘Maths and Physics Soc. Oct 16 1947' Atomic Energy. "Society of Glass Technology. Atomic Energy Oct 15 1947' F.159-F.163 Broadcasts, 1947. 'The Military Uses’. "International Control’. Broadcast in BBC European Service, 27 January 1947, 5 pp. typescript with ms. corrections. Ms. draft of Thomson's contribution. Schedule of speakers, rehearsals and broadcasts. F159 ‘Atomic Energy and International Control’. Contributions to ‘Atomic Energy Week' broadcasts in BBC Home Service, March 1947. Transcript of talk. Transcript of 'The Military Uses', including contributions by G. Cheshire, J. Bronowski and Thomson. Ms. notes headed 'B.B.C. Discussion’. Typescript version with ms. revisions and insertions. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings ‘Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy’. Ms, and typescript versions of Thomson's contribution to report of Church Assembly Atomic Energy Discussion Group. Shorter talks and lectures, n.d., c.1947. ‘Atomic Energy (Aberdeen)' ‘Future of Atomic Energy (Hoover)! "Luton A.R.P.' ‘Is a Moratorium on Power Production Desirable?' with a ms. note for Chatham House' Talk on international control of atomic energy, given at conference of Atomic Scientists' Association, October 1948. Programme of conference, | typescript version with ms. additions. p. ms. notes, 6 pp. Notes for shorter talks. ‘Consequences of Atomic Energy', dated December 1948. ‘Dublin Feb.9. 1949! F.169 ‘The Hydrogen Bomb’. ‘The Russian Atomic Explosion’, n.d., c.1948 ‘Working Men's College. Atomic Energy. Jan 14/49! 'Hereford. The Future of Atomic Energy', n.d., c.1948 Ms. notes for shorter talks on atomic energy, 1949. F.169-F.172 Notes and talks on the hydrogen bomb, 1950. Shorter notes for talk at Rugby, July 1950. Ms. notes for talk on the hydrogen bomb, Chatham House, July 1950. Introductory remarks by Rector, Imperial College. Talk on BBC Third Programme, 14 March 1950 Heavily corrected ms. draft. Typescript version with ms. corrections. Letter from listener. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings relZi Notes, calculations and narratives on structure, explosion and radioactivity of hydrogen bomb. (Used by Thomson as basis for his talks.) he iva Correspondence from colleagues on radioactivity of hydrogen bomb, 1950. F.173,F.174 'The Effects of Atomic Weapons’. Talk on BBC Third Programme, 4 February 1951. F.173 Ms. and typescript versions of talk. F.174 Correspondence re arrangements for broadcast. Correspondence arising from talk. Book Review. Laurence, Hollis and Carter: 'The Hell Bomb‘. For New Statesman and Nation, May 1951. F.176-F.178 Paper on wartime cooperation on atomic energy, written for Central Office of Information, 1952. F.176 Fe l77 Correspondence with C.O.1. re paper, and re publication in American Scientist. Ms. and two typescript drafts, titled 'Cooperation between Britain and U.S.A. in the early days of Atomic Energy’. Paper as produced by C.O.1., titled 'Wartime Development of Atomic Energy. Co-operation between Two Nations’. Copy of American Scientist, 41, January 1953, in which the article appears, titled ‘Cooperation in Atomic Energy', and with some errors corrected in ms. 7 pp. ms., no indication of place of publication. Affixed to the first page is a note, 3 January 1955, on the interpretation of Niels Bohr's telegram referring to 'Maud Ray Kent’. HM.S.O.: Harwell: The British Atomic Energy Research Establishment. Book Review. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings Ms. notes for shorter talks, 1952. ‘Oxford Jan 23 1952 Use and abuse of atomic energy' ‘Atomic Energy. farewell dinner and presentation at Imperial College on Thomson's move to Corpus Christi, Cambridge). Lahore’ (on verso of invitation to F.181,F.182 ‘Morals of Atomic Energy’. Thomson's contribution to a course of six University Extension Lectures, organised by University of London Department of Extra-Mural Studies and The Atomic Scientists' Association, and delivered January-February 1954. Two copies of lecture, typescript, one having ms. corrections. Copy of lecture 'Atomic Energy and Moral Issues', given by K. Lonsdale on the same occasion, and correspondence. Particulars of meeting, and of follow-up discussion meetings in March 1952. Brief correspondence with organiser. Ms. notes and calculations. Typescript draft with ms. corrections, and press- cutting reporting speech. Final typescript version. "Atoms and Nuclei’. 'The technical possibility of the control of atomic bombs’. Article in The Spectator, February 1955. Ms, and typescript versions. Broadcast 'The Hydrogen Bomb', on BBC Third Programme, 15 June 1954, 3 pp. typescript. Talk given on Middle East tour, with a note 'Damascus, Aleppo, Baghdad, Beirut’, 1955. ‘Possibilities of Thermonuclear Power'. Article for The Financial Times, January 1956. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings ‘Atomicity and Patterns’. The Twenty-Fifth Joseph Henry Lecture, delivered on 20 April 1956 before the Philosophical Society of Washington. 2 typescript versions, with slightly different ms. corrections. 'The Nuclear Age". Article for The Glasgow Herald Supplement on opening of Calder Hall, October 1956. 7 pp. typescript. ‘Britain's Drive for Atomic Power'. Article for Foreign Affairs (an American quarterly review), 1956. Editorial correspondence, typescript of article with minor ms. corrections. Shorter talks, 1957. ‘The Containment Problem for Thermonuclear Reactions‘. "Some possible peaceful uses of atomic energy’, King's Lynn, January 1957. "Atomic Bomb Peshawar March 1957', ‘The Future of Uranium in the Production of Power'. Article for Optima, May 1957. 2 typescript versions, with different ms. corrections and additions. Address to Section A, British Association, at its meeting in Dublin, September 1957. article with ms. corrections. Article for series 'Twentieth Century Turning Points' in Technology, December 1957. Correspondence re security clearance for paper. ‘The Consequences of Atomic Fission’. Editorial correspondence, 7 pp. typescript of G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings Many of the articles and talks for 1958 deal with 'Zeta', the thermonuclear project at Harwell which had been announced to the general public. F.193 Article for The New Scientist, January 1958, Correspondence, typescript. Article for The Sunday Times, January 1958. Correspondence, typescript. Interview on BBC 'At Home and Abroad', January 1958. Notes for contribution to Discussion Meeting on thermo- nuclear reactions, held at Royal Society, February 1958. ‘Economics of Nuclear Power’. Notes for talk to ‘Marshall Society', February 1958. Notes for talk 'Thermonuclear' at St. Louis, March 1958 and Cambridge Phil. Soc., April 1958. ‘British Nuclear Industry’. Notes for talk to Federation of British Industries Nuclear Energy Conference, April 1958. "Atoms for Peace’. list of characteristics of Article for News Chronicle, August 1958. Correspondence, typescript of article. Notes for talk to 'Oxford Conservatives', July 1958. (On verso of notes is a Lord Cherwell, obtained from his servant J. Harvey, presumably for use by Thomson in his Memoir of Cherwell. See G.53ff.). Foreword to book 'Man-made sun', by J.D. Jukes. Typescript, correspondence re article and re publication in German periodical Universitas. ‘The H Bomb a necessary evil?' Ms. notes for talk at Imperial College, October 1958. Article for Central Office of Information, August 1958. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings 1 p. ms. notes for 'Geneva Conference’, perhaps for press release. n.d. £19581. Book review. Heisenberg: Philosophic Problems of Nuclear Science. Ms., no indication of place of publication. Shorter talks, 1959. ‘Nuclear Weapons’, Notes for 'Talk Dinner' at Athenaeum, January 1959. Talk at 'British Nuclear Energy Conference’, 4 pp. ms. notes, April 1959. 2 pp. notes for talk to 'Archimedeans', October 1959. I p. notes for talk, n.d. F.200-F.204 'Thermonuclear Reactions’. Drafts and versions of a lecture so titled, given in various places, 1959-60. Ms, draft, 9 pp. Typescript and ms. version, with several ms. pages of new material, given in New Zealand Typescript and ms. version, with a heading ' Institute of Physics, London and Home Counties, 14 January 1959. Also Holland. Also Aberdeen and Glasgow October 1959'. Ms. and typescript draft incorporating new material and with ms. heading 'Soviet thermonuclear scheme with Joffé windings’. 9 pp. typescript, with a little editorial correspondence. Typescript version with ms. corrections, given at meeting of Nobel Prize Winners at Lindau, June-July 1959, and also in U.S.A. 15 pp. 'Thermonuclear Development'. Article circulated by Central Office of Information via The New Scientist, November 1959- January 1960. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Scientific lectures and writings Book reviews, 1959. Ed. Leontovich: 'Plasma physics and the problem of controlled thermonuclear reactions’. For British Journal of Applied Physics. Ed. Longmire et al: Progress in nuclear energy Series XI. Plasma physics and thermonuclear research. For British Journal of Applied Physics. Brown: ‘Basic data of plasma physics’. No indication of place of publication. Preface to R.W. Clark's book on history of atomic bomb, 1960. See also D.20. Review of proceedings of 1958 Geneva Conference, 1960. No indication of place of publication. Foreword to 'The Atom', a subject encyclopaedia. Ms. and typescript versions. Brief editorial correspondence. Book review. Schonland: 'The Atomists', 1968. No indication of place of publication. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 SECTION G HISTORY OF PHYSICS AND PHYSICISTS G.1- G.116 Gel -G.32 History of physics. G.33-G.116 Obituaries, lectures and writings on physicists. For other writings by Thomson, particularly on the history of the electron and the work of J.J. Thomson, see the collection of the papers of J.J. Thomson (CSAC no. 74/4/80) in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 History of physics and physicists G.1-G.32 HISTORY OF PHYSICS G.1 'The early history of the electron’. The Pupin Lecture, Columbia University, 13 April 1956. Typescript with ms. corrections, 11 pp. Speech at Commemorative Banquet of the International Conference on Electron Physics, Baltimore, 23 April 1956. (On J.J. Thomson and the discovery of the electron.) Transcript of speech with ms. corrections. Typescript with a few ms. corrections. This was published in Physics Today, August 1956, a copy of which is included with the collection of J.J. Thomson's papers (CSAC no. 74/4/80, item D.20) in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge). ‘Discovery of the Electron’. Typescript draft with ms. corrections and additions, 13 pp. ‘Physics yesterday and today’. III. Molecular Structure’, held in Typescript draft with a few ms. revisions, and a note ‘Scientific American 1957', 14 pp. Includes editorial correspondence with Scientific American, 1956-57, and with British Journal of Physical Medicine, 1957. Address given to 'The Robert A. Welch Foundation Conferences on Chemical Research. Houston, Texas, 16-18 November 1959, and published as Chapter II] of Conference Proceedings. Notes of conversations with Arms, Kuhn and Kurti. Typescript draft, with many corrections and additions in the hand of Thomson, N. Kurti and another. 22 pp. Typescript draft with ms. additions and corrections, 16 pp. Offprint of published paper. ‘Nuclear energy in Britain during the last war'. The Cherwell-Simon Lecture, Oxford, 18 October 1960. Plans for lecture, notes, chronology. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 History of physics and physicists ‘Early Work in Electron Diffraction’. Paper delivered as part of a programme on ‘Topics in the History of Modern Physics', at a joint session of the American Physical Society and the American Association of Physics Teachers, New York, 1961, and published in American Journal of Physics, 29, December 1961. Ms. draft (incomplete), 4 pp. Typescript from tape, with ms. corrections, 8 pp. 2 offprints of published version, both with ms. notes. 'Fifty Years of Physics and Their Consequences’. Lecture at Rice University, October 1962. Typescript with ms. corrections and additions. ‘Discovery of the Electron’. 3 pp. ms. notes, given on various occasions, 1963-64. 'The middle years’. With a note ‘Lecture no.2 delivered at London University’ and sub-titled 'The particle electron in power', March 1964. "Science and Society in the Thirties’. "History of the Electron’. Ms. draft, 15 pp. Ms. draft with many corrections and insertions. Typescript draft with ms. corrections and insertions. Lecture at Nobel Prize Winners Conference, Lindau, 1965. Subsequently published in Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau. Transcript of broadcast in BBC Third Programme, 10 December 1965, with contributions by Thomson and many colleagues. Brief correspondence re talk. Second in a series of four talks on the history of the atom, broadcast in BBC World Service, 27 May 1966. Typescript version with ms. corrections and additions, 16 pp. 2 pp. summary. ‘Electron, Proton and Neutron’. Ms. draft, 6 pp. Transcript as broadcast. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 History of physics and physicists G-zl4,G.15 ‘The Septuagenarian Electron’. Paper read at a joint meeting of the American Philosophical Society and the American Association of Physics Teachers, New York, January 1967, and subsequently published. Ms. notes, plan, heavily corrected drafts, and summary. Typescript copy with ms. corrections, 15 pp. Letter re publication. G.16-G.18 'The Early History of Electron Diffraction’. Lecture delivered before the Institute of Physics and the Physical Society at a meeting held in Glasgow in July 1967 to commemorate Forty Years of Electron Diffraction, and subsequently published in Contemporary Physics, 9, 1968 Ms. draft (indicating where material should be incorporated from previous similar lectures). Miscellaneous typescript drafts, all with revisions and corrections. (4 versions in all.) 2 pp. typescript account of the conference. Corrected typescript prepared for publication, with references, captions, etc. Anniversary Conference on Electron Diffraction, held at Imperial College, July 1967. 4 pp. typescript notes on recent developments in electron diffraction, prepared by M. Blackman for W.L. Bragg and forwarded by Thomson. etc. ‘Reconciling the apparently irreconcilable - the early history of electron diffraction', shortened version of G.18, given by Thomson at the Conference and published in Physics Bulletin. Typescript version, extensively revised and corrected for publication in Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau, 15 pp. Correspondence with organisers and editor, conference programme, G.20, G.21 ‘History of Physics in the Earlier Part of this Century’. Lecture at Nobel Prize Winners Conference, Lindau, 1968. Ms. draft, 16 pp. 1 p. Summary. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 History of physics and physicists G.22-G.25 ‘The Nobel Prizes in Physics 1937'. Essay for physics volume of a series to be published by Fratelli Fabbri, Milan. G.22 Ms. drafts. G.23 Typescript drafts and corrections, sent September 1968, October 1968. G.24 Final heavily corrected typescript draft. G.25 Editorial correspondence re drafts, corrections, contract, payment, etc., February 1968-April 1970. G.26-G.28 Jubilee article, Institute of Measurement and Control. Prepared for the Jubilee issue of Measurement and Control, May 1969. Ms. and typescript versions. Ms. notes. Brief editorial correspondence. See A.28. publication in Physics Bulletin commemorative issues, 1974. G.29 Ms. drafts and additions. Editorial correspondence. G.28 Miscellaneous offprints and printed matter re the Institute. G.29, G.30 Article for the Centenary of the Physical Society, for Short ms. notes for talks in Manchester and Glasgow, January-February 1945, on the Society for Instrument Technology (predecessor of Institute of Measurement and Control until 1967). Thomson was first President of the Society. the history of electron diffraction. 2 typescript drafts, with different ms. corrections, September 1973. Shorter notes, narratives and background material for work on G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 History of physics and physicists G.33-G.116 OBITUARIES, LECTURES AND WRITINGS ON PHYSICISTS G.33 E.V. Appleton 1 p. general note on Appleton's work, n.d. 1 p. note on 'Appleton's Lecture’ (the first Granada Lecture on 'Communications in the Modern World’), October 1959. . Aston ‘Statement of claim of Dr. Aston for the Royal Medal’ (awarded 1938). Thomson's obituary of Aston, for Nature, 157, March 1946. Typescript draft with ms. corrections, copy of published version. M., Blackman Vote of thanks, 1 p. ms., 1960. G.36-G.42 N. Bohr G.36 GCG. G.38-G.41 G.38 G39 G.40 G.41 'A statement of the claims of Professor Niels Bohr for the Copley Medal’ (of the Royal Society). Greetings for Bohr's 70th birthday, for publication in Copenhagen Daily newspaper. Niels Bohr Memorial Lecture. Given in Manchester, 1964, and published in Chemical Society Proceedings. Typescript version. Background material and notes. of Bohr, 1 passage through London in 1943', extracts from draft of M.M., Gowing: ‘Britain and Atomic Energy ', annotated by Thomson. Review of 'Niels Bohr', ed. S. Rozenthal (for Contemporary Physics), 1967. Proof for published version, with ms. corrections and additions. Includes obituaries p. note from Lady Darwin on ‘Niels Bohr's Ms. drafts. 2 typescript drafts with ms. corrections and additions. Ms. notes and draft. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 History of physics and physicists G.43-G.51 W.L. Bragg G.43 Speech at presentation of Honorary Fellowship, Institute of Physics, to Bragg, December 1958. 1 p. ms. Speech at presentation during celebration of 50th Anniversary of Bragg's Nobel Prize, held at Royal Institution, October 1965. 3 pp. notes, programme of events. G.45, G.46 Memorial notice of Bragg for Annual Record of Trinity College, Cambridge, 1971. G.45 G.46 Ms. notes and draft. Typescript version with ms. corrections. Editorial correspondence. G.47-G.51 Address at Memorial Service for Bragg, September 1971. Ms. drafts. Correspondence with S. Bragg (son). S. Chapman G.47 G.48 G.49 G.50 3 typescript versions, all with ms. corrections. Background material and published tributes to Bragg. Correspondence with Mrs. A. Caroe (Bragg's sister) (including recollections and information). Correspondence with Lady Bragg (including recollections and information, Order of Service). presentation volume. p. ms. recollections, for Chapman's 80th birthday 1 Che FOE History of physics and physicists G.53-G.74 Cherwell, Viscount (F.A. Lindemann) Correspondence, recollections, reports and other information collected by Thomson, mainly from colleagues, when writing the Memoir of Cherwell for the Royal Society (published in Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of The Royal Society, 4, 1958). The material, not all of which was used in the published work, is presented in alphabetical order of correspondent, with a short note on any information of particular interest. A few items pre-date the writing of the Memoir, and some of the correspondence continues after that date. C. Babington Smith On ‘spinning flight’ . 1959 Birkenhead 1958-62 On 'spinning flight' and other matters arising from Birkenhead's biography of Cherwell 'The Prof in Two Worlds', 1961. B. Bleaney D.M.B. Butt E.J.S. Clarke G.M.B. Dobson C.F. Goodeve 1958-59 1957 1957-58 A.A.D. Montague Browne Includes recollections of Cherwell's wartime activities. Includes recollections of Cherwell's Statistical Branch 1940-42, some annotated by Thomson for quotation, and comments on draft Memoir. 1958 On ‘spinning flight'; account by Farren of Cherwell's work in aerodynamics of which only part was used in the Memoir. See G.83-G.94 for Thomson's obituary of Farren. W.S. Farren 1957-48 1958 1958 includes a substantial G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 History of physics and physicists R.F. Harrod 1958-61 Includes various recollections of Cherwell, and controversy about 'spinning flight', and the chronology of Cherwell's experiments on spin. H.B. Hartley J. Harvey H.L. Ismay 1961 1958 1957-58 Includes Ismay's comments on draft Memoir. M.R. Jefferis 1957-58 Includes recollections. B.M. Jones Includes recollections. R.V. Jones 1957-58 Includes bibliography, Jones's obituary of Cherwell, correspondence on V2, T.C. Keeley C.L. Lindemann G.D.A. Macdougall 1957, 1959 1957-58 1957-58 Includes early recollections. Includes offprint on Statistical Section. career, Includes recollections of Cherwell's later political On an earlier discussion of Cherwell's work. 1959 1957-58 1958 1953 1958 1958 A.G. Pugsley J.A. Ratcliffe E.A.G. Robinson P.J. Searby E.A. Moelwyn-Hughes M. O'Gorman Thomson's carbon only. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 History of physics and physicists G.|. Taylor H.T. Tizard 1957 1958 On Committee for Scientific Survey of Air Defence and Air Defence Research Committee. Thomson's notes and plans for Memoir. Press-cuttings. Offprint of published Memoir. G.75-G.77. J.D. Cockcroft G.75 G.76 "Statement of the claims of Dr. J.D. Cockcroft for the Hughes Medal’ (of the Royal Society), n.d. Biographical note on Cockcroft, 1952. Ms. and typescript versions. Obituary of Cockcroft, for Physics Bulletin, November 1967. Ms. and typescript versions. Proof with ms. corrections. « Compton 'A.H. Compton at Cambridge’. Ms. drafts and notes, n.d. but perhaps written for talk after Compton's death in 1962. Correspondence with Lady Cockcroft, and with Chadwick supplying a correction for the obituary; the correction appeared in Physics Bulletin, January 1968. for de Broglie. Correspondence with colleagues re Davisson, and biographical information. Obituary notice for Nature, 1958. 2 pp. ms. Ci J. Davisson L. de Broglie ‘Applications of Wave Mechanics’. Thomson's contribution to 60th Birthday Volume G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 History of physics and physicists A.S. Eve Obituary notice, 3 pp., 1948 See also J.29. M. Faraday Ms. notes for a talk on Faraday, n.d. G.83-G.94 W.S. Farren Correspondence, recollections and information collected by Thomson when writing, in collaboration with A.A. Hall, the Memoir of Farren for the Royal Society (published in Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 17, 1971). Notes, drafts and revisions for Memoir. A.R. Collar P. Dykes M.A. Farren 1970-71 197] 1970-72 A.A. Hall 1970-72 A. Haslam 1970 R.W. Gandy S.B. Gates 1970 1970-71 Thomson's collaborator on Memoir. various drafts and sections for insertion. Includes Includes 8 pp. recollections of Farren of which only extracts appeared in Memoir. Node Includes recollections, and details of Farren's piloting activities 1941-45. Brief correspondence re Memoir. J. Lloyd D. Maull Royal Society 1970-71 N.B. Surrey Includes recollections. M.B. Morgan ned. 1970 G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 History of physics and physicists G.|. Taylor G.Trevelyan Trinity College, Cambridge 1970 1971 1970 Thomson's notes, ms. and typescript drafts. Typescript with corrections by Thomson and Hall, May 1971. Typescript with corrections by Thomson and by printer, 1971. Proof with ms. corrections. See J.3] Frisch G.97,G.98 O. Lodge An Impression of his Life and Work', broadcast Introductory remarks for a lecture by Frisch 'From Radioactivity to Nuclear Energy', November 1969. P. Langevin Notes and ms. for contribution to Langevin Memorial Meeting, May 1947. Contribution to a centenary programme 'Sir Oliver Lodge. on BBC Midland Home Service, June 1951. in Physics, 1969, with correspondence. Introductory remarks for lecture by Lovell at Common- wealth Society, February 1960. G.100 Recommendation of Lovell and M. Ryle for Nobel Prize Ms, and typescript versions of Thomson's remarks. G.99, G.100 A.C.B. Lovell G99 Correspondence re programme. G.98 Full transcript of programme. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 History of physics and physicists J. Clerk Maxwell Review of 'Progress of a genius', 2 Vol. edition of Maxwell's papers, n.d. 14 pp. typescript talk on Maxwell, given at Aberdeen and Edinburgh Academy, August 1961. 1. Newton Article for Encyclopaedia 'Knowledge', October 1961. A.O. Rankine Offprint from Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 2, 1956. Rayleigh 2 short accounts of Rayleigh, one prepared for Magdalene College, Cambridge, 1943. S. Rosenblum Review of edition of Rosenblum's papers, n.d. G.106-G.110 Rutherford G.106 ‘Rutherford’. 3 pp. typescript account, with a note ‘Paris 4.11.47." G.107-G.109 ‘Rutherford in 19th Century Cambridge’. Notes and drafts for the Rutherford Lecture given in New Zealand in 1964, published in Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand, 1, August 1965, and in Proc .Roy.Soc. A. Proof of London publication, with ms. corrections. 2 typescript drafts, with ms. additions and corrections. Thomson's ms. notes. Ms. draft of lecture. Offprint of New Zealand publication. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 History of physics and physicists Article for A Biographical Dictionary of Scientists, 1966. Ms. and typescript versions. Correspondence with editor, T.1. Williams. Book review. E.N. da C. Andrade: 'Rutherford and the Nature of the Atom', 1967. For Nature. Ms. and typescript versions. see A.C.B. Lovell G.F.C. Searle Offprint from Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 1, 1955. G.112,. GO. 112 G.2. Snow Correspondence re book with H.B. Hartley Review of Snow's 'Varieties of Men', 1967. For The Sunday Telegraph. J.J. Thomson Gorl2 Review of Snow's ‘Science and Government', 1961. See also J.25. V.M. Turnbull For various accounts by Thomson of his father and his work, see the collection of J.J. Thomson (CSAC no. 74/4/80) in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge. 2 pp. ms. speech. Obituary notice for the Perse School, Cambridge, where Turnbull had been Thomson's mathematics master. Obituary notice, 1959, probably for Physics Bulletin. C.T.R. Wilson Young G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 SECTION H SCIENCE-RELATED INTERESTS H.1 - H.161 H.1 -H.40 Aims and methods of science H.41 -H.78 Science and society H.79 -H.91 Science and education H.92 -H.98 Science and war H.99 -H.111 Science and religion H.112-H.125 Chance and predictability H.126-H.159 Euthanasia H.160, H.161 Shorter talks. The material in this Section includes notes, lectures, broadcasts and publications, and a little related correspondence. There is inevitably some overlap with material assigned to other Sections, e.g., F.150 - F.209 on the effects of nuclear and thermonuclear power. tions of the recent discoveries in physics. The surviving material represents two main strands in Thomson's Thomson was always interested in the wider aspects of science. fields of activity affected by developments in his own profession. Some of the talks on the purposes and methods of science, and of its relation with religion, appear to date from the late 1920s or early 1930s; his lectures in America The main criterion is that Section H contains the reflections of a non-professional on and Canada, 1929-30, are known to have included a talk on the philosophical implica- similar topics. thinking. One of these is concerned with the practical aspects of science, its impact on society, its funding and guidance, its relations with government institutions, its influence on individual lives in peace and war. His book 'The foreseeable future’ (1955, widely translated) is the best known summation of these ideas, but the entries below indicate the number and also the time-span of his writings and lectures on G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Science-related interests The second aspect relates to abstract and philosophical concepts. From general discussion of scientific and religious criteria of truth and choice, Thomson was led to examine determinism in human affairs, and randomness and predictability in the human brain. Much of his later work is concerned with these matters. The two threads may be said to come together in Thomson's work for the Voluntary Euthanasia Society. Here he seems to have felt that for both sociological and philosophical reasons an individual may, and should, exercise the power of choice over his life. | Thomson gave much aitention to this in his later years, and planned an extended work on the subject (H.126 - H.138), left un- published at his death. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Science-related interests AIMS AND METHODS OF SCIENCE Early writings, n.d. ‘Lucretius', 4 pp. ms. ‘Method of Science’, 1 p. ms. ‘Aims and Methods of Physical Science’, 4 pp. ms. ‘Aims and Methods of Physics', given to 'Math and Phys. Soc.', October 1938. 3 pp. ms. Book reviews, 1950. W.I.B. Beveridge: 'The Art of Scientific Investigation’. G. Burniston Brown: ‘Science, its Method and its Philosophy’. ‘Nature of a Law of Nature’. Given at Southampton, October 1951 2 ms. drafts and typescript version. Ms. notes for shorter talks. ‘What is a Law of Nature?', 1951-52, 1 p. ‘Why Physics? ' 'Mass Production in Nature’. for Thomson's visit to Lahore, 1952. ‘Law of Nature', 1 p. on verso of programme Lecture at Leicester College of Technology and Commerce, January 1952. p. Talk at Imperial College, c.1952, 6 pp. Ms. and typescript versions. Letter of thanks for lecture. 'Why Physics?’ Talk at Cambridge, October 1952, 1 G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Science-related interests ‘Some Aspects of Science’. Talk at Working Mens College, n.d., 6 pp. (Uses similar material.) 'Why do we do Physics?’ Talk at Cavendish Laboratory, October 1953, 2 pp. Two talks at Lisbon, March 1954, ‘What is physics and why do men study it?' 'Why do men study physics?' Untitled "Broadcast, May 1955'. On scientific truth, 2 pp. 'The scientific mind’. 7 pp. for broadcast on BBC General Overseas Programme, July 1958. 'Why Physics? ' Talk at Hughes Hall, Cambridge, May 1959. 2 ms. and typescript drafts. Untitled notes for a talk on value and methods of research, n.d. 2 pp. ms. draft. 14 pp. typescript version. 'The nature of physics and its relation to other disciplines’. Lecture given for National Science Foundation Summer Institute, USA, July 1959. (on the cost/value of research), August 1960. Broadcast in BBC Woman's Hour, February 1960. A 3pp. talk on the aims of science. Comment for The New Scientist on an article by F. Hoyle 2 pp. ms. draft for talk on similar subject. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Science-related interests H.17-H.19 Speeches and addresses at Annual Meeting of British Association for the Advancement of Science, Cardiff, 1960. (Thomson's Presidential Year.) 'The two aspects of science’. Presidential Address. Ms. draft. Typescript version with ms. corrections. ‘Condensed version for B.B.C.' Miscellaneous speeches and introductory remarks given at various functions during the Cardiff meeting. 6 items. Speech on nomination as President (January 1960), speech at Birmingham to local B.A. (March 1960), speech at Cardiff, 1961. 'The Inspiration of Science’, O.U.P., 1961. Typescript with ms. corrections, in Thomson's folder labelled 'This copy exactly as sent to O.U.P. including numbering of pages’. ‘The Inspiration of Science’. Two similar talks. ‘Inspiration of Science', given to Rice University, October 1962. 7 pp. ms. 'The Inspiration of Science’, given to 'Cosmos Club', Washington D.C., September 1961. 4 pp. ms. 13 pp. typescript and ms. lecture + 1 p. summary, given to National Research Council, Ottawa, September 1961, and elsewhere. 10 pp. typescript and ms. draft, and diagram. Similar lecture with some ms. variants, headed 'Given at Bangor, Feb. 1964'. "How does physics go to work?' Lecture at St. Louis, October 1961. 'The importance of useless science’. Lecture in USA, 1961. Ms. drafts. Typescript with ms. corrections and additions. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Science-related interests "Speech at Balliol Conference’ (Oxford), September 1963 (on purposes of research). "Productivity in research in universities’ . Contribution to Symposium organised by Institution of Chemical Engineers, November 1963. Typescript draft. Ms. notes. Correspondence, 1962-63, with organisers. H.27, H.28 Two lectures (nos. 1 and 3 of a series) given at University of Malta, November 1963. For lecture 2, see H.34. H.27 H.28 'The two aspects of science’, 13 pp. ‘How does physics go to work?', 9 pp. H.29, H.30 ‘Research in theory and practice’. The Inaugural Sir Henry Tizard Memorial Lecture, given at Westminster School, February 1963. List of guests. 4 pp. ms. notes. Typescript and ms. draft, 12 pp. ‘Some thoughts on the scientific method'. Offprint and proof of published version. Correspondence preceding and following lecture 1962-63. Paper presented at the Boston Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science, May 1963, and published in Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Vol.2, 1965. Offprint of published paper. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Science-related interests The Great Adventure’. ‘Science. The John Findley Green Lectures at Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri, March 1964. This was a course of three lectures, partly based on earlier material, with the following titles: ‘Science as a Social Force! "Science as a Flowering of the Intellect! ‘Science the Mother of Technology' The lectures were published by Westminster College, 44 pp., n.d. Ms. and typescript drafts and notes. Poster for lecture series. Published version. H.33-H. 36 ‘What is science trying to do, and why?! Ms. and typescript drafts. Miscellaneous notes and narratives on aims and methods of science, for lectures at Malta and later. "How are discoveries made?! Short typescript notes for lecture. This lecture, with some variations of title, was given at several times and places by Thomson, 1961-64, It formed the substance of a Ferguson lecture given at Washington University, 1961 (H.33), and of the second of his lectures at the University of Malta, 1963 (H.34, see also H.27, H.28). It was given in New Zealand and in Bangor 1964 (H.35), and at a meeting of the British Association in Sheffield, n.d. (H.36). 4 pp. ms. notes for talk on ‘Pure and Applied Science’. 5 pp. ms. notes on ‘Science a search for truth', November 1965. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Science-related interests H.41-H.78 SCIENCE AND SOCIETY H.4] Book review. R. Calder: ‘Profile of Science’ and J.L. Synge: 'Science Sense and Nonsense' For New Statesman and Nation, May 1951. ‘The new age of discovery and its limits’. p. ms. notes for talk at 'St. Catherines’, 1 February 1954. ‘Government Science’. draft for talk to Scientists Lunch Club, 4 pp. Cambridge, November 1954. H.44-H.47 'The foreseeable future’ (C.U.P., 1955). Notes, calculations and correspondence for various chapters of the book. Thomson's plan for book and designation of chapters. - Notes for Chapter V Meteorology Chapter VI Food and population Chapter VII] Social consequences Notes and calculations for Chapter II - Energy and Power. Notes, calculations, correspondence for Chapter III Materials. Notes, calculations, correspondence for Chapter IV - Aeroplanes, Submarines, Space Travel. Ms. notes and drafts. The Robert Boyle Memorial Lecture, to Oxford University Scientific Club, 1955. ‘Some possible technical advances', University College, January 1955. Similar talk, Leicester, no title or date. Chapter IX Artificial Thought - - - - Shorter talks, 1955. ‘Some possible technical advances’. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Science-related interests ‘The Next Fifty years of Power’. Article for Ingot, January 1956. 5 pp. typescript and ms. 'The foreseeable future’. Talk at Greenwich, February 1956. 5 pp. typescript and ms. Notes attached for later talksat Greenwich, 1958. 'The Impact of science on modern life - the new industrial revolution’. Lecture given at Cavendish Laboratory, March 1956. 13 pp. typescript and ms. Thomson used this lecture as a basis for other papers and articles. See H.55. Contribution to BBC European Service Series 'The World in the Future', March 1956. ‘Future of Technology’. ‘The Impact of science on modern life’. Brief notes for talk to Council for Foreign Relations, Philadelphia, April 1956. A revised version of H.52, given at Oklahoma, Bell Telephone Laboratories and University of Maryland, April 1956, Imperial College, May 1956, and submitted July 1956 for publication in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, January 1957. Draft, brief editorial correspondence. Preface to Readers' Union edition of 'The foreseeable future', December 1956. 'A Journey to the Moon’. Article for The Star, October 1957. ‘Man may land on the moon a few years hence’. Article for The New Scientist, October 1957. Draft, proof, brief editorial correspondence. Includes brief editorial correspondence. "Science and the future’. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Science-related interests Speech at opening of Computer Laboratory, University of Durham, January 1958. Invitation, programme of events, ms. notes, draft of speech, ‘Science in the modern world’. Notes and draft for talk at Balls Park Training College. Typescript interview with Thomson for Reuters, March 1958. Ms. notes for three talks on future sources of power, given in various places in America, April 1958. Untitled lecture, 4 pp. ms., October 1958. Book review. M, Pyke: 'Slaves unaware’, For New Statesman, May 1959. ‘Scientific possibilities’. Lecture at Greenwich, June 1959. Invitation, typescript draft. Talk at A.E.1. Staff Training Course, July 1959. Invitation, ms. and typescript drafts. ‘Future of Mankind’. Correspondence re arrangements, draft. 4 pp. notes. "Some hopes and fears'., Lecture at Imperial Defence College, December 1959. 2 typescript and ms. drafts, slightly different versions. "Some possible scientific applications of the near future’. Article for The Stock Exchange Gazette, August 1960. ‘Sources of Energy’. Broadcast, November 1960. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Science-related interests "Scientific possibilities’. Lecture at Greenwich, July 1961. Ms. notes, background material. There is a ms. note 'Some pages removed. Notes" (H.71 below). See "Belfast ‘Belfast. Foreseeable Future’. Miscellaneous ms. notes, n.d., including some pages removed from H.70. ‘Physical Science in the Modern World’. Lecture given at Omaha and Kansas, 1961. Typescript and ms. draft. ‘Scientific possibilities’. Goldsmiths' College Oration, March 1962. 12 pp. typescript and ms. draft. Book review. ‘Britain in 1984'. "Hopes and Fears’, Editorial correspondence, 2 versions of article. R. Watson-Watt: ‘Man's Means to his End’. For New Scientist, November 1962. Article for a series with this title, published in New Scientist, 1964. Ms. draft, and typescript version. 3 pp. draft of talk planned for Lancing College, but eventually not delivered. Foreword to book by R.W. Prehoda, October 1966. ‘One Europe: is it possible?' Talk on BBC European Service, April 1966. Includes correspondence. 4 pp. typescript and ms. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Science-related interests H.79-H.91 SCIENCE AND EDUCATION H.79 Two short talks on British Universities, one given in Washington, April 1948. H.80 Speech at Norwich School, July 1955. Invitation, draft of speech. ‘Leicester. Thoughts on Research', November 1957. 1 p. ms. notes. Article for The Spectator on the proposed new 'Principles of Science’ Tripos at Cambridge University. Invitation, ms. draft of article. Letter of comment by N.F. Mott, and amended version. 'The Education of Scientists and Technologists, today and tomorrow’. 9 pp. typescript. Address to Sondes Park Research Institute, July 1958. 12 pp. typescript for talk to electrical engineers, n.d., c.1958. The Arthur Mellows Memorial Lecture, given at Peterborough, October 1957, and published 1958. 13 pp. typescript and ms. Untitled talk on sponsored research. "Physics and physicists in industry’. Another lecture, 'The Shortage of Scientists' with a ms. note ‘Peterborough’. 5 pp. typescript and ms. Talk (on scientific publications) to Electrical and Allied Industries Research Association, May 1959. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Science-related interests ‘Problems of Specialisation’. Talk to American Chemical Society, Chicago, January 1961. 6 pp. typescript and ms. Talk at Technical Training Week Exhibition, Newmarket, May 1961. Talk at Ursinus College, June 1963. Ms. and typescript. Ms. draft for paper or talk on allocation of research funds, n.d. Shorter talks to schools and schoolmasters. Various dates, 1952-60. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 H.92-H.98 SCIENCE AND WAR Science-related interests H.92-H.94 Lectures in Canada during Second World War, 1941-42. H.92 ‘British Science in War Time’. Given at Canadian Institute of Surveying. 1 p. notes. 5 pp. typescript and ms, draft. 'The Scientific Attitude in Peace and War'. Ms. notes and draft. 5 pp. typescript and ms. version. ‘Science and War'. 1 p. ms. draft, n.d. "Science and War', Talk given in America, December 1946. 3 pp. ms. ‘The just objectives of war'. Lecture at Sandhurst, March 1962. 8 pp. typescript and ms. ‘War as it looks to a scientist’. Talk at Shrivenham, February 1966. Ms. and typescript versions, n.d. 'The uses of science and scientists in war’. 8 pp. typescript and ms. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Science-related interests H.99-HL THI SCIENCE AND RELIGION H.99 Early undated talks, c.1930s. 'Free will in physics’ 'Miracles' ‘Religion as applied science’ Undated talks. 'The Emotional Basis of a State' 'Providence' 'Platitudes' ‘Science and Faith' Talk at Aberdeen, December 1945. ‘Faith and Reason’. Similar material, no date or place. ‘Determinism in Science’. 8 pp. notes. 11 pp. typescript version. "Science and faith: the contribution of science’. Letter from J. Thomson (son) enclosing comments and revisions. The Joule Memorial Lecture, given to the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society, 1948, and subsequently published in the Society's Memoirs and Proceedings. additions. Lecture on science and religion, given at Great St. Mary's, Cambridge, February 1957. Talk at Aberdeen, April 1953, as part of the last Rector's debate. Heavily corrected and annotated 8 pp. typescript draft Press-cutting, letter of thanks. 2 typescript drafts with various ms. corrections and G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Science-related interests 'Truth in science and religion’. Talk at Kelham, February 1959. Typescript drafts, incorporating some of the material in H.104. ‘Westminster Science and Religion Conference’, June 1961. Ms. notes for contribution. 'The ordinary man in church', May 1962. Ms. draft, probably for sermon at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. H.107-H.109 "Determinism in Science’. Paper sent to Academia das Ciéncias de Lisboa, presented (in a Portuguese translation) at the meeting of the Academy in March 1964 and published (in English) in the Memorias. 20 pp. ms. draft. 2 typescript drafts with many ms. additions and corrections. Book review. E. Schrédinger: 'My View of the World’. 'Time-limited determinism in physical science’. ms. and typescript drafts, using similar material Correspondence with President of Academy. Offprint of published paper. 3 to H.107. One of the drafts has a note 'New Zealand 1964', 1965. For British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 H.112-H.125 CHANCE AND PREDICTABILITY Science-related interests The material consists of notes, calculations and some longer nar- ratives and drafts on these subjects, and dates from Thomson's later years. Many of the notebooks are used from both front and back and are of miscellaneous content. Most of the drafts are on loose pages torn from similar spiral-backed notebooks. H112 Spiral-backed notebook, labelled 'Prediction of Complex events’. Drafts and calculations. Includes 4 loose pages on subject. Spiral-backed notebook, Miscellaneous’. labelled 'Rate of loss of information. Notes, calculations, 11 pp. draft. Includes (from rear of book) some reflections on religion. Spiral-backed notebook, labelled 'Notes on Limits of Predictability’. Spiral-backed notebook. Both ends of book used. Notes and calculations. Spiral-backed notebook. From front: 3 pp. 'What do | believe?' From back: scientific discovery. drafts and loose pages, mainly on chance in Drafts and calculations on 'Is brain determinate? ' 7 pp. ms. draft + 1p. Appendix. 8 pp. loose pages, continuation of above, on sheets torn from similar book. Additional notes and drafts on determinacy of brain. 4 bundles. "Prediction of Brain’. "Is a human brain determinate? Draft two'. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Science-related interests Two ms. drafts on proof. 'Proof', 3 pp. ‘Can proof be permanent?’ 4 pp., c.1971. Three ms. drafts on chance, all on loose pages torn from spiral-bound notebooks. ‘Chance as a Cause’, 16 pp. with many corrections and additions. 'Chance', 3 pp. ‘Importance of Chance as a Cause’, 1 p. Notes and calculations on a problem of randomness. Includes a letter on subject, 1966. Notes and drafts on 'Fluctuations' and 'Determinism'. Ms. and typed version of Thomson's letter to J.R. Lucas, setting out his views on determinism and brain mechanism, September 1971. 'Time: for Tessa and Anne’, Ms. draft, 3 pp. typescript, c.1971. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 H.126-H.159 EUTHANASIA Science-related interests Thomson was an active member of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society, and its Vice-President from 1970. The material comprises Thomson's own writings and lectures on the subject, including his unpublished book 'Compassionate Death' (H.126 - H.138), correspondence and papers relating to the affairs of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society (H.139 - H.149) and to its proposed ‘daughter’ society the 'Life and Death Society' (H.150 - H.153). Minutes and circulars of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society, and general printed and background material have also been retained (H.154 - H.159). The principal officers of the Society with whom correspondence is conducted are the Earl of Listowel (President), A.B. Downing (Chairman) and C.R. Sweetingham (Secretary). H.126 ‘Right to die’. Press-cutting of letter by Thomson in Daily Telegraph, November 1967, and ensuing correspondence. ‘Voluntary Euthanasia’. Ms. and typescript draft for talk at University of Warwick, October 1968. Invitation, ms. draft. 'The problems of euthanasia’. Talk at discussion meeting, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London, March 1972. material to H.129). Article published (under the title 'The Euthanasia Debate’) in Contact, Autumn 1972. Talk to Women's League, Unitarian Church, Cambridge, May 1973. Talk at Great St. Mary's, Cambridge, July 1973. Invitation, ms. and typescript drafts (using similar Ms. draft, editorial correspondence, copy of publication. ‘Voluntary Euthanasia’. Invitation, ms. and typescript drafts. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Science-related interests H.131-H.138 'Compassionate Death’. This is the title of a book of 24,000 words which Thomson wrote 1971-72, incorporating medical case histories, a note on the Raglan Bill, etc. publishers, but not accepted. |The manuscript was offered to several See also H.143. First ms. drafts. Typescript draft with ms. corrections. Lacks Appendix 3. Material to be included as Appendices. Line and word counts for various chapters and sections of book. Miscellaneous ms. and typescript pages for re-drafting, or with comments added subsequently by Thomson. Miscellaneous ms. notes by Thomson for book. Correspondence with doctors, re contributions to be used or quoted in book (not indexed). Correspondence with publishing houses re book, 1972. Cambridge University Press Hospital Medicine Pitman Publishing Routledge Victor Gollancz Articles, letters, personal recollections, etc., sent to Thomson as background material for book (not indexed). Includes various ms. and typescript drafts. Correspondence and papers re meetings of Voluntary Euthanasia Society with British Medical Association, andre 'Doctors and Euthanasia’, the Society's rejoinder (April 1971) to the B.M.A. report 'The Problem of Euthanasia’ (January 1971). Correspondence with Lord Platt (mainly re debate in House of Lords), 1972-73. Correspondence with Lord Listowel (President, Voluntary Euthanasia Society), 1970-73. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Science-related interests Correspondence and papers re proposed amendment of the Suicide Act (1961), 1971. Correspondence and papers, 1971-72, with officers of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society re Thomson's projected book. Includes initial suggestion for a publication made by Rupert Hart-Davis Limited. (not indexed) See also H.131-H.138. Ms. and printed material, mainly on medical ethics, 1973. Includes various drafts by Thomson on patients’ rights, resuscitation practice, etc., and possible Parliamentary Bill. Correspondence and papers re suicide law in Scotland, 1973. Correspondence and papers re euthanasia societies and practices in USA, 1971-72. H.148 Correspondence re visit of Dutch Reformed Church Delegation, October 1972. Includes Thomson's ms. and typescript summary of the report, and related newsletters, brochures, etc. Correspondence and papers on euthanasia societies in Holland, with special reference to the report of the Dutch Reformed which was favourable to euthanasia. Church, April 1972, project was abandoned. society registered as a Charity, and includes reports, circulars, drafts and correspondence, emanating mainly from Thomson and officers of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society, solicitors and active supporters. for registration of the new society could not be met, and the Euthanasia Society, its main purpose to be educational and the dissemination of information on patients’ rights and the treatment of terminal illness. The material relates mainly to attempts to have the new H.149 Miscellaneous correspondence re affairs of the Society, 1971-73. H.150-H.153 The Life and Death Society. This was to be a 'daughter' society of the Voluntary The requirements of the Charity Commissioners G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Science-related interests November 1969-December 1970. December 1971-January 1972. May 1971-September 1971. Includes correspondence re supporters for new society. March-June 1972. Minutes and circulars of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society (some annotated by Thomson). Miscellaneous testimonies, information. statements, bibliographical Minutes and meetings 1970 Minutes and meetings 1971 Minutes and meetings 1972 Minutes and meetings 1973 Miscellaneous brochures, cuttings, transcripts, etc. relating to euthanasia. 1 box. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Science-related interests Shorter talks to societies and universities, 1950s. 'aB.C..' S.IM.A, Electronics Group Geographical Society n.d. n.d. Gul 950 1952 Engineering Society of the English Electric Co. 1955 Institution of Gas Engineers Society of Investment Analysts 1958 1958 Shorter talks to societies and universities, 1960s. Hilger and Watts Institution of Electrical Engineers Aberdeen Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas "Makers of Scientific Instruments’ St. Louis University Club G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE J.1 - J.134 The main sequence of correspondence (J.1 - J.124) is presented alphabetically, dated, and with an indication of any material of particular scientific or biographical interest. Most of the correspondence is with individuals, but some societies and organisations are also included. There are few very substantial exchanges and it is clear that there are considerable gaps in the material; in particular there is very little early correspondence on electron diffraction, and the only letter in the collection from J.J. Thomson is at C.3. J.125 - J.134 consists of shorter correspondence, mostly unindexed, Je] Adam, N. K. Includes correspondence re electron diffraction. Akers, W. A. 1935, 1945 1948 1958 1950, 1958 Allen, J. E. Appleton, E. V. Archambault, B. Andrade, E. N. daC. Includes copy of letter from A.V. Hill re Scientific Register. Includes draft by Andrade on 'The Hydrogen Bomb' and correspondence re_his Rutherford Memorial Lecture. 1933-34, 1948 Includes copies of letters from L. Brillouin and M. Brenot. Barford, N. C. Armstrong, H. E. Blackett, P. M. S. Bannister, F. A. Bjerknes, V. 1943 1934 1935 1950 1938-39 G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Correspondence Bohr, N. Bom, M. Bragg, W._ H, Bragg, W. ‘ 1947, 1950, 1933 1935, 1956, 1937, 1958 British Association for the Advancement of Science 1939 Includes draft of ‘Proposals of further co-ordination of scientific research in Great Britain' by J.D. Bernal and J.S. Huxley, with 2 pp. type- script comments by Thomson. (2 drafts) Brown, J. K. re Wirbelrohr accelerator. Bruce, R. Enclosing photographs of experimental results. Brunt, D. 1934, 1938 Chadwick, J. Chapman, S. 1937 1950 1937 Burgers, W. G. Cove, CC, J... 8. re radio carbon dating. Includes letter re cyclotron. Includes letter from Sir Napier Shaw, February 1920. Includes copies of brief letters from C.C. Paterson and W.S. Tucker. the Committee's activities (Thomson was a sponsor). Correspondence with M. Polanyi (Chairman), G. Polanyi and P. Polanyi (Secretaries). sequence includes copies of various letters sent to the Press by the Committee, and some reports on Cockcroft, J.D. (Thomson's carbons only) Cherwell, Lord (F.A. Lindemann) Committee on Science and Freedom. 1954-62. The Chaudhri, R. M. re cyclotron, J13J.17 G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Co rrespondence Correspondence with M. Polanyi. Correspondence with G. Polanyi. reports on the activities of the Committee, July 1954-August 1955, September-November 1955. Includes Report on activities, December 1955-February 1956. Folder also Correspondence with P. Polanyi. includes report on the Committee's activities, September 1958-May 1959, as well as press- cuttings, offprints, etc., 1959-60. Includes correspondence with E. Shils, J.R. Baker and M. Polanyi. Compton, K. T. 1930 Coote, Cu R. Danno, Y. 195] 1950 1946 1957 Dale, H. H. Cumming, W. R. re nuclear weapons. re super-conductors. re thermonuclear research. re Thomson's book on 'Wave Mechanics of Free Electrons’. a few related offprints. Includes correspondence with W.H. McCrea re relativity, correspondence with the Secretary of the Physical Society (H.H. Hopkins) re a paper submitted for publication by Dingle, and re materials (gold crystals, metallic beryllium, pure iron, etc.) needed by Thomson for various experiments. Includes correspondence with H.W. Melville. Davisson, C.. J; 1930, 1940 190, 19.57 1930-35 De Laszlo Desch, C. H. Dingle, H. 1955-56, 1956 G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Correspondence Dirac, P. A. M. Dodds, E. M. Editions d'Art Lucien Mazenod. Correspondence with L. Leprince-Ringuet and L. Mazenod re biographical article on J.J. Thomson written by Thomson for publication in a book entitled 'Les Inventeurs Célébres'. Folder also includes ms. and typescript drafts of article. Ehrenhaft, F. Eldridge, R. H. re artificial control of weather. cit; =. D. re electron diffraction experiment. 1949-50 1950 1931 Emeleus, K. G. 1950, 1958 Includes typescript of paper by Emeleus on plasma electron oscillations. Evans, U. R. See also G.81. Ferguson, A. Eve, F. ©. aiid Eve, E. Farren, W._ S. Farnsworth, H._ E. re electron diffraction. re Thomson's obituary of A.S. Eve. Correspondence arising from Thomson's book on 'The Wave Mechanics of Free Electrons’. Physics recommending Fermi for the Nobel Prize. 1940 (Thomson's carbon only), 1949 (Thomson's carbons only). letter from Thomson to the Nobel Committee for Includes copy of re fluid dynamics. 1931-32 193] Fermi, E. 1934-35, 1938 G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Correspondence J.32 Finch, G.I. (Thomson's carbons only. Thomson to M. von Lave). Includes letter from Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge 1950-51 Correspondence with the Director (C. Winter) re a portrait of J.J. Thomson in the Cavendish Laboratory. Fit, fH. iT. Fowler, R. H. re experiments with semi-conductors. Franck, J. Arrangements for Thomson to deliver a lecture at Gdttingen. Frankland, P. F. re light effect on waves. Fraser, R. French, R. C. 1931, 1932 1934 n.d., 1934 1934 Includes Gabor, D. Gaertner, H. Gentner, W. Gerding, H. 1935 1937 195] 1933 Geddes, A. : : re plasma oscillations. Arrangements for Thomson to deliver a series of lectures in Holland. 1949 re effects of nuclear explosions. related printed matter, 1 by Thomson and copy of letter from J.D. Cockcroft. re solid state physics. p. ms. calculations Griffith, H. OD. Halsbury, Earl of Gladwyn, Lord Hankey, Lord 1946 1957 1954 1948 1933, 1934 Gruber, F. Haque, A. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Correspondence J.4l J.42 Hartley, H. B. Includes correspondence re J.J. Thomson. Hume-Rothery, W. Imperial Chemical Industries Limited Correspondence with the Publicity Department re article on the Electron Microscope. 1950, 1957 1948 1943 J.43-J.59 Imperial College, London 1935-50 Correspondence with and re members of Imperial College staff, arranged in alphabetical order. of the correspondence is re appointments, salaries, etc., but this is sometimes combined with accounts of work in progress or plans for future research. of the exchanges are with H. Dingle or L.C. Martin who stood in for Thomson during his periods of absence from Imperial College. Some Most The names of all correspondents, with the ex- ception of junior members of staff, are included in the Index of Correspondents. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Correspondence J.57 J.58 Jo V-W J.60-J.66 Institute of Measurement and Control (formerly Society of Instrument Technology) 1948-74 Thomson was the first President of the Society which was founded in 1944. He was made an Honorary Member in 1955 (see J.61) and continued to keep in touch with the Society for many years. He delivered the first Thomson lecture in 1961 (see J.62) and was asked to have his name associated with a Gold Medal (J.65). See A. 28 for aCertificate of Membership of the Society, 1945. See G.26-G.28 for an article written by Thomson for the Institute's Jubilee in 1969. 1948-51 Correspondence with Secretary re meetings, subscriptions, etc. Includes draft minutes of Council Meeting, 13 April 1949. Includes invitation from the President (A.J. Young) for Thomson to become an Honorary Member of the Society. (L.B. Lambert) and Secretary. Includes typescript of 'The Inspiration of Science', the first Thomson Lecture of the Society of Instru- ment Technology, delivered on 19 October 1961. The text of the lecture was published in Nature and in the Society's Transactions. 1962-67 Miscellaneous correspondence with President G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Correspondence 1968-73 Includes correspondence with the President (D.C. Nutting) re the Institute's petition for a Royal Charter. 1973-74 Correspondence with the Secretary. Includes request for permission to link Thomson's name with a Gold Medal to be awarded by the Society every five years. Printed matter and circulars, 1964-73. Institute of Marine Engineers Institution of Electrical Engineers re portrait of J.J. Thomson to be hung in the Institution. Ives, He Ew Jeo eV. (Thomson's carbons only) re light helium experiment. Jeffreys, H. Kirchner, F. Jackson, H. 1932-33 James, R. W. gone, J. : H. 1931 1930 n.d. 1940 Joliot-Curie, J. F. (Thomson's carbon only) July 1935. re electron diffraction. draft with ms. corrections by Kirchner on ‘Electron reflection on polycrystalline metal layers and surface structure of polished metals', Includes copy of a letter from G.B. Pegram. Includes typescript 1933, 1938,.19 King, R.W. 1936 1930-35 Jones, R. V. Karlik, B. 1946, 1967 G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Correspondence Klemensiewicz, Z. re biography of M. Smoluchowski. Kramers, H. Includes letter from J.D. Cockcroft. Kudar, J. re hydrogen isotopes. Lave, M. von 1957 1948 1950 1932-37, 1947-49 Much of the correspondence is re electron diffraction with an accompanying exchange of plates and photographs. from P.P. Ewald asking Thomson to review von Laue's book 'Materiwellen und ihre Interferenzen', Folder includes a letter Ladenberg, R. (Thomson's carbon only) Lebau, H. isaac. . S. re electron diffraction. 1948 1934 1933 Lia; fi. Lodge, O. Lyman, T. 1973 1945 1932 1930 1930 Lowry, T. M. Littlewood, J. E. (Thomson's carbon only) Enclosing photographs from H. Mark. re Thomson's obituary of F.W. Aston. Continued re Thomson's foreword to the English edition of R.A. Millikan's autobiography. Includes a letter of thanks from Millikan. re Thomson's book 'Wave Mechanics of Free Electrons’. Macdonald & Company (Publishers) Limited G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Correspondence J.77 (Cont.d) McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited 1932, 1965 re Thomson's book 'Wave Mechanics of Free Electrons', and a biographical article for ‘Encyclopaedia of Science and Technology’. McHenry, J. J. McKerrow, G. Includes correspondence re electron microscope built for Imperial College by Metropolitan- Vickers Electrical Co. Ltd., with the aid of a grant from the Royal Society. McLennan, J. C. re experiments using radiothorium. McNaughton, A. G. L. Enclosing text of broadcast on atomic energy, 6 November 1948. Mann, W. iB. 1936-37 re experimental work at Imperial College and Berkeley, California. Includes several photo- graphs. Manson, J. M. Mark, H. more: 1... C. 1943 1930 1936-50 Enclosing 3 pp. typescript on exchange of scientific information between Britain and Canada, re thermal conductivity. Includes several letters written from the University of Rochester, New York, where Martin was Visiting Professor, 1936-37. re research and Imperial College affairs. of the exchanges are conducted with A, Rankine or H. Dingle, in Thomson's absence from Imperial College. Includes copies of reports on work done at Imperial College 1935, 1936 with radon from the Middlesex Hospital Centre. Correspondence is mainly Some Medical Research Council Mendenhall, C. E. 1936-37 G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Correspondence Ministry of Supply Moon, P. B. Includes typescript 'Summary of notes on lectures by E. Fermi', n.d., and 3 pp. ms. calculations. Mar, ae”. F. Munn, B. W. re atomic warfare. Norton Company re optical periclase. Norway, N.S. (Nevil Shute) Correspondence arising from Shute's book "On the Beach'. Nuffield Foundation Orenaw,-M,...1. E. Osborn, F. Oty =. H. Oxford University Press re preface by Thomson to Italian edition of his book 'The Atom'. Includes ms. draft of preface. a reprint of which is included in the folder. Includes typescript entitled ‘Explanation of the Photoelectric Effect without Wave-particle Dualism'. Correspondence arising from an article by Popper on 'Quantum Mechanics without “The Observer"', re supply of caesium photocell to Thomson's laboratory. re thermonuclear power. Paterson; C. . C. Popper, K. R. 1946 1967-68 1935-36 Paneth, F. A. Parson, A. L. Peierls, R. E. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Correspondence Portal, Lord re atomic weapons and the balance of power. Powell, C.F. 1947 1951 Enclosing abstract of a Discourse given by Powell at the Royal Institution, 16 February 1951. Przibraun, K., Raether, H. Read, S. Reimann, A. L. Reynolds, P. W. Richtmyer, F. K. Rickett, D. H. (Thomson's carbon only) 1933, 1950 1947, 195] 1946 1933-34 1935 1930 1947 Rideal, E. K. Robertson, J. K. 1948 1934, 1946-47 Royal Institution Robertson, R. 1933-35 Includes correspondence Rotblat, J. re nuclear fission. Includes correspondence with A.C. Egerton. re diamonds lent to Thomson for electron diffraction experiments. with R, Beeching. and F. Simon. 1950 correspondence is re arrangements for Thomson to attend the 10th Anniversary Cele- brations of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas in Madrid, 12-17 April. re electron diffraction experiments. Includes correspondence with several others including O.W. Richardson, Lord Rutherford, L. Szilard Correspondence with the Librarian (K.D.C. Vernon). 1955 1962 Royal Society 1948, 1950 Rupp, E. 1928-35 G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Correspondence Russ, S. Rutherford, Lord Includes correspondence with H.A. Ferreira. 1934, 1948 1933, 1935-37 Ryle, M. 1957, 1960, n.d. 1960 correspondence is in response to a request from Thomson for information re radio astronomy in connection with a proposed lecture tour in USA. Folder includes letters from A.C.B. Lovell and H. Bondi, and some ms. notes and calculations by Thomson. Miscellaneous reprints on radio astronomy sent to Thomson by M. Ryle. (See J.92.) Rymer, T. B. Schrédinger, E. 1957 1945, 1949 Includes correspondence re Determinism. ‘Semaine Internationale Contre le Cancer’. 1938 See F.80 for draft of Thomson's lecture. Shaw, H. (Director, Science Museum) Correspondence re a lecture delivered by Thomson in Paris, 26 November 1938. from the Secretary of the Physical Society (W. Jevons) re Thomson's attendance at the Paris meeting as the Society's representative. Includes a letter Correspondence re Thomson's original electron diffraction camera which he lent to the Science Museum, along with some early photographs, for the Electron Jubilee Exhibition, 1948. various drafts and reprints by Slepian. Includes correspondence with D. Gabor, and Sismmré 4 £, Shenstone, A. G. 1947-49 1950 1946, 1951 1960, 1963 Slepian, J. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Correspondence Sm, M.S. re experiment performed by J.J. Thomson in 1897 to measure the specific charge of cathode rays. Societa Italiana di Fisica Invitation to Congress (declined). 2 letters from the British Council. Includes Straus-Negbaur, A. F. Includes 2 letters from M. Planck and 1 from G.M. Schurhoff. Sulaiman, S. re theory of relativity. letter from H. Dingle. Includes copy of a Sutton, N. re investigations into crystal structure of pro- tective films on metals. 'Report on protective coating acquired by magnesium alloy during chromate treatment’, by R.O. Jenkins. Includes typescript Szilard, L. Thouless, R. Tayler, G.. 1. Takamine, T. mainly re ordering of metallic beryllium from Siemans-Schukert. Folder also includes corre- pondence with the Academic Assistance Council re provision of research facilities for Szilard. from A.L. Hetherington. Includes correspondence re dating of Chinese ceramics by electron diffraction, with a letter Tizerg; He T. Tilimen, J. R. 1933 1951 1950 1947-48 1935, 1957 G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Correspondence eee lC. (Thomson's carbons only) Includes a letter from J. Cates. Tull V. fF. G. Tumbull, H. W. re letters of Isaac Newton. UNESCO Usmani, I. H. Van der Graaf, R. J. (Thomson's carbon only) 1950 1949 1959 1944 1949 Walker, P. K. (copy of letter from Thomson only) n.d. (1967) P.K. Walker was Fellow and Dean of Chapel at Corpus Christi College, 1958-62, and later Bishop of Ely. Thomson's letter was written in reply to one from Walker (not included here) enclosing a copy of his Hulsean Sermon to the University of Cambridge, and contains some inter- esting theological observations. Wierl, R. Williams, E. J. Whyte, lL. L. re work of J.J. Thomson. The letter is included in the collection by kind permission of the Bishop of Ely. Continued 1933 correspondence is re a request by Thomson for Mesothorium, and offers to send him four samples of luminous compound, then in possession of the Air Ministry. by the National Physical Laboratory, September 1931, is enclosed with the letter. Correspondence arising from Thomson's book 'The Foreseeable Future’. A copy of a report on the compounds re ultimate strengths of fibres. (Thomson's carbon only) Williams, R. - 1954 1933, 1947 Wilson, A. H. Wimperis, H. E. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 J.121 (Cont'd.) Correspondence The compounds, sent by Wimperis, were found with the letter when the Thomson collection was being sorted in 1980. They were mildly radio- active and were handed over to the Oxford Uni- versity Radiation Protection Officer for disposal . 1947 correspondence is re world stocks of uranium. Wood, A. 1948 re possible publication of a lecture by Wood on J.J. Thomson. Wooster, W. A, re possible materials (gypsum, anthracene, cellophane, etc.) for use in neutron diffraction experiments. Wright, W._ B. Correspondence with A,O. Rankine re echo sounding. ~ Zeeman, P. Zuckerman, Lord Includes copies of correspondence with Sir Charles Kingsley. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Correspondence J.125-J. 134 Shorter correspondence. The following correspondence is arranged in subject files and with the exception of J.125 is not indexed. Invitations to give talks, lectures, etc. Shorter correspondence with publishers and journals, mainly requests to write or referee articles. Requests to work in Thomson's laboratory. Brief letters enclosed with books, articles, disserta- tions sent to Thomson. Requests to quote or reproduce from articles by Thomson. 1946-51 1950-62 1935, 1950 1939-67 1950-72 Requests from individuals for references. 1934-51 1947-51 1935-68 Miscellaneous personal correspondence. 1947-51 Requests from institutions to examine theses or candidates. Miscellaneous shorter scientific correspondence, including invitations to conferences, etc. Correspondence with eccentrics and members of the general public. 1950-51 G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 SECTION K K.1 PLATES, SLIDES AND PHOTOGRAPHS K.1 - K.41 Copies of G.P. Thomson's original sketches for his first electron diffraction apparatus. of the originals are not known. The whereabouts Wooden box containing 49 photographic plates, labelled ‘First Diffraction Experiments, Sept. 12 1927-Nov. 22 1927. "X", Au, Pt, Al, Ag inclined’. with a brief description of each plate is attached inside the lid of the box. A list of contents Cardboard box containing 5 photographic plates, 1929-30, labelled as follows: ‘Reflection 1929' (2) ‘Reflection pattern "3 rings" probably oxidised copper’ (February 1930) "Reflection 1930' (2) Cardboard box (no lid) containing 14 photographic plates, 1931, labelled as follows: Probably Probably 'Reflection' (January) (January) (February) ‘Copper single crystal’ ‘Copper single crystal ' ‘Copper (single crystal)! ‘Single Crystal Reflection. Copper' ‘Single Crystal Reflection. silver' ‘Single Crystal (Cu?) irregular cut reflection' (December) ‘Single Crystal Reflection' ‘Reflection F.C.C. crystal’ ‘Copper single crystal’ (February) (February) (February) (February) (March) (April) (May) ‘Reflection. Diamond' (October) (November) (December) ‘Reflection 1931' ‘Reflection 1931' ‘Reflection, Diamond’ G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Plates, slides and photographs Wooden cigar box containing 7 photographic plates, 1932-35, labelled as follows: ‘Reflection 1932' ‘Reflection 1932 diffuse rings (Pt. ?)' ‘Reflection 1932' (January) (February) (June) ‘Reflection 1932 (Perhaps NaCl)' (October) ‘Platinum Transmission 1935' (March 1933) ‘Grease Pattern 1933' ‘Silver polycrystaline reflection /35! (April) (March) Cardboard box containing 14 photographic plates, undated, but labelled as follows: ‘Gold Transmission Orientated' "Polished Gold (reflection)' ‘Burnished gold reflection’ ‘Lead Oxide Transmission’ "Gold Transmission’ Untitled (2) (8) Cardboard box labelled 'Copies and prints of two gold transmission pictures, Dec. 19 (1927). slides (copies)'. Also two 4 boxes of slides illustrating electron diffraction, mostly made from Thomson's original glass plates. no indication as to their origin. Miscellaneous photographs, mainly of electron diffraction patterns. in various publications, others are in envelopes labelled, and sometimes dated by Thomson, but many are loose with Some of these are mounted for reproduction G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Plates, slides and photographs K.13-K.16 4 large wooden slide boxes, all with note of contents, as follows: K.13 "lonisation by +V&S Positive Rays Mass Spectra Crystals X rays' n.d., c.1935 "Nuclear, Atomic Physics Box 3'. Slides inside labelled 'X-rays' and 'x rays’. "Cosmic Rays’. Slides inside mainly of mesons, latest date 1949, 'Betatrons Raether on Rock Salt Electron Microscope’ n.d. K.17-K.20 K.21,, Kx 22 K.23 K.24-K.27 2 boxes of slides containing portraits of physicists. ‘Cavendish photographs'. individual and group photographs of members of the Cavendish Laboratory. 1 box containing slides of 4 boxes of slides illustrating the history of electron diffraction. Inside of box lid bears similar labels, and a note that the Betatron slides were for lecture at Institute of Electrical Engineers. 3 boxes. 4 boxes of slides on thermonuclear power. pictures of Zeta and Sceptre (see Section E). "Slides of crystal growth oriented on substrate’. ‘Miscellaneous including positive rays’. 1 box. Slides on 'Davisson's and Kikuchi's work'. 1 box. ‘Plates of double tube camera circuit’. 1 box. K.28 K.29 K.30 K.3] K.32, K.33 "Mesons', 2 boxes. K.34-K.36 '"Seeing Atoms" Menter'. Includes 1 box. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Plates, slides and photographs ‘Slides and Original Plates returned by Dr. Gomer from the Institute for the Study of Metals, Chicago’. 1 box. K.38 K.39 ‘Boyle lecture’. 1 envelope. 'Radio Astronomy'. 1 box. K.40, K.41 ‘Aeroplanes'. 2 boxes. See A.16, A.17 for typescripts of the lectures for which these slides were presumably prepared. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ADAM, Neil Kensington ADAMS, Walter AGNEW, Sir (William) Godfrey AKERS, Sir Wallace Alan ALLAN, H.R. BADEN de. By Tat J.113 J.64 J.1, J.49 J.43 Jul ALLIBONE, Thomas Edward E.106, J.46, J.56 ANDERSON, Sir (James) Norman (Dalrymple) 8.127. ANDRADE, Edward Neville da Costa APPLETON, Sir Edward (Victor) ARCHAMBAULT, Bennett ARMSTRONG, Hamilton Fish ARMSTRONG, Henry Edward ASHBRIDGE, Sir Noel deze D. 1723, B77. 1,3. J.49 See also G.33 +3 F.189 cee A.27 See G.34, J.75 G.53 S17 J.4 J.4 E.78, E.79, E.81, E.82, E.84, £.85 BARTLETT, Sv] C. BECK, Guido BEVAN, Edmund V. BAKER, John Randal BARFORD, N. C. BANNISTER, F. A. ASTON, Francis William BABINGTON SMITH, Constance BEECHING, Richard, Baron Beeching See also G.35 BIRKENHEAD, Frederick Winston Furneaux BLACKETT, Patrick Maynard Stuart, Baron BERNADOTTE, Count Lennart J.5, 5.47 G.19,3.44 G.21 H.149 G.54 J.5 F.103 be Dyke 97 Blackett of Chelsea BLACKMAN, Moses Smith, 2nd Earl of BJERKNES, V. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Index of correspondents BLEANEY, Brebis BLOK, Arthur BLOUNT, Bertie Kennedy BOHR, Niels BONDI, Sir Hermann BOOKER, H. G. BORN, Max BOURNE, Sir Geoffrey K. BRAGG, Alice, Lady BRAGG, Stephen Lawrence BRAGG, Sir William Henry G.55 E./5,:Es77, £.88 A.38 J.6 See also G.36-G.42 J.103 J.44 MW EA H.67 G.49 G.50 17 BRAGG, Sir (William) Lawrence F104, 100, J.7;° See also G.19, G.43-G.51 J. 55 Beene, He Vw A, BROCK, Helena L. J.52 J.45 BROWN, J. BROWN, J. B. K. BRUCE, R. GATES, .J. E.89 Je? J.45, J.54 Ax 3h, J.9 F.53 ie? Pi BRUNT, Sir David BUTCHART, Hi J. BURGERS, W. G. BRUCKSHAW, J. McG. BUNEMANN, Oscar BURTON, Eli Franklin Re ad BUTLER, Sir James Ramsay Montagu CAMPBELL, Alastair V. CAROE, Gwendolen BUTT, David Bensusan D.65 A.30 D.18 CARLETON, John G, 57 A.36 H.79 H.128 Mey G.50 CADOGAN, A. CALDER, Nigel G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Index of correspondents CAVE Gi. oP. CHADWICK, Sir James CHAMPION, Frank Clive CHANDOS, Oliver Lyttelton, Viscount CHAPMAN, Sydney CHAUDHRI, Rafi M. CHERWELL, Frederick Alexander Lindemann, Viscount Cherwell CHICK, Douglas Richard CLARK, Ronald W. CLARKE, E. John S. COCHRANE, William COCKCROFT, Elizabeth, Lady COCKCROFT, Sir John (Douglas) COHEN, Leon J.10 Ooie 77 7.3610 J.58 D.66 311 See also G.52 EI 65. 8.89, J.12 See also G.53-G.74 E.82 D.20 G.58 H.149, H.152, J.46 G.77 iat, cee, PviI72; ah 29, Jere See also G.75-G.77 F.134 G.80 See G.78 COMPTON, Karl T. J.18 J.18 F.139 Je J: 50 COSSLETT, Vernon Ellis COX, Sir (Ernest) Gordon COOTE, Sir Colin (Reith) COLLAR, (Arthur) Roderick COULSON, Charles Alfred COMPTON, Arthur Holly G.79 CRIPPS, Sir (Richard) Stafford DALE, Sir Henry Hallett J uBF J.18 Jay sea? JAG CUMBERLEGE, Geoffrey CUMMING, W. R. CURTIS, William Edward DANNO, Y. DARROW, Karl K. CRAGGS, J. D. 3 D.68 G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Index of correspondents DAVID, Richard (William) DAVISSON, Clinton Joseph DE BROGLIE, Louis Victor DE LASZLO, Henry DESCH, Cecil Henry DIACK, William miCkeres, Dey Ky GC. DINGLE, Herbert DIRAC, Paul Adrien Maurice DIXIT, Kens. DOBSON, Gordon Miller Bourne DODDS, Edwin M. DOUGLAS, George P. DOWNING, A.B. H.138 J.20 See also G.79 See G.80 Jc2l SiZ2 C.o30 H.138 duds awe) ds 56, 5.52, J.84y05.113 J.24 she G59 J.24 A.27 H.149, H.152 DUFF, Patrick William DYKES, Paul ELDRIDGE, 8. EVE, Arthur Stewart EMELEUS, Karl George EVANS, Ulick Richardson das pial J.28 Ja? ELLIS, Sir Charles Drummond EGERTON, Sir Alfred (Charles Glyn) EHRENHAFT, Felix Aas 109; 5.102 FARNSWORTH, H._ FARREN, Mildred A., G.60;, 4046, 3.30 See also G.83-G.94 FARREN, Sir William Scott FERREIRA, H. Amorim rs 128 J.30 G.84 FERGUSON, Allan FABER, Thomas E. EVE, Elizabeth EVE, Frank C. See G.81 J.29 Ji2? E. Lady G.46 G.84 a96 J.26 J.31 G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Index of correspondents FISHER OF LAMBETH, Most Rev. and Rt. Hon. Geoffrey Francis Fisher FLINT, Henry Thomas FOWLER, Sir Ralph Howard FOX, Terence Robert Corelli FRANCK, James FRANKLAND, Percy Faraday FRANKLIN, Norman FRASER, Ronald FRENCH, Richard C. FRISCH, Otto Robert PURER J... FURTH, R. FRY, Dee i GABOR, Dennis A.36 Je 82 J.33 H.47 J.33 J.3%4 H.138 J.34 J.34 D.23, F.129 See also G.95 A.27 F.87 E./8 Bati5 33.80 J.36 G.85 J.49 G.85 A.27 H.76 GAERTNER, H. GENTNER, W. GERDING, H. GARRO JONES GEDDES Ace EE. M. see TREFGARNE GANDY, R. W. GARTEN, Wo -R. ..S. J.36 J.36 Je 37 GILES, George Henry GATES, Sidney Barrington Jed GLADWYN, Hubert Miles Gladwyn Jebb, GOODEVE, Sir Charles Frederick GOWING, Margaret Mary GLADSTONE, Ev. W. GRAHAM, Robert L. GOLLANCZ, Livia GRIFFITH, Harry D. G.61 Dee J.49 J.37 J.37 H.138 Ist Baron GRUBER, F. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Index of correspondents HADDOW, Sir Alexander HALL, Sir Arnold (Alexander) J, F208 G.86, G.94 HALSBURY, John Anthony Hardinge Giffard, Earl of Halsbury J.38 HANKEY, Robert Maurice Alers Hankey, Baron of The Chart HAQUE, Abdul HARPER, Wallace Russell HARRE, H. Rom HARROD, Sir Roy (Forbes) HARTLEY, Sir Harold (Brewis) HARTRIDGE, Hamilton HARVEY, James HASLAM, Alexander HETHERINGTON, Arthur Lonsdale MiGHAg, Ces, $. HILL, Archibald Vivian HODSON, H; V. HOLBEIN, Arthur Montague HUNT, Stanley Ernest J.39 J.40 J.50 F.127 G.62 G.63; G.112; 5.41 J.59 G.63 G.87 g.146 A.27 D.68, H.29, J.3 F.193 A. A.27 Le J.42 E.108 G.26-G.28 D.24, G.64 J.67 J.68 J.52 J.44, J.68 F.192 J.68 G.65 F.174 HOLMYARD, Eric John HORTON, AnnC. HUME-ROTHERY, William ISMAY, General Hastings Lionel, Baron Ismay INSTITUTE OF MEASUREMENT & CONTROL 5.69 JACKSON, Willis, Baron Jackson of Burnley JAMES, R. JEANS, Sir James Hopwood JEFFERS: fon ME. JEFFREYS, Sir Harold IVES, Herbert E. JACKSON, Sir Herbert W. JAMES, Walter JEFFERIS, Sir Millis Rowland G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Index of correspondents Uerrwics, a FP. ZEMKIMD Re < O. JEVONS, W. JOHNSTON, Robert William Fairfield JONES, Sir (Bennett) Melvill JONES. Reginald Victor KAMMERMAN, Eugene KARLIK, Berta KEELEY, Thomas Clews KELLNER, Charlotte KING, Robert W. KINGS NORTON, Harold Roxbee Cox, Baron of Wotton Underwood KIRCHNER, Fritz KLEINWORT, Sir Cyril (Hugh) KLEINWORT, Ernest Greverus A.27 A.27 J.106 A.38 G.65 FP. 147,-G.66, 1.69 Fila? J.70 G.67 ae J.70 A.27 C.3te.71 H.152 Nita HIS LAUE, Max von LEBAU, Harry D.23 KRAMERS, Hans KUDAR, John dO 63 See G.96 J.72 582 J7a Ite KLEMPERER, O. LATHAM, Robert LANGEVIN, Paul LAMBERT, L. B. LAWSON, J.D. KLEMENSIEWICZ, Z. G.68 LENNARD-JONES, Sir John Edward LINDEMANN, Charles Lionel LEPRINCE-RINGUET, Louis LEW W.. 2 2 oM. LE BOURDAIS, D. M. Jsoe J.73 E.65 J.74 A.31 J.74 ls aa F.174 J.44 LEES-G, "a LEWIN, Ronald G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Index of correspondents LINDEMANN, F. A. see CHERWELL LISTOWEL, William Francis Hare 5th Earl of LITTLEWOOD, John Edensor LLOYD, James LOCKSPEISER, Sir Ben LODGE, Sir Oliver (Joseph) H.139, H.142, H.148 J.75 G.87 A. J.76 See also G.97, G.98 LONSDALE, Kathleen F.182 LOVELL, Sir (Alfred Charles) Bernard J.103 See also G.99, G.100 LOWRY, T.-M: LYMAN, Theodore LYTTELTON, Oliver see CHANDOS McCLENAHAN, H. McCREA, William Hunter J.76 J.76 A.24 J.23 MALI, Katharine MANN, W. B. McKERROW, George Js 79 H.46 A.4l McHENRY; ch... J. MAIR, William Austyn JoZL J.49 378 J.79 MACKENZIE, C. J. McLENNAN, Sir John Cunningham MACDOUGALL, Sir (George) Donald (Alastair) G.68 MAKINS, Roger (later Lord Sherfield) McNAUGHTON, General Andrew George Latta J.82 MARTIN, Sir David Christie MARGERISON, Tom A. 4a. 43, 3.51, 5, 58, MARTIN, Louis Claude MANSON, J. M. MARLEY, W. G. J.8] vise F.174 9 H.146 J.80 J.81 MARK, H. MARSDEN, Ernest F, 19S, F.205 G.P, Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Index of correspondents MASON, RR. G. MASSEY, Sir Harrie Stewart Wilson MATTHEWS, Paul Taunton MAULL, David J.54 A125 F.134 G.88 MAXWELL, James Clerk See G.101 MAYNEORD, William Valentine MAYR, Jakob MAZENOD, Lucien MECKE, Reinhard MELLANBY, Sir Edward MELVILLE, Sir Harry (Work) MENDENHALL, C._ E. MiCHEIsS, FL. MILLER, H. M. MILLIKAN, Robert Andrews Fe172 G.21 R25 G.2] J.49 Jal J.83 25,3. 56 J. 52 be7t MOORE, Harold G.69 E.64 G.56 J.60 G.88 Bal pde8S MOELWYN-HUGHES, Emyr Alun MOFFATT, J. MUNN, Bruce W. NEWMAN, James R. NOAKES, Gis Ri 4b SRF 3.284,. 3.125 MOON, Philip Burton MOTT, Sir Nevill (Francis) C.31 8. 115, 4.82,: 04 MORGAN, Sir Morien (Bedford) MONTAGUE BROWNE, Anthony Arthur Duncan D.65 OLIPHANT, Sir Mark (Marcus Laurence Elwin) PAGET, Sir Richard (Arthur Surtees) NORWAY, Nevil Shute NUTTING, David C. O'GORMAN, Mervyn J.84 FT Fotae J.86 5.86 A.27 J.85 J.64 G.69 OSBORN, Frederick OTTY¥; tric 8, PALMER, P. E: G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Index of correspondents PANETH, Friedrich Adolf PARSON, A. L. F627) 188, - 40125 J.88 PATERSON, Sir Clifford Copland As27, 53.11, 3,88 PEARSE. Recs We a B. PEGRAM, George B. PEIERLS, Sir Rudolf (Ernst) PERKINS, Donald Hill PERRIN, Sir Michael (Willcox) PERRING, William George Arthur PEIRIE, D. . PacceR. PHILLIPS, We... H. PICKTHAL, 2 OM. PICKTHORN, Sir Kenneth PLANCK, Max PLATT, Robert, Baron Platt J.56 370 J.89 J.56 J.49 A.27 J.56 A.27 A.34 D.24 J.110 H.140 Jd 139.17 A.26 J.14 J.16 J.90 PLEIJEL, Henning POLANYI, George POLANYI, Michael POLANYI, Priscilla PRZIBRAUN, K. POWELL, Cecil Frank POPPER, Sir Karl Raimund PORTAL, Marshal of the Royal Air Force Charles Frederick Algernon, Baron Portal of Hungerford See also G.104 Ja A117, 3.125 See also G.103 RAY LEIGH, Robert John Strutt, 4th Baron PUGSLEY, Sir Alfred Grenvile RANKINE, Alexander Oliver BelsD See also G.70 RATCLIFFE, John Ashworth JS Je?) J.91 G.70 Di l7 3.92 J.100 RAETHER, H. RAMSAUER, C. PYE, Sir David (Randall ) Rayleigh A.Z7 G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Index of correspondents READ, S. REIMANN, A. L. REYNOLDS, Peter W. RICHARDSON, Sir Owen (Willans) RICHTMAFERZ £. . K. RIDDING, J. W. RIDEAL, Sir Eric (Keightley) ROBERTS, Colin Henderson ROBERTSON, J. K. ROBERTSON, John Monteath ROBERTSON, Sir Robert Ja92 5:93 Las J.100 J.94 E.86, E.87 Magee 3295 Fs 127 5.96 F.129 Jere ROBINSON (Edward) Austin (Gossage) G.70, H.45 ROGERS, L. Joslyn ROSENBLUM, Salomon ROTBLAT, Joseph D.65 See G.105 e.102, 8.152, J.98 ROXBEE COX, H. see KINGS NORTON RUSSELL, B. . RYLE, Sir Martin Nelson Bz RUNCIMAN, Walter A.34 Ex 77 A.27 RUPPE. RUSS, Sidney G27). 100 2) 40) RUSSELL, Sir (Edward) John RUTHERFORD, Ernest, Baron Rutherford of J.100, J.102 See also G.106-G.110 H.149 RYMER, T. SACRISTE, A. SATTERLY, John S CHARFF, Trude SCHRODINGER, Erwin SCHURHOFF, G. M. SCIAMA, D. SCRIMGEOR, D. Fitde, J). 103 See also G.100 J.105 F.122 I:72 C.38 J.105 J.110 F.135 W. G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Index of correspondents SEARBY, Philip J. SEARLE, George Frederick Charles SELWYN, Very Rev. Edward Gordon SHAW, Herman SHAW, Sir (William) Napier G.7l See G.111 A.36 J.107 JeP SHENSTONE, Allen Goodrich D265,.J.. 108 SHILS, Edward SHIRE, Edward Samuel belt J.53 SIMON, Sir Francis (Eugene) 20100; 3.108, J.125 SINCLAIR, Sir Archibald see THURSO SLEPIAN, Joseph SMITH, Sir Frank Edward SMITH, A. SMITH, S.. @S. L. Henderson SMITH, Thomas Broun J.109 D.78 J.110 H.149 H.145 SMITH-ROSE, Reginald Leslie A.27 Je72 SPENS, Sir Will 26 val . 34 . 152 saa See G.112, G.113 SOHLMAN, Ragnar D O D G S o w e SOMMERFELD, August STURRGUK 2. = A. STRAUS-NEGBAUR, A. SMOLUCHOWSKI, Roma STAFFORD-CLARK, David SNOW, Charles Percy, Baron Snow STRATTON, Frederick John Marrian TAYLOR, Sir Geoffrey Ingram SULAIMAN, Sir Shah Go7Z, &.90, 5.114 THOMPSON, W. B. .110 «120 gu SWANN, HH. E. THODE, Hi G. SZILAGYI, L. SZILARD, Leo TAKAMINE, T. F. 5108, 3.113 .174 n a Pa e e J.114 J.49 E.39 G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Index of correspondents THOMSON, Sir John Adam THOMSON, Sir Joseph John THONEMANN, P.-C. THOULESS, Robert THRUELSON, Richard THURSO, Archibald Henry Macdonald Sinclair, Ist Viscount TILLMAN, J. R. TIZARD, Sir Henry Thomas TOMLINSON, G. TOY, Francis Carter TREFGARNE, George Morgan Garro Jones, Ist Baron TREVELYAN, Geoffrey Tie We. SOS; H.102 G3 E.89 KUNS F. 121 D.73 J.115 A, 257 0217,;°D;25, 0265, Gal, dal 16 A.40 ©.40 D.66 G.90 J.1] FULL, Vo. ae G. JAN Ji 117 Bishop of Ely WARNER, Edward WEBSTER, Hugh USMANI, I. H. See G.114 J.118 WARE, Alan A. TURNBULL, Herbert Westren WATSON-WATT, Sir Robert TURNBULL, Valentine Mounsey WALKER, Right Rev. Peter Knight, aA E.21, E.36, E.86, E.11l, F.193 Ec 39 WEBSTER, Sir Charles Kingsley WESTERMAN, J. Gordon WHEELER-BENNETT, Sir John J.120 J.120 Fo127 WILLIAMS, Glanville Llewelyn WHITAKER, Hazel E. Fite, F5144,:F.146 A.27 D.68 J.124 A.27 H.138 D.26 WHYTE. bE: « L. WIERL, R. WILCOCK, Bruce G.P. Thomson CSAC 75/5/80 Index of correspondents WILLIAMS, Roger WILLIAMS, Trevor I. WILMOT, John WILSON, Sir Alan (Nerries) WIMPERIS, Harry Egerton WINTER, Carl WOOD, Alex WOODS, Sir John (Harold Edmund) WOOSTER, W._ A. WOOTTON OF ABINGER, Barbara Frances, Baroness Wootton WRIGHT, W. iB. WRIGHT, William David WYNN-WILLIAMS, CC. E. YOUNG, Christopher Alwyne Jack ZEEMAN, P. ZUCKERMAN, Solly, Baron, of Burnham Thorpe