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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on the papers of PROFESSOR RICHARD WHIDDINGTON, CBE, FRS (1885-1970) deposited in the University Library, Leeds Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientific Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, THE ROYAL VOMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS No. 74/5 All rights reserved Archives Centre (csac 7/1/74) by London WC2A 1HP 1974 THiS ROYAL SOCIETY THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS COMMITTEE ON SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL RECORDS CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Papers of Professor Richard Whiddington, C.B.E. ,}F.R.S. (1885 - 1970) Listed by: Harriot Weiskittel Deposited in the University Library, Leeds CedehksCe 1/1/74 The papers cover the years 1907 — 1963. , Professor Whiddington discarded most of his papers on his move to Norfolk following his retirement from the University of Leeds in 1951. The material received from his widow oe: Katherine Whiddinston consists largely of manuscript notes for lectures — those which Professor whiddington Gelivered at Leeds, as well as those henieatended as an undergraduate at Cambridge (see Items 3 — 6 for notes on lectures by G.F.C. Searle and C.T.R. Wilson). to Science at society The only correspondence which remains is that pertaining and to Whiddington's memoir of J.Ww. Ryde for the Royal War A complete set of Professor Whiddington's offprints was deposited in the Library of the Royal Society, as was the set of J.W. Ryde's offprints which was found in the Soe es (Item 44). to the University of Durham anc. one to Queen's University, Belfast. Two theses were returned — one Summary of the cereer of Professor Whiddington 1885 1905 1911 1911 Born in London Intered St. John's College, Cambridge D.Sc. London } Fellow of St. John's College 1914 — 15 1940 -- A2 C.B.E. | 19A2 1946 1949 1952 1959 Fellow of the Royal Society Married Katherine Reoch Grant President, the Physical Society Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Leeds Department of Scientific Research, Admiralty Deputy Director Scientific Research, Ministry of Supply Cavendish Professor of Physics, University of Leeds Hon. Editor, Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society Proceedings Radio Telegraphy and Telephony Research and Design, Royal . Aircraft Establishment, Farnboroughgi U Scientific Advisor to Contral Treaty Organisation Index to principal correspondents Lectures and experiments Laboratory notebooks Contents of the handlis Cambridge notebooks is Fiographical Y é b N N N W D . A > War work Publications Leeds University Memoir by Norman Feather (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of RoyalSociety, Vode 19s pea]Alee Lf the 'tmeritus Professor Richard ‘Whiddington, C.B.E.' by H.C. Stoner The University of Leeds Review, Vol. II, No. 4, December 1951, pp. 342 = 351 Cambridze notebooks Ms. notebook inscribed 'lir. G.F.C. Searle, Heat. pt II. Mich Term '07': notes on lectures Ms. notebook inscribed tLent Term '03. Summation of Series of Electricel Measurements Vol. II. G.F.C. Searle's: notes on lectures Ms. notebook inscribed 'Light (Wilson, C.T.R.) Mich Term. 1907': 23 lectures Ms. notebook inscribed "Lent Term '08. Light (contd) C.T.R. Wison't: 24 lectures Ms. notebook inscribed 'R. Whiddington, Feb. 3, 1)10': tabular summaries of data, graphs Laboratory notebooks Ms. notebook: notes on lectures "Intermediate Light! Mse notebook inscribed 'Pa B.Sc. Heat's: notes on lectures Ms. notebook: notes on lectures 'The New Electric Field' ‘Cathode Rays't and others Ms. notebook inscribed ‘daily notes RW':. data, tabular summaries, drawings, descriptions of experiments Ms. notebook inscribed 'G.R. Brett. Physics Department, the University, Leeds. Sept 1926 - July 1927': daily records of experiments (in another hand. ) (iii) Radius curvature of convex mirror' Ms. '(i) comparison of refractive indices of water and airline’ (ii) measurement of the radii of curvature of a convex lens Ms. ‘laws of induction from the MS. of G.P.C. Searle! 1 Ttee Ms. notebook: record of experimental observations Lectures and experiments Ma. tnotes on wave velocity and group velocity’ by Boye's method v7 nD Rewe Cs belts Oe Pee ik ea rn fate, (/ '/ {4 lis. ‘measurement of the electromotive force of a thermo—- electric couple t . Ms. 'dynamical compendium! 'resonance experiments' "the copper voltameter' tharmonic motion of a body suspended by a spring! 'testing iron by the magnetometer! 'the vibration magnetometer coulomb's experiment! Totes on rainbows notes for series of lectures on gas conduction, including pages of examination questions Ms. notes for 4 lectures on radioactivity lecture lecture lecture lecture 1: introducticn rays f -rays ¥ -rays ‘7, | s. notes for various unnumbered lectures on radioactivity : "successive trough theory', ‘uranium and the age of the earth', ‘influence of filament temperature on valve! and others liiscellaneous is. notes for various introductory physics lectures Miscellaneous Ms. notes for various introductory physics lectures Test papers, some Ms. notes, and Ms. 'Radio—teaching 1940 onwards! 19 (In another hand) Folder inscribed ‘cosmic rays 1948' containing 8 sets of Ms. notes 19 entitled: Miscellaneous Ms. notes for various lectures on sound: includes typescript of ‘An Optical Model for Studying the Acoustics of Theatres’ and of ‘Decibels and Phons'? notes, correspondence, committee ‘Instruments used in cosmic ray investigations’ 'Vesons * Showers! 'Track photographs! ‘Cosmic rays general facts and interpretations! "Composition of cosmic rays' 'The early facts of atomic rays! 'tLatitude effect of cosmic radiation! War Work We areaeeoeenceoe 336 Deputy Director of Scientific Researc folder containing Ms. C.osAeC. 1/1/74 tAtomic Imergy in relation to the Nationalisation of the ifines nd Compensation therefor': typescript; untitled typescript atomic energy in industry; copy of offprint by D. Gabor aint led heresy Conversion in Electronic Devices! VI. jieateanecchelientnientcemeasinectan Publications 35 Typescripts of Professor Whiddington's bibliography 36. ‘Tonic oscillation in three-electrode thermionic valves', Radio Review, Vol. I, No. 2: typescript 37.-43. Scienceat War (with J.G. Crowther) H.M.S.0. 1947 Correspondence with Crowther and others re writing and publication of book Correspondence with Department of Scientific and Industrial Research re publication and distributici Correspondence with DSIR secretarial assistants (includes typescripts of notes on meetings with Sir Edward Appleton and Professor J.T. Randadh) Reviews and correspondence following publication Correspondence following publication (includes typescript of report by Captain B.H. Liddell dart on operational research) 43. Typescript ofmanuscript with Ms. corrections University of Leed (Vhiddington's collection of Copy of Correspondence with Rydets co-workers (many with lengthy notes and personal recollections of Ryde's career ) Material used in writing Royal Society memoir of J... Ryde: copies of 1957 correspondence, obituary notices, scientific photographs, Rydets night illumination chart. Whiddington'ts memoir enclosed. Ryde's offprints deposited in the eebs ae Royal Society, London) Parchments, etc.': typescripts Photographs of physics building, University of Leeds; copy of Perkins Testimonial Fund report and photography of Professor A.G. Perkins Whiddington's report on university and industrial physics laboratories in North America (undertaken at request of Leeds University): includes photographs and floor plans, typescript of 'general notes on new accommodation for physics department! ‘Notes on the Brotherton Library', 'Mildewing of Book Ccvers APPLETON, Sir Edward FRS BOOT, Henry H.A. BRAGG, Sir William Laurence BROWN, C. vi SHERWELL, Lord (see LINDEMANN) COOPER, B. 5. CORWOCK, Arthur PROWTHER, J. G. DALE, Sir Henry Hallett O.M., FRS GOUGH, Herbert John FRS GUNNING, I. PF. HARRIS, N. L. HY, Professor Donald Holroyde FRS H. LINDLEY, Arnold HTT) LINDEMANN, Frederick Alexander (later NTA TTR ry! { 3 2 JOLLIFFE, C. LIDDELL HART, Captain B. Viscount Cherwell, P.C.,C.H.) G. HINGSTON, W. HUMPHREYS, Olliver NIV, 17S. DD. RANDALL, Professor John Turton Fh ei eameva MARTIN, Sir David RAILING, Sir Harry OLIPHANT, ARIS, Ee liey RLY, Professor John STONER, Professor Idmund Clifton iT, Professor Richard THOMAS, Le es