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R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The British Library The City: of Bath The The The The Pergamon Books Geological Society The Royal Society Institute of Physics Royal Society of Chemistry Society of Chemical Industry R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 LIST OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION SECTION BIOGRAPHICAL A.1-A.43 SECTION PUBLICATIONS AND LECTURES Bai=B. 59 SECTION DIAMOND CONSULTANCY Cul—-C {22 With an introductory note SECTION SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE SECTION NON-PRINT MATERIAL APPENDIX UNDERGRADUATE NOTEBOOKS INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received in June 1988 from Mrs Doreen Ditchburn and Professor G W Series, FRS , the author of the Royal Society memoir of Ditchburn. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF R W DITCHBURN Robert William Ditchburn was born in Waterloo, Lancashire, 922: He also As he already had a of the’ Triposs... He graduated in 1924. in 1903. He attended Bootle Grammar School (where his father, who a Higher School Certificate in relevant subjects. degree in Physics Ditchburn was excused Part I was admitted to Trinity College the same year. Ditchburn passed the Ordinary Degree in Mathematics and Physics in 1920 and gained his BSc Honours in Physics in from 911% University where he was exempted from the first year course because he held 16 Ditchburn won a Bibby Scholarship to Liverpool At the age of graduated in Physics from the University of London, was Headmaster) was successful in the Cambridge University Scholarship Examination and its former Head. and this, together with the Isaac Newton Scholarship held 1925-28 and various academic prizes, enabled him to study for his PhD at the In 1923 Ditchburn had won a four year Senior Scholarship Cavendish Laboratory under Sir J J Thomson, R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 Apparently with no great hope of success Ditchburn applied for a fellowship at Trinity College Dublin in 1928. He was in fact elected and a year later was appointed Erasmus Smith's Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy at Dublin University. Also in 1929 Ditchburn married Doreen Barrett. They remained in Dublin until 1946, except for three years from 1942 during which Ditchburn served as Principal Experimental Officer at the Admiralty Research Laboratory, Teddington. Ditchburn returned to England in 1946 to take up the Chair of Physics at Reading University. As Head of the Department he oversaw a considerable growth in the study of physics at the University; from 1946 to his retirement in 1968 the staff of the Department increased from three to over thirty. This expansion, which Ditchburn himself thought new Whiteknights site. An important field of study of the Physics Department, assume a prominent position in this field. diamonds. In the years thereafter the University of Reading was to his single most important contribution to science, culminated in the opening in 1960 of the J J Thomson Physical Laboratory, built on the initiated at the suggestion of Sir Francis Simon in 1953, was diamond research, particularly the investigation of the effects of radiation on synthesising diamonds, a project which was eventually successful. Diamond Research Committee, acting as chairman from its inception until establish a sound administrative base for the company's research into 1982. He served as a consultant on diamonds to De Beers and helped to In 1956 Ditchburn was instrumental in forming an international R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 Ditchburn retired in 1968 though he remained active in the fields of diamond research and optics. He also found time to research the illness of Sir Isaac Newton, disputing the suggestion that he died of mercury poisoning. At about this time Ditchburn became strongly committed to the Pugwash movement and attended the 1967 conference in Sweden. He produced a number of papers for Pugwash meetings on the subject of armaments and the energy crisis. Ditchburn's Royal Society memorialist identifies his principal research areas as the photo-ionization of gases and vapours, other absorption processes relevant to the upper atmosphere, the optical properties of solids, (especially diamonds) and the effect of eye movements on visual perception. His most important publication, Light, was first published in 1952 and, Ditchburn's scientific achievements were recognised with 1942-1943. and with all aspects of the subject. His interest in eye movements may have been inspired by his Perception, in 1973, five years after retirement. wartime research at Teddington. In his later years Ditchburn concentrated numerous honours and awards. He was elected to the Fellowship of the with revised editions 1963 and 1976, became a standard textbook dealing Royal Irish Academy 1930, serving on its council twice, 1933-1939 on this topic, publishing his second major work, Eye Movements and Visual Institute of Physics. the Physical Society and was vice-president 1958-1960, delivering the two years as vice-president of the newly-merged Physical Society and He was made a Fellow of both the Physical Society (1943) and Society's Thomas Young Oration in 1959. Ditchburn then served a further the Institute of Physics (1949). In 1952-1955 he was on the council of R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society 1962 and served on several of its committees. He was also on the British National Committees for Physics, Astronomy and Radio-Science and the National Subcommittee for Optics 1948-1966 (chairman from 1961). In addition to these and other positions and honours Ditchburn was a Fellow of the Optical Society of America and in 1983 was awarded the prestigious C E K Mees Medal for his contribution to optics research. For a full account of the life and career of Ditchburn see G W Series' Royal Society memoir 'Robert William Ditchburn 1903-1987' on which the above outline has freely drawn. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material is presented in the order given in the List of Contents. The collection, although small in size, offers a respectable Section A, Biographical, consists of Ditchburn's own material while he was compiling the Royal Society memoir. The final draft of the the recollections of colleagues, students and friends sent to G W Series his 'Reminiscences' for The Making of Physicists, and letters containing relating to his career, including curricula vitae and a typescript copy of amount of biographical material, material relating to Ditchburn's principal publications and diamond research at Reading and some scientific correspondence. given by Ditchburn probably while professor at Trinity College Dublin. lectures and seminars are represented only by B.4, a notebook for lectures sequence of notes, drafts, correspondence and other material relating to Ditchburn's publications and lectures. Unfortunately his university memoir is at A.l. Section B, Publications and Lectures, comprises a chronological R.W.Ditchburn Ncuacs 6/5/88 There is a considerable body of material relating to the English language editions of Light (B.8-B.30). At the end of the sequence is a small subsection (B.57-B.59) devoted to Ditchburn's work for the Pugwash movement, principally papers and lecture notes on armaments and energy. Section C, Diamond Consultancy, is a chronologically presented sequence of, mainly, correspondence between Ditchburn and colleagues in South Africa regarding progress in research at Reading. Section D, Scientific Correspondence, consists of letters arranged alphabetically by correspondent, chiefly about light and vision. nuclear fusion through laser systems was unlikely to have any commercially viable result (D.6). At D.12 is 1970 correspondence with D Fishlock, science correspondent of the Financial Times, who enquired about a second world year. Also of interest is a letter Ditchburn sent in 1975 to the Burmah Oil Company suggesting that their investment in research into achieving war government campaign encouraging the consumption of carrots as an aid It includes a 1935 letter from Sir J Chadwick (D.8) thanking Ditchburn for recommending him for the Nobel Prize in Physics which he received that to night vision. R.W.Ditchburn Ncuacs 6/5/88 Section E, Non-print material, is largely group photographs taken at various conferences. There is also a photograph of students at the Cavendish Laboratory 1927 (E.1). E.11 is a tape-recording of a lecture by Ditchburn on Sir J J Thomson. The appendix reproduces with permission Liverpool University Archives' catalogue of Ditchburn's undergraduate notebooks. R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 LOCATIONS OF FURTHER MATERIAL The University of Liverpool Archives hold 7 notebooks dating from Ditchburn's undergraduate courses 1920-22 (D.367). See appendix. The Manuscripts Department of Cambridge University Library possesses an early undated notebook recording experiments (Add. MS 8637). The Admiralty Research Establishment holds a collection of papers relating to Ditchburn's wartime research there. Mrs Ditchburn retains a little personal material. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS available her husband's papers, and to Professor G W Series for a draft We are very grateful to Mrs Doreen Ditchburn for making of his Royal Society memoir and the material assembled for it. Bath 1988 Peter Harper Timothy E Powell R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.1 -A.8 Biographical and Autobiographical A.9 - A.27 Career, Honours and Awards A.28 - A.43 Material re Royal Society memoir of Ditchburn Biographical and Autobiographical 'Final' draft of G Ditchburn. and corrections. W Series's Royal Society memoir of 39pp typescript with a few ms additions The Times obituary of Ditchburn, 15 April 1987. Obituary in University of Reading Bulletin, May 1987. Curriculum vitae with notes on papers published. 4pp typescript, 14 January 1960. Curriculum vitae, lp typescript, 1969 or later. Requests for biographical information, 1966-81 and nd, with information provided by Ditchburn. Obituary for Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics. Spp typescript with ms note '2nd half of 1987 or early 88'. Ditchburn was the first of eighteen senior physicists who recounted their student days for The Making of Physicists. 'Reminiscences', The Making of Physicists, Adam Hiiger, L987. R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 Biographical "Reminiscences by R.W.Ditchburn', 9pp typescript. Correspondence, chiefly with the History of Physics Group of the Institute of Physics who commissioned the book, July - November 1985. Correspondence with the History of Physics Group re recollections of the Kapitza Club, September - November 1986. Publicity material re The Making of Physicists, with covering letter. Career, Honours and Awards Award of Bibby University of Liverpool 1919-22. scholarship, testimonials and degree certificates. Quarterly bill H Fowler. from Sir J J Thomson (2), invitation from Sir J J and Lady testimonials (probably for Ditchburn's Trinity College Cambridge 1924-25. of Michaelhouse Commemoration Dinner, Michaelmas 1924; correspondence with Sir J J and Lady Thomson. Menu for Sexcentenary Trinity College Cambridge 1926-27. from Trinity College; Thomson to meet P Painleve, the French mathematician and politician; application to Trinity College Dublin) R Vere Laurence and R Royal Irish Academy. Trinity College Dublin 1928. Ditchburn's election as Fellow; from Lord Rayleigh and L offering to nominate Ditchburn for the Fellowship of the a Chief Assistant at the Commonwealth Solar Observatory, Canberra, 21 February 1928. Letter from A S Eddington re a vacancy in Australia for Newspaper cuttings recording letters of congratulation R Wilberforce; letter from J L Synge R.W.Ditchburn Ncuacs 6/5/88 Biographical Letter from E Rutherford with advice on ‘organising the Course' at Trinity College, 23 April 1929. Material re application for Chair of Physics, Birmingham University, 1936. Includes letters from J Chadwick, Rutherford and Thomson promising support. Letter from Lord Rayleigh agreeing: to give Ditchburn ‘a reference for the Aberdeen post', 31 January 1945. Letter from C re the possibility of Ditchburn returning to Cambridge, 15 June 1945. P Snow (Tutor, Christ's College Cambridge) Material re appointment to Chair of Physics, Reading University, 1946. Includes typescript copy of Ditchburn's curriculum vitae and letter of congratulation from J A Crowther, whom he succeeded. Election to Fellowship of the Royal Society. Material re the opening of the J Laboratory 1960, and its 25th Anniversary 1985. J Thomson Physical Correspondence re Ditchburn's resignation as a Home Office Regional Scientific Adviser for Civil Defence, May 1955. Menu for Trinity College Cambridge Annual Gathering Dinner, 16 June 1953. letters and telegrams were received. Telegram informing Ditchburn of his election and letter from H 15 March 1962. Mrs Ditchburn's ms list of those from whom congratulatory W Florey, PRS, inviting him to lunch at the Society, R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 Biographical A.22 - A.24 Letters and telegrams of congratulation. alphabetical order. In 3 folders. Correspondence with H of a Senior Foreign Scientist Fellowship offered by the US National Science Foundation, 1964. D Kramer xe Ditchburn's acceptance Telegrams and letter sent to Ditchburn upon his retirement, July 1968. Optical Society of America. Letter informing Ditchburn of his election to Fellow Emeritus, 8 December 1981. Photocopy from Physics Today, November 1983, re award of the Society's C K Mees Medal to Ditchburn. E W Series during the Material re Royal Society memoir of Ditchburn Correspondence from Mrs Ditchburn to Series. Correspondence assembled by G preparation of his Royal Society memoir, the final draft of which is-at Al. In alphabetical order. Correspondence with friends and colleagues of Ditchburn, and with institutions with which he was associated, arising from Series's request. Copy of letter sent by Series to colleagues of Ditchburn requesting recollections. A.29 - A.43 R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 Biographical Admiralty Research Establishment, Teddington, re Ditchburn's wartime research on optics. Allibone, T E. Blakemore, C, re significance of Ditchburn's work on physiology of optics. British Pugwash Group, xe Ditchburn's contribution to Pugwash. Newsletter, 1987. Includes copy of obituary from Pugwash Clark, C D, re Reading University. B, re Ditchburn's (and Reading University's) Includes 4pp Dyer, H contribution to the diamond industry. typescript essay with tributes from Dyer, F C Frank and D Tabor and 2pp typescript list of postgraduate students from Reading who studied diamonds for their Includes 3pp Ph.Ds. Frank, F Fellgett, P B, re Reading University. C, re Diamond Conferences and Pugwash. Evans, T, re Reading University and De Beers consultancy. Gregg, AH, re Trinity College Dublin. typescript recollections. Hotty: from his The University of Reading: (1976), with formal letter from Reading University to the same effect. Gives permission to Series to use extracts Includes an obituary written for Physics Heddle, D W O, xe Reading University. Heavens, O S. Bulletin, July 1987. J C< the first fifty years R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 Biographical H. Hopkins, H and correspondence with Mrs Ditchburn and Royal Society re unpublished paper by Ditchburn on 'Nuclear Winter'. Letter re Ditchburn's role in Optica Acta Institute of Physics re Ditchburn's role in both the Institute and the Physical Society. photocopy of the citation for the award of the 1959 Thomas Young Oration. Includes 2pp Kelly, A, re Reading University. lang; vA Rk, xe Diamond Research Conferences. Marr, GV, re Reading University. Mills; I.-M. Includes address delivered at Ditchburn's funeral. Pite, He Smith; S De Permission to quote from Seaton, M photo-ionization. J. Material re Ditchburn's membership of Oxford University Press. Ditchburn's two contributions to The Oxford Companion to the Mind. Royal Irish Academy. the Academy including photocopies of his certificate of candidature and list of his papers published in the Academy's Proceedings. Includes note on research at Reading. Includes note on Ditchburn's work on R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 Biographical Steele, J P, re Trinity College Dublin. Walton, EJS. Wright, WD. Wynne, C G. R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 SECTION B PUBLICATIONS AND LECTURES Bi, Bee Bibliographies B.3 - B.56 Publications and Lectures B57. = B.59 Pugwash Movement Bibliographies Typescript lists of publications. Typescript listsSof papers on with Stabilised Images' and 'vacuum spectroscopy' published by members of the Reading University Physics Department, including Ditchburn. 'Eye Movements and Vision J Thomson re a series of draft papers Thomson advised him 'to send 15 November 1932. Publications and Lectures Letter from Sir J Ditchburn had sent him. these papers as they stand'. Loose leaf notebook with ms lecture notes, probably for Ditchburn's Trinity College Dublin courses. 1935-1947. 'The technician in art, science and industry'. Notebook with Ditchburn's ms notes on various subjects including 'The place of Technique in Science and Art' which may have been the basis for his published lecture of 1939 R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 Publications and Lectures Admiralty Research Laboratory, 'Interconversion tables for photometric units', 27 October 2pp typescript + 3pp tables. 1944. Admiralty Research Laboratory, 'The uses of red and orange light in the Services', 6 June 1945. typescript + 9pp figs. lp index, 2pp references, lp table, 35pp B.8-B.14 First edition, Blackie and Son L952 B.15-B.23 Second edition, Blackie 1963 B.24-B.30 Third edition, Academic Press 1976 First edition letter from publishers, 20 December 1946. contract with Blackie, Ms notes on previous books by other authors on light. Outline plan, lp typescript; July 1945; Outline plan of Light, 15pp typescript with ms annotations. Found with the contract. 30 September 1954. Ms notes beginning 'Consider a sphere of radius a containing N molecules with an assigned molecule at the centreO'. with material re Light (lst ed.). Booklet advertising Light; letter from Ditchburn re corrections and alterations, reviews of Light, 1953; 4pp. Not in Ditchburn's hand but found R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 Publications and Lectures Correspondence with publishers and readers arising from publication of first edition, 1958-64. alphabetically. Arranged 3 folders. Second edition List of journals to receive review copies of Light. Reviews of second edition of Light, 1963-65 and nd. Correspondence re second edition arranged alphabetically. 4 Eno, R Hargreaves, C M Blackie and Son Ltd. 1963-70 Free, J, re spectra of energy ; re revision of Light in view Emeleus, KG , re ambiguities in Light Bragalok, iHeu o of Bellevue Conference. Institute of Physics and Physical Society Heavens, OS Hopkins, H H R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 Publications and Lectures Long, J interference. F, re reference to single photon Mykura, H Robinson, E, of light through cloth. re experiments on diffraction Smith, RA Speer, R J, re BHUV grating study. Taylor, AM, re Taylor's review of Light in Contemporary Physics. Thames and Hudson Ltd Walsh, JWT Wapniarsky, W J Third edition Plates for Light. alphabetically. Correspondence re third edition arranged Prefaces for third edition, 4pp typescript. 2 folders Academic Press published the third edition after Blackie and Son declined to issue a Academic Press Inc 1971-75 revised edition. R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 Publications and Lectures Blackie and Son Ltd Heavens, OS 1973-81 Heavens contributed a number of short sections to the third edition. chiefly concerns the subjects that should be covered and the payment of royalties. The correspondence Miscellaneous correspondence. ; 1977-80 L Synge on a note, 'Representation of Letter from J an unstable particle', sent him by Ditchburn. claims to be ‘quite incompetent to judge' but suggests Ditchburn 'go ahead and publish it and see what happens!' 15 February 1954. Synge With copy of the note dated 1 February 1954, 4pp typescript. Correspondence with the Television Society re invitation to give the 1966 Fleming Memorial Lecture, June-August 1965. Brief correspondence from P Rosbaud, July 1960, enclosing letter from Sir G P Thomson declining editorship of book. Both Rosbaud and Thomson express the hope that Ditchburn would be willing to undertake this task. Ditchburn declined the invitation because of a visit abroad. R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 Publications and Lectures ‘Eye Movements', Encyclopaedia of Linguistics, Information and Control, 1969. Letter from editor thanking Ditchburn for his article, 10 June 1966. "Joseph John Thomson, Nobel Prize in 1906', 1968. Ditchburn was approached by Fratelli Fabbri Editori, an Italian publishing company, to write an article on Thomson for a volume on Physics Nobel prizewinners. Thomson was Ditchburn's supervisor at the Cavendish Laboratory 1924-28. Found with drafts of the article and related correspondence were memorabilia of the 1926 Cavendish Laboratory celebrations (B.37-B.39). Thomson may be found at A.10, A.1l, A.15, B.3 and B.42, with a tape-recording of a lecture by Ditchburn on Thomson at Bellis Further material relating to note accompanying payment of fee. contract "Joseph John Thomson, Nobel Prize for Physics 1906'. Two slightly different 12pp typescript copies of article. Correspondence with Fratelli Fabbri Editori; for article; April - December 1968. Menu for Cavendish celebration, 18 December 1926. 1926 saw both the seventieth anniversary of the foundation of the Laboratory and Sir J Memorabilia of the 1926 Cavendish Laboratory celebration. The two events were celebrated together. J Thomson's seventieth birthday. R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 Publications and Lectures "Cavendish Laboratory Supplement', Nature, 18 December 1926. Reproductions of signatures of past and present workers in the Cavendish Laboratory, bound in hard covers and labelled 'J J T 1956-1926'- Presented to Thomson in recognition of his ‘contributions to theoretical and experimental physics’. Letter from Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, 9 May 1973, re publication of papers read at symposium on Light and Sight. Two 'Comments' on points raised at symposium, 2pp typescript. A Riggs re his review Spp typescript. Eye Movement and Visual Perception, Clarendon Press, 19735. Reviews 1973-75, with letter from L for Contemporary Psychology, 23 July 1974. "Reminiscences of the Cavendish Laboratory 1922-28', Physics Bulletin, 1977. SOC, - 1977 and 19/8. February 1978; typescript + Ditchburn from J Preston with 3pp ms notes on Smith; photocopy of ‘appreciation’ of Smith by K Correspondence with P re two articles by Ditchburn and A ineProo. Roy... ‘final copy' of Ditchburn's draht; «2pp lp typescript notes for editor; . Letter to B Fellgett, April, August 1978, E Drysdale published 'Thomas Smith, FRS', Supplement 1961-1970. Dictionary of National Biography Request from editor for a notice of Smith's Life, J Habell. R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 Publications and Lectures 'The relation between retinal-image movement and rotation ofthe eve. -“Opriica Acta 26..(1:07.9)". Abstract only. ‘The function of small saccades', Vision Research 20 (1980). 4pp typescript. Ditchburn's ms notes on ‘Parallel Visual Pathways: a review', by P Lennie, Vision Research 20 (1980). 4pp. "Newton's Illness of 1692/3', Notes and Records of the Royal Society 35 (1980). that he died of a breakdown brought As Ditchburn held the Isaac Newton Scholarship at Cambridge 1925-28, his interest in Newton was fitting. Includes copies of two articles by Lenihan, and 'Mercury and Man'. 'Hair and History' Correspondence with J MA Lenihan re the use of hair samples to obtain evidence of mercury poisoning, 1979. Ditchburn disputed the conclusion reached in two 1979 articles in Notes and Records that Newton's death resulted from mercury poisoning, putting forward an alternative case on by clinical depression. Ms notes on clinical depression. Ms notes on Newton's health. R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 Publications and Lectures Ms notes and background information on mercury poisoning. Miscellaneous correspondence re Ditchburn's article, including letter from M Wolbarsht, co-author of article maintaining the mercury poisoning theory. Photocopies and cuttings re the debate on Newton's death. Copy of letter from W Britannica, 20 October 1984, Geserrors in “encrles “on "electromagnetic radiation' and 'light', the latter being a contribution by Ditchburn. M Dalton to editor of Encyclopaedia W Petley in which Ditchburn mentions his S Heavens was nearing "Stabilization of Retinal Images', The Oxford Companion to the Mind, OUP, 1987. The book, Optics, written with O completion at the time of Ditchburn's death. Letter to B interest in optical experiments on relativity in is writing, 7 May 1985. connection with a book he Correspondence re illustrations, 14 January 1987. R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 Pugwash Movement Publications and Lectures Ditchburn attended his first International Pugwash Conference in 1967 at Ronneby in Sweden. He also attended the 1972 Oxford Conference and that held in Munich 1977, at which he gave a paper on 'Factors which Determine the Level of Armaments' (B.58). Ditchburn also contributed to two international Pugwash symposia in London 1980 and 1985. He was an active member of the British Pugwash Group and it was at one of their meetings on 8 April 1987 that he suffered a fatal heart-attack. The material includes two papers delivered by Ditchburn to international Pugwash meetings, together with a number of undated papers and sets of lecture notes. See also A.3l. 'the Typescript drafts and notes. Letter appealing for funds sent out by Ditchburn as "youngster" in the UK Pugwash Executive', 1979. lp. "Assessment of Dangers in New Weapons', Pugwash Symposium, London, 10-12 December 1980, missing. "Factors which Determine the Level of Armaments', Pugwash Conference,Munich, 1977, lp abstract. Spp + 4pp (photocopy), last page Notes on nuclear energy, nd, Untitled draft on nuclear weapons, nd, 2pp. R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 Publications and Lectures Ms lecture notes. "Nuclear Energy and Governmental Problems', nd, list..of stiides. . 7pp + lp "Energy Policy", nd, 2pp. ‘Alternative Scientific Programmes', nd, 3pp. R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 SECTION C DIAMOND CONSULTANCY From 1955 Ditchburn, and many of his colleagues and students in the Physics Department of Reading University, undertook consultancy work for Industrial Distributors (1946) Ltd, a subsidiary of the South African mining company De Beers. Among the projects with which Ditchburn was associated was the attempt to emulate the success of the General Electric Company (GEC) of America in synthesising diamond,which had been subject to US government embargo because of its strategic significance. Ditchburn was able to recommend to De Beers an administrative structure for the project, which greatly contributed to its success in 1959. H B Dyer of De Beers,in an account sent to Ditchburn's Royal Society Diamond Conferences which it organised. important contribution by a single institute to this subject'. (A532) a chronological sequence 1954-69. The catalogue entries indicate the 1956-86, serving as chairman to 1982, and played a major part in the Physical Properties of Materials Group at Reading as '.... the single most The material, chiefly correspondence between Ditchburn and Industrial Ditchburn was also a founder member of the Diamond Research Committee memorialist, described the diamond research conducted by Ditchburn and his Distributors' Diamond Research Laboratory in South Africa, is presented in principal topics of the correspondence. R.W.Ditchburn NcUACS 6/5/88 Diamond consultancy 1954 Coloration and decoloration of diamonds by irradiation; increasing diamond fluorescence ('sparkle') by surface chemical treatment. Includes 'Report on diamond polishing’ by H 4pp typescript. B Dyer, 1955 Coloration and decoloration of diamonds; diamonds. synthesising Includes letters re GEC's and ASEA Sweden's attempts to produce artificial diamonds, March. Coloration and decoloration of diamonds; 1957 Diamond J Oppenheimer, Patent for decoloration of blue diamonds; 1957 Diamond 1956 Patenting of new decoloration process for blue diamonds. 1957 Jan-May Conference. A Chapple and Ditchburn re 'Reading Scheme', 3pp typescript. Includes notes on discussions between P W With report by Ditchburn on diamond research at Reading, 5pp typescript. diamond; absorption edge spectrum of diamond. Acquisition of specimens of synthetic diamond from GEC; Diamond Research Committee; polarisation of luminescence in 1957 June-Sept Conference. 1957 Oct-Dec R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 Diamond consultancy 1958 Jan-May Diamond Research Committee; synthetic diamond from ASEA Sweden. efforts to acquire specimens of 1958 Aug-Dec New metal evaporation technique; coloration process. patenting of diamond 1959 Jan-June Chemical coloration of diamonds; 'Stigma' research programme. 1959 July-Nov 1960 Jan-May 1960 June-Oct 1961 Jan-Mar in semiconducting Diamond Conference 1959; irradiation of diamonds. Framesite; irradiation of diamonds. Diamond Research Committee , J Kemmey and E W J Mitchell, lp typescript. Includes report on diamond research at Reading University, 3pp typescript + 3pp list of papers 1952-60, and summary of paper 'The Anisotropy of Magnetoresistance diamond' by P diamonds. Includes letter dated 24 February on Sir Gordon Sutherland's announcement to the Royal Society the previous evening that the National Physical Laboratory had successfully synthesised Diamond Research Laboratory; in diamonds. Visit to UK by J F H Custers, Director of Research at the annealing radiation damage R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 Diamond consultancy 1961 Apr-July E M Wilks's research programme at Reading; 'Moissan's diamonds’. 1961 Aug-Oct "Chemical' method of drilling diamonds; of artificial diamonds; coloration of diamonds. patent on production Includes 'The coloration of small diamond brilliants by electrical bombardment' H Custers and F-A Raal, 6pp typescript + lp captions + illustration, and 'Electronic properties of diamond' by E topics at Reading, 5pp typescript. J Mitchell, a report on research by J W F 1961 Nov-Dec Early attempts to synthesise diamonds. 4pp typescript. 1962 1964 D Clark on "Coloration of Diamonds Colour measurement of diamonds. Includes 'Comments by C by Electron Irradiation" ', T Evans's attempt to bond diamond particles by plastic deformation. on diamonds, 18 December. Plastic deformation of diamond. K Dickinson re his research Letter and abstracts from S LOGS LGG, R.W. Ditchburn NcuaAcS 6/5/88 Diamond consultancy 1968 "Proposals for the continuation of financial support for diamond work at Reading', 1l0Opp duplicated typescript. 1969 and nd Ditchburn's copies of covering letters sent with diamonds returned to South Africa, 3 February 1969. "Replies to the questions asked about surface properties of diamond', nd, 5pp typescript with ms note ‘Joint with Trevor E[vans]'. R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 SECTION D SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE Del = -D.34 APNULE,..n Re night vision. 3 folders. Bach-y-Rita, P Includes note on V lp typescript. Blackie and Son Ltd S S system for Bach-y-Rita. 1969-70 Re reprinting Roberts' Heat and Thermodynamics. Blume, S S Branton, P Broderick,” = 27S Buchsbaum, G Re colour perception. Burr, D C and Morrone, MC Burmah Oii Co.Ltd Re laser fusion. Re Rapid Eye Movements (REMs). Re problem of statistical methodology. Includes note on 'Shadows of the Retinal Blood Vessels', But Lem. Cuc Campbell, FW 2pp ms + 2pp ms diagrams. R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 Scientific correspondence Chadwick, J Chadwick thanks Ditchburn for recommending him to the Nobel Committee. Prize for Physics 1935. He received the Nobel Clark;,’¢..D Constable and Co. Ltd Cotton; 2:4 Cratchley, E M Re producing variations in colour on stretched film by sound waves. Dale, S Dyson, J Einstein, A 1966741973 Emeleus, K G Re scattering of light. E Pringsheim re Principally re flash tubes. Photocopy of letter to polarisation of resonance radiation. B Eric Bateman and Partners Rew tenses, Fellgett, P R.W.Ditchburn NcuACcS 6/5/88 D2 2--eont 1d Fishlock, D Scientific correspondence Fishlock, Science Editor of The Financial Times, wrote to Ditchburn enquiring about the scientific basis for the claim, made during a second world war government campaign, that eating carrots aided night vision. Ditchburn replied that through experiments it was ascertained ‘that the average change [in night vision] was favourable but was not statistically significant'. Franck, J Re pressure-broadening of spectral lines and Doppler effect. Ginsborg, B L Glazebrook, RT Gaardner, K Garlick, °C Fd Re shadows of retinal blood vessels Letter to Ditchburn written between 1929, the date Ditchburn was made Professor at Dublin University, and 1935, the year of Glazebrook's death. Gunn, A DG Card thanking Ditchburn for his congratulations on Granit's receipt of the Nobel Prize for Medicine. Goldberg, L Granit, RA R.W.Ditchburn NCUACS 6/5/88 Scientific correspondence Harper, WR Letter re Harper's reconsideration of paper' approximate theory of diffraction', Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 25 (1929)). ('On the obliquity function to be used in the 'my diffraction With 5pp typescript notes 'Mature reflections on Proc.+Camb<=. Phil Soc. 25. ;(1929)4 sand reprint of original paper with Harper's ms corrections and additions, 1946. Hilger and Watts Ltd Hopkins, H H Innisfree Electronics for Cathode Ray Images Re Kantor, W Kelly, D H Lindberg,, +D B23 Ba23 Be 2492 AT 43 R.W.Ditchburn NcuACS 6/5/88 Index of correspondents WILBERFORCE, Lionel Robert WILKINSON, Sir Denys (Haigh) WILKS, Eileen M WOLBARSHT, Myron L WOOSTER, WA Aso, ALLS A.24 A. 24, Cols