THOMSON, Joseph John Supplementary Part 2 v1

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NATIONAL CATALOGUING UNIT FOR THE ARCHIVES OF CONTEMPORARY SCIENTISTS Second catalogue of the supplementary papers and correspondence of Sir Joseph John Thomson FRS (1856 - 1940) | NCUACS catalogue no. 117/3/03 by Simon Coleman and Peter Harper J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 Compiled by: Description level: Fonds Date of material: 1882-1949 Deposited in: Simon Coleman and Peter Harper Extent of material: 6 boxes, 128 items Second catalogue of supplementary papers and correspondence of Sir Joseph John Thomson FRS (1856-1940), physicist NCUACS catalogue no. 117/3/03 ©2003 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath. The Library, Trinity College Cambridge Reference code: GB 0016 J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists is supported by the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The British Computer Society The British Crystallographic Association The Geological Society Girton College Cambridge The Institute of Physics The Royal Society St John’s College Cambridge Trinity College Cambridge The Royal Society of Chemistry The Royal Astronomical Society The Wellcome Trust J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE ARCHIVIST TRINITY COLLEGE LIBRARY CAMBRIDGE J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.1-A.5 SECTION B FAMILY AND PERSONAL B.1-B.100 SECTION C CORRESPONDENCE C.1-C.22 SECTION D NON-TEXTUAL MATERIAL Dal INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received for cataloguing from Mr David Paget Thomson, grandson, in 2002. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF SIR JOSEPH JOHN THOMSON For an outline of Thomson’s career see NCUACS catalogue NCUACS 91/4/00. DESCRIPTION OF THE PAPERS The papers cover the period 1882-1949. They should be consulted in conjunction with those described in NCUACS catalogue 91/4/00. Section A, Biographical, includes letters from the King George VI's Private Secretary informing Thomson of the King’s wish to award him the Order of Merit. There are also press cuttings relating to Thomson and material concerning dinners and functions at Cambridge University. to 1914. There are a few letters, 1903, from Thomson to his wife. Section B, Family and personal, chiefly consists of correspondence sent to Thomson's wife, Rose, and to his brother Frederick. The former group of correspondence dates from 1882 to 1949 and Section C, Correspondence, is presented in two sequences: general correspondence to Thomson dating from 1886 to 1939 and correspondence in French with foreign scientists 1898-1926. The general correspondence is from various scientists, politicians and academics, a large part of it being letters of thanks for hospitality at Trinity College. The correspondence in French, of both Thomson Violet, and letters of thanks for hospitality at Trinity College from visiting academics, scientists, comprises letters to Lady Thomson from various members of her family, including her twin sister, politicians and others. The letters to Frederick Thomson are from Lady Thomson and date from 1906 Bath, February 2003 and his wife, is with a number of distinguished scientists, or their spouses, including Marie Curie, A.H. Section D, Non-text material, has one item only: a film of Thomson delivering a lecture in 1934. Becquerel and Paul Langevin. There is also an index of correspondents. Simon Coleman J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 Biographical SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL, A.1-A.5 1904-1942, nd Biographical notice. Offprint of a note in French on Thomson's life and work given the Académie des Sciences, 14 December 1942. Maurice de session Broglie by M. at of Receipt of the Order of Merit. 1912, March Letters to Thomson from the King's Private Secretary informing him of the King's decision to award him the Order of Merit and re arrangements for the conferment of the award. Press cuttings. 1930-1937 and Trinity material 1904-1937 Menus from relating to memorial services at Cambridge. functions College Miscellaneous material. 1904-1937, nd Most of the articles are about Thomson, or make mention of him. Included are reviews of his book Recollections and Reflections, London 1936. Miscellaneous papers re events and social functions at Cambridge. 1921, nd J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 Family and personal SECTION B FAMILY AND PERSONAL, B.1-B.100 1882-1949, nd B.1-B.98 Rose Elizabeth Thomson B.99,B.100 Frederick Vernon Thomson ROSE ELIZABETH THOMSON 1884-1949, nd Correspondence to Lady Thomson. An account book in her hand is included. B.1 Joseph John Thomson B.2-B.52 Other family and friends B.53-B.97 General correspondence B.98 Account book Other family and friends 1884-1949, nd to Lady Thomson arranged Joseph John Thomson 1903 May-June Correspondence chronologically. Letters to Lady Thomson from her husband while he was in the USA. 1896-1924, nd Included are letters from James Paget to ’Lydia’. Violet was Lady Thomson’s twin sister. Letters from Violet (‘Vie’) Roy Batty. 1896 April-July. 8 folders. 1882-1889. J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 Family and personal B.11-B.16 1898. Included at B.16 is a letter from ‘Agnes’. 6 folders. 1903, 1907. 1909. Included are two photographs inscribed on back in [?Violet’s] hand. 1916, 1917. 1912, 1914. Included is a letter to Lady Thomson's daughter, Joan. 1921-1923. 1919. daughter, Joan. Included Lady Thomson’s is a letter to J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 Family and personal Undated. B.28-B.29 Letters of condolence on Violet’s death. 2 folders. B.31-B.33 Letters from C. Maud Gadow. 1898-1908 Maud Gadow was Lady Thomson’s sister. Some letters are addressed to Lady Thomson and her sister Violet (’Vie’). 1898-1899. 1900, 1905. Ole; lost 1942. Includes a photograph [?0f Maud]. 1906-1909. F.V. Thomson was Lady Thomson’s brother-in-law. B.35-B.36 Letters from Frederick Thomson. 1906-1912 J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 Family and personal 1910;1912. B.38-B.41 Letters from James Batty. 1908-1942, nd J.H. Batty was Lady Thomson's brother-in-law. married her twin sister Violet in 1902. He B.38-B.39 1908, 1924-1926. 2 folders. 1927-1930. 1935, 1942, nd. B.42-B.44 1909-1921. a letter to Thomson from Henry L. 3 folders. 4 folders. B.45-B.48 1922-1935. Included at B.44 is Paget, Bishop of Chester. academics, public figures and a few members of Lady Included at B.50 are letters of condolence on the death of Lady Thomson’s daughter-in-law, Kathleen. of thanks for hospitality provided at Chiefly letters Trinity College. The correspondents include scientists, B.53-B.97 General correspondence B.49-B.52 1936-1949, nd. 1891-1949, nd J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 Family and personal Thomson's family. B.53-B.56 1891-1923. Included are letters by Louis de Broglie (B.53), Ernest Rutherford (B.53), A.E Housman (B.54) and C.G. Barkla (B.55). 4 folders. B.57-B.61 1924-1926. Included are letters by F.A. Lindemann (B.58), A.J. Balfour (B.58, B.59), A.E. Housman (B.58, B.59), 4th Baron and Stanley Baldwin (B.59). Rayleigh (B.58, B.61) 5 folders. B.62-B.65 1927-1929. 4 folders. 8 folders. 3rd Sir W.H. Bragg (B.73), B.66-B.73 Jeans (B.71), 1930-1932. Included is a letter by Louis de Broglie (B.63). Included are letters from Stanley Baldwin (B.67), 4th Baron Rayleigh (B.67), Max Planck (B.67, B.70), Sir J.H. A.E. Housman (B.73) and A.O. Rankine (B.73). 8 folders. Included are letters from Sir B.H. Liddell Hart (B.74), A.E. Housman (B.76, B.81, Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch (B.77), of Leicester (B.81) and Ernest de Earl Selincourt (B.81). 1933-1934. B.74-B.81 J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 Family and personal B.82-B.88 1935-1936. Included are letters from Walter de la Mare (B.82) and A.E. Housman (B.86). 7 folders. B.89-B.93 1937-1939. Included are letters from Arthur Quiller-Couch (B.90), and General (later Field Marshall) A.P. Wavell (B.93). 5 folders. B.94-B.97 1940-1942, 1949, nd. Included are letters from Sir W.L. and Lady Bragg (B.96). a 4pp draft, in Lady Thomson's hand, of a speech on the history of Trinity College. Included also at B.95 is 4 folders. Pocket account book In Lady Thomson’s hand. 1891-1902 B.99-B100 FREDERICK VERNON THOMSON 1906-1914, nd J.J. Thomson’s younger Frederick Thomson was brother. 1913, 1914, nd. Letters to Frederick from Lady Thomson. 1906-1908. J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 Correspondence SECTION C CORRESPONDENCE, C.1-C.22 1886-1930, nd C.1-C.17 General correspondence C.18-C.22 Letters from foreign scientists General correspondence 1886-1930, nd. fellow friends, Letters to Sir Joseph Thomson from various individuals, scientists, academics, public including figures and, occasionally family members. Many are letters of thanks for hospitality provided at Trinity College; matters some concern Trinity College business and connected with the scientific community. A few related papers are included. 1886-1910. are 5 folders. 3rd Baron letters from Rayleigh, 1913-1920. Included are letters from Sir Arthur Schuster (C.2-C.4), Sir J.G. Frazer (C.3, C.5), Walter Leaf (C.5), Sir F.W. Dyson (C.6) and A. Bonar Law (C.6). J.H. Included Poynting, Baron Kelvin of Largs, Sir Archibald Geikie and Sir William Crookes; and a manuscript poem entitled ’Sir Joseph Thomson and the lons’, dedicated to Thomson and signed 'H.D.E. [M.R.I.]’. 6 folders. 1921-1929. Included are letters from R.B. Haldane (C.7, C.10), Sir Stanley T.E. Thorpe (C.7), Baldwin Sir S.A. (C.8), Arrhenius (C.9). A.J. Henry Balfour (C.8, Newbolt C.10), (C.8) and J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 Correspondence C.13-C.16 1930-1939. Included are letters from Stanley Baldwin (C.13, C.16), Sir Richard Threlfall (C.13), Sir B.H. Liddell-Hart (C.14), Neville Chamberlain (C.14), Sir Anthony Eden (C.16) and Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch (C.16). 4 folders. Nd. Included is a letter from Sir Arthur Schuster. C.18-C.22 Letters from foreign scientists 1898-1914, 1926 Written to Thomson or Lady Thomson. are from letters spouses, Included family members, of some of the scientists. The correspondents include Henriette Perrin (C.18, C.19), Marie Curie (C.21), Paul Langevin (C.21, C.22). There are a few copies of replies by Thomson and Lady Thomson. or other The letters are in French and were found together. 5 folders. J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 Non-textual material SECTION D NON-TEXTUAL MATERIAL, D.1 Short film of Thomson delivering a lecture, 18 October 1934. Thomson’s lecture was on electrical and engineering developments and how they can be used for social ends. Duration is about 5 minutes. Gaumont British Industrial Film. J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 Index of correspondents INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ADRIAN, Edgar Douglas, 1st Baron Adrian of Cambridge AGATE, P.B. ALINGTON, Cyril Argentine ARRHENIUS, Svante August ASQUITH, Cyril, Baron Asquith of Bishopstone BACON, Leonard BALDWIN (née RIDSDALE), Lucy, Lady Baldwin BALDWIN, Stanley, 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley BALFOUR, Arthur James, 1st Earl of Balfour BALFOUR, Betty, Lady C.9 C.16 B.96 B.67 B.59, B.60, B.67, B.89, C.8, C.13, C.16 B.58, B.59, C.8, C.10 B.64, B.70, B.85, B.95 BARNES, A.C.T. BAYNES, Norman Hepburn B.95 C.11 C.14 BATTY, James Henry B.38-B.41, B.50, B.55 BARKER, Harley Granville BARKLA, Charles Glover B.91 B.69 B.55 C.9 B.68 BARRIE, Sir James Matthew BATTY (née BIRKMYRE), Mary BATTY (née PAGET), Violet Emma ROY- BALFOUR, Gerald Arthur James, 3rd Earl of Balfour B.71, 0.14 BIGGE, Arthur John, 1st Baron Stamfordham BECQUEREL, Antoine Henri BINGHAM, Sir Robert Worth B.93 C.20 C.20 BLUNDEN, Edmund Charles B.41, B.50, B.60 B.3-B.27 BECQUEREL, [?] BENIANS, Ernest Alfred J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 Index of correspondents BOSANQUET, Charles B.79, B.88, B.91 BOSCAWEN, Evelyn Hugh, 8th Viscount Falmouth B.71, B.94 BRAGG (née HOPKINSON), Alice Grace Jenney, Lady BRAGG, Sir William Henry BRAGG, Sir (William) Lawrence B.96 B.73 B.96 BROGLIE, Prince Louis-Victor Pierre Raymond de B.53, B.63, C.11 BRUCE, Charles Edward HOVELL-THURLOW-CUMMING- BRUCE, F. CUMMING- BUCHAN, John, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir BUCKLER, G.G. BUTLER (née TOWER), Dora Isolde, Lady Dunboyne CAMBRIDGE (née HUNT), Hilda Margaret PICKARD- B.84 B.93 B.77, 0.14 B.81 B.92 B.81 B.90, C.14 B.82, B.97 C10); C 1256715 CHAMBERS, Raymond Wilson CHAMBERLAIN, Anne CHAMBERLAIN, (Arthur) Neville CHAMBERLAIN, Austen CAVE, George, 1st Viscount Cave C.10 Cis B.59 C.14 CHAMBERLAIN, Sir Joseph [?Austen] CHALMERS, Robert, 1st Baron Northiam CAVENDISH, Edward William Spencer, 10th Duke of Devonshire CAVENDISH, Victor Christian William, 9th Duke of Devonshire B.90 CHARNWOOD, Godfrey Rathbone Benson, 1st Baron Charnwood CHARLTON, Lionel Evelyn Oswald B.65 B.85 B.81 B.87 CHARNOCK, [?] CHARNWOOD, Dorothea B.55, B.62 B.67 CHRISTIE, J.T. J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 Index of correspondents CHULA, Prince of Siam CHURCHILL, Margaret B.72 B.74 COKE, Thomas William, 3rd Earl of Leicester B.81, C.17 COKE, Thomas William, 4th Earl of Leicester COMPTON, Betty M. CaS B.82 CONWAY, William Martin, 1st Baron Conway of Allington B.71, B.73, B.80, B.87, C.15 CORBETT, Sir Julian Stafford COUCH, Sir Arthur Thomas QUILLER- CROOKES, Sir William CURIE, Marie DARLING, Charles John, 1st Baron Darling DARWIN, G. C.5 B.77, B.90 C.1 C21), .C:22 B59; C.17 B.28 DUDDEN, Homes DUNDAS, Robert Henry DYSON, Sir Frank Watson DARWIN, [?] H. DENNIS, Minnie Clark B.28 B.68 B.66 B.60 DEWAR, Helen Rose, Lady DUCKWORTH, Sir George Herbert DUKE, Henry Edward, 1st Baron Merrivale DUNDAS, Lawrence Aldred Mervyn, Earl of Ronaldshay B.84 FINLAY, William, Baron Finlay, 2nd Viscount of Nairn EDEN, Sir (Robert) Anthony, 1st Earl of Avon FARREN, Sir William Scott C.16 B.91 B.87 B.63 B.94 C.6 ELLINGTON, John [?] C. ELLIS, Wilfrid [?F.] P. B.97 B.65 B.96 J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 Index of correspondents FISHER, Herbert Albert Laurens FORTESCUE, [?] FRAZER, Sir James George FRAZER (née GROVE), Lilly FULLERTON, [?] GADOW, C. Maud GASELEE, Sir Stephen GEIKIE, Sir Archibald GIBBS, Walter Durant, 2nd Baron Hunsdon of Hunsdon GILSON, Robert Cary GLAISHER, John Whitbread Lee GLANERT, Hermann C.6 C.5 C:3;.C:5 B55)B.72 C.6 B.31-B.33 C.12 C.1 B.92 C.10 C.12 B57, B.64, B.78 GORDON, George Stuart GREY, Richard de HAMILTON, [?], Count HARDING, Hilda M. HALDANE, Elizabeth HALDANE, Graeme B.65, B.72 C.7, C.10 B.97 B.73 C.12 C.11 GUSTAV VI ADOLF, King of Sweden GRIMSTON (née BRABAZON), Violet, Lady Verulam HALDANE, Richard Burdon, 1st Viscount of Cloan B.65 HARDINGE, Charles, 1st Baron Hardinge of Penshurst HAWKE (née STEVENS), Winnifred, Lady HART, Sir Basil Henry LIDDELL- B.64 B.64 B.72 B.80 B.65, B.66, B.70 B.74, C.14 HARROD, Roy HAYWARD, [?Anna] J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 Index of correspondents HEAD, Sir Henry HEATH, J. [?L.] HORT (née BELL), Helen Francis, Lady HOUSMAN, Alfred Edward HOWARTH, Ellie K. HURST, Sir Cecil James Barrington INGRAM, Arthur Foley, WINNINGTON- IRONSIDE, William Edmund, 1st Baron Ironside of Archangel and of Ironside JACKSON, Henry JACKSON, Sir Louis Charles JAFFE, George C.5 C.5 B.61 B.54, B.58, B.59, B.73, B.76, B.81 B.48 B.84, B.85 B.58 C.17 KEILING, Keith Graham KIRK, Kenneth Escott JEANS, Sir James Hopwood JEBB, Sir Richard Claverhouse JIMENEZ, Natalia JONES, Gareth R.V. KERR, |. Graham KERR, Agnes LANG, Cosmo Gordon Lang, 1st Baron Lang of Lambeth KNOLLYS, Francis, 1st Baron of Caversham LABILLIERE, [?Ester Elizabeth] LABILLIERE, Paul Fulcrand Delacour de LAMB, [?] LANGEVIN, Jeanne Index of correspondents J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 LANGEVIN, Paul LARMOR,, Sir Joseph LAW, Andrew Bonar LEAF, Walter LINDEMANN, Frederick Alexander, Viscount Cherwell LODGE, Sir Oliver Joseph LONGMAN, Charles James LOWE, John C.21, C.22 B.89 C.6 C.5 B.58 B.60-B.62, C.10 C.9 B.94 LOWTHER, James William, 1st Viscount Ullswater B.65, B.81, C.11 LUDLAM, Ernest Bowman LUSK, S.H. LYMAN, Theodore C.9 B.75 B.80 LYNDSAY, David Alexander Edward, 27th Earl of Crawford LYS, Francis John B.70 B.74 B.63 McCARDIE, Sir Henry ?MacNAGHTON, Hugh McTAGGERT, Margaret MacCARTHY, Desmond B.66 B.64 C.9 MALLORY, G.H. LEIGH- LYTTON, Victor Alexander George Robert, 2nd Ear! of Lytton B.70 B.68, B.70, B.76, B.78, B.80, B.97 MARE (née INGPEN), Constance, Elfrida MILFORD HAVEN, Victoria, Lady MARIA LOUISE, Princess MARCONI, [?], Marchesa CrliZ C.8 B.83 B.83 B.57 MANSBRIDGE, Albert MARE, Walter de la B./5, B:76 J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 Index of correspondents MILNES, Robert Offley Ashburton CREWE-, 1st Marquess of Crewe B.78, C.8, C.12, C.13 MORISON, C.G.T. MURRAY, Andrew Graham, 1st Viscount Dunedin NEILL, Stephen NEWBOLT, Sir Henry John NICHOLSON, Harold NICHOLSON, William B.78 B.59 B.76 C.8 B.90 B.57 NORRIS, Francis Lushington B.58, B.69 PAGET, Arthur R. PAGET, Charles E. PAGET, Christabel M. B.45 B.42 B.30 B.29, B.34, B.39, B.40, B.45-B.47, B.50, B.51, B.52 PAGET, Harold E.G. PAGET, Elma K. PAGET, Ethel P. PAGET, Francis PAGET, Frida PAGET, Henry Luke B.37 B.49 B.50 B.44, B.52 B.49, B.52 PAGET, George Edmund PAGET (née FARDELL), Clara B.52 B.44, B.47, B.56, C.1, C.2 B.28, B.34, B.44, B.49, B.30 B.52 B.2 PAGET, Jean PAGET, Kate PAGET, Humphrey B.30, B.42 B.48, B.49 PAGET, Hilda M. PAGET, Mary Maud J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 Index of correspondents PAGET, Meyrick (brother of Lady Thomson) B.25, B.28,.B.37; B.42, B.44, B.45 PAGET, Meyrick Yare (nephew of Lady Paget) B.48, B.52 PAGET, Owen F. PAGET, Paul PAGET, Paul E. PAGET, Stella PAGET, Tolver PARCQ, Herbert du PARSONS, Katherine, Lady PEARSON, Alfred Chilton PEMBER,, Francis PERCIVAL, Sir Harold Franz Passawer B.2, B.30, B.34, B.42, B.43, B.47, B.48, B.51 B.29, B.37 B.45, B.49, B.62 B.43 B.50 B.90 B.66 C.9 B.61 B.79 PERRIN, Henriette RAYLEIGH, Kathleen PRZIBRAM, Hans PRZIBRAM, Karl PLANCK, Marga PLANCK, Max C.18, C.19 B.67 B.67, B.70 B.74, B.79 POYNTING, John Henry POLLOCK, Joan, Lady B.97 C.4 B.91 C.15 B.95 PYE, Sir David Randall POLLOCK, Ernest Murray, 1st Baron Hanworth of Hanworth Rayleigh RAYLEIGH, Robert John Strutt, 4th Baron Rayleigh See STRUTT, Robert John, 4th Baron RANDOLPH, John Hugh Granville RANKINE, Alexander Oliver B.63 B.73 B:55 Index of correspondents J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 REID, Edith Gittings RENDALL, [?Eric] ROBERTS, Bessie ROBERTS, Michael RUNCIMAN, Walter, 1st Viscount Runciman of Doxford B.43, B.46, B.48, B.51 C.7 B.95 B.96 B.84 RUTHERFORD, Ernest, Baron Rutherford of Nelson RUTHERFORD (née Newton), Mary G., Lady B.53, C.15 B.29, B.90 SANKEY, John, 1st Viscount Sankey B.72, C.13, C.14 SCHJOTH, Thora SCHUSTER, Sir Arthur SEELY, John Bernard SELINCOURT, Ernest de B57 C.2-C.4, C.17 B.54, B.87 B.81 SHAW, Sir (William) Napier B.85, C.13 SMITH, Sir George Adam SMITH, Constance Babington B.57, B.60, B.78 SMITH, Lilian Adam SMITH, Lucy Babington B.60, B.86, B.89, C.16 B.62, B.63, B.65, B.71 SMITH, Elizabeth Babington, Lady SINCLAIR, Henry John, 2nd Baron Pentland B.57, B.60, B.66, B.69, B.75, B.78, B.83, B.89 SINCLAIR (née Gordon), Marjorie, Lady Pentland C.1 STRUTT, John William, 3rd Baron Rayleigh SOMERVILLE, Sir Annesley Ashworth B.79 B.96 B.69 B.69 B.87 B.65 B.56 B.91 SMITH, Susan Babington SMITH, Margaret Babington STEWART, H.F. STRACHEY, Joan Pernel SMITH, Owen Hugh B.57, B.61, B.62 J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 Index of correspondents STRUTT, Robert John, 4th Baron Rayleigh B.58, B.61, B.67 STUDD, Alexandra, Lady ?SOUTER, John B. TAYLOR, Sedley TAYLOR, Sir William F. Kyffin TEMPLE, William THIRKELL, Angela THIRKILL, [?Sir Henry] THOMPSON, C[?atherine] THOMPSON, Mari B.58, B.64 B.73 B.53 B.79 Cal, B.72 C.5 B.86, B.97 B.73 THOMSON, Frederick Vernon B.35, B.36, B.99, B.100 THOMSON (later CHARNOCK), Joan Paget B.22, B.24 TREVELYAN, Janet TREVELYAN, S.M. VERNON, Frank V. C.1 Gi C.13 B.50 B.50 C.11 C.15 THRELFALL, Sir Richard THORPE, Sir (Thomas) Edward TREVELYAN, George Macauley THOMSON, William, 1st Baron Kelvin TRYON, George Clement, 1st Baron Tryon B.64 WARRINGTON, Thomas Rolls Warrington, 1st Baron Warrington of Clyffe WAVELL, Archibald Percival, 1st Earl Wavell WARD, John G. BARINGTON- VERNON, Roland Venables WEEKES, George Arthur B.84 B.87 B.75 B.64 B.93 J.J. Thomson NCUACS 117/3/03 Index of correspondents WELLS, [71.] WHITTAKER, John Macnaghton WHITTAKER, Stephen WHITE, Henry Julian WHITE, [?] H. WILBERFORCE, Lionel Robert WILLIAMS, John B. WILLIAMS, N.[?1.] WILLIAMS, [?] WILSON, Sir Henry Francis (‘Harry’) WINSTANLEY, Denys Arthur WOOD, Alexander WOOD, [?F.] Derwent B.58 B.77 B.82 B.70, B.72 B.88 B.88 B.92, B.93 B.76 B.87 B.68 B.94 B.74, B.94 B.54 WOODS, Frank Theodore WRIGHT, J.W. YOUNGHUSBAND, Eileen B.56, B.69 C.16 WRIGHT, [?Robert Alderson], Baron Wright B.81, B.85, B.86, B.89, B.90, B.91, B.92, C.10 B.56