The CSA catalogues reflect the broad range of scientific and technological invention, innovation and progress in the UK from the early 20th century to the early 21st century. They also reflect the lives of the creators, and show they did not live in a vacuum of work, but had wide ranging interests, friends and family life. The catalogues are cross searchable, initially arranged alphabetically by name of the creator, but a topic can also be used as a search term.

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ABRAHAM, Edward Penley
ABRAHAM, Edward Penley Vol 1 v1
ABRAHAM, Edward Penley Vol 1 v2
ABRAHAM, Edward Penley Vol 2 v1
ABRAHAM, Edward Penley Vol2 v2
ADAMS, John Frank Supplementary Part1
ADAMS, John Frank Supplementary Part2
ADAMS, John Frank v1
ADAMS, John Frank v2
ANDREW, Edward Raymond
ANDREW, Edward Raymond v1
ANDREW, Edward Raymond v2
APPLETON, Edward Victor v1
APPLETON, Edward Victor v2
ARKELL, William Joscelyn v1
ARKELL, William Joscelyn v2
ASTBURY, William Thomas
ASTBURY, William Thomas v1
ASTBURY, William Thomas v2
Aston Francis William