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CONTEMPORARYSCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of SIR HANS ADOLF KREBS, FRS (1900-1981) Compiled by Jeannine Alton and Peter Harper VOLUMEI List of Contents General Introduction Sections A - B Deposited in the Library Sheffield University CSAC 113/4/86 All rights reserved H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 The work of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and institutions: The Biochemical Society The Charles Babbage Foundation for the History of Information Processing The Institute of Physics The Institution of Electrical Engineers The Institution of Mechanical Engineers The Nuffield Foundation The Rhodes Trustees The Royal Society of London The Wolfson Foundation H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THE COLLECTION IS YET AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE LIBRARIAN, SHEFFIELD UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, SHEFFIELD S10 2TN. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION Items SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL A.1-A.1280 A.1 -A.7 Obituaries A.8 -A.22 Articles and tributes A.23 -A.26 Bibliographies A.27 -A.40 Scrapbooks With an introductory note A.41 -A.399 Diaries and jotters With an introductory note A.400 -A.714 Career, honours and awards With an introductory note A.715 -A.887 Family correspondence and papers With an introductory note A.888 -A.924 Hildesheim (City and school) A.925 -A.966 Miscellaneous biographical items A.967 -A.1062 Personal correspondence A.1063-A. 1083 Shorter autobiographical writings A.1084-A.1278 Reminiscences and Reflections With an introductory note A.1279, A.1280 Press-cuttings 17 19 19 21 22 30 86 98 101 104 110 112 129 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 SECTION B SHEFFIELD Introduction to Section B Items B.1-B.104 B.1 -B.29 Pharmacology/Biochemistry Departments B.30-B.40 Wartime research With an introductory note B.41-B.77 Funding and administration of Krebs's research B.41-B.52 Rockefeller Foundation With an introductory note 4 Page 130 re2 138 140 140 B.53-B. 67 Medical Research Council Unit 143 With an introductory note B.68-B.77 Miscellaneous B.78-B.90 General University correspondence B.91-B.104 Later contacts with Sheffield With an introductory note SECTION C OXFORD C; 1-€.. 389 C.1 -€:96 Biochemistry Department C.1 -C.34 General administration C 135-650 Lectures C.59-C.85 Building extension C.86-C.96 Sub-departments 145 146 149 151 153 153 157 162 166 Continued H .A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Items Section C (Cont'd.) C.97 -C.182 Funding and administration of Krebs's research C.97 -C.123 Medical Research Council Unit/ Metabolic Research Laboratory C.124-C.144 Financing bodies C.145-C.182 Miscellaneous C.183-C.240 Development of science at Oxford With an introductory note C.183-C.189 Development of Biology C.190-C.201 'Oxford's needs in science’ With an introductory note C.202-C.204 Biology centre C.205-C.211 Zoology C.212-C.236 Molecular Biophysics C.237-C.240 Miscellaneous C.241-C.334 University reform With an introductory note C.241-C.260 General correspondence and papers C.261-C.273 Salaries With an introductory note C.274-C 278 Schedule A Professorships C.279-C.328 Committees and Commissions of Inquiry C .329-C .334 Publications Continued 168 168 172 176 178 179 183 186 187 188 192 194 195 197 201 202 211 H .A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Section C (Cont'd.) C.335-C .389 General University correspondence Items C .335-C.361 Central administration C.362-C .372 Electoral Boards C.373-C.389 Libraries, departments, colleges and societies 213 213 218 219 SECTION D RESEARCH D.1-D.569 221 Introduction to Section D D.1 -D.45 Laboratory notebooks With an introductory note D.46 -D.100 Indexed notes and memoranda With an introductory note D.101-D.514 Research projects With an introductory note and a list of contents D.515-D.548 Miscellaneous notes D.549-D.569 Bibliographical references 224 238 251 315 318 SECTION E SCIENCE-RELATED INTERESTS E.1-E.507 319 Introduction to Section E E.1 -E.204 History and philosophy of science E.205-E.315 Sociology of research With an introductory note E.316-E.492 Sociobiology With an introductory note E.493-E.501 Science andreligion E.502-£ .507 Background material 321 342 352 371 372 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 SECTION F VISITS AND CONFERENCES Introduction to Section F 7 Items Page F.1-F.360 373 SECTION G SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS G.1-G.243 427 Introduction and list of contents SECTION H PUBLICATIONS, LECTURES, BROADCASTS H.1-H.446 460 Introduction to Section H H.1 -H.97 Publications H.98 -H.271 Lectures H .272-H .284 Broadcasts and television H.285-H .446 Correspondence 462 475 500 502 SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE J.1-J.985 518 Introduction to Section J SECTION K REFERENCES AND APPOINTMENTS K.1-K.72 616 SECTION L =NON-PRINT MATERIAL L.1-L.108 620 List of contents H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86. BIBLIOGRAPHY With an introductory note SUPPLEMENTARY BIBLIOGRAPHY NOTE OF ADDITIONAL PUBLICATIONS With an introductory note CONSPECTUS With an introductory note INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS Page 633 670 671 673 695 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE 9 This very extensive collection has been brought together from several sources and at various dates between July 1982 and June 1986. The main sources, made available by Lady Krebs, were Krebs's homeat Iffley little and his Metabolic Research Laboratory at the Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford. Microfilm transcripts and photocopies material was received from Dr. J.R. Krebs. of his own research material on the history of biochemistry were kindly provided by Professor F.L. Holmes. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF SIR HANS KREBS Krebs, a pioneer of research in intermediary metabolism and an internationally - respected figure in biochemistry, died in 1981, the same year that his autobiography A further accountof his life and work Reminiscences and Reflections was published. by two long-term colleagues, H.L. Kornberg and D.H. Williamson, appeared in 1984 These recent (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 30, 349-387). and accessible sources, which have been drawn upon throughout the compilation of this catalogue, make it unnecessary to give more than a brief rehearsal of the facts of Krebs's career. He was born in 1900 toa Jewish family in Hildesheim, where his father was a After studies at the universities of G&ttingen, Freiburg and Munich he began doctor. a career as a medical graduate in Berlin with P. Rona, until the decisive step of his appointment as Research Assistant to Otto Warburg (1926-30) who strongly influenced him. to join the Department of Medicine at Freiburg where he worked from April 1931 and where his first major work, the discovery of the ornithine cycle, was completed and met with immediate international recognition on its publication in 1932. Subsequently he worked briefly at Altona, then accepted an offer from S. Thannhauser The following year saw the rise to power of the Nazi party, Krebs's suspension and dismissal from his post, and the start of a new career in Englandin the laboratory of Gowland Hopkins at Cambridge. In 1935 Krebs moved to Sheffield. Here his H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 10 second major research discovery, of the citric or tricarboxylic acid cycle, was made; here also was created, from 1945, the Medical Research Council Unit for Research in Cell Metabolism which remained in being as the focus of his research and the base of his 'team! until his retirement in 1967. two of the greatest honours of the scientific world were awarded him - Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1947 and the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine (jointly In private life it was also the period of his marriage and with F. Lipmann) in 1953. During the Sheffield period the birth of his three children. In 1954 he accepted the Whitley Chair of Biochemistry at Oxford and moved there, with his Unit and many ofhis 'team', until 1967, the year of his official In his autobiography Krebs uses inverted commasfor the chapter on this ‘retirement’. subject, since he continued to work, still funded by the Medical Research Council and by other research grants and still with some at least of his original Sheffield 'team', in the Metablic Research Laboratory sited in the Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford. research continued to focus on physiological biochemistry and the regulation of biochemical processes, but he developed an increasing interest in the history and philosophy of He was science, its methodology and sociology, and in sociobiology and criminality. hard at work on all these topics, with a full programme planned ahead for publications and visits, when he died after a short illness. His DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material fully documents all aspects of Krebs's career and is presented in the order shown in the List of Contents. of the Sections, sub-sections and individual entries in the body of the catalogue. The following paragraphs aim only to draw attention to matters of particular substance or interest, since the material considerably expands the published accounts of Krebs's Additional explanatory notes accompany many life and thought. Krebs was of a naturally retentive disposition. He refers to this frequently in the drafts of his autobiography, one of which, written in 1975 under the rubric ‘Collection of junk' and now included in A.1104, runs: H.A, Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Tl "Throughout my life | had a tendency not to throw things that | might This applied to all corres- care to see again or to use again away. pondencethat contained personal and technical matters, all photographs, many drafts of papers, scientific notebooks of course, books, reprints, souvenirs of memorable occasions, newspaper cuttings, extracts of other readings, sayings, quotations (which I stuck into scrap books). | kept no diaries except on special occasions, such as during the war years and during some of my travels." Furthermore, the international acclaim which greeted the publication of the ornithine cycle work in 1932 had made him aware of the value ofhis research. Thus when he left Germany he was able to bring to England 'sixteen wooden boxes and several suitcases’ of apparatus and also his notebooks and personal documents; and when he assembled the 'scrap books' referred to above, he added notes and comments linking the selected material to the events of his own life. Section A (Biographical and autobiographical) is rich in material of this kind. It contains several 'scrap books', a very substantial number of engagement books, diaries and 'jotters' and full documentation of the long gestation of the eventual auto- The events of Krebs's career, notably biography Reminiscences and Reflections. his successive moves to Warburg's laboratory, to Cambridge, Sheffield and Oxford are represented together with many other offers or applications for appointments. Of the many honours he received, pride of place goes to the Nobel Prize and his own careful recording of the event, and the concomitant ceremonies and correspondence. In addition to Krebs's ownlife, there is extensive correspondence and papers from the 1930s and later relating to his family and friends and reflecting on the suffering of the Jews in Germany, their enforced emigration to Britain, Palestine and America, renewal of contacts after the Second World War and claims of restitution from the German state. Section B (Sheffield) is relatively short, but documents the funding of his research by the Rockefeller Foundation, the setting-up of his Medical Research Council Unit It includes and the problems of establishing and running a biochemistry department. Krebs's 'Reflections' on the history of the Sheffield department on the occasion of his The most important research discovery of the Sheffield period (the citric resignation. acid cycle) is recorded in his research notebooks in Section D, but Section B preserves H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 12 correspondence and papersrelating to the wartime research on nutrition and (very scantily) Krebs's ideas on carbon dioxide fixation. Section C (Oxford) contains some not dissimilar material on the running (and in this case the major extension) of a university departmentand its sub -departments, Krebs's Medical Research Council Unit during and after his tenure of the Whitley Chair, and the funding of his research, including support from the Rockefeller Foundation. The Section is greatly extended and complicated, however, by Krebs's involvement These include his efforts to strengthen in what he called 'debates on shortcomings'. the development of science - and especially the biological sciences - in new or extended ways such as a ‘Biology Centre', Zoology and Molecular Biophysics. Docu- ments include not only Krebs's substantial unpublished account of the history of molecular biology at Oxford but photocopies of the relevant papers which the late J.W.S. Pringle (Linacre Professor of Zoology) made available to him. More general topics of ‘University Reform' are salary and incomestructure, collegiate and non- collegiate appointments, the Robbins Committee, the National Incomes Commission and the Franks Commission; to all of these Krebs submitted memoranda for which drafts The records preserved here greatly expand Krebs's and background material survive. published writings on the subject at the time and later in his autobiography . Section D (Research) is a very full record of the contributions to metabolic It takes research made by Krebs and his collaborators over the long period 1926-81. various forms - traditional laboratory notebooks, binders of dated and indexed notes, folders and boxes, and loose pages - and may include data and experimental results, records of discussions and information, reflections on work in hand or projected, drafts for publications, correspondence, extensive bibliographical references and background material usually annotated. book on the omithine cycle research by Krebs's collaborator at Freiburg, K. Henseleit, and many pages of notes and results by long-term members of the Medical Research Council Unit, notably L.V. Eggleston, R. Hems and P. Lund. The Section includes a photocopy of a laboratory note- Section E (Science-related interests) is one of the most interesting in the collection, since it gives substantial documentation of abiding interests of Krebs only briefly acknowledged in his own and other published accounts, and also contains The much material for articles and lectures not listed in the extant bibliographies. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 13 topics dealt with in the Section are history and philosophy of science (including considerable material on Otto Warburg), sociology of research (policy-making, funding, team-work and leadership, motivation and recognition), sociobiology and criminality, and the scientist's duty to bring his gifts to bear on social problems. by Krebs of 1977 and now included in E.324 headed 'Why I concern myself with "Sociological" problems’ may usefully be quoted here: Another note "People have asked me why | do not stick to my last (as Apelles, the Roman painter, shouted to the cobbler who criticised not only the shoes on his painting but also other matters) considering that | know little about sociology and that | had enough problems on my hands in con- nection with my research. lam not only a scientist, but also a citizen, and as a citizen | have | good reason to be worried about what | call the diseases of society. hold the view that every citizen ought to contribute to the best ofhis ability to matters of public life, especially on the basis of his own pro- fessional experiences and skills. and as a scientist | fancy, rightly or wrongly, that I can look upon problems of society from a special point of view, that of the medical It is also my view which I know is shared by others, that scientist. the great majority of those who profess sociological subjects are appal - lingly ignorant of the biology of Homo sapiens." Having been trained as a physician Section F (Visits and conferences) covers a long period (1933-81, with ongoing plans up to 1983) though in varying detail and with some overlap with material in other Krebs was in great demand as speaker, chairman or honoured guest, and he Sections. as an active scientist placed high value on the contacts and exchanges with colleagues offered by symposia, visits to institutions and laboratories and the like. interest is the record 1962-77of his visits to the annual international conferences on advances in enzyme regulation organised at Indianapolis, where he presented papers on his current research for publication in Advances in Enzyme Regulation. Of special Section G (Societies and organisations) includes some seventy British and over- While someentries are relatively trivial, others are substantial seas organisations. sequences covering a lengthy timespan and matters of consequence such as research These include the Agricultural Research Council, the policy and grant applications. Biochemical Society, especially Krebs's chairmanship of the Society's Sub-committee on the Report of the Working Group on Molecular Biology, the Royal Society and the Science Research Council. There is also some material on organisations concerned with refugee scientists and with sociological matters. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 14 Section H (Publications, lectures, broadcasts) brings together notes, drafts, correspondence and other related material for published and unpublished work 1927-81; it includes some book-reviews and some radio and television work. extensive sequence of correspondence with editors and publishers which testifies both to the many requests Krebs received to write or lecture which he was not able to accept and also to his long-term editorial commitments to two journals, Biochiniica et Biophysica There is also an Acta and FEBS Letters. Section J (Correspondence), though essentially confined to professional exchanges with colleagues and collaborators (personal correspondence being in Section A), It includes substantial exchanges with life-long friends is very extensive and diverse. such as H.K.F. Blaschko, D. Nachmansohn and F. Lipmann, and documents the careers of many youngerscientists who spent some oftheir research years with Krebs and maintained contact with him as their careers developed. This material thus supplements and confirms the attention paid by Krebs in many of his writings to the concept of 'filiation' of 'scientific genealogy' in fostering scientific excellence, and his persuasion that his own Unit had been a step in such filiation. The value placed on Krebs's judgment is shown by the very large number of requests for advice and references, which have been placed separately in Section K, subject to restricted access. Section L, the last of the collection, is of non-print material and includes many photographs of Krebs, his family, colleagues and laboratories, sound -record ings Ofinterest are the microfilms of transcripts and videotapes of lectures given by him. of conversations between Krebs and the historian F.L. Holmes. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL NOTE 15 All references in the catalogue are to the Bibliography of 396 items which was published on microfiche to accompany the Royal Society Memoir, and to a Supplementary Bibliography of 11 items taken from the list of publications by members of the Metabolic Research Laboratory, Oxford, 1980-83. These bibliographies are listed, with per- mission, in the present catalogue. This represents the latest information available on Krebs's published works. It supersedes the list of 356 items which Krebs published in his autobiography and the selection of only 121 items printed after the text of the Royal Society Memoir. The manuscript collection contains considerable additional material relating This may range from a fully-prepared to publications or to the intention to publish. draft with references and figures ready for despatch to a journal to a referencein It applies especially, though not exclusively, to writings editorial correspondence. on social problems which were such a feature of Krebs's later years, but also includes such important scientific contributions as his Jayne Lectures, not to mention book- separatelist of catalogue entries reviews and abstracts omitted from the canon. for such material has been compiled and appears on pp. 671-72. CONSPECTUS This aims to relate Krebs's publications as defined above to their principal sources in the manuscripts. Only the more extended references, to research, publica- tions and reception of the work, ensuing correspondence and the like, are given. Passing allusions in correspondence or requests for reprints are omitted. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 16 The assembling and cataloguing of the collection have drawn on the time and goodwill of many. Particular thanks are due to: Lady Krebs, for making the material available, for collecting family letters and documents from several sources, and for her many visits to provide information and encouragement over a long period; Professor F.L. Holmes, for much invaluable information and advice, for his generosity in adding to the collection microfilm transcripts of his conversations with Krebs, microfilm copies of Krebs's laboratory notebooks, and the photocopy of a note- book of K. Henseleit, and for continuing visits and support; Dr. D.H. Williamson and Mr. R. Hems for help in dealing with the research material, with special gratitude to Reg Hems for many visits of patient explanation and advice, for checking Section D and for making available a copy of his memorial address for Krebs; Mr. C.K. Balmforth, Mr. M.S-M. Hannon and Mr. W.J. Hitchens of Sheffield University Library for mutual visits, help and encouragement; Drs. Martin and Martina Jeningshausen-Lauster and Dr. C.J. Wells for help with manuscripts in German script; Lady Phillips for invaluable assistance in the early stages of sorting and listing; Miss M.J. Erskine for help with the index; Mrs. M.M. Edwards, our long-term typist, for help with the conspectus and index and for more than usual patience with successive emendations and additions to the catalogue. Jeannine Alton Peter Harper Oxford 1986. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 17 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL __A.1 - A.1280 A.1 -A.7 OBITUARIES A.8 -A.22 ARTICLES AND TRIBUTES A.23 -A.26 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL A.27 -A.40 SCRAPBOOKS With an introductory note A.41 -A.399 DIARIES AND JOTTERS With an introductory note A.400-A.714 A.715-A.887 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS With an introductory note FAMILY CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS With an introductory note A.715-A.786 A.787-A.791 A.792 A.793-A. 869 A.870-A. 887 The Krebs family The Davidson family The Traube family Restitution claims Genealogy H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 18 Biographical and autobiographical A.888 -A.924 HILDESHEIM (City and School) A.925 -A.966 MISCELLANEOUS BIOGRAPHICAL ITEMS A.967 -A.1062 PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE A.967 -A.1013 A.1014-A.1046 A.1047-A.1062 By name By year Shorter personal (unindexed) A.1063-A.1083 SHORTER AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL WRITINGS A.1084-A.1278 Reminiscences and Reflections (Bibliog. 391). With an introductory note A.1279, A.1280 PRESS-CUTTINGS H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 19 Biographical and autobiographical A.1-A.7 OBITUARIES A.1 A.2 A.3 A.4 A.5 A.6 A.7 Memoir by H.L. Kornberg and D.H. Williamson (Bibliographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 30, 1984). The Times (3 photocopies); Daily Telegraph; Oxford Times. Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung (2 photocopies); Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau; memoir for Orden Pour Le Mérite, by A. Butenandt (Reden und Gedenkworte, 19, 1983). AR Information (publication of the Association of Jewish Refugees in Great Britain). British Medical Journal (H. Blaschko); The Lancet (H.L. Kornberg). Journal of General Microbiology (J.R. Quayle). American Philosophical Society Yearbook (F.L. Holmes). 15pp. typescript draft and covering letter to Lady Krebs. A.8-A.22 ARTICLES AND INTERVIEWS See also A.911, A.923, A.1072, H.404, H.405, H.408. A.8 ‘Biographical Material’, July 1953. 6pp. typescript draft. 'His achievements in the study of metabolism', July 1953. 6pp. typescript draft. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.9 20 Biographical and autobiographical ‘Biography’ 2pp. photocopy with ms. note by Krebs 'From Nobel Lectures in Physiology or Medicine 1942-1962’. 'With Camera and Pen' Press-cutting of Oxford Timesarticle, 15 October 1965. A.10 F, Dickens's 'Chairman's Opening Remarks' at symposium held to mark Krebs's retirement from his Oxford chair, 1967. 'Personal View' by W.M. Keynes, British Medical Journal, 1968. Dedicatory preface by O.H. Warburg in Essays in Cell Metabolism presented to Krebs on his seventieth birthday, 1970. A.1]1 ‘Wir sprachen mit Sir Hans A. Krebs', Therapeutische Berichte, 1970. Correspondence, 1969-70; copy of published interview. A.12 "Medicine's Living History’ Interview with Krebs in Medical World News, 1974. Dedicatory preface by S. Grisolia, R. Béguena and F. Mayor for The Urea Cycle, 1976. 'Three things I'd do if | were President', PHP, 1976. A.14 'Le portrait du mois', Médicine et Hygiéne, May 1977. Article and drawing. American College of Physicians Convocation Program, 1978, with biographical note on the occasion of honour for Krebs. 'Why Krebsis still in circulation', General Practitioner, September 1979. Brief correspondence, draft and published article. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 21 Biographical and autobiographical A.16 'Tribute to Sir Hans Krebs’ by D.H. Williamson, Biochemical Society Transactions, 1980. 'Sir Hans Krebs: Eightieth Birthday Congratulations’ by H.L. Kornberg, Biochemical Society Bulletin, 1980 (2 copies). 'Hans Krebs: Nineteen Nineteen and after', by H. Blaschko, FEBS Letters, 1980. 'Hans Krebs and the Discovery of the Ornithine Cycle', by F.L. Holmes, Federation Proceedings (Federation of American Societies for Exper imental Biology), 1980. Reprint sent by Holmes to Krebs, with the author's ms. dedication. 'Krebs cycle takes him back to challenge of learning’ Interview for The Medical Post, June 1981. 'Der Oxforder Professor Sir Hans A. Krebs: Forscher -Kulturphilosoph- Humanist' 32pp. typescript draft by E. Szirmai, n.d. Szirmai published a biographical account of Krebsin Biographie der Erinnerungen, 1981. See J.707-J.709. A.17 A.19 A.20 Krebs's entry in McGraw-Hill Modern Scientists and Engineers, n.d. Entry for 'Zitronensdure’ from Brockhaus Enzyklopidie, n.d. Krebs's entry in an unidentified German encylcopaedia, n.d. A.21, A.22 Requests for personal and biographical information. 2 folders. A.23-A.26 BIBLIOGRAPHIES A.26 is list of publications, Miscellaneous lists of publications. Metabolic Research Laboratory, Oxford, 1980-83, the basis of the Supplementary Bibliography. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 22 Biographical and autobiographical A.27-A.40 SCRAPBOOKS This general description conveniently brings together material of biographical or general interest assembled by Krebs and either pasted onto loose leaves and kept in binders or specially bound volumes, or pasted straight into commercially available scrapbooks. A.27-A.31 are four large blue binders containing loose leaves assembled by Krebs (some already detached) on which he hadpasted original documents and a few photocopies, together with his own typescript notes on their significance and, in a few cases, translations In his preface Krebs had Thefirst two binders, entitled 'Documents from the Life of a Scientist’ from the German. land II, contain some of the most important surviving documents relating to Krebs's career and honours and were probably intended to serve instead of an autobiography. to the outobiography published in 1981 Krebs noted that some time after 1960 he had the idea of putting together for publication documents from his files - 'those that had been important in influencing the course of my professional life and those that reflected more personal aspects, such asletters, announcements, and published articles'. When Krebs showed some of the assembled material to the Oxford University Press, however, they proposed a considerable expansion to include a fuller account of his personal life. reservations about this proposal, thinking 'that the documents would speak for themselves, illustrating how the social and political history of the times was reflected in the career of Among other things they showed how the recognition of research an individual scientist. expresses itself, how the rise of Nazism temporarily upset my career, and how British scientists and the Rockefeller Foundation came to my rescue; and how, later on, | became Although Krebs agreed to write a full-scale autobiography involved in wider issues’. these scrapbooks remain not merely assemblages of biographical documents of the greatest significance but also evidence of his original intention for a published record ofhis life The remaining two binders of this format are untitled and contain further as a scientist. material (mostly certificates) re Krebs's very numerous honours and awards. A.31 is also of great biographical interest and contains extensive material on the It was begun in 1952 when Krebs was informed by a Swedish award of the Nobel Prize. journalist that he was a candidate for the prize - a year early as it turned out (see Rem. & Refl., p.166). period of over ten years and A.33-A.37 contain material relating to individual visits from the extended tour of American research centres in 1949 (A.33) to a 1978 visit to North Carolina A. 32 contains material relating to visits and conferences covering a H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 23 A.38-A.40 are scrapbook assemblages of miscellaneous sayings or quotations (A.37). of interest to Krebs or newspaper-cuttings relating to his research, honours and awards. References to the relevant passages in the published autobiography, and to published papers, are given, and the correspondenceis indexed. A.27 ‘Documents from the Life of a Scientist !' 1925-54 Documents re Krebs's early career including work in Warburg's laboratory and at Freiburg, the termination of Krebs's appointment at Freiburg and the move to Cambridge and subsequent appointments at Sheffield. Documents include: Certificate of Krebs's doctor of medicine degree, 1925. Krebs's application for a grant of equipment, with corrections by Warburg, 1930. Enquiry about Krebs's interest in a post in the Department of Medicine, Freiburg, 1930. Admission as a teacherin internal medicine in the Medical Faculty, Freiburg, 1932. 'Encouragements': invitations to lecture from Otto Meyerhof and Max Planck, F.G. Hopkins's reference to Krebs's work in his Royal Society Presidential Address and C. Neuberg's recommendation of Krebs for professorial appointment at Munster, 1932-33. Notification of compulsory leave of absence from Dean of Medical Faculty, Freiburg, April 1933 (Rem. & Refl., p.61). Notification of termination of University appointment, April 1933 (Rem. & Refl ., p.62). Correspondence with W. Herkel (in Cambridge) re Krebs's situation in Germany and the possibility of something being done for him in Cambridge, April 1933 (Rem. & Refl., p.64). Photocopyofletter from A. Szent-Gy&rgi which prompted Krebs to write to F.G. Hopkins, April 1933 (Rem. & Refl., p.65). at A.420. The original is Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 24 A.27 (Cont'd.) Correspondence with F.G. Hopkins re possible move to Cambridge, April 1933 (Rem. & Refl., pp.65-66), See also A.420, A.421. Offers of help from O. Warburg and F. Knoop, April 1933 (Rem. & Refl., pp.66-67). Original and translation of students’ manifesto 'Wider den undeutschen Geist', Rem. & Refl., pp.68-69). Letter from Krebs to Rockefeller Foundation, 13 May 1933 (Rem. & Refl., p.67). Letter from H. Druckey previously accepted by Krebs as a research worker in his laboratory, 24 May 1933 (Rem. & Refl., pp.72-73). Correspondence with F.G. Hopkins re move to Cambridge, June 1933. List of scientific equipment brought by Krebs from Germany to England. Letter from R.A. Peters about a post at Oxford, 27 June 1933 (Rem. & Refl., pp.85-86). Warning of final notice of termination of appointment at Freiburg signed by the Rector, Martin Heidegger, 15 July 1933. Letter of appointment as demonstrator at Cambridge, 6 July 1934. Letter of appointmentas lecturer in Pharmacology at Sheffield, 21 October 1935. Correspondence with J.C. Aub re post at Harvard Medical School, 1933-34. See also A.424. Photocopies of Krebs's application and confidential letters from referees (F.G. Hopkins and D. Keilin) for the Sheffield post. Letter from F.G. Hopkins offering a position in his laboratory, 12 January 1936, with Krebs's draft reply (Rem. & Refl., p.96). Copy of Krebs's published paper (with W.A. Johnson), ‘The role of citric acid in intermediate metabolism in animal tissues’ (Bibliog. 62). Change of appointment at Sheffield from Lecturer in Pharmacology to Lecturer in Biochemistry, 17 February 1938. Letters from German Consul at Liverpool, May, June 1938 (Rem. & Refl., pp. 102-103). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 25 This is the paper submitted to Nature for An APPEAL for ... BRITONS. Anti-refugee leaflet circulated at Sheffield, 1938 (Rem. & Refl., p.101). 'Original copy' of paper containing thefirst announcementofthe citric acid cycle, 10 June 1937. publication as a Letter and returned by the Editor because 'he had already In his own typescript introduction Krebs notes sufficient letters’. that it was never published: 'Instead a full paper was submitted to (Bibliog. Enzymologia on June 27th and published within three months. Krebs This work was awarded a joint Nobel Prize in 1953'. 62.) indicates in his introductory note that the 'next page’ in the binder should be the letter from the Editor of Nature. missing from the binder. Statement on Krebs's scientific work compiled by him at the invitation of A.C. Chibnall, with reference to his candidature for the Royal Society, 20 September 1945. Offer of a Chair of Biochemistry at the Chester Beatty Research Institute, 3 June 1947. (Rem. &Refl., pp .98-99. ) This page is, however, Correspondence with the Editors of Nature, October, November 1953, in which Krebs refers to his 'experience of 1937 and ... the difficulty (sometimes) of assessing the merits of a paper’. A.28 ‘Documents from the Life of a Scientist II’ 1946-66, 1978 Documents re Krebs's career and honours at Sheffield and Oxford, including : Printed copy of Krebs's inaugural lecture as Professor of Biochemistry, Sheffield, 8 May 1946 (Bibliog. 111). Correspondence re enquiry from the University of Basel about a Chair of Physiological Chemistry, October 1946. Papers re reestablishing contacts after the war with former German colleague (K. Henseleit), February 1947. Election to Fellowship of the Royal Society, March 1947. Election as 'Socio Straniero, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei', 7 July 1951. Memorandum on the Department of Biochemistry, Sheffield, submitted to the University authorities on the occasion of the offer of a Professorship Krebs notes that "in consequence of this at Harvard, November 1951. memorandum the University decided to provide additional space in the Scala Cinema. This made the institution of an honours school possible’. Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 26 Biographical and autobiographical A.28 (Cont'd.) American Public Health Association's Lasker Award, 12 November 1953. Photocopy of letter from the Dean of the Medical Faculty, University of Freiburg, 21 November 1953, enclosing testimony written by E. Rehn in December 1932. A.31. (Rem. &Refl., pp.170-171). For originals see 'The citric acid cycle’. Nobel Lecture, Stockholm, 11 December 1953 (Bibliog. 173). Printed copy. Copy (reduced size) of Nobel Diploma, 10 December 1953. Krebs's speech at dinner given in his honour by the Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 27 January 1954. Honorary Degree, University of Chicago, 19 March 1954. Offer of Whitley Professorship of Biochemistry, Oxford, 8 May 1954. Memorandum onthe future of the Biochemistry Departmentat Sheffield, written at the invitation of the Vice-Chancellor, 4 August 1954. Royal Medal, 30 November 1954. Address of welcome by the Dean ofthe Faculty of Medicine, University of Freiburg, 5 July 1955; typescript copy of Krebs's introduction to his Aschoff Memorial Lecture and reprint of lecture (Bibliog . 179). Member of Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina, 7 June 1956. Honorary Doctorate, University of Paris, 29 October 1956. Foreign Honorary Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 8 May 1957. Knighthood, 1958. Admiral in the Texas Navy, 6 October 1958. Honorary Doctorate, University of Sheffield, 12 May 1959. A297: See also Sagamore of the Wabash, 13 November 1966. Letter from W.A. Johnson, 6 June 1978. Enzymologia paper, Bibliog. 62.). (Krebs's collaborator on H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 27 A.29 Untitled Biographical and autobiographical 1959-65 Documents re various honours and awards, mainly certificates, but including speeches of public orators presenting Krebs for honorary degrees at Sheffield and London Universities (1959) and draft of Krebs's address on the occasion of the conferment of an honorary degree by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1960). A.30 Untitled 1955, 1964-78 Documents re various honours and awards, mainly certificates, with speeches of presentation and a little correspondence; also includes H. Theorell's reply to Krebs's congratulations on the occasion ofhis Nobel Prize (1955). A.31 Large format hardback scrapbook consisting of miscellaneous gatherings assembled by Krebs and bound in book form. scrapbook referred to by Krebs in his autobiography (Rem. & Refl., p.166). This is apparently the Principally correspondence, photographs and newspaper-cuttings re the rumoured award of a Nobel Prize in 1952 and the actual award in 1953, with Krebs's typescript diary of events, 19-24 October 1952 and 12-25 October 1953. Documents include: Letter from F. Cedrangelo informing Krebs that he had nominated him for a Nobel Prize, January 1952. Letters of congratulation (1952). Photographs of Krebs and family (1952). Letter from H. Theorell requesting photograph of Krebs for his Institute, 8 October 1953. Letter from Rector of the Royal Caroline Institute confirming his telegram re award of Nobel Prize, 23 October 1953. in the scrapbook. The telegram itself is not Material re travel to Stockholm and award ceremonies. Speech by F. Davies, Professor of Anatomy, Sheffield, at dinner given in Krebs's honour by the University. Address by R.N. Salaman at a dinner in Krebs's honour given by the Friends of the Hebrew University in Sheffield. Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.31 (Cont'd.) Biographical and autobiographical a6 Draft of Krebs's speech at a dinner in his honour given by the Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem at the Savoy Hotel, London. Letter from F. Lipmann re joint 'Smoker' talk with Krebs at the Atlantic City Federation of American Biological Chemists meeting, 1954. Newspaper-cuttings re Krebs's election to the Whitley Professorship of Biochemistry, Rockefeller grant for Krebs's research and the award of a Royal Medal (1954). A.32 Large format hardback scrapbook similar to A.31 above. Principally correspondence, newspaper-cuttings and photographs re visits and conferences, 1957-70, which should be consulted in con- junction with similar material in Section F. The visits include J.R. Geigy A.G. bicentenary celebrations in Basel (1958), Lindau meetings of Nobel Prize winners, and Indianapolis Enzyme Regulation Symposia. A.33 A.34 ABS A.36 A.37 Blue large format hardback scrapbook containing material re 1949 visit to USA, including schedule of visit but principally miscellaneous memorabilia. See also F.8-F.16. Many loose items. Small format scrapbook with record of journey to Oslo, 17-26 May 1952, including correspondencere arrangements and Krebs's ms. diary of events. Some loose items. See also F.20. Blue quarto-size binder containing gatherings of items assembled by Krebs re his visit to USA in 1954. See also F.23-F.46. Miscellaneous memorabilia including invitations, receipts and (loose) two photographs taken on board RMS Queen Mary. Large format softcover scrapbook, with record of Krebs's visit to Houston, Mexico, Berkeley and Philadelphia, December 1961. See also F.99, F.100 Correspondence re arrangements; invitations declined; lecture programme and poster; newspaper-cuttings; miscellaneous memorabilia. Many loose items. Quarto-size ringback loose-leaf binder containing a collection of document: in plastic covers re Krebs's visit to Charlotte North Carolina, January 1978. Some loose items. See also F.314. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.38 A.39 A.40 Biographical and autobiographical Blue large format hardcover scrapbook containing miscellaneous press The scrapbook is paginated cuttings of interest to Krebs, ¢.1945-61. 1-54 and has (on loose pages) a 2pp. typescript index. 29 Red large format hardcover scrapbook containing miscellaneous sayings and quotations of interest to Krebs (typescript and printed), and press- cuttings, many of a biographical nature. Some loose items. scrapbook is paginated 1-108 and has (on loose pages) a Spp. typescript index. Vitamin C experiment and a photographofthe volunteers. Ofparticular interest are the press-cuttings re the wartime The Large format softcover scrapbook containing miscellaneous sayings and quotations of interest to Krebs (typescript and printed). Some loose items. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 30 A.41-A. 399 DIARIES AND JOTTERS The material is presented as follows: A.41-A.79 DESK DIARIES 1943-81 A.80-A. 106 POCKET DIARIES 1942, 1954-81 A.107-A.114. PERSONAL DIARIES 1941-46, 1946-48, 1957-62 A.115-A.399 JOTTERS 1949-81 Krebs was a compulsive recorder of information, but by no means a systematic The various sequences presented here are distinguished as much by format as by one. content. Certain broad distinctions may nevertheless be drawn. The Desk Diaries (A.41-A.79) are hard-backed engagement booksoffairly The entries are on the whole summary lists of appointments, standard octavo format. meetings, visits, things to do at home or work, shopping lists, birthdays to remember, Diaries preparations for journeys, often crossed through as the tasks were performed. for the later years include more references to scientific work in hand, experiments to undertake, books and articles to be read, instructions for laboratory colleagues, notes of meetings and discussions, and little more personal material; in his last years, for example, Krebs kept notes at the rear of diaries on his health and its treatment. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 31 The Pocket Diaries (A.80-A. 106) with the exception of A.80 for 1942, are all Oxford University Diaries, a very small format until 1980. and some general notes but perforce in relatively compressed form. They record appointments The Personal Diaries (A. 107-A.114) are few in number. Thefirst of this type (A.107, A.108) are exercise books used for diary entries extending over several years, and with some holiday notes by Margaret Krebs. A.114) are anoctave sequence, some in handsome limp leather, all with the initials There is also a change of content, or rather of pro- Personal engagements and memoranda become fewer; scientific information, portion. ideas for experiments, etc. continue; but most of the pagesare filled with drafts for speeches (many on the Oxford controversies of the period), letters, shorter writings, 'J.L.F.' stamped on the cover. The later diaries (A.109- or reflections arising from conversations or reading. dated though they do not correspond to the calendar dates, and there are some blank pages unrelated to the holiday or travel periods which occur in the equivalent desk and Most, not all, of these are engagementdiaries. The Jotters (A.115-A.399) are in many respects a development of the personal diaries, except in format. They are small soft-backed books which Lady Krebs des- Krebs seems cribes as 'bought at Woolworths' though some obviously originate abroad. They to have begun this type of journal in 1949 and continued to the end ofhis life. were in essence travel diaries in which he would record in careful detail his journeys, meetings, discussions, purchases, reflections on general topics, research ideas, etc. replacement suited Krebs's temperament perfectly, but at The small format and easy The original intention was the same time create problems of dating and attribution. to keep a jotter for each journey; sometimes, however, a year's travel or, more frequently, a complicated lecture and conference trip to several centres can be found in one book. In later years, Krebs's travel became so extensive that a considerable numberof jotters would be used ina single year and Lady Krebs confirms that he would have five or six Usually there is a starting date at the front or on the cover in use at the same time. and the contents can be assumed to extend forwards but not retrospectively from it. Sometimes the pages are numbered; occasionally there is an index; the middle or rear pages are often used for general reflections while a more or less chronological sequence Many ofthe later jotters include autobiographical of events is recorded at the front. or self-analytical passages. Some of the more extended writings on all H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 32 Biographical and autobiographical topics, often become the basis of the short typescript notes found throughout the col- Examples of pages torn out of jotters for this purpose can be found at A.134, lection. A.249, A.377 and many other jotters can be seen to have been mutilated in this way. All these categories of notebook, which are all autograph manuscript, may include ioose pages, letters, notes, press-cuttings, etc. which are mentioned though not always itemised in the catalogue entries. The variety of the material, which often overlaps disconcertingly with similar documentation elsewhere in the collection, makes this section an important supplementary source for Krebs's personal and scientific development. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 33 Biographical and autobiographical A.41-A.79 DESK DIARIES 1943-81 A.4] A.42 A.43 A.44 A.45 A.46 A.47 A.48 A.49 A.50 1943 Includes notes of meetings pasted in, and, as loose pages, press- cuttings, correspondence, note of diet administered to volunteers November 9th, letter of news of family and Jewish friends. 1944 Includes items pasted in, and as loose pages. 1945 Includes a few loose intercalated pages. 1946 1947 1948 1949 Includes a few intercalated pages, and some items as loose pages (at rear of book). 1950 Includes a few loose intercalated pages. 195] At rear of book are Krebs's notes on negotiations with Sheffield over his possible move to Harvard Rem. & Refl., pp. 180-185). See A.470-A.476. 1952 Includes a few intercalated pages, and items pasted in. A.51 1953 Includes a few intercalated pages. A.52 1954 Note: the diaries for 1953 and 1954 are of different format from those preceding and following them. A.53 A.54 1955 1956 Includes a few intercalated pages, and oneletter. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.55 1957 Biographical and autobiographical 34 Some health notes at rear of book. 1958 Some health notes at rear of book. 1959 Includes a few loose pages, and items pasted in. 1960 Includes a few loose press-cuttings . 1961 1962 1963 Includes a few intercalated items. 1964 Includes a few loose press-cuttings; some health notes at rear of book. 1965 Includes Krebs's notes of negotiations about his post-retirement laboratory space, and some health notes at rear of book. 1966 Includes a few press-cuttings, pasted in and as loose items. 1967 Includes a few items pasted in and as loose pages. 1968 Includes a few items pasted in and as loose pages. 1969 Includes a few items pasted in and as loose pages; some hea Ith notes at rear of book. 1970 Some health notes at rear of book. 197] Includes several items pasted in or as loose pages, and health notes at rear of book. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 35 A.70 A.7] A.72 Biographical and autobiographical 1972 Includes a few items pasted in or as loose pages, and health notes at rear of book. 1973 Includes several intercalated items, and loose pages at front and rear of book; health notes at rear of book. 1974 Includes several items pasted in or as intercalated pages; health notes at rear of book. A.73 1975 Includes several items pasted in. A.74 A.75 A.76 A.77 A.78 A.79 1976 Includes a few items pasted in or as intercalated pages; brief health notes at rear of book. 1977 Includes a few items pasted in or as loose pages; brief health notes at rear of book. 1978 Includes several items pasted in; health notes at rear of book. 1979 Includes several items pasted in, anda few loose pages; health notes at rear of book. 1980 Includes several items pasted in and some loose pages intercalated and at front and rear; health notes at rear of book. 1981 Includes several items pasted in and some loose pages at rear. health notes. Extensive H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 36 A.80-A. 106 POCKET DIARIES 1942, 1954-81 A.80 1942 1954-55 1955-56 1956-57 1960-61 1961-62 1962-63 1963-64 1964-65 Diary for 1970-71 is missing 1971-72 1972-73 1973-74 1974-75 1975-76 A.84 A.85 A. 86 A.92 A.93 A.94 A.95 A.96 A.102 A.103 A.104 A.105 A.106 1957-58 1958-59 1959-60 1965-66 1967 1967-68 1968-69 1969-70 1976-77 1977-78 1978-79 1979-80 1980-81 A.81 A.82 A.83 A.87 A.88 A.89 A.90 A.91 N.B. A.97 A.98 A.99 A.100 A.101 H.A : Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 37 A.107-A.114 PERSONAL DIARIES 1941-46, 1946-48, 1957-62 A.107 Exercise-book used as diary, with many press-cuttings pasted in and others left as loose items; or inserted in the book. letters, postcards, notices of meetings also pasted in The entries run 23 December 1940-23 May 1946 and include domestic and scientific material, and also many press-cuttings on the progress of the war with comments and reflections by Krebs. Margaret Krebs about family holidays, children's progress, etc. the pasted-in material is similar to that sometimes chosen for the scrapbooks (qqv .) or used by Krebs in his autobiography. There are a few entries by Some of It includes: 11 March 1941 Acknowledgement of Krebs's letter to Churchill 'on the importance of home production' 6 May 1941. Meeting with J.G. Crowther about yeast production from bracken (Rem. & Refl., p.123) 2 February 1942 Germany Letter from T. Davidson with newsof relativesin 24 March 1945. Notice of conferral on Krebs oftitle of professor of biochemistry at Sheffield 18 May 1945 Extract from letter from Canon A.C. Austen about his meeting with Krebs's family during the last days of the war (quoted in Rem. & Refl., pp.147-48 when the date ofthe letter is given Also enclosed is a photocopy of a note from Maria as 16 May). and Gisela Krebs (date not legible) describing the meeting . A.108 Exercise-book used as diary, with press-cuttings pasted in and othersleft letters, postcards, various personal and other items also as loose items; The content is similar to A.107 but inserted at front and rear of book. covers a shorter period and is less consistently maintained. Entries run 7 June 1946-25 October 1948. At front of book - miscellaneous family letters, recommendation (1946, 1947) for Maria Krebs to visit England. including letters of At rear of book - press-cuttings. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 38 Biographical and autobiographical A.109-A. 114 Sequence of limp leather diaries all with initials 'J.L.F.' on cover. A.109 A.110 A.111 A.112 A.113 Includes, at rear of book, 2pp. ms. notes on 'Use of power! 1957 and 'Service' dated November 1956. 1958 1959 1960 With part index at rear. With some loose pages, including note on ‘Research Councils 1961 and University Research' dated 15 November, from D.D. Woods. A.114 1962 The initials 'J.L.F.' are those of Krebs's father-in-law, Joseph Leo Fieldhouse. NB. 'HAK used up the unwanted diaries passed on by JLF!' May 1986.) (Information from Lady Krebs, H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 39 Biographical and autobiographical A.115-A.399 JOTTERS 1949-81 These are too numerous, and their content too heterogeneous, to be described in detail (see the introductory note). Dates and places given by Krebs are quoted in little additional information is given whereit is felt to be of inverted commas, and Cross-references to Section F, Visits and Conferences, is like- special use or interest. wise given only exceptionally, since they can be linked relatively easily from the dates. In many cases, the jotters fill out the information or attest to shorter journeys not docu- mented elsewhere. From the early 1970s almost all the jotters contain ideas, memoranda or narra- tives for Krebs's autobiography; in addition, from 1979 they all reflect his thoughts on evolution in preparation for the Dunham Lectures. The presentation is chronological as far as this is ascertainable; undated jotters are at A.392-A.399. A.115 A.116 A.117 A.118 A.119 A.119A A.120 '1949 American Journey’. March-April. Paginated 1-128. '1949 after the Second World War (Rem. & Refl., pp.155-157). Hildesheim'. USA This was Krebs's first visit to Germany Notebook inscribed 'Material on fermentation chapters'. pages torn out. Some dated September 1951. Several 'Teleology'. Some pages dated September 1951. 'Norway' April 1952 (and several other journeys in Britain and abroad). 'Summer holiday 1952' (and other material, some dated November 1952). Heidelberg, Freiburg, Schweiz' (and several other journeys). Cover also bears a note 'See last '1953 Various dates June-October 1953. pages On Spending One's Time’ (a 2pp. note headed 'Train Hook 21/6/53'). There is also a 'Draft New York', see A.121. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 40 Biographical and autobiographical New York November 1953. See also A.122. "Stockholm 1953' (for Nobel Prize). Sheffield 1954. Includes preparations for journey to U.S.A. 'U.S.A. 1954' (lacks cover). February. 'U.S.A. 1954' February. 'U.S.A. 1954'. Several pages torn out. U.S.A. 1954. Annual diary with entries from 8 March to 5 May. 'USA 1954! Similar dates but with additional material. ‘Oxford later visits). Summer 1954. Exploratory visit May 18th 1954' (also 'Visit to Oxford London 6/7 July 1954. Till September 1954' ‘Jobs at Oxford' Various dates October-November 1954. Similar material on Oxford laboratory and personnel, various dates October 1954-March 1955. 'US 1954' October. Dec. 1954 and Jan. 1955. Loose pages torn from a jotter. 'Sheffield 1955' March-April (and Oxford). 'Freiburg' July 1955. 'Warzburg! July 1955. "Holiday 1955 Brussels Congress Biochemistry’ July-August 1955. November 1955, and some pages dated February, June 1956. Undated, found with 1955 notebooks, and same format. Many pages torn out. ‘Hamburg 1956' September. Also includes Brussels and Rome. 'Hamburg-Rome trip'. Similar format and material to A.141. _ ‘Paris November 1956' A.121 A.122 A.123 A.124 A.125 A.126 A.127 A.128 A.129 A.130 A.13] A.132 A.133 A.134 A.135 A.136 A.137 A.138 A.139 A. 140 A.141 A.142 A.143 A.144 ‘Summer Holiday 1957' H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 4] A.145 A. 146 A. 147 A.148 A.149 A.150 A.151 A.152 A.153 A.154 A,.15a A.156 A.157 A.158 A.159 A.160 A.161 A.162 A.163 A. 164 Biographical and autobiographical Nov. 1957. Many pages torn out. Dec. 1957 - April 1958, paginated 1-79 and some unnumbered pages; part index on p.1. "Holland March 1958' "Holiday 1958' (and some pages 1959) 'USA 1958' New York, October, paginated 1-41 and some unnimbered pages. "Paris March 1959' on front cover. On rear cover ‘Paris 1964 3-6 November', paginated 1-10. '1959 Ciba Symposium', May. 'Ciba 1959' June (and November 1959); some pages torn out. June-July 1959. Switzerland, Hamburg, Paris. 'USA Sept, Oct 1958 [pp.1 1-47. Switzerland, Saar, Paris June-July 1959 [pp.J 48-90". 'Germany 1960'. removed. An empty cover from which all pages have been 'USA 1960' February-March. 'USA 1960' One page dated March. 'USA 1960! April. "Israel 1960' March. "Israel 1960' March-April. May-June 1960. "Lindau 1960 & 1961 Freiburg 1961' (also Lindau 1963); some pages torn out. June, July 1960; some pages torn out. "August 1960 1' (visit to Germany); some loose items tucked in; includes 'Reflections on German National Character' - A.165 'August 1960 2' (as above). H .A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 42 Biographical and autobiographical ‘Berlin 1961' May. "Holiday 1961'. Many pages torn out. "Holidays 1961' Various dates January-July. Mexico 'USA numbered pages. 3-19 Dec. 1961'. Paginated 5-113 and some un- 'Trip to Israel Merch 1962' Whitsun 1962 'Easter 1962 Paginated 1-45 and some unnumbered pages. Concarneau. Louvain Symposium’. Some pages torn out. Various dates July, August 1962; paginated 13-96 with '1962' several pages torn out. Mainly drafts and ideas on university reform, science and creativity, etc. Part index on back cover. "Holiday 1962' includes Munich August 1963. Various dates July, August; paginated 2-38, and also ‘Trip to Harvard, Indianapolis September 1962' 'Diary Harvard, Indianapolis September 1962' '1962 Scandinavia’. Many pagestorn out. ‘Scandinavian Trip December 1962' 'Science Only Paginated 1-25 and some unnumbered pages. Scandinavia December 1962' 'US 1963 March. Dartmouth Kansas City' 'US 1963 March'. A few pages torn out. 'US 1963'. March; many pages torn out. 'Edinburgh material; several pages torn out. May 1963 Poultry Research Centre’ and other ‘Summer 1963 Marseilles’ July-August. "Indianapolis 1963' Many pagestorn out. '1963 Indianapolis’. Diary September-October. "Indianapolis 1963' October. A.166 A.167 A.168 A.169 A.170 A.17] A.172 A.173 A.174 A.175 A.176 A.177 A.178 A.179 A.180 A.181 A.182 A. 183 A. 184 A.185 A.186 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 43 Biographical and autobiographical ‘California February 1964 Deuel Conference. Diary' 'California Feb. 1964' "Spain 1964' March. '1964' May, Honorary Degree at Leeds; a few pages torn out. 'Notts 1964' Some pages dated July. 'US 1964. and some unnumbered pages. Int. Biochem. Congress’ July-August. Paginated 1-37 '1964 New York [July] - Wengen [August].' index on inside front cover. Paginated 1-81; 'Wengen 1964' cover. August. Paginated 1-80; index on inside front 'Notes 1964' Commission; a few pages torn out. November-December; mainly notes and drafts for Franks 'Houston paginated 1-23; schedule of visit pasted in. November 1964. Welch Foundation Symposium’. Diary, General notes December 1964- January 1965, paginated 1-53 and '1965' some unnumbered pages; some pages torn out. On pp. 32-33 is 'My travel record' 1961-64 and a note of trips planned for 1965. General notes, some dated March 1965; many pages torn out. '1965 Vienna’ travel plans for 1965 on inside back cover. European Biochemical Congress, 20-24 April; note of Exercise-book, some pages dated May 1965; many pages 'USA' torn out. '1965 USA' May-June. 'USA 1965' May-June. ‘Germany 1965' June-July. ‘Italy 1965' September. '1965 Portugal Indianapolis' September-October. '1965 Indianapolis' Paginated 1-93; some pages torn out. '1966 Israel Warsaw! March-April. A.187 A.188 A.189 A.190 A.191 A.192 A.193 A.194 A.195 A.196 A.197 A.198 A.199 A. 200 A. 201 A. 202 A. 203 A. 204 A. 205 A. 206 A. 207 H .A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 AA A.208 A. 209 A.210 A.211 A.212 A.213 A.214 A.215 A.216 A.217 A.218 A.219 A.220 A | A.222 A.223 A.224 A. 225 Biographical and autobiographical "Spring 1966 p.1; several pages torn out. Jerusalem Warsaw’. Paginated 1-88, index on ‘Lindau Hildesheim 1966' June-July. 1966. Bordeaux Indianapolis 1967 "Indianapolis Paginated 1-159, with index on inside front cover (continued on pp.31-32) and travel schedule for 1966 on inside back cover. Visits to Indianapolis and Bordeaux are October 1966. Second visit to Indianapolis is September-October 1967 (p.47et seq. ) and third visit is September-October 1968 (p.59 et seq.). some material about the Oxford Chair. 1968’ Includes 'USA November 1966 Yale Galveston'. November-December. 'USA November 1966 pages. Mexico’ Paginated 1-73 and some unnumbered '1966' London, December. Paginated 1-49 and some unnumbered pages. General notes, some dated January, March 1967. ‘Bari March 1967 =May 1968' 'Oestrich Symposium 27-29 April 1967' 'Oslo 1967 FEBS' July. General notes, some dated September, October 1967. for 1967 on inside back cover. Travel schedule "Indianapolis' October 1967. "Indianapolis 1967' "Stockholm 1967' November. "Helsinki at front, paginated 1-51; diary at rear, paginated 1-17. Stockholm 1967' Nov. Scientific drafts and notes '1967. Oxford' General notes. 'Notes'. ment from Oxford. Undated but includes notes for speeches related to retire- inside cover inscribed 'December 1967'; general notes '1968'; December 1967-January 1968. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 45 Biographical and autobiographical 'USA January 1968 Boston Philadelphia’ 'USA January 1968 Boston Philadelphia’ 'USA March 1968' Diary and notes February-March. '1968 California USA & Notes on General Matters' torn out. See A.230. Many pages Pages torn fromnotebook, headed 'Flight Dallas - London 17 .3.68' '1968' General notes and drafts, May. 'Tutzing Feldafing 1968' June. '1968 Feldafing' June. 'FEBS Prague July 1968' Washington 1968' Exercise-book of notes and drafts ‘Salisbury Cove. August, referring to visit to Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, Maine, and to XXIV International Congress of Physiological Sciences, Washington D.C. 'US 1968' August. "Indianapolis 1968' September-October; paginated 1-29 and some un- numbered pages. 'Visit to US October 1968 Indianapolis' September-October. "Philadelphia 1968' October. '1968' General notes and drafts. '1969' Freiburg 5-9 January. 'MGH EMassachusetts General Hospital] Boston Jan. 1969! ‘Boston Miami 1969 January’ "Israel 1969' March-April. "Madrid 1969! (FEBS Congress) April. ‘Berlin 1969' May. 'Berlin', May; and later journey to Europe June-July. A.226 A. 227 A.228 A.229 A. 230 A.231 A.232 A. 233 A. 234 A.235 A. 236 A. 237 A. 238 A.239 A.240 A. 24] A. 242 A. 243 A. 244 A.245 A. 246 A. 247 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A. 248 A. 249 A. 250 A.251 A. 252 A. 253 A. 254 A.255 A. 256 A. 257 A. 258 A. 259 A.260 A. 261 A.262 A. 263 A. 264 A. 265 A. 266 A. 267 A. 268 A. 269 46 Biographical and autobiographical ‘June 1969 Lindau Notes' Many pages torn out, see A. 249. Notes on motivation of research, dated 30 June 1969 on pages torn from notebook, similar format to A. 248. "Stockholm Konstanz 1969" Septainber "Stockholm 1969' September (and August). "Konstanz 1969" September. 'USA Sept. /October 1969! 'Visit to Indianapolis & Philadelphia 1969! September 1969 (Ip. dated March). General notes, some dated "Hildesheim' December. "Boston 1969' Diary. ‘Dec. 1969 Boston 'MGH Report’ (see A.258); some pages torn out. London' General notes and drafts including General notes and drafts, 'MGH Dec 1969 many pages torn out; travel schedule for 1970 on inside back cover. 1970 Early part’ '1969' General notes and drafts. 'Schering 1970! October 1969). General notes and drafts (includes a few notes dated 'CIBA February 1970' 'Hildesheim Berlin G&ttingen 1970' February. 'ELIMS. 1970! March (in Switzerland). 'FLIMS 1970' "USA April 1970' "Marburg 1970' May. 'Oslo 1970' May; also Amsterdam. "July 1970 Hamburg Heidelberg’ Undated, perhaps October 1970; very many pagestorn out. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 47 A.270 A. 271 A.272 A.273 A.274 A.275 A.276 A.277 A.278 A.279 A. 280 A. 281 A. 282 A. 283 A. 284 A. 285 A. 286 A. 287 A. 288 A. 289 A.290 A. 291 ‘Switzerland Italy 1970' August-September. Paginated 1-121. "Indianapolis October 1970' Paginated 3-119; index on pp.15-17. "Halle 1970' November. "Munich 1970' November. Paginated 1-57. General notes and drafts, some dated November, December 1970 and 1971; several pages torn out. ~'Louvain' March 1971. ‘Canada, US April-May 1971' "Canada - US 1971' April-May. 'Madrid 1971 & 1972' Both visits in May. General notes and drafts, some dated June. Many pagestorn out. "Holiday 1971' June. A few pages torn out. ‘Indianapolis 1971' October. Undated, probably October 1971 torn out. Index inside front cover; many pages General notes and drafts, some dated November, December 1971. "Miami front cover; paginated 1-100. Indianapolis December 1971 January 1972' Index inside '1971/1972' General notes and drafts. Several pages torn out. '1971/2' and inside front cover. General notes and drafts. Paginated 1-71; index on p.l "Israel 1972' March-April. 'Germany 1972' notebook and dated February 1970. April. Includes some loose pages torn from another "Madrid May 1972', paginated 1-59. "Holland August 1972' (and some later notes). ‘Lindau 1972' June-July (and some notes dated September). Brief index on inside front cover. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 48 A.292 A. 293 A.294 A.295 A.296 A. 297 A.298 e o 299 . 300 . 301 e e . 302 > . 303 A. 304 A. 305 A. 306 A. 307 A. 308 A. 309 A.310 'Kansas City September. front page. Indianapolis Paginated 2-118; index on inside front cover and Washington 1972 Bethesda’ General notes, mainly October-November 1972. General notes and drafts, some dated October 1972, and somerelated to Indianapolis visit. Malta, December 1972. Paginated 1-31. Malta, December 1972. General notes and drafts, mainly on historical topics, perhaps for work on Warburg. Undated but kept with 1972 material. General notes and drafts, some dated April 1972, some related to visit to Copenhagen. ‘Copenhagen, Hamburg, Bonn 1973' May (and some later notes). 'Bellagio 1973' General notes and drafts. 'Bellagio' May. Includes work for Indianapolis. ‘Trier. Irish Holiday 1973' July-September (and somelaternotes). September-October; part engagement schedule on inside front 'US' cover and front page. 'USA Sept. 1973' September-October. Columbia lowa City Chicago Philadelphia’ "USA October 1973 October-November. 'USA October 1973' '1973/74 Notes' General notes and drafts; same format as A.307 and kept with it; several pages torn out. 'Visit to Freiburg November 1973' General notes and drafts (undated but kept with 1973 material). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical’ 49 A.311 A.312 A.313 A.314 A.315 A.316 A.317 A.318 A.319 A.320 A. 321 A.322 A. 323 A.324 A. 325 A. 326 A. 327 A. 328 A. 329 A. 330 General drafts and notes, including notes for Indianapolis dated February 1974; last entry in book, dated April 1973, is notes on 'Causes of Poverty’. "Israel 1974' March. Paginated 3-71; index on front page. "EMBO 3-5 April 1974 Sheffield’ ‘Hannover 1974' April. ‘Madrid June. Kronberg DUsseldorf Bonn’ (and other visits). May- Paginated 1-157. 'Kronberg 1974' May. "Berlin 7-10 July 1974' General notes and drafts, some dated June, July 1974. 1-29 and some unnumbered pages. Paginated ‘Dusseldorf, Indianapolis, Philadelphia October 1974' "Jerusalem' November. 'USA 1974/75' index on first page. December 1974-January 1975. Paginated 3-119; General notes and drafts, some dated December 1974. Visit to Hanover, February, and other notes. ‘Seville cover. Brussels 1975' Paginated 1-85, index on inside front 'Vacation travel 1975' inside front cover. March-April. Paginated 1-83; index on ‘Travel May-June 1975' Paginated 1-79. "June 1975 —Basel-Lindau' Visits to Madrid, Valencia, Bordeaux, Bonn. General notes and drafts, mainly at Lindau, June 1975. ‘Barcelona USA 1975' September-October. 'Boston 1975' General notes and drafts; a few pages torn out. H.A, Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 50 A.33] A. 332 D U C 333 P D m U l e F F 334 335 . 336 337 F F «330 F & F 339 F & F . 340 F F 34] F F . 342 > . 343 > > 345 A. 347 A. 348 A. 349 A. 350 A.351 Biographical and autobiographical 'USA October 1975' 'Hildesheim 'Andreanum' (Krebs's old school) (Rem. & Refl., pp.9-10). Visit for 750th Anniversary of the 28-30.11 75! Undated notes and drafts (kept with 1975 material). Undated notes and drafts (kept with 1975 material). "Malta 1976' January. 'Berlin February 1976'. With some !oose intercalated pages. "Notes for Philadelphia' Begins February, includes visit in August. "Australia 1976' April-May. Paginated 1-93. General notes and drafts, some during visit to Australia. Paginated 1-89. 'Bonn Konstanz Hamburg Passau 1976' May-June. 'May 1976' General notes and drafts. '1976' June; mainly related to visit, but some more general notes. 'Hamburg' International Biochemical Congress, July. ‘USA September 25 to October 5 1976' Paginated 1-97. Spiral-bound notebook of drafts and notes written during visit, a few only dated September. "Munich Zurich Nov. 1976' 'US January 1977 inside front cover. Miami Houston'. Paginated 3-95; index Larger format exercise-book of general notes and drafts, several related to Miami visit. Index inside front cover; very many pagestorn out. 'Ulm' February 1977. Paginated 1-111; index on p.1. Israel, March 1977. Paginated 1-111; index on p.1. Larger format exercise-book of general notes and drafts, several related to Israel visit and dated March 1977. back cover; many pages torn out. Paginated 1-79; index inside H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 51 A. 352 > 303 > 354 > 355 > 2300 A. 357 A, 358 A. 359 A. 360 A. 36] A. 362 A. 363 A. 365 A. 366 A. 367 A, 368 Biographical and autobiographical 'May 1977 Bermuda! Indianapolis - Toledo (Ohio) - East Lansing (Michigan) Paginated 1-109; index inside front cover. "June 1977 Pour le Mérite Frankfurt Marburg’ ‘Philadelphia’ September-October. Paginated 1-123. General notes and drafts. Paginated 1-71; index inside front cover. 'USA 1978 January exercise-book. torn out. June 1979. Miami, Dallas Charlotte’ Large format Paginated 23-71; index inside front cover; many pages Includes some notes on other topics, and some dated May, 'Trip US January 1978' Paginated 3-112. ‘Berlin MUnchen March 1978! (and some later notes). Boston '1978 Evanston in April, to Bonn in May, to Lindau June-July). 1-103, index on back cover. Evanston Bonn Lindau' (visits to Boston and Paginated '1978 Braunlege to Germany in September, to US in October). Augsburg Rockville-Bethesda Madison’ (visit General notes and drafts, some dated October and continued from A.360; also includes reflections 'On 80'. General notes and drafts related to 1978. inside front cover. Paginated 1-111, index General notes and drafts, December 1978 and later. 'SaarbrUcken (Visit to Berlin was for the publication of Krebs's biography of Warburg). Also visits to Hamburg and Hildesheim May-June, and Liverpool. _Disseldorf Berlin 14/15 March' 5-8 March Larger format exercise-book of general notes and drafts, mainly in German, some dated March 1979. Larger format exercise-book of general notes and drafts, some dated March, April 1979, a few dated August 1980; some pages forn out. General notes and drafts, some dated August, September 1979. General notes and drafts, some dated September, October 1979. Paginated 1-25 and several unnumbered pages; part index inside front cover. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 52 Biographical and autobiographical A. 369 A.370 A. 371 A. 372 A. 373 A. 374 A.375 A. 376 A. 377 A. 378 A.379 A. 380 A. 381 A. 382 A. 383 General notes and drafts, some dated September, December 1979, Paginated 1-109; index on p.1; travel and some February 1980. plans for 1980-81 inside front cover. US "Monte Carlo index on pp.28-29. Mexico Nov-Dec. 1979" Paginated 1-105; Larger format exercise-book of notes and drafts made during visits and dated November-December 1979. front cover; some pages torn out. Paginated 1-75; index inside Larger format exercise-book of notes and drafts December 1979. Paginated 1-33 and some unnumbered pages; index on p.1 and inside front cover; very many pages forn out. 'Miami Dec-Jan. (1979-80)! cover. Paginated 1-113; index inside front Madrid! (Visit to Munich in February-March, to "Munich 1980 Madrid in June; another visit to Munich in July). index on p.1 and inside front cover; a few pages missing, one loose intercalated page. Paginated 1-103; 1950' (sic) March. Paginated 1-103; index inside front ‘Dallas cover. Loose pages torn from a different book, Dallas, March 1980. 'USA May 1980'. Mainly Indianapolis, but also other journeys. Larger format exercise-book of notes and drafts, several dated May 1980. Paginated 17-39; many pages torn out. 'Germany May-June 1980 Géttingen'. Berlin Paginated 1-67; index inside front cover. Liége Dusseldorf Bonn Visit to Germany, September-October. front cover. Paginated 1-111; index inside Visits to Halle, 10-12 November, and USA 13 November-1 December 1980. Paginated 1-111; index on p.!. Larger format exercise-book of notes and drafts, mainly on evolution, various dates November 1980; paginated 1-39; index inside front cover. 'Notes on evolution’, undated but kept with 1980 material. H .A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 53 A. 384 A. 385 A. 386 A. 387 A. 388 . 389 390 391 Larger format exercise-book of notes and drafts, various dates November 1980-May 1981. Larger format exercise-book of notes and drafts, some dated December 1980, January 1981; a few pages torn out. 'USA May 1981 includes Ip. dated 2 November. Paginated 1-111. Washington-Harvard'. Also Berlin, May-June, and General notes and drafts, for US visit and later. Paginated 1-113. 'Lindau perhaps in error. 1981 June'. Some notes at rear dated 1982 and 1984, General notes and drafts, 1981. Larger format exercise-book of general notes and drafts, mainly on evolution, some dated June, July 1981. Larger format exercise-book of notes and drafts, 1981. .392-A. 399 Undated notebooks A tentative order has been made on internal grounds. 'Visit to National Institute for Research in Dairying’ c.1954. e.197 |) Latest reference 1972. Before 1974. Several pages torn out. Latest reference 1974. Several pages torn out. Various dates January, February 1974, February 1975, February 1976. Book without front cover; latest reference '1978 & 9’. e.198) Y P . 392 > me F & F - 394 F & F 395 F & F - 396 > «ar > . 398 > 399 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 54 A.400-A.714 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS This is a major sequence of documentation on all aspects of Krebs's life, in chrono- logical order. Of especial interest and importance for the history of Krebs's career are the docu- ments from his student days in Germany (A.400 - A.407), his time in the laboratory of Otto Warburg (A.408 - A.410) and as an assistant in the Department of Medicine at Freiburg (A.411 - A.419) and re his enforced emigration to England where he found refuge first at The documents relating to a Cambridge and then at Sheffield (A.420 - A.424, A.436). possible move to Palestine in the mid 1930s (A.425 - A.435) provide insights into Krebs's thinking on this subject not reflected in his autobiography. In the postwar period the material re renewing contacts with Germany (A.449 - A.468), the offer of a Professorship at Harvard (A.470 - A.476) and the attempts of the Agricultural and Medical Research Councils to find, at Babraham and Carshalton respectively, larger accommodation for Krebs and his research team than was available at Sheffield (A.477 - A.481) are of particular interest. The documentation of Krebs's career in this subsection should be consulted in con- junction with the scrapbooks, especially A.27, A.28. Material respecting Krebs's numerous honours and awards bulks very large in this subsection but there are additional honours recorded with the visits in Section F and the certificates themselves are usually to be found in the scrapbooks especially A.29, A.30. The very substantial material relating to the award of the Nobel Prize in 1953 should be consulted in conjunction with the scrapbook at A.31. The very numerousletters of congratulation received by Krebs on a great variety of occasions, the birthday greetings especially for his 70th and 80th birthdays and the letters of condolence sent to Lady Krebs often contain interesting reminiscences and tributes of both a personal and scientific nature. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 55 A.400 A.401 A.402 A.403 A.404 A.405 A.406 A.407 A.408 A.409 A.410 Miscellaneous items re Hildesheim and Krebs's school, the Gymnasium Andreanum. Includes school report, 1918. 'Militarpass': booklet with details of Krebs's military service, 1918. Documents re student career at GB8ttingen University (December 1918 to the end of the summer of 1919). Documents re student career at Freiburg University (1919-21). Documents re student careerat Munich University (1921-23). Documentsre student career at Berlin University (one term only, winter 1922-23). Passport, issued 3 September 1924. Documents re Krebs's 'Promotion' to M.D., Hamburg University, 7 August 1925. Folder includes earlier 1924 correspondence with Berlin, Halle and Hamburg universities re the acceptability of already published work as a dissertation. © Documents from the period in the laboratory of Otto Warburg (1926-30). Includes Krebs's letter applying for post of laboratory director in Mannheim, 10 May 1928, with copiesof his curriculum vitae and list of publications and Warburg's letter of recommendation; also four typescript notes dated between January and May 1929 recording the remarks of 'W'. Brief correspondence related to or arising from 1929 visit to USA to attend 13th International Physiological Congress at Boston. Correspondence, 1930, re Krebs's search for a post when the time came for him to leave Warburg's laboratory . Krebs moved first to the municipal hospital at Altona and then accepted an offer of a post at Freiburg under S.J. Thannhauser commencing 1 April 1931 Rem. & Refl.; pp.43-45). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 56 Biographical and autobiographical A.4ll Jahresbericht der Freiburger Medizinischen Gesellschaft 1931. 'H.A. Krebs: Versuche Uber den Kohlehydratabbau in lebenden Zellen' (pp.17-18). A.412 Correspondence re scientific equipment, 1930-31. Invitation card for opening of new Freiburg clinic, 1 December 1931. A.413 Correspondence with C.F. Cori re possibility of Krebs joining his department at Washington University, St. Louis, May-October 1932. Cori's initial approach was to Warburg. Letter from Ella Sachs Plotz Foundation re grant for Krebs's research, 2 August 1932. A.414 Copy of article on Krebs's research written by his collaborator T.H. Benzinger, Kosmos, 1932. Copy of Nature for 10 December 1932 incorporating F.G. Hopkins's Royal Society Presidential Address, with Krebs's ms. note explaining that the copy was given him by Georg von Hevesy because of Hopkins's reference to his work. A.415 Invitation card for Krebs's lecture on 'Harnstoffbildung im Tierk&rper', Chemisches Gesellschaft Freiburg, 6 June 1932. Invitation card for Krebs's lecture on ‘Untersuchungen Uber den inter- Medizinisch-biologischer Abend der medidren Eiweissstoffwechsel', Universitat , 18 July 1932. 3 invitation cards for Krebs's lecture on ‘Untersuchungen Uber den Eiweissstoffwechsel', Kaiser Wilhelm-Gesellschaft zur Férderung der Wissenschaften,Berlin-Dahlem, 16 December 1932. Card confirming payment of membership subscription to "Verband der Arzte Deutschlands (Hartmannbund)', 7 November 1932. A.415A Shorter unidentified items, all in German script, n.d. but possibly early 1930s. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 57 Biographical and autobiographical A.416 A.417 A.418 A.419 Photocopies of important biographical documents, 1932-33. Manyofthe originals are to be found in A.27 and were reproduced by Krebs in his autobiography, Reminiscences and Reflections. Freiburg University Vorlesungs- Verzeichnis (summer semester 1933); also photocopy of p.15 which refers to Krebs. Freiburg University Akademisches Vademecum (summer semester 1933). Correspondence, price list and receipts 1932, 1933 and n.d. Folder also includes 5 'Eigentumschilder' of the 'Notgemeinschaft Deutschen Wissenschaft’ . re scientific equipment, A.420-A.423 Correspondence re Krebs's departure from Germany and resettlement in England, 1933. See also A.27. A.420 A.421 A.422 March-April Folder includes correspondence with W. Léffler re possible post for Krebs in Zurich, letter from A. Szent-Gyérgi encouraging Krebs to write to F.G. Hopkins if he was interested in a move to Cambridge (original of photocopy in A.27) and ms. draft of Krebs's letter to Hopkins (the letter as sent is in A. 27). May Folder includes $.J. Thannhauser's reference for Krebs (3 copies), carbons of Krebs's letters toR.A. Peters, F.G. Hopkins, F. Dickens and E.J. Allen and correspondence with Rockefeller Foundation. June Folder includes letters from H.K.F. Blaschko, D.D. van Slyke and E.J. Allen. A.423 July-November Letter from Krebs endeavoured to make life easy for him and that he had everything he needed for work. in Cambridge, 16 July, noting that everyone Letter from Home Office, 3 August, re length of Krebs's stay in the United Kingdom. Letter from the Verband der Artze Deutschlands, 16 November, terminating Krebs's membership. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 58 A.424 Letter from Comité- International Pour Le Placement Des Intellectuels Réfugiés re a post of Physiological Chemist at a Portuguese university, 12 March1934. Correspondence with J.C. Aub re post at Harvard Medical School, March- July 1934. See also A.27. Letters of congratulation on the occasion of Krebs's appointment as Demonstrator in Biochemistry at Cambridge. Letters from Cambridge University Vice-Chancellor re Krebs's continued residence in the United Kingdom, May and July 1934. Invitation (inspired by D. Keilin) for Krebs to attend meeting of Royal Society, December 1934. A.425-A.435 Correspondence and papers re possible move to Palestine, 1934-37. See also correspondence with D. Nachmansohnin Section J. For Krebs's own account ofhis interest in Palestine at this time and his visit there with Nachmansohn in 1936 see Rem. & Refl., pp.90-91. A.425 A.426 A.427 A.428 A.429 Correspondence with J.L. Magnes, Rector of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, March-August 1934. Magnes's letter of 23 March informs Krebs of a proposed Cancer Research Institute and invites Krebs to come to the Hebrew University as head of the Division in Cell Chemistry and Metabolism. Correspondence with colleagues in Jerusalem, April-August 1934. Correspondence with Ch. Weizmann (and R.N. Salaman re meeting with Weizmann), May 1934-December 1935, March 1937. Correspondence with Rockefeller Foundation, September 1934. Krebs sought advice on the financial side of building up a research institute. Correspondence with J.H. Quastel, December 1934-January 1935. Includes long and very important letter from Krebs dated 22 December 1934 in which he explains (in terms of the financial difficulties and more especially the management of the Hebrew University) why he has declined the post at the Cancer Institute. "nicht abgeschickt'. The letter is marked Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 59 Biographical and autobiographical A.429 (Cont'd.) The folder also contains a carbon ofthe shorter letter (dated 27 December 1934) which Krebs actually sent. A.430 A.431 A.432 A.433 A.434 A.435 A.436 A.437 Letters from the Jewish Agency for Palestine and the Zionist Organisation Central Office (both at 77 Great Russell Street, London W.C.1), May 1935-July 1937. Correspondence with the Trustees of the Cancer Research Trust at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, February-July 1937. Brief miscellaneous correspondence re possible moveto Palestine, 1934, 1936. 'Memorendum Uber die Errichtung eines biologischen Forschungsinstitut in Palestina’, Cambridge, 19 May 1935. 5pp. typescript. 'Ordnung 5' (on research and teaching) of 'Gesamtdarstellung der Hebraeischen Universitaet, Jerusalem, 1936'. Notebook used to keep record of journey to Palestine and (part of) Krebs's stay there, 15 March-9 April 1936, with miscellaneous receipts, tickets, etc., kept as loose papers. Duplicated sheet advertising lecturership in pharmacology at Sheffield University; carbon of letter from Rockefeller Foundation to Vice-Chancellor of Sheffield University re grant for Krebs's research. 1935. letters from E.J. Wayne to Krebs re his appointment; Letters from Royal Society re application for a Royal Society Government Grant, February 1936. 'The role of citric acid in intermediate metabolism in animal tissues', 1937. 2 copies of the paper containing the first announcement of the citric acid cycle which was retumed by the Editor of Nature because "he had already sufficient letters’. 2 photocopiesof the letter from the Editor of Nature returning the paper, 14 June 1937. Carbon of Krebs's letter to the Editor of Nature, 7 April 1967, re the 1937 episode. See also A.27. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 60 Biographical and autobiographical A .438 Letter from Academic Assistance Council re unconditional permit of residence for Krebs, 29 October 1935. Letters from German Consulate in Liverpool re Krebs's passport, 1937-38. See also A.27. Letters from French Consulate re visa application, August 1938. Correspondence re Krebs's naturalisation as a British subject, 1938-39. Card indicating that Krebs was registered with the Medical Department Central Office for Refugees and had ‘offered his professional services in a time of National emergency’; newspaper-cutting re compulsory registration under a Ministry of Labour and National Service Order; documentation from Royal Society re Central Register (Section for Scientific Research), 1939-40. Letter for publication re ‘internment and restriction measures against aliens of the C class, that is those classed os "victims of Nazi oppression"', submitted to the Manchester Guardian, 4 June 1940. Letter to the Editors of Nature on the same subject(not for publication) and the Editors' reply, July 1940. Copyofletter from Vice-Chancellor, Sheffield University, to Minister of Health, applying for Krebs's inclusion in the Temporary Medical Register, 10 April 1942. Letter from Registrar, Sheffield University, re deferment ofmilitary service, 22 March 1943. Duplicated sheet inviting applications for the Johnston Chair of Biochemistry, University of Liverpool; Krebs's letter of application and curriculum vitae, July 1943. Letter offering Krebs post of Professor of Biochemistry at Sheffield, 12 February 1945. Letters of congratulation presented in an alphabetical sequence. A.439 A.440 A.441 A.442 A.443 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 61 Biographical and autobiographical A.444-A.448 Election to the Fellowship of the Royal Society, 1947. A.444 p Correspondence re Krebs's admission to the Fellowship. re p Copy of the Sheffield Jewish Journal, June 1947, with report of Krebs's election. A.445-A.448 Letters of congratulation presented in an alphabetical sequence. A.445 B-F A.447 N-S A.446 G-M A.448 T - Y, unidentified and first names only A.449-A.468 Renewing contacts with Germany, 1945-50 At the end of the Second World War, Krebs took very seriously the question of renewing contacts with Germany both in respect of his own family (A.107, A.108, A.775) and of scientific colleagues, and devoted a chapter of his autobiography to discussing it Rem. & Refl., ch.13). probably used in the preparation of the autobiography. The material presented here was kept together by Krebs and See also A.28. A.449 Visit of German scientist (E. Lehnartz) to Sheffield in March 1948. Oneletter only. Invitation from German Biochemical Society for Krebs to attend their Krebs annual conference at Frankfurt on 29 and 30 September 1948. agreed to attend this meeting but owing to ‘unforeseen and urgent’ duties at Sheffield he was later: forced to withdraw. Correspondence re arrangements with Foreign Office (German Section) and British and German colleagues, May-September 1948. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.450-A.453 Biographical and autobiographical 62 Krebs felt very strongly that three years after the First International Congress of Biochemistry, Cambridge, 1949. In 1948 the organising subcommittee decided that because of the objections of other continental biochemists, German scientists would not be invited. end of the war the time for such exclusions was past and that as a refugee from Nazi persecution himself he had a special responsibility to advocate the reestablishment of normal relations with Germany. In the end personal invitations were sent to four German biochemists: K. Felix, E. Lehnartz, Th. Wieland and H.-J. Deuticke. (Rem. & Refl., pp.152-153.) See also F.17, H.425, J.51. A.450-A.452 Correspondence withBritish, German and French colleagues re admission of Germanscientists to the Congress. A.450 September-November 1948 A.452 February-June 1949 A.453 A.454 A.451 January 1949 Correspondence, 1972, 1975-76, undertaken by Krebs while researching an article on the 1949 Congress which was published in TIBS, August 1976 (not listed in Bibliog.). Folder also includes copies of Biochemical Society Committee Minutes, 1946-47; copy of published article; and Krebs's ms. notes on renew- ing contacts with Germany after the war. Annual conference of the German Biochemical Society, G&ttingen, 31 August-3 September 1949. This wes the occasion of Krebs's first postwar visit. See Rem. & Refl., pp. 155-156. Brief correspondence re arrangements; programme. A.455-A.468 Correspondence with individuals (mostly Germans) and organisa- tions re renewing of contacts after the war, 1945-49. A.455 Abderhalden, E. Relocation in Zurich; starting a new journal. Benesch, R. (Polish Jewish refugee) 1947 1946 Breusch, F.L. News of German universities; thanks Krebs for his friendly reception in Sheffield. 1947 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.456-A.459 Biographical and autobiographical 63 Bucher, Th. Much of the correspondencerelates to Krebs's efforts to help this former collaborator of Otto Warburg secure publication of his scientific papers and includes Krebs's correspondence with editors of journals. Rem. &Refl., pp. 149-150. See 1945-49 Four folders. A.456 (and typescript copy dated 28.11.45 by Krebs) with news of Warburg. November 1945-June 1946. Includes undated ms. letter July-December 1946. A.457 15 August in which he mentions that the idea of providing Warburg with facilities for work in Britain had aroused the violent opposition of some people. Includes carbon of Krebs's letter of 1947. Includes carbon of Krebs's letter of 16 June in which A.458 he discusses the polemical character of Warburg's book Schwermetalle als Wirkungsgruppen von Fermenten. A.459 report of the Frankfurt meeting of the German Biochemical Society. Includes BUcher's letter of 15 October 1948 with 1948-49. A.460 Butenandt, A. Krebs wrote that it was time to rebuild international scientific contacts and enquired about C. Martius. 1947 Elsevier Publishing Company / Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1946, 1949-50 1946 announcement of new journal (BBA). 1949 suggestion that the Board of Editors should be enlarged to include a representative from Germany. Foreign Office (German Section) Supply of scientific literature between Britain and Germany. 1949 A.461 Gaffron, H. (refugee) Meeting Warburg in America; symposium on carbon dioxide fixation to be held in Sheffield in July 1950. 1949 Guyot, Olga Oneletter only. 1948 Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.461 (Cont'd.) Biographical and autobiographical Handovsky, H. re article on Cell Metabolism by Krebs (and W.A. Johnson) which had been due to appear in Cellula in 1940. (Bibliog. 125.) 1945 A.462 A.463 Kogut, Margot Postwar conditions in Berlin in general and at the University in particu- lar; securing a copy of Warburg's book for Krebs. 1947 Kroetz, Klothilde Terrible conditions in Germany; arrangements for a visit to England. 1946-49 A.464 Kussmann, Eva Maria 1947 Oneletter only. Lynen, F. Scientific cooperation; transporting samples of yeast to Sheffield. 1948 Martius, C. One letter only. 1948 A.465 (Polish biochemist d.1943) te Ostern, P. News of his death in Poland; return to his widow in Poland of valuables left by Ostern in England in 1939. 1945-46, 1949. Parnas, J.K. (Polish biochemist relocated in Russia) His non-attendance at the International Physiological Congress in Oxford. 1947 A.466 Thennhauser, S.J. (refugee) 1949 Krebs's 1949 visit to the USA. Tidow, G. Includes correspondencere shortage of medical supplies in Germany, especially insulin. 1946-49 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 65 Biographical and autobiographical A.467 A.468 A.469 Werburg, O.H. 1945, 1947 Correspondence with H.K.F. Blaschko and J.S. Huxley 1945. re news of Warburg. 2copies of Krebs's letter to Warburg of 14 June re his book 1947. Schwermetalle als Wirkungsgruppen von Fermenten (Rem. & Refl., pp. 150-151). Weber, H.H. 1947-48 the Frankfurt Congress of the German Biochemical Society; Reprints; the First International Biochemical Congress. Weil-Malherbe, H. re posts in New Zealand and Geneva. (refugee) Wrede, F. 1947 1947 Documents re Krebs's candidacy for the Sir William Dunn Professorship in Biochemistry at Cambridge, 1949. Brief correspondence re Krebs's election by the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei as Socio Straniero della Classe delle Scienze Biologiche, 1951. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 66 Biographical and autobiographical A.470-A.476 Correspondence and papers re offer of Professorship at Harvard, 1951. In May 1951 Krebs received a letter from George Wald, Professor of Biology at Harvard, informing him 'that Harvard's Administration had decided to explore the possibility of appointing a small number of new Professors in the Department of Biology in order to Krebs expressed interest in bring a few men of high distinction into the Department’. such an appointment and Harvard invited him 'to spend a week there as Visiting Lecturer, to give two or three lectures, and discuss the projected professorship’ Rem. & Refl., p.180). Krebs visited Harvard from 16 October and lectured on 'Thetricarboxylic acid cycle in micro-organisms', 'The free energy changes associated with the tricarboxylic acid cycle and the efficiency of oxidative phosphorylation’ and 'Some aspects of energy utilization in living matter’ (Bibliog. 157). See also A.49. A.470 Correspondence with Harvard re projected professorship, arrangements for visit; lecture poster. A.471, A.472 Correspondence with colleagues and Rockefeller Foundation re possible move to Harvard, other engagements during visit. 2 folders. A.473 A.474 A.475 A.476 Social and personal correspondence during visit. Typescript diary of American visit; miscellaneous ms. and typescript notes. Miscellaneous memorabilia. Correspondence with Harvard and Rockefeller Foundation after Krebs's return to Sheffield; documents re Exchange Control Act, 1947 and Krebs's ms. notes on the financial considerations involved in emigration. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 67 A.477-A.480 Correspondence and papers re projected move of Krebs and his research team to the Agricultural Research Council Institute at Brabraham, near Cambridge, September 1951- January 1952. Four folders: A.477 September-October 1951 Includes typescript notes of Krebs's discussions with Sir William Slater and Lord Rothschild. A.478 November 195] Includes typescript notes of Krebs's discussions with Sir William Slater, the Vice-Chancellor of Sheffield University and Sir Arthur Trueman (Chairman of the University Grants Committee). A.479 December 195] (1) Includes typescript notes of discussions with Slater and of Sheffield Biochemistry Department meeting after visit to Brabraham; also photographs of Brabraham. A.480 December 1951 (2), January 1952 Includes typescript notes of discussions with Slater and Vice-Chancellor of Sheffield University and of departmental meeting. A.481 Correspondence and papers re projected move to the Medical Research Council's Serum Research Institute at Carshalton, January-February 1952. A.482-A.486 Lasker Award of the American Public Health Association, 1953. A.482 A.483 A.484 A.485 A.486 Letter informing Krebs of award; correspondence re arrangements for visit to New York for award ceremony; letters of thanks. Publicity material, etc. re Lasker Awards. Press-cuttings. Correspondence with colleagues re visit to New York. some letters of congratulation. Includes Small hardbacked notebook used by Krebs for diary of visit to New York. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 68 A .487-A.554 THE NOBEL PRIZE, 1953 See also A.28, A.31, A.122. For Krebs's own account of the rumoured award of the Nobel Prize in 1952 and the actual award in 1953 see Rem. & Refl., ch.15. A.487 Invitation to nominate a candidate for the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine in 1949, with carbon of Krebs's reply explaining why he felt unable to comply. Letter from F. Cedrangolo re his proposal to nominate Krebs for Nobel Prize, 23 November 1951; Krebs's reply with summary ofhis research. Brief correspondence re rumoured award of Nobel Prize to Krebs in 1952. Documents re award of Nobel Prize in 1952 to S.A. Waksman. A.488 Two phot ocopies of telegram from Caroline Institute announcing award of the 1953 Prize in Physiology and Medicine. Original and photocopy of telegram of congratulations from Swedish Ambassador . H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 69 A.489-A.531 Letters of congratulation By his own reckoning, Krebs received 586 letters and telegrams of congratulation, He arranged them in groups according to date received (not, over a period of one year. of course, the date of despatch) and this arrangement has been respected here. sheet of notes setting out his arrangement is preserved at A.489. together all the letters arriving on a particular day, but as the flow of letters lessened so the timespan covered by each group lengthened from a few days to a week, a month and so on. Letters sent to his wife, Christmas cards, and late or special messages form groups of their Krebs's Initially, Krebs kept Letters for 21 and 22 October 1953 are described by Krebs as 'premature', presumably own. It should be noted that the because they were sent before the official announcement. three congratulations which Krebslists as arriving on 20 October are not preserved here but in the scrapbook at A.3l,and the thirty-one congratulations which Krebs lists as arriving on 29 October were not found separately identified by him and seem at some point to have become incorporated with those that arrived on 26 October. The correspondents include scientific colleagues, personal friends and relations, and acquaintances and sometimes unknown writersin Germany whosent, along with their congratulations, reminiscences of Krebs's family, home and events during and after the Second World War. There is a separate, additional group of letters written to Krebs's step-motherin Germany and subsequently forwarded to him; these appear at A.528. Carbons of Krebs's replies to the letters and telegrams of congratulation appear at A.529-A.531. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 70 A.489 Krebs's ms. note of his arrangement of the letters. A.490 ‘Premature 21.10.53! A.509 4.11.53 A.491 ‘Premature 22.10.53' A.510 5.11.53 A.492 23.10.53 (1) A.511 6.11.53 A.493 23.10.53 (2) A.512 7.11.53 A.494 23.10.53 (3) A.513 9.11.53 A.495 24.10.53 (1) A.514 10-11.11.53 A.496 24.10.53 (2) A.515 12-14.11.53 A.497 24.10.53 (3) A.516 18.11.53 A.498 25.10.53 A.517 19-21.11.53 A.499 26.10.53 (1) A.518 23-28.11.53 A. 500 26.10.53 (2) A.519 29.11.-6.12.53 A.501 26.10.53 (3) A.520 7-31 .12.53 N.B. A.499-A.501 probably incorporate letters received 29.10.53 A.502 27.10.53 (1) A.521 January 1954 A.503 27.10.53 (2) A.522 February 1954 A. 504 98.10.53 A.505 30.10.53 A.506 31.10.53 A.507 2.11.53 A. 508 3.11.53 A.523 "Margaret' A.524 March-April-May 1954 A.525 "Christmas' A.526 "Late and Special’ H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 71 Biographical and autobiographical A.527 A.528 Miscellaneous correspondence re Nobel Prize including letters of congratulation not found with the preceding. Folder includes translation of letter from the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Freiburg. For original see A.31. Letters of congratulation written to Krebs's step-mother in Germany. Unindexed. A.529-A.531 Krebs's replies to letters of congratulation presented in an alphabetical sequence. Unindexed. 3 folders: A.529 A-H A.530 1-R A.531 S-Z Miscellaneous correspondence: requests for autographs. Miscellaneous correspondence: cranks (Krebs's designation). Miscellaneous correspondence: appeals for help. Miscellaneous correspondence: requests for articles, interviews and photographs for the press. A. 532 A.533 A.534 A.535 A.536-A.544 Visit to Stockholm A.536 A.537 A.538 A.539 A.540 A.541 Correspondence with Swedish authorities re Nobel Prize ceremonies. Correspondencere travel arrangements. Correspondence with P.S. Hench with advice about Nobel ceremonies; printed matter. Social and personal correspondence. Invitations to lecture in conjunction with Nobel ceremonies. Krebs's notes on visit to Stockholm, address to students. Short articles written by the Krebs children on their impressions of Stockholm, for a Swedish newspaper. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 72 A.542 A.543 A. 544 Programmes, statutes of the Nobel Foundation, etc. Traduction des Discours 4 la Féte Nobel 1953 (printed booklet). Printed copy of Krebs's Nobel Lecture ‘The Citric Acid Cycle’ (Bibliog. 173). A.545-A.547 Krebs honoured by City and University of Sheffield A.545 Copy of minutes of the University Senate, 6 November 1953. Copy of minutes of the Board of the Faculty of Medicine, 18 November 1953. Addresses to the University Court, 11 December 1953. Copies of the Sheffield University Gazette for November 1953 and March 1954. A.546 A.547 Correspondence re dinner given by University in Krebs's honour, illuminated copy of Sheffield City Council's resolution of congratulations, etc. Menus and table plan for university dinner; drafts of Krebs's remarks; 2 copies of song for October 22, 1953: 'The first Nobel that was honoured this day’. A.548, A.549 Krebs honoured by Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem A.548 Correspondence (principally with W. Zander, Secretary of the Friends) re dinner held under the auspices of the Medical Group of the Friends. Personal correspondence with Grete Zander. Newspaper-cutting. A.549 Invitation cards for dinner given by the Sheffield Branch of the Friends (Krebs was chairman of the Sheffield Branch). Draft for Krebs's speech at Sheffield dinner. Invitations from Leeds and Manchester Friends (declined). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 73 A.550-A.553 75th Anniversary of Nobel Foundation, 1975 A.550 A.551 A.552 A.553 Correspondence with Swedish organisers; correspondence re travel arrangements. Information about anniversary, programmes, lists of participants. Invitation cards; press-cuttings. Correspondence re seminar by Krebs at University of Stockholm during anniversary celebrations. Krebs talked on the 'Regulation of Folate and Methionine Metabolism in the Rat’. A.554 Newspaper-cuttings 1 Box. A.555-A.566 Whitley Professorship of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, 1954 A.555-A.557 A.555 Correspondence with scientific colleagues, officers of the university and Medical Research Council re Krebs's election to the Whitley Professorship, transfer of the Medical Research Council Unit, etc., arranged in a chronological sequence. March-April Letters encouraging Krebs to apply for the Whitley Professorship. In a letter drafted at The Ambassadors Hotel, Atlantic City, Krebs raised the question of his long-term responsibilities towards the MRC and towards the staff of his unit. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.556 Biographical and autobiographical 74 May Letter (photocopy) offering Krebs the Professorship; correspondence and minutes of telephone conversations and personal discussions re the offer and in particular the feasibility of a transfer of the Medical Research Council unit. A.557 June Continuing correspondence, etc. re conditions of offer. Arrangements for Krebs's election to the Oxford Chair were completed by the end of the month and on 30 June he tenderedhis resignation from the Sheffield Chair. A.558-A.560 Correspondence re deteiled arrangements for move to Oxford. A. 561 A.562 A.563 A.558 July (1) A.559 July (2) A.560 August-September Correspondence and papers re financial considerations of members of the MRC unit in respect of the move to Oxford. Various lists of equipment drawn up in respect of the move to Oxford. Miscellaneous papers re move to Oxford. Includes material re accommodation for MRC unit, technicians at Oxford, etc. A.564-A.566 Letters of congretulation arranged in an alphabetical sequence. A. 564 B-G A.565 H-L A. 566 M-W For jotters with material re move to Oxford see A.129-A.132. A.567, A.568 A.567 A.568 Royal Medal, 1954 Letter informing Krebs of award; documents re anniversary dinner to which Krebs was invited as a recipient of a Royal Medal. Letters of congratulation. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.569 A.570 Biographical and autobiographical Brief correspondence re Krebs's appointment as a member of the Agricultural Research Council, 1955. Brief correspondence re Krebs's re-appointment, 1960. 75 Brief correspondence re Krebs's appointment as Honorary Consulting Biochemist to the United Oxford Hospitals, July 1956. Brief correspondence re offer of Chair of Physiological Chemistry at Freiburg, October 1956. A.571, A.572 Honorary Degree of the University of Paris, November 1956. A.571 A.572 A.573 A.574 Correspondence re arrangements. Programme; invitation cards; press-cuttings, etc. Brief correspondence re Krebs's election as Honorary Fellow of the National Institute of Sciences of India, 1957. Letters of sympathy on the occasion of Krebs's street accident, 1957. A.575-A.591 Knighthood, 1958 Letters of congratulation presented in an alphabetical sequence. A.575 A - Ba A.576 Be-Bu A.577 Cc, D A.578 E, F A.579 A.580 A. 581 A. 582 G H I-K L A. 583 M A. 584 A.585 A. 586 A.587 N-P Q, R S T-V A. 588 W, Z A. 589 first names and unidentified A .590 A.591 Carbons of Krebs's replies to letters of congratulation. Unindexed. Newspaper-cuttings. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 76 A592 Brief correspondence re Krebs's election to the Royal College of Physicians, April 1958. A.593, A.594 Honorary Degree of the University of Glasgow, June 1958. A.593 A.594 A.594A Correspondence re arrangements. Order of proceedings, presentation address, etc. Honorary Degree of University of Sheffield, 12 May 1959. Order of proceedings only. A.595, A.596 Honorary Degree of the University of London, November 1959. A.595 A.596 A.597 Correspondence re arrangements. University of London Gazette with presentation address; cards; information sheets. invitation Telegram from President of Federal Republic of Germany with 60th birthday greetings; carbon of Krebs's reply; newspaper-cutting. Telegram from Dean of the Medical Faculty of Humboldt University with news of honorary degree for Krebs, November 1960. A.598-A.601 The Copley Medal of The Royal Society, 1961. A.598 A.599 Certificate. Brief correspondence with Royal Society; newspaper-cutting. A.600, A.601 Letters of congratulation arranged in an alphabetical sequence. A. 600 A-K A.601 L-Z A .602 Invitation to deliver Royal Society Croonian Lecture, May 1963. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.603 A. 604 A.605 A.606 77 Biographical and autobiographical Honorary Degree of the University of Leicester, July 1963. Correspondence re arrangements for degree ceremony; order of proceedings. Correspondence re reception in Krebs's honour given by Leicester Branch of the Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; press- cutting re endowment of scholarship in Krebs's honour at the Hebrew University . Letter from Spanish Ambassador informing Krebs of the wish of the University of Granada to confer an honorary degree, 2/ April 1964. Also included is brief leter correspondence with Rector of the University of Granada, 1981. Election to the Associete Foreign Membership of the U.S. Academy of Sciences, April 1964. Letters of congratulation presented in an alphabetical sequence. Honorary Degree of the University of Leeds, 14 May 1964. Newspaper-cuttings only. Election to Council of Royal Society, November 1964. A.607 Gold Medel of the Royal Society of Medicine, 1965. Brief correspondence only. Honorary Degree of the University of Pennsylvania, 1965. Newspaper-cutting only. Life Membership of the Medical Protection Society Limited, 1965. Brief correspondence only. A. 608 65th birthday greetings including telegram from President of the Federal Republic of Germany and Krebs's draft reply, 1965. H.A,. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 78 A. 609 Brief correspondence re appointment as Vice-President of the Royal Society, 1966. Brief correspondence re election to Fellowship of St. Cross College, Oxford, 1966; miscellaneous later correspondence re St. Cross. Invitation for Krebs to serve as member of Board of Electors to the Sibthorpian Professorship of Rural Economy, Oxford, 1966. A.610, A.611 Honorary Degree of the University of Bordeaux, October 1966. A.610 A.611 A.612 A.613-A.626 A.613-A.616 Correspondence re arrangements. Invitation cards; menus; press-cutting. Honorary Professorship at the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine. 1966. Retirement from Whitley Professorship of Biochemistry, 1967. Correspondence re offers of post-retirement appointments, 1965-67, declined by Krebs. of institution. vania and one later letter (1969). F.156. Includes earlier (1962) offer from University of Pennsyl- Presented in an alphabetical sequence by name See also F.124, F.137, F.138, A.613 A, Ca-Ch A.615 E, L, N A.614 Co, D. A.616 P,T, W For Krebs's post-retirement move to @ laboratory at the Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford, see C.108-C.123. A.617-A.623 Biochemical Society Symposium in Krebs's honour, Oxford, July 1967. A.617-A.620 Correspondence with organisers, contributors et al presented in an alphabetical sequence. A.617 A, B A.618 F,G A.619 K A. 620 L,R, S A.621 Krebs's ms. @nd typescript notes re symposium, photocopies from pub- lished proceedings of F. Dickens's opening remarks and H.L. Kornberg's biographical account, etc. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 79 A. 622 A.623 A. 624 A.625 A.626 Agenda papers annotated by Krebs. Telegrams of congratulation and letters from those unable to attend symposium. Presented in an alphabetical sequence. Miscellaneous items re dinner for Sir Hans and Lady Krebs given by MRCstaff and visitors at Trinity College, Oxford, July 1967. Includes signed menu. Ms. and typescript drafts of Krebs's various retirement speeches . Miscellaneous items re Krebs's retirement. Includes Ip. typescript note 'Arrangements for retirement’, letter from H.P. Himsworth expressing his own and the MRC's appreciation of Krebs's work and letter from R.R. Porter re portrait and photograph of Krebs. A. 627 Honorary Fellow of the College of Pathologists, 1967. Visitor to the Flour Milling and Baking Association, 1967. A.628 Honorary Memberof the Section of Experimental Medicine and Therapeutics of the Royal Society of Medicine, 1968. Foreign Member Istituto Lombardo, 1968. Honorary Fellow Trinity College, Oxford, 1968. A.629 Honorary Member of the Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina, 1969. Honorary Fellow Institute of History of Medicine and Medical Research (New Delhi), 1969. A.630-A.640 Krebs's 70th Birthday, 1970. A.630-A.635 Birthday greetings presented in an alphabetical sequence. A. 630 A, B A. 632 K- P A.631 C-J A. 633 R-W A.634, A.635 unidentified and first names only. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 80 Biographical and autobiographical A. 636 Press-cuttings. A.637-A. 540 Birthday dinner party in Trinity College, Oxford. A. 637 A. 638 Ms. notes and brief correspondence with Trinity College re arrange- ments. Draft and carbons of letter of invitation. A.639, A.640 Replies presented in an alphabetical sequence. A. 639 B-Q A. 640 R - W,first nomes and unidentified A.641, A.642 Honorary Member Deutsche Gesellschaft fr Innere Medizin, 1972. Brief correspondence re Krebs's election. Cased certificate. Honorary Degree of University of Bristol, 1973. Correspondence re arrangements; presentation address; certificate. Birthday greetings card, with ms. note by Lady Krebs, 1973. Corresponding Member Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1974. Correspondence re Krebs's election. A.645, A. 646 Médaille de Vermeil de la Ville de Paris, 1975. Correspondence re arrangements; drafts of Krebs's speech in English and French. Certificate. A.647, A. 648 75th Birthday, 1975. Birthday greetings. 2 folders. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 8] A.649 A. 650 A.651 Letter from the Medical School Offices, Oxford University, informing Krebs that his name has been removed from the list of members of the Faculty of Clinical Medicine, 16 September 1975. Letter from the President of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences with good wishes on the occasion of Krebs's Golden Jubilee as a doctor, December 1975. Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1976. Brief correspondence re election. Letter from Oxford University informing Krebs that his name is not included in the revised Register of Members of Congregation, as Emeritus Professors over 75 are not eligible for membership, 18 February 1977. Socio d'Onore Societa Italiana per il Progresso delle Scienze, 1977. Brief correspondence re election. Academico Correspondiente Extranjero, Academia de Ciencias Medicas (Argentina), 1977. 77th birthday greetings, 1977. A.652 Award of the American College of Physicians, 1978. Correspondencere arrangements. A.653 A. 654 Honorary Degree of University of Cambridge, 1979. Correspondence re arrangements; order of proceedings and speeches of the orator. Copyofletter from Krebs to Managing Director, Reader's Digest Association Limited, 15 June 1979, re ‘Library of Modern Knowledge’ in which his lifespan is noted as 1900-1976. Hans Krebs Lecture of the Medizinische Hochschule, Hanover, 1979. Brief correspondence re association of Krebs's name with annual lecture at Hanover. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 82 A.655 Honorary Degree of University of Liverpool, 1979. Correspondence re arrangements; orations; certificate. A.656 Honorary Citizenship of Texas, March 1980. Certificates only. A.657, A.658 Honorary Degree of Indiana University, May 1980. A. 657 A.658 Brief correspondence; certificate; presentation address, etc. ‘Commencement 1980'. Printed booklet. A.659, A. 660 Honorary Degree of the University of G&ttingen, May 1980. A.659 A. 660 A. 661 Brief correspondence; certificate. Annual report of the Gymnasium Andreanum Hildesheim with account of Krebs's honorary degree at Gdttingen. 30th Conference of the Biological Chemistry Society, University of Dusseldorf, 27-29 May 1980. The conference was held 'in honour of Sir Hans A. Krebs in the year of his 80th Birthday’. Invitation; programme; list of participants; published accounts; photograph, etc. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 83 Biographical and autobiographical Krebs's 80th Birthday, 1980. A.662-A.680 Birthday greetings. Manyare very brief messages of congratulation but others include extended reminiscences, tributes or discussions of current research. A.662 A.663 A.664 A.665 A.666 A.667 A.668 Ba- Be Bi-C D E-G 4H J K A.6oL A.670 M A.671 A.672 A.673 A.674 A.675 A.676 A.677 N, P Q,R Sa - Sh Si - Sz T, V W-Z Family A.678-A.680 Unidentified and first names only A.681 A.682 A. 683 'Sir Hans Krebs: Eightieth Birthday Congratulations’, Biochemical Society Bulletin (1 980). Tribute by H.L. Kornberg, and photograph (4 copies). Press-cuttings. Dinner for Sir Hans Krebs at Trinity College, Oxford, 4 November 1980. Menu only. For Biochemical Society meeting at Sheffield, July 1980, to honour Krebs's 80th birthday see B.98-B.100. A. 684 Visitor, Boston University School of Medicine, 1281 Invitation to Krebs to become a memberof Board of Visitors, corres pondence re scheduling of annual meeting, etc., 1980-81. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.685 A. 686 A. 687 A.688 Biographical and autobiographical Member of Board of Directors, Heineman Medical Research Center, Charlotte, North Carolina, 1981. Brief correspondence re Krebs's membership of Board of Directors. Folder also includes later (1982) letter to Lady Krebs re the establish- ment of the 'Hans Krebs Fellowship’ at Charlotte. Brief correspondence re establishment of the 'Hans-Adolf-Krebs- Preis’ by the Deutsche Gesellschaft fUr Ern&hrung, 1981. Krebs's death. ‘Arrangements after my death’ Ms. and typescript notes by Krebs, n.d., re disposition of his papers, books, reprints, etc. Order of service for Krebs's funeral, Trinity College Chapel, Oxford, 26 November 1981. Notices and order of service for memorial service, University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, 6 February 1982; memorial service addresses. A.689-A.711 Letters of condolence, some including extended reminiscences and tributes. A. 689 A. 690 A.691 A.692 A. 693 A. 694 A.695 A. 696 A.697 A.698 A.699 A.700 A Ba - Be BI - Bu Cc D E, F G Ha - He Hi- Hu J K La - Le A.701 A.702 A.703 A.704 A.705 A.706 A.707 A.708 A.709 A.710 A.711 Li-Lo' M N O-Q R Sa - Sh Si - Sz T ~—«OU, V W-Z First names only A.712 Messages sent with flowers. 1 envelope. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical ne 85 A.713 Honours offered to Krebs in ignorance of his death, 1982. Accademia Mediterranea delle Scienze. University of Southern California. A.714 Invitation card and photocopy of press-cutting for 'acto de Homenaje’ of the University of Granada on the first anniversary of Krebs's death, 1982. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical A.715-A.887 FAMILY CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS 86 A.715-A.786 The Krebs family A.787-A.791 The Davidson family A.792 The Traube family A.793-A .796 Otherrelatives A.797-A.869 Restitution claims A.870-A.887 Genealogy The material is presented as above, with an indication of the family relation- The very extensive sequences of family corres- ships where this is ascertainable. pondenceof the 1930s and later reflect on the sufferings of Jews in Nazi Germany, their enforced emigration to Britain, Palestine and elsewhere, renewal of contacts after the Second World War and claims of restitution from the German state. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.715- A.728 Biographical and autobiographical The Krebs family Georg Krebs (father), 1867-1939 87 Letters and cards from Krebs's father, 1922-24, 1933-39. Many of the 1930s letters have postscripts from Krebs's stepmother, Maria. re his half-sister, Gisela. in A.728 is about the death of Krebs's father. There is one letter from Krebs to his father, 26 December 1938, The letter from W.A. Rosenstein to Krebs 14 folders. A.715 1922-24 A.716 1933, April-July A.717. 1933, August-December A.718 1934, February-June A.719 1934, July-December A.720 1935 A.721 1936 A.722 A.723 A.724 A.725 A.726 A.727 A.728 1937, 1937, 1938, 1938, 1938, 1939, January, February June-December January-April June-August September -December January, February 1939, May -September A.729 Alma Krebs (née Davidson) (mother), 1870-1919 Letters and cards to Krebs, 1918-19. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.730- A.744 Biographical and autobiographical 88 Elisabeth (Lise) Krebs (later Daniel) (sister), 1895-1985 Letters and cards from Krebs's sister, 1917-70, from Germany and, after the Daniels’emigration in 1936, from Palestine. sequence includes a small number of items from Lise's husband, Adolf Daniel, anda small number of items addressed to Krebs's There is a letter from Krebs to his younger brother, Wolfgang. sister re their father's estate, 26 November 1939, and a 6pp. report ofhis first post-Hitler visit to Germany, dated 11 September 1949. The 15 folders. A.730 1917-19 A.731 1920-23 A.732 1933 A.733 1934 A.734 1935 A.735 1936 A.736 1937 A.737 1938, Janvary-May A.738 1938, July-December A.739 1939 A.740 1940-42 A.741 1944-46 A.742 1947-49 A.743 1950-52 A.744 1967, 1970, n.d. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.745- A.762 89 Biographical and autobiographical Ernst Wolfgang Krebs (brother), b.1902 Letters and cards from Krebs's younger brother, 1919-52. came to England in 1936 and was interned for a time in the war. Includes some items from Wolfgang's wife, Lotte. Wolfgang 18 folders. A.745 1919, nd., 1923 A.746 1934 A.747 1935 A.754 A.755 A.756 1940, April-August 1940, September(1) 1940, September(2) A.748 1936, January-May A.757 1940, September (3) A.749 1936, July-December A.758 1940, October A.750 1937, January-March A.759 1941 A.751 1937, June-December A.760 1942 A.752 1938 A.753 1939 A.761 1945-47 A.762 1948-52 A.763- A.769 Maria Krebs (née Werth) (stepmother), 1902-77 Letters and cards from Krebs's stepmother, 1933-39, 1945-48. The last of the pre-war letters have postscripts by Krebs's father. pre-war letter from Maria, dated 17 August 1939, is addressed to Alice Garnett, a colleague of Krebs at Sheffield, and relates to Alice Garnett's proposed visit to Hildesheim. Many 7 folders. A.763 1933-34 A.764 1935-36 A.765 1937 A.766 1938 A.767 1939 A.768 1945-46 A.769 1947-48 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical A.770- A.776 Gisela Krebs (half-sister), b.1932 Correspondence re Gisela Krebs, 1938-39. The correspondence is explained by Lady Krebs in a note dated 5 January 1983: 90 | set about "In 1938 - soon after our marriage - we became anxious for the safety of Gisela Krebs - Hans' young half-sister - aged about 7. writing to Convents to see whether any could take the child, without fees, as a boarder and we would look after her in the holidays. The rough copies in pencil are in my hand and Maria wrote some of them out to send. Wefinally had a most helpful letter from Notre] D[ame] Leeds where both mother and child were taken. But in the summer of '39 when they had gone to Germany to see the father they were caught by the war and had a very very difficult time. My family were all Notre Dame Convent educated and Gisela is also a Catholic .' Lady Krebs's note (quoted above); drafts of letters to the Bishop of Leeds, Catholic Womens University Federation Society, Sisters Superior. Replies from Convents and others, December 1938. 2 folders. Further draft letters to Sisters Superior; letter from Catholic Committee for Refugees from Germany, 17 January 1939. Later correspondence re Maria and Gisela, 1939-41. Correspondence re renewing contacts with Maria and Gisela Krebs after the war andKrebs's attempts to get permission for Gisela to come to England, 1945-47. Includes ms. draft of long letter of family news in part written on back of University of Sheffield School of Dental Surgery Attendance Sheet (used 21-25 April 1945); correspondence with Home Office and Eleanor Rathbone MP; also later (1948) letter from E.F.W. Dux who had met Maria on a visit to Hildesheim and draft letter from Krebs re family (also 1948). A.770 A.771, A.772 A.773 A.774 A.775 See also A.107, A.108. A.776 Letter from Gisela Krebs, 1953. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 91 Biographical and autobiographical Margaret Krebs (née Fieldhouse) (wife), b.1913 Letters from Margaret Fieldhouse on a pre-wedding visit to Krebs's family in Germany, December 1937-January 1938. 2 folders. Wedding congratulations, 1938. A.779 B-W A.780 Unidentified Miscellaneous personal items, 1938. Miscellaneous shorter family or domestic items, 1940s. Miscellaneous shorter family or domestic items, 1950s or n.d. A.779, A.780 A.781 A.782 A.783 A.784 Paul Stephen Krebs (son), b.1939 Brief correspondence, 1962, 1975. A.785 Helen Margaret Krebs (later Lowell) (daughter), b.1942. Miscellaneous items, 1958, 1963, 1967 and n.d. A.786 John Richard Krebs (son), b.1945. Brief correspondence, 1956, 1961-62, 1972 and n.d. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 92 Biographical and autobiographical The Davidson family The Davidson family was Krebs's mother's family. A.787 Arnold Davidson n.d. Gertrud Davidson (m. W.A. Rosenstein) n.d., 1934, 1935 A.788 Gertrud Ilse Davidson (m. L.H. Cromer) (later Geraldine Cramer) 1941, 1943, 1945-46, 1950, 1952 A.789 Helene Davidson ('Talene') (m. W. Fuld) Kurt Adolph Davidson A.790 Reni Davidson 1933 1966 1934 Siegfried Davidson 1933, 1939, 1940 A.791 Ursula Lick Ilse Schragenheim 1966 1939-40 The Traube family The physical chemist Isidor Traube was a cousin of Krebs's mother. A.792 Elli Trombetta Traube Moritz Traube 1970 1948 For Isidor Traube and Sonya Boas-Traube see J.730-J.733. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 93 Biographical and autobiographical Otherrelatives A.793 D.H. Curtis 1968 R. Sanders (formerly Rudi Zweig) Sanders's aunt Ernestine was Krebs's grandfather's second wife. 1958 Ena Steiner (née Rosenthal) 1958 Steiner's and Krebs's grandfathers were brothers. Correspondence re Krebs family and namesakes, various dates, 1962-80. 2 folders. 'Gott und Welt Albrecht DUrer Handzeichnungen aus dem Gebetbuche des Kaiser Maximilian mit der Besprechung von J.W.v. Goethe’. Copy forwarded to Krebs by Helmut Krebs, 1973. A.794, A.795 A.796 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 94 Biographical and autobiographical RESTITUTION CLAIMS A.797- A.869 Comprehensive documentation re claims of the Krebs family for restitution from The correspondents are membersof the the German state after the Second World War. Krebs family, lawyers (J. Loeb in Britain and F. NUlsen in Germany) and official agencies in Britain and Germany. See also A.739, A.768, A.769. A.797, A.798 A.799- A.855 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 Originals and photocopies of 1930s financial documents. 2 folders. A chronological sequence of correspondence and papers, 1946-79, including Krebs's ms. drafts and carbons. are in very poor condition. Many of these documents A.799 A.800 A.801 April, May A.803 September -December A.802 June-August A.804 June-August A.805 September -December A.806 January-March A.807 April-December A.808 May-June. Also included are some original letters of 1938. A.809 July-October A.810 November, December A.811 A.812 January-June A.813 July -November A.814 February-May A.816 Oct ober -December A.815 June -September 1955 A.817 January-March A.819 September -December A.818 April-July 1956 A.820 January -June A.821 July-December H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 1957 1960 1961 1962 | z l 1965 1967 | 1968 95 Biographical and autobiographical January, February A. 825 July March April-June A. 826 August -October > .827 November, December January, February r b 831 October March -June July -September > 832 November, December 822 823 824 828 B29 .830 .833 January > . 836 June 834 835 839 February, March > 837 July April, May > 838 August -December February -May > 841 Oct ober -December D O P D U C U C O P U C U m O U C U m l O O U C U m O M U m l O U U m U m U m r e D r m U m O F > P F .840 August, September F & F 842 January-April > 843 February -April F F 845 February -June F F . 847 January-March > . 848 January-April > .850 January-March > 851 June -September 844 . 846 849 852 June -September August -November July-December Oct ober -December 1969 > 853 January-March 1972, 1976, 1979ae A. 854 n.d. A. 855 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 96 Biographical and autobiographical A.856- A. 869 A second sequence of documentation sent to Krebs by Loeb's secretary after the lawyer's death in 1979, See A.854 above. A.856 1950, 1955 A.863 1956, April (3) A.857 1956, January A.864 1956, April (4) A.858 1956, February A.865 1956, April (5) A.859 1956, March (1) A.866 1956, May A.860 1956, March (2) A.867 1956, July, August A.861 1956, April (1) A.868 1957 A.862 1956, April (2) A.869 Press-cuttings H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 97 Biographical and autobiographical GENEALOGY Correspondence with Mrs. G. Neuberg, principally about genealogical matters, 1969-70, 1977. Mrs. Neuberg was a distant relative of the German biochemist, C. Neuberg. Correspondence with James H. Heineman about genealogical matters, 1977-80, including copies or extracts of Heineman's correspondence with other relatives especially Krebs's first cousin, Kurt Davidson. Krebs's mother was a first cousin of Heineman's maternal grandmother. A.871 1977, March-June A.873 1978, February, March A.872 1977, July-December A.874 1978, June-Oct ober A.875 1979, 1980 Genealogical material sent to Krebs by Heineman Genealogy of the descendants of David Moses Davidson, d.1794, with index. Krebs appears on p.8 of the genealogy. Photocopies of the Hanover City Directory for 1890 and 1899. Photocopy of 'Der alte jUdische Friedhof in Hannover’, by Margret Wahl (76 pp.). Photocopies of documents re the Schiff family of Charlotte, North Carolina. A.870- A.887 A.870 A.871- A.875 A.876 A.877 A.878 A.879, A.880 2 folders. Photographs of the Schiff family. 3 folders. Miscellaneous genealogical material . 2 folders. Information re Minna-James-Heineman -Stiftung . 2 folders. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical A.888-A.924 HILDESHEIM (City and school) 98 A general sequence of correspondence and papers, 1965-79. Krebs's school, the Gymnasium Andreanum, see A.907-A.924. For A.888 A.889- A.898 A.889 A.890, A.891 A.892, A.893 A.894 A.895 A.896 A.897, A.898 A.899 A.900 1965 Conferral of 'EhrenbUrger' status on Krebs, 1966. Correspondence with Oberstadtdirektor Kampf and others re arrange - ments for ceremony. Letters of congratulation, correspondence with other members of family re conferral of the honour. letter to his sister explaining why he was prepared to accept the award. A.890 includes photocopy of Krebs's 2 folders. Letters of congratulation written to Krebs's stepmother and forwarded Maria Krebs's covering letter identifies the corres - to him by her. pondents. 2 folders. Printed booklet with text of speech of BUrgermeister Boyken on the occasion of the conferral of the 'EhrenbUrgerrecht' and Krebs's speech of thanks. Ms. draft of Krebs's speech of thanks; ms. note on 'Ehrenburger Hildesheim' and typescript note entitled 'Trennung und Wiedervere inigung’. Press -cuttings. Printed material re Hildesheim. 1968 Correspondencere visit of party of girls from the Hildesheim High School to Krebs's laboratory. 1969-71, 1978-79 Miscellaneous correspondence with Stadtarchivdirektor, H. von Jan. Includes text of von Jan's 1978 lecture on the rise of Nazism and the persecution of the Jews with some referenceto the fate of individual Hildesheim Jews. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.901 1970 Biographical and autobiographical 99 Includes letter from R. Liecke with memories of Krebs's father. A.902 1971 Includes correspondence re visit of schoolgirls to Krebs's laboratory and 5pp. typescript re old Jewish cemeteries. A.903 1972 'Beziehungen zu einer stadt' Article by Krebs for a Hildesheim number of the journal Merian. (Not listed in Bibliog .) Heavily corrected draft and related correspondence. A.904 1973-74 Includes material re visit of students of the Pddagogische Hochschule to Oxford and invitation for Krebs to lecture to Lions Club Hildesheim - Rose (declined). A.905 1975 re Krebs's 75th birthday . A.906 1978-79, n.d. A.907 A.908 Gymnasium Andreanum Hildesheim Correspondence with M. Boyken, Oberstudiendirektor, 1967, 1970, 1974-75. Folder also includes 1967 note on Didrik Pining, former pupil of the Andreanum and 'Amerikafahrer vor Columbus’. Correspondence with R. Thomasius, Boyken's successor as Oberstudiendirektor, See also A. 332. re the school's 750th Anniversary Celebration in 1975. Krebs was invited to make a contribution to a published 'Festschrift'. He also delivered the 'Festvortrag' on 29 November 1975. "Non scholae sed vitae discimus' Ms. and typescript drafts of Krebs's contribution to the Festschrift; brief correspondence. 2 folders. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.911 Biographical and autobiographical '750 Jahre Andreanum' Printed copy of Festschrift with R. Thomasius on ‘Professor Sir Hans Adolf Krebs' and Krebs's own contribution 'Non scholae sed vitae discimus'. (Not listed in Bibliog.) 100 A.912- A.916 'Festrede zur Feier des 750 jdhrigen Bestehens des Gymnasium Andreanum, 29th November 1975' (Bibliog. 354). Ms. and typescript drafts (with letter commenting on Krebs's German); printed background material re vandalism, juvenile delinquency and crime and punishment in GDR. 5 folders. Programmes of the 'Festveranstaltung'; press-cutting re 750th anniversary. Correspondence with R. Thomasius, 1977-82, re news of the school, miscellaneous invitations, visit of pupils to Oxford, etc. 1977 Folder also includes correspondence with German embassy re J.G. Lohmeyer, Rector of the Gymnasium Andreanum, 1650-75. 1978 1979-82. Printed and duplicated background material. Annual report, 1966/67. Annual report, 1978. Annual report, 1980, incorporating 'Laudatio fUr Herrn Prof. Sir Hans- Adolf Krebs' on the occasion of his honorary degree at G&ttingen in May. See also A.659, A. 660. A.917 A.918- A.920 A.918 A.919 A.920 A.921 A.922 A.923 A.923A Annual report, 1984, with photograph of the award of the 'Hans- Adolf-Krebs-Preis' for 1983. A.924 Miscellaneous. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical A.925-A.966 MISCELLANEOUS BIOGRAPHICALITEMS 101 Miscellaneous items presented in a chronological sequence. A.925 A.926 A.927 A.928 A.929 A.930 A.931 A.932 A.933 A.934 A.935 A.936 'Radfahrkarte', 17 April 1915. Address book, in use early 1930s, with lists of recipients of outgoing letters and reprints, 1930 and 1931. 'Aids to Good English', Cambridge, 1933. Annotated by Krebs. 'Arrows', December 1937 (Sheffield University Students Union publication). Includes review of play in which Krebs acted. Duplicated typescript copy of 'The Happy Journey’, by Thornton Wilder; letter from 'Kate Kirby! to ‘little Arthur', n.d. Krebs played little Arthur; Alice Garnett (q.v.) was Kate Kirby. Hotel bills, France (1937) and Italy (n.d.). Documents re German refugee organisations, March and November 1938. Leaflet on Goering printed by the Anti-Hitler Information Bureau, n.d. Meticulous ms. records of food grown by Krebs (and eggs laid by his hens) as contribution to wartime digging -for-victory campaign, with ms. copy of Krebs's letter to the owner of the land he was using, 1 May 1941; also 'Egg chart', January 1947-January 1950. Duplicated circular from The 1941 Committee, 14 January 1942. Reprint from English Studies, with covering letter from G. Bullough, 1942. The reprint is the edited text of a letter from Mary Butler written shortly after the death of her brother, Samuel, printed 'by the kind permission of the owner ... and of Professor and Mrs. Krebs’. Documents re City of Sheffield Victory Ball, 1945. 'Science and Victory. (pamphlet). The Contribution of the Refugees’, 1946 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 102 A.937 Card with Krebs's National Insurance number, postmarked 26 April 1948. Ration Book, 1953-54. A.938 A.939 Miscellaneous items, 1960s, 1970s. Miscellaneous items, 1980s and n.d. A.940 A.941- A.943 A.944- A.947 A.948, A.949 A.950- A.953 Miscellaneous items presented by topic Appeals and Charities General, various dates 1966-80, n.d. Appeals re Russian scientists, 1969-81. 3 folders. Autographs Letters requesting Krebs's autograph, signed photograph or samples ofhis work (draft papers, etc.) from a folder inscribed 'Autographs requested and despatched’. 4 folders. p p preserved). p ‘Manuscripts for collectors!' Pages torn from jotters and typescript drafts with ms. additions and corrections, set aside by Krebs for collectors. Includes draft paper on the role of equilibria in the regulation of metabolism. (Inscription on original folder not Some dated 1969-72. 2 folders. Finances Miscellaneous material re income, expenditure, taxation, insurance, etc. A folders. A.950 1929-33 A.952 1950-54 A.951 1934-47 A.953 1978 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Garden Biographical and autobiographical 103 A.954 Correspondence and papersre plants for Krebs's garden, 1958-64, 1978, 1981. 1961-62 papers re Gingko biloba seeds are accompanied by a ms. note by Lady Krebs, 1982. Health A.955 Miscellaneous material, various dates, 1964-81. Humour A.956- A.958 Miscellaneous items of biochemical or personal interest including many variations on the Krebs cycle theme, various dates, mid 1930s-1980. 3 folders. Legal and court cases A.959 1976, 1978 Marmalade A.960 Copy of Rostrum (publication of Pfizer Limited, 1981) with article by Jocelyn Thomson on Krebs's marmalade -making. Correspondence re marmalade, 1967, 1978. Photographs and portraits A.961 - A.963 Miscellaneous correspondence re photographs and portraits of Krebs, 1961-81; also (in A.963) list of ‘Contributors to Portrait Gift’ with ms. note by Lady Krebs. 3 folders. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 104 Social Invitations A.964- A.966 Correspondence, invitation cards, menus, etc. re miscellaneous invitations, principally social, mid 1930s-1980. 3 folders. A.967-A. 1062 PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE By name N.B. These are sequences of letters to Krebs, predominantly of the 1930s. There are no letters from Krebs until the 1950s. A.967- A.972 Auerbach (later Auburn) W. (fellow refugee) Auerbach and Krebs were colleagues at Hamburg -Altona and became Auerbach cameto Britain as a refugee, moving to lifelong friends. New Zealand after the war (Rem. & Refl., p.44). 1932-56 Six folders. A.967 1932 A.968 1934 A.969 1935 A.970 1936 A.971 1937 1945, 1947, 1956 A.972 1956 letter is Krebs's account of recent visit to Hamburg, his first since 1932, with news of Olga Guyot 'throughout the Nazi period ... a courageous centre of subversive activities’ and of his contacts with survivors of the 1930-31 generation at Altona, especially the nurses. The letter is accompanied by Lady Krebs's ms. note, n.d. [? 1982]. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 105 Biographical and autobiographical A.973 Baumgarten, (patient) 1933-37 Folder includes envelope postmarked 25.1.34. with Krebs's chemical notations. A.974- A.977 Burchardt, |. (fellow refugee) 1934-37, 1940, 1946 Four folders. A.974 1934 A.976 1936-37 A.975 1935 A.977 1940, 1946 A.978 Daube, D. (fellow refugee) 1935, 1936, 1956 Three letters only, with attached description by Krebs 'David Daube, Later Regius Professor of Civil known to me since 1933 in Cambridge. Law at Oxford’. A.979 'Fridolin' (F. B&hning) Fridolin was a woman paediatrician, first in Leipzig, then in Jena, and an old university friend of Krebs (from Freiberg). 1931, 1933 . A.980 - A.985 Garnett, Alice Almost all the letters and messages (many left in Krebs's pigeon -hole at Sheffield) are undated. 1936-39 Six folders. Goldschmidt, Hannah (fellow refugee) 1933-38 2 folders. A.986 1934-35 A.987 1936, 1938 A.988- A.990 Gutle, Helene 1933-37 Helene GUtle was a former patient of Krebs who worked as a social worker in Offenburg in South Germany. Three folders. A.988 1933 A.989 1934 A.990 1935-37 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A991 - A. 1000 Biographical and autobiographical 106 Holsten, Katherina (Katinka) She appears to have been a nurse whom Krebs met in the Altona hospital. visited him several times in England. She was apparently Krebs's girlfriend for a long time and 1932-37, n.d. 10 folders. A.991 A.992 1932 1933 A.996 1935, January-June A.997 1935, July-December A.993 1934, January-June A.998 1936, January-June A.994 A.995 1934, July-September A.999 1936, July-October 1934, October-December A.1000 1937 (one letter only), n.d. A.1001 K8stlin, Annemarie A.1002 Lane, Patricia S. 1977 -82 1975-76 A.1003- A.1007 Lindahl, Irmgard (fellow refugee) 1920, 1933-38, 1946, 1948, 1952 Irmgard came to England in the mid 1930s before finding a permanent home in Sweden. but were found with the rest of the correspondence. The two letters of 1920 are incomplete and unsigned Five folders. A.1003 1920, 1933 A.1006 1936-38 A.1004 1934 A.1005 1935 A.1008 Roughton, Alice A.1009 Steinberg, F.W. A.1010 A.1011 Té&ié, J. Wayne, Nan (later Lady Wayne) A.1007 1946, 1948, 1952 1936-37, 1944 1960, 1967, 1971 1947, 1957-58 1936-37, 1954 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.1012, A.1013 Biographical and autobiographical 107 (fellow refugee) Wolffenstein, E. Wolffenstein apparently arrived in England as late as April 1939. He was interned at the outbreak of the war but eventually found a post at a Jewish hospital in Leeds. 1939-50 2 folders. A.1012 1939-41 A.1013 1945-46, 1950 By year Brief exchanges or single letters arranged in a chronological sequence by year. correspondenceincludesletters from individuals in Germany seeking help and advice on emigration and from Krebs's fellow refugees in Britain. 1930s A.1014 A.1015 1918, 1919. and others. Cards and letter from piano teacher, landlady, colleague . Cards, letters, bills from the Ringwalds (Krebs's landlord and 1920. landlady in Freiburg). A.1016 1920-22. Letters from P. Hoffman, medical student in Hamburg. A.1017 1923, 1925 A.1018 1931, 1932 A.1019-A.1021 1933 Three folders A.1019 in Freiburg. January-May. Cards, letters, etc. addressed to Krebs A.1020 June-August A.1021 September-November and n.d. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical A.1022-A.1027 1934 Six folders 108 A.1022 January A.1025 June, July A.1023 February, March A.1026 August, September A.1024 April, May A.1027 October-December and n.d. A.1028-A.1031 1935 Four folders A.1028 January-March A.1030 July, August A.1029 May, June A.1031 October-December A.1032-A.1034 1936 Three folders A.1032 January-March A.1034 September -December A.1033 May-July A.1035 A.1036 A. 1037 1937 1938 1939 A.1038 n.d. (1930s) A.1039 1941-46 A.1041 n.d. (1940s) A.1042 1950-54, 1958 A.1043 1956 A.1044 1960s A.1045 1970s A.1040 1948-49 A.1046 1980-81 and n.d. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 109 Biographical and autobiographical Shorter personal (unindexed) A.1047 Carbons of Krebs's letters of greeting and congratulation to colleagues, 1973-79. A.1048, A.1049 Replies to letters of congratulation sent by Krebs to colleagues on their election to Fellowship of the Royal Society. A.1048 1936, 1966-75 A.1049 1976-81 and n.d. A.1050, A.1051 Replies to letters of congratulation from Krebs (general) A.1050 1956-68 A.1051 1969-81 and n.d. A.1052 Replies to letters of condolence from Krebs, 1967, 1974-79. A.1053, A.1054 Miscellaneous letters of thanks received by Krebs. A.1053 1950-69 A.1054 1971-80 and n.d. A.1055 Miscellaneous letters of complaint from Krebs, 1970-81. A.1056, A.1057 A.1058 Requests for Krebs's views on general topics. A.1056 1968-73 A.1057 1977-79 and n.d. Mark Twain Society, 1967-76. Includes examples of the Mark Twain Journal. A.1059 Christmas cards. A.1060 Posthumous. A.1061, A.1061A A collection of empty envelopes (most with 1930s postmarks) kept together by Krebs. 2 folders. A.1062 Miscellaneous German postcards, 1930s or earlier. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical A.1063-A.1083 SHORTER AUTOBIOGRAPHICALWRITINGS 110 A. 1063 A. 1064 "Survey of Research Work' 12pp. typescript, n.d., but latest publications mentioned relate to wartime nutrition work. Shorter autobiographical writings, .d. 21947). 3 items (one for Royal Society, A.1065, A.1066 Autobiographical notes for Who's Who and other reference works, 1953-76. A.1067, A .1068 A.1069 A.1070 A.1071 Two folders. 'Notes for RS Obituary’ Ms. notes on pages torn from jotter re arrival in England, A.1067 Cambridge, 'My discoveries', etc., 1961 and 1962. Typescript notes with ms. additions and corrections re family A.1068 and early days, 1961; also circular from Royal Society re. ipersonal records of Fellows, 1965. 'Record of Research' 21pp. typescript with ms. corrections and additions, variously dated 1963-67. 'Ten most important papers’ (Ip. typescript) and list of publications (to 1980), found with 'Record of Research’ above. Exercise book with ‘Account of Research re R.S.' and 'Review and Summary 1964- of Publications arranged according to subject matter’, various dates 67. Exercise book was also used for notes on Franks Commission on Oxford. There are loose items including press -cutting (1968) on the state of the universities . H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.1072 Biographical and autobiographical 111 'Creativity' 24pp. typescript, with 2 intercalated pages on 'Who makesdiscoveries?'. The typescript comprises Krebs's replies to the interview questions of psychologist C.J. Meyers researching the creativity of scientists, 1964. The folder also contains the list of questions, a further 13pp. typescript of general remarks on creativity, and related correspondence, 1964-69, 1974. A.1073 Autobiographical notes for Sheffield symposium and visit to Germany, 1980. A.1074- A.1083 'Wie ich aus Deutschland vertrieben wurde. Dokumente mit Kommentaren', Medizinhistorisches Journal 15, 1980. (Bibliog. 382). 10 folders. A.1074 Publications correspondence, 1979-81. A.1075-A.1077 Typescript drafts and ms. notes. 3 folders. A.1078, A.1079 Photocopies of original documents. 2 folders. A.1080 Reprint of Bibliog. 382. A.1081 1981-82. (Not listed in Bibliog.) Correspondence re publication of English translation in Minerva, A.1082, A.1083 Draft translation for Minerva. 2 folders. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 112 A.1084-A.1278 REMINISCENCES AND REFLECTIONS (Bibliog. 391). A.1084-A.1103 Complete or extended drafts. A.1104-A.1233 Drafts by chapter. A.1234-A.1259 Notes and ideas A.1260-A. 1266 Jotters A.1267-A.1276 Correspondence A.1277 A.1278 Reviews Background material. After twenty years gestation Krebs's autobiography Reminiscences Reflections (in collaboration with Anne Martin) was published by the Clarendon Press Krebs was able to see a copy of the published work during his last Oxford in 1981. illness. Krebs's thinking on the writing of autobiographies in general and his own in particular can be gleaned from the Preface as published and the various drafts for the preface which he essayed over the years, the earliest being dated in January 1968 (A.1104-A.1106). It appears that it was the invitation in 1960 from the Biochemical Society to deliver the Annual Lecture in memory of Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins which intiated the auto- biographical reflection and writing culminating in the publication of Reminiscences and In his lecture Krebs included a final section of personal recollections which Reflections. was very well received by his audience and the readers of the published version, who encouraged him to write more extensively about his experiences. See H.150 for draft of the lecture. A further spur to Krebs's thinking in this direction was a request from the Royal Society (made to every Fellow) to supply biographical material for later use by his memorialist, and he appears to have been assembling material and drafting autobiographical (See e.g. A.1067, A.1068, A. 1071). notes for this purpose during the early and mid 1960s. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 113 Biographical and autobiographical It seems likely also that further recollections were encouraged by the 'Thank-YouBrita in' Fund appeal (organised by former refugees) which was going forward at about the same time. (See G.233-G.238.) Krebs's retirement from his Oxford Chair in 1967 seems to have coincided with is in approaches for autobiographical accounts from one or more Italian publishers and it this connection that the title 'Reminscences and Reflections' first appears (see A. 1084). Colleagues who were shown Krebs's English drafts encouraged him to write at greater length about his life but Krebs's response was to put togetherfor publication a collection of documents from his files - 'those that had been important in influencing the course of my professional life and those that reflected more personal aspects, such asletters, announcements, and published articles' (Rem. & Refl., v). this period which are essentially compilations of documents with Krebs's comments see It was material of this sort with which Krebs approached the Oxford A.1086-A.1091. For examples of drafts from Krebs .notes in the Preface to the published autobiography At some point (perhaps in the 1960s) he had University Press in 1969. that he had always retained documents. compiled two scrapbooks (now at A.27, A.28) entitled ‘Documents from the Life of a Scientist’ land Il, containing some of the most important surviving records of his career is highly probable that these compilations were intended to serve instead and honours. of an autobiography; indeed, there is a striking correspondence between the drafts at A.1086-A.1091 and the scrapbook at A.27 which deals with Krebs's early career. It When Krebs showed his autobiographical material to the Oxford University Press, they requested a considerable expansion to provide a fuller account ofhis personal life. Initially, Krebs had reservations about this request, thinking 'that the documents would illustrating how the social and political history of the times was speak for themselves, Among other things they showed reflected in the career of an individual scientist. how the recognition of research expresses itself, how the rise of Nazism temporarily upset my career, and how British scientists and the Rockefeller Foundation came to my Nevertheless, with rescue; and how, later on, | became involved in wider issues’ . the encouragement of friends and colleagues, he acceded to the request of the Press and undertook to write a full-scale autobiography. The surviving material is very extensive, and the succession of heavily revised drafts, some dated as late as 1980, suggest that Krebs did not find the task an easy one. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 114 However, the decisive He sought the advice of colleagues and friends, including Catherine Weber, whose husband George was the organiser of the Indianapolis Symposia on advances in enzyme regulation which Krebs attended almost annually 1962-77. step in producing a publishable text seems to have been the appointment of A.V. Martin Mrs. Martin took on the role of collaborator, and in the as Krebs's secretary in 1978. extensive redrafting which was then undertaken and in the surviving exchanges of correspondence, Krebs's respect for her ability and judgment is manifest. interest in this regard is the draft 'AVM copy 1977! which appears to be the draft as prepared by Krebs before Mrs. Martin's appointment and which bears herfirst (extensive) This draft, which ends with the award of the Nobel Prize in 1953, represents revisions. Krebs's original intention to end his autobiography at this point. encouraged to extend it by others, including his collaborator, who bore the principal responsibility for preparing the later chapters, especially the important 'Oxford! Of particular However, he was chapter. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 115 Biographical and autobiographical Complete or extended drafts A. 1084 'Reminiscences and Reflections', 1968. A3pp. typescript draft for Edizioni Scientifiche e Techniche Mondadori. A.1085 ‘Italian Biography. 30 June 1968 Required’ Contents of a folder so inscribed. Krebs's ms. and typescript notes. A. 1086, A. 1087 Typescript draft, with ms. additions and corrections, of Krebs's expansion of his earlier historical account of the work for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize 1968. scientific career, with comments. written for Italian publishing firm, Fratelli Fabbri, This draft took the form of documents respecting Krebs's early 2 folders. A. 1088 ‘Autobiographical’ A.1089 A.1090, A.1091 Contents of a folder so inscribed, 1968 or later. Typescript draft of autobiographical account, in the form of documents with comments. Typescript draft of autobiographical account, in the form of documents and comments; also ms. notes. "Reminiscences and Reflections’ 'First draft! of Krebs's autobiography, 1968, 'with comments from publisher’. 2 folders. A. 1092 ‘Documents for appendix of autobiography’ Contents of a folder so inscribed. Photocopies, ms. and typescript notes. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 116 A.1093- A.1095 A.1096- A. 1098 1099- 1103 A.1104- A.1106 Biographical and autobiographical ‘Early draft (1973/4). Superseded by 1976 version' 3 folders. 'From the Life of a Scientist. 0? 1976 draft 7. Reminiscences and Reflections’ Preface and 10 chapters taking narrative to 1935. 3 folders. "Autobiography 1979 Version' Preface and eight chapters taking narrative to 1935. 5 folders. Drafts by chapter Preface A.1104 A.1105 A.1106 Drafts, 1968-75. Drafts, 1976-79, and n.d. Printed background material. A.1107- A.1117 Chapter 1 ‘Beginnings (1900-1918)' A.1107 Drafts, 1973-76- A.1108, A.1109 Drafts, 1977 (2 folders). A.1110, A.1111 Drafts, 1978, with ms. comment by F.L. Holmes and redrafting by A.V. Martin (2 folders). A.1112, A.1113 Drafts, 1979, with redrafting by A.V. Martin (2 folders). A.1114, A.1115 Drafts, n.d. (2 folders) A.1114 includes draft annotated in red by Catherine Weber (wife of G. Weber, Indianapolis). A.1116, A.1117 Background material (2 folders). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.1118- A.1122 117 Biographical and autobiographical Chapter 2. ‘University (1919-1925! A.1118 A.1119 Early drafts including 1961 typescript with extensive ms. additions and corrections. Drafts, 1976-77. annotation by C, Weber and redrafting by A.V. Martin. Includes 'AVM copy 1977! with A.1120-A.1122 Drafts, 1978-79, with redrafting by A.V. Martin (3 folders). A.1123- A.1130 Chapter 3 "In the laboratory of Otto Warburg (1926-1930)! A.1123 A.1124 A.1125, A.1126 A.1127 A.1128 A.1129, A.1130 Early drafts, ? 1957, 1961, 1963, 1967 Drafts, 1972-73, 1975-77 Draft, 1979, with redrafting by A.V. Martin. Incorporates earlier draft annotated by C. Weber (2 folders). Draft, n.d. but incorporates lp. dated 1975. Background material. Draft of original chapter 3 'Otto Warburg - an apprecia- tion' omitted from published autobiography but largely drawn from Krebs's earlier published work on Warburg (2 folders). A.1131- A.1136 Chapter 4 ‘Altona and Freiburg (1930-1933)' Chapter 4 as published incorporates draft chapter 5 'Departure from Warburg’ and draft chapter 6 'Freiburg im Breisgau 1931 -1933'. A.113] A.1132 A.1133 Early drafts, 1961. Drafts, 1973. Drafts, ? 1975-76. A.1134, A.1135 "AVM copy 1977'. and revised by A.V. Martin (2 folders). Draft annotated by C. Weber A.1136 Miscellaneous shorter drafts, 1977, 1979, n.d. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.1137- A.1144 118 Biographical and autobiographical Chapter 5 'The Discovery of the Ornithine Cycle of Urea Synthesis (1932)! A.1137 A.1138 A.1139 Early drafts, 1961, 1963. Ms. notes from jotter and entitled 'First Draft of History of Ornithine Cycle’, December 1971. Typescript draft of lecture on the discovery of the ornithine cycle, given at Valencia, 1975. A.1140-A.1142 Drafts, n.d. (3 folders). A.1143 A.1144 Miscellaneous shorter drafts, various dates, 1972-78. Background material. A.1145- A.1152 Chapter 6 'Hitler's Seizure of Power' A.1145 A.1146 A.1147 Early drafts, 1961, 1963. Drafts, 1973. 33pp. typescript draft, with ms. corrections and additions by Krebs. Ip. dated in 1976. A.1148, A.1149 "AVM copy 1977'. correction by C. Weber and substantial revision by A.V. Martin (2 folders). Typescript draft with slight ms. A.1150 A.1151 Miscellaneous shorter drafts, 1978-79, n.d. Correspondence 1968, 1975 and printed back- ground material re Heidegger (see Rem. & Refl., pp.70-72). A.1152 Miscellaneous background material. A.1153- A.1157 Chapter 7 'Cambridge (1933-1935)! Chapter 7 as published incorporates draft chapter 9 ‘Arrival in England, 1933' and draft chapter 10 'Cambridge 1933-1935'. A.1153 Early drafts, 1961, 1963, with later ms. additions and corrections and retyping. A.1154 Miscellaneous shorter drafts, 1970-76. Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 119 Biographical and autobiographical A.1155, A.1156 'AVM copy 1977'. and revised by A.V. Martin (2 folders). Draft annotated by C. Weber A.1157 Drafts, 1978-79, n.d. A.1158- A.1162 Chapter 8 ‘Settling at Sheffield (1936)' A.1158 A.1159 A.1160 A.1161 A.1162 Drafts, 1963, 1967. Drafts, 1973. 'Early draft superseded’, n.d. ¢.1976. "AVM copy 1977. Copy seen by Catherine Weber’. Miscellaneous shorter drafts, 1976-79. A.1163- A.1166 Chapter9 (1936-1937)' 'The History of the Discovery of the Citric Acid Cycle A.1163 A.1164 A.1165 A.1166 Draft consisting almost entirely of pasted-up pages of Bibliog 293 (1970). Draft, 1979. Miscellaneous shorter drafts, various dates 1964-77. Background material. Correspondence with G. Rattray Taylor re the develop- ment of the idea of metabolic cycles, 1961. Reprint of Bibliog. 293. Note of ‘discussions with F.L. Holmes on early work related to the TCA cycle’, 1977. A.1167- A.1171 Chapter 10 'The War Years (1939-1945) A.1167 A.1168 A.1169 Draft, 1973 'Copy seen by Margaret [Krebs ]'. "AVM copy 1977 draft'. Miscellaneous shorter drafts, various dates 1963-79. Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 120 Biographical and autobiographical A.1170 A.1171 Printed background material including reprints of Bibliog. 93 and 102. Correspondence with H. Garling (former Sorby Research Institute volunteer) re Sorby reunion, 1977. A.1172, A.1173 A.1174- A.1182 'The History of the Discovery of Carbon Dioxide Fixation Chapter 11 in Animal Tissues' A.1172 A.1173 Drafts, 1976, 1977. Draft, 1979; reprint of Bibliog. 335. Chapter 12 'The Medical Research Council Unit (1944 ~ 1967)" A.1174 A.1175 A.1176 A.1177 A.1178 A.1179-A.1182 Draft, 1976. "AVM copy 1977'. Drafts, 1978-79. Miscellaneous shorter drafts, 1970-75. Miscellaneous shorter drafts, n.d. Background material including lists of team members, visitors, co-authors of papers with Krebs, some in the hand of L.V. Eggleston; also example of letter heading with printing error 'Unfit for Research in Cell Meta- bolism' (4 folders). A.1183- Peat 'Re-establishing Contacts with Germany (1945-49)! Chapter 13. The correspondence and papers now at A.449-A.468 were found with the drafts for this chapter. A.1183 A.1184 A.1185 A.1186 A.1187 Drafts, 1976. "AVM copy 1977". Draft, 1979. Miscellaneous shorter drafts, 1962, 1971, 1973. Miscellaneous shorter drafts, n.d. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.1188- A.1191 121 Biographical and autobiographical Chapter 14 'Final Formulation of the Citric Acid Cycle’ A.1188 A.1189 A.1190 A.1191 Draft, 1979; photocopies of 1948 correspondence with A.G. Ogston. Draft, n.d. Ms. notes. Printed background material. A.1192- A.1195 ‘The Nobel Prize’ Chapter 15 Chapter 15 as published incorporates draft chapter 16 'Nobel Prize’ and draft chapter 17 'Stockholm'’. A.1192 A.1193 A.1194 A.1195 Drafts, 1973. Drafts, 1976. Oxford University Press. Annotated by B. Wilcock of the "AVMcopy 1977'. Miscellaneous shorter drafts. A.1196- A.1199 'Academic Invitations (1946-1954)! Chapter 16 It seems that for a time Krebs had intended to coverthis period with two chapters, 'Academic Events 1946-1953' and ‘Invitation to Oxford’. A.1196, A.1197 Drafts, 1979 (2 folders). A.1198 A.1199 Draft, n.d. Miscellaneous shorter drafts. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 122 Biographical and autobiographical A.1200- A.1220 'Oxford (1954-1967)! Chapter 17 Much of the material now in section C on the development of Oxford Science and Oxford Reform was found with the drafts for this chapter. 'Ch.20 Clater renumbered 17] Oxford early drafts etc .' Contents of a bulky folder so inscribed, now divided into 11, for ease of reference. A.1200 A.1201 A.1202 Drafts, 1970, 1973. Drafts, 1974. Drafts, 1979. A.1203-A.1205 Drafts, 1980 (3 folders). A.1206 Drafts, n.d. A.1207-A. 1210 Background material including copies of Krebs's 1961 articles for Oxford Mazagine on salaries, G.E.F. Chilver's article for the same on demonstrators, colleges and professors, extracts from University Registry files re D.D. Woods and correspondence with University Offices, 1980 (4 folders). 'Ch.20 - Oxford. Contents of a folder so inscribed, divided into four for ease of reference. Final draft and material for notes’ A.1211 A.1212 'Final draft 20.2.80', pp.1-19. pp.19A-27. A.1213, A.1214 Miscellaneous notes and drafts (2 folders). Miscellaneous shorter drafts A.1215 1964, 1966-67 A.1218 1976, 1978-79 A.1216 1970-71 A.1217 1973-74 A.1219 1980 A.1220 n.d. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.1221- A.1223 123 Biographical and autobiographical Chapter 18 ‘Retirement! A.1221 A.1222 A.1223 Draft, 1980. Miscellaneous shorter drafts, 1968, 1973. Miscellaneous shorter drafts, 1980, including draft of Krebs's concluding remarks for symposium held in his honour at Dallas. A. 1224 Chapter 19 'Envoi' Drafts, 1970, 1980. A.1225- A.1227 'Notes'. not used in published version. In page order of book and unidentified. Some containing material 3 folders. Note on family A.1228, A. 1229 Drafts, 1970, 1978, 1980 and n.d. 2 folders. A. 1230 Note on honours Drafts and background material. A.1231 "People in the Book’ Krebs's lists of people to be referred to in book. Ms. and typescript notes on individuals: Heisenberg, Henseleit (‘Encounter with Rosa Henseleit 25th June, 1978'), Kuhn, Lipmann, Loeb (with original of his note referring to the 'good marriage’ between Krebs and Beeson at the Radcliffe Infirmary, reproduced in Rem. & Refl., p.226), Loffler, Mendel and Pohl; also note on 'Nobel families’. A.1232 References. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical A.1233 Figures for book 124 Original and photocopy for figure 2 (‘Wider den undeutschen Geist'), original and photocopy for figure 3 ('Ein Kapitel "Treve"'), photocopy for figure 4 (1937 Nature letter), original for figure 5 ("An Appeal for ... Britons’). The original of the 1937 Nature letter is retained by J.R. Krebs. A.1234, A.1235 A.1236 A. 1237 A.1238 A.1239 Notes and ideas Typescript and ms. notes (kept together by Krebs) on scientific attitudes, various dates 1965-78. 2 folders. 'Mise. handwritten notes - query if to be used’ Contents of a folder so inscribed. Includes notes dated in 1967 and 1973; most undated. Correspondence, ms. and typescript notes, etc. re historical development and organisation of chemical laboratories in general and Liebig's laboratory at Giessen in particular, 1970. See Rem. & Refl., p.137. Typescript notes on academic polemics, 1970, 1978. Ms. and typescript notes on team work, various dates Folder includes photocopy of letter from D.J. Weatherall to P. J. Randle, 3 November 1975. 1972-75. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 125 Biographical and autobiographical A.1240 Typescript notes (kept together by Krebs) on medical and scientific aphorisms, autograph hunters, brighter biochemistry, criticisms of research achievements, 1972-79. A.1241 Typescript notes on leadership, especially the headship of a university department, various dates, 1973-80. A.1242- A.1255 Miscellaneous notes arranged chronologically by year. Many ofthese notes, some quite extensive, contain interesting reflections on how to do research, changes in science during Krebs's lifetime, scientific colleagues including Martius and Warburg as well as Krebs's self-analysis of his own character. 14 folders. A.1242 1960, 1963-64 A.1249 1976 (1) A.1250 1976 (2) A.1251 1977 (1) A.1252 1977 (2) A.1253 1978 A.1254 1979 A 1255 1980-81 A.1243 1968 A.1244 1969-1 A.1245 1972 A.1246 1973 A.1247 1974 A.1248 1975 Undated notes 3 folders. Quotations and anecdotes of interest to Krebs. For a time Krebs intended to publish in the autobiography a selection from the readings and comments which he had collected over the years. A.1256- A.1258 A.1259 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Jotters Biographical and autobiographical 126 See note at A.115-A.399 for guidance on further jotters with notes and drafts for the autobiography. A.1260 A.1261 A.1262 A.1263 A.1264 A.1265 A.1266 Jotter (front cover missing), 1971, with notes on ‘Brighter Biochemistry’, ‘Autobiography. Self-assessment', etc. Exercise book inscribed ‘Autobiographical’ on front cover and used 1971, 1972. 1 loose page. Jotter inscribed on cover ‘Original Notes all Dictated' and used 1972. Contents include notes for preface and chapter on'retirement'. 1 loose page. Exercise book inscribed ‘Autobiography’ on front cover, used 1973. Some loose pages. Hardback notebook used December 1978-July 1981 for autobiographical notes, etc. Paginated 1-139 with contents list (incomplete) inside front cover. Many loose items. Jotter inscribed on cover 'Notes dictated’, n.d. Notes relate to autobiography - 'At every stage of my career | was surprised at my successes’ - and also visit to Indianapolis. Exercise book, n.d. Notes relate to autobiography - 'People have often expressed interest in any comments | might make on general questions concerning my working activities’ . H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 127 Biographical and autobiographical Correspondence See also H.325, H.423 Correspondence with the Clarendon Press Oxford, 1969-82. 1969-70. Letter of 23 January 1969 informs Krebs that the A.1267 Delegates had accepted his scientific autobiography for publication . Folder also includes photocopy of memorandum of agreement, 14 February 1969. A.1267- A.1271 A.1268 1973-76 A.1269 1-10. 1979. Includes notes by B. Wilcock of the Press on chapters A.1270 Press in May. 1980. Krebs sent the manuscript of his autobiography to the A.1271 1981-82, andn.d. Includes draft blurb and notes on proofs. A.1271A Brief correspondence re enquiry from John Murray abouta possible auto- biography from Krebs, 1971. A.1272 A.1273- A.1275 Correspondence with family and friends with comments on the autobiography, 1976-77, 1979, n.d. Correspondence with or about A.V. Martin (Krebs's collaborator), 1978-81. A.1273. March-July 1978. A.1274 August-October 1978. A.1275 1979-81, n.d. A.1276 Requests from Krebs for information about book, 1980. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 A.1277 Reviews Biographical and autobiographical 128 Perhaps because of the close proximity in time of Krebs's death and the publication of the autobiography, many of the reviewsare as The much tributes to the man as critical assessments of the book. reviewers include such lifelong friends and colleagues as H. Blaschko and F. Lipmann. A.1278 Background material Miscellaneous photocopied and printed material including copies of The Oxford Magazine and Oxford University Gazette. 1 Box. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Biographical and autobiographical 129 PRESS-CUTTINGS A.1279 General A collection ofBritish and German press-cuttings on political, social and economic topics as well as science andscientists, from the 1930s onwards. 1 Box. A.1280 Biographical Mostly re Krebs's career , honours and awards, and overseasvisits. A few relate to other members of the Krebs family. 1 Box. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 130 SECTION B SHEFFIELD B.1 -B.104 INTRODUCTION TO SECTION B B.1 -B.29 PHARMACOLOGY/BIOCHEMISTRY DEPARTMENTS B.30-B .40 WARTIME RESEARCH With an introductory note B.41 -B.77 FUNDING AND ADMINISTRATION OF KREBS'S RESEARCH B.41-B.52 Rockefeller Foundation With an introductory note B.53-B.67 Medical Research Council Unit With an introductory note B.68-B8 .77 Miscellaneous B.78-B .90 GENERAL UNIVERSITY CORRESPONDENCE B.78-B .. 82 Central administration B.83-B .86 Other university departments, committees and organisations B.87-B .90 Sheffield hospitals B.91-B.104 LATER CONTACTS WITH SHEFFIELD With an introductory note H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Sheffield 13] In May 1935, at a meeting of the British Pharmacological Society at Cambridge, Krebs was offered the post of Lecturer in the Department of Pharmacology at the University Since there was not likely to of Sheffield by Professor E.J. (later Sir Edward) Wayne. be an equivalent post in Cambridge where he hadsettled immediately upon his arrival in England from Germany and since Sheffield offered him the possibility of continuing his In 1938 the University research, he accepted the lecturership in Wayne's department. agreed to changehis title to Lecturer in Biochemistry and in 1945, the year in which the Medical Research Council established the Unit for Research in Cell Metabolism with Krebs as Honorary Director, Krebs was appointed to the University's newly-created Chair of Biochemistry. modation and staffing of the new department. of the department met with considerable resistance within the university and it was not until 1952, when the university had at last provided greatly improved familities inclu- ding the conversion of a disused cinema, that a three-year Honours course could be The offer of a Professorship at Harvard (1951) greatly strengthened his Everything still remained to be done in respect of the accom- Krebs's efforts to solve the space problem envisaged. bargaining position, enabling him to secure the facilities he sought. Sheffield to take up the Whitley Professorship of Biochemistry at Oxford. In 1954 he left For correspondence re Krebs's appointment as Lecturer in Pharmacology at Y PP re Pp Sheffield see A.27, A.436, D.12, D.13. For correspondence re Krebs's appointment to the Chair of Biochemistry at A reprint of his inaugural Sheffield including letters of congratulation see A.443. lecture is at A.28. For photographic record of Krebs's later years at Sheffield see L.5. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Sheffield oz B.1-B.29 PHARMACOLOGY/BIOCHEMISTRY DEPARTMENTS B.1 Pharmacology Department 1935-37 Brief correspondence with E.J. Wayne. Folder includes letter (1935) re arrangements for Krebs to fulfil teaching commitment at Cambridge after his appointment to the Sheffield post. (Rem. & Refl. p.94.) B.2-B.29 Biochemistry Department 1939-54 A chronological sequence of correspondence and papers on the general affairs of the department. B.2 1939 Information on research workers in Krebs's department, provided in response to a request from the Vice-Chancellor, July. B.3 1940 Brief correspondence with Vice-Chancellor re Biochemical Society meeting at Sheffield. B.4 1940 Brief correspondence re transfer to Sheffield of personnel! from P. Fildes's department of Bacterial Chemistry in London. B.S 1940-41 Correspondence and papers re departmental expenditure, equipment and personnel (L.V. Eggleston and R. Hems). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 B.6 1944 Sheffield 133 Exchange of letters with C.R. Harington re establishment ofa research unit of Chemical Microbiology at Sheffield. Krebs noted that since 1941 Sheffield had housed as an 'evacuee' the remnant of Fildes's department of Bacterial Chemistry: it was the wish of the university including Krebs himself that this type of research unit should continue at Sheffield after the war. B.7 1944 (or later) 5pp. typescript memorandum on accommodation for the Depart- ment of Biochemistry and 2 ms. diagrams of biochemistry accommoda- tion, n.d. This memorandum compares 1941 proposals for the accommodation of the Biochemistry department with the much less generous space allocation for Biochemistry in the 1944 plan. B.8 1945 Brief statement of the Biochemistry department's contribution to the war effort, produced in response to a university circular of 22 October. B.9 1945-46 Exchange of letters, March 1945, between R. Hems (on war service) and Krebs, on the occasion of Krebs's appointment as Professor of Biochemistry at Sheffield. Note to the University bursar, July 1946, confirming that Hems had returned from war service. B.10 1946 Letter from T. Mann, 26 January, re possibility of placing a demobi- lised Polish Air Force officer as a student at Sheffield. H ke Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 B-11=B 13. 1947 Sheffield 134 B.11 Correspondence with Vice-Chancellor on research interests of the Biochemistry Department and proposed new developments, January- February. Folder includes 1p. Vice-Chancellor's Memorandum of a talk with Professors Smyth and Krebs, 15 January, and Ip. memorandum on development in the Department of Biochemistry sent by Krebs to the Vice-Chancellor, 30 January. B.12 Correspondence with the Vice-Chancellor re appointments, award of Fellowship by (United States) National Research Council to J. Stern to study under Krebs, additional accommodation for the department, etc., June. Krebs's letter of 10 June discusses the possibie candidature of S.R. Elsden for the post of Senior Microbiologist in the University and Krebs's letter of 13 June refers toa letter of invitation toa chair of Biochemistry at London he had received. Ba13 Correspondence with Vice-Chancellor re accommodation and staffing of the department, November. B.14 1948 Correspondence with Vice-Chancellor and Bursar re departmental affairs, principally space problems. Folder includes 3pp. typescript memorandum on accommodation for the Department of Biochemistry. B.15 1948, 1951-53 Applications for posts in Krebs's department. Folder includes reply to an invitation from Krebs to apply for unspecified Chair at Sheffield. H.A, Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 B.16 1949 Sheffield 135 Letters from Krebs's secretary in Sheffield during his absence in the United States as a Rockefeller Travelling Fellow, with news of the department, etc., March-April. Correspondence re travel funds to aid proposed conference on CO» fixation at Sheffield, May. B.17 1950 Correspondence with University Grants Committee re possibility of Rockefeller Foundation finance for building and equipmentof a new biochemical laboratory at Sheffield, June-July. Letters from Krebs's secretary providing news of the department while he was on holiday, August. 1951 Correspondence with Vice-Chancellor re Rockefeller Foundation support for Krebs's research, departmental appointment, the Harvard Professorship, etc., April-July, November. Folder also includes letter from Krebs to Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, J.G. McCrie, setting out the history of the Biochemistry Department. B19 195] Letter from L. Young re Biochemical Society meeting at Sheffield, July. Letter from Krebs re history of Sheffield Biochemistry department in response to a circular from |.D. Ferguson who was writing a history of the Glasgow School of Physiology and Biochemistry, September. B.20 1951-52 ‘Undergraduate teaching in the department of Biochemistry’ Typescript and ms. drafts of note on organisation of courses. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Sheffield 136 B.21-B.23 B.21 B.22 1952 Brief correspondence re proposed B.Sc. Honours Course in Biochemistry and new chemical laboratory dealing with the preparation of substances ona large scale, September-October. 'The teaching of Biochemistry and Microbiology in Sheffield University’ 7pp. duplicated typescript paper prepared by Krebs and S.R. Elsden in support of an honours course in biochemistry, dated 11 October 1952. Typescript and ms. draft of the above paper, with many ms. additions and corrections. B.23 'The Growing Science of Biochemistry’ 6pp. typescript, n.d. Observations on the teaching of biochemistry at Oxford by W.O. James, extracted from a letter from James to A.R. Clapham. 2pp. typescript, n.d. Manchester Guardian, 13 October 1952 Marginal emphasis has been added to an article on research grants and technological education. B.24 1953 1 letter only. B.25-B.27 B.25 B.26 1954 Formal letter of thanks from the University on the occasion of Krebs's resignation from the Sheffield Chair of Biochemistry. ‘Reflections on Resigning from the Chair of Biochemistry at Sheffield’ 3 drafts (one incomplete); brief correspondence with Vice-Chancellor. The section headings include origin and resources, personnel, morale, Appendices detail the budget of the MRC unit, choice of successor. 1945-46 to 1954-55, full-time research workers in the Biochemistry Department supported by outside bodies, 1936-54, and the present personnel (1954) including university staff, MRCstaff, special research fellows and research students. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 137 Sheffield B.27 Ms. and typescript drafts of portions of Krebs's 'Reflections', often very heavily corrected. B.28 Miscellaneous items rethe supply of equipment and rationed foodstuffs to the department, various dates and n.d. The folder also includes a Biochemistry Department Christmas card. B.29 18pp. typescript account of his own career and the work of the department, 1934-48, by L.V. Eggleston. Continuation of the preceding to 1972, paginated 19-52. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 B.30-B .40 WARTIME RESEARCH Sheffield 138 Krebs's particular contribution to the war effort lay in the field of nutrition He undertook investigations into the properties of 'National Wheatmeal’, research. with K. Mellanby, the Sorby Research Fellow of the Royal Society, who was based According to Krebs's own statement of his department's con- in Sheffield from 1941. tribution to the war effort (B.8): 'the digestibility of National Wheatmeal and its effect on the absorption of calcium from the intestine were examined on human volunteers prior to the compulsory introduction of the National Wheatmeal, and of the addition of calcium salts to it. The results of the work contributed towards Krebs also undertook investigations into vitamin A shaping government policy’. and vitamin C requirements of human adults, work which wasalso carried out on Nutrition surveys were carried out in the Sheffield area and Krebs volunteers. served on the Yeast Sub-Committee of the Scientific Committee on Food Policy of the War Cabinet. The material is presented as a chronological sequence of correspondence and papers. For additional material re wartime nutrition work see H.28, H.106, H.107, H.109, H.110, H.113, H.114, H.116, H.119, J 234, J.507, J.542, J.543, J.688. As a continuation of Krebs's work on the citric acid cycle he wasinterested, in the early war years, in 'the idea that carbon dioxide might be an active meta- bolite taking part in synthetic processes’ and the possibility of carrying out experiments with isotopic carbon to determine the question of carbon dioxide participation. (Rem. & Refl., pp.126-131). There is little material in this section on these developments (see especially B.30); for further related correspondence which Krebs had set aside for the October 1973 Boston conference on the historical development of bioenergetics, see E.31-E.33. The diaries and research notebooks in Sections A and D also include additional information on research projects during the war years. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Sheffield 139 B.30 B.3] B.32 B.33 B.34 B.35 B.36 B.37 Correspondence, 1940, 1942, re Krebs's attempts to obtain carbon isotopes for research on tissue metabolism. 1940 May-June 1941 July-December 1941 1942 Includes letter to the Lord President of the Council, C.R. Attlee, 3 March, re the ‘almost complete failure’ of the Scientific Com- mittee on Food Policy (the Bragg Committee) and ms. draft of letter to The Times, 23 September, re the Nutrition Council advocated by its correspondents. 1943 1944 1946-47 Includes long letter of complaint from a vitamin experiment volunteer, principally about expenses. B.38-B.40 Duplicated newsletters produced to enable the volunteers to keep in touch after the war. B.38 Sorby NewsLetter, no.3, February 1946. Sorby NewsLetter. Described as the last Sorby Newsletter. New Series, no.1, April 1946. Sorby Newsletter. New Series, no.2, July 1946. B.39 B.40 Sorby Newsletters, nos. 5, 6, 7, 1947 Sorby Newsletters, nos. 8, 9, 10, 1948 Sorby Newsletter, no.13, 1949 Folder also includes a short letter from Krebs toW. Bartley, 16 August 1977, re recorded message for a Sorby reunion. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Sheffield 140 B.41-B.77 FUNDING AND ADMINISTRATION OF KREBS'S RESEARCH B.41-B.52 Rockefeller Foundation 1935, 1937-42, 1946-47, 1949-55 A chronological sequence of correspondence principally between Krebs and officers of the Foundation and relating to support for Krebs's research and the develop- Ina letter of 21 April 1947 (see B.45), Krebs ment of biochemistry at Sheffield. noted the extent of his debt to the Rockefeller Foundation: 'At a critical period of my career, when | was young and without reputation, they generously supported me, first at Freiburg and especially during myfirst year in this country at Cambridge in 1933. Later the help of the Foundation contributed much to the development of For material re Rockefeller funding after Krebs's move to my present department’. Oxford, see C.129-C.139. See alsoB.17, B.18, B.65, D.30. B.41 1935 1 letter only, predating Krebs's move to Sheffield. B.42 1937-38 1937 letter is the Rockefeller Foundation's response to a request from E.J. Wayne forfinancial assistance to purchase equipment for Krebs's research. 1938 material relates to Rockefeller Foundation proposal for a five- year scheme of assistance for Krebs's research conditional on the establishment of a Department of Biochemistry at Sheffield. memorandum by Krebs on the probable requirements of the Depart- ment of Biochemistry during the next five years (3pp. typescript). Includes B.43 1939-40 June 1939 correspondencerelates to the award of a Rockefeller Fellowship to V.R. Potter to work in Krebs's laboratory. September-October 1939 and July 1940 correspondence relates to working conditions in the department and the prospects for the continuation of research. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 B.44 1941-42 Sheffield 141 Correspondence re two one-year extensions of financial assistance In May 1941 Krebs submitted, in the form to Krebs's department. of a 4pp. letter, 'an account of the progress of the research which the Foundation has now supported for five consecutive years, and also a report on future plans and on the general working conditions in the present circumstances’ . B.45 1946-47 1946 correspondence includes Krebs's letter to the Import Licensing Department re importing of scientific apparatus from the USA. In April 1947 Krebs, in reply to congratulations on his election to the Royal Society, expressed his gratitude for Rockefeller Founda- tion's generous support for his work from Freiburg onwards. B.46 1949-50 1949 correspondenceis with the British Commonwealth Scientific Office (North America) re Krebs's purchase of scientific equip- ment during a visit to the USA, with Rockefeller funds. 1950 correspondence relates to Krebs's enquiry whether the Founda- tion might be willing to consider an application for financial assistance in respect of new accommodationfor the Sheffield Biochemistry Department. B.47 195] Correspondence re Krebs's application to the Foundation for financial Krebs's letter of 24 April and its appendices support for his research. detail the research area and the equipment needs of the department. He was awarded a grant of ¥35, 000 for a three-year period begin- ning 1 June. B.48 1953 1 letter only. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 B.49-B.51 1954 B.49 January Sheffield 142 Correspondence re extension of Foundation support when current In his letter of 21 January grant came to an end in June 1954. Krebs submits an estimate of expenditure under the current grant for 1953-54 and lists of envisaged expenditure for 1954-55. B.50 February-May Continuing correspondence re support for Krebs's research. In his letter of 6 February Krebs reflects on the prospect of the Oxford chair - 'the future of Oxford is so uncertain that | omit it entirely from my present plans for the future’ - and in April the Foundation agreed to make available 380,000 for Krebs's research at Sheffield during the five-year period beginning 1 June 1954. B.51 July-August Subsequent correspondence deals with In his letter of 1 July Krebs confirmed that he would be going to Oxford on 1 October. problemsin respect of the grant already made to Krebs for his work at Sheffield and the prospect of financial support for Krebs at Oxford. Includes Ip. ms. note oftotals of universitygrants 1946-54 and Rockefeller Foundation funding 1935-54. B.52 1955 Copies of letters from Rockefeller Foundation to Sheffield University te termination of Rockefeller grant to Sheffield for biochemical research under Krebs. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Sheffield 143 B.53-B.67 Medical Research Council Unit, 1944-54 In 1944 the Medical Research Council made an offer to Sheffield University professorial salary. The MRC to establish a research unit in Krebs's department under his directorship. insisted on the provision of adequate accommodation and that Krebs's status should be raised to that of professor on the understanding that they would contribute half his Krebs suggested the designation of 'Unit for Research in Cell This development was of great importance to the scope of Krebs's Metabolism'. research, providing long-term financial support for the salaries of a team of collabor- ators, equipment and running expenses. Professorship of Biochemistry, the unit moved with him to Oxford. In 1954, when Krebs accepted the Whitley (Rem. & Refl., pp. 132-3.) At its inception the unit was a victim of a famousprinting error. The new departmental notepaper was headed 'Medical Research Council. in Cell Metabolism’. See B.56, D.37. Unfit for Research A sequence of correspondence and paperspresented chronologically. B.53 1944 Letter from Vice-Chancellor, 22 November, informing Krebs that he had replied to Sir Edward Mellanby (Secretary of the Medical Research Council) 'to the effect that the University would greatly welcome the formation of an M.R.C. Unit of research in Biological Chemistry with you as Director if his Council decide to propose it’. Copy of letter of same date from Vice-Chancellor to Dean of Medicine at Sheffield re new accommodation for Krebs. B.54-B.56 1945 B.54 Correspondence, January, between Krebs and Sir Edward Mellanby. In his letter of 17 January Krebs suggests as a name for the proposed unit: 'Unit for Research in Cell Metabolism’. | B.55 Correspondence, October-December, between Krebs and Sir Edward Mellanby. Relates to a proposal of the Therapeutic Research Corporation to pay the remuneration of additional members of Krebs's staff. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 144 Sheffield B.56 Four examples of the letter-heading of the new departmental notepaper with the printing error 'Unfit for Research in Cell Metabolism', one incorporated into a draft page of Krebs's autobiography. B.57-B.64 Correspondence re salaries and staffing of MRC unit, 1946-50. B.57 B.58 B.59 B.60 B.61] B.62 B.63 B.64 1946, February-March 1946, April-November 1946, December; 1947, January 1948-49 1949, June-July 1949, June (relates to visit of H.P. Himsworth to Sheffield before taking over as MRC Secretary in October) 1950, February-April 1950, August-October B.65 1951 Correspondence re Rockefeller funding, research proposals, Harvard professorship and space problemsat Sheffield, April-October. B.66 1954 Letter of 13 July from the MRC detailing the total financial provision for Krebs's unit for each of the nine years 1945-46 to 1954-55. Correspondence, October and December, re the resignation of F.P. Chappel from the staff of the unit. Chappel, a memberof the unit's staff for the three years to October 1954, had worked at the Department of Physics, University of Leeds. H.A, Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Sheffield 145 B.67 Various dates and n.d. Medical Research Council Progress Report, 1950-53, of the Unit for Research in Cell Metabolism. Two undated ms. lists of MRC personnel. Also filed here for convenience is a notice of memorial service of Sir Edward Mellanby, 1955. B.68-B .77 Miscellaneous B.68 Home Office licences B.69, B.70 Suppliers of research material B.71-B.77 Requests to visit/work in Krebs's laboratory. B.68 Home Office Licences. Various dates, 1936-46 Notes for the guidance of Krebs in his application for a licence to carry out experiments on live animals and the letter transmitting the licence to Krebs (but not the licence itself), 1936; Letters reminding Krebs of the statutory requirement to submit a return of experiments and a blank form for the return, 1936-46. see C.145-C.149. For later material re Home Office licences B.69, B.70 Correspondence with suppliers of scientific material for Krebs's research, presented in a chronological sequence. B.69 B.70 1945-49 1950-54 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 146 Sheffield B.71-B.77 Correspondence re requests to visit or work in Krebs's laboratory, arranged ina chronological sequence. the correspondence files. There is similar material in B.71 B.72 B.73 B.74 1947-58 1950 1952(1) 1952(2) B.75 B.76 B.77 1953(1) 1953(2) 1954 B.78-B.90 GENERAL UNIVERSITY CORRESPONDENCE B.78-B.82 Central administration A chronological sequence of correspondence and papers re the general affairs of the university. B.78 1939-40 B.79 1940 Correspondence with Vice-Chancellor, J.1.O. Masson, the General Secretary of the Society for the Protection of Science and Learning, Esther Simpson, and Eleanor Rathbone M.P. re the problems of enemy aliens at Sheffield University According to Krebs the situation had arisen when the main buildings of the University were declared a 'special area’ because of war research carried out there. were not interned, were barred from the University. Asa result refugee students, if they The position of alien refugees at other British universities, especially Cambridge, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and Durham- cum-Newcastle, is mentioned in the correspondence. See also J.333. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 B.80 1943 Sheffield 147 'A.R.P. Western Bank Rota No.15, Spring Term 1943! Addresses to the University Court, 29 November 1943, by the Senior Pro-Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor. B.8] B.82 1948-49 1950-52 B.83-B .86 Other university departments, committees and organisations B.83 Medical Sciences Club Notice of lecture by Krebs on 'Some Aspects of the Energy Trans~ formations in Living Matter', 3 November (Bibliog. 157). 1953 Medicine Includes programme of industrial medicine course with note of lecture by Krebs on nutritional requirements of industrial workers. See H.113. 1942, 1945 B.84, B.85 Microbiology. See also J.178. B.84 B.85 1949 3pp. typescript memorandum on the question of instituting a department of microbiology, with ms. draft of Krebs's covering letter to L.E.S. Eastham (Professor of Zoology). App. typescript draft of the memorandum with Krebs's ms. additions and corrections. 1950 Correspondence with W.K. Slater of the Agricultural Research Council re possibility of setting up an ARC Unit in Microbiology at Sheffield under S.R. Elsden. B.86 Committee of the Non-Professional Staff North Wing Publication of Sheffield University Medical Society Sheffield Jewish Students Association Women Day Students organisation 1939 1949 1935 1937 A A eb CSAC 113/4/86 Sheffield B.87-B.90 Sheffield hospitals B.87 1944 148 Krebs's appointment to supervise the biochemical departments of the Royal Sheffield Infirmary and Hospital, February. 2pp. typescript notes on the ‘Biochemical Laboratory, Royal Infirmary', with ms. corrections and additions. by Krebs and dated 27 November 1944. Sheffield Initialled 2pp. typescript note on the ‘Biochemical Laboratory’, 21 December 1944. B.88 1945 5pp. typescript memorandum on 'Developmentsat the Biochemical Laboratories of the Sheffield Royal Infirmary and Hospital’. Letter from Krebs to Professor Barnes, 12 February, enclosing the preceding. B.89 1945-47 Brief correspondencere transferring of testing of patients from Krebs's department to hospital biochemical departments, appointment of Senior Biochemist at the Royal Sheffield Infirmary and Hospital, etc. In November 1945 Krebs accepted an invitation to the office of Honorary Biochemist at the Royal Sheffield Infirmary and Hospital and in May 1947 he accepted the same office at the Children's Hospital, Sheffield. B.90 1951-52, 1954 Correspondence and papers re requests for Krebs's advice on the treatment of patients, from Sheffield hospitals and the Postgraduate Medical School of London. HLA. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 149 Sheffield B.91-B.103 LATER CONTACTS WITH SHEFFIELD, various dates, 1954-58, 1961-64, 1973-80 Krebs retained a close interest in the university after his departure for Oxford. He returned on a number of occasions to lecture, most notably for the July 1980 Biochemical Society meeting held in his honour, and was consulted on appointments and university development especially in the biochemical and medical fields. B.91, B.92 Sheffield University Student Biochemical Society, 1958, 1964, 1973-80. In 1958 Krebs gave the inaugural lecture of the society on 'Rate In 1974 he returned to give the control of metabolic processes'. Biochemical Society Lecture on 'The role of chemical equilibrium For many years. Krebs served as Vice- systems in organ function’. President of the Society. Two folders: 1958, 1964 1973-80 B.91 B.92 B.93 Sheffield University Philosophical Society, 1961 Invitation to lecture (declined). B.94 Correspondence with the University Bursar re accommodation at Crewe Hall for a meeting of the Society ofGeneral Microbiology, 1963. As a result of Krebs's intervention the 27 year-old mattresses at Crewe Hall were replaced. B.95 Sheffield University Medical Society, 1975-77 Krebs was invited to contribute to a programme oflectures to cele- brate the fortieth year of publication of the Society's magazine Northwing. of 1943. He had contributed to the magazine's summeredition B.96 Brief correspondence re Biochemistry Department's collection of Krebs's reprints; drafts of Krebs's introduction to his collected papers at Sheffield. 1978. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 150 Sheffield B.97 Brief correspondence re Sheffield University Centenary Appeal, 1979-80. Krebs was a patron of the appeal. B.98-B.100 Biochemical Society meeting at Sheffield, July 1980, to honour Krebs's 80th birthday. See also G. 26. B.98 B.99 Correspondence with organisers re arrangements, 1978-80. Notes and draft for Krebs's speech. App. draft of 'Envoi' chapter of autobiography presumably used in preparation of speech. B.100 Biochemical Society Bulletin, February 1980, with announcement of July meeting at Sheffield. Biochemical Society Bulletin, June 1980, with programme of Sheffield meeting. Leaflet with details of arrangements for Sheffield meeting. B.101 Sheffield University Dining Club, n.d. 2pp. typescript and Ip. ms. draft of speech of reminiscences on the early history of the club, given by Krebs on a visit to Sheffield. 2pp. typescript reminiscences, possibly delivered on the same occasion. B.102-B.104 References and appointments B.102 B.103 B.104 1954-56, 1958 1973, 1977 Miscellaneous CONTEMPORARYSCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of SIR HANS ADOLF KREBS, FRS (1900-1981) Compiled by Jeannine Alton and Peter Harper VOLUMEII Sections C, D Deposited in the Library Sheffield University CSAC 113/4/86 All rights reserved H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 SECTION C OXFORD C.1 - C.389 15] C.1-C.96 BIOCHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT C.1-C.34 General administration C.35-C. 58 Lectures C.59-C.85 Building extension C.86-C.96 Sub-departments C.97-C. 182 FUNDING AND ADMINISTRATION OF KREBS'S RESEARCH C.97-C.123 Medical Research Council Unit/Metabolic Research Laboratory C.124-C. 144 Financing bodies C,145-C. 182 Miscellaneous C.183-C. 240 DEVELOPMENT OF SCIENCE AT OXFORD With an introductory note C.183-C.189 Development of Biology C.190-C. 201 'Oxford's needs in science’ With an introductory note C.202-C. 204 Biology Centre C.205-C. 211 Zoology C.212-C. 236 Molecular Biophysics C.237-C. 240 Miscellaneous H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 152 C.241-C. 334 UNIVERSITY REFORM With an introductory note C.241-C.260 General correspondence and papers C.261-C.273 Salaries With an introductory note C.274-C.278 Schedule A Professorships C.279-C. 328 Committees and Commissions of Inquiry C.329-C. 334 Publ ications C.335-C. 389 GENERAL UNIVERSITY CORRESPONDENCE C.335-C. 361 Central administration C.362-C.372 Electoral Boards C.373-C. 389 Libraries, departments, colleges and societies For correspondence and papers re Krebs's election to the Whitley Professorship of Biochemistry, see A.555-A. 566. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford C.1-C.96 BIOCHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT See also C.335-C. 361 C.1-C.34 General Administration 153 Cail Caz C3 C.4 C.3 A chronological sequence of correspondence and papers re the general affairs of the department. "Notes on informal speech to assembled members of Oxford Biochem. Dept. on assuming office, 2.10.1954'. Various lists of departmental personnel, 1954-55. Correspondence re arrangements for visiting lecturer, 1955. Applications for/enquiries about posts in Krebs's department, 1955, 1957-58. ‘Departmental Estimates 1955/56' App. typescript with details of expenditure and income. Brief correspondence re departmental personnel, 1956. Minute of staff meeting, 13 November 1956, re appointment. C.7 Papers re teaching survey of members of department, 1956. Folder also includes 'Undergraduate Teaching Before HAK - Practical Classes 1953-1954' and material on the duties of demonstrators, 1955-56. Material re effect of insufficiency of the quinquennial grant on the department, 1957. Correspondence and papers re joint research project with Nuffield Department of Surgery, 1957-58. C.8 C.9 HAG Kees CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 154 C.10 Brief correspondence re departmental staff meetings, January and November 1958. ‘Outline proposal for the revision of the Honour School of Biochemistry with reference to the inclusion of suitable courses in Physiology’, 1 May 1958. By C.W. Carter. Brief correspondence with Registry re undergraduate and research student numbers, June-July 1958. Krebs's minute of student comments on departmental teaching, 28 January 1959. Statement of grave concern about the state of teaching in the department (2pp. typescript). Not by Krebs. than October 1959. n.d. but not later Proposal for reorganisation of Biochemistry teaching. n.d. ? 1959. Folder also includes earlier (1956) minute re Biochemistry teaching . Duplicated typescript notes (8pp.) ‘intended to introduce students to the Department of Biochemistry at Oxford University’. Krebs. September 1959. By Lists of departmental personnel, 1961 and 1963. Minutes of discussions re new Fellowship at Wadham College in chemistry-cum-biochemistry, 1961 and 1962. Correspondence re arrangements for visiting lecturers, 1961-63. C..15, C.16 'Future of Final Year Students'. Various dates 1961-67. Principally Krebs's typescript notes of interviews with under- graduate and postgraduate students, reports of tutors and super- visors, references provided by Krebs, etc. Cc. 15 C.16 1961-65 1966-67 Krebs's orders for U.S. Government publications, 1961-67. H Ae Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 155 C.18 Correspondence and papers re secretarial appointments, 1963-64. C.19, €.20 Correspondence, etc., with The Wellcome Trust re fellowships, research training scholarships, etc., 1964-68. C.19 C.20 1964 1965, 1967-68 1965 material includes brief exchange re 90th birthday of Sir Henry Dale. C.21 "Survey of Graduates in Biochemistry - January 1965' 'Quinquennial Estimates - Department of Biochemistry’ (1965). 6.22, C:23 Correspondence and papers re arrangements for visiting lecturers, 1965. 2 folders. C.24 Papers re appointment of Krebs's successor as Whitley Professor of Biochemistry, 1966. Includes Krebs's ‘Memorandum for Hebdomadal Council and Electors of the Whitley Professorship’, 10 September(2 copies) and letter from A.L.P. Norrington commenting on the memorandum, 23 September. C.25 Duplicated typescript notes (8pp.) intended to introduce students to the Department of Biochemistry at Oxford University’. Krebs. October 1966. By C.26 'Whitley Professorship’ 2pp. typescript draft with ms. corrections, 31 October 1966. Principally relates to departmental budget. ‘Departmental Finance’ Ip. typescript (carbon), 14 December 1966. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.27 C.28 C.2 C.30 C.3] Oxford 156 Papers re use of classrooms in the department, practical classes, visiting lecturers, departmental seminars, applicant for lecturership in department, etc., 1966-67. Material re departmental expenditure financed from outside grants, 1967. Includes draft letters to the editor of the Oxford Magazine and the Registry. Papers re transfer to Oxford of Krebs's successor and his research team, 1967. Includes Krebs's 'Report on Recent Events in the Department of Biochemistry', 17 February, which relates to structural altera- tions necessitated by the transfer Rem. & Refl., pp.204-5), and a draft of the section in Krebs's last annual report on the transfer of responsibility to his successor. Lists of departmental and microbiology unit personnel, 1967. Project work for Biochemistry department students in Krebs's laboratory, 1971. Biochemistry department examinations, 1973. Honorary MA degree for chief technician in Biochemistry, 1979. C.32 History of Biochemistry department. Letter from Edward Whitley (1973) re his father, the founder of the Whitley Professorship, with abridged pedigree of Whitley family. Folder also includes copy of booklet printed to commemorate the opening of the Oxford School of Biochemistry, 1927. Miscellaneous items re departmental personnel, research, student numbers, teaching, examinations, etc. Krebs's annual departmental reports, 1957-65. C:33 C.34 HCA, Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.35-C.58 Lectures Oxford 157 C.35-C.37 'First Year Biochemists' Contents of a ring-back binder so inscribed. The material is divided into three folders for ease of reference. C.30 'The nature of biochemistry’ 7pp. typescript draft, with a very few ms. additions and cor- rections, paginated 4-10. 'The nature of biochemistry’ 2pp. typescript draft, headed 'HLK' and 'JRQ' [Kornberg and Quayle J. 'The nature and scope of biochemistry’ 2pp. typescript draft, with ms. corrections. Untitled 6pp. typescript draft on the nature of biochemistry, headed with the names W.H. Elliot and K.M. Jones. C. 36 "Detailed Notes’ App. typescript draft, with ms. additions and corrections, on the nature of biochemistry. By R.B. Fisher. 'How to become a Biochemist' 2pp. typescript draft, with ms. corrections. 'What happens to the food we eat’ 3pp. typescript draft, dated 8 August 1960. Miscellaneous ms. and typescript notes on the nature of biochemistry. C.37 Krebs's 1946 inaugural lecture at Sheffield, 'The advent of bio- chemistry’, with underscoring and marginal emphasis. "Prospects for the development of biochemistry in the light of the resolutions of the XXI Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union', with underscoring and marginal emphasis. Miscellaneous background material. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 158 C.38 'Two introductory lectures for first-year biochemists' 6pp. typescript draft of first lecture, with ms. corrections, 1960. 7pp. typescript draft of second lecture, with ms. corrections, 1960. Ip. typescript note and Ip. ms. note onthe history of biology since 1900, 1961. Found with the preceding. C.39-C.43 ‘Lectures, Final Year Biochemists’ Contents of a folder so inscribed. The material has been divided into 5 folders for ease of reference. Coa? "Synopsis of Final Honour Biochemistry School Lectures, Hilary Term, 1960" Notice of a series of lectures by Krebs on ‘Special aspects of the energy-giving reactions (cause of specific dynamic action of foodstuffs, rate control of energy metabolism)’. 1960. Hilary Term, 2pp. typescript draft introduction to the series. 2pp. typescript draft, 20 January 1960. quoted from Medawar'. Miscellaneous ms. and typescript notes. Untitled but 'mainly C.40 'E.H. Biochem. Class Work January 1960! Krebs's ms. and typescript notes of experimental method. Experimental account and results in other hands, probably students. Duplicated notes for practical classes. Hilary Term, 1960. Ip. typescript note on the use of the departmental library by Ath-year honours students, 14 October 1961. Notice of a series of lectures by Krebs, on 'Control of Metabolic Processes’, Hilary Term, 1962. Duplicated notes for practical classes: advanced enzymology and cell fractionation studies, 1962. Duplicated notes for practical classes, with ms. tables of results, 1964. C.41 C.42 C.43 H the. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.44-C.47 'F.H.S. Physiology Lectures |' Oxford 159 Contents of a spring-back binder so inscribed. The material is divided into four folders for ease of reference. C.44 "Energy transformations in living matter’ Krebs's first lecture, given 17 October 1959. 5pp. typescript draft, with a few ms. additions and corrections. 'Untitled second lecture, given 24 October 1959. 6pp. typescript draft. Krebs discusses the question of how much energy is released by respiration on the one hand and fermentation on the other. C.45 "Intermediary stages of the energy yielding reactions’ Krebs's third lecture, given 31 October 1959. 5pp. typescript draft. Untitled fourth lecture, given 7 November 1959. 6pp. typescript draft. C.46 Untitled fifth lecture, given 14 November 1959. 6pp. typescript draft and Ip. ms. note. Untitled sixth lecture, given 21 November 1959. App. typescript draft. H oh Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 160 C.47 'General observations on the energy giving reactions’ 22pp. typescript draft, with ms. additions. and list of references. Includes tables Miscellaneous ms. and typescript notes. C.48-C.52 'F.H.S. Physiology Lectures II' Contents of a spring-back binder so inscribed. The material has been divided into five folders for ease of reference. C.48 List of seven lectures to Final Honours Physiology. n.d. Dated ms. and typescript notes for Final Honours Physiology lectures, 1956-62. C.49 Untitled seventh lecture, dated 28 November 1959. 7pp. typescript draft, with ms. additions and corrections. Untitled first lecture, dated 23 January 1960. 8pp. typescript draft, with ms. additions and corrections. C.50 Untitled second lecture, dated 30 January 1960. 8pp. typescript draft, with ms. additions and corrections. Untitled third lecture, dated 6 February 1960. 7pp. typescript draft, with ms. additions and corrections. C.51 C.52 Undated ms. and typescript notes. Printed background material. H A Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 16] C.53 Biology option for chemists, 1966. 3pp. duplicated typescript course outline. 7pp. draft of Krebs's introductory lecture, typescript and printed material (extract from Krebs's 1946 inaugural lecture at Sheffield). C.54 Letter from course organiser and list of lectures on disorders of human metabolism, 1973-74. Ms. notes and printed background material. C..59, 16.56 "Regulation of the redox state' Drafts of three lectures, 1972-73, letter from course organiser, reading list and lecture timetable. Two folders. Lecture timetable for F.H.S. Biochemistry option on the regulation of metabolic pathways, n.d. Krebs gave two lectures on compartmentation. Ms. and typescript notes on compartmentation, 1973. Unattributed ms. and typescript notes. Some material dated in 1973. C.o7 G.58 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.59-C.85 Building extension, 1955-64 Oxford 162 During Krebs's tenure of the Whitley Professorship a major building extension was planned and completed - an eight-storey wing which more than doubled the size Although the University Grants Committee provided the greater of the department. part of the finance for the extension and its equipment, Krebs was obliged to approach the Wellcome Trust for the finance for an extra research floor for the Head of Depart- ment (Rem. & Refl., p.196). C.59-C.74 Correspondence and papersre building extension with Registry, University Surveyor, the architects and academic colleagues, 1955-60. C.59 April-May 1955 Folder includes Biochemistry location plan, May. C.60 June-July 1955 Includes memorandum giving draft requirements for the first extension of the department. C.6] August-September 1955 C.62 October-December 1955 C.63 May-June 1956 Includes 8pp. memorandum on the Biochemistry extension sub- mitted to the Building and Development Committee of Council and the General Board. C.64 July 1956 (1) Includes memorandum (various drafts) of additional information on the Biochemistry extension for the Building and Development Committee of Council and the General Board. curriculum changes and general aspects of the development of Biochemistry . Deals. with HA Kees CSAC 113/4/86 C.65 July 1956 (2) Oxford 163 Includes memoranda on ‘Biochemistry Extension - Plan B', 'Future of Biochemistry’, 'Physical Biochemistry’ and 'Virus research’. The memorandum on Plan B has the ms. comments of senior members of the department. C.66 August-October 1956 Includes memoranda on the requirements for the extension and the canteen problem, sent to the architects. C.67 November-December 1956 Includes undated papers found with 1956 material. C.68 January-June 1957 Includes notes on meeting of members of the Biochemistry department, the University Surveyor and the architects, 27 February, and schedule of accommodation for the extension. C69 July-August 1957 Includes committee papers for consideration of the Building and Development Committee, 29 July, with timetable prepared by the University Surveyor of the planning stages for the Biochemistry extension. C.70 October-December 1957 Includes reports and memoranda on the Biochemistry extension, F.H.S. Biochemistry and the microbiology unit and notice of a symposium on the design of teaching laboratories, organised by the RIBA for March 1958. C.7] January-April 1958 Includes 'Comments on the scheme for the Biochemistry Extension dated 17.3.58.' (5pp. typescript). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.72 1959 Oxford 164 Includes memorandum (by R. Cecil) on the architects’ short- comings in their planning of the extension. by Krebs, 17 April. Sent to the Registrar C.73 1960 Includes Building and Development Committee paper re revised estimate of cost and notes made by Krebs in case he should be requested to raise the money to meet the shortfall, July. C.74 Miscellaneous papers re Biochemistry department extension. C.75-C.80 Outside grants for Biochemistry department extension. C.75-C.79 Wellcome Trustees C.75 1995 Minute of visit from Sir Henry Dale, 28 November. C.76 June 1956 Minutes of discussions with Secretary of Wellcome Trustees, senior Biochemistry department staff and Registrar, and draft letter from the Registrar to Sir Henry Dale re possible grants from the Wellcome Trustees for the Biochemistry extension. C.77 July-August 1956 Correspondence with Sir Henry Dale re award of grant towards the cost of the projected new biochemistry building. C.78 1957-60 Includes copies of correspondence between the Registrar and Sir Henry Dale. C.79 1963 Brief correspondence re plaque to record formally in the building the indebtedness to the Wellcome Trust. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 165 C.80 J.R. Geigy, S.A. 1958-59 Correspondence re small contribution to Krebs's biochemical laboratories from Geigy and its British subsidiary. C.81 Typescript notes (6pp.) recording progress of building extension, 16 October 1961 to 11 June 1964. Folder also includes Ip. typescript note: ‘Comment on the following inscription in the entrance hall of the Department of Biochemistry’. Newspaper cuttings re Biochemistry departmentarchitect, 1959. Photographs of work in progress on the extension, with one earlier (1954) photograph. C.82 C.83 C.84, C.85 Biochemistry extension open day, 2 May 1964. C.84 C.85 Correspondence re arrangements, invitations, letters of thanks, etc. Notes of arrangements, programme, press-cutting, draft of Krebs's speech at open day lunch. Folder also includes draft of Krebs's speech at buffet luncheon, 14 January, for members of department, architects, consultants, builders, etc. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.86-C.96 Sub- departments Oxford 166 C.86-C.93 Iveagh Professorship of Chemical Microbiology, 1955, 1964-66 According to Krebs's own note preserved at C.89, the professorship was established in 1955 with outside support from Arthur Guinness & Sons, in the first instance for the expected tenure of the first professor, D.D. Woods, and after his death for the tenure of the second professor, J. Mandelstam. a readership to a professorship, to finance post-doctoral fellowships and contribute to general laboratory expenses. (Cf. Rem. & Refl., pp.204-5). This support was sufficient to raise See also C.353. C.86-C.89 Correspondence and papersre the establishment of the lveagh Professorship, 1955. C.86 C.87 C.88 C.89 C.90 May June-July September-November Includes Krebs's note for the 'News and Views' columns of Nature on the appointment of D.D. Woods as Iveagh Professor. Ms. and typescript notes by Krebs and D.D. Woods on the establishment of the Iveagh Professorship. D.D. Woods's thoughts on Schedule A professors, March 1964, and paperon the Iveagh Professorship which Woods and Krebs discussed with the Secretary of the Faculties, July 1964. C.91-C.93 Correspondence and papersre the future of the Chair after the death of D.D. Woods and the appointment of his successor, 1964-66. C.91 C.92 C.93 Krebs's memorandum on the lveagh Professorship, 21 November 1964, and correspondence about it with J.W.S. Pringle and B. Bleaney; second copy of memorandum incorporates Bleaney's comments. November 1964-January 1965 1966 Aus Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 167 C.94-C.96 Laboratory of Human Nutrition, 1955-59, 1963 The laboratory was incorporated in the Department of Biochemistry in 1955. See also C.346. C.94, C.95 Correspondence with H.M. Sinclair, Sir Henry Dale and the University Registry re future of the laboratory. C.94 C.95 C.96 1955 1956, 1963 Grant from Chilean lodine Educational Bureau, 1955-59 Correspondence and report on work carried out under the grant (1956-57). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 168 C.97-C.182 FUNDING AND ADMINISTRATION OF KREBS'S RESEARCH C.97-C.123 Medical Research Council Unit/Metabolic Research Laboratory A chronological sequence of papers and correspondence. Most of the material presented here relates toa 1959 proposal to transfer the unit from the Medical Research Council to Oxford University, the future of the unit when Krebs retired from the Whitley Professorship and the move to and running of Krebs's 'retirement' quarters in the Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford. Laboratory was adopted for these 'retirement' premises. The designation Metabolic Research C.97 C.98 C.99 C.100 Medical Research Council Cell Metabolism Research Unit Progress Reports, 1953-57 and 1957-61. Brief correspondence with University Registry re accommodation for MRC unit, 1954-55. Lists of MRC unit personnel, 1957-58, 1966, 1968, 1972 and n.d. Schedule and brief correspondence re visit by the Lord President of the Council, Lord Hailsham, to Oxford MRC units, 1959. C.101-C.106 Correspondence and papers re proposed transfer of MRC unit to Oxford University, 1959-61. This 'major threat to the work of the Unit’ came about in 1959 when the University Grants Committee in a report on university develop- ment suggested that the responsibility for some MRC units should be In compliance with this policy the MRC transferred to universities. asked Oxford University to enter into negotiations about the In the discussions with the General Board transfer of Krebs's unit. of the University it became clear that there were majordifficulties in the way ofa transfer including discrepancies between MRC and university salaries for a numberof senior members of the unit and the financing of the unit as a whole after the ending of MRC sup- Negotiations were abandonedafter two and a half years port. of frustrating argument and Krebs concluded that the University as a body attachedlittle importance to his unit's work (Rem. & Refl., pp. 141-4). H BA : Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 <2 10) January-April 1959 Oxford 169 Includes Krebs's memorandum on the proposed transfer of the MRC Unit in the Department of Biochemistry, 16 April. (13pp. duplicated typescript including tables and appendices). C.102 Contents of envelope inscribed 'MRC Unit Transfer Staff Meeting' Copy of Krebs's memorandum (8pp. duplicated typescript) and comments on it of eight senior members of the Biochemistry department. C.103 June-October 1959 Includes copy of memorandum on salaries of university demon- strators (see also C.261), notes for meeting of Council, 5 October, and second memorandum on the proposed transfer of MRC Unit, 8 October. C.104 November-December 1959 Includes part of the report of the Standing Committee for Natural Science (10 November 1959) as related to the proposed transfer, with Krebs's comments, and various drafts and copies of the second memorandum onthe transfer. C.105 1960 Includes draft of speech prepared by Krebs for meeting of Council, 29 October 1960, but not delivered. C.106 1961 C.107 Brief correspondencere official visit of MRC to Oxford units, 1963. HA. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.108-C.112 170 Oxford Correspondence, etc., with the Medical Research Council and the University re the future of the MRC unit after Krebs reached the statutory age of retirement. 1965-67, The material relates to Krebs's post-retirement plans, the future of his research team and the disposition of MRC equipment. See also C.353. C.108 1965 Includes draft letter to Hebdomadal Council (not sent) on post- retirement activities. C.109 January-March 1966 C.110 April-May 1966 Includes draft statement ‘Laboratory in the Nuffield Department of Medicine, Radcliffe Infirmary’, 15 April, giving details of Krebs's research team, recent research interests, wish to continue research after retirement, etc. The statement was probably the basis of a grant application to meet the costs of alterations to the laboratory in the Nuffield Department offered to Krebs by P.B. Beeson, Nuffield Professor of Clinical Medicine. Cori June-August 1966 Includes correspondence re the terms of the MRC's acceptance of Krebs's proposal for post-retirement research. C.112 December 1966, September-October 1967 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 17] C.113-C.123 Metabolic Research Laboratory, Radcliffe Infirmary, 1966-81 C.113-C.121 Correspondence and papers re accommodation, equipment and the general running of the laboratory. C.113 1966 Material relates to the conversion into a biochemical research laboratory for Krebs of rooms vacated by the Department of Anaesthetics in the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine. C.114 January-June 1967 Continuing correspondence on conversion of laboratory for Krebs. See also C.122. C.115 July-December 1967 Includes correspondence with the Registry re the University's acceptance of the MRC's offer of support for Krebs's research in the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine. C.116 1968 C.117 1970-72 Includes request from Nuffield Department of Orthopaedic Surgery for advice on proposed research (1971) and Krebs's letter to the Director of the Committee on Invisible Exports setting out the invisible earnings of his research laboratory (1972). C.118 1974 C.119 1975-78 1975 correspondencerelates to the future of Krebs's research group. 1977 papers include ‘Material for the renewal of the grant of the Medical Research Council’, 5 and 6 April (6pp. typescript). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford C.120 1979 172 Includes material re possible move of the research group from the Radcliffe Infirmary to the John Radcliffe Hospital, Headington, Oxford. C.121 1980-81 and n.d. C.122 Grants to cover costs of converting accommodation into biochemical research laboratories. J.R. Geigy, S.A. Nuffield Committee 1967-68 1969 C.123 Staffing various dates 1969-80 C.124-C.144 Financing bodies Arranged in an alphabetical sequence (incomplete). See also C. 339. C.124 National Institute of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse 1971 C.125-C.128 Onassis Foundation 1980-81 Correspondence and papers re Krebs's candidature for the Olympia Prize awarded bythe International Board of the Onassis Foundation. Krebs's name was put forward for the prize by Sir Michael Stewart. C.125 December 1980-January 1981 HA. eb CSAC 113/4/86 C.126 February-March 1981 Oxford 173 Includes draft statements about Krebs and his work by Krebs himself and Sir Michael Stewart. C.127 April-June 1981 Includes the statement of recommendation submitted to the International Board. C.128 Miscellaneous ms. and typescript material re Krebs's candidature. Includes statement of honours received by Krebs. C.129-C.139 Rockefeller Foundation 1954-61, 1964-65, 1969, 1971, 1977 A chronological sequence of correspondence re grant applications, annual expenditure, visits from officers of Rockefeller Foundation to Oxford, etc. Rockefeller Foundation support for Krebs's research, initiated in Germany in 1932, continued in Oxford until 1965. December 1954 Krebs's application for a grant to Oxford University for biochemical research under his direction, to replace the grant to Sheffield University returned on Krebs's acceptance of the Oxford Chair. In his letter of 10 December Krebs explained what had happened to the equipment bought under previous grants at Sheffield. Cc. 130 1955 In January Krebs was awarded a grant of up to $80, 000 for a period of 5 years. C.131 C732 1956 1957 C.133 1958 H ke Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford C.134 January-May 1959 174 During this period Krebs made a major grant application to the United States Public Health Service and was advised by G.R. Pomerat, Associate Director of the Rockefeller Foundation, to await the outcome of this application before making a further request for Rockefeller funding. C.135 September-December 1959 In a letter of 6 November Krebs announced the award of a United States Public Health Service grant and discussed informally a further grant from the Rockefeller Foundation. Appendix | of this letter is a list of the permanent and semi-permanent staff of the Biochemistry department and Appendix II is a survey of current investigations. C136 1960 In January Krebs made a formal application for a grant in support of research in the Oxford Biochemistry Department. C.137 1961 C.138 1964-65 C.139 1969, 1971, 1977 C.140-C. 144 Travenol Laboratories Limited 1976-82 Includes material re conferencesas well as research funding. C.140 1976-77 Conference on parenteral nutrition, Bermuda, 15-20 May 1977. Correspondence with organisers re arrangements, publication of proceedings, etc. Bibliog. 364. See also F.303. H .A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.141 1978 Oxford 175 Correspondence and papersre financial support for research on parenteral nutrition. C.142 1979 Correspondence re parenteral nutrition research project and symposia at Oxford and Glasgow which Krebs was unable to attend. Letter from Sir David Cuthbertson, 10 July, reflects on early penicillin research in light of G. Macfarlane's biography of Howard Florey. ©.143 1979-82 Correspondence re possibility of a staff member studying for a doctorate in Krebs's laboratory and research funding. ry 1980 Correspondence re research problems and Kiawah Island (South Carolina) symposium on branched chain amino and ketoacids. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 176 C.145-C. 182 Miscellaneous C.145-C.149 Home Office licences C.150-C.157 Suppliers of research materials C.158-C.182 Requests to visit/work in Krebs's laboratory C.145 Home Office licences Various dates 1954-8] Correspondence and papers re applications for and renewal of licences, statutory return of experiments, etc., for Krebs and his collaborators. For earlier material re Home Office licences see B.68. = C.145 1954-67 C.148 1973-76 C.146 1967-70 C.149 1978-81 C.147 1971-72 C.150-C. 157 Correspondence with suppliers of scientific material for Krebs's Not indexed. research, presented in a chronological sequence. Similar material is sometimes included with the research projects in Section D. C.150 1954-58 C.154 1969 C13! 1960-67 C.155 1970-71 C.152 1968(1) C.156 1973-76 C.153 1968(2) C.157 1977-80 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 177 C.158-C.182 Correspondence re requests to visit or work in Krebs's laboratory, arranged in a chronological sequence. Thereis similar material in the correspondence folders. C.158 1954-55 C.172 1973 (1) C.159 1956-57 C.173 1973 (2) C.160 C.161 C.162 1958 1960 1961 C.174 1973 (3) C.175 1974 (1) C.176 1974 (2) C.163 1962-64 C.177 1975 (1) C.164 1965-67 C.178 1975 (2) C.165 1967-68 C.179 1976 (1) C.166 1969 C.180 1976 (2) C.167 1970 (1) C.181 1977 C.168 1970 (2) C.182 1978-81 C.169 197] C.170 1972 (1) C.171 1972 (2) HA. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford | 178 C.183-C. 240 DEVELOPMENT OF SCIENCE AT OXFORD During Krebs's tenure of the Whitley Professorship, he worked for a strengthening of the sciences at Oxford and his interest and involvement in this, especially in respect of the biological sciences, is attested by the very substantial body of correspondence and papers presented here. Sciences Sub-Committee on the Development of Biology he took part in discussions on the establishment of new departments (C.183-C.189) and when the new quinquennial grant proved inadequate for the developments envisaged, played a leading role in informal discussions within the university on alternative sources of finance (C.190- As a member of the Board of the Faculty of Biological There is material re a proposed Biology Centre (C.202-C. 204) and the diffi- C.201). culties faced by the new Linacre Professor of Zoology, J.W.S. Pringle, in respect of the provision of adequate accommodation for him by the university (C.205-C.211). Perhaps the development to which Krebs attached the most significance, however, was the establishment of molecular biophysics at Oxford (C.212-C.236) not only because of the inherent importance of the subject but also because he believed that the diffi- culties which had to be overcome before the successful establishment of the Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics in 1967 were characteristic of most major innovations in the The papers presented here chart the contribution of Krebs and JW. university. Pringle to the establishment of the new laboratory and include copies of Pringle'’s own papers (C.219-C.227) made available as source material for Krebs's very substantial unpublished account of the history of molecular biology at Oxford- (see C.229-C. 234). Krebs provided an interesting but much shorter account in his autobiography (Rem. & Refl. There is alsoa draft article on the same subject for the Oxford Magazine pp.207-213). (C..226). For published accounts by others which touch upon some of these questions see D.C. Phillips's memoir of W.L. Bragg (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 25, 1979) and V. Wigglesworth's memoir of J.W.S. Pringle (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 29, 1983). For Pringle's own account see the copy of his lecture on Oxford Zoology at C.211. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford C.183-C. 189 Development of Biology, 1956-58 179 Correspondence and papersre the Board of the Faculty of Biological Sciences Sub-Committee on the Development of Biology. The Chairman of the Sub-Committee was C.D. Darlington. At a later date these papers were shown to J.W.S. Pringle. See C.183. C.183 ‘Memorandum from Professor Darlington: New Biology Depart- ments', 20 November 1956. 2pp. duplicated typescript. ‘Expansion of Biology in Oxford’, 2 February 1957. 3pp. typescript memorandum by D.D. Woods. Carbon of letter from W. Le Gros Clark to Darlington, 4 February 1957, with comments on Darlington's memorandum and points for his committee to consider. Minutes of the meeting of the committee on the development of biology, 4 February 1957. App. typescript. Krebs attended this meeting. Letter from D.D. Woods, 13 February 1957, enclosing two drafts of a document about a new department of chemical/general microbiology. Only one draft, described as the shorter version, was found with the letter. Committee paper for meeting of 19 February 1957. 3pp. duplicated typescript. Incorporates the longer version of Woods's memorandum on a new microbiology department and a memorandum by A.G. Ogston on physical biochemistry. Copy of memorandum from W.O. James on the establishment of a department of plant physiology. 2pp. typescript, with covering letter, 21 February 1957. Continued H ae Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.184 (Cont'd.) Oxford 180 Copy of draft preamble 'which might contain suitable material for the report on the development ofbiology’. 2pp. typescript, with coveringletter. Sent to Darlington by Krebs, 28 February 1957. Memorandum on virology by K. Burton. Ip. duplicated typescript. C.185 Committee papers for meetings of 6 and 26 March 1957. Includes: Memorandum by Professor Burn on a New Department of Experi- mental Medicine. Memorandum by Professor Darlington on a Department of Genetics. Comments of Professor Pickering on Professor Burn's memorandum on a New Department of Experimental Medicine. Memorandum by Professor Sir Wilfrid Le Gros Clark : Biological Science in Oxford: The case for a Department of Human Biology and Physical Anthropology. Memorandum by Professor Sir Howard Florey on a new department of Medical Bacteriology. C.186 Memorandum onthe relations of biology with the physical sciences by C.D. Darlington, 1 April 1957. 2pp. typescript. Comments by A.G. Ogston on Darlington's memorandum, 7 April 1957. 3pp. typescript (carbon). Letters from R. Barer to Krebs, 11 and 12 April 1957, commenting on the memoranda by Darlington and Ogston. Paper on biophysics by Barer and Ogston, n.d. App. typescript (carbon). Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 18] C.186 (Cont'd. ) Draft statement on growing points of biology and medicine. 6pp. typescript. Sent to Krebs by J.H. Burn. Drafts for 'Preamble' by Darlington, 24 April 1957, and Krebs. C.187 Committee papers and correspondence re meetings of 2 and 31 May 1957. Includes: Memorandum by N.T.J. Bailey on a new department of Biometry. Statements on Virology by Sir Macfarlane Burnet and K.M. Smith. Copies of interim report of sub-committee and preamble. C.188 'Notes on the development of science and medicine at Oxford’, 27 September 1957. Ip. duplicated typescript. By Krebs. Untitled 3pp. typescript draft re conclusions of sub-committee and discussions with Chairman of the University Grants Committee by two of its members. n.d. but probably late 1957. ‘Biology development', 25 November 1957. Ip. typescript note. By Darlington. Draft statement on growing points of biology and medicine, 23 December 1957. 3pp. duplicated typescript, with ms. note 'this contains ammunition, but is not a suitable call for action’. H My Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 182 C18? Committee papers for meeting of 28 May 1958: Minutes of last meeting of 31 May 1957. Report of Committee on the future of the Physical Sciences in Oxford, 19 January 1958. Memorandum from Professor L.R. Wager: 'Developments in the Geological Sciences - Proposals for Departments or Sub- Departments of Geophysics, Geochemistry and Geomorphology’. Copy of report of the sub-committee on the Development of Biology and Medicine. report at C.187. Virtually identical with interim H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 183 C.190-C. 201 ‘Oxford's needs in science’, 1957-61. Correspondence and papers re informal discussions within the university arising from what was considered the inadequacy of the new quinquennial grant for providing much-neededscientific and other development at Oxford. identifying the particular areas of science for development and the desirability of a public appeal to help finance them. Discussions centred on In addition to Krebs, the principal participants were: B. Bleaney Lord Bridges A.L.C. (later Lord) Bullock J.H. Burn C.D. Darlington Sir William Deakin H.W. (later Lord) Florey E.R.H. (later Sir Ewart) Jones D. (later Sir Douglas) Veale L.R. Wager In April 1958 a memorandum on Oxford's needs in science was sent by Krebs to the Vice-Chancellor for consideration by Council. Apparently there was no action at the time because of the appeal for St. Catherine's College, though Krebs made an informal approach for financial support for Oxford science to British Petroleum, which cameto nothing. In 1960 Krebs approached the Wellcome Foundation re funding for the type of development envisaged in the memorandum on Oxford's needs in science. to make a proposal in respect of the biological sciences he had been unable to do so by late 1961 because of the uncertainty of suitable building sites. Although encouraged by the Foundation See also C.338. C.190 June-July 1957 On 8 July a meeting was held at Corpus Christi College to consider whether industry, commerce andprivate individuals should be approached for money for university development. Folder includes the notes Krebs prepared in advance of the meeting - ‘not used since Registrar organised discussion in his own way' - and an account, also by Krebs, of what took place at the meeting. Krebs agreed to provide a statement outlining the kind of develop- ments in biology and medicine for which any funds collected might be used. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.191 August-September 1957 Oxford 184 Includes letter (September) from J.M. Hammersley on how industrialists would react to a general request to finance extensions of academic work at Oxford and what kind of cooperation would be needed between industry and the universities in the future. C192 October-December 1957 Includes notes of discussions on 1 October and 22 November and drafts of ideas on growing points of biology and medicine. C.193 January-February 1958 Includes statement on growing points in Geology and related sciences, note of discussions on 24 January, draft statement of Oxford's needs in science, 30 January, and notes on and drafts of letter to The Times. C.194 April 1958 Includes drafts of covering note and memorandum on Oxford's needs in science sent to the Vice-Chancellor 22 April, for consideration by Council. C.195 May 1958 Two drafts of Krebs's statement at Council meeting, 5 May.Y C.196 June 1958 Includes material re meeting at the British Petroleum Company Offices about fund-raising for a new college (St. Catherine's), 10 June, and subsequent approach toa director of BP, Sir Percival Waterfield, about support for scientific development at Oxford from the oil company. Folder also includes additions to the memorandum of 25 May 1958 on the developments in the geological sciences, 16 June. By L.R. Wager. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford Caray July 1958 185 Includes material re meeting between representatives of the University, including Krebs, and the Chairman of the University Grants Committee, Sir Keith Murray, and Krebs's approach to BP for financial support for Oxford science. C.198 1959-60 Note of discussions between Krebs and Registrar re external financial support for scientific development, 19 September 1959. Brief exchange between Krebs and Sir George Pickering, re a copy of the memorandum on Oxford's needs in science for Sir Harold Himsworth, October 1959. Brief exchange between Krebs and L.R. Wagerre earlier corres- pondence relating to possible financial support from BP, May 1960. C.199 April-May 1960 Material re meeting between Krebs and Wellcome Trustees, 28 April, about possible financial support for the development of the growing points of science at Oxford, as set out in the memorandum on Oxford's needs in science. Includes draft notes on research laboratories for developing the growing points of science and new biological laboratory. C.200 October-November 1961 Brief correspondence re Wellcome Trust funding for proposed Biological Sciences Centre. C.201 Undated ms. and typescript notes and drafts found with Oxford's needs in science material. HAC ieces CSAC 113/4/86 C.202-C. 204 Biology Centre, 1962 Oxford 186 Correspondence and papersre the Board of the Faculties of Medicine and Biological Sciences Committee on the proposed Biology Centre. C.202 February Includes a summary of the previoushistory of the question. C.203 March ‘Memorandum on the proposed biology centre’, 1 March. By J.W.S. Pringle. 2pp. typescript. "Memorandum on the Biology Centre’. By G.C. Varley. 2pp. typescript. 'Notes on the Biological Centre’. By G.L.BIrownJ. 3pp. typescript. 'Eurther note on the Biology Centre’. Ip. duplicated typescript. By J.W.S. Pringle. Memorandum ofpoints to be decided, 9 March. By Krebs. 3pp. typescript . 'Points for Discussion’, 15 March. By C.D. Darlington. 2pp. typescript. "Note on the proposed Biology Centre’, 15 March. By G.W. Pickering. Ip. typescript. Draft note of points for discussion, 16 March. By Krebs. 2pp. typescript. Continued H.A Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 187 C.203 (Cont'd. ) Draft note of 'Dinner and committee meeting of biological centre', 19 March. By Krebs. 2pp. typescript. C.204 April-June Draft report of the committee on the proposed Biological Centre by G.C. Varley and related correspondence. Also found with this material is a copy of a letter from Sir Henry Dale, 29 April 1960, re possible Wellcome funding for Oxford scientific development. See C.199. C.205-C. 211 Zoology, 1961-79 C.205-C.210 "Historical Documents regarding John Pringle’ Contents of a folder so inscribed divided into six folders for ease of reference. The material relates to Pringle's appointment as Linacre Professor of Zoology, new accommodation for the Zoology department, the development of Zoological research in Oxford, etc. C.205 C.206 January-March 1961 September-December 1961 C.207 February 1962 Includes material re candidates for readership in biophysics, 2pp. duplicated statement by the Vice-Chancellor, A.L.P. Norrington, on the Zoology building and ‘Resolution on allocation of site for Zoology building’, 4pp. typescript statement addressed to members of Congregation by J.R. Baker, W. Holmes and N. Tinbergen. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford C.208 May-July, November 1962 188 Includes 3pp. typescript statement by Pringle entitled ‘Crisis in Oxford’, with Krebs's ms. comments. C.209 1963 Includes material re the developmentof biophysics and insect physiology research in the Zoology department. C.210 1964-67 C.2)1 'Oxford Zoology 1961-79' 20pp. duplicated typescript with ms. note, ‘John Pringle. Unpublished script of lecture given in June 1979 on his retirement’. C.212-C. 236 Molecular Biophysics, 1956, 1958, 1962-67 C212 1956 Material re possible transfer of J.T. Randall's biophysics unit from King's College, London, to Oxford. Folder includes copy of the Medical Research Council Progress Report of Randall's biophysics unit for 1951-55. C.213 1958 Material reflecting Krebs's continued interest in the further development of biophysics at Oxford. He discussed the question with D.M.C. Hodgkin and sought the advice of M.F. Perutz. Folder includes information re D.C. Phillips and copy of the Medical Research Council Progress Report of the Cavendish Laboratory Molecular Biology Research Unit, for 1956-58. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.214 1962 Oxford 189 Krebs's typescript notes of discussions with D.C. Phillips, D.M.C. Hodgkin and senior members of the biochemistry department re possible transfer of Phillips and his collaborators from the Royal Institution to Oxford, September and October. C215 January-May 1963 Material re possible transfer of Phillips and his unit to Oxford, including exchanges of correspondence between Krebs and J.W.S. Pringle, Krebs and Phillips, Pringle and Sir Harold Himsworth. Considerations included the availability of accommodation in the new Zoology building and the date of retirement of Sir Lawrence Bragg, Director of the Royal Institution. Much of the material is photocopies. C.216 June-December 1963 June material relates to a meeting of Krebs and Pringle with Bragg to discuss the transfer of the biophysics unit to Oxford Krebs hoped that Phillips upon Bragg's retirement in 1967. and his group would do some lecturing in Oxford before that date. In September Krebs wrote to Himsworth to arrange a meeting to discuss further the future of molecular biophysics in Oxford and this meeting was held at MRC headquarters in October. C.217 1964, 1965 1964 correspondence relates to lecture course by Phillips at Oxford during the Trinity term. 1965 correspondencerelates to Phillips's discourse at the Royal Institution, 5 November. C.218 1966 Includes letter from Phillips thanking Krebs for his part in making possible the move of Phillips and his team to Oxford and inviting Krebs to give an evening discourse at a Summer School on Molecular Biology and Biophysics to be held in Oxford 18-29 September. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.219-C. 227 Oxford 190 Photocopies of documents re detailed arrangements for D.C. Phillips and his biophysics research unit to come to Oxford from the Royal Institution, 1964-67. These documents are the correspondence and papers of J.W.S. Pringle re negotiations with Oxford University, D.C. Phillips, the Medical Research Council, Nuffield Foundation, etc. C219 March-June 1964 C.220 July-December 1964 C.221 January-April 1965 Includes letter from Sir Harold Himsworth to the University Registrar with the news that Phillips and his team had ‘got out the structure of lysozyme’ and that Sir Lawrence Bragg had provided a champagnecelebration. C.222 May-June 1965 C..223 July-August 1965 C.224 October-November 1965 C.225 December 1965 C.226 January 1966 C.227 March-July 1966, August 1967 C.228 ‘Molecular biophysics at Oxford’ 6pp. typescript draft, with slight ms. correction, intended for publication in the Oxford Magazine. Copies of letters from Krebs to J.W.S. Pringle and D.C. Phillips, May 1966, enclosing draft of proposed article. reply see C.210. For Pringle's Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.228 (Cont'd. ) 191 Oxford . 1966 Hilary 7 issue of the Oxford Magazine in which the editor attributed the establishment of Molecular Biology entirely to the University administration. It was this editorial comment which prompted Krebs to draft his article. C.229-C. 231 ‘Documents Concerning the History of Molecular Biophysics at Oxford! Typescript draft with ms. corrections and additions. Paginated pp.1-Il, 1-102, including some original documents. pagination is not continuous, presumably because Krebs intended to add further documents at a later date. The Krebs's preface (p-II) explains the nature of the documents: 'This is a collection of letters, of minutes of personal discussions, and of University papers, especially of the Board of Biological Sciences, linked by comments. It is not a complete collection of material bearing on the It includes history of the Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics. only those aspects with which | was personally concerned as a The material is in a rough draft form. participant or witness. It requires editing and in some places checking offacts.’ The typescript is divided into three folders for ease of reference. C.232-C. 234 "Documents concerning the History of Molecular Biophysics at Oxford’ Clean typescript copy of the preceding divided into three folders for ease of reference. C235 ‘Comments on the difficulties to keep Oxford science up to date, with reference to the history of Oxford science’ Typescript draft with ms. corrections, paginated pp.111a-123. Also clean typescript copy of the same. The 'Comments' were a continuation or conclusion for the 'Documents'. Krebs considered that the difficulties which had to be overcome to establish Molecular Biophysics at Oxford University were He gave characteristic of the great majority of major innovations. earlier examples of the struggles necessary to keep Oxford science up to date: the establishment of the University Museum, the Whitley Professorship of Biochemistry, the Clinical School, and the department of Nuclear Physics. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 192 C.236 Miscellaneous typescript drafts re Molecular Biophysics. C.237-C. 240 Miscellaneous, 1956, 1959-61 C.237 Debate in Congregation re resolution on the Keble Road Triangle development, 4 December 1956. Copy of statement of proposer, P.D. Henderson, as sent to Krebs, with ms. note explaining why p.2 was missing. Draft of Krebs's speech seconding the resolution. Newspaper cuttings. C.238, C.239 Quinquennial Application, 1962-67 C.238 Krebs's notes of meeting of sub-committee considering policy for next quinquennium, 16 December 1959. Ip. typescript and Ip. draft. Memorandum on postgraduate education by G.W. Pickering, with brief related correspondence, February 1960. Krebs's notes for meeting of Natural Sciences Committee of the General Board, 16 February 1960. App. typescript, with a few ms. additions and corrections. Interim report of Faculty Board of Biological Sciences Committee on Quinquennial Estimates. n.d. App. typescript. C.239 Board of the Faculty of Biological Sciences. Quinquennial Application 1962-67. Faculty expenditure: 2pp. duplicated typescript and appendices of statements by heads of department including Krebs. The appendices are dated in February and March 1960. Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 193 C.239 (Cont'd.) Statements made by representatives of the Committee of Heads of Science Departments (including Krebs) at the discussions with the University Grants Committee on 9 November 1960. 3pp. duplicated typescript. C.240 New university science building. 'The problem of planning university laboratories’, 7 June 1961. 3pp. duplicated typescript and 6pp. typescript draft with ms. corrections. The memorandum was prepared by R. Cecil, drawing on the experience of the Biochemistry Department in respect ofits new extension. ‘Planning of University Buildings', 7 July 1961. 2pp. typescript note of discussions. By Cecil. ‘Comments on Messrs. Chamberlin, Powell and Bon's plan for the development of the Science Area' App. typescript memorandum by Cecil, with covering letter from Krebs to the Registrar, 13 October 1961. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 194 Oxford C.241-C. 334 UNIVERSITY REFORM With an introductory note C.241-C. 260 General correspondence and papers C.261-C.273 Salaries With an introductory note C.274-C.278 Schedule A Professorships C.279-C. 328 Committees and Commissions of Inquiry C.329-C. 334 Publications C.335-C. 389 GENERAL UNIVERSITY CORRESPONDENCE C.335-C. 361 Central administration C.362-C..372 Electoral Boards C.373-C. 389 Libraries, departments, colleges and societies For correspondence and papers re Krebs's election to the Whitley Professorship of Biochemistry, see A.555-A. 566. HA Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.241-C. 334 UNIVERSITY REFORM Oxford 195 Although Krebs begins the chapter of his autobiography on Oxford by praising the university as 'in many ways a splendid place for academics, one of the finest in the world' (Rem. & Refl., p.193), he was also very conscious ofits shortcomings and his involvement in attempts to rectify these is evidenced by the substantial body of surviving material presented here. It is divided into.a chronological sequence of general papers and correspondence on various aspects of Oxford reform and further sequences of papers on particular areas for reform such as university salaries and schedule A professors and on specific committees or commissions of inquiry. For Krebs's articles on reform written for the Oxford Magazine, see C.329-C. 334. C.241-C. 260 General correspondence and papers, 1958, 1961-68, 1973, 1979 The material is principally Krebs's dated typescript notes, but includes correspondence with the Registry and others, newspaper cuttings and other background material. C.241 1958 Note by C.D. Darlington for the Visitorial Board on the demands for lecturing made upon visiting professors, 19 March. C.242 196] Includes undated notes found with 1961 material. C.243 January-May 1962 C.244 June 1962 C.245 September 1962 C.246 March-June 1963 C.247 July-December 1963 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.248 C.249 C.250 Oxford January-April 1964 June-October 1964 1965 196 Includes draft of memorandum on improving communication within the university and between the university and the outside world. C. 251 1966 'The difficulties in attracting staff in certain science subjects’ 3pp. typescript draft, with related newspaper cuttings. C.252 July-August 1967 'Thoughts on occasion of retirement’ Intended as memorandum to General Board but never completed. This isa sequence of mainly typescript notes setting out Krebs's views on the inability of the General Board, as then constituted, to foster excellence within the university, especially scientific excellence. C.253 September-December 1967 C.254 1968 C.255 C.256 C.257 1969-70 1973, 1979 Miscellaneous undated ms. and typescript notes. C.258, C. 259 Miscellaneous press-cuttings on various aspects of university reform and development including salaries, 1958-61. Two folders. C.260 Press-cuttings on misgovernment and maladministration inside and outside the universities, mid-1960s. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.261-C.273 Salaries, 1959-61 Oxford 197 Krebs identifies in his autobiography (Rem. & Refl., pp. 196-201) a numberof problems relating to salary and income structure within the university, especially: (1) the existence in the science departments of two classes of lecturer, those who enjoyed, in addition to their full-time university lecturership, a tutorial College Fellowship which brought considerable benefits in terms of income, status and amenities, and those who were without the all-important college attachment. (2) the rigid age-tie of the salary scale and the absence of the grade of Senior Lecturer which made it impossible, Krebs argued, to recognise special merit by more rapid promotion, or promotion to a higher grade. Krebs first raised the question of abolishing the age-scale in October 1959 but although he had the support of the Faculty Board of Biological Sciences concerned about the effect of the salary-income structure on the recruitment and retention of good Hopes for movementin the direction staff, the General Board decided against action. Krebs wished the university to go came in May 1960 with a government decision to make funds available through the University Grants Committee to universities which were having difficulty in attracting or retaining academic staff of requisite quality. Oxford was offered £14,500, 'to recoup ... expenditure incurred in paying salaries above the normal in order to recruit or retain staff’. While the university authorities considered the offer, a committee of Heads of Science Departments, on which Krebs played the leading role, collected detailed information on the difficulties in staffing certain departments - information which formed the basis of a memorandum submitted to the General Board on 21 October 1960. The General Board recommendedthe rejection of the offer of money. challenged this recommendation in an article for the Oxford Magazine published 1 June 1961 and he was supported in this public campaign by an article in the following week's edition in which an anonymous demonstrator described how those without college affiliations were treated as ‘useful second-class citizens' - Krebs had a hand in drafting this second Krebs openly article. Despite these efforts Congregation voted on 13 June to turn downthe offer of the University Grants Committee. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 198 Krebs was reluctant to give up the fight over the university salary-income structure and published a further article in the Oxford Magazine in October 1961 in which he set out the inequalities between the incomes of Fellows and Non-Fellows. Although the article did not give rise to any action, the matters which concerned Krebs were considered by the Robbins Committee on Higher Education and the Franks Commission of Inquiry (qqv.). Krebs retained his interest in these questions over an extended period. The papers, which include correspondence with the university authorities and academic colleagues, drafts of memoranda for the General Board, drafts of Krebs's speeches at the Hebdomadal Council and at Congregation, etc., are presented ina chronological sequence. For drafts of the Oxford Magazine articles and related correspondence see C.329- C.304. See also C.342-C.345, C.349-C. 352. C. 261 1959 Includes Krebs's memorandum for the Biology Board on the salaries of university demonstrators (2 copies). C.262 February, May 1960 Includes note of Krebs's remarks on salary supplementation at a meeeting of the Hebdomadal Council, 22 February. C.263 June 1960 Includes letter from Krebs to the President of Trinity College (A.L.P. Norrington), with information re the question of special supplementation of Demonstrators’ salaries, note by Krebs on the UGC offer of flexibility money and two annotated copies of a memorandum on quinquennial policy, 1962-67, for consideration by Heads of Science Departments in respect of the Krebs kept the visit of the UGC to Oxford, November 1960. UGC material with that relating to salaries although it includes additional topics. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.264 July 1960 Oxford 199 Heads of Science Departments sub-committee on salary scales (1). The members of the sub-committee were Krebs, G.E. Blackman and E.R.H. (later Sir Ewart) Jones. Folder includes drafts of circular sent by sub-committee request- ing information about the adequacy of present salary scales in attracting and retaining first-rate staff. from Sir Alister Hardy, C. Clark, W.D.M. (later Sir William) Paton, H.W. (later Lord) Florey and others. There are replies C.265 October 1960 Heads of Science Departments sub-committee on salary scales (2). Replies to the sub-committee's circular from C.D. Darlington, D.H. Wilkinson and A. Thom, Krebs's ms. and typescript notes on the replies, duplicated statement of comments on the adequacy of university demonstrator scales and some (undated) background material on university salaries. C.266 November 1960 (1) Visit of Medical Sub-committee of the UGC to Oxford, 8 November 1960. Brief correspondence, programme ofvisit, draft statements by Krebs on postgraduate education and research. C.267 November 1960 (2) Visit of UGC to Oxford, 9 November 1960. Various drafts, notes on background material, ete., put together by Krebs re UGC visit. Folder includes draft for Krebs's speech at UGC meeting, duplicated note on the discussion with the UGC for Committee of Heads of Science Departments and draft letter from Krebs and B. Bleaney (probably to the editor of the Oxford Magazine) re meeting between UGC and Heads of Science Departments. H.A,. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.268 December 1960 Oxford 200 Includes draft speech for Council meeting, 12 December, ‘not delivered because item was adjourned’, and draft of substantial paper by Krebs on the salaries of university demonstrators and lecturers : 'Comments bearing on the University Grants Committee's offer of selective supplementation and the General Board's proposal that the offer be rejected’. C;26? January-April 1961 Includes duplicated typescript copy of Krebs's memorandum on the salaries of university demonstrators and lecturers and drafts of Krebs's speeches on the same subject at meetings of Council and Congregation. C.270 May 1961 (1) 'Notes on the use of flexibility’ Ip. duplicated typescript, 1 May, attached to 'Corrected Copy’ of Krebs's paper on the salaries of university demonstrators and lecturers. Photostat of report of standing committee on finance, 2 and 9 May, with record of interview of Krebs by the committee. "Flexibility within the lecturers' scale: Communication from the General Board of the Faculties’, 13 May. C.271 May 1961 (2) Draft notes for meeting of Council and correspondence with academic colleagues, the Registry and the UGC. C.272 June-July 1961 Includes correspondence with the Registrars of Oxford and Sheffield Universities, copy of Oxford University Gazette with agenda for 13 June meeting of Congregation and Krebs's typescript note, heavily corrected, on the vote of Congregation on ‘flexibility’ funds. C.273 Printed university papers re salaries’ question. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 201 C.274-C.278 Schedule A Professorships, 1961-64 Krebs advocated the replacement of the pyramidal structure of the large Oxford Science departments by the multi-professor type of departmental organisation he had admired in America (Rem. & Refl., pp.203-207). The material includes correspondence, committee papers and Krebs's typescript notes and drafts. For the creation of a second Professorship in Krebs's own depart- ment, see C.86-C.89. C.274 March- July 1961 C.275 August-September 196] Includes notes on the selection of demonstrators. C.276 October 1961 C.277 1962-63 C.278 February-June 1964 Includes undated ms. note by D.D. Woods: 'Someill-digested random points re Professors. (Transatlantic reading).' H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 202 C.279-C. 328 Committees and Commissions of Inquiry, 1961-68, 1980 C.279-C. 281 Committee on the relations between Colleges and the University C.282-C.291 Robbins Committee on Higher Education C.292-C.297 National Incomes Commission C.298-C. 328 Franks Commission of Inquiry C.279-C. 281 Committee on the relations between Colleges and the University, 1961-63 The material, principally Krebs's typescript notes reflecting on matters affecting relations between the Colleges and the University, is presented in a chronological sequence. C.279 196] Includes copy of memorandum expressing the views of about 130 members of Congregation with full-time university, departmental or institutional appointments who were not Fellows of Colleges, November. C.280 1962 Includes ‘Report of the Syndicate on theRelationship between the University and Colleges', Cambridge UniversityReporter, 13 March, annotated by Krebs. C. 281 1963 and n.d. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 203 C.282-C. 291 Robbins Committee on Higher Education, 1961-63 C.282, C.283 Correspondence with University Registry, Robbins Committee, academic colleagues, re memorandum prepared by Krebs, Krebs's oral evidence to the committee, etc. C.282 C. 283 1961-62 1963 C.284 C.285 C.286 Early drafts of Krebs's memorandum to Robbins Committee. 'Complete' draft of Krebs's memorandum, January 1962. 9pp. typescript draft, with six appendices. Draft of Krebs's memorandum with ms. comments of H.W. (later Lord) Florey and letter from Florey returning the draft, January 1962. Clean typescript copy of the memorandum, January 1962. C. 287 Krebs's verbatim evidence taken before the committee, 23 February 1962. 5pp. duplicated typescript and Ip. ms. corrections. C.288 C.289 C.290 Krebs's dated typescript and ms. notes on aspects of university reform especially the relationship between the colleges and the university, 1961-62. Miscellaneous ms. notes re Robbins Committee. Submissions to the Robbins Committee by others: Agricultural Research Council Association of University Teachers Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals of the Universities of the United Kingdom The Institute of Physics and the Physical Society H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.29] Oxford 204 Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings and printed material re various aspects of university reform and development including salaries, found with Robbins Committee papers. Folder includes Commonwealth Relations Office Seventh Report of the Overseas Migration Board, December 1961, C.292-C. 297 National Incomes Commission, April-December 1963, February 1980 Krebs's continued concern about Oxford salaries and in particular the difficulties in attracting first-rate staff to full-time university posts not carrying a college fellowship is reflected in his interest in the Commission's review of academic salaries. Krebs was one of a number of Oxford scientists who submitted memoranda to the Commission. The material is presented in a chronological sequence. C.292 April-May Includes copy of memorandum submitted by C.D. Darlington, 'The consequences of the double standard of payment under the college system in Oxford’. C.293 June Two drafts of the memorandum Krebs submitted to the Commission, ‘Salaries of Oxford University Staff’. C.294 July-September Includes Krebs's comments on the note submitted by the University Registry to the Commission. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.295 October Oxford 205 Includes copy of memorandum submitted by J.W.S. Pringle, ‘Salaries of University Biologists’, further material produced by Krebs commenting on the Registry's factual note on Oxford salaries and note by Krebs on undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in the biochemistry department. C.296 November-December Includes copy of Krebs's second memorandum in the form circulated to other parties by the Commission. C.297 February 1980 Note by Krebs commenting on the work of the Commission. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 206 C.298-C. 328 Franks Commission of Inquiry, 1964-68 In February 1964 the Hebdomadal Council appointed a committee chaired by the Provost of Worcester College (Lord Franks) to consider the recommendations and criticisms in the Robbins Report on Higher Education which particularly affected Oxford. The committee's terms of reference were wide-ranging, extending 'not only to the organisa- tion and activity of the University but also to the teaching arrangements of the Colleges’ (Report of Commission of Inquiry, |, p.17). The committee issued general and specific invitations to persons and organisations to submit written evidence which might help them in dealing with any of their terms of reference and sent out questionnaires on aspects of academic policy and university organisation. It was made clear that all written evidence apart from replies to questionnaires addressed to individuals would be made available to the public (Report, |, p.13). Krebs was involved as a member of an ad hoc sub-committee in preparing the Heads of Science Departments' response to the Commission's July questionnaire on teaching and research (C.298, C.299). He also prepared in October his own very extensive memorandum of written evidence on the organisation of science at Oxford (C.302-C.307). He was not able to submit this memorandum, however, because he was unwilling to have it made Instead, in November, he submitted a short memorandum which sought unsuc- public. cessfully to change the Commission's policy on the question of confidentiality (C.308). It was not until the end of January 1965 that Krebs submitted a major memorandum to the Commission (C.309) - a memorandum substantially different in character from that prepared in October 1964. In 1966 the Commission issued a report of its findings with a large numberof recommendations. In his autobiography Krebs expressed his disappointment that so very few had actually been implemented by the university Rem. & Refl., pp.202-3). See also A.195. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 207 C.298, C.299 Heads of Science Departments Sub-committee on Franks Commission, 1964. In June the Commission of Inquiry sent a letter to the Chairman of the Committee of Heads of Science Departments (followed by a detailed questionnaire in July) requesting written evidence on various aspects of academic policy. 13 July the Committee of Heads of Science Departments appointed a sub-committee to draft a reply to the Commission's questionnaire and all heads were invited to send short replies to the Chairman for the sub-committee's consideration. Krebs was a member of the sub-committee. At its meeting of The material presented here is a chronological sequence of committee papers including copies of the heads' replies. C.298 June-July 1964 Includes copies of the replies and comments on the questionnaire by D.D. Woods, W. Hume-Rothery, R.C. Oldfield, R.E. Peierls, C.A. Coulson, and C.D. Darlington, and draft of Krebs's answers to Franks's questionnaire, misdated 15 July 1965. C.297 August-September 1964 and n.d. Includes comments on the questionnaireby J.W.S. Pringle and D.H. Wilkinson, summary of comments received and draft replies to the questionnaire. C.300 Correspondence with the Franks Commission, 1964-66 Includes letter from Lord Franks, 8 December 1964, replying to Krebs's request that the Commission reconsider the rule that all their evidence should be public. For the memorandum in which Krebs's request was set out, see C.308. C.301 Correspondence with J.E. (later Lord) Vaizey and R.N.W. (later Lord) Blake re Oxford reform and the Franks Commission, November and December 1964. The correspondence arose because of Krebs's comments (in his memorandum on confidentiality submitted to Franks in November) on articles by Vaizey and Blake in the Oxford Magazine and Oxford respectively. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 208 C.302 ‘Comments concerning the organisation of science at Oxford’, October 1964. ‘Complete’ 60pp. typescript memorandum with ms. note by Krebs: "Intended for Franks Committee [Esic] but not accepted because of the confidentiality | asked for’. C. 303 'First draft' of section 16 of the preceding: ‘Concepts to be clarified’. At least part of this was written purpose . as early as 1962 for another C.304, C.305 ‘Final Draft' C. 304 C.305 Typescript draft with ms. additions and corrections of sections 1-13 of Krebs's October 1964 memorandum on the organisation of science at Oxford. Typescript draft, with ms. additions and corrections of sections 15-23 of the memorandum. C.306, C.307 "Early Incomplete draft’ Typescript draft of part of Krebs's memorandum with ms. corrections and additions. This appears to be a revision of the 'complete' October 1964 draft and may have been undertaken because of the confidentiality question. (See C.302.) Two folders. HA. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 209 C. 308 "Memorandum submitted to the Commission of Inquiry by H.A. Krebs', November 1964. 3pp. typescript with covering letter. Krebs explains why he feels unable to submit the major memo- randum he has completed and asks the Commission to reconsider their decision not to accept confidential evidence. Folder also includes various ms. and typescript drafts relating to the memorandum submitted. C.309 ‘Comments on the organisation and administration of a Science Department', 29 January 1965. 15pp. typescript and 2pp. appendix. This is the major memorandum actually submitted to the Commission by Krebs. He describes it, in his first sentence, as ‘written in response to an informal request from a member of the Commission’. C.310-C. 312 Miscellaneous ms. and typescript notes from a folder inscribed ‘1963-64. FRANKS’. The material is presented ina chronological sequence as far as possible and divided into three folders for ease of reference. C.313-C. 315 A sequence of dated ms. and typescript notes, January 1963- March 1965. The material is divided into three folders for ease of reference. Krebs may have put this material together in connection with See the evidence he gave before the Commission in person. the original folder preserved at C.313. C.316-C.318 Miscellaneous ms. and typescript notes and drafts re Franks Com- mission. A few are dated in 1964 and 1965. 3 folders. H .A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford C.319, C.320 Submissions to Franks Commission by others. 210 C317 Report of evidence submitted by Hebdomadal Council and General Board, June 1965. 52pp. duplicated typescript . Folder also includes Ip. ms. note found with report of evidence. C.320 Draft report to the Franks Commission from the postgraduate students of the Biochemistry Department. Unidentified draft submission annotated by Krebs. C.321 C.322 Copies of supplementary numbers of Oxford University Gazette, 20 January and 12 May 1965, re Franks Commission. There is marginal emphasis and underscoring by Krebs. A sequence of dated typescript and ms. notes commenting on the Franks report, June 1966-April 1967. The report was published in May 1966. Folder also includes 2pp. duplicated typescript statement, 16 June 1966, re attitude of Trinity College to the Franks report and initialled A. L.P.N Dorrington] and 1p. duplicated type- script statement, 30 June 1966, on the 'General Board Comments on the Proposals of the Franks Commission’, by J.W.S.PLringled. C.323 Brief exchange of correspondence and note of discussions on Oxford reform between Krebs and J.R. Maddox, February-March 1967. Found with preceding material. C.324 Hard-backed notebook. Unpaginated with many pages unused. This notebook which was found with the Franks material is in the same format as those in which Krebs recorded his research at Berlin, Altona and Freiburg and may be the missing volume noted at D.10. Pages have been torn from the front of the notebook. Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.324 (Cont'd.) Oxford 211 Krebs used this notebook for jotting down his ideas on various aspects of Oxford reform which he may have intended to use for an article in Nature or the Oxford Magazine or a course of lectures. There are references to both the Robbins and Franks reports. Dated entries run between 11 November 1967 and 7 February 1968. Loose items have been removed and preserved in separate folders. C.325 Krebs's ms. and typescript notes found in C.324 above. Some of these are identified as notes for proposed lectures. There is also material on Schedule A Professors dating from 1962, and on 'Democracy' and the ‘Effectiveness of Postgraduate Teaching' from November 1967. C.326 Soft-backed ‘exercise book' found in C.324 above. Krebs used this notebook for jotting down his ideas on university government and academic leadership, July-September 1967. Pages have been torn from the book. C.327 Newspaper cuttings found in C.324 above. Subjects include Oxford reform, democracy and the organisation of science. C.328 Miscellaneous press-cuttings found with Franks material. C.329-C. 334 Publications, 1960-62, 1964, 1967 Drafts of articles by Krebs and others for the Oxford Magazine, and related correspondence. For other material re Oxford Magazine see C.28, C.228 and C.267. €.32277 1960 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.330-C. 332 1961 Oxford 212 C. 330 'The Flexibility of Salaries’ Drafts of Krebs's article published 1 June. C.331 'Oxford life as seen by a University Demonstrator appointed from outside’ Drafts of article by W. Bartley, later Professor of Biochemistry at Sheffield, published 8 June. The article was heavily revised by Krebs and appears anonymously. C.332 'The salaries of demonstrators' Correspondence and draft of article, published October. C..333 1962, 1964 1964 material is a letter to the editor submitting a letter for publication on college taxation. C2334 1967 Material re Krebs's letter on graduate supervision fees published 17 February, including printed version ofletter. H.A, Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 213 C.335-C. 389 GENERAL UNIVERSITY CORRESPONDENCE C.335-C. 361 Central administration C.362-C. 372 Electoral Boards C.373-C. 389 Libraries, departments, colleges and societies. C.335-C. 361 Central administration A chronological sequence of correspondence and papers with officers of the University, academic colleagues, etc. re the Biochemistry Department, and the general affairs of theuniversity, kept together by Krebs as his 'University files’. C.335 1954 Includes material re the qualifying examination in German for undergraduates offering Biochemistry in the Final Honour School of Natural Science. C. 336 1955 Includes material re Gotch Memorial Prize, General Board grant, bench fees and the provision of scientific equipment for the university (electron microscope) and department (recording spectrometer). C.337 1956 Brief correspondence re Japanese research student. C.338 1957 Includes material re higher degrees, including A.G. Ogston's comments on a memorandum of C.D. Darlington about the training of students for higher degrees and re a cooperative effort of science professors to raise money for the university. With a memorandum by Krebs on university finance. For the cooperative effort to raise money, see C.190-C.201. Hae Keb CSAC 113/4/86 CG. 307 1958 Oxford 214 Includes material re removal expenses, support for Krebs's research from the United States Public Health Service and radiation hazards. The question of removal expenses led Krebs to prepare a memo- randum on the financial situation of the higher income groups in the university. One of the two copies in this folder has the marginal comments of E.R.H. Jones. C.340 February, May 1959 Includes material re the future of Astronomy in the university and the staffing requirements of the Biochemistry Department. C. 341 June 1959 Agenda and committee papers for Board of the Faculty of Biological Sciences meeting, 9 June. C.342 June-July, December 1959 Includes material re the University Demonstrator scale and the relation between salaries in Oxford and in other universities. There is a copy of a memorandum by Krebs on thesalaries of university demonstrators. C.343 January 1960 Includes material re Biochemistry Department staffing and ex- penditure and salaries in Oxford generally. C .344 February-March 1960 Includes material re salaries and staffing in the department and the university generally. C.345 May-June, October 1960 Includes material re academic salaries, Biochemistry Department appointment and technicians in the department. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C.346 1961 Oxford 215 Exchange of correspondence re Laboratory of Human Nutrition. See also C.94-C.96. C.347 February-May 1962 Includes Krebs's offer of resignation from the Hebdomadal Council and his note of the future space requirements of the Biochemistry Department in response to a request from the University Surveyor. C.348 June 1962 Amongst the material associated with the Includes note on college teaching and memorandum for the General Board on the lecturing obligations of readers, lecturers and demonstrators. memorandum are a heavily corrected draft, the report of the committee appointed (by the Board of the Faculty of Biological Sciences ) to consider the duties of readers, lecturers and university demonstrators, 11 June, with Krebs's ms. comments, and a note by Krebs on the functions of professors and readers dated 15 July 1961. C.349 July, October-November 1962 Includes material re Council papers, academic salaries, departmental estimates and animal house accommodation. C.350 January-May 1963 Includes Krebs's memorandum on the payment of extra fees to full-time university teaching staff. C..35] November-December 1963 Includes material re payment of fees to lecturers teaching in a department other than their own. H AS Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 €.352 January-June 1964 Oxford 216 Includes material re salaries, staffing and appointments. C353 July-December 1964 Includes material re the transfer of financial responsibilities for research projects from research councils to the university and the Schedule A Professorship of Chemical Microbiology. In his letter to the Registrar of 5 October, Krebs raised the question whether a take-over of the Cell Metabolism Research Unit should be considered for 1967 when he wasdue fo retire. C.354 1965 Correspondence re arrangementsfor the resignation of a member of the department and the transfer to his new university of equipment bought from outside grants. C.355 1966 Includes memorandum on future developments in the Biochemistry Department. C.356 1967 Correspondence re inclusion in Krebs's last annual report of a special section on the transfer of responsibilities to his successor, and a draft of the special section. Folder also includes a ms. note by Krebs (1979) which relates to his 1967 Annual Report. C.357 1969 Draft letter to the Chairman of the General Board re current practice of selecting candidates for appointments to readerships, with draft paper, dated 4 December 1967, on the Biology Readership Committee. Krebs's letter of resignation from the Electorship of the Sibthorpian Professorship of Rural Economy and of the Directorship of the Nuffield Institute. For Biology Readership Committee, see C.368-C.372. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C. 358 1970 Oxford 217 Includes 12pp. typescript letter from Krebs to the Secretary of the General Board on the corruption 'in a subtle way' of the higher academic administration of the university. Krebs was encouraged to put his views on paper by the question of the use of fees by postgraduate students who received all their instruction in his laboratory and contended that the university administration was "grossly biased towards channelling moneys to Colleges and College Fellows’. C. 357 1977, 1979 1977 material is a letter re financial arrangements for the Metabolic Research Laboratory. 1979 material includes correspondence re a proposed 'German House' in Oxford and 2pp. typescript note of Krebs's discussions with the Chairman of the General Board on fees for postgraduate supervision. C. 360 1980 Correspondence re the finances of the Metabolic Research Laboratory in general and the use of fees paid by postgraduate students in particular. C. 361 198] Continuing correspondence re financial arrangements for the Metabolic Research Laboratory and fees for graduate supervision. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 218 C.362-C.372 Electoral Boards C.362-C. 367 Board of Electors to the Waynflete Professorship of Physiology, 1959-60, 1967. The material, which consists of correspondence, committee papers and Krebs's typescript notes on the merits of the candidates, relates to elections in 1959-60 and 1967. C.362-C. 364 1959-60 C.362 C.363 C.364 September-November 1959 December 1959 January 1960 and n.d. C.365-C. 367 1967 C.369 March-May C.366 C.367 June July, September and n.d. C.368-C. 372 Board of Faculty of Biological Sciences, Ad Hoc Committee on Readerships, 1965, 1967-69. C. 368 1965 Details of applicant. C.369, C.370 1967 Agenda of meeting and details of applicants. 2 folders. C.371, C.372 1968-69 Correspondence, agenda, details of applicants and report of committee. 2 folders. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Oxford 219 C.373-C. 389 Libraries, departments, colleges and societies C.373 C.374 C.375 C.376 Bodleian Library/Radcliffe Science Library, 1955, 1958, 1963-64 Nuffield Department of Clinical Biochemistry, 1960-61, 1971 1960-61 material relates to equipment grant for new taboratory. 1971 material relates to appointments. University Laboratory of Physiology, 1965 Miscellaneous invitations for Krebs to attend lectures and seminars in other Oxford departments, 1955, 1967-68, 1972, 1978-79. 1967-68 material relates to a course in autoradiography techniques and includes brief related scientific correspondence and notes. C.377 Keble College, 1970 Centenary Appeal. Trinity College, 1958-59, 1968, 1970-71, 1978 Ms. notes on Fellows by D.D. Woods, n.d. Miscellaneous correspondence with Fellows and Presidents (in alphabetical order). C.378 St. Catherine's College, various dates 1961-78, 1980 1961-63 material is minutes of the committee on St. Catherine's College of which Krebs was a member. C.379 Ashmolean Club, 1971, 1974 Invitations to meetings and list of members (1971). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 220 C.380-C. 389 Secure Retirement Association Limited, 1970-71 The Association was founded to provide in Oxford, ‘apartments and amenities' for retired professional men and women. prime mover was Dr. W. Ritchie Russell and Krebs was involved from an early stage in the planning. The The material, correspondence, committee papers, etc. is presented in a chronological sequence. A . 380 N N A N N 0 0 0 N 0 O A N . 381 . 382 . 383 . 384 385 . 386 . 387 . 388 . 389 July, October 1970 November-December 1970 January-February 1971 March 1971 April 1971 May 1971 June 197] July 1971 August-September 1971 October, November 1971, and n.d. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 22) SECTION D RESEARCH D.1 - D.569 INTRODUCTION TO SECTION D D.1 -D.45 LABORATORY NOTEBOOKS With an introductory note D.46 -D.100 INDEXED NOTES AND MEMORANDA With an introductory note D.101-D.514 RESEARCH PROJECTS With an introductory note and a list of contents D.515-D.548 MISCELLANEOUS NOTES D.549-D. 569 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES This Section is confined to Krebs's scientific research, essentially on various Section E deals with his work on more general science-related aspects of metabolism. topics, and includes memoranda, notes, research ideas and annotated background material of similar type. For additional material on Krebs's wartime research, especially on nutrition, see Section B. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 222 Research As with the various engagement and personal diaries and jotters in Section A, so here the sub-divisions above correspond more to convenience and/or chronology than to any essential difference of content. The most straightforward category is the sequence of Laboratory Notebooks (D.1-D.45). These are hardbacked notebooks of a traditional kind in which Krebs and his collaborators recorded data and experimental results. Even here, there are problems of dating, and complications arising from Krebs's habit of intercalating loose pages of notes, correspondence and other more or less related material (see the intro- ductory note to D.1-D.45), a practice which threatened to reduce the original note- book to an over-strained outer shell. Later, and certainly after his move to Oxford, Krebs began to keep his manuscript notes on loose pages or on dictated cassettes which were intended to be - and often were - typed up on standard octavo paper, dated, and kept with related correspondence, biblio- graphical and printed matter, records of discussions and information received, data and results, drafts, and all other miscellaneous material accumulated for research in progress. These are the basis of all the other categories in Section D, and, mutatis mutandis, Section E. The Indexed Notes and Memoranda (D.46-D.100) were received in ring-back or clamped folders and binders, made up to incorporate research material, by Krebs or under his direction. It is possible that the task of making up the folders was often overtaken by pressure of active research, or that they were cannibalised and broken up to allow Krebs to remove material for use in research, writings or lectures. Ar all events, some incomplete bundles, part-indexed or with items missing, were received in plastic envelopes (see the introductory note to D.46-D.100). The material designated as Research Projects (D.101-D.514) was received in boxes of various sizes and format whose only common denominator wasthat they were too small for the job. Some of the boxes, and of the folders within them, had des- criptive titles by Krebs, and these have been retained and quoted in inverted commas in the relative entries, though their overflowing contents have often been redistributed H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Research 223 in smaller units for ease of handling and reference. There is a significant difference here from the 'Indexed Notes and Memoranda’ in the inclusion of a higher proportion of laboratory results and data, instructions for experiments and discussions with collaborators such as L.V. Eggleston, R. Hems, M. Stubbs and manyvisiting scientists, and extensive drafts for lectures and publications. The study of the latter, incident- ally, makes clear the way the research notes were used as quarries for published work, being discussed, re-drafted, superseded and eventually incorporated over a considerable timespan. There is also a much larger component of background material, some anno- tated by Krebs. The presentation adopted is chronological from the first date of the records found under the relevant topic heading (see the introductory note). The Miscellaneous Notes (D.515-D.548), though no different in essence from the ‘Indexed Notes', were either received in very crammed folders simply inscribed 'Memos', or found scattered elsewhere in the collection. Some quite clearly refer to specific research topics (mitochondria, isolated liver cells, etc.) while others are more general and less easy toassign. Some are undated and someareillegible. In many cases, it would seem largely a matter of chance that they had remained un- distributed among the indexed folders or the research boxes. ADDENDUM Attention is drawn to D.9A_ the laboratory notebook of K Henseleit, August 1931- January 1933, covering the period of collaborative research on the ornithine cycle, which complements Krebs's own notebooks at D.9, D.10. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 D.1-D.45 LABORATORY NOTEBOOKS Research 224 These are all hardbacked notebooks presented in a chronological sequence, 1926 - 48, 1962 - 64, 1970-71. They cover Krebs's research at Berlin, Altona and Freiburg (in a set of standard format D.1 - D.10 (part)), Cambridge (D.10 (part) - D.13), Sheffield (D.14 - D.38) and Oxford (D.39 - D.45; a few books only, as Krebs had then adopted a different method of note-taking). A few books are by collaborators or assistants. With these few exceptions, all the books, in German and English, are in Krebs's hand, often with re-workings and corrections, and many with indexes at front, rear or both. Several have letters or information pasted in and most have loose pages of notes, diagrams, correspondence, etc. intercalated at various points; the more sig- nificant of these items have been removedfor safety to separate folders adjoining the original book. The pages of most are numbered and this, with Krebs's indexes, simplifies the location of particular experiments or results. The books are thus a rich source for the progress of Krebs's research, though it should also be stressed that the diaries and 'jotters' in Section A were very frequently used by Krebs, especially in later life, to record his thoughts on technical as well as general and personal matters. Several of the books were received with numbered labels stuck on to the front cover, it is not known when or by whom. These labels, sometimes incorrect and in any case not extending to the full range of the material, have been ignored in the chronological presentation here adopted. Krebs's own contemporary numbered sequence for his Sheffield notebooks (Books 2 - 7 only) has, however, been preserved at D.14 - D.21. Books D.1 - D.12 are all in German. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Research 225 D.1 D.2 D.3 Notebook inscribed 'Krebs' on front cover. Pages numbered 1-192, with a thumb-index at rear which incorporates a few additional unnumbered pages. There is a selective list of contents on the last page (W-Z) of this thumb-index. The work is mainly on the oxidation of fructose. run 7 May-28 October 1926. loose pages, and a copy of Krebs's paper on carbon monoxide and haem catalysis (Bibliog. 18. Rem. &Refl. p.37). notes and corrections in ink and pencil, charts and diagrams pasted in (and some loose), etc. There are a few intercalated Experiments Includes See D.4 for research related to above paper. Notebook inscribed 'Dr. Krebs' on front cover. 1-192, with some intercalated loose pages of tabulated results. Pages numbered The work is mainly on serum, 18 November 1926-2 March 1927. Includes experimental results, in ink and pencil, some marked in Also notes on the literature. red pencil for use in publication. Notebook inscribed 'Dr. Krebs' on front cover. 1-384, with several intercalated loose pages at various points. Pages numbered Continuing work on serum, 3 March-21 November 1927. experimental notes, tabulated results in ink and pencil, some marked in red pencil for publication. and also to work on copperin blood (Bibliog. 15, 17). Perhaps related to Bibliog. 14, Includes Intercalated between pp.100 (13 April) and 101 (20 April) is a Ip. ms. note, 17 April [Easter Sunday] of ideas on blood, with ams. "Note added 31.12.70' discussing earlier research. D.4 Notebook inscribed 'Krebs' on front cover, and with name and address of Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Biology inside front cover. Pages numbered 1-384, with lists of contents at front and rear. The work is mainly on oxidation and on trace elements, 12 December 1927-19 June 1928. Experimental results, many diagrams pasted in, markings in red pencil for publication, several referring to the paper on haem catalysis (Bibliog. 18, see also D.1). H A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 226 Research D.5 Notebook inscribed 'Krebs' on front cover. 1-288, with a few loose pages, and list of contents at rear. Pages numbered Material runs 22 June 1928-19 January 1929. data, tabulated results, diagrams pasted in, work in ink and pencil. Experimental N.B. dates of the material follow in sequence from D.4. This book has been incorrectly labelled '6' though the D.6 Notebook inscribed 'Krebs' on front cover. 1-288 with a few loose pages. Pages numbered D.7 D.8 Continuing work on cysteine and other enzymes, 21 January 1929*- 26 November 1929. diagrams pasted in. Experiments, results, tabulated data, * Wrongly indicated 1928 for January entries. This book has been incorrectly labelled '5' though the dates N.B. of the material follow in sequence from D.5. Notebook inscribed 'Krebs' on front cover. 1-288, witha few loose pages. contents on pp.279-280. Pages numbered There is a selective list of Work on various catalysing agents, 29 November 1929-17 August On p.165 is a note 'Ende in Dahlem' and p.170 is headed 1930. ‘Altona’. by 31 March 1930, and accepted a post with Professor Leo Lichtwitz at the Municipal Hospital of Altona, beginning work there on 1 May 1930 (Rem. & Refl. pp.40-43). Krebs was given notice to leave Warburg's laboratory Pages numbered 1-480. Notebook inscribed 'Krebs' and 'Protokolle 1.9.30 bis 1.4.31" on There is a list of contents front cover. on an unnumbered page at front, and summary of ideas and points Several loose pages (mainly patients’ of interest at rear of book. records) are inside front cover, and there is also an offprint of Krebs's paperon proteolytic enzymes (Bibliog. 27. Rem. & Refl. p.44). Work mainly on protein catalysis, 3 September 1930-25 March 1931. Experiments, calculations, tabulated results, notes on the literature, diagrams pasted in, several pages marked in red pencil for publication. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 227 Research D.9A Notebook of K. Henseleit Henseleit was a medical research student at Freiburg and Krebs's collaborator on the research and publications on the ornithine cycle (Rem. & Refl., p.47). The material is in the form of a photocopy made by Krebs from the original notebook in the possession of Henseleit's widow and given by him to Professor F.L_ Holmes who has now (March 1986) made it available for the collection. The content is also similar, including The original was a hardback octavo identical to Krebs's note - books at D.9, D.10. notes on the literature, tabulated observations and results. Occasionally Krebs's notebooks have a reference to 'Henseleit’ and the ensemble is an interesting example of collaborative research. The photocopy as received is in two parts: Part | August 5, 1931 - January 22,1932, pp.1-177. Part II January 23, 1932 - January 6, 1933, pp. 178-380 +3pp. list of contents. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Research 228 D.9 Notebook inscribed 'Krebs' and 'Protokolle' on front cover. list of Pages numbered 1-576, with a few loose pages and contents at rear of book. This, together with part of D.10 below, covers Krebs's period as ‘Assistant’ in the Department of Medicine at Freiburg University, at the invitation of S- Thannhauser (Professor of Medicine). took up his post at Freiburg on 1 April 1931 and remained there It was during this period until he left Germany in June 1933. that he made his first major research discovery, of the ornithine cycle of urea synthesis (Rem. & Refl. pp.43-60). He Work mainly on urea synthesis, 12 May 1931-2 November 1932. D.10 Notebook inscribed 'H.A. Krebs' and '1932-1934' on front cover. Pages numbered 1-576, witha few loose pages. several lists of contents, on pp.260, 270 and at rear. There are This is a particularly interesting volume, beginning with the continuation of work on the ornithine cycle, many pages being Pasted into marked in red pencil for publication (pp. 1-241). p.244 is Krebs's hotel bill at the Black Forest resort of St. Peter and (intercalated) a later bill when he revisited the same pension with his family in 1972. first entry being dated 4 July 1933 (Rem. & Refl. pp.62-63, 86-87). P.260 is headed 'Cambridge’, the Entries run 4 November 1932-11 April 1933 (from Freiburg), 4 July 1933-24 March 1934 (from Cambridge). are in German. All the entries At rear of book is a note by Lady Krebs 'Vol.II missing’, N.B. dated 29 July 1982. See C.324. D.11 ‘Minute Book' (in poor condition). detailed list of contents pp. 286-289. Pages numbered 1-300, with Work on amino acids, synthesis of glutamine. results, notes on the literature, in ink with many annotations and re-workings in red ink, perhaps for publication. 9 April 1933 (in error for 1934)-14 January 1935. First entry is Experiments, tabulated All in German except for an account of 'Unit and determination’ on pp.294-5. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Research 229 D.12 "Minute Book' (in poor condition). pencil 1-266 but work continues to end of book. Pages numbered in red Continuing work mainly on animo acids in mammalian tissues, 14 January-3 October 1935. etc. in black and red ink as inD.11 above. except for a few notes mainly at end of book (see entry for 2 October on work with D.D. Woods). Experiments, diagrams pasted in, All in German There are a few loose pages of notes and calculations inside and at rear of book. More significant letters and items found loose in the book have been removed and now appear at D.13. In addition, several items of interest are pasted into the book at various points. On p.25 is a notice of a Biochemical Society meeting, 15 February 1935, at which Krebs communicated two papers on 'Deamination of amino acids in mammalian tissues’ and ‘Synthesis of glutamine in mammalian tissues'. letter from Ella Sachs Plotz Foundation, 5 June 1935, awarding Krebs £150 for purchase of apparatus. correspondence, July 1935, re Krebs's application for post as Lecturer in Pharmacology, Sheffield, with letter from E.J. Wayne (Rem. & Refl. pp.93-94, see alsoD.13). book includes notice of a Biochemical Society meeting, 15 November 1935, at which Krebs presented a collaborative paper with N.L. Edson and A. Model on 'The synthesis of uric acid in birds’. (Bibliog. 52, 53, 57.) Material at rear of On p.199 is On pp.230, 231 is D.13- Correspondence and papers originally found loose in D.12. Includes correspondence with Cambridge University re Krebs's employment of a personal assistant, further correspondence with E.J. Wayne on Krebs's appointment at Sheffield (October 1935), correspmdence with colleagues on research and publications, 1935-36. Also included are press-cuttings on the difficulties of learning the English language (Rem. & Refl. p.89). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 D.14 230 Research There is no Notebook inscribed 'Book 2' inside front cover. Pages numbered 1-233 ‘Book 1' of this sequence surviving. with detailed list of contents on pp.232-33. Pages 162-63 are left blank, witha note ‘Journey to Palestine’ 21 March- 21 April 1936 (Rem. & Refl. pp.90-91). Work on aspects of metabolism, 22 October 1935-8 June 1936. Experiments, results, notes on the literature, in ink and pencil, with several corrections and re-workings in red ink. Notebook inscribed 'H.A. Krebs', 'Book 3' inside front cover. Pages numbered 1-232 with list of contents on pp.230-232 and a few loose pages. Entries run 8 June-30 September 1936, covering experiments, tabulated results, comments, notes on the literature, etc. in ink and pencil, with several corrections and re-workings in red ink. Pasted into pp.162, 163 are letters from colleagues forwarding specimens. Notebook inscribed 'H.A. Krebs. The University Sheffield’ Pages numbered 0-226 with and 'Book 4' inside front cover. detailed list of contents on pp. 224-25 and some loose pages and items pasted in. Entries run 2 October 1936-8 March 1937, covering experiments, tabulated results, diagrams pasted in, many annotations and re-workings in red ink, several pages annotated in red pencil for paper or publication. On p.32 is pasted notice of a Biochemical Society meeting on 17 October 1936 at which Krebs gave a paper on 'The oxidation breakdown of carbohydrates'; between pp.96 and 97 is a notice of a Chemical Society meeting on 26 November 1936 at which Krebs spoke on 'The biological breakdown of carbohydrates’ . H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Research 231 Sheffield’ Notebook inscribed 'H.A. Krebs. The University Pages numbered 1-232, with and 'Book 5' inside front cover. list of contents on inside back cover and some loose pages and items pasted in. books with reference to Coli’ on pp.224-25. There is a cumulative 'Contents of last 3 Entries run 20 January-23 October 1937, covering experiments, tabulated results, charts and diagrams pasted in, many annotations and re-workings in red ink. On p.42 and p.191 are pasted acknowledgements of papers submitted for publication in Biochem. J.; on p.154 is pasted an acknowledgement of a paper submitted for publication in This was the crucial paper by Krebs Enzymologia (Bibliog. 62). and W.A. Johnson 'The role of citric acid in intermediate meta- bolism in animal tissue’, rejection by Nature, never forgotten by Krebs (Rem. & Refl. pp .98-99). offered to Enzymologia after its notorious D.18 D.19 Notebook inscribed 'H.A. Krebs' and 'Book 6' inside front cover. Pages numbered 1-228, with list of contents on p.228 and dated list of calibrations on inside back cover. Some loose pages and items pasted in. Additional correspondence anditems originally kept loose in book have been removed and now appear at D.19. Entries run 28 September 1937-11 July 1938 and include some of the definitive work on the citric acid cycle. tabulated results, many annotations and re-workings in red ink. Experiments, On p.93 is pasted a notice of a Chemical Society meeting on 25 January 1938 at which Krebs spoke on 'The biochemical lesions in Vitamin By; deficiency’. Correspondence and papers originally found loose in D.18. Includes notice of a Biochemical Society meeting on 9 October 1937 at which Krebs gave a collaborative paper with W.A. Johnson on ‘Citric acid as an intermediate metabolite in the oxidative breakdown of carbohydrates’. and with firms, on metabolism research, 1938. Correspondence with colleagues H ie Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 D.20 D.21 D.22 Research 232 Notebook inscribed 'Book 7' inside front cover, on which also appears address of A. and M. Orstr’m, co-authors of three papers with Krebs in 1939 (Bibliog. 72, 73, 74). 1-314, with several lists of contents to particular series of experi- There are several ments on pp.40-41, 312 and inside back cover. Additional correspondence and loose pages and items pasted in. items kept loose in book have been removed and now appear at D.21. Pages numbered Entries run 20 July 1938-30 March 1939, p.34 being left blank and headed 'Summer Holiday Experiments, charts and diagrams pasted in, summaries of results, notes on the literature, etc., many with annotations and re-workings in red ink. Congress ZUrich' (Rem. & Refl. p.102). On p.110 is pasted a note on results (in German), no author or date, but almost certainly from A. Orstrdm; on p.143 is pasted a letter from Orstrém, 5 January 1939; on p.145is pasted a letter on analysis of results, 16 January 1939; on p.147 is pasted a notice of a Biochemical Society meeting on 13 January 1939 (at Leeds) at which Krebs spoke on 'Intermediary Metabolism of Proline’ and introduced other papers by his collaborators; on p.244 is pasted acknowledgement of four papers submitted for publication in Biochem. J., of paper submitted for publication in Enzymologia (Bibliog. 77). 1 May 1939; on p.267 is pasted an acknowledgement Correspondence and papersoriginally found loose in D.20. letter from L. Farkas (ref. p.71), letters from colleagues, results and notes. Includes This marks the end of Krebs's own sequence of numbered N.B. notebooks 2-7 (no.1 is missing). Notebook similar in format to the preceding sequence, but kept in other hands by collaborators or assistants. by Krebs, e.g. dated 16 March 1937. loose pages intercalated and at rear of book. Pages not numbered; some There are a few notes Entries run 25 July 1936-16 March 1937, and 2 March-2 May 1938. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 233 Research D.23 Red notebook inscribed 'H.A. Krebs. The University, Sheffield’ inside front cover. form part of the numbered sequence with which it overlaps in date. This is Krebs's own notebook but does not Pages not numbered; there is a list of contents on inside back covers. Some loose pages of notes, anda letter on vitamin By results, at rear of book. Experiments, charts Entries run 25 January 1937-8 March 1938. and diagrams pasted in, many annotations and re-workings in red ink. Includes work on insulin, vitamin By), citrate, etc. D.24 Black soft-cover notebook, 6-20 April 1938. Few pages used, mainly on depancreatised specimens. A few notes at rear of book, not all in Krebs's hand. D.25 Black soft-cover notebook, small format, labelled on cover 'Note Book 1938. Amino Acid Determinations with Chloramine T'. Earliest entry 31 August 1938. Krebs's hand but many have annotations by him. Entries 11-28 October are not in A few notes on last page of book. D.26 D.27 Hardbacked notebook, pages numbered 1-312 with 'Index and Summary on p.311 and index of relevant experiments in earlier notebooks There are several loose pages of notes and calculations, onp.4. Additional correspondence and items and some items pasted in. originally kept loose in book have been removed and now appear at D.27. Entries run 17 July 1939-26 April 1940; much of the work is on pigeon breast muscle. Bibliog. 81, 82 is pasted in at p.165, and of Bibliog. 83 at p.213. Acknowledgement for publication of Correspondence and papers originally found loose in D.26. are notices of meetings and publications (including meeting of Biochemical Society at Sheffield, 17 February 1940, organised by Krebs), letter from B. Mendel and telegram from H. MclIlwain about his move to Sheffield. Many H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 234 D.28 D.29 D.30 D.31 Research Hardbacked notebook, relating to work on risks of exposure to fluorides in industry, carried out on behalf of the Home Office (Rem. & Refl. p.124). Both ends of book used. 1940 (few pages used), Entries run 23 November 1939-1 February See D.29 below. Loose pages of records on subjects examined, tabulation of data, originally kept in D.28 above. note on citric acid synthesis. Also included here is a Ip. Hardbacked notebook, pages numbered 1-232, with list of contents and note of spending from Rockefeller grant on inside back cover, list of experiments to be done on propionic acid on p.230. loose pages intercalated, and items pasted in. Several Entries run 6 June 1940-28 January 1941. Experiments, tabulated results, references, notes on the literature, etc., with many annotations and re-workings in red ink. Pasted on to p.31 is notice of a ‘holiday school of Biochemistry' at which Krebs was to speak, arranged for July 1940, and a letter from F.C. Happold cancelling it; intercalated on pp. 106-07 are acknowledgements of two papers submitted to Biochem. J. (Bibliog. 86, 88); pasted on to pp.119, 187 are notices of Biochemical Society meeting on 5 October and 7 December 1940, at which Krebs gave papers; pasted on to p.134 is correspondence on propionic acid culture. Hardback notebook, pages numbered (on recto only) 1-115. There is a brief summary of contents on inside back cover and summaries of work on staphylococcus and on propionic acid bacterium on pp.35 (verso) and 37. notes and other items originally left at front and rear of book have been removed and now appearat D.32. A few loose pages of notes. More extensive Entries run 27 January 1941-4 August 1942. results, references, notes on the literature, in ink and pencil, with annotations and re-workings in red ink and a note on p.90 verso of material used in paper in Adv. Enzymol., 1943 (Bibliog. 98). Experiments, tabulated H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 235 D.32 D.33 D.34 D.35 D.36 Research Correspondence and papersoriginally found loose in D.31. Includes notices of meetings of Biochemical Society, 29 September 1941, 10 July 1942, at which Krebs gave papers, correspondence with colleagues and one personal letter, 1p. ms. note on proposed alterations to Department of Biochemistry at Sheffield, various experimental data and tabulated results. Hardback notebook, pages numbered 1-237 (only) though work continues to end of book. items pasted in. are now at D. 34. Additional loose items found at rear of book Several loose pages intercalated, and Entries run 5 August 1942-18 December 1944. analyses, tabulated data, with some annotations and re-workings in red ink. Experiments, Pasted on to p.231 isa notice of a Biochemical Society meeting, 29 September 1944, at which Krebs gave papers on acetoacetic acid and patulin. Miscellaneous shorter notes and correspondence originally found at rear of D.33. University, authorising Krebs to accept consultancy with I.C.1. to investigate sulphanilamides, 11 September 1943. Includes letter from Vice-Chancellor, Sheffield Brown hardback notebook, inscribed 'H.A. Krebs’ inside front Pages numbered 1-76 (only) though cover (in poor condition). work continues to end of book. Some loose pages intercalated. Additional correspondence and material found as loose pages have been removed and now appearat D. 36. There is no index; the early entries deal with sulphonamides, the majority with metabolic factors. Entries run 3 January 1945-6 November 1946. results, tabulated data, extensive notes on the literature at rear of book. Experimental Correspondence and papers originally found loose in D.35. on various topics. paper on acetoacetic acid (Bibliog. 104), Krebs's and Speakman's paper on sulphonamides (Bibliog. 109) andletter (Ip. only) from J, T&Xié re collaborative paper (Bibliog. 110). Includes material on Krebs's and Eggleston's H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 D.37 D.38 D. 39 D.40 Research 236 Brown ledger-type notebook inscribed 'H.A. Krebs. The University, Sheffield' inside front cover. Pages numbered 1-123 (only) though work continues beyond here and is resumed at rear of book. There is a'Summary' on p.37 (to June 1947). There are several inter- calated pages of notes, and many items pasted in (diagrams, data, correspondence, etc.), Additional correspondence and material found as loose pages have been removed and now appear at D-38. Experiments, Entries run 7 November 1946-9 September 1948. tabulated results, summaries and comments on results, in ink and pencil with annotations and re-workings in red ink. There is a note on p.115 of Krebs's attendance at 'Oxford International Physiological Congress, 21-25 July 1947'. At rear of book, several pages of references, notes on the literature, laboratory rules for Department of Biochemistry, notes on 'Interviewing young applicants', 'Examination questions for Cambridge Tripos', apparatus (one on a sample of Krebs's famous 'Unfit for Medical Research' writing-paper). Pasted on to p.12 is correspondence with E.J. Morgan, 1946; on p.23 is notice of 'Joint meeting with Leeds biochemists', April 1947; on an unnumbered pageis letter from C.R. Harington on synthetic compounds, September 1247; on an unnumbered page is a letter from T.S. Stevens, n.d.; on an unnumberedpageis a letter from H. LUthi, September 1947. Correspondence and papers originally found as loose papers in D.37. Mainly on specimens and equipment; includes letters from S« Ochoa, C.R. Harington (1949). Small black notebook inscribed 'H.A. Krebs. front cover. is on 'Control of Gluconeogenesis' and entries run 22 December 1962-3 April 1963. Few pages only used, at both ends of book. Work Oxford' inside See D.40. Twosets of typescript and ms. notes of experiments to be conducted on gluconeogenesis, various dates 1961-62, and 1963. Originally folded in D.39. HA, Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 237 D.41-D.43 Three hardback notebooks kept by M.E. Woodford, 1962-64. D.41 "Book I August-December 1963. D.42 ‘Book II' December 1963-18 April 1964 (wrongly inscribed April 1963 on cover). D.43 "Book III" April- July 1964 (wrongly inscribed 1963 on cover). All the work relates to research on Fructose 1, 6-diphosphate in striated muscle. in 1965 (Bibliog. 230). Krebs and Woodford published a collaborative paper on the subject D.44, D.45 Two large ledger-type notebooks kept by R.A. Hawkins, 1970-71. D.44 D.45 ‘Determinations’ Various dates, July 1970-July 1971. Experiments for July 27 (no year given) has a ms. note by Krebs. 'Results' Data on brain metabolites. The work refers to the research for the collaborative paper by Krebs, Hawkins and Williamson on 'Ketone-body utilization by adult and suckling rat brain in vivo' (Bibliog. 299). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Research 238 D.46 - D.100 INDEXED NOTES AND MEMORANDA This designation has been adopted to cover heterogeneous material, mostly received in various folders and binders but some in plastic envelopes (D.94 - D.96) or as loose papers (D.59, D.84, D.89), the majority bearing a manuscript or typescript list of numbered items included therein. These items may comprise ms. notes or typed- up narratives by Krebs on articles read, experiments performed by him, by colleagues “in his research teams or notified to him by others; ideas for research projects, lectures or publications; correspondence enclosing or accompanying information, specimens, preparations or results; reprints or press-cuttings of matters of immediate relevance; summaries of discussions with colleagues in the laboratory, at conferences or on visits. Almost all the material is dated, though the contents of any folder may extend over several years and is not presented in chronological order. Some of the folders have on the spine or cover a note of the main topic, but this is not always the case, nor do the items necessarily conform to the title. It is clear however that the topics kept separately in these folders by Krebs are closely related to or identical with the ‘Research Topics' at D.101 et seq., and should be regarded as complementary to them. It has not been considered advisable to retain the material within Krebs's original folders and binders, which were fitted with various types of metal clamp fasteners liable to rust and in any case under strain with the quantity of papers crammed inside. The material is now presented in sequences of one or more folders following Krebs's order and preserving his index and title where these exist. In addition, the summary indications of the original lists have been expanded where appropriate to give a little more detail of the contents. The correspondents are indexed where possible. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 239 Research D.46 "Pyruvate kinase’ Contents of a ring-back binder so inscribed. Assay results, bibliographical references, Krebs's notes. Various dates, 1957-68. With typescript index (3 items). D.47 'Drugs, substrates, antibodies’ Contents of a ring-back binder so inscribed. Ms. and typescript notes on the literature, on experiments, on the action of various substances, on enzyme induction by drugs. With some related printed material. 24 June 1963 on 'The question of purposefulness’ . Various dates, 1962-65. Includes note by Krebs dated With typescript and ms. index (10 items, of which no.9 is missing). D.48 ‘General notes on gluconeogenesis’ Contents of a ring-back binder so inscribed. Ms. and typescript notes on the literature, on experiments by others, Krebs's research ideas and drafts (includes work on Pasteur effect, gluconeogenesis in lactation, adrenals, etc.). There are also corres- pondence, related printed matter, experimental results by collaborator. Various dates, 1962-65. With typescript index (24 items). D.49-D.51 Contents of a bulky ring-back binder. No title, but no. 'l' on front cover and inside front cover. were in a binder of the same format . There is no volume II, but D.52-D.54 Ms. and typescript notes and drafts on various topics in gluconeogenesis, enzyme activity, regulatory and feedback mechanisms. notes on the literature, and on colleagues' findings, experimental results by L.V. Eggleston and others, some related printed matter, correspond- ence, graphs, etc. of respiration' (no.7 in sequence). Various dates, 1960-65. Some of the drafts are substantial, e.g. on ‘Fuel Also includes With typescript index (25 items, of which nos.17, 18 are missing). Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Research D.49 D.50 D.51 Index, items 1-5 Items 6-12 Items 13-16, 19-25 240 D.52-D.54 D.52 D.53 D.54 B20 Includes research ideas, comments Contents of a bulky ring-back binder. No title but same format as D.49-D.51 Ms. and typescript notes, mainly on aspects of gluconeogenesis and ketosis, metabolism of exercise, etc. on colleagues’ results, related printed matter. Some of the drafts are substantial; note of visit and discussion (18 January 1963) with E.J.H. Ford; item 16, ‘Relations between gluconeogenesis and ketosis’, contains notes over several years, 1961-64, includes ‘comments by F. Lynen', and a sequence ‘partly used at Harvard lecture’; item 23 is a sub- stantial sequence, 1962-65, on ‘alloxan diabetes’. Various dates, 1961-65. With typescript index (31 items, of which nos.10 and 22 are missing). item 8, 'Glucose requirements of the body', includes Index, items 1-9 Items 11-21 Items 23-31 'Gluconeogenesis. Kidney 1' Contents of a ring-back binder so inscribed. Ms. and typescript notes on renal metabolism, including results, ideas, colleagues’ results, notes on the literature, bibliographical references, correspondence. Various dates, 1961-65. With typescript index (14 items, of which nos.1-5, 12 and 14 only are numbered. There is an additional item numbered 17). H.A,. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 D.56 241 Research 'General gluconeogenesis. Emphasis on Energy 2' Contents of a ring-back binder so inscribed. Ms. and typescript notes, ideas, notes on the literature and on colleagues’ work, results by L.V. Eggleston, printed matter, corres- pondence, discussion notes. Various dates, 1962-65. With typescript index (21 items, of which no.4 is deleted, nos.12 and 19 are missing). D.57, D.58 'General gluconeogenesis. Enzymes 3' Contents of a ring-back binder so inscribed. Ms. and typescript notes, ideas, notes on the literature and on colleagues’ results, printed matter, correspondence, bibliographical references. kinase; Various dates, 1962-64. Item 7 is a substantial series, 1963-65, on adenylate item 13, with correspondence, is on DPN. D.57 D.58 D.59 With typescript index (25 items, of which no.1 is missing). Index, items 2-14 Items 15-25 Loose pages of ms. and typescript notes on various factors affecting gluconeogenesis. Various dates, 1962-63. No index, but material is numbered 1, 2, 7, 9 and perhaps originally formed part of '4' in this sequence. D.60 "Subjects other than gluconeogenesis 5' Contents of a ring-back binder so inscribed. Ms. and typescript notes, results, printed matter. Various dates, 1962-65. With typescript index (13 items, of which nos.2, 3, 5, 13 are missing). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 242 D.61 D.62 D.63 D.64 Research ‘Liver: glycogen, physiology’ Contents of a ring-back binder so inscribed. Ms. and typescript notes, ideas, notes on the literature and on methods, bibliographical references, correspondence, discussions with colleagues. Various dates, 1952-65. With typescript index (12 items, of which nos.9, 10 are missing). "Notes on scientific visits’ Contents of a ring-back binder so inscribed. Ms. and typescript notes of conversations with colleagues, or of papers heard, at conferences and meetings; mainly research in progress or projected, but includes a little personal material. Various dates, 1963, 1964. With typescript index (6 items). ‘Biochemistry notes’ Contents of a spring-clamp binder so inscribed. Ms. and typescript notes, notes on the literature, discussions with colleagues, notes on visit to USA March 1968, printed matter. Item 10 is a note by G.K. Radda on Warburg's theory of photosynthesis; item 17 is Krebs's notes of a meeting of the Biochemical Society, 1967. Various dates, 1961-68. With typescript index (20 items, of which no.1 is missing). 'Ketosis' Contents of a ring-back binder so inscribed. Ms. and typescript notes, correspondence, printed matter, bibliographical references, experimental results by T. Gascoyne, etc. Various dates, 1964-65. With typescript index (9 items). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 243 Research D.65 'Free energy changes’ Contents of a ring-back binder so inscribed. One item only, 1965. D.66 "Redox states and mitochondria’ Contents of a ring-back binder so inscribed. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, correspondence. substantial draft, 10pp., on ‘Redox State of Tissues and Cells', 1965; item 11 is ‘Article on Hepatic Coma for Besman's new journal’, 1967. Various dates, 1965-67. Item 9 is a With typescript index (12 items, of which nos.1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10 are missing). D.67 D.68 ‘Redox states’ Contents of a ring-back binder so inscribed. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, notes of discussions, on the literature, of further points for discussion, printed matter. 'Modena lecture’ on ‘Some aspects of mitochondrial organisation’ . Various dates, 1965-67. Includes draft, 1966, for No index, or numbering of items. ‘Pyridine nucleotide interrelations’ Contents of a ring-back folder so inscribed. Ms. and typescript notes, research ideas, drafts, a little related printed matter. Various dates, 1966-68. With typescript index (17 items, of which nos.1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 13, 15, 16 are missing). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 244 Research D.69 "Pyridine nucleotide interrelations’ Contents of a ring-back binder so inscribed. Ms. and typescript notes, research ideas, results and calculations, laboratory results by colleague. Various dates, 1957-68. Item 2 is on rat diets (1968). With typescript index (10 items, of which nos.1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10 are missing). There is ams. note by Krebs 'taken to USA’ against nos. 8, 9 and 10). D.70;.D-71 'Biochemistry’ Contents of a spring-clamp binder so inscribed. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, ideas for future experiments, notes on the literature and on colleagues’ results, correspondence, related printed matter. Rosenfeld on carbohydrates. Various dates, 1966-73. Item 10 is correspondence and drafts on early work by With typescript index (31 items, of which nos.2, 9, 25 are missing). D.70 D.71 Index, items 1, 3-8, 10-15 Items 16-24, 26-31 D.72 Contents of a spring-clamp binder. No title. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, research ideas, discussions with colleagues, notes on the literature, experimental results by L.V. Eggleston (annotated by Krebs), related printed matter. Item 2 is 7pp. draft for proposed work on amino acid degradation; item 10 is a note of discussions on research, lectures, etc. during a visit to America, October 1971; item 6 is a note of a discussion with Britton Chance, March 1971. Various dates, 1970-71. With typescript index (24 items, of which no.3 is missing). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 245 Research D.73 '1970-1971' Contents of a spring-clamp binder so inscribed. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, discussions with colleagues, notes on the literature, ideas for research, correspondence, related printed matter. Item 13 (on diabetes and degenerative eye disorders) is dated 1964. Various dates, 1970-71 (and on item 1964). With typescript index (16 items). D.74 "1971" Contents of a spring-clamp binder so inscribed. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts. cussions with colleagues on research projects and methods, during a visit to America in July 1971. Item 6 is ms. and typescript versions of a note on ‘Blood substitutes’ (August 1971). Various dates, 1971. Several items are notes of dis- With typescript index (7 items, of which no.4 is missing). D.75, D.76 "1971! Contents of a spring-clamp binder so inscribed. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, research ideas, notes on the literature, discussions with colleagues, results, correspondence, related printed matter. liver metabolism. Various dates, 1968, 1970-71. Several of the items deal with work with J.B. Hoek and others on Item 7 (on Rotenone) is dated 1968. With typescript index (14 items, of which no.12 (‘Blood substitutes’ - see D.74) is missing). There is an additional unlisted item. D.75 D.76 Index, items 1-3 Items 4-11, 13-14 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 246 D.77-D.79 Contents of a spring-clamp binder. No title. Research Ms. and typescript notes and ideas, discussions with colleagues, bibliographical references, correspondence, related printed matter, notes on the literature, laboratory results. notes, results and printed matter on fructolysis (1975). Various dates, 1972-75. Item 23 is a bundle of With typescript index (33 items). D.77 D.78 D.79 Index, items 1-17 Items 18-23 Items 24-33 D.80 Contents of a spring-clamp binder. No title. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, bibliographical references, research problems, discussions with colleagues, notes on Lipmann Symposium, July 1974 (Item 14), related printed matter, correspondence. is a draft on equilibrium systems. Various dates, 1972-75. Item 26 With typescript index (28 items). D.81-D.83 1973" Contents of a spring-clamp binder so inscribed. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, research ideas, notes on the literature, bibliographical references, comments on colleagues’ results and ideas, related printed matter. Many items include correspondence or refer to discussions with colleagues (items 1, 3, 22-24, 32). at Copenhagen meeting 1973'. a meeting of the Society for Experimental Biology at Oxford, 1972, on ‘Warburg on Measuring Rates’. Various dates, 1970-73. Item 20 is Krebs's introductory lecture at Item 12 is 'Discussions With typescript index (36 items). D.8] D.82 D.83 Index, items 1-11 Items 12-20 Items 21-36 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 D.84 Research 247 Loose papers of notes, drafts, research ideas, results by L.V. Eggleston, 1969. Mainly 1973. Found inside the binder, but not part of the contents as itemised in the index. D.85, D.86 ‘Liver cells' Contents of a spring-clamp binder so inscribed. two sets of material each with a ms. index by Krebs, all relating to work onliver cells. This binder contained D.35 D.86 Ms. and typescript notes, drafts, results, calculations by Krebs and collaborators, notes on the literature. Mainly on COQ buffers, and on lysine. Various dates, 1973. With ms. index (15 items, of which nos.6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13 are missing). Ms. and typescript notes, drafts, results, correspondence, on isolated liver cells and on lysine. Various dates, 1973. With ms. index (11 items, of which nos.2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11 are missing). D.87 Contents of a spring-clamp binder. Notitle. Ms. drafts, laboratory results and experiments, mainly by Krebs but some by collaborators, principally related to work onhistidine, lysine and methionine. The dated notes are 1973-74. With typescript index (6 items, not numbered). D.88 Contents of a spring-clamp binder. No title. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, notes on the literature, discussions on research projects, results, correspondence, related printed matter. Includes material on histidine metabolism, Crassulacae, lysine, etc. With typescript index (12 items). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 248 Research D.89 Loose pages of notes, drafts, printed matter, originally tucked into D.88 but not figuring in the index. Various dates, 1973-75. D.90 Contents of a spring-clamp binder. No title. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, notes on the literature. a few notes on proline dated 1970, but most of the material is dated 1974 and deals with equilibrium reactions. "Indianapolis' probably refers to Krebs's lecture in 1974 (Bibliog. 341). Some ofit, headed There are There is no index. D.91 Contents of a spring-clamp binder. No title. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, results, notes on books and articles, discussions with colleagues, correspondence, related printed matter, bibliographical references, research data from collaborators. Various dates, 1974-77. There is no index. D.92, D.93 Contents of a spring-clamp binder. No title. Ms. notes and drafts, bibliographical references, notes on 'Valencia meeting’ (1975), correspondence, printed matter including some on sociobiological problems. on chirality. Various dates, 1975. Item 21 is a substantial assemblage of material With typescript index (22 items). Dev2 D.93 Index, items 1-20 Items 21, 22 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 249 Research D.94 Contents of a plastic envelope, perhaps intended to be incorporated in a binder. Ms. notes and drafts, notes on books and articles, research ideas. Several items relate to evolution of metabolic cycles. Various dates, 1980-81, and some undated items. With typescript index (18 items, of which nos.1, 2, 4, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17 are missing). D.95, D.96 Contents of a plastic envelope, perhaps intended to be incorporated in a binder. Ms. and typescript drafts, comments on ideas of others, notes on books and articles, printed matter and press-cuttings. Much of the material relates to the Dunham lectures given at Harvard in 1981 and to work on evolutionary theory. Various dates, 1980-81, and some undated items. With typescript index (21 items, of which nos.11, 20 are missing). D.95 D.96 Index, items 1-10, 12, 13 Items 14-19, 21 D.97-D.100 Contents of three spring-clamp binders kept by Krebs specifically as ‘Research projects’ or ‘Biochemical problems’. The contents do not differ significantly from others in the sequence which he identified by topic or by year. See also D.207 for similar material kept with the research projects in hand. D.97 ‘Research projects’ Contents of a spring-clamp binder so inscribed. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, notes on the literature, experimental results, correspondence, related printed matter; mainly on aspects of ketosis, and calcium effect on gluconeogenesis. Various dates, 1962-69. With typescript index (6 items). Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 250 Research D.98 ‘Biochemical problems’ Contents of a spring-clamp binder so inscribed. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, discussions with colleagues, research ideas and methods, notes on the literature, bibliographical references, results by L.V. Eggleston and others, correspondence, related printed matter. Item 3 (1958) ‘General comment on redox work' is a draft for a talk or lecture. Various dates, 1968-70, except for item 20 'Saline Media’ (1963) and item 21 'Alcaligenes' (1951). With typescript index (24 items). D.99, D.100 ‘Biochemical Problems 1969-70' Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, research ideas, discussions with colleagues, notes on the literature, experimental results, correspondence, related printed matter, bibliographical references. draft on 'Changes in Redox State under Anaerobic Conditions'; item 22 (1970) is a note of discussions at ‘Marburg Symposium'; item 25 (1970) is a substantial assemblage of material on 'microsomal mixed function oxidases’ . Various dates, 1967-70. Item 5 (1969) is a With typescript index (34 items, of which nos.10 and 27, both on proline, are missing. D.99 D.100 Index, items 1-9, 11-20 Items 21-26, 28-34 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Research 251 D.101 - D.514 RESEARCH PROJECTS This covers the bulk of Krebs's research activity 1951 - 81. It is presented as a chronological sequence of topics, each dated from the first surviving notes or records. Krebs's own designations, where they existed on the original folders and boxes, have been retained. Un-named material has been supplied with an appropriate descriptive title on advice from Krebs's colleagues. Some of the topics are very substantial, extending over a long time-span and covering research ideas, laboratory work by Krebs and others, multiple drafts for lectures and publications, discussions with colleagues, scientific and editorial corres- pondence, background and bibliographical material. Others are brief, perhaps just a note for possible future research or a collection of annotated offprints on a topic to be explored later. Generally speaking, however, this can be said to form the basic material for Krebs's research, lectures and publications. Efforts have therefore been made to link the work with the published papers, references being given in the form (Bibliog....) and also appearing in the Conspectus. Correspondents are indexed and colleagues identified where possible. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Research 252 LIST OF CONTENTS D.101-D.111 TELEOLOGY 1951-54, 1961 D.112 BUFFER SOLUTIONS c.1955 D.113-D.120 STEERING AND FEEDBACK MECHANISMS 1955-65 D.121-D.124 KETOGENESIS / PYRUVATE METABOLISM 1955-65 D.125-D.128 SPECIFIC DYNAMIC ACTION OF FOODSTUFFS 1957-63 D.129-D.131 ANTERIOR PITUITARY HORMONESIN KETOGENESIS D.132-D.138 KETOGENESIS / INSULIN 1959-62 1959-65 D.139-D.157 REVERSAL OF OXIDATIVE PHOSPHORYLATION / ATP DEPENDENT REDUCTIONS / SECONDARY EFFECTS OF DINITROPHENOL 1960-64 D.158 OXALOACETATE AND SUCCINIC DEHYDRO- GENASE 1961-66 D.159, D.160 CO BUFFERS IN MANOMETRY 1961 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 253 D.161-D.164 GROWTH AND ENERGY 1962 Research D.165 D.166 CONTROL OF GLUCONEOGENESIS 1962-63 'CITRULLINE’ SPOT 1962-63 D.167-D.174 MUSCLE METABOLISM 1962-64, 1967 D.175-D.177 PYRUVATE CARBOXYLASE D.178-D.180 KETONE BODIES D.181, D.182 ENZYME ASSAYS D.183-D. 187 ISOTOPE EXCHANGES D.188-D.205 ISOLATED LIVER CELLS D.206 D.207 D.208 D.209 ASPARTATE RESEARCH PROBLEMS DRUG-INDUCED DIABETES CALORIC HOMEOSTASIS D.210-D.222 ALANINE D.223-D.238 REDOX STATE D.239, D.240 INTRACELLULAR pH 1962-66 1963-65 1963-66 1963-70 1963-77 . 1964 1964-67 1965 1965 1965-73 1965-76 1966-71 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 254 D.241 D.242 D.243 D.245 D.246 Research ADIPOSE TISSUE ROTENONE AND KETOSIS NUTRIENTS CARNITINE HEPATOTOXIC AGENTS HUMAN LIVER DATA 1967 1967 . 1967 1967, 1969 1967-68 1967-68 D.247-D. 249 KETOGENESIS / REGULATION OF TCA CYCLE 1968 D.250 EXTRAHEPATIC KETOGENESIS D.251-D. 253 ALCOHOL IN ANIMALS HOMEOSTASIS D.255-D. 261 METABOLISM OF .ACETALDEHYDE D.262-D. 266 ~RATE CONTROL OF TCA CYCLE 1968-69 1968-70 1968-71 1968-77 1968-69 D.267-D. 27 | METABOLISM OF WORKING HEART 1969-72 D.272-D. 274 MITOCHONDRIA 1969-71 D.275-D 288 INBORN ERRORS OF METABOLISM / HYPER- AMMONAEMIA / ORNITHINE TRANSCARBAMY LASE DEFICIENCY 1969-75 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 255 D.289 GLUCOSE FFA CYCLE 1970 Research D.290 HORMONES AND GLUCONEOGENESIS 1970 D.291 INTERMEDIATE LIVER METABOLISM 1970-72 D.292, D.293 PASTEUR EFFECT D.294-D.304 AMINOTRANSFERASES D.305-D.307 OXIDATIVE PHOSPHORYLATION D.308, D.309 KETONE BODY METABOLISM IN DIABETES D.310 ADIPOSE TISSUE 1970-71 1970-72 197] 1971 197] D.311-D.313 REDOX STATE IN BACTERIA 1971-72 D.314-D.316 REVERSIBILITY OF RESPIRATORY CHAIN 1971-74 D.317 ALCOHOL METABOLISM IN LIVER 1971-74 D.318-D.329 RETINAL METABOLISM D.330 SALINE MEDIA D.331-D.341 CALORIMETRY D.342 ACETY LGLUTAMATE D.343 UREA CYCLE 1971-72 1971, 1976 1971-77 1972 1972 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 256 D.344-D. 348 AMINO ACID ANALYSES IN LIVER CELLS 1972-74 Research D.349-D.358 GLUCONEOGENESIS AND UREA SYNTHESIS 1972-74 D.359-D.372 PENTOSE-PHOSPHATE CYCLE D.373-D.378 6- AMINO- NICOTINAMIDE D.379 D.380 D.381 COMPETITION BETWEEN SHORT- AND LONG- CHAIN FATTY ACIDS IN PERFUSED RAT LIVER SULPHONAMIDES FLUOROCARBONS D.382-D.395 OVER-MEDICATION D.396 D.397 CRASSULACEAE CARNOSINE D.398, D.399 SHUTTLES AND CARRIERS 1972-74 1972-77 [1973] 1973-74 1973-74 1973-78 1974 1974 1974 D.400-D.408 HYPERLACTATAEMIA AND LACTIC ACIDOSIS 1974 D.409-D.414 RENAL AMMONIA 1974 D.415-D.435 FOLATE /By]2 / METHIONINE / HISTIDINE 1974-78 D.436 PENTENOATE 1975 D.437 L-GLUTAMATE TRANSPORT IN HEPATOCYTES 1975 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 257 D.438, D.439 LACTATE Research D.440-D.444 METABOLISM OF BRANCHED-CHAIN AMINO ACIDS D.445 CHICK ENTEROCYTES D.446-D.449 PURINE SYNTHESIS 1975-76 1975-76 1977 1977-81 D.450 GLUCAGON AND INSULIN IN BIRDS 1978 D.451-D.453 GLUTAMINE METABOLISM 1978-79 D.454 CALCIUM CONCENTRATION IN SALINE 1979 D.455-D.458 BENZOATE 1979-81 D.459-D.511 EVOLUTION OF METABOLIC PATHWAYS 1979-81 With an introductory note D.512 CITRATE CYCLE D.513, D.514 HEPATOCYTES 1980 1981 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 258 Research D.101-D.111 TELEOLOGY 1951-54, 1961 Krebs assembled ideas and references on the subject during 1951-52. He gave lectures and may have contemplated a more extended work (see D.104). His main published contribution (Bibliog. 168) was part of the Herter lectures given at Johns Hopkins University; he also gave a joint talk on ‘Frontiers in Biochemistry’ with F. Lipmann at a 'Smoker' during a meeting of the American Society of Chemists at Atlantic City during his extended visit to America in 1954. See also A.118, F.23-F.46. D.101 Notes and quotations from Ernst Cassirer: The Problem of Knowledge, Ip. headed 'Teleology' has a ms. note ‘Discussion with Cassirer 23/8/51'. In Krebs's original folder, labelled 'Teleology'. D.102 Correspondence, 1951-52. Includes letter from F. Brucke on his great-grandfather, Ernst Brucke, whose work is widely quoted by Krebs in his lectures and writing. D.103 'Teleological Considerations in Biology' Two heavily-corrected ms. and typescript drafts, 10pp. and I 3pp., the latter with a ms. headnote 'Lecture before Philosophical Society 22.2.52.* 'Postcript. The teleological viewpoint in biology’ 3 heavily-corrected ms. and typescript drafts, and final 7pp. type- script version, all with this title, using similar material to D.103 above. The drafts begin 'In this book the assumption is made .. and refer to 'this chapter', but there is no substantial work by Krebs on the subject listed in the Bibliography. . ! D.105 'Excursion into the borderland of biochemistry and philosophy' Heavily-corrected typescript and ms. drafts for lecture (Bibliog. 168). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 259 Research D.106 Similar ms. and typescript drafts, no title or date but perhaps an earlier version of D.105. D.107-D.109 ‘Frontiers in biochemistry' 2 heavily-corrected ms. and typescript drafts, for talk with Lipmann at Atlantic City, with Krebs's carbon letter to Lipmann discussing arrangements. The talk has a ms. note by Krebs 'Good paper’. D.108 D.109 More fragmentary notes and drafts. Notes, references, background material. D.110, D.111 Later correspondence and papers, 1961. D.110 Correspondence with L. Rosenfeld on possible exchange of views on the subject. With little background material. Krebs's notes and drafts on teleology, complementarity, etc., various dates May-September 1961. material. With little background D.112 BUFFER SOLUTIONS Brief notes, references, data. background material, some annotated. n.d., c.1955. With related H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 260 D.113-D.120 STEERING AND FEEDBACK MECHANISMS 1955-65 Research D.113 ‘Die Steuering der Stoffwechselvorgdnge' Typescript draft, with a few ms. corrections and covering letter, October 1955. (Bibliog. 179) D.114 ‘Regulation of Matabolism' 17pp. typescript and ms. draft for lecture. With a ms. headnote "Ann Arbor March 1960' and ‘Jerusalem April 1936'. D.115 l4pp. typescript lecture or article on regulation of metabolism. No date or place. Included here are offprints of two of Krebs's publications on the subject (Bibliog. 178, 187). D.116 D.117 D.118 D.119 Notes, drafts, discussions. with H. Motz on origin of term 'feedback' 1955, and other notes, 1959, 1962. Includes note of discussion Few dated. Ms. and typescript bibliographical references. Background material, some annotated. Ms. notes on feedback mechanisms, 1963, 1965. With ams. note by Krebs 'Regulation (earlier refs) collected for Physiol. Review (never written)’. D.120 Background material, some annotated. H .A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 261 D.121-D.124 KETOGENESIS / PYRUVATE METABOLISM 1955-56 Research D.121 D.122 D.123 Typescript draft with a few ms. corrections, and tables for an untitled paper; the accompanying experimental results have various dates, 1955-57. Miscellaneous references, some dated 1964, and headed 'Deuel Conference paper’. Brief correspondence on bovine ketosis, 1962. Later notes and drafts, March-April 1965. D.124 Offprints and background material, some annotated. D.125-D.128 SPECIFIC DYNAMIC ACTION OF FOODSTUFFS 1957-63 Only one publication on this topic is listed (Bibliog. 194), a paper given at the Rona Symposium. D.125 Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, some dated 1957, 1958. Heavily-corrected ms. and typescript drafts, some dated 1959 and referring to work of K.L. Blaxter. D.126 D.127 D.128 Undated ms. and typescript drafts, bibliography, references, with a short ms. list of contents. Later ms. and typescript notes, drafts, experimental results (by Krebs and some by P. Lund). Includes figures for publication, and a copy of Bibliog. 194 with updated bibliography. 1962. Various dates, 1961, Correspondence and discussion with colleagues on experiments, Includes a little related back- techniques, results, 1960-63. ground material and notes by Krebs of discussions. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 262 D.129-D.131 ANTERIOR PITUITARY HORMONES IN KETOGENESIS 1959-62 Research D.129 D.130 Correspondence with colleagues, institutions and firms about specimens and supplies for proposed research, 1959-62. Research notes and data, suggestions for experiments, bibliographical references, by Krebs and collaborator. August 1960-September 1961 (and one page later data, August 1966). D.131 Background material. D.132-D.138 KETOGENESIS / INSULIN 1959-65 D.132 Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, references, discussions with colleagues (some on writing-paper of HMS 'Queen Elizabeth’) none dated, correspondence (1964). D.133 Bibliographical references. Draft paper by Krebs, contributing to discussion arising from a presentation by C.H. Best on 'Metabolic problems involving the n.d., latest reference 1959. pancreas, insulin and glucagon’. D.135 ‘Biochemical Aspects of Ketosis' Ilpp. duplicated typescript, with ms. headnote 'Amended Copy’. Perhaps earlier version of Ernest Dixon Memorial Lecture of same title (Bibliog. 193). D.136 "The Biochemical lesion in ketosis’ 3 drafts (all different) of paper given at Chicago, March 1960, and published 1961 (Bibliog. 198), in Krebs's original folder labelled 'Ketosis in Chicago’. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 D.137 Research 263 Offprints of Krebs's published papers on the subject, kept with the material (Bibliog. 193, 198, 200, 236). "Inaugural Lecture: Some Aspects of Gluconeogenesis (The Relations between Giuconeogenesis and Ketogenesis ), given at the Third Symposium, on Energy Metabolism, of the European Association for Animal Production, held at Troon, May 1964 and published in the Proceedings (Academic Press, 1965); tion is not listed in the Bibliography . Included here is his this publica- D.138 Background material sent to or requested by Krebs, some annotated. D.139-D.157 REVERSAL OF OXIDATIVE PHOSPHORYLATION / ATP DEPENDENT REACTIONS / SECONDARY EFFECTS OF DINITROPHENOL 1960-64 Contents of a box so labelled, comprising notes, drafts, corres- pondence, etc. relating to collaborative work principally with Krebs's original L.V. Eggleston (Bibliog. 199, 202, 208, 209). folders, some with descriptions, are at D.157. See also D.158 which is a continuation of similar work, also with Eggleston, but kept separately by Krebs. D.139-D.141 D.139 D.140 D.14]1 Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, almost all by Krebs but a few by Eggleston. Not all dated. Three folders as follows: Many relate to Bibliog. 199. November 1960-July 1961 September-November 1961 and undated 'Draft of LVE' April-December 1963 and undated. D.142-D.146 Experimental data, tabulated results, calculations, etc., chiefly by Eggleston but with many ms. notes, suggestions for further experiments, etc. by Krebs. Five folders as follows: D.142 January-September 1960 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 264 D.143 D.144 Research November-December 1960 January-October 1961 D.145 1962 D.146 August- November 1963, some headed '"Klingenberg"” expts.' D.147-D.152 Publications and lectures D.147 D.148 D.149 D.150 Draft for slide lecture, 2lpp. typescript. Part draft for slide lecture (different from above). Part draft for publication, with tables, on oxidation of succinate. Notes, drafts, references, some dated 1961. Ail the above were in original folder labelled 'Welch Raw Mcterial' and probably refer to Krebs's 1961 Welch lecture ‘Biological reductions in complex systems' (Bibliog. 202). D.151 'The effect of dinitrophenol on the metabolism of oxaloacetate in animal tissues' Heavily-corrected ms. and typescript drafts for a paper so titled, by Krebs and Eggleston, various dates, March 1962, October and December 1963, and undated. No paper ofthis title is listed in the Bibliography, and it was probably not published (R. Hems, personal communication, 1984). Dil. 52 Ms. notes for lecture on the subject given for ‘Biochemistry Part II’, 22 January 1964. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 265 Research D.153-D.155 Correspondence D.153 BUcher, T. Chance, B. Ernster, L. 1960 1960 1960 Klingenberg, M. 1960, 1963 D.155 Chance, B. 1964 Krebs's carbon only, on further research on reversal of oxidative phosphorylation. With related printed matter. D.156 Background material, some annotated. Krebs's original folders and box description. D.158 OXALOACETATE AND SUCCINIC DEHYDROGENASE 1961-66 Continuing work with L.V. Eggleston. and drafts, 1961-62, another draft of unlisted paper on effect of DNP (see D.151 above), continuing drafts by Krebs substantial 12pp. draft by Krebs and Eggleston on ‘Metabolism of Oxaloacetate’. Includes some earlier data 1963-66, anda H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 266 D.159, D.160 CO» BUFFERS IN MANOMETRY 196] Research D.159 D.160 Notes, drafts, bibliographical references, notes on the literature, correspondence from suppliers of 'Warburg Flasks', June- September 1961. Offprints of articles by O. Warburg on manometry, and of Krebs's earlier (1951) articles on the subject (Bibliog. 140, 147). D.161-D.164 GROWTH AND ENERGY 1962 D.161 Ms. and typescript notes, drafts, calculations, research ideas, references. A few only dated, January, April 1962. In Krebs's original folder, labelled 'Growth and energy’. D.162-D.164 Correspondence with colleagues, 1962 D.162 Elsden, S.R. Includes copies of Elsden's reports on growth and energy to the A.R.C. Correspondence June includes invitation to Krebs to chair a session of the Society for General Microbiology symposium on 'Comparative Aspects of Microbial Metabolism’, in Sheffield, January 1963. D.163 Stoward, P.J. Includes report by Stoward to D.S.1.R. on Thermodynamics of bacterial growth. D.164 Zamecnik, P. Zeuthen, E. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 267 D.165 CONTROL OF GLUCONEOGENESIS 1962-63 Research 24pp. ms. notes and drafts, in spiral-bound foolscap pad, various dates December 1952-January 1963. Includes research ideas, experiments, discussions with colleagues, notes on the literature, etc. The work, though heterogeneous in nature, is dated continuously from 22 December to 5 January, including Christmas Day, and may represent Krebs's reading and thinking when the laboratory was closed for Christmas. Note for 3 January on 'Citrulline' appears in a typed version in D.166 below. D.166 "CITRULLINE' SPOT 1962-63 Notes, drafts, correspondence, experimental results, by R.Hems and another, August 1962-January 1963. Derks and Grisolia on 'Citrulline-like Moterial' and of Krebs's ms. and typescript notes on the subject. Includes copy of paper by In Krebs's original folder. D.167-D.174 MUSCLE METABOLISM 1962-64, 1967 Drafts, notes, correspondence, mainly concerned with lactate in exercise. D.167-D.169 Krebs's dated notes, drafts, research ideas and discussions, experimental results, bibliographical references. Three folders as follows: D.167 D.168 D.169 1962 1963 Carbohydrate synthesis in striated muscle; correspondence, substantial drafts and narratives, May, September-October 1963. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 268 Research D.170 Undated notes, bibliographical references; includes some data by L.V. Eggleston, October 1963. D.171 Brief publications and papers by Krebs. Includes contribution to discussion of the 'Oxygen Symposium' sponsored jointly by the International Unions of Biochemistry and Physiological Sciences at Oxford, September 1963, and notes for paper on ‘Some aspects of the metabolism of muscular exercise’ given at a seminar in the Department of Physiology, Oxford, June 1964 (arising in part from 1963 Symposium and subsequent research and correspondence with D. Cunningham, B.B. Lloyd - see D.172 below). Dal7Z Correspondence, 1963-64 Cunningham, D. Lloyd, B.B. Mesoro, E.J. Olson, R.E. Dial73 Correspondence with R.E. Davies, 1967, on early work on muscle metabolism. Includes a draft of letter by Krebs to A.V. Hill on same subject. D.174 Background material, some annotated. D.175-D.177 PYRUVATE CARBOXYLASE 1962-66 D.175 Notes and drafts by Krebs. Various dates, 1962-66. App. draft by L.V. Eggleston 'Location of pyruvate carboxylase’, October 1966. Includes In original folder labelled ‘Pyruvate Carboxylase’. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 269 Research D.176 Experimental assays and results, mainly by Eggleston, with a few notes by Krebs, various dates, 1954-66. Drafts and notes by W. Gevers and Krebs for collaborative paper 'The regulation of phosphoenol pyruvate synthesis in pigeon liver’, published 1957 (Bibliog. 244). D.178-D.180 KETONE BODIES 1962-65 Correspondence, drafts, data exchanged with L. Kastner, relating to her research and publications on ketone bodies in rat-liver preparations. See also D.130. D.178 D.179 D.180 Notes, drafts, amendments by Krebs, some dated 1964. Correspondence, data and drafts from L. Kastner, 1963-65. Miscellaneous drafts, some with Krebs's amendments. Final 10pp. typescript version. D.181, D.182 ENZYME ASSAYS 1963-66 Contents of two folders so described, of notes, drafts, experimental data by Krebs and L.V. Eggleston. D.181 Extensive notes and drafts, mainly by Krebs but some by Eggleston annotated by Krebs. Various dates, September 1963-Morch 1966. Notes of September 1963 and July 1964 are general ideas on ‘Significance of enzyme assays'; several notes are on ‘Assay of pyruvate carboxylase’; note of July 1965 is a draft for a proposed paper by Eggleston and Krebs 'The capacity of enzymes related to gluconeogenesis in rat liver and rat kidney cortex’. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 270 Research D.182 Ms. drafts for papers, experimental data, tables, results, etc. almost all by Eggleston, with a few ms. notes by Krebs. July-October 1965. D.183-D.187 ISOTOPE EXCHANGES 1963-70 D.183 Notes, drafts, references, various dates 1963-65. brief notes for 'Houston lecture’ dated January 1965. Includes Similar material, 1969 and undated. D.185 Notes for publication and paper. Includes ms. notes for 'Wirtheimer Paper' on isotope exchanges, and typescript 'Discussion of paper by Robert Pitts', n.d. Also included here are copies of Krebs's papers Bibliog. 229, 233. In original folder labelled 'Wirtheimer'. D.186 Correspondence with colleagues re research and analyses. Ryman, B.E. Landau, B.R. 1969-70 1959 In original folder labelled ‘Isotope Exchanges’ . Background material. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 27) D.188-D.205 ISOLATED LIVER CELLS 1963-77 Research The earliest notes and drafts date from the 1960s (D.188, D.189) but the bulk of the material dates from 1970 onward. An important event was the Alfred Benzon Symposium VI on 'Regulation of hepatic metabolism’ at which Krebs chaired a session and gave a paper. D.H. Williamson also gave a paper and two collaborative papers (Bibliog. 332, 333) were published in the Proceedings. Krebs continued to work on isolated liver cells until shortly before his death (see D.513, D.514). See also D.534-F.539. D.188 D.189 Notes, drafts, data, mainly by Krebs, a few by Eggleston, on 'Cellularity determination’, 1963. Notes, drafts, research ideas and narratives on liver permeability, various dates 1956-67. permeability’. With original folder labelled ‘Liver D.190 Brief notes and references, 1970. D.191 Notes and drafts, 1972. D.192 Extensive notes and drafts, 1973. forwarding results. Includes brief correspondence D.193-D.195 Experimental data, results, calculations, by Krebs and others, mainly on the ‘lysine effect', probably for paper at Benzon Symposium (Bibliog. 332). D.193 November-December 1972. exp. Nov-Dec 1972'. In original folder labelled ‘Early lysine D.194 January 1973. D.195 April 1973. In original folder labelled 'Copenhagen Material’. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 272 Research D.196-D.199 Material on the preparation and use ofisolated liver cells as experimental material, probably for paper at Benzon Symposium (Bibliog. 333). D.196 D197 D.198 D.199 D.200 Krebs's notes and drafts, some dated January 1973. Continuing notes and drafts, various dates March-September 1973. Includes sketches and diagrams for equipment, and photographs. In original folder labelled ‘Isolated liver cells paper’. Miscellaneous drafts, tables, figures, etc. for papers on isolated liver cells, n.d. Photographsof liver cells, December 1973 and January 1974 (the latter with identifications and comments by Krebs on verso). Continuing notes and drafts by Krebs, various dates, August 1975- April 1977. Draft of February 1977 is headed 'Material for Paris Talk’. D.201-D.203 Correspondence with colleagues and information on isolated liver cells, 1972-73. D.201, D.202 Berry, M.N. (a principal collaborator in the use and preparation of isolated liver cells). Two folders as follows: Includes some data and drafts. D.201 October 1972-April 1973. D.202 June-August 1973. niques, and comments by Berry on draft version of Bibliog 333, with Krebs's marginal comments. Includes drafts for papers on preparation tech- H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 273 D.203 Cohen, P.P. Francis, M. Jones, M.E. Ontko, J.A. Raijman, L. Krebs's carbon only Schreiber, G. 1972 1973 1972 1973 1972 1972 D.204 Programme and List of Participants for the Alfred Benzon Symposium VI on 'Regulation of Hepatic Metabolism’, Copenhagen 20-24 May 1973. Also included here are offprints of publications by Krebs et al (Bibliog. 321, 332, 333). D.205 Background material, some annotated. D.206 ASPARTATE c.1964 Notes and tables on 'Some effects of aspartate ... on rat-brain cortex slices', prepared by G. Massieu during his period of work in Krebs's laboratory. D.207 RESEARCH PROBLEMS 1964-67 Drafts and notes, most headed ‘Experiments to be done’, ‘Problems for investigation', etc., and some with namesor initials of research workers allocated to specific projects. Various dates, April 1964- July 1965. The last note is headed 'Reg' (Hems) and includes, as well as experiments to be undertaken, the instruction 'Arrange for the transport of equipment from South Parks Road to the Radcliffe’ (1967). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 274 D.208 DRUG-INDUCED DIABETES 1965 Research Mainly correspondence with pharmaceutical firms and suppliers, and a little background material, on drug-induced diabetes with special reference to diuretics of the benzthiadiazine series. D.209 CALORIC HOMEOSTASIS 1965 Brief ms. notes and annotated printed matter, kept in separate folder so inscribed by Krebs. D.210-D.222 ALANINE 1965-73 The material relates to publications in 1966 with B.M. Notton and R. Hems (Bibliog. 235) and in 1973 with R. Hems and P. Lund (Bibliog. 322, 323). ‘Alanine’ or 'Alanine dehydrogenase’ . Most of the original folders were labelled D.210 D.211 D.212 D..2i3 Shorter notes and drafts, 1965, and undated, in various hands including Krebs, B.M. Notton and others. of Bibliog. 235. Also included is reprint Notes and drafts 1967. proposed paper by Krebs, B.M. Notton and M. Stubbs on ‘Stimulation of gluconeogenesis from alanine by phlorrhizin treatment in mouse kidney'. Not listed in the Bibliography. Includes draft dated March 1967 for a Brief notes, tables for paper, 1968. Notes, drafts, correspondence re supply and culture of Bacillus cereus and Bacillus subtilis for work on alanine dehydrogenase, April- July 1970. London, and at Microbial Research Establishment. Includes reports on cultures processed at Imperial College, H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 275 D.214 D.215 D.216 D.217 D.218 D.219 Research Continuing notes and drafts, May-December 1970. Continuing notes and drafts, ‘discussions with Reg (Hems) and Pat (Lund)'. Biochem. J.' dated 21 May. 1971; Includes 10pp. heavily-corrected draft 'For Various dates, January-October Continuing notes and drafts, May-September 1972, and January 1973. Undated ms. notes and drafts. Results, tabulated data, etc., some by Hems and Lund, most annotated by Krebs. "Accumulation of amino acids by the perfused rat liver in the presence of ethanol’. Heavily-corrected ms. and typescript draft with a ms. note 'Draft for final copy for B.J.' (Bibliog. 322). D.220 ‘Regulatory mechanisms in the synthesis of urea' Heavily-corrected ms. and typescript draft for paper by Krebs, Hems and Lund (Bibliog. 323). Miscellaneous drafts for lectures and papers, kept with above. Background material, bibliographical references. D.221 D.222 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 276 D.223-D.238 REDOX STATE 1965-76 Research Contents of a box labelled 'Redox State / Wilson et al. / Marion etal'. widely and published many collaborative papers on the redox state, several of which are referred to or included. The reference is to Bibliog. 328, but Krebs lectured Notes and data D.223-D.226 Notes, drafts, experimental results, etc. for work with T. Gascoyne on rat liver homogenates (Bibliog. 260), by Krebs and Gascoyne, 1966-67. D.223 D.224 D.225 D.226 Notes, drafts, results, comments by Krebs. Various dates, April- October 1966. Similar material, February-July 1967 and undated. Experimental data by Gascoyne, most with comments by Krebs, January-April 1967. 'The redox state of the nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotides in rat liver homogenates’ Heavily-corrected ms. and typescript draft (Bibliog. 260). D.227-D..22? Notes, drafts, correspondence, etc. relating to collaborative paper published in Biochem. J., 1974 (Bibliog. 328). Notes, drafts, ideas by Krebs. Three folders as follows: D.227 D.228 1965, 1966 1969-73 D.229 Undated H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 277 Research Correspondence with colleagues and collaborators, 1971-76 D.230 Harris, E.J. 197] Includes related draft papers and printed matter. D.231 Erecinska, M. 1973-74 D.232 Tager, J.M. Wilson, D.F. Includes related printed matter. 1975 1975 D.233 Notes of discussions with collaborators, 1976. results’. Note on ‘Wilson's Publications Multiple drafts (all with variants) and comments, for paper (Bibliog. 328) underits original title 'Thermodynamic Relationships between the Oxidation-Reduction reactions and the ATP synthesis in sus- pensions of isolated liver cells’. In Krebs's folder labelled 'Dave, Moria et al’. Earlier drafts for sections of paper, figures, etc. Typescript draft for paper with M. Stubbs, titled 'Effect of uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation on the redox-state of the hepatic nicotinamide adenine dinucleotides', with ms. note 'p.15-16 missing’. See D.307. Offprints of some of Krebs's publications on the topic (Bibliog. 260, 268, 284, 328), kept with material. D.235 D.236 D.237 D.238 Background material, some annotated. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 278 D.239, D.240 INTRACELLULAR pH 1966-71 Research D.239 Notes, drafts, notes on the literature, of discussions. Various dates, 1966-71. There is a fairly substantial draft, with tables and references, apparently for a proposed paper (3 November 1970) and also of 'Discussion with Roughton'’ (24 November 1970). In Krebs's original folder. D.240 Printed matter, bibliographical references, some annotated. D.241 ADIPOSE TISSUE 1967 Drafts, notes, correspondence, experimental data by L.V. Eggleston. The work arises mainly from articles submitted to Krebs for comment by B.B.A., Biochem. J., and includes correspondence with authors. January-April 1967. In Krebs's original folder. D.242 ROTENONE AND KETOSIS 1967 Notes and drafts on the ketogenic effects of amytal and rotenone, with a ms. note 'Further Work on Rotenone and Ketosis'. D.243 NUTRIENTS 651967 Miscellaneous typescript and ms. tables, drafts, etc. mainly on growth rates and nutrients. Also includes note of 'Discussions with R.A. Freedland', July 1967, on his proposed research on urea synthesis under different nutritional conditions. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 279 Research D.244 CARNITINE 1967, 1969 Notes and drafts on metabolic effects of carnitine. D.245 HEPATOTOXIC AGENTS 1967-68 Notes, drafts, correspondence, and a little annotated printed matter, on the toxic effects of pyrrolizidine alkaloids. In Krebs's original folder. D.246 HUMAN LIVER DATA 1967-68 Data, notés, correspondence, related printed matter, on various enzyme levels in humanliver. In Krebs's original folder. D.247-D.249 KETOGENESIS REGULATION OF TCA CYCLE 1968 Contents of a folder so inscribed. Notes, drafts, data, correspondence, relating to work with W. Feldheim at Oxford. D.247 D.248 Notes, drafts, summary of Feldheim's research, notes for discussion etc., by Krebs, 1968. Notes, experimental results, tabulated data, by Feldheim, with many annotations and revisions by Krebs. In original folder. D.249 Correspondence with Feldheim, draft of paper and tables. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 280 D.250 EXTRAHEPATIC KETOGENESIS 1968-69 Research Notes, drafts, ideas for experiments, several in bundles addressed to 'Len' (Eggleston), and including results, tables and drafts by Eggleston on 'Ketone body synthesis in rat heart homogenate’. In Krebs's original folder. D.251-D.253 ALCOHOL IN ANIMALS 1968-70 Contents of a folder so inscribed, perhaps related to collaborative paper with J.R. Perkins (Bibliog. 287). broadcast talk on the subject in December 1969. Krebs also gave a short Notes and drafts on 'Rumen', ‘Alcohol production by fauna’, etc., 'Table of Contents' for proposed paper, miscellaneous information, press-cuttings, etc.; various dates, 1968-70. Draft material for 'unrehearsed interview’ for broadcast on 'The Living World', December 1969. See also H.280. 6pp. Correspondence, requests for information on intoxication in animals, 1969. D.251 D.252 D.253 D.254 HOMEOSTASIS 1968-71 Notes and drafts, most headed 'Caloric homeostasis' and dated May 1968 but includes some experimental data by L.V. Eggleston 1971. list of "Matters which should be included in the paper', and brief correspondence. Includes 9pp. draft summary of research on subject, Ip. Krebs published a collaborative paper on the subject in 1971 (Bibliog. 305). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 281 D.255-D. 261 METABOLISM OF ACETALDEHYDE 1968-77 Research Krebs's research notes and data begin in 1968, but the bulk of the material is correspondence and drafts exchanged with E. Fellenius who worked in Krebs's laboratory on the subject, April-August 1969 and for shorter periods subsequently . D.255 Notes and drafts by Krebs, data and results by L.V. Eggleston and R. Hems, various dates 1968-69, 1977. D.256 Correspondence with colleagues, 1968-69. Correspondence re visit by Fellenius, 1969. statement of proposed research programme. Includes arrangements, D.258 Fellenius's report on his work at Oxford, September 1969. D.259 Correspondence with Fellenius, 1970. Includes results, discussions on research, etc. Correspondence, 1971-72 Includes arrangements for visit by Fellenius, etc. of 31 November explains why he felt unable to sign as co-author of paper by Fellenius and K.-H. Kiessling. Krebs's note D.261 Draft paper, sent to Krebs by Fellenius, March 1971. D.262-D.266 RATE CONTROL OF TCA CYCLE 1968-69 D.262 Notes and drafts, various dates November 1968-November 1969. Several are headed 'Indianapolis' and the work relates to the lecture Krebs gave on 'Rate control of the tricarboxylic acid cycle’ (Bibliog. 286). In Krebs's original folder. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 D.263 282 Research Undated notes and drafts, some headed 'Indianapolis' or referring to preparations for the lecture. Indianapolis lecture’ and Krebs's correspondence requesting information. Includes draft 'Comments on Draft for lecture, 15pp. typescript and ms. (lacks p.1) with an extra ms. page of concluding notes ending 'thank you for your endurance after two very arduous working days'. No date or place. D.265 17pp. typescript and ms. draft lecture, headed ‘Bristol March 1969’. D.266 Background material, some annotated. D.267-D.271 METABOLISM OF WORKING HEART 1969-72 Notes, drafts, data, correspondence relating to collaborative work on the metabolism of working and non-working heart, with L.H. Opie, K.R.L. Mansford, P. Owen, R. Hems, M. Spry. of material are so closely interlinked that they are presented as a simple chronological sequence with no attempt at separation. The various types D.267 June-December 1969 D.268 1970 D.269 D.270 D.271 January-June 1971 April-May 1972 Undated notes, background material, bibliographical references. Includes 4pp. typescript note on 'Rate control of tricarboxylic acid cycle’ and a proof with ms. corrections of Krebs's paper on the subject (Bibliog. 286). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 283 Research .D.272-D.274 MITOCHONDRIA 1969-71 Research notes, correspondence, drafts, etc., mainly exchanged with E.J. Harris. D.272 1969-71 dated May 1962. Includes an early note by Krebs on ‘Substrate competition’ D.273 197] D.274 Extensive background material, some annotated. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Research D.275-D.288 INBORN ERRORS OF METABOLISM / HY PERAMMONAEMIA / ORNITHINE TRANSCARBAMY LASE DEFICIENCY 1969-75. Krebs lectured regularly on disorders or special aspects of metabolism to students in the Oxford Medical School. One of these lectures, on Sir Archibald Garrod, the history of the Whitley Professorship of Biochemistry, and the formation of the concept of inborn errors of metabolism, was published in 1970 (Bibliog. 291). Notes and drafts for these lectures are at D.275-D.279. In 1970 a case was notified to Krebs of the specific metabolic disorders of hyperammonaemia and ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency. He studied the case in collaboration with medical colleagues on the staff of the United Oxford Hospitals (as they were then known) and prepared a paper for publication in Archives of Disease in Childhood. This material is at D.286. The paper was not published. See also D.391. Notes and drafts for lectures Variously paginated notes and drafts, some dated 1969, 1970, for lecture on Garrod and the history of inborn errors of metabolism (Bibliog. 291). Notes, drafts, time-tabling, material for three 'Bridge Course’ lectures on ‘Special Aspects of Diseases of Metabolism’, 15-17 November 1971. Notes and drafts for 'Bridge Course’ lectures on inborn errors, Merch 1973. Brief notes for 'Bridge Course’ lectures, December 1973, and short introduction for December 1974 and February 1975. D.275 D.276 D.277 D.278 D.279 Brief correspondence, lecture schedules and notes, 1972, 1975. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 285 Research Hyperammonaemia case D.280 D.281 D.282 Correspondence with colleagues on diagnosis, treatment, arrangement to demonstrate, 1970-72. Data and notes, by Krebs and others, 1970-71. Krebs's notes and drafts. earlier notes (1963) on dietary treatment of ammonia intoxication. Mainly 1973-75, but includes some D.283-D.286 Variously paginated notes and drafts for lectures and publication on the case. D.283 Notes for lecture or demonstration, various dates January-February 1971 (in Krebs's order, not chronological). The note for 29 January describes his personal interest in the case as a link with his experience in 1931 'as a clinician at Freiburg University with full responsibility for patients’. Miscellaneous notes, some dated July 1971 and headed 'Ciba'. D.285 Shorter drafts, 1972, 1973, and undated. D.286 D.287 Various drafts, in typescript and ms., some by Krebs or with ms. corrections by him and by others, some dated 1974, 1975; with brief correspondence re submission of paper to Arch. Dis. Childh. Bibliographical references. Inborn Errors’. In Krebs's folder inscribed ‘Literature. D.288 Extensive background material, some annotated by Krebs. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 286 D.289 GLUCOSE FFA CYCLE 1970 Research Brief notes, ideas for research and discussion on ‘is there a glucose homeostasis separable from caloric homeostasis?', correspondence. Various dates, October-December 1970. In Krebs's original folder. v / D.290 HORMONES AND GLUCONEOGENESIS 1970 Brief notes and drafts, December 1970. In Krebs's original folder. D.291 INTERMEDIATE LIVER METABOLISM 1970-72 Notes, drafts, data and results by R. Hems, with Krebs's annotations, various dates, December 1970, July 1972. folder inscribed 'Sauver', the work being developed from a paper by F. Sauer et al published in Eur. J. Biochem. 17, 1970, a copy of which is included. In Krebs's original D.292, D.293 PASTEUR EFFECT 1970-71 D.292 Notes and drafts, various dates, October 1970-December 1971. In Krebs's original folder inscribed 'Pasteur Draft’ and perhaps related to the paper he published in 1972 on 'The Pasteur effect and the relations between respiration and fermentation’ (Bibliog. 316, Germanversion Bibliog. 312). D.293 Background material, almost all annotated by Krebs. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 287 D.294-D.304 AMINOTRANSFERASES 1970-72 Research The work was conducted in collaboration with L.V. Eggleston. Two draft papers were in preparation (D.302, D.303) and Krebs also used the material for one of his lectures at Indianapolis (D.298-D.301). Research notes and drafts Discussion notes and correspondence with M.F. Utter, 1970. Included here are some earlier notes (October-November 1968) of discussions with Utter on pyruvate carboxylase. Drafts, data, results, narratives, mainly by Krebs but some by Eggleston, January-November 1970. Similar material, but including many results, drafts, tables, etc. by Eggleston, and mainly on lysine metabolism, January-September In Krebs's original folder inscribed ‘Rat Tissue 1971, April 1972. Aminotransferases’ . D.294 D.295 D.296 D.297 Miscellaneous shorter undated notes and drafts. Drafts for lectures and papers D.298-D.301 Ms. and typescript drafts for a paper, to be given at Indianapolis. D.298 D.299 D.300 D.301 Qpp. ms., headed 'Indianapolis. Amino acid’. 6pp. typescript and ms. ‘Regulation of the supply of essential amino acids', dated 22 June 1970. 7pp. ms. 'Organ Distribution of Aminotransferases', n.d. 20pp. typescript ‘Regulatory Mechanisms in Mammalian Amino Acid Metabolism' (slide lecture). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 288 D.302, D.303 Drafts for two papers by Eggleston and Krebs. Research D.302 D.303 ‘Paper A. 12 April 1972. Induction and depression of rat liver aminotransferases', ‘Paper B. human tissue’, 19 April 1972. Comparative activity of aminotransferases in rat and Both in Krebs's original folder inscribed by him with Eggleston's initials and the titles of both papers. The papers were not published, but part of the work was used in Bibliog. 310. D.304 Background material. D.305-D. 307 OXIDATIVE PHOSPHORYLATION 197] D.305 D.306 D.307 Drafts and notes, mainly 1971. Correspondence and results from R.L. Veech, 1971. ‘Effect of uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation on the redox-state of the hepatic nicotinamide adenine dinucleotides’. Three drafts for a paper so titled, by Krebs and M. Stubbs, two with extensive ms. corrections mainly by Krebs, but some by M. Stubbs, and final typescript draft ready for submission. published but some of the material was published in 1979 by M. Stubbs in Pharmac. Ther., 7, 329-350 underthe title 'Inhibitors of the adenine nucleotide translocase'. See D.236. The paper was not HA. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 289 D.308, D.309 KETONE BODY METABOLISM IN DIABETES 197] Research Notes, drafts, etc. arising from work on the subject by N.B. Ruderman. D.308 D.309 Krebs's notes, points to be discussed with Ruderman, correspondence with Ruderman, 1971. Notes, drafts, tables, with ms. corrections by Krebs and others. D.310 ADIPOSE TISSUE 197] Notes, drafts, bibliographical references, some dated 1971; probably arising from papers submitted for publication in FEBS Letters, some of which are included in the folder. D.311-D.313 REDOX STATE IN BACTERIA 1971-72 D.311 D.312 D.313 Notes and drafts, various dates, May-July 1971, and 1972. Includes brief correspondence with colleagues. Krebs's previous publications on subject (Bibliog. 245, 276, 285). Background material. D.314-D.316 REVERSIBILITY OF RESPIRATORY CHAIN 1971-74 D.314 D.315 Contents of a folder so inscribed. Notes and drafts, some dated 1971, 1974. Draft for paper 'Can the mitochondrial respiratory chain be considered as a system which approaches equilibrium', not by Krebs, but with ms. comments and corrections by him. Some pages dated 1973. Perhaps related to Bibliog. 328. pp.25-65 with two appendices. D.316 Correspondence and data from colleagues. R.L. Veech, 1971 D.F. Wilson, 1973 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Research D.317 ALCOHOL METABOLISM IN LIVER 1971-74 Shorter drafts and notes, some dated 1971, 1974. D.318-D.329 RETINAL METABOLISM 1971-72 D.318 D.319 D.320 Notes and drafts Stapled folder of notes, bibliographical references, notes on the literature, 3pp. ms. outline for research project on retinal meta- bolism. Some by Krebs but mainly in another hand, perhaps R.A. Hawkins. Noves, drafts, research data, tabulated results, by Krebs and by R. Hems, some dated August 1971-February 1972. inscribed 'Eye Moterial'’. In folder Similar material, for work on ‘Avian (and other) Retina’, instructions for collaborators, draft tables, data and results by R. Hems, etc., some dated October 1971-November 1972. D.321 Bibliographical references and notes on the literature, by Krebs. Lectures and publications D.322 'The Energy Metabolism of the Retina’ Drafts for a paper by Krebs and R. Hems, with R.A. Hawkins appearing as a collaborator on later versions. 3 drafts, all with different ms. corrections and additions, llpp., 3pp. references, tables 1-12. inscribed 'Retina Draft'. The paper was not published. p.1 dated February 1972. In folder D..323 ‘Ultrastructure of the avian retina. retina of the domestic pigeon ...' (Bibliog. 315). An anatomical study of the 3 drafts, all with different ms. corrections and additions by Krebs. The second draft is dated February 1972; the third refers to the paper by Krebs, Hawkins and Hems, 1972 (D.322 above) as 'in preparation’. H A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 D.324 291 Research Miscellaneous notes, slide-list, etc. for a lecture on retinal metabolism, given in various locations listed on folder (Hull, Southampton, Jerusalem, University College London, Rehovoth, Leicester, Oxford Eye Hospital). D.325 Miscellaneous pages for a lecture on the subject, in German. Correspondence and information from colleagues. D.326 Berman, E.R. Hawkins, R.A. 1971 1972 D.327 Michaelson, 1|.C. 1971-72 Includes Krebs's research notes and ideas, notes of discussions with Michaelson on various occasions in 1972, etc. D.328 Vail, W.J. 197] Includes research notes, references, related printed matter. Background material, some annotated by Krebs. D.330 SALINE MEDIA 1971, 1976 Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, various dates, 1971, 1976. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 292 D.331-D. 341 CALORIMETRY 1971-78 Research Correspondence with colleagues and manufacturers, notes, drafts, results, etc. on the development of microcalorimetry for biological research. The material is presented as a chronological sequence, including research papers or reports sent to Krebs, in order to preserve the various contacts, visits and inter-related projects involved in the furtherance of the research. T.H. Benzinger, correspondence with whom from 1971 contributed to Krebs's involvement in the work, had worked in Krebs's depart- ment 1955-57. His principal collaborators at that time had been R. Hems and Kitzinger, and three papers were published in 1956 and 1959 (2). The chief correspondents in the present sequence are: G.T. Armstrong, National Bureau of Standards, Washington D.C. T.H. Benzinger, National Bureau of Standards, Maryland R.L. Berger, University of California H.U. Bergmeyer, C.F. Boeringer GmbH, Germany G.P. Burn, Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford K. Burton, University of Newcastle E.J. Prosen, National Bureau of Standards, Washington D.C. D.331 D.332 D.333 Merch-May 1971 June-October 1971 1972 Includes arrangements for demonstrating Bureau of Standards calorimeter in Krebs's laboratory, arrangements for him to consuit regularly on project at National Bureau of Standards, Washington, grant application, etc. D.334 1973 Correspondence, results, discussion notes, list of participants at conference on Microcalorimetric Investigations, Lund, July. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 293 D3335 March-June 1974 Research Collaborative work, discussion of results and papers, with E.J. Prosen and K. Burton. D.336 July-December 1974 Correspondence, notes, related printed matter. D.337 1975-76 Mainly Krebs's notes and drafts, some results by G.P. Burn. D.338 1977 Includes miscellaneous drafts for paper by Prosen on microcalorimetric studies. D.339 Reports on microcalorimetry by G.P. Burn, nos.4-9, 12-14, various dates, 1975-78. Correspondence with suppliers, quotations, manufacturers’ literature. Background material. ACETYLGLUTAMAZE 1972 Shorter notes and drafts. UREA CYCLE 1972 Miscellaneous notes and drafts, probably for lectures at Kansas City and Indianapolis; some pages dated 1972 (perhaps draft for Bibliog. 323). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 294 D.344-D. 348 AMINO ACID ANALYSES IN LIVER CELLS 1972-74 Research D.344 D.345 D. 346 D.347 Several of Krebs's original folders on this subject are headed 'Schimassek' and refer to research findings by H. Schimassek (q.v.) which Krebs developed. Correspondence with colleagues, 1972-73. Notes and research ideas, 1973. Experimental data and results, mainly by R.C. Farrell, some by D. Wiggins, several annotated by Krebs or interleaved with his comments or suggestions, various dates, 1972. Similar material by Farrell, Wiggins and Hems, interleaved with notes by Krebs, various dates, 1973, anda little material 1974. An extensive folder. D.343 Background material. D.349-D.358 GLUCONEOGENESIS AND UREA SYNTHESIS 1972-74 Data and drafts by Krebs and collaborators (M. Siubbs, P. Lund, D. Wiggins) on various factors in urea synthesis, leading to the chapter contributed by Krebs, Lund and Stubbs on 'Interrelations between gluconeogenesis and urea synthesis’ in Gluconeogenesis (ed. R.W. Hanson and M.A. Mehlman) 1976 (Bibliog. 347). Research data and results D.349 "LIVER PERFUSIONS. UREA SYNTHESIS' Folder so inscribed (in the hand of M. Stubbs). graphs, results, in various hands, many with annotations by Krebs. Various dates, mainly 1972, but a few 1974. Extensive data, D.350 "GLUCONEOGENESIS AND UREA SYNTHESIS. EGG WHITE DIET. MEAT DIET. NORMAL FED' Folder so inscribed (in the hand of M. Stubbs). 1973 and 1974 Similar material, D.351 Similar material, found as loose papers, various dates, 1973 and 1974. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 D.352 D.353 D.355 D.356 295 Research Notes and drafts for paper (Bibliog. 347) These are extensively revised and corrected, mainly by Krebs, but some by M. Stubbs, and may incorporate similar data to that above. Several have a ms. indication 'Lardy Festschrift', 'Lardy Volume’, etc. 1972 1973 Notes for June-July incorporate correspondence and discussions with L. Raijman and M.E. Jones. October 1974 November 1974 December 1974 Miscellaneous undated notes, drafts, tables, etc. D.358 Background material. D.359-D.372 PENTOSE-PHOSPHATE CYCLE 1972-74 Krebs's chief collaborator in this work was L.V. Eggleston, who died in January 1974 when their collaborative paper (Bibliog. 327) Another collaborative paper (Bibliog. 329) was was in the press. published in the same year. lectures and papers on the subject in Britain and abroad (see D.369- D.371). In addition, Krebs gave several The main bulk of the research notes and drafts are 1972-74, but see D.359 for some of much earlier date. Research notes, drafts, discussions 1949 (Ip. only), 1957 (Ip. only), August-December 1972 1973 1974 Undated, mainly by Krebs, a few by Eggleston. D.359 D.360 D.361 D.362 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 296 Research D.363 Experimental results, data, tables, drafts, summaries, mainly by Eggleston, with comments or annotations by Krebs. Various dates, December 1972-September 1973. folder. In Eggleston's original Lectures and publications D.364, D.365 ‘Regulation of the pentose phosphate cycle' (Bibliog. 327) D.364 D.365 Extensive drafts by Eggleston and Krebs. folder. In Eggleston's original Comments on paper, editorial correspondence with Biochem. J. re referees' comments, offprint of published paper. D.366-D. 368 'The regulation of the pentose phosphate cycle in rat liver' (Bibliog. 329). D.366 D.367 D.368 Various drafts and versions for lecture at Indianapolis, subsequently published. Typescript and ms. draft by Krebs and Eggleston, with a ms. note "File away 2.5.74.' Typescript with ms. corrections, with a ms. note ‘Use this for lecture’. Typescript with ms. corrections, with a ms. note 'Corrected copy’; list of references; proof of publication, with corrections. D.369 Symposium on Aspects of Metabolic Regulation, University of Bristol, 15 February 1974, The Symposium was organised by P.J. Randle. Krebs gave the last paper (on 6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase) and ‘concluding comments’. Folder includes correspondence with Organiser, programmes, list of participants, 12pp. draft for lecture, ms. notes for concluding comments. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 297 Research D.370 Ip. ms. notes for lecture at Madrid, 20 May 1974 (using material of Bristol lecture). 15pp. draft for lecture in German at Dusseldorf, 24 May 1974 (using material of Bibliog. 329), D.371 D.372 Notes for visit to Washington (not dated), including tables for lecture on pentose phosphate cycle. Background material, bibliographical references, some annotated. D.373-D.378 6-AMINO-NICOTINAMIDE 1972-77 D.373 D.374 Notes, drafts, data, discussions 1972, 1974 (several arising from discussions with H. Herken). 1976-77. Includes data by D. Wiggins. Correspondence with colleagues D.375 Harris, R.A. Includes data, results, etc. Herken, H. McLean, P: D.376 D.377 D.378 D.379 1975-77 1972-76 1977 Extensive background material, some annotated. COMPETITION BETWEEN SHORT- AND LONG-CHAIN FATTY ACIDS IN PERFUSED RAT LIVER £19734 Report so titled, tables, etc. by J. Medina, with ms. notes by Krebs. Medina's title on the folder has been amended by Krebs to 'On competition between acetate and oleate in perfused rat liver’. n.d., but Medina worked in Krebs's laboratory in summer 1973. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 298 Research D.380 SULPHONAMIDES 1973-74 Drafts, notes, data on sulphonamides and sulphanilamide. Includes experimental results by D. Wiggins with comments by Krebs. Various dates, November 1973-January 1974. D. 381 FLUOROCARBONS 1973-74 Background material only, some annotated with reference to fluorocarbons as blood substitutes. D.382-D.395 OVER-MEDICATION 1973-78 This topic became one of Krebs's principal concerns in laterlife. Most of his own notes, drafts and annotations are headed 'Over- medication’ but later the more technical term 'latrogenic' was used, e.g. for the section which Krebs incorporated in the Dunham Lectures (D.459 et. seq.). For additional material about Krebs's involvement see Special Commission on Internal Pollution in Section Gand J.599, J.600. D. 332 D.383 D.384 D.385 Research notes and information Notes and drafts by Krebs, various dates, 1974. Undated notes, many with accompanying press-cuttings. Specimens of multiple prescriptions, from Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford. Correspondence from colleagues forwarding information: Clarke, C.A. Sicé, J. Smith, D.G. 1975 1973 1978 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 299 Research Lectures and publications D.386 Drafts for article, variously titled 'The Dangers of Over-Medication' and 'On the Mis-Use of Drugs', and published as 'On the overuse and misuse of medication', in Executive Health, 1974 (Bibliog. 334). First draft dated 12 August, second dated 2 September 1974. D.387 Two other drafts, with different corrections and revisions. Folder also includes copy of paper as published. D.388 ‘Abuse of Drugs (The Hidden Danger)' Brief drafts, December 1973-January 1974, with a note ‘Possible lecture subject for Indianapolis 1974'. ‘Moterial used at a lecture at Hanover on 27 April 1974' (text in German). Ms. and typescript drafts for a lecture in German on over-medication. This was in fact the second of two subjects on which Krebs announced his intention to lecture. The first topic was hyperammonaemia (see below). Ms. and typescript draft for lecture in German on hyperammonaemia. "Overmedication' 19pp. typescript lecture, with a note 'Philadelphia Oct .1974, Oxford Bridge Course Dec. 1974'. Drafts for talk at Oxford on overmedication, probably in Department of Clinical Pharmacology, April 1975. Miscellaneous drafts and notes for talk on carcinogenic agents, n.d. Extensive background material. 1 box. D.389 D.390 D.391 D.392 D.393 D.394 D.395 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 300 D.396 CRASSULACEAE 1974 Research Discussion note on possible collaborative research project with F.R. Whatley, correspondence, background material, February- April 1974. D.397 CARNOSINE 1974 Brief notes and background material. D.398, D.399 SHUTTLES AND CARRIERS 1974 D.398 Notes and drafts on various factors in metabolic transport (malate, pyruvate, alanine, lactate, etc.), mainly January-February 1974, but includes letter from colleague on subject, 1972. D.399 Background material. D.400-D.408 HYPERLACTATAEMIA AND LACTIC ACIDOSIS 1974 Notes and drafts mainly related to work on collaborative paper by Krebs, H.F. Woods and K.G.M.M. Alberti, published under this title in the first issue of Essays Med. Biochem., 1975 (Bibliog. 337). Includes some earlier notes of the 1960s. Shorter notes and drafts 1953, 1954, 1968. Extensive drafts and notes for 'essay', by Krebs or by collaborators, with extensive revisions by Krebs, January-February 1974. Continuing drafts, March-April 1974. Continuing drafts, July-September 1974. Undated notes and drafts. D.400 D.401 D.402 D.403 D.404 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 301 D.405 D.406 D.407 Research Extensive bibliographical references. Fina! draft for 'essay'. corrections. Typescript with very extensive ms. Drafts for letter to The Lancet, July 1974, arising from a letter (June 1974) by R.A. Kreisberg (also referred to in 'essay'). The letter was not published (perhaps not sent). D.408 Background materia!, some annotated. D.409-D.414 RENAL AMMONIA ; 1974 Notes, drafts, etc. mainly related to collaborative work with P. Vinay (q.v.) who worked in Krebs's laboratory 1973-75 (Bibliog. 338). Notes and drafts, by Krebs and by Vinay, March-June 1974. Note of 24 June is headed 'Notes on Pitts conference’. are for 'Seminar - June 29' (probably at Oxford). Notes of 283 June Continuing notes and drafts, July 1974. Undated notes by Krebs and by Vinay. Typescript and ms. draft for lecture on subject, referring to work with Vinay and also to work of R. Pitts and perhaps related to Pitts Symposium, June 1974. For Pitts symposium see F.259, F.260. ‘Regulation of Renal Ammonia Production’. Typescript and ms. drafts for Bibliog. 338. D.409 D.410 D.411 D.412 D.413 D.414 Background material. Includes copy of Bibliog. 233. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 302 D.415-D.435 FOLATE / Bio / METHIONINE / HISTIDINE 1974-78 Research Material on these inter-related topics was kept together by Krebs in one box so inscribed. He published several collaborative papers (Bibliog. 348, 350, 360) and the work is mentioned by Kornberg andWilliamson as among the most important of his later research (Memoir, p. 377). Notes and drafts D.415 Indexed bundle of ms. and typescript notes and drafts, discussions with colleagues, research ideas and results, etc. Various dates, Merch-November 1975. Withtypescript index (12 items, of which nos.6-10 are missing). This is materia! similar to that kept as 'Indexed notes and memoranda’ at D.46-D.100, but here kept with other loose pages of drafts and notes. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, February 1974, January-June 1975. Continuing notes and drafts, July-December 1975. Continuing notes and drafts, 1976. D.416 D.417 D.418 D.419, D.420 Undated notes and drafts. Two folders. D.421, D.422 Notes and drafts, mainly on histidine, related to collaborative paper with R. Hems (Bibliog. 348). D.421 D.422 Experimenta! data and results, by Krebs and collaborators, various dates, January 1974. Extensive notes, drafts, tables, etc. by Krebs and Hems, some dated 1975, 1976, but also including earlier notes of discussions on histidine with N. Cornell, 1972 and 1974. Note of 23 January 1975 is on FIGLU as a substrate for glutamic dehydrogenase, later developed in Bibliog. 360. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 303 Research Correspondence with colleagues D.423 Scrutton, M.C. 1975, 1978 Correspondence 1978 includes arrangements and programme for Symposium and Workshop on 'Gluconeogenesis and Its Regulation’, Oxford, September 1978. Remarks' and participated in the fina! genera! discussion. are ms. and typescript drafts dated January 1978 headed 'Notes on the history of regulation of enzyme activity’ perhaps intended for delivery at the Symposium (see also D.433). Krebs was Chairman, gave the 'Opening There Also included are drafts of papers by Scrutton on histidine, with comments by Krebs. D.424 Sellinger, O.Z. 1976 Includes related printed matter. D.425 Smith, R.M. 1975-76 D.426 D.427 D.428 D.429 D.430 Lectures and publications 'The Regulation of Folate and Methionine Metabolism', by Krebs, Hems and B. Tyler. for Bibliog. 350 dated January 1976. Heavily-corrected typescript and ms. draft Offprints of Krebs's publications, Bibliog. 343, 350 (annotated and revised). 'Draft for the Lancet' 10pp. draft for article on cobalamine (vitamin B19) deficiency. The article was not published and was perhaps not sent. ‘Regulation of folate and methionine metabolism’. typescript (incomplete) draft for lecture, 5 January 1976. Ms. and ‘Univ. College Chem. & Physical Soc' App. ms. notes for lecture, 27 January 1976. D.431 "Histidine metabolism and methionine’ Typescript and ms. draft with a ms. note ‘Philadelphia’, 14 September 1976. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 D.432 D.433 304 Research "History of the Study of Regulation of Metabolism’ Ip. ms. notes only, December 1977. Miscellaneous notes, April 1978, on control mechanisms at enzyme level, perhaps intended for symposium organised by M.C. Scrutton. Bibliographical references on folate and methionine. D.435 Background material, some annotated. D.436 PENTENOATE 1975 Notes and drafts by Krebs, experimental results and data by D. Wiggins on effects of pentenoate on urea synthesis; work arising from a paper by A.M. Glasgow and H.P. Chase, a copy of which is included. Various dates, March 1975 (some of Krebs's notes wrongly dated 1974). D.437 L-GLUTAMATE TRANSPORT IN HEPATOCYTES 1975 Draft and diagrams for paper, by A. Kleinzeller annotated by Krebs, n.d.; bibliographical note by Krebs, October 1975. D.438, D.439 LACTATE 1975-76 D.438 Notes and drafts on carbohydrate and lactate as fuels of respiration, September 1975. Correspondence 1975, 1976 with A. Freminet including drafts of papers submitted for publication by Freminet. D.439 Background material, some annotated. Tl H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 305 D.440-D.444 METABOLISM OF BRANCHED-CHAIN AMINO ACIDS 1975-76 Research Drafts, notes, research material for lecture at Indianapolis and publication with P. Lund ‘Aspects of the regulation of the metabolism of branched-chain amino acids’ (Bibliog. 355). is 1976 but see D.440 for earlier work by L.V. Eggleston. Most of the work Notes and results by Eggleston, 1970-71, with annotations and updating by Krebs. Extensive notes and drafts, discussions with P. Lund, D.H. Williamson for Indianapolis lecture, July-November 1976. Miscellaneous undated notes, drafts, tables, etc. for lecture and paper. Bibliographical references, 1975-76. Background material, some annotated. D.440 D.44]1 D.442 D.443 D.444 D.445 CHICK ENTEROCYTES 1977 Experimental results and research reports by J.W. Porteous (with some annotations by Krebs), June 1977. laboratory January-September 1977. Porteous worked in Krebs's D.446-D.449 PURINE SYNTHESIS 1977-81 Notes, drafts, research ideas, problems for collaborators, experimental results, etc., mainly by Krebs and D. Wiggins, but also by Hems and G. Livesy. some earlier material, 1969-70 (see D.446). Various dates, May 1977-October 1981 and undated; also Related to Bibliog. 365, 393. D.446 'The Physiological Role of Liver Aicohol Dehydrogenase’ Material used as a basis of lectures at various centres between September 1969 and May 1970; witha ms. note 'Uppsala, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, New York Columbia, Reading, Chelsea, University College, Washington DC, Manchester’. (Kept with later material.) H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 D.447 D.448 D.449 Research 1977-78 1979-81 Background material and references, some annotated. 306 D.450 GLUCAGON AND INSULIN IN BIRDS 1978 Brief correspondence and notes, January-February 1978. D.451-D.453 GLUTAMINE METABOLISM 1978-79 D.451 D.452 D.453 Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, diagrams, etc., a few only dated November 1978-October 1979, some probably intended for a lecture. Work related to Bibliog. 378, 381. Bibliographical references. Background material, including some draft papers by others, some annotated by Krebs. D.454 CALCIUM CONCENTRATION IN SALINE 1979 Notes, drafts, background material, April 1979. Also included are correspondence with H. Rasmussen, 1969, and papers by Rasmussen and Nagata, 1969-70, to which Krebs refers in his notes. HA. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 307 D.455-D.458 BENZOATE 1979-81 Research D.455 D.456 D.457 D.458 The results of this collaborative work were not published until after Krebs's death, in Biochem.J., 1983 (Bibliog. 396). of his notes and drafts are of very late date. Many Correspondence with A. Sols suggesting collaborative research on the topic, discussing results and drafts, etc., 1979-81. Also includes Krebs's letter to A.J. Sinskey requesting a meeting at Harvard to discuss benzoate. Drafts and notes, 1979-81. Krebs's latest dated note is 18 September. Work continues in the hand of D. Wiggins to December. Drafts and comments for published paper (Bibliog. 396). Ms. and typescript draft for a slide lecture on benzoic acid at Baltimore (ms. dated November 1979) and part of another talk or lecture, April 1981. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 308 Research D.459-D.511 EVOLUTION OF METABOLIC PATHWAYS 1979-81 The term 'evolution' is used ambiguously - as it was by Krebs - to cover the history or sequential tracing of metabolic pathways and more philosophical concepts of purpose and necessity; in this latter respect it forms a link with Krebs's ideas on 'Teleology' almost thirty years previously (D.101-D.111). The immediate trigger for the work was an invitation in 1979 to give the Dunham Lectures at Harvard in April 1981. Krebs's original intention was to lecture on juvenile delinquency, but he was persuaded to choose a topic more closely related to his life's work in biochemistry. He turned his mind immediately to the ideas and material to be included (R. Hems, personal communication 1984) and envisaged the lectures as a summaiion of the thinking on metabolic processes which he had expressed in more piecemeal fashion in previous research projects and publications. His third lecture enabled him to include some discussion of social and moral evolution, or order in society, which had become of increasing concern to him. During the lengthy gestation of the Dunham Lectures, Krebs took the opportu- nity to give several lectures, and to publish several papers on the subject. Among these was the collaborative article with J.E. Baldwin in Na‘ure (Bibliog. 385); Baldwin had suggested to Krebs in March 1980 an important reason why direct oxidation of acetate could not provide an alternative to the citric acid cycle, and Krebs ack- nowledged his help in other papers, as well as referring to it constantly in his notes, drafts and lectures. The Dunham Lectures themselves were not published, as Krebs died before he could complete the manuscript (see especially D.502-D.505). The surviving material is very extensive and indicates the importance Krebs placed on the topic and his wish to explore it adequately. Many of the drafts overlap, were cannibalised for later work or extended to incorporate new ideas resulting from discussions, correspondence or reading. The allocation of material is therefore hazard- ous. It is presented here as follows: H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 309 D.459-D.473 D.474-D.490 D.491-D.505 D.506-D.510 D.511 Research Notes and drafts Lectures, papers, publications The Dunham Lectures Correspondence Background material For further material on Krebs's visit to Harvard for the Dunham Lectures, see F.346-F.349. For additional research notes and ideas, see D.94-D.96,. and the 'jotters' for the relevant period. Notes and drafts In approximate chronological order; sequences kept together by Krebs on a particular topic have been retained (see, e.g., D.460, D.464, D.468, D.469). The importance to Krebs of his discussion with J.E. Baldwin on 30 March 1980 is very apparent from the notes. June, October 1979. Brief notes only. Contents of a plastic envelope inscribed ' History’, April 1980. mainly notes and drafts arising from Krebs's discussion with J.E. Baldwin on 30 March. The two main topics are 'Comments on the oxidizability of acetic acid in living material’ and 'The Evolution of the citric acid cycle and other metabolic cycles'; drafts for the latter are ina 'jotter' similar to those in Section A and there is alsoa ms. draft letter to Baldwin on the importance of his idea. April 18-30 1980. metabolic cycles' as well as shorter notes. Includes 12pp. 'Comments on the evolution of May 1980. on 'Cyclic Processes' dated August 1971. Notes on 'Cycles' of 13 May incorporate earlier notes June-August 1980. Contents of a plastic envelope inscribed 'Reaction Mechanisms'; various notes, drafts, calculations and diagrams, bibliographical references, a few dated April, October 1980. D.459 D.460 D.461 D.462 D.463 D.464 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 D.465 D.466 D.467 D.468 D.469 D.470 D.471 Research 310 September-December 1980. discussions with Baldwin, comments on joint paper in Nature, etc: . Includes notes arising from further January 1981 March-May 1931 Contents of a plastic envelope inscribed 'Evolution general. Creationism. dated May, June 1981. Popper'; notes, drafts, background material, some Contents of a plastic envelope inscribed ‘Multiple Use of Resources’; includes notes of discussion with G. Pontecorvo, June 1981. June-August 1981 September, October 1981 D.472, D.473 Undated. 2 folders. Lectures, papers, publications D.474 "Cyclic Processes in Biology' 25pp. typescript draft, with a ms. note 'For Italian Encyclooaedia'; latest reference 1976. Not listed in Bibliography. See H.420. D.475 'The Evolution of Metabolic Pathways’ Two typescript and ms. drafts, 19pp. with different annotations. The talk was given as slide lecture at Miami, November 1980; a set of slides, notice of lecture and letter of thanks from Freshman Student audience are included. One of the drafts is headed 'Edinburgh Reading', and the other 'Talk Edinburgh Meeting of Soc. Gen. Microbiol.' and has a ms. addendum. (The meeting was held in September 1981 and the paper was published in the Symposium Pro- ceedings (Bibliog. 387). Also included is a notice of two lectures given by Krebs in November 1980 at Medical College of Georgia, on 'The Evolution of Metabolic Cycles' and 'The History of the TCA Cycle’. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 D.476-D.483 Research 311 Lectures in German, on the evolution of the citric acid cycle and other metabolic cycles, given on various occasions November 1980- June 1981, at Halle, G&ttingen, Dusseldorf, Lindau and ~ possibly other locations. The texts are basically the same, butall have different ms. corrections, deletions, amendments, etc., and some have indications of where given. (SUPP. Bibliog. 62.) D.476 "Halle 11.11.80! l0pp. typescript and ms. D.477 ‘Uber die Evolution des Citronensdurecyklus und andere cyklischer Stoffwechselwege', with a note ‘Halle script' and a 3pp. summary headed 'Lindau Halle Posted 1.5.81' D.478 "Lecture G&ttingen 27.5.80' D.479 D.480 D.481 D.482 D.483 Ms. and typescript drafts, anda letter, June. I7pp. typescript and ms. draft headed ‘Dusseldorf Lindau'. Another version, more heavily corrected. 12pp. typescript and ms. draft, heavily corrected, headed 'Lindau' and ‘Use at Munchen 1982'. Typescript drafts of lectures on evolution of citric acid cycle (9pp.) and on evolution of citric acid and other metabolic cycles (12pp.). In German. Miscellaneous shorter drafts for lectures in German, 1981. D.484-D.486 Drafts and material for Nature article (Bibliog. 385). D.484 D.485 D.486 Ms. and typescript version of article as first drafted by Krebs under his name only; sent to Baldwin with covering letter, October 1980. Three versions of above, all with variations and alterations follow- ing discussions with or comments from Baldwin. loose pages of amendments and corrections. Miscellaneous Draft with Baldwin's and Krebs's names. lished, with copy of earlier paper (Bibliog. 387) marked with deletions and alterations to be used as basis for Nature article. Reprint of paper as pub- H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Research 312 D.487 "Evolutionary concepts in biological thought'. Originally given as a 'keynote' lecture and subsequently publ ished Twoversions, with different texts and corrections. (Bibliog. 386). D.488 "The Evolution of Metabolic Pathways’. Heavily -corrected draft of talk given at meeting of Soc. Gen. Microbiol., Edinburgh, 1981, prepared for publication (Bibliog. 387) 23pp. ’ Includes 3pp. summary sent to symposium organiser, October 1980, and brief note from J.R. Krebs commenting on the draft. D.489 D.490 Miscellaneous shorter drafts, notes, references. Reprints of Krebs's publications kept with material (Bibliog. 113, 293, 310, 351, 387). The Dunham lectures. (Given at Harvard, 19, 21, 26 May 1981.) The general title was ‘Evolution and regulation of the metabolic pathways’ and the topics covered were 'Why Cycles?, The Usefulness of the Evolutionary Process, Comprehension of Metabolic Organization’. The titles of the three chapters prepared for publication before Krebs's death were: 1. 2. 3. The Evolution of the Citric Acid Cycle The Evolution of Other Metabolic Cycles Linear Reaction Sequences D.491 Synopsis of all three lectures. Miscellaneous drafts for introductory remarks. D.492 ‘Lecture 1' Multiple drafts, all with annotations, revisions, emendations, etc. D.493 Miscellaneous notes, drafts, tables, probably intended for first lecture. Krebs discusses the use of the term, and his report on audience reactions toa previous lecture by him on the subject. Includes 'Comment on biochemical evolution’ in which D.494 "Lecture 2' Miscellaneous ms. and typescript notes and drafts. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 D.495 ‘Lecture III’ Research Ms. and typescripi notes and drafts. D.496-D.501 Notes and drafts intended for Dunham lectures. 313 D.496 D.497 D.498 D.499 D.500 D.501 1980 198] On iatrogenic medicine (referred to in third Dunham lecture). Unidentified. Slides, diagrams, comments on slides. "Evolution, Harvard. Refs.' D.502-D.505 Drafts for proposed publication of Dunham lectures. See also D.507. D.502 Typescript of introductory remarks, and first three chapters, sub- mitted to Harvard University Press after Krebs's death, December 1981. D.503 Draft figures and tables. Miscellaneous drafts as edited for book. D.505 Editorial correspondence with Harvard University Press and with The Sciences re proposed book, 1981-82. D.506-D.510 Correspondence Including data, background material, notes of discussions in preparation for Dunham lectures. D.506 Blake, C. D.507 Gest, H. King, P. Newsholme, E.A. D.508 Paulus, H» n.d. 1979-81 1980 n.d. 1981 Includes Paulus's paper on evolution of the ornithine cycle intended for inclusion in Krebs's book of the Dunham Lectures. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 314 D.509 Quayle, J.R. 1980 Research Extensive notes, arrangements to meet, printed matter, etc. D310 Walsh, C. 198] D.511 Background materia! 1 box. D.512 CITRATE CYCLE 1980 Brief ms. notes only, mainly related to an article by P.J. Randle; a copy of the article (annotated by Krebs) with a covering letter from Randle, is included. D.513, D.514 HEPATOCYTES 198] Contents of folder inscribed 'Hepatocytes 1981'. drafts run June-Ocfober 1981 and represent some of Krebs's last work, on isolated liver cells and preparation techniques, based in part on an examination of methods described in papers by P.O. Seglen. A posthumous collaborative paper related to the work, ‘The effect of cysteine oxidation on isolated liver cells', appeared in 1983 (Bibliog. 395). The notes and Notes and drafts, June-October 1981 (last dated note is 26 October). Undated ms. notes, folder of experimental data headed 'Seglen Comparison', 3pp. draft on ‘Manipulation of isolated liver cells’. Also included are copies of earlier papers by Krebs on the subject, kept with the material (Bibliog. 347, 376). D.513 D.514 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 315 Research D.515-D.548 MISCELLANEOUS NOTES See the introductory note to Section D. D.515-D.529 Achronological sequence of dated materia!, 1950-81. D.530-D.546 An alphabetical sequence of material referring to specific research topics. D.547, D.548 Undated and unidentified notes. D.515 D.516 D.517 D.518 D.519 D.520 D.521 D.522 Dated material (chronological) 1950, 1957 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966 1967-69 1970 1971 1972-73 1974 D523 D.524 D.525 D.526 D.527 D.528 D.529 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1931 1974-75 Miscellaneous tabulated data by Krebs, D. Wiggins, R.C. Farrell, M., Stubbs, R. Hems H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Research topics (alphabetical!) Acidosis Aldolase ATP Citrate Synthase Histidine and methionine D.530 D.53!1 D.532 D.533 D.534-D .539 Isolated liver cells 316 1975 and undated 1974-77 1974-78 A substantial collection of material, related to or developing from previous work on lysine but not kept with it. Notes and drafts, by Krebs, D. Wiggins, M. Stubbs. 1974-75 Notes and drafts, mainly on staining methods with trypan blue. 1977-78 Drafts for paper given at Guildford (some pages dated June, July 1978). versions, one with title 'Criteria of metabolic competence of isolated hepatocytes' (Bibliog. 376). Two heavily-corrected typescript and ms. 'An explanation for the inhibition of glucose synthesis from lactate by ethanol in isolated hepatocytes’ Two drafts, one with extensive corrections in the hand of M. Spry, for a papersotitled. Correspondence with T.F. Slater. 1976 Background material, some annotated. Ketone Krogh principle Mitochondria Mono-oxygenase Pentose phosphate 1969-70 & undated 1976 1974 & undated c.1980 1972, 1977 & undated D.535 D.536 D.537 D.538 D.539 D.540 D.541 D.542 D.543 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Research 317 D.545 Shuttles and Carriers App. ms. draft, dated 28 January 1973, and with a ms. note attached 'For autograph hunters’ . D.546 Toxicity of glutamate n.d. ¢.1978 D.547-D.548 Undated and unidentified notes 2 Folders, with Krebs's original designation ‘Memos’ . H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 318 Research D.549-D.569 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES With the exception of the binder at D.549, these are loose octavo sheets of the standard format used for the Memoranda and, like them, are usually dated. A few have specific topic headings but most are an extensive unalphabetised series of references to work on all aspects of metadolism drawn from a wide range of journals. all additiona! to the bibliographies and background material kept elsewhere in Section D and especially with the 'Research Projects' at D.101-D.514,and testify to the importance They are attached by Krebs to maintaining a continuous overview of current research. The material is presented in year order as far as this is ascertainable. D.549 Spring-back binder, labelled 'References' on spine. Mainly 1957-65. D.550 1960, 196] D.551 D.552 D.553 D.554 D.559 D.560 D.561 D.562 D.563 1962 1963 1964 1965 1970 197] 1972 1973 1974 D.555 D.556 D.557 D.558 D.564 D.565 D.566 D.567 1966 1967 1968 1969 1975 1976 1977 1973 D.568 1979, 19380 D .569 Undated or miscellaneous CONTEMPORARYSCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Catalogueof the papers and correspondence of SIR HANS ADOLF KREBS, FRS (1900-1981) Compiled by Jeannine Alton and Peter Harper VOLUMEIII Sections E - G Deposited in the Library Sheffield University CSAC 113/4/86 All rights reserved H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 319 SECTION E SCIENCE-RELATED INTERESTS E.1 - E.507 INTRODUCTION TO SECTIONE E.1-E.204 HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE E.1] -E.71 General E.72 -E.195 Biographical writings With an introductory note E.196-E. 204 Requests for information E.205-E.315 SOCIOLOGY OF RESEARCH With an introductory note E.205-E.222 Notes and drafts E.223-E.315 Lectures, publications and reports E.316-E.492 SOCIOBIOLOGY With an introductory note E.316-E. 341 Notes and drafts E.342-E.354 Research folders E.355-E.453 Lectures and publications E.454-E.492 Correspondence E.493-E.501 SCIENCE AND RELIGION E.502-E.507 BACKGROUND MATERIAL H.A.Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 320 Science-related interests Although Krebs continued his research on metabolism to the end of his life, various factors encouraged his thinking on more general topics associated with his own life and work. Among these were his early acquaintance with leading scientists of widely-differing person- ality such as Otto Warburg and Gowland Hopkins; his direct experience of the organisa- tion of science and working methods in German andBritish laboratories; his work, in varying conditions, as assistant and later director of similar institutions; the circumstances of exile from, and return to, Germany; the progress of his own outstanding research culminating in the award of the Nobel Prize and its concomitant honours and obligations and, increasingly in his later years, concern about social problems such as crime and juvenile delinquency which he felt to have defeated non-scientific specialists who did not understand the connection between theills of society and biological 'facts oflife’. Krebs devoted much time to writing and lecturing on these science-related interests and there survives a vast accumulation of material which has been divided into subsections There on the history and philosophy of science, sociology of research and sociobiology. is also a very small subsection on science and religion. on particular topics can be traced in sequences of mostly dated typescript notes. are also research folders comparable to those in Section D, longer drafts for lectures and publications and correspondence with individuals and organisations which shared Krebs's The development of Krebs's ideas There A final subsection brings together a mass of background research material, much interests. of it on crime and juvenile delinquency and much in the form of press-cuttings. Krebs's science-related interests are dealt with only very briefly by Krebs in his Ir is also characteristic of Section E that it contains autobiography Reminiscences and Reflections, pp.175-179, 227-228, and even more exigu- ously by Kornberg and Williamson on pp.37-38 of their memoir, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 30, 1984. much material for articles and lectures for which there is evidence of publication or an intention to publish, but which are nor listed in the published bibliographies. this kind can be found at E.11, E.15, E.72, E.131, £.136-E.142, E.158, E.174, E.223, E.244-E 247, E.248, E.249-E.255, E.261, E.288-E.290, E.291-E.297, E.306, E.363-E 365, E.366, E.374-E.377, E.381, E.395, E.415, E.427-E.433, E.444-E.446. Material of H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 321 E.1-E.204 HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE Science-related interests E.1-E.71 General A chronological sequence of articles, conferences, correspondence, lectures and notes on the history and philosophy of science, with special reference to Krebs's own biochemical research. E.1 Molecular Biology Early history and origin of the term. Krebs's typescript notes, printed material and carbon letter from Krebs to Warren Weaver. Various dates, 1961-71. See also G.47. E.2-E.4 ‘History of the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle’ Lecture given at Indianapolis and Pittsburg, October 1963, and Dallas, March 1968. Ez Eas E.4 Eso E.6 E.7 Typescript draft with ms. corrections, paginated 1-12, 14, 19-22. 22pp. typescript draft, with ms. corrections and Ip. list of slides. Typescript and ms. notes found with the preceding drafts. dates, 1961-69. intermediate metabolism of carbohydrates'. Various Also printed background material including 'The (Bibliog. 63.) "History of the Citric Acid Cycle’ Krebs's notes on the relationship between his own work and thar of Szent-Gy&rgi and Martius and Knoop, 1964 and 1967. 'The Biologist's and the Cheraist's Approach to Biochemical Problems’, 1968. (Bibliog. 255.) Reprint only. "History of the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle’ Correspondence re arrangementsto lecture on this subject at Boston University, January 1969; press release, notice of lecture and photocopy of newspaper report headed ‘Harvard's Watson challenged. Related to Bibliog. 293. See E.16. Scientists argue motivation’. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 322 E.8, £.9 ‘Bioenergetics, Past and Present’ Science-relared interests After-dinner talk given at International Colloquium on Bioenergerics, Pugnochiuso, Italy, September 1970. E.8 E.9 Letter of invitation, 25 November 1969. 17pp. typescript draft of talk, with ms. corrections. - l5pp. typescript draft of talk, with different ms. corrections. ‘ Ip. ms. note and Ip. list of references. E.10-E.13 Correspondence with Marcel Florkin, 1970-79, re his History of Biochemistry, with Krebs's comments on various chapters. September 1970-1972 1973-1975 Folder also includes review by Krebs of a volume of the history, Nature, 1975. 1976-1977 1978-1979, andn.d. History of Manometry Typescript notes dated in November 1970. ‘Creative Attitudes’, PHP, June 1971. (Not listed in Bibliog.) Published version only. 'The History of the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle’ Lecture at the University of Miami, January 1972. Notice of lecture, 19pp. draft, with ms. corrections and Ip. ms. note. This version of the lecture which includes a section contrasting Krebs's attitude to scientific research with that of James Watson, was probably given for the first time in Boston, January 1969. See E.7. In a marginal comment on p.1 of this draft Krebs notes that it was the basis of his article on the history of the tricarboxylic acid cycle in Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 1970. (Bibliog. 293.) For correspondence re arrangements for 1972 Miami visit, see PazeO,n F.227 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 323 E.17 E.18 E.19 Science-related interests Lecture at Charterhouse School, 8 July 1972 (on the history of the tricarboxylic acid cycle). llpp.typescript draft, with ms. additions and corrections and ms. introduction and conclusion. Letters of thanks. "History of concepts of energy transformations in living matter’ Various typescript and ms. drafts, various dates, August 1973. ‘Medical Cambridge’ 27pp. duplicated typescript 'rough notes ... intended merely to entertain the medical historian as he walks round Cambridge’. The notes were presented to participants at Organ Preservation Meeting, Cambridge, 28 and 29 August 1973. Ip. ms. note by Krebs. E.20-E.22 'The Discovery of the Ornithine Cycle of Urea Synthesis', Biochem. Ed., 1973. (Bibliog. 319.) Krebs prepared a lecture on the discovery of the ornithine cycle to be read (in his absence) at an ammonia symposium in Hungary, May 1972. Correspondence with organiser of Hungarian symposium; publications correspondence, 1971-73. Typescript copy of lecture read in Hungary. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts; printed background material . E.20 E.2I E.22 C20 ‘Australia Antigen’ 'First draft’ of paper 'A Short History of Australia Antigen’ by Baruch S. Blumberg, 'Comment' on the paper by A.T. Robb-Smith, and brief correspondence between Krebs and Blumberg, 1973-74. H.A 7 Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 324 Science-related interests E.24-E.35 Conference on the Historical Development of Bioenergetics, Boston, 11-13 October 1973. In preparation for this conference Krebs put together a considerable collection of background material, including original correspondence. The published proceedings included his paper on 'The discovery of carbon dioxide fixation in mammalian tissues' (Bibliog. 335). See also correspondence with E.A. Evans, B. Vennesland and H.G. Wood in Section J. E.24, E.25 Correspondence re arrangements, possible participants, history of biochemistry, etc. E.20 1972 1973 E.26, E.27 Correspondence re publication of proceedings, 1973-74. E.26 December 1973-March 1974 April-October 1974 Conference programme, list of participants, photocopy of Krebs's conference paperon 'the discovery of carbon dioxide fixation in mammalian tissues', notes of discussion for publication. Krebs's typescript notes on the history of bioenergetics, gluconeogenesis, etc., 1973. Ms. draft of letter from Krebs to B. Vennesland and copies of letters from Vennesland and S.S. Cohen re history of biochemistry, 1973. E.31-E.33 Original correspondence extracted by Krebs from his files in preparation for the conference. For related correspondence, see B.30. H.J. Channon and J. Chadwick, 1940 E.32 A.B. Hastings, 1940, 1941 E.A. Evans Jr., 1942, 1943 E.34, E.35 Background material. 2 folders. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 325 E.36-E.42 'The Creative Process in Science and Medicine’, 1975. (Bibliog. 343.) Science-related interests Krebs attended a Bochringer Symposium on the creative process in science and medicine, Kronberg, 16-17 May 1974. He chaired the conference, talked on creativity and edited the proceedings for publication (with J.H. Shelley). See also L.10. E.36 Correspondence re arrangements. E.37, E.38 Correspondence with joint editor and academic colleagues re publication. e.g? E.40 E.4] E.42 E.43 2 folders. Programme, lists of participants, points for discussion, Krebs's notes on creativity. Notebook kept by Krebs during conference. Drafts of Krebs's remarks as chairman, contributions to discussion, etc. for publication. Printed material on creativity. 'History of the discovery of the ornithine cycle’ Lecture given to medical students in Munich, November 1976. 5pp. typescript in German, with offprint of Krebs's paper 'The Discovery of the Ornithine Cycle'. (Bibliog. 351.) E.44, E.45 "History of the Discovery of the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle’ Krebs lectured on this topic at the Medical College of Ohio, Toledo Krebs also and Michigan State University, East Lansing, May 1977. lectured on the regulation of folate metabolism at East Lansing .. E.44 E.45 Correspondence re arrangements for visit to Toledo, notice of lecture, press-cutting. Correspondence re arrangements for visit to East Lansing, schedule of visit, notice of lectures, press-cutting. For Krebs's 'Historical Perspectives’ contribution to Wolfson College, Oxford, lecture series on the molecular basis of life, 1977, see H.248-H.251. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 E.46-E.50 E.46 E.47 E.48 E.49 E.50 E.51 E.52 E.53 E.54 Science-related interests 326 "Errors, False Trails and Failures in Research’, in Search and Discovery. A tribute to Albert Szent-Gyérgyi, (Bibliog. 356.) 1977. 18pp. typescript draft including references; reprint of published paper. 20pp. typescript with ms. additions and corrections, of lecture given at Armidale, Australia, 1976; shorter notes and drafts dated in 1975 and 1976 found with this draft. A sequence of dated typescript notes, March-October 1975, re Szent- Gy&rgyi, failures and errors in research, etc. Miscellaneous ms. and typescript notes and drafts. Background material. "Discovery of Transamination' Krebs's typescript notes, list of references, July, August 1977. 'The History of the Discovery of the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle’ Lecture at Heineman Medical Research Center, Charlotte, North Carolina, 20 January 1978. Programme and draft of material used. 'The History of the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle’ Krebs lectured on this topic at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, April 1978. He also lectured on the regulation of metablic processes. Correspondence re arrangements for visit to Evanston. Dresden, 3 July 1978. ‘Reminiscences of Berlin-Dahlem 1928-1930" Lecture in honour of Karl Lohmann read in Krebs's absence by S. Rapoport 14pp. typescript copy of Krebs's lecture, 3pp. ms. and typescript draft, letter and photocopy of article on Lohmann by Rapoport. Folder also includes letter re Krebs's contribution to a Lipmann Symposium, Berlin, 1974: 'Dahlem in the late nineteen twenties’. (Bibliog. 336.) H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 327 E.D0,; E.56 'The History of the discovery of the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle’ Science-related interests Eyoo E.56 Lecture given to Southampton University Physiology and Biochemistry Society, November 1978. Brief correspondence re arrangements and draft of lecture (typescript, ms. and pasted-up pages, with heavy ms. correction, from Bibliog. 293). Miscellaneous ms. and typescript notes and drafts including typescript copy of 1937 Nature letter. with E.N. Bergman re misprints in scientific paper(' trichloroacetic acid cycle’ for 'tricarboxylic acid cycle’). Folder also includes brief correspondence E.0/E .64 'On asking the right kind of questions in biological research’ Krebs lectured on the formulation of the right questions in biological research at Cambridge and Valencia in 1978 and at the University of These lectures formed the basis Saarland and in Dusseldorf in 1979. of published papers in Molecular Mechanisms of Biological Recognition (ed. M. Balaban), 1979 (Bibliog. 374) and in Vortrdge N. 300, published for the Rheinisch-WestfdlischeAkademie der Wissenschaften, 1981 (SUPP. Bibliog. 37). Ms. and typescript notes and drafts. Many dated in June, August and October 1978. Symposium 'Of Timeliness and Promise. in the Development of Biochemistry’, Cambridge, 4 December 1978. Sterile and Fruitful Approaches Poster, programme and published account of symposium. See J.361, J.712. 17pp. typescript draft of lecture given at University of Valencia, [1978 J, with Ip. ms. introduction in Spanish and Ip. typescript "Comments on slides’. Correspandence with organisers re arrangements for visits to University of Saarland and DUsseldorf, March 1979. Jotter with draft of lecture 'Richtige (und falsche) Fragestellungen in biologischen Forschung', dated at Bethesda, 14 October 1978. Jotter also contains notes for autobiography and 'Cn family life’, ‘Elite ignorance’, etc. Typescript draft of lecture paginated 1-22, with Ip. unpaginated. Dated 26 October 1978 with ms. heading 'DUsseldorf 7.3.79.'. Krebs's publications on this topic, 1979 and 1981. E.07 E.58 E.57 E.60 E.6] E.62 E.63 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 328 Science-related interests Background material including copy of Bibliog. 293. 'The history of the tricarboxylic acid cycle’ Krebs lectured on this topic at the Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, 17 November 1980. of metabolic cycles. He also lectured on the evolution Correspondence re arrangements for visit to Augusta, notice of lectures and copy of college newspaper with report of Krebs's visit. E.66, E.67 'The History of the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle’ 35pp. typescript draft of lecture on this topic, with slides for lecture. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, some dated in 1979 and 1980, including note on the work of Carl Martius by F.L. Holmes; also copies of Bibliog. 184 and 293. E.68, E.69 Draft articles sent to Krebs for comment, n.d. 'The Wieland-Thunberg-Knoop Theory of Oxidative Decomposition’ ‘Foundation of Intermediary Oxidative Metabolism’ E.70 E.71 Miscellaneous undated ms. and typescript notes. Printed matter re history of biochemistry . Includes presentation copies; some of the material is annotated by Krebs. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Science-related interests 329 E.72-E.195 Biographical writings Krebs's interest in scientific biography related to his concern for the attainment of excellence in science and his belief in the importance offirst-rate teachers in setting high standards for subsequent generations of research scientists. in his writings on Otto Warburg whom he acknowledged in his autobiography as 'an outstanding teacher for four years at a critical stage of my development’ (Rem. & Refl., p. 175). Warburg's death in 1970 Krebs wrote frequently and extensively about this distinguished Short obituary tributes were followed by a more extended treatment German scientist. for the Royal Society which was expanded into a full-scale biography for the German pub- There were also English and Japanese lisher Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft mbH. This is most clearly expressed After editions of the biography. Krebs also wrote the Royal Society memoir of another German Nobel prize-winner, Feodor Lynen and shorter pieces on Wilhelm Conrad Réntgen) and Otto Meyerhof. The material,which is very substantial in respect of Lynen and Warburg,is presented in an alphabetical sequence. For short biographies by Krebs of former members of the Orden Pour le Mérite (‘Mediziner') for a 'Bildband Uber die Ordensmitglieder seit 1842', see G. 149-G.152. E.72 Claude Bernard 2pp. typescript note, 1978. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit 2pp. typescript note, 1966, and Ip. typescript note, 1968. David E. Green 2pp. typescript note, 1976, recalling contacts with Green after Krebs's arrival in Cambridge in 1933; brief related correspondence. The note was Krebs's contribution to a series of colleagues' impressions of Green intended to introduce the published proceedings of a symposium held in his honour. (Not listed in Bibliog.) H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 E.73, E.74 330 Science-related interests Werner Heisenberg Miscellaneous background material including duplicated typescript draft of N. Mott and R. Peierls's Royal Society memoir. 2 folders. E.75 Richard Kuhn 2pp. note of discussion about Kuhn with Otro Westphal, Hamburg, July 1978. E.76-E.118 Feodor Lynen E.76 Memorial meeting in honour of Lynen, Munich, 29 February 1980. Invitation, Krebs's acceptance, programme, etc. E.77-E.118 E77 E.78-E .84 'Feodor Lynen 1911-1979" (with K. Decker). Soc., 28, 1982. Lynen's widow Eva recommended Deckerto Krebs as a suitable collaborator for the Royal Society memoir. @Bibliog. 394.) See E.83. Biog. Mem. Fellows Roy. Reprint of memoir. Correspondence re Lynen memoir presented alphabetically by person or organisation, 1979-82. E.78 Beaucamp, K. E.79-E.81 Decker, K. E.79 E.80 E.8] E.82 E.83 E.84 1979-80 1981 1982 Euler, F. W. Hopfer, M. Lynen, Eva Pfeiffer, H. Royal Society H A . Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 331 Science-related interests E.85-E.116 Notes and drafts Jotter 'F. Lynen Draft'. Used March-April 1980. E.86 Jotter 'Lynen Decker'. Used October 1980. Ms. draft, August 1980, re Lynen's outlook on research, teaching and personality, German biochemistry after Hitler, etc. E.88-E.97 Accounts of Lynen's scientific work sent to Krebs by his German collaborator . E.88, E.89 'Notizen zu Lynen's wissenschaftlichem Werk* E.88 E.89 Typescript draft paginated [1 9-25, 36-47, with ms. note ‘First Version October 1980’. Typescript draft paginated pp.26-35, with ms. note ‘Early version’. E.90-E .97 'F, LYNENs wissenschaftliches Werk' E.91 E.94 E.95 E.96 Typescript draft paginated [ 11-6, with ms. note 'New Version’. Typescript draft paginated 7-26, with ms. note 'Second version adding references and some text changes’. _Intercalated pages. Typescript draft paginated 33-43, with ms. notes ‘Received 9.2.81' and 'First Translation 29.7.81'. Typescript draft paginated 44-47, with ms. date '18.2.31' Typescript draft paginated 48-56 and Ip. ms. Typescript draft paginated 48-52 with ms. note ‘Final version’. Typescript draft paginated 57-65. Typescript draft paginated 66-70 with ms. note 'new material’. E.98, E.99 Typescript drafts, with heavy ms. correction, of sections of memoir on Lynen's family background and academic career. 2 folders. E.100, E.101 Typescript drafts, with heavy ms. correction, of section of memoir on Lynen's personal characteristics. 2 folders. E.102 Typescript drafts of section of memoir on Lynen's outlook on research. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 332 E.103 E.104 E.105 E.106 E.107 E.108 E.109 E.110 E.111 Science-related interests Typescript drafts of section of memoir on Lynen's work on the Pasteur Effect. Typescript drafts of section of memoir on Lynen's work on ‘active acetate’. Typescript drafts of section of memoir on Lynen's work on B -Oxidation of fatty acids. Typescript drafts of section of memoir on Lynen's work on ketogenesis. Typescript drafts of section of memoir on Lynen's work on fatty acid synthesis. Typescript drafts of section of memoir on Lynen's work on polyacetate condensations. Typescript drafts of section of memoir on Lynen's work on biosynthesis of terpenes. Typescript drafts of section of memoir on Lynen's work on ‘Active CO9'. Typescript drafts of section of memoir on Eva Lynen and concluding remarks. E.112, E.113 Photocopies of drafts of sections of memoir on Lynen's scientific work with ms. note (not by Krebs) 'copies of these chapters sent to K. Decker 25/11/81 .' E.114 E.115 E.116 Esli7 2 folders. Sequence of dated typescript notes, 1980-81. Includes notes of discussions with Eva Lynen and K. Decker. Shorter notes and drafts. Miscellaneous ms. notes. '500 Jahre Lynen' Genealogical study of the Lynen family by F.W. Euler. Loose page of notes by Krebs. E.118 Background material. 1 box. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 E.119-E.128 Otto Meyerhof Science-related interests 333 In Molecular Bioenergetics and Macro- (Bibliog. 311 .) "Otto Meyerhof's ancestry’. molecular Biochemistry (ed. H.H. Weber), 1972. Krebs gave a talk on Meyerhof's ancestry at a symposium in honour of Meyerhof, Heidelburg, July 1970. with the symposium proceedings. This talk was later published See also F.205. E.119 E.120 E.121 E.122 Correspondence re arrangements for symposium, publication of pro- ceedings, 1969-72. Correspondence re Meyerhof and family, 1969-70. Typescript drafts of Krebs's talk, in English and German. Miscellaneous ms. notes. E.123, E.124 Material re Meyerhof genealogy. 2 folders. E.125-E. 127 6lpp. duplicated typescript draft of biography of Meyerhof by D. Nachmansohn, 1977. 3 folders. E.128 Background material. Isaac Newton Note (on scientific method) based on a letter from Newton to Oldenburg, 1672. E.136 Wilhelm Conrad Réntgen 'Two letters by Wilhelm Conrad Réntgen', Notes Rec. Roy. Soc. Lond., 1973. Photocopies of letter from Emil Warburg to R&ntgen and twoletters from R&ntgen to Warburg, 1896-97. (Bibliog. 324.) Correspondence with the edirors of Notes and Records (W.D.M. Paton and R.V. Jones) and others re the R&ntgen letters,1971, 1973. letter of 2 Seprember 1971 also relates to his own work as chairman of a new MRC committee on drug dependence. Paton's Reprint of Notes and Recordsarticle. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Science -related interests E.130A Jacobus Henricus van't Hoff 334 1961 reprint of van't Hoff's 'Die Phantasie in der Wissenschaft’, with ms. annotations by Krebs and typescript note dated 17.9.62. pasted inside back cover. Brief correspondence re paper by Cuvier quoted by van't Hoff, 1963. E.131-E.190 Otto Heinrich Warburg E.131-E.174 Publications and lectures E.175-E.183 Requests for information E.184, E.185 Correspondencearising from Krebs's Warburg publications E.186, E.187 Reviews E.188-E.190 Miscellaneous Publications and lectures E.13]1 "Professor Otto Warburg 80. (Not listed in Bibliog.) Published article only. Geburtstag’, Chemiker-Ztg., 1963. 'Warburg - architect of modern biology', New Scientist, 1970. (Bibliog. 294.) Photocopy of published article. E.132 "Professor Otto Warburg, Naturw. Rdsch, 1971. (Bibliog. 297.) Published article only. In English. E.133 E.134 Correspondence re translation of the Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau article which appeared in the Neve ZUricher Zeitung, 28 July 1971. 'Otto Heinrich Warburg 1883-1970', Biog. Mem. Fellows Roy. Soc., 18, 1972. (Bibliog. 317.) Brief correspondenceandreprint. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Science -related interests 335 E.135 'Otto Warburg - the man and the scientist’ 23pp. typescript draft, with ms. corrections and additions, of lecture given at Indianapolis, October 1972. E.136-E.142 'Otto Warburg, Biochemiker, Zellphysiologe, Mediziner' Krebs lectured on this topic at the inauguration of the library and archives for the history of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (Otto-Warburg ~ Haus), 8 March 1978. book of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft and a shortened version appeared in the September number of the Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau. The lecture was published in the 1978 Year- (Not listed in Bibliog.) E.136 Correspondence with organisers re arrangements for lecture, with Der Tagespiege! aboutits reporting of the lecture, and with academic colleague arising from publication of lecture. E.137, E.138 Typescript draft of lecture, with ms. additions and corrections, intro- ductory remarks, list of slides. 2 folders. E.139 E.140 E.141 E.142 Ms. drafts for lecture. ‘Warburg Script from which final copy was typed’. Original folder (not preserved) had ms. note Slides and negatives of original Warburg documents. 3lpp. typescript draft of lecture 'written for publication in the Jahresbericht der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft', with covering letter to H. Rotta of the Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, 22 March 1978. Reprint of shortened version of lecture which appearedin the Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau, 1978. E.143-E.172 'Otto Warburg: Zellphysiologe, Biochemiker, Mediziner', 1979. (Bibliog. 375.) An English translation was published in 1981 by the Oxford University Press. (Bibliog. 384.) H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Science -related interests 336 E.143-E.148 Correspondence with H. Rotta and others of the Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesel lschaft mbH re the publication of the Warburg biography . E.143 E.145 E.146 E.147 E.148 1972-74 Includes correspondence re publication of Krebs's 1972 Lindau lecture (not on Warburg) in Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau. (Bibliog. 312.) 1976-77 April-August 1978 Includes copy of Krebs's contract with German publisher. October-December 1978 January-March 1979 May-November 1979, 1980 (one letter) E.149-E.153 Correspondence with R. Schmid, Krebs's collaborator on the Warburg biography. E.149 1970-72 Relates to Krebs's article on Warburg for the Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau (Bibliog. 297) and his 1972 Lindau address (not on Warburg). E.150 E.151 E.152 1973 1974 1975-76 E.153 1978, 1980-81 and n.d. H A . Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 E.154-E.157 337 Science-related interests Correspondence with Oxford University Press re English edition of Warburg biography, 1979-81. Includes copies of correspondence between the OUP and publisher of the German edition. 1979 Includes copy of the contract between publisher of the German edition and OUP. E.155 E.156 E.157 E.158 E.159 1980 1981 Copy of proposed title page for English edition of Warburg biography, draft for publisher's blurb, photocopies ofillustrations used. Correspondence re Japanese edition of Warburg biography, 1981. Includes draft (in German) of Krebs's foreword. Photocopy of proposed dust-jacket design, drafts of title page and foreword for German version of Warburg biography. Also press- cutting found with foreword. E.160-E.163 Contents of folder, not preserved, inscribed 'Final Draft Copy’. The material is presented in four folders for ease of reference. 89pp. draft, with intercalated pages, of English version of Warburg biography. cut-outs from the Royal Society memoir. in 1970, 1971 and especially the second half of 1979. Very heavily corrected. Many pages are pasted -up Typescript pages are dated E.164 Copy of Royal Society memoir of Warburg, with ms. amendments. Found between pages 38 and 39 of preceding draft. E.165-E.169 128pp. draft, with intercalated pages, of English version of Warburg Incorporates nofes, captions for illustrations, references, biography. E.169 includes Warburg photographs, etc. missing from earlier draft. some used as illustrations in book. 5 folders. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Science -related interests 338 E21/70-E.172 Miscellaneous notes and drafts for Warburg biography . 3 folders. E.173 E.174 13pp. ms. draft of lecture on Warburg, n.d. In German. Requests for Krebs to write on Warburg, 1969, 1970. Requests for information E.175 Basie Includes copy of Spp. letter 'from Eric Ball in Berlin with Otto Warburg Dec 11, 1937’. E.176 F-G Heiss, J. Warburg's longstanding companion. E.178 E.179 E.180 Hen - Ho Includes correspondence with P. Henrici, Warburg's great-nephew. J-M Max-Planck -Gesellschaft Includes correspondence re deposit of Krebs's Warburg material in the Gesellschaft's archives. E.181 R=) E.182 Warburg, Eric M. German cousin of Otto Warburg. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Science-related interests 339 E.183 Warburg, R. J. Distant English relation of Otto Warburg. Wigglesworth, V. B. Correspondencearising from Krebs's Warburg publications Pp E.184 E.185 Reviews E.186 1971, 1974-75 1978-81 Includes draft review of the Warburg biography sent to Krebs by J.S. Fruton and Krebs's 'Comments on Review’. published, see E.186. For the review as A4 size exercise book into which have been pasted reviewsof the Warburg biography, and one letter (from J.T. Edsall). E.187 Reviews of German edition of Warburg biography. Miscellaneous E.188 Diagrams of Warburg apparatus. One diagram, of reaction flasks, is dated 12 January 1953. E.189, E.190 Background material. 2 folders. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 E.191-E..195 340 Science -related interests James D. Watson A collection of reviews and related articles re Watson's book The Double Helix and the discovery of the structure of DNA. 5 folders. In his writing and lecturing on the history of the tricarboxylic acid cycle, Krebs contrasted Watson's attitude to research with his own. See E.7, E.16. E.196-E.204 Requests for information Requests for information made by and to Krebs, presented in chronological order. Various dates, 1951-81. E.196 1951, 1955 E. von Bricke and teleology. August Krogh Principle. E.197 1961, 1965 Includes 4pp. letter from Krebs on the evolution of cyclic reactions sequencesin living cells. E.198 1967, 1968 Early history of the Oxford Biochemistry Department. Importanceof close association with a master in the development of outstanding scientists. E.199 1970 E.200 1973, 1974 Includes reminiscences of L.S. Penrose. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 E.201 E.202 Science -related interests 1976, 1977 1978 Includes correspondence re Sir Archibald Garrod, a history of the Rockefeller Foundation's support for science and G. Macfarlane's biography of Florey. E.203 1980, Janvary-May E.204 1980, August, December; 1981 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 342 E.205-E.315 SOCIOLOGY OF RESEARCH Science-related interests Krebs's interest in the sociological aspects of scientific research related to his Krebs understood those background concern for the attainment of scientific excellence. aspects of research which might properly be considered sociological to include scientific policy-making, administration and finance, scientific communication and the recognition of merit, team work in research and the importance of leadership, the 'Ortega Hypothesis’ (the view that real progress in science is brought about by a very small proportion of the large scientific community), the quality and relevance ofscientific research, professional obsolescence and sources of motivation. See especially E.256. The material includes an extended sequence of notes anddrafts, as well as the occasional lectures and articles which Krebs prepared on these themes, including his famous article on the making of a scientist (E.224-E.243), and a number of lectures and articles, some invited or commissioned, which reflected on scientific research and higher education in Germany before and after the Second World War (E.263-E.315). E.205-E.222 Notes and drafts Ms. and typescript notes principally on the sociological aspects of scientific research. scientific, educational and university questions. Includes a little material on more general E.205 Miscellaneous notes, quotations, anecdotes, etc. on medical education, the achievements of science, culture, the functions of a university, etc. Various dates, 1940s-1956. E.206-E.208 Ms. and typescript notes, narratives and speeches, printed matter, various dates, 1947-57. Mainly on the duties of the scientist in the laboratory and in society, on leadership, hard work and making proper use of one's time. 3 folders. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 343 Science-related interests E.209-E.218 A sequence of dated typescript notes, 1958, 1962-81. E.209 1958 Krebs's reflections on the working of a science department. E.210 1962-69 Includes notes on pure and applied science and the prevention of professional obsolescence; brief correspondencere state of biochemistry teaching in Denmark. E 2? 1970 E.212 E.213 E.214 Includes notes on making mistakes,and scientific progress. 1971 Includes notes on the personality of research scientists, the response to new discoveries, how to do research and research as an education. February-May 1972 Includes notes on the penicillin research, excellence in scientific research and the relevance of scientific research to society. July-October 1972 Includes notes on the inequality of man, accessibility and the ‘Ortega Hypothesis’ . E.215 1973-1975 Includes notes on the reasons for low grade research, decline in performance with age, etc.; exchange of correspondence with K. Mellanby re quality of scientific research. E.216 1976 Includes notes on the quality and relevance ofscientific research, Nobel research and the importance of a continuous influx of able young scientists into research laboratories. E.217 1977-78 Includes notes on how to survive a committee, dogmatic and non- dogmatic approaches, etc.; also brief correspondence (1978) re the problem of research scientists made redundant 'by the financial situation’. E.218 1979-81 Includes notes on elite, success in science, frequency of citation, etc, also letter (1979) on organisation of German medical faculties. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 344 Science-related interests E.219 "Style in Polemic' Contents of a file so inscribed. Ms. notes by Krebs including bibliographical references; examples of polemical writing in Chemistry in Britain, 1969. E.220, E.22| Undated typescript notes. 2 folders. E.222 Miscellaneous ms. notes. E.223-E.315 Lectures, publications and reports E .223-E. 262°: General E.223 'Funds for research. Nota luxury, but a dire necessity’. New Scientist, 1961. (Not listed in Bibliog.) 5pp. typescript draft with title 'Quinquennial Concern’ and proof copy; also correspondence and notes of telephone conversations. E.224-E. 243 'The making of a scientist', Nature, 1967. (Bibliog. 247.) Krebs gave his first lecture on the topic on the Krebs's consideration of the making of a scientist was prompted by the questioning of students who wished to know: 'How does one become a Nobel laureate?' occasion of the formal opening of the new Department of Biochemistry, He repeatedit, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 5 May 1967. with minor modifications, as his last lecture as Whitley Professor of Biochemistry at Oxford, 10 June 1967. it for publication, members of both audiences suggested that this would be worthwhile and Nature published it within two weeks of receiving the manuscript. reprinted in a number of countries. by the BBC. The article aroused a great deal of interest and was Although Krebs had not intended A shortened version was broadcast Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 345 Science-related interests Krebs returned to the theme for the Redfearn Memorial Lecture which he gave at Leicester, 1 May 1972, anda seminar at Oxford, February (1977. Copy of published article with Krebs's typescript note on its origins. Correspondence with Newcastle re arrangements for opening day, Krebs's lecture; brochure describing new Biochemistry Department. 23pp. typescript draft of Newcastle lecture with Ip. ms. introduction dated 21 April 1967. 12pp. typescript draft of Newcastle lecture. cription from tape or cassette. This is probably a trans- 24pp. typescript draft of Newcastle lecture with figures and table. 2lpp. typescript draft of Newcastle lecture, with figures, table and list of references. Draft of Newcastle lecture with additions and deletions for Krebs's last lecture at Oxford as Whitley Professor of Biochemistry . E.224 E.225 E.226 E.227 E.228 E.229 E.230 E.201, E.232 Miscellaneous dated notes and shorter drafts, 1966-68. E.23l E .232 E.233 E.234 E.235 E.236 E.237 E.238 1966 1967-68 Miscellaneous undated notes. Information supplied to Krebs by J. Mandelstam (on NIMR staff appointed to professorships), the Medical Research Council (on the movement of MRCstaff to universities) and Oxford University Department of Education (on the postgraduate intentions of science students). March-April 1967. Background material. Correspondence with Nature re publication of lecture. Correspondencearising from publication. Brief correspondence with BBC re broadcast, and shortened version of 'The Making of a Scientist', probably preparedto serve asscript for broadcast. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Science-related interests 346 m .239, E.240 Redfearn Memorial Lecture, Leicester, 1 May 1972. E.239 E.240 E.241-E.243 E.241 E.242 E.243 Invitation card and draft of Krebs's lecture. Ms. notes (on pagestorn from jotter) for Leicester lecture. Seminar on the making of a scientist, Oxford, February 1977. The seminar was organised by M.M. Gowing; the other contributor was N. Kurti. Correspondence re arrangements, 1976-77. 7pp. typescript draft of Krebs's contribution, with diagram and table. Miscellaneous notes, bibliographical references, background material. E.244-E.247 ‘Comment on leading article in Nature, 215, 567, 1967'. (Not listed in Bibliog.) E.244 E.245 Draft comments by Krebs on a leading article in Nature critical of the policy of the Medical Research Council. Correspondence with the MRC and others re a reply to the editorial in Nature. m .246, E.247 Background material. 2 folders. E.248 'The Goals of Science', Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, 1971. (Not listed in Bibliog.) Published article only. E.249-E.255 'Symposia in General’, Nature, 1971. (Not listed in Bibliog.) E.249-E.250 Drafts for article by Krebs on organising symposia and copy of pub- lished article. The earliest draft is dated July 1967. 2 folders. E.251 Miscellaneous notes and drafts. A few dated, 1966-68. Includes dialogue 'Earnest and the Old Hand - Or How Not To Run a Symposium’ (5Spp. typescript). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Science-related interests E.252 Correspondence, various dates, 1967-76. 347 E.253-E.255 Background material on lecturing, writing papers, organising symposia. 3 folders. E.256 'Charing Cross' lecture on sociology of research, 1973. 24pp. typescript draft, with ms. corrections (incomplete). Variously paginated and dated. See also J.632. E.257-E.260 'Soziologische Frage der wissenschaftlichen Forschung’, 1974. (Bibliog. 352.) Krebs lectured on the sociological aspects of scientific research at Freiburg, 22 November 1973, and Berlin, 12 June 1974. E.257 E.258 E.259 E.260 E.261 Correspondence re arrangements for Freiburg visit, Krebs's schedule. Jotter 'Sociology of scientific research 25.3.73.' with Ip. typescript note, as loose page, ‘Possible Material for Freiburg Lecture. 26.3.73.' 24pp. typescript draft, with ms. corrections, of Freiburg lecture. In German. Printed notice of Berlin lecture, typescript draft of Freiburg lecture with ms. amendments for Berlin, ms. introduction and conclusion for Berlin. 'The Quality of Scientific Research', Times Higher Educational Supplement, 1974. (Notlisted in Bibliog.) Brief correspondence only. E .262 ‘Comments on the Productivity of Scientists', in Reflections on Biochemistry (ed. A Kornberg et al), 1976. (Bibliog. 353). Reprint only. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 348 E.263-E.315 Scientific Research and Higher Education in Germany Science-related interests E.263, E.264 "German science between the wars' Lecture to the German Society, Oxford, 28 November 1962. Krebs considered the ‘circumstances and factors’ that ‘contributed to the high quality of some German science’ between the wars. E.263 Correspondence with the President of the Society re arrangements. 33pp. ms. and typescript draft of lecture; ms. and typescript notes. E.265-E.285 'Wissenschaftlicher Forschung in der heutigen Medizin', Verh. Dt. Ges. inn. Med., 78, 1972. Lecture at the 78th Congress of the German Society for Internal Medicine, Wiesbaden, 9 April 1972. (Bibliog. 314.) Krebs was asked to give an introductory lecture on the importance of basic research for internal medicine. organisers to consider the social and political aspects of research in Germany. He was encouraged by the E.265-E. 267 Correspondence re arrangements for lecture; correspondence arising from lecture, 1971-72. E.265 E.266 E.267 E.268 E 26? E.270 E.27] E.272 197] February-April 1972 May-July, November 1972. 15pp. typescript carbon of lecture under original title 'Die neve Einstellung zur Forschung’. 15pp. photocopy of the same, with a little ms. annotation. 15pp. typescript draft of lecture under final title, with ms. corrections. 15pp. typescript carbon of the same, with ms. corrections in another hand. ‘Basic Science in the Hospital’ lépp. typescript, with ms. note 'draft January 1970’. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 349 Science-related interests E.273 13pp. duplicated typescript copy of Krebs's lecture at the opening of a new Diabetes Research Institute, Munich, November 1970. E.274, E.275 Shorter ms. and typescript drafts. 2 folders. E.276 E.2/7 Programmes, invitation cards; some annotated by Krebs. Press-cuttings of the congress. E.278-E.282 German printed matter, including press-cuttings, sent to Krebs to help in the preparation of the lecture. 5 folders. E.283, E.284 English-language printed matter collected by Krebs for lecture. 2 folders. E.285 Duplicated typescript copies of lectures, radio script by orhers. E.286, E.287 'Chancen fUr Morgen' Lecture on the future of the German university, Hildesheim, 19 February 1975. E.286 E.267 Correspondence with organiser re arrangements; press-cuttings re lecture sent to Krebs. Typescript draft of lecture with ms. corrections, ms. notes torn from jotter, background material re relevance of basic science. For proposed contribution (on German medicine in the 1920s and 1930s) to Oxford History of Medicine Seminars, November 1975, see J.808 E.288-E.290 'Gedanken Uber die Zukunft der Universitdten' Lecture to the Berliner Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft, 16 February 1976. E.288 E.289 E.290 Correspondence re arrangements for lecture and arising from lecture; invitation card. 23pp. typescript draft of lecture; miscellaneous shorter drafts. Photocopy of 14pp. typescript of lecture, apparently prepared for (Not listed in Bibliog a publication in Homanismus und Technik. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 350 Science-related interests E.291-E.297 ‘Deutsche Universitdtsreform in internationaler Sicht' Lecture at the University of Marburg, 25 June 1977. E.291 E.292 Correspondence with organiser re arrangements for lecture at Marburg, publication of lecture (not listed in Bibliog.); lecture programme. lépp. typescript copy of Krebs's Marburg lecture, with ms. note "Posted 5/9/77.' This appears to be the version prepared for publication. E.293-E.296 Miscellaneous typescript and ms. notes and drafts, variously dated and paginated. 4 folders. E.297 Background material. E.298-E.305 Report for the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, 1979. ‘Uber Faktoren, die hohen Standard in wissenschaftlicher Forschung begiInstigen'. Krebs was asked by the Foundation to comment ondifferences between Britain and Germanyin their organisation of scientific research, in respect of the Foundation's efforts to improve the standard of clinical medical research in Germany. E.298, E.299 Correspondence, notes of discussions, with the Foundation andscientific colleagues. E.298 E.299 E.300 E. 301 1978 1979, 1981, n.d. 18pp. carbon of the report (withoutits appendices) sent to the Thyssen Foundation, 8 February 1979. Exercise book with early German ms. draft of report. The index on the inside front cover appears to relate to material torn from the exercise book. E.302-E. 304 3 typescript drafts of Krebs's report with different ms. additions and corrections. 3 folders. E.305 The five appendices for Krebs's report. is Krebs's article 'Der Werdegang eines Wissenschaftlers' . Anhang 1 (Bibliog. 254.) H, A . | Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 351 Science-related interests E.306 Proposed paper defining the conditions necessary for producing scientific excellence. The project arose from discussions with American scientists about the conditions which prevailed at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute during a period when five Nobel prizewinners, including Krebs, were trained. Krebs thought that a consideration of this question 'would require approximately 6-12 months of accumulating pertinent documents and writing a thoughtful piece on the subject’ and a successful application was made on Krebs's behalf to the Mobil Oil Corporation for the financing of typing and editorial assistance for one year. Correspondence re the funding of the project, 1978-79. E.307-E.315 Notes, drafts and printed matter re German science and scientific excellence. Most of the material, which was found in considerable disarray, is Because of the similarity of the subject-matterit dated 1977-80. was not possible to distinguish systematically between ‘Thyssen’ and 'Mobil' material . E.307-E. 309 Dated ms. and typescript notes. E.307 E.308 E.309 E.310 E.311 1970, 1977, 1978 January-July 1979 September-December 1979, January 1980. Typescript drafts and narratives, probably for the ‘Mobil’ project. Miscellaneous ms. notes and drafts. A few are headed 'Thyssen'. E.312-E.315 Background material . 4 folders. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Science-related interests 352 E.316-E.492 SOCIOBIOLOGY In the last decade of his life Krebs became interested in sociobiology andits relationship to criminality. delinquency - 'the ever-increasing rise in juvenile delinquency which stares us in the face He was especially concerned by the problem of juvenile He believed that those responsible for controlling day by day' (Rem. &Refl., p.227). the problem, whom he identified as the legislature, judiciary and academic sociologists, paid insufficient attention to biological and medical aspects of human nature. frequently expressed his scepticism about sociological subjects, stating quite bluntly that the ailments of society were too difficult for sociologists who were ‘appallingly ignorant’ of the biology of man and lacked training in scientific method (E.322, E.324). and economists were in his view as incompetent as sociologists in their handling of social Krebs Politicians problems (E.411). By contrast Krebs took very seriously the scientist's broader responsibilities to society, whichhe interpreted as meaning that the scientist must bring his scientific know- ledge to bear on social problems. He believed that scientists, especially senior ones, could contribute a great deal towards the solution of all the great problems of the day, including poverty, unemployment, pollution, and the wasteful exploitation of resources. In respect of his own particular interests, scientists could do much for better social relations 'by helping people towards a normal healthy development of body and mind, and by con- tributing their scientific views on education and the treatment of offenders’ (E.411). Krebs noted that 'many of us scientists can at some stage of their career help society, not merely by doing our job properly - the first step in social responsibility - but also by taking part in public affairs as scientifically trained persons'. increases with the increasing status of the individual scientist because the higher the standing This idea has been expressed ... and reputation, the more likely the scientist is listened to. He thought that 'the obligation by paraphrasing the old saying "Noblesse oblige" ... to Nobel oblige’ (E.411). In fulfilment of his general viewson the social responsibility of the scientist to society and his particular interests in criminality and juvenile delinquency, Krebs lectured and pub- lished very widely 'on the biological and medical aspects of asocial conduct, on ... root causes of modern juvenile delinquency and on what kinds of preventive action might be taken' (Rem. & Refl., p.228). He made contact with individuals and organisations with H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Science-related interests 353 similar views and interests and his hopes of prompting governmentinto effective action is reflected by contacts with the Cabinet Office's Central Policy Review Staff (E.329, E.330, E.459-E.467). In addition to the many lectures Krebs delivered on juvenile delinquency, he also sought to lecture on this topic but was dissuaded from doing so during the symposium held in his honour at Dallas in 1980 and at Harvard (The Dunham Lectures) in 1981. In 1980 Krebs was one of a number of Nobel prizewinners invited to meet Pope John Paul II, and although he does not appear to have talked about juvenile delinquency on that occasion he did suggest it as a suitable topic for a subsequent meeting (E.438-E.441). For further material on this topic see A.912-A.916, G.73, G.74, G.106-G.120, G.132. The material is presented as follows: E.316-E.341 Notes and drafts E.342-E. 354 Research folders E5355-E.453 Lectures and publications E.454-E 492 Correspondence H.A : Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 E.316-E. 341 Notes and drafts Science-related interests 354 A sequence of ms. and typescript notes and drafts on sociobiological themes especially crime and juvenile delinquency, 1959, 1961-62, 1967-68, 1971, 1973, 1975-81. E.316 E.317 E.318 1959, 1961-62 1967-68, 1971 Includes notes on the conclusions to be drawn from chromosome abnormalities, applying science to social problems, eugenics and the biological aspects of criminality. 1972 Notes (and related printed matter) on the 'report of the national child's development study (from birth to 7)’. E.319 1972 February, April, May Includes notes on dishonesty among students, imprinting and the status of sociological subjects. E.320 1973 June-August and n.d. E.321 E.322 E.323 E.324 Includes notes on film and television violence and carparking offences by embassies; also notes of discussions with B. Blumberg and W. Bodmer. 1975; 1976 June, September, November Includes notes on the limitation of social subjects and the welfare state. 1976 December(1) Includes notes on psychoanalysis, treatment of prisoners and vandalism; also Ip. note, 'My reason for an interest in societal questions’. 1976 December (2) Includes notes on ‘Early scepticism of sociology’, the rehabilitation of. criminals, the effects of separation of young off-spring from parents and the importance of deprivation. 1977 January-March Includes notes on Women's Lib, 'Con-men and bother boys', science and politics and social changes during the last three decades; also 2pp. note 'Why | concern myself with "Sociological" problems’. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 E«325 1977 April, June Science-related interests 355 Includes notes on the inequality of man, the deterioration of the standards of service. E.326 1977 July, September, October Includes notes on the causes and prevention of crime, vandalism and its treatment, married female population. eo? 1977 November, December Includes notes on the importance of the concept of evolution, relevance of Darwinian principles to educational policy. E.328 Undated ms. and typescript notes found with 1977 material. Includes note on carrying out tests of hypotheses. 1978 January, February Includes notes re the work of the Central Policy Review Staff (Think Tank). See also E.330, E.459-E.467. E.330 1978 March-May Includes notes re work of Think Tank, notes on treatment of adolescent offenders, religious education. E.331 1978 August, December E.332 E .333 E.335 E.336 Includes note on differences in economic developments in the various industrialised countries. Undated ms. and typescript notes found with 1978 material. Includes notes on vandalism and orderliness . 1979 Includes notes on Gibbon's 'Decline and Fall’, Goethe's 'Faust', the work ethic, etc. 1980 January, February Includes notes on juvenile delinquency in Eastern Europe, limitations of sociology. 1980 March, April Includes note on imprinting and habit-forming . 1980 June-August and n.d. Includes notes on the decreasing influence of the churches and the government andscientific advisory committees. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 E.3o7 198] Science-related interests 356 Includes note on the literature on delinquency Undated notes and drafts E.338 Includes note on juvenile crime in the East. Includes notes on libertarians and the application of biological considerations to economic problems. Includes note on juvenile delinquency in the past. Jotter, 1977 or later Some notes on social themes, especially elite ignorance. Other material relates to Krebs's scientific research. Very many pagestorn out. E.342-E.354 Research folders Folders of research material on sociobiological themes assembled by They include extracts from journals, news- Krebs in the mid-1970s. paper-cuttings, Krebs's typescript notes and a little correspondence. The subject-matter is similar to that of the sequence of ms. and type- script notes above but, in addition, includes material on the scientific standing of sociobiology itself. Krebs put together similar folders in respect of his scientific research, see Section D. Folder of material arranged and indexed by Krebs, 1974 and 1976. 4 items. E.343-E. 346 Folder of material arranged and indexed by Krebs, 1975-76. into four folders for ease of reference. Divided 28 items, of which no. 22 is missing. Index and items 1-7 Items 8-14 Items 15-21 E.346 Items 23-28 H.A,. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 357 Science-related interests E.347-E.351 Folder of material arranged and indexed by Krebs, 1974-76. into five folders for ease of reference. Divided E.347 E.348 E.349 E.350 E.35] 30 items. Index and items 1-6 Items 7-12 Items 13-18 Items 19-24 Items 25-30 E.352-E.354 Folder of material arranged and indexed by Krebs, 1975-76. into three folders for ease of reference. Divided E.352 E.353 22 items Index and items 1-5 Items 6-8 Items 9-22 E.355-E.453 Lectures and publications E.355-E. 362 'Some Facts of Life - Biology and Politics' (Bibliog. 300, 313.) E.355 E.356 Lecture at the Royal Institution, 5 February 1971. See also E.503. Correspondence, etc. re arrangements for lecture, synopsis of lecture. Folder also includes related correspondence with J. Barker. Qpp. typescript draft 'Some facts of life', with ms. corrections, 24 and 25 February 1969. 7pp. clean copy of preceding with ms. note 'Draft sent to Porter’ (Director, Royal Institution). 28pp. typescript draft of lecture, with ms. corrections, 4 January 1971. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 358 Science-related interests E.358 Correspondence arising from publication of lecture, 1971-72. D. Gabor Includes preprint of ch.1 of Gabor's 'The Mature Society’ and Krebs's letter of congratulation on the occasion of the award of Gabor's Nobel prize. S.E. Luria Writes to express his deep concern about some of the positions Krebs took in his article, especially on the relation between biology and society. E.359 Published versions of lecture in Royal Institution Proceedings (Bibliog. 300) and Perspectives in Biolagy and Medicine (Bibliog. 313). Perspective's reprint has ms. amendments perhaps for subsequent lecture on same subject. E.360, E.361 Ms. and typescript notes found with 'Facts of Life’ material. 2 folders. E.362 Correspondence re third international meeting of the Italian Biologists Association, Milan, 21-24 June 1973. Krebs was invited to give the opening lecture and suggested as his topic the theme ofhis paper 'Somefacts of life, Biology and Politics’. E.363-E.365 'The Biological Approach to Social Problems’. (Not listed in Bibliog.) E.363 E.364 E.365 E.366 18pp. typescript draft with ms. corrections and incorporating pasted -up cut-outs from Bibliog. 300, May 1973. 20pp. typescript draft (including bibliography), with ms. note "used for Newman lecture’. 20pp. typescript draft (including bibliography), with slight ms. correction and note 'Paper in Press’. Draft letter 'not sent', 21 June 1973, re copyright, alterations to manuscript. 'The dark side of man', Prism, February 1974. Copy of published article; correspondence arising . (Notlisted in Bibliog.) H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 E.367-E.372 E.367 E.368 E.369 E.370 359 Science-related interests Global Television Network's: 'The Great Debate’ programme, Toronto, 9 January 1975. Krebs was invited to support the resolution that having children today should be controlled by law. He thought that overpopulation was one of the greatest dangers threatening humanity and that it was important 'to stop the wrong kind of people from populating the globe’. For Krebs's views on the outcome of the debate see F.268. Correspondence, etc. re arrangements; press-cuttings . Jotter with notes for Toronto debate. Typescript notes and drafts for Toronto debate. Miscellaneous ms. notes re Toronto. E.371, E.372 Background material re overpopulation, food reserves, birth defects, 'XYY males', etc. E.373 'A Biologist's Comments on Current Social Problems’ Lecture given to the Liddon Society of St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, 14 February 1975. This is Krebs's Prism article with ms. introductory and concluding sentences, newspaper-cuttings re crime rise, etc. E.374-E.377 Article on human rights for Eine Welt der Vereinten Nationen. (Not listed in Bibliog.) Krebs's theme was to be the linking of rights with responsibilities since he felt that there was too much emphasis on human rights and too little on human responsibilities. E .374 E.375 Correspondence with publisher, 1975. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts for article on human rights. E.376, E.377 Background material on human rights. H.A, Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 360 Science-related interests E.378-E. 380 'Biologische Regulationsmechanismen und ihre Bedeutung fUr soziale Probleme’ Lecture at the University of Konstanz, 9 June 1976. E.378 Ms. draft paginated 12-44 and 29pp. typescript draft with ms. additions and corrections (both in German); shorter ms. and type- script drafts. E.379, E.380 Miscellaneous ms. and typescript notes and drafts used in preparation of Konstanz lecture. 2 folders. E.381 'Some Diseases of Society and Their Treatment’ Variously paginated typescript draft, with ms. corrections, dated See in 1976 and 1977. also E.395. Possibly written for Executive Health. Folder also contains lists of reference material. E.382-E.385 E.382 E.383 E.385 A biologist's viewpoint' "Problems of society. Lecture at the Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, 13 January 1977. Krebs also lectured on this topic at the Sigma XI Lectures, Miami, 11 January 1978. Correspondence re arrangements and arising from visit to Baylor; lecture programme. 22pp. typescript draft, list of references, etc., for Baylor lecture. Ms. and typescript notes, newspaper-cutting, letter (from K. Dalziel) commenting on Baylor script. Typescript draft of Baylor lecture with ms. and typescript additions for Miami, January 1978. E.386 ‘Diseases of Society’ Informal talk to the Middle Common Room, New College, Oxford, 23 February 1977. Correspondence re arrangementsonly. Krebs intended to use the Baylor script as the basis of his talk. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 361 Science-related interests E.387, E.388 'Getting to the root cause of delinquency', The Times, 26 April 1977. (Bibliog. 357.) E .387 E.388 E.389-E.392 E.390 E.391 E.392 Covering letter to Editor of The Times; copies of published article; typescript drafts, with ms. corrections. Miscellaneous shorter notes and drafts; related newspaper-cuttings. Dahlem Workshop on Biology and Morals, Berlin, 28 November~- 2 December 1977. An additional session on juvenile delinquency was arrangedto fit in with Krebs's interests, 3 December. Correspondence with organiser and participants, 1977-78. Workshop programmeandlist of participants. Duplicated material prepared by Krebs as a starting point for discussion and Krebs's typescript notes of the points raised in discussion. Ms. and typescript drafts of the material Krebs prepared for the discussion. E.393, E.394 'Aspekte der Enstehung der Jugendkriminal itdt’ Lecture at meeting of Munich working group of Deutsche Psychoanalytische Gesellschaft, 9 March 1978. E.393 E.394 E.395 Brief correspondence re arrangements. 2lpp. typescript draft of lecture, with ms. corrections and additions. 'On the dark side of man', Executive Health, July 1979. in Bibliog.) (Notlisted Copy of published article only. Incomplete. E.396-E.410 'Zur Biologie der Jugendkriminalitdt' Lecture at meeting of Nobel prizewinners, Lindau, 28 June 1978. (Bibliog 373). E.396 E.397 Brief correspondence re arrangements. Correspondence re publication of the lecture by the University of Cologne's Institut fUr Wirtschaftspolitik. H.A, Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 E.398 E .399 E.400 E.401 E.402 E.403 E .404 E.405 E.406 E.407 E.408 E.409 E.410 E.411 362 Science-related interests Miscellaneous correspondence arising from the lecture. Ms. drafts for Lindau lecture. In German. 27pp. typescript draft of lecture, with ms. corrections. In German. 2 copies, different In German. 2pp. summary of Lindau lecture. formats. Folder also includes newspaper-cuttings re Krebs's Lindau lecture. 27pp. typescript draft, with ms. corrections, of English translation of Lindau lecture, August 1978. Typescript draft of English version of lecture, with ms. list of corrections (3pp.) not by Krebs. Photocopy of English version of lecture, with ms. comments not by Krebs. Second photocopy of English version, with a few ms. corrections. letter from C. Sies, n.d. Various ms. and typescript English-language versions or summaries of Krebs's Lindau lecture; also German and English versions of state- ment of nine errors in modern educational practice . Typescript draft of German version of lecture, with typescript comments by C. Sies; Photocopy of German version of Lindau lecture with ms. note 'Copy post Munich 19.4.79.' Ip. ms. note headed ' Jugendkriminal itdt von biol ogische -medizinischen Gesichtspunkt' . Miscellaneous shorter notes and drafts found with Lindau papers. Published article (Bibliog. 373). ‘Science can help?' App. typescript draft, 23 August 1978, in which Krebs explains why he has concerned himself with ‘societal’ problems such as juvenile criminality. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 363 E.412-E.418 ‘Biological Aspects of Juvenile Delinquency’ Science-related interests E.412 E.413 E.414 Lecture at the Second International Symposium on the Management of Stress, Monte-Carlo, 19 November 1979. (SUPP. Bibliog. 33°) See also J.649. Correspondence with organisers, including preliminary programme; correspondencearising from conference. ‘Comments on the Biology of Juvenile Delinquency’ Carbon copy of Krebs's June 1978 Lindau lecture with deletions and ms. additions and corrections. Found with Monte-Carlo material. Draft of Krebs's contribution to Monte-Carlo meeting. from Krebs's earlier published work on juvenile delinquency. Largely drawn Draft abstract of Krebs's contribution. E.415 'Notes for a letter to the Lancet', 31 October This is Krebs's draft reply to 'scurrilous references to the Monte-Carlo Meeting’ which had appeared in the Lancet. Folder also includes press-cutting on the ‘national filth’. E.416 E.417 E.418 Comments by others on Krebs's paper on juvenile delinquency. Ms. and typescript notes by Krebs; background material . Programme of conference, list of lecturers, background material re Hans Selye and the International Institute of Stress. E.419-E.426 'How does material well-being affect "happiness"' Lecture at the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, Los Angeles, 22-25 November 1979. For further material re ICUS see G.106-G.120. Typescript draft of Krebs's contribution, with slight ms. emphasis. Duplicated copy of the same in the form distributed to participants. Variously paginated drafts of Krebs's contribution; shorter ms. and typescript drafts. Duplicated material distributed by organisers to participants. In original folder. E.419 E.420 E.421 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 E.422 E.423 Science-related interests 364 Letter of thanks from Krebs 'for letting us participate at the 8th ICUS conference’. Background material re ICUS and the Eighth International Conference. E.424-E.426 Photocopies of published papers on the Unification Church, by Eileen Barker. 3 folders. E.427-E .433 ‘Biological and Medical Aspects of Juvenile Delinquency’ Lecture for UNESCO in Paris, 21 February 1980, and at a symposium on the young and the family in society, Madrid, 30 June 1980. The lecture was published by UNESCO in New Horizons of Human Knowledge, 1981 (Bibliog. 390) and in Spanish (not listed in Bibliog.). E.427 E.428 E.429 E.430 E.431 E.432 E.433 Correspondence re arrangements for UNESCO lecture, publication, etc., 1979-81. Duplicated typescript copy of Krebs's UNESCO lecture; reprint of published lecture. Folder includes poster for Krebs's lecture. Correspondence with J. Vina about juvenile delinquency in Britain and Spain. little scientific correspondence. Correspondence with J. Arana re arrangements for Krebs's Madrid lecture. 22pp. typescript draft of lecture on biological and medical aspects of juvenile delinquency, with ms. corrections and additions. 20pp. typescript draft of the lecture, headed 'Madrid July 1980". Shorter ms. and typescript notes and drafts. Includes Krebs's notes on Spain's ‘great social experiment in the management ofpersonal liberty’. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 365 Science-related interests E.434-E.437 ' Jugendkriminalitdt vom biologischen und medizinischen Gesichtspunkt' Lectures at a medical research conference in Berlin, 27 May 1980 and at the annual conference of the Deutschen Gesellschaft fur Sozialpddriatie, Munich, 1980. (SUPP. Bibliog. 21, 22). Brief correspondencere Berlin lecture, including publication; press-cutting re Berlin lecture. 19pp. draft of Krebs's German lecture, April 1980. earlier published material. Incorporates Ms. draft for lectures at Berlin and Munich, 1980. In German. Folder also includes ms. note dated 15 January 1980 on the prevalence in recent decades of neuroses, psychosomatic illnesses and asocial conduct. Programme of Munich conference; brief correspondence arising from Krebs's lecture. E .434 E.435 E .436 E.437 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 366 Science-related interests E.438-E.442 Meeting of Nobel Prize Winners with Pope John Paul II, Rome, 21-22 December 1980. The meeting was organised by Nova Spes which describes itself as an ‘international movement for the promotion of human values and development'. Krebs suggested a contribution on juvenile delinquency but appears to have talked more generally on the 'highly creative and ethical activity’ of scientists 'in their efforts to understand the natural world, including ourselves'. He later suggested as subject-matter for a further meeting 'the widespread gross deterioration in the standards of personal responsibility towards society which showed itself ... the ever-increasing frequency of juvenile delinquency’. in Correspondence re arrangements for the meeting, the value of further meetings. Background information about the meeting, participants, etc. Krebs's contribution (3pp. duplicated typescript); draft of the same, with ms. corrections; ms. notes. Copies of letters and papers sent by other Nobel prizewinners in response to invitations to attend meeting and distributed to participants by organisers. E.438 E.439 E.440 E.44] E.442 Newspaper-cuttings re meeting of Pope and Nobel prizewinners. E.443 'On the biology of juvenile delinquency: comments on the essay by Felton Earls, "The social reconstruction of adolescence: toward an explanation for increasing rates of violence in youth",' Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 1980. Reprint of published article; newspaper-cuttings and ms. notes found clipped together, including draft letter to Earls. (Bibliog. 383.) E.444-E.446 "Biological and Medical Aspects of Juvenile Delinquency’ Krebs lectured on this topic at a conference, on the nature of violence with special reference to the causes and prevention of a third world war, organised by the Dag Hammarskjold Information Centre on the Study of Violence and Peace, 12 and 13 January 1981. Krebs's paper was based on his UNESCOlecture. See E.420. E.444 Correspondence re arrangements, publication of conference proceedings; newspaperreports of Krebs's contribution and correspondence arising. H A . | Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Science-related interests 367 E.445 E.446 Advance information te conference, background material re Dag Hammarskjold Centre, etc. Duplicated typescript copy of Krebs's paper, reading list, ms. notes. E.447 "Risikofaktoren in der Entwicklung Jugendlicher' Lecture at a colloquium on 'Gesundheitserziehung und Verhaltensprobleme bei Jugendlichen', Bonn, 15-17 October 1981. See also E.489. Correspondence re arrangements, letters of thanks, etc. E.448 Meeting of the Deutsche Liga fUrdas Kind in Familie und Gesellschaft, Bonn, 27 November 1981. Krebs died on 22 November 1981 and his lecture was read by the organiser, H. Schaefer. Brief correspondence only. E.449 ‘Clouds Gathering Over Society. criminality and asocial behaviour', The problem - ever-increasing n.d. 21pp. typescript carbon of lecture or article. E.450, E.45] ' Juvenile Delinquency from the Biological and Medical Point of View', n.d. E.450 E.451 35pp. typescript draft including appendix on ‘Limitations of Sociology’ and 'Difficulties of Economics’. 35pp. typescript draft with list of references and collection of related newspaper-cuttings. E.452, E.453 Miscellaneous shorter ms. and typescript drafts for lectures or articles. 2 folders. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 368 E.454-E.492 Correspondence Science-related interests Correspondence with individuals and organisations interested in crime, juvenile delinquency, parent education, child care, etc., presented in an alphabetical sequence. printed matter. Includes some ms. and typescript notes, E.454 Ba - Be E.455-E.457 Big Brothers / Big Sisters of America Big Brothers was an American organisation which supported a programme in which volunteer men (Big Brothers) were matched with fatherless boys (Little Brothers) 'on an individual and personal one to onebasis’. Likewise Big Sisters. E.459 Correspondence, various dates, 1975-81. E.456, E.457 Background material . 2 folders. E.458 Bl E.459-E.467 Central Policy Review Staff (‘Think Tank’) Krebs wanted the 'Think Tank' to study the causes of juvenile criminality and delinquency. E.459 E.460 E.461 E.462 E.463 Correspondence, 1977 Correspondence, 1978 and n.d. Notes and drafts, August 1977 'Material collected for Think Tank, 5.12.77.' ‘Meeting with CPRS, 17 March 1978' E.464, E.465 Material re the problem of ‘elite ignorance’ found with 'Think Tank’ papers: printed matter, ms. and typescript notes, correspondence. 2 folders. E.466, E.467 Miscellaneous ms. and typescript notes re 'Think Tank’ or found with 'Think Tank’ papers. 2 folders. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 E.468 Co - Fam Science-related interests 369 E.469, E.470 Farmington Institute for Christian Studies. A small research centre in Oxford concerned with promoting ‘an under- standing of a Christian involvement in education’. E.469 E.470 E.471 E.472 E.473 E.474 E.475 E.476 E.477 E.478 E.479 E.480 Brief correspondence, 1979-80; Krebs's typescript notes. Background material . Fr - H K-L Ma - Me Includes correspondence with and information from Metropolitan Police re ‘ever-increasing extent of juvenile delinquency’, 1978. Morgan, P. Correspondence, typescript notes, etc. re Morgan's books "Child Care: Sense and Fable' and Delinquent Fantasies', 1980. NACRO (National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders) Correspondence and papers on vandalism, truancy and delinquency, 1977. (Bibliog. 357.) The contact was made as a result of Krebs's Times article. National R - Oc Oxfordshire Probation and After-Care Service Correspondence, typescript note of discussion, background material, 1978. P Re - Ri Robertson Centre London-based educational charity ‘established to promote understanding of the emotional needs of infants and young children’. Brief correspondence and background material, 1981. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 E.481 E.482-E.489 370 Science-related interests Rog - Tha 'Thomas Jefferson Research Center’ A California-based organisation which describesitself as a ‘non-profit corporation for research and education in leadership and motivation’. E.482 Correspondence with directors of the Center al., 1979-80. E.483-E.487 Copies of the Center's monthly research letter. E.483 E.484 E.485 E.486 E.487 E.488 E.489 E.490 E.491 E.492 September 1976, May, October and December 1978 November 1979, January-March 1980 April-July 1980 August- November 1980 December 1980, February, April-July 1981 Miscellaneous background material . Ms. and typescript lists of the risk factors involved in juvenile criminality and heart disease. Jefferson Research Center papers but may relate to a lecture Krebs gave in Bonn, October 1981. Found with Thomas In German. See E.447. Tizard, J.P.M. Tr - We Wu - Z H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 371 Science-related interests E.493-E.501 SCIENCE AND RELIGION E.493-E.500 'Science and Religion. Seminar given by Krebs in a series organised by the Department of Ethnology and Prehistory, Oxford, 4 February 1976. A Natural Scientist's Point of View' E.493 Letter from organiser with seminar programme; correspondence arising from Krebs's seminar. E.494, E.495 Ms. and typescript drafts, with ms. corrections, for Krebs's seminar. Various dates, December 1975-February 1976. E.496 E.497 E.498 E.499 E.500 E.501 2 folders. 21pp. carbon of Krebs's seminar paper including list of references. Religiousness' 'Additional notes. App. typescript draft, with ms. corrections, 15 January 1976, and 9pp. typescript draft paginated 1-8, 21, with ms. note ‘Pages 9-20 taken to Australia’. 'ls Knowledge "Good" ?' and ‘Knowledge and ignorance’ Typescript drafts with ms. additions and corrections. Various dates, October 1975-March 1976. Shorter ms. and typescript notes and drafts. Varicus dates, 1970-79. Background material . Requests for Krebs's assistance with research on the religious and ethical values of scientists, 1972 and 1981. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 372 Science-related interests E.502-E.507 BACKGROUND MATERIAL E.502 Printed matter re history and philosophy of science, sociology of research. 1 Box. E.503-E.507 Printed matter re sociobiology especially crime and juvenile delinquency. 5 Boxes. E.503 Background material for Krebs's 'Facts of Life’ lecture at the Royal Institution, 1971. See E.355-E.362. E.504, E.505 Newspaper-cuttings 2 folders. E.506 E.507 Booklets, brochures, off-prints, etc. In English. Similar material. In German. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 373 SECTION F VISITS AND CONFERENCES F.1 - F.360 INTRODUCTION TO SECTION F This very substantial section deals with visits, lecture-tours, scientific congresses and symposia for a period of fifty years from 1933. many invitations to attend, present papers, chair sessions, provide introductory or concluding remarks, or to participate in the organisation of conferences as a committee or panel member Krebs was in great demand and received or as an editor of the published proceedings. his career he placed great value on the contacts and exchanges with colleagues which As an active research scientist throughout symposia orvisits to research institutions or laboratories offered; he was also generous with his time in respect of public lectures on more general scientific or science-related topics. The material is consequently heterogeneous, and may vary from a single letter of invitation to a full account including preliminary arrangements, invitations sent out to speakers, drafts for speeches or major papers by Krebs, letters of thanks or congratulation or the like, extending over several years. The presentation is chronological as far as The many invitations declined by Krebs (with the exception of those associated possible. with the more substantial American visits) are grouped together at the end of each year. In this large and complex collection material re visits and conferences is to be found In Section A there are scrap-books relating to specific visits in a number of other sections. and a sequence of jotters, 1949-81, which areessentially travel diaries. exceptional biographical importance are also to be found in the chronological presentation Included there, for example, are the 1936 of Krebs's career and honours in Section A. visit to Palestine with D. Nachmansohn (Rem. & Refl., p.91), the 1951 visit to Harvard re a projected Professorship for Krebs (Rem. & Refl., pp. 180-184) and the 1953 visit to Stockholm for the award of the Nobel Prize (Rem. & Refl., ch.15). renewal of contacts with Germanscientists after the Second World War (Rem. & Refl., ch.1 3) is also to be found in the chronological presentation of career and honours and includes a 1948 invitation from the German Biochemical Society for Krebs to attend their annual con- ference at Frankfurt, correspondence re admission of Germanscientists to the First Inter- national Congress of Biochemistry at Cambridge in 1949 and Krebs's attendance at the annual meeting of German physiologists and biochemists at Gdttingen in the same year. A record Visits of Material re Krebs's H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 374 Visits and conferences of some of Krebs's post-war visits to Hildesheim, including the 750th anniversary celebra- tions of the Gymnasium Andreanum in 1975, is also to be found in Section A. Section B includes material re Krebs's visits to Sheffield after 1954, including the 1980 Biochemical Society meeting to honour his 80th birthday (B.98-B.100). Material re Krebs's visits and conferences in respect ofhis science-related interests, such as history and philosophy of science, sociology of research and sociobiology have been brought together in Section E. The texts of many of the papers delivered by Krebs during his visits are to be found in Section H, and some of the related research material is in Section D. Correspondence with colleagues in Section J may include references to conferences and visits, and subsequent publications. Section L (non-print material) includes photographs of Krebs and colleaguesat conferences and symposia, cassettes and videotapes of lectures by Krebs and a film of the Nobel prize ceremonies. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Visits and conferences 1933 375 F.1 Third International Congress for Experimental Cytology, Cambridge, 21-26 August. Programmeonly. 1938 F.2, F.3 Visit to Canada and USA. F.2 F.3 F.4 At the invitation of F.G. Banting Krebs spent three weeks working at the Banting Institute, University of Toronto, March-April. Krebs was also invited to visit Princeton, lowa State College, George Washington University, University of Pennsylvania and St. Louis. Correspondence with Banting re arrangements for Toronto visit; Krebs's invitation for Banting to visit Sheffield; explaining how collaboration with Banting came about. later (1980) correspondence Correspondence re American visits. Invitations for 1945, 1946 Conference on Intracellular Enzymes in Normal and Malignant Tissues, Hershey, Pennsylvania, October 1945. Conference in honour of Pasteur on the fifthieth anniversary of his death, Paris, 1946. 1947 ro International Physiological Congress, Oxford. Includes abstract of the paper on ‘Synthesis of Glutamic Acid in Animal Tissues', which Krebs proposed to read at the Congress. (Bibliog. 121.) 1948 F.6 Meetings of the Physiological and Biochemical Societies, Dublin. Brief correspondence only. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 376 Visits and conferences Invitation for 1948 F.7 VIII Congrés de Chimie Biologique, Paris, October. 1949 F.8-F.16 Visit to USA, March-May. Krebs was invited to deliver a lecture before the Harvey Society of New York. The question of travelling expenses led to an offer of a Rockefeller Foundation Special Fellowship which not only covered the cost of the trip to New York but also enabled Krebs to extendhis stay to two monthsandvisit research centres across America. Krebs arrived in New York on 7 March and, in addition to the Harvey Lecture on the 17th, fulfilled a number of engagements in New York, New Haven and Philadelphia before crossing the continent to California. Krebs spent two weeks visiting research centres at UCLA, Berkeley and Stanford before undertaking an extensive tour of the Middle West. A brief visit to Boston preceded his return to New York in early May. The Harvey Lecture was published in 1950 (Bibliog. 133). Itinerary, correspondence with officers of Rockefeller Foundation re arrangements, May-October 1948; correspondence with Secretary of MRC and Vice-Chancellor, Sheffield University, re leave of absence, September 1948. Continuing correspondence with officers of Rockefeller Foundation, Secretary of Harvey Society, November 1948-March 1949; letters from Sheffield during Krebs's absence (see also B.16). F.8 F.9 F.10-F.12 Correspondence re arrangements forvisits, lectures (apart from Harvey Lecture) in New York and the North-East. F.10 F.1] F.12 Principally Columbia University. touches on question of a Meyerhof Festschrift and whether Warburg should be invited to contribute to it. Correspondence with D. Nachmansohn New York University and Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. University of Pennsylvania and Yale University. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 F.13 Fd Visits and conferences Correspondence re arrangements for visits in California. unable to acceptan invitation to give a course on intermediate metabolism in the summer sessions of the University of California. Krebs was 377 Correspondence re arrangements for Krebs's Midwestern tour. research centres in St. Louis, Chicago, Madison and Cleveland, attended the Federated Biological Sciences meeting at Detroit and made a private visit to Toronto. He visited Correspondence re arrangementsfor visits to Boston and Cornell at the end of Krebs's time in America; also invitations to visit National Institute of Health, Bethesda, and Johns Hopkins, Baltimore. F.16 Miscellaneous material re travel, financial arrangements, etc.; cuttings. press- A scrapbook of documents, correspondence, souvenirs and memorabilia relating to this visit is preserved at A. 33. F.17 First International Congress of Biochemistry, Cambridge, 19-25 August. Brief correspondence with D. Needham re programme; invitation cards; dinner menu; plan of tables. Invitations for 1950, 1951 Annual meeting of the Italian Society for Experimental Biology, Bari, 28-30 March 1950. Eighth Triennial Council of the Institut International de Chimie Solvay, Brussels, 10-16 September 1950. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 378 F.19 F.20 Visits and conferences 1952 Congress of the German Society for Internal Medicine, Wiesbaden, April. Brief correspondence only. Visit to Oslo, May. Krebs lectured to the Physiological Society on '" Active" transport of electrolytes in animal tissues' and to students on the tricarboxylic acid cycle and on oxidative phosphorylation. Correspondence re arrangements; letters of thanks. A scrapbook of documents, correspondence, a ms. diary, souvenirs and memorabilia relating to this visit is preserved at A. 34. F.21 F.22 International Biochemical Congress, Paris, July. Brief correspondence only with C. Fromageot; also included here is brief correspondence with Fromageot, March 1953, which mayrelate to a subsequentvisit to Paris. 1953 Visit to West Germany and Switzerland, June. Krebs lectured on 'Biologische Energieumwandlungen' at the Pharmacology Institute, Heidelberg, and on 'Oxidative Phosphorylierung' to the Basle Chemical Society. Correspondence, etc. re arrangements; related personal correspondence; Ip. typescript draft on biochemistry teaching at Sheffield. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Visits and conferences 1954 F.23-F.46 Visit to USA, Februery-May . 379 Krebs was invited by the University of Chicago to receive an honorary Following on from this were many other invitations degree on 19 March. to visit and lecture in the United States and Krebs arranged to be based in four centres - Baltimore (Herter Lectures at Johns Hopkins), Chicago (where, in addition to the conferral of the honorary degree, he was Visiting Professor), Madison, Wisconsin (Visiting Professor) and Atlantic Krebs also City (Federation of American Biological Chemists meeting). visited many other universities and research centres. Correspondence, etc. re travel arrangements, including visa; forwarding addresses; Cunard passengerlists; railroad timetable. list of Krebs's request for leave of absence from Sheffield, correspondence with Sheffield Biochemical Department during visit. Typescript diary for part of visit, 23 February (date ofarrival) - 6 March. F.26 Correspondence re arrangements for Herter Lectures at Johns Hopkins on 24, 25 and 26 February; lecture programmes. (Bibliog.166, 167, 168. Published copy of Herter Lectures. Correspondence re National Academy of Sciences lecture, Washington, D.C., on 2 March. Correspondence re Naval Medical ResearchInstitute lecture, Bethesda, on 3 March. Correspondence re lecture at Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New York, and programme for New York Academy of Medicine symposium on metabolism and infections, 5 March. Correspondence re honorary degree and Visiting Professorship at University of Chicago; instructions to participants in convocation exercises. Krebs lectured at Chicago on 10, 17 and 31 March. F.32, F.33 Correspondence re other engagements fulfilled by Krebs during tenure of Chicago Visiting Professorship. These engagements were at the University of Illinois College of Medicine (Chicago), University of Illinois and State University of lowa. Urbana, Argonne National Laboratory 2 folders. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 F.34 F.35 F.36 F.37 F.38 F.39 380 Visits and conferences Correspondence re Visiting Professorship at University of Wisconsin, Madison, in April. Krebs's stay at Madison was interrupted for the meeting of the Federation of American Biological Chemists. Correspondence re Federation meeting, Atlantic City, 11-16 April. Krebs and F. Lipmann gave an informal symposium on frontiers in biochemistry. See D.101-D.111. Correspondence re lecture at University of Minnesota, 27 April; signed lecture poster. Correspondencere lecture at Lilly Research Laboratories, Indianapolis, 28 April. Correspondencere lecture at Western Reserve University, Cleveland, 30 April. Correspondence re engagements at Chas. Pfizer & Co. Inc., New York, 3 May, and Merck Institute, Rahway, New Jersey and Cornell University, 4 May. F.40-F.42 Invitations declined by Krebs, presented alphabetically by institution. F.40 C-| F.41 K, M F.42 O-W F.43 F.44 F.45 F.46 Miscellaneous social and personal correspondence. Miscellaneous material re financial arrangements, fees, bills, etc. Press-cuttings. 'Souvenirs'. Contents of a folder so inscribed. A scrapbook of documents, correspondence, souvenirs and memorabilia relating to this visit is preserved at A. 35. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 381 Visits and conferences Invitations for 1954 F.47 International Symposium on Neurochemistry, April. Symposium on the 'Pathophysiologie und Klinik der Nieren', Freiburg, July. To visit Australia 'on my way back from Chicago to England’. 1955 F.48-F .56 Visit to West Germany, July. Krebs received invitations to visit Freiburg and Wurzburg as part of a foreign university interchange scheme organised. by the British Council. Krebs also accepted an invitation to visit the Free University of Berlin which he later had to cancel. At Freiburg Krebs gave the Aschoff Memorial Lecture on 'Die Steurung der Stoffwechselvorgdnge’ (Bibliog. 179). The university bestowed upon him 'without warning’ an honorary degree. Correspondence with British Council re arrangements for visit; Krebs's short report on visit. Correspondence with organisers of visit at Freiburg. Krebs's letter to fellow refugee S.J. Thannhauser. He explains 'the very special circumstances' which prompted him to accept the invitation to give the Aschoff Memorial Lecture. Includes carbon of Correspondence with organisers of visit at Wurzburg. Correspondence re proposed Berlin visit. Family and personal correspondence. Address of welcome by Dean of Medical Faculty (2 copies); drafts of Krebs's introduction to his Aschoff Memorial Lecture (personal memoir Found with this material and of Aschoff family); draft of the lecture. included here is photocopy of letter ky Theodor Fontane re Aschoff family, from a published source. F.48 F.49 F.50 F.5] F.52 F.53 F.54 Invitation cards, photographs of Krebs and colleagues, etc. F.55, F.56 Miscellaneous press-cuttings of interest to Krebs. 2 folders. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 382 Visits and conferences Invitations for 1955 F.57 German Pharmacological Society meeting, Graz, September. Eli Lilly insulin conference, Indianapolis. 1956 F.58-F.62 Visit to West Germany and Italy, September-October. Krebs attended a meeting of the Gesellschaft deutscher Naturforscher und Artze, Hamburg, 23-26 September, and visited the Istituto Superiore di Sanita, Rome, 27 September-3 October. He lectured on 'Die energieliefernden Reaktionen des Stoffswechsels' (Bibliog. 186) in Hamburg and on 'Il Controllo dei Processi Metabolici' in Rome. Correspondence re arrangements for Hamburg visit; personal corres- pondence. Typescript copy of Krebs's lecture, with covering letter. Invitation, programmes, lecture tickets, published accounts of Hamburg meeting. Correspondence with E.B. Chain re Romevisit; greetings card from Chain's Institute, lecture ticket, menu cards. Chain's introductory remarks at Krebs's lecture; Krebs's own introductory remarks; miscellaneous notes. In Italian. Invitations for 1956 Invitations to lecture at the Free University of Berlin and at the University of Saarland. F 58 F.59 F.60 F.6] F.62 F.63 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 383 Visits and conferences 1957 F.64 International Symposium on the Biochemistry of Cancer, London, May. Correspondence re arrangements; programme annotated by Krebs. 1958 F.65-F.67 Visit to the Netherlands, March Krebs visited the Amsterdam Municipal University as part of an exchange scheme of university teachers between Britain and the Netherlands. He lectured to the Genootschap ter Bevordering van natuur-, genees- en heelkunde te Amsterdam on ‘Synthesis of cell constituents from 2-carbon compounds in micro-organisms' and received the gold medal of the society. Correspondence re arrangements including short report on visit for British Council. Itinerary; lecture ticket; press-cutting, etc. Ms. and typescript notes and draft for lecture. Day of science organised by J.R. Geigy A.G. to celebrate their bicentenary, Basel, 3 June. See also A.32. Krebs lectured on ' Energieumwandlungen in der Biologie’ Published account of proceedings including Krebs's lecture (not in Bibliog.). F.65 F.66 F.67 F.68 F.69 Fourth International Congress of Biochemistry, Vienna, 1-6 September. Invitation cards; menu; press-cuttings, etc. F.70 Visit to USA, September-October. Symposium on 'Molecular Biology: Elementary Processes of Nerve Conduction and Muscle Contraction', New York, 25-30 September. Correspondence with D. Nachmansohn re arrangements. University of Texas - Medical Branch, Galveston, October. Brief correspondence only. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 384 F7! F.72 Visits and conferences Invitations for 1958 Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry Study Section, Study Program in Biophysical Science, Boulder, Colorado, 20 July-16 August. Third Congress of the International Diabetes Federation, Dusseldorf, 21-25 July. Third International Neurochemical Symposium, Strasbourg, 25-29 August. Meetings of Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advance- ment of Science and Australian Biochemical Society, August. Visit to Swedish Universities. 1959 F.73 Visit to Paris, March. Krebs lectured on ‘Synthesis of cell constituents from two-carbon compounds’ in the 'Exposés Annuels de Biochimie Medicale' series. Correspondence with organisers and colleagues; ms. and typescript notes. F.74-F.78 Visit to Switzerland, West Germany and France, June-July. Krebs lectured at the Universities of Basle, Geneva and Berne and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, the University of the Saar and the Société de Chimie Biologique, Paris, on ‘Biochemical Aspects of Ketosis' Bibliog. 193). F.74-F.76 Correspondence re arrangements for Swiss visit. 3 folders. F.77 F.78 Correspondence re arrangements for visit to University of the Saar; press-cuttings. Correspondence re lecture to the Société de Chimie Biologique. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Visits and conferences Invitations for 1959 F.79 Hebrew University of Jerusalem, March. 385 International colloquium on ‘Comparative biochemistry of basic acids’, Concarneau, 1-5 July. 1960 F.80-F.92 Visit to USA, February-March. Krebs was asked to be guest of honour and deliver the Joseph P. Ross Lecture at a symposium onketosis at Presbyterian-St. Luke's Hospital, Chicago. The organisers assisted Krebs in making arrangements for him to visit other research centres during his stay. Schedules of Krebs's visit; travel correspondence and information. F.81, F.82 First Ames Symposium on Ketosis, Presbyterian-St. Luke's Hospital, Chicago, 2-3 March. Krebs lectured on 'The biochemical lesion in ketosis' (Bibliog. 198). . Correspondence with organisers of symposium. Programmes; invitation cards; lecture poster; remarks at opening of symposium; press-cutting. Krebs's introductory Correspondence with organisers and colleagues re other Chicago engagement: Ames Company Laboratories, Elkhart, Indiana, 4 March. Krebs lectured on 'The cause of the "specific dynamic action" of f ood- stuffs' (Bibliog. 194). Correspondencere arrangements, list of those attending discussion with Krebs, information re Ames personnel, questions asked by Ames biochemists. Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, 5 March. Krebs repeated his Elkhart Lecture. Correspondence re arrangements; correspondence arising from visit. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 F.86 386 Visits and conferences University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 6-8 March. Krebs lectured on 'The control of cellular metabolism' (Bibliog. 204) and repeated his Elkhart Lecture. Correspondence re arrangements. F .87 Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, 9 March. F.88 F.89 Krebs lectured on 'The Metabolism of Ketone Bodies’. Correspondence re arrangements; memorandum announcing Krebs's visit. Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 10-12 March. Krebs repeated his Elkhart Lecture and visited Brandeis University. Correspondence with organisers and colleagues; schedule; personal correspondence. Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, 14 March. Krebs gave the annual Janeway Lecture on the cause of specific dynamic action of foodstutts . Correspondence with organisers and colleagues; some family corres- pondence. F.90 Ciba Laboratories, Summit, New Jersey, 15 March. Correspondence re arrangementsfor visit. F.91, F.92 Invitations declined by Krebs. 2 folders. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 F.93-F.95 Visit to Israel, March-April . Visits and conferences 387 During his stay in Israel Krebs accepted an invitation to visit the Hebrew University of Jerusalem which awarded him an honorary degree. he lectured at the Weizmann Institute, the Government Biological Institute, Ness-Ziona and the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School. dynamic action”of foodstuffs’ (Bibliog. 194), ‘Biochemical aspects of ketosis’ (Bibliog. 193) and ‘Regulation of Metabolism’ (? Bibliog. 210). Krebs's lecture topics were ‘The cause ofthe "specific F.93, F.94 Correspondence with organisers and colleagues. 2 folders. F.95 F.96 Schedules for Krebs's visit; 5pp. draft for lecture; etc. newspaper cuttings, Lindau meeting of Nobel prizewinners, July. 1 letter only. See also H.41, H.148. 196] F.97 Visit to Berlin, May. Krebs lectured to the Berlin Physiological Society, 23 May, on ‘Uber den Stoffwechsel der Ketonk&rper' and visited the Free University of Berlin. Correspondence with organisers re arrangements. F.98 Visit to Freiburg, July. Krebs lectured to the Freiburg Medical Society on 'Uber den Stoffwechsel der Ketonkorper', 4 July. 4 Lecture ticket only. F.99, F.100 Visit to USA and Mexico, December. See also H.152, H 153. F.99 Brief correspondencere visit to University of Texas Medical School, Galveston. Krebs visited Galveston after attending a Welch Foundation conference in Houston in early December. Brief correspondencearising from Decembervisit to Berkeley. HA. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 F.100 Visits and conferences . 388 Correspondence re proposedvisit to Mexico in October 1961. Krebs had to cancel his October visit but apparently was able to fit in a visit to Mexico in December. A substantial scrapbook of documents, correspondence, schedule of visit, souvenirs and memorabilia relating to this visit is preserved at A. 36. Invitation. for 1961 F.101 A.E.R.E. Isotope Research Division, Wantage. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 389 Visits and conferences 1962 F.102 Colloquium on biochemical aspects of the regulation of metabolism, Louvain, 8 and 9 June. Krebs gave the introductory talk. Correspondence with organiser re arrangements; Ip. summary of Krebs's talk; programme. F.103-F.106 Visit to USA, October. Symposium on ‘Regulation of Liver Enzyme Activity and Synthesis', Indiana University Medical School, Indianapolis, 1 and 2 October. Krebs lectured at the symposium on renal gluconeogenesis (Bibliog. 219). This symposium was the first of a series of annual international conferences on advances in enzyme regulation organised at Indianapolis by G. Weber. Krebs attended these conferences, with one exception, until 1977. In 1980 the University of Indiana awarded Krebs an honorary degree noting his services to the University thus: Sir Hans Krebs, since he wasfirst appointed a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Indiana University in 1963, has always proved a consistently strong friend and supporter of the Uni- versity. His association with Indiana University is special since this is the only university at which Sir Hans has accepted an appointment as a regular Visiting Professor. Over the decade and a half of association with Indiana University, Sir Hans has made invaluable contributions to the School of Medicine. Worthy of special mention are the annual international symposia on the regulation o& enzyme activity and synthesis in normal and neoplastic tissues in which Sir Hans has participated. He has also been instrumental in helping establish the Indiana University Laboratory for experimental oncology. In recognition ofhis services to Indiana University, Sir Hans was made a Sagamore of the Wabash. The importance of these conferences, and of the subsequent publication of Krebs's contributions in Advances in Enzyme Regulation, is referred to by H.L. Kornberg and D.H. Williamson in their Memoir (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 30, 1984, p.377). During this American visit Krebs also lectured to Indiana University medical faculty and visited the Universities of Pittsburg and Pennsylvania where he also lectured on gluconeogenesis. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 390 F.103 F.104 F.105 F.106 Visits and conferences Correspondence with G. Weber re arrangements for Indianapolis symposium; abstract of Krebs's contribution; invitation card; press~ cuttings. Correspondence re publication of symposium proceedings. letter from Weber to Krebs and copies of correspondence between Weber and PergamonPress.) (Covering Correspondence re arrangements for visits to Pittsburg and Philadelphia; press-Cuttings. Invitations declined. F.107, F.108 Visit to Scandinavia, December. F107 F.108 F.109 Krebs lectured on 'Gluconeogenesis' in Helsinki, Uppsala, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen. He also took part in some of the Nobel festivities in Stockholm. Correspondence with organisers; personal correspondence. Itinerary; material re Nobel festivities; press-cuttings. Invitations for 1962 Opening ceremony of Physiologisch-Chemisches Institut, Martin-Luther- Universitdt, Halle-Wittenberg, 18 October. Brief correspondence alsorefers to the difficulties of East German scientists in getting British visas. Medical faculty, Wurzburg. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 391 Visits and conferences 1963 F.110-F.113 Visit to USA, March F.110 Dartmouth Medical School, 11-14 March. Krebs gave the Annual Dartmouth Medical Lecture on 'Some Aspects of Gluconeogenesis' and an informal talk in the graduate programme on 'Control of Metabolic Processes by Feed-back Mechanisms’ . Correspondence re arrangements; schedule for Krebs's visit; invitation, etc. lecture Amherst College, 15 March. Krebs lectured on 'Gluconeogenesis' . Correspondence re arrangementsonly. 4 University of Kansas Medical Center, 17-22 March. Krebs lectured on 'Gluconeogenesis' and gave a seminar on 'Feedback Mechanisms in the Regulation of Metabolism’. Correspondencere arrangements; personal correspondence; schedule for Krebs's visit; press-cuttings, etc. F.113 Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York. Brief correspondence only. F.114 Symposium on ‘Mechanisms of cellular regulations in bacteria’, Marseilles, 24-30 July. Correspondence re arrangements; letters of thanks. F.115-F.117 Visit to USA, September-October. Second Enzyme Regulation Conference, Indianapolis, 30 September- 1 October. Krebs was asked to chair the first session and to introduce the general topic of enzyme regulation and gluconeogenesis. history of the tricarboxylic acid cycle as a suitable subject for a general faculty lecture. He proposed the Correspondence with G. Weber re arrangements. Correspondence re publication of proceedings (Bibliog. 222). copies of correspondence between Weber and PergamonPress. Includes F.115 F.116 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Visits and conferences F.117 Vanderbilt University, 3 October. — 392 Correspondence re arrangements for lecture on 'Glucneogenesis’. University of Pittsburg, 4 October. 1 letter only. 1964 F.118 Devel conference on the regulation of energy metabolism, Carmel, California, 19-22 February. Krebs gave a paper on the biological selection of metabolic fuels. Correspondence re arrangements; programme. F.119, F.120 Visit to Spain, March. Krebs was asked to visit the universities of Madrid, Toledo, Granada and Malaga. In Madrid Krebs was made an Honorary Councillor for the Spanish Higher Council of Scientific Research and at Malaga he received an honorary degree. Krebs lectured at Madrid and Granada Universities on ‘Experiments concerning Gluconeogenesis' and before the Spanish Biochemical Society on ‘Feedback Mechanisms in the Regulation of Metabolism’. Correspondence re arrangements, with Krebs's curriculum vitae and summaries of the two lectures. Schedules of visit; invitation cards; press-cuttings, etc. Sixth International Congress of Biochemistry, New York, 26 July- 1 August. Brief correspondence re arrangements; note of Krebs's engagements; invitation cards. F.119 F.120 F.121 H A : Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Visits and conferences 393 E122 ' Journée Commemorative du X&me Anniversaire de la Mort de Michel Polonovski', Paris, 4 November. Krebs lectured on gluconeogenesis. Correspondence with organisers re arrangements; programme; invitation cards, etc. F.123=F 2125 Visit to Texas, November. Krebs attended the Robert A. Welch Foundation Conference on Chemical Research, Houston, 16-18 November, where he lectured on 'Metabolic Interrelations in Animal Tissues' (Bibliog. 229) and visited the Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, 18-19 November. F.123 F.124 F.125 F.126 F.127 F.128 Correspondence re arrangementsfor visits to Houston and Fort Worth. Correspondencearising from visit to Fort Worth. Relates to offer of a post for Krebs upon his retirement from Oxford. See also F.137. Invitations received by Krebs in connection with his visit to Texas (declined). Invitations for 1964 Visit to Israel, October. Third Enzyme Regulation Conference, Indianapolis, October. 1965 Second meeting of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies, Vienna, 21-24 April. Krebs lectured on 'Control Mechanisms of Carbohydrate Metabolism’. Brief correspondence re arrangements; note of Krebs's travel plans; miscellaneous invitations. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Visits and conferences F.129-F .139 Visit to USA, May-June. 394 Krebs was invited to chair a conference on ‘Control of Energy Metabolism’ at the University of Pennsylvania, 21 May, as part of the university's observance of the bicentennial of medical education in the United States, and to attend the Annual Public Commencementof the University, 24 May, at which he was awarded an honorary degree. colloquium on ‘Recent Experiments on Metabolic Control’ was also organised in Philadelphia by the Johnson Research Foundation, 20 May. A research Krebs also accepted invitations to visit the University of Maryland, State University of New York, University of Chicago, University of Wisconsin and Duke University. Correspondence re arrangementsfor visit to Philadelphia, March- November 1964. Continuing correspondence re arrangements, March-May 1965. Correspondence arising from Philadelphia visit. Drafts of Krebs's introductory remarks at symposia; annotated conference programme. Miscellaneous invitations and memorabilia re Philadelphiavisit . The Alpha Omega Alpha Lecture on 'The Biochemistry of Ketosis', University of Maryland Medical School, Baltimore, 19 May. Correspondence re arrangements for visit to Baltimore. Annual Lecture of the Research Society of the State University of New York on 'Gluconeogenesis and Ketosis', New York, 26 May. Correspondence re arrangements for visit to New York. F.129 F.130 Fuld) F.132 F.133 F.134 F.135 F.136 University of Chicago, 27-28 May. Krebs accepted an invitation to visit Chicago and contribute to the The general teaching of their most advanced biochemistry course. title of Krebs's contribution was ‘Regulation of Gluconeogenesis’ . Correspondence re arrangementsfor visit, etc. H A . Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 F.137 395 Visits and conferences University of Wisconsin, Madison, 29-31 May. Correspondencere arrangements for an informal visit, offer of a post- retirement Professorship at Texas Christian University, Fort Worth. See F.124. F.138 Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, 2 June. Correspondence re seminar on hepatic control mechanisms, Krebs's post-retirement prospects in the USA. Roce, Invitations received by Krebs in connection with Philadelphia visit (declined). F.140-F.142 Visit to Italy, September. F. 140, F.141 F.140 F.141 F.142 Joint meeting of the British and Italian Biochemical Societies on ‘Control of Metabolism at the Level of Hexose Phosphates’, Santa Margherita, 7 and 8 September. Krebs and W. Gevers presented a paper on the role of adenosine mono- phosphate in the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism in pigeon-liver homogenates (? Bibliog. 232). Correspondence re arrangements for joint meeting; abstract of Krebs's contribution. Programme; travel itineraries; press-cutting, etc. International Organization for Pure and Applied Biophysics Symposium, Naples, 8-11 September. Correspondence with organiser re arrangements, etc. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Visits and conferences 396 F.143, F.144 Symposium on ‘Aspects of Yeast Metabolism', Research Laboratory, Arthur Guinness Son & Company, Dublin, 15-17 September. F.143 F.144 F.145 F.146 Krebs introduced the symposium and acted as Consultant Editor of the published proceedings. Correspondence re arrangements, February-October 1964. Programme, continuing correspondence re arrangements, publications correspondence, February-October 1965, January-May 1966. Eighth Latin Biochemical Meeting, Lisbon, 20-24 September. Krebs lectured on 'The regulation of the release of ketone bodies’ (Bibliog. 236). Correspondence re arrangements; miscellaneous invitations, etc. Fourth Conference on Enzyme Regulation, Indianapolis, 4-5 October. Krebs lectured on 'The regulation of the release of ketone bodies by the liver' (Bibliog. 236). Correspondence re organisation of conference, travel, etc.; some related scientific correspondence. Welch Foundation Symposium, Houston, November. Newspaperreports only. Invitations for 1965 F.147 Baylor University, Waco, Texas. Fordham University, New York. F.148 1966 Third Meeting of the Federation of Biochemical Societies, Warsaw, 4-7 April. At a colloquium on the biochemistry of mitochondria Krebs presented the results of current research on the generation of reducing power by mito- chondria (Bibliog. 248). Correspondence re arrangements; abstract of proposed presentation; itinerary. H A . Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Visits and conferences 397 F.149 Lindau meeting of Nobel prizewinners for medicine, 27 June-1 July. Krebs lectured on 'Die Ursachen der Ketonkérperanhaufung in tierischen Organismus' (Bibliog. 240). Correspondence re arrangements; correspondencearising from meeting. F.150, F.151 Visit to USA, October. F.150 Fifth Enzyme Regulation Conference, Indianapolis, 3-4 October. Krebs lectured on 'The redox state of diphosphopyridine nucleotide in mitochondria and cytoplasm. tion of metabolic process’ (Bibliog. 252). Its measurement and its role in the regula- Correspondence re arrangements; abstract; schedules; press-cutting. F.15] Indiana University, Bloomington, 5 October. Krebs lectured on 'The redox state of the pyridine nucleotides in liver cell compartments’ . Correspondence with organisers re arrangements. F.152-F.156 Visit to USA and Mexico, November-December. F.152 F.153, F.154 F.153 F.154 John P. Peters Memorial Lecture, Yale Medical School, 4 November. Krebs lectured on 'The redox state of pyridine nucleotidesin the liver cell andits role in the control of metabolic processes' (Bibliog. 237). Correspondence with organiser re arrangements. Distinguished Visiting Resident Professor, University of Texas-Medical Branch, Galveston, 5 November-15 December. Krebs gave four lectures: ‘Theoretical concepts in biological sciences’ (Bibliog. 239); of the kidney' and 'The redox state of cell compartments’ . 'The biochemical lesion in ketosis'; ‘Metabolic functions Correspondence with organisers, colleagues; personal correspondence. Official documentation re Krebs's appointment; programme of lectures; newspaper cuttings reporting Krebs's comments on duplicated research and socialised medicine. H.A, | Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 FE loo F.156 398 Visits and conferences Invitations received by Krebs in connection with Texasvisit (declined). Symposium on Enzymatic Aspects of Metabolic Regulation, Mexico City, 28 November-1 December. Krebs lectured on 'The role of the redox state of the nicotinamide adenine dinucleotides in the regulation of metabolic processes’ (Bibliog . 237). Correspondence with organisers re arrangements. Krebs's post-retirement plans. Includes references to Invitations for 1966 F.157 Meeting of the Gesellschaft fUr Experimentelle Medizin der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik, Leipzig, 20-22 May. University of California, Davis. 1967 F.158, F.159 University of Bari, March. Krebs contributed to a cycle of lectures on the control of redox state of subcellular fractions and glutamate metabolism. F.158 F.1D? F.160 Correspondence with organisers re arrangements; newspaper report. Invitation to combinevisit to Bari with one to Naples (declined). Sixth Enzyme Regulation Conference, Indianapolis, ? October . Schedule of session on regulation of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism chaired by Krebs; correspondence arising from conference: thanks, expenses, publication, exchange of news on research problems, etc. F.161-F.163 Visit to Scandinavia, November. Sigrid Juselius Foundation Symposium on ‘Regulatory Functions of Biological Membranes', Helsinki, 5-9 November. Krebs lectured on the effects of ethanol on liver metabolism (Bibliog. 261) F.16] Correspondence re arrangements for symposium; provisional programme; invitation to visit Research Laboratories of the State Alcohol Monopoly. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 F.162 F.163 F.164 Visits and conferences 399 Typescript draft of speech welcoming symposium members and ms. draft of Krebs's speech replying to the welcome; invitation cards; press- cuttings. Invitation to visit Uppsala and give a lecture to the Society of Environ- mental Biology. Invitations for 1967 Distinguished Visiting Professorship, State University of New York at Buffalo. Australian National University, Canberra. 1968 F.165-F.169 Visit to USA F.165 University Science Lecturer, University of California, Riverside, 24 February-4 March. Krebs gave three lectures on pyridine nucleotide interrelations. Correspondence re arrangements; letters of thanks; tax problems; itinerary of Americanvisit. F.166 Seminar on 'The effects of alcohol on liver’, UCLA, 29 February. Brief correspondence re arrangements. F.167 F.168 Invitation to visit, University of California, San Diego. Mount Zion Hospital and Medical Center, San Francisco, 4-5 March. Krebs gave the Franklin |. Harris Memorial Lecture on the 'Effect of Alcohol on Liver Metabolism’ and the Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity Lecture on the ‘Permeability of the Liver Cell’. Correspondence re arrangements; letters of thanks; commemorative certificate. lecture cards; Newspaper cutting from Los Angeles Times; examples of alternative press collected by Krebs in California: Berkeley Barb, March 1-7 and City of San Francisco Oracle, vol.1, no.12. F.169 Visiting Professorship, Dallas, March. Krebs lectured on ‘Pyridine Nucleotide Interrelations in the Liver’, 'Effect of Alcohol on Liver Metabolism' and ‘Permeability of the Liver Cel Correspondence re arrangements; lecture poster; press-cutting, etc. H A ‘: Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 F.170, F.171 F.170 F.171 F.172 F.173 400 Visits and conferences University of Bari, Round Table Discussion on the Energy Level and Metabolic Control in Mitochondria, Polignano a Mare, 13-16 May. Krebs chaired a session on mitochondrial generation of reducing power and talked on pyridine nucleotide interrelations (Bibliog. 268). Statement of organisers; annotated programme; ms. note headed 'Discussion', etc. Correspondence re publication of proceedings, cost of reprints. International Symposium on Renal Metabolism and Transport Processes, Feldafing, 21-23 June. Krebs lectured on ‘Carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism’ Bibliog. 267). Correspondence re arrangements; drafts of parts of discussion in which Krebs participated; programme; press-cutting. Fifth Meeting of Federation of European Biochemical Societies, Prague, 15-20 July. During Krebs's stay in Prague he received the Purkinje Gold Medal of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. Brief correspondence re arrangements. F.174-F.177 Visit to USA, August. F.174 F.175, F.176 Visiting Scientist, Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, Bar Harbour, Maine, 10-20 August. Correspondencere arrangements; personal correspondence. XXIV International Congress of Physiological Sciences, Washington, D.C. 25-31 August. Krebs acted as co-chairman (with R.F. Pitts) of the Symposium on Renal Metabolism. He presented a paper on Renal Carbohydrate Metabolism. F.175 F.176 Correspondence with colleagues re arrangements; abstract. Schedule ofscientific sessions; 5pp. typescript draft for a lecture; personal and social correspondence. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 401 Visits and conferences F.177 Seventh Enzyme Regulation Symposium, Indianapolis, 30 September- 1 October. Krebs was also invited to visit Indiana School of Medicine for two weeks as a Distinguished Visiting Professor. Correspondence re arrangements, research problems, publication of Krebs's symposium paper (Bibliog. 278). Invitations for 1968 F.178 Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University, New York, January. International Colloguy on Urea and the Kidney, Sarasota, Florida, 9-12 September. The Bayer Products Company Symposium on Phenformin (Dibotin), London, 8 November. . Iranian Biochemical Society. Williams College, Massachusetts . 1969 F.179, F.180 Meeting of the Gesellschaft fUr Biologische Chemie, Freiburg, 7-9 January. Krebs was awarded the Otto Warburg Medal and lectured on 'Die Glukoneogenese und ihre Regulierung’ . Invitation; correspondence re arrangements; abstract. Newspapercuttings. F.179 F.180 F.181-F.183 Symposium on the 'Control Mechanisms in Intermediary Metabolism’, Miami, 20-21 January. Krebs presented a symposium paper on 'The role of equilibria in the regula- tion of metabolism' (Bibliog. 280). Mason Memorial Lecture, 22 January, on ‘The history of the tricarboxylic acid cycle’. He also gave the Second Verne R. F.181 Correspondence re arrangements, announcement of symposium and lecture, lecture programme, etc. H.A. Krebs _ CSAC 113/4/86 Visits and conferences 402 F.182, F.183 Invitations received in connection with Miami visit (declined). 2 folders. F.184-F.186 -Sixth Meeting of Federation of European Biochemical Societies, Madrid, 7-11 April. F.185 F.186 F.187 Krebs was invited to assist in the organisation of a symposium on metabolic regulation, and to chair a session. Correspondence re arrangements for symposium, publication of proceedings. Correspondence re social engagements; photocopy of signature of guests at a dinner given by S. Ochoa, with typescript key. Newspaper reports of meeting. Lindau meeting of Nobel Prizewinners, 30 June-4 July. Programme; published accounts of meeting; material re visits to biochemica laboratories of J.R. Geigy A.G., Basle, before the Lindau meeting, and to the University of the Saar after Lindau. F.188, F.189 Nobel Symposium on the ‘Pathogenesis of Diabetes Mellitus’, Stockholm, 3-6 September. Krebs also visited Uppsala where he lectured on 'The physiological significance of liver alcohol dehydrogenase’ (Bibliog. 287) and paid an informal visit to the University of Stockholm Institute of Biochemistry. Correspondence re arrangements for Nobel symposium, programme, list of participants, etc. Correspondence re Krebs's other Swedish engagements. F.188 F.189 F.190-F.192 NATO Symposium on ‘Pyridine Nucleotide-Dependent Dehydrogenases’, University of Konstanz, 14-20 September. F.190 F.191 F.192 Krebs acted as chairman of the first session and presented a paper (with R.L. Veech) on 'Regulation of the Redox State of the Pyridine Nucleotides in Rat Liver' (Bibliog. 284). Correspondence with organiser re arrangements. Correspondence re publication of proceedings; drafts of discussion remarks. Programmes; Krebs's introductory remarks as chairman; statement of Students' Executive Committee of the University of Kontanz re symposium's NATO connection; newspaper cutting. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Visits and conferences F.193-F.196 Visit to USA, September-October. 403 F.193 F.194 F.195 Eighth Enzyme Regulation Symposium, Indianapolis, 29-30 September. Brief correspondence arising; newspaper cutting. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 4-11 October. Krebs delivered a Penn Lecture on ‘The Physiological Significance of Liver Alcohol Dehydrogenase’ (Bibliog. 287). Brief correspondence re arrangements. Columbia University Medical School, New York, 7 October. Krebs lectured on 'The Physiological Role of Liver Alcohol Dehydrogenase’. Brief correspondence re arrangements. F.196 Invitations made in respect ofthis visit (declined). Invitations for 1969 F.197 Penrose Lecture of the American Philosophical Society, 24 April. Round Table Discussion on Electric Transport and Energy Conservation, Bari, 12-15 May. Iranian Biochemical Society Symposium on biochemistry and nutrition, 19-22 May. F.198 Symposium on 'Gums and Thickeners' organised by the Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Great Britain, Oxford, 13-15 October. Symposium on 'The Sex Steroids: Molecular Mechanisms’, Florida, 2-6 November. F.199 Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. Mount Sinai School of Medicine, City University of New York. Monash University, Australia. University of Naples. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 404 Visits and conferences 1970 F.200 German Society for Biological Chemistry conference on ‘Regulation of Gluconeogenesis', G&ttingen, 25-27 February. Correspondence re arrangements; abstracts of Krebs's contribution 'Gluconeogenesis and the Redox State’ (Bibliog. 302). F.201 "Alcohol meeting', Merburg. Brief correspondence arising. See also D.100. F.202 University of Amsterdam, 22 May. Krebs gave a colloquium on ‘Equilibrium relations between pyridine nucleotides in the liver and their regulation’. Correspondencere arrangements for colloquium and for Dutch biochemist to work in Krebs's laboratory. F.203 Norwegian Biochemical Society, Oslo, 25 May. Krebs lectured on the same subject as his Amsterdam colloquium. See F.202. Correspondence re arrangements; letters of thanks, etc. F.204, F.205 Visit to West Germany, July. F.204 University of the Saar, 3 July. F.205 F.206 Krebs lectured on 'Organ Perfusion in Small Animals’. Correspondence with organiser re arrangements. Symposium on 'Molekulare Bioenergetic und makromolekulare Biochemie’ (Meyerhof Symposium), Heidelburg, 5-8 July. ony. gave a short talk on 'Die Vorfahren von Otto Meyerhof' (Bibliog. Correspondence re arrangements; See also E.119-E.128. cards. annotated programme; invitation Eighth International Congress of Biochemistry, Switzerland, 3-9 September. Correspondence re arrangements; provisional list of symposia, etc. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Visits and conferences 405 F.207-F .209 International Colloquium on Bioenergetics: Energy Transduction in Respiration and Photosynthesis, Pugnochiuso, Italy, 11-14 September. See also E.8, E.9. F.207, F.208 Correspondence re arrangements. 2 folders. F.209 Programme, list of participants, etc. F.210, F.211 F.210 F.211 Ninth Enzyme Regulation Symposium, Indianapolis, 5-6 October. Krebs chaired the opening session and gave the special symposium lecture. He remained in Indianapolis for a few days for consultations with Indiana University staff and to give a general lecture in the Medical School . Correspondence re arrangements, publication of symposium lecture (Bibliog. 305); pondencearising; reprint of Krebs's introductory remarks for a paper by F. Lipmann. Krebs's personal schedule for visit and scientific corres- Invitation to visit University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, in con- junction with Indianapolis visit . F.212, F.213 Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina, Halle, 6 November. Krebs accepted an invitation to give a special lecture ‘as a tribute to, and an expression of admiration for, Professor Mothes'. He lectured on 'Regulierungsmechanismen in tierischen Aminosdurestoffwechsel'’ ., F.212 F.213 F.214, F.215 Correspondence with organisers re arrangements. Programme, lecture tickets, etc. Institute for Diabetes Research, Munich, 27 November. Krebs accepted aninvitation to take part in the opening ceremony of a new institute for diabetes research and give a 'Festvortrag'. He lectured on 'Die Bedeutung der Grundlagenforschung fur die Medizin' (Bibliog. 304). F.214 F.215 Correspondence with organisers re arrangements. Programme; invitations; press-cuttings. HPAL ices CSAC 113/4/86 406 Visits and conferences Invitations for 1970 F.216 International Symposium on Lactation, Loughborough. Visiting Professorship, University of Adelaide. 197] F.217-F .223 Visit to USA and Canada, April-May. F.217 This visit was originally part of a much more extensive trip which also took in Japan. The visit to Japan was cancelled and the rest of the trip rearranged after Krebs sustained a ‘relatively minor’ hand injury which required a skin graft. Symposium on Diabetes, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, 19-20 April. Krebs chaired thefirst session of the symposium and gave a special faculty lecture on ‘Regulatory Mechanisms in Amino Acid Metabolism’, 22 April. Correspondence re arrangements; programmes; press-cutting: ‘Sir Hans Krebs Debunks Pauling's Cold Cure’. F.218 University of Colorado Medical Center, Denver. Lett er of thanks only. See also J.685. University of California, Berkeley. Brief correspondence re proposedvisit. F219 University of Guelph, Ontario, 25-27 April. Krebs repeated his Dallas lecture. See F.217. Correspondence re arrangements; invitation card. F.220 University of Toronto, 27-29 April. Krebs repeated his Dallas lecture. Correspondence re arrangements; related scientific correspondence; Krebs's itinerary . H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 407 Visits and conferences Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, 29 April-1 May. Krebs repeated his Dallas lecture. Correspondence re arrangements. Canada Department of Agriculture, Research Branch, Ottowa, 2-6 May. Krebs gave a seminar on ‘The Role of Ketone Bodies in Caloric Homeostasis’ . Correspondence re arrangements, gift of a Canadian maple tree; schedule of Krebs's visit, etc. F.223 Invitation to visit Simon Fraser University (declined). Further miscellaneous correspondencere scientific matters, travel arrangements. F.224 Tenth Enzyme Regulation Symposium, Indianapolis, October. Brief correspondence re arrangements, publication of Krebs's paper (Bibliog. 310). (? Bethesda, MarylandJ, 8-10 October. Schedule of visit only. F.225-F .227 Visit to USA, December 1971-Jenuary 1972. Fs225 N .226, F.227 n Indiana University Medical Center, Indianapolis, 28-29 December. Krebs visited Indianapolis for consultations with G. Weber. Correspondence re arrangements; programme for Krebs's visit. Pan-American Association of Biochemical Societies Winter School, Miami, 3-7 January. Krebs chaired and contributed to Winter School sessions on the organisa- tion of redox processes at the pyridine nucleotide level. He also lectured to University of Miami medical students on the history of the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle (see E.16). F.226 F.227 Correspondence with orgenisers re arrangements. Announcement of symposia and Krebs's TCA lecture; programme with abstracts of contributors, etc. H.A, Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 408 F.228 F.229 F.230 Visits and conferences Invitations for 1971 Tokushima University, Japan. Second Symposium on Biochemistry of Exercise, Brussels, 6-10 June. Meeting ofItalian Bionergetics Group on ‘Biochemistry and Biophysics of the Mitochondrial Membrane’ (tentative title), June. 'First European Meeting on the Technique of Perfusion of Isolated Liver and its Applications', Milan, July. F.231 Symposium on [? Inborn Errors of Metabolism], ? Groningen . Congrés de la Société de Nutrition et de Diététique de Langue Frangaise on ‘Energy balance in man', 17-19 September. Symposium on ‘Limiting Factors of Physical Performance’, Gravenbruch/ Frankfurt, 30 September-3 October. F.232 Dedication of new ‘laboratory facility', Ben May Laboratory for Cancer Research, Chicago, 5 November. Visiting Professorship, University of Adelaide. Prestige Fellow, New Zealand. 1972 F.233-F .235 Visit to Israel, March-April. Krebs ottended a Board of Governors meeting at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He also accepted an invitation to lecture at the Weizmann Institute who elected him a member of the Board of Governors and awarded him an Honorary Fellowship. Pasteur Effect and the Relation between Cell Respiration and Fermentation’ The title of Krebs's lecture was ‘The (Bibliog. 316). F.233 Correspondencere travel to Israel, expenses. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 409 F234 F.235 F.236 Visits and conferences Correspondencere arrangements for visit to Weizmann Institute, article for Institute's magazine; ms. introductory remarks for Krebs's lecture which refer to his 1936 visit to Israel with D. Nachmansohn. Invitation to visit Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa (declined). Second International Kissinger Colloquium on ‘Aktuelle Probleme der Pathogenese und Therapie der Leberinsuffizienz', Bad Kissingen, 7 and 8 April. Krebs agreed to present a paper on 'Biochemische Grundlagen der Leberinsuffizienz mit besonderer BerUcksichtigung der Hyperammoniaemie' . Correspondencere arrangements including publication of Krebs's paper (not listed in Bibliog.); programme; published version of paper. F.237 Lindau meeting of Nobel prizewinners, 26-30 June. Krebs lectured on 'Der Pasteur Effekt und die Beziehungen zwischen Atmung und Garung in lebenden Zellen' @ibliog. 312). Invitation and programme; list of particpants; newspaper cuttings; brief correspondence arising. F .238-F .240 Visit to USA, September-October. F.238 F.239 F.240 University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas, 26-29 September. Krebs lectured on 'Regulatory Mechanisms in the Synthesis of Urea’. Correspondence re arrangements, schedules of visit, press-cutting, etc. Eleventh Enzyme Regulation Conference, Indianapolis, 2 and 3 October. Correspondence re arrangements. Invitation to visit Saint Louis University. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 410 Visits and conferences Invitations for 1972 F.241 Meeting of the National Heart and Lung Institute Task Force on Respiratory Diseases, Washington, D.C., February. South African Society for Experimental Biology Symposium on Control Mechanisms in Biological Systems. F.242 National Bureau of Standards, Washington, D.C. Invitation from Exeter University for Krebs to take part in Réview Symposium. Ninth International Congress of Biochemistry. University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Dallas. 1973 F.243 Alfred Benzon Symposium, Copenhagen, May. F.244 See D.188-D.205, H.208, for research, Brief correspondence only. correspondence and other material relating to this important meeting. Transplantation Society conference on organ preservation, St. John's College, Cambridge, 29 and 30 August. Correspondence re arrangements, publication of papers (Bibliog. 331). See also E.19. F.245-F.247 Visit to USA, September-October. F.245 F.246 Fogarty International Center, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, 20 September-3 October. Brief incidental correspondence; printed matter. Saint Louis University, 3-4 October. Krebs lectured on the 'Control of the Pentose Phosphate Cycle’ (Bibliog. 327). Brief correspondence re arrangements; schedule of visit; scientific correspondence arising. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 F 247 41] Visits and conferences Twelfth Enzyme Regulation Symposium, Indianapolis, 8-9 October. Krebs's symposium lecture was entitled ‘Regulation of the pentose phosphate cycle in rat liver' Bibliog. 329). lecture on ‘Sociological aspects of scientific research’. Correspondence with organiser re arrangements. He also gave a public For conference on the Historical Development of Bioenergetics, Boston, 11-13 October, see E.24-E.35. F.248-F .254 Visit to USA, October-November. F.248, F.249 West Central States Biochemistry Conference, University of Missouri- Columbia, 26-27 October. Krebs gave the conference address on ‘Isolated Liver Cells as Tools for the Study of Liver Metabolism’. F.248 F.249 F.250 Correspondence re arrangements; schedule ofvisit. Conference programmes, lecture poster, etc. ~ University of lowa, lowa City, lowa, 28-29 October. Krebs gave a seminar on ‘The Regulation of the Pentose Phosphate Cycle’ and talked to medical students on the history of the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle. Correspondence re arrangements; schedule ofvisit. F.251-F .253 Twenty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases, 31 October-] November. Krebs gave the Searle Lecture on ‘The Liver in Carbohydrate Metabolism’ and contributed a paper on ‘The Hepatotrophic Concept from a Biochemist's Point of View' to the Roche Symposium on Portal Hepatotrophic Factors. Fuzoe F253 Programme; correspondence re arrangements. Ms. and typescript drafts for Krebs's symposium paper. Printed and duplicated background material. Invitations (declined) to visit other institutions during Americen trip. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 412 Visits and conferences Invitations for 1973 F.255 Conference on 'Techniques of Microcalorimetric Investigations on Cellular Systems with Special Reference to the Clinical Field', University of Lund, Sweden, July. International Organisation fot the Study of Human Development Second International Congress on Milk and Lactation, Campione, Italy, 9-12 September. Symposium on ‘Energy Metabolism in Long Lasting Exercise’, Magglingen, Switzerland, 17-22 September. F.256 East Virginia Medical School, Norfolk. F.257 F .258 South African Society for Experimental Biology Symposium on ‘Structure and Function in Metabolism’. 1974 Symposium on Friedreich's Ataxia, Oxford, 10 January. Programme; correspondence re arrangements; background material. EMBO workshop on ‘Molecular aspects of hormone action’, Sheffield, 3-5 April. Krebs talked on 'Rate limiting factors in gluconeogenesis’. Correspondence re arrangements; duplicated sheet of information; programme. F.259, F.260 Symposium on Renal Metabolism in honour of Robert F. Pitts, New York, 20-21 June. opened the symposium with remarks intended to put ‘the contents of Krebs the Symposium into the right perspective, in terms of biochemistry and regulatory function’. tions in the Kidney' and presented work underthe title, ‘Some Aspects of the Regulation of Ammonia Release by the Kidney’ (Bibliog. 338). He also chaired the session on ‘Energy Transforma- F.259 F.260 Correspondence re arrangements, publication of proceedings. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts for Krebs's contributions; background material. For Lipmann Symposium, Berlin-Dahlem, July, see J.400. H A ‘ Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Visits and conferences F.261, F.262 Visit to USA, October. 413 F.261 Thirteenth Symposium on Enzyme Reguletion, Indianapolis, 7-8 October. Krebs gave a special symposium lecture on 'The role of chemical equilibria in organ function’ (Bibliog. 341) and an open lecture to students on the misuse and overuse of drugs (Bibliog. 334). Correspondence with organisers re arrangements. F.262 University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 14-15 October. Krebs repeated his Indianapolis special symposium lecture (Bibliog . 341) in the Penn Lecture series and lectured clinical students on over- medication (Bibliog. 334). Correspondence with organisers re arrangements. F .263-F .268 Visit to USA, December 1974-Jenuary 1975. F .263-F .266 Americen Society of Zoologists Symposium on 'New Directionsin Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry’, Tucson, Arizona, 27-29 December. The title of Krebs's contribution was 'The August Krogh Principle: "For many problems there is an animal on which it can be most conveniently studied".' (Bibliog. 345). F.263 Schedule of Americen visit; correspondence re arrangementsfor Tucson symposium; newspaper cutting; personal correspondence. F.264, F.265 Ms. and typescript notes and drafts for Krebs's contribution . 2 folders. F.266 F.267 F.268 Background material including correspondence with J.W.S. Pringle (1965) re Krogh Principle. University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, 30 December- 7 January. Krebs gave a seminar on 'The role of chemical equilibria in organ function’ (Bibliog. 341) and lectured on overmedication (Bibliog. 334). Correspondence re arrangements; schedule of Krebs's visit. Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, 7-9 January. Krebs gave the Frontiers in Biological Sciences lecture (Bibliog. 341). Correspondence re arrangementsfor visit, research problem. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 414 Visits and conferences Invitations for 1974 F.269 International Creative Center conference, San Remo, 28 June-2 July. Joint Meeting of Biochemical Societies of Belgium, Netherlands and West Germany, Dusseldorf, 2-5 October. International Council on Alcohol and Addictions Symposium on Alcoholism Research in Industrialised Countries, Lausanne, 2-6 December. F.270 Free University of Berlin. Meeting of Gesellschaft Deutscher Naturforscher und Arzte. University of Helsinki. New Zealand (Commonwealth Prestige Fellow). 1975 F.271-F .273 Symposium in honour of Krebs, University of Valencia, May. Krebs presented a paper on the discovery of the ornithine cycle (Bibliog. 351) and was awarded an honorary degree. F.271, F.272 Correspondence re arrangements for symposium, publication of proceedings, etc; oration by J. Vina at honorary degree ceremony. 2 folders. F.273 Newspaper accounts, etc. F.274, F.275 Symposium on 'Mitochondrial-Cytosolic Interrelationships' and FEBS Advanced Course on 'Use of Isolated Liver Cells and Kidney Tubules in Metabolic Studies', Paris and Luzarches, 26-28 July. F.274 F.275 F.276 Correspondencere arrangements; copies of letters of thanks from parti- cipants to J.M. Tager. Correspondencere publication of proceedings (Bibliog. 349). International Symposium on Enzymatic Mechanisms in Biosynthesis and Cell Function (Ochoa Symposium), Madrid, September. Biographical sketches of participants (printed booklet). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Visits and conferences F.277,-F.278 Visit to USA, October. 415 F277 F.278 E279 Fourteenth Symposium on Enzyme Regulation, Indianapolis, 6-7 October. Krebs gave a symposium lecture on "Factors Regulating the Hepatic Degradation of Histidine’ (Bibliog. 348) and a public lecture on 'The Discovery and Clinical Relevance of the Ornithine Cycle of Urea Synthesis’ . Correspondence re arrangements, recommendation of Krebs for an honorary degree; abstract of symposium lecture. Symposium in honour of Albert Szent-Gy&rgi, Boston, 16-17 October. Krebs lectured on ‘Errors, False Trails and Failures in Scientific Research’ (Bibliog. 356). Correspondence re arrangements, publication of proceedings, Szent- Gyargi's 'bioelectronic ideas’. National Swedish Board for Technical Possibilities for Chemical Characteristization of Biological Systems, with Special Regard to the Demands of Medical Care’, Wenner-Gren Centre, Stockholm, 9 December. Development Seminar on 'Future Krebs agreed to talk on inherited and other metabolic errors. Correspondence from organisers. Invitations for 1975 F.280 Biochemical Symposium in honour of Earl A. Evans Jr., University of Chicago, 23 May. Symposium on Nutrition and Cancer, Florida, May 1975. Japan . H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Visits and conferences 1976 416 F.281 Institut de la Vie Conference, Wolfson College, Oxford, 13 April. Note of discussion and brief correspondence re arrangements. F.282-F.286 Visit to Australia, April-May. Krebs's journey was sponsored jointly by the Biochemical Society and the Australian Biochemical Society. He visited research centres in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra and attended the annual meeting of the ABS at the University of New England, Armidele. Correspondence with organisers re arrangements: F.283 F.284 F.285 F.286 The Biochemical Society. FJ. Ballard. G.M. Kellerman. Various Australian colleagues. In alphabetical order. List of contacts for Australian visit, itineraries, invitation and greetings cards, etc. F.287, F.288 Tenth Anniversary Celebrations of the University of Konstanz, 8-16 June. Krebs lectured on 'Biologische Regulationsmechanismen: und ihre Beden- tung fur Soziale Probleme’ and 'Regulationsmechanismen in Stoffwechsel der Aminosduren'. Some of the ceremonies were disturbed by student demonstrations. F ; 287 Correspondence re arrangements, student demonstrations. Includes letter, with list of signatories, expressing regret at the indignities to which Krebs, with other guests of the university, was subjected, and Krebs's draft letter expressing concern at excessive permissiveness and pointing out the unsatisfactory features of the old German university system. from the letter as sent, a copy of which is also in the folder. The discussion of the old German university system was omitted F.288 Programme, duplicated sheets produced by student protesters, newspaper cuttings, Krebs's ms. and typescript notes. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Pa2Oeriwcee Visits and conferences 417 Symposium on ‘Biologically Active Substances - exploration and exploitation’ in honour of the 70th birthday of Sir Ernst Chain, Royal Society, 15-16 June. Krebs agreed to sum up the proceedings with a few concluding remarks. He was also asked to use the occasion of the symposium to publish an article in Nature on the dominance of biochemistry by molecular biology. F.289 Correspondence re arrangements, proposed article. Programmes; list of participants. Drafts, transcript of Krebs's concluding remarks; draft report on symposium Ms. and typescript notes re Chain's personality and scientific work; printed material including programme of Wigmore Hall concert given by Chain and his son. The American Instrument Company (Aminco) seminar on ‘Biological Research and Instrumentation', Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford, 21 July. Correspondence re arrangements, programme, list of participants, draft of Krebs's introductory remarks. F.294, F.295 Visit to USA, September-October. F.294 Fifteenth Enzyme Regulation Conference, Indianapolis. Brief correspondence rearrangements and sending copy of abstract (not now with the correspondence). University of Texas Health Science Center, Dallas, 1 October. Brief correspondence re arrangements. Munich, 25 and 26 November. Krebs lectured on 'Die Regulierung des Folsdurestoffwechsels' and 'Die Entdeckung des Harnstoffcyklus'. Brief correspondence, announcementof lectures, newspapercutting. Invitations for 1976 F.297 German Diabetes Association conference on ‘Biochemical and Clinical Aspects of Ketone Body Metabolism', Géttingen, 25 and 26 May. Symposium on ‘Essential Amino Acids and their Analogues', Erlangen, 17 June. H.A, | Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 F.298 F.299 F300 Visits and conferences 418 Third International Symposium on the Biochemistry of Exercise, Quebec, 12-15 July. Free University of Berlin, Summer semester. Ditchley Foundation Conference on 'The Health of the Public', 19-22 November. 1977 Tenth Anniversary Celebrations of the University of Ulm, February. Krebs accepted an invitation to give the Ludwig-Heilmeyer-Geddchtnis- vorlesung. His title was 'Regulierung des Folsdurestoffwechsels’ . Correspondence re arrangements; programme, newspaper cutting. F.301, F.302 Informal workshop to clarify possible rates of energy-linked trans- hydrogenases, Oxford, 4 April. F.301 F.302 F.303 Correspondence re arrangements. Krebs's ms. and typescript notes. International Symposium on Parenteral Nutrition, Bermuda, 16-19 May. Krebs gave a keynote address on ‘Carbohydrates’ (Bibliog. 364). symposium was funded by Travenol. The Brief correspondence; programmes. See also C.140 XXVII International Congress of Physiological Sciences, Paris, 18-23 July One letter only. See H.252. F .304-F .306 Visit to USA, September-October. F.304 Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, 28-30 September. Krebs gave the second Smith, Kline and French Lecture on 'The History of the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle’. Correspondence re arrangements; later scientific correspondence. F.305 Veterans Administration Department of Medicine and Surgery, Washington, D.C., 1 October. Brief correspondence only. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Visits and conferences 419 F.306 Sixteenth Symposium on Enzyme Regulation, Indianapolis, October. Krebs presented his symposium lecture on 'Some Aspects of the Regulation of Purine Biosynthesis' (Bibliog. 365) and gave a public lecture on "Metabolic Functions of the Intestinal Mucosa’. Brief correspondence re arrangements; abstract of symposium lecture. Invitations for 1977 F .307 Third International Ammonia Symposium, Vienna, 12-14 May. psychische und soziale Schdden durch Genussmittel, Nl Physische, Unweltstoffe und den one Missbrauch von Arzneimitteln', Tubingen, 6 October. 1978 F.308-F .315 Visit to USA, January. Symposium on 'The Role of Compartmentation in Metabolic Regulation: Microenvironmental Aspects', University of Texas Health Science Center, Dallas, 16 and 17 January. Krebs presented a paper on 'The Regulation of the Concentration of Low Molecular Constituents in Compartments' (ibliog. 367). F.308 Programme; correspondencere arrangements, publication of proceedings. F.309, F.310 Variously paginated ms. and typescript drafts. 2 folders: F.309 1975, 1977 F.310 1978 and n.d. F.311-F.313 Background material including ms. and typescript notes, corres pondence and printed matter. 3 folders. F.314 Heineman Medical Research Center, Charlotte, North Carolina, 18 and 19 January. Krebs lectured on the history of the tricarboxylic acid cycle. Correspondence re arrangements, etc. Invitation to visit University of Arizona, Tucson. H A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Fiolo 420 Visits and conferences Newspapercuttings of Krebs in America. Includes Krebs's comments on theills of British society for the benefit of an American audience. A scrapbook of documents, correspondence, draft speech of welcome to Krebs, photographs, souvenirs and memorabilia relating to visit to Charlotte (F.314) is preserved at A. 37. F.316-F .322 Workshop on Renal Metabolism held during the 7th International Congress of Nephrology, Montreal, 18-23 June. Krebs was chairman of the workshop and made the introductory remarks. F.316 Programme; drafts of Krebs's introductory remarks. F.317-F .322 'Renal Metabolism Montreal 1978' Contents of a folder so inscribed divided into six folders for ease of reference. The original folder has not been preserved. F.317 F.318 F.319 F.320 Krebs's dated typescript notes 1977, February 1978 4-12 May 1978 16-24 May, June 1978 Undated ms. and typescript notes F.321, F.322 © Printed matter. 2 folders. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 F.323, F.324 F.323 F.324 F.325 F.326 421 Visits and conferences 6th International Subcellular Methodology Forum, University of Surrey, Guildford, 25-28 July. Krebs talked on 'Criteria of metabolic competence of isolated hepa- tocytes' (Bibliog. 376). Correspondence re arrangements; programmes; abstracts, etc. Typescript draft, with ms. corrections, of Bibliog. 376. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 19 and 20 October. Krebs gave the Harry Steenbock Lectures in Biochemistry on ‘Regulation of Folate Metabolism' and 'On asking the right kind of question in biological research' (Bibliog. 374). Brief correspondence re arrangements; newspaper-cutting, etc. University of Bayreuth, 26 November. Krebs lectured on the occasion of the establishment of the Emil Warburg- Stiftung. Correspondence re arrangements; invitation; press-cutting . Invitations for 1978 F.327 Kroc Foundation Symposium on Physiology and Biochemistry of Muscle Tissue, Santa Barbara, California, 13-17 March. 17th Enzyme Regulation Symposium, Indianapolis, October. International Symposium on Gluconeogenesis, Calcutta, 3-5 December. 1979 F .328-F .330 F.328 F.329 F. 330 Symposium on ‘Addiction: Biochemical Aspects of Dependenceand Brain Damage’, Oxford, 13-14 September. Krebs talked on the general principles of ethanol's effect on metabolic processes. (Not listed in Bibliog.) Programmes; correspondence re arrangements with organisers including the Helping Hand Organisation and the Alcohol Education Centre; correspondence re publication of proceedings. Drafts of Krebs's contribution. Ms. and typescript notes; typescript draft of Bibliog. 346. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 F.331, F.332 422 Visits and conferences 5th International Symposium on Biochemical Aspects of Kidney Function, Oxford, 16-19 September. Krebs's paper was entitled ‘Bicarbonate and Glutamate Metabolism’ (Bibliog. 378). F.331 F.332 F.333 F.334 Programmes; abstracts. Drafts of Krebs's contribution. Symposium on ‘Glutamine: Metabolism, Enzymology and Regulation’, Mexico, November. Krebs lectured on 'Glutamine Metabolism in the Animal Body' (Bibliog. 381). Correspondence re arrangements. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, 3-4 December. Krebs lectured on 'The History of the Discovery of the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle'and gave a seminar on 'The Action of Benzoate on Metabolic Processes in Animal Tissues and Microorganisms’ . Correspondence re arrangements; schedule of Krebs's visit. National Congress of the Spanish Society for Physiological Sciences, December. Press-cutting only. Invitations for 1979 F.335 Berlin, 5 June. Research Group on Biochemistry of Exercise International Symposium on 'Exercise and Hormone Regulations', Free University of Brussels, 19-22 June. World Congress on Alternatives and Environment, 29-31 October. Japan (Tsukuba University). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 F.336-F .340 423 Visits and conferences 1980 ‘Biological Cycles’ Symposium in honour of Krebs's 80th birthday, University of Texas Health Science Center, Dallas, 17-19 March. Krebs concluded the symposium with informal remarks, a version of which appeared in the published proceedings (not listed in Bibliog.). He also agreed to prepare a lecture for the Medical Grand Rounds at the University of Texas Health Science Center, 13 March, and sug- gested as his topic 'Medical and Biological Aspects of Juvenile Delinquency After correspondence with the organiser he changedthis to "Basic Research and Practical Medicine’. F.336, F.337 Correspondence re arrangements, publication of proceedings, etc. F.338 F. 339 F.340 F.341 2 folders. Information sent to participants; programme; poster. Drafts of Krebs's response . Ms. notes found with symposium material . Gesellschaft fUr Biologische Chemie Conference on ‘Interactions of Biosynthetic Pathways’, DUsseldorf, 27-29 May. Letter from organiser and preliminary programme; notes of Krebs's travel arrangements. F.342 Visit to West Germany, ? October. Brief correspondence re costs. F.343 Colloquium in honour of Kurt Mothes, Halle, East Germany, 11 November Krebs lectured on ‘Evolution des Zitronensdurezyklus' . Invitation; correspondence re arrangements; Krebs's ms. notes. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 424 Visits and conferences Invitations for 1980 F.344 First Congress of the Association Mondiale de Perspective Sociale, Dakar, 21-23 January. Mexico City, March. 13th FEBS Meeting, Jerusalem, 24-29 August. F.345 Joint meeting of German and Austrian Biochemical Societies, Innsbruck, 14-17 September. Wright State University School of Medicine, Dayton, Ohio. 1981 F.346-F .349 F.346 F.347 F.348 F.349 Harvard Medical School, May. Heoriginally Krebs visited the medical school as Dunham Lecturer. suggested juvenile delinquency as his theme but after discussion with the organiser settled on 'The Evolution and Regulation of Metabolic Cycles’. Correspondence with organiser re arrangements; synopsis of lectures. Miscellaneous correspondence with colleagues re Harvard visit; personal correspondence. Schedules of visit; lecture posters; social invitations; newspapercutting. Miscellaneous ms. notes re Harvard visit. For Dunham Lectures see also D.459-D.511. F.350 Boston University, 27 May. Krebs lectured on 'The Evolution of Metabolic Cycles’. Correspondence re arrangements. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 F.351-F.353 Visits and conferences Lindau meeting of Nobel prizewinners, 29 June-3 July. Krebs lectured on 'The Evolution of the Citric Acid Cycle and other Metabolic Pathways’. 425 F.351 F.352 F.353 Correspondence re arrangements. Invitation; programmes; summaries of papers. Photographs and press-cuttings. Invitations for 1981 F.354 University of Cologne, 19-21 March. Ciba Foundation Symposium No.87: Metabolic acidosis, London, 11-14 May F.355 3rd Congress of the European Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, Maastricht, 27-30 September. Symposium on ‘Relationships between Structure and Function in Biochemical Systems' in honour of A. Rossi Fanelli, Rome, 28-30 September. Round-table discussion on ‘Sponsoring and Promoting Outstanding Academic Achievements - Reasons and Approaches', Essen, 29 September. Pre-doctoral Student meeting ofIrish Area Section of the Biochemical Society, Cork, 1 and 2 October. Invitations for 1982 F.356 Congress on Citric Acid and Vitamin C, Mexico City, 21-27 March. Biochemische Analytik 82. Instrumentelle Analyse, Munich, 27-30 April. Internationale Tagung fur Biochemische und Krebs agreed to give the opening lecture on 'Ubermediketion und iatrogene Krankheiten’. Harry S. Steenbock Symposium on ‘Biochemistry of Metabolic Processes’, University of Wisconsin-Madison, June. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 426 Visits and conferences Invitations for 1983 F.357 First International Conference on Elements in Health and Disease, New Delhi, 6-10 February. Symposium on 'Hormonal Effects on Membrane Systems’, Netherlands. F.358 F.359 F.360 Miscellaneous unattributed material re visits. Draft schedules for visits, lectures, etc., various dates, 1963-78. Miscellaneous correspondence and papers exchanged with United States Embassy, travel agents, re foreign travel, various dates, 1970-81. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 . . 427 SECTION G SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS G.1 - G.243 The material is presented in an alphabetical sequence and covers both British and overseas organisations. While some entries are relatively trivial and deal with membership, inv.itations to meetings and the like, others are substantial folders covering a lengthy time-span and matters of consequence such as research policy and the refereeing of grant applica- tions. Of particular importance in these respects is the material re the Agricultural Research Council, the Biochemical Society, especially Krebs's chairmanship of the Society's Sub-committee on the Report of the Working Group on Molecular Biology, and the Science Research Council. Although slight in quantity there is also interesting material re refugee scientists. See G.1, G.85, G.216. ACADEMIC ASSISTANCE COUNCIL ACADEMIC STUDY GROUP ON ISRAEL AND THE MIDDLE EAST ACADEMIE NATIONALE DE MEDECINE ACADEMIE ROYALE DE MEDECINE DE BELGIQUE ACCADEMIA NAZIONALE DEI LINCE! AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL AMERICAN LONGEVITY ASSOCIATION AMERICAN PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY AMERICAN SOCIETY OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTS ANGLO-ISRAEL ASSOCIATION ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN PHYSICIANS ASSOCIATION OF JEWISH REFUGEES IN GREAT BRITAIN J.T. BAKER CHEMICAL COMPANY BI- LINGUAL EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH CORPORATION BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY BRITISH COMMITTEE FOR JEWS IN ARAB COUNTRIES BRITISH COUNCIL BRITISH DIABETIC ASSOCIATION | BRITISH NUTRITION FOUNDATION G.1 G.2 G.3 G.4 G.5 G.6-G.13 G.14 G.15 G.16 G.17 G.17 G.18 G.19 G.19 G.20-G.65 G.66 G.67, G.6& G.69-G.7] G.72 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Societies and organisations BRITISH SOCIETY FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN SCIENCE COMMONWEALTH SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH ORGANISATION (CSIRO) CONSEJO SUPERIOR DE INVESTIGACIONES CIENTIFICAS COUNCIL FOR SCIENTIFIC POLICY DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER NATURFORSCHER LEOPOLDINA EMERGENCY SOCIETY FOR GERMAN SCHOLARS IN EXILE ENCOUNTER FOR THE UNIVERSALITY OF UNESCO EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY FOR PURE SCIENCE FLEMING MEMORIAL FUND FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH FREIE WISSENSCHAFTLICHE VEREINIGUNG FRIENDS OF THE HEBREW UNIVERSITY OF JERUSALEM HEBREW UNIVERSITY OF JERUSALEM IMPERIAL CANCER RESEARCH FUND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES ON THE UNITY OF THE SCIENCES / INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF STRESS / HANS SELYE FOUNDATION. See J.649 ISRAEL UNIVERSITIES' STUDY GROUP FOR MIDDLE EASTERN AFFAIRS MAHARISHI EUROPEAN RESEARCH UNIVERSITY MAHARISHI INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE / OXFORD TRANS- CENDENTAL MEDITATION CENTRE MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL MENTAL HEALTH FOUNDATION METABOLIC DISEASE INSTITUTE MICROBIOLOGICAL RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT MINISTRY OF HEALTH MINISTRY OF OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT, INTERNATIONAL RECRUITMENT UNIT NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION 428 G.73-G.80 O D 81 A 8] A A A A N A A D A Q A Q O a M Q Q N 81 .82-G.84 85 . 86 87 87 .88-G.96 97 .98-G.101 .102-G.104 .105 .106-G.120 O 121 Q O .122 O -122 0 0 0 9 0 O 0 O 0 Q .123-G.125 . 126 .127 .127 . 128 129 129 .130, G.131 .132 © a a Q H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 . 429 Societies and organisations NUFFIELD FOUNDATION ~ NUTRITION SOCIETY G.133-G.135 G.136 G.137 G.138-G.152 OMNIHEALTH ORDEN POUR LE MERITE FUR WISSENSCHAFTEN UND KUNSTE PUBLIC HEALTH RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK G.153 G.153 PUGWASH CONTINUING COMMITTEE G.153 RAJA YOGA CENTRE G.153 RAMSAY MEMORIAL FELLOWSHIPS TRUST G.153 RESEARCH SOCIETY ON ALCOHOLISM G.154-G.189 ROYAL SOCIETY . ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO . . ANIMALS ROYAL SOCIETY OF MEDICINE SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL SERVICE FOR THE DIAGNOSES OF INBORN ERRORS SOCIETA ITALIANA DI BIOLOGIA SPERIMENTALE SOCIETY FOR EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY SOCIETY FOR GENERAL MICROBIOLOGY SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF SCIENCE AND LEARNING SPECIAL COMMISSION ON INTERNAL POLLUTION (SCIP) ‘THANK-YOU BRITAIN' FUND WEIZMANN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE WORLD PEACE CONGRESS / NATIONAL PEACE COUNCIL WORLD RENEWAL SPIRITUAL TRUST (U.K.) G.190 G.191 G.192-G.201 G.202-G.213 G.214 G.214 G.215 G.216-G.219 G.220-G.232 G.233-G. 238 G.239-G. 242 G.243 G.243 H.A. Krebs — CSAC 113/4/86 430 Societies and organisations ACADEMIC ASSISTANCE COUNCIL 1934, 1935 References for refugee scientists. See also G.216. G.2 ACADEMIC STUDY GROUP ON ISRAEL AND THE MIDDLE EAST 1979 Invitations for Krebs to become associated with academic study group, attend meetings. ACADEMIE NATIONALE DE MEDECINE Various dates, 1952-77 Krebs was elected to the Académie in 1952, and was elected a Foreign Associate in 1973. Brief correspondence only, re election, reprints, etc. G.4 ACADEMIE ROYALE DE MEDECINE DE BELGIQUE 1974, 1976-78 Brief correspondence only. ACCADEMIA NAZIONALE DEI LINCEI (Rome) Various dates, 1951-75 Krebs was elected 'Sodalizio' in 1967. Brief correspondence re election, deposit of Krebs's publications in Library, invitation (declined) to serve on committee for Feltrinelli Prizes. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 431 Societies and organisations G.6-G.13 AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL Various dates, 1949-81 Krebs served the Council in various capacities, principally on the Standing Committee on Research affecting Animals (1951-65), as Chairman of the Rowett Visiting Group, and member of the Visiting Group of the Food Research Institute. He was also consulted on research grant applications. See also A.569. The folders also include correspondence on scientific research, meetings, reports, invitations to lecture, etc. 1949-65 Includes letter of appointment to Standing Committee on Research affecting Animals (1951), general correspondence on meetings, research, reports, letters of thanks at end of period on Council (1965). G.7 General correspondence on Council affairs, 1966. G.8, G.9 Grant applications, 1966 2 folders: January-March June- November 1967-69 General correspondence. to lecture, arrangements for dinner to mark retirement of Council Chairman, Duke of Northumberland (1968). Includes some scientific material, invitation 1970-71 Includes copy of report of Visiting Group to the Food Research Institute, scientific correspondence, invitation to speak, proposal to form ARC group on ruminant metabolism. 1977 Correspondence on gluconeogenesis. 1981 Grant application. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 432 Societies and organisations AMERICAN LONGEVITY ASSOCIATION 1980 Krebs was asked to become associated with this body but declined. AMERICAN PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY Various dates, 1964-78 Krebs was elected as foreign member, 1964. General correspondence on affairs of the Society. 1976-78 concerns invitation and arrangements for and proposed publication of the Jayne Lectures at Philadelphia, August 1976. Krebs's lectures were on 'The regulation of the metabolism of aminoacids'. (Not listed in Bibliog.) Correspondence See H.229-H.242. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTS 1961, 1971-73 Krebs was elected as the first Honorary Memberof the Society in May 1961. Brief correspondence on election, and on general affairs of the Society. ANGLO-ISRAEL ASSOCIATION 1980, 1981 Brief correspondenceonly. ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN PHYSICIANS 1973, 1974 Notices of meetings only. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 433 Societies and organisations ASSOCIATION OF JEWISH REFUGEES IN GREAT BRITAIN Various dates, 1957-8 Correspondence with the General Secretary (W. Rosenstock) on general affairs of the Association. Correspondence 1957 is about congratulatory address for 75th birthday of N. Bentwich, who had been prominent in securing release of Jewish refugees from Germany. Krebs sent a short message. Correspondence 1964 is about ‘Thank-YouBritain’ Fund, of which Krebs was a patron. See also G.233-G.238. J.T. BAKER CHEMICAL COMPANY 1978 Brief correspondence only, re 'Nobel Laureate Signature Award’, sponsored by the Company and awarded by American Chemical Society. BI- LINGUAL EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH CORPORA- TION 1973 Invitation (declined) to join the Science Advisory Committee of the Corporation. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Societies and organisations 434 G.20-G.65 THE BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY 1934-81 Krebs attended or organised meetings of the Society and published papersin its Journal, almost from the beginning of his residence in Britain. He served on several com- mittees, was a frequent speaker at meetings and symposia, and undertook visits sponsored by the Society. the Biochemical Journal (1948, see G.28), he was frequently consulted as a referee, and Although he declined an invitation to serve on the Editorial Board of also submitted many of his own papers for publication. Ofspecial interest is the full record Krebs preserved of his service as Chairman of the Society's Sub-committee to consider the Report of the Working Group on Molecular Biology (H.M.S.O. July 1968). The Society organised symposia to mark Krebs's retirement in 1967, and his 80th birthday in 1980. The material is presented as follows: G.20-G.27 G.28-G.34 G.35-G.65 General correspondence on affairs of the Society The Biochemical Journal Sub-committee on the Report of the Working Group on Molecular Biology. G .20-G.27 General correspondenceron the affairs of the Society G.20 1934-35 Correspondence re Krebs's lecture before the Society, 31 January 1935. His subject was ‘Experiments on the Nitrogen Metabolism of Vertebrates’ G.21 1940, 1946-51 1940 papers relate to 207th meeting of the Society, organised by Krebs at Sheffield. In 1946 Krebs was elected to the Committee of the Society. He retired from the Sub-committee dealing with the publication of symposia in 1949. 1949-51 correspondence relates to the payment of honoraria to editors and officers of the Society. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 G.22 1961 Societies and organisations 435 Fiftieth Anniversary Meeting, 27-29 March. Krebs gave the Third Hopkins Memorial Lecture on 'The Physiological Role of Ketone Bodies’. Programme, invitation cards, 3pp. draft for lecture and correspondence arising from lecture. (Bibliog. 200.) G.23 1963, 1964, 1969 1963 letter relates to invitation to serve on Biochemical Society Committee. 1964 correspondence relates to award of Colworth Medal. G.24 1970-71 Correspondence re attendance at committee meetings, service on Hopkins Medal sub-committee, reproduction of Krebs's article on symposia (see also E.249-E.255). .25 1972-76 Includes material re arrangements for meetings at Stirling (1976) and Cardiff (1977). G.26 1977-81 Includes a little material re Krebs's 80th birthday colloquium. also B.98-B.100. See CZ 1970-71, 1975 Correspondence re CIBA and Colworth Medals. G.28-G.34 Biochemical Journal G.28 1946, 1948 1948 correspondence relates to an invitation to join the Editorial Board. H A . Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 436 G.29-G.3] Correspondence re submission of papers by Krebs. Societies and organisations G.29 G.30 G.31 1949, 1951, 1971 1972, 1973, 1975 1976-80 Includes Ip. note by Krebs 'Comments on the Editorial Policy of the Biochemical Journal’, 15 December 1978, and letter from Krebs, 19 October 1979, suggesting that the importance of one of his papers had been underestimated. had failed to see the significance of one of his papers was in 1937 when Nature had returned his manuscript describing the tricarboxylic acid cycle ‘because of the congestion of the correspondence column’. He noted that the last time editors G.32-G.34 Correspondence re refereeing of papers by others. G.32 G.33 G.34 G.35-G.65 1967, 1971-72 1973-75 1976-80 Biochemical Society Sub-committee on the Report of the Working Group on Molecular Biology 1968-69 In April 1966 the Council for Scientific Policy set up a Working Group on Molecular It was 'to enquire into the present position The Report of the Working Group (published July 1968) aroused Biology under the chairmanship of J.C. Kendrew. of, and future plans for, teaching, recruitment and research in molecular biology in the United Kingdom (G.64). considerable unease amongst biochemists; for example, the concernlest the ‘necessary vagueness! involved in the Working Group's decision to ‘treat the name Molecular Biology in its widest sense' might 'be dangerous for biochemistry in the hands of a non-scient ist who might have the responsibility of acting on recommendations in the Report’. it was hoped 'that the Biochemical Society might take some action to safeguard the identity of the subject of biochemistry as a componentof the complex of biological sciences’. Accordingly (See G.36.) At a Committee meeting of the Biochemical Society, 26 September 1968, a decision was taken to set up a Sub-committee under the chairmanship of Krebs to look into the problem raised by the report and the status and function of biochemistry in the United Kingdom. H.A , Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 G.35 437 Societies and organisations Correspondence re organisation of committee meetings, terms of reference, etc. with A.I.P. Henton, Executive Secretary of the Biochemical Society (later acting-secretary of Sub-committee), various dates, October 1968-July 1969. G36-G.43 Correspondence with colleagues arranged alphabetically. G.36 W.N. Aldridge J.$.D. Bacon Includes ‘Comments on a Draft Report prepared by H.A. Krebs', 5 December 1968. G.R. Barker G.37 W. Bartley Includes copy of memorandum from the biology departments in Sheffield to the University Grants Commission, with reference to the Report of the Working Group on MolecularBiology. G.38 J.N. Davidson Includes copies of correspondence between Davidson and the officers of the Society and the Society and the Secretary of State for Education and Science, 1967, and Davidson's comments on the Report of the Working Party on Molecular Biology, October 1968. G.39 S.R. Elsden G.A. Haselwood D.E. Hughes H.L. Kornberg G.40 A.G. Lloyd et al A.P. Mathias Includes Mathias's comments on the Report of the Working Group on Molecular Biology. A. Neuberger D.C. Phillips M.L. Rosenheim H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Societies and organisations 438 G.41-G.43 R.M.S. Smellie G.4] September, October 1968 Includes copy of letter from Smellie to Secretary of Biochemical Society, 6 September, drawing the attention of members of the committee to the Report of the Working Group on Molecular Biology because he believed 'that many of the statements and conclusions in this report are inaccurate and misleading andits recommendations could be seriously to the detriment of biochemistry’; also Smellie's comments on the report, 9 October. G.42 December 1968 Includes Smellie's redrafts of sections of Krebs's draft report. G.43 February, April, May 1969 Includes Smellie's comments on a memorandum by D.C. Phillips. G.44-G.46 Correspondence with societies and organisations re information for Sub-committee's work, arranged alphabetically. G.44 G.45 G.46 G.47 A-M Nuffield Foundation, Science Teaching Project P-U Correspondence re origin of the term 'molecular biology’ found with Sub-committee papers. See also E.1. Letter from E.F. Hartree discusses 'the moves that led to the Medical Research Council's decision to back the Perutz-~Kendrew group’ . G.47A Correspondence arising from publication of report. Minutes G.48 G.49 Draft minutes of Sub-committee meeting, 25 November 1968, with Krebs's ms. amendments. Draft minutes of Sub-committee meeting, 16 December 1968, with Krebs's ms. amendments. H A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 439 Societies and organisations Drafts G.50-G.54 ‘Raw material for the work of the Sub-committee of the Biochemical Society’. G.50 G.51 G.52 G.53 Aépp. typescript draft of this paper, with ms. corrections and additions. Various dates, October, November 1968. Typescript drafts, with ms. corrections and additions, of sections of the preceding. Krebs's paper in the form distributed to members of the Sub-committee (29pp. duplicated typescript). Copy of the paper with ms. notes by W. Bartley. Copy of the paper with ms. note 'Amended Copy for second draft’. G.55-G.58 ‘Biochemistry, "Molecular Biology" and the Biological Sciences’ G.55 Annexes A, B, E, Hand | of the Sub-committee's report. All except annex | are dated 7 February 1969. G.56, G.57 Contents of a folder (not preserved) inscribed ‘Material Used March 1969". The material appears to be drafts of sections of the report or comments on sections of the report. G.58 G.59 2 folders. Drafts of various sections of the report. One section, on the relations between academic and industrial biochemistry, is dated 14 April 1969. Miscellaneous material re departmental organisation at Oxford assembled by Krebs for Biochemical Society Sub-committee. G.60, G.6] Miscellaneous material re membership examination of the Royal College of Physicians. 2 folders. G.62, G.63 Miscellaneous ms. and typescript notes. 2 folders. H.A. Krebs - CSAC -113/4/86 440 _ Societies and organisations G.64 ‘Report of the Working Group on Molecular Biology’ (Cmnd. 3675). Krebs's working copy, with ms. annotations, marginal emphasis, etc. Background material. 1 Box. BRITISH COMMITTEE FOR JEWS IN ARAB COUNTRIES 1969 Correspondence re Krebs's membership of this Committee. G.67, G.68 BRITISH COUNCIL 1964, 1972-76 Correspondence with officers of the British Council and others about foreign visitors to Krebs's laboratory, information requested re Krebs's work, and arrangements for visits by Krebs to the University of Dusseldorf, 1974, and to Australia, 1975 (declined). 1964, 1972 1973-76 G.69-G.71 BRITISH DIABETIC ASSOCIATION Various dates, 1962-82 G.69 1962 Krebs's election as Honorary Life Member. 1968 Meeting of Association at Oxford. 1969 Includes research grant application by Krebs. 1970-82 Includes correspondence, 1970-71, re appeal to commemorate 50th year of insulin, and research by Krebs supported by the Association. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Societies and organisations 44] G.72 THE BRITISH NUTRITION FOUNDATION 1969, 1973, 1978 Miscellaneous shorter correspondenceon affairs of the Foundation; correspondence 1978 is re Krebs's resignation from the Council. G.73-G.80 BRITISH SOCIETY FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN SCIENCE 1969-73 G.73, G.74 Krebs was a founder member of the Society. He resigned in 1973. Correspondence re general affairs of the Society. Krebs disapproved of the Society's involvement with such issues as the personal and academic freedom of scientists abroad, the use of CS gas, and interrogation techniques in Northern Ireland and sug- gested more appropriate social concerns for the Society, for example, finding remedies for the spread of crime and vandalism. G.73 G.74 G.75 G.76 G.77 G.78 G.79 G.80 2 folders. 1969-70 1971-73 Programmes of meetings, conferences; summary of activities of the Society, 1969-70. BSSRS 'newsheet', nos. 1, 7, 8 and 10. Cambridge J SSRS Bulletin. Special issue re public debate on education, race, ig. and intelli- gence, 18 July 1970. Annotated by Krebs. Olkxford] SSRS Bulletin nos. 2, 3, 7 and October 1972 (unnumbered). Krebs's ms. and typescript notes on social responsibility. Newspaper-cuttings, journal extracts, etc. on social responsibility. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 442 Societies and organisations G.81 COMMONWEALTH SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH ORGANISATION (CSIRO) 1976 One letter only. CONSEJO SUPERIOR DE INVESTIGACIONES CIENTIFICAS 1967 Brief correspondence only. COUNCIL FOR SCIENTIFIC POLICY 1967 Correspondencere fees for postgraduate students. G.82-G.84 DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER NATURFORSCHER LEOPOLDINA Various dates, 1956-8 Krebs was elected as member in 1956 and honorary member in 1969. Correspondence re general affairs of the academy including invitations for Krebs to attend meetings. G.82 1956-62 Includes material (1962) re obstacles in the way of East German scientist attending symposium in Oxford. G.83 G.84 1969-71 1972-01 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Societies and organisations G.85 EMERGENCY SOCIETY FOR GERMAN SCHOLARS IN EXILE ~ 1944 443 Request from F. Demuth of the society for information about teachers then working in German medical faculties, in particular who had and The information was required who had not been Nazi sympathisers. 'to answer questions asked by a British Authority dealing with the reconstruction of German Medical faculties after the occupation of Germany’. Krebs was also asked for a list of German biochemists in Great Britain. Related correspondence with F.L. Breusch in Istanbul . G.86 ENCOUNTER FOR THE UNIVERSALITY OF UNESCO 1976-77 Correspondence with André Lwoff, President of Encounter for the Universality of UNESCO, re the possible suspension of Israel's membership of the World Health Organisation. G.87 EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT 198] Invitation to be associated with an appeal by Nobel Prize winners for immediate action against hunger and underdevelopment in the world (declined). EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY FOR PURE SCIENCE 1978-79 Krebs was invited by J.C. Eccles to advise on developing a Biological Sciences Faculty of the European University for Pure Science (declined). G.88-G.96 FLEMING MEMORIAL FUND FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH Various dates, 1959-7, A chronological sequence of correspondence and papers. G.88 1959 Includes invitation for Krebs to become a Trustee of the Fund. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 G.89 Societies and organisations 444 1961 Correspondence re what Krebs considered the extravagant administrative costs of the Fund. with which he had been associated: the Oxford Historic Buildings Appeal and St. Catherine's College, Oxford. He mentioned two other fund-ra ising endeavours G.90-G.92 1962-63 Correspondence, etc. re application to the Fund from E.B. Chain. (Krebs was chairman of the Fund's Scientific Advisory Committee . ) 3 folders. G 93 G.94-G.96 G 97 G.98-G.101 G.98 G.99 G 100 G.101 1976-77 Correspondence, after the Fund had been wound up, re the use of the sum allocated to Imperial College for research by Chain. Miscellaneous printed and duplicated material re Fund, 1959-62. Includes trust deed, statement of aims, progress reports. 3 folders. FREIE WISSENSCHAFTLICHE VEREINIGUNG Krebs joined the society in Munich in the early 1920s. 1966 material relates to the 85th anniversary celebrations and includes notes of Krebs's after-dinner address, 16 July. 1966, 1967, 1979, 1981 Various dates, 1945-81 FRIENDS OF THE HEBREW UN IVERSITY OF JERUSALEM General correspondence re the activities of the Friends. 1945, 1947, 1948 1945 correspondence relates to formation of a group of Friends at Sheffield. 1948 correspondencerelates to launching of an appeal for the Hebrew University. Krebs became chairman of the Sheffield branch in 1947. 1954, 1957 1958-63 1964, 1966, 1971, 1979-81 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Societies and organisations 445 G.102-G.104 HEBREW UNIVERSITY OF JERUSALEM Various dates, 1961-81 G.102, G.103 1961-62 Correspondence, etc. re election of new President of the University. 2 folders. 1963, 1968, 1981 In 1981 Krebs was elected as Honorary Governor of the Hebrew University for life. G.105 IMPERIAL CANCER RESEARCH FUND 1959 Brief correspondence re possibility of Krebs becoming a member of the Council of the Fund. G.106-G.120 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES ON THE UNITY OF THE SCIENCES / INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL FOUNDATION 1975-81 Correspondence with American and European officers of the Founda- tion, fellow academics associated with it and opponents of the 'Moonies' . Includes invitations and information about conferences organised by ICUS and material reflecting on the criticism of the Unification Church and the responsibility of scientists who countenanced it by attending ICUS meetings, etc. Krebs attended conferences at Los Angeles in 1979 and Miami Beach in 1980. G.106 1975 Includes invitations to attend 4th International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (declined). G.107 1976, January-June Includes copy of K. Mellanby's inaugural address at the 4th Inter- national Conference and invitations to attend 5th International Conference (declined). H A . Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 G.108 1976, June-December Societies and organisations 446 Includes correspondence about ICUS's use of Krebs's name as an International Advisor, without his authorisation; also note of discussion with M. Young Warder, Secretary General of ICUS, re press criticism of the Unification Church. G.109 1977, January-June Includes invitation to attend 6th ICUS Conference (declined). G.110 1977, August-November Includes articles on the Unification Church sent to Krebs by ICUS. Krebs again declined to attend 6th ICUS Conference. G.11] 1978, January-July Includes invitation to attend 7th ICUS Conference (declined). G.112 1979 Krebs agreed to attend 8th ICUS Conference (Los Angeles, 23-25 November) and speak on the topic 'How does material well-being affect "Happiness"?' See also E.419-E.426. G.113 1980, January-May Includes Krebs's replies to questionnaire on the 8th ICUS Conference and invitation (from K. Mellanby) to chair group on ‘Biotechnology and Values! at the 9th ICUS Conference (Miami Beach, 27-30 November). G.114 1980, August-December Includes material re Krebs's participation at the 9th ICUS meeting. Krebs's talk was published by the International Cultural Foundation, Inc. (SUPP. Bibliog. 23). G.115 1981, January-March Includes invitation to attend ICF Seminar, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, 11-18 August (declined). G.116 1981, May- July Includes material re 10th ICUS Conference which Krebs eventually decided he could not attend despite the attractiveness of the subject- matter. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Societies and organisations G.117 1981, August-November 447 Includes correspondence with colleague whose son had recently been rescued from the 'Moonies'. meeting of 'Moonies' because it gave him an opportunity to discuss 'the ever-increasing problem of vandalism, juvenile delinquency and asocial conduct’. Krebs justified his attendance at a G.118 1980-81 Correspondence re young British ‘Moonie’ recruit. G.119, G.120 Printed background material . 2 folders. INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF STRESS / HANS SELYE FOUNDATION See J. 649 G.121 ISRAEL UNIVERSITIES' STUDY GROUP FOR MIDDLE EASTERN AFFAIRS 1974 Brief correspondence only. G.122 MAHARISHI EUROPEAN RESEARCH UNIVERSITY 1978-79 Invitations to take part in seminars. MAHARISHI INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE / OXFORD TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION CENTRE 1976, 1979 Brief correspondence only. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 448 Societies and organisations “1G, 123-G.125 MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL, SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY COMMITTEE 1968-70 Correspondence and papers re work of Advisory Committee, including Krebs's typescript draft, ‘Massachusetts General Hospital - Comments made regarding the place of basic science in a hospital’. 3 folders. G.126 MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL 1962-63 Material relating to research proposal by E.B. Chain for study of metabolic reactions. Includes comments by Krebs, and synopsis of talk by Chain ‘Some contributions of chemical microbiology to biochemistry and medicine’, November 1962. MENTAL HEALTH FOUNDATION 1976-77 Appeal for funds. METABOLIC DISEASE INSTITUTE 1981 Krebs agreed in principle to serve as Chairman of a Board of Scientific Advisers for the proposed Institute. G.128 MICROBIOLOGICAL RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT 1960-65, 1972 Correspondence re supply of materials for research in Krebs's laboratory . MINISTRY OF HEALTH 1958 Invitation to serve on a panel of the committee on the Medical and Nutritional Aspects of Food Policy. Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 G.129 (Cont'd.) Societies and organisations 449 MINISTRY OF OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT, INTERNATIONAL RECRUITMENT UNIT 1970 Invitation to serve UNESCO as consultant in science planning. G.130, G.131 NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Various dates, 1969-82 Correspondence re papers submitted for publication in PNAS. G.130 G.13] 1969, 1972, 1975, 1977-78 1980-82 G.132 NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION 1971, 1976, 1979 1971 correspondence relates to request to evaluate research proposals. 1976 correspondence relates to nomination of candidates for Krebs praises E.O. Wilson's work on National Medal of Science. sociobiology which he believed would help in understanding social problems such as 'the ever-increasing crime rate and vandalism among juveniles’. G.133-G.135 NUFFIELD FOUNDATION Various dates, 1965-7€ G.133 G.1% G.135 Correspondence re research grant applications. 1965, 1968, 1972 1973, 1978 Correspondence re award to Krebs of a Foundation Travelling Lecturer- ship in respect of a visit to Canada, 1972-73. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 450 G.136 NUTRITION SOCIETY 1943, 1944, 1952-53 Societies and organisations 1952 correspondence relates to arrangements for a meeting of the Society at Sheffield in December 1952. re the meeting. Includes Krebs's ms. notes G.137 OMNIHEALTH 1981 Invitation to be associated with this research foundation as a Charter Member. G.138-G.152 ORDEN POUR LE MERITE FUR WISSENSCHAFTEN UND KUNSTE 1972-81 Krebs was elected a foreign memberof the Order in 1972. regularly attended meetings in Bonn and elsewhere in Germany and contributed short biographies of former members of the Order (Mediziner) for a 'Bildband Uber die Ordensmitglieder seit 1842'. He Correspondence with officers and members of the Order ina chrono- logical sequence. G.138 G.139 G.140 1972 1973 1974 G.141 G.142 G.143 1975 1976 1977-81 G.144, G.145 Miscellaneous material re meetings, invitation cards, lists of partici- pants, reports of proceedings, etc. G.146 G.147 G.148 G.149 2 folders. Krebs's ms. and typescript notes re meetings. Press-cuttings re meetings. Photographs re 1973 meeting. Correspondence re biographies for 'Bildband Uber die Ordensmitglieder seit 1842', 1973-75. G.150-G.152 Biographies of 'Mediziner' written by Krebs for Pour le Mérite. 3 folders. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 451 Societies and organisations G.153 PUBLIC HEALTH RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK 1978 Brief correspondence with Director of the Institute and with Mayor of New York re survival of the Institute, which Krebs strongly supported. PUGWASH CONTINUING COMMITTEE Brief correspondence only. RAJA YOGA CENTRE 197] 1978 Invitation to conference on 'Future of Mankind', London, 3 June. RAMSAY MEMORIAL FELLOWSHIP TRUST 1967 One letter only. RESEARCH SOCIETY ON ALCOHOLISM 1977 Invitation to join Society. G.154-G.189 THE ROYAL SOCIETY Various dates, 1948+81 G.154-G.164 Committees, Meetings, Symposia, Visits G.165-G.184 Elections and awards G.185-G.189 General correspondence and papers on the affairs of the Society Committees, Meetings, Symposia, Visits G.154 Meeting on 'The function and location of enzymesin cells', 12 March 1953. Brief correspondence; dinner menu with list of those attending on verso. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Societies and organisations 452 G.155 Visits of delegation of Russian Academ Society delegation to Russia, 1965. i y of Sciences to Britai . ritain and Royal . Krebs entertained Russian scientists at Oxford but was not a member of the Royal Society delegation to Russia. ioepomaence and papers, including personal invitation to visit Soviet inion. G.156 Meeting on 'The chemistry and biology of immunoglobulins', 2 June 1966. Programme; brief correspondence. G.157, G.158 Symposium on ‘Anomalous aspects of biochemistry of possible significance in discussing the origins and distribution of life', 2 November 1967. G.157 G.158 G.159 Correspondence re arrangements; information about symposium. Correspondence re publication of proceedings. British National Committee for Nutritional Sciences Working Group on the calorie and the joule, 1969. Krebs served on the Working Group. Includes correspondence with R.W. Burchfield on the pronunciation of ‘joule’. Bruno Mendel Fellowship Committee, 1972, 1973, 1976-79 Krebs resigned from the Committee in 1979. G.161, G.162 Visit of F. Mayor, 30 November-4 December 1973. Mayor was a guest of the Royal Society at the Anniversary Dinner and subsequently visited Oxford. G.161 G.162 G.163 Correspondence re arrangements; programme ofvisit. Correspondence arising from visit. Meeting on 'The enzymes of glycolysis: structure, activity and evolution’, 16 and 17 October 1980. Correspondence, programmes and 5pp. typescript draft 'Royal Society Meeting, 16 October 1980'. Material re possible placement of Russian scientist in Krebs's laboratory under terms of Royal Society's agreement for exchange ofscientific visits with the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, 1981. Programme of visit by delegation from Academia Sinica, n.d. (SUPP. Bibliog. 44.) H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 453 Societies and organisations Elections and awards G.165 1948-49 G.175 1972-73 G.166 1952-54 G.176 1974 (1) G.167 1963 (1) G.177 1974 (2) G.168 1963 (2) G.178 1974 (3) G.169 1964-65 G.170 1966 (1) G.171 1966 (2) G.172 1967 G.179 G.180 G.181 G.182 1976 1977 1978 1979 (1) G.173 1968-69 G.183 1979 (2) G.174 1970-71 G.184 1980-81, n.d. General correspondence and papers onthe affairs of the Society 1955-57 Memoranda, notes of discussions at Oxford re Royal Society reform. 1965 Dinner given by Oxford Fellows on the occasion of Florey's retirement as P.R.S. Includes notes of Krebs's after-dinner speech. 1970-73 1975-79 Correspondence re refereeing papers submitted to Proc. Roy. Soc., 1974, 1979 G.185 G.186 G.187 G.188 G.189 G.190 ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS 1976 Brief correspondence re the use of the guinea pig as a test animal for the diagnosis of tuberculosis. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Societies and organisations 454 G.191 ROYAL SOCIETY OF MEDICINE 1972-74, 1976, 1981 Krebs was elected an Honorary Fellow of the Society in 1981. G.192-G.201 SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL 1966-69 G.192-G.199 Cell Regulation Panel of the Biology Committee In May 1966 Krebs was invited to serve on a panel appointed to con- sider research in the area of 'the regulation of cell activites and cellular differentiation’. Its chairman was R. Brown. G.192 G.193 1966-67 1968 In November Krebs agreed to serve on the reconstituted Cell Regulation Panel (now called the Developmental Biology Panel) under the chair- manship of J. Paul. Folder includes memorandum from Paul to members of the Panel. G.194 1969, January, February Folder includes minutes of first meeting of Developmental Biology Panel, 21 January, and document prepared by Paul to be assimilated into the policy and programme statement of the Biological Sciences Committee ofrthe Council. G.195-G .197 Copies of replies to questionnaire circulated after first meeting of Panel. 3 folders. G.198 "Additional Information' Contents of a folder so inscribed: agenda for Panel meeting, 28 February, analysis of questionnaire and further replies to questionnaire. G.199 1969, March-December Includes draft conclusions of Panel (August) and the comments of C.H. Waddington on Panel's report (September). G.200 'Report on Developmental Biology’ Sent to Krebs September 1970. G.201 General correspondence, 1969 Includes Krebs's reply to invitation to serve on Biology Board and minutes of Industrial Biology meeting, 3 April. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 455 Societies and organisations G.202-G.213 SERVICE FOR THE DIAGNOSIS OF INBORN ERRORS 1975-77 Krebs was concerned with the advisability of organising on a national level a diagnostic service for inborn errors of metabolism. Corres- pondence with interested scientists led to an informal meeting at the Royal Society, 21 November 1975, which decided on an approach to Krebs concluded from the Department of Health and Social Security. the subsequent meeting at the DHSS that the ministry would be unhelp- ful and he and the other interested scientists considered ways they could proceed without DHSS assistance. Correspondence G.202 1975, July-October Includes note by Krebs and R.W.E. Watts on 'A Service for the Diagnosis of Inborn Errors’ . G.203 1975, November, December Includes Krebs's note of meeting at Royal Society. 1976, January-June Includes notes of discussion at DHSS, 11 February. G.205 1976, July-September Includes minutes of first meeting of Prenatal Diagnosis Group, Edin- burgh, 13 July. G.206 G.207 1977 Krebs's ms. and typescript notes re inborn errors. re YP p G.208-G .210 Background material 3 folders. G.211 G.212 G.213 Prenatal Diagnosis Group Newsletters Vol.1, no.1 (December 1976), no.2 (March 1977). Vol.1, no.3 (June 1977), no.4 (August 1977), no.5 (September 1977. Vol.2, no.1 (January 1978), no.3 (December 1978); Vol.3, no.2 (September 1979). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 456 G.214 SOCIETA ITALIANA DI BIOLOGIA SPER IMENTALE 1978 Societies and organisations Brief correspondence only. SOCIETY FOR EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY 1950, 1971 1950 papers relate to 80th Conference of the Society, Sheffield, 3-7 July. G.215 SOCIETY FOR GENERAL MICROBIOLOGY - 1957, 1980-81 1957 correspondence relates to Krebs's contribution to Society's 1958 Symposium on the Strategy of Chemotherapy. 1980-81 correspondence relates to membership and arrangements for symposium at Edinburgh, September 1981, where Krebs lectured on ‘The Evolution of Metabolic Pathways’. (Bibliog. 387.) G.216-G.219 SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF SCIENCE AND LEARNING Various dates, 1938-78 G.216 1938, 1944 Includes correspondence, 1938, re Pearson Research Foundation of Vienna and its head Dr. Freund, and correspondence, 1944, re whereabouts of refugee biochemists from Germany. G.217 1966 re repression in Argentina. G.218, G.219 1965-66 Society since 1930s. Appeal on behalf of Esther Simpson, Secretary of the G.218 O.219 1965, January-June 1965, September-November; 1966, January-June, November Folder includes Krebs's notes for presentation speech, 9 June, and invitation only for subsequent (1978) reception held in Esther Simpson's honour . H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 457 Societies and organisations G.220-G.232 SPECIAL COMMISSION ON INTERNAL POLLUTION (SCIP) 1974-77 Its terms of reference were: ‘to consider the present Krebs was a member of the Commission whose chairman was Peter Beaconsfield. use of chemicals under four broad headings - medication, food additives and colorants, agricultural aids, and household goods - and to relate their respective use to the responsibility shared by the producers, that is, industry - the consumer, the government regulatory agencies, and the biomedical professions'. (See G.220.) Correspondence G.220 1974, June, August Includes abstract of SCIP's 'raison d'@tre'. G.22] G.222 1974, September-November 1975, April-July re arrangements for conference, Bedford College, London, 22-24 October. G.223 1975, August-October; 1976, January re Bedford College conference. G.224 1977 re possible grant to 'a Society whose objects were to counter the wide- spread use of chemical medications, the effects of iatrogenesis' . G.225-G.229 Duplicated background material re SCIP and the Bedford College conference. 5 folders. G.230-G.232 Printed material re internal pollution, reprints of papers of P.Beaconsfield. 3 folders. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Societies and organisations 458 G.233-G.238 ‘THANK-YOU BRITAIN' FUND 1964-68, 1970 In 1964 an appeal was organised, called the 'Thank-You Britain’ Fund, to enable former refugees from Central Europe to express their gratitude to Britain. the presentation speech in November 1965. and handed to the British Academy to finance an annual lecture and research fellowships. Krebs contributed to the Fund and made £90,000 wasraised G.233 1964 Correspondence re organisation of appeal . G.2%4 1965, February-May Continuing correspondence re organisation of appeal. address list of 'Displaced Scholars formerly resident in Great Britain and Ireland registered with S.P.S.L.' [Society for the Protection of Science and Learning and copies of correspondence between the organisers and E.A. Rose as to whether Britain's support for refugees merited such a public thank-you. Folder includes G.235 1965, September-December Continuing correspondence re organisation of appeal, presentation ceremony, 8 November. G.236 Drafts of Krebs's speech at presentation ceremony; printed copy of presentation ceremony speeches. (Notlisted in Bibliog.) Folder also includes An Appeal ... for Britons. for the National Socialist Students, [1938]. See Rem. &Refl. p.101. 1p. sheet published G.237 G.238 Press-cuttings re presentation ceremony. 1966, 1970, 1972 1966 material includes copy of Lord Robbins's Inaugural Lecture under the 'Thank-offering to Britain Fund’. 1970 material relates to book by J.A. Patmore, thefirst research fellow of the Fund. G.239-G.242 WEIZMANN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE 1947-81 G.239 1947-48 Correspondence with the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute re invitation to Krebs to attend the opening of the Institute of Bio- physics and Physical Chemistry of the Weizmann Research Centre. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 G.240 G.241 G.242 459 Societies and organisations 1968-69, 1973, 1975, 1978-79 In 1969 Krebs was invited to serve as a member of a Sponsoring Com- mittee to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Weizmann Institute. 1978-79 material relates to meetings of the Board of Governors. 1980 Includes material re meetings of Board of Governors. 1981 Includes material re meeting of Scientific and Academic Advisory Committee, Krebs's re-election as a member of the Board of Governors, and typescript and ms. notes on 'Wonder and Amazement' and ‘Biological Miracles’ found with Weizmann material. G.243 WORLD PEACE CONGRESS / NATIONAL PEACE COUNCIL 1950, 1953 In 1950 Krebs was invited to be an observer at the Second World Peace Congress, Sheffield ,12-19 November. WORLD RENEWAL SPIRITUAL TRUST (U.K.) 1977 Invitation to attend a conference on 'the Future of Mankind', Delhi, February 1978 (declined). CONTEMPORARYSCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of SIR HANS ADOLF KREBS, FRS (1900-1981) Compiled by Jeannine Alton and Peter Harper VOLUMEIV Sections H - K Deposited in the Library Sheffield University CSAC 113/4/86 All rights reserved H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 460 SECTION H PUBLICATIONS, LECTURES, BROADCASTS H.1 -H.446 H.1 -H.97 PUBLICATIONS, 1927-81 H.98 -H.271 LECTURES, 1936-80 H.272-H.284 BROADCASTS AND TELEVISION H.285-H.446 CORRESPONDENCE ON PUBLICATIONS AND LECTURES H.285-H.426 Publications H.427-H.446 Lectures H.1 -H.97 is a sequence presented in chronological order so far as this is ascertain- able. The material may include manuscript drafts, often very heavily corrected, references, diagrams and background material, correspondence with colleagues, collaborators and editors, and sometimes a copy of the published text. Some of the early work emanating from the period in Warburg's laboratoryis difficult to date or attribute; tentative dates and descriptions only have been assigned. The material includes book reviews; of interest are H.15, H.16, which show the very extensive stint of reviewing undertaken by Krebs for German journals during the 1930s, perhaps to supplement his earnings in the first years in Cambridge. Although Krebs never published a mongraph on biochemistry, it is interesting to note that he was asked to do so very shortly after he settled in Britain (H.390), and he appears to have considered the idea at various times subsequently (see H.23, H.322, H.325). Attention is drawn to H.9, which may be an unpublished paper by Warburg. H.98 - H.266, a chromological sequence of drafts or texts for lectures, is also heterogeneous and ranges from a straightforward typed -up text to a series of revised drafts, accompanying correspondence and background material. Some of the lectures formed the basis of, or were a simplified version, of published papers, and bear the relevant Bibliography number. Ofspecial interest are H.98 - H.100, lectures given 1936-37, which provide insights into Krebs's thinking immediately before the crucial paper on the citric acid cycle published in Enzymologia (Bibliog. 62). Undated lectures are at H.267 - H.271. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 46] Although Krebs gave relatively few broadcasts, the surviving documentation at H.272 - H.284 does not represent the full total. Section L preserves some additional tape or cassette recordings of broadcasts. H.285 - H.426 present, in alphabetical order, correspondence with editors, publishing houses and scientific colleagues. The material, which varies in extent, includes requests to Krebs to write articles or books, to comment on works submitted by others for publication, to serve on advisory boards or editorial panels, etc.; a little scientific correspondence is sometimes incorporated. Two sequences documenting long - term editorial commitments are of particular interest; they are H.307 - H.320 (Biochimica et Biophysica Acta) and H.342 - H.358 (FEBS Letters). The material is dated and anindication is given of any information of special biographical or scientific interest . H.427 - H.446 is a chronological sequence of correspondence concerning lectures, varying from a simple invitation to detailed arrangements for travel and payment, letters of thanks, etc. Sometimes this correspondence is the only evidence that a lecture was given. Several of the folders 1967-73 contain correspondence and information about the regular lectures Krebs gave as Visiting Professor during that period at the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, University of London. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 462 H.1-H.97 PUBLICATIONS H.1 ‘Uber den Stoffwechsel der Netzhaut' Heavily -corrected typescript and ms. draft for paper published in Biochem. Z, 1927 (Bibliog. 13). and the folder includes envelope with Krebs's note 'Script of HAK corrected by O.W.' Many of the corrections are in Warburg's hand H.2 'Stoffwechsel des Carcinoms' Ilpp. typescript and ms. draft, with corrections probably in Warburg's hand. No author or date; perhaps c.1927. is listed in Krebs's own Bibliography or in his list of Warburg's publica- tions (Bibliog. 375). No paperof this title H.3 ‘Bestimmung der Acetessigsdure' 2 ms. drafts (Ip. only), perhaps a research note written in Warburg's laboratory not intended for publication, n.d., ¢.1927. H.4 'Uber die Autoxydation von Kohlenhydraten in ammoniak - und in bicarbonathaltigen Salzldsungen' Ms. and typescript drafts and tables, very heavily corrected by Warburg and including Ip. ms. draft by him. listed in Bibliog. and perhaps not published. Latest reference 1926. Not H:5 ‘Uber das Kupfer in menschlichen Blutserum' (Bibliog. 17) Reprint only. H.6 H.7 ‘Uber die Wirkung von Kohlenoxyd und Licht auf Hdminkatalysen' (Bibliog. 18) Reprint only. 'Uber die Wirkung von Kohlenoxyd und Blausdure auf Hdminkatalysen' (Bibliog. 21) Reprint only. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 463 H.8 ‘Uber die proteolytische Wirkung von Papain und Kathepsin' Drafts with ms. corrections, corrected proof, correspondence re paper with A. Berliner (editor, Naturwissenschaften) 1930-31 (Biblicg. 29). See H.9 below. H.9 ‘Uber die katalytischen Wirkungen der lebendigen Substanz' 19pp. typescript and ms. draft of a paper 'von Otto Warburg’ with a typescript note at head of p.1, 'Nicht an andere Stelle erschienen’. Not listed in Krebs's list of Warburg's publications (Bibliog. 375). Found with material in H.8. ‘Uber den Abbau der Pyrimidine im Tierk&rper' 7pp. typescript and ms. draft +1 additional page, for collaborative paper with K. Henseleit and F. Bielschowski. in Hoppe-Seyler's Z. physiol. Chem., 210, 1932 {see H.11 below), but not listed in Bibliag. Intended for publication H.11 'Untersuchungen Uber des Harnstotfbildung im Tierk&rper', with K. Henseleit (Bibliog. 36). Reprint only, with ms. notes re Krebs's use of it at San Antonio, Texas, December 1966. H.12, H.13 ‘Untersuchungen Uber den Stoffwechsel der Aminosduren im Tierk&rper' (Krebs's Habilitationsschrift at Freiburg). H.12 Bound typescript and ms. version as presented. H.13 with some ms. corrections (Bibliog. 41). Copy of version published in Hoppe-Seyler's Z.physiol. Chem., 'Weiterer Untersuchungen Uber den Abbau der Aminosduren im Tierk&rper' (Bibliog. 42). Reprint only. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 464 Publications, lectures, broadcasts H.15, H.16 Book reviews and abstracts written by Krebs for German journals; a substantial number of short accounts of books in German, French and English, generally signed 'H.A. Krebs, Cambridge, England’. H.15 1933, 1934. For an unidentified journal. H.16 1934, 1936. For Chemische Zentralblatt. Correspondence, 1933-34, with editor, Naturwissenschaften, re proposed article 'Neuere Ergebnisse in der Physiologie des Zellstoffwechsels' to be written by Krebs on development of metabolism research with special reference to work of Warburg. Includes 5pp. typescript and ms. draft, very heavily corrected and amended, Corrections in in German and English, headed 'Naturwissenschaften'. ink in first paragraph may be by Warburg, the remainder are by Krebs. Not listed in Bibliog. and perhaps not completed. H.18, H.19 Collaborative paper "Untersuchungen Uber die urikolytischen Fermente'. with H. Weil contributed to Problémes de Biologie et de Médecine, 1935 (Bibliog. 55). 20pp. typescript draft with a few ms. additions, brief corres H.18 pondence with editor. H.19 Drafts, notes, diagrams, charts, tables, including Ip. by Weil. H.20 H.21 'The role of citric acid in intermediate metabolism in animal tissues’. This is the crucial collaborative paper with W.A. Johnson, Enzymologia, 1937 (Bibliog. 62). Reprint only. Correspondence, 1939-40 re paper by Krebs and L.V. Eggleston on "NC" soil organism, with B.F. Miller claiming priority for discovery of properties of the organism for himself and R. Dubos. Title of paper not given, probably Bibliog. 78. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 465 H.22 H.23 H.24 Publications, lectures, broadcasts Correspondence, 1943-45, with R.L.M. Synge re article on aspects of cellular metabolism requested by Association of Scientific Workers for transmission to USSR. not listed in Bibliog. The article was sent (November 1944) butis Preface, table of contents, miscellaneous diagrams and notes for a projected book on cell metabolism with special reference to manometric methods, n.d., c.1945. See H.326. 'Urea synthesis in the mammalian liver'; (Bibliog. 112). letter to Nature, 1947 App. typescript, including references, with ms. corrections and inter - polations. H.25 'Cyclic processes in living matter', Enzymologia, 1947 (Bibliog. 113). Reprint only, with later (1949) letter from editor. H.26 H.27 Correspondence, 1946-47, with editors, Encyclopaedia Britannica, re article on citric acid. Includes Krebs's heavily -corrected ms. draft and notes; the article was sent October 1947 but is not listed in Bibliog. 'Copy of letter from Dr. Macfarlane to Professor King 26 Oct. 1948', on collaborative paper on carbonic anhydrase by Krebs and F.J.W. Roughton (an adverse referee's report) (Bibliog. 123). H.28 ‘Vitamin research on human volunteers’ 10pp. typescript, with a head note 'Written for Central Office of Information ... Sent 11 Aug. 1948'. H.29 Correspondence, 1952, with D.M. Greenberg re Krebs's chapter contri- buted to Chemical Pathways of Metabolism, sent September 1952. Not listed in Bibliog. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 H.30 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 466 Review of: Wuhrmann & Wunderly: Die Bluteiwe isskOrper des Menschen, 1952. Notlisted in Bibliog. Typescript. Correspondence with editors re Krebs's contribution to Biochemistry of Nitrogen, a 'homage volume'“for 60th birthday of A.I. Virtanen. Includes note of thanks from Virtanen. (Bibliog. 175). Review of: The Nucleic Acids. Vol.1, eds. Chargaff and Davidson. Reprint. Not listed in Bibliog. Review of: Methods in Enzymology. Vol.1, eds. Colowick and Kaplan, 1955. Proof only. Not listed in Bibliog. Review of: H. Harris, Human Biochemical Genetics. Typescript draft (for B.M.J.) 1955. Not listed in Bibliog. Review of: Currents in Biochemical Research, ed. Green, 1956. Typescript draft. Not listed in Bibliog. Correspondence, notes, list of slides for ‘Biochemical concepts in medicine’, published version of lecture to Oxford Medical Society (Bibliog. 182). See also H.135. Reviews from German journals of Krebs and Kornberg: Energy trans- formations in living matter, 1957. 183). Sent by publisher in 1959 (Bibliag. Review of: S.A. Waksman, My Life with the Microbes. draft, 1958. Not listed in Bibliog. Typescript H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 467 H.39 H.40 H.4] H.42 H.43 H.44 H.45 H.46 H.47 Publications, lectures, broadcasts Review of: Beveridge, A Defence of Free Learning. draft (for New Scientist) 1959. Not listed in Bibliog. Typescript 'The cause of the specific dynamic action of foodstuffs’. draft and tables with few ms. corrections, dated January 1960 (Bibliog. 194). Typescript 'Biologische Energieumwandlungen'. given 1960 at Lindau, as printed in Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau and (shortened) in Therapeutische Berichte, 1961. Not listed in Bibliog. See also H.148. Published versions of lecture Reprints only. Review of: I.Asimov, Wellsprings of Life (for New Scientist). Corres- pondence and proof, 1960-61. Not listed in Bibliog. Review of: Correspondence and proof, 1961. Not listed in Bibliog. E. Walsh, Introduction to Biochemistry (for New Scientist). Review of: Greenstein and Winitz, Chemistry of the Amino Acids (for Nature). Bibliog. Correspondence, draft and proof, 1961. Not listed in Review of: Methods of Biochemical Analysis, ed. Glick (for Endeavour), 1963. Draft only. Not listed in Bibliog. 'The metabolism of glutamate in homogenates and slices of brain cortex’ 10pp. heavily-corrected typescript and ms. draft for collaborative paper with R.J. Haslam (Bibliog. 213). 'Role of aspartate aminotransferase in glutamate metabolism in brain' Very heavily-corrected typescript and ms. draft for collaborative paper with R. Balazs and R.J. Haslam (Bibliog. 214). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 468 Publications, lectures, broadcasts H.48, H.49 'Gluconeogenesis'. The Croonian Lecture, 1963 (Bibliog. 223). 2 folders. H.48 various dates, March-July 1963. Heavily-corrected typescript and ms. draft, some pages with H.49 priority', with a few corrections and variations. Text and tables as set up for print, 54pp., marked 'Treat with See also H.159. H.50-H.61 'Theoretical concepts in biological sciences', contribution to Current Aspects of Biochemical Energetics, published to commemorate 25th anniversary of F.A. Lipmann's work on energy transformations (Bibliog . 239). Krebs brought together a considerable amount of material for this work, some of it antedating the immediate preparation of his paper. He also used it, with modifications, as the basis of one of his lectures as Distinguished Visiting Professor at Galveston, Texas, in November 1966 and for the John Coffin Memorial Leciure in London in 1967, neither of these lectures being published. Hz continued subsequently to assemble notes and drafts, developing his ideas both in the direction of social biology and of evolution. Lipmann contribution and has been left asa unit. correspondence and background material. All the maierial was found together with the It includes some 12 folders. 19pp. very heavily-corrected draft dated January 1965 H.50 originally titled 'Theoretical Biology' and with many variations from eventual version. H.51 December 1965, January 1966. Extensive sequences of notes, drafts and ideas, November, H.52 1961). Undated notes, drafts, references, tables (Ip. references dated H.51, H.52 originally in folder inscribed 'Lipmann', The John Coffin Memorial Lecture, London. H.53 13pp. heavily- corrected draft based on printed version of Lipmann paper with extensive revisions; texts for slides. H.54 and Ip. (only) ms. introduction for 'Galveston' 16.11.66'. Miscellaneous drafts and notes headed 'London Lecture’ or similar, Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 469 H.55 ethics', etc., 1961. Drafts, notes, ideas on 'The Naturalistic Fallacy', ‘Evolutionary H.56 1965, 1966. Similar material, on theoretical concepts, etc., various dates, H.57 Similar material, 1967, 1968, 1970 and undated. Letter (Krebs's carbon and draft only) to W.L. Bragg re initial H.58 hostile reception of scientific ideas, including Bragg's (referred to in Lipmann paper), 1965. H.59 ideas). Correspondence with K. Mothes, 1967 (referred to in drafts and Includes printed matter. H.60 1967. Correspondencearising from Lipmann paper, and London lecture, Includes article on Auschwitz sent to Krebs. H.6] Background material, most annotated by Krebs, 1959-71. H.62 H.63 Correspondence, notes, tables, experimental results, etc. for proposed contribution to ‘Essays on Biological Organization' to be edited by L. Wolpert, 1967. Notlisted in Bibliog. and perhaps not completed. 'Restricted permeability of rat liver for glutamate and succinate’ (Bibliog. 258). Miscellaneous ms. and typescript drafts and tables for paper, and for lecture using same material, some pages with various dates in 1967. The draft bears the rames of Krebs and R. Hems only; the published paper wasalso in collaboration with M. Stubbs. H.64 'Effects of adenine nucleotides on renal metabolism' (Bibliog. 270), Krebs's collaborative contribution to volume of Nephron dedicated toR.F. Pitts. Editorial correspondence only. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 H.65 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 470 Miscellaneous notes, drafts, tables for paper on ketone bodies, and perhaps lecture on same topic. of paper by M.J. Weidemann, 1968, heavily corrected by Krebs; Weidemann published several collaborative papers with Krebs 1969-70. Latest reference 1968. Includes photocopy H.66 Background material kept with above. H.67 'Sir Archibald Garrod' (Bibliog. 291) Typescript draft, brief editorial correspondence. H.68 'The Citric Acid Cycle' 12pp. heavily -corrected typescript and ms. draft for article (journal unspecified), +1p. ms. introduction headed 'Nursing Times'. N.d. but probably an early version of material used in lecture at Miami, Also included are 1969 (Bibliog. 293, of which a copy is included). ordering 1,000 copies, and correspondence 1978 correspondence 1971 re a later version given as a lecture, with a request for Krebs to write a book on the discovery of the tricarboxylic acid cycle. H.69 'Gluconeogenesis and redox state', contribution to Regulation of Gluco- neogesis (Bibliog. 302). Brief editorial correspondence only, 1970. H.70-H.72 'Reflections on the role of tryptophan derivatives on metabolic regulations’, contribution to Metabolic Effects of Nicotinic Acid and its Derivatives (Bibliog. 303). 3 folders. H.70 Spp. typescript and ms. draft and Ip. diagram. H.71 Notes and drafts, 1969, including discussion meeting with H. Lardy and colleagues. Undated ms. references, brief correspondence with colleague. H.72 Extensive background material, most annotated by Krebs. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 47] Publications, lectures, broadcasts H.73-H.76 'The role of ketone bodies in caloric homeostasis’ (Bibliag. 305). Notes, drafts, etc., originally contained in file inscribed 'Ketone Body Metabolism. Madrid Krebs used this material for lectures during 1971, including his annual Indianapolis lecture which was published as usual in Adv. Enzyme Reg. Indianapolis Ottawa'. 4 folders. H.73 various dates, February-April. ‘Ketone Body Material 1971'. Miscellaneous notes and drafts, Includes 21pp. draft version of Madrid lecture. H.74 Typescript version headed 'Madrid' for lecture undertitle ' Inter- relations between the Metabolism of Carbohydrate, Fat and Ketone bodies’. H.75 Ottawa 5.11.1971' and 'Adv.Enz.Reg.' 'Ketosis and Ketone Body Metabolism’. Version headed 'Tokyo H.76 Shorter drafts, and a little background material. H.77 H.78 H.79 Correspondence, 1972, 1975, re 'Interrelations between gluconecgenesis and urea synthesis', collaborative chapter contributed to Gluconeogenesis (dedicated to H. Lardy). The volume was scheduled for 1973 but did not appear until 1976 (Bibliog. 347). Correspondence, 1972-73, re Krebs's contribution to Ammoniastoffwechsel, ed. |. Szam. Notlisted in Bibliog. ‘Concentration gradients between mitochondrial matrix and cytosol in the liver cell’ 12pp. heavily-corrected typescript and ms. draft of introductory talk at symposium later published (Bibliog. 349). H.80 'Cyclic Processes in Biology' 17pp. heavily-corrected typescript and ms. draft, various dates, 25 January-28 February 1977, apparently intended for publication. Notlisted in Bibliog. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 472 H.81 "Regulation of the hepatic concentration of reduced glutathione’ (Bibliog. 359). Heavily -corrected typescript and ms. draft, June 1978, collaborative paper with R. Hems. H.82-H.85 'Fate of glutamine carbon in renal metabolism, collaborative paper with P. Vinay and J.P. Mapes (Bibliog. 361). 'Vinay draft', 15pp. typescript and ms. draft and miscellaneous H.82 tables, n.d., undertitle 'Relative rate of TCA cycle and gluconeogenesis in various acid-base status in dogs and rats', and with names of Vinay and Krebs only. H.83 various dates, October 1974-October 1976. Notes, drafts, ideas, discussions, some headed 'Vinay paper’, H.84 some headed 'Patrick' or 'Vinay', a few by or for J.P. Mapes. Undates notes, tables, calculations, almost all in Krebs's hand, H.85 paper, 1975-77. Correspondence with collaborator and editor re publication of Includes copies of referees' comments, Krebs's reply to them, and some corrections for final version. H.86 'Rate-limiting factors in urate synthesis and gluconeogenesis in avian liver', collaborative paper with J.P. Mapes (Bibliog. 362). Typescript draft with a few ms. corrections. H.87, H.88 'Some general considerations concerning the use of carbohydrates in parenteral nutrition’. 1977 (see F.303), published in Advances in Parenteral Nutrition (Biblicg. 364). Introductory remarks at Travenol symposium, May H.87 H.88 Notes, ideas, drafts for talk, various dates, October 1976-July 1977 Background material, some annotated by Krebs. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 473 H.89 ‘Regulatory mechanisms in purine biosynthesis’ (Bibliog. 365) ‘Lecture copy' (for Indianapolis), and draft for published version. H.90 "Metabolic properties of the epithelium of the small intestine’, collaborative contribution with slight change of title to Topics in Gastroenterology (Bibliog. 370). Types cript draft, dated March 1978. H.91-H.93 'The "August Krogh" Principle’, collaborative papers with J.R. Krebs (Bibliog. 380, 388) Krebs wrote an essay on this topic ('For many problems there is an animal on which it can be most conveniently studied’) in 1975 (Bibliog. 345); the two collaborative papers, both published in Comp.Biochem.Physiol., are respectively a ‘postscript’ and a ‘comment’. 3 folders. H.91 Brief correspondence, and printed material 1976. H.92 collaborator, etc., various dates, July-November 1979. Miscellaneous notes and drafts, suggested amendments by H.93 of Bibliog. 388, 1981. Typescript and ms. draft, and brief forwarding correspondence Correspondence, 1979-80, re contribution by Krebs to Festschrift for M. Florkin, with ms. note on possible choice of topic. Paper was written and sent but is not listed in Bibliog. Correspondence, 1980, with editor of The Bulletin (publication of the New York City Life Underwriters Association), re article by Krebs for ‘Survival’ column. Includes ms. notes headed ‘Survival New York’. Not listed in Bibliog. and perhaps not completed. H.94 H.95 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 474 Publications, lectures, broadcasts H.96, H.97 'The evolution of metabolic cycles’, collaborative paper with J.E. Baldwin (Bibliog. 385). H.96 Correspondence with Baldwin, June 1980-May 1981. Correspondence with editor, Nature, and others re paper, H.97 publication delay, referees' comments and Krebs's reply to them, November 1980-April 1981. and kept together by Krebs. Two sets (one originals and one photocopies) made up Drafts and material relating to this paper are in Section D. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 H.98-H.271 LECTURES Publications, lectures, broadcasts 475 H.98 Untitled lecture, on carbohydrate metabolism, given to 'Medico. Chir. Soc.', 19 November 1936. 12pp. typescript and ms. draft, 2pp. ms. notes. rn.99 'The biological breakdown of carbohydrates'. Chemical Society living in Leeds district, 26 November 1936. Lecture to Fellows of 19pp. typescript and ms. draft, Ip. ms. notes, slides, etc., corres- pondence re invitation and arrangements. 'The oxidative breakdown of carbohydrates’, 1937. l4pp. typescript and ms. draft, 2pp. ms. notes, slides, etc. indication where given. No H.101 '"Fluorosis', 'Special Lecture’, at British Association meeting, Dundee, August-September 1939. App. typescript and ms. notes, miscellaneous tables, etc. Includes correspondence with F. Dickens and R.A. Peters about Dickens's lecture on 'The interpretation of intermediary metabolism from measure - ment of tissue respiration’; Krebs took part in the discussion. H.102 "Pyruvate oxidation’. Lecture to Biochemical Society, 1939. 5pp. typescript and ms. draft. "Proprietary Foods', n.d., probably 1939. H.103 12pp. typescript and ms. draft, Ip. ms. notes. No indication _where given. Press-cuttings and background material on proprietary foods; H.104 includes brief correspondence with Horlicks Limited on the scientific basis of their claims for their product. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 H.105 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 476 'The Citric Acid Cycle'. for Experimental Biology, December 1940. because of bombing. Lecture for Sheffield meeting of the Society The meeting was not held Printed programme of meeting. 6pp. typescript; 10pp. tables; 4pp. ms. notes for talk. H.106 'The early recognition of nutritional deficiencies’ 10pp. heavily -corrected typescript and ms. draft and second copy with list of references (latest reference 1941). H.107 'War-time Nutrition’. District Nursing Association, January 1942. Lecture to the Sheffield Queen Victoria 6pp. typescript and ms. draft, 2pp. ms. notes with little related correspondence, H.108 "Isotopes as tools in the study of intermediary metabolism’. delivered at University College Medical School at Leatherhead, 6 February 1942. Lecture 15pp. typescript with ms. corrections, Ip. ms. notes. 'How vitamins act'. Institute of Chemistry, February 1942. Lecture given to South Yorkshire Section of 12pp. typescript and ms. draft, ms. list of slides, brief related corres pondence. H.110 H.111 'How vitamins act', 4pp. typescript draft different text from above but kept with it, n.d. 5pp. untitled typescript draft for slide lecture on isocitric acid (n.d. but latest reference 1942) found with above. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 477 H.112 Lecture on oxidation of carbohydrate, given to Chemical Society, Manchester College of Technology, March 1942. lépp. typescript and ms. draft, ms. notes and slide list, brief corres- pondence. H.113 "Nutrition in relation to industrial workers’. graduate 'Course in industrial medicine’, July Lecture given to post- 1942. Y 15pp. typescript and ms. draft. H.114 'Feeding the people’. 1942. Lecture to Natural History Society, September l4pp. typescript and ms. draft. H.115 "Intermediary stages of the biological oxidation of carbohydrate’. Lecture given at |.C.1. Dyestuffs Group, Blackley, April 1943 (Bibliog. 98). lépp. typescript and ms. draft, correspondencere invitation, etc. H.116 ‘Current nutritional problems in industry' 17pp. typescript draft with substantial ms. corrections, dated July 1943. No indication where given but perhaps for postgraduate medical audience, similar to H.113. Enclosed here is a letter to the Editor, Time and Tide, 1944, on ‘School Meals', typed out and kept by Krebs. H.117 "Enzyme hydrolysis of patulin' 3pp. heavily-corrected typescript and ms. draft for lecture, with miscellaneous ms. notes and calculations, slide lists, etc., some dated 1944, and 9pp. draft with similar title, perhaps intended for publication. Also included is letter from E.B. Chain on Krebs's results and on work in Florey's laboratory on patulin. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 478 Publications, lectures, broadcasts H.118 'Energy transformations in living matter'. given at University College London, April-May 1945. Course of four lectures Typescript and ms. draft, poster for lectures. nell? 'Nutritional experiments on human guinea pigs'. Section, Royal Institute of Chemistry, March 1946. Lecture to Midlands 19pp. typescript and ms. draft, diagrams, tables, etc. H.120 "Isotopes in biological research’. March 1947. Lecture to laboratory technicians, App. ms. notes. H.121 Untitled paper (on synthesis of glutamic acid in animal tissues), given at International Physiological Congress, Oxford, July 1947 (Bibliog. 121). Typescript and ms. drafts for paper, tables, slide list, abstract, etc. H.122 2123 'The tricarboxylic acid cycle'. Lecture given in a French translation in Paris at the Laboratoire de Chimie Biologique, Ecole de Médecine, 4 February 1948. 3lpp. typescript and ms. draft and tables, on current work. 'Carbonic anhydrase as a tool in studying the mechanism of Enzyme Reactions involving H7CO3, COz or HCO3'. Biochemical Society at Dublin, 9 April 1948 (Bibliog. 123). Paper read before the 5pp. typescript with ms. corrections and interpolations, 8 diagrams (graphs) for slides. H.124 'Some recent investigations into the chemistry of secretory processes’. Lecture given at Columbia Medical Center, March 1949, during Krebs's extended visit to America (F.8-F.16). Extensive typescript and ms. drafts, slide-list, references, etc. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 479 H.125 'The tricarboxylic acid cycle in microorganisms’, 1949, no indication of place. 22pp. typescript and ms. draft, ms. slide-list. H.126 'The occurrence of the tricarboxylic acid cycle in yeast (Paper read before the First International Biochemical Congress) Cambridge 1949' (See F.17), 7pp. typescript and ms. draft. H.127 'Free energy. What it is and howit is measured’. February 1951, no indication of place. Lecture given l5pp. heavily-corrected typescript and ms, draft. H.128 H.129 H.130 Correspondence with J.S. Mitchell arranging lecture given by Krebs at Cambridge, May 1951, on free energy. 'The reactivity of the labile phosphate groups of adenosinetriphosphate', collaborative communication at meeting of Biochemical Society, Oxford, May 1951. Programme of meeting, 3pp. typescript and ms. draft. 'The measurement of the turnover rate of steady state systems in living tissues', paper read at Isotopes Techniques Conference, Oxford, July 1951 (Bibliog. 142). Typescript and ms. draft, tables, ete. J.D. Cockcroft to chair a session at conference. Also included is invitation from H.13] 'The place of the tricarboxylic acid cycle in cell metabilism', latest reference 1951, no indication of place. 22pp. typescript and ms. draft. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 H.132 Publications, lectures, broadcasts Untitled lecture to British Orthopaedic Association, October 1952. No indication of place (perhaps Sheffield). 10pp. heavily -corrected typescript and ms. draft, 7pp. slides, brief correspondence. 480 H.133 'Oxidative Phosphorylation, lecture given in Paris Faculté de Médecine’, February 1953 (Bibliog. 161). 3lpp. typescript and ms. draft. 'Oxidative Phosphorylierung', German version dated 1955, kept with above. 19pp. typescript and ms. draft, with Ip. ms. concluding remarks. 'The role of biochemical concepts in medicine and biology’. given before the Oxford University Medical Society and the Oxford University Scientific Club, February 1955. Typescript and ms. draft, letter of invitation, brief correspondence with editor Oxford Mail. Lecture See also H.36, H.138. 'The steering of metabolic processes’. Federation, January 1956. and adapted for delivery as lecture. Lecture to Postgraduate Medical Version of Bibliog. 178, heavily corrected ‘Control of metabolic processes'. (see F.58-F.62) (Bibliog. 187). lépp. typescript and ms. draft. Lecture given at Rome, October 1956 ‘Biochemical concepts in medicine’. November 1956 (Bibliog. 182), not same as H.135. Lecture to Oxford Medical Society, See also H.36. lépp. typescript and ms. draft. H.135 H.136 H.137 H.138 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 48] Publications, lectures, broadcasts ‘Banting Memorial Lecture’, July 1957, on insulin. Typescript and ms. draft, including recollections of Krebs's visit to Toronto and work with Banting in 1938. H.140 Untitled lecture (on energy transformations) given at Geigy Bicentenary celebration, Basel, June 1958. Not listed in Bibliog. (See F.68.) lépp. typescript, 5pp. figures. H.141 ‘Synthesis of cell constituents from CO» compounds’. Typescript draft, diagrams, bibliography. 'Paris 4.3.58'; Krebs's visit to Paris to give this lecture was in March 1959 (see F.73) though he had given the same lecture in March 1958 at Amsterdam (see F.65-F.67). The draft has a ms. heading H.142 ‘Uber die Ursachen der Ketonkérperanhdufung in tierischen organismus' . Lecture given at Basel, Berne, Zurich, Saarland, June-July 1959. 21pp. heavily -corrected typescript and ms. draft; German version of Bibliog. 193 (see F.74-F.78). H.143, 144 'Smoking and lung cancer’. probably October 1959. Lecture given to Alembic Club, Oxford, H.143 script draft with 'general discussion’ section, correspondence with colleague. Heavily-corrected typescript and ms. draft and slide-list, type- H.144 Background material, some annotated by Krebs. For slides used in lecture see L.82. H.145 'The biochemical lesion in ketosis’, Joseph P. Ross lecture at Chicago, March 1960 (Bibliag. 198). Typescript and ms. draft, tables, references, etc. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 482 H.146 'The cause of the specific dynamic action of foodstuffs'. 'USA 1960 Jerusalem 1960' (Bibliog. 194). Lecture given l4pp. typescript. H.147 'Some Aspects of the Metabolism of Ketone Bodies Cleveland- Western Reserve Supper Club - March 1960 10pp. +3pp. list of slides, typescript with ms. corrections and additions. Jerusalem - April 1960! H.148 'Biologische Energieumwandlungen'. July 1960. Lecture at Lindau meeting, 18pp. of typescript (in German) heavily corrected. 13pp. of diagrams for slides. Draft has ms. note 'also used as draft for printed paper’. (Not listed in Bibliog.). See H.41 for reprints of published versions. H.149 'Ketone Bodies', talk for ‘Colloquium 7.11.60". Heavily -corrected typescript and ms. draft. H.150 'The physiological role of the ketone bodies', third Hopkins Memorial Lecture for 50th anniversary meeting, Biochemical Society, March 1961 (Bibliog. 200, Rem. &Refl. v, 91-93). Heavily -corrected typescript and ms. draft, references, tables, etc. H.151 ‘Uber den Stoffwechsel der KetonkUrper', with a ms. headnote ‘Berlin 21.5.61, Freiburg 4.6.61'. See F.97, F.98. 20pp. typescript and ms. draft, 2pp. ms. introductory remarks. H.152 ‘Biochemical aspects of ketosis', Biochemical Society of Mexico, December 1961. See F.100. Typescript and ms. draft, tables, references. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 483 H.153 H.154 H.155 H.156 H.157 H.158 H.159 ‘Biological reductions in complex systems'. California and Philadelphia, December 1961 (Bibliog. 202). Typescript and ms. draft, slide-list. Lecture given at Houston, See F.99. 'Control and direction of metabolism’, Krebs's contribution to 'Symposium on lens metabolism in relation to cataract’, Oxford, May 1962. Timetable of symposium, heavily -corrected typescript and ms. draft and slide-list. Untitled lecture (on regulation of metabolic processes) at Louvain, June 1962. See F.102. llpp. typescript and ms. draft, 9pp. diagrams. Lecture at first Indianapolis conference on advances 'Gluconeogenesis'. in enzyme regulation, October 1962 (Bibliog. 219). Heavily-corrected typescript and ms. drafts for lecture, tables, diagrams, introductory and concluding remarks. See F.103-F.106. Lecture given on Krebs's Scandinavian 'Experiments on gluconeogenesis'. . tour, December 1962, witha ms. headnote 'Lecture at Helsinki, Uppsala, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen’. See F.107, F.108. 20pp. typescript and ms. draft. 'Gluconeogenesis'. with a ms. headnote 'Dartmouth, Amherst, Kansas City'. F.113. Lecture given on Krebs's visit to USA, March 1963, See F.110- 20pp. typescript and ms. draft. 'Gluconeogenesis', the Croonian Lecture of the Royal Society, June 1963 (Bibliog. 223). 24pp. heavily-corrected typescript and ms. draft, 10pp. diagrams. See also H.48, H.49. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 484 Publications, lectures, broadcasts H.160 'Regulierung des. Zellstoffwechsels'. July 1963. Lecture at Lindau meeting, lépp. typescript and ms. draft. H.161 H.162 5pp. untitled ms. notes, for concluding remarks at CNRS Symposium on Regulatory Mechanisms (Bibliog. 218). Untitled lecture (on rate of gluconeogenesis regulation in mammalian tissues) at Indianapolis conference, September 1963 (Bibliog. 222). Typescript and ms. draft, diagrams, list of slides. H.163 'The new biology', with ms. headnote 'General lecture, Swansea’, December 1963. Heavily-corrected typescript and ms. draft and diagrams. correspondence, March-November, re invitation, travel and other arrangements. Includes Introductory remarks to lecture given in Oxford by G. Wald, on 'The Visual Pigment', February 1964. H.165 ‘Biological selection of metabolic fuels'. February 1964. See F.118. Lecture at Devel Conference, Typescript and ms. drafts and tables. H.166 'Experiments on Gluconeogenesis'. Lecture in Spain 1964. See F.119, F.120 15pp. heavily-corrected typescript and ms. draft, dated February 1964 (lecture was given in March). 2pp. (only) on 'Feedback' (Krebs's second lecture on Spanishvisit). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 485 Publications, lectures, broadcasts H.167 ‘Chemical control of mechanisms of metabolism’. Chemical Society, April 1964. Lecture at Exeter Typescript and ms. draft, slide-list, diagrams. H.168 H.169 'Some aspects of gluconeogenesis’. on Energy Metabolism of the European Association for Animal Production’, May 1964. Lecture 'given at Third Symposium 13pp. typescript and ms. draft. 'Feedback mechanisms in the regulation of cell metabolism’. prepared for Haifa but not delivered, October 1964. See F.126. Lecture Typescript and ms. draft, tables, diagrams for slides. H.170 Untitled lecture (on rate control of gluconeogenesis) given at Faculté de Médecine, Paris, November 1964. See F.122. 24pp.. typescript and ms. draft. H.171 'Hepatic control mechanisms'. year of ‘Biochemical Colloquia', March 1965. at Birmingham, March 1965. Lecture given at Leeds for twenty-fifth The lecture was repeated Correspondence with organisers of Leeds colloquium, letter of invitation, travel arrangements, etc. 17pp. typescript and ms. draft. Also included is 'Statement by H. Klemperer on oxaloacetate in metabolism, March 1952, and an extract from Krebs's letter of reply, April 1952 (made in March 1965 probably for use in lecture). H.172 ‘Control mechanisms of carbohydrate metabolism'. of European Biochemical Societies meeting, Viénna, April 1965. See F.128. Lecture at Federation Two typescript and ms. drafts for lecture, tables, references. Not identical. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 486 Publications, lectures, broadcasts H.173 ‘Biochemistry of ketosis', described as 'material used for lectures’ at Aberdeen and on Krebs's visit to USA, May 1965. See F.129-F.139. Typescript and ms. draft and notes. H.174 "Draft lecture’ (on molecular biology). Brief draft only, dated June 1965. H.175 'Regulierung des Kohlehydratstoffwechsels der Leber’. G&ttingen, July 1965. Lecture in 13pp. typescript and ms. draft for lecture (in German), tables, slides. H.176 'The regulation of the release of ketone bodies by the liver’, described as 'Lisbon Lecture Sept. 1965' and also delivered later at Indianapolis (Bibliog. 236). 19pp. typescript draft, Spp. references. Ms. notes for 'Lecture to Oxford Biochem. Soc. 1965’. H.178, H.179 'The control of enzyme patterns in animal tissues’. colloquium of Biochemical Society, Sheffield, January 1966. Lecture for H.178 1965. H.179 Heavily-corrected draft and references, various dates in December Later typescript and ms. draft, diagram, etc. H.180 "Sources of reducing power in animal tissues'. February 1966. lépp. typescript and ms. draft, 4pp. diagrams for slides. Lecture at Glasgow, H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 487 H.181 Untitled lecture (on reducing power by mitochondria, related to Bibliog. 248) given at Warsaw, April 1966. See F.148. lépp. typescript draft. H.182 'The causes of the accumulation of ketone bodies in the animal body’. Lecture given in German, Lindau, June 1966 (Bibliog. 240). See F.149. 13pp. typescript draft in English, 2pp. introductory remarks in German. H.183 "Redox state of cell compartments', material used for lectures in Oxford and in several locations during Krebs's visits to USA and Mexico, October and November-December 1966. Bibliog. 252. See F.150-F.156. Related to Very heavily-corrected typescript and ms. draft, and some introductory or concluding remarks for specific locations. See also H.184 below. ‘Galveston lecture notes: the metabolic function of kidney', November 1966. Ms. and typescript notes and draft. H.185 'Role of the redox state of nicotinamide adenine nucleotides in the regulation of metabolic processes’, Krebs's contribution to Symposium at Mexico City, November-December 1966 (Bibliog. 237). See F.156. Two typescript and ms. drafts (not identical), one with later note 'Further questions for discussion', March 1967. H.186 ‘Unpublished Lecture Stockholm Nov. 1967' on 'Reversed electron transport energy linked transhydrogenation'. See F.161-F.163. Typescript and ms. draft, notes, tables, including pasted-in pages from published papers. H.187 "Lecture on current research’. Miscellaneous ms. and typescript notes, some dated in 1967. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 H.188 488 Publications, lectures, broadcasts Typescript and ms. drafts for lecture variously titled 'The effects of ethanol on the metabolic activities of the liver' and 'The effects of alcohol on liver metabolism'. A version was given at Indianapolis October 1967 (Bibliog. 261), and there are Krebs's lists of many other locations in Britain and USA where he lectured on the same theme up to and including May 1968 (the Withering lecture at Birmingham). Includes correspondence, 1967-68 re the Withering lecture. H.189 'Pyridine nucleotide interrelations'. during Krebs's visit to USA, February-March 1968. and H.190 below. Lecture given at several locations See F.165-F.169 Very heavily-corrected and variously paginated typescript and ms. draft. Related to Bibliog. 268. H.190 ‘Liver permeability’. January-March 1968 (listed on front page). Lecture given at several locations in USA, Very heavily-corrected typescript and ms. draft. H.191 H.192 'Renal carbohydrate metabolism’, Krebs's opening address at Symposium on Renal Metabolism, Washington, DC., August 1968. F.176 and H.192 below. See F.175, l4pp. typescript and ms. draft, notes, references, experimental results, background material. "How the whole becomes more than the sum of the parts', after-dinner lecture to Metabolic Discussion Group during Washington meeting, August 1968. l4pp. typescript and ms., membership list, brief correspondence. Krebs published a paper on the theme in 1971 (Bibliog. 298). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 489 H.193 ‘Equilibrium relations between pyridine nucleotides and adenine nucleotides and their roles in the regulation of metabolic processes’. Lecture at Indianapolis, October 1968 (Bibliog. 278). 2lpp. typescript and ms. draft. H.194 ‘Metabolic control mechanisms'. December 1968. Lecture at University College, London, 19pp. heavily -corrected typescript and ms. draft. H.195, H.196 "Lecture on the occasion of the award of the Warburg Medal', given at Freiburg, January 1969, on 'Die Glukoneogenase und ihre Regulierung'. See F.179, F.180, H.388. The occasion and location of the lecture afforded Krebs the opportunity to include historical and autobiographical reflections on the topic and personalities involved in its development. corrections indicate the importance he attachedto this lecture. The multiple drafts and H.195 | heavily-corrected and amended. Two extended drafts, variously paginated and not identical, H.196 Three shorter sequences, similar. H.197 'Rate control of the tricarboxylic acid cycle’. Society, Bristol University, May 1969. 17pp. typescript and ms. draft, Ip. slide-list. Lecture to Biochemical H.198 'Regulierung des Tricarbonsdurecyclus'. Lecture at Lindau meeting, July 1969. 18pp. heavily -corrected typescript and ms. Opp. typescript prepared for publication in Naturw.Rdsch. and editorial correspondence. Also included is a copy of an English version (related to Bibliog. 286). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 F199 490 Publications, lectures, broadcasts Lecture to Hammersmith Postgraduate Medical School, 'Ketosis'. January 1970. Typescript and ms. draft, diagrams, summary, etc., with a ms. note by Krebs 'material only, not perfect script’. Includes correspondence re invitation and arrangements. H.200 'Kidney survival’, April 1970, no indication of place given. Brief typescript and ms. draft and tables. H.201 H.202 ‘Equilibrium relations between pyridine nucleotides in the liver and their regulation’. See F.202, F.203. 23pp. typescript and ms. draft, ms. introductory remarks. Lecture at Amsterdam and Oslo, May 1970. See F.204. 'Organ perfusion in small animals'. 1970. 20pp. (incomplete) typescript and ms. draft in English. 23pp. heavily-corrected typescript and ms. draft in German. Lecture at Homburg, Saar, July Miscellaneous shorter notes and drafts. H.203 'Regulierungsmechanismen in tierischen Aminosdurestoffwechsel' . Lecture at Halle, November 1970. See F.212, F.213. 18pp. heavily-corrected typescript and ms. draft, ms. introductory remarks. H.204 'Die Bedeutung der Grundlagenforschung fUrdie Medizin’. at Munich, November 1970. 2lpp. heavily -corrected typescript and ms. draft in German. See F.214, F.215 (Bibliog. 304). Lecture l5pp. typescript. English version. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 491 Publications, lectures, broadcasts H.205 'Interrelations between the metabolism of carbohydrate, fat and ketone bodies', Third Jiménez Diaz Memorial lecture, Madrid, May 1971. 22pp. typescript and ms. draft, ms. introductory and concluding remarks. H.206 "Biochemistry and Medicine', given at Oakham School, December 1971. Heavily-corrected typescript and ms. draft, variously paginated. Includes letters of invitation and thanks, arrangements, card announcing lecture, etc. H .207 'The Pasteur effect and the relations between respiration and fermentation’. Heavily-corrected typescript and ms. draft dated February 1972 for the Redfearn Memorial Lecture given at Leicester, May 1972 (Bibliog. 316). Krebs also gave this lecture in German at the Lindau meeting in June 1972 (see F.237) and the German version was published in Naturw. Rdsch. (Bibliog. 312). Folder also includes a little correspondence re Redfearn Lecture, and a lecture on ‘Brighter Biochemistry’ given by Krebs to students’ Biology Society on the occasion ofhis visit to Leicester. See E.143, H.437. H.208 ‘Some aspects of hepatic energy metabolism’. Symposium, Copenhagen, May 1973 (Bibliog. 332). Lecture at Alfred Benzon Typescript and ms. draft, diagrams for slides, ms. note, etc. H.209 ‘Biochemistry and clinical medicine’, with a ms. note ‘Lecture in Indianapolis 10 Oct. 1973'. Ms. draft, 19pp. and several intercalated pages. H.210 'Material used for a lecture on liver metabolism given at the meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases', Chicago, October 1973. 15pp. heavily -annotated and amended typescript and ms. draft, list of slides. See F.251-F.253. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 492 Publications, lectures, broadcasts H.211 'Georg HUbscher Memorial Lecture’, Nottingham, November 1973. This was the first HUbscher Memorial Lecture and includes some reminiscences. Variously-paginated typescript and ms. draft. H.212 'Cyclische Reactionesketten'. Lecture at Freiburg, November 1973. 29pp. ms. draft. 18pp. typescript and ms. draft. 6pp. diagrams for slides. H.213 'Rate limiting factors in gluconeogenesis’. Sheffield, April 1974. See F.258. Lecture at EMBO meeting, Heavily -corrected typescript and ms. drafts, variously dated January- March 1974. H.214 'Recent investigations with isolated liver cells'. October 1974. See F.269. Lecture at Dusseldorf, Typescript and ms. draft, photographs for figures, etc. H.215 H.216 'Overmedication'. 1974 and Dallas, January 1975. Lecture at Indianapolis and Philadelphia, October See F.261, F.262, F.267. Two heavily -corrected typescript and ms. drafts. 'The role of chemical equilibrium in organ function’. Lecture at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, January 1975 (Bibliog. 341). See F.267, F.268. 34pp. very heavily-corrected typescript and ms. draft, 3pp. typescript summary, poster for lecture. H.217 ‘Lunchtime meeting', March 1975. trying to do’. Short talk on 'what our laboratory is 9pp. typescript and ms. notes on personnel and current research. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 493 H.218, H.219 Untitled lecture (on chemical equilibria in organ function), Bordeaux 1975. H.218 Bordeaux lecture', dated May 1975. 2lpp. typescript draft and 2pp. summary of ‘English version of H.219 descriptions of slides, Two heavily-corrected 25pp. typescript and ms. drafts (not identical) introductory remarks, etc. All in French. H.220 'Versuche mit isolierten Leberzellen'. Lecture at Lindau, June 1975. Typescript and ms. draft, 2pp. synopsis. slides. In German. Spp. description of H.22]1 H.222 Untitled lecture (on methionine in liver metabolism) given as opening talk to 'Clinical Research Seminar', July 1975. used at Madrid See F.276 for Madrid visit. With ms. note ‘Script Oxford'. Typescript and ms. draft, some dated July 1975. ‘Concentration gradients between mitochondrial matrix and cystosol in the liver cells'. Introductory talk at FEBS Symposium, Paris, July 1975, later published in Use of Isolated Liver Cells ... in Metabolic Studies (Bibliog. 349). 13pp. heavily-corrected typescript and ms. draft. H.223 "Stockholm Lecture’ (on histidine and methionine), November 1975. See F.279. Typescript and ms. draft and slide descriptions. H.224 Talk on methionine metabolism, at Nuffield Department of Medicine, Oxford, February 1976. 2pp. brief notes, diagrams. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 494 H.225 "Regulatory mechanisms for non-essential amino acids’ . 7pp. very heavily corrected typescript and ms. draft for lecture at a symposium or meeting, dated May 1976, no indication of place. H.226- H.228 'The biochemistry of pernicious anaemia'. June 1976. Lecture given in Cologne, H.226 13pp. typescript and ms. draft in English, March. Typescript and ms. drafts in German, some dated May, June and H .227 one with a ms. note 'K&ln'. the jotters in Section A, or in the visits in Section F. No visit by Krebs to Cologne is recorded in H.228 course of Krebs's visit to Australia, April-May. Ms. draft 'Lecture Cologne’, pp.1-11 probably written in the Also included is Krebs's notebook (cover missing) paginated 1-44 containing his own carbon of Cologne lecture, see above, and (pp.12-44) his lecture at Konstanz on biology and social proslems. See E.378-E.380. H.229- H.242 'The Jayne Lectures’ Contents of a box so described. Krebs gave three Jayne lectures at the meeting of the American Physiological Society in Philadelphia, August 1976. The general theme - the regulation of amino acid metabolism - was presented as: Regulation of methionine metabolism. Lecture 1: Lecture 2: On the regulation of the metabolism of amino acids. Lecture 3: Regulatory mechanisms for non-essential amino acids. The extensive drafts and notes go back in some cases to 1970 and may incorporate shorter talks or discussion papers on regulatory mechanisms given during the earlier 1970s. Brief correspondence re lectures, August-September 1976. Krebs's H .229 reply states that the lectures were to be published 'in due course’ by American Philosophical Society but they are notlisted in Bibliog. H.230 Lecture | 20pp. heavily-corrected typescript and ms. draft. 23pp. typescript incorporating corrections. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 495 Publications, lectures, broadcasts H.23] Lecture 2 17pp. heavily -corrected typescript and ms. draft. 18pp. typescript and ms. with further corrections. and drafts for slides. Miscellaneous notes H.232 Lecture 3 29pp. heavily -corrected typescript and ms. draft. 27pp. typescript incorporating corrections. H.233 drafts for 'Lecture 3'. Miscellaneous typescript and ms. additional notes, ideas and H.234 Miscellaneouslists of slides, tables, diagrams prepared for lectures. H.235 Miscellaneous bibliographical references. Notes and drafts 1970 August-October. H.236 of the supply of essential amino acids' and ms. introduction for 'Halle Nov. 1970'. Includes 22pp. draft lecture on ‘Regulation See F.212, F.213. 1971 January-September. H .237 Includes 20pp. draft lecture on 'Regulatory mechanisms in mammalian amino acid metabolism', given at 'Toronto, Guelph, Kingston’ during Krebs's visit to USA and Canada. See F.217-F.223. 1972 (headed 'Philadelphia'), 1973, January-December. Includes H .238 notes, May-June, headed Indianapolis and Bristol' and draft on 'Regulation of the concentration of components of cells and body fluids' for a seminar, December 1973. H.239 1974 July-September, 1975. May, December H.240 1976 January-June H.241 1976 July-August H.242 identified. Miscellaneous loose pages, drafts, results, ete., not dated or H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts H.243 ‘Regulation of folate metabolism’ 496 Typescript and ms. draft, using some Jayne lecture material, with a note 'given at various places (Michigan State University, Bethesda) in 1976-77'. H.244 'Regulierung der Folsdurestoffwechsels'. 1976. See F.296. Lecture given at Munich, November llpp. typescript and ms. draft. H.245- H.247 'Regulierung der Folsdurestoffwechsels', the Heilmeyer Memorial Lecture, University of Ulm, February 1977. See F.300. H.245 miscellaneous obituaries of Heilmeyer, 1969-70. Miscellaneous ms. and typescript drafts. Also included are H.246 H .247 27pp. typescript (perhaps transcript) of lecture sent to Krebs. Another copy, very heavily corrected and amended by Krebs. H.248- H.25] Wolfson College [Oxford] Lectures, 1977. Molecular Basis of Life' and Krebs gave the opening lecture on ‘Historical Perspectives’. The series was on 'The . H.248 of protein amino acids’. Typescript of lecture as given, 22pp. +1p. ‘Dates of the discovery H.249 October 1976-January 1977. Ms. and typescript notes and drafts, some with various dates, Correspondence, 1976, with K. Dalziel (organiser of the course) H.250 re title and date of lecture and brief correspondence, 1977, with President of Wolfson. ©.U.P. re contribution by Krebs to proposed book on history of biochemistry and 3pp. notes on 'material for an essay' compiled by Krebs at that date. Also included here is earlier correspondence, 1966, with H.251 by Krebs. Background material on history of biochemistry, some annotated H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 497 H.252 ‘Regulatory factors in isolated hepatocytes'. Physiological Congress, Paris, July 1977. Lecture at International See F.303. Typescript and ms. draft, slide-list, with ms. note at head 'Many misprints’ . Uncorrected. H.253 ‘Literature of By and folate metabolism. Oxford, March 1978. Lecture for Haematology course, 10pp. heavily-corrected typescript and ms. draft. Typescript and ms. notes and drafts for lecture on regulation of folate metabolism, given at University of Wisconsin-Madison, October 1978. See F.325. Two folders. H.256- H.261] ‘Glutamine metabolism in the animal body’. Closing address at Symposium: 'Glutamine metabolism, Enzymology and Regulation’ to commemorate Fiftieth Anniversary of University of Mexico, November 1979 (Bibliog. 381). See F.333. H.256 Programme of symposium. 2pp. summary and lépp. typescript of paper as delivered. Ms. notes for opening remarks; miscellaneous heavily -corrected H.257 typescript and ms. notes, drafts and ideas, various dates, August -November 1979, H.258 discussion of paper by B. Ross. 3pp. typescript and ms. note, on renal function, arising from Two versions, dated December 1979. H.259-H .261 corrections, some very extensive. Three typescripts of paper, all with different ms. H.262 "Biochemical and psychological aspects of alcoholism’ Ms. and typescript draft, some pages dated December 1979, for 'Miami lecture on alcohol’. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 498 H.263 H.264 "Issues of vital clinical importance from the vantage point of fundamental Lecture prepared for Medical Grand biochemistry and psychology'. Rounds, University of Texas Health Center, during the Symposium in honour of Krebs's 80th birthday, Dallas, March 1980. See F.336-F.340. Extensive typescript and ms. drafts, variously dated and paginated. 'Sessional Chairman's Remarks', Krebs's contribution to Symposium in honour of D. Nachmansohn, Li€ge, May 1980. Personal and biographical reflections. 3pp. typescript headed 'From Neurochemistry International’. Bibliog. 57.) See J.485. (SUPP. H.265 "Evolutionary concepts in biological thought'. Island (South Carolina) symposium organised by Travenol Limited. See C.144. (Bibliog. 386.) Keynote lecture at Kiawah 7pp. typescript. H.266 Untitled lecture (on evolution of metabolic pathways) in German, given at Halle, October 1980. 13pp. typescript and ms. draft. Undated lectures H.267 Untitled lecture (on carbohydrate oxidation in living cells), latest reference 1940. 15pp. typescript and ms. draft, slide list, ms. notes. H.268 Untitled lecture (on energy regulation) headed 'Cambridge', ?1950s. H.269 ‘Oxidation level of organic substances’ 7pp. typescript. ? 1950s. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 499 H.270 ‘Speech introducing Paul (?)Zannemark, ata ‘lunch time’ talk. 2pp. ms. H.271 Miscellaneous fragmentary ms. notes for lectures. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts -H.272- H.284 BROADCASTS AND TELEVISION 500 H.272 'What are enzymes?' Talk for BBC HomeService 'Science Survey’ Scripts as rehearsed and broadcast; pp.6 & 7 only of Krebs's original ms. H.273 Correspondence (only) re possible talk by Krebs for BBC, 1951. H.274 "BBC Broadcast to Sweden’, on award of Nobel Prize, 1953. 2 heavily-corrected typescript and ms. drafts, brief forwarding letter. H.275 H.276 H .277 Correspondence (only) re interview given by Krebs in New York for "Science Surveys', 1954. Correspondence(only) re proposed programme on 'The Living Cell’ for BBC Television Outside Broadcasts, 1958. — 'How living organisms regulate their metabolism’, talk for BBC European English Service, June 1959. Script as recorded. H.278 Correspondence and Krebs's notes for contribution to BBC Home Service programme, 'The Men Outside', broadcast June 1962. Hs279 'Excellence', broadcast in BBC Third Programme, February 1968. Press-cutting from The Listener giving extract from talk. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 H.280 H.281 Publications, lectures, broadcasts Contribution, on animals and alcohol, to BBC Radio 4 Programme 'The Living World', broadcast December 1969. See also D.252. Script, correspondence 1969-70 with producer. 501 Contribution to Open University Foundation Course Unit 15, recorded December 197 0. Script, correspondence with producers, 1970, and related later corres- pondence on cytochrome, 1972. For Krebs's contribution to Global Television Network's 'The Great Debate’ programme, Toronto, January 1975, see E.367-E.372, F.268. H .282 H.283 H.284 Correspondence andlist of questions for proposed contribution to Canadian Broadcasting Corporation programme 'Science et Société’, 1975. Contribution to Open University course on ‘Science and Belief’, 1979. Correspondence with producer, list of questions to be used for recording session on 21 June by BBC TV. Correspondence re interview by J.R. Maddox for BBC Radio Three ‘Scientifically Speaking’ programme, September 1979. See L.91 for a cassette -recording of the interview. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 502 Publications, lectures, broadcasts H.285-H.446 CORRESPONDENCE ON PUBLICATIONS AND LECTURES PUBLICATIONS H .285-H.426 H.285 Die Abendzeitung (Munich newspaper) 198] Request for article. H.286- H.289 Academic Press 1948-49, 1955, 1956, 1970 H .286 (Bibliog. 143, 148). Correspondence 1948-49 re Krebs's contributions to The Enzymes H .287 was unable to undertake task of Editor. Correspondence 1955 re new edition of The Enzymes. Krebs - H.288 Correspondence 1956 re volume of essays in honour of Szent~ Gyérgyi. H.289 Science’. Correspondence 1970 re proposed book 'The Cell in Medical H.290 Advances in Enzymology 1977 Invitation to write. American Journal of Digestive Diseases 1945 Request for article. H.291 - H.295 Annual Review of Biochemistry 1966-81 Mainly requests for Krebs and colleagues to contribute to various volumes of the publication. Correspondence 1966-67 re article 'Interrelationships of H.29] metabolic cycles' (with H.L. Kornberg and P. Lund) intended for vol .37 (1968) but postponed. H .292 ‘Annual Review', some dated January, August 1967. Notes and drafts by Krebs, intended for article, some headed H .293 Invitation, 1968 (declined), to contribute to vol. 39 (1970). Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts H.294 1973 to contribute to vol.44 (1975). Similar invitations, 1971, to contribute to vol .42 (1973), and 503 Correspondence 1979-81, mainly re invitation to contribute H.295 to vol.50 (1981). of glucose utilization by mammalian tissues’ in collaboration with D.H. Williamson, but withdrew in July 1980. Krebs accepted, intending to write on 'Regulation H.296 Annual Review of Physiology 1972 Invitation (declined) to contribute prefatory chapter to vol .36 (1974). H.297- H.301 Audio Learning Limited 1969, 1971-72 Correspondence, notes and drafts for Krebs's contribution to ‘taped discussion on biology’ for schools. and the 1969 correspondencerelates to previous collaboration on a biology textbook. Krebs's collaborator was M.B.V. Roberts, H.297 1969 H.298 1971 H.299 1972 H.300 February 1972. Notes and drafts for talk and tape, some dated January, H.301 Transcripts of tape, with ms. corrections and revisions by Krebs. H.302 Biochemical Engineering 1957 Correspondence re possible launch of new journal. H.303 Biochemical Preparations Correspondence re possibility of Krebs joining Editorial Board. 1955 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 504 Publications, lectures, broadcasts Biochemical Songs 1978-80 Mainly correspondence with H. Baum, author of many of the ‘songs’ re this proposed collection of parodic and satiric verse to be published by Pergamon Press. Krebs wrote a foreword. Not listed in Bibliog. H .304 foreword. Correspondence 1978-80; includes various drafts of Krebs's H.305 Texts of some of the 'songs'. H.306 Biochemist's Handbook 1957 Request for advice on 'metabolic quotients’ section. H.307- H.320 1972-81 Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) Krebs was a memberof the Editorial Board from the inception of the journal in 1947 (see letter of 22 September 1972 in H.307) until the time of his death; the main sequence presented here dates only from 1972 He appears to have refereed a large but see A.460 for earlier material. number of papers submitted to BBA (see letters re fees due, sent annually in April). The material includes general correspondence on policy and content with the Managing Editor (E.C. Slater during the relevant period) and members of the Editorial Secretariat, drafts or copies of Krebs's assess —- ments and of correspondencearising . Fourteen folders. 1972. H.307 BBA Reviews on Bioenergetics, material re FEBS conference in Amsterdam, invitation to remain on advisory board of BBA after expiry of term ofoffice. Includes invitation to serve on Advisory Board of H.308 1973-74 H.309 1975-76 H.310 after expiry of term of office. 1977-78. Includes invitation to remain on advisory board H.311 1979, January-February H.312 1979, March-April H.313 1979, May-August H.314 1979, September October Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 505 Publications, lectures, broadcasts H.315 1979, November -December H.316 three years. 1980. Includes invitation to continue to serve for a further H.317 1981, January-March H.318 1981, April-May H.319 1981, June-November H.320 brief annotations by Krebs. BBA Newsletters, 1972-79 (not a complete set), some with H.321 Biological Reviews 1934, 1938-39 Request for article (1934) sent January 1939. technique of metabolic experiments on surviving tissues', was returned as 'too specialised’. The article, on 'The , H.322 Blackwell Scientific Publications Limited 1953 Request to write book on cell metabolism. H.323 British Journal on Alcohol and Alcoholism 1981 Request (declined) to serve on Advisory Board. H.324 British Medical Journal 1945 Krebs's carbon only, objecting to incorrect reference in BMJ to his collaborative paper (perhaps Bibliog. 102). H.325 Cambridge University Press 1976 Brief correspondence only, re medical textbook on biochemistry, and re Krebs's autobiography. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 506 H. 326 Clarendon Press Oxford 1949-50, 1953, 1965, 1973 Correspondence 1949-50 is re Krebs's proposed Textbook of Biochemiistry and includes draft synopsis (perhaps related to H.23). Correspondence 1973 is re Krebs's comments on proposed series on ‘Biochemistry and Clinical Medicine’. See also 'Oxford University Press', H.390-H.392. H.327 Clinical Science 1970 Request (declined) for comment on paper. -H.328 Edizioni Scientifiche e Tecniche Mondadori 1973 Correspondence re photographs of Krebs, and settlement of account. H.329 Encyclopaedia Britannica Request for photograph of Krebs, as a contributor. Encyclopaediais listed in Bibliog.). 1956 (No article in the H.330 _ Endeavour 1956 One letter only, re review and article (probably Bibliog. 187). H.33]1 Enzymologia 1972 Invitation to serve on Advisory Board; comment on proposed change of name to Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry (q.v.). H. 332 Ergebnisse der Enzymforschung 1933 Brief correspondence only, re Bibliog. 51. H . 333 Ergebnisse der Physiologie, Biochemie und Pharmakologie 1980 Invitation to serve on editorial board, in succession to F. Lynen. The journal was in process of changingits title to Reviews in physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 507 Executive Health 1974-79 In 1974 Krebs was invited by the Editor, Richard Stanton, to contribute an article on drug abuse (Bibliog. 334), and to allow his name to appear on the Editorial Board. He remained in regular correspondence with the Editor on topics raised by readers; a second article ‘On the dark side of man', based on an earlier article of that title for PRISM in 1974 (see E.366, H.400), appeared in 1979. Not listed in Bibliog. H.334 arising (Bibliog. 334). 1974-75. Mainly article on drug abuse and correspondence 1975. H.335 pleted); nutrition; theories of Linus Pauling. of Executive Health. Request for article on 'Fever and survival’ (not com- Includes relevant copies H.336 Krebs's 'Dark side of man’ article. 1976. Mainly re absence of women from Editorial Board, and H.337 1977, January-February. Comments on topics raised by readers. H.338 (declined). 1977, May-June. Request for article on ascorbic acid H.339 comment on topics raised by readers. 1977, June-November. Krebs's article 'The dark side of man’; 1979. H.340 published article. Correspondence and comments (not all favourable) on . H.341 titled 'Clouds gathering over society') and reprint of published version. Typescript draft with a few ms. corrections of article (originally H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 H.342- H.358 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 508 1968-71, 1974-76, 1978-81 FEBS Letters (Publication of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies) Krebs was appointed an Editor of FEBS Letters from its inception in 1968 and he continued very active participation in the work to the end ofhis life. 1971-81 and concerns the refereeing of papers and general editorial matters. Much ofit is addressed to the Managing Editor (S.P. Datta) and other members of the Editorial Staff and there are some exchanges with colleagues and authors on research matters and on papers submitted. The surviving material, which is extensive, relates mainly to H.342 1968-71 H.343 editor and extension of his appointment. 1974-76. Includes correspondence re Krebs's long service as H.344 History of Biochemistry for FEBS Letters (not in Bibliog.). 1978-79. Includes draft of Krebs's review of M. Florkin's H.345 1980, January-February H.346 1980, March-April H.347 1980, May 1980, June. H.348 farewell letter to FEBS editors from W. J. Whelan on launch of Biochemistry International. Includes correspondence with author, and H.349 1980, July-August H.350 1980, September -October H.351 1980, November -December H.352 1981, January-May H.353 1981, June-July H.354 1981, August-September 1981, October-November, and posthumous correspondence, H.355 Includesbrief tribute by Datta re Krebs's December 1981-March 1982. work for FEBS Letters and a reference to Krebs Lecture at FEBSSpecial Meeting at Athens, April 1982. Miscellaneous notes kept with material, perhaps related to H.356 mss. submitted to Krebs. Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 509 Publications, lectures, broadcasts H.357 etc., various. dates, July 1975-October 1981. Managing Editor's lists of mss. in hand, referees' assessments, H.358 etc., a few annotated by Krebs. Miscellaneous information - progress reports, newsletters, circulars, H.359 H.360 H.361 Field Enterprises Educational Corporation Correspondence re article on Krebs cycle prepared by Krebsfor The World Book Encyclopedia. (Not listed in Bibliog.) 1963, 1978 (International Yearbook of Food and Fires of Life Farming ) Request (declined) to serve on editorial advisory board and to contribute article. 1975 Fratelli Fabbri Editori Krebs contributed an article to the Physiology and Medicine Section of the series 'Tutti i Nobel’ (not listed in Bibliog.). 197] H.362 Handbook of Nutrition and Food 1978 Krebs's carbon only, declining invitation to contribute anarticle. H.363- H.365 Institute for Scientific Information 1970-82 Correspondence, mainly with the President (E. Garfield), on Science Citation Index and Current Contents. Advisory Board. Krebs was a memberof the Editorial H.363 1970-76 1977-78. Mainly on frequency of citation of Krebs's early H.364 papers with K. Henseleit (Bibliog. 34, 35, 36), and invited article by Krebs on the subject for Citation Classics. Not listed in Bibliog. Includes drafts and notes. H.365 proposed publications of the Institute. 1978-82. Continuing correspondence on publications and H ae Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 H.366- H.372 510 Publications, lectures, broadcasts Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 1974-81 Mainly correspondence with Editor (A.R. Michaelis) of the journal. Krebs served on the Editorial Board from its inception (correspondence December 1974) and advised on possible members, contributors, manuscripts submitted for publication, Editorial Board Dinners, etc. H.366 December 1974-1975 Includes request for Krebs to review E.O. Wilson: H .367 Sociobiology. 1976. H.368 1977 1978. H.369 proposed an article on ‘problems of preventing juvenile delinquency, of dealing with offenders and possibly of solving some economic problems’. Includes request for Krebs to write 'Comment'; he H.370 Interdisciplinary Future of Biotechnology’. 1979. Includes programme of proposed conference on 'The H.37] on the recovery of science in Germany. 1980-81. Includes comments by Krebs on Michaelis's article H.372 ments, members of Editorial Board, etc. Miscellaneous prospectuses of new journal, publicity announce- H.373 International Journal of Environmental Studies 1971 Request (declined) to contribute ‘editorial’. H.374 Journal of Bioenergetics (later Journal of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes) 1969, 1979 Correspondence 1969 is invitation to Krebs to join Editorial Board at the inception of the journal (declined owing to pressure of other editorial work) and includes copies of letters from other distinguished members of Editorial Board. Correspondence 1979 is re manuscript submitted for publication. For Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology see J.527. H.375 The Lancet Brief correspondence only, re report on research (topic unidentified) submitted by Krebs for publication, but returned by Editor with regret that paper shortage prevented publication as quickly as it deserved. 1943 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 H.376 511 Publications, lectures, broadcasts Lenfant, C. (Editor) Correspondence re chapter to be contributed by Krebs and R.L. Veech to monograph on 'Extrapulmonary Manifestations of Respiratory Diseases’ Krebs in series 'Lung Biology in Health and Disease' edited by Lenfant. was unable to write the chapter and it was omitted. 1976 Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry (formerly Enzymologia (q.v.) 1973-75, 1978, 1982 1973-75. Mainly re proposed special issue to be edited by H.377 J.T. Edsall on the discovery of carbon dioxide fixation, to include Krebs's contribution to the Conference on the Historical Development of Bio- energetics (Bibliog. 335). H.378 1978 H.379 Molecular Pharmacology 1976 Krebs was a memberof the Editorial Advisory Board. Brief correspondence only. H.380- H.387 1952-81 various dates Nature Correspondence on all aspects of the journal: manuscripts forwarded or submitted by Krebs for publication; comments on papers sent to him for assessment; requests for reviews, notes or articles, etc. correspondence with Editor re the events of 1937 when the collaborative paper containing the first announcement ofthe citric acid cycle was turned down by Nature. See also A.27, A.437, A.1233, Rem. & Refl., pp.98-99. H.383 includes H.380 1952 1959. Includes note by Krebs on award of Nobel Prize for H.381 Medicine to $. Ochoa and A. Kornberg (‘not listed in Bibliog.) anda carbon of his recommendation of Ochoa to the Nobel Committee. H .382 1963, 1965-66 H.383 1967 H.384 1969-72 H.385 1974 H.386 1975-77 H.387 1978, 1981 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 512 Publications, lectures, broadcasts H.388 Die Naturwissenschaften 1968, 1973 Correspondence 1968 is request for article and arrangement to publish Krebs's lecture on receipt of Warburg medal. (Not listed in Bibliog.) See also H.195, H.196. H. 389 H.390- H.392 Oxford Books Brief correspondence only, with publisher, W.L. Meagher. 198] Oxford University Press 1934, 1978, 1981 H.390 1934. On possible book by Krebs on amino-acid metabolism. H.391 book similar to Knaurs Lexicon. 1978. Correspondence and discussion on proposed reference H.392 1981. On proposed Oxford Companion to Medicine. See also Clarendon Press Oxford. H.326. H.393 Pergamon Press various dates 1973-81 Correspondence with various publishing managers requesting advice on proposed publications. Includes Krebs's review, 1978, of Proceedings of FEBS meeting. (Not listed in Bibliog.) H.394- H.396 Perspectives in Biology and Medicine various dates 1960-76 General correspondence with Editors (D.J. Ingle to 1973, thereafter R.L. Landau). Krebs accepted an invitation in 1962 to serve on the Advisory Board on the death of O. Loewi, and contributed reviews and papers for publication. H.394 On Cancer and Hormones, festschrift for C. Huggins (not listed in Bibliog.). Includes correspondence re Krebs's review of 1960, 1962-63. H.395 in Perspectives (Bibliog. 293, 298). 1967-70. Includes correspondence re Krebs's papers published H.396 facts of life - biology andpolitics’ (Bibliog. 313). 1971-73, 1976. Includes correspondence re Krebs's paper 'Some H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts 513 H.397, H.398 PHP Institute (Peace and Happiness through Prosperity and Peace, Happiness and Prospérity for all) 1970-80 General correspondence with Editor, including various contributions and comments by Krebs. 1970-71. Includes typescript and ms. draft of article 'True H.397 Teachers' (on Warburg). and Wisdom! which was also accepted for publication in PHP International See E.15 for another and in Japanese edition. article published in PHP. Krebs sent anotherarticle 'Good Intentions (Not listed in Bibliog.) 1972-80. Includes Krebs's answers to questionnaire on H.398 purpose and succéss of PHP 1975, a short note on his feelings about America, 1976, for publication in PHP International, and a further questionnaire on PHP, 1980. See also A.13. H.399 various dates Plenum Publishing Corporation Correspondence 1972 re Krebs's request for publication on ‘Ethical Issues in Genetic Knowledge’; correspondence 1974-75 re Krebs's contribution to publication (Bibliog. 342); correspondence 1976-79 re proposed publication ‘Biochemistry and Pharmacology of Ethanol’ to which Krebs was unable to contribute but for which he wrote a testimonial on publication. 1972-79 H.400, H.401 PRISM (The Socioeconomic Magazine of the American Medical Association) 1973-74 Correspondence re article 'The dark side of man' published H.400 in February 1974 issue of PRISM, based on similar article (Bibliog. 313), itself based on lecture given at Royal Institution 1971 (Bibliog.liog.300). The PRISM article is not listed in Bibliog. See also E.366,366,H.334-H.341. H.401 1973; press-cuttings, some annotated. Ms. notes on 'The neglect of biological knowledge’, December H.402 process biochemistry Brief correspondence re foreword (text not included) written by Krebs for first issue of the journal, which appeared in March 1966. (Not listed in Bibliog. ) 1966 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 H.403 514 Publications, lectures, broadcasts Progress in Liver Diseases Request (declined) to contribute article on ‘Intermediary Metabolism' to proposed volume. 1974 prospective et santé publique Correspondence with M. Salomonre interview with Krebs, an edited version of which was included in Future Life (English translation by G. Daniels, New York, 1983). 1979-81 H.404 published in current issue of Prospective et Santé (not listed in Bibliog.) Correspondence June also refers to article by Krebs 1979. H.406 H.407 H.408 H.409 H. 405 1980-81 The Quarterly Review of Biology Requests (declined) to review books. 1972, 1974 Reinhold Book Corporation Correspondence re request by Editor for Krebs to advise in preparation of biochemistry textbook to be written by S. Dagley. 1968 Sandoz Limited Correspondencere biographical article on Krebs to be published in company journal Triangle. 1955 Scientific American Krebs agreed to write article on ‘acid secretion in the stomach! but later withdrew. 1949 -50 H.410- H.414 Springer-Verlag Mainly on various publications by Krebs and colleagues. various dates 1956-81 H.410 H. 4. Kornberg). and some reviews (Bibliog. 183). 1956-58, re ‘Energy transformations in living matter’ (with Includes correspondence on translation into Spanish, H.411 and possible translation into Thai. 1964-68, re proposed new edition of "Energy transformations’ Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 515 Publications, lectures, broadcasts H.412 1970. Brief correspondence re Bibliog. 284. 1971. Brief correspondence re ‘Effects of ethanol on gluco- neogenesis', Krebs's contribution to a volume Metabolic Changes Induced by Alcohol(not listed in Bibliog.). 1972 H.413 1974 1978, re collaborative paper ‘Regulation of the hepatic concen- tration of reduced glutathione’ contributed to Functions of Glutathione in Liver and Kidney (Bibliog. 359). H.414 1979 October 1980-April 1981. Invitation (declined) to Krebs to join editorial board of Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology. August-September 1981. Request to Krebs to write book based on collaborative paper 'Evolution of metabolic cycles’ (Bibliog. 385). H.415, H.416 Trends in Biochemical Sciences (TIBS) 1976, 1978-79 The first issue of TIBS appeared in January 1976 and the Editorin-Chief was W.J. Whelan. See J.834. 1976. Invitations to Krebs to write article on Warburg (declined), H.415 review 'Alcohol and Abnormal Protein Biosynthesis' (draft enclosed - not listed in Bibliog.), and to contribute a historical piece on 'The origins of An outline of Krebs's article the International Congress of Biochemistry'. is enclosed and refers especially to the tenth meeting, Cambridge 1949. The article appeared in TIBS, August 1976. (Not listed in Bibliog.) See A.453. See also H.422 for an article planned in 1981. H.416 1977-78 H.417 UNICEF 1978 Request (declined) for contribution to volume for ‘International Children's Year'. H.418 United Educators, Inc. 1968 Request (declined) for contribution to volume on possible developments in science. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 H.419, H.420 516 Publications, lectures, broadcasts USES (Utet/Sansoni Edizioni Scientifiche) various dates, 1969-79 Correspondencere articles contributed to Enciclopedia della Chimica (Chemical Encyclopaedia). H.419 1969-71. Article on 'Ketone bodies' (not listed in Bibliog.). H.420 in Bibliog.). See D.474. 1971-79. Article on 'Cyclic processes in biology’ (notlisted H.421- H.423 John Wiley & Sons (and Wiley Interscience) 1961, 1969, 1973-79, 1981 Miscellaneous correspondence on publications or proposed works by Krebs. Much ofthe later (1976 onwards) correspondencerefers to Krebs's biography of Warburg and to his autobiography. H.421 Biochemical Preparations, 8. 1961. Brief correspondence only re article published in (Not listed in Bibliog.) Request to write book on 'metabolic fuels' and 1969. ‘caloric homeostasis’. 1973. Agreement to contribute to Gluconeogenesis (Bibliog. 347). H.422 The Urea Cycle (Bibliog. 347). 1975-76. Agreement and correspondence re contribution to Includes one later letter, 198]. 1977-79. Correspondencere proposed series on 'The History of H.423 Krebs was asked to advise, and to write, or allow repro- Biochemistry'. duction of previous writings, on Warburg and his own autobiography, but copyright prevented this. H.424 H.425 H.426 G. Witzstrock Mainly personal correspondence with publisher, but includes comments, 1978, on new journals Clinical Cardiology and Scanning. 1975-78 Worth Publishers, Inc. Request for textbook on biochemistry. 1966 Shorter correspondence requesting permission to quote, reproduce diagrams, photographs, etc., 1964-81. HA. Keabe CSAC 113/4/86 Publications, lectures, broadcasts LECTURES H.427-H.446 517 H.427 H.428 H.429 H.430 H.431 H.432 H.433 H.434 H.435 H.436 H.437 H.438 H.439 H.440 H.441 H.442 H.443 H.444 H.445 H.446 1935 1948 1950-54 1955, 1957-58 1960-61, 1966-67 1967-68 1968-69 1969-70 (Royal Free Hospital lecture and correspondencearising) 1969-70 1970-71 1971-72 1972-73 1973 1974 1975-76 1976 1977 1977 -78 1979-80 1981 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 518 SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE _J.1 - J.985 INTRODUCTION TO SECTION J J.1 -J.868 SCIENTIFIC AND GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE Correspondence with individuals, organisations and firms, in alphabetical order, dated and indexed, with an indication of any information of particular biographical, scientific or historical interest. J.869-J.931 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE Indexed, in chronological order. J.932-J.985 UNINDEXED CORRESPONDENCE Exchanges of reprints, books and articles, specimens, methods and information. The folders in the main sequence J.1-J.868 may include any or all of the following: applications to visit or work in Krebs's MRC Unit or in his Departmentsat Sheffield and Oxford; research programmes and progress reports; grant applications; ideas, drafts and data for publications, some in collaboration with Krebs; reports on visits to other laboratories or institutions, or to colloquia and conferences; applications and references for appointments in Britain and overseas; continuing contact in research and personal news. topics of somescientific substance; others extend over a long period of time, continuously Some of the exchanges are relatively brief, albeit dealing with or intermittently. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 519 Correspondence It should be noted that many of the most significant letters dealing with important events in Krebs's life were removed by him for insertion into his scrapbooks, Other letters, which he considered important either by reason of now in Section A. their content or their author, were kept with a short annotation by him probably made while he was assembling material for his autobiography. These annotations are reproduced in the relevant entries in the sequence. A word should be said about the designation 'Personnel' given by Krebs to Conscious as he always was of his own debt to Warburg as scientific some of his files. mentor, Krebs was convinced of the importanceof'filiation' or 'scientific genealogy' in fostering scientific excellence, and felt that he should, and that he did, attempt to carry He devotesthe whole of Chapter 12 of his autobiography to the history, on this tradition. personnel and success of 'The MRC Unit 1944 - 67'; shorter sections of Chapters 15, 17 and 18 are on similar themes, as are many of the historical lectures and writings of his For Krebs, therefore, the selection, direction and future careers of co- later years. workers and collaborators bore a special dimension. as applied by him to his files does not represent a full or accurate tally of those who worked long- or short-term with him, nor does it distinguish between such varied categories as: MRC-funded staff on long- or short-term contracts; doctorate and postdoctorate students from Oxford or elsewhere; scientists from Britain or overseas visiting briefly to learn a laboratory technique; senior scientists spending all or part of a sabbatical leave as guests Several very long-term colleagues acknowledged by Krebs in his with their own funding. autobiographyare not filed as 'Personnel', while others who spent quite brief periods with Unfortunately the ‘Personnel’ label Thus, while Krebs's 'Personnel' category as found on his files him are so designated. has been preserved, an attempt has been made in the catalogue entries to clarify the status of the persons involved and, incidentally, the magnetic influence ofhis laboratory. The 'Shorter Scientific Correspondence’ at J.869 - J.931 consists of briefer exchanges usually on one matter only and more specifically connected with research in The correspondents For these reasons it is presented in chronological order. hand. are indexed. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 520 Correspondence J.1 Aebi, H. 1950-51, 1964-66 Correspondence 1950-51 is on tissue respiration, and glutamic acid. Correspondence 1964-66 is re semester spent by Aebi in Krebs's laboratory in summer 1964; includes recommendation for Naegeli Prize. ‘Personnel’ file. u u D d ~ w Alleyne, G.A.O. and others 1969-78 Research on renal metabolism, recommendations. Two folders. J.2 1969-72 J.3 1975-78 Allison, A.C. and others 1954-57, 1962-63 Allison was a part-time member of Krebs's MRC Unit, working on the genetics of animal viruses. He transferred to the National Institute for Medical Research in 1957. 'Personnel' file. Three folders: J.4 exhibition on 'The Living Cell’, report on visits. 1954-56. Letters of appointment, reports on research, publications, J.5 J.6 1957. Radcliffe Prize, transfer to NIMR. 1962-63. Includes reprints by Allison. le Ammon, R. various dates 1958-81 Correspondence 1959 is re colleagues and pupils of Rona. Includes requests for articles, visits, etc. J.8 Anagnostopoulos, C. 1956-57 Research on carbamyl phosphatases. J.9 Anson, M.L. 1931-33 and n.d. Research on enzyme chemistry and insulin. by Krebs and described as 'Mortimer L. Anson, protein chemist, long-standing friend of Otto Warburg, and whom first met in New York in 1929'. The letters were kept together H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 521 3.10 Ardenne, M. von 1966, 1971-78 Research and publications on cancer therapy. J.1] Arnon, D.I. various dates 1960-77 Visits, research on photosynthesis, recollections of Warburg, recommendation. J.12 Aschoff, J. and Aschoff, E. 1961-62, 1969, 1974 Visits, research. of Ludwig Aschoff) and notice of her death (1969), and some family news. Includes a little correspondence with Eva Aschoff (daughter J.13 Ashworth, J.M. 1959-64, 1977, 1981 Ashworth joined the Department of Biochemistry after taking a degree in Chemistry at Oxford; he worked with H.L. Kornberg, moving with him to Leicester in 1961. In 1976 he was seconded from the Chair of Biology at Essex to the Cabinet Office and was Chief Scientist, Central Policy Review Staff, until 1981, when he became Vice-Chancellor, Salford University. Early material includes research reports and recommendations. ‘Personnel’ file. J.14 Atkinson, D.E. Correspondence 1976-77 is re Atkinson's book on metabolism, and the influence of Krebs on his career; includes miscellaneous ms. notes by Krebs on the importance of the concept of evolution in his own work, dated 4 November 1977 and headed 'Re Dan Atkinson’. 1965, 1976-77 J.15 Ausman, R.K. Lactic acidosis. J.16 Avi-Dor, Y. 1980 1959-61 Research, recommendations. Sheffield. ‘Personnel’ file. Avi-Dor worked in Krebs's Departmentat H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 522. J.17- J.25 Bacon, J.S.D. and others 1947-75 Bacon was a Senior Lecturer at Sheffield 1948-54 and Krebs describes him as ‘closely integrated with the research team' (Rem. &Refl., pp.135, 140). In 1956 he moved to the Macaulay Institute for Soil Research, Aberdeen, and in 1972 to the Rowett Research Institute, Aberdeen, as Head of Depart- ment of Carbohydrate Chemistry. ‘Personnel’ file. Nine folders, mainly on research, visits, appointments, publications. J.17 papers). 1947. Application for Senior Lecturership at Sheffield (duplicated J.18 1955-56 J.19 1957-58 J.20 1959-62 J.21 1963-64 J.22 1965-66 J.23 1967-68 J.24 1971-72 J.25 1973-75 J.26 Baldwin, E.H.F. Oneletter only. 1950 J.27 Balinsky, J.B. 1963, 1967 Research on Xenopus laevis. J.28 Bannister, J.V. Research, visits, appointments. J.29 Barcroft, H. 1973-79 1980-81 On war-time and later experiments on bracken as a source of animal feedstuff; includes photocopies of draft paper and memorandum by Krebs on subject, July and December 1940. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 523 Correspondence J.30 Barcroft, J. 1934, 1945 Brief correspondence only, on research. The letters were kept together by Krebs and described as ' Joseph Barcroft, Professor of Physiology at Cambridge with whom | collaborated in measurements of oxygen consumption in fetal tissues’ . J.3] Barnes, F.W. 1953 Transaminase; oxaloacetic acid. J.32- J#38 Bartley, W. Bartley began work with the MRC Unit at Sheffield in 1946, as a laboratory technician, on the strong recommendation of Krebs who had known him since 1941 ina similar post at the Sorby Research Institute. He took a B.Sc. and Ph.D. at Sheffield, became a member of the scientific staff of the Unit and moved with it to Oxford. Biochemistry . In 1963 he returned to Sheffield as Professor of 1946-80 ‘Personnel’ file. Seven folders as follows, on research, publications, visits, career and appoint - ments. J.32 Miscellaneous cvs., bibliographies, departmental records. J.33 1946-52. Appointments, conditions of service, promotions. J.34 University Demonstrator, resignation from MRC Unit. 1953-59. Ph.D., research report, promotion, appointment as J.35 appointment at Sheffield, copy of Bartley's inaugural lecture, etc. Research grants, note by Krebs for Nature on Bartley's 1960-64. J.36 Sheffield 1967. 1965-70. Research, visits, publications; includes Krebs's visit to J.37 of 'Krebs Prize’ at Sheffield. 1972-75. Research, publication, death of L.V. Eggleston, presentation 1976-80. J.38 his broadcasts, and reference to his intention that Sheffield should eventually house his papers and other material (November 1979). Includes material relating to Krebs's collected reprints, H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Cc orrespondence 524 J.39 Bassham, J.A. 1955-56 Bassham worked in Krebs's laboratory as a National Science Foundation Senior Postdoctoral Fellow 1956-57. Folder includes 'Proposed plan of study’ (on photosynthesis), and two research reports by Bassham and R. Hems (on DPN and TPN). Not a 'Personnel' file. J.40 Bates, M.W. andothers 1965-68 Bates spent two years as a National Institute of Health postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Biochemistry 1965-67. Folder includes cv., arrangements for fellowship, recommendations. Not a 'Personnel' file. J.41 Baum, H. 1967-71 Research on mitochondria, lectures and visits. J.42 Beadle, G.W. 1949, 1960 Correspondence 1949 is on amino-acid oxidases. The letters were kept together by Krebs and described as 'George Beadle, California Institute of Technology, later President of Chicago University. Nobel Laureate 1958". J.43 Beattie, A. 1962, 1964. J.44- J.46 Bellamy, D. and others 1956-67 After graduating from Sheffield, Bellamy obtained an MRC Scholarship for research and doctoral work in the Department of Biochemistry, Oxford, becoming a 'Departmental Assistant'. He was appointed to an ARC research team at Sheffield in 1959 and became Senior Lecturer in Zoology at Sheffield from 1965. Not a *Personnel' file. Three folders as follows: J.44 1956-57 J.45 1959-62 J.46 1964-67 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 J.47 Benesch, R. J.48 Bennet -Clark, T.A. Iso-citric research. Correspondence 525 1948, 1954 1944, 1947 J.49 Bennett, D.A.H. 1961-62 Krebs accepted Bennett as a ‘personal student’ for Part Il work in biochemistry at Oxford. Includes programme of work, Krebs's reports to university. ‘Personnel’ file. J.50, deers Benzinger, T.H. and others 1933, 1950-81 Benzinger was a colleague of Krebs at Freiburg and published a collaborative paper with him on metabolism in birds. mainly on calorimetry; he spent some time in 1956 in Krebs's Department working with R. Hems and C. Kitzinger, and continued collaborative work on the subject 1971-78 (see D.331-D.341). He emigrated to America, working 'Personnel' file. Two folders as follows: 1933. Extensive ms. data, drafts and narratives on metabolism in letters of 1933 on research J.50 animals and birds (perhaps related to Bibliog. 45); and conditions in Germany were kept together by Krebs and described as 'T.H. Benzinger, my collaborator in Freiburg in 1932 and 1933. after the war especially interested in calorimetry at Bethesda and National Bureau of Standards at Washington’. Physiologist, J.50A calorimetry. 1950-57, 1969, 1981. Research, visits, collaborative work on J.51 Bergel, F. 1933, 1954-56, 1959, 1968, 1970, 1978 Personal and scientific correspondence (on oxidases). is re proposed protest on Apartheid; correspondence 1978 (Krebs's carbon only) recalls his and Haddow's part in inviting German scientists to the International Congress in Cambridge in 1949. Correspondence 1959 dae Bernardi, G. 1965 Origins of protein nomenclature. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 526 J.53 Bernhard, S. 1975-77 "Dahlem Konferenzen'. Berry, N.M. and others 1960-81 Berry, a New Zealand graduate, was nominated to the Department of Bio- chemistry as Demonstrator under the Nuffield Dominions Trust. He worked there from January 1961 and was a member of the MRC Unit from January 1964, resigning to take up an appointment at Pittsburgh from September 1964. Later appointments were at the Postgraduate Medical School, London (1965), San Francisco Medical Center (1967) and Flinders University of South Australia (1973). initiators of the successful preparation of isolated liver cells', though Berry's later work concentrated on electrochemical interpretations of metabolism and the role of proton gradients. Krebs described him (Rem. & Refl., p.220) as 'one of the main Not a 'Personnel' file. Seven folders as follows, covering all aspects of research and career. J.54 1960-61 J.55 1962-64 J.56 1965-66 J.57 1967-69 J.58 1970 There is no surviving correspondence 1971-76 d57 1977-79 J.60 1980-81 and some undated drafts and data J-6l Besser, F. 1933, 1934 A fellow refugee, working in London. H.A, Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 527 J.62, J.63 Bielschowsky, F.D. and Bielschowsky, M. Bielschowsky was a contemporary and colleague of Krebs at Freiburg and later at Sheffield. after the war in New Zealand. their assignment is tentative only. In the 1930s he also worked in Holland and Spain, and Several of the letters are undated and 1933-54 Twofolders: J.62 1933-39, few dated. 1947-54, not all dated. J.63 Marianne Bielschowsky (also a biochemist) and an obituary of Franz Bielschowsky from University of Sheffield Gazette, 47, November 1967. Includes a little correspondence with ————— See also J.171. J.64 Biran, A.L. 1958-62 Biran was accepted as an MRC student for training in research methodsin the Department of Biochemistry, obtaining his doctorate in 1962. Not a 'Personnel' file. J.65, Birt, L.M. Birt came from Melbourne University as an 1851 Exhibitioner and worked under Krebs's 'personal supervision’ before returning to various university posts in Australia. 1956-67 ‘Personnel’ file. Twofolders, on research and appointments. J.65 1956-59 J.66 1960-67 J.67- J.74 Blaschko, H.K.F. and others Their Blaschko and Krebs met at Freiburg in 1919 and remained close friends. careers followed similar paths: to Berlin where Blaschko worked in Meyerhof's laboratory; to Britain in 1933 where Blaschko met and offered lodging to Krebs on his first arrival in London; to Cambridge (Physiological Laboratory) in 1934; and to Oxford where he was Reader in Biochemical Pharmacology 1944-67. 1931 -80 The correspondence includes personal and historical material, as well as aspects of research and career. of other refugee colleagues. The early letters (not all dated) often contain news Eight folders as follows: J.67 1931 (card only), 1933 April-August J.68 1933, September -December H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence J.69 1934 528 J.70 1935. Includes card and letter from D. Nachmansohn 1936 J.71 1937 (few dated) J.72 1938-45 J.73 etc. 1947-80. Shorter items, including social occasions, recollections, J.74 compiled by Krebs, 1980. Miscellaneous recollections and narratives relating to Blaschko, J.75 Blaxter, K.L. 1957, 1967, 1971 J.76 Blumberg, B.S. 1955-59, 1963, 1973 Blumberg was a postgraduate student working with A.G. Ogston in the Depart - ment of Biochemistry. He shared the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1976. 'Personnel' file. J:77- C.H. Boehringer Sohn and others 1960-80 Correspondence with officers and employees of the firm at Tutzing andits UK subsidiary re research projects, visits. Bergmeyer in Germany, and J.H. Shelley in Britain. The chief correspondents are H.U. Five folders as follows: J.77 1960, 1962-63 Includes material re collaborative paper with Bergmeyer J.78 (Bibliog. 242). 1964-69. J.79 1970-74 J.80 and publications. Includes material re Bibliog. 343. 1975-77. Correspondence with Boehringer Ingelheim, UK, on research J.81 1977-78, 1980. at Oxford. Mainly appeal for funds for new medical college H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 529 J.82 B&hning, F. 1933, 1937, 1947 Correspondence J.83 Bonner, J. 1951 Discussion of Krebs's Harvey Lectures (Bibliog. 133). J.84, lees Booth, V. 1934-40, 1951, 1973-80 Krebs mentions Booth and other early Cambridge friends for their kindness to him on arrival in Britain (Rem. & Refl., p.88). Two folders of cards and letters, on personal and scientific matters. J.84 1934-40 J.85 1951, 1973-80 J.86 Born, G.V.R. and others 1966, 1973-81 Mainly re arrangements for the publication in Britain of the autobiography of Max Born; folder includes brief correspondence with M. Born, 1955. J.87 Bowman, W.C. 1981 Pharmacology of salicylates. J.88 Brock, D.J.H. and others 1965-67 Research, appointments; Brock worked in Krebs's laboratory 1966-67, seconded from the ARC's Animal Breeding Research Organisation, Edinburgh. Not a 'Personnel' file. J.89, ace Bronk, J.R. and others 'Personnel' file. Two folders as follows: 1952-58, 1964-66 J.89 1952-58 J.90 1964-66 J.91 Brunet, P. ‘Personnel’ file. 1952-56 J.92 Buchanan, J.G. 1948 Urea synthesis. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Corres pondence 530 J.93 Buchanan, J.M. 1947 Citrulline in urea synthesis. J.94 Bucher, T. 1947 -56 BUcher was a pupil of Warburg (see Rem. & Refl., pp.149-150). J.95 Burk, D. 1952-53, 1961-72 Correspondence 1952-53 is re Warburg Festschrift; on research and also has frequent references to Warburg. later correspondenceis J.96 Burton, K. 1949, 1977 Burton was a lecturer in the Biochemistry Department at Sheffield, and a long-term colleague and member of the MRC Unit at Oxford 1954-66. Not a 'Personnel' file. J.97 Bush, I.E. 1952, 1956-59 Bush was a research assistant in the department, working on biochemistry and medicine. Includes early (1952) papers by Bush. 'Personnel' file. J.98 Butenandt, A. 1934-35, 1978, 1980 Letter of 1 March 1935 has a later description attached by Krebs: ‘Adolf Butenandt. The letter refers to an invitation to contribute a review paper to a German journal. missed as Editor of Biochemische Zeitschrift’ . first accepted but later declined when Neuberg wasdis- J.99 Buxton, J. ‘Personnel’ file. J.100 Cairns, H.J.F. J.101 Calderbank, A. 1955-56 1970 1957-58 Calderbank studied for three terms in Krebs's Department, on secondment from ICI. ‘Personnel’ file. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 531 J.102 Callaghan, O.H. 1957-58, 1961-62 Callaghan worked as a research student in Krebs's Department from December 1957 to September 1958. ‘Personnel’ file. J.103 Calvin, M. 1965, 1967 J.104 Carter, C.W. various dates 1959-65 The material was kept together by Krebs and described 'Dr. Cyril Carter, Reader in Biochemistry, Oxford’. Not a 'Personnel' file. J.105- Chain, E.B. J.107 Three folders. 1956-75 J.105 1956-62. Research, publications, visits. Agroup of autograph letters from Chain, mainly personal, 1945, 1956, J.106 1962, 1969, kept together by Krebs and described as 'Ernst Chain, fellow refugee at Cambridge in 1934-35. Isolated penicillin. Nobel Laureate 1945". J.107 1971-75. Research, appointments. J.108- J.111 Chance, B. 1961 -80 Four folders, on research, visits, lectures, etc., including some research data, and some personal news. J.108 1961-67 J.109 1968. Bibliog. 268; Krebs's Penn Lecture at University of Pennsylvania. J.110 1969-70 J.111 personal correspondence. 1973-80. Krebs's Penn Lecture 1974, miscellaneous research and H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 532 Correspondence g.112= J.115 Chaplain, R.M.A. and others 1960-67 Chaplain, a biochemist from East Germany, cameas visiting research worker in Krebs's Department in April 1961. difficulties and much of the correspondence deals with the efforts of Krebs, scientific colleagues in Britain and Germany, and officials of charitable organisa - tions to make it possible for him to continue his studies. He obtained a D.Phil. at Oxford before returning to East Germany in 1966. He had various financial and visa 'Personnel' file. Four folders on all aspects of career, research, appointments. J.112 1960-61 J.113 1962-63 J.114 1964-65 J.115 1966-67. Includes reprints of papers by Chaplain. J.116 Chappell, J.B. 1965-67, 1972-76 Research, visits, recommendations. J.117 Chatagner, F. 1956-57 Chatagner visited Krebs's laboratory May-June 1957 to learn amino-acid techniques. ‘Personnel’ file. J.118 Chibnall, A.C. 1937-39, 1947-48, 1956-57, Research, meetings, appointments. Wee The letters of 1956-57 were kept together by Krebs and described as ‘Professor A.C. Chibnall, Professor of Biochemistry at Imperial College, London and later at Cambridge’. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 533 J.119- J.12] Chou, J.T.Y. and others 1960-66 Chou, born in Peking, was a British Council Scholar and Inter-University Fellow at Oxford 1955-58 and a memberof Krebs's MRC Unit 1958-63, working mainly on the biochemistry of the inner ear. ‘Personnel’ file. Three folders, on all aspects of research and career, visas, appointments, research programmesand reports. J.119 1960-61 J.120 1962 J.121 1963-64 and one letter 1966. J.122 Clarke, J.S. 1960 Clarke held an MRC Scholarship for training in research methods at Krebs's Department for one year. ‘Personnel’ file. J.123 Clayton, R.B. 1955-63 Clayton held an ICI Fellowship in Krebs's Department. ‘Personnel’ file. J.124- Cohen, P.P. 1937-79 ane Cohen spent a year, 1938-39, as a National Research Council Fellow in Krebs's laboratory in Sheffield as (with A. Ostrim) 'the Department's first post-doctoral visitors from overseas' (Rem. & Refl., p.103). He became a life-long friend. Not a ‘Personnel’ file. Three folders. J.124 intermediary metabolism; invitation to Krebs to visit and lecture in USA. Arrangements for Cohen's visit to Sheffield to work on 1937-38. J.125 and Oxford). 1948 (Harvey lecture), 1950-54 (research, offer of posts at Harvard 3.126 1960-61, 1966, 1979. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 534 J.127 Cohen, S.S. Correspondence 1963 is on ‘Biochemical variability’; correspondence 1973 includes historical recollections. 1963, 1966, 1973 J.12e Cohn, M. 1955-63, 1972 Cohn worked in Krebs's Department for eight months from June 1955, while on leave from Washington University, St. Louis, on hydrolysis of adenosine Folder includes material on research, publications, visits, triphosphates. recommendations. ’Personnel' file. J.129 Cole, H. 1964-65 Cole held an MRC Scholarship for training in research 1964-66 in Krebs's Department and at Cardiff. ‘Personnel’ file. J.130 Cole, J.A. 1964-65 Research report only. ‘Personnel’ file. J.131 Coleman, G. Brief correspondence only, from D.D. Woods, re Coleman's Guinness Research Fellowship. 1959 ‘Personnel’ file. J.132 Collins, J.F. 1957-59 Collins was an MRC Scholar in training in research. 'Personnel' file. J.133 Conn, R.B. Conn came to work in the Department of Biochemistry, on tumour biochemistry, for three years from 1953. 1952 ‘Personnel’ file. J.134 Conway, E.J. Carboxylase . 1948-49 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 535 Correspondence J.135 Cooke, K.B. 1954 Brief correspondence only. ‘Personnel’ file. J.136 Cooper, E.H. ‘Personnel’ file. J.137 Cooper, R. 1958-59 1954 Brief correspondence only, re Cooper's MRC Scholarship for training in research, under the supervision of D.D. Woods. ‘Personnel’ file. J.138 Cornell, N. Research on ethanol. J.139 Craigie, A. 1977 1968 J.140 Crawford, R.M.M. and others 1960-62, 1966 Crawford was a Carnegie Scholar in Krebs's Department 1961-62. ‘Personnel’ file. J.141 Creasey, W.A. 1956 Creasey held an MRC Scholarship for training in research at the Department of Biochemistry, working under the supervision of L.A. Stocken 1956-58. ‘Personnel’ file. J.142 Crutchley, M.J. 1959-60, 1965 Crutchley held a graduate scholarship from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, for research in the Department of Biochemistry under the supervision of D.E. Hughes. 'Personnel' file. J.143 Cuthbertson, D.P. 1947, 1960, 1968, 1978-79 Miscellaneous correspondence on research, publications, etc. 1960 is related to Bibliog. 194. Correspondence H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 536 J.144 Damadian, R.V. various dates 1966-79 Research and publications, mainly on potassium binding, and on NMR. J.145 Davenport, J.L. 1979-81 Sociobiology, juvenile delinquency. Krebs (May 1981) toa forthcoming publication by Davenport. Includes various drafts for ‘Foreword’ by J.146 Davidson, J.N. 1964, 1967 J.147- J.149 Davies, D.D. and others 1953-64, 1981 Davies held an ARC Junior Research Fellowship and worked in Krebs's Depart - ment at Sheffield (and later at Oxford) 1953-55; he was awarded a Rockefeller Research Fellowship to work at Wisconsin 1955-56, and subsequently accepted appointments at King's College London, Sydney and East Anglia. He published a collaborative paper with Krebs in 1955. ‘Personnel’ file. Three folders, on all aspects of research and career. J.147 (Bibliog. 177). 1953-55. Includes correspondencere error in collaborative paper J.148 1956-59. Mainly research and publications on malate and succinate. J.149 1960-64, 1981. J.150- Davies, R.E. and others 1945-75 ae Davies was a member of Krebs's MRC Unit from its inception in Sheffield in 1945, moving with it to Oxford and remaining until 1956 when he accepted an appointment at the University of Pennsylvania. Krebs refers to him on several occasions in his autobiography, and published collaborative papers with him on ion transport (Bibliog. 150, 165, 169). ‘Personnel’ file. Five folders, on all aspects of career and research. J.150 Miscellaneous cvs, bibliographies, salary scales. J.151 1945-54. Research, visits, promotions. 1955-56. Research, move to Pennsylvania, offer of Chair at Imperial J.152 College. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 537 Correspondence J.153 1957. Research and appointments. J.154 1958-68, 1972, 1975. Research and appointments. J.155 Dawson, R.M.C. 1951-55, 1960 Dawson was a Betty Brookes Research Fellow at the Oxford Department of Biochemistry from 1952 (under Krebs's predecessor, R.A. Peters). Not a ‘Personnel’ file. J.156, yeteT Dean, P.D.G. various dates 1963-71 Dean held an MRC Scholarship for training in research in the Department of Biochemistry, working under the supervision of M.W. Whitehouse. Research,appointments. ‘Personnel’ file. Twofolders: J.156 1963-67 J.157 1968, 1971 J.158 Deutsch, M. and Deutsch, W. 1935-36, 1939 Fellow refugees. J.159 Dickens, F. 1933, 1935, 1938, 1973, 1978 Brief correspondence only, on research, appointments, publications. Letter 1938 is re Bibliog. 69. J.160 Dixon, G.H. and others 1958 Dixon was a member of Krebs's MRC Unit from October 1958 but left in August 1959 to take up an appointment in Canada. 'Personnel' file. J.161 Doll, W.R.S. 1969, 1970, 1973 Miscellaneous correspondence. -H.A, Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence . 538 J.162 Donegan, J.F. i various dates 1930-35, 1943 Donegan was a collesigue of Krebs in Worburg's laboratory (Rem. = Beil.., p-30); he worked from 1930 at University College, Galway. — = Miscellaneous correspondence (none of Krebs's replies survive) on research, German scientists. J.163 | Eccles, J.C. 1973, 1974, 1976-77 Correspondence 1973 is re book-review; correspondence 1974 is re early research of W.H. Bragg;;correspondence 1976-77 is re ICUS Conferences of which Eccles was Chairman. J.164, - Edelman, J. and others ; 1948-53, 1964, 1975 aaa Edelmanheld an ARC grant to work in Krebs's Department at Sheffield 1948-50, working under the supervision of J.S.D. Bacon. ‘Personnel’ file. Two folders: J.164 1948-53 J.165 1964, 1975 5.166 Edozien, J.C. Edozien worked briefly in Krebs's Department at Sheffield in 1946. correspondence on research and career. 1946, 1949, 1952 Brief | Not a ‘Personnel’ file. 3.167 Edsall, J.T. various dates 1972-8] Correspondence 1981 is re books and papersof Isidor Traube (q.v.) which Krebs arranged to have deposited at the University of Pennsylvania. .168- 17] t t Edson, N.L. 1935-70 Edson, a New Zealander, was a D.Phil. student of Krebs at Cambridge before returning to university posts in New Zealand. Krebs published collaborative papers with him in 1936, and refers to him in his autobiography (Rem. & Refl., p.86 Four folders, on all aspects of research and career. 1935-36, 1938. Krebs's J.168 note attached toa letter of July 1935 reads 'Norman L. Edson, my Ph.D. student at Cambridge. Later Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Otago, New Zealand’. Research and publications (Bibliog. 56, 57). J.169 1946-49. Research, post-war news, publications, appointments. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence J.170 1951-57 539 1963-64, 1965, 1970. J.171 Includes Edson's obituary notice of F.D. Bielschowsky 1965; correspondence 1970 is re Edson's death. J.172 Eggleston, L.V. 1956, 1974 Brief correspondence only, kept together by Krebs and described as 'Leonard Eggleston, long-standing collaborator'; see Rem. & Refl., p.97. Correspondence 1956 is a letter from Eggleston recovering from an operation; correspondence 1974 is re Eggleston's death. J.173 Eichholtz, F. 1952, 1954 J.174 Eigen, M. 1965, 1975, 1978 Mainly arrangements for Krebs to visit and lecture: at G&ttingen, 1965, and at the Katzir Conference, Braunlage 1978 (Bibliog. 374). J.175 Elliot, K.A.C. 1934, 21936 J.176 Elliott, W.H. and others 1951-71 Elliott was an enzyme biochemist and Departmental Demonstrator at Oxford, appointed initially for 1952-54 by R.A. Peters; he later held university appointments in Australia. General correspondence on research and career. J.177- J.182 Elsden, S.R. 1936-80 Subsequent university and ARC appointments were at Edinburgh (1937-42), Elsden worked briefly in Krebs's laboratory at Sheffield in 1936, on succinic acid. Cambridge (1943-48), Sheffield (1948-65) and East Anglia (from 1965). Elsden and Krebs maintained continued friendly contact and the correspondence covers all aspects of career, research, publications, appointments, etc. Six folders as follows. J.177 1936-38 J.178 Senior Microbiologist. 1947-49. Includes correspondence re Elsden's move to Sheffield as H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Cc orrespondence 540 J.179 1955-58 J.180 1959 J.181 1960-69 J.182 1973, 1979-80 J.183 Elsworth, R. 1964 Correspondence and research notes on metabolism of D-lactate. J.184 Embden, H. 1932 One letter only, with an attached note by Krebs: 'Dr. Heinrich Embden, distinguished neurologist in Hamburg, brother of the biochemist Gustav Embden'. The latter is referred to in Rem. & Refl., p.35. J.185 Emerson, R. 1932 One letter only, with an attached note by Krebs: ‘Robert Emerson, American plant physiologist who had worked at the same time as | in Warburg's laboratory in 1926'. p.38). Emerson helped Krebs to visit America in 1929 (Rem. & Refl., J.186 Engel, D. 1958, 1969, 1975 J.187 Engel, P.C. J.188 Engelhardt, W.A. 1967-75 1932 Brief correspondence only, kept together by Krebs and described as: 'W. Engelhardt, Russian biochemist, expressing interest in my publications in 1932'. J.189, J.190 Enser, M.B. 1960-67 Enser held an MRC Scholarship for training in research 1960-63, in the Depart- ment of Biochemistry, working under the supervision of W. Bartley; he was awarded an ICI Fellowship 1963-66. ‘Personnel’ file. Two folders. J.189 1960-64 J.190 1965-67 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 541 J.191 Estabrook, R.W. 1975 One letter only, re forthcoming visit by Krebs to Dallas. J.192- Evans, E.A. various dates 1938-75 dann Evans came to work in Krebs's Department at Sheffield as a Rockefeller Travel- ling Fellow in May 1939, returning to Chicago in April 1940. collaborative papers with Krebs (Bibliog. 84, 85), and participated in work on the TCA cycle, later carrying out additional experiments in Chicago with radioactive carbon. He published Three folders as follows: J.192 1938-40. For correspondence with Evans 1942-43 see E.33. J.193 1947-48, 1955, 1966-67 J.194 Conference on Historical Development of Bioenergetics and Krebs's paper on subject. Mainly re history of discovery of carbon dioxide fixation, 1973-75. See also E.24-E.35 (Bibliog. 335). J.195 Evans, W.C. 1964, 1971-79 Miscellaneous scientific and personal correspondence, mainly on bracken. J.196 Evered, D.F. 1971 Inborn errors of metabolism. J.197- Exley, D. and others 1954-59, 1968-75 J.199 Exley was a member of Krebs's MRC Unit at Sheffield from 1954, moving to Oxford until 1958 working on a joint problem with the MRC Orological Research Unit. He resigned in 1958 and later worked on steroid endocrinology. ‘Personnel’ file. Three folders. J.197 1954-58 J.198 1959. Includes draft paper on 'Circulation of labyrinthine fluids’ . J.199 1968-75 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Cc orrespondence 542 J.200 Fatmi, H.A. 1965 Moments of scientific discovery (including TCA cycle). J.201 Faust, R.G. and others 1960-63 Faust worked in Krebs's Department 1960-62 as an NIH Research Fellow, working with D.S. Parsons. Not a ‘Personnel’ file. J.202 Feld, S. Krebs's views on euthanasia and mental deficiency. J.203 Feldberg, W. J.204 Feldheim, W. 1976 1946-47 1966-70 Feldheim worked in Krebs's MRC Unit for short periods in 1967, 1968, on ketogenesis (see D.247-D.249). Includes correspondence with H.D. Cremer. J.205 Ferdinand, W. 1959-62, 1964 Ferdinand was a DSIR Research Student in the Department of Biochemistry, working on protein chemistry under the supervision of R. Cecil, 1959-62; he later worked at Sheffield with W. Bartley. ‘Personnel’ file. J.206 Fessler, J.H. and others 1951-65 Fessler held an ARC training grant 1950-53 at the Oxford Department of Biochemistry under R.A. Peters, and an MRCResearch Assistantship 1953-56 working under the supervision of A.G. Ogston before taking up appointments in Britain and USA. 'Personnel' file. J.207 Fildes, P. 1946, 1965 Krebs's carbons only. Sheffield; correspondence 1965 is recollections of appointments at Cambridge in 1935. Correspondence 1946 is re Chair of Bacteriology at H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Cc orresponde nce 543 J.208 Fischer, H.O.L. 1933, 1936 Cards and letter kept together by Krebs and described as 'Hermann O.L. Fischer, son of Emil Fischer. at Berkeley. Warburg's teacher, as a link in the Nobel laureate chain (Rem. & Refl., pp. 175-177). Later Professor at Toronto and the University of California Distinguished carbohydrate chemist'. Krebs refers to Emil Fischer, J.209 Fisher, H.W. 1959 -60 Fisher held a Postdoctoral Fellowship of the American Cancer Society and worked in Krebs's laboratory 1960-61. Correspondence is re funding and arrangements. ‘Personnel’ file. J.210 Fitzgerald, M.G. 1956-58 Fitzgerald was an MRC Clinical Research Fellow in Krebs's Department 1956-58 before accepting an appointment at Birmingham University. Not a ‘Personnel’ file. J.211 Fitzgerald, P.J. 1959 -60 Fitzgerald, a Professor of Pathology at New York State University, spent a sabbatical year at the Department of Biochemistry 1959-60, working with L.A. Stocken. ‘Personnel’ file. J.212 Fleckenstein, A. 1956-61, 1965 J.213 Florey, H.W. Twoletters only. 'Florey after Dinner given to him at Brasenose by Oxford F.R.S.' (see also G.186). Letter of December 1965 has a ms. note by Krebs on verso: 1965, 1966 J.214 Folley, S.J. J.215 Fonnesu, A. 1957 1954-56, 1961 Fonnesu was a 'Bertarelli Scholar’ from Milan who worked in the Department of Biochemistry from December 1954-July 1955, in collaboration with R.E. Davies, on mitochondria. Not a 'Personnel' file. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 944 J.216 Forrest, |.S. 1969 Scientific and personal correspondence. Carl Neuberg, and Krebs's letter of 9 June refers to connections between the Krebs, Neuberg and Meyerhof families (Bibliog. 311). _Irene Forrest was the daughter of J.217 Frankel, E. 1933-39 Frankel was an early friend and colleague who emigrated to South Africa. J.218 Fruton, J.S. 1952, 1954 J.219 Fujita, A. 1948-49, 1952, 1980 Fujita had been a contemporary of Krebs in Warburg's laboratory (Rem. & Refl., p.30). Correspondence is on research and recollections. J.220 Fuld, H. 1933-34, 1955, 1978 Fuld had been an early colleague of Krebs in Freiburg. He emigrated to Britain and worked as a doctor in Liverpool. J.221 Fulder, Hans 1933-34 Fulder was another refugee scientist, who emigrated to America. J.222 Fuller, R.C. 1959-60, 1964 Fuller was a Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow of the National Science Foundation, working with H.L. Kornberg in Krebs's MRC Unit 1959-60. ‘Personnel’ file. J.223 Gabor, D. J.224 Gaffron, H. 1971, 1973 1930, 1933-34, 1950 Gaffron was a fellow-researcher in Warburg's laboratory (Rem. & Refl., p.30). The material was kept together by Krebs and described as ‘Hans Gaftron, my colleague in Warburg's laboratory. important contributions to photosynthesis’. Later at Chicago and Tallahassee. Made Jct2s Gale, E.F. 1950-51 Research, especially on glutamic and aspartic acids. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 545 J.226 Gasquet, P. de and others 1961-63, 1967 Gasquet, a French biochemist, was sent by his firm to work in Krebs's laboratory January -December 1962, on amino-acid metabolism. He became an ordained priest in 1967. ‘Personnel’ file. J.227 J.R. Geigy, S.A. 1960-71 Correspondence, mainly with K. Diem, re preparation of 'Geigy Tables’ and other research matters, including lactalbumin and organisation of research. The Geigy Company contributed to the costs of the conversion to a laboratory of part of the space allocated to Krebs's MRC Unit at the Radcliffe Infirmary (Rem. &Refl., p.225). See also C.122. J.228 Geller, D.M. 1956-57 Geller held a National Academy of Sciences Research Fellowship to work 'under the guidance’ of Krebs September 1957-August 1958. arrangements and funding. Correspondenceis re Not a 'Personnel' file. J.229 Gey, K.F. and others 1954-56 Gey worked in Krebs's Department February-October 1955 under the supervision of W.H. Elliott, and published a collaborative paper (Bibliog. 180). Not a 'Personnel' file. J.230, J.23] Gibson, Q.H. and others 1958-67 Gibson was at Sheffield 1946-63 (Professor of Biochemistry 1955-63) before accepting posts in America. Two folders, on research and appointments. J.230 1958-62 J.231 1963-67 J.232 Glass, H. Bentley 1961 Biological Sciences Curriculum Study. J.233 Goldwasser, E. 1965-66 Goldwasser held a Guggenheim Fellowship and was a 'guest worker’ in Krebs's Department 1966-67. Not a 'Personnel' file. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 546 J.234 Goodwin, T.W. 1946, 1948-49, 1954 3.235 Gordon, W. 1938-39 Gordon was a Hildesheim doctor, who emigrated to America. J.236 Gotto, A.M. 1958-64 Gotto was a doctoral student in Krebs's Department with a grant from the National Science Foundation 1958-61; he returned to Vanderbilt University, Tennessee. Folder includes correspondence, research reports, draft papers, recommendations. Not a 'Personnel' file. J.237 Gottschalk, A. 1943-52 General correspondence on research, publications, visits. J.238 Gowing, M.M. 1973, 1976 Mainly re lecture by Krebs. J.239 Green, D.E. 1937, 1947, 1953, 1968 Green was a Ph.D. student at Hopkins's laboratory in the 1930s and is mentioned by Krebs as helping him to learn and write English (Rem. & Refl., p.88). Material was kept together by Krebs and described as 'David Green, known to me in Cambridge since 1933. Later at the Enzyme Institute, Madison, Wisconsin’. J.240 Greville, G.D. 1945, 1959-67 Research, publications, meetings. J.241- il Griffiths, D.E. and others 1960 -67 Griffiths was a member of the Research Staff of the MRC Unit in Krebs's Department from July 1961 to July 1962 when he was appointed a University Demonstrator. He left Oxford in 1966 to take up university appointments else- where. ‘Personnel' file. Four folders on research and career. J.241 1960. Enquiries. J.242 and grant applications. 1962. Continuing negotiations and arrangements, research programmes H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Cc orrespondence J.243 1962-65 J.244 1966-67 547 J.245- J.247 Grisolia, S. 1958-81 General correspondence on research, publications, visits. Three folders. J.245 1958-69. Citrulline; specific dynamic action. J.246 1970-73. Correspondencere Bibliog. 287; liver cells. 1974-81. J.247 corres pondence 1979 includes letters re collection of memorabilia of S. Ochoa at Valencia to which Krebs gave twoletters. Correspondence re Bibliog. 323; meetings and conferences; J.248 Grunau, J.A. 1960-64 Grunau was a member of the MRC Unit in the Department of Biochemistry for four years, working mainly with K. Burton. Not a 'Personnel' file. J.249 Gurin, S. 1949-52 Gurin spent several months from July 1949 in Krebs's Department at Sheffield, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, and published a collaborative paper (Bibliog. 153). Not a 'Personnel' file. J.250 Gutfreund, H. 1953, 1960-70 J.251 Guyot, O. 1931-34, 1948-49, 1952 Guyot was a biochemist working for a pharmaceutical firm at Hamburg; early correspondence is mainly re experimental supplies and results. little personal correspondence. Includes a H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Cc orrespondence 548 J.252 Haas, E. 1949 Haas was a fellow-researcher in Warburg's laboratory, who emigrated to America. collaborator of Warburg, and includes an affidavit by Krebs to assist in obtaining entry to America for Kubowitz. Correspondencerefers mainly to F. Kubowitz, also a long-standing J.253 Haddow, A. 1952, 1967 Correspondence 1967 is re Walker carcinomastrain. J.254 Hallpike, C.S. and others 1955, 1959-62 Collaborative research in otology and tissue respiration. J.255 Happold, F.C. 1947, 1960, 1963 J.256 Harding, N.G.L. J.257 Harington, C.R. Mainly research on amino-acids. 1965-67 1945-49 1971-78 J.258, J.259 J.260, aceo! Harris, E. J. Research, publications, appointments. ae é Two folders. J.258 1971-72 J.259 1972-78 Harris, H. 1959-63, 1980 Research, publications, appointments. Twofolders. J.260 1959-63. Includes material on John Innes Institute. J.261 and some modern approaches to the cancer problem’. Mainly re Harris's historical lecture 'The city of Berlin 1980. J.262 Hartley, H.B. 1964, 1966 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Cc orrespondence 549 J.263 Heatley, N.G. 1941-42, 1980 Correspondence 1941-42, on research and equipment, is while Heatley was in New Jersey on the penicillin project. J.264 Hemmerich, P. 1968 Possible re-organisation of Lindau conferences. J.265 Henseleif, K. 1933, 1934, 1947-48, 1976 Henseleit was a collaborator in research and publications with Krebs at Freiburg, notably on the ornithine cycle. Early correspondence is on research and colleagues. was kept together by Krebs and described as: 'Kurt Henseleit, my collaborator in the urea work, writing about his experience during the war years and post- war years’. Correspondence 1976 is with Frau Henseleit and includes photo- graphs and notice of death of Henseleit 1973 (not 1976 as in Rem. & Refl., p.150). Later correspondence J.266 Not used. J.267 Herken, H. and others 1967, 1970-77 General correspondence on research, visits, €tc- tribute to a 65th birthday Festschrift for Herken which Krebs was unable to complete. Includes invitation to con- J.268 Hers, H.G. 1970-71, 1973-75 Correspondence 1970-71 relates to Krebs's visit to Louvain and Brussels, in the course of which he had an accident to his finger which involved surgery and the cancellation of a visit to Japan (see F.217-F.223). J.269 Hill, A.V 1941-42, 1976 esnenaanc 1941-42 is with R.A. McCance and Hill re dietary experiments at Sheffield, and the veto on publication of the results (Rem. & Refl., pp.120-121) J.270 Hill, R. 1952-53, 1970-73 Mainly on Warburg, and history of biochemical research. J.271 Hilton, J. 1965-67 Hilton held an MRC Scholarship for training in research 1964-67, working mainly with L.A. Stocken. Brief correspondence re scholarship and appointments. Not a 'Personnel' file. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Cc orrespondence 550 J.272 Hinshelwood, C.N. 1951 TCA cycle in yeast. J.273 Hird, F.J.R. 1967-80 Research, publications, visits. J.274 Hockenhull, D.J.D. 1953 Teaching of biochemistry for industry. J.275 Hodgkin, A.L. various dates 1948-53, 1967 Examining, research, etc. Correspondence 1967 is re Oxford Chair. J.276 Hoek, J.B. 1969-70 Hoek worked in Krebs's laboratory for several months in the course of 1970. Correspondence mainly about arrangements; research programme. Not a 'Personnel' file. J.277- Hokin, L.E. and others 1948-80 ana Hokin held a Research Fellowship of the American Cancer Society to work in Krebs's Department at Sheffield for three years from August 1949; he later took Up appointments in Canada and USA. ‘Personnel’ file. Four folders as follows: J.277 Sheffield. 1948-49. Arrangements, negotiations, funding for Hokin's work in 1950-52. Includes J.278 correspondence 1952 on the premature and incorrect report of the award of the Nobel Prize to Krebs. Renewal of Fellowship, appointment, publication. J.279 1953-60. Research, publications, appointments. J.280 on vitamin C, 1974-75, 1980. Correspondence 1975 refers to Krebs's wartime work H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 551 J.28] Holmes, B.E. 1932, n.d. (1930s), 1950-51, 198] Personal and scientific correspondence. The undated letters and cards of the 1930s are mainly friendly invitations and social arrangements. Correspondence 1932 was kept together by Krebs and described as 'Corres- pondence of 1932 whilst | wasstill in Freiburg with Dr. Barbara Holmes, daughter of Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins'. memorial service, and includes Krebs's recollection of his early acquaintance with Barbara Holmes. Correspondence 1981 is re J.282- J.286 1976-81 Holmes, F.L. Holmes, an American historian of science, was in touch with Krebs from May 1976, originally with regard to an historical study of Krebs's early biochemical research 1926-36. He visited Krebs regularly and frequently, recorded many conversations with him, and consulted notebooks, correspondence and other early documents. As a consequence, he decided to extend the scope of his proposed study to 1940 (later 1949) and to include some biographical and personal material (letters of 20 September 1976, 3 January 1978, 10 July 1980). Five folders, mainly arrangements for visits and discussions, and comments on various historical matters involving early friends and collaborators, sequence of discovery, and aspects of historical documentation. correspondence, notes of discussions, drafts for comment. Microfilms of the transcripts of recorded conversations, kindly made available by Professor Holmes, are held at L.100-L.103. The material includes J.282 1976-77 J.283 1978 J.284 1979 1980. References to 80th birthday meetings at Dallas and Sheffield J.285 and to Krebs's proposed papers on evolution of metabolic cycles (Bibliog. 385) and related questions. of matters to be discussed with Holmes, mainly about autobiography, and including photocopyofletter of 24 May 1933 from H. Druckrey cancelling his agreement to work in Krebs's laboratory (Rem. & Refl., pp.72-73). Attached to correspondence of 10 July are Krebs's notes 1981. J.286 collection; Krebs's death. Further reference to Bibliog. 385, disposal of Krebs's reprint last letter, 13 November, written from hospital shortly before H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 552 J.287, 288 Holzer, H. Holzer was a biochemist at the University of Freiburg im Breisgau. Two folders of general correspondence on research, conferences, visits. 1956-80 | J.287 1956-57, 1962-66 J.288 during the Nazi period. 1970-80. Correspondence 1975 is re Rectors of Freiburg before and J.289 Hopkins, F.G. 1936-38, 1941, 1947, 1981 Hopkins's letter of June 1941, acknowledging Krebs's congratulations on his 80th birthday, refers to German science and to Krebs's time at Cambridge. Correspondence 1981 with Jacquetta Priestley (Hopkins's daughter) and others is re the portrait of Hopkins by Meredith Frampton presented to the Royal Society in 1938 by private subscribers. J.290 Horecker, B.L. various dates 1969-80 Research, publication (Bibliog. 280), visits, etc. Correspondence 1980 is invitation to $. Ochoa's 75th birthday symposium which Krebs was unable to attend. J.291 Horowitz, N.H. Research on neurospora, collaborative publication (Bibliog. 130), and later publication (Bibliog. 153). 1949-53 J.292 Huggins, C.B. 1965, 1976, 1977 Correspondence 1976 is re Warburg, and Krebs's biography. J.293- J-299 Hughes, D.E. and others 1945-68, 1980-81 Hughes was a founder member of Krebs's MRC Unit at Sheffield, having been attached to Krebs's laboratory since 1941. in 1954, working mainly on pure and applied microbiology, and became Professor of Microbiology at Cardiff in 1964. He moved with the Unit to Oxford 'Personnel' file. Seven folders on all aspects of career and research. J.293 1945-51 J.294 1952-60 J.295 1961 HOA; Krebe CSAC 113/4/86 553 Correspondence J.296 1962 J.297 ment to Chair of Microb iology at Cardiff. 1963-64. Includes note by Krebs for Nature on Hughes's appoint - J.298 1965-68 J.299 1980-81 J.300 Hume, E.M. 1958 Eleanor Hume was a pioneer in nutrition research, and secretary of the Accessory Food Factors Committee of the MRC. Two letters only, 1958, and copy of obituary 1968. J.301 ILRA International Research Association 1964, 1965 Research on enantiomorphsof lactate. J.302 James, W.O. Visas for East German scientists. J.303 Jedeikin, L.A, 1964 1966-68 Jedeikin, an American biochemist on sabbatical leave, worked in Krebs's laboratory, on ketone bodies, from March 1966 to September 1967. 'Personnel' file. J.304 Jensen, P.K. 1954-57 Jensen, a Danish biochemist, worked in Krebs's Department from May 1955 to April 1956, funded by the Churchill Fund (to foster Anglo-Danish relations). ‘Personnel’ file. Research and publications, mainly on carbamyl phosphate . J.305 Johnson, R.H. and others 1967-76 Mainly research on ketosis during exertion in trained and untrained subjects; correspondence, research programme, discussions, later projects (Bibliog. 266, 281). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 554 J.306- J.309 Johnson, W.A. 1939, 1949, 1978-80 Johnson was Krebs's research assistant at Sheffield, funded by an MRCgrant, from April 1936 until he accepted a post in industry in 1939. collaborator in the work on the TCA cycle and on the famous paper rejected by Nature and published in Enzymologia (Bibliog. 62). Krebs lost contact with Johnson after 1954 but made further enquiries in 1977 to further the historical research of F.L. Holmes (q.v.); Johnson, then running the Cayman Islands Turtle Farm, was invited to the Dallas Symposium in 1980 and gave his recollections of work at Sheffield with Krebs (Rem. & Refl., pp.97-98). He was Krebs's Four folders. J.306 1939, 1949 (Bibliog. 125). J.307 and turtle farm brochure. 1977-78. Later contacts; includes correspondence with F.L. Holmes J.308 symposium . 1980. Includes fuller text of Johnson's recollections given at Dallas J.309 Miscellaneous documents re import of turtle shell, a gift from Johnson. J.310 Johnstone, J.P. and others 1950-60 Johnstone was a research student in the Oxford Department of Biochemistry from 1944, working with A.G. Ogston; after working at Porton Down, he rejoined the Department as a Demonstrator 1956-60. ‘Personnel' file. J.31] Jokl, E. Research, history of science and scientists. Sherrington cand Eccles. J.312 Jones, E.R.H. Je Jones, K.M. 1972-81 Correspondence 1981 is re 1955, 1961 1953-61 Jones was a research student in the Oxford Department of Biochemistry, working under W.H. Elliott and later with D.D. Woods. 'Personnel' file. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 555 J.314 Jones, R. 1973, 1980-81 J.315 Jones-Mortimer, M.C. 1963-67 Jones-Mortimer was a DSIR research student in Krebs's Department, working with C.A. Pasternak. Not a 'Personnel' file. J.316 Kalckar, H.M. 1958-62, 1968-69, 1977, 1979 Research and publications. Teeth Radiation Census. and Fiske in 1929. Correspondence 1958 is re International Milk Correspondence 1979 is re work on ATP by Lohman J.317 Kalnitsky, G. 1954-59, 1963 Kalnitsky worked in Krebs's Department 1956-57, funded by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, New York, working with D. Tapley. ‘Personnel’ file. J.318 Kanungo, M.S. 1968-72 33319 Kaplan, N.O. 1961, 1974-75 ‘Personnel’ file. J.320 Kark, P. 1970, 1977-80 Mainly research, discussions and symposium on Friedreich's ataxia. J.32] Kark, R.M. J.322 Katz, B. Correspondence 1959 is re 'Brain Drain’. 1961 -64 1959, 1976 J.323 Katz, J. various dates 1968-78 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 556 J.324 Keech, D.B. and others 1957 -67 Keech spent two years 1957-59 in Krebs's Department, funded by CSIRO, working with J.R. Quayle, before returning to university appointments in Australia. ‘Personnel’ file. J.325 Keilin, D. 1930-34, 1940 Material kept together by Krebs and described as 'David Keilin, Cambridge, discoverer of cytochrome’. Includes brief social correspondence from Anna Keilin, and letters and cards 1936-75 from Joan Keilin (daughter). (Rem. & Refl., pp.84-85.) J.326 Kelemen, M. and others 1953-62 Mary Kelemen held an MRC Scholarship for training in research in Krebs's Department 1954-57, working with K. Burton. Nota 'Personnel' file. J.327 Keller, G. J.328 Kemp, M.B. 1933-34 1963 Kemp was awarded an MRC Scholarship for taining in research, to work with J.R. Quayle, the scholarship being transferred to Sheffield when Quayle accepted an appointment there. ‘Personnel’ file. J.329 Kennedy, E.P. Kennedy held a Senior Research Fellowship of the National Science Foundation to work in Krebs's Department with K. Burton, 1959-60. 1957-59 Brief correspondence, mainly re arrangements. ‘Personnel’ file. J.330 Kiessling, K-H. 1954-56 Kiessling was a visiting scientist in Krebs's Department June-October 1955, funded by a Swedish foundation. ‘Personnel’ file. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 55/7 J.331 Kitzinger, C. Charlotte Kitzinger was a guest scientist sent to Krebs's Department by the US Office for Naval Research, December 1955-March 1956, working on calorimetry . 1955-56 'Personnel' file. J.332 5.333, Kleiber, M. Comments on publications by Krebs (Bibliog. 156, 166, 167, 168). 1955 Kleinzeller, A. Kleinzeller, a Czech refugee supported by refugee organisations, was a research student in Krebs's Department at Sheffield from 1939, and published several collaborative papers. He returned to Czechoslovakia after the war. 1939-41, 1952-56 Two folders. J.333 1939-41. Funding, arrangements to work in Sheffield. J.334 1952-56 J.335- ia Klemperer, H.G. Klemperer held an MRC Scholarship for training in research in Krebs's Department at Sheffield and Oxford 1952-55. 1952-68 'Personnel' file. Five folders, on all aspects of career and research. J.335 1952-53 J.338 1959-61 J.336 1954-55 J.339 1962-68 J.337 1956-57 J.340 Klingenberg, E.M. various dates 1961-78 3.341 Knivett, V.A. 1959 Knivett worked in Krebs's laboratory for two months. —_ Brief correspondence only. ‘Personnel’ file. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 558 Correspondence J.342 Knoop, F. 1934 One letter only, on publications and research, perhaps Bibliog. 50 (Rem. & Refl., pp.66-67), with an attached note by Krebs 'Franz Knoop, German biochemist, discovered B-oxidation, Editor of Z. Physiol. Chem.'. J.343 J.344 and others Knowles, P.F. Knowles held a NATO Fellowship and later an.MRC Research Fellowship to work in Krebs's Department, mainly with D.E. Griffiths, 1963-65. Correspondence on research, grants, equipment, appointments. 1963-65 "Personnel! file. Kolditz, W. Correspondence 1975-79 Correspondence 1970 is on etymology of 'snob'. is re proposed article by Krebs for Hexagon (journal of Hoffman-La Roche), on hyperlactataemia. 1970, 1975-79 J.345 Kondrashova, M.N. Research, publications. 1968-81 J.346 K8nig, R. Renata K8nig worked in Krebs's Department for the academic year 1963-64. 1963-67 'Personnel' file. J.347- J.361 1945-81 and others Kornberg, H.L. Kornberg was appointed to Krebs's MRC Unit immediately on his graduation at Sheffield; he moved with it to Oxford, being regarded by Krebs, together with K. Burton and J.R. Quayle, as 'the key members'. Oxford, apart from research visits abroad, until 1960 when he accepted the Chair of Biochemistry at Leicester, moving to the Sir William Dunn Chair of He became Master of Christ's College Biochemistry at Cambridge in 1975. in 1983. Kornberg published several collaborative papers (Bibliog. 151, 183, 184) with Krebs, who regarded their paper in Nature, 1957 (Bibliog. 184) as particularly important (Rem. &Refl., pp.215 et seq.); the paper on ‘Energy transformations' (Bibliog. 183) was frequently reprinted and is often referred to in the corres- pondence. He remained at Not a 'Personnel' file. Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 C orrespondence Fifteen folders, on all aspects of career and research. J.347 Studentship for training in research. 1945-50. Early career at Sheffield University. 559 Award of MRC J.348 1951-52. Appointment to MRCstaff, etc. J.349 1953. Doctorate. Commonwealth Fund Fellowship (Yale). J.350 1954 J.351 1955. Appointment to MRC Unit, etc. J.352 1956-57 J.353 1958-59 J.354 note on appointment, by Krebs, for Nature, etc. 1960. Appointment to new chair of biochemistry, Leicester, Resignation from MRC staff, grant application for Leicester J.355 department, D.Sc. 1961. J.356 1962 J.357 1963 J.358 1964 J.359 1965 J.360 information from Krebs. 1966-69. Correspondence 1967 includes some autobiographical 1974, 1975, 1978-79 (includes correspondence on planned Symposium J.361 at Cambridge on ‘Sterile and Fruitful Approaches in the Development of Bio- chemistry! at which Krebs spoke 'On asking the right kind of question in biological research’), 1980, 1981. See also E.58. J.362 Krampitz, L.O. 1952 Tricarboxylic acid cycle in bacteria. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 560 J.363, J.364 Kroetz, KI. (née Gollwitzer-Meier) 1929-33, 1948-50 Klothilde (Thilde) Gollwitzer-Meier was a physiologist working in Berlin whom Krebs met at the Physiological Congress at Boston in 1929. instrumental in making contacts for him with Lichtwitz at Altona and Thannhauser at Disseldorf (later Freiburg) (Rem. & Refl., pp.42-43). She was Two folders J.363 1929 -33. Letters and cards. J.364 1948-50; includes notice of Kroetz's death, and obituary notice 1954. J.365 Krogh, A. 1948 Brief correspondence only, with an attached note by Krebs 'August Krogh, Copenhagen’. Krogh's daughter enclosing a photograph of him, also with an attached note by Krebs 'Bodil Schmidt-Nielssen, daughter of August Krogh, zoologist ... Also included in the folder is correspondence 1969 with J.366, 5.367 Kuhn, N.J. and others 1961-67, 1975 After graduating at Oxford, Kuhn worked with F. Lynen, then held an MRC Scholarship for training in research in Krebs's Department, working under D.S. Robinson, 1963-65. ‘Personnel’ file. Two folders J.366 1961 -64 J.367 1965-67, 1975 J.368 — J.369 and others Kulka, R.G. Kulka, a New Zealand graduate of Czech origin, held an 1851 Exhibition Science Scholarship to work as a doctorate student under Krebs's supervision He published a collaborative paper with December 1955-December 1958. Krebs and Eggleston (Bibliog. 197). 1955-61, 1966 | Correspondence on research, publication, appointments. ‘Personnel’ file. Kulonen, E.1. Kulonen worked briefly in Krebs's Department funded by a British Council Bursary, working with A.G. Ogston. Brief correspondence only. 1957 ‘Personnel’ file. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 561 J.370 Kun, E. 1959-60, 1969-72 J.371 Kurti, N. various dates 1969-76 Brief correspondence on various topics. Ji3/2 Kurtz, A. and others 1958-61 Proposed award of Honorary Degree from Oxford to T. Heuss (President of Federal Republic of Germany), supported by Krebs. statement of his views and a little background material. Includes Krebs's written J.373 Kydd, D.M. Arrangements to work in Oxford. J.374 Lack, D.L. Evolutionary ethics. 1962-63 1970 J.375 Lane, C.D. and others 1964-68, 1972-73 J.376 Lardy, H.A. 1964-67, 1973 Research and publications. J.377, J Large, P.J. 1959 -62 Large, a graduate of Sheffield, was awarded an MRC Scholarship for training in research in Krebs's Department, working under J.R. Quayle. ‘Personnel’ file. Two folders I. FFF 1959 J.378 1960-62 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 562 J.379- J.384 Lascelles, J. and others 1947-65 June Lascelles, a graduate of Sydney, was awarded an 1851 Exhibition Overseas Scholarship to work in the Microbiology Unit of the Oxford Biochemistry Department, where her supervisor was D.D. Woods. She was a memberof the MRC External Staff from 1952 and a University Lecturer from 1960; she took up an appointment at UCLA in 1965. ‘Personnel’ file. Six folders, on all aspects of career and research, including statements of proposed research, progress reports and assessments at various periods. J.379 1947-51 J.380 for his Microbiology Unit, to which Lascelles was appointed. Includes application by D.D. Woods for MRC support 1952-54. J.381 1955-56. Rockefeller Fellowship, work in USA,etc. J.382 1957 J.383 1958-60 J.384 1961 -65 J.385 Laser, E. and H. 1933-34 Includes one letter 1933 addressed to H.K.F. Blaschko. J.386 Laties, G.G. 1949-51 Laties worked for about three months in Krebs's Department at Sheffield in 1949. J.387, J.388 Leaf, A. and others 1954-74 Leaf worked in Krebs's Department January 1955-August 1956, on 'body water' and ‘ion transport', and spent a later sabbatical year with him 1971-72. ‘Personnel’ file. Twofolders J.387 1954-56 J.388 1958-74 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 563 J.389 J.390, 137 Lehmann, H. Early correspondence kept together by Krebs and described ‘Hermann Lehmann, later Professor of Clinical Biochemistry, Cambridge’. 1934-36, 1967, 1979 Lehninger, A.L. various dates 1946-80 Research, publications. Two folders J.390 1946-70 J.391 1975-80 J.392 Leitner, U. and Z. 1934-37, 1941, 1949, 1952 J.393 Levy, H.R. 1977, 1980-81 J.394 Lewis, R.W. 1980 Krebs's letter of 9 December is 'on the role of an established theory in a discipline’ and discusses the philosophy of science especially evolutionary theory. J.395 Lichtwitz, L. 1932 Oneletter only, with an attached description by Krebs 'Professor L. Lichtwitz, my chief at Altona from 1930-31, distinguished physician interested in metabolic diseases' (Rem. & Refl., pp.43-44, 75-76). from A. Jores, a fellow-colleague at Altona (Rem. & Refl., pp.75-78) suggesting a reunion of former Lichtwitz-Assistenten . Also attached isa letter, 1961, 3.396 ‘Line’ 1933 A colleague at Freiburg. J.397 Link, K.P. and others 1958, 1965-69 Correspondence and papers, not all dated, on warfarin and warfarin resistance in rats, Letter 1958 has an attached description by Krebs 'Dr. Karl Paul Link, discovered the nature of the sweet clover disease in cattle, the anti-coagulant activity of coumarin and developed rodent-poison Warfarin (hence Rattor)'. (Rattor was the 'title' Link used on his writing -paper. ) H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Cc orrespondence 564 J.398- J.401 Lipmann, F. 1934-79 Lipmann had worked in P. Rona's laboratory, though not at the same time as Krebs, and later in Otto Meyerhof's laboratory at Berlin-Dahlem, emigrating to USA in 1939. He shared the Nobel Prize with Krebs in 1953 and remained a life-long friend. Four folders. J.398 ‘Fritz Lipmann, known to me since 1927. Medicine and Physiology in 1953'. 1934, 1936, 1951-53, kept together by Krebs and described as We shared the Nobel Prize for J.399 1962-71 J.400 lation in Molecular Biology’ in honour of Lipmann's 75th birthday. and Lipmann spoke on 'Dahlem in the late nineteen twenties’ (Bibliog. 336). Mainly re Symposium on 'Energy, Biosynthesis and Regu- 1974. Krebs J.401 Warburg. 1975-79. —Lipmann's letter of 20 June 1979 includes recollections of J.402 Loening, U.E. 1954-59 Loening held an ARC research studentship to work in the Oxford Department under the supervision of R. Cecil 1954-56, later taking up an appointment at John Innes Horticultural Institution. ‘Personnel’ file. J.403 Loewi, G. 1955-57 Loewi was offered accommodation to work in Krebs's Department on sulphated mucopolysaccharides. 'Personnel' file. J.404 Lohmann, K. 1937 One letter only, with an attached description by Krebs 'Karl Lohmann, with whom | worked under the same roof in Berlin-Dahlem from 1926-30 (he was with Meyerhof and | with Warburg). Discoverer of ATP (independently of Fiske and Subbarow), and the structure of co-carboxylase'. J.405 Lominski, I. 1948, 1951 Citric acid, citrulline. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 565 Correspondence J.406 Losada, M. 1965-78 Research, visits, including 6th Congress of Spanish Biochemical Society 1974, J.407- J.416 Lowenstein, J.M. and others 1954-81 Lowenstein held a Beit Fellowship to work in Krebs's Department 1955-58, subsequently accepting university appointments in America. a collaborative paper with Krebs (Bibliog. 196) and remained a close colleague andfriend. He published ‘Personnel’ file. Ten folders, covering all aspects of career and research. J.407 1954-56. Arrangements for work and funding, research reports. J.408 (Bibliog. 196). 1957-59. Research, move to America, collaborative paper J.409 1960-63. Publications and research. J.410 1964-65. Publications and research, especially Geigy Tables. J.411 1966. Publications and research, especially Geigy Tables. J.412 1967. Publications, visits. J.413 1968. Research, seminar, appointment. J.414 1969-73 J.415 1974-76. Includes correspondence with Leah Lowenstein. J.416 1978-81 J.417-__Lynen, F. 1948-79 deen Early correspondence bears an attached note by Krebs: 'Professor Feodor Lynen, Munich. Biochemist, Nobel Laureate’. Three folders J.417 1953, 1959, 1961-62, 1965 (lectures and visits). 1948-49 (research on yeast), 1952 (Krebs's recommendation of Lynen), J.418 1970 J.419 1970, 1974-79 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 566 J.420 Macalpine, |. 1936, 1947-50 Ida Macalpine, formerly Hirschmann, was a German refugee doctor who re- qualified in Britain and practised psychological medicine in Accrington and London, being best known for her collaborative work with her son Richard Hunter on George III and porphyria. Folder includes miscellaneous obituaries of Macalpine, 1974. J.421 McCance, R.A. 1941 Brief correspondence only, on calcium and wartime nutrition experiments. J.422 McFarlane, A.S. 1948-49 cl4 analysis. J.423 Macfarlane, M. J.424 Not used. J.425 McGilvery, R.W. 1949 1970 J.426- J.428 Mcllwain, H. and others 1940-63 Mc Ilwain was a Leverhulme Research Fellow in P. Fildes's Department of Bacterial Chemistry, Middlesex Hospital, 1937-41, moving to Sheffield in 1941. He was appointed to the MRC scientific staff 1945-47 in the Unit for Cell Metabolism. ‘Personnel’ file. Three folders, covering all aspects of career and research and including evs., bibliographies, statements of research, etc. J.426 1940-41, 1947 J.427 1954-58 J.428 1960-63 J.429 Mackay, 1.F.S. 1948-49, 1959-65 Mackay was a lecturer in Experimental Physiology at Sheffield, having joint research projects with Krebs's Department, before accepting university appoint - ments overseas. ‘Personnel’ file. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 567 Correspondence J.430 McLean, P. 1956, 1968-78 Mainly research on pentose phosphate cycle, experimental diabetes. J.431 MacMillan, A.L. 1955, 1959 ‘Personnel’ file. J.432 MacPhee, |.W. 1960-62 MacPhee, a Consultant Surgeon in Liverpool, worked in Krebs's Department with D.S. Parsons, January-July 1961. 'Personnel' file. J.433 McPhee, J. 1952 McPhee worked with R. Cecil in the Oxford Department from 1952 (corres pondence is conducted with R.A. Peters). Not a 'Personnel' file. J.434, ameS Madsen, N.B. and others 1955-56 Madsen worked in Krebs's Department 1956-57 under a fellowship of the US National Academy of Sciences before accepting appointments in Canada. 'Personnel' file. Twofolders J.434 1955-56 J.435 1957, 1962 J.436 Mahler, R. J.437 Mandelstam, J. 1963, 1965 1966, 1981 Correspondence 1981 is Krebs's draft only, re experiments on evolution of metabolic cycles. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 568 J.438- J.440 Mann, G. andothers 1973-74, 1980-81 Correspondence mainly with Golo Mann (son) re various aspects of Thomas Mann's life and work. with University of Bonn; correspondence 1980-81 concerns proposals for a new translation of Mann's works. Correspondence 1973-74 concerns T. Mann's relations Three folders . J.438 1973-74 J.439 1980-81 J.440 Miscellaneous printed matter re Mann, annotated by Krebs. J.441 Mansford, K.R.L. 1969-70 Redox state, amino transferase. J.442 re D. Marotta 1960, 1964 Commemorative book (1960), Marotta's arrest (1964). J.443 Martius, Co J.444 Massey, V. 1957-59, 1968-69 1949-52, 1963 J.445, J.446 Massieu, G.H. Massieu, a Mexican scientist funded by a British Council bursary, worked in Krebs's Department January -September 1964. 1963-72 'Personnel' file. Two folders . J.445 1963-64 J.446 1965, 1970-72 5.447 Mayes, P.A. 1964-71 Research projects, appointments. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 569 Mayor, F. Mayor, a Spanish biochemist, held a British Council Scholarship to work in Krebs's Department for ten months, September 1966-July 1967, and also paid shorter visits in 1959, 1971, 1973. various dates 1960-80 Not a 'Personnel' file. Two folders J.448 1960-67 J.449 1968-73, 1979-80 J.450 J.451 J.452 Mead, M. Includes Krebs's 'Earth Day Statement' (on 'safeguarding the resources of the earth') prepared as a sponsor for Margaret Mead's "Earth Day*. 1977 1958, 1960, 1962, 1965 Medawar, P.B. 1958 corres~ Miscellaneous correspondence with an attached note by Krebs. pondenceis re university funding; 1962 correspondence is re Oxford Chair of Zoology; 1965 correspondenceis re declaration to the Pope on birth control. Medina, J.M. Medina, a Spanish scientist and colleague of F. Mayor (qg.v.) held a British Council Scholarship to work in Krebs's Department September 1972-July 1973. 1972-75 'Personnel' file. J.453 Meek, G.A. 'Personnel' file. 1955 J.454 Mehlman, M.A. Research, symposia, publications. of annual 'Hans Krebs Award for Research in Metabolic Control’ by Bly Founda - tion. ed. Mehlman and R.W. Hanson). Correspondence 1973-75refers to Bibliog. 347 (Festschrift for H.A. Lardy, Letter of December 1972 refers to funding 1968-75 J.455 Meier, R. 1948, 1951-42 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 570 J.456 Mellanby, J.H. 1959-69 Jane Mellanby held an MRC Scholarship for training in research in Krebs's Department 1959-62, working on biochemical aspects of ketosis under Krebs's supervision. ‘Personnel’ file. J.457 Menahan, L.A. 1965-68 1932-73 J.458- J.460 Mendel, B. and Mendel, H. Letters, cards and telegrams from Bruno and Hertha Mendel, with an attached note by Krebs: 'Bruno Mendel, a colleague at the 3rd Medical Clinic at Berlin in 1924 and a friend ever since. He recommended me to Otto Warburg. Later Professor of Pharmacology at Amsterdam' (Rem. & Refl., pp.23-25). Three folders J.458 1932-38 J.459 1939 J.460 Einstein). 1946, 1954-59, 1965, 1973 (from Hertha Mendel, re Warburg and J.461 Merritt, D.H. Miscellaneous publications. J.462 Meyer, K. 1962-67 1948, 1961 Meyer was a colleague of Krebs in Rona's laboratory (1925) and later at Berlin-Dahlem where he was in Meyerhof's team. J.463 re O. Meyerhof various dates 1969-78 Correspondence with descendants of O. Meyerhof, and others, re Meyerhof and his family, in part re Bibliog. 336. J.464 Meyer zu Schwabedissen, O. 1980-81 Overuse and misuse of drugs. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 571 J.465 Michaelis, E.M. (later Jacoby) 1931, 1981 Two letters only, with a note by Krebs 'Eva Michaelis, daughter of Leonor Michaelis whom I first met at Woods Hole in 1929' (Rem. & Refl., pp.38-39). J.466 Mihram, G.A. 1974-77 Philosophy of science. J.467 Mills, C.F. 1964 Zinc deficient rats. J.468 Mitchell, P.D. 1961, 1966-67, 1972-73 J.469 Model, A. 1934-37 A refugee medical scientist in Britain. J.470 Monod, J. 5.47] Moore, S. 5.472 Morgan, H.E. 1964, 1972 1951, 1961 1961, 1969-70, 1977, 1979-80 Miscellaneous research and publications; correspondence 1979-80 is re Oxford oxygenator. J.473 Morton, R.A. 1971, 1973 Correspondence 1973 is re Warburg and history of photoelectric spectrophotometry. J.474 Mothes, H. 1960-61 J.475 Mynant, N.B. Thyroxine. 1960-62, 1967 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 572 J.476- J.485A Nachmansohn, D. and others 1934-81 Nachmansohn was one of Krebs's oldest friends and colleagues. They first met in Berlin when working in Goldscheider's clinic (1924), then in Rona's laboratory (1925), Warburg's laboratory (1926) when Nachmansohn wasin Meyerhof's team, and with Thannhauser at Freiburg. He was also, like Krebs, invited by Weizmann to consider working in Palestine in the mid-1930s. He emigrated to America in 1938. The pre-war correspondence, mainly from Nachmansohn in Paris, is all auto~ graph manuscript, in German, and by no meansall the letters are dated. Many refer to the problem of Jewish and other refugees, and to the suggested work in Palestine. Ten folders J.476 1934 (not all dated) J.477 Weizmann in London, February 1935. 1935 (not all dated). Includes 'Protokoll' of meeting with J.478 J.479 J.480 J.481 1936 (not all dated) 1937 (notall dated) 1938-39 1958-64 J.482 and achievements. 1966-67. Includes statement of Nachmansohn's research career J.483 1930s. 1969-75. Includes material on Meyerhof and recollections of J.484 1977. Recollections of Meyerhof and Warburg. 1979-81. J.485 at Li€ge 1980, various recollections, Nachmansohn's letter to Lady Krebs on Krebs's death. Includes material re colloquium in honour of Nachmansohn Addendum 1935, 1949 and n.d. Photocopies of letters from Krebs to J.485A Nachmansohn (the undated letter is from Lady Krebs) made available by F.L. Holmes. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 573 J.486- J.488 Correspondence Naftalin, L. 1954-62 Research and recommendations. Three folders J.486 Miscellaneous cvs., bibliographies, drafts and papers. J.487 1954-59 J.488 1960-62 J.489 Needham, D.M.M. 1940, 1948, 1950, 1952 Brief correspondence only. pondenceis on glyceraldehyde inhibition. 1948 correspondence is on yeast; 1950 corres- J.490 Needham, J. 1933, 1934, 1937 Brief correspondence only. by Krebs: 'Joseph Needham, at that time Reader in Biochemistry in Cambridge, written when I wasstill in Freiburg’. Card of March 1933 has an attached description J.491 Neuberg, C. 1932, 1937, 1955 Correspondence 1932 is from Berlin-Dahlem. J.492 Neuberg, I. 1931, 1932 Correspondence 1932 is from Berlin-Dahlem. J.493 Neuberger, A. 1934, 1951, 1961-81 Research; publications; nutrition; Jewish organisations. J.494 Neunhoffer, O. 1970-75 Cancer treatment. J.495 Neuzil, E. 1960, 1973-75, 1981 Mainly visits, lectures, etc. at University of Bordeaux. is Krebs's carbon only, of 13 November, from hospital. Letter of 1981 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 574 J.496- J.499 Newsholme E.A. and others 1961 -80 Newsholme worked in Krebs's Department as a postdoctoral fellow from Cambridge from 1962, supported by a Beit Fellowship. In 1964 he was appointed to Krebs's MRC Unit, moving in January 1967 to J.W.S. Pringle's ARC Unit in the Department of Zoology. ‘Personnel’ file. Four folders, on all aspects of career and research. J.496 1961-62 J.498 1966-69 J.497 1963-65 J.499 1971-80 J.500 Noble, E.P. 1972, 1976-77 Research on alcohol. J.501- J.503 Nossal, P.M. and others 1948-58 Nossal, an Australian biochemist, worked as a research student in Krebs's Department at Sheffield 1949-51 before returning to Australia. He died in 1958. ‘Personnel - Sheffield' Three folders J.501 1948-49 J.502 1950-53 J.503 1954-58 J.504 Nowinski, W.W. 1958-61, 1967-72 J.505 Nunez de Castro, |. 1980 J.506 Oakeshott, W. 1958, n.d. Undated correspondence is re proposed honorary degree for Basil Blackwell. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Cc orrespondence 975 J.507 O'Brien, J.R.P. 1947, 1954-58 Includes 1947 draft report on 'Vitamin C deficiency and requirements of human adults' by O'Brien, heavily revised by Krebs, on work for MRC Vitamin C Sub- committee 1944-46. Refl., p.121). are included in the folder. The report was published in 1953 by HMSO and a few reviews O'Brien was Secretary of the Sub-committee (Rem. & (Not listed in Bibliog.) Correspondence 1954-58 is re research and teaching at Oxford. J.508- J.511 Ochoa, Severo various dates 1939-78 General correspondence on research, publications, visits, recollections. Four folders J.508 1939, 1947-52 J.509 1955, 1961 (re conferral of honorary degree from Oxford on Ochoa). J.510 Symposium). 1964-67, 1970, 1972 (includes note by Ochoa on Meyerhof J.511 1973-78 J.512- Jo015 Ogston, A.G. and others 1948-79 Ogston was a Demonstrator in Biochemistry at Oxford since 1938, under R.A. Peters. He left the Department in 1959 to take up a Chair at the Australian National University and returned to Oxford in 1970 as President of Trinity (Krebs's College). ‘Personnel’ file. Four folders. J.512 point attachment’, and on aconitase. 1948-52. Includes Krebs's comments on Ogston's work on 'three- J.513 Chairman, Editorial Board, Biochemical Journal. 1954-55. Includes correspondence re Ogston's appointment as J.514 J.H. Fessler. 1957-59. Includes note on Ogston on his move to Australia, by J.515 interests. 1960-79. Includes ms. account by Ogston of his career and research H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 576 J.516 Olby, R.C. 1967-72 Mainly research on history of molecular biology. J.517 Oliver, |.T. various dates 1956-68 Oliver was an Assistant Lecturer in the Biochemistry Department at Sheffield before taking up appointments in Australia. Correspondence mainly on research and recommendations. J.518- Olson, R.E. and others 1958-78 anaey Olson, an American biochemist, spent a sabbatical year in Krebs's Department July 1960-June 1961, supported by the Guggenheim Foundation and a Fulbright Award, working on the metabolism of cardiac muscle. ‘Personnel’ file. Three folders on research, publications, later visits, recommendations, etc. J.518 1958-61 J.520 1966-78 J.519 1962-63 J.521 Ontko, J.A. 1967, 1972-73 Hepatic metabolism. J.522 Oparin, A.I. and Oparina, N.P. 1967-68, 1979-81 J.523- J.530 Opie, L.H. and others 1962-78 Opie, a South African biochemist, worked in Krebs's Department as a Wellcome Research Fellow for two years from October 1964, working on cardiac metabolism. ‘Personnel’ file. Eight folders, on all aspects of research and career. J.523 1962-63 J.524. 1964 J.525 1965-66 J.526 1967-68 Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 577 1969. Includes material re new Journal of Molecular and Cellular J.527 Cardiology. ‘Consulting Chief Editor for the European area'); Krebs's reports on papers submitted, publishing policy, etc. (Opie was Editor-in-Chief and Krebs agreed to serve as J.528 1970-72 1973. J.529 originally bearing Krebs's name as co-author. by an acknowledgement. Includes draft and data for paper by Opie on ketone bodies, At his request, it was replaced J.530 of service to Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology. Includes letter of thanks to Krebs at the end of his period 1974-78. J.531 Oster, H. 1933 A German refugee doctor. J.532 Ostern, P. With an attached note by Krebs: 'Dr. Pawel Ostern. My collaborator at Freiburg. arrested by the Nazis after the occupation of Poland’. pp.48, 152.) 1933, 1936, 1939 Collaborator of J. Parnas. Committed suicide when he was aboutto be (Rem. & Refl., J.030 Passonneau, J.V. 1971, 1973 J.534 Pauling, L. 1961, 1974-77, 1980 Correspondence 1974 is on Vitamin C and the common cold, and includes invitation to Krebs to become an Associate of the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine. Correspondence 1980 includes Pauling's paper on 'Vitamin C therapy of advanced cancer’. J.535 Peierls, E. 1975, 1978 Mainly re collection of reminiscences (to which Krebs contributed) presented to 'Genia' (Lady Peierls) on her 70th birthday. Includes copy of presentation brochure. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 578 J.536 Pendl, M. 1964 Arrangements to work as 'guest worker’ in Krebs's Department August -October 1964. J.537 Perkins, J.R. 1968-72 Perkins worked as Krebs's 'personal technician' in the Metabolic Research Unit. for a year 1968-69. Not a 'Personnel' file. J.538 Péron, F.G. 1968, 1970, 1973 Research on mitochondria. J.539 Perutz, M.F. 1968-70 On the history of DNA research and J.D. Watson's book The Double Helix. y e Peters, R.A. and others 1933-79 Five folders. J.540 c.1952). Miscellaneous biographical and bibliographical information (to J.541 1933 (one letter only, re Krebs's settling in Cambridge), 1936, 1939. J.542 subcommittee. 1947-49. Includes material on report on work of Vitamin C J.543 1951-52 (on Vitamin C report), 1956. J.544. 1960-67, 1971, 1979 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 579 J.545- J.547 and others Petersen, G.B. Petersen, a New Zealand biochemist, was a doctorate student in Krebs's Department from April 1956, returning to New Zealand in 1959. an appointment as Departmental Demonstrator in Krebs's Department for two years from January 1962. 1954-74 He accepted Not a 'Personnel' file. Three folders on all aspects of research and career. J.545 1954-58 J.546 1959-61 J.547 1962-63, 1967, 1974 J.548 Pette, D. various dates 1969-79 J.549 Pfizer Group 1966 Gluconie acid delta lactone. J.550 J.551 Phillipson, A.T. Correspondence 1968-69 is re Symposium on 'Physiology of Digestion and Metabolism in the Ruminant', Cambridge. metabolic disorders. Krebs opened the discussion on 1959, 1968-69 Phizackerley, P.J.R. Phizackerley was appointed Betty Brookes Research Fellow in Krebs's Depart- ment for three years from October 1957, moving later to the Nuffield Depart- ment of Clinical Biochemistry. 1956-65 Not a 'Personnel' file. J 552 Pichotka, J. 1955-56, 1966 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 J.553, a= Pickering, G.W. Two folders. Correspondence 580 1939-67 1939-43. J.553 an attached note by Krebs: 'Sir George Pickering, known to me sincea visit he paid to Freiburg in 1932. Later Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford’. Includes material re refugee doctors to work in India; with Jind4 1956-62, 1967. J.555 Pierpoint, W.S. 1967, 1980 J.556 Pirie, A. and others 1948-50, 1955, 1964, 1975 Early correspondence has an attached note by Krebs: 'Dr. Antoinette Pirie, known since Cambridge in 1933, later Reader in Ophthalmology at Oxford’. Correspondence 1955is re proposed research on retinal metabolism. J.557 Pirie, N.W. 1936, 1949, 1952, 1964 J.558- J.560 Pitts, R.F. 1966-76 Pitts, a distinguished American renal physiologist, spent a sabbatical year in Krebs's laboratory July 1967-June 1968 'to learn some biochemistry’. symposium in his honour was held at Cornell in 1964 at which Krebs chaired a session and gave a paper. See F.259, F.260. A Three folders. J.558 information, Pitts's report to National Science Foundation on work done in Oxford. Arrangements, funding, biographical and bibliographical 1966-68. 1971, 1974-76. Joo? Material on Pitts Symposium, Krebs's collaborative paper given there, Pitts's continuing research; includes data and notes (Bibliog. 338). J.560 Related printed matter. J.561 Pogell, B.M. 1963-73 Research, publications, recommendations. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 581 J.562 Pontecorvo, G. 1949, 1951 J.563 Popjak, G.J. Correspondence 196] is re ‘Operation Popcorn’, a proposal that Popjaék and J.W. Cornforth should move their MRC Unit to Oxford, but which the MRC was unable to support. They accepted posts at Shell Laboratories instead. 1957, 1961-64, 1979 J.564- Popper, K.R. and others 1974-80 J.567 Four folders. J.564 Correspondence with Popper 1974-76. J.565 nomination of Popper for Nobel Prize for literature, 1979-80. Correspondence with F.A. Hayek and other colleagues re proposed J.566 aspects of Popper's philosophy, some dated 1975, 1978. Notes and ideas by Krebs, on 'the whole and the parts' and other J.567 Published and unpublished papers by Popper, sent to Krebs. J.568, J.569 Porteous, J.W. 1975-81 Porteous spent a period of sabbatical leave in Krebs's laboratory January ~- September 1977, supported by MRC. Two folders J.568 1975-76 J.569 1977-81 J.570 Porter, R.R. 1966-67, 1971, 1974, 1981 Correspondence 1966-67 is re Oxford Department of Biochemistry where Porter succeeded Krebs as WhitleyProfessor. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 J.571- J.574 Potter, V.R. Four folders Correspondence 582 1939-79 1939, 1941, 1945. J.571 Potter to work in Krebs's Department at Sheffield, which was prevented by the outbreak of war. Includes correspondence 1939 arranging for J.072 1949 re paper by Potter and Heidelberger on ‘Asymmetric citric acid: a Substantiation of the Ogston concept’, which Krebs considered so important that he expedited its publication in Nature. J.573 1952, 1957-58 J.574 Krebs 'whose life is a model of "humility with responsibility" '. 1971, 1975, 1979. Includes copy of an address by Potter sent to J.575 Price, C.A. and others 1952-56, 1963, 1976 Price worked in Krebs's Department at Sheffield 1953-54, supported by a National Science Foundation fellowship. Nota 'Personnel' file. J.576 Prichard, J.S. 1963-66 Prichard held an MRC award for further education in the medical sciences in Krebs's Department, working under the supervision of D.S. Parsons for a D.Phil. 'Personnel' file. J.577 Pringsheim, H. 1934, 1935 Two letters only, with an attached note by Krebs: 'Hans Pringsheim, dis- tinguished carbohydrate chemist’. J.578 Prosen, E.J. 1973-75, 1979-80 Prosen worked in Krebs's laboratory, on secondment from the National Bureau of Standards, January-December 1974, on calorimetry (see Section D). Not a 'Personnel' file. J.579 Quagliariello, E. 1963-73 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 583 J.580 Quagliariello, G. Correspondence 1967 is re memorial on 10th anniversary of Quagliariello's death. 1951, 1967 J.581- J.585 Quastel, J.H. Five folders. 1937-80 J.581 on Bibliog. 183. 1937-38, 1950-52, 1958. Correspondence 1958 includes comments J.582 of Soil Metabolism to discovery of 2:4-D as a herbicide in 1942. Correspondence on contribution of Quastel's ARC Unit 1958-60. J.583 1962, 1973-76 J.584 1977 J.585 1980. Mainly re Quastel's proposed autobiography . J.586- J.591 Quayle, J.R. and others 1955-80 Quayle joined Krebs's MRC Unit in 1956, remaining until 1963 when he moved to Sheffield as Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry, becoming Professor of Micro- biology in 1965. as 'the key members' (Rem. & Refl., p.142) and describes his research contribu- tions on carbon compounds (Rem. & Refl., pp.218-19). Quayle became Vice- Chancellor of Bath University in 1983. Krebs regarded him, together with K. Burton and H.L. Kornberg, ‘Personnel’ file. Six folders on all aspects of research and career. Biographical information, arrangements for appointment Re-appointment and promotion in MRC Unit, resignation J.586 to MRC Unit. 1955-56. J.587 1957-58 J.588 on move to Sheffield. 1959-63. J.589 1964-65 Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 584 J.590 1966-69. Includes arrangements to visit Warburg with Krebs 1969. J. 591 synthesis from methanol. 1971-80. Includes material on Quayle's contribution to protein J.592 Racker, E. 1953, 1957, 1969, 1978 With an attached note by Krebs: ‘Efraim Racker, biochemist, Yale, New York and Cornell University’. Correspondence on research, publication, humorous 'Rules for students in biochemistry’ . J.593 Rado, R. 1934, 1936, 1937 Refugee mathematician. Also Liese Rado. Brief correspondence only. J.594 Raggett, P.R. 1963-69 Raggett held an MRC Scholarship for training in research methods in Krebs's Department 1965-67, working under the supervision of M.M. Whitehouse. Not a 'Personnel' file. 5.595 - Raijman, L.J. and others 1963-75 es Raijman joined Krebs's Department in 1964 as 'one of the members of Emy 4] personal group’ and was appointed as a temporary member of the MRC Unit August -December 1965; she returned to work with Krebs June-December 1968 and was again funded by MRC, March-July 1969. Not a 'Personnel' file. Four folders J.595 1963-64 J.597 1967-69 J.596 1965-66 J.598 1973-75 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 585 J.599, —— Rainsbury, R. 1971 -81 Mainly on SCIP, and on juvenile delinquency. Two folders: J.599 1971-73 J.600 1975-81 J.601 Randle, P.J. 1968-71, 1974, 1980-81 J.602 Ranks Hovis Mc Dougall 1967-69, 1972 Correspondence with A. Spicer, of research especially nutrition and energy metabolism. Director of Research, on various lines J.603 Rapoport, S.M. 1963-81 Correspondence 1977-78 is re FEBS Symposium session in honour of K. Lohmann. 5.604 Reed, L.J. 1968-70, 1973 Research and publications on pyruvate hydrogenase . J.605 Robb-Smith, A.H.T. 1967, 1977, 1980 Mainly history of science; correspondence 1977 is on history of 'cascade reaction’. J.606 Robinson, D.S. various dates 1966-74 Robinson became a member of Krebs's MRC Unit in 1963. 1973-74 is re Krebs's 'Eleventh Biochemical Society Lecture’ at Leeds in May 1974. Correspondence Nota ‘Personnel’ file. J.607 Roche, J. 1953, 1962-64 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 586 J.608- J.610 Rolleston, F.S. 1961-72 Rolleston joined Krebs's Department in 1962 and worked for his D.Phil. under He later worked in USA and Canada. the supervision of E.A. Newsholme. Not a 'Personnel' file. Three folders on research and career. J.608 1961-63 J.609 1964-67 J.610 1968-72 J.611 Ronayne, J. Sociology of science. J.612 Roper, J.A. 1972 1945-52 Roper, a Sheffield graduate, was appointed to the MRC Unit as a temporary staff member January 1946-January 1948, working under the supervision of H. Mcllwain. ‘Personnel’ file. J.613- Rose, S.P.R. and others 1960-65 J76\6 Rose worked in Krebs's Department as a Research Fellow funded by ICI 1961-63. Not a ‘Personnel’ file. Four folders on career and research. J.613 1960 J.615 1962 J.614 1961 J.616 1963-65 J.617 Ross, B.D. 1977, 1980 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 587 J.618- J.622 Rothschild, N.M.V. 1950-71 Five folders on research projects, ARC matters, collaboration, recommendations, etc. J.618 1950-51, 1955-56 J.619 1957-58 J.620 of synergism in relation to insecticide action. 1959-60. Includes proposed collaborative research on biochemistry J.621 1961-63 J.622. 1968, 1971 J.623 Rothschild, P. 1934-35 A German refugeescientist . 3.624 Roughton, F.J.W. 1935, 1937, 1947-48, 1961, 1970-71 With an attached note by Krebs: 'F.J.W. Roughton, Cambridge. Professor of Colloid Science with whom | collaborated on the possible role of carbamino- ornithine in the synthesis of citrulline (with negative results) and later on carbonic anhydrase’. Correspondence 1947-48 refers to latter (Bibliog. 123). J.625 Rous, S. 1969, 1971, 1973 J.626 Rowatt, M.E. 1947-49 Margaret Rowatt was a doctoral student in Krebs's Department at Sheffield, working under the supervision of H. Mcllwain. ‘Personnel -Sheffield' file. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 588 J.627- J.630 Ruderman, N.B. and others 1968-75 Ruderman worked in Krebs's laboratory 1969-71, funded by the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association, on caloric homeostasis and metabolic regulation; after his return to USA he spent shorter periods in Krebs's laboratory during visits to Europe. ‘Personnel’ file. Four folders on funding, research, publications. J.627 1968-69 J.628 1970-71 J.629 1972 Includes experimental data. J.630 1973-75 J.631 Ruffo, A. 1949, 1962-66 Ruffo was a research student in Krebs's Department at Sheffield January - October 1948. J} 632, Ryman, B.E. J.633 Two folders 1972-81 1972-74. Mainly re Krebs's visit as first visiting lecturer in new J.632 Department of Biochemistry, Charing Cross Hospital Medical School. lectured on ‘Sociological Aspects of Scientific Research’. Krebs J.633 Krebs's acceptance of Honorary Fellowship 1979. 1976-81. Mainly on various Girton College invitations, including J.634 Saez Tormo, G. 1980-81 S4ez worked in Krebs's laboratory for a year from May 1981, in collaboration with R. Hems. ‘Personnel’ file. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 589 J.635 Saz, H.J. 1955-65, 1969 Saz worked in Krebs's Department at Sheffield 1953-54, though the surviving correspondenceis of later date. ‘Personnel’ file. Mainly research on Ascaris. J.636- J.640 Schering AG 1969-76 The main company was based in Berlin; there is also a little correspondence with Schering Chemicals Limited, the UK pharmaceutical division. Five folders on advisory visits and discussions, possible collaborative research projects, with directors of the firm. J.636 1969. Mainly diabetes research. J.637 February, and agreement of arrangements and fees, June. Includes timetable and notebook of discussions at meeting 1970. J.638 1971-72 J.639 1974 J.640 projects. 1975-76. Includes notes of meeting and possible collaborative J.641 Schimassek, H. 1962, 1972-78 J.642 Schoenheimer, R. 1937 Twoletters only, with an attached note by Krebs: ‘Rudolf Schoenheimer, biochemist, known to me since 1922 and a colleague in the Faculty at Freiburg. Later Columbia University, New York'. J.643 Schoental, R. various dates 1967-76 Brief correspondenceonly. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 590 J.644- Scrutton, M.C. and others 1961-66, 1973-78 Scrutton held an MRC Scholarship for training in research methods in Krebs's Department, working under the supervision of |. Walker. ‘Personnel’ file. Four folders on research and career. J.644 1961 -64 J.645 1965-66 J.646 1973 J.647 methionine. 1974-78. Includes comments on research and publications on J.648- Selye, H. 5.650 Three folders. 1972-81 J.648 on homeostasis, and onstress. 1972, 1975-76. Comments by Krebs on publications by Selye J.649 1979-March 1980, re Selye's ‘International Institute of Stress’ in Montreal (Krebs was a memberof the Board of Governors) and its 2nd Inter- national Symposium at Monte Carlo at which Krebs spoke on 'Biological Aspects of Juvenile Delinquency'. The talk was published in STRESS. (SUPP. Bibliog. 33.) See E.412-£.418. June 1980-81. J.650 Selye Foundation of America’ and 'Hans Selye Foundation of Europe’ (Krebs was a member of the Board of Governors), invitation to 3rd and 4th International Symposia. Continuing correspondence re newly-founded ‘Hans J.651 Semenza, G. Research, lectures, publications, including Krebs's writings on Warburg and his autobiography. various dates 1963-80 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 591 J.652 Severina, |. 1957-58, 1964-76 Irena Severina,a Russian biochemist, spent two months in Krebs's Department in 1958 under a WHO Fellowship. ‘Personnel’ file. J.653 Severin, S.E. various dates 1968-80 A Russian biochemist, father of |. Severina. Brief correspondence only, mainly on proposed visits and conferences. J.654 Shilo, M. 1961 Shilo worked as a research student in Krebs's Department in 1954. Brief correspondence only. 'Personnel' file. J.655 Shipp, J.C. 1967, 1973-74 Shipp was a post-doctoral Research Fellow in Krebs's Department in the late 1950s. J.656 Sies, H. Research, visits, conferences. J.657 Simon, E. Mainly on D-mannoheptulose in diabetes research. 1975-81 1963-64 J.658- Sinclair, H.M. and others 1956-81 anos! Sinclair was Reader in Human Nutrition at Oxford 1951-58, his laboratory being attached to the Department of Biochemistry . "Personnel' file. | Four folders on research and career. J.658 1956-57 J.660 1960-64 J.659 1958 J.661 1973, 1981 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence J.662 Singer, T.P. Protein chemistry of purified enzymes. J.663 Skidmore, |.F. 592 1951-52 1963-69 Skidmore held an MRC Scholarship for training in research methods in Krebs's Department 1963-66, working under the supervision of M.W. Whitehouse, and was appointed an MRC temporary staff member 1966-67. ‘Personnel’ file. J.664 Skidmore, J. 1964-67 Janice Robinson held an MRC Scholarship for training in research methods in Krebs's Department 1964-67 working under the supervision of E.A. Newsholme. She married 1.F. Skidmore (q.v.). ‘Personnel’ file. J.665- Slater, E.C. 5-667 Three folders. 1953-76 J.665 discussions from L.V. Eggleston. 1953-54. Meetings, collaborative research, includes data and J.666 1957 (one letter only), 1962-63 J.667 1966-76. Visits, conferences, recommendations. J.668- Slater, T.F. J.670 Three folders. 1972-81 J.668 1972-73. Research on alcohol. J.669 Cancer Research Inc. 1978, re Krebs's Szent-Gyérgi lecture for National Foundation for J.670 1980-81 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 593 J.671 J.672 Smith, A. J. Smith held an ARC Research Scholarship to work in Krebs's Department under the supervision of J. Lascelles. 1962-68 ‘Personnel’ file. Smith, L.H. Smith spent a sabbatical leave from Massachusetts General Hospital in Krebs's laboratory September 1963-August 1964. 1962 "Personnel' file. J.673- Smyth, D.H. various dates 1940-80 acere Smyth joined Krebs's Department in Sheffield in 1939 when part of University College London was evacuated there, becoming Professor of Physiology at Sheffield in 1946. Three folders. J.673 1940 (collaborative paper with Krebs), 1946 (Sheffield appointment). J.674 1971-75 J.675 1979-80. Recollections of Smyth. 5.676 Snell, K. 1975, 1978 J.677 Soberon, G. 1962-63, 1975 J.678 S8ling, H-D. 1972-80 Research, recollections. J.679 J.680 Sols, A. Correspondence 1981 is comments on benzoate research. 1960, 1968, 1975, 1981 Speake, R.N. Speake, an ICI chemist, spent two academic years in Krebs's Department 1962-64 asa ‘Recognised Student’, contributing to collaborative papers (Bibliog. 222, 227). 1962-67 'Personnel' file. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 fA) Correspondence 594 J.681, J.682 Srere, P.A. 1963-78 Research, publications, visits, recommendations. Two folders. J.681 1963-69 J.682 1971-78 J.683 re Starling, E. 1972 Correspondence with T.J.S. Patterson (Starling's grandson) and others re Starling, and including typescript of a 1922 letter from Starling. J.684 Start, C. 1965-69 Carole Start held an MRC Scholarship for training in research methods in Krebs's Department 1965-67, working under the supervision of E.A. Newsholme. Not a 'Personnel' file. J.685 Starzl, T.E. 1970-76 Research, publications, conferences, including Krebs's visit to Denver June 1971 (see F.218) and participation in Roche Symposium, November 1973 (see F.251-F.253). J.686 Staudinger, M. 1969, 1972-77 Origins of term 'molecular biology’ and the early contribution of Hermann Staudinger (Rem. & Refl., pp.45, 168). J.687- Stephenson, M. n.d., 1936-48 am Marjory Stephenson was an early colleague of Krebs in Hopkins's laboratory in Cambridge (Rem. & Refl., p.86). Early correspondence has an attached note by Krebs: One ofthe first two women Fellows of the Royal Society’. ‘Marjory Stephenson, distinguished microbiologist at Cambridge. Four folders. J.687 1935, 1936 and n.d. J.688 1941-42. Various wartime research projects. J.689 1945, 1947 (re proposed ARC Microbiology Unit at Sheffield). J.690 1948 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 J.691 Stern, E. Correspondence 595 192(?), 1933, 1951, 1952, 1969, 1973 Stern was a childhood friend of Krebs. He became a doctor, later settling in America. The early letters address Krebs by his boyhood nickname'Lotze' (Rem. & Refl., p.16). J.692- Stern, J.R. and others 1946-87 aae2 Stern worked in Krebs's Department at Sheffield as a postgraduate research worker from October 1946 on his discharge from the Royal Canadian Air Force, before accepting a post in America. He wrote a collaborative paper with Krebs and others. Not a 'Personnel' file. Four folders. J.692 1946-47 J.693 1948, re collaborative paper (Bibliog. 128). J.694 1950-54. Research and publications, including problems of . nomenclature for enzymes. J.695 1966-67 J.696 Sternheimer, R. 1960, 1973-75 Sternheimer was a fellow-student at medical school with Krebs, later settling in America. 5.697 Still, J. 1946-47 5.698 Stoner, H.B. various dates 1955-77 Mainly research on trauma and metabolism. J.699 Streffer, C. various dates 1968-80 J.700 Swoboda, B.E.P. J.701 Synge, R.M.S. 1967-71 1957 One letter only, with an attached note by Krebs: 'R.M.S. Synge, known to me since Cambridge 1935, Nobel Laureate 1952’. H.A,. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 J.702- J.705 Szent-Gy&rgi, A. Four folders. Correspondence various dates 1933-79 596 J.702 1933, 1936-38 (discussion of citric acid cycle). 1962. Includes Krebs's recollections of Szent-Gy&rgi's help in J.703 recommending him to Hopkins, and photocopies of the relevant 1933 corres- pondence (Rem. & Refl., pp.64-65). J.704 1969 J.705 1978-79 J.706 Szilard, L. 1960 Brief correspondence only, on teaching of biology. J.707- Szirmai, E. various dates 1969-81 ae Biographical writings by Szirmai, including drafts and information, and com- ments by Krebs. Three folders. J.707 1969, 1975 J.708 1976-79 J.709 198] J.710 Tager, J.M. 1952, various dates 1966-80 J.711 Tamiya, N. 1967, 1974-76, 1980 Tamiya was a postdoctoral student in Krebs's Department in 1956. pondenceis re later visits. Corres- J.712 Teich, M. 1970-71, 1976, 1978, 1980 Mainly comments on writings on history and philosophy of science, and Cambridge seminar on 'Sterile and Fruitful Approaches in the Development of Biochemistry’ . See also E.58. H.A,. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 597 J.713- J.715 Terner, C. Karl (later Charles) Terner held an MRC appointment in Krebs's Unit at Sheffield 1947-50, working under the supervision of R.E. Davies. 1938-58 Not a ‘Personnel’ file. Three folders. J.713 1938-49 J.714 1950-53. Includes material re collaborative paper (Bibliog. 135). J.715- 1954-58 J.716, Thannhauser, S.J. J.717 Two folders. 1932 -55 1932-37. J.716 physician distinguished in the field of metabolic disease. 1931-33'. Letters of 1935 and 1937 are from Boston where Thannhauser was then living With an attached note by Krebs: ‘Siegfried Thannhauser, My chief in Freiburg J.717 70th birthday. give the Aschoff Memorial Lecture there. 1947, 1955 re invitation to Thannhauser to return to Freiburg for Krebs explains his own reasons for accepting an invitation to Folder also includes miscellaneous printed tributes to Thannhauser, 1963. J.718 Thomas, D.B. 1965-67 Thomas held an MRC Award for Further Education in the Medical Sciences in Krebs's Department 1964-67. Not a 'Personnel' file. J.719 Thompson, A.D. J.720 Thurman, R.G. 1972-73 1972-78 Mainly on International Conferences on Alcohol and Aldehyde Metabolising Systems. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Corresponde nce 598 J.721- J.725 Tidow, G. 1932-77 Tidow was a colleague of Krebs at Altona. He remained in Germany and resumed contact with Krebs after the war. Five folders of letters and cards. sometimes a ms. note 'Ans ....'. Few of Krebs's replies survive but there is J.72] 1932-33, 1938 J.724 1951, 1952-55 J.722 1947, 1948 J.725 1974-77 J.723 1949, 1950 J.726 Tinbergen, N. J.727 Tischler, M.E. J.728 Tischler, M. J.729 Todd, A.R. 1977-78 1977 1968, 1970 1939, 1948 J.730- J.733 re Traube, |. 1925, 1970-82 Traube was a cousin of Krebs's mother, who cameto Britain in 1934 (then aged The correspondence is with 74) and settled in Edinburgh (Rem. & Refl., p.7). relations, historians and others re Traube's material for which Krebs arranged safe keeping. Four folders. J.730 (daughter) . 1925 card and Ip. notes from Traube, 1970-81 with Sonya Boas-Traube J.73]1 1978-79, with E.N. Hiebert. J.732 and correspondence of Traube. 1979, with Edinburgh University Library, which accepted manuscripts J.733 reprints at University of Pennsylvania. 1981-82, with J.T. Edsall and others re deposit of Traube's books and Also included here is a reprint of an article on Traube's life and work by Edsall, sent by him to Lady Krebs and made available by her, 1986. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 599 J.734 Treble, D.H. 1963 J.735 Twyford Laboratories 1963-64, 1967 Correspondence with director, F.A. Robinson. J.736 Tyler, B.W. J.737 Ullrich, K.J. 1971-77 1969-70 Lactate in kidney. Includes data and experimental results. J.738 Unilever Research Laboratory 1966 Recruitment of British scientists from North America. J.739, Uo, J.M. and others 1965-67, 1973, 1976, 1981 a Junko Uo, a Japanese biologist, held an MRC appointment as a temporary staff member in Krebs's Unit October 1965-October 1966, and collaborated on a paper (Bibliog. 246). Not a 'Personnel' file. Twofolders. J.739 1965-67 J.740 1973, 1976, 1981 J.741 The Upjohn Company various dates 1965-73 Miscellaneous correspondence on samples and methods. J.742 Utter, M.F. various dates 1954-56, 1969-81 Research, visits, etc. Lecturership. Includes notice of Utter's death and Memorial J.743 van Rossum, G.D.V. 1957 -68 van Rossum held an MRC Scholarship for training in research methods in Krebs's Department 1957-60, working under the supervision of D.S. Parsons; he also worked briefly in the Department during the summer of 1964. Not a ‘Personnel’ file. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 600 J.744- J.763 Veech, R.L. and others 1965-81 Veech, an American biochemist, joined Krebs's Department in September 1966, funded by a Fellowship of the US Public Health Service 'for further training in biochemistry'. His Oxford career was interrupted by injury in an air crash in October 1968 (see J.763); he resumed work with Krebs in March 1969, but in July returned to a research career in America. Veech's thesis (on redox state) was supervised by Krebs, and he continued to collaborate with Krebs and his team on a substantial number of papers 1969-74 (Bibliog. 268, 276, 277, 278, 279, 284, 285, 307, 328). He maintained regular contact with Krebs on research projects and findings, conferences and publications. Krebs was a contracted member of the review panel of Veech's Laboratory of Metabolism at the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Not a 'Personnel' file. Twenty folders on all aspects of career and research. 5.744 1965-66 J.745 Gland?', with Veech's name added by Krebs. 1967. Includes 1lpp. paper April 1967 'Why Study the Pineal J.746 publications. 1968. Includes news of air crash injury and recovery, research and J.747 January-June 1969. J.748 July-December 1969. Return to America, research, publications. Includes data and experimental results; grant J.749 1970-71 J.750 applications by Krebs. March-June 1972. d751 July -November 1972 J<752 1973 J.758 1974 J.754 laboratory, discussions, experimental results, laboratory report and comments. Includes arrangements for discussion meeting at Veech's 1975. J deo January-June 1976. J.756 meeting at Veech's laboratory. July-December 1976. Includes reports by Krebs and others on review J 7o7 institute for metabolic research’. January-June 1977. Includes Veech's 'Proposal to create an Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence J.758 August-December 1977 601 del 1978. Includes drafts, reports on review meeting. J.760 1979 -80 J.761 January-July 1981 J.762 Miscellaneous cvs. and information. J.763 Press~cuttings re air crash in which Veech was injured in October 1968. J.764 Veloso, D. and others various dates 1966-71, 1976-79. Dulce Veloso, a Portuguese biochemist, worked in Krebs's Department 1966-68, funded by the Gulbenkian Foundation. In 1970 she worked with R.L. Veech (q.v.). J.765, 5.766 Vennesland, B. Two folders. 1949, 1954, 1970, 1973-74 J.765 1949, 1954 (on oxaloacetate), 1970. J.766 (Rem. & Refl., p.130). and small confessions', 1981, annotated by Krebs. 1973-74, on history of discovery of CO2 fixation in animal metabolism Also included is copy of Vennesland's ‘Recollections J.767 Ventling, C. 1954-65 Christa Ventling, a Swiss chemist, came to work as a postgraduate student in Krebs's Department for two years from October 1954, returning in 1957 as a temporary research assistant before going to work in America. her maiden name of Dierks. The early letters are under . ‘Personnel! file. J.768 Vickery, H.B. J.769 Vieira, O.L. 1954, 1958 1964-68 Otilia Vieira, a Portuguese chemist, worked as a research assistant in Krebs's laboratory 1964-67. Not a 'Personnel' file. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 ; Correspondence 602 Vignais, P.M. and Vignais, P.V. Vignais, a French scientist and collaborator of Macheboeuf, came to work in Krebs's Department 1954-55 under an exchange schemeofthe Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and MRC; he was accompanied byhis wife Paulette, alsoa biochemist. They returned for a short period of work in 1976. 1953-75 'Personnel' file. Two folders. 3.770 1953-59 J.772- J.774 Villet, R.H. Three folders. J.772 1967-71 J.773 1972 -74 J.771 1966-75 1967-79 J.774 1975-79 J.775 Vinay, P. and others 1971-77 Vinay was a postdoctoral research student in Krebs's laboratory 1973-75 funded by a Centennial Fellowship of the Medical Research Council of Canada. Includes correspondence and comments on draft of collaborative paper (Bibliog. 361). J.776 Vine, J. Tests on analogues of ADP and ATP. 5.777 Virtanen, A.I. J.778 Vulovié, D.M. 1961 -63 1956 1979 -80 Vulovié worked in Krebs's laboratory October 1979-March 1980, funded by a Yugoslav state scholarship. dA? Waelsch, H. . 1948, 1963 J.780 Wald, G. 1952, 1961-67, 1971, 1978 Includes material re Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 603 J.781 Walker, P.G. 1970-78 Walker was a Research Fellow in Krebs's Department at Sheffield 1952-54, but the surviving correspondenceis of later date. J.782- J.787 Wallace, J.C. and others 1963-76 Wallace held a Beit Memorial Fellowship in Krebs's Department for eighteen months from January 1965, working with E.A. Newsholme. by his wife, P.G. Wallace, who also held a Beit Fellowship (see J.788). He was accompanied ‘Personnel’ file. Six folders on research and career. J.782 1963-64 J.785 1968 J.783 1965-66 J.786 1970 J.784 1967 J.787 1973-76 J.788 Wallace, P.G. 1964-69 Patricia Wallace, the wife of J.C. Wallace, held a Beit Fellowship in Krebs's laboratory 1965-66, and wrote a collaborative paper (Bibliog. 269). Walser, M. 1970-80 Walser worked in Krebs's laboratory as a visiting scientist May-August 1971, with a special interest in therapeutics of renal metabolism. Two folders. J.789 others, to be published in Clinical Research 1972 (Notlisted in Bibliog.) Includes abstract of collaborative paper with Krebs and 1970-73. 1975-80. Continuing research and conferences, including symposium J.790 at Kiawah Island, November 1980, at which Krebs gave the 'keynote' address on ‘Evolutionary concepts in biological thought’ (Bibliog. 386). See also C.144. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 . Correspondence 604 J.791- J.794 Warburg, O.H. and others 1930-76 Letters and cards from Warburg, collaborators and other colleagues on research and other matters. Four folders. 1930-38. J.791 Includes photocopies of Krebs's grant application for equipment, amended by Warburg 'for educational reason', April-May 1930; letter 1931 from W. Cremeron his dismissal by Warburg; letter 1935 to D. Keilin; letter 1936 from E. Negelein; letters 1936, 1938 from Warburg on research. ~ J.792 1942, 1949 re Warburg. 5.793: 1952-59, 1965 J.794 by Jacob Heiss, Warburg's companion. Later material, 'Warburgiana’ presented to Krebs in 1972 and 1976 J.795 Waterlow, J.C. 1964, 1970, 1973 5.796 Weatherall, D. J. - yarfous dates 1974-80 Brief exchanges only. J.797- ita ‘ Weber, G. andothers 1960-77 Weber, an American scientist, visited and corresponded with Krebs regularly from 1962, often in relation to the Enzyme Regulation Conferences at Indianapolis which he organised and which Krebs attended almost annually to present papers on his current research (subsequently published in Advances in Enzyme Regulation). See also Section F. passim. Experimental Oncology. Krebs was a consultant to Weber's Laboratory for Eight folders on research, visits, publications, recommendations, personal news. J.797 1960 J.798 1962, 1966 J.799 1966, on pyruvate kinase, related to work by Weber. Miscellaneous experimental results and data by L.V. Eggleston 1965, J.800 1968 J.801 to work on kidney tumours. 1969. Includes arrangements for Weber to visit Krebs's laboratory Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 605 1970-71. J.802 and long letter from Krebs (20 October 1971) on Warburg and 'the origins of the molecular correlation concept’. Includes correspondence re collaborative paper (Bibliog. 288) J.803 1972-75 J.804 1976-77 J.805 Weber, G. 1954, 1960 Reader in Biochemistry at Sheffield. J.806, Jom? Weber, H.H. 1952-59, 1964-66, 1971 Krebs first met Weber in Rona's laboratory in 1925, but the surviving corres- pondenceis of later date, on research and publications. J.806 1952-56. Includes material on Bibliog. 183. J.807 1957, 1959, 1964-66, 1971 J.808 Webster, C. 1975 re proposed talk by Krebs (eventually not given) in history of medicine seminar at Oxford; includes 7pp. typescript draft of ‘Material for the Seminar on the History of German medicine in the 1920s and early 1930s’. J.809 Webster, L.T. 1973-74 Enzyme tests. Includes data and results. J.810- Weidemann, J.M. and others 1963-80 J.814 Weidemann held a CSIRO Overseas Postgraduate Studentship to work in Krebs's Department for one year May 1965-April 1966; he was appointed to the MRC Unit April 1966-November 1968. He worked on renal metabolism, and published several collaborative papers 1969-70 (Bibliog. 263, 265, 270, 273, 283), before returning to academic posts in Australia. Not a 'Personnel' file. Five folders on research and career. J.810 1963-65 J.811 1966-68 Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 606 J.812 1969. Includes drafts and comments for collaborative papers. J.813 1970, 1973 J.814 1976, 1980 J.815- Weil-Malherbe, H. _ 1933-49, 1970-81 ee Weil-Malherbe (or Weil) first met Krebs at Freiburg in 1931, and worked with him subsequently in Hopkins's laboratory at Cambridge 1933-35. medical research posts in Britain before settling in America. He held Four folders. J.815 parents (doctor in Stuttgart). 1933-35. Includes a little correspondence with Weil-Malherbe's J.816 1936-38 J.817 1940, 1944 (re publication on metabolism of acetoacetic acid), 1949. J.818 Shorter later correspondence 1970-81. J.819 Weinhouse, S. 1946, 1967 Acetoacetate; pyruvate carboxylase. J.820 Weir, D.G. J.821 Weissenberg, K. 1981 1974 With an attached note by Krebs: 'Karl Weissenberg, distinguished physicist known to me from Dahlem'. J.822 Weitzman, P.D.J. J.823 Weizmann, C. J.824 Welch, A.D. 1970-81 1938 1967 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 607 Welt, L.G. Welt spent a sabbatical year in Krebs's laboratory 1971-72. and others 1969-72 J.825 J.826 Werkman, C.H. Krebs's letter of 1940 is on COQ fixation. J.827 Werth, G. 1940-41 1960-68 J.828- J.830 and others Whatley, F.R. Whatley spent part of a sabbatical year in Krebs's Department in 1959; he returned to work in California before accepting university posts in Britain. 1959-78 Three folders on research and career. J.828 1959-61 J.829 1962-63 J.830 1966, 1974, 1978 J.831- J.836 Whelan, W.J. Whelan's contacts with Krebs are first documented when he was working at the Royal Free Hospital in London, where Krebs lectured regularly to students. After Whelan's move to Miami, Krebs was a frequent visitor and contributor to the 'Winter Symposia’ which Whelan organised there. 1963-81 Six folders. 1963-66. J.33l lectures by Krebs, his appointment as Honorary Professor, Royal Free Hospital, Whelan's appointment at Miami, etc. Includes arrangements for various Research and visits. 1967-68. Includes material re endowment of memorial lecture to J.832 mark Krebs's retirement, FEBS, proposed visits to Miami for autobiographical lecture. J.833 1970-72 J.834 Sciences (TIBS) of which Whelan was Editor-in-Chief, visits and lectures by Krebs. Includes material re new journal Trends in Biochemical 1975-77. J.835 1S7B +79 J.836 1980-81 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 608 J.837 Wheldrake, J.F. 1963-67 Wheldrake was an MRC Research Assistant in Krebs's Department, working under the supervision of C.A. Pasternak. J.838 Whittam, R. 1957, 1959, 1965-73 Whittam was a member of the MRC 'team' 1958-63 (Rem. & Refl., p.140) but the surviving correspondence is scanty and chiefly of later date when Whittam was Professor of Physiology at Leicester. Not a ‘Personnel! file. J.839 Wieland, H. 1948, 1976-77 Correspondence 1948 is on metabolism of yeast; later correspondence is re Heinrich Wieland Memorial Lecture; recollections of Wieland, Warburg and others. J.840 Wieland, O. various dates 1961-80 Research, lectures, etc. on ketosis, conferences, Krebs's Foreword to book on Diabetes mellitus. J.841 Wilkins, M.H.F. 1968 Future of Microbiological Research Establishment; brief correspondence only. J.842 Williams, G.R. and others 1964-69 J.843 Williams, J.F. 1967-68, 1976-79 J.844- J.848 Williamson, J.R. and others 1956-81 Williamson held an MRC Scholarship for training in research methods in Krebs's Department 1956-59, working under the supervision of R.B. Fisher and, later, in close collaboration with Krebs, before accepting research appointments in America. He published a collaborative paper with Krebs (Bibliog. 201). Nota 'Personnel' file. Five folders on career and research. J.844 results by Williamson and Krebs. 1956-59. Includes proposed research projects, reports, data and Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 609 Correspondence J.845 1960-62 J.846 1963, 1965 J.847 1966, 1968 (one letter only). J.848 1977-81. Shorter exchanges. J.849 Wilson, D.F. 1970-81 Wilson published a collaborative paper with Krebs and others in 1974 (Bibliog. 328). J.850, J.851 Wilson, T.H. and others 1950-76 Wilson was an Exchange Fellow of the American Cancer Society first in Oxford (1950-51) then in Krebs's Department at Sheffield (1951-53). spent a period of sabbatical leave in Oxford. In 1965-66 he ‘Personnel’ file. Two folders. J.850 1950-53, 1955-58 J.851 1962-67, 1976 J.852 Wood, H.G. | 1946, 1955, 1973-74 Correspondence 1974 is re the Conference on the History of Bioenergetics, to which Wood was not invited, and the account of the history of CO9 fixation. J.853= J.858 Woods, D.D. and others 1936-65 Woods was a doctorate student in Hopkins's laboratory at Cambridge, where Krebs first met him, though the earliest surviving correspondence dates from Krebs's Sheffield period. Establishment, Woods became Reader in Microbiology in the Department of Biochemistry at Oxford in 1946 and in 1955 was appointed the first Iveagh Professor of Chemical Microbiology in the Department. pondence 1945-51 is conducted with R.A. Peters and other members of the departmental and University staff. After war service at the Microbiological Research Some of Woods's corres- Six folders. J.853 1936-39 Continued H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 610 J.854 Oxford, apparatus and equipment, staff, research grant. Correspondence with R.A. Peters and others re move to 1945. J.855 1946-51 J.856 IPoS=o7 J.857 1962-65 J.858 Miscellaneous cvs, research reports, obituary, etc. J.859 Woods, H.F. 1966-76 Woods, a lecturer in medicine in the department of the Regius Professor at Oxford, worked on carbohydrate metabolism of the liver under Krebs's super- vision 1967-70, and subsequently on collaborative research projects at the Radcliffe Infirmary. He became Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics at Sheffield in 1975. J.860 Wyn Jones, R.G. and others 1962-66 Wyn Jones was a postgraduate student in the Microbiology Unit of Krebs's Department, working under the supervision of D.D. Woods, with whom most of the correspondence is conducted. Also included in the folder is exchange of correspondence with Woods (not related to Wyn Jones), on 'Marfanil', April-June 1963. ‘Personnel’ file. J.860A Yagil, G. 1974, 1977 1938-66 J.861- J.865 Young, F.G. Five folders on research, university examinations, administration, appoint - ments, visits. J.861 University. 1938, 1948 (re examining new M.Sc. (Biochemistry) course at London J.862 1954-55 J.863 1956-57 J.864 1958-59 J.865 1960-66 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 61] J.866 Young, J.Z. various dates 1949-59 Correspondence 1958-59 is on research on fluids of the inner ear. J.867 Yudkin, J. 1949, 1956, 1966-69, 1975-76 Mainly research and publications on sucrose; later correspondenceis re Executive Health. J.868 Zuckerman, S. 1957, 1964 Correspondence 1964 is on contents of proposed 'Time Capsule’. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 612 J.869- S931 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE (INDEXED) J.869 193] J.875 1933, November, December J.870 1932, May -September J.876 1934 J.87] 1932, October - J.877 1935 J.872 1932, December J.878 1936 J.873 1933, January J.879 1937 J.874 1933, March-September J.880 1938, 1939 J.881 1941-45 J.882 1946 J.883 1947 J.886 1950 J.887 1951 1952 1953 J.888 J.889 J.890 J.884 J.885 1948 1949 J.893 1956, January-June J.894 1956, September -November J.895 1957 J.896 1958, January-July 1954, January, February J.897 1958, August -December J.891 1954, March-December J.898 1959 J.892 1955 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 613 J.899 1960 J.900 1961 J.901 1962 J.902 1963 J.907 J.908 1966, January-June 1966, July-December J.909 1967 J.910 1968, January-March J.903 1964, May-June J.911 1968, April-July J.904 J.905 1964, 1965, September -December | S912 1968, August -December January -May J.913 1969 J.906 1965, July -November J.914 5.915 J.916 J.917 J.918 J.919 J.920 J.921 J.929 J.930 1970, 1970, 1970, 1971 1972, 1972, 1973 1974, January-March J.922 1974, September -December April-June J.923 1975 September -December J.924 1976, February -June February ~April J.925 J.926 September -December J.927 1976, August -November 1977 1978 J.928 1979 January -July 1980, January -May J.93] 1981 1980, June -November H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 614 Cc orrespondence UNINDEXED CORRESPONDENCE Exchanges of reprints, requests and thanks for reprints received or made by Krebs. J.932- J.985 J.932- J/96!1 20 folders in chronological order. J.932 1925, 1926 J.942 1967 J.933 1932 J.934 1933 J.943 1968 5.944 1969 J.935 1934, 1936 J.945 1970, 1971 J.936 1941 -47 J.946 1972, 1973 J.937 1950, 1951 J.947 1974 J.938 1952, 1953 J.948 1975 J.939 1954-59 J.949 1976, 1977 J.940 1960-64 J.950 1978 5.941 1965, 1966 J.951 1980-82 J.952- J.965 Requests and thanks for specimens of research material, methods and assays sent or received by Krebs. 14 folders in chronological order. J.952 1933 J.959 1960, 1962 J.953 1945-49 J.960 1963-66 J.954 1950, 1951 J.961 1967-69 J.955 1952, 1953 J.962 1970, 1971 J.956 1954 J.957 1955 J.963 1972-74 J.964 1976 J.958 1957-59 J.965 1977, 1979, n.d. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Correspondence 615 J.966- J.978 Miscellaneous shorter correspondence on books, articles, etc., including letters of thanks for books, etc. sent to Krebs. 13 folders in chronological order. J.966 1941, 1947 J.973 1972 J.967 1952-57 J.974 1973, 1974 J.968 1960-62 J.975 1975-77 J.969 1963, 1965 J.976 1978 J.970 1966, 1967 J.977 1979 J.97] 1968, 1969 J.978 1980, 1981, n.d. J.972 1970, 1971 J.979- J.985 Brief correspondence on general scientific topics, research, exchanges of information, etc. 7 folders in chronological order. J.979 1962-66 J.983 1977-79 J.980 1969, 1970 J.984 1980 J.981 1971-73 J.985 1981 J.982 1975, 1976 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 616 SECTION K REFERENCES AND APPOINTMENTS, 1946-82 _K.1] - K.72 Krebs's opinion was much valued and sought by individuals and by organisa - tions throughout the world. The folders below may include requests for advice on any or all of the following subjects: University appointments of Professors, Heads of Department, Lecturers College Fellowships or research posts Appointments to research laboratories and institutions Promotions or special awards in universities or government departments Research grants and funding Awards of prizes or medals Reports on papers submitted for publication There are also individual requests for advice on publications, research plans, careers and personal matters; these are at K.53 - K.72. MATERIAL IN THIS SECTION IS SUBJECT TO RESTRICTION H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 617 References and appointments THESES AND HIGHER DEGREES 31 folders in chronological order K.1 K.2 K.3 K.4 K.10 K.11 K.12 K.13 1948 1949 1950, 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955, 1956 1957 (1) 1957 (2) 1958 (1) 1958 (2) 1959, 1960 1963 1964, 1965 1966 K.16 K.17 K.18 K.19 K.20 K.21 K.22 K.23 K.24 K.25 K.26 K.27 K.28 K.29 K.30 1968 (1) 1968 (2) 1969 (1) 1969 (2) 1970 1971 (1) 1971 (2) 1971 (3) 1972 (1) 1972 (2) 1973 1974 1975 1976 1981 K.31 n.d. (probably 1950s) H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 References and appointments 618 K.o2= K.45 REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR POSTS IN UNIVERSITIES AND INSTITUTIONS 14 folders in chronological order K.32 1946, 1947 K.33 1951 -54 K.34 1955-58 K.35 1959 -62 K.36 1963, 1964 K.37 1965, 1966 K.38 1967 K.39 K.40 K.41 K.42 K.43 K.44 K.45 1968 1969, 1970 1971, 1972 1973, 1974 1975, 1976 1977, 1978 1979-82 K.46- K.49 GRANT APPLICATIONS AND SCHOLARSHIPS 4 folders in chronological order K.46 1954-70 K.47 1971 -74 K.48 K.49 1975-79 1980, 1981 K.50- K.52 PRIZES AND MEDALS 3 folders in chronological order K.50 1955-73 K.52 1976-79 K.51 1974, 1975 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 References and appointments 619 K .53- PERSONAL REQUESTS FOR ADVICE ON DRAFTS, PUBLICATIONS, ETC, a 6 folders in chronological order K.53 1951, 1952 K.56 1971, 1973 K.54 1957-61 K.57 1974-77 K.55 1969 K.58 1978-80 K.59- PERSONAL REQUESTS FOR REFERENCES AND CAREER ADVICE M7 10 folders in chronological order K.59 1951-53 K.64 1970-72 K.60 1955 K.65 1973, 1974 K.61 1958, 1959 K.66 1975, 1976 K.62 K.63 1964-66 1967, 1969 K.67 K.68 1977, 1979 1980, 1981 4 folders in alphabetical order K.69 K.70 L M (1) K.71 K.72 M (2) R CONTEMPORARYSCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of SIR HANS ADOLF KREBS,FRS (1900-1981) Compiled by Jeannine Alton and Peter Harper VOLUME V Section L Bibliographies Conspectus Index of correspondents Deposited in the Library Sheffield University CSAC 113/4/86 All rights reserved H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 620 SECTION L NON-PRINT MATERIAL _L.1-L.108 LIST OF CONTENTS L.1 -L.78 PHOTOGRAPHS LV -L.11 L.12-L.23 L.24-L.30 L.31-L.44 L.45-L.56 L.57-L.72 L.73 L.74-L.76 L.77, L.78 L.79, L.80 L.81, L.82 L.83 -L.86 L.87 -L.95 L.96 -L.98 L.99 Photograph Albums Photographs of Krebs Krebs's departments or laboratories Scientific colleagues Conferences and groups Family and personal Otto Warburg Reminiscences and Reflections Miscellaneous NEGATIVES PHOTOGRAPHIC PLATES PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDES AUDIOTAPES AND CASSETTES VIDEOTAPES FILM L.100-L.108 MICROFILMS H.A, Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Non print material L.1-L.78 PHOTOGRAPHS 621 .l- 11 L.1 L.2 Photograph Albums List of contents only of family photograph album entitled 'Heimat und Familie’. The album is retained by J.R. Krebs. This album was apparently compiled for Krebs by Maria Krebs for his birthday Most photographs or groups of photographs have ms identifications or in 1937. descriptions by the compiler and there are a small number of later notes by Krebs One or two items and additional identifications on postcards in another hand. for which there are ms. identifications, including the announcement of Krebs's birth, are already missing from the album. Contents include the following photographs or groups of photographs: Old Hildesheim; Krebs family homes; 'Congratulatory Poem on Hans' birth by Mohr Traube with reply (on back) by Vater'; Gymnasium Andreanum; Krebs's parents and their families; Hans, Lise and Wolfgang Krebs as children; 'Erntedienst im Kriege'; 'Im Weltkrieg 1918'; Adolf and Lise Daniel (née Krebs); (half-sister, b.1932}; Wolfgang and Lotte Krebs. Krebs's father, Maria Krebs and Gisela Lise Krebs (1932); 'Studentzeit'; Probably now at L.75. Most photographs or groups of photographs have ms identifica- At least one item for which there is a ms. List of contents only of untitled family photograph album retained by J.R. Krebs. According to a manuscript note by Krebs inside the front cover, this album was compiled in 1947. tion or descriptions by Krebs. identification is missing ftom the album (‘With Walter Auerbach at Wiesbaden April 1932'). Contents include the following photographs or groups of photographs: Hildesheim (postcards); Krebs family home destroyed 1944; Gd&ttingen, 1919 and 1920, with Erich Stern; family photographs 1920s; US visit 1929; Altona, Stddtisches Krankenhaus, 1930-31 (Krebs in laboratory, colleagues including L. Lichwitz); 'Departure from Altona March 1931' (Poem); Wiesbaden Congress April 1932 (colleagues including F.D. Bielschowsky, S.J. Thannhauser); Freiburg 1932-33 (medical clinics, Krebs's living quarters, colleagues, skiing holiday Black Forest); Cambridge 1934; various outings and holidays mid-1930s (colleagues and friends depicted include the Osterns, Friedmanns, Auerbachs and Dr. Murray Luck and family); miscellaneous photographs of Krebs, family Loose items include brief correspondence and friends mid-1930s to mid-1950s. with Kate Gruen (Altona colleague) 1970s. L.3 Small format photograph album (German in origin), dated 25 August 1935. Contents include photographs of Cambridge Biochemical Laboratory, King's College, holidays, etc. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 622 Non “print material L.4 Blue large format album entitled 'Biochemists', and covering period ?1929-56. Contents include portrait photographs of E. Mellanby, O. Meyerhof, A. Baird Hastings and S.J. Thannhauser (signed and dated May 1933); group photograph of biochemists associated with Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins (taken at King's College, Cambridge, during the First International Congress of Biochemistry August 1949), photographs of participants at symposia at University of Wisconsin, September 1941 and September 1947 and of CIBA Foundation conferences of July 1952 (with key) and March 1956, and shipboard photographs in respect of Krebs's ?1929 and 1951 US visits. Album also includes programmes of CIBA conferences and newspapercutting re Second International Biochemical Congress, 1952. L.5 Green large format album entitled 'Department of Biochemistry University of Sheffield 1950', and covering period 1950-54 with a few earlier photographs 1939, 1945-46. Contents comprise photographs of Krebs, members of department, laboratories (including Scala Cinema conversion) and apparatus; participants at conferences organised at Sheffield including Society for Experimental Biology Symposium on Carbon Dioxide Fixation 1950 (group photograph with key and individual photo- graphs of H. Blaschko, M. Calvin, $. Ochoa, H.G. Wood), Biochemical Society meeting 1951 and Society for Experimental Biology meeting 1953; Krebs's exodus from Sheffield 1954. Miscellaneous items of interest include: The photograph, Photograph of Earl A. Evans buying a newspaper in Sheffield. which is signed and dated 4 September 1939, appeared in the Sheffield Telegraph under the caption ‘Business as usual’. Photograph of R.E. Davies pole-vaulting, 1946. Photograph of members of cave diving group (R.E. Davies, D.E. Hughes and H.L. Kornberg), 1950. Undated photograph of H.L. Kornberg in evening dress in the laboratory. Large format green album with photographs of American biochemists, January~ May 1958, and F. Cedrangolo and staff, Naples, 1960. Album of photographs 1966: Lindau meeting, honorary degree ceremony Bordeaux, visits to Hildesheim (created freeman) and Galveston. Small format green album with photographs of members of Metabolic Research Laboratory, 1969. L.6 L.7 L.8 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 623 Non-print material L.2 Album with photographs of members of Metabolic Research Laboratory, 1974. L.10 Lei L.12- L.23 L.12 Boehringer Ingelheim symposium on 'The creative process in science and medicine’, Kronberg, May 1974. See E.36-E.42. Sequence of mounted photographs, 1960-65, all identified and perhaps intended to be made upinto an album later. Photographs relate to visits, meetings and honorary degree ceremonies. Photographs of Krebs Early photographs of Krebs. One of Krebs in laboratory is identified on verso as taken at Altona, 1930. L.13 1945 n.d. ?1940s 1950 (with covering letter) L.14 University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1954 Lindau, 1960 L.15 Miscellaneous photographs, 1965, 1966. L.16 Metabolic Research Laboratory, 1975. L.17 'Pour le Mérite', Bonn, May 1973. CIBA Foundation lecture, 1978. L.18 Pennsylvania State University, 1979. Five copies of portrait photograph, used on dust-jacket of auto- biography (Bibliog. 391); related correspondence. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 624 Non-print material Lol? Meeting on Stress, Montecarlo, November 1979. Honorary Degree Ceremony, Indianapolis, May 1980. L.20 Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, November 1980. Kiawah Island Symposium, November 1980. L.21 Late undated studio portrait. L.22 Miscellaneous later undated photographs. L.23 Large mounted photograph undated. L.24- L.30 Krebs's departments or laboratories L.24 Members of Sheffield Biochemistry Department (with key), December 1948. L.25, L.26 Krebs, members of Sheffield Department, laboratories, 1950. Duplicates of photographs in L.5. 2 folders. L.27 Presentation tray with engraved signatures of colleagues; Krebs's message of thanks, 18 February 1954. L.28 Members of Sheffield Biochemistry Department, June 1954. Duplicate of photograph in L.5. L.29 Views of Oxford Biochemistry Department extension, some dated 1963 and 1964. L.30 Metabolic Research Laboratory visitors, 1979. Visit from Gymnasium Andreanum, April 1980. 625 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Lois L.44 L.3] L.32 Non -=print material Scientific colleagues German colleagues, ? Altona. H.G. Wood at Sheffield, 1950 Duplicates of photographs in L.5. R.E. Davies at Oxford, 1951. L.33 A.L. Lehninger at Sheffield, 1952. On board R.M.S. Ascania, August 1953. Photographs of colleagues including C. de Duve and H. Mcllwain. L.34 T.H. Wilson, ? Sheffield, September 1953. E. Racker, October 1953. H.L. Kornberg and D. Sprinson, Columbia, October 1953. L.35 L.36 L.V. Eggleston, Old Physiology Laboratory, Oxford, July 1955. Krebs with F.A. Lipmann at Welch Foundation Symposium, Houston, December 1961. Krebs with G. Weber, Indianapolis, October 1963. L.37 Maria Erecinska, 1966, 1967. L.38 Krebs with A. Szent-Gyirgi, Brunel, 1978. L.39 Miscellaneous colleagues, 1980. L.40 O.H. Warburg, n.d. Portrait photograph; photograph of grave. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 626 Non -print material L.4] J.S.D. Bacon, n.d. L.42 Russian colleagues, n.d. L.43 Colleagues including F.A. Lipmann, n.d. L.44 Miscellaneous, n.d. L.45- L.56 Conferences and groups L.45 XVI Internationaler Physiologen Kongress, Zurich, 14-19 August 1938. Group photograph with key. L.46 Society for Experimental Biology Symposium on Carbon Dioxide Fixation, Sheffield, July 1950. Duplicate of group photograph in L.5. L.47 2nd International Biochemical Congress, Paris, July 1952. Photographs of colleagues including J.S. Fruton, A. Baird Hastings, J. Murray Luck and R.E. Davies. L.48 Department of Physiological Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, April 1954. Duplicate of photograph in L.4. Atlantic City 'Smoker', April 1954. L.49 Joint Meeting of Belgian and British Biochemical Societies, Oxford, 12 and 13 August 1957. L.50 Lindau meeting, 1969. Tenth Symposium on Enzyme Regulation, Indianapolis, 1971. L.5] Stockholm, 1973. Photographs of colleagues including E.C. Slater and E. Racker. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Non print material 627 L.52 Inauguration of the library and archives for the history of the Max-Planck- Gesellschaft (Otto-Warburg-Haus), March 1978. Krebs with R. Schmid and H. Rotta. Los Pour le mérite meeting, Bonn, May 1978. L.54 Lindau meeting, June 1978. Reisenburg, July 1978. L.55 Oxford Students Biochemical Society Dinner, November 1978. "In memory of the Editorial Board Session on May 22, 1979'. L.56 Lynen Memorial Meeting, Munich, February 1980. Mainau, July 1981. Family and personal Eight views of Hildesheim from a commercially produced collection of twelve. For the missing four views see L.75. L.57- L.72 L.57 L.58 Homes, including house in Hildesheim destroyed during Second World War. L.59 Photograph of Krebs with friend, c.1904. Krebs's typescript note accompanies the photograph. L.60 Early school photographs sent to Krebs in 1966. Group photograph, First World War period. L.6] Adolf Daniel, 1921. Adolf and Lise Daniel (née Krebs) with Wolfgang Krebs, 1926. Georg Krebs with children and son-in-law, 1926. 628 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Non-print material L.62 Girlfriend of Krebs (nurse at Altona). Krebs's living quarters, Freiburg. L.63 Georg and Maria Krebs, n.d. L.64 Miscellaneous German views, one dated April 1934, L.65 Cambridge, 1930s. Holidays, 1930s. L.66 Krebs's wedding photograph (with key), 1938. Margaret Krebs, c.1939. L.67 'Talene' (Helene Fuld), 1941. Gisela Krebs, 1946. L.68 Krebs children, c.1946. Krebs family on holiday, 1950. L.69 Kurt and Kathe Davidson, 1952. Krebs family, 1953. L.70 Family reunion, 1954. Krebs family and friends, 1955. L.7] Ursula LUck, Hildesheim, 1966. L.72 Photographs taken in the garden, Abberbury Road, September 1974. Krebs, sister, son-in-law, grandchildren. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Non -print material L.73 Otto Warburg (Bibliog. 384) 629 Photograph of Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Cell Physiology, Berlin-Dahlem, used for Plate 4 of Krebs's Warburg biography. Photograph of Warburg's country house on the island of RUgen, mounted and annotated by Krebs. L.74- L.76 L.74 L.75 L.76 Reminiscences and Reflections (Bibliog. 391). Photocopies of photographs for Plate 1 (Krebs's parents), Plate 3a (Krebs as a student, about 1922) and Plate 5 (Nobel Prize-giving ceremony) of Krebs's autobiography; also two further photocopies of photographs of Nobel Prize- giving ceremony and Krebs lecturing on the citric acid cycle. graphs retained by J.R. Krebs. Original photo- Photographs used for Plate 2 (Hildesheim) and Plate 3b (Krebs at the congress of Internal Medicine, 1932) of autobiography. Photographs used for Plate 4 (F.G. Hopkins and T. Thunberg, 1936), Plate 7 (Krebs with his team, 1974) and Plate 8 (Krebs with R. Estabrook, S. Ochoa, K. Bloch and C. Cori, 1980) of the autobiography. Miscellaneous Nobel document. Nobel document and 1937 Nature letter. L.78 University of Indiana, Bloomington; Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana, €.197353. Photographs identified on verso by H.L. Kornberg. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 L.79, L.80 NEGATIVES Non -print material 630 Lif? L.80 Miscellaneous 1930s negatives. Many but not all are represented by photo- graphs in L.3. Krebs's living quarters in Freiburg (see L.62); Krebs on bicycle, n.d.; Nobel document and 1937 Nature letter. L.81, L.82 PHOTOGRAPHIC PLATES L.8] L.82 Photographic plate, Krebs, n.d. ? 1930s. Three glass photographic plates to accompany lecture on smoking and lung cancer, c.1958. L.83-L.86 PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDES L.83 L.84 2 slides of Krebs, 1973; 1 slide of Krebs with Russian colleague at Indianapolis, 1974. 6 slides of Krebs, one dated in 1973, one (with Koala Bear) dated in 1976. L.85 4 slides of Krebs; 2 of Krebs with team, n.d. ? 1970s. L.86 Visit to California, n.d. L.87-L.95 AUDIOTAPES AND CASSETTES L.87 Tape-recording of talk at Federation of American Biological Chemists meeting, Atlantic City, April 1954 (2 reels). The speakers were Krebs, F. Lipmann and C. Neuberg (Wright Wilson in the chair). L.88 Cassette-recording of 'Speech by Philip Randle (and Dorothy Hodgkin) at Hon. Degree Ceremony, Bristol, 12 July 1973'. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 631 L.89 L.90 L.91 L.92 Non ~pri nt material Cassette-recording of Krebs's plenary lecture at Australian Biochemical Society meeting, Armidale, New South Wales, 8 May 1976. Three cassette-tapes of interview for Imperial War Museum Oral History Programme, made October 1979. Cassette-recording of interview by J.R. Maddox for BBC Radio ‘Scientifically Speaking’ programme, September 1979. Tape-recording of interview on Biological Aspects of Juvenile Delinquency for Radio UNESCO, 25 February 1980. L.92A Forwarding correspondencefor L.92. L.93 L.94 Cassette-recording of BBC radio 'Science Now’ programme, dated 30 June 1981. Unidentified tape (probably of German origin). L.95 Unidentified tape. L.96-L.98 VIDEOTAPES L.96 L.97 L.98 Television recording (videotape) of lecture on history of tricarboxylic acid cycle, Indianapolis, 2 October 1968. Videotape of lecture given by Krebs on the history of the tricarboxylic acid cycle, at the University of Miami. Dated in error by Krebs '1962 or so'. Probably 1970 or 1972. Videotape of lecture given by Krebs on the history of the tricarboxylic acid cycle, Philadelphia, 29 September 1977. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 L.99 FILM Non -~print material 632 L.100- L.108 L.100- L.103 "Nobel Awards, 1953'. MICROFILMS Microfilms of transcripts of conversations between Krebs and F.L. Holmes and made available by Holmes for the present collection (4 reels). L.100 Vols. 1-3 L.102 Vols. 7 (part)-10 (part) L.101 Vols. 4-7 (part) L.103 Vols. 10 (part) -12 Professor Holmes has written the following statement to accompany the material: 'These are unedited transcripts of conversations that took place They were originally intended to acquire information for between Sir Hans Krebs and Frederic L. Holmes between the years 1976 and 1981. the specific purpose of a book that Holmes intended to write concerning the early scientific career of Krebs. on the period 1900 to 1940, although there are some scattered discussions of later events. The discussions therefore center Although the transcripts have been corrected by Holmesafter they were typed by a secretary, there remain a substantial numberof errors, especially with respect to proper names. Users of the tapes should there- fore expect to check such information against written sources. Sir Hans Krebs requested before his death that anyone using these tapes should take into account that his answers to the questions posed were extemporaneous, and that he did not subsequently have the opportunity to check the transcripts. He should therefore not be expected to be accurate in all the technical details of the subjects he discussed. ' Special terms ofrestriction apply to this material. L.104- L.108 Microfilms of Krebs's laboratory notebooks (5 reels). H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 633 BIBLIOGRAPHY The following Bibliography of 396 items is that which appears on microfiche to accompany the Royal Society Memoir (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 30, 1984, 351 - 385). References in all sections of the catalogue are to this list, in the form (Bibliog. ...). It should be noted that the Memoir itself refers only to a selection of 121 papers which are printed in a numbered list after the text. These numbers do not correspond to the Bibliography and have not been used in the compilation of the catalogue. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Bibliography 34 : C1] 1923. Die Farbung des Skelettmuskels mit Anilinfarbstoffen. Arch. mikroskp. Anat. [Entw. Mech.] 97, 557. [2] 1925.: . Zur Goldsolreaktion im Liquor cerebrospinalis. Wschr. 4, 1309. Klin. [3] C4) [5] Die Flockung des kolloidalen Goldes durch Eiweisskorper. Biochem. Z. 159, 311. Die Theorie der Kolloidreaktionen im Liquor cerebrospinalis. 'Z. Immun. Forsch. exp. Ther. 4&4, 75. Zur Theorie der Weichbrodtschen Sublimatreaktion im Liquor cerebrospinalis. Dt. med. Wschr. 51, 1771. [6] 1926. (With A. WITTGENSTEIN.) Studien zur Permeabilitdt der C7] [8] Meningen unter besonderer Berlicksichtigung physikalisch- chemischer Gesichtspunkte. Z. ges. sea: Med. 49, 553. (With A. WITTGENSTEIN.) Untersuchungen Uber die Permeabilitit der Meningen. Dt. med. Wschr. 52, 1161. (With A. WITTGENSTEIN. ) Die Abwanderung intravends eingeflhrter Substanzen aus dem Blutplasma. Ein Beitrag zum Permeabilitdtsproblem und zur Theorie der Giftwirkung. I. und II. Mitteilung. Pfllger's Arch. ges. Physiol. 212, 268. . . [9] (With A. WITTGENSTEIN.) Uber die Abwanderung intravends eingefuhrter Farbstoffe aus dem Blutplasma. Klin. Wschr. D5 320. C10) (With P. RONA.) Physikalisch-chemische Untersuchungen Uber die Isohamagglutination. I. Mitteilung: Die Bedeutung der Elektrolyte bei der Isohamagglutination. Biochem. Z. 169, 266. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Bibliography 635 — f41) 1927. (With D. NACHMANSOHN. ) Vitalfarbung und Adsorption. Biochem. Z. 186, 478. [12] Uber die Rolle der Schwermetalle bei der Autoxydation von Zuckerlésungen. Biochem. Z. 180, 377. (13) C14) Uber den Stoffwechsel der Netzhaut. Biochem. Z. 189, 57. (With F. KUBOWITZ.) 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