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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on the papers of 3IR WILFRID GROS LE (1895-1971) CLARK, F.R.S. deposited in The Bodleian Library, Oxford Reproduced for the Coutemporary Scientific Archives Centre by London. ¥C2A 1HP Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, THE ROYAL COMAISSICN ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS No. 74/67 1974, All rights reserved THE ROYAL SOCIETY THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Committee on Scientific and Technological Records CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Papers of SIR WILFRID LE GROS CLARK, F.R.S. (1895 - 1971) Deposited in the Bodleian Library, Oxford Harriot Weiskittel Listed by Jeannine Alton W.L.G.C. C.SeA.C. 15/9/74 Description of the collection The papers, which cover the years 1890 — 1974, were received from Lady Violet Le Gros Clark. Very little manuscript material remains from Sir Wilfrid's long All attempts to locate additional material in either career in anatomy. departments or private hands have been unsuccessful. 15) deal with Sir Wilfrid's grandfather, Dr. Frederick Le Gros Clark, and with his brother, Cyril Le Gros Clark, Chief Secretary of Sarawak, who was killed in 1945. The family papers (Items 10 — Summary of career 1895 1912 1919 1920 1923 1924 1927 1929 1934 Born in Hemel Hempstead Entered . St. Thomas's Hospital Medical School Elected Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons Principal Medical Officer, Sarawak, Borneo Married Freida Giddey (d.1963) Reader in Anatomy, University of London Professor of Anatomy, St. Bartholomew's Hospital — Professor of Anatomy, St. Thomas's Hospital Professor of Anatomy, Oxford Fellow of Hertford College 1961 1961 1964 1935 1950 1952 1954 1955 1958 Election to Royal Society President, International Anatomical Congress President, Anatomical Society Master of the Salter's Company Kni ghted Opening of new Anatomy Department Building, Oxford President, British Association for Advancement of Science Royal Medal of Royal Society Married Violet Browne Index to correspondents ‘\ Publications Diaries and journals Contents of the handlist Correspondence Family papers Biographical I. II. WeLeGeCe CSAC. 15/9/74 le lt 26 Biographical Memoir, Lord Zuckerman, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, Vol. 1973, pp. 217-233. 19, Obituary notices: Nature, Vol. 232, August 6, Journal, 10 July 1971; The Times, June 29th and July 8th, The Lancet, July 17, 1971 (incomplete); from 3 unidentified newspapers. 1971; British Medical 1971; Letters of sympathy to Lady Clark 1971 Miscellaneous articles re Sir Wilfrid's career: dedication of Volume 97 of the Journal of Anatomy to Sir Wilfrid;'The Advancement of Science!’ no. British Association for Advancement of Science; 5 page typescript of unidentified biographical article; caricature; Nature, Vol 183, June 6,1959 pp. 1572-1573 describing opening of new Department of Anatomy Building in Oxford. 67, September 1960 re his election as President of Lists of honours, appointments and membership in various institutions: typescript and manuscript. Certificates and honours: D.Sc. University of London 1928; Royal Society of Science, Upsala, 1952; Coronation Medal 1953; Hon.D.Sc. Oxford 1962; Lashley Prize of American Philosophical Society 1971 (includes correspondence and Ms. draft of Sir Wilfrid's reply) Ls Family papers Photographs of Sir Wilfrid and family. 9. Photographs taken on Sir Wilfrid's journeys to Indonesia 2 letters to Sir Wilfrid on his departure from Sarawak (dated May 28, 1923 and June 12, 1923); card from non-academic members of Department of Anatomy staff on occasion of his retirement, September 1962. Xerox copy of autobiography of Sir Wilfrid's grandfather, Dr. Frederick Le Gros. Clark (1811-1892), containing pencil sketches, correspondence etc. of remembrance service held November, 1961 and photograph. Xerox copy of pp. 88-118 of Biographical Memoir of Dr. Marshall Hall describing Dr. F. nervous reflex arc (sent by Dr. William Knisely of University of Texas to Lady Clark) Correspondence re imprisonment of Cyril Le Gros Clark, investigation into his death, letters of condolence, plans for memorial; programme 2 letters to SirWilfrid from brother, Cyril, dated July 22,1925 and February 6,1940 Le Gros Clark's support of Hall's theories of 10. ake 12. 136 1925, 1940 WeLeG.C. CoS-A.C. 15/9/74 14. Articles and newspapers re Cyril Le Gros Clark's life and death, the occupation of Sarawak by the Japanese and the cession of Sarawak (includes article by Sir Wilfrid ‘Sarawak Test Case! The New Statesman and Nation, January 5, and resulting published correspondence ) 1946 156 Photographs of memorial and grave in Sarawak, of memorial service. TII, Diaries and journals (all are manuscript ) 3. 1942 — 51 16. 17. 18% 1937 - 1938 1940 - 1945 (9 volumes) 1946 - 1954 (9 volumes) 1954 - 1962 (8 volumes) 1963 — 1966 (4 volumes ) 1967 — 1971 (5 volumes ) Journal of trip to South Africa (see also Item 25, Sir Wilfrid's letters home) : 1946 — 47 Journal of trip to Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia (see also Item 26, Sir Wilfrid's letters to secretary ) 23. Small notebook of epigraphs collected by Sir Wilfrid 1952 n.d. 1922, 1963 1946 — 47 1952 24. 25. 26. IV. _ Correspondence Miscellaneous correspondence (scientific and personal) 7 manuscript letters from Sir Wilfrid to his family during his «rip to South Africa (see also his journal of trip, Item 21) Correspondence between Sir Wilfrid and his wife Freida: 2 letters dated 1922 and 3 letters dated 1963 Typed copies of letters to Eleanor Woodhouse (secretary) written from Australia, New Zealand and Sarawak (see also his jovrnal of trip, Item 22) 1973 - 74 Correspondence in response to Lady whereabouts of additional manuscript papers and correspondence (including material sent by Professor Tobias: typescript of citation when Sir Wilfrid received Hon.D.Sc. at Witwatersrand ) Correspondence re article ‘Man (origin and races)' to be written for Encyclopaedia of the Twentieth Century (see Item 36 for Ms. draft of paper) Correspondence re Darwinian Symposium of Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Rome was never delivered) (see also Item 37 for Ms. draft of speech which Clark's enquiries regarding 1960 - 71 1970: = 7" 1971 W.L.G.C. C.S.A.C. 15/9/74 Sia Xerox copies of correspondence between Lord Zuckerman and Anthony Storr re Storr's review of Beyond the Ivory Tower 4. 1970 — 71 Publications Ms. draft of ‘Human Races* ‘A hundred years of the Ashmolean Club! (privately printed): related correspondence and notes 'The Evolution of Mant typescript with Ms. corrections Elsevier's animal encyclopaedia: "Bishop McDougall of Borneo' Hertford College Magazine, no.57, pe 717: typescript with Ms. corrections, offprint 'Man (Origin-and Races)' article prepared for Ineyclopaedia of the Twentieth Century: Ms. draft related correspondence ) (see also Item 28 for ' "Descent of Man" validated in the Fossil Record! speech prepared for Darwinian Symposium, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei: Ms draft also Item 29) (see Ms notes on others work, including 'Calamities and Quarrels of Authors! by Isaac Disraeli; ‘observations made by a curious and learned person, sailing for England to the Caribe—Islands'; notes on lymphocytes; miscellaneous Ms. notes and lists Wid « H. 1947 - 55 1956 — 70 1970) on 1961, 1970 Miscellaneous offprints Miscellaneous offprints Index to principal correspondents (numbers refer to Items ) Article appearing inNature (vol. 228, November 21, British Association for Advancement of Science, Sir Wilfrid's Ms. reply to Hditor dated 26.xi.70 (probably not sent). File includes material (programme, photographs, newspaper cuttings etc) re 123rd meeting of the British Association, August—Sept. 1961 with Sir Wilfrid as President 28 BOWDEN, Professor Ruth Elizabeth Mary APLIN, A. ASHTON, E. CAPPELLETTI, Vincenzo BARIGOZZI, Professor C. CALVER, D. \ E BRONOWSKI, Jacob 13 ag 29 3 27 13 WeL.G.C. CoS.ACe. 15/9/74 CLARK ,Cyril Drummond Le Gros CLARK, F. (Bill) Le Gros CLARK, Freida (Lady Clark) CORNER, Dr. George Washington DART, Professor Raymond Arthur ECKE, Gustav FAY, Michael H. HALSEY, Jean HARRISSON, Tom HAY, Professor Richard L.