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Catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof SIR CHARLES MAURICE YONGE FRS (1899-1986) Compiled by Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell Deposited in the General Library, The Natural History Museum, London 1991 All rights reserved University of Bath C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: Bee Abraham Cephalosporin Fund The British Library British Petroleum plc The The The The The Royal Society British Telecom plc The Geological Society Institute of Physics Royal Society of Chemistry Society of Chemical Industry Wolfson Foundation C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THE COLLECTION IS YET AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE LIBRARIAN THE NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM LONDON C: Me Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION OF CAREER. OF C M SECTION DIARIES SECTION NOTEBOOKS SECTION RESEARCH SECTION SECTION CORRESPONDENCE SECTION INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS NON-PRINT MATERIAL C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The material was received in June 1990 from Lady Yonge via the Natural History Museum, London. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material is presented in the order given in the List of Contents. There is very substantial documentation of sixty years' research by Yonge in marine biology but regrettably virtually no personal or biographical material or records of his university career at Bristol and Glasgow. Material relating to detailed catalogue entries. his continuing interest in the Reef thereafter, is to be found throughout the collection. Attention is drawn to Great Barrier Reef material in the following introductory paragraphs and the the Great Barrier Reef Expedition which Yonge led 1928-29, and 19/0-88: pocket diaries from 1952-53 and Edinburgh University pocket diaries Section A, Diaries, presents sequences of Glasgow University C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Section B, Notebooks, documents a number of overseas visits and expeditions. There are five notebooks relating to the Great Barrier Reef Expedition including three kept entirely or principally by Yonge's first wife who died in 1945. Other overseas visits represented include the USA 1939 and 1956, Africa 1953 and 1962, Caroline Is. 1965 and Australial1967. Section C, Research, is by far the largest in the collection and documents Yonge's research on molluscs and coral reef ecology over six decades. There is a chronological sequence of research folders 1922-82 whose contents may include correspondence, notes, drafts, drawings, figures, photographs and printed matter. Folders containing of Yange's scientific papers at C.535. Section D, Societies and Organisations, documents Yonge's association with a number of British and overseas organisations. The alphabetically by subject or folder title. There are (incomplete) lists a joint Royal Society/Universities of Queensland expedition to the most substantial records are of the Royal Society and in particular of drawings and figures only are presented in a separate sequence arranged which oversaw financial and programme arrangements. Great Barrier Reef in 1973. Yonge was chairman of the UK committee CM: Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Section E, Correspondence, comprises general correspondence with scientific colleagues arranged chronologically and additional sequences kept together by Yonge on the Great Barrier Reef Expedition, "Miscellaneous Hong Kong and Pacific Science' and Advances in Marine Biology. Section F, Non-print material, provides important photographic records of Yonge's visits and expeditions including many not documented elsewhere in the collection. There is a comprehensive photographic record of the Great Barrier Reef Expedition including the photographs used in Yonge's 1930 book A year on the Great Barrier Reef. The section also includes maps of the Great Barrier Reef and a tape-recording "Commentary of Lowe Island film'. There is also an index of correspondents. Bata: LOOT Peter Harper Timothy E Powell C M ‘Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 SUMMARY OF THE CAREER OF C M YONGE Silcoates School, Wakefield Edinburgh University 1922-24 Baxter Natural Science Scholar 1924-25 Carnegie Research Scholar 1925-237 LOA Zo 1923-29 US3@—32 Temporary Asst Naturalist, Marine Biological Assoc. Plymouth Balfour Student, Cambridge University Leader, Great Barrier Reef Expedition Physiologist, Marine Biological Assoc. Plymouth Contemral-of. C.B-E. 1946 L951 L967 1968 LI65= 10 1970-86 Conferral of Knighthood 1933-44 1944-64 1944-67 Professor of Zoology, Bristol University Election to Fellowship of the Royal Society Research Fellow in Zoology, Glasgow University Regius Professor of Zoology, Glasgow University Pres. and Chmn of Council Scottish Marine Biological Association Hon. Fellow in Zoology, Edinburgh University Award of Darwin Medal, Royal Society C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 SECTION A DIARIES University of Glasgow pocket diaries 1952-53 - 1969-70, 1977-78, 1979-80. EOD 2=53 1953-54 LI54—55 1955-56 956-57 LOo7= 58 L959—59 ‘ ; 4 : é ‘ ; 1962-63. (2) 1963-64 1964-65 LI65—-66 1966-67 1967-68 1968-69 1960-61 1977-78 : : : 969-70 1959-60 1962-63 (1) 1979-80 ©.M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Diaries A. 21" Ae 353 University of Edinburgh pocket diaries 1970-71 - 1982-83. 19/7 O=./ 1: Lo? 72 L9/2—73 973-74 1974-75 107 5= 16 ROO = 11. : “ = : . ; 1977-718 1970-79 1979-80 1980-81 1981-82 1982-83 Pocket diary 1985. C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 SECTION B NOTEBOOKS Exercise book inscribed on front cover 'G B R Expedition'. From the front are press-cuttings on the announcement of the Great Barrier Reef Expedition under Yonge's leadership, September 1927. cutting and an ms poem in M J Yonge's (Mrs Yonge's) hand. At the back.is an; April 1927 press-— Hardback pocket notebook inscribed on front page ‘Mattie J Yonge May 1928'. Most pages not used. Journal of outward journey to the Great Barrier Reef kept by M J Yonge, 28 May - 11 July 1928. Notebook used for journal by M J Yonge 26 May 1928, 26 June 1928 - 5 August 1929. Most pages not used. Paginated. Most The top copies have been removed so only the carbon copies remain. Some entries from 28 March 1929 are in other hands (including C M Yonge's), probably made during M J Yonge's absences from the Expedition base on Low Island. in the journal are typescript logs of cruises aboard the motor launch the 'Magneta', February and March 1929. Also "Letter & Order Book' inscribed on front cover ‘Mattie J Yonge' and used by her for journal 18 July - 2 September 1928 and 26 April - 25 May 1929. pages not used. p.-96 for notes on the literature by M J and C M Yonge. Hardback pocket notebook inscribed on p.1 ‘Barrier Reef Expedition Trip to Torres Straits April-May 1929'. Paginated 1-96. Used pp.1-54 for notes on the trip by C M Yonge and from C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Notebooks Pocket notebook used from the front for notes during visit to USA July-August 1939. on expenses. At the back are notes University of Glasgow hardback notebook inscribed on front page 'Millport [ Marine Biological Station, Great Cumbrae ] July-August 1946. 1947. July 1948." Contents list. Paginated 1-114 Used for notes on Lamellibranchia. notes loose at front. Ms and typescript Hardback notebook inscribed on first page 'Bermuda. May 14-30, 1951'. Contents list. Paginated 1-53. Used for notes on 'Pinctada', ‘Arca etc', 'Spondylus', ‘Pinna, -"Siphonaria’, .'Lithopaga’:, ‘Chama ~ and ‘Pedalion'. Loose at front are typescript notes entitled 'Gundlachia', loose at back are ms notes and drawings. At back are brief notes on the literature. Used from the front for journal of visit to East and West Spiral notebook inscribed on front cover 'California etc. Mar/April 1956'. Hardback notebook inscribed on first page ‘Africa March 14 - Aor | to b953i. Africa, from the back for research notes made during visit. Loose at front is a list of Yonge's addresses during his ViESLE. intercalated includes itineraries. Journal of visit to Singapore and Malaya with C F Hickling. Brief notes and references at back. Hardback notebook inscribed on first page 'Singapore & Malaya July-Aug, 1956'. Most pages not used. Paginated 1-31. Used for notes on visit to 'La Jolla/Pacific Grove'. Loose material C M*Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Notebooks Hardback notebook used for notes on visit to East Africa, September 1962. Loose at front are typescript itineraries, back are postcards from Nyasaland (later Malawi). loose at Small cash book used from the front for notes on visit to East Africa, September 1962, and from the back for notes on 'Projected Kariba Lake Fisheries Research Institute'. Pocket 'Memo book' used from the back for miscellaneous notes, latest reference 1964. Most pages not used. Notebook inscribed on first page 'Research Notes "Te Vega" Jan-Mar.1965'. Contents list at back. Paginated 1-48. Loose material at front. Hardback pocket notebook used from the front for notes on visit to Spain, and from the back for miscellaneous addresses, Loose notes at front Notebook used for notes on the 'Te Vega' expedition to the Caroline Is. Most pages not used. Notes made during visit on board the 'Te Vega' to Palau Gaya (Caroline Is.) 1-8 February. and back. Used from the front for list of expedition members and journal 9 January-17 February 1965, from the back for notes on ‘Study of "Clam Bed" bet. P Gaya and P Tatagar', 30 January - 3 February. Includes visits to 'Yonge's Reef'. bibliographical references (latest reference 1966), note of expenses on visit to Princeton and New York, notes on "Sand: at La Jolla". Spiral notebook used for notes on visit to Australia September-October 1967. Itinerary on first two pages. C M Yonge NcuACS 25/1/91 Notebooks Hardback notebook inscribed on first page ‘Jamaica Mar.25. April? 5,. L970. Contents list.at front: Most pages not used. Notes on visit to Jamaica 1970 with later annotations (latest date August 1972). Drawing loose at front. List of addresses at back. C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 SECTION C RESEARCH Cea C2540 This section comprises very extensive documentation of sixty y ears' research in marine biology. SY The material was found in Yonge's g often very bulky folders with ms and/or typescript titles and descriptions of contents. The bulky folders have been divided for ease of reference and the titles used in the catalogue entries. The contents of Yonge's folders may include correspondence, notes on the literature, field observations, experimental data, drafts of scientific papers and lectures, drawings, figures, photographs and printed matter. As far as possible Yongets folders are arranged in a chronological sequence although some of the dating is necessarily tentative and folders may cover a considerable number of years. Folders containing figures and drawings only are presented in a separate sequence arranged alphabetically by subject or title. The material is presented as follows: of cataloguing and was used in compiling the catalogue entries. information etc., and these conclude the section. The incomplete his scientific papers, the addresses of colleagues, bibliographic In addition to the folders, Yonge used index cards for listing bibliography on index cards at C.535 was the best available at the time Index cards C.409- C.417 Undated research folders C.418- C.534 Drawings and figures C.535= 6.540 C.1 = €.408 Research folders CM. Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research folders Research ‘Anti-fouling work' Correspondence and receipts re anti-fouling work, LO22 pet 25=271 Yonge carried out research at the Plymouth Laboratory of the Marine Biological Association, sponsored by the Committee of the Institution of Civil Engineers on Deterioration of Structures exposed to Sea-Action and supervised by G Barger, University of Edinburgh. "Lamellibranchia Myacea Mya' branch Mya’. BY. devexD., BLOle, a. (192394 'Lamellibranchia' I. The mechanism Notes on feeding, proof of 'The digestive diverticula in the Lamellibranchs', Trans. R. Soc. Edinb., 54 (1926). Ms notes, drawings, and galley proof of 'Studies on the comparative physiology of digestion. of feeding, digestion, and assimilation in the lamelli- latest bibliographical reference 1939. Notes on the literature; draft paper on 'Development of gills in Lamellibranchia', letters from T C Nelson 1939-40, C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research Notes for lectures on ‘Aspects of evolution within the Lamellibranchia'; Lamellibranchs' Nature, 157 (1946); of siphons in Lamellibranchia' Nature, 161 (1948); request from Zoological Society of London for report on paper, 1954. draft of 'Digestion of Animals by draft of ‘Formation "Bivalvia Ostraeidae' Mss and proofs, one dated 1928. 3 folders. Reprints. Letters trom N: D Newell.,..1958° and. L.R Cox, 1958, 1960-61, etc. Cort =e. 12 2 folders. ‘Lamellibranchia Cardiacea Tridacnidae' Data, notes on the literature, drawings, drafts. Some experimental work dated in 1929 (Great Barrier Reef Expedition). Correspondence 1935-37, 1941. C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research "Gastropoda Vermetus: Pterocera' Records of experiments, 1929 (Great Barrier Reef Expedition); correspondence 1931, 1932. Draft 'Notes on feeding and digestion in Pterocera and Vermetus, with a discussion on the occurrence of the crystalline style in the gastropoda' Sci. Rpt. Gt. Barrier Reef Exped.,iBrit. Mus. Tt Gis2)% (Nat. Hist.), Draft 'On the mantle cavity, pedal gland, and evolution of mucous feeding in the vermetidae' (with E J Iles), latest bibliographical reference 1938. Drawings and figures. ‘Technical methods' ‘Lamellibranchia Adesmacea Xylophagindae: Teridinidae' Experimental results nd (1920s); printed item 1940. Notes, printed matter, bibliographic references, various dates 1929-60. Proof plates. Line drawings A year on the Great Barrier Reef, 1930. "Great Barrier Reef Expedition' C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research 'Great Barrier Reef Expedition' Draft 'Respiration of corals in relation to photosynthesis of their contained zooxanthellae'. Reef Exped., See Sci. Rep. Gt.Barrier 1928-29, ay @i932).. Draft of lecture on Great Barrier Reef of Australia, nd. "Mollusca' Notes on axes of growth, evolution of Lamellibranchia; draft 'On the size attained by the crystalline style', Proc. malac. Soc. Lond., 20, (1932); etc. report on work on notes for seminar "Gastropoda Prosobranchia Shell Form and Currents' draft paper on variable forms assumed Notes, drawings, reprints by others. Some of the notes Draft 'Functional interpretation of Molluscan structure', Proc. .malac. Soc. Lond., 25 (1943); deposit feeding lamellibranchs, 1948; on molluscs, 1949; by modern Mollusca in terms of axes of polarity, nd. 2 folders. on back of University of Bristol examination papers June 1933. C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research Untitled Gi28),4C: 29 Correspondence, research records, notes on the literature, draft papers, re zooxanthellae and coral ecology, etc. Correspondence is dated 1935 and 1938, Yonge's draft papers c.1963 and 1964 (latest bibliographical references). 2 folders. ‘Miscellaneous’ Draft paper 'Some genetical problems presented by sessile coelenterates', latest bibliographical reference 1935. Draft on the limpet form in Gastropods 5 September 1953; report on research by W Russell Hunter in Jamaica Spring 1954; nd; ‘Comments by C M Yonge on paper by J Brooks Knight' notes on the literature etc. Correspondence with University of California Press re "Studies on Pacific coast mollusks' papers, 1951-52._ agenda for Symposium on Mollusca 1964; Agenda for annual meeting of Association of British Zoologists 1961; menu and list of those attending Anniversary Dinner of the Geological Society of London 1968 (Yonge was guest of honour). Figures. C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research ‘Cephalopoda ' Notes on the literature, letter from A N Bidder 1936. C36; “Csae Drawings and figures. 2 folders. ‘'Lamellibranchia Monomyarian condition, etc' Proof copy 'The evolution of the swimming habit in lamellibranchia' 1936. Notes etc. 2 folders. Figures. ‘Lamellibranchia Protobranchia' Drawings Leda and Solenomya, nd. Records of research on Nucula, 1937. Records of research on Lembulus (Leda) Pella, 1938; records of research on alimentary canal, stomach, gut of protobranchia, nd. drawings and figures etc. Records of research on Malletia and Portlandia, nd. Notes headed 'Protobranchia' and 'Roy.Soc.4:iv:39'; C M Yonge Ncuacs 25/1/91 Research Draft 'The status of the Protobranchia in the Bivalve Mollusca",. Proc. malac. Soc. Lond-,33 (1959)- This was Yonge's contribution to a discussion meeting of the Malacological Society 27 February 1959. Folder also includes notice of meeting, correspondence re arrangements, etc. Draft paper ‘Observations on the Mantle/Shell of Solemya Parkinsoni by G E Beedham and Gareth Owen, figures and correspondence 1964. ‘Lamellibranchia Protobranchia' Notes on the literature. "Protobranchia microphotos'. Lamellibranchia Protobranchia' For draft paper see C.52, C.53. Correspondence re paper on the protobranchiate mollusca communicated to the Royal Society, 1938-39; summary of paper. interpretation of their structure and evolution'. Draft 'The Protobranchiate Mollusca: a functional Phil. Trans. Rk. Soc #,-.B. 230.1939)... 2. folders: C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research "Mollusca Scaphopoda' Notes, draft paper ‘Circulation of water in the mantle cavity of Dentalium entalis', Proc.malac. Soc. Lond., 22 (1937); draft paper 'The formation of siphonal openings by Thracia pubescens', Malacological Society in 1937. inscribed 'read 12 February 1937'. probably also published by the Both draft papers are "Mollusca Sp. Gastropoda Osphradium' Notes; Osphradium in the Gastropoda' draft paper LOS ‘On the possible function of the "Gastropoda Aporrhais' Notes; Figures. by F E Perron with (Mich. ). J. Maw. blOL, Ass. U.K.;," 21: and A. serresiana CIO3'7.) draft paper 'The Biology of Aporrhais pes-pelecani (L-) Draft paper on Aporrhais Occidentalis covering letter 1977. Figures. Notes; prosobranchia, with an account of feeding in Capulus draft paper ‘Evolution of ciliary feeding in the Ungadricus.; J. mar. biol. Ass: U.K<;, 22, (1939) "Gastropoda Capulus - ciliary feeding' C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research ‘Gastropoda Aspidobranchia' Correspondence with R Elmhirst (Scottish Marine Biological Association, Millport), 1938 and R Winckworth 1938, 1942. Notes on Haliotis, Diodora. Puncturella, Emarginula. Acmaea, Helcion. Patella, Docoglossa. Trochacea, Theoduxus (Neretina) Valvata, Ctenidia ‘Aspidobranch Gastropoda. Extracts of Papers' Codd C272 Figures. ‘Gastropoda Tridachia crispata' draft paper (by.H M Nicholas) on general anatomy Notes; of Tridachia crispata, June 1938. 2 folders. Draft paper (with H M Nicholas) ‘Structure and function of the gut and symbiosis with zooxanthellae in Tridachia crispata (Oerst.) Bgh'; from the Tortugas Laboratory 1939. letter re publication in Papers C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research ‘Gastropoda miscellaneous' correspondence 1938; Notes; in the mantle cavity of. the Atlantidae', 83 (1942). draft paper ‘Ciliary currents Q. Jl microsc. Sci., Draft paper 'On the habits of Turritella communis Risso', we mar woLol Ass. U.K: ., 26 (1946). Figures. ‘Tanganyika Molluscs' Notes Figures. Notes; of Lake Tanganyika', correspondence 1939; Nature, 142 (1938), draft paper 'The prosobranchs "Mollusca Loricata' Draft paper 'On the mantle cavity and its contained organs 9. Jlimicroses Scat (1989) in the Loricata (Amphineura)', 1966-71, etc. Miscellaneous notes, drafts, etc. L Harrison Matthews, latest bibliographical reference 1941, and T E Thompson, latest bibliographical reference 1965; publication lists of R Robertson 1957-67 and J D Taylor Includes drafts by Untitled C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research ‘Lamellibranchia Myacea Aloidis (Corbula)' Notes and drawings. Draft paper 'On the habits and adaptations of Aloidis (Corbula) Gibba' J. mar. biol. Ass. U.K., 26(1946) 'Saxicavacea Hiatella' Letter 1947; notes and drawings including Pamomya 1959. Notes and drawings. C.84, C.85 2 Eoldens. ‘Panope' 1948, 1959, 1969. Notes, drawings, figures, letter, etc. Items dated Draft paper 'On functional morphology and adaptive radiation in the Saxicavacea (Hiatella, (Saxicava) , Saxicavella, Pamomya, Panope, Cyrotodaria)', Malacologia, ll (187i) Notes, drawings, figures. ‘Lamellibranchia Matracea Spisula Lutraria' C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research 'Cleansing mechanisms and the function Draft paper of the fourth pallial aperture in Spisula Subtruncata (Da Costa) and Lutraria Lutraria (%.);'; proof copy dated 1948. Draft paper 'Ligamental structure in Mactracea and Myacea (Mollusca: Bivalvia)'; proof copy 1981. 'Lamellibranchia Tellinacea Donax —> Solecurtus' Notes, drawings, etc. 1948. 5 folders. Draft paper 'On the structure and adaptation of the Tellinacea, deposit-feeding Eulamellibranchia' Phil, trans. R.. Soc. Lond.., B.234 (1949). Pholadidae' Notes 1949. C£96,, C..97 Figures. 2 folders. ‘Lamellibranchia Adesmacea Notes and drawings [?1949]; Pacific Coast Mollusks. I. adaptations of Cryptomya californica (Conrad)', Univ. (Calil. Publ.) /Z001.;. 55; (1951 )3;_ draft paper 'Studies on On the structure and srigures: Notes and drawings 1949. Tsocardiacea Chama ‘Lamellibranchia Myacea Cryptomya' 'Lamellibranchia Isocardia'. C-M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research 'Lamellibranchia Myacea Platyodon' Notes and drawings 1949. Draft paper ‘Studies on Pacific Coast Mollusks. II. Structure and adaptations for rock boring in Platyodon cancellatus (Conrad) '. Univ. Calif.. Publ. Zodls, 55 (1951); figures. "Lamellibranchia Pectinacea Hinnites' Notes and drawings. [ 71949]; on Hinnites multirugosus (Gale)' Studies on Pacific Coast Mollusks series (1951). draft paper ‘Observations probably no.III in the ‘Lamellibranchia Solenacea Siliqua' €3106, C.107 2 folders. Photographs; figures. Notes and drawings [ ?1949] Draft paper 'Studies on Pacific Coast Mollusks, IV. Observations on Siliqua patula Dixon and on Evolution within. the Solenidae!,. (1952). 2 folders. “Univ. Calif. Bubl. Zool. , 55 Be CsL03;7. Cl 102 Figures. CM Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research ‘Anomalodesmata Lyonsiidae' Notes and drawings, including Entodesma saxicola and Mytilmeria 1949. Draft paper ‘Studies on Pacific Coast Mollusks. Structure and adaptation in Entodesma saxicola and Mytilmeria nuttalli Conrad. evolution within the family Lyonsiidae (Eulamellibranchia)', Univ. Calif...Publ. Zodl., 55 (1952) V. (Baird) With a discussion on Correspondence 1974-76 and nd. Publ. Zool., Dp (hO52).. VI. Univ. Calif. Draft paper ‘Primary and secondary ligaments with the Lithodesma in the Lyonsiidae (Bivalvia: Pandoracea)', J.. mollusc. Stud., 42 (1976). 'Lamellibranchia Erycinacea Kellya' Notes and drawings [ ?1949 ], 1975. Figures Entodesma, Mytilimeria, Ligament in Lyonsiidae. 5 folders. Figures. Draft paper 'Studies on Pacific Coast Mollusks. A note on Kellia laperoussi (Deshayes)', C M Yonge Ncuacs 25/1/91 Research ‘Lamellibranchia Myacea Sphenia' Notes, drawings, correspondence 1949-51. Draft paper ‘Observations on Sphenia binghami Turton', J. mar .@piel sJAsse.U.K. 7° 30.,(L951); figures. ‘Bivalvia Ligament and Dentition' Notes on mantle and mantle edge in Mollusca, ligament etc. Correspondence 1949, 1951-52. Gu? 7 2. G. 28 Notes and drawings 1949. 2 folders. Correspondence 1953. Drawings and figures. ‘Gastropoda Hipponix' proof copy of paper (with G. Owen and E.R.Trueman) Draft paper ‘Origin and evolution of the ligament in Lamellibranchia', latest bibliographical reference 1951; ‘The ligament in the Lamellibranchia', Nature, 171 GL953)°. Obs. Draft paper ‘Observations on Hipponix antiquatus (Linnaeus) ', CG M*Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research - LOlpee 132 Figures. 2 folders. Photographs. "Lamellibranchia Mytilacea Botula/Lithophaga’ -134-Ci. 138 Notes, drawings, drafts, correspondence, 1949, 1951. 5 folders. Draft paper ‘Adaptation to rock boring in botula and lithophaga (Lamellibranchia, Mytilidae) with a discussion on the evolution of this habit', Od ami Crosc...-SGhs., Jo (1955). -140-C.142 Figures. 3 folders. 'Lamellibranchia Veneracea Petrocolidae Transenella Notes and drawings 1949. paper ‘Observations on Petricola carditoides (Conrad) ', imakac.. Soc. Lond., 33 (1958); figures. draft paper ‘Rock borers', nd. Draft paper 'Rock boring organisms', reference 1962; of observations 1949; reprints 1955, 1963. latest bibliographical Bivalvia, etc.' Borers C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research "Mollusca Periostracum' Notes on ‘Interpretation of Lamellibranch structure' 1950; graphical reference 1952, etc. draft on 'The periostracum', latest biblio- ‘Bivalvia Adesmacea Teredinidae' "Report on infection of dock piles at Cairnryan by marine wood boring organisms'; correspondence 1951-52. "Gastropoda Pulmonata Siphonaria Trimusculus' Say', Proc.) malac. |Soc.; Lond. (1952). Siphonaria figures. ‘read 13 December 1957'. Notes on Siphonaria; brief correspondence 1951-52. Draft paper 'The mantle cavity in Siphonaria alternata Draft paper ‘Observations in life on the pulmonate limpet Trimusculus (Gadinia) reticulatus (Sowerby) ', Gadinia photographs. Trimusculus figures. C M Yonge NcUACS 25/1/91 Research 'Tellinacea Pharus legumen' Correspondence 1951, 1952, 1957. Notes and drawings, [1951], 1952, 1957. Draft paper 'On the structure, biology and systematic position of Pharus legumen (L.)', 38 (1959). Js max. sbiol.-Ass. Figures. 'Tridacnidae' See also C.339. "Bivalvia Pteriacea Pinnidae' Correspondence 1953. photographs etc. Includes Draft paper 'Mantle chambers and water circulation in the Tridacnidae. (Mollusca)', ‘received 8th October 1952'. Correspondence 1974, 1975; material relating to 1975 Scientific American article on giant clams. (1 9b3) Draft paper 'Form and habit in Pinna carnea Gmelin', Notes, drawings, figures. Phidy. 2vvrane. see oOC.. Lond. 3B..25)/. ©. LO2Z-C.164 3 folders. C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research "French oyster and mussel beds, étc' Material relates to International Council for the Exploration of the Sea Special Scientific Meeting ‘Oyster and Mussel Culture', Paris, October 1954, and tour of the centres of oyster and mussel culture. Programme of proceedings, expenses, guide to the tour of the centres of oyster and mussel culture, miscellaneous memorabilia, etc. Photographs 'Mussel culture Baia de 1'Aiguillon'. Photographs 'Mussel culture Aiguillon'. Photographs 'Oystersand mussels Millar'. Arcachon'. 1954. Negatives. Postcards. "French oyster trip. Photos by Dr H Vilela'. Photographs 'Cleansing basins, etc. Correspondence with L R Cox, 1954. ‘Mollusca Shell form' C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research ‘Mollusca Treatise: Invertebrate Palaeontology' Correspondence with editor R C Moore 1954-57. Correspondence with L R Cox 1955-57 Miscellaneous correspondence with colleagues 1955-57. Copies of correspondence between Cox and J Brookes Knight 95D] C279 5° CELSO Drafts, figures. 2 folders. "Mollusca Drafts, proofs. Figures. Translation of paper by H Hoffman (Jena) on the phylogeny of molluscs. Treatise of Invertebrate Palaeontology' Correspondence with editor R C Moore and L R Cox 1959, 1961. Photographs. Draft paper 'A note on Arca (Senilia) Senilis', Proc. malac. Soc. Lond. 77 51 CEOS 5 )83 Drawings and figures. 'Stirps Arcacea Fam. Arcidae Arca (Senilia) Senilis' CaM? Youge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research "Notes: Prather lectures Harvard' Notes for lecture 1 on coral reefs and lecture 5 on form and adaptation. Yonge was the Prather lecturer for 'Trigonia' Draft 'Trigonia: notes and drawings. a living fossil', Nature, 179 (1957); 'Enigmonia' C.189-C.192 'Arcacea' Drawings, notes. Placunanomia, Placuna (Placunidae Nature article 1957, notes, drawings, figures including items dated 1969, 1975. 4 folders. Bivalvia) - Pododesmus, Anomia, Patro, Material may relate to paper ‘Form and evolution in the Anomiacea (Mollusca: Enigmonia (Anomiidae): Pam Nove) "7 hil. Transi-R.. soGe mond., B.2/6) (19/7) - Correspondence 1980-81. Draft headed 'Glycymeris' and dated 14 April 1958; figures. CM -Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research 'Cyrtodaria' Notes, drawings, correspondence 1959, 'Limpets' Ce OT Choo Correspondence, notes, drawings 1.959% “1:9605..2- folders. Relates to work at the Friday Harbor Laboratory, University of Washington and the Hopkins Marine Station, Pacific Grove. Draft paper 'Mantle cavity, habits, and habitat in the blind limpet, Lepeta concentrica Middendorf' for Proc. Calif. Acad. Sci. ‘Anomiacea Pododesmus' €. 201 — C2204 Correspondence with D B Quayle 1962, 1969, 1971 Draft paper 'Further observations on Hipponix antiquatus with notes on North Pacific pulmonate limpets' for Procs Galit. Acad. Sci. Notes and drawings including work at Friday Harbor 1959. 4 folders. Notes, drawings, correspondence 1959-60, 1977. Figures. 'Heteranomia' CM Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research "Bivalvia - Cementation Classification' Notes including Hinnites Pacific Grove 1960; correspondence 1977, 1980; figures; ‘revised bivalve classification’, etc. "Gastropoda Archaeogastropoda Acmaeidae' Correspondence 1960-61, notes and drawings. Draft paper ‘Ciliary currents in the mantle cavity of species of Acmaea'. Negatives. 'Trichotropis' C.293=C2215 Items dated 1959 and 1960. Correspondence 1960-62. species', Biological Bulletin (1962). Trichotropis cancellata Hinds, a benthic indicator Notes and drawings. 3. folders. Proof copy of paper 'On the biology of the mesogastropod 2 folders. CEQ -C. 218 Figures,.. C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research "Unionacea Etheriidae' Correspondence 1960-61. Notes and drawings. Cu22ie C2222 Draft paper 'On Etheria elliptica Lam. and the course of evolution, including assumption of monomyarianism, in the family Etheriidae (Bivalvia: Unionacea)' 2 folders. Trans. R. Soc., B.244. (1962).: Phil. C.223=C. 225 Figures. 3 folders. ‘Anomiacea General' C.226-C.229 "Bivalvia Byssus ' Correspondence 1962, 1970-75. Notes, drawings, figures. 4 folders. Notes including 'R. D. Purchon - scheme for research on byssus of lamellibranchia'. Figures. Draft paper 'On the primitive significance of the byssus in the bivalvia and its effects in evolution', J. mar. biol. Ass. U.K., 42 (1962). C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research 'Fungiacava' €.234-C. 239 Correspondence with T F Goreau, University of the West Indies, Jamaica, and others, 1962-69. 1962-64. 1965. laboratory. Includes material re proposed UWI marine E966. Includes Goreau's cv and list of publications. 1967 January - June. 1967 July - December. 1968-69. 'Fungiacava' Drawings, figures, photographs. Correspondence with H. Soot-Ryen, 1965-69. Drafts by Soot-Ryen and the Goreaus for the 1969 paper. Fungia Scutaria' by T F Goreau, N and CM Yonge. a new commensal mytilid opening into the coelenteron of Draft paper ‘On Fungiacava eilatensis n. gen. n.sp., Correspondence with T F Goreau 1968, G Vevers 1971. J. Zool., 158 (1969). I Goreau, T Soot-Ryen 2 folders. -243, C.244 C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research Draft paper 'On the mode of boring in Fungiacava Goreau. eilatensis (Bivalvia, Mytilidae)' by T F Jc “ZOOL, p2L66 CkS72) N I Goreau.and C M Yonge. C24 /-C.:249 Drawings and figures. 3 folders. 'Tridacnidae' C3250-C.25/ Figures, plates, photographs etc. 8 folders. ‘Chama' «209-C, 261 3 folders. Includes proof copy of paper ‘Mantle chambers and water circulation in the Tridacnidae', Proc. zool. Soc. Lond., 123..'(1953), photographs taken by TF. 1967, 1968, figures etc., re paper by Yonge and NI and T F 169 (1973) and re paper by Yonge on. coral reefs, Trans. R. Soc... Edinb, 69°(1974) . Goreau, J. Zool., Goreau Photographs. Cox 1963, R J Cleevely 1966. Notes and drawings. Correspondence with L R Drawings, photographs. Correspondence re specimens with N A Holme, 1963, 1964; reprints by Holme. "Saxicavella' C M Yonge NcUACS 25/1/91 Research 'Dreissenia' Correspondence 1964, 1967, draft, figure, negative, etc. "Bivalvia Pteriacea Malleus & Isognomon' Cs266;.. C3267 Notes, drawings, etc. 2 folders. Relate to work during the Te Vega expedition cruise 6 1965. Correspondence 1968 re publication. C.2 One Ce 2a Figures. 2 folders. "“Cardita* Photographs, slides, negatives. Draft paper ‘Form and habit in species of Malleus (including the "Hammer Oysters") with comparative observations on Isognomon isognomon' for Biol. Bull. mar. biol. Lab., Woods Hole. 4 folders. Correspondence 1965, 1968-69. morphology and evolution within the carditacea (Bivalvia) ', Proc. malac. Soc. Lond., 38 (1969). Relates to paper ‘Functional C.274SC 27h Notes, drawings, figures. C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research ‘Pectinacea Pedum' Letter dated 1967, notes and drawings. Figures. ‘Bivalvia Heteromyarianism Dreissena Mytilidae' Draft paper 'On the heteromyarian condition in the Bivalvia with special reference to Dreissena polymorpha and certain Mytilacea' by Yonge and J I Campbell. Lond. ,.B.253° (1968) Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Notes, drafts, drawings, figures re Dreissena, Mytilids. In Marine ed. B L Bayne (1976). Figures. ‘Corals and coral reefs' Correspondence re Modiolus 1973. Draft paper 'The "Mussel" form and habit'. mussels their ecology and physiology latest bibliographical reference 1970. Programme, correspondence re Symposium on 'The ecology of Draft paper 'The nature of reef-building (Hermatypic) Corals', coral reef fishes', March 1969, etc. C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Research Draft paper 'Aspects of productivity in coral reefs'. Proc. Symp. Corals & Coral Reefs 1969, Mar. biol. Ass. india: (1972). Draft paper 'Production of particulate organic matter by a reef on Kavaratti Atoll (Laccadives) by S.Z.Qasim and V.N. Sankaranarayanan. 'Plicatula' C8289, 26.5290 Correspondence 1969, notes and drawings. 2 folders. Seealso7C. 291 5,.G2 2927. C320, Ga29r, 258,627 CrLOPCeoeeamy Cc 240,Col/4,C21 76 DAVIS,7Richara" A; Jz DANCE, S P DAVIES, Gwion CM Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Index of correspondents E.21,E.22 Heh. 29 DAVITASVILI, L S DELACEY, Lawrence DILLON, T H DINAMANI, P DISTECHE, A DOYLE, William L DUNNILL, Robert M EINARSSON, Hermann G.327 78.3378 .35 FISHER, Mike W FLANAGAN, Dennis EISMA, D ELLIS, A E C339 C.e59 ELMHIRST, Richard FANKBONER, Peter V FLEMING, Sir Charles (Alexander) Ca ds I pied, FRASER, Elizabeth A E.40 E.61 c.14 E.32 FORCE, Roland W FRENEIX, Suzanne FRETTER, Vera C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Index of correspondents FRYER, Geoffrey FURNEAUX, P JS GABBOTT, PA GALBRAITH, I C J E.39 Gi, 239 GARDINER, John Stanley E.2,E.6,E.48,E.49,E.52-E.54 GASCOIGNE, T Bold Bia, 27,6. 307h.30,h. 39 GILMOUR, T H J GISLEN, Torsten E.23 Hp! 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US Hate KRAUSKOPF, Konrad B C.478 See also C.32 E.43 LAVERACK, Michael § KUHNELT, Wilhelm C. M7Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Index of correspondents LAVERDE, Hugo LE DANOIS, E.2 LEMCHE, Henning C.177/,E.14,E.17,E.40 LEONARD, V Kenneth E.22 LEWY, Zeev LINDEMAN, Captain G M LLOYD, Arthur LOGAN, Alan LOOSANOFF, Victor L MAITLAND, Peter S MANTON, Sidnie M McMICHAEL, Donald F MACNAE, W MacGEACHY, J K McLEAN, James H E.37 E.47 MALACOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON C.47,E.12 C.198) 6.209.222, 8.29, h.66,H, Oy MARKS, E O MARINE BIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION OF De2o E.47 THE UNITED KINGDOM MARK, E L C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Index of correspondents MATTHEWS, Leonard Harrison C2 See also C.79A MAYR, Ernst MEDCOF, J C MILLAR, RH MILLER, Robert C MILLOTT, Norman MONTY, Cl. 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W OWEN, Gareth CM Yonge Ncuacs 25/1/91 Index of correspondents PAGE, GG PAIN, T PALAFOX, Emilio E.13,E.14 Geek E.10 PANTIN, Carl Frederick Abel E.4,E.6,E.8 PARKER, Robert H PEARSE, John S PEEL, John S PELSENEER, Paul PERMAFLEX PERRON, Frank E C.197 E.42 E.29 E.3 POJETA, John, Jr PONDER, Winston F PETTITS, Charles PIGGOTT, Stuart PILGRIM, R POHLO, Ross H E.34 E.34,E.35 C.347,C.356,E.34,E.38,E.40,E.41 E.44 See also C.231 PRANTL, Ferdinand Gi 47622943). 2478 27 ,E.10,;8.1/ 7 B22) 23,, bine, ee O09, E40, 6.42 E.26 Heo?g POPHAM, E J POTTS baa E.48,E.49,E.53 PREZANT, Robert S PURCHON, R Denison C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Index of correspondents QUAYLE, Dan B QUICK, H E RAE, K M RAHAT, Menachem REES, C B REES, W J REHDER, Harald A REID, Robert GB Cua Jee: 32 B.8, 8.20; Bill ROBERTSON, Robert ROSEN, Brian R ROSEWATER, Joseph E.8 E.30 RIGBY, Joyce E Cazis ROBSON, GC C.14-,E.1-E.3 ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION RENDALL, Robert RICHARDS, HC FE. 48,5.50,8.51,£154,8.55 GC. 252 02268.,8.30,%8.35;8.40 D.28,D.29 C.161,D.8-D.22,E.4,E.36,E.61 ROYAL SOCIETY OF EDINBURGH E.17,8.42 E.3,8,4 C. 387,87 ROUGHLEY, T C ROUTH; ‘Martin: # ROYAL SOCIETY C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Index of correspondents RUNNEGAR, Bruce C2328 ,E.35 RUSSELL, Sir Frederick (Stratten). E.53,E.54,E.64-E.74 See also E.16 RUSSELL-HUNTER, W D Ce265.,.C 23097 bel ae o3 See also C.32 SAIZ, F SALVAT, Bernard SARMA, ALM SCANLAND, Thomas B E.21 E.42 E32 C2160; C2339 E.13,E.14 SCARLATO, O SCASE, R P SEILACHER, A SESHATYA, R V E.3l, 2.32, y36 Dek E.42 E.14 E.4 SERCK TUBES LIMITED SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SCOWL, 4Lt.- Car: .D. P=D SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL SKELTON, Peter W SHAPIRO, Noah N SHERLOCK, P M SHERWOOD, H P C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Index of correspondents SLACK-SMITH, Shirley M C5350; 6.370 @2285 See C.28 E.9 E.8 SMITH, C Lavett SMITH, H G SMITH, J L B SMITH, Ralph I SMITH, Shelagh SNYDER, John L SOCIETY FOR EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY SOLEM, Alan Be297h 5 3455.33 STENTA, Mario STENZEL, H B SOUCA, Alain B38 SOLIMAN, Gamil N B.27,.29,/E,50/E. 33,8. 34 E.18 E.4 SOOT-RYEN, T C.234,C,235,Ca24: STEFANON, Antonio Bie ak pees SOUTHWARD, Alan J E.45,E.65,E./2 STANLEY, Steven M D.83D.15;,D209;/7D2 20,45 Bm. 10;6 14, F335 Cel2 E.3 STASEK, C R STEPHEN, A C STEPHENSON, J STODDART, David R C M Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Index of correspondents STOHLER, R STORCH, Otto STORROW, B TAIT, doh TAKI, Iwao TANING, A Vedel ©. 2097, Bes Be2, Ee 3 E.4 E.4 E.20 E.54 TAYLOR, Dennis L Bi17,.30 TAYLOR, John D ©. 112,62328,C.372;.C.400,8.34,E.35 TEVESZ, Michael J THAYER, Charles W THOMAS, Roger D K THOMSON, Michael TREGOUBOFF, G TRENCH, Bob E.20,E.37 Cok E.24 @:.372,D 424 See also C.373 THOMPSON, Sir D'Arcy Wentworth E.7,E.18,E.24 C.124,C.350,E.8,E.9,E.16,E.18 E. 20,B.29,E.30;8: 41,E.70 TRUEMAN, Sir Arthur Elijah TROPICAL ECOLOGY GROUP Cy 2a Desh C.124 E.1,E.4,F.2 THOMPSON, T E TRUEMAN, E R TURNER, Ruth D CM Yonge NCUACS 25/1/91 Index of correspondents UNITAS MALACOLOGICA EUROPAEA UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS VADER, Wim van BENTHEM JUTTING, van BRUGGEN, AC VAN-PRAET, Michel VAUGHAN, T Wayland VENTILLA, R F E.41 E.73 E.50,E.51 E.68 E.14 C379 C.242 VORDGARD, O WADA, S WALNE, Peter R VERDCOURT, Bernard VERON, J EN VEVERS, H Gwynne VOGEL, Klaus VOORWINDE, Jacques eZ Seabee E.25-E. 27 E.34,E.35 E.38 C$289,.C. 200 Eh. 22,8.25 WADE, Barry A WALTON SMITH, F G WALLER, Thomas R WAUGH, G Duncan WEIR, J C. M>Yonge NcUACS 25/1/91 Index of correspondents WELLCOME TRUST WELLS, Fred E WELLS, George Philip WHYBROW, Solene WILSON, Barry R E.36 WINCKWORTH, R C496, 617C282,C2 86, 6.91, Cel2l has WOLFSON FOUNDATION WOODWARD, F N C.235 E.18 WOODWARD, Fred R C21 97,62322 YOCHELSON, Ellis L YONGE, YOUNG, Adam YAP, Fred 2369 YONGE, (née LENNOX), Martha Jane Heo2 (née FRASER) Phyllis Greenlaw, Lady De 24, Fed], 8225.2 (pbs 29,2. 32 E.337E.35-E.37,.41 Cx5i,.C:. 242, 8620;75:..32 ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON ZARUBA, Borivo}j ZIBROWIUS, H Bee E.36