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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Lawrence Rickard Wager FRS (1904 - 1965) NCUACS catalogue no. 84/5/99 by Jeannine Alton, Timothy E. Powell and Nicola Ashbridge L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Description level: Fonds Date of material: 1904-1985 Deposited in: Title: Compiled by: Extent of material: ca 1,200 items Jeannine Alton, Timothy E. Powell and Nicola Ashbridge Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Lawrence Rickard Wager FRS (1904-1965), geologist NCUACS catalogue no. 84/5/99 © 1999 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath Oxford University Museum of Natural History Reference code: GB462 OUMNH Wager papers L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The Geological Society The Institute of Physics The Royal Society Trinity College Cambridge The Higher Education Funding Council for England The Wellcome Trust L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE LIBRARIAN PARKS ROAD OXFORD UNIVERSITY MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY OXFORD OX1 3PW L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1-A.133 SECTION B EXPEDITIONS AND RESEARCH B.1-B.478 SECTION C UNIVERSITY OF READING C.1-C.15 SECTION D UNIVERSITY OF DURHAM D.1-D.29 SECTION E UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD SECTION F RESEARCH TOPICS Pacer F.1-F.39 SECTION G LECTURES, SPEECHES AND ADDRESSES G.1-G.89 H.1-H.109 M.1-M.117 SECTION J SECTION K K.1-K.31 L.1-L.94 SECTION L CORRESPONDENCE SECTION H PUBLICATIONS SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS J.1-J.27 SECTION M NON-TEXTUAL MATERIAL REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS APP.1-APP.69 PERSONAL AND GEOLOGICAL DIARIES APPENDIX INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received at various dates 1998-1999 and represent a consolidation of material previously diffused among several sources. Wager had been one of the three scientists chosen in 1969 for the pilot project that led to the formation in 1973 of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre (now the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists). A selection of his papers and diaries, made and listed by Miss J.M. Pye under the direction of Professor Margaret Gowing, was deposited in the Archives of the Royal Society in 1969. A considerable amount of material was returned at that time to family hands, while much of Wager’s research notes, maps and teaching material remained in the Oxford Department of Geology and Mineralogy (now Earth Sciences). With the approval of Mrs Wager and her family, the Council of the Royal Society and the Departmental authorities, all these deposits have been assembled and integrated into the present collection. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF LAWRENCE RICKARD WAGER Pembroke College Cambridge. He read the Natural Sciences Tripos, graduating with a First in geology and botanising continued. From 1920 to 1923 Wager attended the sixth form of Leeds family hands. tn 1916, when Wager was twelve, his mother died and in 1919 his father may have Geology in 1926, and began research on Yorkshire Limestones, supported by a Goldsmiths Wager was born on 5 February 1904 in Batley, Yorkshire. He was educated at a local elementary school and then at Hebden Bridge United District Grammar School, where his father was spent with the two boys (Wager and his younger brother Hal) in the West Indies. Here climbing, Grammar School, living with an aunt and uncle (Harold Wager FRS) and obtaining an Exhibition to interests and a lasting attachment to the Yorkshire Dales, where he later purchased a house, still in Headmaster. Walking, exploring, climbing and early geologising occupied his boyhood, forming his been in indifferent health since he was granted a year’s leave of absence from teaching, which he The first of these appointed Lecturer in mineralogy and petrology at the University of Reading in 1929 and played his His parallel skills as a geologist and climber-explorer were to characterise Wager’s career. Company Research Scholarship. Throughout his Cambridge period he was an active member of the University Mountaineering Club (President 1925-1926), climbing in Britain and the Alps and establishing a wide reputation for steadiness and a reliable eye for terrain. part in teaching and field excursions of the department. But he also participated in the major expeditions that resulted in important scientific discoveries and personal fame. He was L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 expeditions, to Greenland in 1930-1931, was the occasion of his recognition and pioneer survey of the igneous intrusions of the East Greenland coastal mountain area between Angmagssalik and Kangerdlugssuaq. The study of this area - reinforced by subsequent expeditions in 1932, 1934, 1935-1936 and 1953 - was the focus of virtually all his scientific research. The expedition to Everest in 1933 brought a different kind of celebrity. Wager and P. Wyn Harris were chosen to lead the final assault on the summit on 29 May 1933; in adverse weather, they were not successful but they reached a greater height than any previous climbers until the successful ascent by Hilary and Tenzing twenty years later in 1953. During the Second World War Wager was commissioned in the Royal Air Force and served in the Photographic Interpretation Unit until his release in 1944 to take up the Chair of Geology at the University of Durham. In 1950 he moved to Oxford where he greatly expanded the Department of Geology and Mineralogy. Wager was determined to enhance the status of geology at Oxford and argued for its recognition as a school and entrance subject. He also established the Geological Age and Isotope Research Group (GAIR) for the study of geochronology and geochemistry, in which a new graduate course was introduced. Wager died very suddenly on 20 November 1965 at the relatively early age of sixty-one. Wager’s wife Kit) became the first British women to over-winter there. 1936, the Bigsby Medal of the Geological Society of London 1945, the Spendiarov Prize of the International Geological Congress 1948 and the Lyell Medal of the Geological Society of London 1962. Wager was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1946. He received many medals and In 1934 Wager married PhyHis Margaret Worthington, who achieved a notable ‘first’ in accompanying him to East Greenland on the 1935-1936 expedition, which he led; she and her sister-in-law (Hal Wager, a reticent man, answered to several names. His given name, Lawrence, was used by his honours: the Polar Medal 1933, the Mungo Park Medal of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society Reading, he was nicknamed ‘George’, but this was a short-lived complication. generation preferred the surname Wager; in his department he was ‘Prof’ or ‘LRW’; Oxbridge and mountaineering friends of the 1920s and 1930s use the affectionate ‘Waggers’ characteristic of the originally to be used on his Morris Dancing excursions, and this became his most usual name for the rest of his life among both family and friends, although Wager apparently regretted it. For a time, at immediate family and less generally by university colleagues; more formal colleagues of an earlier period; more confusingly, his brother-in-law E.B. Worthington bestowed on him the name ‘Bill’, L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material is presented as shown in the List of Contents. It covers the period 1904-1985. In addition to the description of the material given below, fuller introductory matter may be found at the beginning of most of the sections. Section A, Biographical and personal, includes a little material from Wager’s schooldays and his early notebooks of natural history and geological observations. His later appointments and applications for posts are also recorded. There is relatively little documentation for the later part of his career. Of interest are the annotated memorabilia of his clubs and societies, the careful account books from early days, and the thoughtful reflections on self-discipline and purpose, written on odd scraps of paper, which add an extra dimension to a controlled personality. Section B, Expeditions and research, is by far the most extensive in the collection and in addition to a full introduction, has frequent explanatory notes. It is presented alphabetically by territory, East Greenland being the first as well as the most important. The organisation and logistics of expeditions, especially the 1935-1936 East Greenland expedition led by Wager, are chronicled in detail, backed by diaries, reports and later correspondence. The field notebooks, catalogues of rock specimens, and the investigative analysis which continued, in collaboration, for almost thirty years included. exploration and later of war service. The material consists of lecture and teaching notes. plutonic rocks of Rhum and Skye, and for the Himalayan Geology accomplished on the 1933 Everest Section D, University of Durham, also consists mainly of teaching material, though it also includes Section C, University of Reading, is relatively short, coinciding as it did with Wager’s main period of are also recorded. Similar material, in somewhat less detail, is found for other areas, notably the expedition. The field excursions for students at Reading, Durham and Oxford Universities are also research undertaken for an important paper or lecture may be included in Sections G and H. Section Section F, Research topics, is a short section since most of Wager’s research notes and data are dispersed through the collection: the petrographic descriptions and analyses are in Section B, while Wager's notes and idea in preparation for his first professorial appointment. Section E, University of Oxford, is concerned almost entirely with the research and teaching of the Department of Geology and Mineralogy. It includes documentation of the Geological Age and Isotope Research Group (GAIR) that Wager established for the study of geochronology and geochemistry and in which a new graduate course in geochemistry was introduced. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 F includes documentation of a wartime project on biotite and the beginnings of Wager’s productive collaboration with R.L. Mitchell on trace elements in the rocks of the Skaergaard Intrusion of East Greenland. Section G, Lectures, speeches and addresses, covers a wide timespan from talks given as a schoolboy ca 1920 to 1964. They include technical lectures given in UK and abroad on all aspects of Wager’s scientific interests in layered intrusions, geochemistry and geochronology, and also many less formal talks to non-professional audiences interested in the expeditions to Greenland and Everest. Section H, Publications, is of interest in showing Wager’s methods of work, constantly revising and redrafting, in his notoriously illegible pencil or ink longhand. There are drafts and correspondence relating to Layered Igneous Rocks, Wager’s major collaborative work with G.M. Brown that he did not live to see published. Where applicable reference has been made to the Bibliography in the Memoir of Wager by W.A. Deer (‘Lawrence Rickard Wager’, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society 13 1967), a copy of which is at A.2. However, not all Wager’s published works documented in this collection are to be found in this Bibliography and this additional material has been listed in a bibliographical note appended to the introduction of the catalogue. Section J, Societies and organisations, is scanty but includes material covering Wager’s long service committee. academic work. and friends including Cambridge contemporaries and acquaintances. Most of Wager’s scientific correspondence remains with the research or other matters to which it refers. Section K, References and recommendations, covers the period 1945-1965 and relates mainly to Section M, Non-textual material, is of considerable interest, containing not only photographs and on the Royal Society's British National Committee for Geodesy and Geophysics Vulcanology Sub- Section L, Correspondence, is not extensive but contains some personal correspondence from family There is also an index of correspondents. slides of Wager’s expeditions but the original drawings and maps made on his early Greenland visits in 1930-1931 and 1935-1936. hands. The Appendix lists personal and geological diaries 1925-1964, which currently remain in family L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 WORKS CITED W.A. Deer, ‘Lawrence Rickard Wager’, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society 13 (1967). J. Hargreaves, L.R. Wager. A Life 1904-1965 (privately printed 1991). A copy is held in the Library, Oxford University Museum of Natural History. References in this catalogue are in the form (Hargreaves, p. ...) E.A. Vincent, Geology and Mineralogy at Oxford 1860-1986 (privately printed 1994). A copy is held in the Library, Oxford University Museum of Natural History. References in this catalogue are in the form (Vincent, p. ...). BIBLIOGRAPHICAL NOTE In compiling the catalogue it became evident that a significant number of Wager’s publications were not listed in the Bibliography by W.A. Deer in his Memoir of Wager. Attention is drawn in particular to the following items. F.14 H.14 B.90 B.261 B.264 B.265 B.284 B.285 H.88 B.301 B.143 B.408 ae H.3 H.4 imo H.16-H.21 F.30, F.31 H.14 H.15 H.32 H.60 H.66 H.67 H.81-H.83 H.97, A1.98 LOCATIONS OF FURTHER MATERIAL family hands. Letters, photographs and some personal material, and the diaries listed in the Appendix, remain in L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We are pleased to acknowledge help from many sources in assembling and processing the material. Mrs Wager and her family have been very positive in making material available and in offering information. They have all taken an interest in the progress of the work, and in the case of Jane Hargreaves have spent much time identifying drafts and photographs. At the Oxford University Museum of Natural History Professor W.J. Kennedy, Ms S.M. Brecknell, Miss M.T. Price and Mr R. Hall have all been very helpful. Special thanks are due to Professor E.A. Vincent, a long-term friend and collaborator of Wager from his time at Reading onward. He has made available his unique fund of knowledge and his phenomenal memory in regular visits throughout the work, and his careful scrutiny of the drafts and index has been of inestimable value. Jeannine Alton OXFORD 1999 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1-A.133 A.1-A.7 OBITUARIES AND TRIBUTES A.8-A.67 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS A.68-A.108 DIARIES A.109-A.133 MISCELLANEOUS BIOGRAPHICAL ITEMS L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Biographical and personal OBITUARIES AND TRIBUTES 1966-1990 Recollections by available by Professor Vincent for this collection. E.A. Vincent at A.3-A.6 are photocopies kindly made C.K. Brooks: L.R. Wager and the geology of East Greenland. Amer. Centennial Special Volume |, 1985. Geol. Soc. W.A. Deer: Lawrence Rickard Wager. 1967. Biog. Memoirs Fs. Roy. Soc. 13, E.A. Vincent: Memorial of Lawrence Rickard Wager, n.d. [1966]. E.A. Vincent: Some reminiscences of the Department of Geology at Durham 1946-1951, n.d. [1987]. E.A. Vincent: Geology and mineralogy at Oxford 1936-1986, April 1989. E.A. Vincent: Some personal reminiscences of Lawrence Wager, 1990. Miscellaneous obituaries, 1966-1967. Photocopies, in alphabetical order by journal or source. in 1916. Earliest notes of Wager’s infancy, kept by his mother, Adelina Wager, 1904- 1905. Included here is a postcard sent to Wager from his mother, 1915. She died CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS 1904-1983 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Biographical and personal Hebden Bridge School notebooks. ‘Nature Study 1914-1915’. ‘Physics 1916-1917’. ‘Physics 1917-1918’. ‘School Reports 1914 - 1923’. Hebden Bridge United District Secondary School, 1914, 1917-1918, 1919- 1920; Oueen’s Royal College, Port of Spain, Trinidad, July 1919; Leeds Grammar School 1920, 1922, 1923, also Leeds Grammar School General Paper 1922. Sketches and greetings cards by Wager, 1917 (snow scene), 1920 (West Indies scenes) for Wager’s father. A.14-A.16 Leeds Grammar School Journal entries of ‘Xmas holidays 1922-23’. A.14 A.17 Notes and drawings on rocks and mines in the area of Arncliffe, Littondale, Yorkshire, with a later manuscript note by Wager ‘From my very early Arncliffe note book’. £80 a year, with effect from the academic year 1923. Essays at Leeds Grammar School on scientific, general and descriptive topics. Two only dated 1921, 1923. Letter from Pembroke College, 16 October 1922, offering an exhibition of A.17-A.24 University of Cambridge L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Biographical and personal Letters from M.E. Wager (father) 1923-1924 and n.d. Letters from H.G. Wager (brother), and from H. Wager (uncle) arranging introductions at Cambridge, 1924. Also included here is assistance with the Duke of York’s Camp, 1923. a card of good wishes and thanks for Wager’s Letters and notes of congratulation on Wager’s first-class in Part | Natural Sciences Tripos, 1925. of his Two letters 1925 from S.B. Van Noorden, a Cambridge contemporary and climbing companion who was killed in Snowdonia in 1925 (Hargreaves p.24). Letters from J.M. Wordie offering Wager a place on an expedition to East Greenland planned for summer 1926. Science Society, 1925, 1928. Pembroke College clubs and societies: The Martlets [Essay Society], 1926. Cambridge University Mountaineering Club, 1926. Cambridge University and national clubs and societies: See also A.126. Climbers Club, 1925. Sedgwick Club, 1926. Ray Club, 1927. Alpine Club, 1928. Miscellaneous Cambridge items. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Biographical and personal Applications for posts with Colonial Office, Nyasaland, and at the University of Manchester, references and testimonials, 1927. Award of registration as Research Student at Cambridge 1928. Goldsmith's Company postgraduate studentship 1927-1928, Application, correspondence, appointment as Lecturer in Mineralogy and Petrology, University of Reading 1929. Marriage 1934, to Phyllis Margaret Worthington. Invitation, letter from V.D. Davis who took the service. Correspondence with G.W. Pickering and others, on feverish illness from which Wager suffered March-May 1935. No satisfactory diagnosis was made. (Hargreaves p.55). 1936, by the Royal Scottish A.33-A.36 Medal for War Service, 1940-1943. Award of Geographical Society. the Mungo Park Election to Council, Royal Geographical Society 1940. Award of ‘a moiety of the Lyell Geological Fund’ of the Geological Society of London, 1935. Correspondence, January-August 1940, on war work. Correspondence, notes, arrangements to talk to Friends’ Ambulance Unit on warm gear and clothing in Arctic conditions, January 1940. A.33 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Biographical and personal A possible appointment in naval intelligence did not develop, but in May 1940 Wager was offered a commission in the Photographic Development Unit of R.A.F. Intelligence. His period of service began officially in August 1940. Included here is Cambridge 1941. a note of Wager’s Sc.D. degree awarded in absentia in Certificate of Mention in Despatches 1943. Leaving party and memorabilia 1943. Official letter of discharge 1944. See also A.39. Miscellaneous letters and items at end of war, possible future of reunions etc. Unit, Application for the Regius Chair of Geology, University of Edinburgh, 1942- 1943. A.39-A.43 University of Durham, 1943-1949. See also Section D. Correspondence with colleagues and officials, 1943-1944. Manuscript and typescript drafts, and final version of Wager’s application for the chair, list of publications and testimonials, January 1943. Correspondence with colleagues requesting information and advice about the chair, other candidates, referees, etc. Includes many drafts by Wager and his notes on the situation regarding forthcoming vacancies in university chairs, November 1942 - January 1943. fee Includes some reference to the Edinburgh chair (see A.37, A.38), Wager’s appointment at Durham and the negotiations for his release from the R.A.F. His formal application for release and an appeal by the university were turned down, but a personal intervention by the Vice-Chancellor, Lord Eustace Percy, to the Secretary of State for Air, Sir Archibald Sinclair, was successful in obtaining an initial six months leave of absence. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Biographical and personal Also included are Wager’s own question-and-answer notes for his interview, his resignation from the University of Reading and his resignation of his commission in May 1944. Correspondence and papers on the appointment of a Lecturer in Geology at Durham, 1943. F.H. Stewart was appointed. Letters and cards of congratulation to Wager on his appointment at Durham, 1943-1944. A-O. R - W, first-name and unidentified signatures. Miscellaneous shorter correspondence, 1944-1949. Award of the Bigsby Medal, 1945. The Bigsby Medal of the Geological Society of London is awarded biennially to geologists under 45. Notification of award, correspondence with the President, Geological Society (W.G. Fearnsides), Wager’s own résumé of his work, official account and Wager's reply. when Wager decided to remain at Durham. Letters of congratulation. Offer to Wager to accept appointment to Geology, University College London, 1945. the Yates-Goldsmid Chair of Letters and discussions with colleagues, November to December 1945, L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Biographical and personal A.47-A.50 Election to Fellowship of the Royal Society, 1946. A.47 Formal notification of election March 1946, and arrangements for admission, list of publications (to 1940), brief note of election to the Council of Royal Society 1956. A.48-A.50 Letters and cards of congratulation, a few with drafts for reply. A.48 A-F. S - W., first-name and unidentified signatures. Correspondence and papers to University of Glasgow, June-August 1946. relating the Chair of Geology at the Correspondence and drafts. Wager's notes and thoughts about Durham and Glasgow. Wager’'s draft letters, and his many notes and deliberations, indicate his difficulty in reaching a decision. A brief account is in Hargreaves pp. 93-94. Award of the Spendiarov Prize, awarded at the 18th International Geological Congress Final Meeting, 1 September 1948. Correspondence and papers, March-April 1950. A.54-A.63 Chair of Geology, University of Oxford, 1950. Letters of congratulation, a few with replies. See also Section E. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Biographical and personal Wager had apparently not seen the advertisement for the Oxford Chair and learned of it only on 29 March, two days before the closing date of 31 March. After hurried contact with referees, his application (a copy of which is enclosed) was sent in on 5 April. Correspondence, April-May 1950. Includes letter of appointment 19 April, arrangements for a first visit to the Oxford Department and to University College where Wager became ex Officio a Fellow. A.56-A.59 Letters of congratulation, a few with replies. A.56 A-G. Correspondence Oxford; arrangements for visits, information on departmental staff, apparatus and facilities, financial estimates, May - July 1950. colleagues papers, staff with and at and S - W, and unidentified. Miscellaneous notes by Wager on the Oxford Department. probably related to the Oxford Chair. ‘Progress of Geology’. Miscellaneous notes, drafts, references, perhaps for lecture or lectures on the history of geology at Oxford, the teaching of geology and its but Miscellaneous shorter correspondence on apparatus and furniture for the Department. relations to other sciences, geochemistry etc. n.d. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Biographical and personal Correspondence relating to Wager’s sabbatical leave in 1959, spent mainly in Switzerland. Includes correspondence with colleagues continuing to 1961. Award of the Lyell Medal of Geological Society of London, 1962. One letter only. Election Letters, 1963. as foreign member, Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Correspondence and Volcanological Research, to commemorate Wager’s work, 1973-1983. the Wager Prize papers award the on of for A.68-A.108 DIARIES 1914-1965 A.71-A.77 A.71 Memorandum book (hardly used) 1915. Cambridge University pocket diaries, 1922-1930. 1914. Also includes two pages torn from diary for January 1916. 1926-1927. 1922-1923. 1924-1925. 1925-1926. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Biographical and personal 1927-1928. 1928-1929. 1929-1930. A.78-A.85 University of Reading Students’ Union diaries, 1931-1940. A.78 1931-1932. 1932-1933. 1933-1934. 1937-1938. 1938-1939. 1939-1940. 1934-1935. 1936-1937. 1945. Small Boots’ Co. pocket diaries, 1945-1949. R.A.F. diary 1942. A.87-A.91 A.87 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Biographical and personal Letts diary 1949. University of Durham diary, 1949-1950. A.94-A.108 Oxford University pocket diaries, 1950-1966. A.94 1951-1952. 1952-1953. 1953-1954. 1950-1951. 1956-1957. 1955-1956. 1954-1955. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Biographical and personal 1957-1958. 1958-1959. 1959-1960. 1960-1961. 1961-1962. 1962-1963. 1964-1965. 1965-1966. 1921-1963 A.109-A.115 A.116-A.118 Address books A.119-A.123 Accounts A.109-A.133 Passports and personal documentation MISCELLANEOUS BIOGRAPHICAL ITEMS Thoughts and reflections A.124-A.128 | Clubs and societies A.129-A.133 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Biographical and personal A.109-A.115 Passports and personal documentation 1932-1962 A.109-A.112 Passports, 1932-1962. A.109 1932. A.113, A.114 Driving Licences. Club Alpin Frangais. Address book, Reading period. A.116 A.119 A.116-A.118 Address books Thumb-index unbound address list, perhaps from Cambridge period, n.d. Small account book, Pembroke College Cambridge. Small account book, Hebden Bridge Secondary School. Some dates, 1921, 122. Address book for despatch of reprints, Oxford period. A.119-A.123 Accounts 1921-1960 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Biographical and personal Small bank account book, 1935-1940. Small bank account book, 1930-1960. Miscellaneous bills and accounts of personal interest. Various dates 1923- 1934. A.124-A.128 Clubs and societies ca 1924-1963 A.124, A.125 Arctic Club A.124 Annual Dinner menus, almost all with signatures of members and guests, some with seating plans. Various dates 1932-1963. Correspondence about membership, guests, attendance, arrangements for Arctic Club Dinners, especially 1952 when the Dinner was held in Brasenose College Oxford and Wager was President. 1952-1964 Lists of Officers, members, Miscellaneous items relating to 1928-1934. Cambridge University Mountaineering Club. meetings cards. Not all dated, ca 1924-1940. Miscellaneous commemorative dinner menus, many signed and with seating plans. Various dates 1933-1961. metaphysics etc. n.d. but references are made to work published in 1921. Hard-backed exercise book. Used for drafts and thoughts on the philosophy scientific method, of science, influence of science on modern thought, folk and Morris dancing. Various dates A.129-A.133 Thoughts and reflections A.129 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Biographical and personal Small pocket notebook. science, Cambridge contemporaries, and of lectures attended 1926. Used for quotations, reflections and ideas on with Includes accounts of discussions art and philosophy. Miscellaneous short notes on philosophy of science. Personal reflections, self-guidance, prayer, many on small pieces of paper and undated. They include Wager’s reflections on the effect of his mother’s death in 1916 when he was twelve, his thoughts on mountaineering with E.E. Shipton, religious ideas and a ‘Child’s Prayer’ for his family 1945. Poems. Brief accounts of mountaineering. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 SECTION B EXPEDITIONS AND RESEARCH B.1-B.478 This is by far the most extensive section in the collection and within it East Greenland occupies the major part. Wager’s first Arctic expedition, begun only a few months after his 1929 appointment at the University of Reading, was as a member of the British Arctic Air Route Expedition (BAARE), led by H.G. (‘Gino’) Watkins, in 1930-1931 (B.1-B.21). The purpose of the expedition was to reconnoitre a possible air route across the Greenland Ice Cap, requiring mapping, surveying and meteorological observations. For Wager, it was in addition the occasion of his discovery of the ‘Skaergaard Intrusion’, which he first observed from the deck of the Quest on the voyage from base camp at Angmagssalik to Kangerdlugssuaq. He immediately recognised its geological importance as a classic example of a layered intrusion, and, beginning during the expedition itself, as can be seen from his diaries and future planning notes, he made its exploration and study the primary aim of his future research career. Further expeditions to East Greenland followed, in 1932, 1934, 1935-1936 and 1953; another had been planned for 1966-1967 in which Wager himself did not live to participate. interest in British Tertiary Igneous rocks, particularly the layered intrusions of Rhum and Skye, is tectonics, and geochemistry, drawing on increasingly sophisticated methods, was pursued by Wager and his assistants throughout his life, accompanied by a stream of publications and lectures. His documented in frequent expeditions to Scotland, and subsequent research (B.347-B.391). Additional shorter expeditions to South Africa (B.392-B.404) and the West Indies in 1959 (B.405-B.415) provided further material. Wager’s major book Layered Igneous Rocks, written in collaboration with Analysis of the East Greenland rocks began in 1933. Laboratory research into age, structure and on the summit (B.253-B.307) made him a national figure, yet was in some sense a distraction from Wager’s participation in the 1933 expedition to Mount Everest, and in the final (unsuccessful) assault Expeditions of which his layered intrusion research. He put the expedition to maximum geological use, however, by acquiring specimens and by studying in particular the mechanism of the rise of the Himalayan range The surviving material for all these expeditions may include: preliminary planning, organisation, funding, personnel, equipment and transport; diaries, field notebooks and rock catalogues; research notes and notebooks; reports; publications and lectures; correspondence both preceding and G.M. (Sir Malcolm) Brown, appeared posthumously in 1967. and the river drainage systems. following the expedition. The proportions and extent of the material varies. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Wager was the leader or joint leader, notably those of 1935-1936 and 1953, carry an exceptionally full and interesting record of all aspects of the careful organisation involved. Shorter expeditions, or those where he was not leading or bearing primary responsibility, are proportionately less extensive. Wager’s acknowledged experience in the Arctic and elsewhere led to his being regularly consulted on proposed expeditions by others. Material of this kind is retained at B.456-B.474. Maps, photographs and other non-textual material are in Section M. Wager’s personal diaries written on expeditions are listed in the Appendix. They currently remain in family hands. The material is presented as follows: B.1-B.252 EAST GREENLAND B.253-B.307 EVEREST 1933 B.347-B.391 SCOTLAND B.416-B.441 YORKSHIRE B.308-B.346 IRELAND B.392-B.404 SOUTH AFRICA B.405-B.415 WEST INDIES MISCELLANEOUS ROCK CATALOGUES ADVICE AND CORRESPONDENCE MISCELLANEOUS EXCURSIONS B.442-B.455 B.456-B.474 B.475-B.478 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.1-B.252 EAST GREENLAND 1930-1965 BRITISH ARCTIC AIR ROUTE EXPEDITION (BAARE) 1930-1931 B.22-B.36 SCORESBY SOUND COMMITTEE’S SECOND EAST GREENLAND EXPEDITION 1932 B.37 CHARCOT POURQUO! PAS? EXPEDITION 1934 B.38-B.120 B.121-B.146 BRITISH EAST GREENLAND EXPEDITION (BEGE) 1935-1936 EAST GREENLAND GEOLOGICAL EXPEDITION (EGGE) 1953 BRITISH EAST GREENLAND GEOLOGICAL EXPEDITION 1966-1967 B.148-B.181 EAST GREENLAND ROCK CATALOGUES 1930-1955 B.182-B.252 EAST GREENLAND RESEARCH BRITISH ARCTIC AIR ROUTE EXPEDITION (BAARE) 1930-1931 fe In January 1930 Wager was actively considering joining an expedition to Spitsbergen with Meredith Jackson (see B.1). Later that month, however, he received an invitation from H.G. (‘Gino’) Watkins to join his British Arctic Air Route Expedition as geologist (B.2). Wager consented immediately, sailing with the party in July 1930 on the Quest. He contributed to the team’s work in mapping and surveying, and also as a climber leading an attempt to climb Mont Forel, the highest peak then known in the Arctic. His own career received its definitive direction though the discovery and pioneer survey of the plutonic centres of the Skaergaard Intrusion and surrounding area of the East Greenland coast. Most of his subsequent expeditions to Greenland and elsewhere, and the resulting research and publications, derive from this discovery. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Of some interest is a short sequence of correspondence from Watkins about a proposed expedition to the Antarctic that he hoped Wager would join (B.4). In the event, Watkins drowned during an Arctic expedition in the summer of 1932; a reference to his Antarctic proposal is quoted by Hargreaves p.38. register A expedition is at Appendix App. 9. meteorological of observations kept by Wager during the B.1-B.10 B.11-B.13 B.14-B.19 B.20, B.21 Organisation and arrangements Later correspondence Letters and diaries Press cuttings Organisation and arrangements 1930-1933, 1955 Correspondence on proposed journey to Spitsbergen with Meredith Jackson. Advice, information etc., January - February 1930. Correspondence with Watkins, 1930-1931. These letters (incoming only) are all manuscript and not fully dated; the year is rarely given and the month is abbreviated sometimes to an initial letter. The first letter is dated 13 January, thus antedating the correspondence from Watkins. A letter from Jackson of 3 February begins ‘Please don’t feel that you're backing out of anything’. Watkins's first letter dated 19 January invites Wager to join the expedition ‘for the purpose of investigating the possibilities of an air route between Canada and England via Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Baffin Land, Hudson Bay and Winnipeg’. Wager seems to have replied favourably at once (letter of 20 January) and given a firm commitment by 5 February. The correspondence continues with detailed arrangements and includes radio messages, February 1931, on pick-up by aeroplane. ‘Jan. 3rd’, ‘J. 27th’ [1932]. The aims are here given as ‘to explore in Greenland and elsewhere Arctic Air Routes’. Draft agreement. Letters from Watkins on proposed Antarctic expedition, ‘Dec. 21st [1931]’, L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Leave of absence from the University of Reading, July 1930 - August 1931. Wager’s manuscript letter of application for leave details the aims of the expedition with special reference to geology. Correspondence with University of Cambridge re award of grant from the Worts Fund, and deferral of Wager’s dissertation until after the expedition. Correspondence with Royal Society re grants made to Wager for ‘an investigation of the reconnaissance geology of East Greenland’ (1930) and ‘the study of petrological results of British Arctic Air Route Expedition to Greenland’ (1931), 1930-1933. Miscellaneous correspondence 1930-1931. Information, messages of good luck etc. Lists compiled by Wager. Miscellaneous items. Also included here is a menu of the ‘The Quest Dinner’ commemorating 25th anniversary of the sailing, held 6 July 1955. See also L.15. Includes copy of Wager's certificate of medical fitness; notes on methods of rock collection; Christmas 1930 dinner menu (signed by team members); humorous poem ‘Living on the country’ by J.M. Scott, 1931. Includes ‘List to be taken by first in ice cap expedition Aug. 9 1930’, list for ‘Coast Journey (Motor Boat)’, list of 68 photographs taken during expedition, notes for lectures (kept with above, no indication when given). October, no year, probably 1932. Includes letter from A. Courtauld on proposed memorial for Watkins, dated 9 B.11-B.13 Later correspondence 1931-1949 B.11 Award of the Polar Medal 1932. Correspondence from colleagues 1931-1934. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Correspondence with J.M. Scott re biographical articles he was preparing for Encyclopaedia Arctica, 1949. Includes draft for the entry on Wager describing all his expeditions to date (Everest, later East Greenland). Wager arranged to have the diary of his ice cap journey typed out to help Scott (see B.16-B.18). B.14-B.19 Letters and diaries 1930-1931 B.14 Manuscript drafts by Wager for ‘messages by wireless’ of greeting and news, and of three letters to ‘Auntie Winifred’ (Winifred Wager). Exercise book of copies of letters and telegrams sent by Wager to his father. Letters greetings (undated) and March 1931. See also B.20. - October 1930; are Christmas telegrams July run On a separate paper is a copy of a Times article May 1931 on the search for A. Courtauld who had spent the winter alone on the ice cap. See also B.21. Vol. |. 26 October - 29 November 1930. Vol. Il. 30 November - 20 December 1930. Typescript copy of ‘General Diary’ 14 August - 8 September 1930. Typescript copies of Wager’s ‘Diary of Ice Cap Journey’, made for J.M. Scott (see B.13 and Appendix, App. 9 and 10). (Additional to those at B.15). Manuscript ‘Duplicate diary of Ice Cap Journey’ 25 October - 1930. Exercise book kept pasted-in communiqués, etc also including copy of Wager’s letter of by Wager’s father, Press cuttings 5 November with press cuttings, 8 August 1930 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Miscellaneous press cuttings mainly relating to the rescue of A. Courtauld after six weeks alone at the ice cap station. B.22-B.36 SCORESBY SOUND COMMITTEE’S SECOND EAST GREENLAND EXPEDITION 1932 1932-1934 the expedition being commonly referred This was a Danish expedition organised by the Scoresby Sound Committee. The leader was Ejnar Mikkelsen, who became a close friend of Wager and his family, ‘Mikki Expedition’. The expedition sailed from Copenhagen on 22 June 1932, returning in September. Wager was responsible for the geological work, at Kangerdlugssuaq and Kap Dalton, and the party also included his brother H.G. (Hal) Wager and another friend, Michael Spender, as cartographer. Immediately on his return, Wager began to plan a more extended expedition including over-wintering, to enable detailed surveying of the region to be achieved (see B.25). His nomination to the 1933 Everest team deferred the plan until the major British East Greenland Expedition of 1935-1936 (B.38- B.120). the as to B.22-B.24 Organisation and arrangements B.25-B.29 B.30 B.31-B.33 B22 B.22-B.24 B.34-B.36 Research Diary Reports 1932-1933 Later correspondence Organisation and arrangements Letters from H.G. Wager on his participation in the expedition, February-May 1932. Miscellaneous items: list of members, messages of goodwill, accounts. Invitation, detailed arrangements, conditions of work (letter of 7 June 1932), payment of accounts. Danish- Norwegian dispute over Greenland, the Everest expedition and Wager’s proposed future work in Greenland. A letter from M. Spender, May 1932, about the expedition is included here. Correspondence with Mikkelsen, April 1932 - January 1933. Mikkelsen’s later letters refer to the L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.25-B.29 Later correspondence 1932-1934, n.d. B.25 Correspondence with J.M. Wordie, with Wager’s outline of his plans for an extended expedition to Scoresby Sound, October 1932. Correspondence with M. Spender on various expedition plans, October 1932 - September 1933; Spender took part in the Danish 7th Thule Expedition. Includes a proposal by Spender for a journey to Kangerlugssuaq in spring 1935. Also included here is an 8pp typescript draft on ‘Hvitserkr’, a high mountain on the Greenland coast, and its location. No author, date or place of publication are given, but reference is made to an article of 1935 and the work of M. Spender. Correspondence and draft letters on Wagers appointment to the Everest team and its his Danish colleagues, January 1933. effect on East Greenland work, especially for Miscellaneous scientific correspondence, 1932-1933. Correspondence with Mikkelsen, September 1933 - May 1934. Diary Typescript diary entry, 20 August 1932 only. General news of research and expeditions by Koch, Rasmussen, Charcot, lectures and papers, arrangements for publication of Wager’s maps and papers. Trans-Greenland flying on his brain — | don’t believe in it’. Wager’s manuscript account of ‘The Metamorphic Complex’ between Kap Dalton and Kangerdlugssuaq, prepared at the request of V. Stefansson of Pan American Airways. Includes a letter from Mikkelsen, who writes: ‘| don’t think that aircrafts [sic] ever will make a success of Kangerdlugssuak...he [Stefansson] has got the B.31-B.33 Reports 1932-1933 B.31 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Printed note on ‘Explorations in East Greenland South of Scoresby Sound’, Geog. Review, July 1933. Miscellaneous correspondence on Wagers publications on 1933. Greenland, B.34-B.36 Research 1932-1934 B.34 Wager’s manuscript geological and research notes. 1932, July 1934. Various dates August Analyses of Greenland rocks, undertaken for Wager by H.F. Harwood at Imperial College London, 1933. Letters from A. Holmes and F.W. Bannister on analyses of Greenland rocks, 1934. CHARCOT POURQUOI! PAS? EXPEDITION 1934 Wager accompanied the expedition but returned earlier than the main party, Also enclosed is fiancée Phyllis Worthington whom he married in October 1934. a telegram: ‘All well good luck love Phyl’ from Wager’s Correspondence from J.-B. Charcot on his proposed expedition on his ship the Pourquoi Pas? to Scoresby Sound for approximately two months, 1934- 1935. fe. This was the culmination of Wager’s long-matured plan for extended over- wintering expedition, which would enable scientific projects to be carried out in appropriate detail. A significant modification was the presence of women in the party, notably Phyl Wager, his newly married wife, and Kit, wife of H.G. Wager, the first British women to over-winter in Greenland. B.38-B.120 BRITISH EAST GREENLAND EXPEDITION (BEGE) 1935-1936 1933-1963 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Its ‘summer party’ of The expedition sailed on the Quest in July 1935. mountaineers and climbers, which included A. Courtauld and J.L. Longland, made a successful ascent of the highest peak of the Watkins mountains. The over-wintering party of seven Europeans and fourteen Greenlanders remained after the Quest sailed home in August. Wager's responsibility as leader and organiser, his determination to make maximum use of the opportunity for sustained scientific research, and the practical help given by his wife, have ensured an unusually full record of every aspect of the expedition. A further account of the planning, and of the daily of the expedition can be found in Hargreaves, pp 53-56 and Chapter 9. life The surveying, meteorological and geological work achieved formed the basis of Wager’s continuing research and publications, in collaboration with W.A. Deer and many others in his University Departments. B.38-B.82 Organisation and arrangements B.83-B.89 Diaries and notes during expedition B.90-B.109 Reports, publications and lectures B.110-B.120 Later correspondence and research B.38-B.82 1933-1939 Planning and permission Food, equipment and supplies Shipping and transport Funding Personnel B.63-B.66 B.67-B.70 B.71-B.76 Organisation and arrangements B.38-B.47 B.48-B.55 B.56-B.62 attempt on the New Mountains’. Manuscript and typescript plans, heavily revised, for an East Greenland expedition, originally planned for 1934-1935, later amended to 1935-1936. Final version adds in a headnote: ‘During the first summer the members of an this expedition will combine with Miscellaneous correspondence and arrangements Mr. Augustine Courtauld’s party in B.77-B.82 Stores and accounts B.38-B.47 Planning and permission B.38 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Correspondence re leave of absence from the University of Reading, 1934- 1935. B.40-B.45 Correspondence with colleagues on scientific work to be undertaken, choice of personnel, funding etc. Meteorology, 1934-1937. Correspondence with C.S. Elton on zoology and entomology, 1935. Correspondence with J.S. Gardiner on funding, personnel, zoology, 1934- 1935. Correspondence with A.C. Seward on funding, botanical specimens, fossil wood, 1934-1936. Correspondence with J.M. Wordie on Visting Sledges and other equipment, 1935. Miscellaneous correspondence on funding and on botanical specimens, 1935. Correspondence with Foreign Office for official permission for expedition, 1934-1935. Miss S.R. Courtauld (private contribution), 1935. Correspondence with the Danish Administration of Greenland, comments on Wager’s plan, negotiations, Wager’s visit to Copenhagen, revised plans, payment of deposit, arrangements for Greenlanders, final statement of account and return of surplus funds, 1935-1936. B.48-B.55 Funding B.48 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Gino Watkins Memorial Fund, 1935. Percy Sladen Memorial Fund, 1935. The University of Reading, 1935-1939. Includes grants for the expedition and for subsequent research work, rock sectioning and equipment. Royal Geographical Society, 1933-1935. Includes application made in 1933 for the proposed expedition 1934-1935, later postponed to 1935-1936; also of instruments and Wager’s estimate of income and expenditure for the expedition. loan Royal Society, 1934-1938. Leverhulme Foundation, 1935-1937. Includes correspondence with referees and colleagues and with the Society, also loan of cameras, and Wager’s summary report on the expedition. Correspondence and papers from referees and colleagues, and with the Foundation, on the award to Wager of a Research Fellowship towards the cost of the expedition. The Fellowship was extended for a further year, 1936-1937, to continue the research, but Wager was unable to obtain a further year’s leave of absence from the University of Reading and had to decline. Also includes Wager’s short report on the expedition. P.B. Chambers, ‘handyman’, 1935. See Hargreaves p.54. Unsuccessful applications: Gloyne Fund, Worts Fund. B.56-B.62 Personnel Correspondence with team members; invitation, equipment, arrangements. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research A. Courtauld, 1933-1935 (few letters dated). Courtauld made possible the summer climbing expedition, in which he took part. He returned in the Quest in August 1935 and acted as representative of the expedition in England while its members were out of contact with Europe (see Wager’s letter 28 August 1935). W.A. Deer, geologist, 1935. E.C. Fountaine, medical officer and surveyor, 1935. J.L. Longland, mountaineer, 1935. Longland had been a member of the 1933 Everest expedition and much of his correspondence relates to the affairs of the Everest Committee. H.G. Wager, botanist, 1935 (not all dated). Applicants not selected, or unable to join expeditions, 1933-1935. B.63 Letters to food manufacturers and firms requesting help with provisions B.63-B.66 Food, equipment and supplies type of appeal. Almost all in the hand of Mrs Wager. Draft letters to suppliers of food and equipment ‘tailored’ to specific firms and requirements as well as including general information on the scope of the expedition. a tabulated résumé of firms approached and Letters to firms and manufacturers of clothing, equipment and supplies requesting help. 1 box. 1 box. Also included is L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Draft letters and tabulated information written after the expedition thanking suppliers for their products. Almost all in the hand of Mrs Wager. B.67-B.70 Shipping and transport B.67 Daily returns of goods received and stored at Aberdeen awaiting departure, May - June 1935. Purchase of two hunting boats, 1935. Arrangements for shipping and customs clearance into UK for Greenland specimens at end of expedition, 1936. Correspondence and expedition members in August 1936. 1935-1937. re chartering contract of SS Saelis to pick up B.71-B.76 Miscellaneous correspondence and arrangements B.71 Plans, photographs, instructions for erecting the house. Correspondence with E. Mikkelsen, February - July 1935 on all aspects of the expedition but with special reference to the construction of the three- roomed wooden house shipped out as living and working quarters. Miscellaneous shorter correspondence, 1934-1935. Correspondence with Geodetic Institute of Denmark on loan of photographs and maps. Correspondence continues to 1937 with reference to new names proposed for features of Kangerdlugssuak and Knud Rasmussen Land as a result of the expedition. See also M.102. Lists of clothing and equipment required by team members, and specific lists for reconnaissance and longer-stay journeys during expedition. of geological equipment (in Deer’s hand). List L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Good luck messages. Radio messages sent to Wager from ship. a copy of Wager’s letter 29 August 1935 to Sir Percy Cox explaining progress to date, arrangements for departure in 1936 and his intention, should weather conditions for return be unfavourable, to ‘settle down for another year of work...we have plenty of food and ammunition to make this satisfactory for both the Eskimos and ourselves’. Included here is B.77-B.82 Stores and accounts B.77 List of Food and Equipment. ‘Stores in Bachelor’s House’. ‘Stores on Bum’s House’. Greenlanders. Its origin is explained in Hargreaves p.63. This was the expedition nickname for the Analysis of food values and diet requirements. Drummond. Includes letter from J.C. Small red notebook ‘Stores List’. Thumb-indexed lists of stores and suppliers. Ledger of BEGE accounts. Wager’s bank account book for the expedition. one of the summer journeys. Working notes of work to be done, sledge journeys undertaken, calculations of food and equipment required. Includes diary and notes by W.A. Deer on Tabulated lists of seals, bears and narwhals shot. B.83-B.89 Diaries and notes during expedition 1935-1936 B.83 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Manuscript notes ‘The Dyke Swarms’, 9 November 1935. Manuscript notes ‘General notes on the lavas’, May 1936. Manuscript notes ‘Skaergaard Intrusion. Some of the last analyses may have been done later. Notes done in Greenland 1935-6’. Typescript copy of diary. not complete. Entries run 18 January - 12 August 1936, but are ‘Extract from diary 1936’. Few pages only, describing journey with Hansi, a Greenlander, 20-31 May. Several deletions and amendments. B.90-B.109 1935-1947 Reports, publications and lectures articles Six successful and the articles were written for The Times. are mentioned. The plan does not seem to Correspondence on possible articles for The Daily Telegraph, 1935. Brief statement of plans for the expedition 1935, and summary of its work 1936, both for Polar Record (not in Bibliography). Brief reports on the expedition, written for funding bodies, are at B.53 and B.54. Other lectures and publication material is in Sections G and H. Le Arrangements The articles, none of which is listed in the Bibliography, were each to be written by a different member of the expedition. Correspondence and drafts for articles in The Times, 1935-1936. and accompanying correspondence, 1935-1937. B.92-B.99 B.92 have been L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Included here are press cuttings of three published articles: | Il A Peak in the Arctic, by J.L. Longland. See B.102. The Summit of the Arctic, by Wager. See B.94. Ill Descent from the Mountains, by A. Courtauld. ‘The Watkins Mountains’. ‘The Watkins Mountains. second half of the sledging journey and the climb’. Ascent of the highest peak in the Arctic. The ‘Exploration in Greenland’. Brief account only. ‘Exploration in Greenland |. Over-wintering among the highest mountains of the Arctic’ (by Mrs Wager). Untitled and incomplete draft. B.100, B.101 ‘The Kangerdlugssuaq region of East Greenland’ (Geol. J. 90, 1937). ‘Exploration in Greenland. the Arctic’. Fifteen months among the highest mountains of ‘Exploration in Greenland Ill. The mountain zone between ice cap and polar pack’. Correspondence preceding and arising from lecture, 1937-1938. This was first given as a lecture at the Geological Society and attracted great interest at the time, and later in its published form. Proof for published text, including other contributions and discussion at the meeting. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.102-B.104 Papers and reports by others. See H.22-H.24, H.25 for later papers in the ‘Geological investigations in East Greenland’ series, by Wager’s students, published by Meddelelser om Gronland. Heavily corrected manuscript account of summer climbing expedition by ‘J.L.L.’ (Longland) with a note ‘Rough draft of Times article’ (included at B.92). ‘Report on medical research on Eskimos by Greenland Expedition’. Unsigned, but by E.C. Fountaine. certain the British East ‘Meteorological observations of the British East Greenland Expedition 1935- 36 at Kangerdlugssuaq’, paper by E. Gordon Manley. Latest reference 1936. Folder includes correspondence from Manley, 1935-1936. of on the ‘Geological Correspondence with publication investigations in East Greenland’, and other publications, 1936-1951. Meddelelser om of Deer's editors and Grenland, Wagers major on papers 1934 Part |. B.106-B.109 1936 Part Il (published 1935). Letters of thanks, comment etc. from colleagues on receipt of copies of Wager’s and Deer’s papers ‘Geological Investigations in East Greenland’ in Medd. om. Gron. 1947 Part IV. Wager was sole author of this paper. This was a major publication, occupying the whole of vol.105 1939 Part Ill. of the journal; it was reissued in 1962. Some of the letters refer to wartime conditions and their effect on research. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.110-B.120 Later correspondence and research 1936-1963 Almost all the correspondence deals with post-expedition research. Letters of welcome on safe return from expedition, including Wager’s letters of thanks to his scientific patrons and their replies, 1936. Correspondence on entomological specimens brought back from Greenland, 1936-1937. Correspondence 1936, 1937. Correspondence and Greenland rocks, 1937. information from colleagues on analysis of East Correspondence 1938, 1939. rock analysis, publication, possible Correspondence on East Greenland plants, 1940. Correspondence on belemnites, 1940-1944. Correspondence with C.E. Tilley on expedition to southwest Greenland, 1938-1940. Correspondence and analyses with |.D. Muir, on Skaergaard plagioclases, 1949-1955. Correspondence, 1960. B.118-B.120 Work on Skaergaard olivines. B.118 Correspondence and analyses, 1951-1953. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Correspondence, data and draft for paper by E.A. Vincent, J.A.V. Douglas and M.G. Bown published in Amer. Mineral, 1964. B.121-B.146 EAST GREENLAND GEOLOGICAL EXPEDITION (EGGE) 1953 1938-1953 The EGGE was a relatively short expedition of six weeks July - September 1953, organised as a joint venture of Oxford and Manchester Universities under the leadership of Wager and W.A. Deer. The Oxford members were G.M. Brown, D.S. Weedon and C.J. Hughes; the Manchester members were G.D. Nicholls and P.E. Brown. the Kangerdlussuaq alkaline complex, while Deer and his party concentrated on the Kap Edvard Holm intrusion. Wager’s party of four worked on A return to East Greenland had, however, been in Wager’s mind virtually ever since his return from the major expedition of 1935-1936. He had hoped to organise a visit to South West Greenland (see B.121, B.122 and also correspondence with C.E. Tilley at B.115) but various factors supervened to delay or frustrate the proposal: the outbreak of the Second World War and the decision of the Danish authorities to undertake mapping and geological research in the area themselves; Wager’s own interest in the British Tertiary Igneous Province, and other delays in finalising the expedition. The ‘Early plans’ at B.121-B.123 help to explain this long gestation. under his eye. 1938-1947 B.124-B.141 B.142 Diary B.121-B.123 Earlier expedition plans kept the organisation Organisation and arrangements When plans began to get under way, W.A. Deer acted as secretary to the is clear that Wager took many of the initiatives expedition; nevertheless it The arrangements and and organisation follow the same plan as those for BEGE but in less detail. summer 1940. Correspondence on proposed work in South Greenland in summer 1939 and Earlier expedition plans Reports and publications Later correspondence B.143, B.144 B.145, B.146 B.121-B.123 B.121 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Correspondence 1945-1946 with Danish and UK colleagues and friends. This includes both personal and scientific material taking up threads after the Includes Wager’s and Deer's war, exchange of specimens, publications etc. ‘Proposals for the llimausak and Related Intrusions of South West Greenland’ which did not eventuate. re-investigation Mineralogical Petrological and of a Correspondence with A. Courtauld on plans for East Greenland, 1947. B.124-B.141 Organisation and arrangements 1948-1954 B.124-B.130 Planning and permission B.131, B.132 Funding B.133 Personnel B.134-B.139 Food, equipment and supplies B.124 to cancel the Shipping Deer and B.124-B.130 B.140, B.141 Planning and permission Correspondence with W.A. Danish colleagues on proposed expedition to East Greenland in 1951, funding, transport, other expeditions. 1948-1950. Correspondence 1951, mainly with W.A. Deer, whose broken leg, obliged them 1953. Correspondence also includes discussion of |.D. Muir's work on pyroxenes (see B.117) and the acquisition of a Franz isodynamic separator for the Oxford Department. 1953. Correspondence May-December 1952, funding, organisation, ‘Statement of present position’. Correspondence on official permission and funding applications, supplies, equipment etc., January-July organisation, expedition proposed all aspects of proposal for and defer it to L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Correspondence and advice from colleagues on topics and methods of research, 1953. Statement. ‘Preliminary geological investigations of the Kangerdlugssuaq and Knud Rasmussen Land regions of East Greenland’. expedition further the for An Two versions (not identical) for an expedition in summer 1951, to include an over-wintering of in correspondence in B.124. geologists. Referred three party four or to Revised plan, submitted to Foreign Office in February 1953, permission being granted by the Danish Government in May. B.131, B.132 Funding B.131 Percy Sladen Fund (Linnean Society) 1953-1955. Personnel Royal Society, 1953-1955. Brief correspondence, 1952. Correspondence, application and estimates, brief report on the work done, statements of account. Application, statement, estimated budget, Wager’s brief report on the work done, correspondence on final accounts, disposal of equipment etc. Ministry of Food, on supplies, export licences, 1953. Carbon copies of W.A. Deer’s letters to manufacturers, Board of Trade, Food, equipment and supplies B.134-B.139 B.134 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Wager’s correspondence with suppliers, manufacturers and colleagues on items required for expedition. Kept by Wager in numbered bundles: Air photos and maps (and return after expedition). Hammers. Tents. Photographic and film. Surveying equipment. Helmets, life jackets. Rifles and ammunition. Correspondence on ‘Penta’ outboard motor taken on 1953 expedition. This was the one used on BEGE 1935-1936, the original correspondence being included here. This may have been number 1 in the sequence in B.135. Lists of camping, geological, miscellaneous and personal equipment, lists of rations, contents of boxes etc. B.140, B.141 Shipping B.140 Customs clearance for rock specimens, return of goods etc. after expedition. Lists of books and papers, note on first aid; medical certificates; travelling schedules, including changes to return journey plans. Negotiations with Royal Greenland Trade Department on outward and return shipping for expedition, 1952-1953. Typescript transcript of Wager’s diary, 12-31 August 1953. Shorter correspondence on sharing transport, 1952. Diary L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.143, B.144 Reports and publications See also brief reports sent to funding bodies at B.131, B.132. Correspondence and draft Bibliography). article for Polar Record 1954 (not listed in Shorter requests to write articles or books. B.145, B.146 Later correspondence 1953-1954 B.145 Shorter correspondence on accounts and expenses, 1953-1954. Shorter scientific correspondence on East Greenland material, 1953, 1954. BRITISH EAST GREENLAND GEOLOGICAL EXPEDITION 1966-1967 Statement of objectives, costings etc, photocopy of DSIR application, revised plans for 1966 with Deer as leader and P.E. Brown as deputy leader. Like the 1953 expedition, this was to be jointly led by Wager and W.A. Deer. Plans and discussions took place throughout 1965, including an application for funding by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR). Following Wager’s sudden death in November 1965, the expedition went ahead under Deer's leadership. fae. Wager's original notebooks are small black pocketbooks numbered on the spine in Roman numerals I-XV and an extra number XA, with a front cover label bearing the numbers of the rocks listed inside. Additionally a ‘List of East Greenland catalogues’ is pasted inside the front cover, enumerating all Wager's expeditions and underlining the sequence of rocks referred to in each book. B.148-B.181 EAST GREENLAND ROCK CATALOGUES 1930-1965 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Wager’s handwriting being notoriously difficult to read, a series of copies was made in hard-backed notebooks labelled on the front and spine. The general sequence of East Greenland rocks B.164-B.169 includes an extra volume of later specimens collected in Knud Rasmussen Land in 1965 (B.170). B.148-B.163 Wager's notebooks B.164-B.170 Copy catalogues: Greenland rocks Bev 1B. 172 Copy catalogues: Skaergaard Intrusion B.173-B.177 Copy catalogues: Kangerdlugssuaq Intrusion B.178-B.181 Miscellaneous lists B.148-B.163 Wager’s notebooks B.148-B.151 Books I-IV, dating from the BAARE expedition 1930-1931. ‘Il E.G. 726-891’, 28 January - 25 June 1931. ‘IV E.G, 901-1033’, 7-30 July 1931. B.148 B.152 ‘Il E.G. 401-725’, 30 August 1930 - 28 January 1931. ‘| E.G.1-400’. Wager’s label on the front cover reads ‘Greenland Rocks 32- 400’. Loose pages slipped inside are ‘Nos. 1-64 collected from 13 July - 25 July 1930’ and include samples from the Faroe Islands. The main notebook lists nos. 65-400, collected July 28 - August 29 1930. VI E.G. 1323-1533’, begins 15 August. No final date given. ‘V E.G. 1035 - 1322’, 3 July - 14 August 1932. B.152, B.153 Books V and VI, dating from Mikkelsen’s expedition 1932. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.154-B.159 Books VII-XI, dating from the BEGE expedition 1935-1936. B.154 ‘Vil E.G. 1601-1974’, no opening date. Last entry 12 January 1936. ‘VII E.G. 2000-2375’, 16 January - 29 April 1936. Note on first page of entries reads ‘Numbers 1975 - 1999 not used’. ‘IX E.G. 2376-2586’, 29 April (continued) - 23 June 1936. ‘X E.G. 2587 - 4062’, 26 June - 20 July 1936. ‘XA E.G. 3450-3662’. No opening date. Last entry 29 July 1936. Later entries, presented by others. These are Skaergaard Intrusion specimens. ‘XII 4550-4940’, 12-26 August 1953. These are part of the work in B.157, kept in a separate notebook by Wager. Rock nos. 3001-3052 and 3647-3662 are listed in another hand at the end of Wager’s entries. B.160-B.163 B.160 by Wager and others, record rocks from other sites or ‘XI E.G. 4063-4353’. Begins 3 August 1936. Books XII-XV, dating from the EGGE expedition 1953. ‘*XI1 4301-4536’. Begins 25 July - 6 August 1953. Kangerdlugssuaq and Skaergaard specimens. ‘XIV 4941-5315’. No opening date. Last entry 9 September 1953. These are Kangerdlugssuag Intrusion specimens. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research ‘XV 5316-5346’. No dates. of Skaergaard Entries, followed by ‘Miscellaneous specimens from 5349-5354. Intrusion specimens, run 5316-5348, are East Greenland’ numbered and B.164-B.170 Copy catalogues: Greenland rocks B.164 Greenland rocks 1 E.G. 1-402. Greenland rocks 2 E.G. 413-765. Greenland rocks 3 E.G. 766-1100. Greenland rocks 4 E.G. 1101-2144 (incomplete). Greenland rocks 5 E.G. 2145-3618. Greenland rocks 6 E.G. 3619- Entries run to 5336. ‘East Greenland Catalogue E.G. 7064-’. This is a black hard-backed notebook of a later date. There is Rasmussen Land in 1965. Skaergaard Intrusion 1 E.G. 311-1974. Both these books have a note inside in Wager’s hand ‘Only copy (April 1959)’. Entries run to 7211. of samples collected in Knud B.171, B.172 Copy catalogues: Skaergaard Intrusion a map inserted, indicating sites L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Skaergaard Intrusion 2 E.G. 2266-4322. B.173-B.177 Copy catalogues: Kangerdlugssuaq Intrusion All these books have a note catalogue’. inside front cover ‘Only copy of original ‘| Kangerd. Int. Centre and West (catalogue with notes)’. ‘Il West Kangerdlugssuag and Amdrup Fjord (catalogue with notes)’. ‘Ill Kangerdlugssuaq Intrusion (catalogue with neighbouring rocks’. notes) Macrodykes and ‘\V Kangerd. Int. E.G.G.E. 1953 (catalogue with notes).4550-4945’. ‘V Kangerd. Int. E.G.G.E. 1953 (catalogue with notes) 4946-5050’. Wager’s manuscript list of ‘Kangerdlugssuaq Intrusion’, by journeys. Typescript list of Wager’s Greenland rocks, nos. 1-1033A, collected 1930, 1931, 56pp, made for E.A. Vincent by R. Buchanan (Secretary). B.178-B.181 Miscellaneous lists B.178 Wager's manuscript list of ‘E.G. Collections, classified by journeys’, and two typescript copies (all incomplete)’. rocks, in the hand of G.M. Brown, probably collected on 1953 expedition. 7pp typescript ‘Catalogue of Skaergaard rocks collected by J. Douglas, August 20-26, 1962’. Numbers run E.G. 5401-5531; 3pp manuscript list of Duplicated notes on Skaergaard Intrusion Layered rocks, and thin sections, with headnote ‘Special teaching collection notes’. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.182-B.252 EAST GREENLAND RESEARCH 1930s-1965 The notes and data at B.182-B.195 date from the 1930s and 1940s, a large proportion of the work being in Wager’s own hand. The later work of the 1950s at B.196-B.224 relating mainly to geochemical analysis of Skaergaard Intrusion rocks, was done at Oxford when Wager had a larger department at his disposal, and includes data and results contributed by research students and by colleagues such as E.A. Vincent, G.M. Brown, W.J. Wadsworth and others. Even so, a substantial amount continues to be in Wager’s hand. The bulky folders to which Wager gave a very general title such as ‘Kanderlug. |’ usually contained smaller units of work kept separately with their own more detailed titles. These have all been retained while the outside folders have been discarded. Several of the files included correspondence, which has been left in place. The retained. The petrographic notes at B.225-B.252 were originally contained in ring-back binders. These have been discarded, Wager’'s descriptions and labelling being or geochemical analyses of specific East Greenland rocks, each numbered and/or localised. The later notes on the Skaergaard Intrusion at B.231- B.246 have labels or indexes added by assistants but the notes themselves remain in Wager’s hand. A date is often given; this refers to the compilation of the books. Wager’s notes antedate these by many years. petrographic descriptions consists work of B.182-B.224 B.225-B.252 B.182-B.184 Early work B.185-B.195 B.182-B.224 Notes and data Notes and data Kangerdlugssuaq Petrographic notes front of the folder. All the plots and calculations are by Wager. Extensive folder of work at the University of Reading from ca 1936, on numbered East Greenland rocks. Stereographic plots were made by rotating the specimens through multiple axes, all the work being done by hand using a Universal Stage. There are notes on the use of the apparatus, by Wager and another, at the B.196-B.224 B.182-B.184 Early work Skaergaard B.182 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Green soft-backed notebook inscribed ‘Universal Stage Felspars’. Diagrams and calculations of Greenland rocks. optical determinations of numbered East Both ends of book used. At front, felspars. At rear, olivines. Extensive notes, calculations and narratives by W.A. Deer. Petrographic, mineralogical and chemical drafts on east Greenland rocks, none dated but probably sent to Wager on preparation for their major joint paper in Medd. om. Gran. 1939. B.185-B.195 Kangerdlugssuaq B.185-B.188 ‘Kangerd. Int. |. Analyses. Chemistry notes and graphs’. Contents of a folder so inscribed. Wager’s own descriptions are given. ‘Kangerd. Int. | (1)’. ‘Kangerd. Int. | (2)’. Chemistry notes and graphs. Rock analyses. Felspars. Traces anal. Early list incomplete. Typed copy of analyses [by Deer]. Includes correspondence and data 1947, 1953 from Deer. Analysis, comparisons and nomenclature. 1. 2. 3. 4. Rock Analyses W.A.D.’s [Deer] originals. Mineral Analyses. Kap E. Holm analyses. Recalculation of norms. ‘Kangerd. Int. | (3)’. ‘Kangerd. Int. | (4)’. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.189-B.193 ‘Kangerd. Int. Il. Petrology. Mineralogy’. Contents of folder so inscribed. Wager’s own descriptions are given. ‘Kangerd. Int. Il’. Petrology notes and ideas on petrogenesis (extensive notes, diagrams, calculations, one page dated 1946). ‘Kangerd. Int. Il’. Notes on minerals. ‘Kangerd. Int. Il’. Distribution of specimens into types. List of all Metamorphic Complex specimens around Kangerdlugssuaq ‘Kangerd. Int. II’. Colouring of maps. (one page dated 1950). ‘Kangerd. Int. Ill (1)’. Letters Alex [Deer, 1940-1947]. B.193, B.194 ‘Kangerd. Int. Ill. Letters. Abstracts and references’. Notes on rocks for slicing and analysis, and work needed. Contents of a folder so inscribed. Wager’s own descriptions are given. References and abstracts relevant to it. Letters Noe-Nygaard re llimausat specimens. ‘Kangerd. Int. Ill (2)’. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research ‘Kangerd. Int. IV’. (analyses by Deer). B.196-B.224 Skaergaard B.196, B.197 ‘Skaergaard Int. Explanation of modes. Early notes’. Contents of a folder so inscribed. Wager’s own descriptions are given. Miscellaneous plots and calculations. Early explanations of modes November, December 1956 (some notes dated October 1956). B.198-B.201 ‘Skaergaard Int. Modes’. Modes Layered series LZ a, b, c. Modes Layered series MZ. Modes Layered series UZ a, b, c. ‘Skaergaard Int. P20’. Modes Marginal Border Group 1957. Contents of a folder so inscribed. Wager’s (or assistant’s) own descriptions are given. phosphorus in silicate rocks,’ latest ref. 1958. Notes, data, calculations, drafts by Wager and colleagues on phosphorus in Skaergaard rocks, some dated May, August 1959. Includes draft of a paper by E.A. Vincent and W.D. Curren ‘The radiochemical determinations of L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.203-B.206 ‘Skaergaard Int. Norms’ Contents of assistant’s hand. a folder so inscribed. Analyses and descriptions are in an Norms Marginal Border Group. Norms Upper Border Group. Norms Layered Series. Granophyres. ‘Skaergaard Int. L-S’ [Layered Series]. Notes, graphs, calculations and drafts by Wager. One set dated 1957, but most dated April, May, June 1959. [Marginal Border Group and Upper ‘Skaergaard Int. Norms of average rocks and estimated liquids’. Tables, calculations, notes by Wager and assistant. Extensive notes, graphs, calculations and drafts by Wager. 1957-1958 but most dated April, May, June 1959. ‘Tranquil belt of congealation’. Some dated Includes 12pp draft on ‘Skaergaard Int. M.B.G. and U.B.G.’ Border Group]. Butcher, various dates 1953-1960). Contents of an extensive folder so inscribed, some items dated 1953-1960 and including work, and a little correspondence, from several colleagues. Wager’s own descriptions are given. Skaergaard Rock anal. (includes work by B.A. Collett, E.A. Vincent, N.E. B.210-B.221 ‘Skaergaard Analyses (Originals)’. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Skaergaard Olivines (work by E.A. Vincent 1958, 1962). Skaergaard Pyroxenes (work by E.A. Vincent, various dates 1955-1960, also work by W.A. Deer and P.E. Brown). Skaergaard Magretite anal. (work by E.A. Vincent 1953, 1959). Mg, Ca, isotope ratios. K, Rb, Cs also K, Na (includes work by E.A. Vincent, S.R. Taylor, A.A. Smales, C.J. Liebenberg, various dates 1953-1958, correspondence). Gold (includes work by E.A. Vincent 1957). Uranium in Skaergaard (work by E.1I. Hamilton). Cerium (correspondence only, 1956). Palladium in Skaergaard (work and correspondence by E.A. Vincent 1955). Sulphur in Skaergaard rocks (includes work on other elements, work by E.A. Vincent 1955, and by others 1955-1957, and correspondence). intrusions and the posthumous collaborative book with G.M. Brown. Contents of Notes, ideas, diagrams, drafts, a little correspondence, by Wager and colleagues, probably for papers on layered B.222, B.223 ‘Skaergaard Int. General Notes’. a folder so inscribed. Miscellaneous notes on analyses. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research ‘General notes 1956, 7, 8’. Notes, calculations, information etc. Some dated 1953 and some 1959, and including work by G.M. Brown, W.J. Wadsworth. calculations, diagrams etc., Notes, 1959, some 1957 and including notes by Wager ‘in America 1962’ and work by G.M. Brown dated by Wager 1965. most dated ‘In preparation’. Miscellaneous notes and diagrams, some dated 1959, 1964. B.225-B.252 Petrographic notes B.225-B.230 Kangerdlugssuaq B.231-B.246 Skaergaard Some B.225 Kangerdlugssuagq Intrusion |. B.225-B.230 Kangerdlugssuaq B.247-B.252 Miscellaneous Kangerdlugssuagq Intrusion II. Quartz nordmarkite; nordmarkite; transitional syenite; pulaskite. Inclusions; Pk 2005 [a peak 2005 m.high] series; veins. Some dated 1946. Felspathoid-poor foyaite; macrodykes; other tertiary plutonic rocks. dated 1946. Kangerdlugssuaq Intrusion III. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Kangerdlugssuaq Intrusion IV. Snout series; January nunataks; Kaerven intrusion; peridotite; Jagtlegven intrusion; Bagnaessit intrusion; unclassified. Some dated May 1946. Kangerdlugssuaq Intrusion V. Classification of hand specimens; biotite content and other notes, with a manuscript note ‘Done in Greenland 1935-6’; moraine of Kangerdlugssuaq glacier. Kangerdlugssuag Intrusion VI EGGE 1953. Felspars; veins: location of thin sections cut from hand-specimens. B.231-B.246 Skaergaard B.231 Skaergaard Intrusion 1. border group; northern border group Also includes Wager’s ‘Note on arrangement of slices western border group; Skaergaard Intrusion 4. Skaergaard Intrusion 2. Skaergaard Intrusion 3. Marginal border group; western border group. Some dated 1959. Marginal (Kraemers Island). March 1947’. Marginal border group; eastern border group northerly, southerly; southern border group. Some dated 1959. Layered series LZb, LZc. Dated 1959. Layered series LZa. Dated 1959. Skaergaard Intrusion 5. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Skaergaard Intrusion 6. Layered series LZb and c Kraemers Island; MZ Kraemers Island. 1959. Dated Skaergaard Intrusion 7. Layered and Pukugaqryggen and Gabbro Mt. Dated 1959. Pukugaqryggen series; MZ Gabbro Mt; UZa and b Skaergaard Intrusion 8. Layered series; MZ and UZa Islands of Skaergaarden; UZa House area and flanks of Basistoppen. Dated 1959. Skaergaard Intrusion 9. Layered series; UZb House area and flanks of Basistoppen; UZa and b Skaergaardshalv6. Dated 1959. Skaergaard Intrusion 10. Skaergaard Intrusion 11. Upper border group; UBG a [alpha] and y [gamma] Brodretoppen; UBG Osttoppen; UBG Sydtoppen-Tinden ridge and foot; UBG «a [alpha], B [beta] and y [gamma] Hammersdal and Kilen. Dated 1962. Uppermost layered series and UBG [Upper Border Group]; UZc Basistoppen and Skaergaard Bay; UZc Nunatak |; UZb and c Nunatak II and nearby Kilen; UBG y [gamma] and 8 [beta] Basistoppen; UBG Nunatak |. Dated 1962, 1963. granophyres. Inclusions. Dated 1962, 1963. Late granophyres; transitional granophyres; Tinden granophyre sill; Skaergaard Intrusion 12. vein L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Skaergaard Intrusion 13. Sheet; Basistoppen Basisgletscher; Kabbernunatak; small nunatak on Brodregletscher; Skillenunatak; S. side Brodregletscher. Dated 1962. Basistoppen Osttoppen; E-W; Skaergaard Intrusion 14. Dykes; country rocks; metamorphic complex; basalts, tuffs and sediments; Hanging Cape and Hammersdal sills; macrodyke. Dated 1959, 1962. Skaergaard Intrusion. Opaque minerals: polished specimens; iron ores (various dates 1949-1955); sulphides. Skaergaard Intrusion. Notes on hand specimens. B.247 B.247-B.252 Miscellaneous Tertiary Dykes. Angmagssalik granite and related rocks. Metamorphic complex (some pages with a note ‘January 1930 confirmed Oct. 1933’). Sills. Lavas (early work, with a later note ‘Quick look through in Nov. 1948’). Tertiary sediments. Erratics. Tuffs. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Trace Elements. Skaergaard. Kangerdlugssuaq. Miscellaneous Greenland. Skye, Lewisian, Mount Everest. Includes drafts and notes on results and progress, also notes of materials sent to or received from colleagues (R.L. Mitchell, E.A. Vincent, J. Sutton, A.A. Smales, D.Flinn) various dates 1945-1958. See also F.14-F.38. Bi251,B:252 Two small hard-backed white notebooks. B.251 East Greenland Rocks. Metamorphic complex. Tertiary Igneous Rocks. B.253-B.307 East Greenland. EVEREST 1933 Lavas. Tuffs. Sediments. Dikes. AS. The leader of the 1933 Everest Expedition was H. Ruttledge; the secretary was J.M. Scott who had been a member with Wager of the 1930 BAARE expedition to Greenland. Permission for the Everest attempt was granted in August 1932; the climbers left Great Britain in January 1933, arrived in India in February and returned in September. 1932-1963 a further In October 1932 Wager had been giving prime consideration to expedition to Greenland (see the same month the opportunity arose for him to be invited to join the Everest team (B.253) and work in Greenland was deferred (B.27). B.25) B.23, but in L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research The expedition brought Wager national and international renown. As a member of one of the assault parties, he and P. (later Sir Percy) Wyn Harris made the first reconnaissance from Camp VI and, it had been hoped, an attempt on the summit on 30 May. They reached a point higher than had previously been achieved, finding an ice-axe from Mallory’s and Irvine’s 1924 expedition along the way, but adverse snow conditions obliged them to turn back. The second assault party of F.S. Smythe and E.E. Shipton was also unsuccessful. As a geologist, Wager’s opportunities were restricted by the requirements of the climbing expedition. Nevertheless, he secured a collection of 244 rock specimens, and was able to make observations (later published) on the river drainage pattern and the rise of the Himalayan range. B.253-B.259 Organisation and arrangements B.260-B.272 Lectures and publications B.273-B.285 Later correspondence and papers B.286-B.288 Rock catalogues B.289-B.305 Research B.306, B.307 B.253 1932-1933 to join Press cuttings B.253-B.259 October 1932 - January 1933. Organisation and arrangements See also B.23, B.25, B.27 for correspondence on Wager’s East Greenland plans, over-ridden and deferred by the Everest expedition. Correspondence and arrangements for Wager’s invitation the expedition, his medical examination, personal and official correspondence, request for leave of absence from the University of Reading, text of official Agreement. An undated letter from J.M. Scott (Secretary to the Expedition) refers to the memorial service for H.G. Watkins. the outward journey. Miscellaneous items: reading list, Wager’s notes, recommended equipment, medical notes, Wager’s brief notes on his passage through Suez Canal on Correspondence scientific undertaken during the expedition: fossils, gravity observations. colleagues possible with on work to be L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Miscellaneous items: for camps and days’ assignments, ‘plan of assault’, Wager’s manuscript account of ‘Establishing Camp V’, notes exchanged between expedition members. on monsoon, plans notes B.258, B.259 Letters and goodwill messages from friends and colleagues, some with general personal or scientific news. Includes letter from Margaret Graham, fiancée of H.G. Watkins (quoted in Hargreaves p.38). 2 folders. B.260-B.272 Lectures and publications 1933-1939 on the a draft This material relates primarily to Wager’s work on Himalayan geology. The wide interest aroused by the expedition created a demand for general as well as specialised talks and imposed on ail the team members some obligation to supply these - the more so as a proportion of the fees went to support the Mount Everest Committee (see B.274). Wager gave many such lectures. See Section G. letter to accounts Wager the the summit, and the conditions on the complete) (neither of return journey, one as Written on board ship Ruttledge. manuscript Two by reconnaissance and attempt on mountain. ‘The Rise of the Himalaya’, manuscript draft of note for Nature (September 1, 1933). Not in Bibliography. Includes correspondence from colleagues. 366. Lecture ‘The Mount Everest Expedition 1933 — Geological Impressions’. given to Geological Society, London, 8 November 1933. Abstract only. Wager contributed a chapter on the same topic to Everest 1933, pp. 312- ‘The weather’, manuscript drafts (not identical) for Wager’s contribution to Everest 1933, London, 1934, pp. 337-351. A draft of this article is in Wager’s ‘Everest Geology II’ notebook, App. 21. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.264, B.265 Drafts for two publications for Himalayan Journal 1934. Bibliography. Neither listed in ‘Mount Everest and the weather in 1933’, 9pp, many corrections. ‘The first crossing of the Lhonak La’, 6pp. B.266-B.271 Writings and notes on the Arun River and the rise of the Himalaya. B.266 ‘The valleys of Sikkim and the Mount Everest neighbourhood - physiographic observations during the 1933 Mount Everest expedition’. Very heavily corrected manuscript draft, undated, perhaps ca 1934. ‘The origin of the drainage pattern in the Mount Everest region and Sikkim’. Heavily corrected manuscript draft, undated, perhaps ca 1934. Shorter Correspondence 1950 on proposed Nepalese dam in Himalaya. ‘Evidence that the Arun etc. did not cut back through the range’. manuscript notes. ‘The Arun river drainage pattern and the rise of the Himalaya’, draft for paper published in Geol. J. 89, 1937, with letter and comments from A.A. Miller 1936. research, thanks for copies of Everest publications. ‘The Lachi series of North Sikkim and the age of the rocks forming Mount Everest’, heavily-corrected manuscript draft for paper published in Rec. Geol. Surv. India, 74, 1939, with correspondence from colleagues. Correspondence with colleagues 1933-1935 on Everest specimens, L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.273-B.285 Later correspondence and papers 1933-1963 Most of this material relates to the affairs of the Mount Everest Committee and successor bodies, special reference to the scope, timing and leadership of Himalayan expeditions. and membership, with organisation its Wager served on the Committee until 1947 and was frequently consulted both officially and personally on various matters of concern. Wager later served on the Himalayan Joint Committee of the Royal Geographical Society and the Alpine Club. 1933 (1). 1933 (2) Conditions and fees for lectures, guest-list for welcome dinner 7 November. 1934 February - July. Agenda and minutes of meetings, 1948. 1939. comments by Wager. 1935 January - May. Committee meeting, correspondence on leadership. 1934 October - December. 4pp manuscript notes by Wager on organisation and leadership qualities for expeditions. proposed expedition to Nepal, and some shorter correspondence. Correspondence and comments by Wager on geological work by 1947. Reorganisation of committee, Wager’s resignation. Includes proposed attempt on Everest in autumn 1939, with L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research August 1951 - January 1952. Reconnaissance expedition by E.E. Shipton and possible collaborative attempt with a Swiss expedition in 1952. British plans were deferred in favour of a major expedition in 1953. 1952 May - December. Correspondence and papers, mainly on 1953 plans, and the choice of leader. J. (later Lord) Hunt was eventually preferred over E.E. Shipton, from whom papers and submissions are included. 1953. Includes manuscript draft and published version of Wager’s article ‘What it feels like on Everest’ published in Picture Post 4 July 1953 to celebrate the successful expedition. Also includes a postcard from J. Hunt. Not in Bibliography. 1960-1963. Correspondence, papers and material relating to a claim that a Chinese expedition had climbed Everest from the North face in May 1960 without oxygen. A photograph and film were produced in support of the claim, which aroused intense interest and controversy, particularly with reference to the exact identification of the time and place of the photograph. B.286-B.288 Rock catalogues B.286 Photograph’ was first published, relevant Correspondence is with colleagues, officials of the Alpine Club and Mount Everest Foundation, and others. Drafts and material for articles by Wager (Alpine Journal, LXVIII, May 1963) and by H. Merrick are included. A copy of Swiss Alpine Club’s Bulletin Mensuel March 1961, in which the ‘Chinese photographs and diagrams by Wager and Merrick, and press cuttings are included. Also included with the correspondence is the draft of Wager’s review of F.M. Bullard: Volcanoes, in history, in theory and in eruption (not in Bibliography). specimens. Small black notebook ‘Catalogue of Mount Everest Exped. 1933’. 244 specimens are listed by Wager in 1933; a further list of rocks collected by members of the 1953 expedition, principally by G.E. Band, is added in another hand. Small hard-backed notebook ‘Everest Descriptions’, containing extracts from Wager’s ‘Everest Geology I’ (App. 20), probably copied by G.R. McLachlan in 1953 (information from E.A. Vincent). ‘Catalogue of Mount Everest Expedition Rocks’. Typescript list of 244 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.289-B.305 Research 1933-1954 B.289-B.299 Weather B.300, B.301 Plants B.302-B.305 Geology B.289-B.299 Weather B.289 Hard-backed Government of Register for Meteorological Observations’, India Meteorological Department ‘Pocket Observations almost all in Wager’s hand, 25 March - 2 July. ‘Weather Log. Camp I’. Loose pages from a ‘Pocket Register’. Loose pages from a ‘Pocket Register’. Not in Wager’s hand. Pages from a hard-backed notebook. Observations by Wager. Notes, graphs on temperature and pressure. ‘Camp II Weather Log’. Loose pages from a ‘Pocket Register’. ‘Camp Ill Weather Log’. Loose pages from a ‘Pocket Register’. used at ‘Barr [Base] Camp’. Correspondence on weather on Everest 1933-1934. Includes information on meteorological information required from expedition, correspondence with colleagues, report on tests by National Physical Laboratory on the barometer Three envelopes of photographs of cloud formations on Everest June 15, 17, 20. B.296-B.298 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 B.300, B.301 Plants Expeditions and research B.300 Correspondence Botanic identification of specimens brought back from Everest. 1933-1934 Royal with Gardens, Kew, on Manuscript drafts and proofs, all heavily corrected, of ‘List of plants collected in the Rongbuk Valley’, published in Everest 1933 as ‘Observations no.VI’. Not in Bibliography. B.302-B.305 Geology B.302 Note of thanks for fossil specimens collected on Lache Spur Tibet, and presented by Wager to British Museum (Natural History) 1933. ‘Examination of limestone and sandstone from Everest’, 4pp manuscript report of analysis by P.S. Walder (University of Reading). B.306, B.307 Press cuttings B.306 Notes, data, diagrams, maps, mainly on Arun river drainage, probably related to paper in Geol. J. 88, 1937 (see B.269). Diagrams, calculations, graphs, related photographs of chemical work on Everest rocks, by R. Hall and R.St J. Lambert ca 1954. A note on the work, by E.A. Vincent 1998, is included in the folder. Pictures. Despatches and narratives. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.308-B.346 IRELAND 1928-1958 Wager first visited Ireland in 1928 and 1929, working in Connemara and the Roundstone district of Galway. Two papers were published, in 1930 and 1932, but the work was interrupted by the invitation to join the BAARE expedition, his subsequent concentration on Ireland, however, on his own account and also with geology student field excursions. the that area. He continued to Skaergaard discovery Intrusion Wager's visit and of Very little correspondence remains, but notebooks and research material documents Wager’s early work. a considerable amount of field B.308-B.311 Organisation and arrangements B.312-B.316 Field notebooks and diaries B.317-B.323 Rock catalogues B.324-B.343 Research notes and drafts B.344, B.345 Correspondence B.346 Maps B.308 B.309-B.311 B.309 B.312 B.308-B.311 B.310, B.311 1952, 1954, n.d. Organisation and arrangements Correspondence with colleagues on proposed visit to Ireland, 1952. Lists of participants, arrangements for accommodation, transport etc. Oxford University Department excursion to Antrim 16-22 March 1954. [sic 1927] - March 1928. Sept. and Oct. 1928’. Correspondence with colleagues, requesting information, research proposed or in hand. Small hard-backed notebook, cover inscribed ‘Roundstone Christmas 1928 Field notebooks and diaries B.312-B.316 1928-1954 2 folders. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Small hard-backed notebook. April 1929 and 24 August - Wager’s collaborator on his 1930 paper). March 1952 (see B.308). 7 September 1929. Dates inside front cover run 23 March - 14 (Visit with G. Andrew, Book also includes notes made Small hard-backed notebook. Dates inside front cover run ‘Donegal 15 Aug. - 18 Aug. 1929’ ‘South Donegal to Connemara 18 Aug. - 21 Aug. 1929’. Small green soft-backed notebook, notes on Courtown, Co. Wexford. days of the week only given. College Cambridge. N.d., Address inside front cover is Pembroke Small pocket notebook, inscribed on cover ‘N.E. Ireland’, dated inside ‘April 1954’. Notes cover Oxford University excursion to Antrim 16-22 March (see B.309-B.311) and a further few days to 25 March. B.317-B.323 Rock catalogues 1928, 1929, 1954, 1957 B.317 Catalogue of rock specimens Roundstone I, 1-297. B.317-B.321 Five small pocket notebooks. Catalogue of rock specimens Roundstone II, 298-581. Catalogue of rock specimens Roundstone Ill, 581-869 (numbers run 582- 869. H.3540-3670’. Catalogue of rock specimens Roundstone V, 1097-1344. Catalogue of rock specimens Roundstone IV, 870-1031. Soft-backed notebook. ‘Catalogue N.E. Ireland 1954 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Manuscript and typescript list of ‘Galway granite and related rocks collected by L.R. Wager August 1957’. 1p only. B.324-B.343 Research notes and drafts 1928-1930, n.d. B.324 ‘General notes on geology of Roundstone’. ‘Michaelmas Term 1928’. Manuscript notes, 1p dated ‘Essays on aspects of Roundstone geology’. drafts, n.d. Heavily corrected manuscript Folder of notes and analyses of Roundstone and other Irish rocks, a few pages dated 1930. Small notebook, mainly sketches of rock formations. Sketch map prepared for 1930 paper, and other sketches and diagrams. Hand coloured traced map, no date, author or indication of publication. B.331, B.332 Envelope of ‘Sketches of rocks etc. Connemara’, dated March, April 1929. ‘Index of rock slices Connemara | and II’. Two exercise books of manuscript notes by Wager. district Co. Wexford (few pages used). ‘Minerals Connemara’. used). Exercise book of manuscript notes (not all pages ‘Wexford’. Exercise book of manuscript notes on rock slices of the Courtown L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.335-B.343 Sequences of petrographic descriptions, sketches and notes, originally held in looseleaf binders that have been discarded. Wager’s headings and descriptions are retained. ‘Connemara. Diorites Malchites Gabbros’. ‘Connemara. Transgression granites Late dikes’. ‘Connemara. Epidiorites Hornblende Schists’. ‘Connemara. gneiss’. ‘Connemara’ sediments). Granite gneiss Diorite gneiss Granites Composite (notes on argillaceous and arenaceous metamorphosed ‘Connemara Unclassified’. ‘Letterclife Tarn group of early picrites and related rocks’. Drawings of thin sections as seen under microscope. ‘Ultrabasic rocks of Errisbey Intrusion and their alteration products’. dates 1930-1937 and one later letter 1958. Brief correspondence 1928-1929 on Wager's planned visit and research. Includes letter from collaborator G. Andrew. Letters of thanks and comment on Wager’s papers on Irish rocks. Various B.344, B.345 Correspondence 1928-1958 B.344 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Maps Annotated maps of Antrim, Connemara (2), Galway, Roundstone, Wexford. B.347-B.391 SCOTLAND 1925-1965 Wager's first visits to Scotland were in 1925 and 1926, to Edinburgh and Arran respectively, while he was still an undergraduate at Cambridge. Little documentation survives for these early visits (B.347, B.354, B.355) but one of the group leaders at Edinburgh was E.B. (Sir Edward) Bailey, an authority on Scottish rocks with whom Wager published a collaborative paper in 1953. The leader on Arran was G.W. Tyrrell who also became a colleague. Wager’s geological diaries of Hebridean expeditions (Appendix, App. 36- App.42) begin in April 1946, dating from his period at the University of Durham. They reflect his growing interest in the British Tertiary Igneous Province and may in part derive from the difficulty of organising further expeditions to Greenland at that time. Publications on the geology of Rhum and Skye began in 1946 and continued until the year of his death. B.354-B.361 Field notebooks and diaries B.347-B.353 Organisation and arrangements B.362-B.367 Correspondence is clear that he went on expeditions after that date. In 1948 Wager was one of the leaders of the excursion to Skye and Morar during the International Geological Congress (B.348 and passim) and the Hebridean area remained a regular destination for the University of Oxford Department field excursions (B.352, B.353). Wager’s geological diaries stop in 1961 though it full list is in the geological diaries App.36-App.42. See also B.449. The surviving documentation covers only a few of Wager’s many visits. The B.378-B.390 Research notes and drafts B.347-B.353 Organisation and arrangements 1925, 1948-1965 B.368-B.377 Rock catalogues B.391 Maps L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Sedgwick Club excursion to Edinburgh, 8-16 April 1925. Programme of events, sketch by Wager, related printed material (a few annotations). Excursions during International Geological Congress, 1948. Wager was a member of Excursion A.12 to Mull and Ardnamuchan 6-22 August (see B.358). However, most of the material relates to excursion C.14 to Skye and Morar on which Wager was one of the leaders and co- author of the Guide, a copy of which is enclosed (see also H.8-H.10). Folder includes extensive manuscript draft ‘State of our knowledge of the geology of Skye’, related maps and diagrams and Wager’s ‘Notes for introductory talk on Central Skye Complexes’. Visit to Rhum, July 1950, with W.F. Cassie. to visit G.M. island, accommodation, food, Permission correspondence with colleagues. The visit resulted in a collaborative paper with in correspondence as ‘a first class man, and probably | should say the best student | ever had’ (letter of 14 April 1950). Brown continued to work on the ultrabasic rocks of Skye for his D.Phil. (B.379). 1951) whom Wager refers Brown (Geol. transport Mag., and_ 88, to Visits to Rhum, 1951, 1952. Visit to St Kilda July-August 1952. Permission to visit and work on island, organisation and transport. Includes a letter from G.M. Brown, also two sketches of Allivat by Wager 17 July 1951. 1961, 1963, 1964, 1965. Permission to visit island (the Laird, the Marquess of Bute, did not permit the collection of specimens), funding grants, correspondence and information from colleagues, food and transport, Air Ministry photographs, comments on of Wager’s paper and arrangements of 1953), photographs, continuing shorter correspondence 1952-1960. Oxford University Department excursions to Scotland, chiefly to Skye, also to Ardnamurchan and Glencoe (1964, organised by G.M. Brown), 1951, Photographs of St Kilda are in Section M. St exchanges glaciation (Geol. B.352, B.353 publication in Mag. ‘Extent Island Kilda’ the 90 of for L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Shorter correspondence, brief notes by Wager, lists members of department. of participants and Reading lists, expedition notes (some by G.M. Brown), annotated maps. B.354-B.361 Field notebooks and diaries B.354 Notebook ‘Sedgwick Club Edinburgh April Bailey, April and May. 1925’. Excursions with E.B. Notebook ‘Sedgwick Excursion Arran 1926’. dated), and notes on talk or lecture by G.W. Tyrrell. Notes and sketches (none Enclosed are a letter January 1938 from Tyrrell referring to 1926 excursion and Wager’s plan to return there with University of Reading students, and Wager’s notice of the excursion 17-25 March [1938]. See M.48 for a photograph taken on the 1926 excursion. B.360, B.361 black pocket notebook of miscellaneous content. Notes and sketches on Skye, Softbacked blue notebook, few pages used. n.d. perhaps during 1948 excursion. Small Notes for International Geological Congress visit to Skye 1948 ‘with additions 1963’; notes at Paris and Auvergne 1957; Skye July 1951; Clermont Ferrand April 1963; Skye April 1963, April 1964. A few notes at rear of book. (App.40, App.41) B.361 has some manuscript corrections by Wager. Typescript pages of diary ‘Hebrides |’ (App.36) of visits to Skye, various dates 1947-1951. Typescript pages of diaries ‘Hebrides V and VI’ Notebook ‘I1.G.C. Richey and Bailey’. Both ends of book used. Detailed notes and sketches of excursions by both leaders. 1948 Ardnamurchan and Leaders: Mull. ‘St Kilda Diary 1952’. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.362-B.367 Correspondence 1950-1963 B.362 Correspondence with Air Ministry on aerial photographs requested and supplied, mainly of Skye. Various dates 1950-1957. Manuscript and notes on the geology of Skye and Rhum, by E.B. Bailey, sent to Wager, n.d., latest reference 1953. Correspondence 1955-1956, chiefly on the publication and presentation of G.M. Brown’s paper on the ultrabasic rocks of Rhum. Includes Wager’s notes for the meeting at the Royal Society when the paper was read, comments on work etc. (See B.379). Shorter correspondence on Skye rocks 1956. Correspondence on the geology of Rhum 1956, 1958, 1960. ‘Conspectus of the geology of Rhum’ 1960, by W.A. Macfadyen. Includes a | H.1-H.465, Skye 1946-1947. B.368-B.377 Rock catalogues Correspondence and geological notes on Ardnamurchan by A.G. MacGregor 1962-1963. Includes paper and sketches by MacGregor. B.368-B.372 are Wager’s small black notebooks numbered on the spine in Roman numerals |-V, with a front cover label bearing the numbers of the rocks listed inside with the code letter H = Hebrides. Additionally, a ‘List of Hebridean Catalogues’ is pasted inside the front cover enumerating each of Wager’s visits and underlining the sequence of rocks referred to in the book. B.373 is included with these ‘original’ notebooks but deals with specimens collected in the Cuillin Hills of Skye by J.M. Carr of the Oxford University Department. Il H.466-H.4045, Skye 1947-1949. B.374-B.377 are copy catalogues made in the Department. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Il] H.4051- , Skye 1950-1961. Entries run 4051-4408 in Wager’s hand, then continue in hands of G.M. Brown and others. Last dated entry is Easter 1961. IV H.3001 - 1948-1960 Entries run 3001-3502 in Wager’s hand then continue in various hands. Last dated entry is 1960. Specimens are from various Hebridean sources and also include Northern Ireland. V H.3712-H.3769, 1962-1964 not Included in Specimens from various Hebridean sources. Few pages used. the sequence of Wagers notebooks but in his hand. Red notebook, labelled ‘Original’ but not Wager’s. Specimens from the Basic Igneous Complex of the Cuillins collected by J.M. Carr, numbered J.1- J.587. Entries run to H.3790. Copy catalogue St Kilda H.3256-H.3264, H.3335-H.3502. Copy catalogue Skye | H.1-H.999 and H.4001-H.4191. Copy catalogue Skye II H.4192 -. Entries run to H.4610. Copy catalogue. Miscellaneous Hebridean Rocks H.3001 -. fis B.378-B.384 are notes and analyses of Hebridean rocks, chiefly of Rhum and Skye, often including work by E.A. Vincent, G.M. Brown, B.A. Collett and other assistants. B.378-B.390 Research notes and drafts L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Of interest are Wager’s early notes on Harker’s 1908 work on the ultrabasic rocks on Rhum (B.378) and the manuscript draft of G.M. Brown’s thesis ‘The ultrabasic rocks of Rhum’, supervised heavily and corrected by Wager (B.379). are petrographic B.385-B.390 East Greenland rocks at B.225-B.252. The original ring-back binders have been discarded and descriptions retained. The labelling and some of the work are not by Wager. descriptions similar those to on B.378-B.384 Notes and data B.385-B.390 Petrographic descriptions B.378-B.384 Notes and Data B.378 Wager's notes on Harker’s Survey Memoir. Cambridge’, 28pp headed ‘Abstracted Progress’ with dates 1934-1938. at 2pp headed ‘Abstracted at 2pp ‘Summary of Reading’, ‘Skye analyses. EAV’s [E.A. Vincent] original sheets’ 1949-1953. Also work by G.M. Brown, B.A. Collett 1956. Trace elements in Skye rocks, work by Wager, E.A. Vincent and others, some dated 1955. Notes, tables, calculations. ‘The layered ultrabasic rocks of Rhum, Inner Hebrides’, D.Phil. thesis of G.M. Brown. Manuscript draft with manuscript corrections by Brown and Wager, who was Brown’s supervisor. Detailed analyses of numbered Skye rocks. Tables, analyses, norm calculations of numbered rock specimens. Tables of analyses. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.385-B.390 Petrographic descriptions B.385 1 Skye Agglomerates. Cuillin Complex. Gabbro. Metamorphics. Raasay. Sediments. Lavas. Tuffs and Skye 2 Western Redhills Complex. Porphyritic Epigranite. Epigranites. Porphyritic Felsites. Skye 3 Western Redhills Complex. Marsco and East. Skye 4 Western Redhills Complex. (some work by J.D. Bell). Marscoite Suite. Marsco Epigranite Skye 5 Broadford Complex and miscellaneous granites. St Kilda. Maps 1 box. B.392-B.404 Ordnance Survey sheets, marked or annotated for expeditions: Arran, with a covering letter from M. MacGregor 1939; Rhum, with a list of rocks by G.M. Brown; St Kilda; Skye. hie. Wager visited South Africa only once, for two months June-August 1958, in the company of G.M. Brown in order to conduct research on layered intrusions for their joint book. They visited the Great Dyke in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and the bushveld and mines of Transvaal. 1958, 1959, 1968 SOUTH AFRICA L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research There is expedition and very little correspondence. no surviving material on the organisation and logistics of the B.392 Correspondence B.393-B.396 Rock catalogues B.397-B.403 Research B.404 Maps Correspondence Brief correspondence only, 1958, 1959, 1968, mainly addressed to G.M. Brown. B.393-B.396 Rock catalogues 1-484 Great Dyke and Bushveld. Both ends of book used. Some Both ends of book used. B.393-B.395 are Wager’s small black notebooks. B.396 is a copy catalogue made in the Department. SA Ill SA881-1070 Bushveld, Insigwa and Witwatersand. SA | entries are in the hand of G.M. Brown. Petrographic descriptions B.397-B.400 Notes and data B.397-B.403 Research SA II 485-880 Bushveld. Copy catalogue. B.401-B.403 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.397-B.400 Notes and data B.397 Notes on Rhodesia]’. the literature. Brief draft on ‘Great Dyke of S.R. [Southern Tabulated data on succession of Eastern Bushveld layered rocks. Diagrams and tables of sites and strata, sent to Wager from various sources in South Africa, some with title, notes or information added by him. Rock data and mineral deposits of Eastern and Western Bushveld, in vertical tabulation. B.401-B.403 Petrographic descriptions South Africa 1958 |. Descriptions of thin sections. South Africa 1958 II. Maps Position of thin sections on cut surfaces of hand specimens, 618-897. Petrographic descriptions of thin sections of numbered specimens of South African rocks. The original ring-back binders have been discarded and the descriptions retained. The labelling, and some of the work, are not by Wager. most annotated. Geological, mining and area maps of Southern Rhodesia and South Africa, South Africa 1958 Ill. Descriptions of thin sections. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.405-B.415 WEST INDIES 1959-1965 Wager’s research visit to the West Indies was relatively short (30 October - 24 November 1959) but productive for further work in vulcanology. He visited Trinidad, Nevis, Montserrat and Antigua, in the company of G.R. Robson, a former research student at Durham, then working at the Seismic Research Institute at Trinidad. St Vincent, Lucia, Kitts, St St Immediately on his return (letters of 10 and 11 December in B.405) Wager began to plan a programme of research. He obtained grants for research students to undertake field work, under his supervision and that of G.M. Brown, which was continuing at the time of his death. Wagers publication, appeared in 1962 (Bull. Volcanologique 204). ‘Igneous cumulates from St Soufriere St Vincent’ B.405 B.406 Organisation and arrangements Rock catalogue B.407-B.409 Correspondence Research 1959-1961 1959 funding, schedule and B.410-B.415 Rock catalogue programme for Wager’s Organisation and arrangements Correspondence and papers March 1959 - January 1961. visit, Arrangements, correspondence with G.R. Robson and other colleagues, plans for future work. Entries continue T.851-T.912 in another hand and from other collectors. Small black notebook. Rocks numbered T.701-T.849 in Wager’s hand. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.407-B.409 Correspondence 1960-1965 B.407 Correspondence and papers mainly with Department of Scientific and Industrial Research on funding for Wager’s research project and students in West Indies, 1960-1962. Includes grant application, budget estimates, reports on work completed etc. B.408, B.409 Correspondence and papers mainly with colleagues and research students working in West Indies, 1960-1965. Includes copy of note ‘Research on West Indian Volcanoes’ (Nature, 191, 15 June 1961) (not in Bibliography), visits, committees, reports on research completed 1963, 1964. 1960-1962. 1963-1965. Department. Includes arrangements for J.T. Wilson to visit Oxford B.410-B.413 Notes and data B.410 B.410-B.415 Research B.410-B.413 Notes and data B.414, B.415 Petrographic descriptions Notes, draft, material for Wager’s paper on St. Soufriere volcano, St. Vincent (Bull. Volcanologique, 204, 1962). Analyses of felspars in St Vincent rocks by E.A. Vincent, 1960. Bulletins and Annual Reports of Seismic Research Unit, Trinidad. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Bibliographical references to work on West Indian Volcanoes. Lists of rocks and specimens of West Indian rocks, taken from published papers, with manuscript notes by Wager and others on further checking and correction to be done. B.414, B.415 Petrographic descriptions Petrographic descriptions, some with photographs, of numbered specimens of West Indies rocks. The original ring-back binders have been discarded and the descriptions retained. The labelling, and some of the work, are not by Wager. West Indies | (specimens from St. Vincent). West Indies Grenada). Il (specimens from St. Vincent, St. Vincent Grenadines, 1925-1949 B.416-B.441 YORKSHIRE Littondale, which became a centre for such expeditions and Perhaps this early connection was a factor in his choice of the Whin Sill and Great Scar Limestone for his first research on graduating from Cambridge supported 1926-1929 by a Goldsmiths’ Company Research Scholarship. His supervisor, W.B.R. King, also had a holiday home in the Dales. Born and educated in Yorkshire, Wager explored the Dales from boyhood, His father rented a holiday house by bicycle, on foot and later as a climber. in early In 1940 Wager bought a house of his own in the Yorkshire geologising. Dales which remains in family hands. notebooks and research record earlier work. in Subsequently, Yorkshire, especially Teesdale, became a regular destination for Wager’s field courses for his Durham University students; he also led professional under ‘Organisation and arrangements’ relates to these later visits, while the field excursions presented material area. The the L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.416-B.423 Organisation and arrangements B.424, B.425 Correspondence and draft B.426-B.429 Field notebooks B.430, B.431 Rock catalogues B.432-B.440 Research B.441 Maps B.416-B.423 Organisation and arrangements 1944-1949 B.416-B.420 University of Durham excursions to Teesdale. B.416 Manuscript ‘Notes for 3 day excursion in 1944’. Teesdale 1945. Teesdale 1946. Teesdale and Weardale 1947. Teesdale 1948. Correspondence, accommodation, notices, participants. Correspondence, accommodation, notices, participants, maps. Correspondence, accommodation, notices, Wager’s manuscript notes. Brief notice about 1949 field excursion. Correspondence, accommodation, notices, Brown, G.R. Robson), brief notes by Wager. participants (including G.M. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Yorkshire Geological Society excursion to Teesdale, 21-23 May 1948, led by Wager. Correspondence 1947-1949 with colleagues and others on organisation, accommodation, permissions to visit, programme, Wager’s report on the meeting. British Association excursion to Alston, Teesdale, August 1949. Correspondence, proposed schedule. University of Durham excursion to Teesdale and Appleby (Yorkshire), 1950. Arrangements, accommodation, budgeting. B.424, B.425 Correspondence and draft 1926-1930 B.424 Correspondence with colleagues 1926-1930, requests for information about proposed Whin Sill work, thanks for published papers. Manuscript draft, notes and data. B.426 Soft-backed notebook ‘Dent Dale’ July 1926. Few pages used. B.426-B.429 Field notebooks ‘A note on the nomenclature of rocks produced by metastomatism’. list of localities (all in Yorkshire) on front and back covers. Soft-backed notebook ‘Whin Sill and contacts in Teesdale and Pennine Scarp’ September 1926. Notes on ‘Cowshill January 1929’ inserted on loose pages. Exercise book ‘Miscellaneous Geological Excursions’, 1944-1946. Detailed 1926, 1944-1947 Brief notes at back of book. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research Small black notebook, notes on excursions to Teesdale and Weardale, 1945, 1947. Brief notes at back of book. B.430, B.431 Rock catalogues 1925-1929 B.430 ‘Austwick Summer 1925 with W.B.R. King’. Small notebook, cut in half, with a note by Wager: ‘The note book which was very full and contained many accounts of Mr. King’s views, my own queries and ideas and also enlarged maps to show certain localities in detail was lost. This is principally a list of fossil localities and notes put down in Sept. 1926’. Soft-backed notebook of rocks numbered 1-233, collected in Teesdale and area, and Cowshill Quarry 1926, 1927, 1929. B.432-B.440 Research B.432 ‘Whin Sill, with Wager’s home address, B.433-B.436 Soft-backed black notebook, undated. Mainly notes on the literature, but with notes on ‘Localities to visit’, ‘Things to do’, ‘Problems’ etc. ca 1926. Four folders of notes, diagrams, calculations and drafts, few dated but with Wager’s descriptions on the cover. ‘Description of slices. White Whin alteration’. ‘Mechanism of Sill intrusion’, ‘Age of Whin Sill’ etc. diagrams ‘A Whin Sill December 1926. Attempts at alkali analysis’, some pages with dates Analysis of Whin Sill. February, May 1927. contact near Winch’s Bridge Teesdale’, Includes 12pp draft and dated L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research ‘Rough early notes on Cowshill Sections’. B.437-B.440 Three exercise books of descriptions of thin sections of Whin Sill rocks. B.437 AWS-DAWS First book. EAWS-GBWS 2nd book. HBWS- 3rd book. ‘Chlorite Alteration’, notes from ring-book binder so inscribed. Rock analyses, some on specimens at Sedgwick Museum Cambridge. Maps B.442-B.455 MISCELLANEOUS EXCURSIONS 1919-1958 References and miscellaneous geological information. Annotated field maps and diagrams of Upper Teesdale and area. Papers and correspondence The material here includes all periods of Wager’s activity, from the very early days or localities rarely visited to relatively regular university excursions. Some of the notebooks cover a number of excursions extending over several years. Of some interest is B.442 which records rock specimens from Trinidad and the West Indies during Wager’s year spent there with his father and brother 1919-1920. B.442-B.449 Notebooks and diaries B.450-B.455 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.442-B.449 Notebooks and diaries 1919-1958 B.442 Black notebook, with several intercalated pages relating to later additions to the original descriptions, of ‘Rock Sections’. Numbered items run 1-37 from various locations and dates. Numbers 1 and 2 are from the West Indies and dated ‘Early 1920’, numbers 7 and 28 are from Trinidad 1919. Other items are Auvergne, Anglesey. Latest dates 1925. Yorkshire, Dartmoor, District, Wales, Alps, Lake from At rear of book, brief notes on crystals. Soft-backed notebook ‘Shropshire Christmas 1925’. Handbook on ‘The Geology of South Shropshire’, interleaved with diagrams etc. by Wager. Soft-backed Districts with C.H.W. [Waddington] March 1927’. notebook, ‘Dolgelly, Rhoebell Fawr, Bala and Llangollen of notes, pages notebook with many intercalated Black programmes of excursions. locations. information, Various dates 1946-1955, mainly Yorkshire At rear of book, misc. notes on Wales, and ‘l.0.M. [Isle of Man] notes from the literature 1930’. Small black notebook, ‘Rough Field Notes mainly round Oxford’, one page dated 1951. Few pages used. ‘British Association Glasgow 1928’. Small exercise book of miscellaneous expeditions and rock specimens numbered in various sequences. Undated, but includes brief notes on Small pocket-size diary labelled on spine and front cover ‘Cornwall and B.A. (Glasgow) excursion 1958’. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.450-B.455 Papers and correspondence 1933-1955 B.450 British Association meeting at Leicester, September 1933. visit to Charnwood Forest and Mountsorrel during Programme of visit and information. University of Reading excursion to Lake District, 31 March - 8 April 1939. Information, Wager). notice, participants, accommodation, list of rocks (not by University of Durham excursion to Mungrisdale Cumberland, 25 June - July 1949. 2 Notice, participants (includes G.M. Brown, Y.M. Anwar), accommodation, arrangements, correspondence. of excursions to Mungrisdale Cumberland and the Information. University of Durham excursion to Shropshire, 18-24 April 1950. University Northern Lake District, June 1951. Oxford University of Oxford excursion to the Lake District, 16-23 April 1955. visit, participants, notes Correspondence, accommodation, permissions to and information, Wager’s 13pp manuscript notes on ‘Igneous rocks of north of England’. diagrams, map. Accommodation, permissions to visit, participants, notes and information, L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research B.456-B.474 ADVICE AND CORRESPONDENCE 1946-1965 This is a chronological sequence of correspondence 1946-1965 dealing with expeditions planned by university exploration societies, mountaineering clubs or individuals. Some are brief exchanges, others such as the British North Greenland Expedition (B.461) show a wider involvement by Wager. is essentially requests for advice on The material of expeditions: selection of team members, funding, equipment, choice of sites and routes etc., almost all Some expedition reports or correspondence on research may be included. practicalities Arctic. the the in The dates of antedate the expedition itself by a year or more. the entries are those of the correspondence, which may 1946. Cyrenaica; East Greenland. 1947. 1948. 1949. North-east Greenland; Spitsbergen. Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica; Nepal; West Greenland. Peruvian Andes (invitation to Wager to join - declined); Jan Mayen Island. British North Greenland Expedition. University of Durham expeditions to Iceland and Norway (reports); British West Greenland Expedition (final plan). 1950-1953. 1950. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research This was a major expedition organised and led by J.W.C. Simpson, involving scientific projects and Service training. the Steering Committee and later on the Main Committee. The correspondence covers funding and budgeting, recruitment of personnel, scientific projects, report on the geological programme. Wager served on 1950-1951. Spitsbergen (Oxford and Cambridge Joint Expedition). Correspondence on funding, planning, personnel, geological results. 1951. Swedish Lapland; Labrador (University of Oxford Expedition). 1953. Himalaya; Spitsbergen (University of Cambridge); University of Oxford). 1954. 1955, 1959. 1960. Spitsbergen; Iceland. British East Greenland Expedition. Spitsbergen. Jan Mayen Island (includes report by A.T.J. Dollar); East Greenland. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research 1962. Kangerdlugssuag (1963 Scottish East Greenland Expedition). 1962-1963. Proposed Joint Services Expedition to East Greenland. 1964. Angmassalik, East Greenland. 1964-1965. East Greenland (University of Oxford Expedition). Correspondence on planning, funding. 1964-1965. 1964. East Greenland (proposed 1966 expedition). Schweiserland (1966 Royal Navy Expedition). Correspondence, plans and comments. B.475-B.478 MISCELLANEOUS ROCK CATALOGUES 1938, 1955, 1962, n.d. in Wager’s hand. ‘Catalogue of rocks collected in Norway by L.R. Wager in summer 1938’. Specimens of USA rocks from many locations, and several numerations, not Specimens numbered 1-91 from various locations. ‘Rocks collected during field seasons 1955’. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Expeditions and research List of rocks and minerals from the Gatineau (Quebec, Canada) collected by Wager 1962. Specimens numbered T.951-T.968, sent to Wager with location map and correspondence. List of original rock catalogues and list Wagers hand. Indies. Not in Including Greenland, Hebrides, South Africa, Everest, West of copy rock catalogues. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 SECTION C UNIVERSITY OF READING This section records Wager’s lectures and teaching at the University of Reading. Wager was appointed Lecturer in Petrology at the University of Reading in 1929, and remained such until his appointment as Professor of Geology at the University of Durham in 1943 (effective from 1944). There is very little surviving material to document this relatively long period. As a lecturer, Wager was not involved in Departmental administration, and this was the period of his most important expeditions in 1930-1931, 1932, 1934, 1935-1936, for which the University granted any necessary leave of absence. The outbreak of war in 1939 led to Wager’s work with the Air Ministry's Photographic Interpretation Unit from May 1940 until November 1943 when he was released to take up the Durham appointment. There is a little material on Wager’s appointment to the University of Reading in Section A and several records of his field excursions with students in Section B. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 University of Reading ‘Igneous history of |. O. M. [Isle of Man]’ with a manuscript note ‘to Reading class after visit’, n.d. but given in March 1930 after Wager’s first field class (Hargreaves, p.27). Wager was never a confident lecturer. Other pencilled comments read ‘Not enough geological detail Too slowly delivered. Attempt to modify usual style meant that | never felt natural and comfortable.’ Jokes failed. reminiscing. and Wager’s notes and aide-memoires on lecturing techniques and revision. ‘Lectures |’ Extensive manuscript draft paginated 1-139, pp.1-77, Crystallography and Optics (first and second year), pp.78-139, Petrology of Igneous Rocks (second year). Lecture on rock-forming minerals, with a manuscript note ‘Mineral vein notes with Durham Inter lectures’. Probably given at Reading and used also at Durham (information from E. A. Vincent, 1999). ‘Intermediate Practical Class |’. ‘Inter[mediate] Lectures Reading’ (first year). Two sets of manuscript problems for practical work. Extensive heavily corrected manuscript drafts lectures on crystallography. Manuscript problems for practical work. Laboratory requirements for sixteen practicals. for a course of sixteen ‘Intermediate Practical |’ ‘Practical work II’ L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 University of Reading ‘Reading Intermediate Practical’ Manuscript notes for twenty-two practicals. ‘Skye and general tertiary igneous geology. R. U. 3rd year lecture notes’. Extensive manuscript notes. C.11-C.14 Miscellaneous lectures and notes. ‘X-rays and the structure of minerals’. ‘Metamorphism’. ‘Very simple trigonometry with illustrations drawn from crystals’. Notes for ‘Advanced work’, essay topics, reading lists etc. 1931 Typescript notes for demonstrations 1-23, catalogue of rocks and slices. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 SECTION D UNIVERSITY OF DURHAM Wager held the Chair of Geology at the University of Durham from 1944 to 1950. The surviving material is not extensive. Wager’s preparation for the post, including advice taken from others, his own thoughts on aims and course structuring, and the careful training in X-ray crystallography with a view to possible future work are shown at D.1-D.7. The correspondence at D.8-D.14 is miscellaneous. It includes departmental funding, equipment, requests to work or visit, and the University Exploration Society. There is some shorter scientific correspondence but very little general correspondence on Durham affairs. A substantial proportion of the surviving material dates from 1949-1950, the last years of Wager’s time at Durham. Material relating to Wager’s appointment, and to various other applications for chairs during his tenure at Durham, is at A.39-A.43. The regular field excursions, mainly to Teesdale, are documented in Section B. D.1-D.7 D.8-D.14 D.29 D.15-D.28 LECTURES AND TEACHING CORRESPONDENCE PREPARATION AND ORGANISATION MISCELLANEOUS L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 University of Durham PREPARATION AND ORGANISATION 1942-1944 Correspondence and information on the teaching of geology at Durham from A. Holmes (the outgoing Professor) and W. Hopkins, 1943. Includes Durham science lecture list, 1942. Correspondence and timetable of teaching at Bristol from W. F. Whittard, 1944. Wager’s ideas on aims and courses, one set beginning ‘What are we aiming at?’, some dated January, April, June 1944. Various outlines of courses, lecturing technique, assignments for students, teaching and research areas for E.A. Vincent, miscellaneous shorter notes. Notes and teaching X-ray crystallography, organised by Cambridge University Board of Extra-Mural Studies and attended by Wager 4-16 September 1944, with a view to installing X-ray diffraction facilities at Durham. a Summer School material relating on to lectures at notes of extensive manuscript Annotated questions for Demonstrations 1-19. Hard-backed notebook of Cambridge Summer School. Wager’s notes, diagrams, graphs for Demonstrations 1-18. Brief correspondence about Wager’s attendance on the course is included here. Annotated teaching material and diagrams for Demonstrations. Manuscript notes pp.1-22. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 University of Durham CORRESPONDENCE 1948-1959 Equipment: geological hammers, maps. 1948-1950. Applications by Indian students to work at Durham, 1949. Funding from Shell Petroleum Company for students, expeditions. 1950. Shorter departmental correspondence, 1948-1950. scientific Shorter information, specimens and samples sent or received, some with news of research in progress. 1945-1950. correspondence. offprints, Includes See also D.29. with University of Durham Exploration Society. Shorter continuing correspondence, with the Department of Geology and with former Durham students, 1948-1959. Includes annual Departmental report for 1949-1950. Papers and correspondence mainly G.H.J. Daysh (Professor of Geography at Newcastle) on proposals to form a society, expedition plans and reports, Wager’s brief note for speech at a meeting or dinner of the club, February 1948-June 1950. L.8 and Hargreaves p.91). See also G.53. Miscellaneous drafts and notes. No date or further information is given, but this may have been one of the RAF Cadet courses attended by G. M. Brown which determined him to read geology at Durham after demobilisation (see ‘Cadets’ D.15-D.28 LECTURES AND TEACHING L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 University of Durham D.16-D.18 ‘Structural geology’ Course for second-year Pass and first-year Honours students. Booklist, course outline, maps. Drafts for titled lectures: Tectonics of the Alps; North American Cordillera; Mapping, Tilting and Folding; Fracture of the rocks. ‘Structural geology’ Drafts and diagrams, heavily revised. ‘Constitution of the Earth’ Extensive notes and drafts, some titled, probably for second or third year work. for courses on Vulcanology (6 lectures), Earthquakes and D.21 D.21-D.23 Geological mapping. Wager’s notes, drafts, annotated teaching maps and diagrams. Notes, annotated teaching maps and diagrams by E. A. Vincent. Outlines Seismology (8 lectures) to be given by F. H. Stewart. schedules. Shorter manuscript notes on supervisions, essay topics, programmes and Geological maps (annotated). L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 University of Durham D.25-D.28 Worksheets and teaching material. These may include reading-lists, maps and diagrams, class handouts, lists of rock specimens or slides. Regional petrology. Mineral identification. Chemical petrology. Field mapping. Skye sections. MISCELLANEOUS 1948-1949 Correspondence, data, seismograph readings from the University of Durham Observatory, 1948-1949. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 SECTION E UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD Wager was appointed to the Professorship of Geology at the University of Oxford in succession to J.A. Douglas, his election being announced on 26 April 1950. He remained there until his death in 1965. Wager’s Chair carried with it a Fellowship at University College, but no material survives on College affairs, and there are few records of his involvement in general Oxford University matters; see E.10- Ea '5. The material in this section therefore essentially concerns the Department of Geology and Mineralogy, its organisation and funding, research and teaching. Wager’s determination to enhance the status of geology at Oxford can be seen by his drive to have it recognised as a school and entrance subject (E.1, E.2). Much of the petrological research was a continuation of the geochemical analysis of East Greenland and other igneous rocks (recorded in section B) now pursued with newer techniques and equipment and sometimes with outside collaboration such as that with Departments of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Establishment (UKAEA) at Harwell. A new development was geochronology and the establishment of the Geological Age and Isotope Research Group (GAIR) (E.18-E.38). members of departmental staff (E.63-E.69) are of interest. E.1-E.9 DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY AND MINERALOGY Reminiscence 1994. Hereafter referred to in the text as Vincent. non-specialists. The careful notes taken by Wager at lectures by visiting scientists and short-term The lectures and syllabuses at E.39-E.73 include relatively standard topics in university geological studies, but also the new graduate course in Geochemistry, and the various ’service’ courses for For fuller information see E. A. Vincent: Geology and Mineralogy at Oxford 1860-1986. History and LECTURES AND TEACHING E.16-E.38 RESEARCH E.39-E.73 E.10-E.15 COMMITTEES AND SOCIETIES L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 University of Oxford DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY AND MINERALOGY 1950-1965 General, 1951-1960. Correspondence with Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examination Board and with colleagues, on the examination of geology at A and S level in schools. 1956-1959 Correspondence on the inclusion of geology among subjects for college scholarship examinations at Oxford. 1956-1960 Appointments in Department 1951-1960. Grants and Funding, 1954-1965. Correspondence and papers on grants, scholarships or fellowships, some with information on research in hand or projected. Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) 1954-1956. Shell Petroleum Company, 1955-1961. British Petroleum Company, 1960, 1963. Nature Conservancy, 1955-1965. Service and elsewhere, various dates 1950-1965. Grants for research on Rhum and St Kilda and general Nature Conservancy affairs. Includes research report on geological investigations on Rhum, with comments by E.B. Bailey. Shorter correspondence on requests to visit or work in Department, thanks for visits etc., 1956-1964. Shorter correspondence on possible careers for students in the Colonial L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 University of Oxford E.10-E.15 COMMITTEES AND SOCIETIES 1954-1965 Boise Fund, 1957-1964. The Boise Bequest to the University was for anthropological research and the study of early migration. Wager was an administrator ex officio as Professor of Geology, the others at that time being W.E. Le Gros Clark (Professor of Anatomy) and J.S. Weiner (Reader in Physical Anthropology). Correspondence, applications, recommendations for grants. Oxford Geology Group, 1956-1960. Wager was Department. President of the Group, which held its meetings in the Brief correspondence on the formation and meetings of the Group. Bili2-Eulo Oxford University Exploration Club and Expedition Council, 1954-1965. minutes, funding, recommendations on Council agendas and minutes, 1961-1965. Wager was President from 1960 to 1963 and thereafter a Vice-President. Correspondence, agendas and expeditions, 1954-1960. Correspondence, agendas and minutes, revised constitution, membership of Council, 1961-1965. requests, 1955-1963. Correspondence planned expeditions, including plans, recommendations, thanks for advice, funding expeditions, organisers Oxford with or of L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 University of Oxford E.16-E.38 RESEARCH 1951-1965 16) Gea? Trace Elements E.18-E.38 Geological Age and Isotope Research (GAIR) Trace Elements 1951-1965 This work began in collaboration with R. L. Mitchell, resulting in their major joint paper in 1951 (Geochim. et Cosmochim. Acta, 1) See F.29-F.38. Correspondence on the Franz Electro-magnetic separator and arrangements to obtain one for mineral separation work, with manufacturers, colleagues and UKAEA Harwell. 1951-1952 Correspondence and papers on collaboration work with UKAEA Harwell on radioactive techniques for trace elements analysis, 1954-1965. E.18-E.38 1954-1965 of Wager’s most important This was one the Oxford Department. See Vincent pp. 92-98 and passim for a fuller discussion. The folders below are those which survive among Wager's papers and do not constitute a complete account. innovations in Geological age and isotope research (GAIR) A.A. Smales (Analytical The correspondence is mainly exchanged with Chemistry Group), L.D. Muller and S.W.F. Patching (Mineral Group) at Harwell, and includes arrangements for visits and exchange of specimens, results and reports, draft publication etc. Oxford officials on acceptance of grant. Correspondence and papers with Colonial (later Overseas) Geological Surveys, on geochronological work at Oxford, support for GAIR, recruitment and staffing, equipment, specimens for testing etc. The correspondence is mainly conducted with K. A. Davies (Deputy Director, Overseas Geological Surveys), but also includes E. A. Vincent and other GAIR members, and Miscellaneous manuscript notes by Wager, on the chronology of ‘GAIR in Oxford’ 1954-1958, budget, organisation of research areas among personnel etc. Also included is a manuscript draft by S. E. Moorbath for GAIR Annual Report 1956-1957, which includes an outline history. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 University of Oxford Shorter correspondence on funding, from UKAEA 1957, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research 1962, 1965. Visit by invitation to see the work of GAIR, 27 February 1959. Correspondence with those invited, notes on methods of work. Correspondence on mass spectrometer for GAIR, 1960-1965. Staffing and recruitment for GAIR. applications, correspondence with colleagues. Requests to work, advertisements, 1960-1965. 1963-1964. Wager’s named folders of applicants. Correspondence from S. E. Moorbath and other GAIR staff. Notes and correspondence from GAIR staff on the organisation and running of the laboratory, and of the Geochemistry Diploma Course. E. |. Hamilton (a BP Fellow). Agendas and Wagers manuscript notes for weekly meetings of GAIR Group, 1960-1964. Not all dated. 1958-1961. Correspondence, reports on research and on visits to other age-isotope laboratories by Includes letter 1963 on unsatisfactory fume-cupboards in new departmental building (see Vincent, p.104). Correspondence and requests for age determinations to be carried out by GAIR Group, 1958-1964. E.28-E.30 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 E.33-E.38 University of Oxford 1962-1963. GAIR reports on work done. Age measurement summary, 1960-1962. Annual reports, 1962, 1964, 1965. General specimens sent or requested, results, publications, visits, 1955-1963. correspondence papers affairs: GAIR and on organisation, for 1959 when Wager was on The correspondence is sabbatical leave and was kept informed of events by colleagues, mainly E. A. Vincent, but also M. H. Dodson, E. !. Hamilton, B. J. Giletti, L. Kulp, R. St. J. Lambert, S. E. Moorbath. particularly full St. as well and drafts for 1959. results papers includes research 1955-1958. This as correspondence from several staff or visiting members of GAIR Group. The period coincides with Wager’s absence on sabbatical leave and also the publication of a collaborative paper by K. |. Mayne (Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford), R. J. Lambert and D. York (GAIR) on ‘The Geological time- scale’ Nature, 183 (1959), some of whose results were questioned (Vincent, pp. 94-95). General news of laboratory activities and excursions is also included. paper. Notes, data, results etc. related to geochronology work, by Wager and by GAIR members, 1958, 1959 and n.d. Includes some continuing correspondence on the 1959 age-determination 1960. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 University of Oxford 1961-1963. Other correspondence requesting or arranging visits to GAIR Group, 1960- 1961. E.39-E.73 LECTURES AND TEACHING 1950s, 1960s The lecture material is all Wager’s manuscript, sometimes paginated or with a title and including drawings or diagrams. The material for classwork or practicals is usually duplicated. E.39-E.42 Sedimentary Rocks (first-year course) E.43-E.48 Igneous activity (second-year course) E.49-E.54 Igneous Petrogenesis (third-year course) E.63-E.69 Departmental lectures E.70-E.73 Teaching material ‘Classification of sedimentary rocks’. E.39-E.42 E.39 E.55-E.56 Diploma in geochemistry E.57-E.62 Geology for biologists Sedimentary Rocks (first-year course) Bibliography, outline draft of course of 16 lectures over two terms, list of practicals. in teaching. Includes ‘Important rock-forming ‘Practical sheets - sedimentary rocks’. minerals’, Demonstrations I-XIV, location and description of specimens used ‘Sedimentary rocks’. Manuscript drafts for lectures on various topics. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 University of Oxford E.43-E.48 Igneous activity (second-year course) E.43 ‘Review of Igneous History of G. B.’ ‘Igneous activity. Intrusion’. ‘Igneous activity. Volcanoes’. ‘Igneous activity-Volcanic’. Worksheets and demonstrations. ‘Igneous activity. Miscellaneous notes and papers’. E.49 ‘Skaergaard Lectures 3rd year’. ‘Petrogenesis (1) Crystallisation of melts’. E.49-E.54 Igneous Petrogenesis (third-year course) Igneous activity. slides and lecture specimens, tabulated classification etc. Manuscript and typescript notes and worksheets, lantern Manuscript drafts, typescript teaching material, list of thin sections, practical problems, data. associations and their tectonic setting’. ‘Petrogenesis (3) Other petrogenetic processes involving magma’. ‘Petrogenesis (2) Differentiation by crystal fractionation’. ‘Petrogenesis (4) Igneous rock associations. Source of magma. Rock L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 University of Oxford Miscellaneous petrogenesis. drafts and notes for lectures and demonstrations on Diploma in geochemistry 1961-1965 This was a taught postgraduate course instituted in Michaelmas Term 1961; it was re-designated as a M.Sc. degree from 1971 and discontinued from 1980 (Vincent pp. 112-113, 167). Wager regularly gave the introductory lecture on the history of the subject and shared a course on petrogenesis with G. M. Brown. Schedules of lectures and lecturers 1961-1965. Reading list, outline and drafts for Wager’s introductory lecture. Miscellaneous worksheets, notes and drafts for lectures on geochemistry. E.57-E.62 Geology for biologists 1963 ‘Introduction to Geology I. The scope of geology’. This was part of Michaelmas Term 1963. Wager gave the introductory lectures. a new preliminary (first-year) examination introduced in Departmental meetings, plans, timetables and lecturing assignments for the new course. Teaching material for practicals, demonstrations, information. ‘Introduction to Geology II. The constitution of the earth.’ ‘Introduction to Geology III. History of the earth’. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 University of Oxford Worksheets, demonstrations, reading lists for classes on regional petrology, igneous activity, petrogenesis, rock-forming minerals (by E. A. Vincent). E.63-E.69 Departmental lectures These departmental staff or by visiting scientists. are Wagers notes, often extensive, on lectures given by L. H. Ahrens (Reader in Mineralogy 1953-1956): Geochemistry (12 lectures). S. R. Taylor (Demonstrator 1955-1958): Methods of analysis. H. D. Holland (sabbatical leave from Princeton 1956-1957): Geochemistry of metallic ore deposits. H.C. Urey: Cosmochemistry. E.70-E.73 Teaching material E.70 K. S. Heier (Demonstrator 1957-1958): Geology of Norway (4 lectures). L. Kulp (sabbatical leave from Columbia 1958-1959): Some problems in J. geochemistry and geochronology (5 lectures). H. D. Holland and P. Bartholomé (Demonstrator 1956-1957): Application of Thermodynamics to geological problems. fe Hard-backed exercise book ‘Lantern slides accession series, November 1950.’ listed 1-510, in various hands. Slides 1-71 were brought from Slides 1-124 are Geological Survey slides with typescript Slides Durham in 1950. descriptions. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 University of Oxford A little correspondence requesting Geological Survey slides is tucked into front of book, 1950. Large ledger-type ring-backed book ‘Lantern slides Mount Everest, East Greenland, Tertiary Volcanic Districts, Atlantic and Miscellaneous’. Lists compiled at various dates and in various hands, including slides from Wager’s expeditions and slides required for undergraduate courses. See Section M for slides used in Oxford lectures. Small hard-backed notebook with many intercalated notes and pages. Laboratory assistant’s notes of lecture requirements: slides, rock specimens, maps, books laid out on lecture bench, diagrams on blackboard or wall for each lecture week by week, mainly by Wager, but also E. A. Vincent, R. L. Oliver, G. M. Brown and D. S. Weedon. 1950-1956. Small hard-backed notebook. Laboratory assistant’s notes of lecture requirements: slides, rock specimens, materials on lecture bench, maps on wall for each lecture week by week. Some by Wager, but mainly by G. M. Brown, 1956-1962. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 SECTION F RESEARCH TOPICS This material, which may include research notes and data, drafts for lectures, papers and publications, and correspondence, was kept in separate named folders by Wager, although some overlap may occur with other sections of the collection. The biotite material may reasonably be considered an entity, since it constitutes a research episode that did not develop. It did, however, inaugurate Wager’s important collaboration with R. L. Mitchell at the Macaulay Institute for Soil Research at Aberdeen, beginning in 1943 and continuing for a decade of research and publications on trace elements in the rocks of the Skaergaard intrusion, East Greenland. The continuation of this work at Oxford University is to be found in the research folders of section B, at E.16, E.17, or in the accompanying material for Wager’s lectures and publications. F.1-F.13 BIOTITE F.14-F.36 TRACE ELEMENTS F.39 MISCELLANEOUS L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Research topics BIOTITE ca 1926-1948 but particularly his main interest in Wager’s first notes on biotite and its properties possibly date from his early work at the University of Cambridge (F.1), its potential as a source of potash for agricultural use dates from the beginning of the Second World War. He collected information and attempted to arouse likely wartime wider interest in the relevance of the project in view of shortages, Soil Research at Aberdeen. A meeting was held there in October 1939 and a joint research programme initiated between Wager at the University of Reading and members of the Institute’s staff. By May 1940, however, it seemed clear that the potash content extracted from rocks would not be economic taking into account the quantities required and the costs of crushing and extraction. Field experiments continued at the Institute, but there was no large-scale development. the Macaulay Institute for at F.1-F.8 Correspondence and papers F.9, F.10 Research notes F.1t-F.13 Lecture and publication ‘Helm Gill Dikes’ ca 1926-1948 Correspondence and papers Correspondence and early plans for biotite work, August 1939 - May 1940. Manuscript list of specimens collected, coded ‘H.G.’ and of analyses carried out. Specimen 2a H.G. has a note ‘collected on first visit in June 1926’. Includes correspondence from V. M. Goldschmidt and Wager’s manuscript translation of P. Solberg’s report on experiments in Norway. typescript copies. October 1939. Minutes of the meeting at Macaulay Institute, Aberdeen, on ‘Biotite as a source of potash in agriculture’, with background papers and research plans, 2 October 1939 Catalogue of rocks collected in north east Scotland and at Shap, Cumbria, after the meeting at Aberdeen as part of biotite research. Manuscript and L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Research topics Correspondence with W. G. Ogg, Director of the Macaulay Institute for Soil Research, September 1939 - May 1940. and discusses Wager explains his plans and motives in detail (letters 12 September and 14 his October) ‘Memorandum on Biotite as a source of potash’ (10 May 1940). His letter of 27 May refers to work with ‘the intelligence department of the RAF’. Ogg’s letters of 28 and 29 May, discourage further pursuit of the biotite work and advise Wager to accept ‘the other work’. especially progress, research in in Correspondence 1936-1940, 1943 with R. L. Mitchell, analyst at Macaulay Institute, on biotite and also on trace elements in East Greenland rocks, on which he was initially Wager’s chief collaborator. Correspondence and reports on biotite research 1940, 1943, 1944, from A. B. Stewart. Miscellaneous shorter correspondence on biotite and potash, various dates 1941-1948. 1939, 1944, n.d. Research notes Manuscript draft Notes on Shap Biotite. Miscellaneous shorter notes. ‘Decomposition of Shap Granite Biotite by peaty water’. and notes, some dated October, November 1939, August 1944. 14pp manuscript draft. ‘Sources of potash for plants’. Lecture to Reading University Geology Club, March 1940. Lecture and publication F.11-F.13 oi 1940-1945 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Research topics ‘A stage in the decomposition of biotite from the Shap granite’, paper offered to Geological Magazine 1944, and published in Proc. Yorks. Geol. Soc., 25, 1945. Manuscript drafts. Typescript drafts, letters to editors 1944, 1945. F.14-F.38 TRACE ELEMENTS 1940-1960 Wager’s interest in geochemistry and the analysis of the Skaergaard rocks had begun in the 1930s but came to the fore in the early 1940s with his collaboration with R. L. Mitchell of the Macaulay Institute for Soil Research at Aberdeen, who, initially, was responsible for the trace element analysis. The work produced a series of lectures and papers during the late 1940s and a major paper which appeared in the new journal Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta in 1951. first number of the Research notes and data Lectures and publications 1943-1960 fala; 15 F.14-F.20 Correspondence and papers F.14-F.20 Correspondence and papers F.21-F.28 F.29-F.38 After Wager’s move to Oxford University, trace determination remained an important component of the research in the Department, undertaken mainly in collaboration with E. A. Vincent, A. A. Smales and others. Much of this later work is documented in Section B, and at E.16, E.17, to which reference should be made. tes Frequent exchanges including data and results, ideas for new or continuing work; letters from other colleagues may be included. Correspondence with R. L. Mitchell, 1943-1958. Wager's letter continues: of 27 October refers to his paper on Shap biotite and September 1943 - May 1948. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Research topics ‘Your suggestion that you might have time for more determinations on the Skaergaard rocks has inspired me to begin getting out the rocks and considering the separation of the minerals. It would be grand if we could get on with Plans for future work and schedules for despatch of rock specimens are included. it.’ March 1949 - May 1950, 1958. Includes discussion of the major paper and place of publication; see letters May, July 1949 with Medd. om. Gran. The paper appeared in Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 1, 1951. Correspondence October 1958 is from Mitchell returning rock samples to Wager for him to carry out further work on Skaergaard rocks at Oxford. Correspondence with W. A. Deer, 1949. Correspondence with H. Neumann, February - July 1949, 1950. Shorter correspondence from colleagues, 1943-1946. ‘Data on trace elements’, 1940-1947. F.21-F.28 Research notes and data 1940-1949 Correspondence, data, photomicrographs from R. Phillips, 1950-1951. Thanks for copies of published paper and continuing work on Skaergaard trace elements, 1951-1960. ‘Notes on Plag[ioclase]’. One page dated 1949. Bundles of material kept together with titles or rough descriptions by Wager, retained here with dates or additional information when ascertainable. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Research topics ‘Notes on inclusions and exsolution’. McGregor 1949. Includes correspondence with A. G. ‘Odd notes - early’. programme, questions etc for R.L. Mitchell and WAD (W.A. Deer) drafts. Extensive bundle of notes, suggestions for research ‘Odd notes - later’. Queries and ideas, 1p. dated 1949. ‘Conversion factors. Periodic table’. ‘Trace - early notes. elements, geochemistry, radioactivity. Abstracts’. Mainly notes on the literature: trace Results and correspondence from colleagues |. D. Muir, E. A. Vincent, 1949. F.30-F.32 a layered intrusion and some of Correspondence, arrangements for meeting and publication, 1946-1947. F.29 (With R. L. Mitchell) ‘Distribution of vanadium, chromium, cobalt and nickel in eruptive rocks’, Nature, Lond. 156, 18 August 1945. F.29-F.38 Lectures and publications 1945-ca 1953 Manuscript draft, correspondence with Mitchell and with Editor, Nature, on a subsequent communication submitted by P.H. Lundegardh. the ‘Distribution of trace elements in controlling factors’, Wager’s contribution to a Geochemical Discussion on ‘The distribution of trace elements in minerals and rocks’ at the Royal Astronomical Society, London, 28 February 1947. Drafts and data. An account of the meeting appeared in The Observatory Magazine 1947. Not in Bibliography. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 F.33-F.35 Research topics ‘Manuscript used at lecture’. (With R. fractional crystallization of Great Britain, 1948. L. Mitchell) ‘The distribution of Cr, V, a basic magma’. Ni, Co and Cu during the 18th Session, Geol. Congr. paper, Correspondence, mainly with additions and alterations by Wager, his reply in discussion to question by C. E. Tilley etc. 1948-1949. publication editors, about the of Manuscript drafts for paper and tables. Drafts for abstract: ‘Early draft of extended abstract’, ‘First abstract (twice too long)’, ‘Final abstract (but too late for publication)’. R.L. Mitchell) (With strong fractionation of basic magma — a further study of the Skaergaard intrusion, East Greenland’. Geochimica et Cosmichimica Acta, 1, 1951. trace elements during distribution ‘The of Multiple drafts for Section XI, under various titles. Correspondence with publishers, additions, corrections, proofs. Summary, typescript and manuscript draft, n.d. but ca 1953. Not published. ‘Trace element composition of Skye anagranites with comparisons by L. R. Wager and R. L. Mitchell’. Caledonides. Manuscript notes, thoughts on the peneplanation and uplift of Norwegian ‘Notes at Skirmett [Wager’s house near Reading] 1944’. MISCELLANEOUS L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 SECTION G LECTURES, SPEECHES AND ADDRESSES This section represents Wager’s surviving lectures and papers given by invitation from schooldays onwards. The material reflects all aspects of Wager’s career although his professional teaching lectures are in sections C, D, and E. Although Wager did not find lecturing easy, nor was his speaking style always accessible, his chosen life imposed the frequent obligation to give public addresses. As a scientist, the dissemination of information and research progress by speech as well as in written papers was acknowledged by him even as a schoolboy and undergraduate, and later continuously maintained through the medium of conference and visits. The scientific lectures trace the development of his interests in structural geology, layered intrusions, geochemistry and geochronology. In Wager’s case there was the additional dimension of the great public interest in his achievements as mountaineer and explorer. There was always pressure to give personal accounts to non- professional audiences of the expeditions to Greenland and of the 1933 Mount Everest expedition, as well as the technical geological lectures for scientific societies. In the case of the Everest expedition, indeed, public lecturing by its members was a recognised obligation to help the funds of corrections. Lists of slides, photographs or rock specimens to be used in the lecture are often included and occasionally there is brief correspondence on arrangements. relevant accompanying material in Section B. in pencil or ink, more rarely in typescript. All the drafts bear numerous additions, deletions or the sponsoring organisations. Some of Wager’s lectures on Greenland and Everest remain with the The material here, which is presented chronologically as far as possible, is principally drafts, chiefly Wager's own titles have been reproduced in the catalogue entries. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Lectures and papers ‘Crystallography or the study of ‘Lecture at B.’ Secondary School. H. later manuscript note in an exercise book of Hebden Bridge United District crystals’, with a Wager attended this school, where his father was Headmaster, from 1914 to 1920, when he left for Leeds Grammar School. The lecture may have been given in his last term at Hebden Bridge, 1920. Lecture to Leeds Grammar School Science Society, no title or date, on Wager’s year in the West Indies, 1919-1920. 20pp with list of ‘Specimens’. ‘Crystallography’, with a later manuscript note ‘Lecture to Science Society at L. G. S. [Leeds Grammar School] about 1922’. 17pp manuscript, last page or pages missing. Essays at Cambridge University for Supervisions by Gertrude Elles, n.d. 1923-1926. of correlation’, with versus a basis Palaeontology as ‘Isostasy and mountain building’. ‘Diastrophism comments by Elles. ‘The C.U.M.C. [Cambridge University Mountaineering Club] meet in the Alps 1925’, Pembroke College, Cambridge, n.d. Sc. Soc.’ Given on 5 February 1925. See A.23. ‘Old Age and Extinction’ with a later manuscript note ‘To The Martlets [an essay society] at Pembroke probably 1925 or 1926’. ‘The Mechanism of replacement as illustrated by metasomatism of the Whin Sill [to Cambridge Philosophical Society May 1926)’. ‘The glaciation of Britain’ with a later manuscript note ‘? to Pembroke Coll. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Lectures and papers ‘Jointing in the mountain limestones of Craven. [Cambridge] January 1928’. To the Sedgwick Club The Club programme gives the date as 5 June. See A.24. ‘To the P. C. S. S. [Pembroke College Science Society] Nov 1928’. No title, but on ‘the relation of geology to the more fundamental sciences’. The Society's programme gives the title chemistry to geology’. See A.23. as ‘Application of physics and ‘Sedimentation of [Cambridge] n.d., probably 1928. the Carboniferous of Craven. To Sedgwick Club’ Letter to J. M. Scott, January 1932, incorporating a note on East Greenland rocks, for publication in ‘a Tadpole journal’. ‘Scenery of the Angmagssalik district of East Greenland. Geology Club 25 February 1932’. To the Reading To Kosmos [students’ scientific society at To St. Bartholomew's E. Greenland during the B.A.A.R.E. [British Arctic Air ‘The Angmagssalik Eskimo. University of Reading] 4 March 1932’. ‘Journey across the Greenland Ice Cap to Mt. Forel. Hospital Alpine Club, May 1932’. ‘Geological work in Route Expedition] 1930-31. To Geological Society 8 June 1932’. December 1932’. ‘Brief report of geology for the Captain [Mikkelsen] 21 September 1932’. ‘The Greenland Ice Cap. To the Geographical Association Durham 9 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Lectures and papers ‘To Pats J. C. R. 1932’. of Reading. ‘Pats’ is St. Patrick’s Hall of Residence, University G.21-G.23 Untitled lectures or talks on Greenland, probably 1932. G.21 Mainly on geological features. On Eskimo. ‘Notes for an account of Forel Journey (never published)’. The account is incomplete, covering only the first attempt on the mountain in March 1931, not the second attempt in May 1931. ‘A note on the form and age of the Greenland Ice Cap’. Manuscript and typescript draft, later published in Geol. Mag. 70, 1933. P. Wyn Harris’s film of See also B.263. lecture to Royal Danish Geographical G.25 Untitled, on Mount Everest expedition. Includes correspondence. G.25, G.26 Two talks given at Royal Geographical Society, 6 November 1933. ‘Everest Film’, introduction and commentary on Everest expedition. "To G. S. [Geological Society] 8 November 1933’, on Everest expedition. Draft, manuscript list of specimens. Manuscript, correspondence and arrangements. ‘Mount Everest Expedition 1933’, Society, 9 January 1934. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Lectures and papers ‘Public Lecture at Reading Feb. 2 1934 Approx. same to Ditchling [League of Nations Union] and Marlborough School’. On Everest. Includes correspondence. ‘To Kosmos [Reading University Student Scientific Society] February 1934. Everest’. ‘To the Reading University Mountaineering Club February 1934. Expedition 1933’. Everest List of photographs/slides only. ‘To Imperial College of Science [London] Mountaineering Club’, ?early 1934. Introductory pages only. Eastern the Sedgwick Club Also to G. A. [Geologists’ Association London] Himalaya. To Everest and ‘Mount the [Cambridge] 6 Feb 1934. May 1934’. ‘1935-6 Expedition to Greenland - general. Society November 1936’. ‘Chumunko, an episode of the 1933 Mount Everest Expedition. Cambridge Mountaineering’, n.d. probably 1934. Brief notes. ‘Kosmos [Reading University] A year of scientific work among the high mountains of East Greenland 19 February 1937’. To Cambridge Natural History ‘To L. G. S. [Leeds Grammar School] Everest’, n.d. probably 1936. Brief notes. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Lectures and papers ‘To the Pasteur Club. Side-lines of an Arctic Expedition. Feb. 22 1937’. On diet of various Arctic expeditions, and Eskimo diet. ‘To Reading Geology Club. March 2 1937’. ‘The Kangerdlugssuaq Region of East Greenland. Society 24 May 1937’. To Royal Geographical ‘Lecture to Geol. Ass [Geologists’ Association] June 4 1937’. On the scenery of Kangerdlugssuaq. ‘Lecture to Geol. Soc. 23 June 1937’. On 1935-1936 expedition. C. [University College London] November 1937. Draft for general talk on Himalayan mountaineering. Wager’s contribution is included on separate sheets. ‘To Greenough Club U. The ice cap and scenery of East Greenland’. ‘Mount Everest’, script for a BBC radio programme compiled by Michael Spender and broadcast 2 June 1938. very rushed’. With a manuscript note ‘Much too long — took 1 hour 10 minutes even when Min. Section of Cambridge Natural History Society 24 ‘For BBC German Talks. Summer 1939’. Geol. ‘To November 1939’. and On Greenland. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Lectures and papers ‘Everest 1933. Lecture at Medmenham. About January 1942’. Medmenham was the site of the RAF Photographic Interpretation Unit in which Wager served, near Henley-on-Thames. ‘Mount Everest 1933. To Medmenham December 1943’. ‘A Mount Everest Societies 28 April 1944’. Expedition, lecture to Durham Joint Geographical Slide list only. G.50-G.52 ‘The origin of the North Atlantic Ocean’, Wager’s Inaugural Lecture at the University of Durham, 8 November 1944. Manuscript and typescript draft, very heavily corrected, 21 pp. ‘Jottings of titles for Inaugural’. Miscellaneous manuscript drafts of material not used in lecture. Early ideas and drafts. ‘Atlantis’ with a note ‘Tried May 1944’, ‘Scientific work and expeditions’, with a note ‘Inaugural tried July 1944’. ‘Ancient vulcanicity of Greenland’ with a note ‘tried Sept. 1944’. ‘Arun and Tista as an example of geological action of rivers. To cadets — an old lecture’, ca 1944-1945. See also D.15. 12 December 1944. ‘Conditions on the edge of the Greenland Ice Sheet’. Lecture given to ‘Newcastle Geographic Club November 1945’ and ‘Weardale Naturalists December 1945’. Accompanying correspondence for the Weardale lecture gives the date as L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Lectures and papers scientific expedition to ‘A Teesdale Naturalists’ Field Club, 26 January 1946. East Greenland’, lecture to Darlington and geology ‘The Himalaya’ Geological Society, Leeds, 2 February 1949. Eastern the of public lecture for Yorkshire With correspondence; Wager was obliged to cancel the lecture because of illness. ‘Mount Everest Expedition 1933’, lecture to Newcastle Photographic Society, 11 February 1946. With a little correspondence. Lecture to Bishop Auckland Geographical Association, 13 February 1946. On Everest. lecture to Royal To origin’, ‘The mountains of East Greenland and their Philosophical Society of Glasgow, 12 March 1947. ‘Some scientific side-lines of the 1933 Mount Everest Expedition’. Newcastle [King’s College] Naturalists’ Society 3 February 1947. ‘The high mountains of East Greenland and their origin. To Northumberland and Durham Natural History Society, 13 February 1947’. With a manuscript note ‘This tried to combine expedition and geology and not very satisfactory’. material for more than one lecture on the subject. ‘High Mountains in East Greenland’, lecture to the Cairngorm Club London, 22 November 1947. ‘The structure of East Greenland and the North Atlantic basin. University Philosophical Society’, n.d. To Durham but probably 1947 and containing With a manuscript note ‘rather diffuse’. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Lectures and papers ‘Exploration in Greenland. 1949’. Durham Colleges Exploration Club 1 March ‘Exploration in Greenland. November 1949’. King’s College [Newcastle] Exploration Club 25 ‘Introducing BAARE Film. Dec. 1949’. No location given. ‘Mount Everest 1933. March 1950’. To O. U. [Oxford University] Mountaineering Club, ‘Geology on the 1933 Mount Everest Expedition. Society October 1950’. To O. U. Geological ‘A Greenland Expedition. To Bootham School [York] September 1951’. 1. 2. 3. Correspondence with invitations Wager was not able to take up on this occasion. colleagues, friends and including See also H.13 for material on published version of the lectures. Lectures in Copenhagen, Denmark and Oslo, Norway, November 1952. Wager gave three lectures under the general title of ‘Layered intrusions and differentiation of basic magma’: Layered intrusions in Greenland, the Hebrides and South Africa. The mechanism of layered intrusions. Major and trace elements during the differentiation of basic magmas. With a manuscript note ‘Just before EGGE’. ‘Layered intrusions, mainly the Skaergaard, Lecture in Manchester [25] February 1953’. other lecture Notes, drafts, slide lists for lectures. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Lectures and papers ‘E. G. G. Society, November 1953’. E. [East Greenland Geological Expedition] to O. U. Geological ‘Scientific foot-notes to the Mount Everest story. History Society [Oxford] December 1953’. To Ashmolean Natural With a manuscript note ‘Difficult to do and too long...’. Draft, slide list. ‘Skaergaard intrusion’, lecture to Geological Society, Keele University, 8 March 1954. Brief correspondence, notes, slide list. ‘Layered intrusions’, the A. K. Wells lecture to the Lyell Club, King’s College, London, 7 December 1956. Brief correspondence, notes, draft with manuscript note '65 minutes rushing last half dozen slides’, slide list. Abstract, notes, tables. ‘Crystal accumulation and the origin of igneous rocks’, lecture to Edinburgh University Geological Society, 7 May 1957. Brief correspondence, notes, slide list. ‘The behaviour of sulphur during fractionation of basic magma’, collaborative paper with E. A. Vincent and A. A. Smales, given at symposium in Paris, France, July 1957. Notes, draft, slide list. ‘The make up and mechanism of formation of layered rock’, lecture at Lamont Laboratory, Columbia, and Geophysical Laboratory, Princeton, USA, September 1957. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Lectures and papers ‘Geology of Mount Everest region’, lecture to Oxford University Geological Society 27 February 1958’. Notes, list of rock specimens used. ‘Crystal accumulation and layered intrusions. [South Africa] in Johannesburg August 1958’. To Geological Society S A Drafts, slide list, notes, one page with manuscript note ‘later given by G. M. B. [Brown] as | had flu’. ‘Bushveld Intrusion, to O. U. Geological Society 5 March 1959”. Draft, slide and transparencies lists. Manuscript and typescript drafts for Wager’s contribution to a meeting at the Geological Society when a paper was presented by W.S. McKerrow and C. Campbell on ‘The stratigraphy and structure of the lower Palaeozoic rocks of north-west Galway’. Sci. Proc. Roy. Dublin. Soc. 1 1960. Their paper was later published in Notes and drafts. ‘The mechanism of desposition of the Skaergaard layered series’, talk to Oxford University Department ‘Tea Club’, February 1962, and also to ‘Logan Club’, n.d. ‘Mechanism of adcumulus growth in the Skaergaard intrusion’, lecture given at International Mineralogical Association Conference, Washington D.C., USA, April 1962. of Mining, Geology and Mineralogy 1962. Draft for lecture, abstract and heavily corrected draft for version published as ‘The mechanism of adcumulus growth the Skaergaard intrusion’ in Min. Soc. Amer. Special Paper, |, 1963. ‘The traces of sulphides in the Skaergaard intrusion’, to Canadian Congress in the layered series of L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Lectures and papers ‘Lectures in Moscow and Leningrad 1962’. Notes and drafts for four lectures in Moscow: Characteristics of layered intrusions. The Skaergaard intrusion of East Greenland. Geochemistry of the Skaergaard intrusion. Mechanism of layered intrusion. Notes for lecture in Leningrad, ‘Contrasted types of basic layered intrusion, Skaergaard and Rhum’. ‘Convection currents in magmas, to Durham Geological Society 28 February 1964’, Draft, slide and transparency list, correspondence. Miscellaneous notes for lectures, no date or place. ‘Lecture suggestions’ of titles for possible talks. Invitations to lecture declined, deferred or with no accompanying text. 1934- 1965. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 SECTION H PUBLICATIONS H.1-H.109 H.1-H.99 is a chronological, though not a complete, sequence of drafts, diagrams, research notes and correspondence relating to Wager’s publications, including book reviews, collaborative papers and posthumous work. Several of these are additional to the Bibliography accompanying the Royal Society Memoir of Wager by W.A. Deer, a copy of which is included at A.2. Wager was notorious for constantly rethinking his ideas. His first pencil draft for a paper, often written in his Yorkshire home at Sawyersgarth, might be produced fairly quickly, but would pass through as many as five or six subsequent versions to accommodate new results or (often minor) changes of emphasis before being sent to a journal editor or publisher. Even then, Wager would revise proofs extensively and request changes or additions up to, or beyond, a deadline. It is clear from the surviving material that much was required from secretaries or co-workers before a script, diagram or illustration was considered acceptable for publication. Equally, Wager was prepared himself to rewrite and recast papers by others to bring them into line with his own standards; this can be seen from the continuing papers on East Greenland published in Meddelelser Om Gronland by his students (H.22-H.24, H.25). H.1-H.99 DRAFTS H.100-H.109 declined. Wager severely limited his involvement in editorial and advisory work. H.100-H.109 is relatively material, and remain in the relevant sections. At H.99 are further invitations to write, which Wager scanty, mainly confined to the Journal of Petrology and Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. Many other drafts and notes for publications were kept with Wager’s expedition and research EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Publications 1935-1968 ‘Watkins’ last expedition, by F. Spencer Chapman. A Review for Geog. J. March 1935’. Not in Bibliography. ‘A sketch of the geography and geology of the Himalaya Mountains and Tibet...Delhi: Government of India 1933-34’, with a manuscript note ‘Review to in Bibliography. Geographical Society journal 1935’. Royal about April Not ‘Review for Royal Geographical Society journal of Tilman’s “Ascent of Nanda Devi” 1937’. Not in Bibliography. ‘Review for Royal Geographical Society of Paul Victor’s “My Life with the Eskimo” 3 ca 1937. Not in Bibliography. Correspondence 1946-1948, drafts. Not in Bibliography. ‘Greenland’. Article for Chambers’s Encyclopaedia. ‘Outline of the Geology of Connemara’, Proc. Geol. Ass. 50, 1939. ‘Review of Rees’ “Economic Geology” ’, n.d. Not in Bibliography. Heavily corrected manuscript and typescript draft. Not in Bibliography. Manuscript and typescript drafts, all heavily corrected. ‘Guide to Excursion C14. Skye and Morar’, prepared for International Geological Congress XVIII Session - Great Britain 1948. Not in Bibliography. Wager, F.H. Stewart and W.Q. Kennedy were ‘Directors’ of the excursion. Correspondence with colleagues and editor 1947-1948. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Publications ‘Guide to the Geology of Skye and programme of excursions’, prepared by F. W. Anderson 1940 and kept with the above. ‘Trace elements in a suite of Hawaiian lavas’ with R. et Cosmochim. Acta, 3, 1953. L. Mitchell. Geochim. Correspondence with colleagues, collaborator, editor, 1952-1953. Manuscript and typescript drafts, all heavily corrected. Data and tables. ‘Layered intrusions’. November 1952 and published in Medd. Fra Dansk. Geol. For., 12, 1953. Lectures given to the Danish Geological! Society in Corrected drafts, tables, diagrams, brief correspondence. See also G.70, G.71. H.16-H.21 was Wagers contribution to the Third Inter-University For Endeavour. ‘Review of [Paul] Niggli “Rocks and Mineral deposits” ’. 1954. Not in Bibliography. ‘Natural Processes of mineral concentration: concentration in Magmas’. Not in Bibliography. ‘Review of [Alfred] Harker “Petrology for Students” ’, 8th ed, revised by C. E. Tilley, S. R. Nockolds, M. Black. For Geochim. et Cosmochim. Acta 1955. Not in Bibliography. Students’ This Geological Congress held in Durham, 4-7 January 1955. The lecture was published in the Proceedings of the Congress, and Wager also used the material as the basis for an article in The Times Science Review under the title ‘Concentration of the elements in igneous rocks’. Thoughts and ideas. Correspondence, invitation, arrangements for lecture at Durham and for publication in the Congress Proceedings, May 1954 - December 1955. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Publications Manuscript and typescript drafts, heavily corrected, for lecture and summary. Abstracts, introductions, comments by Wager on Durham. lectures by others at Correspondence May 1954 - July 1955 with The Times Science Review about article, published as ‘Concentration of the elements in igneous rocks’, May 1955. Manuscript and typescript drafts, heavily corrected, diagrams for Times article. H.22-H.24 ‘The Petrography of the Prinsen Af Wales Bjaerge Lavas’. This was Part V of Geological Investigations in East Greenland, reports of the British East Greenland Expedition 1935-1936, of which the previous four reports had been published by Wager, or Wager and W. A. Deer between 1934 and 1947. Part V was published in Medd. Om. Gron., 135, 1955 by Y. M. Anwar, an Egyptian doctoral student of Wager at Durham. The material is included here because it shows the major part played by Wager at every stage of the preparation and drafting of the work. See also H.25. Correspondence 1954-1956. Manuscript and typescript drafts, all heavily corrected, mainly in Wager’s hand. 1s This was Part VI of Geological Investigations in East Greenland, published in Medd. Om Gron., 137, 1956. J. Hughes, had been a member of the East Greenland Geological Expedition led by Wager and Deer in 1953. Wager submitted the paper to Medd. Om Gron. with the comment: List of rock specimens, plates and figures. ‘A differentiated basic sill enclosed in the Skaergaard intrusion...’ The author, C. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Publications ‘The present paper is useful piece of work, expressed commendably briefly, and | think it has been well carried out by Hughes’ (letter of 7 December 1954). a detailed but Correspondence 1954-1955, typescript draft with manuscript corrections. H.26-H.31 ‘A chemical definition of fractionation stages as a basis for comparison of Hawaiian, Hebridean, and other basic lavas’. Geochim. et Cosmochim. Acta, 9, 1956. Manuscript and typescript drafts, heavily corrected; ‘Final draft’ figures and tables (not in Wager’s hand), some dated 1954, 1955. ‘V. early notes on basalts for Part Ill’. Wager but Investigations in East Greenland Part Ill’ 1939. including work also by Notes, tables, calculations, mainly by ‘Geographical Deer, for W. A. Miscellaneous thoughts and ideas on basalts. Includes ‘Thulean Province. Lists of rocks used in various averages and reasons for selecting them. 2nd and 3rd November 1952’. Data for tables, February 1956. Notes, data, tables, graphs, by Wager and others, on Thulean Province basalts. Notes, data, tables, graphs, by Wager and others, on Hawaiian, Icelandic and other lavas. and A. A. Smales and an Appendix by P. Bartholomé, Econ. Geol. 52, 1957. ‘Sulphides in the Skaergaard intrusion, East Greenland’, with E. A. Vincent A. Lombard: Géologie sédimentaire, for Endeavour. Review of Bibliography. Correspondence, drafts 1957. H.33-H.35 Not in L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Publications Correspondence, information, comments by colleagues and on paper, and on a shortened version presented at Geochemical Symposium, Paris, France, 1956-1957. editors See also J.4. Typescript and manuscript drafts of paper, appendix and tables, all heavily corrected. Data, notes, tables, by Wager and others. ‘Funnel-shaped layered intrusions’, with G. M. Brown, Bull. Geol. Soc. Amer. 68, 1957. Typescript draft with corrections, brief correspondence 1957. ‘Indium content of rocks and minerals from the Skaergaard intrusion, East Greenland’, with J. Van R. Smit and H. Irving, Geochim. et Cosmochim. Acta, 13, 1958. Manuscript and typescript drafts, heavily corrected. ‘Indium data etc.’ H.40-H.50 ‘Beneath the Earth’s Crust’. British Association for the Advancement of Science, Glasgow, September 1958. Published in The Advancement of Science, No. 58, 1958. Presidential Address to Section C, Correspondence with collaborators 1956-1958. Later typescript drafts, both heavily corrected. Wager took much trouble over this address as can be seen not only from the multiple corrected drafts but also from the bundles of notes and ideas under various titles, which he amassed beforehand. Early manuscript and very heavily corrected typescript drafts under Wager's original title ‘The material beneath the earth’s crust’. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Publications ‘Script as read. It took 55 minutes’. Typescript with many corrections and deletions. the printed version, also with manuscript corrections and deletions. Included here is a copy of H.43-H.50 Bundles of notes, ideas and information in preparation for lecture. Wager’s hand, some substantial. All in ‘The material beneath the earth’s crust. Very early drafts’. ‘Upper Mantle’ (table). ‘Estimate of the results of partial melting’. ‘Calculation of mass of upper mantle’. ‘Ultrabasic rocks’. ‘Igneous rocks and earth constitution. Misc. ideas’. ‘Igneous rocks and earth constitution. Drafts and notes.’ ‘Igneous rocks and earth constitution. Abs.’ (Notes on the literature). formation of rhythmic layering’. Draft and diagrams, editorial correspondence. a draft of a paper or lecture on ‘Ease of crystal nucleation as a factor in the ‘Differing powers of crystal nucleation as a factor producing diversity in layered igneous intrusions’, Geol. Mag., 46, 1959. Included in the folder is L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Publications H.52-H.56 ‘Types of igneous cumulates’, with G. M. Brown and W. J. Wadsworth, J. Petr. 1, 1960. This paper elaborated the idea of a two-stage crystallisation of rocks in a layered intrusion and introduced the term ‘cumulates’ as a generic name. G.M. Brown describes the story of the choice of this term (Hargreaves, Appendix Ill, pp.136-137): He wanted a single generic name which reflected the accumulation of piles of crystals. During lunch at University College in 1959, he sought the advice of the late Freddie Wells, Tutor in Classics, who suggested adopting the Latin work “cumulus”, meaning a heap. Together LRW and | then began an exciting few weeks of word juggling, categorising the various rocks as “cumulates”, pre-fixed by whatever mineral was most abundant in each. The nomenclature was then expanded to reflect various crystallisation processes and a definitive paper was written with a research student collaborator (John Wadsworth) in 1960. Correspondence with colleagues 1954-1961. The correspondence, which was found with the drafts, is about layered intrusions, but only that of 1960, 1961 refers to the paper and discusses the nomenclature. Wager’s notes on ‘cumulo’, arising from ‘talk with F. Wells July 23 1956’. f1.55, F-56 ‘Earliest drafts’. H.55 M. rocks Two early manuscript drafts ‘Classification and nomenclature of cumulites’. ‘An early draft by G. grained crystallisation’. igneous Wager’s note records ‘He [Wells] has no suggestion of short words for pile of grounds, corn, sand etc. but cumulo means heap or pile and can be used with propriety.’ Acta, 20, 1960. ‘The relationship between the fractionation stage of basalt magma and the temperature of the beginning of its crystallation’, Geochim. et Cosmochim. Draft with additions and corrections by all collaborators. ‘Types of igneous cumulates’. B. [Brown]’ titled ‘The nomenclature of coarse- fractional produced stages earlier the of in L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Publications Correspondence 1960. Drafts and figures, heavily corrected. ‘Measuring geological time’, with S. E. Moorbath, New Scientist, 8, 1960. Brief correspondence, heavily corrected drafts. Times ‘Recent advances in geochemistry, supplement to mark the tercentenary of the Royal Society, published 19 July 1960. Not in Bibliography. 650 word article The for Brief correspondence, multiple drafts all heavily corrected. Methods in Geochemistry (Interscience 1960). Wager was co-editor with A. A. Smales, and co-author with Smales of the Introduction and with G. M. Brown of Chapter 2 ‘Collection and preparation of material for analysis’. of the layered series of the Skaergaard H.63-H.65 Manuscript and typescript drafts, all heavily corrected. ‘The major element variation intrusion...’, J.Petr. 1, 1960. Manuscript drafts for chapter headings, contributions under various titles, by Wager and Smales. A. Smales and publisher P. Correspondence principally with co-editor A. Rosbaud, but also with contributors, with comments or revision for papers, changes of title etc. 1956-1960. Correspondence and comments 1960. Data, tables, figures, calculations, a few in Wager’s hand, but mainly by assistants. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Publications Review of: Tomkeieff, for Geochim. et Cosmochim. Acta, ca 1961. Not in Bibliography. V. Nalivkin, The geology of the USSR, translated by S.l. D. Draft 1961. ‘Research on West Indian Volcanoes’, short Bibliography. note for Nature. Not in Draft and brief correspondence 1961. See also B.408. H.68-H.72 ‘A note on the origin of ophitic texture in the chilled olivine gabbro of the Skaergaard intrusion’, Geol. Mag. 98, 1961. Early manuscript drafts, all heavily corrected, under the title ‘Note on ophitic crystallisation and the relative number of crystal individuals’. Manuscript draft, heavily corrected, of paper under revised title as published, and of addendum dated July 1961 incorporating experiments by H. S. Yoder and J. F. Schairer (see H.72). Comments and revisions suggested by G. M. Brown, n.d. Miscellaneous manuscript notes on chilled olivine gabbro, under various titles. chilled Skaergaard basalts, with Correspondence with experimental data as included in addendum to Wager’s paper, December 1960-July 1961. Skaergaard intrusion, Kangerdlugssuaq’. Multiple heavily corrected drafts, and revised Bibliography, for Preface to the re-issue the 1939 paper ‘The H. S. Yoder on of Wagers and Deers Petrology of L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Publications ‘Ferrodiorite from the Isle of Skye’, with E. A. Vincent, Min. Mag. 33, 1962. Manuscript draft, tables and data, correspondence with colleagues and editors, 1961-1962. ‘Igneous cumulates from the 1902 eruption of Soufriere, St. Vincent’, Bull. Volcanologique, 204, 1962. Published version of a paper read at Volcanological Association meeting at Helsinski 1960. Manuscript photographs, editorial correspondence, 1960-1962. typescript heavily drafts, and corrected, See also J.11. H.76, H.77 ‘The mechanism of adcumulus growth Skaergaard intrusion’, Min. Soc. Amer. Special Paper 1, 1963. layered the in tables, data, series of the Published version Mineralogical Association Symposium on Layered Intrusions, Washington DC, USA, April 1962. International paper read the at of a H.78, H.79 See also J.15. Data and figures. ‘The history of attempts to establish a quantitative time-scale’, Quart. J. Geol. Soc. Lond. 120, 1964. Manuscript and typescript drafts of paper and abstract, all heavily corrected, brief editorial correspondence. comments on paper by M. House. Published version of a paper given at Geological Society Phanerozoic Time- scale Symposium, 14 February 1964. introductory remarks and graphs; Correspondence 1963-1964, circular of meeting. Manuscript and contributions to typescript discussion, corrected; heavily tables paper, and drafts of all L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Publications ‘Some radiometric rock ages and the problem of the southward continuation of the East Greenland Caledonian Orogeny,’ with E. |. Hamilton, Nature 204, 1964. Manuscript and typescript drafts, all heavily corrected, data, tables. H.81-H.83 ‘Injected granite sheets of the Rongbuk Valley and the north face of Mount Everest’, Wager's contribution to the Commemorative Volume for the 80th birthday of D. N. Wadia published by the Mining and Metallurgical Institute of India, 1965. Not in Bibliography. Correspondence with editor, and with colleagues 1964. Manuscript and typescript drafts under various titles, all heavily corrected. Data and tables (not in Wager’s hand), illustrations. Manuscript and typescript drafts, all heavily corrected. Data, tables, diagrams, correspondence 1964. Correspondence; referees’ comments; added footnote, etc. 1963-1964. H.86, H.87 D. Bell, of Phil. Trans. A, 257, This was Wager’s contribution to a commemorative volume for C. E. Tilley. ‘The form and internal structure of the alkaline Kangerdlugssuaq intrusion, East Greenland’, Min. Mag. 34, 1965. Manuscript and typescript drafts and notes, heavily corrected. ‘Marscoite and related rocks of the Western Red Hills Complex, Isle Skye’, with E. A. Vincent, G. M. Brown and J. 1965. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Publications ‘Geological Investigations in East Greenland: The Geomorphology of Knud Rasmussens Land and the Kangerdlugssuaq Region’. This material was found on Wager’s desk at his death. Intended as a further contribution to the continuing series published under the generic heading ‘Geological Investigations in East Greenland’ published by Meddelelser Om Gronland, it appears not to have been published. Manuscript and typescript drafts, heavily corrected, maps. H.89-H.96 Layered igneous rocks, with G. M. Brown, 1968, 588pp. This major publication with G. M. Brown had been long planned; some of the Part |, The Skaergaard early ideas and contents lists date from 1954 (H.89). intrusion, Il. Examples of various types of layered intrusion, was almost entirely by Brown. East Greenland, was almost entirely Wagers work; Part This work was virtually complete and with the publishers by October 1965 when Wager and Brown wrote a joint preface. Wagers sudden death the following month left Brown charged with seeing the volume through to publication. Quotations, for use in book. ‘Original tables’. Drafts and re-typings, 1964-1965. Notes and ideas, some with various dates 1954 to 1960, on content and organisation of book, nomenclature of rocks, diagrams and tables. Agreement, and some reviews of the book. Correspondence 1967-1968, Brown and publishers (Oliver and Boyd) on final stages of publication. Includes copy of Correspondence 1956, 1963 with colleagues on information for book. ‘Working copy of illustrations and early drafts of them.’ between Mrs Wager, G. M. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Publications Chapters I-IX and ‘Tail pieces’ (taken on the 1935-1936 Illustrations. expedition). 1 box. ‘Rhythmic and cryptic layering in mafic and ultramafic plutons’. This was Wager’s contribution to Hess and Poldervaart (eds), Basalts: the Poldervaart Treatise on rocks of basaltic composition, Wiley Interscience, New York 1968. Wager’s paper is in vol. 2, pp. 573-622. Not in Bibliography. Correspondence with colleagues and publishers. Invitation to contribute, plan of book, publication arrangements, comments on Wager’s chapter etc. 1963-1965. Manuscript ‘Rhythmic and cryptic layering in basic and ultrabasic plutons’. and typescript draft, heavily corrected, under the original title 1950-1965 1959-1963 H.100-H.109 EDITORIAL Requests to write books, articles and contributions to volumes (declined). Various dates 1938-1964. Correspondence on funding, publication schedules and general affairs of the journal 1959-1963. in 1951. Wager, together with P. Rosbaud of the publisher Butterworth-Springer, and F.A. Paneth, Professor of Chemistry at Durham, was one of the founders of the new international journal and acted as one of the European editors from its He was a regular contributor, and published his major collaborative paper (with R.L. Mitchell) on trace elements in the first number H.101-H.108 Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 1950-1965 Journal of Petrology inception. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Publications Draft letter to E. Ingerson explaining the aims and organisation of the new journal, January 1950. H.102-H.107 General correspondence with submitted for publication. colleagues and contributors on papers 1955-1960. 1961 (ii). Advisory Committee on the Selection of Low-Priced Books for Overseas. Correspondence with P. Rosbaud (editor of Geochim. et Cosmochim. Acta until 1956) on general publishing projects, including Wager’s and Smales’s Methods in Geochemistry and the early stages of Wager’s and Brown’s Layered igneous rocks. Some letters from colleagues are included. 1956- 1963. Advice on D. N. Wadia’s Geology of India 1964. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 SECTION J SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS This section is relatively compact, since Wager preferred to devote his travelling time and activity outside the laboratory to expeditions and ongoing geological research. Furthermore, it is probable that the surviving material does not provide an adequate record of his involvement, for example, with the Geological Society, the Mineralogical Society of which he was President from 1960 to 1963, and the Geology and Geophysics Grants Sub-Committee of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research which he chaired. The most substantial material (J.7-J.27) relates to the Royal Society, and more especially to Wager’s long service on the British National Committee for Geodesy and Geophysics’ Vulcanology Subcommittee, during a complex period of national and international negotiations on the status of the several geological organisations and the scope of their work, with special reference to geochemistry and geochronology. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL COUNCIL FOR THE PROMOTION OF FIELD STUDIES GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON ROYAL SOCIETY OF EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL UNION OF PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY ROYAL SOCIETY L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Societies and organisations AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL 1953-1954 Visit to Pedology Department, Rothamsted Experimental Station, with J. D. Bernal, 23 November 1953. Invitation, arrangements, background information programme, notes and drafts for report. on staffing, research COUNCIL FOR THE PROMOTION OF FIELD STUDIES 1952-1953 Wager was a member of the local committee for the Malham Tarn Field Centre, Settle, Yorkshire. He was rarely able to attend meetings and resigned from the committee in 1953. Brief correspondence only. GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON Brief correspondence only. 1957 Wager was a member of the Commission on Geochemistry. Volcanic studies group colloquium on Atlantic volcanoes, April 1965. INTERNATIONAL UNION OF PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY (IUPAC) See also H.33. Information, circulars, travel arrangements for conference and for excursion papers ‘Volcanisme and collaborators on trace elements in Skaergaard rocks, of excursion participants. Correspondence and papers re 16th International Congress at Paris, France 18-24 July 1957. d’Auvergne’, abstracts of two by Wager list L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Societies and organisations Annotated offprints on geology of the Auvergne. ROYAL SOCIETY OF EDINBURGH 1952-1955 Correspondence and papers mainly relating to a Symposium on ‘The origin of tertiary gabbros’ organised by the Society, 16 February 1953. Wager was among the contributors, and the discussion was led by Sir Edward Bailey. Includes notes and drafts of contributions by Bailey and Wager, discussion of research findings and of Wager’s and Bailey’s joint article ‘Basic magma chilled against acid magma’, Nature, Lond. 172, 1953. ROYAL SOCIETY 1953-1965 British National Committee for Geodesy and Geophysics 1953-1965 his death. Apart from the Committee papers at J.7, J.8, the material is presented in chronological order as far as possible and concerns overseas conferences and meetings, the relations of existing geological organisations and the Incorporation of areas of study such as geochemistry and geochronology. Wager was a co-opted member of the Vulcanology Subcommittee from December 1953 and its Chairman from January 1960 until He was a member of the British National Committee from 31 December 1957 and also served on the Vulcanological Expeditions Committee (Chairman: W. Q. Kennedy) from its inception in 1963. 1964-1965. reports submitted to Vulcanology Subcommittee and Agenda, minutes, Vulcanological Expeditions Committee, attended or chaired by Wager, most annotated by him. A little correspondence, mainly on Wager’s appointments, is included. 1953-1963. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Societies and organisations General correspondence, 1954-1965. 1954-1958. Correspondence and papers relating to the Xlth General Assembly of the International Union of Geology and Geophysics (IUGG), Toronto, Canada, 3- 14 September 1957. Wager attended the meeting as British National Committee voting delegate and, with J. Phemister, compiled a report for the Committee. The material and recommendations on includes organisation with special reference to geochronology, comments by H. Jeffreys on Wager’s report and the discussions at the Assembly. financial arrangements, discussion 1959-1960. and brief Papers Active Volcanoes, Paris, France, 16-19 September 1959. There was no official UK delegation to this Symposium. correspondence Symposium IUGG on on 1959-1961. papers the Xllth relating to principally See also H.75. Correspondence and General Assembly of |\UGG and International Association of Vulcanology meeting, Helsinki, Finland, 25 July - 6 August 1960. Correspondence with colleagues and officials on membership and funding of UK delegation, research in hand, Wager’s paper on ‘Igneous cumulates from the 1902 eruption of Soufriere, St. Vincent’ given at Helsinki, draft paper by A. MacGregor to be given at Helsinki, report on the meeting prepared for the British National Committee by A. MacGregor, note on the meeting prepared for Nature by S. Tomkeieff. publications, funding, organisation. Correspondence Geology, Geochemistry, Age Determinations and Radioactivity of Rocks (CIGAR) and a symposium on Rock Age Determinations held at Helsinki 27 July. Wager was co-convenor of the symposium. correspondence symposium, Committee research, meetings and papers on on Isotope 1961. General on and L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Societies and organisations 1961-1962. General correspondence on meetings, ‘World Data Centers’, Upper Mantle Project. 1961-1962. Correspondence and papers relating to the Third General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association, Washington D.C., USA, 12-30 April 1962. Wager was the leader of the UK delegation and gave lectures in Washington, Ottawa and elsewhere during the visit. Information, schedules, funding for UK delegation, Wager’s lectures and visits during the trip. See also H.76, H.77 and G.84. 1962-1963. Correspondence and papers on the problems of geochemistry and the reorganisation of Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (lUGG). International the 1963. 1963-1965. General correspondence on Vulcanology Subcommittee meetings, possible research projects. Papers and correspondence relating to the XIIlth General Assembly of |IUGG and International Association of Vulcanology (IAV), Berkeley, California, USA, 19-31 August 1963. Miscellaneous shorter correspondence. Information, schedule of meetings with Mantle Project, draft report on the IAV meeting. 1963-1964. special reference to the Upper L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Societies and organisations 1963-1964. Correspondence and especially on Atlantic islands. papers on proposed or completed expeditions, 1964-1965. Correspondence and papers on meetings and work of Vulcanological Research Committee. Includes report on Vulcanological Research in UK, and on proposed booklet on ‘United Kingdom contribution to the Upper Mantle Project’. 1965. Correspondence and papers on International Symposium on Vulcanology, New Zealand, 22 November - 3 December 1965, funding and arrangements for UK delegation. J.23-J.26 Exchanges and visits 1961-1963 J.23-J.25 Correspondence with arrangements, draft of Wager’s report on his visit 1961-1962. Society Royal with and colleagues, invitation, 1 June 1962. See also G.86. Wager's visit to USSR, 19 May - Correspondence and agreement with British Council on travel arrangements. Wager visited and lectured in Moscow and Leningrad under the Royal Society's exchange agreement with USSR Academy of Sciences. exchange agreement, 1961-1963. Correspondence with Russian colleagues before visit, schedule, letters of thanks on return. Included here is brief correspondence inviting Wager to visit in 1960, which he declined. Correspondence and papers on visits of USSR geologists to UK under the L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Societies and organisations Committee for the Scott Polar Research Institute 1965 Reappointment as Royal Society's representative on Committee for the Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge, for four years from January 1965. No other material on this appointment survives in Wager’s papers. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 SECTION K REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS K.1-K.11 THESES AND HIGHER DEGREES K.12-K.23 ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS, ELECTORAL BOARDS K.24-K.26 SOCIETIES K.27 PRIZES K.28-K.30 REFERENCES AND TESTIMONIALS K.31 MISCELLANEOUS L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 References and recommendations THESES AND HIGHER DEGREES 1946-1965 Queen’s University, Belfast, 1955. University of Birmingham, 1954. University of Bristol, 1963. University of Cambridge, 1950, 1958, 1960. University of Cape Town, South Africa, 1946. University of Durham, 1956, 1960. University of Leeds, 1953. University of Liverpool, 1953, 1955. University of Oxford, 1960. Birkbeck College, University of London, 1957. Requests to act as examiner (declined), 1963-1965. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 References and recommendations K.12-K.23 ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS, ELECTORAL BOARDS 1948-1964 University of California, Berkeley. Miller Research Fellowships, 1960, 1964. University of Cambridge, 1957, 1958-1962 Trinity College Dublin, 1953, with Wager’s notes and correspondence. K.15-K.17 University of Durham, 1948-1963. K.15 Chair of Geology, 1948. ICI Research Fellowships, 1949. 1961, 1963. Univesity of Leeds, 1962. University of London, 1956-1959. Wager served as External Expert on the Board of Advisers in Geology. Requests for advice etc. declined, 1958-1963. University of Manchester, 1963. King’s College London, 1962. University of Oxford, 1963. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 References and recommendations K.24-K.26 SOCIETIES 1945-1965 Royal Geographical Society, 1945. Royal Institute of Chemistry, 1956. Royal Society, 1957-1965 PRIZES Vetlesen Prize, Columbia University, New York, 1961. K.28-K.30 REFERENCES AND TESTIMONIALS 1940-1965 B-H. Many of these are for former University of Durham students Requests for personal advice, information etc 1954-1965. MISCELLANEOUS 1954-1965 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 SECTION L CORRESPONDENCE This section, though relatively short, reflects the many facets of Wager’s career as explorer, mountaineer and geologist. It includes personal correspondence from friends and family as well as more specifically professional matters. Many of the correspondents, as will be seen from the general index, also appear elsewhere in the collection, since Wager usually kept letters along with the research or other material to which they refer. Additional personal correspondence remains in family hands. SCIENTIFIC AND GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE L.88-L.94 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Correspondence SCIENTIFIC AND GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE 1919-1965 Correspondence with individuals, in alphabetical order, dated and indexed, with an indication of any information of particular biographical, scientific or historical interest. Allen, P. 1951-1965 Allen had been an undergraduate and subsequently a the University of Reading, 1936-1945. After a period at Cambridge, 1946-1952, he returned to Reading as Professor of Geology. lecturer at Career, exchanges of material and results. Correspondence 1958 refers to Wager’s Greenland kayak, University Exploration Club. by Reading long held loan on Ahrens L.H. and others 1951, 1956-1965 Ahrens, a South African geochemist, was appointed to the Readership in Mineralogy in the Oxford Department in 1952. In 1955 he returned to South Africa as Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, and later of Geochemistry, in the University of Cape Town. 1947-1951 1961-1965. Anwar, Y.M. Research, publications, career. 1951 (one letter only), 1956-1960 includes memoranda on collection of very old minerals (in Swaziland and Rhodesia) for age and isotope programme. Durham is also included. Anwar, an Egyptian student, was a Ph.D. student with Wager at Durham University, on tertiary igneous rocks. See also H.22-H.24. A little correspondence about other Egyptian students wishing to work at L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Correspondence Auden, J.B. 1933-1949, 1956 John Auden (brother of W.H. Auden) was a mountaineering acquaintance, who worked with are on geological matters and include a report on an expedition by Auden and C.B. Gourlay to north-east Sikkim in 1934. the Geological Survey of The letters India. Also included are two letters from G.A. Auden (father) 1949, 1956 (on W.H. Auden’s candidature for the Professorship of Poetry, Oxford). Bailey, E.B. 1937-1938, 1948, 1949 Scientific and personal correspondence. Barth, T.F.W. 1945-1963 Barth was Professor and Head of the Mineralogical Institute, Oslo, Norway. correspondence etc. General Correspondence 1945 includes Barth’s account of the German occupation of Norway and its effect on university life and scientific research. appointments, research, visits, on _ 1946, 1965 Brown, G.M. Bullard, E.C. Correspondence 1946 is from ‘an ex Cadet G.M. Brown who wants to do Geology and looks like being suitable’. Wager's reply does not survive (Hargreaves, p.91). Brown accompanied Wager from Durham to Oxford where he was one of his principal co-workers. He returned to Durham as Professor in 1967 and became Director of the British Geological Survey. He was knighted in 1985. Pie Carr was a Departmental Demonstrator at Oxford 1951-1953, subsequently with British Columbia Department of Mines, Vancouver, Canada. (Vincent pp. 69, 87). 1956-1958, 1964 1955, 1960-1961 Bulman, O.M.B. Carr, J.M. 1952-1953 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Correspondence on Correspondence correspondence with H.S. Yoder. data and melting point of felspars. Includes Chadwick, J.A. 1934 Letters and poems from a Cambridge acquaintance who became a Buddhist monk. Chapman, F.S. 1934 Spencer Chapman, a well-known explorer, had been a fellow-member with Wager on the 1930-1931 BAARE expedition. He wrote an account of the expedition, Northern Lights, Chatto & Windus, 1932. Coombs, D.S. 1961-1965 Courtauld, A. 1932-1955, n.d. See B.10. Deer, W.A. 1938-1965 Deer was one of Wager's oldest collaborators, as explorer, researcher and co-author. the BAARE Correspondence from Augustine Courtauld (a member of Also included are letters from S.L. Courtauld (uncle) and his expedition). wife Ginie. Courtauld was Chairman of the Organising Committee for BAARE and gave substantial financial support. Correspondence 1954, 1955 relates to 25th BAARE Anniversary Dinner. 1958-1959, 1964-1965 Drever, H.I. Correspondence on research, publications and career. wartime correspondence from Deer on service in India. Includes a little L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Correspondence Dunham, K.C. 1944-1963 Dunham worked at the Geological Survey from 1935 before succeeding Wager as Professor at Durham, 1950-1966. He was Director of the Institute of Geological Sciences 1967-1975 and was knighted in 1972. Correspondence on research, funding, publications. 1944-1950. Correspondence November-December 1950 refers collection of Sir Arthur Russell (g.v). to the mineralogical 1951-1963. Includes an undated letter ca 1960 from A.C. Dunham (son). Embrey, P.G. 1955-1961 Embrey was a Departmental Demonstrator in Mineralogy at Oxford 1953- 1956, and subsequently at the Department of Mineralogy, British Museum (Natural History). Falcon was a fellow student of Wager’s in geology at Cambridge. a letter ca 1929 from T.E. Shaw (T.E. Falcon, N.L. 1927-1935, 1964 Emeleus, C.H. 1957, 1960-1962 Letter of 1964 encloses a copy of Lawrence) to Falcon’s sister. Holmes, Wager’s predecessor at Durham). Letter of 1932 is comment on draft paper by Wager. Letter of 1936 is addressed to ‘Miss Reynolds’ (Doris Reynolds, a geologist who married A. Fraser, W.A. Specimens of Skye rocks. Harker, A. 1932, 1936 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Correspondence Harland, W.B. Spitsbergen dating. Harris, P. Wyn- 1952 Wyn-Harris was Wager’s companion on their attempt on the summit of Everest 1933. only, from Gambia where Wyn-Harris was Governor and Commander-in-Chief, 1949-1958. One letter Hess, H.H. 1947-1965 Research, publications, exchange of material, visits, etc. Correspondence 1964-1965 refers to Wager's contribution to Hess and Poldervaart (eds) Basalts, published 1968. See H.97, H.98. Hill, R. and others. various dates 1932-1947 Hill's 1955-1962 Holland, H.D. the Everest expedition includes letter of May 1933 to Wager a Cambridge, with of news Hill and Wager were brothers-in-law, having married sisters Priscilla and Phyllis Worthington. They were, unusually, elected Fellows of the Royal Society in the same year, 1946. Letters and cards, not all fully dated. during contribution from J. Needham. Holland was an academic visitor to the Oxford Department 1956-1957 on sabbatical leave from Princeton University. Trinidad. Arthur Pembroke College, Cambridge. Hutchinson Letter of 1935 is from Evaline Hutchinson. Hutchinson, A. and Hutchinson, E. A Cambridge friend, later working as a field geologist in Borneo and Hutchinson, A.G. Crystallography 1929, 1934, n.d Professor of was 1935, 1936 and Master of L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Correspondence Hutton, C.O. Greenland rocks. 1956, 1960 Ingerson, E. 1946, 1961-1964 King, W.B.R. and King, M.G. 1931-1937 King was Wager’s supervisor for his postgraduate research in Cambridge, and Professor of Geology at University College London. He later became Professor of Geology at Cambridge. Personal correspondence. Kulp, LJ. 1957-1965 Kulp spent a sabbatical year 1958-1959 in the Oxford Department, on leave from Columbia University, New York. Wager’s letter 1959-1960 Lamb, H.H. Kuno, H. Japanese biotites. Volcanic dust in the atmosphere. Research, visits, publications, mainly on geochronology. dated 15 November 1965 is among the last he wrote. Bushveld and Skaergaard rocks. 1962-1964 1948-1949 Leake, B.E. Lombard, B.V. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Correspondence Longland, J.L. various dates 1927-1959 Longland was a long-term mountaineering friend from Cambridge days, climbing with Wager in Britain and the Alps, later a member of the 1933 Everest expedition and the 1935-1936 East Greenland expedition. He was subsequently Lecturer in Education, Durham University and Director of Education for Derbyshire. correspondence Personal mountaineering and expeditions. Augustine Courtauld. addressed to on Letter of 1959 includes recollections of Waggers’ mainly ‘Dear Longstaff, T.G. 1934, 1937 Letter of 1937 suggests Wager should apply for the post of Secretary of the Royal Geographical Society. MacDonald, G.A. 1951-1965 MacDonald was an American geologist specialising in vulcanology. Research, exchange of specimens, visits. Mikkelsen, E. Manley, H. 1948-1950 Mikkelsen, A. Mineral prospecting in Kangerdlugssuaq area. Aksel Mikkelsen was the younger son of Einar Mikkelsen (q.v.) 1957-1964 Mikkelsen was a Danish explorer who led the 1932 expedition to East Greenland of which Wager was a member. Mainly personal correspondence. escape from Denmark during the Occupation. Mikkelsen’s letter of 1944 refers to his various dates 1934-1961 Mitchell, R.L. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Correspondence Moore, L.R. Morse, S.A. 1963-1964 1964-1965 Includes comments by G.M. Brown on a draft paper by Morse. Neumann, H. 1954-1958 Neumann was ‘Konservator’ at the Geological Museum, Oslo, Norway, and a colleague of T.F.W. Barth (q.v.). Research, exchanges of personnel. Nicholls, G.D. and others 1956-1965 Nicholls was a lecturer at the University of Manchester and a member of the joint Oxford-Manchester expedition to East Greenland led by Wager and Deer in 1953. Research and career. Noe-Nygaard was based in Copenhagen, Denmark. the Mineralogical and Geological Museum, 1948-1955. 1956-1964. Nygaard, A. Noe- and others 1948-1964 General correspondence on East Greenland research, visits, lectures and publications, and exchanges of students and research workers with Wager’s Departments in Durham and Oxford. written during wartime service. Mountaineering and geological correspondence. Includes letters from Odell Odell, N.E. various dates 1939-1957 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Correspondence Pascal, R. 1924-1939 Pascal, G.W. Pickering (q.v.) and Wager all entered Pembroke College Cambridge together as scholars in 1923. Pascal became Professor of German at the University of Birmingham. Personal correspondence. Includes letters from Pascal in Berlin in 1920s. Phillips, R. 1950, 1963 Phillips was lecturer in mineralogy at the University of Durham. Pickering, G.W. various dates 1927-1946 Pickering, later Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford, entered Pembroke College, Cambridge in 1923, with Roy Pascal (g.v.) and Wager whom he addresses as 'Waggers’. Mainly personal correspondence. Pitcher, W.S. 1963-1964 Proposed expedition to Peru. Research and data. Includes notes by G.M. Brown. Rasmussen, K.E. 1958-1965 Poldervaart, A. 1958-1961 Rasmussen was Director of the Geological Survey of Greenland. before his appointment to the Geological Survey in Scotland. Richey had been a Demonstrator in the Oxford Department, 1910-1911, Richey, J.E. various dates 1932-1964 Correspondence on expeditions and research on age determinations. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Correspondence L.61-L.63 Robson, G.R. and others 1950-1965 Robson was a student of Wager at Durham, a vulcanologist later working at the Seismic Research Unit of the University of the West Indies. Research, visits, career and appointments. 1950-1956. 1957-1960. Includes correspondence on Wager’s visit to the West Indies in 1959 and proposed collaborative research, lists of specimens, etc. See also B.405. 1961-1965. Continuing continues to November 1965, immediately before Wager’'s death. volcanological collaborative research. Correspondence Ruttledge, H. 1934, 1937 1950-1958 the collection bequest The housing and collection was of Russell, A.E.1.M. possible in Oxford. Ruttledge was leader of the 1933 Everest expedition, and a member of the 1936 attempt. Correspondence on mineralogical bequeathed to the British Museum (Natural History). professor 1965-1967. Includes English and Latin versions of the Public Orator’s presentation of Russell for an Honorary D.Sc. at Oxford 1956. Sandford was Reader in Geology at Oxford 1948-1967, and acted as deputy various dates 1931-1934 Russell's eventually Sandford, K.S. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Correspondence Seward, A.C. and Seward, M.A. 1934-1942 A.C. Seward was Master of Downing College Cambridge 1915-1936, and Professor of Botany 1906-1936. He was an authority on fossil plants with a strong interest in geology. Includes obituary of Seward 1941 second wife, Mary, 1942. and a little correspondence with his Shimazu, Y. Two-phase convection. Shipton, E.E. various dates 1941-1964 Shipton was one of the most famous mountaineers of his time. He was a member of the 1933 Everest expedition and, with Wager, of the Sikkim expedition on the return from Tibet. Most of the letters (addressed to ‘My dear Waggers’) are mainly accounts of expeditions and other activities undertaken or proposed. Smith, W.C. Sgrensen, H. 1950-1951 1950-1951 Lee ee Stewart, F.H. and others Mainly arrangements for Sorensen, a pupil of Noe-Nygaard at Copenhagen, to work with Wager at Durham. Stewart was a lecturer at the University of Durham, appointed by Wager in 1944, and was later Regius Professor of Geology at the University of Edinburgh. He was knighted in 1974. 1956-1965. 1951-1965 Research, expeditions, career and appointments. 1951-1956. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Correspondence Taylor, G.I. Brief correspondence only, on film of lava flow. Tilley, C.E. 1953-1965 Tilley held the Chair of Mineralogy and Petrology at Cambridge until 1961, his successor being W.A. Deer. Research, visits, appointments. Tomkeieff, S.1. 1950, 1959-1963 petrologist Tomkeieff was a College, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Correspondence 1950 refers to his joint publication with W.J. Arkell of English Rock Terms, chiefly as used by miners and quarrymen, Oxford, 1953. of Russian extraction, King’s at Tuttle, O.F. 1951-1954 1950, 1965 Trevelyan, G.L. 1926 and n.d Vincent, E.A. Felspars in Skye and Greenland rocks. Accounts of climbing with Cambridge friends. Cosmochimica Acta. Vincent was one of Wager’s oldest colleagues and friends, having entered the University of Reading in 1936. In 1946 he was appointed lecturer in Mineralogy and Crystallography at the University of Durham, moving to 1951, working primarily on chemical analyses of Oxford in rocks and minerals. He was appointed to the Chair of Geology at Manchester in succession to W.A. Deer in 1962 and returned to Oxford as Wager’s successor in 1965. The material covers all aspects of Vincent’s career from 1950: appointments, research and publications etc. Includes Vincent's ideas for research and laboratory requirements at Oxford 1950-1951, departmental news during Wager’s absence on sabbatical leave 1959 and work for Geochimica et L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Correspondence Waddington, C.H. cai1926, 1934 Waddington, a Cambridge friend, became a distinguished geneticist. Personal correspondence. Wager, H.G. 1931-1964 Wager’s younger brother, a botanist, worked in the Botany Department at Trinity College, Dublin before returning to work in Cambridge (Hargreaves p.22). He accompanied Wager on the 1932 East Greenland Expedition and, with his wife, on the 1935-1936 East Greenland Expedition. Personal and scientific correspondence. Wells, M.K. various dates 1956-1962 Westoll, T.S. 1959-1965 Personal and scientific correspondence. Woodward, H.S. 1919 Whittard, W.F. cai1926-1962 Sir Henry Smith Woodward was a palaeontologist and Keeper of Geology at the British Museum (Natural History). Whittard was a mountaineering and geological contemporary of Wager at Cambridge. He was Professor of Geology at the University of Bristol 1937- 1966. 1957. The material, which was found among Wager’'s papers, consists of two letters, probably January 1919, to R.H. Rastall and to H. Winwood mainly on matters relating to the Geological Magazine which Woodward co-founded in 1864 and of which he was sole editor until 1918. An obituary of Woodward is included. Wordie was an explorer and glaciologist, a friend of Wager from Cambridge St. John’s College Cambridge and knighted in days. He was Master of Wordie, J.M. various dates 1933-1938, 1958 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Correspondence L.88-L.94 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE 1938-1965 L.88-L.90 Brief exchanges with colleagues, including some information on research or personal news. In alphabetical order. 1943-1963. B.- F. Correspondence on rock specimens, samples sent or requested, information and identification. Mainly but not all of Skaergaard rocks. 1955-1965. Requests for information, references, photographs sent or received. 1965. 1954- Requests and thanks for reprints sent or received, some with additional information. 1938-1965. Requests to visit or work in Department, letters of thanks. 1948-1964. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 SECTION M NON-TEXTUAL MATERIAL M.1-M.117 PHOTOGRAPHS M.63-M.99 PLATES, SLIDES, TRANSPARENCIES M.100-M.117 MAPS AND DRAWINGS L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Non-textual material PHOTOGRAPHS 1926-1954, n.d. M.1-M.31 East Greenland M.32-M.39 M.40-M.48 Everest ireland M.48-M.60 Scotland M.61, M.62 South Africa East Greenland 1930-1953, n.d. British Arctic Air Route Expedition (BAARE) 1930-1931. Envelope of air photographs, maximum enlargements, numbered on verso. British East Greenland Expedition (BEGE) 1935-1936. Box ‘BEGE 1935-6 Enlargements 1957’, numbered on verso. M.19-M.24 Box ‘Air Photos, main set. W. Kangerdlugssuaq and Skaergaard’, numbered on box and verso. Fifteen envelopes of small format air photographs, dated May 1947, supplied by Geodetic Institute, Copenhagen, numbered, most with a manuscript identification or comment by Wager. on envelope and on verso. Six envelopes of Copenhagen, most with a manuscript identification by Wager. air photographs, n.d., supplied by Geodetic Institute, M.25-M.30 East Greenland Geological Expedition (EGGE) 1953. M.25-M.28 Four envelopes of films numbered 3-10, taken with Leica camera, numbered L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Non-textual material M.29, M.30 Two envelopes of numbered on envelope and on verso. films numbered 1-30 taken with Rolleiflex camera, Envelope of ‘Kangerd. photos’, numbered on verso, of rocks in Oxford University Museum collection. N.d. Two photographs showing detail of layered intrusions. N.d. M.32-M.38 Everest M.32, M.33 Two envelopes, small format photographs ‘Film 1, Film 2’. M.34, M.35 Two envelopes, larger format photographs ‘Film 1, Film 2’. Envelope of ‘M.E. Photomicrographs’ (geological specimens). of ‘M.E. lreland (geological specimens and M.39-M.47 Photomicrographs’ 1928, 1929, 1954 Envelope landscapes). Five envelopes of photographs and a drawing of Connemara rocks, some dated 1928, 1929. Envelope of photographs of injected granite sheets, with a note on the contents supplied by E.A. Vincent. (see B.355). Photographs of Arran, small format, some relating to early 1926 expedition envelopes Four Department excursion to Northern Ireland, 1954. format photographs small of M.48-M.60 of Oxford University 1926-1952 Scotland M.39-M.43 M.44-M.47 M.48 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Non-textual material Photographs of Arran, larger format. M.50-M.52 Three envelopes of photographs of Mull and Ardnamurchan, taken on International Geological Congress excursions led by Wager in 1948 Not all taken by Wager. Includes group and geological photographs. M.53-M.55 Three envelopes of photographs of Rhum and St. Kilda ‘Film 1’, ‘Film 2’, ‘Film 3’. Packet of photographs of St Kilda 1949. M.57, M.58 Two envelopes of photographs of W.F. Cassie and G.R. McLachlan on the 1952 expedition. St Kilda sent by Wager’s companions South Africa n.d. of Two envelopes of photographs of St Kilda 1952, by W.F. Cassie and T.B. Bagenal. and landscape, with locations photographs Air specimens. many annotated Enlargements of St Kilda photographs by Cassie and McLachlan. Miscellaneous photographs of South African mines and geology. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Non-textual material M.63-M.99 PLATES, SLIDES, TRANSPARENCIES 1930-1953, n.d. M.63-M.88b East Greenland M.89-M.93 M.94 Everest Ireland M.95-M.97 Yorkshire M.98, M.99 Miscellaneous M.63-M.88b East Greenland 1930-1947, n.d. M.63-M.70 British Arctic Air Route Expedition (BAARE) 1930-1931. M.63 Box ‘Negatives and copy negs. 1930-1931’. Wooden box ‘BAARE % plates’. Box ‘BAARE Negs’. M.65-M.67 Three boxes ‘V.P.K. film E.G. 1930’. Box ‘BAARE Developed Plates Good’. Box ‘Kangerdlugssuag Mikki E.G. II’, dated July-August 1932. Box ‘BAARE Negs. Developed Oct. 6 1931’. M.71-M.73 ‘Mikki’ Expedition 1932. M.71 Box of ‘Blossiville Coast E.G. Il 1932’. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Non-textual material Box ‘E.G. Il Mikki’s Exped.’ M.74, M.75 Two boxes ‘Greenland Microphotographs Kap Dalton’, October 1934. one box dated M.76-M.79 British East Greenland Expedition (BEGE) 1935-1936. M.76, M.77 Two boxes ‘BEGE’. Two boxes ‘BEGE’, small format. M.80-M.88b Miscellaneous East Greenland. M.80 ‘Microphotos Box sections, small format. taken Christmas vacation 1937’, Skaergaard rock ‘Negatives of diagrams for Stratig. Box ‘Copies of specimens. rocks in air and water 4/4/40’, Kangerdlugssuaq rock Box ‘Microphotos Easter vacation 1938’, Skaergaard. Box ‘Microphotos Skaergaard rocks June 1938’, small format. Box investigations in East Greenland, Part IV. Medd om Gran, 134, 1947). Box ‘Low power rock sections. Kangerdlugssuaq Intrusion thin sections’. Box ‘R.G.S Negatives of maps etc. given to me L.R.W’, small format. Box ‘Negs Greenland’, small format. (Geological E.G. paper’ L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 M.88a, M.88b Non-textual material Box ‘Copy negs. Mainly Greenland and Greenland rocks’. Two boxes of glass plates, original negatives for the illustrations of Wager’s and Deer's 1939 paper ‘Geological investigations in East Greenland Part III. The East Greenland’, Medd. om Gron. 105, 1-352. Kangerdlugssuak, Skaergaard petrology intrusion, the of M.89-M.93 Everest M.89 Box ‘M.E.Copy negs.’, small format. Box ‘Everest. Ashmolean Soc. Lecture Dec. 1953’, small format. Box ‘Copy negs. Mount Everest. Early’. M.95-M.97 Yorkshire M.95 Ireland Box ‘Memoir negatives’. Box ‘Ireland negatives’, small format. Box ‘Mount Everest Photo. Used for Exhibition Case in Court July 1953’. Box ‘Negatives Whin Sill and Joints’, small format. Early lantern slides for Sedgwick Club lecture etc.’, small Box ‘Lantern slides White Whin’, small format. Box ‘Jointing. format. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Non-textual material Miscellaneous n.d. Grey box ‘Copy Transparencies. Used for lectures and teaching. Skaergaard, Bushveld, Skye, Rhum’. Wooden box of slides used for Oxford lectures and teaching. M.100-M.117 MAPS AND DRAWINGS 1930-ca 1968, n.d. Most of these are, or include, original work done in the field on expeditions, on mapping, contouring, location of specimens etc. in East Greenland. They therefore constitute records of Wager’s work as explorer and geologist, and are of considerable historical interest. Some contributions by colleagues may be included but most is by Wager himself. M.100-M.102 Large envelope, inscribed ‘BAARE maps etc. mainly Metamorphic Complex. 1932 maps with original geology’. 3 folders of material. Maps, tracings and drawings, some dated 1930, 1931, 1932 (the ‘Mikki’ expedition), with very detailed information. ‘Map by Michael Spender based on terrestrial photogrammetry, Mikkelsen’s Expedition 1932’. ‘Angmagssalik area’, material on East Greenland placenames, including later information and correspondence 1938. photographs with localities’. Detailed list on cover. Large photographs with localities’. 1936 and 1953 expeditions. Detailed list on cover. Large cardboard folder ‘Skaergaard Intrusion. Copies of original maps and ‘Skaergaard and Contents include material from 1932, 19365- Intrusion. Original maps Envelope ‘Copy maps of Angmagssalik area 1930-1931 BAARE’. cardboard folder L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Non-textual material Large cardboard folder ‘Kangerdiugssuaq Intrusion and Kaerven. maps and photographs with expeditions. localities’. 1935-1936 and 1932, Original 1953 Folder ‘Original Field Maps. 1936’, Kap E[dvard] Holm Intrusion 1932 and 1935- Diagram of ‘Skaergaard vertical section’ drawn by Wager ca 1960 recording localities and heights where specimens were found. Enlarged map of ‘Kangerdlugssuaq Central Intrusion’ with a geographical description (perhaps for an exhibition). Map of ‘BEGE 1935-1936’, showing contours, locations of specimens etc. Contour map of specimens etc. showing contours, part of Skaergaard, locations of Tracing of map, made for E.A. Vincent ca 1967-1968. Working locality sheet, in pencil, red and blue ink showing specimens from 1930, 1932, 1935-1936 and 1953 expeditions. Paper on board. Large photocopy map of Northern Europe with notes by Wager on geological ages of basalt rocks (shown in millions of years), perhaps related to ideas on continental drift. Framed photograph, Greenland, ca 1931. Framed geological map of Skaergaard Intrusion 1939. Framed geological map of Skaergaard Intrusion 1961. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 APPENDIX PERSONAL AND GEOLOGICAL DIARIES APP.1-APP.69 The core of this material, which currently remains in family hands, is a sequence of pocket-size notebooks, similar but not identical in format, numbered 1-53 on the base of the spine. They record Wager’s expeditions, comprising both general and specifically geological diaries; they bear Wager’s original numeration in Roman numerals on the spine, and his name, date and indication of contents on the inside. Like the rock catalogues listed elsewhere, these notebooks were renumbered with Arabic numerals at a later date within the Oxford Department and provided with indexes pasted inside the front cover. The geological diaries for each expedition, which include diagrams and sketches as well as narrative, are not continuous entries since not every day could be spent in this way. Most have a list of dates and sites provided by Wager on the front page. Only terminal dates are given in the entries below. The items numbered as App.54-App.69 are additional notebooks which do not figure in the numbered sequence though they may antedate or coincide with them. They are presented as far as possible in chronological order. APP.18-APP.21 BRITISH MOUNT EVEREST EXPEDITION APP.1-APP.14 APP.15-APP.17 APP.22 CHARCOT POURQUO! PAS? EXPEDITION BRITISH ARCTIC AIR ROUTE EXPEDITION (BAARE) SCORESBY SOUND SECOND EAST GREENLAND EXPEDITION (‘MIKKI EXPEDITION’) SOUTH AFRICA EAST GREENLAND GEOLOGICAL EXPEDITION (EGGE) BRITISH EAST GREENLAND EXPEDITION (BEGE) APP.36-APP.42 HEBRIDES APP.23-APP.35 APP.43-APP.46 APP.47-APP.50 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Appendix: personal and geological diaries APP.51 ALPS AND ITALY ARP.52 WEST INDIES APP.53 RUSSIA APP.54-APP.69 ADDITIONAL NOTEBOOKS L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Appendix: personal and geological diaries APP.1-APP.14 BRITISH ARCTIC AIR ROUTE EXPEDITION (BAARE) 1930-1931 App.1-App.10 General Diaries App.11-App.14 Geological Diaries App.1-App.10 General Diaries App.1 ‘| 2 July - 29 July 1930’. Entries run 2 July - 3 August. cover is Wager calls ‘a sort of will’ suggesting dispositions of his estate. Inside an envelope pasted to the rear inside his father dated 31 October 1930, which a pencil draft letter to ‘Il 29 July - 26 August 1930’. Entries start 3 August, continuing from Book I. ‘Il 26 August - 26 September 1930’. Entry for 26 August continues from Book II. ‘IV 27 September - 24 October 1930. 23 December 1930 - 8 January 1931’. There is a note after the entry for 24 October: ’25 October to 20 December were of the journey to the Ice Cap Station and are separate.’ (These are App.9 and App.10) read or to be read. Entry for 8 January continues from Book IV, last entry is dated 5 February. Three photographs are enclosed in an envelope pasted to the rear inside cover. First entry continues 5 February from Book V. ‘V 8 January - 31 January 1931’. ‘VI 31 January - 3 April 1931’. At rear of book, lists of books L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Appendix: personal and geological diaries VIL 4 April - 3 June 1931’. ‘Vill 20 June - August 1931’. ‘XI Ice Cap Journey. First part from 26 October to 29 November 1930’. Entries start 25 October. Includes a tabulated diary of events with a note of the weather and of the distance travelled each day. ‘X Ice Cap Journey and Second Forel Journey. Second Cap Journey] from 30 November to 19 December 1930. End part of Second Forel Journey 3-9 June 1931’. part Ice [of Entries continue to 20 December. At rear of book, tabulated diary of ‘Forel Journeys’, an attempt to climb Mont Forel, then thought to be the highest mountain in the Arctic. App.9 and 10 were rebound in 1961 and have Wager’s Oxford address. App.11 1 September. 1 May 1931. App.12 ‘Geology Il’ App.11-App.14 Geological Diaries - 28 January 1931. ‘Geology I’ 13 July - ‘Geology III’ 6 February - 1 September (continued from Book |) ‘Geology IV’ 11 May - 30 July 1931. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Appendix: personal and geological diaries APP.15-APP.17 SCORESBY SOUND SECOND EAST GREENLAND EXPEDITION (‘MIKKI EXPEDITION’) App.15 General Diary App.16-App.17 Geological Diaries General Diary ‘| Ejnar Mikkelsen’s Expedition to East Greenland Summer 1932’. One volume only 29 June - 3 August (last dated entry). App.16-App.17 Geological Diaries App.16 ‘Geology |’ 29 June - 14 August. App.18, App.19 General Diaries APP.18-APP.21 App.18 App.17 ‘Geology II’ 15 August - 8 September. App.18, App.19 General Diaries App.20, App.21 Geological Diaries BRITISH MOUNT EVEREST EXPEDITION hand of J. L. Longland. At rear of book, a few meteorological notes, lists of Nepali words. Interleaved at entry for 3 May are a sketch map and note of ‘alternative route’ in the ‘Everest I’. 10 February - 28 May 1933. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Appendix: personal and geological diaries ‘Everest II’. 28 May continued - 31 July 1933. Includes notes on photography, plants, journey to Lhonak La. App.20, App.21 Geological Diaries App.20 ‘Everest Geology I’ 7 March - 30 June 1933. App.21 ‘Everest Geology II’ 8 July - 31 July 1933. Enclosed at front of book is correspondence on Everest rocks 1952, 1953. CHARCOT POURQUO! PAS? EXPEDITION Geology Diary APP.23-APP.35 1935-1936 App.23-App.31 General Diaries App.32-App.35 Geological Diaries App.23-App.31 General Diaries BRITISH EAST GREENLAND EXPEDITION (BEGE) ‘East Greenland with Dr J B Charcot on the Pourquoi Pas Summer 1934’. 20 July - 2 August. One volume only. At rear of book, list of rations, books read. ‘| BEGE 1935-1936 6 July - 1 August’. App.23 ‘ll BEGE 1935-1936’ 5 - 27 August. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Appendix: personal and geological diaries ‘Ill BEGE 1935-1936 September 2 - October 15’. ‘IV BEGE 1935-1936 October 16 - November 20’. ‘V BEGE 1935-1936 November 24 - December 27’. ‘VI BEGE 1935-1936 January 5 - February 10’. ‘Vil and IX BEGE 1935-1936 February 16 - March 1 and 25 April - 13 June’. The intervening period is the ‘Spring Journey’ recorded in Book VIII, App.30. ‘Vill BEGE 1935-1936 Spring Journey. March 6 - 12 April’. Diary continues without dates for a further week. App.32-App.35 Geological Diaries App.32 Includes lists of specimens, photographs to be taken. App.31 ‘X BEGE 1935-1936’ 17 June - 5 July. ‘Geology Il BEGE 1935-1936’ 15 January - 19 June. ‘Geology | BEGE 1935-1936’ 12 September 1935 - 17 August 1936. Several loose pages of notes and diagrams inserted at entry for 29 July. ‘Geology IV BEGE 1935-1936’ 24-30 July and 12 August. ‘Geology Il BEGE 1935-1936’ 26 June - 20 July. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Appendix: personal and geological diaries APP.36-APP.42 HEBRIDES 1947-1963 Most of these geological diaries cover more than one relatively short expedition. A list of these made by Wager appears on the inside front page of each diary. ‘Hebrides |’ 6 April 1946 - 4 July 1947. ‘Hebrides Il’ 5 July 1947 - 24 September 1947. ‘Hebrides Ill’ 31 March 1948 - 18 September 1948. ‘Hebrides IV’ 12 August 1949 - 20 July 1951. ‘Hebrides V’ 24 July 1951 - 3 August 1952. At rear of book, notes on marscoite suite. ‘Hebrides VII’ 29 August 1956 - 24 April 1963. General Diary APP.43-APP.46 ‘Hebrides VI’ 4 August 1952 - 28 August 1956. EAST GREENLAND GEOLOGICAL EXPEDITION (EGGE) ‘EGGE 1953 I’ 13 July - 28 September. One volume only. App.44-App.46 Geological Diaries App.43 General Diary L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Appendix: personal and geological diaries App.44-App.46 Geological Diaries App.44 ‘EGGE 1953 Geol. I’ 25 July - 6 August. Sketches and photograph of rock at rear of book. ‘EGGE Geol. Il’ 12 August - 7 September 1953. ‘EGGE Geol. Ill’ 7 September (continued) - 20 September 1953. Last entry dated 25 September. APP.47-APP.50 SOUTH AFRICA These do not distinguish between ‘general’ and ‘geological’ diaries. ‘South Africa I’ 17 June - 12 July 1958. Some miscellaneous notes at rear of book. ‘South Africa Il’ 13-26 July 1958. ‘South Africa III’ 28 July - 6 August 1958. At rear of book, manuscript draft Includes sketches of layered intrusions. ‘Differing processes of crystal nucleation as a factor producing diversity in layered igneous intrusions’. Miscellaneous notes and list of specimens at rear of book. ‘South Africa IV’ 11-17 August 1958. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Appendix: personal and geological diaries ALPS AND ITALY ‘Alps and Italy 1959’. At front of book, diary entries, none dated. At rear of book, list of specimens. WEST INDIES ‘Geology West Indies 1959 (one book only)’ 28 October - 24 November. Some miscellaneous notes at rear of book. RUSSIA APP.54-APP.69 ADDITIONAL NOTEBOOKS 1924-1964 ‘Lakes March 1925’. ‘Russia 1962’ 19 May - 1 June. ‘Calif. Oregon 1963 Sweden 1964’. Enclosed at rear of book is Wager’s report to the Royal Society on his visit, 4pp typescript. Small soft-backed exercise book, entries 22-29 March. Notebook of same format as other diaries, but not included in the numbered sequence. Miscellaneous notes and geological observations. Both ends of book used. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Appendix: personal and geological diaries ‘North Wales June 1925’. Small soft-backed exercise book, entries 13-21 June. ‘Alps 1925’. Small soft-backed exercise book, entries 17 July - 18 August. A note by Wager on front page dated February 1944 lists climbs for 1924, for which no diary survives. ‘Alps 1926 I’. Small soft-backed exercise book, entries 17 July - 18 August. A note by Wager on front page dated February 1944 lists climbs for 1927, for which no diary survives. ‘Alps 1926 II’. Small soft-backed exercise book, some entries dated 20-28, no month given. ‘The Bag of the Travelling Morris 1927’. Small soft-backed exercise book of tour with Cambridge Morris Men through North Oxfordshire villages. On loose pages at ‘List sent in for A C [Alpine Club]’ listing Wager’s climbs ‘Alps 1928 I’. ‘Alps 1928 II’. Small soft-backed exercise book, entries 13-27 July. front of book is 1924-1927. Les Pocket Register for Climatological Observations used on British Arctic Air Route Expedition (BAARE) 1930-1931. Small soft-backed exercise book. Dated entries run 28 July - descriptions and sketches, bills and accounts. 1 August, also L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Appendix: personal and geological diaries Dated meteorological observations at Base Camp and Ice Cap Station, almost all Includes some loose pages of calculations and diagrams and invoices for 1935-1936 BEGE expedition. in Wager’s hand. ‘Nepali’. Small hand-backed pocket book ‘Book of Nepali words’ and some loose pages. A ‘British Mount Everest Expedition 1933’ label is pasted in, but the book is not included in the Everest sequence. ‘Eskimo words’. Small hand-backed pocket book. A BEGE 1935-1936 label is pasted in, but the book is not included in the BEGE sequence. Miscellaneous accounts at rear of book. Small red soft-backed exercise book of insect collections made by H.G. Wager. A ‘BEGE 1935-1936’ label is pasted in, but the book is not included in the BEGE sequence. Includes loose pages on packing and luggage for expedition. War Office Handbook on clothing and equipment required in cold climates, 1941. Included on loose pages are miscellaneous official notes on snow camping and training, report by Wager and A. Stephenson on their work on snow training in Scotland 2-15 February [1943], and draft lecture by Wager (on Everest) for soldiers training on mountain warfare. 1924, Alps, Skye 1947, Broads 1951, Rhum, St Kilda 1952 and other visits. Small soft-backed exercise book. At front of book, miscellaneous lists, few pages used. At rear of book, lists of clothes and gear for 1930-1931 BAARE expedition. Small soft-backed exercise book. Miscellaneous lists for visits to Lakes ‘Camp Equipment I’. ‘Camp Equipment 2’. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS AHRENS, Louis Herman F.19, H.103, H.105, L.2, L.3 ALDRICH, L. Thomas ALEXANDER, W. G. J.13, J.16 J.1 ALLEN, Percival A.41, A.45, A.48, B.109, E.28, E.30, L.1 ALMOND, David Coates L.73 AMDRUP, G.C. B.47, B.105, M.102 AMERY, Leopold Stennett B.272 ANDERSON, Ernest Masson B.108, B.109, B.114 ANDERSON, Frederick William H.8 See also H.10 ANDERSON, John Graham Comrie B.308, E.36 ANDERSON, William ANDREW, Gerald B.344, B.421 B.344 ANDREWS, D.P.G. B.105 ARBER, Muriel Agnes A.48, A.56 H.22-H.24, L.4 A.40, A.48, A.56 A.56 B.28 L.5 L.5 A.48 AUDEN, John Bicknell ARKELL, William Joscelyn AUDEN, George Augustus ANWAR, Yehia Mohammed APPLEBEY, Malcolm Percival A.56 BACHARACH, Alfred Louis BAGLEY, Donald BAILEY, Douglas BACKLUND, H.G. BAGENAL, Timothy ARNASON, Arsell B.108, B.272 B.351 B.270 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Index of correspondents BAILEY, Sir Edward Battersby A.37, A.41, A.48, A.54, A.56, B.33, B.101, B.106, B:272; B:345) E-7, Fa, Hio2. si6, 12:5 See also B.354, B.358, B.363 BALK, Robert B.108, B.109 BANNISTER, Frederick Allan A.56, B.36, B.108, F.8, F.10 BARTH, Tom Frederick Weybye G.70; 1.7 BARTHOLOME, Paul BEALE, Sir John BECKETT, Philip Henry Trim BEER, Sir Gavin Rylands de H.33 B.91 ote, Ena A.125 BERTRAM, George Colin Lawder B.135, B.141, B.143, B.461 BIRCH, Albert Francis L.88 BLACKETT, Patrick Maynard Stuart, Baron 21528 BLAKENEY, T.S. 8280) B:285;.10.57 B.106 L.88 B.424 E.20 A.48 B.118 BOWEN, Norman Levi BOWES, Donald Ralph BOWDEN, Frank Philip BOWEN, Edmund John BOGVAD, Richard BOND, Geoffrey BOWEN, Humphry J.M. K.24 A.56 A.55 F.20 A.37, A.41, A.48, A.56, B.106, B.272 BOSWELL, Percy George Hamnall BOUSTEAD, Sir John Edmund Hugh B.285 BROCKLEBANK, Sir Thomas Aubrey Lawies BOWIE, Stanley Hay Umphray BRINDLEY, George William BRIGHTON, Albert George B.261, B.272 Bigot, EZ B.106, B.108 BOYD, J. Morton BRAMMALL, Alfred L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Index of correspondents BROTHERS, Raymond Nicholas B.119, L.93 BROWN, Sir (George) Malcolm B.350, B.392, B.407, H.52, H.55, H.65, H.71, H.95, Se B.364, B.379, B.391, H.72, L.8, L.48, L.58 BROWN, Peter Evans B.467, L.94 BROWNE, Benjamin Chapman B.461, F.30, L.61 BUDDINGTON, Arthur Francis B.107 BULLARD, Sir Edward Crisp A.48, B.254, E.21, E.36, E.37, K.26, L.9 BULLOUGH, Monica, Lady B.350 BULMAN, Oliver Meredith Boone A.48, E.1, L.10 BURN, William Lawrence BUTLER, Arthur James BUTLER, John Russell K.15 A.56 3015; E33 CHARCOT, Jean-B. CANN, Johnson Robin (‘Joe’) CARR, John Michael CASSIE, William Fisher CHADWICK, J.A. CHAMBERS, Philip B. Ett L.12 B.56 CHAPMAN, Freddy Spencer B.249, B.250, B.351, G.57, J.6 CHARLESWORTH, John Kaye CARPENTER, Geoffrey Douglas Hale E.34 CLARINGBULL, Sir (Gordon) Frank CLARK, Sir Wilfrid Edward Le Gros A.41 E.10 B.351 B.112 A.56, L.13 B.37 B.310 A.48, F.14, L.88 CLARK, Grahame COCKBURN, A. M. COLE, Francis Joseph COOKE, Dorothy L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Index of correspondents COOMBS, Douglas Saxon J.20, L.14 COPE, Fred Wolverson CORNWALL, Henry R. COURTAULD, Augustine K.31 F.20 B12, 6:57, 8:10, Ba 28; aS See also B.21 COURTAULD, Sara R. B.48 COURTAULD, Sir Stephen Lewis B27 1S COURTAULD, Virginia COX, David COX, lan COX, Percy Thomas COX, Sir Percy CRAGG, James Birckett 1S B.285 B.106, H.100 E.6 B.110 See also B.76 A.48 DEBENHAM, Frank DEER, William Alexander CRAWFORD, Ferdie C. Bi277, B:280;.8.299 DAVIES, Kenneth Arthur E.19,E:21::E.28 CURRALL, Arnold Edward B.310 A.56, D.13 B.49 DAYSH, George Henry John A.48, A.51, A.56, A.125, B.58, B.84, B.113, B.122, B.124,.B.125, B.126, B.127, B.131, B.132, B:139, B.140, B.143, B.145, B.146, B.188, B.193, F.2, F.14, F.16, H.65, H.73, H.85, K.10, L.16 See also B.184, H.27 A.55, A.60 DOLLAR, Archibald Thomas John B.467; E:33, J.3, J.20, K.9 B.112 E.19, E.21 E.1 E64;-E.37, DEGERBOL, Magnus DIXEY, Sir Frank James DIXON, H.F. DODSON, Martin Henry DOUGLAS, James Archibald L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 DOUGLAS, John A. Vibert DRACH, Pierre DREVER, Harald Irving Index of correspondents B.120 B.37 B.108, B.109, B.122, B.459, D.11, L.17 See also B.384 DRUMMOND, Sir Jack Cecil B.78 DUFF, Sir James Fitzjames A.39, A.43, A.48, A.51, A.53, A.54, A.55 DUNHAM, Ansel Charles e719 DUNHAM, Sir Kingsley Charles A.48, A.56, B.352, B.421, B.422, B.452, E.3, E.8, H.16, K.4, K.6, L.18, L.19 DYHRENFURTH, G.O. B.272 EAGLESHAM, Eric John Ross A.56 EALES, Nellie B. A.48, A.56 EDMONDS, James Marmaduke Beit ERSKINE, Angus EVANS, Bernard William EGGELING, W.J. ELLIOT, Harry ELLES, Gertrude Lilian A.20, A.30, A.45 EMBREY, Peter Godwin E.3, H.104, L.20 A.25 B.116 Ei. E.23 EDWARDS, J.R. WYNNE- EMELEUS, Charles Henry ELTON, Charles Sutherland EDWARDS, Wilfred Norman E.23 FARQUHAR, Oswald Cornell FALCON, Norman Leslie A.45, E.6, L.22 EVANS, Robert Crispin A.56, E.16 B.470 E.34 B.461 B.41, E.13 1.97; J.15;,4-6, b.21 FARQUHAR, Ron. M. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Index of correspondents FAUL, Henry E:80;6.35)...05 FEARNSIDES, William George A.44 FENNER, Clarence N. B.108, B.109 FERMOR, Sir Lewis Leigh A.48, B.108, H.52 FISCHER, Cecil E.C. FISHER, James FITCH, Frank FLECK, Alexander, Baron B.300 B.41 B.474 E.4 FLEMING, William Launcelot Scott A.41, B.109, B.459 FLINN, Derek FORD, lan FOUNTAINE, Eadric C. B.218 H.61 B.59 See also B.103 FRASER, W.A. FRENCH, R.B.D. L.23 K.14 H.16 B.108 B.42, B.110 B.272, B.424 GASS, lan Graham GARLICK, G. Donald GAME, Philip Malcolm GARDINER, John Stanley GALLAGHER, Michael John GARWOOD, Edmund Johnston A.49 GOLDSBOROUGH, George Ridsdale E.19, E.34, E.35, E.37, J.15, L.89 GLASSER, Lesley S. Dent E.24 J.22 B.351 J.10 J.15 D.12 GAULD, David T. GEZE, Bernard GLUECKAUF, Eugen GILETTI, Bruno J. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Index of correspondents GOLDSCHMIDT, Viktor Moritz A.41, B.8, B.106, B.108, B.345, F.2, L.89 GOODFELLOW, Basil R. A.49, A.56, B.282, B.283, B.284 GOODMAN, Nordau Roslyn A.56, L.89 GORDON, William Thomas GRAHAM, Margaret GRIFFITHS, Donald Harrison GRIMLEY, Peter H. GUEST, Leslie Haden Haden, ist Baron A.37 B.258 L.89 B.466 B.54 GUGGENHEIM, Edward Armand A.49, A.56 GUNTHER, Albert Everard E.5 HAANSTRA, U. HADLEY, William Sheldon B.109 A.17, A.25 A.25, B.424, L.24 HARRIS, Sir Percy WYN- HALLIMOND, Arthur Francis HAMILTON, Eric Ishmael HARKER, Robert lan HARLAND, Walter Brian HARRIS, Peter Graham J.18, J.22, K.7, K.31 B.133 H.94 L.26 HAMILTON, R.A. HARKER, Alfred B.108 Ee eon B.461 HARRINGTON, Hilary James B.462, B.468, E.36, H.78, L.25 E.28 A.49, B.8, B.101, B.106, J.15, K.15, L.4 A.27, A.37, A.41, A.49, B.259 B.462 A.45, B.106 HARRISON, John Vernon A.57, B.108, B.457 HAWKINS, Herbert Leader HENDRIKS, Eileen Mary Lind HARTOG, J.M. HARWOOD, Henry Francis HAWKES, Leonard L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Index of correspondents HENRY, Norman Fordyce McKerron A.49, A.57, B.113, D.5, E.8 HERKLOTS, Geoffrey A.C. HEMINGWAY, John Edwin B.405 B.421 HERON, Alexander Macmillan B.254, B.272 HESS, Harry Hammond TS 10; leet HETHERINGTON, Sir Hector James Wright A.51 HEY, Max Hutchinson HICKLING, Henry George Albert HILL, Arthur S. H.74 A.39 B.300 HILL, Robert (‘Robin’) A.49, B.76, B.299, L.28 HILLS, Edwin Sherbon HILTON, Harold L.50 A.57 HINKS, Arthur Robert A.32, B.12, B.52, 8.274, B.275, B.276, G.25 B.70, B.107, B.108 H.36;7Ji15, £29 Ent D.1 HUGHES, H. HOLMES, Arthur HOBBS, William H. HOBSON, Alfred Dennis HOEL, Adolf HOGARTH, Don D. HOLMES, William HOPKINS, William A.49 B.377 HOLLAND, Heinrich D. (‘Dick’) A.49, A.53, B.33, B.106, B.108, B.109 A.39, A.45, A.49, A.51, A.57, B.33, B.36, B.108, B.272, B.345, B.349, B.424, H.102, J.9, L.73 See also D.1 B.284, B.285 HUNT, Henry Cecil John, Baron HUDSON, Robert George Spencer H.79 tS E13 B.118 HORNE, John Ewen Troup E.33, E.34 HOUSE, Michael Robert HOWIE, Robert Andrew L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Index of correspondents HUNTER, H.E. L.94 HUTCHINSON, Arthur A.20, A.25, A.27, B.53, B.110, B.272, L.30 HUTCHINSON, Arthur G. L.31 HUTCHINSON, Evaline HUTCHINSON, Leslie A.29, A.57, L.30 A.43, A.57, A.128 HUTTON, Colin Osborne B.405, L.32 INGERSON, Earl INGOLD, C. Terence H108;,0-12, 12386 See also H.101 A.41, A.49, B.259 INGOLD (née KEMP), Leonora Mary (‘Nora’) A.49, B.259 IRVINE, T. Neil IRVING, Harry Munroe Napier Hetherington H.94 H.37 JAEGER, J.C. B.107 B.140 B.405, B.408 JACKSON, Meredith JENSEN, Dungaar JENSEN, M.A. JACOBSEN, Niels Kingo Bal0S)F.15)i22 JEFFREYS, Sir Harold B.261, J.9 JACKSON, Everett Dale See H.52 B.1 H.97 B.109 KENT, Sir Peter (Percy Edward Kent) Be J Wid 20, are ly Wit Kod KAYE, Peter Hilary MARTIN- KENNEDY, William Quarrier J.15 A.49 K.27 KAIMAN, S. KAY, Herbert Davenport KAY, Marshall L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Index of correspondents KING, Margaret G. A.53, L.34 KING, William Bernard Robinson A.30, A.37, A.39, A.41, A.44, A.49, A.55, B.132, B.272, L.34 A.53, A.54, KIRWAN, Sir (Archibald) Laurence (Patrick) B.282, B.456, B.463, B.472 KOCH, Lauge KROGH, Thomas E. KROKSTROM, T. KUENEN, Philip Henry KULP, J. Laurence KUNO, Hisashi Bac. B.27,.5:47, 8.108; B.11465.126 See also B.125 E.24 L.4 H.100 E334. 135 See also H.61 J.11, J.13, L.36 LACLAVERE, Georges J.11;, 5:12; J.13;5.16 LACROIX, Alfred LAMB, Herbert H. B.108 L.37 B16 J.20 See SHAW, T. E. LEWIS, W. Vaughan LISTER, H. LANHAM, Arthur N. LARKUM, Anthony LEAKE, Bernard Elgey LEES, George Martin LAMBERT, Richard St John E34; E.35 B.345, E.29, K.3, L.38 LAWRENCE, Thomas Edward A.49, B.273, B.275, B.277, B.278, L.41 AS7, 8:60, B:253. B.277.0.40 See also B.102 LONGLAND, Sir John Laurence LONGSTAFF, Thomas George H.74, L.39 E.37 B.109, F.2 B.461 B.124 LOMBAARD, Ben V. LONG, Leon E. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 LUNDEGARDRH, Per H. LYTH, Philip McBURNEY, Charles B.M. McCALLIEN, William John Index of correspondents F.19 See also F.29 A.57 B.456 B.345 MACDONALD, Gordon A. H.11, L.42 MACFADYEN, William Archibald B.351, B.366, E.7 MACGREGOR, Archibald Gordon A.45, A.49, B.367, B.405, F.23, J.11 MACGREGOR, Malcolm B.108, B.362, B.391 McINTYRE, Donald Bertram MACKENZIE, William Scott MALCOLM, A.D. MALING, Derek H. J.6 H.85 B.281 D.12 A.20, A.25, A.27 MARSHALL, A.J. MASON, Kenneth MANLEY, Gordon MANLEY, H. MARFUNIN, A.S. L.43 J.25 B.300 B.457 A.57 B.271 MARQUAND, C.V.B. MARR, John Edward MASCALL, Eric Lionel MATHIESON, Sir John A.41, B.104, B.272, B.284, B.351 A.49 H.61 B.285 A.57 B.1 A.41, F.2 MAYNE, Kenneth I. MERRICK, Hugh MIALL, Edith E. MIALL, Leonard MATTHEWS, J.R. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 MIALL, Rowland MIKKELSEN, Aksel MIKKELSEN, Ejnar (‘Mikki’) MIKKELSEN, Sven MILLER, A. Austin MILLER, John A. MITCHELL, George Francis MITCHELL, George Hoole MITCHELL, James Index of correspondents A.41, A.53, A.57 L.44 B.23, B.29, B.31, B.71, B.72, B.110, B.122, B.124, G.28, L.45 B.28 B.269 H.106 K.14 B.352 B.344 MITCHELL, Robert Lyell F.6, F.14, F.15, F.33, H.11, H.81, H.108, K.16, L.46 MOORBATH, Stephen Erwin E.24;E:30, £:34, £.35, H.106; J:1:5; J-16 See also E.18, H.59 MOORE, Leslie Rowsell L.47 MORSE, S. Antony MUIR, Alex MUIR, lan Douglas MUNCK, Ebbe NICHOL, lan L.48 J.1 B.124, B.127, B.145 MULLER, Leonard D. Bal i7, bed E.17, H.33 NATURE CONSERVANCY MURTHY, Mysore Venkata Narayana B.105 NICHOLAS, Tressilian Charles A.58, B.33, F.17, L.49, L.55 NICHOLLS, Geoffrey Dennis “91 E.7 L.28 K.16 Eo NEEDHAM, Joseph NEL, Louis Taylor NEUMANN, Henrich A.34, B.272, B.345 B.146, L.50 NIELSEN, Niels L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Index of correspondents NOCKOLDS, Stephen Robert A.40, A.45, A.49, A.58, H.51, H.106, K.4, L.76 F.14, F.15, F.30, H.11, NOORDEN, Stanley B. VAN A.21 NORLUND, N.S. B.74, B.135 NYGAARD, Arne NOE- B.114, B.122, B.124, B.193, G.70, L.51, L.52 OAKLEY, Kenneth Page B.109 ODELL, Noel Ewart A.58, B.54, B.109, B.258, B.272, B.278, H.81, L.53 OGG, Sir William Gammie FS; J.1 ONIONS, A.B. OSTROVSKY, Igor A. PARKES, George David A.60 J.25 E2 PARRY, James Hywell B.128 PAULY, Hans PEACOCK, James Douglas PEOPLES, Joe Webb PERCY, Eustace, 1st Baron PEREZ, Michel PASCAL, Roy PATCHING, S.W.F. PHEMISTER, James B.101, E.37, J.9 A.43, K.15 B.114 A.58, L.54 16; G7 B.310 H.104 B.461 B.114 PATTERSON, Edward Mervyn Ker E:8 See also B.315 PICKERING, Sir George White PITCHER, Wallace Spencer PLASKETT, Harry Hemley &.18;hi.d3; b.55 A.29, A.46, A.51, L.56 PHILLIPS, Frank Coles PHILLIPS, Roy OY, L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Index of correspondents POLDERVAART, Arie POLUNIN, Nicholas POTTER, George J.R. PORSILD, Morten P. PRIESTLEY, Sir Raymond Edward PUGH, William John PYE, Sir David Randall RAGUIN, Eugéne Paul Antoine Jacques RAISTRICK, Arthur RAMDOHR, Paul eet B.106 B.6 A.58, B.132 A.46, A.47 J.4 K.15 H.33 RANDS, Claud Norris B.109, D.12 RASMUSSEN, Knud Ellitsgaard B.472, L.51, L.59 RASTALL, Robert Heron READ, Herbert Harold REILLY, RICHARDS, Adrian F. RICHEY, James Ernest RAYNER, Dorothy Helen B.421 A.58 B.424 B.409 A.42, B.452, F.13 See also L.86 REYNOLDS, Sidney Hugh A.37, A.46, B.106, B.108, B.344, B.424, E.21, E.36, F:25J.23 A.58 A.37, A.39, A.42, A.45, A.58, B.106, B.112, B.135, B.349, B.364, J.6, J.9, J.10, J.11, J.13, J.14, J.17, L.60 A.58 B.111 A.125 RICHTER, Derek RICKARD, Trixie RILEY, N.D. RILEY, Quentin ROBERTS, Brian B.28, B.135 H.108 ROBERTS, Sir Sydney Castle L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Index of correspondents ROBINSON, S.C. J.15 ROBSON, Geoffrey Robert B.405, J.13, L.61-L.63 ROOTS, Fred ROSBAUD, Paul ROSE, Grahame N. L.90 H.61, H.108 H.52 ROSENKRANTZ, Alfred B.28, B.121, B.122 ROYAL SOCIETY RUCKLIDGE, John C. RUNCORN, Stanley Keith RUNNER, Joseph J. RUSSELL, Sir Arthur Edward lan Montagu RUSSELL, Sir (Edward) John RUSSELL, R. Dan J.7-J.27 B.472 B.118 D.12 L.65 See also L.18 K.26 J.9 A.125 SCHONLAND, Sir Basil Ferdinand Jamieson SCHURMANN, Heinrich Moritz Emil SAHNI, M.R. SANDFORD, Kenneth Stuart RUSSELL. R. Scott RUTTLEDGE, Hugh A.58, B.76, B.253, B.260, B.273, B.275, B.277, L.64 A.42, A.45, A.54, A.60, B.109, B.272, B.462, B.472, L.66 EZ SHACKLETON, Edward Arthur Alexander, Baron A.25, B.43, B.50, B.110, B.116, L.67 See also B.27 Bits. lie: 6:252; B:258) B:279 See also B.10 L.90 E.21 E.36 L.67 L.28 SEWARD, Mary Adelia, Lady SEWARD, Walter SCOTT, James M. SEWARD, Sir Albert Charles L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Index of correspondents SHACKLETON, Robert Millner B.218, J.13, K.8, L.93 SHAND, S. James B.108, F.20 SHAW, Sydney Herbert B.405, E.19, J.11, J.13, L.62 SHAW, Thomas Edward SHIMAZU, Yasuo “22 L.68 SHIPTON, Eric Earle B.277, B.283, L.69 SHOTTON, Frederick William A.45, B.409, B.462, D.8, D.12, K.2, K.26, L.8 SHROCK, Robert R. L:2; L-50 SIBLY, Sir Thomas Franklin A.27, A.30, A.34, A.37, A.39, A.42, A.45, A.50, B.5, B.39, B.54, B.108, B.253 SIGNORE, Francesco SILVER, Leon T. SIMPSON, D.H. A.64 L.93 B.109 SLAWSON, W.F. SMIT, Jan Van R. SMITH, Joseph Victor SMITH, Walter Campbell SMYTHE, J.A. SIMPSON, James W. Courtauld B.124, B.461 SIMPSON, John Hope A.50, A.59, A.60 J.1 £:37 H.37 B.120 LO B.424 B.344 SMALES, Albert Arthur SMYTHE, Frank Sydney SMITHERINGALE, W.G. SLATER, Sir William Kershaw A.30, A.45, B.109, H.20, L.65, L.70 6:245).8:220, BAZ ceiely loo; 1.61) fe108 See also M.101 SPENCER, Leonard James SOLLAS, William Johnson 51571 F.14 SPENDER, Michael A. A.34, B.23, B.26 SORENSEN, Henning A.29, B.275, B.277 L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Index of correspondents SPILLER, Reginald Charles STEFANSSON, Vilhamur A.59, A.60 B.31, B.33 STEPHENSON, Alfred A.50, A.59, B.135 STEWART, Alexander Boyd Ey STEWART, Sir Frederick Henry A.40, B.352, H.78 See also D.20 STRUTT, E.L. (‘Bill’) B.277 STUBBLEFIELD, Sir (Cyril) James A.45, E.30 SUTTON, John B.405, B.408, E.29, L.74 SWINNERTON, Henry Hurd B.116 TAYLOR, Sir Geoffrey Ingram A.59, B.124, L.75 TAYLOR, Stuart Ross H.61 TEICHERT, Curt B.106, B.109, D.12, L.53 THOMAS, M.B. THOMAS, R. Grenfell TILLEY, Cecil Edgar TILMAN, Harold William TOMBLIN, John Frederick THOMAS, Herbert Henry A.30, B.11, B.106 B.473 F.19 B.128 TOIT, Alexander Logie DU A.40, A.42, A.45, A.46, A.51, A.54, THORARINSSON, Sigurdur B.54, A.37, 8.101" B:115)8.124, E16, £19, ald; Hise sh: 76, H.100, H.102, H.103, K.13, K.26, L.76 B.421 B.108, B.311, J.11,J.13, J.19, J.23, L.77 TOMKEIEFF, Sergei Ivanovitch TRUEMAN, Sir Arthur Elijah B.459 B.108 B.408 TREVELYAN, George L. B.8,,C.78 TUNSTALL, Norman B.118 A.46, A.50, A.51 TURNER, John Selwyn L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Index of correspondents TUTTLE, Orville Frank L.79 TYRRELL, George Walter B.1, B.37, B.108, B.113, B.272, B.355 ULRYCH, T.J. UPTON, Brian Geoffrey Johnson VALENTINE, David Henriques VEALE, Sir Douglas A.50 A.55 VERSEY, Henry Cherry B.421, B.424, L.93 VINCENT, Ewart Albert (‘David’) A.67;"B:202; B:219;°E:3 E19; 6.44, -F:26.0.74, ae also B.120, B.210, B.211, B.212, B.213, B.215, B.216, B.220, B.412, D.22, E.17 VINOGRADOV, A.P. J.25 VUAGNAT, Marc A.64 WAGER, Bid WAGER, Harold WADDINGTON, Conrad Hal WAGER, Elizabeth (‘Kit’) A.59, L.82 J.15 A.59 A.59 A.19 WAGER, Harold Geoffrey (‘Hal’) WADSWORTH, Wilfred John WAGENSTAFF, John Edward Pretty See also B.303 A.19, A.42, A.50, A.53, A.59, B.22, B.61, B.128, Irena Oe A.67, B.37, B.96, H.95 See also B.65, B.66 A.18 A.59 A.42 WALDER, Phoebe Selina A.42, A.50, A.59, B.109 WAGER, Winifred WAGER, Morton Ethelred WAGER, Nessie WAGER, Phyllis Margaret L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Index of correspondents WALKER, Frederick B.108, K.16 WALKER, George Patrick Leonard B.311, J.18, J.22 WALKER, Sir Gilbert Thomas WALKER, T. WALSH, R.C. WALTON, John B.299 F.20 L.90 A.51 WARREN, Charles B.M. B.258, B.278 WASSENSTEIN, Benno WATKINS, Henry George (‘Gino’) WATTS, William Whitehead WEBSTER, Ronald K. WEISS, L.E. WELLS, Maurice Kingsley K.16 B.2, B.4 B.108 E.35 B.461 B.109, L.83 WESTERMANN, J.B. WHIPPLE, Francis John Welsh A.45, A.50, D.11, K.17, L.84 WILLS, Leonard Johnston WILLIAMS, David WILLIS, Sir Algernon WILSON, Gilbert WILSON, H.D.B. B.408 B.262 L.90 B.461 B.458 WESTOLL, Thomas Stanley WHITTARD, Walter Frederick (‘Whit’) A.39, A.42, A.43, A.45, A.50, A.59, A.60, B.8, B.24, B.108, B.126, D.2, E.28, L.85 D.12 WISEMAN, John Douglas Holt H.52 D.12 B.472 WILSON, N.W. WILSON, W.J. WILSON, John Tuzo B.409, J.9, J.11, J.12 B.108, B.109, E.37 H.36 WINCHESTER, Simon B.A. L.R. Wager NCUACS 84/5/99 Index of correspondents WOOD, Alan H.8 WOOD, Helen Margaret MUIR- B.271, B.272 WOODS, Henry WOODWARD, Sir Henry Smith WOOSTER, William Alfred WORDIE, Sir James Mann A.50, A.59 L.86 K.15 A.22, A.34, B.1, B.25, B.44, B.110, B.122, B.461, D138; J12)b.87 See also B.27 WORSWICK, George David Norman 2 WORTHINGTON, A.E. A.42, A.45 WORTHINGTON, Edgar Barton A.40, A.50, B.24, B.45, B.54, B.76, B.111, B.112, tv/, WORTHINGTON, Jane Florence WYLLIE, Peter John A.59 L.93 YODER, Hatten S. Bi118 e722 ett E.23 YORK, Derek YOUNG, Geoffrey WINTHROP- A.59