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CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of REGINALD STEPHEN STACEY (1905-1974) Compiled by Jeannine Alton and Harriot Weiskittel All rights reserved Deposited in the Library, University of London CSAC 22/16/74 R.S. Stacey CSAC 22/16/74 Description of the collection. Wellcome Research Laboratories, Beckenham. The papers were received from Mrs. Helen Stacey,and the The collection consists almost entirely of work at St. Thomas's Hospital,London,where Stacey was Reader and later Professor of Pharmacology and Therapeutics. Items 4 — 57 are his laboratory notebooks and experimental observations on brain amines and blood—platelets,including data for his work on amine metabolism in suicides,neonates and mental defectives. Items 70 — 72,97 - 177 are notes for lectures,demonstrations,curricula and examinations for St. Thomas's Hospital and the University of London, which give information on the organisation and development of courses of study in Pharmacology and Therapeutics. ; or descriptions in inverted commas are those which appear on the ISS. Unless otherwise stated,all material is manuscript. Titles Summary of the career of R.S.Stacey 1905 b. London educ. Haberdashers't Aske's School 1924 — 27 Trinity College,Cambridge (Scholar); Physiology Cl.I University of Vienna 1927 1927 — 30 1932 = 35 1933 atoo Al 1963 = 70 1970 = 74 University of Oxford married Margery North 1951 married Helen Duke 1947 - 48 1948 ~ 58 St. Thomas's Hospital Medical School; B.Chir. 1930 First Assistant to Professor of Medicine,St. Thomas's Reader in Pharmacology & Therapeutics,St. Thomas's Hospital Professor of Pharmacology & Therapeutics,Royal College of Medicine, Baghdad Wellcome Research Laboratories, Beckenham. first holder of Chair in Pharmacology & Therapeutics,University of London 1958 — 70 Professor of Pharmacology & Therapeutics,St. Thomas's Hospital C R.S. Stacey CSAC 22/16/74 Contents of the handlist Biographical Laboratory Notebooks Working papers 5—-HT and MAO Platelets Brain Amines Misc. drugs 12 — 26 27 — 32 33 — 39 40 — 57 Publications Lectures & Demonstrations " " Conferences Committees and Societies Correspondence 58 - 61 161 = 103 6272. 97 = 173 13 - 74 75 - 80 81 — 96 University of London etc. 174 — 180 Index of principal correspondents Biographical Material. Laboratory Notebooks. 4 - 1931 1956 — 67 Photographs of Stacey and colleagues: c.1932 — 35, and 1968 Obituary notices: Lancet,March 2,1974(by Steven E. Smith);BMJ,March 2,1974 Notebook,mainly pharmacological testing methods, indexed front and rear.(Probably kept by Stacey while resident House Physician,St. Thomas's Hospital Medical School). 11 Notebooks of experiments,observations and research as Reader (later Professor) of Pharmacology & Therapeutics,St. Thomas's. All the books have numbered pages and indexes by Stacey, Book A (no.4,below) at rear, all others at front. Continued... 13.XI.56 — 25.V1I.58 24,VI.58 — 29.11.60 2.III.60 ~ 15.III.61 15.313 461. ~12.V1.62 20. III.62— 21.X.63 13.VI.62 = 4.11.63 — 2.112265 — 1. III.65 29.1X.66 3. TIE.67 Gok Book B 5. Book CG 6. Book D 7. Book E 8. 9. Book F 10. Book G 11. Book H preserved; some files include related offprints and correspondence. 125 'H.T.';—notes,correspondence,lMs. draft of paper 1955 — 60 III. Workings papers. Professor Stacey's ordering and description of the notes have been ReSe Stacey CSAC 22/16/74 12. continued *Red cells and 5-HT'; correspondence 1955 — 57 with Dr. WwW. Jacobson. Tryptamine; notes and charts,some dated 1963. Tryptamine; notes,charts,calculns.;Ms.draft for paper (untitled) on platelets. Tryptamine; expts. and notes. 'MAO Estimations'; notes and expts. "MAO Estimations'; notes and expts.; text of short communication 'Monoamine Oxydase activity of platelets! (Latt,Rippey Stacey). 26 Work on 5-HT (5-Hydroxy-tryptamine) 'HTP Experimental's; expts.,tables and notes; includes Is. paper ‘Observations on the Synthesis and Storage of 5-HT by small intestine, B.Pharmacol.Soc. Jan.1953 Barts.' Casenotes,expts.etc. on 5-HT; includes correspondence with Roger Hardisty and draft of his paper on Thromasthenia. 1957 1961 '5-HT Absorption';expts. and tests by Stacey and collaborators, 1960 numbered and dated. Ditto Ditto Ditto 1961 1963 1964 nice Figures and tables on 5—HT,Perh. for paper. tNeonates and Infants. Blood'; tests and expts. on 5-HT in umbilical cord,and infants’ blood. "Notes 5—Hydroxytryptamine'; misc. notes on books and articles read; expts.and observations; charts; Ms. draft of article (untitled) on history and present state of work on 5-HT (8 pp.) ce. 1962 "Platelet Fractionation'; expts.,charts,calculns. 'Platelets numbered and dated by Stacey and collaborators. 144 tryptamine 1 — 199'; expts. and case—notes, Misc. notes and correspondence on platelets. 1969 1968 1970 'Platelet Gradient Expts.' 32 Work on Platelets. Ditto 200 — 305. 1966 R.S. Stacey CSAC 22/16/74 4. 326 "Platelet Uxperiments'; misc. notes,graphs and working papers, 1955 — 68 variously dated 1955 — 68,and Ms. drafts for communications on 5-HT in platelets. (one for Experientia, 1963) 39 Work on Brain Amines. ‘Brain Amines. Suicides.'; case-notes,tests and expt. calculns, 1967 — 68 numbered by Stacey and collaborators 1 (not all in numerical sequence). — 51. "Brain Amines. Bevan Jones,Pare, Stacey's; ditto,numbered 1 — 52. "Brain Amines Human'; notes and expt.observations,with correspondence and drafts for papers,with C.lMichael B.Pare, “K.F.Gey. Corrected drafts for paper,'Brain Amine Concentration after 4.A.0.I.Administration',Bevan Jones,Pare et al. 1969 — 70 1969 — 72 "150 & NIAL (Isocarboxazid expt.observations; correspondence with C.Michael B.Pare. and Nialamide) ; notes,charts, 1963 — 65 ‘Mental Defective Experimental'; case-notes etc. 'Histidinuria'; case-notes,etc. "Lactate Dehydrogenase'; case-notes etc. ° 1967 1969 1969 Folic acid; with expts. ,notes, bibliographies, correspondence. Cocaine and Pheochromocytoma. Foetus. 5-HT in man. Hypotensive drugs. Uterus; includes Correspondence on leaves of West African tree Spondias monbin L in obstetrics, 1952. 57 Shorter working papers on drugs and their effects,with related offprints, bibliographies and correspondence. (Headings are those used by Stacey). Parkinsonism. Nutmeg; includes notes for qestionand answer interview,perh. on radio. Autonomic Biogenic Amines. Nicotine. Reserpine; includes correspondence with Roussel Leboratories 1959 R.S. Stacey CSAC 22/16/74 52. Carcinoids. 53. Substance P. 54. Smooth muscle contracting substances. 55. Synoptic transmission in the spinal cord. 56. 57. Enzymes,Oriental drugs,Anti-convulsants; includes catalogue of "Indigenous drugs of Iraq and Iran',and correspondence with Rona laboratories 1961. Catecholamines and MAO with related offprints, and correspondence with May & Baker Ltd. 1969. TTA IV. Publications. See also p.11,nos.181 — 183 58. 'Platelet Function Tests in Thrombocythaemia and Thrombocytosis', by P.D.McClure,G.I.C.Ingram,R.S.Stacey et al, Brit.J. Haemat. 1966,observations,charts etc.; drafts and corrections for paper; correspondence with collaborators. 1963 ‘SUICIDES! (project on brain amine levels in depression) Published as '5-Hydroxytryptamine ,noradrenaline,and dopamine in the brain stem,hypothalamus,and caudate nucleus of controls and patients committing suicide by coal gas poisoning’ by C.M.B.Pare,D.P.H.Young,Kathleen Price,R.S.Stacey. 60. 62. on platelets,at Royal Society 1966 ‘¢c) 1970 V. _Lectures. See also pp.S — 10,nos.97 — 173 61. 'Recent Advances in Pharmacology',by J.M.Robson & R.S.Stacey, Case-notes,,charts etc.3; drafts and corrections for paper; correspondence with collaborators. ’ ? ? : Third ed.1962,4th.ed.1963. Correspondence with contributors and publishers. Ms. draft for paper or article on platelets,effects of drugs, with tables. (unpublished) ‘Mental Defectives' Ms. lecture on Phenylketonuria given at Maudsley Hospital, May 1959. 7pp.3 with offprints,bibliographies and working notes. 1960 'S-HT in Medicine and the Malignant Carcinoid Syndrome Mosul 25.V.64'; notes for lecture. 3pp. Ms. drafts and notes for leture of Medicine 1959,Barking 1971; others undated. Iatrogenic Diseases Notes,offprints,3 Ms. lectures, tSpp.7pp.6pp. Misc. ls. drafts for lectures and slides on platelets. '5-HT in Disease'; notes for lecture D5pp. e 1966 — 67 1966 1967 n.d. 1963 R.S. Stacey csac 22/16/74 67. lisc. notes and lectures 1.'Questions for Old Students! Day 11 Nov.1966! 2.'Braimbridge 13.11.67"; misc.notes on drugs. 3.'Observations on phenylketonuria and other forms of mental defiency'.lis. lecture 6pp. Aspects of 5-Hydroxytryptamine’; lecture "Some Clinical given at Helsinki Symposium; typescript with Ms. corrections and additions. See also Item 74. 'Platelets.';address given at University College,London ; notes and plan,typescript of address. Ms liisc. lectures at St. Thomas's 1.'Preliminary Neurology Course 23 June 1967' 6pp. 2.'Prelim Combined Neurology Course May 1970 5pp. 3.'Drugs modifying As — Ab reactions. STH Pharmacists 18.III.70'" 7Tpp. Two lectures for lurses 1955 1.'The naming of Drugs. Charge Nurse Study Day October 1955* 6pp. : 2.'Drugs affecting blood pressure.Charge Nurses Jan 1957! 2pp. "Nurses! Lectures! 10 Ms. lectures indexed by Stacey 1960 — 67 ViI..: Conferences. 73. Hypotensive drugs (2),Nov. 1960,Jan. 1967 Diuretics Jan. 1967 Chemotherapy April i961 etc. General Pharmacology April 1961 Corticosteroids end Corticotrophin Sept. 1966 Cardiac Drugs n.d. Hypnotics Sedatives Analgesics n.d. Drugs used in the treetment of mental disease 3.VII.64 Chemotherapy and Malignant Disease n.d. in Ann.iied.exp.Fenn, 1965,46. See also Item 68. Symposium on 5-Hydroxytryptamine,held 29 = 30 Ifarch 1963 at Helsinki; correspondence with Professor latti K.Paasonen re Stacey's journey to Helsinki and his paper 'Some Clinical Aspects of 5-liT';iis. amd correeted proof of veper,published 1967 = 68 Symposium on the Biological Role of Indole Derivatives, held 10 Colombia University ,lNew York. (includes Stacey's report on Session B.) 12 May 1967 at College of Surgeons and Physicians, — 1967 Res env CSA « Stacey C 22/16/74 VII. Committees-and Societies. Only documents directly relating to Stacey's contribution to these bodies have been retained. 756 British Journal of Pharmacology (Stacey served as Secretary to the Editorial Board Jan.1966 = Jen.1971) 1970 — 71 Notes on circulation of journal,financial statements,statistics of journal subscriptions,distribution of articles,comparative costs etc; includes some correspondence with colleagues. British National Committee for Physiological Sciences. 1967 = 72 Mise. correspondence and reports re travel grants,membership of international organisations etc.; includes Stacey's note of proceedings at meeting 1970 on application of IUPHAR Cint: Union Pharmacologists) to join ICSO (Int. Comm.Sdentific Organisations). British Pharmacological Society (Committee) 1971 - 72 Report on Training of Overseas Graduates in Pharmacology, by Steven E.Smith,prepared for Brit.J.Pharmacol. Correspondence and notes re Joint Committee Royal Society & Brit.Pharmacol.Soc. to administer travel fund for 5th International Pharmacological Congress,San Francisco. British Pharmacopoeia Commission 1963 = 73 VIII.Correspondence. JeBefllis Baker 1972 Committee I; colleagues. Research Defence Society Society for Drug Research. B66 on liedicine and Doses; correspondence with Mise. correspondence; lis. note of proceedings at meeting 28.1X.66. (Stacey served on the Council of the Society) Mise. correspondence; notes for talk et Sevenoaks to Junior Branch, British Association, i371. 1957 - 58 The letters are erranged chronologically; names of correspondents appear in the generel index. Papers and correspondence re Stacey's expert's Report in Regina v.Anthony William John Stephenson and Terrence Brown. 31. Academic Correspondence;with Arnold S.V.Burgen 1963, 84690 General professional and scientific correspondence. 1967 1971 - 72 83. Invitations to lecture 84. 85. 1951 = 56 Reo. Stacey CSAC 22/16/74 1959 — 61 1962 — 68 1969 — 72 Correspondence and reports on research carried out with M.S.E. refrigerated centrifuge provided by Royal Society Grant—in-—aid. 1959 — 64 88. 89. . 90. Misc correspondence with pharmaceutical suppliers on analgesic drugs. 1961 91 — 96. Work as examiner,referee etc. Restricted Lectures ,Demonstrations etc. (see also nos. 62 — 72) The lectures were frequently updated by corrections,deletions,and insertions of new material or references. Misc. Lectures on Therapeutics. G1. ‘Chemotherapy'; notes for lectures on chemical structure and properties of Sulphonomides,Penicillins,Streptomycin, polypeptide antobiotics etc. 98. ‘Cardiovascular System! "Therapeutic Trials' ‘Chemotherapy of Some Non—bacterial infectionst ‘Chemotherapy! 'Revision' (notes on therapeutic drugs) ‘Drugs used in Psychiatry'* ‘Oral hypoglycaemic compounds! ‘Iatrogenic diseases' 99. 100. 101, 102. 103. 104. 105,106. 107. 108. 109. 110. 111. 112. 113. 114. 115. 116. 117. 118. 119. 120, 121. ‘Hormones of the Adrenal Cortex and Analogues! 122. 123. "Salt and Water Balance! 123A. "Treatment of Poisoning* 124. +tRadioactive Isotopes! ‘Thyroid and Antithyroid drugs! 'CHemotherapy of Malignant Disease! ‘Infestation with worms! "Gout? 'Pneumonia' ‘'Mode of Action of Arsenic! ‘'Preatment of Parkinsonism! ‘Treatment of Common Symptoms? ‘Mechanical Methods of removing fluid in Heart failure' ‘Vasodilators and Hypotensive Drugs! _'Poisoning* "Breatment of Cough! ‘Substances depressing Bone Marrow? "Histamines, Antihistamines, Anaphylaxis, ATlergy' ‘Some enzymes used medicinally' ‘Vitamin Deficiency' ‘Anaesthetics! ‘Uses of Drugs which Act as Synapses! ‘Disinfectants! ReSe HOvacey csac 22/16/74 125. 126. 127. 128. 129. ‘Analgesics! 130. 131. 132. 133. 134. 135. 136. 137. 138. 139. 140s 141. 142. 143. 144. ‘Chemotherapy’ (with note "Replaced 1955") ‘'Post.Pituitary Extract.' ‘Potassium Deficiency! ‘Anaemia’ (with note on alternative lecturers) ‘'Coronary Thrombosis! (with note of alternative lecturer) ‘'Blood,Blood Products and Blood Substitutes" ‘Adrenal Cortex' ‘Hormones of the Anterior Pituitary Gland' 'Sex Hormones! ‘Constipation! 'Therapeutics' — Mangement in General Practice ‘Preparations and Uses.! General lecture on drugs. General introductory lecture and reading list for course on Therapeutics. Applied Pharmacology and Therapeutics 1949 — 1961 Detailed plan of course year by year,with titles of lecture subjects, names of lecturers etc.,plans for visits, related correspondence with colleagues etc. ; 1949 = 61 Course in Pharmacology (later Applied Pharmacology and Therapeutics) Syllabus,lecture courses,introductory talks on scope of course, misc.notes for lectures by Stacey. 1951— 70 "Gen. Pharmacology It "Biological Assay" ‘Morphine and other Opium Alkaloids? ‘Analgesics and Antipyretics' "Drugs depressing the C.N.S.!? "Drugs acting on C.NiS.!° ‘Drugs apparently stimulating the C.N.S.! "Drugs causing changes in the Blood? ‘Drugs acting on the peripheral nervous system! "Drugs acting on Alimentary Canal! ‘Drugs acting on Respiratory System! "Drugs acting on the peripheral nervous system! "Drugs acting on Blood Vessels! "Diuretics! "Acetylcholine and drugs which mimic it' "Histamine! ‘Drugs and adrenergic transmission. Catechol amines! 'Sympathomimetic Amines! "Hypnotics Sedatives Tranquillisers! 'Tranquillisers'® Shorter notes on misc.drugs. 'Statistics'. To illustrate this lecture Stacey used the experiment discussed in 'The Effect of Cyclobarbitone on Mental Performance! by Steven E.Smith & Thomas J.Sullivan,J.Med. Fduc. 40,1965. Some of the experimental material and a copy of the communication are included. ReSe otacey CSAC. 22/16/74 10 168.— 171. Practical Pharmacology. ©1950 — 68 Misc. notes,charts,working papers,programmes,instructions and outlines for demonstrations,class experiments etc.; many given or annotated by Stacey. 4 folders. 168. 169. 170. 171. 1951 = 55 1955 — 60 1964 = 68 n.d. Stacey's notes and papers for demonstrations. 172,173, Anaesthetics. 1970 Lectures given for Primary Examination for Diploma of Fellow in the Faculty of Anaesthetics,Roy.Coll.Surg.imgland. Includes timetable of lectures,specimen questions,letter of thanks and congratulation on high success rate. 2 folders. 172. Lectures on General Pharmacology, Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Drugs depressing the C.N.S. 173, Lectures on Cardiac Glycosides Diuretics Psychiatric Drugs Antihistamines Chemical Transmission Drugs acting on Cholinergic neurones and receptors Muscle Relaxants Drugs acting on respiration and on the respiratory tract "Rag bag!t University of London and other Examining bodies 5.S. in Applied Pharmacology & Therapeutics. University of London Examination for M.B. Drafts and notes for examination questions,including multiple-choice papers,devised or annotated by Stacey. demonstrations. University of London Examination for B.Sc. (Stacey was Chairman,College Board) Misc. correspondence with colleagues,visiting examiners, university authorities; examination papers,class and pass lists. University of London Examination for B.Sc. Reading lists,syllabus,notes for lectures on Absorption,Distribution University of London Examination for B.Sc. (Physiology,Pharmacology) Notes,syllabus,instructions etc. for practical experiments and Elimination Antagonism Bloodstream & receptors. 1968 — 70 R.Oe Stacey csac 22/16/74 178. University of Birmingham. Misc. correspondence re Stacey's appointment and service as External Examiner in Pharmacology and Therapeutics. University of Ibadan. Misc. correspondence re as External Examiner in Pharmacology. Stacey's appointment and service Medical College, University of Baghdad. Misc. correspondence with colleagues; includes Stacey's visit as Visiting Professor, May 1964, and short Ms. diary of events during rebellion in Iraq on earlier visit. c. 1942 1969 — 70 1969 — 70 1964 — 70 IV Publications (cont. See also nos. 58 — 61) 181. Reviews by Stacey of MSS submitted for comment by Nature, Psychopharmacologia, J.imbryol.Exp.Morphol. and other journals. 182. Misc book-reviews by Stacey. 183. Misc shorter publications and related correspondence ,mainly with B.M.J., The Practitioner. Includes Stacey's Ms. contributions: 1949 - 60 ADAM, H e M. 1950 1950 1959 ANTHONY, M. Nos refer to items in the handlist. Index of principal correspondents. "Choline and Atherosclerosis’ 'Salicylates and Rheumatism!’ 'The Choice of an Opium Derivative’ 61 BACON, Anthony BAIN, W. BAKER, J. BAKER, Ruth BARCROFT, Henry BARRATT, T. BARRY, D. BLACKBURN, Wddie BLASCHKO, Hermann Karl V¥. BORN, Gustav BRADLEY, Philip 15 87 88 76 81 85 79 87 84 87 85 R. B. R. 75,86,87 Koi A. RS. vtacey ne 6S CSAC 22/16/ 14 BRODIE, Bernard B. BULBRING, Edith BURGE, Arnold BURN, Joshua Harold BUXTON, Joyce CRAWFORD, Neville CURZON, G. DALE,Sir Henry DALGLEISH, C. DAVIES, Alan J. DAVIES, D. DENSTON, T. H. C. 84 84 85 84 78 F GADDUM, Sir John (Henry) GARATINI, Silvio GEY, K. GINZEL, K. GOODSPEED, A. GORKIN, V. GRAHAM, J. 86 86 35 90 87 88 61 1984.85 19,31,58 HELLMANN, K. HORTON, Eric INGRAM, G Ilsley C. HARDISTY ,Roger m. HERXHEIMER, Andrew 90 86 76,80 90 4 LACKNER, H. LANGEMANN, H. LENNARD-JONES, John LEONARD, F. H. 12 78 85 84 KITTERINGHAN, G. JACOBSON, W. R.S. Stacey CSAC. 22/16/74 LIBRACH, I. LINTON, S. MACDONALD, A. McCLURE, Peter D. MARKS, J. MELCHING, HJ MITCHELL, G. MOFFAT, A. NEVILLE, B. O'BRIEN, J. PAASONEN, Matti K. PAGE, J. PARE, C. H. Michael B. SCHMID, E. STEPHENSON, R. 74 85 35, 38,87 88 87 84 61 85 PARKES, Maurice,W. PEKKARINEN , Aino PICKLES, V. POLANI, Paul E. PLETSCHER, Alfred ROBERTSON, M. RODNIGHT, R. ROKA, 15 TADZER, G. TODRICK, Archibald 87 84 88 86 86 84 87 84 77 SIMISTES, J. Michael SCRIVER, Charles SHACKMAN, Ralph SINCLAIR, Hugh SMITH, Steven E. stacey Ment CSAC 22/16/74 ~~ Z f e- UDENFRIEND, Sidney VALENTINE, J. VANE, John R. WALKER, John M. WARDEL, D. B. WEATHERALL, Miles WHITTAKER, Victor P. WOODROW, J. ZELLER, Ee C. A.