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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on the papers of PROFESSOR DAVID KEILIN, FRS (1887-1963) Archives Centre S/TS) AG. Bano y Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientific THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, M6. 73% 399 London WC2A 1HP 1973 All rights reserved THE ROYAL SOCIETY Committee on PADARDY AATIONMTHT YGTIMD TH TIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE ADOT TITHIC A ORARY SCI o dL dL Papers of Professor DAVID KEILIN,F.R.S. (1887 - 1963) Listed by: Jeannine Alton Deposited in the University Library ,Cambridge. Harriot Weiskittel Dikis CaSeAeC. B74 Description of the collection The papers cover the years 1867 — 1963. They were received from Mrs. Joan Whiteley (daughter), who retains during her lifetime the biographical material listed as Items 1 — 6, Professor Keilin was of Russian—Jewish extraction brought up in Warsaw. He was a student at the Sorbonre and began his scientific work in Paris before moving to Cambridge; his cosmopolitan background is reflected in the many foreign languages used in his notebooks, publications and corres— pondence, which ere noted in the handlist. ‘Professor Keilin began his scientific career’as an entomologist and parasitologist, and retained his interest in these subjects throughout his working life in addition to his developing concentration on the biochemistry of cell respiration. For this reason it has not always been possible to date He suffered from asthma and travelled little; this, “working papers precisely. together with the very wide range of his scientific interests, was responsible for his extensive correspondence. The collection includes material belonging or relating to other scientists, for example Dr. C.A. MacMann, an early and neglected precursor of Keilin's work on cytochrome; there are also correspondence and drawings of Sir Ronald Ross and Professor G.H.F. Nuttall, Keilin's predecessor as Quick Professor of Biology and Director of the Molteno Institute, Cambridge University (Items 223 — 228). The numerous drawings, especially of parasitological subjects, are Summary of the career of Professor Keilin A selection of books from Keilints library, and much of his large Material relating to the Royal Society, the Agricultural Research Council, and the Chemical Defence Research Department, Ministry of Supply, has been returned to the appropriate authorities. by Nuttall, Keilin and perhaps others. been thought justification for retaining them (Items 220 - 222, and 229). The high quality of the execution has collection of off—prints, are in the library of the Department of Zoology, Oxford University. Married Paris University Began work with Maurice Caullery in Laboratoire d'Evolution des Etres Organisés, Paris, on Pollenia Rudis Educated at Gorski Gymasium, Warsaw b. 1887 Moscow Liege University 1897 - 1904 1904 1905 . 4 : : 7 : Deke CoSl8. Ce 3/73 Summary of career (cont) 1914 D.Sc. (Sorbonne) Prix Passet, Société entomologique de France 1914 — 23 Work on morphology and biology of protists 1915 Invited to Cambridge to work with G.H.F. Nuttall, Quick Professor of Biology Work on Pediculus humanus 1920 = 25 Beit Memorial Research Fellow, Cambridge 1920 1921 1925 Began work on cellular respiration using mainly spectroscopic methods Moved with Nuttall to Molteno Institute for Research in Parasitology, Cambridge University lecturer in Parasitology, Cambridge Work on cytochrome published Fellow of the Royal Society Quick Professor of Biology and Director of the Molteno Institute; Professorial Fellow, Magdalene College Croonian Lecturer, Royal Society Editer, Parasitology Royal Medal, Royal Society Work on Anahiosis Copley Medal, Royal Society Honorary Fellow, Magdalene College, Cambridge Membre Associé Etranger, Académie des Sciences, Paris Work on enzymes, collaborating principally with E.F. Hartree (1934-58) and T. Mann (1937-44) Leeuwenhoek Lecture, Royal Society D.Kn. C.S.A.C. 3/73 Contents of the handlist I. Biographical material rhe Address Books Bibliographies Working notebooks Cambridge University Publications Conference 128 — 140 141 — 175 176 Correspondence : 177 — 219 Drawings Historical material* 220 — 222 223 — 229 Index to principal correspondents 11 12 12 13 *Biographical and scientific material relating to Dr. C.A. MacMunn, Sir Ronald Ross, Professor G.H.F. Nvttall Handlist Miscellaneous letters and newspaper clippings (1 letter in Polish) Diary of Mrs. Anna Keilin. 1921 (Polish), 1947 (English) Autograph book of Mrs. Anna Keilin (Polish) Biographical material (Items 1-6 retained by Mrs. Joan Whiteley, c/o Jesus College, Oxford) Miscellaneous memoirs ~ Royal Society, Parasitology, Biochemical Journal, Enzymology. Four packets of private family letters, mainly in Polish, some French and Eiglish, numbered I — IV Cambridge Green wallet file concerning Molteno Institute 1906 — 63. (Keilin died 27 February 1963 at Miscellaneous photographs of Professor Keilin, his laboratories, and his associates, dated and identified when known. Miscellaneous letters and documents including naturalisation papers. Miscellaneous souvenirs of Royal Society tercentenary celebration in 2 sets of Cambridge University diaries a meeting to discuss the Molteno ) D.XKh. C.8.A.0." 3/73 aa fry - r. 11. 12. Miscellaneous correspondence of Anna Keilin. Miscellaneous epigraphs collected by Keilin. Letter 1915, from J. Stanley Gerdiner inviting Keilin to Cambridge. Correspondence in French and English 1914 — of job with U.S. Department of Agriculture. 16 relating to offer Miscellaneous letters of sympathy written by Keilin. Magdalene College, Cambridge: dinners and guests. Magdalene College, Cambridge: letter of election to Research Studentship 1916; correspondence with Master and President}; Pepys Library Appeal. Autobiographical notes during illnesses. 1960 — 61 Miscellaneous private correspondence: mainly letters of con— gratulations to and from Keilin (in English, French, Polish, Chinese. ) ‘ Certificates: D.Sc. (Sorbonne) 1918; M.A. Cambridge 1923. Certificate: Liége Bartiticate: Polish Academy of Sciences The Copley Medal The Royal Medal Honours, appointments and awards (in English and French) Société entomologique de France Prix Passet (see also 107, 141) Royal Society Membre Correspondant, Société de Biologie, Paris Election to Quick Professorship.: Medical Research Council Letters re Royal Medal Honorary Doctorate, Brussels Académie Honorary Doctorate, Bordeaux Letters re Copley Medal aa Honours and awards (in English, French, Italian, Dutch) Letters re Doctorate, Utrecht St. Vincent Prize, Turin Letters re Polish Academy of Sciences Foreign Honorary Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences New York Academy of Sciences (declined) American Society of Biological Chemists British Society for Parasitology Royal Society of the Arts (declined) Honours and awards (in English and French) Letters re Liége Letters re nomination for Nobel Prize Honorary Doctorate, Bologna Letters and Certificate, Académie des Sciences, Institut de Obituaries and letters of sympathy. Letters re Keilin Memorial Lecture des Sciences, Institut de France France D.Kn. C.S.A.C. 3/73 Il. Ca eat AA A- Address books TREN MN ER ARMA NN 7 28 — 32% Miscellaneous address books of scientific correspondents. Bibliographies 6 looseleaf notebooks, annotated bibliography (in English, French, German). 2 sheaves of unbound bibliographies on parasites (in Inglish, French, German). Looseleaf notebook, bibliography (in Imglish, French, German). Card—index bibliography. Sheaf of bibliographical cards (in Fnglish, French, German). Wallet file of miscellaneous annotated bibliographies (in Inglish, French, German). Sheaf of bibliographical cards (in Fnglish, French, German). Working notebooks Ms. notebook (in French, German). Ms. notebook, Paris (in French, English, German). Ms. notebook, Paris (in French). Ms. notebook on larvae (in French). Sheaf of cards describing field excursions and observations. Ms. notebook on larvae (in French, English, German). 2 notebooks of observations on larvae, Paric (in French). Ms. notebook on larvae (in French, German, Polish, English). Ms. notebook on oxidases (in English, French, German). Ms. notebook on cytochrome and other experimental observations (Keilin and Hartree). Ms. notebook on miscellaneous biochemical experiments (Keilin, Hartree, Mann and others). Ms. notebook on haematin and porphyrin. Ms. notebook on biochemical observations. D.Kn. 3/73 6. Ms. notebook on haemoglobin and spectroscope observations. 1930 = 33 Ms. notebook inscribed ‘Respiration of Gastrophilus. Y.L. Wang.* 1934, 1945 Ms. notebook on cytochrome observations. Ms. notebook II 'Reversion Spectroscope. Peroxidase. Apo-zymase and Co—zymase. T.Mann' (in English, German, and Polish). 1934 1935 — 36 Ms. notebook (Hartree) 'Reconstruction of Hexosemonoplasphoric system, ° 1936 Ms. notebook (Hartree) 'Methaemoglobins and Haemoglobin with 1936 nitrate.'* Ms. notebook (Hartree) 'Catalase.! Ms. notebook "III Peroxidase. T. Mann.! Ms. notebook *I Polyphenoloxidase. T. Mann.* 1937 Ms. notebook "II Polyhenoloxidase. T. Mann' (in Inglish, German) 1937 Ms. notebook (Hartree) ‘Insoluble enzymes of heart-muscle etc. bacteria* Ms. notebook (Hartree) "Oxidation systems. * 1937 1937 Ms. notebook (Hartree) 'Catalase II.! 1937 — 43 1938 — 39 1938 — 46 Ms. notebook 'IV Polyphenoloxidase. T. Mann.'? 1939 =- 44 Ms. notebook tIV Peroxidase. T. Mann* (Mann and Keilin) 1940 Ms. notebook (Hartree) Coupled oxidation,' 'Notatin' Ms. notebook (Hartree) ‘Insoluble enzymes of heart muscle etc.'! 1939 — 42 Ms. notebook (Hartree) 'Insoluble enzymes of heart muscle etc.* 1939 Ms. notebook (Keilin and Hartree) "Catalogue of Parasitic Bacteria'; also biochemical e:-periments. Ms. notebook ‘III Polyphenoloxidase. T. Mann' (with Ms. notes by Keilin). Keilin, E.F’. Hartree. Ms. notebook (Hartree) "Insoluble Enzymes of heart muscle? 1942 — 45 Ms. notebook ‘Different Observations’ by Keilin, Dr. Joan 1943 — 48 Ms. notebook (Hartree) "Yeast and Bacteria, Vol.2! Ms. notebook (Hartree) "Yeast and Bacteria, Vol.I' 1940 = 49 1940 =— 42 1940 — 46 1946 — 48 1941 — 42 Ms. notebook (Hartree) 'Spectroscopy.' Ms. notebook (Hartree) 'D.S.I.R.t D.Kn. (Pe CeSeAcCe 3/73 85. 86. 87. notebook (Hartree) 'Notatin (applications)' notebook (Hartree) 'Succinic Cytochrome Vol. 6! notebook on miscellaneous biochemical observations. notebook on miscellaneous experiments with yeast. notebook (Keilin and Hartree) 'Peroxidase Catalase, vol.7' notebook (Hartree) "Glutathione Uricase Xanthinoxidase' notebook (unidentified) on miscellaneous experiments notebook (unidentified) on miscellaneous experiments notebook on *Manometric Experiments.* notebook (unidentified) on experiments. notebook on hemerythrin. Urechrome. notebook of parasitological drawings. Farly work? (French) Ms. notebook on oxidases (in Inglish, German, French) Ms. notehook (Hartree) biochemical notes Ms. notebook on cytochromes and enzymes Ms. notebook on metalloporphyrins and haematin Ms. notes 'Experiments' (Parasitology) Ms. notebook ‘Respiratory Carriers and imzymes! (Keilin and Mann) notes on books and journals notebook Ms o read (in English, German). Box file 'Cytochrome and other haemoproteins'(Manuscript and typescript ) Box file ‘Cytochrome and other haemoprote:ns' (manuscript notes aad corrected typescript.) Sox file 'Laccase'; bibliographies, correspondence, offprints, articles, Ms. draft on laccase by T. Minn. (in English, French) papers (in English, French, Germar:) Box file *Old Mss.* 3 envelopes. ‘Recherches sur les larves de Diptéres cyclorhaphes: 1915 I Cycle évolutif de Pollenia rudis.' Manuscript, notes, errata. (Awarded Prix Passet 1914. "Cytochrome and Respiratory Enzymes.' Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Typescript with Ms. corrections and additions. Miscellaneous biochemical notes, bibliographies and working Wide ned. 1939 Tas 1929 . See also nos. 24, 141) (French) 104, 206-252. C.S$58.0, 3/73 ryella myiatropa’t (Keilin and Bhatia) notes, drawings, eG. ° - (in Inglish, French, Portuguese ) Miscellaneous working papers on parasitology and respiration (in Inglish, French, German) Ms. notes and drawings on various parasites, malaria ‘Aseptic life literature’ notes (early work perhaps assembled later for work on Anabiosis) (in Inglish, French) ned. TEs Mea. ‘Physiology of respiration in insects,1miscellaneous notes, draft, bibliography of paper. (in English, French, German) Larvae and respiration in insects. Miscellaneous notes and drawings. (mainly in French) Eerly work on parasitology in London and Cambridge, drawings, notes and scientific correspondence (in English, French) Notes on classification of larvae, Paris (French) Miscellaneous notes and working papers on larvae; Paris and Cambridge. (in French and Inglish) Symbiosis. Notes and working papers (perhaps for lecture) Spectroscopic drawings and observations. Miscellaneous working papers: immunity, cytochrome Miscellaneous notes and working papers: biochemistry Miscellaneous notes and working papers: biochemistry Miscellaneous notes and working papers, biochemical Experiments and notes or role of catalase Laboratory observations and graphs Miscellaneous notes and working papers. Enzymes and haemo-~ proteins Miscellaneous notes and working papers. Inzymes and haemo— proteins Miscellaneous lecture notes: metallo~protein compounds; perox~ idase, dehydrogenase, carbonic anhydrase, porphyrin Cambridge University Lecture on Symbiosis Lecture on porphyrin Lecture on cellular respiration Lecture on bile pigments D.Xn. C,S.AsCe 3/73 Lecture on haemoglobin Notebook: lectures on parasitology, protozoa, and helminths Notebook: lectures on cytochrome Notebook: lectures and demonstrations Notebook: lectures on oxidases Notebook: examination questions Reports of Quick Professor and Molteno Institute Syllabus, reading lists, practical experiments, lecture abstracts VI. Publications +4, 'Recherches sur les larves de Dipteres cyclorhaphes,' Bulletin scientifique de la France et de la Belgique, 1915. Prix Passet, Société entomologique de France, 1914. 24, 107) (in French). Manuscript Awarded (see also "On cytochrome, a respiratory pigmen’, common to animals,yeast and higher plants,’ Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 98, 312339, 1925. 2 typescripts with Ms corrections. 1925 1929 1929 1934 Drafts with Ms corrections 1-66, 1944. Notes and drafts "Cytochrome and respiratory enzymes,' Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 104, 206-252, 1929. 2=page outline 'Parasitology, ‘Encyclopaedia Britannica, 14th edition, 17, 276-280, 1929. Typescript with Ms corrections ‘Mechanisms of cellular respiration,’ Croonian Lecture, The Royal Society, 1934. *Respiratory systems and respiratory adaptation in larvae and pupae of Diptera, Parasitology, 36, "Haemoglobin of Gastrophilus larvae,' (with Y.L.Wang), Bio~ chemical Journal, 40, 855-866, 1946. Notes and drafts. ‘Stability of haemoglobin and of certain endoerythrocytic enzymes,' (with Y.L. Wang), Biochemical Journal, 41, 491-500, 1947. Notes and drafts. Biochemical Journal, 50, 331=341, 1951. Draft and notes. Work on blood formation (1946 ~ 54): correspondence with Dr. SH. Wajda and Sir Solly Zuckerman; comments on review of Wajdats Ms.-and published work, with Ms. and corrected type- script; related offprints by Wajda, Whitby and others; mis=— cellaneous notes. (in English, Japanese) Work on enzymes ‘Carbonic anhydrase. (with T. Mann), Biochemical Journal, 34, 1163-1176, 1940. Notes and drafts. "Specificity of glucose—oxidase (notatin)* (with E.F. Hartree) Purification and nature of the enzyme, ' 1944 1946 1947 1946 D.Kns C.SpdvGs. 3/73 148. (cont) properties with those of catal "Purification of horseradish peroxidase and comparison of its and methaemoglobin,' (with E.F. Hartree), Biochemical Journal, 49, 88-106, 1951. Ms notes and draft ‘Cytochrome oxidase and the "Pasteur enzyme,"' (with E.F. Hartree), Nature, 171, 413, 1953. Ms draft "Biological catalysis of mutarotation of glucose,* (with E.F. Hartree), Biochemical Journal, 50, 341-348, 1951. Proof with Ms corrections, drawings. Work on nomenclature of cytochromes: correspondence, papers and comments. 'The aerobic oxidation of dihydroxyfumaric acid in presence of peroxidase, (with E.F. Hartree), Ms notes and drafts for article Work on cyanide: Ms notes and bibliographies 'Distribution and diversity of haemoglobin, Acta Biochemica Polonica, 3, 439-457, 1956. Ms notes, drafts, typescript with Ms corrections. "Reactions of catalase with hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen donors,' (with P. Nicholls), Biochemical Biophysica Acta, 29, 302~307, 1958. Manuscript, experimental results, typescript with Ms corrections 1951 195: 195 1953 =— 54 1954 — 58 c. 1955 1956 1958 1960 1960 'Haemerythrin,’ Acta Biochemica Polonica, 7, 415-424, 1960. Ms drafts, annotated bibliography, notes, calculations, reprints and related correspondence. (in Fnglish, French, German) 'The problem of anabiosis or latent life,’ The Leeuwenhoek Lecture, The Royal Society, 1958. Ms notes, working papers, drafts, bibliographies, correspondence, proofs with Ms cor— rections, ist typed draft, printed copy. (in English, French, German, Italian) 'rffect of inhibitors on the activity of soluble succinic dehydrogenase and on the reconstitution of the succinic de- hydrogenase=-cytochrome systems from its components,’ (with Tsoo E. King), Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 152, 163-187, 1960. Correspondence, Ms notes, proof with Ms cor~ rections. correspondence, and related offprints. (in English, German ) ‘Maurice Caullery 1868-1958," Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of 1960 the Royal Society, 6, 13-31, 1960. Ms notes, correspondence, proof with Ms corrections. (in Imglish, French) Work on cyanide. Ms drafts, notes; annotated bibliographies, 1961 — 63 'The problem of language in publications of works of scientific and other fields of learning,’ Nature, 186, 912, notes, bibliography and correspondence. 1960. Ms drafts, 1960 D.Kn. C.SeisGe: 3/73 163. ‘Reactions of haemoproteins with hydrogen peroxide and the supposed formation of | tion of laboratory observations (in another hand), Oxsor with Ms corrections. 191, 769-770, 1961. gen peroxide during the autoxida-— haemoglobin, ' ure, Manuscript, ‘Metabolism of haemoglobin and haematin compounds in Ascaris Lumbricoides, * Keilin's dis— cussion of paper, correspondence. (by MeH. Smith and D.L. Lee). oe spectra and some other properties of cytochrome eee ce and of its compounds with ligands,' ceedings ¢ of the Royal Society B, 156, report by “Butt. ier WeD. Butt), Pro- 429-458, 1962. Ms notes, Miscellaneous reviews of books and papers: Ms notes and drafts 'The History of Cell Respiration and Cytochrome,' Cambridge University Press, 1964. Ms corrections. (in English and German) Ms notes and drafts, typescripts with Parasitology: correspondence with Cambridge University Press on editorial matters Parasitology: correspondence with authors and referees 172. TTS Vide 175 ‘ Articles numbered by Keilin 1139 — 1219 1231 19974 jai w t tt 1] " w tt " tt tt t Ww 1232 eas 1253 1255 i 1294 176. VII. Conference Correspondence ret protozoa (in English, French, Italian) Miscellaneous correspondence with colleagues in other countries (in French, German, Polish, Russian) International Union of Biochemistry Symposium, Canberra, 6 and 7 September, 1959. on cytochrome nomenclature, sub-commission meetings reports. Correspondence, reports, Ms comments Keilin's annual reports on work. Corres spondence re grants for Keilin's early work (including letters from Nuttall to Royal Society and M.R.C.); Keilin's application for Quick Professorship. Files of scientific correspondence arranged alphabetically according to correspondent. French, German, Russian, Polish) Correspondence of Keilin and Nuttall with Sir James Fowler re Beit Memorial Fellowship; See Index, page 13. re: sample analyses (in Inglish, 1921 — 24 1911 — 38 D.Kn.0.S.A