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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Frederick Soddy FRS (1877-1956) CSAC catalogue 14/8/74 by Jeannine Alton and Harriot Weiskittel F.C. Bartlett CSAC 36/13/75 Title: Compiled by: Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Frederick Soddy FRS (1877-1956), chemist Deposited in: Bodleian Library, Oxford Date of material: 1894-1958 Reference code: GB 0161 Description level: Fonds Extent of material: 260 items Jeannine Alton and Harriot Weiskittel CSAC catalogue no. 14/8/74 © National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath. FS. C.SsA.C. 14/8/74 Description of the collection. The collection,assembled from various sources,covers the years 1894 — 1958. | At his death in 1956,Soddy bequeathed his papers,notebooks and manuscripts to Major and Mrs. Howorth as his literary trustees. In 1958 Mrs. Howorth published a biography,Pioneer Research on the Atom...The Life Story of Frederick Soddy ,New World Publications London,drawing on some of the manuscript material,which she numbered and arranged in the order in which it was used in her book (see Pioneer Research..pps 333 — 339). These documents,together with other material not used in the book and therefore unsorted and unnumbered,were subsequently deposited by Mrs. Howorth in the Bodleian Library,Oxford. The unused material (Sections VI ~ VIII of the present handlist) includes a substantial record of Soddy's work during the 1914 = 1918 War,not previously available (see Note to Section VI). While preparing her book,Mrs. Howorth conducted an extensive correspondence with Soddy; she says that 300 letters were exchanged during 1953 — 54 alone (Pioneer Re'search...p.325). This correspondence is widely drawn upon in her book and appears to have contained matter of considerable biographical and scientific interest. In 1969 Mrs. Howorth lent 53 of the Howorth's material left to the Bodleian Library. A large number of manuscript notebooks,remaining in the Department of Professor J.S.Anderson,FRS. These books (Items 46 = 92 and 185 = 215) rm of 32 of them in whole or in part as research copies. Attempts to trace the originals have proved unsuccessful and Dr. Trenn*’s copies are now the only record. A set of second copies,which he has kindly made available,appears as Item 29,together with one of the originals which had been included with Mrs. letters to Dr. T.J.Trenn,who returned them to her after making Xerox copies of Inorganic Chemistry,Oxford,was added to the collection with the permission commas are those which appear on the NSS. researches as Dr. Lee's Professor of Chemistry as Oxford,and his later interest in mathematics (see Note to Section VII), from 1894 — 1956 and furnish a continuous picture of Soddy's professional activity throughout his life. They throw light on such matters as his Unless otherwise stated,all items are ‘manuscript. Titles in inverted The Sections of the present handlist have been itemised chrono— logically; a Conspectus of the Howorth references and the new sequence appears on pps 4 = 6. : F.S. C.S.AC. 14/8/74 Locations of other material A few printed books belonging to Soddy were accepted by the Radcliffe Science Library,Oxford. Offprints presented to Soddy by W.H.Bragg were offered to the Archives of the Royal Institution for the Bragg Collection. Models of Soddy's own design of Constant Speed Universal Joint Mechanisms were transferred to the Department of Engineering Science,Oxford about 1960. The following material is held by the Museum of the History of Science, Oxfords Museum 74 =—1; parts of Soddy's machine for solving cubic equations with three real roots. Museum 73 = 4; 19 boxes of slides prepared for Soddy's chemical lectures. Manuscript material as described in the following extracts from the Museum's catalogue of manuscripts: MS Museum 121 FREDERICK SODDY A collection of manuscripts, typescripts, reviews & Y; 126 FREDERICK SODDY Notes for twenty-three lectures on radioactivity; absorption,deposit and decay curves for radioactive substances (1914 and 1917)$ notes on Actinium. and offprints including a collection of bills,letters,and certificates relating to radioactive samples; a manuscript notebook entitled ‘Work on the scheme...started Feb.17th 1914,t0 look for "UR.2." an isotope of UrX2,producing Actinium in an X = ray change’; a set of notes,dated Mar.28 = Oct. 20 »1913,0n the separation of Ur.X three letters from Soddy to Bréwer 1951 — 56; a letter to Brewer from T.E.Soddy,Oct. 17,1957; letter to Sir Harold Hartley from Brewer,Jan 3,1953; a typescript and working drawing entitled 'Soddy's Machine for solving the cubic equation with three real roots. Third model with positive linkages throughout. 3.III.56."; an unsigned typewritten memorial speech on Soddy; a number of publishers! advertisements and reviews of Muriel Howorth,Pioneer Research...} a copy of Die Neve Zeitung,no.156,5 — 6 July’ 1952, with a photograph of Soddy; pamphlets and offprints. Department between 1 eee 1959 and 31 July 1960 160 FREDERICK SODDY Details of experiments of 19 December 1950, being a spectrograph anlysis of Professor Soddy's lead together with a letter from C.H.Collie relating to the experiment (3 September 1971) A model of an unconventional internal combustion engine incorporating an unusual mechanical linkage. Designed by Professor F.Soddy,FRS.,Dr. Lee's Professor of Chemistry. Made by Mr. F.J.March,Chief Mechanio, Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory,late 1920's, Transferred. from the Chemistry F.S..C.S.A.0. 14/8/74 Summary of the career of Frederick Soddy i877». Eastbourne 1891 —.94 Educated Eastbourne College 1894 - 95 University College of Wales,Aberystwyth 1895 Awarded Postmastership in Science,Merton College,Oxford 1896 — 98 Merton College,Oxford. Honours School of Natural Science (Class I) 1898 — 99 Private research in Oxford 1899 Unsuccessful application for Chair of Chemistry,Toronto 1900: Demonstrator,McGill University , Montreal Work with Rutherford on Atomic Disentegration Theory 1901 Unsuccessful application for Chair of Chemistry,Aberystwyth 1903 Work with Ramsay,University College, London Lecture tour to Australia 1903 Unsuccessful application for Fellowship,St. John's College,Oxford 1904. | Lecturer in Physical Chemistry,Glasgow University Work on Isotopes and Displacement Law Cannizzaro Prize,Rome Oxford LL.D. ,Glasgow 1908 1910 1912 1913 1921 1934 1936 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Married Winifred Moller Beilby Fellow of the Royal Society 1914 - 19 Professor of Chemistry,Aberdeen University Unsuccessful application for Waymflete Professorship of Chemistry, 1919 — 36 Dr. Lee's Professor of Chemistry,Oxford Work for Board of Invention and Research,and Ministry of Munitions of War Work on mathematics Resignation from Dr. Lee's Professorship of Chemistry ‘Death of Winifred Soddy . C.S.A.C. 14/8/74 Conspectus of Reference Numbers It has not been possible to have a simple one-for-one correspondance between the two sets of reference numbers. Mrs. Howorth frequently grouped together under one reference number disparate documents and printed material, of differing dates and subject-matter,according to the pages of her biography on which she deals with them. Conversely,she often listed separately printed matter such as offprints,press—cuttings,books and pamphlets which are-here grouped under Section III Printed Material. Ref. no. M.Howorth in Ref. nowin this;j _ handlist Ref. no. M.Howorth in Ref. this handlist { 2 (printed matter ) 40 missing . 2,43 45 28 29: 31 32° 45 40 - 96 aoe ood 35 37 g 44 45 101 98 44 5 44 5 4 4 94 95 5 44,93 120,257. ] 1 ea missing 26 233,237 25,44 Ad 31 36 250,251 44 44 45 44,45 228 229 , 230 239 260 30 250 250 4S. CsSA.C. 14/8/74 Gonspectus of reference numbers (continued ) Ref. no. in M.Howorth Ref. no. in this handlist Ref. no. in M.Howorth Ref. this handlist 44,45 44,45 44 44,108,110, i711 fe 8 142 44. 44 44,104 ae 98 7 217 44,113 44 45,220 ETT 14 11 114540 37 32 13,44, 109 37 15,32 44,112 ‘ 1 104. 29,34 33,44 114 15 34 34 14 32 40 44 36,40,44,45, 15 220 , 223 40,44 missing 38 (recall reference only) (printed matter) missing 221,222 3,118 103 £44,115 17 18 40 31 38 33 Bs 39 10 10 missing missing «: 1 ; 1 dhe 3 18 35 GeSeeGa t/ 0/74 Conspectus of reference numbers (continued ) in M.Howorth this handlist in M.Howorth this handlist 121 122 123 45 45 17 124 (printed matter) hissing 151 (press— cutting) 152 45,234 156, 157,158, 170 236 18 44 19, S25 23 19 = missing 24, 38 44 126 126 244 23,256 232 41,42,43 44,138 40,123 39 24, 238 154 246, 248 34 119,121,122, 253 255 125 116 16 45 27 10 (printe missing 244 29 259 F.S.. 0.8.A.Cs. 14/8/74 Contents of the handlist Conspectus of Reference Numbers Le Biographical Material 1 = 28 Material collected by Mrs. M.-Howorth for Pioneer Research on the Atom 29 = 43A Printed material Laboratory notebooks Lectures,articles,addresses 44 = 45 46 = 92 185 = 215 93 = 126 Oxford Nc.Gill Glasgow Aberdeen fee os 93 98 99 = 102 103 = 108 109 = 114 127 = 153 155 = 172 174 = 184 216 = 260 Papers relating to Soddy's work in Aberdeen 1914 = 18 Papers relating to work on mathematical problems Publication :*The Story of Atomic Inergy* (*Memo. prepared at request of Morris Travers March 1946") and corresp. ‘The joint researches of Sir William Ramsay and Frederick Soddy.* 4 pp. By Alexander (Lord) Fleck, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the By F.A.Paneth, NATURE, no.4595, 1957 MS. note by E.J.Bowen,FRS, Jan.1974 Royal Society, 3, 1957; NATURE,no 4539, 1956. *Extracts from R.S. "Personal Records" of Frederick Soddy.* 14 pp. Misc. printed memoirs and obituaries. | Correspondence Index to Principal Correspondents Biographical Material Misco. biographical information: F.eSe CeSeAeCe 14/8/74 2.continued "Frederick Soddy,Nobel Prizeman in Chemistry, 1921 (awarded 1922)" eppes ‘sent by with cards and 3 photos on 7.vii.50',with letter from Die Weltwoche. Correspondence re Soddy's contribution to questionnaire *The Nobel Prize during 50 years.* 'Résumé of original investigations (1900 to Feb.1913) of Frederick Soddy, M.A. greReSe* Souvenirs of Oxford; printed matter Gastronomic menu Examination papers Humourous songs Testimonials to Soddy for Chair of Chemistry,Toronto 1913 1898 (Hon) George Brodrick Sir John Conroy,Bt.,FRS. A.Vernon Harcourt ,FRS. William Odling Sir William Ramsay FRS (2) John Watts Testimonials to Soddy for Chair of Chemistry,Aberystwyth Signed jointly _ Pierre Curie Henry T.Bovey Frank Carter John Cox Ernest (Lord) Rutherford B.J.eHarrington E.W.MacBride J eWallace Walker ; Testimonials to Soddy (of general reference) 1903 = 04 B.J.Harrington W.ePeterson (for Fellowship at St. John's College,Oxford) Particulars of 6 University Extension Lectures given by Soddy in Australia,on *Radium' and ‘Modern Views on Electricity and Matter."; printed matter. Howorth re book on Rutherford and Soddy Soddy"s election *R.S.Fellowship Group’; notes,memos,press—cuttings Correspondence between Royal Society and Major & Mrs. Notice by Sir Harold Carpenter in 'The Eastbournian',on Soddy's election to Royal Society; printed matter. Letters of thanks from W.Ernest Cooks,Sir Arthur W.Riicker FRS Material relating to Royal Society;printed matter. 1904 1904 - 1910 1910 = 57 1910 1934 =— 35 1956 = 57 P.S. C.S.A.C. 14/8/74 11. Testimonials to Soddy,and Application for Waynflete of Chenistry,Oxford Professorship 1912 Sir William Crookes Marie Curie Sir Donald McAlister Sir William Ramsay Sir William Tilden CANNIZZARO PRIZE,Accademia Nazionale dei Linei; correspondence with Sir William Ramsay; notification of award; Soddy's letter of thanks (in French); press cuttings. Diary,University of Glasgow,1913 — 14 Testimonials to Soddy for Chair of Chemistry,Aberdeen. Sir Donald McAlister J W.Gregory Henry E.Armstrong Sir William A.Tilden Marie Curie Ernest (Lord)Rutherford Letter from Sir Donald McAlister on Soddy's election to Chair. 1914 University of Aberdeen 1914 = 19 £70,000 radium; see also Items 193,201. 1921 1922 Misc. press-cuttings re Soddy*s journey from Czechoslovakia with Letters of congratulation on Award of Nobel Prize.(not indexed) Press—cutting from "The Oxford Chronicle’ on Soddy's Nobel Prize signed A.S.R. -(Alexanier Russell) Copy of magazine ‘Alma Mater',14 Nov.1914,contains ‘Portrait of Professor Soddy* Tpd.note on Soddy*s years at Aberdeen,sent by Professor W.T.H.Williamson to M.Howorth,10 Nov. 1956 Ms. note by Soddy ‘War Work of the Chemistry Department'* Sept.22 1917 Copies of *The Crucible'’,nos.1 and 2,1919;contain article by Soddy,reprinted in Science and Life,1920,pp.175 — 180, and farewell notice on Soddy's appointment to Oxford. of monazite sand Letter from Press Association on information furnished by Soddy re hoax played on Rector of Exeter 1923 Menu of dinner given for Soddy,Merton College 17 Jan.1923 Petition to Privy Council,and reply,re Aldrichian Praelectorship in Chemistry 1923 20. Papers and correspondence re visit to Travancore and extraction 1937 — 38 19m23'*Rastern Tour to India,Ceylon,Malaya. 196 2 Notebooks of expenses and notes 1927 = 28 1937 = 40 1937 = 38 University of Oxford 1922 = 28 C.S.AC. 14/8/74 Correspondence with Stanford & Co.,Clydebank,re commercial possibilities of thorium extraction. Correspondence with G.T.Tupper (Ilin. Economic Warfare) on monazite sand. Correspondence with Watson,Laidlaw,Glasgow on centrifuge. "Frederick Soddy calling all Taxpayers" and ‘Affidavit* against Commissioners of Inland Revenue,re protest against Special Contribution; printed matter .Note on failure of case. Press—cutting on Soddy*s economic opinions Correspondence with Harbour Master,Liverpool,re grounding of *S.S.Merion* on Soddy's journey Boston=Liverpool in 1903 ‘Just Fifty Years Ago',address on the occasion of the Radio- activity Julibee,Spring Symposium of the Institute of Atomic Information for the Layman; contains Soddy's account of his early work. Printed matter. Nobel Conferences 1952 — 55 1952 = 55 Misc. printed tributes to Soddy. Particulars of Frederick Soddy Research Fellowship,University of Sussem 1974 Printed arrangements and lists of participants Press—cuttings German translation of Soddy's address in 1953 Copy of Soddy's address in 1954 (publ. New World Publications) Copy of Mainau Statement on World Peace 1955 Correspondence with conference organisers 1955 Soddy"s query on lecture by C.F.Powell Note from Soddy to M.Howorth on German translation of address to Lindau conference (see above) 1954 See also Item .164 | 1953 Letters from Soddy to M.Howorth; Xerox copies of 32 letters, taken in 1969. 1 original,typescript and Ms 195 (see note in Description of the collection,p.1. 1956 Correspondence with Otto Hahn (1903,1913 =~ 14); includes translation by Soddy of Hahn's letter of 23 March 1953,and additional comments by Soddy. The period of Soddy's life to which the correspondence or material refer is given in brackets. " W.T.H.Williamson (1914 — 19,Aberdeen) " F.M.Brewer (Displacement Law) Material collected by M.Howorth for Pioneer Research. ..1958 Correspondence with Alexander S. Russel1(1909 = 11) rae " " W.O.Kermack (1914 = 17) e 1952 — 56 1953 = 58 1956 = 57 1956 1956 : F.S. CeSAC. 14/8/74 34. Correspondencewith George de Hevesy (1911 = 12) 35. 36.. " " Morris W.Travers (1903),and re methods of filing correspondence for her biography; includes offprint of Travers's note *Ramsay and Holium' , NATURE, 135, 1955)p.619. Correspondence with F.A.Paneth §iy Charles Darwin (1945) Registrar,U.C.N.WeAberystwyth (1894 = 6) o " " " " " " " n " " n A,E.M.Geddes (1914) " John A.Cranston (1914 = 18) no" " " ow om © * © FP, Joliot-Curie Sir Alliot Verdon—Roe Alexander (Lord) Fleck ae 1956 — 58 1956 = 58 1957. — 58 1957 1957 | 1956 1956 = 57 1957 1957 1956 = 58 Correspondence relating to Mrs. Soddy from ve e Mrs. Stella Brewer Alexander Russell Mrs. Hilda Beilby ; includes extracts from 1957 n.d. 1957 Soddy's letters written on holidays abroad 1929 = 37. Mise. correspondence from Royal Society Chemical Society Geoffrey Mure Sir Douglas Veale Meteorological Office University of Cambridge Admiralty New Europe Group 1956, 1959 1957 1957 1957 1957 1956 1957 1957 Printed Material - Misc. press—cuttings M.Howorth's Index to documents prepared for Pioneer Research... Article by Otto Frisch on Nuclear Fission (New Scientist,23 May, 1957) and subsequent correspondence of M.Howorth and Editor. Press—cutting, "Science and Religion',with correspondence of © M.Howorth and Archbishop's Chaplain,Lambeth Palace. periods for different kinds of work,usually indicated by Soddy in a note Misc. offprints or press—cuttings of articles by Soddy and collaborators; 1894 = some with notes by Soddy and M.Howorth. Misc. printed material relating to Soddy and his work; some with notes by Soddy and M.Howorth. (see note to no.46,below). The remaining notebooks had been used at various These notebooks were received from the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford. Soddy assembled and numbered nos.47 = 63 in 1956 as a separate bundle Laboratory Notebooks 46 — 92 and 185 — 215 1903 — F.S.. 0.S.A0C.. 14/8/74 +o: on the cover or fly—leaf; they have been put in order of the earliest ascertainable date,with a brief description of the contents. - Small notebook. Contains a note on separate card dated 23.vii.56,beginning: 'I have bundled up these Mathematical Note Books (I — XVII) in order with a smaller one on top....',and an addition dated 26.viii,56 "To my Executors. These Note Books are to be carefully preserved. If necessary consult Sir Richard Southwell about them.! 1944 — 55 These notes indicate that at the end of his life (he entered hospital 28 August 1956 and died 22 September),Soddy considered the main importance of the notebooks to be his late mathematical work on cubic equations rather than the early researches in chemistry for which no. XVII (Item 63) was originally used. See also his last letter to M.Howorth (included in Item 29) for his concern to ensure the transfer of the notebooks to the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford. *I. Mathematical Note Book® ; includes letter on radium from Sir Joseph Larmor,1 May 1909. @ A935 *II Mathematical Note Book 10.11.41 = 15.12.41° *III Mathematical Note Book 25.xii.41 =! 1941 1941 = 42 *IV Mathematical Note Book’ "VY Mathematical Note Book’ AT. 48. 49. 506 516 526 1937 — 42 1944 1944 1944 1944 = 45 1944 = 45 1945 1946 1946 1948 1946 = 47 *X Mathematical Note Book® "Mathematical Note Book XI? "IX Mathematical Note Book® ‘VI Mathematical Note Book® *VII Mathematical Note Book" "Mathematical Note Book XII* 54. 556 56. Bf 58. 59.'Mathematical Note Book XIII* 'VIII Mathematical Note Book? continued... *Maths XVII. Started 24.ix.1955° "This END.notebook began in 1900.Abstracts and References of Radioactivity Papers. ' pps.1 —23 contain on right-hand page notes made by Soddy 1900 = 1903 and on the left-hand page mathematical notes dated 1956. There is a note on p.19 *wmusual pps in Book XVII*. 60. *Math.Note Book XIV* 61. 62. xye ‘XVI? 1948 = 49 1949 = 55 1900, 1920, 1955 FS. C.S.A.C. 14/8/74 63 continued The rear of the book is inscribed ‘Historical Chemistry Notebook. August 1901* and contains two pages of chemistry notes,followed by heading "Feb.1920 Notes on Economics. * ‘General Chemistry notes from various sources.U.C.W.Aberystwyth.' 1894 *Merton College Oxford.* also no. 151 Notes on books and articles read. See 1895 =— 96 ‘Abstracts of Original Papers. Merton College.Oxon.* ‘Chemistry Note Book.Marton Coll.0ct. 1896 ‘JoWatts M.A. on Organic Chemistry'* 1896 1896 = 97 ‘Organic Chemistry Note Book. Merton Coll. Dec. 1896 Abstract of Meyer & Jacobson's Lehrbuch der Organ.Chemie.'’See also 71,98 1896 ‘Organic Chemistry Note Book. Merton Coll. Oct.1896! Notes on lectures and books read. 1896, 1900 ‘Chemistry Note Book.Merton Coll.0ct.1896".Lecture notes (incl. lectures by J.E.Marsh). ‘Organic Chemistry Note Book II. Merton College April 1897* Abstract of Meyer & Jacobson (cont. of 68). ‘Theoretical Chemistry." Notes on books read.(perh. Aberystwyth or Oxford). 1896 1897 n.d. 1897 = 98 1900 — 12 1898 1903 = 05 1907 = 08 n.d. 1903 1905 = 19 Mise. notes on expts.; loose pages ‘Ideas for Research’, one dated 1903. Bound volume of typescript lectures on chemistry; spine reads "Lectures — Veley,Walden, Elford’ Notebook. Inside: "p. 0 to 20 Old unfinished work at Montreal (abandoned) p.20 June 15 1907. Resume of Ur — Ra expts.? Observations continue 1907 — 12. Notebook begun at Merton College,Oct. 1898; notes on expts. on camphor and report on them.(May refer to very early work at Eastbourne College). Rear of book reads 'March 1903. Chemical Laboratory University College,Gower Street"; notes of expts. on radium emanations. Expts. continue 1907 — 08. hand pages. Notebook labelled *J.Smith.Uranium Activity Measurements.! Notes on expts. on Nat. leak and activity in another hand on right-hand pages; identification of expts. by Soddy on left— Students’ attendance books,with notes on hours worked,courses attended,examinations (some in other hands). ‘Analysis of He results. see looseleaf note—book for details.? See no.78. 1908 Loose-leaf notebook; notes on expts. on Helium, Thoriun,Uranium, 1908 = 09 Work on emanation from flasks; expt. results. 1908 = 1910 1909 = 10 81. F.S. C.S.A.C. 14/8/74 82.: Notebook: "Fractionation of Mesothorium' begun in another hand, continued by Soddy. Iixpts. on X — rays. ‘Helium in Autunite’ ; diary of expts. with Russell. At rear of book,further expts. & observations. Work on Uraniuny started on October 4th 1913*. Notebook inscribed *continuation of Mr. Cranston's, work’ (in various hands,mainly Soddy). : Expts. & observations with thorite lead. "Systematic Class 1917 . - 18*,. Notes for lectures and demonstrations. "List of Experiments. Systematic Chemistry’ in another hand. Soddy"s note on flyleaf reads ‘Winter.Session 1918/19" *Aberdeen. Introductory Course of Physical Chemistry SS 1919° Notes on elements; contains card with later Ms note "Note Books & Reprints dealing with Research on the Parent of Actinium J.A. Cranston, Miss Hitchins,F.s Soddy. * Notes on metals; perhaps Aberdeen. also nos. 185 =— 215 Lectures, articles addresses 98 Oxford (Merton College) *The Isomerism of Oxims and their Derivations.’ Typescript essay with Ms corrections; with 2=page resume of works read.Ms. *Evans Prize Essay. Subject:The relations existing between the manner in which the atoms are linked together,and the physical properties of the resulting compounds. 11th March 1895. ; letter from Six Christopher Ingold. *The Work of Hittorf on the Migration of the Ions. An account of Lodge's direct determination of the same.* Typescript essay with Ms corrections and drawings. 10pp. %A New Theory of Aromatic Snerecyeres 0.U.Chemical Club, at the Museum, Oot.26,1899 3 typesoript with Ma. gorrcotions; page ¢ A paper read before the *The Relative Atomic Weights of Hydrogen and Oxygen.* Typescript essay with Ms.correoctions and drawings. 22pp. Copies of various poems by Soddy; one published in McGill Magazine,no II, 1902. *The Pilgrim Fathers.'* Sir Roger Newdigate's prize.?* eagle nod. 1897 1902 1899 *Abstracts of essays by A.P.MacMillan'.Typescript. 6pp. verse composition competing for 1898 i B.S. 068.4... 14/8/74 99 =~ 102 MsGill University. 99. ‘Lectures on the History of Chemistry from earliest times.! Series of 11 lectures given at McGill U. Lecture I typescript, lectures II — XI Ms. 1899 = 1900 "Alchemy and Chemistry"; lecture and notes for slides,typescript and Ms. Ms notes from "Les Origines de 1*Alchimie* (Berthelot) : 1900 (c’?) "Chemical Evidence of the Indivisibility of the Atom." 32pp. 5 ppe notes of "Lockeyer'’s Views. * Account of a controversial debate with Rutherford at a meeting of McGill Physical Society. ; . 1900 — 01 ‘Gas Analysis.'; series of lectures given at McGill.;Ms notes for 6 lectures and 6 practical classes; 2-page summary of course. 1900 =~ 02 103 — 108 Glaszow University. 103. *Report on the Electric Furnace Experiments at Cassel Cyanide Co's Works at Maryhill,Glasgow,under the auspices of Sir George Beilby. April to November 1911.° 1911,1919 "Specification of Accumulator Battery....* signed F.S. 1919 Lecture on Women's Suffrage; delivered at Caxton Hall,London. Keith Lectures given at Glasgow on "Radioactivity"; 4 lectures, syllabus,annotated typescripts,summaries etc. "The Influence of Scientific Advances upon Life.' Lecture given in Glasgow,June 1914.Typescript and Ms.corrections. Misc. working papers,research notes and correspondence, Glasgow. 3 includes Soddy's later note 'Mainly ‘only of Interest now for Reference Purposes’ etc. 11 envelopes ‘The Evolution of Matter." Citizens' Lecture given in the Digbeth Institute, Birmingham, 16 September; 2 typescripts, Ms list of slides and experiments. Royal Institution 15 and 18 May 1915. 110. British Association Discussion on Isotopes. ‘Notes of Opening Remarks. * ‘Radio ~ Elements,The Periodic Law & Isotopic Elements. * 109 — 114 Aberdeen University 109. "Systematic Class. Opening Lecture 14/10/15 *Data*; notes on Thorite. 111. Advances in the Study of Radio-Active Bodies. (Lectures at C.S.AC. 14/8/74 "The Social Effect of Recent Advances in Physical Science (with special reference to the discovery of Radium) 5/2/15* 2 copies of lecture delivered to Workers’ Educational Association, Aberdeen. 16. 1915 Obituary notice of Wilhelm Conrad von RUntgen,with correspondence. 1915, 1923 Soddy prepared the obituary for the Glasgow Herald in 1915 and wrote to claim payment in 1923 when the notice was printed. Lectures and Expts. at Aberdeen 1916 = 18 1.°A Definition of Chemistry* 2.*The Spontaneous Transmutation of the Elements';plan, 1916 1916 notes of slides,demonstrations,lecture script. 3.*Digest of Successful Experiments* 4.°1917 Experiments '* 5. "Introductory Lecture 1917/18" 6.*Scientific & Sociological.The Social Abuse of Science’ 7.*6pening Lecture 1918/19 Session? 8."Science & Human Welfare.I Chemistry* (WEA lecture) ‘The Origin of the Conception of Isotopes.* Nobel lecture delivered at Stockholm,12 December 1922;printed copy with Ms notes. 1917 1917 1917/18 1918 1918 1918 1922 *'My solution of the present world depression.Science must perh. 1929 lead. e "The Lord R.of Nelson. The Periodic Law and its Interpretation. 1934 Printed obituaries of Carpenter. *The Constitutional Justification for Resisting Tax-Payments.* 1951 *Some personal memories of the earlier years of Sir Harold Carpenter’s career.'; typescript with Ms annotations 4pp. Lecture on Hooke's Joint,given at Tercentenary Celebrations, Oxford. *An Independent Scientist's Views on the Economic and Political Possibilities of Atomic nergy for the Future.’ *Money the Mischief—Maker. Luncheon address to Rotary Clubs of Aylesbury & High Wycombe.?* "How Isotopes were discovered. '*(Talk broadcast in 'Science Survey'1951 with related correspondence with Sir Henry Dale,Dr. Archie Clow, F.A.Paneth,W.0.Kermack. ‘Why a larger pay-packet now buys less than it did.* (Lecture to New Europe Group);with related correspondence. "The Story of Atomic Energy and its Lesson." (Lecture to New Europe Group). "Is the deterioration of the climate due to the radioactive Pollution of the Atmosphere 7* 1935 1935 1940 1947 1949 1950 1954 F.Se CSAC. 14/8/74 VI. Papers relating to Soddy's work in Aberdeen 1914 — 1918 Soddy re-read and sorted many of these papers during 1952 — 56, in some cases apparently intending to resume work on certain inventions and patents,as well as to provide information for his executor or biographer. He left the papers in bundles or envelopes,with notes on their contents. Though neither Lord Fleck in his Biographical Memoir for the Royal Society,nor Mrs. Howorth in her biography,made great use of this material,it is probable that the contents of the envelopes have been dis— turbed,and some of them removed. Loose papers on various projects and patent rights dealing with the 1914 — 18 period,and the related correspondence, were found elsewhere in the collection. The papers remaining in or with the envelopes have been put in te order where possible; Soddy*s descriptive notes continue to accompany the papers with which they were found. 127. "List of Admiralty Stuff'.(M.Howorth's list,included with her files of Soddy's papers. Not all the items on the list are identifiable.) 128. "B.I.R.Notes from Mar 30th/17" (Notebook of expts.on Alkali 1917 Boiler. 129. Black notebook of notes,expts,& calculns.on alkali boiler. 130. Work on Alkali Boiler ned. 1916 Later work on Alkali Boiler 1941 = 52 1. Report to Admiralty by Soddy and Stoney 2. Patent for Fireless Boiler 3. Ms:The Theory of the Film—Flow Alkali Boiler 4. Ms:*Report on the Alkali Boiler* July 1916 5- Ms:*Second Report...Alkali Boiler® July 1916 6. Misc.blueprints,drawings,photograph of apparatus continued 5 notebooks of notes and calculations variously dated: 1. 23/5/41 2. 3. "Alkali Boiler.Started 24th March 1952* 4. *Alkali Boiler...Started 25 Apr.1952° 5. SecretPatent 5527/16 ‘Improvements in and relating to Fireless Boilers"; includes folder annotated by Soddy 1952. "Professor Soddy'*s Emanation Gauge (drawing of apparatus ). Insoribed on outside: ‘July 31 — 1956. These are log scale of 1916, 1952 1916 Node 1956 ‘Soda Boiler’; report,chart and drawings by Soddy and Stoney. "Jan 10th 1952 Notes. on the Soda Boiler Work* 'Resumed Jan 1952 hand Alkali Boiler* C.S.A.Ce 14/8/74 continued. the decay of RADON to say Dr. Russ X ray Dept. Middlesex Hospital London. F.S.° Never published or used that might be of use Bundle of misc.charts,graphs,blueprints,calculations and diagrams (not all in Soddy's hand),inscribed by him "July 24th 1952. Retained as containing originals of drawings in the two Secret Reports plus some others.? 1952 Work on 'CONCENTRATORS.* 1. 3 Ms letters to Gerald Stoney from Soddy,with calculations etc. 1916 — 1916 18 2. "Concentrator Problems.' (by Stoney) 1916 3. Soddy's folder: *Tests of Various Alloy Steels in Hew 1916 Alloy Pot..." (expts.,calculns.,reports by Sir Henry Carpenter etc.) 4. Corresp.and report by Stoney | 5. Soddy"s remarks on Stoney’s report. 6. Printed letter from Sir Oswyn Murray dissolving Technical Sub-Committee,Board of Invention & Research. 7. Explanatory note by Soddy,dated 24.vii.1952 1917 Node 1918 1952 work at Aberdeen. 18 and 1917 — 18 1917 1917 1918 137. Work on *CONCENTRATORS. * 1. Photograph and description of model Research. 4. Drawing of model 139. Work on "CONCENTRATORS *, 1. Ms:*Experiments on. Flow* March 28,1917 2. Report and corresp. from Gerald Stoney 36 Corresp. between Soddy and Board of Invention and 138. Misc. correspondence on 'Concentrators' and on Soddy's wartime © All enclosed in envelope bearing notes by Soddy dated 15.v.1952 2. Ms *Conductivities' (expts. & calculus) 140. Exvelope:'*Private Réceipts 1917/1918 Gas Works Research* 3. Ms *Collecting all the Best Results from the perh. 1916 1917 = 1957 1917 ned. ned. 1917 1917 = 18 Recalculated Data. * 4. Ms "Secondary Boiler dispensed with* 5. Ms Expts. & Calculns. FS OsSshs0.: 14/8/74 141. Notes on experiments — on washing coke oven gas with milk of lime (signed Masefield) ~ on sulphuric acid as a drying reagent (signed Royle) "Gravity Method of continuous Determination of the Specific Gravity of a Stream of gas.' n.d. n.d. ned. Notes by Soddy dated 15.v.1952,24.vii.1952,May 4th 1954. (Found with nos.144,145,though probably referring to other material later removed). 1952, 1954 Mise. correspondence and reports on ethylene extraction, 1918 ' exchanged with Ministry of Munitions of War,Explosives Dept. March ~ Sept.1918. Misc. correspondence,mainly on Patent Applications arising out of Soddy's War Work. 1916 = 19 1. Note on Patent Law. 2. Corresp. re Secret Patent on Fireless Boiler 3. Corresp. re SecretPatent on Steam Turbines 4. Corresp. re Secret Patent on Concentrators 5. Corresp. with Patent Agents re searches 6. Corresp. re supply of machinery 1916 1916 1917 1918 1918 146. Work 8. Corresp. re gas purification Corresp. re alcohol as fuel 1918 1919 1919 1918 = 19 ‘Diary of Charcoal Events,written 4th Sept. 1918* (Ms. in Soddy's hand) 7. Corresp. re purification of charcoal in military respirators (Chemical Warfare Dept.) ethylme extraction from coal gas. Chronicle of events March — Aug.1918 Corresp. and telegrams re Soddy's Patent application, exchanged with Ministry 0: of Munitions of War. book "Expts. at Aberdeen Gas Works beginning 27/May/1918.(Some loose pages) 147. Black Exercise bk. inscribed ‘War Work 1914/19; at back of 9. Specification on Ethylme extraction by Dr. Paul Fritzche 1897 6. Account of Demonstration at Aberdeen Gas Works 1918 4. Corresp. re experiments,exchanged with Min.Munitions and Aberdeen Gas Co. ned. 1918 5. Corresp. re Soddy's Patent application 7. Notes of *Expenses Charcoal Research 1919° 8. Note (incomplete) "Ethylene Research FPS. 0.S.ACe 14/8/74 148. Blue ex.bk. 1918 charcoal expts. 1918 149,150 Two examination books ‘University of Aberdeen',with notes 1918 of gas expts. (not all in Soddy's hand.) 151. Notebook, "Merton College 7th June 1896 Organic Chemisbry 1896, 1918 - See also Item 65 VNotes.* pp 1 Organic Chemistry; Nov. 1918 — 20,notes from Schorlemmer,Rise and Development of pp 22 — 63,notes of charcoal expts. May= 152. Blue ex, bk. resuming work on Alkali Boiler, inscribed 1922,1952 ' Begun 8.III.52'; includes loose pages of calculns.inscribed ‘August 19/1922 New Shortened Process.' 153. Red ex. bk. inscribed "Started Aug.29th 1941": notes and 1941, 1952 calculns, of resumed work on Soda Boiler; with further notes at rear and detailed explanatory note by Soddy dated 22 Feb.1952. 154. Vacant. Work on Mathematical Problems (see also Notebooks 47 — 63) From about 1936,Soddy became increasingly interested in mathematical problems,especially the geometry of the circle. He published papers in NATURE (1936 — 37) and Proc.Roy.Soc.(1942 — 43),and devoted much time in 156. 1936 = 37,and 1956 manuscripts has been disturbed although only Items 155 = 158 appear on Mrs. Howorth’s list of documents used in her biography. 155. Misc. figures and diagrams for published work on circles. indicative of the value Soddy attached to them. It seems likely that,as with the papers in Section VI on his work at Aberdeen ,the order of the working papers on mathematics often bear explanatory notes dated 1955 — 56 his later years to cubic equations. Like the notebooks,the manuscripts and "The Kiss Precise,The Hexlet and The Bowl of Integers’. (Offprint of Soddy's articles and ensuing corresp. in NATURE. 1936 ~ 37); later corresp. between M.Howorth and Editors of NATURE 1956. continued Work on 'Kissing Circles.! Includes note by Soddy dated August 23rd 1956:'This bundle contains the MSS (2 copies) of wmpublished book on Kissing ‘Circles and cognate Note Books preserved,after sorting out as much as possible for destruction....’ Contains: 2 annotated copies of booklet of articles and corresp. in NATURE,one with Soddy's note dated 23 Aug.1956 referred to above Corresp. with: A.S.Gosset Tanner; 1935 = 37 Ms "Wheels within Wheels"; Ms 'Preface'. See also Item 160. JeHodgkinson — T,Chaundy C.H.Collie F.W.Lanchester 1936 — 56 F.S. C.S.A.C. 14/8/74 159. continued la Nature 15 mai 1937 (contains translation of poem and article in NATURE. 'The Hexlet*,"The Kiss Precise*,corrected Mss.1936. ‘The Kiss Precise',2 copies corrected Mss,with envelope dated Ve betes obs *Wheels within Wheels. The General Solution by Elementary Algebra & Euclid of the PROBLEM of the FOUR-FOLD KISS.'* (This is presumably the unpublished book referred to in 159 above ) 2 copies of heavily-corrected Mss as follows: Preface General Nature of the Problem The Theorem of the Graded Bead Necklace The Inductive Approach The First Curvature Law The Second Curvature Law Appendix of Working Details ‘Wheels within Wheels.’ Notebook of calculns,and notes. Revisions 1940,with a note inside front cover. Further note inside front cover dated Aug.23 1956 concerning unpublished work in notebook. *The One-Coefficient Standard Cubic Equation? (paper submitted to Royal Society August 1949,and returned 6 Dec. 1949) Ms. drafts,tables of calculns,copy of letter accompanying Ms. *'Cubic Ratios by Euclidean Construction.* Misc. mathematical calctilns. Mise. mathematical calculns. on oubic ratios and cubic equations. 2 corrected Mss. Specification of machine. German translation of article. *The Cubic Equation with three real rootssIts geometrical Solution and the Machine that solves it. (delivered as lecture to Nobel Conference 1954) See also, Item 27 1955 2 corrected Mss. Envelope of figures,inscribed *Rejected R.S.paper & drawin (Euclid Method & cubic relations)* Letter from Royal Society declining to publish Ms. arranged 20.XI.38*. 2 envelopes of drawings,diagrams and figures for work on *Kissing Circles*; each envelope bears Soddy's note and description dated July 1955. Corresp. re publication of translation of Soddy*s article "The Bowl of Integers’ in La Nature,April 1937;see 159 above. 1937 Corresp. on circles with J.Hodgkinson Corresp. with Thorold Gosset,with note "Sorted and 1937 1936 F.S. C.S.A.C. 14/8/74 171. Corresp. with Thorold Gosset Jan-Feb. 1937 172. Corresp. with Harold Scott MacDonald Coxeter FRS on inter= locked spheres,with related offprints and articles. | 1937 1951 = 53 173. Vacant.- VIII Publications. Soddy*s book, *Interpretation of the Atom’ was published by Murray in 1932. The material was extensively revised by Soddy 1940 — 46 for a projected work to be called *Real Alchemy’. The book was published 1947, 1954 under the title "The Story of Atomic Mergy.* 174. Brown ex.bk.Misc.notes on books read,mainly on Atomic Piles. 1945 A156 Blue ex.bk. Draft for book on History of Atomic Physics,with n.d. notes on back cover for proposed lay-out of book. 176. Red Cash bk. inscribed *Interpretation of the Atom.Revision.* With further notes and insertions at front and back of book. Some pages dated 1945. Grey ex.bk.labelled in M.Howorth's hand ‘Original of Interpretation of the Atom Murray 1932*. Inside,in Soddy*s hand "Interpretaion of the Atom and Modern Alcheny Revision 1940*. Both ends of book used. Includes undated letter from Victor Gollancz on *Save Europe Now.’ 1940 =— 45 = Real Alchemy.' 182. Ms.Foreword +o 1954 edition of "The Story of Atomic Inergy' 180. Blue ex.bk. *The Atom & ergy prior to this Twentieth Century.' n.d. 178,179 2 brow ex.bks.,inscribed *Re-re-re-revision of I.0.A. 1947 184. Ms "Real Alchemy and the Release of Tomic Energy’; includes 1946 181. Misc. notes,mainly for index to *The Story of Atomic Rnergy*, 1947 Purple ex.bk.,covers only. Notes on publishers’ rights in new version of book,labelled 'Abstract of Solicitors Case’. continued subsequent +o Items 46 = 92. Some complement the earlier series, but the majority relates to Soddy's work on various radioactive minerals during his tenure of Dr. Lee*s Professorship of Chemistry, Oxford. note by Soddy dated Bec.5 1947. (A revised version of this work was published as Atomic Energy.") 1905.F.Soddy.Senior Chemistry Lab.Glasgow University.'"; contains note on expts. on radioactive materials 1905 = 07. 185. Notebook inscribed *Private Research Notes Commenced Dec. 1905 =— 17 IV Notebooks and Working Papers (see Also Items 46 = 92,pp.11 = 14) These were received from the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford 183 1954 ned. ‘The Story of CoBA.C. 14/8/74 continued At rear of book: *Work with T.D.MacKenzie on the Origin of Radium’, *Experiments on thee particle by the Electroscope Method*,also misc-eexpts.continued at Aberdeen. Green ex.bk. Expts. mainly on emanation. Black notebook *Radium Tests commenced 29/8/10'.(Not all in Soddy's hand. ) Black notebook "Ceylon Thorite.*® Black ex.bk. *War Work 1915 at each end.Thorium work May 1921 to Oct. 1922.° Pale green ex.bk.*Note on measurements as late as 1917 of early as 1910.*(with some loose pages) 23. 1905 = 06 1906 1907 = 17 1908 = 09 1910 = 14 1911 = 15 1915 and 1921 = 22 1910 = 17 Black notebook. Inventory of equipment. ‘Inventory of Silver inChest 29/9/19"; also note of furniture etc.bought on move to Oxford. 1919 "Apparatus purchased by Professor Soddy Sep.8th from Aberdeen University ‘and Soddy's cheque for £125.11.11. Small black notebook,with addresses and travel arrangements for journey,to Prague to buy supply of uranium from Joachim= sthal Mines. Also various calculns.and,at rear of book, particulars of terms of purchase. See also 16,201. 1919 =— 20 1920 z 21 1920 = 1939 21 1921 = 22 1939 1925 ee for D.Phil.Oxford Pale blue ex.bk. *Working up of Travancore Monazite Sand 16.XI.20 — 23.1V.21° 1920 Beige ex.bk. *ist. Workings up of Travancore Monazite Sand 15.1X.20 — 15.XI.20" (in various hands). Dark red ex.bk. *First Book on Working up Monazite Jan—Sep. 1920.* salso contains work on Uranium 1919. Black ex.bk. *Working up of Travancore Monazite Sand 12.3.21— 8.3.22."3 note at end dated Apr.1939. Dark blue ex.bk. "Work on Monazite (Oxford) Sept.1920 = Dec. 1921"; also note by Soddy on front page dated 30.9.39 1927 Thesis on Alpha Rays of foe by Marchese Paulo Misciatelli. (Soddy was the Supervisor of this thesis and wrote about the work to Professor Parravano,Rome,in an accompanying letter. ffork on radium extraction andcactivity,by Soddy,Miss A. Hitchens,Mr. Reilly; includes correspondence with Radium Corporation of Czecho—Slovakia. See also 16,193. Red ex.bk. "Measurements on Ra Ac(Miss H.) May 1925 (started) over several years’. (Reference is to Miss A.Hitchens) Work by Miss A.Hitchens on separation of Ac and Io in Pitchblende. C.S.d.C. 14/8/74 Corresp. and tests with C.H.Bosanquet; X-ray spectrometer tests on rare-earth mixtures separated from pitchblende. Misc. notes and papers on pitchblende3; includes work by Miss A.Hitchens and J.K.Marsh. Ms. notes and papers on Thorium and Uranium in Monazite sand (signed S.I.) Ms.notes on Activity of Ionium; in various hands. n.d. n.d. Expts. by Soddy on monazite sand. 1938 = 39 Notes and expts. by Soddy and Miss A.Hitchens,with undated note by Soddy:*Batch of loose papers,retained from pre—resignation work on Monazite...° 9 sets of candidates’ examination answer—books,numbered In = IXn; detailed expts. on ray measurements. 1 answer—book ‘test of new apparatus’. Small black notebook, *Museum House Store Room etc. Inventory Feb. 1937! 1934 = 35 1939 1937 Small black notebook, *RAD.STORES etc.*;inventory of radioactive residues; also data on X-ray spectrograph. perh1937 Dark red ex.bk. *Work on Ac mainly’ 1924 and 1932... 35 1922 and 1937 = 39 1939 = 41 IX Correspondence The correspondence is arranged chronologically. The majority *Monazite Aug.1939 =— May 1941" , Misc. offprints by other scientists on rare-cearths,X-ray spectra etc. comes from M.Howorth'’s collection. Additional letters found in the Inorganic *Monazite Oct.22 — Feb.27 resumed in Museum House June 1937 ~ June 1939.°. 218. * Letter from K.A.Fajans 19.x.13 request to examine B.M.coins for chemical reaction (declined by Trustees)sletters exchamged with Barclay V.Head,G.F.Hill, E. Thompson. 216. Misc. references for students.(Not sorted or indexed). 217. Corr.with Dept. of Coins and Medals,British Museum re Soddy's 1905 Chemistry Laboratory,Oxford,are marked with an asterisk. ~ 1914, 1920 1916 C.S.A.C. 14/8/74 * Letters from Howard A.Kelly,Charles L.Parsons,Karl L. 1914 Kithil re despatch to Soddy in Glasgow of carnotite ore from Bureau of Mines,Colorado,in co-operation with National Radium Institute. 2 letters from A.J.Balfour Corresp. with University of Glasgow re work submitted for D.Sc. by Alexander (Lord) Fleck. Undated Ms. reference for Fleck supporting his application for a Fellowship and describing scientific work done in collaboration. perh. 1914 Reference by Soddy for Alexander Russell (later Student of Christ Church,Oxford) as Lecturer,Westminster Training Coll. Later testimonial for Russell. Misc. letters of thanks to Soddy for complimentary copies of Science and Life; includes letters from Maude Royden, Rutherford,! H.G.Wells. 1913 1919 1920 * Corr.reJohn Ernest Marsh,renewal of Fellowship,Merton College, Oxford. 1923, 1928 * Corr. with Radium Belge re shipment of Katanga Uranium ores for work at Oxford. 1923 = 24 * Corr. with Alexander Russell re work on uranyl nitrate; includes Ms by Soddy *"Résum$ of Work on the Uranium Compounds? 1925 1926 1927 1927 Corr. with Rutherford re specimens of thorium lead. * Corr. with Frederick M.Brewer; request for testimonial and of Soddy’s testimonial in reply * Corr. with John A.Cranston;testimonial by Soddy supporting Cranston's application for Chair of Chemistry, Bangor. Misc. corr. with Robert A.Lawson,Fritz A.Paneth(to M.Howorth), 1942 1950 tributes to Stefan Meyer by Lawson and Paneth re loan of 1957 thorium lead and events in 1914 — 18 War. See also 228,229 Misc. corr. re specimen of thorium lead sent to Professor HUnigschmid in 1916 through Professor Kammerlingh Onnes; letters exchamged with Professor Haas,O.H&nigschmid, Stefan Meyer. See also 228,230. 1937, 1957 From Sir Cyril Hinshelwoodsincludes letter to M.Howorth from Hinshelwood.. Corr. with W.A.Noyes re controversy over priority of discoveries of atomic disentegration and isotopes. From Sir John Townsend on measurements of 'e* and te/n! 1930 1935 1936 1936 From A.W.Stewart,on Soddy’s retirement. from E.F.Armstrong 1935 = 36 F.S. C.S.A.C. 14/8/74 : 26. 237+ Corr. with Professor A.S.Eve during preparation of Eve's The Life of Rutherford. c 238. Le tter to Nobel Committee for Chemistry,suggesting Fritz e neth and George von Hevesy as candidates for Nobel Prize. ar a5 239. Corr. with Professor Norman Feather FRS during preparation of Feather'’s biography of Rutherford; includes letter from Feather to M.Howorth. Letter from Dr. S.T.Bowden on early use of term "isotope’. Letters from Edgar C.Thrupp(Vancouver ) on predictions of hagnetic storms. ; From Sidney A.Reeve. Corr. re patents on rare-earth elements including thoriun. Corr. with Harry W.Mmglish. Document on (Relativity Nonsense’ by Robert Harvey. Corr. with Sir James Chadwick; includes letters from Chadwick to M.Howorth. Corr. with Dr. F.W.Lanchester on gravity and radioactivity. Corr. with Sir Charles Darwin,on energy. 1938 1938 1939 1957 1939 1939 1939 1940 1942 — 43 n.d. 1942 1957 = 58 1945 1945 Letter from People's Common Law Parliament. Letter froh Sir Richard Gregory. Invitation to visit Moscow,Academy of Sciences USSR 1945 Letter re lecture at Economic Reform Club and Institute. Corr. with C.H.Collie and Kurt Mendelssohn re Soddy's radioactive materials; with related offprints. Corr. with Morris W.Travers re collaboration of Ramsay and Soddy in 1903; contains information on expts.carried out and dates of work. Corr. with Morris W.Travers; includes two versions of Soddy's 1946 — 53 unpublished letter to NATURE correcting Otto Hahn's New Atoms 1950,with addendum dated 1953. Controversy on priority of claims of Wm,Higgins and John Dalton in modern atomic theory.; includes Ms of Soddy's letter to NATURE May 5,1951,in response’ to J.R.Partington's letter of Jan 20,1951; further corr. with J.R.Partington and Fritz - Paneth.Also includes one letter from Paneth dated 1941. 1947 1948 1950 1951 Corr. with Herbert Marcus Powell. : 1951, 1953 ° 1946 — 49 1949 — 51 Nese C.S.A.C. 14/8/74 258. Misc. personal correspondence. 27. 1952 ~ 53 Letter ron E.R Pounder, thanking Soddy for gift of articles 1953 Corr. with Sir Harold Hartley re atomic energy; includes cuttings written 1903,0n *Recent Advances future applications of radiun.* Soddy'*s early ideas on of 2 articles by Soddy in Radioactivity* and "Possible 1953 X Index to Principal Correspondents Nos. refer to Items. ARMSTRONG, E F ARMSTRONG, Henry E BALFOUR,Rt.Hon.Arthur John BEILBY ,Hilda BOVEY Henry T BOWDEN ,S a BREWER,Frederick M 6 COLLIE, C H COX, John BREWER, Stella BRODRICK Hon. George CARTER ,Frank CHADWICK,Sir James CHAUNDY ,T CLOW, Archie COOKE, W Ernest CONROY, Sir’ John, Bt. 246 158 125 158,254 5 8 8 COXETER,Harold Scott MacDonald CRANSTON, John A CROOKES ,Sir William DARWIN, Sir Charles CURIE, Marie CURIE,Pierre de HAAS ,W J DALE,Sir Henry FS. CSAC. 14/8/74 ENGLISH Harry .W EVE,Arthur Stewart FAJANS ,K A FEATHER ,Norman ik das (Lord) GEDDES,A GOSSET TANNER,A GOSSET, Thorold GREGORY, J E W GREGORY, SirRichard HAHN, Otto HARCOURT, A.Vernon HARRINGTON ,B HARTLEY ,Sir Harold HEAD, Barclay V HEVESY,George de 37 158 170,171 14 255 30 ry 6,7 ; HILL,G F MENDELSSOHN , Kurt INGOLD,Sir Christopher J OLIOT-CURIE,Frangois HINSHELWOOD,Sir Cyril KELLY Howard A KERMACK,W HODGKINSON, J HONIGSCHMID, Otto MEYER Stefan MACBRIDE,E W LISTER,Sir Donald KITHIL,Karl L LANCHESTER ,F LARMOR,Sir Joseph LAWSON,Robert W PiSe' GoSeh<0.: 14/8/74 ODLING William PANETH, Fritz A PARSONS Charles L PARTINGTON , J PETERSON ,W POWELL,Herbert Marcus RAMSAY,Sir William REEVE,Sidney A ROYDEN,Dame Maude RUCKER, Sir Arthur W RUSSELL, Alexander S RUTHERFORD, (Lord) Ernest STEWART, A W 36, 125,230,257 219. 257 z 256 5,11,12 242 223 8 31,39, 222, 226 6,14, 223,228 234 WALKER, J Wallace WATTS , John WELLS ,Herbert George WILLIAMSON, W TRAVERS ,Morris William VERDON—ROE,Sir Alliott 217 241 11,14 235 2)35,250,251 THOMPSON , E THRUPP, Edgar C TILDEN, Sir William TOWNSEND,Sir John 38