About CSA

What Does The Centre For Scientific Archives Do?

The Centre for Scientific Archives (CSA) was established as a charitable business in 2009 to provide critical services that aid in the preservation of British Scientific Heritage. It continues the foundational work of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre (1973-1987, Oxford University) and the National Cataloguing Unit for Archives of Contemporary Scientists (1987-2009, University of Bath).

The CSA is not an archive. It does not retain the collections it processes. Collections entrusted to its care are catalogued and placed in an appropriate permanent repository. They are made available for access subject to the procedures and practices of the permanent repository.

What Services Does The CSA Offer?

  • Assessment of archives in situ
  • Safe and secure temporary storage
  • Sourcing a permanent repository
  • Operational support services
  • Indexing and Cataloguing as agreed with permanent repository prior to work commencing
  • Basic preservation and packaging, as agreed with permanent repository prior to work commencing
  • Facilitate transfer of ownership to the permanent repository. Legal matters will need to be agreed between owner/creator and home repository
  • Arranging physical transfer of the collection to the permanent repository.

How To Proceed

If you have a scientific archive that would benefit from any of these services, we would be delighted to hear from you. In the first instance, please either send an email to enquiries@centreforscientificarchives.co.uk or fill in our Contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within two working days.  Typically, the next stage is to set up an exploratory call together.

For enquiries relating to digitisation, please contact our digitisation Partner Max Communications.