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Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Sir Richard Southwood FRS NCUACS catalogue no. 90/3/00 by Jeannine Alton and Timothy E. Powell T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Title: Compiled by: Jeannine Alton and Timothy E. Powell Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Sir Thomas Richard Edmund Southwood, b.1931, zoologist NCUACS catalogue no. 90/3/00 Department of Special Collections and Western Manuscripts, Bodleian Library, Oxford © 2000 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists Reference code: GB 0161 T.R.E. Southwood papers Date of material: 1947-2000 Description level: Fonds Extent of material: ca 450 items Deposited in: T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The British Crystallographic Association The Geological Society The Institute of Physics The Royal Society Trinity College Cambridge The Higher Education Funding Council for England The Wellcome Trust T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE KEEPER OF SPECIAL COLLECTIONS AND WESTERN MANUSCRIPTS THE BODLEIAN LIBRARY OXFORD T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.252-A.300 SECTION B IMPERIAL COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, LONDON B.73-B.84 SECTION C OXFORD UNIVERSITY C.145-C.228 SECTION D RESEARCH D.45-D.58 SECTION E LECTURES AND TEACHING E.162-E.171 SECTION F PUBLICATIONS AND EDITORIAL F.109-F.150 SECTION G SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS G.127-G.154 SECTION N SECTION P SECTION S N.40-N.161 0.13-0.40 SECTION H VISITS AND CONFERENCES H.90-H.95 SECTION R CORRESPONDENCE SECTION O GLAXO-WELLCOME PLC CENTRAL EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY P.58-P.61 ROUND TABLE ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT $.249-S.276 REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS R.404-R.432 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received from Sir Richard Southwood on various dates August 1999 - April 2000. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The catalogue is a supplement to that compiled in 1998 (NCUACS catalogue no. 72/1/98). The material has been arranged into sections and numbered to follow the sequence of the previous catalogue and should be used in conjunction with it. A note has also been made in the relevant entries to draw attention to the previous work. The material in this catalogue is presented in the order shown in the List of Contents; it covers the period 1947-2000. Explanatory notes, information and cross-references are appended where appropriate to the separate sections, subsections and individual entries in the body of the catalogue. The following paragraphs are intended only to draw attention to items which may be of particular interest. career and honours from 1995. student notes. Section A, Biographical and personal, includes many letters and messages of congratulation Section C, Oxford, includes continuing material on the Department of Zoology, on Merton College and on general university affairs during the period of Southwood’s Pro-Vice-Chancellorship, with special reference to external affairs and collaborative meetings, committees and electoral boards. received to mark various high points of Southwood’s career, and documentation of his continuing Section B, Imperial College London, is a short section but includes some additional early school and work on the ecology of game birds. student funded by the Agricultural Research Council, and which was later developed more fully in his publications begun at Rothamsted Experimental Station where Southwood was a full-time research Section D, Research, contains data and background material often related to early work and T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Section E, Lectures and teaching, is a short section documenting the regular teaching and examinations conducted by Southwood 1951-1963 for the University of London Department of Extra- Mural Studies Certificate of Proficiency in Natural History. Section F, Publications and editorial, is a useful complement to the previous catalogue NCUACS 72/1/98 as it includes some very early published papers and some recent (2000) publications as well as a little unpublished work. Section G, Societies and organisations, is essentially a continuation of previous material. Southwood is currently Chairman of the Lawes Trustees and of the Rhodes Trust and retains papers relating to these. Section H, Visits and conferences, is a short section, much of it related to visits and meetings concerned with sustainable development during Southwood’s chairmanship of the Round Table on Sustainable Development (fully documented in Section N). Section N, Round Table on Sustainable Development, is the most substantial addition to the previous catalogue. It provides a full account of the work of this quango of which Southwood, originally co- chairman, became sole chairman from June 1997 until his retirement in 1999. It includes full papers and chairman's briefings for the Plenary meetings and for the work of the subgroups set up to outgoing letters only. 1999. discuss and report on specific topics. Section O, Glaxo-Wellcome plc, contains material on the Group Appeals Committee on which Southwood served from 1992 and chaired 1997-1999. He retains papers relating to the Chairman’ s Award for Health, Safety and Environment on which he continues to serve as ‘environmental Section R, Correspondence, contains relatively short exchanges, some of them Southwood’ s consultant’. former students. Section P, Central European University, is a very short section, mainly correspondence with staff and There is also an index of correspondents. Section S, References and recommendations, continues the previous catalogue for the period 1995- T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Thanks are due to Sir Richard for making the material available and for his generous help in identifying and clarifying documents. Mrs Belinda Wood, Sir Richard’s secretary, has always been unfailingly helpful. Jeannine B. Alton Timothy E. Powell Oxford/Bath 2000 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.252-A.300 A.252-A.254 BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL A.255-A.285 CAREER AND HONOURS A.286-A.288 MISCELLANEOUS PERSONAL ITEMS A.289-A.300 PERSONAL AND SOCIAL CORRESPONDENCE T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Biographical and Personal A.252-A.254 BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL 1995-2000 Biographical notes 1997. Short biographical article to mark Southwood’s election as Emeritus Fellow of Merton College, by C. Kelly, Postmaster and Merton College Record 1999. Miscellaneous notes of engagements, various dates 1995, 1996. Speeches at Southwood’s ‘Retirement a photographic copy of the portrait by M. Wickham, in the Zoology Department Oxford 4 June 1999. See also C.147, C.154. unveiling Party’ and the of Curriculum vitae and list of publications prepared July 2000. All references in the catalogue to Southwood’s publications are to this list. Ideas and reflections A.255-A.285 1959-2000 Family and early days. various dates 1995-1999 CAREER AND HONOURS Eutrophication; principles of scientific research; important books in natural history; education. Miscellaneous letters re Gravesend School 1995-1997. Letter to E.W. Southwood (Southwood’s father) on the publication of Land and Water Bugs of the British Isles (Bibliog. 31) referring to early work at Parrock Manor, Southwood’s family home at Gravesend, 1959. Recollections of work with H.F. van Emden from early days at Silwood Park, prepared for a valedictory volume for H.F. van Emden 1999. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Biographical and Personal A.256-A.258 Letters and messages of congratulation on Southwood’s appointment to the Chair of Zoology and Applied Entomology, Imperial College London 1967. See also B.12 of the previous catalogue. A-F. O - W and unidentified. A.259-A.270 Letters and messages of congratulation on Southwood’s election to the Fellowship of the Royal Society 1977. See also A.64 of the previous catalogue. A. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Biographical and Personal T - W and unidentified. A.271-A.277 Letters and messages of congratulation on Southwood’s election to the Linacre Chair of Zoology, Oxford, 1978. See also C.1 of the previous catalogue. A, B. See also A.78-A.105 of the previous catalogue. cards and messages of congratulation Letters, knighthood 1983. the conferral A.278, A.279 on of a T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Biographical and Personal Career and honours 1993-1994: Membership of Evaluation Committee, Swedish National Science Research Council. Distinguished Guest, New Century Association, New York. Correspondence on Lord Lieutenancy, Oxfordshire 1995-1998. See also A.153 of the previous catalogue. Correspondence on possible non-executive directorships 1995-1998. Honorary Fellowship, Royal College of Radiologists. Career and honours 1997-1998. Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. Pontifical Academy. Career and honours 1995-1996: Earth Centre Research Council. Honorary Life Membership, UK Environmental Law Association. Membership, Scientific Committee, School of Advanced Studies, University of Pavia. Chairmanship, Office of Science and Technology Inter-Agency Committee on Global Environmental Change. Founder Fellow, Academy of Medical Sciences. Honorary Membership, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Biographical and Personal Career and honours 1999-2000: Honorary Fellowship, Kellogg College Oxford. A.286-A.288 MISCELLANEOUS PERSONAL ITEMS 1995-1999 Subscriptions and donations 1995-1999. Gifts of books, journals and material to libraries and institutions 1996-1999. Correspondence on Southwood’s correspondence and papers, 1996-1999. A.289-A.300 PERSONAL AND SOCIAL CORRESPONDENCE 1977-1999 A.290 1977-1995. 1997. A.290-A.294 Shorter personal correspondence 1977-1999. Letters of congratulation and good wishes sent by Southwood, a few with replies 1996-1999. 200b). Includes correspondence with J.R. Venables on ‘Academic Dress of the University of Oxford’, to which Southwood contributed a Foreword (Bibliog. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Biographical and Personal A.295-A.300 Social correspondence 1995-1999. A.295 Invitations accepted 1995-1999. Invitations declined 1995. Invitations declined 1996. Invitations declined 1997. Invitations declined 1998. Invitations declined 1999. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 SECTION B IMPERIAL COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, B.73 - B.84 LONDON B.73 - B.75 SOUTHWOOD’S CAREER AT IMPERIAL COLLEGE B.76 - B.80 DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY AND SILWOOD PARK FIELD STATION B.81 - B.84 LECTURES AND TEACHING T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Imperial College of Science and Technology, London B.73-B.75 SOUTHWOOD’S CAREER AT IMPERIAL COLLEGE 1963-1973 Imperial College Association of University Teachers (ICAUT) Working Party on College Organisation. The Working Party, of which Southwood was a member, was set up ‘to consider the organisation of Imperial College and to make proposals for such changes as appear to be desirable’. The Secretary of the Working Party was J.R. Singham (Department of Mechanical Engineering). Correspondence and papers January 1963 - February 1964. The material includes agendas and minutes of meetings, proposals from members of aéittle correspondence. Southwood, including Working Party, and _ the June - October 1963. November 1963 - February 1964. of a proposed ‘British Environment See also B.8 of the previous catalogue. Papers and correspondence relating to Institute’, 1972-1973. Southwood was an independent inter-disciplinary ‘Think Tank’ on environmental problems, and chaired a planning committee. largely responsible for launching the concept Material includes minutes of the second meeting of the Planning Committee 31 January 1973, application for funding to Ernest Cook Trust, accounts of two ‘consultations’ on ecological topics at St. George’s House Windsor, November 1972, February 1973. historical recollections. DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY AND SILWOOD PARK FIELD STATION This is principally correspondence relating to Silwood Park occasions and See also B.16 of the previous catalogue. B.76-B.80 1995-1998 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Imperial College of Science and Technology, London Invitation to Inaugural Lectures by M.J. Crawley (1995), H.C.J. Godfray (1996), retirement party (1996). Correspondence on recollections etc. 1997. 50th Anniversary Ball at Silwood, Southwood’s Correspondence on Southwood’s paper ‘Ecological entomology at Silwood Park’ (Antenna 21) (Bibliog. 221), 1997. Correspondence on restoration of the Manor House, 1998. other publications on Silwood Park, and on the Miscellaneous correspondence on Imperial College organisations: Centre for Population Biology (1996), Centre for Environmental Technology (1997). B.81-B.84 LECTURES AND TEACHING School and student notes See also B.32A of the previous catalogue. Local notes and diagrams made Pages from a notebook ‘Freshwater Life’. by Southwood as a schoolboy, some located at Gravesend, East Peckham Medway, some dated October, November 1947. See also B.53, E.31 of the previous catalogue. ‘Insect Anatomy, Physiology and Ecology’. lectures by R.G. Davies, N. Waloff, O.W. Richards and others 1951-1952. Folder of notes of 3rd Year See also B.47 of the previous catalogue. Lectures and courses by Southwood T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Imperial College of Science and Technology, London Notes, timetable, outline for Postgraduate Courses at Silwood Park Field Station on ‘Ecological aspects of applied entomology’, October - December 1957. Drafts for lecture or course on ‘The Ecological aspects of insect control’, September 1958. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 SECTION C OXFORD UNIVERSITY C.145-C.228 C.145-C.153 LINACRE CHAIR AND DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY C.154-C.166 MERTON COLLEGE C.167-C.191 PRO-VICE-CHANCELLORSHIP C.192-C.206 COMMITTEES AND WORKING PARTIES C.207-C.228 APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTORAL BOARDS T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Oxford University C.145-C.153 LINACRE CHAIR AND DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY 1978-1999 C.145-C.148 Southwood’s career and research C.149-C.152 Departmental correspondence C.153 Lectures and teaching C.145-C.148 Southwood’s career and research 1978, 1991-1999 See A.271-A.277 for letters of congratulation on Southwood’s appointment to the Linacre Chair in 1978. ‘Outlines of relationships’. a proposal for research on Plant/animal (especially insect) C.146, B.147 with University and Department on 1991-1995. See also C.14 of the previous catalogue. Correspondence and proposal for collaborative research to be conducted at Oxford with help from Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and Agricultural Research Council (ARC), 1978. Correspondence Southwood’s resignation of the Linacre Chair, his return to the Department as Professor of Zoology, provision of accommodation, secretarial support etc. 1991-1999. Various dates 1993-1997. Miscellaneous material, notes, entries etc. for Departmental Annual Reports relating to Southwood’s research and activities. Includes arrangements for ceremony and Southwood’s retirement 1999. unveiling of portrait to mark See also A.252, C.154. 1996-1999. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Oxford University C.149-C.152 Departmental correspondence 1995-1998 C.149 Requests to visit, work, attend lectures etc. in Department 1995-1998. See also C.11 of the previous catalogue. Correspondence with C.E.G. Trapnell on his bequests to the Department and the Trapnell Fund for Environmental Field Research in Africa, 1997- 1998. Miscellaneous correspondence on Departmental affairs 1995-1998. See also C.16 of the previous catalogue. Headship of Department 1997. Lectures and teaching 1995-1998 etc. for C.154 C.154-C.159 C.154-C.166 1986, 1995-1998 syllabus, time-tabling Correspondence Southwood’s lectures at Oxford. on arrangements, MERTON COLLEGE See also C.17 of the previous catalogue. See also C.25 of the previous catalogue. Correspondence with the artist Mark Wickham and others on Southwood’s portrait, 1995-1998. Career and personal C.165, C.166 Correspondence C.160-C.164 Merton committees C.154-C.159 Career and personal 1986, 1995-1998 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Oxford University Miscellaneous shorter correspondence with graduate students to whom Southwood was College Advisor, 1995-1996. Arrangements for Southwood to give talk on BSE to Middle Common Room (MCR), letters of thanks, 1996-1997. Lunch and dinner guests 1997, 1998. Southwood’s election as Steward of Common Room January 1998, and his resignation through ill-health September 1998. Election to Emeritus Fellowship 1998, and one earlier letter 1986. C.160-C.164 Merton Committees 1996-1998 C.160 Visiting/Research Fellowships, 1996-1998. Extended Leave Committee, 1996-1997. Warden and Tutors Committee, 1997. Appointments and re-appointments, 1996-1998. Letter asking Southwood to serve on Higher Studies Fund Committee, Research Fellowships Committee, Stipends Committee 1996. Miscellaneous shorter correspondence, 1996-1997. Possible link with University of Pavia. See also H.91. C.165, C.166 Correspondence 1996-1997 C.165 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Oxford University Warden's correspondence, 1997. C.167-C.191 PRO-VICE-CHANCELLORSHIP 1993-1999 Southwood served as Pro-Vice-Chancellor ex officio 1994-1995 and ina personal capacity 1995-1998. C.167-C.171 Career and personal C.172-C.188 University institutions and activities C.189-C.191 Campaign and development C.167-C.171 Career and personal 1995-1999 Correspondence on Southwood’s retirement from his professorship as from March 1998. 1996, and letter from the Vice-Chancellor on the the end of the See also C.130, C.132 of the previous catalogue. Correspondence on continuing re-appointments as Pro-Vice-Chancellor, functions to be undertaken etc; 1995-1997. Includes one letter continuation of Southwood’s Pro-Vice-Chancellorship to academic year 1998. See also C.118-C.125A of the previous catalogue. Miscellaneous personal letters by Southwood, of congratulation or welcome, 1997-1999. Correspondence, notes and memoranda on various aspects of University structure 1998, 1999. Letters of tribute to Southwood’s work as Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice- Chancellor, 1998-1999. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Oxford University C.172-C.188 University institutions and activities 1995-1999 An alphabetical sequence of correspondence with colleges, departments, institutions etc., in which Southwood had an involvement. Ashmolean Club, 1998. Chancellor's Court of Benefactors 1996. See also C.82 of the previous catalogue. Christensen Research Institute 1997, 1999. Re closing down of the Institute. See G.14-G.28 of the previous catalogue. Environmental Change Unit (ECU) 1996-1999. Europaeum, 1995-1998. See also C.83-C.86 of the previous catalogue Coimbra Group 1995-1996. Arrangements for Southwood to lecture. Southwood was a Governor. Oxford Centre for Environment, Ethics and Society (OCEES), based at Mansfield College, 1997-1998. Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, 1995-1999. History of Art, 1994, 1996. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Oxford University Oxford Society, 1997-1998. C.182-C.184 Pembroke College, 1996-1998. Material relating to Discussion on Academic Freedom held at Pembroke February 1998, participants, schedule, report of discussion. Material relating to meeting January 1998 on possible external research links with Pembroke. Correspondence on college funding, 1996. Vice-Chancellors’ Fund, 1998-1999. Set up to commemorate the funding initiatives of the Development Fund, to provide financial assistance to graduate students. C.187, C.188 1995-1996. 1997-1999. Westminster College 1995-1998. Miscellaneous correspondence on University affairs. 1993-1996. Miscellaneous correspondence on all aspects of the fund-raising Campaign, Development and including overseas offices. External Relations organisations, C.189-C.191 Campaign and Development 1993-1999 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Oxford University 1997. Includes discussions of review of development activity, news of overseas offices, and correspondence on benefaction by Christensen family to the Chinese Painting Gallery of the Ashmolean Museum. 1998-1999. C.192-C.206 COMMITTEES AND WORKING PARTIES 1991-1998 C.192-C.195 Oxford ‘Carrefour’ on ‘Science, Conscience et société’ 19-20 February 1993 See also C.50 of the previous catalogue. Position papers, reflections, ideas etc. for a preparatory meeting at Brussels, Belgium, 22 January 1993, and a summary record of the meeting. Information, biographical notes etc. on principal participants. Programme of Oxford meeting, Proceedings. Southwood’s manuscript notes of contributions, questions and discussions at the meeting. Minutes, report and comments (a few annotations by Southwood). Transcripts of principal speeches, and ‘Lessons of the Leiden Seminar’. ‘Carrefour at Leiden 22-23 October 1994. See also C.51 of the previous catalogue. Working party on Statutory Posts 1994-1995. Southwood was a member. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Oxford University C.198-C.204 Committee on Conflict of Interest 1996-1998 Southwood was asked to serve on the committee, which he subsequently chaired, in May 1996. Sir Peter North succeeded him as chairman in July 1998. The material constitutes a full record of the Committee’s activities for the contracts, correspondence relating to consultancies, technology transfer and ‘spin-off’ companies. submissions, background including involved, period May-December 1996. January, February 1997. March, April 1997. May 1997. June, July 1997. C.205, C.206 School of Management Studies 1991-1998. August 1997 - August 1998. Printed material relating to Oxford bioMedica. College’ November 1998. Correspondence, memoranda on environmental studies component of MBA course 1991-1995. Southwood’s memorandum ‘History of Management Studies and Templeton See also C.135-C.144 of the previous catalogue. Information on benefaction and site, July 1996. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Oxford University C.207-C.228 APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTORAL BOARDS 1995-1999 Weldon Memorial Prize 1995-1997 The prize was awarded every two years, ‘the most noteworthy contribution to the development of mathematical or statistical methods applied to problems in Biology’. for publication of Southwood was chairman of the Board of Electors. Minutes, recommendations, arrangements for presentation ceremony. C.208, C.209 Professorship of Zoology 1995-1996 Southwood was the Vice-Chancellor’s appointee on the Board of Electors and chaired the meetings. Correspondence, papers, minutes 1995-1996. Applications. Hope Chair of Zoology (Entomology) 1995-1996 the Implication of the Suspension of Papers and correspondence on the constitution of the Electoral Board and the Working Party on the Hope Professorship (Southwood was Chairman), draft and amended Report. Correspondence, information, notes of meetings, applications. The Fellowship was set up in 1995 with a benefaction from two anonymous donors ‘for the provision of a travelling fellowship for the support of field work, travel and other activity of direct benefit to the field of insect ecology’. Southwood served on the Board of Management. Varley-Gradwell Fellowship in Insect Ecology 1995-1998 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Oxford University C.212-C.214 Charles Simonyi Professorship in the Public Understanding 1995-1998 of Science The Professorship was created by a benefaction from Charles Simonyi, C.R. Dawkins being the first holder. Southwood chaired the Subcommittee appointed to oversee the funds, at Dawkins’s special request in view of his (Southwood’s) ‘supportive influence at every stage’ (see letter of 31 August 1995 included at C.212). August-November 1995. letters Includes Southwood’s Chairmanship, Note of Subcommittee meeting, 13 November, ‘Program’ proposed by benefactor. Dawkins Simonyi from from and on 1997 and one letter 1998. 1995. 1996. 1995-1998 C.215-C.217 Southwood chaired the Board of Electors. Newton-Abraham Visiting Professorship in Medical, Biological and Chemical Sciences Brief correspondence only, on Southwood’s appointment, list of Electors and previous holders. Correspondence, budgeting. Minutes, recommendations, correspondence. 1997-1998. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Oxford University American Standard Companies Professorship of Operations Management See also S.71A of the previous catalogue. Southwood chaired the Board of Electors. Brief correspondence only. Field Studies Book Prize Southwood served on the awarding committee. Brief correspondence only. C.220-C.223 Action Research Professorship of Clinical Neurology 1996-1998 Southwood chaired the Board of Electors as Pro-Vice-Chancellor. Correspondence, meetings, minutes. August - December 1996. 1997 - February 1998. March - July 1998. Applications. Correspondence. Clinical Readership in Paediatric Surgery Southwood chaired the Board of Electors. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Oxford University Directorship, University Museum of Natural History 1997-1998 Southwood chaired the Board of Electors. Correspondence, minutes of meeting. Professorship of Public Health Invitation to serve on Board of Electors (declined). May Professorship of Medicine Southwood chaired the Board of Electors as Pro-Vice-Chancellor. Correspondence, minutes, applications. Institute of Molecular Medicine 1998-1999 Southwood was invited to chair the Scientific Advisory Board. Correspondence. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 SECTION D RESEARCH D.45-D.58 The papers principally cover the period 1954-1977 and are presented in chronological order. Many consist of data related to a publication, which is identified in the form Bibliog... Pesticides and predators 1954, 1999. Correspondence and at Rothamsted Experimental Station, on insect populations in grassland and hedgerows. The work was endangered by widespread spraying and provision was granted for areas to be left untreated for this work. to Southwood’s relating papers early work Includes submissions by Southwood and C.G. Johnson and a note on the episode: ‘The obstacles to pioneering work on wild vegetation on farmlands’ by Southwood November 1999. For later research on the ecological effects of toxic pesticide spraying, see D.3-D.37 of the previous catalogue. locations and mainly 1954, related Thistle lace bugs. Terrestrial Heteroptera. dates 1950-1955 but See also F.1 of the previous catalogue. Diagram only, related to paper ‘The structure of the eggs of the terrestrial Heteroptera...’ Trans. R. Ent. Soc. Lond. 108, 1956 (Bibliog. 18). Data, diagrams, calculations, drawings, measurements of specimens at various to collaborative publication with G.G.E. Scudder ‘The bionomics and immature stages of the thistle lace bugs’ Trans. Soc. Br. Entomol, 12, 1956 (Bibliog. 17). See also D.2 of the previous catalogue. Draft, data, diagrams, calculations related to collaborative paper with N. Waloff ‘The immature stages of mirids occurring on broom...’ Proc. R. Ent. Soc. Lond. (A) 35, 1960 (Bibliog. 34). Heteroptera on broom. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Research Data, diagrams, calculations. ‘The larvae of the Heteroptera of Broom’, 8pp descriptive list and tables by Southwood. D.50-D.52 Nabidae. Drafts, data, diagrams, descriptions related to collaborative paper with D.W. Fewkes ‘The immature stages of the commoner British Nabidae’ Trans. Soc. Br. Ent. 14, 1961 (Bibliog. 38). Notes, diagrams etc. on Nabidae classified by type. Miscellaneous data and diagrams. Two drafts for paper by Southwood n.d. interpretation of population graphs, Data, change’ J. Anim. Ecol. 36, 1967 (Bibliog. 68). calculations related to ‘The Population dynamics. Draft by Fewkes 1958. See also D.38 of the previous catalogue. Notes, graphs, calculations, includes some data supplied by others 1939- 1946. Acta Tropica 32, 1975 (Bibliog. 91). Correspondence and papers on a research project by Southwood and collaborators on the symbionts of the tsetse fly, resulting in the collaborative paper with S.M. Khalaf and R.E. Sinden ‘The micro-organisms of tsetse flies’ ‘Author's reply to referee’s comments’, manuscript of paper (p.1 missing). D.55-D.58 Tsetse flies. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Research Correspondence 1971-1973 on grant applications and renewals, statements of research plans, engagement of research assistant (S.M. Khalaf), financial statements etc. Correspondence 1971-1974 with D.E. Pinnock, also working on tsetse. Draft of paper. Correspondence 1974-1977, including referees’ comments and replies, and a little post-publication correspondence. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 SECTION E LECTURES AND TEACHING E.162-E.171 The material relates to the regular teaching and examinations conducted by Southwood for the University of London Department of Extra-Mural Studies Certificate of Proficiency in Natural History. The summer practical course took place at the Flatford Mill Field Centre, Suffolk or the Juniper Hall Field Centre, Dorking, Surrey, of the Council for the Promotion of Field Studies. The material begins in 1951, when Southwood was twenty, and extends to 1963. It may include names of participants, instructions and arrangements for lectures, field exercises and examinations. Southwood’s draft lectures and teaching material are at E.171. See E.31 and G.40 of the previous catalogue. Lectures given by Southwood on sustainable development and related topics are in sections H and N. 1951. Southwood’s draft questions for practical examination. to Southwood to Invitation act as Zoology Tutor, information, 1955. 1952. for practical examination. List of students, reading list, timetable, Southwood’s draft questions Miscellaneous official reading lists, information, syllabus, regulations for the London University Certificate of Proficiency in Natural History, issued by the University. (with manuscript notes by Southwood). Question paper for practical examination (with manuscript notes by List of students, timetable, question paper for practical examination 1954. Southwood). T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Lectures and teaching 1956. many manuscript notes by Southwood, and his marksheet of results. List of students, timetable, question papers for examination, with 1957. Southwood’s marksheet of results. students, timetable, List of question papers for examination, 1962. Invitation, list of students, timetable. 1963. List of students, timetable. student’s proposed research project, n.d., latest reference 1963. Included here is Southwood’s report on a Southwood’s lectures and notes: ‘Entomology Lecture’, given 1952, 1955, 1956. ‘Ecology of insects’, 1957. ‘Sampling animal population’, 1962. ‘Dispersal’ n.d. latest reference 1954. T.R.E Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 SECTION F PUBLICATIONS AND EDITORIAL F.109-F.150 The material at F.109-F.132 forms a useful complement to the previous catalogue, including early or minor material as well as some unpublished projects and some recent (2000) work. They follow as far as possible the order in which they appear in Southwood’s most recent Bibliography in A.253. Reference to this is made in the form Bibliog... There is also some additional editorial correspondence at F.133-F.150. Reference should also be made to Section D, which often contains background research data for publications. F.109-F.132 OWN PUBLICATIONS F.133-F.150 CORRESPONDENCE WITH PUBLISHERS AND EDITORS T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Publications and editorial F.109-F.132 OWN PUBLICATIONS 1949-2000 In chronological order. ‘Some notes of Entomologists Monthly Magazine 85, 1949 (Bibliog. 1). early stages biology and the on Sehirus bicolor L’ 6pp typescript with corrections. The manuscript is addressed from Parrock Manor, Southwood’s Gravesend home, and dated 25 November 1948 when he was 17. See also Bibliog. 11 for later work on Sehirus bicolor. ‘A review of the cacao capsid bug problem in West Africa’. Unpublished. 7pp typescript dated 27 March 1953. Exhibit note, Proc. R. ent. Soc. Lond. 18, 1954 (Bibliog. 10a). Exhibit note, Proc. E. ent. Soc. Lond. 19, 1955 (Bibliog. 12a). ‘Comments on a proposal to use the plenary powers to fix the type species of the genus Lygus Hahn’. Also included are Southwood’s manuscript notes on Lygus and a typescript paper on the subject by J.A. Slater, n.d., latest reference 1952. Typescript draft of paper by Southwood and D. Leston on ‘a proposed application to the International Commission on Ecological Nomenclature regarding the type species of Lygus Hahn’, n.d. Typescript draft. ‘A note on the nomenclature and life cycle of the tarnished plant bug Lygus rugulipennis Poppius’, Bull. ent. Research 46, 1956 (Bibliog. 16) T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Publications and editorial ‘The Woodland Garden’. Unpublished. Draft introduction and chapters 1-5 of proposed book, with a Macmillan & Co. 1959. letter from ‘The number of species of insect associated with various trees’, J. Anim. Ecol. 30, 1961 (Bibliog. 39). Brief correspondence only. ‘The flora and fauna of Buckingham Palace Garden’ Proc. S. Lond. Ent. Nat. Hist. Soc. 1963 (Bibliog. 62). This was a collaborative study of the fauna and flora Southwood was responsible for the section on Heteroptera. of the gardens. See also R.175 of the previous catalogue. Correspondence, papers, meetings, drafts 1960-1964; brief correspondence re proposed re-survey of the gardens 1995. ‘Primer Book’. correspondence on Southwood’s contribution to Principles See also E.76 of previous catalogue. its cause, prognosis and treatment’, J. /nst. ‘The environmental complaint - Biol. 19, 1972 (Bibliog. 82). Notes, outline, biology’, not completed n.d. but similar material to F.118. draft chapters for Manuscript draft for paper (first given as a lecture at the Institute of Biology), slide list, notes and data. D.C., 1969 (Bibliog. 78a). Brief of Management and Pest Control, National Academy of Sciences, Washington a proposed ‘primer for environmental T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Publications and editorial F.121-F.124 ‘Entomology and Mankind’, American Scientist 65, 1977 (Bibliog. 96). This was a somewhat abridged version of Southwood’s Inaugural Plenary Address to the 15th International Congress of Entomology, Washington D.C. which was published in Proc. XV Int. Congr. Washington, 1977 (Bibliog. 97). full in See also E.89 of the previous catalogue. Southwood’s corrected draft. Southwood’s notes. with requesting Correspondence information, permission to quote, reproduce slides and figures etc. Also includes some post-publication correspondence and a little correspondence on the publication of the Congress Proceedings (Bibliog. 97) 1976-1977. exchanging colleagues, ideas, 1 25hhl26 46, 1977 See also G.4-G.9 of the previous catalogue. Heavily-corrected manuscript draft and drawings for figures. Correspondence with American Scientist on publication arrangements. ‘Habitat, the templet for ecological strategies?’ J. Anim. Ecol. (Bibliog. 100). This was Southwood’s Presidential Address to the British Ecological Society, the ‘templet’ concept being one of his most fertile ideas. early version of F.125 under different title, n.d. latest reference 1977. Manuscript and typescript draft and notes for lecture or paper, perhaps an ‘Ecological Strategies’. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Publications and editorial Insects on plants (with D.R. Strong and J.H. Lawton), Oxford, Blackwells, 1984 (Bibliog. 136). See also F.35 of the previous catalogue. Brief correspondence, draft outlines for contents, chapters, authors, 1979. E.128;F.129 Shorter publications by Southwood. correspondence with publishers and colleagues on_ recent 1995 (Bibliog. 207). 1995 (Bibliog. 213). 1996 (Bibliog. 214). 1997 (Bibliog. 220). 1996-1998 (Bibliog. 223). 1998 (Bibliog. 224). Not used. 1999 Charles Sutherland Elton (Biog. Mems. Fell. R. Soc. Lond. 45, 1999) (Bibliog. 228). 1999 Ecological methods 3rd ed. (Preface only) Blackwell's, 2000 (Bibliog. 229). Correspondence and papers exchanged with A.G. Wheeler re Southwood’s Foreword to Wheeler’s forthcoming book The Plant Bugs, 1997-2000. In alphabetical order. F.133-F.150 CORRESPONDENCE WITH EDITORS AND PUBLISHERS 1996-1999 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Publications and editorial Biological Journal of the Linnean Society Paper submitted for publication. Entomologist’s Monthly Magazine 1997-1999 Mainly Southwood’s correspondence with the Editor (K.G.V. Smith) offering more active help with the magazine after his period as Vice-Chancellor. enclosed Southwood’s Also conservation to pest control’ 1999 (Bibliog. 227). draft of is a composite review ‘From Global Ecology and Biogeography Comments on paper submitted to Southwood for review. Harley Books 1996-1999 Kluwer academic publishers International Journal of Insect Morphology and Embryology Comments on contribution submitted to Southwood for review. Includes comments on papers submitted to Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata and sent to Southwood for review. Comments on publishing projects. New Dictionary of National Biography Correspondence. Oxford University Press 1995-1996 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Publications and editorial F.141-F.146 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), USA 1995-1999 Correspondence with colleagues and colleagues submitted by Southwood for publication in the PNAS. with PNAS staff, on papers by October 1995 - February 1996. February 1996 - July 1997. January - October 1997. September 1997 - July 1998. January 1998 - June 1999. Report on paper submitted to unidentifed journal 1995. Requests to write, review, referee (declined) 1995-1999. Miscellaneous advice on papers, manuscripts, ideas for publications 1995- 1997. Correspondence with colleagues on papers for submission to PNAS. 1997- 1998. Invitations to serve on editorial or advisory boards 1996-1998. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 SECTION G SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS G.127-G.154 ACADEMIA EUROPAEA BRITISH ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY CHARTERED INSTITUTE INSTITUTION OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH OFFICERS OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH formerly EARTHWATCH EUROPE ECOLOGY INSTITUTE FIELD STUDIES COUNCIL formerly COUNCIL FOR THE PROMOTION OF FIELD STUDIES GAME CONSERVANCY TRUST HABITAT RESEARCH TRUST G.135-G.138 LAWES AGRICULTURAL TRUST NATURAL ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (NERC) ROYAL SOCIETY ROYAL ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON G.140-G.143 RHODES TRUST G.145-G.150 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Societies and organisations SAVE BRITISH SCIENCE WILDLIFE CONSERVATION RESEARCH UNIT (Wild CRU) WORLD RESOURCE FOUNDATION MISCELLANEOUS T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Societies and organisations ACADEMIA EUROPAEA 1995-1999 Southwood was elected to ‘Population and Evolutionary Biology’ section. the Academia in 1989, and served in the Most of the correspondence is concerned with the nomination and election of new members. Southwood’s letter of 19 December 1996 discusses and sets out his views of the strengths and weaknesses of European science. BRITISH ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY 1996-1998 See also G.4-G.9 of the previous catalogue. Correspondence 1997-1998 relates ecologists, awarded first in congratulation to the winners. to 1997, and the Southwood Prize includes Southwood’s letters for young of EARTHWATCH EUROPE 1996-1997 See also G.130 of the previous catalogue. CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH formerly INSTITUTION OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH OFFICERS See also G.48 of the previous catalogue. Correspondence mainly on the possible participation of the Institute in the work of the Round Table on Sustainable Development. See Section N. Brief correspondence, mainly on Southwood’s appointment as Science Patron. for 1996. Brief correspondence only, declining service on ECI Terrestrial Ecology Jury ECOLOGY INSTITUTE See also G.37 of the previous catalogue. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Societies and organisations FIELD STUDIES COUNCIL formerly COUNCIL FOR THE PROMOTION OF FIELD STUDIES See also G.38-G.43, and in particular G.38 of the previous catalogue. Correspondence mainly on Southwood’s appointment to the panel of the Field Studies Council and to the Working Party which he chaired in 1970. GAME CONSERVANCY TRUST 1996-1997 See also G.44 of the previous catalogue. Correspondence on meetings, publications, research grants. HABITAT RESEARCH TRUST 1995, 1996 See also G.45 of the previous catalogue. Brief correspondence on meetings. part of the G.135-G.138 LAWES AGRICULTURAL TRUST 1992, 1996-1999 Correspondence on all aspects of Trust affairs, meetings and appointment of Trustees and staff members. Southwood was Chairman of the Lawes Agricultural Trust which was the owner of Rothamsted Experimental Station, itself Institute of Arable Crops Research. long-term experiments as carried out at Rothamsted. Includes Southwood’s letter to the Prior Options Review on the value of Funding applications for Rothamsted International. 1992: 1996. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Societies and organisations 1997. Organisation, funding, appointments. 1998-1999. NATURAL ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH COUNCIL 1996-1998 See also G.52-G.59 of the previous catalogue. Miscellaneous general correspondence. G.140-G.143 RHODES TRUST 1996-2000 Southwood had been a Trustee since 1986 and was appointed Chairman in October 1999. He retains ongoing papers. See also G.63-G.71 of the previous catalogue. Dinners, social occasions, retirements 1996-1999. Requests for help made directly to Southwood 1996-1998. Applications for research grants and support from the Academic Committee, with Southwood’s comments 1996-1999. Brief correspondence only. ROYAL ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON Miscellaneous general correspondence 1997-2000. See also G.72-G.81 of the previous catalogue. Includes correspondence on the introduction to International Conference on Asia January 2000. proposed history of a Trust, and 1998-1999 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Societies and organisations G.145-G.150 ROYAL SOCIETY 1995-1999 Southwood was elected to the Fellowship in 1977, serving on Council 1982- 1984 and again (following new electoral procedures) 1996-1998. See also G.87-G.103 of the previous catalogue. See A.259-A.270 for letters of congratulation on Southwood’s election to the Fellowship. Correspondence procedures. 1996 on Southwood’s election to Council, and on Correspondence on Southwood’s service on Royal Society committees: Project Science Steering Committee 1995-1996 (includes Southwood’s letter on fund-raising). Advisory Committee, Contemporary Scientists 1997-1999. National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of G.148 1995-1996. 1997-1998. G.148-G.150 Elections. Miscellaneous general correspondence on affairs of the Society 1996-1998. Brief correspondence only. See also G.103A of the previous catalogue. SAVE BRITISH SCIENCE 1996, 1998 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Societies and organisations WILDLIFE CONSERVATION RESEARCH UNIT (WildCRU) 1996-1998 See also G.110-G.124 of the previous catalogue. Correspondence, mainly addressed to the Director (D. W. MacDonald) on history, affairs and funding of the Unit. WORLD RESOURCE FOUNDATION 1995-1998 Southwood was a Trustee and served on the Advisory Council. MISCELLANEOUS 1995-1999 Miscellaneous shorter correspondence (outgoing letters only) with societies and organisations. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 SECTION H VISITS AND CONFERENCES H.90-H.95 The material covers the period 1995-1999, much of it being related to meetings, symposia etc. on sustainable development, at which Southwood often spoke or took the chair. Very few of these contributions survive. Visit to the Annual Meeting of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Oslo, Norway, 3 May 1996. Southwood lectured on ‘Sustainability: an ecological perspective’, published in 1998 in the Academy's Yearbook for 1996 (Bibliog. 225). Correspondence on arrangements for visit and publication, letters of thanks 1995-1996. Visit to the University of Pavia, Italy, May 1997. Southwood spoke on sustainable development. See also C.164. See also N.2-N.76. Industry and the Environment December 1996. Second Nathan Lecture April 1997 (Bibliog. 217a). Invitations accepted to conferences, workshops, lectures etc. 1996-1998. Correspondence on arrangements for visit and possible link with Merton College Oxford, letters of thanks, 1996-1997. 1995-1996. International Symposium on Insect-Plant Relationships July 1998. H.93-H.95 Invitations declined, to meetings, workshops etc. in UK and overseas. attend, speak at or contribute to conferences, Friends of the Earth June 1997. Integrated Transport Conference December 1997. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Visits and conferences 1998-1999. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 SECTION N ROUND TABLE ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT N.40-N.161 The material here continues that of the previous catalogue (NCUACS 72/1/98) and provides considerable supplementary information, in particular full papers for meetings with preceding and follow-up correspondence, and for the setting-up of subgroups with their meetings and reports on specific topics. There is also documentation for some of the many conferences and discussion meetings which Southwood attended as Chairman of the Round Table, often giving addresses or contributions. As in the previous catalogue the correspondence retains Southwood’s ordering, distinguishing between exchanges with ministers, members of Parliament and government officials (N.40-N.47), secretaries and staff of the Round Table (N.48-N.51) and with its members (N.52-N.58), despite the measure of overlap entailed. Southwood retired as Chairman in January 1999 but continued in office until the appointment of Derek Osborn in March 1999. N.40-N.47 N.48-N.51 SECRETARIES N.52-N.58 N.59-N.61 N.62-N.75 MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT CORRESPONDENCE WITH ROUND’ TABLE’ OFFICIALS AND GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE CORRESPONDENCE WITH MEMBERS LECTURES, CONFERENCES, ADDRESSES CORRESPONDENCE WITH MINISTERS, SECRETARIES OF STATE, PERSONAL ANNUAL REPORTS AND NEWSLETTERS MEETINGS AND PLENARY SESSIONS N.76-N.124 PROJECTS AND SUBGROUPS N.125-N.154 N.155-N.160 N.161 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Round Table on Sustainable Development N.40-N.47 CORRESPONDENCE WITH MINISTERS, SECRETARIES OF STATE, MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT 1995-1999 The material, which is addressed to Government and shadow Ministers and Conservative and Labour MPs, may include arrangements for meetings, agendas, notes of discussions, correspondence forwarding or commenting on Round Table reports, and a See also N.2-N.6 of previous catalogue. little personal correspondence. June 1995 - February 1996. Includes notes and recommendations by Southwood and others on topics and methods for the Round Table. January - March 1996. Meetings with J. Ruddock (Shadow Minister for Environmental Protection). Includes statements of Labour policy on environment, by F. Dobson and others. April - December 1996. of 13 October discusses February - August 1997. restructuring the Round Table and September - December 1997. Letter Southwood’s appointment as sole Chairman, to January 1999. the end of his term of office. Includes letters and Southwood’s speech on his leaving the Round Table at January - April 1998. May - November 1998. January - June 1999. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Round Table on Sustainable Development N.48-N.51 CORRESPONDENCE WITH ROUND TABLE OFFICIALS AND SECRETARIES 1996-1999 The material may include draft letters to be sent to members or ministers, draft and general correspondence on all affairs of the Round Table. statements briefings, agendas reports, and or The principal members of the secretariat with whom the correspondence is exchanged, were J. Adams, P. Clapp, P. Dale and J. Frishberg. See also N.7-N.19 of the previous catalogue. 1996, 1997. January - May 1998. July - November 1998. N.52-N.58 on renewal of 1995-1999 includes official information, January - May 1999. address membership, CORRESPONDENCE WITH MEMBERS lists, Material correspondence new appointments etc., and also correspondence with members on personal matters (appointment, resignation etc.) and on all topics relating to Round Table affairs (projects for consideration, meetings, comments on work in progress or proposed). renewals, suggestions for new members and representative bodies. Miscellaneous membership of subgroups, new appointments, various dates, 1995-1999. Correspondence on appointments, resignations, nominations, acceptances, See also N.20-N.34 of the previous catalogue. and suggestions attendance for lists, curricula vitae, information, address attendance, T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Round Table on Sustainable Development 1995-1997. 1998, 1999. N.55-N.58 Correspondence with members on all aspects of Round Table work. N.55 19OZ. January - July 1998. August - December 1998. January - March 1999. N.59-N.61 N.62-N.75 1995-1999 mainly exchanges with business 1995-1999 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE Correspondence with officials and City Councillors on Oxford City transport 1996-1998. Correspondence and organisations, arising from meetings, receipt of reports, information on work in hand by pressure groups, letters of thanks. meetings, some official from local, national and European organisations, Correspondence on a ‘Case Study’ of the Round Table, including drafts with Southwood’s amendments, 1998. LECTURES, CONFERENCES, ADDRESSES Southwood received a large number of invitations to conferences and 1995-1999 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Round Table on Sustainable Development some from a wide range of environmental and planning associations and He regarded participation in these events, in so far as pressure groups. pressure of time permitted, as an important aspect of his Round Table commitment. Some of his addresses and contributions were published in the specialist literature and are referred to with their Bibliog. number. The material is presented as far as possible in chronological order and ranges from invitations declined to arrangements for a major speaking engagement and/or publication. In many cases the correspondence makes it clear that Southwood had a speaking role, but no manuscript survives. February - March 1995. August - October 1995. January - September 1996. January - March 1997. European Commission Workshop, Brussels, Belgium, 13 November 1996. programme, participants, manuscript of Southwood’s Correspondence, contribution to the meeting. Trade Union Congress Environment Conference 22 November 1996. Correspondence, paper on ‘Issues for Discussion’ circulated before meeting and draft reply, Southwood’s manuscript notes of UK contribution and those of other participants at meeting. transport breakdown. Includes Southwood’s contribution to Rail Freight Conference, London, 4 June, local sustainable Government development’, London, 12 June which he was unable to attend because of Includes text of Southwood’s contribution to Town and Country Planning Association Conference ‘How shall we live?’, London, 11 March (Bibliog. 220) April - June 1997. and summary and Association of notes Conference his intended ‘Taking contribution forward to T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Round Table on Sustainable Development July - December 1997. N.70-N.73 Manuscripts of papers or talks given by Southwood in 1997, probably at conferences but not specifically identifiable. All are on aspects of transport, drawing on Round Table reports ‘Getting around’ and ‘Making connections’. ‘Response ... on developing an integrated transport strategy’, 23 October 1997. ‘Some examples of “carrots” and “sticks” to reduce car dependence...’ 26 October 1997. ‘Integrating transport with cross sectoral policies’, November 1997. ‘Notes for a lecture’ (on transport), n.d. or place. Includes agenda, programme, notes and full report of Round Table Seminar on (many annotations by Southwood), 3 September 1998. See also N.119. Development Sustainable Monitoring Reporting and on 1998. N.76-N.124 membership, agendas, information and minutes of meetings, draft reports, These were an essential part of the Round Table’s working methods. Subgroups were normally set up at the plenary sessions to deal with specific issues; the Chairman and some members were drawn from the Round Table membership, with competence to call on outside experts and officials from government departments where appropriate. The subgroups reported back to plenary meetings; their reports were published as such and also formed part of the Round Table’s annual reports. The material, which is often substantial, may include statements of remit, PROJECTS AND SUBGROUPS 1995-1999 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Round Table on Sustainable Development publication and press arrangements, official responses, correspondence with group members and others. The topics are presented in alphabetical order for ease of reference, though it is recognised that some of the overall themes, such as transport, may be diffused by this arrangement. Agriculture 1997-1998 The topic was selected for consideration at the March 1997 plenary meeting. The subgroup met for the The chairman was Christopher (later Lord) Haskins, and the report Aspects of sustainable agriculture and rural policy was published in July 1998. first time on 20 May. Material includes papers for the preliminary meeting on 20 May 1997, remit, aims, action points, background papers, drafts report (annotated by Southwood), press release, follow-up correspondence and comment, May 1997 - August 1998. of N.77-N.79 Auditing 1995-1998 Morrison; a meetings and in January 1996. There were continuing Papers and correspondence March 1995 - June 1996. follow-up material for meetings on 3 Southwood), draft report. Environmental Auditing Procedures was suggested as a topic for the Round Table in March 1995 and a ‘Subgroup on Mechanisms’ first met on 3 April under the chairmanship of John (later Sir John) Horlock. The subsequent ‘Audit Group’ was chaired by Sara report ‘Environmental Management and Environmental Audit’ was drafted in December 1995 and published correspondence to 1998. and notes. Correspondence and papers December 1997 - January 1998 on meeting with Environmental Audit Committee of the House of Commons, briefings Correspondence and papers July - November 1996, Secretary of State, and with ‘Local Agenda (LA) 21’. Includes papers and April, 25 May 1995 (annotated by on meetings with T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Round Table on Sustainable Development Biodiversity 1996-1999 The topic was agreed at the Round Table plenary meeting on 25 March 1996, when the subgroup was formed. It held its first meeting on 29 May 1997. and Chairman. Biodiversity was launched in May 1998, published by Earthwatch and edited by (Earthwatch). Southwood contributed a foreword. (Glaxo-Wellcome) Southwood was Barrington publication Business Rhodes and The M. R. Correspondence and papers, subgroup report, drafts and arrangements for publication of Business and Biodiversity, proposed translation into Spanish etc. December 1996 - February 1999. Chemicals 1998 The subgroup was formed in October 1998 to provide input to a Government consultation document on chemicals strategy, the Round Table being asked to advise particularly on issues of transparency and public involvement. Southwood was chairman of the subgroup, 1995-1997 N.82-N.86 The City-Region project, based on City-Region transport Correspondence, invitations to subgroup members, drafts and report on Chemicals in the Environment: Transparency and public involvement, ‘Response’ from Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, June - December 1998. Transport problems were among the Round Table’s earliest and most sustained concerns. of Northampton, resulted in the publication of Getting around Town, the Round Table’s fourth report on transport. Others had been on Freight (April 1996, N.101, N.102), Defining a Sustainable Transport Sector (June 1996, N.120- N.124) and Making Connections (January 1997, N.112). it annotated by Southwood. Because close involvement as chairman of the subgroup, the papers provide a full record of a city as a basis for study of traffic early deliberations on the choice of problems and visits Northampton was chosen and extended visits and meetings were held, with papers prepared before the final publication. Collaboration with Northampton Borough Council and Northampton County Council is also well documented. Some background material from other interested parties is included, much of to possible sites. Southwood’s importance a study of the of the project and T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Round Table on Sustainable Development June - September 1995. Early papers and correspondence, mainly on the choice of a pilot site for the study, criteria and background papers prepared for subgroup meeting on 5 September, bids by Northampton and Colchester, note of meeting and arrangements to visit selected sites. September - December 1995. Visits to Colchester (10 October) and Northampton (19 October) and reports, choice of Northampton, arrangements and information for first major meeting at Northampton on 13 December, Southwood’s notes of points made at meeting. March - August 1996. Visit and meeting at Northampton 24 April, chairman’s brief, note of meeting, follow-up correspondence and papers including discussion at the Merton weekend meeting (see also N.135-N.138), arrangements, schedules etc. for meeting at Northampton, 30 August, Southwood’s notes at meeting. Copy of published report. October 1996 - February 1997. Devolved and regional dimensions Correspondence, papers, draft reports, consultants’ report (annotated by Southwood), arrangements, chairman’s brief for meeting at Northampton 16 December, final draft and publication arrangements for Round Table report Getting around Town, press release and launch 14 February. February 1999. Correspondence and papers, minutes of subgroup meeting 4 November 1998, drafts of response to Regional Development Agencies strategies guidance and of the subgroup’s report, press release and publication 23 The chairman of report Sustainable Development - Devolved and Regional Dimensions was published in February 1999. Lord Cranbrook and the subgroup was the 1998-1999 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Round Table on Sustainable Development Economic regulation 1997-1999 The chairman of the subgroup was Andrea Cook and the report Economic Regulation was published in January 1998. Correspondence, draft of report with many emendations by Southwood, and a later letter March 1999. Education 1995-1998 earliest topics short-listed for Environmental education was one of Round Table consideration. a Panel on sustainable development education was announced by the Deputy Prime Minister in September 1997. It held its first meeting on 27 February 1998 under the chairmanship of Sir Geoffrey Holland. The setting-up of the Correspondence and environmental education, arrangements and schedule for first meeting, Southwood’s notes, May 1995 - April 1998. initiatives various papers on in Energy the identified for 1995-1999 N.90-N.97 earliest topics The Chairman of September it was Barbara (later Baroness) Young. the subgroup was initially the Round Table’s This was one of consideration. An Energy Subgroup met for the first time on 3 April 1995; several subsequent meetings were held and representatives or submissions received from outside bodies. The subgroup’s report The domestic energy market: 1998 and beyond was published in January 1996 and included in the Round Table’s first Annual Report. Correspondence and papers for meeting 1 September. Correspondence and papers, including ‘Working Note’ on meeting on 3 April, papers for meeting on 25 May, Chairman’s report on the meeting. Lord Cranbrook; from August - October 1995. 20 March - 23 May 1995. 1 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Round Table on Sustainable Development November 1995 - January 1996. Correspondence and papers for meeting 29 November, representations, comments on drafts for report (annotated). February - August 1996. Correspondence and papers arising from the publication of the Energy Subgroup report, follow-up action, government response and comments by energy regulators. Not used. October - November 1996. Correspondence and papers for subgroup meeting in Belfast relating to energy situation in Northern Ireland 14 November. November 1996. Evidence given to House of Commons Trade and Industry Select Committee Inquiry into Energy Regulation 27 November. Arrangements and papers, transcripts of evidence (pp. 18-34 refer, some amendments by Southwood). June 1997 - February 1999. and Miscellaneous correspondence and papers on energy generation Includes a copy of a regulation with reference to the Round Table report. short report ‘Indicators for the domestic energy market’ February 1999, not published separately but included in the Fourth Annual Report. The Chairman was Sir John Horlock. April 1996 following the Round Table The subgroup was not set up in meeting, to consider ‘land use planning controls over energy development’. Energy and planning 1996 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Round Table on Sustainable Development Correspondence, paper for subgroup meeting 4 June, drafts for subgroup’s report Energy and planning issues, and amendments, January - November 1996. The report was published in November 1996. Financial Markets 1998 Correspondence, table of work topics and reports by Round Table and other environmental bodies, February - April 1998. Foresight Correspondence and papers, May - September 1998. N.101, N.102 Freight transport 1995-1998 meetings and information on N.103-N.106 Freshwater 1996-1998 Continuing correspondence and transport concerns, January 1996 - July 1998. papers, Correspondence and papers April - December 1995, notes of meetings, background information, draft report. This was another facet of the Round Table’s major study of transport problems. The ‘subgroup on surface transport’ met on 3 April 1995 and held further meetings as ‘Freight Group’ in May and September; its report was published in January 1996. The subgroup chairman was Roderick Paul. for proposed seminar on 29 October 1996. The Water Subgroup of the Round Table met in June, July and October 1996. Its report Freshwater was published in February 1997. The issue of compulsory water metering was controversial in the framing of the report and continued to be a matter of general public concern. Note of meeting 12 June, papers and ‘key issues’ for meeting 25 July, plan The chairman was Lord Cranbrook. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Round Table on Sustainable Development Papers and correspondence on drafting of report, February 1997. correspondence, comments following the Papers, Freshwater report, arrangements for discussions and meetings with other interested organisations, February - August 1997. publication the of Papers, correspondence, comments, meetings and consultations on water supply, pollution, cost etc., October 1997 - June 1998. Greening Business 1997-1999 The subgroup was set up in October 1997; the chairman was David Lea, and its original title was ‘Greening Business’. Subsequently (from July 1998) it was called ‘Sustainable Business’. Its report was published in October 1998 as A Stakeholder Approach to Sustainable Business. and correspondence, Papers memorandum ‘Greening Business - the involvement of Stakeholders’ 1 October 1997, report report, arrangements for publication, September 1997 - March 1999. 23 October, drafts of meeting on Southwood’s including for 1996-1998 N.108-N.110 Housing and Urban Capacity This was an important area of concern to the Round Table and to the public at large. A memorandum by Fiona Reynolds proposed the topic for attention by the Round Table, with special reference to ‘brownfield sites’. She chaired the subgroup, whose report was published in February 1997. Public interest in the topic is indicated by the number of submissions made to the subgroup and by the continuing correspondence, meetings, comments on the report (in particular the practicality of its 75% target for development on brownfield sites), House of Commons Housing Debate etc. subgroup, submissions and representations for meeting 17 September. Papers and correspondence including proposal, membership of February - August 1996. initial T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Round Table on Sustainable Development September - December 1996. Papers, minutes and arrangements for meetings 16 October, 12 November, 11 December, draft of report. January 1997 - February 1998. Includes comments by Southwood on the draft report, publication and launch arrangements, comments and replies. Indicators 1995-1997 A meeting to discuss ‘Indicators of Sustainable Development’ was held on 19 October 1995 but no further action was taken at that time. The subgroup was reconvened in 1997 under the chairmanship of Dame Margaret Turner - Warwick, holding meetings May - November and producing a report Getting the Best out of Indicators in December 1997. Papers and correspondence, note of meeting 19 October 1995, agenda and papers for meeting 27 May 1997, with corrections by Southwood. October 1995 - December 1997. report draft of See also N.144. Intermodal Transport The chairman was Susan Owens. Brief correspondence, consultants’ report, draft subgroup report, summary, press release, follow-up comment. January 1996 - June 1997. The subgroup was set up in April 1996 as part of the major Round Table study of transport problems. Its report Making Connections was published in January 1997. proposals. March - December 1995. Correspondence Cranbrook) to subgroup of Lord from Government Landfill Tax (Chairman Landfill tax and Environment Trusts meeting arising and papers, discuss matters 1996-1997 1995 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Round Table on Sustainable Development Small firms and the Environment 1998 Consultants’ report, agenda for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) subgroup meeting 21 May 1998, suggestions for action July 1998. N.115-N.119 Strategy Consultation Group 1997-1998 The Subgroup was chaired by Southwood. It met initially on 20 January 1998 and held regular subsequent meetings in the course of the year. Its purpose was to reflect on the most helpful future role of the Round Table, its likely objectives and methods, and relations with similar initiatives in Europe, with particular reference to the Department of Energy, Transport and the Regions Consultation Paper Opportunities for Change on a revised strategy for sustainable development. The material includes papers on the concept of sustainable development submitted by outside persons or bodies, and is extensively annotated by Southwood. December 1997 - February 1998. Papers, Chairman’s brief, information, report of meeting 10 March. March 1998. March - April 1998. Papers and correspondence, Chairman’s brief for first meeting 20 January, arrangements for meeting 12 February, copy of DETR Consultation Paper. Includes contribution from UK Round Table to meeting of Western European Roundtable of National Councils for Sustainable Development, Brussels, 24- 25 March, and full papers for meeting 21 April with Chairman’s brief, work programmes completed, in hand or proposed, report on Brussels meeting. June (chaired by Lord Cranbrook). June - July 1998. Papers and information on policy reviews, agenda and report on meeting 30 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Round Table on Sustainable Development July - October 1998. Arrangements for Round Table Seminar on Monitoring and Reporting on 3 September, report and follow-up of meeting. See also N.74. N.120-N.124 Transport 1995-1998 This was one of the ‘front-burner’ topics identified for Round Table study from its earliest meeting. After the meeting of the subgroup on 17 May 1995 (Chairman, Roderick Paul) three areas were identified: sustainable transport strategy; freight (see N.101, N.102); a city-region case study (see N.82- N.86). The subgroup’s report Defining a Sustainable Transport Sector was published in June 1996. The material includes papers from Government and official sources, and from outside interested bodies. Papers and arrangements for meeting with Secretary of State for Transport (B. Mawhinney), 20 March 1995. Memoranda and correspondence on 1995. defining sustainability, September Correspondence and papers 1996. Papers and arrangements, background material for subgroup meeting 17 May 1995, note of meeting and work programme. Miscellaneous correspondence and papers on transport, 1997-1998. Arrangements for publication of Defining a Sustainable Transport Sector, some follow-up correspondence. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Round Table on Sustainable Development N.125-N.154 MEETINGS AND PLENARY SESSIONS 1995-1999 Setting-up ideas. for topics, suitable Suggestions for Round Table consideration, contributed by Southwood, members of Secretariat and of the Round Table, following the Inaugural meeting on 23 January 1995. Includes information on the conclusions of Conferences on sustainable development held elsewhere. interest areas of 3 April 1995. Agenda, Chairman’s brief, information, highlighting by Southwood. work programme, minutes of Inaugural minutes, with Meeting, background and notes annotations, 15 June 1995. topics a little (annotated by Southwood), 25 September 1995. Agenda, Chairman’s brief, reports from subgroups, minutes, summary and action decisions, many papers annotated by Southwood, a little follow-up correspondence. Papers, correspondence, July-September 1995. for Round Table ‘Sift Group’ meeting 12 September 1995, held to consider possible future topics for Round Table, and to make recommendations for the Plenary meeting on 25 September. members, staff and others on future programme of work. Agenda, Southwood), draft and final minutes, a Correspondence and papers from Round Table (all little correspondence. September - December 1995. and background papers Topics and priorities. Chairman’s brief annotated by T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Round Table on Sustainable Development 11 December 1995. Agenda, Co-Chairmen’s brief (includes notes for Secretary of State J.S. Gummer), background papers and subgroup reports (all annotated by Southwood), action plan for 1996-1997, draft progress report, minutes. N.132, N.133 22 February 1996. N.132 Preliminary correspondence, drafts and papers, Southwood’s draft paper ‘Round-tabling - with annotations and Also includes paper and correspondence on the Newbury corrections. Bypass, a late addition to the agenda of the meeting at the request of C. Secrett. a new method of working’, all Tagged folder with agenda, papers and reports, all with annotations, minutes of meeting. 26 April 1996. Agenda, Chairmen’s brief, draft and revised minutes, a little correspondence. N.135-N.138 28-30 June 1996. Arrangements and organisation, scheduling, participants, overseas contacts attending. This was a residential weekend meeting at Merton College, Oxford, which enabled members to discuss methods and objectives at greater leisure than was possible at Plenary Sessions. members, organisers etc., official record of events. Follow-up correspondence and papers July 1996. Presentations and speeches, accounts and impressions by members, Southwood’s letters to Chairman’s brief, agenda and papers, all with annotations or highlighting. Southwood’s manuscript notes for introductory speeches at meeting. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Round Table on Sustainable Development N.139, N.140 26 September 1996. N.139 Preliminary correspondence and papers August - September. Includes Southwood’s letter to members 19 August on ‘agenda and time constraints’ and best allocation of Round Table effort. Agenda, papers and briefing, all with annotations and highlighting, draft minutes. 28 November 1996. Agenda, correspondence. chairman’s brief, annotated papers, draft minutes, a little N.142, N.143 29 January 1997. N.142 Agenda, Chairman’s brief, annotated papers. Minutes of meeting, a little preliminary and follow-up correspondence. 25 March 1997. 3 June 1997. Agenda, Chairman’s brief, work programme, minutes. Agenda, revised membership, draft and revised minutes, press comment on Round Table report Making Connections. See also N.122. draft minutes. Correspondence and papers June - October preceding and meeting. Agenda, Chairman’s brief, papers and reports annotated and highlighted, N.146 following N.146, N.147 22 September 1997. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Round Table on Sustainable Development 4 December 1997. Agenda, Chairman’s brief, full papers and reports annotated and highlighted, future work programme and meetings, minutes. N.149, N.150 4 February 1998. N.149 Agenda, Chairman’s brief, highlighted. full papers and reports fully annotated and Minutes, reports, a little correspondence. 7 May 1998. Agenda, Chairman’s brief, highlighted, minutes. full papers and reports fully annotated and 9 September 1998. 11 November 1998. 19 January 1999. full papers and reports, highlighted, a little Agenda, Chairman’s brief, correspondence, minutes. Agenda, Chairman’s brief, full papers and reports annotated and highlighted, a little follow-up correspondence, minutes. a little follow-up correspondence, minutes. This was the last Plenary Meeting chaired by Southwood, and was followed by a reception attended by the Deputy Prime Minister (J.M. Prescott) and the Minister for the Environment (M.H. Meacher). Agenda, Chairman’s brief, full papers and reports annotated and highlighted, T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Round Table on Sustainable Development N.155-N.160 ANNUAL REPORTS AND NEWSLETTERS 1995-1999 First Annual Report, 19 April 1996. Draft, summary of responses to recommendations made in Round Table reports (some annotations by Southwood), press release, conference and comment. Second Annual Report, 12 March 1997. Drafts for report, preface and press release (annotated by Southwood), a little correspondence and comment. Third Annual Report, 23 March 1998. Drafts Southwood), press release. report, preface for and executive summary (annotated by Drafts and revisions. Update. Fourth Annual Report, 25 March 1999. Review of the First Four Years, March 1999. Drafts for report, preface and executive summary (a few annotations by Southwood). Miscellaneous travel and expenses claims, 1996-1998. The Round Table’s newsletter, nos. 1 (October 1995) to 18 (May 1999), some with revisions by Southwood. PERSONAL 1996-1998 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 SECTION O GLAXO-WELLCOME PLC 0.13-0.40 Southwood was elected a non-Executive Director of Glaxo Holdings (from 1995 Glaxo-Wellcome plc) with effect from 1 July 1992. He was re-elected at the Annual General Meeting in 1995 and retired by rotation at the AGM in May 1998. He was particularly involved in the work of the Group Appeals Committee on which he served from 1993 and was its chairman 1997-1999, and on the panel of judges for the Chairman’s (formerly Chief Executive’s) Award for Health, Safety and Environment. He continues to serve as ‘environmental consultant’ to the Awards panel. 0.13-0.15 CAREER AND PERSONAL 1996-1999 O16) O27 BOARD MEETINGS AND VISITS 1993-1999 0.18-0.36 0.38-0.40 CHAIRMAN’S AWARD 1996-1999 GROUP APPEALS COMMITTEE 1992-1999 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE 1996-2000 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Glaxo-Wellcome Plc 0.13-0.15 CAREER AND PERSONAL 1996-1999 Correspondence and papers on Southwood’s non-executive directorship, conditions, fees, retirement arrangements, continuing consultancy 1996- 1998. Southwood’s Retirement dinner May 1999. Includes copy of address at dinner by Sir Richard Sykes (Chairman of Glaxo-Wellcome), notes for Southwood’s reply, a little correspondence. Correspondence with G. Howe and others, on the role directors and corporate governance 1995-1997. of non-executive BOARD MEETINGS AND VISITS 1993-1999 See also O.2 of previous catalogue. Correspondence and papers on visits and Board meetings 1998, 1999. 0.18-0.36 GROUP APPEALS COMMITTEE 1992-1999 Correspondence and papers on Board meetings, schedules, itineraries 1993, 1996, 1997. See also O.4-0.7 of the previous catalogue. The material includes correspondence and committee papers, requests made directly to Southwood, comments on proposals and appeals for funding made by Southwood or requested by him, and policy criteria. Southwood served on the committee from 1993 and was chairman 1997- 1999. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Glaxo-Wellcome Plc Miscellaneous policy statements on funding criteria, academic endowments, 1992-1999. Lists of academic endowments 1987-1997, medical infrastructure projects funded 1989-1996. Correspondence on proposed funding of medical research chairs 1995, 1996. Miscellaneous shorter correspondence on the affairs of the committee 1995- 1997. Southwood’s outgoing letters only. Correspondence, papers and minutes for meeting 30 July 1996. Correspondence Fellowships1997 and a later letter about the scheme, 1999. establishment new on_ of Glaxo Correspondence with applicants for funding, preceding and following 30 July meeting. May-August 1996. Minutes (only) of meeting 6 November 1996. Correspondence and papers on medical research funding at the Royal College of Radiologists, 1995-1997. Correspondence, papers, annotated minutes for meeting 30 July 1997. Proposals for consideration by the Committee April 1997. Minutes of meeting 15 May 1997. Wellcome T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Glaxo-Wellcome Plc Brief correspondence on membership of the committee, 1997-1998. Correspondence, information, guest list, notes for Southwood’s speech at reception at Brazilian Embassy to launch campaign (supported by Glaxo- Wellcome Appeals Committee) to eradicate leprosy in the Amazon basin, 30 July 1997. Correspondence and comments on appeals and Committee, March-November 1997. grants made by the Correspondence and information on proposals for committee, December 1997 - March 1998. Correspondence and papers re meeting at the Royal Society to discuss proposed joint endowment of a chair in relation to ‘Project Science’, March - May 1998. Brief correspondence, February 1999. 0.35 1994-1997. 1998-1999. Correspondence and papers, April - June 1998. 0.35, 0.36 Requests and appeals made directly to Southwood, 1994-1999. Brief correspondence only, re meeting, 18 November 1998. It was This was previously known as the Chief Executive’s Awards for health, safety and environmental management with CHAIRMAN’S AWARD 1996-1999 the Glaxo Group. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Glaxo-Wellcome Plc Southwood chaired the panel of renamed the Chairman’s Award in 1997. judges from 1993 and presented the awards when possible. He continues to act as Consultant and retains some relevant material. See also O.3 of the previous catalogue. Correspondence and papers 1996-1999. 0.38-0.40 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE 1996-2000 General shorter correspondence on Glaxo-Wellcome affairs, 1996-1998. Shorter, mainly social correspondence, 1997-1999. Correspondence, arrangements, information, text of Southwood’s speech at the Green, Hertfordshire. This was one of the company’s environmental enhancement schemes, in partnership with the local parish and community. January-April Millennium Wood at opening Bury official of the Grove 2000. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 SECTION P CENTRAL EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY (CEU) P.58-P.61 There is very little additional material in this section. It is principally outgoing correspondence with staff and students. 1995;.1996; 1997-1998. Correspondence with the President and Rector. 1997-1999. Correspondence with former students on publications, careers etc. 1995- 1998. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 SECTION R CORRESPONDENCE R.404-R.432 Much of this correspondence involves relatively short exchanges, some of which consist of Southwood’s outgoing letters only. R.404-R.429 SCIENTIFIC AND GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE In alphabetical order, dated and indexed, with a brief indication of content where appropriate. R.430-R.432 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Correspondence R.404-R.429A SCIENTIFIC AND GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE 1974-2000 Bernays, E.A. 1997-1998 Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International (CABI) Location of entomological collections and staff. Denno, R.F. Factors in evolution of migration. Doll, W.R.S. Radiation. 1995-1998 Dorey, A.J. Ehrlich, P.R. Fremont & Co. 1978-1979 Southwood’s outgoing letters only. Correspondence with Fremont & Co. (Solicitors) on a legal case, settled out of court, involving alleged ‘flea bites’. Obituary tribute to M.Morisita. Huxley, T. Aquatic bugs in Scotland. In Southwood’s original folder. It6, Y. and others T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Correspondence Keynes, S. Down House and proposed Charles Darwin Study Centre. Myers, N. 1995-1998 National Radiological Protection Board Southwood’s letter on the work of NRPB, for Prior Options Review. Parmesan, C. Climate effects on species’ range. Pimm, S.L. Research funding, biodiversity. Rayner, T. 1996 Ring, R.A. Proposed research on biodiversity. Southwood’s outgoing letters, on the work of the Royal Commission on Environmental Polllution, with special reference to lead. Conservation Foundation’s London initiative on the Russian environment. Rothschild, M.L. various dates 1996-1998 Stevens, P.F. 1995-1996 Stewart, J.M. 1997-1998 Natural history chairs at Oxford. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Correspondence Swann, M.M. One letter only. Taylor, J.M. 1997-1998 On The Squirrels of Silwood Park and other publishing projects. Tucker, S. Botany of the Kachin Hills, North Burma. Ufnalska, S. 1995-1998 Proposed English-Polish dictionary. Vane-Wright, R.I. 1997-1998 Research project on speciation in African butterflies. Whittaker, J.B. Wallge, L. and others 1997 Includes letters from Southwood setting out his Proposed research on herbivores and competition between plants. Advice on a publication. ideas on objectivity and uncertainity in science. Shorter correspondence, 1995-1999. R.430-R.432 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE 1981-1999 Wilson, E.O. On the death of W.D. Hamilton. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Correspondence In alphabetical order. Requests or thanks for information sent or received, 1981, 1995-1998. Southwood’s letter of research on Wytham Woods. 13 February 1998 discusses data for his resumed In chronological order. Acknowledgements sometimes with information on current research etc. 1986, 1995-1997. articles books, and thanks for or publications, In chronological order. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 SECTION S REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS S.249-S.276 S.249, S.250 THESES AND HIGHER DEGREES $.251-S.262 APPOINTMENTS AND PROMOTIONS S.263-S.272 RESEARCH GRANTS AND FUNDING PRIZES, AWARDS, HONOURS PERSONAL $.274-S.276 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 References and recommendations S.249, S.250 THESES AND HIGHER DEGREES 1995-1997 1995, 1996. S.251-S.262 APPOINTMENTS AND PROMOTIONS 1995-1999 9.251-S:257. UK universities and institutions S.258-S.262 Overseas universities and institutions $.251-S.257 UK universities and institutions 1995-1999 appointments, proposed courses, continuing support etc., 1995-1998. Oxford University Recognition of Distinction awards, 1996-1998. departments and Requests from 1999 and n.d. universities, institutes for advice on T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 References and recommendations $.258-S.262 Overseas universities and institutions 1995-1999 Australia 1995-1998. Italy 1996. France 1999. Nigeria 1998. USA 1995-1998 and n.d. S.263-S.272 RESEARCH GRANTS AND FUNDING 1995-1999 British Council 1997, 1998. E.P. Abraham Cephalosporin Fund 1999. Leverhulme Trust 1995-1998. Millennium Commission 1996. Oxford University 1996, 1999. Natural History Museum Hering Memorial Research Fund 1995-1998. See also S.191-S.202 of the previous catalogue. T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 References and recommendations Royal Society 1994-1998. Travel, conference, research grants. Wolfson Foundation 1996. Miscellaneous 1997-1999. Requests to advise declined 1997, 1998. PRIZES, AWARDS, HONOURS 1996-1998 Correspondence on prizes, awards and honours, UK and overseas 1996- 1998. material includes requests for career 1995-1999 S.274-S.276 1995, 1:996- PERSONAL The advice, appointments and references, for junior and senior posts, from a wide range of correspondents. 199871999; T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ACADEMIA EUROPAEA G.127 ADAMS, John ALEXANDER, Henry GL ALEXANDER, Robert Scott, Baron ALLEN, Sir Geoffrey ALLEN, Richard D AMERICAN SCIENTIST ANDERSON, Roy Malcolm ANWAR, M (‘Alli’) N.41, N.48, N.51, N.40, N.65, N.77, N.78, N.80, N.82-N.85, N.90, N.93, N.101, N.102, N.104, N.111- N.126, N.113, N.134, N.128, N.135, N.143, N.144, N.156 N.121-N.123, N.130-N.132, N.138-N.141, A.259 N.54 A.259 A.259, A.271 F.124 C.145 A.259, A.278 ARTHUR, Don R A.259 BABER, Nigel S BADMIN, John ASHWORTH, Peter A BAMPFYLDE, Stephen ASTOR, Sir John Jacob A.259 A.259 A.256 N.46, N.50, N.55, N.57, N.82 ASHWORTH, Graham William N.46 BARTON, Sir Derek Harold Richard BARTLETT, Maurice Stevenson BARRER, Richard Maling BARRINGTON, Ernest A.260 A.260 A.271 A.260 A.278 A.282 0.33 A.271 BANYARD, Peter BARR, Vivien BATTLE, John Dominic ATKINSON, Kathy 0.19, 0.32 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Index of correspondents BAWDEN, Marjorie, Lady BEAMENT, Sir James William Longman BEDDINGTON, John Rex BELLINGER, Edward BENNET-CLARK, Henry C BENSON, Robert Bernard BENTLEY, Greg G BERKELEY, Anthony Fitzhardinge Gueterbock, 18th Baron BERKOVIC, Samuel Frank BERNAYS, Elizabeth A BERRY, Roger Julian (‘Sam’) A.260 A.260, C.145 A.260 see P.58 see CLARK, Henry C BENNET- A.256 G.144 A.290 C.222 A.260, A.271, R.404 A.260, A.271, N.53 BEVERTON, Raymond John Heaphy A.260 BINGLEY, Monica A.260, A.278 BIRCH, L Charles BOLT, Betty BORATYNSKI, K A.256, A.260, A.271 BOSTOCK, David C.158, C.166 BOLWELL, Stephen F.133 A.260 C.170 A.278 A.271 A.271 BLANK, Sir (Maurice) Victor BOREHAM, Peter Frank Leslie BIOLOGICAL JOURNAL OF THE LINNEAN SOCIETY A.260 BOYCOTT, Brian Blundell BRADLEY, Robin Alistair A.260 A.271 A.260 BRADLEY, Daniel Joseph BRADLEY, David John A.260, A.271 C.183 A.260, A.278 BRADY, John BRAIN, Percy W BRADFORD, Harry T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Index of correspondents BRAUN, Thomas FRG BRINDLE, Michael John BRITISH ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY BROADBENT, Miles Anthony Le Mesurier BROGDEN, James A BROWN, James H BROWN, LE BROWN, Valerie Kathleen BRUCE, Donald M BRYCE, lan GRAHAM- BULLOCK, John A BUNTING, Arthur Hugh C.165 0.24 G.128 see also F.125, F.126 A.282 A.260 F.144 A.256, A.260, A.271 A.260 N.53 A.264 A.256 A.260 BUTLER, Sir Clifford Charles BUTLER, Colin Gasking A.260, A.271 A.260, A.271 CAMERON, Ewen J H N.45 N.53, N.57, N.58 CARLILE, Michael J CARO, Colin G A.256, A.261 A.261, A.272 CABORN, Richard George CANNING, Elizabeth Ursula BUTLER OF BROCKWELL, Frederick Edward Robin, Baron A.289 A.261 CENTRE FOR AGRICULTURE AND BIOSCIENCES INTERNATIONAL (CABI) CENTRAL EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY (CEU) A.261 P.58-P.614 R.405 A.261, A.272 CHAPMAN, Garth CHAPMAN, Reg A.261 A.278 N.54, N.105 CATCHESIDE, David Guthrie CASSON, Sir Hugh Maxwell CASTLE, Pamela T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Index of correspondents CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH formerly INSTITUTION OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH OFFICERS CHARTRES, Richard John Carew CHRISTIAN, Maureen Lena Smith CLAPHAM, Arthur Roy CLAPP, Phil CLARK, Henry C BENNET- CLARK, June CLAYTON, Dale CLOWES, FAL COE, Malcolm James COHEN, Sydney G.129 N.53 C.170 A.261 N.42-N.44, N.48, N.76, N.105, N.111, N.145-N.148 C.147 C.198-C.201 C.147 A.278 A.261, A.272, C.147 A.261 COLEMAN, Arthur Percy (‘Jim’) A.261, A.272 CORBET, Philip Steven COLLINGE, John COLLINS, Peter John COOK, Andrea COOKE, Michael COMPSTON, D Alastair S C.221 C.222 C.222 CORDY, Timothy Soames N.53, N.57, N.58, N.90, 0.35 COPP, Darrell John Barkwell (‘Dax’) A.272 COTTRELL, Sir Alan Howard CORNESS, Sir Colin Ross G.129 A.272 A.261 A.282 COWDEN, Stephen J COX, Sir David Roxbee COURTNEY, Roger Graham A.261, A.272 N.53 0.13 A.261, A.272 A.256, A.261, A.278 N.108, N.110 CORKE, George CRAGG, James Birkett T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Index of correspondents CRANBROOK, Gathorne Gathorne-Hardy, 5th Earl of SEE HARDY, Gathorne Gathorne- CREN, E David LE CROLL, Neil A CROSS, Robert CROSSETT, Robert Nelson (‘Tom’) CROWTHER, Wilma CUSHING, David Henry DADD, Rex DAINTON, Frederick Sydney, Baron DALE, Philip A.262 A.278 N.79, N, 76, N.97, N.45, N.47-N.51, N.54, N.56, N.57, N59) (N87, N.88, N.102, N.106, N.115-N.119, N.124, N.150-N.154, N.157-N.160 |N.80;; N.99, N.100, N.110, DAVIES, David DAVIES, Neil A.262, A.272, B.73 N.53 0.36 F.133 A.262, B.73 C.212, C.214 DAVIES, Kay Elizabeth DAVIES, Richard Gareth DAWKINS, Clinton Richard DENBIGH, Kenneth George DAVIES, Michael John (‘Mickey’) DEMPSTER, John Patrick (‘Jack’) A.293 DOBSON, Christopher Martin DENTON, Sir Eric James A.256, A.262, A.272 O15 A.256 A.272 N.53 DERX, Donald John A.262, B.73 R.406 A.262, A.272 DIGBY, PeterS B DINGLE, Hugh DOBSON, Andrew DENNO, Robert F T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Index of correspondents DOBSON, Frank Gordon DOBSON, Ron M DODD, James N.43 A.262 A.278 DOLL, Sir (William) Richard (Shaboe) A.262, R.407 DONAGHY, Michael DONCASTER, John P C.220 A.256 DOREY, Alan Jackson (‘Bill’) C.167, C.200, C.202, R.408 DOYLE, Peter DRUCKER, Henry Matthew DUNNET, George M EARTHWATCH EUROPE ECOLOGY INSTITUTE N.57 0.36 A.262 G.130, N.80 G.131 EDGE, David EHRLICH, Paul R A.262, N.59, R.409 ELLIOTT, Sir Hugh EMDEN, Helmut F VAN EILON, Samuel ELLIOT, Harry R.428 A.272 A.270 A.272 A.262 A.262 EDWARDS, Ronald Walter EDWARDS, Vero Copner WYNNE- ENTOMOLOGIST’S MONTHLY MAGAZINE A.263 FIELD STUDIES COUNCIL formerly COUNCIL FOR THE PROMOTION OF FIELD STUDIES G.132 see also E.162-E.171 A.279 F.134 A.262 EVANS, Clifford EVANS, Ruth FINNEY, David John FINNIS, Gerald N.53, N.55, N.56, N.57 A.263, A.273 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Index of correspondents FISHER, Sir Henry (Arthur Pears) FISHER, Roderick Campbell FLEGG, James John Maitland FLEMING, William Launcelot Scott FLETCHER, Brian Sydney FLOWERS, Brian Hilton, Baron FORD, Sir Hugh FOSTER, Brian A FOWDEN, Sir Leslie FRANCO, Miguel FRAZER, Deryk FREEMAN, John Allen FREEMAN, Paul A.273 A.273 A.263, A.273 A.263 A.263 A.263, A.273, A.278 A.263 A.263 A.263 F.144 A.256 A.256 A.263 FREMONT & CO FRYER, Geoffrey GALLEY, D John A.263 A.278 G.133 FREND, Michael A R.410 N.97 N.107 FRISHBERG, Justin GARNHAM, Percy Cyril Claude GAME CONSERVANCY TRUST 0.16 GARTON, William Reginald Stephen GILBERT, Lawrence E (‘Larry’) GILMORE, James H A.264 A.273 A.273 A.264 A.264 GILBERT, Neil E GILLETT, David A.264, F.123 B.73 GARRETT, Harold GIBSON, Helen GIROLAMI, Sir Paul R.405 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Index of correspondents GLASS, EH GLAXO-WELLCOME PLC GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY GOSLER, Andrew G GOTO, Eric GOUGH, Harold C GRAHAM, Andrew Winston Mawdsley GRAHAM, Christopher Forbes GRAHAME-SMITH see SMITH, D G GRAHAME- GREBENIK, Eugene GREGORY, Philip H GROOTENHUIS, Peter GUMMER,, John Selwyn GUNN, Steven F.123 0.13-0.39 F.135 C.147 A.264 A.264 C.205 C.152 A.264 A.257, A.264 A.264 N.42, N.43, N.77, N.113 see also N.40 HALL, Alfred Rupert A.265, F.123 HAMPEL, Sir Ronald HARDEN, O C.154 N.53 G.134 B.73 HALSEY, Albert Henry (‘Chelly’) HABITAT RESEARCH TRUST HABGOOD, John Stapylton, Baron HAGUE, Nigel Graham Mackenzie A.265, A.273 N-50;,°N.57, _.N.90, N.91, N.105, N.113, N.129, N.130, 0.30 HARDY, Gathorne Gathorne-, 5th Earl of Cranbrook A.294 0.15 A.257 F.136 A.265, A.273 HARPER, John Lander HARTLEY, Brian Selby HARDY, Sir Alister Clavering A.265, A.273 HARLEY BOOKS N.58, N:87, T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Index of correspondents HARVEY, Paul H HASKELL, Peter Thomas HASKINS, Christopher Robin, Baron HASSELL, Michael Patrick HAWKES, Colin HAYMAN, Walter C.147, C.152 A.265, A.273 N.56, N.76 A.279 A.273 A.265 HEDLEY, Ronald Henderson A.265, A.273, A.279, F.123 HELM, Dieter HENDERSON, Sir William MacGregor (‘Gregor’) HEWER, Olive HIDDLESTON, James HINDE, Robert Aubrey HOBBY, B Maurice N.53 A.265 A.265 C.198, C.199 A.265 A.273 HODGKIN, Sir Alan Lloyd HOLLAND, Sir Geoffrey A.265 N.89 N.91, N.93, N.141 HOWARD, Elizabeth B HOWARD, Norman HOLLING,EGS HOPKINS, Harold H HORTON, Sir Robert Baynes HORLOCK, Sir John Harold A.265 A.257 A.265 HOLLIDAY, Sir Frederick George Thomas R.411 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INSECT MORPHOLOGY AND EMBRYOLOGY HOWE, Richard Edward Geoffrey, Baron N.59 C.206 0.24 0.15, 0.36 F.123 HUFFAKER, Carl B HUXLEY, Thomas ITO, Yosiaki T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Index of correspondents JARAB, Josef JEFFERIES, Robert L JENNI, L JEPSON, Walter F JERMY, Tibor JEWISS, Owen JOHNSON, Cecil George (‘Johnny’) JOHNSON, Neil Anthony JONES, Derek RUDD- JONES, Fred G W JONES, Harry JONES, Tim Osborn JOSEPH, Keith Sinjohn, Baron P.59 A.265 D.58 A.257, A.265, A.273 P.58 A.265 A.265, D.45 N.53, N.58 A.268, A.275 A.273 A.265 N.89 A.290 A.266, B.73 A.266, A.273 KIFOMO, Martin L KAY, John Anderson KELLY, Colleen K KEMP, Martin John KERMACK, Doris M KERRIGAN, Maurice N.53 F.144 C.178 A.273 D.55 KEVAN, D Keith McE KERSHAW, William Edgar KETTLEWELL, Henry Bernard Davis C.185 KINGSDOWN, Robert Leigh-Pemberton (‘Robin’), Baron KILLICK, Robert René, KENDRICK- KNIGHT, Andrew Stephen Bower KLUWER academic publishers A.273 F.123 R.413 A.266 KEYNES, Stephen John 0.15 C.202 F.138 KINGSMAN, Alan John T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Index of correspondents KNOWLES, Ronald A S KORNBERG, Sir Hans Leo KRAMER, Lance KREBS, Sir John Richard LAFFER, Gwen and Mylis LAING, Sir (John) Martin (Kirby) LANE, David LAWES AGRICULTURAL TRUST LAWTON, John Hartley LEA, David Edward A.257, A.266 A.266, A.273 C.147, G.139, G.149, A.257 A.289, N.130 A.274 0.36 A.289 G.135-G.138 A.266, A.274 N.55, N.58, N.66, N.77, N.127, N.132 see also N.107 LEAVER, Christopher John C.147, C.170 A.266 A.266 LEONARD, Brian Henry LEVY, John F LEWIS, Timothy J LEWIS, Trevor LEE, Donald L LEE, JohnA LEWIS, Clifford Thomas A.266 A.266 C.181 N.44, N.54, N.107, N.146 LEIGH-PEMBERTON see KINGSDOWN See G.152 MACDONALD, David Whyte LLOYD, Sir Nicholas Markley LUMSDEN, W H Russell LONSDALE, Anne Mary N.53 A.266 mol 7 LUCAS, Colin Renshaw McCLINTOCK, David A.274, G.138 $.273 N.89 C.167, C.170, C.203 LUDER, Owen T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Index of correspondents MACDONALD, William Weir A.257, A.267 McDOWALL, Kenneth McGLADE, Jacqueline M McMANUS, Donald McVICAR, Malcolm MAGGI, Ernesto MAHON, June MANDELSON, Peter Benjamin MARSHALL, Norman Bertram MARTIN, John MARTYN, Simon A MASSEE, Arthur Morel MATTHEWS, Graham A A.274 A.283 A.274 0.19 C.164 A.267 N.46 A.267 A.267 0.30 A.257 A.274 A.267 N.61 A.257, A.267 MEE, Peter MAURER, Crescencia MAY, Sir Robert McCredie MAYER, Colin Peter MEACHER, Michael Hugh MELLANBY, Kenneth MIDDLETON, David C.205 A.267 N.58 MATTHEWS, Paul Taunton N.44-N.47, N.53, N.76, N.88 A.274, A.289, C.152, F.124, N.100 A.267 MOORHOUSE, John Edward MITCHISON, John Murdoch A.274 A.267 A.257 A.274 A.267 A.267 MITCHISON, (Nicholas) Avrion MORDUE, William MORRIS, Michael MITTLER, Thomas E MOORE, Milton T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Index of correspondents MORRIS, Sir Peter John C.126 MORRISON, Hon. Sara Antoinette Sibell Frances N.42, N.54, N.55, N.107, N.139 MUNRO, James Watson MURDOCH, William W MYERS, Norman NATHAN, Roger Carol Michael, 2nd Baron NATIONAL RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION BOARD (NRPB) NATURAL ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH COUNCIL (NERC) NEAL, Bernard George NEUBERGER, Albert NEW DICTIONARY OF NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY A.257 A.267 R.414 N.68 R.415 G.139 A.267 A.267 F.139 NORTH, Sir Peter Machin NOWAK, Martin Andreas OLIVER, James H NEWELL, Peter NICHOLS, Dinah Alison NIEDEL, James E C.168, C.208 H.90 NOBLE, Denis NORSE, David A.274 N.43, N.46 0.28 C.203 A.267 NORWEGIAN ACADEMY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES C.207 OSBORN, Frederic Adrian (Derek) OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS OPPENHEIMER, Peter Morris OWEN, Paul R OWENS, Susan Elizabeth T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Index of correspondents PACKER, Leslie PARMESAN, Camille PALMER, Rosamund PANT, NC PASTERNAK, Charles A PEABODY, C Newton PEARSON, Eric O PEARTON, June PELLEW, Jill Hosford PELLEW, Robin Anthony PEREIRA, Sir (Herbert) Charles PERRIN, Sir Michael Willcox PERRINS, Christopher Miles PETERS, Wallace N.97 R.416 A.268 A.268 0.36 C.181 A.258 0.30 C.190 N.55-N.57, N.79, N.80, N.82, N.89, N.125, N.130, N.155 A.268 A.275 A.268, A.275, C.152, C.208 A.268 A.294 R.417 D.56 N.59 PHILLIPSON, John PICKIN, John PIMM, Stuart L A.268, A.275 A.268, A.275 N.49, N.56 PINNOCK, Dudley E PHILLIPS, John Guest PEYTON, John Wynne William, Baron PLAYFAIR, Sir Edward Wilder (‘Eddie’) G.150, 0.30 PORRITT, Sir Jonathan Espie, 2nd Baronet PRANCE, Sir Ghillean Tolmie A.268 A.275 A.268 A.268 N.59 C.149 PORTER, Laurence S PORTER, Helen PORTER, JS PLOWDEN, Stephen POPOV, Yuri T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Index of correspondents PRESCOTT, John Leslie PREW, Richard A PRICE, Paul J PRINGLE, John William Sutton PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES PYE, J David QUAST, Wentworth RAINEY, Reginald Charles RALPH, Richard RAMSAY, John Graham N.44-N.47 A.275 A.275 A.268 F.141-F.146 A.268 A.268 C.186 A.268 RAPHAEL, David Daiches A.268, A.275 See R.418 REID, Andrew A N.55, N.98, N.108-N.110 A.268 REYNOLDSON, Tom B RAYNER, Tim READER, Patricia M RHODES, Mark T RHODES TRUST A.279 A.268 0:37 RAWSON, Jessica Mary C.156, C.159, C.163, C.166 REYNOLDS, Fiona Claire REES, Florence Gwendolen R.419 RICHARDSON, Nicholas RICHARDSON, F Denys A.268 C.156 N.100 N.122 A.268 N.80, N.107 G.140-G.143 RILEY, Sir Ralph RING, Richard A RIDGE, Martin RILEY, Christopher John T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Index of correspondents ROBERTS, John Morris ROBERTSON, Bill ROGERS, David J C.159 A.275 C.151 ROTHSCHILD, Hon. Miriam Louisa A.268, G.148, R.420 ROTHSCHILD, Nathaniel Charles Jacob, 4th Baron ROWETT, John ROYAL COMMISSION ON ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION ROYAL ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON C.178 G.143 See R.418 G.144 ROYAL SOCIETY RUDDOCK, Joan Mary RUTTER, Anthony John (‘Jack’) A.259-A.270, G.145-G.150, S.269 N.40-N.42 A.268 SABROSKY, Curtis W F.123 N.82 SATCHELL, John E SAUGMAN, Per Gotfred SCHOFIELD, Paul N SCHULTZ, Michael G SAVAGE, Albert E (‘Boff’) SAVE BRITISH SCIENCE SCHMITZ, Ronaldo Hermann A.269 A.269 A.258 G51 SAINSBURY, John Davan, Baron A.282 SCUDDER, Geoffrey George Edgar SHAW, Sir (John) Giles (Dunkerley) N.56, N.125 See also N.132 0.14 F.146 R.428 SELLERS, Timothy J SEIP, Hans Martin A.269, A.275 C.149 A.291 SCHWEDER,, Tore SECRETT, Charles A.269, A.279 A.258, A.269, A.275 SHELLARD, David T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Index of correspondents SHEPPARD, Peter SHOTTON, David M SIMON, Ron SIMONYI, Charles SINDEN, Robert E SINKER, Charles A SKEMPTON, Alec Westley SLATER, James A SLATYER, Ralph Owen SMITH, C E Gordon SMITH, Sir David Cecil SMITH, David Grahame GRAHAME- SMITH, David Spencer A.269 C.170 A.269 C.212 D.58 A.275 A.269 A.258, A.269 A.269 A.269 A.269, A.275, C.198 C.222 F.133 SMITH, Sir Eric Denton A.269 A.269 A.269, F.134 SMITH, Kenneth G V SMITH, Peter GREIG- SOLOMON, Maurice SOUTHERN, Kitty SMITH, John Maynard SOUTHWOOD, Stuart A.264 A.258 A.269 SOUTHWOOD, Mildred R.422 SOUTHWOOD, William Frederick Walter C.182-C.184, C.202, C.203 STEVENS, Robert Bocking A.269 A.269 A.269 STEWART, John Massey A.269 R.421 A.269 A.258 STEELE, Richard C STEVENS, P F STEVENS, WHE STEVENSON, John H SMITH, Ray F A.269, A.275, C.147 T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Index of correspondents STIGSON, Bjorn STRAW, John Whitaker (‘Jack’) STREETER, David T STUART, John Trevor SUTTON, John SUTTON, Stephen L SWANN, Michael Meredith, Baron N.99 N.40 A.269, S.274 A.269, A.275 A.269, A.275 A.269 R.423 SYKES, Sir Richard Brook 0.13, 0.14, 0.17, 0.25, 0.28 TAYLOR, Alan TAYLOR, Jan M TAYLOR, Keith N.128 R.424 N.59 TAYLOR, Lionel Roy A.270, A.276 TENNER, Edward VAUGHAN, Gerard R N.56, N.93, N.128 A.270, A.276 TRAPNELL, Colin E G TREHERNE, John E TUCKER, Selby THOMAS, Geoffrey Price TINSLEY, Thomas W TORRANCE, David E A.276 A.285, C.170 A.276 G.143 C.150 A.276 TINBERGEN, Nikolaas TICKELL, Sir Crispin Charles Cervantes R.424 UBBELOHDE, Alfred Rene John Paul VARLEY, George Copley UFNALSKA, Sylwia ULFSTRAND, Staffan T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Index of correspondents VENABLES, John R WAIT, Peter L K WALDEGRAVE, William Arthur, Baron of North Hill WALDMANN, Herman WALKER, Ilse WALLER, Philip WALL@E, Lars WALOFF, Nadia WANLESS, Sir Derek WARLOW, Charles P WARNER, Sir Frederick Edward (‘Ned’) A.258 A.291 C.217 0.38 C.163, C.164 R:4285S:273 See also H.90 A.270 N.59 C.221 A.270 WARWICK, Dame Margaret Elizabeth Harvey Turner- N.55 A.277 A.258 A.277 C.216, C.221, C.222 A.277, A.279 WEBB, Joseph Ernest WELCH, R Colin WELLCOME, Jean WHEELER, Alan G WEARING, C Howard WEITZ, Bernard George Felix WEATHERALL, Sir David John WATERHOUSE, Douglas Frew WEDDERBURN, Dorothy Enid Cole A.270 WIGGLESWORTH,, Sir Vincent Brian WHITTAKER, John Brian R.429 A.290 A.270 C.154 WHITTENBERG, Roger WHEELER, Bryan E J D.55 A.270 0.14 F.131 WHITWORTH, Adrian A.270, A.277 WICKHAM, Mark T.R.E. Southwood (Supplement) NCUACS 90/3/00 Index of correspondents WILDLIFE CONSERVATION RESEARCH UNIT (WildCRU) WILLIAMS, Sir Alwyn WILLIAMS, Carrington Bonsor WILLIAMS, Sir David Glyndwr Tudor WILLIAMSON, Mark WILLSON, Francis Michael Glenn WILSON, Edward Osborne WOLF, Peter Otto G.152 A.270 A.270 A.277 A.270, A.277 A.277 A.277, R.429A A.258, A.270, A.277, A.279, F.123 WOOD, Ronald Karslake Starr A.270, A.277 WORLD RESOURCE FOUNDATION WORMS, Charles de, Baron WRIGHT, Richard | VANE- G.153 A.270 R.427 WYNNE, Charles Gorrie A.270 A.277 N.54-N.56, N.125 A.277 YEADON, Janice N.89, N.92, N.111, YOUNG, Euan Cameron ZUCKERMAN, Solly, Baron YOUNG, Barbara Scott, Baroness A.270