OGSTON, Alexander George Supplementary

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Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Alexander George Ogston FRS (b.1911) NCUACS catalogue 24/9/90 by Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell A.G. Ogston (Supplement) NCUACS 24/9/90 Compiled by: Extent of material: 17 items Deposited in: Title: Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Alexander George Ogston FRS (b.1911), biochemist Date of material: 1977-1986 Reference code: GB 0161 Description level: Fonds Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell Department of Western Manuscripts, Bodleian Library, Oxford NCUACS catalogue no. 24/9/90 © National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath. A G Ogston (Supplement) NCUACS 24/9/90 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The British Library British Telecom National Power Rolls-Royce plc The Royal Society The Geological Society The Institute of Physics The Royal Society of Chemistry The Society of Chemical Industry G Ogston (Supplement) A NCUACS 24/9/90 INTRODUCTION The material in this collection was made available by 1988. Dr Ogston in of Ogston's papers and correspondence catalogued by the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre (‘CSAC 98/2/84) now in the Bodleian Library, is supplementary to the principal collection It The additional material documents some of Ogston's later Oxford. scientific research interests and has been numbered to follow the Information related material in Section B from Dr Ogston about this later research has been invaluable in cataloguing the papers and his comments have been incorporated in the Dr Ogston of the previous catalogue. We are very grateful to catalogue entries as appropriate. for making the material available and for his advice. Bath 1990 Timothy E Powell Peter Harper G Ogston (Supplement) A NCUACS 24/9/90 SECTION B SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH DIFFUSION AND SEDIMENTATION Correspondence with B changes of N Preston, ms notes re osmotic the molecular volume of dextran, 1977-78. Collaboration begun on visit to Uppsala in September LOH Spee Correspondence with T notes, re measurement and interpretation of physical constants of 'PERCOLL', 1977-79: C Laurent and B N Preston, ms Collaboration begun on visit to Uppsala in September LONE 2 folders. LOSS=86% formed by Wells’. 2 folders. B.97-B.101 Correspondence with C C Michel and J R Levick, ms D Wells, 1980, 1982 and 1985 ‘concerning "anomalous Correspondence with T C Laurent, BN Preston and calculations 'concerning attempts to describe flow through and filtration by systems (membranes) by fibres'. J (fommation: of fingers) = includes.(1982) aduthusion'. a simplified "osmotic explanation", later developed 5 folders. A G Ogston (Supplement) NCUACS 24/9/90 Scientific research ENZYME KINETICS Correspondence, ms notes, draft paper with H on gluconeogenesis, 1977-80. A Krebs use of isotopic labels to measure the rate of the ‘Originally AGO corrected HAK's mathematics (at HAK's request) on the simplest case work was not completed because of difficulties that occurred in finding an experimental means for checking an assumption’. (draft paper). The Drafts of paper on and equilibrium parameters of reversible enzyme reactions', editorial correspondence 1981-82. 'A new relationship between kinetic EQUILIBRIUM REACTIONS Bist O4), B.aLO> a short story of editorial controversy about The subject matter is a small point of accepted, on appeal, by H Atha and K C Ingham soley ellie misunderstood in first version by Correspondence with D measurement of effects of chain polymers on solubility of proteins, 1979-81. 'This is a very small scientific matter with, nevertheless, some morals. enzyme kinetics: one editor (Gutfreund): another (Slater)'. 2 folders. The correspondence was initiated when Ogston was Visiting Fellow, Institute of Cancer Research, Philadelphia, 1978-79. A G Ogston (Su pplement) NCUACS 24/9/90 Scientific research B. LO6-B. 108 Correspondence relating to thermodynamics of complex systems, 1983-84. followed from previous work on the Ogston's interest thermodynamics of polymers, such as Bid67Bs48, 7B. oS (CSAC 98/2/84) . Correspondence with G of polyethylene glycol (PEG) equilibria in solution at solid state, 1983-84. on haemoglobin-oxygen G Dodson concerning the effects J Gill on Correspondence with S following Ogston's reporting on of Dodson, 1984. the same topic, a paper at the request Correspondence with F Koerber on the same topic, 1984. G Ogston (Supplement) A NCUACS 24/9/90 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ATHA, Donald H BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA DATTA, SP DODSON, G G FEBS LETTERS GILL, Stanley Jensen GRANATH, Kirsti GUTFREUND, Herbert 72 kos INGHAM, Kenneth Culver PLO4)B. OS KOERBER, Fritjof SeLoOe MICHEL, Charles C OGSTON, WM PRESTON, Barry RICHEY, Brough LEVICK, J Rodney .99-B.101 O77 B98 LAURENT, Torvard C KREBS, Sir Hans (Adolf) B93), B 0447 52957 a6 20 SLATER, Edward Charles sLOu LOW eto3 WELLS, John D -92',B. 9478.95