THOMPSON, John Harold Crossley v2

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THE ROYAL SOCIETY THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Joint Committee on Scientific and Technological Records esac 34/11/75 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Papers of (1909 - 1975) JOHN HAROLD CROSSLEY THOMPSON Deposited in the Archives of Wadham College, Oxford Harriot Weiskittel Listed by Jeannine Alton JeH.C. Thompson ann 94/44/97 CSAG 34/11/ (5 Description of the collection The papers were received from Mrs. K. Thompson and cover the years 1927 — 1935. The collection consists of careful notes of lectures attended by JHCT as an undergraduate and graduate at Oxford. notebooks and Items 9 — 28 are loose sets of notes which were kept by JHCT in 3 indexed boxfiles. JHCT's hand with the exception of Items 7 ~ 8, with are 2 notebooks of lectures at Cambridge. an indistinct signature on the cover. Their provenance is not known; there is All items are manuscript and in Items 1 — 8 are Item 29 is a file containing a small amount of correspondence; see note on pages 3=4 of this handlist. Titles in inverted commas are those which appear on the manuscripts. Item 30 is a copy of the Wadham College Gazette containing tributes to J.H.C. Thompson, Summary of career 1936 = 75 1964 1909 1927 1934 b. Yorkshire New College, Oxford Pro~Vice—Chancellor, Oxford Research Fellow, Merton College Mathematics Tutor and Fellow, Wadham College (see Item 30 for additional biographical information) J.H.C. Thompson aA 5 / 7 CSA C 34/ 11/7 5 1.. Michaelmas Term Black loose-leaf notebook with first page labelled ‘Lecture Notes. Differential Calculus Analytical Geometry Theory of Rigid Dynamics J. Hodgkinson M.A. G.W. Hardy M.A. T.W. Chaundy M.A. J.W. Nicholson M.A. Convergence 1927. . 1927 (G.H. Hardy)