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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of SIR RICHARD SOUTHWOOD FRS (b. 1931) Compiled by Jeannine Alton and Timothy E. Powell VOLUME I List of Contents General Introduction Sections A- K Deposited in the Bodleian Library, Oxford 1998 All rights reserved University of Bath NCUACS 72/1/98 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 The production of this catalogue was made possible by the support of the E.P.A. Cephalosporin Fund T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: KEEPER OF WESTERN MANUSCRIPTS BODLEIAN LIBRARY OXFORD T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1-A.251 SECTION B IMPERIAL COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, LONDON SECTION C OXFORD UNIVERSITY SECTION D RESEARCH SECTION E E.1-E.161 SECTION F PUBLICATIONS AND EDITORIAL F.1-F.108 SECTION G SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS LECTURES, SPEECHES, ADDRESSES BOARD ROYAL COMMISSION ON ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION NATIONAL RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION SECTION H VISITS AND CONFERENCES SECTION K SECTION J G.1-G.126 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 SECTION L SURFACE WATER ACIDIFICATION PROGRAMME SECTION M WORKING PARTY ON BOVINE SPONGIFORM ENCEPHALOPATHY SECTION N ROUND TABLE ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT SECTION O GLAXO WELLCOME PLC SECTION P CENTRAL EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY SECTION R CORRESPONDENCE R.1-R.403 SECTION S $.1-S.248 REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received from Sir Richard Southwood’s rooms at the Department of Zoology Oxford University, and from his home, on various dates July 1995 - September 1997. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF THOMAS RICHARD EDMUND SOUTHWOOD Thomas Richard Edmund Southwood was born on 20 June 1931 at Northfleet, Gravesend, Kent. He was educated at Gravesend Grammar School, and at the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, where he graduated in 1952 with first class honours in Zoology. He had already, in 1948 as a schoolboy, and later during university vacations, spent time as a voluntary worker in the Entomology Department at Rothamsted Experimental Station, Harpenden, Hertfordshire. He returned there in October 1952 with an Agricultural Research Council scholarship as a full-time research student, under the overall supervision on C.B. Williams though working in practice under the supervision of C.G. Johnson. He completed his thesis, on ‘Some studies on the systematics and ecology of heteroptera’, in 1955 and returned to Imperial College Silwood Park - initially still supported by an ARC grant - to work on frit fly ecology with W.F. Jepson. could not be taken up until January 1956. His subsequent career at Imperial College advanced In September 1955 Southwood had married Alison Harden, whom he had met at Rothamsted. He suffered his first major illness - appendicitis followed by peritonitis - on his honeymoon and was seriously ill for several months. His appointment at Imperial College, scheduled for October 1955, rapidly through lecturer to reader and professor; in 1967 he succeeded O.W. Richards as Head of Dean of the Royal College of Science 1971-1972, Acting Head of the Biochemistry Department his Ph.D. studies on the migrations and Southwood’s interest in natural history, based on the observation of plants and creatures around his childhood home, began at a very young age. His early entomological work was on the morphology In 1979 Southwood moved to Oxford as Linacre Professor of Zoology and Fellow of Merton College, serving the University as Vice-Chancellor 1989 - 1993 and then as Pro-Vice-Chancellor. He was and taxonomy of Hemiptera-Heteroptera. Aspects of the Department of Zoology and Applied Entomology, and also served as Director of Silwood Park, 1973-1974 and Chairman of the Division of Life Sciences, Imperial College 1974-1977. also President of the Campaign for Oxford. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 movements of insects and the ecology of field-margins suggested long-term research into habitat and the influence of environment, whether natural or man-made, on population density and survival. Examples are the study of insect fauna in different species of tree, and the impact of agriculture on the natural ecosystem shown in the decline of the partridge population in Western Europe. His interests extended to the dynamics of natural populations and communities and he was particularly concerned with the appropriate methodology (for both measurement and analysis) and the development of models to provide a general synthesis (e.g. his habitat templet). Studies on the structural dynamics of natural systems and the problems of maintaining a balance between these and the demands of man have continued as the basis of Southwood’s scientific research and of latter are his chairmanship of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (especially its recommendation on the reduction of lead in petrol), his chairmanship of the Anglo-Scandinavian committee on ‘acid rain’, and his chairmanship Examples of the his public work. of the government’s Round Table on Sustainable Development. Many of his keynote lectures over the last twenty years have dealt with environmental concerns. Southwood was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1977 and has received many Honorary Fellowships and Doctorates from universities in the UK and overseas. Bachelor in 1984 and became a Deputy Lieutenant for Oxfordshire in 1993. He was created Knight He has received the frequently, as Chairman. At the time of writing several of these continue as ongoing activities. biodiversity and matters of general environmental concern. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION 1997. the Gold Medal of the Linnean Society. He has served on many public bodies as a member, or, The material is presented as shown in the List of Contents. It covers the period 1914 - September The collection provides a full account of Southwood's career to date, and illustrates his development Forbes and Huxley Medals of Imperial College, the Scientific Medal of the Zoological Society and his later career. research in population dynamics, insect-plant relationships and pest control to ecological principles, Addenda which break the intended chronological or topical sequence. It is, however, much enriched by Southwood’s own autobiographical accounts of his early life and the formative influences on him Much of the material is of recent date and has been received piecemeal; thus several sections have from a youthful - even precocious - interest in natural history and especially entomology, via up to about 1955, and his reflections on key episodes, committees or events in T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Several of these accounts, many written specially for the collection, are to be found in the Biographical Section A, but others are in the sections to which they refer. Several of the accounts , supported as they are by documentation, provide interesting evidence of changing social structure and attitudes during this period - competition in research, the decline of paternalism and the growth of rights (employee and student), attitudes to safety and risk (home laboratories, exposure to bombing, a boy wandering in the countryside, etc), the “gentlefolk” class. Additional explanatory notes, information and cross-references are appended where appropriate to the separate sections, sub-sections and individual entries in the body of the catalogue. The following paragraphs are intended only to draw attention to items which may be of particular interest. Section A, Biographical and personal, furnishes a full overview of Southwood’s career from schooldays onward and includes some family material and his very early diaries and notebooks of natural history observations. There are also press-cuttings and photographs (the majority dated and described on the verso by Southwood) extending over the whole period. The numerous letters of congratulation on his appointments and honours are balanced by affectionate messages of goodwill when his health, never strong, led to periods of illness. international His House’ to be appointed for several centuries. His period as Vice-Chancellor overlapped with the Section B, Imperial College London, also includes a little material relating to Rothamsted memoranda and notebooks on Oxford affairs are included in this section. fund-raising ‘Campaign for Oxford’, of which he became President in 1990. Experimental Station. The sequences of correspondence and papers deal with Southwood’s own his undergraduate lectures, notes and essays 1949 - 1952, and of his own lecture and teaching career at Imperial College 1955 - 1979, appointments, promotions etc., and with the general work of the Department of Zoology and Silwood Park. There is also a sequence of notes and notebooks of Linacre Professor of Zoology, Fellow of Merton College, and Vice-Chancellor - the first non ‘Head of Section C, Oxford University, offers good coverage of Southwood’s career from 1979 - 1997, as * not all these accounts may yet be available (see p.2). all of which are published. There is, however, a full account of his work in the 1960s on the ecology Section D, Research, is relatively short, since Southwood retained many of his notes and data, not courses from 1956. of the partridge. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Section E, Lectures, speeches, addresses, begins in 1944 with the teenage Southwood’s talks on natural history to school societies and extends to 1995 covering the full range of his ecological and environmental interests, given to professional and learned societies and to less specialised audiences. Of interest are the extensive lectures given during Southwood’s year in Mexico and California 1964 - 1965. It should be noted that other lectures and addresses at conferences or meetings are to be found in the relevant sections. Section F, Publications and editorial, does not offer a full coverage of Southwood’s publications, which number 220 to date, but it includes useful material on his books: Land and water bugs of the British Isles, Life of the wayside and woodland, and especially of his influential Ecological methods first published in 1966. There is also correspondence, comment, advice etc. exchanged with publishers and journals, some having a long association with Southwood such as the Entomologist’s Monthly Magazine, the Journal of Animal Ecology and Oxford University Press, of which he was a Delegate for fourteen years. Section G, Societies and organisations, contains material relating to 34 organisations, some of it very brief or formal, but some representing long connections with Southwood as member, officer, contributor or advisor; these include the British Ecological Society, the British Empire Naturalists’ Association, the Field Studies Council, the Rhodes Trust, the Royal Entomological Society, the Royal Society and many others. includes major extended visits as Visiting Professor in Mexico, California, South Africa and at Cornell University, as well as shorter visits to give papers or invitation lectures or to chair meetings. Southwood’s public service commitments on boards and committees, and as Vice-Chancellor, also entailed extensive travel which is documented in the relevant sections. Sections J - N deal specifically with Southwood’s service on official bodies or specific projects. Southwood was appointed a Commissioner to 1985 when he took up his appointment as Chairman Section J, Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, covers the period from 1974 when Section H, Visits and conferences, covers both UK and overseas conferences 1960 - 1995, and He established an Section K, National Radiological Protection Board, covers the period 1984 - 1995. Southwood was a of the National Radiological Protection Board, the main concentration of the papers being 1981 - 1985 when he was Chairman of the Commission. Three major Reports were published during his Chairmanship, and several research projects launched. The 1983 Report ‘Lead in the Environment’ was influential, being immediately accepted as the basis for public policy. member of the Board from 1980 and served as Chairman from 1985 to 1994. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 ‘Environmental Issues Panel’ with a wider membership including ‘Green’ organisations, and chaired an International Conference on the Biological Effects of lonising Radiation organised by Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace International, which is documented here. Section L, Surface Water Acidification Programme, relates to a tripartite research programme, conducted by the Norwegian and Swedish Academies of Sciences and the Royal Society (for the UK), set up to investigate claims that sulphur emissions (‘acid rain’) emitted by UK industry and especially by the Central Electricity Generating Board were adversely affecting fish in Scandinavian surface waters. Southwood became Chairman of the Management Group on the death of Sir Maurice Sugden. The papers cover the period 1983 - 1990 and include correspondence with colleagues and officials of the three academies involved, research projects, reports and position papers. Section M, Working Party on Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy. The section deals with the working party, chaired by Southwood, set up jointly by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF) and the Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS) later Department of Health (DOH) to report on the recently identified cattle disease commonly known as BSE. The working party made recommendations in 1988 and 1989, and reported in 1989, but the continuing incidence of the disease and the increasing public concern extend the material to 1997. This remains an to identify issues of sustainable development, evaluate progress, inform and_ provide recommendations. ongoing factor of Southwood’s activity. Section O, Glaxo-Wellcome plc, is a relatively short section. Regions, as President. The Round Table continues as an active commitment. Southwood was Co-Chairman from 1994 together with J.S. Gummer, then Prescott, Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the 1994 by the Conservative Government to advise on environmental matters, and maintained after Section N, Round Table on Sustainable Development. This relates to one of several initiatives in Secretary of State for the Environment; from June 1997 he became sole Chairman, with J.M. the 1997 General Election by the incoming Labour Government. The Round Table has a wide remit, the Department of for the Chief Executive’s Awards for health, safety and environmental management and Chairman Section P, Central European University, is also a relatively short section covering Southwood’s executive director in 1992 and continues active involvement, in particular as Chairman of the panel association with this initiative by G. Soros to develop a network of advanced education in Eastern Europe with a main campus in Budapest. Southwood was appointed a non- of the Group Appeals Committee. Southwood was Head of T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Environmental Studies and Policy, in which capacity he devised courses and schedules as well as lecturing and taking part in committees and administration and the CEU Press. Section R, Correspondence, is an extensive section, including some exchanges from an early date with formative influences such as C.G. Johnson, A.M. Massee and H.K.A. Shaw. Section S, References and recommendations, is also a substantial section, with material relating to UK and overseas academic and public life. LOCATIONS OF OTHER MATERIAL Southwood’s copies of official papers, minutes etc relating to the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution 1974-1985 were deposited at the Imperial College Centre for Environmental Technology (prior to 1981) and at the Environmental Change Unit, Oxford. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS important episodes in his life. Mrs Belinda Wood, Southwood’s secretary, has been unfailingly helpful. their financial support of this project. Thanks are primarily due to Sir Richard for allowing his papers to go forward for cataloguing and for making additional material available on a continuing basis. He has been generous with his time and attention in identifying and clarifying material, in commenting helpfully on the catalogue drafts We should like to thank Sir Edward Abraham and the Trustees of the E.P.A. Cephalosporin Fund for throughout the lengthy process of compilation, and in agreeing to write personal accounts of Oxford, December 1997 J. B. Alton T.E. Powell T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1-A.251 BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL A.13-A.22 FAMILY A.23-A.33 GRAVESEND EARLY SCIENTIFIC INFLUENCES A.39-A.43 UNIVERSITY A.44-A.167 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS A.184-A.203 A.204-A.251 A.168-A.178 AND MATERIAL A.179-A.183_ PRESS CUTTINGS PHOTOGRAPHS © MISCELLANEOUS BIOGRAPHICAL CORRESPONDENCE ADDENDUM T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL 1963-1997 A.1, A.2 Curricula vitae and bibliography A.3-A.5 Articles and interviews A.6-A.12 Autobiographical notes and reflections Curricula vitae and bibliography 1963-1997 Miscellaneous curricula vitae prepared for various dates and occasions: 1963 (for Lancaster University see A.48); (for American Academy of Arts and Sciences); 1981; 1993 (for Chambers Dictionary of Scientists). 1964; 1981 Curriculum vitae and list of publications prepared September 1997. references in the catalogue to Southwood’s publications are to this Included here is September 1997. All list. of ‘Environmental Publications’, a separate 3pp list 1981-1991 Articles and interviews Additional material appears in the press-cuttings at A.179-A.183. Interview on Australian radio on occasion of Sabath Memorial Lecture, Griffith University. 1983. Natural History Museum House journal (on becoming Chairman of Trustees of the Museum). 1981. Presidency of Club). 1984. Radiation Protection Bulletin (on becoming Chairman, National Radiological Protection Board). 1983. Knighthood, Road Club News (on Oxford University Mansfield and T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal ca 1986. Oxford Today (on Oxford Department of Zoology. corrections). 1988. Draft with manuscript Country-Side (interview on natural history and the environment). 1989. Oxford Times (on Vice-Chancellorship). 1989. Gravesend Reporter (on career at Gravesend School). 1991. Autobiographical notes and reflections 1977-1997 These are short accounts by Southwood on various aspects of his career and work, some personal, others historical. Many of the latter were written specifically for this collection. Similar material relating to Oxford 1989-1995 is at C.118-C.125A. Partridge Research [July 1997]. Royal Society [December 1997]. ‘The challenges to Directors’, ‘From ‘Prion Taming’ (on BSE), Parliamentary Review April 1997 (Bibliog. 219). Imperial College Silwood Park: paternalism to rights’ [1997]. The ‘Hering Fund’, the British Entomological and Natural History Society and the Royal Entomological Society [1997]. 1988; most influential book 1991. Personal accounts 1977-1991. Includes family letter 1977; on serendipity T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal Personal accounts 1992-1993. Includes summary of achievements in science and public life 1992; brief autobiographical 1992; ‘Recollections of my school days’, written for Gravesend School Centenary 1993 (also at A.29). Academy Pontifical prepared account for ‘From natural history to biology: the foundations of a career.’ Southwood’s personal account, written July-October 1997, of early years, homes, family, relatives and friends, school and university, amateur naturalists and first professional contacts. 51pp typescript. his A.13-A.22 FAMILY A.13-A.15 Edmund William Southwood Mary Southwood, née Regg A.13 A.16 A.17 A.21 A.22 Juvenilia A.18-A.20 Mark and Charles Southwood A.13-A.15 Alison Southwood, née Harden Other relatives and connections Gravesend County School for Boys. Edmund William Southwood (father of Southwood) Reports and awards 1918-1920; testimonials 1922, 1936. Report Book 1914-1918 and Headmaster’s leaving testimonial. South-eastern Agricultural College, Wye, Kent. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal Letters to Southwood from his father and uncle after his Inaugural Lecture 1968. Letters Southwood’s Knighthood, 1984. sent to Edmund Southwood from relatives and friends on Mary Southwood, née Regg (mother) 1931-1983 Mary Regg, born in Australia, was a jewellery designer who came to Britain as part of a world tour in 1928. Letters to and from Gwen and Mylis Laffer, friends met in 1928 on S.S. ‘Nestor’, on the voyage to London from Australia (to which the Laffers later returned). later generations. Their strong and lasting friendship extended widely to Mary Southwood’s letters are dated 1931, 1932, 1944. and to Southwood and 1983 photographs, and recollections of early meetings. 1982 wife are his Mylis Laffer’s letters and early include A.18-A.20 A.18 Mark Southwood. Mark and Charles Southwood (sons) Alison Southwood, née Harden (Lady Southwood) Brief memorabilia and information on the Harden family. A biographical note by Southwood is included here, as well as his fuller account at A.12. both boys). Miscellaneous material on Licensed Victuallers School, Slough (attended by Charles Southwood. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal Other relatives and connections Memorabilia and correspondence, with explanatory biographical supplied by Southwood. notes Juvenilia Early letters home, from Southwood on holiday 1937, 1939. A.23-A.33 GRAVESEND 1937-1996 A.24-A.32 Gravesend School The town of Gravesend in Kent was where Southwood spent his early years and went to school. It was also the cradle of his earliest interest in the natural world, in the grounds of his home Parrock Manor, and further afield. He was lucky always to receive encouragement, from his own family, from family his membership of local natural history societies, and from encounters with practising entomologists such as C.G. Johnson of Rothamsted Experimental Station. He has repaid the debt by his continuing affection for the town and interest in its affairs, particularly those of the School. schoolmasters at Gravesend friends, School, from from Bronté School, Gravesend Southwood has himself written an account of the early life and the formative influences upon him (A.12), and supplied biographical notes and information on the correspondence. fell dramatically in the sixth form. As a child, Southwood was not strong; his school reports both here and at his later school (A.24 below) show a large tally of absences, particularly, but not only, in the winter terms. Almost all of these are upper respiratory tract infections, from which he continues to suffer, though his school absences Bronté School, Gravesend Gravesend miscellaneous Reports 1937-1942. A.23 A.33 1937-1942 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal A.24-A.32 Gravesend School 1942-1996 Gravesend Grammar School for Boys (previously Gravesend Grammar School and, earlier, in Southwood’s father’s day Gravesend County School for Boys). Southwood attended the school 1942-1949 and retains as many links as possible with it and its staff. His teachers and their successors for their part follow his career and achievements with interest and pride. School reports 1942-1949. Examination scripts in History and French 1945; examination papers in Latin and French 1945. Correspondence with Headmaster, staff and former teachers at Gravesend (several with identifications and information by Southwood), with news, congratulations on academic career, arrangements for visits or lectures by Southwood, recollections, letters on retirements etc. 1950-1968. Correspondence with teachers, news, Southwood to perform Prizegivings, open new buildings etc. 1973-1988. contemporaries, recollections, Headmaster, congratulations, staff former arrangements for with and Centenary of Gravesend Schoo! 1993. Invitation and arrangements for Southwood to present prizes at Centenary Prizegiving September 1993. Includes Southwood’s 3pp. manuscript notes for his speech on the occasion. Printed matter about the Centenary, history and Prizegiving. Miscellaneous correspondence on Centenary arrangements 1992-1993. Includes Southwood’s ‘Recollections of my school days’ prepared for Centenary Supplement (another copy is at A.11). Letters from some of Southwood’s former teachers who had been unable by reason of age to attend the Centenary celebrations and to whom he had written personally 1993. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal Correspondence 1994-1996. Gravesend miscellaneous 1949-1987 Miscellaneous School): arrangements to lecture, historical society, miscellaneous personal contacts. 1949-1987. correspondence Gravesend affairs (not on A.34-A.38 EARLY SCIENTIFIC INFLUENCES 1941-1954, 1993 The earliest letter here (A.34) dates from 1941 and several are dated in the 1940s when Southwood was in the items have explanatory notes supplied by Southwood, and the correspondents are also referred to at more length in his autobiographical account at A.12 his teens. Some of 1943-1947. Identifications, visits, references, publications. 1948-1951. Identifications, specimens, exchanges of papers. Longstaff, T.G. ‘Uncle’ Tom) 1941-1952. Includes Southwood’s list of birds he has seen - 58 of them in their own garden at Parrock Manor. ‘Sun-bathing by birds’. Photocopy of article by J. Gibb in British Birds XL, 1947, quoting an observation by Southwood in 1946. This is his earliest ‘published work’ (Bibliog. O) and is included here for interest. Enquiries, specimens, identifications, letters of thanks, personal congratulations. Correspondence 1950-1954 (and some later letters), mainly with friends and fellow naturalists in Kent, met or put in contact through membership of British Empire Naturalists Association (B.E.N.A) (g.v). See also A.12. Brief correspondence 1993 with Gibb is also included. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal UNIVERSITY 1949-1967 For other material on Southwood’s career at Imperial College London, and his doctoral studies at Rothamsted Experimental Station, see Section B. Imperial College London. Notification of admission 1949. Letter re Natural History Society lecture 1951. Class List 1952 (Southwood obtained first class honours in Zoology). Award of Forbes Medal 1952. (all Applications of Southampton, University College & Queen Mary College London, withdrawn on acceptance of place at Imperial College. successful) 1948-1949 University College to C. Wright 1951. R.H. Simons 1952-1954. N.G.M. Hague 1950-1967. Southwood’s reasons for his choice of universities are given in his account at A.12. Correspondence with undergraduate contemporaries at Imperial College, with brief biographical information by Southwood (see R.43, R.143, R.201). ARC grant at Imperial College was made. Correspondence 1952-1955 on Southwood’s research studentship, funded by Agricultural Research Council, tenable at Rothamsted Experimental Station under C.B. Williams. Includes certificate of exemption from military service. See Section B for later career at Imperial College. Correspondence and enquiries 1953-1955 about posts in UK and overseas, made towards the end of Southwood’s period at Rothamsted and before his T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal A.44-A.167 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS 1954-1995 For material on Southwood’s appointment to the Linacre Chair Oxford, in 1977 and his service at Oxford University, see B.18, B.19 and Section C. Membership of the Society for Experimental Biology 1954. Correspondence 1960 southwoodi, named after Southwood. on identification of specimens and Cleptriola Correspondence etc. 1962 on Readership in Animal Ecology, University of Otago, New Zealand. (Southwood did not take up the invitation to apply). Correspondence 1963 - 1964 on Headship of Department of Zoology and Entomology, University of Connecticut. (Southwood declined the invitation to apply). Includes correspondence Letter from Southwood declining to apply for post in pest management at University of California Berkeley 1967. (No other surviving documentation). Correspondence 1963 - 1964 on Southwood’s application for Chair of Biology, University of Lancaster. with referees and Southwood’s ‘Outline of possible lines of development in biology at Lancaster’. candidature on his appointment to the Chair of Zoology at Imperial College. withdrew Correspondence etc. 1966-1967 on Chair in Research School of Biological Sciences, his Southwood University. Australian National T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal A.51-A.59 Illness 1967. In November 1967, shortly after taking up the Chair of Zoology in addition to other heavy administrative duties at Imperial College, Southwood suffered a coronary attack. This proved relatively minor, but required hospitalisation until Christmas of that year and elicited a torrent of letters and messages (some via Alison Southwood) testifying to the affection in which he and his family were held. Some of the letters and messages at A.54-A.59 have biographical identifications or information supplied by Southwood. Southwood’s farewell ‘poem’ to the night nurses at the hospital when he was discharged. Letters and messages from family and relatives. Group greetings and messages from staff, overseas students, classes etc. from Imperial College and World Health Organisation Geneva. A.54-A.59 A.54 Other letters and messages from colleagues and friends. A-D. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal The Athenaeum. Southwood was elected to includes Southwood’s nomination by miscellaneous later correspondence 1984-1987, 1994. the Athenaeum in 1970. K. Mellanby 1967, election Correspondence 1970, Offer of Visiting Professorship, San Diego State College, California, USA, February 1971. Offer of Visiting Professorship, University of Ghana, Legon (declined), October 1973. Correspondence etc. Cambridge. The Chair was offered to Southwood, but discussions and correspondence with colleagues he declined. 1976-1977 on Professorship the of Zoology at visit, after a Fellowship of the Royal Society 1977. Election, letters of congratulation (some with replies by Southwood). Correspondence 1977 about post in ecology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA (declined). Correspondence 1977 about Directorship, Research School of Biological Sciences, Australian National University. Citation for Honorary D.Sc., Griffith University, Australia, 1983. Correspondence 1977 inviting Southwood to Commonwealth Institute of Entomology (declined). Fellowship of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 1980. act as Consultant Director, T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal A.70-A.77 Correspondence on invitations to be considered for senior academic posts (Heads of House, Chancellor and Vice-Chancellorships etc.) in UK and overseas (declined), 1983-1984. A.70-A.72 1983. 3 folders. A.73-A.77 1984. 5 folders. A.78-A.105 Knighthood 1984. This honour was conferred on Southwood in the New Year List January 1984. Official arrangements, telephone callers and guests for celebration party. notification, investiture Southwood’s lists of family, relatives, personal friends A.80 A.80-A.105 and messages from Letters and messages from colleagues and friends. Letters and neighbours from Gravesend, Ascot, Oxford etc., some sent to Southwood’s father and passed on by him. A. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal A.106-A.108 Correspondence on senior appointments (declined) 1985. 3 folders. 5 folders. 2 folders. A.110-A.114 Correspondence on senior appointments in UK and overseas (declined), 1986. Correspondence on Southwood’s resignation from Council, Royal Holloway and Bedford Colleges, University of London, 1985. Brief correspondence only. Honorary D.Sc., University of East Anglia, July 1987. A.115, A.116 Correspondence on senior appointments in UK and overseas (declined), 1987. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal Award of D.Sc. Oxford, planned for 1987 but deferred to January 1988. Includes Southwood’s ‘Evidence submitted for permission to supplicate’, brief correspondence. A.119-A.133 Vice-Chancellorship, Oxford University. A.119 Southwood’s letter of Nomination 1987. 18 March 1987 (included with permission) written from Port Moresby Papua New Guinea to his wife and Wendy Laffer, describing his first reactions to his nomination. Also included here is Ry Root of Cornell University describing the episode (the original is at H.54). his letter of 29 April to a copy of See C.39, ©.40 for further material. A.120-A.128 Letters and messages of congratulation on appointment. 1987. A.120 A, B. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal A.129, A.130 Formal installation as Vice-Chancellor, October 1989. A.129 Luncheon seating plan, letters and messages of goodwill. Letters and messages (first-name signatures). Miscellaneous letters of thanks and appreciation 1991-1992, on various aspects of Southwood’s Vice-Chancellorship. A.132, A.133 Valedictory letters and messages on retirement from Vice-Chancellorship and Presidency of the Campaign for Oxford, 1993-1994. A-J. A.135-A.137 of of new elections, citations, programme of presentation Huffaker on nomination, notification C. A.134-A.137 See H.76 for formal introduction ceremony. Correspondence 1985 with election 1988, list ceremony 1989. Election as Foreign Associate Member, National Academy of Sciences, Washington D.C., 1988. A-G. Letters and messages of congratulation, several with copies of Southwood’s reply. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal Conferral of Honorary D.Sc., McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 1988. Brief correspondence only. Tyler Prize. 1988. Brief correspondence only. Correspondence on senior appointment (declined) 1988. Correspondence on senior appointment (declined) 1989. A.142, A.143 Correspondence on senior appointments (declined) 1991. 2 folders. Correspondence, citation. 4 folders. A.146-A.149 Correspondence on senior appointments (declined) 1993. Award of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, February 1991. Conferral of Honorary Doctorate of Laws, University of London, November 1991. Award of Order of Merit of the Portuguese Republic, April 1993. Correspondence and papers 1993 on Southwood’s nomination as Royal Society Representative on the Governing Body, Eton College. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal Conferral September 1993. of Honorary Doctorate of Law, Oxford Brookes University, Brief correspondence only. Correspondence on appointment of Southwood as a Deputy Lieutenant for Oxfordshire, 1993 and one letter 1995. Correspondence 1993 on Presidency of European Science Foundation. Correspondence and Honorary Doctorate of Laws, University of Bristol, February 1994. Southwood spoke at the Graduation Dinner. conferral 1993 - papers 1994 on of Also includes membership of University Convocation July 1994. Correspondence 1993 - 1994 on conferral of Honorary D.Sc., University of Durham, June 1994. Correspondence 1993 - 1994 on conferral of Honorary D.Sc., University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, November 1994. Distinguished Guest membership, Century Association New York, January 1994. Correspondence 1993 - 1994 on conferral of Honorary D.Sc., University of Sussex, July 1994. Southwood spoke at the Graduation Dinner. Brief notification only. Award of Distinguished Statistical Ecologist Award of INTECOL, conferred August 1994. Resignation from Lloyd’s Tercentenary Foundation, February 1994. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal Correspondence Entomology. 1994 on Gold Medal of International Congress of Correspondence 1994-1995 on Honorary Fellowship, Westminster College Oxford, conferred May 1995. Includes request to Southwood to give keynote address at Higher Education Foundation Conference, March 1996. Correspondence Radiolagists, conferred September 1995. Honorary 1995 on Fellowship, Royal College of Invitation Entomological Society of America, October 1995. to serve on Entomological Foundation Board of Councilors, Election as Foreign Member, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, October 1995. 1952-1996 A.168 1961-1969. A.168-A.171 A.168-A.178 Correspondence on National Trust, December 1995. Letters, communications, expressions of views etc. on various topics. MISCELLANEOUS BIOGRAPHICAL CORRESPONDENCE AND MATERIAL 1990-1997. 1973-1977. 1987-1989. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal A.172, A.173 Invitations (declined) to join, chair, adjudicate on various organisations, projects etc. 1977-1993. 1994-1995. A.174-A.176 Miscellaneous letters and messages of-congratulations, thanks, valediction etc. sent or received by Southwood 1952-1996. 1952-1978. 1982-1989. 1990-1996. Subscriptions and donations. ‘Poems’ on various occasions. A.179-A.183 PRESS CUTTINGS Oxford University and Campaign. Personal, knighthood, Vatican, TV film reviews etc. Imperial College and Silwood Park. Lectures and visits. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal National Radiological Protection Board. Royal Commission on Environmental Protection. See M.61 for press-cuttings on BSE. A.184-A.203 PHOTOGRAPHS Many of the early photographs were taken by Mary Southwood for her friends the Laffers in Australia and returned by them in 1982 and 1983. There are often notes and identifications by Mary Southwood or the Laffers. See A.222-A.251 for additional photographs made available at a late date. A.184-A.188 Family and personal A.189-A.192 Imperial College/Silwood Park A.193,A.194 Oxford A.184 Southwood as an infant. A.184-A.188 Family and personal A.195-A.203 Visits and occasions Southwood as a youth, with parents and relatives. ‘Grandpa’ (W.E.W. Southwood), Mark Southwood (1960). Parrock Manor, Marlborough Cottage and their gardens. The Southwoods on their boat 1948. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal A.189-A.192 Imperial College/Silwood Park A.189 Silwood Park, house, farm and grounds. Group photographs of Silwood Park staff and students 1967, 1973, 1979. Silwood Park, dinner in Hall 1957, 1978. Southwood as Dean, Albert Hall ceremony 1971. A.193, A.194 Oxford A.193 Oxford. In Department of Zoology 1979, 1981. A.195-A.203 Visits and occasions A.195 Mexico City, 1964. A.199, A.200 Oxford. D.Sc. 1988. A.197, A.198 Cornell University Centennial Celebration, 1974. Meeting on mosquito vectors, Geneva, Switzerland 1966. Lilley). British Naturalists’ Association (BNA, formerly B.E.N.A) meeting 1989. See A.4 for an interview given by Southwood on this occasion. Opening of Rothamsted Insectary 24 September 1990 (with T. Lewis and P. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal Coimbra Group meetings 1991-1993. British Japan Society, Tokyo, 1993. A.204-A.251 ADDENDUM A.204-A.221 Early notebooks and diaries A.222-A.251 Photographs A.204-A.221 Early notebooks and diaries 1941-1967 A.204 Small black notebook, ‘Notebook of birds’, numbered ‘NB/1’. A.207-A.209 Notebooks A.207 on his ‘Notebooks and Entries begin Christmas week 1941 and continue through 1942 and 1943. Loose pages from ‘NB/4’ 1943, ‘NB/6’ n.d. (observations in Parrock Manor Garden), ‘NB/8’, and other undated notes. Southwood’s note September 1997 Diaries’, explaining his system of numbering, and drawing attention to entries of significance. The references are to A.207 - A.218. ‘NB/5 Diagrams Rocks’. ‘Book of bird notes’ February 1942. ‘NB/3’ 1942 - 1946. Biographical and personal T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 A.210-A.218 Diaries A.210 1943. 1944 (i). 1944 (ii). A.219, A.220 Two notebooks on Heteroptera. History). A note by Southwood September 1997, on the origins and contents of both books, is included here. ‘Systematic notes’, mostly made on visits to the British Museum (Natural A.219 Miscellaneous notes, begun 1948 but mainly dated ‘Notes on Hem-Het’. 1952 - 1954. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal Small hardback notebook, various dates 1952-1967, notes and press- cuttings pasted in, mainly biographical, career, appointments, elections to societies, marriage and family. Also items on the history of Parrock Manor (Southwood’s childhood home) and the family dairy business. A.222-A.251 Photographs 1930-1997 These are additional items made available at a late date by Southwood and with dates and identifications by him. A.222-A.230 Family and personal 1930-1994 A.222 Marriage of E.W. Southwood and A. Mary Regg (Southwood’s parents) 1930. Southwood as an infant. Southwood ca 1948. B.Sc. September 1952. Investiture, Buckingham Palace (with family) 1984. Southwood by the water garden at Parrock Manor ca 1944. Hon. D.Sc. Durham University 1994. Admission as Vice-Chancellor Oxford, October 1989. Hon. L!.D., London University 1991. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal A.231, A.232 Rothamsted Experimental Station 1953, 1993 A.231 With colleagues 1953. Welcoming H.M. The Queen 1993. A.233, A.234 Flatford Mill, Suffolk 1955 A.233, A.234 Photographs on University of London Natural History and Insect Ecology courses 1955. A.235, A.236 In the field 1982, 1983 A.235 New Forest 1982. A.237 ca 1982-1993 Queensland, Australia 1983. A.237-A.240 Committees and boards A.239, A.240 National Radiological Protection Board 1987, 1993. Board of Trustees, British Museum (Natural History) ca 1982. Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution Press Conference 1983. At Somerville College, with Mrs Thatcher. A.241 With a student 1985. A.241-A.247 Oxford University and Campaign 1985-1997 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Biographical and personal In Japan 1990. In Vice-Chancellor’s room Oxford. Oxford/Cambridge meeting 1993. Oxford Reunions; South Korea 1991, Washington D.C. 1993. As ‘Pro-Chancellor’,, Guildhall, London 1997. A.248, A.249 Central European University, Budapest, Hungary 1993, 1994 A.248 Lecturing 1993. A.250, A.251 Occasions A.250 At Pontifical Academy. Senate and Trustees 1994. Visiting European Parliament, Strasbourg, France, 1992. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 SECTION B IMPERIAL COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, LONDON B.1-B.72 Southwood entered Imperial College to read Zoology as an undergraduate in 1949. After graduating with first-class honours in 1952 he went as a research scholar funded by the Agricultural Research Council to Rothamsted Experimental Station, Hertfordshire where he undertook doctoral research under the nominal supervision of C.B. Williams, though working closely with C.G. Johnson. In 1955 he returned to Imperial College as a Research Assistant in the Department of Zoology and Applied Entomology, initially still funded by the ARC. He became successively Lecturer, Reader in Insect Ecology and Professor of Zoology and Applied Entomology and Head of the Department, as well as Warden, later Director of the Field Station at Silwood Park at Ascot, Surrey. He also served the College as Dean, Founder-Chairman of the Division of Life Sciences and as temporary Head of the Department of Biochemistry 1973-1974. Southwood left Imperial College in 1979 to take up the Linacre Chair of Zoology at Oxford, but continued to maintain academic and personal contact. Early correspondence on Southwood’s application to Imperial College and other universities is at to hand, has been added at B.70-B.72. B.23-B.32 B.32A-B.69 LECTURES AND TEACHING B.1-B.22 SOUTHWOOD’S CAREER AT IMPERIAL COLLEGE A.39, A.40; undergraduate notebooks, lecture notes and doctoral thesis are at B.32A-B.50. A small amount of lecture material relating to Southwood’s period at Rothamsted, which came late DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY AND SILWOOD PARK FIELD STATION EXPERIMENTAL STATION B.70 - B.72 LECTURES ATTENDED AT ROTHAMSTED T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Imperial College of Science and Technology, London SOUTHWOOD’S CAREER AT IMPERIAL COLLEGE 1955-1995 This is a chronological sequence of personal and official correspondence and documents. Many of the early exchanges are with O.W. Richards, Southwood’s predecessor in the Department and at the Field Station. March - July 1955. Correspondence on career, possible Demonstratorship at Cambridge, notification of conferral of doctorate (presented January 1956), appointment as Research Assistant in Imperial College Department of Zoology and Applied Entomology. and Southwood was married in September September 1955 - October 1956. 1955 honeymoon. Complications arose, three operations were necessary and he remained in hospital until Christmas. appendicitis became acute with his on ill Correspondence on illness, work and salary arrangements. as Lecturer in Imperial Includes 1957-1958. College Department from September 1957 concurrent with Acting Wardenship of Silwood Park. appointment Southwood’s possible visit to University of California at Berkeley 1961. (achieved in 1964), grants for partridge work, consultancy arrangements. 1960. Includes appointment as permanent Lecturer in Imperial College Department from September 1960, award of Huxley Memorial Medal and Prize. Association of University Teachers, conferral of D.Sc. London. 1961-1962. Correspondence and reports on infestation of dried and canned fruit, Blackith, and Southwood’s notes and calculations on the case. Southwood’s consultant’s report on damage to goatskins by bacon 1961. beetles in transit from India. by Southwood and by R.E. Committee of 1962-1963. Imperial Election College to branch of T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Imperial College of Science and Technology, London Mainly arrangements for Southwood and his family to 1963-1964. visit Mexico and Berkeley, and for his appointment as Reader in Insect Ecology at Imperial College from October 1964. Southwood’s letters to departmental colleagues, and to Richards, from Mexico and Berkeley, August 1964 - March 1965 (some refer to events on Berkeley Campus). See also E.45-E.53 , H.3, H.4 for lectures and other material relating to this visit. 1966-1967. salary award etc. Brief correspondence on applications for leave of absence, 1967-1968. Appointment to Chair of Zoology and Applied Entomology, Head of Department and Director of Silwood Park Field Station from 1 October 1967. Correspondence, notification equipment, letters of congratulation. attack in November which is referred to briefly here. appointment, of and Southwood suffered a mild coronary discussion staff of 1968. (Bibliog. 75). Correspondence, guest lists. See A.51-A.59 for further letters about Southwood’s illness. Inaugural Lecture, 9th October 1968, on ‘The abundance of animals’ See A.50 for material relating to Chair in the Research School of Biological Sciences, Australian National University at Canberra, which Southwood had been offered. infestation of potato dice by spider beetles, on behalf of Brown and Polson. Comments on Southwood’s Inaugural Lecture, by W.F. Jepson, who was technically Southwood’s boss when a Research Assistant (1955-1957), October 1969. 1969. Correspondence and papers on Southwood’s professional advice on 1969. Brief correspondence on salary awards. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Imperial College of Science and Technology, London 1974. ‘A proposal for a national interdisciplinary environment “Think-Tank’, the British Environment Institute.’ Proposal drawn up by Southwood and dated 24 January 1974. Folder includes an explanatory note about the origins and subsequent history of the proposal, written for inclusion with the papers by Southwood (1996). Miscellaneous insurance, 1956-1979. correspondence and papers on_ superannuation, life Miscellaneous applications for leave of absence for conferences, external examinations etc. 1970-1978. Leaving Imperial College. 1977-1979. departmental organisation, staffing and finance, Southwood’s letters Rector and colleagues on his appointment to Oxford, arrangements. Correspondence and papers on to See also C.1. Correspondence on Silwood Centre for Pest Management. 1982-1983. Southwood served on the Advisory Board. Letters and messages (photocopies) from a valedictory book presented to Southwood from staff and students on his departure. 1979. Leaving Imperial College. Letters, greetings cards and telegrams. Drafts and notes for various speeches at student dinners, humorous ‘ode’ sung at Field course 1979. request of a colleague in Canada. ca 1970s. 1982-1984. Invitation to the opening of ‘Southwood Hall’ at Silwood Park, and manuscript of Southwood’s speech June 1983; conferral of Honorary Fellowship College on Commemoration Day, October 1984. 4pp manuscript and typescript recollections of ‘Memories of B.G. Peters’. Peters and colleagues at Imperial College, written by Southwood at the Orators 1983-1995 colleagues, departments and divisions at Imperial College. All topics. correspondence Continuing undated. with and of Imperial former and Staff Citation T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Imperial College of Science and Technology, London B.23-B.32 DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY AND SILWOOD PARK FIELD STATION 1950s-1979 B.23-B.29 A chronological sequence of general correspondence and papers on Departmental and College matters: research projects, requests to work or visit, students and staff, travel grants, consultancies etc. 1950s. 1960-1962. 1963-1966. 1967-1969. 1970-1973. 1977-1978. Miscellaneous correspondence on Imperial College Workshops 1972-1973. Staff and student lists for Department and Silwood Park, with course and lecture titles, research interests etc. 1956-1958, 1961-1963, 1967-1979. Southwood and J.S. Porter, information brochure, formal dinners. This was a newsheet initiated by Southwood and issued ‘to all teaching and other senior staff the many developments and changes in the University scene.’ Imperial College Zoology Department - News Miscellany, nos. 1-12, 1969- 1974. Miscellaneous material, including outline history of Silwood compiled by so that they may be kept informed of T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Imperial College of Science and Technology, London B.32A-B.69 LECTURES AND TEACHING ca 1946-1978 B.32A-B.49 Southwood’s school and student notes B.50 Thesis B.51-B.69 Lectures and courses given by Southwood. B.32A-B.49 Southwood’s school and student notes ca 1946-1958 Southwood entered Imperial College in October 1949, graduating in 1952. B.32A dates from Gravesend School; other notes and notebooks are presented in order of academic year, undated notes having been identified in consultation with Southwood. B.32A-B.35A are hard-backed notebooks. The remainder are loose notes originally held in claw binders. Titles and information have been reproduced and the material relocated in standard folders. B.32A and B.35A are late material. B.32A-B.36 School and First Year Material The contents are heterogeneous, and may include notes, diagrams and essays by Southwood, course handouts, instructions for practicals (some very extensive), examination questions, reading lists and the like. In this way, they constitute a useful guide to teaching methods of the time. Some of the second-year handouts are headed ‘Third Year Zoology Lectures’, but Southwood has confirmed to the compiler of the present list that they were used in his second year. (Prior to 1949 the course had lasted four years, the first being the intermediate year mainly followed by ex- servicemen. In 1949 the intermediate year was discontinued and the years were renumbered). Southwood as a schoolboy ca 1946. Hard-backed notebook ‘Botany Morphology’. Notes and diagrams made by B.46-B.49 Third Year Material B.37-B.45 Second Year Material B.32A-B.36 School and First Year Material ca 1946-1950 B.32A T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Imperial College of Science and Technology, London Hard-backed notebook ‘Zoology Practical’, 5 October 1949. Hard-backed notebook ‘Zoology (Practical)’ 28 November 1949. Hard-backed notebook ‘Zoology (Vertebrate)’ 9 February 1950. Hard-backed notebook ‘Zoology (Special Subject)’. Notes and diagrams made at various periods including Sixth Form ‘Pond Life’ 1947-1949, Third Year undergraduate work at Silwood Park 1952, and work on population estimates at Flatford field studies course 1952-1958. Mill during Southwood’s teaching of ‘Economic botany, plant geography, ecology. folder so inscribed. 1949. Dr. C.A. Pratt.’ Contents of a 1950-1951 Charts and B.37 ‘Invertebrata 1 Protozoa.’ Contents of a folder so inscribed. examination questions, lecture handouts. Notes, essays, Contents of a folder so inscribed. B.37-B.45 Second Year Material ‘Invertebrata 3 Arthropoda.’ Contents of a folder so inscribed. diagrams, notes, essays, lecture handouts. ‘Invertebrata 2 and 4 Vermes.’ Notes, including lectures by Miss B. Jacobs, essays, examination questions, lecture handouts. Instructions for 90 sessions of practicals. ‘Advanced invertebrate zoology - Practicals.’ so inscribed. Work begun May 1950 and continued in third year. Contents of extensive folder Drawings and diagrams. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Imperial College of Science and Technology, London ‘Advanced Vertebrate Zoology - Practicals.’ Drawings and diagrams. Advanced Vertebrate Zoology. Work begun Summer Term 1950 and continued in second year. Contents of unlabelled folder. Extensive notes, diagrams, essays and examination papers, reading lists, dissection and practical instructions, extensive teaching material and handouts. Includes notes of lecture by D.M.S. Watson (University College London). Lectures on plant physiology, by O.V.S. Heath, and on plant pathology, by W. Brown. Includes 1p notes on ecology by L.E. Wagge (later Mrs E. Brown), with a note by Southwood ‘Notes made at Silwood May - June 1950 (first visit)’. This was actually Southwood’s first extended stay at Silwood; he had made a previous visit in autumn 1949. ‘Marine Zoology - comparative physiology and organic chemistry - Drs. Murray and Waloff.’ others. General and Gould Pike, Drs. Orr, and Contents of a folder so inscribed. Millport, Cumbrae, Scotland, in general physiology were at Imperial College, Summer Term 1951. Work on marine zoology took place at lectures on the Easter vacation 1951; B.46-B.49 B.46 1951-1952 Third Year Material Notes, diagrams, teaching material. Lectures on systematics and morphology of Contents of unlabelled folder. insects, mainly by O.W. Richards. Notes, diagrams, practicals instructions, reading lists. The material was originally contained in a folder used by Southwood’s father E.W. Southwood when a student at Wye College and labelled ‘Fruit Growing’. Rothamsted when Southwood was a research student 1952-1953. Lectures on ‘Genetics and Cytology’ by F. Howarth, ‘Zoogeography’ by H.R. Hewer and on ‘Evolution’ by O.W. Richards. All 1951-1952. Drawings and diagrams for entomology practical class run by R.G. Davies and K. Boratynski. Also included are notes of lectures on statistics by C.B. Williams, taken at Contents of unlabelled folder. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Imperial College of Science and Technology, London ‘Insect morphology and applied entomology’. a folder so inscribed. Notes, diagrams, lectures by J.W. Munro, R.E. Blackith, C. Lewis, A.B.P. Page, A.E.H. Higgins, W.F. Jepson, K. Boratynski, O.W. Richards. Final (post-examination) term at Silwood Park, April - June 1952. Contents of Notes of lectures on biometrics, given by R.E. Blackith at Imperial College 1963. Thesis 1955 ‘Some studies on the systematics and ecology of heteroptera’, Southwood’s Ph.D. thesis, University of London, June 1955. B.51-B.69 Lectures and courses given by Southwood 1956-1978 Many of these courses were ongoing and hence frequently updated and revised. They are presented in the order of the earliest date, and with Southwood’s advice. References, manuscript drafts for lectures on ‘Ecological aspects of insect B.52-B.56 of his best-known book. References, notes for practicals, ‘Ecological Methods’ manuscript drafts for lectures paginated 1-30, with some intercalated pages. ca 1959-1964. ‘The preparation of theses and papers’. Manuscript notes for M.Sc. students at Silwood Park, 1956 and ongoing. This was Southwood’s principal course, Lectures on ‘Ecological Methods’. and the title He gave the course at Imperial College from 1959 and also used some of the material in Mexico and California 1964-1965. control’ paginated 1-18, and for ‘The environment’ paginated 1-17. ‘Ecological aspects of insect control’ and ‘Ecological aspects of applied entomology’, ca 1959-1964. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Imperial College of Science and Technology, London ‘Synopsis and bibliography of lectures on applied ecology’, latest reference 1965. Notes and handouts for ‘Ecology practical’. Continuation of B.53 References and drafts methods, dispersal etc. 1970. lectures for population estimates, sampling Latest references 1965 but probably used to ca on Notes, drafts and teaching material on population estimates, sampling methods, mark and recapture, nearest neighbour techniques. Similar to B.55: Courses in Field Ecology 1960-1968. courses, based at Silwood Park but working on various sites. These were first and second year Timetabling, arrangements, Southwood’s notes, students. letters of thanks from Field work at Thursley Common and Nature Reserve, Surrey. Welcome to M.Sc. students at Silwood Park. B.60-B.62 Postgraduate course in applied entomology (later ‘applied ecology’), 1965- 1975. Arrangements 1966-1970, brief correspondence, map of site, Southwood’s notes. Notes for two short lectures given by Southwood as Head of Department ca 1967-1973. Lecture on careers for third-year finalists. 1972. Timetable, brief notes on careers by Southwood. 1965-1967. Arrangements for course and for examination, timetabling, references for Southwood’s lectures, syllabuses, question papers, students’ comments on lectures. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Imperial College of Science and Technology, London 1974-1975. Timetable, drafts for Southwood’s lectures paginated 36-52 with intercalated pages. Outlines of interdepartmental ‘Environment and Man’ course ca.1970. on ‘Human population lectures growth’, given as part of First-year lectures on ‘Pattern and process in populations and communities’. 1969, 1977-1978. Folder includes This was a course begun in collaboration with A.J. Rutter. first outline and ideas for course 1969, extensive summaries of Southwood’s lectures 1977-1978. Lectures for third-year course on social biology and population ecology. Latest reference 1977. notes, drafts, reading ‘Biology of organisms’. Imperial College and, considerably modified, also used at Oxford. This was a major course of lectures begun at Extensive biology and taxonomy. Miscellaneous shorter ideas for lecture courses and examination papers at Folder includes notes and drafts, ‘lecture sheets’ (many with extensive manuscript amendments and additions), examination papers on the subject 1975-1978. Insect lists, classification tables for lectures for M.Sc. course at Imperial College 1970s and also used for entomology option at Oxford. 2 folders. Imperial College. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 imperial College of Science and Technology, London B.70-B.72 LECTURES ATTENDED AT ROTHAMSTED EXPERIMENTAL STATION 1952-1953 Southwood’s first visit to Rothamsted was on a school outing (which he organised); following that he worked there as a voluntary vacation worker After his period as a research student he maintained leading to Bibliog 2. He personal and research contacts with colleagues there (see Bibliog 51). also a member of two Agricultural Research Council visiting groups, and later as a member, later Chairman, of the Lawes Trust. at Rothamsted, as administrative links had The following lecture and conference notes are the surviving documentation of the supervision of C.B. Williams. See also B.48. Southwood’s years 1952-1955 research student as a under Manuscript notes of lectures by C.B. Williams, M.J. Hely, and unidentified notes dated March 1953. Programme, participants, abstracts, Southwood’s notes of Symposium on Insect Population Problems, organised by Comité Européen de Zoologie Agricole (CEZA), at Rothamsted and Cambridge 9-12 September 1952. ‘The Causes of Insect Abundance’, manuscript notes of lecture by C.G. Varley given at Royal Institution, March 1953. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 SECTION C OXFORD UNIVERSITY Southwood came to Oxford in 1979 as Linacre Professor of Zoology. He had been invited in July 1977 to serve on the Board of Electors to the Chair, and also on that of the Hope Professor of Zoology (Entomology). By October he was already being informally sounded out about his own availability and after various exchanges of views, principally with H. Harris, he resigned as an Elector on 30 November and was invited in January 1978 to accept election to the Linacre Chair. See C.1 for the relevant correspondence and papers. The Chair carried with it Fellowship of Merton College; see C.23-C.38. In 1987 Southwood was invited to accept nomination as Vice-Chancellor. This had several unusual aspects. For one thing he was in Papua New Guinea at the time and much of the negotiation to overcome his initial reluctance was conducted at long range by fax, telephone and letter. His appointment also broke with a tradition of several centuries that the Vice-Chancellor should be a ‘Head of House’. Southwood’s years as Vice-Chancellor, 1989-1993, coincided with the major fund-raising ‘Campaign for Oxford’ which had been launched in 1988. This project, of which he became President in 1990, Professor was R.M. Anderson, appointed in 1992. His successor as Linacre inevitably some overlap in the topics and the participants involved. occupied much time and energy, necessitating many social and speaking engagements and much international travel. An attempt has been made in the items below to distinguish Vice-Cancellarian affairs and correspondence from those more specifically relating to Campaign matters, but there is On completion of his term as Vice-Chancellor Southwood continued as President of the Campaign for one year and until 1998 to act as Pro-Vice-Chancellor and take part in many University affairs. He was President of the Coimbra Group of European Universities 1992-1993. He returned to the Department of Zoology as Professor under statute and continued to give his First Year lecture course as he had done throughout his period as Vice-Chancellor. VICE-CHANCELLORSHIP C.1-C.22 LINACRE CHAIR AND DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY C.23-C.38 MERTON COLLEGE C.39-C.77 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Oxford University C.78-C.110 CAMPAIGN FOR OXFORD C.111-C.117A SPEECHES AND ADDRESSES C.118-C.125A SOUTHWOOD’S MEMORANDA C.126-C.129 NOTEBOOKS C.130-C.144 ADDENDUM T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Oxford University LINACRE CHAIR AND DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY 1977-1995 C.1-C.5 Appointment and career C.6-C.10 Departmental organisation C.11-C.16 Departmental correspondence C.17-C.22 Lectures and teaching Appointment and career 1977-1988 Includes invitation to serve on Board of Correspondence 1977-1978. Electors to Linacre Chair, discussions and negotiation, offer and acceptance of chair. Also one letter of congratulation 1979. See B.18-B.19A for material on Southwood’s leaving Imperial College. (taken as a result of Brief correspondence re removal of 1979-1980. Southwood’s grandfather clock from Silwood Park. Conferral of M.A. 1987. Supplication and evidence submitted for D.Sc. election as Vice-Chancellor). 1983. Re-assignment to Southwood of Headship of Department of Zoology for second five-year period. sorghum and on brown planthopper flight. 1978-1980. Correspondence and papers on plans and recruitment for the department. 1982. Correspondence and papers on proposed research project on 1988. Application for Professorial award. Departmental organisation 1978-1995 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Oxford University 1982-1988. notes for Southwood’s speeches of welcome. Open Days at Zoology Department. Information, manuscript 1989-1995. University Surveyor’s department on reorganisation and re-building. Correspondence and papers exchanged with colleagues and Miscellaneous material on examinations and on ‘life after finals’. Southwood’s notes, brief correspondence 1986 and undated. Includes C.11-C.16 Departmental correspondence 1980-1995 These are miscellaneous items on all topics involving Southwood directly and do not claim to be representative of the general administration of the Department. Correspondence with colleagues proposing to leave in Department. Various dates 1980-1989. visit or spend sabbatical 1989, 1990. 1993-1994. Includes a 1984, 1988. little correspondence on Southwood’s return to the Department after service as Vice-Chancellor, and his continuing lectures. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Oxford University C.17-C.22 Lectures and teaching 1978-1988 Clr ‘General zoology - an evolutionary framework’. Southwood’s plan for Oxford Zoology 1978, rejected by the ‘Departmental Teaching Committee’ (private communication 1996). 3pp. draft. Notes, drafts, references for lectures on insect biology and taxonomy, given for Entomology Option at Oxford. Begun at Imperial College and continuing into 1980s. See also B.67-B.68. Notes, Prelims course 1981. See also B.66. references, information for ‘Biology of Organisms’ component of Notes and drafts for lectures given to M.Sc. Forestry students, early 1980s. Extensive notes, drafts, information for Ecology Option in honours course. Continuing to 1988. C.23-C.38 MERTON COLLEGE C.23-C.25 Appointment and career C.26-C.30 Merton committees Notes and references for lectures on ‘Pests and diseases’ in honours course 1985. of the Linacre Chair 1992. Coming to Merton 1978-1979; election to professorial fellowship on vacation C.31-C.38 Correspondence Appointment and career C.23-C.25 C.23 1978-1996 1978-1996 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Oxford University Vice-Chancellorship 1987-1993, 1996. Arrangements for Southwood’s official entertainment at Merton during his service as Vice-Chancellor and as President of the Campaign. Includes a letter 1987 on the historical precedents for the Vice-Chancellor not being a ‘Head of House’. Southwood’s portrait at Merton by Mark Wickham; choice of artist, items to be included etc. 1988-1989, 1995. C.26-C.30 Merton committees 1983-1987, n.d C.26 Tutors’ Committee - joint Lecturership 1983. Working Party on tutorial resources 1985-1986. some annotated by Southwood. . Papers and submissions, Warden’s Progress Leicestershire) 1987. (of the College Estates in Cambridgeshire and Picture Committee 1987. C.31-C.34 C.31-C.38 Correspondence 1981-1995 Educational Policy Committee, n.d. Correspondence on miscellaneous items of Southwood. Midges 1992. Butterflies in railway cutting 1991. Turtles and turtle soup 1980. natural history referred to T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Oxford University Silk 1993. C.35-C.38 General correspondence and papers. C.35 1984-1986. 1988-1989. 1993-1995. Miscellaneous correspondence on appointments and staff, 1984-1994. VICE-CHANCELLORSHIP 1987-1995 C.39-C.42 1987-1994 Appointment 1987. C.39-C.42 C.43-C.71 C.72-C.77 Correspondence of congratulation Letters as Vice-Chancellor (1987), his installation (1989), his leaving office (1993) and on various occasions during his tenure of office are in Section A. on Southwood’s election Committees and activities Appointment and personal Appointment and personal of this episode. Southwood was the first holder of the office who was not also a ‘Head of House’ since the Laudian Statutes of 1636. At the time he was officially approached he was on an extended visit to Madang, Papua New Guinea and Singapore and negotiations were conducted by fax and telephone as well as by letter. See A.119, H.54 for Southwood’s contemporary accounts T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Oxford University Correspondence and papers March-November 1987, with Vice-Chancellor and Registrar, radio and press arrangements, Southwood’s manuscript notes assessing the requirements of University, college, departmental and outside commitments on his time. Brief correspondence about formal ceremony of nomination, May 1987. Correspondence 1987-1994 about arrangements for sabbatical leave, and Southwood’s return to the Department of Zoology at the end of his Vice- Chancellorship. Vice-Chancellors weekly work schedule, guest lists for entertainment. Committees and activities 1987-1995 Drafts, amendments, comments on the Bill, 11, 21, 23 December 1987, and a containing Hebdomadal Council's Statement on the Bill. University January Gazette Oxford copy 1988 28 of Official records are held by the University. The following material, in chronological order, represents Southwood’s own records of matters of special interest to him. C.43-C.45 Higher Education Reform Bill Papers and correspondence 1987-1988. Correspondence and representations by and to others January-March 1988. Included here is Southwood’s article ‘Right to mistrust reform’, The Times 3 February 1988 (Bibliog. 163A) (press-cutting only). 1995. Papers and correspondence on various initiatives for collaboration 1988- Press-cuttings of letters and articles on the Bill. Relations with Europe C.46-C.51 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Oxford University 1988. vice-chancellors Economic Regeneration in Recherche Scientifique, Paris. Padua University; Standing Conference of rectors, presidents and in la (CRE); Europe (CERES); Comité Consultants de National the European Universities of 1989. COPERNICUS scheme for European collaboration on environmental issues; ERASMUS scheme for academic exchanges. 1990. OUP European publishing; Foundation for Science and Technology meeting on ‘New European Challenges for Education’. 1991. European Studies Working Party; Students for Educational Exchange (SEE); miscellaneous manuscript notes by Southwood on European co- operation. 1993. and culture’. the organised by the European Commission. ‘Oxford Carrefour’, 18-20 February 1993, on ‘Science, conscience ‘Carrefours Européens’ This was one series of of Programme, Carrefour at Leiden 22-23 October 1994. Universities Funding Council. 1994-1995. participants, letters of thanks. Papers and correspondence on UFC’s visit to Oxford 8 December 1989. Information, discussion themes, participants, abstracts, letter of thanks from J. Delors (President). Arrangements, plans, programmes, timetables, guest-lists, information and Statistics on admissions, finance, income etc. Notes and ‘thoughts’ by Southwood. correspondence is exchanged. The Working Party was set Chairman. Working Party into Provision for Graduate Students. Southwood was the The Secretary was M.D. with whom much of C.53-C.58 up in February 1989. Sibly T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Oxford University Correspondence, Southwood’s notes on requirements (based on earlier ‘Roberts report’), papers for 1st meeting on 20 March 1989 (annotated and highlighted by Southwood), copy of ‘Roberts report’ (some annotations). Correspondence, papers for meeting on 10 April 1989 (some annotations). Correspondence, annotations by Southwood). papers for meeting on 12 May 1989 (extensive Drafts for ‘communication’ from the Working Party to the General Board, May 1989 (extensive annotations by Southwood). Replies by colleges to Working Party’s request for views on various recommendations (some annotations by Southwood), for consideration at meeting on 2 June 1989. May-June provision, graduate 1989 for Draft interim report, heavily annotated by Southwood. C.59-C.66 All Souls Group Seminars on Higher Education. Notice of meeting to consider final draft 2 October 1989. Correspondence and papers 1989-1990. The seminars, organised by R. Jackson (then Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Education and Science) on some aspect of higher education, had been given regularly in Oxford. Most of the material below refers to the series ‘Seminars on the future of higher education’ held January-March 1990, organised jointly by R. Jackson, C. Booth, Director of Oxford Polytechnic (later Oxford Brookes University) and Southwood; they also jointly led the final summing up and discussion at the last meeting on 9 March. Includes Southwood’s notes on speeches and discussion. Correspondence October 1989 inviting Southwood to the Autumn Meeting of All Souls Group on ‘Approaches to the funding of higher education’. The seminars were held in the Old Library of All Souls where only 80 persons could be accommodated. The series attracted great interest, the demand for were many unsuccessful applicants. heavy and there tickets was T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Oxford University Correspondence and papers September 1989 - February 1990, principally with R. Jackson and C. Booth on arrangements for their joint series; draft programmes and speakers, arrangements for dinners etc. Lists of participants, programme. Requests for tickets, many unsuccessful. Miscellaneous introductions to, January, 2, 9 February, 2 March. or summaries @f, seminars for 19, 26 Notes and drafts (by Southwood and C. Booth) for final summing up and discussion on 9 March. Correspondence arising from seminars, with Council for Industry and Higher Education 1990. Relations with Oxford City Council. Southwood’s notes of papers and discussions. Correspondence and papers on joint meeting of Vice-Chancellor, Director, Oxford Polytechnic and Principal, Oxford College of Further Education with members of the City Council 13 July 1990. The purpose of the meeting and of the associated exhibition was to explain the development plans and the benefits to the city of the higher education sector. Includes arrangements, notes for Southwood’s presentation, lists of participants, information. notes by Southwood. Miscellaneous higher education policy events and discussions, with Miscellaneous notes and meetings on Higher Education. C.68-C.71 1991. C.68 1989. Southwood’s manuscript notes of informal discussions with Secretary of higher education, at Balliol College 11 July. on funding and numbers for others, Baker) State and (K. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Oxford University 1993. Notes on meeting with Minister 22 July. Correspondence, notes, report on meeting at Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) 30 September. Information, articles, speeches on funding and development of further education and universities, sent to Southwood, often with accompanying correspondence, various dates 1988-1991. Correspondence 1988-1995 General correspondence on all topics, some related to specific University issues, some arising from Southwood’s period as Vice-Chancellor and his continuing involvement. Includes some notes and memoranda. 1988-1989. Manchester College. 1988-1989. Includes draft and material Includes press-cutting of Southwood’s letter to The Times 2 October relating to Southwood’s speech in Unpublished but 1993. on ‘University Research’ (Bibliog. 200a). 1991. Congregation 5 November 1991, on ‘Three-site strategy’. listed by Southwood in his list of publications as Bibliog. 184b. scheme. 1993. Includes notes and material on proposed ‘recognition of distinction’ T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Oxford University C.78-C.110 CAMPAIGN FOR OXFORD 1988-1996 This major international 1988. Southwood became its President in 1990, and President of the Europaeum in 1992. initiative was launched in fund-raising C.78-C.81 Ethics Committee C.82 Chancellor's Court of Benefactors C.83-C.86 Europaeum C.87-C.100 Visits and travel C.101-C.110 | Correspondence C.78-C.81 Ethics Committee 1988-1995 Papers and correspondence, many annotated by Southwood. 1988. robes. communication). Papers missing. Southwood chaired the committee that Venables of Shepherd and Woodward, designed the planned the Court and, with Mr. (Private Shorter correspondence and papers 1988, 1994. Chancellor’s Court of Benefactors 1988, 1994 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Oxford University C.83-C.86 Europaeum 1991-1994 This was a network of institutions in some of the leading universities of Europe for collaborative research and graduate teaching. 1991. 1992. Southwood’s speech of welcome for meeting of Budget Committee. 1993. Co-operation with Bonn University. Correspondence, 1994. on Europaeum activities, with special reference to the Committee, Council and Board of Management meetings at Oxford 13 December. recommendations reports, papers and C.87-C.100 Visits and travel 1990-1994 the C.88 1990. C.88-C.100 the Presidency of principal components of Travel schedules 1990-1991, 1993-1994. Reports, by Southwood and others, on visits the This was one of Campaign, which Southwood undertook enthusiastically. Detailed records of his many visits survive only for Hong Kong 1990 (C.92-C.94) and for Japan (C.96-C.100). November-December: Los Angeles, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore. April: Portugal. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Oxford University 1991. January: New York and Canada. March: USA. November-December: Canada, USA, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore. 1992. January: West Indies, New York, Boston. 1993. April: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York. C.92-C.95 Visit to Hong Kong, February-March 1990. C.92 Earlier correspondence and reports on visits to Hong Kong 1982-1989. Visit to Friends of Oxford in Belgium, December 1993. Correspondence and information on Chinese Studies at Oxford. Schedule, arrangements, correspondence 1990, including confirmation of Shaw Foundation donation for Institute of Chinese Studies. British Universities’. Included here is manuscript of Southwood’s address at annual dinner of Japan-Britain Society on ‘Life as a student, teacher and administrator in Correspondence only. Also included is correspondence re proposed visit to India and Pakistan 1994 (not by Southwood). C.96-C.100 Visit to Tokyo, Japan, 3-8 December 1993, and matters arising. C.96 Schedules, engagements, guest-lists, information. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Oxford University Correspondence and papers, November-December 1993. Arrangements for visit and matters arising, including correspondence and information from D.M. Morris (University of Oxford Japan Office). Includes outline programme of Osaka Trade Fair Symposium at which Southwood spoke April 1994. See E.154. UK/Japan New Century Scholarships at Oxford. 1993 during Southwood’s visit. Launched 6 December Information, report on scheme. Southwood’s reports on his visits. Continuing correspondence February-September 1994, mainly with D.M. Morris, on various Oxford-Japan projects, New Century Scholarships, benefactions, Osaka Trade Fair Symposium. C.101-C.110 Correspondence 1988-1996 Includes memos and discussion notes. All topics. 1988. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Oxford University 1992. Includes Southwood’s address at the ‘Earth Summit Preview’ discussion of the Oxford University North American Reunion 21 March (Bibliog. 192), his preface to ‘Oxford in North America III’ and his article for The American Oxonian (Bibliog. 200). 1993. Future organisation. 1994 January-May. 1994 June-December. 1995, 1996. 1988. 1989. 1988-1997 C.111-C.117A SPEECHES AND ADDRESSES Campaign launch. These are all Oxford-related, delivered at ceremonies, openings, dinners, or at specific Campaign events. Lincoln College Appeal launch. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Oxford University 1990. Air Squadron Dinner. Rhodes Scholars. Oxford Society. International Association of Consultants in Higher Education Institutes. OUP North Carolina. Wheatley Park School. Vice-Chancellor’s oration (Bibliog. 180) Chancellor's Court meeting (Bibliog. 181c) Michaelmas dinner. 1991. Environmental Change Unit launch. Matriculation. 1992. Orientation for overseas students. First Europaeum Conference Dinner. Association of Italian Bankers Magdalen College. Opening of Thatcher Building Somerville College. Rhodes Scholars Dinner. Writings and addresses as President of the Coimbra Group (Bibliog. 197, 198, 198a). 1993. 1997. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Oxford University Shorter undated notes and outlines. C.118-C.125A SOUTHWOOD’S MEMORANDA 1989-1995 These comprise notes, ideas, draft letters, representations etc. prepared by Southwood on his home computer and printed out for this collection. There are also manuscript notes, additions and annotations and sometimes a headnote by Southwood on the occasion or importance of the document. relates to all of content The and administration, reflects Southwood’s thinking from his installation in 1989, throughout his period as Vice-Chancellor and President of the Campaign, and as he looked ahead after the completion of his official service. sometimes to organisation institutions. University aspects specific and It Folder Memoranda, notes, diagrams, various dates 1989-1992. inscribed attempt ‘Failed reform overall io cttee structure’. 1993 (1) 1993 (2) T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Oxford University C.126-C.129 NOTEBOOKS 1991-1994 These are spiral-bound notebooks, A4 size, presented in chronological order. Most, but not all, of the entries are dated. The content is Oxford-related, comprising the affairs of the University and Campaign with their national and international ramifications, the University Press and Central European University. It includes Southwood’s notes or summaries of his discussions with officials, Heads of Houses, potential benefactors .etc., notes for speeches or articles, notes on conferences, people met, future plans. The sequence thus constitutes a journal of considerable interest for the period. 8 March - 25 November 1991. Both ends of book used. 25 January - 8 December 1992. Not all entries dated. 25 February - 24 September 1993. 1995-1997 C.130-C.144 ADDENDUM 28 October 1993 - 26 August 1994. Both ends of book used. The following items, many of recent date, were received at too late a stage for inclusion in the main sequence. personal capacity. Southwood was ex officio academic year 1994-1995. a Pro-Vice-Chancellor until Since then he has continued to serve in the end of the a C.135-C.144 | School of Management Studies C.130-C.134 Pro-Vice-Chancellorship C.130-C.134 Pro-Vice-Chancellorship 1995-1997 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Oxford University Correspondence March 1995 - July 1997 with Vice-Chancellor, Vice- Chancellor Elect and officials. Requests for Southwood to continue to serve, arrangements for him to officiate at University functions, inaugural lectures, advisory committees etc. University sermons, electoral boards, serve on Advisory Board for the Littlemore Fund 1996, 1997. Correspondence and arrangements for academic and attended or hosted by Southwood as Pro-Vice-Chancellor 1996-1997. social events Includes Southwood’s tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales, at the Informal Civic Tribute, Oxford Town Hall, 9 September 1997. Shorter correspondence, mainly letters of thanks. Miscellaneous correspondence and papers. 1996-1997 C.135-C.144 July 1996. August - September 1996. School of Management Studies Correspondence, reports, speeches and articles, meetings and discussions, press reports etc. October 1996. September 1996. October 1996. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Oxford University November 1996. May 1997. June 1997. June 1997. Press cuttings. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 SECTION D RESEARCH Southwood currently retains the major part of his research notes and data, not all of which is published. The material in this section is therefore relatively scanty, though there is a full account of his work on the ecology of the partridge (D.3-D.37). The correspondence on his long-term work on oak insect communities (D.41) is also of interest. WING POLYMORPHISM MIRIDS ECOLOGY OF GAME-BIRDS POPULATION CHANGE FLOOD-PLAIN SITES OAK INSECT COMMUNITIES CANOPY FOGGING GRASSLAND MANAGEMENT POLLINATION EXPERIMENTS ILLUSTRATIVE RESEARCH MATERIAL T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Research WING POLYMORPHISM Diagrams, 3pp ‘Notes on alary polymorphism in Heteroptera’ 1957. Related to Bibliog. 40. MIRIDS ca 1960 Data and tables, ca 1960, related to Bibliog. 34. ECOLOGY OF GAME-BIRDS 1961-1985 College to support a postgraduate student Cross) Southwood became involved in this work in 1961 through the Animal Health Trust whose Executive Committee Chairman, Lord Rank, was interested in the problem of insect food and the rearing of game-birds, and the possible harmful effects on wildlife of toxic pesticide spraying. five papers was planned (see D.18) but only three were A series of in the Journal of Animal Ecology under the generic title ‘The published, all ecology of the partridge’. They are Bibliog. 69 (with T.H. Blank and D.J. Cross) on population processes, Bibliog. 70 on pre-hatching influences, and Bibliog.76 (with D.J. Cross) on the abundance of insects. The Animal Health Trust sponsored a Research Training Scholarship at (D.J. Imperial to undertake field studies under Southwood’s direction. It was originally intended that the work should include the grouse moors on Rank’s Scottish estates, and Southwood and Cross made a preliminary visit and report in 1961, but from March 1963 it was decided to discontinue the work in Scotland and to concentrate on the partridge stocks at Rank’s Hampshire estate at Sutton Scotney. A.9. The correspondence is conducted principally with Rank, R.F.H. Cowen (Rank’s estate manager and son-in-law who regularly refers to him as ‘the Guv’nor’), and W.R. Wooldridge, Scientific Director of the Animal Health Trust. Eley Game Advisory Service, the Game Research Association and the Nature Conservancy. There is also correspondence with Imperial College. Other organisations involved include the A fuller account of this work, written by Southwood for the collection, is at T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Research The material is arranged as follows: D.3-D.17 Correspondence D.18-D.35 Drafts for publications D.36, D.37 Notes and working papers Correspondence 1961-1985 February - June 1961 Includes report by F. Raw on heather moorland insects, negotiations and Rank Estates, organisation ‘Preliminary by Southwood and Cross. Trust - Cawdor Moor 1961’ with Animal grouse Health insects project on of report and and July - December 1961 insects at Sutton July - December 1962 January - June 1962 report on partridge chicks and Includes ‘Provisional Scotney - 1961’ by Southwood and Cross. Includes Southwood’s notes of ‘further land requirement’ (for work on the project at Silwood Park) and ‘Example of proposed calculation’ (of diet intake and constitution). Includes 5pp paper ‘An approach to the problem of grouse populations from the aspect of food requirements - in terms of quality of protein and overall energy’ by Southwood and Cross, information from colleagues etc. problems’ by Cross, some notes on the literature by Southwood. Includes correspondence on discontinuation of work on Scottish grouse moors, Southwood’s plan of work for 1963, ‘Progress report for 1962’ by Southwood and Cross, and ‘Progress Report on the partridge and grouse February - August 1963 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Research February - June 1964 Includes data and information from colleagues. December 1965 - June 1966 Includes correspondence and data from colleagues at Game Research Association Laboratories, for partridge research. of telemetry (radio-tracking) and on use D.J. Cross’s thesis: ‘Approaches toward an assessment of the role of insect food in brief correspondence 1965, 1966. The thesis is not fully complete, a few pages having been removed to the working papers and drafts. the ecology of game-birds, especially the partridge’, with March 1967-1968 Includes annual reports on partridge rearing on Sutton Manor Estate 1967 and 1968. 1970 1971 1974 1968-1970 Correspondence relating to Imperial College and Rank funding. Includes annual report on partridge rearing on Sutton Manor Estate 1969. On ‘shoot-fly’ on Sutton Manor Estate. Correspondence and data from G.R. Potts, including earlier data by Huband. P. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Research 1975 On a proposal for a Rank Chair at Imperial College. 1985 Papers on partridge ecology by G.R. Potts and others. D.18-D.35 Drafts for publications 1962-1969 D.18 Note of ‘Suggested titles copies). The five proposed titles were: of series of papers for J. appl. [sic] Ecol.’ (2 ‘ls Outline of population processes with particular reference to the roles of chick mortality and nesting density. The food requirements of young chicks and the effects of diet. Hatching and chick survival in captivity. of population ’ processes....’, listed as paper 1 in D.18, The insect populations of various agricultural habitats. Data, graphs, calculations for paper. Insect abundance and weather in relation to chick survival. Drafts, all with emendations and corrections, brief correspondence from co- authors. ‘Outline in collaboration with T.H. Blank and D.J. Cross, published in J. Anim. Ecol. 36, 1967 (Bibliog. 69). Report by Southwood, graph, tables and calculations. ‘Analysis of Sutton Scotney partridge egg hatch 1962 (in wild) and 1963 (in incubators)’. Extensive notes, working papers and data, based on hatching and survival rates of partridge chicks on different beats of the Sutton Manor estate. ‘The role of pre-hatching influences’ (Bibliog. ‘Hatching and chick survival in captivity’. 70), listed in D.18 as No.3: D.21-D.30 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Research ‘Analysis of Sutton Scotney partridge chick rearing data 1963’. Report, notes, tables and calculations. Notes and calculations on hatchability and survival rates on beats on the Sutton Scotney estate, 1963 - 1966. Notes, tables, graphs on hatchability and fertility. Notes, graphs and diagrams relating nests and hatchings to various beats on the Sutton Scotney estate. Correspondence from R.F.H. Cowen on the geology and agricultural history of the beats on the estate, with detailed Beats Maps showing crops etc. D.28-D.30 D.31-D.35 ‘The food requirements of young chicks and the effects of diet’ listed as paper 2 in D.18, in collaboration with D.J. Cross. Extensive manuscript draft by Southwood. 2pp. only draft for paper, with brief comment from editor JU. Anim. Ecol. 1967. Reports on partridge rearing on the Sutton Manor estate, Sutton Scotney, 1964, 1965, 1966, some with annotations by Southwood, or pages removed for use with notes and working papers. Manuscript draft (by Cross), tables, graphs, figures etc. Typescript drafts for the paper: three versions all with different corrections. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Research Correspondence and referee’s comments 1966, 1968 with co-author and with editors of Journal of Animal Ecology to which the paper was first submitted. Correspondence 1969 with revised shortened version prepared for that journal. editor, Journal of Wildlife Management, and Notes and working papers Southwood’s notes, data, work schedules. Diagrams and graphs. POPULATION CHANGE ca 1967 Notes, data, calculations ca 1967, related to Bibliog. 68. POLLINATION EXPERIMENTS 1977-1979 FLOOD-PLAIN SITES Correspondence, research plans, notes etc. exchanged with D.W. Davidson 1977-1979. Includes sequence of ‘notes to R.M. May’ by Southwood, kept with this material. flood-plain sites. Correspondence 1992 on proposed research on ancient hay-meadows on T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Research OAK INSECT COMMUNITIES Correspondence 1997. Southwood’s letter of 27 May describes in detail this major research project on Wytham Wood Oaks, the results of which were not fully published. CANOPY FOGGING Correspondence 1991. subject. Includes description of Southwood’s work on the GRASSLAND MANAGEMENT from 1956 ‘Notes and data records for the study of the effect of different management systems of grassland field margins on the invertebrate fauna’. substantial sequence dates of This Southwood’s appointment at Silwood Park; it was received too late to be incorporated in the chronological order of the section. early 1956 days from the and ILLUSTRATIVE RESEARCH MATERIAL In an explanatory attached note dated 23 September 1997, Southwood describes the work, which formed the basis of his collaborative paper with H.F. van Emden (Bibliog. 67), and also explains the inclusion of some preliminary data on the movement of Lily beetles, based on observations in his own garden. investigate the impact of herbicides on insects, carried out in 1954. There are seven items, papers, photographs of field research sites at Rothamsted Experimental Station and Imperial College Silwood Park, and a folder of notes on the first study to Folder of collection and with a descriptive note by him, 9 December 1997. illustrative research material, selected by Southwood for the including hand-drawn illustrations ca 1949-1963 for T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 SECTION E LECTURES, SPEECHES, ADDRESSES E.1-E.161 This substantial section reflects Southwood’s career in several ways. It begins in May 1944, when he was twelve, an indication both of his precocious interest in natural history and his confidence in handling and transmitting his finds. From these early talks to school societies at Gravesend or to local natural history groups he moved on to give major lecture and practical courses for London University and the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) while still in his early twenties. As his career developed he became in great demand as guest or invitation lecturer in the UK and internationally. The topics of the lectures also evolve, from descriptive accounts of natural history phenomena and ‘bugs’ in his home locality, through studies of habitat and population dynamics to matters of general environmental and ecological concern such as pesticide usage, radiation, biodiversity and ‘risk’. There are also less technical lectures and talks, some with a personal or historical element, intended for less specialist audiences. Some of these lectures were given to the learned or professional societies listed in section G, or at conferences listed in section H. References to these are given in the appropriate sections, where possible. Campaign, are in section C. The material is presented in chronological order. Titles or notes on the manuscripts are given in University lectures given at Imperial College are in section B. Lectures and speeches at Oxford including those given as Vice-Chancellor and President of the inverted commas. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Lectures, speeches, addresses ‘Sea animals of a rocky coast’, ‘to school Nature Study Club 12 May 1944.’ ‘Pond Life [Zoology Club] in two parts’. 6 October 1944. (I) and (ii)’, ‘Lecture given to N.S. [Nature Study] and Z.C. ‘A list of plants flowering during August in the Yalding region of the river Medway...’ published in British Empire Naturalists’ Association, (B.E.N.A.) Mid-Kent Portfolio November 1946. ‘Notes from Gravesend’ and ‘Notes from the Medway area’ (on birds), also published in B.E.N.A. Mid-Kent Portfolio November 1946. ‘Insects’, talk to Mid-Kent B.E.N.A., at Ightham, 1947. ‘Economic Entomology’, ‘talk given to L.6 Sc. [Lower Sixth Science] Spring Term 1948’. ‘Insects’, given to ‘Junior B.E.N.A.’, at Ightham, September 1949. ‘Work at Rothamsted - a problem and how the scientists tackle it’, published in B.E.N.A. Portfolio, November 1948. ‘Lecture given to the Junior Natural History Society, G.C.G.S. [Gravesend County Grammar School] 1949’. November 1950. Talk to Hartley Social Centre (Dartford, Kent), February 1950. ambitious full-scale draft for a slide lecture. This is an Lecture to B.E.N.A., Ightham, April 1950. ‘Some common plant bugs’, published in B.E.N.A. Mid-Kent Portfolio, T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Lectures, speeches, addresses ‘Clubmosses’, published in B.E.N.A. Mid-Kent Portfolio, November 1950. ‘Insect homes’, talk to Hartley Young Naturalists Club, March 1951. ‘Insect homes and habits’, Gravesend Boys Brigade, April 1951. ‘Insect habits’, Gravesend Society, September 1951. ‘Aquatic and their Grammar School, April 1952. insects adaptations’, Entomology Club, Gravesend ‘Mud-dwellers’, slide lecture , n.d., ca 1952. ‘Bug-hunting’, Gravesend Rotary Club, March 1953. ‘How do aquatic insects obtain their oxygen?’, B.E.N.A. Portfolio, May 1953. ‘Flatford Mill Field Centre’, B.E.N.A. Portfolio, May 1953. ‘The lives of some bugs’, slide lecture to Bishop’s Stortford Natural History Society, February 1953. Correspondence, manuscript text. ‘Scientific bug-hunting’, Science Society, Gravesend Grammar School, March 1953. in 1954, 1959 (both declined). ‘Natural History of the Eastern Counties’, course of seventeen lectures in twenty-one meetings, given at Dunstable for the Workers’ Educational Association, September 1953 - April 1954. Correspondence, arrangements. Includes invitations to give further courses E.24-E.26 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Lectures, speeches, addresses Soft-backed exercise book of Southwood’s outline plans for the course. Syllabus and manuscript drafts of lectures. Topics include: classification of living things; hibernation and migration; aquatic life; hedgerow; woodland; colouring and protection; relationships of living organisms; social life; man and living things. ‘Biology of some land and water bugs’, British Ecological Society, June 1955. ‘Introduction to land and water bugs’, 10 pp. draft, n.d. but ca 1955. ‘Insects of our gardens - friends and foes’, talk to local gardening club at Ascot 1956 (information from Southwood 1996). principles ‘The course of eleven weekly University Extension lectures for University of London Extra-Mural Department, given by Southwood and P.T. Haskell, January - March 1958. control’, insect of ‘The spread of the Balsams along the Medway’, note by E.W. Southwood (father) and Southwood, probably for B.E.N.A. Portfolio, 1957. Correspondence, participants, drafts for Southwood’s lectures and his report on the course. Also included is correspondence 1956 - 1957 on University Extension course ‘The natural history of insects’ given by Southwood, O.W. Richards and P.T. Haskell. No lecture drafts survive. je ‘The frit fly - a denizen of grasslands and a pest of oats’, conference lecture 1960. The published version appeared in Ann. Appl. Biol. 4, 1961 (Bibliog. 43). ‘Ecological approach to the control of insect pests’, Gravesend Grammar School, March 1959. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Lectures, speeches, addresses The frit fly (Oscinella frit (L)) was one of the main topics of Southwood’s early research at Imperial College, (from 1955-1957 he was employed on an Agricultural Research Council grant to study this pest). The work continued, in collaboration, to the early 1960s and was the subject of many lectures and publications. ‘Changes in range and food plant in some British Heteroptera’, paper given at Twelfth Congress of British Entomologists organised by Society for British Entomology, Nottingham, July 1961. Programme, notes and draft. ‘Ecological aspects of cultivation, especially pesticide application’, seminar talk for Conservation Course, University of London, February 1963. ‘The dispersal of crop insects especially the frit fly’, talk at British Ecological Society Meeting, October 1963. Included here is correspondence arranging talk on similar topic to be given at Liverpool, November 1963. L on the oatcrop’, ‘The invasion of crops by pests - especially 1964. O.frit’, undated talk ca 1963 - ‘The behaviour and population dynamics of frit fly’, undated talk, perhaps given at Imperial College ca 1964. ‘Migration and population change in Oscinella frit paper at International Congress of Entomology London, June-July 1963 related to Bibliog. 63. See also H.2. ‘Some aspects of the ecology of the frit fly’, undated talk probably given at Bureau of Animal Population, Oxford ca 1964. E.41-E.44A Lectures and courses at the Escuela Nacional de Agricultura, Chapingo, Mexico, July-September 1964. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Lectures, speeches, addresses Information, arrangements, Southwood’s report on field trip. Southwood’s manuscript drafts for course of 27 lectures on applied ecology, with synopses, bibliography and references. Typed version, variously paginated, with many manuscript corrections and additions. Another corrected version paginated 1-92, with synopses, references etc. in Spanish and English. Materials for practicals: synopses, data etc. E.45-E.53 Lectures and courses 1965. at University of California, Berkeley, USA, 1964- See also H.3, H.4. Notes, draft, bibliography for lecture on ‘Sampling’. Miscellaneous notes on population density. introduction), Spring Semester 1965. for Southwood’s lectures, including ‘Introduction’ to Manuscript drafts seminar referred to in E.45. Teaching materials, abstracts, synopses etc. for ‘Seminar in Insect Ecology’ (Southwood gave the Includes ‘discussion grades’ of students. Southwood for comment, with syllabus. C.B. Huffaker’s draft lectures for course on Population Ecology, sent to Draft lecture on ‘Ecosystems’, for 3rd year zoology students. Notes, draft for lecture on ‘The analysis of budgets’. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Lectures, speeches, addresses Examination questions. ‘Social and cultural adaptations - the ecological perspective’, Southwood’s notes of lectures by J.N. Anderson for anthropology courses. ‘The ecology of pest invasion of crops with special reference to the frit fly’, given at various locations, including Berkeley and Davis, and various dates 1964-1965. Two general lectures given during American visit: ‘An Englishman at large in N. America’ (at Berkeley). ‘The changing fauna of Britain’ (at California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco). conference organiser, Draft of Southwood’s paper. Miscellaneous notes and data. ‘The experimental approach to animal ecology’, paper given at British Ecological Society Symposium on ‘The teaching of ecology’, 13 - 16 April 1966, published (with N. Waloff) in Teaching of Ecology (Bibliog. 72). Correspondence 1964-1966 with arrangements, information. Includes report by Southwood on Sixth-form biology courses at Preston Mountford Field Centre 1963. ifs ‘Some recent trends and methods in animal ecology’, given as part of British Association Project for Colleges of Further Education, at Maria Grey College Twickenham, 29 November 1966. ‘The natural and manipulated control of animal populations’, contribution to an The Optimum population for Britain ed. L.R. Taylor (Bibliog. 77) of Biology Symposium September 1969 published in Institute Correspondence, arrangements, draft of lecture. E.57-E.60 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Lectures, speeches, addresses Consequently, Southwood was invited to address the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee on ‘Problems of population control’ at the House of Commons, 10 February 1970. Manuscript speaking version September 1969, and also at Georgia Southern College March 1970. Institute given Biology Symposium of at typed Full correspondence. version prepared for publication (Bibliog. 77); brief Correspondence November 1969 - August 1970 on Parliamentary and Scientific Committee meeting: invitation, arrangements, press notice, letters of thanks, correspondence arising. ‘Problems Parliamentary and Scientific Committee. population’, man’s of drafts for Southwood’s speech to Correspondence with L.R. Taylor, including his draft for his speech to the Committee. See H.5, H.6. Draft speaking version of paper. the conference, prepared for Nature and dated 10 April (1970). Bibliog. Also included is a note by Southwood on Not listed in ‘Ecological background to pest management’, paper (with M.J. Way) given at Conference at North Carolina State University at Raleigh, USA, March 1970 and published in Concepts of pest management (Bibliog 79). Windsor (private information from Southwood). ‘Animal and human populations’, talk at Royal Holloway College, London, December 1970. ‘The regulation of animal numbers’, talk November 1970. Three lectures on ecology, n.d. (ca 1970) and given at St. George’s House, Civil Service Staff College, E.64-E.66 at T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Lectures, speeches, addresses ‘Ecology - facts and problems’ (refers to fellow-participant). Sir Eric (later Lord) Ashby as ‘Ecology and GNP’ (refers to K. Mellanby as fellow-participant). ‘Ecology and conservation’. ‘Farm management in Britain and its effect on animal populations’, paper given at Tall Timbers Conference, February 1971 (Bibliog. 81). Manuscript draft. See also H.7, H.8. Women’s Corona Society Conference on ‘Pollution: Life or Money - Man’s Dilemma’, London 18 - 20 May 1971. Opening at Exhibition, June 1971. speech ‘Migration and dispersal in relation to crop pests’, undated outline notes for talk or paper ca 1971, related to Bibliog. 80. Correspondence, arrangements, information. Southwood spoke on ‘Human population growth - problems and control’. There is no surviving text but see E.73 for a follow-up meeting in February 1972 at which he gave a similar address. See also H.10. ‘The insect-plant relationship - an evolutionary perspective’, given at Royal Entomological Society Symposium 16-17 September 1971, published in Insect/Plant Relationships (Bibliog. 84). ‘The principles of population estimates’, paper for WHO conference on vector ecology, December 1971, published as Tech. Rep. Ser. 501. Buckinghamshire Schools’ Countryside Studies Participants, draft, shorter speaking version. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Lectures, speeches, addresses ‘The phenomenon and problems of human population growth’, talk to Women’s Corona Society Conference on population, London, 8 February 1972 (a follow-up to their conference of May 1971 at which Southwood also spoke. See E.68). Brief correspondence, report of conference, several versions (not identical) of Southwood’s paper. ‘Ecology and the “Blueprint for survival” ’, Civil Service College Seminar on ‘Problems of Environment Management’, 7-10 February 1972. Southwood’s talk was scheduled for 16.15 on 8 February presumably allowing him to travel from London after the previous conference (E.73). talk to Brief correspondence, programme, participants, notes and drafts for talk. to Contribution ‘Human environment - the impending crisis’, London, 10 April 1972, published in Geographical J. 134 (Bibliog. 82a). Society Symposium on Geographical Royal Programme, draft remarks, brief correspondence. Drafts and synopses. its cause, prognosis and treatment’, paper Includes correspondence 1972 - 1973 with A.N. Duckham. ‘The environmental complaint - published in J. Inst Biol. 19, 1972 (Bibliog. 82). ‘Economic aspects of pest management strategies and decisions’, paper given (with G.A. Norton) at 14th International Congress of Entomology, Canberra, Australia (Bibliog. 85). Correspondence, drafts. ‘An ecologist’s view of the environmental complaint’, lecture given as part of University on ‘Aspects of the population problem’, 15 November 1972. See H.12-H.16. of London Extra-Mural Department Extension Lectures T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Lectures, speeches, addresses Lecture on bird ecology, to be given at Edward Grey Institute Oxford, January 1973. Correspondence 1972 only. importance of reference to Southwood’s work on the partridge. papers on this research in the 1960s (Bibliog. 69, 70, 76). The lecture was on bird population dynamics, with the particular He published a series of the theme of insect food in ‘The relevance and scope of environmental biology’, lecture at Institute of Biology meeting on ‘Environmental Biology’, London, November 1973. Programme, draft. ‘The dynamics of insect populations’, paper given at Cornell University, USA, October 1974 (Bibliog. 90). See also H.18. E.84-E.87 E.84 No talk at Reading of animal population synoptic model dynamics’, Notes for talk. Brief correspondence, programme, draft. ‘A University, 18 November 1975. Undated lectures and notes on aspects of population dynamics, all ca 1975. ‘Environmental problems - today and tomorrow’, the Chiltern Region lecture of the Pharmaceutical Society, March 1975, published in Pharm. J. 214 (Bibliog. 88). ‘Stability and change in insect populations’. ‘Animal numbers - stability or Boom and Bust’, headed ‘Leeds 8 Jan’. year. ‘A framework for population dynamics’, notes for audience. lecture to university T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Lectures, speeches, addresses ‘Diversity and stability in agroecosystems’. ‘The relevance of population dynamic theory to pest control’, given at British Ecological Society Symposium on ‘Origins of Pest, Parasite, Disease and Weed Problems’, Bangor, 12-14 April 1976 published in Symposium volume 1977 (Bibliog. 98). Programme, information, draft, notes. Also included are notes for a lecture of the same title, given at College Station, Texas A & M University, USA, March. ‘Entomology and mankind’, Plenary Address at 15th International Congress of Entomology, Washington D.C., USA, August 1976 (Bibliog. 97). See also H.19-H.21. An introductory page indicates that the Southwood’s visit to Rhodes University, South Africa in 1979. lecture was also given during See H.32, H.33A. See also E.88, H.25-H.28 and H.29. ‘The importance of population ecology for pest control’, Benaki Institute, Athens, Greece, November 1979. Talk given during Southwood’s FAO consultancy on Olive Pests in Greece, and also during his visit to Austin, Texas, February - March 1977. ‘The components of Society symposium (1977) published in Diversity of Insect Faunas 1978 (Bibliog. 104). ‘Evolution and habitat characteristics’. Three lectures given on Southwood’s visit to Texas, USA, February - March 1977. See also H.29. ‘Man, steward of the biosphere’, talk January 1977. E.93-E.95 diversity’, talk at Royal Entomological at St. George’s House, Windsor, T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Lectures, speeches, addresses ‘Movements - ecological aspects’. ‘Insect host plant relationships - some patterns’. ‘Some patterns of nature’, talk given in Zoology Department Oxford as Linacre Professor - Elect (after January 1978). ‘Some patterns of nature’, fuller manuscript version given as the Spencer British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, Memorial Lecture, University of March 1978. See also H.31. Drafts, notes, teaching outlines for Southwood’s lectures - undergraduate and general - at Rhodes University, South Africa, January - March 1979. See also H.32. Crop Protection Pests and =-995E:.100 Draft of lecture. Council Conference on Correspondence, invitation, arrangements, letters of thanks etc., including information on seminar on Pest Management, Cambridge, July 1979. ‘Pesticide usage, prodigal or precise’, Seventh Bawden Lecture, given at British Diseases, Brighton, November 1979, published in the Proceedings, 1980 (Bibliog. lett). Le Lecture on ecological aspects of insect migration, to be given at Society for Experimental Biology meeting, Lancaster, December 1979, published in Animal Migration 1981, (Bibliog. 114). Correspondence and programme only. and ‘Mankind Sabath Memorial Lecture, given at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia, March 1983, and published as a Working Paper of the University (Bibliog. 131). ecosystems: perturbation resilience’, first and T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Lectures, speeches, addresses Also included is Southwood’s address on Doctorate at Griffith. the award of an Honorary See also H.40-H.42. Insect-plant adaptation’, paper given Ciba Foundation Symposium, London, April 1983, published in Origins and development of adaptation 1984 (Bibliog. 134). at Manuscript draft. See also H.43. ‘Interactions of plants and animals: patterns and processes’, introductory paper at third European Ecological Symposium, Lund, Sweden, August 1983, published in Oikos 44, 1985 (Bibliog. 146). Manuscript and typescript drafts. See also H.44. as models’, Biological Lecture of the E.107;,E:108 Council Award Speech on Administration’s Centre for Pest Research, n.d. (1983). retirement Haskell from P.T. of Overseas Development Heavily-corrected manuscript draft. ‘Insects Royal Entomological Society, London, October 1983, published in Antenna, 8, 1984 (Bibliog.135). Radice. ‘Risk through environmental change’, lecture in series ‘Risk - manmade hazards to man’ given at Wolfson College Oxford, March 1984, published by OUP , 1985 (Bibliog. 141). Correspondence, arrangements. Includes draft of D.E. Broadbent’s lecture ‘The psychology of risk’ also given in the series. Draft of Southwood’s lecture, with some emendations suggested by T.E. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Lectures, speeches, addresses ‘The structure of insect communities on plants - especially on trees’, lecture perhaps given on Southwood’s visit to USA March 1984. Lecture refers to his forthcoming publication on the subject with C.J. Kennedy in J. Anim. Ecol. 53, 1984 (Bibliog. 139). Two drafts (not identical). See also H.45. EB M07E 4 a joint ‘Plant surfaces and insects; an overview’, introductory paper at symposium of and Department of Zoology Oxford, 15-17 July 1984, published in Insects and plant surfaces, edited by Southwood and B.E. Juniper, 1986 (Bibliog. 148a). Linnean Society London Botany School and of Programme (annotated), abstracts, participants. Correspondence, drafts and diagrams, typescript of paper. Prize Presidential address to the ‘Risk’ - Southwood’s a version of Correspondence only. Gravesend School, September 1984. Speech at Includes some autobiographical reflections. Presentation, Talk at Winchester College, 16 October 1984 (on Wolfson College Lecture, E. 108). ‘Insect communities’, Royal Entomological Society, June 1985, published in Antenna, 9 1985 (Bibliog. 145). Draft, a little correspondence. ‘The biology of the devil’, talk given at ‘Theological Wine’ meeting, Campion Hall Oxford, 14 February 1986. Manuscript and typescript drafts, brief correspondence. See also G.75, G.76. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Lectures, speeches, addresses ‘Industry and the Environment’, talk to British Institute of Management All- party Parliamentary Group on Management, London, November 1985. Participants, manuscript draft. See also J.26. Ely els opening address of British ‘The concept and nature of the community’, Ecological Society's Annual Symposium, on ‘Organisation of communities: past and present’, Aberystwyth, 2-5 April 1986, published in Organisation of communities, 1987 (Bibliog. 159). Correspondence, programme, participants, abstracts. Southwood’s manuscript notes on papers given at meeting, manuscript draft of his address. proof ‘Scientific decisions’, Southwood’s inaugural lecture as A.D. White Professor, Cornell University, USA, September 1986. environmental concern public and in See also H.51. Manuscript draft. ‘Tactics, strategies and templets’, the Per Brinck Lecture given at Lund, Sweden, May 1986 and published in Oikos 52, 1988 (Bibliog. 165). See also H.53 - H.58. Manuscript draft, data, correspondence. Manuscript draft. ‘The environment in works’, Southwood’s keynote address at Electricity Council National Joint Co-ordinating Cauncil’s Annual Conference, London, November 1986, published as ‘Energy - Britain’s most pressing problem’ in Electricity Supply News 1384, 1986 (Bibliog. 154). Correspondence, arrangements, programme, participants. E2122 which the industry T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Lectures, speeches, addresses ‘The natural environment and disease - an evolutionary perspective’, lecture given at Green College Oxford, February 1987, and also at the Institute of Medical Research Madang, Papua New Guinea, March 1987, and at Cornell University, September 1987. The lecture was published in Brit. Med. J. 294, 1987 (Bibliog. 155), and formed the basis of Southwood’s LeConte lecture at Georgia April 1989 (E.136) and of his F.E. Williams lecture in London, July 1990. (E.142). Two heavily-corrected manuscript drafts, brief correspondence. See also H.62, H.66. Drafts and notes for lectures on insect-plant relationships, only two dated (1987) but perhaps all of similar date. ‘Insect-plant relationships’. identical, dated February 1987. 2 folders. Two manuscript and typescript drafts, not E.124-E.128 E.124, £.124A E.125, £.125A ‘Insect-plant relationships’, n.d. ‘Insect-plant relationships’, n.d. ‘Feeding on plants - an ecological framework’, nd. See also H.61. ‘Insect-plant relationships in secondary succession: an illustration of the habitat templet’. Two heavily corrected manuscript drafts, not identical, n.d. but describing work started at Silwood Park 1977 and in progress after Southwood’s move to Oxford (perhaps related to Bibliog. 166). Degree Ceremony, July 1987. ‘Science and decisions in environmental policy’, notes and draft for lecture at Muscat, Oman, March 1987. Speech at University of East Anglia on behalf of honorands at Honorary T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Lectures, speeches, addresses Notes for seminar on secondary succession, given at University of Papua New Guinea, March 1988. ‘The impact of agriculture University, USA, as A.D. White Professor, September 1988. partridge’, lecture the on given at Cornell See also H.69. Opening remarks at Institution of Environmental Health Officers Conference on (on salmonella), London, February 1989. origins, prevention and cure’ ‘Food poisoning: its Correspondence, Southwood’s contribution. programme, participants, abstracts, manuscript of ‘The role and contribution of field science’, contribution to seminar on ‘The global challenge for field science’ organised by Earthwatch Europe, Royal Society London, February 1989, published 1990 (Bibliog. 176). See also G.30. See also H.75. Manuscript outline notes. Brief correspondence, manuscript draft. ‘Tactics, strategies and templets’, lecture at Institute of Ecology, Athens, Georgia, USA, April 1989 (a version of Bibliog. 165, see also E.119). ‘Disease and the environment - an evolutionary perspective’, Southwood’s LeConte lecture at Georgia Southern College, April 1989 (a version of Bibliog. 155, see also E.123). 174). ‘Risk in the natural world and human society’, Royal Society Public Lecture, November 1989, published in Science and Public Affairs, 5, 1990 (Bibliog. Address at Founders’ Day Service. St. Mary’s School, Calne, Wiltshire, July 1989. E.138, E.139 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Lectures, speeches, addresses Correspondence, arrangements, letters of thanks, requests for copies of lecture etc. Manuscript draft. After-dinner speech at Wolfson College, Cambridge, 1989. ‘The countryside under challenge’, the twelfth Claydon Lecture, July 1990. Correspondence with Sir Ralph Verney (founder of the lectures) and others, manuscript draft. ‘Animals and the genesis of human disease’, the F.E. Williams lecture given at the Royal College of Physicians, London, July 1990 (an updated version of Southwood’s Green College lecture E.123). Correspondence 1989-1991, draft of lecture. Speech at opening of the Rothamsted Insectary, 24 September 1990. Manuscript draft with corrections. ‘Environment: problems and prospects’, inaugural lecture in the first series of Linacre Lectures, Oxford, October 1990, published in Monitoring the Environment, OUP, 1992 (Bibliog. 188). Manuscript draft. ‘Science and the challenge of environmental problems in the modern world’, given at National Taiwan University during Vice-Chancellor’s visit December 1991. Correspondence 1989-1992, information, text of lecture. Speech at conferral of Honorary Degree, Liverpool University, July 1992. Lectures in Taiwan. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Lectures, speeches, addresses ‘Environment Lecture - Taiwan’, n.d. Typescript outline. ‘Government’s role note ‘Lecture in Taiwan 92’. in solving environmental problems’, with manuscript Manuscript draft. ‘The environment’, lecture in South Korea, November/December 1992. Typescript draft. E.147-E.149 ‘Risks from radiation: perceptions and reality’, the 1993 Crookshank Lecture of the Royal College of Radiologists, given 21 May 1993 and published in Clinical Oncology, 5 1993 and Clinical Radiology, 49, 1994 (Bibliog. 201, 201a). Correspondence, arrangements 1992-1994. Drafts. E1502 151 July Information and data for lecture from colleagues and staff of National Radiological Protection Board, of which Southwood was then Chairman, and his letters of thanks. ‘The importance of long-term experimentation’, address given at 150th Anniversary Conference, Rothamsted Experimental Station, 1993, published in Long-term Experiments in Agricultural and Ecological Sciences 1994 (Bibliog. 203). Queen. Correspondence, arrangements, background papers on Rothamsted long- term experiments. Drafts for Southwood’s paper, and for his speech of welcome to H.M. The T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Lectures, speeches, addresses Speech on the retirement of T. Lewis (Director) from Rothamsted, n.d. (late 1993). Manuscript draft. Talk to Oxford Management Club, 6 April 1994. Correspondence, autobiographical reflections. information, manuscript notes for talk, with ‘Environmental systems’, paper given at Osaka, Japan, 25 April 1994. considerations the management of in coastal water- Draft. ‘History of ecology’, lecture given as part of a historical series organised by the Royal Entomological Society, 9 March 1994 and published in Antenna, 19 (1), 1995 (Bibliog. 205). Speech at Rhodes Scholars Dinner, Oxford, 23 November 1994. Manuscript draft. Draft. Correspondence, drafts. Address to Convocation, University of Victoria, Canada, after conferral of Honorary Degree, 26 November 1994. Invitations to lecture declined. Various dates 1958-1996. ‘Dependence/Independence for universities’, notes for talk to Rotary Club of London, 22 May 1995. Miscellaneous shorter correspondence on lectures not otherwise identified, arrangements, letters of thanks. Various dates 1954-1995. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Lectures, speeches, addresses Undated lectures. ‘Rational pest control’ [mid 1960s]. ‘Animal/plant interactions’ given at Rewley House Oxford [early 1980s]. ‘Earth summit’ [late 1980s]. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 SECTION F PUBLICATIONS AND EDITORIAL F.1-F.48 relate to Southwood’s own publications, on all topics, in the order in which they appear in his list of publications (A.2). Reference to this is made in the form Bibliog. ... The material may be relatively slight, or, in the case of his major books (Land and Water Bugs, and espcecially Ecological Methods) it may include substantial drafts and publishers’ correspondence, and letters from colleagues and readers preceding and following publication. Generally speaking, however, Southwood would not retain drafts and correspondence when a paper was finally published, and although efforts have been made to identify and include minor works, the surviving material is by no means complete. It should be noted that material relating to a publication in a specific area of interest may be found in the relevant section of the catalogue. The earliest entry in Southwood’s list of publications dates from 1947 and relates to observations made in 1946. Some of these early works and correspondence have been placed in Section A, in view of their biographical interest for his formative years. Some early observations and notes, circulated in the B.E.N.A. Mid-Kent Portfolio on various dates OWN PUBLICATIONS In order of publication F.49-F.108 1946-1957, can be found in Section E. CORRESPONDENCE WITH PUBLISHERS AND EDITORS In alphabetical order T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Publications and editorial OWN PUBLICATIONS 1956-1996 ‘The bionomics... of the thistle lace bugs’, collaborative paper with G.G.E. Scudder 1956 (Bibliog. 17). Correspondence, referee’s comments 1954-1955. Land and water bugs of the British Isles, with D. Leston (London: Warne) 1959 (Bibliog. 31). Manuscript drafts and outlines, lists of coloured plates, correspondence with H.D. Swain who produced the highly-praised coloured illustrations, and with H.W. Daltry, an amateur entomologist who supplied specimens of certain rare Heteroptera (which Southwood had not found) necessary for the preparation of the book. Correspondence from publication 1959-1960. In alphabetical order. colleagues with thanks and congratulations on Correspondence 1954-1967 with F. Warne & Co., on publication, errata slips etc. Correspondence from readers and colleagues on possible reprinted or updated edition 1981-1988. Correspondence from colleagues with suggestions and corrections for subsequent editions 1959-1965. In alphabetical order. Review of: Nesta Pain: Lesser Worlds, Entomologist 86, 1953 (Bibliog. 8B). Correspondence 1988-1989 on possible revised edition, to be published by Harley Books. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Publications and editorial ‘The abundance of the Hawaiian trees...’, 1960 (Bibliog. 36). Brief correspondence on referees’ comments 1960. ‘Migration of terrestrial arthropods in relation to habitat’, 1962 (Bibliog. 48). This was an important paper, developing ideas put forward in Southwood’s paper at the Congress of Entomology, Vienna in 1960 (See H.1). drafts. Manuscript arrangements to ‘Dispersal and Migration’. Included reprint parts of 1962 paper in here is correspondence on a Benchmark book on 1982-1983 Data and tables; includes also manuscript papers on migration by C.G. Johnson, T. Lewis. F.11-F.13 Life of the Wayside and Woodland (London: Warne) 1963 (Bibliog. 57). Correspondence 1959-1965 with F. Warne & Co. on publication, agreement etc. Southwood originally agreed to provide a revised edition of the book by T.A. Coward first published in 1923 and last reprinted in 1948. He found, however, that much rewriting was required to incorporate recent advances in research; furthermore, the photographs for the original publication had been destroyed by enemy action during the Second World War. As a result, the new publication was to be regarded (in the publishers’ words) ‘for all practical purposes as an entirely new book’, though it followed the original plan indicated by the sub-title ‘A seasonal guide to the natural history of the British Isles’. also prepared for Warne series but not completed. Manuscript drafts and outline for ‘Insects of the Wayside and Woodland’, Reviews and correspondence 1963. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Publications and editorial F.14-F.19A Ecological Methods (London: Methuen), 1966 (Bibliog. 65). This was one of Southwood’s most important publications. The first edition of 1966 was reprinted in 1968, 1971, 1975, 1976. The second edition was published in 1978 by Chapman & Hall, consequent on a reorganisation with Associated Book Publishers, with subsequent reprints, into Hungarian and Chinese (see F.20-F.29). translations 1991, 1984, 1987, 1989, 1980, 1994 and First outline for book, provisionally titled ‘Handbook of techniques in field ecology for entomologists’, n.d. ca 1956. Correspondence 1964-1975 with publishers and colleagues on publication, promotion of book in UK, USA and internationally, permission to quote etc. Correspondence 18 October 1966 includes outline for proposed book on ‘The ecology of agricultural pests’, not proceeded with. Correspondence from colleagues, publication 1966 - 1967. In alphabetical order. with thanks and congratulations on D-M. Reviews of Ecological Methods. Correspondence from colleagues with suggestions and corrections for subsequent editions 1966-1973. In alphabetical order. Correspondence, outline contents of proposed book etc. Correspondence and research programme and accompanying methodological handbook on pest control proposed as part of the International Biological Programme. C.B. Huffaker was responsible, on After behalf of the IBP Working Party, for the development of the work. consultations and correspondence it was decided that Ecological Methods covered the ground, and the IBP project was not proceeded with. papers 1965-1966 on T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Publications and editorial F.20-F.29 Ecological Methods (London: Chapman & Hall) 1978 (Bibliog. 105). This was a substantial revision of the 1966 text, incorporating current advances in theory and practice. The new edition was first discussed in 1971 but Southwood’s many engagements led to several postponements and delays in publication. F.20-F.25 Correspondence. F.20 Correspondence 1971-1979 with publishers on preparation and publication of new edition, promotion and costing etc. correspondence Continuing including arrangements for Hungarian translation, amendments and corrections for 1984 reprint, Chinese (pirated) translation. publishers, 1983-1986 with Continuing correspondence about possibility of producing a third edition, with collaborators, also reprints 1989, 1992. 1986-1992 with publishers, mainly and with thanks for B-H. book, readers colleagues Correspondence with suggestions for new edition etc. 1979-1992. In alphabetical order. Correspondence with colleagues with comments, corrections, references and suggestions for second edition 1974-1977. In alphabetical order. Notes for corrections, additions, redrawn figures. Notes, questions and corrections by R.M. May and M.P. Hassell. Drafts and revisions. F.26-F.29 F.26 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Publications and editorial Southwood’s manuscript revisions and rewrites, papers numbered 11-368. Miscellaneous manuscript rewrites by chapers. Review of J. Maynard Smith: Models in Ecology, J. Ecol, 63, 1975 (Bibliog. 89A). ‘A modification of the Lincoln index...’, in collaboration, 1981 (Bibliog. 117). Correspondence with corrections. collaborator, draft with Southwood’s manuscript ‘The rise and fall contributed for the 25th anniversary issue. of ecology’, New Scientist 1981 (Bibliog. 119), article Correspondence, manuscript of article, submitted under title ‘From arcane science to political party - the rise or fall of ecology?’. ‘The richness, abundance and biomass of the arthropod communities on trees’, collaborative article for J. Anim. Ecol., 1982 (Bibliog. 125). Correspondence 1983-1984, draft. 1967 with publisher (McGraw Hill) on proposed publication. Also included is brief correspondence ‘Ecological Methods’, article for Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, 1982 (Bibliog. 124A). ‘Professor Howard Everest Hinton’, manuscript draft obituary tribute, 8pp., related to Bibliog. 122A. Prepared shortly after Hinton’s death in 1977 but publication delayed. Data, drafts, diagrams, proof. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Publications and editorial Insects on plants (with D.R. Strong and J.H. Lawton), Oxford: Blackwells 1984 (Bibliog. 136). 1979, Agreement publishers 1981-1992. correspondence on a proposed revised edition 1991-1992. and Includes a few reviews of published book and correspondence colleagues, co-authors with ‘Can an island stand alone on the environment’, review of N. Haigh: EEC Environmental Policy and Britain, New Scientist 1984 (Bibliog. 137) Correspondence, draft. Review of D.R. Strong et al: Ecological communities: conceptual issues and the evidence, Biologist 1985 (Bibliog. 143A). Brief correspondence, draft. Review of: L.M. Cook (ed.): Case studies in population biology, Quart. Rev. Biol. 1986 (Bibliog. 153). Brief correspondence, draft. Brief correspondence, draft. Review of: Biologist 1987 (Bibliog. 156A). O'Neill A Hierarchical Concept of Ecosystems, Obituary notice of T.E. Woodward (in collaboration), Antenna 1986 (Bibliog. 153A). reports. This was the first published with Imperial College and other colleagues. also refer. See also correspondence with P.M. Reader. ‘The dynamics of viburnum whitefly...’, in collaboration, J. Anim. Ecol. 1987 (Bibliog. 158). a series of papers on whitefly which Southwood Bibliog. 162 and 171 Correspondence 1986-1989 with editor and colleagues; includes referees’ R.V. et al: of T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Publications and editorial Obituary: Society, 1987 (Bibliog. 160). O.W. Richards, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Correspondence 1986-1992 with colleagues and members of Richards’s family, and from readers of published Memoir (mainly photocopies or carbon copies of Southwood’s letters). Other material is deposited at the Royal Society. ‘Citation Classic: (Bibliog. 164, referring to Bibliog. 100). Habitat, the templet for ecological strategies?’, 1988 Correspondence, draft for Southwood’s commentary on the earlier paper, with some biographical recollections. ‘Will Britons be Europe’s elite or its peasantry?’ Independent, 1989 (Bibliog. 169A). Photocopy of published letter, letters from colleagues. Brief correspondence, proof, draft of Southwood’s Address at Memorial Service, used as the basis of the obituary. Foreword to: Scientific names of the British Lepidoptera... Harley Books, 1991 (Bibliog. 183) Correspondence 1989-1991 with publisher, on this and other publishing projects (see also F.7). ‘Wilma Beryl Crowther, Lady Margaret Hall Oxford, Brown Book, 1989 (Bibliog. 173). Correspondence 1993-1994 with author and publisher. Foreword to: Scuttle Flies: The Phoridae (R.H.L. Disney), London: Chapman & Hall 1995 (Bibliog. 204). Review of: R. Barbault: Abrégé d’Ecologie Générale, Acta Oecologica 1991 (Bibliog. 185B). Brief correspondence, draft. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Publications and editorial Review of : R.T. Schuh: Plant bugs of the world, 1996 (Bibliog. 208). Brief correspondence, draft. Miscellaneous shorter correspondence on publications by Southwood and collaborators. 1954 (Bibliog. 9) 1965 (Bibliog. 64) 1966 (Bibliog. 70) 1967 (Bibliog. 74) 1977 (Bibliog. 96) 1977 (Bibliog. 103) 1979 (Bibliog. 112) F.49-F.108 1960-1995 1986 (Bibliog. 147) 1987 (Bibliog. 155) 1987 (Bibliog. 175) 1985 (Bibliog. 144) 1985 (Bibliog. 143) CORRESPONDENCE WITH PUBLISHERS AND EDITORS environmental biology (declined). Mainly Southwood’s advice on various publication projects. invitation Includes an of Encyclopedia contribute to Academic 1993 to Press’s Academic Press 1981-1992 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Publications and editorial Acta Oecologica 1989-1991, 1995 This was an international journal of ecology, founded in 1980. was R. Barbault. Southwood was on the Editorial Board. The editor Allen & Unwin Brief correspondence only. Animal Behaviour Comment on paper. Annual Review of Entomology 1980 Invitation to serve on the Advisory Board of Foreign Correspondents from 1980 to 1985. 1978 - 1981. 1982-1987. evolution. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 1978-1987 Includes Southwood’s endorsement of Berry’s book God and Correspondence with editor (R.J. Berry) and others on papers submitted for publication. Proposed Oxford Management Series. Blackwells Scientific Publications 1962-1968, 1984, 1993 Various publication projects. Butterworth - Heinemann T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Publications and editorial Cambridge University Press 1985, 1988 Proposed publications. Chapman & Hall 1982-1992 Various proposed publications. Collins Publishers 1969 Proposed ‘Young Naturalist’ series and Southwood’s contribution, to called ‘Insects and their lives’. Includes Southwood’s provisional outline. be Cornell University Press Proposed publications. 1986-1987 Invitation to serve, brief correspondence. 1983-1984 F.64-F.66 Edward Arnold 1976-1987 Ecological Applications 1988-1992 Ecological Entomology Papers submitted. This journal was launched in 1988 by the Ecological Society of America; the first editor was S.A. Levin. Southwood accepted an invitation to serve on the Editorial Board 1988-1992. 1983-1984 on discontinuation of series. Most of the material relates to the ‘Resource and Environmental Sciences’ series published by Edward Arnold. Southwood and A.H. Cottrell were General Editors. The series was discontinued in 1983. Agreement for series 1976, correspondence 1976-1978 (mainly carbon copies of Southwood’s letters) on contributors and titles, correspondence T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Publications and editorial Plan of series, agendas and minutes of schedules of work in progress August 1976 - November 1980. editorial meetings, notes and Agreement, correspondence 1984-1987 on edited by Southwood and B.E. Juniper (Bibliog. 148A). Insects and plant surfaces, Elsevier/North Holland 1979-1991 1979-1981, on proposed volumes ‘Techniques in Ecology’, a development Southwood was of Elsevier's ‘Techniques in the Life Sciences’ series. advisory editor, drawing up an outline of contents and possible volume editors. Material includes proposal, meetings, editor’s agreement. 1986-1991. board of Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment (declined). Includes invitation 1991 to Southwood to serve on editorial Many of Southwood’s early entomological papers were published in this journal. a commemorative piece for the 125th issue (Bibliog. 170). 1962 and wrote He served on board from editorial the 1949-1990 Entomologia 1961-1963, 1975 Entomologist’s Monthly Magazine 1949-1967 on manuscripts and publications, appointments to editorial board and general affairs of journal. Early correspondence often refers to papers by Southwood including Bibliog. 1, 1949, though he had been publishing in the Magazine since 1947. Comments on paper. 1986-1990, mainly on financial and publishing arrangements for the journal and also for the Entomologist’s Gazette. Evolution T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Publications and editorial Freshwater Ecology Comments on paper. Functional Ecology Comments on paper. Insect Science and its Application Comments on papers. F.76-F.78 Journal of Animal Ecology 1985-1988 Southwood frequently published, and also reviewed papers submitted for publication in the journal, which is a publication of the British Ecological Society. Correspondence on papers. 1985-1986. Journal of Applied Ecology Brief correspondence on paper submitted. Meetings of Editorial Board, and paper submitted. Journal of Environmental Law 1991-1994 Comments on paper. Journal of Natural History T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Publications and editorial Journal of Theoretical Biology 1964, 1983 Comments on papers. Methuen & Co. Correspondence on various publication projects. F.84-F.87 Nature 1967-1987 Correspondence and comments on letters and papers submitted. 1967. 1980-1981. 1985-1986. 1983-1989 Oecologia 1985-1991 New Scientist Miscellaneous shorter correspondence, including comments on Southwood’s Royal Society lecture on ‘Risk’ (Bibliog. 174). 1985-1986. Southwood was invited to join the editorial board in 1985, in succession to P.R. Ehrlich. He served from 1986 to 1989 when he stood down on taking up the Vice-Chancellorship. Correspondence with board meetings and appointments. editor and publisher on policy, papers submitted, T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Publications and editorial 1987-1991. Oikos 1967, 1983-1989 Correspondence and comments on Southwood’s paper (Bibliog. 165). papers. Includes letter 1986 on F.92-F.97 Oxford University Press (OUP) 1967-1995 Southwood accepted an invitation to serve as a Delegate in 1980. He served until 1994. In 1986 he was elected Chairman of the Finance Committee (to serve from 1987) but did not take up the position on being the nominated as Delegates and served one further year (1993-1994) to complete the second five-year term. Vice-Chancellor. Vice-Chancellor chaired As he General correspondence on publications and the affairs of the Press. Early correspondence 1967 on The Oxford Book of Insects. European Editorial and Marketing Conference, May 1990. Correspondence, programme and information, including Southwood’s opening remarks as Vice-Chancellor. 1983-1985, 1989. Includes draft of Southwood’s Foreword to Mechanisms in insect olfaction (Bibliog. 150A), and correspondence 1989 on a proposed ‘Natural History of Life’ book which Southwood could not take forward at that time. appointments at OUP, letters of congratulation, retirement as delegate. 1993. introduction correspondence on Southwood was to be a joint editor. Southwood’s 200C), and which a proposed Biology of Habitats proposals. Oxford includes (Bibliog. Miscellaneous book correspondence Also series to English from 1994-1995. series of Personal and _ material 1978-1994, Southwood’s T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Publications and editorial Pergamon Press Publication. Princeton University Press Various publishing projects. 1980-1982 F.100-F.102 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) 1988-1995 Correspondence, papers, referees’ reports on papers communicated by Southwood for publication in PNAS. 1988. 1991, 1992. Science Progress Wiley & Sons Lid. Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society 1977-1985 Brief correspondence. Comments on papers submitted various dates 1977-1985. Correspondence on proposed publication. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Publications and editorial F.106, F.107 Miscellaneous requests to write books or articles, or to review (declined). F.106 1967-1984. 1992-1993. Miscellaneous requests to advise on journals. 1985-1987. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 SECTION G SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS G.1-G.126 AMATEUR ENTOMOLGISTS’ SOCIETY AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES AMERICAN SOCIETY OF NATURALISTS BRITISH ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY BRITISH EMPIRE NATURALISTS’ ASSOCIATION later BRITISH NATURALISTS’ ASSOCIATION G.11-G.13 BRITISH MUSEUM (NATURAL HISTORY) G.14-G.28 CHRISTENSEN RESEARCH INSTITUTE G.29 CLUB OF EARTH G.31-G.34 G.35 G.36 G.37 G.38-G.43 G.30 EARTHWATCH EUROPE ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AUSTRALIA EAST MALLING RESEARCH STATION and EAST MALLING TRUST FOR HORTICULTURAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF BIOLOGY FIELD STUDIES COUNCIL previously COUNCIL FOR THE PROMOTION OF FIELD STUDIES GAME CONSERVANCY TRUST ECOLOGY INSTITUTE HABITAT RESEARCH TRUST T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations INSTITUTION OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH OFFICERS later CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR ECOLOGY INTERNATIONAL CENTRE OF INSECT PHYSIOLOGY AND ECOLOGY G51 LINNEAN SOCIETY OF LONDON G.52-G.59 NATURAL ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH COUNCIL G.60 G.61 NATURE CONSERVANCY COUNCIL NORWEGIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCE AND LETTERS G.62 PONTIFICAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES G.72-G.81 G.104, G.105 G.63-G.71 RHODES TRUST G.82-G.103 ROYAL SOCIETY ROYAL ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON SOUTH LONDON ENTOMOLOGICAL AND NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY later BRITISH ENTOMOLOGICAL AND NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON G.107-G.109 TEMPLETON COLLEGE OXFORD WILDLIFE CONSERVATION RESEARCH UNIT G.125 WORLD WILDLIFE FUND G.106 SYSTEMATICS ASSOCIATION G.110-G.124 G.126 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations AMATEUR ENTOMOLOGISTS’ SOCIETY 1950-1956, 1972 Southwood was elected to the Council of the Society in 1950. lectures, arranged courses, and also reviewed for the Society's Bulletin. remained on its Advisory Panel on Heteroptera until 1972. He gave He General correspondence. AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES 1981-1987 Southwood was elected a Foreign Honorary Member in May 1981 Notification of election, letters of congratulation 1981, miscellaneous shorter correspondence, nomination. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF NATURALISTS 1970-1991 Southwood was invited to join the Society in June 1970 and was formally elected in December of that year. Correspondence on election, and on affairs of The American Naturalist Southwood served on its Editorial Board 1972-1974. Includes comments on papers, and some policy matters. BRITISH ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY (BES) 1952-1992 Southwood was elected a member of the Society in 1952. He served as Membership Treasurer, latterly as Council Treasurer and ex-officio Council member from January 1961 to January 1968. He was Chairman of the Ecological Affairs committee, and President of the Society 1976-1978. He was elected an Honorary Member in 1988. Section H. Lectures are in Section E. The material, which may deal with all aspects of the Society’s activities and its Journal of Animal Ecology (q.v.), is variable in date and extent. There is for example no direct documentation here for Southwood’s service as President. The correspondence is conducted with successive Presidents, Secretaries and Editors, and with colleagues. BES conferences and symposia attended by Southwood are documented in T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations to membership, invitation to serve as Membership 1952-1968. Includes election Treasurer. 1974-1983. Honorary memberships, proposed joint Symposium with Linnean Society. 1983. Correspondence and papers relating to Journal of Animal Ecology. See F.76-F.78. 1984-1986. Topics for proposed 75th Anniversary Symposium to be held in 1988, AGM motion on ‘Nuclear Winter’. Society, future policy, 75th of the Proposed ‘Ecological issues’ series; environmental ethics and ecological science base; formation of European Ecological Federation and of Institute for general correspondence. Environmental Management; Ecology other and 1989-1992. 1987-1988. Anniversary History celebrations (Southwood gave the speech at the Anniversary dinner), Southwood’s election as Honorary Member and his tribute to Per Brinck who was elected at the same time. Ls In his letter of 28 January 1987 Southwood writes: ‘I particularly value this link with the Association, the membership of which did so much to help me develop my interests in natural history when | was a youth. | joined the Association in the darkest days of the war, | think late 1942.’ BRITISH EMPIRE NATURALISTS’ ASSOCIATION (B.E.N.A) later BRITISH NATURALISTS’ ASSOCIATION (BNA) 1949-1995 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations The earliest extant surviving correspondence (1949) relates to Southwood (then aged 18) serving as ‘Referee for Hemiptera-Heteroptera’, responsible for enquiries on these species; much of the early correspondence at A.38 He was on the Council of B.E.N.A. from January arises from this work. 1952 and some of its meetings and published in its Mid-Kent Portfolio. his early lectures were given at See E.3-E.22. Later correspondence 1987-1989 relates to Society’s becoming a charitable company limited by guarantee. Southwood was a Vice President, chairing the AGM in 1989. In 1995 he contributed a guest editorial for the 90th anniversary issue of Country-side, the Association’s journal (Bibliog. 206). the See A.12 for Southwood’s account of his links with the Association. G.11-G.13 BRITISH MUSEUM (NATURAL HISTORY) 1967-1992 Southwood was a Trustee of the Museum 1974-1983 and Chairman of the Trustees 1980-1983 (Bibliog. 121, 122). Prime Minister at end There is a little material relating to this in G.11 and G.11A but the main content postdates that period and relates to the research, staffing and general affairs the Department of Entomology. the Museum and principally of to 1967-1982. of thanks from The correspondence and papers for 1990 at G.13 are concerned chiefly with plans for the reorganisation of the Museum, which attracted much adverse comment and various representations. Includes nomination of Southwood for the Cockayne Committee 1967, renewal of Trusteeship 1978, congratulations on election as Chairman 1979, letter of Chairmanship 1983, Southwood’s speech at opening of Centenary Exhibition 1981, issue of BM (NH) Bulletin 10 1982, commemorating Royal visit May 1981 (Bibliog. 126). 1987-1990. General correspondence general affairs of the Museum, principally the Department of Entomology. on research and travel staffing and 1981-1987 grants, T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations 1990-1992. G.14-G.28 CHRISTENSEN RESEARCH INSTITUTE (CRI) 1982-1996 research a privately-funded CRI, laboratory dedicated to marine and terrestrial biological research, was founded by Allen D. Christensen and Located in Madang Province funded by his California-based family Fund. Papua New Guinea, five academic institutions (Stanford University, California Academy of Science, CSIRO (Australia), Oxford University and the Universities of Papua New Guinea). Each of these nominated a member of the Scientific Advisory Board, short-term Southwood being Fellowships were affiliated institutions. Institute was sponsored by the Oxford offered apportioned among the representative. Twenty-five annually, the After preliminary discussions, CRI was established in 1985 and officially opened in January 1986. General administration was conducted by Ms C. Diane Christiansen the Founder’s daughter until the appointment of the first Scientific Director (M.Jebb) in 1987. A.D. Christensen died in April 1989, though his Foundation continued to support the CRI. his officials, University February - March 1983. December 1982 - January 1983. Christensen was a benefactor and Honorary Fellow of St. Catherine’s College Oxford, whose then Master, Sir Patrick Nairne, was involved in the early negotiations. plans December 1982, A.D. Christensen’s first Memorandum on Southwood’s correspondence with colleagues and information for papers for submission to General Board and Council, members of the Biological Faculty, Southwood’s notes on the requirements of the Institute based on his discussions with colleague in Brussels. participation. Revised Memorandum, meeting and discussion with A.D. Christensen, Outline laboratory and equipment plans, formal acceptance of University Correspondence with colleagues expressing interest in the scheme, and with university officials. April - November 1983. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations January - October 1984. Continuing laboratory. negotiations, plans, layout, equipment lists for proposed May - December 1985. Correspondence, arrangements for first meeting of scientific committee (September) and opening of Institute (January 1986). January 1986. Opening symposium, committee meeting, Southwood’s draft of his speech at opening, list of bird species at Madang observed by Southwood and others during visit. February-December 1986. for CRI, visit to Oxford by A.D. January-November 1986. January-September 1987 General correspondence, book-lists Christensen, meetings, plans for CRI. Correspondence and papers on prospective research fellowships or projects at CRI. Research projects, possible OUP publication, appointment of Director for CRI (M. Jebb). Future plans for CRI. June-December 1988. January-May 1988. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations January-December 1989. Includes notification of the death on 6 April of A.D. Christensen. Research at CRI, future prospects. 1990-1996. Includes proposal September 1994 for management take-over of CRI by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. 1991-1993 Correspondence with M. Jebb, director of CRI. Miscellaneous manuscript notes by Southwood on organisation and work of CRI, n.d. 1989-1992 concerned with group of scientists was This environmental and kindred issues. informal pressure an CLUB OF EARTH Correspondence, drafts and published statement on tropical forests. Miscellaneous information on CRI, newsletters, Fellowship applications and research reports. Chairman of its Science Advisors reviewing project proposals. EARTHWATCH was founded in the USA and based in Boston; it aimed to support branch Southwood was EARTHWATCH EUROPE was based in Oxford and EARTHWATCH EUROPE internationally. 1988-1995 academic field research projects Its T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations General correspondence and papers on the launch of Earthwatch Europe (Southwood gave the introductory review at the initial seminar on field science held at the Royal Society on 17 February 1989. See E.134), information, project proposals and results, funding appeals and collaborative approaches. G.31-G.34 EAST MALLING RESEARCH STATION and EAST MALLING TRUST FOR HORTICULTURAL RESEARCH 1978-1993 Southwood served on the Governing Body from 1978. Southwood was a Trustee of the Development and Endowment Fund from 1985, though he was unable to attend a meeting until April 1988. He also served from 1988 on the Scholarship Committee for the V.H. Blackman Research Studentships awarded annually from October 1988. The material deals principally with funding and organisation problems, sales and property, changes in land use and research programmes. Some committee papers, copies of leases and similar information relevant to the entries have been retained. Clerk The time, correspondence is exchanged, was R.L. Oxley. Trustees this the at to of the 1988. with whom much 1978, 1984-1987. Includes material on the (unpublished) Barnes Review on state funded research for horticulture and its implications for the Trust, restructuring plans for research stations. Includes correspondence on proposals for Blackman studentship. 1991-1993. Similar material on the future of research at East Malling, property sales, Blackman studentship. 1989-1990. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA Election to membership 1957. ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AUSTRALIA 1984-1985 Brief correspondence 1984-1985. ECOLOGY INSTITUTE 1985-1992 The Institute, located near Hamburg, was founded in 1985 by Otto Kinne. Its aims were to encourage the work of ecologists and fuller cooperation between them, by means of two annual prizes. The principal of these, the ‘Ecology Institute Prize’ carries prize money and also the requirement to write a book for publication in the series ‘Excellence in Ecology’. Southwood was invited to become a member of the Institute’s terrestial ecology staff in 1985, and was chairman of the jury for the 1987 prize. G.38-G.43 FIELD STUDIES COUNCIL previously COUNCIL FOR THE PROMOTION OF FIELD STUDIES 1949-1977 Most of the material relates to this, and includes correspondence with colleagues and other jury members, nominations, election, Southwood’s ‘Laudatio’ of the winner (E.O Wilson), which appeared in the prize book: ‘Success and dominance in ecosystems: the case of the social insects’ (Bibliog. 178). G.38). He became an Honorary Vice-President in 1992. Southwood used the Council’s Field Centre at Flatford Mill, Suffolk for his own field studies from his schooldays (earliest reference 1949, see G.41); a room there is still known as ‘The Dickery’. From 1951-1963 he ran courses there and acted as tutor and examiner for the Certificate of Proficiency in Natural History awarded by the University of London Department of Extra- Mural Studies. Most of this work was conducted at Flatford Mill but other centres, mainly Juniper Hall Dorking were also involved. The success of the course is shown not only by the results but by the letters of thanks from participants some of whom were encouraged to embark on, or pursue with more commitment, advanced work in entomology (see G.43). Southwood himself served on the Executive Committee of the Council, including (January 1966) its Treasurership, and on the Editorial Panel of its He also chaired the Working Group set up in 1969 to journal Field Studies. make recommendations on the Council’s policy and organisation (see T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations Some of the early correspondence is exchanged with Francis and Eleanor Butler, Founders of the Council, with whom Southwood was on affectionate terms. A note by J.R. Parker (Br. Arachnological Society Newsletter, July 1984), on the early history of the Field Studies Council, is included at G.38. 1959-1967 correspondence General including Southwood’s election to Executive Committee 1959 and correspondence 1967 on his illness and resignation as Treasurer. Also included are the Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting 6 July 1970 at which the Working Group’s report was accepted with an explanatory note from Southwood November 1996. together with matters, Council thanks, on Correspondence 1958-1967 on Field Studies, Southwood’s appointment to Editorial Panel and his draft for the Editorial of its first number (May 1959), correspondence on work submitted for publication etc. at other Field Centres on courses, Dale Fort, Pembrokeshire 1959-1964. Correspondence with Wardens etc. publications etc. Correspondence with University of London Department of Extra-Mural Studies 1951-1963 on Natural History Courses, held mainly at Flatford Mill but also at Juniper Hall Dorking. Invitations and re-appointments, students’ work for Certificate of Proficiency etc. Correspondence 1949-1963, 1977, principally with Wardens at Flatford Mill, on Insect Biology Courses, papers for publication in Field Studies. Miscellaneous. Preston Montford, Shrewsbury 1963. Slapton le Field, Kingsbridge 1967. Juniper Hall, Dorking 1956-1959. Orielton, Pembrokeshire 1979. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations Letters participants in Flatford Mill courses 1951-1970. requests for thanks, further of advice and information from GAME CONSERVANCY TRUST 1977, 1982-1994 Southwood was a Trustee, elected a Vice-President in March 1986 and an Honorary Life Member in July 1986. General correspondence on affairs of the Trust, Southwood’s election as Vice-President and Honorary Life Member, meetings and publications, fund- raising campaign via Habitat Research Trust (g.v.) which Southwood was invited to join July 1990. HABITAT RESEARCH TRUST 1990-1992 This was a registered charity set up in 1990 to collect and allocate funds arising from the Game Conservancy Trust's fund-raising campaign (q.v.). Includes from Conservancy Trust, accounts and report for first year of Trust’s work. applications proposals research funding, for Game to 1952-1991 1952-1978. INSTITUTE OF BIOLOGY student membership 1952, Miscellaneous general correspondence and papers. Includes Southwood’s election Fellowship (initially declined) 1967. conferences, appointments etc. Recruitment drives, statistics on UGC cuts in university biology, meetings, 1981-1991. and to T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations INSTITUTION OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH OFFICERS, later CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH 1984-1994 Southwood was an Honorary Vice-President from 1984 (renewed 1991). He took an active interest in the affairs of the Institution, attending, chairing or speaking at its meetings and conferences whenever possible and commenting on its programmes and initiatives. Correspondence with colleagues and with on environmental matters in UK and Europe, courses in environmental health, seminars and meetings, invitation (declined) to chair the proposed Noise Council of the Institution 1986, notification September 1994 of change of name and status. officers of the Institution Conferences and symposia attended by Southwood are documented in Section H. INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR ECOLOGY (INTECOL) 1977, 1990-1994 1977 is speakers for Second Correspondence and papers on teaching programmes at Correspondence International Congress of Ecology, New Zealand. on programme and INTERNATIONAL CENTRE OF INSECT PHYSIOLOGY AND ECOLOGY (ICIPE) Correspondence and papers 1990-1994 include Southwood’s election to Board of Intecol 1990, draft paper ‘Reflections on the future of Intecol’ by W. Haber (President) 1992, organisation of Sixth International Congress of Ecology, Manchester 21-26 August 1994. Southwood was on the Advisory Board and gave the opening address (manuscript draft included). formation of ‘Friends of ICIPE’. 1982-1993 ICIPE, and T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations LINNEAN SOCIETY OF LONDON 1960-1967, 1984-1993 Early correspondence includes Southwood’s election to membership 1960, nomination for Council 1967 (declined from pressure of commitments). He later served on Council and as Vice-President 1982-1984. Later correspondence includes award to him of Linnean Medal for Zoology 1988. G.52-G.59 NATURAL ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH COUNCIL (NERC) 1977-1993 The material deals with several discrete aspects of the Council’s affairs with which Southwood was concerned. They are presented in chronological order. Southwood served on the Terrestrial Life Sciences Grants Committee of NERC as Member 1971-1972 and Chairman 1972-1976; there are no papers relating to this in the present collection. G.52-G.55 1977. 1981-1983. Southwood served on the Advisory Committee. NERC Unit for Invertebrate Virology, later Institute of Virology Oxford 1977- 1987. Agenda, programme, information on personnel and research in hand, for Unit Advisory Committee meeting 1977. Invitation to Southwood to act as chairman of re-organised Committee, naming of ‘Tinsley Building’ after recently-retired Institute Director. university. other departments and with Research at Institute, collaboration with 1983-1985. Appointments. 1985-1987. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations Research Programmes Correspondence 1986-1987 with NERC and with colleagues in UK and abroad, on Council's support for ecological work. Correspondence 1987-1988 on joint Agriculture and Environment Research Programme ‘Multidimensional modelling of a farm ecosystem,’ and the possible relocation of an NERC staff member to the Department of Zoology (not proceeded with). Population Biology Review Group Correspondence and papers 1987-1993. Southwood was a member of the Group but was rarely and comments on Review Group’s findings. attend meetings. Includes notes able to An Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Population Biology was set up at Silwood Park, and Southwood chaired its Advisory Board from 1993. General correspondence on NERC affairs 1977-1990 NATURE CONSERVANCY COUNCIL (NCC) 1985, 1988-1990 Correspondence 1985 is renewed invitation to serve on Council (declined from pressure of work). Southwood served on the Council’s Advisory Committee on Science 1981- 1983 (see letter of January 1985) but no documents survive for this. Correspondence, drafts and papers 1989-1990 are on re-organisation of NCC, especially its science base, and submission to Secretary of State for Environment (C. Patten) and other bodies. The NCC was wound down in 1991 consequent upon the Environment Protection Act 1990. Election to Membership 1987 NORWEGIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCE AND LETTERS T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations PONTIFICAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES 1991-1994 Southwood was nominated an Ordinary Member of September 1992 and formally admitted at an Audience in October. the Academy in Letter of election, arrangements for Audience, biographical information, Southwood’s note on his career and primary scientific concerns. G.63-G.71 RHODES TRUST 1986-1995 Southwood was invited to become a Trustee in March 1986. General correspondence with the Secretaries, Trustees and others on the affairs and policy of the Trust, relations with Rhodes Scholars Associations and Committees in USA and elsewhere, meetings, appointments etc. Notes etc have been of meetings, applications for support, retained. reports on visits 1986. January - June 1987. 1990, 1992. January - June 1989. July - September 1987. Not used. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations 1995, 1997. G.72-G.81 ROYAL ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON 1948-1995 Southwood was elected a Fellow in 1948, at the age of sixteen (see A.7, A.12). He published many papers in the Proceedings or Transactions of the Society, the earliest in 1949. He was nominated President for 1983-1985, during which period the Society its Royal Charter. celebrated its 150th Anniversary and the Centenary of Southwood remarks the Commemorative Symposium (Bibliog. 140b) and the Centenary 140a, Lecture, on ‘Insect communities’ (Bibliog. 145). concluding opening gave and the at Conferences and meetings of the Society attended by Southwood are in Section H. Lectures are in Section E. 1948-1957. Southwood’s election publications. as Fellow 1948, correspondence on papers and 1959-1963. 1965-1969, 1977-1978. Publications by Southwood and others. Insect conservation, Southwood’s appointment as Chairman of symposium committee 1967. Anniversary Lecture (Bibliog. 145). Invitation to give Biological Council Award lecture during commemorative celebrations, nomination as President. Meetings, correspondence, manuscript of Southwood’s opening and closing remarks at commemorative symposium (Bibliog. 140a, 140b), and of his July - August 1982, January - June 1983. July - December 1983. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations 1984. Meetings, affairs of the Society's Library, letter from T. Lewis on his election to Presidency in succession to Southwood. Project Wallace. This was a major year-long scientific expedition, January-December 1985, in the forest of Sulawesi (Indonesia) by Royal Entomological Society in collaboration with the Indonesia Institute of Sciences (LIP). It formed part of the activities to celebrate the Society’s 150th Anniversary aad Centenary of its Royal Charter, and also to commemorate Alfred Russell Wallace (1823-1913). As President of the Society, Southwood was ex officio a member of the Project Wallace Committee. runs material The studies, reconnaissance visits, preliminary planning and budgeting, fund-raising, committee meetings, correspondence on organisation and on scientific projects. 1981-1988 feasibility includes and_ 1986-1995. January - August 1985. December 1984 - February 1985. Correspondence and papers on the award of the Wigglesworth Medal, presented by H.M. the Queen at the Commemorative Reception jointly to J.S. Kennedy and M.L. Rothschild. Correspondence, mainly on the Commemorative Reception and Royal visit 30 May (includes programme and letter of thanks), but also on general affairs of the Society. See also A.64. Southwood was elected to the Fellowship in 1977, served on Council and as Vice-President 1982-1984, and again on Council from 1996. ROYAL SOCIETY G.82-G.103 1977-1995 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations G.82-G.86 Correspondence and Committees, 1977-1993 G.82 General correspondence on Society affairs 1977, 1982-1983, including Southwood’s election to Council. Correspondence, especially to Aldabra 1983-1985. reports and papers relating to the Seychelles and Southwood served on the Board of Trustees for the Seychelles Islands Foundation to December 1985. Correspondence 1985-1986 on possible visit by Southwood to China to study insects on Buddleia davidii. Correspondence 1993 on setting-up of a Working Group of the ICSU Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment, on radiation from Nuclear Test Explosions (SCOPE-RADTEST). Southwood accepted an invitation to chair the Group. G.87-G.103 G.87 Elections, 1977-1995 Brief correspondence on publications and meetings 1987-1994. 1977. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations 1990, 1991. Brief correspondence only. Southwood was a member of the Advisory Council. SAVE BRITISH SCIENCE 1991-1992 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations G.104, G.105 SOUTH LONDON ENTOMOLOGICAL AND NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY later BRITISH ENTOMOLOGICAL AND NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY 1947-1995 The earliest surviving correspondence with officials of the Society dates from 1947 when Southwood, then sixteen, was already a member. In 1953 he was elected to the Publications Committee, serving for over forty years. In 1995 he became a ‘Special Life Member’ in acknowledgement of 50 years of membership. 1947-1964. General Society, publications, specimens, lectures and papers by Southwood etc. correspondence affairs the the on of meetings, 1980-1987,1993, 1995. Mainly Transactions. on the future and policy of the Society's Proceedings and Letter of 1995 informs Southwood of his attaining the category of Special Life Member after 50 years of membership. including invitation 1982-1986 1982-1986, G.107-G.109 SYSTEMATICS ASSOCIATION TEMPLETON COLLEGE OXFORD Miscellaneous (declined) to Southwood to serve as President for 1983. correspondence The Association was founded in 1937, for the study of systematics in relation to general biology and evolution. Management Studies at Oxford. Correspondence and papers 1988-1993, on management studies at Oxford University, based at Templeton College. Mainly comments on See also C.135-C.144. ‘Moser Report’ 1988-1993 on the future of brief 1988. the T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations Includes arrangements for 1989. Sir John Templeton (chief benefactor of the College, after whom it was named) and the ‘American Deans’ who were to review the work of the College. Itinerary, reports, meetings. visit by 1993. Council and Executive Committee meetings. G.110-G.124 WILDLIFE CONSERVATION RESEARCH UNIT 1983-1996 The Unit, based in the Department of Zoology Oxford, aimed to ‘undertake original research on aspects of fundamental biology relevant to solving problems of wildlife conservation and environmental management’. 1982, working on D.W. Macdonald, Director of the Unit, had led a productive research team in the Department since the University Field Station at Wytham and also at many overseas locations. Southwood fund-raising negotiations whose eventual success allowed in 1986 a Fellowship in Wildlife Management and Conservation to be established at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, Macdonald being appointed. projects based at significant protracted played local role the a in of trusts charitable fund-holders, May - October 1984. January - April 1984. November-December 1983. The material includes discussion papers, budgets, formal and informal applications, and correspondence mainly with Macdonald but also with colleagues, administrators and foundations, college authorities and the like. January - October 1986. September - December 1985. January - May 1985. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations March - July 1987. January - August 1988. January - June 1989. April - September 1990. February - April 1991. June - July 1992. March - September 1993. January - June 1994. WORLD WILDLIFE FUND 1985, 1991 July - December 1995, 1996. Includes Macdonald’s introduction ‘The WildCRU - a history’, a ten-year review of the Unit’s work, with an account of his and Southwood’s fund- raising struggles. (Photocopy). Correspondence 1985, 1991 on World Wildlife Fund projects and funding. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Societies and organisations ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON 1968-1989 Includes Southwood’s election as Scientific Fellow 1968, the award to him of the Society’s Scientific Medal 1970, research projects, service on Council 1984-1988, invitation to serve as President in succession to Sir William Henderson Vice- Chancellor). (declined pressure of work as Oxford 1989 from Material relating to the Scientific Medal and T.H. Huxley Award of the Society is at S.237, S.238. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 SECTION H VISITS AND CONFERENCES The material covers the period 1960-1995. It includes both UK and overseas conferences. It may comprise major extended visits as Visiting Professor involved in lectures and teaching such as those to Mexico (H.2), California (H.3, H.4), South Africa (H.32, H.33) or Cornell (H.53-H.58) or shorter visits to give papers or invitation lectures or to chair meetings. Some of the folders include notes, information or drafts for lectures, but some deal primarily with practical arrangements for travel, lecture topics, or meetings preceding or following a conference, as well as correspondence with colleagues and organisers. Many of the drafts and texts in Section E relate to papers given at these conferences. Cross-references are given when known, as are references to published papers listed in Southwood’s Bibliography at A.2. Although the material here is considerable, it does not cover all Southwood’s extensive travel arrangements. as member of advisory boards and particular, many of In his official visits committees are documented in the relevant sections. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Visits and conferences 11th International Congress of Entomology Vienna, Austria, 1960. Drafts and papers for Southwood’s contribution. His paper was published in the conference proceedings as insect-host tree relationship: a new approach’ (Bibliog. 46) and is regarded by Southwood as one of his most important contributions to the subject. ‘The evolution the of The folder includes manuscript drafts for the published paper, a reading script on ‘Migration - an evolutionary necessity for denizens of temporary habitats’, and two shorter pieces on ‘The relationship of the habitat to the frequency of dispersive movement in terrestial arthropods’ and ‘Insect dispersal in relation to crop infestation’ perhaps also related to Bibliog. 48. Visit to Mexico, August - September 1964. This was a British Council sponsored visit, by Southwood and P. Burt of Rothamsted Experimental Station, the Colegio de Post-Graduados, Chapingo, comprising extended lecture courses and a field trip. to Correspondence thanks, Southwood’s reports on his visit, to the British Council and, at his request, to the Director of the Colegio. arrangements, 1964-1965 letters on of Professor in the Visiting Associate Department See also B.4, B.10. Visit to California, USA, 1964-1965. See E.41-E.44 for lectures, notes on field trip, etc. Correspondence 1964-1965 on financial arrangements. Southwood was of Entomology and Parasitology at the University of California at Berkeley, under the Fulbright Educational and Cultural Exchange Program. See E.45-E.53 for lecture and teaching material for period at California. Correspondence 1965 on arrangements for visits and lectures at various universities in USA and Canada, given by Southwood in course of his return journey from California. Includes offer to Southwood of Professorship at University of Kansas. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Visits and conferences Conference on ‘Concepts of Pest Management’, North Carolina State University at Raleigh, USA, 25-27 March 1970. Southwood gave a keynote paper with M.J. Way on ‘Ecological background to the conference volume (Bibliog. 79). pest management’ which was published in Correspondence 1969-1971 with organisers R.L. Rabb and F.E. Guthrie, invitation, programme, participants, visa arrangements for Raleigh and for Southwood’s visit to Georgia Southern College following the conference. travel and Southwood’s notes for manuscript and amended versions for published volume, arrangements. his paper, and of contributions to discussions, publication See also E.61. Annual Third Habitat Management’, Tall Timbers Research Station, Tallahassee, Florida, USA, 25-27 February 1971. ‘Ecological Animal Conference, Control on by with E.V. 1970-1971 organisers See E.67 for manuscript of Southwood’s lecture. Correspondence W. Whitcomb, arrangements, conference programme annotated by Southwood, travel schedule. Komarek and Correspondence 1970-1971 with colleagues, friends and former students on visits to Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados after conference. Southwood gave a paper on ‘Farm management in Britain and its effect on animal populations’, which was published in the conference volume (Bibliog. 81). of lecture topics, Southwood’s report on his visit. This was a British Council supported visit under the Foreign University Interchange Scheme, originally planned for 1970, but deferred to 1971. Correspondence 1969-1971 with colleagues and with British Council, choice Agricultural University of Wageningen, Netherlands, 3-4 May 1971. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Visits and conferences World Health Organization (WHO) Scientific Group on Vector Ecology, Geneva, Switzerland, 6-10 December 1971. Southwood spoke on ‘Principles of population assessment and its practical significance’. Correspondence, draft of Group’s report, later published as Tech. Rep. Ser. 501, 1972. See also E.72. Meeting on International Affairs, Chatham House, London, 21 June 1971. ‘Regional Management of Rhine’, the Royal Institute of Southwood and G.R. Conway presented a paper on ‘Man’s effect on the ecology of the Rhine basin’ which was published after considerable delay in the published volume (Bibliog. 89). Programme of meeting, brief correspondence 1975 about publication. H.12-H.16 International Congress of Entomology, Canberra, Australia, 22-30 14th August 1972. visit WHO Research Units in Southwood gave a paper on ’Economic aspects of pest management strategies and decisions’, published in collaboration with G.A. Norton in the conference volume (Bibliog. 85). Correspondence 1970-1974 with organisers on Conference arrangements, symposia and papers, information, programme, synopsis of Southwood and Norton’s paper, publications arrangements. He undertook a complex itinerary of visits and lectures, going out via India to Delhi and Bangkok, and returning via Samoa to San Francisco and North Carolina. Similar material for visits to Samoa and USA, miscellaneous itineraries. Correspondence with colleagues to arrange visits on outward journey and in Australia, includes some invitations declined. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Visits and conferences Notes and draft for Southwood and Norton’s paper. Also manuscript draft for a lecture by Southwood on ‘Insects and birds’. (Given at a conference at Edward Grey Institute, Oxford but kept with Canberra material). See also E.77. E.79 may also refer. Correspondence with colleagues and information sent to Southwood in preparation for conference paper. World Joint Organisation (WHO/FAO) meeting on Use of Insect Viruses, Geneva, Switzerland, 22-27 November 1972. Organisation/Food Agriculture Health and Brief correspondence from Southwood about the meeting (not otherwise documented). Visit to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 26 April - 10 May 1973. Southwood was an external examiner at the University of Dar es Salaam, and also visited Cotton Research Corporation stations. part of with colleagues, invitation, See also E.81. Correspondence, including proposed later visits for 1974. Correspondence 1974-1975 participants, letters of thanks. Southwood’s paper on ‘Dynamics of insect populations’, was published in the conference volume (Bibliog. 90). the Centennial Symposium on Celebration of Entomology at Cornell University, New York, USA, 14-15 October 1974. ‘Insects, Science and Society’, See E.89 for draft of lecture. Southwood gave the Opening Plenary Address, on ‘Entomology and Mankind’, which was published in the conference volume (Bibliog. 97). A shorter version appeared in American Scientist, 65 (Bibliog. 96). He also contributed a paper on ‘Ecology of migration and diapause’ to a conference symposium on ‘Evolution of escape in space and time’. 15th International Congress of Entomology, Washington D.C., USA, 20-27 August 1976. programme, H.19-H.21 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Visits and conferences Correspondence 1973-1976 with organisers and colleagues, funding and travel arrangements. invitation, Correspondence with editors and colleagues 1976-1977, on publications, including Southwood’s concluding remarks on ‘Escape in space and time’. Correspondence preparation for paper. with colleagues, mainly requesting information in H.22-H.24 International meeting on ‘Insect behaviour and the signals coming from the trophic Recherche Scientifique, Tours, France, 13-18 September 1976. organised National “milieu” Centre de la ‘, by Southwood gave a paper on ‘The stability of the trophic milieu, its influence on the evolution of behaviour and of responsiveness to trophic signals’ which was published in the conference volume (Bibliog. 99). of with invitation, H.25-H.28 Correspondence programme, participants, arrangements, résumés of Southwood’s paper (in English and French). organisers, 1975-1976 Visit to Greece, Corfu and Crete, 25 October-14 November 1976. of Southwood’s Manuscript draft concluding remarks; version prepared for publication; notes and data for paper. for speaking version paper and Correspondence with colleagues, mainly sending information requested by Southwood in preparation for paper. See also E.90. Southwood was appointed consultant to the FAO project on ‘Research on Control of Olive Pests and Diseases’ in Continental Greece, Crete and Corfu. The Project Co-ordinator on site was E.C. Young. At the time of the visit E.C. Young had returned to New Zealand and B.S. Fletcher was the officer on site. (Private information from Southwood). T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Visits and conferences Correspondence with colleagues and officials 1976-1979. Invitations, arrangements, letters of thanks and continuing correspondence on project, report, specimens etc. Southwood was asked to return as consultant in 1977 and 1979, but was unable to do so because of pressure of other commitments. Notes and drafts for paper on ‘Sampling techniques ... for the olive fly’, by by Southwood and Corfu for publication in Ecological Entomology (Bibliog. 117). colleagues, submitted revised him by Reviews and reports on the project, used as information and background material. Southwood’s Report on the project, 42pp typescript, dated 16 November 1976. The visit ended only on 14 November and the report had to be written at great speed to be available at a review meeting. Visit to Texas, USA, 23 February - 18 March 1977. See also E.90, E.93-E.95. Visit to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 14 February 1978. Correspondence with colleagues 1976-1979, travel arrangements, lecture topics, letters of thanks, a few notes by Southwood and report on work in progress. Southwood gave a course of lectures at the University of Texas at Austin, and also gave a lecture at Texas A & M University on population dynamics (postponed from 1976). Hi Southwood gave the Spencer Memorial Lecture at the University of British Columbia Vancouver on 8 March, on ‘Some patterns of nature’. He also lectured at Purdue University and visited Miami before visiting colleagues at Florida State University Tallahassee 16-20 March. Brief correspondence only. Brazil Leishmaniasis Unit at Belem, Para. Visit not otherwise documented. The visit was part of a more extended visit to the the Wellcome Trust, review the work of Visit to Canada and USA, March 1978. to on behalf of T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Visits and conferences Correspondence 1976-1978 on lecture arrangements, proposed research and publication programmes, letters of thanks etc. See also E.97. H.32-H.33A Visit to South Africa, 22 January - 29 March 1979. Southwood, who was accompanied by his wife, visited Rhodes University Grahamstown as Visiting Professor, a number of other universities in Natal, Cape Province and Transvaal, and the Plant Protection Research Institutes in the Eastern Cape and Cape Provinces, including Game Parks where they had special opportunities provided by the resident research officers. Correspondence 1977-1979 on visit to Rhodes University; itinerary, plans for field trips, lectures, Ph.D. examination. Includes some research data and results. See also E.98. Correspondence and papers on Southwood on discussions and work in progress. visit to Pretoria; itinerary, reports by visit 8th Latin-American Congress of Zoology, Mérida, Venezuela, 5-11 October 1980. Southwood agreed to be a ‘Special Guest’ and to give several lectures, but was obliged to cancel from pressure of other commitments. Arrangements for to South African Sugar Association Experiment Station, Mount Edgecombe, 14-23 March, to study and advise on work on Eldana saccharina pest. Includes itinerary, notes of committee meeting attended by Southwood, related background papers and map, some annotated. de Southwood gave a paper at the Plenary Session, on ‘Environmental considerations for pesticide usage’ which was published in the conference volume (Bibliog. 116). He also spoke on the subject at the Interfaculty Center of Environmental Studies in Ghent. 33rd International Symposium on Crop Protection, Ghent, Belgium, 5 May 1981. Correspondence 1980, programme. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Visits and conferences Correspondence 1980-1981, manuscript drafts for lectures, programme, participants. includes programme for Royal Society Discussion Meeting on ‘Crop protection chemicals: directions for future development’, 18-19 ‘Environmental considerations’ (Bibliog. 113). at which Southwood spoke February Also 1981 on Institution of Environmental Health Officers 89th Environmental Health Congress, Scarborough, Yorkshire, 20-23 September 1982. Southwood opened the session on ‘Environmenta! Pollution’ with a paper on ‘Environmental pollution - individual concern and public responsibility’ (not published). Correspondence, invitations, arrangements, programme. Drafts for Southwood’s speech, all with different corrections or additions. Southwood’s conference. Conference on ‘Britain, Europe and the Environment’, Imperial College Centre for Environmental Technology (ICCET), London, 24 September 1982. Drafts of Southwood’s speech, including additions made for delivery. Southwood gave the closing paper, on ‘Priorities for the future’, which was published in the conference volume (Bibliog. 130). Correspondence with organiser (R. Macrory) 1982, information, programme, participants, text of opening address by Lord Flowers (Rector, Imperial College). jee Southwood was invited to first Sabath Memorial Lecture (on ‘Mankind and ecosystems: perturbation and resilience’) at Griffith University School of Australian Environmental Studies, Queensland. He also received an Honorary Doctorate from the University and participated in field trips and seminars. Visit to Australia, 6 March - 2 April 1983. discussions at papers and H.40-H.42 5pp manuscript notes of give the T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Visits and conferences Additionally, he visited and lectured at James Cook University of North Queensland, and also visited Townsville where his mother’s family had originated. (His great-grandfather had been Mayor, and the present Mayor gave a small reception and presented him with various photographs). Southwood’s Sabath Lecture was published as a Working Paper of the University (Bibliog. 131). See E.102 for drafts of the lecture. Correspondence February 1982 - March 1983, arrangements, abstract of lecture, information. Correspondence after visit, April-May 1983, letters of thanks, continuing research. Also includes transcript of Southwood’s interview broadcast on ABC ‘Science Show’, with emendations and corrections by him. Travel arrangements, schedules. See also E.103. ‘The origins and development of Correspondence 1982-1983, invitation, programme, arrangements. CIBA Foundation Symposium, on adaptation’, London, 12-14 April 1983. Southwood spoke on ‘Insect-plant adaptations’, his paper being published in the Symposium volume (Bibliog. 134). 3rd European Ecological Symposium, on ‘Plant-animal Interactions’, Lund, Sweden, 22-26 August 1983. See E.104 for drafts of lecture. Southwood gave the introductory talk ‘Interactions of plants and insects: patterns and processes’, and chaired the opening session. His paper was published in the conference volume (Bibliog.146). Correspondence arrangements. 1983-1984, programme, conference and _ publication T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Visits and conferences European Communities Biologists Association Workshop on ‘Biologists and Environment: The Role of the Professional’, London, 19-23 September 1983. Report only. otherwise documented. Southwood is listed as a participant. The event is not Visit to Colorado State University, USA, as CSU Visiting Distinguished Professor of Ecology, and to the University of Wyoming, for Eminent Ecologists Lecture Program, 10-22 March 1984. As well as giving lectures and seminars at these centres, Southwood visited and lectured at Utah State University. Correspondence, travel arrangements, lecture topics and notes. See also E.109. 17th International Congress of Entomology, Hamburg, West Germany, 20- 26 August 1984. ‘Insect flight, Correspondence 1983 with organisers. Southwood gave a paper on ‘The work of the Royal Commission - the roles of proof and concern in pollution policy’. Institution of Environmental Health Officers, Kent Branch, Conference on ‘Pollution in Perspective’, Dartford, 27 February 1985. Correspondence, abstract of Southwood’s paper. Also included is brief correspondence on 92nd Environmental Health Congress 23-26 September 1985 which Southwood was unable to attend. Southwood planned to attend, but declined invitations to present papers at symposia on dispersal and migration’ and ‘Classification, biology and ecology of Chloropidae (Diptera)’ and eventually was unable to go. See also J.24. Correspondence, programme, participants, chairman’s brief, Southwood’s manuscript notes for his introductory speech and of other papers given. Southwood chaired and introduced the conference as Chairman of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution. Confederation London, 14 June 1985. of British Industry Conference on ‘Controlling Waste’, T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Visits and conferences Conference on College Centre December 1985. ‘The assessment of environmental problems’, for Environmental Technology (ICCET) Imperial 16 London, Southwood spoke on ‘Lead in the environment’ and his paper was published in the conference volume (Bibliog. 152). Programme, information, participants, reading text of Southwood’s paper with underscorings and marginalia. Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 4th Annual European Meeting, on ‘Lead in the home environment: sources, transfer and exposure assessment’, Imperial College London, 17-18 April 1986. Programme, participants, Southwood’s notes on papers given and ‘Points for summary’. his Visit to University of Lund, Sweden, 29 May-1 June 1986. a ‘Plant its Southwood gave the first Per Brinck Ecology Lecture, on ‘Tactics, strategies and templets’, was accompanied by his wife. Honorary Doctorate. received also and He an for including paper on 1986-1988 arrangements See also E.119. Invitations, publication in Oikos, 52 (Bibliog. 165). correspondence Southwood gave variety Herbivorous insects’, which was published in (Bibliog. 156). Institut de Biocénotique Expérimentale des Agrosystemes (IBEAS), 6th International Syposium, on ‘Insect-plant Relationships’, Pau, France, 1-5 July 1986. [es In December 1984 Southwood was asked to let his name go forward for nomination as ‘A.D. White Professor-at-Large’, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. He accepted and was formally appointed in July 1985. Correspondence, programme, information, abstract, annotated and revised drafts of Southwood’s paper. Visit to USA, 17 August - 29 September 1986. and with the conference volume interaction H.53-H.58 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Visits and conferences The Professorships have a term of six years, requiring periods of residence of two or three weeks, lectures or ‘contacts’, and the opportunity for research. It was mutually most convenient for Southwood to make his visits September-October, though he was not able to do so every year. His first visit was in 1986, when he was accompanied by his wife; in 1987 and 1988 he visited on his own. See H.66, H.67, H.69, H.70. The visit planned for 1989 had to be cancelled because of the increasing claims on Southwood’s time of the Oxford Vice-Chancellorship. See H.71. In addition to his Cornell visit in August-September Southwood also fulfilled an invitation (actually pre-dating that from Cornell, see H.55) from the University of Virginia, Charlottesviile to give the Walton Lecture and to visit field stations. When travel arrangements allowed, Southwood tried to include a visit to Oxford University Press Offices in New York. See H.57, H.66, H.70. See E.120 for Southwood’s inaugural lecture as White Professor. Correspondence 1984-1985 with colleagues and staff at Cornell, nomination and election, discussion of proposed first visit in 1985 (deferred until 1986), research and general affairs at Cornell. of 29 his letter In his unexpected nomination as Vice-Chancellor of Oxford during his visit to Papua New his arrangements for Guinea (see A.119), and the possible changes in Cornell consequent on his new responsibilities. 1987, Southwood recounts April at staff Cornell colleagues and Correspondence 1984-1987 with colleagues at University of Virginia about Walton Lecture, visits to field stations etc. August - September 1986. Correspondence 1985-1987 with on arrangements for Southwood’s and Lady Southwood’s visit September lectures and seminar topics, Southwood’s election to Honorary 1986, Membership of the Ecological Society of America (December 1985, see G.35), accommodation, visa and tax, other lecture invitations, letters of thanks, draft for article on the visit. Arrangements for visit to OUP New York and correspondence arising 1986. Schedules for visits, report on activities at Cornell 1986. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Visits and conferences Correspondence 1984-1985 with colleague at University of Tennessee Knoxville, in INTECOL Symposium at Syracuse, New York. Southwood promised to give a paper but had to cancel both engagements on proposed visit participation 1986 and in 33rd Annual Conference of the Entomological Society of America, Reno, Nevada, 7-12 December 1986. Southwood gave a Plenary Address on ‘The significance of habitat on insect biology’, which was published in Bull. Ent. Soc. Amer. 33 (4) (Bibliog. 163). In October 1986 Southwood was designated a Fellow of the Society and was formally admitted at the opening session of the conference. Correspondence 1986-1988. congratulation on election as Fellow, letters of thanks etc. Invitation, arrangements, itinerary, letters of H.60-H.62 Visit to Oman, Malaysia and Singapore, 7 March - 12 April 1987. well See also E.129. of engagements during Itineraries and schedules, correspondence with OUP 1986-1987. Correspondence with Sultan Qaboos University Muscat Oman 1986-1987. Southwood undertook a complex series this He gave lectures or seminars at universities in Muscat extended visit. Oman, Papua New Guinea, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, as as visiting Oxford University Press Offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. (In Singapore he was joined by his wife, who had been on an extended visit to Australia). The visit also included an extended stay at the Christiansen Research Institute, Madang, Papua New Guinea (q.v). See also E.123. Correspondence with universities of Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and Singapore, 1986-1987. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Visits and conferences Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University, California, Conference on Theoretical Ecology, Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, California, USA, 17-20 May 1987. Southwood participated but did not deliver a paper. Conference, participants, (annotated by Southwood). programme, ‘Rationale’, discussion papers Institution Congress, Brighton, Sussex, 7-10 September 1987. of Environmental Health Officers 94th Environmental Health Southwood, who was a Vice-President, chaired part of the Conference. Invitation, programme, brief correspondence. Royal College of Pathologists 25th Anniversary Banquet, London, 10 September 1987. Southwood proposed the toast to the College. Programme of event, participants, manuscript of Southwood’s speech. Visit to New York and Cornell University, USA, 16 September - 4 October 1987. Correspondence with colleagues and staff at Cornell on Southwood’s ‘A.D. lecture topics, accommodation, other invitations, White Professor’ visit, letters of thanks. Includes letter from Oxford University Press, New York about Southwood’s visit there. Correspondence, ‘Agenda’, sponsors. ‘The Burning Issue’ Conference, Wadham College Oxford, 16-20 December 1987. Southwood spoke at the conference. See also E.123. Itinerary, ‘Student-Faculty Contacts’ at Cornell, information. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Visits and conferences H.69-H.71 Visit to New York and Cornell University, USA, 11-29 September 1988. H.69 Correspondence 1987-1988 with Southwood’s ‘A.D, White Professor’ visit, invitations. groups, discussion on affairs at Cornell, and at Oxford. accommodation, colleagues other at and staff on lectures, colloquia, discussion general Includes Cornell some See also E.132. Correspondence with OUP New York, on Southwood’s visit on his way to Cornell, Southwood’s report and correspondence arising. Correspondence White Professor visit 11-30 September 1989, which he was obliged to cancel because of pressure of commitments at Oxford. Southwood’s 1988-1989 projected ‘A.D. on Includes a little continuing correspondence and letters of thanks 1990-1995. on his ‘The today yesterday, environment - Visit to McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 5-8 November 1988. Visit to Sweden, 28 December 1988. Southwood gave the Guest Lecture, on ‘Environment and human disease - an evolutionary perspective’, at the annual meeting of the Swedish Society for Developmental Biology at the Karolinska Institutet. Correspondence 1988, invitation, arrangements, information, manuscript of Southwood’s address, and tomorrow’. Southwood, who was accompanied by wife, received an Honorary Degree at the Founder's Day Fall Convocation, 8 November, and delivered the Convocation Address. Southwood was in the ‘Ecological effects group’ of the conference. Global Climate Change Conference (organised by Center for Environmental Research, Cornell University), New York, USA, 28 February - 3 March 1989. Correspondence 1988, invitation, programme. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Visits and conferences 1988-1989, Correspondence of ‘ecological effects group’, information, Southwood’s manuscript notes of speeches and papers by others, drafts for statements or recommendations with manuscript additions or emendations by him. arrangements, participants invitation, Visit to Georgia Southern College, Statesboro, Georgia, USA, 13-14 April 1989. Southwood gave the LeConte Lecture. Brief correspondence, travel schedule (combined with Carolina and National Academy of Sciences, Washington). visits to North See also E.136. 126th Annual Meeting National Academy of Sciences, Washington D.C., USA, 23-26 April 1989. Southwood had been elected a Foreign Associate in 1988 and this was the occasion of the formal introduction. Programme, information. Includes notification of election 1988. See also A.134-A.137. Ciba Foundation Discussion Meeting on ‘Biological Research after 1992’, London, 7 June 1989. Southwood chaired the meeting and gave the introduction and concluding remarks (Bibliog. 173a). Programme, Southwood’s manuscript notes for his introductory remarks and of papers given by others at the meeting, copy of Ciba Bulletin 24 in which a note of the meeting appeared. and future suggestions by Southwood and J. Porritt. ‘Rainforest Dinner’, with HRH The Prince of Wales, Highgrove House, 8 June 1989. Correspondence 1989, briefing statements, agenda, notes of discussions T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Visits and conferences Planet Earth Symposium, Paris, France, 12-13 June 1989. Southwood participated in Working Group VII ‘Dynamics of ecosystems and living species: emergencies and sanctuaries’, and in Panel 3 ‘Ecology and economy’. Invitation, programme, participants, Southwood’s outline topics for working group, guidelines for working groups (ateliers) and panels (tables rondes), letter from Southwood reporting on meeting. Visit to Montpellier, France, 19-20 June 1989. Southwood was invited by Section 32 Comité National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) to membership of the evaluating scientific committee for et Ecologiques (CEPE) ‘Louis Emberger at Montpellier. Phytosociologiques Laboratory d’Etudes Centre CNRS the Correspondence, arrangements, copy of committee’s conclusions. Includes some continuing correspondence on Acta Oecologica (q.v.). Reports on CEPE. - evidence for Correspondence 1988-1989, programme. Southwood chaired the session on ‘Long-term effects environmental causes’. United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority Conference on ‘Medical response to effects of ionising radiation’, London, 28-30 June 1989. Departments of Plant Sciences and Zoology, Oxford and the Linnean Society of London, Symposium on ‘Interactions between ants and plants’, Oxford, 6-8 July 1989. Programme, participants, abstracts. Southwood spoke at the Symposium Dinner. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Visits and conferences Royal Society Discussion Meeting, on ‘Regulation and relative abundance of plant and animal populations’, London, 23-24 May 1990. The organisers were R.M. May and M.P. Hassell. as Chairman. Draft programme, invitation introductory remarks appeared in the published volume (Bibliog. 179). to Southwood to act His Royal Society Discussion Meeting, on Strategies’, London, 17-18 October 1990. ‘The Evolution of Reproductive The organisers were Southwood, P.H. T.H. Clutton-Brock had originally been included, but dropped out because of a conflict of dates. Partridge; Harvey, Linda approval Correspondence 1989-1990 with colleagues and Royal Society, proposal and speakers, programme, abstracts, for Southwood’s introductory remarks published in Phil. Trans. B, 332 (Bibliog. 185). arrangements, participants, conference, manuscript invitations draft for to Aspen Institute Conference on ‘Financing Environmental Reform in Eastern Europe’, Berlin, Germany, 31 January - 2 February 1993. Hall Invitation, discussions. Brief correspondence only with Southwood’s concluding remarks (Bibliog. 187). 1989-1990, participants, Southwood’s manuscript notes of speeches and The organisers, and editors of the published volume (Chapman & 1992), were A.D. Bradshaw, Southwood and F. Warner. Royal Society Discussion Meeting on ‘Technology in the Third Millennium: the environment (Approaches to the handling and treatment of wastes),’ London, 21-22 February 1990. Correspondence only. United Nations Environmental and Development - UK Committee (UNED- UK) Conference on ‘Sustaining Developments since the Earth Summit’, London, 27 November 1995. Bradshaw, draft A.D. of T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Visits and conferences Invitations to conferences, symposia, workshops etc declined 1977-1995. Southwood’s ‘Report on visit to Romania to review on behalf of British Council proposals for teaching Environmental Sciences 17-20 November 1993’, brief correspondence. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 SECTION J ROYAL COMMISSION ON ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION J.1-J.33 Southwood was a Commissioner on the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (RCEP) from July 1974 to 30 June 1981, and Chairman in succession to H.L. (Sir Hans) Kornberg from July 1981 to 31 December 1985, when he took up his appointment as Chairman of the National Radiological Protection Board (q.v.). His successor as Chairman was J. (Lord) Lewis. The Secretary of the RCEP during Southwood’s Chairmanship, with whom much of the correspondence is exchanged, was T.E. Radice. The following major Reports were prepared and published during Southwood’s Chairmanship: Lead in the environment 1983 Tackling pollution - experience and prospects 1984 Managing waste - a duty of care 1985 In addition, several research projects were launched or in hand. The material covers the period 1974-1996. Items J.6-J.32 are a sequence of general A small group of committee papers relating to Southwood’s Chairmanship, with briefings and annotations, is included at J.33. correspondence and papers, presented as far as possible in chronological order, conducted with officials, Commissioners, colleagues and others, dealing with all aspects of the Commission’s activities. Attention is drawn in the individual entries to matters of specific interest. Southwood’s copies of official papers, minutes etc throughout this period were deposited at the Imperial College Centre for Environmental Technology (prior to 1981) and at the Environmental Change Unit, Oxford. GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS J.1-J.5 APPOINTMENTS AND PERSONAL J.6-J.33 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution APPOINTMENTS AND PERSONAL 1974-1988 Correspondence 1974 on Southwood’s appointment as Commissioner, and renewal 1978. Royal Warrant and correspondence 1981 on Southwood’s appointment as Chairman. the independence, membership and staffing of the Commission. Southwood’s summary Includes views his on_ of Letters of congratulation on appointment. Correspondence with Chairman) 1981, 1983. H.L. Kornberg (Southwood’s predecessor as Appointments, promotions of secretaries, scientific officers etc at RCEP and Department of the Environment 1981-1986. with colleagues and officials on 1980-1996 membership May 1981 - January 1982. 1980 (one letter only, on Cmnd. 7644). GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS and Includes membership lists, charts of service, Correspondence appointments to RCEP. biographical information 1981-1985, 1988. Commission, n.d. [early 1982]. Manuscript draft and notes for a lecture by Southwood on the work of the November 1981 - January 1982. On 2, 4, 5-T. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution July - September 1982. meeting Residential Arrangements, information. discuss the form Environment). at Merton September. The main purpose of the meeting was to the and content of RCEP’s Ninth Report (Lead in College Oxford, 6-8 Letters of thanks received after meeting. Drafts, notes, comments for RCEP Report on lead. 1983. Various dates 1982- Continuing correspondence and papers on lead 1983-1984. Includes press release on Ninth Report, press and official comment. September - October 1983. Previous, current and projected reports of RCEP, meetings, representations. November 1983. December 1983. January - February 1984. Includes notes for meeting with Secretary of State (K. Baker) 1 December. Includes drafts and revisions for concluding chapter of Tenth Report, topics for inclusion in Eleventh Report (on Waste). for visit to GLC Waste Management Facilities, 5 April 1984. Includes draft press by Southwood) for Tenth Report ‘Tackling Pollution - Experience and Prospects’, arrangements for press conference, early press reactions. Mainly representations and suggestions for projects. Includes arrangements March 1984. notice (revised T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution Press reactions to Tenth Report 1984. April - September 1984. Includes arrangements for visit to waste disposal sites in Essex, 5 July. Visit to West Midlands, 19-21 September 1984. Arrangements, information, programme, press notice, Southwood’s notes. October - December 1984. Includes correspondence and arrangements for House of Lords debate on Tenth Report; meetings with members of Chinese Society of Environmental Scientists and with Royal Society of Canada’s Commission on Lead in the Environment (in Toronto). April 1985 3 May 1985. June 1985. February-March 1985. Waste management, air pollution, possible visits to Germany and Brussels etc. Papers and Southwood’s notes for seminar ‘A constitutional commission for Britain?’ April, Southwood’s extensive notes on dustbin emptying in Germany (taken during visit), and other correspondence. See also H.48. Various problems of waste management, letters on CBI Conference on ‘Controlling Waste’. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution July 1985. The Commission met at Oxford at documented here only by a letter of thanks. the end of July but the visit is August - October 1985. (M.W. Includes Southwood’s Holdgate) on review meeting at Oxford, arrangements for Southwood to address All-Party Parliamentary Group on Management. See also E.116. Departmental Scientist report Chief to November - December 1985. Includes minutes of Commission’s meeting of 5 December, the last under Southwood’s Chairmanship; some press comments on Eleventh Report; draft for Southwood’s speech on ‘Lead in the Environment’. See H.49. Miscellaneous drafts management. and ideas for RCEP Eleventh Report on waste Includes ministerial January-March 1986. March-December 1986. Correspondence and comments on Eleventh Report. letter of thanks. Includes invitation (declined) to serve on UK Committee for European Year of the Environment. Includes note by Southwood on study of lead and swan mortality. 1987 (one letter only), February-October 1988. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution 1989. Includes correspondence on the future organisation of RCEP. 1993-1996. Miscellaneous brief correspondence. Agendas, chairman’s briefings, comments on evidence, minutes annotated by Southwood etc. 1983- September 1985. for RCEP meetings. Various dates April T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 SECTION K NATIONAL RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION BOARD Southwood was appointed Chairman (part-time) of the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB), of which he had been a member since 1980, from 1 November 1985, in succession to F.S. (Lord) Dainton. The date was chosen to enable Southwood to complete his work as Chairman of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (g.v.). His appointment expired in September 1993 but was extended for a further year, to 30 September 1994. His successor was Sir Keith Peters. The Directors of the NRPB during Southwood’s Chairmanship were H.J. Dunster and R.H. Clarke. Prior to 1986 there had been a measure of antagonism to ‘Green’ organisations at the NRPB, while those organisations were suspicious of NRPB’s objectivity. See especially K.5. Southwood established an ‘Environmental Issues Panel’, to which were invited Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace International and other relevant organisations with a more professional basis (e.g. the Faculty of Occupational Health of the Royal College of Physicians, the British Ecological Society, The Institute of Biology, and the Institute of Environmental Health Officers). Initially the annual meetings were held at Imperial College as ‘neutral’ academic ground, but later were held at the Board. The ‘Green organisations’ were especially concerned about the effect of low level radiations and planned Material relating to this Hammersmith Hospital London 24-25 November 1986. Southwood agreed to be Chairman, and the a major ‘International conference on the Biological Effects of lonising Radiation’, to be held at and Health and includes Southwood’s opening and concluding remarks. during and following his service with NRPB. These will be found at the appropriate date in sections E and conference, including preliminary setting-up information, correspondence with colleagues and participants by Southwood together with his papers on NRPB and has therefore been kept as an entity here at K.5-K.9. Conference Organiser was R. Russell Jones of Friends of the Earth, who edited the proceedings in Southwood attended many other conferences and discussion meetings on environmental concerns, both preceding and following the meeting, Southwood’s notes, publication arrangements and the like, was kept collaboration with Southwood. The volume was published in 1987 by John Wiley under the title Radiation interest. appointments and renewals of membership; specific research projects launched or in hand; arrangements The material covers the period 1984-1995 and is presented as far as possible in a chronological sequence It is conducted with officials, members of the Board or of other relevant It deals with many aspects of the Board’s activities: for meetings, notes of discussions etc. Attention is drawn in the individual entries to matters of specific H. of correspondence and papers. committees and boards, and colleagues. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 National Radiological Protection Board August 1984 - November 1985. Invitation to serve as Chairman, from Secretary of State for Social Services (N. Fowler), Department of Health and Social Security, negotiations with Oxford University. November 1984 - November 1985 General correspondence on organisation and membership; includes draft of NRPB’s Corporate Plan 1985-1989. March - November 1986 Includes arrangements for collaborative study by Imperial Cancer Research Fund (ICRF) Cancer Epidemiology and Clinical Trials Unit on matters of radiation epidemiology. August 1986 - March 1987 Correspondence and papers exchanged principally with W. (Lord) Marshall on proposals for the organisation of regulatory bodies, and on research on low level radiation. International Conference on the Biological Effects of lonising Radiation, organised by Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace International and held at Hammersmith Hospital London 24-25 November 1986. The organiser, and co- Southwood agreed to be Conference Chairman. editor with Southwood of the conference volume, was R. Russell Jones. The published volume, Radiation and Health, John Wiley 1987, included Southwood’s opening and concluding remarks (Bibliog. 157). Southwood’s manuscript notes of papers given at meeting. Information, programme, press release, abstracts. of Correspondence March - May 1986 with Russell Jones after letters to the Includes reference to Press by the latter attacking NRPB and its officers. establishment Southwood’s chairmanship of the conference. environmental issues panel, and to T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 National Radiological Protection Board Correspondence with colleagues and organiser, arrangements, draft and amended programme, invitations to speakers, letters of thanks. Includes drafts of Southwood’s opening and concluding remarks with comments by Russell Jones. Continuing correspondence, drafts, comments etc on Southwood’s opening and concluding conference remarks, published volume Radiation and Health, 1987. contributed to Correspondence, drafts etc., on other contributions to the published volume. December 1986 - May 1987. General correspondence, including research on radon, report on cancer incidence near nuclear installations. June - December 1987. March - October 1988. Leukaemia research funding. British Nuclear Fuels, Sellafield, 10-11 July Visit by Board members to 1989. Programmes, arrangements, participants, Southwood’s notes. General correspondence, membership, resignations, research on childhood leukaemia, article on ‘Who’s Who on the Board’. Includes Southwood’s Christmas message to NRPB staff. June - November 1990. Radon research funding. 1991. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 72/1/98 National Radiological Protection Board 1993. correspondence, General appointments (Southwood’s Chairmanship was extended for a year, to September 1994, see letter of 8 October), waste disposal, Greenpeace, RADTEST, Armenian Nuclear Power Plant, etc. including membership and Includes correspondence with his depletion, with comments by Southwood on the draft script. Russell Jones on R. film on ozone 1994-1995. Appointments, radon research. Includes ministerial letter of thanks from Secretary of State for Health (V. Bottomley). 1996. Prior options.