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B Lewis W NCUACS 8/1/89 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The British Library The City of Bath The Geological Society The Institute of Physics Pergamon Books The Royal Society The The Royal Society of Chemistry Society of Chemical Industry W B Lewis NCUACS 8/1/89 GENERAL INTRODUCTION The collection was received in March 1988 via Mr R T Lewis, University of Bath, nephew of W B Lewis. Wilfrid Bennett Lewis was born 24 June 1908 at Castle Carrock in Cumbria. He was educated at Haileybury College before entering Gonville and Caius College Cambridge in 1927 to read for the Natural Sciences Tripos, studying Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for Part I and specialising in Physics for Part II. Lewis received his BA (Hons) dT O30%5 Following graduation Lewis began research on radioactivity at the Cavendish Laboratory. He was awarded his PhD in 1934 for work on the analysis of alpha-particle groups, and the same year was elected a Research Fellow of Gonville and Caius College. Lewis was appointed University Demonstrator in Physics 1935 and University Lecturer 1937. On the outbreak of war Lewis, since July 1939 a Senior the Telecommunications Research Establishment (TRE), Malvern), began of Science at Queen's University, Ontario. In September 1946 Lewis resigned to take up the Directorship Officer 1940, Superintendent of TRE 1943 and Chief Superintendent 1945. Canada. He was appointed Vice-President of Research and Development work on improvements in radar. He was appointed Principal Scientific of the Division of Atomic Energy of the National Research Council of Scientific Officer with the Air Ministry Establishment (later to become Lewis died in 1987. of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited in 1952 and Senior Vice-President 1963. On his retirement in 1973 he took up a chair as Distinguished Professor W B Lewis NCUACS 8/1/89 Among the many honours accorded to Lewis in recognition of his scientific achievement were the Fellowship of the Royal Society 1945 (awarded the Society's Royal Medal in 1972), CBE 1946, the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Canada 1952 and the 1967 Atoms for Peace Award. For a full account of the life and work of Lewis see Sir Bernard Lovell and D G Hurst ‘Wilfrid Bennett Lewis 1908-1987', Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 34, 1988. The collection consists of the twenty-three notebooks Lewis left in the care of his brother Mr J A Lewis when he emigrated to Canada in 1946. The notebooks. contain chiefly lecture notes and practical work for Lewis's undergraduate degree courses at Cambridge 1927-30. Notebook 1 contains physics notes which predate his university career and notebook 22 contains postgraduate work. Lectures by G F C Searle are identified in notebooks 11 and 12. LOCATION OF OTHER MATERIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We are very grateful to Mr J A Lewis and Mr R T Lewis for The material assembled by Sir Bernard Lovell for the Royal making the material available and Sir Bernard Lovell and Sir Brian Pippard for information and advice. Society memoir of Lewis will be deposited with the remainder of Sir Bernard's papers in the John Rylands University Library of Manchester. Bath 1989 Peter Harper Timothy E Powell B Lewis W NCUACS 8/1/89 Two same format blue hardback notebooks with Lewis's name and topic on the front cover. "Mechanics and General Physics Theoretical’. Includes notes on 'Properties of Matter' dated '1926,'. Loose notes are enclosed at the rear of book. continuation of work in this book see notebook 3. For "Electricity and Magnetism I'. For continuation of work in this volume see notebook 1l. Six same format green hardback notebooks with black 4, tape on spine. topic on the spine and 5 has the topic inscribed on the first page. name and college inside front cover. 7 and 8 are labelled with the 5 and 8 are inscribed with Lewis's 4, 6, "Harder Mechanics' "Chemistry' Loose notebook 1. "Physics II' and ultraviolet and include notes are enclosed at rear of book. Includes notes on radiation, sound and light. Unlabelled notebook used for continuation of work in Notes begin with infrared dynamics and radiation. rear of book. Notes begin with aldehydes. Loose notes are enclosed at front of book. Loose notes are enclosed at B Lewis W NCUACS 8/1/89 '[Ca]lculus' Some of the work is marked with ticks dated '7/12/27', “16/12/27 et 2O/ 12/27) and. YA/E/A28i . "Solid Geometry' Notes on solid geometry, optics, hydrostatics etc. Enclosed at rear of book is complimentary blotter with calendar for Easter Term 1928. Seven 'Cantab Series' light blue hardback notebooks with black tape on the spine. on the front cover and Lewis's name and college on the flyleaf. The topics are inscribed ‘Electricity and Magnetism' "Electricity' "Physics. Electrical Oscillations and Radio-Telegraphy. Constitution of Matter. Induction and Electricity and Magnetism'. "Physics. Ionisation and Radioactivity '. Cc ]Searle's Lectures’. Loose notes are enclosed 'pr [G F at rear of book. Used for continuation of work in notebook 2. Includes reference to 'Proc Roy Soc 1929' on first line of first page and 'Extracts from Notes by Dr[CD] Ellis'. Both ends of the notebook are used. Loose notes are enclosed in book. Includes 'Dr Searle's Lectures (continued) '. are enclosed at rear of book. "Inorganic and Physical Chemistry' Includes Loose notes B Lewis W NCUACS 8/1/89 "Chemistry Practical Analysis'. Both ends of notebook used. Loose note is enclosed at rear of book. "Physical Chemistry'. Dated on flyleaf '1929_'. ViLSthi-March: 929). Structure and Molecular Constitution'. Includes entry dated Professor Goldschmidt on Crystal Loose note is enclosed at rear of book. Hardback notebook used for mathematics notes; geometry, solid geometry etc. analytical Both ends of notebook used. Loose notes are enclosed at front and rear of book. Green hardback notebook used for chemistry notes. Loose notes are enclosed at front and rear of book. Loose notes are enclosed at rear of booklet. notebooks 20 and 21 for Lewis's Part II practical work. See Hardback notebook with red tape on spine. and college are inscribed inside front cover and the topic ‘Practical Physical Chemistry' on first page. Lewis's name Booklet containing 30 experiments for ‘Advanced Class'. Contents list + 45pp (duplicated). Loose items are enclosed in book. Red hardback notebook with 'Physics Book' imprinted on front cover. on the flyleaf with date and topic 'Experiments 52 Dr Ellis' Lab May Term 1929, Lewis's name and college are inscribed 60"to0 End Part Il Lab. to 60 B Lewis W NCUACS 8/1/89 Blue hardback notebook with black tape on spine. name and college are inscribed on flyleaf with the date and topic Part II Lab (continued) '. Lewis's "1929, - Black hardback loose-leaf lecture notebook used for postgraduate work. First page is headed 'Electrical Discharge Through Gases. Loose notes Langmuir, Scott Lectures, 1931 Lent Term’. are enclosed at front of book. Notes on theory of errors, atomic spectra, isotopes. The notes on isotopes are very probably Lewis's notes on F Sir Brian Pippard, January 1989). W Aston's lectures on the topic (information from