WALSHE, Francis Martin Rouse Supplementary Part 1 v1

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CSAC 56/10/77 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Supported by the Royal Society, the British Library and the Council of Engineering Institutions Supplementary report on the papers of Sir Francis Martin Rouse Walshe FRS (1885 - 1973) covering material additional to that in the main collection (CSAC 35/12/75) Harriot Weiskittel Compiled by: Jeannine Alton Deposited in the University College London Library, 1977 F.M.R. Walshe (Supplement) CSAC 56/10/77 Description of the collection These additional papers were received from Dr. J.M. Walshe in September 1977. They are numbered and cross-referenced to follow the sequence of the relevant sections of the main collection of Walshe's papers (CSAC handlist no. 35/12/75), as follows: A. Biographical and personal Publications, speeches and addresses Religious controversies Correspondence F.M.R. Walshe (Supplement) CSAC 56/10/77 Letters from colleagues, containing recollections and anecdotes of Walshe, sent to Mrs. Inez Gray who was preparing a memorial volume. from R.T. Hewitt (2 letters); see also D.3 Sir Wylie McKissock (2 letters) H. Pullar-Strecker (3 letters) Stanley Rivlin Letters of thanks and appreciation sent to Walshe by colleagues: L. Barraquer Bordas 1973 William Gooddy Arthur M. Lassek Ardeshir Zahedi 1961, 1968, 1973 1971; see also D.2 1965 1972 Letters of congratulation sent to Walshe on his Knighthood 1953 (not itemised). Letter from Walshe on duties and limitations of lay Catholics. "The neurophysiological approach to the problem of consciousness, 30 pp. extensively corrected draft of chapter contributed to Scientific Foundations of Neurology (ed. M. Critchley, J.L. O'Leary and B. Jennet), pp.181-189. of consciousness) 1966 (on mechanistic and reductionist philosophies Letters from Ernest (later Sir Ernest) Gowers, 1949, 1950, and 1 p. of another letter from him (c) 1950. Scientific correspondence from: Macdonald Critchley 1972 (on dyslexia) Seymour S. Kety