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Catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Ralph Ambrose Kekwick FRS (1908-2000) by Timothy E. Powell and Peter Harper NCUACScatalogue no. 118/4/03 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 Title: Catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Ralph Ambrose Kekwick FRS (1908-2000), biophysicist Compiled by: Timothy E. Powell and Peter Harper Description level: Fonds Date of material: 1920-2002 Extent of material: 21 boxes, ca 430 items Depositedin: Archives and Manuscripts section, Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine, London Reference code: GB 0120 PP/RAK © 2003 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath. NCUACS catalogue no. 118/4/03 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS118/4/03 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists is supported by the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The British Computer Society The British Crystallographic Association The Geological Society Girton College Cambridge TheInstitute of Physics The Royal Society The Royal Astronomical Society The Royal Society of Chemistry St John’s College Cambridge Trinity College Cambridge The Wellcome Trust R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCETO: ARCHIVES AND MANUSCRIPTS SECTION WELLCOME LIBRARY FOR THE HISTORY AND UNDERSTANDING OF MEDICINE LONDON R.A. Kekwick NCUACS118/4/03 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION Items Page SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.1-A.37 SECTION B LISTER INSTITUTE OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE B.1-B.10 16 SECTION C RESEARCH C.1-C.311 SECTION D PUBLICATIONS AND LECTURES D.1-D.33 SECTION E SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS E.1-E.42 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS 60 67 74 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 5 GENERALINTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received from Mrs Elizabeth Till, daughter of R.A. Kekwick, in 2000 and 2002. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF RALPH AMBROSE KEKWICK Ralph Ambrose Kekwick was born on 11 November 1908 in Leytonstone in Essex. He was educated at the Leyton County High School for Boys and University College London, from where he graduated with First Class Honours B.Sc. in Chemistry in 1928. He remained at University College to undertake research, initially in physical chemistry under F.G. Donnan, then moving to study physical biochemistry under J.C. Drummond during which time he worked in close association with R.K. Cannan. In 1930 he was awarded a Bayliss-Sterling Memorial Scholarship and was also appointed Demonstrator in Biochemistry at University College. In 1931-1933 Kekwick held a Commonwealth Fund Fellowship. This enabled him to spend two years in the United States, again studying with R.K. Cannan, who had by then moved to the New York University College of Medicine, before moving on to Princeton University and the Marine Biological Laboratories at Woods Hole, Massachusetts for research on the effects of anaerobic conditions on permeability. Kekwick returned to the UK in 1933 to take up a post as Lecturer at University College London. In 1935 Kekwicktravelled to Sweden as a Rockefeller Foundation Fellow to work under T. Svedberg at the Institute of Physical Chemistry, University of Uppsala. This proved to be a key momentin Kekwick’s career as he was introducedto the ultracentrifuge and electrophoresis apparatus, both developed at Uppsala. The ultracentrifuge, designed by Svedberg and colleagues, was usedfor the study of protein molecules in blood plasma. It separated out protein molecules to leave a pure protein preparation, for example plasma albumin and globulins while the rate of sedimentation could be measured to give a sedimentation co-efficient (a characteristic property of the protein). This allowed the molecular weight to be calculated and the proteins identified. The electrophoresis apparatus, designed by A.W.K. Tiselius, worked through the measurementof the negative electrical charge of proteins. As the size of the charge varies according to the protein’s chemical structure, whenanelectrical charge was passed through a solution, proteins with a greater charge migrated towards the positive pole more rapidly. These techniques contributed to the general understanding of the part the proteins played in biologicalactivity, the importanceof fibrinogen in blood clotting, the role of gamma globulin in combating infection and the role of albumin in maintaining the correct R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 6 volume of blood. It also allowed for the diagnosis of medical conditions in which ratios of proteins in blood plasma were abnormal. Following this visit the Lister Institute for Preventive Medicine in London acquired an ultracentrifuge and in 1937 Kekwick was awarded a research grant from the Medical Research Council for ultracentrifuge and electrophoretic investigations on pathological and immune sera, which he undertookatthe Lister Institute. He was formally taken on the Scientific Staff of the Institute in 1940. During the Second World War Kekwick remainedat the Lister Institute undertaking experimental and production work for the Medical Research Council’s Blood Transfusion Research Committee. With A.S. McFarlane he devised a processto clarify outdated blood plasma so asto renderit suitable for transfusion. He was appointed Head ofthe Lister's Biophysics Division in 1943 and he and his team worked on methodsof freeze-drying plasma and then of separating out proteins in blood plasma. At the end of the war the MRC established a Blood Products Laboratory at the Lister Institute’s station at Elstree, Hertfordshire. Kekwick worked closely with this Laboratory, acting as an adviser to it, but continued his own research at his laboratory in London. He continued research on blood plasma analysis with ultracentrifuge and electrophoretic techniques and working on practical improvements in blood transfusion processes. In the 1950s he developed a method of fractionating out a fibrinogen fraction rich in Factor VIII, the anti-haemophilic globulin. This led to thefirst clinical use of this Factor in treating haemophilia in 1957 and the establishment of a national laboratory dedicated to plasma fractionation. Kekwick’s association with University College London also continued after the war. In 1954 he was appointed Reader in Chemical Biophysics and appointed to a personal Chair in Biophysics in 1966 (Emeritus and Fellow 1971). In addition to his pioneering work in blood plasma research, Kekwick contributed to developments in haematology through his service on a number of Medical Research Council committees concerned with blood transfusion, haemophilia and hypogammaglobulinaemia. He also served on the Committee of the British Biophysical Society 1967-1970. Kekwick waselected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1966. Kekwick married twice; in 1933 to Barbara Stone (d. 1973) whom he had met while in the USA and with whom he had one daughter, and in 1974 to Margaret Mackay (d. 1982). He died in Woodford Wells in January 2000. For further information on the life and work of Kekwick see J.M. Creeth, L. Vallet and W.M. Watkins, ‘Ralph Ambrose Kekwick 11 November 1908-17 January 2000’, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, vol. 48 (2002), 233-249. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 7 DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The collection is presented as given in the list of contents. It is dominated by very comprehensive documentation of Kekwick’s research. Section A, Biographical, is not extensive. It includes a copy of the Royal Society biographical memoir of Kekwick, obituaries, and material documenting Kekwick’s education, including a bound set of school reports from the Leyton County High School for Boys which indicate his early academic distinction. There is a small amount of correspondence and papersrelating to scientific colleagues of Kekwick, including R.K. Cannan and C.S. Sherrington. The section concludes with a sequence of photographs, from a mounted photograph of Kekwick and F.G. Young as graduatesin 1929 to 1971 photographsprobably from Kekwick’s retirement party. Section B, Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine, presents very modest documentation of Kekwick’s long association with this Institute. The bulk of the material relates to the celebrations of the seventy- fifth anniversary of the Institute. Section C, Research, is the largest in the collection. It presents comprehensive documentation of Kekwick’s research over six decades, from earliest postgraduate study in 1929 up to retirement in 1971 and beyond. The section is divided into four components. There are research notebooks 1929-1971 which documentearly work at University College London, the periods spent in the US in 1931-1933 and with T. Svedberg in Sweden in 1935, wartime work and ongoing postwar research. There are extensive research notes, mostly dating from the mid 1930s to the early 1970s, found in Kekwick’s folders and boxfiles which may include data from ultracentrifuge and electrophoresis tests (including photographic data), notes, graphs, calculations, correspondence and drafts of publications. There are also papers and photographs of research equipment. The section is completed by a number of‘instructional notebooks’ containing instructions for preparation of different substances, the conduct of experiments etc, and little outsize material, chiefly graphs. Section D, Publications and lectures, is very patchyin its coverage. Publications material includes a few drafts of publications, including two 1935 papers with R.K. Cannan and his memoirs of Sir Alan Drury for the Royal Society biographical memoir and the Dictionary of National Biography. Thereis also a set of Kekwick’s offprints. The lectures material is a sequence of drafts for public and invitation lectures from 1947 to the late 1960s, in which Kekwick gave accounts of his work in progressandits significance. Section E, Societies and organisations, principally documents Kekwick’s association with the Medical Research Council: the largest componentof the section is papers of the MRC’s Blood Transfusion Research Committee, on which Kekwick served from 1948 to 1978. There is also documentation of R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 8 the Albumin Working Party of the World Health Organisation’s International Committee for Standardisation in Haematology on which Kekwick served from 1970. There is also an index of correspondents Timothy E. Powell Peter Harper Bath 2003 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS118/4/03 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL,A.1-A.37 1920-2002 A.1-A.6 BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL A.7-A.10 EDUCATION A.11-A.15 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS A.16-A.19 SAMUEL PEPYS CLUB A.20 LESLIE OLIVER KEKWICK A.21-A.27 FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES A.28-A.37 PHOTOGRAPHS R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 10 Biographical A.1-A.6 BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL c 1943-2002 A.1 ‘Ralph Ambrose Kekwick 11 November 1908-17 January 2000’ by J.M. Creeth, L. Vallet and W.M. Watkins, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, vol 48 (2002) Photocopy. A.2 Obituaries 2002 2000 A.3 A.4 A.5 A.6 The Independent, 16 February 2000 (by L. Vallet and W.M. Watkins); The Times, 23 March 2000. Curriculum vitae, with list of publications 1966 Duplicated typescript. ‘Biographical Notes concerning R.A. Kekwick’ c 1943 2pp typescript. ‘Notes on the scientific work of R.A. Kekwick’ c 1957 6pp typescript with 4pp typescript list of publications. ‘Brief notes on my life and work assembled for the Biochemical Society video recording December 1991’ 1991 20pp typescript. A.7-A.10 EDUCATION A.7-A.9 Leyton County High Schoolfor Boys 1920-1992 1920-1924, 1991-1992 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS118/4/03 A.7 A.8 Biographical of Junior Scholarship to the Notice tabulated Programmefor School Prize-Giving 1923 examination form results School, 1920; 1920-1924; 11 1920-1924 Bound set of School reports 1925 The reports, covering 1920-1925, were presented as as bound volume to Kekwick on his leaving the School in September 1925. A.Q ‘LCHS 1920-1925’, article for LCHS News 1991-1992 Draft of article, 2pp typescript; correspondence with P. Estcourt, including letter of 22 January with Kekwick’s reminiscences; copy of Kekwick’s entry in the Old Boys’ ‘Who's Who’. Kekwick wrote this piece for the Old Boys newsletter at the invitation of Paul Estcourt, the editor. A.10 University College London 1928-1931 University of London B.Sc. results, 1928 and Degree Day Programme, 8 May 1929; typescript ‘College Record’ of Kekwick’s student career, 1931. A.11-A.15 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS 1940-1971 of appointment to Letter Institute of Preventive Medicine Biophysics Section, Lister 1940 A.12 A.13 Fellow, International Society of Hematology Confermentoftitle of Professor of Biophysics, University of London 1948 1966 application Includes scientific achievements and Kekwick’s 3pp typescript ‘Notes on the design of freeze-drying and fractionation equipment for the Blood Products Laboratory, Elstree’. Kekwick’s setting out R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 12 Biographical A.14 Retirement book 1971 Inscribed within ‘To Ralph Kekwick with affection and respect, from his colleagues, associates and friends. The Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine 1937-1971’. This volume of photographs of the Lister Institute and signatures of colleagues was presented to Kekwick on his retirement from the Institute in 1971. A.15 Confermentof title of Emeritus Professor of Biophysics, University of London. 1971 A.16-A.19 SAMUEL PEPYS CLUB 1984-1997 A.16 A.17 Kekwick joined the Samuel Pepys Club in 1986. It was a dining club foundedin honour of the famousdiarist on the two hundredth anniversary of his death. Correspondence re membership 1985-1991 Newsletters Not a complete sequence. 1986-1994 A.18 Occasional Papers 1984-1990 Not a complete sequence. A.19 Commemoration Addresses 1985-1997 Not a complete sequence R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 13 Biographical A.20 LESLIE OLIVER KEKWICK 1920, 1923 University of London papers re undergraduate career of L.O. Kekwick. L.O. Kekwick was Ralph Kekwick’s older brother. He too attended the Leyton County High School for Boys and studied at University College London, graduating B.Sc. in 1923. A.21-A.27 FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES Correspondence and papers re scientific colleagues of Kekwick’s. A.21, A.22 R.K. Cannan 1973-1983 Cannan was a colleague of Kekwick’s at University College London to 1930. Kekwick visited him at the New York College of Medicine following his return to the USA. A.21 Correspondence with family and colleagues of Cannan, chiefly re biographical memoirs 1973-1983 Includes biographical notes on Cannan. photocopy 4pp typescript of Kekwick’s A.22 Memoirs of Cannan c 1973 Typescript corrections (anonymous). draft by by J.T. Kekwick; Edsall printed with copy manuscript of memoir A.23 J.M. Creeth 1972-1974 Correspondence and papers re career. Creeth was Kekwick’s deputy and then his successorin the Division of Biophysicsat the Lister Institute. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 14 Biographical A.24 A.S. McFarlane 1978 Draft obituary notice by J.H. Humphrey; 2pp typescript biographical notes by Kekwick. McFarlane was Head of the Biophysics Division at the National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill, London, 1945-1970. A.25-A.27 C.S. Sherrington 1948-1967 This material was assembled by A.N. Drury who was researching particular referenceto the first preparation of diphtheria antitoxin in the UK. Sherrington with the life of Drury was Director A.N. of Preventive Medicine and it was believed that the first such antitoxin to be made was created and exhibited at the Lister’s predecessor institution. Institute of the Lister A.25 A.26 A.27 Letters and reminiscences sent to Drury 1949-1958 Correspondence 1966-1967 Printed and duplicated typescript background material 1948-1958 A.28-A.37 PHOTOGRAPHS 1929-1971, n.d. 1929 A.28 A.29 Mounted Degree Day photograph of Kekwick and F.G. Young Kekwick and Young had graduated together in 1928. Photograph of College London Biochemistry Laboratory, University c 1930 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 Biographical A.30 A.31 A.32 A.33 A.34 A.35 group Mounted ‘Commonwealth Photograph taken at Portman Square’ photograph Fund Fellows inscribed Group on verso 1931-1933. Kekwick is featured in front row. Group photograph inscribed on verso ‘UCL Biochemistry, Physiology, Biophysics and Pharmacology. Sometime between 1933 and 1938?’ Kekwickis featured at the top of the group. Mounted group photograph inscribed on verso ‘Lister Institute Chelsea and Elstree Staff’ c 1952 Kekwick is featured in front row. Photographs of Kekwick at work in the Low Temperature Laboratory of the Blood Products Laboratory, Lister Institute c 1960 photographs, 5 information on verso. three annotated with descriptive Portrait photograph of Kekwick c 1965 Photographs from Kekwick’s ?retirement party 1971 2 photographs. A.36 Portrait photograph of Kekwick Probably post-retirement. A.37 Mounted group photograph of ?staff of Lister Institute With key. Kekwick is in the front row. N.d. N.d. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 16 SECTION B LISTER INSTITUTE OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE,B.1- B.10 1965-1990 B.1-B.4 ADMINISTRATION OF THE INSTITUTE B.5-B.10 HISTORY OF THE INSTITUTE Kekwick joined the Lister Institute in 1937, being taken onto the Staff of the Institute in 1940. He remained at the Lister for the rest of his career to retirement in 1971. Although he maintained his laboratory at the Institute’s headquarters with colleaguesat the Elstree laboratories in north London. London, closely in he worked A retirement book signed by colleagues at the Institute is at A.14. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS118/4/03 17 Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine B.1-B.4 ADMINISTRATION OF THE INSTITUTE 1981-1990 B.1 B.2 B.3 B.4 Memorandum and NewArticles of Association 1982 Correspondence and papers relating to changes to the Memorandum andArticles of Association 1981-1982 Includes papers for AGM of the Institute, 25 October 1982. Lister Research Fellowship applications 1982 Circulated at the AGM ofthe Institute, 25 October. Correspondence and papers on work of Lister Research Fellows 1985, 1990 B.5-B.10 HISTORY OF THE INSTITUTE 1965-1990 B.5-B.9 Seventy-fifth anniversary 1965-1966 Contents of Celeb. General. Kekwick's folder inscribed ‘Anniversary The Institute had been founded in 1891. It celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1966 with an exhibition of historical material and work in progress. B.5 B.6 by Kekwick for history of blood 1965 Typescript notes transfusion display With covering letter. Manuscript notes; layout of exhibition; 3 photographs found in envelope inscribed ‘Biophysics display’ c 1966 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 18 Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine B.7 Historical photographs c 1965 3 photographsofthe Lister Institute; 1 photograph of the first horse in England to be inoculated against diphtheria. B.8 Captions for exhibits 1966 Retainedin original envelope. Folder also includes envelope containing metal ‘Plate from equipment bought by C.H. Martin with funds from Munro bequest’. B.9 Miscellaneousprinted and typescript background material on the Institute N.d. B.10 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers 1988-1992 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS118/4/03 19 SECTION C RESEARCH, C.1-C.311 1929-1989 C.1-C.54 RESEARCH NOTEBOOKS C.55-C.305 RESEARCH NOTES C.306-C.310 INSTRUCTIONAL NOTEBOOKS C.311 OUTSIZE MATERIAL R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 20 Research C.1-C.54 RESEARCH NOTEBOOKS 1929-1971 The notebooks span Kekwick’s research career from postgraduate research at University College London (C.1), the period spent as a Commonwealth Fund Fellow in New York (C.2-C.4) and the period working in Sweden with T. Svedberg at the Fysikalische KeminskaInstitution, Uppsala University through wartime work to (C.6), Kekwick’s postwar research. They are presented in chronological order as far as possible. C.1 Hardback notebook 1929-1930 Inscribed on first page ‘October 1929 Ralph A. Kekwick Biochemical Dept University College London. Enzyme Synthesis’. notes October 1929-June 1930. Used for postgraduate research Intercalated notes loose at front and back. C.2 Hardback notebook 1932 Labelled on front cover ‘Laboratory Notes 1932 |’ and inscribed on first page ‘University & Bellevue Hospital Medical School New York City’. Used for notes on research January-November 1932. C.3 Hardback notebook 1932-1933 Inscribed on first page ‘...] March 1932 Lab notes. University and Bellevue Hosp. Med. School New York City’. Used for notes on research November 1932-May 1933 (continuation of C.2). C.4 Hardback notebook 1932-1935 Labelled on front cover ‘Egg Albumin. Titration curves Data from literature Theoretical curves’ and inscribed inside front cover ‘[...] March 1932 University and Bellevue Hosp. Med. School New York City’. Used for notes March 1932-1933 and for later adjustments to calculations April 1935. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 21 Research Intercalated loose at back is correspondence between R.K. Cannan, W.C. MacTavish and G.J. Noback on toxicology course, with typescript notes on possible course. 1934-1935. C.5 Hardback notebook 1933-1937 Inscribed inside front cover ‘November 1933 [...] Dept of Biochemistry Laboratory Notes 1933-34-35-36’. Used for notes on research on serum albumin, November 1933-June 1937. University College London. Intercalated notes loose at front and throughout. The notes may be continued in the notebook at C.306. C.6 Softback notebook 1935-1938 Inscribed on first page ‘Fysikalische Keminska Upsala April 1935. Laboratory notes’. Used for notes on research on serum albumin, April 1935-October 1938. Intercalated note loose atfront. C.7-C.11 Human serum and plasma notebooks C.7 Hardback notebook 1938-1955 1938-1941 Labelled on spine ‘Human plasma | 1938-1941’ and on first page ‘[...] Lister Institute 19838 Human serum I’. Used February 1938-June 1941. Intercalated notes and correspondencelooseat front and throughout. C.8 Hardback notebook 1940-1943 Labelled on spine ‘Human plasmaII 1940-43’ and on first page ([...] Lister Institute Sept 1940. Human serum II’. Used August 1940-March 1943. Intercalated Mawson, 1942, loose at front and throughout. notes and correspondence from ?C.A. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 22 Research C.9 Hardback notebook 1943-1948 Inscribed onfirst page ‘[...] The Lister Institute Carshalton May 1943 Human serum and plasmaIll’. Used April 1943-January 1948. Intercalated notes and correspondencelooseat front and pasted to pages of the notebook throughout. C.10 Hardback notebook 1948-1952 Inscribed on first page ‘[...] Lister Institute Feb 1948. Human serum and plasma’. Used February 1948-May 1952. Intercalated notes and data loose at front and loose and pasted to pagesof the notebook throughout. Hardback notebook 1952-1955 Inscribed on first page ‘[...] Lister Institute May 1952. Humansera and plasma’. Used May 1952-June 1955. Intercalated notes loose and pasted to pages of the notebook throughout. Work may continue in notebook at C.33. C.11A Hardback notebook 1939-1940 Labelled on front cover ‘Toxin’. Used for notes on methods and results of experiments April 1939-June 1940. Intercalated notes pasted to pages and loose throughout the notebook. C.12 Hardback notebook 1939-1960 Inscribed onfirst page ‘Lister Institute [...] Oct. 1939 Hell Hilter’. Used for notes chiefly on research on horse serum, October 1939-1946, 1950 and 1959-1960. Intercalated notes, data and correspondence loose at front and pasted to pages of the notebook throughout. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 Research C.12A Hardback notebook 1940 Labelled on front cover ‘Sera’. Used for work on horse sera April-November 1940. Intercalated correspondence and notes loose at front and pasted to pagesof the notebook. C.13 Notebook 1946-1967 Inscribed on front cover ‘Plasma Processing Drying. STANDARDISATIONS’. Used intermittently June 1946- March 1949, 1952, 1957-1959, 1963, 1967. C.14 Notebook 1947-1958 Inscribed on first page ‘Pathological sera examinations’. Used April 1947-November 1948 and intermittently thereafter to 1958. C.15-C.31 Electrophoresis notebooks 1948-1961 Series of spiral bound notebooks numbered 1-17, used for work on electrophoresis from April 1948-March 1961. There are experimental results and include work of a number of Kekwick’s colleagues and are in a number of hands. C.15 ‘Book One’. ‘Book Two’. ‘Book Three’. ‘Book Four’. ‘Book Five’. C.17 C.18 C.19 1948-1949. 1949-1950 1950 1950-1951 1951-1952 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS118/4/03 Research C.20 C.21 C.22 C.23 C.24 C.25 C.26 C.27 C.28 C.29 C.30 C.31 C.32 ‘Book six’. ‘Book seven’. ‘Bookeight’. ‘Book nine’. ‘Book ten’. ‘Book eleven’. ‘Book twelve’. Book 13’. ‘Book 14’. ‘Book 15’. ‘Book 16’. ‘Book 17’. Spiral bound notebook 1952 1953 1953-1954. 1954 1954-1955 1955 1955-1956 1956 1956-1957 1957-1959 1959 1959-1961 1955-1956 on front cover Inscribed & homogeneity. Globulin Expts. Path. [?] Bence Jones’. Used February 1955-January 1956. ‘Mol[ecular] W[eigh]t Graphspasted to pages to the notebook. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 25 Research C.33 Hardback notebook 1955-1960 Inscribed on first page ‘[...] Lister Institute. June 1955. Human Plasma Fractionation’. 1955- February 1960. Probably continues work from C.11. Used June Intercalated notes loose throughout the notebook. C.34, C.35 Hypogammaglobulinaemia notebooks 1956-1958 C.34 Spiral bound notebook 1956 [...] April Labelled on front cover ‘Hypoglobulinaemia. 1 1956’ and on first page ‘Data relating to cases of hypogammaglobulinemia. March 1956’. Used for case notes, March-October 1956. Related correspondencetaped to pages of the notebook. C.35 Spiral bound notebook 1956-1958 Labelled on front cover ‘Hypoglobulinaemia. 1 1956’. [...] Oct Used for case notes, data and results, October 1956- February 1958. C.36, C.37 Anti-haemophiliac Factor notebooks C.36 Spiral bound notebook 1957-1964 1957-1959 Labelled on front cover ‘Anti Haemophiliac Factor Assays |. [...] April 1957’. Used for data and results, April 1957- March 1959. Loose material intercalated at front and graphs pasted to pagesto the notebook. C.37 Spiral bound notebook 1959-1964 Labelled on front cover ‘Anti Haemophiliac Factor Assays ll. [...] March 1959’. Used April 1959-February 1964. Loose notebook and graphs pasted to pagesof the notebook. intercalated material loose throughout the R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 26 Research C.38 Spiral bound notebook 1957-1958 Labelled on front page ‘Serum proteins of the foetus and young animal. Abstracts of papers Book 1 [...] Dec. 1957’. C.39 Spiral bound notebook 1958-1964 Labelled on front cover ‘Pathological Cases Book’. Used for notes on cases, January 1958-June 1964. Extensive data and related correspondence taped to pages of the notebook. C.40, C.41 Factor V notebooks C.40 Spiral bound notebook 1959-1964 1959 on front Labelled Brain Thromboplastic Lipid. Book 1. 1959-1963 [...] April 1959”. Used for notes on conduct and results of experiments, April 1959-May 1963. ‘Factor V cover and_ Intercalated notes loose throughout the notebook. C.41 Spiral bound notebook 1963-1964 on V_ front Brain Labelled Thromboplastic Lipid. Book 2. June 1963’. Used for notes on conduct and results of experiments, June 1963- February 1964. ‘Factor cover and_ C.42 Spiral bound notebook 1950s Untitled but chiefly used for notes on Fibrinogen. Intercalated material loose at front and rear. C.43 Hardback notebook 1960-1966 Inscribed on first page ‘[...] Lister Institute. Feb 1960. Human Plasma Fractionation’. February 1960- March 1966. Probably continues work from C.33. Used Intercalated notes loose throughout the notebook. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 27 Research C.44 Spiral bound notebook c 1963 Untitled. lectures. Includes notes from visit to USA and drafts of C.45-C.49 Chromatography notebooks. C.45 Spiral bound notebook 1962-1971 1962-1963 Inscribed on front cover ‘Electrophoresis in cellulose acetate membrane’ and on back cover ‘Chromatography 1’. Used from the front for notes November-December 1962 but chiefly from the back for results of experiments, April-December 1963 C.46 Spiral bound notebook 1964 Inscribed on front cover ‘Chromatography Book 2’. Used for results of experiments, January -November 1964. Intercalated notes loose throughout notebook. C.47 Spiral bound notebook 1964-1965 Inscribed on front cover ‘Chromatography Book 3. Nov. 1964’. Used for results of experiments, November 1964- August 1965. C.48 Hardback notebook 1965-1970 Labelled on front cover ‘Chromatography 4’ and on the first page ‘August 1965’. Used for notes and data, August 1965-June 1970. Includes material pasted to pages of notebook. C.49 Hardback notebook 1970-1971 Labelled on front cover ‘Chromatography 5’ and on the first page ‘August 1970’. Used for notes and data, July 1970-March 1971. Includes material pasted to pages of notebook. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 Research C.50, C.51 Immuno-electrophoresis notebooks. C.50 Spiral bound notebook 28 1963 1963-1967 Inscribed on front cover ‘Immuno-electrophoresis (micro) October Used September 1963-January 1967. Immuno-diffusion. Book 1’. 1963. Loose material intercalated at front of notebookincluding ‘Procedure Immuno- electrophoresis Experiment’. Immunodiffusion and for C.51 Spiral bound notebook 1967-1971 on Inscribed ‘Ilmmuno-electrophoresis. Immuno-diffusion. January 1967. Book 2’. Used January 1967-February 1971. cover front Extensive material intercalated including photographic material. C.52 Hardback notebook 1967-1971 Inscribed on first page ‘[...] Lister Institute Jan 1967’. Used January 1967-March 1971. Material intercalated loose and pasted to pages of the notebook. C.53 Hardback notebook 1967-1971 Labelled on front runs’ and inscribed on first page ‘[...] Nov 1967 Ultracentrifuge experiments’. Used October 1967-September 1971. ‘Ultracentrifuge cover Loose data and correspondence intercalated photographic data pasted to pagesof the notebook. loose; C.54 Hardback notebook 1968-1971 on Labelled and miscellaneous’ and inscribed on first page ‘[...] January 1968’. Used January 1967-April 1971. ‘Pathological cover front sera Correspondence photographic data pasted to pages of the notebook. intercalated notes and loose; R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 29 Research C.55-C.305 RESEARCH NOTES 1950-1963 Contents of Kekwick’s folders and boxfiles. These date from the mid 1930s to the early 1970s. The material found within the boxes and folders included notes, data, calculations, correspondence and drafts of publications. The material is presented in alphabetical order by subject or name of research colleague as given on thefolder or boxfile. Some of the folders given a subject title also bore the name of a research colleague and this has been recordedin the catalogue entries. At C.295-C.302 is material from an untitled boxfile and at C.303, C.304 are papers and photographs on research equipment. Much of the research work presented here relates to the data recorded in the notebooks in the sequence at C.1- C.54. C.55-C.90 ‘A-Z’ 1940s-1950s Contents of Kekwick’s boxfile organised by alphabetical dividers. The material put under each letter corresponds, in most cases, to the surname of a correspondent or a topic of research. It is retained in the order in which it wasfiled. Much of the material is correspondence requesting or discussing results of electrophoretic and ultracentrifuge tests carried out by Kekwick, together with data, including photographs, from the tests. C.55 Untitled material found at front of boxfile. 1948-1958 and n.d. of crystalline n.d.; preparation 7pp ‘The typescript, letter from ‘Bill’ requesting immuno- electrophoretic analyses of sera and dextrans, June 1957; data from ‘Cell tests’, 1948 and 1949; data from urinary protein tests 1958. hemoglobin’, C.56 ‘A’. 1948 Data from work on ‘Aerosporin’ February 1948, with letter and typescript on bovine plasma samples; data from work on ‘Anthrax Culture Filtrate’. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 30 Research C.57 ‘A’. 1952 Manuscript and typescript draft of ‘A new method for acetylating proteins’ by Kekwick, J. Baddiley and E.M. Thain, submitted to ‘Nature’, July 1952; correspondence with the editors of ‘Nature’, 1952; manuscript data. C.58 ‘B’. 1948-1960 Data on blood group substances 1957-1960; bovine plasma serum 1948. C.59 ‘Cc’. Correspondence J.C. Cruikshank, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine on guinea pig data; data. Spooner E.T.C. with and Kekwick analysed samples of sera from guinea pigs infected with bracellae. C.60 C.61 C.62 C.63 examination Data from correspondence Liverpool, generalised vaccinia case, 1952. 1947; of re electrophoretic analysis of serum from University of A.W. Downie, dextran samples, with Correspondence and papers re work on fibrinogen. Includes draft prepared by Kekwick (though authorship is given as Kekwick, M.E. Mackay and B.R. Record), ‘The fractionation of human plasma proteins with ether’, 1947, 1956 1958 1947, 1952 1955 1947-1949 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 31 Research with letter from B.R. Record commenting on the draft and with 2pp manuscript note of fibrinogen & the signicnanceofthe clottable/total N ratio’. purification ‘The C.64 ‘FP’. 1951-1953 Correspondenceandpapersrefibrinogen. Includes correspondence with K. Bailey; manuscript and typescript by conversion to fibrin’. ‘Estimation fibrinogen of drafts of C.65 ‘FP’. 1956, 1959 Correspondenceand data. C.66 ‘@’. 1953-1956 Correspondence. C.67 ‘A’. Data titled ‘Hochs Halogen-Antibody complex’, with letter to H. Hoch, May 1949. C.68 ‘K’. Correspondencewith S.E. Keidan, University of Liverpool re test for gammaglobulin deficiency. 1949 1954 C.69 ‘K’. 1953-1955 Correspondence with J. Keilin, School of Biochemistry, Cambridge, re determination of molecular weight of helicorubin and related research. C.70 ‘K’. 1953 Correspondence with H.A. Krebs re gamma globulin defiency. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 Research C.71 ‘L. 1949-1961 Correspondence Infirmary, re examination of samples sent to Kekwick. Newcastle upon Tyne, Latner, with A.L. Royal Victoria ultracentrifuge C.72 ‘L. Data from ultracentrifuge tests for A.L. Latner. C.73 ‘L. 1954-1955 1959-1960 Letter from H. Lehmann enclosing draft of Letter to Nature’, suggested alteration; data on haemoglobin examined for Lehmann. Kekwick’s reply with and his C.74 ‘M’. 1946-1950 Contents of subfolder inscribed: electrophoresis’. ‘Malnutrition sera - C.74 C.75 C.76 re Correspondence electrophoretic tests on sera of malnourished British ex- Prisoners of War. McCance, chiefly R.A. with 1946-1949 Includes typescript ‘The ratio of arginine to lysine in the serum proteins’ by P.E.H. Jones, sent to Kekwick by McCance. Data from tests on malnutrition sera 1946-1948 Correspondence with J.R. Marrack re ultracentrifugal tests on rabbit gammaglobulin. C.77 ‘M’. ‘The electrophoretic examination of serum from cases of malnutrition’ by Kekwick, 5pp typescript + table. 1950 c 1948 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 33 Research C.78 ‘M’. 1938-1946 Contents inscribed: miscellaneous’: data from experiments. subfolder of ‘Electrophoresis C.79 ‘Mc’. Letter from A.S. McFarlane, NIMR, with data from Kekwick. C.80 ‘O’. Letter from A.G. Ogston, January, with 2pp manuscript ‘Calculation of S’. 1949 1948 C.81 ‘P’. 1948-1949 Correspondence pneumokoniosis. and papers re research’ on Kekwick analysed samples of human sera for the Pneumokoniosis Research Unit, Llandough Hospital, Cardiff. C.82 ‘Pp’. 1950-1956 Miscellaneous correspondence. Includes correspondence with Temperature ultracentrifuge tests on proteins. Research Station, S.M. Partridge, Low re Cambridge, C.83 ‘Pp’. 1956, 1962 Correspondence with A.E. Pierce, Agricultural Research Council Institute of Animal Physiology, Cambridge. C.84 ‘R’. 1949, 1956 Chiefly correspondence with L.M.N. Roy, Rheumatism Research Unit, Northern General Hospital, Edinburgh, re fractionation of rheumatoid plasma. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 34 Research C.85 ‘S’. 1950 Correspondence with D.H. Sproull, Institute of Aviation Medicine, Farnborough, re electrophoresis tests. C.86 ‘S’. 1958-1959 Correspondence with J.C. Smith and other colleagues at the University of Manchester Department of Chemical Pathology and Nuffield Department of Occupational Health, re work on cadmium and mercury poisoning. C.87 T’. Correspondence with Medicine, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. colleagues Department at of C.88 ‘W’. Correspondence with E.M. Widdowson re tests on serum. C.89 ‘W’. Correspondence with G. Weber, School of Biochemistry, Cambridge, re tests on bovine serum albumin; data therefrom. 1954 1949 1952 C.90 ‘Ww’. 1952-1953 Correspondence comments on paper by Wassermann on actomysin. Wassermann with A. including C.91-C.96 ‘AHF General. Manuscripts, laboratory directions, buffers etc’. 1957-1968 Contents of folder so inscribed: correspondence and papers re anti-haemophilic factor (AHF). C.91 Exchangeof letters with Maltese correspondent enquiring about availability of AHF (arising from newspaper cutting reporting on Kekwick’s work); ‘Resume of work carried 1957, 1960 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 35 C.92 C.93 C.94 C.95 C.96 Research out during 1959-60 on the Purification of Human Anit- Haemophilic Factor (AHF)’, 19pp typescript. Manuscript and typescript instructions for preparation and purification of AHF. 1960-1962, n.d. 1964 1964 1965 ‘Some studies on the purification and stability of human Antihaemophilic Factor (Factor VII)’ by Kekwick and P.L. Walton, 19pp typescript + tables and references. Copy of draft of ‘Assay of Factor VIII concentrates’ by J.G. Pool sent to Kekwick for comment, with Kekwick’s letter of reply. Medical Research Council report on work on human AHF by P. Wolf, April Wolf worked on AHF with Kekwick. Papers re MRCreport on Collaborative Study of Factor VIII Preparations. Includes copyof draft report. Kekwick was not part of this study but was asked to commenton the draft report. C.97, C.98 ‘Albumin Agglutinating Effect’. 1969-1973 Contents of folder so inscribed: correspondence, chiefly with K.L.G. Goldsmith of the Blood Group Reference Laboratory, BDH Chemicals National Research Development Corporation, re bovine serum albumin. Ltd and the Kekwick held a patent covering the preparation of improved bovine serum albumen for the detection of rhesus antibodies and BDH Chemicals were given a license to continue developmentworkon it. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 36 Research C.97 1969-1971. Includes data from analysis of bovine serum albumin. C.98 1972-1973. C.99-C.101 ‘Albumin Agg. Reports. Armour Corr[espondence]’ 1970-1974 Contents of folder so inscribed. Correspondence, chiefly with K.L.G. Goldsmith of the Blood Armour re electrophoresis tests on Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, bovine serum albumin. Laboratory Reference Group and Includes data. C.99 1970. C.100 1971-1972. Includes data from tests. C.101 1973-1974. C.102 ‘Anti-Coagulant Studies’ 1963 of Contents inscribed: correspondence and manuscript notes and data on phosphate citrate anti-coagulant solutions. Kekwick’s’ folder so C.103 ‘Anti-D Gamma G.’ 1968-1970 of Contents inscribed: correspondenceand datare ultracentrifuge tests on Anti- D immunnglobulin. Kekwick’s’ folder so R.A. Kekwick NCUACS118/4/03 37 Research C.104 ‘Austrian Gamma Globulin’ 1963-1964 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so incribed: correspondence and data on tests on Austrian samples of human gamma globulin. C.105, C.106 ‘Bonnell. Cd poisoning’ 1950-1963 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed. C.105 1950-1953 Chiefly correspondence re case of cadmium poisoning 1953 and related material. Includes typescript draft on cadmium poisoning by J.A. Bonnell. C.106 1954-1963 Data from cadmium poisoning tests; correspondence; typescript draft of ‘Physico-chemical examination of the serum and urine proteins in some cases of cadmium poisoning’ by Kekwick, appendix to paper by J.A. Bonnell. C.107, C.108 ‘Bushy Stunt Virus. velocity. increment’. Sedimentation Electrophoresis. Sedimentation Refractive equilibrium. 1938-1942 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed: data from work on Bushystuntvirus. 2 folders. C.109 ‘Centrifuge runs miscellaneous’ 1938-1941 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed: data from ultracentrifuge tests. C.110-C.121 ‘Electrophoresis runs. Animal sera and fractions’ 1939-1943 Contents of Kekwick’s boxfile so labelled: electrophoresis tests on horse serum. results of R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 38 Research 157-194 There are two sequences that (covering 1939-1940) and 371-568 (1940-1943). Neither is complete. run from 12 folders. C.122-C.125 ‘Electrophoresis runs. Egg albumin’ 1938-1940 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed divided into four. Includes work on diphtheria antitoxins. C.122, C.123 Data from electrophoresis tests on egg albumin 2 folders. C.124 Correspondence and papers 1940 Chiefly correspondence with C.R. Amies of the Lister Institute re tests on samples of diphtheria antitoxins. C.125 Papers from Lister Institute Discussion on the Purification and Properties of Diphtheria Antitoxin, 5 January 1940 1940 of papers Abstracts Kekwick’s contribution on ‘The antibodies of antidiphtheritic horse serum’; recommendationsfor future work. presented, including C.126-C.148 ‘Electrophoresis runs. Human sera and fractions urine proteins’. 1938-1950 Contents of Kekwick’s boxfile so inscribed: chiefly data from numbered electrophoretic tests on human sera (normal and with myeloma) 1938-1945. The numbered sequence is continuous but includes both normal and myeloma human sera. C.126-C.136 ‘Normal human sera’ 1938-1945 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed: data from electrophoresis tests on human sera, numbered 3 (1938) to 222 (1945). Not a complete sequence. 11 folders. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 39 Research C.137 Miscellaneous unnumbered data found with C.126-C.136 C.137 C.138-C.140 ‘Myeloma sera electrophoresis’ 1938-1943 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed: data from electrophoresis tests on human sera, numbered 1 (1938) to 140 (1945), not a complete sequence. 3 folders. C.141 Case notesetc. found with C.138-C.140 1939-1946 C.142-C.144 ‘Myeloma Globulin Electrophoresis’ and ‘Normal human gamma globulin electrophoresis’ Contents of Kekwick’s folder so labelled. C.142 C.143 C.144 C.145 C.146 C.147 C.148 Myeloma globulin electrophoresis tests 1-19a 1939-1941 Human gamma globulin electrophoresis tests 1-7 1940 Myeloma urine electrophoresis tests 1-10 1941-1942 Graphs of results of human sera electrophoresis tests. c 1943 ‘Immune globulin - human electrophoresis’ 1946-1948 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed: data from electrophoresis tests. Miscellaneous data from humanelectrophoresis tests. 1946-1950 of Correspondence Medicine, University of Cambridge, found with human electrophoresis data. Department from W. Bradley, 1939 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 40 Research C.149, C.150 ‘Electrophoretic [illegible]’ 1938-1942 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed: miscellaneous data from electrophoresis; envelopes of photographic data. 2 folders. C.151-C.157 ‘Embryonic sera etc’. 1950-1964 Chiefly Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed. correspondence with F.W.R. Brambell, Department of Zoology, University College of North Wales, Bangor, re work on sera of pregnant female rabbits. Kekwick was a co-author with Brambell and others of ‘Electrophoretic studies of serum protein of foetal rabbits’, ‘Proceedings of the Royal Society’ B vol. 141 (1953), pp 300-314. Correspondence with Brambell and W.A. Hemmings on results of tests on rabbit sera. 1950 Correspondence with Brambell and Hemmings on results of tests on rabbit sera. 1951-1952 ‘Electrophoretic studies of serum protein of foetal rabbits’ by Kekwick, Brambell, Hemmingset al, ‘Proceedings of the Royal Society’ B vol. 141 (1953), pp 300-314. Includes manuscript data intercalated. 1953 1950 C.151 C.152 C.153 C.154-C.156 Data and analysis. 3 folders. C.157 Correspondence and papers re tests on rabbit sera for Brambell. 1963-1964 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 41 Research C.158-C.160 ‘Factor V’. 1956-1959 C.158 C.159 C.160 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed. Report on ‘The purification of prothrombin 2nd July 1956’, 13pp typescript + figures. Typescript preparation of Factor V. and manuscript notes and drafts on 1958-1959 2 folders. ‘Report on Human Factor V Preparations 7th January 1959’, 10pp typescript; envelope of photographic data of ‘Bovine Factor V. Starch gel electrophoresis’, 1961-1962. 1959-1962 C.161-C.167 ‘Fibrinogen’. 1945-1957 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed: material chiefly on purification of fibrinogen. C.161 C.162 C.163 Data from humansera electrophoresis 1945-1946 ‘The purification of human fibrinogen’, typescript draft + figures, latest bibliographical reference 1948. c 1949 ‘The fractionation of human plasma with ether’, typescript draft, latest bibliographical reference 1949 c 1950 C.164 Correspondence,chiefly with B.R. Record. 1950-1954 manuscript Includes by conversion to fibrin - The clottable nitrogen : total nitrogen ratio’ by Record. ‘Estimation of fibrinogen C.165 Manuscript fractionation and typescript notes on fibrinogen 1950-1954 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 C.166 42 Research ‘Observations on the fibrinogen’ by Kekwick and E.A. Caspary molecular weight of human 1954 3pp typescript and published copy (Communication to the Biochemical Society, January 1954). C.167 Correspondencefrom L. Lorand Includes 4pp typescript draft of ‘Purification of the serum factor (fibrin stabilising factor: FSF) which with Ca ions together renders the plasmaclot insoluble in 30% urea’ by Kekwick and Lorand. C.168 ‘Fish myosin’ Data from tests. 1957 1953 C.169-C.180 ‘G2/2 Heavy Component Separation’ 1958-1968 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed. The bulk of the material was found further divided within envelopes and paper folders which were inscribed with a description of the contents. These have been retained and the inscriptions are reproduced in in the catalogue entries. The material has been retained in the order found inside the main folder. part Includes photographic data. C.169 ‘Data on preparative ultracentrifuge purification of "IGS" fraction and recoveries in pellet and G2/2’. 1967 C.170, C.171 ‘Centrifuge runs. Mostly G2/2 preparations and pellets’. 1964-1967 2 folders. C.172, C.173 ‘Separation on G.200 as 1st step’. 1965-1967 2 folders. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 43 Research C.174 ‘Summary of expts by JMJ on reduction and separation of components’ 1968 C.175, C.176 ‘Centrifuge runs and some chromatographic data on preliminary chromatographic fractions’ 1964-1965 2 folders. C.177 ‘Ouchterlong prints’ 1965 Photographic prints. C.178 ‘Gamma-macroglobulin. Prints of LIC U.C. mins’. 1964-1965 Photographic prints. C.179 Typescript ‘Extraction buffer pH5[...]’ by S. Szuchet. of G2 with acetate-phosphate 1958 With manuscript annotations by Kekwick. C.180 Miscellaneous loose data 1964-1967 C.181 ‘Dr Goldsmith. Fractionation of goat antisera’. 1964-1972 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed: data from tests on goat antisera; brief correspondence. C.182-C.197 ‘Haemophilia. Experimental data. Clinical reports. Large scale batches’. of Contents labelled: correspondence and papers re research work on anti- haemophilic factor (AHF). Kekwick’s boxfile so C.182-C.186 ‘Haemophilia. Experimental data’. 1951-1956 C.182 Letter from R.G. Macfarlane, Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford, enclosing results of experiments, August. 1951 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 44 Research C.183 Correspondence, chiefly with J.V. Dacie, Postgraduate School of Medicine, London, re tests on humansera. 1952, 1954 C.184 Patient data 1951-1952 Duplicated typescript C.185, C.186 Manuscript and typescript test results, graph plots etc. 1954-1956 2 folders. C.187-C.193 ‘Haemophilia. Clinical reports. Large scale batches’. 1956-1959 C.187 C.188 Contents |Kekwick’s correspondence and papers of folder so inscribed: Correspondenceanddata from tests Correspondenceanddata from tests Correspondence,chiefly with W. d’A. Maycock. 1956 1957 C.189 Correspondenceand patient notes 1957-1958 C.190 Correspondence 1958-1959 1958 C.191 C.192 typescript Duplicated ‘Human Antihaemophilic Factor Informal Meeting, 7th November 1958[...] Lister Institute’ material for ‘A concentrate of human antihaemophilic factor and its use in six cases of haemophilia’ by Kekwick and P. Wolf c 1957 23pp typescript. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 45 Research C.193 Manuscript and typescript data and notes on AHF assays c 1957 C.194, C.195 ‘Human AHF. Details of assay methods (Pool & Robinson, Biggs, Wolf-HP), Results of comparing Pool & Robinson with Wolf-HP etc’. 1958-1960 Correspondence and papers re assay of antihaemophilic globulin. ‘HP’ refers to the Hicks Pitney test C.194 1958-1959 C.195 1960, n.d. Includes typescript of ‘The thromboplastin generation test as a method for assaying anti-haemophilic factor’, 1960; newspaper cuttings on possible use of peanut seed in treating haemophilia, 1960; and duplicated typescript ‘Assay of Antihaemophilic globulin’, n.d. C.196 ‘Report of experiments on the assay of A.H.F.’ by R.H. Painter. 1957 9pp typescript + manuscript graphs. C.197 Miscellaneous material found loose 1954-1957 Includes colleague. offprints by P. Wolf, Kekwick’s research C.198 ‘Horse Serum Centrifuge Runs’ 1939-1941 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed: results and data from ultracentrifuge tests on horse serum, ‘Ho.S.1’ to ‘Ho.S.25’. C.199-C.202 ‘Human AHF Standard checkswith Elstree’ preparations assays. Cross 1959-1965 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 46 Research C.199 C.200 Correspondence with W. d’A. Maycock, L. Vallet and Rosemary Biggs re data from tests on antihaemophilic globulin 1959-1960 Correspondence with W. d’A. Maycock and Edith Bidwell re data from tests on antihaemophilic globulin 1961-1965 C.201 ‘AHF International Standard Comparison’ 1962 Contents of Kekwick’s envelope: chiefly correspondence and papers re tests on AHF factor VIII and IX. C.202 Miscellaneous material C.203-C.205 ‘Human AHF Summary of experimental results’. Contents of Kekwick’s folder so labelled: chiefly data and graphplots. 1960s 1959-1966, n.d. C.203 1959-1960 C.204 1961-1962 Includes envelope of photographic data, 1962, inscribed ‘Immuno electrophoresis prints L.34 /1,2 & 3’. C.205 1964-1966, n.d. C.206 ‘Humandiphtheria Immunization data’. 1951-1952 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed: graph plots. C.207, C.208 ‘Human gamma globulin Human gamma globulin G.4. February 1963’ G.4. Ultracentrifuge runs. Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed: data and graphs. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 47 Research Includes ultracentrifuge test results numbered HGG 1- HGG 20. 2 folders. C.209 ‘Human serum albumin. Ultracentrifuge runs’. 1959 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so labelled. C.210-C.214 ‘Human serum centrifuge runs’ 1938-1941 Results of electrophoresis tests. The bulk of the material is a sequence that runs from HS 1 to HS 84. 5 folders. C.215-C.235 ‘Hypogammaglobulinaemia. ultracentrifuge analyses’ Electrophoretic and 1956-1974 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so labelled: correspondence and papers re work of Medical Research Council Working Party on Hypogammaglobulinaemia and analysis of sera samples. Kekwick was a member of the MRC Working Party on Hypogammaglobulinaemia (see E.30). Samples of sera from cases of this condition were sent ot Kekwick for analysis. C.215-C.219 Correspondence re samples of globulin sent to Kekwick for analysis 1956-1967 Letters sent covering samples with Kekwick’s replies, with typescript and manuscript notes of test results. Includes photographic data. 5 folders. C.220-C.222 Data from ultracentrifuge tests 1956-1962 3 folders. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 48 Research C.223-C.225 Graph plots 1956-1966 3 folders. C.226 C.227 ‘Hypogammaglobulinaemia. Sedimentation analysis gammaglobulin preparations usedin theclinicaltrial’. of 1959 4pp typescript + covering letter, 4 August 1959. estimation ‘The gamma_ electrophoresis’ by Kekwick and L. Vallet. of serum globulin by 1959 7pp typescript; 7pp typescript ‘Corrected copy’; covering letter, 22 September 1959. C.228 Miscellaneous correspondence 1965-1974 C.229, C.230 ‘Gamma-G paper 1967-1968 Contents of Kekwick’s envelope so inscribed: typescript drafts of sections of paper, related correspondence. 2 folders. C.231 ‘Hypogammaglobulin paper. Retyped version 29.2.68. Final version 11.3.68’. Contents of Kekwick’s envelope so inscribed: typescript draft of ‘Preparation and characterisation of concentrates of human normal gamma-G immunoglobulin’ by Kekwick et al. C.232-C.235 Data 1956-1957 4 folders. C.236-C.238 ‘Lactalbumin’ 1935-1936 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS118/4/03 49 Research C.236 ‘Research 1935’ Report. Upsala, Sweden, April-December 1935-1936 3pp typescript, with letter from K.O. Pedersen, January 1936. C.237 Manuscript rough draft of ‘The isolation and properties of an albumin from cow’s milk’. c 1936 includes Also captions. figures (photographic) with typescript C.238 Manuscript notes, graphs and data C.239 ‘Lactoglobulin’ Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed: manuscript and photographic data. c 1936 1943 C.240,C.241 ‘M[acroglobulin} 1970-1971 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed. C.240 Correspondence 1970-1971 C.241 Manuscript notes; annotated photocopies of articles by others c 1970 C.242-C.245 ‘Macroglobulin. Thiol Treatment Experiments’ 1967-1969 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed. C.242 Kekwick’s reports to the Medical Research Council for 1966-1967 the his macroglobulin of normal human plasma 1967-1968 and on work on_ 1967, 1968 Typescript ‘Corrected’ copies; manuscript draft of ‘1968 report’. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS118/4/03 50 Research C.243, C.244 Notes and data. 1968 Includes photographic data. 2 folders. C.245 Envelopesof photographic data. 1967-1969 The envelopesbearinscriptions idenfiying the contents. 7 envelopes. C.246 ‘Macroglobulin. Treatment with maleic anhydride’. 1968 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed: manuscript and photographic data. C.247-C.251 ‘Plasma Fractionation’ 1948-1954 and n.d. Contents of Kekwick’s folders so inscribed. This series of folders contained data and graph from numbered experiments. These numbers are reproduced in the catalogue entries. C.247 ‘285 & 291’. 1948-1954 C.248 C.249 C.250 ‘318 ‘326’ ‘328’ C.251 ‘344 & 353’ N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 51 Research C.252-C.254 ‘Plasma Protein Fractionation’ 1964-1967 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so labelled. C.252 Correspondencewith L. Vallet and data 1964 Includes photographic prints from ultracentrifuge runs. C.253 Chiefly data 1965-1966 Includes photographic prints from ultracentrifuge runs. C.254 Correspondence and papers Chiefly with L. Vallet and D.R. Bangham, Director of the National of Biological Standards. for Medical Research, Division Institute C.255 ‘Prothrombin’ Contents of Kekwick’s folder: manuscript draft ‘The separation and purification Prothrombin and its conversion to thrombin’, paginated 5-12; manuscript data. of 1967 1953 C.256-C.259 ‘Rabbit Serum Protein Fractions’. 1938, 1947 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed. C.256, C.257 Data from tests on normal rabbit serum 1938 The data is numbered in a sequence from R.S. 1 to R.S. 20. 2 folders. C.258 Data from tests on rabbit serum A sequence running from ‘Sheet 1’ to ‘Sheet 6’ (lacks sheet5). C.259 Data 1938 1947 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 Research C.260 ‘Rabbit serum electrophoresis’ 1938-1939 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so labelled: data from electrophoresis tests in a sequence numbered R.S.E. 22- R.S.E. 30. C.261-C.266 ‘Dr Halliday Rat Serum data’. 1955-1960 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed. North Wales, Bangor. This material relates to collaborative research between Kekwick, R. Halliday and F.W.R. Bramball of University principally College of correspondence, of electrophoretic tests on rat sera from Kekwick, but also includes drafts of joint publications and a little original data. including It typescript is_ results C.261 Correspondence and papers Includes typescript copy of ‘The termination of the capacity of young rats to absorb antibody from the milk’ by Halliday, sent to Kekwick for interest. C.262 C.263 Correspondence and papers Correspondencere draft of ‘The electrophoretic analysis of the sera of young rats from suckling to maturity’, by Kekwick and Halliday Includes alterations. draft of the joint paper and suggested C.264 Correspondencewith Halliday 1955 1956 1956 1957 C.265 Correspondencewith Halliday 1959-1960 Includes correspondencere joint paper. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 53 Research C.266 Conference on the transmission of serum proteins to the young mammals, Department of Zoology, University College of North Wales, Bangor, 14 December 1959 1959 Programme; duplicated typescript abstracts. Kekwick and Halliday gave a paper ‘The selection of antibodies by the youngrat’. C.267-C.272 ‘Serum albumin’ 1935-1938 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed: chiefly data from tests on English and Swedish samples of serum albumin. Most of the data within the (card) folder was found sub- divided within paper folders with an inscription of the subject These have been retained and the inscriptions reproducedin the catalogue entries. thereon. C.267 ‘Serum albumin diffusion’ C.268 C.269 C.270 C.271 ‘Serum albumin A. Absorption runs’ and ‘Serum albumin A. Electrophoresis’ ‘Serum albumin A.3’ and ‘S a A.3 Reference scales’ ‘Serum albumin B. Absorption runs’ and ‘Serum albumin B. Cataphoresis’ ‘Serum albumin B.2’ and ‘Serum albumin B.2 Ref scales [..} N.d. 1935 1935 1935 1935 C.272 Material found loose within the folder 1937, 1938 to Kekwick’s Relates crystallisable albumin of horse serum’, Journal’ vol 32 (1938). paper ‘Observations on the ‘Biochemical Letters commenting on the draft; proof copy, abstract; figures. Cannan from K.O. R.K. and Pedersen R.A. Kekwick NCUACS118/4/03 54 Research C.273-C.279 ‘Transfusion cases. Clinical notes. Electrophoresis runs’ 1942 Contents of Kekwick’s envelope soinscribed. C.273 Correspondence to Kekwick and Mcfarlane chiefly from 2A. van der Walt, with samples of humansera. Van der Walt worked at the North West London Blood Supply Depot. C.274-C.276 Data from human sera electrophoresis tests, numbered HSE 89-HSE125 (not a complete sequence) 3 folders. C.277-C.279 Case notes 3 folders. C.280-C.285 ‘Ultracentrifuge runs. Dr F.V. Flynn’ 1957-1965 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so labelled Flynn worked at F.V. Pathology, University College Hospital London. the Department of Clinical C.280, C.281 Correspondence with Flynn re tests on patients with macroglobulinaemia 1957-1965 Includes photographic data from ultracentrifuge tests. 2 folders. C.282, C.283 Data 1960-1961 2 folders. C.284 Correspondence re macroglobulinaemia draft of paper by Flynn on 1960-1961 Includes Kekwick’s suggested corrections. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 55 Research C.285 ‘An ultracentrifuge study of urine proteins with particular reference to the proteinuria of renal tubular disorders’ by Kekwick, Flynn et al. 1962 15pp typescript + references etc, as submitted to ‘Clin. Chem. Acta’, with covering letter. C.286-C.288 ‘Urine proteins. Spinco runs and calculations. Jan 1962’ 1960-1962 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so inscribed. C.286 ‘Notes on procedure for determining molecular weight by the Archibald method’ by Kekwick and J.M. Creeth c 1960 12pp typescript + figures. C.287 Manuscript data from tests on urine protein samples 1961-1962 The data is in a sequence numbered UP 1-UP 12. C.288 Letter to Kekwick from F.V. Flynn, April 1962; manuscript notes 1961-1962 C.289-C.291 ‘Walker, Caroline M. (Butterworth)’ 1968-1982 of Contents inscribed: correspondence and papers relating to work with C.M. Walker(later Butterworth) Kekwick’s folder so Caroline Walker worked at the Lister Institute as an MRC- funded Scientific Assistant to Kekwick from 1968 to 1971. She assisted normal human gamma macroglobulin and submitted her Ph.D. in 1972. in work on C.289 ‘Report to Medical Research Council for 1969-1970. Studies on human gamma macroglobulin (lgM)’ by Kekwick 1970 9pp + 1p references typescript. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 56 Research C.290 ‘Report to the Medical Research Council for 1968-1971. Studies on human immunoglobulin M. 0968/87/B’ by Kekwick 1972 12pp + ‘Corrected copy 11.5.72’. references and tables typescript. Annotated C.291 Research and career C.292-C.294 ‘Miscellaneous investigations’ 1968, 1972, 1982 1961-1971 Contents of Kekwick’s folder so labelled: ultracentrifuge examinations of gamma globulin samples. Includes photographic data. 3 folders. C.295-C.302 Contents of Kekwick’s untitled boxfile 1940-1945 C.295-C.298 Data from various electrophoresis tests 1940 Numbered 313-427. Not a complete sequence. Includes photographic data. C.299 Correspondence and papersre jaundice cases 1944-1945 C.300-C.302 Data from human serum electrophoresis tests 1944 Numbered H.S.E. 156-H.S.E. 187 and 586-632. Not complete sequences. At C.302is little miscellaneous manuscript and typescript data. Includes photographic data. 3 folders. C.303, C.304 Research equipment 1936-1989 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 57 Research C.303 Photographsof equipment photographs: ‘Ultracentrifuge A Upsala Six 1936’; ‘Elstree: Plasma Fractionation Laboratory’; ‘Apparatus for the electrophoretic separation of proteins’; ‘Svedberg ultracentrifuge showing rotor housing [...] operator Mr Chandraskhara visiting scientist’; ‘Pilot plant for human plasma protein fractionation. Mr Chandrasekhar [...]’; ‘Freeze drying hall at Blood Reference Laboratory, Lister Institute, Elstree [...] 1957/58’. For photographs of Kekwick working with apparatus for fractionation of plasma proteins see A.33. C.304 Papers on equipment Includes photocopiedarticle (1977) and manuscript notes on Svedberg of operating equipment. Ultracentrifuge instructions (1989); C.305 Miscellaneous research correspondence 1939-1971 C.306-C.310 INSTRUCTIONAL NOTEBOOKS 1930-1955 These notebooks contain instructions for preparation of compounds, use of equipmentetc. C.306 Hardback notebook 1930 cover on front ‘Standard and Labelled inscribed on first page ‘Department of Physiology and Departmental Standard Reagents and Biochemistry. Solutions November 1930’. Used for instructions on preparation of compounds 1930. Reagents’ Also includes research notes from work at University College London, July 1937, continuing work documented in the notebookat C.5. C.307 Hardback binder 1937-1955 Used for graphs and tables correction curves; preparations and instructions of standard data and for R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 58 Research electrophoresis; and miscellaneous data and instructions. Includes typescript and photographic material pasted to pagesof the binder. A little loose manuscript material at front and back of binder. ‘Memoranda and communications on the preparation of Normal Human Serum Albumin. Department of Physical Chemistry, Harvard Medical School’ 1943 This volume waspossibly prepared for the US Navy. Bound duplicated typescript papers 1942-1943. ‘Memoranda and Reports on Human Fibrinogen and Thrombin and derived products. Prepared under contract OEMcmr-139° 1944 This volume was prepared for the US Committee on Medical Research of the Office of Scientific Research and Development. Bound duplicated typescript papers on preparation of fibrinogen etc. 1941-1944. Typescript manuscript annotations on pagesof the volume. notes by Kekwick intercalated. A few ‘Separation of the Formed Elements - the carbohydrate, componentsof plasma’ sterioid, lipid, peptide and protein, other 1950 This volume was prepared by the Harvard University Laboratory of Physical Chemistry related to Medicine and Public Health, possibly to accompany an exhibition of new apparatus and techniques, 11 July 1950. Bound duplicated typescript and printed papers. C.308 C.309 C.310 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 59 Research C.311 OUTSIZE MATERIAL 1956-1969 Miscellaneous ultracentrifuge and electrophoresis tests. showing graphs results from Retainedin original order. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS118/4/03 SECTION D PUBLICATIONS AND LECTURES,D.1-D.33 60 1935-1995, n.d. D.1-D.15 PUBLICATIONS D.16-D.33 LECTURES R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 Publications and lectures D.1-D.15 PUBLICATIONS D.1 D.2 D.3 D.4 D.5 ‘The amphoteric properties of crystalline egg albumin. |. The hydrogen ion dissociation curve’ by Kekwick and R.K. Cannan 19pp typescript with manuscript annotations; manuscript list of corrections; typescript table. Published as ‘The hydrogen ion dissociation of the crystalline albumin of the hen’s egg’, Biochemical Journal vol 30 (1936). ‘The amphoteric properties of crystalline egg albumin. Il. The effect ion dissociation curve’ by Kekwick and R.K. Cannan of formaldehyde on the hydrogen Published hydrogen Biochemical Journalvol 30 (1936). ‘The effect dissociation as ion of formaldehyde on the curve albumin’, egg of Letter from Cannan to Kekwick enclosing typescript data for papers D.1 and D.2. influencing human ‘Conditions antihaemophilic factor’ by Kekwick and P.L. Walton, Nature, vol 194 (1962) stability the of 4pp typescript + references etc, annotated ‘2nd draft Corrected copy 3.4.62’.; covering letter; abstract. ‘Studies on the purification and stability of human anti- haemophilic factor British Journal of Haematology, vol 11 (1965) (Factor VIII)’, 22pp typescript + legends for figures, references etc, ‘annotated Corrected copy 1st draft 23.9.64 [...] Final draft Dece 1964’; correspondencewith editor, 1965. 61 1935-1995, n.d. 1935 1935 1935 1962 1964-1965 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 D.6 D.7 D.8 D.9 62 1968 1969 Publications and lectures ‘Preparation and characterisation of concentrates of human normal gamma-G immunoglobulin’ by Kekwick, M.E. Mackay, W. d’A. Maycockand L. Vallet 29pp typescript with manuscript corrections annotated ‘Corrected copy R.A.K. 14.1.68 Revised 22.2.68’. ‘The influence of polymers on the efficacy of serum albumin as a potentiator of "incomplete" Rh-agglutinins’ by Kekwick, J.M. Jones and K.L.G. Goldsmith, Nature, vol 224 (1969) App typescript + table, references etc; corrected proof. ‘A summary of studies made on human gamma-2 macroglobulin’ 1970, 1971 10pp typescript + references annotated ‘2nd edition 28.5.70’; incomplete typescript annotated ‘L...] Extra data on ureadistribution April 1971’. ‘Humanblood products in the UK 1939-1955’ by Kekwick, Trends in Biochemical Sciences, c 1978 1978 6pp typescript; letter accepting the article for publication. D.10, D.11 ‘Alan Nigel Drury 1889-1980’ by Kekwick, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, vol 27 (1981) 1980, n.d. Chiefly background material assembled by Kekwick for the Memoir (reused in preparing the entry for the Dictionary of National Biography, see D.12, D.13). D.10 D.11 Drury’s Newspaper obituaries; memorial service and 5pp typescript copy of the address by P.L. Mollison order of service for 1980 Autobiographical typescript; two portrait photographs notes by Drury, 11pp photocopy N.d. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 63 Publications and lectures D.12, D.13 ‘Sir Alan Nigel Drury CBE, FRS. 1889-1980’ by Kekwick, Dictionary of National Biography Supplement 1971-1980 1980-1995 3pp typescript; correspondence with DNB 1984-1985 D.13 D.14 Correspondencewith family and colleague of Drury 1980-1995 ‘Preparation of human gamma-2 macroglobulin’ N.d. 6pp typescript with manuscript corrections. D.15 Offprints 1932-1981 Set of offprints of Kekwick’s publications. Not a complete sequence. D.16-D.33 LECTURES 1947-1968, n.d. These are drafts, nearly all typescript, for public and invitation lectures delivered by Kekwick. D.16 Lecture to Chemistry Society, Bristol, 13 February 1947 1947 Twodifferently titled drafts both headed as delivered to the Chemistry Society 1947: ‘Human plasma protein fractionation’ (also titled as ‘Paper for the Royal Society of Medicine’), 10pp typescript + references; ‘Some physico-chemical aspects of plasma proteins’, 11pp typescript D.17 ‘The fractionation of human plasma proteins with ether by Kekwick, M.E. Mackay and B.R. Record ?late 1940s 5pp typescript. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 64 Publications and lectures D.18 ‘The fractionation of human plasma proteins in systems containing solvents’ 1951 Found with label: ‘Notes for lecture Liege February 22nd 1951’. 18pp typescript + manuscript notes. D.19 ‘Blood coagulation and the treatment of haemophilia’ 1950s 15pp typescript with manuscript corrections. Latest bibliographical reference 1953. D.20 physico-chemical ‘The globulin’ characterisation of gamma 1950s 5pp typescript + tables and references. Latest bibliographical reference 1953. D.21 ‘Methodsof fractionating human plasma’ 1950s Latest bibliographical reference 1954. 8pp typescript. D.22 D.23 ‘The plasma proteins’, delivered in a series on The Scientific Basis of Medicine to the British Postgraduate Medical Federation, 1955 1955 ‘Final draft 4.5.55’. 15pp typescript + references. ‘The homogeneity and molecular weight of proteins’, Manchester College of Technology, October 1955. 1955 15pp typescript. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 D.24 D.25 Publications and lectures ‘Solvent fractionation of human plasma proteins’, 20 January 1959 1959 12pp manuscript. ‘The organisation of research at the Lister (Biophysics Division) or Carpe Diem’ Institute c 1950s 5pp typescript. This is a humorous account of Kekwick’s research with a visiting Belgian scientist, Dr Hamoir in 1949, relating to attempts to secure supplies of Mirror Carp for use in experiments. D.26 Untitled ‘Lecture at Farnborough 1960’ Manuscriptdraft. D.27 ‘Human biochemical problems’, Manchester Medical Society, 10 October 1962 antihaemophilic factor: some 17pp typescript. D.28 ‘The purification of fibrinogen’ Annotated ‘Corrected 12.7.63 Lecture copy’. 15pp typescript. D.29 D.30 ‘Blood coagulation’, Royal Free Hospital Medical School, London, 10 March 1967 10pp manuscript draft. human ‘Some lecture Recent Advances in Immunological Aspects of Haematology, April 196[?9] characterisitics in of ?series on immunoglobulins’, the a Manuscript draft. 1960 1962 1963 1967 1968 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 66 Publications and lectures D.31 ‘The preparation and impact of human plasma protein fractions’, Edinburgh late 1960s 17pp typescript and manuscript. D.32 ‘Working with big molecules’ 11pp manuscript. D.33 Typescript ‘Index of Lantern Slides’ N.d. N.d. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS118/4/03 67 SECTION E SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS,E.1-E.42 1948-1998 E.1 E.2 L’ACADEMIE ROYAL DE MEDECINE DE BELGIQUE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY E.3-E.30 MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL E.31, E.32 ROYAL SOCIETY E.33-E.42 WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 68 Societies and organisations E.1 L'ACADEMIE ROYAL DE MEDECINE DE BELGIQUE 1966 Brochure for 125th Anniversary Celebrations, 12-15 October 1966. Kekwick attended on behalf of the Royal Society. E.2 DEPARTMENTOF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY 1973 Papers re Kekwick’s report on his visit to the Protein Fractionation Centre, Edinburgh, 9 October 1973. Includes correspondence re arrangements; manuscript notes; typescript draft of Kekwick’s ‘Comments arising from the visit’. E.3-E.30 MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL 1948-1978 E.3-E.24 Blood Transfusion Research Committee 1948-1978 Medical Kekwick had worked under the Research Council's Blood Transfusion Research Committee during the Second World War. The Committee was wound up at the end of the war but re-established in 1949 with the following terms of reference: ‘to advise and assist[...] in dealing with new problemsarising in the course of work on dried blood and dried blood products’. Kekwick was a member of the committee and served on its Biological Standards Subcommittee. The committee was dissolved in 1965 but re-constituted in 1967 ‘to advise the Council on matters relating to the research aspects of blood transfusion’. Kekwick was again invited to serve and also was the Cryoprecipitate Method of Preparing AHF Concentrates (E.25-E.29). member of Working a its Party on_ The material is chiefly agenda, minutes and other papers for meetings, some annotated by Kekwick, with little related correspondence and manuscript and typescript notes. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 69 Societies and organisations E.3 E.4 E.5 E.6 E.7 E.8 E.9 E.10 E.114 E.12 E.13 Papers re the establishment of the Committee andfirst two meetings 1949 Papers for meetings; related correspondence with P.L. Mollison 1950-1951 Chiefly re clinical trials of dextran. Papers for meetings Includes material re trials of dextran. Papers for meetings Includes papers for meeting of the Biological Standards Subcommittee, 12 March 1953. 1952 1953 Papers for meetings 1954-1955 Papers for meetings Papers for meeting 1956 1957 Papers Subcommittee, 12 April meeting for of Biological Standards 1958 This met to consider a specification for dextran solution for clinical use. Papers for meetings; related correspondence 1958-1959 Papers for meetings Papers for meetings 1960 1962-1963 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS118/4/03 70 Societies and organisations E.14 E.15 Papers for work and meeting of ad hoc subcommittee to advise on the production of gammaglobulin Papers for meeting; related correspondence The material concerns the future operation of the Blood Products Laboratory. E.16 Papersfor meeting, 21 December This was the final meeting before the Committee was reconstituted in 1967. E.17 Papers for meeting, 22 June This wasthe first meeting of the reconstituted committee. 1963 1964 1965 1967 1969 1970 1972 1973 1975 1976 Papers for meeting, 1 July Papers for meeting, 28 September Papers for meeting, 28 March Papers for meeting, 8 November Papers for meeting, 4 March Papers for meeting, 5 March E.18 E.19 E.20 E.21 E.22 E.23 E.24 Papers for meetings 1977, 1978 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 E.25-E.29 E.25 E.26 E.27 E.28 E.29 Societies and organisations 71 Working Preparing AHF Concentrates Party the on Cryoprecipitate Method of 1967-1973 production This was a Working Party of the Blood Transfusion Research Committee, constituted in 1967 with the following terms of reference: ‘to consider the preparation and the cryoprecipitate method and the effects which the wider use of this preparation might have on the research programmefor plasma fractionation’. Kekwick was a member from its establishment. concentrates AHF by of Papersfor first meeting, 20 November Papers for Special Meeting, 1 October Sample forms for survey of incidence of jaundice in haemophilia Papers for meeting, 8 May Final Report on ‘Jaundice and factor-VIll antibodies in treated Christmas Disease’, June haemophilia patients with and 1967 1968 1969 1973 1973 E.30 Working Party on Hypogammaglobulinaemia 1967-1968 Correspondence and papers re work of Working Party. Includes and characterisation of human normal gamma G globulin’ by Kekwick et al, prepared for the Working Party, July. preparation ‘Sypnosis the of See also C.215-C.235. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS118/4/03 72 Societies and organisations E.31, E.32 ROYAL SOCIETY 1968-1998 Kekwick was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1966. He waselected to the Royal Society Club in 1968. General correspondence 1982-1996 Royal Society Club papers 1968-1998 E.31 E.32 E.33-E.42 WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION 1970-1975 This material relates to the Albumin Working Party of the World Health Organisation’s International Committee for Standardisation in Haematology. Kekwick joined the Working Party in 1970. E.33 Correspondence and papers Includes invitations to serve on the Working Party. 1970 1971 1971 E.34 E.35 E.36 Letter covering albumin samples sent to Kekwick, with photographic prints from ultracentrifuge runs on the samples investigation on albumin for the ‘Results from the in International Haematology Albumin Working Party’, Central Laboratory of the Netherlands Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service, Amsterdam Standardisation Committee for Photocopy typescript, manuscript notes by Kekwick atached. dated November 1971, with ‘WHO Serum Albumin Samples: Examination in the Ultracentrifuge and by Molecular Sieve Chromatography’ by Kekwick 1971-1972 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 73 Societies and organisations 3pp typescript with manuscript corrections + tables and figures; letter returning the draft to Kekwick, December 1971; draft of Kekwick’s letter of reply, January 1972. E.37 Data from Canadian Red Cross tests on albumin 1972 With manuscript notes by Kekwick. E.38 E.39 E.40 E.41, E.42 Data from ‘Swiss Red Cross’, ‘Japanese results’ and ‘Australian tests’ 1972 With manuscript notes by Kekwick. Correspondence with papers K.L.G. Goldsmith and related 1972, 1974 Includes manuscript notes by Kekwick. ‘International in Haematology Albumin Working Party’ by T.T.B. Phillips and K.L.G. Goldsmith Standardisation Committee for 9pp typescript. ‘A study performed on batches of serum albumin used as diluents in Rh testing. A report to the International Society of Blood Transfusion/International Committee for Standardisation Albumin Working Party’ Haematology their in by c 1974 1975 E.41 ‘Original version’ 17pp typescript + tables, referencesetc. E.42 ‘Amendedversion’ 11pp typescript + tables, references, figures etc. R.A. Kekwick NCUACS118/4/03 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS 74 L'ACADEMIE ROYAL DE MEDECINE DE BELGIQUE ADAIR, Gilbert Smithson ALLOTT, [?] AMIES, C. R. ANNIS, David ARMITAGE, P. E.1 C.63 C.9 C.12A C.56 C.227 ARMOUR PHARMACEUTICALCO. LTD C.99-C.101 BAILEY, Kenneth BANGHAM, DerekR. BAUER, D. J. BDH CHEMICALS LTD BHASKAR,, K. R. BIDSTRUP, P. Lesley BIDWELL,Ethel BIGGS, Rosemary BONNELL,J. A. BOWEN, T.J. BRADLEY, W. BRAIN, Peter C.64 C.253, C.254 C.9 C.97, C.98 C.228 C.105 C.200 C.14, C.199 C.105, C.106 C.82 C.148 C.12 BRAMBELL, Francis William Rogers C.151, C.152, C.157, C.261- C.263 BRITISH JOURNAL OF HAEMATOLOGY BUTTERWORTH(nee WALKER), Caroline Mary D.5 C.289-C.291 CANNAN, Robert Keith CLEEVE,H. J. W. COCHRANE, Archibald L. A.21, A.22, C.4, C.272, D.3 C.102 C.81 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 75 Index of correspondents CREETH, JamesMichael CRUIKSHANK,J. C. DENT, Charles E. DOWNIE, Allan Watt DRURY,Sir Alan Nigel EATON, C. ELLIS, Drummond E.[?], George H.[?]- FLYNN, Freddie V A.23 C.59 C.14 C.61 A.25-A.27, E.6 See also D.10-D.13 C.8 C.164 C.12 C.65, C.280, C.281, C.284, C.285, GELL,Philip George Houthem C.66 GOLDSMITH, Kenneth Leslie Grant C.97-C.101, C.181, E.39 GREATBRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY GREENBURY,C. L’ GUTFREUND, Herbert HAEMOPHILIA SOCIETY HALLIDAY,R. HARVEY, Douglas Graham HEMMINGS, William Archer HILL, Lisa HOCH, H. INGRAM, G. llsley C. KEIDAN, S.E. E.2 C.66 C.12 C.188 C.14, C.261-C.265 C.105 C.151, C.152 C.288, E.30 C.67 C.102 C.68 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS 118/4/03 76 Index of correspondents KEILIN, Joan KEKWICK,Leslie Oliver KENCH, J. E. KING, EarlJ. KREBS, Sir Hans Adolf LATNER, Albert Louis LEHMANN, Hermann C.69 See A.20 C.86 C.8 C.70 C.71 C.73 LISTER INSTITUTE OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE B.1-B.10 LORAND, Laszlo LOUTIT, John Freeman McCANCE, Robert Alexander McCLEAN, D. McFARLANE, Arthur Sproul MACFARLANE, Robert Gwyn McGIBBON, Barbara MACTAVISH, W.C. MARRACK,J. R. MAYCOCK,Sir William d'A. MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL MILES, Sir (Arnold) Ashley MITCHELL,R. F. MOLLISON, P. L. MORISON, J. Edgar NATIONAL RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION NOBACK,G.J. C.167 C.9 C.74 C.9 A.24, C.79 C.189, C.273 C.194 C.4 C.76 C.54, C.102, C.187, C.188, C.190, C.199, C.200, C.215 -C.219, C.226, C.228-C.230, E.14, E.30 C.228, C.242, E.3-E.30 A.13, C.204 C.64 E.4, £.14, £.15 C.7 C.97 C.4 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS118/4/03 77 Index of correspondents OGSTON, Alexander George (‘Sandy’) OTTOLANDER,, G. J. H. PARTRIDGE, S. Miles PEDERSEN, Kai Oluf PHILLIPS,T. T. B. PIERCE, Alan E. POOL,Judith G PORTER, Rodney Robert RECORD, Basil Roland RINSLER, A. H. ROY, Lynda M. H. ROYAL SOCIETY ROYAL SOCIETY CLUB RUSSELL,M. A. SAMUEL PEPYS CLUB SHERRINGTON, Sir Charles Scott SMITH, J. C. SPOONER, Edward Tenney Caswell SPROULL,D. H. TURK,John L. TRENDSIN BIOCHEMICAL SCIENCES UNIVERSITY OF LONDON VALLET, Leon VERSTRAETE, M C.80 C.201 C.82 C.236, C.272 C.53 C.83 C.94 C.82 C.63, C.164 C.81 C.84 E.31, E.32 E.32 C.97 A.16-A.19 See A.25-A.27 C.86 C.59 C.85 C.181 D.9 A.13 C.190, C.199, C.228, C.252- C.254, E.30 C.201 R.A. Kekwick NCUACS118/4/03 78 Index of correspondents WALT,Adie van der WALTON, PeterL. WASSERMANN, Albert WAUGH,Jan WEBER, Gregorio WELLS,A.R. WESLEY,E.D. WIDDOWSON, Elsie May WOLF,Peter WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION C.273 C.195, C.205 C.90 C.273 C.89 C.86 C.54, C.102 C.88 C.188 E.33-E.42