YONGE, Charles Maurice Supplementary v1

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APPENDIX To the catalogue of the papers and correspondence of (NCUACS25/1/91) SIR CHARLES MAURICE YONGE FRS 1991 Deposited in the General Library of the Natural History Museum, London CoM. Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 APPENDIX SECTION C RESEARCH Ca4i-6.564 SECTION F NON-PRINT MATERIAL F. 63-F.126 SECTION --€ RESEARCH C.541-C.564 C, 541-6 2556 Drawings and figures €.557/-C. 564 Press-cuttings Drawings and figures 'Figures Contents of parcel so inscribed. Living Marine Molluscs pubil.; Collins’; CG 541-6. 546 ‘Molluscs 1-30'. 6 folders. Cx555-6.555 C.58 Teh nb Z Csi-55 a 567): te..Tel Pe/a/sie).. 6: folders, Miscellaneous figures, drawings, photographs. S) folders. Correspondence with Collins Publishers 1976- 77 and colleagues A Graham 1973, H Schumacher ovo, Rl Abbots 1976-—/7 and >t b Thompson 1979; reviews. 4 folders. Reviews of Yonge's A Year on the Great Barrier Reef, 1930. yA wear on -the.G..B. Rav" .-Contents- or. envelope Press-cuttings "Reviews so inscribed. C.557-C.560 M.- Yonge Cc. NCUACS 25/1/91 Appendix SECTION FE NON-PRINT MATERIAL 63h. 2.6 Eos 65-2. 404 Photographs Be Ome i) Negatives Pel 2h 1238 Photographic plates Be 124 Photographic slides F125 pF aes Film Photographs 63 'Corals G. JB. R: Otter'. G W Otter was a member of the 1928-29 Great Barrier Reef expedition led by Yonge. Australian oyster beds'. [Also Crossland's photos] H cA Coke’ 1,960. Various photos G. #BeR. "Dredging U.S.oyster beds "Malaya Ci Be auckling!) W956. 2. folders. "Expanded Corals tePerepacus: <5. 3M.° M.:)-. S. M. Marshall was a member of the Great Barrier Reef expedition. Hickling was Advisor to the Colonial Office on fisheries. reports. ‘French Oyster Beds 2 folders. 'Spain 1963. Mussel Cultivation' 9-14 October 6 folders. Include itinerary and €. Me Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Appendix C.561,6.562 Miscellaneous press-cuttings re the Great Barrier Reef expedition 1927-29. 2 folders. C.563,¢C.564 Memorabilia, letters, photograph etc found with press-cuttings. 2 folders. Include congratulations telegrams, programme of the Indian Ocean Summer Meeting of the Ormonde Racing Club and Christmas cards from Sir Matthew Nathan. C. M. Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Appendix 'me Vega’ 1965. expedition memorabilia. -4 folders. “Include lith Pacific Science Congress, Tokyo, 1966. Includes memorabilia. 'Neaxius vivesi vertical burrow in mud/sand substrate, in aquarium..., Sonora, Mex.', July 2197.2: THREDO, = photos X-ray. Board! . 'Jack Lewis shores'. Photos molluscs on rocky Starfish collecting. Many relate to the 415 folders. ool OOF dela: Negative albums. Negatives Bs 65h 99 .100 Great Barrier Reef expedition. "No. 1.' Contents list. Negatives found in envelopes and negative bags with ms identifications of specimens, equipment, locations etc. Great Barrier Reef expedition and oyster CUulEtvation. Contents list. 'No. 2.' Contents list. Great Barrier Reef expedition. Great Barrier Reef expedition. INO... Great Barrier Reef expedition. Contents list. Tommes. Straits. M. J. Yonge 3%. "No. 4.' C.@M. Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Appendix UNOwe 5. expedition. M. J. Yonge'. Great Barrier Reef Contents list. UNO <0. expedition. M. J. Yonge'. Great Barrier Reef Contents list. “I S.A. = Pacific coast. — Canada... etc, Monaco,