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CSAC 89/7/82 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology under the guidance of the Royal Society’s Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of SIR GORDON BRIMS BLACK McIVOR SUTHERLAND, FRS (1907 - 1980) Deposited in Cambridge University Library All rights reserved 1982 Compiled by: Jeannine Alton Julia Latham- Jackson G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THE COLLECTION IS YET AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE LIBRARIAN, UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, CAMBRIDGE. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIO GRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL SECTION B EARLY INFRARED RESEARCH SECTION C THE NATIONAL PHYSICAL LABORATORY SECTION D COMMITTEES, SOCIETIES, ORGANISATIONS D.1. =.D.58 SECTION E SECTION H H.1 -H.45 SECTION F VISITS AND CONFERENCES F.1 - F.48 SECTION G DRAFTS, LECTURES, PUBLICATIONS G.1 - G.65 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE EDUCATION AND SCIENCE POLICY E.1 - E.47 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The material was received from Lady Sutherland and from Professor N. Sheppard FRS who contributed some additional material, mainly correspondence received in con- nection with his Memoir of Sutherland for the Royal Society. SUMMARY OF THE CAREER OF SIR GORDON SUTHERLAND Gordon Brims Black Mclvor Sutherland was born in Caithness, Scotland, in 1907. He was educated at Morgan Academy, Dundee, and St. Andrews University from which he graduated with an M.A. in mathematics and B.Sc. in physics in 1929. The follow- ing two years were spent in Cambridge where he decided to abandon theoretical physics in favour of experimental work on infrared spectra, an interest which continued through- out his research career. During his second year at Cambridge Sutherland met D.M. Dennison and this Cambridge in autumn 1933. After obtaining his Ph.D. degree in 1934 Sutherland remained in Cambridge working first with W.G. Penney on the problem of the structure of the hydrogen peroxide molecule, and then with various research students including G.K.T. Conn, the study of infrared spectroscopy. He spent two years at Michigan, returning to M.M. Davies, E. Lee and C.K. Wu. During the Second World War he began by working for the Ministry of Supply on unexploded bombs but in 1941 he returned to the University of Michigan which was then the most advanced centre in the world for prompted him to apply for a Commonwealth Fund Fellowship to work under Dennison at The pressures of administrative Laboratory in succession to Sir Edward Bullard, where he remained until 1964 when he Cambridge to develop the use of infrared spectroscopy in the analysis of 'enemy' fuels on biophysical studies. In 1956 he was appointed as Director of the National Physical In 1949 Sutherland returned to the University of Michigan as Professor of Physics where he built up a successful infrared research group with a strong emphasis which his team undertook in collaboration with H.W. Thompson at Oxford. became Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 work at the NPL allowed little time for Sutherland to pursue his personal research interests, but his position as head of a large government laboratory and then of a Cambridge College encouraged a growing interest in the wider issues of science policy and education on which he wrote, lectured and chaired committees throughout the 1960s. He died in 1980, three years after his retirement from Emmanuel . DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The surviving papers provide some documentation for most aspects of Sutherland's career, apart from his two periods at the University of Michigan for which there is virtually nothing. For the 1930s there is extensive correspondence but no laboratory records, and the wartime period is enriched by a very full sequence of letters exchanged with H.W. Thompson, 1937 - 47. Section C contains some interesting papers relating to the NPL, and Section D, which documents Sutherland's involvement with various societies and organisations, has considerable material on the formation of the Inter- national Organisation for Pure and Applied Biophysics in which Sutherland played a major part. Section E contains correspondence on issues of science policy as well as Sutherland's own drafts and reports. |The correspondence in Section H dates mainly 28, 1982). in the form Bibliog ... . This refers to the list of publications included in the Memoir from Sutherland's period at the NPL, all earlier letters being in Section B. Some of Sutherland's ms. and typescript drafts are identified with a reference of Sutherland by N. Sheppard (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 LOCATIONS OF FURTHER MATERIAL Specimens and correspondence relating to Sutherland's work on diamond are held at the Institute of Geological Sciences (Geological Museum), South Kensington, London. Material relating to Sutherland's service on two Cambridge University Committees (Joint Committee on Student Numbers and Committee of the General Board on Long-Term Development) has been deposited in the University Archives, Cambridge . A little personal material is held by Lady Sutherland. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We are grateful to Lady Sutherland for making the papers available, and to Professor N. Sheppard FRS and Professor D.E. Blackwell for help and advice. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 SECTION A BIO GRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL _A.1 - A.53 A.1 -~A.6 BIO GRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIO GRAPHICAL A.7 -A.4l CAREER AND APPOINTMENTS A.42-A.53 MATERIAL RELATING TO ROYAL SOCIETY MEMOIR OF SUTHERLAND BIO GRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIO GRAPHICAL Obituaries and tributes. Obituary published in The Times, 28 June 1980. Copy of Emmanuel College Magazine containing tributes to Sutherland by 'D.G.T.WEilliamsJ' and 'B.A.TEhrushJ’'. Article by N. Kurti published in CODATA Newsletter, 22, June 1981. Notice of Memorial Service, 11 October 1980. Uncorrected proof of Royal Society Memoir by N. Sheppard (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 28, 1982). Correspondence assembled by Sheppard during the preparation of the Memoir is at A.42-A. 53. 8 pp. typescript draft of obituary by N. Sheppard for publication in European Spectroscopy News, with brief correspondence. graphical entries up to 1924 only. Sutherland's own ms. notes (16 pp.) describing his family background, education and research up to his move to the University of Michigan in 1949. in pencil and bears notes and annotations in pencil and red ink by N. Sheppard who quotes extensively from this account in his Memoir of Sutherland. Sutherland's Royal Society 'Green Book' containing bio- 'Notes for Autobiography for Royal Society’. The ms. is G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Biographical and personal Correspondence re award of Leverhulme Research Fellow- ship for visit to American laboratories specialising in infrared research, April-September 1939. For Sutherland's report on his tenure of the Leverhulme Fellowship see B.2. See also B.47. Correspondence with the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, mainly re grant for the employment of an assistant to enable Sutherland to continue researches on molecular structure by infrared spectra after his return from U.S.A. in October 1939. A.19 Correspondence re offers of various wartime posts. A.20-A. 27 Election to Fellowship of the Royal Society, 1949. Letters of congratulation, in alphabetical order. A-B C-D E-G T-W IIlegible and first name signatures; menu for celebration dinner, 22 March 1949. Correspondence re arrangements, letters of congratulation. 2 letters (both Sutherland's carbons) written in July 1956 on the eve of Sutherland's departure from the University of Michigan to become Director of the National Physical Laboratory. Award of honorary degree by the University of St. Andrews, 1958. For material relating to his appointment and resignation at the NPL see Section C. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Biographical and personal Knighthood, 1960. Brief correspondence re ceremony, grant of arms, etc. Miscellaneous awards and appointments, 1957-79. Governor of the London School of Economics, 1957-65. Corresponding Member of the Société Royale des Sciences de Liége, 1960. Trustee of University College (later Wolfson College), Cambridge, 1965. Member of Lawes Agricultural Trust Committee, 1965-79 (see A.47, A.48). Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, 1968. Foreign Honorary Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1968. Trustee of the National Gallery, 1971. (He was a Fellow for 6 months in 1972 - see Reunion in Honour of Sir Gordon and Lady Sutherland, held at Emmanuel College, 30 June 1977. Honorary Fellow, Wolfson College, Cambridge, 1977. Foreign Member, American Philosophical Society, 1977. President, Cambridge Philosophical Society, 1980. Member of the Advisory Committee for the Wolfson Cambridge Industrial Unit (letter of thanks on retirement, 1977). Correspondence with the Director of the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, California, re possibility of Sutherland spending a further period of study there. Introduction to Section E). SP VT Correspondence with D.A. Ramsay, November 1975-November 1976. event he was unable to attend. Ramsay suggested the idea of a reunion but in the The occasion was organised by D.M. Agar and N. Sheppard and much of the correspondence is conducted with them. Correspondence with N. Sheppard and D.M. Agar, January- G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Biographical and personal Correspondence with former students and colleagues re arrangements for the Reunion, May 1976-May 1977. Similar correspondence including letters of thanks, June-December 1977. Guest lists, table plans, circulars, etc. Drafts for speeches by Sutherland and N. Sheppard, photographs, signed menu. Letters received during illness, January-February 1979. Miscellaneous press-cuttings and memorabilia. A.42-A.53 MATERIAL RELATING TO ROYAL SOCIETY MEMOIR OF SUTHERLAND Correspondence with Lady Sutherland and with Sutherland's sister, Marjorie. Correspondence assembled by N. Sheppard during the preparation of his Memoir of Sutherland for the Royal Society. There is a copy of Sheppard's Memoir at A.2. Early typescript draft of part of the Memoir with a note by Sheppard 'contains some passages later deleted for lack of space’. Continued Correspondence with friends and colleagues in response to requests for reminiscences and information. betical order. Reminiscences of wartime work on hydrocarbons. Agar, D. M. Booth, G. He Campion, P. re NPL. In alpha- G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 A.45 (cont'd.) Biographical and personal Cass 6G, re Sutherland's membership of the Cambridge University Press Syndicate, 1965-78. Crane, H.R. Dainton, F. S2 Includes reminiscences of several periods of Sutherland's life. Darmon; 9. E. re wartime work on penicillin. Davies, M. M. Includes extensive reminiscences. Dennison, H. J. (Widow of D.M. Dennison). De Ramsay, Lord Pelloatt, fF... B: Fowden, L. Ditchburn, R. W. re multiplex spectroscopy . re Sutherland's work on diamond. re Sutherland's membership of the Lawes Agricultural Trust Committee. re work at NPL. re Sutherland's associations with Rothamsted Experi- mental Station. Freeman, R. Gebbie, H. A. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Biographical and personal Hurst, R. re Sutherland's work at the Ministry of Supply, 1939-42. Krimm, S. re Sutherland's second period at the University of Michigan. Kurti, N. Lee, E. Includes photocopies of 1939 letters and telegram from Sutherland to Lee; G. MacFarlane and C.K. Wu written after Sutherland's death. also of letters from Murray, R. re Sutherland's involvement with Cambridge University planning of student numbers. Mainly re NPL. Simpson, O. Thrush, B. = A. Pople, J. <: As re NPL. Pricé; We Go Pankhurst, R. = C. Mainly re wartime work on hydrocarbons. Uhlenbeck, G. re Sutherland's activities as Trustee of the National re Mastership of Emmanuel College. re University of Michigan and NPL. Thomson, G. Gallery. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Biographical and personal West, A. R. te wartime work on hydrocarbons. of wartime reports. Includes copies Whiffen, D. -H. Includes extensive notes on Sutherland's career, 1944-49, and at the NPL. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 SECTION B EARLY INFRARED RESEARCH B.1 - B.92 at 8.9 INFRARED RESEARCH IN THE 1930s Be = 8513 WARTIME WORK ON HYDROCARBONS B.14 - B.29 WARTIME WORK ON PENICILLIN Boe =-B.72 CORRESPONDENCE WITH FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES, 1933 - 47 0.73 ~B.91 CORRESPONDENCE WITH INDUSTRIAL FIRMS, 1932 - 42 8.72 POSTWAR WORK AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN This Section consists chiefly of correspondence and research material c.1931 - 48. Most of the correspondence was originally kept by Sutherland in 4 alphabetical box files and although it is not all 'scientific correspondence' in the strictest sense, it provides an interesting overall picture of Sutherland's career and research during this period. hydrocarbons and penicillin. in 1956. With the exception of Sutherland's Ph.D. thesis (B.1) there are no working Item B.92 is almost the only surviving material from Sutherland's second period at the University of Michigan after the Second World War. cf. A.28 papers or laboratory notes until the war time period. B.4 - B.29 contain working which contains carbon copies of 2 letters written immediately before his departure papers and reports by Sutherland and others documenting infrared investigations of tions during this period has been transferred to Section A. Correspondence documenting Sutherland's research grant and job applica- G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Early infrared research INFRARED RESEARCH IN THE 1930s 'The structure of simple polyatomic molecules from a study of their infra-red absorption and Raman spectra’. Sutherland's Cambridge Ph.D. thesis, 1934. Ms. and typescript drafts of research reports as follows: ‘Carnegie Report 1930-31' 'Final Report to Carnegie Trust October 1934! ‘Report on Tenure of Leverhulme Fellowship ... from Ist April 1939 to 30th September 1939! 2 pp. ms. ‘Notes on Heitler's Lecture May 18th' (n.d. but originally kept with 1934-35 correspondence) is also included in the folder. For correspondence re award of Carnegie and Leverhulme Fellowships see A.13, A.17. WARTIME WORK ON HYDROCARBONS The original drawn-out hydrocarbon spectra The original Envelope containing 'Card Index of Runs on Substances for Report I'. Correspondence re research grants for the purchase of materials and apparatus from the Chemical Society (1937) and the Van T'Hoff Fund (1938-39). Contents of a very delapidated folder labelled by N. Sheppard 'Wartime Enemy-Fuel Analysis by IR infrared]. measured by point by point recording’. folder is at B.7. See B.9 below. Bundle of records of hydrocarbon spectra with ms. note ‘Curves corresponding to some of those in Report no.X. M.A. [D.M. Agar] 15.8.77.'. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Early infrared research Bundle of similar material with note in the same hand 'This lot isa misc. collection of curves | found later’. Some printed matter is also included here. Further records of hydrocarbon spectra, many dated c.1941-43 in original folder. Spring-back binder with ms. note by N. Sheppard ‘Wartime Enemy-Fuel Analysis by Infrared. Some drawn out point-by-point spectra and early single beam continuously recorded spectra’. "Infra-red spectra of some pure hydrocarbons' by G.B.B.M. Sutherland and H.W. Thompson. Institute of Petroleum Research Committee, Hydrocarbon Research Group, Report No.X, January 1945. "Infra-red spectra of some pure hydrocarbons’ by Sutherland and others. Report No.II, February 1946. ‘Tabulation of the Physical Properties of Nineteen Classes of Hydrocarbons', by D.H. Peel. 1.C.1, Research Report, 18 March 1939. ‘Report ona Mission to the United States carried out for Ministry of Aircraft Production during August and September 1943 by G.B.B.M. Sutherland ... and H.W. Thompson ...'. Committee, Report VII. Copy no.92, allocated to D.M. Simpson (later D.M. Agar), one of Sutherland's main collaborators in the work on hydrocarbons. 'Pure Hydrocarbons for Spectrographic Problems', by D.H. Peel. Technical Advisory Committee, Spectrographic Sub- G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Early infrared research B.14-B.29 WARTIME WORK ON PENICILLIN B.14 Bundle of notes, diagrams, records of meetings and dis- cussions, all relating to work on penicillin, a few dated 1944, 1945. Similar bundle of papers relating to collaborative work with A.R. Todd, 1944-45. Miscellaneous smaller bundles and loose pages of similar material. 3 reports on penicillin work by A.R. Todd and others, 1945. The reports are numbered C.P.S. [Committee for Penicillin Synthesis] 389, 526, 544. Notes on reports on penicillin work from other labora- tories, 1944. 'Spectroscopic Measurements on the Structure of Penicillin carried out in Great Britain 1944-45', by H.W. Thompson. 35 pp. typescript. Cilio aes Earlier typescript drafts of C.P.S. 551. "Infra-red studies on penicillin and related compounds', by G.B.B.M. Sutherland and $.E. Darmon. 10 pp. duplicated typescript with 8 figures, 4 July 1945. 2 copies. 7 pp. ms. notes of discussions. Correspondence with firms and colleagues re supplies of penicillin and related compounds, June-August 1945, some conducted during Sutherland's visit to U.S.A. Some of the letters have ms. notes clipped to them and these have been left in place. ‘Meeting on Penicillin at Cornell Instit. 30th July 1945'. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Early infrared research "Infra-red studies on penicillin and related compounds. Final report', by G.B.B.M. Sutherland and S.E. Darmon. AO pp. typescript with 10 figures, 27 April 1946. CPS, 694. "Infra-red studies on penicillin and related compounds. Appendix to final report', by G.B.B.M. Sutherland and S.E. Darmon. Typescript 24 June 1946. draft and duplicated typescript final version, CP 6. 697. Contents of an envelope labelled ‘Penicillin. and Jottings’. Notes Ms. notes, data and diagrams, not all in Sutherland's hand. See also B.27. Reports and press-cuttings on penicillin, c. 1945-46. Miscellaneous material re penicillin including 1 p. ms. notes labelled 'Cook's Talk' and brief correspondence. CORRESPONDENCE WITH FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES, 1933-47 Ms. draft of C.P.S. 694, originally kept in the envelope at B.26 T. Personal and scientific correspondence including news of other St. Andrews, graduates and comments on the progress of Sutherland's career. Angus, W. R. 1933-34, 1939 B.30 Allen, H. 3. 1934-37 B.30-B.72 1939 correspondence is on mandelic acid. Astbury, W. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Early infrared research Barnes, R. B. Barnes, W. H. 1944 1933 Comments on paper by Sutherland on Raman effect at very low temperatures. Bartholome, E. Bauer, E. 1934 1938 Invitation to collaborate in the preparation of a definitive table of vibration frequencies. Bennett, G. M. Bowen, E. J. re proposed book on molecular spectroscopy . Bragg, W._ HH. Includes letter from W.H.J. Childs. Braga, ‘W.. 1. Cartwright, E. H. Ciaslé, A: Be. Brockway, L. O. Personal and scientific correspondence. 1940 correspondence is on experiments to investi- gate the ultra-violet absorption of wool and includes a note by W.C. Price. Personal and scientific correspondence. Chapman, F. Cont, a. RK, eke 1934-40 1942 1940, 1942 G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Early infrared research B.37, B.38 Corin, C. 1936-38 B.37 1936-37 Mainly arrangements for Corin to work with Sutherland in Cambridge, 1937. discussion of experiments to be conducted. Includes detailed 1938 Curtis; Wi>) £. Davies, M. M. On research planned and in progress, joint publications, etc. De Hemptinne, M. Dennison, D. M. 1938 Mostly undated, me Paeoe 1937, 1938 1933-34 On research in progress, drafts for publications, etc. 1938, 1940-41 Eucken, A. Ganj de le 1936, 1940 1937-44 1938 1933-34 1938 Fowler, R. H. Emeleus, H. J. Emeleus, K. G. On experimental methods and results, meetings, publications, etc. 1944 is re proposed work on diamond. 1935 Sutherland's letter of 21 August 1936, 1940, 1944 Hardy, J.-D, Fraser, R. Herzberg, G. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Early infrared research Hettner, G. Sutherland's ms. draft only. matics Gok. (Sutherland's carbon only). Jacquer, F. M. Jahn, H. A. Jones; Rix. Vi Jungers, J. C. Lederer, E. . L. Lee, E. 1936 1939 1934-35 1938 1937 1939-40 Mainly letters to Sutherland during his visit to U.S.A. in 1939 with extensive news of research and colleagues in Cambridge and comments on the international situation. There area few replies from Sutherland with news of his American visit. 1938 1936 1933 Lowery, H. Lowry, T. M. Mannebach, C. W. Linnett, J. W. Comments on draft papers by Sutherland and dis- cussion of future research plans. others in U.K. Arrangements to work with Sutherland - eventually curtailed to a brief visit to his laboratory and Migeotte, M. V. Menzies, A. C. n.d., 1938 1934 1937-38 G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Early infrared research Millikan, G. Mullikan, R. S. Nielsen, (Sutherland's carbon only). Partington, J. R. Penney, W. G. 1934 1942, 1943 1934, 1937-38, n.d. Extensive correspondence arising from paper by C.R. Bailey, published in the Transactions of the Faraday Society. and arrangements with the Editor of the Transactions to publish a reply to Bailey's paper. Includes letter from Bailey, 1937, 1938, n.d. Philpot, A. J. 1939 1938 1936-37 n.d. c.1944 Price; W. = C. Pirenne, M._ #H. Randall, J.T. Letter to W.L. Bragg re process of depositing non- reflecting films on glass. On fluorescence spectra. Includes 5 pp. ms. notes by Sutherland on points raised by Randall. 1934 Letters from Roy only, written from the University of Michigan following Sutherland's return to Cambridge, with news of friends and colleagues, research in progress, etc. 6.56), 8.57 Roy, A. Rawlins, F. 1933 1934-35 1944 1933-34 Reo,ila. Rees, A. 1933 G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Early infrared research Semmens, E. G. SIA Nes 1944 1931, n.d., 1943 Letters from Snow (Sutherland's replies have not survived) with detailed comments on his own and Sutherland's research. Includes Snow's draft for letter to be sent by Sutherland for publication in Nature on 'Raman Lines of Simple Polyatomic Mole- cules'. Taylor, M. Teller, E. B.61-B.66 Thompson, H. W. 1937 n.d. 1937-47 Extensive correspondence mainly documenting the wartime collaboration between Thompson at Oxford and Sutherland at Cambridge in the use of infrared spectroscopy to investigate the structure of 'enemy' |The exchanges include comments on draft fuels. reports, arrangements for meetings, Comparison of experimental results, etc. 1937-39, 1941 The wartime correspondence was originally contained in a single folder in reverse chronological order. It has now been split into several smaller units for ease of reference but the original folder with a summary by N. Sheppard of the main points of most of the letters is at B.61. 1934 Trivedi, S.A. Urey, eC. 1942 1943 1944 1945 Tolansky, S. 1937-42 1942 1937 1946-47 Vegard, L. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Early infrared research West, W. (Sutherland's carbon only). Williams, G. Wie Oe ae. Long letter written on his return to China and describing conditions at Tsinghua University. Wu, T-Y 1933, n.d., 1936 Includes draft typescript for submission to the Physical Review and 3 pp. ms. calculations. Shorter correspondence, mainly re exchanges of reprints but including some brief personal letters. Letters from research students and others seeking advice and information on careers, jobs, research grants, etc. Not indexed. Ilegible and first-name signatures. In alphabetical order, not indexed. B.73-B.91 CORRESPONDENCE WITH INDUSTRIAL FIRMS, 1932-42 te equipment and materials for Sutherland's infrared work. Many of the sequences include brochures and detailed quotations for items to be supplied. 1933-34 Automatic Coil Winder & Electrical Equipment Co, Ltd, (brochure only) 1934 1934, 1937 Baird & Tatlock (London) Ltd. R. & J. Beck Ltd., London F.E. Becker & Co., London Aldis Bros., Birmingham Edgar Allen & Co. Ltd., Sheffield G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Early infrared research Bellingham & Stanley Ltd., London 1933-37 British Oxygen Co. Ltd., Wembley British Resistor Co. Ltd., Manchester British Thomson-Houston Co. Ltd., Rugby Corning Glass Works, New York Cambridge Instrument Co. Ltd., London Chance Brothers and Co. Ltd., Birmingham Continental Express Ltd., London Coulson & Son Ltd., Cambridge Electric Wiring & Repair Co., Cambridge Ferranti Ltd., Hollinwood 1937 1938 1936 1939 1938 1936 1936-37 1934 1937 1936 W.G. Flaig & Sons Ltd., London Gregory, Bottley & Co., London Bernhard Halle Nachfl., Berlin 1934 1936, 1937 1936-38 1937-38 Glasco-Lampen- Gesellschaft, Berlin General Electric Co. Ltd., Wembley Thos. Firth & John Brown Ltd., Sheffield 1935, 1937 Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd., London Hanovia Chemical & Manufacturing Co., Igranic Electric Co. Ltd., Bedford 1938 1938 1937 1932 1939-42 1934, 1937 George lbberson & Co., Sheffield Gowllands Ltd., Croydon New Jersey Adam Hilger Ltd., London 1936 G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Early infrared research Import Duties Advisory Committee (includes correspondence with Customs and Excise) 1936-39 On importing of apparatus, etc. from abroad. India Rubber, Gutta Percha and Telegraph Works Co. Ltd., London James A. Jobling Ltd. Johnson & Phillips Ltd. A. Charles King Ltd., London P.J. Kipp & Zonen, Delft Kodak Ltd. G. Mainzer, London Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Co. Ltd., Manchester 1936 1937 1936 1940 1934 1934 1936-37 1935, 1937 1936 1934 1935 1936-37 Solus Electrical Co. Ltd., London National Glass Industry, London Quickfit & Quartz Ltd., Birmingham H.H. Sharland, H. Kemp, London 1934 United Kingdom Optical Co. Ltd., London Vereinigung Guttinger Werke, Gdttingen Unicam Instrument Co. Ltd., Cambridge Thermal Syndicate Ltd., London 1937 1942 1937 1937 1936 1942 1935 1936 James Swift & Son Ltd., London Townson & Mercer Ltd., London W.G. Pye & Co., Cambridge Rich & Bundy Ltd. Carl Zeiss (London) Ltd. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Early infrared research Miscellaneous ms. notes found with 1934-35 corres- pondence. Mainly notes of references, addresses of firms, etc. POSTWAR WORK AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN List of classified reports from Willow Run Research Center received by Sutherland, October 1953. In original folder. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 SECTION C THE NATIONAL PHYSICAL LABORATORY C.1 - C.52 C.1 -C.10 APPOINTMENT AND RESIGNATION Att eho INTERNAL ADMINISTRATION C.36-C.52 RELATIONS WITH THE ROYAL SOCIETY AND DSIR Sutherland was appointed as Director of the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in succession to E.C. Bullard in January 1956. He took up his appoint- ment in September of that year and remained in office until 1964 when he resigned in order to become Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. During Sutherland's Directorship the NPL underwent a period of growth and change. An increase in both staff and facilities was accompanied by the reorganisation of the Electricity, Metrology and Physics Divisions of the laboratory into Standards, Applied Physics and Basic Physics, by which he hoped to raise the calibre of fundamental research work at the NPL and attract staff of a higher quality than had previously been possible. and of the daily life of the NPL during this period. APPOINTMENT AND RESIGNATION The following papers illustrate some aspects of these administrative changes to discuss the appointment. Correspondence with the Secretary, Royal Society (D. Brunt), November-December 1955. with a letter from Brunt, Sutherland would like to be considered as a possible successor to E.C. Bullard as Director of the NPL. Correspondence with B. Lockspeiser (Secretary) and other members of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), November-December 1955. Includes arrangements for Sutherland to make a brief visit to England The correspondence opens 11 November, enquiring whether Letters from Bullard and his wife, November-December 1955. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 The National Physical Laboratory Further correspondence with DSIR, January-March 1956, re salary, conditions of appointment, etc. official letter of appointment, 27 January 1956. Includes Correspondence with H.W. Melville (Lockspeiser's successor as Secretary, DSIR), February-August 1956. Correspondence with Secretary, Royal Society, and others, February-October 1956, mainly re arrangements for furnishings, maintenance, etc. of the Director's house (Bushy House) and garden at NPL. Correspondence with DSIR and Ministry of Works re Bushy House (rent, maintenance, etc.), 1957-64. Official letter of resignation in order to take up appoint- ment as Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 20 May 1964. Brief correspondence arising, mainly re arrangements for various farewell parties, but including letter from B.F.J. Schonland re arrangements for appointment of Sutherland's successor . Special supplement of NPL News, November 1964, issued as a ‘Salute to Sir Gordon Sutherland’ on his departure from NPL. Correspondence with the Royal Society, DSIR and Ministry of Works, June 1964-May 1965, re arrangements for leaving Bushy House, etc. Establishments’ (see also C.23). correspondence from the Secretary and Superintendents of Divisions on various aspects of internal policy. C.23-C.28 contains material re conferences and symposia held at NPL during Sutherland's directorship, and this is followed by some more general administrative material. Correspondence with E.S. Hiscocks (Secretary, NPL), February-August 1956. for forthcoming symposium on 'The Direction of Research Includes discussion of arrangements INTERNAL ADMINISTRATION The following papers consist mainly of memoranda and G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 The National Physical Laboratory Ms. and typescript drafts for Report of the NPL Executive Committee for 1956, some in hand of E.S. Hiscocks. Sutherland's ms. notes for 'Superintendents Meeting Sept. 19th'L1956] with some additional notes and jottings on research, staff, etc. Memoranda sent to Sutherland by Superintendents of Divisions and the Secretary (E.S. Hiscocks), October-November 1956, outlining their problems and frustrations and setting out views on the future development of the NPL. Correspondence and ms. drafts re staff, grading of posts, etc., 1956-57 and n.d. of previous Directors re grading of senior posts in NPL. Includes copies of correspondence Further memoranda on staff complements, grading, etc., ¢.1957=58, 1963. Memoranda from Superintendents of Divisions, July- August 1957, commenting on proposal to create new post of Deputy Director of NPL. 'The Second Five Year Plan of the National Physical Laboratory (1959-64). The Director's Proposals’. Duplicated typescript, 4 November 1957, with 2 pp. background information. Memorandum by L.A. Sayce on the relationship of NRDC to research development in Light Division NPL, and brief correspondence on same subject with P.M.S. Blackett. American laboratories | have visited recently’. Contains correspondence with DSIR, NRDC and others, July-November 1961, re proposal to move a research team from Hinxton Hall (Tube Investments Research Laboratories) to NPL. 8 pp. letter from J. Pople, September 1962, beginning "You invited me to write about the conditions at NPL which I find unsatisfactory when compared with some of the Memoranda from Superintendents of Divisions and the Secretary (H.J. Hadow), December 1959, updating com- ments on problems and frustrations made in October 1956. Contents of folder labelled 'Two Phase Filamentary Materials' with note by N. Sheppard 'A significant historical file’. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 The National Physical Laboratory Conferences and symposia held at NPL, 1956-64. Symposium on 'The Direction of Research Eastablishments', 26-29 September 1956. Drafts and final version of programme, lists of participants, typescript of Sutherland's Opening Address, brief corres- pondence. Correspondence with E.S. Hiscocks on the organisation of the symposium is at C.11. Symposium on Vision, 23 September 1957. Typescript of Sutherland's opening remarks. Conference on 'The Control of Noise’, 26 June 1961. Typescript of opening speeches by Sutherland and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Science (D. Freeth). Machine Translation Conference, 5 September 1961. Ms. and typescript of Sutherland's opening remarks. Typescript of opening remarks by Sutherland and D. Freeth. Conference on 'Fundamental Problems of Low Pressure Measurements', 23-25 September 1964. International Conference on 'Wind Effects on Building and Structures', 26 June 1963. Typescript draft of opening speech by D. Freeth. Conference on 'The Accuracy of Industrial Measurements of Length and Diameter', 17 and 18 April 1962. Not indexed. Provisional programme, typescript of Sutherland's opening remarks. General administrative correspondence, 1957-61. In chronological order. Correspondence with colleagues re arrangements to visit NPL, 1957-61. Not indexed. Invitations to attend lectures, dinners, meetings, cere- monial and social occasions, 1957-61. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 The National Physical Laboratory Correspondence arising from requests by various scientific societies for Sutherland to lecture on the work of the NPL, 1957-58. Miscellaneous reports and circulars including report on visit by Sutherland to Post Office Engineering Research Station, Dollis Hill, 27 September 1957, and NPL Training Committee report to Director for year ending December 1959. Assorted issues of NPL News, 1958-64 and 1970, com- memorating various important events (Sutherland's knight- hood, award of FRS to J.A. Pople, etc.) Reports and memoranda by Superintendents and Secretary on various administrative matters, March-July 1964, and letter from J.V. Dunworth with news of the laboratory since Sutherland's departure, November 1964. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 The National Physical Laboratory C.36-C. 52 RELATIONS WITH THE ROYAL SOCIETY AND DSIR The question of the division of responsibility for the NPL between the Royal Society and DSIR was current through- out Sutherland's Directorship following the passing of the DSIR Act in August 1956 which eventually resulted in changes in the organisational structure of the NPL. Negotiations between DSIR and the Royal Society continued until 1963 when the report of the Committee of Enquiry into the Organisa- tion of Civil Science (the Trend Committee) suggested more far-reaching changes stemming from the proposed abolition of DSIR (see C.45 ff.). The following material includes reports, committee papers and correspondence documenting negotiations between the Royal Society, DSIR and others, 1956-64. C.36-C.42 Correspondence and papers on the relationship between DSIR, the Royal Society and the NPL, 1956-63. 1956 Duplicated typescript and printed version of report of Committee of Enquiry into the organisation and functioning of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. Includes further drafts of Brief correspondence and | probably made during the negotiations leading to his appoint- ment as Director, NPL, are also included in the folder. p. ms. notes by Sutherland, Includes discussion of proposal made at Special Meeting of DSIR Research Council, January 1957, to set up an ad hoc Committee to review the organisation and programme of work of the NPL, draft 'Note on the relation between the Royal Society and the National Physical Laboratory and D.S.I.R.' with additional comments by E.S. Hiscocks,and correspondence with H.W. Melville and W.G. Penney. revisions by others. Mainly papers for or arising from meeting held at the Royal Society, 30 October 1958. Sutherland's 'Note on the relation between the Royal Society, the National Physical Laboratory, and D.S.1.R.' Includes draft by Sutherland on 'The Scheme of Organisation of the National Physical Laboratory’ with comments and 1957 1958 1959 G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 The National Physical Laboratory 1960-61 1962 January-July 1963 'The Future Development of the National Physical Laboratory by the Director’. 14 pp. typescript draft with 2 appendices, 20 August 1963. Notes, drafts and correspondence assembled as background material to C.43. Correspondence and papers arising from the report of the Committee of Enquiry into the Organisation of Civil Science (the Trend report). Among other things the Trend Committee recommended the establishment of an Industrial Research and Development Authority to assume responsibility for research stations managed by DSIR, including the NPL. Includes 2 memoranda from Further correspondence and papers on the implications of the A copy of the Trend report with a few ms. notes and under- linings by Sutherland is also included in the folder. Comments on the Trend report from the Secretary, Superin- tendents and others within NPL. for meetings of committee set up to prepare Royal Papers Society's written evidence to the Trend Committee, November 1963- January 1964. Correspondence and comments on the Trend report exchanged with colleagues outside NPL. Sutherland, one for H.W. Melville (13 November 1963) and the other for the Secretary, Royal Society (sent 3 December 1963). Trend report, January-August 1964. Memorandum by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research on the Trend report, sent to Sutherland, 16 December 1963. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 C.50-C.52 Correspondence and papers relating to Royal Society Panel appointed to draft a paper on the future of the NPL, July- October 1964. July Includes drafts of government statements on the Trend report, papers for meeting at the Royal Society on 29 July, and ms. notes by Sutherland on conversations with M. Dean (Under-Secretary of State, Department of Education and Science). August-September Includes minutes and Sutherland's ms. notes of the meeting at the Royal Society on 29 July and a further meeting on 20 August. October Includes drafts and final version of paper on the future of the NPL sent to M. Dean by the President of the Royal Society on 22 October 1964. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 V/ SECTION D COMMITTEES, SOCIETIES, ORGANISATIONS _D.1 - D.58 The material is presented in alphabetical order and ranges from one or two letters about membership, meetings, etc. to correspondence and papers ranging over several years such as those relating to the foundation of the International Organisation for Pure and Applied Biophysics (IOPAB) in which Sutherland played an active part. He was also involved in the early days of the British Biophysical Society as a member of the steering committee and chaired the Royal Society exploratory committee leading to the formation of the British Acoustical Society. For material on work done by Sutherland for UNESCO, see F.36 - F.38, F.39 - F.43, F.44. ADVISORY BOARD ON RELATIONS WITH UNIVERSITIES 2 letters only re suitable dates for meetings. AMERICAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY BRITISH BIOPHYSICAL SOCIETY 1959-62 BRITISH ACOUSTICAL SOCIETY see D.50-D.54 The first moves towards the formation of a Bio- physical Society in Great Britain were made following an informal meeting convened by J.T. Randall in J.C. Kendrew's rooms in Peterhouse, Cambridge, 8 July 1959. Sutherland attended this initial meeting and took an active part in the foundation of the society, first as a member of a small Working Party set up by the Faraday Society and then as a member of the Steering Committee of the British Biophysical Society. 1960. The material consists mainly of committee papers documenting the formation of the Society, with some correspondence. Includes report on Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry and papers for meetings of the Steering Committee to December of Faraday Society Working Party 1959-60 G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Committees, societies, organisations 1961-62 Includes papers for meetings of the Steering Committee to 12 December 1961 (13th and last meeting) and letter of thanks to Sutherland for his service on the committee. CAMBRIDGE PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY 1934 Announcement of Sutherland's election as a Fellow. CHEMICAL SOCIETY 1936, 1937, 1941 Mainly re membership. COUNCIL FOR SCIENTIFIC POLICY See also G.31, H.3. Letters of appointment to membership of the Council for Scientific Policy from January 1965; with list of members; of membership in December 1967; of meetings. press notice letter of thanks on termination circulars re dates THE FARADAY SOCIETY 1934-45 1934, 1937-39 1940-45 Correspondence with members of CSP and other colleagues, 1966-68. Correspondence with the Secretary and Editor of the Transactions (G.S.W. Marlow), re papers submitted for publication by Sutherland and others, arrangements for meetings, etc. 1934 letter from H.W. Thompson re proposed Includes. meeting on Optical Methods of determining Molecular Structure, 1941. INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS G.B.B.M, Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Committees, societies, organisations D.10-D.12 INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC UNIONS. Committee on Data for Science and Technology [CODATA]. Memoranda and correspondence exchanged between members of CODATA, 1968-80. Sutherland was a member of the Bureau 1968-72 and U.K. Delegate 1978-80. 1968-70 1972-76 Includes ms. by Sutherland on the future of CODATA prepared for a discussion at Boulder, Colorado, 1 July 1976. 1978-80. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Committees, societies, organisations D.13-D.48 INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR PURE AND APPLIED BIOPHYSICS (IOPAB). 1959-62, 1964 At a meeting of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) in Rome in September 1957 an ad hoc committee consisting of Sutherland, R.H. Bolt and A. Joffe was appointed to look into the desirability of setting up a Commission on Biophysics. The committee recommended the holding of a small international conference on biophysics in order to bring together a representative selection of physicists and biologists and so allow a wider discussion of the necessity for an international organisation in bio- physics and the form it might take. Chairman of the Organising Committee of this conference which was held in Cambridge, July 1959. Sutherland was The plan- IOPAB was formed at the Stockholm conference on The following papers document the D.13-D.26 D,13 As a result of the Cambridge conference it was decided to hold an open international congress in Stockholm in 1961, to be preceded by a planning meeting attended by representatives of interested countries and international organisations. ning meeting was held in Amsterdam in July 1960, and it was decided to set up a small committee, with Sutherland as convenor, whose task would be to draw up a proposed constitution for an international organisation for bio- physics and investigate the relationship it should have with other international organisations. 2 August 1961 and Sutherland was elected Honorary Vice-President. events described above from the Cambridge conference to the end of 1962. national organisation for biophysics. Typescript copy of report of the Ad hoc Committee on Biophysics (Sutherland, Bolt and A. Joffe) to the Executive Committee of IUPAP, June 1958. Among other recommendations the report calls for IUPAP to sponsor an international conference on biophysics in 1959 or 1960. "Interim Conclusions on the Proposal to form a Biophysics Commission’. R.H. Bolt, to A.V. Hill. 19 May 1958, with letter from Sutherland 2 pp. typescript by Sutherland and International Biophysics Conference on 'Recent Contribu- tions of Physics to Biology', Cambridge, 6-9 July 1959. Correspondence with A. Engstrom, August-October 1958, re arrangements for conference and formation of inter- G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Committees, societies, organisations Minutes of meetings of the Organising Committee for the conference, November 1958-April 1959. (Sutherland was Chairman.) Correspondence re preliminary arrangements for the conference, November 1958-June 1959. D.16 D.17-D.20 Correspondence with the National Science Foundation re finance. Correspondence with participants, mainly re administra- tive arrangements, but including some scientific ex- changes. In alphabetical order. A-B C-G H-K L-W Correspondence with other international organisa- tions, May-July 1959. Ms. notes re financial and other arrangements, drafts of conference programme, lists of possible participants, etc. Ms. notes for Sutherland's address on 8 July, opening the 'General Discussion on whether there is need for an international organisation in Biophysics and, if so, what form it should take.' publication in both journals. Duplicated typescript of Sutherland's report on the conference to the Executive Committee of IUPAP, August 1959. Final version of programme and list of participants is also included in the folder. Correspondence with the Editors of Nature and Science. Includes 2 drafts of report on the conference for G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Committees, societies, organisations Correspondence re possible arrangements for publish- ing papers given at the conference. abandoned as impractical . (The idea was ) D.27-D.31 D.27 Requests from journals, information services, etc. for reports of proceedings or reprints of papers given. Not indexed. International Planning Meeting of Biophysicists at Amsterdam, 14-17 July 1960. Correspondence with A.K. Solomon, July 1959-July 1960, mainly re arrangements for the meeting in Amsterdam. Correspondence with J.A.V. Butler, J.C. Kendrew and J.T. Randall, re attendance at the Amsterdam meeting. Includes some correspondence with the Royal Society re travel grants. Correspondence with A.J.H. Vendrick (Secretary, Amsterdam Meeting), January-June 1960. Programme and list of participants; notes and drafts made during the meeting; photograph of delegates. Drafts of the Secretary's Report on the Meeting with correspondence arising. Correspondence, August 1960-July 1961, with members of committee appointed at the Amsterdam Meeting to draw up a constitution for an International Organisa- tion in Biophysics. (Sutherland was Convenor of the committee. ) K. Circulars from Sutherland to all members of the com- mittee and 2 drafts of the committee's 'Terms of Reference' are also included here. Rosenblith, W. A. Hercik, F. Lamerton, L. F. Rajewsky, B. Solomon, A. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Committees, societies, organisations Several drafts of 'Proposed Statutes of an International Organisation for Pure and Applied Biophysics’ . Several drafts of 'Enabling Resolutions for Inter- national Organization for Pure and Applied Biophysics’ . Correspondence from colleagues (non-committee members) commenting on the draft 'Statutes' and ‘Enabling Resolutions’ (in alphabetical order). Correspondence with representatives of the following international scientific unions, committees, etc. re the possibility of forming an international organisation for biophysics, August 1960-September 1961: International Council of Scientific Unions International Liaison Committee of Medical Physics International Union of Biochemistry International Union of Crystallography International Union of History and Philosophy of the Sciences International Union of Physiological Sciences International Biophysics Congress, Stockholm, 31 July- 4 August 1961. Folder also includes material re a visit by Sutherland to the ASEA Laboratories in Stockholm the day before the meeting. Correspondence re arrangements for Sutherland to attend a meeting of the Steering Committee for the Congress held in Stockholm, 28 October 1960. October 1960-June 1961. Correspondence with authors and others re papers to be presented at the Congress during the session chaired by Sutherland (on 'Emerging Techniques in Biology'). alphabetical order. Further correspondence re arrangements for the Congress, C-K L-T D.40, D.41 In G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 D.43 D.44 D.45-D.48 Committees, societies, organisations Conference programmes, circulars, ms. notes taken by Sutherland during the meeting. Correspondence re arrangements for publication of papers presented at the Congress. Correspondence with A.K. Solomon, Secretary-General of the International Organisation for Pure and Applied Biophysics, September 1961-October 1962 and 1964, documenting the final stages in the founding of IOPAB. Copies of correspondence exchanged between Solomon and others, sent to Sutherland for information, are also included in the sequence. September-December 1961 Includes correspondence with J.A.V. Butler on the formation of a (British) National Committee on Biophysics. January-February 1962 Includes draft article for Nature on the [OPAB and proofs of Sutherland's introduction to the published proceedings of the Swedish conference. March-May 1962 June-October 1962, 1964 Mainly re meeting of the Council of IOPAB in Vienna, 13 and 14 April 1962. Includes Sutherland's ms. notes taken at the meeting and draft report to the Royal Society. Mainly re IOPAB's relationship with other international organisations including the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU). letter of thanks from Solomon to Sutherland on Sutherland's retirement as Hon. Vice-President of IOPAB. Announcement of election as Fellow. Also included here is typescript of President's report to IOPAB council, June 1964. NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR CIVIL LIBERTIES JUNIOR MOUNTAINEERING CLUB OF SCOTLAND 1933-34 Notices of meetings. from the Scottish Ski Club is also included here. A letter and application form 1964 correspondence is a OPTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA 1938 1959 G,B.B.M.,. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Committees, societies, organisations D.50-D.57 ROYAL SOCIETY See also C.1-C.10 passim, C.36-C.52 passim, E.1, 6.24 Ad hoc exploratory committee on the formation of a British Acoustical Society. Sutherland was Chairman. Correspondence with A.J. King, E.J. Richards and others, August-December 1963, re preliminary moves towards the formation of a British Acoustical Society. Meeting to consider the formation of an acoustical society in the U.K. held in the Royal Society, 26 February 1964, with Sutherland in the Chair. Correspondence, Sutherland's ms. notes, draft minutes of meeting. Correspondence and papers, March 1964-January 1965. Includes arrangements for meeting at the Royal Society, 20 April 1964, and report of the steering committee set up to draft a constitution and By-Laws for the proposed new society. Correspondence and papers, April-November 1965, 1966. Correspondence and papers, December 1964-March 1965. Includes arrangements for 2 meetings of the ad hoc com- mittee and letter of thanks to Sutherland from the Chairman of the newly-formed British Acoustical Society, 26 March 1965. September 1979. Ad hoc working group to consider the Royal Society's future contributions to the Jungfraujoch and Gornergrat High Alpine Research Stations. Sutherland was a member. Brief correspondence and committee papers, typescript report by Sutherland on visit to Jungfraujoch and Gornergrat to attend Board Meeting on 14 and 15 G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Committees, societies, organisations British National Committee on Data for Science and Technology 1966-78 This committee was set up in 1966 to liaise with the ICSU Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) (q.v.). Sutherland was the first Chairman and also served as the official U.K. delegate to CODATA. The material consists of brief correspondence and committee papers with ms. notes by Sutherland. Arrangements for visit to Cambridge of Chinese delega- tion visiting U.K. at the invitation of the Royal Society, October 1972. ROYAL SOCIETY CLUB 1958 Brief correspondence re election to membership. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 SECTION E EDUCATION AND SCIENCE POLICY _ E.1 - E.47 Esl = £.16 THE BRAIN DRAIN E.17- E.34 ROYAL SOCIETY FOR TECHNOLOGISTS E.35- E.42 UNIVERSITY EXPANSION AND RELATED TOPICS E.43 - E.47 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE In 1962 Sutherland was appointed as Chairman of an ad hoc Committee of the Royal Society to collect information on the emigration of scientists from the United Kingdom. The Committee published its report in 1963 (see E.1) but Sutherland retained a keen interest in the problem throughout the 1960s, lecturing, publishing (e.g. Bibliog. 149) and corresponding with colleagues (see E.12 - E.16). In 1963 a letter from Sutherland to The Guardian advocating the foundation of Esar,.b.o0), After his move to Cambridge Sutherland became directly involved in problems of university expansion with particular reference to university science departments. He served on two major Cambridge University committees (Joint Committee on Student 'A Royal Society for Technologists! provoked a considerable correspondence and contributed to the Royal Society's decision to increase the number of Fellows elected each year in an attempt to broaden the basis of the Fellowship. Sutherland's preoccupation with the status of the engineer or 'technologist' was shared by many colleagues, notably Sir Harold Hartley and M.W. Thring with whom he corresponded extensively on the subject for several years. (See E.25, related correspondence is preserved at E.39 - E.42. The results of this investigation were published in Minerva (Bibliog. 160) and the papers for which have been passed to Cambridge University Archives (but see G.45). and in 1972 he spent six months at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral He also wrote a review of the Deer report on Cambridge University science (E.35) Numbers and Committee of the General Board on Long-Term development) the Sciences, Stanford, conducting an investigation into the optimum size for a university. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Education and science policy THE BRAIN DRAIN ‘Emigration of Scientists from the United Kingdom. Report of a Committee appointed by the Council of the Royal Society', February 1963. Printed copy (Bibliog. 137). Sutherland was Chairman of the Committee. See also H.33. 'The Brain Drain'. Migration of the Committee on Manpower Resources for Science and Technology, October 1967. Report of the Working Group on Printed copy. Sutherland was a Member of the Working Group. 'The Brain Drain'. 1967 (Bibliog. 149). Article published in Political Quarterly, Ms. notes, typescript draft, correspondence with the Editor and others. Correspondence re arrangements, press-cuttings. "Some Aspects of the U.S.A. Today'. the Royal Society of Arts, 30 January 1967 (Bibliog. 150). Cantor Lecture to Programme, list of participants, correspondence with organisers, ms. notes and typescript summary of Sutherland's paper, notes taken during the Symposium, printed report. 'The Brain Drain. Magnitude and Causes'. Contribution to Symposium on ‘Aspects of the Brain Drain’ organised by the Association of Scientific Workers, Birkbeck College, 10 May 1967. 'The Brain Drain Problem. Counter-measures'. ence (see F.34, F.35) and scheduled for publication in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists but in the event they were unable to find space for it. Correspondence with J. Rotblat and editorial staff of Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists; typescript of paper. Causes, Magnitude and Possible Paper presented at 17th Pugwash Confer- Script of B.B.C. interview on the Brain Drain, 10 May 1967. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Education and science policy Conference on the International Migration of Talent, Ditchley Park, Oxon., 16-19 February 1968. List of participants, reports of Discussion Groups, printed account of the conference. 'The Migration of Scientists’. Association Meeting, Dundee, August 1968 (Bibliog. 153). Paper given at British Offprint of Sutherland's paper, press reports of the Meeting. E.10 E.T] Miscellaneous reports and printed matter, mostly with annotations by Sutherland. Miscellaneous press-cuttings on the brain drain assembled by Sutherland. Ev t2-€.16 Correspondence, in alphabetical order. Ewt2 Bowden, B. V. 1967 Enclosing information on brain drain problem in countries other than Britain. Edwards, A. Lonsdale, K. Williams, S. Payne, G. L. Nierenberg, W. A. re ways of reducing the brain drain. re proposed B.B.C. 'Horizon' programme. Enclosing OECD reports on the international move- ment of scientific and technical manpower. indexed. Includes proposal for establishment of a Science and Technology Register to encourage liaison between industry and Ph.D. students. Letters from members of the public, 1967-68. Not Ward, W. H. 1968 1965 1964 1968 G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Education and science policy ROYAL SOCIETY FOR TECHNOLOGISTS Drafts and offprint of letter from Sutherland published in The Guardian, 30 November 1963, advocating the foundation of a 'Royal Society for Technologists’. Brief correspondence with the Science Correspondent of The Guardian is also included in the folder. Press-cuttings of reactions to Sutherland's suggestions. ‘Memorandum on a Proposal to form the Duke of Edinburgh Society’. Drafts dated 9 and 14 December 1963 with a ‘Further Note’ dated 16 December, and suggestions for possible initial membership of the Society. Miscellaneous background material to E.19. Includes 4 pp. typescript by Sutherland on the 'Case for increasing the number of Fellows elected annually to the Royal Society', 7 December 1960. E.21-E.32 E21 Allen, F. Allibone, T. E. corer; ve. an... RB. Aldersley, G. N. Bowden, B. V. Correspondence, in alphabetical order. R. (Sutherland's ms. (photocopy) only). Coitiss, BH. . iE. Feilden, G. B. Coie, = J.-B. KOldr, A. Rk. Clausen, H. Cockburn, R. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Education and science policy Fleck, A. 1963-64 Includes papers for meeting of Royal Society ad hoc Committee on Technology, 14 February 1964. Florey, H. W. Gabor, D. Gegen Pc Bi Hague, K. Hall, A. A. Hartley, H. B. 1963-64 1963 1964 1963 1963 1963-66 Includes 5 pp. typescript by Hartley on the future of the Council of Engineering Institutions, 13 July 1966. Hinton, C. 1963 Hogg, Q. 1963 1963 1963 1963 Lighthill, M. J. Holder, D. W. mutton, kK... S. (Sutherland's carbon only). and KVA. Includes letter from RUdberg, 13 November 1963, describing relationship between the Swedish IVA Ratcliffe, J. A. Menzies, A. C. Miller, A. ; 1963 1963 1963 1963 Ljungberg, G. 1964 1963 1963-64 Howorth, M. Jackson, W. Rudberg, E. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Education and science policy Safier, A. S. 1963 Enclosing draft of letter to The Guardian in reply to Sutherland's. Semper, E. Also enclosing draft letter to The Guardian. Short, A. (Sutherland's carbon only). Stobart, A. F. 1963 1963 Enclosing typescript of talk given in Birmingham. Stratton, J. A. 1964 re proposed National Academy of Engineering ins “STAG Laity Si, Copy of draft letter to The Guardian. 1963-64 1965-66 Todd, A. ..R. o > 6 ) 0 23 .21, A.36, A.47, B.39, F.24, H.6 Cra D585 A. 21 B.39 Ca, ures tae A.14, B.40, H.26 A.47 A.47 A.47, H.39 DE LANGE, J. J. A.21 DOMB, Cyril DONNER, K. O. DIOR, bs DENNISON, Helen J. DENNISON, David M. DITCHBURN, Robert William DOBSON, Gordon Miller Bourne B.70 D.18, D.25 DE RAMSAY, Ailwyn Edward Fellowes, Baron DE LASZLO, H. DELBRUCK, Max DOSTROVSKY, Israel DUBRIDGE, Lee Alvin DUCKWORTH, John Clifford B.70 C..21 A.21 E.40 DUDDING, Bernard P. A.21 Caz D.25 DUMKE, Glenn, S. Par A. oF E.39 DUCHESNE, Jules G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Index of correspondents DUNWORTH, John Vernon DUPREE, A. Hunter DUSHANE, Graham DUTTON, John K. C6; C285, 1.31 H.7 D.24 E.5 EDINBURGH, H.R.H. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh EDWARDS, A. P. EDWARDS, Anthony EDWARDS, Joseph EGGLESTON, Anthony Francis EISENMANN, George EKELOF, Stig ELIEL, Ernest L. ELKINGTON, Reginald Geoffrey E.30 es E.13 H.7 G.46 D.40, D.44 F.4 H.7 C7: C.16.C. 16 F.39, F.4] D.6, F.36 B.4] B.4] D.46 ERNST, -E. ERRERA, Jacques ESSEN, Louis EUCKEN, A. ELLIOTT, Alan J. A. EMELEUS, Harry Julius EMBLING, John Francis 0,13, B«18,,D.367, 0-42, EMELEUS, Karl George ENGSTROM, Arne A.22 E.40, E.41 D.42 EVANS, Meredith Gwynne EVANS, Ulick Richardson A.22 A.22 A.22 FAULKNER, J. J. EVANS, E. A. EVANS, R. C. D.37 B.70 H.7 B.42 A.22 FAIR, Clifford B. FARMER, F. T. G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Index of correspondents FEILDEN, Geoffrey Bertram Robert E22 FELLGETT, Peter B. FENN, Wallace O. FEYNMAN, Richard (Phillips) FLECK, Alexander, Baron FLEURY, P. FLOREY, Howard Walter, Baron FOWDEN, Sir Leslie FOWLER, Ralph Howard FOX, Sir John Jacob FRANCIS, William Lancelot FRANK, Sir (Frederick) Charles FRANK, G. FRANKL, E._ M. K. FRASER, Ronald A.22, A.48, H.36 D.38 D.40 E.20 F.12, E.24 A.31, A.14, B.42 A.22 F.10 D.40 E.42 B.44, A.48 GABOR, Dennis FREYMANN, M. FROOME, K;. Di E.44 B.70 HZ B.22 FREEMAN, Raymond GABELOVA, N. A. FURCHGOTT, Robert F. GALE, Arthur James Victor FRENCH, Anthony Philip A.22 GARLICK, George Frederick John GARDINER, Peter Dod Robin GARNER, William Edward GEBBIE, H. Alastair GARDNER, T. C. GARTON, F._L. E.41 A.22 A.22 H.8 A.22 GARRATT, Arthur D.40, D.41 E.24 A.22 G.47 GEE, Geoffrey A.48, D.55 G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Index of correspondents GILMOUR, John Scott Lennox GLANVILLE, Sir William (Henry) GLASSTONE, S. GLOCKLER, George GLYNN, lan Michael GODWIN, Sir Harry GOLDSMITH, Maurice GOODEVE, Sir Charles Frederick GOODWIN, Eric Thomson GOODY, Richard M. GOPAL AYENGAR, A. R. GORDON, James Edward GORDON-WALKER, Patrick Chrestfen, Baron GRAVE, Walter Wyatt GRAY, Louis Harold (Hal) Mae H.8 G85 B.70 D.15 A.22 G.40 H.9 Cy ia; ©.16;' C20 A.22, A.36, A.37, H.8 D.37 Ca D5 E.35 D: te, 0.25, 0.87, bias GREEN, Charles S. HADDEN, Thomas HANG, Hsiung-wen E.40 Ex E.35 A.17 GROOTENHUIS, P. GROSS, Julian D. HADEN GUEST, L. HADOW, H. = John D.52 H.11 A.22 GREENHALGH, G._ H. GUGGENHEIM, Edward Armand E.42 HALL, Sir Arnold (Alexander) HALSEY, Philip Hugh HANKEY, Robert Maurice Alers, Baron HAGUE, Sir (Charles) Kenneth (Felix) C.%6, G20; C35, C. 36, C.46 E.24 E.24 D.é F220 Fo B.70 HARDY, James D. HARRIS, Louis HARRISON, David B.44, F.29 G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Index of correspondents HARTLEY, Sir Frank HARTLEY, Sir Harold (Brewer) HASKINS, Caryl P. HAYES, Sir Claude (James) HAYES, William HEGGHE ds os HEILBRON, Sir lan (Morris) HENRY, Norman HERCIK, F. HERTZ, Hellmuth HERZBERG, Gerhard HESSE, Mary Brenda HETHERINGTON, Arthur Lonsdale HEWITT, Sir John (Francis) HEYNS, Roger W. A.23 Ev25, H.10 F.29, H.11 C.4 Ho G.34 A.23 A.23 D.32 D.19 B.44 A.32 A.18 A.32 oor HITCH, Charles J. G10, C.40 5-542, 4,8 HILL, Archibald Vivian Hitt; KR Bankside S. HIMSWORTH, Sir Harold (Percival) D.19 H.12 E.44 E.26 HINSHELWOOD, Sir Cyril (Norman) Ap 20, Gear HINTON, Christopher, Baron Hinton of A.23 Cay, Cte Cie eg: HIRST, Sir Edmund (Langley) HISCOCKS, E._ E.26 HODGE, Sir William (Vallance) Douglas HODGKIN, Dorothy Mary Crowfoot HOGG, George Robert Disraeli aes C6, Coss HOLDER, Douglas William Eva, yl a E.42 A.23 F.25 F.3 HODGKIN, Sir Alan (Lloyd) B.49, Das, 0.57, HOWARIO, O34. °> Devuk, HOWORTH, Muriel HOPSON, Sir Donald (Charles) G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Index of correspondents HOWLETT, Le “cE. HSIUNG, Hsiang-hui HUANG, Wu-han HUGGINS, Maurice F. HUGHES, G. HUGHES, 4." -P HURST, Robert HUTCHINSON, A. HUTCHINSON, Sir Joseph (Burtt) PISTEON Re Sy INGOLD, Sir Christopher (Kelk) F.14 Pidl rae A.23 Sey ty A.49 A.16 My tS E.26 D.58 IRVINE, Sir James Colquhoun A.10, A.11, A.14 JACKSON, Willis, Baron Jackson of Burnley D6, £.26,:4.13 JENKINS, Ivor JACOB, Frangois JACOBSON, Bertil D.19 D.42 B.45 B.46 th13 A.23 Hig H.13 JACQUER, F. M. JONES, Gwyn Owain JONES, Francis Edgar JAHN, Hermann Arthur JOHNSON, Sir Nelson King JOHNSTON, Sir Alexander B.46 JONES, Reginald Victor JUNGERS, Joseph C. JORDAN, Louis Arnold JONES, R. = Norman JONES, Fe. JONES “Wee SF. PA JOYCE. A: Fug H.32 A.23 A.23 H.14, H.38 6.46, F.25, 4.14 C.. 1456.20 G.B.B.M. .Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Index of correspondents KAHN, Richard Ferdinand, Baron KANESHIGE, Kamkuro KATO, Tadao KATZ, Sir Bernard H.15 F.18 A.40 D.40 KEAY, Ronald William John D12,°D.00, D,62;-D, 55, KELLENBERGER, E. KELLER, Andrew F.24 Gt, 194 Diao F.10,-H246 KENDREW, Sir John (Cowdery) D.2,.Dv3, Dig 6.3, S.%, KERN, W. KERR, Clark KERR, Peter KERSTEN, Martin KEYNES, Richard Darwin H.16 F.8 E.4] A.23 Pilg; €.t4 D.40, E.44 KING, A. KING, A. Ji KING, Hugh KOCH, Peter A.19 D108, B11 KITTEL, Charles KLEMM, Wilhelm H.16 A.23 E.30 A.23 KING, Gilbert W. KOSTYUK Feo G. KNOX-SHAW, Thomas 0.30, "D.52, 2.50, D, 54 KINGS NORTON, Harold Roxbee Cox, Baron A.49, D.11, H.17 A.36, A.37, A.49, H.17 KOUPALOV-YAROPOLK, I. C. Bate De te, Asks A.23 A.23 D.40 F.39 F.20 KRIMM, Samuel KUO, Mo-jo KOTANI, Masao KURTI, Nicholas G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Index of correspondents H. LAMERTON, Leonard Frederick LANG, H.R. LANSBROUGH-JONES, I. LAPORTE, Oito LAPWOOD, Ralph LATARJET, R. LAWRIE, John J. LEDERER, E. L. LEE, Edward D.32, D.37, D.38, D.42, D.47 D.54 A.24 F.29 F.25 D.20 G.55 B.46 AE36 Acb?,; As 50, BLA? C21; H.23 LEE BARBER, Victoria LEIGHTON, A. E.33 A.24 LENNARD-JONES, Sir John (Edward) A.14, B.70 LEWIS, Wilfrid Bennett LI, Kwoh-ting A.24 Pago LIANDER, Halvard LITTELL, Whittemore LJUNGBERG, Gregory LOCKSPEISER, Sir Ben LINNETT, John Wilfred LIANG, C. ..Y% Ley; Ds: ...G. A.33 B.48 A.24 A.12 LINSTEAD, Sir (Reginald) Patrick E27, ste D.41, D.42, D.44 LIGHTHILL, Sir (Michael) James LINDSTROM, Bo H.18 LORD, Richard C. LOWERY, H. LON GUET-HIGGINS, Hugh Christopher LYTTLETON, Raymond Arthur LOGAN, Sir Douglas (William) LONSDALE, Dame Kathleen D.41, H.18 E.13, P20 C..3,Ci4 H.18 LOWRY 2-7.2°-M; A.14, B.48, H.35 D.39 H.18 F.36 H.18 B.48 LINDZEY, Gardner C.2tie fee PS G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Index of correspondents McCALL, William McCLOSKEY, P. McCONNELL, T. R. C.51 G.43 E.40 MACFARLANE, Sir George (Gray) A.50, C.29 MACFARQUHAR, Roderick Lemonde McGAVIN, Stewart McHENRY, Dean E. McLENNAN, J. C. MADDOX, John (Royden) MAMDERS, Cs -R.+ 5; MANN, W. ; MARLOW, G. SS. W. MARTIN, A. MARTIN, Sir David(Christie) E. G.24 H.19 B.99,°E.41 B.70 Er F. 18, Fal? H.24 D7, D.8 A.24 A Oh Ci6, 40; C298;-C 239, Ei, C.50,; C.51,°C.52, D.28, D.47, D.51, D.52, D.53, E.23, F.25, H.33 A.24 D.6 MATVEYEV, A. MASKELL, Ernest John MEITNER-GRAF, Lotte D.20 F.36 A.24 H.19 MEGSON, No = Sige k: MELVILLE, Sir Harry (Work) MASSEY, Sir Harrie Stewart Wilson MATTHEWS, Sir Bryan Harold Cabot A.24 A.24, A.29, C. Clo77, C238; Gil, Gel; MENDELSSOHN, Kurt Alfred Georg A. 24, B.46, E.27, HelS, ev86 MENZIES, Alexander Charles MIGEOTTE, M._ V. E.27, F297 B.50 H.20 MILLS, lan M. MINNS, Ellis H. MILLER, A. Basil MILLER, Foil A. MILLIKAN, Glenn Fi B.49, H.19 G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Index of correspondents MITCHELL, Joseph Stanley MITRA, Shashanka S. MIZUSHIMA, San-Ichiro MONNIER, A.M. MOSER, H. MOTT, Sir Nevill (Francis) MULLIKEN, Robert Sanderson MURRAY, K. D. B. MURRAY, Dame (Alice) Rosemary NANCARROW, H. A. NAYLOR, Ralph F. NEWMAN, E. A. NICOLAYSEN, Ragnar A.24 H.20 F.19, H.20 D.48 F.12 H.36 B.50 A.19 A.51 A.24 A.24 C.14 H.20 NIELSEN, Harald H. G.56, H.20 H.21 P.O Ci2e D.4l He2t A. 24 E48 G.56 OCKMAN, Nathan OLIVER, Donald A. NOYES, W. Albert OSGOOD, Thomas H. ORGEL, Leslie Eleazer OLDHAM; GC. HG. NIERENBERG, William A. A.15 PATERSON, Sir Clifford Copland PARTINGTON, James Riddick PANKHURST, RR. C. PARKER, 55. OR. NY PARKER, Garland G. A.51 E.41 E. 38 B.50 PAINTAL, A. S. D.37 F.31 OWER, E. P'AN, Ch'un G.B.B.M. Sutherland CSAC 89/7/82 Index of correspondents PATTERN, J. A. PAUL, JamesC. N. PAULING, Linus (Carl) PAYNE, George L. PEAT, Stanley PEGRAM, George B. PENNEY, William George, Baron PENNOCK? $5.00, PEREIRA, Sir (Herbert) Charles PERKIN, Richard S. PERUTZ, Max Ferdinand PETERS, Sir Rudolph (Albert) PHILLIPS, Charles Garrett PRULPOL wm) FRAKES, A. o w Pak Ocoee: Meals. A.32 F.42 D.20 E.14 A.25 D.1 ao