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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on additional correspondence and papers of CECIL FRANK POWELL (1903-1969) physicist deposited in the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre Reproduced for the (CSAC 111/2/86) Wills Memorial Library, University of Bristol All rights reserved THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane by 1986 London WC2A 1HP CSAC 111/2/86 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology under the guidance of the Royal Society’s Supplementary catalogue of papers and correspondence of CECIL FRANK POWELL FRS (1903 - 1969) Material additional to CSAC 12/6/74 Compiled by: Jeannine Alton Peter Harper Margaret Erskine All rights reserved Deposited in the Wills Memorial Library, University of Bristol 1986 C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 The work of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and institutions: The Biochemical Society The Charles Babbage Foundation for the History of Information Processing The Institute of Physics The Institution of Electrical Engineers The Nuffield Foundation The Rhodes Trustees The Royal Society of London The Institution of Mechanical Engineers The Wolfson Foundation C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 LIST OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1-A.143 SECTION B BALLOON FLIGHTS - SECTION C LECTURES, BROADCASTS, PUBLICATIONS C.1-C.25 SECTION D PUGWASH CONFERENCES SECTION E CORRESPONDENCE INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 INTRODUCTION The material came to light at Powell's home in Bristol in February 1985 and was received by courtesy of Professor P.H. Fowler FRS of.the H.W. Wills Physics Laboratory, University of Bristol. PRESENTATION The 'new' 1985 material includes biographical records, correspondence, photographs and press-cuttings which were largely absent from the original collection received in 1973; there is in consequence almost no overlap or duplication of content or of archival class. For this reason, and in view of the considerable lapse of time, no attempt has been made to consolidate the two catalogues. The 1985 material has been treated essentially as a separate collection, presented and indexed as shown in the list of contents. DESCRIPTION pondence after his death. (A.101-A.106), with their endearing spontaneity. Powell's unassuming friendliness, so often invoked by others in letters of congratulation or condolence becomes visible, so to say, in many of the delightful photographs (A.107-A.142). Powell's research is represented chiefly by the contemporary records of the 1952 and The biographical material in Section A, though still not a full record, contains an interesting span of Powell's career from the meagre provision of the State Scholarship (A.4) to the worldwide renown of the Nobel Prize (A.6-A.32). The sad coincidence in 1969 of his retirement (June) and death (August) is also marked. Of-interest are the family letters Tantalisingly, a small proportion of the correspondence has now 1953 high altitude balloon flights in Sardinia (B.1-B.9). . The earlier research on cosmic associations, remains very scantily documented, only a few records of the Pugwash conferences rays, recorded in the notebooks of Powell and his team, is to be found in the 1973 collection. Powell's public life in national and international affairs, and service for many scientific surviving (Section D) what was thought to be the wholesale destruction of his papers and corres C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 4 come to light and is preserved in Section E, though it can be no more than a tiny fraction of the original. References to the Memoir of Powell by F.C. Frank and D.H. Perkins (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 17, 1971) are given in the form (Memoir, iy a) LOCATIONS OF FURTHER MATERIAL Mrs. Powell retains medals and citations of Powell's honours, family photographs (some going back to 1900), press-cuttings, Nobel Prize and other souvenirs. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We are grateful to Mrs. Powell for making the material available, and to Professor P.H. Fowler and Mr. N. Higham (Librarian, University of Bristol) for assembling it, and for information. JBA PH MJE Oxford 1986 C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1 - A.143 Ali “A,3 TRIBUTES AND INTERVIEWS CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS A.94 -A.100 MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS A.101-A.106 FAMILY LETTERS A.107-A.142 PHOTOGRAPHS PRESS-CUTTINGS C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 A.1-A.3 TRIBUTES AND INTERVIEWS Biographical and personal See also obituary tributes at A.58-A.60 and A.143. Entry for H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory Directory’ as its Director. 1960, listing the staff of the laboratory, headed by Powell Bristol, for 'World Nuclear Requests for interviews by Time magazine and Bristol Evening Post, 1960. Letter from the Swedish News Agency, 1969, asking Powell to provide answers toa list of questions (enclosed), sent toa number of Nobel Laureates, to form the basis of a series of articles touching on the origin and development of their scientific work, and their views on the Nobel Prize, the development of science and world peace. 10pp. typescript and ms. drafts of Powell's replies and carbon of the final version, including biographical and personal reflections. In answering those questions touching on world peace and the future of mankind, he raised the issue of the scientist's responsibility for his discoveries and the need for 'balanced development! in the sciences. ‘Memorable Meetings' by K. Bratov, n.d. CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS Photocopy of outline of personal recollections of eminent scientists, their lives and work. Powell is included (p.2.). Notification of payment of Powell's State Scholarship grant for Spring Term 1923, of £26. 13s. 4d. (maintenance), and £20 (tuition fees), at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. Includes manifesto of W.F.S.W. Correspondence with World Federation of Scientific Workers, 1949, re appeal for funds. C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Biographical and personal THE NOBEL PRIZE, 1950 Correspondence with E.T.S, Walton, 1949-50. Walton revealed his intention to nominate Powell for the Nobel Prize, after an initial request for a set replied that ‘other friends' had forwarded his material to the Nobel Committee. of Powell's publications. Powell Includes correspondence re Powell's visit to Dublin to receive an -honorary degree. Letters and messages of congratulation. The senders include, as well as scientific colleagues or societies, contemporaries and teachers from school and university with their recollections, manufacturers of equipment and especially photographic materials, and fellow workers in the peace movement - often from Eastern Europe. from Tonbridge and Bristol. Isobel Powell or refer to her contribution to her husband's achievment. A very large number speak of his modest and unassuming friendliness. 26 folders in alphabetical order. Several of the letters are addressed to There are also many letters from friends and neighbours A > 10>, S F 14 ; Cl-Co N, O Pa _A.23 A.24 Ba-Bo Br-Bu Pe-Pu Ra-Re A.20 A.21 A.22 1 a L Ma A.25 A.26 A.7 A.8 A.9 S e lg e o S a Cartch First name or unidentified Si-Su =T-V A.29 A.30. > “ees 16 7 > > A.27 A.28 > .18 A.31 A.32 Ri-Ru Sa-Sh Ww C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Biographical and personal Letter from L. Rosenfeld, 1953, re possibility of Powell succeeding Blackett at Manchester. Letter from the British Peace Committee, 1954. Telegram from Powell in Moscow, 1955. Brief correspondence with Secretary of United Nations Students' Association, 1957, accepting an honorary vice-presidency. Congratulatory telegram from A. Vinogradov, 1958, on Powell's election to membership of Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R. SIXTIETH BIRTHDAY, 1963 A | Z Congratulatory letters and telegrams from friends, colleagues and institutions, in alphabetical order. of Powell's replies. | Many are from organisations connected with the World Federation of Scientific Workers and from as far afield as Cuba and Mongolia. carried out his balloon flights. There are also congratulations from Italy, where Powell Most are accompanied by carbons 9 folders. KOA Am A566 Ao? A.38 oS Cc (DG Pet M-P R, S T-V Ww, First names only, including ray Jaipur, India, December 1963. Ypp. ms. draft of address by V.F. Weisskopf, read 'at the celebration of Cecil Powell's 60th birthday’, at the conference on cosmic rays, Spp. typescript of message by K. Gottstein, who was not present at the dinner. Menu from dinner held in Powell's honour by Senior Common Room, Bristol, 23 November 1963. Photographs from birthday party at Bristol. C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Biographical and personal A.45 Powell's carbon of letter to Bristol Registrar re his honorary degree, University of Padua, 1964; press-cutting. See also C.8. Letter from headmaster of the Judd School, 9 March 1966, giving hist ory of school since Powell left in 1922. Menu from fiftieth annual dinner of Old Juddian Society, 25 March 1966, at which Powell proposed the toast to the School. A.46-A .56 LOMONOSOV GOLD MEDAL FOR 1967 Powell was the first foreigner to receive this award, and was invited by the Academy of Sciences in Moscow to attend its General Assembly in March 1968 to receive the medal in person. Telegram informing Powell of award. Typescript draft of Powell's reply. For Powell's address on the occasion of the award of the medal see C.11. The surviving material consists almost entirely of congratulatory letters and telegrams, mostly from friends and colleagues in Great Britain and most accompanied by carbons of Powell's replies. First names Congratulatory letters, arranged in alphabetical order. AS Ade Aue, © 5: ¢ S T W A:49:. SO A.5] Crew M-O 10 folders. P,R ; ; ; C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Biographical and personal A.57 "Address given by F.C. Frank to Senate of Bristol University, 16 June 1969, on Powell's retirement. Photocopy of typescript only. A.58-A.93 POWELL'S DEATH Powell died suddenly on 9 August 1969, while on holiday in Italy. Address given by F.C. Frank for Powell's funeral, 15 August 1969. Photocopy of typescript only. Notification and programme of Commemorative Meeting held at Bristol University, 5 February 1970. Supplement to Scientific World, 1970, No.3, with report on Commemorative . Meeting, including text of speeches. See also A.116. Obituary of Powell (and Otto Stern), A.W.R.E. News, October 1969. Tribute to Powell by M.G.K. Menon, Science Today, December 1969. Appreciation of Powell by F.C. Frank, Physics Bulletin, 20, 1969. Bristol University Newsletter, June 1971, with speech by new Chancellor (D.C. Hodgkin) including reference to Powell. 5 folders. Letters and telegrams from individuals and national organisations of the World Federation of Scientific Workers. A.66 contains messages sent direct to Mrs. Powell. Report on installation of memorial bench near Lake Como, where Powell had died, fron Alumni Gazette of Bristol University, 1970-71, p.27. A.62-A .93 Letters of condolence. A.62-A.66 Unindexed. C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Biographical and personal A.67-A.70 Letters and telegrams from colleagues. In alphabetical order, indexed. 4 folders. A.67 B-D A.68° °° FM A.69 A.70 N-R anY. A.71-A.78 Letters from colleagues and friends in Bristol area. letters signed with first name only or with illegible signatures. A.77, A.78 contain Unindexed. 8 folders. A.79-A .85 Letters from UK colleagues and friends outside Bristol area. contain letters signed with first name only or with illegible signatures. Unindexed. A.83-A.85 7 folders. A.86-A.93 Letters and telegrams from colleagues and friends overseas. are signed with first names only or with illegible signatures. A.92, A.93 Unindexed. 8 folders. A.94-A .100 MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS A.94 Correspondence (chiefly photocopies).re posthumous edition of 'Selected Papers of Cecil Frank Powell', 1972. Letters thanking Mrs. Powell. for copies of Royal Society Memoir, March 1972, arranged in alphabetical order. Pamphlet re fall-out from nuclear weapons. Reprint of address, 'The Hydrogen Bomb and the Future of Mankind', given by Powell in 1955, inscribed by Mrs. Powell 'My own copy’. Posters and leaflets for meetings, ete. at which Powell spoke about nuclear weapons. Draft of telegram by Powell, n.d. Copy of AScW Journal, May 1961 (reference to Powell, p.5.). C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 A.98 A.99 Biographical and personal Miscellaneous items re visits to India. Dinner menus, some signed, 1926 (Cambridge) - 1965, and invitation cards, Quotations and anecdotes, some contributed by others, some taken from Bacon's works. FAMILY LETTERS -A large number of these letters are from the Powells to their daughters in Bristol, while on visits to India and Japan (1956), giving full descriptions of their activities. Australia, Moscow, Damascus, Lindau and the Adriatic. Other letters are from Powell to his wife from These letters show Powell as a family man rather than a scientist and it unfortunate that no letters survive from his family to him. is All the letters are arranged in chronological order. A.103 = January A.104 February-March Also included here is one undated letter from Mrs. Powell in Moscow. A.101 1955-56 A.102 1959-64 The letters form a nearly continuous account of the tour, although Letters from Powell to his wife, 1955-64, discussing people and places seen with some mention of work and discussions with colleagues. A.102 includes letter from Powell to his daughter Jane, giving news of visit to Egypt, on return from Australia. Letters, usually joint, from the Powells to their daughters from India, January-March 1956. Some are written by Mrs. Powell on behalf of both. Powell's contributions say little about his official engagements. Miscellaneous undated items. Two letters and transcripts from Powell in Australia giving a brief account of his travels and impressions of the country, 1959. from Japan, March-April 1956, with some details of official engagements. - Letters, some joint and some from Mrs. Powell, to the Powell daughters C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 A.107- A.142 PHOTOGRAPHS Biographical and personal > > : > e s S 6 U O 107 . 108 Photographs of Powell Family and close friends -109-A. Colleagues and laboratory workers ~113-A. Ceremonies and social events at Bristol -119-A. Laboratory equipment and experimental results .123-A. Balloon making and flights, Bristol, 1950 .126-A. Expeditions .130-A. Conferences .138-A. Overseas Visits graph (A.122). Photographs of Powell Family and close friends at conferences, although there are few of his family. The majority of the photographs are of Powell's scientific work and related activities, There Some photographs show Powell 'off-duty', at social events at Bristol and particularly the balloon flights at Bristol and in Italy, conferences and foreign visits. are also some photographs of experimental results, including one identified as an X-ray photo- photographs. Includes two prints from the 1930s, taken on the roof of Royal Fort, of Powell with a technician. Includes a set of negatives, n.d., anda print of Powell and his in his laboratory, 1950. Powell appears in all of the prints. Possibly from a series of annual Colleagues and laboratory workers } wife The Cosmic Ray Group, 1948-55 C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Biogra phical and personal A.111 Unidentified group photographs, one dated 1948. Bristol. Probably taken at sale Mounted photograph, probably of Bristol Physics Department, 1953. Ceremonies and social events at Bristol Nobel Prize Ball, 1951. 1960 Presentation to W.H. Heitler, December 1965. Mrs. Powell unveiling commemorative plaque to her husband at the Cecil Powell Centre for Science Education, University of Bristol School of Education, 1970. Folder includes photograph of exterior of Powell's house in Bristol. Award of honorary degree to A.M. Tyndall. Laboratory Christmas party, n.d. Laboratory equipment and experimental results Set of illustrations of experimental results, probably for a paper, n.d. Print taken through a Burch microscope, with covering note from |. Ford giving details of photographic technique, 1959. Negative used to illustrate a paper, with covering letter from publishers, 19/1’. 2 folders. Some of research team on roof of Royal Fort laboratory, others unidentied but probably ai Bristol. K. Pinkau, 1963, of balloon flights inspired by the work done at Bristol, with covering letter for Powell's 60th birthday. A.125 includes two prints sent to Powell by Print of 'X-ray films in emulsion chamber’, 1969. Balloon making and flights, Bristol, 1950 Making the balloons. Balloon flights. C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Biographical and personal Expeditions Montserrat expedition, 1936. These photographs are chiefly of the landscape. Folder includes four photographs taken in 1938. Sardinia expeditions, 1952 and 1961. Italian personnel, sea-vessels, equipment; includes some scenic views. 2 folders. Includes photographs taken in Rome, 1961, and postcards. Conferences WFSW Conferences: Moscow Varua (Bulgaria), 1967 CERN, 1956, 1962 May 1959, Geneva September 1961, Some photographs labelled 'bubble chamber', January 1962. High Energy Conference, July 1962. Equipment and buildings, 1956. Equipment. Miscellaneous conferences, some unidentified, arranged in chronological sequence. Jonuary 1963. International Conference on Cosmic Rays and the Earth Storm, September 1961. Institute of Physics and Physical Society of London Conference, Bristol, 5 folders. "Krakow 1947'. 'Varenna, 1953'. Unidentified, September 1956. IUPAP (Moscow), 1959. C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 A.136 Lindau, n.d. Biographical and personal Rome, n.d. Includes photograph of Powell with Clement Attlee. Unidentified. Visits India, 1955-56 and 1963 2 folders. Bombay and Delhi, 1955. Bangalore and Peryar Lake, All India Science Congress, 1956. Miscellaneous, 1955-56. Powell's meeting with Nehru, December 1963. Powell with Homi Bhabha, December 1963. Miscellaneous prints, n.d. China visit, 1956. Japan visits: 1956 (Tokyo and Kyoto), 1961. covering letter). British Council Exhibition, Colombo, Ceylon, December 1966 (with C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Biographical and personal PRESS-CUTTINGS One box; folders contain: Obituaries and biographical articles, British and Italian press. Scrapbook, containing cuttings, 1949-1954, chiefly re banning atomic weapons, and atomic research. - Nobel Prize, 1950 (British press). Nobel Prize (foreign press). 2 folders. Nobel Prize ceremony, 1950. Cancelled lecture tour, 1953. Wedding of Ann Powell (daughter), 1957. Lomonosov medal, 1967. Miscellaneous cuttings re awards and honours. Reports of Powell's speeches. Balloon flights, 1949-64 (British press). 2 folders. Visit of Duke of Edinburgh to Royal Fort laboratory, 1957. Balloon flights, 1950, 1954 (foreign press). Peace movements and disarmament, 1950-61 (British press). Foreign research, including Anglo-Soviet atomic research project, 1955, Miscellaneous cuttings (British press). Miscellaneous cuttings from Indian press, 1956, 1968 and n.d. Peace movement and disarmament, 1950-60 (foreign press). Vietnam, 1965-68 (British press). C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 SECTION B BALLOON FLIGHTS B.1 -B.18 Powell's discovery of the pion in 1947 led toa programme of balloon flights since ‘in order to obtain a reasonable number of events and investigate in detail the pion production process itself, it was essential to transport the [photographic J emulsions to the stratosphere, where they would be exposed to the primary cosmic ray protons! (Memoir, p.548). These flights, conducted at first in Britain, were moved in 1952 to the Mediterranean and involved collaboration with colleagues in many universities (Memoir, pp.550-51, 554). The surviving material includes interesting contemporary accounts of the 1952 and 1953 high altitude flights in Sardinia (B.1 - B.9) and correspondence on the manufacture of balloons by a Bristol company (B.12 - B.17). Photographs of the manufacture of the balloons, and of expeditions, are at A.123 -A.125, A.127, A.128. Correspondence on planning, funding and carrying out of balloon flights can be found in Section E, particularly in exchanges with Feather (E.15), Houtermans (E.18, E.19), Hutchinson (E.20), Massey (E.21), The Royal Society (E.26), Shapiro (E.31), S¥rensen (E.35), West (E.56), Yekutieli (E.69). Written partly B.1-B.8 Balloon flights from Cagliari, May-June 1952. Ms. account, 21, 24 [sic, in error for 23] May, paginated 6-10, Ms. accounts by Powell, and some typed-up copies. as letters to Mrs. Powell and partly as diary of events. Spp. ms. account, n.d., and a typed-up copy with added heading ‘Report on the Italian expedition by C.F.P.' and a note at end ‘Received in Bristol, 23 May 1952'. paginated 1-3, and 6 June. Typed-up copy of B.2-B.4, paginated 6-19, with added heading ‘Progress report on Italian expedition by C.F. Powell’ and note at end ‘Received in Bristol on June 3'. Ms. account, 30, 31 May, 3, 4 June, paginated 1-10. Telegram from Mrs. Powell, 6 June. Powell's ms. account, 4, 5 June, Ms. account, 24, 25, 26, 27 May, paginated 1-6. Ms. account, 28, 29 May, 3pp. C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Balloon flights Ms. account, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 June, paginated 1-16; copy of telegram re balloon fallen near Minorca 28 June; ‘Report for flight 19'. "Expedition to Sardinia 1953'. 15pp. typescript account for 31 May to 23 June, and Ip. typescript _'Letter received from Rome', 29 May, sent by J.W. Webb and J.H. Davies. Two copies. Noms. version survives for this expedition. Treasury licence for importation (from Padua) of machinery for balloon apparatus, 1954. 2pp. typescript account of cosmic ray research, balloon flights and emulsion stacks, and Ip. timetable for visit by Duke of Edinburgh, as part of International Geophysical Year, 1957. 1952. One letter only, and diagrams. Drawing of proposed workshop for balloon manufacture, May 1957. 1958. Includes draft agreement, progress report, contract. 195? -61;, Continuing correspondence re staff, agreement Includes correspondence with others re financial 1957, February-June. support, specification and costings. Correspondence with Willcocks (Clevedon) Limited, principally M.J. Willcocks, re manufacture of balloons and other devices. 1957, July-October. with University, training of personnel, negotiation with D.S.I.R. Brief correspondence re balloon flights in Scotland, 1959. Powell (Supplement) ar CSAC 111/2/86 SECTION C LECTURES, BROADCASTS, PUBLICATIONS C.1 -C.25 C.1 . aee LECTURES, SPEECHES, TALKS, 1949-68 C.l3-C. 19 BROADCASTS, 1957-69 ©120-€. 25 CORRESPONDENCE, 1950-68 The material in this Section is somewhat scanty. The greater part of it consists of lecture material, with a few scripts from broadcasts and some correspondence about publications. The lecture material includes drafts of Powell's speeches given at conferences, often in his capacity as an officer of the organisation concerned. C.11 contains his address to the Academy of Sciences on the occasion of the award of the Lomonosov Gold Medals for 1967. The content of these lectures and speeches is often con- cerned with the future of science, and its role in and value to society. from cosmic rays to the role of science in society. Powell for articles, but also requests for advice re the work of others. C©.23 con- The correspondence concerning publications covers not only requests made to The broadcast scripts are chiefly of BBC radio programmes, and range in topic tains an article submitted by Powell. C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Cte C. 12 LECTURES, SPEECHES, TALKS, 1949-68 C33 ‘Lectures on the development of science', 1949. 2pp. typescript summary for course of four lectures, no indication of place. -'Discussion on V-particles and heavy mesons', introduction for Royal Society Discussion meeting, January 1953. Typescript only. Includes programme of meeting and press~cutting. Correspondence re Lindau meeting of Nobel prizewinners, June 1953, and Powell's lecture on 'High altitude flights with free balloons’. Presidential address given by Powell at Sixth General Assembly of W.F.S.W., Warsaw, September 1959. Typescript draft only. "Some remarks on the rdle of science in the modern world and the problems arising in its organisation’. lépp. typescript draft for speech at General Assembly, Association Frédéric et Iréne Joliot-Curie, Orsay, 1960. A shortened French version was pub- "Science and Higher Education’. Address given by Powell to 'Discussion Conference on Science and Education’, 11 March 1961. Folder also includes extract from speech by F. Joliot-Curie, 1958, used by Powell. pp.3-14 typescript version in French (not identical) as delivered and Ip. contribution to discussion. lished under the title 'Conditions du progrés scientifique dans les grands laboratoires' in Sciences. Typescript and printed text. Speech delivered by Powell at 22nd Session of the Council of CERN, 12 October 1962. 'Why should we study high-energy Nuclear Physics? ' Address to British Association, September 1964. Typescript only. Typescript only. C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Lectures, speeches, talks C.8 "Speech at the degree congregation in the University of Padua in celebration of the 400th anniversary of the birth of Galileo Galilei on March 20th, 1965'. Typescript only. See also A.45. "Budapest Symposium’, 1965. Ms. and typescript drafts of Preface to W.F.S.W. booklet (1967) on “symposium. 'The promise and scope of international scientific co-operation’. Typescript of speech given at W.F.S.W. Conference on the Conditions and Possibilities of Scientific Co-operation in Europe’, Vienna, April 1968. "Address to the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R. on the occasion of the award of the Lomonosov Gold-Medals for 1967’, Moscow, 18 June 1968. Typescript only. See also A.46-A. 56. Typescript only, with ms. notes added in 1969. "The aims and role of science in our time', the first Homi Bhabha Memorial Lecture, delivered at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay, 9 November 1968. 'The Frontiers of Knowledge’ programme, BBC European Service. ‘Cosmic Rays', talk recorded 23 July 1957 as contribution to ‘International Geophysical Year' for BBCseries 'The World of Science’ in 'London calling-Asia’ programme. Series of four broadcasts, recorded in October and November 1959 for C .1g-C19 BROADCASTS, 1957-69 Duplicated typescripts unless otherwise stated. 'The Origin of Cosmic Radiation’. C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Lectures, speeches, talks Cid Powell's typescript draft of 'Talk given by C.F. Powell on radio from Clermont-Ferrand, France, 29 or 30 June 1962'. In French, on Pascal. "Recent Evidence on the Origin of Cosmic Rays', recorded 21 January 1965 for 'The Frontiers of Knowledge’ programme, BBC European Service. 'Why should we do pure science?', talk recorded 29 January 1965 for BBC General Overseas Service. Ms. and typescript draft. "Science and Society in the Thirties', recorded 9 December 1965 for 'The Thirties in Britain’ series, BBC Third Programme, with contributions from several distinguished scientists, including Powell. ‘Fundamental Particles’. Uncorrected transcript of interview with Powell, ¢.1965. ‘Typescript of television interview’ with Powell, July 1969. G.20 The Times, 1950, 1951 feseunG 223 CORRESPONDENCE, 1950-68 (launching of a new Indian journal; Powell was 'Honorary Patron'). Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1960. Includes paper by Silverstein and Slater forwarded by Powell for publicaticn. re article 'Balloon', by Powell, for Encyclopedia. Journal of Scientific Instruments, 1956 Methuen, 1954 Science News Journal, 1956 United Educators Inc., 1960 C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Lectures, speeches, talks United Educators Inc., 1968 Correspondence requesting 'statement ' about future developments of science. Includes typescript of 'Science, Education and the Future’, article produced by Powell in response. Telegram from Romanian newspaper requesting article ‘especially on the relation between war and progress', 1968. Brief correspondence re lectures, 1951, 1968 With E. Broda and others, re lecture on 'Cosmic Radiation’, Vienna, W951". With University of Warwick Physical Society, 1968. C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 SECTION D PUGWASH CONFERENCES D.1 - D.19 Powell was involved in the Pugwash movement from its beginning, first as Deputy Chairman and then, from 1967, as Chairman (Memoir, pp.553-4). The surviving material, however, is unfortunately scanty and many of the conferences are unrepresented here. The material includes several of the addresses delivered by Powell at the conferences, printed matter, press-cuttings, and photographs including several taken at the first and second conferences in 1957 and 1958 (D.12, D.13). Item D.11 contains cards sent to Mrs. Powell in 1982 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary commemorative meeting. De L=Da7, Addresses and miscellaneous Seven folders in chronological order. 1958 1962 1965-66 1967 1968 1964 Includes typescript of Powell's address, 'The Dragon is now aroused in its Lair', given at 16th Pugwash Conference, September 1966. Typescript of Powell's address, ‘Priorities in science and technology for developing countries’, given at 12th Pugwash Conference, with published version which differs from typescript. 1969 Carbon of joint letter to Editor of The Observer (with R.E. Peierls and J. Rotblat) on 'Disarmament or Disaster’. C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Pugwash conferences Printed material, 1958-69 Includes Pugwash Newsletter, October 1969, containing obituary of Powell (p.23). 3 folders. Cards sent to Mrs. Powell, 1982, to mark 25th anniversary conmemorative ‘meeting. Includes photograph of Eaton residence at Pugwash, where first meeting took place in 1957 and which gave its name to the conferences. Photographs 7 folders. First conference, 1957, at the residence of Cyrus Eaton. 1960 1967 1969 Neds 1959 Second conference, 1958. Press-cuitings C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 SECTION E CORRESPONDENCE E.1 - E.76 The correspondence, which survived only by chance from what was thought to be the wholesale destruction of Powell's files, is regrettably small and disproportionately skewed towards the second half of the alphabet. There are virtually no sequences of substance, though Powell enjoyed professional and personal contact with scientists and political figures on the widest international scale. bet Appleton, E.V. 1952 Bristol University 1950, 1955-62, 1967 Miscellaneous correspondence on the affairs of the Physics Department, research, personnel, exchanges and scholarships. ae 1950, 1955-58 1959 (Solar flare alarm system; Esd research visitors), 1961-62, 1967 (acceptance of Science Research Council grant for P.F. Fowler). Fulbright scholar and Des; Pale . 1947-49. E.7 Eo Burhop, E.H.S. 1956-58, 1962 Cockcroft, J.D. One letter only. Dedijer, S. Isobaric spin. Brief exchanges on research, meeting with Russell (1956), recommendations. reflecting micrascope. Photography of cool particles: Powell recommends C.R. Burch's Invitaticn and programme for International Physics CF Conference, Glasgow. 1954-55. Cosmic ray research, publications, suppliers. Meson research and publications. 1950-52, 1955. Research, appointments. Ekspong, A.G. Essenhigh, R.H. 1950 1947-55 1962-63 C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Correspondence Evans, G.R. Feather, N. 1954 1947-54 E33 1947 (meson transformation), 1949-51, E.14 1953. Proposed monograph by Powell and J. Rotblat. mio 1954. Collaborative research on balloon flights and results. Gunn, J.C. Neutral vector meson. Heitler, W.H. 1950 1950 One letter only, 4pp. typescript with ms. additions, cn pions. Houtermans, F.G. 1953-58 Collaborative research on balloon flights, supplies of photographic equipment. Rie 1953-54 Hutchinson, G.W. Pau, Wie” Massey, H.W.S, 1956, 1958 1964 1952 bay '10.2.55' and described as 'Big Monster’; 1958. Includes photographic negatives dated on packet 1955. Nomination of G. Occhialini for Nobel Prize. Proposed flights at great altitude during a solar flare. Collaborative research with Southampton University on balioon flights from-Cardington. Collaborative research. Rinderer, L. Rochat, O. Polanyi, M. Peace movement. C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Correspondence E20 Rogers, G.L. Stereoscopic microscopy. Royal Society Report on Powell's International Geophysical Year (IGY) project on balloon investigation of cosmic radiation associated with solar flares. 1958 Salam, A. Brief correspondence only, on hyperons. Sard, R.D. 7 1954 1950, 1955 Schein, M. Includes letter 4 August from Schein on his part in design for apparatus for determining mean life of 4 mesons. 1952 Science Museum, London re deposit at Museum of a collection of 45 photogrophs showing the tracks of atomic particles, with Powell's list of the items and his ‘suggested arrangement’. photographs in Atomic Physics Section of Museum. Letter 1951 describes exhibition of Powell's 1948-49, 195] 1951, 1953 1958 1948-57 Skinner, H.W.B. Skobeltzyn, D.V. re M.M. Samygin. | Teaching syllabuses. Shapiro, M.M. Balloon flights, stripped emulsion stack processing. and publications on mesons. Balloon expedition to Sardinia, 1955, 1957 Research, visits to Bristol and Oslo. Sérensen, S.O. E34 E.35 1948-52 1953 Plates C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Correspondence £,46-E 38 Solar Particles and Radiations Monitoring Organization (SPARMO) 1961-63 Information notes, notices of meetings and a little correspondence chiefly with Executive Secretary, J.-P. Legrand. E .36 Events by C.J. Waddington (Bristol). 1961-62. Includes proposed research project on Solar Beam E .37 E.38 January-February 1963. September-October 1963. Stdmpfli, R. Taylor, L.T. M.K.S. Units in school syllabuses. Thomson, D.M. Possible cosmic ray research in Uganda. Topchiev, A. 1960 Felon. S <1. 1945-47 various dates 1949-60 E .44~E .47 UNESCO : Includes (1 January 1947) photograph Powell's carbon only (3 copies) proposing collaborative research on stacks of emulsions exposed on satellites. ‘Satellite Flights’. In original folder labelled A Chinese physicist who worked with Powell in Bristol, moving to Paris and fhen returning to China. inscribed on verso 'The first quadripartition (quaternary fission) of U by the capture of a slow neutron, taken 22th Nov. at Laboratoire de Chimie Nucléaire du Collége de France, Paris’. Damascus, 7pp. duplicated typescript, E,45 Refresher Course in Physics in University of Syria, Damascus, 15-20 September, ‘Final corrected copy', typescript and ms. of Powell's UNESCO E.47 report 'Contribuiion to a discussion on the place of science in a general education’, March 1951, and copy of report as printed, with change of title, E,44 repert on importance of physics in general education. Request and arrangements for Powell to prepare Copy of Powell's lecture Inauguration Ceremony of Physics Course’ at Request and arrangements for Powell to participate in Brief correspondence only, on arid zones. 1949-51. 1956. E.46 1959-60. C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Correspondence E.48 Ventry, Baron Model airship envelopes. Vigneron, L. Voyvodic, L. Walden, L. Wallis, H.R.E. Congenital pyloric stenosis. Walton, S. 1951, 1953 - 1952 1955 1955 1958 Radiation hazards; also encloses letter on "Sputnik effect’ by S.S. Nehru. Wataghin, G. Weisskopf, V.F. West, G.D. 1948, 1949 1947 1949 Weyssenhoff, J. Wheeler, J.A. Mainly research on mesons. - 1947 1947-50 Whitmore, B.G. Neutron research. - Cosmic Rays Conference, Cracow. Loan of photographs; collaboration in balloon flights. , for p Whyte, L.L. History of physics and 'the atomic hypothesis’. Information on balloon flights and collaborative research, for publications. Conditions of work for Powell's scanning observers. Williams, E.S. Williams, T.1. 1949, 1956 1957-58 1957 1960 1954 Wilkinson, A. n fli C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 E64 E.65 Willmore, P.L. Wilson, J.G. Correspondence Publications; research on y-mesons. Wirtz, K. Lenses and plates. Yagoda, H. 1948 1952, 1953, 1956 1948-49 1949, 1951, 1954 Correspondence 1949 and 1951 is on stratosphere exposures and includes photographs and tables. Yekutieli, G. 1952-54, 1958 E.68 £6 1952. Publications and draft paper by Yekutieli. 1953-54. Research on mesons, including Sardinian expedition. E.70 1958 Young, *E:P. Not indexed. E.74 1951-56 eic0 1957-61 Yukawa, H. 1956 1948 Zachariasen, W.H. Requests for references and advice Proposed exchange visit with Bulgaria. Shorter correspondence, including letters and discoveries from members of the general public. 1948-62 C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ADAMS, John Bertram ALLEGRETTI, Lamberto ALLEN, John Frank ALLEN, We 3D: ANGERS, Robert APPLETON, Sir Edward (Victor) AUGER, Pierre BAKER, B. M. BAKER, Wilson BATES, Leslie Fleetwood BATISSE, M. BLACKETT, Patrick Maynard Stuart, Baron BORN, Max BRODA, E. - A.7 m7 A.7 E.1 E.44, E.45 A.8 A.8 A.8, A.67 E.45, E.46 A479, 4.67 See also B.13 A.8 A.9 A.9 A.9 C.25 A.9 A.47 A.47, A.67 A.9, A.67 E.4 - See also E.46 BURCHAM, William Ernest BURHOP, Eric Henry Stoneley BRIMELOW, A. W. DRNISURY cd ae A, BRAGG, Sir (William) Lawrence BROWN, Neville BUCKINGHAM, Amyand David BURCH, Cecil Reginald ('Bill') Ale £5 A.W Aco A.10 COCKCROFT, Sir John Douglas A.10, A.35 AW CHADWICK, Sir James CHASTEL, Raymond CATALA, J, CLAY, J. C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Index _of correspondents COLLAR, Arthur Roderick COOR, Thomas CURRAN, Sir Samuel (Crowe) DARWIN, Sir Charles (Galton) DAVIS, Michael DEDIJER, S. DEE, Philip tvor DINELEY, David DITCHBURN, Robert William DOUGLAS, David EKSPONG, A. ESSENHIGH, R. PANG, G. R. Géta H. A.11, A.48, A.67 , A.11 A.11 —AL12 a E.6 E.7-E.9 A.48 A.12, A.67 A.A8 E.10 E.11 E12 E. A.14, E.13-E.15 A.14 A.68 A.57, A.58 FRIEDLANDER, Michael FEATHER, Norman Peri Grcn, 3, . A; FRANK, Sir (Frederick) Charles Cis. GARNER, W. GOLDSCHMIDT-CLERMONT, Yves GOLDSMITH, Maurice GORODETZKY, Serge GOTTSTEIN, Klaus GOULD, Sir Ronald _ GUGGENHEIMER, K. GUILLOT, M. GUNN, John Currie A.15 A.15, A.36 A.15 Ale. A o6, AAG, A068 A.49 A.16 ALG | : 7 M. C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Index of correspondents HADDOW, Sir Alexander HEISENBERG, Werner HEITLER, Walter Heinrich HERZBERG, Gerhard HEWER, Thomas Frederick HOENIG; John HOUTERMANS, Friedrich Georg HOWARTH, Leslie HULL, Gordon Ferrie HULTHEN, Lamek HUTCHINSON, George W. JONES, Reginald Victor A.18 KNIGHT, Lionel KNOX-SHAW, T. MERLIN, M. ; E.36-E.38 A.68 LEE, Sir Frank LEGRAND, J-P. LOVELL, Sir (Alfred Charles) Bernard MARTIN, Sir David (Christie) MASSEY, Sir Harrie (Stewart Wilson) MAY, Alan Nunn A.22, A.38, A.68 MOON, Philip Burton MORRIS, Sir Philip (Robert) MERRISON, Sir Alec (Alexander Walter) M@LLER, C. i MENDELSSOHN, Kurt Alfred Georg A.22, A.68 AiB), B.13 MORTGOMERY, DF os. X; A.51, A.68 A,22 A.21 AL9D A.22 A.38 A.21, A.68 E21 MOTT, Sir Nevill Francis — - MELVILLE, Sir Harry Work A.50 A.50 co A.22 C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Index _of correspondents NABARRO, Frank Reginald Nunes MEHR S$. S; WETTER, L, NOEL~BAKER, Philip John, Baron OCCHIALINI, Giuseppe Paolo Stanislav OPARIN, | PAIS, Abraham PANETH, Friedrich Adolf PAULI, Wolfgang PEIERLS, Sir Rudolf (Ernst) PERRY, C. Bruce PETERS, Sir Rudolph (Albert) PINKAU, Klaus A.23 E58 A.69 A.5] A.23 A.51 A.24 A.24 Boe A. 69 A.52 A.25 A.125 A.25 Eres A.103-A. 105 A.25 E.45 | PIPPARD, Alfred John Sutton POLANYI, Michael POWELL, Ann POWELL, Jane POWELL, Isobel ; PRYCE, Maurice Henry Lecorney PUGSLEY, Sir Alfred Grenville PUPPI, Giampietro A.101, A.102, A.103-A.105, A.106 A.52, A.102, A.103-A.105 Fix A.27, A.52 RICHARDSON, Sir.Qwen (Willans) RIHAL, Pamela (née Powell) RINDERER, Leo RANDLE, Sir Philijy John RANKINE, Alexander Oliver RATCLIFFE, John Ashworth ROCHESTER, George Dixon A.69 A.26 A.26 A.27 A.52 E.23 E24 ROCHAT, O. C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 ROGERS: Ga 4, ROSBAUD, Paul ROSSI, Bruno ROTBLAT, Joseph Index of correspondents RUBINOVICZ, Q. RUNCORN, Stanley Keith RUSSELL, Bertrand Arthur William (Earl Russell) SALAM, Abdus SALANT, Edward O. SALLER, K. Aro. 8. CD, SCHEIN, Marcel SCHRODINGER, Erwin SCIENCE MUSEUM, LONDON SHAPIRO, Maurice M. SHAW, T. Knox b.20 A,27 A.27 A.69 A.27 A ae. A.52 E.27 A.28 A.39 E.28 E.29 A.28 E.30 A.29 E.36-E.38 AasO, E.31 A.28 ORGANIZATION (SPARMO) Bie E.33 E.34, E.35 SIMON, Sir Francis (Eugen) SKINNER, Herbert Wakefield Banks SKOBELTZYN, D. V. SORENSEN, Sven Oluf SOLAR PARTICLES AND RADIATIONS MONITORING A:30 SNEDDON, lan Naismith STAMPFLI, Robert SUCKSMITH, William SUTHERLAND, Sir Gordon (Brims Black Melvor) SWINTON, Alan H.C. E.40 A.54, A.70 E.A] TAYLOR L.-T THOMSON, David THOMSON, D. TITTERTON, Sir Ernest (William) M. A.29 E.39 A.70 A.70 B.18 C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 TOPCHIEV, A. TSIEN, San-Tsiang UNESCO Index of correspondents VENTRY, Arthur Frederick Daubeny Olave Eveleigh-de-Moleyns, 7th Baron VIGNERON, Léopold VOYVODIC, Louis WALDEN, Leonard WALKER, Patrick Chrestien Gordon, Baron WALLIS, Hugh R;. “SE. WALTON, Ernest Thomas Stinton WALTON, Sydney WATAGHIN, Gleb See E,42 E40 E.44-E.47 E.48 E.49 E.50 cio! A.55 E.S2 A.6, A.31 E.58 E,54 FOG £57 Eio8 WHITMORE, B. G. MTG de 1. WILKINSON, Agnes WHEELER, John Archibald WEST, Gilbert D. WEYSSENHOFF, Jan WILLCOCKS, Michael J. WEISSKOPF, Victor Frederick A.41, A.44, E.53 See also A.70 A.31, £.66 E.60 E.61 B.12-B.17 E.62 A.55 E.63 E.64 A.31 A.31, E.65 WILSON, Charles Thomson Rees (Lord Bishop of Leicester) WILLIAMS, Trevor IIltyd WTELIAMS, E. S. WILLIAMS, Ronald R. _WILLMORE, Patrick L. WILSON, John Graham WIRTZ, Karl C.F. Powell (Supplement) CSAC 111/2/86 Index of correspondents YAGODA, Herman YEKUTIELI, Gideon YOUNG, Edgar P. YUKAWA, Hideki ZACHARIASEN, W. ZAHEER, S. Husain rt, E.67 E.68-E.70 E.71 A.70, E.72 E.73 A.4l