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Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Sir Richard Southwood (1931-2005) NCUACS catalogue no. 148/5/06 By Jeannine Alton, Heather Bird and Timothy E. Powell T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Title: Extent of material: ca 520 items Deposited in: Compiled by: Jeannine Alton, Heather Bird and Timothy E. Powell Date of material: 1930s-2006 Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Sir Richard Southwood FRS, 1931-2005, zoologist NCUACS catalogue no. 148/5/06 Department of Special Collections and Western Manuscripts, Bodleian Library, Oxford. © 2006 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath Reference code: GB 0161 TRE Southwood papers T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists in the production of this catalogue is made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: Biochemical Society Institute of Physics Institution of Chemical Engineers Royal Society Royal Society of Chemistry Trinity College Cambridge T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: KEEPER OF WESTERN MANUSCRIPTS BODLEIAN LIBRARY OXFORD T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.301-A.374 SECTION B IMPERIAL COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, LONDON B.85-B.89 SECTION C OXFORD UNIVERSITY C.229-C.300 SECTION D RESEARCH D.59-D.92 SECTION F PUBLICATIONS AND EDITORIAL F.151-F.279 SECTION G SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS G.155-G.325 SECTION J SECTION K SECTION M J.34-J.40 K.20-K.22 SECTION H VISITS, CONFERENCES, ADDRESSES H.96-H.110 SECTION O GLAXO-WELLCOME NATIONAL RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION BOARD ROYAL COMMISSION ON ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION BOVINE SPONGIFORM ENCEPHALOPATHY (BSE) S.277-S.372 SECTION R CORRESPONDENCE REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS SECTION P CENTRAL EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY P.62-P.67 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS SECTION S M.163-M.182 0.41-0.51 R.433-R.485 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were assembled from Southwood’s rooms in the Department of Zoology, Oxford, and from his home on various dates May 2005-July 2006. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF SIR RICHARD SOUTHWOOD Thomas Richard Edmund Southwood was born in 1931 at Northfleet, Gravesend, Kent and educated at Gravesend Grammar School, and at Imperial College London, where he graduated in 1952 with first class honours in Zoology. He had already, in 1948 as a schoolboy, and later during university vacations, spent time as a voluntary worker in the Entomology Department at Rothamsted Experimental Station, Harpenden, Hertfordshire. He returned there in October 1952 with an Agricultural Research Council (ARC) scholarship as a full-time research student, under the overall supervision of C.B. Williams though working in practice under the supervision of C.G. Johnson. He completed his thesis, on ‘Some studies on the systematics and ecology of heteroptera’, in 1955. His which funds some of its research. He returned to Imperial College Silwood Park to work on frit fly ecology with W.F. Jepson. His subsequent career at Imperial College advanced rapidly through lecturer to reader and professor; in 1967 he succeeded O.W. Richards as Head of the Department of Zoology and Applied Entomology, 1986-2002 (Chairman 1999-2002). association with Rothamsted continued later in life when he became Chairman of the Lawes Trust, and also served as Director of Silwood Park, Dean of the Royal College of Science 1971-1972, Acting as Pro-Vice-Chancellor. He was also President of the Campaign for Oxford, and Rhodes Trustee Head of the Biochemistry Department 1973-1974 and Chairman of the Division of Life Sciences, Zoology and Fellow of Merton College, serving the University as Vice-Chancellor 1989-1993 and then Imperial College 1974-1977. In 1977 Southwood moved to Oxford University as Linacre Professor of the natural ecosystem shown in the decline of the partridge population in Western Europe. His Examples are the study of insect fauna in different species of tree, and the impact of agriculture on Southwood’s interest in natural history, based on the observation of plants and creatures around his childhood home, began at a very young age. His early entomological work was on the morphology movements of insects and the ecology of field-margins suggested long-term research into habitat and the influence of the environment, whether natural or man-made, on population density and survival. and taxonomy of Hemiptera-Heteroptera. Aspects of his Ph.D. studies on the migrations and T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 interests extended to the dynamics of natural populations and communities and he was particularly concerned with the appropriate methodology (for both measurement and analysis) and the development of models to provide a general synthesis (e.g. his habitat templet). Studies on the structural dynamics of natural systems and the problems of maintaining a balance between these and the demands of man continued as the basis of Southwood’s scientific research and of his public work. Southwood’s public service was extensive and important. He served as Chairman of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, 1981-1985 (Commissioner from 1974). Three major Reports were published during his Chairmanship, and several research projects launched. The 1983 Report ‘Lead in the Environment’ was influential in arousing official and public concern. In 1985 Southwood took up the appointment as Chairman of the National Radiological Protection Board (Member of the Board from 1980), serving until 1994. He established an ‘Environmental Issues Panel’ with a wider membership including ‘Green’ organisations, and chaired an International Conference on the Biological Effects of lonising Radiation organised by Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace International. He also played a leading role in the Surface Water Acidification Programme, a tripartite research programme, conducted by the Norwegian and Swedish Academies of Sciences and the Royal Society (for the UK), set up to investigate claims that sulphur emissions (‘acid rain’) emitted by UK industry and especially by the Central Electricity Generating Board were adversely affecting fish in Scandinavian surface waters. He became Chairman of the Management Group on the death of Sir Maurice Sugden in 1984. academies across the world. He died on 26 October 2005. He also served as a Director of Southwood chaired the Working Party on Bovine Spongiform Glaxo Wellcome plc, 1992-1999. Agency Committee on Global Environmental Change, 1997-2000. awards, including a knighthood in 1984, honorary degrees and elections to fellowships and He was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1977 BSE. The Working Party made recommendations in 1988 and 1989, and reported in 1989. He was Southwood's contributions to ecological research, administration and public policy resulted in many of Health and Social Security to report on the recently identified cattle disease commonly known as Encephalopathy set up jointly by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the Department Chairman of the UK Round Table on Sustainable Development, 1995-1999 and Chairman, Inter- (Croonian Lecture 1995) and as a Foreign Member of the US National Academy of Sciences in 1988. (NCUACS 108/7/02). The catalogue is a further supplement to those compiled in 1998 (NCUACS 72/1/98) and 2000 little material on BSE supplementary to that catalogued in 2002 DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION (90/3/00). It also includes a T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 The material is presented in the order shown in the List of Contents. It has been arranged to follow the sequence of the previous catalogues. Some overlap in material assembled in so piecemeal a fashion is inevitable, but efforts have been made to signal and cross-reference such occasions as far as possible. Though the collection is in part a continuation of earlier material, it now includes papers which Southwood had previously retained as ongoing commitments and also new material representing his active research and public work in retirement. Some previous sections such as those on the Round table on Sustainable Development and Surface Water Acidification Programme (SWAP) were already fully covered and are no longer featured. Similarly, the section on lectures and speeches which appeared in earlier collections is absent, being subsumed in sections F (Publications and Editorial) and H (Visits, Conferences, Addresses). Several other sections are relatively slight as they deal with institutions with which Southwood no longer had direct involvement, though he maintained contact with them: hence there are few entries under the earlier sections J, K, M, O and P. Conversely there is substantial new material in sections F (Publications and Editorial) and G (Societies and Organisations). The following paragraphs are intended to draw attention to items of biographical or scientific interest. Section A, declined in later years. and after his death in October 2005. impressive memorial document. Biographical and personal, documents Southwood’s lasting and often expanding The letters, cards and notices kindly made available by Lady It also contains the tributes - published and personal - paid in his last illness Section B, Imperial College London, is slight, dealing with later commemorative occasions. friends of the 1930s to every subsequent stage in Southwood’s career and form a touching and connections with the institutions and colleges of Oxford University, and the many appointments he Section C, Oxford University, contains a more complete account than previously of Southwood’s Southwood (A.348-A.374) come from a very wide range of friends and colleagues, from school environmental and sustainability issues. Story of Life published in 2003. There is also documentation for institutions with which he had a long- lectures in the Department of Zoology, and especially of the introductory course on ‘Biology of Organisms’ which he gave regularly, even during his service as Vice-Chancellor, as part of his golden rule of keeping in touch with undergraduate teaching. Environmental Change Unit and other initiatives They formed the basis of his last book The term involvement such as the relevant to T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Section D, Research, includes the early field notebooks which Southwood had retained, and which were brought into use when he returned in retirement to research and publications on some of his first ecological topics such as oaks and long-term experiments. This section also includes some unpublished notes and drafts. Section F, Publications and editorial, is extensive, complementing material in earlier collections and also new work. Material on The Story of Life includes abortive negotiations with Weidenfeld and Nicholson before the book was successfully published by Oxford University Press. The stream of new papers ends with Southwood’s posthumous paper, published in collaboration in 2006, and several unpublished items. Section G, Societies and organisations, is another extensive section, with 36 named entries, some a continuation of material previously retained by Southwood as ongoing. A substantial account is therefore now possible of his work as a public servant as Chairman of the Intergovernmental Agency on Global Environmental Change (IACGEC), as a long-term devoted servant of the Lawes Agricultural Trust, and as a servant of Oxford University through the Rhodes Trust. Less substantial entries nevertheless indicate how Southwood was in great demand as advisor or patron. Section H, Visits, Conferences, Addresses, covers Southwood’s later years and especially his with the Commission and testifies mainly to his continuing interest in its reports and projects. commemorative events 1996-2003. spoke. humans. from 1996 to 2000. 1996 following the first public announcement of a possible link between BSE in cattle and CJD in Section K, National Radiological Protection Board, is also a short section dealing mainly with catalogued in 1998 and 2002, since its core is the activity in which Southwood was closely involved in Section M, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), is a useful complement to material previously involvement with the work of the Round Table on Sustainable Development, on whose work he often Section J, Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, postdates Southwood's direct involvement its Department of Environmental Studies and Policy at CEU. Southwood had played a major part in Section O, Glaxo-Wellcome, provides a little additional material to that previously available. It dates Section P, Central European University, deals mainly with the years 1993-2005 and relates to the T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 establishment, had headed it until 1995 and continued to give lectures until failing health obliged him to cancel. Section R, Correspondence, includes both scientific and personal exchanges, as well as many professional and social invitations testifying to Southwood’s popularity. Section S, References and recommendations, is a substantial section further showing the great respect in which Southwood was held and the value attached to his opinion. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Primary thanks are due to Sir Richard himself, who made available most of the material, and regularly gave invaluable advice and information up to a month before his death. Lady Southwood kindly allowed the letters of condolence to be included, and was very helpful in identifying some of the correspondents. We acknowledge with thanks helpful advice from Mike Webb and Dr Christopher Fletcher of the McGavin of Oxford University Museum of Natural History. J. B. Alton Bodleian Library, Mr lan Curtis of the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford, and Dr George Oxford, July 2006 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL, A.301-A.374 1951-2006 CURRICULA VITAE, ARTICLES A BIBLIOGRAPHY ND A.304-A.308 ENGAGEMENT DIARIES A.309-A.319 OXFORD UNIVERSITY A.320-A.325 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS A.326-A.347 MISCELLANEOUS BIOGRAPHICAL ITEMS A.348-A.374 MEMORIAL A.301-A.303 CURRICULA VITAE, ARTICLES AND BIBLIOGRAPHY c1951-2005 and n.d on the latest of notes 1994-2005 and n.d Curriculum vitae and bibliography Includes ‘Opportunities not taken’, ‘Unsuccessful job applications’. by Southwood (n.d.) manuscript Miscellaneous curricula vitae prepared and updated for various occasions. Some for specific institutions eg. Royal Society, Glaxo [now Glaxo Wellcome], Pontifical Academy, Who's Who entries etc. c1951-2000 Southwood’s this catalogue are to cuttings, Press Southwood’s career. is This publications. this list. All the reference in bibliography articles, profiles on all aspects of T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Biographical and Personal, A.301-A.374 A.304-A.308 ENGAGEMENT DIARIES 1994-2003 These Southwood’s office staff. There are no personal diaries. large-format mostly books, kept are by Some earlier diaries 1943-1950 are at A.210-A.218. Blue hard-back University of Oxford Desk Diary 1994-1995 With some loose notes and memos. Blue hard-back English Nature 5-year Diary 1996-2001 April 1996-March 2001. Spiral-bound University of Oxford Office Diary 1980-2005 Colleges 1995-2005 A.309-A.319 is material of a This section C. OXFORD UNIVERSITY Spiral-bound University of Oxford Office Diary Spiral-bound University of Oxford Office Diary Linacre College Harris Manchester College official nature than Kellogg College A.309-A.316 A.309 A.310 A.311 less that in T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Biographical and Personal, A.301-A.374 A.312 A.313 Mansfield College Not used A.314-A.316 Merton College Harris Manchester College Election to Honorary Fellowship, gift Library. of books to the Kellogg College 1998-2004 General correspondence on Southwood’s election to Honorary Fellowship 2000. Kellogg affairs including See also A.285 1996-2005 Linacre College See also A.369. Mansfield College Brief correspondence only. Southwood was a keen supporter of the College for many He was elected to Honorary Fellowship in 2000 years. and lunched there regularly. He supported an appeal to the Wolfson Foundation on behalf of the College. the Libary etc including General correspondence on Southwood’s proposal for a ‘Merton Advanced Study Centre’; correspondence on silk, social occasions, gifts to Merton affairs, A.314-A.316 Merton College 1995-2004 Not used A.314 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Biographical and Personal, A.301-A.374 Merton Committees 1997-2003 Higher Studies Fund, Stipends and Allowances, Tutors’ Leave, Garden Committee Teaching arrangements and reports 1995-1998 A.317-A.319 Miscellaneous University Items 1980-2005 Ashmolean Club Meetings, correspondence Southwood. dinners’ for including dinner arrangements hosted at Merton 1980-2005 and by Miscellaneous organisation notes and memoranda on _ University History Museum 1995-2001 A.320-A.325 1994-2005 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS Shorter correspondence on University affairs Academic robes, New Century Scholarship Scheme, Natural Weatherall ‘Designation’, Symposium, Vice- Chancellors’ Awards Fund 1994-1996 Honorary Doctorate, University of Victoria, Canada Award, arrangements for conferral. Nomination for Tyler Prize See also A.158 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Biographical and Personal, A.301-A.374 Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences Ejection as Foreign Member. See also A.166 Royal College of Radiologists 1996-1997 Southwood was elected an Honorary Fellow in 1995. Admission of Fellows Ceremony July appeal. 1996; funding See also A.164. Hungarian Academy of Sciences Election as Honorary Member A.326-A.347 to Leverhulme Trust for an Emeritus Application Fellowship MISCELLANEOUS BIOGRAPHICAL ITEMS Correspondence continues to 2005 and includes a copy of Southwood’s Final Report (on ‘The Biodiversity of Insect Faunas’) and acknowledgements of other works sent by Southwood. See also A.153, A.281. Southwood was appointed a Deputy Lord Lieutenant for Oxfordshire in 1993. Correspondence on Lord Lieutenancy. The Athenaeum 1971-2005 1996-2005 1999-2004 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Biographical and Personal, A.301-A.374 A.328-A.335 Offers support organisations. of appointments and posts; requests to join, 1999-2004 All declined. Chairman, Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission. Chairman, Council of Norway. Review of research in Norway, Research Review Panel, University of Bath Mediator, Republic of Marshall Islands Hanover Band Trust Open University British Pugwash Group Artificial Heart Fund A.336 A.336-A.341 Memorabilia See also A.28-A.31 Handbook of Prizegiving, September 1993. Gravesend Grammar School for Boys 1971-1984 1993 Southwood gave an address. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Biographical and Personal, A.301-A.374 RCS (Royal College of Science) Handbook. Southwood contributed the ‘Dean’s Foreword’. Imperial College Commemoration Day Programme of ceremony. included Also Practical Examinations for the Certificate of Proficiency in Natural History 1956. copy here the of is a Southwood was an examiner and has annotated the paper. ‘Ode to Prof.’ With a note by Southwood ‘my last ist year Field Course at Orielton ‘78’. note ‘Zoological Follies 1983’ and a poem. by Southwood ‘Zoology Dept. Christmas With a Party Oxford 1983’. Note on Nathimusia southwoodi, a type of Indian wasp named in honour of Southwood. Miscellaneous journal subscriptions, book purchases and donations. 1980, 2002 Photographs of Zoology Undergraduates 1980 (with key); Warden and Fellows, Merton College 2002 (with key). Correspondence correspondence. See also A.177, A.286. See also A.288. 1994-2005 1996-2004 on Southwood’s’ papers and T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 7148/5/06 Biographical and Personal, A.301-A.374 of Photographs Zoology, identified on verso), October Ecology to Southwood sent the Group, M. by Department of (most Bonsall Photographs and press cutting from Crown Prince of Japan (former graduate student at Merton) Cartoon Environmental Environment. commemorating Pollution Royal Report Commission in_ Lead - on the A.348-A.374 MEMORIAL 2005-2006 Southwood died on 26 October 2005. His funeral took place on 4 November and a Memorial Service was held in Merton College Chapel on 25 February 2006. and and October he his made library, available failing health for some time, Although he had been in his qualities of enthusiasm and Southwood retained all He also took thought for memory, and welcomed visitors. in the disposal of some sections of September his Departmental Library to members and students of the Department, asking them to choose a volume or volumes Thus, in addition to the large number of as mementos. letters of condolence received at his death, there are many letters from friends, colleagues and students sent to him as messages of good cheer and thanks in his last weeks. These have been kept separate at A.348-A.351. This material, along with more formal tributes given at the Memorial Service or intended for publication, is at A.352- A.374. of considerable a and The letters of condolence kindly made available by Lady interest. Southwood are Received from and acquaintances, and respect, they include reminiscences from contemporaries Mill, at Gravesend School, Rothamsted and Imperial Park as connections with later years at Oxford and with his public life. Flatford as well friends affection wide evoking College and range of great biographical very all Silwood T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Biographical and Personal, A.301-A.374 A.348-A.351 Letters and cards sent to Southwood in his last illness, from friends, colleagues and former students, and also including thanks and tributes from current members of the Department of Zoology who had chosen books from his library, September-October 2005 Family members N - W and unidentified A.352-A.370 Letters and cards of condolence 2005-2006 All with some specific recollection of Southwood’s career and personality, from 1937 onwards. Family members T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Biographical and Personal, A.301-A.374 memorial services, orders of service Y - Z and unidentified notices of Southwood’s death, Formal funeral and T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Biographical and Personal, A.301-A.374 Addresses given at Memorial Service by Gupta, Sir John Krebs, Lord May Dr. Sunetra Tributes and recollections sent to Lady Southwood, with correspondence by: Lord Cranbrook, on Southwood’s Chairmanship of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, and the Round Table on Sustainable Development; T. Jones (draft for publication in Antenna); T.E. Radice, on Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution. Published obituaries and tributes T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 SECTION B IMPERIAL COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, LONDON, B.85-B.89 1988-2003 The material here is scanty, and relates mainly to the 50th other commemorative occasions. Anniversary Silwood Park, and_ of See also H.107 Correspondence on celebrations, January-June 1997 Silwood Park 50th Anniversary Correspondence Entomology at Silwood Park’, edition of Antenna (Bibliog. 221), 1997. Southwood’s on published article ‘Ecological a special in 1996-1997 Includes corrections by Southwood. typescript copy with a few manuscript Also included here is a draft article ‘Applied Ecology’, by M.J. Way, for Antenna, with a few manuscript annotations by Southwood. See also A.6 See also B.78 ‘The Challenges to Directors’ 4pp typescript account of the contributions to work at Silwood by J. M. Munro, O. W. Richards and Southwood. Signed and dated ‘TRES 13.6.97’. No publication known. 2002-2003 Note Southwood by M. J. Carlile. Correspondence on various commemorative events. Silwood Stream Lake’, sent to on ‘Red and T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 SECTION C OXFORD UNIVERSITY, C.229-C.300 1982-2005 C.229-C.259 DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY C.260-C.282 INSTITUTIONS AND ACTIVITIES C.283-C.298 CORRESPONDENCE C.299, C.300 APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTORAL BOARDS C.229-C.259 DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY 1980-2003 C.229-C.240 Departmental correspondence and papers 1980-2003 Correspondence and papers on research, Committees and general Departmental matters. Requests to visit, work in Department, letters of thanks. 1982, 1997, 1999 See also C.11, C.149 Departmental Committee Meetings (not complete) 1984-2002 Minutes and accounts, changes of syllabus, with a little correspondence. Elton Library Draft research project on long-term studies in Wytham Woods Draft research project for Unit of Molecular Biology T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Oxford University, C.229-C.300 C.234-C.237 Food Animal Initiative (FAI) 2001-2005 This was a Departmental project based at University Farm at Wytham to promote animal welfare research and sustainable food production. Southwood attended the preliminary meeting on 30 January 2001 and chaired the Technical Board from May 2001. 2001 Setting-up papers, membership and Board lists, mission statements, Launch (November). Parliamentary meetings, 2002 Minutes and meetings, a little correspondence. 2003 2004-2005 research proposals, reports on 2-year Meetings, progress. Meetings, project reports. There is no formal letter of resignation by Southwood, but a card of thanks for his help from M. S. Dawkins is dated 3 February 2005. Committee. Brief for Southwood’s service on Departmental Ethical Review correspondence, including thanks 1995-2005 personal 2000-2003 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Oxford University, C.229-C.300 C.241-C.259 Lectures and teaching 1980-1987 This is a much more complete account than previously available, particularly in respect of Southwood’s ‘Biology of Organisms’ course gave regularly at Imperial College London and Oxford and which formed the basis of his book (2003) The Story of Life. updated which and he The material may include correspondence with members of the Department and with others involved in teaching and examining, as well as class handouts, syllabus and ‘option’ changes. C.241-C.243 Entomology C.241 Correspondence and papers 1980-1987 1980-1982 Mainly information on the aims of the Entomology Option, lecture topics and timetables, instructions for students, 1980-1982. 1985-1987 for the course and lecturing reading lists and visit to the Hope arrangements Correspondence and papers handouts, Class Southwood’s lectures. Includes a Entomological Collections 1981. little correspondence on new Timetables Entomology Option, memorandum on by Southwood, his report on his departmental activities and publications 1986-1987. 1985-1986 Brief correspondence, Southwood’s manuscript notes, lecture synopses. See also B.67, B.68, C.18 Pests and Diseases Option references for See also C.22 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Oxford University, C.229-C.300 Ecology Option Correspondence and lecture synopses. papers, timetabies, references, 1987,1996 Material 1996 relates to ecology and conservation field course. See also C.21 Evolution and Taxonomy Option 1986-1987 Correspondence and papers. Includes colleagues’ lectures sent for information, reading lists, Specimen examination questions. C.247-C.249 Biology Prelims. 1987-1992 Correspondence and papers from a folder so inscribed. Teaching arrangements. 1987-1990 Correspondence and draft lectures from D. C. Smith. an extended lecture course on No date or place but found in drafts Notes and environmental problems. file marked ‘Teaching’. Teaching arrangements for revised course for Biology Prelims.; specimen question paper. 1991-1992 Also includes copies of lecture on Agroecosystems and 1993 lecture on Risks from radiation (Bibliog. 201, 201A). Topics include air and water pollution, radiation, global warming. Manuscript information, press cuttings etc. notes and for narratives, with intercalated T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Oxford University, C.229-C.300 ‘Socio-political aspects of conservation’ c.1997-1999 RAnniierrint and tunsceorr int Aroaft WIGhhUOUTIPt alia LyPOooulipe Ulait ailu UlaYlaliio, Gappaiciiuy na aA: 41 intended for student audience, given 1997-1999 during Southwood’s Chairmanship of on Sustainable Development. UK Round Table ‘Methods in animal ecology’ Lecture for Environmental Biology. Typescript and manuscript drafts. May 2000 Notes perhaps taken at conference, but headed ‘Teaching file’. environmental biodiversity problems, and on C.254-C.258 ‘Organisms and environment’ This was the lecture Biology Preliminary Examination. courses, given given title to to Southwood’s introductory the first-year students for is the revised constantly Southwood 18 years including 1981, and continuing for 3 hard-backed spring-back The material was received in folders which have been discarded. Its core was a series of 14 lectures given twice weekly from his period as Vice-Chancellor of Oxford (latest reference 1999). He also gave a shorter course of 3 or 4 lectures on the evolution of diversity. Because work, updating references and incorporating his own new ideas or those of current researchers, there is some repetition and overlap, as well as the intercalation of photocopied mainly material. the manuscript version, Whole mainly typescript version described as ‘Original. term's of organisms and evolution topics. The distinction, however, both versions contain manuscript and typescript material, in pen and additions and the incorporation of the latest research, with bibliographic references. Many lectures, or groups of lectures, include a specific bibliography as well as the overall reference list. highlights, many revisions lectures’ (C.254) covering both perhaps earlier (C.257), It would seem that clear and far from biology and pencil, with the there was a and T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Oxford University, C.229-C.300 Several of Southwood’s obituary tributes in Section A refer to these lectures as testimony to his scholarship, iucidity and iecturing skiii and aiso to his wish to engage the interest of undergraduates at the start of their course. ‘Original. Whole term's lectures’ with Typescript and manuscript drafts highlights, and _ additions. Includes bibliographies, outline of contents, timescales, diagrams. revisions dividers, lectures, many 14 of end At questions. of lectures, suggestions for examination Lecture 14 bears a Post-it note from Southwood to his listeners including ‘Last lecture is the last time it will be given’ (71999). ‘Origins ‘Draft’ of life and organisms’, with manuscript note pen and pencil ‘The evolution of diversity’ Manuscript draft for lectures, mainly 3-5. A version of lectures 1-3, and of lecture 11 ‘Evolution of modern man’, given 1998. Outline, synopsis, typescript and manuscript draft with highlights, and additions, diagrams, references. corrections Includes statement of ‘The proposed whole organisms course for Prelims’ October 1980, and correspondence and material from colleagues on their contributions to the course. brief material for lecture on Migration. Includes Many corrections, detailed circular on course, topics and lectures 1981, published lecture list 1989 and correspondence 1988 on R. W. Byrne’s The Machiavellian Ape. Another version of lectures, mainly manuscript, perhaps earlier though references continue to 1990s. At end of book, manuscript lectures on Evolution and revisions and highlights. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Oxford University, C.229-C.300 ‘Master copy’ of Southwood’s lecture outline, handouts, references 1996-1998 Examination questions and topics for Biology Prelims., with various dates 1986-1992. manuscript suggestions by Southwood, 1986-1992 C.260-C.282 INSTITUTIONS AND ACTIVITIES 1991-2002 Comprises correspondence and papers, in alphabetical order, dealing with various University institutions with which involvement, a_ sometimes over a long period. Southwood personal had C.260-C.269 Environmental Change Unit (ECU) later Environmental Change Institute (EC) 1991-2002 to from the Southwood was involved with the Unit from its inception, both ex-officio as Vice-Chancellor and because of his He was present, and spoke, at own research interests. the launch of the Unit in February 1991. He chaired the first meeting of the Management Committee in July 1992 and served on the Advisory Committee set up at that time. He continued to attend, open or address ECU conferences and events and maintained his involvement resignation subsequent Advisory his Committee in 1997. His replacement, Andrew Goudie, Professor of Geography, had been Chairman of the ECU Task Force. The change of name to Environmental Change Institute took place in November 1999 (C.267) and the Institute is now a component of the O.U. Centre for the Environment (C.269). Material kindly made available by |. Curtis, ECI, 2006. Launch of Environmental Change Unit, 14 February See also C.176. List (including Southwood’s). Founding Benefactors, speeches at Launch of T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Oxford University, C.229-C.300 Correspondence and papers of 1st and 2nd and Management Minutes Committee Meetings July and October; membership of Advisory Committee November; arrangements for Seminar on Environmental Studies in Oxford, of speakers, programme of events; proposal for MSc in Environmental Change. College, November; invitations, Inaugural Meeting Balliol list Correspondence and papers mainly on Inaugural Oxford Environment Conference 15-16 July a planned annual series) 1993 (first of 1992-1993 Material programme heavily annotated by Southwood. brochure, includes list of participants, Southwood spoke welcome address. at the dinner and also gave the for proposal programme, Regions (initiated Correspondence and papers Correspondence and papers MSc Programme’ submitted Summer 1995), various fund-raising plans. ‘Mountain to Rhodes Trustees Correspondence and papers mainly re resignation of Director (R. Macrory); Advisory Committee Meeting 2 November August-November 1994-1995 Research projects and funding, especially on transport and Briden); resignation of Southwood as Chairman of the Advisory Committee and replacement by A. S. Goudie. Correspondence information on Environmental Studies Day 18 November. chaired Session 2, on Ecology. Includes timetable, background information, thanks. and on Southwood health; appointment of papers Dinner and ECU February, material Director letters of (J. C. mainly 19 and T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Oxford University, C.229-C.300 papers, August 1998-November Correspondence and 1989, mainly on launch Dinner for Environmental Change Institute and discussion on ‘Sustainability’, 23 November 1999, at which Southwood spoke. 1998-1999 Includes guest list, briefing material. Correspondence and papers mainly re proposed Oxford Centre for Climate Policy Research; 10th Anniversary Dinner October 2001 2000-2001 papers Correspondence and of Oxford Centre for the Environment, intended to include Geography, and discussed 25 February, at which Southwood took the Chair. Advisory Committee OCEES (qv) formation Forestry, Meeting mainly 15th ECl, and re at Includes briefing material on proposed Centre. Expeditions 1995-1999 C.270-C.272 Expedition to Belize Expedition to West Africa Expedition to Queensland, Australia Correspondence and reports re student expeditions for which Southwood was patron. 1995-1999 This was an institute set up by, and based in, Mansfield College the Change Environmental Institute which Several individuals with interest in environmental matters were involved with both enterprises, including Southwood who served on the OCEES Advisory Board from 1996 until his The Centre ceased to operate in resignation in 1999. Oxford Centre for the Environment, Ethics and Society (OCEES) It was therefore distinct Unit/Environmental University undertaking. Change is C.273-C.277 Oxford. from a T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Oxford University, C.229-C.300 2003. aein!t! tee ela 0 6 ORR ero alee ann material includes The of meetings, appointments, fund-raising, strategy plans and proposals, in particular for an International Commission on Sustainable Consumption. correspondence, minutes See also C.179. 1995-1996 January-June October-November Mainly research plans and papers prepared for Advisory Board meeting on 3 November, and subsequent papers. 1998 on proposed on International Commission C.278-C.282 Oxford Institute for Energy Studies This was a privately-financed charity based in Oxford. Mainly Sustainable Consumption. 1996-2003 the Oxford University had no financial commitment to of Institute Board but less than 50%, either Governors of through direct appointment or three founding college representatives (St Antony’s, St Catherine’s and Nuffield). University representative, for three years from 1994, reappointed in 1997 and again in 2000. Much of staffing, recommendations. is concerned with funding memoranda meetings, had at least 25% but Southwood was the material and includes See also C.180 a representation on the an appointed and and via the T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Oxford University, C.229-C.300 September 1996-December 1998 Includes Southwood’s reappointment to the Board. March-November 1999 June-August 2000 Includes Southwood’s reappointment. In his acceptance letter, Southwood says ‘this should be my last term of office’. February-July 2001 Appointment December 2002-2003 Coimbra Group C.283-C.298 C.283-C.292 1989-2005 1989-2005 CORRESPONDENCE Miscellaneous university affairs Includes letter of thanks for Southwood’s long service as Governor. See also C.175 Shorter correspondence and papers, mostly post-dating Southwood’s official service as Vice-Chancellor and Pro- to Vice-Chancellor, University for information or advice. sent to Southwood and referring Includes social events or ceremonies. he was consulted matters on which T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Oxford University, C.229-C.300 Court of Benefactors See also C.82, C.173 Europaeum See also C.83-C.86, C.177 International Relations Includes correspondence, notes and memorandum. Oxford Society. See also C.181 2000, 2004- 2005 Peter Moores Foundation Rothermere American Institute Sheldon Medal Transport Studies Unit (now part of Oxford Centre for the Environment). Includes notes on a meeting with Secretary of State and Permanent Secretary of Education to discuss higher education. Miscellaneous See also C.68 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Oxford University, C.229-C.300 C.293-C.298 Shorter personal correspondence 2000-2003 Correspondence exchanged with Southwood’s advice or information on a personal basis. University committees and individuals affairs, seeking papers on or University and community Correspondence and comments Nuffield Chair of Anaesthetics ‘Peter Medawar Building’ Switch to Green Coalition 1998-2003 2003-2004 C.299, C.300 Chancellorship notes for discussion on APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTORAL BOARDS Correspondence and papers, University matters with J. Hood, Vice-Chancellor. 2001-2003 Southwood was invited to join the Board of Management in Linacre Professor. He chaired the Applications Committee in 2003 in the absence of S. J. Simpson. Varley-Gradwell Fellowship in Insect Ecology Correspondence and papers. See also C.211. 2001 pending the appointment of the T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Oxford University, C.229-C.300 Institute of Molecular Medicine 1998-2001 CerrithwsnnA wae imvitad ta VYUUUIWUUU V¥aSo HIiVilCUuU Ahn aie W Lliall Board in 1998 and resigned in 2001. including Correspondence and organisation from members of the Board. papers ideas for the See also C.228. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 SECTION D RESEARCH, D.59-D.92 1930s-2005 material, This his Department, permits a fuller view of many aspects of his research than was possible in previous collections. Southwood retained which in It begins with his work as an Agricultural Council Scholar at Rothamsted Experimental Station (now Rothamsted Research) 1952-1955 and continues at Imperial College from 1955. The field work is most intensive from the 1950s to the 1960s and covers much of his fundamental research on cereal pests, insect-plant relationships and the and of many papers, some grasslands. collaborative, including his ‘Citation Classic’ on habitat (1988. Bibliog. 164). communities insect the dynamics of is trees basis in It his service Southwood at Oxford After Linacre Professor of Zoology and as Vice- Chancellor, and on public advisory bodies, of Zoology where he resumed research and publications, on notably on and the long-term experimental project at Rothamsted. Research publications continued to appear up life, and indeed the posthumously in 2006. last year of Department returned oaks, the his as to to D.59-D.69 NOTEBOOKS Some early observations and data collected by others from the 1930s are sometimes included. Some of the material presented here benefits from the unique advice and comment which Southwood himself was able to provide during 2005, but was, unfortunately, unable to complete. Such comments and identifications are quoted in the relevant entries. UNPUBLISHED DRAFTS AND NOTES NOTES AND DATA D.70-D.80 D.81-D.92 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Research, D.59-D.92 D.59-D.69 NOTEBOOKS 1952-1967 These are green linen hard-backed loose-leaf binders (D.59-D.67 of uniform size), most with many flagged inserts indicating topic, place and date of work. They begin in 1952 at Rothamsted and continue at Silwood Park, Imperial College. in Southwood’s hand. The early work is almost all The later books include work in other hands, by members of the Silwood team, but all with checks, notes or additions by him. They are presented in approximate chronological order, and consist of detailed data and observations, usually with a careful note of location, time of day and weather conditions. Some of the books have a note of the subject matter on the spine and this is preserved in the entirely comprehensive, entries, though always not is it Green hard-backed binder, with flagged inserts 1936-1954 on insect population at various sites in Southwood’s hand. Green hard-backed binder, with flagged inserts, inscribed ‘Pastures Data’ on spine Also includes water-colour drawings by Southwood 1952, 1953. At rear of book, some earlier data collected by others at other locations from 1936. round Work Rothamsted, almost all Mainly regular observations April-November 1953 and some 1954, with careful notes of weather conditions, tabulated results and calculations. 1954-1961 Observations Rothamsted, almost all in Southwood’s hand. regular observations 1954, with some 1953; loose pages. data. at Mainly 1955 on Notes of weather conditions, tabulated Green hard-backed binder, with flagged inserts Also includes photograph of work in field. Southwood’s population, 1953-1955 insect Work almost all in flight hand, begun at of etc. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Research, D.59-D.92 Rothamsted and continued at Silwood, also including other locations eg. Shingle Street, Buckingham Palace Gardens, some overseas daia. Work on insect population, spraying experiments, suction traps, tree sampling etc. Work continues to 1961. At rear of book, loose pages on insects observed on trees June 1954. Green hard-backed binder, with flagged inserts, inscribed ‘Stems 1955-56’ on spine 1955-1959 Observations and data on grasslands and Oscineila frit larvae, at various named sites, 1956-1961, some by Southwood, some by others, checked by him. Section on ‘Hourly sweeps’ contains his calculations of hatchings 30 July 1959 5am-9pm, and ‘Flight times’ 12 August 1959. Miscellaneous detailed tabulated notes on frit. 1959-1961 related given to paper by Southwood and R. at a meeting of Royal 1958-1960 Green hard-backed binder, with flagged inserts, inscribed ‘Silwood Stems 1957-8-9’ on spine Green hard-backed binder, with flagged inserts, inscribed ‘Plagiognathus’ on spine Detailed notes, tables, observations on grasslands and insects, in several hands, at various locations at Silwood, 1958-1960 (NB no data for 1957). Detailed data, experiments and calculations on various species of mirid with special reference to Plagiognathus, 1959-1961 and using earlier data collected by others. 1956-1959 E. Material Entomological Blackith Society 4 May 1960 and published in the Proceedings (Bibliog. 32b). Green hard-backed binder, with flagged inserts of dates and topics, inscribed ‘FRIT Budget 1956, 1959’ on spine A report of the Meeting is inculded on loose pages. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Research, D.59-D.92 Detailed work and calculations, by Southwood and others 1956-1959, frit, Tavern iQGVVit. population Oscinella aAatfialAc VaUITIVS studies FiAlAa Hmeius ana aliu on of , al al oviayocu Ulispiayocu (Bibliog. 41, 42, 43 refer). ann alhiui The term ‘Budget’ refers to the numbers of specimens and area. There is no cost accounting. Green hard-backed binder, with many flagged inserts of dates and topics, inscribed ‘FRIT WORK 1960’ on spine 1960-1962 Detailed notes, data, calculations on experiments 1960- 1962, material used in publications on panicles etc. A ‘Site plan of field experiment’ is included on a loose page. See also D.67. Specimens of frit flies, originally included in D.66 by the British Council, sponsored 1940s-1964 See E.41-E.44A, H.2. Small green hard-backed binder, inscribed ‘Mexico’ on spine Notes on the literature of Mexican and South American food plants, pests and diseases, in aphabetical order, 1940s-1963. Probably compiled with reference to Southwood’s visit to Mexico August- September 1964. 1959-1967 Detailed notes and tabulated data for various sites 1959- 1967, with site plans for 1960 and 1961, and coloured diagram of suction traps at Silwood. Large with flagged inserts, inscribed ‘Suction Traps’ on spine hard-backed binder, format green many T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Research, D.59-D.92 D.70-D.80 NOTES AND DATA 1959-1992 complements the This notebooks and is presented in approximate chronological order. experimental data the in fly. ‘Frit grass Chloropids’. Original data on life-cycle and emergence of 1959-1962 Contents of a folder so inscribed. Tabulated various species 1959-1961. data, in another hand, for distribution of A few notes by Southwood, 2pp manuscript draft on ‘The seasonal distribution of adult emergence’, and a note on the cover of weather conditions. Southwood’s (Bibliog. 50). first paper on Chloropidae was 1962 D.71-D.73 1977-1985 3pp list 1978-1985 Plans for project Succession studies His principal collaborators were V. of activity ‘Papers and Meeting Presentation’, 1978-1985; ‘Papers’, analyses of journal; author(s) etc., manuscript ‘The Project - additional papers’. Work begun at Silwood and continuing after Southwood’s K. move to Oxford. Brown, P.M. Reader and others. (Bibliog. 109, 147, 161a, 166). 1977-1984 Tabulated data, all labelled ‘Silwood Succession Study’, sites and dates identified, by Southwood and others, 1977, 1978. Data, mainly on ‘Silwood spiders’, collected 1977 and Contents Silwood succession’ Folder ‘Diptera data’ 1977-1978 ‘Keep Together. of an envelope inscribed T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Research, D.59-D.92 sent on to Southwood in Oxford with a covering letter 1984. D.74-D.79 Insects in trees 1979-1982 Contents of a box file (discarded) inscribed ‘Keep in toto’. Southwood’s principal collaborators were V. and C. E. J. Kennedy (Bibliog. 123, 125, 127). C. Moran Data sent from South Africa C. Moran and C. Smithson, all with sites and dates 1979, 1981, some with manuscript notes by Southwood and headings ‘checked’ 1980, 1981. by V. 1979-1981 Southwood’s re-working of the South African data, some in another hand Lists and tables of Silwood Park specimens ‘Summary Totals’ 1981 and n.d Contents of a folder, some dated 1981 (Bibliog. 127) By Southwood and Kennedy, including diagrams and charts. Manuscript and typescript drafts for collaborative paper with Moran and Kennedy ‘The assessment of arboreal insect fauna: comparisons of knock-down sampling and faunal lists’. ASSA= 192 Identification of specimens, information, comments on paper, from colleagues. Correspondence 1979-1982 Work on oaks Two drafts on comparison of insect faunas on French and T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Research, D.59-D.92 English oaks, 1991, 1992. Two of Southwood’s last publications (Bibliog. 242, 243) were on oaks, but this material may not be related. D.81-D.92 UNPUBLISHED DRAFTS AND NOTES 1954-2005 ‘Aneurus Morphology (unpublished)’ ‘The Structure of the immature stages and imago of Aneurus laevis, with notes on the taxonomic position and biology’. 18pp manuscript draft, reference is to 1954 paper on Geocorisae (Bibliog. 9). data and drawings, n.d, latest 1930s-1960 latest reference is graphs, drawings and c1956 and n.d and diapause to the evolution of the from many sources and ‘Plagiognathus data unpublished’ data, Extensive specimens collected 1930s onwards. ‘The relation of the structure of the egg, its oviposition site terrestrial Heteroptera (Geocorisae)’ Incomplete manuscript and typescript drafts, diagrams and charts n.d., to 1956 paper on terrestrial Heteroptera (Bibliog. 18). 1960-2005 Extensive notes on insect migrations, especially involving sea crossings. Manuscript Blackith’s presentation to Royal Entomological Society, published 1960 (Bibliog. 32b). Southwood ‘Research Ideas. - never written’ (note by Southwood 2005) Notes for paper on Dragonfly migration diagrams on dates, draft for and_ See also D.64. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Research, D.59-D.92 A little correspondence 1960. Perhaps related to Imperial College expedition to Ghana (Bibliog. 45). D.85-D.89 ‘Olive scale dispersion (paper with [C. [G.] Murdie - not completed)’ B.] Huffaker and 1964-2005 Commenced 1964 (note by Southwood 2005). An additional note explains ‘one Ecological methods 1st edition’. set of data used in folders 4 calculations. (originals retained) of extensive data and D.90-D.92 Plant Health 1977-2000 ‘The pathology of succession’, by Southwood, V. and B. E. Wheeler. natural vegetation in K. Brown, P. a secondary M. Reader in was revived by 1980 Southwood a proposed paper of this Southwood’s notes, diagrams etc. Tables and data on area, type of damage, percentage on named trees on three sites at Silwood, some original data, some recalculated, supplied by co-authors title, Drafts and material for using material collected at Silwood park 1977-1979. The project and abandoned in 2000. Correspondence on 1988 and letter from co-authors 2000 explaining their recommendation not to publish. the project 1983, Southwood’s manuscript and typescript drafts for paper n.d., c 2000. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 SECTION F PUBLICATIONS AND EDITORIAL, F.151-F.279 1947-2006 This is an extensive, though not an exhaustive, section, complementing material included in previous catalogues. It documents Southwood’s steady output, maintained into the last years of his life, and reflects the many aspects of his career. publication The concerns of his public life produced articles and papers of general interest on topics such as radiation, environmental pollution, acid rain, risk, sustainablility and many issues of higher and University education arising from his period as Vice-Chancellor at Oxford. of the the sight Though his advice was sought on many matters of public concern, Southwood never lost youthful passion for entomology which had led him to ecology and natural world which was the the relationships of foundation of he returned eagerly to entomological research and writing, achieving not only the a major long- publication in 2003 of The Story of Life, premeditated widely praised and translated. a number of new papers but scientific career. retirement, which book was his In It notes for latest ends, which begins fittingly, bibliography Southwood’s FE oler:201B OWN PUBLICATIONS and Entomologists’ The Addendum at F.242-F.251B includes Southwood'’s posthumous paper (not in the Bibliography) and several unpublished works. The main sequence at F.151-F.251B follows as far as possible is included at A.302 and referred to in the form Bibliog. no. The material varies greatly in extent and content, and may include drafts, research notes and material, and with correspondence. entomological Monthly Magazine. PUBLISHERS CORRESPONDENCE WITH EDITORS AND F.252-F.279 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 F.151-F.251B OWN PUBLICATIONS 1947-2006 Sun-bathing by birds, British Birds XL, 1947. Bibliog. 0 Photocopy and correspondence 1993. See also A.37. Bionomics...of the thistle Entomol. 12, 1956. Bibliog. lace 17 bugs, Trans. Soc. Br. Brief correspondence only. See also F.1, R.94. Review of: Pesticide Abstracts, 1967. Bibliog. 67A ‘Social Brian M. V. Insect Populations’, Correspondence only. Bibliog. 94 See also F.20. 22pp manuscript draft. Data, graphs, diagrams. Insect Surveys, in Principles of Plant and Animal Pest Control, Vol. 3, Nat. Acad. Sci., 1969. Bibliog. 78A A synoptic population model, with H.N. Comins, J. Anim. Ecol. 45, 1976. See also F.125, F.126, G.4-G.9. Habitat, the templet for ecological strategies?, J. Anim. Ecol. 46, 1977. Bibliog. 100 Southwood’s Ecological Society. A seminal paper. Presidential Heavily-corrected manuscript and typescript draft. Address to the British T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 The components of / i diversity, ~ Horo. wimMiVy. Dianlasinll 4079 GUuilGs, VIAUAWTil Dihlia in Diversity of Insect This was a paper given at a Royal Entomological Society Symposium 22-23 September 1977, at which Southwood also chaired a session. typescript 29pp insect counts, programme of meeting. notes, draft, calculations, diagrams, Ecology Synthese, 43, 1980. Bibliog. 110 mixture of a - patterns and _ probablisim, This was an article written at the request of the journal for a special edition on ‘Conceptual Issues in Ecology’, and based on D. Simberloff on paradigms in ecology. a paper by 12pp corrected draft, correspondence with editor and with colleagues in the Department of Philosophy at Imperial College London. C. 89, given at a of of the Institute diagrams, permissions to Gillot ‘Entomology’, New Scientist, Review of 1981. Bibliog. 117A Paper Mathematics and its Applications, Oxford 1-3 July 1980. conference field populations of insects, in Mathematical Stability in Theory and Dynamics of Insect Populations, Academic Press, 1981. Bibliog. 115 Heavily-corrected manuscript and typescript drafts, notes and quote, programme of conference. correspondence with colleagues and editor. The guild composition of arthropod communities in trees (with V. C. Moran), J. Anim. Ecol., 51, 1982. Bibliog. 123 Typescript draft, brief correspondence. appendices, Corrected typescript tables, draft, T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 The assessment of arboreal insect fauna (with C. Moran and C. E. J. Kennedy), Ecol. Ent. 7, 1982. Bibliog. 127 V. Corrected typescript draft, correspondence with comments and amendments. editor, Continuity of vegetation in space and time (with V. Brown and P. Suppl. 1983. Bibliog. 129 M. Reader), Res. Pop. Ecol. K. 3, Brown and Reader, colleagues at Imperial College, were collecting data on ‘Floral Maps’. When Southwood was notified of the proposed special issue of the journal to commemorate they collaborated on the paper. Professor founder, Iwao, its Correspondence and data. Zoology, 135A in Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1984. Bibliog. with P. M. P. the flight activity Manuscript and typescript drafts, correspondence. Studies on Reader, Ent. Exp. Appl. 36, 1984. Bibliog. 138 of...whitefly, Southwood and colleagues at Silwood Park published a series of papers on Whitefly. Correspondence, copy of paper. An offprint of an earlier paper by Southwood and Reader 1976, Bibliog. 92 is also enclosed. 1976-1983 The number of species of insect associated with British trees, with C. J. Kennedy, J. Anim. Ecol. 53, 1984. Bibliog. 139. Correspondence, tabulated data and corrected draft of collaborative paper with M. Reader ‘Fecundity and Host Leaf Condition in ... Whitefly’, 1985. Extensive manuscript notes Not listed in Bibliography. n.d., and tabulated data G. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 computer printout 1983, correspondence 1976, 1981. Risk through environmental change, in Risk, Man-made Hazards, OUP, 1985. Bibliog. 141 Heavily-corrected manuscript and typescript notes and drafts. The roles of proof and concern in the work of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, Marine Pollution Bull. 16. Bibliog. 144 Heavily-corrected typescript and manuscript draft, editorial correspondence. brief Secondary succession by birds, with V. Reader and E. 147 K. Brown, P.M. E. Green, Bird Study 33, 1986. Bibliog. manuscript data, observations, bird species at specified sites, Heavily-corrected typescript and manuscript draft. Plant surfaces and insects - overview, in /nsects and Plant Surfaces, 1986. Bibliog. 149 a patch of firewood’, review of B. Heinrich, published places’, New Scientist 104, ‘In as ‘Tiptoeing through wild 1984. Bibliog. 150 Extensive tabulations, including early morning observations by Southwood and colleagues of various dates 1977-1979; correspondence with colleagues; brief referee’s comment. 1985-1989 Correspondence with Nature, to whom the paper was first offered, but was declined (referees’ comments included) Leaf palatability... Brown and P. M Reader, Oecologia 70, 1986. 151 and herbivore damage, with Manuscript correspondence. and _ V. K. Bibliog. typescript draft, brief editorial T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 and with Oecologia, on whose Editorial Board Southwood served, 1985-1989. F.174-F.175 The natural environment and disease, Brit. Med. J. 294, 1987. Bibliog. 155 1986-1989 This was first given as a lecture at Green College Oxford in 1987 and repeated elsewhere. See E.123, E.136, H.62, H.66. Correspondence, invitation and arrangements for Green College lecture and publication in Brit. Med. J. 1986-1989 Includes comments arising from publication and from Southwood’s repeat of the lecture in Hong Kong (1987) and in Georgia (1989). Heavily-corrected lecture as given as the Le Conte Lecture at Georgia manuscript typescript and draft of and predation, Park begun at Silwood F.176-F.178 See also F.39. The dynamics of viburnum whitefly, with M. and P. M. Reader, J. Anim. Ecol. 56, 1987. Bibliog. 158 P. Hassell Correspondence, data and manuscript from M. P. Hassell on whitefly work, and his papers on population regulation and predation, leading to collaborative papers. of the series of papers on population This was part studies and continued at Oxford. Southwood’s principal collaborators were P. M. Reader and M. P. Hassell, later D. T. Rogers. 1985-1986 Correspondence with colleagues and editor. Includes detailed comments by D. T. Rogers, who collaborated on a later paper (Bibliog. 171). Corrected drafts and revisions of paper See F.183. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 Secondary succession: patterns and strategies, with V. K. 1985-1987 1D wane ee DIOW!, ANQT Os4nbilit., iJO/, Tl VOMOMIZaAUUTI, OULUTOSSIVIT GHiU Oidabiiily. tiem Dela niestins Al a : Bibliog. 161A Correspondence with co-author and editor 1985-1986. Habitat and insect biology, 1987. Bibliog. 163 Bull. Ent. Soc. Amer. 33, This was the invited plenary address given at the meeting of the Entomological Society of America, San Reno, at which the Society. Southwood Fellowship awarded was of Editorial and manuscript draft. correspondence, heavily-corrected typescript Some characteristics...secondary succession, with V. K. Brown, P. M. Reader and E. Mason, Proc. R. Soc. Lond. 234, 1988. Bibliog. 166 1984-1987 etc by of in list the members and graphs, includes of papers, team on 1984-1987 referring to includes Southwood’s this paper and to other Manuscript data presentations ‘Succession Project’. Lead Conference volume, Science Reviews. Bibliog. 168 the home environment, Southwood attached importance to this work and noted (2005) on the folder ‘KEEP’. Correspondence manuscript letter publications on whitefly, succession etc. T. Rogers, J. Anim. Ecol. Population dynamics of the viburnum whitefly, with M. P. Hassell, P. M. Reader and D. Will elite Independent, 1989. Bibliog. 169A Typescript text, brief correspondence. Photocopy of published text only. peasantry?, 1987, ‘foreword’ to Britons be Europe’s or its T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 58, 1989. Bibliog. 171 Danar’s FUYEIS detailed comments on earlier paper and his suggestions for re-analysis (see F.178). incliding HiViuuniyio Aata Udia, and a@iiQ TD wv. a PH. CS Brief editorial correspondence. Speech in Congregation, Oxford, 5 November 1991, on ‘Three-site the University. Bibliog. 184B development strategy’ the for of Southwood lists this in his Bibliography with this number. It is noted ‘Unpublished’. Environment: ‘The prospects’, Monitoring the Environment, OUP, 1992. Bibliog. 188 problems and_ in This was the First Linacre Lecture, delivered in 1989. Heavily-corrected typescript and manuscript draft. Oration, O.U. from radiation: Gazette, Crookshank See also E.143. Brief editorial correspondence. Typescript and manuscript ‘Re-draft’. Valedictory Vice-Chancellor October 1993. Bibliog. 199 Risks Oncology 5, 1993. Bibliog. 201 information; — editorial This was Southwood’s Opening Plenary Lecture at the 7th European Ecological Congress, Budapest, Hungary, 20-25 August 1995 and submitted by Southwood to the journal. Ecological processes and sustainablility, /nt. Devt. World Ecol. 2, 1995. Bibliog. 207 See also E.147-E.149. conference J. Sustain. Invitation Lecture, Clinical and T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 correspondence; manuscript ‘speaking text’. heavily-corrected typescript and See also F.198 Insect-plant relations: overview from the symposium, Ent. Expt. et Appl. 80, 1996. Bibliog. 213 9th This was Southwood’s closing summing-up of the International Symposium on Insect-Plant Relationships, Gwatt, Switzerland, 24-30 June 1995. Correspondence address, arrangements, programme and abstracts. conference and re Southwood’s correspondence, Editorial draft, detailed manuscript notes made by Southwood at the conference as a basis for his overview paper. typescript corrected the Society, 1993-1996 1993-1996 structure and dynamics, Phil. F.191-F.193 lecture and assembled information and Correspondence arrangements and lecture and slides. Natural Trans. R. Soc. Lond. 351, 1996. Bibliog. 214 communities: with invitation, publication; Southwood’s ideas for This was the Croonian Lecture of the Royal Society, given in November 1994, and again at Bangor, March 1995. Southwood was greatly honoured by the invitation to give the materials carefully. borrow slides etc. Correspondence with colleagues, permission to quote, Speaking text corrections and highlights. for Bangor, typescript. with manuscript 1993-1996 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 Data and data-sharing, in Protecting Danube River Basin Resources, 1997. Bibliog. 217 was Southwood’s at NATO This Workshop on Data-sharing for... Danube River Basin Resources’, Budapest, Hungary, 27-30 May 1996, published in Workshop Proceedings. ‘International Opening Address Conference programme, list correspondence typescript text. on of participants (annotated), publication, and _ arrangements Applying ecology: a personal journey, 217A 1997. Bibliog. 1996-1997 Southwood’s introductory remarks at the Nathan Lecture, organised by Environmental Law Group, given G. Conway, 8 April 1997. by Listed by Southwood in his Bibliography but no place of publication given. Correspondence on arrangements, 1996-1997, typescript and manuscript draft of Southwood’s remarks. of the on work Table Invitation, manuscript draft. The Round Sustainable Development, 1997. Bibliog. 218 Government's This was a talk given to the Parliamentary Environment Group and published as their Briefing Sheet 18, 1997. Transport: the crucial basis for sustainablility, Town and Country Planning 66, 1997. Bibliog. 220 Southwood’s address at Town and Country Planning Association conference ‘How Shall We Live?’ 11 March 1997. Correspondence, information, programme, participants, abstract and typescript and manuscript draft of address. Sustainability: perspective, Videnskaps-Academi Arbok 1996. Bibliog. 225 ecological See also N. 67. Norske an T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 and and Correspondence publication 1995-1996; typescript draft of lecture, which included, with permission, some material from Bibliog. 207 (F.188). arrangements lecture for See also H.90 Species richness and resource availability, Kelly, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 96, 1999. Bibliog. 226 with C. K. Correspondence with co-author and with editors 1998- 1999, text as submitted. F.200-F.202 Charles Sutherland Elton, with J. R. Clarke, Biog. Mems. Fellows R. Soc. Lond. 45, 1999. Bibliog. 228 1994-2005 Southwood had accepted the the Memoir in 1991, on Elton’s death, but was unable to complete it R. Clarke. until April 1999, in collaboration with J. invitation write to M. of with extensive contributed a note on Elton to See F. 213. 1994-1999 letter by Elton supplied by J. Proof amendments by Clarke. Memoir Includes a copy of a Potter. Correspondence with Royal Society and with co-author. Southwood also the Encyclopaedia of Global Environmental Change, 2002. Bibliog. 235. 1977-2005 Correspondence, with recollections of Elton, thanks for Memoir etc., 1999-2000; request for reprint 2005. Ecological Methods, with Science, Oxford, 2000. Bibliog. 229 Material mainly relating to the 3rd edition. A. Henderson, Blackwell F.203-F.207 1999-2005 corrections and P. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 This was one of Southwood’s most influential books, first published by Methuen 1966 (Bibliog. A second in 1978 (Bibliog. 105). The collaborative 3rd edition appeared in 2000 with another publisher; at the time of Southwood’s death a new revised edition was under discussion. 65). d Hall See also F.14-F.29, F.130. Material relating to 2nd edition, permissions to quote, brief correspondence. 1977-1979 Correspondence 1993-1994 with Chapman and Hall reprints of 2nd edition and possible 3rd edition. re 1993-1999 1998-1999: of Correspondence Chapman and Hall was taken over by Kluwer Academic Publishers but following delays in dealing with the matter Southwood Blackwell who published the book very expeditiously. approached’ Science, science imprint the for 1998-2002 1998-2000 publication, Includes marketing, blurb, list of complimentary copies, website. arrangements Agreement, Brief correspondence with colleagues, information etc., 1998, 1999: reviews, thanks for copies 2000-2002. Correspondence with Blackwell and with collaborator P. A. Henderson. Correspondence re proposed new edition (in preparation by P. A. Henderson). Notes, data, tables, drawings, typescript draft. Notes on Monthly Magazine 136, 2000. Bibliog. 230 British thread-legged bugs..., Entomologists’ Correspondence information. F.208-F.209 colleagues, with requests for T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 Review of Bellows and Fisher: Handbook of Biological Control, Entomologists’ Monthly Magazine 136, 2000. Rihling 921 omg. 2o1 Brief correspondence only. Foreword, in Biology of the Plant Bugs, 2001. 233A Bibliog. 1997-2000 Correspondence with author A. G. Wheeler and publisher 1997-2000. See also F.131. Remotely sensed habitat diversity..., with J. T. Kerr and J. Cihlar, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 98, 2001. Bibliog. 234 Brief correspondence with co-author, referee’s comments (enthusiastic) by R. M. May, offprint of published paper. publisher and F.214-F.216 1999-2001 in J. Cross +, 1997-2000 1999-2001, Agreement, a planned series in Encyclopaedia of Global Environmental S. Elton, C. Change, 2002. Bibliog. 235 Editorial corrected typescript draft. correspondence Food requirements of grey partridge, with D. Wildlife Biology 8, 2002. Bibliog. 237 The ecology of game birds was one of Southwood's Three papers principal research topics in (from of a J. Cross collaboration with (Bibliog. but the paper published in 2002 had been refused at that time. See also A.8, D.3-D.37. Cross had died in 1994, and this is acknowledged by the symbol ‘+’ after his name. Returning to the subject in the 1990s, Southwood re- presented the paper with some updating and advice from G. final publication, explaining the importance of the work as ‘a milestone in our understanding of the subject’. Potts, who contributed a Foreword to the 1960s. five) were published his research assistant D. 69. 70, 76) in JU. Anim. Ecol., R. the T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 Cor Aitar ny UhRUI & ame Conservancy Trust and with 1997-2000 Includes comments by Foreword, Agreement, final typescript version. Potts and a draft of G. R. his Correspondence with Irene Cross (widow of D. J. Cross); photographs of partridge chicks. Two typescript and manuscript drafts, one with comments by G. R. Potts .217-F.233 The Story of Life, OUP, 2003. Bibliog. 238 1986-2005 no the in had been work, 2003, major published in This Southwood’s mind for many years. Its origin was the first-year course, itself a development of lectures given at Imperial College, on organisms and environment which His intention was for he gave at Oxford from the 1980s. a collaborative work with Sir David Smith, but on the latter's appointment as Principal of Edinburgh University in 1987 the project went into abeyance and Southwood completed the work with a wide evolutionary compass after much consultation and advice from colleagues. are there surviving Correspondence with OUP The lecture material and course outlines in Section C were drawn upon, but drafts specifically for the book. The correspondence with his publishers conveys the enthusisam Southwood brought to project, speed of execution and willingness to assist in publicity and launching of the finished work. 2001-2005 Following a lunch with Lord Weidenfeld in October 2000 Southwood sent an outline and suggestions for titles etc. He was assigned an editor at Weidenfeld and Nicholson (P. Tallack), signed a contract, and began work on the book with great energy, writing frequently to the editor on Southwood’s first approach to OUP with ideas and outline for a collaborative book, including correspondence and comments from American editor and colleagues. Correspondence with Weidenfeld and Nicholson F216-6:219 1986-1987 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 work in progress, ideas for maps, illustrations, artists and other practical matters, having his drafts reviewed by avnarte anda CAPSS GU LONCAYUCS, Gu SUruIny and when finished. eoilaanitac and canding draft chapters as The complete manuscript was sent off on 2 August 2001. The editor found the style unsuitable and in a letter of 17 September 2001 requested extensive changes which Southwood was unable and unwilling The contract and Southwood offered the book to OUP who began work on it in October 2001. Southwood’s editor at OUP was C. E. V. Kelly and the work was put speedily in hand after an enthusiastic report. accordingly cancelled to meet. was Southwood pressed on energetically with the chores of requesting permissions to use the extensive illustrations which were a feature of the book, and of dealing with artists, some of whom had begun work for the Weidenfeld project and whom Southwood paid out of his own pocket when the contract was cancelled. October 2000-April 2001 to or 2001-2002 2000-2001 some with replies and reproduce figures for permission for information, July 2001-June 2005 Requests correspondence. Requests illustrations, a few with correspondence. 2001-2005 Correspondence with illustrations, some begun under Weidenfeld and Nicolson, including explanations of change of publisher and payment by Southwood for work done. ‘Dead ends for attempts at permissions’ Correspondence with OUP artists undertaking F.224-F.230 2001-2002 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 discussion Includes plan, enthusiastic reader’s report on manuscript., comments by editor, October-December 2001. history book’s and _ the of Includes contract, despatch and revisions of material, foreword, cover quotation, marketing in USA, publicity and launch, January-November 2002 . Launch party, misprints, arrangements for paperback publication, Polish and Spanish translations, corrections, publicity, January-October 2003. February 2004-January 2005 F.228-F.230 Publicity tours and speeches undertaken by Southwood, 2003. 2002-2003 Words by the Water, Keswick, Cumbria, 21 March 2002-2003 Hay Festival, 23 May-1 June 2003 2002-2003 Southwood spoke on 30 May. Correspondence, arrangements, festival brochure. Edinburgh International Book Festival, 9-25 August 2003 Correspondence, arrangements, festival brochure, letters of thanks 2002-2003; typescript and manuscript draft of Southwood’s talk, given 21 March. with careful replies by Southwood. Letters from colleagues, reviewers, readers, etc., many Typescript draft of Southwood’s talk, given 20 August. Correspondence, arrangements, letters of thanks. Reviews F.232-F.233 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 K - W and unidentified F.234-F.236 Seasonality...and specificity... of Insects on oaks, with G. R. W. Wint, C. E. J. Kennedy and S. R. Greenwood, Eur. J. Entomol. 101, 2004. Bibliog. 242 1984-2004 This together with Bibliog. 243 (F.238, F.239) is among Southwood’s last work and shows him returning, with collaborators, to some of his early observations on insect- plant Bagley and Wytham Woods near Oxford, and from France. relations using from data Correspondence referee’s comments, typescript and manuscript draft. collaborators with and_ publisher, 2002-2003 Correspondence, requests for information. 1998-2002 from and_= Bagley 1984-1985; Stodart 1984-2002 of National New Dictionary Data correspondence on data 2002. Wytham In alphabetical order. John Biography 31, 2004. Bibliog. 242B Kennedy, Correspondence, information, typescript with manuscript corrections 2000. 2003-2005 The composition of... the canopies of oak, with G. R. W. Wint, J. J. Kennedy and S. Entomol. 102, 2005. Bibliog. 243 Correspondence with editors and collaborators; data and tables. R. Greewood, Eur. F.238-F.239 2003-2005 C. E. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 Draft, referee’s comments New Magazine 141, 2005. Bibliog. 243A plant —associations...Entomologist’s | Monthly 1999-2005 is This the Bibliography. last publication listed in Southwood’s Correspondence and information Royalty statements: various publishers and dates F.242-F.251B Addendum Material which came late to hand. F.244-F.249 Correspondence, draft 2002-2003. Correspondence with author (R. D. Hawkins), 2003. Foreword to: Shieldbugs of Surrey, 2003. Bibliog. 240 Stability and change over 67 years... at Rothamsted, with P. J. Entomol. 100, 2003. Bibliog. 241 A. Henderson and |. P. Woiwood, Eur. After Henry (Obituary for Henry Drucker), Oxford Today, 2003. Bibliog. 239A Long-term to Southwood, a lasting legacy from his earliest training at Rothamsted. This paper was first submitted to Ecological Entomology; comments were favourable and the paper was then submitted to and published in European Journal of Entomology. data _ from Material collaborators and others, and with editors. There is also brief reference to the Leverhulme Emeritus Fellowship held by Southwood while the work was in progress. experimentation was always important correspondence not all the referees’ includes and See A.325. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 Correspondence with B. S. Nau 1999-2000 Correspondence with Rothamsted R. Plumb, re Barnfield data at 1999-2000 Correspondence and data from collaborators. 2000 and n.d. Southwood’s Interim Report to the Leverhulme Trust. correspondence Editorial referees’ comments, transfer to Eur. J. Entomol., 2003; typescript draft with manuscript corrections. journals, with Previous articles on Rothamsted light traps 1938; 1960 (Bibliog. 35) kept with the material. of Nee, in which of biodiversity, Not listed in Bibliography. unified phenomenological theory The paper by Southwood and S. Nee Draft Southwood declines to accept co-authorship. paper, correspondence with Memories of Dick Wiegert, written for a Memorial Volume 2003. Not listed in Bibliography. Observations on related ecological exponents, with R. M. May and G. Sugihara, PNAS 103, 2006. Photocopy of published text, brief correspondence. Not listed in Bibliography. Posthumous paper. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 The Biology of the Devil 17pp typescript, perhaps for a lecture, no date or place, with brief correspondence re possible publication 2006. Not listed in Bibliography. F.252-F.279 CORRESPONDENCE WITH PUBLISHERS AND EDITORS 1967-2006 An alphabetical sequence of material of varying extent, including requests to write, serve on editorial Boards, edit or comment on for publication. submitted papers books and Annals of Botany Correspondence re review (Bibliog. 170A). in Insect on and not to contribute 1967-1969 Manuscript for review. Dispersal Apparently a review Population. Annual Review of Entomology Request Dispersion completed. British Journal of Entomology and Natural History See F.53 for invitation to serve on Advisory Board. General Advisor. Cimbebasia (Journal of the National Museum of Namibia) Encyclopaedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) Invitation (accepted) to act as Consulting Editor. Invitation to join International Editorial Council as a 1996-1998 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 Encyclopaedia of Insects (published by Elsevier Science - Academic Press) 2002-2003 Comments and evaluation. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata Manuscript for review. Invitation only. Entomologists’ Monthly Magazine (EMM) 1997-2006 Southwood’s earliest papers appeared in EMM, as did his last (Bibliog. 243A). He served on the Editorial Board from 1962. Personal correspondence on publications and papers, and general affairs of the Magazine. See also F.70, F.71, F.134. Harley Books 1999-2004 publishers and colleagues, See also F.136. Manuscript for review. European Journal of Entomology Correspondence with on affairs of Harley Books and on proposed new edition of Land and Water Bugs (Bibliog. 31). See also F.80. Correspondence with Editor (R. Macrory) on meetings and conferences (Southwood was rarely able to attend), suggestions for contents and policy of the Journal. Southwood served on the Editorial Board of the Journal until his resignation in May 2001. Journal of Environmental Law 1994-2004 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 New Dictionary of National Biography (New DNB) 2000-2005 Crerrithwand arantrihiitad 2a mamoair WOUUYULIWUUU CUTIUIMULCU G@ THU New DNB (Bibliog. 242B), see F.237. | bras Correspondence with Editors, advice on inclusion. F.264-F.270 Oxford University Press (OUP) 1993-2001 Southwood served as a Delegate of the Press from 1980, retiring in 1994 but maintaining his connection as advisor. The material complements that previously catalogued at F.92-F.97 and F.140 particularly with reference to the Biology of Habitats Series which Southwood edited. F.264-F.266 Biology of Habitats 1993-2001 Southwood was Series Editor. to become Series Editor (1 A little personal correspondence. General correspondence with Press Editors (C. Kennedy to September 1999, on prospective authors for books, commissioning and policy for Series, some referees’ comments. to June 2000), Kilpatrick K. Proposals and comments, Editors’ meeting, updates. Includes formal invitation November). history of Oxford Museum of Natural History. Meetings, proposals for books and journals, March-April 1994 Includes proposal and draft chapter for book on F.267-F.270 General correspondence on OUP projects 1994-2001 Proposals, comments, design. 1995-2000 1994 the See also F.95. F.267 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 Proposals for books Al : L NEW YOK sV am” + and i journals, including projects in i QA 1994 Includes invitation for Southwood’s Retirement Dinner in October. Proposed history of Glaxo; comments. Royal Entomological Society journals, Linnaean Society journals, British Ecological Society journals. 1995-2001 Polish Journal of Environmental Studies invitation to serve on Editorial Board. F.272-F.278 the National Academy of Sciences 1996-2004 Proceedings of (PNAS), USA 1995-1996 1997-1998 1999-2001 by papers reports on_ and or for edited by publication Southwood, colleagues, papers him with in PNAS. Correspondence, submitted comments from (Some declined from pressure of work). 2003-2004 2002-2003 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Publications and editorial, F.151-F.279 2003-2004 Saa salen FANN VCS aio FT. 1uUn Tropical Zoology Comments on manuscript submitted. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 SECTION G SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS, G.155-G.325 1983-2005 This is an extensive section, testifying to the wide respect for Southwood’s knowledgeable judgment and the felt value Advisory Boards or Committees. his presence on attached having to is made whenever possible. Some of the entries are a continuation, often substantial, in previous catalogues, to which of material featured reference As ongoing commitments they had been retained by Southwood at that time. A fuller account is now possible. Among the more considerable are the Inter-Agency Committee on Global Environmental Change (IACGEC), a Government Advisory long-term involvements like the Lawes Agricultural Trust (G.201- G.227) and the Rhodes Trust (G.244-G.276). (G.187-G.200), Committee and There are also ‘new’ entries of organisations anxious from their inception to enlist Southwood as advisor or patron. These are explained in the entries. is G.159 G.160 G.165 in to and was often would often himself to become also transmit his view on too send G.155-G.158 involved obliged ACADEMIA EUROPAEA ACADEMY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES clear from the material that Southwood perhaps It many allowed organisations his apologies for meetings he was unable to attend, though he some outstanding question under deliberation. There were, however, always organisations dear to his heart and of long-standing interest, at whose meetings and events he would make every effort to be present. CHARLES DARWIN TRUST BRISTOL UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED STUDIES BRITISH NATURALISTS’ ASSOCIATION BRITISH ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY BRITISH COUNCIL G.163, G.164 G.161 G.162 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH G.167-G.168 EARTHWATCH EUROPE G.169 G.170 CA G.172 EAST MALLING TRUST FOR HORTICULTURAL RESEARCH ECOLOGY INSTITUTE ENVIRONMENT COUNCIL ENVIRONMENTAL INDUSTRIES COMMISSION G.173-G.177 ETON COLLEGE G.178 EUROPEAN ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH ORGANIZATION (EERO) GREEN COLLEGE CENTRE HABITAT RESEARCH TRUST G.179 FIELD STUDIES COUNCIL G.184 G.185 G.186 G.180-G.181 FRIENDS OF THE EARTH G.182-G.183 GAME CONSERVANCY TRUST (NERC) INSTITUTE OF ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT INTER-AGENCY COMMITTEE ON GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE (IACGEC) NATURAL ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH COUNCIL G.201-G.227 LAWES AGRICULTURAL TRUST G.187-G.200 G.228-G.237 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 G.238 G.239 G.240 G.241 G.242 G.243 NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM LONDON NATURE CONSERVANCY NEW RENAISSANCE GROUP PONTIFICAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES RADCLIFFE MEDICAL FOUNDATION RANK PRIZE FUNDS G.244-G.276 RHODES TRUST G.277-G.313 ROYAL SOCIETY SAVE BRITISH SCIENCE 1993-2001 G.314 G.315 G.316-G.324 G329 G.155-G.158 ACADEMIA EUROPAEA WORLD WILDLIFE FUND WORLD RESOURCE FOUNDATION (WRF) SWEDISH NATURAL SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL and Animal Sciences Subject Committee (March 1995), Correspondence election to the Academia, and on its organisation. Includes Southwood’s election to membership of Plant with colleagues on candidates for See also G.127 1993-1996 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 classification revised of subject groups, Southwood’s attendance at Council meeting December 1996, papers and correspondence arising. 1997 Evaluations. 1999-2001 ACADEMY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES 1998-1999 material Invitation, of Founder Fellows (339), arrangements for admission to Fellowship. the Academy, list aims on of international academic interchange. Southwood was invited to join as a Founder Fellow. BRISTOL UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED STUDIES 1995-2000 The Institute was set up in 1995 with the primary purpose of fostering The Board of Trustees was chaired by the Vice-Chancellor Sir John Kingman and P. Haggett. the Board of Trustees in August 1995. Material includes invitation to serve, arrangements for Inaugural launch and first Trustees meeting, agenda and members, minutes, arrangements for regional meeting at Oxford (at Merton College), notices of Board meetings 1997-2000 (Southwood could not attend). the Academic Secretary was Southwood was invited to join T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 BRITISH COUNCIL visited Romania Southwood sponsored by Ministry environmental studies in Romania. 1993, British Council and the Romanian of Education, to discuss the development of November the in Material includes invitation, schedule and arrangements, Southwood’s report on his visit, information on ecological courses in Bucharest, Southwood’s manuscript notes taken at meeting. BRITISH ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY 1996-2005 includes correspondence, for General membership, the Society's two-day meeting ‘Applying Ecology in the 21st century’, February 2000 (Southwood chaired the session on ‘Managing the Future’), annual award Southwood of congratulation to the winners. nominations letters Prize and the of G.163-G.164 See also G.4-G.9, G.128. BRITISH NATURALISTS’ ASSOCIATION Also included is correspondence 1996-2005 on stock of the former British Empire Vegetation Trust, made over to the Society in January 2005. 1996-2005 Includes grant from Glaxo-Wellcome, letter from Southwood. Correspondence mainly on magazine, search for financial sponsors etc. Southwood was an Honorary Vice-President. of Countryside See also G.10. 1996-1997 of support affairs the T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 1999-2005 includes award to Southwood of the Peter Scott Memorial Award 1999; request (declined) to write celebratory note for 100th issue of Countryside, 2005. CHARLES DARWIN TRUST 2000-2002 Darwin Correspondence re establishment of Charles Centre at Downe, and a proposed link with a Symposium for W. D. Hamilton. CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH 1996-2001 Includes Southwood’s election as Vice-President 1996, renewed 2000, resignation 2001. See also G.48, G.129. G.167-G.168 EARTHWATCH EUROPE 1990-2003 General correspondence with successive Directors and officials on funding initiatives (includes appeal to Soros Foundation), meetings and speeches, collaboration with Central European University. 1990-1995 Some correspondence with Earthwatch in America is included. Southwood was Chairman of the Science Advisory Group from its inception, and became a Science Patron in 1997. See also G.30, G.130. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 1996-2004 Includes material and Southwood’s manuscript notes on ARCO Conference ‘Industry and the Environment’. EAST RESEARCH MALLING TRUST FOR HORTICULTURAL 1994-2004 Southwood was a Trustee from 1985. November 1999. He resigned in Correspondence on meetings (few of which Southwood was able to attend), appointments and resignations of Trustees, minutes, sale and development of property. See also G.31-G.34 See also G.37, G.131 ENVIRONMENT COUNCIL ECOLOGY INSTITUTE 1995-2001 Brief correspondence, mainly on award of the Institute’s Terrestrial Ecology Prizes. President (Lord Gregson). Southwood was invited to sit on Council of Patrons by the ENVIRONMENTAL INDUSTRIES COMMISSION 1995-2001 Southwood was an Associate Member. Brief correspondence only. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 Material is mainly incoming information and updates on Commission's activities. G.173-G.177 ETON COLLEGE 1993-2002 Southwood was a Fellow of the College, representing the Royal Society 1993-2001. M. Dobson. His successor was C. Correspondence on all affairs of the College. See also A.150 1993-1994 1995-1996 1997-1998 1999-2000 2001-2002 Includes notes for Southwood’s speech at his retirement dinner June 2001; letters of appreciation and his election to Honorary Membership of the Old Etonian Association. Southwood’s letter of 7 February 1995 sets out his ideas The EERO was set up in 1990, based in Wageningen, The Netherlands. J. B. Zehnder. Southwood was a member from its inception. EUROPEAN ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH ORGANIZATION (EERO) 1990-1997 The Chairman was A. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 for the structure of EERO. and and _ Chairman with elections on Correspondence nominations funding initiatives, invitations to meetings and General Assembly (most and affiliation with European Science Foundation (ESF) from 24 July 1997. membership, collaboration information declined), Director on _ to FIELD STUDIES COUNCIL 1983-2004 its connection and Southwood’s long particularly his schooldays and continued at the University of London. He retained affectionate links with the Council, serving in several capacities and honoured by it in later years. the began during with Centre, Council, Flatford Mill The Council was formerly Council for the Promotion of Field Studies. the is on_ Mill (1983, 1993), (1996), material 1985-1998 importance celebrations G.180-G.181 See also G.38-G.43, G.132. FRIENDS OF THE EARTH Correspondence mainly on commemorative occasions and recollections of early days. Includes 40th and 50th Anniversary Southwood’s election as Vice-President (1992), 50th Anniversary of Flatford on of fieldwork in Biology teaching (2003). 1997-1998 the Balance of Correspondence on Seminar ‘Shifting Power’ June 1997. Southwood chaired the afternoon session and his closing address was published in the conference proceedings (Bibliog. 221b). Correspondence Rainforest Campaign. Southwood was on Scientific Advisory Panel; his letter of 18 August gives his views on sustainable rainforest management. Correspondence 1989 is on ‘Arts for the Earth Festival’. Southwood was on Honorary Committee. 1985, 1989 Tropical 1985 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 Includes schedule, delegates list, briefings, Southwood’s manuscript notes. G.182-G.183 GAME CONSERVANCY TRUST 1994-2005 Southwood had a very long connection with the Trust and was an Honorary Life Member at this period. Much of the correspondence is with the Director, G. R. Potts, one of his oldest friends. Correspondence and papers on Group, chaired by Southwood at the request of G. Potts. and the Earl of Selbourne. the Research Review R. The other members were the Earl of Cranbrook 1994-1997 Includes set-up of Group, thanks, extensive manuscript notes by Southwood. meetings, report, letters of the affairs of the 1997-2005 GREEN COLLEGE CENTRE See also G.44, G.133 and Habitat Research Trust. General correspondence on Trust, research projects, requests for advice and support, grant applications, retirement (2001) of long-term Director G. R. Potts, Southwood’s note for the Trust's Silver Jubilee (2004). 1992-1999 The Green College Centre for Environmental Policy and Understanding was established in May 1992 at Green It College Oxford, privately funded by various Trusts. organised supported a programme of Visiting Fellows. The work was always strongly linked to the Director Sir Crispin Tickell and on his retirement in 1997 as Warden of Green College the Centre moved from a reduced form. Southwood was a member of the Advisory Group from and 1992, meetings the College and operated but could not attend lectures and seminars and in regularly T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 resigned in November 1999, explaining that he wished "to put my main effort into ecological and entomological work rather than generai environmentai matters”. General programme of the Centre. correspondence on meetings, aims and HABITAT RESEARCH TRUST 1994-2002 The Trust was set up in 1990 to allocate funds arising from the Game Conservancy Trust’s fund-raising appeal. Southwood was a Trustee from 1991, resigning in 2002. Correspondence on meetings, allocation of funds etc. See also G.45, G.134 in March 1992-2001 Institute was meetings, funding and G.187-G.200 Personal correspondence on affairs of the Institute. 1991. The Southwood was invited to become a Patron in 1991; he resigned in May 2001. inaugurated INSTITUTE OF ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT The The Committee was originally set by the Advisory Board for the Research Councils (ABRC) in 1990 under Following the Chairmanship of review, overall responsibility Chief Scientific Officer, Office of Science and Technology. INTER-AGENCY COMMITTEE ON GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE (IACGEC) Southwood was offered and accepted the Chairman for February years three in reconstituted (Lord) Phillips. the May, position of Robert (now Lord) 1997-2000 it was of Sir 1997. D. C. up under T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 reconstituted Committee was review national and international research activities related to Giobai Environmental Change, with a wider remit and membership than previously. under keep to full account of the work, which The material provides a was pursued with great activity. The Committee papers and Chairman's briefings are all annotated, flagged or highlighted by Southwood and have accordingly been and retained. representations on organisations issues to be raised or to form part of IACGEC’s work. correspondence or are colleagues There from also The Committee’s Scientist was delivered in November 1999 and the Committee was stood down in 2000. report Chief the to The Secretary of the Committee was Christopher West, to December 1999; his successor was lan Dwyer, from February 2000. The early setting-up papers and correspondence of the Committee are in the archive of David Chilton Phillips, NCUACS catalogue 45/1/94, O.124, deposited in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. folder reference March-April February-May Correspondence on Committee matters. Appointment, information on history, membership and organisation of IACGEC, press release, correspondence with colleagues, meeting with secretary, draft agenda for Committee meeting to be held at Oxford 16 May. May-November Southwood’s first Committee as Chairman. flagged, annotated and highlighted. Papers for Zoology, Oxford 16 May 1997. 21st Committee meeting, Department of All papers April T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 Correspondence, briefing, Committee papers for 22nd meeting November 1997, annotated and highiighted. Chairman’s agenda, November 1997-May 1998 1997-1998 Correspondence and drafts on Committee matters. April Agenda, Chairman’s briefing, papers for 23rd meeting 29 April 1998 in Merton College Oxford, flagged, annotated and highlighted. Includes ‘A note from the Chairman’ as guide in focusing the work and preparing the report to the Chief Scientist. June-November and papers, agenda, April-May December 1998-March 1999 Correspondence, agenda, Chairman’s briefing for 24th meeting 5 November 1998 in London, annotated and highlighted. Correspondence Chairman’s briefing, draft minutes for 25th meeting in Department of Zoology, Oxford 10 February 1999, when Southwood suggested attention should be focused on preparing the report, with many annotations and highlights. 1998-1999 Correspondence and papers on 26th meeting, scheduled for 11 May but postponed at Southwood’s request to 14 July to allow a fuller draft report to be prepared. July for postponed Papers July, Department of Zoology Oxford, Chairman’s briefing, papers heavily annotated, highlighted and flagged. meeting, 26th 14 at all T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 August-November and Correspondence October at Department of Zoology Chairman’s minutes’ Southwood owing to ill-health of secretary. briefing ‘outline papers 27th for meeting, 15 agenda, by Oxford, prepared Material extensively annotated, highlighted and flagged. and comments on mainly drafts report, ail November 1999-July 2000 1999-2000 final Correspondence with report and future organisation. Includes Supplementary Report arising from meeting of Committee on 9 March (see G.199). Chief Scientific Officer on Some development 1998 is included. earlier +==correspondence on __ sustainable February-April G.201-G.227 Copy of published report LAWES AGRICULTURAL TRUST Correspondence and papers for final meeting 9 March 2000, in London, to allocate Agencies responsible for research areas, and winding-up of Committee. 1988-2005 The Trust was established and endowed in 1889 by Sir John Bennet Lawes to support Rothamsted Experimental Station at Harpenden, Hertfordshire (founded in 1843). It that Southwood did much of was earliest here research. He had a lasting affection for the station and its work and made great efforts to attend its functions, There are social and professional, to the end of his life. his countless life, attachment to the place and to such as the reference to ‘My beloved Rothamsted’ in a letter of 14 June 2004. He became a Trustee in 1987 and Chairman of the Trustees in 1991, resigning in 2005 correspondence to its influence on his references the his in T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 only a few months before his death. Long They include complex institutes, re-structuring. especially concentrated The maiteriai covers aii aspects of the Trust's affairs which came before the Board at its meetings, at a time of often the organisation and governance of Rothamsted, its changes of nomenclature, its relations to, and amalgamation with, other central support, government grant investment applications, and estate Open Days, social and public occasions. Among the matters regularly to were the long-term experiments which Harpenden’s ancient foundation and which Southwood always regarded as of the greatest importance, drawing on them in several publications e.g. Bibliog. 203, 241. and appointments, property sales reports, staffing maintenance, Ashton, research plans its research and developments, permitted referred as and_ The correspondence is conducted with fellow Trustees, successive Directors and secretaries of the Institute and Trust, research workers and colleagues, ministers and Government officials. is presented in chronological order with a brief indication of its principal contents. It Board See also G.135-G.138 meeting fund-raising brochure, International, Rothamsted International funding campaign. Formation of Lawes Agricultural Trust Company. Campaign plan and funding, Southwood’s endorsement property developments for for Rothamsted 2nd 30 September. 1988-1991 Southwood’s contribution (on long-term experiments) to 150th Anniversary Volume (Bibliog. 203), retirement of Sir William Henderson, Scrutiny Exercise on Institute of Arable Crops Research (IACR), survey and repairs at Rothamsted Manor. January-April. Visit by HM The Queen to commemorate 150th year of Rothamsted of Rothamsted International, 30 July, 3rd Board meeting 21 October, retirement of T. Lewis (Director of Research) November, research grant application. Inauguration’ Foundation and the T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 Trustee’s Exercise. June-Novernber. Report, 4th meeting 13 October, Scrutiny Funding and investment policy, property, application to Heritage Lottery Fund, AGM and 5th Board meeting 22 December, Chairman’s agenda highlighted. Funding, Prior Options reviews, visit of Heritage Lottery Fund advisers (application unsuccessful), membership of Board International (Southwood was Chairman), appointment of Institute Secretary in succession to W. Barnes. January-June of Rothamsted S. Thomas as P. Prior Options, 6th AGM and Board meeting 14 October, investment strategy. July-November at and with funding cuts, Oxford 7 July (papers on _ Council Sciences relations Research management, on for ‘Management Meeting’ Funding, relations with BBSRC, proposed land sale and development. January-May Funding BBSRC, property, 7th Board meeting 4 November, appointments. August-December. Funding and budgeting, relations with Biotechnology and (BBSRC), Biological negotiations redundancies, Merton arrangements College, constitutional organisation and finance). January-July 1998-1999 Property Fowden Conference Hall, correspondence on Rothamsted Insect Survey, party (Southwood spoke). June-November 1998. Miflin and farewell Miflin’s successor was |. R. Crute. Appointment retirement of B. S. matters and building projects at T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 G.214-G.218 Correspondence and papers was year, complex particularly a_ to BBSRC, constitutional changes requiring This submissions and conditions of work, with special reference to the Institute of Arable Crops Research (IACR), the closure of Long Ashton "carefully- managed withdrawal” to Rothamsted, finally achieved in 2003. Research Station (LARS) and its January-February Mainly presentations to BBSRC Council on ‘Options for Future Action’ by R. Crute, Director of Arable Crops Institute, Rothamsted. I. March-May experiments, Research and _ organisation, property management, minutes of 8th Board meeting 1 December 1998 and correspondence arising. structure June Correspondence and papers, participants for Open Day weekend 21 June and drafts for Southwood’s speech at official opening of the Lewis Hall. Included here are copies of the Deed of Foundation of the Lawes Agricultural Trust 1889 and of a letter from the founder Sir John Lawes (n.d), relevant to the ongoing discussions on funding and governance. Constitutional changes and documents, meeting with Continuing correspondence and papers on reorganisation and Research, conditions of major capital grant by BBSRC and closure of Directors and officials on proposed restructuring and appointments. site, exchanges with August-December of Arable Crops June-August Institute Ashton funding of Long T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 Chief Executive BBSRC 16 November, Board meeting 9 December (papers annotated by Southwood), retirements and appoinimenis. Correspondence and papers on conditions arising from at BBSRC Rothamsted; and of property. December 1999-March 2000 research development investment papers buildings in on sale and 1999-2000 Organisation and membership, papers (annotated and highlighted) for AGM and Board meetings 31 October. Southwood was re-elected as Director of the Company at the AGM. March-December. Property matters, agenda and papers for 12th Board meeting 5 June, draft ‘Corporate plan’ for research at Arable Crops Institute. January-June. and policy on ‘Future’ Crops of Institute of Arable structure, Research Staffing and appointments, January-May. Property matters, policy papers, annotated agenda for 13th Board meeting 20 November. June-December. membership = and Organisation appointments, material on Rothamsted International, re- naming as Rothamsted Research following the merger with Long Ashton (official launch to take place at Royal Society 20 January 2003), agenda for 14th Board meeting 13 June, Joint Meeting of Board and Lawes Trust 18-19 November for Directions — for Rothamsted Research’ (Southwood gave the Chairman’s introductory remarks) and a record of the discussions. May-December. Membership changes and appointments, agenda for a meeting with Southwood 9 April, letter re 16th meeting 12 June. discussion T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 Membership changes and appointments, retirement of P. S. Thomas, long-term Secretary of the Trust, succeeded by S. James (inciudes Southwood’s notes for his fareweii tribute to Thomas), visit by HRH Duke of Gloucester, agenda and papers (annotated) for Board meeting 23 November. 26 April. Southwood formally resigned at last Board meeting on He made his intention known to fellow Trustees and officials from February and much of the correspondence concerns De Ramsey). his replacement (Lord his G.228-G.237 NATURAL ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH COUNCIL (NERC) 1991-2002 Southwood chaired the Advisory Board and many of the committee papers are annotated and highlighted by him. See also G.52-G.59, G.139 notes, papers, minutes, Correspondence and papers. The material mainly relates to the Centre for Population Biology, funded by NERC and established in 1989 at Silwood Park, Imperial College London. Material for Board meeting 18 April. Agenda, Chairman’s briefing membership, Southwood’s manuscript notes on research presentations at the meeting. 1991-1993 Included here are minutes of a Management Committee meeting September 1995, for which year no other papers survive. Correspondence and papers re Science Management Audit of the Centre, with Southwood’s detailed comments Correspondence and papers, Chairman’s briefing for 6th Board meeting 29 March, annotated and highlighted. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 on the achievements and future progress of the Centre. Correspondence and papers for 8th Board meeting 23 April. a ‘Report’ of the 7th meeting 16 April 1997. Included is Correspondence and meeting, scheduled for 29 March but cancelled as few members could attend. papers for Board 9th Appointment of new succession to J. H. Lawton. Director, H. C. J. Godfray in Correspondence and papers for rescheduled 9th Board meeting 6 March. Correspondence, highlighted, for 10th Board meeting 4 May. papers notes, and annotated and draft Includes manuscript and R. Krebs typescript Correspondence and papers, mainly from J. (Chief Executive) on various NERC projects Correspondence on the recommendation of the SMA that the Advisory Board be stood down. Correspondence and papers for 11th Board meeting 15 April. of Southwood’s submission on the work of the Centre for the Science Management Audit (SMA) 2003. includes funding appeal for the Darwin Centre. (q.v.). Miscellaneous correspondence on affairs of the Museum, NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM LONDON 1998-2003 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 NATURE CONSERVANCY 1963-1964 Correspondence and papers re meeting in Paris, France, 16-18 December, on Secondary Production of Terrestrial Ecosystems Biological Programme (IBP). International part the as of Information, arrangements, participants, report of meeting. programme, list — of Also included is an invitation to Southwood to join an IBP programme on Lake District Woodland. NEW RENAISSANCE GROUP 1996-1998 Correspondence and papers on Group ‘Environmental Environment’. Profession’ (Founder Max and Nicholson) the formation of establish of to College ‘A the an the is on the of affairs papers Convenor, correspondence with whom the PONTIFICAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES The exchanged, was R. Sharp. Correspondence and the Academy, membership, invitations to meetings very few of which Southwood could attend. 1993-2005 Southwood had meant to attend, and present a paper on ‘Ecology: challenges and opportunities’, at the meeting in November 1999 but had to withdraw for health reasons. Includes Southwood’s letter on the role and organisation of the Academy (1993); elections and recommendations. See also G.62. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 RADCLIFFE MEDICAL FOUNDATION 1999-2003 orgainsed Foundation The support Southwood became a Trustee and attended his meeting in February 1999. He resigned in April 2002. fund-raising Hospitals activites NHS Radcliffe Oxford of in Trust. first The Foundation was dissolved in February 2003, its assets being transferred to a Special Purpose Charity within the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals Charitable Funds, to be known as the Radcliffe Medical Charity. Correspondence meetings and activities, Trust Deeds. papers, and reports and minutes, RANK PRIZE FUNDS 1993-2005 1995-2002 G.244-G.276 RHODES TRUST Correspondence and papers on meetings, investments and grants. the ‘Rank Charities’. This was one of It organised conferences and symposia on scientific topics of general interest, supported Fellowships and grants for research projects. Southwood served as a Trustee from January 1993 and resigned in February 2005. Southwood was a Trustee 1986-2002 and Chairman of the Trust 1999-2002. Most of the material here dates from his service as Chairman. 1995-2002 Southwood greatly valued his connection with Rhodes House and the Trust, and made every effort to play a full part in its meetings, organisation, celebrations and social events. Correspondence, mainly on appointments of Trustees and Wardens. See also G.53-G.71, G.140-G. 143. G.244-G.246 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 1995-1997 1997-1999 1999-2002 G.247-G.256 General correspondence mainly with Wardens on affairs of meetings, _ staff, benefactions, centenary celebrations etc. Rhodes House Trust, and 1995-2004 1995-1998 January-July 2000 July 2000 February 2002 February-August 2001 September-November 2000 July 2002-February 2004 August-November 2001 February-May 2002 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 G.257-G.262 Grants and appeals for funding 1995-2002 G.257 1995" 1996 1997, 1998 2002 Correspondence on written as part of the centenary commemorations. History of the Rhodes Trust, the 1996, 2000 See also G.143. 1999-2000 G.265-G.272 See also G.140, G.141 Correspondence with Trustees, colleagues and artists re portraits of Chairmen and Wardens. 1997-2002 Speeches and addresses by Southwood on Rhodes Trust occasions. ‘Science and Public Policy’, March Rhodes farewell dinner, June T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 Farewell September dinner for retiring Trustee and Warden, Southwood organised this at Merton College. Correspondence, arrangements, draft. Introduction to ‘India-50’, conference for Golden Jubilee of Republic of India, January Farewell dinner of Trustee Address to Secretaries, June Opening of Rhodes Building at Linacre College , June and the subsequent Library of 2001-2002 G.273-G.276 to the holdings representations followed from a wide range Rhodes House Library relocation the American Southwood’s retirement dinner, September Other memoranda and material on G.252 and G.253. in The opening of the Rothermere American Institute Vere 2001 Harmsworth from Rhodes House, occasioned considerable concern among readers. A Users Group was formed; correspondence and of sources. Correspondence, July-August Memoranda and proposals, May-June Correspondence, May-June the Library are at T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 Correspondence, 2002 September-December 2001, March 2001, 2002 G.277-G.313 ROYAL SOCIETY 1993-2005 See also G.87-G.103, G.145-G.150. G.277 Council G.278-G.285 Royal Society Committees G.286-G.288 Discussion Meetings G.289, G.290 General correspondence G.291-G.313 Elections Council 1996-1998 G.278-G.285 Royal Society Committees 1993-2005 In alphabetical order. Environment Consultative Network Southwood’s election to Council 1996-1997 and 1997- 1998. Requests to serve on various Council review panels, some with comments etc. by Southwood. 1997-2005 Southwood served on the Advisory Committee until 2005 when he resigned for health reasons. National for Contemporary Scientists (NCUACS) Cataloguing Unit Correspondence, meetings. 1997-1998 the Archives of See also G.146. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 Project Science 1995-1998 This was a fund-raising campaign. Southwood served on the Steering Committee. Correspondence and papers, annotated by Southwood. See also G.146 G.281-G.284 RADTEST 1993-1996 in up 1993 This was a Working Group chaired by Southwood, and set the ICSU Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE) to establish a study on Radiation from Nuclear Test Explosions (RADTEST). following decision the of A permanent SCOPE unit at Essex University collated and published information on environmental issues. Its Chairman was Sir Frederick Warner, with whom much of the correspondence is exchanged. Material on SCOPE conferences and workshops is also included. information, Vienna workshop, papers, January-June July-December Workshops, reports. Vienna workshop, meeting 9 May. Setting-up membership of Working Group. 1997-1998 Working Group (on support for President and Officers) See also G.85 1995-1996 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 G.286-G.288 Discussion Meetings G.286 ‘Evolution of Biological Diversity’ 1993-2000 1993-1996 Southwood chaired a session. Information, abstracts, participants. ‘Science and technology in the eye of the law’ 1999-2000 Southwood chaired a session. Full information, abstracts, participants etc. G.289-G.290 General correspondence 1994-2005 Elections 1994-2002 2294 1994 G.289 1994-1999 2000-2005 G.291-G.313 June 1996 1994-1997 March 1996 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 September 1996 February 1997 October 1997 1997-1999 1999-2001 January 2001 June 2001 2001-2004 November 2001 November 2001 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 February 2002 February 2002 June 2002 Officers 1998-2000 SAVE BRITISH SCIENCE 1996-2002 Southwood was a member of the Advisory Council. Correspondence on fund-raising, meetings and events. letters to the Press, 1993-1998 See also G.103A, G.151. and information on meetings Evaluation Committee for Southwood served Swedish Biological Research from 1993. the on SWEDISH NATURAL SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL Correspondence and preparation of report ‘International Review of Swedish Research in Biology’, a copy of which is included with some annotations by Southwood. H. The WRF was a UK charity founded in 1983 ‘to pursue environmentally sound projects’. Based in Tonbridge, Kent, it was initially ‘exclusively funded by donations from the Tetra Laval Group’ (see letter of 26 March 1996). WORLD RESOURCE FOUNDATION (WRF) G.316-G.324 1994-2002 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 A. Rausing, Chairman of Tetra Laval, was one of the original Trustees of WRF. main waste The focus management and the dissemination of research results and information through its publication Warmer Bulletin. energy recovery and of disposal, Foundation was the on April 1998. From 1997 the support of Tetra Pak was phased out and ended in The ensuing financial difficulties continued despite cost-cutting measures, relocations and staff reductions, and the Foundation was wound up in were 1999. as Charitable projects between Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and Rothamsted International. funds for research residual equally shared The gifts a in 1994 effort every Trustee appointed Southwood was and continued as such throughout the life of the Foundation, making The correspondence is conducted M. principally Strange Garston (Chairman of the Trustees) and as (Director other Trustees and Trustees and Advisory Council meetings, Director's reports etc. meetings. with K. with Foundation), as deals well with Patrons. attend the its of to It E. See also G.153. of copy 1983 Deed, information Trustee, Trust January-December September-December Meetings and initiatives, resignation of H. A. Rausing as Trustee, correspondence with Rausing on environmental matters of special concern to him (ozone, UV radiation). on Southwood’s appointment as Advisory WRF including Council membership, visit by Southwood to WRF offices at Tonbridge. June-December Includes a Briefing Note on the origin and work of the Foundation (September 5). January-May T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Societies and organisations, G.155-G.325 January-December Includes financial reports and initiatives. January-May Meetings, reports, ‘next steps’ and Business Plan. June-December Includes plans and discussions on Foundation. the future of the 1999 Mainly arrangements for transfer of residual funds. the winding-up of WRF and 2000-2002 Rothamsted International, from whom _ WORLD WILDLIFE FUND January 2000-December 2002 Brief correspondence only, on Southwood’s nomination as Trustee. Continuing winding-up arrangements and allocation of residual funds equally to Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, and project proposals are included. 1995-1996 See also G.125. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 SECTION H VISITS, CONFERENCES, ADDRESSES, H.96-H.110 1983-2000 The material is presented in chronoiogicai order. With the exception of H.96 (1983), it dates from 1996-2000. to Southwood’s involvement with Much of environmental sustainable issues through his work as Chairman of the Round Table on Sustainable Development. relates and development it European Communties Biologists Association (ECBA) Workshop on Training and Employment, London, 19-23 September 1983 Correspondence, manuscript draft of Southwood’s introductory address. participants (annotated), list of See also H.44A Oxford Energy Seminar, 2-13 September 1996 Programme of events, manuscript draft of Southwood’s speech at Inauguration Dinner. at Economics Research Associates Regulation Group Dinner, 5 (OXERA) February Correspondence only. Industry and the Environment, Oxford Environmental 1997 ARCO Conference on London, 12 December 1996 Correspondence, list of participants, manuscript draft of Southwood’s address. Southwood was invited as Co-Chair of the Round Table on Sustainable Development, and spoke on ‘International Targets and Sustainable Development’. Business and the Environment Conference, London, 25 February 1997 Invitation, Southwood’s annotated and corrected typescript draft of this speech. information, programme, list taken of participants, meetings, manuscript notes T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Visits, Conferences, Addresses, H.96-H.110 Visit to the University of Pavia, April-May 1997 1995-1998 Southwood gave the 8th Coimbra Group lecture on ‘The Challenge of Sustainable Development’ and explored a possible exchange between Oxford (Merton College) and Borromeo College, Pavia. See also C.164, H.91. arrangements, Correspondence, and annotated speaking versions of Southwood’s address, schedule exchange (unsuccessful), invitation to Southwood to serve on the Scientific Committee of the newly-founded European School of Advanced Studies at Pavia. negotiations typescript about visit, of The Rail Freight Conference, London, 4 June 1997 list schedule, participants, of arrangements, notes ‘speaker Programme, correspondence, biographies’, conference, Southwood’s manuscript typescript his contribution on ‘Rail Freight: the benefits for sustainable development and their capture’. taken speaking at drafts annotated and of give the Board Assocation Government Environment See also N.68. and Sustainable Local Regeneration ‘Away-Day’ Development, London, 12 June 1997 Southwood was scheduled to first morning presentation, with reference to the work of the Round Table. In the event a transport breakdown prevented him. West Sustainable Development Conference, Sandwell (Dudley), 31 October 1997 Correspondence, summary of Southwood’s planned remarks. Southwood spoke on the work of the Round Table. See also N.68. manuscript typescript Midlands Round notes and_ on _ Table for T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Visits, Conferences, Addresses, H.96-H.110 participants, Correspondence, absiract, manuscript draft of Soutnwood’s speech ‘Taking forward sustainable development’. programme, list of National Transport Review, London, 24-25 November 1997 Heavily-corrected manuscript and typescript versions of Southwood’s speech ‘Integrating Transport with cross- sectoral policies’. See also N.72 Utility Regulation Conference, London, 2-3 December 1997 1997-1999 Correspondence, Southwood’s’ Regulation’. talk information, outline ‘Sustainability on (only) — of Utility and Includes later correspondence with Minister, 1999 Manuscript notes for Southwood’s speech. Opening of Manor House, Silwood Park, 9 March 1999 This was a course of seven lectures, Southwood spoke on ‘Animals and Plants - the Evolution of Herbivory’. The Evolution of Life on Earth, Oxford, February-March 2000 1995-2001 Opening of new Natural History Museum, Eton College, 20 May 2000 Correspondence, manuscript notes, speaking text of lecture. information and Invitations to lectures and conferences (declined) arrangements, Typescript and manuscript text only. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 SECTION J ROYAL COMMISSION ON ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION, J.34-J.40 1994-2005 Southwood was a Commissioner from 1974-1981 and Chairman 1981-1985. The material here covers the period 1994-2005 and deals with reports and studies by the Commission, some sent to Southwood for information and general interest, some with continuing correspondence and active participation in its projects. ‘Transport and the Environment’ Correspondence on lead additives. Study on ‘Standards for Pollution Control’ Correspondence, information, Southwood’s manuscript notes. 1995-1997 Report on ‘Sustainable use of Soil’. Brief correspondence only. Draft statement and correspondence on BSE. Correspondence and papers on the role and influence of the Commission, including arrangements for interviews with Southwood. Sir Tom Blundell. Correspondence on proposed study on pesticides and bystanders; correspondence on retirement of Chairman, Brief correspondence on Commission’s reports. 1997-2002 2004-2005 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 SECTION K NATIONAL RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION BOARD (NRPB), K.20-K.22 1996-2003 Southwood compieted his iong service as Co-Chairman The material here, which covers of the Board in 1994. the 1996-2003 or commemorative events. with : mainly period deals social Includes material on Prior Options Review. See also K.19 Correspondence and Anniversary of NRPB, 28 September 2000. spoke on ‘Protection and Risk - The Changing Balance’. 30th Southwood celebration papers on of programme, Information, manuscript versions of Southwood’s speech, which was published in the Radiological Protection Bulletin (Bibliog. 232). typescript and Includes typescript draft of Southwood’s farewell speech Correspondence and papers on Retirement Seminar for R.H. Clarke, Director of NRPB, 26 June 2003. to Clarke. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 SECTION M BOVINE SPONGIFORM ENCEPHALOPATHY (BSE), M.163-M.182 1991-2004 material This made available and catalogued in 1998 (M.1-M.61) and 2002 (M.62-M.162), whose numeration it follows. complements previously that the first following public announcement of With the exception of M.163 (1991) and M.175-M.177 (1999-2004) it deals essentially with the intense activity in 1996 a possible link between BSE in cattle and CJD in humans. Southwood, as Chairman of the 1988-1989 Working Party on BSE and its Report, was under considerable pressure media appearances. Southwood was sensitive to the criticism levelled at the findings of the Working Party, which he felt was uninformed and unfair. The measure of his concern to can took to correspondence from the general public - all the letters have some dated indication ‘reply’, ‘ack’ or ‘phoned’. supply comment, interviews reply seen care and the be to in he Immediate continued and Southwood was kept regularly informed. abated, interest public monitoring but 1991-2004 M.163-M.177 M.178-M.182 M.163-M.177 PUBLICATIONS The material includes correspondence, official reports and statements, and drafts for Southwood’s publications on BSE. CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS Correspondence meeting, Geneva, November 1991 Issues related to spongiform encephalopathies’. from A. Eagle, MP Southwood’s reply on ‘rendering processes’ to an enquiry of WHO Consultation Health Southwood’s ‘Briefing, Press enquiries’. M.164-M.168 March 1996 1991-1992 ‘Public M.164 report and on T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), M.163-M.182 Correspondence with colleagues and officials Statements in the House 20 and 25 March by Secretary of State for Health (S.J. Dorrell). Requests for interviews from publications and broadcast media (March-June) Correspondence, symposia on BSE, April-July invitations etc. for inquiries and Correspondence on research, May-June Includes material on vertical transmission of BSE, to be presented Advisory Committee (SEAC). Encephalopathy Spongiform to on CJD, 8 July Scientific Committee, a 1p note on BSE Risk dated ‘July 96’, Letter to D.W.Davidson on ‘Mad Cow Story’, August Included here is perhaps used on this occasion. Correspondence and papers on meeting of Parliamentary and which Southwood attended. 1999-2004 Correspondence general public Continuing correspondence See also M.61. from farmers, cattle-breeders, M.175-M.177 and Press comment 1992-1996 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), M.163-M.182 On the Working Party and the Inquiry. See aiso M.99, M.132. Correspondence and report on incidence of CJD Correspondence on incidence of CJD M.178-M.182 PUBLICATIONS 1996-1997 ‘Could more have been done sooner?’ (Bibliog. letter to the Editor, with a little correspondence. 209), The Daily Telegraph, March 1996, D.J. Stekel and See also M.137. ). Correspondence and drafts See also M.138. Correspondence and drafts, variously titled Phylogenesis of prion Pagel and P.M. Zanotto), Nature 380 (Bibliog. 211) protein (with D.C. Krakauer, M. Prediction of future BSE spread (with M.A. Nowak), Nature 381 (Bibliog. 212) and broadcasts. ‘Growth hormone beef ban is The Daily Telegraph, (Bibliog. 221 (c) Correspondence arising from Southwood’s publications right’, letter to the Editor, Copy only. 10 October 1997. T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 SECTION O GLAXO-WELLCOME, 0.41-0.51 1995-2000 short section covers the This period 1995-2000 and provides a little material additonal to that at O.1-O.12 and 0.13-0.40. 0.41-0.43 CAREER AND PERSONAL 0.44, 0.45 APPEALS COMMITTEE 0.46-0.48 CHAIRMAN’S AWARDS 0.49-0.51 CORRESPONDENCE 0.41-0.43 CAREER AND PERSONAL 1996-2000 Appointment to Nominations Committee 1999-2000 1997-1999 See also 0.13. APPEALS COMMITTEE Correspondence on invitation to join Board of Directors, Inex Pharmaceuticals (declined). Correspondence and drafts on Southwood’s Consultancy Agreement on environmental matters. See also 0.29. Manuscript draft Embassy to launch leprosy project. of Southwood’s speech at Brazilian T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Glaxo-Wellcome, 0.41-0.51 0.46-0.48 CHAIRMAN’S AWARDS 1995-2000 Before 1997, Chief Executive’s Awards. Southwood was Chairman of the Awards Panel. Correspondence and papers on entries, panel meetings, attended whenever award possible). in the restructuring of the company. presentations (Southwood ended The Awards 2000 after 1995-1997 1998-1999 1999-2000 See also 0.3, 0.37. 1995-1999 and 0.49-0.51 CORRESPONDENCE 1995-2000 various Glaxo-Wellcome projects Correspondence on mainly relating to biodiversity, sustainability, etc. Correspondence and papers on dinner of Association of Insurance Risk Managers, at which Southwood spoke. 1996-2000 Personal correspondence T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 SECTION P CENTRAL EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY (CEU), P.62-P.67 1993-2005 Southwood’s connection with CEU was close during the 1990s. At the request of the founder George Soros, he chaired the Steering Committee for the environmental of studies the Department of Environmental Studies and Policy. He resigned as Head in 1995 but continued to lecture as Visiting Professor. He maintained a close interest in the Department, to which most of the material relates. programme served Head and as Correspondence and papers presented in chronological order. Drafts and correspondence: 1993-1994 Typescript and manuscript draft on CEU, with special reference to Department of Environmental Studies and Policy, ?1993. Typescript and manuscript draft ‘History of Environmental Studies and Policy in the CEU’, 2 June 1994. on proposed ‘Russian Personal correspondence. Personal correspondence; conference. Brief environmental summit’. correspondence Correspondence re Southwood’s lectures on ecology, which he had to cancel for health reasons. recalls Southwood’s contribution. Correspondence Department; appointment. Letter of May 2005 gives current position of CEU and Mainly personal and social correspondence. 2001-2005 papers on evaluation of the 1998-2000 and T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 SECTION R CORRESPONDENCE, R.433-R.485 1977-2005 SCIENTIFIC AND GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE R.467-R.473 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE R.474-R.479 SHORTER PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE R.480-R.485 MISCELLANEOUS CORRESPONDENCE R.433-R.466 SCIENTIFIC AND GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE 1979-2005 In alphabetical order, dated and indexed, with indication of content when appropriate. a brief Some personal news is often included. R.434-R.436 1982-1998 Stag-hunting debate Bernays, E.A., and others 1999-2000, 2005 Bateson, P.P.G. and others Career, research and publications See also R.404. Correspondence, others on leaf feeders. information etc. with Bernays and 1982-1988 1991-1998 1983-1985 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Correspondence, R.433-R.485 Brown, V.K. 1980-2000 Career, research and publications. See also R.20, R.21. Carlile, M.J. 2000-2004 Recollections of history of biochemistry and molecular biology, especially of E.C. Chain. See also R.31 Chorley, R.R.E. Proposed funicular railway in Cairngorms Coley, P.D. See also R.46 Connor, E.F. 1979-1996 Colgan, D Extinctions in Australia Career, research, publications; a See also R.53-R.56 Career, research, publications Conway, G.R. See also R.50-R.52 Corbet, P.S. 1997-2002 little personal news. 2002-2005 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Correspondence, R.433-R.485 Dawkins, C.R. 1995-2004 Includes creationism in schools correspondence 2002 on_ teaching Ehrlich, P.R. 2001, 2004 See also R.75-R.77, R.409. Re Hamilton, W.D. See also R.105-R.108 Huxley, T. Aquatic bugs See also R.411 2000-2001 1999-2000 R.451-R.453 1996-2005 Kemp, E.H. 2000-2003 Killick-Kendrick, R.R. Insect ratings on trees Macdonald, D.W., and others 1998-1999 Research and funding, mainly re Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) directed by Macdonald in the Department and appointments. See also G.110-G.124 of Zoology at Oxford; career See also R.154 1996-1997 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Correspondence, R.433-R.485 2000-2005 and undated Mabberley, D.J. Career and appointments 1996, 1998 Marren, P 2002-2003 Publication in ‘Wayside and Woodland’ series. Includes publications entomology. Southwood’s’ recollections in the series and his of early his interests own in 1979-2002 1998-2004 Raven, P.H. Owens, S 1997-2000 Myers, N. See also R.203 See also N.29, N.32 Heteroptera records Career and appointments. Oxfordshire Museum Services 1997 Buddleia in China 1986-1988, T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Correspondence, R.433-R.485 Rothschild, M.L. 1998-2005 See also R.243-R.246, R.420 Simpson, S.J. Research and career. Whistler, C 1997-2004 Southwood’s identification of birds in Piero di Cosimo’s painting ‘The Forest Fire’ the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. in Willmer, P.G 1985-1999 Research, career and appointments Young, E.C. 2001-2004 2000-2005 R.467-R.469 1977-2005 1977-2005 R.467-R.473 See also R.343-R.346 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE Shorter exchanges on research, proposed or published papers, funding. 1986-2005 Comments articles, manuscripts sent to Southwood, many answered with R.470-R.471 and exchanges on_ books, 1977-1989 1996-1999 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Correspondence, R.433-R.485 detailed information 1986, 2000-2003 2004-2005 correspondence Brief reprints, books, slides etc requesting or acknowledging 1986-2005 Requests projects etc. for advice on funding/launching research 1995-2004 R.474-R.479 SHORTER PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE 1991-2005; n.d. thanks for support and 1991-1999 of congratulation, Letters recommendation, social occasions, gifts of books. 2004-2005 and undated T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Correspondence, R.433-R.485 R.480-R.485 MISCELLANEOUS CORRESPONDENCE 1999-2005 open or speak at lectures, This comprises invitations, some with a related correspondence, received from colleges and institutions, official organisations, charities and learned societies, to launches, attend, occasions. workshops, and They attest Southwood’s popularity, of interests and success as a speaker even in retirement. Almost all are a manuscript note ‘regrets’. commemorations social width sometimes declined, usually with by letter, little book 1999 2004-2005 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 SECTION S REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS, S.277- S.372 1983-2005 Not all the material in this section may yet be available for consultation. $.277-S.282 THESES AND HIGHER DEGREES S.283-S.307 APPOINTMENTS AND PROMOTIONS $.308-S.326A INDIVIDUAL REFERENCES $.327-S.339 RESEARCH GRANTS AND FUNDING S.340-S.343 PUBLIC APPOINTMENTS S.344-S.350 HONOURS S.277-S.282 Keele University London University 1996-2002 1996,1997 S.366-S.372 PERSONAL S.351-S.365 AWARDS, MEDALS, PRIZES Cambridge University THESES AND HIGHER DEGREES Oxford University Oxford University 2000, 2001 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 References and recommendations, S.277-S.372 Surrey University 2000-2002 APPOINTMENTS AND PROMOTIONS 1994-2004 S.283-S.300 UK Universities and Institutions S.283 Cambridge University and colleges 1994-2004 1996, 2004 Exeter University Institute of Biology 1994, 2002 S.286-S.300 Christ Church 1996-2004 2001 S.286 Brasenose College Environmental Change Unit Oxford University, colleges and institutions 1996, 1999 Exeter College Green College Lady Margaret Hall Lincoln College T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 References and recommendations, $.277-S.372 Merton College New College Queen’s College Social Sciences Division Wadham College Zoology Department 1996 (2) 1996-1999 1998, 1999 $.301-S.307 1996-2003 S.299-S.300 S.301 Australia S.299 1996, 1997 Overseas Universities and Institutions University Recognition of Distinction Awards 1996, 1998 Canada Denmark New Zealand T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 References and recommendations, S.277-S.372 S.305-S.307 United States of America $.305 Harvard Princeton Georgia 1997-2003 1997, 2001 1997-1999 $.308-S.326A INDIVIDUAL REFERENCES 1983-2004 are Southwood’s These individual candidates seeking appointments, promotions, or career advice, in UK and overseas. references for careers, 1983-1996 1988-1992 In alphabetical order. research programmes and They are normally made at the request of the person concerned and may extend in considerable detail over several years. The material may include correspondence on comparative evaluations, or updating of previous recommendations. Some personal news, and correspondence with other colleagues, may be included. 1990-1996 1986-1987 1994-1995 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 References and recommendations, S.277-S.372 2000-2001 1998-2004 1996-2000 1997-2004 1997-1998 1994-1998 2001-2004 1997-1998 1995-2003 1996-1998 2003-2004 1996-1998 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 References and recommendations, S$.277-S.372 $.327-S.339 RESEARCH GRANTS AND FUNDING 1994-2005 $.327-S.335 UK foundations and grant-giving institutions 1995-2005 $.327-S.329 Leverhulme Trust 1995-2004 S.o27 1995, 1998 2000, 2001 2002-2004 1998-2002 $.330-S.332 1994-2005 1997-2000 2001-2005 $.330 1994-1996 Natural History Museum Hering Memorial Research Fund 1997-2002 People’s Trust for Endangered Species S.334-S.335 Royal Society of London S.334 If; 1993 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 References and recommendations, S.277-S.372 $.336-S.339 Overseas foundations and grant-giving institutions 1994-2004 S.336 Czech Republic Academy of Sciences 2000, 2004 United States International Science Foundation MacArthur Foundation Chicago (Moscow Office) United States National Geographic Society $.340-S.343 PUBLIC APPOINTMENTS 1997-2000 $.344-S.350 Recommendations for public honours, UK and overseas HONOURS 1996-2003 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 References and recommendations, S.277-S.372 2001 (3) 2003 and n.d $.351-S.365 AWARDS, MEDALS, PRIZES 1992-2005 $.351-S.352A 1997-2004 $.351 1ST $.353-S.365 Overseas Institutions UK Institutions and learned societies 1997-1999 Hong Kong (Shaw Prize) Ss cloye! Australia 1997-2005 2001 Japan (Cosmos Prize) T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 References and recommendations, S.277-S.372 New Zealand Sweden (Craford Prize) Templeton Prize 2004-2005 1998-2002 Tyler Prize 1998-2000 $.360-S.363 United States Academy of Sciences 1992-2001 Elections and awards 1992 2000, 2001 1991-2000 Requests for references or career advice Vatican City $.366-S.372 PERSONAL T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 References and recommendations, S.277-S.372 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ACADEMIA EUROPAEA G.155-G.158, M.169 ACADEMY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES ACHESON, Sir (Ernest) Donald ACKERMAN, Laurie GA59 A.353 A.353 ACLAND, Sir Antony (Arthur) G.173-G.176 ADAMS, John AHMED, Imtiaz AKISHINONOMIYA, Fumihito ALEXANDER, Dick ALEXANDER, Keith NA ALEXANDER, Margaret H.103 $.308 A.353 A.353 F.235, R.471 A.349, A.353 R.475, S.309 ANDERSON, Sir Roy Malcolm ANNALS OF BOTANY AMMAN, Ronald AMPHLETT, Michael J ANDERSON, Diana ANDERSON, Malcolm Grove C.231, C.232, M.170 A353; GAL6G1 77 G.193 A.353 G.160 ANDERSON, Sir (William) Eric (Kinloch) ANNUAL REVIEW OF ENTOMOLOGY ANGLESEY, (Elizabeth) Shirley Vaughan Paget, Marchioness E22 ASHBURTON, John Francis Harcourt Baring, 7" Baron ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM OXFORD ASHWORTH, Graham William A.353 he202 GazoS F.266 ASKEW, Richard R ASQUITH, Ivon ARNOLD-BAKER, James G.264, G.267, M.170 R.450, R.464 R.475 F.235 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Index of correspondents ATKINSON, Anthony Barnes ATTENBOROUGH, Sir David (Frederick) BADMIN, John S BAKER, John H BAKER, Raymond BANNISTER, Kareni BARBAULT, Robert BARNES, William BARRY, Edward W C.279 R227. F.254 G.230, G.232-G.234 G198/G:2107G:213,G 217, 6.218 S.310 G.156 G.201-G.208 F.268 BATESON, Sir (Paul) Patrick (Gordon) G.290, R.433, R.463 BEDDINGTON, John Rex R.476, R.479, S.311 BELL, Alan Scott A.354 BELLINGER, Edward BENNET-CLARK, Henry C P.63;,.2:66 A.354, C.239, S.299 BENTON, Michael J BENZ, Edward J BIRCH, Martin BLACK, Glenn R.434-R.436 F.202, R.437 F282 C.300 C234 BERINGER, Sir John (Evelyn) S.286 G.206, G.210, G.217, G.219, G.225-G.227, J.39, J.40 BLUNDELL, Sir Thomas Leon (Sir Tom) BLAKE, Robert Norman William, Baron BODMER, Sir Walter (Fred) A.354 C.286 G.156 G.264 BLANK, Sir (Maurice) Victor A.354, R.475 BOGDANOR, Vernon Bernard BERNAYS, Elizabeth Anna BERRY, Roger Julian (‘Sam’) BLACKMORE, Stephen A.354, S.346 Index of correspondents T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 BOOTH, Clive BONSALL, Mike BOSTOCK, David BRADLEY, David John BRADSHAW, Anthony David, BRANDLE, Martin BRAUN, Thomas BRIDEN, James C BRISTOL UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED STUDIES BRITISH COUNCIL BRITISH ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY BRITISH JOURNAL OF ENTOMOLOGY AND NATURAL HISTORY A319 A.349 G.186 R.471 A.349 C.266-C.269, F.220, G.261, P.66 G.160 G.161 G.162 F.254 BROWN, Valerie Kathleen BYRNE, Richard W G.163, G.164 7232 mets BURNETT, Sir John (Harrison) D3925F 163; F/O; R79 eR: 4387 BROMHALL, Clive BROWN, James H A.354 G.155 C.248 C257, BRUNNER, Hugo Laurence Joseph BURGEN, Sir Arnold Stanley Vincent BRITISH NATURALISTS’ ASSOCIATION GA CAMERON, Euan James Hanning, Lord B.88, F.225, F.226, F.232, R.438 CAZALET, Edward (Stephen), Hon Sir G:226) 6227, R.459 D.79, R.467 CAMPBELL, John CARAYON, Jacques CARD, Tim SB CARLILE, Michael J G.174, G.175, G.264 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Index of correspondents CENTRAL EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY (CEU) P.62-P.67 CHARLES DARWIN TRUST CHARLTON, William G.165 F282 CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH G.166 CHORLEY, Roger Richard Edward, 2™ Baron CHRISTIAN, Maureen Lena Smith CHRISTIE-MILLER, Andrew W M CIMBEBASIA R.439 A.359 G.183 F255 CLARIDGE, Michael Frederick $.308, S.349 CLARK, Robert Bernard CLARKE, John R F.169 F.200 CLARKE, Roger Howard A.355, K.20-K.22 CLAYTON, Barbara (Evelyn), Dame Asoo; F22982):67243 COE, Malcolm James COLGAN, Don COLLINS, Carole COLWILL, D J COLYER, Peter J CONWAY, Gordon Richard COCKING, Edward Charles Daniel C.245 R.440 R.441 A.355 P2153 COLEY, Phyllis Dewing (‘Lissy’) G.217, G.219, G.224, G.225, G.227 A.355 CRANBROOK, Gathorne Gathorne-Hardy, 5" Earl of COPP, Darrell John Barkwell (‘Dax’) A.355, A.373, G.182, R.478, R.479 G.155-G.158 R.442, R.467 A.355, G.176 H.96 A.355, F.195, G.226, R.443 A.355, F.232, R.444 F.214, G.243 CORBET, Philip Steven COWEN, Robin F H CONNOR, Edward F COOK, James CRAWFORD, lain T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 CRAWFORD, John F CROOK, J CROSS, Tony CRUTE, lan Richard CUNNINGHAM, Richard CURTIS, lan CURTIS, William F D’ABRERA, Bernard DALYELL, Tom Index of correspondents G.210 C.257 A.355 A.355, G.213-G.218, G.220-G.227 G.161 C.265 E20, DAVIDSON, Diane W (Dinah) , see also M.172 DAVIES, David P DAVIS, Mark A ,R.445 DEECH, Ruth Lynn, Dame DEMIDECKI, Michael DAWKINS, Clinton Richard DAWKINS, Marian Stamp DIAMOND, Jared M DIXON, David DE RAMSAY, John Ailwyn Fellowes, 4th Baron £G.21d,, G.22236 223; 6 225. DOBSON, Christopher Martin ,AN356,°6:230 C2346 235. iF 202 DUNNILL, Michael S DOWKER, Brian DRUCKER, Nancy DOLLING, William R DOREY, Alan Jackson (‘Bill’) , F.259, R.467 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Index of correspondents EAGLE, Angela EARTHWATCH EUROPE M.165 G.167, G.168 EAST MALLING TRUST FOR HORTICULTURAL RESEARCH G.169 ECOLOGY INSTITUTE EDELMAN, Jack ELKANA, Yehuda ELTON, Robert A ELWOOD, Martin EMDEN, Gill Van G.170 G.243 P56, P67 F.202 S.283 F232 EMDEN, Helmut Fritz Van ASL 39 821 ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF LIFE SUPPORT SYTEMS (EOLSS) F.256 ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF INSECTS E257 ENGLISH, Sir Terence (Alexander Hawthorne) R.479 F.258 D.79 C172 G.171 C.260-C.269 EPSTEIN, Sir (Michael) Anthony ERLICH, Paul R ETON COLLEGE ENTOMOLOGISTS’ MONTHLY MAGAZINE F.240, F.259 ENVIRONMENTAL INDUSTRIES COMMISSION ENTOMOLOGIA EXPERIMENTALIS ET APPLICATA ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE UNIT (later ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE INSTITUTE) F.234-F.236, F.238, F.239, F.260 EUROPEAN ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH ORGANIZATION (EERO) (later affiliated to EUROPEAN SCIENCE FOUNDATION (ESF) ) EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES BIOLOGISTS ASSOCIATION (ECBA) EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ENTOMOLOGY A.357, M.168, M.176 F.206, F.232, R.446 G.173-G.177 H.96 G.178 ENTWISTLE, Philip F ENVIRONMENT COUNCIL T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 FARRAG, Nureddin FENCHEL, Tom FERRY, Georgina Index of correspondents FIELD STUDIES COUNCIL (formerly COUNCIL FOR THE PROMOTION OF FIELD STUDIES) FISK, David John FLATHER, Paul CR FOGG, Gordon Elliott (Tony) FORBES, Duncan FRASER, F C FRIENDS OF THE EARTH FULLER, Keith W C.280 G57 E6012 ae 242 G.179 C.264 C.285, C.293, H.101 raat ee 232 G:273 D.84 G.180, G.181 C.249 GILBERT, Neil E GOUDIE, Andrew Shaw GREEN, Ted G.182, G.183 A.359, G.316-G.324 A.399 Galo2 GARSTON, Eric Michael GOLDMAN, Lawrence GOLDSMITH, Edward GELDER, Michael Graham F.240, F.275, G.234, G.236 GAME CONSERVANY TRUST F.263 G.162 C.300 GOODFELLOW, Peter Neville GODFRAY (Hugh) Charles (Jonathan) R.470 GOULDING, Sir Marrack (Irvine) GREEN COLLEGE CENTRE F.174 F.179 G.184 C.263-C.265 C.279, C.280 C.239, C.240 GRAHAM, Chris GRANGE, John M GRAY, Alan J T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Index of correspondents GREENWOOD, Jeremy John Denis GREENWOOD, Steve R GREGSON, John, Baron GRIME, John Philip GUILDFORD, Tim GUPTA, Sunnetra HABITAT RESEARCH TRUST HACKNEY, Jeffrey HAGGETT, Peter HAMILTON, William Donald HAMMOND, Peter M A.359, R.469, R.479 F.234, F.235 GA 18d A.350 A.350 G.185 A.360, S.296 G.160 See R.447 F.235, R.468 HANSKI, Ilkka (Aulis) G.156;-G:233 A.360, F.261 F.261 A.360, G.279 HARRIS, Sir Henry HARRIS, Kenneth HARRIS, Roger HARVEY, Paul H HARRADINE, John HARLEY, Basil HARLEY BOOKS HARPER, Peter HARRIS, Geoffrey Ainsworth F232 A.360 C.257 A.360 HARRIES, Richard Douglas, Bishop F.206, G10/64162,.6'233 HASKINS, Christopher Robin, Baron G.218, G.219, G.222, G.225-G.227 B.85,E.167,-.176-F.178, F183 HARRISON, Sir Brian Howard HASSELL, Michael Patrick C.239, C.240, G.233 HASLETT, John Richard H.98 R.433 2375263 $.312 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 HAWKINS, Roger HAY, Simon HEAD, Stephen HELM, Dieter R Index of correspondents H.4 HENDERSON, Peter A F.194, F.205, F.246, R.470 HENDERSON, Sir William MacGregor (‘Gregor’) G.201, G.204 HENRY, Thomas J HESELTINE, Anne Harding, Lady HEWITT, John HILLER, Sylvia HINDE, Robert Aubrey HIRSCH, Sir Peter Bernhard P24 A.360 G.242 A.360 E2518; 5300 A.360 HOBBY, Roger A.360 A.360, C.298 G.188, G.191 HUGHES, David HUGHES, J Trevor HOLT, Christine HOLT, Jim HOOD, John A G.188, G.190, G.199 HOSKINS, Brian John A.350 F282 A.360 HOLLAND, Peter William Harold HOUGHTON, Sir John (Theodore) HOWE, Richard Edward Geoffrey, Baron MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE OF ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL HUNT, Julian Charles Roland A.360 $.313 M.163 G.187 E2015 HUXLEY, Thomas ILES, John ,A.361, C.256 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Index of correspondents INTER-AGENCY COMMITTEE ON GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE ITO, Yosiaki G.187-G.200 F.163 JACKSON, Robert Victor F.232, R.467 JAMES, Stephen G.223-G.227, G.322-G.324 JEFFERS, John Norman Richard JENKINS, Jennifer Morris, Dame JERMY, Tibor JOHNSTON, Spencer JONES, Richard A JONES, Tecwyn JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL LAW F.188 A.361 A.324 9:315 F.240 A.373 F.262 A.350, A.361, S.315 KACELNIK, Alex KEENLYSIDE, Julian James JUNIPER, Barrie E C.248, C.249, F.193 KELLY, Colleen Kay F.199, F.233, $.316 KEMP, E Hugh KEMP, Tom A.350 F.240 R.449 C.246 KATHIRITHAMBY, Jeyaraney (‘Jeya’) KENDRICK, Robert René KILLICK G.160 F.161, F.224, F.225.F.237, F.264- F.267..270 KENNY, Sir Anthony (John Patrick) KINGMAN, Sir John (Frank Charles) KENWRIGHT, John KERR, Jeremy T A3617F:206;F-233; R450 G.263, G.267 R.476 G.165 F.212, F.278, R.471, S.302 KENNEDY, Catherine E J KEYNES, Stephen John T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Index of correspondents KINGSDOWN, Robert (Robin) Leigh-Pemberton, Baron KINNE, Otto KITCHING, Roger KNAPP, Raymond KREBS, Sir John Richard LACHMANN, Peter Julius LAINSON, Ralph LAJOUS, Adrian LAKE, John V LAPORTA, Sara LATTIN, John D M.170 G.170 F202, 5.2386 F233 A.361, C.238, G.188, G.191, G.233, G.237, R.468, R.475, $.317 G.159 A.362 C.280, C.281 G.178 A.362 A.362 G.201-G.227 LEISERACH, Michael LEWIS, Clifford Thomas LEWIS, John Elliott LAWTON, Sir John Hartley LEWIS, Trevor LINDEN, Harto LEAVER, Jan LEE, John A A.350, A.362 GA/6-G177 A.362 G.162 F233 LAWES AGRICULTURAL TRUST A.362, F.162, see also G.228- 6:236, S.327 A.362, C.239, C.288, G.267, R.479 LLEWELLYN-SMITH, Christopher Hubert A.362, G.201-G.203, G.222 LUCAS, Sir Colin Renshaw F.214 G.188 $.318 F.206 G.156 A.362 LLOYD, Alun LOMNICKI, Adam LOXDALE, Hugh D LISS, Peter Simon T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 index of correspondents LUCAS, John Randolph MABBERLEY, David John MABRO, Robert Emile MACDONALD, David Whyte MACFADYAN, Amyan McGAVIN, George MACGREGOR, John (Roddick Russell) McMICHAEL, Andrew James C.248, C.249, C.256, R.454 C.279-C.282, H.97 R.451-R.453 F233 A.350 M.178 C.300 MACRORY, Richard Brabazon C.263, C.264, F.262 MAJER, Jonathan David F.206, R.474 MANDELA, Nelson Rolihlahla MANGER, John A.363 F.268 AS125C1273, G.274 F.233, M.166, M.168 A.363 A.363 MARKWELL, Donald MARTIN, William B MATTHEWS, Graham MAY, Judith, Lady MARQUAND, David lan MARREN, Peter MARSLAND, Ken S.301 R.455 A.363 MAY, Robert McCredie, Lord 101,283 A.363, G.187, G.188, G.198, R.456, see also F.212 MEACHER, Michael Hugh MNATSAKANIAN, Ruben MORAN, Vincent Clifford F.158 On, C.288 H.100, M.177, R.481 A.363, G.204-G.214 MIFLIN, Benjamin John MILTON, John R MOORES, Sir Peter T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 MORRIS, Michael G MORRISON, Sir Charles Andrew MORSE, David R MORTON, Geoffrey MOSER, Sir Claus Adolf MULVEY, John H MURRAY, Sir Donald Frederick MYERS, Norman NAHMIAS, André NATHAN, David G index of correspondents R.457 F.174 C.300 NATHAN, Roger Carol Michael, 2" Baron A.364, F.233, G.319, R.475, R.476 NATIONAL RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION BOARD (NRPB) K.20-K.22 G.228-G.237 NORMAN, David Bruce NAU, Bernard S NEILL, Francis Patrick, Baron G.238 G.239 F.244 A.364 F.263 G.240 NATURE CONSERVANCY NEWTON-SMITH, William H NEW RENAISSANCE GROUP NICHOLSON, Louise Frances Basford NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM LONDON NEW DICTIONARY OF NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY NATURAL ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH COUNCIL (NERC) OLLESON, Edward S.289 S.304 H.108 NORTH, Sir Peter Machin A.364 O'BRIEN, Stephen J O'CONNOR, James P T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 O'NEILL, Robert J OPLER, Paul A index of correspondents G.267 F.180 OSBORN, Frederick Adrian (Derek) C.265, C.274, S.288 O'TOOLE, Christopher OWENS, Susan Elizabeth HiZo0 R.458 OXFORD CENTRE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, ETHICS AND SOCIETY (OCEES) C.273-C.277 OXFORD ENERGY RESEARCH ASSOCIATES (OXERA) H.99 OXFORD INSTITUTE FOR ENERGY STUDIES (OIES) C.278-C.282 OXFORD UNIVERSITY C.229-C.300 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS (OUP) F.217-F.230, F.237, F.264-F.270 OXFORDSHIRE MUSEUM SERVICES OXLEY, Ray L R.459 G.169 6 -201.-5/350 PAGEL, Mark PASTEELS, Jacques M PATERSON-FOX, Diana PARRY, Martin Lewis PARTRIDGE, Linda PASSINGHAM, Dick PAINE, Sir Christopher Hammon PARK, Daphne Margaret Sybil Désirée, Baroness , C.262 PEEL, William James Robert, 3 Ear! PATIL, Ganapati P PATTISON, John Ridley PELLEW, Robin Anthony PERRINS, Christopher Miles PETO, Julian T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Index of correspondents PICKETT, John Anthony A.365, G.212, G.226 PICKLES, Hilary PITTS, Richard PLACITO, Peter J M.176 G.190 A.365 PLUMB, Charles Henry, Baron G.217, Gi219;-G 1225 PLUMB, Roger T F.245, G.215 POLISH JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES E274 PONT, Adrian C F.235, G.290, S.320 PONTIFICAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES G.241 PORRITT, Sir Jonathon (Espie), 2"° Baronet C.264, G.180 POTTER, John McEwen POTTS, George Richard POWLSON, David S F.200 F.214-F.216, G.182, G.183, S.329 G.215 PRINSLOO, Gerhard L F.272-F.278 wee PRESTON, John PRICE, Terry V A.365 E67 C.291 F206 D.79 PRESTON, Christopher D POYNTON, Sarah Louise PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES (PNAS) RADICE, Thomas E RADCLIFFE MEDICAL FOUNDATION RADDA, George Karoly PURVIS, Andy QUINLAN, Jim D RADECKI, Jerzy T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Index of correspondents RAEBURN, Adeline Margaret (‘Addie’), Lady A.366 RANDOLPH, Sarah Elizabeth A.351, S$.321 RANK PRIZE FUNDS RAPHAEL, David Daiches RATHMAYER, Werner RAU, Monika Toto RAUBENHEIMER, David RAUSHER, Mark RAUSING, Hans Anders RAVEN, Peter H G.243 i 1S G.155-G.158 R.460 F.224, $.322 FA, G.316, G.317 A.366, R.461, S.365 RAWSON, Jessica Mary, Dame A.314, A.366 RAYNER, Tim READ, David John J.36 G.225 S.365 elo G.244-G.276 G20; 243; 217, REES, Sir Martin (John) REMMERT, Hermann RHODES TRUST RICKLEFS, Robert E RILEY, Sir Ralph RING, Richard A ROGERS, David J READER, Patricia M (‘Tricia’) F.278 206 A.366\.B'85, BD: 922F 163, FalGo; ATE, eslked G.277-G.313 ROYAL COMMISSION ON ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION — J.34-J.40 (RCEP) A.351, C.242, C.244, F.159, F.178, Ess ROTHSCHILD, Miriam Louisa, Dame F.206, R.469 G.167, G.168 G.317, R.462 ROSBOROUGH, Brian A ROOT, Richard R ROYAL SOCIETY T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 index of correspondents SAARINEN, Esa SAID, Wafic Rida SAINSBURY, John Davan, Baron SALINAS, Pedro José F.158 A.367 A.367 A.367 SALISBURY, Robert Edward Peter Cecil, 6th Marquess of G.226 SAVE BRITISH SCIENCE SAVINI, Antonio SCHMID, Roberto SCHULTZ, Michael G SCOBLE, Malcolm J SCOPES, Nigel Eric Anthony SCOTESE, Chris G.314 H.101 H.101 G.228, G.229 $.330-S.332 A.351 E225 SEIP, Hans Martin SELLER, Timothy J SECRETT, Charles G.180, G.181 SCOTT, Andrew C SCOTT, Diana W R.436 F.167 C.300 F.198 SEGAL, Anthony Walter SHARP, Robin John Alfred SELBOURNE, John Roundell Palmer, 4th Ear! of G.182, G.204, 217, G.219, G.225, G.227, G.243 F.206, R.470, R.475, R.479 SIMPSON, Stephen James SINGER, Michael C £233 F.202 A.367 A.367 G.240 A.367 SHARPE, Gill SHAY, Jennifer SIMBERLOFF, Dan SIMONS, Ronald H C.230, G.243, R.463 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 SKINNER, Robert SLACK, Paul Alexander SMITH, Sir David (Cecil) SMITH, Kenneth G V SMITH, Ray F SOTHERTON, Nicholas W SPALDING, (Dudley) Brian SPEIGHT, Martin Roy SPENCER SMITH, David SPOONER, Sir James (Douglas) SPRADBERY, J Philip STADLER, Erich STEDMAN, Ann Index of correspondents A.367, C.282 A.311, A.367, G.271 C.247, C.256 208; ha2h0, F233, 6.259 F.293 F.214 F.296 S.300 C.241, F.293 GATT A.367 rao A.367 0.42 G.203 G.155 SZEKELY, Tamas STRANGE, Kit SUGIHARA, George STEKEL, Dov Joseph STEVENSON, John H STORK, Nigel Edwin G.316, G.324 A.351, S.324 C.274, C.275 SUPPLE, Barry Emanuel STRACHAN, Jeremy A W $.323 A.367 R.470 SUMMERTON, Neil William SWINNERTON-DYER, Sir (Henry) Peter (Francis) S.301 SYKES, Sir Richard (Brook) G.164 E218 e219 TABOR, Roger TALLACK, Peter TANTON, Michael Thomas A.367, 0.51, R.475 Fs2itens. 329 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 TAVERNE, Dick, Baron TAYLOR, Lionel Roy TAYLOR, Peter D TAYLOR, Rodney Eatock TEACHER, James TEPLAN, Istvan THOMAS, Geoffrey Price THOMAS, Peter S THOMPSON, Harry V Index of correspondents -Di79F.1597 F-16936. 1:28: ,A.368 , G.208-G.227 TICKELL, Sir Crispin (Charles Cervantes) , C.264, G.168, G.184 TISDALL, Gerald TOMPKINS, Daniel M TROPICAL ZOOLOGY ULFSTRAND, Staffan VANE-WRIGHT, Richard | VAN NOORDEN, Roger J VAUGHAN, Gerard R VESSEY, Martin Paterson WALTON, John Nicholas, Baron WALDEGRAVE, William (Arthur), Baron WALLER, Ralph, Reverend VICKERY, Juliet Anne WALFORD, Diana Marion WALTON, David W H T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 Index of correspondents WARNER, Sir Frederick Edward (‘Ned’) G.281-G.284 WAY, Michael James WEATHERALL, Sir David (John) WEBSTER, Suzy B.86 C.300, G.260 R.451 WEIDENFELD, Arthur George, Baron C285 -F.2186 2238 WEIDENFELD AND NICHOLSON F.218, F.219 WELLINGTON, Arthur Valerian Wellesley, 8th Duke of G'201,.Gi215, 218 WEST, Christopher C WHEELER, Alfred G WHISTLER, Catherine WHITE, Frank WHITTINGTON, Harry Blackmore WHORF, Timothy P G.187-G.197 FZ R.464 C.246 F224 F.221 WILLMER Patricia Gillian WILESMITH, John W WILKES, Adrian J WINCHESTER, Neville WILL, Robert G WILLIAMS, Nigel M.170 G.172 M.177 Ett C.280 R.465 WILSON, Edward Osborne WILLIAMS, Sir Peter Michael WINDLESHAM, David James George Hennessy, Baron Gi325 WORLD RESOURCE FOUNDATION (WRF) F.235, F.238, R.440, R.442 F225 Eai98: R.475 R.443 A.351 WORLD WILDLIFE FUND WINT, G R William WISE, Douglas WOIWOOD, lan P WOOD, George F.246, G.212 G.316-G.324 T.R.E. Southwood NCUACS 148/5/06 index of correspondents WYNN, Andrew G YOUNG, Barbara Scott, Baroness YOUNG, Euan Cameron YUDKIN, John ZEEMAN, Sir (Erik) Christopher ZEHNDER, Alexander J B G.176, G.177 R.475 A.370, R.446 F.174