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NATIONAL CATALOGUING UNIT FOR THE ARCHIVES OF CONTEMPORARY SCIENTISTS Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Edward Max Nicholson CB CVO (1904 - 2003) Sections F - L Index of correspondents VOLUME TWO NCUACS catalogue no. 177/8/09 by Simon Coleman and Timothy E. Powell E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 SECTION F PUBLICATIONS, F.1-F.380 1925-2003, nd F.1-F.332 DRAFTS F.333-F.378 EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE F.379-F.380 © OFFPRINTS AND REPRINTS DRAFTS 1925-2003, nd A chronological sequence of drafts of various articles and books, published and unpublished, by Nicholson. Review articles and obituaries are included. Some drafts of ornithological articles are accompanied by bird lists and notes which can cover several studies carried out over a number of decades. Sometimes in these cases not all the lists or notes can be clearly identified as relating to a particular publication. been reproduced where __ reviews of are cuttings of press 3pp typescript. Wild Life at Burnham Beeches' F.331-F.332 At Nicholson’s books. For a number of the drafts, particularly the earlier ones, details of publication could not be found. Many drafts have inscriptions, added later in Nicholson's hand, giving dates or approximate dates and sometimes publication In the following descriptions these later inscribed details. details have information regarding date and publication is otherwise absent. 5pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. ‘Loving the Country’, unpublished article ‘Palaeo[letters Peroquet' 1p rough manuscript draft. illegible] torquatus The Rose-ringed 21925 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 ‘Fresh Light on Bird Migration’ c.1926-1929 First page only of typescript. ‘What the Migrant Thinks: The Starling's Mind and his Travels" __c.1926-1929 2pp incomplete typescript draft. ‘Bird MS prob c.1926' 2pp rough manuscript draft so headed, apparently on bird song. ‘England in Historical Perspective’ 11pp manuscript draft with a further page of manuscript notes. 1926 or shortly afterwards ‘Birds at Oxford!’ Article submitted to The Times but not published. draft with manuscript revisions; "The Sectional Bird Census' 13pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions, with 2pp manuscript tables of results. letter 4pp typescript (October 1927) from Nicholson to G.G. Dawson, Editor of The Times, re the article. published in Discovery, Vol. VIII, No.94, October 1927. The material was found together. probably relate to Nicholson's letter on Some of the pages bird migration Pages from manuscript drafts of an article (or articles) on bird migration Inscribed '?Article for Discovery' on first page. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 One page is titled 'The Mystery of Bird Migration’; another is dated 1927. A few pages of rough manuscript notes are included. ‘Birds: A Brief [word illegible] of Ornithology’ rough 2pp intended small book or handbook. manuscript draft possibly relating to an ‘Bird-counting from the Train’, Discovery, Vol. IX, No.104, August 1928 2pp manuscript draft of the beginning of the article; 17pp typescript draft, with manuscript revisions; offprint. possibly incomplete, ‘The Mind of 1928 a Bird’, Saturday Review, 22 September 4pp manuscript draft. F.16-F.18 ‘Bird Population’ 1p manuscript draft. Incomplete 4pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. Review of Baghdad & Points East, by Robert J. Casey, London 1928 1985 a lesser Nicholson's studies of the Willow Tit, and to extent the Marsh Tit, resulted in various papers. The following are Known to have been published: 'Willow Tit’, British the Distribution and Status of the British Willow Tit', British Birds No.12, Vol.30, 1937; and 'Supplementary Notes on British Willow Tit’, the British he corresponded with others on the distribution of the Willow Tit and its song, especially compared to the Marsh Tit. Distribution and Status of the 1937. Vol.31, ‘Willow Tit papers', contents of an envelope so inscribed Ornithological Club 1928-1947, No.363, 1932; 'On Birds No.4, In addition, E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 4pp manuscript draft titled ‘Willow Tit’; 5pp typescript revised draft titled ‘Marsh and Willow Tits' with manuscript revisions; 1928 declining publication of the article and suggesting cuts to the text letter from The Field, April The outcome with respect to the attempted publication is unknown. Brief correspondence with H.F. Witherby, Editor of British Birds, re publication of one or both of Nicholson's 1937 articles and other matters; Nicholson's manuscript and typescript probably relating to the aforementioned articles distribution, Willow Tit notes on Ornithological correspondence and papers 1936-1937 1932-1947, 1985 The 1932-1938. Chiefly years probably relates to Nicholson's 1932 British Ornithological Club paper. The 1985 correspondence is with R.S.R. Fitter. material these from is a in F.20 F.20-F.21 possibly the Border Included published, titled 'Marsh and Willow Tits Area’ (1935 or later). short typescript by Nicholson, The Study of Birds, London (Ernest Benn) 1929 Incomplete 4pp manuscript draft relating to bird censuses One page is headed 'From a review of bird censuses in Europe c.1928'. 63pp typescript draft (almost complete) with manuscript revisions Offprint with a few manuscript annotations by Nicholson ‘Bird Song in March’, The Observer, March 1929 First page only of typescript. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 F.23-F.28 Heron census papers 1925-1955 This material was found together in a file. In 1929 Nicholson published his 'Report on the British Birds Census of Heronries, 1928', a project undertaken by British Birds at The surveys were carried out by Nicholson and others and chiefly covered England and Wales. Some results from Ireland were included in the Report but those from Scotland, being very incomplete, were omitted. his suggestion. See F.43 for a further paper on heronries. F.23-F.25 ‘Report on the ‘British Birds' Census of Heronries, 1928’, London (H.F. & G. Witherby) 1929 2pp incomplete manuscript draft (untitled); various pages of manuscript notes, mostly by Nicholson, relating to the 1928 census and earlier ideas on bird censuses 1925, c.1928 note on US 1928-1930 Letters to Nicholson from H.F. Witherby re publication, 1929; various newspaper cuttings concerning the Census and the published Report (including to Country Life by Nicholson) printed letter Included are notes on a fragment of a letter from The Spectator re the US Bird Census. This fragment was found in an envelope inscribed in Nicholson's hand as follows: ‘A MS on a Spectator receipt [sic] probably the earliest Bird Census leading to EMN's Census development in England’. The date '1925' is also inscribed on the envelope which has been retained. 1931-c.1934 1p typescript by Nicholson titled 'Editorial Notes on David Lack's 'The Stability of the Heron Population’ ', ?1934; 2pp typescript notes headed 'Summary of Heron & Grebe Censuses’, 1931 or later A few annotations in his hand appear in the text. Offprint signed by Nicholson E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 ‘Origins and Progress of the of the Census of Heronries' 1954-1955 article This heronries carried out in 1954. by Nicholson appertains to a census of (2pp drafts typescript 2 manuscript revisions; letters from the British Trust for Ornithology re a meeting on heron studies (January 1955) at which Nicholson (as Chair) was to give an introductory speech. 3pp) with and Reprints, offprints and one uncorrected proof of further articles by Nicholson on heronries 1930-1936 ‘Dynamic Museums’, The Realist, Vol.1, No.3, June 1929 Incomplete with revisions, titled 'Museums, Static & Dynamic’. typescript draft, 16pp manuscript A typescript list of Nicholson's articles on 'Public Affairs’ (photocopy of relevant page included) gives the title of this article as 'Dynamic Museums’. First page only of typescript. 3pp typescript with pages from other drafts of the same review. Review of An Introduction to the Study of Bird Behaviour, by H. Eliot Howard, Cambridge University Press 1929 "The Nature of Animal Mind', The Saturday Review, 20 July 1929 "The Car as a Bird Destroyer' ‘Rook Census - West Sussex' 3pp typescript draft. 2pp typescript. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 ‘Bird Song in March', The Observer, 24 February 1929 Corrected proof and cutting of printed article. ‘Oxford letter 1929' 2pp manuscript draft of an article so headed, apparently about town development with particular reference to Oxford. 'A Note on Birds' 2pp typescript. ‘Rationalization in No.124, April 1930 Bird-marking', Discovery, Vol.Xl, Incomplete 12pp typescript draft. Exploration’, The Nineteenth Corrected proof. July ‘London's Latest Park', The Evening News, 7 May 1930 1p typescript draft. ‘Modern Tendencies in Century and After, June 1930 Corrected proof; cutting of review of the above issue of "The Nineteenth Century and After’. 3pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. ‘Birds with Handley-Page Slots', The Observer, 31 1930 ‘Bird-marking Comes of Age' E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 ‘Seasonal Changes and Bird Population’ 22pp typescript draft, possibly incomplete, with manuscript revisions. a few ‘The Destruction of Heronries' 3pp typescript. Untitled article on attempts by nations to exploit the Arctic and Antarctic Incomplete 3pp typescript draft inscribed '?Article for 19th Century c.1930'. ‘Birds and Men' and 'A Nature Calendar’, The Observer, 20 February 1931 Corrected proof. 2pp typescript dated 11 July 1931. Two short articles printed under the section 'The Open Air’. ‘Sovereignty in East Greenland’, letter to The Economist ‘Exploration - Greenland etc', contents of an envelope so inscribed 1931-c.1932 ‘About Greenland’, The Nineteenth Century and After, No.652, 1931: first page only of typescript draft; corrected proof. ‘Gate-crashing in Greenland’ (unpublished, sent to The Observer, brief correspondence with The Observer. "The Future of Exploration’ (publication details unknown): 7pp manuscript draft, c.1932. ‘Greenland unknown): 20pp typescript draft, c.1932. Monopoly’ and the 1932): 4pp typescript and (publication details E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 ‘British Arctic Air Route Expedition’ (publication details unknown): 5pp typescript draft, c.1932. ‘Watching Birds Roosts I', published in Discovery Corrected proof. F.48-F.65 Articles for The Times c.1931-1936 Contents of a file inscribed 'Times articles 1930s'. Almost all the material relates to articles by Nicholson for The Times (unless otherwise stated) on economics, industry, population etc. With related correspondence. ‘Immigrant Industries’ 9pp typescript draft with a few manuscript revisions; brief correspondence with Editor, November 1931. 8pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. c.1932-1936 'The Partners of Industry’ ‘Britain and World Trade’ c.1932-1936 8pp typescript; cutting of the printed article. 1p typescript. Found with the material in F.48. "Town-Planning and Population-Planning' c.1931-1936 "The Plight of the Land. A Landlord's Co-operative’ c.1932-1936 7pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 ‘Population: The Turn of the Tide’ c.1932-1936 typescript 7pp revised typescript version. draft, with manuscript revisions, and ‘A Stagnant Colony’ c.1932-1936 Incomplete 2pp typescript of an article on British Guiana. "The End of Laissez-faire. Finding a Successor’ c.1932-1936 7pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. "The Population Trap' from Copy of a letter from Nicholson to the Editor, so titled, responding to the correspondence printed in The Times arising (or 'A Population Trap') printed 23 January possibly titled 1933; correspondence re matters connected with the original article. of the same title original article his 1933) copy of typescript; letter (February Articles on housing "The Siting of Industry’ 8pp from Nicholson to a reader who had written to him concerning the article. 8pp typescript; letter to Kingsley Martin (July 1934). Two one incomplete) with manuscript revisions; copy of letter by Nicholson to the Editor (February 1933). Probably published in The New Statesman and Nation. "Trouble in the Sugar Paradise’ typescript untitled drafts (6pp and 7pp, E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 ‘Workers and Workless - The Pressure of Population’ Letter from Nicholson to the Editor responding to the correspondence in The Times arising from his original article with the above title, printed 22 August 1934. of typescript with 3pp Workless', letter re publication; cuttings of the printed letter, original article and other printed letters in response to draft manuscript revisons; & version; the it. ‘Workers revised letter, titled the ‘Employment and Population’ Two 8pp typescript drafts so titled (slightly different texts), one with manuscript revisions; brief correspondence re publication (August 1934). ‘Planning - Its Possibilities and Risks' 8pp typescript draft, with manuscript revisions, titled 'The Meaning of Planning. Possibilities’; cutting of printed article with the revised title, printed 22 February 1935. Risks and Its Its at a at the School London F.63-F.64 conference 1931-c.1936 Included are Nicholson's typescript and manuscript notes and sketches for possible articles. Correspondence and papers re articles and proposed articles by Nicholson for The Times; a very few papers relate to other newspapers and periodicals See K.35 for a further typescript of this paper, apparently given of Economics, February 1935. c.1931-1936 Cuttings of various printed articles by Nicholson which appeared in The Times Correspondents include responded to some of the articles. readers who Editor and 2 folders. the E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 ‘The Best Bird Law. An Example for British Bird Lovers' 5pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. "The Gulls Have Finished with Us' 5pp typescript draft with a few manuscript revisions. ‘A Bird-song Calendar' 7pp typescript draft with a few manuscript revisions and annotations. Review for an unidentified book on birds 1p manuscript and 2pp manuscript (on smaller paper than the former), of book review ?1931'. They appear to be for the same review article. both headed ‘Part draft of by F.71-F.73 Corrected proof. ‘England Has No Plan’, unpublished book ‘An Epic Bird Census’, published in Discovery Nicholson offered the book to publishers Victor Gollancz Ltd and MacMillan & Co. Ltd. 1932-1933 Brief correspondence with publishers, April-May 1932; typescript with manuscript revisions, structured in sections which are separately paginated (lists at the front). ‘The Problem of Planned Economy’, proposed article offered to Lloyd's Bank Review but unpublished A summary of Lloyd's Bank Review in January 1933. the proposed article was rejected of the sections are 3 folders. draft of the text (including Preface) E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 Correspondence with Times; typescript outline of the article. editor and related letter to The Review for British Birds of a paper ‘Habitat selection in birds’, by D. Lack, Journal of Animal Ecology, Vol.2, 1933 of title The full Lack's paper was probably ‘Habitat selection in birds, with special reference to the effects of afforestation on the Breckland avifauna’. 4pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions, inscribed ‘BB' [British Birds]. Review of The Birds of Tropical West Africa, Vol.3, by D.A. Bannerman, London 1933 3pp typescript. Untitled article on the results of a study of migrations of European birds 2pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. "Taming Wild Birds’, review article 4pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. ‘Territory in the Great Crested Grebe’, letter to British Birds The article reviewed three books: Wild Life Studies, by F. Pitt; Every Garden a Bird Sanctuary, by E.L. Turner; and Near Neighbours, by M. Holden. Corrected proof. App typescript. ‘Birds on Islands' E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 Review for Environment in Ecological Monographs Vol.4, No.3, July 1934 British the Birds Life Birds’, paper by of of a ‘The Role of S.C. Kendeigh, 5pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions, inscribed ‘BB' [British Birds]. ‘Our Country’, unpublished book This was an intended pictorial book of statistics for the UK. Typescript draft of foreword, synopsis of contents, draft figures and a few manuscript notes. ‘Why Birds Migrate’ 5pp typescript with a few manuscript revisions. 6pp typescript inscribed '16.1.35'. ‘The Private Life of the Cornbunting' 5pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions, inscribed ‘BB' [British Birds]. Review for British Birds of a paper 'On the Habits and Distribution of Birds in the North Atlantic’, by V.C. Wynne- Edwards, Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History, Vol.40, No.4, January 1935 published article. 5pp typescript with letter from News Chronicle declining to publish, February 1935. 1p incomplete typescript of the article (on verso is a copy of a letter from Nicholson to the Daily Mail); cutting of the ‘Bird Migrants are on Their Way’, Daily Mail, 1935 ‘The Survey of Starling Roosts' E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 ‘Great Britain Does It Again’, review article published in The Listener, 14 August 1935 The article reviewed The Next Five Years: An Essay in Political Agreement, London 1935. 5pp typescript; letter re publication; cutting of published article. Review of 'The Rookeries of Somerset’, by B.W. Tucker, Proceedings of the Somersetshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, Vol.81, 1935 5pp typescript draft. Review for British Birds of A History of the Birds of Middlesex, by W.E. Glegg, London 1935 3pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions, inscribed ‘BB' [British Birds]. F.88-F.96 1935-1973, a number of ‘Bird Notes Scotland’ Contents of an envelope so inscribed. Draft articles and bird Nicholson's ornithological surveys in Scotland. lists etc relating to 6pp typescript with manuscript annotations on first page; 1p brief manuscript bird list dated 1 September 1935. ‘Bird Census of the Isle of May. September 3rd, 4th & 5th 1935" nd Manuscript lists of birds, folded into the format of a small pages of pamphlet. 2pp manuscript and ‘Supplementary notes on in another hand. ‘Notes on the Birds of Islay June 27 - July 1 1936' Intercalated notes in further are Nicholson's Birds of rough hand Islay 1936 July' E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 F.90-F.96 Publications, F.1-F.380 Papers Scotland, May and June 1939 relating bird to investigations in northern 1939-1973, nd Nicholson and J.S. Huxley were members of a group of ornithologists which visited a number of Scottish islands, including the St Kilda group, the Orkneys, the Shetlands The visits and the Hebrides, and parts of Sutherland. were made in connection with world census of gannets; investigations of fulmars and guillemots were also carried out. A publication appears to have resulted from the studies. the Manuscript bird Sutherland, Lewis and Harris lists and notes in Nicholson's hand for St Kilda island group: manuscript bird lists and notes in Nicholson's hand (some rough); typescript bird lists June 1939 ‘Bird Notes: St Kilda and Other Northern Areas' 1939, 1956 the bird in a further draft by list the following: are Nicholson, 11pp typescript draft report on the 1939 investigations, with manuscript revisions. The 1956 paper probably made reference to the 1939 studies. The correspondence indicates that the 1956 paper was co-authored by Nicholson and the Scottish Naturalist was the preferred choice for publication. 1p Attached to typescript dated 'Mid-summer 1956', and correspondence between Nicholson and J.M. Boyd (November, December 1956) re publication of the ‘St Kilda 1956 bird paper’. 1939, 271956 Three pages only of an original 14pp typescript (first page included). Nicholson's Printed map of St Kilda and surrounding islands, heavily annotated bird sightings ('1939' is inscribed at the top); British Trust for Ornithology in Nicholson's hand and headed 'St Kilda’ (probably 1956) Distribution completed 'A Bird Census of St Kilda 1939' hand with details of Record form, E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 "Scotland: Fife 19-20 June 1948' 2pp manuscript bird list and 2pp typescript version with additional text. Miscellaneous manuscript bird lists and notes for various locations in Scotland 1947-1973, nd of None ornithological surveys covered in F.88-F.95. appears material this to relate to the ‘A New Bird Comes to England’, News Chronicle, September 1938 1 slightly A reproduced in Synopsis, December 1938. consensed version of this article was Correspondence with 'Synopsis' re publication and 5pp typescript of the article (probably condensed version). to letters 5pp typescript. ‘Birds in the Cold' '‘Bird-watchers and Their Job' Both letters are dated 6 October 1938 and addressed to the Editor. Carbon copies of two different The Times regarding the role of the new Ministry of Information in the context of possible war The article reviewed The Life of the Robin, by D. Lack, London 1943. ‘A Robin's World’, review article 2pp typescript. 5pp typescript. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 F.102-F.105 ‘Some Further Bird-Notes from the North Atlantic’, British Birds, Vol.39, 1946 c.1945-1948 4pp manuscript diary (loose pages) of bird sightings on a voyage from New York, USA, to the UK, October 1945 (first page headed ‘Atlantic Bird List October 1945"); 2 typescript drafts of the paper (completed one is 9pp) with manuscript annotations and revisions The information in the diary was incorporated into the published paper. Further typescript of the paper, the text showing some changes from the versions in F.102; copies of letters from Nicholson to various individuals re the preparation of the paper and related matters, 1945-1946 Further typescripts relating to North Atlantic bird studies c.1945-1948 Set of notes (3pp) for a talk given by Nicholson at 'LNHS [London Natural History Society] 13.4.48'; 8pp draft titled ‘Regions of the North Atlantic’ (some or all of it appears to be the work of another). the North F.106-F.107 c.1945-1948 Contents of a file. Miscellaneous papers Articles for Encyclopaedia Britannica Chiefly Atlantic’, some with annotations in Nicholson's hand. printed charts showing 'Regions of 1946 Corrected proof and letter etc from publisher. an Nicholson's original contributions. Revisions ‘Reproductive Habits [of 1946 contributions 'Bird on Population’, Included is re of one earlier letter from publisher (1928) of Nicholson's earlier birds]' and 1928, 1945- E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 of Nicholson's Revisions 'Great Britain: Nature Reserves’ to the article 'National Parks and Nature Reserves' Corrected proofs with a few letters from publisher. contribution earlier 1967-1969 ‘Wild Life and the Public’ 6pp typescript dated 27 October 1948. ‘Poets as Bird Observers’, Bird Notes Vol.23, 1948 6pp typescript draft on small paper; 5pp typescript draft of expanded version. A note at the beginning of the expanded version states that the article was the product of notes which were ‘intended simply to open small informal discussion. ..' ‘Note on Ecology' "The Meaning of Bird Song’, [? New Naturalist: A Journal of British Natural History], 1948 5pp typescript draft with manuscript revisons, with note from publisher. Review of The Breeding-birds of the Netherlands, by A.L.J. Van |jzendoorn, Leiden 1950 1p typescript. Review of 'The Land of ‘Country Life’, 1951 1p typescript. 1p typescript. the Loon', by G.K. Yeates, E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 Review of 'Gronlands Fugle [Birds of Greenland] Part I’, by F. Salomonsen, Copenhagen 1951 2pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. F.115-F.125 ‘Shearwaters the Vol.45, February 1952 in English Channel’, British Birds, 1945-1957, nd to up clear some This paper was the result of a systematic study which questions attempted concerning the records of shearwaters in the English In the drafting of the paper Nicholson drew on Channel. field the assistance of including W.B. Alexander, R.M. Lockley. this H.C. Alexander and a number of experts unresolved in Some of the 'shearwater reconnaissance’ was carried out by Nicholson and other ornithologists on board Lt-Col. H.G. Hasler's yacht, 'Petula’. See L.50 for further correspondence between Nicholson and Hasler. Solent F.115-F.116 1948-1951, nd Shearwater reconnaissance in the yacht, ‘Petula’ Softback notebook inscribed 'Channe [sic] Cruise - Scilly 1948"; 4 black and white photographs J.M. Fisher and P.A.D. Hollom were among those who accompanied Nicholson on cruises in 1948 and 1949. The notebook is in Nicholson's hand and records birds seen (not just shearwaters), with dates and (often) times. It covers the cruise of 17-21 September 1948 (see the summary of log etc in F.116) and sailings of a few days earlier. hee The photographs appear to have been taken on this trip; two feature Nicholson. Three are annotated on the back in Nicholson's hand; the dates given are September or September / October 1948. There are references to these photographs on the first page of the notebook and in H.G. Hasler's letter of 9 October 1948 (see F.116). Correspondence arrangements for cruises in matters arising re the English Channel and Hasler 1948-1951, nd etc chiefly with H.G. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 Included is a typescript ‘Summary of ornithological log' for the cruise of 17-21 September (see F.115) and other typescript papers relating to this cruise and one proposed for 1949. Gei(aele Ornithological and general correspondence etc relating to shearwater searches and sightings and the drafting and publication of Nicholson's paper 1945-1952, nd Correspondents include C.W. Hurcomb, V.C. Wynne- Edwards, H.C. Alexander. Alexander and Lockley, W.B. R.M. 5 folders. Pages of manuscript (pen and pencil) sightings notes on bird 1946-c.1949 These pages were found stapled together. The first 9 pages (in pen) relate to a shearwater search in English Channel between Fowey and Falmouth, the September 1946. 2pp notes on pink paper are dated June 1949 and September 1949. typescript and manuscript papers probably Birds' paper) with Further relating to the published paper 4pp manuscript draft (possibly early draft of Nicholson's ‘British further page of manuscript notes; 14pp typescript draft of the paper with manuscript revisions; reprint 1952-1957 The principal correspondent is R.M. Lockley. Included is a 2pp typescript review by Nicholson of Lockley's paper on Manx Shearwaters for British Birds Vol.46, December 1953. Included is 1949, and Channel with annotations in Nicholson's hand. a 6pp typescript 'French [Bird] a navigation chart Included also are 2pp manuscript bird Correspondence and papers arising List', May the English lists and notes c.1946-1952 printed of E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 (May 1952) from the Camargue, France. Review naturalists' societies etc in Norfolk and Suffolk published reports four bird of by various 2pp typescript. Review of ‘Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union Ornithological Report for 1952' 1p typescript. Review of 'Cambridge Bird Club Report', 1952 2pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. Reviews of ‘Cheltenham and District Naturalists' Society Report 1951-1952' and of ornithological reports published by other societies etc 1952-1953 further 1p District...' of 1953, Norfolk Bird Report No.1', for the printed revised review; typescript cutting Review of ‘Norfolk Naturalists' Trust etc typescript; 1p ‘Cheltenham and version of the latter. 1p typescript draft with manuscript revisions; shortened version. Observer, August 1954 Review of The Lapwing in London 1953 ‘World Population and Resources’, two articles for The Britain, by K.G. Spencer, 1p typescript. F.130-F.131 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 Incomplete 1p rough manuscript draft of first article; 2pp typescript revised version and one page from an earlier typescript draft; letter from The Observer (June 1954) 2pp typescript of second article; letter from The Observer re readers concerning the articles publication; Nicholson letters from to Review of The Natural Regulation of Animal Numbers, by D. Lack, Oxford 1954 1p typescript. "The New Protection of Birds Act’, British Birds, Vol.47, December 1954 4pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. 1-3, by J. World, Vols 1p typescript. Reviews of Waterfowl of the Delacour, London, 1954 -1959 Typescripts and typescript drafts of reviews for the three volumes, including two different reviews of Volume 1. Review of Sea-birds, by J.M. Fisher and R.M. Lockley, Collins (New Naturalist), 1954 2pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. Review of First Report by Station Biologique de la Tour du Valet, Camargue, France, 1950-1954 Review of Merchant Shipping and the Demands of War, by C.B.A. Behrens, London (HMSO) 1955 1p typescript. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 F.138-F.144 ‘Hastings Rarities’ papers [c.1950]-1998 of exceptionally unusual species, Nicholson authored, or co-authored, at least two papers the name by which a long- on the 'Hastings Rarities’, running ornithological controversy became known. This controversy concerned the recording, in the early 20th century, apparently accidental visitors, district around Hastings, East Sussex, and their addition to official lists of British birds. In 1962 Nicholson and I.J. Ferguson-Lees published a paper in British Birds (see below) refuting the authenticity of aroused in response Nicholson co- considerable debate, authored Birds' (see below). and another 'British paper in Hastings Rarities. paper 1969 The the in a This material was found together in file. "The Hastings Rarities’ 1p manuscript draft, so titled, of the beginning of a paper, with pages of manuscript bird lists (found attached to the draft); Spp typescript version headed ‘Confidential first draft' and dated December 1955. draft with revisions, from Nicholson manuscript Ferguson-Lees' Editorial for British Birds, after August 1962 No details regarding the publication of this paper could be found. This article discusses the editorial issues and processes involved in the publication of Nicholson and Ferguson- Lees' paper in British Birds Vol.55, No.8, August 1962. Typescript headed ‘Editorial’: 4pp typescript revised version; correspondence arising and paper, September 1962-January 1963. 1962-1963 12pp typescript draft with manuscript revisons; corrected proof ‘The Hastings Rarities Again’, with and J.A. Nelder, British Birds, Vol.62, No.9, 1969 Contents of a separate envelope. |.J. Ferguson-Lees F.140-F.141 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 the from paper or draft; Extract typescript ‘further comments’, by J.M. Harrison, published in British Birds with proof containing this article and a short reply by Nicholson and I.J. Ferguson-Lees incomplete further Included are a few undated miscellaneous papers found with the material in this folder and F.140. Miscellaneous papers, mostly undated c.1950-1970 the are following: Included in Nicholson's hand; typescript ‘comments by N.F. Ticehurst on Hastings Rarities Observations by EMN'; copy of letter from |.M. Ferguson-Lees, 1955. R. Meinertzhagen to manuscript notes F.143-F.144 ‘Hastings 1990s', contents of inscribed a separate envelope so 1994-1998 and Birds in re later papers reviews participated and Correspondence recollections of the Hastings Rarities debate. In 71995 Nicholson and |.J. Ferguson-Lees considered writing an updated British to summarise the Hastings Rarities story and put it into the It appears that they perspective of ornithological history. eventually decided to publish a an article, though the publication details are unknown. article which was intended letter rather than The principal correspondents are |.J. Ferguson-Lees and J.T.R. Sharrock. Correspondence re plans for the updated article and re a BBC Open University Radio Broadcast, August 1995 Nicholson the covered the Hastings Rarities. on the subject may have followed this one. 1995-1998 Various manuscript and typescript notes and synopses Birds; 2pp for the proposed article with manuscript manuscript early accompanying note; correspondence re draft and possible publication, 1996-1998 radio broadcast which Further BBC broadcasts The notes etc and draft are all by Nicholson. December 1994-1996 letter the letter, for British / of draft the E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 Review of 'The Sussex Bird Report 1953 & 1954', The Hastings and East Sussex Naturalist, Vol.8, No.4, April 1955 2pp typescript. ‘Wildlife Refuges in published in Nature, Vol. 177, 1956 the United States', review article The article reviewed Seeing America’s Wildlife in our National Refuges, by D. Butcher, New York 1955. Corrected proof. Review of The History of the British Flora: A Factual Basis for Phytogeography, by H. Godwin, Cambridge 1956 1p typescript. ‘Birds, Protection of' Editorial for British Birds 11pp typescript draft so titled, with manuscript revisions, dated February 1957. 2pp typescript with related letter from the Editor of The Field. The article, which is divided into several titled sections, has the appearance of a contribution to an encyclopaedia or similar publication. 5Spp typescript draft with a few manuscript revisions. Review of Witherby's Sound-Guide to British Birds, by M. North and E. Simms, London 1958 3pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. "The Modern Naturalist' E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 Numbers ‘Bird towards Estimating a Nation's Avifauna’, ‘Special review' article published in British Birds Vol.52, 1959 Finland: Effort Bold A in The article reviewed Finnish Birds: Their Distribution and Numbers, by E. Merikallio, Helsinki 1958. 11pp typescript. Pirates and Predators. Review of The piratical and predatory habits of birds, by R. Meinertzhagen, Oliver & Boyd, 1959 1p typescript. Review of A Field Guide to Bird Songs of Eastern and Central North America, by R.T. Peterson, Boston 1959 (arranged to accompany Peterson's Field Guide to the Birds of Eastern and Central North America, ?fifth edition) 3pp typescript. review article published in The New Birds', ‘Rare Scientist, July 1960 11pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. "The British Approach to Ornithology’, /bis, Vol.101, 1959 1p typescript, with a carbon copy of Nicholson's covering letter to publishers on verso; proof. The article reviewed The Popular Handbook of Rarer British Birds, by P.A.D. Hollom, London 1960. 2pp typescript. Preface for London 1960 St Kilda Summer, by K. Williamson et al., E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 on Article published 71960 Gilbert White for Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1959-1960 Nicholson revised or re-wrote his earlier version for the Encyclopaedia. Correspondence with London editor and typescript draft of revised article. ‘Preservation of Natural Areas in Great Britain’, essay by Nicholson Resource Management, ed. H. Jarrett, Johns Hopkins Press 1961 Comparisons contributed to in 11pp typescript. Place 'The Nicholson to London 1961 of Conservation’, chapter contributed The Humanist Frame, ed. J.S. by Huxley, 13pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. to the siting and No evidence of publication. Letter Times on mistakes in planning of major technological projects The 2pp typescript dated 7 April 1961. ‘Science into Landscape: the urgent tasks of the Nature Conservancy’, Architectural Review London, 129, 1961 8pp typescript draft titled 'Ecology and Landscape’ with a few manuscript revisions; article (pages from offprint). 1936-1988 and The shortened version of the draft which may originally have been for another article. ‘A Comparison of Some Bird Populations of South-west England, North-west France and the Channel Islands' This paper appears to be connected to earlier studies by his estimates of Nicholson, far back as possibly as F.162-F.165 re-worked possibly a printed printed version is E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 Channel Island bird populations made in 1936. Various manuscript draft pages and notes for the paper; 15pp manuscript draft 30pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions, stamped '27 March 1961', with 2pp comments by others on the draft Included are further typescript papers which were found with 1p typescript headed ‘Statistical problems in W. Channel birds paper’. draft, among them a the F.164-F.165 lists and notes Various manuscript and typescript bird relating to studies made by Nicholson on the Channel islands 1936-1988 The material covers a number of visits 1936-1988. At the a typescript summary titled 'Notes beginning of F.164 is on Jersey', dated visits made between 1936 and 1950. 1982, birds five of in of Nature's 2 folders. Vanishing Preserving 1p typescript. Review Animals: Rarities, by P. Street, London 1961 For the 1936 studies there are both manuscript and photocopied typescript bird lists to which the 1988 lists also refer. Included are statistical notes, 1951, by J.G. Skellom. 1962-1967 Review of Portrait of a River: The Wildlife of the Danube from the Black Sea to Budapest, by G.Mounfort, London 1962 Nicholson which was contracted with publishers Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd in attempted Unpublished book on conservation 1p typescript. F.168-F.170 to draft this book, E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 1962, during his time as Director-General of the Nature The original proposed title was 'A Key to Conservancy. an Nature Conservation’ and introductory wide readership. it was intended to handbook aimed guide be or at a F.168-F.169 outline Manuscript and introduction; typescript drafts of the first few chapters with manuscript revisions typescript synopsis notes, 2 folders. Correspondence with progress with the first draft publishers re agreement and 1962-1967 With related papers. Included Science Books Editor of Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd. is correspondence with Sir Gavin de Beer, Review from Edinburgh, London 1962 Birds of Britannia, by the Duke of 1p typescript. 1p typescript. E.A. Armstrong, Review of A Study of Bird Song, by London 1963 ‘Lammergeier 'Gypaetus barbatus’ breaking bones’, with J.S. Huxley, /bis, 105, 1963 Typescript draft with manuscript revisions; 3pp revised version; correspondence re publication. 3pp typescript with manuscript revisions, Huxley's hand; printed article removed from offprint. ‘Naturalists Observer, probably published 19 May 1963 probably in Nation’, offered article The and the to E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 ‘Man-made Deserts of Jordan’, The Times, 24 May 1963 App typescript. ‘Land Use and Ecology’, Catalyst (Shell Chemical Co.), No.12, 1964 3pp typescript draft; brief correspondence re publication; corrected proof. Review of The Birds of Columbia and Adjacent Areas of South and Central America, by R.M. de Schauensee, Livingston Publishing Co. (USA) 1964 1p typescript. Review of Adventure, by R.S. Lewis, New York 1965 Continent for Science. A The Antarctic 1p typescript. Cars', The Times, 9 Article on The Rigi, Switzerland. ‘A Swiss Sanctuary Free from October 1965 Review of A Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand, by R.A. Falla et al., Collins 1966 3pp typescript draft titled 'A Motorless Sanctuary’, with manuscript revisions, and parts of further drafts; copy of the printed article. 1p typescript. Review of the Birds of Britain and Europe, revised and enlarged edition, by R.T. Peterson et al., Collins 1966 1p typescript. A Field Guide to E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 ‘The International Ornithological Congresses' Typescipt draft with manuscript revisions; 4pp revised version with further manuscript revisions. The article appears to have been written shortly after the 14th Congress held at Oxford in 1966. Unpublished letter to The Times on 'Carefree navigation’ 1p typescript dated 24 January 1967, with letter of reply. ‘Parkways in principle and in Practice’ 5pp typescript. F.185-F.197 The System: London (Hodder & Stoughton) 1967 The Misgovernment of Modern Britain, [c.1965]- 1975, 1982 book was a_ hard-hitting critique stimulated himself was in generally the press. well-received, Nicholson Draft material for the book The book was published in the USA by McGraw Hill Book Co. of Nicholson's government and public administration. He advocated some radical remedies including a complete reform of the Civil Service and the abolition of the Treasury. The book, which much debate received considerable publicity and wrote a number of follow-up articles in response to the debate. two typescript drafts of article for Encounter (probable This material covers only a small part of the book. It consists of a few manuscript pages of a rough draft and notes and typescript drafts of a few chapters (including ‘Conclusion'), some with manuscript revisions. Various articles arising from the book's publication. Two typescript the American version of The System and copy of letter to publishers; of foreword drafts for Related writing by Nicholson F.186-F.187 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 title ‘Afterthoughts on the System’) with letter of thanks from publisher (January 1968) Various arising from The System with related correspondence manuscript and typescript drafts of articles 1967-1968 This material was found together. F.188-F.189 Correspondence re production of the book, contracts etc, 1965-1967 Nicholson's Management) is the principal correspondent. (International literary agent Literary 2 folders. F.190-F.195 Correspondence etc arising from publication of the book Chiefly June 1967-January 1968. published on 26 September 1967. The System was June 1967- 1970, 1975, 1982 ideas, publicity etc. 6 folders. Much of 1967-1969 Background material Cuttings of press reviews and related articles The content includes comments on the book, discussion of themes and the correspondence is with academics, politicians etc, many of whom received advance copies of the book (list of those sent an advance copy is included), and other readers; included also is correspondence with publishers. c.1965-1967 Manuscript and typescript papers, apparently the work of Nicholson's researcher, used in the preparation of the book. Contents of file inscribed 'Docs relating to the System’. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 "The Inevitable Coalition’, letter to The Times 2pp typescript dated 7 December 1967. No evidence of publication. F.199-F.200 ‘Inoculating the World with Balliol’, The Sunday Times, ?[December 1967 or early 1968] An article on Benjamin Jowett and his effect on Oxford University and the Civil Service. See G.97 for a lecture on this topic. Brief correspondence with drafting of the article; various manuscript notes The Sunday Times re the typescript draft Early typescript revisions; 9pp revised version titled draft (text much altered) with ‘The Bending of Britain’; manuscript 1p typescript. 18pp typescript inscribed '?1967'. A few further pages of notes are attached. ‘The Civil Service, the State and the Establishment' Short obituary (untitled) of Lady Monica Bullough (died 1967) typescript. ‘Scotland's Top Management’, Glasgow Herald Trade Review, published 1968 Brief correspondence re request for the article etc.; 6pp E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 ‘Harry Forbes Witherby', BTO News, No.30, September 1968 1968, 1985 article coinciding An_ for Ornithology's announcement of the inauguration of the Witherby Memorial Lecture. British Trust with the 2pp typescript notes; 3pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions; correspondence re publication etc, with one letter, 1985, re historical matters; offprint. ‘Industrial Land - A Question of Stock Control’ 6pp typescript with manuscript labelling of sections of the text (possibly for use in another piece of writing). Review of Sapiens, by H. Montefiore, London 1969 Question Mark. The The End of Homo 2pp typescript; corrected proof. It article the and relationship Dated July 1969. 1p typescript dated November 1969. "The Biosphere and the Technosphere' Incomplete on between Biosphere and Technosphere untitled This appears to be a short introduction to an article or work. is possibly related to the untitled article on the same topic in F.208. 1967-1974 The Environmental Revolution: A Guide for the New Masters of the World, London (Hodder and Stoughton) 1970 ‘Problems of Man's Deteriorating Environment’, with Sir Julian Huxley, The Times, 7 October 1969 Manuscript and typescript notes; typescript drafts. F.210-F.219 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 Notes, synopsis and draft foreword for 'Man's Earth’, the original title of the book 1968-1969 Mostly manuscript. F.211-F.212 Correspondence re publication etc, with related papers 1967-1973 the UK and outside. Covers the book's publication in Principal correspondent is agent (International Literary Management). Included at F.212 is a typescript draft of foreword for the French edition. Nicholson's literary 2 folders. Correspondence arising from reviews of the book 1969-1970 Included is printed review of the book. a letter from the poet Ted Hughes with his F.214-F.218 Press cuttings of reviews from Britain and abroad 2 folders. F.214-F.215 UK by country. This in envelopes USA and Australia UK, from file inscribed 'not key choice' Found arranged arrangement has been preserved. material and a few rough undated manuscript notes. Included are further press cuttings of reviews, publicity USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa etc 1974, re the American edition; miscellaneous Letter, papers c.1970-1974 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 ‘Conservation Confronts Europe’, Country Life, February 1970 1969-1970 This article was to provide a background to the European Conference on Nature Conservation, held at Strasbourg, 9 February 1970. Brief correspondence re typescript notes; revisions; corrected proof. 1p 5pp typescript draft with manuscript request article; the for and ‘Men February 1970 Environment’, Le Monde _ Diplomatique, 4pp typescript of the article in English; copy of printed version. ‘The Population Explosion’ 1p manuscript draft so titled, dated Match 1970; pages of typescript notes and incomplete drafts on the same topic. Truth?', & Planning, the article; Official Architecture ‘Moment of October 1970 ‘Eagles and DDT’, letter to unknown newspaper or journal The article appeared under the theme ‘Recreation in the Countryside’. Brief correspondence re request for 2pp manuscript notes; 5pp typescript draft; printed article from offprint. Review of Challenge for survival: land, air and water for man in megalopolis, by P.M. Dansereau, New York & London 1970 1p typescript. 1p typescript. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 ‘Nature Conservation in Urban Environments’, Naturopa, No.36, December 1970 4pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. Foreword to Nicholson's book How Birds Live, London 1927 but unpublished, proposed, re-issue of 6pp typescript of foreword; 1p manuscript notes; brief correspondence with publisher and literary agent. Letter to The Times on European Conservation Year 1970 1p typescript. 1p typescript short biographical article on Eric Hosking (not an obituary) 15th International 2[1970 or 1971] 1p typescript. ‘Congress at the Hague’ Sir George Stapledon, Review of Human Ecology, by (2nd ed.), London 1971 3pp typescript draft account of the Ornithological Congress, the Hague, September 1970. 1p typescript. Review of The Environmental Future: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Environmental Future, held in Finland, June-July 1971, ed. N. Polunin, London 1972 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 ‘National Nicholson Opportunities, ed. R. van Osten, Brussels 1972 Conservation’, National and World Parks to Parks: contribution Progress by and 6pp typescript. Unpublished letter to The Times Nicholson's letter was in response to an article by The Times science correspondent which criticized the role of environmental and conservation groups. 1p typescript of the cutting arising (correspondents include Sir Peter Scott). letter dated 29 June 1972, with of the aforementioned article; correspondence F.234-F.239 The Big Change: after the Environmental Revolution, New York (McGraw-Hill) 1973 1968-1974 Nicholson was unable to find a publisher for the book in the UK. 1968-1971 Kept in the order in which found. 5 folders. F.234-F.238 Correspondence re publication and arising; press cuttings of reviews Detailed and extensive manuscript and typescript notes for the book and a few draft pages of text 1971-1974 Review of Terrain Evaluation: An introductory handbook to the history, principles, and methods of practical terrain assessment, by C.W. Mitchell, London 1973 Review of Land Use and Water Resources in Temperate and Tropical Climates, by H.C. Pereira, Cambridge 1973 2pp typescript; cutting of printed article. 1p typescript. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 Review of Pedigree: Words from Nature, by S. Potter and L.Sargent, Collins (New Naturalist) 1973 1p typescript. Foreword for Biology: An Environmental Approach, by E. Perrott at al., London 1974 4pp typescript dated 1971, with related letter. Review of The Other Eden: A New Approach to Man, Nature and Society, by J. Swift, London 1974 2pp typescript. Forewords for ‘Conservation in Practice’, ?[by A. Warren and F.B. Goldsmith, John Wiley 1974] and for revised edition [71983] 1973-1982 1974-1988 1974-1975 typescript 5Spp related letter; 2pp typescript for revised edition. manuscript draft, with revisions, and F.246-F.249 F.246-F.256 [c.1970]-1992 Papers on birds of Mallorca This material was found together. ‘Audouin's Gull’, contents of an envelope so inscribed ‘Field Characters of Audouin's Gull’, an article for British Birds, published ?1975 1975-1988 7pp manuscript ornithological 1974-1975, used for the paper; typescript draft and revised version with further manuscript revisions; brief correspondence re publication. One set of manuscript notes (F.248) is headed 'Audouin paper VI.86'. ornithological Various Audouin's Gull, almost all manuscript drafts notes mostly on F.247-F.248 and F.246 field notes, 2 folders. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 App typescript on Audouin's Gull 1977 or later Text is structured as if for a Birds of the Western Palearctic. bird guidebook, probably F.250-F.251 ‘Mallorca S'Albufera also orange notebook' notes particular species on & places, not 1970-1992 Contents of an envelope so inscribed. See F.252 for ‘orange notebook’. ‘Behaviour of Majorca’, paper by Nicholson 1974, 21975 draft manuscript 3pp 5pp typescript version with a few manuscript revisions; 10pp manuscript field notes on Balearic Crossbill, headed 'Cala D'Or July-August 1974’, probably related to the paper. (undated); paper the of "Saker Field Characters' Mallorca’: 'Saker Falcon - Relevant 1970-1992 1p drafts titled, with F.252-F.254 Field notes and bird lists Contents of an envelope. Two manuscript revisions. One is dated August 1978. respectively typescript notebook (ring-bound Field ‘Majorca Field notes 1970 & 1974, '75, '78' on cover Included are typescript bird lists 1970-1992, also found in the envelope. 1970-1992 Detailed bird notes recorded at In Nicholson's hand. Towards the various locations in Majorca, with dates. back the conservation and ecology of the island. One loose sheet of notes inserted. There is also the further inscription on the cover: 'General & Bird etc removed 9/92'. This is the 'orange notebook' referred to in the description of F.250-F.251. Audouin's Crossbill, exercise book) inscribed of notes relating to Skylark are several pages Lists Gull, E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 F.253-F.254 Manuscript and typescript bird lists and notes 1970-1992 2 folders. Miscellaneous manuscript bird lists and notes c.1970-1988 Correspondence chiefly Majorcan birds re publication of papers on 1970-1978 Chiefly 1970-1972 and relating to a proposed paper for British Birds by Nicholson and, possibly, others. Foreword to Wildlife in Britain: A guide to natural habitats, safari parks (AA Guides series) 1976 Automobile Association and zoos, Brief correspondence re request to contribute etc; 2pp typescript of foreword. natura’, published article by for Instituto Twentieth della ‘Conservazione Century Enciclopedia Italiana, 1978 Encyclopedia, della Typescript draft with original title "The Recent Impact of Ecology’; 6pp 'Final' version. ‘The Ecological Breakthrough’, New Scientist, Vol.72, 25 November 1976 Typescript draft (in English) with manuscript revisions; 41pp revised or final version; list of illustrations; reprint (in Italian). Review of Nature in Cities: The natural environment in the design and development of urban green space, ed. I.C. Laurie, John Wiley & Sons 1979 1p typescript draft; cutting of printed article. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 ‘The Usage of English Bird Names' 2pp typescript draft. ‘Unnatural Ecology’, Planning Review, 1981 review article published in Town reviewed The article The Ecology and Reclamation of Derelict and Degraded Land, by A.D. Bradshaw and M.J. Chadwick, Oxford 1980. Restoration of Land: The Manuscript correspondence with Town Planning Review. typescript draft; 2pp version; _ brief ‘Conservation's New Strategy - The British Guardian, 5 March 1981 Part’, The 3pp typescript and manuscript draft; 6pp final version with letter; photocopy of the printed article. 12pp typescript. ‘A Global Survival Programme - The Story up to Now’ Letter to The Times on reforming the Civil Service, 14 April 1981 1p typescript draft with manuscript revisions; cutting of the printed letter; correspondence arising; 1p manuscript notes found with this material. Details of publication not found. Letter to The Times in response to an article on Ernest Bevin 1p typescript dated December 1982. Letter to The Times on a 'Gullibility Act' Details of publication not found. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 Manuscript draft; 1p typescript version, dated December 1982: letter of acknowledgement. ‘Towards World Family Housekeeping’, Journal of the Policy Studies Institute, Vol.4, Part 4, April 1984 to Nicholson Letters 1p manuscript notes; incomplete 5pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions; photocopy of published article. commenting on draft; his to Letter environmental article, 4 June 1984 concerning Times The a misprint in an 1p typescript of letter; photocopy of printed letter. ‘How Really to Save the Countryside’, article submitted to Country Life, September 1984 Editor The publication; the outcome is unknown. suggested revisions before considering F.272-F.273 The review was published in Oryx. 1p typescript; brief related correspondence, 1984. Review of Reserves, by 1984 The Macmillan Guide to Britain's Nature J. Hywel-Davies and V. Thom, London 3pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions; with brief correspondence. Mostly typescript. The outline of the book was offered to, and rejected by, at least two publishers. Nicholson and Elkington appear to have abandoned the project sometime in 1984. ‘Living Proof: conservation in action’, unpublished book, with J. Elkington Notes on possible content, synopses, early drafts of parts of the text 1983-1984 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 16pp revised synopsis and probably between authors and with publishers submitted later publishers; to draft of a chapter, correspondence 1983-1984 ‘Ways to Sustainable Development’, CEED Bulletin, 1985 3pp typescript draft; photocopy of published version. to The Letter Government intervention August 1985 Times on a over controversy concerning a BBC programme, 9 1p typescript; cutting of the printed version. ‘Care of the English Landscape - The Current Crisis' 4pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. 1987-1988 F.277-F.280 The limits and October 1986 Articles for Landscape magazine ‘The Homosphere and the Biosphere. opportunities for mankind on a small planet’ 14pp manuscript synopsis with later inscribed note on first page, ‘Project for a book to follow the Environmental Age (The New Environmental Age, published 1987, see F.359-F.362), dated 4 October 1986; 5pp continuation of synopsis, first page headed 'The Global Theatre’. The first issue of 'Landscape' was brought out in October 1987. Nicholson appears to have been involved in the As well as contributing articles launch of the magazine. and reviews to the early issues, an informal advisory capacity. correspondence; published article from offprint. Notes, mostly typescript; various typescript drafts, some related incomplete, manuscript ‘Birds and Landscape’, published in October 1987 issue he also acted in revisions; brief with E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 ‘Greening the City’, published in November 1987 issue drafts Two typescript 2pp manuscript notes attached and 2pp related typescript papers; letter to Editor; published article from offprint; brief correspondence arising. with manuscript revisions, Typescript drafts of various further articles and material for Landscape Evidence of publication not found. Nicholson's correspondence with editors re contributions, advice etc 1987-1988 Chiefly 1987. ‘Environmental Conservation - What is article offered to New Scientist but not published It All About?', F.283-F.284 draft'. 6pp revised brief correspondence Bird "The Vol.81, No.12, December 1988 Population of Great Manuscript draft; 4pp typescript; with The Scotsman. Typescript and manuscript ‘rough version; brief correspondence with 'New Scientist’. ‘How Fair Isle Does It', article offered to The Scotsman but not published covering letter; offprint; brief correspondence arising Correspondence, chiefly preparation of the article 7pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions; copy of See G.83-G.84 for a related lecture by Nicholson. Sharrock, re the British Birds, with J.T.R. Britain’, 1987-1989 1987-1988 1988-1989 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 F.285-F.286 Short obituary of L.S.V. Venables, published in 'BTO [British Trust for Ornithology] News', late 1989 or January 1990 1935-1990 1p typescript of the obituary; related correspondence 1989-1990 Correspondence found with the material in F.285 between Nicholson and Venables, 1935-1937, nd Chiefly re ornithological matters. "Towards a Environment’ Sound Long-term Strategy for the 3pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions, dated April 1990. Letter to The Times on the Environmental Protection Bill (under the heading ‘Carving up 19 June 1990 the Countryside’), but is proposed book was turned down F.289-F.292 Environment, Press find to ‘Oxford unpublished book with Anne W. Sennes Mankind Book and of the by The there Oxford authors no 2pp typescript; photocopy of the published letter. in September 1990. another The University intended publisher evidence of any further developments. 2 folders. Correspondence etc chiefly with Anne Semmes re plans for the book and publication Lists of quotations for possible use, background material etc Nicholson's typescript ‘first draft' of foreword for the book; notes on possible content, synopsis F.291-F.292 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 F.295-F.296 Publications, F.1-F.380 "The Shape of the Nineties’ Typescript prospective book. and manuscript notes and outline for a ‘Conservation in the Nineties’, letter published in ECOS, Vol.12, No.3, 1991 typescript 2pp offprint containing the published letter and earlier offprint with related article by Norman Moore. correspondence; related with on Charles landscape Article gardener, Biography, Supplementary volume: From the beginnings to 1985, Oxford 1992 Hamilton of (1704-1786), Dictionary National c.1989-1991 two Manuscript and typescript drafts with manuscript revisions; background material typescript article; notes the for typescript notes and 1989-1991 1989-1994 F.297-F.301 F.297-F.302 Correspondence re preparation of the draft ‘The End of Western Civilization’, unpublished book The book was offered to a number of publishers in 1991 and 1992. Nicholson continued to work on the book in 1993 and there are related papers dated 1994. Manuscript and draft synopsis; typescript drafts of the text divided into chapters; further related papers 1990-1992 Included is manuscript correspondence. Correspondence chiefly with publishers chapter, of _ of relating a notes, 1989-1994 additional to some 5 folders. draft an with the E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 ‘Human Mobility - it's uses and abuses' 1p typescript draft, possibly incomplete. Article published in ECOS, 1995 1994-1995 The title was either 'The Next Steps for the Environmental Movement' or 'A New Strategy for the Environment’. The article was an attempt to stimulate debate on the future direction of the environmental movement. Correspondence re typescript drafts of the article with manuscript revisions. publication arising, and and two ‘A positive approach to sustainable lifestyles’ 199[?] 1p typescript. Letter to The Times headed 'A thought on Millenium Day' F.307-F.309 1928-2003 1928-2000 No evidence of publication. 1p typescript dated 1 January 2000. his early bird census work in the Nicholson referred to 1920s in drafting the article. "The House-Sparrows are Warning Us', The Independent, [?September] 2000 Manuscript draft; 2pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions; pages of manuscript and typescript notes; newspaper cuttings, 1928, re Nicholson's bird census sparrows gone' survey, 2002 Cuttings of related newspaper articles, 2000-2003 (some mentioning brief correspondence and papers re the 'Where have all our Correspondence re the article and matters arising Nicholson's research on sparrows); E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 F.310-F.328 Undated drafts and notes relating to publications F.310 Letters to newspapers etc on various topics Chiefly to The Times. Typescripts and a few manuscript drafts. "The Contribution of Ornithologies to Ornithology’ 6pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. ‘Co-operative ornithology and conservation in Western Europe’, article for British Ornithologists' Club publication Photocopy of corrected proof. Review of 'Songs of British Birds', gramophone recording by Ludwig Koch __nd, [?1930s] 1p typescript. Obituary of Robert Spicer ‘Economy, Society and Environment Manuscript draft and 1p revised typescript. Manuscript notes and pages of an incomplete draft. Incomplete 1p typescript. ‘Little Owls in London’ 1p typescript. ‘Why Birds Flock in Winter’ E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 ‘Mapping Bird Migration’ Incomplete 2pp typescript. ‘Birds with Many Mates' Incomplete 1p typescript. ‘At the [?home] of the London gulls' Rough 3pp manuscript draft. ‘Field Guide to British Birds preface’ Rough 6pp manuscript draft. ‘North Sea paper’ F.323-F.328 F.329-F.330 ‘Obituaries - key people’ typescript draft with copy of related the Almost all incomplete or rough. relates to ornithological topics. material is Incomplete 3pp undated letter. untitled; many drafts are The greater part of the material Miscellaneous typescript and manuscript drafts and notes for publications, or probable publications 1931-1996 Drafts and newspaper cuttings of published obituaries by Nicholson, and related written, correspondence. Sir Henry Sir Charles Elton. There is also a tribute to Sir Peter Scott. Included are a few letters by Nicholson to newspapers in response to other published obituaries. The obituaries include those of Landsborough Thomson and Contents of a file so inscribed. or probably written, 6 folders. Tizard, Sir 2 folders. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 F.331-F.332 Cuttings of press reviews of some of Nicholson’s books 1925-1951 F.331 Reviews of Birds and Men, Collins (New Naturalist), 1951 Reviews of various books 1925-1951 F.333-F.378 EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE F.333-F.347 Birds of the Western Palearctic (‘BWP’) 1925-2002, nd 1957-2002, nd an University ornithological handbook published by BWP was produced nine volumes Oxford Press, between 1977 and 1996. Nicholson was the longest- serving member of the editorial board and was, from the beginning, a major influence in the production of the series. He also served on the Board of Birds of the West Palearctic Ltd, resigning in 1989. in F.333-F.334 1971-1986 of a of text, revisions etc; Material in Nicholson's hand is included. Notes, correspondence with fellow editors. sections drafts ‘BWP Habitat’, contents of a file so inscribed A further inscription on the file, in Nicholson's hand, reads ‘Papers left over for EMN after screening out complete BWP Habitat dossier for BTO Sept 1993'. 1978-1993 General correspondence etc re editorial business and related matters Included at F.335 is a 2pp typescript draft of remarks by Nicholson for the BWP launching party, 4 January 1978. file inscribed 'check before passing to Chiefly correspondent. 1986-1993. Contents of BTO'. the _ principal Nicholson is F.335-F.337 2 folders. 3 folders. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 F.338-F.340 Correspondence etc re the production of the last volumes of BWP (vols 8 and 9), with brief correspondence arising 1991-1997 Included are typescript drafts of Nicholson's introduction to ‘final volume’ (vol.8 was originally planned as the last but was eventually published in two parts, as vols 8 and 9, due to its size). 3 folders. F.341-F.346 Miscellaneous papers and correspondence 1957-2002, nd Covering various volumes of the series. The bulk of the papers comprises manuscript notes and typescript draft material by Nicholson, much of it undated. Included at F.346 are a few photographs (not featuring Nicholson) probably BWP editors. unidentified individuals, of 6 folders. F.348-F.352 5 folders. 1978-1994 1938-2001, nd 1938-1997, nd F.348-F.354 British Birds Cuttings and copies of press reviews of BWP Correspondents include H.F. Witherby, S. Cramp, and |.J. Ferguson-Lees. Correspondence etc re editorial business and publication of contributions by Nicholson Nicholson was a member of the editorial board, 1951- 1971, and was Senior Editor, 1951-1960. 1999-2001 British Birds ran into serious financial difficulties in 2000 but was rescued and re-structured. Nicholson appears to have assisted with the formation of a rescue plan and he also donated money to the journal. F.353-F.354 ‘British Birds crisis’ E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 Correspondence exchanged between editors and copied to Nicholson. Chiefly letters and etc. emails 2 folders. F.355-F.356 Collins Publishers / Birds and Men 1947-1989 Nicholson's 'Birds and Men' was published in the Collins New Naturalist series, 1951. Correspondence: re Birds and Men, some in response to an unfavourable review in Bird Notes; also included is brief statement concerning a reprint of the book (1989) correspondence royalty later and 1947-1989 Correspondence assistance with, other books. re Nicholson's contributions to, or 1969-1986 Discovery 1927-1932 1972, nd a proposed J.M. Dent & Sons Nicholson offered the manuscript of Change (see F.234-F.239) to Dent. See possibly related drafts at F.9, F.10, F.12, F.37, F.47, F.70, Correspondence and manuscript notes re general book on nature reserves and The Big Change. Correspondence chiefly re publication of ornithological articles by Nicholson. 1986-1988 The New Environmental Age, Cambridge University Press, 1987 Draft of correspondence his book The Big F.359-F.362 book with lists illustrations for the E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 Letters of thanks, with comments, from individuals sent a copy of the book 1987- February 1988 F.361-F.362 Publicity material and reviews 2 folders. F.363-F.366 The Observer Nicholson was a Trustee, 1952-1960. Correspondence and papers re Observer Trust business and other matters. Correspondents include David Astor and Sir lfor Evans. 4 folders. The Times 1930-1978, nd 1932-2000 F.368-F.376 F.372-F.376 F.377-F.378 F.368-F.371 1926-1958 chiefly re letters and articles Shorter correspondence 1926-2001, nd Correspondence submitted by Nicholson. etc Re various reviews and articles etc by, or requested from, Nicholson, and other editorial matters. 1925-1987 Contracts with publishers, royalty accounts etc, relating to various books by Nicholson, including Birds in England and The New Environmental Age 1959-2001, nd 4 folders. 5 folders. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Publications, F.1-F.380 With related correspondence. 2 folders. F.379-F.380 OFFPRINTS AND REPRINTS Large Nicholson, a few cuttings included collection of printed papers and articles by 2 boxes. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 SECTION G LECTURES, TALKS AND ADDRESSES, G.1-G.106 1927-2000, nd Many of the drafts and speech notes described in this section have inscriptions in Nicholson's hand on their title pages, typically giving the date (or rough date) and the society, club etc to which he spoke. For some of the earlier talks they provide the only information regarding the purpose of the drafts and, in many cases, appear to have been added at a much later period. Where such inscriptions provide contextual information not found in the original titles, they have been included in the following descriptions. Bird Census in "The Ornithological Society] 1927’ Practice’, 'talk to OOS [Oxford 12pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions; printed notice inscribed with a later note by Nicholson stating that this talk was probably his first in public. Talk given to the Education Department, Hertfordshire County Council, Watford, 21 December 1948 of Letter Nicholson indicates that he agreed to do the talk). (inscription invitation only the on letter by 2pp typescript notes. The suggested topic was ‘life and education in general’. ‘Modern Trends in Ornithology’, 'Edinburgh BTO [British Trust for Ornithology] 20.3.49' ‘Modern Trends in Ornithology’, 'Edinburgh BTO [British Trust for Ornithology] 19.11.48' 4pp typescript notes (identical to those in manuscript annotations. Small pages have been used. ‘Art of Bird-watching Devizes [Wiltshire] 4.3.50' 4pp manuscript notes for a talk, so titled. G.3), with E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Lecture, talks and addresses, G.1-G.106 and ‘Economics Nicholson Buckland Oct 1950 & Stratford on Avon Feb 1951' Research’, 4th ‘Lecture October by 1950, at Oxford on Mr E.M. at also 1950, 1951 26pp incomplete typescript. The lecture discussed the impact of economics and scientific research in the formation of Government policy. "Text of an EMN talk history ?1951' at Queen Anne's Gate on PEP incomplete 3pp revisions, and notes. typescript draft, with manuscript ‘Man's Impact on British Bird Populations’, 'BOC [British Ornithological Club]', 20 February 1952 8pp manuscript notes; 7pp rough typescript draft; Spp typescript manuscript corrections. 'summary' with talk the of a talk given to Kent From the notes it content to those of the same title in G.3 and G.4. is clear that this talk was different in ‘Modern Trends in Ornithology’, Ornithological Society, Ashford, 29 March 1952 Correspondence chiefly re arrangements; 4pp typescript notes; background material. ‘Notes for a presentation to EGI [Edward Grey Institute, Oxford]? 5 years of NC [Nature Conservancy] Operation 7.1.54' ‘World Population and Resources’, address given at London Commercial Club luncheon, 2 November 1954 Printed announcement and letter of thanks only. 1p rough manuscript notes. First a E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Lecture, talks and addresses, G.1-G.106 ‘Some Changes in the Status & Distribution of Birds in Britain c.1954' 9pp typescript draft with manuscript annotations. Address delivered at the ‘unveiling of memorial tablet to Col. George Montagu, [at Kingsbridge, Devon], 5 Sept 1956' App typescript; October 1956, containing the printed version. of Devon Birds Vol.IX, offprint No.3, ‘Bird Protection and Nature Reserves’, talk given at a meeting of the British Ornithologists' Club, 23 January 1957 3pp typescript draft with manuscript corrections; offprint of Bulletin of the British Ornithologists Club, Vol.77, No.3, March 1957, containing the printed version. the Bird brief correspondence re typescript 2pp notes; arrangements and arising. The lecture appears to have been published as part of the London Natural History Society's programme. ‘Biological Education - a crowd of missed opportunities’, talk given to the Association of Chief Education Officers, 19 February 1959 "The amateur's contribution to ornithology’, lecture given to Club, Kingston-upon-Thames, 14 Surrey February 1958 21950s App typescript of Nicholson's talk. ‘Changes in ?Taunton' distribution, script for an address ?195.. 5pp typescript so titled. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Lecture, talks and addresses, G.1-G.106 ‘European Ornithology’, international audience in...1960?' 'App notes for a speech to 11pp typescript notes (on small paper) with manuscript revisions. ‘Ornithology and the Future’, Bernard Tucker Memorial Lecture, 23 November 1961 1p rough manuscript notes; 3pp typescript notes. ‘Bird Ecology and Numbers’, 16 October 1962 Two typescript drafts, to BOU [British Ornithologists' Union]', the other ‘Lecture to BOC [British Ornithologists’ Club]'. They are both inscribed with the above date. one headed ‘Lecture First draft (‘BOU'): 8pp with manuscript revisions and annotations. Second draft (‘BOC’): copy of the first 6pp of the first draft, without manuscript revisions etc. 4pp manuscript notes. Brief correspondence re arrangements. Talk given at inaugural meeting of the Conservative Wild Life Committee, House of Commons, 23 July 1963 ‘Man in his environment’, 'Lecture by EMN to Foreign Service Summer School Peterhouse Cambridge...19 July 1963' Correspondence chiefly re arrangements. The talk focussed on the work of the Nature Conservancy and the use of chemicals in horticulture and agriculture. given Talk Society, Norwich, 13 December 1963 Norfolk to the and Norwich Naturalists’ E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Lecture, talks and addresses, G.1-G.106 ‘Ecological Research: An Approach to the Understanding and Management of Man's Natural Environment’, lecture to the Ford Foundation, New York, USA, ?27 February 1964 and typescript manuscript 13pp annotations. A retained title page from another copy shows an original date of 19 February 1964 amended to the one above. annex, with 3pp ‘Conservation and the Next Renaissance’, Horace M. Albright of California, USA, 4 March 1964 Conservation Lectureship University IV, 1964-1989 with title draft earlier typescript 7pp (with amended New Renaissance’); offprint of the printed lecture; statement of payment for re publication (1987-1989). manuscript ‘Conservation later correspondence revisions and a lecture; brief Included is a 3pp typescript inscribed with the following manuscript note, added by Nicholson at a later date: 'This text, apparently written in spring 1964, is related to my Californian lecture at Berkeley in March & to my Land Use & Ecology opening for Shell's Catalyst No.12 for spring 1964. Content a mystery’. talk, with manuscript revisions, Untitled 3pp draft of a inscribed '1/4/64' on first page "Talk to Zoology students at University Museum, Oxford’, 19 October 1964 The topic was the role of County Councils in preserving the natural environment. 1964-1965 Talk given to the Cambridge Bird Club, Cambridge, 26 February 1965 4pp manuscript notes and attached note with the above inscription. Correspondence chiefly manuscript notes. re arrangements; 2pp rough E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Lecture, talks and addresses, G.1-G.106 Lecture on the wildlife of Jordan, given at [?The Royal Scottish Museum], Edinburgh, 7 October 1965 Nicholson's background of this lecture. 1963 expedition to Jordan formed the Letter re pre-printing of the lecture etc; 2pp typescript introduction to a lecture on the expedition (this paper is untitled and was found separate from the but probably is for the Edinburgh lecture, 1965). letter, Talk delivered at a Diplomatic Service Summer School on ‘The Population Explosion’, Peterhouse, Cambridge, 22 July 1966 The suggested title between the urban and rural areas of the world; dangers of the development of 'urban Congos''. of Nicholson's talk was ‘Relations the Correspondence re arrangements and programme; 1p typescript notes for the talk; letter of thanks. ‘Lincoln Lecture 5.10.66' One small page of typescript notes. Qpp typescript draft annotations. with manuscript corrections and ‘Speech at Wildfowl Trust dinner 16.5.67' 1p rough manuscript notes. indicate a wide-ranging lecture on conservation issues. Their content appears to ‘The Use and Care of Land’, 'Univ. of Wales Aberystwyth 1966' Letter from H. Cudlipp re arrangements. After-dinner talk given to the Directors of International Publishing Corporation Ltd, Daily Mirror Building, London, 30 November 1967 The talk was on issues raised by Nicholson's book The System (1967). E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Lecture, talks and addresses, G.1-G.106 Conservation’, ‘Ecology and course Association's Environment, London, 11 January 1968 ‘Landscape’ Centre lecture contributed the Advanced a Architectural in Studies run for on by to 1967-1968 of Correspondence Nicholson's lecture and course programme; 1p typescript notes or early draft (untitled). arrangements synopsis with re After-dinner talk delivered Inter-Faculty Club, University College London, 27 January 1968 the to Dining 1967-1968 The topic of the talk was 'The System' (i.e. government policy and administration). Brief correspondence re arrangements and arising. Talk to the Romsey Street Group, London, [late January or early February] 1968 1967-1968 Letter of typescript System’; letter of thanks. invitation; manuscript notes; notes headed 'The Establishment and rough 1p 1p the 2pp typescript notes so entitled. ‘Regionalism - where getting us? 4.5.68' 3pp manuscript draft letter of thanks. Lecture contributed to a course on land use at the School of Environmental Studies, University College London, 9 January 1970 nature (e.g. ecosystem, scenery, landscape). The central topic of the lecture different ways of viewing 2pp manuscript notes. appears to have been the titled ‘Science into Landscape’; ‘Liverpool Lecture 5/2/70' E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Lecture, talks and addresses, G.1-G.106 ‘The Environmental Revolution’, lecture contributed to programme of Archaeological Grammar School, Taunton, 7 March 1970 a the Somerset Huish's lectures and organised Society, Natural History by Correspondence, chiefly re arrangements, with lecture programme. ‘Man and Environment - the Moment of Truth’, public lecture, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 13 March 1970 Correspondence re arrangements. Talk delivered in Oxford, 18 April 1970 1969-1970 suggested The Environment’. could not be found. title the Details regarding the occasion and venue Impacts ‘Human was on Brief correspondence re arrangements. of wildlife’, Institute of Contemporary Correspondence chiefly re arrangements. a luncheon meeting organised by IBM The topic of the talk appears to have been ‘Environment’. ‘Conservation and Arts, London, 20 October 1970 Talk given to United Kingdom Ltd, London, 2 June 1970 ‘Birds and the Environment’, talk given to the Reading Ornithological Club, University of Reading, 11 November 1970 Nicholson's lecture was one of a series of ICA lectures, titled 'Ecology in theory and practice’, given by various academics. Series programme including lecture. Correspondence re arrangements; 3pp manuscript notes. Nicholson's abstract E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Lecture, talks and addresses, G.1-G.106 ‘Environment - London University, 9 December 1970 a challenge to education’, lecture at notes typescript 5pp for publication; brief correspondence re their publication (in British Ecological Society Bulletin \|:2, June 1971) and offprint of this issue. prepared lecture the on ‘Conservation and wildlife’, lecture given at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 20 January 1971 1970-1971 The lecture contributed to programme. the ICA's ecology lecture Correspondence re arrangements; 1p notes. brief manuscript ‘The Environmental Revolution’, public lecture delivered at Lanchester Polytechnic, Coventry, 28 January 1971 1970-1971 Correspondence manuscript notes. etc chiefly re arrangements; 4pp speech, notes for a ‘PEP dinner 22 June 1971' typescript 1p annotations. Correspondence re arrangements and arising. Speech delivered at the inauguration (by Nicholson) of Ladywalk Wildfowl Reserve, Hams Hall Power Station (West Midlands), 18 June 1971 'duman Revolution’, lecture at the Oxford Union International Club, 13 July 1971 Probably connected with foundation of Political and Economic Planning. 3pp manuscript notes; printed programme. the 40th anniversary of the Environmental manuscript Needs and the with E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Lecture, talks and addresses, G.1-G.106 contributed Lecture Course, Development Planning Unit, University College London, 20 October 1971 Studies Basic the to The topic of the lecture was environmental and ecological resources and their exploitation. Letter re arrangements and course programme. Witherby Memorial Lecture, British Trust for Ornithology, 4 December 1971 1971-1972 8pp typescript draft entitled 'Birds in Their Habitats’ with manuscript photocopied typescript revised version; letter arising. revisions inserts; 9pp and The chief topic appears to be the 'Geogram'. 'Geograms' is the title given to this lecture on the BTO's web page (as at February 2009) listing the Witherby Memorial lectures. Talk given at a ‘School of Forestry’ in Spain (probably Madrid), apparently organised by ADENA (Asociacion para la Defensa de la Naturaleza), [?March] 1972 lecture the Europhalia Letter of thanks only. 6pp typescript of lecture script. apparently connected with A festival in 1973. ‘Reconciliation of Technology and Nature’, ' L'Homme et son Milieu - Europhalia 73 - Great Britain 27 October 1973' ‘Decision-Making and the Environment’, talk given to the Royal Institute of Public Administration, 22 May 1974 'The Environment - how great is given Wiltshire, 28 November 1974 at Headquarters of UK Letter re arrangements; 9pp typescript of lecture script 9pp typescript with summary. the threat?', Forces, Land lecture Wilton, E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Lecture, talks and addresses, G.1-G.106 manuscript with delivery’. corrections, inscribed 'As used on given Talk Leighton Reading, 31 October 1975 to Park Ornithological Group, A suggested title for the talk was ‘Ornithology - a round- up of present knowledge’. Correspondence chiefly re arrangements. ‘Ecology: talk given seminar at University College London, 9 February 1978 Public and Private Face’, Its to Letter re arrangements; 6pp typescript draft, incomplete. possibly ‘Strategy for the countryside’, talk Commission, Cheltenham, 10 November 1978 to the Countryside Imperial 7pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. Programme; 5pp manuscript and typescript notes; two typescript drafts with manuscript revisions (6pp and 7pp); correspondence arising, chiefly re publication of the talk. "The Role of British Ornithologists in Europe’, talk at the British Ornithologists' Union / British Ornithological Club [joint] Autumn Scientific Meeting, College of Science, London, 21 November 1978 1978-1980 ‘The State of Play over Environment’, talk given at a meeting of the dining club of The Faculties Partnership Ltd, London, 30 January 1979 ‘The Environmental Movement - Where Will It Move Next?', Sir Halford J. Mackinder Lecture, Leicester Urban Studies Centre, Leicester Polytechnic, 15 May 1979 Notice of the meeting only. G.57-G.58 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Lecture, talks and addresses, G.1-G.106 Correspondence etc typescript notes and incomplete drafts of the lecture re arrangements; manuscript and Correspondence arising and re publication; author's copy of the published lecture; newspaper cutting re the lecture. ‘Environment - the present state of play’ 2pp typescript notes and first page of typescript draft; the latter also has the inscription '?1979'. Address to the All-Party Conservation Committee of Both Houses of Parliament, 6 February 1980 5pp typescript correspondence address with Nicholson's revisions. arising draft and with manuscript revisions; draft summary of brief the titled were Studies, collectively G.61-G.65 1979-1980 the series immediately before the Correspondence re arrangements Esmée Fairbairn Lectures, King's College London, 28, 29 and 30 April 1980 The three public lectures, organised by the School of Environmental ‘The Moment of Ecological Truth’. The respective titles of the individual lectures were as follows: 'The Nature of the 'Man's Awakening and Response’ and Confrontation’, ‘The Quest for New Solutions'. Nicholson gave an introduction to first lecture. 1979-1980 First lecture: 'The Nature of the Confrontation’ 4pp early typescript notes outlining ideas for the series first (some dated August 1979) and possibly for lecture; 2pp manuscript draft of introduction to the series and a page of manuscript notes probably related to this; incomplete 6pp typescript draft; 11pp typescript of the introduction and further manuscript revisions. lecture, marked delivery the draft; typescript copy, first page of an early first with E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Lecture, talks and addresses, G.1-G.106 Second lecture: 'Man's Awakening and Response’ 2pp typescript notes and first page of a typescript draft [?early]; 10pp typescript, further inscribed manuscript revisions. ‘First copy’, draft’; with typescript ‘Delivery headed 5pp Third lecture: 'The Quest for New Solutions’ Incomplete 4pp typescript draft; 10pp revised typescript draft with manuscript revisions. Correspondence arising and complete text of the lecture series 'The Role of Amateurs in Ornithology’, lecture given to the American Ornithologists’ Co, USA, 12 August 1980 Collins, Union, Fort G.67-G.68 the World Wildlife 17pp typescript marked 'Delivery copy' with manuscript revisions. Lecture, organised by Correspondence prior to the Lecture and guest list; 3pp manuscript notes; 3pp incomplete early typescript draft "The First World Conservation Lecture’, presented at the Royal Institution, London, 12 March 1981 The Fund, celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Fund and the first anniversary of the World Conservation Strategy. It was published in The Environmentalist 1, 1981, and by the WWE. 8pp notes, mostly manuscript; 7pp typescript draft with Correspondence arising and re publication; offprints of the published lecture ‘Whose Environment’, opening speech at an Athenaeum Club Talk Dinner, London, 2 November 1981 Brief correspondence etc re arrangements and arising; E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Lecture, talks and addresses, G.1-G.106 manuscript revisions; ‘delivery copy' with further manuscript revisions. 12pp revised typescript marked given Talk February 1982 to London Senior Wives Fellowship, 17 1981-1982 The suggested topic was the [?William Curtis] Ecological Park or some other aspect of conservation. Brief correspondence re arrangements. ‘Conservationists human?', Taverners Boston USA 16th March 1982' they are - ‘talk to the 10pp manuscript draft. ‘State of the Environment...remarks July '82' 1p typescript notes, with manuscript revisions, probably for a speech. of Education Offprint Developments, Autumn 1982) containing the address. Environmental (Review the General Assembly and AGM of Address to the Council for Environmental Education, held at the Nature Conservancy Council, London, 8 October 1982 Nicholson's address discussed the challenges facing environmental education against the wider background of the conservation movement. Pages taken 1983, containing the printed speech and a report on the award of the BTO's first Jubilee Medal to Nicholson (5 May 1983). Speech given at the British Trust for Ornithology's Jubilee Reception (commemorating the launch of the BTO 50 years earlier), 7 May 1983 from BTO News No.127, July E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Lecture, talks and addresses, G.1-G.106 G.75-G.77 ‘Prospects for the Environment: Recovery, Decline or Doomsday’, lecture delivered at Aberdeen University, 19 October 1983 1983-1984 During his stay the Aberdeen area Nicholson also visited research stations, nature reserves etc and met Nature Conservancy Council officials. in Correspondence re arrangements with programme of visit. Brief manuscript and typescript notes; 2 typescript drafts of the lecture (one incomplete) with manuscript revisions; 18pp typescript headed ‘Publication copy' with further manuscript revisions the Correspondence arising lecture) and newspaper cutting of report on the lecture; offprint the published lecture (Aberdeen University Review No.171, Spring 1984). publication (including of of 1983-1984 [21983 or 1p typescript notes . ‘BTO [British Trust for Ornithology] toast’ 'How Not to Live on Earth’, 'a lecture in the series ‘60 Years On'', delivered at Dartington Hall School, Devon, 2 October 1985 In the text Nicholson refers to the time when he started writing his book How Birds Live (1927) and states that this was '57 years ago’. 1984] 'How Tucker Memorial Lecture, Ashmolean Natural History Society, Oxford, 25 November 1986 25pp typescript headed 'Final fair copy...definitive text’. Brief correspondence re arrangements and arising; 14pp typescript manuscript revisions. 'Delivery headed script’ with Ornithology Bernard Has Moved on', E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Lecture, talks and addresses, G.1-G.106 See also C.438. ‘Social dynamics - a modern framework 16.v.87' 3pp typescript of script for a lecture or talk. "Towards the emergence of ecocities 19.xii.87' Typescript first page of script for a lecture or talk. G.83-G.84 ‘The Bird Population of Britain in 2010', talk to the 1937 Bird Club, 20 January 1988 1932-1988 See F.283-F.284 for a related article which appeared in British Birds, 1988. 1p typescript notes; 2 typescript drafts with manuscript revisions; 2 further typescript versions, one (6pp) headed ‘Delivery marked copy' printed articles from the Background material, 1930s by Nicholson and others. chiefly ‘City Landscapes' [probable title], talk to students at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, 4 March 1988 Included are photocopies of Nicholson's notes for his 1932 Daily Mail article, ‘Britain's Eighty Million Birds', with brief correspondence re publication and cutting of the printed article. 1932-1952 arrangements Letter brief typescript notes (‘reading list'); 6pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions and 1p abstract or introduction. The Landscapes, Parks and Gardens'. contributed talk was thanks; ‘Historic to a course on re and letter of E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 G.87-G.89 Lecture, talks and addresses, G.1-G.106 ‘Green Pages 1988' Opening by Max Nicholson 25 March App typescript draft with manuscript revisions; incomplete further typescript draft. ‘Jersey: Memorial Lecture, Jersey Arts Centre, 28 March 1988 First Joan Stevens Planet’, Island an on a 1987-1990 The lecture was organised by Société Jersiaise. Correspondence etc re arrangements 1987-1988 typescript 6pp 16pp typescript with manuscript revisions marked ‘Delivery copy’; one further page of a draft [?early] synopsis; lecture notes and On verso of some of the pages of notes are copies of two letters by Nicholson: one re editorial matters in respect of Birds of the Western Palearctic (1984), the other re his role in the Trust for Urban Ecology (1987). by at of the (by British opening Speech Nicholson) Birdwatching Fair 1990, 31 August 1990 re arrangements; 1p manuscript notes for Letter speech headed ‘Rutland Water Opening’. Correspondence arising; corrected proof of the lecture and offprint of published version; 1p manuscript list of birds headed ‘Jersey list 1988-1990 2pp manuscript draft of a talk so inscribed; 5pp related manuscript notes. ‘Going Research International Ltd, London, 22 November 1990 Conference’, First page only of a typescript draft talk headed 'Going ‘Attitude Patterns’, '[?Camelsdale] 1.x.90' organised Business Green the E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Lecture, talks and addresses, G.1-G.106 green Nicholson's talk. Benefits versus costs'; letter of thanks for The opening lines indicate that this was a lunchtime talk by Nicholson at a conference in which he was not a formal participant. Untitled Conservancy Council conference probably speech, delivered at a Nature [?1990 or January 1991] Untitled 5pp typescript of speech text inscribed (at a later of papers date) presented ‘Nature held Conservancy Council in January 1991’. letter (1995) a '2?1990'; at conference publication the by re The opening lines of the typescript text indicate that this was an after-dinner speech, possibly commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Nature Conservancy. Much of it consists and anecdotes from his years at the Nature Conservancy. reminiscences Nicholson's personal of ‘Ecology and conservation - University College London, 17 January 1992 Pilgrim's our Progress’, Union] accepting [?Ornithologists One small page of rough manuscript notes. 10pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. 'RSNC [?Royal Society for Nature Conservation] 9/9/94' Included is a copy of the first page which has on verso a letter by Nicholson (October 1992) to the Secretary of the Arkansas an [?Honorary Fellowship]. 1p manuscript draft. 1p incomplete typescript of the text; brief correspondence arising; offprint of ECOS Vol.15 (3/4) 1994 containing the text of the speech. Speech delivered at the London launch of 'Parks for Life’, 25 or 26 October 1994 'Stiffkey [Norfolk] 7.1X.00' 1994-1995 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Lecture, talks and addresses, G.1-G.106 G.97-G.105 Undated talks etc G.97 ‘Inoculating the World with Balliol’ 9pp typescript fair copy of lecture. See F.199-F.200 for article on this topic. ‘How Conservation Works’, 'Tansley Club' 2pp typescript: text and notes. 'MN's address on Kurt's 80th birthday’ 1p manuscript; in German. 'Reynoldston Remarks' typescript 1p environmental issues. (possibly incomplete) of a talk on ‘Conway Hall’ 1p manuscript notes headed 'Lecture' The topic (or possibly the title) was 'The Renaissance: what it meant & means’. 1p typescript notes. The chief topic appears to be human population. incomplete. ‘Environment and the Media - Appraisal & Prospects' 6pp manuscript draft of probable talk. ‘Exciting experiences' ornithology, possibly typescript of a 1p talk on E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Lecture, talks and addresses, G.1-G.106 Unidentified talks Miscellaneous untitled pages from various drafts and brief correspondence. Correspondence re invitations to give lectures, talks etc 1951-1974 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 SECTION H BROADCASTING, H.1-H.16 Film on bird migration Following his article on bird migration published in the News Chronicle, Nicholson agreed a contract with Visual Education Ltd to make a film on the subject. 1932-2002, nd 1932-21936 Correspondence etc Included is migration correspondence. film, re the terms of the a typescript 'script' and list of 'shots' for inscribed '?1935-6', found contract. a the with Home BBC Conservancy, ?17 December 1953 Service broadcast on the Nature Letter arrangements. to Nicholson from Desmond Hawkins re Series of programmes on under-developed territories of the world, broadcast on the BBC Home Service, Autumn 1954 at re an_ ‘Ecology - a New Outlook' Nicholson attended in an advisory capacity. Correspondence conference’ Broadcasting House on the preparation of the series. informal The script does not mention Nicholson and there is no clear evidence of his authorship. 5pp typescript of script for radio programme, so titled, for ‘BBC Third Programme’. Inscribed '?1960s' on title page. The series examined post-war British goverments up to 1963. Nicholson appeared in 'We Are the Masters’ which covered the Attlee government. Brief correspondence re arrangements for recording the programme; programme script and series outline. 'We Are the Masters’, Television Yesterday’, 1 September 1970 documentary first programme in a Thames Before Day _ series ‘The E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Broadcasting, H.1-H.16 ‘Outline project for a television series, 1972, on man's environment' 2pp detailed typescript notes by Nicholson, so titled. International World' radio series ‘Ecological Problems in the Letter re arrangements for Nicholson to contribute a talk on ‘Nature - Permanence of Protection’. Preservation and its Interview ‘Horizon’ programme about the history of natural history proposed BBC _ for television Brief correspondence re Nicholson's interview and 31pp transcription. Interview for BBC television series on Britain 1945-1951 December 1984-May 1985 agreed to participate in one of the series for the International documentary Nicholson programmes. Proposed Broadcasting Trust Letter requesting Nicholson to participate and copy of his reply. Correspondence re the interview (May 1985) and the BBC's possible use of earlier tapes of Nicholson talking about the Festival of Britain; 2pp typescript notes by Nicholson relating to the interview. 1993-1994 Nicholson, prepared background information for the script treatment, though it is unclear whether he had any further involvement in the project. Details of the S'Albufera project in Spain formed part of the material he provided. ‘Human / Nature’, a proposed television series by Beyond Productions, Australia Earthwatch H.11-H.13 Europe, through E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Broadcasting, H.1-H.16 Correspondence and papers. and of information. typescript drafts Included are manuscript Nicholson's background 3 folders. Programme in the BBC Radio 4 series 'Looking Forward to the Past’, 18 April 1996 1995-1996 Nicholson was one of four guests on the programme which discussed historical topics in an informal manner. Correspondence re arrangements etc; and typescript notes in preparation for the recording. brief manuscript Interview contributed to BBC1 television series ‘Battle of the Atlantic’, broadcast in 2002 2001-2002 Correspondence manuscript and typescript notes for the interview. arrangements and re arising, with and_ papers” and invitations 1955-1999, to contribute correspondence Miscellaneous re Nicholson's contact with broadcasting organisations in an advisory capacity, other matters nd E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 SECTION J TRAVEL AND CONFERENCES, J.1-J.151 1931-2001, nd For further material relating to Nicholson’s travels see Section A (for holiday travel), Section B (for ornithological expeditions) and Section C (for environmental projects). Joint Meeting of the Linnean Society, the British Trust for Ornithology and 10 February 1949 Ornithologists' Union, British the 3pp typescript introductory speech headed 'Birdsong’. The speech introduced a selection of Ludwig Koch's recordings of bird sounds and also praised Koch's work. It appears from the recordings in person. script that Koch presented the Ornithological conference, Bedford 20 March 1949 Organised by the Bedfordshire Natural History Society and Field Club, in conjunction with the British Trust for Ornithology. Nicholson contributed a lecture on 'Modern Trends in Ornithology’. Letter re arrangements and programme. Nuffield Foundation conference on the Social Sciences, Balliol College, Oxford, 14-16 April 1950 Correspondence re arrangements, with programme, list of attendees etc; background papers. This informal conference was held to discuss the Nuffield Foundation's role in the development of social sciences. Nicholson attended. 1950-1951 Eighth Committee for 1950; Uppsala, Sweden, 10-17 June 1950 International Bird Preservation, Uppsala, 8-10 June International Congress, Nicholson attended both conferences and gave a paper entitled 'Birds of the North Atlantic' on 16th June. Ornithological Tenth International Conference of the E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 3pp typescript draft of Nicholson's paper with manuscript revisions; corrected proof and reprint of the published paper; small typewritten booklet of itineraries for pre-lOC Congress excursions, of a participating ornithologists at front and back. programme; signatures preliminary Congress number with the of 1950-1951 5pp typescript notes by Nicholson chiefly on topics and points presented at the Tenth International Ornithological Congress; 10pp typescript report by Nicholson on the two Uppsala conferences, headed 'Nature Conservancy’ and apparently prepared for a committee meeting; Swedish newspaper report to Nicholson arising Congress; letter IOC the on on Conference for Scientists in Research and Development Establishments, Peterhouse, Cambridge, 2-10 July 1951 Management and Organisation Organised by Division. H.M. Treasury Training and Education Nicholson spoke on 'Economics and Research’. ‘IUCN [International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources] 1951 The Hague’ 2pp photocopy so inscribed from [?printed conference proceedings] reporting remarks made by Nicholson and others. Brief correspondence re arrangements and programme etc; 7pp typescript of Nicholson's paper; first page of another copy of the paper, with inscription indicating that Nicholson also delivered it at another venue later the same year. Meeting (business unknown) held at the United Nations Information Centre, London, 2 December 1953 Nicholson attended as a ‘Consultant’. Letter re arrangements only. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 Tour of the USA, 2-24 May 1955 its scope. The trip was probably made in connection with the Nature Conservancy and was broad in Nicholson stayed in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Madison (Wi), and Columbus (Oh). Organisations with which he held discussions included the Conservation Foundation and the National Audobon Society (both New York) and the National Planning Association (Washington). Much of his time was spent visiting various National Parks, such as Shenandoah National and wildlife He was also able to meet leading American refuges. conservationists N. Gabrielson. Coolidge including (Virginia), Park and H. |. Letter re arrangements; 65pp manuscript tour diary 32pp typescript revised version of the diary in J.9 with manuscript revisions. diary The impressions and may have been submitted as a report. observations, contains points many and M of Nature and of the British of Section (Agriculture) ‘Ecological Research and Nicholson gave a paper on Farming’. Meeting Association, Sheffield, 31 August 1956 Reprints: abridged text of Nicholson's paper and report on the meeting. Sixth Technical Meeting of the International Union for Conservation Resources, Edinburgh 1956 1956-1957 The trip, which was financed by the Nature Conservancy, included numerous meetings with conservationists and academics at the Massachusetts the Audubon Reprint ‘Nature Conservation and the Management of Natural Areas' with following discussion. Tour of the USA and Canada, 24 April-22 May 1959 institutions such as Nicholson University, (Boston), address entitled Natural of by Society Yale E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 (New the US Nicholson Foundation Wildlife York), Conservation Management Institute (Washington DC), National Park Service (Washington) and the University of British Columbia. nature conservation in Britain, for example at the University of Louisville (7 May) and at the University of Berkeley (Ca) (13 May), and also visited some National Parks and field stations. There were also engagements in San Francisco and Ottawa. about gave talks Typescript itinerary photocopied ‘acknowledgements’. with typescript details diary of engagements; 4pp and the trip of Conference or meeting at York, 1959 Letter Transport’, apparently given at this conference. Nicholson's paper on re ‘Economics September 1959 and Printed paper by Nicholson, ‘Misconceptions in Natural History Teaching’, ‘extract from the 'Athens Proceedings of the IUCN Technical Meeting, 1959, Vol.I' ‘ that It Nicholson's Natural Resources 'NC [Nature Conservancy] Trip prob. 1950s' North American Wildlife and 26th Conference, Washington, 6-8 March 1961 1p rough manuscript itinerary (many words illegible), apparently relating to a UK tour (of at least three weeks) of nature reserves etc. It appears that this conference was part of an extended visit to the USA in March 1961. is probable that the 'RFF Forum’, where Nicholson gave a paper (see below), either refers to this conference or was a section of it. 21950s 4pp manuscript notes on the conference. found the probably related: Conservancy, letter Washington (February 1961), inviting him for an informal meeting during his visit to Washington; Nicholson's letter to R. Pough (February 1961) re the latter's possible visit to the UK as guest of the Nature Conservancy; letter to Nicholson from The Conservation Foundation, New York, visit; (March These were is matters discussed during correspondence participation following Nicholson Nature which 1961) re from the with to in his E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 correspondence with Inc. (RFF), Washington, (March-June 1961) re Nicholson's ‘RFF Forum paper’ and its publication. Resources for Future the Visit to the USA, early-late June 1962 May-June 1962 a an meeting (mid-June), attended including number of International conferences Council for the and Nicholson Bird meetings Preservation International Ornithological Congress, Cornell University, Ithaca (NY) (3rd week of June), and the First World Conference on National Parks, Seattle (end of June). He also spent a few days in Colorado (chiefly Boulder) to view a biological education project and research carried out by the US Forest Service. with and Correspondence individuals re arrangements; 1p manuscript notes on the First World Conference on National Parks and a further 2pp manuscript notes possibly related to these. organisations various the conference; reprint Nicholson opened the discussion. Correspondence re arrangements and arising. MAR Conference on the Wetlands of Europe and North Africa (organised by IUCN, ICBP and IWRB), Les Saintes Maries, Camargue, France, 12-17 November 1962 Meeting organised by the Christian Frontier Council to discuss Britain's future role in the world, Crosley Hall, Chelsea, 25 March 1963 1p typescript summary of of Nicholson's ‘Introductory remarks’; reprint of summary conference report. 1963-2001 The objects of the expedition were studies of ecology and conservation, ornithology and bird photography. It was led by Guy Mountfort; Nicholson was Deputy Leader and Ecologist; other members of the party were Sir Julian Huxley and Eric Hosking. Expedition to Jordan, 11 April-12 May 1963 J.21-J.22 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 44pp manuscript 'Draft Report on Findings of the Jordan Expedition 1963'; 1p manuscript rough notes The report relates to aspects of the expedition. disordered. the ecological and conservation Its pagination is considerably Development’, 3pp typescript of [introduction] to the expedition report, apparently written for the Jordanian Government; 4pp typescript paper by Nicholson titled ‘Conservation and Economic a _ meeting arranged 18 November 1963 (it was hoped that the meeting would discuss in later correspondence re Jordanian (1976, 2001) for New York, Jordan); National brief Parks prepared Special national Fund, parks the UN by J.23-J.26 for IBP ‘Trips WWE [World Wildlife Fund] 1963-1966', contents of a so inscribed Biological Programme] & file [International 1963-2001 1963-1964 a It trip for the as the this J.24-J.26 Convener fact-finding undertook Programme Visit to Kenya, September 1963 Visit to Columbia, Panama and Mexico, February 1964 1p manuscript notes headed ‘Nairobi: Int [word illegible] Nat Parks 12.9.63'; 1p typescript notes headed ‘Action points for Mr Nicholson in Nairobi’. International Nicholson CT of Biological It (Conservation of Terrestrial Communities) Section. conservation was developments, land is possible that Nicholson's trip was longer and included other but documentation survives only for those named above. 7pp manuscript notes on the Columbian visit dated '10.2.64); ‘Outline Report on Columbia 1964', 10pp manuscript draft (2 pages February covering related countries, American matters. South visit use and E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 ‘Report on Panama’ 4pp manuscript draft. The first sentence states that the dates of Nicholson's visit were 15, 16 February. Miscellaneous pages of rough manuscript notes found with the papers in J.24, J.25 to page refers Chilpancingo, One Mexico 22 Feb 1964 Initial summary by EMN of plans for all headed '[?Tucson] Seminar. sections another IBP'; 'IBP of is First European Meeting on Wildfowl Conservation, St Andrews, October 1963 the (from Proceedings Reprint of summary of Nicholson's paper, 'Problems and proposals for improved co-operation between European countries on wildfowl conservation’. meeting) the of J.28-J.31 5pp typescript of paper by Nicholson titled 'Present State of Progress in Great Britain and North America’. Anglo-American Seminar on Ecology and Conservation (location unknown), September 1964 Tour on behalf of the International Biological Programme: New Zealand, Antarctica, Australia, Malaya, Thailand and Iran, 11 November 1964 - 3 January 1965 1964-1965 Nicholson undertook this trip in his capacity of Convener of Section CT (Conservation of Terrestrial Communities) of The opportunity arose from his participation in the meetings of the British Commonwealth Scientific Committee (BCSC) in New Zealand, November to December. Nicholson gave lectures with reference to IBP in Wellington (New Zealand), Canberra and Bangkok, and visited numerous official and unofficial organisations, principally research stations, universities, Academies of Science, Research Councils and national parks, nature reserves etc. in conserving Programme. International Biological involved bodies the E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 The itineraries indicate that Nicholson also spent the nights of 30 December 1964 - 1 January 1965 in Tel-Aviv (after leaving Iran) but no details about his engagements there were found. J.28-J.29 Correspondence re arrangements for the various stages of the tour (including the BCSC Meeting), with itineraries, lists of contacts etc March- December 1964 2 folders. 2 sets of manuscript notes (on small paper) relating to the New Zealand section of the tour; various manuscript drafts, or parts of drafts, for sections (by country) of the tour report (see J.31), a few additional pages of rough notes with Some of the drafts appear to be disordered in places. The original order has been maintained. January- February Britain, Conference concerning predatory mammals in March 1965 Letter, 1967, to Nicholson from the Council for Nature re its publication of a Code of Practice which originated in the above conference. the Nicholson took conference but no further details are given. part in Copy of Nicholson's typescript report on the tour titled ‘Review of some conservation situations in Australasia, Antarctica and South-East Asia’; correspondence arising from the tour 1965 Brief correspondence with Maria Buchinger of The Nature Conservancy, Nicholson's forthcoming visit; 2pp typescript report on the Conference by Nicholson for 'The Countryside in 1970’. Nicholson attended the 'White House Conference on Natural Beauty’, Washington DC, 24-25 May (serving on the panel on ‘Landscape Action Programme’), and at least one other meeting. Visit to the USA, April-[?May] 1965 Washington DC, re _ E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 Airlie House Conference, Virginia, USA, 1965 Nicholson contributed a paper. published as a America (1966). book, The Proceedings were Future Environments of North 6pp manuscript draft of Nicholson's paper or of revised version re publication. correspondence publication; brief for AGM of the Field Studies Council, 25 February 1966 6pp typescript draft address by Nicholson; ip draft of ‘condensed report' of the address. ‘Journey T[?] Y[?] Anchorage [arrival in] Alaska 13/8/66' London - Amsterdam - Copenhagen - Oslo - Mt McKinley - - Spitsbergen - Pole - N - Dates are known only for the Alaskan stage of this tour: 13-20 August 1966. the visit J.37-J.39 Visit to Japan, August-September 1966 A report on Nicholson's 1971 visit to Alaska (see J.68) refers to his 1966 visit, stating that it was made on behalf of the International Biological Programme. The purpose of the rest of this 1966 journey is unclear. Brief correspondence re arrangements for to Alaska; 3pp rough manuscript notes headed as above. There are references to some, but not all, of the places mentioned above. Included are a few further manuscript notes relating to Alaska, found with the 3pp described. Basis of Nature Conservation of Alpine and Sub-Alpine Nicholson attended the 11th Pacific Scientific Congress, [?Tokyo], [?late August]-early September, contributing to its Special Symposium No.4 the main Congress and to held in Kamikochi, 5-8 September. He also spent a few days in Sendai and undertook a number of excursions during the course of the trip. Some of his engagements appear Biological Programme (IBP) business. Correspondence re arrangements including a letter from the Sendai; programme for Special Symposium No.4 (on ‘Ecological International proposed schedule included for stay in to have IBP; E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 Zones’); maps of National Parks 3pp typescript draft summary of paper given by Nicholson at the (main) Congress, titled 'Legal & Political Problems Encountered in Establishing Ecological Reserves'; brief manuscript notes, one page headed ‘Sendai 31 August 1966', another 'Report on Sendai [word illegible] Jap / CT [Conservation of Terrestrial Communities section of IBP]' Letter arising from the visit; 2 photographs of 'Ptarmigon on verso); typescript papers re Special Symposium No.4 annotations Nicholson's (with Fuji on _ Unidentified conference Environment, 1966 or 1967 on Tourism and_ the 1966 or 1967 by Nicholson titled 3pp typescript summary of ‘Planned Expansion of Tourism to Bring in New Areas and Fresh Fields of Interest’, with biographical note. talk a title is title of manuscript draft Conference or meeting at Cacapon, Virginia, USA, June 1967 Above this Environment’, probably the symposium. biographical note page. a main heading ‘Tourism and the the conference or The dates '1966-7?' are inscribed on the Nicholson gave a talk or paper. The precise dates of the Conference are unknown but they included 17 and 18 June. talk headed 'CRAM - 4pp the Cacapon Lodge 17 June 1967 Use of the Environment’; extensive manuscript notes (on small paper) on matters discussed at the Conference, including at least one draft page for Nicholson's talk; letter arising. These visits were made by Nicholson and other members of the CT [Conservation of Terrestrial Communities] Sectional Committee of the IBP, following a CT Sectional Nicholson Committee meeting Visits to South America on behalf of the International Biological Programme, July 1967 J.42-J.44 Janeiro. of in Rio de E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 in the principal meetings attended Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Columbia; discussions were wide-ranging and included the proposed IUCN special programme for South America. Excursions to some National Parks were included. cities of Nicholson's South American trips were preceded by stays in Washington DC, Antigua and Trinidad and Tobago, mid-June - early July. Brief manuscript notes re Washington itineraries; 2pp manuscript bird lists for Antigua, Tobago and a few other bird notes relating to the Caribbean; manuscript list of engagements for the South American visits; manuscript itinerary for Nicholson's travels from early June to late July; brief correspondence (June) re arrangements in Washington and other personal business June-July 1967 Rough manuscript notes (on small paper) re Nicholson's business in the various South American countries These record facts, impressions, points for meetings etc; included are some detailed notes (in another's hand) ona meeting, headed 'CT Rio 7.7.67’. a (on small paper) which were found with Meeting organised by the British Humanist Association, London, 25 October 1967 Typescript summary of the purpose of the visit; 15pp manuscript draft report on the visit and later typescript draft version dated 4 September 1967; rough manuscript notes the material in J.41-J.43 but could not be clearly identified as relating to the South American visits Letter re arrangements; 2pp typescript [?synopsis] of paper titled 'Environmental planning’. explored The concerning growth and conservation of the environment. contributed a paper. Unidentified conference in Siena, Italy, 1967 Nicholson titled Natural and ‘International Resources paper by in Nature Offprint Cooperation of population Nicholson meeting issues E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 Conservation’. The text is in Italian. Symposium: 'The Changing Face of Yorkshire’, University of York, 13-15 September 1968 Nicholson delivered the Opening Address. Programme etc. on ‘Notes 3pp Nicholson, dated '21/9/68' Tunisia’, detailed typescript notes by to notes, relating infrastructure, economy and The culture, appear to have been the product of a fact-finding visit and are likely to have been used in the preparation of a report. Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Exeter, 9 September 1969 to on of the a paper on the need behalf of the East Africa J.50-J.51 contributed Nicholson for cooperation between industry and conservationists etc in tackling environmental problems, probably delivered at the National Environment. ‘Management symposium Visit Biological Programme, [?13-20] November 1969 Brief correspondence re arrangements; 3pp typescript of Nicholson's paper dated 11 September 1969. University College Dar es Salaam. Nicholson undertook this trip in his capacity of Convener of Section CT (Conservation of Terrestrial Communities) of the The trip covered Tanzania and Kenya, principally Dar es Salaam, Nairobi and the Serengeti National Research Institute). Nicholson met some leading conservationists, including at and gave a International Serengeti lecture on (including R. Leakey, Park IBP. the IBP E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 Letter re arrangements; 17pp manuscript notes on the findings of the trip, torn out of a small notepad; further pages of rough notes; manuscript bird lists headed 'E Africa’ and 'Serengeti' 8pp incomplete manuscript draft visit; typescript draft version of the same and typescript draft of additional section report the on The manuscript draft was written in Delhi during the IUCN Conference (see J.52). International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources 10th General Assembly and 11th Technical Meeting, New Delhi, India, 25-28 November 1969 1969-1970 1p manuscript list of personal tasks and business; reprint of paper delivered by Nicholson and G.L. Douglas on the ‘Conservation International the Technical Meeting. Islands' Programme of Biological delivered Section Oceanic to of on the one day Environment’, Nicholson was a speaker. ‘Assault conference organised by the Association of Public Health Inspectors, 21 January 1970 Letter re arrangements; offprint of Environmental Health, Vol.78, No.3, March 1970, containing edited version of Nicholson's talk. University Nicholson Conference on ‘International Economic Development' (held in Williamsburg, Va, and New York), delivering a paper was _ subsequently published in Journal of International Affairs XX|V:2, 1970. While in New York he also attended the American launch held of The Environmental Revolution and discussions with National Educational Television. He appears to have had engagements in other cities. Correspondence with National Educational Telvision re Visit to the USA, February 1970 ‘Environment’ participated Columbia _ his book in a titled which E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 arrangements and arising; 2pp manuscript notes headed ‘Aid Agencies 17.2.70 Williamsburg’; 18pp typescript of Nicholson's Conference of addresses of contacts in Washington DC, New York, Virginia and other places. paper; list See A.80 for a journal covering this trip. Study Group for Senior Executives, Shell International Petroleum Division), Teddington, London, 3 March 1970 Ltd (Management Training Co. Nicholson Revolution’. contributed a talk on ‘The Environmental Brief correspondence re arrangements and arising, with programme etc. First International Convention of American Women in Radio Environment / Technology, Kensington, London, 24 April 1970 Television Panel Inc., and on manuscript on notes publication Nicholson was a member of the Panel. Correspondence re arrangements. Seminar on ‘Water Pollution by Oil',; Aviemore, Scotland, [?June] 1970 Seminar; _ brief 4pp the correspondence re of Nicholson's closing address and transcript of the address with manuscript revisions. others. The Seminar, to which Nicholson contributed a paper or a talk, appears to have covered a range of environmental topics. Brief correspondence re arrangements and arising; 4pp manuscript notes for Nicholson's paper and one further page of notes possibly related; synopses of papers by Seminar held County Durham, late October 1970 at the IBM Scientific Centre, Peterlee, E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 Visit to Switzerland on behalf of the British Council, 2-7 November 1970 He Nicholson's itinerary took in Zurich, Bern, Basel, Morges, Lausanne and Geneva. a number of lectures, for example on 'The Scientific Basis of Care of the Environment’, chiefly to the Swiss-British Society in different cities. In Morges he held discussions at the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. delivered Programme; letter to Nicholson from the British Embassy, Berne, re his report to the British Council. See A.89 for journal entries covering this trip. J.59-J.63 Anglo-American Conference on Environmental Control, Ditchley Park, Oxfordshire, 13-16 November 1970 1970-1971 Organised by the Ditchley Foundation in association with the Ernest Cook Trust. Correspondence background papers etc re arrangements, with programme, 2 folders. Nicholson introduced one of the Sessions (14 November) and participated in a group discussion on ‘Inland water’. J.59-J.60 Typescript draft reports of the Conference Groups with revisions and annotations in Nicholson's hand 14pp rough manuscript notes made by Nicholson at the Conference Symposium, Chelsea College of Science and Technology Centre for Science Education, [?January] 1971 Letter of thanks etc for Nicholson's contribution (he gave a paper). Proof copy of Conference Report, with covering letter E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 Seminar held Corporation, London, 29 January 1971 auditorium of in the Rio Tinto Zinc December 1970 by attended Seminar, The and industrialists, discussed possible changes in technology and the corporate environment between then and the mid-1980s. It arose from a study undertaken by the Hudson Institute. scientists leading Correspondence re arrangements and list invitations. of accepted J.66-J.67 Symposium on ‘National, Regional and Local Landscape Plans', Landscape Architects, London, 25 May 1971 organised Institute the by of 1970-1971 Nicholson delivered between Planning’. Ecology a and paper titled Landscape Classification Relationship and ‘The Correspondence re arrangements; typescript of Nicholson's paper, with manuscript revisions, and revised version (6pp) draft visit and to by of the of a (see J.36) proof paper arising; Section as Converner of Visit to Alaska, July 1971 undertook this Conservation Letter Nicholson titled ‘Appendix One 'A New Tool - the Geogram' ', inscribed ‘ILA Symposium’ Nicholson the Terrestrial International Biological Programme. It followed up his 1966 visit to Alaska Fairbanks, Prudhoe and Barrow (Naval Arctic Research Laboratory). The principal matter of interest was the likely impact of the oil industry on Alaska. 1970-1971 Brief correspondence re arrangements and background information; 10pp typescript draft report on the visit. Meeting of Christian Doctrine, Durham, 23-24 September 1971 the [Church of England] Commission on Nicholson spoke about the nature of ecology. included visits E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 Correspondence re arrangements. ‘The on Nations Conference the Human Environment’, Problems of Sussex of Organisation, Brighton, 1-4 November 1971 Institute United Study the for System University and of International 1971-1972 Nicholson attended in Terrestrial Biological Programme. Conservation his capacity as Convener of the International Section the of Brief correspondence re arrangements; draft Conference summary (circulated to participants). Conference on ‘Tourism and the Environment’, Royal Festival Hall, London, 11 November 1971 1971-1972 Nicholson gave a paper on 'Planned expansion of tourism to bring in new areas and fresh fields of interest’. from (in Programme and offprint of published Conference papers (British Tourist Authority, February 1972) Italian) arising; the on and_ reporting Italy, 29 November-4 December [?Conference] in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA Film festival in Milan, 1971 Brief correspondence re arrangements cutting festival which refers to Nicholson's speech. publication Nicholson delivered a speech on nature or environmental conservation. 5pp manuscript notes headed ‘Environmental Revolution’, written on Williamsburg Conference Center notepaper. Also inscribed '?1971'. Nicholson delivered a paper on ‘Technology and pollution - a problem of environmental planning’. '‘Processo alla tecnologia?’, conference held in Rome, 17- 19 February 1972 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 4pp manuscript ?outline of Nicholson's paper; typescript draft of the paper and 6pp revised version; manuscript notes written by Nicholson at the Conference and during his stay in Rome; publication (in Italian) containing report on the Conference (this includes a photograph featuring Nicholson); letter arising. Some of the pages of notes are headed 'IBP [International Terrestrial Communities]. Biological Programme, Conservation / CT' of Visit to Madrid, Spain, 5-6 March 1972 Nicholson gave a seminar for graduates of the School of Forestry, Polytechnique University of Madrid. Correspondence re arrangements; 2pp manuscript notes for the seminar; correspondence arising. 1p re in the UN ‘Internationale und Landschaftspflege’, seminar held in Bonn, Germany, 10- 12 April 1972 Naturschutz Arbeit in paper on_ a im ‘'Naturschutz arrangements Nicholson's hand correspondence Internationalen und Biologischen Nicholson gave Landschaftspflege Programm - IBP'. and Brief programme; (in German); 1p brief manuscript ‘questions’ in Nicholson's hand, headed 'Bonn'; conference papers. etc manuscript United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, Stockholm, 5-16 June 1972 he 1p photocopy of a typescript 'Foreword' by Nicholson, his hand 'UK Working Party on the Human inscribed in Habitat for Human Environment, Stockholm 1972'; 3pp typescript draft titled ‘Man and the Biosphere’ (13 March 1972): offprint of Not Man Apart (July 1972, Special Issue) reporting on the Conference. Visit to the USA and Canada, 26 August-29 September 1972 first destination was Seattle where Conference on the Nicholson's J.77-J.78 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 for the the Conservation International Biological Programme 5th attended General Assembly, University of Washington, 30 August- He then participated in the International 7 September. Union Natural Resources Conference in Banff, Alberta, Canada (dates not 17th September), followed by the Second World Conference on National Parks at the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, Wyoming, USA, 18-27 September. He also spent a short time in New York before returning to the UK. precisely known but between the Nature and and 8th of Correspondence etc arising re arrangements and one letter Printed 'background paper’ by Nicholson for a Session of the Second World Conference on National Parks titled ‘What is Wrong with the National Parks Movement?' International Congress of Toxicology, Montecatini Terme, Italy, 27-29 October 1972 of by address typescript International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) Meeting, Paris, 1972 Nicholson gave a paper on ‘Poisons in Ecosystems - the Environmental Revolution’. 4pp titled ‘Industrialists, raise your voices...' (on the need for good relations between industry and conservationists) Letter re arrangements and preliminary programme; 2pp typescript summary of the paper; letter arising; offprint of the published paper. Nicholson's hand added later. 3pp typescript (possibly incomplete) of ‘Nature Conservation - Role’ a paper titled a Continental View of Scotland's in ‘Heriot-Watt University [Edinburgh] Session 1972-3 Dept of Town & Country Planning Seminar No.14 in Senior Planning Research [word illegible]' the above inscription Nicholson _ '12.2.73'), (dated with E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 Conference or symposium held March 1973 in Montreal, Canada, typescript conference paper by 6pp Nicholson titled ‘Forestry and conservation’, with manuscript revisions, inscribed 1973; corrected the published paper. ‘Final proof and 20 March of dated offprint and of delivery’ part Visit to Italy, June 1973 1973-1987 the attended Congress International Nicholson on Mediterranean Marine Parks, Castellabate, Salerno, Italy, 18-22 June 1973, and also served as '‘Relatore' at a [?study day or symposium] on industrial pollution, Milan, 15 June. At the Congress he delivered a paper on 'The Cilento as a Possible Model for Development of Marine- Terrestrial the Mediterranean’. Reserves Natural Parks and in_ 8pp typescript of the Congress paper, with corrected proof and offprint; later corrspondence re publication of Congress Proceedings (1983, 1987); programme for the Milan study day or symposium. Planning Programme only. Nicholson spoke on 'Pollution and politics’. on held at Grantley Hall Adult College, Ripon, Institute Weekend School Royal Town ‘Pollution’, Yorkshire, 23-25 November 1973 Conferenza Europea di Sociologia sulle Trasformazioni d'Ambiente, Turin, Italy, 6-7 May 1974 Nicholson was a keynote speaker and Chairman of the session on ‘Environment’ (10th June). 4pp typescript of Nicholson's paper 'Some Ecological and Sociological Aspects of the Environment’. International Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, 8-13 June 1974 Conference of Nicholson's paper Correspondence programme etc; arrangements, typescript Museums re 9pp General Council with of 10th E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 J.87-J.88 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 (circulated in advance); circulated Conference papers; offprint of the published paper (in German), with the translated title 'The Museum and the Modern World - Problems of the Environment’. Congess on EEC states, Istituto Italiana, Rome, 21-29 October 1974 cultural and scientific cooperation among organised Enciclopedia della by Nicholson contributed a paper titled 'Natural and Cultural Public Treasures Accessibility’ Environmental Problems. Care the sub-committee on Systematic their and to - Correspondence etc paper, with 8pp typescript of the paper and offprint re arrangements and Nicholson's a model Q9pp manuscript draft headed 'Proposal for European Law’, with incomplete typescript draft version; 2pp further manuscript notes; photocopied pages from publication possibly used as background for the paper J.90-J.92 See J.92 for related material. European Technical Conference on Leisure and Nature Conservation, Hamburg, Germany, 9-13 June 1975 Meeting (on environmental matters) at Mainau, Germany, April 1975 1p typescript report by Nicholson on the meeting [? for Land Use Consultants], dated 18 April 1975. synopsis Nicholson delivered a paper on ‘Planning, equipment and management of leisure areas’. Two 15pp typescript drafts of Nicholson's paper (one inscribed 'Delivery copy’), with manuscript revisions, and Programme, list of participants and other papers, some with annotations by Nicholson E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 Letter to Nicholson (March 1975) from Teresa Sexton, Nature Conservancy Council, re a draft proposal for a European Model Law; 8pp typescript titled ‘Proposal for a European Model Law' (complete version of the draft documents in J.88) These papers were found with the material in J.90-J.91). The proposal appears to have arisen from discussions at the Rome Congress of October 1974 (see J.87-J.88). Conference at Farnborough Hants, May 1976 College of Technology, The Conference appears to have been organised by the Institution of Environmental Sciences. 7pp typescript of 'Keynote address’ (delivered on 8 May) by Nicholson titled ‘Environmental Education - Key Issues for the Future’; letter arising. NATO Ecoscience Conference, Iceland [?Reykjavik], July 1976 1964-1966, 1976 of Iceland letter 1964-1966, re proposed visits and Museum to 1966; and Gudmundsson, Reykjavik, 1965 Brief correspondence re arrangements etc; draft text of the 'Final discussion’ (to which Nicholson contributed) at the Conference, with covering letter; Earlier correspondence was found with this material: with Natural F. by History, Nicholson to Nicholson (1966) re conferences on the environment in Iceland. 15.vii.77' and 'LLF.....Oxford 15.vii.77'. ‘London Looks Forward', a Silver Jubilee Conference, South Bank, London, 4-5 July 1977 Nicholson was Conference Chairman. Programme; manuscript notes inscribed 'London Looks correspondence, chiefly arising; in further 2pp Forward E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 Meeting of the 1937 Bird Club, 1 December 1977 Nicholson opened the discussion. Correspondence re arrangements; of Nicholson's introductory talk headed ‘Our 20th Century Ornithologists - Do the Living Measure up to the Dead?' (topic of the discussion). typescript 2pp Board and Council Meeting of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), Columbia, Maryland, USA, 30 June and/or 1 July 1978 correspondence Brief 4pp manuscript notes headed ‘Unrestricted funding - London’, inscribed 'IIED Columbia’. arrangements; etc re Keynote Address at [?Royal Society of Arts] conference or meeting, 15 November 1978 7pp typescript of the address, inscribed 'RSA' on first page. ‘Public by the of Relations Institute and the Public of Environment’, 6 Relations, with manuscript revisions, ‘Ornithological Conference at Berlin 1978' The topic was environmental education. Seminar on organised December 1978 Brief correspondence re arrangements; incomplete 4pp typescript draft, lecture contributed by Nicholson and 15pp revised version. 2pp typescript notes so headed. Manuscript report on the Conference, with 2pp typescript revised version so titled. ‘Business Schools and discussion at the Athenaeum - 10 January 1979)' the Environment (Notes for E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 International Geneva, Switzerland, February 1979 Environmental Management Seminar, Various Seminar, or written afterwards. manuscript and typescript notes from the A number of pages are inscribed with dates from 5th to 9th February 1979. Discussion Seminar on ‘Industry versus the Environment - Prospects for Peace’, Policy Studies Institute, London, 20 November 1979 Nicholson introduced the discussion. Invitation circular; 2pp typescript notes and 6pp typescript of Nicholson's introduction; list of attendees / speakers. Meeting on Industry and Environment, Athenaeum Club, London, 15 January 1980 Nicholson represented (ENDS) at the meeting. Environmental Data Services Letter arising. Circulated pre-meeting notes only. Nicholson spoke on the World Conservation Strategy. Seminar at University College London Department of Botany and Microbiology (Ecology and Conservation Unit), 13 March 1980 with ‘Annex’. Unidentified (probable) conference or seminar probably held at Wye College, Kent (now Imperial College at Wye), 28 June 1980 2pp typescript draft, with manuscript revisions, titled 'The IIED Program - Industry as the Active Agent’ (inscribed 'Wye', with the above date); revised typescript version E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 ‘Shell Advanced Management Study Group Syndicate A: World Conservation Strategy’ 1p manuscript notes so headed, also inscribed '23.ix.80'. The first sentence explains that Nicholson, accompanied by Sir Arthur Norman, 'was invited as a consultant to discuss points for the Syndicate's report on the relevance of the World Conservation Strategy to Shell...’ International Conference on (ICOE): (probably Edinburgh), September or October 1980 Oil and the Environment Scotland of ‘Onshore offshore impacts oil’, Nicholson contributed a paper on ‘North Sea and its Coastal Lands: an Environmental Overview’. Brief correspondence re typescript abstract of Nicholson's paper. arrangements and _ arising; Policy Studies Institute ‘Building a sustainable future’, lunch time seminar, 9 February 1982 List of attendees only. Programme and list of participants. Nicholson participated but the nature of his involvement is unclear. International Public Hearing on 'The Human Environment - Action or Disaster’, County Hall, London, 15-16 June 1982 apparently written during the conference and added to Correspondence chiefly re pre-Conference circulation of Nicholson's Closing Address; 7pp typescript draft of the Address with manuscript revisions; 4pp manuscript draft headed delivery’, Nicholson delivered the Closing Address on 'The Future of Voluntary Recreation Activity in the Countryside’. CCRAG (Countryside Group) Conference, Durham, 22 September 1983 Recreation Research Advisory J.109-J.110 ‘Closing Address' and ‘used for E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 the prepared text; beginning of the Address further 1p typescript draft of the Background material used for the Address; 1p typescript headed ‘Proposed conclusions’; brief correspondence arising from the Conference; various papers connected with Conference business. J.111-J.112 Visit to Egypt, March 1984 1983-1986 The original purpose of Nicholson's visit to the Red Sea Desert region of Egypt was ornithological, in connection with his Editorship of Birds of the Western Palearctic. However, it broadened to include the conservation and ecology etc. Nicholson was accompanied by P.A.D. Hollom. industry, tourism region, local the of Letter re arrangements; incomplete typescript draft with manuscript revisions of Nicholson's report, titled ‘A Rapid Reconnaissance of the Red Sea Desert Region of Egypt, and 29pp fair copy; correspondence re publication of the report and other matters arising from the trip 1984-1985 Nicholson was a speaker. British Association of Nature Conservationists (BANC) / Urban or Opportunity’, Birmingham, 30 April 1984 Wildlife Group Conference on 'Obligation Letter re background information (1983); photocopied pages from a book, The Other Nile, by Charlie Pye-Smith (1986), relating the author's meeting with Nicholson and Hollom on their Egyptian expedition 1983-1986 Nicholson in organising a session which he may also have introduced. The Conference was organised in connection with the ‘The Environment as Festival’, one day programme of talks which was part of the Conference on ‘Art and the Human Environment’, Edinburgh, 12 August 1984 Correspondence re arrangements and programme; 1p rough manuscript notes for Nicholson's talk; letter arising. contributed involved was _ a talk and E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 Edinburgh Festival. 2pp notes typescript (provisional); Programme re organisation and proposed content of the session; 6pp photocopied typescript (title off’ during almost completely illegible due to copying); 1p typescript draft of possible introduction to the session entitled 'Living with Landscape’, 2 further typescripts, possibly used as background for Nicholson's contributions at the session. of Nicholson's talk ‘cutting draft CCRAG (Countryside Research Advisory Group) Conference (venue unknown), [18-19] September 1985 Recreation typescript 14pp of Nicholson's paper ‘The Future of Voluntary Recreation Activity in the Countryside’. manuscript revisions, draft, with Symposium organised by the Sussex Trust for Nature Conservation Ltd, University of Sussex, 19 October 1985 in further 2pp notes Inner City ‘Investing 1p rough typescript notes headed 'Heathland Symposium Univ Sussex’; letter arising. Nicholson participated but does not appear to have given a paper. Programme and list of participants; 4pp manuscript notes from the seminar including points made by others during discussion; headed ‘Questionnaire’. Regeneration’, Seminar on organised by the Centre for Economic and Environmental Development (CEED) in association with the Civic Trust, London, 8 January 1986 Switzerland, to Assisi and back). The visit included attendance at the World Wildlife Fund's Conference and Anniversary, Assisi, 26-30 September. Visit to Switzerland and Italy, September - early October 1986 manuscript Manuscript celebration (Solothurn, itineraries typescript of its 25th and E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 J.119-J.121 Visit to Turkey, May 1987 1987-1988 Nicholson appears to have made the visit on behalf of Turkish Villas Ltd, compiling a report on the potential for tourism initiatives in Turkey. Visits to some major Turkish National Parks were included. Manuscript draft Nicholson's typescript draft and covering letter of report; 9pp revised Correspondence arising from the trip re Turkish national parks; 8 photographs taken at Turkish national parks, 1p most annotated on typescript notes headed ‘Earthwatch Turkey Action July 1987' the back in Nicholson's hand; 1987-1988 Papers and brief correspondence relating to personal arrangements and business connected with the visit topic appears by Nicholson; Centre for Environmental ‘Royal Society of Arts discussion 23 March 1988' 'ICCET Technology] Seminar 24.ix.87' [Imperial College The to conservation and ecology. 3pp typescript of paper by Nicholson, so inscribed, titled ‘Guiding Principles for the Greening of Cities’. 1p typescript, so inscribed, of part of discussion including a contribution page copied from RSA Journal, August 1988, containing contributions by other speakers. Discussion probably organised by the UCL Ecology and Conservation Unit, 25 April 1988 University Letter re arrangements. College London, have been environmental at E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 ‘The Global Challenge for Field Science: Monitoring a Changing Planet’, seminar hosted by Earthwatch Europe, held at the Royal Society, London, 17 February 1989 Nicholson delivered a paper on Science’. ‘The Future of Field Copy of published Seminar Proceedings only. ‘Agenda for Glebe Place 14 xi 89' 1p typescript notes on points for a meeting, so headed. Conference on the Environment White Paper, organised by York Wildlife Link, 20 November 1990 of draft typescript 1p with manuscript revisions, titled 'A Fresh Perspective’; further 1p manuscript draft text, possibly added to the original text; printed version (text heavily revised). Nicholson, address by of the ‘Australia Diary notes 1990' ‘A Fresh Perspective! may have been the title Conference. Nature Conservancy Council Conference on 'Nature reserves, who needs them?', University of Birmingham, 8-10 January 1991 2pp manuscript notes (probably part of a larger record of the trip now lost) for 23 November 1990 only, describing Nicholson's flight and arrival at Perth, apparently for an IUCN conference. arising. Nicholson attended the whole conference as a guest of the NCC and was Distinguished Guest Speaker at the Conference Dinner on 9 January. 1p brief typescript notes for Nicholson's speech and 2pp more detailed manuscript notes; 2pp manuscript notes on the correspondence proceedings; conference brief E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 Meeting of The Environment Council on 'Short-termism: Irritant or Internal Problem for Environment Groups’, held at the Linnean Society, London, 7 March 1991 Nicholson attended as a guest and participated in the closing discussion. Set of papers documenting the meeting. Biodiversity | Programme, European Regional Consultation, venue unknown, 22-24 July 1991 Conservation Strategy List of participants only. Nicholson's name is included. 'A Grand Assize for the Role and Future of Science’, ‘Sudgrove House 28.7.91' Incomplete 3pp manuscript draft of a paper so headed. the Conference; 2pp day after one the the 4pp manuscript notes taken at typescript ‘Notes conference on 23 Sept [etc] headed notes Conference on ‘Ecotourism’, Royal Geographical Society, London, 23 September 1992 conference Press implementation of House Conference Centre, London, 16 September 1993 connection the EC Habitats UK's with Directive, Church The press conference coincided with a publication by Friends of the Earth on the implications of the Habitats Directive. cutting. re arrangements, including press a Friends of the further papers the press conference including newspaper Correspondence etc conference programme, and also re Earth campaign day on relating Nicholson spoke on the history and employment of the ‘SSSI [Sites of Special Scientific Interest] device’. May 1993; in to 1 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 Unidentified meeting, 26 April 1994 1p typescript notes titled ‘Framework for Biodiversity Site Data’, also inscribed in Nicholson's hand ‘Paper for [word illegible] meeting 26 iv 94'. The Wildlife Trusts National Conference 1994: ‘Putting Wildlife on the Map’, Stoke Rochford Hall, Lincolnshire, 9- 11 September 1994 Nicholson spoke at the Conference launch. Printed Nicholson's paper (Appendix 4); letter arising. summary of Conference including texts of Geographical Royal Geographical Society, London, 2 December 1994 Observatories Programme Workshop, Letter arising; draft Summary of Proceedings including quote from Nicholson in the 'Summary of discussions' section. Trust AGM, late October or early Nicholson was a delegate. Letter of thanks for participation only. London Wildlife November 1995 UK Biodiversity Reception, Royal Geographical Society, London, 13 December 1995 International Seminar and Letter etc re arrangements and programme. ‘Birds, Words and Images', an international conference organised by the British Ornithologists' Union, Dartington Hall, Devon, 27-29 September 1996 Letter of earlier (January 1994). re Government biodiversity invitation and programme; list of delegates; etc targets 1994-1995 letter E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 ‘Opening remarks by Max Nicholson at meeting on 2.x.96 at the RSA [Royal Society of Arts] 1p typescript of speech script so headed. The topic was the profession. low status of the environmental ‘Environmental the Challenge of Deliberative Democracy’, conference held at Senate House, University of London, 17 December 1998 Governance: Responding to Nicholson was a delegate. Programme and delegate list. Meeting the September 1999 at Zoological Society of London, 13 2pp typescript notes by Nicholson headed ‘Action Biodiversity’, material. on background prepared meeting; the for Seminar on of the Valuation ‘Economic Nicholson attended. 1p Correspondence re arrangements, programme etc; brief manuscript notes by Nicholson on potential value of the Seminar to the New Renaissance Group; letter arising with Summary Report on the Seminar. Trust / Green College Joint World Humanity Action Centre the Environment and National Accounting’, Green College, Oxford, 24 July 2001 nd, post-1982 2pp incomplete manuscript draft of talk at unidentified ornithological conference ‘Royal Decision-making & the Environment’ 1p manuscript notes so headed. Administration May seminar Inst of Public E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Travel and conferences, J.1-J.151 ‘Oxford Agenda Oct 2' manuscript 1p notes conference, so headed. ‘Edinburgh general on points for a meeting or They probably 1p rough manuscript notes so headed. relate to one of the meetings and conferences described in J.12, J.81, J.107 or J.114. Undated visit to the USA List of engagements only. The main purpose of the visit was attendance at a two day conference on wide-ranging environmental topics. Nicholson appears to have served as a member of a panel. Undated visit to Rigi, Switzerland 2 folders. J.149-J.150 1965-1995 Nicholson's notes on proposed conferences are included. Correspondence and papers re invitations to conferences and re proposed conferences 10pp manuscript notes (on small paper) about Rigi, with particular reference to its car-free environment. The chief purpose of Nicholson's visit might have been to stimulate ideas on reducing the impact of cars on towns. nd Some invitations are declined; for others no reply has been found. Miscellaneous seminars possibly attended by Nicholson programmes etc for conferences or 1931-1999, E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 SECTION K SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS, K.1-K.74 1930-2003, nd Arranged alphabetically. Contents are as follows: ATHENAEUM BEDFORD COLLEGE (UNIVERSITY OF LONDON) CLUB OF ROME, BRITISH GROUP COMMITTEE FOR THE STUDY OF MANKIND (USA) DARTINGTON HALL SCHOOL, DEVON / DARTINGTON HALL TRUST K.12 GEORGICS SOCIETY, UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE K.13-K.22 IDEA-SYSTEMS GROUP K.23 INTERMEDIATE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT GROUP K.27 K.28-K.29 K.30-K.49 K.24 LEVERHULME TRUST K.50 ROYAL SOCIETY OF ARTS OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE K.25-K.26 NUFFIELD FOUNDATION POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC PLANNING (PEP) K.50A-K.50C SEDBERGH SCHOOL, CUMBRIA PIONEER HEALTH CENTRE, PECKHAM, LONDON SHORTER CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS SILVER JUBILEE WALKWAY TRUST / LONDON CELEBRATIONS COMMITTEE FOR THE QUEEN'S SILVER JUBILEE TACTICAL VOTING 1987 K.51-K.69 K.70 K.71 K.72-K.74 UNITED NATIONS E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Societies and organisations, K.1-K.74 ATHENAEUM Nicholson was a member. 1965-2001, nd Brief correspondence re general business; photocopy of 1p manuscript notes (unknown hand), 1938, re dinners and Club business (a later inscribed note by Nicholson explains that the dinner on 27 January 1938 was his first). BEDFORD COLLEGE (UNIVERSITY OF LONDON) Letter re Nicholson's election as a Governor. CLUB OF ROME, BRITISH GROUP informal group of '‘Club' was an Correpondence and papers re the formation of the British Group and related matters, including typescript notes and drafts by Nicholson. The industrialists, economists, planners, scientists etc which sought a less ideological and political basis to global policy-making. The British Group was founded in 1978 and chaired by Sir Monty Finniston. Nicholson advised the Group and attended at least one dinner, though it is unclear whether he held an official position within it. with the correspondence. COMMITTEE FOR THE STUDY OF MANKIND (USA) Nicholson held discussions with G. Hirschfeld, Director. 1957, 1989- 1994, nd Correspondence later typescript notes by Nicholson on civilisation etc, found Hirschfeld, 1957: with etc E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Societies and organisations, K.1-K.74 DARTINGTON DARTINGTON HALL TRUST HALL SCHOOL, DEVON 1934-1995, nd The Dartington Hall Trust was founded by Leonard and Dorothy Elmshirst who bought the Dartington Hall estate a pioneering charity near Totnes in 1925. which and environmental education, sustainability and social justice. Dartington Hall School, which embodied the Trust's values, was founded in 1926 and closed in 1987. approach the holistic on The Trust is focusing adopts culture arts, to a Contents of a file inscribed ‘Dartington Archives'. The file contained described below with the inscriptions on them reproduced. separate envelopes, material in ‘Dartington LKE [Leonard K. Elmshirst]' 1934-1978 Correspondence Dartington Hall and other matters. etc of Nicholson and others, re ‘Leonard, Dorothy & Israel’ Nicholson is the principal correspondent. Others include L.K. Elmshirst, Dorothy Elmshirst, Israel Sieff and David Lack. Included are two letters by Nicholson, 1940, to L.K. Elmshirst and Siff respectively, re wartime matters and incidents; and a letter from Lack, 1939, to L.K. Elmshirst re the former's Galapagos expedition. Included also are correspondence and 3pp manuscript notes re a talk given by Nicholson at Dartington School, 30 September 1962. Typescript draft obituaries etc L.K. Elmshirst and Israel Sieff, with related correspondence and background material. 1974 ‘How Not to Live on This Earth’, lecture by Nicholson, Dartington Hall School (Parent's Weekend), 2 October 1985 9pp typescript draft, with manuscript revisons, of a talk by Nicholson given at Dartington Hall School, 1 June 1985 Correspondence re arrangements; lecture synopsis, first by Nicholson for 1958, 1964- E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Societies and organisations, K.1-K.74 page of an early draft and 23pp typescript ?final version; correspondence arising. Correspondence etc re general matters Chiefly 1985-1991; only one letter (copy, Lack to Nicholson) is dated 1936. The principal correspondent is the Brian Nicholson. Headmaster Dartington School, Hall D. of 1936, 1973, 1982-1995, nd 3 folders. GEORGICS SOCIETY, UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE 1964-1965 Nicholson was President, 1964-1965, and delivered the Presidential Address on 23 October 1964. re Nicholson's Correspondence Presidency and arrangements for manuscript and correspondence re Annual Dinner , 1965. typescript notes for acceptance of the Address, latter; the the with brief in in 1950 under was their belief Group K.13-K.22 established 1950-1996, nd IDEA-SYSTEMS GROUP the Nicholson was a founder It comprised various individuals who were a new a need for The Chairmanship of J.S. Huxley. member. drawn together by synthesis of existing ideas and knowledge. nd Copies of various early typescript papers by Nicholson and Huxley, with a few manuscript notes by Nicholson Minutes of meetings and proposed development of the Group other typescript papers re Contents of a plastic wallet. 1950-1951 1950-1956, K.14-K.15 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Societies and organisations, K.1-K.74 Contents of a plastic wallet. 2 folders. Typescript notes and papers chiefly by Nicholson and Huxley c.1950-1953 Contents of a plastic wallet. ‘Idea-Systems miscellaneous envelope so inscribed letters’, contents of an 1952-1956, nd Correspondence re application for a grant to the Ford Foundation and other matters. Correspondents include Huxley and J. Bronowski. K.18-K.21 Miscellaneous papers and correspondence 1951-1960, nd Included are typescript papers by Nicholson. the material relates to Studies. Some of a proposed Institute of Human 4 folders. INTERMEDIATE GROUP TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT 1989, 1995- Later manuscript and typescript notes by Nicholson on ‘|\dea-systems', with one copy of a letter by him to P.P.G. Bateson, 1989 1996 Nicholson appears to have been a Sponsor of the Appeal for the Schumacher Centre. Brief correspondence etc re Nicholson's assistance with the Appeal. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Societies and organisations, K.1-K.74 LEVERHULME TRUST Nicholson advised the funding relating to environmental research projects. Trust on applications Brief correspondence re Trust. an enquiry from the Brathay K.25-K.26 NUFFIELD FOUNDATION advised relating on __ funding Nicholson applications ecological research projects. He was also a member of the Learned Journals Committee. to environmental and Foundation the 1961-1977, nd 1961, 1977 1966, nd Papers and correspondence re business of the Learned Journals Committee Only one paper is dated 1977. OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE Brief correspondence etc chiefly re funding applications Nicholson advised on the formation of the Institute whose provisional P.M.S. Blackett. 1961 Nicholson was a donor and also appears to have acted in an advisory capacity on at least one occasion. PIONEER HEALTH CENTRE, PECKHAM, LONDON Brief correspondence etc, chiefly with Blackett. Executive Committee included K.28-K.29 1935-1950, E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Societies and organisations, K.1-K.74 Correspondence and papers re the development of the Centre. 2 folders. K.30-K.49 POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC PLANNING (PEP) 1930-1998, nd for Britain' published PEP was a policy ‘think tank’ which was set up in the Spring of 1931 as a consequence of Nicholson's ‘National Plan the Weekend Review, He served initially as its Secretary, and February 1931. later (1953-1958) on the Council of Management. His work for the PEP, which included reports devoted to war preparations, paved the way for his later wartime work in the Ministry of Information. in draft [on ‘Original Nicholson's National Plan] for publication in the Weekend Review February 1931' comments circular inviting of its early matters K.32-K.36 3pp manuscript draft so inscribed by Nicholson (at a later date). Correspondence and papers re the formation of the PEP and with Nicholson's 'National Plan' connected Small notepad used by Nicholson at the ‘original meeting of PEP April 1931' at Dartington Hall, Devon 10pp rough manuscript notes, one page detached; further 2pp intercalated and inscribed 'Notes made probably at Dartington Meeting April 1931’. 1947 Included are the following papers by Nicholson: typescript drafts of articles (earliest 1930); manuscript memo ‘late Feb or early March 1931' headed '1950 Society' (K.32); copies of early documents including first membership list (K.32); 1947 (K.35): corrected proof of 'A National Plan for Great Britain’ and other printed material are at K.36. ‘The Origins of PEP’, 1930-1937, paper on 5 folders. years and E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Societies and organisations, K.1-K.74 K.37-K.38 Correspondence and papers re population issues 1945-1959, 1980-1981 Contents of an envelope inscribed 'Population PEP’. the material Part of the World Population Group, of which Nicholson was member, and production of a PEP report on 'World Population and Resources', 1956. relates to K.39-K.40 2 folders. Various material typescript papers by Nicholson and other 1939-1952 is of copy Included be Democratic’, 'The Architects' Journal’, 9 September 1943, with offprint (K.39); letter from E. Warner, 1939 (K.39); notes for talks. ‘Planning article Can't an 2 folders. K.41-K.47 System Group 1967-1969, nd ideas ‘Renewal 1969, in his book The published Nicholson a July K.41-K.44 broadsheet generating It was concerned with of which was drafted Papers and correspondence re business of the Group, including the drafting of the aforementioned broadsheet The Group, of which Nicholson was a member, was an informal study group which met under the auspices of the PEP. for reforming Government in Britain along the lines proposed by The System: Misgovernment of Modern Britain, London 1967. The British PEP Government’, the by System Group. nd 40pp photocopied typescript draft of 'The Renewal of British Government’ and offprint by Included typescript Britain' corrected proof of 'Echoes of the System' (K.42). following ‘The articles of are drafts Nicholson: (K.41); 1967-1969, 4 folders. the of Bending E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Societies and organisations, K.1-K.74 Press release and press cuttings re ‘The Renewal of British Government’ Photocopied draft of untitled PEP broadsheet The text is different to that of 'The Renewal of British Goverment' but the subject matter is similar. K.48-K.49 Miscellaneous papers and correspondence relating Nicholson's involvement in the PEP to 1958-1998, nd Included is 'Fiftieth Anniversary of PEP', 1981. a typescript draft of Nicholson's remarks at 2 folders. ROYAL SOCIETY OF ARTS 1980-1981, 1993-1995 K.50A-K.50C 1942-1998 Nicholson was a Fellow. Sedburgh was the school Nicholson attended, 1922. Nicholson's association with the school. material relates The to SEDBERGH SCHOOL, CUMBRIA Brief correspondence: invitations to functions and general business. 1990-1998 The material, part of which relates to Nicholson's visit to the school for the Hart House Centenary, October 1990, consists of the following: Hart House was Nicholson's house during his time at Sedburgh. ‘Hart House & inscribed Library’, contents of an envelope so 1919- later E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Societies and organisations, K.1-K.74 of Hart House memories 1919-1922', titled, October 1990; copy of ‘Some 3pp typescript so letter from Nicholson to Centenary; photographs the Centenary, back; correspondence by Nicholson to Hart House and the school library, 1991- 1998. Headmaster during his chiefly annotation re the taken with the books Nicholson's on _ of donation visit the for re 'Sedburgh selected for filing’, contents of an envelope so inscribed Brief correspondence and papers re Old Sedberghians Weekend, June 1998 Miscellaneous papers 1942-1998 SILVER JUBILEE WALKWAY TRUST / LONDON CELEBRATIONS COMMITTEE FOR THE QUEEN'S SILVER JUBILEE 1955-2003 K.51-K.69 K.51-K.53 1975-1977 ‘Silver Jubilee Walkway / Ecological Park’, contents of an envelope so inscribed Typescript and manuscript notes with correspondence and other papers, re planning by the London Celebrations Committee. The London Silver Jubilee Walkway was created in 1977 by the London Celebrations Committee for the Queen's Silver Jubilee, of which Nicholson was Chairman of the Environmental Committee. He was Honorary Advisor to the subsequent Silver Jubilee Walkway Trust. 1975-1977 ‘Environmental Committee’, contents of an envelope so inscribed the Environmental Committee, with brief ‘Final typescript correspondence. of notes Nicholson, Nicholson’ 3 folders. Report! and _ etc by by E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Societies and organisations, K.1-K.74 Typescript draft of foreword by Nicholson to the Silver Jubilee Walkway Official Guide, with related papers and correspondence 1976-1977 Contents of an envelope. Manuscript and typescript notes by Nicholson relating to London Celebrations Committee business, brief correspondence with 1976-1977 Material found together. K.57-K.58 Silver Jubilee Walkway Trust AGM minutes etc 1985-1997 2 folders. ‘Silver contents of an envelope so inscribed Jubilee Trust correspondence 1989-1994', 1989-1994 K.60-K.69 10 folders. TACTICAL VOTING 1987 Miscellaneous papers and correspondence Printed reports and Official Guide are included (K.68). Correspondence chiefly between Nicholson and R. Shaw, Chairman of the Trust, re various later developments connected with the Walkway. 1964-2003 Nicholson was a supporter of this campaign for tactical voting at the 1987 General Election, though he expressed no support for any particular party. Voting’ ‘Tactical support; _ brief the launch of the Nicholson typescript the 1p headed outlining his correspondence; general papers re campaign. reasons’ by for E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Societies and organisations, K.1-K.74 UNITED NATIONS Brief correspondence re Nicholson's work in connection with the 'Kalat report’. K.72-K.74 SHORTER CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS 1939-1998, nd re Nicholson's involvement with various organisations. 1939, 1951-1970 1971-1985 1983-1998, nd E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 SECTION L CORRESPONDENCE, L.1-L.207 1920-2002, nd L.1-L.139 IKEYePEOREE! L.140-L.145 § ORNITHOLOGICAL CORRESPONDENCE L.146-L.207 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE L.1-L.139 "KEY PEOPLE' 1926-2002, nd A series of box files, so inscribed, containing envelopes of Nicholson's correspondence with particular individuals, sometimes including correspondence etc following their deaths (condolence, obituaries by Nicholson, attendance The envelopes were at memorial ceremonies etc). arranged this original Occasional anomalies with this order occur, such as J. Morton Boyd being placed under 'M'. correspondent alphabetically maintained. order been and_ has by the He was a 1945, 1955- 1958 ‘Lord Alanbrooke and Edward Grey' Imperial General Staff friend of Nicholson's Alanbrooke was Chief of during World War Two. and a keen ornithologist. Two separate envelopes of correspondence placed in larger one which is so inscribed. Lord Alanbrooke (Field Marshall Alan Francis Brooke, ‘st Viscount Alanbrooke) Personal correspondence, including One letter only is dated 1945: this was sent from Alanbrooke in the War Office to Nicholson, who was at the Potsdam Conference bird list compiled in Germany (a copy of the list is included). 1927-1960 Two letters in another's hand), 1927, re publication of a bird book by letter 1928 re Grey and Grey to Nicholson other ornithological Edward Grey, 1st Viscount Grey of Fallodon was Grey ornithologist. (July-August), ornithology. re Nicholson's 1905-1916, and Foreign Secretary, from (one written a an matters; E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 arrangements for lunch with Grey; later correspondence with others about Grey's life, 1937, 1960. Allan, Polly Margery Personal Nicholson. letter, possibly re an obituary written by Armstrong, William, Baron Armstrong of Sanderstead Letter to Nicholson re (published 1967). the latter's book The System Barclay-Smith, Phyllis 1973-1994 A close for Secretary Preservation, 1946-1978, and later Vice-President. of Nicholson's, the she was _ International Bird International friend of Council the Ark _ International, Cambridge, March 1994, ‘Golden 1926-1988, Investiture’, Barry, Sir Gerald Reid Barry was Director of the 1951 Festival of Britain, co- founder of Political and Economic Planning and Editor of the News Chronicle and the Saturday Review. Letter from Barclay-Smith to Nicholson thanking him for organising 1973; correspondence re Nicholson's obituary of Barclay-Smith for British Birds, 1980, with typescript drafts of his article; correspondence re unveiling of a plaque in her honour at Birdlife with typescript remarks made by Nicholson; 2pp manuscript notes for a further article. 2001, nd Correspondence re articles by Nicholson for the Saturday Review, 1926-1929; the remainder is mostly personal and covers a variety of matters. Included are typescript notes for a talk at 'the Daily Mirror after publication of 'The System’ [1967]; Nicholson's brief correspondence with The Twentieth Century Society, 2001, which refers to Barry. Included also is brief correspondence between Nicholson and Sir Charles Cunningham (Home Office), 1964, found in this envelope. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 Berry, John 1952-1967 Berry was the first Director of the Nature Conservancy in Scotland 1949-1967. The bulk of the correspondence is 1952-1954 and chiefly covers Nature Conservancy (Scotland) business. A few related letters from another are included. Blacker, C.P. (‘Pip’) Blacker was a close friend of Nicholson's, first chairman of the Simon Population Trust and an ornithologist. 1938, 1948- 1975, 1989, nd ornithology. Personal correspondence, 1948-1973, some also relating to of Nicholson's obituary of Blacker (published in The Times, 1975): one later letter by Nicholson re Blacker. manuscript drafts Included are correspondence Brief between Newnham, 1938, is also included. Nicholson and H. 3 folders. College, following Bronowski's and Vice-Chancellor Bronowski, Jacob 1927-1961, nd Boase, Thomas Sherrer Ross Included are Personal correspondence, 1927-1961, nd. letters by others including C.R.M.F. Cruttwell, 1928-1961, nd, found in this envelope. Boase was a friend of Nicholson's. He was Professor of History of Art at the University of London, President of Magdalen of Oxford, Oxford University (1958-60). 1951-1975 Bronowski was a distinguished mathematician, author and broadcaster (died 1974). Nicholson and Bronowski were friends in relation to the nature of scientific knowledge. Personal letters from Bronowski to Nicholson, 1951-1973; brief death, including Nicholson's letter of condolence to his wife. correspondence and shared many ideas, especially E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 Brook, Sir Norman Craven, 1st Baron Normanbrook Brook was a high-ranking civil servant. Letter of thanks to Nicholson in response to his message of congratulation on Brook being awarded the KCB. Brown, George Alfred, Baron George-Brown Brown government, serving as Foreign Secretary 1966-1968. senior 1960s figure was the in a Labour to Nicholson requesting a meeting to discuss Letter economic ideas. L.14-L.16 Brown, Maurice 1927-1984 was Brown ornithologist. a close friend of Nicholson's and an Personal correspondence, chiefly 1927-1938. it re 3 folders. post-1957, 1958, 1967, Bullough, Lady Monica Lady Bullough was the wife of Sir George Bullough of She cooperated with the Kinloch Castle, Isle of Rhum. Nature Conservancy under Nicholson, to acquire Rhum as a National Nature Reserve in 1957. enabling Two letters from Lady Bullough to Nicholson, undated but probably general of matters; Nicholson's obituary of her from The Times, 27 May 1967; letter to Nicholson from another, 1958, re previous ownership of Rhum. nd Letter to Nicholson re environmental pollution issues. Callaghan was Prime Minister, 1976-1979. Callaghan, Cardiff Callaghan cutting Leonard James, Baron of E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 Carr-Saunders, Sir Alexander Morris (‘Alec’) 1927-1966, nd Carr-Saunders was a close friend of Nicholson's. He was Director of the London School of Economics, 1937-1955, and influential in the field of population dynamics. Personal correspondence. Casey, (Richard Charles) Donn Casey was Chairman of the Simon Population Trust. Letter to Nicholson re arrangements for him Casey's father, letter from Lord Casey to Donn Casey. Lord Casey, in Australia, and to meet related Casson, Sir Hugh Maxwell 1966-1997, nd Casson was Director of Architecture for the Festival of Britain, 1951. including support for the 1989-1993 organisation, re the a 1966. Chiefly environmental conferences and other matters, with one later letter to Nicholson, 1997, re a biography of Casson. Correspondence re Clapham, Arthur Roy HRH the Prince of Wales Chiefly Earthwatch Europe correspondence etc Prince’s reception at Highgrove, June 1993. nd to Undated Clapham; correspondence with A.J. Willis re Nicholson's assistance Clapham for Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, Vol. 39, (Feb. 1994), with Nicholson's 1p typescript note on Clapham. Clapham was Professor of Botany at Sheffield University 1944-69. manuscript draft of letter by latter's article 1992-1994, with the on Nicholson E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 Clark, William 1963-1966, 1983 was Clark Institute. Director of the Overseas Development Brief correspondence re arrangements for meetings on population issues etc. Conran, Sir Terence Orby 1973-1974 Conran was a designer, writer and businessman. Correspondence re development of material for guidance on the visual aspects of environmental pollution. Coolidge, Harold Jefferson 1956-1987 Coolidge was a leading American conservationist. re matters Correspondence including is correspondence between Nicholson and Coolidge's wife, Martha, after her husband's death in 1985. IUCN, WWF etc, conservation 1956-1981; included general Cowell, Frank Richard Creswell, Sir Michael Letter to Nicholson re survey of learned and professional societies in the UK, with related paper. Cowell was Secretary of the UK National Commission for UNESCO. or soon after he left in 1929. Crossman was a Labour Party politician and author. Nicholson appears to have met him at Oxford University, Personal letters to Nicholson re various matters. Crossman, Richard Howard Stafford (‘Dick’) Creswell was a British diplomat. 1930-1933, nd 1938-1988 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 re political Correspondence chiefly topics, 1938-1950, including some re a conference of MPs and economists (including Nicholson) held at Faringdon, 24 September 1948: correspondence (1988) with Anthony Howard, Deputy Editor of The Observer, with notes by Nicholson, re his assistance with Howard's biography of Crossman (this correspondence was initiated a complaint by Nicholson to The Observer. by Correspondents other than Nicholson are included. Crouch, William Greatrix Howard Danby 1929-1931 a was of Crouch fellow undergraduate Nicholson's at Hertford College, Oxford. He helped to launch the Oxford University Exploration Club and was its first Treasurer. He died in an aircraft crash at the age of twenty-four; Nicholson wrote an obituary for him. friend and Personal letters to Nicholson, with one to ?Nicholson's brother; correspondence re Crouch's death and 2pp typescript of the obituary by Nicholson. Delacour, Jean 1985-1986 ornithologist and Crowther, Geoffrey, Baron Crowther Crowther was Editor of The Economist 1938-1956. Delacour was a celebrated Director of the Los Angeles County Museum. French Brief correspondence re Crowther's appointment to the Royal Commission on the Constitution. 1958-1969 Typescript of Nicholson's obituary of Delacour published in no.3, March 1986, and cutting from offprint; related letter from British Birds. She was the widow of John Dower, author of the 1945 Dower Report which helped to set up national parks in Britain. Personal correspondence. British Birds, vol.79, Dower, Pauline E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 L.34-L.35 HRH the Duke of Edinburgh [21963]-1992 The Duke was President of the World Wildlife Fund, 1981-1996, an international nature conservation. influential figure and in Correspondence matters, including the ‘Countryside in 1970’ Conferences and the World Conservation Strategy. conservation various re 2 folders. Elliott, Sir Hugh Francis lvo A close friend of Nicholson's, Elliott was an ornithologist who served as Secretary-General of IUCN and President of the British Ornithologists' Union. 1971-1977, 1989-1990 personal correspondence, including Chiefly 1971-1977; correspondence conservation matters etc, of following Nicholson's obituary of Elliott for the Oxford Ornithological Society's Annual Report 1990 and offprint of printed version. typescript Elliott's death 1989, with also in re various matters: Evans, Sir lfor correspondence Elmshirst, Leonard K. 1936-1966, nd Founder of the Dartington Hall Trust (see K.5-K.11) and one of the founders of Political and Economic Planning. Personal one undated letter by Nicholson covers philosophical topics. There are also letters by others. 1989 Correspondence re plans for a memorial to Fisher (he died in 1970), with minutes of the James Fisher Memorial Appeal of which Nicholson was a member. Included is one later letter by Nicholson to a member of the Fisher Fisher, a close friend of Nicholson's, was an ornithologist and author. He was Editor of the New Naturalist series. Brief personal correspondence. 1965-1967, nd Fisher, James 1970-1973, E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 family (1989). Floyd, Charles Murray Floyd was a conservationist and businessman. Correspondence re conservation and personal matters; typescript of Nicholson's obituary for Floyd (The Times, July 1971) with related letter. 1959-1966, 1971, nd Ford, Edmund Brisco 1947-1982 The eminent geneticist and Fellow of the Royal Society. Correspondence re Nature Conservancy and general matters, 1955-1959, and a lunch at All Souls College, Oxford, 1982. Included is one letter to Nicholson from Sir Henry Bunbury, 1947. Franks, Oliver Shewell, Baron Godwin, Sir Harry Fulton, John Scott, Baron 1973, nd One personal letter to Nicholson. Franks was a philosopher and environmentalist. Fulton was Chairman of the British Council, 1968-1971. One undated personal letter to Nicholson and copy of letter from Nicholson to Lay Fulton, 1973. with Godwin's reply. Copy of letter from Nicholson to Godwin congratulating him on his election to the professorship at Cambridge, Godwin Cambridge. was Professor of Botany, University of E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 L.45-L.47 Graham, Edward H. 1955-1976 Graham was a prominent figure in nature conservation internationally, being influential in the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) and the International Biological Programme (IBP). Nicholson's correspondence with Graham and the IUCN, chiefly re the IBP etc, 1955, 1961-1967; correspondence following Graham's death in 1966 with 6pp manuscript draft of obituary by Nicholson for IUCN Bulletin April/June 1966 and offprint (L.47); personal letters from Graham's wife, Mary, to Nicholson and his wife, 1965-1976. 3 folders. Griffin, Sir Herbert John Gordon 1959, 1965 Griffin was General Secretary of the Council for the Preservation of Rural England. Personal correspondence covering various conservation and other matters. Harroy, Jean-Paul was the first Secretary-General of 1950-1972, 1988 Hasler, H.G. (‘Blondie’) Correspondence re conservation and personal matters. Harroy the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). 1949-1964 Hasler was an ornithologist and friend of Nicholson's. He assisted Nicholson with his investigations of shearwaters in the 1940s (see F.115-F.125). Hobhouse was a National Parks Committee in the 1940s. Liberal One personal letter from Hobhouse to Nicholson, 1959, Personal and ornithological correspondence. Hobhouse, Sir Arthur Lawrence politician who chaired the E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 and an undated letter from Hobhouse's wife to Nicholson. Hoffmann, Luc 1989-1994, 2002 Tour Hoffmann bought the the Camargue, France, in 1948 and established a biological further research material the Camargue. there. to Nicholson's involvement with station relating C.48-C.55 estate Valat See for du in re Correspondence conservation areas S'Albufera, Mallorca. the in the Camargue and_ Mediterranean, other chiefly Hosking, Eric John 1957-1999 Hosking was an ornithologist and photographer. re_ ornithological and Correspondence following photography, Hosking's and corrected proof of obituary by Nicholson published in BBC with Hosking's son, David, 1999. correspondence with typescript 1957-1978; 1991, correspondence expeditions Wildlife death draft in brief Magazine; Howard was Chairman of the BBC 1980-1983. Howard, George Anthony Geoffrey, Baron Howard of Henderskelfe Correspondence re Nicholson's criticism of a 'Panorama’ programme. 1972-1974 Letter from Baring to Nicholson, 1972, re the future of the Nature Conservancy; correspondence following Baring's death in 1973, with typescript letter by Nicholson to The Times in response to its obituary of Baring. ‘Lord Howick’ (Baring, (Charles) Evelyn, 1st Baron Howick of Glendale) Baring Chairman of the Nature Conservancy, 1962-1973. 1952-1959, Governor Kenya, was and of E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 L.56-L.60 Hurcomb, Cyril William, Baron Hurcomb of Campden Hill 1946-1975, nd Hurcomb, a close friend of Nicholson's, was Director- General of the Ministry of War Transport during World War Two and an ornithologist. Nicholson's correspondence with Hurcomb Personal and ornithological. 1946-1953, nd Included Hurcomb, 1970. is a copy of a letter from R.E. Boote to L.57-L.58 Correspondence etc re Hurcomb's 90th birthday party, February 1973, chiefly re arrangements 2 folders. Obituary notices for Hurcomb by Nicholson 1959-1975 Memorial Address for St Hurcomb, Typescript draft with one page of typescript notes; brief correspondence arising; offprint (Field Studies Council Annual the Address. 1974/1975) containing Report part of Nicholson's Margaret's, Westminster, 5 November 1975 Correspondence re Nicholson's notice for The Times, 1959-1963; 2pp typescript draft notice for /bis, with brief correspondence re publication, 1975; correspondence re further requests for notices and 2pp typescript notice for unidentified publication, possibly for The Times or the London Natural History Society. nd Huxley was a close friend and colleague of Nicholson's. They collaborated on various activities and projects for nearly ornithology, expeditions, study groups on social and economic issues, and the creation and development of organisations such as Nature Conservancy and the World Wildlife Fund. Huxley died in Huxley, Sir Julian Sorell 1927-1994, L.61-L.74 Economic including Political and Planning, the half a century, field E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 1975. Contents of a box file. L.61-L.62 '‘JSH', contents of an envelope so inscribed 1927-1970 and relating Correspondence of, The correspondents are various and include copies of letters from Huxley to Nicholson and one manuscript draft letter from Nicholson to Huxley re the Oxford Bird Census, 1927. Huxley. to topics covered The ornithology, environmental matters, war aims, Political and Economic Planning, and broadcasts. publications UNESCO business, from __ range 2 folders. Personal letters from Huxley to Nicholson, with one letter from Huxley's wife, Juliette, to Nicholson (1966) 1966, 1973, nd Found together. ‘Soviet 1931', contents of an envelope so inscribed scientific planning submitted to ‘Notes by JSH - Peter Scott archives 1946 for WWT [Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust]', contents of an envelope so inscribed Manuscript ornithological notes by Huxley on two small cards, apparently from a visit to Peter Scott's wildfowl collection. 1959-1960 Typescript Soviet scientific planning originally sent to Huxley and passed to Nicholson, with manuscript notes by Huxley and copy of letter by Nicholson to the sender. The material relates to the book by this title (published 1961) edited by Huxley, to which Nicholson contributed a chapter titled 'The Place of Conservation’. ‘The Humanist Frame’, inscribed an envelope so paper (translated contents of English) Huxley Julian into on E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 manuscript 3pp Conservation’; correspondence etc, chiefly re publication. Nicholson of by draft notes 13pp Nicholson's headed 'EMN chapter; L.67-L.68 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers re Huxley's career and Nicholson's association with him 1928-1974, nd Nicholson is one of a number of correspondents. of the letters are copies. Many Topics environmental matters. various, are including ornithology and 2 folders. L.69-L.70 Correspondence etc re the Julian Huxley Memorial Fund 1981-1983 Chiefly Memorial Fellowship at Balliol College, Oxford. establishment the the of re Julian Huxley Nicholson was one of the sponsors of the Fund. with on the back a group, 2 folders. annotated Papers by Nicholson relating to Huxley [?1947]- 1986, 1993, nd Personal correspondence between Nicholson and Juliette Huxley With one undated black and white photograph featuring Huxley in Nicholson's hand. 1975-1994 Includes Julian Huxley's centenary (L.73); correspondence and notes re the Huxley's Nicholson's possession, 1986-1988 (L.74). 2pp typescript review of an un-named book on Huxley; 1p typescript note on Huxley's life, character etc. Miscellaneous papers and correspondence post-dating Huxley's death events for L.73-L.74 disposal 2 folders. 1987 material relating to papers of in E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 L.75-L.76 Jackson, Sir Robert Gillman Allen 1946-1993, nd Jackson was Director-General of the Middle East Supply Centre, 1941-1944, and subsequently a senior United Nations Administrator. He was a conservationist and a friend of Nicholson's. See D.17-D.27 for further correspondence with Jackson and papers relating to the Middle East Supply Centre. Personal correspondence chiefly re Jackson's roles in post-war redevelopment in various parts of the world 1946-1962, nd Correspondence and papers re Nicholson's assistance with a biography of Jackson 1992-1993 Keenlyside, Francis Keenlyside was a mountaineer and author. Personal correspondence. Nicholson is dated '1929' typographical error. One copy of but this appears to letter be a by a L.78-L.79 L.78-L.80 Koch, Ludwig 1936-1976, nd Koch, pioneer in wildlife sound recording, and Nicholson collaborated in the production of the sound-book Songs of Wild Birds in 1936. Correspondence etc re Koch's sound-recording work, including a few letters re the sound book, and personal matters (some correspondence with Koch's wife and others Nicholson's script contribution to the BBC radio programme 'Bird Man' (tribute to Koch on his 70th birthday) 1974, 1976 1974, Chiefly re memorial service to Koch, including typescript draft and revised version of the address given by Nicholson, and Nicholson's contribution to a BBC programme in Koch's memory with 1p manuscript notes Correspondence and papers following Koch's death 1936-1965, nd are included), with of 2 folders. E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 on his reminiscences of Koch. Lawrence, Sir John 1932-1983 Lawrence was a diplomat and writer. Personal correspondence etc. Lidderdale, Jane Hester 1943-1953, nd She was a civil servant and a friend of Nicholson's. She worked in the Ministry of War Transport during World War Two the Organising Committee for the Festival of Britain in 1951. Secretary later was and of Personal correspondence. Lindsay, Kenneth Martin Lindsay was a Labour Party politician. 2 folders. a close friend of was L.84-L.85 1933-2001, nd brief correspondence Lockley, Ronald Mathias Lockley, an ornithologist and author and Chairman of the West Wales Field Society (WWFS). Nicholson's, Correspondence only re the memorial service for Lindsay and typescript of the reading delivered by Nicholson. Personal correspondence, 1933, 1936, 1948-1995, nd, chiefly covering WWFS business and other conservation matters; following Lockley's death in 2000. nd Personal correspondence, some covering ornithological matters. Longstaff was an explorer and mountaineer. Longstaff, Tom George re matters 1927-1960, E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 Mallon, J.J. 1950-1954 Mallon was Warden of Toynbee Hall, Settlement in East London. the Universities' Correspondence re Nicholson's acceptance of invitations to give talks and general personal matters. Meinertzhagen, Richard 1951-1963, 1994-1996 Meinertzhagen was a ornithologist. soldier, intelligence officer and Personal correspondence, 1951-1963, including some re ornithology; Nicholson's assistance with biography and other writings concerning Meinertzhagen. brief correspondence etc re Mellanby, Kenneth ecologist Mellanby, Experimental Station was a Nicholson's. and Director friend of Monks Wood and colleague of 1981-1982 Milligan, Terence Alan Patrick Sean (‘Spike’) Correspondence re the world population problem and conservation. Spike Milligan was a well-known comedian, writer and poet. Correspondence with Mellanby's wife re the memorial service for Mellanby, with typescript of short address delivered by Nicholson. nd Morrsion was a distinguished Labour Party politician who held Foreign During his time as Lord President of the Secretary. Council, 1945-1951, Nicholson served as Head of his Office and the two became friends. Morrison, Lambeth 1946-1997, a number of cabinet posts including Herbert Stanley, L.91-L.94 Baron Morrison of E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 See E.1-E.34 for further material relating to Nicholson's time as Head of the Office of Lord President of the Council. Letters personal matters from Morrison to Nicholson re official and 1946-1952, nd Included service as Chief of Staff on the Ottawa Mission. of thanks, 1946, letter is a for Nicholson's concerning Nicholson's correspondence with various civil servants re the matters Nature his employment at Conservancy, chiefly during the period of his transfer from the Lord President of the Council's Office to the Conservancy (1952) 1951-1966 Morrison unrelated letter is dated 1951. one not of is the correspondents. One Typescript of cutting of printed version, re its obituary of Morrison by Nicholson to letter The Times, and March 1965 5 to at are L.95 relating material Morrison collected 1946-1997 photographs, Boyd, John Morton Historical by Nicholson and correspondence etc re his assistance with later enquiries and research concerning Morrison's career Included 1946-1951, annotated on the back in Nicholson's hand: 4 feature Nicholson, of these 2 feature Morrison. All but one of the photographs were taken in connection with the Festival of Britain. 2001 Boyd was Director of the Nature Conservancy, Scotland, 1971-1985, and a friend and colleague of Nicholson's. Letter and postcard from Boyd to Nicholson, 1965, 1992: brief correspondence following his death in 1998. 1965, 1992- E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 Mountfort, Guy 1950-1975, nd a Mountfort, an ornithologist and one of the founders of the World Wildlife Fund. Nicholson's, friend close was of Personal correspondence covering various conservation matters. Nathan, Roger Carol Michael, Baron Nathan was a lawyer who became involved in various committees and bodies concerned with environmental issues. Personal correspondence. Nicholson, Brian Nicholson's nephew. 1973-1999, nd American conservationist, co- 1958-1968, with _ brief Owen, A. David K. 1958-1970, nd Personal correspondence. Osborne, (Henry) Fairfield Personal correspondence subsequent to Osborne's death in 1969. correspondence An founder and President of the Conservation Foundation. businessman and nd Personal correspondence, including letter of resignation from the PEP Council and Executive, 1942; copy of Nicholson's letter of condolence on Owen's death [?to his wife]. Owen was General Secretary of Political and Economic Planning and later held posts in the United Nations. 1939-1969, E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 Owen, John Simpson 1970, 1979 Owen was Director of National Parks in Tanzania and a key figure in African nature conservation. Personal correspondence re conservation matters and Owen's possible inclusion in Who's Who. Parker, Sir Peter 1975-1981 Parker was Chairman of the British Railways Board. Correspondence etc re industry and the environment. Hughes, (Charles) James Pennethorne 1930-1938, nd This individual appears to be the author on witchcraft topics, James Pennethorne Hughes. Personal letters to Nicholson. Peterson, (Roger) Tory 1950-1962, nd Pimlott, John 1947-1967, Correspondence re various conservation topics. The distinguished American naturalist and ornithologist and creator of the Peterson Field Guide series of books. Pimlott served as private secretary to Herbert Morrison at the Home Office and President's Office between 1944 and 1951. He was a colleague and friend of Nicholson's. 1978 Official and personal correspondence, chiefly 1947-1948. Included is a letter to Nicholson from Pimlott's son Ben, the historian. in the Lord E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 Polunin, Nicholas 1970-1988 Polunin was a environmental conservation. botanist and a leading proponent of Correspondence re various conservation issues. Presst, lan 1971-1995 Presst was a conservationist and Director of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. Brief correspondence re Presst's career, 1974: correspondence etc re thanksgiving service following his death. 1971, Priestly, Jane (later Priestly-Bannerman) and David A. Bannerman They were ornithologists and friends of Nicholson’s. 1946-1960, 1978-1980, nd L.108-L.109 2 folders. 1932-1990, nd Pritchard was an influential furniture designer who was also Economic Planning (PEP). founder member of Political and a Pritchard, John Craven (Jack Pritchard) Personal and ornithological correspondence. Personal correspondence etc covering various topics, including PEP work and the furniture industry. 1985-1996 Brief 1994; correspondence etc following Richards' death in 1995, with 2pp typescript draft of Nicholson's address delivered Included are texts of tributes by at a memorial meeting. Richards Owain Westmacott Richards, 1985. Richards was a botanist who was Chairman of the Nature Conservancy Committee for Wales, 1956 to 1967, and President of the British Ecological Society, 1962-1963. Richards, Paul Westmacott correspondence, and Sir Richard Southwood to personal 1985, E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 Roskill, Oliver Wentworth Roskill was an industrial consultant and a member of Political and Economic Planning (PEP). Personal correspondence, letters to Nicholson from K.M. Lindsay and others. 1950-1988. Included are El2-leto Rothschild, Dame Miriam Louisa She was a zoologist, entomologist and Fellow of the Royal Society. 1950-1988, nd 1947-1997, nd correspondence Personal the Promotion of Nature Reserves business, 1947-c.1953, and various other conservation matters. covering Society for 4 folders. Shackleton, Edward Arthur Alexander Shackleton, Baron 1962-1994 1967. is letter a 1994, in one of his letter Shaw, Robert Henry 1990, (Nicholson and Shaw was an architect and planner who was Chairman of the Silver Jubilee Walkway Trust. There is also concerning the Environmental the from of Nicholson to not to reply Shackleton was a politician and geographer, son of Sir Ernest Shackleton, the Antarctic explorer. Personal correspondence, 1962, correspondence, Protection Bill correspondents) Shackleton's widow, condolence. 1995 Correspondence chiefly re memorial service for Shaw, 1995, with typescript of address delivered by Nicholson; typescript obituary by Nicholson (publication unknown). no correspondence between Nicholson and There is Shaw. 1988, 1994- E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 Sieff, Israel Moses, Baron Sieff was one of the founders of Political and Economic Planning (PEP), serving as Chairman and President. He was a close friend of Nicholson's. 1931-1976, 2001, nd correspondence, Personal correspondence especially correspondence, 2001, re Sieff family matters. following PEP 1931-1970, in Sieffs death Israel Sieff nd; 1972, Fund; _ brief re / Ed19- 124 Simon, Ernest Emil Darwin, 1st Baron Simon of Wythenshawe 1939-1990, nd Economic Planning Personal correspondence, 1939-1959, covering Political and matters; correspondence etc subsequent to Simon's death in 1972, some relating to the Simon Population Trust. various other and 3 folders. various referring 1989-1991, Smythe, Pat R. correspondence, _ Spicer, Robert Scanes Personal conservation issues. Spicer made wide contributions to British industry and also worked for Political and Economic Planning (PEP). Smythe was a conservationist who had a prominent role in Earthwatch Europe's project at S'Albufera, Spain. nd Correspondence arising from Spicer's death only, chiefly letters to Nicholson from his widow, with typescript of obituary by Nicholson for 'The Times'. Two separate envelopes of correspondence placed in larger one which is so inscribed. "Tansley and Elton’ L.124-L.125 to a E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 Tansley, Sir Arthur George 1927-1997 Tansley was ecologists of the 20th century. Nature Conservancy Council 1949-1953. botanist and a of one foremost He was Chairman of the the Correspondence, 1927, 1948-1955; from 1949 chiefly re a page of Nature Conservancy business. manuscript notes of Ecology’, 1997. by Nicholson headed ‘Evolution Included is Elton, Charles Sutherland 1931-1984, nd Elton was an founded the Bureau of Animal Population at Oxford. zoologist and infuential ecologist who ornithology Personal correspondence referring to various matters, including Nature Conservancy business (from 1954); draft of biographical note some correspondence subsequent to Elton's death (1931-1932) Nicholson; Elton and on by L.127-L.128 Tatton Brown, Aileen 1941-1943, nd Political and Economic Tickell, Sir Crispin Charles Cervantes She was an architect and, possibly, an ornithologist. Letters to Nicholson chiefly re Planning topics. Diplomat and environmentalist who was Chairman of Earthwatch Europe. 1987-1995 Tinbergen was an He shared the 1973 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. Correspondence re various environmental issues and Earthwatch Europe business. Brief correspondence fieldwork at Ravenglass, Cumbria. Tinbergen, Nikolaas ethologist and ornithologist. Tinbergen's 2 folders. future re the of E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 Tizard, Sir Henry Thomas 1946-1966 Tizard was Chief Scientific Advisor to the Ministry of Defence 1948-1952. Correspondence re manufacturing statistics etc, 1947- 1952; correspondence subsequent to Tizard's death in 1959, chiefly re biographical points. Trapnell, Colin Graham 1929-1933, nd Trapnell was an ecologist and explorer. with Exploration Club in 1927. Nicholson founding the in He collaborated University Oxford Personal letters to Nicholson. Veprintsev, Boris N. 1978-1979 1943-2003 Institute for Environment Veprintsev was a Russian orninthologist and biophysicist who was involved in the early recording of bird song in the USSR. International on 'Numenius Ward, Barbara Mary, Baroness Jackson of Lodsworth Correspondence re Veprintsev's article minutus’ and related correspondence. Personal correspondence chiefly covering conservation issues, 1943-1946, 1969-1977, nd; typescript draft of short (publication Nicholson unknown); one later letter referring to Ward. She was an economist and author who was President of the and Development. She was married to Sir Robert Jackson (see L.75-L.76). 1971 Letter to Nicholson, 1948, re economic matters etc; later personal correspondence. Warner, Sir Edward Redston Warner was a diplomat. 1948, 1970- obituary for Ward by E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 Worthington, Edgar Barton Worthington, a friend and colleague of Nicholson's, was a biologist and ecologist. He was Deputy Director-General of the Nature Conservancy, 1956-1962, and Scientific Director of the International Biological Programme, 1962- 1972. Personal correspondence. 1956-1985, nd Young, Michael, Baron Young of Dartington 1952-1970 Young, a distinguished economist and sociologist, was Nicholson's private assistant at Political and Economic Planning (PEP) before becoming its Director, 1941-1945. Personal correspondence. Pis/-bi3s6 Zvegintzov, Michael 1940-1966, nd Zvegintzov was a member of Political and Economic Planning (PEP). chemist and research a founder 2 folders. 1940-1979, Zuckerman, Solly, Baron Other correspondents are included. Zuckerman was a zoologist and Chief Scientific Advisor to the Government 1964-1971. Personal correspondence, chiefly 1946-1950, re post-war European political and economic issues (some PEP business included). 1993, nd Personal correspondence, chiefly 1947-1956, re scientific policy brief correspondence with members of Zuckerman's family following his death in 1993. and other matters; E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 L.140-L.145 ORNITHOLOGICAL CORRESPONDENCE of Contents 4 correspondence. envelopes are given in the following descriptions: of Nicholson's chiefly inscriptions envelopes ornithological the on L.140-L.141 ‘Bird Letters pre 1950' General ornithological correspondence. include R.A.H. Coombes. Correspondents 2 folders. [c.1928]- 1998, nd 1928-1998, nd ‘Bird Letters mainly post 1950' Correspondence re ornithological and related matters. Correspondents include Stanley Cramp. c.1928-1990, nd general include P.A.D 2 folders. 1928-1963, L.143-L.144 Hollom and ornithological 1946-1987, nd ‘Bird Correspondence Misc’ ‘Important Ornithological] letters’ correspondence. WN-F. Chiefly Correspondents Ticehurst. General ornithological correspondence. Correspondents include V.C. Wynne-Edwards and Phyllis Barclay-Smith. nd E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 L.146-L.207 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE 1920-2002, nd conservation organisations (UK Correspondents are various and include ornithologists, conservationists, and abroad), colleagues and associates from Nicholson's years in the Civil Service and PEP, and others connected Nicholson's with The activities largely personal and some covers correspondence is matters the principal continuing Nature Conservancy through 1960s. business is prominent during Topics Government administration which Nicholson covered in his book The System are also represented, while a few letters relate to his wartime employment. References are at L.207. of biographical topic the 1950s and and Ornithology 1930s, the following 1920s decades; economics interests. such as interest. and _ and the in is 1920, 1926, 1927 1928, 1929 1930, 1931 1939, 1940 1937, 1938 1935, 1936 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 1941-1945 1946 - August 1947 September 1947 - 1949 1951-1959 correspondence Includes Wainwright; the rest is 19571. 1951-1959 with C.B. 1954, 1955 1956, 1957 1945. One letter only, found attached to a 1958 letter, is dated 1945, 1958 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 1960, 1961 1962 - April 1963 May - December 1963 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 1975, 1976 1977, 1978 1981-1988 Correspondence re Nicholson's assistance with a thesis on and sections of the text with Nicholson's annotations. environmental international the movement 1982, 1983 1984, 1985 1987, 1988 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Correspondence, L.1-L.207 1997, 1998 Included is correspondence etc re Nicholson's assistance with the writing of a history of the Edward Grey Institute of Field Ornithology, 1998. Nd 5 folders. References 1999, 2000 2001, 2002 L.202-L.206 1977-1981 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS 49 CLUB 1937 BIRD CLUB ACADEMIC PRESS AD HOC GROUP ON GOVERNMENTAL RESPONSIBILTY FOR THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT ADAMS, Mary ALLAN, Polly Margery ALEXANDER, Horace C. ALEXANDER, W.B. ALSOP, Joseph Wright AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGISTS' UNION ANDERSON, Odin W. ANDERTON, John C:27 C.29, C.30 F.376 C.31 L.165 L.3 F.120 C.437, F.103, F.118-F.121, L.145 L.156 C.33 F.193 F.374, L.184, L.190 ANGEL, Martin V. APPLETON, Sir Edward Victor ASPINALL, Sir Algernon Edward ATHENAEUM C.13, C.14, C.37 721), ES L.4 B.33 J.53 ASTOR, (Francis) David (Langhorne) ATTENBOROUGH, Sir David Frederick ARBUTHNOTT, John Ogilvy, 14th Viscount ARMSTRONG, William, Baron Armstrong of Sanderstead ASSOCIATION OF PUBLIC HEALTH INSPECTORS C.265, C.276, C.279, C.280, F.363- F.366 L.140 BAKER, Kenneth Wilfred, Baron Baker of Dorking BAKER, Philip John NOEL-, Baron K.1 C.274 J.56 J.95 L.155 BAER, Jean G. BAILEY, Sidney Alfred BALFOUR, Henry B18, B22, Di25 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Index of correspondents BALOGH, Thomas BANNERMAN, David A. BANNERMAN, Jane PRIESTLY- BARBER, Sir Derek Coates BARDSEY ISLAND APPEAL BARING, (Charles) Evelyn, 1st Baron Howick of Glendale BARNES, William Lethbridge Gorell BARRINGTON, Robert BARRY, Sir Gerald Reid BATESON, Paul Patrick Gordon BEDFORD COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON Es OG E07 L.194 C.34 L.55 Ed C.142, C.416 Ove 19) Onto, lilo K.22 K.2 BEER, Sir Gavin Rylands DE Po lTAo}, (El rds BEHRENS, Catherine Betty Abigail D.28 BERRY, John C.8-C.13, L.7 BELLAMY, David J. BIDDLE, Eric H. BILAINKIN, George BINNEY, Marcus BELTRAN, Enrique BENTHAM, Roelof BELOFF, Max BELTON, William C.507 L.164 L.181 C.501, L.192, L.203 BERRY, Robert James F.191, F.193, F.194, K.43, K.44 K.17 C.120, C.125, C.126, C.135, C.173, C.207, L.202 C.353 E.14 eio2 BIRD, Terence BISHOP, Pat ie O nee oO bey BISSELL, Dick E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Index of correspondents BLACKER, C.P. (‘Pip’) BLACKETT, Sir Basil Phillott BLACKETT, Patrick Maynard Stuart, Baron BLAKEMORE, Colin BLELLOCH, David BOASE, Thomas Sherrer Ross BODMER, Sir Walter BONDI, Sir Hermann BONHAM, P.F. (‘Pat’) BOOTE, Robert E. Fe 2Z0hE 8-210) 120; 20 Kf k33 K.27, L.62 C.398 F.193, F.194, K.42 et C.270, C.370, L.199 C.266, C.320 F.351 Gio; C274. © 2790) C376. Graco: C.411, F.268, J.87, L.56, L.174, L.176, L.179, L.196, L.199 BOSWALL, Jeffery E62 BOURNE, William R.P. BOYD, John Morton B.59, L.199 C.232, C.247, C.264, F.92, L.95 F.194 C.428 C.268, C.273, C.398 BOYLE, Sir Edward Charles Gurney BRADSHAW, Anthony David =:25; E193 C.37 BRAGG, Melvyn, Baron BRIGGS, Asa, Baron BRITISH ASSOCIATION OF NATURE CONSERVATIONISTS (BANC) BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR SHOOTING & CONSERVATION LTD J.45 22,2 oi, F140) hie hoatic. H.9, H.14-H.16 C.91, C82, Fy: 17, Beep rele, F.256, F.283, F.348-F.354 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION BRITISH ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY BRITISH HUMANIST ASSOCIATION A.20, J13, E96 BRITISH BIRDS J.28 C.38 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Index of correspondents BRITISH ORNITHOLOGISTS’ CLUB C.39 BRITISH ORNITHOLOGISTS’ UNION B.40, C.40-C.42, G.55 BRITISH TRUST FOR ORNITHOLOGY BRONOWSKI, Jacob BRONOWSKI, Rita BROOK, Sir Norman Craven, Baron Normanbrook C.43-C.44, F.27, F.204, F.285, F.373 Se Koy et L.11A 2 BROOKE, Sir Alan Francis, 1st Viscount Alanbrooke B.63, L.1 BROOKS, Duncan J. BROWN, Aileen Tatton BROWN, George Alfred, Baron George-Brown BROWN, Maurice F.334, F.336, F.338, F.339, F.343, F.344 L.126 E13 L.14-L.16 BROWNE, Jack Nixon, Baron Craigton G.60 L.169 aon C.4 J.33 lon en, BRYANT, Sir Arthur BUCHINGER, Maria BUNBURY, Sir Henry BUCHHEISTER, Carl W. BULLOCK, Alan Louis Charles BRUNDRETT, Sir Frederick BUREAU OF ANIMAL POPULATION, OXFORD BULLOUGH (née de la PASTURE) Monique Lily, (‘Lady Monica Bullough’) L.201 A.40, A.123, C.218, C.225, C.267, C.285, F.190, L.116, L.167, L.199, BUTLER, Richard Austen, Baron Butler of Saffron Walden BUXTON, Aubrey Leland Oakes BUTLER, Rohan D’Olier Ea C.2 D.1 L.41, L.164 C.45-C.47 BURSTEIN, M. BURTON, J.F. OZ te. 19S Index of correspondents E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 BUXTON, Cindy BUXTON, Dennis C.G. JUNG INSTITUT CADBURY, Christopher CAIRNS, William J. (‘Bill’) CALDER, Nigel CALLAGHAN, Leonard James, Baron Callaghan of Cardiff E38 CAMPBELL, Bruce CAMPBELL, G.A. CANTELL, Timothy CARNEGIE TRUST FOR THE UNIVERSITIES OF SCOTLAND C.40, C.43, F.27, L.141 E15 C.111 C.509, C.510 CARVER, Francis CASTROVIEJO, Javier CHANDLER, Richard J. A.O9; E102 L.20 C.56 CHARLES, Prince of Wales CHAPMAN, F.S. CHAPMAN, W.M.M. E.15,, 6:24) 24 C.82, C.92, C.103 CASSON, Sir Hugh Maxwell F.354 L.147 C.437 CASEY, (Richard Charles) Donn CENTRE FOR ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL DEVELOPMENT (CEED) L.24 CHARTERIS, Francis David, 12th Earl of Wemyss and March CHRISTIAN FRONTIER COUNCIL 22 C.9 J.20 C237 E23, 470} iS CLAPHAM, Arthur Roy CLARENDON PRESS CLARK, William F.370 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 CLUB OF ROME, BRITISH GROUP COBB, Trevor RUSSELL- COCHERNE, Joan COHEN, Edwin COLE, Jane COLEMAN, Alice Index of correspondents K.3 F.264, J.99 L.186 Eo” C.69 F.375 COLLINS PUBLISHERS F.355, F.356, F.378 COMMITTEE FOR THE STUDY OF MANKIND (USA) K.4 COMMON GROUND -— INTERNATIONAL C.57-C.73 CONDER, Peter CONDRY, William CONRAN, Sir Terence Orby CONSERVATION FOUNDATION, USA C.443 is L.25 J.17 CONWAY, Granville Ed L.142 ES COUNCIL FOR NATURE COOMBES, Robert A.H. CORNWALLIS, Richard J.29, L.26, L.183 L.140, L.141, L.160 C.108, J.32 22055270 COTTRELL, Sir Alan Howard COOLIDGE, Harold Jefferson COUNTRYSIDE COMMISSION F.349-F.351, F.371, L.142 C.103, F.256, F.333-F.335, F.341, L.146 LP J.49 C.516 C.109-C.111 ‘COUNTRYSIDE IN 1970’ COWARD, Thomas Alfred COWELL, Frank Richard F.335, F.336 COUNTRY LIFE COX, lan CRAGGS, Joan HALL- CRAMP, Stanley E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Index of correspondents CRESWELL, Sir Michael L.28 CROSSMAN, Richard Howard Stafford mon 192529 CROUCH, William Greatrix Howard Danby CROWTHER, Geoffrey, Baron CRUTWELL, C.R.M.F. CUDLIPP, Hugh CUNNINGHAM, Sir Charles DAGLISH, Eric Fitch DAILY MAIL DARTINGTON HALL SCHOOL, DEVON / DARTINGTON HALL TRUST DAVIDSON, John DAVISON, Ronald C. L.30 L.31 L.11, L.148 F.194, G.29 L.6 L.146 G.84 K.5-K.11 L.186 F.61, L.153 DESCALS, Enrique DISCOVERY C.120, C.154 F.296 F.357 DIVER, Cyril DORST, Jean J.59-J.60 C1, E66 DITCHLEY FOUNDATION DOUGLAS, Lewis Williams DAWSON, George Geoffery DICTIONARY OF NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY A.79, B.33, F.8, F.48, F.58, F.61, F.63, F.64 F.335, F.337-F.339, F.344 DUNCAN, Sir Arthur Bryce ed L.33 a a7 F.375 DUDLEY, Alan A. DUEEEY. Eric DOWER, Pauline DOWNES, R. Geoffrey B.65, C.234, L.204 DUNN, Euan Crl2; G92 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 DUNNET, George M. DYFED WILDLIFE TRUST EARTHWATCH EUROPE EASTERBROOK, Laurence F. EASTERBROOK, Marjorie THE ECONOMIST ECOS EDWARDS, Vero Copner WYNNE- EISENBUD, Merril ELKINGTON, John ELLIOTT, Sir Hugh Francis Ivo ELMSHIRST, Dorothy Index of correspondents C:226; G70; CAV. L.195 C.112-C.222 L.166, L.169 EArt F.213 F.294, F.304 C. 15, Fvii7, 149) F120; (2140; L.145, L.146, L.164, L.196 Een C.266, C.267, C.519, F.173, F.375 G.80, L.36 K.5 ENGHOLM, Sir Basil Charles THE ENVIRONMENTALIST C.253, F.304 ELMSHIRST, Leonard K. K.5, K.20, K.154, L.37 EMMERSON, Sir Harold Corti = A0RE 1 ERNEST BENN LTD EVANS, Sir (B.) for C.3 C.223 G.68 F.377 ELTON, Sir Charles Sutherland ENVIRONMENTAL DATA SERVICES (ENDS) C.45, C.47, L.84, L.125, L.149, L.166, L.168 C.430 F.190, F.191, F.363, F.365, F.366, L.38 FAIR ISLE BIRD OBSERVATORY TRUST F.369 C.224 F.278 FALK, Nicholas FERNANDEZ, Denzil EVANS, Paul EVENING STANDARD E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Index of correspondents FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN SOCIETY E.31 ils lA, FISHER, Crispin FISHER, James M. FITTER, Alistair H. FITTER, Richard S.R. FLINT, Vladimir E. FLORA & FAUNA PRESERVATION SOCIETY FLOYD, Charles Murray FORD, Anna FORD, Edmund Brisco FORD FOUNDATION FORMAN, Sir Denis Cli, b167b149 J.96 Pe, eae ese C.133, C.174, C.185 eo lke}, 1Enallete), Esaieiy4, Te actly, Weal 7/4 L.194 F.271 L.40 C.270 L.41 J.148, K.17 E.24 FOX, H. Munro FUTEHALLY, Zafar GEDDES, Alexander A.107, F.191, L.43 L.179, L.200 F.370 L.42 ts J.132 FRENCH, Sir Henry Leon FRIENDS OF THE EARTH FULTON, John Scott, Baron FRANKS, Oliver Shewell Franks, Baron GEORGICS SOCIETY, UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE C.489, C.490 GIFFARD, John Anthony Hardinge, 3rd Earl of Halsbury GILBERT WHITE MUSEUM Eat K.12 E78 ES D.32 C.276, C.404 Eg GIDDENS, Anthony, Baron GERRESHEIM, Klaus GIBB, Sir Claude Dixon GIBSON, James E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Index of correspondents GILLMOR, Robert GILMOUR, John Scott Lennox F.120, G.39 L.161 GIMINGHAM, Charles H. C.277, C.404, C.407, C.423, C.468 GLASGOW HERALD GLEGG, William E. GODWIN, Sir Harry F.203 aac L.44, L.166, L.176 GOLDSMIITH, F. Barrie C.152, C.253, F.376, J.124 GONZALES, Jose Manuel Gomez C.127, C.186 GRAHAM, Edward H. GRAHAM, Mary GRANT, lain GREEN, G. Harold GREENWOOD, Jeremy GREIG, Betty L.45-L.47 L.47 C.11-C.13 C.43 A.38, C.25, C.43, C.44, C.285, C.403, L.200 C.143, C.180, C.392 Olen foe GUNTHER, A.E. L.173, L.203 GUDMUNDSSON, Finnur GRIFFITHS, Jed GROOT, Rudolf de J.149 J.94 B.45 2 L.48 H.F. & G. WITHERBY LTD GRIFFIN, Sir Herbert John Gordon GREY, Edward, 1st Viscount Grey of Falloden C.83 HALL, Sir William Stephen Richard KING-, Baron King-Hall of Headley C.112, C.239, C.500, C.507, C.508 E.14 F.193 L.165 HAES, Charles, DE HALL, Noel Frederick HALL, Peter HANCOCK, James E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Index of correspondents HANHAM, John HANKEY, Maurice Pascal Alers, 1st Baron Hankey HARDY, Gathorne GATHORNE- , 5th Earl of Cranbrook HARRIS, Dame (Muriel) Diana Reader HARRISON, James M. HARROY, Jean-Paul HART, Dorothy HARTLEY, Sir Harold Brewer HASLER, H.G. (‘Blondie’) HASLER, William J. HATTINGH, Ivan HAWKINS, Desmond HAYWARD, Geoffrey L.148 K.34 C.308 E1o7, e105 F.139, F.141 C.236, L.49, L.181 L.182 EZ F.116, L.50, L.161 D.15, D.25 C.263, C.264, C.489, C.500, F.273 Cone L.204 HETHERINGTON, Hector Alastair HILEY, Wilfred E. J.59-J.60 C.50-C.52, C.54, C.82, L.52 HOBHOUSE, Sir Arthur Lawrence HODDER & STOUGHTON LTD HODSON, Harold V. HOFFMANN, Luc A.106 L.166 L.51 HINTON, Christopher, Baron Hinton of Bankside EAAO) ENA HOGG, Quintin McGarel, Baron Hailsham of St Marylebone C2 F.188, F.190, F.191, F.193-F.195, teenie L.55 C.127, C.180, C.253, C.264, C.271, C.273-C.275, C.279, C.280, C.354, C.391, C.392, C.395-C.397, C.399, C.409, C.412, L.195 A.109, F.121, F.338, F.348, J.111, L.143, L.144, L.196 HOLFORD, William Graham, Baron E165; E175 HOLDGATE, Sir Martin Wyatt HOLLOM, Philip Arthur Dominic HOME, Charles Cospatrick DOUGLAS- E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Index of correspondents HOMES, Richard C. F.204, L.140 HOPE, Victor Alexander John, 2nd Marquess of Linlithgow L.149 HORNSBY, Timothy R. HOSKING, David HOSKING, Dorothy HOSKING, Eric John HOWARD, George Anthony Geoffrey, Baron Howard of Henderskelfe HOWARD, Anthony Michell HOWE, Stanley HOWELL, David Arthur Russell HUGHES, (Charles) James Pennethorne HUGHES, Edward James (‘Ted’) C.25; 1.193 L.53 L.193 L.53 L.54 L.29 Gio; Ge, F.195 L.102 F213 HURCOMB, Cyril William, 1st Baron Hurcomb of Campden C.10, D.8, F.117, L.56-L.60 HUXLEY, Anthony HUXLEY, Elspeth Joscelin ay ee OZ HUXLEY, Sir Julian Sorell HUXLEY, Michael HUXLEY, Thomas L.187 B.67 J.134 HUXLEY, Sir Andrew Fielding HUXLEY (née BAILLOT), Marie Juliette C.47, K.17, K.18, K.20, K.49, L.61- 637.07, Oc) ealoS HUXLEY (née PEASE), Jocelyn Richenda Gammell, Lady Huxley K.23 INTERMEDIATE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT GROUP INSTITUTION OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES INSTITUTE OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS K.13-K.22 F.308 J.67, J.68 J.93 563) aa Or J.110 IDEA-SYSTEMS GROUP THE INDEPENDENT E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Index of correspondents INTERNATIONAL BIOLOGICAL PROGRAMME C.231-C.238, J.37 INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL FOR BIRD PRESERVATION C.239, C.507, C.508, J.148 INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF MUSEUMS J.86 INTERNATIONAL LITERARY MANAGEMENT G188he189 sbe2ds bed INTERNATIONAL PLANNED PARENTHOOD FEDERATION C.57, C.58, C.61-C.71 INTERNATIONAL UNION FOR THE CONSERVATION OF NATURE AND NATURAL RESOURCES (IUCN) C.50, C.51, L.45, C.240-C.245 ISAACS, Jeremy Israel ISMAY, Hastings Lionel, 1st Baron Ismay of Wormington L.182 E.15 JACKSON, Sir Robert Gillman Allen D:1:(-D:23, E13; bao, E10 JACOB, Sir (Edward) lan Claud JARVINEN, Olli E192 F.284 JAY, Peter JENKINS, David JOHN MURRAY JONES, Thomas E20; E:26 D.28, D.32 JEFFERS, John N.R. L.156 C.58 C.267 F.360 Ei JENKINS, Sir Simon David JENKINS, Sir (Thomas) Gilmour JAY, Douglas Patrick Thomas, Baron JENKINS, Roy Harris, Baron Jenkins of Hillhead L.150 JOSEPH, Sir (Herbert) Leslie JOURDAIN, Francis C.R. L.153 C.61 C.158 F.372 L.161 Eo steely KASSAS, Mohammed KEAY, Ronald W.J. KEELEY. Gir: E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 KEENLYSIDE, Francis KENDALL, Michael KENNY, Sir Anthony John Patrick KERR, Helen RAIT- KING, Alexander KING, Cecil Harmsworth KOCH, Ludwig Karl KUHN, Hans-Rudolf LABOVITCH, Neville LACK, David LAND USE CONSULTANTS LANGLEY, John Index of correspondents al. F.256 C.383 L.164 E.6, L.158 Ron 12 Gl) Gao eato C.354, C.452 K.63 Tel lOuIOuIN OL aol, C.249-C.252 L.184 LAWRENCE, Sir John LAWRENCE, John W. 3/3) 1201, E205 A.105 L.147 LEVERHULME TRUST LIDDERDALE, Jane Hester LINDAHL, Kai CURRY- THE LISTENER LAWRENCE, Thomas Edward LEES, |. James FERGUSON- C.29, C.43, C.52, C.80, C.81, C.265, F.139, F.142-F.144, F.256, F.348- F.350, F.354, L.194, L.200, L.201 C.9 aldoealZObri25\ 264, L.85 LLOYD, Edward Mayow Hastings MACADAM, Sir Ivison Stevenson LONGSTAFF, Thomas George K.24 L.82 LAAs) F.85 D.32 L.86, L.148 D1) DZ, D7, LOCKLEY, Ronald M. McARTHUR, Donald Neil E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Index of correspondents MACDONALD, J.D. McFARLANE, W.A. McGRAW HILL BOOK CO. MACKENZIE, William James Millar McLACHLAN, Donald MABEY, Richard MAGNUSSON, Magnus MAINGAY, Hugh MAJOR, Sir John (Roy) MALLON, J.J. MALTBY, Edward MANDELSON, Peter Benjamin, Baron MARINE BIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED KINGDOM B.38 =o Ol edo F.193-F.195 C.488 C.489, C.490 C.248 A.104 C25 L.87 C.112 C.264, L.94 C212, C213 B.67 PAE Red24 C.90, C.200 MAUDE, Angus Edmund Upton MARTIN, (Basil), Kingsley MARTINS, Rod MAYORGA, Jose M. MEDAWAR, Jean, Lady MAYAUD, M. Noel MAYOL, Joan L.162 F.59, K.34 MARQUIS, Frederick James, 1st Earl of Woolton C.112, ©.116, C.117, C.130, C.134, C.135, C.142, C.159, C.208, C.210 A.106 C.57, C.58, C.60, C.63, C.64, C.66- C.68, C.70 ESO 17d 760.164, 88, L194 MELCHETT, Peter Robert Henry Mond, 4th Baron L.188 C.58, C.501 F.139; F.142, L.88 MEDLEY, George J. MEINERTZHAGEN, Richard MELLANBY, Kenneth METCALFE, Dorothea E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Index of correspondents MILLER, Kenton R. MILLIGAN, Terence Alan Patrick Sean (‘Spike’) MINTER, Rick MITCHELL, Andrew W. MONK, James F. MUNRO, David A. MONTEFIORE, Hugh William MOORE, Norman V. MOREAU, Reginald Ernest MORRIS, Arthur H. MORRIS, Jan MORRISON, Herbert Stanley F.360 L.90 F.304 C.160 C.40, G.55 Cid, Caf2 J.69 C.18, C.27, C.285, C.407, F.294, L.181 EG2 L.192 L.203 alo, eon MOUNTFORT, Guy Reginald D.2 NAPIER, Robert NATHAN, Harry Louis, 1st Baron MOURANT, Arthur Ernest el SOS MURRAY, Sir Keith (Anderson Hope) MORTON, Sir Desmond John Falkiner C.37, C.79-C.81, F.348, L.62, L.68, E96; E165) 18971193) 202; L.204 MURRAY, Mungo David Malcolm, 7th Earl of Mansfield and Mansfield C.1-C.24 NATURAL ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH COUNCIL NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION, USA NATHAN, Roger Carol Michael, Baron NATURE CONSERVANCY (Uk) D.26 lod C.184 K.34 K.72 J.54 C.442 C.21 NATIONAL BOOK LEAGUE NATIONAL FARMERS’ UNION C.516, L.97 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Index of correspondents NATURE CONSERVANCY (USA) NATURE CONSERVANCY COUNCIL NEW RENAISSANCE GROUP NEW SCIENTIST NEWBOULD, Palmer NEWS CHRONICLE NICHOLLS, Frank G. NICHOLLS, Jack W. NICHOLSON, Brian NORMAN, Sir Arthur Gordon NORMAN, Jennifer J.17 C.25, J.127B C.253-C.436 F.258, F.281, F.374 C.124, F.296 F.370 C.240, C.241 G.26 K.9-K.11, L.98 L.188, L.189 C.266, C.267 NORRINGTON, Sir Arthur (Lionel Pugh) C.45, C.47, D.7, L.154 NUMATA, D.M. J.37 J.3, K.25, K.26 SO tee On tee 4 OBSERVER O’CONNOR,, F. Brian OGILVIE, Malcolm A. O’NEILL, Denis O’RIORDAN, Timothy G22 F.223 F.351 D.25 L.98A K.27 NUFFIELD FOUNDATION OSBORNE, (Henry) Fairfield OFFICIAL ARCHITECTURE & PLANNING L.100 OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE OXFORD ORNITHOLOGICAL SOCIETY OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS C.437, C.438 F.336, F.337, F.340 OWEN, A. David K. OWEN, John Simpson C.262, C.374, C.432 L.99 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 PACKARD, Fred M. PALUMBO, Sir Peter G. PARDOE, Stephen W. PARKER, Sir Peter PATTEN, Christopher Francis PEACOCK, Alexander D. PEARSALL, William Harold PELLEW, Robin PENNIE, lan D. PEREIRA, Sir (Herbert) Charles PERRING, Franklyn Hugh PERRINS, Christopher M. PETERSON, (Roger) Tory Index of correspondents J 178, E80 E.25 L.178 104 F.360, L.191 C.8 C.4, L.135 C.260, C.265 C.14 C.283, C.415 C.20, C.125 A.125, F.337, F.339, F.340, L.199 J.18, L.103, L.144 F.354 PHILLIPS, Adrian PETTIFER, Julian PHILIP, Duke of Edinburgh F.370 L.104 G.32, L.104 PIMLOTT, John A.R. PINDER, John PIKE, Oliver G. PIMLOTT, Ben PIONEER HEALTH CENTRE, PECKHAM, LONDON C.253-C.255, C.264, C.398, F.268, EAS C.94, C.498, C.502, C.516, F.360, J.95, K.54, L.34, L.35, L.186, L.196 L.105 POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC PLANNING (PEP) aloZ K.28, K.29 L.1192 Eon K.30-K.49 POLUNIN, Nicholas F.373, F.374, J.94, J.148, PIPER, Anne POLICY STUDIES INSTITUTE E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 POORE, M.E. Duncan Index of correspondents C.253-C.255, C.258, C.259, C.263- C.265, C.268, C.272- C.274, C.280- C.282, C.286, C.347, C.349-C.351, C.370, C.382, C.395, C.397, C.398, C.409, C.411, C.415, C.427, J.22, J.28-J.31, L.172, L.182, L.189 POPULATION CONCERN C.62, C.65 PORRITT, Sir Jonathon Espie POTTER, Stephen POUGH, Richard H. C.263, C.268, C.273, C.282, C.398, L.188, L.193 A.105 L.169, L.170, L.181 PRANCE, Sir Ghillean lain Tolmie C.434 PRESST, lan PRIDE, W. Emrys PRINGLE, John William Sutton C.163, C.225, C.440, C.445, C.446 lige; eelion C.47 PRITCHARD, John Craven (‘Jack’) L.108, L.109, L.186 RADERMACHER, Alan REYNOLDS, Fiona RHODES, Harold Vale RIDDELL, Sir Walter RIDDIFORD, Nicholas RANKIN, M.N. REID, Alexander C.157, L.203 F.103 C.418, L.196 RICHARDS, Paul Westmacott J.17 C.268 P|, |) RESOURCES FOR THE FUTURE INC. F.371 Cai2) C28) Culcd Gilsoy Galco, C.142, C.150, C.158, C.162, C.165, C.166, C.185, C.221, C.224 C.239, C.507, C.508, C.516 A.59 K.43, K.44 RIPLEY, S. Dillon ROBERTS, John ROBERTSON, James H. ROBINSON, E. Austin G. oi2 Wi). ilo A.79 Index of correspondents E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 ROGERS, Percy RONALD, Sir Nigel Bruce ROSBOROUGH, Brian A. ROSKILL, Oliver Wentworth ROSSWALL, Thomas ROTHERAY, Geoffrey ROTHSCHILD, Dame Miriam Louisa ROYAL NAVAL BIRDWATCHING SOCIETY D.10, D.16 D.20 C.213 et C.163 A.104 L.112-L.115 C.439 ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF BIRDS C.13, C.42, C.91, C.94, C.103, C.225, C.440-C.446 ROYAL SOCIETY OF ARTS C.420, C.421, C.447-C.449, K.50 ROYAL SOCIETY OF NEW ZEALAND ROYAL SOCIETY UNESCO COMMITTEE J.28 C.450 ROYAL TOWN PLANNING INSTITUTE C.418, C.427 RYDER, Ronald A. SALTER, (James) Arthur, Baron F.368, F.369 E.5, L.160 SANDBROOK, Richard SATURDAY REVIEW SCHUSTER, Sir George Ernest THE SCOTSMAN SCOTT, Laurence L.186 F.194 F.302 SAUNDERS, Sir Alexander Morris (‘Alec’) CARR- K.50A-K.50C A.73, C.90, C.239, C.500, C.5014, F233; F c60nEai7s, 175, e176 SCOTT (née TALBOT-PONSONBY), Philippa, Lady SCOTTISH ORNITHOLOGISTS’ CLUB SEDBERGH SCHOOL, CUMBRIA L.19 A.59 C.11 L.153 A.40, L.193, L.201 C.451 SAUSMAREZ, Cecil DE SCOTT, Sir Peter Markham E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 SELBORNE SOCIETY SEMMES, Anne Wingfield SENDALL, Bernard Charles SEXTON, Teresa Index of correspondents C.488, C.489 F.289 Syllh Sue J.92 SHACKLETON, Edward Arthur Alexander, Baron Shackleton of Burley C.226, J.65, L.116, L.166 SHARP, Robin SHARROCK, J. Timothy R. SHAW, Robert SHEAIL, John SHREEVE, David C.35, C.127, C.154, C.258, C.259, C.265, C.269, C.271, C.277, C.280, C.281, C.283-C.285, C.287, C.348, C.355, C.395, C.407-C.409, C.412, C.415, C.416, C.419, C.427 F.143, F.144, F.283, F.284, F.351, F.353, F.354 C.448, K.59, L.182 C.273 C.264, C.266, C.282 SIBLEY, Charles G. SIMON, Sir Francis SMART, Michael SIMMONS, Kenneth E.L. L.163 F.190, K.5, L.118 K.51-K.69 L.193-L.195 EV19-6.120 SIEFF, Israel Moses, Baron SLATER, Sir William Kershaw SIMON POPULATION TRUST SILVER JUBILEE WALKWAY TRUST SIMON, Ernest Emil Darwin, 1st Baron Simon of Wythenshawe 22 SMITH, Christopher Hubert Llewellyn F.131 Zt E10 L.180 SMITH, George Ivan SMITH, Hubert J.F. SMITH, Phyllis BARCLAY- SMYTHE, Pat R. C.377, C.383, C.385 J.8 Pie C.50, C.103, L.5, L.145 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Index of correspondents SNOW, David W. SOCIETY FOR THE PROMOTION OF NATURE RESERVES F.335. F.336, F.339 C.452, F.373, L.112 SOUTHWOOD, Sir Thomas Richard Edmund SPEDDING, Sir Colin Raymond William C.152 C.253 SPENCE, Sir Basil Hamilton Hebden NEVEN- C.13, L.166 STANDISH, Robert I. STEERS, J. Alfred STERLING, Jeffrey Maurice STEVENS, Sir Jocelyn STEWART, Philip STOKES, Richard Rapier SUNDAY TIMES L.182 C.1 L.182 E.24 L.190 E.15 Pes, SUSSEX TRUST FOR NATURE CONSERVATION LTD J.116 L.92, L.124, L.146, L.160 L.144, L.167, L.191 Ol K.70 TACTICAL VOTING 1987 TALBOT, Lee M. SWANSON, Gustav A. SYNOPSIS TAYLOR, Sir George TAYLOR, Sir William Ling TANSLEY, Sir Arthur George C.235, L.45, L.47, L.176, L.184 THATCHER, Margaret Hilda, Baroness F.371 E.32, E.33, F.60, F.63, F.64, F.233, F.264, F.288, F.367, L.193 THOMSON, Sir Arthur Landsborough F.118, F.348, L.166, L.173, L.179 L.168 og C.444 THOMPSON, Harry V. THOMPSON, Hugh THE TIMES THORNE, P.A.C. J.39 L.153 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 Index of correspondents THORNTON BUTTERWORTH LTD THORSELL, Jim TICEHURST, Claud Buchanan TICEHURST, Norman Frederick TICKELL, Sir Crispin Charles Cervantes TINBERGEN, Nikolaas TINKER, Jon TIZARD, Sir Henry Thomas TOWN PLANNING REVIEW TRAIN, Russell E. TRAPNELL, Colin Graham TRUST FOR URBAN ECOLOGY F.368 J.120 L.145 L.143 C.267, & 360) E127, 126: L.196 L129 C.500, C.501 L.130 F.262 C.507, J.34, J.42 L.131 C.456-C.485 TUCKER, Gladys L.190 E.3 E.28 UDALL, Stewart L. UNITED NATIONS VEPRINTSEV, Boris Eo K.71 C.487 J.113 TURNER, Sir George Wilfred URBAN WILDLIFE GROUP UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON TWENTIETH CENTURY SOCIETY VENABLES, Llewelyn Sydney Vaughan (‘Pat’) L.159 WAINWRIGHT, C. Brian A.12 C.209 B.77A F.286, L.142 L.132, L.204 VICKERS, Hugo VIVES, Pere Tomas VOOUS, Karel H. Index of correspondents E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 WALKER, Brian W. WALL, John Edward WALTON, John WARD, Barbara Mary, Baroness Jackson of Lodsworth A.109, C.255, C.257, C.258, C.259, C.263, C.265, C.267, C.269, C.282, C.286, C.425, C.427, C.432, F.360, E192,E.195) E199 E.14 C.14 L.133 WARNER, Sir Edward Redston K.39, L.134, L.175 WARREN, Peter T. WATERSTON, George WATES, Neil E. WATKINSON, Pat WEAVER, Warren WEEKEND REVIEW C210 C271 €.13, F.139 F.193-F.195 Cal2 L.163, L.164 F.369 roll, C.439, F.118 WEEKEND TELEGRAPH WETMORE, Alexander WHEATER, Roger J. WILKINSON, Kate WILBY, Peter John WILLIAMSON, Kenneth C.405 C.516 F.189 C.495 C.265 WHITE, Robin GROVE- WILKINSON, Sir William Henry Nairn WILDFOWL AND WETLANDS TRUST F.193 C.25, C.160, F.335-F.339, J.127B, Ei) ES0y 92 Bi9) C10; C224" Fiza e162 WILSON, Michael (‘Mike’) L.23 C.88 F.338 J.14 WILSON, Sir Reginald WILLIS, Arthur John WILSON, John J.H. WITHERBY, Harold F. WOODCOCK, George F.17, F.24, F.348 E.M. Nicholson NCUACS 177/8/09 311 Index of correspondents WOODMAN, Michael WORLD CONSERVATION MONITORING CENTRE WORLD CONSERVATION STRATEGY WORLDWIDE FUND FOR NATURE WORTHINGTON, (Edgar) Barton C27, EN C.145, C.146 C.496-C.504 A.72, C.112, C.183, C.184, C.239, C.500, C.501, C.505-C.510, G.68 A.107, A.108, C.233, C.234, C.505, L.68, L.135, L.172, L.184, L.186 WRIGHT, Sir Paul Hervé Giraud K.61 YEATES, George K. C.48, C.54, L.142, L.153, L.161 YONGE, Sir Charles Maurice YOUNG, Michael, Baron Young of Dartington YOUNG, Wayland Hilton, 2nd Baron Kennet C.1 L.136 J.56 ZUCKERMAN, Sir Solly C.43, F.191, F.194, F.195, K.41, L.139 ZVEGINTZOV, Michael Aki, 1h, 4) eke)