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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Kenneth Manley Smith CBE FRS (1892 - 1981) CSAC catalogue no. 91/2/83 By Jeannine Alton and Julia Latham-Jackson K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 Title: Compiled by: Deposited in: Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Kenneth Manley Smith (1892-1981), virologist Description level: Fonds Date of material: ca 1911-1982 Reference code: GB 0487 K.M. Smith papers Extent of material: 151 items Jeannine Alton and Julia Latham-Jackson © National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath. Kenneth Smith Library, Natural Environment Research Council Institute of Virology, Oxford CSAC catalogue no. 91/2/83 K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 The work of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and institutions: The Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland The Biochemical Society The British Pharmacological Society The Charles Babbage Foundation for the History of Information Processing The Institute of Physics © The Nuffield Foundation The Physiological Society The Institution of Electrical Engineers The Royal Society of London K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1 - A.14 SECTION B RESEARCH NOTES AND NOTEBOOKS B.1 - B.33 SECTION'C PUBLICATIONS C.1-C.72 Cid * 12) BORD SECTION D D.1-D.19 SECTION E E.1-E.13 C.14-C.72 ARTICLES AND REVIEWS CORRESPONDENCE LECTURES AND BROADCASTS INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The major part of the material was received from Mr. M.T. Smith (son) via the Natural Environment Research Council Institute of Virology, Oxford. Items A.8 - A.14 were received from Dr. B. Kassanis, author of the Memoir of Smith for the Royal Sociery (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 28, 1982), a copy of which is included at A.1. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION Smith lived to a great age, and was prolific in writing and research to the end of a life devoted to his chosen field of plant and insect viruses. The surviving material offers only a partial picture of his career. Little personal or biographical material remains, though it is not generally known that in cultural Research Institute, New Delhi (see A.3). Smith's own research is quite well documented in Section B, and his research reports, plans and annual schemes of work at different dates are of interest (see B.5, B.8, B.23, B.28). He is known at E.3, E.4, and some sample captions at B.29. are at C.1 - C.13. The shorter articles and reviews at C.14 - C.72 are all continuing work of his seventies and eighties and also his own scrapbook of reviews, Smith wrote many books, several of which became standard textbooks regularly reprinted or updated for new editions. Samples (only) of this activity, including the 1947 he was offered the post of Head of the Mycology Division at the Indian Agri- to have organised many exhibitions, but the only record of these are the correspondence ingly sparse. an idea of the extensive writing load Smith undertook for a more general readership. additional to the technical papers listed in the Bibliography of the Memoir and give served in Section D. The surviving correspondence in Section E is also disappoint- Very few lectures, conference papers or broadcast scripts remain, and are pre- K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We are grateful to: Mr. M.T. Smith and Dr. B. Kassanis for making the material available; Dr. J.1. Cooper of the N.E.R.C. Institute of Virology, for help and information; Mr. C.F. Rivers, for information. K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL _A.1 -A.14 A.1 Obituaries: The Times, 12 June 1981. Memoir, by B. Kassanis FRS (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 28, 1982). Ms. loose pages of a diary, and miscellaneous notes for an account, of visit to U.S.A. during visit to Princeton, 1939. n.d. but almost certainly Miscellaneous items, 1947-48. Includes letter, 1947, offering Smith the post of Head of Division of Mycology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. Invitation to serve on Crop Committee, Advisory Council on Scientific Research and Technical Development, Ministry of Supply. Miscellaneous items, 1953-59. Notice of Royal Society Leeuwenhoek Lecture, given by Smith, November 1953. Award of C.B.E., 1955-56. Greetings on retirement, signed by members of laboratory, December 1959. Election to Honorary Fellowship, Downing College, Cambridge, May 1953. building of Plant Virus Research Unit, Cambridge. Election as first 'Honorary Member' of Natural Environment Research Council Insect Pathology Unit, 1973. the N.E.R.C. Institute of Virology in 1980. ) Miscellaneous items, 1970-81. Election as Honorary Member, Society for Invertebrate Pathology, 1970. (This became Photographs of Smith, colleagues, laboratories, including K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 Biographical and personal Miscellaneous press-cuttings . Information and recollections, assembled by B. Kassanis for his Memoir of Smith for the Royal Society. Arnott, H. J., on Smith's work at Cell Research Institute, Texas. Bishop, A. Bold, H. C., on Smith's period at Texas. Kassanis, B., includes notes of conversations with Lady Bawden. Lauffer, M. A. Recollections of Smith in 1930s and in later years. Markham, R. Smith had agreed to write the Memoir of Markham for the Royal Society, but was unable to complete the work. widow, and various items passed on by John Innes Institute (photograph, photocopy of recollections of Smith drafted by Markham, at home, during his last illness). Includes a letter from Markham's Pingree, J., Samuel, G. Smith, M. T. F. Includes photocopies of some letters Bert, G..f. Matthews, R. E. from Smith. with photocopies of early testimonials. on Smith's period at Imperial College, London, Miscellaneous G., mainly on Smith's work on electron Wyckoff, R. W. microscopy. Williams, R. C. K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 SECTION B RESEARCH NOTES AND NOTEBOOKS _ B.1 - B.33 B.1 Hard-backed notebook, inscribed 'K.M. Smith. R.C.S.', with miscellaneous drawings of specimens. Zoology. Smith studied at the Royal College of Science, 1911-14. Green folder, inscribed 'K.M. Smith. R.C.S. Sections. Geology’. Tagged folder inscribed 'Halticidae Flea Beetles’, of bibliographical notes and references running 1913-20; 40 numbered pages. Red hard-backed folder, inscribed on spine 'Potato Virus Notes', containing ms. and typescript notes on the literature, various dates mainly 1921-31. Miscellaneous annual schemes of work, notes of experiments and tests to be carried out, proposed publications, etc. on viruses, ¢.1927-32. Includes: ‘Suggestions for Virus Disease Work', n.d. Notes at Virus Disease Conference, 1927. "Scheme of Work for 1928'. "Points to emphasise in 1929 work’. ‘Suggestions for Virus Work 1931-32'. "Potato Mosaic and Tobacco. 1929 Programme’. ‘Outline of Virus Work for 1930’. "Scheme of work for 1931'. 2 pp. outline for Virus Studies on X and Y viruses, n.d. Correspondence and notes on aphides, 1928-30. This material was originally included with the literature notes at B.4. See B.8, B.23, B.28 for similar material at later stages of Smith's career. Work on aphides. K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 Research notes and notebooks Spiral ring-backed notebook of experiments on Rosette aphis. Dates mainly run August 1938-July 1940. [1939] the notes are headed 'Rockefeller Institute’ (see Memoir, p.456). From April 12 105 numbered pages, and some loose pages at rear of book. There is a partly written-up account of the experiments onp.6l. Report by Smith on work 1935-36. Programme of work for 1937-38. Work on virus-free potatoes. The material deals with a scheme to encourage a supply of virus-free seed potatoes as a useful food source in wartime, and also to experimental trials to determine the spread of X and Y potato viruses. Includes a detailed account July 1939-January 1942. Includes reports of yields. "Studies on the spread of certain plant viruses in the field’. September 1939-June 1940. of the proposed scheme, February 1940. Correspondence with colleagues, officials, agricultural colleges, growers and farmers re participation in virus-free seed potatoes scheme, supplies of tubers, yields and results in various localities. to F.L. Engledow and were passed on by him, sometimes with annotations. Some of the letters were addressed Draft for paper, published in Ann. appl. Biol., 30, No.4. (Paper not listed in Bibliography of Memoir. ) Mainly reports on various research projects. Miscellaneous reports and papers of Agricultural Research Council Conferences on Potato Diseases, including various reports on the Cambridge experiments. 1943-44. Includes reports on Smith's researches. B.12-B.14 1945. 1947. K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 B.15-B.21 Work on inactivation of plant viruses and insect transmission. Research notes and notebooks This work was carried out in collaboration with D.E. Lea, and later with R. Markham (see Memoir, pp.465-467). Red hard-backed notebook inscribed on cover ‘Rosette Transmission’. is April 1924, and several pages have been cut out; relevant series of experiments is headed 'Aug. 1943. Transmission of Rosette’. The original date inside the front cover the Aphis Loose pages of notes and experiments, some in Smith's hand and some in the hand of D.E. Lea, with an accompanying letter dated September 1943. Material originally enclosed in B.15 above. Further ms. notes by Lea on 'Insect Transmission. for possible expts.', 1944. Notes Ms. notes by Smith "Negative Mottle Transmissions with M. persicae’, list of experiments 1938-44. Extensive ms. account of work on 'Insect transmission of viruses', 99 pp. in the hand of D.E. Lea, 1943. The work is described on p.1 as 'experiment of KMS dis- cussed by KMS, RM [Roy Markham],DEL 30 vii 43'. "Salient Facts in Aphis-transmission of Rosette’, tabulation of experimental results. Draft for paper by Smith and Lea on 'The transmission of plant viruses by aphides', published in Parasitology, 37, 1946. a few ms. corrections probably in the hand of D.E. Lea. Typescript with ms. corrections and diagrams by Lea. ‘Memo. for KMS on lesion counting', 1947, typescript with K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 Research notes and notebooks Folder inscribed 'Virus Yellows Sugar Beet Committee’. Correspondence and papers, 1945-48, on the Virus Yellows Sub-committee of the Sugar Beet Research and Education Committee, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. The Sub-committee was set up in January 1946, Smith being a member from its inception. Includes miscellaneous reports and research papers, and a few ms. notes by Smith. Research reports, 1942-47. Includes published note on work at Plant Virus Research Station, Cambridge, 1942. "Progress report for year ending September 30, 1943'. 'Statement of additions and improvements required’ (for Plant Virus Research Station), 1945. Report on 'Plant Virus Research Station', with a ms. note ‘Sept. 1947". The change of name was Includes: 'Twenty One Years of Plant Virus Research’. Smith describing inauguration of the Unit in April 1948. 4 pp. note by 'The Virus Research Unit of the Agricultural Research Council at Cambridge’, note by S. Frey, C.F. Rivers and Smith. Material relating to the Virus Research Unit of the Agri- cultural Research Council, 1948. adopted when the A.R.C. took over the Station from October 1947, and reflected its greater involvement in insect virus research (see Memoir, p.456). requirements at Unit, November 1948. 'The Importance of Electron Microscopy to the Study of Viruses', 1 by Smith). p. memorandum, July 1948 (unsigned, but "Plant Virus Research Station (now Unit)', 1 main contributions of the Station, 1927-48. p. note of the Copy of letter from Smith to N.M.V. Rothschild on staff K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 Research notes and notebooks Black ring-backed notebook of experiments and results, mainly on filtration of plant viruses, chiefly Nicotiana. Various dates April-August, no year. At rear of book, miscellaneous pages of research notes and ideas, on plant and animal viruses and including reference to electron microscope photographs. Blue ring-backed notebook, inscribed on cover 'Polyhedral Diseases', containing various experiments dated 1947-52. At rear of book, notes for lectures on proteins. Miscellaneous suggestions for work on insect viruses, experiments and queries. 3 separate items. Originally tucked into B.26 above. Research reports, 1951-56: ‘Report June 1953'. "Molteno report 1954. Undated report, 1955. 'Molteno Ann. Rept.' 1956. 'Report to Molteno June '51-June '52'. B.29-B. 33 Miscellaneous. Undated report, refers to work on clothes moths, c.1952. microscopy work from later research. These are retained as samples of Smith's material for publ ica- tions and exhibitions at various periods. Miscellaneous labels and captions for exhibitions, some from Manchester period, others on insect vectors and electron K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 Research notes and notebooks B.30, B.31 Two exercise-books of photographs of plants and insects. B.32 B.33 Envelope of photographs, 'Own Prints', of Datura Virus, etc. on French Beans. Microphotographs of plant and insect viruses, mainly 1952-55, most identified and dated, and inscribed ‘Agricultural Research Council, Cambridge’. K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 SECTION C PUBLICATIONS C.1-C.72 C.1, -C. 13 SBOOKS C.14-C.72 ARTICLES AND REVIEWS Ci1 -Cit3 BOOKS In addition to his technical papers, Smith wrote many textbooks; some of these became standard works which went into several editions and remained in print for several decades. Furthermore, Smith's sustained active interest in virus research during his retirement was matched by continuing authorship, his last book Introduction to Virology, written partly in collaboration, appearing in 1980 when he was eighty- seven. The surviving manuscript material, which does not necessarily document all Smith's books, varies in content from research correspondence and drafts to corres- pondence with publishers. It is presented in chronological order of publication. In aGay +, i3. Cal Plant viruses addition, there are Smith's own scrapbooks of reviews of his publications and activities First published in 1935 (Methuen), this was one of Smith's most successful books, reaching a 6th edition (Chapman & Hall) in 1977, reprinted 1979. original folder which bears a note of the various editions. The correspondence is of incoming letters only and covers the third to the sixth editions. survive, it deadlines and also very thorough in updating his work for successive editions. The material deals with publication arrangements, contracts and royalties, reviews, etc., and includes brief discussion of other works by Smith, Beyond the Microscope, Viruses and Introduction to Virology (qqv.). Though none of Smith's letters is clear that he was very punctual in meeting all The correspondence runs 1960-79 and is contained in Smith's K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 Publications A textbook of plant virus diseases This book was first published in 1937 (Churchill) and had reached its third edition (Longman) in 1972. edition in collaboration with A.A. Brunt was in preparation. A fourth Correspondence, 1936-37, from colleagues sending specimens, photographs, etc. for first edition. B-H Mc-Z Brief correspondence with publisher re book, 1937, is also included here. Correspondence, 1977-81, re third and fourth editions, with publisher (Longman) and co-author A.A. Brunt. The virus: life's enemy First published by C.U.P., 1940, with later reprints and foreign editions. The original title had been 'The virus enemy’. Two original photographs for book. Miscellaneous draft notes for first edition. Ms. draft appendix, c.1946, probably for 1948 reprint. Beyond the microscope, Penguin 1943, revised 1952. Ms. drafts of Chapters book as published, with some change of numbering. IV (part), V, VI, VII (part) of List of contents (some variation from chapters as published) and ms. drafts for Chapters I-IV. Press-cutting of review. Letter from Smith to publisher suggesting amendments to book, 1946 (perhaps for possible reprint). Ms. draft for new material for 1952 revision, list of new figures required. Virus diseases of farm and garden crops, Worcester Press, 1945. K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 Publ ications Virus-insect relationships, Longman, 1976. The title originally proposed by Smith was ' Insect viruses and insect diseases', later changed to 'A textbook of insect virus diseases’ and subsequently (April 1975) to that of the eventual publication. General correspondence from publishers re acceptance of book, agreement and royalties, publication schedule, etc., 1973-78. Introduction to Virology, Chapman & Hall, 1980. General correspondence from publishers and co-author (D.A. Ritchie) who contributed two chapters on molecular biology. Includes initial comments on the viability of the proposed book, one of them by Ritchie. Also included are a few references to the good sales of the 6th edition of Plant Viruses (see C.1) and a possible 7th edition provisionally scheduled for 1981. C.11-C.13 Reviews and press-cuttings. C.nW Spring-back folder of reviews of Advances in Virus Research, ed. K.M. Smith and M.A. Lauffer, Academic Press, 1953. Large bound scrapbook of press-cuttings of reviews of Smith's works, with some ms. lists of journals, etc. by Smith and a few letters of congratulation from colleagues, 1931-80. Black ring-back notebook of press-cuttings of reviews of Smith's books, exhibitions and researches, and including some of his own letters to the press, reviews of work by others, etc., 1921-35. volume. Most of the material is gummed on to the pages, but there are some loose press-cuttings and letters at the end of the K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 C.14 -C.72 ARTICLES AND REVIEWS Publications The material in this sequence is all additional to the technical papers listed in the Bibliography of the Royal Society Memoir (pp.472-477). It is addressed to a wider public, including the farming and gardening communities, drawing attention to new discoveries in the virus field. It is presented as a chronological sequence, in so far as this can be ascertained from the documents or any supporting correspondence. ‘Some virus diseases of plants’. 6 pp. typescript, n.d., ¢.1942-43. "Viruses and insects’. 14 pp. typescript article for Discovery, n.d., ¢.1943. 'Raising "Virus-free” Potatoes’. 4 pp. typescript article for Monthly Science News, n.d., ¢.1943. 'The size of influenza A virus’. Two reviews of F.C. Bawden: 'Plant viruses and virus Letter to Editor, The Times, on virus research, April 1944. Miscellaneous advisory leaflets on plant virus diseases prepared for official use during Second World War. Letter to Editor for publication in The Lancet arising from review of Smith's book Beyond the microscope, with Ip. ms. notes on influenza, 1943. "Plant viruses', 1945). 'Virus diseases of crops’. Typescript article for Jl. R. agric. Soc., July 1944. Report on D.Phil thesis on potato viruses, n.d., ¢.1944. Request for article in Endeavour, July 1944 (published as K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 C95, 006 C.25 Gas 7 C528 [ae 7 C.28 Publications Two articles for The Gardeners' Chronicle, 1945. 'A new virus disease - black ring - of the tomato', April. '‘Dahlias and the problem of virus infection’, June. Two draft articles for Sport and Country, n.d., ¢.1945. 'The invisible enemy', 6 pp. 'What is a virus?', 8 pp. Note for Nature on Nobel Prize-winners for Chemistry, 1946. 'The Plant Virus Research Station', 2 pp. note for Sport and General Press Agency, November 1946. "Nature of virulence in plant viruses’. 3 pp. typescript draft, n.d., c.1946. ‘Turnip yellow mosaic virus'. Typescript and ms. draft, n.d., c.1946. 'The virus diseases of potato and other crops’. 4 pp. typescript, n.d., ¢.1946 (refers to tomato black-ring). 'Virus diseases of potatoes and their importance to the commercial grower’. The article was commissioned and written in 1946 for the first number of the Journal which did not appear until May 1947. 11 pp. draft article for the Journal of the Institute of Corn and Agricultural Merchants, with accompanying corres- pondence. 1947. "Some facts in the relationship between insect and plant viruses’. Brief report by Smith for Fourth International Congress for Microbiology, Copenhagen, 1947 (see E.8). Review of M.A. Lauffer: 'Viruses', Archives of Biochemistry, K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 Publications 'Recent work on the plant viruses’. 3 pp. note for Science Illustrated, not published, with accompanying correspondence, July-October 1947. 'The viruses in laboratory, garden and farm’. 10 pp. typescript article for The Countryman, autumn 1947, with a letter requesting article, May 1947. "Twenty years of plant virus research’. 14 pp. typescript article for 'School of Agriculture Memoir, October 1947'. 'Viruses’ . 8 pp. typescript article for Chambers Encyclopedia, November 1947. 'Virus diseases of the tomato’. 8 pp. typescript article for ‘Jl. of Min. of Ag.' [Agriculture], 1948. See C.47 for another review. Miscellaneous reviews for N.A.A.S. Abstracts, n.d., 1948-49. 'Some important plant virus diseases' . 10 pp. contribution to book, n.d., ¢.1948-49. 2 articles, 6 pp. and'2 pp., for N.A.A.S. Quarterly Review, March 1948. Review of J.P. Doncaster and P.H. Gregory 'The Spread of Virus Diseases in the Potato Crop', for Agriculture, with a little accompanying correspondence, September 1948. See also C.42. Review of Doncaster and Gregory 'The Spread of Virus Diseases in the Potato Crop! for N.A.A.S. Quarterly Review, March 1949. 6 pp. article for N.A.A.S. Quarterly Review, October 1948. 'Virus Diseases’ . 'Virus Diseases’. K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 Publ ications 'A new virus disease of Tropaeolum and other plants’. Note for The Gardeners' Chronicle, May 1949. 'Report by Representatives of the Royal Society at the Vth International Congress, Istanbul, 1949' (May). 4 pp. typescript draft. Miscellaneous short reviews for N.A.A.S. Quarterly Review, September 1949. ‘Virus Diseases of the Sweet Pea’. 5 pp. article for 'Sweet Pea Annual 1949’. 14 pp. typescript draft, with ms. heading ‘Article for Discovery, written November 1949". Miscellaneous short reviews for N.A.A.S,. Quarterly Review, December 1949. ‘Caterpillar Viruses’. 6 pp. typescript, n.d., probably for journal of Amateur Entomologists' Society, ¢.1950. Review of S.E. Luria, 'General Virology', for Science Progress, 1953. Book review, no title or date, discussing 'trends in virus research during the year 1950'. 'A note on the electron microscopy of the turnip yellow mosaic virus’. 4 pp. typescript, latest reference 1951. Review of F.C. Bawden, ‘Plant Viruses and Virus Diseases’, 3rd ed., for Nature, 1950. 6 pp. typescript article for Discovery, May 1954. Miscellaneous shorter reviews for N.A.A.S. Quarterly Review, 1951. Review of Soraver, 'Handbuch der Pflanzenkrankheiten', c.1954. 'Colour breaks in flowers’. K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 Publications "Viruses in the control of clothes moth larvae’. 5 pp. typescript article, n.d., c.1954. "Intracellular inclusions in insect virus diseases' . 14 pp. typescript draft, with references and legends to figures, n.d., latest reference 1954. 'Insect viruses’. 8 pp. typescript draft, with references and legends to figures, n.d., latest reference 1954. ‘Cutting ultra-thin sections for electron microscopy’, for Discovery, July 1955. note "Viruses and cabbage white butterflies’. 3 pp. article for Farmer and Stockbreeder, n.d., but refers to invasion of cabbage white butterflies in 1955. 'The sub-microscopic structure of insect virus particles’. 12 pp. typescript article, n.d., latest reference 1955. 'Viruses and crop protection’. 4 pp. draft article for Chemist and Druggist, January 1956. "Tobacco mosaic virus: chemical or organism? ' 5 pp. draft article, n.d., ¢.1956. 'A possible new method of control for the cabbage white butterflies’. 10 pp. draft article for Times Science Review, October 1956. 9 pp. draft article for New Scientist on control of insect pests by viruses, n.d., 1956 (uses some similar material to C.70). 6 pp. draft article, late 1955 or 1956. 'Viruses and insect pests’. K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 SECTION D LECTURES AND BROADCASTS D.1-D.19 D.1 -D.4 LECTURES AT CAMBRIDGE D.5 -D.14 INVITATION LECTURES AND PAPERS D.15-D.19 BROADCASTS LECTURES AT CAMBRIDGE pps. 17-29 of set of lectures, dated February 1936. Set of four lectures, one dated 1951, and including bibliography updated to 1960. Set of six lectures, n.d., 1950s, and including biblio- graphy updated to 1960. Three lectures for microbiologists, n.d., 1950s. INVITATION LECTURES AND PAPERS 'Viruses and virus diseases’. These were the Masters Memorial Lectures, given in 1948 and published in Jl. R. hort. Soc., 74, 1949. Folder includes two typescript drafts and proof for pub- lished version, all with various ms. alterations. 'What is a virus?' 'The control of plant virus diseases’ . 4 pp. typescript and ms. draft for paper given at 'Cocoa and Choc. Conf.', August 1949. is included. Paper given by Smith at a Symposium on Some Present Problems of Virology, Lausanne, May 1953. 'The problem of latency and cross-infection in the polyhedral virus diseases of insects’. Smith attended as a representative of the Society of General Microbiology, and a 2 pp. report by him on the symposium Paper for unnamed conference. emendations from F.C. Bawden, and a from him, April 1951. Includes miscellaneous letter of comments K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 Lectures and broadcasts Lecture on insect virus diseases, given in Madrid, March 1954. Smith gave a course of seven lectures, but only the Spanish translation of one of them survives. Folder includes notice of complete course, and short report by Smith on his visit. "Morphology of insect viruses’. Short note for paper or conference, headed 'Lausanne May 1955'. ‘Advancing frontiers of virus research’. 9 pp. typescript, and a 'Shortened version for Italy, August 1735', Sop: Nine lectures on plant and insect virus diseases, given at Milan, 1956, under the auspices of The British Council. English and Italian versions of lectures, brief report on visit. Undated lectures (all ms.): 'Roy. Soc. Trop. Med.' "Virus Strains’. BROADCASTS 'Soil transmission’ . 3 pp. slide lecture on viruses. 8 pp. slide lecture on viruses. 11 pp. lecture on ‘Purification’. cast in various B.B.C. overseas programmes, March 1945. 2 pp. draft on swollen-shoot disease in Africa, probably for 'Science Notebook', c.1944. Contribution to 'Science Notebook - Chapter 114', broad- "Insects in relation to disease in our crops’. Typescript and ms. talk dated May 1924. "Potatoes and the X Virus'. K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 Lectures and broadcasts Talk on virus diseases of crops. Typescript draft with ms. note 'B.B.C. Script for Turkey’, WiG:, 6: 1952. 'Cabbage-whites and viruses: a new method of biological control’. Contribution to B.B.C. Home Service 'Science Survey', October 1955. K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 SECTION E CORRESPONDENCE E.1 - E.13 Very little correspondence has survived. It is all related to virus research and is presented as an alphabetical sequence, dated and indexed. E:4 OF Bawden, F.C. Bennett, C. W. 1946 1939, 1946, 1954 Correspondence 1939 is re research carried out by Smith at Riverside, California, during his visit to U.S.A., and encloses record of results. British Museum (Natural History) 1945-47 Correspondence and papers re exhibition of 'The Story of the Viruses', organised by Smith and held at the Museum. Smith's notes for exhibits, and for an 'Introductory talk', perhaps on same occasion. Correspondence with colleagues, technicians, etc. re organisation of exhibition. Ghina, Wi. E. 1927 See D.9 for a later visit. Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas 1946 Invitation to lecture in Spain, which Smith accepted, but later declined. Also included here is a request for an article on the subject for British Science News, 1948. 1947 Invitation to Smith to deliver a paper and to act as Vice-President of the Section on Plant Pathology and Mycology at the Fourth International Congress for Microbiology, Copenhagen, July 1947. Letter and photographs of viruses, and enclosing a letter on mosaic diseases addressed to R.N. Salaman. International Association of Microbiologists 1946-47 1932 1969 Dykstra; 1... F. Granados, R. R. Laing, F. K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 Correspondence MacClement, D. MacClement was a collaborator in Smith's work on tobacco necrosis virus, c. 1935-42. Macleod, D. J. Maramorosch, K. Markham, R. Matsumoto, T. Nixon, H. Noda, H. Reid, .E,.:-C. 1948 1948 1954 1947 1938 1955 1952 1945, n.d. On 'Witches' Broom' disease in potatoes. Royal Society Microbiology Sub-Committee 1944-45 See also D.8. Taylor, G. Society for General Microbiology 1946 The Sub-Committee was set up to consider 'Post War Needs of Microbiology'. was P.G, (later Sir Paul) Fildes. The Chairman Includes Minutes of meetings, draft report and a little correspondence with Fildes. Correspondence with colleagues re Virus Symposium at Leeds, July 1946. 1956 Invitation to contribute to Botany Section of British Association meeting at Dundee. 1947 1981 Thomson, A. D. Unidentified K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ALBAREDA, José E.6 ANDREWES, Sir Christopher (Howard) E.4, Ev12 ARNOTT, Howard J. A.8 BAWDEN, Sir Frederick (Charles) O.c, eins Coe Beme,- Cc, W, BISHOP, Ann BJ@RNEBOE, M. BLOUNT, W. P. BOLD, Harold C. BRIERLEY, Philip BRUNT, Alan A. BUCHWALD, N._ Fabritius BURNET, Sir (Frank) Macfarlane BUTLER, Sir Edwin John CARTER, Walter wie, ba A.8 E.8 E.4 A.8 G2 C.4 8 m ™ m in 10 . ) G P. n i n m n a e M m . m o m o m CHINA, W._ E. DALLING, T. de:GRYSE, J,.* 1. FINDLAY, G. M. DOOLITILE. $..— FILDES, Sir Paul . m o C : m o m e m m DYKSTRA, T. ~ P. DONCASTER, John Priestman DARLINGTON, Cyril Dean FORSTER-COOPER, Sir Clive GRANADOS, Robert R. GRAY, Sir James GLOVER, Ronald GYE, W.. °F: K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 Index of correspondents HADDOW, Sir Alexander HARRIS, Ralph O. KASSANIS, Basil KNIGHT, Bert Cyril James Gabriel LAING, Frederick LAUFFER, Max A. LEA, Douglas E. MAC CLEMENT, W. McCLEAN, A. MACLEOD, D.. P. J, OD. MARAMOROSCH, Karl MARKHAM, Roy Ete ia A.9 Rita 8:6, £.4, E.8 A.9 see B.16-B.21 EJ? Keand E.9 E.? See A.10, A.11, E.10 MATTHEWS, Richard Ellis Ford MATSUMOTO, Takashi A.1] E.10 MIDDLETON, Sir Thomas H. Bee, Bald NIXON, Harold Pala: By) ee REID, Edgar C. A.13, B.10 MUNGOMERY, R. W. oo B.6 A.12 NODA, Haruhiko E19 E.19 Cid PINGREE, Jeanne MUNRO, J. W. RIVERS, Claude F. RITCHIE, Donald A. Bets ST. JOHN-BROOKS, R. THOMSON, Andrew D. SMITH, Marcel Travers SAMUEL, Geoffrey SALMON, E. _ S. SKEAT; We 0a: E.10 +a A.12 E.1Z TAYLOR, George C.3 E.4 A.13 E.13 K.M. Smith CSAC 91/2/83 Index of correspondents VENKATARAYAN, S. V. WATERSTON, James WHITBY, Sir Lionel WILLIAMS, Robley C. WYCKOFF, Ralph Walter Graystone ZAUMAYER, W. J.