YONGE, Charles Maurice Supplementary v2

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APPENDIX To the catalogue of the papers and correspondence of (NCUACS25/1/91) SIR CHARLES MAURICE YONGE FRS 1991 Deposited in the General Library of the Natural History Museum, London Cie Mo syonge NCUACS 25/1/91 APPENDIX SECTION C RESEARCH €.541-C,,564 SECTION: E NON-PRINT MATERIAL F. 63-F.126 SECTION ¢ RESEARCH CG: 541-6564 Gi 541-6556 Drawings and figures C2 557-6564 Press-cuttings Drawings and figures 'Figures Contents of parcel so inscribed. Living Marine Molluscs publi. Colians (3 C.547-Ci 252 Cy 555-6. 555 Cer 5oveC 2560 C.541-C.546 "Molluscs 1-30'. 6 folders. "31-55. (56-7720. TET 16/8/77) "s..61f0lders. Miscellaneous figures, drawings, photographs. 3 folders. Correspondence with Collins Publishers 1976- 77 and colleagues A Graham 1973, H Schumacher L976, RT Abbott 1976-77 and 427 1979; reviews. 4 folders. Reviews of Yonge's A Year on the Great Barrier Reef, 1930. “AvYear Oh the Gu B.. Rut! ta Comments of envelope Press-cuttings "Reviews so inscribed. she Thompson Ce Mae .LOnGe NCUACS 25/1/91 Appendix 6.562, C2562 Miscellaneous press-cuttings re the Great Barrier Reef expedition 1927-29. 2 folders. C.303,C.904 Memorabilia, letters, photograph etc found with press-cuttings. 2 folders. Include congratulations telegrams, programme of the Indian Ocean Summer Meeting of the Ormonde Racing Club and Christmas cards from Sir Matthew Nathan. Cy Mi LOnGe NCUACS 25/1/92 Appendix SEGT ION oak NON-PRINT MATERIAL Eee OSan7.1 2.6 Be OS- bs 4 Photographs Be (Ore Wel: Negatives Bae Ae be 2:3 Photographic plates F.124 Photographic slides Hee Zor hs. 126 Film Photographs B28 63 ‘Corals, G.i B. GR: OcCEer's G W Otter was a member of the 1928-29 Great Barrier Reef expedition led by Yonge. "Dredging U.S.oyster beds Various photos Ga Bak. Australian oyster beds'. [Also Crossland's photos] "Expanded Corals teRerepacus: GS). M.. M.) i "Malaya Coa Heck iing 19560: Zo ldems. S. M. Marshall was a member of the Great Barrier Reef expedition. Hickling was Advisor to the Colonial Office on fisheries. CepORcs. 'French Oyster Beds 2 TOLGers. 6 folders. Include itinerary and Mussel Cultivation' 9-14 October H.c Ae Cole™: 19602 'Spain 1963. Gea Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Appendix "Te, Vega’: expedition memorabilia. 1965., .4 folders. «Include llth Pacificsscience Congress; Tokyo, 19.66. Includes memorabilia. 'Neaxius vivesi vertical burrow in mud/sand substrate, .in aquarium... :.; “Sonora, Mex 7", July 912° ‘THREDO = pnotes X-ray -Board". 'Jack Lewis shores'. Photos molluscs on rocky Starfish collecting. Many relate to the 15;folders: Negatives I ss Com. 99 .100 "No. 1.' Contents list. 5 OOS Fy od Tel: Negative albums. Great Barrier Reef expedition. Negatives found in envelopes and negative bags with ms identifications of specimens, equipment, locations etc. Great Barrier Reef expedition and oyster cultivation: Contents list. 'No. 2.' Contents list. Great Barrier Reef expedition. HNO 93 Great Barrier Reef expedition. Contents list. TOrnes: Strats. My d.7 Yonge 'No. 4.' Great Barrier Reef expedition. Coe Msvonge NCUACS) 25/1791 Appendix UNO: 5S. expedition. M. J. Yonge'. Great Barrier Reef Contents list. (NOs 0. expedition. M. J. Yonge'. Great Barrier Reef Contents list. U.S.A.) Pacitic coast -— Canada. etc, Monaco, Villefranche.' Contents list. “Naples "Delaware River. Pyrenees, Arcachon, Roscoff, Den Helder.' Contents list. U.S.A. Oysters. Banyuls, 'Bergen: Bermuda: Plymouth: Wray Castle'. Also Hull fish quay and Saltburn. Contents Tisites 'Tortugas May'. Also Woolacombe 1933. Marquesas Bahamas Miami Cape Contents list. Fe ol 1g Lun Gavas! + Villefranche: Australia French Oyster Beds 'Tortugas*... ContentslList. Photographic plates Kristineberg Contents list. ‘Ormonde Trond[heim]: Naples etc.' Oyster cultivation: ' "General Armstrong" Vie “PUSarOw. Beles BPeii4 R125 Mee Yonge CG. NCUAGS: 2571/91 Appendix ‘Ovstess Isle dtiOleron".. "Oyster beds Isle d'Oleron'. ‘Oysters’. 'SMBA [Scottish Marine Biological Association]'. 2 bZO 'Tridacna! 2 wi Zee 3S Unidentified. Photographic slides 1 2 List only, of slides for lecture on 'Corals - nature: & nutrition’: London, 4/0 March 1976. "Low Isles - Barrier Reef'. Correspondence re Great Barrier Reef film, list of negatives lent by Yonge for making Stlis for usesun fa lime -9772..