PORTER, Rodney Robert

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ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on correspondence and papers of RODNEY ROBERT PORTER (1917-1985) biochemist deposited in the Bodleian Library, Oxford (CSAC 119/1/87) by Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre (NRA 29902) THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane All rights reserved No 87/8 London WC2A 1HP 1987 CSAC 119/1/87 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology under the guidance of the Royal Society’s Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of RODNEY ROBERT PORTER CH, FRS (1917 - 1985) Compiled by Jeannine Alton and Peter Harper 1987 Deposited in the Bodleian Library, Oxford R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 The work of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and institutions: The Biochemical Society The Charles Babbage Foundation for the History of Information Processing The Institute of Physics The Institution of Electrical Engineers The Nuffield Foundation The Rhodes Trustees The Royal Society of London The Institution of Mechanical Engineers The Wolfson Foundation R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 — NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THE COLLECTION IS YET AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: BODLEIAN LIBRARY, THE KEEPER OF WESTERN MANUSCRIPTS, OXFORD R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 LIST OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL SECTION B RESEARCH NOTEBOOKS With an introductory note SECTION C OXFORD SECTION D ORGANISATIONS & CONSULTANCIES List of contents SEGHIOIN: FE SECTION G CORRESPONDENCE SECTION E VISITS & CONFERENCES JOURNALS & PUBLICATIONS With an introductory note INDEX OF CORRESPOND ENTS R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The bulk of the material was received through the courtesy of Dr. K.B.M. Reid from the MRC Immunochemistry Unit at the Department of Biochemistry, Oxford. The wartime letters at A.9-A.16, and a little biographical material, were received from Mrs. Julia Porter, who retains some additional documents, principally relating to the award of the Nobel Prize, photographs and memorabilia. The tributes and recollections at A.3-A.7 were assembled and made available by Dr. Lisa Steiner. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF R.R. PORTER Porter, one of the most distinguished protein chemists and immunologists in 1939; the outbreak of World War II interrupted the doctoral research he began there and Martin; this was the period of hfs first crucial research on antibodies. In 1960 Porter became the first holder of the Pfeizer Professorship of Immunology His He returned to research at Cambridge as the first graduate student of F. Sanger. He Porter served in the Royal Engineers until December 1945, rising to the rank of major. National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill, London, collaborating with A. J.P. Britain, was born and educated in Lancashire, graduating from Liverpool University in obtained his doctorate in 1948 and the following year joined the scientific staff of the research interests moved to the components of complement, particularly Cl and C4, became vacant on the retirement of Sir Hans Krebs, Porter was invited to accept the Medical Research Council and in large part from the American National Science Foundation at St. Mary's Hospital - the first Chair of Immunology to be created in Britain. and the National Institutes of Health. When the Whitley Chair of Biochemistry at Oxford appointment, which he held from 1967 until his death. During the Oxford period Porter's continuing research on antibody structure at this time was helped by funding from the R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 in the MRC Immunochemistry Unit which he founded and directed. His career was as active and productive as it had ever been when, three weeks before his retirement / from the Whitley Chair and the start of full-time commitment to research as the Director of the Immunochemistry Unit, he was killed in a road accident on 6 September 1985. Porter received many honours and distinctions, nationally and internationally. He was elected to the Royal Society (1964) and to Honorary membership of the National Academy of Sciences (1973); he received the Ciba Medal of the Biochemical Society and a Royal Medal of the Royal Society (1973). In 1972 he received the highest scientific honour when he shared with G. Edelman the Nobel Prize for Medicine, and in 1985 became a Companion of Honour in the Birthday Honours. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The papers are presented in the order shown in the List of Contents. Additional to maiters of particular substance or interest. considered to be of immediate relevance. * ment from the Whitley Chair of Biochemistry and transfer to full-time research at the MRC Immunochemistry Unit. seems to have involved wholesale destruction of unwanted or outdated files and the retention only of material which he This, unfortunately, Porter spent much of his time in the summer of 1985 preparing for his retire - explanatory notes accompany many of the sections, sub-sections and individual entries in the body of the catalogue. The following paragraphs aim only at drawing attention a complete sequence of research notebooks covering almost half a century (1936 ~ 1985) during his army service (A.9-A.16) and some of the recollections of Porter by colleagues and friends (A.3, A.4). The collection is in consequence thin in certain respects and skewed towards Section B is of the greatest scientific interest; it preserves has also suffered. Of special personal interest is the sequence of Porter's letters home the later stages of Porter's career. This applies especially to Sections E (Visits and Conferences) and F (Journals and Publications); the surviving correspondence in Section G R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 and providing not only a record of experiments and observations but a direct insight into Porter's methods of work and especially his tenacity over long periods of trial and disap- pointment. The books document the early (B.5, B.15) and later successful stages (B.21, B.23) of the work on crystalline papain, the work on complement, and Porter's last research ideas (B.37) which continue to form the basis of ongoing experiments. Section D (Organisations and Consultancies), though confined to material of recent date, is also of interest in documenting Porter's continuing service to academic and industrial medical research and his interest in the history of British immunology as shown in his work for the Jenner Trust. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We are grateful to all those who made material available, to Mr. A. Dodds for information, and in particular to Dr. K.B.M. Reid and Dr. Lisa Steiner for advice and encouragement. Peter Harper _ Jeannine Alton Oxford 1987 R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.I - A.52 Ait, Asa BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION A.3 -A.7A OBITUARIES AND RECOLLECTIONS A.8 -A.49 CAREER AND HONOURS A.50-A. 52 BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION A.) Miscellaneous cvs, outlines of career and work prepared by or for Porter, various dates, 1968-80. Lists of Porter's publications. OBITUARIES AND RECOLLECTIONS colleague of Porter. Articles and obituaries (photocopies): This material was assembled and made available by Dr. Lisa Steiner, an American Bioscience Reports: article about Porter by C.A by P.A.-Small and J.B Fleischman; Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, Spring 1986: workshop by Porter, article about Porter by J.B. Fleischman; Continued Journal of Immunological Methods (A.P. Johnstone, M.A. Kerr, M.W. Turner); Journal of Immunogenetics (C. Milstein); Immunology Today (K.B.M. Reid); article on antibody Pasternak, and articles European Journal of Immunology (N.A. Mitchison) TIBS (J. Humphrey); Journal of Immunology (J B. Fleischman); R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Biographical (S. Cohen); BioEssays Immunological Reviews (G. Maller); Nature (L.A. Steiner); unknown journal (M. Carroll); Tributes to Porter published. in the Biochemical Society Bulletin, December 1985, by E.S. Lennox (funeral address), and $.V. Perry (memorial service address). Anecdotes and remembrances (photocopies) from: Carlos Abel; Ronald Acton; Christian Anfinsen; Paul Beeson; Walter Bodmer; Donald Capra; Sydney Cohen; Melvin Cohn; Michael Crumpton; John Edsall; John Fabre; H. Fraenkel-Corat; David Givol; 1.C. Gunsalus; Edgar Haber; Simon Hunt; Henri Isliker; Michael Kerr; S.V. Perry; Emil Smith; Amold Sanderson; Inge von Zabern. Jeremy Knowles; Joel Mandelstam; Roger Morris; Hans Neurath; A.M. Pappenheimer; Karl Schmid; S.J. Singer; Lisa Steiner; The Antibody Workshop. "Rodney Porter and the Jenner Museum'. 9pp. typescript account by Lisa Steiner, prepared for the exhibition on Porter's work at the Jenner Museum, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, 1986 (photocopy). See also G.1-G.4. This was an informal group of researchers whose first meetings in February and July 1959 proved a valuable means of discussing work in progress among investigators of widely divergent backgrounds and led to a continu- ing programme of meetings, usually in America but exceptionally elsewhere. Porter was a co-founder and a member of the 'steering’ committee. Folder includes brief history of the Antibody Workshop, funding appeal (to National Science Foundation), proposed future meetings and budget, correspondence 1962-65 on organisation and programme of meetings. Photocopies passed to Dr. Steiner by H.N. Eisen. Porter's own account of the Antibody Workshop appeared in Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, Spring 1986. See E.9-E.11. R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Biographical Transcript and tape of a talk by Porter to the American Society of Biological Chemists, April 1973. (National Science Foundation) and transcribed without editing. The tape was sent to Lisa Steiner by K. Engel Porter's talk, which is on his work on complement, concludes with recol ~ lections of the financial and other support he had received from American sources. There is a brief introduction and conclusion by J.T. Edsall. 'A history of the solution of the structure of antibodies - a personal view’. Fragment only, of an account Porter was writing at the time of his death, describing his early research at Liverpool and Cambridge. Photocopies of photographs of Porter, family and colleagues, assembled by Dr. Steiner for the Historical Exhibition of the Biochemical Society 1986. Miscellaneous additional photocopied photographs of Porter and colleagues. (Late addition received from Dr. Steiner.) CAREER AND HONOURS School and University A.8 Oxford Local Examinations, School Certificate, 1933. Porter's recollections of Ashton Grammar School, 1927-35, contributed in 1977 for a special edition of the school magazine to mark its replacement Letter notifying award of Johnston Colonial Fellowship in Biochemistry, University of Liverpool, 1939. by a comprehensive school . R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Second World War Biographical Porter's letters home during his service in Britain, North Africa and Europe, December 1940-December 1945; includes a few letters from Porter's brother Geoffrey, also serving in the Army. Not all the letters are fully dated, nor are the postmarks always legible; they are presented in chronological order where possible from content, name of station, rank etc. A.9 December 1940 (one letter only) January-June 194] | HiyeAsous 194] September -December 1941 January-February 1942 July-December 1942 1944 Italy 1945 ltaly, Greece, Austria Doctoral Thesis RAT 1943 North Africa, Sicily 'The free amino groups of proteins', Cambridge, 1948. speech on receipt of prize, etc. 'Papers from the Department of Immunology, St. Mary's Hospital Medical School 1961~-68', by Porter and colleagues, with an index numbered 1-74. Immunology Department, St. Mary's Hospital Medical School Notification of award (% 25,000), travel arrangements for presentation in Toronto, November 1966, press announcement, schedule of events, Porter's Award of Merit, The Gairdner Foundation A.18 A.19 Bound volume. z R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Biographical Oxford: the Whitley Chair of Biochemistry A.20 Correspondence with Registrar, November 1966-February 1967, re appoint~ ment, staff and arrangements. Porter was invited by the Electors 'to consider occepting the appointment’ on the retirement of H.A. Krebs. accommodation, transfer of staff, continuation of MRC support, he accepted the post on 25 January 1967. After visits and correspondence re Folder includes Oxford University Gazette, 9 February 1967, with notice of appointment. A.21-A.25 Letters of caligettulatons A.2] A.22 A-C Est A.23 - M-Q A.24 R-W Unidentified. A.25 Also included here are letters of congratulation (2 oly) on award of the Ciba Medal of the Biochemical Society, announced shortly before the Oxford appointment, February 1967. A.26 A.27 A.28 Academy, 1976-85. Honours and awards 1972 A.26~-A. 28 Letters and cables of congratulation. Cable and correspondence re election. National Academy of Sciences. Porter was elected a Foreign Associate in April 1972. Brief correspondence only, re election in June 1972. Corresponding member, Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences. Shorter correspondence and information on affairs of the R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 A.30-A. 33 The Nobel Prize Biographical The material surviving here is mainly arrangements for interviews, films, articles, etc. consequent on the announcement of the Prize. Additional material remains in family hands. A.30 Brief correspondence on journey to Stockholm and ceremony. A.3] Corporation. Arrangements for films for BBC TV, Swedish Broadcasting é Interview for Chemistry in Britain; A.32 view, heavily corrected by Porter, brief correspondence. is of the Nobel. Prize in Medicine. a published article on the work of Porter and G. Edelman, joint winners transcript of taped inter- Also included Requests for biographical information for articles. A.33 Also included here is brief later correspondence, 1977, re group photograph of British Nobel Laureates in science. Honours and awards 1973 A.34 Royal Medal of the Royal Society, 1973. Honorary Doctorate, University of Livepool, November 1973. Also included is brief correspondence bestowing Life Membership of Guild of Undergraduates of the University. _Correspondence on conferral of degree, travel arrangements, schedule of academic and social events, text of Porter's speech to students. Includes some correspondence with colleagues and old friends, especially re private dinner arranged for H.J. Channon (Porter's Professor as under~ graduate). Notification of award, letters of congratulation. R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Honours and awards 1974 Biographical A.36 Honorary Fellowship, Royal College of Physicians. Correspondence re election, letters of congratulation. Honorary Doctorate, University of Hull, July 1974. The degree was first offered in 1972 for conferral in 1973 at a date which Porter was unable to accept; he attended the following year. Correspondence on conferral, academic and social events, text of Porter's speech to graduates. Honours and awards 1976 A.38 Honorary Fellowship, Royal Society of Edinburgh, March. Letter of notification. Honorary Doctorate, University of St. Andrews, July. Honours and awards 1980-83 A.40 European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Humanities. Correspondence on conferral, travel arrangements, schedules of academic and social events, brief correspondence from colleagues. Letters of election to Academy December 1980, brief later corres- pondence. gratulation. Correspondence re candidature; research’. Honorary Fellowship, Pembroke College, Cambridge, February 1983. Foreign Membership, Académie Nationale de Médecine, Paris, 1981. includes Porter's 2pp. ‘Summary of Correspondence re election, arrangements to visit, letters of con~ R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 : Biographical A.43-A.45 The Copley Medal of the Royal Society, 1983. A.43 Letter of notification, arrangements to receive medal awarded ‘in recognition of your elucidation of the structure of immunoglobulins and of the reactions involved in activating the complement system of proteins’. Letters of congratulation: A.44 ae hh P - Z and unidentified. Honours and awards 1985 A.46 Arcades. Brief information only, re Oxford members. Honorary Membership, British Society for Immunology. Honorary Membership, Biochemical Society. Brief correspondence only. Retirement A.49 Letter of notification, arrangements for announcement at meeting of Society, November 1985. Programme and brief correspondence re Biochemical Society 'Symposium — in honour of R.R. Porter' on 'Genes and proteins in immunity', held in Oxford 18-19 July 1985. (Porter was killed on 6 September .) Correspondence and guest-list for dinner planned for 30 September 1985. R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 MISCELLANEOUS Biographical A.50 ' Draft letter to The Times (not sent) on the importance of research at universities, 1968. Invitation to Lord Mayor of London's Midsummer Banquet, 1974. Correspondence re retirement tributes and dinners for colleagues, 1979-83. Miscellaneous requests to Porter for photographs or biographical information, 1972-81. R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 SECTION B RESEARCH NOTEBOOKS B.1 - 8.38 B.1-B.38 is a sequence of hardbacked laboratory notebooks of conventional though not uniform type. They may occasionally include notes on the literature, or of lectures attended, but their principal use was to record experimental results and Porter's reflections on them, with suggestions for further work by Porter himself or his collaborators, comments on the progress of a line of work and sometimes a narrative account. Entries are made in ink, pencil and ballpoint, with frequent intercalated figures, question marks, arrows and balloons, and comments such as 'repeat', 'try again', 'looks hopeless'. Not all the entries are dated, though most of the books have Porter's name, sometimes an address, and a starting date on the flyleaf. The books (except B.3, B.7) are not paginated or indexed, and both ends are frequently used. With the exception of B.11, B.29, which are collaborators' notebooks, all the work is in Porter's autograph manuscript. Early attempts at papain digest in 1948 and 1953 are documented in B.5 and B.15; the later, successful experiments of 1957-58 are in B.21, B.23. Porter's research on complement is in B.34-B.38. B.1 ‘Chemistry. Inorganic 1936'. These are followed by notes in ink, a At rear of book, 3pp. only 'Lecture Notes' of Liverpool period. Liverpool University notebook, inscribed 'R.R. Porter. Practical At front of book, entries run October 1936-June 1938, all few with initials of supervisor or tutor. in pencil of later date, mainly on carbobenzoxy valine, Ip. dated '1/47'. At rear of book, notes on preparations. Most of the work starts at rear of book, with experiments and calcula~ tions. Few pages only dated, June 1945, August, October 1946; Ip. is headed 'Dr. F. Sanger’ (Porter's supervisor at Cambridge). Spiral -back notebook, inscribed 'R.R. Porter Biochem. Dept. Cambridge’, paginated 1-114 and 3 unnumbered pages. Entries begin 16 January 1946; few pages only dated 25 July, 30 August. Army 'S.O.' Book inscribed 'R.R. Porter Major’. At front of book, mainly notes on the literature. R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Research notebooks Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter Biochemical Lab. Cambridge’. Work on myoglobin, lactoglobulin, pseudoglobulin. 2 December. Ip. only dated At rear of book, brief notes only. Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter work’, Entries begin 3 June 1947. Biochem. Dept. Immunological Most of the work is at rear of book, with experiments, calculations, narratives, some notes on the literature; Few pages only dated 21 June, 10 July, 5 August, 6 September 1948. includes work on papain. Work preceding and following the date '6 September 1948' is on 'Papain digest', the results being described by Porter as ‘looks hopeful’ and the experiment being repeated. Probably related to paper on ‘The formation of a specific inhibitor by hydrolysis of rabbit antiovalbumin' (Biochem.J., 46, 1950). Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter’. Biochemical Laboratory Cambridge Some pages dated January, February . At rear of book, experiments on immunisation against egg albumin, April- September 1948. First entry on ‘Diphtheria toxin' dated 21 June 1947 and work continues to December 1947. Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter 15 Dec. 1948', paginated 1-77 and many unnumbered pages. P.1 has note of work 'On hand'. 1948 (probably error for 1949), March, April, July. At rear of book, brief notes on buffers. Work on penicillinase, ribonuclease and other enzymes. dated; dialysable ribonuclease. Bad experiment' is dated 'Mill Hill 15 Dec. 1948'; account of 'Prep. of ribonuclease’ is dated 16 January 1950. At rear of book, brief notes only; gammaglobulin. Human’. includes table of 'Amino acid analysis Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter' : one account 'Unsuccessful attempt to repeat production of Few pages R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Research notebooks Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter April 1950'. First page has list '8 August’. of work 'to be done’; only one other page dated Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter 28 June 1950'. First dated entry is 3 July; 16 December 1952 (on 'Cathepsin'), 4 May 1953 and June 1953. other entries dated 30 November 1950, At rear of book, work on penicillinase, Ip. dated 17 July 1953. Notebook labeled on cover ‘Practical Notebook. paginated 1-119. David G. Stern', Detailed accounts of chromatography preparations, experiments, charts and diagrams, all dated. Entries run June 1950-6 June 1951. Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter 24/1/51'. Work on ribonuclease, insulin, gamma-globulin, chymotrypsin, none dated. At rear of book, brief notes only on preparations. Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter 30 August 1951'. Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter April 1952'. Continuing work on chymotrypsin, growth hormone, insulin, pancreatic residue, protein assays, propionic acid. Continuing work on insulin partition, chymotrypsinogen, serum albumin. Few pages only dated, 2 November, 1, 29 January 1952. At rear of book, miscellaneous notes, table of substances. on growth hormone 'received from Li 10/2/54', but most pages are undated. - Several pages with various dates, September-December 1952, and note R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Research notebooks Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter’ and date altered from 'l Sept. 52' to 'Sept. 53'. Continuing work on insulin, gamma-globulin, bovine serum albumin, various inhibitors and fractionation methods. A few pages bear dates in October, December 1953, January-March 1954, but most pages are undated. On an undated page (after 28 October), is an experiment headed K.B.M. Reid "Digestion of Yglobulin Il with crystalline papain'. (private communication, 1987) writes 'The experiment may have been successful but the methods for fractionating the digest were not available at that time’. Government 'S.O.' notebook inscribed on cover 'R.R. Porter’ and dated on inside cover 'l April 1954'. Work mainly on gamma-globulin, tests on splenectomised rabbits. Entries run April-October 1954. At rear of book, miscellaneous other experiments on parathyroid hormone, bovine serum albumin, mixed globulin, turnip yellow mosaic virus, various dates, June-August 1954. ’ Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter’. Several pages Begins with work 'To be done’ (on rabbits) dated 10 September 1954. Continuing work on pepsin, propanol and glycine and other enzyme assays, ‘Insulin for Chiball', peroxidase, renin, etc. dated October 1954-May 1955. At rear of book, mainly work on Growth Hormone beginning 4 August 1954. At rear of book, notes on preparation of DEAE cellulose. Continuing work on antibodies by chromatography, goat antirabbit sera, inhibitors. Continuing work, mainly on rabbit gamma-globulin, preparation and tests of inhibitor. Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter 15 November 1954'. Entries (few dated) run November 1954-January 1956. Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter 7/1/56'. Entries (few dated) run to December 1957. R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Research notebooks Notebook, untitled. Work on kidney enzymes, spleen, etc. in various preparations. of book used. Not all Entries (few dated) run March-June 1957. At rear of book, notes on pepsin autolysis. Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter 5 November 1957'. Work on antibodies, fractionation, papain inhibitor, preparation of crystalline papain. ~ Entries run November 1957-March 1958. There is a slip of paper at entry for 24 March noting significant stages in the work on papain. Notebook, untitled. Work on human serum albumin. Anton)! *; last page used has date '18/2/58'. First page begins '20 January (after At rear of book, brief notes and loose index cards. * Anton = A. Holasek (Graz), a collaborator. Entries run to March 1960. There is a list of important dates referred to in the: Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter 14 April 1958". Continuing work on rabbit gamma-globulin and crystalline papain. Entries run April 1958-14 July 1959; entries for 1959 are not in Porter's hand. This book continues work in B.21 and records crucial stages of Porter's research on papain. book and a note of relevant publications enclosed inside front cover (not in Porter's hand) and slips inserted in the body of the book at the relevant dates. pages of notes kot by Porter). At rear of book, brief notes, March 1959, January 1960, and some loose Continuing work on antibodies, pepsin, papain, ficin, trypsin. Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter 17 March 1959'. R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Research notebooks Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter 29 February 1960'. Work on bromusuccinamide, papain digest, human gamma-globulin, horse gamma-globulin. Entries (very few dated) run to 2 August, which is headed 'St. Mary's’ (Porter was appointed first Pfeizer Professor of Immunology, St. Mary's Hospital Medical School, University of London, in 1960). of book used. Not all Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter Sept. 1960'. Continuing work on column chromatography, rabbit, human and horse gamma-globulin, papain, trypsin, etc. Detailed records of sequence of experiments (few dated), 6 September 1960-20 October 1961. Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter 1 Nov. 1961'. Continuation of work of previous book. 1 May 1963-6 January 1965 ’ Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter 28 Feb. 63'. Continuation of work of previous book. Detailed records of experiments and results, (wrongly written 64). Detailed records of experiments and results, November 1961-28 February 1963. with dates in June 1969. Continuing work on enzyme digestion, 12 January 1965-26 April 1966, with a few entries by collaborators. Ai front of book, a few loose pages and amino acid analysis sheets Notebook inscribed 'Stephen O Sullivan’. Experiments and results on papain digest, 5 March-10 June 1964. Notebook inscribed 'R.R: Porter Jan 65'. R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Research notebooks Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter 11 May 66'. Continuing work on enzyme digest, including comments on collaborators' work. Entries (few dated) run to 2 July 1967. of book. A few pages also used at rear Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter November 1967'. Continuing work on sera and antibodies. 31 October 1967-21 March 1969. Entries (not all dated) run Enclosed at rear of book are brief correspondence on labelling of BGG by 4-fluoro-3-nitriphenyl azide and experimental results and diagrams (not by Porter) November-December 1969. Notebook tnteribad Rh. Pater. Ge March: 69". Continuing work on immune assays, March 1968-January 1970. pages used. Includes brief correspondence from P. Beeson. Few At. rear of book, draft tables for publication. several photographs of fractionation Entries run to 13 September 1976. At rear of book, brief notes only. Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter 12/8/74". Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter 26 March 1975'. Continuing work on immune assays; results stuck in. Entries run to 21 March 1975. Continuation of work in previous book; several photographs of results stuck in. notes and photographs of results. Entries run 15 August 1978-11 August 1979, with a few loose pages of Notebook inscribed 'R.R.P.'. R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Research notebooks Notebook, no inscription. Not all pages used. Entries run 11 August 1981-16 August 1982; the last pages are dated 21 August 1985 and '2/3 Sept.', immediately before Porter's death. With a few pages of notes of results by collaborators, and photographs included as loose items. Alister Dodds, Porter's research student at the time, has kindly contri- buted the following explanatory note (February 1987): "Porter's last few weeks were spent trying to crystallise human C4. His first attempt involved the use of different concentrations of ammonium sulphate at different pHs. The final note in book B.37 suggests trying polyethylene glycol as a medium from which crystallisation may occur. This was unsuccessful. "Following his death this method was tried and indeed small protein crystals were observed, though these were too small for diffraction studies. Sir David Phillips's group in the Molecular Biophysics Laboratory at Oxford.' This work is being continued in collaboration with Professor No correlation Notebook inscribed 'R.R. Porter 8 Aug. 83'. Entries run 5 August 1983-30 March 1984. Alister Dodds notes: At rear of book, data on sera of transplant patients, and brief corres~ pondence, 6 March 1984. At front of book, photographs, results, diagrams and notes by Porter and others, and ms. and typescript drafts for a publication by Porter and others, all included as loose items. between C4 and transplant rejection was found. ' "All sera were typed for C4 and C4 levels determined. R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 SECTION C OXFORD C.1 -C.27; LEGTURES# GG. 1-= G. 16 ee "Idiotypic antibodies', October 1971. Michaelmas Term 1973 "Synthesis and secretion of lIg' "Genetics of the immune response' "Immunology Option Lecture 1' Michaelmas Term 1975 "Lecture 3. Antibody combining site’ "Genetics of immunoglobulins' Immunology Option ... Immunology Option Immunology Option "Lecture 2° - Structure’ ‘Lectures 7 & 8 - Rabbit Allotypes' Michaelmas Term 1976 Michaelmas Term 1976 "Genetics of immunoglobulin’ . ‘Evidence for origin in germ line "Lecture 1 - Immune reaction' Michaelmas Term 1978 "Lecture 5 - Idiotypes' R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Oxford Michaelmas Term 1979 ‘Immunoglobulin gene structure’ March 1980 ‘Complement'. — Extensive draft and notes. November 1980 ‘Organisation of lg DNA sequences' 198] "Lecture 7 Cell receptors’ 2 sets of same title, and loose notes. ‘Lecture 1' 30 Hilary Term 1982. Immunology Option Michaelmas Term 1982 "Lecture 2 - Structure’ Introduction to Immunology (Third Year). n.d. Isolation and structure of immunoglobulin’ Complexity of immunoglobulin' "Lecture 4. Immunoglobulin genetics' ‘Lecture 12 Complement', "Lecture 1' "Lecture 2. ‘Lecture 3. R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Oxford Various undated ms. notes, drafts, slide lists, etc., on receptors, complement, gene function. Miscellaneous photocopied versions of lectures, various dates and undated (not a complete set). Miscellaneous lecture schedules, reading lists and references for immunology option, 1973, 1979-84. courses. Brief correspondence re organisation of lecture BOTANIC GARDEN C.17 - C.24 Porter was elected Chairman of the Curators from 1 September 1979. Material Cae C.24 1984 (2) 1985 i 20 Cuz} 1983 tee 1984 (1) 1979 1980 1981 1982 staff and others. includes minutes, accounts and committee. papers (many annotated by Porter) and general correspondence on all matters relating to the Garden, with Curators, Superintendent, Universit Biochemistry 1981-85. Arrangements for sabbatical leave as Visiting Professor, University of California, 1978. Shorter correspondence on affairs of Oxford and of the Department of Correspondence with colleagues on the future of the Enzyme Group, 1983. MISCELLANEOUS R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1 /87 SECTION D ORGANISATIONS AND CONSULTANCIES D.1 - D.60 COGENT LTD. HOSPITAL FOR SICK CHILDREN, TORONTO IMPER IAL CANCER RESEARCH FUND INSTITUTE OF CANCER RESEARCH THE JENNER TRUST AND JENNER APPEAL MAX-~-PLANCK INSTITUTE FOR BIOCHEMISTRY MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL WELLCOME TRUST ROYAL SOCIETY WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO). R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 COGENT LTD. Organisations and consultancies This company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Legal & General Life Assurance, 'a technology company formed to provide a service to British Industry which will speed is the transfer of technology to the market place in the cores of new products and processes’. It was inter alia the 'financial and development partner’ in an initiative by the Council of Science and Technology Institutes (CSTI) to link the British research base and industry in the field of health care. areas of research activity thought to be ripe for commercial exploitation and Cogent The intention was that scientists and specialists would identify Lid. would provide financial support and assistance in the transfer of technology to industry. Port er was appointed as consultant for 12 months from 1 July 1984. The material, which continues to September 1985, includes correspondence with colleagues and with A.J. Gray (Chief Executive, Cogent Ltd.), Porter's advice and evaluation on projects, progress reports, research proposals and background papers sent to him. Correspondence and arrangements for meeting on autoimmune disease, March 1985. Correspondence on collaborative research, meetings, arrangements for consultancy. aims of CSTI, Cogent, etc. used in preparing the introductory note above. October 1984-July 1985. Correspondence and papers with colleagues and with Cogent re research proposals; includes background papers, progress reports, Porter's nofes and evaluation. October 1984-September 1985. Research reports and proposals, some annotated by Porter, various dates D.1 Includes consultancy agreement and pamphlet explaining August-November 1984. R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Organisations and consultancies HOSPITAL FOR SICK CHILDREN, TORONTO D5 Invitation to join Scientific Advisory Committee, May 1985. IMPER IAL CANCER RESEARCH FUND (ICRF) Porter served as Royal Society nominee on the Council of ICRF in succession to S. Brenner from 1979 (renominated 1982, 1985). He also served on the Scientific Advisory Committee from 1979 and, as a nominee of the Council, as a Director of the Patent Holding Committee from its inception in 1982. ICRF Council Correspondence, papers, proposals, meetings, appointments. 1978-80 1985 D.6 D.7 D.8 D.9 - 19ST -83 1984 (ICRF Developmental Biology Unit, Oxford). ICRF Scientific Advisory Committee but declined (letter of 14 May 1985). Porter was asked to take over as Chairman of the Committee, Meetings, appointments, reports. D.10 1979-81 D.11 1982-85. rorter.. Ren CSAC 119/1/87 7. Organisations and consultancies ICRF Patent Holding Company (PATCO) Meetings, accounts, research projects and patents. Dst2 1982. Includes appointment, articles of association. 1983 1984 INSTITUTE OF CANCER RESEARCH Porter served on the Committee of Management but resigned on his appointment to the Council of ICRF (see D.6). Di lS Report 1977-78, kept as record of Porter's membership. THE JENNER TRUST AND JENNER APPEAL The Jenner Trust was formed in 1966 'to celebrate Jenner's genius and to ensure Evans. He took an active interest in the affairs of the Trust and especially in the public awareness of his contribution to society’. Porter was asked to serve as Royal Society representative on the Trust in July 1977 following the resignation of Sir David Continued endeavour by the Jenner Trust and the British Society for Immunology, and was much The Chantry, which had been in church hands as the parsonage of Berkeley, Gloucester - shire. In 1981 he became one of the initial Trustees of the Jenner Appeal, a joint involved with fund-raising. A major donation of £500,000 by R. Sasakawa enabled the possibility of purchasing, refurbishing and equipping as a museum Jenner's house, project to go ahead. R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Organisations and consultancies In September 1986 an exhibition was mounted at the Jenner Museum to commemorate Porter's contributions to antibody structure. A note prepared for the occasion by Dr. Lisa Steiner is included at A.5. The material includes correspondence with colleagues and officers of the Trust, and some agenda and committee papers. The chief officers of the Trust were C.B. Perry and A.E. Read (Chairman and Secretary) and of the Jenner Appeal Dr. A.R. Sanderson (Secretary). D.16 Includes invitation to serve on Trust, Porter's initial letter 1977-78. to Biological Secretary Royal Society re possibility of purchase of Chantry. 1979 -80 Fund-raising, draft Trust Mainly re donation of £500,000 to Jenner Appeal ' 1981 July-October. with colleagues. Mainly fund-raising letters and drafts, correspondence 1981 February-June. as Trustee, publicity, fund-raising, possible TV programme on Jenner. Launch of the Jenner Appeal, Porter's appointment 1981 November-December, 1982 February. Deed. 1982 September-December. 1982 January-May. by Ryoichi Sasakawa, Chairman of Japan Shipbuilding Industry Foundation and arrangements for ceremony at Berkeley Castle to honour Sasakawa. Includes drafts for Porter's short speech of thanks. 1982 May-July. Jenner Appeal and Chantry. Function, organisation, management committee of RR. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Organisations and consultancies 1983 January-May. Committee. Appeal Trustees, Management Committee, Acquisitions 1983 July-December. Meetings, possible Channel 4 programme on Jenner. 1984 January-June. 1984 June-September. on Jenner. Further correspondence on possible BBC programme 1984 July-November. Various plans for Chantry and future of Appeal. 1985 January-February. ments for opening of the Chantry o 10 May. Further fund-raising mainly in America, arrange~ 1985 March-April. Similar. 1985 May-June. Similar. Includes plans for opening ceremony, performed . by Mr. Sasakawa. Minutes of meetings of Management Committee for the Chantry Museum, 7 March 1983-14 August 1985. Minutes of meetings of Jenner Appeal Trustees, 18 February 1982-1 May 1985. 1 box. Miscellaneous background material on Jenner and his work, and on the Appeal (booklets, specimens of stationery, architect's plans, annual reports, estimates, accounts, etc.). R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Organisations and consultancies MAX PLANCK INSTITUTE FOR “BIOCHEMISTRY Porter was a member of the Fachbeirat (Advisory Board) from 1977 and attended its first meeting in that year, but the surviving material relates only to meetings in 1980 and 1983. D.35 "1980. ‘Arrangements and programme for meeting, which Porter was unable to attend, draft report prepared by D.C. Phillips (Chairman of Advisory Board), brief correspondence. 1982. Invitation to continue to serve (to December 1985). Arrangements and programme for meeting in April and a little 1983. scientific correspondence arising. Includes one letter 1977. 1983. Drafts of report on meeting, brief correspondence. MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (MRC) D.39-D.41 Arrangements for talk at Oxford on 'The role of universities in The talk medical research' by Sir John Gray, then secretary of MRC. (on 12 February 1974) was followed by a private dinner and discussion, both events being organised by Porter. attending dinner, December 1973-February 1974. Continuing correspondence with Gray, notes and memoranda, D.4l Invitations, acceptances, letters of thanks from colleagues Preliminary correspondence with Gray and arrangements, _ D.39 October-November 1973. D.40 January-February 1974. R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Organisations and consultancies D.42-D.44 General correspondence, memos., etc. on affairs of MRC. D.42 D.43 D.44 1973, 1974, 1976 1979-80. Includes matérial on lipid metabolism research. 1981 D.45-D.47 Correspondence with and re J.L. Gowans, Secretary of MRC. D.45 D.46 | D.47 1975 1976, 1978 1979-85 Advisory Group on Synthetic ee for Use in Vaccines, July 1982- November 1983. Material includes MRC appointments, 1982, 1984, 1985. MRC grant applications 1984, 1985. Correspondence with MRC colleagues on antibody research, 1982-83. Porter was a member of the Group from its inception. correspondence, committee papers annotated by Porter, comments on work in hand, etc. ‘growing points in science’. Service on Sectional Committee 8, 1978-81. Brief correspondence only; includes invitation to serve, documents on ROYAL SOCIETY D.52 R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Organisations and consultancies .5a*.20 ‘Biochemistry and Genetics of Complement'; discussion meeting organised by Porter, P.J. Lachmann and K.B.M. Reid, and held at Royal Society, 25 January 1984. D..53 Programme, abstracts, list of participants. ¢ Correspondence with Royal Society, 1982-84; Dod to organise meeting, arrangements, budget, publication schedule, letters of thanks. invitation 50 Correspondence with co-organisers and colleagues re participation, papers, etc., duction to conplement prepared for meeting. 1982-84. Includes draft of Porter's intro- Elections, 1981-84. WELLCOME TRUST D.57 The grant was made in 1960, Correspondence 1959-60, 1967, 1984. ' The correspondence is with colleagues and with officials of the Trust, mainly re Porter's application for the purchase of an analytical ultra- centrifuge to enable him to continue his antibody research after his move to St. Mary's Hospital Medical School. and Porter took the equipment with him when he moved to Oxford in 1967. Correspondence 1984 includes historical accounts of the research carried out with the help of the ultracentrifuge. Porter agreed to serve (August 1985, shortly before his death). Correspondence re newly-constituted Biochemistry and Cell Biology Panel. R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Organisations and consultancies WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) Porter served on the WHO Expert Advisory Panel on Immunology for four successive five-year terms, 1964-84. and discussions on the nomenclature of immunoglobulins, appointments and a little scientific Material includes memoranda, grant applications, meetings correspondence. Dov. D.60 1964-70 1971 -84 R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 SECTION E VISITS AND CONFERENCES E.1 - E.39 The surviving material dates only from 1982 and includes ongoing plans up to 1987, 1 indicating g Porter's continuing high P place in international academic activity. Y “Visit to Spain, 16-23 May 1982 This was a British Council sponséred lecture tour to Madrid, Salamanca and Barcelona. Porter lectured and conducted seminars on complement. Ey Correspondence 1981-82 with British Council, Spanish colleagues and officials re arrangements for tour, requests for lectures and information, etc. Includes travel schedule and Porter's report on his visit. Drafts for Porter's lectures. "Structure and activation of the early components of the complement system' Y (also given at Budapest, September 1982; see E.5). P P 3 'The proteolytic enzymes. of the complement system' _ Miscellaneous schedules, programmes, guest lists, press-cuttings. Includes E.4 ‘Molecular basis of immunity to infection’ Visit to Hungarian Academy of Sciences, September-October 1982 copy of lecture 'Messing about with isotopes and enzymes and antibodies’, by C. Milstein, sent to Porter. Correspondence with colleagues in Hungary and with Royal Society re invitation, travel expenses and arrangements, letters of thanks, Porter's report on his visit. Notebook of Porter's notes on his visit. Notes for Porter's lecture ‘Structure and activation of the early comporents of the complement system', travel schedule and programme of visit, information re work of various Institutes of the Academy. RR. Porters CSAC 119/1/87 Visit to Lausanne, September 1982 Visits and conferences ok Correspondence re invitation, travel arrangements, current research, publication. Notes for Porter's lecture ‘Structure and interaction of the early compo- nents of complement’. Conference on 'The Role and Significance of International Cooperation in the Biomedical Sciences', National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, 21-23 September 1983. Porter spoke on ‘Antibody structure and the Antibody Workshop meetings, 1959-66'; the proceedings were to be published in Perspectives in Biology and Medicine. £9 Correspondence 1982-83 with organisers and colleagues re invitation, arrangements, letters of thanks. prepared for the participants. Includes 'Preliminary Background Document' Notes and draft of Porter's paper. Conference programme, travel-schedule, etc. 17th Miami Winter Symposium on 'Advances in Gene Technology: Molecular Biology of the Immune System', 11-15 February 1985. Porter spoke on 'The Complement Genes of the HLA Complex', and the lecture was publ ished in the Proceedings (ICSU Short Reports Vol.2). also lectured at the Medical School, Houston, and gave a seminar at the Medical School, Birmingham, Alabama. two copies, with different ms. additions. Gale Correspondence with organisers, invitation to participate, travel arrange ~- ments, draft programme, letter of thanks, etc., 1984-85. During the course of his visit)to USA Porter Correspondence with colleagues in USA, arrangements to meet, lecture at Houston and Birmingham, research in progress, 1984-85. Porter's lecture at Miami, 'The complement genes of the HLA complex'; R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Visits and conferences Porter's lecture at Houston, ‘Molecular genetics of the complement components coded in HLA’. Porter's copy of Miami Symposium Program, with annotations, and his ms. notes on papers given by others. Travel schedule, conference information, etc. Invitations (declined) to lecture at Washington University and Scripps Clinic during visit to USA. Tea Club Talk, on 'Complement genes and antoimmune disease', Department of Biochemistry, Cambridge, March 1985. Correspondence only. Invitation, suggestions for participants and topics. "Needham Society’, Royal Holloway College; March 1985. invitation to lecture in XXXII] Colloquium on Protides of the Biological Fluids, Brussels, April- May 1985. attend. Steno Symposium VII, on 'Recombinant DNA applications to defects in cellular functions and human diseases', Copenhagen, 12-14 May 1985. ‘ Correspondence, draft programme. A talk by Porter on 'Complement factor genes and human diseases’ was scheduled, but he was unable to R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Visits and conferences ‘Immunology Update for Clinicians', organised by Royal Postgraduate Medical School, 20-24 May 1985. Porter spoke on ‘Molecular genetics of the class III genes of the MHC’. E.23 E24 Correspondence with organiser. Various notes and drafts for Porter's talk (based on his Houston lecture at E.15). Copy of course information, abstracts of papers, etc. contribution is on pp.62-63.) (Porter's Holland Forum, 29 May~3 June 1985. Correspondence only. honour, but was unable to aft end. Porter agreed to be on the committee of Visit to Iceland, 24 June-1 July 1985 Porter gave a seminar at the Blood Bank, and lectured on 'The complement system' and on 'The polymorphisms and reactivities of C2, C4 and factor B'. rome Correspondence 1984-85 re visit, travel schedule, lecture topics, etc.; includes correspondence re importation of Icelandic plants for Botanic Garden, Oxford. material for July visit). Programme and list of participants for First Symposium on Hereditary CNS Amyloid Angiopathy, Reykjavik, September 1985 (kept with Notes for Porter's lectures. R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Visits and conferences Sixth Ir Gene Workshop: Immune Regulation, Oxford, 21-25 September 1985. Invitation (declined), preliminary programme. XI International Complement Workshop, Key Biscayne, 3-5 November 1985. Invitation only (accepted). The first Charles Harington Lecture, National Institute for Medical Research. invitation, lecture topic. Porter was to lecture on 20 November. Correspondence, Correspondence 1983-85 re arrangements for Porter to visit New Zealand as a Prestige Fellow in March 1986. The trip was also to include a brief visit to Hong Kong. : 6th International Congress of Immunology, Toronto, 5-11 July 1986; invitation to act as co-Chairman (declined). 17th FEBS meeting Immunochemistry Symposium, Berlin, 24-29 August 1986; invitation to speak on Complement. Arrangements to visit and lecture at University of Connecticut Health Center, October 1986. Arrangements to visit and give Harmon Lecture at Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, October 1986. 'RS - BA meeting in 1987'. Invitation to Western Australian Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation Workshop, January 1987; developments in complement components work and centres of research. Material re proposed 'Meeting for Discussion’ on 'The emergence of man: rise of higher humanising facilities', with ms. note includes Porter's comments on likely R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 | SECTION F JOURNALS AND PUBLICATIONS F.1 - F.13 The material relates almost entirely to Porter's service on editorial or advisory boards, often of new journals which he helped to launch. It includes some comment on papers submitted for publication. Bal Bioscience Rep orts Communications and Reviews in Molecular and Cell Biology. Porter was an Hon. Advisory Editor, the others being A. Kornberg and F. Sanger. The first number of the journal appeared in January 1981, published by the Biochemical Society. Correspondence and papers September 1980-March 1985, mainly with C.A. Pasternak (Chairman, Board of Editors), on general affairs of the journal, launching, publicity, requests to write, meetings of editorial board, submission of papers, long-term future plans, etc. Cambridge University Press, 1984 Invitation to serve on editorial board of new Cambridge Encyclopedia of The Life Sciences. The EMBO Journal, 1983-85 Correspondence with editor (J. Tooze) and colleagues, mainly re papers submitted for publication by Porter or sent to him for comment. Porter accepted an invitation to serve on the Editorial Board in October 1976. MHC', to which he contributed (published 1985). Correspondence 1983 discusses proposed new series of volumes of '‘Reminiscences'; of antibody structure but later withdrew because of pressure of work. Correspondence 1984 includes Porter's suggestion for 'a volume on the molecular genetics of the complement component genes (Class III) of the Immunological Reviews, various dates, 1976-84 (previously Transplantation Reviews) Porter agreed to comtribute an account of knowledge R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Journals and publications Journal of Immunogenetics, 1972-73, 1985 ro proposed new journal. withdrew . Correspondence 1972-73 with editors and colleagues re Porter agreed to serve as a co-editor but later E56 1985. Comment on paper. Molecular Biology and Medicine, 1982-85 This was a new journal published by Academic Press. Chief were E.S. Lennox and S. Brenner; Editorial Board. The Editors~in- Porter was a member of the General correspondence re affairs of the new journal, to serve, comment on papers. P | 1 P publicity, Yr invitation Oxford University Press, 1982-85 Advice on publications. 1982 1983-84 V9R5 Ee Pie ea la 1972-73 to him for comment by PNAS. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 1972-73, 1982-85 _ Correspondence on papers submitted by Porter for publication, or referred molecular Chemistry. Request (declined) to write chapter on proteins for volume on Macro~ Royal Society of Chemistry Specialist Periodical Reports, 198] R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 SECTION G CORRESPONDENCE G.1 -G.75 Porter's decision to retain only material likely to be of continuing relevance to his intended post-retirement career as Director of the MRC Immunochemistry Unit seems to have borne especially hard on his correspondence files. | With very few exceptions, the surviving material dates from the 1980s and does not reflect many of Porter's long- term links with scientific colleagues. On the other hand, the intense pressure of new ideas and developments in the growing field of immunology, Porter's continuing leader- ship and the great respect in which he was held, emerge very clearly. G.1-G.4 The Antibody Workshop 1960-69 The purpose of the workshop was 'to bring together a small group of investigators of a diversity of professional backgrounds who could in an informal way discuss the problems of antibody formation and exchange’. There were no published proceedings so that ideas and work in progress could be freely discussed, and several new discoveries were clarified or reported at the meetings. Eventually the workshops became in a sense victims of their own success; increased, and it was felt that the essentially informal character of the meetings could not be sustained (see G.4). pressure to attend, and to publish, Jon Singer. Gl 1960-61 1964. G.2 Includes grant application for 'A continuing work- shop on antibody synthesis and characterisation', with accounts of history and origin of workshop, programmes and lists of participants at previous meetings. The correspondence is photocopied material exchanged by the 'Quintum- virate' of organisers with other colleagues and officials of the National Science Foundation on financial support, organisation of meetings, etc. Those chiefly involved are Melvin Cohn, Herman N. Eisen, Fred Karush, Edwin S. Lennox, S. National Science Foundation. Material for 1969 is M. Cohn's final report on the workshops to the G.3 antibody workshop’ held at 1965. Includes comments by W. Weaver on ‘Procedures at G.4 1966, 1969. La Jolla in February 1965. R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Correspondence Biochemical Society 1985 Correspondence with Hon. Archivist (G.R. Barker) re proposed Historical Exhibition of the Society. of 'Contribution of immunological research to biochemistry’ . Includes Porter's 2pp. account Bodmer, W.F. Research, publications. Brown, W. Capra, J.D. Research on C4 sequencing, publication, visits. Chaplin, D.D. 1980-84. 1985 1976-84 1984-85 Colten, H.R. Complement research. Chibnall, A.C. — and others 1982-84 Cromlish, J:A. Dawkins, R.L. Mainly correspondence with Chibnall and colleagues re 90th birthday dinner, organised by Porter, F. Sanger and H. Gutfreund and held at King's College, Cambridge, February 1984. Complement in autoimmunity. Article by Porter and colleague on complement genetics. 4.21985 1984 1984-85 1984 1982-85 Dixon, F.J. Doniach, D. R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Correspondence Eisen, H.N. Giles, C.M. C4 research. Glaser, R. J. : Harris, H. 1973, 1983 1984-85 1984 1977-80 Research and publications. papers, Harris's 'Thoughts on the Regius Professorship of Medicine’. Includes discussions and comments on draft Hauptmann, G. 1983-85 Collaborative research on C4. Hjelm, M. 21 -Hydroxylase. Holasek, A. ’ Holmes, N.J. Committee 1982 House of Commons Education, Science and Arts Reply to Questionnaire on ‘Biotechnology in the UK: Training, Research and Industrial Application’. H. Isenman, D.E. C3, C4 research. Huber &. Preparation of C4. 1978, 1980, 1983 Humphrey, J.H. Inman, F.P. Isliker, R.R. Porter GSAG 119/1/87 Correspondence Klein, J. 1977-78, 1983-85 Correspondence 1977-78 is with W.F. Bodmer. Later corres~ pondence is on C4 probe. Knowles, J.R. and others 1974-83 Research, appointments. Koelble, K. C4 typing. Koskimies, S. Krause, R.M. re Krebs, H.A. 1984 1975 1983-84 Scholarship Appeal (organised by H.L. Kornberg) Lehner, T. 1982 re Kunkel, H.G. 1975-76, 1984 Commemoration of P. Gorer's contribution to immunology. Correspondence with colleagues on Kunkel's contributions to research, recommendations for prizes and awards, etc. Correspondence with colleagues re memorials to Krebs: Biochemical Society's Krebs Memorial and proposal by American colleagues R.L. Veech and B. Chance to plant giant sequoia trees on a site in Oxford. Research, lectures, recommendations. Milstein, C. and others - 1973-80 Lennox, E.S. 1971-77, 1983 Scientific and personal correspondence. Mauff, G. 1982-83 C4 research and nomenclature. R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Correspondence Morris, J.G. Morris, P. J. MUller-Eberhard, H. J. Visits, publications. O'Neill, G.J. C4 research. 1984 1983-84 1973, 1982-85 1983-84 Oxfordshire Health Authority 1984 Report of the Working Party on Clinical Immunology. Peart, W.S. various dates 1978-83 Brief exchanges on various résearch topics. Perry Phillips, D.C. Questionnaire on the Brain Drain. Perry, S.V. 1982, 1985 Includes arrangements for retirement symposium for Perry, at which Porter was to propose the toast, scheduled for September 1985. was a friend since undergraduate days, and was asked to write the Royal Society Memoir of Porter. 1981-84 Ramanathan, V.D. Immune aggregates in leprosy. Schumaker, V. various dates 1984-85 1984 Ruddy, S. Sasazuki, T. R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Correspondence Shaw, W.D. 1984, 1985 Shephard, EA, ) 1985 G .39-G .43 Steiner, L.A. ‘ ; 1974-85 Scientific and personal correspondence, on complement research and publications, visits, conferences, etc. Most of the correspondence is incoming, but a few of Porter's replies are included. G.39 1974-76 G.4l 1980-83 G.40 1978-79 : G.42 1984 G.43 retirement Festschrift. 1985. Includes Steiner's draft contribution to Porter's Tack, BF: 1980-85 Research and publications on. C3 "G4, C5. Weiskrantz, L. Wenden, D. J. Takahashi, M. “Webster, C. 1985 1985 History of medicine in Oxford, especially contribution of the Welicome Trust. 1980-85 Oxford Science Park. Whitehead, A.S. White, P.C. and others 1983-84 and others R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Correspondence Wolf Foundation 1977-80 Porter was a member of the Foundation's Prize Committee in Medicine; correspondence includes his views on appropriate organisation of awards. Woods, D. 1982-85 SHORTER UNINDEXED CORRESPONDENCE G.50 Miscellaneous requests from colleagues and research teams for cDNA probes prepared in Porter's laboratory. 1983-85 Requests by Porter for information or material. 1983-85 1980-85 9157 G.53 Research grants and scholarships Miscellaneous shorter correspondence. REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS 1984-85 Agricultural Research Council G50 1978-79 S08. OF Wellcome Trust G .54 1975 G.56 1981-83 R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Correspondence G.58, G.59 Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 185] 1981-85 Porter joined the Science Scholarships Committee in 1981 on the death of H.A. Krebs. G.58 1981-83 G59: 5 Ages 83 Scottish Home and Health Department G.6] 1985 Appointments and promotions G.62 G.63 G.64 1973-74 1975 1976, 1978 1984 1984-85 1985 (1) 1985 (3) G.73 Personal 1983 (1) 1983 (2) Prizes G.72 G.65 G.66 1985 (2) 1981, 1984 1973, 1979 G.74 7D R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ACTON, Ronald T. ADRIAN, Richard Hume, 2nd Baron ALLAN, K. | ALPER, Chester A. ALVAREZ, Andrés G. ANTIBODY WORKSHOP ASHBY, Eric, Baron ASKONAS, B. (Ita) E.13 A.42 A.21 i wd ae See E.1 Aig GA-GA See also E.9-E.11 G.10 Acie Cc? BACH, Stephen | A.2] BACON, John Stanley Durrant A.21, G.10 BADDILEY, Sir James BADENOCH, Sir John A.42 A.36 BALLANTRAE, Bernard Edward Fergusson, Baron | A... Bee BECKER, Elmer L. BEESON, Paul Bruce BEESTON, Alan W. BELL, Davey J. BAXBY, Derrick BEAUBIEN, Mark S. A.39 G.8 F.5 D.22 EY CT BARKER, Geoffrey R. BAUER, Klausdieter F.5 A.21 D.9-.B 1600.27, Deft, D. 55; P18 Ge6, G12) BLACKMAN, Cliff BODMER, Sir Walter Fred BHAKDI, Sucharit BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY BLACK, Sir Douglas (Andrew Kilgour) BOWKER, Keith A.34 A.2] D.55 G.5 rsd D.20 R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Index of correspondents Be ee hte ae BRENNER, Sydney BRENT, Leslie BROWN, Sir George Lindor BROWN, Harrison BROWN, William BUNJE, Henry BURCHNALL, H. H. BURTON, Kenneth : CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS CAPRA, J. Donald CASTON, Geoffrey Kemp CEPPELLINT. Ky E.33 A.44, F.7 A.2] A.21 A.26 C.7 A.35 A. 34 A.21, G.10 E G.8 es G.24 G.9 0.55 A D D D G A CHANCE, Britton CHAPLIN, Hugh CINADER, Bernhardt A.21 D.6-D.14 A.36 D.1-D.4 A.2\ A.2U,. A. 35, G10 COGENT Ltd. COHEN, June CHAPLIN, David Dunbar CLARKE, Ainslie B. — L. CLARKE, Sir Cyril (Astley) CHIBNALL, Albert Charles COHEN, Lionel Leonard, Baron D. 56 CRUMPTON, Michael Joseph COLTEN, Harvey Radin CROMLISH, James A. COLOMB, Maurice G. 2b Ds7,. D.9=D. Tie COHEN, Sydney R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Index of correspondents DANIEL, Peter DAWKINS, R. — L. DENNISON, Stanley Raymond DIXON, Frank James DOLL, Sir (William) Richard (Shaboe) DONIACH, Deborah DUKES, Justin P. DUMBELL, Keith Rodney DUTHIE, Robert Buchan EBERT, Robert H. EISEN, Herman Nathaniel ELSDEN, Sidney Reuben D.23, D.28 E.38, G.12 A.37 G.13 A.44, D.41 SG i9 D.25 D.26 D.Al Del? A.28, G.14 See also A.6 A.22 ELVERSON, Mike EMBO Journal B.32 Ps Doo). 7 GAGNON, Jean FOTHERGILL, John E. FRANGIONE, Blas FRANKLIN, Edward C. FAHEY, John L. FEY, George H. A.22 Db, 55 Eia7 A.22 D.59, D.60 F1 A.22, G.10 A.19 D.AI A G.14 Gua F.3° GALE, Ernest Frederick GELDART, Winston J. GLASER, Robert J. GOODFELLOW, Peter GELDER, Michael Graham GOODMAN, Howard C. GERGELY, J. GILES, Carolyn M. R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Index of correspondents GOODWIN, Trevor Walworth GORER, Peter GOWANS, Sir James Learmonth GRABAR, Pierre GRAHAME-SMITH, David Grahame GRAY, Anthony J. GRAY, Sir John (Archibald Browne) err iiris; ). 2K. GUTFREUND, Herbert HABAKKUK, Sir John (Hrothgar) HARRIS, Henry HARRIS, William J. ee Add, D.41,-G.15 a HARRISON, David 44 ; 3 A. H. HOLASEK, Anton HOLMES, Nicholas John HOPWOOD, David Alan 322 28 G.10 G.17 D.35, D.37 HAUPTMANN, Georges HEAID. PJ, HENDERSON, D. HILL, Robert Robin) HJELM, Magnus HOFSCHNEIDER, P. G.19 HUBER, Robert HUGHES, R. HUMPHREY, John Herbert Colin HOUSE OF COMMONS EDUCATION, SCIENCE AND ARTS COMMITTEE G.18 oa G.19 E.32 HOSPITAL FOR SICK CHILDREN, TORONTO D.5 G.17 See also B.22 OTT D.56 R.R. Porter CSAC 119/1/87 Index of correspondents Immunological Reviews IMPER [AL CANCER RESEARCH FUND INMAN, Frank P. INSTITUTE OF CANCER RESEARCH ISENMAN, David E. ISLIKER, Henri JATON, Jean-Claude JENNER TRUST JENSSON, Olafur JERNE, Niels K. JONES, Sir Ewart (Ray Herbert) (Tim) Journal of Immunogenetics F.4 D.6-D.14 G.20 D.15 G.20 G.20 G.63 D.16-D.34 See also A.5 cor oe Cee r,o, 400 KATZ, Sir Bernard KHKUNI, Kenzo KING, Roger J. 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