PIPPARD, Alfred John Sutton

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CSAC 97/1/84 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology under the guidance of the Royal Society’s Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of ALFRED JOHN SUTTON PIPPARD FRS (1891 - 1969) Compiled by: Jeannine Alton and Peter Harper 1984. Deposited in the College Archives, Imperial College of All rights reserved Science and Technology, London A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 The work of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and institutions: The Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland The Biochemical! Society The British Pharmacological Society The Charles Babbage Foundation for the History of Information Processing The Institute of Physics The Nuffield Foundation The Physiological Society The Institution of Electrical Engineers The Royal Society of London A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL & AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL A.1 Obituary notices and tributes A.2 -A.8 Autobiographical accounts A.9 -A.32 Career, honours and awards A.33, A.34 Photographs SECTION B SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, COMMITTEES & CONSULTANCIES B.1 -B.31 Aeronautical research B.32 B.33 Arched dams Hatfield Development Corporation - Investigation into gale-damaged houses National Physical Laboratory Executive Committee SECTION C Thames Pollution Committee 4] 42 P Published papers C.1 -C.24 Lectures and articles LECTURES, ARTICLES & BROADCASTS C,F8C.37 18 Public Health Engineering at Imperial College Westminster City Council - Lisson Green Development INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS C.28-C.33 Obituaries and biographical writings C.25-C.27 Shorter talks and writings SECTION D CORRESPONDENCE C.34-C.37 Broadcasts A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received from Professor Sir Brian Pippard, pap Pp Y younger son of A.J.S. Pippard. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER AND WORK OF A.J.S. PIPPARD Pippard was born in Yeovil in 1891 and educated at Yeovil School and Bristol University where he studied civil engineering. served for two years as an articled assistant in the Bristol office of consultant engineer A.P.1. Cotterell before obtaining a position as assistant engineer with the Pontypridd & Rhonda Valley Joint Water Board. Graduating from Bristol in 1911 he In 1915 he was appointed as technical adviser to the Director of the Air . y pa His is evidenced the R.100 and R.101 (see B.21). In 1933 Pippard moved to Imperial College where for more than twenty years where he contributed to the work of the structures section Department of the Admiralty in improving aircraft safety and, incidentally, advancing structural science. interest in aircraft structure continued after the war, first as a partner in a firm of aero~ nautical engineers, 1919-1922, and subsequently as Professor of Engineering at Cardiff, In this period he was particularly associated 1922-1928, and Bristol, 1928-1933. with the experimental testing of airship structures in connection with the building of he presided over one of the finest civil engineering departments in the country, winning His own active pursuit of researc! the respect and affection of staff and students alike. Although Pippard was the subject of some press criticism for the length of time his Thames Pollution Committee set up by the Minister of Local Government and Housing to make recommendations on the future management of the tidal reaches of the river. His early M.Sc. thesis dealt with masonry dams and in his last five years at dams. Imperial College he undertook research projects on arched dams. In the public domain, he served for ten years, 1951-1961, as Chairman of the by a growing number of with Letitia Chitty. od b f one be published papers, many written In coliaporation Throughout his career he retained an interest in the structure of blist lat an al tre .? a . a * 3 A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Committee took to report, its work proved of immense benefit to those living and working in the capital. He also took part in an investigation for Hatfield Development Corpora- tion into the gale damage to houses which occurred in November 1957, and in 1968-1969 he served as a consultant for Westminster City Council on the safety of system-built tall blocks of flats in respect of the Lisson Green development. Over many years he was actively involved in the affairs of the Institution of Civil Engineers, serving as its president, 19 55~1959.: DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The collection is particularly strong in material of a biographical and personal nature. Of especial interest is the extensive autobiographical account written by Pippard towards ihe end of his life (A.4). virtually every aspect of his career (A.2, A.3), and two scrapbooks devoted to his year There are also two scrapbooks covering as president of the Institution of Civil Engineers (A.25, A.27). Almost all the material available relating to Pippard's scientific work is con- cerned with his research on aircraft structures which is represented by a series of committee report (B.37). of articles and broadcaster. It covers a period of nearly fifty years and a variety of tion and iraining of engineers. This last topic was of particular importance to him survives. However, in a small section on the Thames Pollution Committee, there is Much more material survives relating to Pippard's activities as a lecturer, writer Pippard's own account of its work prepared at the time of the publication of the official Unfortunately very little manuscript material relating to Pippard's other interests subjects, including aircraft and aviation, engineering structures in general and the. educa~ papers and reports prepared for the Aeronautical Research Council in the interwar yeors. A.22-A.24, A.29-A.32, B.23, C.10, C.28, C.30 and C.33. reflecting his concern about the image of engineering in the world, its lack of appeal as a Also of interest in this section is a number of BBC radio broadcasts, especially There is very little general correspondence in the collection. There are letters, however, in all the scrapbooks and the text of a few letters, not otherwise available, is incorporated in the autobiographical account. See also A.12, A.13, A.15, A.16-A.20, profession and its disadvantage compared with pure science in attracting the very best recruits. the scripts for two series of talks to schools in the 1920s (see C.34, C.35). A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL _A.1 - A.34 Obituary notices and tributes Press-cutting of obituary notice of Pippard published in The Times. Photocopy of obituary notice from unidentified publication. Memoir by A.W. Skempton (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 16, 1970). Order of service and press notices of memorial service. A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Biographical and autobiographical AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL ACCOUNTS Scrapbook no.1, 1909-66. Principally letters and press-cuttings re Pippard's career, honours and awards in this period. Includes: Material re appointment to the Chairs of Civil Engineering at Bristol (1928) and Imperial College, London (1933), election as a Fellow of the Royal Society (1954), appointment as Visiting Professor of Civil Engineering at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois (1956-57), award of an honorary doctorate by the University of Bristol (1966). Material relating to airship research (mostly press-cuttings) and the Thamas Effluents Committee, including letters from the departmental ministers: Hugh Dalton, Harold Macmillan and Henry Brooke, and press~cuttings, some with criticism of the length of time the Committee took before reporting. Material relating to the education and training of engineers, including letters to The Times (one from A.B. Pippard) and an article written for The Times (1963). of engineers, Pippard's own listing of his technical papers, books and broadcasis, lectures and general articles, anda separate listing of lectures given by Pippard in the USA during his Visiting Professorship at Northwestern University. Photographs include the civil engineering department staff at Imperial College before the Second World War, the June 1955 Postgraduate Structures Group at Imperial College and the National Physical Laboratory Executive Committee, 1961. Continued Material relating to the award of honorary degrees by Bristol and Birmingham Universities (1966) and Brunel University (1968), to his association with the Institution of Civil Engineers and in particular his interest in the education and training to his consultancy with Westminster City Council re the safety Scrapbook no.2, 1920-69 (ihe most recent material appears first). Principally letters, including unpublished letters from Pippard to The Times and The Observer, press~cuttings and extracts from periodicals. Includes: A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Biographical and autobiographical A.3(Cont'd.) of system-built tall blocks of flats (1968) and to his interest in the construction of dams, including correspondence in The Times te a dam on the Thames (1967). A small number of photographs and, in an envelope at rear of book, miscellaneous press-cuttings and three menus (two signed) from the period 1917-19. 'That was yesterday.' Pippard's autobiography, originally suggested by his dearly-loved wife Olive, and written after her death for his sons. The work comprises a preface, eighteen chapters and appendices containing a curriculum vitae, broadcasts, lectures and articles, lists of technical papers, books £ This is a photocopy kindly made available by Sir Brian Pippard. Autobiographical talks by Pippard. ‘One Man in his Time’ ‘Sons of Martha' 25 pp. typescript with ms. additions and corrections. Address to the Birmingham University Civil Engineering Society, 18 October 1966. In this undated talk on the varied life of the engineer, Pippard confined himself 'to some of the parts played by one man in his time’. See also A.27, A.34. Journal of West African visit, 1959. one delivered in Ghana. Journal of United States visit, 1949. See also B.35. 7 pp. typescript with a very few ms. corrections. Private journals of overseas visits. With notes for two speeches, A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Biographical and autobiographical CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS Pippard's thesis on 'The Masonry Dam', submitted for M.Sc. Degree in Civil Engineering, University of Bristol, 1914. Document conferring upon Pippard the dignity of a Member of the Order of the British Empire, 1 January 1918. University of the West at Bristol. Publication issued in the interests of an appeal for funds while Pippard was Professor of Civil Engineering there. identifications of staff by Pippard on some of the photographs. There are ms. Letter of appointment to the Chair of Civil Engineering at Imperial College, London, 23 March 1933, and letters of congratulation from colleagues, arranged alphabetically. Letters of congratulation from close friends (many written to Olive Pippard). | Unindexed. Publishing contracts, 1936 and 1951. Leiters re wartime appointments, conditions of service, 1939, 1940. Letters from D.R. Pye, transfer to the Airworthiness Department of the Royal Aircraft Establishment. 14 June and 20 June 1940, re Pippard's Letter from R.E. Stradling, 26 August 1939, rearrangements for Pippard to join his staff at the Forest Products Research Loboratory, Princes Risborough, in the event of war breaking out. Letter from Secretary of the Royal Aeronautical Society 1 April 1938, informing Pippard of his (J. Laurence Pritchard), election to the Council of the Society, with list of new Council for 1938-39. First names and unidentified signatures. Letters of congratulation on Pippard's election to Fellowship of the Royal Society, June 1954. A-D E-M N - W A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Biographical and autobiographical Presentation volume of names and signatures of colleagues and students at Cardiff, Bristol and Imperial College, London, 1922-56, on the occasion of Pippard's retirement from the Chair of Civil Engineering at Imperial College. A.22-A, 24 Letters from colleagues and students re the retirement presentation. Unindexed. A. 22 A.23 A.24 A-D E-M N - Z and first name and unidentified signatures. Menu of farewell dinner, 14 June 1956, Imperial College, London. Scrapbook entitled 'The Institution of Civil Engineers. of Presidential Year 1958-1959. Volume 1 General’. Typescript diary of events interspersed with press-cuttings, extracts trom engineering journals, letters and official programmes. There are a few photographs and a typescript copy of Pippard's address at the unveiling of a memorial to Brunel at the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, 15 September 1959. Records Records Visit to West Africa’. Scrapbook entitled 'The Institutions of Civil Engineers. of Presidential Year 1958-1959. Volume 2. Typescript diary of events interspersed with route map, news- paper cuttings and many photographs. Includes also a letter from Pippard to Kwame Nkr umah, 28 October 1959, re the education and training of engineers in Ghana. Telegram of congratulations. Papers re conferment of the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science, 15 July 1966, University of Birmingham. Correspondence (four letters) between Pippard and Vice-Chancellor (Sir Robert Aitken), including Aitken's apology for sending the invitation to Pippard's son at Cambridge and Pippard's unsigned draft reply noting similar mistakes in the past. Statement of the procedure for honorary graduands, seating plans and degree- day luncheon menus. Papers re conferment of Honorary Doctorate of Laws, May 196%, University of Bristol. Programme, invitations, seating arrangements and photographic record from Illustrated Bristol News, July 1966. A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Biographical and autobiographical A.30-A.32 Letters of condolence received on Pippard's death, 1969. A.30 A. 3] A. 32 B-K M-W First name and unidentified signatures. A.33, A.34 PHOTOGRAPHS A.33 A. 34 Miscellaneous photographs of Pippard, family and colleagues, including early photographs of wife and family. Photographs, principally relating to Pippard's visit to West Africa as President of the Institution of Civil Engineers, 1959. A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 SECTION B 11 SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, COMMITTEES AND CONSULTANCIES B.1 -B.42 The material is presented as an alphabetical sequence by order of topic, institution or initiating body. There is a box of published papers at B.42 which includes bound volumes, offprints, articles in journals and newspapers, etc. AERONAUTICAL RESEARCH Pippard's association with research on aircraft structures is represented by a series of reports and committee papers of aero- nautical research committees. Further related published material is to be found inB.42. Also included here are the official report of the R.101 inquiry and a number of Second World War research papers on self-sealing petrol tanks for aircraft and camouflage structures. Ministry of Munitions. Technical Department - Aircraft Production. Reports and Memoranda, Reports and Memoranda, Report from the W 1 .'. Communicated by the Accidents Investigation Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. No. 629. Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. No. 592. 'Handbook of Strength Calculations', by Pippard and J.L. Pritchard, February 1918. 'Report on Accidents to Certain Aeroplanes, with Special Reference to "Spinning" Committee, December 1918. by the Accidents Committee, January 1919. ‘Reports on the Behaviour of Aeroplanes when Flying Inverted, with Special Reference to Some Accidents on "A".' Communicated 'The Longitudinal Stability of "X" Aeroplanes’. Accidents Committee, December 1918. Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. No.617. Reports and Memoranda, A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Scientific research, committees and consultancies Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. Committee. Aerodynamics Sub- ‘Note with reference to strength requirements on aeroplanes ', by Pippard, June 1919. 3 pp. typescript. Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. Factors. Sub-Committee on Load 'A possible empirical formula for the load factor of an aeroplane’, by Pippard, November 1919. 3 pp. typescript. Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. Load Factor Sub-Committee. ‘The aeroplane of consistent strength', by Pippard, February 1920. 10 pp. typescript. p.133, presented as a committee paper.) (Extract from Engineering, 30 January 1920, Aeronautical Research Committee. Sub-Committee. Accidents Investigation ‘Lateral Stability. December 1920. A suggested figure of merit', by Pippard, 2 pp. typescript. Aeronautical Research Committee. Note Aeronautical Research Committee. No.775. Reports and Memoranda, Aeronautical Research Committee. No. 800. Reports and Memoranda, ‘The Basis of Aeroplane Structural Strength Specification’, by Pippard, January 1921. 15 pp. typescript and graph page. ‘Report on the Accident to H.M. Airship R.38', by the Accidents Investigation Sub-Committee, March 1922. 5 pp. typescript. 'The transition of a counterbraced framework from the redundant to "simply stiff" condition with increase of external load.’ by Pippard, July 1924. "Report of the Airship Stressing Panel', August 1922. Aeronautical Research Committee. A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Scientific research, committees and consultancies Aeronautical Research Committee. ‘Research on Redundant Structures. September 1924. structure. 6 pp. typescript and photograph of research Progress Report.’ By Pippard, Aeronautical Research Committee. No.970. Reports and Memoranda, ‘Report of the Airworthiness of Airships Panel’, October 1924. Aeronautical Research Committee. Structures Sub-Committee. ‘Research on Redundant Structures', January 1926. 3 pp. typescript. Aeronautical Research Committee. No. 1039. Reports and Memoranda, ‘Stresses in a Stiff Jointed Polygonal Frame under a System of Loads Perpendicular to the Plane of the Frame', by J.F. Baker, presented by Pippard, February 1926. Aeronautical Research Committee. Load Factors Sub-Committee. Aeronautical Research Committee. Load Factors Sub- Gmmittee. 2pp. typescript. 2 pp. typescript. ‘The Strength Requirements for an Aeroplane in a Steep Dive', by Pippard, May 1929. 7 pp. typescript. ‘Note on Strut OO. "The accuracy of stress calculations for an aeroplane fuselage under combined bending and torsion"', by Pippard, n.d. ‘Note on R. & M.706. "An Analysis of the conditions governing the requisite strength of aeroplane structures"', by Pippard, February 1930. on 21 July 1930', January 1931. ‘Technical Report by the Accidents Investigation Sub-Committee on the Accident to the Aeroplane G-AAZK at Meopham, Kent, Aeronautical Research Committee Reports and Memoranda, No.1360. A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Scientific research, committees and consultancies Report of the R.101 Inquiry. Secretary of State for the Air, March 1931. no.3825. Presented to Parliament by the Command Paper As the Air Ministry's Airworthiness Authority (with Sir Leonard Bairstow) for the R.100 and R.101 airships, Pippard was deeply concerned in the outcome of the inquiry. In this his own copy of the report he has added marginal emphasis to passages exonerating those responsible for its structural design. e.g., pp.23, 83. See, Royal Aircraft Establishment. Draft report. 'The Accuracy of Stress Calculations for an Aeroplone under Combined Bending and Torsion', by A.G. Pugsley and A.R. Collins, September 1931. 19 pp. typescript and 10 pp. of tabular statements and diagrams. Letter from K.T. Spencer, Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, 23 October 1931, enclosing: ‘Notes on Certain Assumptions of the Present Method of Calculating Torsional Stresses in an Aeroplane Fuselage', October 1931. 2 pp. typescript with 'Table Showing Effect of Stiffness of Rear Bulkhead EekK on Loads in Fuselage Members (3 pp.)! Aeronautical Research Committee. Structure Sub-Committee. Letters from Pippard to Spencer, 26 February and 1 March 1932 re the notes enclosed in Spencer's letter of October 1931. "Note on the Stressing of an Aeroplane under Combined Bending 3 pp. typescript. and Torsion’, by Pippard, 3 November 1932. with appendices of calculations and diagrams (75 pp.) 'The Primary Stress Analysis of a Tube Braced on the Geodetic 21 pp. typescript Principle’, by Pippard, 13 February 1936. Aeronautical Research Committee Reports and Memoranda, No.1645. "Report on Puss Moth Accidents by the Accidents Investigation Sub-Committee’, March 1935. Aeronautical Research Committee. Structure Sub-Committee. A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Scientific research, committees and consultancies S.27 Aeronautical Research Committee. No.1851. Reports and Memoranda "Simple Experimental Analysis of the Stresses in Rings', by Pippard and S.R. Sparkes, 20 October 1938. ‘Report on Development of Self-Sealing Tanks and Pipes', by Pippard, 9 October 1940. 8 pp. typescript with figures and tables. '2nd Report on the Development of Self-sealing Tanks & Pipes', by Pippard and P. Shaw, 31 December 1940. 4 pp. typescript. "Report on the Design of a 4~Cell Hide for Baginton.' Prepared for the Research and Experiments Department, Ministry of Home Security and dated Imperial College, 12 November 1941. 6 pp. typescript with appendix (6 pp.) and diagrams. Aeronautical Research Committee. Structure Sub-Committee. ‘Note on the Use of Experiments on Structures', by Pippard, 11 December 1944. 2 pp. typescript with ms. additions. Arched Dams. Dokan Dam, Iraq. Vol. 2, 1955. Report on an investigation of the Stresses in Report of Local Inquiry Hatfield Development Corporation. into the Causes of Damage to Houses at Hatfield New Town, 1958. This record of the investigation carried out at Imperial College is presented here to illustrate this important aspect of Pippard's scientific work. For further published material relating to the structure of dams, see B.42. has added much marginal emphasis. Pippard took part in an investigation into the damage on behalf of the Development Corporation and subsequently appeared as a witness at the inquiry appointed by the Minister of Housing and In this his own copy of the report, Pippard Local Government. A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Scientific research, committees and consultancies National Physical Laboratory. Executive Committee Reports. Pippard served on the Executive Committee for over six years. There are reports on Standards Division of the NPL for 1959, 1961 and 1963. See also D.1. Public Health Engineering at Imperial College. visit to the USA, 1949. Report on a having allocated funds for the establishment of a Division of Public Health Engineering in the Civil Engineering Department at Imperial College, invited Pippard to visit the USA to inform himself about comparable work there. The Rockefeller Foundation, 27 pp. typescript and 2 pp. draft. B.36-B.40 Thames Pollution Committee. B.36 ‘Report of the Departmental Committee on the Effects of Heated and other Effluents and Discharges on the Condition of the Tidal Reaches of the River Thames', 1961. 'Water Conservation England and Wales, ' Cmnd. 1693. Some underscoring and marginal emphasis by Pippard. 'The Cleaner Thames.' Port of London Authority, 1967. Pippard's own account of the work of the committee, prepared at the time of the publication of the official report. 17 pp. typescript with ms. additions and corrections, with ms. preface and final page of ms. calculations. Command paper presented to Parliament by the Ministers of Housing and Local Government, and Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, April 1962. pollution, floods, etc. The preface by Lord Simon, ‘Chairman of the PLA, pays tribute to Pippard's contribution to the notable improvement in the condition of the river; Miscellaneous press~cuttings relating to water management, A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Scientific research, committees and consultancies Westminster City Council, Lisson Green Development. 3 pp. typescript record of consultancy, 16 July 1968 to 3 July 1969, with brief diary-like entries. Published papers, 1913-68. 1 box. A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 SECTION C LECTURES, ARTICLES, BROADCASTS C.1 - C.37 C.1-C.24 Lectures and articles Ca-G.3 Three lectures on Aircraft and Aviation. Sat ‘Some Problems of Aeroplane Design.' Lecture to Derby Society of Engineers, April 1921. 21 pp. typescript. 'The Aeroplane considered as an engineering Structure.' Lecture to Students of Royal Aeronautical Society, 12 October 1922. 16 pp. typescript. 'The Post War Development of Aviation.' Lecture to South Wales Institute of Engineers, 23 October 1926. 8 pp. typescript with ms. additions and press~cutting. Education and Training of Engineers Engineering Studies in British Universities, Universities Quarteriy, February 1948. 13 pp. typescript. This was a talk about undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Public Health Engineering at British Universities. 5 pp. typescript with ms. additions and corrections. Contribution to Seminar on 'The Role of Public Health Engineering in Europe’, Public Works and Roads Congress at Olympia, November 1952. Privately printed verbatim report of a conference, 22 April 1954, at Imperial College, London. "Statement to Education and Training Committee of the Institution of Civil Engineers on my return from Northwestern University .' 3 pp. typescript statement and items reproduced from New York Times and Chicago Tribune. ‘Engineering as a Career.' Marginal scorings and underlining. A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Lectures, articles, broadcasts ae Address at opening of Institution of Civil Engineers Commonwealth Training Week (1961). 4 pp. ms. notes. "On Sandwich Courses in Engineering.’ Observations made in response to a request from J. Heywood for a survey of higher technological education sponsored by the Nuffield Trust, 19 September 1962. 5 pp. typescript with a few ms. corrections. ‘Our Image to the World.' 3 pp. typescript inscribed 'Notes to Council of 1.C.E., 22 tn (POR 3 pp. typescript headed 'Note to President |.C.E., March 1963', with Ip. addendum to the note. 3 pp. typescript with lp. appendix. Related correspondence and statistical data. Comments on Pippard's note by J.H. Jellett. Aiso included here are 3 pp. ms. notes headed 'Civil Engineers’ Attitude to Science "Smeatonianism"’. "The Snobbery of Science.' For the article as published, see A.2. ‘Look Ahead', The Engineer, 27 March 1964. 7 pp. typescript draft. ‘Bounds Unlimited, ' 'The Training of the Professional Engineer .' 5 pp. typescript with a few ms. corrections. Original form of article published in The Times (13 November 1963) and shortened by the Editor. 6 pp. typescript with ms. corrections and additions. Prepared in January 1966 for delivery at Sandbach School, 21 May 1966. Address to new science graduates of Birmingham University, July 1966. Two typescript drafts (12 pp.) with ms. additions and corrections. A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Lectures, articles, broadcasts ‘The Activities of the Institution of Civil Engineers. ' Article for Road Tar Association, July 1968. 2 pp. typescript with ms. corrections. ‘The Relative Merits of Large and Small Departments.' Contribution to a discussion by Professors of Engineering in Great Britain at University of London. ‘Date unknown but sometime after 2nd war.' note. ) (Pippard's own 6 pp. typescript with underscoring and a few ms. corrections. C.17-C.24 Engineering problems i, 17 'The Civil Engineer and Public Health.' Lecture to postgraduate students at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, 14 October 1952. 22 pp. typescript with ms. additions and corrections. 'The Civil Engineer in the Laboratory.' C.19-€C.21 Cte tk ‘Bghay love and Design.' 2. ‘The Evolution of Insight into Behaviour.’ Typescript and ms. notes for Royal Institution discourse, 8 May 1953. Three lectures to students at the Royal Institution on the Behaviour of Engineering Structures. 24 pp. typescript with ms. additions and corrections, and list of slides. Chronicle (1 p.). Address to Cambridge Engineering Society, 20 January 1960. 5 pp. typescript notes with ms. additions and corrections, and typescript extracts from Phil. Mag. 1831 and Manchester 28 pp. typescript with a few ms. additions and corrections, and marginal scorings. 3. ‘Study of Behaviour.’ 13 pp. typescript with a few ms. additions and corrections. 'The Importance of Failures.' A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 ‘aa Lectures, articles, broadcasts ‘Conditions Governing the Discharge of Waste into Estuaries.’ Introductory notes to an informal discussion at the Institution of Civil Engineers, 15 November 1962. 16 pp. typescript and 3 pp. summary. 'The Role of Experiments in Applied Science.' 5 pp. typescript draft. aoe «at Shorter talks and writings G25 Institution: of Civil Engineers Annual Dinner, ? 1957. Speech in proposing the toast of 'Our Guests’. Rough draft and clean typescript. The Institution of Civil Engineers Sesquicentenary, 1968. Vote of thanks to Professor S. Balke, 16 July 1968. Short notes prepared for inclusion in souvenir programme of Guildhall reception, 16 July 1968. Not used. Undated talks. Obituaries and Biographical Writings ‘Academic Otherwiseness and Wit.' Incomplete typescript draft (3 pp.). Introductory remarks at inaugural lecture of J.R.D. Francis, Imperial College, London. Civil Engineers. Biographical notes written 22 July 1969 for Institution of Civil Engineers on occasion of award of Telford Gold Medal to Miss Chitty. Address on the centenary of the death of Brunel when a memorial tablet was unveiled at the Clifton Suspension Bridge, 1959. Note for The Times with a little related correspondence, 1961. J.F. Baker 1.K. Brunel L. Chitty Letter of thanks from D.H. de T. Reade of the Institution of A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Lectures, articles, broadcasts A. Gibb Draft entry for Supplement to Dictionary of National Biography. Memoir written with G.P. Harrison (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 5, 1960). R.E. Stradling Draft entry for Supplement to Dictionary of National Biography 1951-1960. Memoir written by Pippard (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 674952). G.I. Taylor Draft of citation on the award of the Kelvin Medal, 16 February 1960. Report of the Proceedings at the Presentation on the 16th February 1960. Letter of thanks from Grace Stephanie Taylor for the address on the award of the Kelvin Medal to her husband. Broadca sts_ The 'The Age of Dreams' 'Gliders' 'The First Aeroplane' "Some Historical Flights' 'The Conquest of the Air.' Seven talks broadcast to schools from Cardiff, 1926 or 1927. talks were: ‘Development During the War and After’ ‘Airships! 'How an Aeroplane Flies' A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Lectures, articles, broadcasts ‘Engineering Feats in the West.' Six talks broadcast to schools from Cardiff, 1927. were : The talks 'The Severn Tunnel’ 'The Old Stone Bridge at Pontypridd’ ‘Clifton Suspension Bridge' "Newport Transporter Bridge! "Cardiff Waterworks' ‘Engineering for Health.' Talk for Home Service broadcast, 27 October 1949. Digest of the talk from The Municipal Journal. ‘Public Health and the Engineer.' Talk for BBC Overseas Service, December 1949. Reproduction of the talk in The Guilds Engineer, 1950. A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 SECTION D CORRESPONDENCE D.1-D.3 ad Beynon, E.G. Chandos, J. Relates to assistance with television programme on the R.101 and the future possibilities of dirigibles. Cousins, F. Relates to dissolution of Executive Committee of the National Physical Laboratory on which Pippard had served. Seealso B.34. McDonald, A. Pritchard; J.L. Skempton, A.W. Refers to the great change for the better which Pippard had made in the civil engineering academic world. Wex, B. Wynne-Edwards, R.M. Letter of thanks for past services on occasion of Pippard's retirement from Council of the Institution of Civil Engineers. A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ABBOT, W. ADDISON, H. AITKEN, Sir Robert ALLEN, Jack ALLSOPP, Philip ANDERSON, John, Viscount Waverley ANDRADE, Sir Edward Nevill da Costa ANDREW, James ARNOLD, Ronald N. A.17 A.17 A.29 A.17 A.17 A.2 A.17 A.17 A.17 BAKER, John Fleetwood, Baron See B.16, C.28 BALLANTYNE, A. M. BARLOW, Harold Everard Monteagle BATES, Leslie Fleetwood A . 30 A 7, A. BATSON, Reginald GS, A «l2 A v7 A oly. Baron A ie D. 1 A ma BECKETT. Hs C Ey BEYNON tee: BOSWALL, Robert O. BICKERTON, Claude M. BOULTON, Norman Savage BLACKETT, Patrick Maynard Stuart, BICKERTON, Greville BINNIE, Geoffrey BULLARD, Sir Edward (Crisp) BROOKE, Henry, Baron BOWHAY, Christine BUTTERFIELD, «Hi... oly > aNd, p BURDEN, Robert . 30 he ae 7 e b p a p P a 17 A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Index of correspondents CASE, John CHANDOS, John CHAPMAN, Sydney CHIBNALL, Albert Charles CLOSS, A. COATES Ra), &: Goce G. COUSINS, Frank CREMER, Herbert W. CRONIN, Henry F. CUNNINGHAM, G. DALTON, Edward Hugh John Neale, Baron DAMATO, A. W. DAVIES: $.° %; J. > e a e S g k s e a h O n o S A. DELLER, Edwin DOREY Si... DOUGLAS, John F. DUNCAN, William Jolly ELDRIDGE, A. ELLINSON, FRAZER, R.A. FOX, Douglas Gerard Arthur FLOYD, Arthur FOSTER, P. . Field FAIR, Gordon M. FARREN, Sir William Scott FISHENDEN, Margaret A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Index of correspondents GANDY, RR.» W; GARNER, H. M. GARNER, William Edward GLANVILLE, Sir William Henry GOLDSTEIN, Sydney GOUGH, Herbert John GREIG, Sir James GROOTENHEIM, Peter GURNEY, C. HALL, Peter HAMMOND, Rolt HAMMOND, Nicholas Geoffrey Lemoriére HARDY, Edward °C. HARTEEY, A. HASSE, H. HIANNE, Edmond Ronald A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. M. J. rink, me C HOWARTH, F. A. A. A. A. A. HINTON, George HINTON, Dina Dobson HUTTON, Robert Salmon HOLBEIN, A. HOLMYARD, E. A. ISAAC,. Peter V..* ISSERLIS, A. INGLIS, Sir Claude Cavendish JAMESON, Alex H. HUTTON, Stanley JONES, Harry JATAGS, Ra. A. A. A. A. A. A. G. A. F. A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Index of correspondents KEE, Chin Fung Kev, A, KOLBUSZEWSKI, J. LAMB, Ernest Horace LAMB, Sir Horace LEGGERL B.A. AG LENNARD-JONES, Sir John (Edward) SEV Y 5 ore Ts LINSTEAD, Sir (Reginald) Patrick LOGAN, Sir Douglas (William) LOGAN, John A. LOVEDAY, Thomas > > > e P O N e N 18 a ay. p McDONALD, Alexander McDGWATL, C.K, A A oO 9 Rg IC 1G.G 18 3] 18 2 18 18 18 12 x2 3 .18 2A 18 10 G. °H. R. W. A A. Glee J. MOORE, 4... MORGAN, J. MCHALHE; Me MANTON, B. METTAM, Herbert A. McGEE, James Dwyer MARSHALL, William T. MACKINTOSH, James M. MACMILLAN, Sir (Maurice) Harold NEWITT, Dudley Maurice NORRIE, C. NAYLOR, Arthur NAYLOR, J. L. MORRIS, Sir Philip (Robert) +7 d i si P MOUNTAIN, RR. A A A A A A A A A C MORRIS, uae. NOR. S a7 > ay M. A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Index of correspondents OGILVIE, Alex OWEN, CF i PAGE, Sir Frederick Handley PIERO N: SY’ AL PIPER: S,. ae RACZKIEWICZ, READE,~De aH. de T, e e e e t e e e ROBERT, Eric R. ROBERTSON, Lane RICE-OXLEY, K. REGAMY CG. . J. ROBBINS, Brian G. RICE, Ralph. t.. = 1, RELF, Ernest Frederick REDSHAW, Seymour Cunningham SNOW, Sir Frederick (Sidney) SKEMPTON Alec Westley SEVERN, Roy Thomas SMITH, Robert Allan a P F P Sreocy, He J. ROBIN, H.R. ROSS, A. 4B: SHAW, Emlyn A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Index of correspondents SOUTHGATE, Bernard Alfred SPENCER, Sir Kelvin (Tallent) STATTON, A. G. STRADLING, Sir Reginald Edward TAIT, James Sharp TATTERSALL, Walter M. A.19 B.23 A.12 A.16 See also C.32 A.3] A.12 TAYLOR, Sir Geoffrey (Ingram) See C.33 TAYLOR, Gerald TAYLOR, Grace Stephanie, Lady TAYEGE? J. - €. THOMAS, W. N. THOMSON, Sir George (Paget) THORNEYCROFT, (George Edward) Peter, Baron A.3] G.33 19 112 ole P Taner, O° Tt. TOPPING, James TROUT, A.) M. G. TIZARD, Sir Henry Thomas TYNDALL, Arthur Mannering THORNTON, D. — Laugharne VAISEY, Jill VIVIAN, A.C. VOELCKER, J. WALLIS, Sir Barnes (Neville) e a E S O P WEST. faz. WEX, B. WEST, C. McLaren ay ILKINS; Ey Wa C. WALLACE, W._ WHITROW, G. J. WALLIS, FF, S: W. K. A.J.S. Pippard CSAC 97/1/84 Index of correspondents WILKINSON, L.P. WILLIAMS, D. WILSON, G. WRIGHT, W. WYNNE-EDWARDS, Sir Robert Merdydd A. D. ZAIMAN, A.