WAGER, Lawrence Rickard Supplementary v1

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Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Lawrence Rickard Wager FRS (1904 - 1965) NCUACScatalogue no. 113/12/02 by Jeannine Alton and Peter Harper L.R. Wager (Supplement) NCUACS 113/12/02 Title: Compiled by: Jeannine Alton and Peter Harper Description level: Fonds Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Lawrence Rickard Wager FRS (1904-1965), geologist NCUACS catalogue no. 113/12/02 © 2002 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath Oxford University Museum of Natural History Extent of material: ca 30 items Reference code: GB 462 OUMNH Wager papers Date of material: 1946-1963 Depositedin: L.R. Wager (Supplement) NCUACS 113/12/02 The workof the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The British Computer Society Rolls Royce plc The Royal Astronomical Society The Royal Society The British Crystallographic Association Girton College, Cambridge The Institute of Physics The RAF Historical Society The Royal Academy of Engineering The Geological Society of London The Wellcome Trust The Royal Society of Chemistry St John's College Cambridge Trinity College Cambridge L.R. Wager (Supplement) NCUACS 113/12/02 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE LIBRARIAN PARKS ROAD OXFORD UNIVERSITY MUSEUM OF NATURALHISTORY OXFORD OX1 3PW L.R. Wager (Supplement) NCUACS 113/12/02 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.134-A.143 SECTION E UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD E.74-E.85 SECTION G LECTURES AND MEETINGS G:90; G91 SECTION H PUBLICATIONS H.110 SECTION K REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS K.32-K.35 SECTION L CORRESPONDENCE L.95-L.99 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS L.R. Wager (Supplement) NCUACS 113/12/02 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received from the Royal Society of London in March 2002. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The catalogue is a supplement to that compiled in 1999 (NCUACS catalogue no.84/5/99). The material is arranged in sections and numbered to follow the sequenceof the previous catalogue and should be used in conjunction with it. The material, which is almost entirely correspondence, is presented in the order shown in the list of contents. It covers the period 1951-1963. Section A, Biographical and personal, includesinvitations relating to academic, committee and public service, as well as little personal correspondence. Sections G, Lectures and meetings, and H, Publications, are very scanty. publication, and also some personal and academic references. Section E, University of Oxford, is by far the major part of the supplement. It all relates to the Department of Geology and Mineralogy, and includes substantial files of correspondence from geologists and colleagues wishing to visit or work there, or to recruit from its students. Section K, References and recommendations, contains refereeing by Wager of papers for Section L, Correspondence, is mainly shorter items on research and publications, requests for OXFORD 2002 information and thelike. Thereis also an index of correspondents. Jeannine Alton L.R. Wager (Supplement) NCUACS 113/12/02 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.134-A.143 A.134-A.139 CAREER AND APPOINTMENTS 1952-1961 Invitations bodies, all declined by Wager. to accept appointments, serve on_ public Chair of Geology, University of Adelaide, Australia. Service Civil Competition. Commission, Administrative Group Society for Cultural Relations with the USSR. Selection Committee for Geology, University of Karachi. A.140-A.143 PERSONAL University Grants Committee Assessor. Social and personalinvitations declined. Membership, New York Academy of Sciences. 1951-1961 Includes School Association, oil companies, academic institutions and laboratories. Replies to letters of congratulation sent by Wager. A.142, A.143 Shorter personal correspondence. Arctic Club, Leeds Grammar 1951-1962 1953-1962 1954, 1956 L.R. Wager (Supplement) NCUACS 113/12/02 Biographical and personal L.R. Wager (Supplement) NCUACS 113/12/02 SECTION E UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD E.74-E.85 The material all relates to the Department of Geology and Mineralogy. E.74-E.76 on the correspondence General the Department, books and equipment, teaching methods and organisation, requests to usefacilities or services of of the possible analysed, identified or exchanged, theses. collaborative specimens Department, received, research interest, projects running of 1951-1962 1951-1955 Includes letters on the death of R.C. Spiller 1955-1958 Includes Department, to appear in Oxford Times. Wager's for an notes article about the 1952-1961 1959-1962 Recruitment and careers See also NCUACS 84/5/99, E.9. Arrangements for visits and interviews by oil companies, surveyors, universities, Colonial Service etc. repeated visits. Requests and arrangements to visit or work in the Department, by overseas and UK colleagues some on Arrangements for Departmentor elsewhere in Oxford. lectures given by visitors 1951-1961 E.79-E.85 1951-1963 Lectures Visitors the to L.R. Wager (Supplement) NCUACS 113/12/02 University of Oxford Includes some scientific information on research topics, letters of thanks etc. Visits from book publishers are also included. See also NCUACS84/5/99, E.8, L.94. 1951-1952 1953-1954 1955-1956 1957-1958 1959-1960 1962-1963 L.R. Wager (Supplement) NCUACS 113/12/02 SECTION G LECTURES AND MEETINGS Invitations to lecture, declined or deferred 1946, n.d. See also NCUACS84/5/99, G.89. Invitations to conferences and symposia, declined 1955-1962 L.R. Wager (Supplement) NCUACS 113/12/02 SECTION H PUBLICATIONS Invitations to write booksor articles, take part in television programmes, declined 1954-1960 See also NCUACS 84/5/99, H.99. L.R. Wager (Supplement) NCUACS 113/12/02 SECTION K REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS K.32-K.35 Comments on papersfor publication, sent to Wager for comment 1954-1959 From Royal Society of Edinburgh, Nature, London, 1959. 1954, 1956 and K.33-K.35 Shorter references for individuals and colleagues, visiting lecturers, grants and fellowships 1951-1961 1951-1955. 1957-1959) 1960-1961... L.R. Wager (Supplement) NCUACS113/12/02 SECTION L CORRESPONDENCE L.95-L.99 L.95-L.98 Shorter scientific correspondence. E95 A.-E. Includes correspondence 1956 on the bequest to the Department of books and fossils under the will of W.J. Arkell. See NCUACS 102/1/02 (Catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof William Joscelyn Arkell), A.4, F.2. V.-W. Includes correspondence 1950-1952 on the Barker Index of Crystals. 1951-1963 Shorter correspondence on books and articles received, requests for information sent or received See also NCUACS 84/5/99, L.92, L.93. L.R. Wager (Supplement) NCUACS113/12/02 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ALLEN, Percival BARTH, Tom Frederick Weybye BARTHOLOME, Paul BAYZAND, Charles John BIRKENMAJER, K BLEANEY,Brebis BOWEN, Edmund John A.142 E719 A.142, E.84 E.74 E.84 E.76 E.80 BOWLER, Christopher M.L. E.81, E.82, K.34 BRADLEY,Peter Colley Sylvester BROCH, Olaf Anton BROMEHEAD, Cyril Edward Nowill E.76 E79 A.142 E.83 E.80 A.142 See Lindemann BROWN, Harrison COOPER, L.H.N. COTTON, C.A. CROMBIE, Alistair C. E76 E.79 E.78 CHERWELL, 1st Viscount BROTHERS, Raymond Nicholas BULMAN, Oliver Meredith Boone £395 DOUGLAS, JamesArchibald DAVIDSON, Charles Findlay FAIRBRIDGE, Rhodes W. A.142 E.74 L.95 A.142 DREVER, Harald Irving ELLSMORE, C.W. DUMMETT, Tony Index of correspondents L.R. Wager (Supplement) NCUACS113/12/02 FEATHER, Norman FLETT, Martin T. FORD, Edmund Brisco FROST, Richard A. GILBERT, Edmund William GLUEKAUF, Eugen GRANT, Maurice Harold GRANTHAM, D.R. HALLIMOND, Arthur Francis HARLAND, Walter Brian HAWKES, Charles Francis Christopher HAWKES, Leonard MYERS, J. LACY, E.D. LOBJOIT, W.M. LOVERING, J.F. KENNEDY, William Quarrier LONSDALE, Kathleen, Dame LINDEMANN, Frederick Alexander, 1st Viscount NEWTH, D.R. MURRAY, Keith Anderson Hope, Baron MANLEY, Gordon MAWSON, Sir Douglas MOORE, Leslie Rowsell L.R. Wager (Supplement) NCUACS 113/12/02 OAKLEY, Kenneth Page ODELL, Noel Ewart OFTEDAL, Ivar PHILLIPS, Frank Coles PORTER, Mary W. PUGH, William John QUODLING, F.M. RANDS, Claud Norris RICHEY, James Ernest Index of correspondents E.84 E.83 E.84 See E.74 E.81, L.98 A.141 E.81 E.80 K.32 ROBSON, Geoffrey Robert E7982 RUTHERFORD, William K.32 eye), |= 1A) SAHAMA, Th. G. SEAGER, A.F. RUTTEN, Martin G. E.74 E.80 A.141 A.143 E.78 SMITH, Joseph Victor SIMPSON, David Hope SMITH, Walter Campbell SIMON, Sir Francis Eugen E.74 STEWART, Sir Frederick Henry THORARINSSON, Sigurdur TYRRELL, George Walter L.97 E.81 E.78 A.141 STOTT, Richard W. E.74, E.81, E.84 TILLEY, Cecil Edgar SORER, SER. A.143, E.79, E.82 L.R. Wager (Supplement) NCUACS 113/12/02 Index of correspondents VICKERS, A.Eric J. WELLS, Maurice Kingsley WHITAKER, John H. McD. WHITE, E.G. WHITE, F.B. Howard WHITTARD, Walter Frederick (‘Whit’) WHITTEN, E.H. Timothy WINCHELL, Horace WOOD, Alan