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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on the papers of PROFESSOR EDWARD CHARLES TITCHMARSH FRS (1899-1963) deposited in the Archives of New College, Oxford Archives Centre (CSAC #478118) y London WC2A 1HP Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientific Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS No. 76/71 1976 All rights reserved CSAC 44/8/76 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Supported by the Royal Society and the Council of Engineering Institutions Report on the papers of Professor Edward Charles Titchmarsh, F.R.S. (1899-1963) Compiled by: Jeannine Alton Deposited in the Archives of New College, Oxford, 1976 Harriot Weiskittel E.C. Titchmarsh CSAC 44/8/76 Description of the collection The manuscripts were received from Mrs. K. Titchmarsh, who retains some material, and the original of some of the documents (A.1, C.3). The mathematical papers in Section B almostall reflect Titchmarsh's special interest in Eigenfunction. Item C.1 is of interest for the autograph letters and notes by G.H. Hardy, and reminiscences of him by his sister; there are also some notes by Hardy in B.2. Summary of the career of E.C. Titchmarsh b.1899 Newbury. 1908-17 educated King Edward VII School, Sheffield. 1917 1918-19 1919-22 1923 Balliol College, Oxford (Scholar). War Service, R.E. (Signals). Oxford University, Mathematical Moderations (Cl.1). Final Honour School of Mathematics (Cl.1). Fellow by Examination, Magdalen College, Oxford. Senior Lecturer, University College, London. married Kathleen Blomfield. 193] 1945-47 1953 1955 1956 Sylvester Medal. Berwick Prize. 1925 1929 1931-63 Fellow of the Royal Society. President, London Mathematical Society. Professor of Pure Mathematics, Liverpool. de Morgan Medal . Hon. Sc.D., Sheffield. Savilian Professor of Geometry, Oxford University. Fellow, New College, Oxford. Index of correspondents A full account of Titchmarsh's family, career and scientific work appears in the memoirs and tributes in Section A. Mathematical lectures and papers Contents of the handlist rage 2 2 3 4 A, B. Biographical and Personal Publications and talks E.C. Titchmarsh CSAC 44/8/76 A. Biographical and Personal (A.1 - A.7) A.1. 'The Titchmarsh Family': an account of the history of his family, and memories of his early years, by E.C. Titchmarsh, MS. 5lpp. possession of Mrs. K. Titchmarsh. ) (Xerox of the original Ms. which is in the Letter of appointment to the Savilian Professorship of Geometry. Award of the de Morgan Medal. Citation, and Titchmarsh's speech of acceptance. Hon. D.Sc., Sheffield. Oration by Public Orator. Misc. printed obituaries, tributes and memoirs. "Edward Charles Titchmarsh 1899-1963', recollections by W.N. Everitt. Typescr. and Ms. 1Qpp. Letter from A.G. Walker (President, London Mathematical 1964 Society) re ‘Titchmarsh Memorial Meeting’ of the Society, and typescr. of lecture, 'Titchmarsh's work on eigenfunction expressions! by Professor J.L.B. Cooper, which was delivered at meeting. "Polygons inscribed in one circle and circumscribed in 1922 Mathematical lectures and papers (B.1 - B.10) Typed list of Titchmarsh's publications. another', Ms. with diagrams, 8pp; with Ms. notes by G.H. Hardy to whom the paper was submitted. (First page has note by Mrs. Titchmarsh 'First paper written by E.C. Titchmarsh on Geometry - only one on this subject he ever wrote’. ) ‘Lecture on Eigenfunction.' Ms. 34pp. Ms. notes (25pp) for paper delivered at International Congress, Amsterdam 1954, and published in the Proceedings of the Conference. "Eigenfunction Problems arising from Differential Equations’, ‘Recent work on Eigenfunctions.' Ms. lecture, 24pp. E.C. Titchmarsh CSAC 44/8/76 B.6. Bite B.8. B96 Part of lectures on eigenfunction, '5. The nature of the spectrum', Ms. pps. numbered 15-30. n.d, As above, '5. 24-30. Unsolved problems', Ms. pps. numbered "Lecture on eigenfunction’ (Advanced Class notes), Ms. ‘Lecture on perturbation theory' (Advanced Class notes), Ms. 23pp. | B.10. 'Eigenfunction' (Advanced Class notes), Ms. 20pp. Publications and talks (C.1 - C.5) Obituary of Godfrey Harold Hardy Titchmarsh wrote a Biographical Memoir of Hardy for the Royal A copy of the latter, and misc. press~cuttings Society and for the Journal of the London Mathematical Society. and tributes to Hardy are enclosed in the file. The corres- pondenceincludes: letters or postcards (one dated 1 March 1926 and one 2 May 1945) from Hardy to Titchmarsh on mathe- matical proofs, books and ms. for comment, and cricket. One of the letters, headed (not in Titchmarsh's hand) 'Hardy's problem' expressed a mathematical enquiry in terms of golf shots, concluding 'I should like a good graph'. None of these letters is dated; two are from New College, Oxford, where Hardy was Savilian Professor 1919-31, and 3 from Trinity College, Cambridge, where Hardy held the Sadleirian Chair 1931-42; 3 are neither headed not dated. One of these includes some cricket scores showing it to have been written at Trent Bridge during the tea interval of the First Test of the Australian tour of 1930. Hardy mentions the sub. fielding for Larwood and forecasts a win for England by 56 runs: it was 93, that | am back in Cambridge’. reminiscences, ‘loves and hates' and personal character- istics of her brother to help Titchmarsh in writing the memoir. One card, 26 Nov. 1947, written shortly before Hardy's death (1 Dec.) describes how she 'read him cricket and football news for hours each day'; a letter of 1950, thanking Titchmarsh for a copy of the memoir, refers fo the Bertrand Russell controversy at Trinity and quotes Russell as saying to her 'It's largely due to your brother Letters and postcards from Miss G. Hardy 1947-50, mainly Letter from A.M. Binnie to Titchmarsh 1949, re Hardy's 'golf paper’, aS E.C. Titchmarsh CSAC 44/8/76 C.2. Speech as Sub-Warden, delivered at New College Gaudy, 23 July 1947 (39p. perhaps incomplete). 1947 Cd. Ms. speech delivered 23 Oct. 1957 at prizegiving, King Edward VII School, Sheffield. 10pp. original in possession of Mrs. K. Titchmarsh.) King Edward VII School was Titchmarsh's old school 1908-1917. (Xerox copy of 3 typeser. and ms. drafts of a talk on ‘Mathematical Proof' for BBC Third Programme, eventually broadcast as 'The art of proof’, and reprinted in The Listener 23 April 1959; with a letter from George MacBeth commenting on Titchmarsh's first draft script. (Qne of MacBeth's poems appears on the preceding page in the same copy of TheListener as Titchmarsh's talk.) Obituary of Ughtred Shuttleworth Haslam-Jones Ms. draft, other printed tributes to Haslam-Jones by Titchmarsh and others; work from J.C. Burkill. letter about Haslam-Jones's Index of Correspondents 1957 1958-59 1962. Burkill, John Charles MacBeth, George Binnie, Alfred Maurice Hardy, Godfrey Harold Walker, Arthur Geoffrey