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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Nikolaas Tinbergen FRS (1907 - 1988) NCUACS catalogue no. 27/3/91 by Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Title: Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Nikolaas Tinbergen FRS (1907-1988), ethologist Compiled by: Deposited in: Bodleian Library, Oxford Date of material: 1920-1990 Reference code: GB 161 Description level: Fonds Extent of material: 626 items Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell © National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath. NCUACS catalogue no. 27/3/91 N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: E P Abraham Cephalosporin Fund The British Library British Telecom plc The Geological Society The Institute of Physics The Royal Society The Royal Society of Chemistry The Wellcome Trust The Society of Chemical Industry The Wolfson Foundation N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THE COLLECTION IS YET AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: BODLEIAN LIBRARY KEEPER OF MANUSCRIPTS OXFORD N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION BIOGRAPHICAL SECTION RESEARCH SECTION LECTURES, PUBLICATIONS AND BROADCASTS SECTION AUTISM SECTION CORRESPONDENCE INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received from Professor Tinbergen's widow, A Tinbergen in April and October 1989. Mrs E typescript journal of the 1932-33 Greenland expedition was received from Miss Janet Tinbergen and the photograph of the March 1990 Tinbergen Legacy meeting in Oxford from Dr Marian Dawkins. Additionally the OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF N TINBERGEN Nikolaas (Niko) Tinbergen, one of the founding fathers of modern ethology, was born in The Hague on 15 April 1907. After of birds. Tinbergen to enrol as a student at the University of Leiden where This experience of biological fieldwork persuaded spent a couple of months in the autumn of 1925 at the Rositten observatory in East Prussia which pioneered the scientific ringing secondary schooling in which he neglected the traditional academic subjects in favour of his sports and natural history interests, he Eskimos of East Greenland studying the snow bunting, red-necked he specialised in zoology. in the Leiden Zoology Department and in 1932 he was awarded his PhD from Leiden for his homing studies on wasps of the genus Philanthus. Married in 1932 to Elizabeth Amelie Rutten, Tinbergen and his wife then spent two summers and a winter among the Anmagssalingmiut In 1931 he was appointed 'assistent' N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 phalarope and husky. Returning to Leiden he taught experimental zoology and especially animal behaviour until 1949 by which time he was Professor and Head of Department. His career was interrupted during the Second World War when he was imprisoned as a hostage by the German occupation authorities. During his time at Leiden Tinbergen developed laboratory work, in which the three-spined stickleback proved a particularly successful experimental animal, and field studies initiating projects on wasps, butterflies and hobbies at an annual camp which he organised for his students among the sandhills of Hulshorst. His work on the breeding behaviour of herring gulls also dates from this period and, like the stickleback research, became one of the classics of ethology. In 1936 Konrad Lorenz, who was later to share after the war. As an essential step in this process Tinbergen resigned his professorship at Leiden in 1949 and accepted a less well paid made his first attempt to introduce the ethological approach to Lorenz family home at Altenberg near Vienna. This association was to have the greatest importance for their science. In 1938 Tinbergen the USA. He pursued this mission with great dedication and success animal behaviour studies to the English-speaking world on a visit to Lorenz and Tinbergen immediately recognised their common interests and Tinbergen spent the spring of 1937 working with Lorenz at the the Nobel Prize with Tinbergen and Karl von Frisch, visited Leiden. Oxford he lectured with great success on animal behaviour to zoology and less prestigious lectureship in A C Hardy's department at Oxford where he remained for the rest of his career. He was appointed Professor of Animal Behaviour in 1966 and retired in 1974. At N Tinbergen Ncuacs 27/3/91 and psychology students and built up a research group that had a profound influence on the development of ethology round the world. In particular his research focused on the adaptedness of behaviour; the work on the herring gull initiated in the Netherlands developed into comparative studies of many gull species. Tinbergen's most influential book The Study of Instinct, based on lectures given at the American Museum of Natural History in 1947, appeared in 1951 and Social Behaviour in Animals followed in 1953. In keeping with his aim of spreading the ethological message he made frequent visits abroad to attend conferences and also accepted the occasional one- term visiting professorship. Two of his best books were written for the educated layman The herring gull's world (1953) and Curious naturalists (1958) and in the 1960s he devoted much effort to making scientific films. One of these, 'Signals for survival', made with Hugh Falkus, won the Italia prize for documentary television films. In the 1960s Tinbergen became increasingly preoccupied with Human Sciences". It is reflected also in the titles of his animals and man' (1968) and of his Royal Society Croonian Lecture the implications of the ethological approach for man. One aspect of "Functional ethology and the human sciences' (1972). Furthermore this was his support for the initiative of Hardy's successor, Tinbergen was interested in science and society relationships and J WS Pringle, to establish at Oxford a new honours course in "The inaugural lecture as Professor of Animal Behaviour 'War and peace in For over a number of occasions but put aside a book on the subject unfinished increasing disadaptation to his environment and suggest ways in to concentrate his energies in retirement on a more specific application of ethological methods to human behaviour. felt it was the duty of the scientist to draw attention to man's which he might be readapted. Tinbergen lectured on this topic on N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 ten years Tinbergen and his wife collaborated on a study of the serious mental disorder childhood autism, publishing the results of their enquiry into its nature, ontogeny and treatment, Autistic children - new hope for a cure, in i IG5e Tinbergen received many honours and awards in recognition In addition to the Nobel Prize of his contribution to ethology. for Physiology or Medicine (1973), he received the Swammerdam Medal, awarded only every ten years, and honorary degrees from Edinburgh and Leicester. Society (1962) and the USA. He was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal and to national academies in the Netherlands, Germany Tinbergen died in Oxford in 1988. For a more detailed account of the life and career of Tinbergen see the memoir by RA Hinde (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 36, 1990). autobiographical account see DA Dewsbury (ed). For Tinbergen's own (1985). Leaders in the study of animal behavior N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material is presented in the order given in the List of Contents. The collection includes important biographical material and records of Tinbergen's research, lectures and publications, and later interest in childhood autism. Only a small proportion of what must have been a very extensive general scientific correspondence survives, and there is virtually no material relating to visits and conferences or professional affiliations such as learned societies. Section A, Biographical, is particularly noteworthy for Dutch material before the postwar move to Oxford. There are, for example, letters from East Prussia 1925, Greenland 1932-33, Altenberg (London 1954). script text and drawings for Tinbergen's children's story about Kliew the seagull (New York 1947 and the Netherlands 1948), and There is material relating to the 1973 Nobel Prize, including documentation of his use of the prize money to support research in his Nobel Lecture. The section also includes the famous 1937 photograph of Lorenz with his family of goslings, the Dutch manu- 1937 and the hostage camp 1942. The wartime internment is also projects by others, and of his advocacy of the Alexander Technique represented by Tinbergen's portrait drawings of his fellow hostages. the drawings for his second children's story The Tale of John Stickle observations and laboratory experiments in the Netherlands and Section B, Research, provides documentation of field N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 England. The field notes, in notebooks and on loose pages, date from 1928, include observations of wasps, hobbies, gull species etc., and are characterised by Tinbergen's thumb-nail sketches of the subjects of his observations. The laboratory experiments relate to stickleback research. Section C, Lectures, Publications and Broadcasts, is the largest in the collection. There are records of both Tinbergen's university teaching and invitation and public lectures. Although there are a few items from Leiden almost all the material relates to Tinbergen's career at Oxford and includes his contributions to the new Honour School of Human Sciences. There are drafts for scientific papers, illustrative material including photographs for Tinbergen's principal postwar books and a little correspondence with publishers and editors. The drafts include some unpublished for-survival*. Section D, Autism, provides very extensive documentation responsible for the care and treatment of sautistic children, drafts of lectures, articles and especially the 1983 monograph, printed and duplicated background material, and case histories. mental disorder in children. There is correspondence 1970-88 with ethologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and others with his environment. Most of the broadcasts material relates to of Tinbergen and his wife Elisabeth's investigation of this serious television film documentaries including the Italia Prizewinner ‘Signals material, for example, the unfinished book on modern man's disadaptation 1974 and there are virtually no extended exchanges with colleagues. Section E, Correspondence, is slight. Much of the correspondence dates from after Tinbergen's official retirement in N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 The correspondence with Konrad Lorenz, Ernst Mayr and Tinbergen's brother Jan, who was awarded the 1969 Nobel prize for economics, although disappointing in extent, is probably the most significant. There is also an index of correspondents. LOCATION OF OTHER MATERIAL A collection of Tinbergen's photographs has been deposited in the Rijks Voorlichts Dienst- Foto en Film archief, Anna Polownastraat 76, The Hague, Netherlands. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We are very grateful to Mrs E A Tinbergen, Miss Janet to Dr R Roell and Dr Joost Tinbergen for advice and information. Tinbergen and Dr Marian Dawkins for making material available and Bath 1991 Peter Harper Timothy E Powell N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A Ay AS2 Obituaries and tributes A. 3-A.12 Interviews and autobiographical writings A.13-A.70 Career, honours and awards A.71-A.88 Drawings A.89-A.91 Photographs Obituaries and tributes The Times; Independent (Aubrey Manning). Folder also includes obituary of Tinbergen's brother Lukas who died in 1955. J Roper, Trends in Ecology & Interviews and autobiographical writings 80th birthday tributes in German and Dutch newspapers, LOST. 'Tinbergen's Legacy', a review of The Study of Instinct (first published 1951 and reissued 1989 shortly after Tinbergen's death) by T Evolution, October 1989. scientific creativity 1966-67. Brief correspondence re biographical entry in Encyclopedia Hebraica 1965. Brief correspondence with C J Meyers re interview on N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Biographical ‘Abbreviated Curriculum vitae Nikolaas Tinbergen', nd 1974 or later. ‘Animal Behaviour Research Group in the Zoologisch Laboratorium, University of Leiden, 1934-1949' (lp typescript) and 'Animal Behaviour Research Group in the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, Enclosures in letter 1949-1974' H Thorpe of 8 September 1976, written in reply to W to request for information. (3pp typescript) . Interview with M Salomon. Correspondence with M Salomon of Prospective et sante publique and E Goldsmith of The Ecologist, 1980-81. French text of interview. "Scientific autobiography 1982'. folder so inscribed. English text with ms additions and corrections by Tinbergen. Corrected English text for MacMillan Publishing Co, New York, with related correspondence 1981. Offprint. The volume was published as Dewsbury (ed.), Leaders in the Study of Animal Behavior: perspectives, Lewisburg, PA, Press, 1985. Correspondence with D autobiographies in animal behaviour, 1981-82, 1986. A Dewsbury re a volume of Tinbergen's contribution to the volume. typescript + references. 54pp Contents of autobiographical USA: Bucknell University N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Biographical ‘Summary of N Tinbergen's views (1982 as seen by himself) on his contribution to the study of behaviour'. typescript. 2pp Career, honours and awards Ms poem written for Tinbergen and dated ‘Sint Nikolaas 1920'; rough draft. Five letters from Tinbergen to his family from Rossitten, 22 and 30 September 1925, East Prussia, 27 August, 5, and one letter from Tinbergen to his parents from Nidden, East Prussia, 25 September 1925. 19, The letters are accompanied by a note by Mrs E A Tinbergen: After finishing High School Niko did not really know what he wanted to do, whether to train as a gym teacher or read biology at University. A friend of his parents Prof. Ehrenfest advised his parents to send Niko for some months to the "Rossitten Vogelwarte" in what was then East Prussia and to get acquainted with other trends in biology from those he was bored with. E9252 The Vogelwarte Rossitten was the observatory at which the A Hinde, scientific ringing of birds was pioneered (R 'Nikolaas Tinbergen', Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 36, Niko was then 18 and came back after 3 months completely convinced that that was what he wanted to .do. Three postcards depicting 'Krahenfang auf der kurischen Nehrung' East Prussia. One dated Rossitten 6 October 550)-. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Biographical Letter from R ?Steinerb to Tinbergen's father on his son's relations with Professor Thienemann during his stay at the Vogelwarte Rossitten, 20 October 1925. In German. 'Wanderkarte von der kurischen Nehrung', East Prussia. Four letters from Tinbergen to his family, 6 and 8 August 1929 and 11 December 1934. 31 August L927, Letter from the Dutch ornithologist F Haverschmidt to letter from the Director of J Portielje to Tinbergen, Tinbergen, 5 May 1930; the Amsterdam Zoo A F 4 September 1931; Luuk Tinbergen (brother) to the German ornithologist Uttendérfer 19 October 1931; Room, later Baerends ] 20 July 1935; G draft of letter from Tinbergen and letter from Jos [van 28 July [1935]. P Baerends, letter from Greenland expedition 1932-33. Tinbergen, with his newly married wife Elizabeth Amelie, spent a year in Greenland with the Dutch expedition of the International Polar Year (1932-33). family, The Hague, 23 July 1932. Correspondence from E the Tinbergen family in The Netherlands, July 1932 - August 1933. Tinbergen's parents and the Scottish trawler captains and others who forwarded letters from Greenland. of the letters are accompanied by notes by Mrs E A Tinbergen to her husband's family written Letter from E just before sailing for Greenland (postmark on envelope, Copenhagen, 10 July 1932); Tinbergens, on board the 'Gertrud Rask', 10, postcard from T van Lohuizen to the Tinbergen There is also correspondence between A and N Tinbergen in Greenland to three family letters from the A Tinbergen. Some 14 and 19 A.20. =A. 41 A.20 - A.26 auly. 19825 N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Biographical letter from T van Lohuizen to Postcard to Tinbergen's father, The Hague, 4 August 1932; two family letters from Greenland, 16 August [1932] and 214 September 1932; Tinbergen's father, The Hague, 26 August 19323--contents letter from of envelope addressed to Tinbergen's father: the Grgnlands Styrelse, Copenhagen, 12 September 1932 and (both in Danish), and draft draft neply, 29 October 1932 letter of thanks for forwarding a letter ‘from our children in Greenland' (in English). 6 and 24 October 1932; E Mikkelsen to Tinbergen's mother, 17 October (in Danish with Dutch translation) and draft reply Telegram, letter and 'brief-telegram' from Greenland letter from Danish dated 5, captain 1932 two draft letters dated 30 October 1932 from Tinbergen's mother to Scottish trawler captains, 29 October and 11 November 1932 (in English). (in Danish); ; 'Brief-Telegram ontvangen postcard from the Grgnlands letter from A Tinbergen's mother in Cuba to N Tinbergen's Letter from E mother, 15 January 1933; 21 January, 4 February, 11 February, 11 April and 27) Aprid: 1933: Letter from Captain W McPherson to Tinbergen's mother, Aberdeen, 4 November 1932; Styrelse, Copenhagen, 9 November 1932; Tinbergen to his family, 23 August 1932 (delivered in envelope postmarked Copenhagen 18 November 1932 and stamped Grgnlands Styrelse) 22-11-'32' correspondence. Telegram from Greenland dated 10 June 1933; E 28 June 1933; Tinbergen's father, Aberdeen, 3 July 1933; letter from Greenland, 4 August 1933; Tinbergen's parents, 25 August 1933. Ms notes, sketch map, photograph etc., found with Greenland A Tinbergen's mother to N Tinbergen's mother, Cuba, telegrams from Greenland, letter from letter from daughter of Captain Watson to letter from Captain Watson to N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 A.28 - A.37 Biographical Contents of ring binder: Of vetters, gourndl, etc. contents list, typescript copies Contents list, typescript copies of four letters (page l of the first letter is missing). Typescript journal 14 July 1932 - 12 Sige page of notes between pages 199 and 200. are mispaginated 171 - 175. 1o July 1933 paginated Some marginal notes and underscoring and loose Pages 271 - 275 10 folders. List of birds, sketchmaps, drawings, ms notes. Typescript copies of cables and radio messages exchanged. Paginated 1 - 32. Ms journal 8 August - 23 September 1932. Scrapbook used for press-cuttings of Dutch International Polar Year expedition to Greenland. Typescript copies of letters from Tinbergen dated Kingmiut, 20 April and Tasiussaq, 20 July 1933. Some marginal notes and drawings. Lorenz at the Lorenz family home, Altenberg near Vienna. Two letters from Tinbergen to his parents, Altenberg, 18 and 29 March 1937; same period. Tinbergen spent the spring of 1937 working with Konrad undated letter probably from the N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Biographical Three letters from Tinbergen to his parents written in the hostage camp where he was interned for a time during the Second World War. attached to envelopes postmarked 11 and 23 September 1942 respectively, the third is dated 27 September 1942. The first two are undated but Letter from E Undated but from the time of Tinbergen's internment. A Tinbergen to Tinbergen's parents. Honorary membership etc of societies, various dates b951-59. "Report on the activities of N Tinbergen as[Oxford ] University Lecturer in Animal Behaviour from 1 October 1954 471) Christmas .1958%. Note on activities March 1967. Offers of posts 1958-71: Emory University, Georgia 1958. University of Miami, Florida 1963. University of British Columbia 1971. Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, California 1968. in 1966. Letter from Jaap Tinbergen (son) commenting on draft of Tinbergen's Inaugural Lecture at Oxford, 6 March [1968 ]; letters arising from lecture. Honorary membership etc of societies, various dates 1960-69; list of societies. Tinbergen was appointed to a Chair in Animal Behaviour N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Biographical Award of Godwin-Salvin medal, British Ornithological Union, 1969. Invitations to serve on committees, act in advisory capacities, various dates 1969-78. Membership of societies etc various dates 1970-87. Nobel Prize 1973. Letter of congratulation from Dean of the Medical printed reply to Faculty, Karolinska Institutet; £973 letters of congratulation; press-cuttings. ' "Alexander Technique" Scientist (after Nobel Speech) so inscribed divided into ten for ease of reference. Correspondence incl. New Contents of a folder '. Correspondence and papers re Tinbergen's use of Nobel Prize money to support research by others, 1973-74, 1988. 10 December 1973 Tinbergen In his Nobel Lecture of incorporated 'an emphatic note on the Alexander principle’ which aroused a great deal of interest especially after An the lecture's publication in Science 5 July 1974. article by R Lewin on Tinbergen's advocacy of the Alexander Technique appeared in the New Scientist 31 October 1974. . 1978-81, nd 1974 Nov,Dec,nd See also C.100. 1974 July (1) 1974 July (2) A. 57 A.58 1975 Jan-May A.54 Bes 55 A.56 1974 Sept,Oct 1973 Oct-Dec 1974 Jan 1974 Aug - Z s ° 1977 N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Biographical "Ethology, psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine. A review with particular regard to basic research by the 1973 Nobel Prize laureates: Karl von Frisch, Konrad Lorenz and Nikolaas Tinbergen' by B Cronholm, Reports from the Laboratory for Clinical Stress Research, Karolinska sjukhuset, Stockholm, September 1974. Appeal of Nobel Prize winners re world hunger and underdevelopment 1981. Material includes personal statement by Tinbergen. Invitation from the French President F Mitterand to a meeting of Nobel prizewinners to consider problems of underdevelopment, unemployment, etc., 15 July 1987. 4 January 1988. democracy. { 21979 ]. With ms additions and corrections by Tinbergen. 6pp typescript draft Miscellaneous requests for Tinbergen's opinions and support 1978-79 and nd. Letter to Tinbergen on behalf of artist Giovannella who portraits of Nobel Laureates', 26 December 1987. 'for the last few years has been painting the Includes 'Declaration Ecoropa'. on need for a different European identity, an ecological Exhibition catalogue 'Portraits of Nobel Laureates', California Museum of Science and Industry, 16 October 1987 - Social invitations 1968, 1972. Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award of the American Psychological Association 1987. N Tinbergen NGUAGS) 277 3/791: Drawings As lg Ae TZ Biographical Drawings of fellow hostages interned by the Nazis during the Second World War. identified and the drawings dated and signed by Tinbergen. 2 folders. The subjects are usually Tinbergen was taught to draw portraits in pencil by a fellow hostage, the portrait painter Karel von Veen. See ‘Watching and Wondering' in Dewsbury, DA (ed. ) autobiographical perspectives, p.451 (A.11). Leaders in the Study of Animal Behavior: Card signed by Tinbergen and his fellow hostages, 8 February 1944. Hand-drawn menu ‘ter gelegenheid van de 27ste verjaardag van Nico Tinbergen' signed by Tinbergen and his fellow hostages, 15 April 1944. in 1944. 4 folders. J Ter Pelkwijk, a student of Tinbergen's Drawings by J who was killed during the Second World War. drawings are accompanied by a note by EA Tinbergen which identifies the artist. The As Tinbergen was born in 1907 he was therefore 37 Dutch ms text and drawings for Tinbergen's children's story about Kliew, the seagull. in New York in 1947 as Kleew in the Oxford Books for Boys and Girls series and in the Netherlands in 1948 as Kliew. In this way Kleew was made'. Dustcover for New York edition of Kleew. explained how the story came to be written: in the hostage camp for two years, I was allowed to write a letter to my family each week. letter I made into a picture story for my children, in order to keep up some sort of communication with them. Tinbergen ‘While One page in each The story was published N Tinbergen Ncuacs 27/3/91 Biographical Postcard used for drawing of the Hulshorst camp 1949 with signatures on verso. location for the fieldwork of Tinbergen and his students for many years and 1949 was the year he moved to Oxford. Hulshorst had been the A.G1, A282 Drawings for Tinbergen's children's story The tale of John Stickle published by Methuen 1954. 2 folders. A.83-A.85 Stickleback drawings. 3 folders. A.86 -A.88 Miscellaneous figures. 3 folders. 'The creative process in science and - 17 May 1974. See Photographs Participants included Tinbergen, Sir Hans Krebs, Bryan Magee, Desmond Morris and Anthony Storr. also C.3/;,. C..98. "Konrad Lorenz with his goslings, Altenberg, Austria, summer 1937'. Symposium on medicine' organised by Boehringer Ingelheim at Schloss Photograph album. Kronberg, Taunus, 16 jist of sparticipants. 'Tinbergen Legacy' meeting, Oxford, 20 March 1990. Group photograph; N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 SECTION B RESEARCH Notes and notebooks Research folders Annotated publication Notes and notebooks Notebook used for field notes, 27 September 1928 - de Apr iden 9 30 . Notebook used for field notes, 10 April - 2 May 1930. 23 June 1931. 22 July 1930, Enclosures include 1931 19 December Notebook used for field notes, 23 December 1931 - 19 June 1932, 6 October 1933 - 1 July 1934. Notebook used for field notes, 6 July - £931: Enclosures include silhouettes of birds. Notebook used for field notes, 11 May - 18 January - membership card with photograph of Tinbergen. for ?fieldwork July and August of unidentified year. 3 and 16 March 1935, Notebook used for field notes. 12 February 1937 and 'Reis Amerika [ 13-26 July ]1938'. At the back are notes including bibliographical references (E Mayr)'. Notebook used at the front for field notes for July of unidentified year, 2pp only and at the back for accounts 1936 and 1937 'Non-ornithological Journals N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Research Notebook bibliographical reference 1929. used for notes on the literature, Notebook bibliographical reference 1931. used for notes on the literature, latest Notebooks used for records of L on sticklebacks, Leiden, April-June [ 71938 or 1939]. See, ad:so.Be25, B26. H Grutterink's research Pages torn from notebooks used for field notes on the wasp Philanthus and the hobby (falcon) in July and August of unidentified year. Tinbergen's tin box. at Hulshorst Found in Pages torn from notebooks used for field notes on the herring gull at Kelderspanberg, April - July 1935. Found in Tinbergen's tin box labelled 'Zilvermeeuw 19350. Pages torn from notebooks, notebook used for field notes on the herring gull at Kelderspanberg, May - July £936; Found in Tinbergen's tin box labelled 'Zilvermeeuw 1936 Booy en Tinbergen'. Pages torn from notebooks and three notebooks used for field notes at Altenberg, Austria, the family home of two cardboard cut- Konrad Lorenz, March - June 1937; outs used by Tinbergen in experimental work. Tinbergen's tin box. 'Visdieven'. Found in Pages torn from notebooks and eight notebooks used for field notes, Scoulton, Farnes, Ravenglass, Walney, 1952-72. Found in Tinbergen's tin box. Pages torn from notebooks used for field notes, various dates 1934-36. Found in Tinbergen's envelope inscribed N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Research Pages torn from notebooks used for field notes, Scolt Head, April - July 1951. envelope inscribed 'Notes Scolt Head 1951' "Blackheaded gulls'. and Found in Tinbergen's Pages torn from notebook used for field notes, Farnes, 23 April — 14 May 1955. Research folders B.20-B. 24 'Voortplanting Driedoornstekelbaars'. folder so inscribed: etc re stickleback research, various dates 1936-59. notes, experimental data, diagrams Contents of 19397, 1946, 1949, £938: 193652 1938" 1939 and nd. notes, data xe stickleback research so inscribed: 1938-39. "Stekelbaars Loes Grutterink'. See also B.10, B.1l. Contents of folder N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Research Bi27:,8-28 Be29—5 55 'Publicatie: Contents of folder so inscribed: etc. 1939-42. voortplantings ethologie stekelbaars'. notes, drafts, data Miscellaneous notes, bibliographical references, results. Some items dated 1939. Contents of envelope inscribed 'Verslagen Stekelsbaarsproeven le zeewater-zoetwater 2¢ laterale schilden Ingvar Kristensen'. Items dated 1941 and 1942. 3¢ schieten "Sci. notes, plans etc'. inscribed: matter etc. 1962-74. Contents of a folder so correspondence, notes, drafts, printed Relates to fieldwork in Cumbria at Ravenglass and Walney. £9 7/O= 7 ar. permit; ‘Joost Tinbergen - a suggestion Research programmes, 1962. Ravenglass permit, letter, 1966. Research programmes, correspondence etc., xe Ravenglass reserve, 1972-73. Correspondence; for a project in functional anatomy'; story outlines etc for oyster catcher film. Printed matter re Ravenglass and Walney reserves. Correspondence, outlines for television film of Tinbergen's team at Ravenglass and Walney etc., 1974. Miscellaneous undated items including correspondence, research notes and plan of Ravenglass reserve. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Research "Sheep dogs'. correspondence and research reports 1974, Contents of folder so inscribed: VOUS and nd. Notes on the literature 1950s. Miscellaneous notes and drafts. Annotated publication (Allen Lane 1968), Human Aggression by Anthony Storr heavily annotated by Tinbergen. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 SECTION C LECTURES, PUBLICATIONS AND BROADCASTS Cale. CE248 Cx. li— "6.109 Lectures Ce410"-1C. 234 Publications C2235: 35,.Ci248 Broadcasts LECTURES There are records of both Tinbergen's university teaching and his invitation and public lectures. material relates to Tinbergen's career at Oxford 1949-74, although Almost all the university teaching there are a few duplicated items relating to earlier ethology for the period covered and there are few fully prepared texts. There are, for example, the German texts of a lecture in students in October 1970. to Tinbergen's Oxford Inaugural Lecture March 1968 (A.48) and German sequence can, however, be supplemented by a little material relating practical work in the Leiden Zoological Laboratory. material documents the animal behaviour courses he taught to zoology The Oxford and psychology students, and, to the new Honour School of Human Scienceswhich admitted its first a separate sequence, his contributions There is a chronological sequence of Tinbergen's invitation and public lectures 1955-79, but this is by no means comprehensive even The Croonian Lecture 1972. (C.152-C.160) . delivered by Tinbergen in Oxford 1946, and of his Royal Society texts of a number of lectures prepared for publication in the 1970s N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts Tinbergen's lectures material is presented as follows: Cis =] G85 University teaching courses Cdn 1C 52 Animal behaviour and zoology C253: = 736.72 Human Sciences Cr73 > Ca85 Miscellaneous C#86 '— Ci1.09 Invitation and public lectures University teaching courses C.F ==6.52 Animal behaviour and zoology "Handleiding ethologie - Actiesystemen l. Geelgerande watertor - Dytiscus marginalis L. Third year ethology practical work Leiden Zoological Laboratory. 'Inleiding tot de ethologie zoals die op het practicum bedreven wordt', latest bibliographical reference 1939. A little early material on sticklebacks is in Dutch. divided into three for ease of reference, various dates 1946-73. - imago'. "Handleiding ethologie - Actiesystem 2. Driedoornige stekelbaars - Gasterosteus aculeatus L.' "Behaviour practical’. Contents of folder so inscribed N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts Cs] -=.Ce71 ‘Lectures advanced animal behaviour'. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into 15 for ease of reference, various dates, 1950-71. ‘Mollusca lectures'. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference, various dates, 1955-62. C324,/C225 "Ecology and distribution'. inscribed divided into two for ease of reference, ©. 57, . Contents of folder so Includes notes and drafts in Dutch. ‘Behaviour lectures'. Contents of folder so inscribed, 1957-65. Psychology prelims, behaviour etc. Tinbergen's folder, various dates, 1957-1970. Contents of Courses for psychologists, various dates, 1963-71. ‘Prelim. Animal Behaviour for Psychologists’. Contents of Tinbergen's folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference, various dates, 1961-65. Birds in depth course, 1967, 1968. ‘Advanced Class 1967'. Contents of folder so inscribed. C287 C229 Revision of Final Honours Course, 1962. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts Film seminars and extramurals. Contents of Tinbergen's folder divided into three for ease of reference, c.1969-74. References for Tinbergen's and R Dawkin's animal behaviour lectures, Michaelmas term, 1970. Quinquennial Application. Animal Behaviour from a Joint Committee of the Department of Zoology and Experimental Psychology. Supplementary statement on Autumn 1970. Relates to animal behaviour teaching and Tinbergen's retirement in 1974. ‘Animal behaviour. zoologists, numbered 1-16'. Summary lectures N.T. 1972 to Contents of Contents of folder Instructions so inscribed. "References lectures 1972'. Contents of folder so C402 462 45 "Lectures Mich[aelmas] '72 Zoologists'. "Literature notes for lectures 1972'. ‘Locomotory movements of the Earthworm'. inscribed divided into five for ease of reference. a folder so inscribed divided into six for ease of reference. for practical work, nd. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts Human Sciences. Papers "Honours course in human and social biology'. for preliminary discussion meetings, 1964 and nd found The original folder, which in folder so inscribed. is illustrated with Tinbergen's drawings of rabbits, gull's head, caterpillar etc, is retained here. 1969¢ L970 118 ‘Human Sciences Prelim - Animal Behaviour’. of folder so inscribed. 19 [Se 1972; Contents Animal Behaviour - Michaelmas Term 1973. Cs] =C. 10 8 lectures’. Contents of folder Includes material re Human Sciences Joint Nd. Consultative Committee. Human Sciences: References for lectures 1-6. "Human Sciences 1973 so inscribed divided into 14 for ease of reference. Contents of folder so inscribed. 1962,1963,1966. Special lectures' for non-biologists 1962. Brief correspondence only. Visiting lecturer 1962-63. Brief correspondence only. Miscellaneous. MTree LOM: N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts "Physiology of Animal Behaviour'. Outline of J WS Pringle's lectures, Tinbergen's ms notes. In original folder. 1962. Animal Behaviour Research Group. folder 1962 or later. Contents of Tinbergen's Includes posters illustrating Group's research work. Course in elementary German 1963. Animal Behaviour Research Group. May 1967. Notes for seminar on work on black-headed gull. Nd. Invitation and public lectures 3pp typescript. - a re-examination of the Bibliographical references. 6 folders. "Displacement activities problem', Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour symposium, Cambridge, July 1955. version. 24pp typescript of paper delivered at 'Princeton conference’, undated but latest bibliographical reference 1956. "Aggression and fear in the normal sexual behaviour of some. animals', Paris, February 1961. 'The comparative study of species - specific behaviour'. llpp typescript. Folder also contains French language N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts "Phylogenetic considerations'. 33pp typescript with ms inscription 'Contribution to an inter-disciplinary conference on "sex and behaviour" held in Berkeley in 1961 and 1962. psychologists, anthropologists and physiologists rather than for zoologists'. Written for "New work in Ravenglass', Robert [Hinde ]'s discussion group, Cambridge, 12 November 1962. 3pp typescript. ‘After-dinner speech Ethological Conference 1963'. 2pp typescript. Invitation, correspondence re arrangements. '25 Jahre Experientia', 2pp typescript. Ci93,Cs94 25pp photocopied typescript; "Oekologische Verhaltensforschung'. 20pp typescript entitled "Behaviour as equipment for survival', John Ray Society, February 1967. ‘Um weltbezogene Verhaltensanalyse - Tier und Mensch', celebration lecture on the occasion of Basel, 30 May 1969. See also C.158. Tinbergen delivered the Croonian Lecture of the Royal Society ini O fe « "References -— Croonian'. Contents of a folder so inscribed. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts ‘The social cat", lecture to visiting teachers, [Oxford ] analiy:,. 9/3 lp typescript. ‘Talk Waddenbijeenkomst over welvaart en welzijn'. 2 Maart 1974 Een bioloog 4pp typescript. Symposium on Kronberg, 16-17 May 1974. on ‘creative processes in science and medicine’. 'The creative process in science and medicine', Tinbergen spoke See also A.90. Duplicated proceedings; address. 2 folders. published version of Tinbergen's 2nd cross-cultural Nobel Symposium on Man, Environment and Resources, Stockholm, 16-20 September 1974. draft of memorandum by Tinbergen ms notes on proceedings. ‘Homo 12 October 1974. - Two 6pp typescript drafts; 2pp typescript abstract. proefkonijn der pheno-evolutie', Amsterdam, Brief correspondence re arrangements; memorandum Tinbergen was asked to write with reference to 2 drafts of Lecture on communication in animal behaviour studies, the programme as a whole; referring to the session on ‘The social and cultural environment'; 8pp typescript draft. Conference paper 'The human condition - "progress", or signs of disadaptation?'. June 1975. Correspondence re arrangements; programme; York, 28 January 1975. 2pp typescript. "deadly sins"; Cambridge, ‘N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts ‘Use and misuse in evolutionary perspective', Alexander Memorial Lecture, Royal Society of Medicine, November PO76: 5pp lecture notes and 14pp duplicated typescript; also Dutch language version of lecture. "Man - Guinea Pig of Evolution', Madison, 25 April 1978. 3pp «typescript ‘final’ draft'. "Seminar for Zoologists Madison: new field work', nd. 3pp typescript + lp ms. 4pp typescript. 2pp and 3pp typescripts; 1p ms. "Aggression in animals', nd. 2pp typescript. "Child behaviour in ecological context', seminar "Aggression and appeasement in animals', nd. for developmental group in psychology, 16 March 1979. 6pp typescript. "Biological aspects of predation', nd. 5pp typescript. ‘The biological study of animal behaviour', nd. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts "Ethology of scarecrows', nd. lp typescript. "Rxeter - Life of the Lion', nd. lp typescript. ‘London Ethology Seminar', nd. 3pp typescript. "Birkbeck (Film egg shell removal', nd. 2pp typescript. 3pp typescript. ‘Summary on social environment', nd. (or: ‘On living inside a bird watcher's hide "My hide is my castle")', nd. 6pp typescript. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 PUBLICATIONS Lectures, publications and broadcasts There are drafts of a number of Tinbergen's scientific papers, illustrative material and a little correspondence with publishers and editors. 1937-80 (only 3 items before 1960)which is followed by a number of The drafts are arranged in a chronological sequence undated drafts and shorter publications such as press articles, reviews, obituaries. Of particular interest are the 1937 paper (C.110) which is drafted on the back of instruction sheets for ethology practical work at Leiden, a paper on stickleback research (C.111) which may not have been published, the preface and chapter plans for an unpublished book 'Bird City' (C..133)"and draft chapters, correspondence etc., for an unpublished book on modern man's (C.141-C.146). were found with the illustrative material for The study of instinct , published after the move from Leiden to Oxford in 1949. disadaptation with his environment 'Man - Guinea Pig of Evolution' models used by Tinbergen in his research on the Grayling butterfly The illustrative material, principally photographs by Tinbergen and others and drawings and figures, relates to the books Tinbergen over many decades (C.234). A little correspondence with publishers and editors has been arranged It includes material relating a chronological sequence 1959-86. to the Dutch magazine De Levende Natuur for which Tinbergen wrote Experimental 1951 {C. 17o)< in N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts Tinbergen's publications material is presented as follows: Cl TEOp etal LS Drafts Colgo <2 Cr 232 Illustrative material C2238). 1 Cs234 Correspondence "Das Verhaltenssystem von Gasterosteus aculeatus'. Ms and typescript drafts on back of instruction sheets for ethology practical work. (with J einiger Verhaltensweisen von Gasterosteus aculeatus L.', Z.£.Tierpsychol., 1 (1937) ‘Eine reizbiologische Analyse Nd but may relate to paper J Ter Pelkwijk) Nd but reporting on work 1934-41, lépp typescript + references and lp summary in English. 'Physiologische Instinktforschung', Experimentia', 4 (1948). Ms and typescript drafts. 1946-47. 'The reproductive behaviour of the three-spined stickleback'. 12pp typescript dated October 1961. "van den Vos Reinaerde', De Levende Natuur, 63 (1960); "Speurzand'and 'Eidoppen zijn gevaarlik', De Levende Natuur, 64 (1961). Reprints only. 'Tracks in the sand'. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts "Egg shell removal by black-headed gull, Larus ridibundus'. 2pp typescript ‘abstract for "Ibis" of lecture N Tinbergen, Ann. Sci.Meeting B.O.U., 21st November 1961'. "Ringing in sea-bird colonies' Ringers' Bulletin, I (1961). (with I J Patterson), 2pp typescript; copy of vol.1, no.10 of the Bulletin. ‘yan Scholeksters en Mossellen' Natuur, 65 (1962). (with H Kruuk) De Levende 8pp typescript. The effects of experience on the M Paillette), (Larus l6pp typescript. correspondence; ms notes headed (with H Kruuk, M Paillette & R Stamm), 'Egg shell removal by the black-headed gull, ridibundus L.) response to colour.’ Bird Study, 9 (With H Kruuk & (1962) II. 16pp typescript; ‘1961 Hide observations about the distinction between egg and eggshell'. "How do black-headed gulls distinguish between eggs and egg-shells?' British Birds, 55 (1962). Foreword to book on fly behaviour by Dethier, 1962. Introduction to lst Annual of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, 1962. Foreword to "Bird" by Lois and Louis Darling, 1962. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts 'The evolution of animal communication - examination of methods', Symp. zool. Soc. Lond., 8 (1962). a critical 13pp typescript; proof; correspondence. "Foot-paddling in gulls', British Birds, 55 (1962). 5pp typescript; typescript) by M Rothschild 'Development of foot movements in black-headed gull (Larus ridibundus L.)'. draft paper (7pp correspondence; Letter, notes etc., re planned article on the fox. 1962. Letter, drafts of note for British Birds ‘Observation of the survival value of "playing dead".' 1962. C.i24 (C3125 Z. f£. Tierpsychol., Proof copy. 9pp typescript; figure; correspondence. A Bannerman ed. Birds of the British Isles, 5lpp typescript + references and German summary. 'On aims and methods of ethology', 20 (1963). ‘An introduction to the behaviour and displays of British gulls', in D XI (1963). 18pp duplicated typescript. catchers and their mussels submitted to British Birds, 1963. "Aggression and fear in the normal sexual behaviour of some animals', in of sexual deviation (1964). I Rose ed., The pathology and treatment Correspondence, summary etc., of paper on the oyster- N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts 'The evolution of signalling devices', in W Etkin ed., Social behaviour and organisation among vertebrates (1964). 37pp typescript etc. ‘Behavior and natural selection', in J Ideas in modern biology (1965). Proc. 16th Zool. Congr.Wash. See C.156. A Moore ed., Originally appeared in 3lpp typescript. 'Zo pienter als Kraaien - I'. 13pp and 15pp typescript drafts, nd but report on work 1952-65. of De Levende Natuur, 1966. 'Zo pienter als Kraaien - II'. 15pp typescript; ms and typescript notes, etc. "Bird City' - a case study of behavioural adaptedness'. Preface, chapter plans, nd, but drafted on back of pages ‘Adaptive features of the black-headed gull Larus ridibundus L' (with DW. Snow) ,. Proc. XIV. Int. Orn.Congr. ms notes. 'The future of the Walney Island Nature Reserve', South Walney Nature Reserve and Walney Bird Observatory Annval Report (1968). (1967). 25pp typescript draft. Copy of report; N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts ‘Clever gulls and dumb ethologists - or: The trackers tracked', Vogelwarte, 26:2 C9719): Proof copy; ms note headed 'Gulls and crabs'. ‘Visual cliff avoidance in chicks of the herring gull... and the British lesser black-backed gull...' by J M Tinbergen. Ms and typescript notes and drafts including 8pp typescript with ms’ inscription ‘(1st draft NT)', bibliographical reference 1972. latest nd Foreword to book on the Manyara elephants by I and O Douglas-Hamilton, 1974. ‘In de Hof van Eden'. ‘Onbehaaglijke co-existentie'. C.141-C.146 ‘Man - Guinea Pig of Evolution’. 8pp and 9pp typescript drafts, latest reference 1974. llpp typescript, submitted to De Levende Natuur, December 1974. and show how man might be re-adapted. Over a period of years Tinbergen came to feel uneasy about the way in which Western society was developing. He believed that mankind, because of population growth, technological development, increased demand for natural resources, pollution of the environment and psychosocial pressures was facing a crisis. process 'disadaptation' - man becoming increasingly unfitted to his environment - and he felt it his task, as a biologist, to draw attention to Tinbergen called this ‘the human predicament' N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts C.141-C.146 In June 1975, however, he wrote In 1974 Tinbergen began work on a book on this theme to be called 'Man - Guinea Pig of Evolution' and drafted four chapters. to the publisher George Allen & Unwin stating that this new work would have to be postponed so that he could devote the time to his and his wife's book on childhood autism. As an alternative he proposed to publish a 'bundle' of seven articles he had already written on the human predicament. This proposal was welcomed by George Allen & Unwin but in the event neither the entirely new book on the human predicament nor the collection of articles was published. The material presented here is principally draft chapters 'Man - Guinea Pig of Evolution', correspondence with for George Allen & Unwin 1975 and a little introductory material for the collection of articles also entitled "Man - Guinea Pig of Evolution'. shorter Chapter II Modern man. lépp typescript, etc. Chapter I The emergence of man. Draft forewords, chapter plans etc. 15pp typescript ‘copy - Jan 1975 - not polished'; ms and typescript notes and drafts. Tinbergen lectured on the human predicament on a number of See for example C.102 and C.104. occasions in the 1970s. typescript notes and drafts. l6pp ms draft; 8pp typescript draft, shorter ms and Chapter III Signs of disadaptation. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts Chapter IV What to do? 1Opp ms draft. Correspondence with George Allen & Unwin, 19755-% forewords etc for proposed collection of articles. drakt See also C.147. 'Time is running out' Tinbergen was approached in June 1975 on behalf of a study group at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to contribute to Nobel laureates on the human predicament. sent a contribution but reserved the copyright as he intended to publish the statement as part of a ‘bundle’ of reprints of his other papers on this subject. a proposed volume of opinions of Tinbergen "Ethology in a changing world’. 29pp typescript. reference 1975. Nd but latest bibliographical Correspondence 1975; 7pp typescript. Review of Animal Nature and Human Nature by W H Thorpel975. The papers are presented in chronological order. A selection of Tinbergen's scientific papers 1946-72, in German translations, prepared for volumes published by Zeitschrift fiir Tierpsychologie, 1977 or later. Foreword to Driver and Humphries' book on Protean behaviour ; letter from Oxford University Press, 1977. Review of Manwatching by D Morris; letter, 1977. C71 52-C2160 N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts Letter from Zeitschrift ftir Tierpsychologie, 1977; introductions to 'Teil III Laborversuche' and 'Teil IV Allgemeine Schriften'. Uber die Herkunft menschlicher Verhaltensweisen aus dem Tierreich', Oxford, 27 October 1946. 2lpp typescript "Stichlingsstacheln als Mittel der Feindabwehr' 37pp typescript. "Vergleichende Verhaltensbeobachtungen an Médwen.', 1959. See C.130. 88pp typsecript. 30pp typescript. l6pp typscript. 'Krahen Abstandhalten als Schultz vor Feinden', 1967. 'Funktionelle Wissenschaften vom Menschen', Royal Society, 18 May 1972. "'Natlurliche Auslese und Verhalten', International Zoological Congress, Washington DC, July 1964. 32pp typescript. "Vergleichend - ethologische Betrachtung des frtihkindlichen Autismus 1972 Ethologie und ihre Bedeutung fiir die The Croonian Lecture, See C.95. 42pp typescript. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts Unidentified. Typescript paginated 3-43. 'Ren Kraai is tenslotte toch maar en Kraai!' 2pp typescript dated 8 March 1979. ‘Happy moments with Bernard Kettlewell' 3pp typescript ‘sent off 23 June 1979'. 'Kokmeeuwen' . lopp typescript, covering letter 23 February 1980. "Vee in het vrije veld’. "Vossen en Konijnen'. 1980. ‘Our “eight deadly sins" - a different perspective’. 5pp typescript; Ravenglass. ms notes on foxes and rabbits at 6pp typescript submitted to De Levende Natuur, 25: Aprils 1980. 4pp typescript, nd. 18pp typescript 'essay'; ms notes, etc., nd. '‘Samen uit, samen thuis'. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts "Note about ethology section of general introduction?' as note or as part lp typescript, nd. For the Robert Hinde "Festschrift".' 2pp and lp ms, nd. 'The Ravenglass Peninsula’. lOpp photocopy, nd. "Ravenglass guide, not used’. Found in envelope inscribed Miscellaneous newspaper etc., articles by Tinbergen 1924-59, 1979 and nd. o15/0;, Car feb Reviews. 2 1/0 1938-60% 1961-75. Obituaries and tribute 1946, 2 folders. 'De verzoenende negaties. van het lachen en schouderophalen' by W van Dries. 6pp typescript re ethologists' contribution to the Een teleologische beschouwing 113pp typescript, nd. ‘Editorial. study of behaviour, nd. Cud74,, Gedei> N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts Illustrative material .176-C.186. The study of instinct, Clarendon Press Oxford, 1951. «4/6 List of: illustrations. 6177-Cs1:86. Oxford: Book”. drawings, figures, photographs, experimental models etc. 10 folders. Contents of folder so inscribed: .187-C.191 'Social behaviour in animals', Methuen, 1953. ~L87 Lists of plates, captions for figures etc. ~ 192 4 folders. .188-C.191 4 folders. -193-C.196 Drawings and figures. °192=C:902s The therring gulls world,:- Gollins, #1953. Drawings, figures, photographs, etc. List of contents, preface, captions for photographs; foreword to brief correspondence from Collins 1952; new edition 'OKed 19 March '76'. 4 folders. Bird life, Oxford University Press, 1954. Drawings, figures, photographs. -197-C.202 Photographs. 6 folders. .203-C.206 N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts Ci207-Ce2287/ Curious Naturalists, Country Life London, 1958. C. 207 ‘Cuma Nats text Tigs: . inscribed. Contents of folder so C.208-CaAde2 ‘Curious Naturalists’. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into five for ease of reference: numbered sequence (incomplete) of photographs used as illustrations. €.213-C. 216 "Penguin Cur. Nat. Section 1'. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference: photographs, drawings and figures. €-218-C.223 €.224-C.227 ‘Penguin Cur.Nat. Section 2'. so inscribed: photographs, drawings and figures. Contents of folder Contents of folder so Miscellaneous photographs found with Curious Naturalists material. 4 folders. The Animal. in its World, Allen & Unwin, 1972. "Penguin Cur. Nat. Section 3'. inscribed divided into six for ease of reference: photographs, drawings and figures. Photographs, drawings and figures. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts C.229-C.232 Miscellaneous illustrative material. CrZ29 "Material to choose from plates': shell removal, philanthus etc. graylings, egg Wasps. Sticklebacks, gulls etc. Correspondence C.233,C.234 1959 = (i. Miscellaneous shorter publications correspondence 1959-86. 1980-86 and nd. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 BROADCASTS Lectures, publications and broadcasts Although there is a little material relating to radio talks by Tinbergen, the bulk relates to television film documentaries: the 1969 Italia Prizewinner 'Signals for survival' and a ‘Behaviour and Survival'series shown on BBC television 1973. The substantial documentation for the ‘Behaviour and Survival' series reflects the complexities of television coproduction and multimedia publication. Three talks for the BBC radio Third Programme on ‘the: "courtship". of: animals".,. ind. 9pp typescript. 8pp typescript. 9pp typescript. 5pp typescript. ‘An explanatory theory of courtship’. ‘Fighting and threat as means of spacing out’. ‘The signalling function of courtship movements'. 1969 ‘On turning native', talk in the BBC radio 'Tuesday Talk' series, February 1961. C.237-C.240 ‘Signals for survival', BBC television film documentary, N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Lectures, publications and broadcasts "Signals for survival' was introduced and photographed by Tinbergen. Television 1969 (documentary category). The film won the Italia Prize for Seript.: C2238=Gr240 Correspondence re distribution of the film and publication of the text (with photographs and sketches) asvar book 1969271, 1973. 3 folders: Ce241=C. 247 ‘Behaviour and Survival' film series 1973. Time, Hamburg and the BBC. He made two of the Correspondence and papers 1969-73. 7 folders. See also B.31 13 films on animal Tinbergen supervised a series of behaviour which were coproduced by Windrose-Dumont- films himself, one on tracks and the other on the oystercatcher. The film series was broadcast in 1973 on BBC2 under the general title 'Their World'. Include contracts, and postproduction scripts for the films on tracks and the oystercatcher. for material re oystercatcher film. 1967, 1980-81, 1987. Miscellaneous shorter correspondence re broadcasts, N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 SECTION D AUTISM De > De. l96 Towards the end of Tinbergen's scientific career he became increasingly interested in human ethology. At this time he was approached by S J and C Hutt, then working at the Park Hospital for Children in Oxford, who asked for his help in their attempts to understand the serious mental disorder, early childhood autism. Tinbergen and his wife, who was very much an active partner and indeed initiator in this work, felt from their long experience of observing animal and human behaviour that autism ‘was a deviation from normal behavior development that was quite clearly an exaggeration of normal, anxious, apprehensive "social avoidance behavior", which is such an easily recognizable (and very useful) component of normal childhood behavior'. Dewsbury, D A (ed) Leaders in the study of animal behavior p.457. On his retirement in 1974 the Tinbergens collaborated on a decade long study of autism which, personal contacts. The material, which is very extensive, is presented as follows: they championed through a wide range of lectures, publications and by the application of ethological methods to child behaviour, led to a new theory of its nature and ontogeny and ultimately to a therapy which Case histories Correspondence Lectures and Publications Background material N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 CORRES PONDENCE Autism General correspondence 1970-88. 1970 1971 1979 Jan-Mar 1979 April-Dec LOdZ Jan-Sept 1980 1972 OCt=DEC 1973 Jan-Apr 1973 May-Dec 1981 Jan-June 1981 July,Aug 1981 Sept-—Dec 1974 Jan-June 1982 Jan-June 1974 July,Aug 1982 July-Oct 1976 1984 12985 1986 LO Td 1978 Jan-June 1974 Sept—Dec 1975 Jan 1975 May-—Dec 1975 Feb,Mar 1982 Nov,Dec 1983 Jan-Mar 1983 Sept,Oct 1987-88 1978 July-Dec N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Autism Correspondence with individuals J A Allan 1981-63 1986-88 P Elmhirst 1980-82. Includes text of lecture by Elmhirst Chapter outlines for book by Elmhirst; chapters 1 and 2, etc. drafts for B Hassenstein 1981-83, 1987 J Prekop 1981 1976-77, 1980 Theory and practice.’ Nd. "Holding therapy for autistic children. Includes English translation of article by Prekop 1982 Jan-June 1982 July—Dec 1983-85 N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3791 M G Welch 1978, 1980 1983-88 M Zappella LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS 1981-83 1985-87 and nd. A Tinbergen) in Advances in Ethology Suppl.10, "Early childhood autism - an ethological approach' (with E 1=—58sG1972).. expanded version of ‘Early childhood autism’. Contents of Tinbergen's folder so "Mother-Child'. inscribed divided into five for ease of reference. some guidelines for parents, educators and therapists'. Reviews; foreword to new edition July 1974; ‘Addendum - D.50-D.54 Ms notes, drafts, correspondence 1972-74 re proposed N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Autism "Autism etc lecture notes'. inscribed. Contents of folder so Notes, drafts, correspondence etc., re lectures LOPES) 3); "Ethology and Stress Diseases', Science 185, 20-27 (1974). Photocopy of published text only. ‘Autistic children - a reply to your request', Summer 1974. 8pp duplicated typescript. "Motivated conflict and stereotypies in autistic children’, nd--c. 1974. ms and typescript notes "Early childhood autism - York', Jan 3pp typescript lecture notes. ‘Early childhood Autism - Leeds', 10 February 1975. 14pp photocopied typescript; found with it. Oct.78'. 4pp typescript lecture notes with ms additions and corrections + lp typescript introduction headed 'Early childhood autism - new hope etc. 'The aetiology of childhood autism: (with E Tinbergens' theory: Psychological Medicine, 6, 545-549 (1976). a rejoinder' Typescript drafts; reprint. a criticism of the A Tinbergen), 3pp typescript lecture notes, etc. "Notes for Lindau lecture and later - 1978'. Seminar Dept. Psychology Oxford. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Autism "Meer hoop voor autistische kinderen en hun ouders', Vereniging ter Bevordering van Ortho-ogogische Aktiviteiten, 4 November 1978. 8pp typescript draft; same title for ‘Apeldoorn nov.78'. also 4pp typescript notes with 'An ethological approach to early childhood autism', February 1979. 8pp typescript. International Ethological Conference, 9 September 1980. lp typescript abstract only. ‘Autism', London, 21 February 1981. 4pp typescript lecture notes. 2pp typescript lecture notes; correspondence. also correspondence, newspaper cuttings. 'An effective therapy for childhood autism', Lindau, 1981. "Autisme - moet de schoenmaker altijd bij zijn leest blijven?' 6pp typescript article published in De Telegraaf, Amsterdam, August 1981; proposed interview for BBC radio. 'Rarly childhood autism', Ethology Congress, September 1981. "How can an autistic child be helped?', August 1981. 3pp typescript, lecture notes; ip ms notes; letter re 3pp typescript. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 3rd International Symposium on the Management of Stress, Tokyo, 15-18 November 1981. Ms notes for 'Stress lecture'; correspondence re arrangements, etc. abstract of paper; 'A ten years' study of early childhood autism and a new, successful therapy'. 15pp typescript 'text of lecture that was planned for 14 April 1982 for the Sociedad Espanola de Psicologia in Santiago de Compostela, Spain but not delivered’. D2 =p 10/ Autistic children new hope for a cure George Allen & Unwin, London, 1983. (with E A Tinbergen), Drafts March 1980. De /a, De7 2, D7 De 71-82 Typescript draft with ms additions and corrections. First page of chapter 2 dated Chapter 3 'Analysis of the autistic state page of chapter 3 dated March 1980. Title, dedication, contents, chapter 1 'Foreword', chapter 2 ‘Introduction’. 2 folders. Chapter 6 'To what extent can autistic children recover?' Chapter 5 ‘What makes children autistic?'. 2 folders. Chapter 4 ‘Analysis of the autistic state (2)'. 2 folders. (1)'. First 2 folders. N Tinbergen NCUACS3277 3/911. Autism Chapter 7 chapter 7 dated March 1980. 'Methodological comments'. First page of Chapter 9 caregivers’. 2 folders. 'Practical suggestions to parents and Additions to autism book November 1981, January 1982. Contents of folder so inscribed: "New Postscript’. material for new postscript and publicity leaflet; 14pp typescript 'Anleitung der Therapie durch das Festhalten Welch/Tinbergen' by J Prekop; 1983 with M G Welch. correspondence 50pp typescript draft 'V. First page dated January 1979 (crossed out) What makes children autistic?’ and March 1979. a preliminary clinical report Typescript draft paginated 56-101, nd. Relates to chapter 4 'Analysis of the autistic condition - the children's behaviour. ' ‘Early infantile autism: of a successful therapeutic approach', by Martha G Welch, 1978. See D.102 for draft of Appendix II by M Zappella. Welch's paper formed the basis for Appendix I of the Tinbergens'book on autistic children. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Autism Correspondence Correspondence with George Allen & Unwin (Publishers) Ltd 19:7/8=85% 1978-80 1981 Jan-June 1981 July-—Dec 1982 Jan-June D295-), 99 Foreign rights 1971, 1977-86. D.95 1972, 1977-78 : : é : 1982 July-—Dec 1983 1984-85 1982 ~LO1-—D-103 1980 Nov,Dec. D.96 1979 eps 1983-86 D.97 1980-81 Permissions 1979, 1981-83. Includes English version of ‘Treating autistic Correspondence with collaborators and colleagues 1980-83. 1982. TI8E. children in a community setting' by M Zappella (Appendix II of the Tinbergen book). N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Autism Miscellaneous 'List of names for copies of book", etc. Reviews. Transcript of BBC Radio Four programme 'Medicine Now', broadcast 7 and 9 January 1986. Includes discussion of the Tinbergens' views on autism in their book. Contributors include J Richer. Ms and typescript notes. 'In case circumstances would prevent me from completing our book on autism’. Include note of March 1980 D-1O8-D.:11 3 Autism paperback. It does not appear Contents of folder so "Autism paperback Foreword'. inscribed. After the publication of the 1983 book Tinbergen hoped to produce a practical guide for parents. to have been finished and was not published. ms notes. ‘Autism paperback inscribed. Plame Ch. t Contents of folder so 6pp typescript. 15pp typescript; N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Autism ‘Autism paperback anscribed- 8pp typescript. Z Contents of folder so ‘Autism paperback Contents of folder so inscribed. Ms notes only. D.1i2 Dei le Miscellaneous notes and drafts relating to a proposed guide for parents. 2 folders. "Foreword for Dr Martha Welch's book “Holding Time"' 1988. Ms drafts. The article had been submitted (with E A Tinbergen), nd. - "Early childhood autism and psychosocial stress', nd. Referees' reports only. to Science. "Social encounter in normal and autistic children ethological study' Miscellaneous ms and typescript notes and drafts. 28pp typescript. "How educable are autists?', nd. 24pp typescript, etc. Ms notes for autism talk, nd. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 BACKGROUND MATERIAL D. £20; 6, Ve. Papers re Family Tree pre-school assessment unit for autistic chitdren 19/5-7/ 7.2 2 folders. Papers re Manchester Trust and Centre for Educating Handicapped Children 1979-81. D.123-D.125 Newspaper cuttings. 3 folders. D.126-D.133 Miscellaneous printed and duplicated material. Some items annotated by Tinbergen. 8 folders. CASE HISTORIES D.134-D.196 63 folders. This material which is very extensive is subject to restriction. Unindexed. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 SECTION E CORRESPONDENCE GENERAL SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE In alphabetical order with an indication of information of particular biographical, historical or scientific interest. E.29 - E.43 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE In chronological order. INVITATIONS colleagues etc., declined by Tinbergen. Invitations to attend conferences, visit REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Correspondence GENERAL SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE Attenborough, D F Beach, FA Blumberg, B S Burkhardt, R 1979-80 1981,1986,1988 1978 1979,1981-83 Tinbergen's personal re history of ethology: history, the concept of the innate releasing mechanism, the role of Konrad Lorenz. Butenandt, A 1981-82 Dawkins, R Goodwin, D ‘not polished’. Falkus, H EL 1976,1980 Aggression in animals and Man re Dawkins's book The Selfish Gene. re use of Falkus's photographs to illustrate book on ‘Nature Detection". 1986 item from. Lady Huxley. Includes obituary by Tinbergen 1975, Hinde, R A Huxley, J S 1981 1968 ,1975,1986 N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Correspondence Koenig, O Leakey, R Aggression in Man. 1979,1988 Levi, L 1974-77 LOrenz,: Kee various dates 1961-88 Letter to Lorenz 31 January beginning ‘Ich habe 1961, sofort Deine Arbeit gelesen! unserem Leben sind wir wirklich verschiedener Meinung!' The letter, chiefly in English, relates to Tinbergen's disagreement with Lorenz over ‘innate' versus ‘environ- ment-—induced' behaviour. Und zum ersten Mal in 1965, 1970, nd. for The Times. Chiefly obituaries of Lorenz prepared Mayr, E B12, He13 1975-81. Gesellschaft‘. Includes correspondence re ‘Konrad Lorenz Lecture by Konrad Lorenz, 114pp typescript. 2 folders. ‘Innate Bases of Learning. Harvard 1 June 1967'. 1983-88. of Lorenz for the Tyler Prize for Ecology/Energy. 1963,1982-88 Bound illustrated brochure of vitae of Lorenz and B Lotsch, Austria's nominees for the Tyler Prize. Includes 1983 correspondence re nomination Ms drafts 'Fur Konrad Lorenz's Festschrift'. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Correspondence Medawar, P B Morris, D Nelson, B Bd 958. 20 Pioneer Health Centre 1974,1980,1988 1979,1981 1987 1977,1978 The Pioneer Health Centre, the Peckham Experiment, was established in the 1930s ‘as a laboratory for the investigation of human health' based on the idea of ‘human ethology’. The Centre closed in 1950 but in 1977 Tinbergen was invited to join a scientific advisory committee overseeing a new Centre to be opened in Fifeshire. Correspondence re Pioneer Health Centre. Background information. 1974 BoAl Copy of Lecture. Rose, J R 1975-86 E.2k, Ea22 Popper, KR re Popper's 1973 Herbert Spencer Lecture ‘The ration-— ality of scientific revolutions’. in Upper Teesdale. Rose's Ravenglass Reserve News Letters April 1975 - August 1982. Ms jottings; "Border.Collies' on use of collies as sheep-dogs 5pp typescript draft (in Dutch) Correspondence re Ravenglass Nature Reserve, Cumbria. BE.24, E.25 Not a complete sequence. N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Correspondence Scott,: 2M Southwood, T RE Storz.,. A 1986 ,1987 1980 1968 Tinbergen, J various dates 1973-88 Jan Tinbergen was Tinbergen's elder brother and winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics 1969. Verwey, J SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE 975 1972 1981 1982 1983 1966 ; : = : : 1947-67 1977-718 2971-74 1985-86 1968-70 1980 1987 1988 i. Nd N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 INVITATIONS Correspondence 1962-65 1966-67 1968 1969 : : 1970 1971 O72 5 pL 982 REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS soll : 1965-77 19/.7-80 N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ADVISORY CENTRE FOR EDUCATION AFMAN, G J AIGOUY, Jean ALDIS, Owen ALLAN, John A D3 25D 33 GEORGE ALLEN & UNWIN LIMITED C.146,D.88-D.94,D.100 - KENNETH ALLSOP MEMORIAL TRUST Es32 AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE E.46 AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY A.44,A.47,A.51 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ZOOLOGY AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL BAERENDS, Gerard P AUBERT, Alain ke 29 ANNETT, Marian ASCHOFF, Jurgen AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGISTS' UNION A.47 A.68 Be 32 E.41 AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION ATTENBOROUGH, Sir David (Frederick) BAERENDS, Jos Bea. See also C.243 N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 of correspondents BAHNEMANN, F BAILEY, William T BAKER, John L BAKKER, S P BALK-SMIT DUIJZENTKUNST, Frida BANNERMAN, David BARLOW, Wilfred BATESON, P P G Awol, A.o3 D.26 A.60 C.234 E.38 A.49 A.54-A.57,A.59,A.60 A.62,A.63 CrLO2 BATTINO, Rubin A.56,A.57 BECK, Henry BEEBE, William BEINTEMA, J J BENTLEY, S BERSON, Myer BEACH, Frank Ambrose BELGISCHE RADIO EN TELEVISIE C.28,D.25 BLUMBERG, Baruch Samuel BLURTON-JONES, N BETTENHAUSSEN, P J W BETTELHEIM, Bruno Deg; D222; Ds25 Be BLOHM, Helen N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Index of correspondents BONVENTRE, Peter F BREGER, Louis BRIDGEMAN, Bruce Be 56,A.58 i 7D. 3 BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE A-51 BRITISH BIRDS BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION BRITISH TRUST FOR ORNITHOLOGY BROBECK, John R Goi 21,,.C.123,, C 2h 27, C2918) @3238,/C.240;C.242-C-244 C.248,D.30,E. 36 E.48 E.29 BROUGHER, J W BRUGGER, Alois BURKHARDT, Richard B.2 As47,.E.3 A.49 BUCHHOLTZ, Christiane BUHRMANN, M Vera BYLES, Marie Beuzeville BUTENANDT, Adolf CAPLAN, CC BUXTON, John CAIN, Arthur James CAMPBELL, Bernard N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Index of correspondents CAPLAN, Deborah CARTER, J F CHAPMAN, David T CHAPPLE, Eliot D CHAUVIN, R CHESTER, Sir (Daniel) Norman CLARKE, John COLLINS PUBLISHERS COLLIS, GM COPELAND, James CORSON, Samuel A See D.103 COYNE, John J CRONHOLM, Borje CULLEN, J M CURIO, E COUNCIL OF EUROPE COMMONER, Barry DANSK ORNITHOLOGISK FORENING DALRYMPLE, Glenn V N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Index of correspondents DARLINGTON, Cyril Dean CG. 53 See also C.73 DAVIS, Donald R DAWKINS, Richard DAWSON, N de GROOT, R DEOM, J DESMEDT, J E DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER NATURFORSCHER LEOPOLDINA DeVORE, Irve DOMAN, Glenn DRIVER, Peter M EATON, Randall THE ECOLOGIST ECOLOGY PARTY DONNELLY, T Brooks DEWSBURY, Donald A A.59 EIBL-EIBESFELDT, Irenaus D.66,D.100,E. 36,E.40 AS A.68 Bo3u EISMA, M ELLIOTT, Gerald N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Index of correspondents ELMHIRST, Philippa ENCYCLOPEDIA HEBRAICA ENNION, Eric ETHOLOGISCHE GESELLSCHAFT EXLINE, Ralph V EXPERIENTIA EYER, Joe FALKLANDS PEACE ADVERTISEMENT FUND D.347D.35,D:4101,D-102 Aw Ce289),6. 242 A.51 E. 36 C93, B.38 FESTETICS, Antal FLYNN, John T FONDATION FRANQUI FERGUSON-LEES, I James FALKUS, Hugh Edward Lance Cell, Cel2? ,Co23;, €.127,E.48 B.354,C.433,h.5 See. also 58.31,C.238; C3239 D.50 BE56,A.57 See C.73 FOSS; Brian FONDATION ROYAUMONT FONDER, A C FORD, Edmund Brisco N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Index of correspondents FOWLES, John FRANCK, Dieter FUJII, Noriyuki GALUSHA, Joe GARLICK, David GARRIGUES, Pierre GELDER, MG GLASER, Edward M He 32 C.242-C.244 Da 5,,D-L/ B.55,6.00,8.33,5.34 A.57 GOLDACRE, R J GOMBRICH, Lisbeth GOODWIN, Derek GRAHAM, P J eS / EB. 36,8, 37 oS E.6 D.3S GOLDSMITH, Edward GOETHE, Friedrich GREBEN, Stanley E D-89;,D.96,D.97,D-99 D.103,E.29 See D.103 GUSTAFSSON, Bengt GRUEN, Arno D.20 N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Index of correspondents HAARTMAN, Lars V E.36,E.38 HABAKKUK, Sir John (Hrothgar) HAILMAN, Jack P HALE, Nathan Cabot HALLIDAY, Timothy R HALPERIN, Israel HANA, Kees HARRISON, Geoffrey E.40 A.60,A.61 E.40 E.41 HART, Paul J B HAVERSCHMIDT, F HEDIGER, H HOGERZEIL, J R HOPF, Sigrid E252 A.19 E.31,E.42 D297). 26 De-, Ds56 D3, 8538 HEMMINGER, Hansjoerig HASSENSTEIN, Bernhard HINDE, Robert Aubrey CLA02 (Bo HORROCKS, John E HOUBEN, Aerdt HOYT, «Erich HUBER, Franz N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Index of correspondents HUESSY, Hans R HUMPHREY, Nicholas HUTT, Corinne HUTT, S John HUXLEY, Sir Julian (Sorrell) HUXLEY, Juliette, Lady INGLIS, Brian INSTITUTE FOR A FUTURE D3 Fs 1227) 39D. 1 yeas Di D210, Di102 Dee je DalO3;f.a/ OVERSEAS ISAACS, Susanna JACOBS, Milton A JACQUES, Alain JENKINS, Rachel JESSEL, Camilla INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR RESEARCH ON AGGRESSION INTER-UNIVERSITY COUNCIL FOR HIGHER EDUCATION A.57-A.59 JONES, Frank Pierce JONES, Sir Brynmor N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Index of correspondents D-3,D.4,D.6 A.59 KAMP, LN J KAPLAN, Ida R KAY, James L KETTLEWELL, Henry Bernard Davis KNEIST, Glinther KOENIG, Otto KONINKLIJKE NEDERLANDSE AKADEMIE VAN WETENSCHAPPEN KONNER, Melvin KORENTAYER, Kolman KORTENDEVER, E J KREEGER, KRUUK, Hans KUMMER, Hans KOVACS, Forest M E.34 D.28 KRAMER, Douglas A LACK, David Lambert D.28,D.20;D2521,E, 42 LEGER, G PM LAKE DISTRICT NATURALISTS' TRUST A.48 A.62 E.9 LADD, Jean LEAKEY, Richard A 53,6218 A.47/,B.31-,B.33 N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Index of correspondents LEHRMAN, Daniel S E.29,E.44-E. 46 LELIJVELD, H DE LEVENDE NATUUR LEVI, Lennart LEVINE, Murray LEVINE, Peter LIS, Adam W LOEBENBERG, David Hao Os SO 7... 54: LOENEN, J HMM : A. 58,E.32 McANUFF, John McCREADY, Geraldine MACDONALD, Patrick J LOLAS, Fernando Da 2l, Ds 24;,D<103 LORENZ, Konrad Zacharias E.10-E.16 LUEKEN, B LUTZ, J A.47 D.3,D.4 McPHERSON, W MACMILLAN PUBLISHING CO., McGRAW-HILL BOOK COMPANY INC. A.8 McFARLAND, David G.233 C.238-C. 240,C.243,C.244 N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Index of correspondents Ag 55D Be. C7, See C.248,D.68 Aeo3 MAISEL, Edward MAKKINK, G Frans MANLEY, Gilbert H MANNING, Aubrey MANNING, Margaret MARCUS, Richard E MARTIN, Ronald MASON, Gwendoline B MAXSON, Stephen C MAX-PLANCK-—GESELLSCHAFT MAYER, Jane R MAYR, Ernst DlACE. Ls Be Sigs Oe He 15 E.41 MEARS, Donald B MICHAEL, Richard P MEYER-HOLZAPREL, Monika MEDAWAR, Sir Peter (Brian) MITTERAND, Francois MIKKELSEN, E MISLIN, H MEYERS, C J MITCHELL, C R MITTELSTAEDT, H N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 ¢ MOLIK, Petr MONOD, Jacques MOORE, Rita J MORRIS, Desmond MORRIS, Sean R MOTHES, Kurt MOYNAHAN, E J MULDER, Jaap L MULLER, Hubert Index of correspondents A.56 DOS. bBo. ee Sots 3, A.44,A.47 NELSON, Bryan NEUBERGER, Albert NEWBOLD, Heather NEWSOM, John NEY, Philip G NEDERLANDSE OMROEP STICHTING NEDERL. ORNITHOLOGISCHE VEREENIGING As53:,B.36 NICHOLS, David NILSSON, Sam NUFFIELD FOUNDATION N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Index of correspondents ODBERG, Frank Olof ODENT, Michel OFFERHAUS, M J OLIVER & BOYD LIMITED OXFORD SCIENTIFIC FILMS LIMITED OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS D.22 D.24 A.58 CE1L26 B27 6537 Cr 15076239 PALUMBO, Anthony J A.62 PAUL PAREY VERLAGSBUCHHANDLUNG D. 94,D.95-D.99,D.100 C.238,C.242-C.244 PEARSE, Innes H PENGUIN EDUCATION PARISH, Roger PARK, Thomas E.41 E.38 PAULING, Linus Carl PARSONS, Christopher PATTEN, John Haggitt Charles POPPER, Sir Karl (Raimund) PIONEER HEALTH CENTRE LIMITED A.59 Boo 220 PITMAN, Roger K PLUMMER, J P PIAGET, Jean PIERCE, Alexandra N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Index of correspondents PORTIELJE, AF J PREKOP, Jirina PRIEST HS Ac D.38-D.42,D.103 See also D.84 A.56 PRINGLE, John William Sutton Ae 53 ,/C.28,C230,F. 2075.45 PUSEY, Harold K See C.31 QUISPEL, A RAACKE, I Dorothea READ, Merrill S REYNOLDS, Vernon RICHER, John REMY, RH RENEN, Noam 3,0. 57D.6,D.'1, D210; 19 De 21 (0. 25.,D. 3, R231, hs 25-26 ROBINSON, Michael Hill ROBERTS, John Morris ROSE, Major J R (‘'Jimmy') ROEDER, Kenneth D Boe. 7 bh. 52 A.58 E.29 DLLO2 D.87D.9;,,D.18;D~26 RIMLAND, Bernard ROBINSON, James P N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Index of correspondents ROSE, Waltraut ROSENBLATT, Jay S ROTHSCHILD, the Hon. Miriam Louisa ROYAL COMMISSION FOR THE EXHIBITION OF 1851 A.50 RUTTENBERG, Bertram A RUTTER, Michael L SACHS, Lisbeth J SALOMON, Michel Di 4/7D a5 10) ak D7 A.5,E.36 SCIENCE SCORER, RS SELYE, Hans D5, D8 SAMS, Mona J SANUA, Victor D SASAKI, Masami SCHEINFELD, Dorothy DA D.14 A.58 SCOTT, Sir Peter (Markham) SCIENTISTS FOR SOVIET REFUSENIKS D. 102 SEVENSTER-BOL, Angela SELIGMAN, Martin E P Dsl eS D.69,. 32 SEDGWICK, Rae A.58 N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Index of correspondents SHACKLETON, Robert AL 53 A253,5.36,6.355 As5B SHAFFER, Lary C SHERMAN, Elaine SIPKES#: C SMITH, Cecilia SMITH, Peter K SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OF EVOLUTION SOUTHWOOD, Sir (Thomas) Richard (Edmund) SPARKS, John SPITZ, René A STEVENSON, D Lang STORR, Anthony Dei D.5 7D. 6 STROH, George SUTOO, Den'etsu SYKORA, C STENSRUD, Rockwell E.35-E,35 DO, D.24, Bo2e STRANSKY, Judith STAMM, Roger Alfred STICHTING TOEGEPASTE ECOLOGIE De 102,,D. 103 A.63 Boo C.234 TAGUCHI, Tsuneo DELS, D.23 ,Deody N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Index of correspondents TAL UGE, “ROGOLLO V TARNOW, David TATUM, Edward L ten HOUTEN, Hans THAMES & HUDSON LTD THOMAS, Harford THORPE, William Homan TILLEARD-COLE, Richard R TINBERGEN, Jaap TRIVERS, Robert TRUEX, C Richard TURNER, Edward TINBERGEN, Jan TIZARD, Jack UITGEVERIJ PLOEGSMA TOYAMA, Philip M UVNAS, Borje UTTENDORFER, N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Index of correspondents BEUSEKOM, G DEN BRANDE, Lieve DER STEEN, DIEREN, Wouter DOBBEN, W H GEUNS, Robert E LOHUIZEN, T LOOKEREN CAMPAGNE, G J VAN ROOM, Jos (see under BAERENDS) B20 ;AS2L D235 21 VOWLES, David M WARSHAWSKY, J WATSON, Beatrice WATSON, Thomas WALDON, Geoffrey VERWEY, Jan VICTOR, George G. 244-8. 31 C531: D216 pb. 20,D. 21. See also D.122 VOIGT, Jurgen WELCH, Bruce L WEATHERALL, Sir David John A.56,A.57 A.25 N Tinbergen NCUACS 27/3/91 Index of correspondents WELCH, Martha G WESTDEUTSCHER RUNDFUNK WHELDON, Sir Huw (Pyrs) WICKLER, Wolfgang WIJSENBEEK, H WILCOCK, Bruce WILLIAMS, Tim WILSON, Ellery Lewis WIND, J D.43-D.46,D.84,D.102 See also D.87,D.114 C.248 C.240 E.31,E.40 A.60 C.238,C.240 D:. 6; Dise/ WING, Lorna WOHLFARTH, E P YASUDA, Hajime ZACK, Sheldon WITCHALLS, James R C.242-C.244 Dot WORLDWATCH INSTITUTE WINDROSE-DUMONT-TIME ZEITSCHRIFT FUR TIERPSYCHOLOGIE ZEEMAN, Erik Christopher ZAPPELLA, Michele ZASLOW, Robert W A.58 D.47,D.48,D.102 De22,D223