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CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of CECIL FRANK POWELL, FRS (1903-1969) Compiled by Jeannine Alton and Harriot Weiskittel Deposited in the Library, All rights reserved University of Bristol CSAC 12/6/74 OP. C5040. 18/6774 Description of the collection LOL Dp lirs. Isobel The papers cover the years 1 16 ~ 13963 and were received fron P ovell and the Depar nent of Physics, Bristol University. The first half of the collection contains 105 manuscript notebooks . which fall into three distinct groups: . . . 2 Items 6 — 23: Cambridse notchooks These are a record of laboratory observations and notes taken by Powell as a Cambridge endemereduats on lectures by Rutherford, C.T.R. “Wilson and others. later date. Several of these notebooks contain drafts and notes of a mucn (Items 18,20,22,23) Items 24 - 75: Laboratory notebooks Taese notebooks (dated 1339 ~ 1949) contain careful records of observations made by Professor Pow ell and. various collaborators in the course of his experiments involving cosmic rays. Within this group: Items 28 ~ 37 are a set of 10 notebooks arranged according to the numbered sequence on their spines, although this sequence is neither complete nor chronological by date. Items 51 - 75 contain numerous notebooks labelled with a nae ee anveT. code, such as 'C.R.R.3' which may be assumed to read as follows: o nstance 'Roberts') and the number is the chronological sequence of that is the initial of the observer iS this viation for 'Cosmic Rays', 'C.R.' 'R' is the Sell gptes observer's work. that many notebooks of that period «re missing. ‘The several incomplete number sequences reveal - Items 76 — 103: Vorltins notebooks This final set of notebooks contains a wide variety of material: notes own lectures at Bristol and for his research programmes, for Professor Powell's drafts of speeches and articles (both scientific and non-scientific), notes taken at conferences and on others! published work etc. may contain 5 contents have been briefly summarized in the handlist when possible, but this description is not intended to provide a detailed 'table of contents! for each notebook. As each notebook 15 different sets of notes on a wide range of topics, the The second half of the collection (Items 109 ~ 190) contains papers Pugwash) were destroyed after his death. relating to Professor Powell's published work and speeches from 1947 to 196). This material is arranged chronologically by date of speech or of publication and is composed of very rough manuscript notes, general outlines, manuscript drafts and typescripts (with is. annotations noted in the Hanclist). print is included if it varies significantly from the typescript. an item will contain the later stages of a particular article or speech while the earlier rough manuscript notes and drafts are located in a notebook. divisions of material have been cross—indexed when noted (e.g. 147, 17ia,159,130), no personal or professional correspondence remains. Docu— ments referring to Powell's activities for international organisations (CERN, Except for a few letters dealing with publications (Items 123,134,140, 112 Items i195 — 195 refer to 4 box-files containing Professor Povell's See Item 195 for a note of missing items Items 90 and 122). published work. A final Occasionally These OP Gre A. Ce TOs 6/4 * The following taped speeches are held in the University of Bristol: 1) Professor Powell's recording of Ruth nerford's lecture at GUttingen, 14 Deceinber 1931 2) Speech to Bristol British liedical Association, 16 January 1963 .3) Royal Society discussion on CHW, 21-22 February 1963 4) Tribute to Professor A.M. Tyndall at S.W. Branch Meeting of Institute of Physics at Royal Fort, 22 March 1963 (seo Item 167) 5) Speech to CERY Council, 20 June 1963 (see Item 162) 6) oO X° once Anniversaire - Professors ‘ieisskop and Powell, 30 October 1964 ee A Sunmary of the career of Professor Powell 1903 1911 1921 1925 1928 1931 1932 1935 b. Tonbridge, Kent Judd School, Tonbridge Entered Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge Research under C.T.R. Wilson Research assistant to Professor A.M. Tyndall, Bristol University Lecturer in Physics, Bristol University Married Isobel T. Artner Member of the Royal Society—Colonial Office expedition to Montserrat, British iw. Tndies Nobel Prize for Physics Fellow of the Royal Society 1946 1947 1948 1949 1949 1950 1952 Hughes Hedal of the Royal Society 1956 1952 1957 1958 1960 1961 Bakerian Lecture, Royal Society 8 Reader in Physics, Bristol University President of Association of Scientific Workers President of World Federation of Scientific Workers Melville Wills Professor of Physics, Bristol University Charles Vernon Boys Prize of the Physical Society of London Director of Evropean expedition for making high altitude balloon flig:: Nember of Science Research Council and Chairmen of Nuclear Physics Boe Henry Overton Wills Professor of Physics, Director of H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory, Bristol Elected Foreign Member of the Academy of Sciences of the U.5.5.R. Chairman of the Cosmic Ray Commission of IUPAP Chairmen of the Science Policy Committee of CERN Pro—Vice Chencellor of Bristol University Tercentenary Lecture, Royal Society Royal Medal, Royal Society 1961 — 1964 + 1964 — 1965 — 1965 — 68 CEP Sane, fies) oe 1967 1967 1969 (Note: Lomonosov Gold Medal, Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R. Chairman of the Pugwash Continuing Committee Guthrie Medal of the Institute of Physics and oe Sciences A full list of Professor the Royal Society Bio pieenhices Menoir, Powell's honours and awe Item 1, p. ety appears in Contents of the handlist Hoy Biographical II. Cambridge notebooks Laboratory notebooks : ENG Vorking notebooks Mas Publications and speeches 1 6 4 2 76 109 Vals. Royal Society Expedition to Montserrat 191 VII. Offprints and printed material 195 VIII. Index to correspondents tT, Ae Biographics. Memoir by F. C. Frank and D.H. Perkins (Biorranhical Memoirs of Fello:zs of the Royal Society, 541 — 562) 17, November 1371, pp. Vol. Cambridse notebooks 1968 — 6 Notes on physics course at Sir Andrew Judd'ts School, Tonbridge Draft of 3 chapters of autobiography: ‘Early Childhood, 'Schooling,! and ‘Universi ty and Early Researches': various typescripts with Ms. corrections Autobiographical article for Fratelli Fabri Fditori: invitation, correspondence and contract, Ms. draft, various amended versions and corrected drafts (note on inside of file cover of persons to whom copies were sent ) 'Mathst and ‘Electricity - Munro': notes on lectures labelled 'Februery 20, nostly da ted 1926 - oT. Francis Ne had iabiteearer retained since their Cambridge years. ) 1920' although the physics notes are (Includes Ms. letter from Professor 1962, returning Powell's notebook which he 'Physicss Light (Wood)? and 'Botany (Sevard)': notes on lectures ‘Practical Physics, 21st November 1922': notes on lectures with diagrams i Botany drawings and leboratory instructions Vacant . ward, Or P, G.5.A.0.4e e146 is. "Long Vac 1924': laboratory notebook "Stead: Thermionics, Photo-Electricity, X-rays,' and *Searles Heat, Thermometry, Thermodynanics*: notes on lectures Lecture notes on ‘atmospheric electricity’ and ‘the nature of white light’ among others "Rutherford, October 1924: Constitution of Matter, Artificial and Natural Disintegration, General Electricity’ and "Appleton, Lent Term 1925: Wireless Telegraphy’s notes on lectures 'Thirkill: Properties of Matter. Mich Term, Searles Electrical Measurements. Lent Term 1925': notes on lectures 1924* and 1924 — 12. 13. 14. 1D. 16.. 17. ‘A. Wood: Wave Motion and Sound! and *Thirkill: Light's notes on lectures tA. Wood ~ Polarisation’? and *E. Rutherford ~ Ionisation and Radioactivity' Easter Term 1925: notes on lectures 'J.A. Carroll: Lint and 3and Spectra* and 'C.7T.R. Wilson: Con— densation on Nuclei*s notes on lectures. Notebook includes Ms. drafts of various later articles, speeches and reports, such ac 'Hesons' Physical Society's Renort on Prorress in Physics, 350 13, "Long Vac 1925': laboratory notebook (sce also Item 80) De 1925 1925 1925 Also Remainder of Remainder tJune 9, 1927*: laboratory notebook tLong Vac 1925's laboratory notebook with Ms. quotations. includes Ms. draft of ‘Electrical Conductivity of Air’ 1949 tOctober 25, 1927's laboratory notebook (17 pages). of notebook is devoted to Ms. drafts of articles, including one entitled 'Yragmontation of heavy nuclei of the cosmic radiation! tJuly 20, 1927': Laboratory notebook (6 pages). notehook is devoted to Ms. drafts of articles, letters, lectures (in Stockholm), plans for conference, tabular data and examination questions Heliva D.19* Notebook of R.W. Chamberlain with additional notes by G.I.Harper; further notes made in 1944 in unidentified hand C.F. Powell contents labelied "Summary of measurements! and dated 3.iv.42 March *40 = Nov '40't: first page is a table of Notes and diagrams; some later notes dated 1948 ‘Neutrons from Bo? (ap) Be '° Oxygen D.9 105°, 115° ‘C.F. Powell March 18th 1941 Laboratory notebooks V° - absorbtion in lead C Poy O.5 A.C, 12/6/74 28. — 37. 10 notebooks arranged according to numbered sequence Set of on spine, although this sequence is neither complete nor chronological ‘TDs ys Des D.04' 'D.1) Helium, D.11 Hydrogen, D.9 Oxygen Laboratory notes with table of contents on inside of front cover P.H. Fowler' Af 0.0.5 De ine? (a p) leh C.¥. Powell, Landsberg ' ne-*(a p) fe No. XIV ee DOs eliv Dewterons on Oxygen '7 Sunmary of contents on first page dated 25.v.1943 Cate Powel] * VT UD. , Dehag DOs" 'H. Craig! WELT A Do eth, — 'Miss Berlin XK! Lexa Depew ‘IX ‘ D-C., D-HE.! 12 ‘Measurements C (dp) Orvis Hee gon. D7 (iris & Measurements on Ur —d&'ts 1i°(a,p) Li! with sow deuterons Nos 5 av H. Heitler! XI' ‘H. Heatler 'Fast Excitation! d —< scattering & He4(a,p) He? tt 0. Doe 'H. Heitler TD, ! Charts with summary of contents on first page 'Tundamental Data C.F. Powell' Summary of observations in o'®(a,p) 017 Laboratory notes with summary of contents on first page 'Developers D-H, D-C Laboratory notes with summary of contents on first page E. Rosenblun 'Blastic Scattering, Protons in Nitrogen and Oxygen! Summary of measurements on first page dated Jan 8 with names of T. Hall — Labelled on inside cover 'Neutron Spectra III! Record of observations H.H. and C.P.P.' Record of observations Record of observations Labelled 'Fe Si 'G. Occhialini' — Feb 28, 1946 'Stobbet ‘Nitrogen D.6 'Occhialini' CNP 0.8.45 06. 72/6/74 Ee AD. 46. At. 48. p scattering, 'Y - inside with name of H.L. Andrews. Book III — Calculations! Data on neutron—proton scattering Wotebook labelled Weds M.L. Andrews, Book V, n-p scattering' Record of data ‘C.F. Powell, scattering n-—p scattering' Data on neutron—proton 'Calculation of Loss data with photograph of plate interleaved. (Continued) Tabular sunmaries of 1946 TsO 1946 'E.I. Roberts! July Record of observations on cosmic rays 1946 ‘Mrs. Roberts! December Record of observations on cosmic rays 1946 1s Numerous notebooks are labelled with a number—letter code. See Description of the collection for explanation. 'C.R.R.1. Cosmic Rays (a), E.I. Roberts, Book It December ‘Cosmic Ray Plates, I. Powell, Book I' November, 1946; March, 1947 'C.R.A.2. M.L. Andrews, Cosmic Rays (2)! January-February 'C.R.R.2. Cosmic Rays (a), B.I. Roberts, Book II' February—‘April 'C.R.P.2. Isobel Powell, Book II' WMarch—June Book III‘ April—July June-—October 'C.R.R.3. April 'C.R.R.4. WC Rees. wLsobel Rowell* 'C.R.G.i. Yves Goldschmidt’ January—March 'C.u.G. Lattes' Record of observations on cosmic rays 'C.R.R.5. January—December E.I. Roberts, Cosmic Ray Plates (c), IV' E.I. Roberts, Cosmic Ray Plates (b)(c), Observers: I. Roberts, I. Powell, M. Merritt (L)' Unidentified notebook apparently belonging to this series December ‘Cosmic Rays, Book C.0.2(P), June, CRM. B.A. Moore' tions and measurements ‘Grain Counting, MM. Andrews, N.R. Tobin't ‘Cosmic Rays T.1, Observers: N.R. Tobin, M. Merritt! "wed. van der Nerwe, Cosmic Rays V.4! Record of observations and measurements Mrs. I. Powell' September, 1947 —- December—December Record of observa— 1948; January-April, 1949 TG eRetied.. B.A. Moore! GPP. CS .AeC. 12/6/74 69. 106° ‘'P.H. Fowler, R.H. Browm Grein Counting Jj I (bo)! AALS’ My Andrews, Ha gdeitier' TO Rete ts Ounceiine: I. Roberts* April-October 'TOP — plates: Ilford-2 Kodak~1 Kodak-4 pag 13 -— 1 15 - 91 —- February Teds 21949 41949 ‘Mae defl exp. notebook without cover TOP plates K ~ O page 1 — 43' Small "Mag defl. TOP plates { i | K - ee t A 8 Small notebook without cover Unidentified notebook (4 pazes of lab data; remainder is Ms. draft of examination questions Vorking notebooks (See Description of the collection for method of listing. ) Powell's journal of work performed in laboratory: photographs, tabular summaries of data, diagrams, notes on books read Lecture notes, experiments, notes on book read 1949': contains 1949 Ms. drafts of various speeches and articles "Lecturers in nuclear physics': notes taken by Powell, Ms. drafts of his own work, outlines of lectures Ms. drafts of speeches and articles, including ‘Nuclear transmu- tations produced by particles of great energy,! and ‘Determination of the mass of particles by grain-—counting' among others Labelled with name and ‘Innsbruck, August 12th, outline of ‘'iesons' Physical Society Report on Progress in Physics, 13, p. 350. 113 = 415) ‘February 20, ‘Nature and energy of the primary particles,'! ‘Nuclear Inter— actions of the shower particles'; outlines of Part VI component and its origin' and of Part VII ‘Characteristics of the soft component.' figures and references. existence of the neutrons.' Notes for '3 lectures in the University of London;! 'Swedish broadcast,' ‘Edinburgh, November 23, 6!, 1950,' 'Copenhagen Dec. Drafts of: Nobel Prize Lecture; speech to students, December 10; Lecture to technical physicists, Stockholm, December 13; Vienna, January 22, 1951; at Royal Institution (see also Items in Ms. drafts of articles, outline of 'lectures on captions and description of plates, drafts "September 1950' atomic physics 1953,' of two letters 1950! Ms. drafts of articles: Part IV and Part V, 1950 ‘The decay of theti—meson and the (See also Item 112a) ‘Memoranda for report on Mesons,' lists of 1957 1943 1948 1950 1950 1950 (See also Item 18) Te 'The soft Osho Os5.4.0. 42/6/74 85%. 86. 87. Ms. draft cf article 'Ohservations on the photo-disintegration of the deuteron! "March 10th, Radio Tines; drcefit miscellansous data and calculations 1951? dvafts of four broadcasts, of article for of unidentificd article dated December 7,1952; "Main programme, 1952 sessiont draft of Porell's remarks at unidentified cenference; outline of 'Presessional Lecture’; draft of article re Italian expedition(balloon flights); notes for atlas ‘Atlas I, February 18th, in Photographic Enulsions': list of various plates with captions and descriptions; draft of ‘collision of heavy nuclei of tho primary cosuwic radiation’ 'The Range ~ Energy relation,’ etc 1953 — Tracks of Cosmic Radiation ‘Atlas II, February 18th, 1952%: list of plates with captions and descriptions, various tables; notes of Evropean expedition to Sardinia; notes for *Presessional Lecturet; draft of lecture given in Geneva, dated October 30, 1953 "Atlas III, April 10, 1953': list of plates with captions; drafts of articles; notes for lectures; notes taken at cosmic radiation organised by the University of Toulouse, at Bagnéres de Bigorre, July, 1953 (see also Item 122) a conference on notes for lectures 1957 ~ The Cosmic Radiation! 1957: Science, Scientists and the Future? dated 1961: draft report Typescript of outline Footnotes for Tho Study of Elementary Particles. . from conference in Venice (see aiso Item 137) .; notes Outline of resoarch programmes, Janvery 1957; and broadcasts: ‘Oxford, October 23, and ‘lfour broadcasts on the atomic energy’ Notebook with dividers containing notes on articles and books read (with numbered referonees to text of The Study of Elementary Particles by tho Photorranhic Mothod). of lectures on atowie physics, 1955-57 and typescript of 'Pirst year's lecture to ist M.M. and Inter. students in physics, 1942-46° "Cardiff, May 18, ‘Helsinki, August 28, 1957: the World Federation of Scientific Workers, its aims and achievements': draft of speech; for D.S.I.R. nuclear physics? "Mesons and hyperons: 8 post graduate lectures 1958,' 'Nessengers of force: 3rd year nuclear physica, 'Stage I lectures: propertics of matter and heat'; lecture on ‘the future of high energy Lecture notes for course on atomic physics; newspaper cuttings; notes for ‘Xmas exam papers — December 1957? 'Notes and records? see list on notebook cover for contents (see also Item 149 for further notes on Australia lectures) ‘International Symposium on planning of science? Prague, September: Ms. notes on papers read C.B.P. C.S.A.C. 12/6/74 98. Lectures 1960 -~ 61: Atomic Physics Stuge II and IIT 99. ‘Lectures on Nuclear Physics: Atomic Physics Stage III (con tinued)'; Post graduate lectures on Meson Physics’; notes from colloquium on the neutrino experiment, 19623 general outline for five post-graduate lectures, April, 1963 ? t + & en of experiments’; *D.S.I.R. a erranean Dlisnts!: notes for Mo 8 "Desi Hoda it outline of Rutherford lecture in Glasgow, September 14, speaking notes for 'Caventish dinner to celebrate Chadwick's 70th birthday, October 4, 1961° ion in respect of néan expeditions icat errai rpl Git Sg 1960; Notes of meeting of Cosmic Ray Commission of IUPAP, Kyoto, in Septenber and draft of minutes; notes of Federation meeting in Geneva, 1961; notes for lecture in Bangkok September 21, ‘Notes and Records: Compton effect, K=capture processes, notes on resonances, notes on Lock's bock, notes on Aitken, notes on Legendre, Hermite and other functions, notes on the solution of Direct's equaticn' (see cover of notebook for page references) "Notes on quantum mechanics, 1962%; later notes on others’ work ated 1964 — 65; notes for WeE.A. locture on ‘Matter and the Cosmos 1966; notcs for speech entiticd the "Changing nature of science? with notation ‘Newcastle -- Rutherford, Ceylon -— Decentber 14, 1966 (see also Item 156 and 159) 105. notes on Royal Socicty meeting on their report draft of Science Policy Comaittee report (dated 106. ‘Notes on Jaipur conference, December 1963, Colgate on shock-wave ‘Notes of meeting with Weisskopf, July6,1962 on future develop~ ment of nuclear physics in TFurope' Notes for lectures; draft of one page of a report of the Scientific Policy Committee of CERN; notes on various graduate students and their programmes 104a. Symposium on Higsrer Scientific and Technical Education: Confex~ ence in Hoscow, September 7-13,1962, 400th armmiversary of birth of Francis Facons notes, draft of speech delivered at close of symposium; September 26); to the Ministry of Science re research; several drafts of papers and speeches given in Geneva, 1962. nucleons * acccleration, Udaipur Conference Pugwash, January 1964, Lectures at Delhi’ (see note on notebook cover for list of specific lectures). ‘Notes for a story about Einstein'; tIntroductory remarks to Royal Society discussion on neutrinos? ‘Production of strange(?) particles by 7f{-mesons, photons, and Notes on others’work, for meetings, speeches etc. 107. ‘Thesis on Chinese policy 1965° V. Publicetions and speeches 108. 109. C.F.P. C.S.A.C. 12/6/74 110. 117. 'The Nature of the Neutral Particlo: the Existence of the Heutrino'’: typescript Observations on slow mesons of the cosmic radiation? (with Oe 433~438: 3 typescripts with Ms. corrections, copy of offprint ee a ee ro) table of data, Unidentified article with correspondence from Carlo Franzinectti Typescript c2 'Plan of Handbook’ with typescripts of Chapters Beds 8 and portions of 6 and 9, and bibliography (see aleo Item 82) 'Suedich broadcast': typescript with Hs. corrections (see also Iten 84) The cosmic radiation! Nobel Prize Lecture, Stockholm, December 11 3 typescripts, oue with list of plates appended (see also Item 84) Speech at the Nobel Prize Foundation in reply to award: 1 type- script (see also Item 84) Outline of speech in Copenhagen, July ‘Long Fox Lecturet Medical Faculty, Bristol, October: typescript with Ms. corre 2ctions; November: ‘New types of heavy mesons Mill Hill, Hs. ‘seoond dcefts; "francis Bacon's 2 Ms. outlinos Unidentified speech re implications of a third world war Ms. notes for 3 lectures in Dublin, January 19513 typescript w with Roport of a conference on V—particles and heavy mesons, Bristol, December: conference papers ‘Contributions to a discussion on the place of science in a general education's 2 submitted to Journal of Fdvcation for publication ate cripts (one with Ms. corrections), Recent discoveries of new unstable forms of matter The Times Review of the Propress of Science, Autumn is. corrections conference at Pisa, June: Ms. draft, typescript with Ms. corrections ‘Heavy mesons and excited nucleons’ speech to the German Physical Society, Hamburg: typescript with Ms. corrections, offprint Speech given at cosmic ray conference, Pagneros de Bigorre, France, July: typescript with Ms. corrections (see also Item 90) Recent advances in our jowirletis of heavy mesons and hyperons'* 1955 Halley Lecture: Ms. outline and later correspondence( 1963) Speech to T.U.C., Septembsar: typescript 1954 1954 C.F.P. CSAC. 12/6/74 127. ‘'On the different types of heavy mesons!’ (with H.¢G.K. Menon, DH. Perkins): Ms draft "International scientific collaborat ae Berlin, Septenber (published December, 1955): 3 typescrip +s vS d in W. Rape 1, Bulletin, Noe 4, speech to W.P.S.We, 'hsperinents at great altitudes at British Acadeuy, September: wit 3a balloons? lecture with Mis. corrections The hydrogen bomb and the future of menkindt speech given at ‘Central Hall, Westminister, October (published as a pamphlet by the London Comopcrative Society Lid, Education Department ): 2 typescripts end pamphlet fin article for the Associated Press on Powell's visit to Russias typescript 'The structure of the universe’ and ‘Unstable elementary parti- cles' 2 lectures given to the arts faculty at Bristol University, January: manuscript and typescript of outline for lecture TI, 2 typescripts of lecture I, typescript with is. corrections of lecture IT Speech to Scientific Instruments Manufacturers Association, June: 2 typescripts : Foreword to The Klementary Particles of Hatnre, published by Scicnce Information S Service, “London: related Y correspondence and copy of kooklet "Lifetime of tho —meson': typescript *The G~stack. An experiment in collaboration’ opening remarks at conference in Venice: typescript (see also Item 93) Speech to conference on role played by experiments with cosmic rays in the discovery of elementary particles 'The clementary particles of matter' The Bakerian Lecture, the Royal Society: 2 typescripts with Ms. corrections Atomic Fnergy Series: transcript of BBC telediphone recording with Ms. corrections Lectures on the development of science, annual course held at Bristol: synopsis of individual lectures, cutline of Powell's 4 lectures, correspondence *Contributions to lmowledge of elementary particles by studies of cosmic radiation’ we oreedines of the Second United Nations ‘The peaceful uses of atomic energy’ speech to Scottish Union of Mineworkers, Dunoon, February: typescript > Percent, ‘Use BOL ACs 2c Tnercy, 30, Ppe 20—2d2 tyoescript Cin Ps oi S-a4sce 12/6/14 yees ‘History of Pugwash Conferences’ opening add KM Vienna Conference of scientiste, September: Ms. o . : at Kitsbihel 'A Scientific Ago* address to Bristol Conference Mistresses in Secondary Schools, October: ‘Experiments on cosmic rediation by means of artificial satel~ litest (Discussion on Space Research, Royel Society, November 1958) Proseedincea Royal Society London A, 253, pp. 482-487: typescript ‘inal session of Cosmic Ray Conference, Moscow: 'The Origin of Cosmic Radiation’ 4 BPRS broadcasts, October: printed scripts, related cozr'‘respondence (1963) re publication of talks in ‘Scientific Thought Today ' Report by Jexemy Brien on Powell's speech to Bristol Rotary Club, November: typescript Lecture tour cf Australias Manuscript and typescript notes, includes typescript of broadcast printed in "The Nucleust a newsletter of Nuclear Research Foundation, University of Sydney, 5, December 1959, pp. (see also Iten 96) 1-3 'The origin of the RIEHr ener ey particles of the cosmic radiation’ printed (with slightly modified title) in Proceedings of oe. Royal Ks. correctior 601: typescripts with extensive nS EBs Bly Pp. Ee REN Ome Le ate Introduction of Professor Masevich, Society of Cultural Relations with U.S.S.R., February: typescript Lecture to Teachsrat Committee for Nuclear Disarmament at the N.U.T. Conference, Blackpool, April: typescript ‘Some remarks on the role of science in the modern world and the problems arising in its organisation! speech at the General Assembly of the Association Frédéric et Irene Joliot-Curic at Orsay Laboratory, May, Los Sciences, pp. 9-16: 2 typescripts 103) ‘Cosmic Radiation' Fifty-first Kelvin Lecture to the Ins titution of Electrical Imgineers, 31 March, Proceedings of the Institution of Flectrical Eneineers, 107, B, pp. “360— -—3942 sunnary (typescript ) which appeared in Journal of whe I.E.u., offprint, and proof of ‘Origin of the Cosmic Radiation' which appeared in Electrical Revicw 'The study of nuclear disintegrations produced by particles of very great onergyt (Royal Soci iety Tercontenary Lecture , published in Notes and Records of the Royal Society, 16, pp. 72-76 as typescript from Powell's rough notes at lecture. 'The stucy of nuclear interactions at very great energies": ‘The Changing nature of science’ 2nd lecture in series given in Ceylon, Dacember: typescript with Ms. additions (see also Item 20 July) GF. Pie, Skate. 12/6012 157. 158. ‘Some problems in high energy phyvics,' department of a university, Rome, April: Hs ‘drat and inconplete typescript sa to the physics : a symposium of the sama name, Moscow, September, published in ‘Higher Scientific and Technological Education’ concluding speech at pease for the and related c rraspondence = id, 6, pp. 2-63 offprint with corrections. sSete Hoscoy Conferences typescript of tho Wek Tp a Pr Foreword 5 lectures to the W.E.A., October-—Decemb ‘CO nary drafte, typed transeripts fron re 3 (includes questions and answers) (g ge also Item 103) : Ms. and typed prelimi~ ings of lectures 1 and ar er ore AM ee Statement ¢ at the Special Assembly of Food and Agriculturel Orga~ nieation of the UN at Rome, Man's Right to Freedom from Hunger: typescript Tribute to Professor A.li. Tyndall, Spsech to S.W. branch of the Institute of Physics, March: typescript of recording J ? Speech to CHIU Council, June: typescript "Science and morals! address to Hatfield Technical College, Junes Ms. draft and 2 typescripts Editorial in Pusch Newsletter, i, July: typescript with Ms. corrections Address to the Annval Council of Association of Scientific Workers, London, May: Ms. draft and typescript After-dinner talk at Hyperfragment Conference, CERN, March: typescript Speech to CERN Council, October, from Science Policy Committee: — typescripts Speech at opening of Senior Common Room, Bristol, October: type- script 'The enlightened shige apt of Mr. Nehru, Science Renerter (Now Dolhi), Nehru Commemoration number, 1, nos 7-30, Chancellor of Fristol, February: Manuscript sat typoscript Address to the 27th Session of the Council of CENT, June, re Gevelopment of elementary particle physics in Europe: Ms. draft and print with ‘The role of pure science in European civilisation’ speech at a meeting of the Council of CERN, Correspondence re publication (see list in file and in Memoir p- 562 for specific journals) (see also Item 197) Speech to second the resolution on death of Sir Winston Churchill, of scienco’ tribute to the memory 73-14: lis. Grats October: offprint on Hs. correction CFB, 0.85050. 12/67 74 173-6 tas research? acatae tfho dragon is now aroused in its lair’ paper for the Sopot (Poland) Pugwash Conference, September: print and list of recipients Voto of thanks to the President, proposed at the Royal Society's anniversary meeting, Novenber: typesoript Article for Pravda, ae ey December: typescript ¥ 'Tho discovery of thetl~meson’* address to the Soviet Academy of Sciences typescript draits With wise Correcticus (some inoumplete) and telogran eed Mos S-SoSeRs Gy pp. 5-21s various 3 1796 ‘The pereeee ee College of North Wales Science Festival, Novembss: Xerox of typescript with. Oa ms. corrections and additions and future of science’ address at tho University ive, 180.—182. Material xe Homi Jahanga Fhatha IFRS. 180. Ms. draft (notes on article by J.D. Esrnal on reverse of “e st ea and typescript of obituary (varics from draft) Scie eerence Reporter, 3, no. 10, October 1966 Photographs and figures to accompany article on C.T.R. Wilson "The aims and role of science in our time® First Homi Phabha Memorial Lecturo, Bombay, November 9, final corrected copy 1968: Ms. draft and 'C.T.R. Wilson’ obituary notice for Pratelji Fabri Editori, June: manuscript drafts, final corrected typescript Copies of memorial lectures delivered January 20,1967 at the Royal Institution by Sir John Cockcroft, M.G.K. Menon on Homi Bhabha Ms. notes of captions for figures; printed figures 'The nature of the primary cosmic radiation’ Walter Bothe Kemorial 1969 lectwre, Heidelberg, August: text of lecture as delivered, Powell's final letter to the Bristol lab (5 August 1969) containing his amendments, amended copy incorporating these corrections Typescript with Hs. corrections of unidentified speech: note on first page 'CFP caanot place this Bristol Conference Typescript of notes from Clerke-Maywell's collected papers, Vol 2, C.U.P. 1890 August 5th, Folkestone? 1969 nd spseches not ssage to Blackett for Encyclopedia of Powell's article Notebook containing daily sou sie March 21 summaries of data, typescript inserted — — July 19, tabular ° individual observera', 1 page euirchaiane in Montserrat ‘accou list Notebook containing table of fair samples over the Atlantic’ and various tables cf data on seismic observations Ms. draft of report to Royal Society and of 'gensral report of experimental observations ® 1936 1936 Various offprints ro seismicevolcanic activity in Vest i including Powell's preliminary report to the Royal Society and the Royal Society's final report, Phil. 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