WARNER, Frederick Edward Vol3 v1

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Catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Sir Frederick Edward Warner FRS FREng (b. 1910) Section G: Correspondence Index of correspondents Volume 3 NCUACScatalogue no. 144/1/06 By Timothy E. Powell and Simon Coleman F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 SECTION G CORRESPONDENCE, G.1-G.362 1958-1997 and the business bulk correspondence his Warner appears to have retained engineering an alphabetical arrangement up to the end of the 1970s. This is in part represented by the first two sequences presented here. The alphabetical correspondence 1980s- 1990s is chiefly SCOPE related, as is much of the chronologically arranged correspondence. of in G.1-G.110 ALPHABETICAL SEQUENCE 1960s G.111-G.157 ALPHABETICALLY ARRANGED CORRESPONDENCE FILES G.158-G.185 ALPHABETICAL SEQUENCE 1980s-1990s G.186-G.329 CHRONOLOGICAL SEQUENCES G.348-G.362 G.330-G.347 MISCELLANEOUS CORRESPONDENCE REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 G.1-G.110 ALPHABETICAL SEQUENCE1960s 1958-1973 Contents of Warner’s files. The inscription on the cover has been retained in the catalogue entries. Includes incoming and carbon copies of outgoing correspondence. Much of this sequence relates to chemical engineering projects for Cremer & Warner in the 1960s, and is thus virtually the only substantive documentation of Warner's There are few extended work for exchanges, or Topics also include consultancies are rarely complete. offers of possible work, professional queries, enquiries about openingsin the company and career advice. this company. those engineering topics and on ‘A’ American Institute of Chemical Engineers Membership and publications. 1961-1966 1961, 1964- 1966 1964-1966 1962-1967 1963-1965 ‘B 1962-67’ Ba.-Bl. 1965-1967 Begg, G.A.J. Corporation. Includes Begg’s comments re Feilden Committee on engineering design, and re British Sidac Ltd. Birgi was a Turkish mining and petroleum engineer. He acted Industries Re two nitrogen fertiliser plants and other chemical engineering projects in Turkey. state-owned 1963-1964 for Turkeys’ Nitrogen Birgi, S.E. F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 Board of Trade 1962-1965 Possible chemical engineering opportunities for Cremer & Warner,principally in Turkey. Bo.-B unidentified 1963-1967 ‘C 1963-1967’ Ca.-Ch. 1963-1967 Central Office of Information Visit of ‘Scientific Personalities from France 16-26 April 1967’. J.M. Gaucheron visited Warner. Chanmugam, J. 1961-1967 Chemical and Chemists and Engineers, East Pakistan Engineering Constructions, Consulting Re Nitric acid and other industrial plants. Chanmugam worked for the Engineering Department of the International Finance Corporation in Washington DC, USA. 1963-1967 Warner spoke at the John Brown Group Engineering Collaboration Meeting Eastbourne, Sussex, 8 March 1967. at CJB House, CJB (Projects) Ltd F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd Re consulting engineer for construction of oil refinery. Cremer, H.W. 1963-1965 Correspondence to Cremer 1963-1965; information 1965, 1967. biographical Cremer was the founder of the company Cremer & Warner. R. & J. Dempster Ltd 1960-1967 1961-1967 1963-1964 Staffing requirements. G.22-G.24 Derrick, H. 1960-1966 Dixon, T.F. Chiefly personal news. Includes personal news Dixon was Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Singapore. 1960-1967 Dobson, E.Y. Career. 1962-1967 1960-1967 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 Eduljee, H.E. 1962-1965 Re depreciation of plant and machinery. Eduljee worked for Nowrosjee Wadia & Sons (Private) Ltd of Bombay,India. Edwards, H.G. G.25-G.28 G.25 1960-1962 1961-1967 1958-1967 1961-1966 Fossett, H. 1959-1965 Francombe, K.W. Nitric acid plant. Fossett was a consulting mechanical and chemical engineer. 1964-1965 Gabinete de Estudos e Representacoes Industrials (GERI, later GERINDUSTRIA) 1960-1967 1960-1967 G.29-G.31 G29 Possible collaboration with Cremer & Warner. 1963-1967 Francombe worked for Whessoe Ltd. F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 This was a Portugese company that materials to industry and acted as consulting engineers. supplied raw Glouchkow, V.L. 1962, 1965 Cooperation with Belgian companies. G.32-G.38 ‘Hy’ G.32 Hartley, Sir H. 1964-1967 Includes correspondence Institutions. re Council of Engineering Hayman, R.F. 1965-1967 Haymanwrote from the Gas Council. Hofman, H. 1962-1967 1961-1967 1964-1965 Henderson, H. Personal news. Engineering correspondence and personal news. 1958-1967 Hofman wasa Dutch engineer and a friend of Warner's. Holliday, L. 1962, 1967 1961-1967 Ho.-Hy. G.39-G.43 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 Imperial Chemical Industries 1961-1967 Miscellaneous correspondence from various departments of ICI. International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience 1961, 1967 Chiefly Egyptian students. International Superphosphate Manufacturers Association Ltd 1963-1964 Republic of lraq 1960, 1964 Invitations to tender for consulting services for textile mill contracts. 1958-1967 Julian, K.A.R. 1963, 1965 G.44, G.45 G.44 1961-1966 1961-1966 1963-1965 Plants to manufacturefertiliser in Chile and Ethiopia. Kennedy & Donkin, Consulting Engineers 1961-1967 1963-1966 G.46-G.50 G.46 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 Kestner Evaporator and Chemical Engineering Co. Ltd 1961, 1963 Correspondence 1961 re brine purification. King, R.W. 1963, 1966 King was a Consulting Chemical Engineer. Koninklijk Instituut van Ingenieurs, The Netherlands Correspondence re Warner's addressto the institute on British professional engineering institutions, The Hague, 7 December. G.51-G.57 ie G.51 Lankro Chemicals Ltd 1960-1967 1960-1966 Manufacture of formaldehyde. London and Southern Junior Gas Association Oliver Law & Partners 1966-1967 Office accommodation for Cremer & Warner. 1961-1967 Loughborough College of Technology (later University) London Chamber of Commerce 1966-1967 1961-1965 1963-1967 Lo.-Ly. Membership and meetings. F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 Re the Department of Chemical Engineering. G.58-G.66 ‘MW’ G.58 Macdonald, J.D. Career, personal news. 1958-1967 1967 McGraw-Hill Publishing Co. Inc. 1963, 1966 McLellan & Partners, Consulting Engineers 1962, 1965 Correspondence 1962 re Clean Air Act Mantle, P.M.J. 1965, 1967 1963-1967 1959-1966 Re funds of the Old Bancroftians Association. Warner was an Old Boy of Bancrofts School, Woodford Green, Essex. 1961-1967 Morton was Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University Science and Technology. Miscellaneous correspondence. of Manchester Institute for Monsanto Chemicals Ltd Morton, F. 1961-1966 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 G.67-G.70 ‘N’ G.67 Nash, P.T.G. 1961-1970 1964 Includes personal news Nash workedfor Fisons South Africa. National Coal Board 1961-1965 Correspondence with various departments. Includes 2pp typescript note on work of Cremer & Warner. Northern Advisory Council for Higher Education Visit by Warner to University of Newcastle upon Tyne, May. Gi7Al Gi72 ‘©; G.73-G.77 1961-1972 1962-1967 1962-1965 G.71 O'Donnell, J.P. O'Donnell was Professor of Chemical Engineering at University College Dublin. Includes correspondence 1962 re nitrogenous fertiliser manufacture, and visit by Warner to Dublin, 1963. 1961-1966 Chiefly re activities of the Process Engineering Group of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Osola workedfor Fibreglass Ltd. Osola, V.J. 1966-1967 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 Paxton, J. Paxton wasa freelance economic consultant. Pechiney, Electrometallurgiques Compagnie Advice on law case. de Produits Chimiques et Preston, W. Includes correspondence re acid concentration plant. 1961-1965 1961-1965 1961-1966 Preston was a chemical engineer. G.78-G.84 ‘R’ Randall, D.G. 1961-1970 1961-1966 G.78 Raistrick, B. Raistrick worked for Associated Chemical Companies Ltd. 1964-1965 Randall was Technical Director of Hydronyl Ltd. Re performance of‘packed towers’. Rickles, R.N. Re engineering contacts. 1961-1967 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 Rickles was an American colleague. RoachBridge Paper Co. Ltd Chiefly re problems with effluent plant. Ru.-R. unidentified G.85-G.95 ‘S G.85 ‘Sainsbury Report’ 1961-1973 1962, 1965, 1973 1958-1968 1966-1967 Warner and D. Train gave evidence to the Sainsbury Committee of the Pharmaceutical Industry with the National Health Service, on behalf of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. Relationship Enquiry into the of 1964-1967 in UK for Indian Saklatvala, B.S. Postings engineers. chemists and chemical Saklatvala worked for Tata Ltd. 1965-1966 the Includes discussion of 7th July 1965’ on work done during his Chiefly re aluminium and alumina production. Shillito, D.E. Shillito’s typescript ‘Notes following 1959-1967 1967-1968 Schon, F. Re career. F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 sandwich course. 1961-1967 1963-1967 Skou, C.C. Includes correspondence 1965 re octane ratings of petrol. Skou Middlesbrough. was~ an_ industrial consultant based in Soundararajan & Co. Ltd Manufacture of chemicals from sea-water. This company wasbased in Madras, India. 1962-1967 1962-1966 1961-1966 St.-Sy. Sulphur Institute Includes correspondence re nitrophosphates, 1964-1966, and Institute literature. The Sulphur Institute was an international, non-profit organization supported by the world’s sulphur industry to promote the production and consumption of sulphur and good practice in relation to its handling. 1962-1967 Includes 2pp typescript of Warner’s review of Swindin’s book Engineering Without Wheels (1962). Swindin, N. 1958-1965 G.97-G.102 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 Underwood, A.J.V. 1965, 1967 Chiefly re use of term ‘fringe industries’. Underwood was a Consulting Chemical Engineer. United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority 1962-1967 Correspondence 1967 re Committee of Pressure Vessels Enquiry on University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire Correspondence Mechanical Engineering. with S.P. Hutton, Professor of University College of Swansea 1964-1967 Correspondence with Chemical Engineering. J.F. Richardson, Professor of G.103 1963-1966 G.103, G.104 ie members of the Chemical University of Birmingham Correspondence Engineering Department. with 1966, 1967 Meetings of the Process Engineering Group of the VDI, 1966 and 1967. Verfahrenstechnische Gesellschaft im Verein Deutscher Ingenieure Includes photograph of Warner. 1962-1967 1963-1967 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 Vukovic, D.V. 1963, 1966 Vukovic was a Yugoslav chemical engineer who wished to come to the UK to study for his Ph.D. G.105-G.109 W’ 1962-1967 G.105 Warren Spring Laboratory, Stevenage, Hertfordshire 1966, 1967 Work of Chemical Engineering Department. Windebank, C.S. Chiefly re Engineers. business of the Institution of Chemical 1963-1967 1966-1967 Wi.-Wy. 1962-1967 1962-1967 Windebank workedfor Esso Petroleum Ltd in London. Working Men’s College, London Warner was an Educational Adviser to the College. 1960-1980 These groups of folders), arranged by correspondent, were found individually or in short sequencesof two or three correspondents and notin a single series. They have been brought together for ease of late 1960s suggesting they followed on from that presented at G.1- ALPHABETICALLY ARRANGED CORRESPONDENCE FILES letters (mostly in labelled reference. Many start in the G.111-G.157 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 and carbon copies of outgoing G.110 above. Includes correspondence. incoming Arthur, D.R. Work on tubificids in the Thamesestuary. Arthur was Head of the Zoology Department at King’s College London. Ashby, E.A. 1973, LOL. Ashbywrites as Master of Clare College Cambridge. Balls, B.W. 1970-1973 Includes papersby Balls sent to Warner for interest. Barbieux wasa French colleague. Gals; Gale Bhiwandiwalla, A.H., P.A. and D.A. 2 folders. with Barbieux, M. 1968-1971 Balls was a chemical engineer working until 1973 for Foxboro-Yoxall Ltd. 1968-1979 A.H. Bhiwandiwalla was an Indian colleague. He, his wife Perin and son Dosu became good friends the Warners and much of the correspondencereflects this. Re research proposal ‘Industry and the Environment: the costof pollution’. Bidwell, R. O’N. F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 Bono, E. de 1971-1973 Includes de Bono’s proposal for a Cognitive Research Centre (see C.33). Bott, T.R. 1971-1974 Bott was Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Birmingham University. Braybrook, F.H. Chiefly personal news. 1971-1972 Braybrook was a chemical engineer working with Shell. Broadbent, W.B. 1968-1972 Broadbent worked for British Salt Ltd. Brook, L. 1969-1973 Brown, T.J. 19/1, 1972 worked at the Atomic Weapons’ Research Brook worked for Simon Engineering Ltd. Miscellaneous topics, including personal correspondence. Brown Establishment, Aldermaston, Reading. Education. the Includes Nationales Fédération d'Ingénieurs and the American Society for Engineering correspondence Européenne’ relations re d’Associations Chanmugam, J. Chiefly personal news. Collins, W.L. 1969-1972 between F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 Collins was Executive Secretary Emeritus of the American Society for Engineering Education. Cremer, H.W. 1967-1970 Mostly posthumous correspondence. Includes Warner’s obituary of Cremer for Chemistry In Britain, 1970, and other obituaries. Mason, Frank G.127, G.128 Newton, L. 1968-1977 2 folders. Lily Newton wasProfessor of Botany at University College Aberystywth. She acted as a consultant for Cremer & Warner and became a friend of the Warners. Prince, A.J. G.129-G.140 Contents of two folders labelled ‘A.J. Prince, 1960-1966 inclusive’ and ‘Mr A.J. Prince Jan. 1967’. The second in fact contained only correspondence 1972-1977. Following a career with ICI, in 1959 Prince established himself as a Consultant in chemical engineering. Cremer & Warner wasone of the concerns for which he acted. His work was mainly conducted overseas and the great bulk of the correspondence from Prince is from overseas locations, including the West Indies, Egypt, Turkey, and Portugal, as well as his home in France. 1960-1977 G.129-G.138 ‘1960-1966’ Correspondence includes Cremer & Warner contracts, chemical other companies and possible commercial possibilities, as well as personal and social news. engineering questions, relations with 10 folders. F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 G.139, G.140 ‘1967’ 1972-1977 Chiefly personal news. 2 folders. Prince, R.G.H. Prince was Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Sydney, Australia. Includes correspondence with R.M. Pitblado, also of the Sydney Chemical Engineering Department. 1974-1976, 1980 Salomon, J.M. 1967-1968 Salomon wasa South African chemical engineer. G.143-G.145 Scott, T.R. 1962-1969 3 folders. Szekely, J. 8 folders. Institution of Mechanical Smiter, H.W.J. Scott was a Consultant for Cremer & Warner. Obituary Engineers, 2pp typescript. by Warner for Much of the correspondence relatesto visits to the Middle East by Scott. Includes notes on salt refining in Turkey (1962). 1964-1970 Szekely was a Hungarian-born chemical engineer, initially at Imperial College London, later at the State University of New Yorkat Buffalo. Re career, progress and personal news. possible collaborative work, research in G.147-G.154 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 Tailor, J.P. 1969-1970 Tailor was a Director of Tailor Process Engineering Ltd. Thorp, H.W. 1967-1968 Thorp was a consulting chemical engineer. He undertook work for Cremer & Warner. Tow, D.J. 1971-1972 Chiefly re contract work in Libya and Indonesia. Tow worked for Scientific Design Co. Ltd, London. G.158-G.185 ALPHABETICAL SEQUENCE1980s-1990s 1986-1994 G.158-G.167 ApSimon, H.M. 1986-1994 ApSimon wasbased at Imperial College London. bundles The great bulk is incoming letters, only a few outgoing letters from Warner. The material comprises of correspondence arranged in an alphabetical sequence by correspondent. There is a great variety of sizes, with some bundles comprising only one letter, others more substantial, being subdivided by year. Much of it relates to work on the SCOPE ENUWAR, RADPATH and RADTESTprojects. Includes EURASAP and Chernobyl! fall-out. Includes correspondence re new European Association for the Science of Air Pollution (EURASAP). ‘1986’ ‘1987’ F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 ‘1988’ ENUWAR workshop; report on visits to Hungary and Poland to investigate air pollution. G.161-G.163 ‘1989’ Air pollution issues, including reports on visits to Eastern Europe. G.163 is ApSimon’s final report ‘Air Pollution in Eastern Europe’. 3 folders. G.164, G.165 ‘1990’ Chiefly re RADPATH. 2 folders. 1992-1994 B. Bromley, 1985. Bell, J.N.B., 1989. Bradley, S.B., 1989. 1985, 1989 DF: Devell, L. Doodge, J.C.I. Finucane, B. F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 Farquhar,J.T. Pollution dangers from heavy metals. Gittus, J.H. Effects of small radiation doses. Gudiksen, P.H. G.172-G.174 Harwell, M.A. 1987-1991 Chiefly re ENUWAR. Harwell was based at Cornell University, moving to the University of Miami in 1991. ‘Dec. 1987’ Annual Report of Cornell ENUWAR Unit, 1987. 2 folders. Chiefly re radiation effects on water supplies relating to ENUWAR. GA76; GaAl7i7 Naidu, J.R. Lambert, C.E. Kel Kempe, S. Knill, J. 1983-1989 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 Robinson, W.S. Sagan, C. Gallery proof of ‘A Path Where No Man Thought: nuclear winter and the end of the arms race’ by Sagan and R. Turco. Symons, M.C.R. Tucker,A. 1988, 1989 Tucker wasscience editor of the Guardian newspaper. White, G.F. 1989, 1990 1990, 1991 White Emeritus of Geography at the University of Colorado. Distinguished Gustavson was the Professor Williams, M. Wilkinson, W.L. Cooperation between IUPAC and RADPATH. Wilkinson was Deputy Chief Executive of British Nuclear Fuels plc. Woodhead, D.S., 1990. Williams was Executive Secretary of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. Williamson, M., 1989. W. 1989, 1990 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 G.186-G.329 CHRONOLOGICAL SEQUENCES 1977, 1980- 1997 This subsection comprises a number of chronological sequencesof correspondence. G.186-G.193 ‘FEW CHRONS: From 1st May 1977’ G.194-G.226 Blue copies G.227-G.329 Later chronological sequence G.186-G.193 ‘FEW CHRONS: From 1st May 1977’ Contents of folder so labelled: carbon copies (and a few photocopies) Includes letters re Open University business, the Windscale Inquiry, Cremer & Warner, invitations accepted and declined. of outgoing correspondence. May July August November September October F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 December G.194-G.226 ‘Blue copies’ 1980-1986 of blue paper outgoing An accompanying note copies made on Carbon correspondence 1980-1986. explained: ‘These are copies of FEW correspondence which may be related general activities such as contributory papers to journals and membership of organizations’. follow from projects specific but to Subjects range from Cremer & Warner and other consultancy business, the Royal Society Study Group on Risk, British Standards Institution and other society and committee work, SCOPE, invitations to functions and conferences, domestic matters, personal news etc. There are some abstracts of lectures and short publications (letters for publication). 1980 G.194 January May-July G.194-G.198 February-April January-February October-December August-September G.199-G.203 G.199 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 March-May June-July August-September October-December G.204-G.208 1982 G.204 January-February March-May June-July G.209-G.216 1983 October-December August-September April G.209 January February-March F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 May June-July August September-October November-December G.217-G.222 1984 G.217 January-February March-April May-July August September-October March-April November-December G.223-G.226 1985-1986 G.223 January-February F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 May-June July-January 1985-1986 G.227-G.329 Later chronological sequence 1983-1997 This is chiefly incoming correspondence(including faxes and printed-out emails) from the 1980s and 1980s, with photo- and carbon copiesof replies. Subjects are principally the SCOPE projects, Institute of Quality Assurance, Council of Science and Technology Institute, invitations to meetings and lectures. Later 1990s material is principally Warner's communciations byletter, fax and email with the SCOPE office. 1983 January-March April-May June-August January-May June-September October-December F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 September-October November December January-February March-May July August December January October September February November F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 July August September-October January February November-December July May-June F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 August September October G.266, G.267 November 2 folders. December January February-April May-June July-August September-October April-June November-December January-March F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 July-September October-December January-February March-April May-July August-October November-December April May-June January-February September August F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 October November December January-February March-April June-August September October January-March November-December 2 folders. G.303, G.304 September May-July August F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 October November December January February July August November September October F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 December G.320, G.321 January 2 folders. February July August September 1969-1971 Correspondence found loose. The material appears to include fragments of other sequences which it has not been possible to reconstruct. 1958-1996 G.330-G.347 MISCELLANEOUS CORRESPONDENCE F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 Condliffe, D.F. 1969-1971 Condliffe worked for Yorkshire Imperial Plastics Ltd. Congreve, A. Congreve was chairman of Humphreys & Glasgow Ltd, chemical plant manufacturers. Danckwerts, P.V. 1964-1968 Danckwerts was Shell Professor of Chemical Engineering at Cambridge. Derwas, J.L. 1970-1973 Derwas was an Australian colleague working for Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners. Jones, H. 1969-1970 Green, C.H. 1983-1985 Correspondence rerisk. Green worked for the Flood Hazard Research Centre at Middlesex Polytechnic. Correspondencearising from visit by Jones to the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, San Francisco. 1958-1996 Sir Henry Jones was Chairman of the Gas Council. Re annual Manufacturers Association. dinner of Miscellaneous correspondence arranged chronologically the British Chemical Plant Thomas, B.E.A. G.338-G.347 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 G.338-G.347 1958-1969 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 1972-1975 1976-1979 1980-1983 1984-1985 1986-1989 1990-1995 1996 Chiefly re radon in housesin the UK. 1979-1986 REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS G.348-G.353 Appointments G.348 1966-1972 1966-1996 1966-1996 G.348-G.362 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Correspondence, G.1-G.362 1987-1988 G.351, G.352 1990 2 folders. 1992, 1996 G.354, G.355 Honours and awards 1968-1996 G.354 1968-1988 1993-1996 1991-1996 G.356-G.359 G.356 1991, 1992 G.357, G.358 1993 Leverhulme Trust 1988, 1996 Higher degrees 1988, 1992 1985, 1995 2 folders. 1994, 1996 Other grants Miscellaneous F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS AARKOG, Asker ACADEMIA SINICA, TAIWAN B.686 Bil5 ACADEMICA MEXICANADE INGENIERIA C.108, G.274, G.277, G.278, G.295 ACADEMYOF SCIENCES OF THE USSR B.489, B.490, B.491A ACHESON, Sir Donald ACKERMAN, Thomas Peter ADAMS, Ged E. ADAMSON, Sir Colin ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON PROTECTION OF THE SEA ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON THE WELLCOME MARINE LABORATORY C.87, C.412, C.414, C.425, G.252 B.107-B.111, B.193, B.201, B.224, B.348, B.376, G.224 B.602, F.249, F.268 C.3 C.1 C2 AEROSOL SOCIETY B.228, B.229, B.231 AFA GROUP AGIUS, Peter J. ALDOUS, A.F. AMBIO ALEKSANDROV,[?] G.2 B.388 A.164 AKHTAR, Muhammed AGULNIK, Elisabeth Jean A.152 B.734 B.106 ALESSANDRO, Guillaume AGGARWAL, Pramod Kumar AITKEN, Jonathan William Patrick BAA, G218 B.236, C.318, F.108, G.344 F.45 G.220 B.863 ALLEN, William ALLOTT, Rob AMBROSE, Eric B.688, B.689 G2 ALEXANDER, Erxsi ALLEN, Sir Geoffrey G.2 B.14 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents AMERICAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION B.172 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS C4, C.7, C185) F.AnGa AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS AMES, Bruce Nathan ANDREADIS,Stratis G. 525; B.756, F.250 G.338 ANDREW W. MELLON FOUNDATION B.5, B.11, B.69, B.425, G.219 ANDREWS, David ANNAN, Noel Gilroy, Baron ANSPAUGH, Lynn R. ANTONI, Ferenc ANTWERPEN, F.J. van C.376 D.50 B.756, B.757, B.774, B.791, B.794, B.959, B.981, B.982, B.1074-B.1078 B.112, B.194, G.238 A.171, G.1, G.193, G.199, G.338 APE ELETTROCHIMICA LIGURE G.2 APSIMON, Helen Mary APPLEBY,Linda Joy APV HOLDINGS ARMSTRONG, W. Denys Section B passim C.463-C.471, C.486, C.490, C.499, C.506 A.127, B.41A, B.231, B.348, B.388, B.435, B.491A, B.492, B.515, B.516, B.518, B.534, B.560, B.569, B.657, B.732, B.797, B.799, C.106 G.158-G.167, G.232, G.233, G.236, G.239, G.241, G.242, G.246, G.248- G.250, G.253, G.257, G.262, G.266, G.267, G.271, G.294, G.345 C.414, C.426, C.494, C.499 ARTHUR GUINNESS SON & CO. (DUBLIN) LTD G.338 G.275 F.268 G.200-G.209, G.211, G.213, G.219 ARTHUR, Don R. ASHBY, Eric, Baron ARNOLD, JacquesA. ARRAND, Janet E. C.36, C.59, C.322, C.364, G.112 F.65 Gag ASHWORTH, Sir John Michael F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents ASSOCIATED NUCLEAR SERVICES G.252 ASSOCIATION FOR SCIENCE EDUCATION G.231, G.344 ASSOCIATION OF CONSULTING SCIENTISTS C.62 ATIYAH, Sir Michael Francis C.88, C.91, C.96, G.297 ATKINSON, Bernard ATOM ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY TECHNOLOGY ATOMIC WEAPONS ESTABLISHMENT, ALDERMASTON AUERBACH, S.I. AUSTRALIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES AWA, Akio AYLEN, lan G. C.186 G.210 G.269 B.766, B.771, B.792, B.1103, B.lA27 B.517, B.615, B.791 G.195 B.758 C.54 C.146, C.148 BAKER, Neil BAKHTIAR, Abbas BALDWIN, P.L. BAGGS, Albert BAILEY, John B. BAILIFF, lan K. BAKER, F.W.G. B.1150 B.297 G.327 G.219 G.328 BADGER ENGINEERS AND CONSTRUCTORS INC. G.2820 BANCROFTS SCHOOL, WOODFORD GREEN, ESSEX BALLS, Basil William BALONOV, Michael G.113 B.1072 BARBER, Arthur C. A.139-A.143 C.120 G.3, G.114 BARBIEUX, Max BARKER, A. G.3 F.32 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 BARKER, Evelyne BARLOW, Sir William BASSETT, Isabel BATSTONE, Roger J. BATTISTA, Emilio BATZEL, Roger E. BAUER, Susanne BECKERMAN, Wilfred BEEBY, George H. BEECHEY,Joan BEEK, Wiero Jan BEGG, George A. J. BELL,J. Nigel B. Index of correspondents B.982 :250 C.184 G.189, G.190, G.345 F.39 B.732, B.733 B.1098 G.280 C.60 G.345 F.159, G.234 G.4 B.515, B.664, G.168 BENNETT, Burton G. BENSON, Harry Peter Neville BEZUNEH, Taye BENSON, Henry Alexander, Baron BENNETT, P.A. G.267 BENARD, Jacques BENN, Anthony Wedgwood B.113, G.214, G.215 C.49, C.182, G.191 B.775, B.795, B.797-B.799, B.1123, B.1124, C.342 A.173, C.245, C.247-C.248, C.250- C.252; C.255; ©.257G:186;,G.187. G.190-G.193 Bio, 5.3/6 BETTER ENVIRONMENT AWARDS FOR INDUSTRY G 25276274 BEVERTON, Raymond John Heaphy B.205, B.238, G.198, G.344 B15; Bi2297 3 573,731, G.215, G.237 G.188, G.203, G.204 B.113, B.388 BERGER, A. BERGSTROM, SuneK.D. BERRY,Sir Michael Victor BERRY, Robert James (‘Sam’) B.228 G.286, G.287 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents BHIWANDIWALLA, Ardeshir Hormasji BHIWANDIWALLA,Dosu A. BHIWANDIWALLA, Perin A. BICHAN, H. Roy BIDE, A.E. BIDWELL, Robin O’N. BIGG, E. Keith BILLER, Stephen MEP BING, Geroge F. BIOTECHNA LTD BIRGI, Sehap E. A.169, A.170, A.175, G.115, G.116, G.216 A.186, G.115, G.116, G.205, G.208, G.216 A.170, A.173, A.176, A.177, A.180, G'115; G.116, Gi219;G.223 C.120, C.122, C.123 G.3 Geis 7, G.225, G.230 C.300, C.301, G.203 B.149 G.278 G'S BLUNSDEN, A.B. (‘John’) BODEN, Eric BOLIN, Bert BOOTHBY, Derek B.602, G.210, G.256 G.3 G.3 F.34 BONDI, Sir Hermann BONNE, Arnold B.1108, G.298 B.113, B.243, B.388 BIRRAUX, Claude BLISS, Lawrence C. BLUNDELL, L.W. BODMER,, Sir Walter Fred BAt109) B1111;,Gz279 B.727, B.730, B.732, B.737, B.762, B.769, B.790, B.943, B.1064, A.164, A.178, C.33, E.31, E.32, Gi118) Ga95; G:202 BOROUGH POLYTECHNIC, LONDON BONO, Edward Francis Charles Publius de B.75, B.129, C.364, G.213 B.116 B.753 BOTT, T. Reg BOURDEAU, Philippe B.114 G.7 G.101, G.119 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 BOURTON, K. BOUVILLE, André Index of correspondents Gi B.774, B.791, B.792, B.795, B.951, B.954, B.962, B.1009, B.1070, B.1072, B.1080-B.1084, B.1085, B.1087, B.1088, B.1120 BOWDEN, Keith Gordon BOWDEN, Bertram Vivian, Baron BOWIE, Stanley Hay Umphray G.270 G.65 C2575 BRADLEY, Stephen B. B.515, G.168 BRADSHAW, Anthony David C.304, F.77, F.185, F.187, F.189, G.254, G.257, G.260 BRAYBROOK,F.H. BREARLEY, George BREUER, Georg G.120 D.23 B.113 F.149, F.239, G.189, G.192 F.32 F152 G.269 BREWER, David BRIDGES, Jim W. BRIDGEWATER, John BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION C.3, G.193-G.199, G.202, G.204- G.212, G.214, G.216-G.218, G.220, G.224, G.240, G.253 BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE C.18, D.22, G.338 BRITISH CHEMICAL PLANT MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION A.161, B.239, B.771, B.774, B.776, G.264, G.276 BRITISH HYDROMECHANICS RESEARCH ASSOCIATION BRITISH BICENTENNIAL LIAISON COMMITTEE B.1158 B.226 C.4-C.18 G.7, G.337 BBC ESSEX BBC SCIENCE UNIT BRITISH COUNCIL BRITISH GEOLOGICAL SURVEY G.263, G.264 G.347 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION C.413, C.414, C.417 BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL BRITISH NATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR INTERNATIONAL GEOSPHERE-BIOSPHERE PROGRAMME BRITISH NUCLEAR FUELS PLC B.751A B.575 B.1133, C.19-C.24, C.574, G.284, G.294, G.295, G.299 BRITISH NUTRITION FOUNDATION C.463 BRITISH QUALITY ASSOCIATION C.25, G.221, G.248, G.263 BRITISH STANDARDSINSTITUTION A.91, A.163, C.26-C.30, C.97, C.114, C.143, C.340, C.427, C.428, D.124, F.49, G.188, G.200-G.202, G.204- G.217, G.222, G.244, G.257, G.260, G.280, G.295, G.343 See also A.202-A.204 BRITISH TECHNOLOGY GROUP PLC BROADBENT, W.B. G.279 G.121 B.283, G.168 G.253, G.254 BROWN, Trevor J. BROWNING, Keith A. B.238, B.534, B.1162 C.579, G.256, G.257 BROMLEY,John BROOK, Leopold BROWN, J.C. G.122 G.7 G23 BROWN, Sir Raymond Frederick BUILDING RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT BUCK,Sir (Philip) Antony (Fyson) G.262, G.265-G.267 BURGEN, Sir Arnold Stanley Vincent C.376 F.249 G.223 C.417, C.520 B.238, G.343 B.776, B.792-B.794, B.1098 BULDAKOV, Lev BULE: J:R: BUNYAN, Peter John BURCHEKIN, F.M. BUD, Robert BURGESS, A.R. G.285, G.287 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 BURKE, Phil G. BURKART, Werner BUSH, Alan Index of correspondents C.499 B.1087, B.1090, B.1092, B.1094- B.1096, B.1098 A.82, A.174 See also A.65-A.67, A.78 BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY ADVISORY COMMITTEE G7 BUTLER, G.C. BUTLER, P. Jonathan G. BUUS, Nils P. B.118, G.216 F.268 G.7 CABOT CORPORATION C.142, C.145 CALDERBANK,P.H. CALLARD, E. Jack G.189 C.184 CARL,Paul B.428, B.576, G.238 A.83 B.685 B.120. G.219, G.223, G.238 C.142, C.144 CALMET, Dominique B.517, B.747 CARLESS CAPEL & LEONARD G.237 B.248 F:251 COLCHESTER AND DISTRICT CND CAMPBELL, Sir (Alexander) Colin (Patton) CARNEGIE CORPORATION OF NEW YORK CAMPAIGN FOR NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT CARIBBEAN INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE B.121, B.206, B.231, B.242, B.388, B.1162, G.276 G.330 B.1236 D.28 B.1199 B.1162 CARTY, P. CASSAL, Victor CARPENTER, Roy CARRIER, George F. CARTER, Sir John CARTER, William G. (‘Bill’) CARTER, William R. F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents CASTRI, Francesco di CATALYST. THE MUSEUM OF THE CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CATALYSTS’ CLUB B.490 C.31 C.32 CENTER ON THE CONSEQUENCES OF NUCLEAR WAR, USA B.205, B.225, B.226, B.237 CENTRAL ELECTRICITY GENERATING BOARD C.574, C.575, G.8 CENTRE D’ESTUDIS AVANCATS DE BLANES CESS, Robert Donald CHADHA,M.S. CHADWICK,Ken H. CHAMBERLAIN, Arthur C. CHAMBERLAIN, N. CHAMP, Douglas G.253, G.254 B.196, B.200 F.178 F.250-F.252, F.254, F.268, F.273 B.118, B.196, B.268, B.534, B.745, B.746, B.761, B.762, G.219 G.291, G.292 B.791-B.793, B.1076, B.1130- B.1132, G.324 CHAVES, P. de Matos CHARLES, M. E. CHARMASSON, Sabine G.10, G.124 G.276 B.516 ES R26 CHANMUGAM, Jayarajan (‘Rajan’) CHAPMAN& HALL, PUBLISHERS CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF ARBITRATORS C.199, G.272 CHARTERED INSTITUTION OF BUILDING SERVICES ENGINEERS E.47, G.200, G.218 CHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTIONS, CONSULTING CHEMISTS AND ENGINEERS, EAST PAKISTAN CHEMICAL AND INDUSTRIAL CONSULTANTS, PAKISTAN G.8 G.186, G.188, G.198, G.199, G.202 C.122 G.30 Ga CHELSEA PHYSIC GARDEN CHEMICAL BUSINESS CHEMICAL CLUB CHEMICAL ENGINEER F178; E183; G.268 A.123 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents CHEMICAL ENGINEERING PROGRESS CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SYNDICATE CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION LTD CHEMICONSULT, ARGENTINA C.153 C.84 D.13 G.339 CHEMISTRY AND INDUSTRY E17 Ealn2 CHEMISTRY IN BRITAIN CHETWIN, Derek CHIASSON, Edward C. CHIDAMBARAM, R. CHURCH, Bruce W. CHURCH OF ENGLAND B.233, G.305, G.306, G.312, G.346 G.289 A.179, A.180, A.185, G.259, G.268, G.270 B.1117 B.740, B.741, B.869 BOARD FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY C.506, G.222 A.124-A.136, G.219, G.222 CLARKE, Patricia Hannah CIBA FOUNDATION CIGNA,[?] CJB (PROJECTS) LTD CLACTON GAZETTE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND CHELMSFORD DIOCESE C.506 B.229 B57 A.144-A.146, G.218-G.223, G.226 ST JAMES CHURCH, BRIGHTLINGSEA COMMITTEE ON CHURCH AND NATION B.944, B.947-B.949, F.250, G.315 B.239, G.194, G.210, G.212, G.213 G.254 C.305 G.282 G.12 G.270 G.262 G.13 CLARK,J.A. CLARK,Leslie CLARK,Michael CLARKE, Bryan C. CLARK, Robert Bernard CLARKE, Roger H. F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents CLARRICOATS, P.J.B. CLAY, Sir Henry Felix CLAYTON, Dame Barbara Evelyn CLAYTON, Keith Martin CLAYTON, Rolf CLEMENT, Charles F. CLIFT, Roland CLOGENSON, Georges COATES, Sir Eric COATES, W.H. COGGAN, David COGNITIVE RESEARCH TRUST G.239 G.60 F.268, F.273-F.275 C.554, C.557, G.261 G.262, G.270 B.204, B.240 G.343 E279 A.85 G.13 F.250, F.268 C33 See also G.118. COLBECK, lan COLES, Nick G. COLLEGE OF ESTATE MANAGEMENT COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES G.312 GaAli25 G.85 B.1165, G.296, G.305, G.306 B.225 G.261, G.262 COLLIER, John Gordon COLLINS, W. Leighton COHEN, A. COHEN, Adrian Victor A.127, C.157, C.337, C.341, C.342A, G.343, G.344 B.486, C.574. C.575, C.578,C.579, 200; e2on G.252-G.254, G.263, G.345 COMMITTEE OF ENQUIRY INTO THE RELATIONSHIP OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY WITH THE NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE COMMITTEE ON THE PUBLIC UNDERSTANDING OF SCIENCE COMMONWEALTH SCIENCE COUNCIL F.163-F.167, F.178, F.182, F.184, B.577-B.581, B.1021, B.1153, G.260, G.267, G.297 C.415, C.417, F.212 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents CONDLIFFE, DannyF. CONGREVE, Ambrose G.331 A.161, G.332 CONN, Irene S. FARKAS- F.120, F.126, G.345 CONNOR, John THE CONSULTING ENGINEER CONWAY, H.G. COOK,lan D. COOK,Sir James Wilfrid COOKE, George C. CO-OPERATIVE WHOLESALE SOCIETY LTD CORNFORTH, Sir John Warcup COTES, John E. COTTON, Charles G.13 A.8 C.184 G.339 C.311,-6.312:.F.64 B.240 G.14 C.576 G.345 F.186 B.119, B.120, B.388 COULSTON, D.J. COUNCIL FOR THE PROTECTION OF RURAL WALES COUNCIL OF ENGINEERING INSTITUTIONS COTTON, William R. COUGHTREY,Peter J. B.491A, B.502, B.516, B.518, B.519, B.621, B.661, B.664, B.668, B.671, B:673, B°735, B.752, B:753, B.758, B.761, B.762, B.778, B.791, B.792, B.797, B.799, B.864, B.928, B.944, B.982-B.984, B.1008, B.1070, B.1079-B.1084, G.294, G.301, G.318 See also B.779 B.240 A165; ,C.78; G79: Bal7\F.227. G.253, G.263, G.265, G.280 COUNCIL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTES COUNTY SURVEYORS’ SOCIETY C.131, C.132, C.136 COUNTER, Kenneth N.S. C.250 G.295 G.193 G.37-Ci7/7, F387 E40 See also C.81 COUSINS, Steven Holway F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 COX, Sir David Roxbee COX, John COX, John |. COX, Jon COX, Roger CRAFER, G.J.T. CRANFIELD INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY CREMER & WARNER CREMER, Herbert William CREMER, RichardJ. CROCKER, V.S. CROSSLAND, Sir Bernard Index of correspondents C.87, C.88, C.417, C.429-C.432, C.489, C.490, C.493, C.494, C.499, C.500, C.504, C.505 G.341 B.1162 B.237 F.269 G.13 A.177 A.91-A.95, G.70, G.194-G.222, G.224, G.253, G.264, G.341, G.343, C.225-C 227, C.232;6.552)'G.15; G.126 G.126 B.487, B.573 CROWTHER, Michael P. BRETT- CRUMPTON, Michael J. CRUTZEN, Paul Josef CROSSMAN, Richard Howard Stafford C.232 A.176, A.181, B.235, B.251, G.248, G.344 A.183, C.87, C.88, C.91, C.114, C120; G:122).63123; G25, 6.126, C.134, C.136, C.157, C.414, C.418, C.420, C.433, C.434, C.483, C.489- C.491, C.504, C.506, F.242, F.274, G.259, G.301 37 B.121, B.193, B.212, B.232, B.347, B.348, B.376, B.388, B.490, B.534, B.1157-B.1162, G.220, G.222, G.250 B.491A G.230 G.299 CUER, Pierre CULLEN, E. John CRUZADO, Antonio CSIZMADIA, Imre G. F.269, G.346 F.249, G.262 CUMMINGS, Don H. F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 CUNHA,Luis Veiga da CUNNINGHAM, John A. CUSHING, David Henry DAILY TELEGRAPH DAINTON, Frederick Sydney, Baron D’ALESSANDRO, G. DALLAS, M.F. DALYELL, Tam DANCKWERTS, Peter Victor DARTON, R.C. Index of correspondents B.730, B.731, B.755, B.756, B.769, B.771-B.773, B.795, B.859, B.863- B.866, B.874, B.875, B.886, B.894, B.929, B.935, B.1108, G.305, G.317, G.324 G.216, G.274 B.237, B.240 G.210, G.286 G.222 See ALESSANDRO G.16 B.1162, G.278-G.280 G.333 G.290 C.84, G.340 DAUGHTREY, Roger G.257, G.258 G.16 DARUVALLA, D.N. DASGUPTA, A.K. DAYAN, Arthur D. DEGENS, Egon T. DAVIES, Neil V. DAWSON, O. G.340 G.341 G.297 DAVIDSON, John Frank B.735, G.294, G.297, G.306 DAVIES, Sir David Evan Naunton B.518, B.768 DENBIGH, Kenneth George B.168 B.241 B.252 C.467, C.468, C.471 G.18 G.334 G.215 DERRICK,Hilda DERWAS, John L. DEMBITZER, Benny DESIGN COUNCIL DESMET, G. F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents DEVELL, Lennart DIEREN, Wouter van DILWORTH, Jon DING Yihui DITCHBURN, Robert William DIXON, Theodore F. DOBSON, Edward Young DOLL,Sir (William) Richard (Shaboe) B.610, B.657, G.169 153; F159 B.1225 B.169 B.123, B.174, B.197, G.221, G.224 See also B.232 G.19 G.21 A.163, A.185, B.723, C.87, C.88, C.326, C.331, C336, C.339, C.340, C.341, C.343, C.344, C.347, C.490, F.249, F.250, F.252, F.269, G.210, G.211 See also A.151. DONNELLY,R. Paul G.341 DOUBLEDAY, John DUNSTER, H. John EAST ANGLIAN DAILY TIMES THE ECONOMIST B.187, B.188, B.205, G.224, G.231 B.487, B.503A, G.169 B.122, B.237 G.275 G.341 G.341 DOOGE, J.C.1. DOOS, Bo Richard DOTTO, Lydia DUFFIELD, Peter DUGDALE, John R.S. DOUGLAS, Mary DOURY,André B.733, B.772, B.779, B.1009, Bi111051B:11725;G:326 A.165, A.169, A.182, A.187, B.728, G.285 C.340, G.343 THE ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNIT DUMMETT,G. A.(‘Tony’) C.518, G.20 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 EDEN; G:E. EDLEY,Michael T. EDULGEE; ELE. Index of correspondents EDWARD ARNOLD (PUBLISHERS) LTD EDWARDS, Harold D. EDWARDS, John Hilton EDWARDS, Rob ELLIS, S.R.M. ELMS, David G. ELSOM, Derek M. ENGINEERING APPLIANCES LTD C.227 B.569 A.166, G.22 G.341 G.23 B.112, B:192; B.236; B:298, B:727, G.216, G.217, G.235-G.237, G.249, G.281, G.287, G.345 B.982 G.101 G.294 B.239 C.149 ENGINEERING COUNCIL C.118, G.209, G.210 ENVIRONMENT ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD ESSO PETROLEUM CoO. LTD EUREKA POLICY GROUP B.231, B.235, G.250, G.309, G.311 EPSTEIN, Sir (Michael) Anthony C.306, G.297, G.298 ENVIRONMENTAL MATTERS LTD G.268, G.272 ENGINEERING EMPLOYERS’ FEDERATION G.232 C.225 G.278 C.106 EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE SCIENCE OF AIR POLLUTION G.24 ‘EXSUD’ SOUTH AMERICAN MINERALS & PRODUCTS Co. LTD EUROPEAN CENTRE FOR POLLUTION RESEARCH EXPLOSIVES & CHEMICAL PRODUCTS LTD C.78, F.186 Gi2517G 5252 EVANS, Charles EVANS, Trevor EVEREST, David A. C.85 C.106A G.24 G.24 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 EXXON CORPORATION EZRA, Derek, Baron FAIRCLOUGH, Anthony John FARMER, Frank Reginald FARQUHAR, JamesT. FARRINGTON, John W. FARWELL, W.R. Index of correspondents B.13, B.14, G.226 G.210 C.322, C.326, C.330, C.331, C.363, C.364 B.237, B.238, B.244, C.120, C.122, C.325, C.328-C.330, C.333, C.340, C.364, C.420, C.481, C.483, G.214, G.238, G.244, G.262, G.342 G.169A B.124, B.487 G.24 FEDERATION EUROPEENE D’ASSOCIATIONS NATIONALESD’INGENIEURS(FEANI) C.144, F.31, F.39-F.43, G.243, G.271 FEDOSEEV, P.N. G.233 FEILDEN, Geoffrey Bertram Robert FETZER FOUNDATION B.583, G.258, G.259 FERGUSON, Ross G.266, G.269 FERRANTI, Basil Reginald Vincent Ziani de C.299 A.178, A.179, A.185, B.244, F.45, G.188, G.189, G.192, G.193 See also A.202 FELLOWSHIP OF ENGINEERING (later ROYAL ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING) B.236, B.582 C.107-C.111, C.131, C.574, C.577, D.127, G.222, G.236, G.244, G.245, G.247, G.250, G.253, G.254, G.278, G.287, G.345 See also C.80,C.85 C.83, C.211, C.212, G.200, G.201 B.232; B:23S; €:324; ©8627, €:329. C.331-©.33s; ©3840; €.341,.C:345. C.365, C.385, F.251-F.254, F.269, F.273, G.240, G.244, G.246-G.248, G.272, G.346 Bi267 G.262 A.132 FINNISTON, Sir Harold Montague FIEIREZ: FINANCIAL TIMES FINCH, Edward FINNEY, David John F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 FINUCANE, Brendan FINZI, S. FISH, Sir Hugh FISHER, Bernard E.A. FISHER, Sir Henry FISHLOCK,David FISK, David J. FITOUSSI, Jean-Paul FLETCHER, Paul T. FLINT, A.R. Index of correspondents G.169 B.534 A.111, A.165, G.218, G.248, G.272 B.241 G.218 G.281 B./23, C:508, 1F.250)5-251, F.253 G.272, G.273 C.574, G.207 C.365 FLOWERS, Brian Hilton, Baron C.364, F.249, G.253 FLUITER, Ruurd de FLURSCHEIM, Charles H. F.158 C.576 FORD, Sir Hugh FORD FOUNDATION FORESTER, Andrew FORSTER, Norvela FOSSETT, Hu FOURNIER, Fred C.579 B.3 B.243, B.273 C.167-C.172 C.148, G.26 FOUNDATION FOR INTERNATIONAL SECURITY G.249, G.250 FOUNDATION FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY B7752B.4 Il, Bt124. B.1, B.59, B:732; B:765, B.768, B.769, B.787, B.798, B.1110, B.1125 C.112, C.505-C.508, G.274, G.278, G.280, G.288 CENTRE D’EXPERIMENTATION NUCLEAIRE C.341-C.344, C.347, C.364, F.250 FOX, A. John FRAME, Alistair FRANCE MINISTERE DE LA DEFENSE B.759-B.761, B.1108, B.1109 C.107 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents MINISTERE CHARGE DE L’ENVIRONNEMENT FRANCIS, John R. D. FRANCOMBE, K.W. FRASER, Derek C. FRASER, Keith FREDERICK S. SNOW & PARTNERS, CONSULTING ENGINEERS B.584 F.76 G.28 E27 G.27 G.90 FREEMAN, Sir Ralph FREMLIN, John Heaver FRISSEL, Martin J. ERYAG.S: FUJINAMI, Naoto FUKUSHIMA, Y. C.54, C.76 C.575-C.577, G.238, G.244, G.247, G.248, G.264, G.272, G.273 B.516, B.664 G.27 B.1009 G.240 GARNER, Philip James G.29, G.101 GARDNER, Andrew GARLAND, John Albert A.175, B.1160 B.565, B.657 G.27 GET. G.30 G.E. SIMM MACHINERY LTD FULLERS’ EARTH UNION LTD GABINETE DE ESTUDOS E REPRESENTACOES INDUSTRIALS (GERI, later GERINDUSTRIA) B.429 GENERAL SERVICE FOUNDATION GELL, Philip George Houthern A.83 B.487 B.462 Bi229 GAS COUNCIL GAVITT, Alice GARRETT, Terry GARWIN, Richard L. GARNER, F.H. G.339, G.341 B.232, C.574 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON GEORGE, D.J. GIBBS, Antony GIBRAT, Robert G.244 G.188 F.32 G.29 GIFFARD, John Anthony Hardinge, 3rd Earl of Halsbury C.577, C.578, C.580 GILBERT, Nathan GILES, Clem B. GILL, R. Rockingham GILLIATT, Barrie GINOCHIO. C.E. GITTUS, John H. G.65 G.339, G.341 C.579, C.580 F.251 G.336 G.170, G.244, G.260, G.261, G.263, G.264 GLATZMAIER, Gary A. B.388, B.390 GLEASON, William T. B.237 G.31 B.1149 G.225, G.229 GOLUBEV, Ganady GONZALEZ,Abel J. GOLDMAN, Marvin GOLDSMITH, Phil GOLITSYN, George B.244 B.376 G.29 G.229 GOLDWATER, Barry GLOUCHKOW, Victor L. GOLLEDGE, Stephen E. G.29 GORBACHEV,Mikhail Sergeyevich G.29 G.29 F.63 GOODMAN, Gordon T. GOODLAND, E. Arthur GORDON, William E. B.767, B.1109 G.278 B.163 GOODMAN, Geoffrey GRABIEC, R. Index of correspondents F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 GRAHAM, E. Barry GRATCHEY,Michail GRAY, Anthony GRAY, John S. GRAY,Tim R. C. GRAZIANI, G. GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND BOARD OF TRADE CABINET OFFICE B.194, G.29 G.287, G.289 G.29 D.23 G.303 B.657 G.6 C.100, G.314 CENTRAL OFFICE OF INFORMATION G.9 DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRY C.84, G.195 DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT B.1159, B.1162, C.79A, C.290, C.296, G.257, G.283, G.287 C.225 DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY ENERGY, SCIENCE AND SPACE DEPARTMENT B.435 HOUSE OF COMMONS METEOROLGICAL OFFICE B.1161, B.1162, B.1165 C.87-C.99, G.240, G.244, G.245, G.301, G.309 SELECT COMMITTEE ON ENERGY F.205, G.262, G.265, G.267 FOREIGN AND COMMONEALTHOFFICE B.242, B.486, G.224, G.240, G.309 DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH C.227 STANDING TECHNICAL COMMITTEE ON SYNTHETIC DETERGENTS A.89, B.771, B.788, B.877, B.1083, B.1103, G.294, G.295, G.306, G.346 C.225-C.238 G.76 C.49, C.238A MINISTRY OF POWER MINISTRY OF TECHNOLOGY MINISTRY OF DEFENCE MINISTRY OF HOUSING AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT WATER POLLUTION RESEARCH LABORATORY F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents PARLIAMENTARY OFFICE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY C.262-C.287, F.252 PRIME MINISTER’S POLICY UNIT TREASURY SOLICITOR UK DELEGATION TO THE CONFERENCE ON DISARMAMENT GREEN, Arthur F. GREEN, Colin Howard GREEN, Wren GREENAWAY,Frank GREENE, Owen GREENING OF HIGHER EDUCATION COUNCIL GREENWOOD, Anthony G.268, G.272 C.146, C.148 G.248, G.249 G.345 B.236, B.246, C.332, G.216-G.218, G.224, G.253, G.254, G.265, G.268, G.272, G.275; G.285;G:335 B.132, B.349 G.280 B.238, B.242 C.113 C.232 C.4 B.233 B.249, B.435 B.388, B.390, G.171 B.516 B.687 GRINEVALD, Jacques THE GUARDIAN GUDIKSEN, Paul H. GREGORY,SydneyA. GRIFFITHS, Richard Frederick GREGSON, Lord GRIFFITHS, D.V. B.753, B.754, G.296, G.306 B.201, B.1236, C.342, C.342A, C.347, G.194, G.197-G.199, G.202, G.203, G.206, G.209, G.210, G.223, G.224, G.233, G.245, G.269, G.294 B.612, B.613 G.181, G.247, G.248, G.261, G.272 HADDOW PALMER LTD GUEGUENIAT, P. GUNTEN, von H.R. GURBUTT, Paul A. HABBAL,Ibrahim El F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 HAFEZ, Mohsen A. HAINES, Kenneth W. HAKORSEN, ThomasE. HALL, David O. Index of correspondents G.35 C.50 B.665 B.773, G.189, G.309, G.310, G.322 HAMBLY, Edmund C. (‘Tim’) C.120, C.490 HAMBURG, David A. HAMILTON, H.H. F.146 EOL HAMILTON, Mostyn Neil C.87, C.88, C.100 HAMILTON, R.A. HAMMER, J.D.G. HAMPSON, John G.34 F.128 A.181, A.185, B.173, B.203, B.229, B.248, G.225, G.229, G.279, G.345, G.346 HANDEL OPERA SOCIETY A.166 HANSON, Wayne C. B.666, B.671, B.673 HARBISON, Sam A. HARE, F. Kenneth HAPGOOD, John S., Archbishop of York Bi297, C:505G 218, Gi286;.G:257 HARPER, S.H. HARRIES, Richard HARRIS, Frank B.2-B.4, B.63, B.132, B.195, G.219, G.220, G.222, G.225, G.283 F.253 B.80, B.174, B.486-B.721 passim F251, 2525255; G24 1. Gi282: G.283, G.288, G.292, G.299, G.345 B.770, B.776, B.791, B.948, B.987, B.988, B.995, B.1023, B.1083, G.302, G.316 HART, Sir William HARTE, Gerry A. A.168, B.758, F.83 See also G.198 HARRISON, John N.D. HARRISON, John R. HARRISON, Roy Michael F.213, F.214 F.37 B.297 B.791, B.1081, B.1082 C.225 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents HARTLEY, Sir Harold Brewer E.40, G.7, G.32 HARWELL, Mark A. HATTERSLEY, Roy Sydney George HAWTHORNE, Sir William Rede HAYMAN, RoyF. HAYTER, A.J. HAZARDS FORUM B.125, B.126, B.175-B.181, B.196, B.197, B.228, B.231, B.235, B.242, B.347, B.376, G.172-G.174, G.218- G.220, G.224, G.225, G.239, G.241, G.249, G.252, G.253 G.187, G.192 C.340, C.576 G.33 G.34 C.114-C.141, G.266, G.273, G.274, G.286 See also C.530-C.532 HEAL, O.W. B.738 HEALTH AND SAFETY EXECUTIVE HEALY,Denis HERBERT, Ivor HERRERA, Rafeael C.96, C.98, C.101, C.142-C.164, C.300, €:301, C:3825, 6.337, 6.574. C.576, G.187, G.210, G.226, G.262, G.276, G.285-G.289 B.182 B.283 G.35 D.23 HEIDJE, Paul K. M. van der HENDERSON, Gordon R. HERIOT-WATT UNIVERSITY HETHERINGTON, Roger Le G. C.342A, C.344, F.117, F.126, G.343 HILL, Sir John McGregor B.573, G.198, G.210, G.342 B.689 C.331 C.199 C.165 B.127 D.28 HILL, Michael HILL, Philip G. G.34 G.275 HEWITT, C. Nick HIBBERT, J. HIGGINS, David E.A. HILGEMAN, Ed H. F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents HINES, J.C. G.34 HINTON, Christopher, Baron G.34, G.340, G.341 HOBLYN; Ei Rat: HODGKIN, Dorothy Mary Crowfoot HOEK,Jan van den HOFFMAN, F. Owen HOFMAN, Hank HOGG, G.C. HOLDER, G.A. HOLDGATE, Martin W. C.184 B.247 B.664, B.671 B.502 G.36 G.269 5.82 C.327, C.335, C.340, C.364, C.365, G.216, G.343 HOLLINGWORTH, Peter Short HOME, Alexander Frederick DOUGLAS.-, Baron A.187 C.4 HOOD, Christopher HOOG, H. HORSNELL, Gareth HOUGHTON, John Theodore HOPKINSON, Ralph G. HORLOCK, John Harold G.322 C.548 G.206 C.376 HORNSBY, Harry HORRILL, A. David C.412, C.438, C.494-C.496, C.504, F.198 B.491A, B.573, C.211, C.319, F.249, F254; G.252 B.234, G.242 B./93,B°1087, -25)1..G.310, G.346; G.347 HOWE, Richard Edward Geoffrey, Baron B.240, G.222, G.223 B.235, G.256, G.258 HOWARD, Michael HOWARD, Roger G.289, G.290, G.292 G.208 HRUDEY, Steve E. HUBBARD, Geoffrey B.516, B.668, B.671 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 HUMPHREY, John Herbert HUMPHRY, Noel F. HUNT, Garry E. HUNT, Trevor HUNTER, J. Martin H. HUSMANN, W. Index of correspondents B.237, B.238, G.218, G.230 F.141, G.220-G.223, G.225 B.268 G.342 C.199, G.38 C.226 HUTCHINSON, ThomasC. B.128, B.327, B.388, G.248 HUTCHISON, Sir William Kenneth C.69, G.29, G.38, G.338 HUTTON, S.P. (‘Stan’) D.50, G.99 HUXLEY, Sir Andrew Fielding B.438, G.210, G.211, G.224 ERE ERD ILLING, H. Paul A. F.207 F.270 ILYIN, L.A. IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON INHABER, Herbert B.993, B.1090, B.1092, B.1098 G.39, G.96, G.186 INDIAN NUCLEAR SOCIETY INDUSTRIAL AIDS LTD C.326, C.327, C.363, C.364 F.184, G.261, G.262 C.166, C.585, G.284, G.287, G.288 IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES INDIAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS INDUSTRIAL CREDIT AND INVESTMENT CORPORATION OF INDIA LTD C.50, G.346 INSTITUTE OF FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE OF MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL C.118 G.264 C.118 D.28 G.260 INSTITUTE OF BIOLOGY INSTITUTE OF ENERGY INSTITUTE OF METALS INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS INSTITUTE OF HYDROLOGY F.182 G.43 C.167-C.174, G.186, G.190, G.192 B.186, C.114, G.270, G.272 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents INSTITUTE OF QUALITY ASSURANCE INSTITUTION OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS C.175-C.179, F.190, F.191, G.241, G.244, G.245, G.248, G.253, G.255, G.256, G.261, G.265 A.98, A.110, C.50, C.53, C.54, C.118, C.120, C.134, C.180-C.184, E.3; F:4, 5:9; §.40,.16, F.27,F:29: F.247, F.251, F.273-F.275, G.85, G.258, G.259, G.262, G.289, G.291, G.307, G.311 See also G.107 NEW SOUTH WALES GROUP WESTERN AUSTRALIAN GROUP F.84, F.87 F.85 INSTITUTION OF CIVIL ENGINEERS @.50; :€.63;F:3; F:9)F:39: INSTITUTION OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS B.236, C.134, F.3, G.261, G.266, G.267 INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS, AUSTRALIA F.77-F.80 INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS C1220 Ca150)b3: 4, 6-1'6;.D:53: D.54, G.261, G.291 INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC UNIONS C.118 C.118 G.40 G.43, G.96 INSTITUTION OF NUCLEAR ENGINEERS INSTITUTION OF STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS INTERDISCIPLINARY SCIENCE REVIEWS G.282, G.292, G.346 INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY B.761, B.790, B.956, B.1109, G.306 INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE EXCHANGE OF STUDENTS FOR TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE INTERNATIONAL BANK FOR RECONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT B.81 A.119, B.11-B.13, B.68, B.71-B.73, Bi75-B.77,.B.00;6:82),8.202; B.241, B.760, B.887, B.1161, B.1164, C.206, F.192, F.195, G.225, G.236, G.244, G.247, G.249, G.269 See also SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE ON PROBLEMS OF THE ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR APPLIED SYSTEMS ANALYSIS INTERNATIONAL COURT OF ARBITRATION C.199-C.205 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents INTERNATIONAL SUPERPHOSPHATE MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION LTD G.41 INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY C.207 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY B.489, B.490, G.345 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF RADIOECOLOGISTS B.388, B.490, B.519, B.586, B.786 IRAQ IZRAEL, Yury JACKSON, Frank JACKSON, Muriel WARD- JAGGERS, Stuart JANOSI, Peter E. de G.42 B.770-B.772, B.774, B.775, B.777, B.789, B.961, B.989, B.1070, B.1073-B.1077, B.1124, G.311 G.346, G.347 GASTAT/ F.254 B.726, B.799 G.44 G.231 B.487 F.78, F.82 B.734, €.101; G.313,.G.316, G.317 B.1161, G.294 JENKINS, Geoff JOHN WILEY & SONS LTD JEFFERIES, David G. JENKIN, Bernard Christison JARAY Francis F. JASON, Nora H. JENKIN, Charles Fleeming Patrick, Baron C.87, C.98, G.291, G.292, G.294- G.296, G.305 B.202 B.928, B.929, B.931, B.1083, BAlAOS4 Bal tivab.121-B.1127 See also ATOMIC WEAPONS ESTABLISHMENT B.438-B.444, B.609, B.613, B.614, B.616, B.617, B.620-B.626, B.689, B.1054-B.1059, B.1133-B.1141 JOINT COMMITTEE ON HEALTH AND SAFETY, CANADA C.224, G.265, G.266 JOHNSTON, lan R. W. JOHNSTON, Ken JOHNSTON, Tom C.165 JONES, Alan R. F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents JONES, David K.C. C.499 JONES, Sir Henry Frank Harding G.189-G.191, G.336 JONES, Peter V. JONES, P:'G_E-E. JONES, Sir (Thomas) Philip JONES, Tom HORLICK- JORGENSEN, Sven E. F.86 B.879 G.242 C.98 B.3, B.248 JOSEPH, Sir Keith Sinjohn C.232, C.246, G.186, G.187, G.195 JOSEPH, M. JOSEPH ROWNTREE CHARITABLE TRUST JOURNAL OF RISK RESEARCH JOVANOVIC, Petar JULIAN, K.A. Reeves B15 B.427, B.1154 G.323, G.324 B.66, B.239, B.240, B.245-B.247, B.249, B.251, B.296, G.208, G.210, G.218, G.228 B.733, B.740, B.880 KEAR, John KEAY, Ronald William John KELLERER, Albrecht M. KAISER, Stephen KANG, Sang-Wook G.45 B.1153 B.149 KAWATA,Tadashi KAZAN, Ana Lucia B500;Gi175 C.78, G.46, G.277 See also INSTITUTE OF BIOLOGY B.156, B.201, B.237, B.349, B.376, B.435, G.222 B.772, B.776, B.945, G.309 KELLY, Mike KELLY, P. Mick F.170 C.506, C.508 KEEEY RSI KEMPE, Stephan B.515, B.687, B.694 B.268 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents KENDALL, Mike F.86 KENDREW, Sir John Cowdery B.68, B.80, G.217, G.218 KENDRICK, Peter KENNAWAY,A. KENNEDY & DONKIN, CONSULTING ENGINEERS KENNET, Elizabeth Anne, Lady KERR, John, Rev A.169-A.172, A.177, A.178, A.187, G.213 G.209 G.47 B.233, B.247, B.251, G.237, G.241, G.246, G.247, G.298 A.181, A.182, G.257, G.262, G.269 KERR, Peter Francis Walter, 12th Marquess of Lothian C.4, C.6-C.8 KERSHAW, Peter J. B.517, B.621, B.685, B.687 KESTNER EVAPORATOR AND CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Co. LTD G.48 KEY,A. C.227 G.303 G.46 F.270 G.320, G.321, G.323, G.327 KING, Ralph W. C.143, C.145, C.147, G.49 KHITROV,Lev M. KIM, Se Kwon KINGMAN, Sir John Frank Charles G.235, G.236 KHAN, Shirley Ali KHARBANDA,Om P. KING, EarlJ. KING, N.J. B.56, B.503A, B.518, B.519, B.534, B.562, B.564, B.565, B.569, G.252 G.300, G.305, G.309, G.311, G.314, G.326 B.1090, B.1092, B.1094, B.1095, B.225, B.490, B.491A, B.500, B.515, B.517, B.519, B.534, B.562, B.564, B.608, B.609, B.613-B.615, B.621, B.664, B.670, B.671-B.673, B.736, B.740, B.753, B.758, B.760, B.761, B.764- B.766, B.769-B.795, B.942- B.962, B.980-B.984, B.987-B.995, B.1008, B.1009, B.1054-B.1059, B.1064, B.1065, B.1070-B.1089, KING’S COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON G.46 KIRCHMANN, René Joseph Charles F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 KIRCHMANN cont'd Index of correspondents B.1098, B.1100-B.1107, B.1108- Bott, Bai 7, Biidt20-B°1127- B.1130-B.1132, B.1133, B.1135, B.1138-B.1141, B.1149-B.1156, G.302, G.306, G.308-G.313, G.315- G.319-G.329 See also B.1217 KIRK, Elizabeth J. B.746, G.296 KISELEV, Valery Ivanovich B.758, B.792, B.896, B.898, B.935, B.937, B.938, B.961, B.983, B.1080, B.1087, B.1090, G.306 KLUG, Sir Aaron G.313, G.314 KNILL, Sir John Kenelm Stuart, 4th Baronet C.116, G.175, G.258, G.260, G.262 KNOWLES, Roy KONDO, Jiri KONDRATYEY, Kirill Ya. KONINKLIJK INSTITUUT VAN INGENIEURS, THE NETHERLANDS C.175, F.190 G.321 B.133 G.50 B.668 KRISHNAN, D. KORNBERG, Sir Hans Leo B59, 'B.70, €:291, G:218 B.132, B.213, B.491A KONOPLEV, A.V. KOPTYUG, Valentin A. KOSTROWICKI, Jerzy KRISHNA MURTI, C.R. B.66, B.142, B.182, B.183, B.193, B.224, G.215, G.216, G.218 B.732, B.737-B.739, B.743-B.745, B.763, B.769-B.773, B.797, B.800, B.873, B.878, B.879, G.184, G.319 B51, Bots LABORATORY PRACTICE KRISHNASWAMY,S. KUHLMANN, Albert KURTI, Nicholas KUZNETZOV, George G.323, G.326 G:215 A.111 B.194, C.579 LAG, J. F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents LAKEY, John Richard Angwin B.503A, F.157, G.257 LAMBERT, ClaudeElisabeth LAMONT, F.G. LAND, Charles LANDA, Vladimir LANG, Istvan LANGE, David Russell LANKRO CHEMICALS LTD LATARJET, R. LATHAM, J. LEAF, Alexander LEAKEY,C. B.500, B.567, B.569, B.613, B.685- B.687, G.175, G.261 A.161 B.956, B.980, B.982 B.491A, G.257 B.198, B.224, B.799, G.222 G.239 G.51 B.296 B.239 B.388 G.306, G.307 B.196, B.238, G.220 C.252, G.190 EEE W-R: LEONARD, Alain LERT, Peter W. LEUNG, L.S. LECKIE, Alan H. LEE, Terence R. B.777 A.83 D.49 B.244 F.85 B.882, C.342, C.439 LEONARD, Julian M. LEONARD, Michael W. G.280 B.587-B.591, B.723, B.739, B.747, B.754, B.1022-B.1031, C.443, C.444, G.279, G.317, G.325, G.321 LIEBERMAN, Joseph Isadore LEVERHULME TRUST LICHFIELD, Nathaniel Gi2i5 C.102 C.2 G.270 LEWIS, David LEWIS, Jack R. BEVIN: F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents LIGHTHILL, Sir (Michael) James LIND, Niels C. LINDAKERS, K.H. LINDBERG, Charles D. C.550 G.282, G.284 A.111, G.218 A.160, A.161, A.181, G.54 LINDLEY, Sir Arnold Lewis George C.574 LINSLEY, GordonS. LIU Dongshen LIU, Jennie Jingyi LIVINGOOD, Marvin D. LLOYD’S REGISTER OF SHIPPING LOCKE, H. Brian LOFSTEDT, Ragnar B.236, B.491A, B.732, B.800, G.217 B15 B.771, B.772, B.775, B.776, B.989, B.990, B.993 F.126 G.54 C.241-C.243, C.579 G.323, G.324 B.958 B.232, C.574 LONGMAN GROUP LTD LOUTIT, John Freeman LOVELL, David P. LONDON, Julius LOGACHEYV, V. LOMER, W.M. B.487, B.491A B.137, B.347 G.55 G.56 C.296 EAS G57 LONDON WEEKEND TELEVISION LONDON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE LONDON AND SOUTHERN JUNIOR GAS ASSOCIATION LOUGHBOROUGH COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY (LATER UNIVERSITY) G.258, G.270 B.134, B.193, B.229, B.231, B.233, B.234, B.376, B.492, B.493, B.500, B.515, B:518,B:-519; B:534;.G:243, F.270 G.229 B.490 LOVELOCK,James Ephraim LUKYANOV, A.I. LUKYANOV, N.K. F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 LYONS, Raymond C. Index of correspondents MacARTHUR FOUNDATION B.430 MacCRACKEN, Michael C. McCULLOCH,, A. MACDONALD, J. Doug McGINNETY,J.A. McGOWAN, Alan B.107-B.111, B.202, B.349, B.376, B.388, B.492, C.413, C.1157- C.1161, G.219, G.224, G.257, G.258, G.275 G.260, G.261 F.125, G.58 B.491A B.172, B.207, B.244, G.232, G.233, G.275, G.276, G.280, G.307 McGRAW-HILL PUBLISHING CO. INC. MacINTOSH, F.C. G.59 G.222 MACINTOSH, Kate B.236 G.208 G.342 B.237, B.238 B.115, B.376 MacLACHLAN, Don McLAREN, D.J. McQUAID, Jim MA Shi-Jun B.200 G.63 G.60 MacLELLAN, D.A.S. McLEAN, André E.M. McINTOSH, Sir Ronald MCLELLAN & PARTNERS, CONSULTING ENGINEERS C.578 B.234, C.576-C.579, G.242, G.253, G.254 249, b-2ods b-202;204,F.270 MAIS, Alan Raymond, Baron MAISIN, J.R. MAJOR, John MACQ, Andre R. MAGUIRE, John G.62 G.262 B.945 G.280 MALLETT, L.R. F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 MALONE, ThomasF. MANNING, John MANNIO, Pekka MANSFIELD, Terry A. MANTLE, Philip M.J. MAO Yongze Index of correspondents B.138-B.140, B.200, B.205, B.224, B.244, B.268, B.297, B.376, G.213- G.215, G.218-G.220, G.247, G.248, G.261, G.272,,G.275;G 280 G.62 G.62 F.251 G.61 B.743, B.747, B.753, B.755, B.758, B.761, B.768-B.772, B.774, B.776, B.777, B.780, B.782, B.787, B.800, B.882, B.949, B.957, B.981, B.987- B.995, B.1009, B.1120, G.298, G.302, G.303, G.309, G.312, G.317 MARCHUK, G.I. MARIN COMMUNITY FOUNDATION MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN B.503A, G.276 B.593-B.596 G.210 MARRIOTT, Arthur L. MARSHALL, Vic C. C.326, G.261, G.269, G.343 MARKES, lan MARQUEZ,Victor MARTIN, Brian MARTIN, Gérard MARSH, Richard William, Baron G.283 G.62 Gi272 G.341 MARSHALL, Walter Charles, Baron B.235, B.435, C.574, C.575, C.578, G.215, G.217, G.344 C.131 MASON, Admiral Sir Frank Trowbridge B.141, C.50, G.213, G.216, G.217 B.388, B.517 C.5, C.6 G.324, G.325 MARWICK,Arthur MASHELKAR, R.A. B.228, B.248, B.435 B.1090, B.1109, B.1110 MARUYAMA,Takashi MASON, Sir (Basil) John MASON, Reg G.62, G.126A F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 MASON, Sir Ronald MASON, T.A. MASRY, MidhatEl MASSEY, Andrew MASSUE, Jean-Pierre MASTERSON, C.A. MATTHEWS, Roy R. MATUSHENKO, Anatoly MAXWELL, Clyde MAY,Nick J. MAY, W.M. NEALE- MAZUMDAR, S. MEDIA RESOURCE SERVICE Index of correspondents B./97,'B.799,,G:225 G.62 G.62 G.218 G.299 G.38 C.575 B.780 A.186 G.291, G.317 A.166, A.167, A.172, A.175, A.178 G.62 G.282 MEDVEDEV, Zhores Alexandrovich MELLANBY, Kenneth MENSFORTH, Sir Eric MITCHELL, P.1. MESSING, Lydia MILLARD, Keith H. MILLER, J.A.G. MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL B.597 B.516, B.518 MENON, Mambillikalathil Govind Kumar C.53,.C:55::©.56; ©:58;,©'607C:62, G.267, G.341 B.142, B.182, B.229, B.1117, B.1164, C.211, G.246, G.247, G.316 B.691 B.489, B.492, B.501, B.564, B.657, B.731, B.774-B.776, B.788, B.875, B.942, B.1100, B.1101, F.178, G.303, G.312, G.326 MILLER, J.L. MISHRA, U.C. C.52 G.324 G.189 G.63 MITCHELL, John Francis Brake B.349, B.376, B.389, B.1157-B.1159 G.260, G.264, G.267 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 MITRA, A.P. MITRA, R.B. Index of correspondents MOND, Peter Robert Henry, 4th Baron Melchett MONHEMIUS, A. John MONRO, F. Lionel MONSANTO CHEMICALS LTD MONTEFIORE, Hugh MONTEITH, John L. MOONEY,Harold A. MOORE, P.G. MORITZ CHEMICAL ENGINEERING CO. LTD MORRIS, Sir (James) Richard (Samuel) MORTIBOYS, R.J. B.183 F.184 B.239, B.242 G.286, G.295 C.184 G.64 G.342 Gi2i2 B.167 G.217 G.66 A.168, B.724 G.263 MORTON, Frank G.65 B.349, G.229, G.238 MURRAY,O.W. MURRAY,Robert MURAMATSU, Y. MURPHY,Basil V. B.503 C.3 G.66 MUNN, R.E. (‘Ted’) MULHOLLAND, George W. B.59, B.185, B.200, B.225, B.602, B.609, B.613, B.615, B.732, B.766, B.791, B.793, B.1065, G.209, G.210, G.219, G.220, G.223, G.226 B.502, B.671 MURRAY, Keith Anderson Hope, Baron MYRDAL FOUNDATION G.243 BaltS B.238 B.598 MUTALIK,G.S. MYERS, Norman C.338, C.341, G.24 MYTTENAERE, C. F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 NAGAI, Michio NAGY,A.Z. NAIDU, Janakiram R. NAIK, Atul M. NASH, Peter T. Gifford NATH, B. Index of correspondents B.130, B.131, B.224, B.488, G.214, G.216, G.219, G.245, G.272 B.749 B.185, B.194, B.435, B.502, B.730, G.176, G.177 G.70 G.67 G:207,,G:2145 G:26256:270 NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, USA B.201, G.204, G.232, G.233 NATIONAL COAL BOARD NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR STANDARDS METROLOGY AND QUALITY, ROMANIA G.68 C.175 NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR VOCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS G.262 NATIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTOFFICE C.239, G.187, G.188, G.192, G.196, G.202, G.208, G.211-G.215, G.218, G.220, G.225, G.344 NATIONAL RIVERS AUTHORITY G.284, G.288-G.291 NATURAL ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH COUNCIL B.487 NATIONAL RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION BOARD NATIONAL RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION C.241-C.243 B.758, B.763, B.782, B.798, B.800, B.944, B.948, B.988, B.995, B.1125, G.222, G.234, G.326, G.343 B.248 B.73, B.196, B.199, B.214, B.238, B.532;, B:572A;'B:/31, B.782, G.220, G.229, G.230, G.236, G.238, G.241, G.246, G.249, G.252, G.257, G.261, G.286, G.307, G.313 F.186 G.339 B.251 G.207, G.210-G.216, G.246-G.248 NEW PATRIOTIC MOVEMENT G.266, G.267, G.314 NATURE NEDWELL, D.B. NEEDHAM, L.W. (‘Bill’) NELSON, Norton NEUBERGER, Albert NEW CIVIL ENGINEER F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 NEW SCIENTIST NEW ZEALAND Index of correspondents C.134, G.237, G.243, G.249, G.266 COMMISSION OF THE ENVIRONMENT PLANNING COUNCIL NEWBERY,David NEWBY,Percy Howard NEWLAND, David E. NEWTON, Lily NICHOLLS, Ralph W. NICHOLSON, (Edward) Max NICHOLSON, Ken W. NORRIE, C.B. G.235, G.236 G.235, G.236 C.88 C.414, €.417, C.440 C.150, G.342 A.164, A.168, G.127, G.128 B.238 D.54 B.657 G.190 NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANISATION B.859, B.874, B.1032 NORTON, Michael NOVIKOVA,[7] NUFFIELD FOUNDATION NOVOTOTZKAYA, Lilia B.518, G.265 G.69 B.981 G.324 NUCLEAR ELECTRIC PLC B.1157-B.1160, C.263, E.55 NOVIKOV,Vladimir M. NOWROSJEE WADIA & SONS (PRIVATE) LTD NORTHERN ADVISORY COUNCIL FOR HIGHER EDUCATION C.579 F.246, G.293, G.295, G.307, G.346 G.22 B.599 G.70 OAKLEY, John W. OBSERVER O'DONNELL, J.P. OFFORD, Cyril C.583, G.261 A.169, G.71, G.197, G.213 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 OHKITA, Takeshi Index of correspondents OLD BANCROFTIANS’ ASSOCIATION B.131, B.389, B.489, B.490, B.492, B.501, B.515, B.564, B.573, B.722, B.733, B.743, B.758, B.759, B.799, B.943, B.1022, G.249, G.250, G.301, G.317 A.139-A.143 See also G.61 OLDS, Glenn A. B.252, B.297, G.228, G.229 OLIVER LAW & PARTNERS G52 OPEN UNIVERSITY A.108, A.166, C.5, C.6, C.245- C.261, F.54, G.187, G.189-G.193, G.195, G.202, G.205, G.208, G.224, G.226, G.241, G.255, G.256, G.257, G.260, G.262, G.265, G.273, G.284 DEPARTMENT OF EARTH SCIENCES OPEN UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION OPERATIONAL RESEARCH SOCIETY G.284 C.585 Bel dt ORDER OF ST JOHN C.574-C.576, G.263 C.557, F.230, G.295 G.234 A.168, G.72, G.196 ST JOHN AMBULANCE C.575, F.173, G.263, G.264 OXFORD FILM COMPANY C.583 O’RIORDAN, Timothy OSBORN, John Holbrook OXBURGH, Ernest Ronald, Baron OSOLA, V. John OWEN, Ronald OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS C.331, C.335, C.338, C.341, C.344 B.71, B.201, B.245, G.224, G.236 G.200-G.202, G.206, G.208, G.221, G.227 D.54 B.251 G193 PALMER, Sir John PARKER, Albert PARKER, Dennis J. PARKER, Sir Roger Joscelyn PARKINSON, David Hardress B.723, B.1022, B.1158 C.207-C.212, G.270 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents PARLIAMENTARY OFFICE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (and PARLIAMENTARYAND SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE) F.137, G.244, G.245, G.253, G.260, G.263, G.276, G.281, G.286, G.287, G.291, G.294, G.305, G.310, G.312 PARRY, Martin Lewis PASSCHIER, Wim F. PATERSON, Alastair C. PATON, Angus PATON, Sir William Drummond McDonald PATTERSON, Walt PAXTON, John PEARSON, R. PECHINEY, COMPAGNIE DE PRODUITS CHIMIQUES ET ELECTROMETALLURGIQUES PECK,William C. B.143, B.376 C.101, G.297, G.313, G.314, G.346 0.114, C.116, C.123, G.277 D.28 C.575 G.328 G.73 B.283 G.75 G.74 PERCIVAL,lan Colin B.491A, B.503A, G.259 C.210-C.212, C.246, C.255, C.256 G.239, G.252 B.251 G.74 B.143 PESCHALIDES, P.L. F.54 PELLEW, Robin PENALOZA, Marcos A. PENNER, JoyceE. PENTREATH, P.J. PENCOL PIPELINE & ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS PERRY, Walter Laing MacDonald, Baron Perry of Walton B.81, B.151, B.214, B.228, B.229, B.234, G.240, G.242 C.493, C.494, C.497, C.499, C.504 PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY OF GREAT BRITAIN PICKTHORN, Helen Antonia, Lady C.7 G.290 C.522 PETERSEN, Leif PETO, Sir Richard PHILIP, DUKE OF EDINBURGH B.766, G.306 B.759, B.980, B.982, B.983 C.364, C.412, C.414, C.441 PICK, Joan Margaret PIDGEON, Nick F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 PIEL, Gerard PIGGOTT, Ken L. PIKE, G.A.W. PILBOROUGH, Leslie PIRHONEN, Paivi PITBLADO, Robin M. PITTOCK, Albert Barrie Index of correspondents A.119 E./7, Goo F.92 G:25251G:253 C.418 F.79, G.141, G.207 B.144, B.201, B.202, B.350, B.376, B.390, G.222, G.236, G.246-G.248, G.263 PLAIN TRUTH A.9, B.250, G.234, G.238 PLANNING SURVEYORS CLUB PLATOU, J. POCHIN, Sir Edward Eric POLIKARPOV, G.G. G.339 G.94 B.1236, B.1238, C.326, C.330, C.331, C.333, C.340, C.343, G.244, G.249, G.250 B./59 B.573, F.76, G.239 PONTHIEU, Eric PORTEOUS, Andrew B.517, B.534 E.23 THE POLITICAL QUARTERLY POLKINGHORNE, John Charlton C.412, C.414, C.442, C.505, G.225 POLYCON ENDISPUTE MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD A.96 PORTER, George, Baron Porter of Luddenham C.226, C.227, C.232 A.164, B.224, C.303, C.304, C.578, D.85, F.149, G.213, G.236 B.245 B.491A D.28 G.227 G.77 POSSY,Darrell Addison PRESST, lan PRESTON, W. PRETTY, Jules PORTER, John Roy PRESGRAVE, David K. PRICE, David H. A. B.1225, G.326 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents PRICE, Peter W. PRICE WATERHOUSE& CO. PRINCE, Alfred John PRINCE, Rolf G. H. PRINGLE, Sir Charles Norman Seton PUGSLEY, Sir Alfred Grenvile PULL, Did: PURCHASE, lain F. H. PURVIS, Sir Neville QUAKER OFFICE AT THE UNITED NATIONS QUALITY ASSURANCE NEWS F.54 C.250, C.254 G.129-G.140 A.117, F.86, G.141, G.195, G.329, G.343 C.575 C.376 F.45 F.249, F.251 C.30 RADKE, LawrenceF. RAEBURN, L.T. RAMANIAH, M.V. RAMSAY SOCIETY RANDALL, David G. RASBASH, David J. RAISTRICK, Bernard G.17 B.350 G.80 B.167 R. & J. DEMPSTER LTD G.78, G.188, G.190-G.193 RAINEY, Reginald Charles F.270 RATCLIFFE, John Ashworth B.238, B.268, G.216, G.248 G.79 E.23 REIFEL, John H. REITAN, Jon B. RENWICK, A.G. See BURGESS, A.R. G.108 B.982 Fat/78; F182 RATHJENS, George B.200, G.223 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents RHODESIAN INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS RICHARDS, ElvynJ. RICHARDS, Sir Rex Edward F.38 C.58, C.61 B.490, B.587-B.591, C.443, C.444, G.276, G.295 RICHARDSON, H. Lorrie G.80 RICHARDSON, John Francis C.7, Calla, G:100;'G:3807 RICHARDSON, Mervyn RICKLES, Robert N. RIDDELL, J.P.S. RIESEN, T. RIMINGTON, John David RIVIERE, J.W. Maurits la G.286 G.81 A.166 B.735 B.232, F.213, F.249, F.250, F.271 B.2, B.4, B.14, B.59-B.62, B.64- B.68, B.70, B.71, B.73, B.74, B.76, B.78, B.79, B.81-B.84, B.143, B.193, B.205, B.229, B.234, B.242, B.1164 G.207-G.210, G.213, G.214, G.218, G.222, G.242, G.246 E170; G78; G.257 B.283 C.332 ROBERTS, Lewis Edward John ROBINSON, Lee F. ROBINSON, Walter S. ROBISON, William L. ROACH BRIDGE PAPER CoO. LTD G.82 C.87, C.88, C.91, C.499, C.575, F102) 250) bebo, F270, G.239, G.240, G.244, G.260, G.261, G.281, G.345 B.491A, B.492 B.193, B.237, B.431-B.433, G.214, G.218, G.219, G.226, G.238, G.244 ROCKEFELLER BROTHERS FUND RODDA,John C. RODERICK,Hilliard B.667, B.673, B.761, B.984, B.1104 G.278 B.389 ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION B.297, B.431, G.216 ROBOCK,Alan RODHE, Knut Henning F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents ROE, D. Anthony M. ROFE & RAFFERTY, CIVIL ENGINEERS G.265 G.83 ROFF, Sue Rabbitt ROOKE, Sir Denis ROSENBROCK,H.H. ROSSWALL, Thomas ROTBLAT, Sir Joseph ROTHERHAM, Larry ROTHSCHILD, DameMiriam Louisa ROUSE, Michael ROUSSEAU, P.E. B.761, B.762, B.944, B.982, G.302- G.304 B.216, C.109, C.288, G.83, G.265, G.343 C.575 B.48, B.61, B.67, B.69, B.71, B.74, B.75, B.244, G.218, G.219, G.239, G.261 B.239, B.388 G.270 F.251 G.314, G.325 C.241 ROYAL ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING ROYAL COMMISSION FOR THE EXHIBITION OF 1851 C.548 G.342 See FELLOWSHIP OF ENGINEERING ROYAL COMMISSION ON ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION C.58-C.60, C.102, C.290-C.298, G.187, G.204, G.342 ROWE, Peter Noel ROWLANDS, E. (‘Ted’) ROY, Robin A.177, C.184, C.549, C.550, F.1, G.98, G.207, G.333 B.488, B.573, C.288, C.289, G.211, G.212, G.241, G.271 B.1108, B.1109, B.1152, B.1158, B.66, B.74, B.186, B.200, B.236, B.486, B.488, B.489, B.492, B.726, B27, 8 73175-7209, B.767,,8:768, B-7/3;,8-182, 5.987, B1033, C.50, C.144, C.291, G.83 See also ROYAL SOCIETY OF CHEMISTRY ROYAL INSTITUTE OF BRITISH ARCHITECTS C.63-C.66 ROYAL INSTITUTION OF GREATBRITAIN G.190, G.265 ROYAL INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTRY ROYAL SOCIETY F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 ROYAL SOCIETYcont’d Index of correspondents COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC UNDERSTANDING OF SCIENCE HOOKE COMMITTEE ROYAL SOCIETY OF ARTS ROYAL SOCIETY OF CHEMISTRY B.1161, C.88, C.91, C.101, C.299- C.517;-C.574.D185,F.62, 5:64. F.88, F.108, F.186, F.187, F.200, F.201, F.210, F.249-F.255, G.190- G.197, G.200, G.202-G.210, G.212- G.214, G.216-G.218, G.220, G.221, G.224, G.226, G.234, G.248, G.249, G.251, G.259, G.261, G.263, G.265, G.268;,G:271,, Gi3i3: G.si4; Gist7, G.319, G.327, G.343, G.347 See also C.82, C.85 G.269 B.600 G.271 B.489, B.491, G.234, G.240, G.244, G.248, G.251, G.256, G.266, G.281 See also ROYAL INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTRY ROYAL SWEDISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES GAi33G:215 RUDDICK, M. RUSSELL, Stewart RUTTENBERG, Stanley RYDER, William James Richard Galt G.84 B.1236, F.152 C.326, C.327 G.239 RYABOSHAPKO, Alexei G. RUSSELL, Delia P. FERNANDES- B.491, B.491A, B.615, B.722, B.723, B.730, B.733, B.753, B.770-B.772, B.800, B.866-B.870, B.876, B.929, B.935, B.949, B.954, B.955, B.958, B.960, B.987, B.988, B.1102, B.1120, B.1121, G.307, G.308 B.344 B.241, B.244, B.246, B.435, B.727, D.150, F.175A, G.224, G.239, G.267, G.268, G.270, G.290, G.292 See also G.179, G.274, G.319 ST MARTIN’S IN THE FIELDS CHURCH, LONDON See G.209-G.212 SAKLATVALA, B. Sh. SALINGER, M.J. SAGAN, Carl G.86 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents SALKIN, G. SALOMON, Julian Max SAMUEL,Lady SANDALLS, Frederick John SANDER, Peter SOUTHWELL- C.42 G.142, G.296 G.270 B.565 A.127 SANDERSON, Michael D. C.29, C.499, C.505 SANDOR, Francis F. SANDOZ PRODUCTS LTD SANTSCHI, Peter SAUNDERS, Sir Harold SCHERR, S. Jacob C.577 G.87 B.686 A.139 B.226 SCHNEIDER, Stephen H. B.122, B.233, G.241, G.242, G.275 SCHON, Frank, Baron SCHULTZE, K. G.88 G.257, G.258, G.260, G.261 SCIENCE PROGRESS SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SCIENCE MUSEUM, LONDON C.520, C.521, G.344 SCIENCE AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS C.423 SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING PROFESSIONAL GROUP C.518, C.519 ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON CHEMICAL ENGINEERING AND INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRY G.346 B.1-B.1240, C.577, G.206-G.216, G.218- G.224, G.226, G.235-G.267, G.273, G.294-G.329, G.347 SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE ON PROBLEMS OF THE ENVIRONMENT(SCOPE) B.199, B.204, B.225, B.226, G.222, G.225, G.232 SCOTT, Thomas Reginald SCOTTISH NUCLEAR LTD SCIENTISTS AGAINST NUCLEAR ARMS B.150 SCIENCE POLICY FOUNDATION C.520, G.204, G.205, G.222 G.191, G.254 G.323 G.143-G.145 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents SCOWEN, Sir Eric Frank C.364 SEIBOLD; E: SEITZ, Russell C.340, G.219, G.228 G.237 SELIGMAN, Madron Richard C.299, C.300, G.294 SELIGMAN, Sir Peter SELWOOD FOUNDATION FOR MODERN LEARNING SENTRACHEM LTD, SOUTH AFRICA SEVERN, Kenneth SHAH, Atul K. SHANG Zhaorong SHAPIRO, Charles S. C.578 C.522 C.243 C.199 G.323 G.313 B.124, B.228, B.233, B.234, B.350, B.376, B.388, B.435, B.491, B.492, B.493, B.502, B.515, B.516, B.517, B.534, B.560, B.563A, B.565, B.569, B.609, B.610, B.612-B.615, B.616, B.621, B.630, B.640-B.642, B.646, B.657-B.659, B.685, B.722-B.731, B.732, B.734-B.773, B.779, B.787, B.797, B.798, B.800, B.801, B.859, B.863-B.870, B.873-B.901, B.928- B.938, B.942-B.962, B.980, B.987, B.989, B.1022, B.1032, B.1108- B.1110, B.1159, B.1238, G.236, G.241, G.244, G.252, G.253, G.259, G.260, G.298-G.303, G.305-G.307, G.309 SHARPINGTON, K.E. SHARMAN, F. Andrew C.296, G.280 SHERFIELD, Roger Mellor Makins, Baron SHELTON, Richard G.J. SHEPHARD, Ronnie W. SHENFIELD, Stephen B.240 G.248 C.445 G.344 C.248 B.202 C.325 G.340 SHAW, J. P. H. SHAW, P. Malcolm SHEPHERD, R. F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 SHILLITO, David E. SHIMAZU, Yasuo SHINE, Keith SHOBO, Arthur O. SHOIKHET, Yakov N. SHORE, Peter David SIDDALL, Ernest Index of correspondents G.89 B.130, B.131 B.268 G.87 B.770, B.778, B.787, B.988, B.1070, B.1080, B.1090, G.308 C.290, C.296, D.101 C.332, C.334, C.365, G.196, G.198, G.244 SIEGENTHALER, U. B.251, B.376 SIMON-CARVES (later SIMON ENGINEERING) LTD G.90, G.122 SIMON, John Gilbert, 2nd Viscount Simon of Stackpole Elidor SIMON, Steven L. D.28 B.929 C.324 B.1095 G.91 SIMS, D.L. SINCLAIR, Warren K. SINNAEVE, Jaak SISLER, Daniel G. SITTERT, N.J. van A.90 B.304 F.250 C.583 126 SIXTY MINUTES AUSTRALIA SIR FREDERICK WARNER & PARTNERS AUSTRALIA B.503, B.738, B.745-B.748, B.756, B57 1D. 10m, B.f69) B17 1, B.782; B.787, B.797, B.885, B.1021, F.250 F.88, G.191, G.276, G.277 C.142, C.143, C.324, C.326, C.328, C.331, C.333-C.336, C.340, C.364, B.135, B.136, B.234, G.214, G.215, G.219, G.233, G.240, G.242 SKEET, Sir Trevor Herbert Henry B.245, C.578 G.305, G.306 SKOU, Carl C. SKRYABIN, G.K. SKILLINGTON, Helen L. SKARKA, Jaromir SLATER, David H. F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 SLATYER, Ralph O. SLINGO, Anthony SLOVIC, Paul SMALL,Richard D. SMART, A.D. Gerald SMIRENNYI, Lev N. SMIRNYAGIN, Vassily SMITER, H.W.J. (‘Bill’) SMITH, Sir David SMITH, E. Barry Index of correspondents B.2-B.6, B.12, B.13, B.53, B.60, B.61, B.63-B.69, B.187, B.195, B.197, B.200, B.224, G.207, G.208, G.213, G.214, G.216, G.220, G.222, G.223 B.152, G.223 C.364 B.351, B.376, B.389, B.534, B.1161 C.548 Bol Baile G.239 C.184, G.90, G.146 B.768, G.299, G.306, G.307, G.308 B.534 SMITH, Sir Francis GRAHAM- SMITH, Michael LANGLEY- SMITH, Graham SMITH, Lewis L. F.205 B.733 F.249 D.23 F.76 SOCIETY FOR RISK ANALYSIS SOCIETY OF CHEMICAL INDUSTRY SOCIETY OF FIRE SAFETY ENGINEERS SOCIETE EUROPEENE POUR LA FORMATION DES INGENIEURS C.54, C.58, C.60 SOUTH YORKSHIRE FIRE AND CIVIL DEFENCE AUTHORITY SOUTH AFRICAN INSTITUTION OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS F.35, F.36 A.83, C.525-C.528, D.6, D.23, D.49, F.91, G.302 C.122 G.90 G.92 SOMERVILLE, Graham SOUNDARARAJAN & CO. LTD C.523, C.524 G.238 SOUTHGATE, B.A. F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents SOUTHWOOD, Sir (Thomas) Richard (Edmund) SPANGLER, Miller B. SPEARING, John K. A.172, B.242, B.389, B.734, B.740, B.747, B.748, B.752, B.797, B.948, C.344, D.116, G.202, G.244 C.343 B.251 SPECIAL STEELS ENQUIRY, SHEFFIELD See G.201 SPRINGER VERLAG STAINTHORP, Frank P. STANTON & STAVERLEY LTD STATHER, John W. STEADMAN, Philip STERNBERG, Sir Sigmund STEVENSON, Sir Matthew B.865-B.868, B.935 A.184, A.185, B.169, C.145, G.218, G.231,G.290 G.93 2h B.236, G.217 G.237, G.238, G.252, G.253, G.256 C.226 STEWART, Alan James STUKIN, Eugeny D. A.23-A.29 STORROW, J.A. STREHLOW, Roger A. STILLITO, David STOBART, Andrew C.577 G.295 G.345 B.229 C.241 C.145 STUDENT VANGUARD STOCKHOLM INTERNATIONAL PEACE RESEARCH INSTITUTE B.994, B.1009, B.1095, G.317 C.87, C.88, C.328, C.334, C.344, C.364, C.414, C.415, C.420, C.424, C.446, C.447, C.463, C.465-C.471, C.486, C.500, C.504, F.249, F.250, Ineo eeial B.758-B.760, B.765, B.769, B.772, B.775-B.777, B.786, B.787, B.987- B.791, B.794, B.983, B.1074, B.1076 SUCKLING, Charles Walter SUBRAMANIAM, C.V. B.182 SUGAHARA, Tsutomu F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents SUGDEN, Sir (Theodore) Morris SULPHUR INSTITUTE SUMMERFIELD, Arthur SUPPORTERS OF NUCLEAR ENERGY SUSCHITZKY, Wolf SUTTON, Sir (Oliver) Graham SVIREJEVA, Anastasia SWAN, A.A.B. SWANN, Michael Meredith, Baron SWINDIN, Norman SYERS, J. Keith SYKES, Philip H. C.314 G.94 B.152, B.231 C.529 A.159 C.53 G.282 C.333 Da7. A.159, G.95 See also G.292 B.231, G.239, G.255 C.184, G.93 SZEKELY, Julian TAIT, Joyce TAO [?] SYMONS, Martyn Christian Raymond G.180, G.284, G.286, G.287, G.290, G.293, G.296 A.165, A.171, A.180, A.186, A.187 C.111, F.1, G.147-G.154, G.189, G.195, G.208, G.280-G.282, G.287, G.288, G.298, G.299-G.303, G.342, G.346 See also G.308 F.250, G.292 TAYLOR, John HAMILTON- TAYLOR, M.J. TAYLOR, R.H. B.621, B.686 B.1156 G.155 C.416 B.491 G.313 A.182, B.78, G.239 TAILOR, John P. TARKO, Alexander TATE, J.R. TAYLOR, Albert B.991, B.994 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents TECHNICAL CHANGE CENTRE G.231 TECHNISCHER UBERWACHUNGS-VEREIN RHEINLAND A.111 TEDBURY,J.L. THAMES WATER AUTHORITY G.96 B.237 THATCHER, Margaret Hilda, Baroness C.78, G.255 THOENES, D. THOMAS MORSON & SON LTD THOMAS, Brian E.A. THOMAS, C.C. THOMPSON, J. Langham THOMPSON, M.W. THORNE, M.C. THORNTON, John D. G.340 G.66 G.337 G.338 G.338 C.553 B.491A G.342, G.343 THE TIMES TINKER, P.B. THORP, H.W. G.156 THRING, Meredith Wooldridge C.131, C.136, G.346 TODD, Alexander Robertus, Baron TIMES HIGHER EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENT Gi, B.235, B.435, C.116, C.134, C.578, D.60, E.108, F.253, G.194, G.216, G.221, G.239, G.240, G.256, G.262, G.263, G.279, G.282, G.308, G.313, G.319 C.78 A.94, A.158, G.126, G.187, G.203, G.206, G.340, G.341 B.156, G.218 A.94, G.203 TOMALIN, E.F.J. TOW, Derek John G.340 G.348 B.119 TRIPOLI, Gregory J. TRIPPIER, David Austin TOWNSEND, Charles Edward TRAIN, David A.91, A.94, G.157, G.189 Index of correspondents F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 TSATUROV, Yuri TSUKATONI, Tsuneo TSUSHIMA, Kazuo TUCKER, Anthony TURCO, Richard Peter TURNEY, Simon UBBELOHDE, Alfred Rene Jean Paul UNDERWOOD, A.J.V. UNILEVER RESEARCH B.740, B.800 B.1095 B.312 G.181 B.153-B.155, B.195, B.209, B.229, B.347, B.435, G.219, G.220, G.236, G.239, G.240 B.241 G.102 G.97 F.143 UNITED KINGDOM ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY B.487, C.574-C.576, C.579, G.98, G.249, G.250, G.342 A.84-A.86 C.530-C.547 G.27 B.602 UNITED NATIONS FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION UNESCO B.759, B.765, G.297 UNITED KINGDOM NIREX LTD G.284, G.315, G.346 UNITED KINGDOM HEAVY ENGINEERING MISSION TO THE GOVERNMENTOF INDIA SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE ON THE EFFECTS OF ATOMIC RADIATION UNITED KINGDOM NATIONAL COORDINATION COMMITTEE FOR THE INTERNATIONAL DECADE FOR NATURAL DISASTER REDUCTION A.97, C.548-C.551 UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME B.65, B.67, B.69, F.140 DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR G.102 UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATION G.317 B.733, B.751, B.753, B.1104, B.1120-B.1123, G.299 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF SOUTH WALES AND MONMOUTHSHIRE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF SWANSEA UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMITTEE UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM FLUID AND SURFACE TRANSPORT TEAM UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SOCIETY DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING G.338 C.552 UNIVERSITY OF EAST ANGLIA C.553-C.557, G.249, G.286, G.287 UNIVERSITY OF ESSEX A.97, A.120, G.214-G.216, G.222, G.223, G.225, G.227, G.229, G.230, G.271, G.275, G.276, G.278, G.282, G.289, G.295, G.296, G.299, G.317, G.320, G.322, G.325-G.329 A.116, G.344 UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK UNIVERSITY OF THE THIRD AGE G.243, G.280, G.281 STUDENT CHEMICAL SOCIETY B.229, G.234, G.240, G.244, G.248 DEPARTMENT OF ART HISTORY G.297, G.298 A.108, D.101 G.238 CENTRE FOR THE STUDY OF THEOLOGY G.247 UNIVERSITY OF LONDON UNION MAGAZINE A.17-A.22 UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY B.501, B.573, B.799 STUDENT CHEMISTRY SOCIETY G.250 UNSWORTH, Michael Hugh B.156, B.389, B.515 URABE, Tatsuo VANE, Sir John Robert F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 VATHAIRE, Florent de VATSELLAS, J. VENABLES, Sir Peter VERSCHOYLE, D. VERECKEN, J.P. Index of correspondents B.776, B.1094, B.1111 F.54 Gage C.118 B.982 G.103 Bay F.249 B.141 B.389, B.390, B.672 B.434, B.435, G.221 G.44 G.74 G.2 VERFAHRENSTECHNISCHE GESELLSCHAFTIM VEREIN DEUTSCHER INGENIEURE VERSTRAETE, Michel M. VESSEY, Martin P. VILLEVIEILLE, A. VOICE, Eric Handley A.187, A.188, B.493, B.516, B.564- B.566, B.569, B.572A, B.573, B.621, B.630, B.640, B.692-B.694, B.723, B.726, B.732-B.734, B.737, B.756, Bi/7587 B77 80 /2;8./14, Bt, B.797, B.857, B.863, B.876, B.1014, Bilg29- Bi133; 8.1135; B39 C.575-C.577, G.261, G.262, G.264, G.265, G.271, G.286, G.301, G.310, G.323, G.347 See also B.1011 VORIS, Peter Van VORONKOVA,Olga VOSS, R.G.P. VUKOVIC, D.V. VOLUNTEERS FOR IONISING RADIATION B.209, B.210, B.216, B.230, C.558- C.583, G.243 See also G.245 C.579 W.G. JENKINSON LTD, CHEMICAL ENGINEERS W. ALTON JONES FOUNDATION W.S. ATKINS & PARTNERS B.534 C.118 G.104 W.H. PAUL LTD WAKEHAM, Sir John Index of correspondents F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 WAKEHA\M, W.A. WALD, Nicholas WALDEGRAVE, William Arthur WALDRAM, S.P. WALLER, R.E. WALKER, Brian H. WALSH, J.J. WALTON, David W.H. WAPENAAR, J.P. WARBURTON, Brian WARNER (née REYNOLDS), Barbara Ivy, Lady C.166 G.291 F.151 F.184 C.327 B.168 G.106 B.247 G.106 B.233, G.243, G.246 A.155 See also G.194-G.226, G.262 WARNER, Judith Alexandra A.154 WARNER, Robert J. WARREN, Graham WATERLOW, John Conrad WATSON, J.H.P. WATSON, James K.G. WATSON, William P. G.214 G.105 et 10 G.275 202 WATT COMMITTEE ON ENERGY A.147-A.151, F.77, F.85, F.87, G.192, G.196 WARREN SPRING LABORATORY, STEVENAGE, HERTFORDSHIRE B.245, B.268, C.319, G.214, G.216 C.332, C.335, C.336, C.340, C.341, C.343, C.344, C.365, C.376, F.251, G.196, G.202, G.248 WAY, Sir Richard George Kitchener (‘Sam’) Beers G.239, G.240 WEI Luxin WEINBERG, Felix Jiri B.234, C.288, G.215, G.241 B.944, B.1236 WEBB, G.A.M. WEEDON, Basil Charles Leicester B.994 F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 WELDING INSTITUTE WEST,T.F.(‘Freddie’) WESTERMAN, V. Index of correspondents WESTFIELD COLLEGE UNIVERSITY OF LONDON WESTING, Arthur H. WHESSOE LTD WHISTON, Jim WHITE, Gilbert F. C.144, F.39 D.23 G.189 C.584 B.200, B.238 G.28 G.259, G.262, G.263, G.266 B.1, B.2, B.4-B.6, B.11-B.13, B.62, B.63, B.65, B.68, B.70, B.72, B.74, B.78, B.157-B.162, B.192, B.194, B:195;/3:197, 8.198; B:202:B:203; B.205;8:573; 3:762, B-1161, ©.327, C.328, C.341-C.343, C.413, C.448, C.578, G.182, G.202-G.204, G.207, G.208, G.213, G.215-G.221, G.224, G.225, G.242, G.243, G.247, G.261, G.275, G.276, G.279, G.281, G.344 WHITE, R. F.170, G.261 WHITEHAVEN NEWS WHITMORE, E.J. WIGGINS, Barry D. WIGHTMAN, W. Eric G.271 C.296 G.16 G.195 B.241 G.108 WHITE, Eirene Lloyd, Baroness WIENDL, Frederico Maximiliano WHITE SEA & BALTIC COMPANY B17 CAIG, C1t81C120;,C:123: 6.1.25, C:126; ©1285 6x31, CA320C6.134, C.136 G.254, G.259, G.262, G.276, G.292, G.293 B.163-B.165, B.213, B.228, B.376, G.239, G.243 WILDAVSKY,A. WILKIE, Tom G.287 B.731, G.290 WIJERATNE, Brian WIK, Manuel W. WILKINS, Bernard F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents WILKINSON, Sir Denys Haigh B.235, C.363, G.344 WILKINSON, W.L.(‘Bill’) WILLIAMS, John E. Ffowcs WILLIAMS, Max WILLIAMS, M.M.R. WILLIAMSON, Mark Herbert WILLIAMSON, Robert Brady WINDEBANK,Charles S. WINDHAM, W.A.D. WINN, E.B. WOLF, Peter O. B.244, B.486, B.515, B.520, C.418, C.574, F.184, F.187, G.183, G.252, G.263, G.265, G.267, G.277, G.278, G.281 C.51, C.53, C.61 C.146, G.184 B.201 B.167, B.231, B.389, B.487, B.491A, B.573, G.185, G.218, G.246 B.351 G.107 G.108 G.342 CaAi6; 6.120, G2122; Crl23;°C.125, C.128, C.131, C.132, C.134, C.136 WOLFENDALE, Sir Arnold Whittaker WOMEN'S NATIONAL COMMISSION WOLFSON FOUNDATION B.603-B.607, G.259 WOODFORD, F. Peter WOODHEAD, DenS. WOLFENDEN, Sir John Frederick C.184 F.212, G.282 Een, WOODRUFF, Sir Michael Francis Addison B.168, B.192, B.236, B.237, G.210, Gi2ti7,.G:275)G:278; G:283 B.241 B.515, B.516, B.561, B.622, B.690 G.185 WORKING MEN'S COLLEGE, LONDON G.109 WOODTHORPE, T. John WOODWELL, George M. WOODS, H. Frank 250 web eer, e273, E274 C.575 A.171 WORGUL, Basil B.788, B.1014, G.326 B.487, B.573, G.214, G.253, G.260 WRIGHT, Dave F.E. Warner NCUACS 144/1/06 Index of correspondents WYNNE, Brian B.515, B.517, C.415, C.417 XU Shiming YAMASHITA, Shunichi YE Changgqing YER B.1080 G.325 B.800, B.883, G.246 BAS YOUNG, Sir Frank George A.158, G.110, G.338 ZAITSEV, Evgeny ZANOBETTI, D. ZARIDZE, David G. ZHOU Xiuji B.763, B.865, B.935 F.4 B.959 G.225 ZICHICHI, Antonino ZUCKERMAN, Solly, Baron G.228, G.344 A.172, A.186, B.6, B.170, B.193, B.194, B.199, B.297, C.296, C.297, C.553, C.580, G.201, G.210, G.216, G.218, G.219, G.246, G.277 See also G.343