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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Cesar Milstein, CH, FRS (1927-2002) NCUACS catalogue no.146/3/06 By Heather Bird and Timothy E. Powell C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Title: Compiled by: Heather Bird and Timothy E. Powell Date of material: 1952-2003 Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of César Milstein CH FRS (1927-2002), molecular biologist NCUACS catalogue no. 146/3/06 © 2006 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge Extent of material: ca 1,050 items Reference code: GB 0014 MSTN Deposited in: C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE DIRECTOR CHURCHILL ARCHIVES CENTRE CHURCHILL COLLEGE CAMBRIDGE C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists in the production of this catalogue was made possible by the support of the Wellcome Trust Research Resources in Medical History programme C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.1-A.126 SECTION B LABORATORY OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY __ B.1-B.84 SECTION C RESEARCH C.1-C.340 SECTION D LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS D.1-D.152 SECTION E SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS E.1-E.45 SECTION F CONSULTANCIES AND COMMERCIAL F.1-F.23 SECTION G VISITS AND CONFERENCES G.1-G.94 H.1-H.187 SECTION H CORRESPONDENCE INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received for cataloguing from the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, and from Dr Celia Milstein (widow) via the Laboratory in May 2005. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF CESAR MILSTEIN César Milstein was born in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, on 8 October 1927, the middle boy of three sons. His father was a Ukrainian Jewish immigrant and his mother, a teacher, was also Jewish but born in Argentina although her family had originally emigrated from Lithuania. As a child Milstein developed an interest in biology at an early age. In an interview in 1998 he recounted that it stemmed from a holiday visit made by his cousin, a chemistry graduate student from the University of Buenos Aires, when he was just over seven years old, ‘Her explanations of how she removed venom from snakes and used it to prepare antiserum to treat people bitten by poisonous snakes had a profound impact on me and awakened my interest in biology’. Israel. Returning to the Instituto de Quimica Biologica at the University of Buenos Aires, Milstein studied for his doctorate under the direction of the eminent biochemist A.O.M. Stoppani, Professor of Cambridge to phosphoglucomutase. There he met Fred Sanger, with whom he formed a lifelong association, and worked part-time as clinical analysts, Milstein for Laboratorios Liebeschutz. He obtained his Ph.D. in 1957, for a kinetic analysis of the enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase and on its completion Milstein University of Buenos Aires. Here he was active in student politics and met his future wife, Celia Biochemistry under Malcolm Dixon, studying the mechanism of metal activation of the enzyme Biochemistry at the Medical School. To support themselves during this period both he and his wife was awarded a British Council Fellowship to go to Cambridge to work in the Department of Prilleltensky. They married in 1953, taking a one year honeymoon trip travelling around Europe and After schooling at the Colegio Nacional in Bahia Blanca, Milstein went on to study chemistry at the rejoin Sanger at the newly established Medical Research Council Laboratory of situation was intolerable and in 1963 Milstein left Argentina for the second time and returned to as a vendetta against the director of the institute where | was working’, Milstein later wrote. The completed a second doctorate. In 1961 he returned to Argentina as Head of Division de Biologia Molecular, Instituto Nacional de Microbiologia in Buenos Aires to continue his research into enzymes. Upon returning to Argentina, the Milsteins found the political climate very different from before. Following a military coup ‘...political persecution of liberal intellectuals and scientists manifested itself C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Molecular Biology. Here he was to remain for the rest of his career, Head of the Protein Chemistry Subdivision 1969-1980, Joint Head of the Division of Protein and Nucleic Acid Chemistry 1981-1995 and from 1988 to retirement in 1995 serving as Deputy Director of the Laboratory. He became a Fellow of Darwin College, Cambridge in 1980 (Emeritus Fellow 1995, Honorary Fellow 2002) and an Honorary Fellow of Fitzwilliam College in 1982. At the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, on the advice of Sanger, Milstein switched from enzymology to immunology and work on antibodies, proteins produced by the cells of the immune system in response to attacks by foreign bodies (antigens). His research focused on the genetic study of antibody diversification, how antibodies acquire their ability to fight specific antigens and the means by which pure antibodies could be produced in the laboratory. Milstein’s research group was a lively one and many young scientists from all over the world, in later years especially from Spanish-speaking countries, came to research under him. It was with a German visiting researcher, Georges Kohler, who came from the Basel Institute for Immunology (Ph.D. University of Freiburg), that in 1975 Milstein invented the hybridoma technique for the production of monoclonal antibodies. By fusing antibody- producing cells with tumour cells, Milstein and K6hler were able to produce a hybridoma, which could then continuously synthesize antibodies that were identical to those produced by the antibody- producing cell before it was fused. Used as research tools, monoclonal antibodies revolutionised the way in which biologists viewed living systems but monoclonal antibody production also opened the Milstein and Kohler received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for their work, along with N.K. Jerne, who had done theoretical work on the human immune system. Milstein and his research group continued to work in this field, improving and developing monoclonal antibody technology right up to his death, aged 74, on 24 March 2002. He was survived by his wife Celia. in 1975 (Wellcome Medal 1980, Royal Medal 1982, Copley Medal 1989, Croonian Lecture 1989) and prizes he received were the Avery-Landsteiner Prize of the Society for Immunology in 1979, the Wolf Prize in Medicine of the Wolf Foundation in 1980, the Robert Koch Prize (Germany) and Karl Milstein won very many honours and awards. He was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society cancer, the prevention of transplant rejection, pregnancy testing and the treatment of arthritis. In 1984 in 1981 was made a Foreign Associate of the US National Academy of Sciences. Among the major way for the commercial development of new types of drugs and diagnostic tests in fields as diverse as Associacion Argentina de Alergia e Immunologia, in 1988 Honorary Fellowship of the National Landsteiner Award of the American Association of Blood Banks, both in 1982, and the Albert Lasker After the fall of the military government in Argentina in 1983 Milstein received many invitations to visit his native country and was accorded many honours, including in 1985 Honorary Membership of the Basic Medical Research Award in 1984. These awards culminated with the award of the Nobel Prize in 1984. In 1995 Milstein was made a Companion of Honour for services to molecular biology and in 2000 the Medical Research Council awarded him its first Millennium Medal. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Academy of Sciences of Argentina and Honorary Membership of the Sociedad Cientifica Argentina and in 2000 the Presidential Medal of Merit for Scientific Excellence. The same year he was made a Corresponding Member of the Academia de Ciencias de América Latina. For further information on the life and work of Milstein see ‘César Milstein CH 8 October 1927-24 March 2002’ by M.S. Neuberger and B.A. Askonas, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, vol 51 (2005). DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The collection is presented as given in the list of contents. It is dominated by comprehensive documentation of the work of Milstein, and his research group, from the early 1950s to his death. A significant proportion of the material is in Spanish, reflecting his origins and his continuing connections with Argentina and the wider Spanish-speaking world. Section A, Biographical, presents a range of material relating to Milstein’s life and career. There are obituaries, curricula vitae and a range of biographical accounts and interviews. His career is patchily documented but includes university certificates, formal papers relating to employment at the his two bulky folders of honours declined; in particular Milstein was disinclined to accept honorary degrees. Personal correspondence is varied and ranges from appeals for help or support for causes to College functions in Cambridge. Landsteiner Memorial Award 1982, Albert Lasker Award 1984, Copley Medal of the Royal Society 1989, Companion of Honour 1995 and of course the Nobel Prize of 1984. There are also the There is very good coverage of awards and honours accorded to Milstein from 1977 onwards. It Section B, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, comprises two components. There is a sequence of includes the Avery-Landsteiner Prize 1979, Robert Koch Medal 1980, Wolf Prize 1980, Karl Laboratory of Molecular Biology and the contents of his office notice board at the time of his death. office appointment diaries covering the period 1993-2002, and Milstein’s files on postgraduate and Argentine honours accorded him from the 1980s onwards. Of additional interest are the contents of Buenos Aires in the mid 1950s, the Department of Biochemistry in Cambridge and during his brief postdoctoral students and visiting researchers. These cover 1970 to 2002 and include many of the over two thirds of the total. The section documents Milstein’s scientific research from the University of spent time in Milstein’s group. It includes documentation of Georges Kéhler’s research fellowship at Section C, Research, is the single largest component of the collection, in terms of size comprising researchers from all over the world (especially from Argentina and the Spanish-speaking world) who the Laboratory. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 return to Argentina in 1961-1962, to his career at the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology up to and well beyond official retirement. It thus spans some fifty years of research in enzymology and molecular biology, and much of the material covers not only the work of Milstein himself but his wider research group. The earlier period up to and including the 1960s is represented in the form of bound notebooks but the greater part of the material, dating 1970-2002, is the contents of MRC ringbinders kept as laboratory notebooks and thus styled. It is highly technical in nature, covering laboratory techniques for the study of antibody behaviour, diversification and the production of monoclonal antibodies, and the notebooks contain much experimental data. Very significant documentation was kept by his longstanding laboratory technician and research officer J.M. Jarvis but many other researchers and research themes are represented. The section includes documentation of the administration of research in the form of records of the distribution worldwide of cell line samples from Milstein’s laboratory and a little material relating to grant applications. There is also material relating to patents, including correspondence relating to the failure to patent monoclonal antibodies in the mid 1970s. Section D, Lectures and publications, is divided into three subsections. The first presents drafts for some of Milstein’s public and invitation lectures from 1965. He was always in considerable demand as a distinguished molecular biologist but following the award of the Nobel Prize invitations to lecture increased. Prestigious lectures documented here include the Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins Memorial Lecture 1986, the Croonian Lecture of the Royal Society 1989, the Edward K. Dunham used for lecture illustration. 2002. Twenty UK, overseas and international bodies, including a number of Argentine Section E, Societies and organisations, is not extensive. The material is mostly late in date, 1977- because of the number of apparently unpublished drafts. The third subsection is photographic slides establishments, are represented but there is significant material only for the Basel Institute of Institut fur Immunobiologie 1999. The second component, drafts and publications, is patchy. While it Lectures at Harvard Medical School 1992 and the Third Georges K6hler Lecture at the Max Planck Immunology (Milstein was on the International Scientific Advisory Board), Celltech Ltd (member of the Science Council), the Fundacién Juan March of Spain (assessing proposals sent to the Scientific does not provide comprehensive coverage of Milstein’s published output, it is of considerable interest Molecular Biology’s Industrial Liaison Committee. Antisoma Ltd (which Milstein served as President of the Science Council 1990-1995), Cambridge Section F, Consultancies and commercial, is the smallest in the collection. It covers five commercial concerns with which Milstein was involved relating to the exploitation of antibody research. It includes Antibody Technology and Sera-Lab. There is also a little material relating to the Laboratory of Council of the Fundacién) and the Royal Society. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Section G, Visits and conferences, documents Milstein’s overseas travel and attendance at meetings from 1965 up to his death. Milstein's presence was much sought after, particularly as a Nobel laureate, and especially in South America. Most of the occasions documented are meetings held in the UK and Western Europe, but Milstein’s contact with Argentina increased following the fall of the military government in 1983, with visits documented in spring 1984, March 1986, April and December 1987, March and August 1991, March 1992 and March 1994. He also made a number of visits to other Latin American countries and to Spain. He very often travelled with his wife Celia, who sometimes participated as a scientist in her own right. Section H, Correspondence, dates chiefly from the mid-1970s up to 2002, with little documentation for earlier decades. The bulk comprises the contents of Milstein’s alphabetical sequence of ‘General’ correspondence files. Although there are few extended exchanges, significant correspondents include A. Cambrosio, A.C.G. Cuello, J.C. Howard, A. Karpas and A.J. McMichael, with a sequence of correspondence with various colleagues at the Argentine Fundacion Campomar 1991-2001. There is some further miscellaneous correspondence including letters exchanged with F. Sanger in the late 1950s and early 1960s, correspondence from colleagues and institutions in Argentina, letters relating to ascription of credit for monoclonal antibody W6/32, correspondence relating to the work of H. Bazin and references and recommendations. There is also an index of correspondents. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Molecular Biology, for their help and encouragement. We are very grateful to Dr Celia Milstein and to Ms Annette Faux, Archivist of the Laboratory of Bath 2006 Heather Bird Timothy E. Powell C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL, A.1-A.126 1952-2003 A.1-A.6 BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL A.7-A.23 INTERVIEWS, ARTICLES AND TRIBUTES A.24 BIBLIOGRAPHY A.25-A.111 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS A.112-A.124 PERSONAL A.125, A.126 MISCELLANEOUS BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL 1999-2002, n.d. The Times, 26 March 2002. The Guardian, 27 March 2002. By Pearce Wright The Independent, 27 March 2002. By David Secher Obituaries, March The Daily Telegraph, 26 March 2002 his life and work In Spanish, with covering letter, including draft manuscript notes and publications list; and in English. Extracts from autobiographical notes or talk by Milstein on Curricula vitae ca 1999 and 2002 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Biographical, A.1-A.126 INTERVIEWS, ARTICLES AND TRIBUTES 1975-2002 ‘Living Factories - New Drugs from Hybrid Cells’, by John Newell, BBC External Services, August 1975. 3pp BBC copy script. Includes of production technique. details Milstein and Kohler antibody ‘To whom does scientific knowledge belong?’, interview for UMSCHAU in Wissenschaft und Technik, Frankfurt, Germany, December 1980. 1980, 1981 4pp typescript translation in English and 8pp typescript copy of ‘Thema der Woche: Monoklonale Antikérper’ [Theme of the Week: Monoclonal Antibodies], in German, both with Milstein’s manuscript corrections or comments; covering letter from UMSCHAU, March 1981. Milstein notes on the English translation that the interview was ‘On occasion of Analytic prize around 1981’. proofs, with Milstein’s next for article by typescript ‘Where Stephanie Yanchinski, New Scientist, 9 April 1981 antibodies?’, monoclonal ‘Identity and diversity’ panel text about Milstein for British Scientists Exhibition, British Council, London, ca 1990 19pp manuscript corrections, and covering letter; 3pp copy of published article. 1989-1990 Correspondence and Milstein’s questionnaire replies, and biographical details. Note and 1p typescript draft with Milstein’s manuscript corrections, December 1989. ‘Science Extra’ supplements of the Daily Telegraph, 1989 and 1990 contemporary These achievements and developments in British science. supplements devoted were to C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Biographical, A.1-A.126 Question and answer interview with Milstein on his life and career, by M. Novak, July 1991 The interview includes a conference in Prague in 1968 when the Soviet Army invaded Czechoslovakia. Milstein’s experience during Biographical questionnaire filled in by Milstein for Deike- Gedenktage, Kreuzlingen, Germany. ‘Analysis. Freedom for Frankenstein’, BBC documentary programme, 11 February 1993 Transcript and covering letter. Milstein took part with interviewed by Hugh Prysor-Jones and Zareer Masani. G. Winter and others. He was Wellcome Trust History of Twentieth Century Medicine Group Witness Seminar, London, September 1993 1992-1995 including 4pp Milstein’s manuscript Correspondence notes. Request for Milstein to participate in the BBC2 television programme ‘Seven [scientific] Wonders of the World’, post-August, 1994 Milstein was one of the Witnesses at the meeting. He also commented on the transcript of the meeting proceedings prior to publication. Clarin, telephone interview with Milstein by Jorge Halpern, 12 December 1994 Brief correspondence in English and Spanish. correspondence Brief Milstein’s scientists’ contributions. notes draft Clarin was an Argentine newspaper. It is unclear if Milstein took part. on his ‘wonders’, and proposal, previous including original C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Biographical, A.1-A.126 Interview by Laura Ayerza de Castilho, possibly for an Argentine magazine, March 1995 Brief correspondence in English and Spanish. Includes Milstein’s comments on errors in the text. ‘Cambridge Conversations’, interview by Tamsin Palmer of the American Friends of Cambridge University 1995-1996 Correspondence. The interview with Milstein was the seventh in the series of audiotaped interviews with Cambridge Nobel Laureates. Sir Aaron Klug and Max Perutz were interviewed on the same day as Milstein. Interview by Camille Collett and Keith Haglund for an article for the Journal of NIH Research, July 1997 Published copy of the article. 12pp Discs’ later with for an article for request draft transcript typescript made for Milstein’s further relationship Interview by Istvan Hargittai, Professor of Chemistry at Budapest Technical the Chemical Intelligencer (published by Springer-Verlag of New York, USA), October 1998. University, Correspondence; with Milstein’s manuscript corrections; 2pp copy of part of the published article of October 1999; and further biographical information. biographical A was information concerning his father, May 2000, and for permission to use the 1998 interview in the book Candid Science II: Conversations with Famous Biomedical Scientists. 1998-2000 BBC Radio 4 ‘Desert Island March 2002 Brief correspondence. interview, London, The recording was scheduled to take place in April (see A.28), but could participate. Milstein before March died he in C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Biographical, A.1-A.126 Milstein: paradigma de ‘Cesar cientifica Argentina’, article and interview by A.G. Kohn-Loncarica and Norma Isabel Sanchez, for Todo es Historia no. 425, ca March 2002 diaspora la Copy of published article, in Spanish. See also A.123. BIBLIOGRAPHY ca 1963 List of Milstein’s publications, in Spanish, 1957-1963. A full list of Milstein’s publications 1957-2002 is at D.130. A.25-A.110 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS 1952-2002 Career of Buenos Aires, Argentina: degree A.25-A.29 1952-2002 Degree certificates 1992, 1957, 1961 ?Details of researchers working with Milstein on proteins in the University of Buenos Aires, and budget for research University in Chemistry, September 1952, and PhD in Chemistry 1957; University of Cambridge PhD March 1961. ca 1953-1963 Contents school certificates etc from Bahia Blanca, Argentina, 1927-1944, certificates; and correspondence and Spanish, Milstein’s applications for a including letters in English re de Buenos Aires. ‘Universidad Medicas. Biologica. Profesor Dr. Roberto F. Banfi. April 1953’ Facultad Practicos In Spanish, with accompanying notes. Buenos’ papers in Ciencias Quimica ca 1953-1963 of folder so inscribed. English and Lista de Trabajos University Copies of de de of Aires _ C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Biographical, A.1-A.126 British Council scholarship at Cambridge 1957. Milstein’s terms of employment etc Research Council with the Medical 1968-2001 Includes Milstein’s notes on ‘Recent research activities and future plans’, 1992. Contents of folder inscribed ‘Cesar’s Office Notice Board March 2002’ of and other notes, research letters, Correspondence, Includes humorous quotes, and miscellaneous papers. photographs the noticeboard, with all contents in situ, before removal of same after Milstein’s Desert Island Discs recording was scheduled for 26 April 2002 (see A.22). his death, and confirmation that Milstein’s private office and _ Offers of employment declined by Milstein 1975; 1977, OTS: A.30-A.110 Honours and awards Silver Jubilee Medal, July 1977 CIBA Medal of the Biochemical Society Report in Medical Research Council Staff Bulletin, July 1977. 1977-2002 Milstein Galway, Ireland, September 1978. He gave a lecture. Correspondence arrangements. Wellcome Lectureship, April 1979 Letter re nomination only. notification See A.36. Republic of including award received the medal in of and C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Biographical, A.1-A.126 Election Association of Immunologists, April 1979 Honorary Membership of to the American Brief correspondence and 2pp list of Honorary Members. Avery-Landsteiner Prize of the Society for Immunology, October 1979 Notification letter and 6pp manuscript draft lecture notes and speech of thanks. Adolph Rosenburg Foundation Award of the University of Miami School of Medicine, Florida, USA, April 1980 1980-1983 Correspondence including arrangements. Milstein was to be the first recipient of this Award, and gave a lecture at the presentation banquet. His travel arrangements included flying by Concorde. jointly awarded to Milstein and L.W. 1p abstract (for the Wellcome Lecture was This Wannamaker. Wolf Prize for Medicine of the Wolf Foundation, Tel Aviv, Israel, September 1980 Robert Koch Medal of the Robert-Koch Stiftung e.V., June 1980 Correspondence and 12pp typescript draft lecture notes with manuscript corrections, 1p references, 2pp figures, and found therewith). The Prize for 1980 was jointly awarded to Milstein, Sachs and J. Gowans. Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize of the Trustees of Columbia University, New York, USA, September 1980 Correspondence arrangements. Correspondence arrangements, congratulations including and L. including re C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Biographical, A.1-A.126 correspondence with N.J. Cowan at Princeton University. Milstein series Princeton University during his trip to receive the Prize. Carter-Wallace lecture gave the at Madonnina Prize for Science of the Fondazione Carlo Erba, Milan, Italy, January 1981 1980-1981 Correspondence, arrangements and collection of the prize. including some _ in_ italian re The prize was jointly awarded to Milstein and K. Fuxe. Milstein was unable to attend the ceremony due to illness, and the prize was accepted on his behalf by R. Paoletti of Milan University. Fellowship of Darwin College Cambridge, 1981 Notification and Milstein’s letter of acceptance. Brief correspondence. Correspondence including letters of congratulation. Election to Foreign Associateship of Academy of Sciences, Washington DC, USA, April 1981 the US National William Bate Hardy Prize of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, January 1981 1981-1990 Correspondence congratulation (including from USA, Ronald Reagan); portrait photograph titled ‘1981 Sloan Prize’; 7pp manuscript draft lecture notes and speech of thanks. Sloan Foundation, New York, USA, June 1981 The Prize was awarded on House, Washington D.C. 16 June 1981 at the White Prize of the General Motors Cancer Research the President including letters of of the C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Biographical, A.1-A.126 Gairdner Foundation International Award of the Gairdner Foundation, Ontario, Canada, October 1981 1980-1981 Correspondence, itinerary, commemorative booklet, 8pp typescript draft lecture notes with manuscript corrections, 1p abstract, 5p figures and 1p references. This was jointly awarded to Milstein and G. Kohler. Milstein received the Award in Toronto. Landsteiner Karl Association of November 1982 Memorial Award of Banks, Arlington, Blood the Virginia, American USA, 1981-1982 Correspondence, press release. This was jointly awarded to Milstein and G. Kohler. Kdhler accepted the Award on their behalf. David Pressman Memorial Award of the Roswell Park Memorial Institute, Buffalo, New York, USA, February 1982 Notification letter and Milstein’s acceptance. Biochemical Analysis Award of the German Society for Clinical Chemistry, April 1982 Correspondence in English, and list of plenary speakers in German. Milstein and G. Kohler were the first recipients of this Award, presented on behalf of friends of David Pressman, Director of the Department of Immunology Research at the Institute 1954-1980. This was awarded jointly to Milstein and G. Kohler. It was presented at the European Conference on Biochemical and Instrumental Analysis, Munich, Germany, at which Milstein gave a lecture. Election to Honorary Fellowship of Cambridge, July 1982 Correspondence concerning the Fellowship. including Fitzwilliam College copy of College Statute C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Biographical, A.1-A.126 Franklin Medal of Pennsylvania, USA, November 1982 Franklin the Institute, Philadelphia, Correspondence, 1982-1983. Milstein was unable to attend the award banquet due to a prior engagement and the Medal was accepted on his behalf by his friend R. Perry of the Institute for Cancer Research, Philadelphia. Royal Medal of the Royal Society, London, November 1982 Letters of congratulations. Honorary Membership of Naturforscher Leopoldina, 1982 the Deutsche Akademie der Halle, Germany, December correspondence, Brief Milstein’s biographical entry as a new Academy member. German, English and in re Correspondence. Clinical Ligand Assay Society Award for Investigative Research , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, March 1983 Philip Levine Award of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists, Chicago, Illinois, USA, April 1983 This was jointly awarded to Milstein and G. Kohler. Kéhler gave the Mallickrodt Lecture on his and Milstein’s behalf. 1982-1983 This was jointly awarded to Ko6hler. Milstein was unable to attend the Award ceremony due to prior commitments. Proposed Honorary Doctorate of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, April 1983 Due to Milstein’s unavailability due to prior commitments Correspondence including with Kohler. Correspondence. Milstein and G. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Biographical, A.1-A.126 on the proposed conferrment dates in 1983 and again in 1984, Milstein finally suggested that it might be best ‘to reconsider the idea at a later stage’. Election to Foreign Honorary Membership of the American Academy Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, May 1983 Sciences, and _ Arts of Brief correspondence. Honorary Doctorate of Yale University, USA, May 1983 1982-1983 Brief correspondence. Milstein was obliged to decline the honour as he was unable to meet the personal attendance requirement due to a previous commitment. Election to Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians, London, June 1983 Brief correspondence. Correspondence and papers. The Award was presented in England at Royal College of Physicians in London. Common Wealth Award in Science of the Common Wealth Trust of Wilmington, Delaware, USA, November 1983 Correspondence; copy of proposed UNESCO Features Associate Founding Fellow of the Third World Academy of Sciences, Trieste, Italy, November 1983 Milstein accepted the regretted unable to attend the inaugural meeting at Trieste. invitation Notification telex (part missing) and Milstein’s draft reply. Carlos J. Finlay Memorial Prize, November 1983 a lunch at the but he was 1983-1984 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Biographical, A.1-A.126 article; 13pp typescript draft lecture notes with Milstein’s manuscript corrections; etc. Milstein Headquarters, Paris, France, and gave a lecture. awarded Prize was the at UNESCO Appointment as Académico Correspondiente Extranjero of the Y Naturales, Madrid, Spain, March 1984 Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas Notification in Spanish and Milstein’s reply in English. Milstein hoped to meet the President of the Academy, and when discussing a possible time for Milstein refers to his own ‘Jimenez Diaz lecture’ to be given on 18 May 1984. For Milstein’s notes for this lecture see D.28. visit, his Dale Medal of the Society for Endocrinology, March 1984 1983-1984 Correspondence; 19pp typescript lecture notes. 1984-1985 Lasker and Scott Awards Milstein gave the Dale Lecture and was presented with the Medal at the 3rd Joint Meeting of the British Endocrine Societies, University of Edinburgh. Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award of the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation, New York, USA, November 1984 Milstein and G. Kohler were committed to visiting the USA for the presentation of their joint Albert Lasker Award, and Milstein suggested the award to them of their joint John Scott Award be scheduled at the same time. 1984-1985 John Scott Award of the Board of Directors of City Trusts, City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, November 1984 Correspondence draft manuscript notes; 2pp typescript draft acceptance speech notes. arrangements; This was jointly awarded to Milstein, G. Kohler and M. Potter. 1984-1985 including 2pp_ C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Biographical, A.1-A.126 Correspondence including arrangements. This was jointly awarded to Milstein and G. Kohler. A.65-A.78 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine, December 1984 1984-2001 Prize for The Nobel prize for 1984 had three recipients. Milstein and Georges K6éhler were awarded the the discovery of ‘the principle for production of monoclonal antibodies’, and N.K. Jerne for theories concerning ‘the in development and control specificity the immune The awards to Milstein and Kohler were the system’. seventh and Prizes awarded for work eighth undertaken in the Laboratory of Molecular Biology at Cambridge. Nobel of Milstein was accompanied to Stockholm, Sweden for the ceremonies by his wife Celia and other family members. Notification of award, October A.66-A.69 Not indexed. A-H Milstein’s bulky folders, arranged 1984-1985 Letters of congratulation Contents of alphabetically. Includes standard letters of reply and list of recipients. Contents of bulky folder so inscribed. ‘Latest Congrats’ 1984-1985 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Biographical, A.1-A.126 Miscellaneous letters of congratulation 1984-1985 Correspondence re travel arrangements including family guests Includes the award during Milstein’s time in Sweden, itinerary, procedural notes, etc. invitations connected with Family guests comprised: Celia Milstein, Lazaro Milstein (father), Ernesto and Noemi, Oscar and Sara Milstein (brothers, and sisters-in-law), and Gustavo and Silvina Milstein (nephew and niece-in-law). Correspondence and papers chiefly re arrangements for Nobel prize ceremony Nobel Lecture, ‘From the structure of antibodies to the diversification of the immune response’ 1984-1985 Correspondence and publicity following the Nobel Prize announcement papers re press coverage and Uncorrected proofs; correspondence. 21pp typescript ‘Original version’ with references, figures, tables and legends; typescript ‘Notes for Nobel lecture’. Correspondence re arrangements. Contents of inscribed: correspondence and papers re publications, articles and other matters arising from Milstein’s Nobel lecture and award. Dinner in honour of Milstein, Darwin College, Cambridge, 5 February 1985 ‘Resulting Correspondence’ 1984-2001 folder so C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Biographical, A.1-A.126 Brief correspondence re loan of Nobel videotape cassette Honorary Membership of Alergia e Inmunologia, Buenos Aires, March 1985 the Asociacién Argentina de Notification in Spanish and Milstein’s reply in English. Galen Apothecaries, London, July 1985 Therapeutics Medal in of the Society of Correspondence including list of previous Medal winners. Honorary Membership of Interna October 1985 Bahia de Blanca, the Socieded de Bahia Blanca, Medicina Argentina, Correspondence, mostly in Spanish. de 1986-1987 the Royal College of Correspondence. Brief correspondence, in English and Spanish. Honorary Membership of Medicina de Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 1986 the Academia Nacional Walker Prize Surgeons of England, London, November 1986 for 1981-1985 of Buenos Aires, vol 39, 1987. Honorary Membership of de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 1986 Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists, London, May 1987 Citation: Academicao Honorario’, Acad. Nac. ‘Presentacion Notification and Milstein’s acceptance. the Academia Nacional Milstein como Ex. Nat., Fis. del Dr. César Cs. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Biographical, A.1-A.126 Milstein appears to have been officially welcomed to Membership during his visit documented in G.32. Honorary Membership of the Asociacion Medica de Bahia Blanca, Argentina, July 1987 Brief correspondence. correspondence Copy to Honorary Membership of the American Tissue Culture Association, July 1989 nomination Milstein re of Milstein was elected to Honorary Membership in 1991. See A.94. Copley Medal of the Royal Society, London, November 1989 Correspondence including congratulations. Correspondence. Milstein attended the symposium. He was also awarded the Carlos Finlay Award of the Carlos Finlay Society in Miami during the same visit. Distinguished Service Award of the ‘Miami Bio/Technology Winter Symposium’, Miami, Florida, USA, January 1990 1990-1991 Milstein was the first non-US recipient of this Award. He was unable to attend in person but one of his former research students in the area, Alexander Duncan, agreed to give Milstein’s acceptance speech. The Award was presented to Milstein personally in London in January 1991. National Biotechnology Ventures Award, San Francisco, California, USA, November 1990 Correspondence; address; corrections. 4pp for the manuscript typescript draft notes with notes 2pp typescript draft C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Biographical, A.1-A.126 Sociedad Honorary Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 1990 Membership the of Cientifica Brief correspondence. Honorary Membership of the Rotary Club Bahia Blanca for 1990-1991, July 1990 1990-1992 Correspondence, in Spanish. Milstein was also awarded Honorary Membership for 1991-1992 and 1992-1993. Nomination of Milstein for the 1990 Kyoto Prize of the Iwamori Foundation, Japan Correspondence. Includes Milstein’s typescript ‘Main Points of my Research in Immunology’. See also A.87. Correspondence. Association, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Correspondence including congratulations. Election to Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Society of Medicine, London, July 1992 Election to Honorary Membership of the American Tissue Culture USA, June 1991 1992-1994 Honorary Quimica Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the occasion of the 80th Anniversary of its foundation, December 1992 also subsequently elected Milstein Honorary Membership of the Section of Pathology of the Society, June 1994. Notification in Spanish and Milstein’s reply in English. Membership of the Asociaci6n was to C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Biographical, A.1-A.126 Diamond Konex Award of Science and Technology of the Fundacién Konex, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 1993 1991-1993 Correspondence, mostly in Spanish. Companion of Honour, January 1995 Letters of congratulations. This honour was awarded to Milstein in the 1995 New Year Honours List. Honorary Professorship of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, ca April 1995 Letter of congratulations, in Spanish. Election Emeritus Cambridge, May 1995 to Fellowship of Darwin College, the de Notification. el Exterior’, followed Milstein’s retirement from election This Praelectorship. Correspondence and papers, mostly in Spanish. ‘Honorifico Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 1995 Investigador Argentino en Milstein nominated his sister-in-law, Sara de Milstein, to receive the honour on his behalf. of Honorary Doctorate of the University of Vigo, Spain, May 1999 Honorary Argentino-Britanica, July 1996 Membership Correspondence, incoming in Spanish. Asociacién Correspondence and 8pp typescript draft speech of the Becarios C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Biographical, A.1-A.126 thanks and reflections, in Spanish. Honorary Doctorate of the University of Cambridge, June 1999 1998-1999 Correspondence including nomination, arrangements, and congratulations. Honorary Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences, London, November 2000 Correspondence. Honorary January 2002 Fellowship Notification. of Darwin College, Cambridge, Contents of folder so inscribed. Contents of folder so inscribed. Contents of folder so inscribed. A.107, A.108 ca 1982-2002 ca 1982-2002 ‘Invitations declined’ 1988-2001 ‘No’s. Prizes/awarded and misc’ Contents of Milstein’s bulky folders: correspondence re honours and awards, visits and miscellaneous requests declined by Milstein 1989-1996 A.110, A.111 ‘Miscellaneous Requests’ ‘Autograph Requests’ 1984-1996 Contents of folder so inscribed. 1989-1997 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Biographical, A.1-A.126 1992-1996 A.112-A.124 PERSONAL 1978-2003, n.d. Condolences upon the death of his father, Lazero Milstein In Spanish. Humour ‘The Hybridoma Chorus’ from ‘The Moussiah’ ‘By Bill off the Handel) Muller’. (fly The Story of Cesar and the Flame - mock-children’s nursery rhyme re Milstein’s desire for a working bunsen burner. ‘A Ballade of Two Caesars’. 1978-1979 1982-1996 1982-1985 A.114-A.124 Personal correspondence 1978-2003 Bundle of personal correspondence found together. 1987-1989 Contents of folder so inscribed. ‘Appeals for support’ 1982-2001 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Biographical, A.1-A.126 ‘Help letters’ 1989-1995 Contents of folder so inscribed. 1991-2001 Correspondence re health matters. 1992-1994 letter Milstein’s Includes the Commemoration dinner at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, giving details of his illness while ‘shooting [river] rapids’ in Chile, January 1993. apologising missing for 1995-2001 Bundle of personal correspondence found together, some in Spanish. 1996-2003 Club de Historia de la Mostly in Spanish. Miscellaneous letters Includes posthumous letter from Celia Milstein to A.G. Kohn-Loncarica, Medicina, Instituto Argentina (see also A.23). Gives confirmation of medical fitness to dive, and open Includes Milstein’s collaboration with G. Kéhler. Méditerranée scuba-diving Milstein’s card MISCELLANEOUS A.125, A.126 1965-1986, n.d. certification 1965-1986 notes (in English) on his research 1965-1991 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Biographical, A.1-A.126 water dive Australia, Barbados, etc. log, in French, covering dives in Mexico, Formal photograph of possibly at Darwin or Fitzwilliam College, including Milstein, second row from top, fourth from the right a group of diners, C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 SECTION B LABORATORY OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, B.1-B.84 1970-2002 B.1-B.9 OFFICE APPOINTMENT DIARIES B.10-B.84 RESEACH STUDENTS AND VISITORS OFFICE APPOINTMENT DIARIES 1993-2002 Spiral bound softback diaries. 1993-1994 1994-1995 1995-1996 1996-1997 1997-1998 2001-2002 1998-1999 1999-2000 2000-2001 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Laboratory of Molecular Biology, B.1-B.84 B.10-B.84 RESEARCH STUDENTS AND VISITORS 1970-2001 These are Milstein’s files on researchers at and visitors to the Laboratory arranged alphabetically by surname. The great bulk of the contents relate to arrangements to come to the Laboratory for research or visit, research supervision and correspondence about their subsequent career. restricted access. the material is subject to Much of Adetugbo, K. 1972-1978 Adetugbo was a Nigerian Ph.D. student 1972-1975 and a member of staff 1975-1976. Algranati, |.D. 1977-1993 Professor Argentina 1977. Algranati was a visiting researcher from Barker, K. Argon, Y. 1978-1996 Aoufouchi, S. an American researcher supported by Aoufouchi was a visiting researcher 1998. Argon was a Leukemia Society of America Fellowship 1979-1981 and an MDA Fellowship 1982-1983. 1989-1991 Professor Barbera Guillem was a visiting researcher from Spain 1983. Barker was a short-term research student. Barbera Guillem, E. 1983-1993 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Laboratory of Molecular Biology, B.1-B.84 Berek, C. 1982-1996 Berek was a visiting researcher from Switzerland 1982- 1985. Bilsland, C.A.G. 1986-1993 Bilsland was a Ph.D. student 1986-1990. Bradbury, A.R.M. 1983-1996 Bradbury postdoctoral researcher 1987-1989. Ph.D. was a student 1984-1987 and Brecher, A. 1990-1992 Brecher was an American visiting researcher 1991. 1978-1990 Chui, Y.L. Calabi, F. 1980-1996 Burrone, O.R. Burrone was a visiting researcher from the Fundacion Campomar, Argentina 1979-1983. Calabi was a visiting researcher from Italy supported by a UICC Fellowship 1981-1982, an EMBO Fellowship 1982- 1983 and a Leukemia Society of America Fellowship to 1985. 1988-1996 Chui was a visiting researcher supported by a Croucher Foundation Fellowship ca 1987-1989. Chen was an American visiting researcher 1975-1976. Chen, K.C.S. 1974-1987 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Laboratory of Molecular Biology, B.1-B.84 Clark, M.R. 1978-1992 Clark was a Ph.D. student 1978-1982. Cotton, R.G.H. 1970-1993 Cotton was an Australian postdoctoral researcher 1971- 1973. 1970-1980 1982-1993 Cowan, N.J. 1970-1990 Cowan joined Milstein’s research group as a postdoctoral researcher 1970. He remained until 1975. Dreher, M.L. 1986-1992 Dunnick, W.A. 1975-1994 Erusalimsky, J.D. Dreher was a Ph.D. student 1989-1992. Dunnick was an American visiting postdoctoral researcher 1977-1980. an EMBO Fellowship 1980-1982. Espada was a visiting researcher from Spain supported by Erusalimsky researcher 1985-1987. was an_ Israeli visiting postdoctoral Espada, F.D. de 1980-1986 1983-1991 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Laboratory of Molecular Biology, B.1-B.84 Even, J. 1988-1991 Even was a visiting researcher 1982-ca 1985. Fainboim, L. Work on CD1. 1990-2001 Fainboim was an Argentine colleague. is whether he was a researcher in Milstein’s group. It not clear Faure, F. 1990-1991 Faure was a visiting researcher from France 1990-1991. Fernandez, A.G. 1989-1997 Fernandez was a visiting researcher from Spain 1989- 1995, supported by a Spanish grant and then a European Commission Fellowship. 1990-1992 Fernandez, C. Fischer was a visiting researcher from Austria supported by an Erwin Schrédinger grant 1991-1993. Fernandez was a short-term visiting researcher from the Swedish Cancer Foundation 1990. 1990-1992 Galfré Research Fellowship 1976-1979 and then on the 1979-1982. Frangione was intending to visit Milstein in 1982. was a researcher supported by a Wellcome staff Fischer, G.F. Frangione, B. Galfré, G. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Laboratory of Molecular Biology, B.1-B.84 Galfre, P.D. 1980-1989 Galfre was a researcher supported by Glaxo, 1981-1982. Gherardi, E. 1988-1997 Gherardi was a researcher supported by an MRC training fellowship 1988-1991. Goyenecha, B. Goyenecha was a Cuban visiting researcher who went on to study for a Ph.D. in the 1990s. Griffiths, G.M. 1983-2001 Griffiths was a research student 1980-1984. 1988-1995 Harper, J.M. 1993, 1995 1983-1987 1992-2001 Gupta, S.K. Gupta was an 1990 and 1992. Indian short-term visiting researcher in Harper was a Ph.D. student ca 1992-1995. Hamlyn was a postdoctoral researcher 1975-1980. Hamlyn, P.H. 1974-1984 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Laboratory of Molecular Biology, B.1-B.84 Howe, S.C. 1977-1991 Howe was a laboratory technician 1972-1977. Imai, K. 1983-1985 Imai was a short-term research visitor from Japan 1985. Isamat, M. 1987-1994 Isamat was a Ph.D. student supported by a British Heart Foundation grant, 1987-1992. Kaartinen, M. 1977-1985 Kaartinen was a Finnish visiting researcher supported by an EMBO Fellowship 1979-1981. Kefford, R.F. 1982-1995 Leong, M. 1973-1995 was a visiting researcher from K6hler, G.J.F. Kefford was an Australian visiting researcher supported by a Florey Fellowship 1983-1985. Kohler Switzerland supported by an EMBO Fellowship 1974-1976. He was a joint recipient of the Nobel Prize with Milstein for work on monoclonal antibodies. 1980-1985 Leong was a Canadian visiting researcher supported by an Alberta Heritage Award 1981-1985. Lefebvre was a postdoctoral researcher 1984-1986. Lefebvre, F.-L. 1982-1987 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Laboratory of Molecular Biology, B.1-B.84 Lew, V.L. Lew was a research collaborator. Lozano, F. 1989-1995 Lozano was a postdoctoral researcher supported by the Celltech Research Fellowship 1991-1994. 1989-1992 1993-1995 Maertzdorf, B.P.G. 1992-1994 Maertzdorf was a Dutch short-term visiting researcher 1993-1994. Martin, L.H. Mariuzza, R. 1984-1987 Mariuzza was an American visiting researcher supported by an EMBO Fellowship 1986-1987. Martin was a Canadian visiting researcher 1984-1987. For the year 1986-1987 he was supported by a Wellcome Trust grant. 1982. Migone, N. 1985-1986 Migone was a visiting researcher from Italy 1985-1986. Nakashima, I. Nakashima was a short-term visiting researcher from Peru C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Laboratory of Molecular Biology, B.1-B.84 Neri, T.-M. Neri was a short-term visiting researcher from Italy 1986. Pink, J.R.L. 1977, 1980 Pink was a Ph.D. student of Milstein, completing his thesis in 1968. Querinjean, P. 1981, 1990 Querinjean was a postdoctoral research Fellow in 1970- 1971. Rada, C. was Milstein’s Rada student, postdoctoral researcher and subsequently taken on to the staff. penultimate Ph.D. 1982-1983 1981-1987 Ramon, A.M. Rocca-Serra, J. Ramon was a short-term visiting researcher from Spain 1984. Rocca-Serra was a short-term visiting researcher from France supported by an EMBO grant 1981-1982. 1985-1990 Sharpe supported during some of Cephalosporin Fund. Salamone was Argentina 1992. researcher by period 1985-1991, the E.P.A. Salamone, M. del C. a short-tem visiting researcher from Sharpe, M.J. was a_ postdoctoral this C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Laboratory of Molecular Biology, B.1-B.84 Sitia, R. 1985-1999 Sitia was a researcher supported by an EMBO Fellowship 1986-1987. Softley, K.T. 1984-1988 Softley was a postdoctoral researcher supported by a Beit Memorial Fellowship 1986-1987. Suresh, M.R. 1985-1998 Suresh was a visiting researcher 1984-1985. Svasti, J. Folder annotated ‘Pruned’. Svasti was a Ph.D. student of Milstein, completing his thesis in 1972. Trucco, M. 1990-1991 Varsani, L.M. 1989-1994 Trucco was a visiting researcher from Italy 1977. 1992-1993 Wong was a student who spent the summer vacation of 1992 as a member of the research support staff. Wong, J.K. Varsani was a postdoctoral researcher 1989-1990. Wilde, C.D. 1976-1985 Wilde was a Ph.D. student 1975-1979. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Laboratory of Molecular Biology, B.1-B.84 Woolfson, A. 1990-1998 Woolfson was a Ph.D. student supported by an MRC 1990-1993. He returned to work with Milstein 1996-1998. 1990-1993 1994-1998 Yung, C.Y. 1988-1995 Yung was a visiting researcher in the late 1980s. Ziegler, A. 1980-1994 Ziegler was a German colleague. It is not clear whether he was a researcher in Milstein’s group. Miscellaneous requests to come to work with Milstein 1993-1994 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 SECTION C RESEARCH, C.1-C.340 ca 1952-2002 at the early 1950s University This section documents Milstein’s scientific research from the of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Department of Biochemistry in Cambridge and his his career at the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge up and well beyond official retirement. It spans some fifty years of research in enzymology and molecular biology. brief return to Argentina in 1961-1962, to The material mostly comprises bound notebooks and, generally later in date, the contents of MRC ringbinders kept as laboratory notebooks and so styled. A very high in the hands of Milstein’s proportion of the material is researchers and Jarvis, Milstein’s laboratory technician/research officer from the mid-1960s, and S.C. Howe, technician 1972-1977. especially J.M. collaborators, There is documentation of administration of research in the form of records of the distribution worldwide of cell line samples from Milstein’s laboratory and a little material relating also material relating to patents, including correspondence relating to the failure to patent monoclonal antibodies in the mid 1970s. grant applications. There is to C.1 PATENTS C.2-C.279 C.324-C.340 C.280-C.323 Ph.D. THESIS ADMINISTRATION OF RESEARCH RESEARCH NOTEBOOKS AND BINDERS with metal screws. 93pp copy typescript in Spanish including figures, tables and references, and faded paper cover, originally bound Milstein’s doctoral thesis, oxidacion del Buenos Aires. ‘El papel de acetaldehido’, en University Ph.D. THESIS enzimatica los tiles la of C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 C.2-C.279 RESEARCH NOTEBOOKS AND BINDERS ca 1952-2002 C.2-C.58 Bound notebooks C.59-C.206 Research binders C.207-C.279 Research binders: J.M. Jarvis Bound notebooks ca 1952-2002 The notebooks chiefly cover experimental work on mice and rats. The bulk date from the 1950s and 1960s - later work being mainly recorded in ringbinders - although Milstein continued to use this format up to his death. C.2- C.28 are predominantly in Milstein's own hand, those from C.29-C.58 are in a variety of hands, including those of J.M. Jarvis and S.C. Howe his laboratory technicians. by Biolégia. Catedra Prof. A.O.M. ‘C. with and ca 1952-ca 1959 Milstein, dated, diagrams, The contents are mostly tables of experimental results, with Many _ include intercalated pages of notes, graphs and photographic data intercalated or pasted onto the notebook pages. Some have an index of experiments. calculations, — etc. Series of notebooks numbered 1-10 many of continuing in sequence throughout the notebooks. the experiments numbered and Most of the notebooks bore one or more inscriptions on the cover or spine. These are reproduced in the catalogue entries. ca 1952-1955 Numbers 1-7 (C.2-C.8) are mostly in Spanish, primarily from after Milstein. obtaining his doctorate in 1957 inscribed Quimica Stoppani, Facultad de Ciencies Medicas’ (or variations thereof). Numbers 8-10 (C.9-C.11) are marked as being used by Milstein at the Cambridge Department of Biochemistry. Note found inside giving approximate date for notebook as of handwritten tables dated 1955 is ‘1952?’ but a included. front and from the back 1 September-[?following year] 23 May. ‘1’. Spiral bound softback notebook Used from the Milstein’s time in Argentina prior to and set C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘2’. Spiral bound softback notebook Includes experiments 1-34. unknown]. Commencing 3 June [year ‘3’. Spiral bound softback notebook Includes experiments [35]-75. ‘4’. Spiral bound softback notebook Includes experiments 76-113 ca 19 July-ca 19 December. ‘5’. Softback bound notebook 1958-1959 ‘Experimentos con la enzima de Racker y Malico Destt. Experimentos numerodos a partir de 1’. numbered series of experiments ‘Experimentos con la enzima de Black’. Including experiment nos. 114-150. May. Various including ‘Cromatografia’. Used from the front and from the back ca 9 January 1958-25 June [1959]. Paginated 1-125. Including experiment nos. 152-179. Commencing ca 28 June. Used from the front and from the back 8 October 1958-17 May [1959]. Including experiment nos. 1-76. ‘8’. Hardback bound notebook 1958-1959 ‘7’. Spiral bound softback notebook ‘Enzima de Black. 1958’. ‘6’. Softback bound notebook Commencing ca. 5 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘9’. Hardback bound notebook Used from the front and from the back ca 25 May-20 July. Including experiments 77-106. Paginated 1-125, not all pages used. ‘10’. Hardback bound notebook ca 1958-1959 Used from the front and from the back ca 17 September- [?following year] 20 February. Paginated 1-87, not all pages used. Spiral bound softback notebook ca 1955 In Spanish. Bound hardback pocket notebook ca 1960 Notes from the Spiral bound softback notebook. ca 1958 Spiral bound softback notebook inscribed ‘Cesar Milstein. Manuela Dr. A.O.M.Stoppani’ Medicina, Facultad Pedraza 2968, de Used from the front and from the back. Used from the front and from the back. back are in Spanish. Paginated 1-20 with index. 1963 Including experiment nos. 1-6, lodimation, and Human B chain. Used from front and from the back 18 July-1 September 1963. Used from the front and from the back. Paginated part 1- 42. ‘1’. Spiral bound softback notebook Series of notebooks numbered 1-4 C.16-C.19 C.16 1963-1972 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 2. Brown | ‘& Hardback bound notebook - Marzeck Il Human B [?chain] Etc.’. 1963-1965 Including experiment no.7. back 28 October 1963-ca 4 August 1965. Used from front and from the Paginated 1-71 but work continues on unpaginated pages. *& 3. x Il. Kerr’. Hardback bound notebook 1964-1965 Used 15 November [1964]-ca 5 July 1965. 75 with one further page used. Paginated 1- Includes M[?ass]. 4. ‘& notebook S[?pec.].’. Hardback bound 1970-1972 Used from front and from the back ca 23 June 1970-ca 28 April 1972. Subject dividers. Paginated 1-71 but work continues on unpaginated pages. ‘C.M.’ Hardback bound notebook 1976-1984 Used 18 January 1976-6 August 1984. ‘Useless Ideas’. Spiral bound softback notebook. Used from the back and from the front ca June 1982-3 March 1989. ca 1987 Intercalated was a smaller notebook (retained as found), used the computer notes programmes he was using. ‘Cesar Milstein Ideas’. notebook Used 15 August 1984-30 June 1995. Used from the back and from the front. ‘C.M.’ Hardback bound notebook 1984-1995 1982-1989 for Milstein’s on operating Spiral bound softback reporter’s C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 Milstein’s handwritten note on inside back cover has ‘The last undated entry to this pad must be well before end of 1990; | found this book at bottom of pile while cleaning desk on the 27/Feb 1990’. Intercalated was a smaller coverless softback notebook (retained as found) itself used from the front and from the back. Spiral bound softback notebook ca 1987-1988 Includes notes, reports on research by others etc. miscellaneous University seminars, ‘Group Discussions’. Spiral bound softback notebook 1990-1998 Used from the back and from the front 1990-21 April 1997. 19 November Subdivided into sections, by raised tags, with intercalated pages, including extensive data, OHP transparencies, and folder containing two sets of data and covering letter in pencil to Milstein from ‘Adrian [Woolfson] dated 7 August 1998, annotated with Milstein’s comments. ca 1993 Hardback bound notebook 1995-2002 ‘Divisional Meetings’. Spiral bound softback notebook Used from the back and from the front. Undated but there is a reference to a review to be conducted at the ‘end of [19]93’. 1999-2001 of Intercalated Cambridge Antibody Technology Scientific Advisory Board 22 November 2001, and computer printouts dated 21 March 2002. Used from the front and from the back 22 December 1999-31 October [2001]. Includes sheep project. December 2001. ‘Summaries + Theories’. Hardback bound notebook Used 25 March 1995-ca 17 material includes minutes of meeting C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 C.29-C.38 Notebooks of J.M. Jarvis C.29 [?Book ]].’J.Jarvis’ 1963-1984 1963-1965 Includes January 1965. rabbit and human data. September 1963- ‘Book II’ 1965-1967 Includes rabbit and human data. ‘Column Book’ 1965-1972 Light green cover. 11 February 1965-ca 23 May 1972. Includes work in Milstein’s hand. ‘L...] Peptides, & Gels + Microzone’ 1970-1972 ‘Mutation Expts’ 1971-1972 ‘IMJ 7/11/74 - 14/10/80’. 1974-1980 Small format, with dark green cover. 10 April 1972. 9 December 1971- Small format, with dark green cover mostly in Jarvis’ hand. 25 September 1970-7 May 1972. 1979. Large format with mid-brown cover. 7 November 1974-14 October 1980. Small format, with black cover. 18 December 1976-5 July With ‘Index [of experiments] on inside front cover’. Continues in C.71. ‘Cell. J.M.J.’ 1976-1979 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 Including cloning, etc. ‘SDS. 1. JM.J.’ 1976-1981 Small format, with black cover. March 1981. 13 December 1976-18 ‘SDS. 2. JMJ’ 1981-1984 format Small November 1984. with black cover. 23 March 1981-28 ‘Media’ 1970-ca 1977 Small format, with dark green cover. 22 September 1970- ca February 1977. Dates mostly refer to date batches made up, experiment changes, etc. Other hands besides Jarvis occur, possibly including S.C. Howe. C.39 Small format with dark green cover. ‘1 E F Screen’. ‘Screening’ 1972-1974 ca 1970-1988 ca 1970-1974 C.39-C.47 Notebooks of S.C. Howe Used from the back 19 December 1970-12 July 1974. ‘Freezer Liquid N 2 (nitrogen)’ and ‘Spinners & Bottles’ 1972-1977 Medium size format, with dark green cover. 24 July 1972- 22 August 1977. Also inscribed ‘Blue = Cell Lines on Computer List. Green = Cleared Out (10 y[ealrs old)’. Medium size format, with dark green cover. 2 June 1972-11 August 1975. ‘Cells frozen in liquid N 2 From 24-7-[19]72’ C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘Shirley’ 1972-1977 Small format, with dark green cover. 26 July 1972-10 February 1977. C.43-C.46 ‘Incorporation Books’ 1973-1988 Numbered series of four. mls 1972-1976 Medium size, with dark green cover. 2 March 1973-26 March 1976. ‘De 1976-1977 Medium size, with dark green cover. August 1977. 17 March 1976-8 30 August 1977-1 November 21 November 1979-23 August 1979-1988 ‘y’ ‘Shirley’ ‘3’ and ‘Sept. 1977’ 1977-1979 A4 size, with black cover. 1988. A4 size, with black cover. 1979. notebooks used by Jose Yelamos. A number of researchers are identified although many not notebooks bear several different hands, which are always series of Including cloning and brief notes by Milstein on back page. ca 6 October 1976. Medium size format, with dark green cover. C.48-C.58 Notebooks in the hands of other collaborators 1975-1988 identifable. C.53-C.58 may be a C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘Colin Ward Book?’ 1975-1976 size, A4 November 1976. with black cover. 24 February 1975-18 ‘Cloning’ 1975-1976 Much of the contents may be in C.D. Wilde’s hand. ‘IEF/SDS Oct. 1975 C.D. Wilde [?]T34’ and ‘Gels’ 1975-1978 Small format, with black cover. by raised tags. 16 October 1975-24 September 1978. Subdivided into sections, ‘Serum Media Records’ 1977-1979, 1983 Small format, with black cover. by raised tags. entry at back of notebook dated 24 January 1983. Subdivided into sections, 10 May 1977-25 June 1979, with further 1980-1991 1992-1998 1993-1994 Untitled Untitled with black cover. 17 January 1980-6 ‘SDS & IEF. Bruce./Richard’ 2 September 1992-17 May 1998. Small format, September 1991. 1996-1997 Including possibly referring to operation of a computer programme. ‘4.4.96-17.4.97 Except LAC system and GFP’ 20 September 1993-10 February 1994. 4 April 1996-17 April 1997. in Spanish at the back of the book, notes C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘GFP and LAC R Exp’ 1996-1997 13 November 1996-26 June 1997. Including possibly referring to operation of a computer programme. in Spanish at the back of the book, notes Untitled 1996-1997 27 September 1996-27 January 1997. ‘Jose - 98’ 14 May-22 November 1998. C.59-C.206 Research binders 1970-2001 of by in the Biology No.1’ etc) based on Molecular Laboratory subdividers Nearly all the material was found in green plastic MRC ringbinders, described as ‘Lab notebooks’, with labels or inscriptions on the spine and/or front cover. These have been reproduced in the catalogue entries. In most cases the contents or card adhesive tags. were organised This material records work of Milstein and his research group in They are divided into sequences (‘Mouse/rat Cambridge. 1’, ‘Mouse Hybridomas their arrangement on receipt from the Laboratory of Molecular Biology. or attached to the pages. The material within the binders may include manuscript and results, diagrams, computer printouts, photocopies of references cited etc. There are many intercalated pages, including a little correspondence, and photographic data either loose Most of the binders contain work in a number of different hands. manuscript annotations and comments on the work done, instructions or replies to questions left in the folder for him to answer. of experimental typescript notes, tables Milstein’s Many include brief C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 C.59-C.70 C.71-C.81 ‘Mouse/rat [No.]1’ ‘Mouse Hybridomas No.1’ C.82-C.94 ‘Mouse [Hybridomas] No.2’ C.95-C.105 ‘Mouse Hybridomas No.3’ C.106-C.116 ‘y Hybridomas (Rat) No.1’ C.117-C.121 ‘y Hybridomas (Rat) No.2’ C.122-C.132 ‘y Hybridomas No.3’ C.133-C.141 ‘Human cells’ C.142-C.168 Group C.169-C.195 ‘Group R.A’s’ C.196-C.206 ‘Misc. Lab. notebooks’ C.59-C.70 ‘Mouser/rat [No.]1’ 1981-1995 11 March 1981-7 April 1982. 1981-1983 25 June 1981-28 February 1983. ‘Bone Marrow & Ludwig [Institute] Serum Records’ 1981-1982 ‘NQ5, NQ2/H Loss Expts. & Fusions’ Manuscript note found on cover as follows: ‘John [?Jarvis]: Urgent: Trace back the origin of NQ2/L Ag. Did you derive it? What is the clone designation before it was Ag?’ 1983-1986 ‘FACS Sorts’ 1983-1986 13 April 1983-20 June 1986. ‘RP’s Gels’ 2 November 1983-3 January 1986. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘BIOTIN 2 P4M3’s’ 12 March-8 August 1984. ‘Work sheets Suresh #5005’ 1984-1985 20 September 1984-20 June 1985. ‘Luminol’ 5 February-28 June 1985. ‘Bispecifics. P4nAL6, Rblg(7)’ MC10, P4nMRCOX’. ‘(Phox - 1987-1992 ca 4 December 1987-21 May 1992. 15 September 1988-5 October 1989. 7 September 1990-1 August 1991. 15 June 1990-26 September 1995. ‘N21 Fusions’ 15 April-4 August 1988. ‘Transgene NQT15 + CR’s’ 1990-1991 ‘Replica NQP’s’, etc [remainder of label illegible] 1971-1987 ‘Animal House Records. 1° a(OX Fusion CHECK Jul ‘90’ C.71-C.81 ‘Mouse Hybridomas No.1’ 1988-1989 1990-1995 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘W6. NA1’ 1971-1984 Inscribed inside front cover ‘Expts before 1981 see JMJ book 7/11/74 - 17/10/80’ (see C.34). 5 June 1971-24 February 1984. Also loose papers re BALB C MICE, HYBRIDS, and LOU RATS, and ‘Medium Formulation for Myeloma lines’, 1p.’. ‘Frozen Cells’. 1972-1987 Label on front cover states ‘Cell lines marked with Green have been lost on computer. JMJ[arvis]’. or cleared out. Blue = 8 September 1972-27 July 1987. ‘Frozen Cells’ 1973-1987 Also inscribed ‘Freezing file. - Hybrids’ and ‘Cell lines marked with Green have been lost or cleared out. Blue = on computer’. D. N letter to S.C. 9 March-ca 26 December 1977. 15 January 1973-20 July 1987. ‘Bruce’s Experiments’. ‘X-63 Herman’ Includes Howe from GIBCO Bio-Cult Diagnostics Ltd re purchase and shipment of foetal calf serum, 18 March 1977, loose in folder. 1979-1980 22 February 1979-8 September 1980. 4 October 1978-16 January 1980. ‘NH2 & 3 (JMu[arvis])’ ‘W6/1-HLK,’ 1978-1980 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘Clonings’. ‘Moises/Herman. NH2 & NH3 fusion a HaG’ 1979-1982 23 January 1979-26 August 1982. ‘NO HYBRIDS’ and ‘Cell lines marked with Green have been lost or cleared out. Blue = on computer. JMJ[arvis]’ 1979-1987 ca October 1979-9 July 1987. ‘NOC 1 & 2. Spi/HL INT /U SEARCH’ 1981-1983 17 March 1981-13 January 1983. ‘NOC 1. NOC 2’ 1981-1987 26 June 1981-24 September 1987. ‘SP2 Expts’ 3 February-9 June 1982. ‘Frozen Cells’ Or cleared out. Blue 1972-1992 1972-1981 C.82-C.94 ‘Mouse [Hybridomas] No.2’ Also inscribed ‘House cell lines 0 to 2’. ‘Cell lines marked in Green have been lost. = on computer. JMJ[arvis].. ‘Do not remove vial without CM consent’. 1972-1986 Also inscribed ‘Cell lines marked with Green have been lost or cleared out. Blue = on computer. JMJ[arvis]’. 25 August 1972-13 November 1986. 4 August 1972-23 September 1981. ‘Frozen Cells’ C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘Cold Preps I’ and ‘X63 only’ 1974-1978 ca 7 February 1974-8 March 1978. ‘Cold Preps Il’ and ‘IF1, W6/1, W6/31’ IF2, IF3, IF4, Sp2, Sp3, Sp1, 1973-1979 ca 10 March 1973-7 August 1979. ‘Ouchterlony’s. | Immunodiffusions. | Immunoabsorbent Runs. SRBC Couplings’ 1978-1980 4 July 1978-6 August 1980. ‘Immunoabsorbents. P47 aOx.Prot.A’ 1978-1987 10 April 1978-30 April 1987. 1978-1989 ‘Gels’ 1979-1980 5 October 1979-17 June 1980. ‘Transfections’. ‘TK in Freezer in rack’ 15 August 1978-31 July 1989. This binder may be the ‘Book One’ referred to at C.116. ‘Rat sera Purif.’ and ‘C6/41, YC6/41, YODC 5, YDC6, YODC 6, YAML’ 1980-1984 23 September 1980-3 August 1984. 5 March 1979-18 August 1987. ‘Mice. Cellulose Acetate Sera & Urine tests. Phil Wright. (Mice)’ NA1/34, WM.25’ ‘Animal House and (LMB). 1979-1987 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘FITC’. ‘Misc. JMJ[arvis].’. ‘Bio Tinyl’ 1981-1992 16 January 1981-14 May 1992. ‘NQ, ‘Mice’, MRC.DX.12, HPC.320, BBM-1, NOE2’, ‘W6/32HL, D47, MAP/A6, Sp1’ and ‘Experimental Records’ NODC2, Sp3/HL, H9/25, 1982-1986 18 February 1982-1 August 1986. ‘Mice & Rats’ 1984-1985 11 February 1984-9 November 1985. C.95-C.105 ‘Mouse Hybridomas No.3’ 1977-21994 ‘W6/32.1, W3/4.3, W6/45, W6/43’ 1977-1978 ‘NC1’ 1977-1983 ‘Ongoing T.C.’ and ‘Bruce’ 1980-1982 22 August 1977-1 November 1983 1 November 1977-11 December 1978. 1985-1992 ‘Oxazolone. NQ 15,16,18, 28. NQPLEQ Spleen. NQ30 - 7day 2° ‘UNP Fusions. Abortive NCC9/ISM1/2 also’ 25 February 1985-23 January 1992. 18 November 1980-14 June 1982. 4 June-1 August 1984 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘Oxazolone OXBSA, lysosymc. H Chain Lost Variants} OX., LYS’ Inhibitors.’ Mixtures ‘SRBC + coupled} 1985-1988 3 October 1985-17 November 1988. ‘NQT. NQT3, NQT8, NQT15’ 1988-1991 Intercalated inside the front of the the main binder was a smaller folder titled ‘Info for John - Melanie’s Experiments’. 22 September 1988-11 March 1991. ‘NOR3’ 1989-1990 14 September 1989-14 February 1990. ‘Anti-NIP. Fusions. Replicas’ 1989-1991 16 August 1989-11 March 1991. ‘Dual Spec. Ab. Jeff Foote’ 25 February-6 October 1992. C.106-C.116 ‘y Hybridomas (Rat) No.1’ Material appears to date 30 March-1 December 1993. ‘PRO/DEL/ENG. (NER EXO)’ and ‘ENG. PRO1/DEL2 - Alex 8.2.94’ 1978-1979 One record dated 8 January 1970 possibly in error. remainder are 13 November 1979-26 November 1981. ‘S1. YB1, YB2, YB3, $p2/0, $p33, NA1/34’ 21 February 1978-26 September 1979. ‘YC3.4 & 5/ Fusions + YC5/45 Expts’ 21970, 1979- 1981 The 1993, 271994 21970-1985 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘YES, YE4, YES’ 1978-1979 12 September 1978-8 January 1979. Ba 1978-1983 18 April 1978-2 December 1983. ‘YM2. YB4/ 1 February-8 May 1979. YE YO, YD, YG; YOG’ 10 May 1979-20 July 1981 1979-1981 ‘JMJ[arvis]. YC5/45’ 1980-1982 1981-1983 1982-1985 14 January 1980-18 February 1982. ‘YOC. YODC’ 1982-1983 ‘Anti-Peroxidase Fusions. YC6, YOC6, NOC3, NOC4. YP4’ 1984-1985 The binder referred to as ‘Book One’ may be at C.88. ‘Rats’, ‘P4M2. P4M3. YOM2. Suresh. TE/AB’ and Two. Rat sera/Ascites’ ‘Book 5 January 1982-16 February 1983. ‘Hybrid 1 Hybrids’ 16 November 1982-31 May 1985. 6 October 1981-7 September 1983. 13 March 1984-18 May 1985. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 C.117-C.121 ‘y Hybridomas (Rat) No.2’ ‘y Hybrids. 1978 - ‘ Also inscribed ‘Cell lines marked in Green have been lost (7H), or cleared out. J.M.J[arvis]. Blue = on computer’. 6 December 1972-1 October 1986 (bulk of the material 1978-1981). 1972-1988 1972-1986 AZ YB2,YC5;Y D1; YE2) Yl; YK2, YO, YOK5; YG6; YAQ’ 1978-1988 Also inscribed ‘Animal House (LMB) Cellulose Acetate Sera and Urine tests. Phil Wright. Use other book (Rats)’. 6 December 1978-5 October 1988 (bulk is 1978-1983). ‘YP1 (Bu) (YC6/141HL.Bu)’ 19 May 1982-3 January 1984. ‘Frozen Cells’. “YO Hybrids’ 1980-1987 28 January 1980-7 July 1987 (bulk is 1980-1981). Also inscribed ‘Cell lines marked in Green have been lost or cleared out. Blue = on computer. J.M.J[arvis]. 1978-1986 ‘Y4C7, YQ3, Y21, YDC/6, YODC/6, YODC/5, YODC/3, WiniZow and ‘Experimental Records. Rats’ Also inscribed ‘Ascites/serum in this book are kept by the animal house until pooled’. 13 October 1982-18 June 1985 (bulk is 1982-1983). YCS.. YNO VAME YPi;> YOMt. C.122-C.132 ‘y Hybridomas No.3’ 1982-1984 1982-1985 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 vied; Yiee: 29 August 1978-11 July 1979. 1978-1979 QT; YOOQT? 1982-1983 ca 9 February 1982-ca 16 February 1983. ‘a Somatostatin Fusions. PYC7. HLK’ 1982-1984 27 July 1982-1 March 1984. ‘a GAD 19-4-[19]83’ 19 April-26 September 1983. ‘YE8. YN 7, 8. YON 1, 2. YN 9, YN 10, YON3, YON4’ 18 July-24 November 1983. 8 November 1983-16 April 1984. 29 May-6 December 1984. .G, YOG: “YM5, YM6, P4M2.’ ‘YM3, YM4, P4M1, BIOTIN’ 1983-1984 ‘YM6/YOM3/P4M4. Merlins 5-Meth-Cyt’. ‘(YOM4. P4M7.)’ 1984-1986 8 November 1984-17 December 1986. ‘YOS1, YS10, P4S1’ 15 January-1 March 1985. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘EG-BSA. 2C6xMAP2’ 2 July-25 September 1985. ‘a RICIN 6-3-[19]85’ 6 March 1985-16 January 1986. C.133-C.141 ‘Human cells’ ‘Spinners. M4 & Misc.’ 12 November 1980-22 July 1992 (bulk 1980-1984). 1985-1986 1980-2001 1980-1992 ‘HMy2 Fusions etc.’ 1981-1982 29 June 1981-13 August 1982. See also C.138, C.139. [Softley], Andrew [Bradbury], Franco 12 July 1983-September 1992. Analyses numbered 1-135. 1986. 31 March 1983-14 March ‘FACS |. RP 31-8-83 - 18-3-86 Analyses’ 1983-1986 ‘Clones, Probes, Etc. From: Jos [Even], Luis [?Martin], Tertia [?Calabi], Caroline [Bilsland], Yung[-Yu]’ 1983-1992 Includes paper by Milstein, J. Even, et al (Bibliog. 215, 1985), and letter from M. Claesson re CD1 antigen, rabbit antiserum, etc 2 February 1990. Individual sections of the binder seem to be the work of named researchers. ‘Thymus. HTA/HLA’ 11 January-13 September 1985. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 Includes ‘Submitted to Cellular Immunology 11/1/[19]85’. Bibliog. copy draft 4pp 221 of (1986) as ‘FACS II. RP 18-3-[19]86 -. Analyses’ and ‘Workshop stuff’ 1986-1993 Analyses November 1987. numbered 136-248. 18 March 1986-5 of Also includes list Milstein’s collaborative ‘Published Work’ (1986-1993); flow diagram and instruction sheets for ‘Preparation of Monoclonal Antibodies’, n.d.; material for meetings including the 3rd, 4th, and 5th International Workshops Human _ Leucocyte Differentiation Antigens, held in Oxford, 1986 (see G.34), Vienna, Austria, 1989, and Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 1993 marked ‘Leucocyte Workshop Cell/MAb requests’ and ‘Workshop summaries/results’ respectively. Conferences documents G.72); (see and sets two on of See also C.135, C.139. ‘FACS Ill. 10-11-87 - 11-8-89’ 1987-1989 data 16 1993-19 November 1993-1995 experiments See also C.135, C.138. 10 November 1987-11 ‘°3A12/10B3 a-CD1a Yung Yu’ ‘Assays’ September 1995. Analyses numbered 249-346. August 1989. Includes correspondence with Chack Yung Yu and Pannell, 1993-1995. 2001. Mostly computer printouts 10 August 2000-21 ‘AK Experiments’ 2000-2001 March R. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 C.142-C.168 Group 1985-1999 Material received from the Laboratory as ‘Group’ and ‘Group 1989-1998’. Group refers to Milstein’s group of researchers and those identified include A.G. Fernandez, José B. Goyenchea, F. Lozano (‘Paco’), M.L. Dreher, Song Tan, M. Craxton and D. Giissow. Aoufouchi, Yelamos, Cristina Rada, S. of bulk The ringbinders, but occasional material is hardback bound notebook. material was the contained in in the form of green a [Untitled]. ?7NQ 10, etc. 1985-1992 13 April 1985-8 October 1992 (bulk 1989). ‘Methods’ ca 1987-1991 Inscribed inside front cover ‘Martin Dreher’. ‘Vector Maps’ ‘Constructs. NQ10/12.5’ 25 November-14 December 1988. Mostly preparation methods, manuscript or typescript by the researchers, or in the form of photocopied published papers and information sheets. Also includes graphs, email printouts, calculations and formulae, etc. 1991-1999 Mostly computer printouts of costings, including for ‘Bone marrow experiments box’, 2 June 1991-23 August 1999. 23 November 1988-27 January 1989. Refers to J. Yelamos. ‘Jose. Oligos.’ ‘NQ Database’ 1988-1989 ca 1988 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘Paco’s’ and ‘18.81RK Sorts.’ 1991-1992 26 November 1991-10 July 1992. ‘Africa II. Experiments’. A4 hardback notebook Refers to A.G. Fernandez. 3 March-15 December 1992. Includes intercalated pages, with material including film and photographic data pasted or stapled onto the pages. ‘Paco’s Transfections Oct 92’ 1992-1994 5 October 1992-20 December 1994. ‘Other Oligos’ and ‘CDR’ 1992-1995 16 July 1992-26 June 1995. 1993-1995 21 December 1992-2 March 1995. ‘Cristina [Rada]. RPE L15’ 1992-1995 18 May 1993-25 September 1995. ‘Peyers Patch Fusions’ and ‘Africa’ 1993-1995 Includes slides playing uncaged. 26 November 1993-20 July 1995. and photographs of laboratory mice ‘Africa. MRC’ 1993-1995 25 November 1993-5 May 1995. ‘MOD (BG) FUSION’ C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 Research folder. ‘RNA Experiment. José [Yelamos] Cell Prep[aration]’. 25 March-6 November 1994. ‘Mediterraneo’. A4 hardback notebook 1994-1995 Bears A.G. Fernandez’s ‘trademark’ symbol on the spine. 9 May 1994-11 May 1995. ‘S107 + neo - Trans F[ections]. CDRNG/Y2’ @’ and ‘José [Yelamos]. C[ristina] Rada. 1994-1995 5 May 1994-5 September 1995. ‘Africa. César’ 12 December 1994-10 May 1995. 1994-1995 and n.d. 6 January 1994-21 May 1996. ‘20.1.95 - 3.4.96’. A4 hardback notebook 1994-1996 ‘Animals’. ‘Southern Blot CDR/NG and other 1994-1996 Includes two letters to Milstein from Fernandez, n.d., and data entitled ‘César’s Project material’. 1994-1997 Includes photographs and other data pasted onto the pages, and intercalated material. ‘EMBO Paper Experiment [...]’ 12 November 1994-13 January 1997. Notebook probably used by J. Yelamos. 21 November 1994-3 April 1996. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘Copy D Animals’ 24 August 1995-25 April 1996. 1995-1996 Includes material found with the research folder marked ‘CJS Project’. ‘CDR/NG Hybridomas’ 1995-1997 30 January 1995-29 October 1997. ‘Original José [Yelamos]’ [illegible] gfp work. Jim Hasellof[f] Contract. 1995-1997 18 February 1995-2 December 1997. ‘ES José [Yelamos]’ 1996-1997 3 October 1996-25 September 1997. Includes published papers, and research correspondence. 1996-1998 ‘José [Yelamos]’ 1997-1998 ‘LGST Animal Analysis’ 16 May 1996-14 July 1998. 16 January - 25 August 1998, with one manuscript sheet dated 29 May 1997. 1983-1996 Chiefly a mixture of large, narrow ‘Gel’ film sheets and related research data, found loose or in cardboard folders. Titles and dates given where known. Includes much outsize material. Sequence of material received from the Laboratory as ‘Group R.A’s’. Various researchers’ names occur. C.169-C.195 ‘Group R.A’s’ C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 Untitled 1983, 1995 8 March 1983, 1 and 5 September 1995. Untitled 20 April 1992-27 April 1994. 1992-1994 ‘ELK 3/6. Africa’s 1st paper and ‘Peyer Patches’ Three subdivisions: ‘B220+ PND high ELK 5559’, 15 January 1993; ‘ELK 5559 Total Cells’, 16 and 29 January 1993; ‘C. Transgenic ELK 3 5563 & isolated PP (sorted B220+ PND high)’, 9 February 1993. DNA research data, 20 July ‘Africa’s NER, DEL, EXO. Mio &’ 1993-1996 ‘MOD sequences’ and ‘?8’ 1993 and n.d. ‘Seq[uence] 422 Gel #2 12.3.[19]94. MOD #4, #0. P high. 1st tube’ 1993-1994 and n.d. A.G. Fernandez’ research data, 22 December 1993 and n.d. 1994, n.d. Includes copies of papers by Fernandez and Milstein (Bibliog. 276, 1993), and Fernandez and Milstein and D. Gilmore (Bibliog. 283, 1994). 14 March 1993; 17 March and 31 April 1994; and n.d. Several sets of film sheets and research data 19, 31 January 1994 and n.d. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘MOD Hybridomas mouse 8 ? . Tag. PoL’ 1994-1995 13 April 1994-23 June 1995. ‘Gel #11. Reexponer. 5/5/94. 479 MOD p High.’ ‘Gel #12 Reexponer 5/5/94’ ‘Sequences from CDR/NG’ 1994, n.d. 30 September 1994, 13 October 1994 and n.d. Originally found tied together with C.180. ‘CDR/NG 6236 Hybridomas Neo’. 1994-1995 21 November 1994-19 August 1995. Originally found tied together with C.179. ca 25 October 1994. ‘CDR / 1st mouse’ 9-17 December 1994 and n.d. Also inscribed ‘Conclusion: Esto es una basura hay que repetirlo’. ‘BEA/T7/25.10.[19]94. F5 and F6 seq. 212 oligo in M13 mp 18’ 31 January-23 February 1995. ‘Bea[?trice P.] Peyer’s P[atches]’ 16/1/95’, ‘LK-? in ENG’ and ‘ENG 505 16 January 1995 Gels 1-11 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘CDR/NG 2nd mouse’ 17-27 February 1995 and n.d. ‘CDR/NG Hyb[ridomas]’ 28 February-28 September 1995 and n.d. ‘Core 56/72. Gels: 1, 2, 3, 4. 56 - 7; 8 - core 72’ 9 May-8 June 1995 and n.d. ‘CDR/NG Hybridomas’ 13 May 1995 and n.d. ‘DEL Core Data’ 16 May 1995 and n.d. 30 May 1995 and n.d. Untitled 1983, 1995, n.d. Mostly ca 15 June-21 September 1995, and n.d. ‘Gels 1, 2, 3 MOD Hyb[ridomas]. Gel 7 Core 56. 32-22’ 1995:0:G: Includes earlier material dated 8 March 1983. Untitled Untitled 30 November - 2 December 1995 and n.d. 30 August 1996 and n.d. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 Untitled 3 September 1996 and n.d. Untitled 17 December 1996 and n.d. C.196-C.206 ‘Misc. Lab. Notebooks’ 1983-1996 ‘M4 NOE2’ 7 February-7 July 1983 ‘Ongoing TC. 1983-[19]85. RP’ 1983-1986 22 October 1983-20 October 1986. ‘J558 Cloning’ 19 June-10 December 1984. Electropor[ation] Index ~ Lysosyme 1987-1988 6 May 1987-18 April 1988. ‘General Transfections’ 1987-1991 7 August 1987-6 September 1991. 26 June 1987-ca 7 December 1990. ‘Oligos from Martin [Dreher]’ ‘Transfections contd. E79-’ 1987-1990 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘Oxazolone. Transgene. T-ox 4.2.[19]87. 2-ox 11.2.[19]87’ 1987-1992 4 February 1987-29 January 1992 (bulk 1987-1988). ‘Transfections Oxazolone OX/ACO TAG expts’ 1987-1996 7 August 1987-12 June 1990. Includes letter from A.G. Fernandez, 28 November 1996. ‘NS1 s35 Jan.[19]90-’ 1989-1990 20 November 1989-10 May 1990. ‘FACS IV Biotin’ inc. Mouse spleen expts’ and ‘IgG-IlgM. Ox- 1989-1992 5 September 1989-28 July 1992. ca 1969-2002 ‘SAID [10H Clones’ 16 May-7 August 1995. C.207-C.279 Research binders: J.M. Jarvis Jarvis was Milstein’s longstanding laboratory technician and research officer who worked with him from the mid 1960s. ‘JMJ Oxazolone’ ‘CM/JMJ Lab. Notebooks’ C.247-C.257 ‘IMJ Oxazolone’ C.233-C.246 ‘JMJ Lab. Notebooks’ C.258-C.268 ‘UMJ Transgenics’ C.207-C.232 C.269-C.279 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 C.207-C.232 ‘CM/JMJ Lab. Notebooks’ 1969-2002 covers. These are mostly in the form of MRC ringbinders with green in Milstein’s own hand but in later ones the hand of Jarvis predominates, with a number of other hands, probably research students. binders contain much _ early The ‘Mouse [?] RNH’ 19 March 1969-7 May 1970. 1969-1970 ‘Hot & cold prep[aration]s. 1971-[19]73’ 1971-1973 15 June 1971-21 February 1973. ‘Met incorp[oration]s. 1973-74’ 1971-1973 ‘Myeloma mRNA 32p’ ca 1972-1975 1972-1991 13 June 19[?72]-16 June 1975. 25 March 1971-20 February 1973. 3 November 1972-7 February 1991. ‘Cell Library’ and ‘[...] In Container 7. Cells are not to be removed from Library without prior consultation with C. Milstein’ 1973-1981 The ‘l.E.F. PAS, 2D, Westerns’ material (C.222) was found with this binder but probably in error. There is no apparent subject connection between the items. 12 December 1973-10 February 1981. ‘Spinner Records’ C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘Shirley Howe 1975-77’ ca 13 May 1975-2 March 1977. 1975-1977 ‘Cells. So2. NT1. Misc. Andreas [?B...] etc Plaquing & spot tests. N.B.NH 2 & 3 now in separate binder’ 1976-1979 20 April 1976-6 April 1979. ‘Rat/mouse hybridomas’. ‘[J.]Schréder. Human lines’ 1977-1981 17 October 1977-16 April 1981. ‘NA1/34 etc.’ 1977-1999 Also inscribed ‘Mouse sera [alpha] Purified Protein. No entries without my agreement CM 14/12/79’. 7 August 1977-17 September 1999, bulk 1977-1984. 25 June 1979-17 May 1983. NUT/2. WM.25. PHM3’, ‘Protein 14 October 1981-9 December 1991. 1979-1983 1979-1998 ‘Rat sera a Purified Protein’ 30 May 1979-14 July 1998. Including a for comparison of results. little copy data 1966 and 1968 possibly used ‘Mutants. X63 F2.19 NSII/1.28 NSO X27’ 1981-1991 Variously labelled ‘NF20. MRC-OX.12. NH3/130. Spl/HL. M241. P Sepharose Purifications’ and ‘X63. NH60. U3/13. 3A1. W3/15. Sp2. W6/34. H9/5. W6/32. BBM.1. NOE2/6. NOE2/8. PCS. HPC1.12. 715. D47. D1.3' C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘Methods’ 1981-1987 ca 19 August 1981-23 July 1987. ‘HPLC’. ‘MOND-Q. GF250’ 1983-1986 24 August 1983-6 February 1986. ‘|.E.F. PAS, 2D, Westerns’ 1985-1987 17 January 1985- 27 October 1987. The ‘Spinner Records’ material (C.212) was found with this binder but probably in error. There is no apparent subject connection between the items. ‘in situ Hybridisation. BIOTIN - Luminol. BIOTIN Probes’ 1985-1987 Used 14 June 1985-4 February 1987. 2 December 1988-1 August 1989. 11 May 1988-24 July 1990 (mostly 1988). ‘AGPT assays’ 1988-1989 ‘MRNA. Prepfaration]. & sequencing’ 1988-1990 Includes published paper by Milstein and M.R. Suresh, and draft paper by Milstein et al annotated ‘Uncorrected version’. See Bibliog. 216 and 223 respectively. 1994-1995 Includes paper by Milstein and G.M. Griffiths, Bibliog. 209 (1985). ‘Transgenic. ELISA‘s’ 14 March 1994-21 December 1995. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘Transgenics. CM’ 1994-1997 12 August 1994-20 August 1997 (mostly 1994). ‘Sorts and Cytopluorimeter’ 1998-1999 1 June 1998-14 September 1999. ‘Hot Spots Folder’ 1998 and n.d. Dated material is ca 20 February-ca 2 June 1998. ‘LG Enhancer transfections 2000’ 1999-2001 21 September 1999-10 October 2001. Including 1993. photocopied method documents, 1991 and ‘Transgenics. SABU stock’ 2001-2002 ‘Transgenics. PCR (151-.)’ 1999-2002 C.233-C.246 ‘JMJ Lab. Notebooks’ For PCR nos 1-52 see C.264 and nos. 53-150 see C.268. PCR numbers 151-208. 13 August 1999-27 August 2002. 23 March 1998-23 June 1999. ‘PARP’ 1998-1999 1998-2002 5 January 2001-2 September 2002. ‘RGFP Transfections/NRG Fusions Feb 1998’ 16 January-11 November 1998. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘RGFP fusions’ 13 May 1998-18 August 1999. ‘SCELL’ 6 July-16 August 1999. 1998-1999 ‘RGFP44Aqg 1 ssc Aug/Sept 99’ 1999-2000 31 August 1999-8 December 2000. ‘R13 lo.8 time courses’ 1999-2000 23 September 1999-5 January 2000. ‘R13 lo.8 ssc/DNA’ 1999-2000 ‘JMJ’s SWITCH’ 1999-2000 26 October 1999-10 May 2000. 26 November 1999-20 December 2000. Including earlier copy material etc., 1996-1998, and letter re cell line distribution to Cristina Rada, 6 June 2000. 2000-2001 ‘RHA 2’ ‘DT40’ ‘2000/1 Fusions’ 7 February 2000-9 May 2001. 15 March-19 November 2001. 22 May-22 October 2001 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘JMJ’s SWITCH 2001/2’ 7 February 2001-7 May 2002. 2001-2002 ‘2002. Ramos. RhA2. RGFPv’ 2001-2002 19 November 2001-2 September 2002. ‘RGFP v’ 2001-2002 21 November 2001-25 February 2002. C.247-C.257 ‘JMJ Oxazolone’ 1981-1993 ‘NQ1-8 (Primary). Protein A. Sepharose purif[ication]s’ 1981-1986 16 September 1981-11 December 1986. 1981-1988 1983-1985 ‘Ox GABA Prep[aration]s’ 9 November 1981-22 January 1988. 6 December 1983-8 November 1985. ‘NQ. Assays & Misc. Plague. Prot A binding. R1A. ELISA- Kinetics’ 1983-1991 29 August 1983-8 January 1986; one entry 24 September 1991. 12 September 1983-12 May 1989. 10 NQ purif[ication]s’ - ‘NQ Recombfinants]’ Includes paper by Milstein, Jarvis et al (Bibliog. 205, (Secondary). Protein A - Sepharose 1983-1989 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 1984), and correspondence to Milstein from D. Jeske, University of Texas, Dallas, 1983, re chain recombination experiments. ‘Equil[ibrium].Dial[ysis] NQ’ 1984-1987 ca 21 February 1984-20 November 1987. ‘Prep. NQ Ha L chains’ 16 July 1985-3 January 1986. ‘NQB Fusions & Assays’ 16 June 1987-28 April 1988. 1985-1986 1987-1988 ‘NQ (Tertiary)’ 1987-1993 ‘NQP. NQ2S’ 1989-1991 1993-1999 ‘NQB Cloning & Results’ 21 January-30 August 1988. C.258-C.268 ‘JMJ Transgenics’ 6 June 1989-4 November 1991. 9 November 1987-10 December 1993. 1993-1997 Each binder was labelled ‘Transgenics’, with secondary labels as given below. including 14 July 1993- Laboratory photocopy material, some dating to 1986. instructions, experiment etc., ‘Methods’ C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 14 May 1997. ‘CBS. Stock. Dunn. L.Farm’ 1993-1997 Used 18 December 1993-25 April 1997. ‘Constructs’ 19 July 1993-20 March 1998. 1993-1998 ‘Stock. LEA, LIS 1718, LIS 1922, LK 1924, LO 3033’ 1994-1996 15 May 1994-12 September 1996. ‘Southerns 1-50’ 1995-1997 1 March 1995-10 March 1997. ‘ES Cells’ 1995-1997 23 May 1995-10 September 1997. Includes Southern nos. 55 and 57. ‘PCR’ For Southern nos 1-50 see C.262; nos 51-66 see C.267; and nos 15, 27, 33, 35, 62 and 65 see C.279. For Southern nos. 55 and 57 see C.263; nos 51-66 see C.267; and nos 15, 27, 33, 35, 62 and 65 see C.279. 1995-1997 For PCR nos 53-150 see C.268 and nos 151-208 see C231. Including PCR nos. 1-52 (1997) and earlier PCR (1995). 8-19 September 1995 and 23 April-8 December 1997. ‘ELISA Assays. 8/1/96-18/12/96’ 8 January-18 December 1996. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘ELISA Assays. 7/1/97-’ 7 January-17 October 1997. ‘Southerns 51-. ‘ Southern nos. 51-66. 7 April-15 December 1997. For Southern nos 1-50 see C.262; nos 55, 57 see C.263; and nos 15, 27, 33, 35, 62 and 65 see C.279. ‘PCR (53-150)’ 1998-1999 PCR Nos. 53-150. Used 9 January 1998-1 July 1999. For PCR nos 1-52 see C.264 and nos 151-208 see C.231. C.269-C.279 ‘JMJ Misc.’ 1981-1997 18 February 1981-15 April 1987. 1986-1992 ‘Transfectant Work’ 1988-1990 ‘IMJ M4 Expferimenjts. Prep[aration]. Rabbit a HTA IgG’ 1981-1987 ‘CD1. (LM) (FC) (AW) (AB) (TB)’ Used 18 February 1986-9 December 1992 but with gap between 1989 and 1991. 1988-1993 ‘Current Tissue Culture’ 1988-1992 23 September 1988-29 November 1990. 1 February 1988-21 September 1992. ‘Primers’ 16 February 1988-3 October 1993. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘NQC’ 19 February-4 April 1991. ‘Martin [Dreher]. Mutants’ 1991-1992 21 January 1991-17 July 1992. ‘BET. ERM’ 1991-1992 11 September 1991-7 October 1992. ‘PHYCO. RPE-FaB’ 26 January-26 July 1993. 14 May-15 July 1993 5 February 1994-7 August 1997. Includes Southern nos. 15, 27, 33, 35, 62 and 65. 1967-2001 ‘Africa [Gonzalez Fernandez]. Peyer's patches. Ox Low. Ox High. LK3 Lou’ For Southern nos 1-50 see C.262; nos 55, 57 see C.263; and nos 51-66 see C.267. Funding of research C.280-C.323 ADMINISTRATION OF RESEARCH C.280-C.320 Distribution of samples C.321-C.323 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 C.280-C.320 Distribution of samples 1967-1996 chiefly material comprises This correspondence, permission and signed conditions documents, forms, cell line requests and lists, notes, etc., re rat and mouse cell line samples sent various institutions and laboratories around the world. laboratory to Milstein’s by The bulk of the material was filed in folders and wallets or in MRC ringbinders. Labels or inscriptions found thereon have been reproduced in the catalogue entries. Correspondence 1967-1977 Some in Spanish and French. Notes, possibility ‘handling antibodies’ data, of the references Flow Laboratories etc, and correspondence re Scotland monoclonal Ltd, production Irvine, of commercial 1974-1979 1976-1981 C.284-C.293 ‘Cell Lines Sent’ Correspondence Some intercalated pages. Small hardback notebook listing cell lines sent: ‘who and where sent to’ and ‘vol[ume]’. 1976-1985 folders — of Contents correspondence and the original folder front cover. The span of the documents within matches the year marked. Some folders contained only a few letters while others are more substantial. Milstein’s notes, year marked on 1976-1978 individual 1976 nO. of with C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ASTS: ‘1980’ 1981’ 1982’ 1983’ ‘1984’ Original folder marked ‘Misc. Cell lines sent’. Correspondence, notes and research data 1978-1985 Correspondence, and lists of ‘Names and Addresses for Dr Milstein’s rat cell lines’ 1979-1980 Correspondence including cell line despatch information Correspondence including cell line despatch and receipt 1979-1980 1979-1980 January 1979-January 1980. June 1979-December 1980. ‘Y3 1979-1980’ C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 information December 1979-December 1980. ‘Rat Letters. Misc.’ January 1979-February 1986. 1979-1986 ‘Cheques received and given to Admin.’ 1979-1986 Correspondence October 1979-February 1986. ‘Permission/Collected. To be added to list’ 1979-1988 Brief correspondence, rat recipients, surname, and conditions of permission for same. line alphabetically use indexed cell lists by of the of donors and by country line and cell or (A-E)’ ‘(F-M)’ “N-ZY’ ‘Sera-Lab’ 1980-1985 1979-1986 1980-1982 C.302-C.304 Correspondence and signed conditions. Mostly proforma despatch of rat cell lines and conditions of use documents Contents of three folders inscribed ‘Signed Conditions - Collected/Received from Elsewhere’. 1980-1987 Contents of folder so inscribed: correspondence, research data, copy agreements re ‘Growing cultures’ etc. 1979-1986 1979-1985 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘Mouse Cell Line conditions etc’ 1980-1988 Contents of folder so inscribed. C.307-C.309 ‘Y3/YO’ 1982-1986 Three folders of correspondence and despatch lists etc. ‘1981-1982’ ‘1983’. ‘1984-86’ ‘Hybridomas Sent’ Correspondence and cell line despatches. 1983-1986 1981-1985 Includes two photographic slides. 1982-1988 ‘Rat requests. Letters & conditions sent’ 1982-1985 List of ‘CM Rat Lines - January 1982 to January 1985’ 1982-1984 Letter from R. Linke and C. Hibner-Parajsz of Boehringer Mannheim, Germany re the ‘myeloma cell line NS 0/1’, 28 July 1982 1984-1985 ‘“Permissions” only - Awaiting signed conditions’ Correspondence and cell line despatches 1983-1986 ‘Rat lines pending’ Correspondence February 1984-May 1985. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘Misc. Rat lines 1984, 85’ 1984-1985 Brief correspondence and cell line despatch data March 1984-March 1985. ‘Documentation’ Mostly pro formas re distribution’. cell lines sent ‘To ECACC for ca 1984-1986 Letter to J.M. Jarvis from A. Cambrosio re information for map of and mouse myeloma cell lines around the world, 11 August 1993. distribution Milstein’s the rat of Includes 6pp distribution lists (year, cell and country) covering 1979-1984. line, city, state, Work on _ surface markers’ ‘lsolation of antibodies recognising foetal cell 1992-2001 C.321-C.323 Funding of research Correspondence and papers re grant applications and renewals. 8pp draft manuscript notes by Milstein 8 and 19 January, 26 February, 23 March and 14 June 1996; progress reports 19 January, 16 February, 21 March, 16 May and 14 June 1996. ca 1995 manuscript 3pp hypermutation of antibody genes’ Correspondence applications and renewals. Proposed project to start 1 October 1995. 1992-1997 draft grant application re research grant ‘Somatic and papers 1993-2001 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 C.324-C.340 PATENTS 1975-2002 Filings, applications and renewals of patents in the US, UK, Germany and and collaborative inventions. Milstein’ss Australia own for the the and Medical National Research Includes correspondence with Council Development Corporation (NRDC) (later the British Technology Group), drafts and copies of final patents, assignment of rights in reagents patented distribution and licensing agreements, etc. sales permission requests, inventions, research Research and line cell C.324-C.330 Milstein’s patents C.331-C.336 Cell line licensing C.337-C.340 Miscellaneous material re patents C.324-C.330 Milstein’s patents 1975-2002 of of the folder so producing 1975-1981 technology ‘Rat lines. Rat patents (Y3) with complement YO etc’ Contents overseas patents for ‘Improved Rat Cell Line’. ‘Rat monoclonal antibodies (2)’, UK patent application no. 7900775, re-filed 9 January 1979 Correspondence and papers, chiefly relating to the failure to patent monoclonal antibodies. 1981-1984 Contents of inscribed: correspondence and papers re Celltech/MRC collaboration on release of cell lines of monoclonal and hybrid antibodies. Includes and ‘Hybrid Antibodies’, 1983-1984 and papers of Celltech board meeting November 1981. and commercial exploitation for ‘Double-headed See also E.9-E.18. antibodies’ 1979-1984 inscribed, patents folder so ‘Celltech’ chiefly re UK and C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 ‘Paired helical filament core and antibody thereto useful in diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease’, US patent application no. PCT/GB88/00867, filed 19 October 1988 ‘Single step cloning’ 1989-1995 so 1989 folder Contents of inscribed: correspondence and papers re patents ‘Single Step Cloning and Selection of Hybridomas’ the Identification and Selection of Antibody Producing Cells’ 1990; ‘Production of antibodies from transgenic animals’ 1991; Heterologous Sequences’ proposed patent 1995. Hypermutation ‘Somatic Method 1992; and and for to ‘A ‘Adrian [WoolfsonJ/CM Project’ 2000-2001 of so folder inscribed:correspondence Contents and papers re soluble CD project including ‘Pattern analysis of CD antigens present in body fluids as a method for the of diagnosis, no. diseases’, UK and PCT/GBO0/))987, filed N. Hales and A. Woolfson. progression patent application 16 March 2000, by Milstein, international monitoring prognosis and so folder ‘Woolfson’ 1999-2002 inscribed: correspondence and Contents of papers re soluble CD project. The Soluble CD Project was carried out within Hales’ laboratory in collaboration with Woolfson and Milstein, 2001-2002. 1991-1997 ‘Oscillating scale production of monoclonal antibodies as an alternative to ascitic tumours, patent application no. 9112836.3, filed 14 June 1991, Milstein and R. Pannell Correspondence and patent, agreements. re development of the licensing international applications laboratory chamber bubble patent papers and for C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 C.331-C.336 Cell line licensing 1979-1996 ‘Miscellaneous Industry (Companies etc)’ 1979-1993 Contents of folder so inscribed: proposed renewals of existing collaborative commercial agreements between MRC and others etc. licences and Cell line licensing agreements, etc. and Milstein’s granting of permission requests re utilisation of Y3 and YO and other cell lines 1982-1996 ‘Serotec’ 1983-1985 so folder Contents of inscribed: correspondence and papers re proposed collaborative agreement between Milstein (for the MRC) and Serotec Ltd re commercial retailing distribution of cell lines and research reagents. folder so inscribed: mostly 1987-1996 ‘(CD1] Clones’ Including copy agreements, accounts and receipts, and despatch details of clones sent. line sale request by J. Klotz of the City of Hope Cell National Medical Center, Duarte, California, USA, and Milstein’s permission Contents of requests for purchase of CD1 clones, with details of samples sent or permission given by Milstein, and MRC agreements for non-commercial use of clones. 1990-1992 Contents of folder so inscribed: requests for CD1 clones and collaboration proposals. Includes Diversity’. lists for ‘CD1 and for ‘AB Papers’ ‘CD1’ mailing C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Research, C.1-C.340 C.337-C.340 Miscellaneous material re patents 1986-1996 Correspondence re commercial exploitation of monoclonal antibodies ca 1987-1989 This correspondence arose from Milstein’s attendance at a a Downing Street luncheon hosted by the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. letters Milstein of thanks from Includes the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Education and Science, Kenneth Baker, enclosing sets of MRC notes on ‘arrangements for commercial exploitation - monoclonal antibodies ‘Commercial and Exploitation and Collaboration with Industry’. present day, the to to H. Waldmann’s patent ‘Improvements in Papers re or relating to antibody preparations’, US patent application no. 624,205, filed 21 March 1988. 1986-1989 Includes Milstein’s Declarations in support. the by on chiefly patent on 1987-1988 folder re ‘Winter Patents’ ‘A genetic so proposed inscribed: correspondence and ‘...displaying by G.P. Correspondence and papers re Milstein’s advice on process for engineering’ preparation of antibodies Contents of papers antibody fragments on retroviruses’ taken out Winter. 1988-1996 4 Includes ‘MRC licencing policy January 1988, and ‘Appendix 2 to report by Winter on Patent Position and History of New Antibody Technology’. Winter was Milstein’s long time friend and collaborator. Winter patent’, C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 SECTION D LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS, D.1-D.152 1959-2003 D.1-D.72A LECTURES D.73-D.130 DRAFTS AND PUBLICATIONS D.131-D.152 SLIDES D.1-D.72A LECTURES 1960s-1999 and n.d. Most of the lecture notes are in English, but where there is Spanish language material this has been noted. Many of the notes include details of slides accompanying the lectures. See D.131-D.152. ‘Studies on PGM’ (title also given in Spanish), 1961 ca 1960- ca 1960-1961 Department of Biochemistry, ‘Metal Cambridge, 1 February 1961 Enzymes’, The material was found in folder inscribed ‘On the active centre of PGM’. 56pp draft lecture notes identified by inscription on original folder. 40pp draft lecture notes, 1p formulae and draft display cards. Chemistry Manchester University 9 February 1966’. ‘Variations in amino acid sequence near the disulphide bridges of Bence Jones proteins’ and untitled lecture on the same subject, 1966 typescript 13pp manuscript draft lecture notes, 1966. lecture draft Found in folder inscribed ‘Department of Biol[ology and] notes, ca.1966; 14pp ca 1966 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 ‘The variability of immunoglobulin structure’, Biochemical Tea Club, Department of University of Cambridge, 6 March 1968 Biochemistry, Programme for Lent Term lectures. Lecture for ‘Paris 26 Nov 1968’ 1967-1968 Correspondence, some in lecture notes, and paper on ‘Structure of Antibody Molecules’ by Milstein and S. Cohen. 17pp draft French, Identified by inscription on original folder. The original lecture had been cancelled due to events and rescheduled for 26 November 1968. turmoil’ France which kept in a ‘...the was Structure ?The Ig Department of Genetics, November 1969. of and genetic implications’, University of Cambridge, 18 one in a series being genetic 2pp draft lecture notes. 3pp draft lecture notes, and invitation and reply. ‘The Nature of Ab variability’, Department of Biochemistry, University of Bristol, 13 March 1970 Seminar on ‘sequence studies on immunoglobulins and their of implications’, seminars at the Department. 58pp draft lecture notes. Milstein undertook a lecture tour of the USA in April-May 1979. He comments that ‘...the rest of the USA tour went smoothly in spite of the difficulties...because of the airlines strikes’. The material includes papers relating to earlier visit, 1978, and return visit in November 1979. ‘Lectures. Berkeley 1978’ as marked on original folder. Visits to USA, April-May 1979 1978-1979 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 Titles are not given or are unclear. Nelson Medical Lecture, California, USA, 1978-1979. Davis Campus, University of Brief correspondence. Talk at Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA; and Philip Levine Lecture, Rockefeller University, New York, USA, April or May Correspondence and manuscript draft Levine Lecture’. ip lecture abstract notes marked ‘Rockefeller 1979; talk, 2pp - of antibodies ‘Monoclonal Mattia Nutley, New Jersey, USA, 15 November 1979 Lecture, Roche Institute myelomas’, V.D. of Molecular Biology, hybrid from material with that at material with that at D.12 Correspondence. Correspondence. was found grouped This D.11 together and marked ‘USA Nov. 79’. This together and marked ‘USA Nov. [19]79’. ‘Production and uses of Monoclonal Antibodies’, 3rd Smith Kline and French Laboratories Lecture, Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 13 November 1979. 1979-1980 ‘Strategies in Derivation of Monoclonal Antibodies from Hybrid Myelomas’, Basic Medical Sciences Lecture, New The York Burroughs of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 1 April 1980. Hardback notebook of lecture notes, with loose sheets Correspondence and notice. was found grouped sponsored the Center, and Federation Wellcome University Medical Fund by C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 intercalated ‘Talk Includes ‘Mattia Lectureship’, and ‘NYU Seminar: Mutants of Structure and secretion of Ab’ at MRC Cell board in 1980?’, Hardback spiral-bound notebook of lecture notes Includes 'Lab Talk 1980', 'CAMR (Porton) 3 May 1985’, ‘Lab Talks - 1985’, 'Dissecting the immune response’ University College London, 17 Jan 86 and Department of Biochemistry, Bristol, 20 January 1986. 1980-1986 and n.d. 11th Sir Hans Krebs lecture, University of Edinburgh, 3 April 1981 1981 and n.d. Letter, 9pp notes and 1p annotated table. of 1980-1981 lecture notes in Spanish; and and Diaz 13th ‘Derivation Jimenez Fundacion Conchita Rabago de Jimenez Diaz, Madrid, Spain, 19 May 1981 use commemorative monoclonal antibodies’, Lecture, ‘Myelomas can useful’, Foundation Lecture, College of Pathologists, London, 17 November 1981 Also programme for 12th commemorative lecture, May 1980, and nominations for the 14th lecture in 1982 with Milstein’s annotations. Correspondence, some in Spanish, programme, 11pp manuscript draft 11pp typescript draft lecture notes in English, 2pp references and 1p figure legends. 1981-1982 ‘From Antibodies’, Brown-Hazen Fund Lecture, Division of Laboratories and Correspondence and 20pp draft lecture notes. ‘Thursday lunch Seminar’, ?Cambridge 2pp manuscript draft lecture notes. ca 1981-1982 Monoclonal 1980-1981 Antibody Diversity to be Royal C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 Research, New York State Department of Health, Albany, New York, USA, 7 January 1982 Correspondence, some in Spanish, and programme. to Milstein was also invited to a dinner following the lecture, and and Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies’, to a smaller group of the Division scientists, 8 January 1982. lecture, further give ‘Rat on a with about ‘Messing and antibodies’, 13th Lynen Lecture at the 14th Miami Winter Symposium ‘From into biotechnology’, Miami, Florida, USA, 11 January 1982 Translation enzymes isotopes protein: gene and to 1980-1982 Correspondence and programme, and 32pp typescript draft lecture notes with manuscript corrections, annotated an ‘Early manuscript...’. ‘Monoclonal Antibodies: A Windfall of Basic Research’, Annual Korner Lecture, University of Sussex, Brighton, 5 March 1982 the MB, staff FRCS, medical Brief correspondence. Brief correspondence. lecture at to the request of at ‘Monoclonal Antibodies’, Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, 15 April 1982 B.B. Milstein was invited to Milstein the Cambridgeshire Area Health Authority Thoracic Surgical Unit. 1981-1982 ‘La diversidad de la respuesta inmune y los anticuerpos monoclonoles’ (provisional title), 5th Annual Gerdénimo Forteza Lecture, Instituto de Investigaciones Citologicas de la Caja de Ahorros de Valencia, Spain, 31 May 1982 The lectureship included the award of a gold medal, and the visit to Valencia may have been part of a wider tour. Correspondence. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 ‘Monoclonal Antibodies: A Windfall of Basic Research’, Foundation Lecture, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, 23 November 1982 Correspondence including list of Milstein’s invited guests. Shai Shacknai Rabbi in Immunology and Cancer Research, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel 27-29 December 1982 Memorial Lectures Prize Milstein’s folder inscribed ‘Israel Contents of correspondence, manuscript draft lecture notes. commemorative booklet, lectures’: 93pp and antibody Milstein gave three lectures on ‘Monoclonal Antibodies: From - surface Oxazolone’, antigens - If and NA1’, and ‘Monoclonal antibodies in research and clinical medicine’. diversity ‘Monoclonal monoclonal and to anitibodies antibodies cell at 1982-1983 1983-1984 to saying he would ‘try to replied organise Invitation Laboratoire d’lmmunologie des Tumeurs de _ Paris, [1984] lecture Institut Gustave-Roussy, |’Enfant, Correspondence and 10pp typescript draft lecture notes. Milstein something’, in a letter dated 8 February 1984. Correspondence including 4pp data on ‘D47 and NA1 antigenic sites’. ‘Antibodies, Myelomas and Hybridomas’, Oliver-Sharpey Lecture to the Royal College of Physicians, London, 10 May 1984 1984-1985 Hardback notebook of missing) with intercalated material David Henderson Service, Includes ‘Colloquio Gimenez Diaz’. the immune response’, lecture notes (front cover ‘Dissecting Memorial Mostly in Spanish. 1983-1984 Laboratory Lecture, Public Health draft C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 Centre for Applied Microbiology and Research, Porton Down, Wiltshire, 3 May 1985. Correspondence. ‘Notes for Talk. Meeting at Carry on Idiotypes’, ‘Published in Annals reread today 7 October 1985’ 6pp manuscript draft lecture notes. ‘Notes for Australia’ ca 1985 typescript 6pp manuscript introductory remarks beginning, ‘1985 has been a sad year for immunologists’. lecture notes draft with of Royal immunological ‘Dissection London Hammersmith ‘Dissecting Department, University of Bristol, 20 January 1986 Postgraduate London, Medical 17 of School, and Biochemistry response’, response’, University Hospital, January; immune_ the 1985-1986 West 1985-1986 Germany, Laboratory, Heidelberg, Correspondence and itinerary. Correspondence, joint programme (agenda) and itinerary. ‘Dissecting the immune response’, Lady Margaret Lecture, Christ’s College, Cambridge, 24 April 1986 ‘Dissecting the immune response’, European Molecular Biology 4 February 1986 Correspondence, some in Spanish, and itinerary. Lecture Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain, May 1986 Brief correspondence, programme and notice. 1984-1986 Quirurgica Academia Médico the at de C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 ‘Diversity and the genesis of high affinity antibodies’, Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins Memorial Lecture on the occasion of the joint symposium on ‘Molecular Pathology’ for the 50th Anniversary of the Wellcome Trust and the 75th Anniversary of the Biochemical Society, London, 17 December 1986 1986-1987 Correspondence including typescript draft lecture notes and 1p table notes, etc. publication of lecture, 10pp Milstein was also asked to give the pre-dinner lecture. Lecture at Cell And Molecular Biology Society, Cambridge University, 10 February 1987 Two letters of thanks. ‘Antibodies in Diagnosis and Therapy’, Damon Biotech Lecture at the University of Edinburgh, 1 May 1987 Brief correspondence, lecture notes, etc. itinerary, 14pp typescript draft draft lecture notes 1987-1996 n.d.; lecture (untitled) for Spiral bound softback notebook of inscribed ‘Lab[oratory] Seminars’ Used from the front and from the back 23 October 1987- ca 30 October 1996. Includes ‘Darwinian character of the somatic maturation of the antibody response’, the Gordon Conference August 1990; and Severo Ochoa Memorial Lecture (untitled) September 1994. 1981-1993 Correspondence, 17pp and 18pp typescript draft lecture notes with corrections (1988), etc. ‘Discoveries’ Cambridge, 5 February 1988 Series Lecture ‘Agradecimiento por el Dr Honoris Cause Diciembre 1987’ Milstein had been previously invited to lecture at Darwin 3pp draft notes for ?speech of thanks for honorary degree. at Darwin’ College, C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 College in April 1983 and at the Anniversary Symposium, 21 July 1989. Lecture Germany, 22 April 1988 at Tumorzentrum Rhein-Main e.V, Frankfurt, Correspondence and Thomas Boehm who was to accompany him. arrangements for Milstein and Paradigm ‘Antibodies: Recognition’, ‘Frontiers of Medicine’ Lecture in Foundations of Medical Science series, McGill University, Montreal, Canada 17 October 1988 Molecular of Correspondence. This was a ‘...proposed collaborative venture between Cambridge and Milstein’s lectureship event. culminating McGill’ in 1988-1989 D.45-D.47 Royal 1988-1989 See also D.141. the Lecture, ‘Antibodies: recognition’, London, 27 April 1989 a paradigm for The Croonian biology of molecular Society, Correspondence, some in Spanish, and 2pp draft lecture notes. ‘The Potential of Biotechnology in Argentina’, lecture in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 13-31 March 1989 1988-1989 The Croonian Lecure was repeated at the Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford, repeat Milstein Association of September 1989. Correspondence; notice; 24pp typescript ‘Original text...’; typescript with manuscript corrections; figures, references etc. Sir William May 1989 and British at 11-15 it the Sheffield, was also asked to meeting, University 1 Royal Society C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 Croonian Lecture at Oxford, 1 May 1989 1989-1989 Brief correspondence. ‘Croonian inscribed. Lecture’. Contents of Milstein’s folder so Draft lecture notes: 12pp manuscript, and 36pp typescript with manuscript corrections. For Sheffield. Spiral bound softback notebook of inscribed ‘Spanish Lectures’ draft lecture notes 1989-1998 Used from the front and from the back 10 October 1989- 20 May 1998. Includes Conferencia Menendez Palayo, Seville, Spain, 10 October 1989 (untitled). lecture notes annotated ‘Master ‘Notes for lecture in Miami January 1990’ Correspondence, the publication ‘Leucocyte Typing IV’, Oxford University Press, query sheet, and proof amendments. references inclusion for in 15pp typescript draft copy’ ‘What Next?’, unidentified summary lecture, 1989 London, Rodney R. Porter Memorial Lecture, Joint Meeting of the British Society for Immunology and the Societé Frangaise d'Immunologie on The lecture was planned for 4 October to coincide with the proposed EMBO workshop, organised by IRBM. Lecture during visit Molecolare, Rome, Italy, 3-6 October 1991 Correspondence re arrangements. to Istituto di Ricerche di Biologia ‘The Immune Repertoire’, 1990-1991 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 October 1991 Correspondence including draft lecture notes. notices, and 9pp typescript Edward K. Dunham Lecture Series on ‘Antibodies: How they are made and how to make them’, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 20-25 April 1992 1991-1992 draft typescript corrections: 16pp, 2pp manuscript draft Correspondence, manuscript respectively; ‘Synopsis of 1992 Dunham Lectures’, and Remarks...’ lecture 14pp, lecture notes and notes, with 12pp 2pp 4pp ‘Closing Milstein lectured on ‘Antibodies’; ‘High affinity antibodies: The animal strategy’; and ‘High affinity antibodies without animals’. ‘Monoclonal antibodies - from patents to patients’, talk to Bloomsbury Molecular Biology and Medicine Dining Club, University College London, 20 May 1993 Harrogate’, Correspondence. Lecture Cambridge, 14 February 1996 the Cambridge 41 at Brief correspondence, 7pp typescript and 1p manuscript draft lecture notes. Peter Gorer Lecture given ‘at the beginning of the BSI Annual Congress in Yorkshire, December 1994 1995-1996 ‘The Darwinian character of the maturation of the immune response’ (proposed title), T.H. Huxley Lecture at the University of Birmingham, 25 April 1996 The Cambridge 41 Club was part of the Association of Ex- Round Tablers’ Clubs. Brief correspondence and 10pp typescript draft lecture notes titled ‘Notes for after dinner speech’. Club, Jesus College, 1995-1996 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 Correspondence re arrangements. Proposed Lecture on ‘CD1’ at the Antibody Club, London, September meeting, 1996 Brief correspondence. Milstein declined the invitation. ‘Opening remarks, Royal Soc. 2-March 1998’ Contents of folder so inscribed: 4pp typescript draft lecture notes with manuscript corrections. the and ‘Hypermutation antibody response’, 3rd Georges Kohler Lecture at the Max Planck Institut 18 January 1999 Immunobiologie, Germany, maturation Freiburg, the fur of to ‘China’ and notice including invitation, this in of ‘Scandinavian meeting’ noting that ‘We have initiated 6pp manuscript draft lecture notes. 6pp manuscript draft lecture notes on ?antibodies. keep awake the memory of Georges 1998, photograph Letter of lecture Freiburg’, Milstein, and of Milstein with Kohler. mentioned in the lecture notes. 13pp draft lecture notes mostly typescript with mansucript corrections, 3pp references, 1p figure legends, and 1p notes [?list of accompanying slides]. ‘Bridges - Sussex’, ‘Meetings on Clinical genetics’ ‘Light-heavy ‘Bridges’ possibly refers to the bridge’ C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 ‘The Many Faces of CD1’, lecture by Milstein, C. Yung Yu, A. Woolfson, J.M. Jarvis, and J.M. Skehel Manuscript draft C. Yung Yu, and 6pp typescript draft lecture notes with manuscript corrections, with 1p figures. letter (fax) to ‘Speech 25th Anniversary’ 7pp typescript draft lecture notes for ‘MRC Meeting’. ‘Notes for plenary lecture at Cytology Workshop’ typescript 13pp corrections n.d. draft lecture notes with manuscript ‘Notes for Lectio Magistralis, Bahia Blanca (European School of Oncology)’, Argentina 25pp manuscript and typescript draft lecture notes, the cover sheet is inscribed ‘B[ahia]. Blanca’. 21pp manuscript and typescript draft lecture notes with corrections. Miscellaneous untitled typescript and manuscript draft lecture notes, including 6pp typescript in Spanish. ‘Notes for “Darwin Discovery” lecture’ amended, with first page marked ‘Changes for Canada’ 2pp draft manuscript letter from Milstein to ‘Andres’, re 17pp manuscript draft lecture notes and 2pp references, and 12pp notes on proceedings ‘Lectures’. Contents of Milstein’s folder so labelled 8pp miscellaneous draft manuscript ?lecture notes. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 organisation lecturers. of an untitled meeting as to choice of 33pp unidentified draft manuscript lecture notes D.73-D.130 DRAFTS AND PUBLICATIONS 1959-2002 D.73-D.121 Drafts D.122-D.129 Editorial correspondence and other material D.130 Bibliography D.73-D.121 Drafts 1959-ca 2002 and n.d. de la DPN __ sequence of material relating y _ activacion ‘K+ [?Kt] Activation of Found in folder inscribed ‘T.C.’, aldehyde dehydrogenase’. chronological A to publications or to the intention to publish, ranging from rough notes to fully-prepared drafts. Where applicable reference has been made to Milstein’s Bibliography at D.130 in the form Bibliog. ... ‘Inhibicion aldehido deshidrogenasa de levadura por iones metalicos’ with A.O.M Stoppani. Bibliog. 9, 1959 Copy of paper (part missing); typescript draft papers in English aldehyde dehydrogenase by alkali metal ions’ and ‘Effect of metal the ions DPN-aldehyde dehydrogenase’, of translations Bibliog. 9; figures; brief correspondence (in Spanish). 8pp typescript with manuscript corrections, and 1p figures. “ping-pong” ‘The annotated ‘C. Milstein - unpublished (1964)’ mechanism of phosphomutases’, based on or yeast partial of _ activation ‘Mechanism activity of on of C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 ‘The interchain disulphide bridge in B[ence-]Jones protein and in y globulin B chains’. Bibliog. 25, 1965. Contents of folder so inscribed: 11pp manuscript draft paper with 5pp tables and figures, including photographs for plates, n.d. [1965]. ‘A model for the interchain disulphide bond formation in Immunoglobulins’, ca 1966. Not listed in Bibliog. ca 1966 Annotated by International Congress of Immunol[ogy]?’ ‘Written about the Milstein time of 1st manuscript 9pp readings, and photographs for plates and figures. paper, draft calculations 3pp and Photographs for this item and for D.77 were originally found intermingled. of draft with 1p ‘The distribution of O-phosphoseine in history and other protein cells’ (amended title), ca 1967. Not listed in Bibliog. fractions Hamster Chinese ovary Brief correspondence. this item and for D.76 were originally Photographs for found intermingled. Citation classic: ‘A possible precursor of immunoglobulin light chains’, with G.G. Brownlee et al. Bibliog. 67, 1972 2pp copy manuscript draft paper with 1p references and 1p figures; 15pp typescript draft paper, with photographs for plates and figures. An updated article entitled ‘With the benefit of hindsight’ was requested on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of ‘the Kohler and Milstein paper’. ‘Continuous cultures of fused cells secreting antibody of predefined specificity’, with G. Kdhler. Bibliog. 97, 1975 and Bibliog. 306, 2000. Correspondence; forms (mostly fax photocopies); 11pp typescript references; photograph for plate; proofs. figures 3pp_ and C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 chain ‘N6 methyladenine in mRNA’ with C.C. Cheng, G.G. Brownlee, and J.M. Jarvis, ca 1976. Not listed in Bibliog. immunoglobulin light an Draft paper annotated ‘For C.M[ilstein] & J.[ohn] J[arvis] Submitted Cell Aug 18 1976’. 14pp typescript with 13pp tables research data. and 1p summary, 1p references, and 10pp manuscript draft and figures; Citation G.Galfré, J.C. Howard et al, Bibliog. 109, 1977. Classic: First ‘The “Useful” Hybridoma’, with correspondence, Includes of commentary with 1p references, ?as submitted, and two earlier typescript drafts, one with manuscript corrections. typescript copy 2pp_ Milstein was invited in 1986 to prepare a brief commentary on the paper for publication as a Citation Classic. Milstein corresponded with Howard and they jointly wrote the commentary which was then submitted by Milstein. ca 1976 1986-1993 - Not Two 1977. Mouse’ Immunoglobulin a comparison light-chain in listed 2pp typescript draft with 1p references and 1p manuscript draft intercalated. ‘Somatic cell genetics of antibody production’, unpublished draft, ca 1977. ‘Antibody diversity at the mRNA level between mRNA+S’, with K.C.S.Chen, ca Bibliog. Brief correspondence, 2pp summary, 15pp_ typescript draft, 2pp references, 24pp tables and figures, including photographs for plates. 22pp typescript draft copy, figures including photographs for plates, research data and notes. ‘Monoclonal xenogenic antibodies to murine cell surface antigens’, with T. Springer et al, Bibliog. 127, 1978. The paper appears to have been originally submitted to of the European Journal of Immunology under the title C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 ‘Distribution of three murine cell surface differentiation antigens identified by monoclonal antibodies’, 26 June It was rejected and Milstein initially suggested an 1978. of amended title murine leukocyte monoclonal antibodies’, before resubmitting it under the title above. expression by differential identified antigens surface ‘The ‘The immunoglobulin heavy chain gene in a myeloma variant is associated with non-immunoglobulin DNA’, with W. Dunnick et al, ca 1982. Not listed in Bibliog. Brief correspondence, typescript drafts: 6pp; 6pp with 4pp references; figures, including photographs for plates, 1982. figures loose _ 2pp have cells initial title appears to The been ‘Spontaneous translocations and diversification of DNA rearrangements in cultured myelomas’, but it also appears under the alternative title ‘The immunoglobulin heavy chain gene in IF2 is associated with non-immunoglobulin DNA’. None of the three titles appears in Bibliog. ‘The IF2 variant immunoglobulin gene is associated with DNA sequences from murine chromosome 15’, with W. Dunnick, et al, 1983. Not listed in Bibliog. ‘Mutants with altered control of HLA-A, B C response to interferon’, with O.R. Burrone, D. Gilmore and B. Wright, for Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., vol. 80, March 1983. Not listed in Bibliog. Letter from Dunnick enclosing the referee’s rejection of the paper; 1p Milstein’s notes; 9pp copy typescript draft with 1p abstract, 5pp references and Qpp figures including photographs for plates. ca 1984, 1995 Updated The Monoclonal Antibody Revolution, 1984, requested by A. Cambrosio, 1995. Not listed in Bibliog. App copy article including abstract, with 1p references and 3pp figures. Annotated in pencil on title page ‘Withdrawn 7/3/{19]83’. Cambrosio wrote to Milstein asking for his comments on ‘the revised version’ of the Foreword to ‘our book’. Specificity. Foreword Exquisite to C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 Fax letter, 1995, and 5pp copy typescript draft of the 1984 foreword and 2pp notes; 5pp typescript draft with 2pp notes, ca 1984; 2pp typescript draft, 71995. 2pp Untitled corrections annotated ‘Unpublished part of discussion to Nature paper (Berek et al 1985)’ manuscript typescript with The paper referred to is probably Bibliog. 210, 1985. ‘Molecular events during the maturation of the immune response to oxazolone’, with C. Berek and G.M Griffiths. Bibliog. 210, 1985 Letter from Milstein to R.J. Poljak at the Institut Pasteur re error in the paper, 21 September 1992. inspiration in the Not listed in diversity: ‘Antibody Laboratory of Molecular Biology’, ca. 1987. Bibliog. source of a of an_ 8pp and 9pp typescript drafts, with manuscript corrections. Two 17pp typescript drafts with 1p summary, 4pp figures, and 3pp references. characterisation ‘Molecular interferon-induced membrane protein’, with T.J. Evans et al, 1988. Not listed in Bibliog. The original heading ‘Draft of New Scientist article (first section) (17.3.[19]87)’ and title ‘The impact of monoclonal antibodies’ have been crossed out and replaced with the above. dictated approx. 4.4.90’ and ‘Draft paper 10.4.90’. One annotated ‘Submitted Biochemical J[ournal]. 11.3.88, and the other marked similarly but with the addition of ‘rejected’. ‘The nature of the repertoire expressed by the members of one gene family’, ca 1990. Not listed in Bibliog. 13pp typescript draft additions, with manuscript annotations ‘Draft with manuscript corrections and of paper C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 1989-1990 ‘Three-dimensional structure determination of an anti-2- phenyloxazolone antibody: The role of somatic mutation and an immune response’, with P.M. Alzari et Bibliog. 256, 1990 heavy/light chain pairing the maturation of al. in Correspondence and Milstein’s amendments to the paper prior to publication. ‘Somatic mutation requires sequences downstream C k gene’, with Sharpe et al, ca 1990. Not listed in Bibliog. 6pp manuscript draft. This may be an earlier draft of ‘Somatic hypermutation of immunoglobulin k may depend on sequences 3’ of Ck and occurs on passenger transgenes’, Bibliog. 263, 1991. A reference is also made to ‘Our previous report (Sharpe et al 1990)’ which appears to be ‘Lack of somatic mutation in a k light chain transgene’, Sharpe et al, Bibliog. 254, 1990. with G. Winter. Bibliog. 260, 1990-1991 al, 1989. ‘Man-made antibodies’, 1991. Correspondence including with A. Klug, and 1p notes. Correspondence with Winter and Nature re corrections, referee review and proof figures; proofs with corrections. ‘A monoclonal antibody against the paired helical filament core specifically recognizes mature neurofibrillary tangles of Alzheimer’s Disease’, with R. Mena et Not listed in Bibliog. 1988-1990 This may be an earlier draft of or related to the paper ‘A progressive deposition of paired helical filaments (PHF) in of dementia in the Alzheimer’s et Bibliog. 267,1991. ‘Russell bodies: A general response of secretory cells to synthesis of a mutant immunoglobulin which can neither exit from, nor be degraded in, the endoplasmic reticulum’, with C. Valetti et al. brain characterises the evolution R. Mena Bibliog. 269, 1991. Incomplete 14pp typescript draft, annotated ‘modified disease’, with al, C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 4.1.[19]91’, with manuscript corrections and additions. and_ ‘Original combinatorial libraries’, Milstein and E. Gherardi. 270, 1992. antibodies artificial from random Bibliog. from Letter Milstein’s reply, 1992. Nature with 1p referee comments, and of the intrinsic ‘Analysis antibody hypermutation immunoglobulin transgenes’, with M.S. Neuberger. Letter to Nature, 1992 but not listed in Bibliog. specificity using mechanism the of Letter to John Maddox (editor) October 1992. re Letter to Nature, 20 ‘Affinity maturation multiple copies of Lozano et al. Bibliog. 275, 1993 leads a to k differential expression of F. light-chain transgene’, with of the biology molecular ‘Antibodies: recognition’, 1994. Not listed in Bibliog. A paradigm of Letter and fax from P. Kennewell, 3pp manuscript and 1p typescript draft abstracts, 1994. 12pp and 15pp typescript drafts annotated ‘2nd’ and ‘3rd’ respectively, with manuscript corrections and additions. Milstein was asked to submit an abstract for a booklet to be produced following the 3rd UK Table Ronde meeting, Worcester College, Oxford, 14-15 July 1994. 97, Milstein was invited to write a review article to mark the 10th Anniversary of his Nobel Prize ‘for the invention of He replied that ‘in principle’ he monoclonal antibodies’. would be ‘delighted to do so’, but asked to delay his decision as ‘1995 will mark the 20th Anniversary of the publication of the Nature paper’ (probably Bibliog. Proposed article for the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Journal, 1994 Correspondence. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 1975) and that he would ‘try to meet one or both’. Proposed volume of Milstein’s Selected Papers for World Scientific Series on Twentieth Century Biology. 1994-1995, 1998 Correspondence with World Scientific Publishing Co. Ltd, 1994-1995, and later correspondence 1998 re suggested collected volume of Wolf Prize Laureates. Milstein’s apologised for ‘the enormous delay’ concerning his ‘previously agreed volume of collected papers’, saying it was due largely to health reasons and ‘I hope these problems are over’. hot spots of hypermutation of ‘Strand discrimination of antibody genes; mith [sic] or reality?’ Not listed in Bibliog. ca 1997 App typescript draft, annotated ‘Notes for paper (approx. 1997) CPM’, with separate annotation ‘1998?’ crossed out. Post-it note states ‘CMS Papers in prep[aration].’ re his and G. ‘Roots’ to development of article ‘The hybridoma revolution: an offshoot of basic research’, Bibliog. 304, 1999 Milstein was invited BioEssays monoclonal antibody technology. to contribute a Kdhlers Correspondence; 17pp typescript draft with 1p summary, footnotes, figures and references; photographs for plates; 10pp typescript draft including summary, with 1p footnotes and 1p figures; two MFD-2HD 3-inch computer disks, labelled ?’Hill: p[age]5 Fig.1’ and ‘César Endnote for refs.’ respectively. ca 2002 Email from G. Winter to Milstein, 3 March 2000, with detailed of Milstein's. ‘AID-GFP chimeric protein increases hypermutation of Ig genes with no evidence of (‘antibodies’ crossed out) ?’With the benefit of hindsight’. Bibliog. 306, 2000. 3pp print out. comments and suggestions on paper C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 nuclear localisation’, Milstein et al. Bibliog. 314, 2002 typescript 12pp with manuscript corrections, 3pp references, and Q9pp figures and tables, annotated ‘Uncorrected [proof]’. including abstract, draft 1p ‘Centro de Biologie Molecular’ Contents of Milstein’s folder so inscribed: 1p manuscript draft commencing ‘Prepare a new File: Centro de Biologie Molecular’ and including notes on ‘Tubulin - Microtubals project’; (?for the Severo Ochoa lectureship), in English and Spanish. 1p manuscript notes D.110-D.118 ‘Collaboration’ ca 1977-1999 of Milstein’s Contents inscribed: correspondence, some in Spanish, with proofs and paper drafts, relating to collaborative work on publications. original folder so _ of for HIV-1 ‘Formal Agur, Z. varying methods Correspondence; research data and graphs; 6pp research treatment proposal efficacy and Trypanosomiasis’; 1p talk summary. pathogens: genetically predicating Brownlee, G.G. The material was subdivided by plastic wallet by name of collaborator and this arrangement has been followed in the catalogue entries. ca 1977 Correspondence between Milstein and Brownlee re their joint paper ‘A possible precursor of immunoglobulin light chains’, Bibliog. 67, 1972; photocopy of the paper; 2pp photocopy of the paper ‘Ribosome-membrane interaction in Sabatini, Biomembranes, vol.2 (1971). ‘The Road to Monoclonal Antibodies’, paper by R.G.H. Cotton. There is no evidence that it was a collaborative paper with Milstein, but it appears to have been corrected by him. Cotton, R.G.H. eukaryotic Blobel and D.D. cells’, G. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 11pp typescript draft figures and tables, and 4pp references. with manuscript corrections, 5pp Klug, A. 3pp letter from Klug stating ‘There is no question about the importance of the antibody 423 and no question of your name (& Richard Pannell) ever being omitted’, and continuing proposed collaborative papers by R. Pannell, Klug, Milstein et al (possibly relating 19 February 1988. discussion Bibliog. 1988), three 238, with on to a Knowles, R.W. et al 1985-1990 The collaboration was initially a personal one between Knowles became a _ formal collaboration between their respective laboratories. Milstein then and and Correspondence, and copy of Knowles’ own collaborative paper, 1985-1990. of 1990 drafts Kozak, C. 1987-1990 Correspondence; typescript papers, that for 1988 with manuscript corrections. These papers are ?possibly early drafts of ‘Chromosomal localization of Cdid genes in the mouse’, A. Bradbury et al. Bibliog. 262a, 1991 Re ‘The mouse CD1 genes map to chromosome 3’, ca 1988 and ‘Chromosomal localisation of mCD1’, ca 1990; both with A. Bradbury and Kozak. Not listed in Bibliog. 1986-1989 Correspondence re proposed collaborative rabbit CD1’, and research data. Includes comments on an earlier paper of Milstein’s, etc. ‘affinity column project’, Correspondence re Mandy, W.J. 1988 and Meares, C. ‘plans to paper ‘on C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 make anti-DOTA antibodies’, patents etc; research data and earlier paper by Meares (1985). Streilein, J.W. 1988-1989 Correspondence collaborative project’ with Streilein and A. Bradbury. proposal Milstein by re for ‘ ‘a Miscellaneous draft manuscript notes, calculations and figures, seemingly appertaining to papers in preparation ca 2002 and n.d. ‘Notes Re Manuscripts’ file. Contents of Milstein’s folder so inscribed: 1p manuscript notes re ?book review, small manuscript card note ‘I could live without honour but not with a dirty conscience’, ‘Rabi Nietslim Raséc’. a or and 1970-ca 2001 D.122-D.129 arranged sundry Includes alphabetically documents found with publications and drafts. editorial journal correspondence publisher, little by Editorial correspondence and other material Miscellaneous draft manuscript notes and letter drafts, seemingly appertaining to papers in preparation ca 1995 Letter from Milstein to A. Gonzalez re graph [not found], which ‘illustrates...the sudden surge of Spanish Sciences in the last 10 years’. Brief correspondence re corrections to Milstein’s foreword to ‘the Ig book’ (Immunoglobulin Genes). Buenos Aires Academy of Sciences Academic Press Ltd C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 D.124, D.125 Nature D.124 Paper ‘on chromosome assignment of thymocyte CD1 antigen genes’ by D. Albertson, initially not accepted for publication but re-submitted with Milstein as a co-author Includes discussion as to Milstein’s right to be named as a co-author. Discussion between Milstein and R. Sitia re collaborative paper assembly intermediates in the presence of reducing agents’ immunoglobulin ‘Secretion of M 1987-1990 1987-1988 1989-1990 Includes 4pp typescript draft paper with 7pp figures and 1p references. Science et al. 1981-1989 Discussions with N. Wade of others, re editorial points of controversy. Science magazine, and ‘Journals’ T-cell antigen, annotated by rat cells’, Paper by D.S. Secher is present on as Milstein Paper on ‘W3/13, a antibody-secreting ‘unpublished’. Correspondence including 5pp typescript draft article by Wade with Milstein’s manuscript corrections, photocopy of the published article, and 3pp manuscript draft notes. Journal of Biochemistry. Includes Immunological Reviews, European Journal of Immunology and European correspondence Contents of Milstein’s folder so inscribed. Miscellaneous comments and notes 1970-1997 editorial re ca 1979 ca 2001 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 Bibliography 28pp typescript numbered 1-314 (covering 1957-2002). D.131-D.152 SLIDES ca 1966-1987 Photographic slides for lectures. ‘PGM’. Yellow card ‘Kodaslide’ box. ca 1966 ‘TM Slides’ ca 1970-1971 Grey plastic slide box. D.134-D.137 slides in clear plastic wallets within large Untitled ca 1970s-1980s Orange plastic box. of Sets ringbinders Some slides have MRC Cambridge laboratory labels. See also D.138. ca 1977-1983 and n.d. Reference to ?Robert Sitia. Including ‘EMBO’ slides. ca 1970-1980s ‘Sitia’ ‘Slides’ C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 ‘HLA General’ Untitled Includes colour portrait of Milstein. Untitled Contents of 4 loose clear plastic slide wallets found with D.135. Wooden hinged box with 6 loose slide frames ‘C. Milstein’ Red plastic slide box. ca 1978-1986 and n.d. ca 1979-1987 and n.d. ca 1976-1977 and n.d. ca 1976-1981 D.142-D.147 ‘Hybrids II’ Red plastic wallet. Untitled Blue plastic wallet. ‘Croonian Etc’ Red plastic wallet. See D.45-D.47. D.142 ‘Hybrid I-III’ Sets of slides found in coloured plastic wallets Blue plastic wallet. ca 1976-1981 and n.d. ca 1976-1980 and n.d. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Lectures and publications, D.1-D.152 ?’mRNA and [?]CDMA’ Dark green plastic wallet. ca 1973-1977 and n.d. ‘(?]McLeman Oxazolone[S]os - Gillian - Claudio’ ca 1981 and n.d. Green plastic wallet. Untitled Black plastic wallet. D.148-D.150 Three black plastic wallets marked 1, 2, and 3 respectively All labelled ‘Dr César Milstein’ with the laboratory address. aie ca 1982 and n.d. Untitled ca 1983 Yellow plastic Kodak slide box. ‘Dr. Milstein Wedn[esday] 11th. 1 to 29’ Black plastic wallet. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 SECTION E SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS, E.1-E.45 1977-2002 BASEL INSTITUTE OF IMMUNOLOGY BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY BRITISH SOCIETY FOR IMMUNOLOGY CANCER RESEARCH INSTITUTE CELLTECH LTD CENTRE NATIONAL DE LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE, FRANCE CENTRO DE ESTUDIANTES DE LA FACULTAD DE CIENCIAS EXACTAS Y NATURALES, ARGENTINA FUNDACION CAMPOMAR, ARGENTINA E.36 E37 FUNDACION SALES, ARGENTINA E.21-E.23 EUROPEAN NETWORK OF IMMUNOLOGY INSTITUTES FEDERATED BIOCHEMICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF THE HOPITAL SAINT-LOUIS FUNDACION CONCHITA RABAGO DE JIMENEZ DIAZ, SPAIN MERCK SHARP & DOHME, USA INSTITUTO TECNOLOGICO DE CHASCOMUS, ARGENTINA E.27-E.35 FUNDACION JUAN MARCH, SPAIN C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Societies and organisations, E.1-E.45 E.39-E.41 ROYAL SOCIETY E.42 E.43 E.44 E.45 SAVE BRITISH SCIENCE THIRD WORLD ACADEMY OF SCIENCES WELLCOME TRUST WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION BASEL INSTITUTE OF IMMUNOLOGY 1993-2002 Correspondence and papers chiefly re meetings of the Institute’s International Scientific Advisory Board, 1994- 1998 and 2002. 1993-1994 1994-1995 Includes Milstein’s manuscript notes. Milstein joined the Scientific Advisory Board in 1993. Includes Milstein’s manuscript notes. 1995-1996 1996-1997 1998, 2002 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Societies and organisations, E.1-E.45 BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY 1985-ca 1998 Milstein’s contributions to the Society’s 75th Anniversary in 1986, and Honorary Membership of the Society. BRITISH SOCIETY FOR IMMUNOLOGY 1985-1995 Correspondence Membership of the Society. and papers re Milstein’s Honorary CANCER RESEARCH INSTITUTE, USA 1987-1989 Correspondence re Milstein’s membership of the Scientific Advisory Council. CELLTECH LTD 1980-1981 Launch of Celltech its Milstein joined the Science Council of Celltech on launch in 1980. He was not a paid consultant, but the company made donations to MRC and Laboratory funding bodies. Chiefly re MRC/Celltech collaboration. Correspondence re membership of Council Celltech policy etc, January Celltech Science C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Societies and organisations, E.1-E.45 Programmes and agendas for Celltech Science Council meetings Corporate plan, policy documents etc ‘Draft notes consideration’ describing each of the projects under Miscellaneous correspondence January-April Miscellaneous correspondence May-November Staffing etc. 1980-1981 1991-1992 French, re DE LA RECHERCHE CENTRE SCIENTIFIQUE, FRANCE NATIONAL CENTRO DE ESTUDIANTES DE LA FACULTAD DE CIENCIAS EXACTAS Y NATURALES, ARGENTINA Brief correspondence, some in Milstein’s appointment as Président du Comité Scientifique de UPR 43 ‘Rétrovirus et Rétrotransposons des Vertébrés’. Correspondence and papers re the establishment of the EUROPEAN INSTITUTES Brief correspondence. E.21-E.23 NETWORK OF IMMUNOLOGY 1985-1992 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Societies and organisations, E.1-E.45 Network, activities, etc. Milstein’s election as a member, Network 1985-1986 1986-1987 1988-1992 FEDERATED BIOCHEMICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF THE HOPITAL SAINT-LOUIS, FRANCE Brief correspondence re Milstein’s acceptance of invitation to serve on the External Committee of the Institute. See also H.37-H.40. 1987-1992 1986-1987 FUNDACION CAMPOMAR, ARGENTINA Brief correspondence, incoming in Spanish, outgoing in English, re Milstein’s service on the Comision Asesora Cientifica, 1987, and on the panel for the Leloir Prize, 1992. Leccion Conmemorativa Jimenez Diaz. FUNDACION CONCHITA RABAGO DE JIMENEZ DIAZ, SPAIN Brief correspondence and papers, mostly in Spanish, re Milstein’s the the Executive Committee of election to C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Societies and organisations, E.1-E.45 E.27-E.35 FUNDACION JUAN MARCH, SPAIN 1995-2001 Correspondence of workshop proposals sent to the Scientific Council of the Fundacion. assessment papers chiefly and Some in Spanish. 1995-1996 1996 (1) 1996 (2) 1996-1997 2000 (2) 2000 (1) 1997-1999 on Correspondence, English, misrepresentation FUNDACION SALES, ARGENTINA in possible concern’ press; about and 1993-1994 incoming in Spanish, outgoing 2000-2001 re Milstein’ss in the advice C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Societies and organisations, E.1-E.45 membership of advisory Scientific Committee. Includes photocopy Argentine press cuttings photograph of Milstein. including INSTITUTO ARGENTINA TECNOLOGICO DE CHASCOMUS, 1988-2000 Correspondence, mostly in Spanish, re Milstein’s work promoting the its Scientific Council. culminating Institute, joining his in Milstein writes his membership ‘I presume will formalise the type of assistance | have already been giving to that project. MERCK SHARP & DOHME, USA 1988-1990 was the Scientific Advisory E.39-E.41 invited to join ROYAL SOCIETY Milstein Committee for the Series in 1988. Correspondence and papers re Milstein’s support for the Merck Sharp & Dohme Seminar Series at the MRC. 1990-1997 Milstein was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1975. General correspondence and papers Other recommendations Sectional Committees 1977-1997 1977-1997 1978-1990 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Societies and organisations, E.1-E.45 SAVE BRITISH SCIENCE SOCIETY 1986-1987 his continued support, Letter from Denis Noble of the Society to Milstein asking for the Society and inviting him to become a member of the Advisory Council, 17 December 1986. requesting him to join THIRD WORLD ACADEMY OF SCIENCES 1985-2001 Recommendations. Milstein was an Associate Founding Fellow of TWAS (see A.59). 1985-1991 WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION 1985-1992 WELLCOME TRUST Papers of the Biochemistry and Cell Biology Panel. Milstein joined the Biochemistry and Cell Biology Panel in 1985. Milstein was a member of the Panel 1985-1993. Correspondence and papers re Milstein’s membership of the Expert Advisory Panel on Immunology. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 SECTION F CONSULTANCIES AND COMMERCIAL, F.1-F.23 1976-2002 ANTISOMA LTD CAMBRIDGE ANTIBODY TECHNOLOGY (CAT) IGENEON LTD IMUTRAN LTD (FORMERLY ANIMAL RESOURCES LTD) F.13-F.18 SERA-LAB F.19-F.23 ‘INDUSTRIAL LIAISON (MISC)’ ANTISOMA LTD 1988-1995 press Includes cuttings, consultancy agreement (F.2), Milstein’s Presidential address (F.3), and Science Council Meeting Reports of 1990 and 1991. Correspondence and papers re Milstein’s involvement in Antisoma Science Council activities. Milstein was a consultant of Antisoma. He served on the Science Council of the company from 1990 (as President), continuing to retirement in 1995. He gave the Presidential address at the offical Antisoma company launch on 27 November 1990. Correspondence. 1988-1990 199% C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Consultancies and commercial, F.1-F.23 1992-1995 CAMBRIDGE ANTIBODY TECHNOLOGY (CAT) 1988-2001 Correspondence and papers re Milstein’s service on the CAT Scientific Advisory Board, including the company’s foetal cell antibody programme. Milstein served on the Scientific Advisory Board of CAT from 1993 or earlier, until 2000. his fee the company made payments to the Max Perutz Fund. lieu of In 1988-1993 Includes US Patent application no. 07/844,594 ‘Single Step Cloning and Selection of Hybridomas’, by Milstein et al, 26 May 1992, and consultancy agreement renewal, 1993. 1994-2001 2000-2001 2001-2002 re on 2000-2002 IGENEON LTD Correspondence and service Igeneon Scientific Advisory Board and related matters. Milstein’s papers Igeneon was ‘an Austrian based company interested in immunotherapy of cancer, centred in cancer vaccines’. Milstein served on the Scientific Advisory Board from 1 February 2001 onwards. response. Includes negative publicity for the company and Milstein’s Includes correspondence re consultancy agreement. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Consultancies and commercial, F.1-F.23 IMUTRAN LTD (FORMERLY ANIMAL RESOURCES LTD) 1988-1997 Correspondence and papers re Milstein’s service on the Imutran Scientific Advisory Board. Includes papers for meetings, some annotated by Milstein. Milstein Resources Ltd) Scientific Advisory Board from 1988. (formerly Imutran served the on Animal 1988-1989 1990-1991 1992 papers re F.13-F.18 1993-1997 1977-1988 SERA-LAB Includes documents re administration of the Max Perutz Fund and Milstein’s contribution of Imutran shares thereto. 1977-1978 Correspondence and Milstein’s commercial collaboration with Sera-Lab to produce antisera from his laboratory hybrid cell lines, monoclonal antisera, etc. and subsequent contract Research Council and Sera-Lab. various comments and suggested Includes amendments to the Sera-Lab products catalogue, and requests from other interested organisations concerning distribution related research matters. of research reagents and Milstein’s between the Medical C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Consultancies and commercial, F.1-F.23 1982-1984, 1988 Correspondence from others re supply of anti-lg etc 1977-1979 Also includes ‘Sera Lab credits’ etc. F.19-F.23 ‘INDUSTRIAL LIAISON (MISC)’ 1976-1993 Liaison Committee Biology Industrial Includes agendas and meeting notes etc for 1989 and 1990, and Technology collaboration 1991. Cambridge Antibody MRC Milstein served on the Laboratory of Molecular Biology Industrial Liaison Committee from 1989. Correspondence and papers primarily re the Laboratory of Molecular and Medical Research Council ‘policy for research supported by industry or other external sources’. Liaison Committee and background Chiefly Industrial Liaison Committee. Chiefly Industrial Liaison Committee. Chiefly Industrial 1989 1990 1991-1993 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Consultancies and commercial, F.1-F.23 material re commercial exploitation of university research. Material re MRC and Stratcyte Licence specification: Invention Ligands, Receptors comprising such Ligands, Methods for their Production, and Use of said Ligands and Receptors’ ‘Single Domain 71pp typescript + figures. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 SECTION G VISITS AND CONFERENCES, G.1-G.94 1965-2001 and n.d. Milstein’s attendance at conference and meetings was much sought after, particularly as a Nobel laureate, and especially in South America. He made many visits, usually with his wife, Celia, who sometimes participated as a scientist in her own right. The material includes letters in Spanish and French. Commission of Molecular Biophysics of the International Biophysics Symposium, Union International Biophysics, Naples, Italy, 8-11 September 1965 Laboratory of Genetics Applied Pure and and of Letter re expenses; published account of the symposium discussions Molecular Level’, Nature. ‘Biological Systems at the on Antibody Workshop, Weizmann Institute Rehovoth, Israel, 21-24 March 1966 of Science, including tentative the subject of Programme and list of participants including Milstein. Correspondence programme and list of participants, 1965-1966. re arrangements, Society Discussion Meeting ‘on Royal antibody structure and function’, London, 2 June 1966 Study Group on Immunology, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, 1-3 March 1966 1965-1966 Gordon Research Conference on ‘The Cellular Aspects of Immunology’ (‘Cell Structure and Metabolism’), Kimball Union Academy, Meriden, New Hampshire, USA, 27 June-1 July 1966 Correspondence contributing a paper on the ‘Chemical structure of chains’. Correspondence, programme, conference application and travel arrangements. Milstein light reference including to C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.94 Medical Research Council Colloquia, Thursdays ‘in the lecture room’, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, University of Cambridge, ca. 1966. ca 1966 Programme including reference to Milstein’s lecture on 25 March on ‘Interchain disulphide bridges in Bence-Jones proteins and gammaz-globulin B-chains’. 32nd Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on ‘Antibodies’, New York, USA, 1-7 June 1967. typescript 1p Variability of Immunoglobin Sequence’, by Milstein et al. paper on abstract ‘Studies on of the British Cambridge, 30 June-1 July 1967 Society Immunology for Summer Meeting, Programme. Milstein et al contributed a paper on ‘Chemical studies of Fc and Fs Fragments’. of of the Federation 1967-1968 Conference Meetings, July and September 1968 This was found kept together in the same folder, the same organiser being involved in arrangements for both events. 5th European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) Meeting and Symposia, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 16-20 July 1968. Correspondence and programme for the 3rd symposium only, with 8pp draft lecture notes, and ?collaborative 6pp ?draft paper, and 11pp draft paper, 1967-1968 and ca. 1968. 1967-1968 Biochemical Society Colloquium on ‘Structural Differences in Polymorphic Proteins’, 19 September 1968 of Aberdeen, Milstein was invited to give a lecture on (his own proposed title) ‘Variability of immunoglobulin structure’ at the 3rd symposium during the conference. Milstein immunoglobulins. contribute University paper on was invited to a C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.94 Correspondence and provisional programme. WHO International Reference Centre for Immunoglobulins meeting, 19-23 August 1968 de Lausanne, Switzerland, Université Correspondence. Milstein was Frangione would attend in his place. unable to attend but indicated that B. Primer Congreso Latinoamericano de Bioquimica Clinica, Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1-7 December 1968 Correspondence, some in Spanish, programme booklet, and 4pp notes (?0n proceedings, some_ in Spanish), 1968. ?Refers to 1st International Symposium ‘Gausdal 1972’. on Immunology, Gausdal, Norway NATO Advanced Study Institute, Minaki, Ontario, Canada, ?July, 1970 Letter and Milstein’s two sets of draft lecture notes 3pp and 9pp respectively. Milstein seems to have given two lectures, on ‘Structure and function’ and on ‘The Evolution of the Ig molecule’. The second also seems to have been given by him previously at the ‘British Council Advanced Course on Immunology - Dept of Pathology - April 10th’ [1970].’ Production’, and programme. International Symposium on Sesimbra, Portugal, 28 May-2 June 1979 correspondence, Brief of Milstein’s paper on ‘Somatic Cell Genetics of Antibody Immunological Societies the Immune Response’, 7pp draft lecture notes, annotated ‘Gausdal 1972’. 2pp_ typescript summary Union of ‘Genetics of 1978-1979 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.94 Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM) Conference on ‘Somatic Cell Genetics’, Seillac, France, 23-27 September 1979. Tentative programme, list of participants, list of conference organisers including notes some annotated ‘Notes for INSERM meeting’, and 10pp notes on proceedings marked ‘INSERM’. and 40pp lecture Milstein, Milstein was a conference organiser. He lectured on ‘Expression of antibody by hybrid cells’ and chaired the afternoon session on the same day. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory meeting on ‘Monoclonal antibodies against neural antigens’, New York, USA, 5-8 November 1980 2pp programme and 21pp abstracts, annotated by Milstein with manuscript comments and notes. include ‘Monoclonal Abstracts against neurotransmitter substances’ by Milstein and A.C. Cuello, and the latter’s name appears as one of the speakers on 7 November. actually attended. unclear whether antibodies Milstein is It Cell on Letter with Milstein’s pencilled draft reply, 1980. for General Group and Society Membranes and Secretion of Proteins through Membranes’, University of Cambridge, 9 April 1981 Microbiology Symposium Surfaces ‘Insertion The Symposium was to be held in conjunction with the the Society’s meeting. afternoon session give concluding remarks’. of Expression of Cell Surface Antigens in Lymphoid Cells’. Royal Society discussion meeting on ‘Interferon: Twenty- five years on’, London, February 1982. Milstein and O. Burrone gave a paper on ‘The Modulation Milstein was invited Symposium of Letter and 2pp abstract, 1981. to and ‘chair the to C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.94 1981-1982 1981-1982 Research Leukemia Research Symposium on ‘Monoclonal Antibodies in Leukaemia and Lymphoma’, Royal College of Physicians, London, 20 April 1982 International Fund _ Correspondence, programme and 2pp abstract. Milstein and O. Burrone gave a paper on ‘The Modulation of Expression of Cell Surface Antigens in Lymphoid Cells’. Nobel Symposium on 55th Response’, Stockholm, Sweden, 15-17 June 1982 ‘Genetics of the Immune Correspondence including lists and 2pp draft lecture notes. of participants, itinerary, ‘this HLA story’, being a Milstein offered to lecture on recent paper of his ‘just published’, instead of the originally proposed talk on ‘Mutants and variants of Myelomas and hybrid myelomas’. including programme (no of Biochemistry, Osaka, evidence _ of Biochemical Society 2nd Invitation attendance). Japan-UK Joint 10-13 Japan, Japanese Symposium October 1982 Correspondence re arrangements including 1p abstract and itinerary. Biotest Folex Ltd 6th Biotest Symposium on ‘Monoclonal Antibodies in Immunohaematology’, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, 24 September 1982 1981-1982 The Symposium was held jointly with the 55th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Biochemical Society. Milstein was one of the British delegates. Milstein and O. Burrone gave a paper on ‘Monoclonal antibodies to study the effect of interferon on cell surface antigens’. Commemoration Dinner, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, 13 April 1983 Correspondence. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.94 Includes details of Milstein’s dining and lunching privileges at the College as an Honorary Fellow. Motors 5th General Anniversary Awards Ceremony and Dinner, Washington DC, USA, 15 June 1983 Foundation Research Cancer Brief correspondence including invitation and itinerary. Milstein and his wife were invited with other previous prize winners. National Institutes of Health and International Union of Immunological Societies 2nd International Workshop and Conference on Human Leukocyte Differentiation Antigens, Boston, USA, 17-20 September, 1984 Correspondence and 19pp notes. Milstein’s ‘Notes for the Workshop on Leucocyte Antigens’ include an assessment of the themes, aims and issues raised in the first international workshop and those in the future. G.26, G.27 ‘The role of receptors in Visit to Argentina, Spring 1984 Brief correspondence, programme and 2pp draft lecture notes. Fondation Cardiologique Princesse Liliane International Symposium on biology and medicine’, Palais des Academies, Brussels, Belgium, 29- 30 October 1984 Nacional de Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas y Naturales. On this occasion Milstein also accepted nomination as an ‘Academico correspondiente’ of the Argentine Academia Universidad Nacional ?March/April, 1984 Correspondence including Some in Spanish. Nobel Prize congratulations. ‘Programa Genetica’, en Biotechnologia G.26 de Buenos Aires, e Argentina, Ingenieria C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.94 Correspondence for newspaper, Buenos Aires, Argentina, ca May 1984 interview request for re Clarin Commemoration Dinner, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, 9 January 1985. Brief correspondence and invitation. Porter Symposium, Wadham College, Oxford, July 71985 re expenses, Letter and Apothecaries Soiree’), and sheet giving title of Milstein’s lecture, ‘Molecular events during the onset and maturation of the antibody response’. itinerary Meeting (‘Oxford Chinese Academy of Medical Science/Ontario Cancer Institute International Symposium on ‘Cancer: Perspective for Control’, Beijing, China, 18-21 August 1985 1984-1985 in Hall Institute Correspondence including programme and itinerary. limited number of foreign scientists One of Milstein Genes’ session, speaking on monoclonal antibodies. invited, the ‘Lymphopoiesis and Immune a lectured Correspondence, programme, itinerary, and pre-emptive Nobel Prize congratulations. This symposium marked the Opening of the nw Institute. It was conducted by the Prime Minister of Australia. Colin Syme Symposium on the New Biology, Walter and Eliza of Medical Research, University of Melbourne, Australia, 6-7 November 1985 Milstein’s secretary replied stating that Milstein was at present out of the country on business, and requested that the invitation be held open until his return shortly before Invitation to Prime Ministers Reception at Street, London, 19 November 1985 Milstein spoke on ‘Immunochemistry 1985’. Invitation and reply. 10 Downing C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.94 19 November. Jornada Sobre Anticuerpos Monoclonales, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 19 March 1986 1985-1986 Correspondence including list of participants, programme, and itinerary. Some in Spanish. See also A.59. of University Joint Naples and Cambridge University (Department of Pathology) International Symposium on Major ‘The the Histocompatability Complex’, Sant’Agnello di Sorrento, Italy, 16-18 April 1986 Significance Biological of Correspondence including programme, list of participants, and itinerary. 1985-1986 Milstein was invited to speak on a given subject, which he later replaced with his chosen subject ‘The Effect of L- Interferon on the Expression of Class | Genes’. of committee, Antigens, Oxford, 1985-1986 Correspondence, organising proposed programme and list of participants. papers Milstein was on the organising committee. See C.138 for further correspondence. 3rd International Workshop and Conference on Human Leucocyte 21-25 September 1986 Differentiation 1985-1986 Milstein visited Japan primarily to attend the 45th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association, Sapporo Medical College, Hokkaido, 21-23 October, and to visit Kanazawa University, 27 October, and the of Virus Research, Kyoto University, Kyoto, 28 October. At the meeting in Sapporo, Milstein lectured on ‘Diagnosis and therapy with monoclonal antibodies and antibody- derived molecules’, ‘Immunoglobulin V gene diversity’, Correspondence including 4pp notes, report of visit, and Biofair programme. Visit to Japan, October 1986 draft lecture itinerary, Institute C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.94 and ‘CD1 human thymocyte antigens: A new set of MHC- related genes’. Milstein was also invited to attend and speak at the Bio Fair in Tokyo, 15-19 October 1986 but regretted he was unlikely to arrive in the country in time. 1st Congreso de Inmunologia del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Olavarria, Argentina, 11-12 April 1987 Correspondence, some in Spanish, including itinerary and programme. Milstein gave a lecture on ‘Anticuerpos Monoclonales. Aplicacion actual y perspectivas’. He was President of the Congress and was joint chair for the first day. There is also a reference in the intinerary to Milstein spending the day at the Pasteur Institut, Paris, France, 8 April 1987. 1986-1987 1986-1987 G.38 co-organiser for the molecular G.38, G.39 Visit to Argentina, December 1987 Correspondence, 8pp draft lecture notes, 1p abstract, and Final Schedule and Scientific Program booklet. Immunology Symposium, 7th International Meeting of the Society for Analytical Cytology, Trinity and St. John’s Colleges, Cambridge, 9-15 August 1987. Milstein gave the plenary lecture at the Meeting on ‘the impact of immunochemical methods in cytometry’, and was immunology workshops. 1986-1987 European School of Oncology International Meeting on ‘Monoclonal Antibodies in Oncology’, University of Bahia Blanca, Argentina, 17-19 December 1987 Milstein was asked to chair the Meeting and to give the opening lecture. Correspondence, proposed publication of the proceedings; 4pp draft lecture notes; programme. Spanish, some re in C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.94 International Scientific Reunion, 17-20 December 1987, Bahia Blanca, Argentina Correspondence in Spanish. Milstein declined to attend the Reunion ?due to a engagement. prior European Molecular Biology Organisation Workshop on ‘Processes College Cambridge, 4-6 July 1988 Evolution’, Molecular King’s of 1987-1988 Brief correspondence including issues for debate, and list of invited participants. Milstein was invited to participate and offered to speak on ‘Somatic evolution: The Darwinian nature of onset and maturation of antibodies’. Discussion Meeting on Auto-Immune Disease, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, 8 October 1988 Invitation only. ‘Somatic evolution of to MRC Biostatistics Unit on the occasion of the Visit Unit’s five-year review, Cambridge, 7 November 1988. Correspondence, programme, list of participants, and 3pp notes on proceedings. ‘Cell Biology of Antigen Recognition’ Meeting to honour Ite (Brigitte) Askonas on the occasion of her retirement as Head of the Division of Immunology, NIMR, held at the Royal Society, London, 5-6 January 1989. 1988-1989 Milstein spoke on the memory repertoire’ during the Session ‘On the Lifestyle of B Cells’ on 5 January. Cambridge University Department of Pathology dinner, to be held after seminar given by Professor Basten during his visit to Cambridge, 10 March 1989 Correspondence, programme, 8pp draft lecture notes and App earlier draft with corrections. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.94 Invitation and note. Commission of the European Communities Spontaneous Contractor Meeting on the ‘Current Status of Collaborative Projects Involving Structure and Genetic Mutagenesis of Antibodies’, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France, 5 June 1989 1988-1989 Correspondence including programme, list of participants, and 4pp draft lecture notes. Milstein was an organiser of the Meeting and gave a presentation anti-oxazolone response’. ‘Maturation the on of Conference 19th Biochemical Societies, Rome, Italy, 2-7 July 1989 Federation the of of European 1988-1989 Correspondence including travel arrangements and 3pp draft lecture notes. he talk on suggested Milstein lectured at a meeting on ‘The Organisation and Evolution of Genetic Information’ on 3 July, held during the FEBS conference. Milstein paradigma de la biologia del reconocimiento’. ‘Autumn Programme’, University of Seville, Spain, ca late October 1989 Brief correspondence, some in Spanish and French, itinerary in relation to Milstein’s trip to Paris directly from the Seville event (see G.48 below), and programme of the Paris trip. 1989-1990 Swiss Society of Allergology and Immunology Annual Meeting on ‘Progress in monoclonal antibody technology’, 50th Anniversary of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Paris, France, 18-20 October 1989 Correspondence, some in foreign proceedings. participants French, programme, list ‘Anticuerpos 1988-1989 of ?on invited, como and 2pp notes C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.94 Lausanne, Switzerland, 26-28 April 1990 Brief correspondence, programme, and 15pp draft lecture notes. Milstein was joint chair of the Meeting, and gave an introductory talk on ‘Beyond Hybridomas’ on 27 April. Research Gordon Recognition Plymouth, New Hampshire, USA, 5-10 August, 1990. Conference Immobilization’, Holderness ‘Biomolecular School, and on _ 1989-1990 Correspondence including programme, 5pp draft lecture notes. itinerary and arrangements, Milstein was asked to give the post-banquet lecture. European Federation of Immunological Societies Meeting, Edinburgh, 10-12 September 1990 1987-1990 in Evolution’, Madrid, of Correspondence mostly re organisation of the Meeting and speakers, including programme. 1989-1990 ‘The Reference Spain, 20-22 September Correspondence including tentative programme, list participants, 5pp draft lecture notes. Fundacién Juan March Workshop on Points 1990 Milstein was asked to act as President of the Scientific Committee. He initially declined due to a very tight work schedule but later agreed. He co-chaired the session on ‘Immunoglobulins and B Cell Biology’. Milstein chaired the Conference. Nature Conference on ‘New Horizons in Immunology’, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 15-16 November 1990 Milstein spoke on ‘Evolution of Antibody Diversity’. Correspondence and provisional programme. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.94 National Fund for Scientific Research, 7th Artois-Baillet Latour 6-8 Health February 1991. Brussels, Belgium, Award, Prize 1990-1991 Correspondence including itinerary. Milstein was invited to participate in the international jury proceedings for the award nominations, and received a commemorative medal for his help therewith. 14th Congreso Nacional de Alergia e Inmunologia, San Miguel de Tucuman, Republica Argentina, 23-27 March (provisional), 1991 Invitation and Milstein’s reply. In Spanish. Milstein suggested he chair the symposium on monoclonal antibodies original request), which he considered excessive. sessions rather three than (the Diaz Memorial Lecture de Brief correspondence and preliminary programme. Milstein was to speak on ‘In vitro and in vivo maturation of antibodies’, but had to cancel at the last minute due to ill- health. Conchita Rabago de Jimenez Diaz Symposium Fundacion 23rd Jimenez on ‘Immunoglobins and Antibodies’, Madrid, Spain, 17 May 1991 Congreso Internacional la Sociedad Argentina de Cancerologia, on monoclonal antibodies, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 7-9 August 1991 1990-1991 The itinerary at G.58 lists visits to the Comité Scientifique de l’UPR 48 (‘U. Peries Lab’), Paris, 27 September; Institut National de la Santé Médicale Phillipe Laudat Conference, September-3 Le October; Molecolare Lecture, Rome, 4 October. Correspondence in Spanish including invitation (declined). Visit to France and Italy, September-October 1991 Bischenberg Istituto Study di G.58, G.59 Ricerche di 1990-1991 Centre, ca 30 Biologia C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.94 Itinerary ‘The variable INSERM Philippe Laudat Conference on gene repertoire of B and T cells: Development in normal and Obernai, France, 29 September - 3 October 1991 Bischenbourg, pathological conditions’, 1990-1991 Includes correspondence; programme including of speakers and participants; draft lecture notes 6pp loose and 14pp conference summary. booklet form; 13pp draft list in Milstein was one of the organisers of the Conference, co- chaired the first Session, and lectured on ‘B cell repertoire and affinity maturation’ on 2 October. Congreso de Jovenes Cientificos, Mendoza, Argentina, November/December 1991 Draft letter declining invitation, in Spanish. printed Jubilee 1991 6-12 December 90th anniversary of Visit to Sweden, December 1991 Correspondence booklet, invitation, and 1p draft lecture notes. including itinerary, the Sweden, in Milstein attended the Nobel Foundation Jubilee on the the Nobel Prize, occasion of Stockholm, and participated the Karolinska Institute Symposium on ‘Transplantation - Pharmacology - Immunology’, Huddinge Hospital, 7 December, at which he lectured on ‘Affinity Maturation of Antibodies’. 1990-1991 Union Cancer Research Campaign and ‘Targeted Against Cancer International Conference on Cancer Therapy’, Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, London, 17-19 December 1991 Brief correspondence, programme (annotated by Milstein), personal diet sheet, etc, 1991. Milstein chaired the third Session. International C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.94 14th Anniversary of Argentina, 6-16 March 1992 Fundaciédn Sales, Buenos Aires, 1991-1992 in some Spanish, signed Correspondence, 30 personally etc; supporting photocopy press cuttings including pictures of Milstein speaking at the event; itinerary; programme. Director organisation by institution Foundation invitation heads, over and and the Milstein lectured on ‘Monoclonal Antibodies and Cancer’. 2nd International Conference on ‘Human Antibodies and Hybridomas’, Queen’s College, Cambridge, 24-26 March 1992 1991-1992 including for Correspondence on proceedings, and publication, 13pp draft lecture notes ‘Notes for Hybridoma meeting March 1992’. Milstein’s 8pp notes request paper for Milstein gave the plenary lecture. of of and copy Trinity Milstein’s completed 1991-1992 the in _ Clinical College Brian ‘Advances in Invitation letter application form. Correspondence including itinerary. Retirement Symposium for FRS College, Imperial London Professor Hartley Cambridge, 2-4 April 1992 International of on 9th Applications Antibodies Oncology’, Halkidiki, Greece, 4-6 May 1992 Conference Monoclonal 1991-1992 The conference was held immediately after a meeting of the Antisoma Science Council, 3 May 1992, which Milstein attended. 3rd International Conference on ‘Bispecific Antibodies and Targeted Cellular Cytotoxicity’, Ostuni, Brindisi, Italy, 13- 17 June 1992 Milstein lectured on the evening of 4 May on ‘Evolution of monoclonal antibodies’. Correspondence re arrangements including publication of C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.94 proceedings; programme; 16pp draft lecture notes. Milstein was a member of the Scientific Committee and gave the keynote address. 3rd Argentine-British Conference, 18-20 September, 1992, St Catherine’s College, Cambridge Letter declining invitation to the Conference reception. Fundacion Juan March Workshop on ‘The Diversity of the Immunoglobulin 25-28 October 1992 Superfamily’, Madrid, Spain, 1991-1992 including proposed Correspondence re arrangements, programme; 1p draft lecture notes on ‘The Expression of CD1 Genes’ by Milstein and A. Woolfson; 1p draft abstract by C. Yung Yu sent to Milstein for approval. Milstein spoke on ‘MHC Class 1-related antigens (CD1)’. some in and _ his visit took place between implies tentative Spanish, 1991-1992 Correspondence, programme. Cultural and Scientific Conference on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the inception of the University of Chile, Santiago, Chile, December 1992 Milstein provisionally agreed to lecture on 21 December 1992. A reference on the original folder by Milstein’s secretary 15 December 1992 and 4 January 1993. 1992-1993 Milstein’s attendance was not confirmed and he declined to speak ‘since | have not been active in the field for some time’. Includes reference to a proposed visit to Seville 8-21 April 1993 just prior to the Workshop but Milstein finally commented he would now ‘...have to leave Sevilla to another opportunity’. Correspondence, some in Spanish, with speakers. Fundacién Alzheimer’s Disease’, Madrid, Spain, 19-21 March 1993 March Workshop ‘Frontiers list of invited Juan on of C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.94 5th International Workshop and Conference on ‘Human Leukocyte Differentiation USA, 3-7 November 1993 Antigens’, Boston, 1990-1992 Correspondence re organisation and arrangements for the conference. See also C.138 for further material. Milstein was a member of council. the Conference organising 150th Anniversary of the British Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 8 March 1994 1993-1994 Correspondence including ‘Hospital Britanico’, marked ‘El Reloj’;, programme in and manuscript draft lecture notes with manuscript corrections. typescript Spanish; 17pp Milstein gave the main lecture on ‘De anticuerpos “a carte” a anticuerpos “a medida” ’. la of the _ Society of Letter re arrangements. lecture on ‘Monoclonal Antibodies in Milstein gave a Hematology’. Congress 25th Hemataology, Canctin, Mexico, 17-22 April 1994 International Correspondence, some in Spanish, and 11pp ‘Lecture Notes Mexico 1994’. Wellcome Trust Antibody Engineering meeting, August 1994 1992-1994 Milstein was asked to give the Severo Ochoa plenary lecture the Conference. Ochoa (1905-1993) was a friend of Milstein’s and Milstein indicated he felt ‘a moral obligation to accept but only if the subject of the lecture is something like Hypermutation and the Affinity Maturation of Antibodies’. 5th Congreso Luso-Espafol de Bioquimica, Salamanca, Spain, 27-30 September 1994 Correspondence, some in Spanish. at C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.94 ‘Ecuador Congress’, ca 1994 ca 1994 2pp manuscript letter marked ‘FAX’ re booking for the Congress. Milstein stated ‘...1 will be in Madrid before proceeding to Salamanca.’ See also G.76. Cambridge University Scientific Society annual Christmas dinner, Corpus Christi College, 23 November 1995 Invitation letter and Milstein’s reply. Instituto Argentina, 1995 Balseiro scientific conference, Bariloche, Correspondence in Spanish including invitation (declined). 1995-1996 1995-1996 maturation,’ ‘Somatic and Milstein gave a lecture, provisionally entitled hypermutation chaired one of the sessions. antibody affinity and Spring Meeting on ‘Genome Evolution and Disease’, Kéln, Germany, 21-23 February 1996 Correspondence including list of speakers and provisional programme. British Society of Immunology Spring Meeting Symposium on ‘The molecular biology of CD1’, St Michael’s Hospital, Bristol, 17-19 April 1996 Correspondence. International Society of Molecular Evolution Symposium on ‘Junk DNA: The Role and the Evolution of Non-Coding Sequences’, Guanacaste Province, 6-10 January 1997 Correspondence and 12pp draft lecture notes. See also G.93. Milstein gave a lecture ‘...about CD1’. Costa Rica, C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.94 at of accepted Honorary Membership Society this the Milstein be International on presented ‘Hypermutation However, subsequently he had to decline due to a prior engagement in Thailand. was to Genes’. to lecture Molecular occasion, Evolution Antibody and of of Wolf Prize Symposium, May 1998. Brief correspondence between D. Blow and Milstein on conference attendance. 5th Jornadas Interhospitalarias del Centro del la Cuidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, 21-23 April 1999 Invitation (declined), in Spanish. Dinners to mark the retirement of Alan Cuthbert, Master of Fitzwilliam College, 30 September, and the admission of Brian Johnson to 1999, respectively Mastership, October the 4 Invitation. Royal Society Discussion Meeting on ‘Hypermutation in antibody genes’, London, 5-6 July 2000 Milstein was invited in his capacity as Honorary Fellow of Fitzwilliam College. 2pp programme and addendum with Milstein’s manuscript notes on proceedings. proceedings. Laboratory of Molecular Biology Symposium, Cambridge, 16-20 October 2000 Milstein chaired the first session. Programme manuscript annotated notes with on C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.94 180th Anniversary of the UBA (?University of Buenos Aires) Meeting, ca April 2001 1p manuscript letter draft, 18 April. Milstein was invited to participate but had to decline. ‘Distinguished University of Washington, Seattle, USA, ca 2001 Department Scholar, of Immunology, ca 2001 Invitation (declined) due to ill-health. Proposed conference in honour of Milstein with suggested of ‘My Route from Argentina to Nobel Prize’, and titles ‘Hypermutation for the Antibody Gene’, proposed for Curitiba [?Brazil], February/March 2002. Letter only. G.90-G.94 1988-2001, n.d. including and visits lecture notes seminar and on proceedings of notes _ Miscellaneous laboratory talks, conferences A4 notepad (‘Schloss Elman’) and loose sheets. ?’Hamden’ 43pp, ‘Pinder’ 2pp, ‘Schloss Elman’, ‘Titisee’, and ?’Schechter’ 7pp, n.d. With the exception of G.90, the notes are in the form of spiral-bound softback student notebooks. The notebooks may also include intercalated sheets, material pasted onto the pages, and ‘Ideas’ notes. 1996-1999 Includes and Disease’, Kéln, Germany, 21-23 February 1996 (see also 1996; G.80); on ‘Genome Evolution ‘1996/[‘MEETS’ crossed out]Lectures’ Huxley Lecture, Birmingham, 25 April Spring Meeting ‘Seminars’ ‘1993’ 18pp 1988-ca 1991 1993-ca 1996 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.94 March 9-10 Fundaci6n March 1996; Immunological Society Thailand Seminar, 28 30 January 1997; Kéhler Lecture, Friburg, Germany, January 1999. Lecture, and ‘Lab Seminars 1998’ ca 1998-2001 Includes programmes for Laboratory of Molecular Biology Symposium, 15-19 October 2001 (annotated in pencil by Milstein); and Novartis Symposium on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, 2 November 2001. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 SECTION H CORRESPONDENCE, H.1-H.187 1959-2002 H.1-H.152 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE H.153-H.169 MISCELLANEOUS CORRESPONDENCE H.170-H.184 REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS H.185-H.187 ‘HISTORICAL RECORDS - HERVE BAZIN’ H.1-H.152 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE 1970-2002 This is Milstein’s principal sequence of correspondence found in hanging files marked ‘General’ and arranged alphabetically. of correspondence were found together by name of person (or in two cases by name of country), sometimes within a folder of their own. Titles have been reproduced in the catalogue entries. groups Within some these files 1970-2001 ‘General File A’ The content of the correspondence varies. It may relate to scientific research, publications, invitations to meetings and requests for references but also can include personal news. 1995. Agur was based at the Oxford University Department of Zoology before moving to the University of Tel Aviv in 1977-2001 Adams, J.M. 1991-1995 ‘A’ Agur, Z. 1977-1988 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 Alzari, P.M. 1990, 1992 Alzari was based at the Institut Pasteur, Paris, France. Aparico Alonso, P. Visit to Milstein’s laboratory. Aparico was based at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Murcia, Spain. Askonas, B.A. 1990, 1991 Includes correspondence re visits by R. Nezlin. Askonas was based at the Molecular Immunology Group in the Oxford Institute of Molecular Medicine. 1984-2001 Am.-Ay. 1982-2001 A. References. ‘Richard Ambler’ Some in Spanish. In Report on ‘Visit by Dr R.P. Ambler to the U.S.A., January 1970, to see Protein and Peptide Sequenators’ 1970, 1980- 1983 Miscellaneous correspondents from Argentina. 1980-1983 1988-2001 Career ‘Argentina’ 1989-1995 1970 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 chronological order. Much in Spanish. 1988-1991 1994-1999 Includes 5pp typescript ‘Reflexiones de un immunologo sobre una leccion que nunca se aprende’ by Milstein, sent to A.L. Gak. 2000-2001 H.14-H.24 ‘B General’ 1973-2001 Baltimore, D. 1985-1986 Baralle, F.E. 1988-1999 Barnes, G.L, Bishop R., and Coulson, B. Controversy over data used in article published in Cell. Baralle wrote from research centres in Milan and later Trieste, Italy. in the MRC laboratory. Barrantes came from Argentina to work with Nigel Unwin Re development of rotavirus monoclonal antibodies. Barnes, Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia. Coulson Bishop wrote and Mostly in Spanish. from the Royal Barrantes, F.J. 1988-2001 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 Bold, A.J. de Translation of ‘A lesson never learnt’ Spanish for internet journal /nterscientia. by Milstein into Includes paper and biography of Milstein (in English), with Spanish versions. Bothwell, A.L.M. 1988, 1990 Bothwell Medicine. wrote from the Yale University School of Brutkiewicz, R.R. 1995-1996 Visit to MRC Laboratory, December 1995. Brutkiewicz was based at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA. Institutes 1973-2001 1986-2001 1991-1995 Cambrosio was based at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, McGill University, Canada. Cambrosio, A. B. References. H.25-H.36 1979-2000 1981-1986 1975-2000 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 1991 Draft of ‘Between fact and technique: the beginnings of hybridoma technology by Cambroisio, Milstein’s comments thereon. with Includes discussion of the award of the 1984 Nobel prize to Milstein and Kohler. 1994-1995 Re Milstein’s Foreword to Cambrosio’s book Exquisite Specificity. The Monoclonal Antibody Revolution. Includes copy of Foreword, 3pp typescript. Capra, J.D. 1979-1997 For the bulk of this correspondence Capra was based at the University of Texas Health Science Center. Mostly in Spanish. Cérda Olmedo, E. 1990-1994 Cereijido, M. Mostly in Spanish. Includes correspondence re Advisory Council Laboratorio Andaluz de Biologia. of the Cérda Olmedo was based at the Department of Genetics, University of Seville, Spain. School, USA. Cereijido was based at the Centro de Investigacion y de Estudios Avanzados, Mexico. Claflin was based at the University of Michigan Medical 1992, 1994 Claflin, L. 1991-1995 Chiefly re proposed collaboration 1994-1995. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 Cohn, M. 1991, 1999 Correspondence re credit for work on lamda chains 1991; antibody workshops 1999. Cohn was based at Studies, San Diego, USA. the Salk Institute for Biological Collins, W.P. 1984-1985 Possible research collaboration. Collins (and colleagues) wrote from King’s College School of Medicine and Dentistry, London. 1992-1999 1988-1998 1975-2000 1979-1997 1991-2001 H.37-H.40 ‘Campomar’ 1991-1996 Milstein was a member of Committee of the Instituto de Investaciones Bioquimicas. Fundacion Bioquimicas, Correspondence Campomar, Buenos Aires, Argentina. with Instituto the Scientific Assessment Much in Spanish. See also E.25. colleagues de Investaciones at the C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 1997 Chiefly re visit to Argentina, April 1997. typescript Ciencia’; Investaciones Bioquimicas; and correspondence arising. Includes 13pp la de ?lecture ‘Un ‘El debate impacto de Industria abierto’ Istituto the on en la 1998-1999 2000-2001 ‘Chile’ Miscellaneous chronological order. correspondents’ from _ Chile. 1995-1998 1998 Much in Spanish. 1995-1996 University of Chile institutional evaluation. Establishment of Presidential Science Chairs. Milstein was a member of the Jury appointing to these chairs, established by the Chilean President. Cambridge, working with Milstein, before being appointed A.C.G. Cuello was a distinguished neuropharmacologist. Like Milstein he was Argentine by birth but had left that country held research and academic positions in the Departments of Pharmacology and Much of Cuello’s correspondence is in Spanish. (1979-1985) 1979-2000 H.43-H.50 ‘Cuello’ reasons for political inthe 1970s. at both Oxford He C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 Chairman and then Charles E. Frosst Merck Professor of the Therapeutics, McGill University, Canada. Pharmacology and Department of 1979-1980 Includes joint work on anti-SP. Cuello was based in Oxford in this period. 1981 Includes notes from Cuello on joint work with Milstein and Priestley on ‘Immunocytochemistry with internally labelled monoclonal antibodies’ (published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Jan 1982), and with D.M. Boorsma et of horseradish peroxidase and monoclonal antibody against substance immunoperoxidase techniques’. ‘Preparation conjugate and use on its of al in P a 1982 on re _ joint 1983 research = 1984-1985 correspondence Work on monclonal antibodies. Includes immunocytochemistry. Chiefly re visit by Cuello to Cambridge 1993. Includes Cambridge research unit. Includes Cuello’s notes on work in progress. correspondence 1992-1993 1986-1991 proposed McGill- 1989 re C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 1995-2000 ‘General correspondence D’ 1980-2001 D. References. ‘E General’ H.54-H.60 ‘F General’ 1980-2001 1973-2002 1979-2001 Feizi, T. Imperial Fersht, A.R. 1991-2000 Recommendations. 1989-1991, 2001 the Glycosciences Laboratory at Feizi was Head of the Glycoconjugate Section of the MRC’s Clinical Research Centre, later becoming Director of College London. Recommendations. Chiefly re support of research. was Foote Research Center, Seattle, USA. based the at Frasch, A.C.C. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Foote, J. 1997-2002 1993-2001 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 Froud, S.J. Re derivation of cell line of NSO myeloma. Froud worked for Celltech Ltd. E References. H.61-H.71 ‘G General’ H.61-H.68 ‘G: 1979-2000 1979, 1988, 2000 1980-2002 1980-2002 H.61 1989, 1995 1986-1988 Career. Garrido, F. Gherardi, E. Re career. Garcia-Bellido, A. Garrido was based at the Hospital ‘Virgen de las Nievas’, Granada, Spain. Latinoamericana de Immunologia. Milstein’s possible attendance at the Fifth Congress of the Asociacion Latinomaericana de Immunologia. Secretary General of the Asociacion Goni was Goni, F. 1998-1999 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 1982-2000 1982-2002 1980-1999 41997, 1999; 2001 G: References. ‘Gallo. New file’ 1986, 1998 correspondence Chiefly controversy between R.C. Gallo and A. Karpas on HTLV (human T cell leukaemia viruses) and AIDS. papers and re ‘J.B. Gurdon’ International awards. 1983-2002 ‘Green’ the Albert Einstein Green and Scharff were based at College of Medicine, New York, USA. Gurdon was John Humphrey Plummer Professor of Cell Biology at Cambridge. Correspondence with N.S. Green and M.D. Scharff re potential joint research. 1986-1989 Interchain disulphide bonds in human IgE. H.72-H.80 ‘H General’ H.72-H.76 ‘H’ H.72 Helm, B.A. 1978-2001 1978-2001 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 Helm was based at King’s College London. Ha. H. References. ‘Nick Hales’ Honours and awards. 1979-2000 1992-1998 1979-2001 1978, 1999 1984-1986 1980-1995 1980, n.d. H.78-H.80 ‘Jonathan Howard’ working at the Wellcome Miscellaneous papers Clinical Biochemistry at Hales was Professor of C.N. Cambridge from 1977. Includes paper on ‘The future of immunology’ by Howard, given to the British Pharmaceutical Society Conference, September 1980; and photocopied manuscript research data from the 1970s. Laboratories _ in After Beckenham, the AFRC Institute of Animal Physiology, Cambridge, J.C. Howard was Professor of Cell Genetics at the Institut fur Genetik of the University of K6In. 1993-1995 Career and honours 1982-1993 Career and honours C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 ‘General I’ H.82-H.84 ‘J General’ 1978-2001 JOrnvall, H. Visit of the Milsteins to Stockholm. Jérnvall was Professor in Biochemistry and _ Stockholm, Sweden. the Department of Medical Karolinska _ Institutet, Biophysics, J. References. 1980-1998 1978, 1983, 1990 1975-2001 1979-2001 1981; 1995 rights to H.85 Klein, J. H.85-H.89 tk H.85-H.95 ‘K General’ 1981 correspondence re Klein’s draft Shylocks?’ antibodies to commercial companies. scientists selling on article ‘The new distribute 1996-1999 Kornblihtt was based at the Instituto de Investaciones en Ingeniera Genetica y Biologia Molecular, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Klein was based at the Max-Planck-Institut fur Biologie, Tubingen, Germany. Chiefly re progress of research. Mostly in Spanish. Kornblihtt, A.R. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 1981-2001 1980-1998 1979-2000 1985-1989 ‘Elvin Kabat’ Includes dextran. correspondence re research on_ alpha(1-6) Kabat was based at Columbia University, New York, USA the Department of Microbiology, Kacelnik, A. 1990-1995 Correspondence re evolution. Career and achievements. H.92-H.94 ‘Karpas’ For most of the period covered by the correspondence Kacelnik was based at the Department of Zoology, Oxford. A. Karpas was Assistant Director of Research in the Cambridge Department of Haematology for much of the period covered by this correspondence. He specialised in the etiology of cancer but came to wider prominence for his research into the cause of AIDS. 1975-1999 1975-1983 1986-1991 1992-1999 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 K References. H.96-H.98 ‘L General’ L References. 1984, 1999, 2000 1977-2000 1979-1999 1984-2000 1977, 1986, 1987, 1998 H.99-H.108 ‘M General’ 1976-2001 H.99-H.106 ‘M’ 1976-2001 1982-1983 H.99 Makela, O. Work on anti-idiotype reagents. Makela was based at the Department of Bacteriology and Immunology, University of Helsinki, Finland. Career. Margini was based at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. re Mathews, M.B. 1995-1996 Margini, R.A. Correspondence in Spanish. 1979-1980, 1997 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 Mordoh, J. 1990-1999 Chiefly re work on monoclonal antibodies. Mordoh Argentina. was based at the Fundacion Campomar, 1976-2000 1987-2001 1979-1999 1997, 2000 M. References. 1978-1980, 1993 1978 1979-1980, 1993 H.107, H.108 ‘Mc Michael’ Includes correspondence with G. Janossy and others. A.J. McMichael was based at the Royal Free Hospital, London. Correspondence and research data re work on leukaemia cells. 1983-2001 H.109, H.110 ‘General N’ 1983-2001 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 N. References. ‘General O’ H.112-H.114 ‘General P’ 2, Blas H.112 1997, 2001 1985-2000 1978-2000 1978-2000 1978-2000 1986-1999 ino Career. 1986-1997 H.115-H.120 day ‘R General’ H.115-H.121 Rabbitts, P.H. ‘Roberto Poljak’ Poljak was Professor at the Institut Pasteur, Paris, and Director of Research, CNRS, for most of this period. University of KdIn. Progress of research and scientific collaboration. Rajewsky was based at the Institute of Genetics, Rajewsky, K. 1975-2001 1975-2001 1995-1996 1977-2001 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 Rigby, P. 1982-1984 Rigby was based at the Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics Research Group, Imperial College London. Rogozin, I. Progress of research. Rogozin was based at the Genetics, Novosibirsk, Russia. Institute of Cytology and ‘Ken Reid’ 1975-1999 1980-2001 1992-1997 Career and honours. Career and honours. 1976-2002 1996-1997 H.122 Salas Falgueras, M. H.122-H.132 ic? H.122-H.134 ‘General S’ ry Scazzocchio was based at the Institut de Génétique et Microbiologie, Paris, France. Progress of research and publications, especially NSO. Scazzocchio, C. Career. Scharff, M.D. 1980-1998 1976-2002 1993, 1999 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 Scharff was based at Medicine, New York, USA, becoming Director of Cancer Research Center there. Einstein College of the Albert the Schimpl, A. 1979, 1994 Schimp! was based at Immunbiologie, Wurzburg, Germany. Institut the flr Virologie und Sirulnik, A. Re visits to Milstein’s laboratory to carry out experimental work. Sirulnik was based at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Alberet Einstein College of Medicine, New York, USA. 1979-2000 Stoppani, A.O.M. Mostly in Spanish. Includes correspondence re progress of research. Stoppani was Milstein’s research supervisor in the 1950s. He was later Professor in the Centro de Investagaciones Bioenergeticas, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1987-2002 St.-Sv. and unidentified 1976-1998 1981-1998 1988-2001 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 Ss. References. 1980-2000 ‘Jim Schroeder (pruned)’ 1985-1986 Research on human immunoglobulin genes and CD1 antigenes. Schroeder was based at the Department of Anatomy and Embryology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Helsinki, Finland. Springer, T.A. Chiefly re career. 1982-1994 Springer was based at latterly its Center for Blood Research. the Harvard Medical School, 1977-2000 1977-2000 1977-1986 H.135 Trucco, M. H.135-H.139 ‘T General’ H.135-H.138 aL Progress of career and research. Trucco was based at the Basel Institute for Immunology, Switzerland, before moving to work at the Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, USA. 2001 Te References. 1983-2000 1980-1999 1990-1992, C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 ‘Takei’ 1979-1999 Career and progress of research. the Department of Microbiology, Takei was based at University of British Columbia, Canada, then from 1981 at the British Columbia Cancer Research Centre. He came to work with Milstein in Cambridge 1977-1980. H.140-H.144 ‘U-V General’ H.141-H.144 NE H.141 Vane, J. 1979-2001 1979, 1987 1981-2001 1985, 1986, 1 OOF Career. Vindrola, O. Milstein’s comments on draft paper. Vindrola was based at the Instituto de Investagaciones Medicas, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1985-2000 H.145-H.149 ‘General W’ H.145-H.147 1981-2001 1986-2001 1985-2000 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 Wilkinson, M. 1992-1999 Includes progress on research with TCR-beta gene and mRNA. Immunology, Wilkinson was based at the Department of Microbiology and Health Sciences University, and later at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Institute, Oregon Vollum_ W. References. 1985-2000 1986-1999 ‘H. Waldmann (pruned)’ 1992, 1994 H.150 fir Experimentelle Immunologie, University 1986-1992 ‘General X-Z’ H.150-H.152 Zinkernagel, R.M. ‘Alan Williams (deceased) (pruned heavily)’ Williams was based at the MRC’s Cellular Immunology Unit, Oxford. Zinkernagel was based at the Department of Pathology, Institut of Zurich, Switzerland. 1975, 2000 NZ: References 1975-2001 1992-1993 1992-2001 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 H.153-H.169 MISCELLANEOUS CORRESPONDENCE 1959-2001 H.153-H.157A Contents correspondence and papers Milstein’s of folder of miscellaneous 1959-1964 1959-1960 Includes correspondence (mostly in Spanish) re progress of Milstein’s work with F. Sanger. Reports 1959-1960 Milstein’s typescript Annual Reports on work for 1958-59 and of Biochemistry Report 1959-1960. Department Cambridge 1959-60; printed 1961 the re export — work at 1962-1963 correspondence Cambridge = on Includes correspondence with Sanger on possible return to Cambridge. Includes copy of letter to the British Council reporting on his enzyme phosphoglucomutase; of apparatus to Argentina; and draft letters to Sanger on work since leaving Cambridge. 1963-1964 Undated typescript and manuscript reports on Milstein’s work in at Argentina Correspondence from N. Zuraig, Microbiology Laboratory, Faculty of University of Buenos Aires. Exact Sciences, Includes experimental results and workings. Microbiologia Natural and the Instituto Nacional de In Spanish. In Spanish. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 H.158-H.162 ‘CMF (Arg) [...] 1986-2001 Contents of from colleagues and institutions in Argentina. plastic wallet so labelled: correspondence 1986-1987 1988-1989 1989 Nobel biography, Prize: 36pp scientific to Milstein Tribute photocopy typescript, profiles, pictures. on award of comprising 1990-1995 1997-2001 C.J. Barnstable, Yale H.163, H.164 Bundle of correspondence re monoclonal antibody W6/32 H.164 is photocopies of Williams’ and colleagues’ data from 1976 and 1977. Correspondence with University School of Medicine, Sir Walter Bodmer, A.F. Williams and others on origins of antibody W6/32, including ascription of authorship in Citation Classic. 1989-1991 1978 paper by Barnstable, The paper cited was the Bodmer, of monoclonal antibodies to group A erythrocytes, HLA and other human cell surface antigens - new tools for genetic analysis’, Cell vol 14 (1978). 8 The (dated annotated ‘This correspondence is to archives or whatever of historic interest’. 1991) April was be preserved in ‘Production § top letter in bundle Williams, Milstein et al, C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 H.165-H.169 Correspondence found loose 1970-1998 extended No invitations, congratulations and expressions of admiration, personal news. exchanges. include _ May Arranged chronologically. Some in Spanish. 1970-1984 1985-1987 1988-1990 1991-1994, 1996-1998 1984-2002 H.170-H.173 H.170-H.184 ‘Referee reports - Grants etc’ Contents of Milstein’s folders. REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS 1987-21997 Contents of folder so inscribed. 1987-1989 1990-1991 1993-1995 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 1996-71997 H.174-H.176 ‘Awards correspondence’ 1993-2000 H.174 1993 1995-2000 H.177-H.182 ‘Moncada’ 1993-2002 Correspondence re career and honours for S. Moncada, including concern over lack of appropriate recognition. 1993-1994 1995-1997 1998-2002 ‘Mahidol Award’ 1998-2001 Milstein was a member of the International Prince Mahidol Award Committee. Printed and photocopy background literature Citations on Moncada’s work C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Correspondence, H.1-H.187 Contents of untitled folder Divided into two for ease of reference. Manuscript drafts Milstein. of thesis and referee’s reports by H.185-H.187 ‘HISTORICAL RECORDS - HERVE BAZIN’ 1973-1979, 1983 Contents of folder so inscribed: correspondence re work of H. Bazin and the ascription of credit. was based Experimental Bazin Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Louvain, Belgium. He collaborated with Milstein’s research team on messenger RNA for the rat IgD. Unit for at the 1973-1979 June 1983 July-September 1983 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ABEL, Carlos A. ACADEMIC PRESS LTD ADAMS, Duncan D. ADAMS, John McKee ADETUGBO, Kayode ADRIAN, Richard, Lord AGUIRRE, Juan A AGUR, Zvia ALGRANATI, Israel D. ALZARI, Pedro M. AMBLER, Richard P. H.6 H.6 H.6 H.14 B.10 H.6 H.6 D.110, H.2 B.11, H.37-H.39 H.3 A.115, H.9, H.10 AMERICAN TISSUE CULTURE ASSOCIATION A.87, A.94 EMBASSY TO THE UK ARGON, Yair ASKONAS, Brigette Alice AOUFOUCHI, Said APARICO ALONSO, Pedro H.153 B.12 H.4 H.7 APPELMELK, B.J. ARGENTINA ANFINSEN, C.B. ANTISOMA LTD F.1-F.4 See also G.66 H.158 ASOCIACION ARGENTINA DE ALERGIA E IMMUNOLOGIA ASOCIACION LATINOAMERICANA DE IMMUNOLOGIA ASOCIACIONES ISRAELITAS ARGENTINAS ASOCIACION FARMACEUTICA MEXICANA ASOCIACION QUIMICA ARGENTINA H.120 H.64 A.96 H.113 B.13 H.5 A.79, H.158 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Index of correspondents AVILA, Jesus BAGSHAWE, Ken D. BAKER, Kenneth Wilfred, Baron BALTIMORE, David BARALLE, Francisco E. (‘Tito’) BARBERA GUILLEM, Emilio BARKER, Karen BARNARD, Geoff BARNES, G.L. BARNSTABLE, Colin J. BARRA, Hector S. BARRANTES, Francisco J. (‘Pancho’) H.7 H.21 A.118, C.337 H.14 H.15, H.38 B.14 B.15 H.32 H.16 H.163 H.21 a7, BASEL INSTITUTE OF IMMUNOLOGY BENNICH, Hans BERNARD, Alain BASSI, Sebastian BAZIN, Hervé EB -E5 H.161 H.12 H.185-H.187 BECKMAN, Evan M. H.21 H.11 H.21 BENSUSSAN, N. CERF- BEIRAK, Eduardo V. Beirak BATALLAN, Lautaro Garcia BEREK (or JACK-BEREk), Claudia G.83 BHAMARAPRAVATI, Natth BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY BILSLAND, Caroline A.G. H.34 B.16 H.21 H.22 B.17 E.6, H.83 H.22 BLANCO, Luis BLOW, David Mervyn C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Index of correspondents BODMER,, Sir Walter Fred H.163 BOEHM, Bernhard O. BOEHM, Thomas BOLD, Adolfo J. de BORLADA, Luis-R. BORN, Gustav Victor Rudolf BOTHWELL, Alfred L.M. BOUMSELL, Laurence BOYCOTT, Brian Blundell BRADBURY, Andrew Raymon Morton BRADBURY, E.M. BRECHER, Alexandra BRENNER, Michael B. H.22 D.41 H.18 H.22 H.22 H.19 H.22 H.22 B.18 D.9 B.19 H.23 BRENNER, Sydney C.324, C.326, H.165 BRITISH COUNCIL Ei H.23 H.11 BROOKE, Christopher BROWN, Fred C.324 23, niiSo BRUTKIEWICZ, Randy R. BROWNLEE, George Gow BURRONE, Oscar Roberto BRITISH SOCIETY FOR IMMUNOLOGY BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION H.38 BUTTERFIELD, William John Hughes, Baron D.111 H.20 B.20 H.23 H.23 H.158 BUTTERY, Stephen BUUS, Elisa L. de BURTON, Dennis R. See H.168 CABIB, Enrico C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Index of correspondents CALABI, Franco CAMBRIDGE ANTIBODY TECHNOLOGY LTD CAMBRIDGE UNION SOCIETY CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY B.21 F.5, F:6):71.131 See also C.27 H.53 H.35 CAMBROSIO, Alberto C.319, D.88, H.25, H.26 CAMPAIGNS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS CANCER RESEARCH INSTITUTE, USA CAPRA, J. Donald CARBO, Salvador L. CASANOVA, Jean-Laurent CEBRA, John J. CEELTECH ETD A.116 E.8 H.27 H.33 H.33 H.34 B.57, C.326, E.9-E.18 E19 E.20 CHANDRA, Ramesh CHAOUAT, G. CHARLES DARWIN TRUST CERDA OLMEDA, Enrique H.28 H.29 H.34 F.18 CEREIJIDO, Marcelino (‘Pirincho’) CENTRE NATIONAL DE LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE, FRANCE CENTRO DE ESTUDIANTES DE LA FACULTAD DE CIENCIAS EXACTAS Y NATURALES, ARGENTINA CLAFLIN, Latham PRESIDENTIAL SCIENCE COMMISSION CHEN, Kirk C.S. CHICHIZOLA, H. CHILE CHUI Yui-Loon CLAESSON, Mogens C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 CLARK, Michael R. CLARKE, Bryan Campbell COHN, M. COLLINS, W.P. COLMAN, Alan COLOMA, Tomas Santa COMPSTON, D. Alastair S. COOMBS, Robin Royston Amos COPPOLA, Silvia CORNFORTH, Sir John Warcup CORNWELL, Jennifer CORVALAN, Jose COTTON, Richard Graham Hay COUTINHO, Antonio COWAN, Nicholas J. COX, Jonathan P.L. CROSS, Stella DAERON, M. Index of correspondents B.24 H.34 H.31 H.32 H.35 H.35, H.40 H.35 H.35 H.158 C.337 B24 H.35 B.25, B.26, D.112, H.35, H.165, H.187 H.35 A.115 H.48 H.35 A.38, B.27 CUTHBERT, Alan William A.124, D.94, H.43-H.50, H.109 CUELLO, Augusto Claudio Guillermo DALMARONI, Maximiliano Javier Jiménez H.51 DARWIN COLLEGE CAMBRIDGE b.18 H.51 H.37 H.51 DARNELL, James E. A.77, A.100, A.106 DAVIE, Earl W. DELIA, Domenico DENTON, Derek DANKERT, Marcelo H.51 H.51 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 DESSENO, Victor DINTZIS, Howard M. DIXON, Malcolm DONGEN, Jacques J.M. van DREHER, Martin L. DUNCAN, Alexander DUNN, David C. DUNNICK, Wesley A. DWEK, Raymond Allen EICHMANN, Klaus EILAT, Dan Index of correspondents H.159 H.51 H.155 See also H.51 H.143 B.28, C.143 A.90 H.51 B.29, D.85, D.86 H.51, H.109 See also H.52 H.53 H.53 H.53 H.53 F.1-F.4 EMERY, Paul ENGLISH, T.A.H. ESHHAR,, Zelig EPENETOS, Agamemnon A. H.53 B.30 H.53 B.31 H.53 ESPADA, Fernando Diaz de ERUSALIMSKY, Jorge Daniel ETCHEVERRY, Guillermo Jaim EPSTEIN, Sir (Michael) Anthony EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF BIOCHEMISTRY B.33 EUROPEAN NETWORK OF IMMUNOLOGY INSTITUTES EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY H.53 A.78 B.32 FAINBOIM, Leonardo D.129 DUA, EVAN, Gerard EVANS, E.M. EVEN, Jos E.21-E.23 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 FALCOFF, Ernesto FAURE, Florence FAVALORO, René G. FEARON, Douglas Thomas FEIZI, Ten Index of correspondents H.59 B.34 H.168 H.59 H.54 FERNANDEZ, Africa Gonzalez A.103, B.35, C.159, C.203, H.66 FERNANDEZ, Carmen FERSHT, Sir Alan Roy FISCHER, Gottfried F. B.36 H.37, H.55 B.37 FITZWILLIAM COLLEGE CAMBRIDGE A.104, A.114, A.117, A.118, A.121 FLEISCHER, Isaac FOLSCH, Georg H.158 i153; 150 B.38, G.11 H.56 H.59 H.59 H.57 H.58 H.59 A.97 E.36 FOOTE, Jefferson FOUGEREAU, Michel FRANGIONE, Blas FRANTISEK, Franek FROUD, Stephen J. FUDENBERG, Henry Hugh FRASCH, Alberto Carlos Clemente FUNDACION CAMPOMAR, INSTITUTO DE INVESTACIONES BIOQUIMICAS, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA H.12 FUNDACION CONCHITA RABAGO DE JIMENEZ DIAZ, SPAIN FUNDACION SALES, ARGENTINA FUNDACION JUAN MARCH, SPAIN FUNDACION KONEX, ARGENTINA E:27-E.32, Gide, G.69)'G:7Al GAK, Abraham Leonardo E.25, H.37-H.40 D:17,,E:26;.G.56 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 GALFRE, Giovanni GALFRE, Paola Delmastro GALLO, Robert Charles GANNON, Frank GAO, George F. GARCIA-BELLIDO, Antonio GARRIDO, Federico GAVIRIA, César GAY, Gonzalo de PRAT GEFFNER, Jorge Raul GEFTER, Malcolm L. GELLON, Gabriel GHERARDI, Ermanno Index of correspondents B.39 B.40 H.69 H.65 H.65 H.61 H.62 H.65 See PRAT GAY H.65 H.65 H.65 B.41, H.63 GOLD, Leonor GONI, Fernando H.66 B.40 H.66 H.64 H.66 H.66 B.42 H.67 GILMORE, Linda GREAVES, Mel F. GOYENECHA, Beatriz GOTTSCHALK, Marcelo GONZALEZ, Anselmo Otero GLAXO GROUP RESEARCH LTD B.45, H.128 GREENBERG, Andrew GRIFFITHS, Gillian M. GUPTA, Satish Kumar F.18 H.70 H.67 GRONOWICZ, Eva B.43, B.44 H.67 H.67 GRAY, David GREEN, Nancy S. GROSS, Gideon C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 GURDON, Sir John Bertrand HALE, Peter HALES, Charles Nicholas HALPERIN, Jorge HAMLYN, L.D. HAMLYN, Pamela Helen HAMMERLING, G.J. HAMMERLING, Ulrich HARPER, Janice M. HARRIS, Sir Henry HARRISON, Paul R. HELM, Birgit A. Index of correspondents See H.71 H.73 C.329, C.329A, H.77 G27, Glas 73 H.165 B.46 E.23 F.18 B.47 H.73 H.73 H.72 HOGG, Nancy HEYDERMAN, Eadie HILGERS, J. HIMMLER, Gottfried HIRSCHMANN, Ralph HUMPHREY, John Herbert H.74 H.74 H.74 HERBERMAN, Ronald B. HOWARD, Jonathan Charles HOWE (née BUNTON), Shirley Christine D.129 IMMUNOLOGICAL REVIEWS t/; Go H.162 B.49 B.48, C.74 FILS IELPI, Luis IGENEON LTD IGLESIA, Alberto A. IMAI, Kohzoh E.7, §.8; le/4 H.74 H.75 D.81, H.77-H.80 H.39, H.40 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Index of correspondents IMMUNOLOGY TODAY H.186, H.187 IMPERIAL CANCER RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY H.163 IMUTRAN LTD (FORMERLY ANIMAL RESOURCES LTD) F.9-F.12 INSTITUTE FOR SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION INSTITUTO CIENTIFICO JUDIO D.81 H.158 INSTITUTO TECHOLOGICO DE CHASOMUS, ARGENTINA E.37 F162 INTERNATIONAL PRINCE MAHIDOL AWARD COMMITTEE H.183 ISAMAT, Marcos ITZHAKI, R. JAMES, Sir Robert Rhodes JANOSSY, George JARVIS, John M. B.50 H.81 A.121 H.107 C.319 JEFFERIS, R. JESKE, Debra H.83 H.83 C.251 H.161 H.44 H.82 A.117 JOSSO, Nathalie JERNE, Niels Kaj JORNVALL, H. KAARTINEN, Matti JONES, Edward G. JOISON, Agustin N. See also H.69 KACELNIK, Oliver KARPAS, Abraham B.51 H.90 H.91 H.87 H.87 KACELNIK, Alex KABAT, Elvin A. Foo H.92-H.94 KANOH, T. KAPLAN, N.O. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 KARRAN, Peter KARUSH, Fred KEFFORD, Richard F. KEHOE, J.M. KELSOE, Garnett KENNEWELL, Peter KERBAL, R.S. KERR, lan KLAR, Amar KLEIN, J. KLEIN, Michel R. KLOTZ, J. Index of correspondents F.18 H.87 H.88 H.85 H.88 C.334 D.114 A.53, A.76, A.117, B.53 KLUG, Sir Aaron KNOWLES, R.W. KOHLER, Heinz KONING, Frits H.88 H.88 C.324 KORNBLIHTT, Alberto R. KOURILSKY, Francois M. C.327, C.330, C.341, D.97, D.113, H.28, H.48 KOHLER, Georges Jean Franz H.89 KRISMAN-FISCHMAN, Clara R. KRONENBERG, Mitchell H.155 H.88 D.115 H.89 H.89 KOURILSKY, Philippe KOZAK, Christine H.12, H.86 E.21-E.23, H.88 KOPROWSKI, Hilary KOSHLAND, Daniel E., Jr KUEHL, W. Michael C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 LABARCA, Pedro LACHMANN, Peter Julius LALO, [?] LAMPSON, Lois A. LAMM, Michael E. LANGER, S.Z. LASKOV, Reuven LAU, W.B.M. de LEDERBERG, Joshua LEFEBVRE, Fleur-Ange LELOIR, Luis Federico LEMKE, Hilmar LEONG, Merlin Index of correspondents ric H.96 H.96 ol H.97 B.54 FA H.97 B.55 LEVAV, Itzhak LIOTTA, Domingo LINK, E.M. LINKE, R. LIPMANN, Fritz Albert LINDAHL, Kirsten Fischer H.97 F197 B.56 H.59 H.97 1.97 LEW, Virgilio L. (‘Arieh’) LINDQUIST, Jonathan A. LEVY, Ronald and Shoshana Oy, LONCARICA, Alfredo G. KOHN- LORENZO, Johandra Miguez LOWENSTEIN, Pedro R. C.311 H.161 H.156 H.97 LORENZANO, Cesar A.23, A.123 Ala dyGO” H.97 hoo LITTMAN, D.R. LOUGHMAN, B. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Index of correspondents LOZANO, Eduardo H.162 LOZANO, Francisco (‘Paco’) B:5/7, B:583r1169 McARDLE, John MACKENZIE, Michael H.103 H.103 McMICHAEL, Andrew James G.34, H.107, H.108 McWHIRTER, Norris MACCIONI, Ricardo B. MAERTZDORPF, Bart Peter Gijsbert MAIZELS, Nancy MAKELA, Olli MALLA, Edgardo MANDY, W.J. 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NAKASHIMA, Irma NEUBERGER, Michael H.155 B.63 H.109 D.96, D.99, D.100, D.124, D.125 NATURE REVIEWS IMMUNOLOGY NATIONAL RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION H.109 NORTHCOTE, Donald Henry H.30, H.67 H.5, H.109 NOVAK, Michal NOVOTNY, Jiri H.109 H.109 H.109 H.155, H.156 C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 NYGREN, Hakon OCHOA, Severo Ol, Vernon T. O’KENNEDY, Richard OLMEDO, Enrique Cerda OSTERLAND, C. Kirk OWEN, John J. T. PANNELL, Richard PAOLETTI, R. PAPAMICHAIL, Mike PARAJSZ, C. HUBNER- PARIENTE, Maricel Edith Index of correspondents H.109 H.166 H.111 H.109 A.115 H.111, H.168 H.111 C.138, C.140 A.39 H.112 C.311 H.158 H.112, H.168 PATON, David C. F.18 H.112 ed2 PEACE LINES PECHT, Israel PERIES, Jorge PARRINGTON, John PARODI, Armando J. H.112 H.112 H.112 PASQUALINI, Enrique E. PERHAM, Richard Nelson H.40, H.113 PHYSICIANS FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY PODHAJCER, Osvaldo L. PERUTZ, Max Ferdinand H.130 H.112 H.165 H.59 H.113 B.65 his153; i155) Ai165 PERUCHO, Manuel PETERS: Dak. PINK, J. Richard L. PIROSKY, Ignacio C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 POLANYI, John Charles POLJAK, Roberto J. POLLACK, William PRAT GAY, Gonzalo de Index of correspondents H.113 D.90, H.114 C.326 H.37, H.38, H.40, H.51, H.65 PRINCE MAHIDOL AWARD FOUNDATION, THAILAND H.143 QUERINJEAN, Pierre RABBITTS, Terry RABBITTS, Pamela H. RABINOVICH, Gabriel RADA, Cristina RAJEWSKY, Klaus B.66 F.6 H.115 H.161 B.67, C.240, H.33 H.116 RALPH, Peter R19 B.68 A.43 H.121 B.69 RETH, Michael RIBLET, Roy RICHARDS, Vero REQUENA, Jaime H.167 H.119 H.119 H.166 RIETHMULLER, Gert RAMON, Amelia Martinez REAGAN, Ronald Wilson REID, Kenneth Bannerman Milne H.120 ROBERTIS, Eduardo M. De ROELANTS, Georges E. ROCCA-SERRA, José H.119 H.117 H.156 H.119 RINALDINI, Luis M. H.38, H.39, H.120 RIGBY, Peter RIVERA, Rolando C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Index of correspondents ROGOZIN, Igor ROSSWALL, Thomas H.118 H.120 ROTARY CLUB BAHIA BLANCA A.92, H.158, H.161, H.167 ROTBLAT, Sir Joseph ROTH, Thomas F. ROTHWELL, Nancy ROYAL SOCIETY RUA, Fernando de la RUBIN, Bent SABATINI, David D. SABINI, L. SAFFRAN, Murray H.120 Bad9 H.120 E.39-E.41, H.35 H.162 H.120 H.39 H.128 H.165, H.166 H.167 B.70 fale A.32 H.70, H.124 SCHIMPL, Anneliese SAKULA, Alex SALTON, M.R.J. SANTOME, José A. SANGER, Frederick H.128 H.128 E.42 H.123 SANTA-COLOMA, T.A. SCAZZOCCHIO, Claudio H.153, H.155, H.156, H.165 SALAS FALGUERAS, Margarita SALAMONE, Maria del Carmen SAVE BRITISH SCIENCE SOCIETY F.18 H.125 H.133 D.126 H.165 SCHARFF, Matthew D. SCHRODER, Jim SCIENCE SECHER, David SEGAL, Shraga C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 SEMENZA, Giorgio SERA-LAB SEROTECH LTD SEVERINSON, Eva SHAPIRO, Gary S. SHAPSHAK, Paul SHARPE (née CLARK), Melanie Jane SHERMAN-GOLD, Rivka SIERRA, Osvaldo C. SIGMA CHEMICAL CO. SIMANTOV, Ronit SIRULNIK, Andres SITIA, Roberto Index of correspondents H.37 C.305, F.13-F.18 C.333 H.129 H.129 H.45 B.71 H.129 H.167 H.153 H.129 H.126 B72, Di25 H.130, H.167 SMITHIES, Oliver SMILLIE, Robert SMITH, Les SMITH, Michael H.155 H.165 H.130 SOLDATENKOV, Viatcheslav H.51 A.91 A.62 B.73 SOCIETY FOR ENDOCRINOLOGY SOFTLEY (née BELT), Kathryn Tertia SOCIEDAD CIENTIFICA ARGENTINA SOCIEDAD ARGENTINA DE TRASPLANTES H.131 H.131 H.131 H.131 STEVENSON, Freda K. SPRINGER, Timothy Alan H.130 H.130 H.134 SOUTHWELL, Myriam SHEELE AE J: STEFANI, Enrico STEWART, Walter W. C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Index of correspondents STOCKER, John W. STOPPANI, Andrés O.M. STREILEIN, J. Wayne STROMHOLM, Stig STROMINGER, Jack L. SURESH, Mavanur Rangarajan SUSSMAN, Joshua SVASTI, Jisnuson (‘Nye’) TAIT, Brian D. TAKEI, Fumio TANAKA, Yoshimasa TERHORST, Cox H.131 H.127, H.153, H.165, H.168 D.118 H.131 H.107 B.74, F.5, F.6 H.131 B.75, H.131, H.183 H.136 H.139 H.136 H.136 H.136, H.166 E.43, H.143 RIBEY, WaG; TIGHE, Jane E. TOIVONEN, Paavo TOYONAGA, Barry TRAUB, Peter C.337 H.137 H.137 Et TERRAGNO, Rodolfo H. THATCHER, Margaret Hilda, Baroness TRENDS IN BIOCHEMICAL SCIENCES THIRD WORLD ACADEMY OF SCIENCES H.141 H.166 H.137 H.146 UNIVERSITY OF CHILE TYKOCINSKI, Mark L. H.137 H.42 H.140 VANE, Sir John Robert TRUCCO, Massimo A.89, B.76, H.135 UNKELESS, Jay Index of correspondents C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 VARSANI, Laxman Murji VAZQUEZ, David VELASCO, Antonio VENUTA, S. VILLEGAS, Raimundo VINDROLA, Osvaldo VIVANCO, F. VOAK, Douglas VOGELSTEIN, Bert WADE, Nicholas WAKID, Nabil WALDMANN, Herman WALLER, Jean-Pierre WALTER, Heinrich WELLCOME TRUST WARNER, Noel L. WEBSTER, W.R. WANG, L. WARD, Colin WELLS, Clive WELSH, Ken H.146 C.340, C.341, D.96, D.105, D.107 WINTER, Sir Gregory Paul A.73, H.149, H.163, H.164 F.18 B.78 H.145 WHELAN, William Joseph WILDE, C. Deborah WILKINSON, Miles WILLIAMS, Alan F. A.89, D.103 WOLOSIUK, Ricardo C. Milstein NCUACS 146/3/06 Index of correspondents WONG, Jason K. WOOLFSON, Adrian WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION WORLD SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHING CO. LTD YANG Xu YELAMOS, Jose YOUNG, W.W., Jr YUDLEVICH, Arturo YUNG YU Chack ZAGURY, Daniel ZAKIN, Mario M. B.79 B.80, B.81, C.25, C.329, C.329A E.45 D.104 H.151 C.166, H.70 F.18 H.151 B.82, C.140, D.59, G.69 ZHOUALI, Moncef ZIEGLER, Andreas ZINKERNAGEL, Rolf M. ZURAIG, N.