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NATIONAL CATALOGUING UNIT FOR THE ARCHIVES OF CONTEMPORARY SCIENTISTS Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Dame Sheila Patricia Violet Sherlock FRS (1918 - 2001) NCUACS catalogue 142/7/05 by Simon Coleman Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Dame Sheila Patricia Violet Sherlock FRS (1918 - 2001) NCUACS catalogue 142/7/05 by Simon Coleman S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Title: Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Dame Sheila Patricia Violet Sherlock FRS (1918-2001), hepatologist Compiled by: Simon Coleman Deposited in: Date of material: 1929-2004 Reference code: GB 1530 D24 Description level: Fonds Extent of material: ca 230 items Royal Free Hospital Archives Centre NCUACS catalogue no. 142/7/05 © National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath. S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists is supported by the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The Institute of Physics The Royal Society The Royal Society of Chemistry Trinity College Cambridge The Wellcome Trust S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE ARCHIVIST ROYAL FREE HOSPITAL ARCHIVES CENTRE THE HOO 17 LYNDHURST GARDENS LONDON NWS 5NU. S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A, BIOGRAPHICAL A.1-A.136 SECTION B, CLINICAL WORK AND RESEARCH B.1-B.10 SECTION C, LECTURES AND SCIENTIFIC MEETINGS C.1-C.25 SECTION D, PUBLICATIONS SECTION E, NON-TEXTUAL MATERIAL INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS D.1-D.17 E.1-E.41 S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received from Dr D. Geraint James, widower, February 2005. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF DAME SHEILA PATRICIA VIOLET SHERLOCK For a comprehensive biography of Sherlock see James S. Dooley, ‘Dame Sheila Sherlock (1918-2001): Life and Work’, Falk Foundation e.V., 2003. Sherlock was born in Dublin on 31 March 1918. Her early childhood was spent in London before the family moved to the Kent coast in 1929. After attending the Folkestone County School for Girls, she won a place to study medicine at Edinburgh University (1936) where her lecturers included Stanley Davidson, Sir John McMichael and Sir James Learmonth. When she graduated in 1941, she came top of her year and became only the second woman to receive the Ettles Scholarship. worked on hepatitis and was able to continue this work at Hammersmith from 1943 to 1947, Beit Memorial Fellowship. Her MD thesis on ’The Liver in Disease: with special reference to aspiration liver biopsy’ (Edinburgh, 1945) was awarded a Gold Medal. In this period she also carried out important work on the effect of malnutrition on the liver. her by Learmonth. Her first publication, jointly with Learmonth, on aneurysm of the splenic initially with funding from the Medical Research Council and, later, through the award of the House Physician to Sir John McMichael at Hammersmith Hospital (Royal Postgraduate Medical School), a move that was to have a profound effect on the course of her career. She artery appeared in the British Journal of Surgery in 1942. Also in that year she was appointed Sherlock remained at Edinburgh to take up the post of Assistant Lecturer in Surgery offered to During these years she also though she was also able to meet a number of American researchers in liver disease. On her Hospital and the next eleven years saw a prolific and diverse output of papers on diseases of the liver. Major studies by Sherlock and her team included those on portal systemic On the award of a Rockefeller Travelling Fellowship, Sherlock spent a year at Yale University School of Medicine (1947-1948). Her research concentrated on carbohydrate metabolism, encephalopathy and portal hypertension. Her book Diseases of the Liver and Biliary System, return she took up the post of Lecturer in Medicine and Consultant Physician at Hammersmith acknowledged as a classic study, was published in 1955. S.P.V. Sherlock 142/7/05 organised the CIBA Symposium (1950), the first international meeting on liver disease, and, with Hans Popper, conceived the idea of founding the International Association for the Study of Liver Disease (IASL). Sherlock was chosen as the IASL’s first President in 1958. In 1959 Sherlock moved to the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, London, as Chair of the Department of Medicine, remaining there until her retirement in 1983. Her Unit quickly gained an international reputation for liver research, attracting specialists from all over the world and making major contributions to hepatology. From 1975 she was heavily involved in the annual ‘Liver Update’ meetings at the hospital which always featured speakers from Europe and the USA alongside those from Sherlock’s team. Sherlock’s professional responsibilities included editor of Gut (1967-1975), President of the International Association for the Study of the Liver (1958-1962), President of the British Society of Gastroenterology (1973), and President of the British Liver Trust (1988-2001). She received a great many honours for her work including Dame Commander of the British Empire (1978); Fellow of the Royal Society (2001); Honorary Fellowships of several international medical colleges; and Honorary Degrees from many universities including Lisbon (1981), Yale (1983), London (1989) and Cambridge (1995). Prizes awarded to her include the Buckston Browne Prize (1953), the Thannhauser Prize (1980) and the Gold Medal of the December 2001. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION school and British Medical Association (1985). In 1951 she was the youngest woman to be elected Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians. The material is presented as shown in the List of Contents. It covers the period 1929-2004. SECTION A, Biographical, presents a very large set of medals, certificates and plaques In 1951 she married D. Geraint James and they had two children. Sheila Sherlock died on 30 photographs and miscellaneous items. reflecting Sherlock’s professional achievements and her international reputation in research. All her major awards are represented and there are plaques commemorating her visits to many foreign medical institutions, sometimes as a visiting lecturer. incomplete series of appointment diaries dates from 1953 to 2001. childhood diary records a visit to Norway in August 1933. university academic certificates etc (including scholarships). There are also A large but An attractively written In addition there are a few liver S.P.V. Sherlock 142/7/05 SECTION B, Clinical work and research, comprises a small but significant group of volumes. Five of Sherlock’s handwritten case books survive: two (1943-1944) dating from her early research post at Hammersmith Hospital; the other three (1950-1959) compiled during her post as Lecturer and Consultant Physician at Hammersmith. The pure research material consists of her MD thesis (1945) in two parts, her essay ‘Jaundice’ which won the Buckston Browne prize in 1953 (both typewritten) and a rough notebook c.1957. SECTION C, Lectures and scientific meetings, presents lecture notes for a number of Sherlock’s lectures from her later years, most given at foreign medical establishments. Included are notes for her Dawson Memorial Lecture, 1999. There is correspondence from her 1955 visit to the USA during which she lectured at a number of medical establishments and meetings. There are also programmes for scientific meetings from 1960, some annotated by Sherlock. SECTION D, Publications, consists of a small number of drafts, chiefly for unidentified books on the liver. There is some brief editorial correspondence and reprints. SECTION E. Non-textual material, comprises slides for lectures only. Simon Coleman There is also a short Index of correspondents. Bath 2005 S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL, A.1-A.136 1929-2004 A.1-A.6 BIOGRAPHICAL AND BIBLIOGRAPHICAL A.7-A.15 EDUCATION A.16-A.85 HONOURS AND AWARDS A.86-A.122 DIARIES A.123 PHOTOGRAPHS A.124-A.136 MISCELLANEOUS BIOGRAPHICAL ITEMS BIOGRAPHICAL AND BIBLIOGRAPHICAL 1978-2004, nd Obituaries. Internet article by Lawrie W. Powell of ‘Festschrift for Dame Sheila Sherlock’, vol.59, Various biographical articles on Sherlock. Article for various publications including The Guardian and The New York Times, by Neil McIntyre Offprint Postgraduate Medical Journal, Supplement (4) 1983. edition, by Sherlock and J. Dooley, Oxford 2002. ‘Diseases of the Liver and Biliary System’, 1978-2004, nd 2 folders. List of publications. Review of 11th S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Biographical EDUCATION 1934-1945 Folkstone County School for Girls 1934-1936 Attended 1930-1936. in Examination Matriculation (University Elementary Mathematics, History (English & European), Geography, Latin, French, Chemistry. the London) School English, General of in Certificate. in Matriculation Examination (University of London) in Mathematics (more advanced); Heat, Light & Sound. General School the Certificate. Certificate in Honours (General in Physics, Chemistry, Pure Higher School Certificate Mathematics, Botany. School School Examination) confirming the examination passes on the certificates in A.7 and A.8. Subjects passed with credit or distinction are indicated. Certificate; programme for school prize day at which Sherlock was awarded the Mr Councillor Saunders’s Prize for Botany and Chemistry and the Upper Vith form prize. July 1941 Waldie Griffith Prize Scholarship. Batchelor of Surgery Degree. University of Edinburgh Letter of notification. 1940-1945 A.11-A.15 A.11 1940 S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Biographical Certificate. Letter from Stanley Davidson congratulating Sherlock on her degree and on being the best student of the year, and best House also offering to recommend her for Physician’s job of available Registration on graduation. certificate EMS’; ‘the the in Ettles Scholarship. July 1941 Awarded to Sherlock as the most distinguished graduate of the year. Certificate. Medal. list Certificate. Mouat Scholarship. Doctor of Medicine degree (awarded with Gold Medal). Printed graduation ceremony. of graduands for University of Edinburgh S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Biographical A.16-A.85 HONOURS AND AWARDS 1943-2001 Membership of the Royal College of Physicians, London. Certificate. Buckston Browne Prize. Medal. Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians, London. Certificate. V and Certificate. Congreso VI Reunion Pan-Americano la Sociedad de Certificate of Registration. Medal inscribed ‘Svenska Lakaresallskapet 1808 1958’. Certificates, Gastroenterologia Cubana de Gastroenterologia, Havana, Cuba, 1956. Krankheiten’. Visiting Professorship of Medicine, University of Kansas, USA, November 1959. Medal inscribed der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur Verdauungs U. Stoffwechsel ‘Siegfried Thannhauser Medaille S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Biographical Medal awarded to Sherlock by the University of Brussels, Belgium. Shield, Tokyo Society of Medical Sciences and Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo. Medal, meeting Gastroenterology. of the Japanese Society of Medal, 8th International Congress of Gastroenterology, Prague, July 1968. Certificate included. Medal, inscribed ‘Sydney University Medical Society’ and ‘Lambie-Dew Orator’. Certificate. Certificate. International Congress of Immunology, Medal, Washington USA. First Appointment as R.D. McKenna Lecturer for 1972 by the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology, Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Society of Physicians and Surgeons, Canada. anniversary. Medal, University of Miami School of Medicine silver S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Biographical Nelson School of Medicine, University of California, Davis, USA. Lectureship October Medical (27-31 1975), Medal. Appointment as Dame Commander of the British Empire. Warrant of Appointment with related papers. A.32/2-A.32/7 Letters of congratulation. Unindexed. 6 folders. Prize, at the XII Liver Leccion gave a lecture ‘the Certificate. Sherlock Disease’ Jimenez-Diaz Conmemorativa Jimenez Diaz, Spain, May 1980. awarded H. Marvin Pollard Visiting Professor in Gastroenterology, University of Michigan, USA, 22, 23 March 1978. Medal, Academy of Sciences of Lisbon, Portugal (bi- centenary). Medal, National University of Mexico. Thannhauser Medal, awarded at Congress of Gastroenterology, Hamburg, 8 June 1980. Letter of notification and reply. Immunology of Programme. International the XI S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Biographical Honorary Doctor of Medicine, University of Lisbon. Certificate. Photographs. Honorary Doctor of Medicine, University of Oslo. Letter of notification; papers re the presentation including programme. 1982-1983 re arrangements; telegram Certificate. Medal. Ruth Gray Lecture Award, Evanston Hospital. Honorary Doctor of Science, Yale University, USA, 23 May 1983. Certificate with copy of citation. of Brief correspondence congratulations; list of graduands; newspaper cuttings; photographs featuring Sherlock taken on the day of the ceremony and on other occasions during the visit. S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Biographical Conferment of the title ‘Emeritus Professor of Medicine’ on Sherlock by the University of London. Letter of notification. Medal comemmorating Sherlock’s Visiting Professorship, University of lowa, 8-10 November 1983. Dinner in honour of Sherlock, Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, London, 8th February 1984. Menu signed by guests. of The Royal Australasian College of Fellowship Physicians. Certificate. Plaque, Hepatic Forum, Portugal, 1984. Medal, Pakistan Association of Pathologists. ‘The School Medal’, School of Medicine, Royal Free Hospital, London. photograph of Sherlock receiving her award. Memorial Lecturer and Visiting Professor, University of Toronto, Canada, 12 March 1985. Fellowship of the Royal Postgraduate Medical School, University of London. Certificate; programme. Order of proceedings for Congregation; certificate; S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Biographical Honorary Doctorate of Science, University of Edinburgh, 19 July 1985. Certificate. Laureation address; photograph of Sherlock and other honorary graduands etc (with list of names of individuals featured); list of graduands. Commendation (‘for outstanding medical field’), City of Los Angeles, USA. contributions to the Certificate. Certificate. Title Medicina, Brazil. Letter of notification. Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. of ‘Honorary Academician’, Academia Mineira de appreciation’. Medal, The Medical College of Pennsylvania, USA. Plaque inscribed ‘MRCP Mock Exam 6-7 Dec. ‘88’ In S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Biographical Visiting Professorship, The Royal Society of Medicine Foundation. Medal. Medal Dominican Republic May 1989’. found with a manuscript note ‘Caballero Honorary Fellowship, England. Certificate. Royal College of Surgeons of Plaque inscribed ‘P.D. Agarwal Memorial Oration...27th November 1989. Bhoruka Public Welfare Trust’. Certificate. Certificate. Honorary Doctorate of Science, University of Dublin. Honorary Doctorate of Medicine, University of Barcelona. for the Study of the Liver, Brighton 1992’. Plaque inscribed ‘To Dame Sheila, Honorary President of J.A.I.L.’s Scientific Meeting....International Association Laureation addresses. S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Biographical Honorary Doctorate in Medicine, University of Valladolid, Spain. Certificate. Honorary fellow, Royal Society of Medicine. Certificate. Programme of ceremony. Honorary Doctorate of Science, The Medical College of Wisconsin. Certificate. Honorary Doctorate of Medicine, University of Padua. Certificate, Speaker of The Royal College of Physicians Medal. Certificate. Honorary Doctorate of Science, University of Toronto, Canada. and Surgeons of Canada, Edmonton, 6-7 May 1998. Honorary Member, Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver. 13th Rotterdam Liver Day. Plaque with brief letter of thanks. S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Biographical Honorary Doctorate of Medicine, University of Oviedo, Spain. Certificate. Printed orations. Honorary Professorship, Universidade Iguacu Brasil. Certificate. A.63-A.67 Election to Fellowship of the Royal Society. April 2001 Unindexed. 3 folders. Certificate. A.64-A.66 Letters of congratulation. elections to Fellowship; programme Included are copies of Sherlock’s replies. Letter to Sherlock notifying her of her candidature for the the next for Admission Ceremony etc. Etrusco’. Plaque inscribed ‘Mater Matuto’; on reverse ‘Anno dell’ Undated honours and awards. A.68-A.76 S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Biographical Plaque inscribed with a quotation about the city of Nice, France. Medal inscribed ‘Festas de S. Joao Porto’. Medal, Medicine. Martin E. Rehfuss Lectureship of Internal Badge, British Medical Association. Inscribed ‘Fellow’. Medal inscribed ‘Hans Eppinger’. Medal, unidentified institution. Medal, University of Padua. Medal, [unidentified institution], Moscow Framed certificate. Correspondence, with curricula vitae and other papers re Sherlock’s Free Hospital. Honorary Member, Medical Society of Sweden. Contents of a file inscribed ‘Med. Unit historical’. career and activities at the Royal A.77-A.85 Outsize and heavy items. 1983-1990, nd 1983 Miscellaneous career papers. 1951-1985, nd A.77 S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Biographical Large Institute, Mexico. plaque, Salvador Zubiran National Nutrition Honorary Doctorate of Medicine, University of Leuven. Framed certificate. Gold Medal of The British Medical Association. Mounted certificate; copy of proceedings of the BMA’s Annual General Meeting, 1985. Gold Medal, Canadian Liver Foundation. Framed certificate. Large plaque. Large plaque. Visiting University Professor, Medical Department College, The of Sammy Davis Jr. National Liver Institute Achievement Award 1987. Distinguished Service Award, American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases. Certificate (mounted) of Commendation for serving as Medicine, Arden Cornell New York Hospital, 19-22 January 1988. on the occasion. Honorary Doctorate of Science, University of London, awarded at the Foundation Day Ceremony, 12 October 1989. Brief correspondence re arrangements; photograph taken S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Biographical Mounted certificate. Stuart Distiguished American College of Gastroenterology. Pharmaceuticals Lecturer of the Large plaque. Medal of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Barcelona. Framed certificate. Honorary member of Medical Society. Mounted certificate. the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Certificate. Certificate. to medicine and_ surgery, Mounted certificate, with programme etc. Honorary Doctorate of (Santiago). Award contributions University of Padua, Italy. for Honorary Doctorate of Medicine, Johannes Gutenberg- Universitat Mainz. by this university (see A.57). Possibly related to the award of an Honorary Doctorate Shield, University of Valladolid, Spain. Medicine, University of Chile S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Biographical A.86-A.122 DIARIES 1929-2001 Diary written in French. Contains very few entries. Small softback notebook (used as a diary), headed on first page ‘Our Cruise to Norway Aug 12th to 23rd 1933’. Small notebook used as a diary in childhood. Very few used pages survive; most have been torn out. A.88-A.122 incomplete An_ appointment diaries. chronological series of Sherlock’s 1953-2001 Some years are represented by more than one diary. 1953 S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Biographical 1978-1979 1979-1980 1980-1981 1982-1983 1983-1984 S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Biographical Part of a 1989 diary has been inserted at the front. 1999 S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Biographical A.123/1 PHOTOGRAPHS 1943-c.1996 Photographs featuring Sherlock, most black and white. Various photographs featuring Sherlock. Many were taken at scientific symposia, functions etc; some are of staff at the Royal Free Hospital (including colleagues such as Barbara Billing), while others are from foreign trips. Sherlock’s husband, D.G. James, and family also appear. 1943-1985, nd A number are annotated on the back. A.124-A.136 c.1931-1999 A.123/2 A.123/3 Hospital buildings and Sherlock is not featured Photographs of [?Royal Free] various unidentified individuals. in any of these. Large rolled up husband at Medical School October 1951’ featured. photograph featuring Sherlock and her a dinner, inscribed on back ‘Postgraduate with names of those MISCELLANEOUS BIOGRAPHICAL ITEMS c.1931-1999 Inside of Sherlock’s and a rough manuscript family tree showing Sherlock’s ancestry back to the early 19th century. On the following two pages is a personal prayer in the hand of the aforementioned ancestor. Book of Common Prayer (published 1808). cover are the signature of an ancestor A.125-A.136 Miscellaneous items. S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Biographical A.125-A.127 Address books. 3 volumes. A.128-A.129 University of Edinburgh. 1938, 21956 A.128 Menu for Faculty of Medicine Third Year Dinner. 1938 With the signatures of a number of individuals. Plan of seating arrangements for the dinner for James Learmonth’s retirement. Sir A few newspaper cuttings. 1936-1965 Royal Free Hospital, 1957-1999 event at the Poster for social A.131-A.135 Five passports. London. S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 SECTION B CLINICAL WORK AND RESEARCH, B.1-B.10 1943-1959 B.1-B.6 CLINICAL WORK B.7-B.10 RESEARCH CLINICAL WORK 1943-1959 Sherlock's case books from the two main periods of her (Royal employment Postgraduate Medical School), 1943-1945 and 1948- 1959. Hammersmith Hospital at The books are in her hand and contain clinical details for individual patients, including diagnosis, history, treatment and dates of admission and discharge. A large amount of intercalated material includes typescript and further manuscript between Sherlock and, occasionally, photographs. correspondence professionals medical clinical notes, other and at Hospital 1943-1952 Case book (softback) 1943. Case book (hardback) 1944. Case books from Sherlock’s Medical Research Council Fellowship (British Postgraduate Medical School), 1943-1944. Hammersmith A small quantity of material could possibly relate to her Beit Memorial Research Fellowship at Hammersmith which began in October 1944. 1950-1959 Case books compiled by Sherlock while working as Lecturer at Hammersmith Hospital 1948- 1959. and (Royal Postgraduate Medical School), Included is some brief later correspondence 1949-1952. Consultant Physician S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Clinical work and research Case book (hard back) 1950. Brief correspondence, 1951, is included. Case book (hard back), 1953. Included is correspondence etc, 1954-1957. Case book (covers missing), 1958-1959. Loose manuscript case notes, possibly from a case book. RESEARCH 1945-c.1957 September 1945 Part I ( ’Vol. I’): chapters 1-15. Part Il (Vol. II’): chapters 16-28. In two bound (hardback) volumes (Parts | ‘The Liver in Disease: with special reference to aspiration liver her submitted Doctorate in Medicine (University of Edinburgh). Sherlock’s biopsy’, thesis for Photographs have been pasted onto the pages. Typescript. and Il). Paginated 1-352. pages and have manuscript legends. ‘Jaundice’, Sherlock’s essay submitted for the Buckston Browne Prize awarded by the Medical Society of London, 1953. Typescript with a few manuscript corrections. (hardback) volume. Paginated 1-247. Photographs and figures etc have been pasted onto the December 1952 In a bound S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Clinical work and research Small untitled softback notebook containing rough notes, in Sherlock’s hand, on clinical or research topics. Some notes may have been made on a foreign trip. The date '19/10/57’ appears on the first page. S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 SECTION C LECTURES AND SCIENTIFIC MEETINGS, C.1-C.25 1955-1998 Arranged chronologically. Visit to the USA and Canada, October - December 1955. The main purpose of Sherlock’s visit was to attend meetings of the Liver Society in Chicago where she gave a paper. She also visited medical centres and gave lectures in various other cities, including Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Boston and Vancouver. Correspondence re arrangements. ‘Women and Contemporary Medicine’, John Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, [78] June 1989. Brief correspondence etc re Sherlock’s preparation of her talk; 4pp manuscript lecture notes. notes headed ‘Liver-lung lecture ‘Wellcome manuscript 4pp Historical Nov 1991. Hepatology at the Royal Free’. headed lecture notes ‘Fatty Liver’, contents of a file so inscribed. 2pp manuscript lecture notes headed ‘Padua 18/5/92’. manuscript 6pp interface. Hong Kong 3/9/91’. Fatty Liver’. abstract; 8pp typescript lecture headings; photocopy of a [?chapter from a book], by Sherlock, entitled ‘The Clinician Looks at The lecture with the above title appears to have been given at the University of Miami, USA, on 25 March 1993. manuscript lecture notes; typescript S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Lectures and scientific meetings ‘Wisconsin May 20 1995’, contents of a file so inscribed. 10pp manuscript lecture notes; incomplete 5pp typescript draft of the lecture; 4pp typescript draft of a review by Sherlock of the book To the Ends of the Earth by Thomas Neville Bonner, Cambridge 1992 (apparently used by her in preparation for the lecture). ‘Hepatology; the Birth of a Discipline’. 4pp manuscript lecture notes headed as above, also headed ‘Santiago 13/11/95’; 20pp typescript draft also entitled as above; manuscript list of slides. ‘2pp manuscript lecture notes headed ‘Padua 2/2/1996 MD’. See A.59 for Honorary Degree Medal. ‘Liver Diseases Updated’ lecture notes headed ‘University of Lecture meeting, Royal Free Hospital. annual given at 2pp manuscript lecture headed ‘Women in Medicine: Padua 3/2/1996’. manuscript 5pp Toronto Convocation June 21st 1996’. 2pp manuscript lecture notes headed ‘Update 6/7/96 Spectrum of chronic hepatitis’. visit 25/2/97 the hepatitis alphabet’. 3pp manuscript lecture notes headed ‘Miami 16/1/9[?6] Liver Transplantation’. 4pp manuscript lecture notes headed ‘Miami Japanese See A.60 for Honorary Degree certificate. S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Lectures and scientific meetings 5pp manuscript lecture notes headed ‘St Thomas Ten topics in [?]. Lessons from the liver 2/7/98’. 3pp manuscript lecture notes headed ‘Naples Oct 3rd 1998 Milestones in hepatology’. Speech at N. MclIntyre’s retirement. manuscript lecture RFH’; 3/9/99 4pp meeting arrangements. notes headed ‘N. brief correspondence Mclntyres re 4pp manuscript lecture notes headed ‘Dawson Memorial Lecture Barts 18/10/99’. 4pp manuscript lecture notes headed ‘Hepatology in the millennium. North Shore 7/1/2000 Sinai 14/1/2000’; 3pp typescript outline. entitled ‘ “The Liver in the C.21-C.22 Miscellaneous lecture material. 3pp typescript Millenium” January 12 2000’. abstract Included are manuscript lecture notes, typescript data etc, figures, photographs. 14pp typescript draft of a lecture [?version for publication] entitled ‘Biotechnologies and Liver Diseases’. 1960-1998 Programmes for various Sherlock entitled ‘International Updates on Hospital, London. scientific meetings in which meetings later Royal Free Liver Disease’, Updated’, ‘Liver Disease [or 'Diseases'] participated, C.23-C.25 2 folders. chiefly the Annual S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Lectures and scientific meetings ee Some of the programmes are annotated in Sherlock's hand or contain intercalated notes in her hand. 3 folders. S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 SECTION D PUBLICATIONS, D.1-D.17 1942-1997, nd 1983, nd ‘Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy’, Gut vol.24, April 1983. 14pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions. ‘Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, Autoimmune Cholangitis’. Contents of a file inscribed ‘Chapter for Dr N. Gitlin’. of Part references. a typescript draft, with pages of manuscript 55pp typescript so entitled. Contents of 2 files inscribed ‘Drugs book’. ‘Viruses and Hepatocellular Carcinoma’. D.7 brief correspondence, 1979-1994, Various typescript drafts, most incomplete, for parts of an unidentified book. Included are pages of manuscript notes and references. At are and photographs. and photographs. Various incomplete typescript drafts of an unidentified book. Included at D.9 are photographs. 18pp typescript so entitled, with manuscript notes, figures Contents of a file inscribed ‘Granulomas book’. 4 folders. 2 folders. S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Publications of Correspondence etc Scientific in compiling The 1000 Contemporary Scientists Most-Cited 1965-1978’. of Sherlock with her Institute assistance Information (USA) the re Twenty most significant publications’. Numbered reprints found (tied together) with a typescript list of them entitled as above. Bound (hardback) volume of reprints. 1942-1952 Bound (hardback) volume of reprints. 1953-1962 ‘Collected reprints 1962-’74’, contents of inscribed. a box file so 1 box. 2 boxes. Reprints. D.16-D.17 1953-1997 S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 SECTION E NON TEXTUAL MATERIAL, E.1-E.41 Sets of slides for lectures. Labels on particular sets are given below. Some are unlabelled. *Rheumatism’. ‘HAV HEV’. *Millenium 2000’. ‘History’. ‘Portal hypertension’. ’ ’Haemochromotosis’. "Tumours’. S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Non-textual material ’Cirrhosis’. ‘Alcoholic Liver Disease’. ‘Alcohol’. ‘Tips ascites’. ‘Jaundice’. 2 folders. Liver biopsy’. E.18-E.19 ‘Drug’. ‘Jaundice lecture’. ‘Liver lung Granulomar’. ’Microvesicular fat’. S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 Non-textual material Liver lung’. ’Milestones’. ‘Transplant’. ‘Liver disease in childhood’. ‘Clinical pictures’. ‘Cholestasis general’. ‘Primary biliary cirrhosis’. 10 folders. [?Chromchep]’. E.32-E.41 Untitled sets. S.P.V. Sherlock NCUACS 142/7/05 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS BUTT, Hugh R. CARTER, Kenneth COHEN, Sol M. DAVIDSON, Charles S. DAVIES, Sir Daniel Thomas DONIACH, Deborah GILBERT, J. Alan L. HANGER, Franklin M. HILDES, Jack INGELFINGER, Franz J. SCHIFF, Leon STERLING, Kenneth STOKES, Wilfred VOLWILER, Wade POPPER, Hans REYNOLDS, Telfer B. McMICHAEL, Sir John WHITE, Laurie P. WALKER, Robert Milnes