PUGSLEY, Alfred Grenvile

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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of SIR ALFRED GRENVILE PUGSLEY FRS FEng (b. 1903) Compiled by Peter Harper and Timothy E Powell All rights reserved University of Bath Deposited in Bristol University Library 1989 G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The British Library The Geological Society Pergamon Books The Royal Society The Institute of Physics The Royal Society of Chemistry The Society of Chemical Industry G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 LIST OF CONTENTS DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF A G PUGSLEY SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.1-A.36 SECTION B BRISTOL B.1-B.23 SECTION C Cz1-C.40 LECTURES, PUBLICATIONS, ADDRESSES INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material is presented in the order shown in the list of contents. Section A (Biographical) includes a little family material, documentation of Pugsley's career, honours and awards, and correspondence. There are, for example, papers relating to his move from the Royal Aircraft Establish- ment, Farnborough, to Bristol as Professor of Civil Engineering (A.7-A.10) and papers relating to posts he was subsequently asked to consider at Manchester, Birmingham and the National Physical Laboratory (A.11-A.13). The correspondence is mostly personal but includes an exchange relating to the safety of the Queen's Flight (A.31l). Section B (Bristol) consists of papers relating to the design, construction and opening of the Queen's Building to house the University's Faculty of Engineering. The material includes plans, correspondence and photographs. Section C (Lectures, publications, addresses) is a chronological sequence of principally unpublished lectures material covering the period 1949-84. We are very grateful to Sir Alfred Pugsley for making the collection available for cataloguing. G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF A G PUGSLEY Wimbledon Rutlish School, Merton London University 1923-26 £OZ6— 31: 1928 1931-45 Civil Engineering Student Apprentice, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich Technical Officer, Royal Airship Works, Cardington Marriage to Kathleen M Warner (d.1974) Member scientific and technical staff, Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough Head of Structural and Mechanical Engineering Department 1941-45 1938 D.Sc. (Eng.Lond.) 1938-40 1945-68 £952 1956 1976 Conferral of Knighthood 1952-57 Chairman, Aeronautical Research Council 1944 Conferral of OBE Election to Fellowship of Royal Society Visiting Lecturer on aircraft structures, Imperial College London Professor of Civil Engineering, Bristol University Election to Fellowship of Engineering G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL Family Bibliographical Career, Honours and Awards Correspondence Miscellaneous biographical items "The Pugsley family’ by Sir Alfred Pugsley in Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries XXXII (1973), 203-210. Obituary of H TA W Pugsley (father) in Nature 161 (1948), Bibliography Table of the recent This list supplements Career, Honours and Awards 'Cliffords of Kent and London’. forbears of Pugsley's mother. List of publications, 1981-88. the bibliography deposited with the Royal Society. March 1939. D.Sc. (Engineering), University of London, 1938. Invitation to consider the 'Sydney Chair' (declined), G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 Biographical Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE), Farnborough, 1944-45, Pugsley had been Head of the Structural and Mechanical Engineering Department from 1941. to Bristol as Professor of Civil Engineering. of the material relates to the move to Bristol. In 1945 he moved Much Letter applying for Oxford 1944 April - October. Professorship of Engineering Science (April), letters of congratulation on Bristol appointment (July, August), consultancy agreement with the Bristol Aeroplane Company (R W Verdon-Smith). also ‘second draft’ Correspondence with Robertson, M Garner, Correspondence with Air 1944 October - December. Registration Board, W Lockwood Marsh (Editor, Aircraft Engineering), Faculty of Engineering, Bristol); of 'Proposals for the institution of a Department of Aeronautics in the Faculty of Engineering [ Bristol ]' by Robertson. BN Wallis and A Robertson (Dean of Staff chart of Structural and Mechanical Engineering Department RAE under Pugsley's headship. Pugsley has indicated the seven members of the Department (including himself) who became FRSs. 1945 January - May. F Mott, Ministry of Aircraft Production (H N B Lockspeiser) and Bristol Aeroplane Company. Manchester, December 1949. Brief correspondence re Beyer Chair of Engineering, G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 Biographical Invitation to consider nomination for Chair of Civil Engineering, Birmingham (declined), March, April 1950. Brief correspondence re Directorship of the National Physical Laboratory, May 1955. Knighthood 1956. Brief correspondence with Home Office, College of Arms. Letters of congratulation. A,B (including Bristol) Retirement 1968. Copy of A University, 17 June. A.20 Unidentified R Collar's speech to the Senate, Bristol Honorary D.Sc., Queen's University of Belfast, 8 July 1965. Honorary Fellowship of the Institution of Civil Engineers 1981. James Alfred Ewing Medal of the Institution of Civil Engineers 1979. Honorary degree, University of Surrey, 2 December 1968. G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 Biographical Both birthday 1983. Dinner menu; verse) by AR Collar; correspondence; press cuttings. list of those who attended; toast (in Pugsley's response; brief Honorary Fellowship, Bristol University, 1986. Correspondence Letters thanking Pugsley for his services. Letters re benefactions by Pugsley. A.29 1955-57 Ig1O- 719. 1960-66 : 1980-83,1989, nd. Miscellaneous biographical items Dinner menus; programme for prize-giving. Miscellaneous personal and professional correspondence. The Globe Magazine, with author Nevil Shute referring to Pugsley's work on metal fatigue as the inspiration for the novel No Highway. 1937 paper for Journal Royal Aeronautical Society illustrating work Pugsley was doing at Farnborough then. "A G Pugsley, further biographical notes'. 21 February 1959. Includes interview 4pp ms July 1989. G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 SECTION B BRISTOL Bil Bis "Papers relating to the building and opening of Queen's Building’. into eight for ease of reference. Contents of a folder so inscribed divided The Queen's Building was erected on the southern slopes of St Michael's Hill above the city of Bristol to bring together all departments of the Faculty of Engineering and expand their activities. Mechanical, Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering the building was also planned to house the departments of Geology, Mathematics and Theoretical Mechanics. on the building began in 1949 when the first sod was cut by Emeritus Professor A Robertson and the foundation stone was laid in 1951 by W the University. O58", The building was officially opened in S Churchill, Chancellor of In addition to Civil, Work 1945-46. 1952253, There is also a copy Includes ‘History of Engineering in University Undated notes and plans found with 1945-46 material. The material is principally Pugsley's ms notes and plans, and correspondence with colleagues and others re space allocation, official opening etc. of a university publication to mark the opening of the Physics Laboratory in 1927, found with the Queen's Building material. 1950-51. College Bristol' by A M Tyndall, October 1950 (lOpp typescript) and programme for conferment of honorary degrees and laying of foundation stone of new engineering school, 14 December 1951. 954-55. G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 Bristol OS /e: allocation of space in the new building, Includes minutes of informal meeting to discuss 11 July. a meeting on a publication Includes minutes of 1958. for the opening of the Queen's Building 17 September, timetable for Duke of Edinburgh's visit on 13 November, and Pugsley's contribution to the Bristol Evening Post to mark the opening of the new building (3pp typescript). place on The official opening took a special supplement of 5 December. "Henry Herbert Wills Physics Laboratory’. publication by the University of Bristol to mark the official opening of the laboratory by Sir Ernest (later Lord) Rutherford, 21 October 1927. book are letter and ms notes by A and 1937. M Tyndall dated 1936 Enclosed at front of Commemorative 5 folders. 4 folders. B. 14: =B.17 Photographs. Chancellor's visit, 14 December 1951. Chancellor's visit to the new building, 6 folders. Miscellaneous. G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 SECTION C LECTURES, PUBLICATIONS, ADDRESSES Gel" —7C. 40 "Discussion... on paper by D theory of bridge oscillations" (Oct. 1949)'. B Steinman on "Aerodynamic 2pp typescript. Address to Stress Analysis Group of Institute of Physics, Bristol, January 1954. 8pp typescript + lp summary. Review of: Aero-Elasticity G Broadbent, The Elementary Theory of (for Aircraft Engineering), E 2pp typescript dated 8 November 1954. to unidentified W Merchant and A Bolton, An Introduction to 5pp typescript. lp typescript. (latest biblio- Bristol Grammar "Current Trends in the Specification of Structural Safety'. "Revised version of spoken reply' discussion meeting, 5 May 1955. Lecture on ‘Engineering Structures', School, May 1956. 7pp typescript + summary and references graphical reference, June 1955). lp typescript dated 9 July 1956. Review of: the Theory of Structures (1950). G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 Lectures, publications, addresses C26. cont day; Lecture on 'Safety', Cranfield, 24 July 1956. 3pp typescript. ‘White Elephants’. Society, Bristol, November 1956. Presidential address to Engineering 6pp typescript + outline. Review of: and its Applications to Engineering. G Temple and W G Bickley, Rayleigh's Principle lp typescript dated 17 December 1956. Lecture on ‘Problems of Progressive Failure', Cheltenham, 12 December 1957. 2pp typescript + 8pp ms diagrams. ‘Engineering and Architecture’. ‘Fatigue Lecture' lp typescript + 2pp ms graphs. 5pp typescript + reference 7 December 1958); proof copy. lp references (latest bibliographical Lecture on ‘Economy of Structures', Shrivenham, 10 December 1959. l4pp typescript. 3lst Autumn Lecture of the Institute of Metals, Bath, 9 September 1960. Residential course on Metal Fatigue, Bristol, 28 March = 1 April 1960. Programme and list of members; (lp typescript). ‘Metal and the World of Engineering Structures', G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 Lectures, publications, addresses Talk on the 'Royal Society and its work', Rotary Club, 7 November 1960. Bristol 3pp typescript. Review of: GL Payne, Britain's Scientific and Techno- logical Manpower (1960). 5pp typescript dated December 1960. Institution of Structural Engineers Lecture on 'The behaviour of tubular structures in compression, static and dynamic', Liverpool, 20 March 1961. 2pp typescript. 2pp typescript. 4pp typescript. 2pp typescript; P Linstead. 3pp typescript. Review of: J Comrie ed., Civil Enginéer's Reference Book (2nd edition, 1961). "Discussion on Manpower Report (Cmd. paper 1490)', Appointments Board Conference, May 1962. Vote of thanks on the occasion of the Maitland Lecture, [Institution of Structural Engineers] , November 1962. The lecturer was R published version. Review of: media (1962) A C Eringen, Non-linear theory of continuous (for Engineering). G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 Lectures, publications, addresses Vote of thanks on the occasion of the Colston Symposium, Bristol, 3) April 1963: 2pp typescript. Summary of papers presented, ISE Engineers ] and ADA Symposium, June 1963. as rapporteur and opened the meeting for discussion. [Institution of Structural Pugsley acted 6pp typescript. Vote of thanks on the occasion of the Anniversary Address, Royal Society, 30 November 1963. 2pp typescript. Proof copy. 4pp typescript. 4pp typescript. "To the Memory of I K Brunel', Bristol, 10 December 1964. Review of: Selected Papers of Hardy Cross (1963)*. NM Newmark ed., Address at the Royal Corps of Naval Constructors Dinner, Greenwich, 1963. 7pp typescript. Lecture on the contributions made by aeronautics to structural engineering, Institution of Structural Engineers, January 1965. G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 Lectures, publications, addresses ‘Accidents and Catastrophes'. the Engineering Society, Bristol, 1965. Presidential Address to 7pp typescript + ms diagrams;. published summary in Society's journal Matrix. ‘The Well-balanced Structure’. Royal Aeronautical Society Wilbur and Orville Wright Memorial Lecture delivered by Pugsley, 9 December 1965. This was the title of the Booklet with photograph and brief biographical account of Pugsley; lecture. list of guests attending the dinner after the There is no lecture text. Lecture on 'Impact' to the Bristol Association of Engineers, October 1966. 3pp typescript. 2pp typescript. 6pp typescript. Lecture on ‘Impact on Structures', Swansea, 10 March 1967. Presidential address to the Engineering Society, ‘'cream' ‘Cream’. [ ?Bristol ], November 1967. Pugsley categorised as projects of high endeavour and the men to lead them. 3pp typescript. Institution of Civil Engineers - Institution of Structural Engineers lecture on 'Civil Engineering in the 20th Century', Bristol, 8 March 1968. 3pp typescript + list of engineers and representatives of Bristol University. Lecture on 'Mechanics of Bridges', Physical Society, March 1968. G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 Lectures, publications, addresses [ Construction Industry Research and Information CIRIA Association ] technical note 2 on ‘Guidance for the drafting of codes of practice for structural safety', August 1968. The technical note was prepared by the CIRIA Study Committee on Structural Safety which was chaired by Pugsley. Published version only. Introduction to discussion on The Structural Engineer 52, discussion was held at the Institution of Structural Engineers, 9 January 1975. 441 (December 1974). 'The relevance of history', The Published version only. 1 March 1984. llpp typescript; ms notes. Report on discussion on The Structural Engineer, 53, 387-398 (September 1975). Includes Pugsley's introduction and contributions to discussion. 'The relevance of history', Published version only. Letter, 14 July 1983, thanking Pugsley for talk to Institution of Structural Engineers History Group at Bristol. Institution of Civil Engineers - Institution of Structural Engineers lecture on 'Some Changes in Structural Engineering, 1900-1980', Institution of Structural Engineers 75th Annual Conference on College London, 11 July 1984. view of structural engineering. Report on conference as published in The Structural Engineer 62A, 253-256 (August 1984). 'The art and practice of structural design', Imperial Pugsley gave his personal G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 Undated Lectures, publications, addresses 'The Structure Testing Apparatus in the Civil Engineering Laboratory, University of Bristol’. 3pp typescript with ms additions and corrections. Folder also includes draft specification of beam testing apparatus, May 1952, found attached to preceding. 2pp typescript + diagram. Contribution to unidentified symposium on ‘Structural analysis and the economy of structures'. 15pp typescript with ms additions and corrections. 3pp typescript. 7pp typescript. ‘Forth Road Bridge Paper discussion'. (14 December) contribution to 'The Severn Suspension Bridge: An Appreciation'. CEI [Council of Engineering Institutions ] lecture on "Risks in Engineering’. 2pp typescript. Introductory remarks for ‘Symposium on Aluminium Structures’. 19pp typescript. 'Blectronics and the Bridge Builders’. 3pp typescript. G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 Lectures, publications, addresses "The Development of Fail-safe Structures’. 7pp typescript. Review of: B B Low, Strength of Materials. 2pp typescript. "Big Structures =~ land, ‘sea, andjair': 4pp ms. G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ADRIAN, Edgar Douglas, lst Baron AGNEW, Sir (William) Godfrey Aircraft Engineering AIR REGISTRATION BOARD ATKINS, Sir William Sydney Albert BAILEY, Sir Donald Coleman BAKER, John Fleetwood, Baron BALL, Norman BALLANTYNE, A M BARLOW, Harold Everard Monteagle 2nd Baron BLENKINSOP, J R BRENTNALL, Ralph H BARNES, E M BENNETT, J B BICKLEY, William Gee Moore-Brabazon, lst Baron BLACKFORD, Glyn Keith Murray Mason, BRABAZON OF TARA, John Theodore Cuthbert A.1L5, B.4, -B.6, Bal BO See also B.4 BRISTOL AIRCRAFT COMPANY As TF Deg Asl3,? Aa BRUNT, Sir David BUTTERFIELD, H C G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 Index of correspondents CHILVER, Amos Henry, Baron CLOSS, August COLLAR, Arthur Roderick A. 6p Ao y See also A.32 AekS, -h.30 B. 5, Bro See also A.22,A.25 COLLINS, H John COOK, Sir William Richard Joseph A.16 A.16 COX, Sir Harold Roxbee CRABTREE, Lewis DARWIN, Sir Charles (Galton) DUNCAN-SANDYS, Duncan Edwin, Baron FARREN, Sir William Scott FOLLETT, Samuel Frank FREEMAN, Sir Ralph FEDDEN, Sir (Alfred Hubert) Roy HEILBRONN, Hans Arnold Al See also A.9 HALL, Sir Arnold (Alexander) HAWTHORNE, Sir William (Rede) GARNER, Sir Harry Mason GRAY, Phyllis G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 Index of correspondents HIGHAM, Norman HINSHELWOOD, Sir Cyril (Norman) HOFF, Nicholas John HOOKER, Sir Stanley (George) KASTNER, Leslie James KERENSKY, Oleg Alexander KING, John Lawrence KINGMAN, Sir John (Frank Charles) LICKLEY, Robert L MARSHALL, William Thomas MEDAWAR, Sir Peter (Brian) MERRISON, Maureen, Lady (Conyers) Pes 2 /eR 31 eA oo LOCKSPEISER, Sir Ben See A.9 B17 ASt7 A.17 Aid? LIGHTHILL, Sir (Michael) James LEATHER, Sir Edwin (Hartley Cameron) LEGGETT, Douglas Malcolm Aufrére LEACH, Admiral of the Fleet Sir Henry MORGAN, Sir Morien Bedford MARSH, W Lockwood G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 Index of correspondents MORICE, Peter Beaumont MORRIS, Florence, Lady MORRIS, Sir Philip (Robert) MOTT, Sir Nevill (Francis) MURPHEY, Alfred John MUSGRAVE, Sir (Frank) Cyril NEWING, Sidney NOBLE, Celia AC L3,As15,A 2iy5.} See also B.1,B.3,B.6 Aso Als As18 A.18 A.30 NORTH, John D NORWAY, Nevil Shute A.18 See A.31, A.34 PIPPARD, Alfred John Sutton OLD RUTLISHIANS ASSOCIATION PAGE, Sir Frederick Handley QUARTERMAINE, Sir Allan (Stephen) PRITCHARD, J Laurence A.7 See A.2,A.28,A.30 PENROSE, Harald J PITMAN, C E PUGSLEY, H W G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 Index of correspondents RAWCLIFFE, Gordon Hindle REDSHAW, Seymour Cunningham RIDEAL, Sir Eric (Keightley) ROBERTSON, Andrew ROSS, Allan Dawson ROYAL AERONAUTICAL SOCIETY RUTLISH SCHOOL SELL, P D A.8, A.9 See also B.1l As 31 Ast; Aor A.19 SEVERN, RT SHIPP;. J:*Cik SINCLAIR, R SINGER, CM SMITH, Julian SERBY, John Edward SHEPHEARD, Sir Victor (George) SNOW, Sir Frederick (Sidney) SUTHERLAND, R James M STOPFORD, John Sebastian Bach, Baron SPENCER, Sir Kelvin (Tallent) G Pugsley A NCUACS 13/6/89 Index of correspondents TAYLOR, Sir Geoffrey (Ingram) TEMPLE, George Frederick James THOM, Alexander THOMSON, James Leonard TODD, Alexander Robertus, Baron A.27 TYNDALL, Arthur Mannering B.8 See also B.3 VERDON-SMITH, Sir (William) Reginald WALKER, P B WALLACE, William Kelly WHITTARD, W F A. 8A. 197 ALS A.19 A.19 WILLIS, Hector Ford WILLIAMS, Frederic Calland WITTRICK, William Henry Bed See also B.6 WALLIS, Sir Barnes (Neville) AG 32