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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of SIR GRAHAM SELBY WILSON (1895-1987) Compiled by Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, London Deposited in the Contemporary Medical Archives Centre, 1990 All rights reserved University of Bath NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists. and the production of this Catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The British Library National Power Pilkington plc Rolls-Royce plc The Royal Society The Institute of Physics The Geological Society The Royal Society of Chemistry The Society of Chemical Industry NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THE COLLECTION IS YET AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE ARCHIVIST CONTEMPORARY MEDICAL ARCHIVES CENTRE. THE WELLCOME INSTITUTE FOR THE HISTORY OF MEDICINE, LONDON NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL SECTION B RESEARCH SECTION C PUBLIC HEALTH LABORATORY SERVICE (PHLS) SECTION D LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS D.1-D.141 SECTION E SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS SECTION F VISITS AND CONFERENCES E.1-E.60 F.1-F.54 SECTION G CORRESPONDENCE G.1-G.29 SECTION H PHOTOGRAPHS INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS H.1-H.18 NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received in August 1989 from Sir Graham Wilson’s family and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine via the Contemporary Medical Archives Centre, Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, London. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF G.S. WILSON Graham Selby Wilson was born in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1895. He was educated at Epsom College, King’s College London and Charing Cross Hospital Medical School. where he undertook his first research at the suggestion of Professor W.W.C. Topley FRS. After graduating in 1916 he joined the Royal Army Medical Corps, in which he served as Captain, in 1923, and then to the recently established London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Applied to Hygiene, a post he held until 1947. Wilson’s researches, initially with Topley, encompassed the Sa/monel/la group of bacteria, brucellosis and tuberculosis, milk hygiene and the control of diptheria. Both established courses for the Diploma in Bacteriology. Their celebrated text book Topley & Wilson’s Principles of bacteriology and immunity had its origins in these courses and waswritten at the invitation of the publisher Edward Arnold to meet the needs of postgraduate until 1920, from 1919 as Specialist in Bacteriology. He joined Topley at Charing Cross Hospital as Demonstrator in Bacteriology in 1920 and moved with Topley, first to Manchester as Lecturer as Reader in Bacteriology in 1927. In 1930 he was appointed to the Chair of Bacteriology at Manchester and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Topley and Wilson Tropical Medicine as Honorary Lecturer in Microbiology. He continued as Director of the peacetime Public Health Laboratory Service (PHLS) until his retirement in 1963. Run almost singlehanded by Wilson the PHLSas it developed after the war students. Continued after Topley’s death (in 1944) with A.A. Miles it had reached its seventh planning of the Emergency Public Health Laboratory Service and becameits Director in 1941. was very much his creation. On retirement he returned to the London School of Hygiene and edition by 1984. With the approach of the Second World War Wilson wasinvolved with the NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson Wilson’s scientific achievements were recognised with numerous honours and awards. In 1967 he was awarded the Buchanan Medal of the Royal Society and in 1978 the Society elected him to the Fellowship. He was created a Knight Bachelor in 1962. For a full account of the life and career of Wilson see the memoir by E.S. Anderson and Sir Robert Williams (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 34, 1988). DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material is presented in the order given in the List of Contents. Although by no means comprehensive there are interesting records of many aspects of his career. Section A, Biographical, brings together a little material relating to obituaries, tributes, honours and awards. It includes Wilson’s account of his First World War experiences and his assessmentof his scientific publications. Section B, Research, although not extensive, provides documentation of a number of Wilson’s principal interests including the Sa/monel/a group of bacteria and milk hygiene. There are three laboratory notebooks with experimental data covering the period 1919-45. Section C, Public Health Laboratory Service (PHLS), relates chiefly to the Experimental Pathology and the Journal of Hygiene. Section D, Lectures and publications, is the most substantial in the collection. There are records of Wilson’s lectures for a period of forty years from 1944 and unpublished history written by Wilson after his retirement as Director of the PHLS. There is also little material relating to laboratory design and equipment and PHLS personnel. extensive documentation of the later editions of Principles of bacteriology and immunity. There are also editorial correspondence and papers relating to the British Journal of in an advisory capacity for the World Health Organisation including Ethiopia 1964, Iraq 1965, also material relating to the Research Foundation, Chicago which specialised in tuberculosis association with ten British organisations including the Medical Research Club, Medical Research the inhabitants were evacuated to Britain after the island’s volcano erupted in 1961. There is Council and Veterinary Research Club. The Medical Research Council material relates to the Working Party on Tristan da Cunha which wasset up to supervise medical investigations when Section E, Societies and organisations, presents documentation of Wilson’s research and on whose medical advisory committee Wilson served. Section F, Visits and conferences, documents a number of overseastrips NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson Iran, Sudan and Egypt 1971 and the Philippines 1972. There are also records of international microbiology congresses. Section G, Correspondence, is not extensive but includes, nevertheless, a chronological sequence of scientific correspondence 1930-87, Wilson’s collection of autograph letters addressed to Topley and himself, and references and recommendations. Section H, Photographs, presents photographic records of Wilson, colleagues, conferences and PHLS laboratories. There is also an index of correspondents. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Wearevery grateful to Sir Graham's family for making the material available and to Miss Julia Sheppard of the Contemporary Medical Archives Centre for advice and encouragement. Peter Harper Timothy E. Powell Bath 1990 NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL Obituaries: The Times; Independent (Sir Robert Williams). personal Autobiographical experiences in the First World War, list of scientific committees served on, and ‘Sir Graham Wilson’s Comments on his Publications’. Includes account of accounts, CVs etc. Bibliographies. Application for the title of Professor of Bacteriology as Applied to Hygiene, University of London, 1930. Letter re Emergency Public Health Laboratory Service in the event of war, 29 July 1938. Distinction Award from 5 July 1948. Hon. LL.D. Glasgow 1962. Stewart Prize of the British Medical Association 1960. Bisset Hawkins Medal of the Royal College of Physicians 1956. Honorary membership of the Czechoslovak Medical Association 1963. Retirement as Director of Public Health Laboratory Service 1963. congratulation. Wilson’s speeches at retirement dinner and portrait presentation, letters on retirement etc. Buchanan Medal of the Includes letters of Royal Society 1967. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson Honorary Membership of the Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland 1969. Harben Gold Medal of the Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene 1970. ‘Athenaeum L[andsborough] T[homson] Dinner and other notes on L.T. December 1970’. Contents of folder so inscribed. Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Society of Medicine 1971. 80th birthday 1975. Includes Wilson’s speech at dinner in his honour. Honorary Membership of the Society for General Microbiology 1975. Honorary Fellowship of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 1976. A.12 A.13-A.15 A.12-A.15 Election to the Fellowship of the Royal Society 1978. Correspondence re candidature 1976 and election 1978. Includes Wilson’s speech of thanks on behalf of the Honorary Fellows. Letters of congratulation. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson 90th birthday 1985. Includes Wilson’s ‘90th birthday speech at R.C.P.’, list of those attending 90th birthday lunch and tribute in Bulletin of Royal College of Pathologists January 1986. Letter of thanks for 36 years service as University of London’s Representative Member of the Lister Institute, 26 July 1986. Personal correspondence 1955-77. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson SECTION B RESEARCH Black hardback notebook with red tape on spine. Selby Wilson M.D.’ Inscribed on flyleaf ‘G. Records work on bacterial isolates: 1924, 1925, 1926. cultural characteristics. 1919, 1920, Green hardback notebook. Inscribed ‘General’ on flyleaf. Records work 1924-39. Red hardback Experiments including anthrax spore exps’. notebook. Inscribed on front cover ‘Misceilaneous Records work 1941-45. 1928-29. Contents of box so Contents of folder so Notes on Resistance to Heat’. ‘Bacterial Charts. labelled. ‘Photographs of Salmonella Colonies and Bacilli’. inscribed divided into four for ease of reference. ‘Completed Bacterial Charts and Notes on Resistance to Heat’. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into eleven for ease of reference, c.1928-46. correspondence, printed matter c.1928-58. University of London examination booklet used for notes on the literature re destruction of pathogenic organisms by heat. ‘Statistical Data and Methods’. Contents of envelope so inscribed divided data, into for ease of calculations, reference: four notes, drafts, NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson B.24-B.27 Contents of a folder so inscribed divided into four for ease ‘Standards’. of reference: notes, drafts, duplicated sheets of instructions etc. including papers on ‘Dropping Pipettes and Counts’ and ‘Care of Normal and Infected Mice’. c.1928-71. B.28-B.36 Correspondence and papers re milk-borne outbreaks of infection. B.28 ‘Milk outbreaks’. Contents of envelope so inscribed: slips of paper. 1932-71. data on cards and Copies of Public Health Laboratory Service report forms for food poisoning outbreaks. 2 folders. 1954-61. B.31-B.36 ‘Milk-borne Outbreaks Correspondence’. Contents of a folder so inscribed divided into six for ease of reference. Various dates 1932-53. The correspondents are the Ministry of Health, Department of Health for Scotland and Medical Officers of Health. , 1934, 1936. and scientific colleagues in Britain and overseas. Correspondents include Ministry of Health, chemical and drug companies Correspondence and papers re methylene blue test for milk. B.35, B.36 Miscellaneous data. B.37-B.50 NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson B.37-B.40 ‘Correspondence on M.B. test’. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference. B.37 1935, 1936. 1937. A.T.R. Mattick, A.E.A., 9 December. Includes ‘Observations on the Methylene Blue Reduction Test’ by 1938(2), 1939. ‘B[ritish] D[rug] H[ouses] Analyses and Correspondence’. Contents of a folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. 1935. Contents of a folder so inscribed divided ‘Methylene Blue/Thiocyanate’. into two for ease of reference. 1936. Includes notes of Ministry of Health meetings on 19 February and 19 May to discuss the standardisation of Methylene Blue for the Methylene Blue test. typescript, July 1937. ‘Methylene Blue. Standardization of Tablets from Outside Firms’. Contents of a folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. ‘The Biological Assay of Methylene Blue for use in the Milk Reduction Test’ by F.C. Storrs and B.C. Hobbs. 15pp typescript, 1936. ‘The Biological Standardization of Methylene Blue’ by Wilson. 13pp 1937. Includes reports on samples of Methylene Blue tablets. B.45, B.46 B.45 NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson Correspondence with Boots Pure Drug Company Limited, report on sample of Methylene Blue Tablets submitted by Boots, 1937. B.47, B.48 ‘New Sampling Regulations’. Contents of envelope so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: correspondence and minutes of Ministry of Health meetings on milk sampling procedures 1938. ‘Methylene Blue Tablet Contamination’. Contents of envelope so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. Correspondence and papersre possible infection of Methylene Blue Tablets with bacteria 1938. Report on ‘Comparison of Heated and Unheated Methylene Blue’ by United Dairies Ltd. Central Laboratory, 16 December 1938. ‘Calorie Value of Diet’. notes on dietary requirements. 1965, 1968, 1971, 1983. Contents of envelope so inscribed: manuscript Includes information on Wilson's own diet 2 folders. Correspondence and papers re Wilson’s reports to Medical Adviser’s Office, Civil Service Department on samplesof toilet paper 1970, 1975. Includes ‘Specimens’ 1975. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson SECTION C PUBLIC HEALTH LABORATORY SERVICE (PHLS) C.1-C.7 C.8-C.12 C.13-C.38 HISTORY OF THE PHLS LABORATORY DESIGN AND EQUIPMENT PERSONNEL LABORATORY DESIGN AND EQUIPMENT ‘Laboratory design’. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference. ‘Standard Plan of Public Health Service Laboratory’ 1950. Plans and drawings of underbench furniture 1951, 1953, 1959, 1960. ‘Bench plans’, ‘Animal Case Racks’ 1950, 1951, 1953. Miscellaneous 1953, 1960. Contents of Wilson’s folder divided into two for ease of reference. Various dates 1951-65. Lists of equipment, notes on structure and fitting of laboratories, printed matter. Laboratory 1966 and nd. ‘Visits to London Laboratories’. Contents of a folder so inscribed: notes re Postgraduate School Hammersmith, Mill Lane and Unigate Central Letter and reprint re fluorescent lighting in laboratories 1952. Notes on heating of laboratories and fuel consumption 1958, 1959 and nd. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson PERSONNEL ‘Testimonials for PHLS Candidates’. inscribed divided into three for ease of reference. Contents of Wilson’s folder so B. Miscellaneous correspondence with PHLS personnel. 2 folders. Various dates 1953-85 and nd. HISTORY OF THE PHLS In 1967 four years after his retirement as Director of the PHLS Wilson proposed to the Chairman of the PHLS Board (E.T.C. Spooner) ‘to gather together some of the miscellaneous pieces of information about the early history of the Service to supplement that which has already appeared in print’. He thought that ‘it might be of value to a future historian - say in another 20 or 30 years’ time - if some basic information, now buriedin files or retained in the memory of a few of the original staff was put down on paper’. See C.13. In June 1970 Wilson deposited ‘Some Historical Notes on the Formation and Development of the Public Health Laboratory Service 1938-1963’ with the Library of the Central Public Health Laboratory, Colindale. See C.29. List of publications of the Public Health Laboratory Service 1951-60. Correspondence re Wilson’s work on the history of the PHLS, 1967-71. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson List of publications of the Public Health Laboratory Service 1961-65. ‘Boyd-Anderson Controversy over Multiplication of Viruses’. a folder so inscribed: symposium discussion and reply by Brigadier J.S.K. Boyd 1952. Contents of correspondence, contribution by E.S. Anderson to ‘Landsborough Thomson's Chapter 27 on PHLS’. inscribed: 24pp ‘fair draft’ sent to Wilson by Thomson 1 June 1970. Contents of folder so C.18, C.19 ‘GSW’s notes from Files’. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. C.20-C.28 ‘History of PHLS. Memoranda’. Contents of a folder so inscribed divided into nine for ease of reference. Principally Wilson’s manuscript drafts: some original documents. Emergency Public Health Laboratory Service. List of ‘(a) Original Staff. September 1939 (and what became of them)’ and ‘(b) Medical staff appointed during the war’. Miscellaneous documentation re history of the PHLS. Includes: Wilson’s manuscript notes on ‘Subjects to be covered’. Letters from W.W.C. Topley 1939, 1940, 1942. Letter appointing Wilson a member of the Emergency PHLS, 6 July 1939. ‘Bacteriological Warfare’; ‘Emergency Supplies of Vaccines and Antisera’ . Correspondence with Brigadier J.S.K. Boyd 1948, J.W. Howie 1965 and A.L. Thomson 1971. ‘Prefatory Note’; ‘Public Health Laboratories before the War’, etc. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson ‘Establishment and Development of the Emergency Public Health Laboratory Service’. ‘Recognized Laboratories’; ‘Headquarters Administration’ . ‘Committees and Working Parties’; Services’. ‘Publications, Library and Information ‘Scientific Work of the Service’. ‘Appendix to the Section on the Establishment and Development of the Emergency Public Health Laboratory Service’; photocopy of minute from E. Mellanby to Wilson, 10 February 1944, headed ‘Dr W.W.C. Topley and the Emergency Public Health Laboratory Service’. ‘Public Contents; Health Laboratories before the War’; Chapter V ‘Establishment of a Permanent Public Health Laboratory Service’. ‘Historical Notes on the Public Health Laboratory Service June 1970’. Contents of a folder so inscribed divided into eight for ease of reference. Principally Wilson’s typescript drafts. Title page ‘Some Historical Notes on the Formation and Development of the Prefatory Note: Public Health Laboratory Service 1938-1963’; Chapter | Chapter Il ‘Bacteriological Warfare’; Chapter Ill ‘Emergency Supplies of Vaccines and Antisera’; Chapter IV ‘Establishment and Development of the Emergency Public Health Laboratory Service’. ‘Establishment of a Permanent Public Health Laboratory Service’. 2 folders. Chapter VI ‘Headquarters Administration’; Chapter VII ‘Scientific Work of the Service’; Chapter VIII ‘Committees and Working Parties’; Chapter IX ‘Publications, Library and Information Services’. C.33, C.34 Chapter X Administration, Scope and Reference Services of the PHLS’. ‘A Summarized Version Structure, the of Organization, NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson Annex 5a ‘Constituent Laboratories 1939-1964’; Laboratories 1939-1959’; Annex 5c ‘Recognized Laboratories’. Annex 5b ‘Associated Annex 8 ‘Principal Committees and Working Parties of the PHLS’; Annex 11 ‘Index to some of the more important papers relating to the technical and administrative activities of the PHLS 1939-1961’. ‘Comments on the Report of the DHSS Review of the Public Health Laboratory Service (PHLS) by the professional advisers to the review team: Professor |. Phillips and Dr. R. Blowers’ 1985. Found with history of PHLS material. Miscellaneous items found with history of PHLS material. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson SECTION D LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS D.1-D.141 LECTURES PUBLICATIONS D.1-D.42 D.43-D.126 D.127-D.140 EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE D.141 REPRINTS LECTURES ‘Staphylococcal food poisoning’, joint meeting of Society of Agricultural Bacteriologists and Microbiological Panel of the Food Group of the Society of Chemical Industry. 1944. Abstract only. ‘Food poisoning’, Banbury Sessional Meeting, Royal Sanitary Institution, 7 July 1945. Manuscript notes. Lectures on the Public Health Laboratory Service, various dates 1947-81 and nd. ‘The Public Health Laboratory Service. Facilities for General Practitioners’ , British Medical Association address, 25 September 1947. manuscript notes. ‘The Public Health Laboratory Service’, Milroy Lecture to the Royal College of Physicians, 10 February 1948. ‘The Public Health Laboratory Service’, Holme Lecture, University College Hospital Medical School, London, May 1960. 7pp typescript draft. Reprint only. Invitation; NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson D.3 cont'd... ‘Bart’s Lecture on PHLS’, 8 March 1962. Brief correspondence re arrangements; manuscript notes. ‘EPHLS and PHLS’, Dip.Bact., 1975. Manuscript notes. ‘Outline of Lecture on PHLS’, Guildford, 5 December 1979. Manuscript notes. Lecture on Public Health Laboratory Service for M.Sc. Course, 1981. Manuscript notes. Miscellaneous notes, background material for lectures on Public Health Laboratory Service. 2pp manuscript draft. 2pp typescript draft; invitation card. Speech for dinner in honour of Sir Philip Panton, Athenaeum, 14 October 1949. Seconding the reply of thanks on behalf of the guests at the Annual Dinner of the Society of Medical Officers of Health, Piccadilly Hotel, 23 October 1952. 14pp manuscript notes and draft. ‘National fund for poliomyelitis research’, talk at a lunch at the Savoy Hotel, 15 July 1955. ‘The Changing Face of Tuberculosis’, Jenner memorial lecture, 24 March 1960. Wilson’s statement on the abandonment of the trials of the Salk vaccine was thought to be at variance with governmentpolicy. 2pp duplicated typescript; correspondencearising. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson ‘PHLS 21st birthday dinner Colindale’, 6 October 1960. 5pp manuscript draft. ‘British experience of the Salk vaccine’, Prague, 13 June 1961. 11pp typescript with manuscript additions and corrections. ‘Vaccination against Poliomyelitis: the Future’, Medical Officers of Health Symposium, Wellcome Institute, London, 23 February 1962. 1p typescript summary; copy of paper by A.P. Goffe ‘Poliomyelitis, the Future and Control’. 6pp typescript ‘1st draft’. Folder also includes Toast of Charing Cross Hospital Medical School, Savoy Hotel, 6 October 1962. 4pp manuscript draft. 17pp manuscript draft. 4pp manuscript draft. ‘Genetic Resistance’, 1963 orlater. Manuscript notes. ‘Natural selection and transmissible disease’, Ciba Foundation Symposium, 22 June 1965. Chairman’s opening address to Society of General Microbiology atfirst of a newly inaugurated series of lectures in memory of Frederick Griffith, Royal Institution, 4 April 1966. 3pp typescript draft. President’s introduction to pharmaceutical section discussion on disinfection, Royal Society of Health Congress, Eastbourne, 1967. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson D.13-D.16 Lectures on hazards of immunization, various dates 1966-78 and nd. See also D.90-D.98. University of Toronto School of Hygiene Ninth Annual Refresher Course, 15 February 1966. Outlines for lecture. St. Thomas’s 1968. Manuscript notes and draft. London Hospital, 4 October 1973. Summaries; manuscript notes and draft. London Hospital, 28 February 1978. Manuscript notes. Miscellaneous manuscript notes; background information. 23pp typescript draft. 5pp manuscript draft. ‘The prophylaxis of tetanus’, Royal Army Medical College, 3 October 1967. Speech at Royal Society Dinner Club, Athenaeum Club, 8 December 1967. manuscript notes. Lectures on Communicable Diseases and their control to Diploma in Dental Public Health class, Institute of Dentistry, London, 1968. Correspondence re arrangements: synopsis of lectures. ‘Lecture 1. November. 14pp manuscript draft; History and Epidemiology of Communicable Disease’, 18 NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson ‘Lecture 2. Communicable diseases in which the mouth may beinfected’, 25 November. 15pp manuscript draft; manuscript notes. ‘Lecture 3. Prevention of infection’, 2 December. 20pp manuscript draft; manuscript notes. ‘Immunization of those going abroad’, Treasury Medical Officers, December 1968. 5 Manuscript notes. Folder also contains lectures on immunization by E.W.R. Best and R.J. Wilson, found with notes for Wilson’s lecture. Speech at dinner of Veterinary Research Club, 14 February 1969. 9pp manuscript draft. 43pp manuscript draft. Manuscript notes and shorter drafts. ‘On writing for scientific purposes’, Institute of Science and Technology, 18 April 1969. For publication on this topic see D.84-D.89. ‘Nutrition and infection’, talk to joint seminar of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Queen Elizabeth College London’, 5 June 1969. 5pp manuscript notes. Correspondence re arrangements; programme. 7pp and 12pp manuscript notes. ‘Milk’, October 1972. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson Lectures at Royal Veterinary College, London. Lecture notes on epidemiology, 1974 and 1975. Lecture notes on food poisoning, 1984. Lecture notes on brucellosis and leptospiral infections, nd. Miscellaneous notes on food poisoning found with Royal Veterinary College material. Includes items dated 1961 and 1968. Correspondence re arrangements for Royal Veterinary College lectures 1984-86. ‘Vaccination with BCG’, Manchester, 10 December 1976. Manuscript notes. ‘Faults and fallacies’, 1977 or later. Manuscript notes. 4pp manuscript draft. 7pp manuscript draft; booklet on work of Department. Speech for the opening of the new wing of the Department of Microbiology, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, 14 December 1977. Manuscript notes and draft. Speech in reply to the toasts to the Guests, London Hospital Medical Microbiology dinner, 22 July 1983. ‘Miss Whyte Farewell party at Colindale’, 15 September 1982. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson D.37, D.38 ‘My seventy years in Nottingham, 17 May 1984. bacteriology’, Squibb Lecture in Microbiology, D.37 Correspondence re arrangements. Manuscript notes; 38pp manuscript draft. After dinner speech at Symposium on Branhamella catarrhalis, Brockham Park, Surrey, 17 October 1985. Correspondence re arrangements; manuscript draft. ‘Prevention of tuberculosis’, Toronto, nd. Manuscript notes. ‘Tuberculosis’, nd. ‘Stories’ for use in speeches and addresses. Manuscript notes. Manuscript notes. Miscellaneous correspondence re lectures, 1968, 1972, 1973, 1980, 1984, 1985. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson PUBLICATIONS D.43-D.82 The Principles of Bacteriology and /mmunity This famous textbook, first published in 1929 with W.W.C. Topley and later continued with A.A. Miles, achieved such reputation and success that by 1984 it had reached its seventh edition. It was universally known as ‘ Topley & Wilson’. Although thereis a little material relating to earlier editions, especially royalty statements, most of the surviving documentation relates to the 6th and 7th editions of 1975 and 1983-84, respectively. There is also material relating to an 8th edition (unpublished at the time of his death) on which Wilson was serving as consultant editor and contributor on diphtheria and plague. ‘T & W Facts and Figures about the successive editions’. folder so inscribed. Contents of a 2nd edition 1936 Royalty statement 1945. 4th edition 1955 Brief correspondence re publicity for new edition, 1955. 3rd edition 1946 Royalty statements 1946-55. Brief correspondence re description of method of staining Pastuerella pseudotuberculosis, 1963. Brief correspondence 1965. Letter re division of royalties amongst editors and contributors, 4 December 1963. Royalty statements, 1955-64. 5th edition 1964 Royalty statements 1964-75. NCUACS20/5/90 G.S. Wilson D.47-D.64 6th edition 1975 D.47 Agreements with publisher 1967. D.48-D.59 Correspondence with Edward Arnold Ltd. (publisher), A.A. Miles (fellow editor), contributors and readers, 1964-82. D.48 1964-65 D.54 1971 D.49 1966 D.50 1967 D.51 1968 D.52 1969 D.53 1970 1972 1973 1974 : ; 1975-79 1980-82 Lists of reviewing journals; copies of reviews. 3 folders. Includes royalty statements D.65-D.80 7th edition 1983, 1984 D.65 Correspondence and papers re proposals for new edition, 1975-76. Correspondence and papers re royalties. 1974-84. ‘Comments on 6th edition and Mistakes in 6th edition’. Contents of folder so inscribed. 1975-78. ‘Minuted proposals for 7th edition’. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference. Includes questionnaire on 6th edition with replies. D.66-D.68 NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson D.69-D.74 Agreements between publisher and editors and contributors, 1979-81. 6 folders. ‘7th Edition Instructions to Contributors’. Contents of a folder so inscribed. D.76-D.79 General correspondence and papers 1977-85 and nd. 4 folders. D.76 1977-78 Dire 1980-81 D.78 1982-85 D.79 nd Royalty statements, sales figures. related correspondence, 1984-86. 8th edition Manuscript notes. General correspondence and papers, 1986-87. 5pp typescript draft with manuscript inscription ‘never published’ . ‘Diphtheria Immunization with A.P.T. (a) Effect of dosage (b) Time offinal Schick test’ by A.Q. Wells and Wilson, nd but latest bibliographical reference 1946. Reprint with additions and corrections. Article on poliomyelitis for The Living Universe, 1964. Correspondence with publisher, drafts. ‘Bacterial and infectious Britannica, 1967. diseases’, contribution to Encyclopaedia NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson D.84-D.89 ‘ Guidance in preparing the typescript of scientific papers’, Mon. Bull. Min. Hith. Lab. Serv., 24, 1965. For lecture on this topic see D.25, D.26. D.84-D.86 Correspondence with colleagues, readers, various dates 1950-81. 3 folders. Manuscript notes. Annotated reprints. D.90-D.98 The Hazards of /mmunization, Athlone Press London 1967. Based on the Heath Clark Lectures University of London 1966. lectures on the same topic see D.13-D.16. For other D.90-D.95 D.90 1999; 1967) 1965. 1967. statement. Correspondence with colleagues, readers, publisher, various dates 1959-82. Includes memorandum of agreement with Athlone Press and royalty 3 folders. 1971-82. Includes royalty statements. 1969-70. Includes royalty statements. 1968. Includes royalty statement. D.96-D.98 Reviews. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson D.99-D.105 ‘The Brown Animal Sanatory Institution’, J. Hyg. Camb., 82, 83, 1979. D.99-D.103 Correspondence with colleagues, readers, publishers, various dates 1972- 86. 5 folders. D.99 1972;°1973, 1975 D.102 1979, 1980 D.100 1976 D.103 1983, 1985, 1986 D.101 1977, 1978 ‘Memoranda and Miscellaneous Notes and Lecture Notes. Institution’. Contents of a folder so inscribed. The Brown Scale diagram of Brown Institution; illustration. photograph: photocopy of magazine D.106-D.117 Obituaries. D.106 Castellani, A. Colebrook, Dora C. Colebrook, L. Cruickshank, J.C. Delafield, M.E. Amies, C.R. Atkinson, J.D. Barber, Mary (Order of service only) Bensted, H.J. Bordet, J. Fildes, P.G. Felix, A. Includes letters of appreciation of Wilson’s obituary in J. Path. Bact., 73. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson Fulton, F. Fussell, W.H. Gardner, A.D. Jameson, W.W. Mcleod, J.W. 2 folders. Martin, P.H. Murray, E.G.D. O’Brien, R.A. Panton, P.N. Raistrick, H. Rosher, A.B. Rubbo, S.D. With manuscript note ‘never published’. ‘Notes for future obituaries June 1980’. divided into two for ease of reference. Contents of a folder so inscribed correspondence between H.M. Perry and J.S.K. Schick, B. Thomson, A.L. Tomlinson, A.J.H. Topley, W.W.C. Watson, Marion. Weil, E. ‘For Boyd’s Obituary’: Boyd, Royal Army Medical College, and W.W.C. Topley 1937-38. 5 folders. Findlay, Brigadier H.T. Klieneberger-Nobel, Emmy. McMichael, J. Schwabacher, Herta. D.118-D.122 Reviews, various dates 1943-74. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson D.123, D.124 ‘Leaders and Annotations’. Contents of a folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. Various dates 1943-66. Miscellaneous shorter articles, letters to the press, various dates 1933-82. Miscellaneous notes, correspondence re history biography. of science. scientific Includes information from V.D. Allison, Thomson and G.F. Young. J.S.K. Boyd, J.W. McNee, ALL. EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE D.127-D.129 British Journal of Experimental Pathology 1966-87. D.127 1966 (future Fellowship), 1978 (penicillin commemorative issue). 1969 (proposed journal), of the Paul Fildes Travelling D.130-D.137A D.130, D.131 Correspondence and papers re meetings of Editorial Board 1972-86. Journal of Hygiene 1968-86. 1985-87. Future of the journal. Includes Editor’s report for Council meeting 24 April and minutes of Editorial Advisory Board meeting 9 October 1985. 1983-84. Future of the journal. Includes reports and accounts, and minutes of Council meeting, 23 July 1984. Infection). 1986 material relates to changeof title (to Epidemiology and 1972-78. rejection rate and geographical sources of papers. Includes material on subscribers, subjects, publication time, 1980-86. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson D.132-D.137 Correspondence and papers re refereeing 1968-80. D.132 1968, 1969 D.135 1974, 1975 Do lae 1970, 1971 D.136 1976, 1977 D.134 1972, 1973 D.137 1978-80 Correspondence and papers re article by W.D. Tiggertt on W.S. Greenfield and anthrax, 1978-80. Includes 1959 letter from Tiggertt to F.G. Young, draft article and Wilson’s manuscript notes on anthrax. Oxford English Dictionary 1958, 1959. Origin of terms ‘abortus fever’ and ‘contagious abortion’. Research in Veterinary Science 1964-71. Wilson was invited to join the Editorial Board in 1964; dissolved in 1968. the Board was Correspondence only. REPRINTS Miscellaneous shorter correspondence with editors and publishers, 1983, 1985. See A.2 for bibliographies. Reprints of Wilson’s publications. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson SECTION E SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS El E*2 E.3 E.4 E.5-E.31 E.32-E.41 E.42-E.48 E.49-E.51 E52 E.53 E5455 E.56-E.60 ON SYSTEMATIC COMMITTEE BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION COMMITTEE ON APPLIED EPIDEMIOLOGY INTERNATIONAL BACTERIOLOGY LONDON SCHOOL OF HYGIENE AND TROPICAL MEDICINE MEDICAL RESEARCH CLUB MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL RESEARCH FOUNDATION, CHICAGO ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS SOCIETY FOR APPLIED BACTERIOLOGY SOCIETY FOR GENERAL MICROBIOLOGY UNIVERSITY OF SURREY VETERINARY RESEARCH CLUB BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION 1957-59 COMMITTEE ON APPLIED EPIDEMIOLOGY 1967, 1971, 1978-80 Agenda and minutes. Recommendations for Stewart Prize. INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE ON SYSTEMATIC BACTERIOLOGY Memorandum on future of the School by Professor Edsall. Correspondence and papers re revised international code of bacterial nomenclature. LONDON SCHOOL OF HYGIENE AND TROPICAL MEDICINE NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson MEDICAL RESEARCH CLUB 1937-87 Correspondence re meetings, membership, Club rules, history of the Club 1953-78. 1953, 1962-65, 1967, 1969. 1970-74. 1975-78. Agendas of meetings 1964-87 1964-67. 1968-70. 1977-79. 1980-82. 1971-73. 1974-76. 1983-87. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson ‘Medical Research Club Membership list’. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into five for ease of reference. At a Committee meeting 11 July 1975 Wilson and the Club Secretary (D.A.J. Tyrrell) were commissioned to review the membership. Committee papers, correspondence re membership, draft membership lists etc. ‘History of the Medical Research Club 1951-1976’. 109pp manuscript draft by Wilson. 3 folders. E.23-E.28 Manuscript notes for the history of the Club. 6 folders. E.29, .E:30 Membership booklets. E:29 1955-56: 1959-60; 1961-62; 1964-65; 1977-78; 1979; 1983; 1986. 1967-68 (2 copies ‘The Medical Research Club. The First Sixty Years 1891-1951’. 1937-38; differently annotated). copy. Printed NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL 1961-68 Working Party on Tristan da Cunha The inhabitants of Tristan da Cunha were evacuated and broughtto Britain when the island’s volcano erupted in October 1961. The opportunity was taken to carry out a number of medical investigations of this small and hitherto isolated community which continued after the islanders’ return home in 1963. The Medical Research Council set up a Working Party to plan, co- ordinate and supervise the investigations and Wilson agreed to serve. Invitation to serve on Working Party, and agenda and papers for first meeting, 8 December 1961. Papers are notes on historical background of islanders and on previous treatments, immunisationsetc., list of suggested research topics and possible investigators, and bibliography. Nominal roll 4/1/1962); 2/1/1962. islanders; of progress report; summary of Correspondence and papers March-May 1962. Correspondence and papers, January-February 1962. Papers probably sent to Wilson for second meeting, 9 January 1962. to distribution of samples from islanders at clinical examinations (up Includes agenda for second meeting, 9 January with minutesof first meeting; copies of reports to the Colonial Office on the islanders 1944 and 1946; progress reports; agenda for third meeting, 13 February with minutes of second meeting. report as at 14 May. Includes agenda for fourth meeting, 27 March with minutes of third meeting; agendaoffifth meeting, 15 May with minutes of fourth meeting; progress NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson Correspondence and papers June-December 1962. Includes agenda for sixth meeting, 17 July with minutes of fifth meeting; summary of papers to be read at symposium on medical problems presented by the Tristan da Cunha community, 13 December. Correspondence and papers 1963. Includes agenda, papers and minutes of seventh meeting 14 June. papers are proposals for further investigations. The Agenda, papers and minutes of eighth meeting 17 July and agenda and minutes of ninth meeting 28 September 1964. Correspondence and papers 1965-66. Includes agenda for tenth meeting 28 January 1965; agenda for eleventh meeting 7 April 1966 with minutes of tenth meeting; 1965 progress report; list of publications and paper on research facilities on Tristan da Cunha; minutes of eleventh meeting. Committee papers and reports 1967-68. Printed matter. Agenda for twelfth meeting 10 March 1967 with field reports, assessment of MRC survey, nominal roll and list of publications; minutes of twelfth meeting; papers for meeting of discussion group on data storage problems 9 February 1968. exercise. Wilson agreed to serve on the Medical Advisory Committee of the Research Foundation in 1959. His principal correspondent is S.R. Rosenthal, the Medical Director of the Foundation and Professor of Preventive Medicine at the University of Illinois. The material largely concerns tuberculosis research and other interests of Rosenthal including cancer prevention and risk RESEARCH FOUNDATION, CHICAGO 1959-85 NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson 1959-62. eradication of tuberculosis in the United States’, 1 February 1962. Includes memorandum by Rosenthal ‘On the control and 1963-64. Includes minutes of Medical Advisory Committee meeting 13 May 1963. 1965-67. 1965 and draft papers by Rosenthal. Includes report of Medical Advisory Committee meeting 1 June 1968-69. 1970-74. Includes reprints and questionnaires on risk exercise. 1975-76. 1978-85. Includes reprints on risk exercise. ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS Various dates 1959-85 Prophit Trust 1962-67. Recommendations for Bisset Hawkins medal 1959. general considerations and importance’. Meetings. Includes draft by Wilson ‘The Normal Flora of Man: Introduction, Candidates for membership and fellowship 1963, 1979, 1984-85. SOCIETY FOR APPLIED BACTERIOLOGY NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson SOCIETY FOR GENERAL MICROBIOLOGY Various dates 1950-86 General correspondence and papers. UNIVERSITY OF SURREY 1977-83 Boa bso5 ‘ Surrey Food Microbiology Course Correspondence and Minutes’. Contents of a folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. VETERINARY RESEARCH CLUB See also D.24. E.56-E.59 Correspondence and papers 1968-1986. E.56 1981-83. 1984-86. 1978-80. 1968-74. Includes history of Club by |.H. Pattison (reprint). Membership cards, Club rules 1953, 1958-60, 1964-87. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson SECTION F VISITS AND CONFERENCES Visit to Poland, 12-24 March 1949. Wilson travelled widely in Poland to study laboratory services, visit clinics and sanatoria and talk to various representatives of the medical profession. He travelled to Poland via Czechoslovakia spending a full day in Prague on 25 March. Manuscript journal, draft report etc. Fifth International Congress of Microbiology, Rio de Janeiro, August 1950. Manuscript journal. Visit to Israel, 24 August - 18 September 1952. Israel to study laboratory services. He was Manuscript journal; biographical note on Felix. Sixth International Microbiological Congress, Rome, September 1953. Wilson travelled widely in accompanied from London by Dr. A. Felix. Manuscript journal. In the USA Wilson visited the National Institutes of Health at Bethesda and attended a meeting of the American Public Health Association, and in Canada the Laboratory of Hygiene of the Department of National Health and Welfare Ottawa and the Department of Bacteriology, McGill University Montreal Manuscript journal. Visit to USA and Canada, November 1953. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson Visit to USA, January 1955. Wilson visited the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and attended a Conference on the Biology of Poliomyelitis in New York. Manuscript journal. Seventh International Microbiology Congress, Stockholm, August 1958. Wilson also attended a two day meeting of a WHO Committee on the Collaboration of Public Health Laboratories in Europe held before the Congress. Manuscript journal. International Conference on Measles Immunization, Bethesda, Md., 7-9 November 1961. Manuscript journal. Visit to Uganda, March 1962. Wilson visited Uganda to examine at Makerere. Manuscript journal; miscellaneous notes. Manuscript journal. Visit to Ethiopia and Sudan, January-March 1964. Eighth International Microbiology Congress, Montreal, August 1962. Correspondence re arrangementsfor visit to Ethiopia. Wilson went to Ethiopia under the auspices of WHO to advise the Government on the re-organization and development of laboratory services and the training of laboratory personnel, and to the Sudan for the Departmentof Technical Cooperation to advise on a new Research Institute. Manuscript journal; ‘Technical Notes’ for Ethiopia and Sudan. F.11-F.24 Ril 2k. 13 NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson 1963 October-December. 1964 January-February. Includes ‘Report on visit to Addis Ababa to discuss arrangements for the proposed Medical School with special reference to Pathology’ by O.G. Dodge. Correspondence arising from visit to Ethiopia. 1964 February-November. ‘Report on the Organization of a Laboratory Service for Ethiopia’ by Wilson. Duplicated copy and manuscript draft. Miscellaneous documentation re Ethiopia visit. Includes itineraries. 2 folders. F.20 1964 March. E20, 5.29 Correspondencearising from visit to Sudan. Correspondence re arrangements for visit to Sudan September 1963 - February 1964. Architect’s plans for Sudan Medical Research Institute. Report on ‘Laboratory Services and Research in the Sudan’ by Wilson. Manuscript and typescript drafts. 1964 April-November, 1965, 1967, 1971. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson Miscellaneous documentation re Sudan visit. Includes itineraries. WHO Travelling Seminar in USSR, October-November 1964. Wilson visited Moscow and Azerbaijan. Manuscript journal. Notebook with more detailed record of places visited and discussions. Visit to Washington D.C., 28 September - 2 October 1965. Wilson visited Washington to give evidence before a Committee of the House of Representatives on the working of the Cruelty to Animals Act 1876. Manuscript journal. F.28-F.33 Visit to Iraq, November 1965. Manuscript journal. Wilson’s report; technical notes and drawings. Correspondence September 1965 - May 1966. Wilson visited Iraq as a WHO short-term consultant to advise on the design and equipment of laboratories at Baghdad and Abu-Ghuraib. 2 folders. Wilson’s laboratory plans. F/32)F:33 Background material. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson Visits to Portugal, April and August 1966. Manuscript journals. F.34, F.35 WHO Travelling Seminar in USSR, August-September 1966. Wilson visited Moscow and Armenia. Manuscript journal. Notebook with more detailed record of places visited and discussions. Also used for 1968 visit to USSR (Moscow and Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan). F.36-F.39 WHO Travelling Seminar of Directors of Health Laboratories, Iran, Sudan and Egypt, November-December 1971. F.36 Manuscript journal. Correspondence January 1971 - May 1972. WHO report on Travelling Seminar with Wilson’s manuscript notes attached. Memorandum by Wilson on ‘The training of laboratory staff and the planning of suitable curricula’. Manuscript and typescript drafts. WHO Second Regional Seminar on Health Laboratory Services, Manila, Philippines, 5-15 December 1972. 1972 February-September. Wilson prepared a seminar paper on the epidemiological activities of a public health laboratory and made a pre-seminar visit to Malaysia. After the Seminar he visited Hong Kong and lectured at the University on food poisoning. F.40-F.50 Manuscript journal. F.41, F.42 Correspondence re arrangements. F.41 NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson 1972 October-December. Information bulletins, lists of participants and working papers, programme, press release etc. re Seminar. F.44, F.45 Seminar papers. 2 folders. Typescript draft of Wilson’s paper ‘The Epidemiological Function of a Microbiological Laboratory’, ‘amended 20.iv.72’. Miscellaneous manuscript notes. Drafts for WHO Seminar report. 2 folders. Copy of final report. F.51-F.53 Visit to Sudan, July-August 1976. Wilson was asked to advise the Veterinary Research Administration on epidemiological problems and the developmentof the service. laboratory plans. Memorandum by Wilson on the design and structure of bacteriological laboratories; Manuscript journal. Correspondence May-December 1976. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson Symposium on Immunization problems in children, Manchester, 10 December 1976. Wilson spoke on BCG vaccination. Programme only. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson SECTION G CORRESPONDENCE Scientific correspondence arranged in a chronological sequence. G.t 1930, 1935 G.10 1976-79 G.2 1938 G.3 1939 G.4 1948, 1949 Gis 1950-52 G.6 1955; 31956 Ge7 1960-65 G.8 1966-69 Catt 1980 G42 1981 G.13 1982 G.14 1983 G35 1984 G.16 1985 G17 1986-87 G.9 1970-75 G.18-G.22 Gi2] eee, G.19 D5 G.20 G-K G.22 R-W G.18 A-C Contents of folder so inscribed divided into five for ease of Wilson’s collection of letters addressed to W.W.C. Topley and ‘Signatures’. reference: himself arranged alphabetically by correspondent. 1981, 1984 References and Recommendations. 1968, 1969 G.23-G.26 G.23 1963-65 NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson 1982-84 (Emmy Klieneberger-Nobel d.1985). Correspondence and papers re possible case of medical malpraxis. 1986. 1985, 3 folders. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson SECTION H PHOTOGRAPHS G.S. Wilson Two photographs. one inscribed ‘July 1980 LSH & TM’. Scientific colleaques A. Felix; P.G. Fildes: H.W. Florey. C.R. Harington; H.P. Himsworth; E. Mellanby. Lord Moran; R. Platt. J.E. Salk Poland, March 1949. W.W.C Topley; Elizabeth (Betty) Topley. Conferences and groups Sudan 1964. Congress of Hygiene and Demography, Liverpool, 1891. With key and letter from Wilson to Edward Arnold (Publishers) Ltd re use of photograph as illustration in book 1963. 3 photographs with covering letter. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Diploma in Bacteriology Class 1964-65. 10; ed ‘Armenia 1966 ?1964’. 17 photographs found in envelope so inscribed. Wilson visited Armenia in 1966 but the only dated photographs in the group are from 1964 when hevisited Azerbaijan. 2 folders. WHO Seminar London 1967. USSR 1968. of Experimental Surgery, Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan. 8 photographs, 2 identified on verso as taken at the Institute WHO Second Regional Seminar on Health Laboratory Services, Manila. 1972. With key. 10th ‘Topics in Infection’ Symposium, London, 1984. With key. 7 photographs. 12 photographs. Brighton Laboratory. 8 photographs. Norwich Laboratory 71954. Public Health Laboratory Service 11 photographs in album. ?Newcastle Laboratory. Taunton Laboratory. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ABRAHAM, Sir Edward (Penley) ACADEMIC PRESS AGIUS, Emanuel ALBERT, Adrien ALLISON, V.D. ALLOTT, E.N. ALSTON, J.M. ANAND, J.K. ANDERSON, E.B. A.13 D.53 G.16 E.16 A.13, 0.91, D.126 G.4 D.99 D.94, D.95 B.49 ANDERSON, Ephraim Saul C6. E.12: Ee ANDREWS, Sir Christopher (Howard) A137 A:16, E°6,'E:7,,.G.18 ARKWRIGHT, Sir Joseph Arthur Gi2; Gis, Gas A.6, D.48-D.50, D.52, D.53, AUSTWICK, Peter D.77, D.80, D.103 G.26 D.140 ASKONAS, Brigitte Alice ATHLONE PRESS D.55-D.59, D.60, D.61, D.62, D.91, D.92, D.94, D.99, D.100, D.64, D.65, D.66-D.68, D.69-D.74, EDWARD ARNOLD (PUBLISHERS) LIMITED BALERNO, Alick Drummond Buchanan-Smith, Baron G.16 BASKETT, R.G. BAXBY, Derrick BEDSON, S.P. BARNARD, Cyril BARNES, J.M. BARROWCLIFF, M. BARRY, Madeleine BANYARD, M.R.C. BARBER, Mary BARCLAY, William R. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson BEESON, Paul Bruce BELL, J. Frederick BENNETT, R.R. BETTS, Alan Osborn BIGGS. Peter BLACK, Sir Douglas (Andrew Kilgour) BLAUENFELDT & TVEDE BLOWERS, Robert BOIVIN, André BOLDERO, Sir Harold BOOTS PURE DRUG COMPANYLIMITED BORN, Gustav Victor Rudolf BOYCOTT, Arthur Edwin BOYCOTT, J.A. G.18 D.93 B.42, B.49 D.100 G.18 A.13 B.37 C.37 G.18 A.4 B.46 A.13 G.18 A.6, A.13, D.85, D.86, D.93 BOYD, Brigadier Sir John (Smith Knox) A-t3; GAG? C.214.0:91;,.D.116; BOYSE, Edward Arthur G.18 Gall PATHOLOGY BROWN, F. BROWNLIE, J.L. BURCH, L.C., Jr B.41, B.42, B.49 BRADLEY, David J. BRIDGES, R.A. BRINLEY-MORGAN, W.J. BRADLAW, Sir Robert (Vivian) D.19 A.13 G.18 G.18 D.53 BROWNING, Carl Hamilton BRAIN, Walter Russell, 1st Baron BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION BRITISH DRUG HOUSES LIMITED BRITISH JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL See G.6 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS BURNET, Sir (Frank) Macfarlane BRUCE-CHWATT, Leonard Jan G.18 D.94 G.18 B.32 D.127-D.129 A.4, E.1 B74, Din, 7E.16 BUTCHER, P.N.R. BUTCHER, William James G.18 B.31 B.31 CANESSA, E. D.130, D.131 NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson CARMICHAEL, Edward Arnold CASTELLANI, Aldo CAWLEY, Sir Charles (Mills) CAWTHRON, D. CAYTON, Rymer CHAIN, Sir Ernst (Boris) CHAPPEL, E.J. CHAVE, Sidney Percy William CHEETHAM, R.W-.S. CHICK, Dame Harriette CLARE, T.H. CLARINGBULL, Sir (Gordon) Frank CLARKE, Edwin CLEGG, Hugh Anthony COCKBURN, W. Charles COLEBROOK, COLEBROOK, Dora C. A.8 Gi7 G.24 D.102 A.16 A.13, G.18 B.41, B.42 D.86 G.11 G.18 D.45, D.48, G.18 D.101 A.13, G.18 Ad3, B63, 6.16, F138 G.1 G.18 D.73, D.91 D.91, D.92 D1: Gis COLEBROOK, Leonard CONN, H.d. COOK, A.M. COOPER, W.J.D. COPE, Zachary COOK, Gordon COOK, G.T. G.18 G2 B.43 CONYBEARE, E.T. G.18 A.5 E.34 COLLIER, Leslie Harold COOPER, Kenneth Ernest COMMITTEE ON APPLIED EPIDEMIOLOGY A.13 CROOK, Major General James Cooper COX, Sir (Ernest) Gordon CRAWFORD, Raymond CORMACK, J. Menzies G.18 G.18 G.18 B.34 D.85 B.34 D.138 G.18 E.47 A.5 CRAWFURD, M. CREED, E.H. CRISPEN, Ray G. CRONE, P.B. COWAN, Sam T. D.53, D.54, D.56 CRAIGIE, J. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson CRUICKSHANK, John CUTHBERTSON, Sir David (Paton) DACIE, Sir John (Vivian) DALE, Sir Henry (Hallett) DALRYMPLE-CHAMPNEYS, Sir Weldon DATTA, Naomi DAVIS, John Gilbert DAWSON, Bertrand, 1st Viscount DEAN. Henry Roy DEAN, R.F.A. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH FOR SCOTLAND DEPARTMENT OF TECHNICAL COOPERATION De VICENTE, Roman DIBLE. J.H. A.13, G.19 A.6, G.19 D.138, G.19 See also G.7 G.13 A.13 G.3 A.18 G.19 B.31, B.34 Fit9°°F.20 D.53 G.19 A.13 DOLMAN, Claude E. DIEPGEN, Paul DITTMANN, Sieghart DICK. George DICK, Heather M. DOBELL, Clifford DODGE, 0O.G. DODGSON, R.W. Folio) beta G.2 A.13, G.19 DOUGLAS-WILSON, lan D.78, D.103 See also D.77 D.108 D.95 G.19 DOLL. Sir (William) Richard (Shaboe) G.19 DREW, Lieutenant-General Sir Robert DUNKIN, Major George William DUDGEON, Leonard Stanley DUKE-ELDER, Sir Stewart G.19 G.19 G.19 C.13 DRURY, Sir Alan (Nigel!) Gat, Gi15,-Gr16 D.85 DOWNIE, Allan Watt A.13)-) 108; £:16;-Gi26 A.6, G.19 A.6, A.8, E.17, G.19 DUDLEY, Sheldon DUNCAN, J.G. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson EDSALL, G. EDWARDS, Peter W. EHRENGUT, W. EKSTEDT, Richard D. ELEK, Stephne Dyonis ELLINGER, C. EEMIOTT, S;D; Di57, Ge19 G.19 D.92 G.7 ES B.40 G.19 EVANS, Sir David (Gwynne) Avs eed G26 EVANS, Merlyn FAIRRIE, D.V.T. FAULKNER, Joan FAWI, M.T. FELIX, Arthur FENNER, Frank John G.19 C.13 A.13 F.52 6.11), G.19 See also D.108, F.3 G.19 FILDES, Sir Paul (Gordon) REECK DG: FLEMING, Sir Alexander D.99, D.101, D.102, D.130, D.132-D.137A, E.16, G.7 D.127 See also D.109 B.40 A.5 FRANCIS, John FRAYER, J.M. FRY, R.M. E.32, E.36 G.19 A.18, G.19 G.10-G.13 FLOREY, Howard Walter, Baron G.20 GAITSKELL, Hugh Todd Naylor GARNHAM, Percy Cyril Claude GALBRAITH, Nicol Spence See C.12 G9). Cet GEAR, J.H.S. GELL, Philip A.13 D.52 A.13 G.20 GARROD, Lawrence Paul GALE, Ernest Frederick GARDNER, G.A. GAINSBOROUGH, Hugh D.108 FURNISS, A. A.13, D.127 NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson GIBSON, William C. GIGLIOLI, George GLADSTONE, G.P. GLOVER, J. Alison GEOVER, RIE: GLYNN, Alan Anthony D.100, D.102 G.2 E.16 G.20 Bal? Er GODBER, Sir George (Edward) A.18, F.14 GOLDSMITH, A.J.B. GOODWIN, Leonard George GORDON, Irving GRAHAM, George GRANGE, John Michael GRAY, J.A.B. GREAVES, Ronald I.N. GREEN, F.H.K. GREEN, H.N. GREENWOOD, Major G.20 A.13 ES Giz D7. G.20 Bee Agata HS G.20 G.20 B.22 GRIFFITH, Arthur Stanley See G.10 G.3 B.44 HANSEN, Robert HARE, Ronald GRIFFITH, Fred GURR, GeorgeT. HAMILL, John Molyneux HAMILTON, E. Anthony HAPPOLD, Frank Charles B.43, B.44, B.47, B.48, B.49 B.22, B.37, B.39, B.40, B.42, G.20 HENDERSON, Sir William (MacGregor) HARINGTON, Sir Charles (Robert) HAWORTH, Sir (Walter) Norman G.20 D.61 G.20 E.16 E.35 HART, Philip M. D’Arcy A.8 5.5; E76 Dato GAZ HARTLEY, Sir Percival HAYES, William HEASMAN, M.A. HARRIS, Robert J.C. HART, Edward M. HAWLEY, H. Bernard D.58, D.62 B.40 D.111 A.14, G.10, G.20 NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson HENNEBERG, G. HEPWORTH, H. HILL, Archibald Vivian HILL, Sir Austin Bradford D.92 B.37 G.20 B.20 HIMSWORTH, Sir Harold (Percival) A.4, A.8, A.14, D.6, G.20 HOBBS, Betty C. HOPE, HOPE-SIMPSON, R. Edgar HOWIE, Sir James (William) HUANG, C.T. HUDDLESON, |. Forest HUGO, William Barry HUMPHREY, John Herbert A.6, A.14 G.20 A.14, D.85 A.5, A.6, C.13, C.21, C.38, G.20 F.42 G.3 A.14 A.6, G.20 IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LIMITED IRWIN, J.O. JAMESON, J.E. JELLAND, Janet JOHNS, C.K. Cn G.20 D.94 G.10 B.39 JEFFREY, Brigadier H.C. JOURNAL OF HYGIENE JAMESON, Sir (William) Wilson D.51 KLIENEBERGER-NOBEL, Emmy KEKWICK, Ralph Ambrose See also D.117, G.17 B.47 G.26 D.84 A.14, D.85 D.108 KELSEY, J.C. KHAIRAT, Omar KINGSTON, David KIRSCHNER, L. KAUFFMAN, F. KAY, H.D. G.7, G.9, G.20, G.26 See also B.32 D.130-D.137A D.108, G.20 D151; G:7;.G:10 KLUDAS, Martin NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson KNIGHT, B.C.J.G. KOPROWSKI, Hilary LAIDLAW, Sir Patrick (Playfair) Gi2,/ G3; Gi24 LANDSTEINER, K. LANGMUIR, Alexander D. LAPAGE, S.P. LEDINGHAM, Sir John C.G. LENNOX, Bernard LEWIS, Harold Ellis LINDENMANN, J. LINZENMEIER, G. LOEFFLER, Robert W. LOGAN. Sir Douglas (William) LOMINSKI, lwo LONDON SCHOOL OF HYGIENE AND TROPICAL G.21 G.10 BD 6i,.E:3 Gis} G21 D.86 E-36,9E,37% Exo D.102 D.108 D.93 D.99, D.101 D.108 MEDICINE LOVEE Ri: A.11, A.14, E.3 E.5,4G.21 LONG, David A. LONG, Perrin, H. LUSH, Brandon LWOFF, Andre LOWBURY, Edward G.21 G.21 A.14 A.14 E.32 D.86 LUMSDEN, William Hepburn Russell A.14 McCANCE, Robert Alexander MACFARLANE, Robert Gwyn McLEOD, James Walter McDONALD, J. Corbett McDIARMID, Archibald McMICHAEL, Sir John MACGREGOR, A.S.M. G.15 B.32 G.21 McINTOSH, James D.91 A.14, Colt G.23 Cat Bt2).D3114 See also D.112 MACCALLUM, F.O. McCOY, NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson MacNALTY, Arthur S. McNEE, Sir John (William) G.2 Dal eGi24 See also D.126 MACRAE, Alastair D. As\4, D.52.2D.53, D755, D,57, McROBERT, Sir George Reid MAITLAND, H.B. MANDELSTAM, Joel MANN, Paul G. MARCHAL, J. MARKS, J. MARMION, B.P. MARTIN, Jean MATTHEWS, F.T. MATTICK, A.T.R. MAYCOCK, Sir William d’Auvergne D.58, D.66 A.6, G.21 G.21 See D.54 Cit E142 F.15 G.21 E.50 E 34-E.06, G17 F.14 G.9 B.39, B.49 See also B.38 A.14, G.21 MILES, Sir (Arnold) Ashley MAZAHERI-KERMANI, M.R. MEDAWAR, Sir Peter (Brian) MELLANBY, Sir Edward MELLING, Jack MESROBEANU, Lydia See G.5 E.5-E.31 E.32-E.41 MEDICAL RESEARCH CLUB MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL MEDICAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE PREVENTION D.61 MORGAN, Walter Thomas James B.32, B.37-B.40, B.42, B.43, B.44, D.84, D.86, D.92, D.138, E.50, D.61, D.62, D.66, D.70, D.77, See B.38 A.14, G.17 MOORE, Brendan MORGAN, John A.T. A.16, D.45, D.46, D.48-D.57, MIMS, Cedric A. MINISTRY OF HEALTH MONIER-WILLIAMS, G.W. G.25 Cy C.28 B55 G.7 E.16 D.48 A.14 E.51, G.7, G.14, G.26 B.47, B.48, B.49, G.21 OF WAR MOSS, Maurice O. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson MOSSEL, David A.A. MUDD, Stuart MURRAY, R.G.E. NAYLOR, Granville R.E. NEEDHAM, Joseph THOMAS NELSON & SONS LIMITED NEUBERGER, Albert NEWMAN, George NIVEN, Janet OAKLEY, Cyril Leslie O'BRIEN, R.A. G.21 A.5, A.18, D.90, D.91, D.108, G.6-G.8, G.21 See also D.114 D387 4D:39,,.D.128,,.129 G.21 D.102 PANTON Sir Philip Noel PARISH, H.J. O'GRADY, Francis William OKELL, C. Cyril G.21 See also D.114 PARKER, Albert PARKER, M.T. D.92, E.16 G.21 OSLER CLUB OF LONDON A.15 PATHOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF GREAT BRITAIN AND De54'- D517, D oemb,00, 2.75, D.48, D.50, D.51, D.52, D.53, PATTISON, lain Henry D.102 D.100 D.45 PAYNE, D.J.H. PEREIRA, Peggy A.7 D.131 CA PATERSON, G.R. PATERSON, J.S. IRELAND PATTISON, John R. PARSONS, David G. Dit, D718) 6.6 D101, E56 NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson PERKINS, Frank T. PERRY, Major-General Henry Marrian PETERMULLER, A.O. RETERS, Rid. PETERS, Sir Rudolph (Albert) PETERSON, Osler L. PERIES Gr: PIRIE, Norman Wingate PITTMAN, Margaret PLATT, Elizabeth PLUECKHAHN, Vernon D. POLLOCK, Martin Rivers E.6 D.116 See also G.1 See F.20 B.34 A.6 G.5 G72 D.138 Gita G.4 D.94 Al 5.ae.16 RAISTRICK, Harold RASKA, Karel See B.43, B.44, D.114 G15: Gal REICH, Aurora K. G22 D.94 A.5 RETTIG, Philip G. REVANS, RILEY, Harris D., Jr ROBINSON, D.J. D.95 E.42-E.48 D.139 E.45, E.46 ROBSON, Sir Kenneth RONDLE, Charles James Mathew RESEARCH FOUNDATION, CHICAGO RESEARCH IN VETERINARY SCIENCE A.9 ROYAL INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH AND ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS ROYAL SOCIETY OF MEDICINE 50) D.91 G.9 G.22 D.94 ROSENTHAL, Sol Roy ROUNTREE, Phyllis | D.94, D.108, G.7 See also G.17 ROOGEN, C.E. van ROSEN, Emanuel HYGIENE ROYAL SOCIETY E.16 A.7 E.42-E.48 A.4, E.49-E.51 A.6, A.12-A.15 RODEN, A.T. ROWLEY, D. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson RUDDOCK-WEST, T. RUSHTON, Frank RUSSELL, Dorothy Stuart RUSSELL, Sir (Edward) John RUSSELL, Hugh B.L. RYLE, John A. SABIN, Albert Bruce SALAMAN, Myer Head SALISBURY, 5th Marquess of, Robert Arthur James Gascoyne Cecil SAMUELS, Norman SANSONNENS, R. SATT!I. Mohammed Hamad SCARFF, R.W. SCHUSTER. Norah H. (Mrs N.H. Nicholls) B.31 D.102 G.22 G.22 F.12-F.14 G.22 D.91 A.15, G.22 D.6 E.34, E.35 fe lie-he4.. el. 29, Fea hia F.19-F.214 ES G.10-G.12 See D.117, G.15 D.108 D.3 A.6, A.11, A.14, A.15 SLATER, A.H.K. SMITH, Harry SCHWABACHER, Herta SCOTT, W.M. SHEBA, Ch. SHOOTER, R.A. D574. 0:61 D.6 SMITH, Geoffrey R. SMITH, G. Stewart SEELINGER, H. SEYMOUR, F.R. SKARSTEDT, Mark T. Cie G.15 B.43 G.22 SMITH, Charles Edward Gordon F220; G9) Gi22 SOCIETY FOR GENERAL MICROBIOLOGY SOCIETY FOR APPLIED BACTERIOLOGY SPOONER, Edward Tenney Casswell SNEATH, Peter Henry Andrews SMITH, Joseph William Grenville A.10, A.15, D.54, E.53, G.10, A.8, €:13, D.19, D:90; D:91 G.26 A.15 D.53, E52 E.53 G.22 D.78, D.81 G.20 SHAW, A.F. Bernard SOULE, Malcolm H. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson STANDFAST, Arthur F.B. STANFORD, John L. STEINHARDT, Shelly STEPHENSON, Marjory STERNE, M. STEVENS, A.J. STEWART, Matthew STOCKER, Bruce Arnold Dunbar STOKER, Sir Michael (George Parke) STOPFORD, J.S.B. STRANGE, Roy E. STRODE, George K. SUTHERLAND, lan SYKES, Alan H. D:55,:E. 16, Gis: Gio) G.22 G.12 See G.9 G.22 G.22 D.102 A.18 A.15 A.15 G.22 )/5050,52) 1.53 G5Gi22 B.34 D.102, G.14 TABA, A.H. Bol4e re Oe TANGYE, C.E. TANSEY, Tilli Ora. S44E 66) E54 THOMPSON, R.E.M. Ast5;: D127. B.32 D.103 G.9 F.42 D.54 TAYLOR, R.M. TEOR UB. THOMSON, Sir Daniel THOMAS, Samuel Bowen A.3, A.6, A.8, C.13, C.17, 0.21 TAYLOR, Charles Edmunds Darby THOMSON, Sir (Arthur) Landsborough See also C.28, D.115, G.18-G.22 TOPLEY, William Whiteman Carlton THORNTON, L.H. Douglas TOPLEY, Elizabeth (Betty) TIGGERTT, General W.D. Gis).G.9, G22 See also G.10 B.32 G.22 G.22 G.22 THOMSON, Scott THORNTON, H.R. TOMLINSON, A.J.H. TOP, Franklin H. B.53 A.15 B.39, B.43 D/55,.G:5; G7, G10 C:217 Dato TIDY, D.137A NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson TROTTER, Wilfred TWORT, Antony E.P. TYRRELL, David Arthur John G.22 G15 A.15 E.G: ge s10) Eu, 2.37; £.39 G.22, G.26 UNITED DAIRIES LIMITED UNIVERSITY OF SURREY B.49 See also B.50 E.54, E.55 van HEYNINGEN, William Edward VAUGHAN, Dame Janet Maria VELLA, Ethelwald E. D.54-D.56, D.93, E.16 WALTERS, A. Harry WEBSTER, Leslie T. WHITWELL, F. WILCOCKS, Charles WILHELM, D.L. WARREN, Michael WATT, Sir James WILKINSON, A.E. WILKINSON, Lise D.62 A.6 G.25 G.1 C.11 F.19 E.16 WHITE, Robert George WHITEHEAD, J.E. Michael G.22 WILLSON, Francis Michael Glenn WILLIAMS, Sir Robert (Evan Owen) WOLSTENHOLME, Gordon WILLIAMS, Peter Orchard WOODRUFF, Alan Waller Alo, G:38,E:5, Gag) G.15 D.100 G.3 A.18 B.34 WOOLDRIDGE, W.R. WILSON, Michael WISHART, G.N.M. D.101, D.102 D.100 A. 15; E:06,, 42eG:14 ral4;-G)22 G.22 A.6, D.84 D.49-D.52, D.54, D.55 WILSON, C.M. WRIGHT, A.D. NCUACS 20/5/90 G.S. Wilson WRIGHT, Hedley Duncan WRIGHT, Norman C. WYATT, Harold Vivian WYLIE, John YOUNG, Sir Frank (George) YOUNG. May A.15, D.137A A.6 ZATOUROFF, M. ZINNEMAN, K. ZUCKERMAN, Arie Jeremy ZUCKERMAN, Solly, Baron D.102 Asi D 111, Gag. .Gi26 A.15 G.11