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CSAC 41/5/76 THE ROYAL SOCIETY THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Joint Committee on Scientific and Technological Records CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Papers of (1887 - 1975) Listed by: DR. ERNEST A. WATSON, O.B.E. Deposited in the Library of the University of Birmingham Jeannine Alton Harriot Weiskittel Description of the collection The papers were received from Dr. Watson in October 1974, and represent his own selection of material which he considered likely to be of historical interest. to supplement or amplify the information, perhaps by additional notes to his 'Memoirs'; several of these addenda were received in the period November 1974 — April 1975, and appear in the handlist accompanying © the item to which they relate (e.g. Items 2-3,6,14,16,17,19). died in July 1975. It was suggested to him that he might wish Dr. Watson The bulk of Dr. Watson's professional work is in the Reports written for Joseph Lucas Industries, and now in the records of the firm (see Items 12-14). The 'Memoirs' (Item 2) written in 1971, give an interesting and lucid account of Dr. Watson's scientific and engineering career. Although, as he states, the work is not an autobiography, it relates or refers to many episodes of interest in the early history of engineering enterprises in Britain and America. illustrated by items in the collection; among them, one may note: Several of these can be further the importance of the Birmingham and Midlands Institute as a "common focus of scientific work by men of very different types and positions" (Memoirs, p.4, see Items 5 and 6); the contribution of amateur scientists such as C.J. Watson, Dr. Watson's father (Memoirs, pp.4—5, see especially Item 6); Dr. J.D. Morgan (Memoirs, pp.36 and 52, see Item 7); _ Company (Memoirs, p.48 et _seg., see Item 14). work on the Jet engine, and the formation of the Gas Turbine The help of Lucas Aerospace Division, Joseph Lucas Industries in assembling and identifying the material is gratefully acknowledged. O.B.E. for work onmagneto design during 1914-18 War Honours degree in mechanical and electrical engineering, Birmingham 1851 Research Scholarship, Joined firm of Morris &Lister Co., Coventry (the firm was acquired by Joseph Lucas Ltd. in 1930) 1907 1907 1909 1909 1909 1918 educated King Edward's School, Birmingham M.Sc. Liverpool Visit to Canada and U.S.A. Summary of career b. 1887 Liverpool University Second visit to Canada and U.S.A. Chief Engineer, Joseph Lucas Ltd. (later, Director) Work on Whittle Jet engine Hon. D.Sc. Birmingham University Tre Handlist de 26 Obituaries from The Times, Lucas Bros. News Release, Birmingham newspaper. EAW's Memoirs of the collection on p. 1). 83 typescript pages (see Note in Description Additional information to ‘American Trip 1909', Appendix I of Memoirs. Photograph of dinner for R.J. Ifield with accompanying identification sheet. The notebook includes a note by EAW (March Blue notebook entitled 'Electric Waves &c' containing scientific articles by EAW's father C.J. Watson published in 'The Model Engineer', 'The Electrician' and 'Mmglish Mechanic'. and Midland Scientific Society Whitmonday Excursion June 10, 1878" is inserted inside the front cover. A map drawn by C.J.W. of the 'Birmingham John David Morgan: 2pp. typescript of obituary written by EAW for publication in the Journal of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (c.1961). Set of Morgan's off— prints used by EAW in preparing the obituary. Purple notebook entitled 'Ionisation Experiments 1910! containing articles published in 'The Model Imgineer and Electrician', 'Scientific American' and 'Engineering Mechanics'. 1975) describing the significance of these experiments performed by his father which he considered to be the basis of the Rank 'Xerox' process. 'Papers published after 1939! Birmingham and Midlands Institute Scientific Society: lists of members, announcements, agendas, and minutes of meetings eollected by A.A. Tomkins and given to EAW. 3 ring binder notebooks of papers and reports by EAW with ms. indexes of contents: Te ‘Personal papers published up to 1939' 10. 9 papers: 1948-60. ‘Unpublished papers to (mostly) members of Lucas organisation' The last item in the index is a lecture on the history of the Lucas organisation which was returned to HAW at his request on 4 November 1974 and not recovered after his death. Bibliography (20 pp.) of Lucas reports written by EAW during the period December 1943 to December 1959 with a covering letter from A.N. Partridge to EAW (25 October 1974). EAW's own notes and lists re his Lucas reports (5 ms. pp.) Extracted from old files in possession of EAW' (14 pp.): Photocopy of Ms. notes by EAW entitled ‘lucas Gas Turbine Work. possibly made by Dr. Watson for author of company's history. Included is EAW's letter to the Centre (27 October 1974) giving more information re research, collaborators and interests. (Dr. Watson was hoping to write more fully on this work, but died before doing so.) Photocopy of 1909 article by HAW and E.W. Marchant des— cribing observations made during tour of North America to inspect high tension transmissions systems (see Memoirs pp.63-71) tLighting in Mines': 1938 article with 3 ms. pp. of notes added by Dr. Watson in 1974. Lucas Robert Bosch by Theodor Heuss: copy of book owned by HAW including 4 typescript pp. of Dr. Watson's 'Comments on Heuss book and corrections where known to be necessary’. 2 letters re provenance of book. 'The use of fuel cells in automobiles: examination of the problems involved in the motor and transmission': 1964 paper presented to Automobile Division of the I.M.E. with extensive annotations, additions and revisions made in 1964-67. *Ignition research work carried out by the Lucas Organisation with special reference to high altitude problems': Report 5988 (1954) with 2 typescript pp. of notes added in November 1974. 1937 — 41 Items 20-22 are three folders relative to work of the Lucas organisation which EAW considered to be of special historical interest. contains reports, blueprints, charts and drawings prepared by HAW or other members of the Lucas staff. which EAW appended to the folders. 20. ‘Works internal reports on development of aircraft magnetos for high altitude and high duty work. gas turbines came in.' Note: work faded out as The descriptions given below are those Each folder ‘Wind power tests. national grid, 2) problem of storage! Abandoned due to: — 1) spread of 1947 ~ 54 'L.47 Lucas work on combustion in connection with supercharger project. of the combustion chamber from the first reverse flow type with stubpipes put forward by Whittle to the straight through B26 type forming the basis of the Derwent and Nene Engines’. This report shows the evolution