Max Communications Ltd

Max Communications has been providing digitisation and archive services since 1998 to some of the UK’s most prestigious galleries, museums, academic institutions and media companies along with local councils and government departments and a broad range of other organisations. They have earned the trust of their clients by delivering excellent digitisation services based on innovative solutions.

Max’s ethos is based on developing long-term, friendly, and mutually beneficial relationships with its clients, which has led to many clients returning to them over the years. In 2016, Max was granted the Royal Warrant for Digitisation and Archiving Services, which is a proud moment for the company.

Max has extensive experience working in the heritage, cultural and media sectors, as well as with high-profile commercial businesses. This experience has allowed them to understand and appreciate the challenges and benefits of digitisation processes as well as, if not better than, any other company in the industry.

Max offers a wide range of scanning and photographic services, including digitisation of manuscripts, books, ledgers, journals, glass plates, photographs, maps, drawings, index cards, and microfilm. They have a fully-equipped video, film, and audio digitisation department, which continues to expand. Max attributes this growth to the high quality of their work. Max also provides support services like OCR, transcription, e-book creation, print fulfilment, framing services, display printing, and online image sales.

In addition, Max’s archiving services consist of a range of software packages and services including THEMIS for digitisation project management, SOTERIA for digital preservation and DRYAD for online archive management and publication.

Max’s track record over the last quarter century demonstrate that they are a company that can be relied upon to provide the best possible value and levels of service for your digitisation and archival projects.

To get in touch with Max Communications, please telephone on +44 (0) 20 8309 5445, email at or use the contact form on their website.