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Second supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Cecil Frank Powell FRS (1903-1969) NCUACS catalogue no.114/13/02 By Caroline Thibeaud and Timothy E. Powell C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Title: Compiled by: Caroline Thibeaud and Timothy E. Powell Date of material: 1941-2002 Extent of material: 17 boxes, ca 535 items Second supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Powell, Cecil Frank, FRS, (1903-1969), Physicist NCUACS catalogue no. 114/13/02 © 2002 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath. Special Collections, Arts & Social Sciences Library, University of Bristol Reference code: GB 0003 Powell papers Deposited in: C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists in the production of this catalogue is made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Institute of Physics The Macro Group UK The Heritage Lottery Fund The Polymer Physics Group The Public Record Office C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: SPECIAL COLLECTIONS ARCHIVIST, ARTS & SOCIAL SCIENCES LIBRARY, UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.144-A.152 SECTION B BALLOON AND AEROPLANE FLIGHTS B.19-B.118 SECTION C PUBLICATIONS SECTION E CORRESPONDENCE SECTION F RESEARCH C.26-C.38 E.77-E.397 F.76-F.93 SECTION G VISITS AND CONFERENCES INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received in November 1999 from the Department of Physics, University of Bristol via Mrs Rosemary Fowler, widow of Professor P.H. Fowler, a colleague of Powell. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF CECIL FRANK POWELL Powell was born in Tonbridge, Kent in 1903 and educated at Judd School in Tonbridge and Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. He began his research career in physics at the Cavendish Laboratory Cambridge, working with C.T.R. Wilson, but in 1928 he moved to the University of Bristol as a research assistant to A.M. Tyndall, Henry Overton Wills Professor of Physics. of DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION the photographic method of studying nuclear processes and his discoveries regarding mesons made with this method. Powell spent the rest his career at Bristol as Lecturer, 1931-1946, Reader, 1946-1948, Melville Wills Professor of Physics, 1948-1963, and Henry Overton Wills Professor and Director of the H.H. Wills Laboratory, 1964-1969. Powell always encouraged an international approach to research, and from 1950 played an increasingly large part in political and international science, as Chairman of the World Federation of Scientific Workers, 1956-1959, Chairman of the Science Policy Committee CERN, 1961-1963, and in many other capacities. He was one of the signatories of the Russell-Einstein manifesto of July 1955, and presided at the plenary session of the first Pugwash Conference in July 1957. Powell was a pioneer in particle physics, best known for his discovery of the pion. He was elected FRS in 1949 (Hughes Medal 1949, Royal Medal 1961) and was awarded the 1950 Nobel Prize for Physics for his development of Throughout this catalogue titles in inverted These papers and correspondence of Cecil Frank Powell supplement those catalogued in 1974 (CSAC catalogue 12/6/74) and 1986 (CSAC catalogue 111/2/86.), both deposited in the Library, University of Bristol. The collection is presented as in the list of contents. The material covers the period 1941-2002. Material supplementary to the previous catalogues has been found for Sections A (Biographical), B (Balloon and aeroplane flights), C (Publications), E (Correspondence) and F (Research). Section G, Visits and conferences, is a completely new section. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 commas indicate the original typescript or manuscript titles of Powell's folders. These have not generally been retained. Section A, Biographical, includes a large-format photograph album featuring balloon flights from the University of Bristol and Italy 1949-1961, and group photographs of Powell's Cosmic Ray research team including visiting scientists and students at the University of Bristol between 1949 and 1960. Those featured include Powell and his wife Isobel Powell, P.H. Fowler, J.H. Davies, D.H. Perkins and H. Heitler. It is numbered to follow on from catalogue CSAC 111/2/86. Section B, Balloon and aeroplane flights, is arranged in alphabetical order based on Powell's own folder titles and comprises material on flight expeditions between 1953 and 1971. It is one of the larger sections of the catalogue and presents a good record of the research of Powell and his team (in particular P.H. Fowler). It includes correspondence, photographs, technical drawings, maps, memoranda and reports on balloon flights in Bristol, Cardington (Bedfordshire), Scotland, Sardinia, Hyderabad (India), New Mexico, Victoria (Texas) and Sioux Falls (Minnesota) 1953-1971, and aeroplane flights on Comet, Vulcan and VC10 aircraft between 1957 and 1964. Material also documents balloon making, collaboration with foreign universities and institutions, technical support with naval and air ministries, meteorological services in the United Kingdom and relations with NATO. At the end of the sequence is a little photographic material. The section is numbered to follow on from catalogue CSAC 11 1/2/86. alphabetical sequence as originally arranged, running from A to S. The sequence precedes that running from S-Z, which is to be found in catalogue CSAC 111/2/86. Section C, Publications, is slight and includes documentation of four papers only. Most of the Section E, Correspondence, forms the largest section of the collection. It is presented in an cancer treatment written by Powell and P.H. Fowler. It is numbered to follow on from catalogue material relates to a paper entitled ‘Therapeutic Applications of Beam of Negative Pion Mesons' on issues of atomic energy and nuclear weapons, exhibitions, publications of papers and proceedings of not exclusively correspondence, covers a wide range of topics from collaboration on research and expeditions with national and foreign universities, to dealings with governmental bodies in the UK including the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research and the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and supra-national bodies abroad such as NATO. There is also material relating to scientific societies and organisations such as the Royal Society and CERN, and national laboratories including the Rutherford and Culham Laboratories and the National Physical Laboratory. There is also material on the supply of cosmic ray research material by commercial companies, balloon flights expeditions and analysis of exposed emulsion stacks, the CSAC 111/2/86. The material, which is C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 conferences. It is numbered to follow on from catalogue CSAC 111/2/86, although as indicated above, the sequence presented in this catalogue precedes it in the alphabet. Section F, Research, is not substantial. It is mainly related to collaboration on K- research with foreign universities and institutions. There is also material relating to n-p scattering and neutrino experiments. This material follows on from catalogue CSAC 12/6/74. Section G, Visits and conferences, covers the period from 1960 to 1965. Powell went to only some of the conferences but he retained material relating to many that he did not attend, some of which were attended by other members of his team. Conferences of particular significance are the series of Rochester conferences on High Energy Physics, the Ultra High Energy Nuclear Physics conference in Bristol (1963), various CERN conferences and the 1965 International Union of Pure and Applied Physics conference. There is also an index of correspondents. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Thanks are due to Mrs Rosemary Fowler for assistance in making the papers available for photographs. Caroline F. Thibeaud cataloguing and to Mrs Jane Panahy, daughter of C.F. Powell, for advice and help in identifying Bath 2002 C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL, A.144-A.152 1949-2002 Large format photograph album with photographs of various stages of balloon preparation and flight, Bristol and Italy. 1949-1961 Interleaved are manuscript notes by Mrs Jane Panahy (2002) identifying occasions and people featured. Three photographs of Powell: lecturing at blackboard; retirement portrait photograph. presentation Andrews; Mrs to A.146-A.152 Group photographs of members of Powell’s research team investigating cosmic rays. 1949-2002 Include lists of team members’ names and positions. Covering letter, sent with the photographs, from Mrs Rosemary Fowler, wife of Powell’s research colleague Professor P.H. Fowler. ‘1949-1950.’ ‘1950-1951.’ 1949-1950 ‘Photograph A.’ 1950-1951 ‘Photograph D.’ ‘Photograph C.’ ‘Photograph B.’ C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 SECTION B BALLOON AND AEROPLANE FLIGHTS, B.19-B.118 1952-1971 has been order preserved. The material was found in an alphabetical sequence and this includes correspondence, photographs, technical drawings, maps, memorandum and reports re balloon flights in the UK and abroad and related topics such as balloon making and collaboration with various institutions. At B.117, B.118 is a little photographic material. Material ‘Aeroplane Flights 1963, VC 10 (UCLA/Lockheed)’. 1962-1965 Folder also inscribed Registration Board’. ‘See also BOAC file and Air Correspondence arrangements, Also includes purchase order of emulsion sets. radiation requirements technical re_ hazards, flight and _ financing. ‘Australian Flights on Comet’. 1960-1961 re for flights B.22-B.47 1960-1961 Correspondence and permission to fly balloons from Cardington, Bedfordshire in February and March 1961. Malvern, Worcestershire, arrangement 1960 and ‘Balloon flights’. ‘Ministry of Aviation’. Correspondence re arrangements for a flight on board Comet aircraft between Salisbury, Wiltshire and South Australia and technical requirements. 1954-1971 The H.H. Wills Laboratory team made arrangements for flights to expose stacks of emulsions to cosmic radiation on and universities. The stacks were then analysed by various laboratories including the Wills Laboratory and results were shared. These files were found together and relate to a series of balloon flights made during the period 1954 to 1971 in Bristol, Cardington (Bedfordshire), Sardinia, Hyderabad, India, and (in the USA) New Mexico, Victoria, Texas and Sioux Falls, Minnesota. laboratories European Scotland, various behalf of C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Balloon and aeroplane flights Correspondence re financing expedition, processing of the plates exposed, financial participation of foreign institutions. June 1954, high altitude balloon flight, Bristol. Sardinia of Also includes correspondence re a July 1954 BOAC flight made by the H.H. Wills Laboratory team for the Danish Theoretical Physics Institute. 2 folders. ‘Balloon flights’. 1954-1960 Includes letter re material defects, summary of material test results, notes taken during flights (1954-1959), table of calculations entitled ‘Sphere Area and Volume of Sphere’ and 1 photograph of a balloon flight launch (May 1960). 2 folders. ‘Balloon flights, India 1961’. 1960-1962 ‘Balloon flights, Tayport, Fife Met. Office’. Folder ‘Main Waddington and or Stevenson’. inscribed also The flight was a ‘Tungsten emulsion flight’ and was launched from Hyderabad, India on 28 April 1961. Correspondence re arrangements for the flight, technical requirements and supply and processing of the exposed stacks. Also includes graph. 1962-1963 Flights from Hyderabad were originally planned for March and April 1963 but were cancelled due to war between India and China and were redirected to New Mexico, USA. Correspondence from May to August 1961 re expenses owed to the Meteorological Office. B.28-B.31 ‘Balloon flights, India, 1963’. correspondence with C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Balloon and aeroplane flights B.28-B.30 Correspondence re technical collaboration with the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Bombay, material re cancellation of a proposal for a series of flights in India. flight and copy of 1962-1963 3 folders. Technical brochures. Also includes miscellaneous notes and graphs. Balloon flight, Cardington, Bedfordshire, 1962. 1960-1962 Correspondence re arrangements and order of emulsion. The flight was launched from RAF Cardington in June 1962. ‘Balloon flight, Texas, New Mexico, 1963’. ‘Balloon flights, India, 1964’. The folder is empty but has been kept as evidence of possible flights in India in 1964. The New Mexico flight replaced the cancelled 1963 Hyderabad flight. Letter to the European Office of Aerospace Research in Brussels, Belgium asking for technical support for balloon flight in New Mexico, USA. The launching place is not mentioned. ‘India Expedition’, 2 March-5 April 1965. Correspondence re permission given to H. Heitler to join P.H. Fowler in India; list of expenses. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Balloon and aeroplane flights B.36-B.42 Balloon flights, September 1970, USA. 1969-1970 flight Several flights were arranged in the USA, including one in Victoria, Texas and one in Sioux Falls, Minnesota (a flight intended to test ‘slow ultra heavies’). The Sioux failed due to technical problems and the Falls Victoria flight was cancelled due to flight restrictions imposed by Mexico. There were plans for another flight in April or May 1971. However it is seems that some stacks of emulsion were exposed since B.43-B.47 present some results entitled ‘Texas 3’ and ‘Texas 4’ that could be from flights in this period. B.36-B.39 Correspondence, mainly from arrangements, launching cancellations, processing of emulsion stacks. requirements, material technical storage bases, P.H. of Fowler, re 1969-1970 flight of flight choice after 4 folders. B.40-B.42 Supporting documents. 1969-1970 found with the Victoria flights, and copies of the 3 folders. report entitled correspondence, Also includes transcript of a BBC ‘Science in Action’ programme including an interview with P.H. Fowler on cosmic ray showers. Material including miscellaneous notes and calculations for the Sioux Falls and ‘Southern Hemisphere GHOST Test Programme Status Report’, ‘DIAS SSTVD Group memorandum on discussions, 3-5 February 1970’ and ‘Skylab II Experimentation Definition Activities’ ‘Ultra-Heavy Ray Primaries’ (April 1970). 1970-1971 Correspondence re arrangements for flights, transport of emulsion stacks to Bristol and drafting of papers on results. Also includes graphs and results of scans. May include flights carried out in relation to those planned for Victoria and Sioux Falls in September 1970 (see B.36- B.42 above). 1970 balloon flights. 1970-1971 B.43-B.47 B.43-B.46 4 folders. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Balloon and aeroplane flights Data analysis of plastic scan and emulsion scan analysis, drawing. ‘Balloon Making’. 1957-1964 Correspondence with various manufacturers re technical requirements, supply of material etc. ‘BOAC London Airport’. 1963-1964 Folder also inscribed: ‘For VC10 see also Aeroplane Flights 1963: VC 10’ (see B.19). Correspondence re arrangement for flight on VC10 aircraft to carry cosmic radiation measurement equipment. 1963-March February 1964 ‘Bristol Aeroplane Co’. B.51-B.53 radiation hazards. Also includes minutes 1957-1960 ‘First Comet Flights’. Correspondence with Bristol aircraft manufacturer re high altitude of discussion meeting on cosmic radiation. The first Comet flight programme ran from 11 October 1957 to 13 May 1958. Stacks of emulsions were sent in the Comet IIE aircraft flying between London and Beirut, Lebanon. P.H. Fowler and D.H. Perkins were in charge of the project. 1958-1959 Plan showing the installation of cosmic ray boxes in the aircraft, temperature check list and miscellaneous notes in preparation for a meeting with BOAC. Correspondence arrangements and expenses. and Notes and plans. 1957-1960 2 folders. papers re flight technical C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Balloon and aeroplane flights B.54-B.57 ‘Second Comet Flight’. 1959-1961 For this experiment Comet and Vulcan aircraft were used, flying at 35,000 feet and above for 200 to 300 hours during proving flights between London and Sydney, Australia, to capture cosmic radiation on emulsion stacks. ‘Comet Flight, Tungsten and Air Force’. Correspondence re purchase of material and technical requirements, collaboration with the RAF and permission to fly. Also includes miscellaneous notes and drawings. papers flight arrangements, Correspondence and temperature records on the Sydney flights, possibility of other flights in autumn/winter 1961. Includes technical drawing of the installation of cosmic ray boxes on board the aircraft, flight altitude and wind chart. re 1959-1961 Table of Cosmic Ray Data. BOAC Proving Flight Data. B.58-B.66 Italian Expeditions 1952-1957. Flying programme and flight technical data. Progress and final reports, graphs, photographs, maps and correspondence re expeditions between 1952 and 1957 in Southern Italy including Napoli, Cagliari, Sardinia and Mirandola. 1952-1957 Copies of ‘Barford’s Report from the Ship, 26 May 1952’, ‘Progress Report by C.F.P’ (4-5 June 1952), ‘Report on the Swedish Flight’ (16-30 June 1952), ‘Progress Report from C.F.P’ (26 June-3 July 1952), progress report 7-12 July 1952, manuscript entitled ‘Memorandum on High Altitude Balloon Flights in the Mediterranean’ by Powell, 30 July 1952. B.58-B.60 ‘Italian Expedition, Progress Report 1952’. 3 folders. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Balloon and aeroplane flights Expedition Report, Italy, Summer 1952. report Final photographs of various launches. details with on each flight, graphs and Laboratory The Italian expedition was a project elaborated during the Congress on V-Particles and Heavy Mesons at the H.H. Wills European collaboration involving British, Swedish, Belgian, French, German and were launched from Naples and Cagliari between 18 May and 13 July 1952. institutions. balloons Bristol. Italian was 13 in a It 2 folders. ‘Italian Expedition Progress Report 1953’. Progress reports on the flights. Typescript reports from 31 May to the end of July 1953. Flights were launched from Cagliari in Sardinia. of a on from flight report Mirandola October 1954 Expedition. Mirandola Flight September 1955. Correspondence of Powell describing a flight in which the balloon burst in the air. Powell’s 21 September 1955 and D.J.P. and J.H. Davies’ report from Casale Monferrato on 20 October 1955. 1963-1964 Correspondence, drawings, price quotations, flight data and miscellaneous notes. Correspondence re progress report by (?) J.H. Davies on a balloon flight, possibly launched from Padua. ‘VC 10 Exposure’. Correspondence. B.67-B.71 C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Balloon and aeroplane flights Correspondence. 1963-1964 to Correspondence accommodate emulsion plate boxes, and the order and transport of equipment. equipping aircraft the re Flight data. 1963-1964 Manuscript lists of flight duration and air temperature at different times of the flight. 2 folders. Quotes and technical drawings. Miscellaneous notes and drawing. B.72-B.79 1959-1961 B.72-B.75 Correspondence. 1959-1961 collaboration laboratories and ‘General | NATO (AGARD)’. Folder also inscribed: ‘a) visit of Major Lairmore and Gen. Stratigakis and conference 16th-17th May 1960 and subsequent correspondence. 3 monthly report on grant (12/10/60), current file’. Includes correspondence re arrangements for flights, financial support from NATO, and with Italian of preliminary visit to Italy; progress report of October 1960 by J.H. Davies and A.J.J. Macmillan. 2 folders. ‘Mediterranean Flights Serial Story from Dr. Hopper and J. H. Burrow’. Series of reports addressed to Powell and J.H. Davies June-July 1960. Greek authorities; report 4 folders. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Balloon and aeroplane flights Reports on flight arrangements meeting and notes, May- June. ‘Notes on Meeting re Flight Arrangement’. a meeting (July 1960) to prepare a of Notes of questions to be addressed during the preliminary trip to Italy and ‘summary of letters from V.D. Hopper and J.H. Burrow reporting on investigations in Italy and Greece’. list B.80-B.83 ‘Mediterranean Flights - Original Il...’ 1959-1961 also inscribed ‘a) NATO correspondence, b) Folder Preliminary discussion with participants, c) offer to divert £10,000 to Schein stack, d) Agreement to NATO grant (17 Feb. 1960), e) Request for 3 monthly report (20 May 1960) arrangement re administration of fund (May-June 1960), f) employment of secretarial help (June 1960), File closed’. 3 folders. Flights Ill AGARD and_ other B.80-B.82 ‘Mediterranean organisations’ Draft of ‘Progress Report on the Development of Work on Cosmic Radiation with Large Stacks of Emulsion’. Correspondence March 1959-1961 re NATO and DSIR grants, NATO naval support, collaboration with European institutions and the Schein stack project. 1959-1961 Includes tentative agenda, memorandum for participants, list of papers presented and a general information booklet on AGARD for 1959. Correspondence and papers re lonospheric Research Committee meeting in Athens, Greece, 20-23 June 1960. P.H. Fowler and J.H. Davies were sent to the meeting to present the 1961 Mediterranean flight project. ‘Mediterranean Flights, Hopper and Burrow Trips June, B.85-B.87 C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Balloon and aeroplane flights July 1960, file closed’. the Correspondence preparation for the 1961 flight and technical facilities, custom clearances and transport of equipment. June 1960 from July re to 2 folders. Map and reports. manuscript Map with flight launching bases, report of the reconnaissance trip by V.D. Hopper, table of data on surface wind and altitude. inscription places of of B.88-B.97 ‘Mediterranean Flights, Correspondence with Selva since their departure on 13-5-61, File closed Sept. 1961’. the due B.88-B.93 team to of equipment to J.H. Davies, H. Heitler and A.J.S. McMillan conducted the project based at Selva, Italy. The expedition was eventful as members of health various problems, partly accommodation conditions. Eventually a doctor was sent from England as medical officer. suffered unhealthy flights one balloon containing a stack of During the emulsion flown on behalf of an Indian institute burst after a three hours flight and another balloon was shot down by Albanian forces when it drifted away from Italy. re Correspondence from March to September 1961 customs, transport back, accommodation, health and morale, balloon flight failure, accounts. Documents re transport of equipment to Italy, May. Staff schedule in Italy for May-August. Notes on telephone conversations, June. Also includes travel arrangements. 6 folders. Italy and C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Balloon and aeroplane flights Proposal for balloon flights for summer 1961 and ‘Report on the Experiments in Southern Italy 1961’. B.98-B.101 Request of material for balloon flights 1960-1961 Correspondence with manufacturers re order of material and price quotations. Also includes technical drawing and a sample of balloon fabric. Some correspondence is in German. 4 folders. Product brochure. In German. ‘Italian Accounts 1961’. 1961-1962 Post-expedition correspondence. 1961-1962 Correspondence on accounts, invoices and expenditure. Correspondence re processing of emulsion stack in UK, loss of material in the expedition and attempt to recover the balloon that drifted towards Albania. 1960-1961 Correspondence from December 1960 to February 1962 re weather reports and visit to Bristol to discuss balloon flights. ‘NATO Air Flights (aeroplane), Lairmore cf Mediterranean Flight also’. Correspondence re use of NATO U2 aircraft at the ‘Meteorological Office Royal Air Force’. 1960-1962 B.106, B.107 1960-1961 C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Balloon and aeroplane flights Edwards Air Force base in California, flight arrangements and visit to the base. Miscellaneous notes titled ‘Edwards AFB’. ‘Naval Co-operation’. 1952-1959 Correspondence re request for air and naval assistance for balloon flights in the North Sea and equatorial regions. Also includes notes of a discussion between Powell and the Air Ministry (20 March 1953). B.109-B.115 ‘Norris Consultants Ltd’. 1959-1962 1959-1962 1960-1961 1959-1962 B.109-B.114 launching Correspondence platform product design brochures, memorandum of meeting re the launching platform and technical drawings. papers re production. balloon Includes and and 6 folders. List of payments. ‘Objects in the Sky’. Report and correspondence re sighting of flying objects in the sky in Australia and the UK. These flying objects were linked to balloon flights. 1956-1964 4 collisions captured in emulsion plates. Some are sometimes date on the verso. 10 photographs of balloon launches in Bristol and area. Used as illustrations for figures. identified with an indication of place and nuclear disintegrations photographs showing and C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 SECTION C PUBLICATIONS, C.26-C.38 1951-1969 on from follows section This Lectures, broadcasts, publications, of catalogue CSAC 111/2/86. Most of a paper on cancer treatment ‘Therapeutic applications of beam of negative pion mesons’ by Powell and P.H. Fowler. material section relates the to C This section is arranged in chronological order. The titles are those of Powell's folders. ‘The Cosmic Radiation’. abstract Copy and ‘The Cosmic Radiation’ by Powell, read at a Weekly Evening Meeting of the Royal Institution, 16 February 1951. paper titled of a C.27-C.32 ‘Cancer Paper October 1960, P.H.F. and D.H.P.’ 1960-1964 re on and papers C.27, C.28 1960-1964 Correspondence. Correspondence the therapeutic applications of negative pion beams for the treatment of cancerous tumours and their advantage over alpha radiation and X-rays. research The paper, titled ‘Therapeutic applications of beam of negative pion mesons’, was published in Nature vol 189, 18 February 1961. Subjects include collaboration on research on N-mesons at CERN and the University of Liverpool, the use of the University of Liverpool synchrocyclotron machine for research, publication and update on cancer treatment for a BBC programme. 1960, 1963 First and final drafts of ‘Therapeutic applications of beam of negative pion mesons’. Newspaper cuttings re cancer research. 2 folders. 2 folders. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Publications Correspondence re requests for reprints. 1961-1963 ‘Cancer Paper C.F.P’s File’. 1962-1964 Correspondence with Yale University and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, USA re medical use of N-mesons. 2 folders. ‘Nuclear interactions from 30 to 1 million GeV’. paper by P.H. Copy of Perkins, Proceedings of the Royal Society, A, vol 278 (1964), pp. 401-415. Fowler and D.H. C.36-C.38 ‘The charge spectrum of very heavy cosmic ray nuclei’ by P. H. Fowler et al. Copy of paper. 3 folders. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 SECTION E CORRESPONDENCE, E.77-E.397 1941-1977 is of this section the main part The material in an alphabetical sequence that was believed lost when the previous catalogue (CSAC 111/2/86) was compiled. That catalogue presented correspondence filed alphabetically of topic under the by name of correspondent or title letters S to Z, although part only of S. This sequence covers the letters A-S. The numbering of this section follows on from the previous catalogue, although the material precedes it alphabetically. Although described by Powell as correspondence, in addition to correspondence with individuals, institutions and organisations, there are papers for conferences, reports, circulars, research data, minutes of meetings and photographs. E.77-E.93 Correspondence A E377, ‘American Embassy’. 1950-1968 1953-1960 E.79-E.88 E.79-E.85 balloons, and British scientists’ relationships ‘Andes experiment’. ‘United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority’. Correspondence re a proposal to fly balloon in the Andes. Includes arrangements for high altitude balloon flight near the equator in August-September 1953, technical details of with colleagues in the USSR and China. 1950-1968 requirements of Includes development and Harwell’s high energy accelerators, contracts between the AERE and Bristol University re loan of material, request for collaboration from the USSR and the Polish Academy of Sciences in exposing stacks of emulsion, and purchase of material for Soviet scientists. Folder also inscribed: Establishment’ and Establishment’. ‘AERE: Atomic Energy Research ‘Atomic Research Weapons’ Correspondence. 1950-1968 technical 7 folders. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence ‘Report on the Conference on High Energy Accelerators for Nuclear Research’. The conference was held in Buckland House, Berkshire (now Oxfordshire), 7 June 1952. ‘Proposal for a 6.5 GeV Accelerator’ and ‘Cosmic Ray Neutron Monitoring’ by J. A Phillips. 1955-1962 Inventory of items on loan and undated miscellaneous correspondence. ‘Atomic Energy Committee of Pakistan’. Correspondence University of Bristol. re request of material from the E.90 Correspondence. 1954-1955 E.90-E.92 ‘Atomic Explosions’. Correspondence and papers re an article written by Sir Francis Simon in the Financial Times, 6 August 1954, on the potential dangers of the atomic energy, government statement on the danger of thermo-nuclear war and comment by prominent Fellows of the Royal Society. Also includes correspondence with the Soviet magazine Foreign Literature, and the newsletter of the Hull Joint Standing Committee Against Nuclear Weapons. 1954-1955 Newspaper cuttings; copy of Statement on Hydrogen Bomb; leaflets ‘The Control of Atomic Energy’ by Science for Peace and ‘Ban those Weapons’ by E.H.S. Burhop. The article may have been written for the Association of Scientific Workers and seems to their 1955 statement on the dangers of the hydrogen bomb. relate to Draft of untitled paper. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence ‘Australian Universities’. 1961-1963 Correspondence the Mediterranean region for the University of Melbourne and future collaboration and request for photographs. balloon flight 1961 re in E.94-E.104 Correspondence B 1948-1967 ‘B’ One letter only. University of Baghdad, Iraq. Notes re expenses paid by the University of Baghdad. Bristol University. Paris, 11-17 May 1948-1957 E.97-E.99 Physical Society, E.97, E.98 1948-1957 ‘The British Council’. List of visitors to and members of staff at the H.H. Wills Laboratory, 1939-1962. Correspondence re arrangements for exhibit of British the scientific instruments at the Annual Exhibition of French 1951; arrangements for foreign academics to study at H.H. Wills Laboratory. (?) October 1958. Relates the international exhibition on ‘The Atom’, Brussels, Belgium, ‘Brussels Exhibition’. of Scientists Working at the H.H. Wills Physical Direction ‘List Laboratory during the Calendar Year 1951’. Professor Powell’s E.100-E.102 Exhibition at 1957-1958 to the British Science 2 folders. under C.F. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence E.100, E.101 Correspondence re captions for the exhibition material, layout of the cosmic ray exhibition and return of the material to the UK. 1957-1958 2 folders. Captions and material displayed. List of material displayed, drafts of captions, graphs and manuscript miscellaneous notes. ‘Bubble Chamber Nov. 1963’. Correspondence re collaboration with the University of Liverpool on film analysis experiments and expenses of the film analysis group, and order of material by Italian colleagues. ‘Proposed Layout of Beam Lines from 1967’. E.105-E.108 1950-1966 E.105-E.119 Correspondence C ‘CERN General, correspondence, etc’. Plan found with the ‘B’ correspondence folders. Powell was Chairman of the Scientific Policy Committee of CERN, 1961-1963. 1961-1966 Also includes typescript notes by C. Rammon on a visit to the USA in June 1961, and two papers: ‘Preliminary Tests on Superconductivity’ by P.G. Innocenti and G. Kuhn, and ‘The Status of Neutrino Experiments at CERN and Brookhaven’ by Helmut Faissner. Correspondence re expenses and grants allocated to visiting and American laboratory research, progress of experiments, exchange of scientists between CERN and the USSR. students, research reports British on 4 folders. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence E.109-E.112 ‘CERN D.H.P’. D.H.P refers to D.H. Perkins. E.109-E.111 Correspondence re work placement at Bristol, discussion on the analysis of the Bari data, exchange of plates with other laboratories, Bristol and Iraq’s ‘triplets’ (possibly a group of emulsion plates). 3 folders. Note on ‘State of work on 14-16 GeV exposure - March 1960’, and manuscript entitled ‘Pion production by pions in the Coulomb Field’ by B. Ferretti. ‘Computer I’. 1959-1960 Correspondence re Bristol University’s Sub-Committee on computers and publicity for the CGP.30 computer. 2 folders. E.116 relocation Powell 1962-1964 includes in for Also Research Computer Committee (November 1963) and of the Computer Policy Committee, April and May 1964. minutes Nuclear Science’s National Institute Atlas the of E.116-E.118 E.114, £.115 ‘Computer II’. Correspondence re Bristol computer course and the use of computers in bubble and spark chambers. 1952-1954 to Correspondence re another research European’ collaboration and financial resources for emulsion flights, Comet flights and their replacement with balloon flights in the Po valley, Italy and flight in Scotland. ‘Copenhagen Institute for Theoretical Physics’. of laboratory, possible physics 1950-1954 C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence Papers. 1950-1952 Offprint of ‘Neils Bohr Open Letter to the United Nations, June 9th 1950’, typescript entitled ‘N. Bohr Causality and Complementarity’, and typescript paper on ‘New types of heavy ‘Recent Experiments in Bristol’, written in Sardinia, 27 June 1952. manuscript mesons’ notes with on Newspaper cutting (Danish), 11 June 1952; typescript ‘Notes on a K- Particle’. ‘Culham Laboratory’. Correspondence Culham Laboratory to lend material to the University of Bristol; report entitled ‘Pulsed Magnetic Fields’ arrangements with re E.120-E.141 Correspondence D 1948-1967 {ny} E.121-E.139 Correspondence re research. ‘DSIR’ (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research). Correspondence, expenses and expenditure estimates, reports of meetings, grant applications, etc relating to various grants applied for. 1951-1967 In order to pursue his research on cosmic rays Powell applied for a number of grants between 1963 and 1967. DSIR grant B/SR/236 ran from August to December 1963, 1964, B/SR/1193 ran from March 1964 to 1965 and B/SR/862 from January to December 1965. It seems that a grant reference B/20/02 was used for film analysis programme in 1963. the DSIR Research Grant Powell was a member of Committee’s Nuclear Physics Subcommittee and the CERN Nuclear Physics Subcommittee. In 1962 he was appointed chairman of the Scientific Policy Committee and CERN Committee. Inter-Departmental January-December B/SR/855 member from a of the April C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence Ee 121-b 127 ‘DSIR General Correspondence’. 1956-1963 Correspondence from August 1956 to December 1963 re application for research and student grants, commercial use of the University of Bristol’s development of heat sealing equipment for high altitude balloons, expenditure, flights report by Powell on cosmic ray work for DSIR. in the equatorial regions, 7 folders. E.128-E.131 ‘Grant B/SR/326’. 1951-1964 Folder so inscribed ‘Application for part renewal of grant from 1 August 1963 to 31 July 1964 and part transfer to UGC (i.e Bristol). B/SR/236, 5 months 1.8.63 to 31.12.63’. University of Includes correspondence, list of expenditure and report. E.128, E.129 Correspondence. 1951-1964 2 folders. Expenditure. Report of meeting. Reports to DSIR. 1963-1964 E.132, E.133 1962-1967 1961, 1963 Typescript pages of ‘Extract from Science Professors Meeting’ at the University of Bristol, March 1961 and 2 pages of ‘Meeting of Science Professors’, 20 May 1963. 1964, 1965 Correspondence re application, extension and allocation of grant and staff salaries. ‘DSIR Application October 1963 B/SR/855, 1.1.64 to 31.12.64’. 1963-1965 Draft for ‘Report to DSIR 1964’ and file copy of ‘1965 Report to Science Research Council, Grant B/SR/855’. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence ‘DSIR Application, March 1964 B/SR/1193’. Correspondence with the University of Bristol application. Includes copy of the application form. re grant E.135-E.137 E.135, E.136 ‘DSIR Grant B/SR/826 Application of Sept. 1964 for Jan- Dec. 1965 and Report on B/SR/855 (1964)’. 1964-1966 Correspondence re purchase of material, consolidation of grant and expenses for balloon flights in India. 1964-1966 Also includes grant application forms, and memorandum on the balloon flights in India. 2 folders. note Typescript September 1964. to DSIR re grant application for 2 folders. Bristol, E.140 E.140, E.141 ‘Dublin Institute’. 1951-1965 E.138, E.139 other Laboratories by 1961-1964 Correspondence re expenses and grants. ‘DSIR to CERN and Research Students or Fellows’. Travel Correspondence re research collaboration between the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies and the University of Bristol conference in November 1956 and flights to India, March 1965. 1951-1965 Includes programme of the School of Theoretical Physics Colloquium at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1-9 July 1952 Miscellaneous papers. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence E.142-E.146 Correspondence E ‘Ei 1955 to May 1960 Correspondence from March re placement of Polish students at the University of Bristol, provision of material from Poland, cosmic ray conference in 1961, hyperfragmentation research, balloon flights and patronage by the Duke of Edinburgh of a Transatlantic balloon flight. ‘Egyptian Air Showers’. Correspondence re air shower research collaboration with Egypt and support from the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics. 1955-1960 1955-1960 E.144-E.146 ‘Exchange visits’. 1956-1957 E.144, E.145 1956-1957 2 folders. Miscellaneous. 1957-1960 1949-1957 re exchange arrangements’ Correspondence F Correspondence with Japanese, Polish and Soviet scientists, research and balloon flight collaborations. 1951-1953 Correspondence re balloon insurance and Scotland and India flights. E.147, E.148 ‘Finance’. 1949-1957 1949-1957 E.147-E.150 E.147 List of expenses. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence E.149, E.150 ‘French Lab. (includ. Strasbourg)’. 1949-1954 H.H. The colleagues on balloon crashed. Wills a Laboratory collaborated balloon flight French in August 1952. The with Correspondence. 1949-1954 Includes research into mass of star mesons, publication, placement of British scientists at the Ecole Polytechnique in France, balloon flight in the Sahara and Comet flights. Paper and photographs. Typescript copy of paper by L. Leprince-Ringuet et entitled Cosmic Rays’; 5 photographs. al ‘Nuclear effects of very high energy due to E.151-E.159 Correspondence G 1952-1964 iG 1952-1964 ‘Gazette’. 1959-1962 a balloon for Correspondence includes request for social event in question re emulsion. a a psychiatric hospital and a technical Correspondence re notices in the University of Bristol Gazette. 1957-1963 Correspondence on the Institute and possible collaboration with emulsion stack analysis. Institut fur Reine und Angewandte Kernphysik. Arranged by institution. ‘German Universities’ E.153-E.159 balloon flight on behalf of 1949-1957 C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence E.154-E.156 Max Planck Institut fir Physik. 1949-1955 Correspondence re meson showers (with photograph), recent findings on meson production and light nuclei, Royal Society meeting on V particles and heavy mesons, participation in the 1953 Sardinia expedition, and Klaus Gottstein thesis on fragmentation. 3 folders. ‘Physikalische Demokratischen Republik’. Gesellschaft in der Deutschen 1954-1957 Correspondence in German. Also of Powell's lecture on ‘Heavy mesons and excited nucleons’ delivered in Hamburg, West Germany in September 1954. includes draft Other institutions. 1951-1954 Hohen’, a E.160-E.169 3 folders. E.160-E.162 tke visits and balloon Correspondence H Miscellaneous notes and list of addresses. flights. Some in German and includes an offprint of German in Grossen Correspondence re correspondence is ‘Freiballoonfluge translation of article by Powell. 1958-1965 H. Heitler was a member of the Bristol team. Includes re tau-meson decay. E.163-E.168 ‘Heitler, for Filing’. 1949-1965 1949-1959 C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence E.163-E.165 Correspondence re order of material, balloon flight to India and collaboration with General Mills Electronics group, etc. 1958-1965 3 folders. ‘Balloon Launching Platform, Bristol University’. Typescript on characteristics of a balloon launching platform. illustrations paper with technical E.167, E.168 ‘Dinner for Dr. Heitler and Dr. Perkins, July 1965’. Correspondence re Heitler’s retirement party on 14 May 1965, etc. 2 folders. ‘Honorary Degrees’. Correspondence. 1945-1966 E.170-E.186 ICEF (International Co-operative Emulsion Flights). E.170-E.232 Correspondence | The International Co-operative Emulsion Flights project was sponsored by the US Office of Naval Research and the US National Science Foundation to promote the development of emulsion flights to study high-energy phenomena. 1960-1963 ICEF began by flying two stacks of emulsion. The first was flown over the Caribbean sea in February 1960. In March 1960, at a conference in Geneva, Schein asked Powell to distribute the rest of the stack to European institutions. Shortly after this Schein died. The second stack was flown in November 1960. The Schein Stack was named after Professor Marcel Schein of the University of Chicago who had initiated and organised the ICEF. ‘Schein Stack P+ IV, July Conference (Bristol 1960)’. E.170-E.174 C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence E.170-E.173 Correspondence from May to November 1960. 4 folders. Miscellaneous. Minutes of the ICEF meeting in Bristol 7-8 July 1960, list of circulars, cables) relating to the Schein Stack P+ IV. (correspondence, documents memos, E.175-E.180 ‘ICEF Meeting, Schein Stack, 10 am Mon. Feb. 19th 1962, Council Chamber CERN’. 1961-1962 An ICEF meeting was organised at CERN, Geneva, to distribute the emulsion stacks to European institutions for exposure and analysis. The meeting was held on 19 February 1962. At first Powell declined to take the chair of the meeting but eventually accepted. E75; E76 2 folders. 3 folders. 1961-1962 E.178-E.180 copy of a proposal for list of invitees, ‘ICEF Schein Flight November 1961’. Minutes of the ICEF Meeting of 19 February 1962. Correspondence re attendance, arrangements and data sheets, the production of data sheet by European institutions to be presented at an ICEF meeting in March 1962. Typescript note with 30 pages of graphs. re Correspondence, arrangements meeting, exchange of results on exposed emulsion, distribution of the second Schein laboratories, placement of European physicists, analysis of the Schein Stack in American institutions, data sheets, etc. ‘Comment on ICEF Jet Analysis II’. Stack to European February 1962 1961-1964 found a_ separate folder, for the in 19 C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence E.182-E.185 E.182-E.184 ‘European International Meeting Bristol Jan. 9 1963’. Meeting CERN Oct. 24/26 1962 and 1962-1963 The meeting took place on 9-10 January 1963 after the Physical Society’s Ultra High Energy Conference (also held at Bristol). Correspondence re the results of the first ICEF stack data analysis and meeting to discuss them in Chicago in August 1962, arrangement for the Chicago meeting, invitation to Powell to take the chair, final meeting of ICEF in Bristol (January 1963). Also includes the minutes of the ICEF meeting of 14-16 October 1962. 1962-1963 3 folders. ICEF mailing list, 1963 meeting. list of attendees at the 9-10 January E.187-E.192 1948-1965 ‘Ilford, Export Department 4001’. Papers for the Ultra High Energy Nuclear Interactions Conference. Includes ‘Some Results of the ICEF Project’ (for the American zone laboratories) and ‘Results on High Energy Nuclear Interactions from the International Cooperative Emulsion Flights’ by R.W. Huggett. Includes correspondence re custom duties and shipping of material, supply of nuclear emulsion for balloon flights in Sardinia (1953, 1954) and the North Sea (1955), technical developments, request for technical details for Powell’s publication Atlas of Photo-micrographs, visit to Ilford by the University of Bristol students. 1949-1966 Correspondence re order of material for balloon making, use of lenses, metal-diazonim system, photographs of balloon flights and technical accounts of the flight, etc. E.193, E.194 ‘Imperial Chemical Industries, Ltd’. 6 folders. 2 folders. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence E.195, E.196 ‘Imperial College’. 1946-1960 to attend invitation Correspondence and papers re plate analysis, lecture subjects, Lecture, progress of balloon experiments, the Howleck Prize nomination (a Physical Society prize), the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics conference in Mexico (September 1955), expenses of Italian expedition flights and loan of negatives, etc. Bakerian the the 2 folders. E.197-E.213 ‘Indian Universities’. 1948-1965 E.197 ‘Correspondence Universities | Co-operation Nagpaul’. with British Council 1959/1960, re Indian Bhowmik, 1958-1960 Correspondence re request for research material in India and financial assistance from the British Council, analysis of exposed stacks of emulsion, collaboration between Indian physicists and CERN on nuclear plates. nuclei emitted from M. Yasin. ‘S.L. Malurkar’. Correspondence re Malurkar. Correspondence and papers re research. Includes 3pp draft high energy nuclear disintegration’ by Yasin, with graphs. ‘Fast Helium 1950-1959 Correspondence institutions. Includes correspondence re arrangement of balloon flight in India, data analysis and results, transport of material to India, development of physics department at University College of universities’ structure and visit to India. ‘Indian Universities, 1948-1958’. E.200-E.206 Hoshiarpur, 7 folders. re _ Indian _ report on papers and Indian C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence E.207-E.212 ‘Indian Universities 1959 to ...’ 1959-1965 Pakistani and Sinhalese institutions. Correspondence from January 1959 to July 1965 re Indian, Includes Powell's visit to Ceylon (cancelled), development of the Physics and collaboration between CERN and Punjab University, creation a Centre for Nuclear Emulsion Work in Pakistan, working and research conditions in India and Ceylon. Department University Punjab of of 6 folders. Press Commission. Release of the Pakistan Atomic Energy E.214, £.215 ‘Sulphur Dioxide-Interference Filters’. Correspondence interference filters. and papers re sulphur dioxide- 2 folders. 2 folders. ‘Irish Labs’. E27 ,.216 ‘lodine X-Rays’. Correspondence re iodine X-rays. Includes invitation to lecture at University College, Dublin; expenses of emulsion stack analysis. University of Bari. Correspondence re research on Q-value in K-plates and the plate Correspondence and papers arranged by institution. ‘Italian Universities’. University of Bari. E.219-E.232 laboratory at analysis, construction of a 1953-1960 1945-1962 1958-1960 C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence University of Genoa. 1956-1961 Correspondence re placement at the University of Bristol of a scientist from the University of Genoa, comments on the Institute of Physics of the University of Genoa by P.H. Fowler and Waddington. E.221-E.223 Milan. 1952-1962 of Photo-Micrographs, Includes correspondence re photographs for Powell’s Atlas plate analysis between institutions in Brussels, Padua, Milan and Bristol. collaboration on 3 folders. E.224-E.226 University of Padua. 1949-1958 re_ invitation to the and visits of re research 1954-1955 Results during the Pisa conference. Sardinia the of University of Pisa. expeditions were presented Correspondence Italian physicists to H.H. Wills Laboratory, balloon flight over the Tyrrhenian Sea, arrangements for conference to discuss the results of the Sardinia expedition exposures (April 1954 in Padua, Powell did not attend), visit to Italy, etc. Correspondence International Conference on Elementary Particle Physics in Pisa in 1955, provisional report on the conference. 1945-1959 Correspondence from August 1945 to February 1959 re research, placement of research assistant in Italy, Italian expedition accounts, balloon flight proposals to CERN, international co-operation in the field of spatial research in western Europe. E.228-E.230 3 folders. Rome. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence University of Turin. Correspondence re commemoration of the first balloon ascent Vincent and processing of exposed plates. Lunardi Lucca, made by di Miscellaneous. 1955-1957 Includes correspondence re conference in Varenna (June 1957). E.233-E.242 Correspondence J E.233-E.236 ‘Japan, Nuclear Weapons’. 1954-1960 1956-1958 Powell was chairman of the Executive Council of the World Federation of Scientific Workers. He appealed to Japanese scientists an international conference of scientists to discuss nuclear weapons ban. He also visited Japan in 1956 and lectured there. to support the convening of 1956-1958 E:235, E236 E.233, E.234 Statements and declarations. Correspondence re Japanese concern about atomic weapons, Powell’s visit to Japan, the Peace Movement in Japan and worldwide, the World Federation of Scientific Workers’ appeal to ban nuclear weapons Powell's letter of appeal to the Japanese government, etc. 2 folders. Includes ‘Appeal to the 10th General Assembly of the United and institutions; supporting Bertrand Russell’s statement on nuclear weapons; copy of ‘Statement by the Science Council of Japan (April 1954) and a translation of the statement addressed to the Japanese people re research on atomic energy in Japan; notes for a lecture and account of Powell’s visit to the USSR c. 1955. organisations colleagues list of Japanese 1954-1955 2 folders. Nations’ by Japanese C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence E.237-E.239 ‘Japanese Universities’. E.237 Correspondence re Japanese scientists’ attendance at conference on Nuclear Physics in Glasgow, July 1954 and other conferences, visit of Japanese scientists to Bristol and Dublin, typhoon affecting Japan. Also includes a copy of a paper by Akira Wakasa entitled ‘The Decay Interaction of Kv3 and Ke 3 and Fermi Interaction’. 1954-1962 1954-1960 ‘Sotara Uenaka, Japan’. 1956-1962 copies kept separate including by Folder a Moon Rocket Sotara Uenaka: ‘Re Sufficient to get out of the Gravitation Range of the Earth’, ‘On the Life of the Artificial Satellite’, ‘| Discovered the Method of Controlling Hydrogen Bomb H and that of Electrification’, ‘New Atomic Construction Theory’. the Speed of of papers Papers entitled a composite model for the new particles’ by Shoichi Sakata and ‘Notes on varitone’ by Satio Hayakawa. ‘On ‘Jubilee Year’. E.241, £.242 Correspondence. Jet Group mailing list. 1958 marked the 50th Jubilee of the University of Bristol. 1954-1958 List of publications of H.H. Wills Laboratory staff; copy of done ‘Publications stack exposed to machine-produced heavy mesons’. Correspondence re record of publication presented at the Jubilee Year celebrations. of research Laboratory years Wills concerned with work (E.242) at the five H.H. on_ C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence E.243-E.248 Correspondence K E.243-E.246 ne 1948-1962 1950-1962 Includes correspondence re visits to Bristol by Indian and Japanese scientists, research on K-particles and heavy mesons, physics teaching in Britain, kinematical tables, invitation to give a talk to the Democratik Kulturobundes Deutschlands in Dusseldorf, March 1958. 4 folders. E.247, E.248 ‘Kodak’. 1948-1957 Correspondence re Y-insensitive emulsion, alpha fine grain plates, and coating; request for photograph for the Eastman Museum, Rochester, 4 plates; request of electron micrograph for Powell's Atlas of Photo-Micrographs, etc. Kodak’s USA; NT E.249-E.264 2 folders. E.250-E.252 1957-1959 2 folders. iLers 1951-1964 1952-1954 Correspondence L Correspondence re placement of University of proton collision. a researcher at the Bristol, article on V-particles and proton- 1957-1958 Correspondence re invitation to chair meeting on the project on 27 April 1957 (Powell accepted), comments on at draft University Air Shower project. This material relates to meetings on construction of equipment to study large air showers. ‘Large Air Showers’. the design and March the of Leeds, collaboration on 1958 Large E.250, E.251 minutes, second meeting in C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence Minutes and papers. 1958-1959 Includes draft minutes of project meeting, 27 November 1957, copy of Appendix A of ‘Large Air Shower Project’, minutes of the 13 August (?) meeting, copies of papers entitled ‘The present state of knowledge of high energy cosmic T.E. Cranshaw and ‘Design of the big shower array using Cerenkov counters’. interactions’ particles their and ray by ‘Leeds University’. 1963-1964 Includes correspondence re cost of balloon flights and technical requirements. E.254-E.262 ‘Literature Survey’. 1958-1964 Lists of high energy physics literature surveys compiled by the University of Birmingham’s Physics Department. Also includes letter (11 June 1963) acknowledging the usefulness of the literature survey for Powell’s research group. 9 folders. E.263, E.264 Correspondence. ‘Liverpool University’. Graph inscribed ‘Dots from Powell’s measurements’ and table entitled ‘Bristol exposure C2 emulsion’. 1948-1959 Correspondence includes plate transport, analysis and results; synchrotron research; visit to Bristol. Correspondence M E.265-E.272 1951-1953 1951-1953 1941-1959 E.263 ‘M’. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence E.266-E.271 ‘Manchester University’. 1941-1956 high energy machine research, Includes correspondence re collaboration on research on mesons and aircraft flights, plate analysis and loan of plates, publication, high altitude balloon flight in Southern Italy in Spring 1962, in programme February British Universities, and purchase of large blocks of emulsion to be flown in Italy. conference financing cosmic research radiation 1953, on of of in 6 folders. ‘M.I.T Zeta Group’. Correspondence re request for information on recent developments at H.H. Wills Laboratory and request for comments on photoplate evidence. E.273-E.302 Correspondence N 1949-1967 ING: re DSIR and and E.274 NATO Fellowship 1949-1964 1953-1966 £274 3Ei275 Science research, ‘National Physical Laboratory’. Correspondence and papers re Physical Laboratory and research. Correspondence Studentship schemes, information on the Skyhook programme, etc. 1961-1964 Correspondence re NATO research grant and application forms, collaboration between the H.H. Wills Laboratory and the Institut fir Reine und Angewandte Kernphysik, Kiel, Germany, request for a photograph for a NATO magazine article. ‘NATO Research Grants Committee’. Information brochure. visit to the National 1949 C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence E.277-E.300 ‘NIMROD’. 1960-1967 Correspondence, memorandum, reports and proposals, circulars, minutes re the NIMROD project. NIMROD was a proton synchrotron (accelerator) built at the National Institute for Research in Nuclear Science in Chilton, Berkshire. Although Powell had an interest in this, there is no evidence of his close involvement in the project and it is likely that the circulars, minutes etc were sent to him for information only. of organisation by on Correspondence re NIMROD, proposal a neutrino experiment with NIMROD, and working party on computers includes memorandum on ‘Justification for construction of a new Condenser Bank to be used with fast Ejected Beams’. collaboration Laboratory for physics. nuclear Wills H.H. Also for 1961-1966 E.278-E.280 NIMROD Study Group minutes and report. 3 folders. 7 folders. 2 folders. proposals The series is E.281-E.287 E.288, E.289 are numbered 18-49. The incomplete. Nimrod Experimental Programme. Proposals for experiments on NIMROD. Meetings and reports 1-17. The series is incomplete. 1962-1965 High Energy Physics Team Leaders circulars. Series runs from 1 to 40 and is incomplete. NIMROD Users Circulars. E291), E292 2 folders. 1963-1967 1963-1967 1965-1966 C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence High Energy Physics Division. 1965-1966 Includes copies of ‘Divisional Circulars’, ‘NIMROD Users Circulars’ and notices. The series is incomplete. NIMROD Magnet Power Supply, Progress Reports 1 and 2 Report on safety hazards and report on an accident. P-mesons and NIMROD. Offprints and draft on P-mesons. E.297-E.300 Miscellaneous papers and reports. 1960-1966 4 folders. E.303-E.305 1962-1964 1962-1964 1963-1964 E.301, E.302 of California, Berkeley and Correspondence. between University College ‘N.I.R.N.S’ (US National Institute for Research in Nuclear Science). Includes correspondence re financing of research and London, collaboration University Wisconsin University. 1948-1953 Copy of NIRNS Annual Report 1963-1964 and typescript papers ‘Needs in Nuclear Structure’ and ‘Federal Funds for Science’. Correspondence O C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence E.303, E.304 (0): 1948-1953 Includes correspondence re research on mesons, award to G.P.S. Occhialini of the 1950 Vernon Boys Prize by the Physical in Northern Italy. London Society balloon flights and of 2 folders. ‘University of Oxford’. 1949-1950 Includes correspondence re low temperature research facilities. Also includes unofficial offer made to Powell of a Chair at Princeton University. E.306-E.336 Correspondence P 1946-1977 E.306-E.310 ‘Pp’. 1953-1966 re emulsion 5 folders. correspondence ‘Pergamon Press, General File’. Includes analysis, production of plates by manufacturers, theory of cosmic radiation (correspondence with an amateur scientist), and invitation from the Polish Academy of Science. Also includes a paper by V. Petrzilka entitled ‘Preliminary remarks on a consequence of the two centers model of multiple meson production’. 1951-1963 ‘Philosophical Magazine’. Correspondence includes invitation to Powell to join the Editorial Advisory Board of the Commonwealth Library of review, Science Technology and proceedings 4th of Corpuscular Photography. Engineering; International Colloquium Correspondence. E.G12 36.313 1960-1962 1951-1963 E.312 of the book C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence Miscellaneous. 1952-1953 Includes invoices and leaflet entitled ‘List Articles Published between January and March 1953’. of Scientific E.314-E.318 ‘Physical Society and Institute of Physics, General’. 1950-1964 Powell was a member of the Institute of Physics and the Physical Society of London. E.314-E.316 Correspondence re Physical Society awards, nuclear physics conference, Powell’s paper on cosmic radiation for a volume of a report on progress in physics, book reviews and attendance at meeting. 1950-1961 3 folders. Minutes and programme of meetings of of Physics and the Physical Society South Western Branch. Institute 1961-1964 Miscellaneous papers. 1960-1962 E.319-E.332 ‘Press’. E.319-E.321 Correspondence. Minutes of the 2nd Annual Representative Meeting, May 1962, the Physical Society award list (1956-1960) and booklet on awards. Bristol. Includes correspondence with newspaper editors re atomic bomb policies of the USA and the USSR, copy of Soviet publication The Literary Gazette with article on the Nobel Prize, and arrangements re the publication of a series of articles for the Sunday Pictorial. Press cuttings re the atomic bomb, cosmic ray research, balloon flights, unidentified flying objects and royal visit to E.322-E.328 Press cuttings. 1946-1977 1950-1960 3 folders. 1946-1977, n.d. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence Folder broadcast on balloon flight. contains E.327 correspondence re a_ radio 7 folders. Press releases. 1948-1953 Press conference. Typed transcript nuclear warfare given by Earl Russell at Westminster, 9 July 1955. press conference on of a Draft papers and offprints found in ‘Press’ folder. 1948-1954 Draft paper on the H.H. Wills Laboratory and offprints of papers in German and Danish. in 1957 to the H.H. 1961-1962 Photographs. n.d., 1957 E.333-E.335 E.333 1961-1964 1961-1964 ‘Processing Lab. (For NIMROD etc) at Bristol’. Includes photograph of Royal visit Wills Laboratory. Correspondence re the processing of emulsion at the laboratory and financial matters. Correspondence with various publishing houses. British Emulsion Committee, memorandum and notes. N.1.R.N.S Visiting Committee, minutes and notes. ‘Publishing companies’. 1963-1965 C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence E.337-E.389 Correspondence R. E.337-E.341 te to visit including Correspondence and papers India, balloon design, visit to Bristol of Dutch physicists and cosmic ray research, paper and note by M. Salomon Rosenblum entitled ‘Radioactivité - sur le renforcement radioactif de rayonement alpha émis par RTH+TH X’, and minutes of the 18th Meeting of the Photographic Emulsion Panel, October 1949 ‘Le spectre spectrales’ raies and des 5 folders. E.342, E.343 ‘Royal Air Force’. E.342 Correspondence re radio tracking of balloon, request of an aircraft to fly cosmic ray equipment, RAF publicity and arrangements for the fitting out of a Valiant aircraft. 1948-1966 1949-1964 1959-1961 1959-1961 ‘Reactor’. the a pannier and plan of ‘Valiant Plans from R.A.F Gaydon’. Correspondence, photograph of material location in the aircraft. Correspondence and papers re use of research reactors by universities in general and establishment of a small reactor at the University of Bristol. papers by B. Peters and H.L. Bradt entitled ‘The flux of Correspondence includes exposure of plate and analysis, cosmic ray showers, balloon flights in India and at the equator, research on energy spectrum. Also includes two Folder also inscribed ‘Rochester Conference on High Energy Physics, see Conferences File’. Correspondence and papers. ‘Rochester University’. E.345-E.348 1948-1953 1948-1953 E.345-E.349 C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence nuclei heavy geomagnetic latitudes’ and ‘On the abundance of nuclei in the primary cosmic radiation’. primary cosmic radiation the of at light 4 folders. a paper entitled ‘Remarks on the Possible Copy of Existence of a Neutral Muon’ by R.E. Marshak and E.C.G Sudershan; brochure of the Physics Department of the University of Rochester and report on a visit to Bristol, 17-18 June 1950. 1957-1960 E.350, E.351 ‘Royal Institution’. E.350 Includes correspondence re visit to Bristol and extension of the school lectures programme of the Royal Institution to regional areas. 1958-1964 1960-1964 1958-1963 E.352 E.353-E.357 1949-1965 1949 E.352-E.380 ‘Royal Society’. ‘Correspondence |’. Off prints and notes. Certificate of Powell’s election as Fellow of the Royal Society, March 1949. 1951-1963 Correspondence re exchange of between Bristol, the USSR and Bulgaria, photographic methods, transport of equipment, Astor Foundation grant, long term policies the Nuclear Physics Committee, Powell’s Royal Medal award and Royal Society grant. Correspondence re an eruption of the volcano Kelut in Djakarta and exchange with Soviet scientists. ‘Correspondence II’. E.358, E.359 of 5 folders. 1956-1963 scientists C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence includes copy of Also ‘Proposal for volcano-seismic observation in the Windward and Leeward Islands’ by P. L. Willmore and ‘UK Participation in an International Study of the Indian Ocean’. 2 folders. Miscellaneous. 1953-1963 Programme of Royal Society meeting on Optical Masers; booklet entitled ‘Proposed United Kingdom Contribution to the International Year of the Quiet Sun’. E.361-E.366 ‘International Geophysical Year’. 1956-1961 The International Geophysical Year (IGY) was a project to co-ordinate the observations of physical phenomena on earth of mainly solar origin. The project ran from July 1957 to December 1958. E.364-E.366 3 folders. 3 folders. 1956-1961 the IGY, E.361-E.363 first meeting of Correspondence and papers. Reports, booklets and circulars. Includes correspondence re IGY grant for balloon flight, arrangements for Powell’s contribution to IGY publication, American IGY bulletins, and list of IGY documents received by the Royal Society in 1960. 1958-1959 The International Year of the Quiet Sun was a sunspot maximum observation programme that ran from 1 April 1964 to 31 December 1965. Correspondence re invitation to meeting, proposals and minutes. ‘Committee on UK Cosmic Ray Contribution to 1.Q.S.Y. (International 1964- December 1965’. Quiet Sun), Year April the of C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence E.368-E.379 British National Committee on Space Research. 1958-1965 Powell served on this committee. E.368, E.369 on Correspondence re invitations to meetings, comments on co-operation on minutes of meetings, project for a European chain of balloons stations and membership to the Cosmic Ray and Magnetic Field Working Group. satellites research artificial and 1958-1965 Also includes a draft statement by H.S.W. Massey on ‘British Participation in Research on Artificial Satellites’. 2 folders. E.370-E.377 British National Committee on Space Research Circulars. 1959-1961 8 folders. 1960-1961 bulletins from Miscellaneous figures. ‘Royal Society Grants’. Copy of the COSPAR charter in French and English, copies June, November 1960 and July 1961. of COSPAR information Includes correspondence re allocation of money from Powell's Royal Society grant and grant application for balloon flights. 1956-1961 Correspondence re Royal visit to the University of Bristol and copy of talk on Bristol physicists’ work given on the occasion. Circular announcing the ‘Preliminary Announcement of Proceedings’. ‘Royal Visit Dec. 1958’. leaflet entitled ‘Royal Visit I’. visit and a C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence E.383-E.389 ‘Rutherford Laboratory’. 1961-1966 Powell was on the Nuclear Physics Board of the Science Research the Rutherford Laboratory. oversaw Council work that the of Correspondence re establishment of an emulsion group at the Rutherford Laboratory, lectures at the National Institute for Research in Nuclear Science (held at the Rutherford Laboratory), meeting of the Nuclear Physics Board. 1961-1966 Agenda and report of meetings of the Nuclear Physics Board from October to November 1966. Rutherford Laboratory brochure. 3 folders. E.387-E.389 E.390-E.397 Correspondence S Safety recommendations. Safety Codes and Code of Practice. Special Hazard Sub-Committee recommendations and copies of Safety News from September 1964 to May 1966. 1959-1965 Correspondence re exhibition, publication and television broadcasting. Also contains a photograph and figure captions. ‘Request for slides’. One letter only. E.391-E.397 request of slides for E.390 ou E.391-E.395 1964-1966 1964-1965 1958-1965 1958 1959-1965 C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Correspondence E.396-E.397 Captions for slides and copy of H.W. Heckstall-Smith’s paper ‘Health Hazards of Radiation’ for which they were used. 2 folders. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 SECTION F RESEARCH, F.76-F.93 1955-1962 short section follows This on from catalogue CSAC 12/6/74 Section Ill ‘Laboratory Notebooks’. It includes laboratory notebooks, correspondence and draft papers re n-p scattering, K-research collaboration and neutrino experiments. Although the material relates to that presented in sections B and E, it was found separately. Laboratory notebooks. Hardcover notebook. Inscribed ‘n-p scattering, G.S.O. and C.F.P. Calculations’ on the outside cover and ‘Red N-P VI’ on the inside cover. Work by Occhialini and Powell. F.78-F.88 ‘K- Collaboration.’ 1955-1962 F.78, F.79 Hardcover notebook. This sequence relates to research on K- and K+ and includes correspondence, drafts minutes, reports on expedition and research. papers, of Inscribed: ‘N-P Scattering, G.S.O. and C.F.P.’ on the outside cover and Red N-P |X’ on the inside cover. 1955-1962 Also includes a draft of ‘Properties of K-interactions at rest, part 1’ by E.H.S. Burhop with graph, and copy of paper C. statistical considerations’. Correspondence re analysis of emulsion during the Italian expedition (1955), collaboration on research on negative K and positive K, comments on colleague’s paper. Minutes of K-Stack Co-operation Meeting. by O’Ceallaigh entitled ‘Some 2 folders. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Research Conference, Bristol, 13 February 1957. List of participants and programme of conference. a (?) K-research Italian Expedition interim reports. K- Collaboration progress reports. 2 folders. K-2 Collaboration Reports. Includes reports 3 and 5. K1 Stack Collaboration Report. Miscellaneous. for Correspondence, typed notes entitled ‘Desirable balloon flights and ‘Proposed method of publication of the K- Stack collaboration’, and tables entitled ‘Analysis of bent prong’ and ‘Primaries’. the heavy primary group’, G-Stack (Genoa) progress reports. 1957-1958 Typescript papers including ‘A Summary of the present position on K+ Mesons interactions’ and ‘A summary of the present position on the Interactions of K- Mesons’ by S. Goldhaber, and ‘The properties of sigma hyperons, K- European collaboration, Reported at the Padua-Venice Conference miscellaneous Also’ manuscript graphs and notes. K- Collaboration papers. F.89-F.91 1957’. includes 3 folders. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Research ‘Neutrino experiment 1962.’ Correspondence and report, graph, technical drawings and photographs. Correspondence re neutrino experiment, report on the experiment and comment on draft. Miscellaneous background papers. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 SECTION G VISITS AND CONFERENCES, G.1-G.84 1960-1965 material The includes correspondence, programmes, papers and abstracts, information bulletins and circulars, lists of participants etc from visits and conferences 1960 to 1965. Not all the conferences were attended by Powell himself; some were attended by other members of the research team. In some cases there is no evidence of attendance but the material relating to them was retained and filed. ‘Cambridge Discussions, March 16/17 1960.’ Correspondence. Correspondence from December 1959 to March 1960 re arrangement of a small discussion, programme, dates, participants and accommodation. 1959-1960 1959-1960 P.H. Fowler and Powell, Perkins attended the meeting. Fowler talked on ‘Preliminary Evidence for Y- Rays of a very great Energy in the Primary Cosmic Radiation’. D.H. Paper. 1959-1960 Untitled draft paper with graph and typescript note. ‘Nuclear Photography Symposium Ill, Moscow 12/19 July 1960 (No one going from Bristol)’. Correspondence re attendance at invitation. leaflet ‘Photographie correspondence is in Russian. 1959-1960 The Energy Physics was held at the University of Rochester, New York. P.H. Fowler attended. Powell showed interest in the meeting but was unable to attend. ‘Rochester Conference on High Energy Physics 1960, Aug. 25-1 Sept. 1960’. meeting the in Il-1959’. and French entitled Some International Conference on Also includes a Corpusculaire 10th High C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Visits and conferences Correspondence conference programme and travel expenses. invitation and re attendance, the 1959-1960 Manuscript notes re travel. ‘Summer Conferences 1961’. Invitations to attend conferences and meetings declined by Powell but accepted by some members of Powell’s research correspondence, programmes, information bulletin, copies of papers, etc. Documents include team. 11 folders. G.17-G.19 ‘1UPAP (International Union of Pure and Applied Physics) High Energy Conference at CERN, June 5-10 1961’. 1961-1962 plenary session X on High and Energy 1961-1962 invitation to attend and act as electromagnetic interactions above Correspondence re chairman. Also includes a provisional list of participants. Copy of the information bulletin number 1 and copy of the provisional programme. Powell attended the meeting and acted as chairman of the Physics It appears that D.H. (Theoretical and Experimental). Perkins also attended to lecture on ‘The main features of nuclear 100 BeV’. There is no evidence of Powell’s attendance. International Summer School of Physics Enrico Fermi, Varenna, Italy 1962. Correspondence re and programme of school. Draft of D.H. Perkins’ paper and manuscript notes. the summer C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Visits and conferences ‘Symposium on High Energy Physics at Imperial College [London], organised by the Institute of Physics, March 26 + 27 1962’. Folder also inscribed: ‘C.F.P in chair 10 AM, Mon. 26 March’. ‘New Resonances’. session chaired Powell the on Correspondence re arrangements. Provisional programme and abstracts of papers. Easter School, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, 8-18 April 1962. 1961-1962 Powell was invited to give a talk and planned to attend but later had to cancel. Correspondence re arrangements. 1961-1962 Brochure with programme. Information bulletin and other documents. There is no evidence of Powell’s attendance. International Conference and Symposium ‘Man and Technology in the Nuclear and Space Age’, Milan, Italy, 18-21 April 1962. There is no evidence of Powell’s attendance. Conference on ‘Corrosion of Reactor Material’, Salzburg, Austria, 4-9 June 1962. Correspondence and papers on invitation to Powell. the conference and C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Visits and conferences Summer School of Radiology, University of Manchester, 26 June-7July 1962. Programme. There is no evidence of Powell's attendance. ‘Les Houches, Haute-Savoie Conference on Theoretical Physics Grenoble, France, 2 July-25 August 1962’. Université organised the de by Correspondence in miscellaneous notes. French re_ the conference, There is no evidence of Powell's attendance. G.29-G.32 ‘CERN Conference Conference’), Geneva July 4-11 1962’. Energy High (‘The Rochester 1961-1962 Although held in Geneva this conference was part of the Rochester Conference series. Powell attended. invitation, grant from the Royal 1961-1962 Information Bulletins 1-3. Provisional and final programmes. 2 typescript pages entitled ‘p 63 and p 68 of notebook’. Correspondence re Society, accommodation and publication of proceedings. 1961-1962 This conference followed the CERN Conference on High Energy Physics. Powell did not attend. ‘Instrumentation arranged for Hamburg) July 16-18 1962’. Conference Correspondence re invitation. 1961-1962 (originally CERN at C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Visits and conferences Information bulletins from March to May number 1 and 3, programme of the conference and notes. International of Conductors, University of Exeter, 16-20 July 1962. Conference Physics the on Semi- Information on the conference. There is no evidence of Powell’s attendance. International Conference of the Language Problem in Science and Learning, Copenhagen, Denmark, 9-11 August 1962. Correspondence re invitation. International Symposium on Space Technology, 4th Tokyo, Japan, 27-31 August 1962. Powell did not attend. First circular. Direct Interactions, 3-8 Correspondence re invitation. There is no evidence of Powell’s attendance. International Symposium on September 1962, Padua, Italy. Powell did not attend. 4th International Symposium on Nuclear Photography, Munich, Germany, 3-8 September 1962. NATO Summer School on Photographic Science, Liege, Belgium, 10-22 September 1962. Correspondence re invitation, February. Correspondence re invitation. Powell did not attend. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Visits and conferences G.41-G.43 ‘Phys. Soc. of London Conference at Bristol, Ultra High Energy Nuclear Physics, January 7-8 1963’. 1962-1963 Folder also inscribed ‘No proceedings published but D.H. Perkins wrote an account in Brit. Journ. Applied Physics. Mag. 1963 Vol 14 No 5’. Powell gave the concluding remarks at the end of the conference. Correspondence, chiefly re attendance at the conference of Professor Dobrotin, Director of Physics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and D.H. Perkins’ report on the conference for the British Journal of Applied Physics: High Energy Nuclear Physics, Bristol, January 1963’ ‘Conference on Ultra 1962-1963 Programme, list of participants and abstract. Reel to reel tape. 1962-1963 Programme of the conference. There is no evidence of Powell’s attendance. Euratom Conference, 22-23 January 1963. Reel to reel audio tape of the conference inscribed ‘1st side AM, 2nd side PM’. Conference on Photon Interactions in the BeV Energy Range, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, 26-29 January 1963. contribution and its inclusion in the proceedings. Correspondence from January to November 1963 re invitation and programme. Correspondence re expenses, programme, Powell’s Powell did not attend. G.46, G.47 ‘CERN Easter School, 1963.’ G.46 C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Visits and conferences Miscellaneous notes. G.48, G.49 ‘CERN Conference on Sector-Focused Cyclotrons and Mesons Factories at CERN Geneva April 23-26 1963’. 1962,1963 Folder also inscribed: ‘C.F.P has committee of Council on afternoon of 25th’. Correspondence re arrangements. Provisional and final programmes, information bulletin 1. Reunion de Travail sur la Détection des Trajectoires de Particules Chargés dans les Solides, Strasbourg, France, 13-14 May 1963. re list of speakers and participants and Correspondence re programme. All documents are in French. invitation, list of There is no evidence of Powell’s attendance. It is unclear whether Powell attended the conference. Correspondence papers, general information bulletin. invitation, International Conference on Nucleon Structure, Stanford University, California, USA, 24-27 June 1963. Powell did not attend. Correspondence re ceremony to celebrate the Summer School’s 10th anniversary. Also includes programme of the ceremony and Summer School. Varenna International Summer School of Physics, Italy, 14 July 1963. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Visits and conferences International Summer Course Spectroscopy’, Breukelen, Netherlands. in Science: ‘Nuclear Announcement and course leaflet. There is no evidence of Powell’s attendance. 5th International Symposium on Space Technology and Science, Tokyo, Japan, 1963. Circular announcing the conference and programme. There is no evidence of Powell’s attendance. ‘Physics Conference 1963’, Hamburg, Germany, 9-14 September 1963. Invitation and programme with manuscript note reading ‘no action’. Some correspondence is in German. G.57-G.63 Correspondence re arrangements. 2 folders. Conference papers. d’Astronautique, Paris, Programme with manuscript note reading ‘no action’. Congrés_ 14th France, 25 September-1 October 1963. International Powell planned to attend but cancelled at the last minute. ‘Siena Conference’, Italy, 30 September-5 October 1963. Folder also inscribed: ‘Mayes, Hackforth, Tovey, Venus, Fletcher also coming from Bristol’. 2 folders. Provisional and final programmes, leaflet etc. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Visits and conferences Information bulletins 1-3 (March-September) Miscellaneous. Includes manuscript notes on participants. Meeting on Film-less Spark Chamber Techniques and Associated Computer Use, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, 2-7 March 1964. Correspondence re attendance. ‘Institute of Physics Conference on High Energy Physics 15-17 April 1964’, Rutherford Laboratory, Berkshire. Powell accepted the invitation but later cancelled. Correspondence; general information. 1963-1964 Programme and abstracts of conference papers. CERN Easter School, Herceg Novi, Yugoslavia, 18-31 May 1964. Correspondence re participants and expenses, general information and memorandum with programme. There is no evidence of Powell’s attendance. Premier Congrés International des Techniques du Vide en Recherche Spatiale, Paris, France, 29 June-3 July 1964. Ecole d’éte de Physique Théorique, Houghes, France, 1 July-25 August 1964. Announcement of the summer school. Brochure contributors. with programme and list of possible C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Visits and conferences Congrés International France, 2-8 July 1964. de Physique Nucléaire, Paris, circular First programme. (November 1963) with preliminary There is no evidence of Powell’s attendance. Culham Laboratory Summer School in Plasma Physics, Oxfordshire, 6-17 July 1964. Announcement of conference and information leaflet. There is no evidence of Powell’s attendance. Scottish Universities ‘Summer School in Physics, Nuclear Structure and Electromagnetic Interactions’, 26 July-15 August 1964. 1 page of presentation only. 1963-1964 1964-1965 Invitation to the conference. High Energy Physics Conference 1964, Dubna, USSR, 5- 15 August 1964. ‘CERN Easter School, Bad Kreuznach, Germany, 1-15 April 1965.’ Folder also included correspondence re the placement of a scientist from the Tata Institute (India) at the H.H. Wills Laboratory. There is no evidence of Powell’s attendance. Correspondence re attendance, list of Bristol participants, information bulletins 1-2 and programme. CERN School Physics, Netherlands, 6-18 June 1965. of Noordwijk-aan Zee, The Information bulletin only. C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Visits and conferences G.76-G.84 ‘IUPAP Physics), 1965 Organising Committee 1964-1965.’ (International Union Pure and of Applied 1964-1965 This relates to the IUPAP International Conference on Cosmic Rays, London, 6-17 September 1965. Fowler P.H. committee infrequently. and though Powell Powell were on attended the their organising meetings G.76-G.78 Correspondence and papers re arrangements for the conference, programme, list of participants, meeting of the organising committee. 1964-1965 3 folders. Minutes of the Organising Committee. 1964-1965 2 folders. re the for Accounts. c. 1964-1965 ‘IUPAP 1965 Papers.’ List of participants and speakers. Proposal of topics and general information. Correspondence the conference, talks, proceedings and papers received and proposed speakers. Committee Paper C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS AMALDI, Edoardo ANAND, B.M. BHABHA, Homi Jehangir BHAGAVANTAM, S. BHOWMIK, B.L. BLACKETT, Patrick Maynard Stuart, Baron Blackett of Chelsea BOAC (BRITISH OVERSEAS AIRWAYS CORPORATION) BOGGILD, J.K. BOHR, Niels Henrik David BOLT, Barbara B.73, B.75, B.80, E.228, E.229 E201 j— 20276208) E212 E.200, E.202, E.203 E.205 A.148, E.208-E.211 E.266, E.268-E.270 B.19, B.49, B.50, B.51, B.52, B.55, B.67 Bi22iboliG, E.ese.k. 1c E.116 A.148, A.149 E.345 DAVIES, John H. BRITISH COUNCIL BURHOP, Eric Henry Stoneley BURROW, John BUTLER, Sir Clifford Charles BRADT, Helmut L. B.76, B.77, B.85, B.86 BRAGG, Sir William Lawrence E.100, E.101, E.341, E.350 See BOAC E.97, E.98, E.197 F.78, F.79 BRITISH AIRCRAFT CORPORATION (OPERATING) Ltd CERN (EUROPEAN ORGANISATION FOR NUCLEAR RESEARCH) G.67 B.86, A.146, B.92, E.81, E.132, E.135, E.136, E.190-E.192, E.208, E.253, E.350, E.383, E.392, COSPAR (COMMITTEE ON SPACE RESEARCH) A.148, B.72-B.75, B.104, B.103, B.93, E.368-E.379 E.79, E.80 COCKCROFT, Sir John Douglas E.269 E.105-E.112 C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Index of correspondents DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH (DSIR) See GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND DE VALERA, Eamon DOBROTIN, N. See VALERA, Eamon De E.145, E.391 EUROPEAN ORGANISATION FOR NUCLEAR RESEARCH See CERN FOWLER, Peter Howard FRANZINETTI, Carlo FUJIMOTO, Y. B.26, A.149, A.145-A.147, B.28, B.32, B.33, B.36-B.39, B.43-B.46, B.51, B.52, B.54, B.55, B.90, B.91, B.105, E.85, E.140, E.142, E.164, E.191, E.192, E.201, 6.214, £:216, £.253. E311, E.342-E.344, G.4, G.76, G.78 E.392, E.391, E.83, C.33, C.28, A.145, A.146, B.88, E.228, E.229, F.92 E.233, E.237 B.28, E.164 E.341 E.121-E.139 E.154 GOLD, Thomas GOTTSTEIN, Klaus GIBSON, Martin W. B.80, B.88, E.155, E.156 GENERAL MILLS ELECTRONICS GROUP GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH E.109, E.111, E.170, E.192, E.208, G21), E217, 6.216, 6244, £377, G.23 B.76, B.77, B.90, E.93, E.162 A.145-A.148, B.30, B.35, B.48-B.50, B.67, B.90, B.91, B.93, B.109- B.113, E.97,.£.142, £.163, &:165, E.362, E.391 HEISENBERG, Werner Karl HOPPER, Victor David B.98-B.100, B.104, HEITLER, Hans B.26, B.28, C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Index of correspondents ILFORD Ltd B.19, B.32, E.187-E.192 INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS AND THE PHYSICAL SOCIETY E.314-E.318 KNOWLES, H.B. KOBA, Ziro KOSHIBA, M. LAIRMORE, Glenn E. LEPRINCE-RINGUET, L. LEVI-SETTI, Ricardo LEVIN, N. LOCK, William Owen C.28 E.246 0) etal, AO) el oe B.72-B.75, B.88, B.92, B.93, B.106 See RINGUET, L. LEPRINCE- See SETTI, Ricardo LEVI- B.80, B.81, E.84 C.27, &.107,°E.111, &:475,-6.240, E.268, E.277, G.46 MERLIN, Misko Ci27, E.305 C.27, E.200, E.248 MENON, M.G.K. (‘Goku’) McMILLAN, A.J.S. MADDOCK, Sir leuan MARKOV, ? B.76, B.86, B.103, E.109, E.84, E.85 E379 E.368 B.29-B.30, B.75, B.86, B.88-B.91 MASSEY, Sir Harrie Stuart Wilson MERRISON, Sir Alexander Walter (Sir Alec) A.148, A.149, B.26, B.28, E.165, E.204, E.210 B.75, E.184, E.219, E.225, E.226, F.78 B.81, E.221-E.223, E.303, E.304 NATO (NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANISATION) OCCHIALINI, Giuseppe Paolo Stanislao (‘Beppo’) B.23, E.307 B.72,73 MOTT, Sir Nevil Francis MUIRHEAD, H. NAKAGAWA, Shigeo C. F. Powell (Second supplement) NCUACS 114/13/02 Index of correspondents O’CEALLAIGH, Cormac OPPENHEIMER, Robert Julius PAULI, Wolfgang Ernst PEIERLS, Sir Rudolf Ernst PERGAMON PRESS, Ltd PERKINS, Donald Hill PETERS, Bernard PINKAU, Klaus POLVANI, C.F. 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UNITED KINGDOM ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY ATOMIC ENERGY RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT El63peieei 207, B:212 B.22, E.175 B.72, B.73 B.26 C.27 E.79-E.85 E.79-E.82 ATOMIC WEAPONS RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT E.84 VALERA, Eamon De E.140 G.76-G.78 YASIN, M. WILSON, J.G. A.148, A.149