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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of SIR RICHARD SOUTHWOOD FRS (b. 1931) Compiled by Jeannine Alton and Timothy E. Powell VOLUME II Sections L- § Index of correspondents Deposited in the Bodleian Library, Oxford 1998 NCUACS 72/1/98 All rights reserved University of Bath T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 SECTION L SURFACE WATER ACIDIFICATION PROGRAMME The Surface Water Acidification Programme (SWAP) was a tripartite research programme (funded by the Central the the participating countries: the Royal Society (for UK), the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters Electricity Generating Board) conducted by scientific academies of and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The objective was to investigate claims that sulphur emissions by UK industry and especially by the CEGB were adversely affecting fish in Scandinavian waters. Southwood was Acting Chairman for the first meeting of the Management Group and on the death of Sir Maurice Sugden became Chairman from January 1984. The Programme Director was B.J. (Sir John) Mason. Research programmes were established and meetings held in Stockholm and Oslo. The interim meeting was held in Bergen in June 1987. The final Conference hosted by the Royal Society and sponsored by the three academies, was held in London 19-23 March 1990, followed by the final meeting of the Management Group in Oxford 24-26 March. The papers cover the period 1983-1990 and include correspondence with colleagues and officials of the three academies, reports and position papers, research projects, arrangements for meetings, etc. Southwood has contributed his own recollections of SWAP for inclusion in the collection. They are at L.1. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Surface Water Acidification Programme Confidential recollections, by Southwood, 16 October 1995. Earlier notes by Southwood on SWAP perhaps prepared for meeting, n.d. Minutes of First Meeting of the Management Group 23 November 1983, held at the Royal Society London. Southwood was Acting Chairman in the in January 1984 and absence of his letter confirming Southwood became Chairman. appointment March 1984. Sugden died Folder includes Sir Maurice Sugden. January - February 1984. Arrangements for meetings of Management Group in Stockholm 14-15 February and Oslo 16-17 February; lists of members of Management Group and terms of reference; Chairman’s briefing (annotated); Southwood’s notes on the meetings and on research project presentations; draft minutes; correspondence. June 1984. ‘current state Research institutions at meeting in February 1984. programmes put forward by Scandinavian scientists and October 1984. Report on ‘The current state of knowledge of acidification of surface waters and guidelines for further research’, prepared for Mangement Group by B.J. Mason and H.M. Seip (annotated by Southwood). Minutes of meetings at research sites in Norway and Sweden 18-22 June, with note by C.O. Tamm and report on of research’ by Programme Director, B.J. Mason. Agenda, Chairman’s notes, note on finance. Material for Management Group meeting in London 17-18 December. December 1984. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Surface Water Acidification Programme Correspondence with colleagues before meeting, including list of research projects with comments and evaluations by Southwood and others. Correspondence arising from meeting. UK research proposals. Scandinavian research proposals. May 1985. Material for Management Group meeting at Pitlochry Scotland 8-10 May 1985. Agenda, arrangements, list of research proposals (annotated). 1985, 1986. 18-19 February 1986. 22-26 June 1987. Research proposals, UK and Scandinavian (annotated). Correspondence and comments on the CEGB film ‘Acid Rain’. Material for Management Group meeting at the Royal Society London. report on SWAP results after meeting. Arrangements, brief correspondence, papers by Programme Director on ‘SWAP research by Southwood) and ‘Summary of Progress reports to end December 1985’ (annotated by Southwood). Correspondence 1985-1987 on conference arrangements and drafting of Material for mid-term review meeting in Bergen Norway. matched to its objectives’ (a few annotations T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Surface Water Acidification Programme 1987 Reports by B.J. Mason: ‘Summary of the principal results... submitted to the Bergen SWAP Conference’ (a few annotations by Southwood) and Report of the SWAP Management Group on the mid term review conference’ (2 copies, one very heavily annotated by Southwood). 1987 General correspondence on SWAP with colleagues and with Royal Society, appointments, finance, minutes of Bergen meeting, progress report on SWAP activities (October). January 1988 Correspondence, arrangements, agenda, minutes for Management Group meeting Stockholm 11-13 January. 1988 1989 Mason’s ‘Status report on SWAP’, correspondence with C.O. Tamm on Swedish contribution to Final Conference. L.22-L.24 1989-1990 General correspondence on SWAP with colleagues and with Royal Society, additional funding, meetings, research in hand. Material relating to the SWAP Final Conference held at Royal Society London, 19-23 March 1990. Mason’s ‘Summary and Conclusions’ and ‘Final Report’ on SWAP. Mason’s draft origin and management of SWAP, his ‘conclusions’ (revised by Southwood), Southwood’s manuscript Introduction to published volume. Programmme, abstracts (annotated), participants. of his conference papers on T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Surface Water Acidification Programme 1990 Material relating to final meeting of Management Group, Merton College Oxford, 24-26 March. Correspondence, arrangements. Correspondence 1989 with M. Hajer on acid rain policy and the influence of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution’s Tenth Report. Includes questionnaire and Southwood’s replies. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 SECTION M WORKING PARTY-ON BOVINE SPONGIFORM ENCEPHALOPATHY Following the observation of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), a disease of the nervous system of cattle, in UK herds in 1985, and the growing concern in the farming and veterinary communities, a working party was set up in April 1988. This was a joint initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF) and the Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS), later Department of Health (DOH). In April 1988, after an informal invitation by telephone, Southwood was asked by the then Chief Medical Officer (Sir Donald Acheson) to chair the working party. other members were Sir Anthony Epstein, W.B. Martin and Sir John Walton. H. Pickles (DOH) and A.J. Lawrence (MAFF) were joint secretaries. After a preliminary meeting which Southwood attended at MAFF in May, the working party met on 20 June, 10 November and 16 December at the Zoology Department Oxford. Interim recommendations were made, and accepted, after each of these The meetings, and the final report was published in February 1989. Although this technically ended the task of the working party, the intense anxiety generated by the disease and its implications continued to grow, indeed to accelerate, and to acquire serious political dimensions. In consequence, Southwood found himself involved in official discussions, media contacts, and public and private correspondence from a wide spectrum. discussion at meetings. briefings, official announcements and the like. It is presented in chronological order; some letters colleagues; committee papers, notes and information and correspondence arising; press releases, and documents may appear in both sequences when Southwood had them copied for circulation or correspondence is conducted with ministers, civil servants and officials, scientific and medical Both sequences of correspondence and papers (M.1-M.34 and M.35-M.41) reflect these factors. The colleagues, veterinarians, farmers, researchers and members of the general public. The content includes research findings, data and statistics supplied from official sources and institutions and by at a late stage and appears at M.46-M.54. The announcement in March 1996 of research findings suggesting a possible link between BSE and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) in humans heralded a new and urgent phase in approaches to BSE. As Chairman of the original 1989 Working Party, Southwood was involved in new research and relating to this period after March 1996, including his own notes, was made available by Southwood publications as well as in official enquiries and many media presentations. Additional material T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Working Party on Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy M.1-M.34 WORKING PARTY CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS M.35-M.41 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS M.42-M.45 RADIO AND TELEVISION M.46-M.54 ADDENDUM M.55-M.59 REPORTS M.60 M.61 BACKGROUND MATERIAL PRESS-CUTTINGS T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Working Party on Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy WORKING PARTY CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS 1988-1996 March - Southwood to chair working party, membership, press release and briefing. setting-up invitation meeting, papers, 1988. Early April to May 1988. Preliminary meeting 19 May, Southwood’s list of ‘key questions’, brief correspondence. May - June 1988. Arrangements for working party meeting on 20 June at Zoology Department Oxford and on legislation (includes Press Release on notifiable disease). Also includes Southwood’s letter to MAFF after meeting, recommending setting up of expert working party on research, and destruction of infective animals (implemented July, with 50% compensation of market value being paid). News statutory on slaughter and releases, instruments 1988. July compensation. Committee papers for meeting 20 June, some annotated by June 1988. Southwood. Includes background material. Correspondence, note of 20 June meeting, arrangements for August - October 1988. outline for the working party report 3 October. General correspondence. July 1988. slaughter and compensation policy. of Health). August - November 1988. Correspondence, principally with Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health, on setting-up and membership of an Advisory Group on research in relation to BSE, as proposed in Southwood’s letter of 21 June. D.A.J. Tyrrell became chairman of the Advisory Group. Correspondence and papers, principally September 1988 - January 1989. with Committee on Safety of Medicines (an advisory body of the Department Includes Southwood’s T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Working Party on Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy November 1988. Tagged folder of Committee papers for meeting of working party 10 November in Zoology Department Oxford. Includes data, statistics, correspondence, by Southwood. background annotated material, report, draft all November 1988. Miscellaneous papers, drafts and correspondence relating to meeting, annotated by Southwood. November 1988. Correspondence arising from meeting, note of meeting, Southwood’s letters of thanks, miscellaneous material on drafts for report, MAFF announcement of further measures on milk and on feed ban, Q andA briefing. Also includes arrangement for meeting at MAFF with minister and others, on 24 November, not otherwise documented. December 1988 - January 1989. December at Zoology Department Oxford. Arrangements and note of meeting 16 December 1988 - January 1989. Correspondence arising from meeting Publication of the report. Draft announcement, briefing March 1989. Clarke (DHSS). February 1989. material etc. Letters of thanks from Ministers J. MacGregor (MAFF), K. December 1988 - February 1989. Correspondence and papers on drafts for report, comments on draft, arrangements for publication. May 1989. Correspondence, current data March 1989. response to committee on research. Press releases and a little correspondence on government’s the consultative the the establishment of report, and on T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Working Party on Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy June - July 1989. MAFF. Correspondence, press releases, research, data from July - September 1989. Correspondence and information, mainly with M.A. Epstein, spongiform encephalopathies. conference Medicine Society Royal on re of August - November 1989. Meeting at MAFF 18 September, and related correspondence. Includes letter from W.B. Martin advising payment of ‘full’ compensation to farmers. January - February 1990. ‘Tyrrell Report’ on research, Q and A briefing. Correspondence, press release and copy of March 1990. BBC TV ‘Horizon’ programme. MAFF data, Q and A briefing for Southwood’s interview on Correspondence and papers relating May - July 1990. Briefings, data, press releases. September 1990. Correspondence on Food Safety Advisory Centre’s leaflet ‘The facts about BSE’, to which Southwood contributed a foreword. May - June 1990. to House of Commons Agriculture Committee on BSE. Southwood gave evidence to the Committee on 14 June. Includes corrected draft of Southwood’s evidence. (Bibliog. 182). 1993. Update, information, correspondence. 1991. Principally an update on BSE research and information. 1992. Press releases, data. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Working Party on Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy 1995. Includes further report by research committee. 1996. Minister (D. Hogg) on future steps. See also M.46. Includes notes by Southwood and a copy of his letter 28 March to 1996. ‘Statement’ by Southwood, prepared for the European Parliament Commission of Enquiry into BSE, and correspondence arising, December 1996. See also M.49. M.35-M.41 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS 1988 - 1996 1993-1994. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Working Party on Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy M.42-M.45 RADIO AND TELEVISION 1989-1996 The surviving material does not present a appearances and interviews relating to BSE. full account of Southwood’s May 1989. arising. BBC Radio ‘Face the facts’ programme. Correspondence November 1990. Radio 3 documentary. Brief correspondence only. January 1994. Channel 4 programme. Brief correspondence only. March 1996. Department. Arrangements and notes for ‘Mad Cow shoot’ in Zoology M.46-M.54 ADDENDUM Correspondence with September 1997. ministers, officials and colleagues March 1996 - This contains material made available at a late date and dating from March 1996. There is a small overlap with M.33 and M.34; otherwise the material is new and includes Southwood’s own notes (M.53, M.54). in his place. European Parliament Public Hearing on BSE and CJD 24 - 25 June 1996. Southwood was invited, but could not attend, and suggested R.M. Anderson Correspondence, notes and papers on research and publications (Bibliog. 212, 215). T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Working Party on Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy European Parliament Committee of enquiry. December supplementary questions. See also M.34. Southwood’s including 1996, Correspondence October - to replies ‘Statement’ and Briefing and interview. Briefing for press enquiries, for Southwood March 1996; transcript of interview on BBC Radio 4 Farming Today programme 9 May 1966, by Dov Stekel of Oxford Department of Zoology. Correspondence and papers on proposed television programmes. BBC Horizon March 1996. BBC Panorama May 1996. Includes brief notes by Southwood of answers to questions. Carey Productions. Barraclough - February 1997 on proposed four-part documentary for BBC television. Includes detailed list of 25 questions and Southwood’s manuscript replies to them. Correspondence September 1996 M.53 M.53, M.54 On the 1989 Working Party. On subsequent developments. Two notes by Southwood, 1 September 1997. Notes for lecture by Southwood on ‘BSE - Reflections on risk and public policy’, given to members of Senior and Middle Common Rooms, Merton College Oxford 26 February 1997. Another copy, as published. Report on (‘Southwood Report’) February 1989. Southwood’s advance copy, flagged and highlighted. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy of the Working Party M.55-M.59 REPORTS 1989, 1990 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Working Party on Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy Interim Encephalopathies (the ‘Tyrrell Committee’). report of Consultative Committee on Research into Spongiform House of Commons Official Report (Hansard) 21 May 1990. Includes report of debate on BSE pp. 76-120. House of Commons Agriculture Committee Report on BSE, House of Commons Paper no. 449, 10 July 1990. BACKGROUND MATERIAL 1979-1993 Papers, reports, articles sent to Southwood, some for reference at meetings of the Working Party, a few annotated or highlighted by him. Various dates 1979-1993. 1988-1997 PRESS CUTTINGS Press cuttings and comments. Various dates 1988-1997. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 SECTION N ROUND TABLE ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT The setting-up of the Round Table was announced in January 1994 by J.S. Gummer, then Secretary of State for the Environment. It was one of three bodies created in response to the 1989 ‘Earth Summit’ at Rio de Janeiro, as set out in the Government White Paper Cmd 2426; the other two organisations were the Panel on Sustainable Development, chaired by Sir Crispin Tickell, and Going for Green chaired by Graham Ashworth. Unlike the Panel on Sustainable Development, a small ‘Think Tank’ producing regular reports, the Round Table was a more diffuse body of about thirty members drawn from very diverse sources - industry, the trade unions, academia, social, consumer and environmental pressure groups; it extended its expertise through an even wider spectrum through the creation of sub-groups in addition to holding plenary meetings at roughly two-monthly intervals. The concept of the Round Table was relatively new in the UK. Devising guidelines for its role, organisation and membership, its independence of government (J.S. Gummer was Secretary of Groups’ were State and Co-Chairman), and its relations with other UK and European environmental organisations required careful development. Various discussions and a seminar were held in 1994 and initially the ‘Green co- chairmanship late in October 1994 and was involved in seeking their co-operation and in defining the Round Table’s role in the short period before the ‘required’ start in January 1995. official launch regular meetings were held though methods of work remained fluid. An important meeting was a residential weekend at Merton College Oxford, 28-30 June 1996, at which aims and Southwood was approached about the participate. After the to reluctant It was renewed, with structure were discussed. The original remit of the Round Table was for two years from January 1995. some change of membership, for a further two years in December 1996. Southwood was Co- Chairman with J.S. Gummer from the inception of the Round Table until the General Election of May 1997; during that time, although Mr Gummer attended for part of every meeting, Southwood was in the Chair for most of all meetings. became President. Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions, From July 1997 he was sole Chairman; J.L. Prescott, T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Round Table on Sustainable Development Southwood’s own thoughts on the aims of the Round Table and the concept of sustainability are at N.1. Correspondence and papers, which cover the period January 1995 - August 1997, retain Southwood’s ordering, distinguishing between correspondence with Ministers and MPs (N.2-N.6), with secretaries and officials of the Round Table (N.7-N.19) and with its members (N.20-N.34). This entails some measure of overlap in view of the topics under discussion and the relatively short timespan. All the material relates to meetings (including briefings), methods of work, projects proposed or in hand, reports and publications. Material at N.35-N.39, a late addition to the collection, contains setting-up and preliminary papers July 1994 - January 1995. The Round Table Secretary for most of this period was J. Adams. Other members of the secretariat were K.V. Cavill and P. Clapp. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Round Table on Sustainable Development Letters and memoranda by Southwood on the role, remit, membership and organisation of the Round Table, and his personal definition of views on sustainability: 20 November, 2 and 3 December 1994, 23 September 1995. Also included Parliamentary Environment Group, on incorporating Southwood’s speech (Bibliog. 218). Briefing Sheet no. here is the work of 18, February 1997, the the Round Table of Correspondence Parliament. with Ministers, Secretaries of State, Members of January - April 1995. September - December 1995. January - June 1996. and briefings, and April - July 1997. July - December 1996. Correspondence with officials and secretaries of the Round Table 1995- 1997. This material may include draft letters to be sent to members or ministers, the Round Table, draft articles, statements or reports on agendas topics, general membership, sub-groups etc. October 1995. March 1995. Includes ‘Objectives of the Round Table’. the work of correspondence April - September 1995. on all T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Round Table on Sustainable Development November - December 1995. January - February 1996. March 1996. work and ‘ground rules’ of the Round Table. Includes a draft paper by Southwood on the aims, mode of April - May 1996. July 1996. Oxford. Material arising from the residential weekend at Merton College September - November 1996. Includes draft report on city-region transport. March - April 1997. group membership, meeting dates. Includes proposed areas for study 1997-1998, sub- February 1997. Includes comments on Round Table’s first Annual Report. June - July 1995. Includes material on Gas Bill debate in House of Lords. Includes letters and papers sent directly to Southwood and also some sent to Round Table secretariat and passed on to him. N.20-N.34 Correspondence with members 1995-1997. May - June 1997. July - August 1997. January - April 1995. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Round Table on Sustainable Development August 1995. October - December 1995. January 1996. February 1996. Includes comments on draft Annual Report. March 1996. April 1996. June - July 1996. August 1996. September 1996. Table. October - December 1996. January - February 1997. Includes comments on topics for discussion at Round June - August 1997. March - April 1997. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Round Table on Sustainable Development N.35-N.39 Setting-up and preliminary papers N.35 Proceedings of the seminar on the Round Table, 6 July 1994 (annoated by Southwood). Correspondence and papers October-November 1994. Correspondence and papers December 1994. Correspondence and papers January 1995. Papers, correspondence, briefings, press release etc. for Inaugural Meeting, 23 January 1995, also invitation to launch of Going for Green on 6 February 1995. T.R.E Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 SECTION O GLAXO WELLCOME PLC Southwood was appointed a non-Executive Director of Glaxo Holdings plc in October 1992. In 1995, after a merger, this became Glaxo Wellcome plc. Press release on appointment. Correspondence April - May 1993 about silver goblets to be presented (as a taxable benefit) to Southwood, with natural history motifs reflecting his research interests. Notifications and schedules for Board and Committee meetings, dinners, overseas and UK visits 1992-1996. Chief Executive’s Awards for health, safety and environmental management (SHE). for Charitable Contributions, S.M. Bicknell, by with Group Appeals Committee. Correspondence and papers 1993-1996. Committee, the the Secretary of Southwood was a member 1993-1997 and Chairman from 1997. Applications support correspondence principally Manager, Seabrook. These were set up (by Glaxo Holdings plc) in January 1993 to encourage initiatives within the Glaxo Group in the management of occupational health, safety and environmental protection and improvement. Southwood was asked in March 1993 to chair the panel of judges to select the winners. 1993. of notes meetings, the Committee and R. succeeded by T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Glaxo Wellcome pic and for support Requests Glaxo Wellcome from organisations and institutions, received directly by Southwood, and passed on when appropriate to the Group Appeals Committee. 1993-1996. applications from Correspondence and memoranda on academic endowments, September - November 1995. Nominations Committee 1996. Memoranda and notes by Southwood, correspondence, on various policy aspects 1992, 1995. Miscellaneous correspondence and memoranda 1993-1995. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 SECTION P CENTRAL EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY The Central European University (CEU) has been described by its founder, the international philanthropist George Soros, as the ‘flagship’ of the education programme of the Soros Foundations Network devoted to the Popperian concept of the ‘open society’. Soros’s primary aim in establishing the CEU in Eastern Europe in 1990 was to address subjects which had been suppressed or distorted under the former ‘closed society’ of communism. postgraduate institution with its main campus in Budapest, a branch campus in Prague and a department in Warsaw, the CEU is chartered under the laws of New York State. The language of instruction is English, the professoriat and teaching staff predominantly Western-educated, and the student body recruited mainly from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Courses of study include law, economics, politics, history, sociology, medieval studies, history and philosophy of art, A and environmental studies. Soros visited Oxford in 1990 when he was planning to set up the CEU, and again in 1991 when he asked Southwood to become Chairman of the Steering Committee for the proposed environmental studies programme, and to run the summer school that year. Southwood continued to do so until Soundings took place with Southwood for his a appointment as Rector of the new university, and he had two (unrecorded) meetings with Soros, but Z. Szocs, a Hungarian who was titled ‘Research Director’. When in 1995 the Department offered an M. Sc. course accredited by Manchester University UK, Southwood was involved in devising and teaching the syllabus and monitoring the results. The relatively diffuse grouping of campuses and programmes was formally recognised as university under New York State laws in 1993. 1994, becoming Head of the Department of Environmental Studies and Policy; during the period of his headship some 250 students passed through the department. His eventual successor as Head of Department was E. Bellenger; throughout the period 1992-1995 there was one permanent staff member, Dr. correspondence with Stepan and Jarab is included at P.19. in July 1993 he withdrew his informal acceptance. He continued as Head of Department and served on the newly-formed Senate until September 1995 when he resigned from his unpaid position, while continuing some teaching commitments as Visiting Professor. Alfred Stepan was appointed Rector and President in 1993 and served until 1996. His successor in 1997 was J. Jarab. Brief T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Central European University (CEU) Many of the discussions and negotiations were informal or conducted by word of mouth, and there is little documentation for Southwood’s career at the CEU. For this reason, his ‘CEU Recollections and Reflections’, included at P.2, are especially valuable. P.1-P.19 CENTRAL EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY P.20-P.31 DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES AND POLICY (ESP) P.32-P.57 LECTURES AND TEACHING T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Central European University (CEU) CENTRAL EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY 1992-1997 lee Personal P.3-P.9 Committees and administration F:10-P.13 CEU Press P.14-P.16 Research proposals and applications to Soros Foundations P77, Pls Conferences and visits P.19 Correspondence Personal 1993-1997 Drafts of Southwood’s letters to G. Soros and others on general CEU matters and on the possibility of Southwood’s appointment as Rector. He withdrew his qualified acceptance of the office, and also resigned from his unpaid position as Chairman of Environmental Sciences and Policy though continuing to give his lectures on ESP courses. February - July 1993. ‘CEU Recollections and reflections’, written for the collection by Southwood March 1997. Drafts and memoranda prepared by Southwood on various aspects of organisation and policy at CEU and at ESP. Various dates November 1993, August 1994, autumn 1995. In the absence of anyone to take over he continued as de facto Head of Department and after the arrival of the first Rector (Dr. Stepan) was formally recognised in all university documents as such until he finally resigned in September 1995. 1994. Senate. Brief notifications and schedules of meetings and actions 1993, Committees and administration 1993-1995 Finance and budgeting. Calculations 1993 (some annotations), 1994. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Central European University (CEU) College Council. Minutes of meeting April 1994. Supervisory Board of CEU Holding Company. Agenda for first formal meeting 10 May 1994. attend). (Southwood could not Agenda, papers, minutes of meeting 24 March 1995. Agenda for meeting 1 December 1995 (Southwood could not attend). Academic Forum. Notification and paper for meeting 15 June 1995. P.10-P.13 CEU Press 1995-1996 The material able to attend), June - August 1995. January - March 1995. Southwood was invited to serve on the Advisory Board 11 January 1995 The Editorial Director at this time was and resigned 19 February 1996. includes arrangements for meetings Pauline Wickham. (Southwood was rarely proposals and comments on publications and operating policy, by Southwood and other members of the Board. November 1995 - February 1996. September - October 1995. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Central European University (CEU) P.14-P.16 Research proposals and applications to Soros Foundations 1992-1994 P.14 1992. Conferences and visits 1994-1996 1994. 1995, 1996. P.20-P.32 1992-1996 Correspondence 1993-1997 r:20-P:23 Fellowships and scholarships Miscellaneous general correspondence 1993-1997. DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES AND POLICY (ESP) Information P.28-P.31 Correspondence :25-P.27. Staff and appointments P.24 Library and laboratory oe T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Central European University (CEU) P.20-P.23 Fellowships and scholarships 1992-1996 P.20 Listings, giving place of study, duration of fellowship, budgeting, current state of play for ESP fellowships and scholarships 1992, 1993, 1994. Memoranda on arrangement for CEU graduates to study at various US universities. Correspondence with CEU scholars, on placement, research topics, careers 1993-1996. Report on Environmental Research Support Scheme (ERSS) proposed by Southwood in 1992 and funded by Soros to encourage CEU scholars to return to their home country after study. September 1994. Library and laboratory P.25-P.27 Staff and appointments 1994-1996 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers on laboratory, books and CD- Roms for library July, September 1994. visiting professors list 1995-1996. Memorandum on revised appointment procedures and entitlements 1995, T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Central European University (CEU) P.28-P.31 Correspondence 1994-1996 P.28 Miscellaneous general correspondence 1994-1995. Southwood’s note to Rector with departmental ‘staff profile’, on handing over department, August 1995. Southwood’s note on history and achievements of department, for Trustees’ meeting, October 1995. Letter of appreciation from ‘old’ CEU students 1996. Information Miscellaneous membership and contact lists. P.33-P.57 LECTURES AND TEACHING 1991-1996 an annual The Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy ran programme of postgraduate summer schools from 1994, for to approximately sixty students from central and eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. 1991 The staff of visiting professors and teaching assistants was drawn from western and eastern European universities and institutions. Instruction was in English, and the programme included mandatory English-language classes. Southwood’s lectures and teaching From 1995 a one-year M.Sc. course in Environmental Sciences and Policy was introduced, accredited by the University of Manchester UK. P.38-P.46 Master of Science Course P.33-P.37 Summer Schools P.47-P.57 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Central European University (CEU) P.33-P.37 Summer Schools 1991-1994 P.33 Southwood’s Letter to Participants August; Report on CEU activities ESP’s (annotated) reference Includes 1992. research May to 1991. and contribution. Draft schedule for summer programme; 1992. participants for meeting on Energy Issues in Central Europe. correspondence and 1993. Programme; lists of Work Groups, lectures, field trips. 1993. Summary Report of summer programme. Draft programme and of 1994. correspondence February - June, with colleagues and with ESP staff, on organisation, teaching and examining staff. Includes some reference to M.Sc. and accreditation. lectures; tagged folder list of P.38 1994-1996 P.38-P.46 Master of Science Course Includes Southwood’s original drafts on proposed Correspondence 1994. M.Sc. course November 1993. Draft proposals for the course, submitted to Manchester University for accreditation, March and June 1994, both annotated by Southwood. 1996, most with notes or additions by Southwood. Draft prospectus for modular course May 1995. leaflet for course. Southwood’s drafts for syllabus of Modules 1 1995 - February 1996. Modules, timetables, schedules, lecturing staff for M.Sc. course 1995 - Included here is published 4, scheduled for October P.42-P.45 - T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Central European University (CEU) Module 1. Module 2. Module 3. Module 4. Correspondence and papers March - April 1995, on comparative analysis of examination results for modules 1 and 2 of M.Sc. course. P.47-P.57 Southwood’s lectures and teaching 1994-1995 Handout material for ‘Overview of environmental problems 1’ summer 1994. Tagged folder variously paginated. of manuscript notes, diagrams and tables for course, This material principally relates to the lecture courses on ‘Overview of environmental problems’ and ‘Basic principles of ecology’ which Southwood contributed to the summer school programme and subsequently to the M.Sc. course. ‘Overview of environmental problems - Module 1’ (for M.Sc. October 1995). Outline of 23 lectures, schedules and staff. Tables and diagrams for lecture or part of course, on environmental risks. Tagged folder of manuscript notes, diagrams and tables for basic ecology course, variously paginated. Handout and outline for course on ‘Basic principles of ecology’ for summer programme and Module 1 of M.Sc. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Central European University (CEU) Miscellaneous of Southwood’s Williams lecture (E.142) on ‘Animals and the genesis of human disease’, adapted and shortened. manuscript including material related to course, Outline notes for lectures, on ‘Basic applied ecology’, ‘Pest control’ and ‘Biological effects of water acidification’. Manuscript notes for two lectures on ‘Environment problems and prospects’. ‘Senate lecture 5 November 1994’ (on lead pollution), 5pp manuscript. Outline for lecture on ‘Ecotourism’, with a manuscript note ‘CEU - 1995’. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 SECTION R CORRESPONDENCE R.1-R.403 The folders in the main sequence of scientific and general correspondence are essentially concerned with entomological research in hand or projected, in the UK or abroad. They may include ideas, drafts or data for research and publications, some in collaboration, arrangements for short or long term visits to Southwood’s departments, conferences and meetings, career and appointments. Some personal news may be included. Many of Southwood’s colleagues worked for various periods Overseas and their correspondence contains information on tropical pest research or similar topics. Some of the correspondence is of early date, when Southwood was a schoolboy or embarking on his career; some of these formative influences were C.G. Johnson, W.J. Le Quesne, A.M. Massee and H.K.A. Shaw. The shorter scientific correspondence at R.347-R.373 is similar in content but less developed. Briefer exchanges such as requests for reprints, advice and information appear at R.374-R.403. R.1-R.346 SCIENTIFIC AND GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE R. 374-R.403 R.347-R.373 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE Indexed, in alphabetical order. In alphabetical order, dated and indexed, with an indication of information of particular biographical, scientific or historical interest. MISCELLANEOUS CORRESPONDENCE T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence R.1-R.346 SCIENTIFIC AND GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE 1947-1996 Ahmazd, I. 1963-1968, 1984, 1993 Ahmad was a student of Southwood at Imperial College Silwood Park, and published a collaborative paper with him (Bibliog. 61). He later returned to Pakistan, where he became Professor at the University of Karachi. Ahmad, S. Current research. Some personal news. Anderson, J. M. 1978-1990 Research, career and recommendations. Anderson, N. H. 1957-1965 Anderson, R. M. and others 1970-1993 Anderson, a Canadian heteropterist, worked under Southwood’s supervision for a doctorate at Imperial College Silwood Park 1958-1959, later taking an appointment at Oregon State University. Anderson was an undergraduate and doctoral student at Imperial College, then a research fellow in biomathematics at Oxford returning in 1978 to Imperial College Department of Zoology and Applied Entomology and, in 1992, accepting appointment as Linacre Professor of Zoology at Oxford in succession to Southwood. supplied for research by N.H. Anderson (q.v.). Mainly on work at Rothamsted Experimental Station; includes information Banks, C. J. 1951-1958 Research and career. Arthington, A. 1985-1987 Ecology at Griffith University Australia. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Beament, J. W. L. 1955-1981 Includes correspondence 1967 on proposed article on the physiology of insect egg shells. Begon, M. E. 1973, 1984-1993 Research, career and appointments. Beirne, B. P. 1955, 1961-1965 Publications, visit by Southwood to Beirne in Belleville, Canada during his year in USA 1964-1965. post for Southwood in Ottawa. 1955 discusses possible Letter of Benson, R. B. 1961-1967 Benson was a sawfly expert at the British Museum (Natural History). Berry, R. J. 1978-1992 Templets; papers for Biol. J. Linn. Soc.; Berry’s sermon on ‘Christianity and the environment’; general correspondence on research and funding. Correspondence mainly on publication costs and delays of Entomologist’s Monthly Magazine (q.v.). Scientific and personal news. Includes exchanges of information and papers difficult to obtain in the Warsaw Institute of Ecology where Bilewicz worked. Australia. Correspondence 1965-1967 includes scientific and university news from Blackith, R. E. 1965-1967, 1982 Bilewicz-Pawinska, T. 1959-1976 Blackith had been one of Southwood’s tutors at Imperial College. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Bradshaw, A. D. 1993 Funding for Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management, Newbury, Berkshire. Brinck, P. 1987, 1991 Mainly on European ecological journals. Brinkhurst, R. O. 1957-1963 and n.d. Research, data, publications. University of Liverpool, many undated. Incoming letters only, from Brinkhurst at Broughton, W. B. 1963-1964 Brown, V. K. 1969-1995 Brown, E. S. 1950-1977 insect-plant relationships collaboration with Southwood on Research and publications. Brown was an undergraduate and doctoral student at Imperial College. After a period as Lecturer at Royal Holloway College she returned to Imperial College Silwood Park as Lecturer and later Reader in Insect Ecology. Her and secondary succession, begun in 1977, continued after his move to Oxford and resulted in many collaborative papers (Bibliog. 109, 128, 129, 147, 151, 161a, 166). 1962-1969, 1977 Correspondence on research, publications, career and appointments. 1969, 1983-1986. 1987-1995. Browning, T. O. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Bryant, D. T. 1980-1988 Bryant was an undergraduate at Imperial College and a doctoral student under Southwood’s supervision. later Professor) at the University of Stirling working on the feeding and energetics of aerial birds. He was appointed lecturer (and Research and career. Bullock, J. A. 1961-1962, 1972 Research and publications. Burke, D. C. Career and appointments. 1992-1993 Buxton, R. D. 1978-1982 Calnaido, D. 1960-1961 Calow, P. 1981-1987 Research and career. Career, environmental stress. proposed Work on frit fly at Rothamsted Experimental Station. Buxton was a doctoral student in the Department of Zoology Oxford. of Protozoology there. A colleague of Southwood at Imperial College Silwood Park, later Professor Society Symposium Linnean on _ evolution and Canning, E. U. 1981-1983 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Carayon, J. 1953-1964 Carayon was a French heteropterist, working in the Natural History Museum Paris. Mainly incoming letters, in French, on entomological research and publications. Carlile, M. J. Carter, C. Research on various entomological topics. 1986-1989 1958-1977 Carthy, J. D. 1963-1972 Carthy was Scientific Director, Field Studies Council from 1967 until his early death in 1972. Folder includes drafts of Southwood’s obituary tribute to Carthy. 1952-1962. Mainly research and publications. 1978, 1985. Recommendations. Carvalho, J. C. de M. 1952-1985 Carvalho, a Brazilian entomologist, published a collaborative paper with Southwood in 1955 (Bibliog.14). Much of the correspondence at R.34 relates to research and material for this, while Carvalho was working in various US universities. In 1955 he was appointed Director of the National Museum, Rio de Janeiro. Academy of Sciences 1969 (Bibliog. 78a). Includes correspondence 1965-1966 on Southwood’s contribution to book on ‘Principles of plant and animal pest control’ published by US National Chant, D. A. 1954-1969 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence China, W. E. 1953-1968 China was Keeper of Entomology at the British Museum (Natural History) and their senior heteropterist. He and Southwood contributed, with others, to a paper in 1958. (Bibliog. 29). Correspondence mainly on taxonomical problems. CIBA Foundation 1960, 1962, 1988 Brief correspondence only, on lectures and meetings. Claridge, M. F. and others 1958-1992 Claridge worked, principally on leafhoppers, at the University of Wales Cardiff where he was Professor of Zoology. 1958-1959. Identification of specimens. 1975-1992. Research, publication, career, recommendations. Clements, A. N. 1955-1963, 1985-1995 Clutton-Brook, T.H. Correspondence 1955-1963 on classification of Hemiptera; correspondence 1985-1995 on career and publications. various African countries. Coaker had been an undergraduate with Southwood at Imperial College. He worked in Uganda and in UK research stations before taking an appointment at Cambridge University. Letters 1954-1958 are from Uganda and include information on work in Coaker, T.H. various dates 1952-1971 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Cobben, R. H. 1953-1968 Cobben was a Dutch entomologist working at Wegeningen. Incoming letters only. Coffee, R. A. Use of ‘Electrodyn’ for pesticide spraying. Coley, P. D. Research, career and appointments. 1979-1985 1984-1995 Colinvaux, P. 1987-1992 Research on Amazon, proposal for palaeo-ecology centre. 1949-1963 and n.d. 1964-1993 Collins, N. M. 1973, 1980-1983 R.50-R.52 Conway, G. R. Collingwood, C. A. Research and career. Collins held a Junior Research Fellowship at Imperial College Silwood Park working on Isoptera. 1978-1986. Career and appointments. Conway was at Imperial College Silwood Park as Research Fellow, Lecturer, Reader and Professor, and the first Academic Director of the College’s He left Imperial College in 1986 to Centre for Environmental Technology. work as representative of the Ford Foundation in New Delhi. He was nominated Vice-Chancellor of Sussex University in 1992 and became Director of the Rockefeller Foundation in 1998. 1964-1967. Research projects. on the Sustainable Agriculture Programme London, then T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence 1987-1993. Career and appointments. R.53-R.56 Corbet, P. S. 1954-1986 Corbet worked for his Ph.D. at Cambridge University under the supervision of V.B. Wigglesworth. After appointments in Uganda, Canada and New Zealand, he was appointed to the Chair of Zoology at Dundee University. 1954-1971. Research and publications on dragon-flies and mosquitos. 1976-1978. 1979-1986. ‘The ecology of the Cross, D. J. 1961-1968 Cottier, W. Cowen, R. 1961-1962 1962-1967 Correspondence related partridge’ (Bibliog. 68, 70, 76). See also R.59, D.3-D.27. to Southwood’s work on Cowen was Lord Rank’s son-in-law and ran the Estate Office at Sutton Scotney, Hampshire. field courses for Imperial College undergraduates. Warden of Orielton Field Centre, Pembrokeshire, where Southwood held Southwood’s research assistant, partridge work (Bibliog. 69, 76). Ph.D. student and collaborator on the Crump, R. G. 1981, 1984, 1996 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence R.61, R.62 Danthanarayana, W. 1975-1995 Danthanarayana had been a postgraduate student at Silwood Park, and was also a Visiting Scientist there in 1977. appointments at several Australian universities. was the lunar periodicity of insect flight. Imperial College He held His main research interest Research, career and recommendations. 1975-1986. 1987-1995. Davidson, D. W. 1977-1991 Southwood met Davidson when he spent several weeks at the University of Texas in 1977. Research, mainly on recommendations. desert ecosystems and ‘ant-gardens’, career and Davies, R. G. 1977. 1978-1991. 1951-1965, 1982-1984 and later Professor of Davies was one of Southwood’s former tutors, Entomology at Imperial College. 1975-1984 Suction apparatus for collecting insects; research on fauna of nettles. various dates 1961-1980 Davis, B. N. K. Delany, M. J. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Dobson, R. 1956-1962 A colleague at Rothamsted (1952-1955). Field courses at identification of specimens. Field Studies Council centre at Flatford Mill, Suffolk, Duffey, E. A. G. 1959-1967 Research and publications. Dunning, R. A. Mirids on sugar beet. Eastop, V. F. Work on aphids. 1957-1966 various dates 1952-1988 Edwards, J. S. 1956-1961 1966-1991 Eguagie, W. E. 1967-1969. doctoral work, funding and progress. Correspondence mainly with Eguagie was a Nigerian, funded by the Ministry of Overseas Development via the British Council. He was a postgraduate student at Imperial College Silwood Park, where Southwood was his supervisor and internal examiner. He returned to Nigeria, working in research institutes. career. Some personal news. Continuing correspondence on publications and British Council on Eguagie’s 1969-1991. research, T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence R.75-R.77 Ehrlich, P. R. and others 1965-1995 Southwood met Paul Ehrlich and his wife Anne at the International Congress of Entomology, Vienna, 1960. They were population biologists interested in global environmental problems and policy analysis, based at Stanford University, California. Research, publications, recommendations. 1965-1984. Includes correspondence 1983 on proposed Stanford support for the Christiansen Research Institute (g.v.). 1986-1989. 1989-1995. Elgar, M. A. 1984-1987 Brief correspondence, application and statement of research. 1977-1983 1953-1956 Elliott, J. M. Ellis, E. A. After working at Griffith University, Brisbane, Elgar held a post-doctoral Fellowship in the Oxford Department of Zoology, funded by the Science and Engineering Research Council, later taking up a post at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. supervised him for his external London Ph.D. A former student at Imperial College Silwood Park, later working in Trinidad Southwood and then on the staff of George Mason University, Virginia. Loan of specimens from Castle Museum Norwich. Incoming correspondence only. Elmsley, M. G. 1952-1966 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Elton, C. S. 1955-1984 Miscellaneous entomological enquiries. Incoming correspondence only. Emden, H. F. v. 1973-1978 Post-doctoral Horticulture, Southwood. Evans, D. E. Research Assistant at Reading. He was joint Silwood author Park, of later several Professor of with papers 1961-1969 A former M.Sc. student supervised by Southwood at Silwood Park, later working in Sudan, Kenya and Trinidad. Imperial College Eyles, A. C. 1962-1965, 1994 A New Zealand entomologist who held a Plimmer Fellowship at Imperial College Silwood Park (supervised by Southwood), later returning to work in New Zealand. Feeny, P. P. 1981-1992 Felton, J. C. 1969-1974 Mainly about arrangements for Feeny’s visit to Oxford Department of Zoology on sabbatical leave, and Visiting Research Fellowship at Merton College Oxford 1990-1991. letters). Fewkes was a research student at Imperial College Silwood Park, 1955-1958 (where Southwood was his de facto supervisor), later working as a sugar cane entomologist in Trinidad. He published a collaborative paper with Southwood in 1961 (Bibliog. 38). Hymenoptera from Southwood’s collection. Includes draft for short note on saw-fly, prepared for Entomologist’s Monthly Magazine (not listed in Bibliog. and perhaps not published). Research and publications on nabids and froghoppers (almost all incoming Fewkes, D. W. 1958-1968 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Fowler, V. W. 1954-1956, 1976 Correspondence 1954-1956 is on Lygus specimens. Freeman, P. 1959-1965 Mainly Congress, London 1964. on International Congresses of Entomology, especially 12th Includes some correspondence on affairs of the Royal Entomological Society of which Freeman was then Honorary Secretary. Southwood was elected to Council in December 1961. French, R. A. 1950-1967 Mainly on work at Rothamsted Experimental Station on suction and light traps. Gay, H. J. 1989-1992 the Department of Plant Sciences Gilbert, L. E. 1977-1991 the University of Texas at Austin and Director of Gilbert was based in Brackenridge Field Laboratory. Gay was a postgraduate student in Oxford. Scientific and personal news; Gilbert’s work on Heliconius; includes note 1981 by Southwood on the value of University Field Stations. 1979-1983 Correspondence 1954-1955 is research on quantitative genetics. on insect population density. Continuing Gilbert, N. E. 1954-1986 Gillett, J. D. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Gipps, J. H. W. 1972-1986 Gipps was an undergraduate at Imperial College. Research, career and recommendations. Goodchild, A. J. P. various dates 1953-1972 Gradwell, G. 1963-1969 Calculation methods and terminology in insect population studies. Grant, J. A. 1962-1964 Research and specimens; arrangements for 12th Congress of Entomology. Grant, P. R. 1983-1985 R.101, R.102 Greenslade, P. J. M. and others 1960-1987 Research, career, recommendations. 1960-1968. research and publications on Carabidae. Includes correspondence on work in Visits; research on Darwin’s finches. Greenslade was a postgraduate student at Imperial College Silwood Park, working under Southwood’s supervision for a Ph.D. He later worked in the Solomon Islands and at CSIRO Australia, Division of Soils. 1984-1987. the Solomon Islands, T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Groves, E. W. 1952-1973, 1993 Groves came on a field course run by Southwood at Flatford Mill; he worked as an Experimental Officer in the Botany Department, British Museum (Natural History). Miscellaneous entomological researches, especially information for extended publication on ‘London bugs’. Mainly incoming letters. Hall, W. J. 1955-1957 Hall was Director of the Commonwealth Institute of Entomology London. Publication of Bibliog. 16, comments on draft of Bibliog. 23, Southwood’s identification of mirids from Mauritius. R.105-R.108 Hamilton, W. D. and others 1977-1994 Hamilton, a distinguished evolutionary biologist, was a lecturer at Imperial College, then worked in the Oxford Department of Zoology as a Royal Society Research Fellow in 1983. US universities before moving to 1977-1985 1977-1979. 1980-1982. 1982-1983. Career and appointments. Research, career and appointments. Handique spent a year 1976-1977 at Imperial College Silwood Park as a post-doctoral academic visitor. Handique, R. 1992, 1994. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Harding, S. P. 1986-1989 A postgraduate student in the Oxford Department of Zoology. Harper, J. L. 1977-1982, 1987, 1993 Career and research. Correspondence 1987 relates to Harper's paper ‘The value of Southwood Bibliog. 156. a leaf’ and Harris, M. K. R.113, R.114 Hart, B. J. 1978, 1984 1986-1992 Hart was a post-doctoral student in the Oxford Department of Zoology, later a Junior Research Fellow and tutor, Worcester College, Oxford. 1986-1987. 1990-1992. Harwood, P. Specimens, mainly Ortholylus. Research statements and proposals, on the aetiology of house-dust allergy, grant applications, funding. Park. Hassell later became Professor and Director of Imperial College Silwood Early research on parasites and predators, and on density dependence. Hassell, M. P. 1965-1968, 1989 1951-1957 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Hawkes, C. 1978-1979 Comments on Hawkes’s paper ‘An Approach to an Ecological Framework’. Henderson, W. Henson, W. R Hincks, W. D. 1992, 1993 1963-1965, 1984 1957-1962 1947-1959 Hincks worked at the Manchester Museum, University of Manchester. General correspondence of specimens, of some interest as Southwood was 16 at the date of Hincks’s first letter. identification (incoming letters only) on Hinton, H. E. 1956-1977 (Bibliog. 122a Hopkins, M. J. G. Mainly on insect egg size. Includes draft 1977 of Southwood’s obituary of Hinton. relates). summaries. Hopkins was an 1851 Exhibition Fellow, working at the Oxford Department of Zoology, later at the Christiansen Research Institute and the University of Papua New Guinea. Research and career, including research and expedition proposals and 1980-1992 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Huffaker, C. B. 1966-1986 Huffaker was Professor of Entomology, University of California at Berkeley; he and Southwood gave a joint lecture course there in 1965. Personal and scientific correspondence on research, publications, visits and meetings, career. Includes 1977 invitation (declined) to Southwood to co- edit or contribute to book on insect ecology proposed by Huffaker and R. Rabb, published as Ecological Entomology 1984. e125, Ral26 Hughes, R. D. 1956-1985 Hughes, an insect ecologist, graduated from Imperial College and later worked at CSIRO Canberra. 1956-1967. Research on carabid beetle. 1969-1985. Career and appointments. 1983-1987. 1988-1991. 1992-1995. his D.Phil. funded by R.127-R.129 Hunter, M. D. Research programmes and reports, career and recommendations. Hunter graduated from the Oxford Department of Zoology; Southwood was a co-supervisor for Natural Environment Research Council. sponsor. Huxley, J. (Lady Huxley) Correspondence on the Julian Huxley Memorial Fund. Southwood was a 1983-1995 1981, 1983 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Ibbotson, A. 1956-1967 Work mainly on frit fly, Almost all incoming letters. at University of Durham at Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Jackson, R. Robert Department of Education and Science, 1987-1990. Parliamentary Jackson was MP Under 1984-1993 Secretary of State, Science policy and funding. Janzen, D. H. 1977, 1984-1985 Janzen was Professor of Biology at the University of Pennsylvania. Correspondence 1977 is about request to Southwood (declined) to contribute volume to with herbivores’. ‘Interrelationship constituents secondary plant on of 1973-1981. R.134, R.135 Javahery, M. and others Research, career and appointments. Includes Janzen’s review of Insects on plants Correspondence 1984-1985. (Bibliog. 136) and correspondence arising. Javahery, an Iranian entomologist, was a Ph.D. student at Imperial College Silwood Park 1963-1967. He returned to Iran but left for political reasons and later worked in Canada. [ee Jepson was Reader in Applied Entomology at Silwood Park; Southwood’s first appointment there was to work with him on the frit fly. Several papers resulted in the late 1950s and early 1960s (Bibliog. 30, 32, 33, 41, 42, 43). He left to enter industry (Cyanamid) but returned as an Honorary Lecturer after retirement. Jepson, W. F. 1982-1989. 1973-1989 1955-1968 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Brief correspondence only. Jermy, T. R.138-R.140 Johnson, C. G. 1948-1971, 1988 Johnson worked at Rothamsted Experimental Station, where he became Head of Entomology in 1961. Southwood regarded him as an important formative influence on his career. Early correspondence relates to Southwood’s visits to Rothamsted as a schoolboy and undergraduate, leading to their collaborative publication in 1949 (Bibliog. 2), and to later work and papers (Bibliog. 15, 23, 24). Almost all incoming letters. 1948-1950. Early work and publication. 1951-1962. 1963-1971, 1988. Jolly, G. M. On ‘capture-recapture’ methods. Jones, R.E. 1983-1991 with the Overseas Development Administration. Jones was contemporary at Imperial College with Southwood, who was godfather to his eldest son. Jones worked in Africa on timber pests before returning to Britain to work Jones, T. 1952, 1969-1975 Research and appointments at Townsville, Queensland Australia. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Juniper, B. E. R.145-R.149 Kathirithamby, K. and others 1985-1994 1968-1996 Kathirithamby, a Malaysian postgraduate funded by the British Council, was a Ph.D. student at Imperial College 1968-1971 under the supervision of N. Waloff. After appointments in Malaysia and Cardiff, she was attached to the Oxford Department of Zoology as an outside funded research worker; she was a Visiting Rhodes Fellow and later a Senior Research Fellow of St. Hugh’s College Oxford. An insect taxonomist, Kathirithamby worked on leafhoppers of rice and their parasites, the classification of Strepsiptera, and the molecular systematics of insects. Research, funding, career and appointments. 1968-1979. 1980-1985. 1992-1996. R.150-R.152 Kayumbo, H. Y. 1962-1989 1986-1988. Includes project statement for Strepsiptera work. 1979-1980. Research at Cardiff for Centre for Overseas Pest Research, and arrangements to work at Oxford. Research projects and reports, career and appointments. Kayumbo, a Tanzanian, was a Commonwealth Scholar at Imperial College October 1961-December 1963, working for a Diploma, later the M.Sc. He returned to Tanzania, and undertook Ph.D. research as a lecturer at the University of Dar es Salaam. Southwood supported his work and also acted as supervisor and examiner. Kayumbo completed the doctorate work at Imperial College Silwood Park 1974-1975, later taking up senior posts in Tanzania, and becoming head of the Desert Locust Control Organisation for Eastern Africa. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence 1962-1972. 1972-1975. 1976-1989. Kennedy, J. S. 1960-1962, 1967, 1993 Kennedy worked on V.B. Wigglesworth, then - through Southwood’s intervention - at Imperial College Silwood Park and on retirement, again at Southwood’s invitation, at the Oxford Department of Zoology. in Cambridge with behaviour, animal first Correspondence 1960-1962 contains detailed comments on papers and publications by Southwood, Kennedy and others. Correspondence 1993 memorial service for Kennedy in 1993. includes manuscript of Southwood’s address at 1980-1992 External Scientific Staff, working on sandflies R.155-R.158 King, G. M. and others Killick-Kendrick, R. R. Research plans and results. Some personal correspondence. Killick-Kendrick worked at Imperial College as a member of the Medical Research Council and leishmaniasis. 1975-1980. King was an undergraduate and later (1980) a Departmental Demonstrator in the Oxford Department of Zoology. Her D.Phil. work, on fossil reptiles, was based in the Natural History Museum, Oxford to which she returned in 1982 as Assistant Curator of the Zoological Collections. She held this post from 1983 in conjunction with Hilda’s College in succession to B. Dainton. In 1987 she took two years unpaid leave to accept a post at the South African Museum, Cape Town. The earlier stages of King’s career, appointment in Oxford, were handled by his predecessor J.W.S. Pringle. which took place before Southwood’s Research proposals, reports, applications, career and appointments. a Tutorial Fellowship at 1975-1994 St. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence 1980-1983. 1985-1988. 1989-1994. Klemperer, H. G. 1983-1984 Study visit to Mexico; application and report. Kornberg, H. L. 1978 Brief correspondence only, on Kornberg’s Leverhulme Memorial Lecture. 1953, 1960-1961 R.164-R.167 1970-1991 Labeyrie, V. Lambert, J. M. 1987-1989 1957-1966 Lansbury, I. Light traps. Symposium on the teaching of biology (see E.54). Incoming letters only. Research, publications, funding, career and appointments. Lawton, an ecologist specialising in bracken and its herbivores, was based for many years at the University of York. He later moved to Imperial College Silwood Park to the Chair of Community Ecology and Directorship of the Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Population Biology. and Southwood collaborated D.A. He, (Bibliog.136). Lawton, J. H. and others on Insects on plants Strong T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence 1970-1982. Includes research proposals on bracken. 1983-1984. Mainly about /nsects on plants. 1984-1986. 1987-1991. Includes invitation to Southwood to serve on Management Committee of the International Research Centre in Population Biology at Silwood Park. Lee, R. L. G. 1972-1984 Natural Environment Lee was a postgraduate student, funded by up Research appointments as a lecturer at Accra Ghana and Aston Birmingham before working as a consultant. 1969-1974, Imperial Council, College taking later the at 1987 Lees, A. D. Le Quesne, W. J. Career and appointments. Brief correspondence only. at Cambridge University and Lees was a colleague of J.S. Kennedy (qg.v.) Imperial College Silwood Park. Research, career and appointments. Southwood first met Lewis at Flatford Mill, Suffolk on a field ecology course. Lewis took his Ph.D. at Imperial College and after a period (1958-1961) at the Cambridge University School of Agriculture moved to Rothamsted Experimental Station where he became successively Head of Entomology, Deputy Director and Director. Early correspondence (incoming letters and cards only) on identification and classification of specimens. 1952-1961, 1984-1986 R.171-R.174 Lewis, T. 1960-1992 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence 1960-1967. Incoming letters and cards. Mainly research on thrips. 1975-1977. 1983-1987. 1992. affairs of the Lawes Trust (Southwood was Chairman). Mainly on the Rothamsted International fund-raising campaign and McClintock, D. 1961-1966 Brief correspondence only. fauna of Buckingham Palace Gardens (Bibliog. organised. Letter 1961 refers to survey of the flora and 62), which McClintock Majer, J. M. 1972-1990 Mac Quillan, M. J. 1963-1966 Mac Quillan took the Diploma Course at Imperial College Silwood Park 1962-1963, later working in the Solomon Islands on rice pests. Majer was a postgraduate student at Imperial College Silwood Park 1972- 1973 under Southwood’s supervision, later working in Western Australia. Recollections of Alister Hardy. Makings, P. 1958-1960 Research and career. Specimens and identifications. Marshall, N. B. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Massee, A. M. 1947-1963 Massee was Head of Entomology Section, East Malling Research Station, Kent. The correspondence dates from January 1947 when Southwood was 15. The letters, almost all incoming and hand-written, are chiefly concerned with the collecting and identification of specimens and the publication of species lists of British Hemipitera-Heteroptera. May, R. M. 1976-1994 General Professorship at Imperial College etc. correspondence on research, publications, May’s Visiting Mayr, E. 1987-1988, 1993 Mellanby, K. 1959-1967, 1983, 1991 Head of 1960-1970 Metcalfe, J. R. 1963-1967, 1974 was for many years Entomology at Correspondence mainly on publications. He was instrumental in arranging the publication by Methuen of Southwood’s Ecological Methods and also proposed Southwood for the Athenaeum Club when he was appointed to the Chair at Imperial College in 1967. Mellanby Rothamsted Experimental Station (Southwood was completing the last few months of his period there when Mellanby was first appointed), later Director of the Nature Conservancy Monks Wood Experimental Station. Work in Uganda; expedition to New Hebrides. Metcalfe was a specialist in sugar cane pests. article to Pests of sugar cane, edited by Metcalfe and others (Bibliog. 74). Southwood contributed an Miller, P. L. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence R.186-R.188 Milne, A. and others 1986-1991 Intensive exchanges, often combative on population dynamics. subject had been misunderstood and inadequately recognised. Milne’s believed that of his own contribution to the Milne’s side, theories on Letter 1991 is about Milne’s death. 1986. 1987-1988. 1989, 1991. Mitchell, E. W. J. 1991 Comments by Southwood on Mitchell's paper ‘Reflections on global climate change’. 1980-1991 R.190, R.191 Moorhouse, J. E. Correspondence is mainly about the work and future of the Group, which was disbanded when funding ceased in 1987. Moorhouse was officer-in-charge of the Agriculture and Food Research Council Insect Physiology Group at Imperial College Silwood Park, later moving to Reading University. 1980-1987. Includes research statements and reports. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence R.192-R.196 Moran, V. C. 1973-1995 South African Moran, at Rhodes University, Grahamstown and later at the University of Cape Town where he became the Dean of insect/plant relationships. research was on_ entomologist, of Science. Faculty worked a His Moran and Southwood enjoyed very friendly personal and _ professional relations. Moran, who held a British Council postdoctoral scholarship as an Academic Visitor Park 1974-1975, hosted Southwood’s visit to Grahamstown in 1979 (see H.32) and paid several visits to Britain. One of these, to the Oxford Department of Zoology 1980-1981, resulted in collaborative papers (Bibliog. 123, 125, 127). Imperial College Silwood at Research, visits, funding, career and appointments. 1973-1975. Arrangements for Moran’s visit to Imperial College Silwood Park 1974-1975. 1976-1977. 1991-1995. 1979-1983. Includes arrangements for Moran to visit the Oxford Department of Zoology as an Academic Visitor funded by a BP Postgraduate Scholarship in Agriculture 1980-1981. 1984-1987. Includes Moran’s appointment as Dean of Science from January 1986 at Cape Town University, in view of which he cancelled provisional arrangements for a Visiting Research Fellowship at Merton College Oxford. 1975-1977. Arrangements, funding etc. for work at Silwood Park. Moratorio, a Uruguayan, was a student at Imperial College Silwood Park. and subsequently Southwood. political reasons and settled in California. British Council supported postgraduate His supervisors were Ilse Walker He later worked in Venezuela but left for Personal and scientific correspondence, on research and career. Moratorio, M. S. R.197, R.198 1975-1991 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence 1983-1991. Morgan-Grenville, G. 1975-1979 Society for Environmental Improvement, Godalming, Surrey. Morris, M. G. 1960-1973 Southwood examined his Ph.D. NERC’s Institute of Terrestrial Ecology Station at Furzebrook, Dorset. Morris was subsequently Director of the Mortimer, T. J. 1953-1963 A contemporary student at Imperial College. Mound, L. A. 1960-1987 (not all dated), 1996 the British Museum (Natural He worked the History), in Neufeld, E. Myers, N. 1977, 1985, 1990 Nigeria and Sudan, later returning to work for many years Letter 1996, from CSIRO, Australia, includes his dedication of his book to Southwood. Mound was an M.Sc. student at Imperial College Silwood Park. in Department of Entomology of becoming Keeper. Research on plant cell walls Use of injurious insects in ancient warfare. Neville, A. C. 1984-1985, 1995 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Newbery, D. McC. 1981-1986 Newbery was an undergraduate, and later a Research Assistant at Imperial College, subsequently working at the University of Stirling. Research projects and funding, especially to Aldabra. Newton, P. N. 1989-1990 Research projects on Indian mammals, and historical biography. Niven, B. S. 1983-1989 Mathematical formalism in ecological studies. R.209, R.210 Norman, D. B. 1982-1992 1986-1992. Nuorteva, P. Nwana, I. E. Includes Norman’s report on his study visit to palaeontology Norman was a Departmental Demonstrator at the Oxford Department of Zoology, working mainly on dinosaurs. a palaeontologist with the Nature Conservancy Council, and was appointed Director of the Sedgwick Museum, Cambridge. He subsequently worked as 1982-1986. collections in Canada and USA, statement of research etc. Proposal to spend sabbatical leave in Britain. Nwana was Dean of the College of Agriculture, lwo State University, Nigeria. Southwood had been his Ph.D. examiner in 1975. 1956-1963 1989 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Odhiambo, T. R. 1957-1960 Southwood first corresponded with Odhiambo when he was a technician in a research station. Later he graduated from Cambridge and became a major figure in African biology. Work on African Mirids and other Heteroptera. R.214-R.216 Oliver, J. H. 1971-1989 Oliver was a long-term colleague and friend, working at Georgia Southern College, Statesboro. Southwood and he had met at Berkeley in 1965. Personal and scientific correspondence, mutual visits, research on ticks, career and recommendations. 1971-1977. possible President of Georgia Southern College. Includes correspondence 1977 suggesting Southwood as 1981-1987. 1988-1989. Ordish, G. Orian, A. J. E. Frit fly; invitation to Southwood to review R. Carson: Silent Spring (Bibliog. 55): Research and publications. Includes news of Berkeley campus. Oxford Scientific Films Ltd 1984-1985 Paris, O. H. 1962-1963 1992-1994 1965-1967 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Parsons, P. A. 1980-1989 Parsons was an academic visitor from Australia to the Oxford Department of Zoology in 1979. Research on evolutionary genetics. Pearson, E. O. Mainly Southwood and W.F. Jepson (Bibliog. 54). publication, papers for on including comments on 1955-1961 paper by 1952-1967 Pendergast, J. G. Letter (Bibliog.9). 1954 contains material for collaborative paper with Southwood R.224, R.225 Pierce, N. E. 1983-1986 1983. in butterfly 1984-1986. Research, funding, appointments. Pierce was an evolutionary biologist specialising ecology. Southwood met her when visiting Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia in 1983. She worked in the Oxford Department of Zoology 1984-1986 during her tenure of a NATO postdoctoral Fellowship and a Research Lecturership at Christ Church. She took up an appointment at Princeton University and later held a Professorship at Harvard University. herbivores and grass leaves (Bibliog. 151). Includes suggested appointment of Southwood to Professorship of Insect Ecology at Cornell University 1964. Research, publications, comments on Pimentel, D. 1961-1987 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Pinnock, D. E. 1969-1985 Pinnock was a Demonstrator and Ph.D. student at Imperial College, later working at the University of California at Berkeley and in Australia (Professor at Adelaide). Research and career. 1979-1993 Popham, E. J. 1958-1963, 1979 (not all dated) Mainly on publications. Port, G. R. 1977-1987 Port worked for a Ph.D. at Imperial College Silwood Park, on leafhoppers, supervised by N. Waloff. He later worked at the University of Newcastle- upon-Tyne. Research and career. Poynton, S.L. Rabinovich, J. E. 1985-1986 1984-1987 in the Oxford Poynton, a Department of Zoology 1985-1986. fish parasitologist, was an academic visitor On the Special Programme for Ecological Research (SPIDER) in Argentina. Research and career. Proposed research on European grasshoppers. Rankin, M. A. 1977-1986 the Improvement and Development of Ragge, D. R. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence 1961-1963, 1967 Reader, P. M. 1987-1990 Reader was appointed Research Officer to Southwood at Imperial College (ca 1970) and played a major role in all his subsequent research. Publications on whitefly. Ready, P. D. 1972, 1981-1984 Ready was an undergraduate, and later a Ph.D. student at Imperial College Silwood Park. Research projects, especially on Leishmaniasis. Redfern, M. 1983-1992 Remane, R. 1953-1961 Species and identifications. Incoming letters only. Richards, O. W. 1953-1964, 1984 Southwood met Redfern in 1963 when she was working at Preston Montford Field Centre, Shrewsbury. Correspondence on travel, research and publications, especially on insects and thistles. Richards was Southwood’s predecessor as Head of Department and Director of Imperial College Silwood Park. The ‘Verrall Suppers’ for the Association of Entomologists. Early correspondence is on Southwood’s appointment and work at Silwood Park, and his illness in 1955-1956. Letter of 1984 is from Paul Richards on his brother’s illness. Southwood wrote the Biographical Memoir of Richards for the Royal Society (Bibliog. 160). See F.40. Riley, N. D. 1952-1957, 1970 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Rothschild, G. H. L. R.243-R.246 Rothschild, M. L. Personal and scientific correspondence. 1963, 1987 1962-1995 1962-1978. 1980-1982. 1983-1985. 1991-1995. 1954-1957, 1981, 1987 1956, 1962 1954-1979 Roubal, J. Identification of species. Sands, W. A. Work on termites. R.249-R.251 Satchell, J. E. 1971, 1976-1979. Includes data on biomass of oak leaves. After completing a Ph.D. at Rothamsted Experimental Station, Satchell worked for the Nature Conservancy (later Institute of Terrestrial Ecology) at Merlewood, Lancashire. 1959 - 1963. Includes preparation of collaborative paper (Bibliog. 50). 1954. Identifications and field trips. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Schaefer, C. W. 1960-1962, 1978, 1987 Schofield, C. J. Schofield was an undergraduate at entomologist specialising in vectors of Chagas disease. Imperial College, 1970-1983 later a medical R.254-R.260 Scudder, G. G. E. 1954-1992 Scudder, like Southwood a former pupil of Gravesend Grammar School and a summer student at Rothamsted Experimental Station, studied at University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, and as a graduate student at the Hope Department of Zoology, Oxford. From 1958 he was at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, becoming Professor and Head of Department. He wrote two collaborative papers with Southwood in 1956 (Bibliog. 17, 21). Letters and cards 1954-1958 are all hand-written by Scudder, often very frequent, on research, identification of specimens etc. None of Southwood’s letters survive for a regular correspondent. this period, though it seems he was also 1954. 1962-1971. 1957-1958. 1987-1992. 1959-1961. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Shaw, H. K. A. 1951-1969, 1988 Shaw worked in the Herbarium, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, but was knowledgeable on those interests, becoming a family friend. helped Southwood with Heteroptera and the Letter of 1988, from Shaw’s niece’s husband, refers to his death. Sherif, A. G. A. S. 1970-1984 Sherif was a Libyan student who followed the Diploma Course in Applied Entomology at Imperial College Silwood Park in 1963, later spending a sabbatical year there working on Libya and environmental pollution. of pesticides use the in Shorrocks, B. Research on Drosophila. 1985, 1991 in Slater, J. A. 1951-1994 1985-1990 Singer, M. C. R.265, R.266 Research on ‘preference’ in plant-feeding insects. An Oxford graduate, Singer completed a Ph.D. butterfly ecology at On the latter's recommendation Southwood Stanford under P.R. Ehrlich. appointed him to a temporary post at Silwood Park. From there he returned to the University of Texas at Austin (where Southwood visited in 1977, see H.29). A Professor at Texas, he frequently visited Southwood, whom he addresses as ‘Uncle Sir Dick’, in Oxford and at Southwood’s cottage in France. 1979-1994. Slater worked at lowa State College and, from 1954, at the University of Connecticut. 1988, Southwood used a montage of their correspondence, including the original 1951 letter which ‘inaugurated our long professional and personal friendship’. To mark Slater’s retirement in 1951-1968. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Smith, R. F. 1961-1969 Includes arrangements for Southwood’s visit to California 1964. Smyth, J. D. 1982-1986 Southern, H. N. and Southern, K. 1958-1977, 1993 Visits, research, publications. Spencer, K. A. 1971-1973, 1982 Research on Agromyzidae. Staddon, B. W. 1971-1987 Research proposals for work on Heteroptera. Stamp, T. C. 1970, 1983 Stearns, S. C. Biodiversity. Correspondence 1983 includes Stamp’s account of his 1982 visit to Sudan, and his plans for providing material aid for raising living standards in the Third World. Research proposals, appointments. Steele was a D. Phil. student at the Oxford Department of Zoology, working on sheep ticks in upland pastures, later working at the Institute of Virology Oxford. Steele, G. M. 1979-1986 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Stenseth, N. C. 1978-1984 Stenseth worked at the University of Oslo, on pest control, later becoming a Professor. Correspondence mainly comments on draft papers. Stichel, W. 1953-1962 Stoddart, D. R. Mainly on work in Aldabra. Strickland, A. H. 1959-1964 Meetings, data, publications etc. on frit fly. R.279, R.280 Stys, P. 1961-1993 the Vienna Congress in 1961-1975. 1985-1993. Scientific and personal correspondence on specimens, publications, visits etc. Stys was a Czech entomologist at Charles University Prague, working on Heteroptera; he and Southwood met at 1960. Conditions for travel and conference attendance were often difficult and Southwood was able to offer hospitality in his own home as well as official support. tick management, later returning to Australia. Sutherst worked at the CSIRO Division of Entomology, Queensland. He was an Academic Visitor at Imperial College Silwood Park 1974-1975, working on Sutherst R. W. 1973-1991 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Sutton, S. L. 1984-1989 Research projects, mainly ‘Operation Raleigh’. Sweet, M. H. 1959-1962, 1994 Correspondence 1994 refers to the life and work of D. Leston, and includes 1p only of a 1984 letter from D.W. Ewer on a planned collaborative obituary of Leston. Southwood’s correspondence with Leston, and other material relating to him, are housed in the Hope Entomological Library, Oxford. R.284-R.288 Swingland, I. R. and others 1977-1994 Swingland was a post-doctoral research assistant in the Animal Ecology Research Group of the Oxford Department of Zoology 1974-1979, later taking up a post at the University of Kent at Canterbury School of Continuing Education, where he became Professor of Conservation Biology. 1977-1979. 1979-1980. 1981-1984. Research, expeditions, publications, especially on giant tortoises, career and appointments. 1s Tanton was an undergraduate and a postgraduate research student at Imperial College, taking up in 1969 an appointment in forest zoology at the Australian National University, Canberra. R.289, R.290 Tanton, M. T. 1985-1988. 1993-1994. 1957-1969, 1982-1984 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Correspondence on research, visits, publications, career. 1957-1969. 1982-1984. Taylor, B. 1971-1989 Taylor was an undergraduate and postgraduate student at Imperial College. Research and career. R.292-R.298 Taylor, L. R. 1956-1989 worked Taylor Entomology from 1948 until Southwood dates from 1949. at Rothamsted Department of His friendship with Experimental Station his retirement in 1984. Taylor, on research, 1965-1976. letters from 1956-1962. equipment, publications etc. not all dated. Hand-written cards and Scientific and personal correspondence, including some references to the Journal of Animal Ecology (q.v.) which Taylor edited for many years, and to the affairs of the British Ecological Society (q.v.) of which he was President 1983-1984. of service as an officer of the British Ecological Society. 1984-1985. Southwood’s letter of 14 June 1985 refers to his various periods 1983-1984. 1977-1978. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence 1987-1989. Taylor, R. A. J. 1977-1989 Taylor, son of L.R. Taylor (q.v.), was an undergraduate and doctoral student at Imperial College, later working in the US. Research, especially on migration, career. Taylor, V. A. 1975-1984 Taylor held a Natural Environment Research Council Research Studentship at Imperial College, working for a Ph.D. on population genetics with W.D. Hamilton. Research and career. Thomas, J. A. Thompson, G. 1953-1959 Townsend, C. R. 1987, 1989 Research on applied entomology and pesticides. On Southwood’s ‘habitat templet’ paper (Bibliog. 100). 1986-1987 Originally from Gravesend (see A.12). Work on insect pests, mainly in Africa. Tunstall, J. P. 1960-1962, 1969 Tjossem, S. F. Turner, J. R. G. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Turner, P. D. 1979-1983 Turner was an undergraduate at Imperial College, and a Ph.D. student funded by the Science Research Council, at Silwood Park. He later worked in Brazil before returning to work in UK. Research and career. R.308, R.309 Usinger, R. L. 1953-1967 Agriculture, the Usinger was Professor of Entomology, later Division Chairman, at and College of He Southwood met frequently on visits in UK and USA and corresponded regularly on research, publications, arrangements for visits etc. Usinger was effectively Southwood’s sponsor for his 1964/5 year in Berkeley. University California Berkeley. of at 1953-1963. 1963-1967. 1960-1965 Uvarov, B. P. Varley, G. C. General correspondence on research and publications, including Varley’s comments on draft paper by Southwood. Uvarov was a major figure in British entomology. Southwood first met him when he visited the British Museum (Natural History) as a schoolboy (Bibliog. 122). Vollrath, F. Research on cereal ecology, career and appointments. Vickerman, G. P. 1954-1969 1980-1983 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Waage, J. K. Research and career. 1977-1986 Wagner, E. 1951-1963, 1974-1976 Work on Heteroptera. Walker, I. 1980-1987, 1994 Walker was a lecturer at Imperial College Silwood Park, later working at Manaus, Brazil. Walker, J. 1953-1957 Letters and news from Flatford Mill Field Centre, Suffolk. 1969-1989 1969-1972. 1972-1987. 1987-1989. Research and career. R.318-R.320 Wall, C. Wall was an undergraduate, postgraduate and research assistant at Imperial College 1963-1970, his Ph.D. supervisor at Silwood Park being N. Waloff. He later worked at Rothamsted Experimental Station. Research and career. Wallbanks was an undergraduate and Ph.D. student at Imperial College, later working at the University of Salford on Leishmaniasis. Wallbanks, K. R. 1983-1987 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Waloff, N. 1959-1987 Waloff was a teacher and later a long-term colleague of Southwood at Imperial College. Scientific and personal correspondence. Waloff (sister of Nadia). Includes a letter 1961 from Zena Ward, L. K. 1967, 1976-1977 Correspondence 1976-1977 is on compilation of databank on phytophagous insects. Waterhouse, D. F. 1966-1967, 1977-1978 Waterhouse was Chief of the Division of Entomology, CSIRO, Canberra. Way, M. J. 1957-1959 Weber, H. H. 1953-1962 Specimens and identifications. Incoming letters from Weber only. White, G. B. 1962-1967, 1973-1984 Correspondence mainly on Anthocorids, when Way was at Rothamsted Experimental Station before moving to Imperial College. White was a student at Imperial College 1960-1963. After work in East Africa on vector borne diseases, he took up appointments at the British Museum (Natural History) and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. [3 White graduated from the Oxford Department of Zoology. After working on a VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) project in Nigeria, he returned to the Department working on a Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food contract on pheromones, leading to a D.Phil. and Demonstratorship. Correspondence 1973-1974 is on White’s paper on insect populations. R.328, R.329 White, P. R. and others 1977-1991 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Later he joined Proctor & Gamble to head their environmental section. Correspondence, research applications and reports, career. 1977-1985. 1987-1991. Wigglesworth, V. B. 1953-1961, 1983 Early correspondence is of specimens. Correspondence 1983 is on Southwood’s ideas for his lecture on ‘Insects as Models’ (Bibliog. 135). on exchange and identification R.331, R.332 Wilkinson, C. 1961-1984 Wilkinson was an undergraduate at Imperial College, later Professor at the Free University of Amsterdam. Williams, C. B. 1949-1977 1961-1963. 1976-1984. Williams was Head of Department at Rothamsted Experimental Station. His acquaintance with Southwood began when the latter was a schoolboy, and he was Southwood’s formal supervisor for his doctoral studies. Research and career. Williams was an undergraduate and a Ph.D. student at Imperial College. Not all Williams’s letters are fully dated. Williams, M. S. R. 1975, 1984-1987 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Wilson, E. O. 1981, 1986, 1989 Brief correspondence only. Wilson, M. R. 1986-1988 Includes draft of Southwood’s review of Chinery, M.: Collins Guide to the insects of Britain, Antenna, 10, Oct. 1986 (Bibliog. 153b). R.337-R.340 Woodroffe, G. E. ca 1953-1973 Woodroffe worked at the Pest Infestation Laboratory, Slough. Letters and cards, mainly on identification of specimens, handwritten by Woodroffe, very few dated except by postmark. The order of presentation is, therefore, tentative except for the later correspondence at R.340 which is dated. ca 1953-1956. ca 1956-1957. ca 1958-1961. 1966-1973. Woodward, T. E. 1953, 1961-1963, 1986 1980, 1982 Correspondence 1986 refers to Southwood’s obituary notice of Woodward (Bibliog. 153a). Wynne-Edwards, V. C. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence R.343-R.346 Young, E. C. 1960-1993 Young held a Commonwealth Scholarship 1960-1963 working for a Ph.D., He later supervised by Southwood, at Imperial College Silwood Park. returned to New Zealand taking University of Canterbury and subsequently at the University of Auckland. up appointments at the Young was in charge of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation olive fly project in Greece to which he invited Southwood, but he returned to New Zealand by the time of Southwood’s visit. Personal and scientific correspondence on research, publications, visits, education methods, career. 1960-1971. 1972-1979. 1981-1983. 1984-1993. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence R.347-R.373 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE 1953-1995 General exchanges, many from overseas, on research ideas and projects, Similar in content to the main sequence publications, visits and meetings. but usually confined to one or two letters only. In some cases the time-span is considerable, but the exchanges are sporadic. In alphabetical order. Adams, P.B. Alexander, R.D. Anderson, J.M. Angus, R.B. Arden-Clark, C. Arthur, D.R. 1979-1980 1960 1980 1982 1988 1963-1967 1976 n.d. 1966-1967 1983 Bartell, R.J. Bell, G. Birch: LC: Cain, A.J. Cannon, J. Carey, J.R. Atkinson, P.R. 1957-1962 Chapman, R.F. Chiang, H.C. 1982 1977 1962 Crichton, M.lI. 1954, 1958 1956-1966 Clegg, J. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Dadd, R. Darroch, J.N. Deralle, D. Dicker, G.H.L. Dupuis, C. Edwards, R.W. Emden, H.F. van Erwin, T.L. Eversham, B. Ewer, D.W. (Jakes) 1966 1964-1965 1995 1953-1957 1954-1968 1984 1961-1973 1982 1985 1984 1964 Farrow, R. Feeny, P.P Gass, L. Gould, S.J. 1976, 1981 Fraser, F.C. 1978 1982 1975 1960 Frankie, G.W. Greig-Smith, P. 1987-1988 1978 1966 Grime, J.P. Grunhl, K. Guan, Z.H. 1962-1969 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Harris, P. Harrison, R. Heard, A.J. Holliday, F.G.T. Howard, J.C. Hutchinson, G.E. Hynes, N. Ito; Y¥: Ives, W.G.H. Iwao, S. 1959, 1971 1979 1961 1977 1965 1987 1961 1989 1975-1976 1962-1981 James, F.C. Janzen, D.H. Leslie, P.H. Lewis, L. 1978-1979 1979-1980 1967, 1982 Lack, D.L. Lattin, J.D. 1962-1967 1954, 1956 Johnson, B. 1954-1957 Lloyd-Jones, H. Lomnicki, A. 1965 Lloyd, J.R. Lunn, J. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Mcdonald, W.W. Macfadyan, A. Mahon, R. Marshall, A.T. Marten, G.G. Michaelis, H.D. Moore, T.E. Mordue, W. Muir, R.C Muirhead-Thomson, R.C. 1967-1970 1966 1977, 1962 1982 1960 1953, 1965 1983 1954, 1960 1982 Munro, J.W. Murphy, P.W. 1963 1965 1954-1966 Parr, M.J. Neville, C. O’Connell, T. 1962-1963 1968 Parsons, M.C. Murdoch, W.W. 1964, 1976 Perring, F.H. 1988 O79 1967, 1975 1961, 1972 Paxman, J. Pentz, M.J. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Phillips, D.C. Popov, Y. Pringle, J.W.S. Prinsloo, G.L. Prokopy, R. Rabb, R.L. Rainey, R.C. Raphael, D.D. Reynolds, F.L. Roff, D.A. Root, R.B. 1992 1991-1993 1971 1979, 1985 1963, 1965 1973-1978 1984 1977 1966 1995 1980 Rose, W.E. 1966 1968 Sharplin, J. Simberloff, D. Scoble, M.J. Scott, H. Sawyer, A.J. Sheppard, P.M. Shanahan, G.J. 1957, 1962, 1981 Smith, K.G.V. 1973 1977 1989 Smithers, C.N. 1962-1965 1967, 1973 1978-1979 Slansky, F. Smiley, J.T. Smith, D.S. 1966-1967 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence Spence, J.R. Stark, R.W. Steiner, L.F. Streeter, D.T. Strong, D.R. Stroyan, H.L.G. Taylor, K.J. Thompson, G.D. Thompson, T. Uffen, R.W.J. 1980-1981, 1994 1961, 1967 1960 1956, 1966 1974, 1977 1956-1959 1981-1983 1986 1960 1961 Williamson, M. Wilson, K. Weighert, R.G. Wells, M.J. n.d. 1966-1969 Watt, K.E.F. Wearing, C.H. Wightman, J.A. 1964 Wright, E.N. 1988 1995 Woofton, R.J. Wratten, S.D. 1967-1970 1964, 1977 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence R.374-R.403 MISCELLANEOUS CORRESPONDENCE 1947-1991 R.374-R.381 of bugs and specimens, or exchanges of Identification specimens and material, on apparatus, sampling methods, recording instruments, trapping systems etc., sent or received by Southwood. There are some single letters, others more extensive, many with details of locality, climate, soil, habitat etc. of specimens, some including research plans. information requests for The correspondents are professional, academic and amateur entomologists in the UK and overseas. The timespan covered is 1947-1977 but is mainly concentrated in the 1950s and 1960s. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence R.382-R.388 Requests for advice, information, bibliographical references, on scientific work in hand or proposed, comments on research projects or publications, sent or received by Southwood. universities, government The correspondents are research establishments and industrial laboratories, but there are also letters from students, schoolboys, amateur naturalists and members of the general public. 1953-1991. chiefly colleagues in A. reproduce material and sent or R.389-R.392 Requests or thanks for reprints, books and publications, permission to quote or sometimes accompanied by information on current research or material of biographical or general interest. 1954-1995. diagrams received, T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Correspondence R.393-R.403 Correspondence on papers and manuscripts sent to Southwood, some with comments by him. 1968-1994. 1968. 1978 (i). 1978 (ii). 1982-1986. 1987 (i). 1986 (ii). 1987 (i). T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 SECTION S REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS S.1-S.248 $.1-S.15 OXFORD UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY $.16-S.38 THESES AND HIGHER DEGREES $.39-S.99 APPOINTMENTS AND PROMOTIONS $.100-S.131 EVALUATIONS AND ADVICE $.132-S.187 INDIVIDUAL REFERENCES $.188-S.224 RESEARCH GRANTS $.225-S.238 PUBLIC APPOINTMENTS, HONOURS AND AWARDS $.239-S.242 OVERSEAS AWARDS $.243-S.248 MISCELLANEOUS PERSONAL T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations OXFORD UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY 1978-1992 in material to D.Phil. at students Oxford. relates collaboration) by Southwood This (sometimes include applications to come to Oxford, grants and funding, departmental and college arrangements, overseas travel, conference attendance, schedules and research and appointments. and comments by Southwood and by others are also included. plans, Correspondence, notes, supervised The supervisors subsequent folders may _ reports, appraisals career These folders were kept together by Southwood. Other references to Ph.D. and D.Phil. students whom he advised, supervised or examined at Imperial College and at Oxford may be found passim in the correspondence files or elsewhere in the collection. 1983-1992 1986-1989 Gei. (i) Gei. (ii) 1978-1991 1979-1983 1984-1988 1979-1992 1983 -1989 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations 1990-1992 1980-1988 1984-1991 1981-1985 $.16-S.38 THESES AND HIGHER DEGREES S.16-S.26 $.16 S.16-S.26 S.27-S.38 The material may include an invitation to examine a thesis or to advise on the oral examination, correspondence with a co-examiner or candidate, final report. arrangements for degree, higher award of a Birmingham University UK universities and institutions UK universities and institutions Overseas universities and institutions 1966, 1987 Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA) University of Wales Cardiff Cambridge University 1966, 1981 1981, 1983 Durham University T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations London University 1962, 1969, 1983, 1988 Oxford University 1963-1994 1963, 1966, 1967-1968. 1983, 1990, 1994. Reading University Sheffield University Wolverhampton Polytechnic S.27-S.38 Netherlands 1961-1987 1966-1987 1983-1984 1983, 1987. $.27 1966, 1972. $.27, $.28 Australia Overseas universities and institutions 1961-1962, 1967, 1972 Free University of Amsterdam. France Thése d’Etat. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations Nigeria Ibadan University. Papua New Guinea South Africa Rhodes University. $.35-S.38 Tanzania 1973-1975 External examining, Dar es Salaam University. 1973. 1975(i). 1975(ii). $.39-S.99 $.39-S.77 UK universities and institutions APPOINTMENTS AND PROMOTIONS 1978, 1980, 1984 References and recommendations for appointments or promotions. S.78-S.99 Overseas universities and institutions $.39-S.76A UK universities and institutions Cambridge University and colleges 1969-1997 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations Liverpool Polytechnic S.41-S.60 London University, colleges and institutions Southwood was frequently asked to advise the University and its constituent colleges on appointments and promotions, sometimes on an ad hoc basis a more formalised way as ‘Internal’ and later ‘External and sometimes in invitations, Expert correspondence, recommendations. Imperial College is shown by the high proportion of requests received from or relating to the College. His continuing Advisers. includes Material link with on a Board of Standing Panel of Experts in Biology and Zoology 1984, 1987, 1990 Miscellaneous invitations and renewals of service. Birkbeck College 1984-1989 S.43-S.50 Imperial College 1983-1993 S.43 1983. 1992 (November). 1992 (March, June). T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations Imperial College and Silwood Park Correspondence with former members of Silwood Park 1979-1987. Includes references. staff at Imperial College and King’s College $.52-S.54 London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 1984-1993 $.52 1984, 1987. 1987-1988. Sir John Cass College 1972. University College 1972, 1993 1975-1985 1968-1992 Queen Mary College Queen Elizabeth College Oxford University, colleges and institutions University Marine Biological Station, Millport $.61-S.71A 1988, 1992 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations Christ Church Oriel College Pembroke College Plant Sciences Department St. Antony’s College St. Edmund Hall Somerville College. S.69-S.71A S.69 1989. Worcester College University appointments, awards and promotions 1989-1997 1993, 1994. 1995, 1996. Salford University T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations Surrey University University of East Anglia Warwick University S.76, S.76A York University 1977-1988 S.76 1977, 1984. Overseas universities and institutions 1962-1996 SLAs 1983, 1987 1983-1984 1985, 1986-1990 S.77-S.79 Australia University of New England, Armidale References and recommendations for appointments or promotions. Queensland Institute of Medical Research, University of Queensland 1962, 1987 S.81 University of Alberta, Edmonton Austria Salzburg University S.81-S.85 Canada T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations Guelph University 1987-1991 McGill University Mount Allison University University of Saskatchewan Sweden S.87-S.98 USA S.87 University of Arizona 1985, 1991 1981-1989 1993 1989 1996 1988, 1996 University of California at Davis Stanford University, California University of California at Berkeley University of California at San Diego 1982, 1983-1985 University of South Florida Cornell University 1989, 1990 University of Chicago Clark University Oak Ridge Laboratory T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations Miami University, Oxford, Ohio Oregon State University 1982-1984, 1994 Pennsylvania State University 1987-1992 Princeton University Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution West Germany $.100-S.131 EVALUATIONS AND ADVICE 1976-1995 S.100-S.126 UK universities and institutions $.127-S.131 Overseas universities and institutions S.100-S.126 UK universities and institutions These folders include comparative assessments or recommendations, often of several candidates, made by Southwood in answer to requests from universities or other institutions wishing to make senior appointments, Vice- Chancellors, Principals, Directors, Professors etc. Buckingham University Bristol University Long Ashton Research Station S.100 Agricultural and Food Research Council 1976-1995 1987 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations Cambridge University 1984, 1987 Dundee University Glasgow University Hull University Leeds University Liverpool University 1987, 1991, 1995 Manchester University Middlesex Polytechnic Newcastle-upon-Tyne University Natural Environment Research Council 1987, 1989 $.114-S.120 Oxford University and colleges Open University $.114 Hertford College Linacre College T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations Lincoln College New College Pembroke College St. Hugh’s College 1989-1990 Oxford University evaluations and advice Salford University Sheffield University 1983, 1989 Strathclyde University Ulster University York University Universities Funding Council Leiden University. Overseas universities and institutions S27 Netherlands 1982-1990 1986-1987 S.127-S.131 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations Sweden Uppsala University. Switzerland Basle University. $.130, $.131 USA $.130 George Mason University, Virginia National Academy of Sciences $.132-S.187 INDIVIDUAL REFERENCES 1966-1995 These are Southwood’s references seeking appointments or promotions at colleges, universities and institutions in UK and overseas. candidates individual for Ba. In alphabetical order. They are normally made at the request of the person concerned, may extend over several years, and may include correspondence on research programmes and careers, comparative evaluations, or updating of previous recommendations. Some personal news, and correspondence with other colleagues, may be included. 1974-1988 1971-1975, 1984-1985 1977-1988 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations 1983, 1988, 1992 1976-1986 1985-1987 1983-1985 1984-1992 1978-1989 1979-1985 1983-1986 1984-1985 1985-1989 1970-1985 1984-1985 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations 1980-1996 1975-1987 1969-1984 1986-1988 1974-1978 1988-1989 1985-1987 1992-1993 1994-1995 1969-1970, 1981-1991 1974-1990 1978-1986 1973-1976 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations Le. (i) Le. (ii) Le. (iii) Ma. (i) Ma. (ii) Ma. (iii) Mi. (i) 1977-1987 1972-1980 1981, 1983 1989-1993 1980-1981 1992-1993 1978-1986 1978-1988 1974-1984 1973, 1987-1990 1985-1986 1988-1989 1987-1991 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations 1983-1986 1978-1985 1973-1974, 1984 1966, 1976-1983 1973-1987 1985-1987 1989-1990 1980-1989 1979-1982 1963-1995 S.188-S.224 RESEARCH GRANTS Overseas foundations and grant-giving institutions These may include applications for research funding, travel grants, visiting fellowships or scholarships, expeditions etc. Correspondence, proposed programmes of work etc. may also be included. $.188-S.219 | UK foundations and grant-giving institutions $.220-S.224 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations S.188-S.219 UK foundations and grant-giving institutions 1963-1995 S.188, S.189 British Ecological Society 1987, 1989 S.188 1987. Ciba-Geigy $.191-S.202 Hering Memorial Research Fund 1979-1992 Professor Erich Martin Hering of Berlin was a world authority on leafminers, more particularly of the family Agromyzidae. On his death he left money to provide annual grants to support work on leafminers, the bequest being administered by British Entomological and Natural History Society, formerly the South London Entomological and Natural History Society (q.v.) which Southwood had joined at the age of 15. the A fuller account of the Hering Fund and its administration, written by Southwood for the collection, is at A.7. The Hering awards are made via a small committee, on which Southwood served, preference being given to projects on Agromyzidae and other leafminers. The first secretary of the committee was A. Maitland Emmet; his successor, from 1985, was M.J. Scoble. 1979. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations 1992, 1993. 1988-1995 1992-1993 S.203 1988. $.203-S.206 Leverhulme Trust Ray Lankester Investigatorships Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom: Linnean Society: Percy Sladen Memorial Fund T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations Natural Environment Research Council Nuffield Foundation $.211-S.218 Royal Society of London 1963-1992 travel grants, attendance at conferences, bursaries and Support for scholarships. 1963. 1981, 1982. 1986, 1987. Australia Overseas foundations and grant-giving institutions Wolfson Foundation. $.220-S.224 S.220, $.221 1987-1990 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations CSIRO James Cook University Office of the Chief Scientist, Canberra: Proposals for Co-operative Research Centres North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) $.223, $.224 USA $.223 Guggenheim Foundation 1984, 1986 Whitehall Foundation S.225-S.238 $.225-S.229 1983, 1986. 1983-1993 $.225-S.228 Cabinet Office PUBLIC APPOINTMENTS, HONOURS AND AWARDS 1976-1997 Appointments Advice and recommendations sought by the Cabinet Office. 1983-1993 1992 (i). 1992 (ii). T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations Central Electricity Generating Board, Biological Research Advisory Board S.230-S.234 Honours 1984-1997 S.230 1984, 1986. 1994, 1997. 1976-1986 1982 1976-1982 $.235 Linnean Society Medals $.235-S.238 Awards, medals, prizes $.237, S.238 Zoological Society of London Pollution Abatement Technology Award Scheme 1980-1982. Recommendations for the Scientific Medal and the T.H. Huxley Award of the Society. (Southwood was awarded the Scientific Medal in 1969). 1976-1978. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 References and recommendations $.239-S.242 OVERSEAS AWARDS 1984-1992 Australian Academy of Science 1984, 1992 Order of Australia Canada Council USA National Science Foundation National Medal of Science $.243-S.248 MISCELLANEOUS PERSONAL Requests for references or career advice. H, J. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ABRAHAM, Sir Edward Penley ACADEMIC PRESS ACHESON, Sir (Ernest) Donald ACLAND, Sir Antony Arthur ACTA OECOLOGICA ADAMS, John ADAMS, Peter B. ADAMS, Roy ADKISSON, Perry L. AGUILAR, Jacques d’ AHMAD, Imtiaz G.111, R.148 F.49 A.80, J.2, J.5, J.7, J.9, M.1, M.8, M.9, M.16, M.36, M.46 A.150 F.50 N.2, N.4-N.6, N.8-N.19, N.22, N.24, N.26, N.27, N.30, N.31 R.347 A.80 A.134, A.135, H.59 H.21 A.80, R.1 AHMAD, Sami AHMED, Mohamed Tawfiq AIDLEY, Daniel J. ALLEN, William A. ALLEN, John Anthony R.2 H.21 E.101 R.347 ALEXANDER, Richard D. A.80 G.60 F.51 H.59 ALEXANDER, Robert McNeill ALLEN & UNWIN, PUBLISHERS AMATEUR ENTOMOLOGISTS’ SOCIETY G.3 AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES AMERICAN SOCIETY OF NATURALISTS ANANTHAKRISHNAN, T.N. G.1 G.2 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 ANDERSON, Donald Thomas ANDERSON, Jonathan Michael ANDERSON, Norman H. ANDERSON, Roy Malcolm ANDREWS, Sir Derek Henry Index of correspondents S.180 R.3, R.347 B.26, H.31, R.4 A.80, B.22, C.14, G.6, G.56, R.5, S.46 M.1, M.3, M.5, M.8, M.14, M.28 ANGLESEY, Elizabeth Shirley Vaughan Paget, Marchioness See PAGET ANGUS, L.H. ANGUS, Robert Bagrie ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR ANNECKE, David P. APSIMON, Helen ARCHER, A.A. A.26 R.347, S.212 F.52 H.33 J.21 A.80 A.80, A.135 N.25, N.28, N.31 A.80 M.9 A.80, G.101, S.232 ARNOLD, John ARTHINGTON, Angela ARTHUR, Don R. ASH, John S. ASHBY, Eric, Baron ARGYLE, Michael ARMITAGE, Peter A.54, R.347 B.26, D.8, D.9 A.80 A.80 R.6 ASHWORTH, Graham William K.18, N.2 J2 25/205 521. 22 See also A.171 ASSCHER,, Sir (Adolf) William ASHWORTH, John Michael ATIYAH, Sir Michael Francis ATKINS, Robert James T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents ATKINSON, Linda ATKINSON, Vere ATTENBOROUGH, Sir David Frederick D.42 H.2 A.175, G.112, G.113, G.115, G.117, G.119 AYLMER, Gerald Edward A.132 BADENOCH, Sir John BAKER, Kenneth Wilfred BAKER, Reginald Robin BAKKER, Kees A.81, A.120, C.35 J.29 $.132 $.127 BALL, Sir Christopher John Elinger G.48, S.110, $.113 BALL, Wendy Ruth, Lady BAMBOROUGH, John Bernard P.19 A.120 BANKS, C. John R.7 BARBER, James BARBER, Janet BARBOSA, Pedro BARCLAY, Alan Neil J.32 A.81 G.125 R.397 C.74A BARLOW, Henry S. BARBAULT, Robert C.46, F.50, H.78, H.79 BARNARD, Eric Albert BARBER, Giles Gaudard A.81, G.87A BARTLETT, Maurice Stevenson BARRY, Edward W. G.13 A.81 G.42 H.70 BARTELL, Roger J. BARRETT, John H. R.348 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 BARTON, Sir Derek Harold Richard BATEMAN, Derek BATEMAN, M. Alan BATESON, Paul Patrick Gordon BATTLE, John BAWDEN, Marjorie, Lady BAYLIS, Matthew Index of correspondents A.135, B.22 N.26 Bi25 F.100, G.97 N.6 A.81 S.1 BEAMENT, Sir James William Longman A.63, A.81, R.8, S.39, S$.229 BEATSON, Jack BEDDINGTON, John BEGON, Michael Edward BEIRNE, Bryan P. BELL, Alan Scott A.120, C.37 B.22, L.20 R.9, $.15, S.108 R.10, R.134 A.120, C.92 R.40, R.146, R.284 BELL, Ernest Arthur BELLOWS, Thomas S. BELL, Graham BELLAMY, Denis A.170 R.348 $.133 C.71 BENSON, Robert Bernard BENNET-CLARK, Henry C. BENJAMIN, Thomas Brooke See CLARK, Henry C. Bennet- BENNETT, Mary Letitia Somerville E.149, K.17 A.73 Rel55 Rell A.120, G.75-G.81 $.134 BENNETT, Gareth V. BENTLEY, Greg G. BENTON, Forbes Peter BERAL, Valerie T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents BERGEL, Derek BERN, Howard BERNAYS, Elizabeth A. BERRY, Roger Julian (‘Sam’) BESHIR, Mahdi BEVERTON, Raymond John Heaphy BICKNELL, Simon M. BINGLEY, F.J. (‘Jim’) BINNEY, James BIOLOGICAL JOURNAL OF THE LINNEAN SOCIETY BIRCH, L. Charles BIRKS, H. John B. A.120 A.135 G.18, H.66 A.10, A.81, F.54, F.55, G.9, G.56, G.60, K.9, K.11, R.12, R.188 G.8, G.30 A.81, G.87A, G.92, J.18 0.4-0.6, 0.9 F.3, G.41 C.36 F.54, F.55 R.348 R.396 BIRLEY, Martin Harold BLACKITH, Robert E. BLACKMAN, Roger L. BISHOP, David Hugh Langler A.81, $.135 G.54, G.55 K.7 R.14 G.12 S.42 BLACK, Sir Douglas Andrew Kilgour BLACKSTONE, Tessa Ann Vosper, Baroness BLACKWELLS SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS LTD See also M.46 BLAKE, Robert Norman William, Baron A.81, M.35 G.63 A.174, C.6 299: 06 A.81, J.2, J.21 BLAKE, Christopher BLAKE, Colin BLAKEMORE, Colin Brian T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 BLANEY, Walter M. BLANK, Terence H. BLEANEY, Brebis BLIN-STOYLE, Roger John BLOOD, Peter BLOW, David Mervyn BLUMBERG, Baruch Samuel BOARDMAN, John BOBROW, Martin BODMER,, Sir Walter Fred BOGDANOR, Vernon Bernard BOGE, Reimer Index of correspondents A.81, S.42 D.5, D.6, D.8, D.19 A.120 See STOYLE H.13 A.81, B.22, See also A.175 F.102 C.74A K.7 A.82, R.105 C.49 M.34, M.49 BONDI, Sir Hermann BORKAN, Michael BOUGHTON, Walter C. $.13 A.82, A.172, C.71 BOOTH, Clive BORATYNSKI, K. C.60, C.64 A.54, H.25 S.78 C.106 K.18 BOHORQUEZ (afterwards GEISLER), Irma Silva- BOREHAM, Peter Frank Leslie BOTTOMLEY, Virginia Hilda Brunette Maxwell BOURKE, Sir (Edward Alexander) Henry Legge- (Sir Harry) G.56, G.59 A.120, S.136 R.213 A.80, H.40 E.58 H.72 BOWMAN, John Christopher BOURKE, R. David BOURN, David Mackenzie BOWDEN, John T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 BOYCE, H.R. BOYCE, Mark S. BOYCOTT, Brian Blundell BRADMAN, Godfrey Michael BRADSHAW, Anthony David BRADY, John BRAMMAH, Raymond BRAUDE, Ben B. BRAUN, Thomas F.R.G. BRAY, R.S (‘Bill’) BRIDCUT, John BRINCK, Per Index of correspondents A.43 H.45 A.63, A.82, G.87, R.106 A.82, J.6, J.12, M.36 G.5, G.6, H.86, R.15, R.111 B.22 H.60 A.135 A.82, A.118 A.82, B.22 M.51 6.2074 447 1:51, 3416-48. L418; L225, R16 See also G.8 A.164 R.17 BRITISH EMPIRE NATURALISTS’ ASSOCIATION BRITISH ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY G.4-G.9, S.188, S.189 BRITISH MUSEUM (NATURAL HISTORY) G.11-G.13 BRINDLE, Michael J. BRINKHURST, Ralph O. G.10 See also A.4, A.38, A.199, A.200 See SOUTH LONDON ENTOMOLOGICAL AND NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY BRITISH ENTOMOLOGICAL AND NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY E.99 BROADBENT, Donald E. BROADBENT, Leonard BRITISH NATURALISTS’ ASSOCIATION See BRITISH EMPIRE NATURALISTS’ ASSOCIATION E.107 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 BROADHEAD, Edward BROCK, Michael George BROCK, Timothy Hugh Clutton- BRONFENBRENNER, Urie BROOME, R. Roderick BROUGHTON, Bill B. BROWN, Eric S. BROWN, G.S. BROWN, James Gordon BROWN, Valerie Kathleen BROWN, William L. BROWNE, Jack W.A.F. Balfour- BROWNING, Tom O. Index of correspondents $.22 A.82, A.120 H.84, R.42 H.54, H.69, H.71 A.36 fad, eS R.19 F.3 N.6 20) Fi2 1, 5:12°S189 F.55, H.66 A.35 A.82, H.12, R.22 BRYANT, David Murray BUCK, F.D. G.104 A.120 BULLOCK, John A. BUNDY, Donald A.P. BUNKER, H.J. BUNTING, Arthur Hugh A.120 A.54, R.23 R.24 C.15 B.24 BRUNDIN, Clark Lannerdahl BURGEN, Sir Arnold Stanley Vincent BULLOCK, Alan Louis Charles, Baron H.62 BURGH, Sir John Charles A.120, R.25, S.74, $.114 A.82, C.14 A.82 A.82 BURKE, Derek Clissold BURKOT, Thomas R. Index of correspondents T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 BURNETT, Sir John Harrison BURNHAM, Kenneth P. BUTLER, Sir Clifford Charles BUTLER, Colin Gasking BUTLER, Eleanor M. BUTLER, Francis, H.C. BUTTERWORTH-HEINEMANN, PUBLISHERS BUXTON, Robin David BYASS, John B. CAIN, Arthur James CAIRNCROSS, Sir Alexander Kirkland (Sir Alec) CALNAIDO, D. $.102 F.24 A.54, A.82 A.82, R.105 A.82, G.38 G.38, G.41 57. R.26 E.99 R.349 C.94 R.27 R.28 F.58 CALOW, Peter CANNON, John CARAYON, Jacques CAREY, James R. CARLILE, Michael J. CAMPBELL, Robert F.35, R.165 A.120, R.29 R.349 F.3, R.30 CANNING, Elizabeth U. CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS S.76 A.83, B.19A, B.22, E.138, R.31 CARRINGTON, Alan CARO, Colin G. CARR, Dennis J. CARSTAIRS, G.M. R.349 A.54, A.83 A.50 H.84 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents CARTER, Clive CARTER, W. Harrison CARTHY, John D. CARTLEDGE, Sir Bryan George CARVALHO, José Candido de Melo CASSEN, Robert Harvey CASTRI, Francesco di CATCHESIDE, David Guthrie CAVILL, Karin V. CENTRAL EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY CHADWICK, Michael J. CHALKLEY, N. Eric W. R.32 A.47 R.33 C.77, E.143 H.30, R.34, R.35 C.94 H.79 A.50 N.7, N.8, N.12, N.15, N.17, N.39 Riler 57 G.7 A.26, A.27 CHASE, Rodney Frank N.27, N.28 CHAPMAN, Reg F. CHAPMAN, Roger S. CHAMBERS, Paul CHANT, Don A. CHAPMAN, Garth CHAPMAN & HALL LTD S.61 R.36 B.13 CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH H.4, R.349 See INSTITUTION OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH OFFICERS CHESTER, Peter Francis G.7, G.8, R.403 3; C16; E20 CHI, Hsin CHIANG, H.C. CHERRETT, J. Malcolm F.20-F.22, F.45, F.59 R.349 G.38 F.24 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents CHILVER, Amos Henry, Baron CHINA, William Edward CHIPPENDALE, Michael CHITTY, Beryl CHORLEY, Roger Richard Edward, 2nd Baron CHOYCE, M.A. CHRISTENSEN, Allen D. CHRISTENSEN, C. Diane CHRISTENSEN RESEARCH INSTITUTE CIBA FOUNDATION CLAPHAM, Arthur Roy CLAPP, Phil A.83, C.73 F.3, R.37 H.88 A.121 A.167 $.35 G.14, G.16, G.17 G.18, G.21, G.22, G.25, G.26 G.14-G.28 R.38 See also S.190 A.48, G.39 N.6, N.17, N.18, N.19 CLARIDGE, Michael Frederick CLARK, Henry C. Bennet- CLARK, Laurie L. CLARK, Robert Bernard B.24, G.14, R.127, S.166 CLARKE, Charles Arden- CLARKE, Sir Cyril Astley CLARKE, John CLARKE, Kenneth CLARKE, Bryan Campbell G.46 A.83 C.11 H.21, H.23, R.1, R.39, R.40, R.146, R.170, R.230 K.14, K.17 CLARKE, Nicholas Goodrick- E149; K:2)K.3; Kad, Kea 2, CLARKE, Patricia Hannah M.17 C.83 G.96 R.347 A.83 A.132 CLARKE, Roger Howard T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 index of correspondents CLAYTON, Dame Barbara Evelyn A.83, J.5, J.31, M.35 CLAYTON, Kenneth M. CLEGG, John CLEMENTS, Alan Neville CLUB OF EARTH A.83 R.349 G.76, G.79, R.41 G.29 CLUTTON-BROCK, Timothy Hugh See BROCK, Timothy Hugh COAKER, Tom H. COBB, Steve COBBEN, René H. COCK, Matthew Julian William COE, Malcolm James A.54, A.83, R.43 A.83 H.9, R.44 Salkeye A.83, A.121, G.126, R.159, R.285, S.206 COFFEE, Ronald Alan R.45 COLDSTREAM, Patrick COLEMAN, David COLINVAUX, Paul $.102, $.138 CONNOR, Edward F. COLLINS, Michael John COLLINS, Nicolas Mark C.65 K.3 R.46 R.47 R.48 R.49 F.60 COLLINS PUBLISHERS COLLINGWOOD, Cedric A. COLEY, Phyllis Dewing (‘Lissy’) A.121 A.157, J.30, N.30, N.31, N.32, R.50-R.52 COOKE, Alexander Macdougall CONNELL, Sara Amanda CONWAY, Gordon Richard FDO Son $.139 Index of correspondents T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 COOPER, Richard COOK, Andrea COPP, Darrell John Barkwell (‘Dax’) CORBET, Don CORBET, Philip Steven CORIN, J.M. CORNELL, Howard V. CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS CORNESS, Sir Colin Ross COTTIER, W. COTTRELL, Sir Alan Howard COULSON, Fred J. A.132 N.15, N.21, N.22, N.24, N.25, N.26, N.27, N.30, N.33, N.34 G.46, G.47 A.83 A.83, F.16, J.2, R.53-R.56 B.3, B.4 C.11 F.61 O07 Ona R.57 A.83 G.104 G.37 COWEN, Sir Zelman COX, Sir Alan George COX, Sir David Roxbee A.83, S.140 COUSINS, S.H COWEN, Robin F.H COULSON, John Cameron See FIELD STUDIES COUNCIL COUNCIL FOR THE PROMOTION OF FIELD STUDIES D4 .D 5; D7, D9; Dae Dil2; D.13; D.15, DMN6, Bi26; G.dia, R.58 F.106 A.83, A.121, A.132, B.13, B.25, B.27, F.23, G.87A COX, Frank E.G COX, George W CRAGG, J.B A.121 N.29 A.83 16 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents CRANBROOK, Gathorne Gathorne-Hardy, 5th Earl of See HARDY, Gathorne Gathorne- CRAWLEY, Michael J CRICHTON, M. lan CROMBIE, lan M CROSBIE, W.A CROSS, Sir Barry Albert CROSS, David John CROSSETT, Robert Nelson (‘Tom’) CROSSLEY, D.A CROW, Peter CROWDEN, Alan CRUMP, Robin Gordon S.188 R.349 A.70 H.81 G.126 D.10, D.19, D.33, D.34, R.59 N.7, N.28 F.24 A.54 A.83, F.20-F.22, F.59 G.42, R.60 A.135 CURTIS, William F. CUSHING, David Henry CZESCHLIK, Dieter DADD, Rex A.83, G.87A, G.99 F.89, F.90 DACIE, Sir John Vivian A.84 G.18, R.350 A.135, F.42 E.138, R.155 DAINTON, Barbara, Lady DAHRENDOFPF, Ralf, Baron DAINTON, Frederick Sydney, Baron F.17, H.46, R.61, R.62 DANTHANARAYANA, Wijesiri (‘Dantha’) 0.8 A.84 H.14 G.13, K.1, K.2, K.5 DAKOWSKI, Bruce DALES, Rodney P. DANKS, Hugh V. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 DARBY, Sarah C. DARLING, Alasdair Fraser- DARROCH, J.N. Index of correspondents K.7,; K.9-K10 Gita; Giti2 R.350 DAVIDSON, Diane W. (‘Dinah’) D.39, R.46, R.63, R.64, S.11 DAVIDSON, W.F. DAVIES, David DAVIES, Kay Elizabeth DAVIES, Malcolm DAVIES, Michael John (‘Mickey’) DAVIES, Patricia H. DAVIES, Richard Gareth F.3 N.32 C.77 A.121 A.54, A.84, B.18, D.12 M.35, M.38 A.54, A.84, B.22, F.3, R.65 F.25, DAVIS, Brian N.K. R.66 DAY, Keith DEECH, Ruth Lynn DEMETER, Andras A.84, F.16, S.203 DAVY, Anthony J. A.121, R.108, S.71 $.216, S.218 A.121, A.132, G.71 DAWKINS, Marion Stamp $.233 A.84 At75,S1 A.84, H.61, R.67, S.154 DELANY, Michael James DAWKINS, Clinton Richard DAVIS, John Michael Newsom- DEMPSTER, John Patrick (‘Jack’) A.135, G.21 P.18 O:7 R.350 C.106 DERxX, Donald John DEVALLE, David DEWINTER, Urbain J. DIAMOND, Jared M. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 DICKER, G.H.L. DICKERSON, D.S. DICKSON, James H. DIGBY, Peter S.B. DIMBLEBY, Geoffrey W. DINGLE, Hugh DISNEY, R. Henry L. DIXON, Antony F.G DOBSON, Andrew Peter DOBSON, Ron DODD, James Index of correspondents H.16, R.350 G.48 G.20 G.51 28 H.19, H.20, H.23, S.88 F.45, S.141 SEA G.6, S$.142 A.84, R.68 J.2 DOLL, Sir (William) Richard (Shaboe) A.84, C.6, G.65, G.94, J.2, J.6, K.3, K.7, M.47 C.39, C.75A, C.107 H.18 A.84 G.50 G.11A DREW, Sir Arthur DOUTT, Richard L. A.54, A.84 M.7, M.13, M.35 DOWKER,, Brian DOYLE, David DOREY, Alan Jackson (‘Bill’) DRANSFIELD, Robert D DRUCKER, Henry Matthew DOVER, Sir Kenneth James C.109 A.171, C.78, C.80, C.102 N.6 E.76 A.35 DUFFY; G.A.J. DUNN, Robert P. F.108, G.4, G.38, R.69 DUBS, Alfred, Baron DUCKHAM, A.N. DUFFEY, Eric A.G. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 DUNNET, George M. DUNNILL, Michael S. DUNNING, R. Andrew DUNSTER, Herbert John DUPUIS, Charles DURANT, John Robert DWEK, Raymond Allen DYE, Christopher Martin DYSON, Freeman John EAGLES, T.R. EARLE, Thomas F. EARTHWATCH EUROPE Index of correspondents A.84 A.84, A.131 R.70 K.2 R.350 $.214 A.135 $.143 G.87A G.104 C.106, C.110 G.30 A.85, G.31-G.34 EASTOP, Victor F. EDWARD ARNOLD LTD R.71 F.62 F.63 G.35 G.36 G.37 ECOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS ECOLOGICAL ENTOMOLOGY ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AUSTRALIA EAST MALLING RESEARCH STATION and EAST MALLING TRUST FOR HORTICULTURAL RESEARCH ISIC IOI. 17 EDWARDS (afterwards SMITH), Jane Allison EDWARDS, Alfred Kenneth F.64-F.66 H.48, J.24 $.144 $.145 ECOLOGY INSTITUTE EDWARDS, Huw Alun EDWARDS, John Hilton Index of correspondents T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 EDWARDS, John S. EDWARDS, Joseph EDWARDS, Peter J. EDWARDS, Ronald Walter EDWARDS, Vero Copner Wynne- F.4, G.81, R.72 G.114 G.9 5.07, N:20;-R.351 A.104, D.3, G.87A, R.105, R.168, R.342 EGUAGIE, William Enotiemwomwan R.73, R.74 EHRLICH, Paul R. EILON, Samuel ELGAR, Mark Adrian ELLIOTT, J. Malcolm A.135, F.24, F.89, G.14, G.16, G7, GA8, Gi21, G.29,G:56, G.97, R.75-R.77, R.182 A.85 R.78 A.85, F.23, F.67, G.5, R.79 ELLIOTT, Sir John Huxtable A.132 ELMSLEY, Michael G. ELTON, Charles Sutherland EMMET, A. Maitland ELLIOTT, Michael ELLIOTT, Sir Roger James A.85, G.92 F.93, F.94, H.70, L.20 EMBLING, John Francis EMDEN, Helmut Fritz van ELLIS, E.A. ELLIS, Richard D. R.80 A.26 See also A.79 A.85, R.81 F.67, F.68 ELSEVIER/NORTH HOLLAND, PUBLISHERS F.24 B.13, G.75, G.79, R.83, R.191, R.351, $.38, $.215, $.218 $.191-S.195 H.44, H.51 ENCKELL, Pehr H. ENDLER, John A. A.85, G.87A, R.82, R.398 A.40 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents ENGSTROM, Wilhelm ENTOMOLOGIA ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA ENTOMOLOGIST’S MONTHLY MAGAZINE EPSTEIN, Sir (Michael) Anthony ERWIN, Terry L. EVANS, Clifford EVANS, David E. EVANS, Edith EVERED, David Charles EVEREST, David Anthony EVERSHAM, Brian AAZTS AMA GE7S F.69 A.165, H.59 A.85, F.70, F:71 See also R.11 M.21 R.351 A.85 H.8, R.84 A.85 H.43 J.31 R.351 EVOLUTION EYLES, Alan C. FAWKES, F.S.E. fe B.12, R.85 FA, John Emmanuel FACEY, Maurice S.146 A.129 C.140 $.234 EWER, D.W. (‘Jakes’) FAITHFULL, Lucy, Baroness FAIRWEATHER, D. Sebastian R.177, R.351 See also R.283 G.38, G.39 FAUTIN, Daphne Gail FARRELL, Sheila FARROW, Roger N.30 R.352 G.23, G.24, G.25 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 FEATES, Francis Stanley FEENY, Paul P. FELTON, John C. FENNER, Frank John FERGUSON, William E. FERRERS, Robert Washington Shirley, 13th Earl FEWKES, Derek William FIELD STUDIES COUNCIL FIENNES, Nathaniel Thomas Allen, 21st Baron Saye and Sele FIENNES, R.N. FINCH, Alison FINDLEY, James S. FINNEY, David John R.87 A.50, A.66 H.4 N.3 R.88 G.38-G.43 G.116 F.98 C.140 A.65 A.86 G.59 Index of correspondents K.14, K.15 A.129, C.6, H.69, R.86, R.352 FISH, Sir Hugh FISK, David John FITTON, Michael J. FLEMING, Kenneth FLOOR, Peter A.86, B.22, E.107 FLATHER, Paul C.R. S.147 E.138 G.13 C.136 G.95 A.86 FLEMING, Sir Charles FISHER, Roderick Campbell FLETCHER, Brian Sydney FISHER, Sir Henry Arthur Pears A.132 FLETCHER, Robin Anthony F.30, G.18, H.25, S.148 A.122, G.63-G.67 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 FLOWERS, Brian Hilton, Baron FOGG, Gordon Elliott (‘Tony’) FOLLAND, Basil FOLLETT, Sir Brian Keith FORBES, Duncan FORD, Edmund Brisco (‘Henry’) FORD, Sir Hugh FOSKETT, Eric W. FOSTER, Garth N. FOSTER, Walter A. FOSTER, William Andrew Index of correspondents A.63, A.86, A.122, B.18, B.19A, B.21, G.13, J.2, S.160 See also H.38 A.86 A.55 A.86, A.122, F.100, G.56, G.95,1-18,S.125 A.132 A.86 A.86 G.48 alr G.79 $.149 A.86, R.89 FOWDEN, Sir Leslie A.86, R.295, S.147 FOWLER, Victor W. FRANKIE, Gordon W. FRANKS, Nigel Rigby FOWLER, Simon Victor K.1 S.150 R.352 $.151 FOWLER, Sir (Peter) Norman FRASER-DARLING, Alasdair FRASER, Sir Charles Annand F.4 FREDERICK WARNE & CO. FREEMAN, Brian Ernest mesh ip Ue $.152 $.153 N.25, N.29 R.352 See DARLING FRASER, F.C. FREE, John Brand FREEMAN, John Allen Index of correspondents T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 FREEMAN, Paul FRENCH, Roy A. FRESHWATER ECOLOGY FRIGHT, Cecil J. FRY, Charles Hilary FUNARI, John H. FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY GAME CONSERVANCY TRUST GAME RESEARCH ASSOCIATION GARNHAM, Percy Cyril Claude GARDNER, Richard Lavenham GASS, Lee A.122, R.90 A.55, A.86, R.914 7S G.113, G.114 $.154 C.105 F.74 G.44 B.26 A.55, A.87, G.62, G.97 $.232 R.353 GEIER, Peter W. GIBB, John S.3, S.4 GASSER, Robert GAULD, lan D. GAY, Honor Jane A.87 G.11A R.92 $.2 H.12 GEISLER, Frank Richard GEARING, Katherine Lorna GILBERT, Lawrence E. (‘Larry’) GIFFARD, Sir (Charles) Sydney (Rycroft) N.24, N.26, N.33 A.37 C.106 GILBERT, Neil E. GILES, Edward T. GILGALLON, Irene G.13, H.29, R.93 R.94 A.64 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents GILLER, Paul GILLETT, John David GILLMAN, Michael GILROY, Margaret GIMINGHAM, Charles Henry GIPPS, Jonathan Henry William (‘Jo’) GIROLAMI, Sir Paul GLAXO HOLDINGS plc GLAXO WELLCOME plc GODFRAY, Charles GOFFE, E. Rivenhall- GOLDSMITH, Edward René David GOLDSMITH, Frank Barrie H.88 A.87, R.56, R.95 B.22 S:155 D.3, G.4 A.87, R.96 ©12,.0412 See GLAXO WELLCOME plc 0.1-0.12 A.135 A.36 G.9 S$.156 GOODALL, David William GOODBODY, Ivan M. GOODCHILD, A. James P. GOODMAN, Carol J. S.42 R.5 GORDON, Simon GORRETT, Harold GOODWIN, Leonard George GOLDSWORTHY, Graham J. GOSLING, Justin Cyril Bertrand H.8 GOTO, Eric GOUGH, Harold GOULD, Stephen Jay Index of correspondents T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 GOWANS, Sir James Learmonth GRADWELL, George GRAHAM, Christopher Forbes GRANGER, J.C.P GRANT, Frederick T. GRANT, H.C. GRANT, J.A. GRANT, Peter Raymond GRASEMANN, Aline GRAY, Harry GRAY, Sir John Archibald Browne GREBENIK, Eugene K.7 R.98 A.135, C.9, C.13, C.40, R.86, R.114, R.329 M.35 A.35 M.18 R.99 R.100 A.38 A.87 1G A.87 119; F51 R101 R102 2027, GRIFFIN, Jasper GRIFFITHS, Paul David GREENWOOD, Stephen GREGORY, Philip H. G.9 G.13 $.157 A.87 GRENFELL, Bryan GREENSTONE, Matthew H. GRENVILLE, Gerard Morgan- GREENWOOD, Peter Humphry GREENWOOD, Jeremy John Denis GREENSLADE, Philip John Marsh S.158 R.199 A.132 M.21 N.6 GRIFFITHS, Win GRIME, J. Philip $.212, $.215 F.91, R.353 GROCOCK, C. Anne T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 GROVES, Eric W. GRUBB, Peter John GRUHL, Kurt GRUYS, Peter GUAN, Zhi-He GUMMER, John Selwyn GURDON, Sir John Bertrand GURUSWAMY, Lakshman GUTHRIE, Frank E. GUYER, Gordon E. HABAKKUK, Sir John Hrothgar HABITAT RESEARCH TRUST Index of correspondents H.16 H.88, R.353 N.2-N.6 A.135, G.92 A.122 H.5, H.6 A.132, H.19 A.129 G.45 A.132, C.75A HAGGETT, Peter HALL, David M.M. HAJER, Maarten HALL, Alfred Rupert HACKNEY, Jeffrey H.20, H.31 A.60, A.80 G.88 F.42 A.41 L.26 HALL, Sir Basil Brodribb HADDOW, Sir Alexander HAGUE, Nigel Graham Mackenzie R.101 HALLSWORTH, Ernest Gordon C.140 R.104 HALL, W.J. HALL, W. James HALLE, Francis A.26, A.30, A.32 R.92 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents HALSEY, Albert Henry (‘Chelly’) HAMILTON, Charlotte Sackville HAMILTON, William Donald HAMMOND, J.Mark HANCOCK, Sir David John Stowell HANDIQUE, Ruma HARDING, Sir Christopher George Francis HARDING, Stephan Paul HARDY, Gathorne Gathorne-, 5th Earl of Cranbrook HARDY, Richard HARLEY, Basil A.123, A.136 F.24 A.55, G.100, R.105-R.108, S.34, S.151, S.176 N.18, N.19 A.88 R.109 A.123 R.110 A.83, G.111, G.119, J.21, J.31, N.7, N.21, N.26, N.31, P.22 See also A.171 A.88 F744 HARLEY, John Laker (‘Jack’) HARPER, John Lander A.88 A.176 HARRIS, David Kenneth HARRIS, Sir Henry HARRIS, Keith Murray HARRIS, Marvin K. HARRIS, Peter K.18 A.60 $.18 A.88, C.1, C.25, R.5, R.113 HARRINGTON, John Malcolm A.88, A.123, A.136, G.8, G.90, G:93, R111 HARMSWORTH, Vere Harold Esmond, 3rd Viscount Rothermere J.18 H.29, R.112 R.354 HARRISON, A. Victoria HARRISON, Brian Howard HARRISON, Bryan Desmond T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 HARRISON, G. Ainsworth HARRISON, John Heslop- HARRISON, Richard HARRISON, Sir Richard John HARROP, Keith A. HARROP, Sir Peter John HART, Barbara Julie HART, David Thomas HARTLEY, Brian Selby HARTLEY, Sir Harold Brewer HARTLEY, Susan Elaine HARVEY, Paul H. HARWELL, Mark A. Index of correspondents A157, A.88, A.136 R.354 A.88, J.2 A.88 A.88, J.4, J.5, J.30, S.230 R.113, R.114 $.159 B.19A E.58 $.215, S.217 F.101, H.84, $.12 H.74 HARWOOD, Philip R.115 HAWKINS, Richard G.P. HASLETT, John Richard HASSELL, Michael Patrick HAWKES, Colin HAWKINS, Herbert J. HASKELL, Peter Thomas N.25, N.29 $.5, S.80 HASKINS, Christopher Robin A.55, B.13, F.16, R.146, S.190 A.88, A.136, B.18, F.26, F.39, G.78, R.116, S.160 A.88, A.123 HAWTHORNE, Sir William Rede Rete A.39 J.29 J.18 R.354 HAYES, William HEARD, A.J. HEATON, Eric William A.123, A.136 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 HEDBERG, Inga HEDLEY, Ronald Henderson HELGESEN, Robert G. HENDERSON, Barney HENDERSON, Peter Index of correspondents H.18 C.24 F.24 HENDERSON, Sir William MacGregor (‘Gregor’) A.60, A.88, G.126, R.118 HENSON, Walter R. HERREBOUT, Wim M. HESELTINE, Michael Ray Dibdin HEWER, Humphrey Robert HEWITT, Eric John HEYWOOD, Jack HICKS, Colin Peter R.119 $.127 F.42, N.2 A.55 A.88 $.3 N.11 HICKS, Denis A.V. F.78 S.56 A.89, F.3, R.120 $.9, $.10, $.33 HIJII, Naoki HILL, Alex R. HINCKS, William Douglas HINDE, Robert Aubrey HIGHFIELD, J. Roger L. R.401 C.24, C.25 HILL, David HILL, Lance HILDREW, Alan George A.89 HINTON, Howard Everest HIRSCH, Sir Peter Bernhard $.216 R.121 A.63, G.29, G.97 eo; Rale2 9S 24 A.89, A.123 HIORNS, Robert W. Index of correspondents T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 HIRST, John Malcolm HOBBY, B. Maurice HOBERLANDT, L. HOCKING, Brian HODEK, Ivo HODGKIN, David K. R. HODGSON, Sir Maurice Arthur Eric HODGSON, Robert B.C. HODKINSON, lan David HOFFENBERG, Sir Raymond (‘Bill’) HOLDGATE, Sir Martin Wyatt HOLDREN, John P. G.90 A.89, A.123, A.136, F.70 F.3 H.14 B.25 A.50 C.36 A.89, C.36, C.44 S.40 E.142 A.89, J.4, J.5, J.26, J.27, J.29, J.30, K.3, K.10 R.75, R.77 HOLLAND, Peter W.H. C.15 $.151 A.89, R.353 B.27, G.78 F.3, G.39 HOLMES, Paul F. HOLMES, William HOLLDOBLER, Bert HOLLOWAY, Jeremy D. HOLT, Stephen Campbell HOLROYD, John Hepworth HOLLIDAY, Sir Frederick George Thomas (‘Fred’) A.89 HOPKINS, Michael John Gilbert A.89 A.132 A.173 M.11 R.123 R.398 HOPWOOD, Tom HOPE, James HOPPER, John T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 HORLOCK, Sir John Harold HORN, Gabriel HORNSBY, Timothy Richard HORTON, Guy HOWARD, Elizabeth B. HOWARD, J.C. HOWARD, Sir Michael Eliot HOWARTH, T.G. Index of correspondents N.20, N.23, N.25, N.27, N.28, N.30 $.17, $.149 G.60 H.88 B57, R.354 A.140 G.104 HOWE, Richard Edward Geoffrey, Baron C.134, 0.12 HOWELL, Donna J. HOYLE, Sir Fred HSU, Wei-shu R.395 G.87A F.24 D.9 C.85 M.37, M.38, M.39 A.89, A.136, G.93 HUFFAKER, Carl B. HUGHES, J. Trevor HUGHES, Richard Douglas HUNTER, Mark Douglas HURREN, H. Anthony HUBAND, Paul HUBER, Max G. R.125, R.126 R.127-R.129 HUSSEY, Marmaduke James HURCOMB, Cyril William, 1st Baron A.89, A.134, F.16, F.19A, G.18, G.56, R.124, S.160 R.130 HUTCHINSON, George Evelyn HUXLEY, Sir Andrew Fielding G.38 C.106 $.234 R.354 HUXLEY, Juliette, Lady Index of correspondents T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 HYDE, William HYNES, Noel IBBOTSON, Alan IMPERIAL COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, LONDON INNES, Joanna M. INSECT SCIENCE AND ITS APPLICATION INSTITUTE OF BIOLOGY INSTITUTION OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH OFFICERS R.181 B.1-B.72, D.12 See also A.39, A.90, S.43- S.50 C.74; C74A E> A.90, G.46, G.47 A.90, G.48, H.36, H.37, H.47, H.64 INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR ECOLOGY INTERNATIONAL CENTRE OF INSECT PHYSIOLOGY AND ECOLOGY G.49 G.50 F.3 B.22 JAMES, Frances C. JACKSON, Donald L. JACKSON, Robert Victor ITO, Yosiaki IVES, William G.H. M.35, M.36 H.16 F.17. R.355 R.355 H.21, R.355 JACKSON, Caroline Frances IWAO, Syun’iti IZZARD, R.J. F.4 €.44..G:60, 6.71-:30; R.182 See also A.170 JACKSON, Yin Yin M. JACZEWSKI, T. JAMES, Anthony T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents JAMES, Robert JANZEN, Daniel H. JARRY, Marc JAVAHERY, Mohammad (‘Joe’) JEBB, Matthew Hilary Peter JENKIN, Charles Patrick Fleeming, Baron JENKINS, David $.171 R.133, R.356 $.29 R.134, R.135 G.23, G.24, G.25, G.26, G.26A, S.12 A.91, J.21, J.26 A.91, D.8 JENKINS, Roy Harris, Baron A.123, A.131, C.44, S.120 JENSEN, Bent Juel- JEPSON, Paul Charles JEPSON, Walter F. JERMY, Timor M.37 S.161 A.91, B.14, R.136 R.137 JOHNSON, J. Peter See JENSEN H.13, R.356 B.12 A.91 JERVIS, Mark A. JUEL-JENSEN, Bent JOHNS, Robert JOHNSON, Bruce $.213 A.91 G.26 JEWELL, Peter Arundel JOHNSON, Louise Napier JOHNSON, Cecil George (‘Johnny’) A.56, A.91, B.13, F.12, F.16, R.138-R.140 R.358 JONES, Sir (Peter) Hugh (Jefferd) Lloyd- F.17, R.141 E58 A.98, J.2 JOLLY, George M. JONES, D. Price- JONES, Derek Rudd- T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 JONES, Peter W. JONES, Rhondda Elizabeth JONES, Robin Russell JONES, Tecwyn Index of correspondents C.135, C.140, C.141 H.40, H.41, R.142 SS KEI GGG) Kat. A.91, R.143, R.146, S.230 JOURNAL OF ANIMAL ECOLOGY F:76, G.6 JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL LAW JOURNAL OF NATURAL HISTORY JOURNAL OF THEORETICAL BIOLOGY JUDGE, Harry George JUNIPER, Barrie E. JUSTICE, Jack B. F.79 F.80 F.81 F.82 A.123 A.91, G.15, G.26, G.117, R.144 G.64 KATZ, Milton KAYUMBO, Hosea Yuma KEAY, Ronald William John KEDDY, P.A. KEMP, Thomas S. R.145-R.149, S.222 KAHN, Farrol S. KAPATOS, Efthymios C27. H.25 G.2 KEENLYSIDE, Julian James R.150-R.152, $.36, S.37, $.38 KATHIRITHAMBY, Jeyaraney (‘Jeya’) See KENNEDY, John Stodart KENDRICK, Robert René Killick- A.92 R.402 $.6 R.155, R.209 A.68, A.124, R.154 KENNEDY, Claudette T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents KENNEDY, John Stodart A.92, A.124, A.136, B.19A, G.92, G.93, J.2, R.153, R.294 KENNY, Sir Anthony John Patrick A.92, A.124, C.47, G.69 KENNY, Ron P. KENT, Sir Peter (Percy Edward) KEOHANE, Desmond KERMACK, Doris M. KERRICH, J.E. KETTLE, Douglas S. KHALAF, Souad Matti KIBBLE, Thomas Walter Bannerman KIMBERLIN, Richard H. H.40 A.92 A.131 A.92, G.51, S.43 IZA A.64 $.162 A.92 M.7 KING (neé YATES), Gillian Mary R.155-R.158 A.92, A.155 KIRWAN, Christopher A.92, A.124 KIRCHNER, Thomas B. KINNE, Otto KIPS, René H. A.124, H.40, H.41, $.163 G37 H.35 H.45 KITCHING, Roger Laurence KLEMPERER, Hugh George KINGMAN, Sir John Frank Charles H.13 KNILL, Sir John Lawrence i256 R.159 H.33 A.27 G.78, G.80 G.58 KLUGE, Robert L. KNIGHT, Don KNIGHT, William J. KLAUNSER, Edward KNORR, L.C. Index of correspondents T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 KNOWLAND, John Sebastian KNOX, George A. KOEHN, Richard K. KOMAREK, Ed V. KOPTUR, Suzanne KORNBERG, Sir Hans Leo KRAMER, Lance KREBS, John Richard LABEYRIE, Vincent LACHMANN, Peter Julius LACK, David Lambert LAFFER, Gwen H.7 G.37 A.63, J.2, J.3, R.160 A.92 F100; G:37, G:57, Sal £22, 52, Ril6i,S:29 G.94, G.103 B.13;-E:79)R:357 A.79 LAM, T.J. LANKESTER, Jack LANSBURY, Ivor AS93852, S:227 A.93, A.175, R.154 LAFFER, Wendy LAING, John E. LAINSON, Ralph LAFFER, Mylis H.62 E.54, R.162 LAMBERT, Joyce M. A.79 A.79 H.16 LAMBRICK, Camilla Huxley- A.93, A.124, R.357 LARMINIE, Ferdinand Geoffrey C13, G1594:82,.S.12, 5.67 A.93 R.163 L.20 LAST, Fred T. LATTIN, John D. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 LAWRENCE, Alan J. LAWRENCE, John F. LAWRENCE, Peter Anthony LAWS, Richard Maitland LAWTON, John Hartley LEA, David Edward LEACH, Rodney LEE, Donald L. LEE, John A. LEE (neé COE), Julie Ann Index of correspondents M.2, M.3, M.5, M.7, M.11, M.12, M.13, M.14, M.19, M.20, M.22, M.23, M.24, M.26, M.28, M.42 R.148 G.75 A.93, G.82, G.90, G.93 A.93, A.124, A.136, F.35, F:63,G:37, G.101:23: R.164-R.167, R.322, S$.217 N.34 C.78 A.93 A.93, G.49, S.164 S.165 LEE, Ken LEE, Robert L.G. LEPENIES, Wolf LEES, Eoin LEIGH, Roger A. N.21 E150 LEONARD, Brenda LEES, Anthony David S.79 R.168 S.166 R.169 LEE, Rupert Christopher Penfound LE QUESNE, Walter J. (‘Wally’) A.93 LESLIE, Patrick H. (‘Charles’) LEVERHULME TRUST G.77, G.81 A.173 G.75, R.170 $.203-S.206 R.357 F.62 LEVIN, Simon A. LEVY, John F. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 LEWIN, Ralph A. LEWIS, Clifford T. LEWIS, Ernest LEWIS, Jack, Baron LEWIS, Timothy J. LEWIS, Tony LEWIS, Trevor LIDICKER, William Z. LIKENS, Gene E. LILLEY, Geoffrey M. LINN, lan J. Index of correspondents F.54 A.93, A.124, B.19A R.357 A.93, A.124, A.136, J.5, J.27, J.31, J.32 C.108, C.134 A.56 A.93, A.124, E.150, G.75, G.77, H.35, R.171-R.174, S.3 F.9 J.16 A.93, F.23 LINNEAN SOCIETY OF LONDON A.93, G.51, S.207, $.235 LOACH, Jennifer LOMNICKI, Adam LONG, John A.93 A.34 LLOYD, James E. LLOYD, J. Robert R.358 A.133 K.2 R.358 B.9 M.14 F.63 LONGSTAFF, Thomas G. LITTLE, Thomas William Anthony LOMER,, William Michael (‘Mick’) LINSTEAD, Sir (Reginald) Patrick C.130, C.143 LOWENSTEIN, Oscar Egon LONSDALE, Anne M. LUCAS, Colin Renshaw $.108 C.11 A.43 LOVE, Philip Noel LOVEI, Gabor L. C.47, C.49, C.103 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 LUCAS, John Randolph LUCAS, Robert LUDLOW, Liz LUDLOW, Tony LUNN, J. LUXTON, Malcolm Index of correspondents A.93, C.44 A.93, A.124 A.93 A.93 R.358 $.216 MABBERLEY, David John A.94, A.124, G.15, G.25, S.167 McCLINTOCK, David McCOY, Earl D. McDERMOTT, Christine McDONALD, Alison W. R.175 $.92 A.38 D.40 MACDONALD, David Whyte G.15, G.20, G.110-G.124, P.22 A.94, G.64, R.359 A.94 R.359 A.94, A.124 McINDOE, William lan McMANUS, Donald McDOWELL, Kenneth MACFADYAN, Amyan McFARLANE, Leslie MACGREGOR, Raul A.170, A.175, M.17, M.20 MACDONALD, William Weir MAC QUILLAN, Michael James MACGREGOR, John Roddick Russell A.124, B.22, F.80, H.38, S.45 MACRORY, Richard Brabazon $.13 J.1, J.4 A.94 R.176 Index of correspondents T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 MAGILL, E.M. MAHON, Robin MAJER, Jonathan David MAUJER, Karen MAKINGS, Philip MANDELSTAM, Joel MANN, Kenneth H. MANTLE, Peter George MARKWELL, Donald MARPLES, Brian John MARSHALL, Alan T. MARSHALL, Norman Bertram (‘Freddy’) MARSHALL, Walter Charles, Baron A.35 R.360 R.177 BGs R.178 G.54 D.34 S.168 C.76 A.46 R.360, S.169 G.94, R.179 K.4, L.3, L.16 MATHESON, Frances MATTHEWS, Graham A. A.94, A.124 MASON, Sir (Basil) John MASSEE, Arthur Morel MARTEN, Gerald G. MARTIN, John MARTIN, William B. MARTYN, Simon A. R.360 A.94 N.18 M.5, M.15, M.22, M.32, M.33 A.94, L.5, L.8, L.12, L.14-L.24 F.3, R.180, See also A.168 A.136 A.56, A.94, B.20 A.133, C.109 MAWBY, Russell G. MAY, Judith, Lady T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 MAY, Sir Robert McCredie MAYER, Colin Peter MAYR, Ernst MEACHER, Michael Hugh MEDAWAR, Sir Peter Brian MEDLER, John T. MEE, Peter MELDRUM, Keith Cameron MELLANBY, Kenneth Index of correspondents B.29, C.6, C.74A, F.26, F.99, G:2,.G.6; G13; G:s6; Gis7A; G.91, G.94, H.88, R.5, R.181, R.186, R.187, R.295, S.49, $.160 C.143 R.182, S.49 N.6 R.105, R.106 H.4 A.94 M.11, M.22, M.23, M.30, M.31, M.32, M.33, M.46, M.47 A.60, A.124, F.15, F.16, J.2, J.29, R.183 MELVILLE, Richard A.94 MICHAELIS, H.D. MILL, Alan Edgar MILLER, Andrew MERRILL, Richard M.22 R.360 H.4 D.9 $.170 MIDDLETON, A.D. J.32 R.184 METCALFE, John R. METHUEN & CO. LTD MICHENER, Charles D. METTERS, Jeremy Stanley 3, MILLER, James MILLER, Jeff MILLER, N.E.C. Ge 15ee6o A.94, A.124 N.27, N.30, N.32 H.21 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents MILLER, Sir (Oswald) Bernard A.75 MILLER, Peter L. MILLER, Roy Frank MILLS, Nicholas John MILNE, Alec G.15, R.185, R.329, $.218 A.94 $.171 R.126, R.186-R.188, S.27, $.182 MITCHELL, Sir (Edgar) William (John) R.189 MITCHINSON, John Murdoch A.94, A.124, G.92, J.2 MLODY, Bernd MOFFETT, Mark W. MOHR,, Carl MONTEITH, Geoffrey B. MONTEITH, John Lennox £25 D.42 E17; Ges F.38 A.94 MORAN, T. MORAN, Vincent Clifford MOORE, Dominic G. MOORE, Georgina Mary MOORE, Peter M. MOORE, Thomas E. H.48, J.24 G.67, G.68 N.25, N.32 R.360 MOORHOUSE, John Edward MORATORIO, Mario Santiago A.94, A.124, B.22, R.190, R.194 C.97, C.100, C.108 A.94, A.136, H.32, R.192- R196 A.94, R.360, S.100 MORRIS, David Malcolm MORDUE, William MORGAN, F. David MORGAN, Henry G. Bhroy, DHS: R.197, R.198 H.12 F.4 Index of correspondents T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 MORRIS, Derek J. MORRIS, Desmond John MORRIS, Michael G. MORRIS, Patrick A. MORRIS, Sir Peter John MORRIS, R. Frank MORRISON, Sir Charles Andrew MORRISON, Sara Antoinette Sibell Frances MORSE, Roger A. MORTIMER, T. Jack MORTON, Jan Elizabeth MOSER, Sir Claus Adolf S.228 Gai5 R.94, R.200, R.225 $.214 A.133 F.16, F.19A G.44 N.20, N.23, N.27, N.28, N.31, N.32, N.33, N.34 H.54 R.201 S.172 A.172, C.109 G.31, G.32 MUNDIE, J. Harold MURDIE, George MURDOCH, Wallace P. MURDOCH, William W. MOUNT, Sir James MUIR, R. Clive MULLEN, P. A. MUMMERY, Peter W. A.94 R.361 M.36 MUNRO, James Watson MOUND, Laurence Alfred MUIR, Isabella Helen Mary A.94, G.11A, G.12, G.13, G.78, R.202, R.245 ea MURGATROYD, J. H. 7, 6 R.361 A.56 H.21 F.39, R.361 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents MURPHY, D. H. MURPHY, Paul W. MURRAY, Dame (Alice) Rosemary $.10 R.361 A.63 MYERS, Norman G.29, R.76, R.203 NAIRNE, Sir Patrick Dalmahoy A.95, A.125, G.14, G.16, G.17, G.21, G.24 NARUHITO, Prince C.104 NATHAN, Roger Carol Michael, 2nd Baron NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, USA A.95, A.125, H.89, J.2, J.5, J.9, J.12, J.14, J.24 A.134-A.137 See also S.131 NATIONAL RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION BOARD K.1-K.18 NATURAL ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH COUNCIL G.52-G.59, S$.111, S.209 NATURE A.95 A.95 NEUFELD, Edward NEUMANN, Peter Michael NEEDHAM, Rodney NEEDHAM, Ted F.84-F.87 B.24, G.60 NEILL, Francis Patrick, Baron NEVILLE, Anthony Charles NATURE CONSERVANCY COUNCIL A.95, C.39, C.43, C.60, C.71, C.73, C.101, C.102, C.103, F.97 A.95, N.7, N.29 NEWBERY, David McClintock R.205 R.362 $.173 R.206 R.204 A.129, A.133 NEVILLE, Charles NEW, Timothy Richard NEWBOULD, Palmer T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents NEWMAN, S.M. NEW SCIENTIST NEWTON, Paul Nicholas NICHOLS, Dinah Alison NICHOLSON, Edward Max NICHOLSON, Ernest Wilson NICHOLSON, Louise Frances Basford NISBETT, Joan NIVEN, B. Susan NOBLE, Denis NORMAN, David Bruce NORSE, David NORTH, Peter Machin G.37 F.31, 5.88 R.207 N.17 E.134, G.30 A.125 S.174 A.38 R.208 C.89, J.30 A.125, R.209, R.210 J.2 C.75, C.130, C.135, C.140, C.143, $.234 O’CONNELL, Tom $.175 G.61 R.362 A.96 F.89, F.90 NORTON, Geoffrey A. NOWAK, Martin A. NUORTEVA, Pekka O’CONNOR, Raymond J. C.133 R.211 R.212 NWANA, Ifedioramma Eugene NORWEGIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCE AND LETTERS E:91 F275, H:19: R213 See also G.50 ODHIAMBO, Thomas R. OECOLOGIA OIKOS T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 OKEDI, John OLDROYD, Harold OLIVER, James H. OLLESON, Edward ORD, Margery Grace ORDISH, George ORIAN, Alfred Joseph Emilien ORLOFF, Neil ORR, Albert G. ORR, Patrick ORTMAN, Eldon E. ORTON, Brian R. Index of correspondents G.50 B.13, F.81 G:8a oH:5; 19 ode 09) H.75, R.214-R.216 A.96, A.125 A.96, A.125, G.114 R.127 F.40, R.218 H.54 G.78 G.50 H.31 PaAl7 OXLEY, Ray L. G.31-G.34 H.13 $.124 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS OSBORN, Frederic Adrian Derek N.11, N.36, N.37 O’TOOLE, Christopher OWENS, Susan G.13, H.88 N.29, N.32 R.219 OXFORD SCIENTIFIC FILMS LTD C.48, F.92-F.97, G.22, H.57, H.60, H.66, H.70 PAGET, Elizabeth Shirley Vaughan, Marchioness of Anglesey A.99, A.175 PALMER, John Roundell, 4th Earl of Selborne A.80, J.2 A.164, E.147 PAINE, Sir Christopher Hammon PAL, Rajinda PALLEY, Claire Dorothea Taylor X Index of correspondents T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 PALMER, Rosamund PANNELL, Caroline PAOLETTI, Claude PARIS, Oscar H. PARK, Daphne Margaret Sybil Désirée, Baroness PARKER, Geoffrey Alan PARKER, R.A.B. PARKES, Sir Edward Walter PARR, Michael J. PARRY, Donald A. PARRY, Martin PARSONS, Dennis PARSONS, Margaret C. A.57, A.175 Gil5 H.79 F.16, R.220 A.129, A.133 G.9 A.36 A.97, F.42 R.363 A.63 C.75 A.97, A.125 R.363 PASS, Bobby C. PAUL, Roderick Sayers PAXMAN, Jeremy Dickson R.221 H.59 PEACH, John PEARSON, E.O. A.97, F.42 N.7, N.32 R.13 R.363 C.97 PARSONS, Peter Angus PEACH, Guthlac Ceri Klaus PAWINSKA, Teresa Bilewicz- PATTEN, John Haggit Charles N.38 PELLEW, Robin Anthony A.133 R.222 S.108 PEARSON, Ronald G. PEEL, Eileen A.35, F.3 Index of correspondents T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 PENDERGAST, James G. PENNEY, William George, Baron PENSWICK, John Robert PENTZ, Michael J. PEREIRA, Sir (Herbert) Charles PERGAMON PRESS PERNETTA, John Christopher PERRIN, Sir Michael Willcox PERRIN, Robert Michael PERRING, Franklyn H. PERRINS, Christopher Miles PETERS, Sir (David) Keith A.57, R.223 A.57, D.12 M.39 R.363 A.97 F.98 G:17,,9.8;.9:9,. 9: 10-9 4F $.176 A.97 $.177 R.363 A.129, E.79, R.149, R.155, S.1 K.18, K.19 PETERS, T.M. PHILLIPSON, John PICKLES, V.R. PIERCE, Naomi Ellen A.97, G.93 A.97 G.3 PETRUSEWICZ, K. PHILLIPS, Courtenay H.18 F.19A J.2, R.195 PIANKA, Eric R. PICKLES, Hilary PHILLIPS, John Guest PHILLIPS, David Chilton, Baron A.97, C.6, C.71, G.54, G.59, R.364 H.18, H.53, R.86, R.226 E.143, M.7, M.11, M.12, M.15, M.18 M.36 S.183 PIGOTT, Donald PIMENTEL, David R.224, R.225, S.1 Index of correspondents T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 PIMM, Stuart L. PINNOCK, Dudley E. PIPER, Sir David Towry PITCHER, T.J. PITELKA, Frank A. PLACITO, Peter J. PLAYFAIR, Sir Edward Wilder (‘Eddie’) POANCE, Alan POND, Caroline Margaret PONSONBY, Sir Ashley Charles Gibbs PONTIFICAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES POOLE, Elman W. POPE, Jeremy A.97, A.133, H.58 R.227 A.97 F.18 F.23 C.101, C.103, C.109 A.57, A.97 A.26 R.228 A.153, A.176 G.62 M.2, M.35, M.36 A.125, J.23, J.25 R.229 R.364 G.73, G.74, R.242 E.58 A.125 A.124, R.231 POWELL, Trevor PORT, Gordon Robert POPHAM, Edward J. POPOV, Yuri Bef/, 1.877688 KIA R.186, R.188, R.230 POTTER, Charles POTTS, G. Richard POTTS, William H. POSNER, Michael Vivian A.97 A.57, B.13 POWELL, Sir Christopher PORRITT, Sir Jonathon Espie, 2nd Baronet N.6 A.97, D.14, D.17, G.44, S.7 POYNTON, Sarah Louise PRESCOTT, John Leslie Index of correspondents T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 PRESTT, lan PRICE, Brian PRICE, Paul J. PRINCETON UNIVERSITY PRESS PRINGLE, John William Sutton PRINSLOO, Gerhard L. A.97 G.48 F.64-F.66 F.99 C.1, R.155, R.364 R.364 PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES F.100-F.102 PROCEEDINGS AND TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY F.103 PROKOPY, Ronald R.364 RABB, Robert L. RABINOVICH, Jorge E. RADDA, Gyé6rgy Karoly H.5, H.6, H.14, R.124, R.365 F.18, R.232 A.98, C.77 RADICE, Thomas Evasio J.5, A.126, S.7 B15 A.98, G.73, G.74, R.233 RALPH, Richard RAMAKRISHNAN, T.N. RAMIREZ, Justiniano S. RAFES, P.M. RAGGE, David R. A.98, F.103, G.93, R.365 RAINEY, Reginald Charles E.108, H.36, H.50, J.4, J.6, J.12, J.13, J.15, J.16, J.18, J.20, J.21, J.22, J.24, J.25, J.26, J.29, J.30, J.31, S.246 G.66 RANDS, Michael Russell Wheldon RANDLE, Sir Philip John C.133 G.37 F.23 A.115 R.155 RANGER, Terence Osborn RANDOLPH, Sarah T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents RANK, Joseph Arthur, 1st Baron D.3, D.4, D.5, D.7, D.11, R.58 RANKIN, Mary Ann RAPHAEL, David Daiches RAU, Monica Toto RAVEN, Peter H. RAW, Frank RAWSON, Jessica Mary READ, Peter J. READER, Patricia M. READY, Paul Donald REAVILL, Robb REDFERN, Margaret REED, Terence James (‘Jim’) R.234 R.365 A.126, H.62, S.8-S12 A.136 B.12, D.3, R.235 C.38, C.140 A.27, A.28 A.126, R.236 R.237 F.614 R.238 C.138 39; 90) Gsr M.49 H.2 REYNOLDS, Freddy L. REMMERT, Hermann RENDER, Tim J. REICHMAN, O. J. REMANE, Reinhard REYNOLDS, Fiona Claire A.60 H.88 R.239 R.224 REMINGTON, Charles L. REYNA ROBLES, Roberto REES, Sir David Allan (‘Dai’) G.63-G.71 N.7, N.23, N.24, N.25, N.36 REYNOLDSON, Tom B. R.365 A.126, G.37 A.126, H.71 RHODES, Frank H. T. RHODES TRUST T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents RICHARDS, Kathleen A.26 RICHARDS, Owain Westmacott RICHARDS, Paul W. RICHARDS Sir Rex Edward RICHARDS, William Graham RICHARDSON, George Barclay RICHARDSON, William C. RICHFORD, Andrew RICHMOND, Sir Mark Henry RILEY, Norman Denbigh RILEY, Sir Ralph A.50, A.58, B.1-B.3, B.5, B.8-B.10, F.3, G.87A, R.240, See also A.126 F.40 A.98, C.1, F.97, G.11, R.148, R.174 $.178 A.98, A.129, A.133, F.97, H.57, H.60 C.132 A.136, F.49 0.9, 0.12, $.109, S.164 H.21, R.241 A.98 RIVKIN, Donald H. ROBSON, Alan R. ROFF, Derek A. ROFFEY, Jeremy ROGERS, David ROGERS, Roderick ROBERTS, Phoebe ROBERTS, John Morris K.17 G.63 K.2 RIMINGTON, John David A.27 A.98 A.98 ROBERTSON, Jeremy S. ROBERTS, Lewis Edward John A.126, C.23, C.30, C.35, C.39, C.46, C.54, C.100 Seale, ROOM, Peter Michael R.365 A.98 S.79 15, eOeG, o.oo T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 ROOT, Richard B. ROSBOROUGH, Brian A. ROSE, William E. ROSSI, Sir Hugh Alexis Louis Index of correspondents H.53, H.54, H.66, H.69, H.71, R.365 G.30 R.365 JiOT. Kan ROTHERMERE, Vere Harold Esmond Harmsworth, Viscount See HARMSWORTH ROTHSCHILD, George H.L. ROTHSCHILD, Miriam Louisa ROUBAL, Jan ROUGHGARDEN, Jonathan ROWCLIFFE, John P.G. ROWETT, John Spencer R.242 A.98, A.126, G.13, G.78, G.79, R.243-R.246, S.23 R.247 H.63 J.2 S.247 ROYAL COMMISSION ON ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION J.1-J.33 _ ROYAL SOCIETY RUBENSTEIN, Daniel RUDDOCK, Joan Mary RUSSELL, Gareth J. RUTHERFORD, Sam RUTTER, Anthony John (‘Jack’) G.72-G.81 See also R.90, S.219 ROYAL ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON G.82-G.103, H.84, L.1-L.25, $.211-S.218 See also F.103, H.83 C.137, C.143 SABROWSKY, Curtis W. C.35 N.6 D.41 A.98 J.4 SAFFIGNA, Paul SAID, Wafic Rida RUTTERFORD, Lionel A.30, A.33 H.19, H.20, H.46 $.213 Index of correspondents T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 SAINSBURY, John Davan, Baron SALINAS, Pedro José SANDBROOK, Richard SANDERSON, Peter T. SANDS, Timothy S. SANDS, William A. SATCHELL, John E. SATTLER, Klaus SAUGHAN, Per Gottfred SAUL, Samuel Berrick SAUNDERS, Sir Owen Alfred SAUNDERS, S.J. SAVAGE, Albert E. (‘Boff’) M.36 B.25, H.34 N.23, N.26, N.27, N.29 A.27 N.36 R.248 R.249-R.251 G.11A, G.12, G.13 A:08, &-39, F.56 R.164, R.166, S.76A B.12 A.127 A.43, A.58, A.99, A.127 SCHAEFER, Carl W. SAWICKI, Roman SAWYER, Alan J. G.103A A.127, E.99 R.366 SCHOFIELD, Christopher J. SAVE BRITISH SCIENCE SAYE AND SELE, 21st Baron SCHNEIDERMAN, Howard A. See FIENNES, Nathaniel Thomas Allen G.12, R.366, S.196-S.202 R.252 A.137 R.253 C.77 C.48 SCIENCE PROGRESS J.4, J.7, J.15 F.104 SCHRODER, Bruno L. SCHULLER, Andrew SCHULTZ, Michael G. SCOBLE, Malcolm J. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents SCOPES, Nigel Eric Anthony SCOTT, Hugh SCOTT, Sir Peter Markham $.179 R.366 G.114 SCUDDER, Geoffrey George Edgar H.31, R.134, R.254-R.260 SEATON, Michael John SEBER, George A.F. SECRETT, Charles SEELY, M.K. SEIP, Hans Martin G.87A E23 N.36, N.37 G.37 L.9,L.14, L.18 SELBORNE, John Roundell Palmer, 4th Earl of See PALMER, John Roundell SELLER, Timothy J. SHACKLETON, Edward Arthur Alexander, Baron SHANAHAN, Greg J. A.99 A.99, A.175 R.367 SHARPLIN, Janet SHEAIL, John SHEALS, J. Gordon SHERIF, A.G.A.S. SHOTTON, David M. R.367 A.99, A.127 F.4, R.261 G.8 A.99 R.367 R.262 R.263 SHAW, H. Kenneth Airy SHAW, Dennis Frederick SHORROCKS, Bryan SHEPPARD, Philip Macdonald G.37 SHOTTON, Frederick William C.9, S.62 B.27, G.95 SHRIMPTON, Nicholas SHUGART, H.H. G.122 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents SIBLEY, Charles G. SIBLY, Michael D. SIDDORN, John Walton (‘Jake’) SILVA, Jack da SIMBERLOFF, Daniel SIMONS, Ronald H. SIMPSON, Crispin John Stephen Moncrieff SIMPSON, Steven J. SIMS, Andrew Charles Petter SINDEN, Robert E. SINGER, Michael C. SINKER, Sir (Algernon) Paul SINKER, Charles A. F.101 C.53-C.58 A.58 S.83 R.367, S.180 A.41, A.58 A.143 R.329 S.231 A.99, B.22 H.23, H.29, H.264 H.2 G.42 A.99, G.111, G.112 R.368 SLATYER, Ralph Owen SLEIGH, Michael A. SKILBECK, Dunstan SLANSKY, Frank SLATER, James A. R.190 A.129, C.73 R.265, R.266 G.56, G.87A SMITH, Anthony David SMETHURST, Richard Good F.103 SMITH, Christopher H. Llewellyn- R.368 A.99 A.99 See S.226 A.99 SMITH, C. E. Gordon SMILEY, John T. SMITH, Bryan SMITH, Sir David Cecil Index of correspondents T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 SMITH, David Spencer SMITH, Donald H. SMITH, Edward H SMITH, Elizabeth Marion Llewellyn- SMITH, Eric SMITH, Jim W. SMITH, John Maynard SMITH, Kenneth G. V. SMITH, Peter Greig- SMITH, Ray F. SMITH, Stephen M. SMITHERS, Courtney N. C.6, G.11A , R.149, R.368 F.4 H.18 C.76 A.99 H.29 F.101, G.87A, G.94, R.106 A.85, F.71, G.12, G.13, R.368 A.87, R.353 A.99, F.16, R.267 F.25 R.368 SMYTH, James Desmond A.99, A.127, R.268 A.113, A.137, C.46 SOUTHERN, H.N. (‘Mick’) SOUTHERN, Kitty SOKAL, Robert R. SOROS, George SNOW, David W. SNOW, Thomas 55 A.131 a G.3 Pt SOUTHERN, Edwin Mellor SOCIETY FOR BRITISH ENTOMOLOGY A.16 SOUTH LONDON ENTOMOLOGICAL AND NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY SOUTHWOOD, Ada Mary A.100, D.27, D.34, R.269 A.127, R.269, R.300 G.104, G.105 SOUTHWELL, Peter A.133 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents SOUTHWOOD, Alison Langley, Lady SOUTHWOOD, Edmund Henry B.2 See also A.17 A.21 SOUTHWOOD, Edmund William A.13-A.15, A.52, A.79 SOUTHWOOD, Stuart Walter SOUTHWOOD, William Frederick Walter SPARY, John W. SPEIGHT, Martin SPENCE, John R. SPENCER, Kenneth A. SPRADBERY, J. Philip SPRING, Duncan G. SPRINGER, Konrad F. H.21 A.52 A.26 R.329 A.162, R.369, S.82, $.248 R.270 $.220 M.2 F.89 STACPOOLE, Alberic STARK, Ronald W. STATHER, John W. A.127 H.53 R.272 SPRINGETT, Brian P. STEARN, William Thomas H.12 A.131 R.271 STADDON, Brian Westall STAFFORD, Godfrey Harry STALLWORTHY, Jon Howie STAMP, Trevor Charles, Baron R.369 A.100 R.273 R.274 A.100 F.18, R.369 K.12 STEARNS, Stephen C. STEELE, Gordon Mark STEELE, Richard C. STEINER; E:r: Index of correspondents T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 STENSETH, Nils Chr. STEPAN, Alfred STEPHENS, C.G. STEPHENSON, Charles G. STEVENS, John S. STEVENS, R. STEVENS, W.H.E. STEVENSON, John STEWART, Duncan Montgomery STEWART, Sir Frederick Henry STEWART, Philip R.275 Oreo, A.36 A.100 N.37-N.39 hao A.26, A.27, A.30 A.100 A.127, A.131, G.66, G.111- G.116, G.118, G.119, G.124 A.100 A.100 STEWART, Sir William Duncan Paterson A.100, G.55, J.2 STONE, Alan R. A.100, R.277 G.11A, G.12, R.399 STICHEL, Wolfgang STICKLER, Peter D. STILEMAN, Richard STORK, Nigel Edwin R.276 E25 F.20 STODDART, David R. STOYLE, Roger John Blin- STRACHAN, Jeremy A.W. R.370 STROYAN, Henry Lindsay Gray F.35, H.23, H.31, R.370, S.180 STREETER, David T. G.106 G.87A 0.3 A.38 R.370 R.278 STRATTON, Muriel STRICKLAND, A.H. STRONG, Donald R. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 STUART, John Trevor STYS, Pavel SUCKLING, Charles Walter SUGDEN, Andrew SUNDERLAND, Keith SUTHERST, Robert W. SUTTON, John SUTTON, Stephen L. SWAIN, Graham SWANN, Michael Meredith, Baron SWEET, Merrill H. SWENSSON, Hanne Index of correspondents A.100 R.279, R.280 A.100 A.100, F.68 BLL R.281 R.106 R.282, S.22 A.29, A.32 A.100 R.283 M.47 SWINBURNE, Terence Reginald A.27, G.32, G.33 SWINGLAND, Ian Richard ESE, G.18, G.21, G.22 TAIT, E. Joyce TALBOT, Frank H. TAMM, Carl Olof TANNER, A.M. R.284-R.288 G.106 125; D3, 9; lel 5 3il 6; aot SYSTEMATICS ASSOCIATION TAPSELL, Sir Peter Hannay Bailey R.371 E.133, G.48 R.289, R.290 C.44, $.234 TAUBER, Maurice J. TAYLOR, Brian A.137, H.53, H.54, $.223 R.291 TANTON, Michael Thomas TAYLOR, Katherine T. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 TAYLOR, Lionel Roy Index of correspondents A.58, A101, A.127, A.129, A.137, E.60, F.16, F.39, F.76, i =. 18..G-0;4-/, G.8, G9} R.187, R.292-R.298, R.299 TAYLOR, Robin Andrew John A.127, R.295, R.299 TAYLOR, Rupert TAYLOR, Victoria Anne TEACHER, James TEMPLETON COLLEGE, OXFORD TEMPLETON, Sir John Marks TENNER, Edward TEPEDINO, Vincent J. TERBORGH, John W. THATCHER, Margaret Hilda, Baroness J.20 R.300 G.111, G.114, G.115, G.118 G.107-G.109 A.173, C.109, G.108 F.99 H.45 G.2 Gala A.133, C.132 F:97, 0.70, S$.126 THOMAS, Jeremy A. THOMAS, Alan J. THOMAS, David THOMAS, D.C. THOMPSON, David J. R.301 $.15 THOMPSON, Sir Donald B.22 S.16 A.36 THOMAS, Geoffrey Price THOMAS, Sir Keith Vivian A.64, B.22 THOMSON, R.C. Muirhead- R.371 R.371 R.361 M.19, M.42 A.101, R.302 THOMPSON, Gerald THOMPSON, Gerard D. THOMPSON, Terry THORNTON, lain T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents THORNTON, Richard Eustace A.101, J.2, J.9 TICKELL, Sir Crispin Charles Cervantes N.24, N.28, N.30, N.34, N.36 TILMAN, G. David TINBERGEN, Nikolaas TINKER, Philip Bernard Hague TINSLEY, Thomas W. TJOSSEM, Sara F. TOWNSEND, Colin R. TREHERNE, John E. TREVELYAN, Dennis John TUNSTALL, John P. TURNER, David P. G.37 A.137 G:57,,G.587G.59 A.101, F.23, G.53, G.54 H.71, R.303 R.304 A.101, C.6 A.108, C.77 R.305 A.101 TURNER, John R. G. TURNER, Peter David TWEEDIE, M.W.F. C.44, R.306 R.307 F.4 UFFEN, Raymond W.J. TYRRELL, David Arthur John ULANOV, Nicholas A. ULFSTRAND, Staffan A.102, A.174 G.105, R.371 UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD UBBELOHDE, Alfred Rene John Paul G.76 C.1-C.129 See also S.22, S.23, S.61- S.71A, S.114-S.120 USHERWOOD, Peter Norman Russell A.137 G37 A.102 USHER, Michael B. Index of correspondents T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 USINGER, Robert L. UVAROV, Sir Boris Petrovitch VAISEY, David George VALENTINE, David VAN OSS, Richard VARLEY, George Copley VAUGHAN, Gerard R. VERNEY, Sir Ralph Bruce, 5th Baronet VESSEY, Martin Paterson VICKERMAN, Geoffrey Paul A.58, F.4, F.16, R.308, R.309 See also A.49 B.13, R.310 C.75, C.108 A.102 G.44, G.45 A.58, F.4, F.16, R.311, S.22, S.160, S.171 C.101, C.102, C.104, C.105, C.106 A.102, E.141 A.128, J.20, J.23 R.312 VILLIERS, Andre WAGNER, Eduard WALKER, Brian Wilson G.114, G.115 C.108, G.24, R.313 WAAGE, Jeffrey King WADDINGTON, T.C. $.14 A.45 F.93 VOLLRATH, Fritz VRBA, Elisabeth VICKERY, Juliet Anne VOLAK, Zbiegniew (‘Jimmy’) G.30, P.14 WALDEGRAVE, William (Arthur) A.108, J.22, J.23, J.30, L.14 R.79 lo S.49 WAIT, Peter L.K. WAKE, David B. B.22, R.314 reo; oO T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 WALKER, Gregory P. WALKER, Ilse WALKER, Jennifer WALKER, J. H. WALKER, Peter T. WALKER, Ralph WALKEY, Michael WALL, Clive WALLACE, George WALLBANKS, Keith Robert WALLIS, Edmund Arthur Index of correspondents H.59 R.197, R.316 R.317 H.16 H.25 C.72 R.288 R.318 - R.320 R.99 R.321 N.23, N.24, N.25, N.27, N.30, N.31 WALLIS, Thomas E. A.36 WARD, Lena K. WARNOCK, Helen Mary, Baroness WARREN, Peter Tolman WALOFF, Nadia WALTON, John Nicholas, Baron A.128, E.123, M.15 WALTER, Gimme H. WALTER, Michael F.54 F.60 R.323 WARNER, Sir Frederick Edward (‘Ned’) A.59, A.103, A.128, B.9, B.19A G.83, R.147, R.148, R.311, $.213 See also H.17 A.50, A.137, R.101, R.126, R.324 WARWICK, Dame Margaret Elizabeth Harvey Turner- A.103, K.11, K.17 A.103, A.128 A.103 R.400 N.26, N.30, N.34 WATANABE, Hiroyuki WATERHOUSE, Douglas Frew T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 WATKINSON, Sarah Caroline WATSON, Allan WATSON, John Gillard WATT, Kenneth, E. F. WAY, Michael James WEALE, Anthony P. WEARING, C. Howard Index of correspondents S.71 G.11A A.128 R.372 A.59, A.103, B.18, B.19A, B.21, F.19A, G.80, R.325 A.103, K.1, K.2 R.372 WEATHERALL, Sir David John A.103, A.137, K.11, K.12 WEBB, Frank W. WEBB, Geoff A. M. WEBER, H. H. WEDD, George Morton A.27 K.18 R.326 A.103 WEIR, John S. WELLS, David R. WELLS, Martin John WEST, Christopher WHITE, Errol Ivor H.62 R.372 WHEATLEY, Geoffrey A. WESTOLL, Thomas Stanley A.109 S.181 A.174 WHATLEY, Frederick Robert $.15 $.55 G.20 WEITZ, Bernard George Felix WEDDERBURN, Dorothy Enid Cole $.55 WHITE, Eirene Lloyd, Baroness A.103 A.59, A.103 B.26 WHEELER, Bryan WHITE, E. Graeme A.108, A.128, J.5 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents WHITE, F. WHITE, Graham B. WHITE, Muriel WHITE, Peter Richard WHITE, Thomas Charles Raymond WHITEMAN, Elizabeth Anne Osborn WHITFIELD, Michael WHITLEY, Barbara WHITTAKER, John Brian WHITTAKER, Rob J. WHITTEN, Max J. WHITTINGTON, Charles Percival G.20 R.327 A.103 R.328, R.329 $.182 A.103, A.128 S.208 A.128, H.72 $.183 G.30 R.147, R.148 A.59, B.13 A.103 A.72, B.28, R.372 R.331, R.332, $.194 A.104 J.23 WHITTINGTON, Harry Blackmore WIEGERT, Richard G. R.372 H.9 G.110 - G.124 WILKES, Adrian WILKINSON, Christopher WIGHTMAN, John A. WILDE, Jan de WILESMITH, John W. WILEY & SONS LTD WIGGLESWORTH, Sir Vincent Brian WILDLIFE CONSERVATION RESEARCH UNIT A.104, B.18, G.79, G.93, G.96, R.187, R.330 G.60, G.102 WILKINSON, Sir William Henry Nairn M.47 105 N.16 WILKINSON, Sir Denys Haigh WILKINSON, J. Michael T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents WILLCOCK, Bruce WILLIAMS, Sir Alwyn WILLIAMS, Bernice WILLIAMS, Carrington Bonsor WILLIAMS, Sir David Glyndwr Tudor WILLIAMS, Sir Edgar Trevor (‘Bill’) WILLIAMS, Fredrica Diana WILLIAMS, J. R. WILLIAMS, J. R. Parry WILLIAMS, Mary Salima Rita WILLIAMS, Peter WILLIAMS, Robert Joseph Paton A.104, A.128 R.28, S.105 S23 F.18, R.333 A.104, J.2, J.9, J.16 A.128, E.141 S.184 F.47 F.16 R.334 P.28 C.139 WILLIAMS, Roy N.14 $.185 R.104, R.373 F.19A R.373 A.133, A.163 WILSON, Angela WILLIAMSON, Mark WILSON, Frank WILSON, Kenneth WILSON, Michael R. WILSON, Kenneth Brian WILSON, Edward Osborne WOLFSON FOUNDATION A:137, G:2, G:37, G:56, R-63; R.215, R.216, R.335 S260 WOLLASTON, Geoffrey H. Buchanan- R.336 $.219 M.41 F.82 WOLPERT, Lewis WOOD, Derek T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 WOOD, Ronald Karslake Starr WOOD, Stella WOODROFFE, Gerald E. WOODRUFF, David S. WOODWARD, Tom E. WOODWELL, G.M. Index of correspondents A.59, A.64, A.104, R.5, R.20, R.65, S.43 A.104 R.337-R.340 H.31 F.16, R.341 G.2 WOOLDRIDGE, W. Reginald D:3, D.5;,D.6, Di7, Dis WOOTTON, Robin J. WORDEN, Alastair N. WORLD WILDLIFE FUND WORMS, Charles de, Baron WRATTEN, Steven David R.373 A.104 G.125 ACSI Bie R.373, S.186 WRIGHT, E. N. YOUNG, David YOUNG, Geoffrey WYATT, Tim YASUNO, M. A.41 R.373 K.14 $.234 G.8 F.23 S.187 C.11 YATES, Imogen Mary WRIGHT, Jonathan K. WRIGHT, Christopher Amyas YOUNG, Barbara Scott, Baroness WRIGHT, Patrick Richard Henry, Baron A.105 N.20, N.21, N.25, N.26, N.27, N.28, N.29, N30, N.33, N.36 A.105, H.25, R.343-R.346 YOUNG, Euan Cameron T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Index of correspondents ZEEMAN, Sir (Erik) Christopher ZIMAN, John Michael C.74, C.104 F.104, J.18 ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON G.126, S.237, S.238 ZUCKERMAN, Solly, Baron A.105