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NATIONAL CATALOGUING UNIT FOR THE ARCHIVES OF CONTEMPORARY SCIENTISTS Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Sir Peter Markham Scott FRS (1909 - 1989) VOLUME | General introduction Sections A and B NCUACS catalogue no. 87/8/99 by Simon Coleman, Alan Hayward, Adrian Nardone and Timothy E. Powell P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Title: Compiled by: Description level: Fonds Deposited in: Cambridge University Library Date of material: 1916-1993 Reference code: GB 0012 Extent of material: ca 7800 items Simon Coleman, Alan Hayward, Adrian Nardone and Timothy E. Powell Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Sir Peter Markham Scott FRS NCUACS catalogue no. 87/8/99 © National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists and the production of this catalogue are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The British Crystallographic Association The Geological Society The Institute of Physics The Royal Society Trinity College Cambridge The Higher Education Funding Council for England The Wellcome Trust P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE {OR THE KEEPER OF MANUSCRIPTS AND UNIVERSITY ARCHIVES CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY WEST ROAD CAMBRIDGE CB3 9DR P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.1-A.747 SECTION B WORLD WAR TWO B.1-B.201 SECTION C NATURE CONSERVATION AND C.1-C.1347 RESEARCH SECTION D TRAVEL D.1-D.862 SECTION E PUBLICATIONS E:1-E.349 SECTION F RADIO AND TELEVISION EaeReZo SECTION G LECTURES, SPEECHES AND G.1-G.151 H.1-H.262 J.1-J.443 K.1-K.104 L.1-L.154 ADDRESSES SECTION H SECTION J PAINTING SECTION L GLIDING SECTION K YACHTING SECTION M CORRESPONDENCE SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS M.1-M.2949 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received from Lady Scott, widow, in several consignments during the summer and autumn of 1995. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF SIR PETER MARKHAM SCOTT Scott was born in London on 14 September 1909, the son of the famous Antarctic explorer, Captain Robert Falcon Scott. He was two years old when his father died with his companions on their return journey from the South Pole in 1912. His mother Kathleen (née Bruce; later Lady Kennet), a sculptor, was re-married in 1922, to Edward Hilton Young (later Lord Kennet of the Dene). Scott attended Oundle School near Peterborough before entering Trinity College Cambridge in 1927 to read Natural Sciences. In his third year he changed direction entirely, opting to study the History of Art and Architecture. He left Cambridge in 1930 with an Ordinary BA Degree in History of Art and remained there for two years. became an enthusiastic wildfowler in the Norfolk estuaries and marshes. He found that his formal study of Natural Sciences. His fascination with wetlands and their wildfowl endured for the Botany and enrolled at the State Academy of Arts in Munich. On returning from Germany in July paintings. During these years he rented East Lighthouse at the mouth of the River Nene in order to At Cambridge Scott spent a considerable part of his time painting, usually wildfowl studies, and also rest of his life, profoundly influencing his painting and, later, much of his work as a conservationist. 1931 he gained a place at the Royal Academy School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture and imagination was stimulated by observing living birds in their wetland environment, rather than by the From 1933 to 1940 Arthur Ackermann & Son held highly successful annual exhibitions of Scott's the Fens with his own illustrations, was published by Country Life in 1935. paint and collect wildfowl. His first book, Morning Flight, an account of his years in East Anglia and P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 In World War Two Scott served in the Royal Navy, at first seeing action in the Battle of France and the Battle of the Atlantic, 1940-1942. He later reached the rank of Lieutenant-Commander in the Steam Gunboat Flotilla of the Coastal Forces and took part in some notable engagements in the English Channel. Three times mentioned in dispatches, he received an MBE in 1942 and a DSC in 1943. Immediately after resigning from the Royal Navy he stood as a Conservative and National Candidate in the 1945 General Election, narrowly failing to win the Wembley North seat. In 1946 Scott founded the Severn Wildfowl Trust (now the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust) at Slimbidge, Gloucestershire, to develop his earlier idea of forming a single collection of all the world’s species of ducks, geese and swans — the Anatidae family. A non-profit making organisation, its aims were the conservation and public display of wildfowl and scientific research on species and wetland habitats. The Trust's work in the catching and ringing of wild geese, for which Scott pioneered the ‘rocket-netting’ technique, enabled extensive studies of their populations and migrations to be made. In the early 1950s the Hawaiian Goose or ‘Ne-ne’, a species very near to extinction, was successfully bred at Slimbridge and re-introduced into the Hawaiian islands. In the following two decades the Trust expanded its operations, opening five new centres and refuges at various locations in the UK. Scott understood that the conservation of wildlife and the natural environment needed to be viewed in an international context, if significant advances were to be achieved. A co-founder of the World same time establishing himself as a prominent communicator for the cause of world conservation. In numerous speeches he emphasised the dangers inherent not only to wildlife but to man himself in various capacities, a great number organisations covering a broad range of conservation interests. and Director of the Loch Ness Phenomena Investigation Bureau Ltd, 1961-1977. Wildlife Fund (WWF; now the World Wide Fund for Nature), he served as its first Chairman (1961- 1982) and as Chairman of the WWF British National Appeal. As Chairman of the Survival Services Commission of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), 1962-1981, he invented the Red Data Books for documenting endangered species of flora the continued destruction and pollution of the biosphere. Outside the WWF and IUCN he served, in and fauna. Scott was heavily involved in the WWF’s fundraising projects and campaigns, at the Among the offices he held were President of the Fauna and Flora Preservation Society, 1981-1989, and its breeding grounds (1949). expeditions included a search for the Redbreasted Goose along the shores of the Caspian Sea His numerous interests and commitments in the fields of conservation and ornithology necessitated a great deal of travel overseas. He visited the Antarctic on five occasions, and his ornithological (1938) and an exploration of the Perry River region of the Canadian Arctic to study Ross’s Goose P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 In the 1940s Scott became a well-known broadcaster, regularly appearing on the BBC radio programme Nature Parliament on Children’s Hour. He was instrumental in the development of the BBC’s Natural History Unit at Bristol, presenting the television programme Look from 1955 to 1970. In 1971 he began presenting commentaries for Anglia Television’s natural history series, Survival, and became a Director of Survival Anglia Ltd. Scott published eighteen books and illustrated twenty others. His best known books include Morning Flight (see above), Wild Chorus (1938), The Battle of the Narrow Seas (1945), The Eye of the Wind (autobiography, 1961) and Travel Diaries of a Naturalist (three volumes, 1983-1987). In addition to his work as artist, conservationist and broadcaster he held offices in various other organisations, most notably the Chancellorship of the University of Birmingham, 1974-1983. His other main interests were yachting and gliding. He won a bronze medal for single-handed sailing at the Olympic Games in Kiel in 1936, won the Prince of Wales Cup in 1937 and 1938, and competed unsuccessfully for the America’s Cup in 1964. In 1963 he won the National Open Gliding Championship. In 1942 Scott married Elizabeth Jane Howard, the future novelist, from whom he was later divorced. In 1951 he married Philippa Talbot Ponsonby (later Lady Scott; referred to in the catalogue as elected a Fellow of the Royal Society under Statute 12. Scott died in August 1989. many honours and awards for his conservation work. He was awarded the CBE in 1953 and was Philippa Scott) who is now Honorary Director of the Wildfowl Trust. During his lifetime he received knighted in 1973, the first person to receive this honour for services to conservation. In 1987 he was For a full account of Scott’s life see Peter Scott, Painter and Naturalist, by Elspeth Huxley (London, 1993). P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The papers in the collection cover the period 1916-1993. They are arranged in twelve sections. Section A, Biographical, is extensive. There is a considerable volume of material covering the earlier part of Scott’s life (pre-1940) including his schooldays, his periods studying at Cambridge and at Munich, and his years at East Lighthouse, 1933-1940. Some of this material was assembled by Elspeth Huxley for her biography of Scott and includes reminiscences sent to her by his contemporaries. A record of Scott’s wildfowling excursions is provided by his ‘wildfowling diaries’, dating from his Cambridge years, and by other material. There is personal correspondence with a variety of friends and colleagues, dating from most periods of his life, and a large body of family correspondence and papers which relates to several individuals, in particular his mother Kathleen. In addition there are papers documenting his brief involvement in politics immediately after World War Two; many articles, including interviews, obituaries and tributes; papers relating to honours and awards; and engagement diaries. Section B, World War Two, principally consists of material documenting Scott’s war service in the Royal Navy, from his initial appointment to HMS Broke to his commands in the Steam Gunboat Flotilla of the Coastal Forces, and papers relating to his writings on the war, mostly to The Battle of There are also sketches. Gerald Durrell. reflect his associations with a great diversity of Included here is_ significant the Narrow Seas (1945). organisations, Campaigns and ‘Other Organisations and Topics’) which issues, arranged alphabetically. Included in the war service papers is material relating to Scott’s work on Phenomena Investigation Bureau Ltd and includes drafts of his articles on the evidence for the officers and correspondence and papers concerning fundraising, in particular Scott’s visits to Saudi camouflage design, to his interviews with a captured German naval officer, and photographs and Section C, Nature conservation and research, chiefly comprises administrative papers of the Wildfowl Trust, covering the Trust’s operations during Scott's life, and a large sequence of papers (named Arabia in the mid-1970s. A large group of papers relates to Scott’s involvement in the Loch Ness documentation of his work for the World Wildlife Fund, mostly correspondence with prominent WWF was launched soon after his death. Concluding the section is material relating to the Peter Scott Memorial Fund for Conservation which correspondence and papers covering the Hawaiian Goose breeding project, his early years as sequence is correspondence with prominent naturalists such as Richard Fitter, Gavin Maxwell and Chairman of the Survival Services Commission of IUCN, and his involvement in the International Small groups of papers document Scott’s research on chameleons and reef fish. existence of the ‘Loch Ness Monster’ and the associated scientific nomenclature. Also found in the ‘Other Organisations and Topics’ Waterfowl and Wetlands Research Bureau. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Section D, Travel, principally comprises correspondence and papers covering Scott’s extensive foreign travel (some UK travel is included) from 1945 to 1989. Included are manuscript speech notes, conference papers, reports and photographs. There is also a group of correspondence concerning Scott's association with Lindblad Travel Inc. and a series of itineraries, most of which are annotated. Section E, Publications, presents a chronological series of drafts of various books (some co- authored) and articles by Scott and of his forewords and contributions to other publications. The principal subjects covered are ornithology and conservation, including the Wildfowl Trust; also included are articles on gliding, contributions to publications about his father, Captain Robert Falcon Scott, and unidentified drafts. Among the earlier drafts are those of the unpublished account of his expedition to the Caspian Sea in 1938 and of large parts of the books Wild Chorus (Country Life, 1938) and A Thousand Geese (Collins, 1953). Some of his original artwork for Lemuel by Edith R. Gregorson (1947) also survives. There are also significant correspondence and papers relating to his autobiography The Eye of the Wind (Hodder & Stoughton) 1961, Fishwatchers Guide to West Atlantic Coral Reefs, 1972 (by Charles C.G. Chaplin, illustrated by Scott), and to Travel Diaries of a Naturalist (Collins) 1983-1987. Also in this section is editorial correspondence, arranged by publisher or publication, and off-prints and re-prints. including Scott’s The Anglia material is much smaller, Included are lectures and Broadcasting Work, the latter being slight. functions and academic institutions. Some of these highlight Scott’s prominent role in the The BBC material covers the period 1939-1989 and commentary for the wedding of Princess Elizabeth in 1947. Birds in Britain, the television series Look and miscellaneous broadcasts, conferences and gatherings, 1948-1989, and related correspondence. principally being correspondence and Survival Anglia Ltd Board of Directors papers. Section G, Lectures, speeches and addresses, comprises drafts of speeches given at a variety of contracts and payments. Among the scripts are some from the radio series, Nature Parliament and speeches given at conferences on environmental issues, World Wildlife Fund and Wildfowl Trust consists of draft scripts and outlines for programmes, correspondence, and papers relating to Section F, Radio and television, is organised in three sub-sections: BBC, Anglia Television and Other including letters of congratulation. Section H, Societies and organisations, illustrates the diversity of Scott's commitments outside his in a few of some sixty organisations in which he held an official position or was otherwise associated. main activities and interests. However, it only provides significant documentation of his involvement Most of this covers general university business, though there is material relating to his election, By far the largest group of papers relates to his period as Chancellor of the University of Birmingham. communication of conservation issues to a wider audience. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Section J, Painting, reflects Scott’s vast output of paintings and drawings over a period of some six decades and covers most aspects of the marketing of his works and associated reproductions. The bulk of the papers are organised in three sub-sections: Exhibitions and Sales, Commissions, and Reproductions. Significant groups of papers relate to Arthur Ackermann & Son Ltd, The Society of Wildlife Artists, Falcon Arts Inc. (Scott’s agents in the USA) and the ‘Peter Scott at 80 - a Retrospective’ exhibition (1989-1990). Section K, Yachting, includes material relating to Scott’s participation in the 1936 Olympic Games at Kiel and his unsuccessful challenge for the America’s Cup in 1964. Also of interest are papers concerning his Presidency of the International Yacht Racing Association, 1959-1969. Section L, Gliding, includes papers documenting Scott's involvement with the British Gliding Association, 1956-1981, drafts of articles and papers relating to broadcasts. Section M, Correspondence, is exceptional in extent and spans the period 1945 to 1989. It reflects Scott's broad range of activities and interests; the subjects covered include painting commissions, the Wildfowl Trust, the World Wildlife Fund, publications and general ornithological and conservation matters. A number of scientists, including Nikolaas Tinbergen, Konrad Lorenz, Julian Huxley and W.H. Thorpe, are represented and there is significant correspondence from the general public, much of it expressing appreciation of Scott’s work at the Wildfowl Trust and of his paintings, broadcasts Gloucestershire. Headquarters, Gland, Switzerland. and books. There is also an index of correspondents. LOCATIONS OF OTHER MATERIAL The archives of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust are held at the Trust's headquarters, Slimbridge, Most of Scott’s correspondence relating to his work for the World Wide Fund for Nature are held at its are held at the IUCN headquarters, Gland, Switzerland. The archives of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We are very grateful to Lady Scott for making the papers available and for advice given. Alan Hayward Simon Coleman BATH 1999 P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.1-A.747 Much of the material in this section was used by Elspeth Huxley in her biography of Scott, Peter Scott. Painter and Naturalist, published by Faber & Faber (London, 1993). Papers she set aside specifically for the biography are at A.97-A.261, but as she also went through other material the arrangement of this section often follows her organisation. Related material may therefore be found in a number of locations. Cross-references have been provided where possible. The papers are arranged as follows: A.1-A.22 OBITUARIES AND TRIBUTES A.23-A.96 ACCOUNTS AND INTERVIEWS A.97-A.261 BIOGRAPHY BY ELSPETH HUXLEY A.262-A.289 CHILDHOOD AND SCHOOLDAYS A.397-A.531 FAMILY PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE A.290-A.377 HONOURS AND AWARDS DEATH AND MEMORIAL SERVICE ENGAGEMENT DIARIES AND ITINERARIES PRESS-CUTTINGS A.621-A.630 WILDFOWLING A.674-A.676 FINANCIAL A.654-A.673 HOME AND HOUSEHOLD A.631-A.653 POLITICS A.378-A.396 A.532-A.588 A.589-A.620 A.677-A.699 P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.700-A.710 PHOTOGRAPHS A.711-A.747 MISCELLANEOUS MATERIAL P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical OBITUARIES AND TRIBUTES 1989-1990 See also A.104. A.1-A.9 National and overseas newspapers A.10-A.13 Wildlife, conservation and other magazines A.14-A.20 UK provincial and local newspapers A.21, A.22 Miscellaneous National and overseas newspapers The Times, 31 August, 12 September, 18 September 1989. The Daily Telegraph, 31 August 1989. 6, 27 Financial Times, 31 August 1989. Morning Star, 31 August 1989. Daily Mail, 31 August 1989. The Guardian, 31 August (Keith Shackleton), 2 September 1989. The Independent, 31 August (David Bellamy and Richard Fitter); 4, September 1989. The Daily Star, 31 August 1989. Daily Express, 31 August 1989. Daily Mirror, 31 August 1989. The Sun, 31 August 1989. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical The Observer, 3 September 1989 (Gerald Durrell). Sunday Telegraph, 3 September 1989. Sunday Times, 3 September 1989. Overseas newspapers A.10-A.13 Wildlife, conservation and other magazines 1989, 1990 A.10 World Wide Fund for Nature magazines: WWF News 61, September/October 1989 (Charles de Haes). WWF News (UK) October 1989 (Sir David Attenborough, Guy Mountfort, Sir Arthur Norman). BBC Wildlife, October 1989 (Sir David Attenborough). ‘The New Road’ 10, July-September 1989. International Zoo News 36/5, September/October 1989 (John Aspinall). World Birdwatch 11, October-December 1989. Birds, Winter 1989 (lan Prestt). Animal Kingdom, November/December 1989. IUCN Bulletin 20. Panda, November 1989. (In Dutch). Scott was interviewed for Panda shortly before his death (see A.81, A.82). British Trust for Ornithology ‘News’, November/December 1989 (Christopher Lever). Trofeo 21, March 1990 (Javier Hidalgo). (In Spanish). Nature. Bulletin of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature, 46/47, July/December 1989. (In part in Greek). Ressources et Espaces Naturels 4, October-December 1989 (Martin W. Holdgate). (In French). P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Amateur Gardening, 14 October 1989 (Alan Titchmarsh). Skating News, October 1989 (Dennis L. Bird). Schooner News 9, Spring 1990 (Sir David Attenborough). A.14-A.20 UK provincial and local newspapers In alphabetical order. The material includes cuttings relating to posthumous television programmes about Scott at Cheltenham Art Gallery planned to coincide with his eightieth birthday (see J.198-J.213 for correspondence and papers re this exhibition). (see A.86-A.88) and exhibition paintings to an of his Bac: 6pp typescript list of ‘Media coverage on the death of Sir Peter Scott’. Miscellaneous tributes. Miscellaneous P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.23-A.96 ACCOUNTS AND INTERVIEWS 1955-1989 A.23-A.31 Curricula vitae and resumés A.32, A.33 Biographical directories A.34-A.92 Interviews and articles A.93-A.96 Shorter autobiographical pieces A.23-A.31 Curricula vitae and resumés ca 1967-1989 A.23-A.26 Curricula vitae. A.23 ca 1967, ca 1973, 1975. 1981, March 1984, November 1984. A.27-A.31 Resumés. A.27 ca 1967, 1979. List of presidencies, trusteeships etc held by Scott, n.d. 1987, ca 1987-1988. May 1981, June 1981 (‘As supplied to Lindblad’). 1983, 1985 (‘for Swedish Match’), 1986. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical June 1988 (‘for the Batsford Park Rhino Ball’), June 1988 (‘World Congress of Herpetology’), 1989. Biographical directories 1973-1989 Includes manuscript corrections for new editions. Who’s Who 1973, 1982, 1984, 1988, 1989. International Who’s Who 1985-86, 1988-89; Directory of Bird Artists 1982. A.34-A.92 Interviews and articles 1955-1990 A.34 TV Mirror, 20 August 1955. Copy of article. arrangements 2pp typescript draft. Wildlife Crisis, ca 1970. Correspondence re transcript of interview. Interview with PC Peter Scott for West Yorkshire Constabulary newsletter, 1971. manuscript corrections. Brief correspondence re arrangements, January 1972. Interview with Conservation News, January 1976. Interview broadcast [?March] 1972. Belgian on Letter of thanks, 12 January 1976; typescript transcript with extensive Radio’s Third 17 February Programme, March-April 1971; 9pp_ typescript 1972; P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical HTV West television profile of Scott, filmed 13-16 June 1978. Correspondence re arrangements, March - April 1978. Lindblad Explorer magazine, by Nigel Sitwell, June 1982. 10pp photocopied typescript with manuscript corrections; copy of article. Christian Science Monitor, 8 September 1983 and 3 October 1983. Photocopy of October. article, 8 September; copy of article (shorter version), 3 Straits Times, 4 May 1984. Copy of article. Script for video made in 1984. Photocopy of article. Sunday Express Magazine, 12 May 1985. Daily Telegraph, 8 September 1984. Photocopy of article. Mail on Sunday, 27 January 1985. Photocopy of article. The script begins ‘When you see this I'll be dead’. (See also A.98). Copy of article. Sunday Express Magazine, April 1985. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Sunday Times, 30 June 1985. Photocopy of article by B. Jackman. Harpers & Queen, June 1985. Copy of article. Excellence (Sun Hotels International), 1985. Copy of article. Unidentified, ca 1985. Photocopy of article. Sunday Telegraph Magazine, ca 1986. Photocopy of article by G. Wansell. A.52-A.59 Broadcast on 27 August 1986 on all the Independent Television stations. Jersey Evening News, 21 April 1986. Copy of article (torn). ‘Interest the boy in Nature’, Central Television ‘Viewpoint 86’ documentary on Scott. 1986, 1987. Correspondence with Central Television staff re arrangements and matters arising, 1985-1987. 1985. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Filming schedule. The film was shot on 12-14 August 1985. Transmission script, 47pp typescript. ‘Sir Peter Scott. Communicator and Conservationist’. Printed brochure accompanying the series. Press-release; Scott’s list of names and addresses of those to be notified of the programme. Central Television file programme and photocopies of press-coverage, forwarded to Scott. of correspondence expressing appreciation of the Not indexed. includes photocopy of preview of Also City Limits magazine in which Scott is described as the son of the ‘Arctic explorer Sir Walter Scott’. the programme in of Scott's collection of wildlife films (not all produced by him). Copy of listing of Scott’s ‘library film’, made by David Leighton, Film Editor of Central Television. In the course of making the television programme Central Television made a list The programme included clips from Scott's own wildlife films. Copy of article. Animal Welfare Institute Quarterly, Fall/Winter 1986/1987. BBC Wildlife, November 1986. Copy of article. Queste 11, 1986. Copy of article. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Royle Publications, 1987. Copy of article. Western Daily Press, 6 January 1987. Copy of article. Out of Town, January 1987. Copy of article. Sunday Times Magazine, 22 February 1987. Photocopy of article. Sports Afield, September 1987. Copy of article. Daily Telegraph, 21 November 1987. Photocopy of article. BBC Wildlife 6, January 1988. Copy of photograph of Scott as a boy. Gloucestershire. The County Magazine, January 1988. May 1988. Copy of article (in Italian) and typescript English translation; letter arising, Copy of article. Airone 81, January 1988. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Interview for BBC Radio Bristol, ca January 1988. Notes re arrangements, including Scott’s choice of records. Country Homes and Interiors, February 1988. Copy of article. Thai newspaper, March 1988 3pp typescript draft. Das Tier, March 1988. Copy of article. Saga Magazine, June 1988. Copy of article. Photocopy of article. Telegraph Weekend Magazine, 18 February 1989. Copy of article. Shooting Times & Country Magazine, 1-7 September 1988. received in response to Scott’s views on hunting. Copy of article; copies of Letters to the editor of Australian Geographic Guardian, 2 March 1989. Copy of article. Australian Geographic 13, January-March 1989. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Wildlife Art News, March/April 1989. Copy of article with attached letter, 26 September 1988. Christian Science Monitor, 20 April 1989. 2 slightly different copies of article; notes re arrangements. Bird Watching, April 1989. Typescript draft with manuscript corrections; photocopy of article. Country Living, April 1989. Copy of article. Birds Magazine, Spring 1989. Copy of article. Washington Post, 5 May 1989. Copy of article. A.81, A.82 Interview with A. Kroesen for Panda magazine, 27 July 1989. D. Vas Nunes, Director of WWF Nederland, and Mrs T. This was not published before Scott’s death and was the basis for the tribute in Panda published in November 1989 (see A.10). Photocopy of article. Brief correspondence from Vas Nunes, August; 12pp typescript transcript of interview. 4pp typescript draft entitled ‘In the Limelight’, dated 27 August 1989. The Times, 31 July 1989. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical BBC Wildlife, September 1989. Copy of article. Wildfowl and Wetlands 101, September 1989. Copy of article. Bird Watchers’ Digest 12, September/October 1989. Copy of article. Country Times and Landscape, October 1989. Copy of article; supplement re Scott’s artistic achievement. A.86-A.88 ‘Nature’s Champion’, BBC Television documentary in honour of Scott’s eightieth birthday. died before it was broadcast and it was therefore shown as a Scott posthumous tribute to him. TV Times, September 1989. Extracts from Radio Times, 9-15 September 1989. Includes profile of Scott and details of broadcast of ‘Nature’s Champion’. 23pp draft of ‘First treatment’ of running order, annotated ‘Working document only’, with 1p ‘Sequence list’. Correspondence with BBC Natural History Unit and notes re arrangements, 1988-1989. Copy of article. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.90-A.92 Sir Peter Scott at 80: A Retrospective (Alan Sutton, Gloucester, 1989). This was published to coincide with Cheltenham Art Gallery. and friends from different periods and interests in his life. work at It included reminiscences of Scott from colleagues exhibition Scott's an of See J.198-J.213 for correspondence and papers re the exhibition. Correspondence with Alan Sutton, publishers, re arrangements, 1989. A.91, A.91A Photocopied drafts of contributions. A.91 Preface by Scott, 1p typescript; Scott’s manuscript answers to ‘Interview questions for 80th birthday exhibition and book’; 22pp typescript biographical outline of Scott by Jon Benington. Contributions from K. Shackleton (Scott’s painting), 7pp typescript; C. Dreyer (wartime), 4pp typescript; M. Garside (gliding), 2pp typescript; D. Hawkins (broadcasting), 2pp manuscript. (wildfowling typescript; yachting), Winter 5pp and J. A.93-A.96 1961-1989, n.d. Press-coverage. Short autobiographical pieces These are one page summaries of personal philosophy, responses to biographical questions etc. ‘A voice crying in the wilderness’, Scott's Conservation Creed, first written 1961. 1965. ‘The Four Pillars of Wildlife Conservation’, October 1963. his painting ‘The natural world of Man’, Copy of original, later recapitulation. Scott’s account of the meaning of P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical ‘Wildfowl and Wetlands’, 8 May 1984. Typescript outline notes for ‘BBC Interview: Friday 22 March 1985’ on the Martin Mere reserve. Annotated ‘Lady Scott’. Scott’s list of ‘The things | am and have been most proud of ‘, 1984, and ‘Last updated’ version ‘early 1989’. 1 November Scott’s replies to questions on Christmas presents, 5 December 1986. Scott’s replies to questions for World magazine, 6 July 1987. Scott’s rough notes for ‘Interview with Anne Angus Channel 4’ Television, November 1988. Scott’s favourite flower, 23 August 1989. A.97-A.261 Painter and Naturalist was ‘Possible questions’ [?for interview], n.d. BIOGRAPHY BY ELSPETH HUXLEY ‘In wildness is the preservation of the World’, n.d. Manuscript notes on interest in conservation, n.d. has been retained. As a friend of the family Elspeth Huxley had the approval of the Scott family for the possession of the Scott family. In the course of preparing the biography she set aside biographical material which was subsequently retained in her order in Rather than attempt to reintegrate this material into any original order, her arrangement of folders, each dealing with a particular chronological or topical episode in Scott's life, her biography and was granted access to Elspeth Scott. published by Faber & Faber (London, 1993). biography Huxley's Peter Scott’s archives in the folders into which she had put them. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical material includes The original documents, typescript and manuscript notes and extracts made by Huxley and letters from colleagues and friends, many including reminiscences of Scott, sent to Huxley while she was writing the biography. photocopies documents, original of A.97-A.110 ‘Character, opinions, obits, Misc’. divided into fourteen for ease of reference. Contents of Huxley’s folder so inscribed ‘Autobiography 1945’. Photocopy of Scott’s 7pp manuscript account. ‘This | believe’ by Scott. 1p photocopy of transcript of recording, 10 June 1953. Photocopy of Scott’s video-tape recording (see A.44), 1984. 1p manuscript notes after making autobiographical 1p typescript. Profile by Dennis Holman, 1954. 7pp manuscript draft; 4pp typescript. 10pp typescript with manuscript corrections. ‘The cultural nature of Nature and its conservation’ by Scott, n.d. Biographical account by Kathleen Young (mother), ca 1936. 3pp photocopied typescript. Photocopy of reminiscences of Scott, n.d. Resumé of Scott, ca 1960. Scott from with childhood letter to Rachel Graham, P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Photocopy of letter to The Australian from V. Serventy paying tribute to Scott, 1 September 1989. Published obituaries and tributes: Obituary November 1989. by Rex Hunt, ‘Falkland Islands Foundation Newsletter’ 9, Obituary by Christopher Lever, ‘BTO News’, November/December 1989. Tribute by Gerald Durrell, Dodo 26 (1989). Tribute by G. A. Swanson, Auk 107 (1990). Tribute by R.T. Peterson, Bird Watcher's Digest, March/April 1990. A.105-A.107 Reminiscences and accounts of Scott assembled by Huxley. A.105 Letters from W.H. Young (half-brother), September 1988 and September 1991. Reminiscences from John Winter, July 1990. Letter from D.L. Bird, August 1990. Letter from John Berry, September 1990. Letters from Edmund Fisher, December 1990. Letter from Bob Drayson, April 1990. Talk with Tim Maurice, May 1990. Letters from Max Nicholson, October and November 1990. Interview with Pentie Fraser, September 1991. Reminiscences from Mervyn Cowie, February 1991. Letter from P. Jane Dawson, September 1991. Letter from Christopher Lever, March 1991. Letters from Colin Willock, May 1991. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Letter from S. Dillon Ripley, December 1991. Letter from Nigel Sitwell, December 1991. Letter and reminiscence from Sir John Hackett, December 1991. Typescript notes by Huxley on various aspects of Scott's life. Miscellaneous photocopied biographical material. Includes drawings by Scott. Miscellaneous background material. Includes letter to Scott from C. Hichens, 11 October 1948; correspondence between Huxley and P.O. Behan re left-handedness (Scott was left-handed), November, December 1990; poem by Scott ‘Who’s God’, 3pp typescript. A.111-A.115 West Downs School. See also A.264-A.278. A.111-A.120 ‘West Downs and Oundle 1921-1927’. inscribed divided into ten for ease of reference. Contents of Huxley's folder so Letters from L. Helbert to Kathleen Scott (mother), chiefly re arrangements for Scott to start school, 1916-1918. In 1918 Scott was sent to West Downs Preparatory School in Winchester. It was founded in 1897 by Lionel Helbert (Headmaster to 1919, succeeded by W. Brymer and then K. Tindall). etc, 1918-1923. Letters from W. Brymer and K. Tindall to Kathleen Scott re Scott’s progress, health etc at school, 1919-1923. Huxley’s typescript extracts from Scott’s letters to his mother, school reports P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Photocopied extracts of Scott’s letters reports, ca 1918 - ca 1923. to his mother and Headmaster’s Huxley’s typescript background note on talk with M. Hitchens re West Downs school; manuscript note from Mrs Gurney about Scott, passed to Huxley, May 1991. A.116-A.120 Oundle School. Scott entered Oundle School in 1923. See also A.279-A.289. A.116, A.117 Huxley’s typescript and photocopied extracts from Scott’s mother, school reports etc, 1923-1927. letters to his 2 folders. A.121-A.127 A.121-A.124 Trinity College Cambridge. Photocopied background information on Oundle School. ‘Trinity to Munich divided into seven for ease of reference. RA Schools’. Huxley’s typescript background notes on Oundle School and notes on interviews. Correspondence with contemporaries of Scott from Oundle School, March - May 1990. Huxley's typescript extracts from Scott’s correspondence of the period. Scott entered Trinity College in 1927 to read Zoology, Botany and Geology for was undistinguished; he failed the 1928 Intermediate Examination and switched to studying for an Ordinary degree. In 1930 he graduated with an Ordinary BA degree in History of Art and Botany. Contents of Huxley’s folder so inscribed, His academic performance the Natural Sciences Tripos. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Photocopied extracts from Scott’s correspondence, 1927-1930. Scott's speech at the 1988 Trinity College Commemoration Feast, 5pp typescript. Miscellaneous background material, including letters from contemporaries at Cambridge, 1989-1990, and letter from A.F. Huxley setting out Scott’s academic record, February 1990. A.125, A.126 Munich. In January 1931 Academy of Arts instructor, Professor A. Jank. Scott went to Germany to study painting at in Munich. the State the family of the senior He stayed with Huxley’s typescript and manuscript extracts from Scott’s correspondence of the period. Photocopied selections from Scott’s correspondence, 1931. See also A.459-A.461. Scott entered the Royal Academy Schools in September 1931. Royal Academy Schools of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, Burlington Gardens, London. Letters to Huxley with reminiscences from Eileen MacKenzie and Tony Bridge. Second World War, 1990 and 1991. Huxley’s typescript notes on visit to East Lighthouse, 10 September 1990; map of the area; letters to Huxley referring to East Lighthouse during the ‘East Lighthouse, First Huxley’s folder so inscribed, divided into six for ease of reference. Bird Collection, Expedition to A.128-A.133 Iran’. Contents of P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Correspondence re East Lighthouse, 1937-1941. Includes plan of area round the Lighthouse and letter to Scott from Major Sysonby, Queen’s Royal Regiment, reporting on the Lighthouse following its requisitioning by the Army for coastal defence, 27 June 1940. Letters to Huxley recalling Scott’s wildfowling, 1990, 1991; photocopy of letter from Scott to J. Berry re wildfowling, 1937 or 1938. Photocopied background material re wildfowling. Huxley’s typescript notes re Scott’s bird collecting; Scott’s manuscript and typescript notes on collecting and rearing ducks and geese, some dated 1939. Correspondence re arrangements for visit to the Caspian Sea coast of Iran; 1927 map of Caspian Sea coast of Iran; poster for Scott’s lecture on ‘A wild goose chase to the Caspian’, Dereham & District Feather and Fur Society, 7 March 1939. A.134-A.137 A.138-A.145 Retained in order found. 4 folders. Contents of Huxley’s folder so ‘East Lighthouse inscribed, divided into four for ease of reference. 1933-1938’. Period Correspondence between Scott and his mother and father-in-law, 1932-1939 (mostly undated). See E.7-E.19 for drafts and other papers re ‘Caspian Sea Letters’, Scott's unpublished account of this expedition. See also A.553-A.557. ‘Wildfowling - Puntgunning etc’. Contents of Huxley’s folder so inscribed divided into eight for ease of reference. Letter from D. Joel enclosing copies of correspondence with Scott re East Lighthouse, 1986-1989. David Joel was restoring the Lighthouse. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.139, A.140 Letters wildfowling, 1990-1992. to Huxley from contemporaries of Scott with reminiscences of 2 folders. Photocopies of letters to John Berry and others, ca 1932. Photocopied extracts from Scott’s wildfowling diaries, photocopies of correspondence from Scott to Kenzie Thorpe, 1948-1952. 1938, 1940-1941; Huxley’s typescript and manuscript notes. A.144, A.145 Photocopied and printed background material. 2 folders. A.146-A.148 3 folders. A.146-A.153 Scott/Hilton Young/Kennet. (Extracts from diaries Miscellaneous notes etc on Kathleen Young. Huxley’s typescript notes on correspondence and diary entries of Kathleen Young (mother). ‘Kathleen Letters Genealogy Huntford) etc’. Contents of Huxley's folder so inscribed, divided into eight for ease of reference. See also A.531. Correspondence sent to Huxley re Kathleen Young, 1990-1991. Includes remarks on her relationship with T.E. Lawrence. Correspondence and notes re Scott family tree. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Photocopies of articles from Encounter magazine 1980 re the treatment of R.F. Scott by Roland Huntford in his book Scott and Amundsen (Hodder and Stoughton 1980). See also A.398-A.416. Miscellaneous typescript notes, photocopies etc. A.154-A.161 ‘Painting’. ease of reference. Retained in original order. Contents of Huxley’s folder so inscribed, divided into eight for See also Section J. Bundle of paintings, drawings and prints in August 1950 Exhibition. royalty statements, Society Medici 1939-1940, and list of Photocopies of Scott’s oil paintings for Ackermann’s Exhibitions, 1934, 1940, 1945, 1948, 1957. Miscellaneous material re Scott’s Ackermann’s exhibitions etc. Lists of exhibitions, photocopied background material etc. Information re Medici Society reproductions of Scott’s paintings. Information re Scott’s training at the Royal Academy of Arts Schools and his Royal Academy exhibits. Miscellaneous background material, 1926-1992. Letter to Scott from B. d’A. Irvine reporting on the situation at the Munich Academy and the Nazi influence on the Academy and German society, 1938. ‘Six paintings of wildfowl by Scott’, 5pp photocopied typescript; ‘Painting Wild Birds’ by Scott, photocopied offprint. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.162-A.166 ‘Marriage to Elizabeth Jane Howard’. inscribed divided into five for ease of reference. Contents of Huxley's folder so See also A.493. Huxley’s typescript and manuscript extracts from correspondence between Scott and Howard, and Scott and his mother re Howard, 1941-1942. A.163-A.166 Photocopies of extracts from Scott’s correspondence with Howard and with his mother re Howard, 1940-1945; typescript notes on end of the marriage. 4 folders. A.167-A.172 ‘Wildfow! Huxley’s folder so inscribed divided into six for ease of reference. Development’. Foundation Slimbridge. Trust & Contents of The Severn Wildfowl Trust was inaugurated in November 1946. In 1955 it dropped the word ‘Severn’ and the Wildfowl Trust opened its second refuge in 1957. of appeal for funds, ca Huxley's photocopies of material re the running of the Trust, 1952-1991. Huxley’s manuscript and typescript notes and extracts re development of Slimbridge and the Wildfowl Trust more generally. Original material re the establishment and early history of the Trust, 1943- 1949. Includes 3pp typescript ‘Revised copy’ 1946; accounts 1946-1947; and 6pp typescript article by [?Julian Huxley], sent to Scott 17 May 1949. Gerald Durrell, n.d. Original and photocopied correspondence, and papers ‘Berkeley papers’. and Huxley's notes re relations between the Wildfowl Trust and the Berkeley Estate, 1946-1984. Includes material from Dafila Scott (daughter), 1992, and recollections from Material sent to Huxley for the biography, 1991, 1992, n.d. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Miscellaneous background material. A.173-A.175 ‘Satellite Centres’. three for ease of reference. Contents of Huxley’s folder so inscribed, divided into on Information may _ include recollections sent to Huxley in the preparation of her biography, Huxley’s typescript notes and photocopied background material. Wildfowl centres. Material Trust the Huxley’s general notes on satellite centres: Arundel Centre; Caerlaverock Wildfowl Trust Refuge. Martin Mere. Peakirk; Welney. inscribed, 2 A.178-A.186 A.178 on Scott’s broadcasts and A.176-A.186 typescript and manuscript notes Huxley's lectures. Drafts etc by Scott. See also sections E, F and G. Contents of Huxley's folder so ‘Broadcasts & divided into eleven for ease of reference. Publications’. Huxley's typescript notes on Scott’s published works. The second of the ‘ghost stories’ is dated 31 December 1959. Scott's manuscripts labelled ‘Peter's Short Story written at sea Jan 1942. short ghost stories’. Brochure advertising the book Morning Flight by Scott (1935). P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical 7pp typescript draft inscribed ‘Postscript. BBC broadcast 23 April 1942’. The draft recounts Scott’s experience serving in Motor Gunboats and pays tribute to the heroism and leadership of Lt Cdr Robert Hichens. Exchange between Scott and E. February 1945. H. Young (step-father) re layout of book, 3pp typescript foreword to book by Eric Simms, December 1954. ‘Looking Glass’, broadcast in BBC Radio Children’s Hour, 1955. Invitation to contribute, 18 April 1955; 8pp typescript draft of Scott’s piece. See F.17 for drafts etc re this broadcast. ‘Birds in Britain’, 5pp typescript, [?1950s]. and Development’, lecture to the 13th 7pp typescript. See E.23 for draft. Typescript [?synopsis] of manuscript short story titled ‘Other Fear’, n.d. ‘Conservation Quinquennial Commonwealth Universities Congress on the Contribution of Universities to Integrated Rural Development, Birmingham, 14-20 August 1983. Correspondence to Huxley re WWF involvement in China, 1991-1992. ‘WWF & IUCN IWRB’. Contents of Huxley's folder so inscribed, divided into six for ease of reference. Huxley’s typescript notes and background material on the World Wildlife Fund (the World Wide Fund for Nature from 1986). A.187-A.192 A.187, A.188 2 folders. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Huxley’s typescript notes and background material on Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). the International Copies of letters from Scott re conservation: To D. Criel, Rockefeller Foundation, 28 December 1961; A. Schweitzer and Dr Sauer, February 1962 (draft); J. Vincent, International Council for Bird Preservation, 10 December 1965 and 31 July 1967. Miscellaneous background material on nature conservation campaigns. A.193-A.198 ‘Travels and Antarctica’. into six for ease of reference. Contents of Huxley’s folder so inscribed, divided A.193-A.196 Travel material. A.193 A.197 2 folders. A.195, A.196 Huxley’s manuscript and typescript notes on Scott’s travel. A.197, A.198 Antarctica Recollections sent to Huxley by Charles Lagus, April 1992. Original material assembled by Huxley: letter from Scott in Persia to his mother, 2 January 1938; itinerary for visit to America, February - April 1953; ‘Natural history in Tierra del Fuego’ by Scott, 8pp typescript; ‘1949 Perry River Expedition’, 4pp duplicated typescript. Huxley’s typescript notes, photocopied background material etc. Photocopies of drafts by Scott on protection of Antarctica: ‘Why Antarctica must be a World Park’, ‘WWF News’, January 1989; ‘Protecting Anarctica’, Letter to The Times, 29 May 1989; ‘World Park or waste tip?’, Country Life, 14 September 1989; foreword to book, n.d. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.199-A.202 ‘Whaling & Falkland Isl. Conservation’. inscribed, divided into four for ease of reference. Contents of Huxley's folder so Copies of Scott’s speeches at International Whaling Commission meetings 1972-1978, calling for a moratorium on whaling. Photocopied extracts etc from Scott’s travel journal for February 1979, recording a Minke whale; photocopy of manuscript draft on Antarctic conservation by Scott to ‘Members of the Joint Coordinating Cttee of IUCN, ICBP & WWF’, n.d. a whaling seeing killing ship Miscellaneous background information on whaling. Photocopy of Foundation’, 19 January 1979, with typescript background information. proposal Falkland Scott’s Island Conservation ‘The for A.203-A.211 Ice-skating. 1945 General Election. Contents of Huxley's folder so inscribed, divided ‘Miscellaneous interests’. into nine for ease of reference. Huxley’s notes etc on various other aspects of Scott’s life. Chiefly correspondence from D.L. Bird, Archivist/Historian, National Skating Association, re Scott’s ice-skating, 1990-1992. Scott stood as the Conservative candidate for Wembley North, failing by some 400 votes to be elected an MP. es Includes photocopy of letter from Scott to J.R. Justice commenting on the Election and his Labour party opponents, 19 July 1945. Scott was made Vice-President of the newly established Association in 1947, and Chairman in 1953. Inland Waterways Association. See also A.631-A.653. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical See H.53-H.63 for correspondence and papers re IWA. A.206-A.207 Rector of the University of Aberdeen. Scott was elected Rector in 1961 and served to 1964. awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Laws (see A.297). In 1962 he was Correspondence re election as Rector, 1960. Scott’s corrections. Rectorial Address, April 1961: typescript draft with manuscript Correspondence re Installation and other functions and duties to which Scott was invited as Rector, 1961-1962; letter to E. Huxley re Scott’s Rectorship, 1992. Admiral of the Manx Herring Fleet. See also A.292-A.295. See H.138-H.199 for main group of papers re Scott’s Chancellorship. Includes 7pp typescript draft of Scott’s speech on his Installation, 15 May 1974, and typescript notes on Scott's retirement from the Chancellorship. Chancellor of the University of Birmingham. Scott was Chancellor 1974-1983. Scott was appointed to this purely honorary post dating from the sixteenth century on its revival in 1962. The post was held for one year but he was re-appointed for the two following years. corrections. ‘Revised transcript of Sir Peter Scott's Closing Address to the Symposium on “Man and his Environment” Sept 1975’, 7pp typescript with manuscript P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Photocopies of speeches on conservation, September 1986: for WWF US National Council, 16 September; on receipt of the Getty Prize, 17 September (see A.350); on receipt of WWF Gold Medal at Assisi, 26 September (see A.351). A.212-A.225 ‘Miscellaneous Letters’. into fourteen for ease of reference. Retained in Huxley's arrangement. Contents of Huxley’s folder so inscribed, divided ‘Extracts from letters kept at Slimbridge, dictated onto tape (Mainly from Kathleen) Some to Philippa’. A.213-A.223 Letters correspondents. from, with Huxley's typescript notes etc. on, __ individual Arranged alphabetically. Addis, R., 26 July 1941. Baker, D., 2 September 1936. Berry, J., 1939-1940. Bratby, W.M.M., n.d. Campbell, L., n.d. Includes letter from Berry to Huxley, 30 November 1991. Scott’s letters include accounts of wartime experiences. Letters to Dearmer, 1939-1941. A.217, A.218 Dearmer, G., 1939-1941, n.d. Dalgety, C.T. Typescript notes. A.217 P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Letters to Scott, 1940. Photocopies. Dowson, B., n.d. Photocopies and Huxley’s typescript notes. Irvine, B. d’A., 1930s. Includes Huxley’s typescript note on his death in action, September 1940. Jank, A.L., 1932, n.d., 1986 Anna Louise Jank (‘Maus’) was the younger daughter of the Jank family with whom Scott lodged while studying art They resumed contact again in the 1970s. in Munich. Letters photocopies of correspondence between Scott and Maxwell, 1968. Huxley from Maxwell Botting and G. re D. to to 1991; Scott, Maxwell, G. Justice, J. R. Huxley’s typescript and manuscript notes. ‘Letters PS to K [mother] From East Lighthouse 1932-39’. Huxley with reminiscences of Scott from R.T. Peterson, 29 January 1993. Huxley's typescript notes on correspondence, with original and photocopied extracts of letters. Huxley’s typescript notes on miscellaneous personal subjects; letter P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.226-A.261 Original material assembled by Huxley. A.226 Kathleen Young’s (mother) correspondence re publication of ‘bird book’ by Scott (aged 16) and two others. Correspondence to Scott from ‘Uncle Sydney’ advising on his paintings, 1926. Letter to Scott from J.M. Barrie, his godfather, 1933. A.229, A.230 Correspondence and papers re dinghy sailing and racing, 1935-1938. Scott had a 14-foot dinghy designed and built by Uffa Fox. See also section K. 2 folders. See also A.551. 1936, 1938. ca 1939, 1940. A.233-A.235 A.231, A.232 Correspondence re East Lighthouse, 1936-1938. Chiefly correspondence with M.A. Grimwood, sexton of East Sutton Church, who acted as Scott’s agent in his absence. 1936. Correspondence and papers re Scott’s purchase of wildfowl to stock East Lighthouse area, 1936-1940. The correspondence is chiefly with D.S. Wintle of Walcot Waterfowl. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical 1938-1940. A.236-A.240 Correspondence and papers re radio broadcasts, 1936-1946. A.236 Letters to Scott from BBC re possible broadcast in ‘Strange to Relate’ series, 19 August and 7 September 1936. ‘The Diary of Captain Robert Falcon Scott, R.N.’, 4pp typescript inscribed ‘Peters Broadcast’. A.238, A.239 ‘Bird Watching’, Children’s Hour, 8 May 1939. broadcast by Scott and W.M.M. Bratby, BBC Radio 8pp manuscript. A.241, A.242 11pp typescript. 2 folders. Correspondence from Scott to W.M.M. Bratby, late 1930s-1941. Bratby was a friend of Scott’s from Sidney Sussex College Cambridge. 2pp typescript transcript of US radio broadcast on Elizabeth Jane Scott (wife), 11 April 1946. Most of the correspondence is undated. The bulk is letters to Bratby from Scott’s travels abroad in Persia and North America (1938) and during war service. Includes correspondence re Scott’s planned book ‘The Wild Geese of the World’ October 1938 and 11 January 1941. Two personal letters to Scott from Lord Baldwin (Stanley Baldwin), 13 P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.244-A.246 Visit to North America, 1938. Scott visited Canada for series of dinghy races against the Toronto Yacht Club. He toured North America to study its wildfowl and management and to oversee an exhibition of his paintings. Correspondence chiefly from American colleagues to Scott re arrangements, chiefly bird-watching and shooting, July-November 1938. July. Includes letter from Scott to John Winter recounting yacht races against Candian dinghies. August-November. Includes letter from J. Beale re regulations for racing against Canadian yachts, 19 August. Later correspondence to Scott from colleagues he met in North America, chiefly F.M. Chapman, 1939, 1940. Correspondence to Scott from S. Morris, 1938, 1942. Irvine, n.d., and correspondence re Stewart Morris was a sailing friend of Scott’s from Cambridge. Correspondence to Scott from B. d’A. Irvine’s death in action, August, September 1940. ‘Fishing poems by Cmdr V. Horsley’, sent to Scott 11 November 1943. Letters of congratulation on Scott’s marriage, April 1942. Letter and papers re marriage of J. Winter. Winter was married in October 1940. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Correspondence re General Election, May - June 1945. Includes correspondence from Conservative Central Office procedures for candidates. re selection Decree Absolute of divorce between Scott and E.J. Howard, July 1951. Miscellaneous press-cuttings, 1942-1949, 1990, n.d. A.255-A.260 ‘Miscellaneous Letters to PS. Re Wedding & others’. folder so inscribed, divided into six for ease of reference. Contents of Huxley’s Personal correspondence, including many wartime letters from friends. 1927, 1933-1936. 1938, 1940. 1941-1943. 1944-1945. N.d. Includes notification of election to the Royal Yacht Squadron, 1943. Includes notification of Scott’s election as Marine Artist of the Royal Thames Yacht Club, 1944. rescue of crew of Dutch ship by Royal Navy warship. Miscellaneous original typescript material: ‘Appendix to Mr Kennedy’s Report on events at Tabriz - August 1931. Report by Socrat M. Manian’; report of Correspondence from Elizabeth Salisbury, 71939-1940. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.262-A.289 CHILDHOOD AND SCHOOLDAYS ca 1916-1927 A.262, A.263 Pre-school A.264-A.278 West Downs School, Winchester A.279-A.289 Oundle School A.262, A.263 Pre-school ca 1916-1918 Correspondence from Scott to his mother, ca 1916-1918. Most letters undated. Retained in order found. 2 folders. A.264-A.278 West Downs School, Winchester 1918-1923 1920-1923. Headmaster’s reports. One only dated, 1920, others n.d. See also A.111-A.115 A.264 191 81.9119: A.264-A.266 Reports and marks, 1918-1923. Correspondence from Scott to his mother, 1919-1923, n.d. Most letters undated. Retained in the order found. A.267-A.274 1918. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.268, A.269 ca 1919. 2 folders. Scott's height and A.279-A.289 Oundle School 1923-1928, n.d. See also A.116-A.120. Weekly class mark cards. Manuscript English essays, 1921, n.d. Physical Development Cards recording increases in weight, 1918-1923. Miscellaneous material, including press-cutting recording Scott’s donation of spiders and scorpions to local zoo. 1926, n.d. Letters from Headmaster to mother reporting on Scott’s progress, 1923- P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Termly reports, 1923-1927. A.281-A.287 Correspondence from Scott to his mother, 1923-1927, n.d. Some letters undated. Retained in the order found. 1923. 2 folders. Miscellaneous school material. A.286, A.287 N.d. Manuscript English essays. 1927, n.d. Notification only. Also includes manuscript copy of the ‘The Reading Room - A Newspaper Fantasy [...] 27th July 1928’. A.290-A.377 HONOURS AND AWARDS 1942-1989 Award of M.B.E., 1942. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Award of C.B.E., 1953. Notification and letters of congratulation. Not indexed. A.292-A.295 Admiral of the Manx Herring Fleet, 1962. Scott was appointed to this honorary post on its revival in 1962. Although the post was intended to be an annual one he was re-appointed for the following two years. See also A.208. As Admiral Scott was involved in a scheme to preserve bog land in the Ballaugh Curraghs on the Isle of Man as a nature reserve and the creation of a waterfowl garden. of which Scott did not entirely approve. In the event a zoo was built, Appointment and first visit to the Isle of Man, 1962. Reappointment, 1963 and 1964. A.294, A.295 A.294 1962, 1963. 1964-1966. Correspondence re the Curraghs schemes, 1962-1966. Honorary Doctor of Laws, University of Exeter, 30 April 1963. University Review with orations for Honorary Graduands. Correspondence Gazette with copies of orations for Honorary Graduands. At this time Scott was Rector of the University (see A.206-A.207). Honorary Doctor of Laws, University of Aberdeen, 5 July 1963. re arrangements, 1962-1963; programme; University programme; offprint Invitation and acceptance, 1962; from Aberdeen P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Certificate of Merit, Fergus Falls Save the Wetlands Club, May 1966. Notification; certificate. A.299-A.331 Knighthood, January 1973. A.299 Correspondence re conferral of knighthood and investiture ceremony, 1972- 1973. A.300-A.330 Letters of congratulation with some copies of Scott’s replies. Unindexed. A.301-A.303 B. 2 folders. C. D. 3 folders. A.304, A.305 A.306, A.307 2 folders. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.317, A.318 Fa 2 folders. A.320-A.322 S. W. 3 folders. 2 folders. A.325, A.326 P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.328-A.330 First name and unidentified. 3 folders. Notes on responses to letters of congratulation. Honorary Fellowship, University of Manchester Institute Technology, 9 July 1974. of Science and Correspondence re arrangements, 1974. A.333-A.335 Gold Medal, New York Zoological Society, New York, USA, 26 February 1975. Scott had been invited to receive the Medal in 1974 but was unable to attend the presentation. He received the Medal in 1975 instead, combining this with visits to colleagues in New York and Washington D.C. A.333, A.334 Correspondence re arrangements and letters of congratulation and thanks, 1973-1975. 1973, 1974. A.336-A.340 International Pahlavi Environment Prize, 3 June 1977. Itinerary; programme for presentation; 6pp manuscript of Scott’s speech; press-release. Notification of award and acceptance; correspondence arising, 1977. Iran and bestowed This award was established by through the auspices of the United Nations. Scott received the 1977 prize jointly with J.-Y. Cousteau. They were described as ‘two outstanding leaders in the effort to conserve the precious resources of our earth in the interest of a planetary environment worthy of the dignity of man’. See G.71 for copy of Scott’s acceptance speech. the Government of P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Press-releases and other information re the award and its recipients. Copies of speeches by K. Waldheim, the UN Secretary-General and M.K. Tolba, the Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme. Three photographs taken during the presentation ceremony. C60 audio cassette tape-recording of proceedings. Labelled ‘...Jean Jacques [sic] Cousteau & Sir Peter Scott on side 2’. A.341, A.342 Correspondence and papers re nomination of Scott for the Tyler Ecology Award. Scott was nominated twice for this award, given annually by Pepperdine University (later University of Southern California), California, USA, in 1977 and 1987. See D.418-D.424 for possibly related material. 1977-1978. Includes copies of supporting letters for Scott’s nomination. Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Bath, 29 June 1979. Correspondence re arrangements, 1978-1979. Certificate. Honorary Member, Hungarian Ornithological Society, 3 October 1981. Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Guelph, Canada, 4 June 1981. Programme; citation; certificate. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical C. Phillips John International Conservation, International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), 1981. Distinguished Service Medal for in Photocopy of press-cutting from IUCN Bulletin, November/December 1981. Gold Medal for Distinction in Sciences of Philadelphia, 1983. Natural History Art, Academy of Natural Correspondence re arrangements, 1982-1983; press-release re award. See A.707 for photographs. ‘Croc Le animalier, Paris, 27 January 1984. de Cristal’ award, Second Festival International du cinéma Scott received the award for his conservation work. Correspondence and papers re award, 1983-1984. A.348, A.349 Itinerary; programme; oration. Correspondence re arrangements and arising, 1983-1985. J. Paul Getty Prize, Washington D.C., USA, 17 September 1986. Honorary Doctor of Laws, University of Liverpool, 21 March 1985. Scott was to receive the degree in July 1984 but the award had to be postponed due to illness. acceptance speech. This was one of conservation’s most prestigious awards, with a prize of $50,000 given ‘for outstanding international achievement in of wildlife and habitat conservation’. Press-release; itinerary; 3pp typescript + manuscript corrections of Scott's See also A.211. the field P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Gold Medal, World Wide Fund for Nature, Assisi, Italy, 1986. received Scott the establishment of the WWF, in recognition of his contribution to conservation worldwide for over half a century. Anniversary Medal, given 25th the the on of See also A.211. See G.100 for drafts of Scott’s acceptance speech. Press-release; profile of Scott; letter from K.Z.Lorenz, 15 September 1986. Outstanding Achievement Award, Wildscreen ’86 film festival, October 1986. Bristol, 14 Photocopy of newspaper cutting. Companion of Honour, 13 June 1987. Photocopy of Warrant of Appointment; announcement in Supplement to the London Gazette, 12 June 1987; two newspaper cuttings. so close the the received A.355-A.372 Press-release. two honours were Fellowship of the Royal Society, 25 June 1987. Scott was elected on 25 June under statute 12. Letters of congratulation on receipt of the CH and FRS, 1987. See H.95-H.98 for correspondence and papers re Scott’s election. As congratulation and copies of replies were kept together by Scott’s office. Unindexed. together, letters of P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Y., Z. and first name only. A.373, A.374 Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Ulster, 2 July 1987. A.373 Correspondence re arrangements for Honorary degree, 1986-1987; itinerary for visit; citation, 3pp typescript. Correspondence with friends and colleague re visit, 1987. Scientific Fellow, New York Zoological Society, December 1987. Correspondence re Election, 1988-1989. International Conservation Award, Wildlife Art News Magazine, 1989. Certificate. 80th birthday, 14 September 1989. Notes re arrangements; greetings cards etc. A.378-A.396 DEATH AND MEMORIAL SERVICE 1989-1990 Scott died shortly before his birthday but arrangements for the celebration and birthday appeal were already in hand. Letters of condolence, kept for addresses for memorial service tickets. Scott died on 29 August 1989. A.104. For obituaries and tributes see A.1-A.22 and Drafts of notices and announcements of Scott’s death. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.380-A.393 Memorial service, St Paul’s Cathedral, London, 20 November 1989. The service was to celebrate the life of Scott. It was followed by a tea party. Preliminary planning notes; copy of notice for press re tickets. Correspondence re arrangements, September-November 1989. Typescript and manuscript notes, faxes etc November 1989. re arrangements, September- Correspondence and papers re attendance and participation of members of the Royal Family, September - November 1989. Prince Philip read verses from Psalm 104 at the service. A.384-A.386 3 folders. Order of service. Requests for tickets. Typescript and manuscript lists of those invited and those attending. Apologies and expressions of regret for absence. Lists of those invited to the Tea Party following the service. Press-cuttings re Memorial service. Transcript correspondence. of Address by K. Shackleton, 4pp typescript; related P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Correspondence arising, 1989-1990. A.394-A.396 Memorial service, Slimbridge, 30 November 1989. A.394 Correspondence and notes re arrangements. List of staff and volunteers at Slimbridge, and of those wishing to attend the service. Order of service. A.397-A.531 FAMILY A.493 A.518-A.528 A.529, A.530 three life, A.531 General family history A.478-A.492 Edward Hilton Young (step-father) A.397-A.432 Robert Falcon Scott (father) A.494-A.517 Philippa Scott (second wife) A.433-A.477 Kathleen Young (mother) Elizabeth Jane Howard (first wife) Wayland Hilton Young (half-brother) Dafila Kathleen Scott (daughter) and Richard Falcon Scott (son) particular. Antarctica. however, Scott encountered the continuing public his father’s polar exploration and his ill-fated final expedition in Scott was only Throughout his interest in years old when his father died in A.397-A.432 Robert Falcon Scott (father) 1937-1990, n.d. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical The bulk of the material relates to R. Huntford’s book Scott and Amundsen: The Race to the South Pole; reviews thereof, legal action taken against the material book and letters of support for Scott (A.398-A.416). There is relating to the Central Television series ‘The Last Place on Earth’ which was based on Huntford’s book and was judged also to be distorting historical facts (A.417-A.420). also British ‘Correspondence Association, 1956’. Contents of folder so inscribed: correspondence August- October 1956. Sir Raymond Priestley’s address to The re Priestley’s address included remarks on R.F. Scott that were thought to be disparaging. A.398-A.416 Correspondence and papers re R. Huntford’s book See also A.152. Correspondence with R. Huntford during research for the book, 1975-1978. A.399-A.404 Typescript notes on offensive passages in the book, August 1979. Correspondence and papers re legal action arising from the Huntford book, 1979-1980. Scott consulted solicitors regarding the possibility of taking legal action for breach of contract and libel. Although denying liability the defendants added a disclaimer to the list of acknowledgements in the book, gave a payment in respect of Scott’s legal costs and a smaller sum to charity, and issued a press statement recording the settlement. November, December 1979. September 1979. August 1979. October 1979. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical January - May 1980. A.405-A.409 Press reviews of Scott and Amundsen etc. A.405 G. de Q. Robin, Polar Record. L. Duckworth, Birmingham Post. W.H. Young (Lord Kennet), Observer and Encounter. V. Howells, Western Mail. Newspaper cuttings of other reviews, letters to the press etc. A.410-A.415 Letters of support from members of the public, 1979-1980. 6 folders. A.417-A.420 Correspondence re access to the Scott family papers, 1980. Correspondence and papers re Central Television series The Last Place on Earth, broadcast 1985. 2 folders. Correspondence and papers re content of the series, 1984-1985. A.419, A.420 Letters of support from members of the public, 1985. Newspaper cuttings re the making of the series and reaction to it. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.421-A.429 Correspondence and enquiries re R.F. Scott, 1982-1990. A.421 1982, 1983. Includes material re US production of the play ‘Terra Nova’. January - April 1987. May - September 1987. Includes material re ceremony in honour of R.F. Scott, Cape Town, South Africa. March - November 1988. January, February 1988. ‘The epic of Captain Scott’, 8pp typescript, 1937. Diary’ Programme for ‘Cinematograph Antarctic’, Philharmonic Hall, London, n.d. Miscellaneous memorabilia re R.F. Scott. Scott in the of ‘With Captain A.430-A.432 A.430 P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Three colour photographs of memorials to R.F. Scott and his companions who died in Antarctica. A.433-A.477 Kathleen Young (mother) 1891-1946, n.d. Edith Agnes Kathleen Bruce was born in 1879. Scott in 1908. statue of R.F. Scott in Waterloo Place, London. She married Robert Falcon She was a notable sculptor, perhaps best known for her In 1922 she was remarried, to E.H. Young, later First Baron Kennet of the Dene. She died of leukaemia in-1947. A.433-A.454 Letters to Scott from his mother, 1922-1946, n.d. A.433 1922-1925. Includes 1923 letter to Scott to be opened in the event of her death when It was sent to Scott with a giving birth to W.H. Young (his half-brother). covering note in 1947. 1930, 1932, 1934. 1938. British foreign policy with regard to the Includes typescript thoughts on Sudetenland crisis. October - December 1940, and 1940 no month. January - April 1940. June - September 1940. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical February - April 1941. May - July 1941. August, September 1941. October - December 1941, and 1941 no month. January - March 1942. April - July 1942. August - December 1942, and 1942 no month. January - May 1943. January - April 1944. May - December 1944. June - December 1943. 1946, 1948. Includes 1p manuscript poem by Kathleen, ‘The Bureaucrat’. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.455-A.473 Letters from Scott to his mother, 1927-1944, n.d. Scott’s letters contain detailed accounts of including his wartime exploits and adventures. his activities, those 1939-1945 See also A.224, A.267-A.274 and A.281-A.287. 1927-1930 (dated). A.456-A.458 ca 1927- ca 1930 (undated). 3 folders. A.459-A.461 1931. Letters from Munich (see also A.126). Include two letters to step-father. 3 folders. January - May 1940. June, July 1940. January - June 1941. Includes ‘An account of my experiences when evacuating the B.E.F.’ by T. Morris, 9pp typescript. Scott is the Naval Officer who rescues Morris from St Valery, France. August - December 1940, and 1940 no month. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical July - September 1941. October - December 1941, and 1941 no month. A.474-A.476 Other personal correspondence of Kathleen Young. 1930-1940. 1942, 1943, 1946, n.d. Miscellaneous memorabilia re Kathleen Young. A.474 1918, 1925, 1927-1930. Includes letter from G.B. Shaw re bust of him by Young, October 1938. Letters 1927-1930 are from F.J. Dykes reporting on Scott’s progress at Trinity College Cambridge. Also included is typescript memorandum on Scott’s College expenses. Includes school report 1891. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.478-A.492 Edward Hilton Young 1921-1954, n.d Kathleen Scott married Young, Financial Secretary to the Treasury in 1922. Subsequently an MP and a Minister in R. MacDonald’s National Government of 1931. He was made a Peer, Lord Kennet of the Dene in 1936. He was known to Scott as ‘Bill’. A.478-A.487 Letters from Young to Scott, 1922, 1935-1954. A.478 1922, 1935-1938. 1939. Includes copy of Prime Minister, to Young, November 1939. letter, marked ‘Deadly Secret’ from Nevill Chamberlain, January - June 1940. July - December 1940. 1950-1954. 1944, 1945. 1947-1949. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.488-A.491 Letters from Scott to Young, 1926-1943, n.d. A.488 1926-1930. 1939-1941. Other correspondence to Young 1921-1941 and n.d. Includes letters Cambridge 1927, and typescript extracts from Young], 1939. re Scott’s studies, including expenses at Trinity College his son W.H. letter [?to Elizabeth Jane Howard (first wife) Scott married Jane Howard in 1942. See also A.162-A.166. A.494-A.517 Philippa Scott (second wife) 1951-1990 Wartime messages from Scott to Howard, 1940s; scrap of paper on which Howard has practised writing ‘Jane Scott’. 1990. ‘Ducking the Limelight...’, Evening Post, 3 October 1989; ‘| promise | let you down, Peter’, Woman’s Own, 5 February 1990. Brief note re arrangements for interview on Radio Gloucestershire, February See Section E for publications co-written with Scott. Scott married Philippa Talbot-Ponsonby in 1951. Biographical articles: won't P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.495-A.498 Letters of congratulation on marriage, June, August, September 1951. Not indexed. A-H. A.497, A.498 First name and unidentified. 2 folders. A.499-A.507 Personal correspondence to Philippa Scott, 1969-ca 1973. Arranged in alphabetical order by surname. A, B. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.508-A.516 Drafts and articles by Philippa Scott. A.508 ‘Saving the Nene’, 4pp typescript with manuscript corrections, April 1952. ‘Penguins (incomplete), ca 1953. and Sealions. Wildlife in the Magellan Straits’, 2pp only A.510-A.513 ‘Philippa Scott: Book. Manuscript Correspondence’. inscribed, divided into four for ease of reference. Contents of folder so ‘Doodoo-Hunting with Peter Scott’. 7pp typescript, list of photographs, correspondence re publication of article by Everybody’s Publications Ltd, June-August 1957. See E.83-E.85 for drafts and other material. 1957-1958. A.511-A.513 Correspondence re publication of two books in Cassells ‘Faraway Look’ series. These books featured Philippa Scott's photographs taken on expeditions with Scott. 1970s. ‘World Without Sun by Jacques Cousteau. Review for Oryx by Philppa Scott’, 1p typescript, ca 1965. ‘Swan Lake at Slimbridge’, photocopy of article ‘From BBC Look book’, P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Typescript limericks [?by P. Scott]. Correspondence re possible twinning of Slimbridge with a Romanian village, June-July 1989. Philippa Scott suggested twinning Slimbridge with a village in Romania to help preserve rural communities in Romania threatened by President N. Ceausescu’s programme of collectivisation. A.518-A.528 Dafila Kathleen Scott (daughter) and Richard Falcon Scott (son) A.518, A.519 Dafila Kathleen Scott A.520 Richard Falcon Scott A.521-A.528 Childrens’ Settlement Correspondence re christening, July - November 1952. 17 September A.518, A.519 Dafila Kathleen Scott Dafila Scott was born on 9 June 1952. Dafila was christened on board The R.R.S. Discovery on 1952. ‘Bewick’s Swans in Holland’ by Dafila Scott, 4pp typescript with manuscript corrections by Scott, n.d. 1955. A tea party was held following the service. Richard Scott was christened on board The R.R.S. Discovery on 17 April Richard Falcon Scott Richard Scott was born on 2 June 1954. Correspondence re christening party, September 1954 - April 1955. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.521-A.528 Children’s Settlement Correspondence and papers re Trusts for D.K. Scott and R.F. Scott set up by their mother, 1962-1976. 1962-1963. 1964-1965. 1966-1968. 1969-1970. 1971-1972. 1974-1975. A.529, A.530 Wayland Hilton Young (half-brother) He succeeded to his father’s title Wayland Young was born in August 1923. in 1960. Young, 27 January 1983. Draft of Social Democratic Party ‘Environment Policy’, sent to Scott by Correspondence from Scott to Young, 1940, 1941 and n.d. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical General family history Two photocopied manuscript family trees; exchange re R.F. Scott’s family home, August, September 1991. See also A.151. A.532-A.588 PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE A.532-A.583 General correspondence A.584-A.588 ‘Get well’ letters 1984 A.532-A.583 General personal correspondence Much of this material was assembled by E. Huxley in the course of her of material at A.97-A.261. biography of Scott but the letters Many correspondents are well-known figures. not kept with appear her files because retained been have the to of has been in order by arranged 1941, 1988 alphabetical Barrie, J.M. correspondence [21914], 1930 The correspondent. J.M. Barrie was Scott’s godfather. 1927-1988 Correspondence re collaboration on ‘duck book’. 1937-1956, 1988 1968-1969 Boyd, H. Bo-By. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Branson, R. 1966-1967 Richard Branson was editor of Student, an inter-school magazine. He asked Scott to write for the magazine. Branson’s letter of 7 August 1966 is annotated by Scott ‘He’s a 15 year old Stowe schoolboy - & evidently pretty remarkable’. Brooke, Alan Francis, 1st Viscount Alanbrooke of Brookeborough 1955-1961, n.d., Viscount Alanbrooke was the first President of the Severn Wildfowl Trust. Chapman, D.C. Letter of 29 August 1942 returning sketches by Scott. Chapman, F. M. 1938-1941 Clarke, A. C. 1953, 1955 Churchill, W.S. 1936, 1970, 1988 Correspondence re mating Black Swans. Chapman was Curator in the Department of Ornithology at the American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA. 1935-1989 Craster, J.M. Includes 1956 Craster correspondence re planned children’s nature book by Craster. Trustee was Severn Wildfowl the of a Trust. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Fonteyn, M. Exchange with Margot Fonteyn, May 1952. Grafton, J.G. Comments on paintings by Grafton. 1987, 1989 Graham (née Holland), R.M. 1918, 1920, 1941, 1959 Rachael, Lady Graham, was a friend of the Scott family. Includes two letters from Kathleen Scott (mother) to Graham, 1918. Gregorson, E. R. 1949-1951 Grimwood, M. A. 1938-1940 Correspondence re East Lighthouse. Grimwood, sexton of East Sutton Church, acted as Scott’s agent in absence (see also A.231, A.232). his Ray Gregorson was the wife of R.F. Aickman, founder and Chairman of the Inland Waterways Association. She was also a committee member of the Association. See also A.138. David Joel and his wife Jennifer were responsible for the restoration of East Lighthouse. 1939-1989 1986-1989 A.553-A.557 Joel, D. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical 1986, 1987. Includes letter from Joel to Scott enclosing photographs of the restoration of East Lighthouse, 11 November 1986. 1988. Includes letter from Joel to Scott enclosing photographs of the geese at East Lighthouse, 11 September 1988. A.555, A.556 1989. Correspondence and papers re opening of ‘Peter Scott Walk’. The Walk was inaugurated on 12 April 1989 with the unveiling of a plaque on the wall of East Lighthouse. 2 folders. At A.556 are photographs of the inauguration and unveiling. 1989. Johnstone was Curator of the Wildfowl Trust at Slimbridge. Justice, J. R. 1945-1947, n.d. Johnstone, S. T. 1957, 1972, 1973 James Robertson Justice was a friend of Scott’s from his wild-fowling days. Stewart Morris was a yachting friend of Scott’s. Includes photocopy and manuscript translation of 1912 French article re R.F. Scott with picture of Scott aged about 3. Morris, S. [21930], 1940-1942 Ke 1943, 1988, n.d. 1940-1987 P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Russell, H.A.R., 11th Duke of Bedford and Russell, H.W.S., 12th Duke of Bedford Re Geese and other wildfowl. 1937-1987 1936-1987, n.d. 1937-1943 1940-1988 Somerset, H.H.A.F., 10th Duke of Beaufort 1948, 1949 The Duke of Beaufort was a Trustee of the Severn Wildfowl Trust. 1938, 1980 1936-1987 A.569-A.581 Winter, J. 1936-1938, [1940], 1947 John Winter was a friend from Scott’s undergraduate days at Cambridge. He was a sailor and their friendship continued with wildfowling and sailing In 1938 Scott and Winter had a dinghy built by Uffa Fox called expeditions. Thunder and Lightning which they entered in a number of competitions. Iran, December 1937 - February 1938. The correspondence is principally long typescript copies of letters from Scott to Winter written during his visit to |ran and North America in 1938. These and letters They appear to have been kept to form an descriptions of birds seen. account of the visits. Two letters to Winter from ‘Between Vienna and Budapest’ and ‘Hortobagyi Csarda’, 1936. include observations A.570-A.576 on travel, accounts of wildfowling P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical 7-13 December 1937. Letters to Winter from Alexandria and Baghdad. Also includes letter from Winter to Scott returning letters from Iran, 12 June 1947. 30-31 December 1937. Letter from Resht, Iran, 44pp typescript. 2 January 1938. Letter while ‘On the road’, 34pp carbon typescript. 11 January 1938. Letter begun at Baudar-Shar, 27pp typescript. [31 January 1938], 18pp typescript. 5 February 1938. A.577-A.580 North America. 23 January 1938. Letter from Resht, Iran, 21pp typescript. Letter on return journey, 13pp carbon typescript. Letter from ‘Gardiners Island’, 12pp typescript. These letters are undated and retained in the order found. They include illustrations from the original manuscript letters pasted to the typescript pages. Letter from ‘Montreal Air’, 15pp typescript + illustration. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical 18pp typescript. Letter from ‘Hotel Barton Willows California’, 47pp. Elspeth Huxley’s typescript extracts from letters from Scott to Winter, 1940. A.582, A.583 First name and unidentified. 1918-1947. 1949-1965, 1985-1988, n.d. A.584-A.588 ‘Get well’ letters, 1984 Arranged in alphabetical order. Unindexed. A-G. In 1984 Scott suffered a mild heart attack. He received many letters of sympathy and expressions of good will. First name and unidentified. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.589-A.620 ENGAGEMENT DIARIES AND ITINERARIES 1957-1991 A.589-A.597 Engagement diaries A.598-A.605 Engagement sheets A.606-A.616 Itineraries A.617-A.620 Activity reports A.589-A.597 Engagement diaries 1957-1977 diaries used to record Scott's appointments and Hardback commitments. desk NOOK 1961-1969. Nine annual diaries bound together. 1971-1975: Five annual diaries bound together. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.598-A.605 Engagement sheets 1983-1991 Loose sheets used for notes of appointments and commitments. 1983. December 1984, 1985. A.606-A.616 Itineraries 1983-1991 January - June 1985. Weekly itineraries showing visitors to and other activities at Slimbridge. December 1983, January 1984. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical July - December 1985. January - June 1986. July - December 1986. January - June 1987. July - December 1987. January - June 1990. July - December 1990. January - June 1991. A.617-A.620 Activity reports These summarise the Scotts’ activities over a period of time. 1982-1985 Travel abroad 1982-1984. July - December 1991. February 1983. July 1983. November 1985. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.621-A.630 WILDFOWLING 1927-1936 17. He shot his first deer at the age Scott had begun hunting at Oundle School. At university Scott hunted enthusiastically and was introduced to of Scott became wildfowling in the Cambridgeshire Fens in November 1927. report his an enthusiastic wildfowler and his shooting successes. He was introduced to punt-gunning in the Norfolk coast by C. T. Dalgety, a fellow student. Scott went on a wildfowling expedition to Hungary in 1936 (A.629). He gave up wildfowling in 1948. this period often letters of A.621-A.626 Wildfowling diaries 1927-1933. Manuscript journals giving detailed accounts of wildfowling, grouse-shooting, The entries record location, punt-gunning and other hunting expeditions. as observations on the weather, date and shooting companions as well wildlife etc. of the number and types of bird shot in the period covered by the diary. At the back the notebooks A.622-A.626 have tallies Hard-backed binder labelled ‘Wildfowling Diary Season 1927 - 14 Nov 1928 P. Scott’ on spine and inscribed on first page ‘A book containing sundry accounts which purport to record the Wildfowlings and other sportings of P. Scott Esquire starting in the year of Our Lord MDCCCCXXVII [...]’. Hard-backed binder labelled ‘Wildfo[wling] Diary Season 15 [Nov] 1928 - 2[?9]' on spine and ‘2’ on front of binder. Used from the front for entries 15 November 1927 - 14 November 1928, paginated 1-150 and at the back for an account of stag hunting in Scotland 13 and 15 September 1926. Pasted into back of book is letter from C.T. Dalgety September [?1926] and loose at back of book is transcript of BBC broadcast discussion ‘The World Goes By’, in which Scott took part, February 1946. Used for entries 1 August 1929 - 19 April 1930, paginated 303-658. Hard-backed binder labelled ‘3’ on spine and front of binder and ‘Wildfowling diary. Season: 1929-30’ on first page. Used for entries 15 November 1928 - 15 March 1929, paginated 151-302. Pasted into back of book is illustration (in paint) for identification of geese by their beaks. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Hard-backed binder labelled ‘4’ on spine and front of binder and ‘Season 1930-31’ on first page. Used for entries 1 August - 22 December 1930, paginated 659-822a. Loose at back of book are letters from C.T. Dalgety, February and March [71931], tallies of bird shot, manuscript ‘Extracts from the Shooting Diary of W.M.M. shooting expeditions, January - April 1931. principally Bratby’ letters Tryon from A.D. and re Hard-backed binder labelled ‘5’ on spine and front of binder and ‘Season 1931-32’ on first page. Used for entries 29 July 1931 - 12 April 1932, paginated 823-1160. Loose material at back of book includes letters from J. Vincent, February 1932, W.G. Tinsley, March 1932, and A.D. Tryon, ca 1932, and manuscript notes. Hard-backed binder labelled ‘6’ on spine and front of binder and ‘1932-33’ on first page. A.627, A.628 1928-1929; 1934-1935; 1935. Manuscript and typescript tallies of numbers and types of birds shot, 1928- 1936. Loose material at back of book: includes letters July 1933, manuscript notes and sketch by [?Scott ] of a friend. Used for entries 1 August 1932 - 16 March 1933, paginated 1161-1410, and draft on duck decoys. near Debrecen, Hungary’. Spiral bound pocket notebook used for notes on Hungarian vocabulary and pronunciation and other jottings. Intercalated material includes map of part of eastern Romania; postcards of Brailia, Romania; certificates for import of firearms into Hungary and duplicated typescript instructions ‘What must the foreign hunter know about the wildgoose-hunting in the plain Hortobagy, 1935-1936; 1936; n.d. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Untitled manuscript account of British wild geese and how to shoot them by Scott, 11pp manuscript. A.631-A.653 POLITICS 1945-1948 Scott stood as the Conservative & National candidate for Wembley North in the 1945 General Election. He was opposed by candidates from the Labour and Liberal parties. Voting took place on 5 July but the votes were not counted until later in the month to allow for the servicemen’s votes to be Scott polled 15,245 votes, 432 behind his Labour opponent, C.R. included. Hobson. In 1946-1947 he was in Conservatives Conservatives in London. and President of spoke 1948 See also A.204 and A.252. the Home Counties North Young Young National Rally of at a Printed General Election communications and flyers, 1945. General Election expenses, 1945. Manuscript list of possible election slogans for Scott. Bundle of note cards etc for speeches, jottings and messages, divided into eighteen for ease of reference. Some may have been used in the 1945 Election but others were used in the subsequent local elections in 1945 and later. Not all are party political. 3 folders. Untitled 6pp manuscript draft beginning ‘We asked Lt Cdr Peter Scott [...] why he wanted to become an MP. This is his answer’. Note cards etc for 1945 General Election campaign. ‘My first Political Speech’, 6pp manuscript notes. A.634-A.651 A.636-A.638 P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical cards Note envelope Conservative Association’. in inscribed ‘Opening Meeting of Wembley N. Speech given after General Election defeat. Note cards in envelope inscribed ‘Muncipal Election Speech’. Speech given in campaign for [?1945] local election. A.641, A.642 ‘Speech to Foyles 23 Aug. 45’. Contents of envelope so inscribed. A.641 Note cards. 7pp typescript. Note cards in envelope inscribed ‘Halstead. August 1947’. Note cards in envelope inscribed ‘Junior Movement’. Note cards in envelope inscribed ‘Thanksgiving Savings Week’. Note cards in envelope inscribed ‘Wembley Ladies Meeting 28.1.48’. arrangements. Young Conservatives National Rally & Demonstration, Royal Albert Hall, London, 12 June 1948. Typescript notes for Scott's commentary; duplicated typescript notes on welcomed Scott proceedings. gave the commentary on the delegates and A.652, A.653 A.647-A.651 Unidentified occasions. 5 folders. the P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Programme. A.654-A.673 HOME AND HOUSEHOLD 1949-1991, n.d. Scott moved from London to Slimbridge in early 1949. In 1953 work began on building a new house as a headquarters for the Trust, with the conversion of existing buildings. A.654-A.659 Correspondence with architects, builders and others re the construction of a new house and the conversion of existing ones, 1951-1956. AOD 4: January - July 1952. January - June 1953. 1954-1956. 3 folders. July - December 1953. August - December 1952. Correspondence and papers re later alterations to the Scotts’ house. Correspondence re supply of buildings and the Scotts’ new house at Slimbridge, 1953. Plans of the building works. electricity to the Severn Wildfowl Trust A.661-A.663 A.664-A.667 P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical 1969. Loft conversion. A.665, A.666 1973-1974. Extension. 2 folders. A.668-A.671 Domestic correspondence, 1949-1957. A.668, A.669 Correspondence re storage and sale of furniture, 1949-1955. 2 folders. Domestic staff, 1952-1955. Miscellaneous, 1953, 1955, 1957. Material re disposal of books from Scott’s library, 1991. A.674-A.676 FINANCIAL 1932-1945 Correspondence and papers re motoring offences, 1952-1956. 1932-1935. In 1913 after the death of R.F. Scott a Trust was established to provide financial support for his son. Scott attained his majority in 1930 when, at the Trustees’ discretion, the income from the fund became available to him and in 1934 Scott became entitled to the capital of his fund. Correspondence and papers re Lady Hilton Young Settlement Trust. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical 1942, 1945. Balance sheets etc, 1932-1945. A.677-A.699 PRESS-CUTTINGS 1909-1990 The bulk of this material is large format volumes into which newspaper and magazine cuttings, together with occasional photographs and memorabilia, have been pasted. Sellotaped into the front of some of the earlier volumes are typescript lists of events covered. There is some chronological overlap between volumes and a number of cuttings are duplicated in more than one volume. At A.694-A.699 are loose press-cuttings. Labelled on spine (not contemporary with the volume) ‘Very early to 1939’. Labelled on front and spine ‘1933-1940’. Loose material at front includes cuttings relating to R.F. Scott’s expedition to the South Pole, 1909-1913, and Scott’s wildfowling in Hungary, 1936. Inscribed on front ‘ “East Lights” 1934’. Used for cuttings and photographs of 14 Foot International Dinghy K 318 “East Light” built by Uffa Fox at Cowes, February 1934’. Labelled on front cover and inscribed on spine ‘1946-1952’. Labelled on front cover and inscribed on spine ‘1940 -1945’. Inscribed on front cover ‘Peter Scott cuttings Sent by Gwen Reeves’. ca 1938 - ca 1989. Used The pages are loose and there are many cuttings and other memorabilia intercalated. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Labelled on front cover and inscribed on spine ‘1947-1952’. Labelled on front cover and inscribed on spine ‘1953-1955’. Labelled on front cover and inscribed on spine ‘1955-1957’. Inscribed on spine ‘1957 to 1959’. Inscribed on spine ‘Nov 1959 to July 1961’. Inscribed on spine ‘July 1961 - December 1968 [should be 1963]. Inscribed on spine ‘January 1964 to January 1966’. Inscribed on spine ‘January 66 to April 1969’. Inscribed on spine ‘1 May 69 [to] 3 Jany 71’. Includes cuttings clipped to pages of the volume. Inscribed on spine ‘1964’. Used for cuttings on the America’s Cup. 1937-1939. A.694-A.699 Press-cuttings found loose. Inscribed on spine ‘4 Jan 71 - 20 Jan 72’. Includes cuttings clipped to pages of the volume. A.694 P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical 1940-1943. 1987-1988. A.699A-A.699C ‘Pre War Press Cuttings’. three for ease of reference. Contents of envelope so inscribed, divided into A.699A, A.699B 1934. Chiefly re yachting competitions. 2 folders. 1938, 1939. 3 photographs. 1938-1983, n.d A.700-A.710 PHOTOGRAPHS 2 photographs. Scott and others feeding geese at East Lighthouse, 1938. Scott in Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve uniform, 1940s. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Miscellaneous yachting photographs, ca 1930s. 4 photographs. A.703-A.705 Photographs of Scott’s Second World War gunboat SGB Grey Goose. A.703 HOG? 3 photographs. 1974. 3 photographs. 1989. Sent to Philippa Scott after Scott’s death. 8 photographs + covering letter. 1 photograph. 2 photographs + covering letter. See also A.346. A.709, A.710 Scott receiving award to the Wildfowl Trust, Bristol, November 1981. Scott receiving Gold Medal, Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, June 1983. Miscellaneous photographs of Scott at unidentified occasions, n.d. 1 photograph. See also H.198, H.199. Scott in Chancellor's Robes at University of Birmingham, July 1983. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical Small and postcard format. 4 photographs. Large format. 3 photographs. A.711-A.747 MISCELLANEOUS MATERIAL A.711-A.724 The Discovery A.725-A.731 Stories and poems A.732-A.736 Sketches A.737-A.739 Social invitations A.740, A.741 Historical records A.711-A.724 The Discovery 1952-1989 A.742-A.747 Miscellaneous memorabilia R.R.S. Discovery was R.F. Scott’s ship on his final journey to the South Pole. The ship changed hands a number of times before her purchase in 1923 by the Discovery Committee and transfer to the Falklands Islands Government. In 1937 Discovery was given to the Boy Scouts Association by the Falklands Islands Government and a Trust established to run the ship. The ship was not well maintained and major refurbishment was required in 1946-1948. By 1954 the Trust Fund capital was insufficient to support the ship and in 1954 it was closed. In 1955 it was transferred to the Royal Naval Reserve as a drill ship. It under went several refits and remained in use until the 1970s. Maritime Trust Appeal for its restoration. Since the 1950s there were periodic concerns about the future of the ship which were resolved by its acquisition by the Maritime Trust in 1979 and subsequent transfer to Dundee (where the ship was built in 1901). Scott’s children Nicola, Discovery (see A.518, A.520 and A.720). Chiefly correspondence and papers about the future of Discovery and Dafila and Richard were all christened on the A.711-A.718 P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical 1971-1972. March - June 1978. July - December 1978. Includes papers of meetings of Maritime Trust Appeals Committee re the Discovery. Scott was a member but did not attend the meetings. January - March 1979. April 1979. Comments re competence of a company. Includes three photographs of the ship bell of the Discovery, one showing May - December 1979, 1980. 1981-1984. A.719-A.724 Correspondence re the Discovery in Dundee 1987-1989. She spent two years R.R.S. Discovery was returned to Dundee in 1986. being restored before being opened to the public under the auspices of the Dundee Heritage Trust. the names of Scott’s children and the dates of their christenings. Chiefly re correspondence and papers re establishment and launch of the Dundee Heritage Trust 1987 and restoration of the Discovery. February - April 1987. May - November 1987. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.723, A.724 Printed literature re the Dundee Heritage Trust and the Discovery. 2 folders. A.725-A.731 Stories and poems Typescript and manuscript drafts, nearly all undated. See also A.179. ‘Film of the Sea’, manuscript draft of story. photocopied manuscript words for song Elephants Cake Walk’, ‘The composed by Scott. ‘The Wavy Navy is all at Sea’, typescript and manuscript poem by M. Dilke; untitled poem re German bombers beginning ‘An oval tail, a glassy nose’. Words for ‘Train songs & others’, ca 1939: ‘The Wreck of the Royal Palm’, ‘The Jealous Lovers of Lone Green Valley’, ‘Wreck of the 1256’, ‘Casey Jones’ etc. ‘Another waltz’ etc. ‘A picture of geese’, photocopied manuscript poem by Scott; Grace before food, photocopied manuscript. Music book labelled ‘P. Scott. His tunes’. Used for tunes of ‘Elephant verse’, Typescript joke and poem ‘For Keith Ronald’. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.732-A.736 Sketches A.732, A.733 Pencil and ink sketches, drawings and doodles. A.732 ‘The Common Diplanderacriloplast’, tree, [?W.H. Young], memorial or town cross, coat of arms for Liverpool Escort Force, ‘The Advent of Spring’, lady on donkey (x2). 8 drawings. Gliders, ‘Tropic bird’, sloth, owl and prey, designs for prints of ducks and geese, designs for [?plates] or medals, flamingoes. 7 drawings. Photocopies of sketches for Irish £1 coin and for IUCN. 2 drawings. A.735 7 drawings. A.737-A.739 1939-1988, n.d. Drawing of fanciful butterfly. 1 drawing. A.735, A.736 Drawings by others. Insects skating by Vivi-Anne Hultén, 1930. 1973, 1980. Social invitations and functions A.737 193971972: P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 Biographical A.740, A.741 Historical records Scott himself put aside historical material (chiefly relating to the Second World War) in two metal trunks. The material therein was listed and had been examined by E. Huxley and C. Dreyer. A.740, A.741 Typescript and photocopied typescript lists with manuscript annotations and manuscript notes. 2 folders. A.742-A.747 Miscellaneous memorabilia ca 1936-1983, n.d. A.742 Hungarian Pass/Licence, ca 1936. Iranian Passes, ca 1938. Includes illustration of painting of Scott. Scott's loose-leaf telephone number book, ca Catalogue for Exhibition ‘John Meyer in retrospect’. Small-format pages from 1980s. Scott’s manuscript notes on conversation with Lt Col J.P. Stapp, President of the American Rocket Society, [71956]. Pages from Scott's loose-leaf address book, n.d. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 SECTION B WORLD WAR TWO B.1-B.201 Scott joined the Royal Naval Volunteer Supplementary Reserve at the end of 1938 and he was called up soon after the outbreak of war in 1939. Scott trained on the ‘stone frigates’ HMS King Alfred at Hove, East Sussex and HMS Osprey at Portland, Dorset and then on HMS Defiance (a group of wooden ships) at Plymouth, Devon. Scott was first appointed to the destroyer HMS Acasta but, being prevented from taking up his post due to sickness, his first active service was as sub-lieutenant on the destroyer HMS Broke in February 1940. He was promoted to First Lieutenant in August 1940. Scott saw action in the Battle of France in 1940 and the Battle of the Atlantic in 1940-1942. In April 1941 he was mentioned in dispatches for his role in the rescue of the crew of the HMS Comorin. On 26 September 1941 there was an ammunition explosion on the troopship SS Franconia docked at Liverpool and Scott was amongst those who distinguished themselves by taking quick action to limit further damage and loss of life. Scott was awarded an MBE in 1942. During his period of service on HMS Broke Scott developed a new concept of camouflage design. His scheme was adopted for the ship in July 1940. The Admiralty took an interest in this work and applied it to other naval vessels. English Channel. For notable engagements in April, July and September 1943 Scott won a DSC, a third mention in dispatches and a bar to his DSC. 1944 Scott was instructed to interrogate prisoner of war Kapitan-Leutnant Karl Muller of the Tenth In February 1942 Scott left HMS Broke to take a command in the Steam Gunboat Flotilla of the Coastal Forces. For most of his service with the flotilla Scott commanded SGB 9. Scott took part in Scott relinquished command of the Gunboat Flotilla in the winter of 1943. Briefly he acted as an instructor in HMS Bee, the Coastal Forces’ training base at Holyhead, before leaving in March 1944 in charge of the Steam Gunboat Flotilla. On assuming this command Scott arranged to have the flotilla boats renamed, thus SGB 9 became HMSGB Grey Goose. Scott saw much action in the the Dieppe Raid of August 1942 and was again mentioned in dispatches. In November 1942 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and in March 1943 he was appointed Senior Officer Forces (The Nore) at Great Yarmouth. to join the planning staff for Operation Overlord. Soon after the D-Day landings of 6 June Scott was then briefly posted back to France but was soon after assigned to the staff of the Captain Coastal sent to the Normandy beachhead to establish a Coastal Forces base and in August 1944 he was assigned to Cherbourg as the Coastal Forces liaison officer with the US Navy which was involved in operations against enemy shipping in the Channel Islands. Back in Portsmouth in early October Schnellboot Flotilla with regard to technical matters relating to E-boats and Coastal Forces. He was P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 World War Two Scott's final appointment was in March 1945 to the command of HMS Cardigan Bay. surrendering E-boats to Felixstowe in May 1945. Later that year Scott published Battle of the Narrow Seas an account of the Coastal Forces’ wartime activities in the English Channel and North Sea that He escorted had been commissioned by the Admiralty in 1943. He resigned from the Royal Navy in July 1945 intending to pursue a Career in politics. The material catalogued below is the contents of six boxes inscribed ‘War’ (B.1-B.191), together with Scott's later correspondence with veterans and recollections assembled by Elspeth Huxley in the course of writing her biography of Scott. B.1-B.6 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE B.7-B.42 WAR SERVICE MATERIAL B.43-B.152 WRITINGS ON THE WAR B.153-B.191 PHOTOGRAPHS, SKETCHES, ETC B.197-B.201 B.192-B.196 CORRESPONDENCE WITH VETERANS RECOLLECTIONS SENT TO E. HUXLEY P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 World War Two GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE 1939-1945 The material listed below is the contents of an envelope of correspondence found with Scott’s other war related material and was possibly brought together by Elspeth Huxley in the course of writing her biography of Scott. Arranged in chronological order. General correspondence, May 1939 - February 1945. 1939 May, September-October. Includes photocopy re enrolment of Scott into the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, May 1939. 1939 November. 1939 December. 1940 January. : See also B.69. 1940 March-1945 May. Scurfield was Captain of HMS Broke when Scott was first assigned to the ship. Bundle of correspondence from B.G. Scurfield (also including a letter from his wife Dena informing Scott of his death), March 1940 - May 1945; two Spp typescript versions of letter from Scott to his mother re his involvement in operations at Brest during the Battle of France, etc, 20 June 1940. 1944 December, 1945 February. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 World War Two WAR SERVICE MATERIAL 1939-1956, n.d. The material listed below relates arranged in roughly chronological order. largely to Scott’s war service and is B.7-B.12 HMS Broke B.13-B.23 Work on camouflage design B.24-B.30 SGB 9 (HMSGB Grey Goose) B.31-B.36 Interviews with Kapitan-Leutnant Karl Muller B.37-B.40 Other war service material B.41 B.42 Victory Parade Memorabilia HMS Broke 1940-1942, n.d. Papers re HMS Broke, etc. a night order book so ‘HMS BROKE Mess Desk Notices etc.’. inscribed with enclosed papers, January 1940-October [71941]. Covers of ‘BROKE Miscellaneous papers’. Contents of folder so inscribed, divided into two for ease of reference, 1940-1942. Scott was appointed to the destroyer HMS Broke as sub-lieutenant in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve in February 1940. February 1940 - January 1942. Includes Scott’s Admiralty certificates of appointment to HMS Defiance, January re camouflage, etc; manuscript notices signed by Scott for posting on board ship re operational matters including U-boat and enemy aircraft activity, the German battle cruiser Scharnhorst and convoy movements. Includes papers re personnel training and their assigned stations and 1p manuscript diagram entitled ‘Conversion of No 1 Boiler Room. HMS Broke’, See also B.13-B.23, B.96 and B.180. 1940 and HMS Broke, February 1940; correspondence P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 World War Two 1p typescript page entitled ‘HMS Broke, Station, Personnel closed up’, September 1940. 15 Sailor's Pay Book and Identity Book, issued 1 November 1940. Letter from the Admiralty addressed to the Commanding Officer of HMS Broke with attached certificate of commission of Scott as Temporary Sub- Lieutenant, 1 January 1942. The letter is an Admiralty reply to details of rank contained in the certificate. a query initiated by Scott in relation to HMS Broke writing tablet, n.d. Scott annotated and drew on the cover. The remaining headed paper inside is blank. B.13-B.23 Work on camouflage design 1939-1945, n.d. See also B.5, B.7, B.78-B.82, B.165, B.189 and B.191. Scott’s idea for camouflage design was adopted for HMS Broke which was The Admiralty took an painted according to interest in this work and applied it to other naval vessels. his scheme in July 1940. Photographs of camouflage design applied to a model of a factory. Contents of an envelope addressed to Scott at Leinster Corner, London and re-addressed to him at HMS King Alfred, Hove, with postmarks for October and November 1939. reference, 1939-1941, n.d. In 1939, before the outbreak of war, Scott was staying in Stafford with his During this stay he designed a camouflage scheme for friend John Winter. Winter's Universal Grinding Wheels factory and the photographs here are of Scott appears to have brought this work to the attention of the that project. Admiralty in October 1939. Bundle of papers re camouflage design, etc, divided into five for ease of See also B.14, B.165 and B.191. B.14-B.18 P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 World War Two Correspondence re camouflage designs, October 1939-July 1941; 3pp manuscript memo to Officers of the Watch on HMS Broke re Lookouts, June 1940. See also B.16. ‘Notes on camouflage of HMS Broke’, 2pp typescript so inscribed, n.d. ‘Camouflage of Destroyers’ by B.G. Scurfield, 21 manuscript and destroyers. typescript reports draft July 1941, and undated for on camouflage principles See also B.14. Report on camouflage principles for vessels operating against U-boats, n.d. Two 1p, and two 2pp typescript versions of a report. B.19-B.21 operating against U-boats; Papers re camouflage, etc. Contents of folder so inscribed, ‘All camouflage. divided into three for ease of reference, 1940-1942, n.d. Naval Notes 1940-42’. Drawings by Scott illustrating camouflage schemes and features of light and shade on vessels, n.d. Includes 2pp illustration of camouflage scheme for naval vessel inscribed on first page ‘No.1. Elevation view of “Venomous” ‘ with 1p manuscript notes attached. annotations re operational procedures. N.d. on camouflage principles for Includes two typescript versions of entitled vessels ‘Camouflage Alterations’; two 3pp typescript draft papers with annotations, entitled ‘A.S.V. Procedure for Type 286.M’; incomplete typescript draft with Includes five certificates re Scott's conduct as an officer; correspondence and drawings re camouflage schemes; typescript and manuscript draft letters re proposal by Scott that Anti Aircraft ‘Q’ Ships be used on the east coast convoy routes. 1940 January-1942 February. manuscript notes report 1p P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 World War Two Drawings by Scott re camouflage schemes including 1p colour drawing entitled ‘HMS Broke Camouflage Scheme’, n.d. B.22, B.23 Envelope and contents of envelope, 1941-1942, n.d. 2 folders. Envelope annotated with diagram etc, n.d. Contents of envelope described at B.22, May 1941-June 1942, n.d. Includes correspondence re camouflage; two editions of ‘Luftpost’ the R.A.F propaganda leaflet in German; 1p typescript list entitled ‘No 15 Squadron. 1st 1941’; correspondence re ammunition explosion on SS Franconia. Battle Order for August, 31 On 31 August 1941 Scott flew with the RAF 15th Squadron on a Stirling bomber raid to Cologne. On 26 September 1941 there was an ammunition explosion on the troopship SS Franconia docked at Liverpool and Scott was among those who distinguished themselves by taking quick action to limit further damage and loss of life. B.24-B.30 SGB 9 (HMSGB Grey Goose) 1942-1956, n.d. See also B.90, B.91. Leather bound guest book with cardboard cover so ‘HMSG.B.9 1942’. inscribed, 28 April 1942. On 13 September 1953 Scott gave a broadcast entitled ‘S.G.B. Grey Goose’ on the BBC Home Service radio ‘Portraits of Ships’ series (see F.7). SGB 9 was commissioned on 28 May 1942. There are entries on the first two pages covering the period 30 April to 22 June 1942. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 World War Two ‘S.G.B.9’. Soft back pocket notebook so inscribed, ca January-April 1943. The notebook mainly contains manuscript notes and diagrams by Scott re operational matters but it includes notes re possible new names for the SGB Flotilla boats; doodles; notes re content of Scott’s planned book on the Coastal Forces (Battle of the Narrow Seas) including a list of possible titles; there is an intercalated photograph of HMS Wolsey. See also B.61-B.152. B.26-B.30 ‘Grey Goose’. reference, 1944, 1955-1956, n.d. Contents of folder so inscribed, divided into five for ease of Your Ship, Admiralty publication, 1944. Booklet of notes and advice to an officer on assuming his first command. B.27-B.29 Papers re re-commissioning of HASGB Grey Goose as HMS Grey Goose, etc, May 1955-June 1956, n.d. The re-commissioning ceremony took place on 22 June 1955. Large ‘fold-out’ diagram showing the general arrangement of Bay class A-A Correspondence re recognition of March, June 1956. battle honours for HMS Grey Goose, Correspondence etc re re-commissioning ceremony and sea trip, May-July 1955. 5pp typescript re engagement of July 1943 with later 2pp typescript ‘From PS's report’; correspondence re article by Scott on war service of HMUSGB Grey Goose, etc; Sailors’ News, July 1955 and October 1955. Escorts, n.d. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 World War Two B.31-B.36 Interviews with Kapitan-Leutnant Karl Muller 1944 Scott obtained permission to show a draft version of his book on the Coastal Forces, Battle of the Narrow Seas, to Miller for his comments. In the following papers Muller is frequently referred to as ‘Charlie’ Muller. See also B.61-B.152. B.31-B.34 ‘Comments on coastal forces by Karl Muller. Contents of folder so inscribed, divided into four for ease of reference, September- November 1944. of W. 1944’. P. Papers re Muller interviews and his comments on a draft of Battle of the Narrow Seas. Includes diagram engagement in which Muller was captured, September 1944. typescript reports (2pp with two 1p and 2pp) re Letter from Muller giving his critical opinion of a draft version of Battle of the Narrow Seas, November 1944. 3 November with additional notes added by Scott. of persons to whom Scott sent copies of the Muller 2pp manuscript list report; 9pp typescript of report, ca November 1944. Includes correspondence etc re distribution of Scott’s report on the Muller interviews; two 9pp typescript reports and a 5pp typescript of Muller’s letter to Scott of November 1944. interviews shortly after they were held. Hardback notebook with manuscript notes and intercalated material, October 1944. The intercalated material consists of a page of notepaper with diagrams by Muller on both sides and a an unidentified park. 1p untitled manuscript re the Scott used the notebook to make manuscript notes on the two Muller ca bird life in P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 World War Two Manuscript draft letter, with typescript copy, re Muller report with two 9pp typescripts of the report, with annotations; 5pp typescript of Muller’s letter of 3 November. November 1944. B.37-B.40 Other war service material 1941-1945, n.d. Bundle of papers re steam gunboat flotilla, command of divided into four for ease of reference. a destroyer, etc, See also B.7-B.12 and B.24-B.30. Includes correspondence re Scott's desire to command a destroyer and 2pp manuscript naval message re a successful operation against U-boats in the western approaches, January-March 1941. See also B.39. Includes correspondence re the renaming of the SGB Flotilla, engagements on the nights of 26, 27 July and 4, 5 September 1943 and related Flotilla tactical and technical matters and Scott’s St. George’s Day radio broadcast of 23 April 1943, etc; 6pp draft manuscript report re engagement on the night of 15, 16 April 1943. For notable engagements in April, July and September 1943 Scott won a DSC, a third mention in dispatches and a bar to his DSC, respectively. At the time of Scott’s appointment the frigate was under construction at Leith, Scotland. Notice appointing Scott to command of frigate HMS Cardigan Bay, March 1945. enemy bombing strategies etc, n.d. See also B.37. 2pp manuscript letter to Scott from G.C. Ayers re death of his son and 2pp draft manuscript reply, n.d.; 1p manuscript notes taken by Scott at lecture re P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 World War Two Victory Parade Papers re Victory Parade, London, 8 June 1946. Scott commentated for BBC Radio on the parade. Programme; Order of March; Scott’s manuscript notes for his commentary. Memorabilia Southwick Siren 3, May 1944. The issue contains an article entitled ‘Boating’ by an author who has signed himself, Tare Charlie Dog. The article begins with a reproduction of a naval scene by Scott. Leader, 5 February 1944. The issue features a drawing of Scott on the front cover as well an article about him on page five with attached note dated 1 February 1944. B.43-B.152 1940-1945, n.d. WRITINGS ON THE WAR The papers consist of material relating to Scott’s unpublished account of events during the summer of 1944 entitled ‘Normandy 1944’ and his book on the Coastal Forces war in the English Channel and North Sea entitled Battle of the Narrow Seas, published in 1945. Although ‘Normandy 1944’ deals with events that are also covered in Battle of the Narrow Seas there is no evidence to indicate that it was incorporated into the latter. They appear to be separate projects and are treated as such in this catalogue. Battle of the Narrow Seas B.43-B.60 ‘Normandy 1944’ B.61-B.152 P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 World War Two B.43-B.60 ‘Normandy 1944’ 1943-ca 1944 the D-Day landings of In March 1944 Scott joined the planning staff of the Captain Coastal Forces (Channel) at Portsmouth which was preparing for Operation Overlord. Soon the Normandy after Then in August he was beachhead to establish a Coastal Forces Base. assigned to Cherbourg as the Coastal Forces liaison officer with the United States Navy which was involved in operations against enemy shipping in the Scott returned to Portsmouth in September was briefly Channel Islands. posted back to France in October before eventually being assigned to the staff of the Captain Coastal Forces (The Nore) at Great Yarmouth. 6 June Scott was sent to There is no evidence that ‘Normandy 1944’ was ever published although Scott appears to have used parts of the text in writing his autobiography Eye of the Wind, 1961. Motor Torpedo Boat Manual, U.S.Navy, February 1943. B.44-B.48 Four hardback notebooks with manuscript text and intercalated material, 1944. July 1944. the notebook. Notebook one with intercalated additions. B.44, B.45 Notebook one. Together with intercalated manuscript additions to the text there was much This memorabilia has been intercalated memorabilia in placed at B.45. The notebooks were found by Scott in the offices of the Chantiers Navals de Soon after Scott began to use the France near Caen on 21 notebooks to write an account of his experiences in France following the D- Initially Scott started the account Day landings with a view to publication. but soon found himself writing up events and adding ‘almost as a diary’ material at a greater distance of time. de France. on Includes a map of the area around Cheux, France, with added detail enemy defences in the region as of May 1944; plan of the Chantiers Navals Intercalated memorabilia from notebook described at B.44, 1943, 1944, n.d. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 World War Two Notebook two, with intercalated manuscript material. The intercalated material consists of a naval pass ordering Scott to Ostend and Paris, ca 10 October 1944; manuscript additions to the text, ca October 1944; and a 1p manuscript list of goods with names and addresses on the reverse, n.d. Notebook three, with intercalated manuscript addition. The notebook also contains many pages that have come free of the binding. Notebook four. On the inside cover of of Scott's account he has written instructions relating to the typing up of the notebooks, the production of copies and their distribution. final part this Report on Operation “Overlord” — Portsmouth Command, Coastal Forces (Channel), September 1944. B.50-B.60 B.50-B.54 5 folders. B.55-B.60 ‘Secret. Normandy, 1944’. . See also B.48. 135pp typescript draft with manuscript annotations. ‘Normandy, 1944’. Contents of folder so inscribed, ca 1944. Two typescript drafts of Scott's manuscript account ‘Normandy, 1944’, ca 1944. 6 folders. 136pp typescript draft. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 World War Two B.61-B.152 Battle of the Narrow Seas 1940-1945, n.d. In 1943 the Admiralty commissioned Scott to write an account of the Coastal Forces’ wartime activities in the English Channel and North Sea. The result was Battle of the Narrow Seas (Country Life) 1945. Prior to publication Scott’s working title for the book was ‘Last night our light Coastal Forces’ or ‘Coastal Forces’. See also B.78. Scott’s sources included the personal recollections of service men, official reports, ‘naval messages’ produced during actual operations and his own accounts. Together with drafts the material listed below is mainly of this nature. See also B.25 and B.31-B.36. B.61-B.64 ‘Naval records & documents. divided into four for ease of reference, 1940-1944, n.d. Letters’. Contents of folder so inscribed, Papers re wartime Coastal Forces activities as well as matters relating to the writing of Scott’s book, etc. Correspondence and accounts from service men re wartime experiences and correspondence re publication, June 1943-February 1944, n.d. Includes 1p note entitled ‘Draft note for R.N.V.R. Officers, January 1940. HMS King Alfred’; 2pp typescript re Scott’s volunteering for special services, February 1940. Includes 2pp typescript radio interview of servicemen re an attack on E- boats, recorded 28 September 1943; a BBC dramatised radio broadcast narrated by Scott entitled ‘Into Battle’, n.d. Annotated on inside cover. 1p draft report of action, ca 1943; 2pp notes, n.d.; 2pp diagrams, n.d. B.65-B.95 Folder and contents of folder re Battle of the Narrow Seas, 1940-ca 1945. 7pp manuscript draft for Scott’s annotated folder is at B.65. ‘Material for “Battle of the Narrow Seas” ’. Folder so inscribed. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 B.66-B.95 B.66 World War Two Contents of folder described at B.65 divided into thirty for ease of reference. Correspondence re naval matters, etc, July 1941-May 1945. B.67-B.77 Papers re Battle of France, May-June 1940. B.67 1p photocopy of manuscript account by Scott entitled ‘An account of the loss the Grafton’; 3pp photocopy of manuscript account by Scott entitled of ‘Account of the Venetia’s action at Boulogne’; 2pp photocopy of manuscript by Scott entitled ‘Extract from log of HMS Venetia’. May 1940. B.68-B.71 Envelope and contents of envelope, ca 1940. B.68 Envelope with annotations, n.d. B.69-B.71 Contents of envelope described at reference, ca June 1940. B.68, divided into three for ease of B.73-B.75 See also B.5. 34pp photocopy of account by Scott entitled ‘Narrative of HMS Broke 17th- 20th June 1940’, ca June 1940. 5pp typescript letter from Scott to his mother re his involvement in operations at Brest, etc, June 1940. 8pp manuscript draft report by B.G. Scurfield re proceedings of HMS Broke on 17-20 June 1940. June 1940. reference, May-June 1940. Contents of envelope described at B.72, divided into three for ease of B.72-B.75 Envelope and contents of envelope, ca June 1940. B.72 Envelope with annotations, n.d. P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 World War Two Sketch by Scott entitled ‘Venetia in action, Boulogne, 22 May 1940’, ca May 1940. App typescript letter from Scott to his mother re his involvement in operations on 9,10 June 1940 at St Valery-en-Caux, France, June 1940. 5pp manuscript draft report by Bryan Scurfield with attached 2pp manuscript enclosure by Scott re proceedings of HMS Broke on 9-12 June 1940. June 1940. 33pp photocopy of manuscript account by Scott including 2pp photocopies of maps re proceedings of HMS Broke on 9-11 June 1940. ca June 1940. 2pp typescript account by Scott entitled ‘The Evacuation of Sea’, ca June 1940. Le Havre by Papers re Scott's work on camouflage design. See also B.5, B.7, B.13-B.23, B.165, B.189, B.191. Correspondence etc re camouflage, September 1940, August 1942, n.d. 2pp typescript draft report entitled ‘Camouflage of Landing Craft’, July 1942. B.78-B.82 ‘Camouflage’. Contents of envelope so inscribed divided into five for ease of reference, 1940-1942, n.d. entitled ‘Penelope (I think)’, n.d. 1p incomplete manuscript draft and 6pp manuscript draft, with 1p manuscript addition, of report on camouflage principles for vessels operating against U- boats, n.d. 3pp typescript draft report entitled ‘Camouflage in Coastal Forces’, July 1942. Drawings by Scott re camouflage schemes including 1p colour drawing P.M. Scott NCUACS 87/8/99 World War Two B.83-B.90 Papers re the Battle of the Atlantic, 1940-1941, n.d. B.83, B.84 Envelope and contents of envelope, ca June 1940. B.83 Scott's annotated envelope, n.d. 13pp photocopy of manuscript account by Scott re proceedings of HMS Broke whilst operating out of Plymouth, Devon, ca June 1940. The account includes a discussion of the effectiveness of the camouflage scheme that Scott had recently applied to HMS Broke. 8pp and 6pp draft manuscript reports by Bryan Scurfield re proceedings of HMS Broke on 26, 27 November 1940; 5pp draft manuscript report by Bryan Scurfield re proceedings of HMS Broke on 10-17 November 1940. October- December 1940. B.86-B.89 Papers re HMS Comorin, April 1941. ‘naval messages’ re HMS Comorin, April Correspondence including ten 1941. 1p typescript draft report re proceedings of HMS Lincoin on 6-11 April 1941. Scott was mentioned in dispatches for his role in the rescue of the crew of the HMS Comorin. 10pp manuscript account by Scott entitled ‘Atlantic rescue operations’, ca April 1941. See also B.23. 1p typescript letter and attached 2pp typescript draft accident on SS Franconia on 26 September 1941. 27pp typescript manuscript notes re proceedings of HMS Broke on 6-7 April 1941. for account by material draft Scott with attached 2pp report by Scott re