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NATIONAL CATALOGUING UNIT FOR THE ARCHIVES OF CONTEMPORARY SCIENTISTS Catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson FRS (1921-1996) NCUACS catalogue no. 110/9/02 by Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell . G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Title: Compiled by: Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell Description level: Fonds Date of material: 1943-1999 Extent of material: 11 boxes, ca 270 items Catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson FRS (1921-1996), Knight, Chemist NCUACS catalogue no. 110/9/02 © 2002 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath. College Archives, Imperial College London Reference code: GB 0098 B/WILKINSON Depositedin: G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 The workof the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists in the production of this catalogue, has been madepossible by the support of the Research Support Libraries Programme. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 NOT ALL THE MATERIALIN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE COLLEGE ARCHIVIST IMPERIAL COLLEGE OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND MEDICINE LONDON G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL SECTION B IMPERIAL COLLEGE, LONDON SECTION C RESEARCH SECTION D LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS SECTION F CORRESPONDENCE SECTION E SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS G. Wilkinson NCUACS110/9/02 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received from the Chemistry Department, Imperial College London and Lady Wilkinson, 1998 and 2001, respectively. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF SIR GEOFFREY WILKINSON Geoffrey Wilkinson was born in Springside, a village close to Todmorden in west Yorkshire on 14 July 1921. His introduction to chemistry cameat a quite early age through his mother's elder brother who had married into a family that owned a small chemical company making Epsom and Glauber's salt for the pharmaceutical industry. He was educatedin the local council primary school and after winning a County Scholarship in 1932, went to Todmorden Secondary Schoolwhichis distinguished by having amongst its former pupils two Nobel Laureates, the first being the physicist, Sir John Cockcroft and the second, Wilkinson. In 1939 Wilkinson obtained a Royal Scholarship for study at Imperial College London where he title which disguised the fact that the compound studied was phosgene.In late 1942 F.A. Paneth was recruiting young chemists for the nuclear energy project which he joined. He was sent out to Canada in January 1943 and remained in Montreal and later Chalk River, Ontario, until 1946. He then joined Glenn T. Seaborg’s research group at the University of California at Berkeley becomingthe first non- graduated in 1941. As it was wartime, he wasdirected to stay on and he started PhD research under the supervision of H.V.A. Briscoe, the only Professor of Inorganic Chemistry in Britain. His thesis was on ‘Some Physicochemical Observations on Hydrolysis in the Homogeneous Vapour Phase’, a American to be cleared by the US Atomic Energy Commission for work at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. For the next four years in Berkeley he was engaged mostly on nuclear taxonomy and p Advised by Briscoe ona returnvisit to the United Kingdom in 1949 that he was unlikely to get an academic post in England in nuclear chemistry Wilkinson took the opportunity of a move to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology the following year to return to his first interest as a student- transition metal complexes such as carbonyls and olefin complexes. In 1951 he accepted an Assistant Professorship at Harvard where he remaineduntil his return to England in December 1955. It was here, together with the organic chemist R.B. Woodward, that he recognised the made many new neutrondeficient isotopes using the cyclotrons of the Radiation Laboratory. unprecedented molecular ‘sandwich structure’ of the organometallic compound now known as G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 ferrocene (bis-(cyclopentadienyl)iron, Cp2Fe). This was a crucial point in Wilkinson’s career. He immediately set about investigating the fundamental ideas suggested by this molecular structure and there followed a forty year period of great productivity in which he revealed the great extentofthis newfield of organo-transition metal chemistry. In June 1955, Wilkinson was appointed to the chair of Inorganic Chemistry at Imperial College London, which, at that time was the only established chair in the subject in the United Kingdom and took up the position in January 1956. Later the chair was renamed the Sir Edward Frankland Chair of Inorganic Chemistry to commemorate Frankland ‘the father of organometallic chemistry’ who was at the College from 1865. At Imperial Wilkinson worked almost entirely on the complexes of transition metals, much interested in the complex chemistry of ruthenium, rhodium and rhenium, in compounds of unsaturated hydrocarbons and with metal to hydrogen bonds, the latter leading to work on homogeneouscatalytic reactions such as hydrogenation and hydroformylation ofolefins. In addition to Wilkinson’s fundamental research he had a major influence on the subject through a number of largescale publications. In 1962 he published with one of his former American students, F.A. Cotton, the first edition of his pioneering text book AdvancedInorganic Chemistry. Oneof his last tasks was the completion of his contribution to the 6th edition of Cotton and Wilkinson in 1996. In 1982 the nine-volume Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry was published under his editorship and in 1995, the much larger 14-volume supplementset, was a compelling tribute to the pace of advancein the subject that he had led for so manyyears. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION In 1951 he married a Danishplant physiologist, Lise Solver, the only daughter of Professor Svend Aage Schou, with whom he had two daughters, Anne and Pernille. He died on 26 September 1996. For a fuller account of Wilkinson’s career and research see the memoir written for the Royal Society by M.H.L. Green and W.P. Griffith in Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, vol. 46, 2000, pp. 595-606. He waselected FRS in 1965 (Royal Medal 1981, Davy Medal 1996), and was awarded the 1973 Nobel Prize for Chemistry (with E.O. Fischer) ‘for their pioneering work, performed independently, on the chemistry of the organometallic, so called sandwich compounds’. He was knighted for his contributions to chemistry in 1976. 1943-1999. The material is presented in the order given in the List of Contents. The papers cover the period G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Section A, Biographical, presents significant autobiographical writing and a number of shorter biographical writings by others, documentation of the award of the NobelPrize including an extensive sequence ofletters of congratulation and a useful photographic record which includes an early, 1943, photograph taken in Montreal and photographs of a numberof later honours and awards not otherwise documented. The 1943 photograph includes Alan Nunn May whowaslater convicted of spying for the Soviet Union. Section B, Imperial College London, presents a significant correspondence with Imperial College Rectors and other senior College administrators, 1978-1989 and records relating to the Chemistry Department, 1979-1993. The latter includes material concerning building plans, finance and funding and Wilkinson's post-retirement plans amongst other matters. There is also a sequence of requests to work in Wilkinson’s laboratory, 1984-1993. Section C, Research, has a considerable record of the funding of Wilkinson’s research, 1977-1993, principally from the Science Research Council/Science and Engineering Research Council, and a small number of drafts by Wilkinson relating to patents, ca 1976-ca 1985. Section D, Lectures and publications, presents documentation of only a very few of Wilkinson's public lectures or publications. The most significant group of papers relates to the journal Wilkinson was chairman of the editorial board of this new international Polyhedron, 1980-1993. journal for inorganic and metallo-organic chemistry which was published by Pergamon. Section E, Societies and organisations, is slight. It documents Wilkinson's association with only sevenBritish and international bodies. Theseinclude scientific societies such as the Royal Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry and two commercial concerns with which Wilkinson had advisory and consultancy arrangements, the Portuguese company Hovione Sociedade Quimica and the American company, Union Carbide. heading ‘Russia’ wasinitiated by him when helearned in 1969 that the Publishing House of Mir in Section F, Correspondence, presents a chronological sequence of correspondence, 1981-1993, reflecting Wilkinson’s continuing interest in research, and two sequences kept separately by him: correspondence with politicians, 1972-1988 and correspondence arising from Russia’s non- observanceof International Copyright Conventions, 1969-1975. Wilkinson wrote to Prime Ministers, government ministers, opposition politicians and his local MP, Peter Brooke who wasfor a time Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Department of Education and Science. He wrote on a variety of topics including science policy, university funding and Imperial College matters especially as they affected the Chemistry Department. The sequence kept together by Wilkinson under the G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Moscow had published a Russian edition of Advanced Inorganic Chemistry by F.A. Cotton and Wilkinson. There is also an index of correspondents. Peter Harper Timothy E. Powell Bath July 2002 G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL Obituaries andtribute. Obituaries: Independent, 1 October 1996. By Malcolm Green andBill Griffith. The Times, 4 October 1996. Polyhedron Symposia-in-print Number 18 ‘Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson as a Research Mentor’, Polyhedron, Vol.16, no.22. 1997. Autobiographical and biographical correspondence and papers, 1977-1994. Photocopy of ?incomplete 17pp manuscript autobiographical account of Wilkinson’s background and early career headed ‘Kauffman ? for J Chem Edu.’ and ‘Neversent’ and dated ‘13 May 83’. Photocopy of 2pp manuscript headed ‘Discovery of Molybdenum Diacetate’ found with the preceding. Publicationslist for period 1984-1992 only. Scientific family tree of Wilkinson sent to him in 1994. Requests for biographical information andhistorical reflections, 1986-1993. Shorter biographical accounts, entries for biographical directories, etc. 1977- 1992 and n.d. Autobiographical account ca 1940-ca1957. First page headed ‘1940-1’ and ‘20 July 1990: 50 years on’. Photocopy. Original retained in family. In tube. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Biographical A.9-A.49A Career, honours and awards 1966-1996 A number of honours and awards are only documented by photographs see A.53-A.62. Two letters, 1983, from AERE Harwell re Wilkinson’s war service, 1943- 1945. Oneletter only, 1966, re the award of the degree of PhD to Wilkinson in 1946 as an external student of the University of London. Foreign Honorary Member, American Academyof Arts and Sciences, 1970. Certificate only. A.11-A.38 NobelPrize, Chemistry, 1973. Wilkinson shared the 1973 prize with Ernst Otto Fischer‘for their pioneering work, performed independently, on the chemistry of the organometallic, so called sandwich, compounds’. A.12-A.35 Letters of congratulation, 1973-1974. Presentedin an alphabetical sequence. Unindexed. Includes 3pp typescript biographical account. The sequenceincludes a very few carbonsofreplies from Wilkinson. Telegram announcing the award to Wilkinson; correspondence and papers re arrangements, 1973. A. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Biographical 2 folders. A.28, A.29 S. G. Wilkinson NCUACS110/9/02 Biographical First names and unidentified. 2 folders. A.36-A.38 Request for autographs, signed photographs, manuscripts, 1973-1975. 3 folders. Unindexed. Foreign Associate, National Academy of Sciences, 1975. Certificate only. Royal Medal, 1981. Oneletteronly. Nomination of Wilkinson for the Edward Frankland Prize Lectureship of the Royal Society of Chemistry, 1982. Brief correspondence, 1983. Robert Burns Woodward Visiting Professorship in Chemistry, Harvard University, for 1985-1986. Honorary Fellowship, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, 1984. Brief correspondence, 1983. Declined by Wilkinson. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Biographical The Royal Society of Chemistry Dalton Division Symposium in Honour of Wilkinson on ‘Some Current Advances in Inorganic Chemistry’, Imperial College, London, 19 July 1988. Programme and application form. Appointment as Senior Research Fellow, Imperial College London, 1988, and re-appointment, 1993. Confermentof thetitle of Emeritus Professorof Inorganic Chemistry, 1988. Honorary degree, University of Essex, July 1989. Certificate, citation, correspondence and photographs. Polyhedron Prize for Creativity in Inorganic Chemistry, 1989. Certificate. For Wilkinson’s correspondence and papers re Polyhedron see D.18-D.40. Davy Medalof the Royal Society, 1996 Personal correspondence, 1970-1999. Brief correspondence, 1989-1990. Messel Medalof the Society of ChemicalIndustry, 1990. Admission to the Fellowship of Imperial College London, 1992. Letters, 1998, 1999, addressed to Lady Wilkinson. Includesreplies to letters of congratulation and condolence. Certificate. Certificate. 2 folders. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Biographical 1970-1985. 1986-1999. Press-cuttings, 1985-1986 and n.d. A.53-A.63 Photographs, 1943-1996. See D.46 for photograph of Wilkinson at 1973 Nobel Prize Ceremony. Correspondencere photographs of Wilkinson, 1988-1989. Includes correspondencere portrait painting of Wilkinson. A.54-A.58 Chronological sequence of photographsof Wilkinson, 1943-1996. Identified by Wilkinson on the back. Presentation of American Chemical Society Centennial Fellowship, New York, April 1976. With Glenn T. Seaborg. Honorary degree, Columbia University, New York, 1978. With two colleagues Alan Nunn Mayand Leo Yaffe, Mount Royal, Montreal, Quebec,1943. Secretary, Sir Morris Sugden. Three photographs, one with other recipients and President McGill has manuscript identifications on the back. Award of the Royal Medal, Anniversary Meeting, Royal Society, November 1981. With the President, Sir Andrew Huxley and, in the background, the Physical G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Biographical Presentation of Longstaff Medal of the Royal Society of Chemistry by the President, J. Lewis, 3 June 1987. At All Soul’s College, Oxford on the occasion of honorary doctorate, 1996. A.59-A.62 Undated photographsof Wilkinson. A.59 Portrait photograph ‘Contemporary British Chemists’. identified on back with Wilkinson's name and Headand shouldersportrait of Wilkinson in front of blackboard. Wilkinsonin his office at Imperial College London. Wilkinson at the Royal Society with fellow Nobel Laureates. Photographs of Theodore W. Richard’s desk, Harvard University ‘at which| thought up “fluxional” molecule’. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 SECTION B IMPERIAL COLLEGE, LONDON B.1-B.17 B.18-B.36 THE RECTOR CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT THE RECTOR 1978-1989 Contents correspondenceand papers, 1979-1989. cabinet divider filing of inscribed ‘The Rector (Letters)’: The sequence includes correspondence with Rectors, Lord Flowers (to 1985) and E.A. Ash (from 1985), the Secretary of the College, J.H. Smith and other senior members of the College administration. 1979. 1980 January-February. 1981 May. 1980 April-December. 1981 January-February. 1981 October-December. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Imperial College, London 1987 March-May. 1987 June. 1987 September-December. B.18-B.36 1979-1993 B.18-B.20 B.21-B.27 CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT General correspondence and papers Miscellaneous correspondence and papers with or about Imperial College Rectors, 1978, 1983, 1985, 1988. department Requests to work in Wilkinson’s laboratory/ B.28 B.29 B.30-B.36 Finance and funding Staff Visitors G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Imperial College, London B.18-B.20 General correspondenceand papers 1979-1993 Includes correspondence re chemistry building and Wilkinson's post- retirement plans. 1979-1980, 1984-1985. 1986-1987. 1988, 1993. B.21-B.27 Finance and funding 1979-1993 B.21-B.23 ‘Departmental finance’. correspondenceand papers, 1984-1988. Contents of filing cabinet divider so inscribed: 1984-1985. 1987-1988. 3 folders. A number of routine circulars have been discarded. Includes correspondencere the ‘underfunding’ of the Chemistry Department. For the funding of Wilkinson’s own research see B.26 and Section C. ‘Formula Vote’. Contents of folder so inscribed: correspondence and papers re formula financing of the Departments of the Royal College of Science, 1986-1988. B.25-B.27 Correspondence and papers re grant applications of members of the Chemistry Department, 1979-1993. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Imperial College, London Staff 1982-1987 Correspondenceand papers re Chemistry Departmentstaff. Visitors 1986, 1989, 1992 Correspondencere visitors to the Department. B.30-B.36 Requests to workin Wilkinson’s laboratory/ department 1984-1993 Principally from those wishing to undertake PhD research or looking for postdoctoral positions. Unindexed. 1984-1986. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 SECTION C RESEARCH C.1-C.32 C.33-C.37 FUNDING PATENTS FUNDING 1977-1993 Correspondence and papers re the funding of Wilkinson’s principally with the Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC). research, Contentsoffiling cabinet divider inscribed ‘G.W.’s Expired S.E.R.C. grants’: correspondenceandpapers, 1977-1989. Includes correspondence. applications, notifications of awards, reports and_ related List of SRC/SERC grants 1963-1985. Correspondence and papers, 1977-1981. Correspondenceand papers, 1978-1982. 2 folders. SRC grant reference GR/A/67328 for work on ‘Methylene-bridged transition metal complexes’ for 42 months from 1 December 1978 to 31 May 1982. SRC grant reference GR/A/3657.7 for work on ‘Alkyl and Hydrido Complexes of Niobium, Tantalum, Molybdenum, Tungsten and Rhenium’for 36 months from 1 October 1977 to 30 September 1980. Correspondenceand papers, 1979-1982. SRC grant reference GR/B/15583for work on ‘Organometallic Chemistry’ for six months from 1 July 1979 - 31 December 1979. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Research SERC grant reference GR/B/16191 for work on ‘NMR Studies at high field strength’ for 36 months from 1 August 1979 to 31 July 1982. Correspondence and papers, 1978-1979. 2 folders. SERCgrant reference no. GR/B/06321 for work on ‘Chemistry of Group VII Transition Metals’ for 24 months from 1 October 1979 to 30 September 1981. Correspondence andpapers, 1979-1982. C.9, C.10 SERC grant reference GR/B/49410 for work on ‘Hydrogenolysis of Transition Metal Akyls’ for 24 months from 1 October 1980 to 30 September 1982, extended to 6 March 1983. Correspondence andpapers, 1980-1983. 2 folders. Correspondence and papers, 1982-1986. 2 folders. Cr, G2 SERCgrant reference GR/C/19370 for work on ‘Applications of Multinuclear Fourier transform spectroscopy in Synthetic Chemistry’ for 36 months from 1 July 1982 to 30 June 1985. SERC grant reference GR/C/19530 for work on ‘Hydrido Complexes of Group VI and Group VII Transition Metals’ for 24 months from 1 July 1982 to 30 June 1984. 2 folders. SERC grant reference GR/C/29775 for work on ‘Mass Spectrometry of Organic and Organometallic Compounds’ for 36 months from 1 December 1982 to 30 November 1985. Correspondence and papers, 1982-1985. 2 folders. Correspondence and papers, 1982-1986. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Research SERCgrant reference GR/C/79008for work on ‘High Oxidation State Alkyls and Hydrides of Transition Metals’ for 24 months from 1 January 1984 to 31 December1985. Papers, 1983-1986. SERC grant Metal Complexes’ for 24 months from 1 October 1985 to 30 September 1987, extended to 31 March 1988. reference GR/D/51636 for work on ‘Transition Correspondence and papers, 1985-1989. 2 folders. SERC grant Complexesof Transition Metals’ from 1 November 1989 to 30 June 1992. reference GR/F/41525 for work on ‘Amido and Imido Correspondence and papers, 1989-1992. 2 folders. Papers found with Wilkinson’s expired SERC grant papers. C.24-C.32 Papers re grant application for work on ‘Chemistry of Iridium Organo and Coordination Compounds’, 1991. Miscellaneous correspondence and papers re funding for Wilkinson's research, 1979, 1988-1993. Correspondence and papers re research proposal on ‘Nitrogen fixation under mild conditions by transition metal complexes’ submitted with A. Flamini to the Italian Consiglio Nazionale delle Richerche, 1977-1978. 1989. Correspondence and papers re grant applications to the Royal Society, 1979, 1989-1993. Correspondence with Unilever plc re support for retired Professors, 1988- G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Research Correspondence and papers re SERC grant reference GR/E/54214 for work on ‘Transition Metal Organo and Coordination Complexes’ for 24 months from 1 October 1987 (revised starting date 1 April 1988), 1987-1990. 2 folders. Application (rejected) to the SERC for work on the chemistry of iridium organo and coordination compounds, 1991. Correspondence and papers re application to SERC for work on the chemistry of transition metal organo and coordination compounds, 1991- 1992. Application to the SERC for a grant to work on the chemistry of high oxidation state transition metal complexes for 36 months from 1 January 1993. Application to the SERC for a grant to work on the chemistry of high oxidation transition metal complexes for 48 months from 1 April 1994. The workled to a draft patent application. See C.31. C.33-C.37 PATENTS ca 1976-ca 1985 Letter from Wilkinson to the Commission of the European Communities re funding, 12 February 1993. Manuscript draft headed ‘Commentary on draft agreement’ and ‘Johnson Matthey’, n.d. [ca 1976]. 7pp manuscript. Manuscript draft headed ‘Initiation of Work on Homogeneous Fischer Tropsch Reactions’, 25 July 1979. Relates to patent questions. 6pp manuscript. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Research Manuscript with cover pageinscribed ‘Draft Patent on H2/Co Abandoned as shownnot fast enough by BP at Sunbury on Thames’, n.d. [ca 1979]. The draft patent concerned the use of cobalt catalysts to synthesise alcohols. 17pp manuscript including examples. Manuscript ‘Original Draft for Syn[part of wordillegible] Patent Nov 1979’ with manuscriptinscription at the topleft of the first page ‘Abandoned as BP [British Petroleum] showedtoo slow’. The draft patent concerned ‘specifically the use of metal carbonyls in the presence of polyether solvents for the reduction of carbon monoxide by hydrogen to ethanol and other oxygenated products’. 19pp manuscript including examples and tables. Manuscriptdraft letter to the Patents Division of British Petroleum with 3pp manuscript draft on the early history of Rhodium catalysis, n.d. [ca 1985]. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 SECTION D LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS D.1-D.3 D.4-D.13 D.14-D.44 D.45-D.56 LECTURES LECTURES PUBLICATIONS CORRESPONDENCERE PUBLICATIONS ILLUSTRATIVE MATERIAL 1972, 1985 and n.d. ‘Aspects of the Transition Metal to Carbon o-bond; Stable Binary Alkyls’ Typescript of lecture presented to the Chemical Societies of Fribourg, Zurich and Basel, Switzerland, 7,8,9 November 1972. Notice only of lecture by Wilkinson ‘A La Recherche du Temps Perdu’, Institut de Chimie, Strasbourg, 24 April 1985. ‘Notes for Mond Lecture’, n.d. PUBLICATIONS 1976-1993 6pp manuscriptnotes; 1p typescript outline of career of Ludwig Mond. ‘Developments in Rhodium Catalysed Reactions: Hydroformylation and Hydrogenation of Olefins and Related Chemistry’. the back of papers dated in 1979. Manuscript Organometallic Chemistry’ and beginning ‘The object is to provide a reference text representing the state of the field at the time of writing’, n.d., but written on Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry, Pergamon, 1982. draft proposal headed ‘Comprehensive Typescript draft dated April 1976. Wilkinson waseditor. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Lectures and publications Review, Chemistry in Britain, June 1983. Letter from Wilkinson to The Times on ‘Scientists in the Civil Service’, 9 July 1982. Wilkinson’s carbononly. Manuscript draft headed ‘Polyhedron’ with note on card attached ‘Original manuscript offirst ever platinum group of homoleptic allyls. JCS Dalton not Polyhedron’, latest bibliographical reference 1985. 2 folders. Reviews by Wilkinson, 1985 and 1993. ‘Pentachloronitridoruthenate(V1) Synthesis: Warning’. Typescript with covering letter and photocopy of published version of this contribution to the Letters section of Chem. Brit., 1990. Wilkinson wasoneof the Editors-in-chief. Drafts and printed papers by others, 1977-1981 and n.d. 2 folders. Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry II, Pergamon, 1995. Correspondenceonly, with fellow editors and contributors, 1991-1992. Includes referee’s report. Correspondence re publications arranged alphabetically by journal or publisher. D.14-D.44 CORRESPONDENCERE PUBLICATIONS 1980-1993 Inorganic chemistry 1988, 1992 D.14-D.41 G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Lectures and publications Inorganic reactions and methods Wilkinson was a memberof the Advisory Board. Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 1983-1987 Wilkinson was a member of the Editorial Board. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1980-1993 Includes correspondencewith publisher and collaborators re F.A. Cotton and Wilkinson eds, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, 4th edition 1980 and 5th edition 1988. D.18-D.40 Polyhedron 1980-1993 Polyhedron wasa newinternationaljournal for inorganic and metallo-organic chemistry published by Pergamon. Wilkinson was chairman of the Editorial Board. D.18-D.36 1980. Includes ‘Draft Aims, Scope and Purpose’. 1981 June-December. 1982 January-March. General correspondence and papers with publisher, editors and authors, 1980-1993. 1982 November-December. Includes ‘Draft statement for Polyhedron’. 1982 April-June. 1982 July-October. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Lectures and publications 1983 January-March. Includes draft announcement‘Historical Sketches - A New Feature’. 1983 April-June. 1984 February-September. Includes note on the provenanceof papers published in Polyhedron. 1984 October. 1984 November-December. 1985 January-October. 1986 June-December. 1987 January-July. 1988 January-October. 1987 September-December. 1989 February-September. Includes draft announcement of the Polyhedron Prize for Creativity in Inorganic Chemistry. See also A.47. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Lectures and publications 1991-1993. Includes text of short appreciation of Robert Maxwell who died in 1991. Correspondence and papers re Polyhedron Prize for the best paper published in 1987. Correspondence and papers re Polyhedron Prize for the best paper published in 1988. Brief correspondencere the best paper prizes for 1989 and 1990. Correspondence and papers re the 1991 Polyhedron Prize for Creativity in Inorganic Chemistry, 1990-1991. 2 folders. Progressin Inorganic Chemistry 1987-1991 D.42-D.44 D.42 1983-1986. 1987-1989. 1990-1993, n.d. Wilkinson was a memberof the Advisory Board. Miscellaneousshorter publications correspondence, 1983-1993, n.d. bibliographical references ca 1979-1987. Contents of filing cabinet divider inscribed ‘Slides’, undated but with D.45-D.56 ILLUSTRATIVE MATERIAL G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Lectures and publications ‘Slides - France May 18th’. material for slides. Contents of folder so inscribed: illustrative ‘Slides - Strasbourg’. including photograph of Wilkinson at 1973 Nobel Prize Ceremony. Contents of folder so inscribed: illustrative material D.47-D.55 ‘Pending for slides and publications’. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into nine for ease of reference:illustrative material including manuscript, duplicated and printed papers andfilm strips. N.d. Papers found loosein divider, n.d. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 SECTION E SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS ET E.2-E.6 E75 E,8 E.9-E.12 eS E.14-E.17 E.18-E.20 FONDAZIONE CARLO ERBA HOVIONE SOCIEDADE QUIMICA, LDA ROYAL SOCIETY ROYAL SOCIETY OF CHEMISTRY SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING RESEARCH COUNCIL UNION CARBIDE CORPORATION UNIVERSITY OF LONDON INTERCOLLEGIATE RESEARCH SERVICE(ULIRS) FONDAZIONE CARLO ERBA 1987, 1990 Wilkinson acceptedaninvitation to be a memberof the Scientific Committee. 1987. 1991. Wilkinson advised this Portuguese chemical company in patent cases. HOVIONE SOCIEDADE QUIMICA, LDA 1987-1992 Correspondence and papers including Wilkinson’s answers to questions from Hovione. Principally information about the Fondazioneincluding its constitution and programmefor 1988-1989. 2 folders. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Societies and organisations ROYAL SOCIETY 1983-1991 1983-1984, 1988. Principally re Wilkinson's views on the admission of new Fellows. 1991. Papersre visiting scientist under exchange agreement with USSR Academy of Sciences. ROYAL SOCIETY OF CHEMISTRY 1982-1990 and re Royal Society of Chemistry 2 folders. 2 folders. General correspondence and papers, 1982-1990. SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING RESEARCH COUNCIL References recommendations publications and awards, 1983-1990. General correspondence and papers, 1985-1987. 1985-1987 G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Societies and organisations E.14-E.17 UNION CARBIDE CORPORATION 1978-1984 Wilkinson had a consultancy arrangement with Union Carbide. E.14-E.17 Correspondenceand papers, 1978-1984. 4 folders. At E.17 is an undated affidavit by Wilkinson found with the Union Carbide papers. E.18-E.20 UNIVERSITY OF LONDON INTERCOLLEGIATE RESEARCH SERVICE(ULIRS) 1979-1989 Correspondence and papers re ULIRS X-Ray Service, 1979-1980. Includes personnel questions. General correspondence and papers, 1979-1989. 2 folders. E.20 includes letter from Wilkinson to Science and Engineering Council (SERC)re ‘Outline Proposal for ESR/ENDOR service’, 1988. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 SECTION F CORRESPONDENCE F.1-F.33 F.34-F.43 F.44-F.53 F.54-F.61 SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE CORRESPONDENCE WITH POLITICIANS ‘RUSSIA’ REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE 1981-1993 Chronological sequence. 1980-1982. 1983 February-June. 1983 July-December. 1984 January-June. 1984 July-November. 1985 January-March. Includes report to British Council on a visit to Spain made by Wilkinson, November1982. Councils. Includes brain drain questionnaire from the Advisory Board for the Research 1985 July-September. 1985 April-June. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Correspondence 1985 October-December. 1986 January-March. 1986 April-June. 1986 September-October. 1986 November-December. 1987 January-March. 1987 April-June. 1987 July-September. 1988 January-June. 1988 July. 1987 October-December. Includes broadcast notes for Open University television programmes. 1989 April-May. 1988 October-November. 1989 January-March. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Correspondence 1989 June-July. 1989 August-September. 1989 October-December. 1990 January. 1990 February-March. 1990 April-June. 1990 July-November. 1991 July-December. 1993 January-April. 1991 January-June. 1993 May-December. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Correspondence F.34-F.43 CORRESPONDENCEWITH POLITICIANS 1972-1988 Wilkinson’s correspondence with Prime Ministers, government ministers, opposition politicians and his local MP (Peter Brooke who was MP for the The City of London and Westminster South constituency from 1977). correspondencewaskepttogether by Wilkinson. Wilkinson wrote on a variety of topics including parental assessment in respect of student grants, the discharge of radioactive wastesinto theIrish Sea from Windscale and a numberof sciencepolicy, university funding and Imperial College especially as they affected the Chemistry Department. matters 1972-1974. Includes letter from Walter Annenberg, US Ambassador, 20 September 1972, in reply to a letter from Wilkinson (not present) on the desirability of the USSR becomingparty to the International Copyright Conventions. See also F.44-F.53. 1975-1978. Includes ‘Report of a meeting between a deputation from Imperial College and State, Department of Education and Science, 17 March 1980’. Under-Secretary Parliamentary Boyson, of 1980. 1981. Dr Rhodes dischargesof plutonium into the Irish Sea from Windscale. Includes Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Directorate of Fisheries Research Aquatic Environment Monitoring Report on ‘Radioactivity in Surface and Coastal Waters of the British Isles, 1978’ by G.J. Hunt, Lowestoft, 1980. The report was sent to Wilkinson with a letter from the Prime Minister, 10 July 1981. This wasin reply to a letter from Wilkinson (not present) about G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Correspondence 1982-1984. Includes letter from J.R. Knowles, Department of Chemistry, Harvard University, 25 September 1984, re tenure and non-tenure appointments at Harvard. This relates to correspondence on academic tenure with Peter Brooke who was both Wilkinson’s local MP and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Department of Education and Science. 1985. Includes governmentpress release re report of Top Salaries Review Body, 18 July 1985, and related correspondence. 1987-1988. N.d. F.44-F.53 RUSSIA 1969-1975 Contentsoffiling cabinet divider labelled ‘Russia’. Wilkinson’s undated manuscript drafts of letters to the Minister of Education Kenneth Baker, Peter Brooke, Margaret Thatcher and the Chairmanof ICI Sir John HarveyJones(first page only). royalty paymentsafter his return from the conference. In 1969 the Publishing House of Mir in Moscow published a Russianedition of Advanced Inorganic Chemistry by F.A. Cotton and Wilkinson. As the USSR wasnot a party to International Copyright Conventions, the Soviet Publishing House was not under any material obligation to the authors. Wilkinson took up the question of the payment ofroyalties in connexion with a proposed visit to the USSR for the Fifth International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry, Moscow, 16-21 August 1971. In addition to the conference organisers in the Soviet Union he corresponded with scientific colleagues in the West, publishers, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Soviet Embassy in London. He continued to pursue the question of G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Correspondence Correspondenceand papers, 1969-1970. Includes photocopyof letter from Soviet Publishing House with translation confirming their publication of a Russian edition of Cotton & Wilkinson and invitation to deliver a Plenary Lecture at the Organometallic Chemistry Conference. F.45-F.49 Correspondence re arrangementsforvisit to Moscow for the Organometallic Chemistry Conference and the question of royalty payments in connexion with the visit, January-August 1971. 5 folders. F.49 includes Wilkinson’s report on visit to the Academy of Sciences, Institute for Organoelement Compounds, Moscow,21 August 1971. F.50-F.53 Correspondencearising from conference and continuing correspondence re royalty questions, 1971-1975. 4 folders. 1984-1994 Unindexed. 1984. F.54-F.61 REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS 1985-1986. A chronological series of references and recommendations in respect of appointments, promotions, awards andprizes. 1987-1988. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Correspondence 1991-1992. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ABEL E. ACCOUNTS OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH ADAMS, R.D. ADVISORY BOARD FOR THE RESEARCH COUNCILS AHRENS,L.H. ALBERY, Wyndham John ALLCOCK,Harry R. ALLEN, Sir Geoffrey ANGELICI, Robert J. ANNENBERG, Walter APPLIED ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY D.26 See also A.51 D.42 D.32 F.8 F.10 B.19, B.24 See also B.17 G6, 12 C25 26 PlGh eto; peo F.34 See also F.52 D.43 ASH, Sir Eric Albert BAIRD, Mike C. B.10-B.17, B.22 See also B.24 A.6, F.22 F.30 D.27 See B.23, F.43 BASALO,Fred BENERJEA,D. BAK,ThorA. BAKER, A.T. BARRON, Andrew R. BAKER, Kenneth Wilfred, Baron Baker of Dorking A.6 BLACKWELL SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS BONO, Edward Francis Charles Publius de BLUNDELL, Sir Tom Leon THE BOC GROUP PLC Fal 6 F.28 D.42 E.20 22, F.23 Fe22 BENNETT,Martin A. D.39, F.50, F.52 BOOTH, Harold Index of correspondents G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 BORISOVA,Ludmilla V. BOYSON, Sir Rhodes BP INTERNATIONAL LTD BRADLEY,Donald Charlton BRITISH COUNCIL BRITISH SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY TRUST BROCK,W.H. BROOKE, Peter Leonard BRYNDZA, Henry CALDERAZZO,Fausto CALLAGHAN, (Leonard) James, Baron CALVIN, Melvin eal5 F.37, F.38 21; 5.26 D.23, D.30 B.29, F.2, F.22, F.25A, F.26, F.28 F.20).F.3i D.21 F.39, F.42 See also B.15, F.40, F.43 B.29 F.2; Fal8y Rist See also A.51 See F.35 F.14, F.19 CARMONA,Ernesto CAULTON, Kenneth G. CHALLIS, Brian C. Gc; 0) 2-3) b20,h.ce CHAPMAN, Dennis CHATT, Joseph D.44 A.51 F.36 D.39 F.23 Fe2d A.40 CARLISLE, Mark, Baron CANCER RESEARCH CAMPAIGN CHAPMANAND HALL(Publishers) CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS F.4 D.27, D.28, D.32, D.33, D.34, D.36, D.37 CHEMISTRY IN BRITAIN CHISHOLM, Malcolm H. CHISWELL,Barry CLARKE, John D.42, D.43 El oS COLES,Bryan Randell G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Index of correspondents COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COOKSON CHEMICALS LTD COOKSON, Richard Clive COOPER, Sir Frank COTTON, F.A. COUNCIL FOR INDUSTRY AND HIGHER EDUCATION F.24, F.25 See also C.32 B.22 B.22, F.14 B.17 Dats E15 COWLEY,Alan Herbert COX,Sir (Ernest) Gordon CURTIS, M. David DAILY TELEGRAPH DANCE, lan G. DEACON, G.B. Fela D.32, D.40, F.25 DEWAR, Michael James Steuart DIXON, Bernard ENZYTECH, INC EVANS, |. Philip EVANS, William J. FARAGO, Peter EABORN, Colin ELDER, R.C. See F.52 F.20 AST, Fi2t F.12 DOBSON, John C. THE DIESEL CORPORATION LTD C.23 FISHER, Sir Henry Arthur Pears B.1, B.19 B.20, F.39 FACKLER, John P., Jr. F.24, F.25 F.53 FERSHT, Alan Roy FLAMINI, Alberto G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 FLOWERS, Brian Hilton, Baron FONDAZIONE CARLO ERBA FRIEDLANDER, B.I. GAUS,Paul L. GEOFFROY,Gregory L. GEROTHANASSIS,I.P. GIBSON, VernonC. GILBERT,John C. GILJE, John W. GILLARD, R.D. GILMAN,Henry GIORDANO,Richard V. Index of correspondents B.2, B.3, B.5-B.10, B.17 = E.16 D7; E25) ged F.16 See also F.17 F.23, F.24 A.51, F.20 F.25A A.50 D.37 F.3 E.22 GLAXO GROUP RESEARCH LTD GOLD,Victor GOWENLOCK,BRIAN G. F.18 E.20 27 D.27 A.50 F.39 F.34 GRAHAM, W.A.G. GRAY,Peter DEPARTMENT OF EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE See also B.21 DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY FOREIGN AND COMMONWEALTHOFFICE GREEN, Malcolm Leslie Hodder F.28 D.37, D.38 GREENWOOD, NormanNeill F.45-F.47, F.50 F.37, F.41 B29; 'Di37, E-6 F.34, F.35, F.38, F.42 F.34-F.39, F.46 HOME OFFICE GREEN, Michael G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Index of correspondents GUBIN, S.P. GUTIERREZ, Angel HAIDUC, lonel HAMILTON, David J. COLE- HAMPSON, Keith HATTERSLEY, Roy Sydney George, Baron HAYMAN, Walter Kurt HEATH, Sir Edward Richard George HENDRICKSON, David N. HERMANN, Wolfgang A. HIGHFIELD, Roger HILL, Anthony F. F.44-F.49, F.52, F.53 TE D.30 Eat F.35 F.34 B.2 See F.34 F.22 D.27,:D:87, F.32 Fes HOFFMAN, Roald HOLM, Richard H. HUANG, Wei Yuan LEYS J: F.3 D.38 E.2-E.6 D.21 Er INORGANIC CHEMISTRY HUXLEY, Sir Andrew Fielding ICl| CHEMICALS AND POLYMERSLTD HOVIONE SOCIEDADE QUIMICA, LDA INORGANIC REACTIONS AND METHODS JAMERSON, Jack D. INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR INFORMATION, FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY INTERDISCIPLINARY SCIENCE REVIEWS IRVING, Harry JACKSON, W.G. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Index of correspondents JARDINE, Fred JAY, Peter JOHN WILEY & SONS,INC. JOHNSON MATTHEY PLC JONES, Sir Ewart Ray Herbert (‘Tim’) JONES,Sir John Henry HARVEY- JORGENSEN, Christian J. JOSEPH, Keith Sinjohn, Baron KARSKY,Michel KATZ, Joseph J. KAUFFMAN, GeorgeB. D.19 D.20 D.17, F.45, F.49, F.50 F.25-F.27, F.29-F.31 al See F.43 D.24 F.39 See also F.40 F.18 D.21 D.23, D.24, D.34, D.36 KIBBLE, Thomas Walter Bannerman B.24 LAI, Richard LEVITT, B.P. LINDNER, Manfred LIPPARD, StephenJ. F.18 F.26 A.43, F.1, F.7, F.39 EAU; IC: LEES,Alistair J. KOCHI, Jay K. KYRTEV, Kurti LAPPERT,Michael Franz LEUNG, Wa-Hung(‘Daniel’) KNOWLES,Jeremy Randall D.35 See also F.17 F.12 LIVINGSTONE,Stanley D.19 F.31 F.20 F.31 LUCHERINI, A. LUDI, A. Index of correspondents G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 McAULIFFE, C.A. MAITLIS, Peter Michael MARKS, Tobin J. MARTIN, G.R. MATHEY,Francois MASUDA,Hideki MAXWELL COMMUNICATION CORPORATION PLC MAXWELL,Elizabeth MAXWELL,(lan) Robert MAXWELL,Kevin MEHROTRA, Ram C. F.19 See E.13 F.31 See also D.11 D.13 D.28, D.37, D.38 F.31 B.20 E16 F.2 See also B.19, D.18, D.19, D.31 See B.19 Fe7. MICHAELIS, Anthony R. MORRIS, Howard R. B.27, B.29 D.16 A.50 D.30 B.22 F.3 NEW SCIENTIST NIELSON, A.J. MONAGHAN, Patrick NESMEYANOV,A.N. MOTHERWELL,Willie MITCHELL, Peter Dennis MINGOS, David Michael Patrick E.18 NORMAN, Sir Richard Oswald Chandler THE OPEN UNIVERSITY NOBEL FOUNDATION F.47 D.31 F.28 NUGENT,W.A. OSBURN, Ruth S. F.44, F.49, F.52 F.8 a Peed Ose lie wees G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Index of correspondents OWEN, David Anthony Llewellyn, Baron OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS PAGE, Philip PAULING, Linus Carl PERGAMON PRESS LTD PERTILE, Francesco PHILLIPS,David Chilton, Baron POEPPELMEIER, Kenneth R. POLI, Rinaldo POLYHEDRON PORTER, George, Baron POWELL,J. PRIOR, JamesMichael Leathes, Baron F.41 D.42 E56 A.50 D.18-D.36 F.6 Eo D.39 rollZ4y make" D.18-D.40 ee A.51 Ris PROSKAUER, Eric S. RANKIN, David W.H. F.25A,F.27,'F.28 PUDDEPHAT,R.J. D.28, D.37 D.41 F.15 E.14 F.37 PROUT,C.Keith PRUETT,RoyL. RAPHAEL,Ralph Alexander RAISON, Sir Timothy Hugh Francis F.49 See also F.50, F.53 PROGRESS IN INORGANIC CHEMISTRY F.16 RICHARDS,RayL. B.21 F.25 B.2 F.16 REST,A.J. REUTOV,O.A. RAUCHFUSS, ThomasB. F.44, F.47, F.52 Face REES, Charles Wayne RIEGER, Philip H. G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Index of correspondents ROBENS, Alfred, Baron ROBERTS, Jack D. ROBERTS, Lewis Edward John ROGERS,Don ROSE,David ROUNDHILL, D. Max ROYAL SOCIETY ROYAL SOCIETY OF CHEMISTRY RUSSELL, Colin A. SACCONI, L. SARGESON, Alan SAUNBY,John B. F.19 F.4; Retz, F22 C.24, E.7, E.8 EO-Eal 2,7, 6:3 F.10 See also F.12 F.9 D.26, D.27 15 SEABORG, Glenn Theodore SMITH, John H. A.6 ES D.32 SCHMUTZLER, Reinhard D.28, D.33, D.37, D.38 SEDDON, K.R. SHAW, BernardLeslie SHROCK,Richard R. B.25-B.27, C.1-C.23, C.26- C:31, E:13, Fi59 See also E.20 SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL/ SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING RESEARCH COUNCIL F.34, F.35 STEVAS, NormanAnthony Francis, ST JOHN-, Baron St John of Fawsley B.1-B.3, B.7, B.14, B.18 See also B.6 -:9 F222 See also F.17, F.23 SOCIETY OF CHEMICAL INDUSTRY 50 A.48 F.16 A.51 SNOW, Charles Percy, Baron STATLER, John STEPHENSON, Margaret G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Index of correspondents STEWART, Duncan STONE, Francis Gordon Albert STOPPIONI, Piero STRAUBENZEE, Sir William Radcliffe van SUTHERLAND, J.K. SUTTON, John SWANSON, S.Alan V. SYKES, A. Geoff. TAUBE,Henry TETRAHEDRON THATCHER, Margaret Hilda, Baroness A.42 A.40, D.11 See also B.21 D.28, D.37 F.34 See B.21 B.4 See also B.6 B.22 Di37; F:4 ALD, B.S See also D.33, F.15 D.42 F.38, F.42 See also F.36, F.43 C.25 THE TIMES TROFIMENKO, S. UNILEVER plc E.14-E.17 E.18-E.20 on F.24 F.42 D.25 TRIPPIER, Sir David Austin UNION CARBIDE CORPORATION THIRD WORLD ACADEMY OF SCIENCES UNIVERSITY OF LONDON INTERCOLLEGIATE RESEARCH SERVICE D.37 VARLEY,Eric Graham, Baron VOL’PIN, M. VRIEZE, K. F.20 F.34 E2,.6.3,,E/5 Fidl, hoe D.24, D.28, D.33 UTLEY JiR: VILLAX, Ivan WADE, Ken G. Wilkinson NCUACS 110/9/02 Index of correspondents WALDEGRAVE, William Arthur WALDEN, George Gordon Harvey WALTON, Richard A. WARNER, Philip M. WELCH, A.John E. THE WELLCOME TRUST WESTHEIMER, Frank H. WHITELEGG, John WHITROW, G.J. WIEGHARDT,Karl WIGLEY,David E. WILEY, W. Bradford F.39 See F.41 F.5-F.8 See also F.19 D.39 Re2 B.11 ee F.24, F.25 F.6 WILLIAMS,Gareth H. 2 F.53 YAFFE, Leo YAM, Vivian W.W. YAMAMOTO, Akio YOSHIDA,Zen-ichi ZICHICHI, Antonino WONG, Rick W.K. WILSON, (James) Harold, Baron See F.17 ZIMAN, John Michael ZUCKERMAN, J.J.