WHIPPLE, Francis John Welsh v2

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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on the papers of FRANCIS JOHN WELSH WHIPPLE (1876-1943) meteorologist and on some correspondence of JOHN WELSH, FRS (1824-1859) Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientific London WC2A 1HP Archives Centre (CSAC 31/8/75) J Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS No. 75/75 1975 All rights reserved THE ROYAL SOCIETY THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Joint Committee on Scientific and Technological Records.. CSAC 31/8/75 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Papers of Deposited in the University Library, Cambridge 1975 Listed by: Jeannine Alton Harriot Weiskittel P.JeWeW. CSAC 31/8/75 Description of the collection. of F.J.W.Whipple. The papers were received from Mr. R.T.P.Whipple, only son They consist of observations, notes and drafts, with related correspondence, and have been arranged in chronological order where this was known. The collection also includes a small amount of correspondence of John Welsh,FRS, 1824 -— 59, Superintendent of Kew Observatory 1852 — 59, and godfather of G.M.Whipple 1842 ~ 93 (F.J.W.Whipple's father), also Superintendent of Kew 1876 — 93. This appears as Item 21. commas are those which appear on the manuscripts or folders. All items are manuscript. Titles and descriptions in inverted ~~ Summary of the career of F.J.W.Whipple b. 1876 1897 1914 ie 1925 — 39 Superintendent, Kew Observatory 4912 — 14 Mathematics master, Merchant Taylors' School. 1936 = 38 President, Royal Meteorological Society. Superintendent of Instruments, Meteorological Office. educ. Merchant Taylors' School; Trinity College, Cambridge. Second Wrangler. transpiration. Obituary notice of Francis John Welsh Whipple (reprinted from Phys. Soc. Vol. LV, 1943) Patent No. 19055, 20 August 1912, ‘Improvements in indicators'. Folder of notes, diagrams and drafts on 'Mechanism of Cyclones'. 1917 Corresp. with L.F.Richardson and Gilbert D.West on Thermal Handlist of the papers. Proc. 1912 1919 -— 22 F.J.W.W. csac 31/8/75 Folder, ‘Meteorological Office - Articles on Ice Pinnacles & . Ice Crystals! Notes,diagrams & drafts for articles; correspondence 1922 — 24 on . structure of ice crystals with Sir William Bragg. 1922 — ‘24 1926 1940 Notes & corresp. 'on rainbow colours! Notes & corresp. on 'dissipation coefficient for small ions in air free from Aitken nuclei' Notebook, 'Cloud Observations at Kew Observatory 1929', and Ms. 'Cloud Diagrams & Comparisons with Cloud Photographs’, dated 17/7/29. Folder of notes on 'The Colour & spectrum of lightning', and "The intensity of sky-radiation during twilight’ by Whipple and others. Folder, 'Effect of Grass on Earth Temperature at':Kew', with related corresp. Folder, ‘Dept. of Scientific and Industrial Research — Request for information re Atmospheric Pollution'. Notes & observations, Ms. 'The part played by foreign particles in the production of fog', corresp. with Sir Frank Smith. Folder of seismological observations, corresp. on equipment. Corresp. & notes on mathematics with T.W.Chaundy. 20 Misc. undated drafts & notes. 1A modification of Sommerfeld's Methods’. ta note on the analysis of variation by the use of orthogonal polynomials’. "Siberian Meteor Notes + Taylor's Wave Theory’ 'Law of Approach to Geostrophic Wind. Extended Investigation. Rough Ms.' Notes, observations & drafts on radiation, turbulence, eddy viscosity etc. On the Approach of the Centroid to the Theory of Regular Polygons', and other mathematical notes. 71920 — 23 Misc. notes & drafts on haloes and arcs. 20 Work on Meteors. F.J.WeW. CSAC 31/8/75 19. 'On the Inaudibility of Meteors travelling at Great Heights'. 20. Drafts for papers on meteors. 21 Correspondence of John Welsh. Contents of the envelope: 3 letters to John Welsh from John Allan Broun,FRPS, 1851 (from Paris), 1853,1859 (from Trevandrum Observatory, Panvancone) * J,A.Broun,FRS, 1817 —- 79, was the first Director (1842 - 49) of Mackerstoun Observatory, Kelso, founded by Sir Thomas Makdougall—Brisbane (see below). Broun worked with Welsh in Edinburgh in 1852, and was appointed Director of Trevandrum Magnetic Observatory, Travancore, where he worked 1852 — 65. 13 letters from John Welsh to his mother, 1844, 1857 — 58, from Scotland & the Western Islands. (The later letters refer to the lung infection from which he died in 1859). 1 letter & sheet of observations, 1861, from Sir Thomas Makdougall-— Brisbane. BRAGG, Sir William Henry CHAUNDY, Theodore William Index to the correspondents. (Nos. refer to items) 1 letter from Thomas Blakiston, 1857, from Hudson's Bay. * Sir Thomas Makdougall—Brisbane,FRS, 1773 — 1860, founded the Mackerstoun Observatory 1841, and was President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 1833 — 60. WATSON-—WATT, Sir Robert A POWELL, Cecil Frank SIMPSON, Sir George SMITH, Sir Frank