The CSA catalogues reflect the broad range of scientific and technological invention, innovation and progress in the UK from the early 20th century to the early 21st century. They also reflect the lives of the creators, and show they did not live in a vacuum of work, but had wide ranging interests, friends and family life. The catalogues are cross searchable, initially arranged alphabetically by name of the creator, but a topic can also be used as a search term.

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Edward George Tandy Liddell
Edward Hindle
Edward Hubert Linfoot
Edward Victor Appleton
Egon Bretscher
Eric Henry Stonely Burhop
Eric Mitchell Crook
Eric Willfred Fish
Ernest Gordon Cox
Ernest Hubert Francis Baldwin
Ernst Boris Chain
Francis Thomas Bacon
Frederick Alexander Lindemann
Frederick Charles Frank
Frederick Sydney Dainton
Geoffery W Harris
Geoffrey Emett Blackman
Hans Adolf Krebs
Harold Davenport
Harold Heywood