EVANS, Ulick Richardson

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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on the correspondence and papers of ULICK RICHARDSON EVANS (1889 - 1980) metallurgist deposited in Cambridge University Library (CSAC 90/1/83) by London WC2 iHP THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre No 83/1 1983 All rights reserved CSAC 90/1/83 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology under the guidance of the Royal Society’s Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of ULICK RICHARDSON EVANS, CBE, FRS (1889 - 1980) Metallurgist Deposited in Cambridge University Library All rights reserved 1983 Compiled by: Jeannine Alton Julia Latham- Jackson U.R. Evans CSAC 90/1/83 The work of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and institutions: The Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland The Biochemical Society The British Pharmacological Society The Charles Babbage Foundation for the History of Information Processing The Institute of Physics — The Nuffield Foundation The Physiological Society The Institution of Electrical Engineers The Royal Society of London U.R. Evans CSAC 90/1/83 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1 - A.23 A.l >A. BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL A.12.-A.15 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY A.16-A.19 FAMILY AND PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE A.20- A.23. AMENITY SOCIETIES AND THE ENVIRONMENT SECTION B B:t.=B.6 SECTION C With an introductory note B.7. -B.16 ENERGY CONSERVATION B.17 - 8.31 NUTRITION AND FOOD SCIENCE RESEARCH PROJECTS B.1 - B.31 ELECTROCHEMISTRY AND CORROSION INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS NON-SCIENTIFIC WRITINGS C.1-C.6 SECTION D CORRESPONDENCE U.R. Evans CSAC 90/1/83 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The majority of the material was received from Dr. J.E.O. Mayne, a professional colleague, close personal friend and neighbour of Evans. Dr. Mayne also collaborated with Sir Alan Cottrell in the Royal Society Memoir (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, a, (FSI). Volume III of Evans's 'Non-scientific Efforts of a Scientist’ was made avail- able by Mrs. Ann Wilson (niece) and is included as item C.6. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION Evans was internationally known as the 'Father of the modern science of corrosion and protection of metals'; he went from Marlborough to King's College, Cambridge, in 1907, remaining there until 191] and returning after army service in the First World War. He spent the rest of his life in Cambridge, researching and writing prolifically on corrosion and oxidation of metals, and died there, unmarried, at the age of ninety-one. As the years went by, however, he realised Evans's intellectual vigour and spirit of enquiry remained undiminished to the end of his very long life, as can be seen from several surviving letters written after he was ninety. accumulated after this major clear-out in the 1960s. He was fully conscious of his continuing achievements in extreme old age, and nurtured them by a regime of outdoor exercise, careful diet and self- imposed limits on social activities. the need to make suitable dispositions of his possessions; scientific books.and journals were offered to appropriate institutions, and in 1964 Evans made a selection of personal writings, photographs and other material which, in bound or typescript form, he circulated among his family and friends: these appear at A.3, A.6 and C.6 in the present collection. papers; consequently, no personal records survive of his most important research findings, or of his consultative work for government and industry in the earlier part of his life, and the existing documents are essentially confined to those which It seems that he then destroyed his remaining U.R. Evans CSAC 90/1/83 An exception to this is the material relating to Evans's tripartite consultanc P pa y. with S. Rideal and his son E.K. (later Sir Eric) Rideal in 1912 (see B.2 - 8.5), remaining material in Section B has its interest in documenting Evans's lifelong concern - no doubt continuing that of his father Richardson Evans - for the con- servation of the natural environment, whether by the use of windmills to replace or supplement fossil fuels, or by his somewhat less than practical scheme to foster economical and nutritious home baking which greatly occupied his time and tea- parties in his last years (see B. 17 - B.31 and introductory note). The Several of the letters in Section D refer to the considerable achievement of his publication in 1976 of the 'Second Supplementary Volume' of his major book ‘Corrosion and oxidation of metals'. He was then eighty-seven, but continued to ask his correspondents for comments and additional references which he was assembling for use by a successor who would after his death compile a third supple- ment. OTHER MATERIAL A small amount of material, including apparatus and specimens, is held in the Department of Metallurgy, Cambridge. U.R. Evans CSAC 90/1/83 SECTION A © BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1-A.23 A.1-A.11 BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIO GRAPHICAL A.1 Obituary notice, The Times, 7 April 1980. Offprint of memoir by Sir Alan Cottrell and J.E.O. Mayne (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 27, 1981). Photographs of Evans, including group photographs with colleagues. "Memories - mostly non-metallurgical’. 21 pp. duplicated typescript, originally written for 'The Metallurgist' and brought up to date (in 1968) for private circulation. See note to A.6. "Note on medical history’. 7 pp. typescript and ms., mainly on the efficacy of acid in the treatment of Evans's rheumatism. See also C.4. Athletic activities. Hardback notebook, inscribed 'Athletic Events from 1921'. ‘Outdoor activities’. Some pages are torn from the front, and the first entry is 1922. The book contains press~cuttings of cross-country matches, plans of runs, ms. notes of conditions and results by Evans, and invitation to act as starter in Varsity cross-country match, 1937. niece) and included at C.6. Evans intended that 'Volumes I] and III will be available only in typescript - intended mainly for family purposes'. It seems likely that his ‘Memories - mostly non-metallurgical' (A. 3) constitutes 'Volume II' though this is not indicated on the typescript. it detective story kindly made available by Mrs. A. Wilson (Evans's This volume was presented to J.E.O. Mayne, with ams. note added by Evans to the 'Introductory Letter’. been made available by Dr. Mayne. It has kindly Vol. | of Evans's 'The Non-Scientific Efforts of a Scientist’, privately printed, Cambridge, 1964. Volume III is bound and inscribed as such; is the U.R. Evans CSAC 90/1/83 Biographical and personal Folder of 'Extracts from letters received from Recipients of Volume I'. Two albums of photographs of climbing expeditions, almost all with identifications by Evans of places, dates, companions, weather, etc. 'Views in Tatra (Czecho-Slovakia) and Austria’. "Views in Dolomites and Lake District also Austrian Alps’. Miscellaneous items of biographical interest. Letter to Evans from his sister, c.1912. Letter offering Evans post as analyst in 1912. 'a Steel Works', Press-cutting re dinner to celebrate election to Fellowship of Royal Society, 1949. Photocopy notice of award of 1971 Cavallaro Medal to Evans, 1971. Miscellaneous items of biographical interest. Signed message of greeting from colleagues at 'Eurocor '77'. Signatures of guests at Evans's 90th birthday party, 31 March Includes miscellaneous biographical and Program of the U.R. Evans International Conference on "Localized Corrosion’, held at Williamsburg, 6-10 December 1971. bibliographical information. 1979. U.R. Evans CSAC 90/1/83 Biographical and personal A.12-A.15 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY A.12-A.14 KING'S COLLEGE Miscellaneous correspondence on College affairs. Several of the exchanges are requests for informa- tion about Kingsmen for the college obituary notices, which Evans's long connection with the college enabled him uniquely to provide. 1966-68. 1969-72. Includes guest for Evans's 80th birthday. list for a lunch party given by the college 1973-78. DEPARTMENT OF METALLURGY Miscellaneous correspondence, mainly invitations to various social functions at or arranged by the Department, 1969-71. U.R. Evans CSAC 90/1/83 A.16-A.19 FAMILY AND PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE Biographical and personal A.16 Family correspondence, with nephews, nieces and their families, 1966-76. Not indexed. Shorter correspondence with colleagues and departments te the loan or gift of books or journals, 1969-79. Shorter personal correspondence. Not indexed. Draft letter re Evans's proposed will, 1959. Brief exchange with Evans's doctor, 1974, 1978. U.R. Evans CSAC 90/1/83 Biographical and personal AMENITY SOCIETIES AND THE ENVIRONMENT Correspondence with societies and with individuals. In alphabetical order. Cambridge Civic Society: Commons, Open Spaces and Footpaths Preser- vation Society Department of the Environment re traffic in the Lake District. See also correspondence with G.F. Peaker in A.22. 1976 1974 1974 Dorking and Leith Hill Preservation Society 1976 John Evelyn Society for improving the amenities of Wimbledon. 1977 The National Trust The Society was founded by Richardson Folder includes Evans (father of U.R. Evans). correspondence with the Secretary of the Society 1977-78 with recollections of Wimbledon personalities and a commemorative article 'Someone to be thankful for' about the work of Richardson Evans by Philip Rathbone (grandson of Richardson and nephew of Ulick Evans) Also included here is a report, 1938-39, annotated by Evans, on the activities of 'The SCAPA Society’ founded in 1893 by Richardson Evans as the ‘Society for Checking the Abuses of Public Advertising’. Evans's carbon only, re Tree Lovers' Society. Includes part of Peaker's evidence at enquiry into proposed relief road at Ambleside. See also A.20. Peaker, G. F. - 1939 1973, 1975 Reading, 1971 U.R. Evans CSAC 90/1/83 Biographical and personal Schomberg, B. 1971-74 Personal correspondence, re pollution in the Cam, and Schomberg's concern about pollution in the Rhine. Includes various recollections of people and places. fone, TH: 1974-76 Similar material on pollution and corrosion, including references to Schomberg. Wilson, A. 197] U.R. Evans CSAC 90/1/83 SECTION B B.1-B.6 RESEARCH PROJECTS, B .1 - B.31 ELECTROCHEMISTRY AND CORROSION B.1 Hardbacked notebook . Main sequence is an undated series of experiments intended to measure the velocity of chemical action at various temperatures. ~ Pasted into rear of book is a smaller notebook recording experiments on catalytic reactions, with a ms. note inside front cover 'Experiments performed - account written about the beginning of 1908?'. Also included are loose pages of experiments with chemical weed-killers, dated May 1914. Correspondence and agreements re the consultancy with S. Rideal and E.K. (later Sir Eric) Rideal, which Evans embarked upon in 1912 (see Memoir, p.236). The letters were received tightly folded in an envelope marked 'E.K.R. letters up to Sep. 1912'. Most of them are dated and some are paginated or annotated by Evans. They are sent from Aachen and Bonn, where Rideal was working under A. Fischer and Professor Anschutz res- pectively; 1912, was awarded the Gold Medal of the Bonn Society his doctorate, obtained at Bonn in June _ of Engineers. Letters, April (one only) - July 1912. List of chemicals and apparatus. Includes original envelope. Correspondence from Evans to E.K. Rideal, May-June. Most of these are cards and probably résumés of hand- written letters without carbons. signed, dated 1 July 1913. Various drafts, and signed final 'Proposed working agree- ment between S. Rideal, E.K. Rideal and U.R. Evans, 22 October 1912. ° Included here is a letter from S. Rideal, May 1912, with offer of employment and conditions of work. Later agreement between S. Rideal and U.R. Evans, U.R. Evans CSAC 90/1/83 Research projects Soft-backed notebook inscribed 'Literature by E.K. Rideal and U.R. Evans'. Few pages used, mostly in Evans's hand. ‘Mineral Coatings. of corrosion wastage’. A novel principle in the control Typescript draft with considerable ms. emendation and correction. 1974. 38 pp. +3 pp. references, latest date Included here is a ms. draft, undated, of a letter to be sent to a few colleagues, accompanying the paper and inviting comments. it, Evans says ‘Publication is not contemplated. The research has, on the whole, been a failure, although the easy method of preparing speci- mens might be welcomed by some’. In U.R. Evans CSAC 90/1/83 Research projects ENERGY CONSERVATION "Energy from the wind without the use of sails’. Miscellaneous typescript and ms. drafts for a paper by Evans, with diagrams, November 1977 and January 1978. Correspondence on energy conservation, 1973-76 In alphabetical order. pacon, fi: Tt. 1973-76 Correspondence on a wide range of problems and suggestions related to energy, showing Evans's continuing practical concern for research. 1973 1975, 1976 (one letter only) Baily, M. Bell, D. A. 1974 1976 (Evans's carbons and press-cuttings only). Cole, M. On windmills. 1974-75 1974-75 1973-74 Hundy, B. B Maddox, J. R. Coffrell, A. H. On the 'cycle-car'. On wind-power; also enclosed is a letter from Evans to R. Eden on the subject. 1974, 1975 Evans's carbon only, describing energy con- servation projects. Evans's carbon only. ilcon, A: 1976 1973 1974 1974 1976 Sibthorp, M. Stodhart, A. M. H. Wells, S. Marples, D. U.R. Evans CSAC 90/1/83 B.17-B.31 NUTRITION AND FOOD SCIENCE Research projects The material relates to Evans's belief that, by encouraging home baking on scientific principles, it would be possible both to improve nutrition and also to con- serve energy. The idea - which became a dominant one in his last years - derived from his own experiments in baking bread and cakes ona small electric cooker in his kitchen and involved the use of reflecting panels to direct radiation on to the food being cooked. The clearest statement of his aims is perhaps the introduction fo a paper on 'Some novel features of the Cambridge baking procedure', dated 31 January 1978, and now at B.20 which reads: ‘During recent years a method for the home baking of bread and cake has been developed which aims at the reduction of energy consumption (and hence lowering of the electricity bill) as well as a lessening of claims of the cook's time. found possible by the application of scientific principles, mostly well established fifty years ago but not always applied by those who design ovens or write cookery books’. The present report seeks to show how this has been the proposed book survive (B 17) though at least eight appear to have been written; there are also various specifications for the design and patent (B.21) and some shorter writings (B 18-B.20) lishing a booklet on the subject perhaps with a co-author. Only five chapters of It was in any case confined Nevertheless, he contemplated patenting a device, and pub- Evans's idea was in fact less practical than he imagined, deriving as it did from his use of a very small, obsolete model of cooker, the baking of tiny amounts or 'loaflets' as he called them, and, at a later stage in the project, the manipu- lation of steel shears to cut special liners or reflectors. to electric cookers. This correspondence is presented as a chronological sequence at B.22-B.31. colleagues in science and industry on nutrition and food chemistry, with manufacturers of domestic cooking appliances, with advisers on patenting and publication, and with members of his family and acquaintances who constituted his 'panel of tasters’. The promotion of the idea gave rise to considerable correspondence with U.R. Evans CSAC 90/1/83 B.17-B.21 Drafts and papers by Evans Research projects B.17 Drafts for Chapters 1-5 of proposed book. Photocopy of typescript with ms. corrections. Chapter 1 Possible advantages of home baking. Chapter 2.‘ The energy requirements of baking. Chapter 3. Claims on the cook's time. Chapter 4 Fittings designed to obtain economy. Chapter 5 = Examples of baking procedures. 'Bread-making ina small electric oven'. 9 pp. typescript and ms. draft dated 3 June 1975. This paper explains how Evans, at the age of 86, became interested in home baking and its improvement. "Economy of power and time in home cooking of bread and cake ' 10 pp. typescript and ms. draft dated 5 April 1977. p. diagrams, O. 2273.0! Correspondence and papers S. C. Britton and J.E.O. Mayne ‘Novel features of the Cambridge baking procedure’. ‘An improved heating system for domestic Electrical Ovens’. 11 pp. typescript and ms. draft and 1 31 January 1978. Various drafts, specifications and drawings for an invention to be patented under this title, February-May 1978. Some sent to, or revised by, and referred to in the correspondence below. coating research. Includes of Evans's improved oven, and also on his metallic letters to N.R.D.C,. on possible patenting B.22 B.23 B.24 B.25 1975 January-June 1976 July-September 1976 October-December 1976 U.R. Evans CSAC 90/1/83 Research projects January-April 1977 May-September 1977 Includes correspondence re publication projects. October-December 1977 January-March 1978 Includes correspondence re provisional patent, and various drafts submitted to colleagues for comment. April-June 1978 Similar material. July 1978-February 1979 Similar material re patenting. U.R. Evans CSAC 90/1/83 SECTION C C41.Ce ae NON-SCIENTIFIC WRITINGS C.1-C.6 "Science, Prosperity and Human Happiness’. Typescript and ms. draft for a work so titled, with Intro- duction, Chapters | - VI] and Summary and Conclusions. In original folder. With publisher's rejection letter (Edward Arnold & Company) returning the ms., 1931. Comments and correspondence on the book from G.S. Adair and G.F. Peaker, 1931. 'A Scheme for Exchange Holidays’. 6 pp. typescript and ms. draft for article. With letter of rejection from The Hiker and Camper, 1932. "Some observations on the physical chemistry of rheumatism. By a patient’. 73 pp. typescript and ms. draft, with a ms. note on the title page 'Written 1932'. See also A.4. 'Cloud-burst. at Hofgastein, Austria, near the Water-fall’. A short story written by U.R. Evans in 1935 9 pp. duplicated typescript. "Snap Up Your Chances. The Start of a Detective Career (being Vol. II] of "Non-scientific Efforts of a Scientist")'. 233 pp. typescript, bound in same format as A.6. U.R. Evans CSAC 90/1/83 SECTION D CORRESPONDENCE D.1 - D.31 The correspondence, which dates mainly from Evans's later years, includes both personal and scientific material. It is presented as an alphabetical sequence, with terminal dates and a note of any content of particular biographical or professional interest. D.1 Adair, G. ; 1971 Agar, J. Ansell, E. : eacen Tf 4. Mainly on fuel cells. Bianchi, G. Bragg, W. ie Brasunas, A. de S. 1967 (Evans's carbon only), 1970 1969 1972-76 1977 1968 1973-77 Brennert, S. Coan, Wie J. te Chaudron, G. 1967-68 1977 1973 1976 Campbell, H. S. Cambridge Philosophical Society Recalling an incident in 1939 when Evans assisted Brennert's research. Evans's carbon only re library provision in Cambridge. 197] Mainly Evans's carbons, on Cambridge University matters. Correspondence with Chaudron's family and colleagues after his death. Ghils, &: C. 1977 1976-77 Cottrell, Ai<: H. U.R. Evans CSAC 90/1/83 Correspondence Dixon, K. Dougherty, J. 1967-78 1975 Eijnsbergen, J. F. 4H. vy. 1973, 1977. 19a On various corrosion problems, and including research findings. Feather, N. 1977 Evans's recollections of Rutherford. eer. WW, Francesco, E. de Research on atmospheric corrosion. Heitz, E. 1977 Evans's carbon only, with various personal reflexions. oer. tL oP, 1967-75 1976 1975-76 1967 Seay. zinc paints. reey; G.>. E. re his current research Evans's carbon only, programme on metallic f . Moneager,, 0.58 D.6 see D.6 Mesrees, °C, COLE, Michael HYDE, A. a Dz 17 B.11 D.10 D.10 Puan, fF. W. 812,17 M47 7-D.8 CHILTON, John FEATHER, Norman D.8 B.23 D.9 DURHAM, Kenneth Eeoorsconn, J... FF. -H. DOUGHERTY, John COTTRELL, Sir Alan (Howard) DIXON, Kendal Cartwright 13 HONEYCOMBE, Robert William Kerr GREEN, Maurice B. MUIION, G. S., HONEGGER, Emil HUNDY, B. Brian 8.24, B.26, B.30 HOMER, KR. F. D.11 B.26 D.12 HOAR, Thomas P. A.t6; B41 B.13 D'S Cc, O. F. E:. MAYNE, Jack E. MOTTRAM, R. NORDIN, 8. OKADA, Hideya cee cc, OL. PASHLEY, Donald William PEAKER, Gilbert F. PHIPPS, Beverley PINSENT, B. Roy W. POURBAIX, Marcel J. RAYNER, N. : A. 20 See also B.14 B.29-B.31, D.18-D.20, D.29 B.28 B.29 D.21 D.22 8.30 A220, G2 D.22 B.23, B.24, B. 26-B.28 D.23,' Da24 608, .D. 25 U.R. Evans CSAC 90/1/83 Index of correspondents KRUGER, Jerome LAQUE, Frank LESSING, R. LOBRY DE BRUYN, C: A. McCANCE, Robert Alexander MADDOX, John Royden MANN, Frederick George MARPLES, David D.14 Di D.16 D.16 B.25 B.14 237 SATO, Norio ON. | SALTMARSH, John SCHIKORR, Gerhard Bi2o 5, D225 B.3 RIDEAL, Sir Eric (Keightley) RIDEAL, Samuel D.27 SHIRE, Edward Samuel SCHOMBERG, Burkhart STAEHLE, Roger W. SIBTHORP, M. M. Bim, S.-C, D.26 B.15 D.26 SHORTER, John A.12 D.26 D.26 A. 23 A.14 SHILS, Edward Bee, Ala U.R. Evans CSAC 90/1/83 Index of correspondents STEPHENS, lan BIODHART, A: H, , SUTHERLAND, Sir Gordon (Brims Black Mclvor) TAYLOR, Eric Stuart ° TAYLOR, Lesley Stuart TERESA, Robert N. THEILER, Franz TURNER, T. — Henry UHLIG, Herbert H. WECK, Richard WELLS, Sarah WHITEHEAD, Douglas WILKINSON, (Lancelot) Patrick WILLCOCKS, Sir David (Valentine) WILSON, Ann A.13 B.S D.28 A.12 A.14 D.29 D.29 A.23 D.30 B29, B. 29, B.30 B.16 B.27 A.12-A.14 A.13 Ai23; 8.23 WILSON, Anthony B.16 Oia oz D.31 YOUNG, Elizabeth WINTERBOTTOM, Arthur B. WOOD, F. WRANGLEN, Gé&sta D.3]