THOMPSON, John Harold Crossley

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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on the papers of JOHN HAROLD CROSSLEY THOMPSON (1909-1975) deposited in the archives of Wadham College, Oxford Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1HP 1976 Archives Centre (CSAC 34/11/75) y Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientific THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS All rights reserved THE ROYAL SOCIETY THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Joint Committee on Scientific and Technological Records csac 34/11/75 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Papers of (1909 - 1975) JOHN HAROLD CROSSLEY THOMPSON Deposited in the Archives of Wadham College, Oxford Harriot Weiskittel Listed by Jeannine Alton TH.O.T. 0.80A,0. 34/11/75 Description of the collection The papers were received from Mrs. K. Thompson and cover the years 1927 — 1935. The collection consists of careful notes of lectures attended by JHCT as an undergraduate and graduate at Oxford. notebooks and Items 9 — 28 are loose sets of notes which were kept by JHCT in 3 indexed boxfiles. JHCT's hand with the exception of Items 7 - 8, with are 2 notebooks of lectures at Cambridge. an indistinct signature on the cover. Their provenance is not known; there is All items are manuscript and in Items 1 — 8 are Item 29 is a file containing a small amount of correspondence; see note on pages 3-4 of this handlist. Titles in inverted commas are those which appear on the manuscripts. Item 30 is a copy of the Wadham College Gazette containing tributes to J.H.C. Thompson. Summary of career 1936 — 75 1964 1909 1927 1934 b. Yorkshire New College, Oxford Research Fellow, Merton College Pro—Vice-Chancellor, Oxford Mathematics Tutor and Fellow, Wadham College (see Item 30 for additional biographical information) JeH.C.T. C.S.AC. 34/11/75 Michaelmas Term Black loose-leaf notebook with first page labelled 'Lecture Notes. Differential Calculus Analytical Geometry Theory of Rigid Dynamics J. Hodgkinson M.A. G.W. Hardy M.A. T.W. Chaundy M.A. J.W. Nicholson M.A. Convergence 1927. 1927 (G.H. Hardy) oC 1 ak ae. dx © +X Dr. Poole ' Contents as described with the exception of the notes on Hodgkinson's lectures which had been removed by JHCT and kept separately. See Item 2. "Differential Calculus. lectures with a 1l-page index of contents. J. Hodgkinson M.A.' notes of A series of 3 blue notebooks on a lecture course by E.A. Milne on 'The Theory of Stellar Structure.' books are labelled I, II and III. The Blue notebook inscribed inside the front cover 'J.H.C. Thompson. October 1936' and on first page 'Cosmogony. fessor E.A. Milne' Theory of Rotating Systems. by Pro- Wadham College. Items 7 and 8 are 2 notebooks (not in JHCT's hand) on lectures given at Cambridge. i's 8. Mr. Mayall.' "Dynamics. 74 pp. C.H. Thompson M.A. Hilary Term 1928' "Integral Calculus. J. Hodgkinson M.A. (Jesus). C.H. Thompson M.A. (Queen's)* Inside front cover is annotated in Light blue notebook inscribed on cover 'Hydromechanics' andvon first page "Lent Term 1933. : Hydrodynamics. Mr. Pars.' "Dynamics of a Particle & Rigid Dynamics. (The Queen's). 75 pp. Black notebook inscribed on first page 'Dynamics II. Sidney Sussex. another hand ?perhaps JHCT 44+ pp. 'Differential Geometry. 35 Pp. "Conformal Representation. (New College)' "Solid Geometry. 1928' 82 pp. H.O. Newboult M.A. (Merton). 'Differential Equations. Dr. Poole’ 40 pp. E.G.C. Poole M.A.,D.Phil. T.W. Chaundy M.A. Christ Church’ Hilary Term' 63 pp. Trinity Term JeHeCoT. CoS.AC. 34/11/75 16. 17. 'Electrostatics and Magnetism. (pages are not numbered) F.B. Pidduck M.A.,D.Sc.' "Electromagnetic Theory. added later 'First 20 pages revised Jan. 6/30" File includes notes taken at an advanced class in electromag— netic theory. F.B. Pidduck M.A.,D.Sc.' with note 45 pp. ‘Atomic Structure. references on first page. 18 pp. F.B. Pidduck M.A.,D.Sc.' with list of "Elements of the Theory of Functions. of Pure Mathematics, A.L. Dixon M.A.' Waynfleet Professor 40 pp. ‘Analytical Statics. 1.0. Griffiths M.A. (B.N.C.) 13 pp. "Dynamics. A.E.H. Love M.A.,DSc." 71+ pp. 'Theory of Relativity. references on first page. 13 pps Professor Love' with list of "Love's Advanced Class' (perhaps on electricity). have been annotated and evaluated by JHCT at a later date. Notes "Thermodynamics. are missing, but other possibly later? material has been inserted in. their place.) Professor Milne' 108+ pp. (pages 72-79 Correspondence: Notes are entitled J.W. Nicholson, M.A. Balliol’ "Spherical Harmonics. 29 Pp. ‘'Lagrange's Eqns. of Motion,’ and (Examples are numbered 1 — 66) "Spherical Harmonics': notes on Chapters III-VI and VIII of book by Jeans. Notes annotated at a later date by JHCT. Miscellaneous notes and working papers. ‘Elliptic orbits,' ‘Examples. Jeans' Notes on lectures on Statistical Mechanics by E.A. Milne, first page beginning 'Statistical Mechanics of system governed by Hamilton's Eqn.' (pages are not numbered) suggests that he write to Tisdale after seeing Lennard—Jones. 2 autograph letters from E.A. Milne to JHCT dated 5 and 9 July 1934 re a visit from Dr. W.E. Tisdale of the Rockefeller Foundation who Yis full of plans of an at present undefined kind for securing men who would bring into biology not so much the specific technique of physics but the spirit, the discipline, the method of attack, of theoretical physics! '...the R. Foundation might devote its attention to providing opportunities for a wider, more theoretical yet still practical contact of men trained in math—phys. with biologists, with the hope of getting to a more intimate under— standing of the problems of living matter.’ Milne thinks that JHCT ‘would be a possible man for having a shot at this' and JeH.C.T. C.S.A.C. 34/11/75 29. continued 3 autograph letters from Moses Blackman to JHCT (one is dated 23/1/35, the other two are undated) re scientific matters, especially re ‘repulsive forces! 1 autograph note from 'C.H.T.' giving method of finding the principal axis of inertia of a body at any point (C8, Thompson) dated 13.3.35 Wadham College Gazette, Vo. 1, no. 2, containing tributes and appreciations by 5.N. Hampshire, Warden, A.F. Thompson and M. Be Powell