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CSAC 55/9/77 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Supported by the Royal Society, the British Library and the Council of Engineering Institutions Report on the papers of Professor Norman McOmish Dott, CBE, FRSE (1897 - 1973) Compiled by: Jeannine Alton Harriot Weiskittel Deposited in the Library of the University of Edinburgh, 1978 N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Description of the collection The papers were received from Mrs. Dott (widow), via the Scottish Record Office, Edinburgh. Norman McOmish Dott was descended from a Huguenot refugee family (originally D'Ott) which settled in Scotland about 1680. His fother and grandfather were fine art dealers and picture framers in Edinburgh, and after education at George Heriot's School (see esp. A.32-A.38 for Dott's continuing links with and affection for the school), he was himself apprenticed as a joiner and an engineer. In 1913 he suffered serious injury to a hip in an accident, and during his hospitalization and convalescence the observation of the practice of medicine determined his future career and he entered Edinburgh University Medical School in 1914. Awarded the Syme Surgical Fellowship in 1921, he worked with Sir Edward Sharpey-Schafer, and his studies on the Pituitary led to the award of a Rockefeller Fellowship which enabled him to work as Assistant Resident to Harvey Cushing at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston, 1923-24 (see under Cushing’ in index of corres- pondenis). With the notable exception of this year, from which he returned, in his own words, “a Cushing disciple, with missionary zeal to establish modern Surgical Neurology in Edinburgh", and a briefer visit to Cushing in 1929, Dott remained in his native city He was a and served with Jefferson, Cairns and others on the Brain Injuries Committee of the documented in the collection; see the introductory notes to the separate sections on pps. 11, M.R.C.j during the Second World War (see B.17-B.35). All these activities are well He did much to establish Surgical Neurology there, and was the throughout his career. first holder of the Chair in that discipline at its University (see B.1-B.10). Founder Member of the Society of British Neurological Surgeons in 1926 (see F.42-F.106), 31,72,74, 79,92. In addition, the careful lecture notes in section C give a picture of the teaching developments in neurosurgery, while the correspondence with Cushing, Jeffer- other sufferers (see under colostomy in index of medical topics). Almost all of these relate to care of the disabled, and if was played an active part. characteristic of him that he devoted his last spell of professione! activity to using his own experience of colostomy surgery and disability to establishing special clinics to help especially in the second quarter of this century. section F, of the many aspects of public health in Scotland and elsewhere in which Doit There is also an extensive record, in son and many other leading figures trace the organization and personalities involved, N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Fuller accounts of Doit's life and career, and of the honours and awards he re- ceived, can be found in section A, esp. A.1-A.5. Dott said of himself that "perhaps dearest to his heart is the Freedom of the City of Edinburgh, 1962, being the first award of this honour to a doctor since it was conferred on Lord Lister and on Sir James Simpson about a century earlier, and also the Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Society of Medi- cine, being a recognition of a 'prophet' in his own land". A collection of Dott's Medals and Certificates of honour is held at the premises of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Photographs, charts and diagrams related to Dott's research and teaching are held at the Department of Surgical Neurology, University of Edinburgh Medical School, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh. Titles and descriptions of items in inverted commas in the list below are those which appear on the documents. All items are manuscript unless otherwise stated. The help of Dr. C.W.M. Whitty in selecting and identifying material, and the patient care of Mr. J.M. Potter in reading and advising on the draft handlist are very gratefully acknowledged. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Contents of the handlist Biographical and personal University of Edinburgh see introductory note on p.1] University of Edinburgh Lectures Undergraduate lectures C.1 - C.10 Postgraduate lectures C.11 - C.47 Lectures, speeches, addresses D.1 - D.295 see introductory note on p. 31 Conferences, visits, lecture tours see introductory note on p.60 Pet + Fela5 Overseas Societies F.107 = F.125 Correspondence United Kingdom Societies F.1 - F.106 Committees and Societies see introductory note on p. 72 Working papers, notes and drawings Index of principal correspondents Outline index of medical topics N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section A - Biographical and personal Autobiographical notes, curriculum vitae, lists of appointments and publications, prepared by Dott for the American College of Surgeons 1967 and regularly updated by him to 1972. The notes are in sections as follows, many with pencilled notes and dates by Dott: distinctions, appointments, research, ments, F. Societies and Distinctions, the fullest list of publications, updated to 1972 and with starred items '* = Important in Author's Opinion’. D. (untitled) Hospital appointments, G. Publications. B, Academic E. Research, A. Personal, C. Academic appoint- This is Misc. biographical notes, career outlines, bibliographies prepared by Dott for various occasions: for The Harvey Cushing Society 1955 Dept. Health for Scotland (Distinction Awards) 1960 Pahlavi University, Shiraz, Iran 1965, see also E.67 Mr. Phillip Harris 1968, see A.3 and A.4 Soc. Neurological Surgeons Golden Jubilee Volume 1969 Who's Who 1969 Scottish Ass. Occupational Therapists 1970 ‘Norman M. Dott. A Biographical Sketch’. Xerox copy of for same. References to publica- ie ms. additional material. Misc. items of biographical interest: Misc. biographical notes compiled at various dates, and requests Dott's 'List of publications’ on which above was based, 7 pp. with address by Phillip Harris (see A.2, A.4), includes list (incomplete) of publications to 1968. tions in this list are given in the form Harris ... in other sections of the collection. Surgical Neurology, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 1943. Envelope of photographs and itemised account for construction and supplying of operating table for Dott, showing detailed costs of materials and craftsmen's labour 1926-27; of various instruments including two signed Norman M. Dott Aug. 1918. Corres. re Dott's appointment as Hon. Consultant in Neuro- Surgery fo the Army in Scotland 1941. Certificate of attendance at University of Paris tuberculosis course at Berck 1926. Letter of renewal of appointment as Surgeon, Dept. photographs N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 A.10 A.ll A.12 A.13 A.14 Section A ~ siographical and personal Award of C.B.E. 1947. Royal Medical Society (Hon. Fellow) 1955. Société de Chirurgie de Lyon (Membre Correspondant Etranger) 1961. Society of Neurosurgeons of South Africa (Hon. Member) 1965. includes photographs of Dott, Jefferson and Misc. items; others, probably taken at 32nd meeting of Society of British Neurosurgeons at Basingstoke, Nov. 1944 (Symposium on battle casualties), sent with covering letter dated Feb. 1945. See F.59. Correspondence relating to Chair of Neurological Surgery, Edinburgh, May-Aug. 1947: includes Dott's letter of 'personal views' sent to Dean of the Faculty of Medicine (6 pp.) with red-ink notes and corrections by G. Jefferson, offer of Chair to Dott, his ms. note of con- versation with Dean and subsequent acceptance of appointment. Copy of Dott's 'Commission' to Chair of Neurological Surgery Nov. 1947. See also D.52 (Inaugural Address). Presentation to Dott of his portrait by Sir William Hutchinson, Pencil notes for ‘broadcast’ at 9.30 on day of presentation, 4 pp. A.17-A.22 Conferment of Freedom of City of Edinburgh, 6 July 1962. This honour had not been conferred on a medical man for 64 years, and gave Dott special pleasure. June 1960. Ms. texts of speeches by Sir Geoffrey Jefferson and Prof. Adams McConnell and Dott's letters of thanks to both, also his speech of thanks at the presentation. (These documents include biographical information and reminiscences. ) Photograph taken at the presentation. or to lunch. Correspondence with Lord Provost announcing conferment of Freedom: includes Dott's letter to Provost Aug. 1962 con- gratulating him on his Hon. LI.D. and referring to Dot's ‘tremendous uplift' at conferment of Freedom. Text of Lord Provost's presentation speech; ms. draft and text of Dott's speech of thanks 7 pp., ms. draft of Doft's speech at lunch after presentation, 5 pp. Conferment of Freedom of City of Edinburgh, July 1962: folder of printed material; and menu; Dott's list of people to be invited to the ceremony press-cuttings, lunch invitation N.M., Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section A - Biographical and personal A.19 Misc. corresp. re Dott's speeches on conferment of Freedom and arrangements to publish text, from: The Scotsman George Heriot's School Scottish Ass. Occupational Therapists Scottish Medical Journal Univ. Edin. Journal Letters of congratulation on conferment of Freedom (not indexed). All these letters are accompanied by a reply from Dott, sometimes including material of biographical interest. Letters of congratulation, and thanks for invitation, from those present at ceremony of conferment of Freedom (not indexed). Letters of congratulation on conferment of Freedom from friends, colleagues, members of the general public (not indexed). frequently their Many of these are from grateful patients; letters bear a ms. note by Dott recalling their illness and treatment. A.23-A.26 Corresp. etc. relating to Dott's retirement from the Chair of Surgical Neurology 1962. A.23 Corresp. with: Dott might go to Univ. Singapore to help organise Dept. there). Edin. Univ. Medical School South-Eastern Regional Hosp. Board, Scotland Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Western General Hospital, Edinburgh Scottish Daily Mail Pergamon Press (re possible book of memoirs) Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (suggesting Letters on retirement, from grateful patients 1962 (not indexed). Personai documents relating to retirement 1962. Menu of dinner in Dott's honour, Oct. 1962. Letters from old family friends recalling early events in Dott's life, including early photograph of Dott and his brother c.1905. 2 speeches given by Dott at retirement dinners given in his honour by Faculty of Medicine and by Dept. Surgical Neurology. Letters on retirement, from colleagues and friends 1962 (not indexed). N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section A ~ Biographical and personal A.27 Farewell dinner in honour of George L. Alexander, FRCS, on retirement from Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, Jan.-March 1967. (Alexander was one of Dott's earliest colleagues, working with him in Edinburgh 1933-1948 before moving to Bristol .) Corresp. and arrangements, menu. Text of Dott's speech at dinner, 7 pp. Dinner in honour of Dott's 70th birthday Dec. 1967. Menu, table~setting, Dott's speech of thanks, 6 pp. Conferment of Hon. Fellowship, Royal Society of Medicine, April-July 1968. Letter announcing award of Fellowship, corresp. re arrange- ments for ceremony, ms. of Dott's speech of thanks, 2 pp. 16 July 1968. Conferment of Hon. Fellowship, American College of Surgeons, 1968. George Heriot's School, and Trust 1959-66 He played an active Corresp. on conferment of Fellowship, travel and ceremonial arrangements, with Director of College, and presenter; includes bound copy of presentation ceremony. Feb.-Dec. 1968. (This was the occasion for which Dott prepared the full biographical and bibliographical information in A.1, and the corresp. also includes some personal recollections. ) Conferment of Hon. D.M. Edinburgh, July 1969. Dott was educated at George Heriot's School, Edinburgh General correspondence re arrangements, invitations to official lunch and dinner, copy of Laureation Address. and remained loyal to the school throughout his life, frequently referring to it in speeches of reminiscence, part in the various activities of 'Old Herioters' and the benefactions and work of George Heriot's Trust, on whose Board of Governors he served as University representative 1959-1963. invitations, menus, etc. relating to the occasion. Dott was a frequent guest speaker at commemorations of George Those Heriot's School and its many clubs in Scotland and elsewhere. in items A.32-A.38 below are presented chronologically. speeches are ms. and are accompanied by printed literature, All the N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section A - Biographical and personal A.32 1959 (Tercentenary Year) Heriot club Annual Dinner, May; annotated menu. Heriot's Trust Governors Dinner, June. 7 pp. notes, with menu, etc. Glasgow Heriot Club dinner, June. 10 pp. speech, with menu and photograph taken at dinner. Letters of appoiniment to serve on Board of Governors, George Heriot's Trusi, as University representative. Founder's Day Celebration, June. Annual Dinner. School Prizegiving Speech, 5 pp., with misc. printed material. Speech proposing Toast of the School, 7 pp. Founder's Day Celebration, June. Heriot's Trust Dinner. Speech of welcome to guests, 10 pp. 1961 1962 1963 Heriot Club Annual Dinner, May. Speech of welcome to guests, 7 pp. Yorkshire Heriot Club Annual Dinner, Dec. Speech proposing Toast, 9 pp. with menu. Toast of the Chairman, 2 pp., wiin menu. 2 pp. Guests', 5 pp., with menu. with annotated menu. Heriot Club Annual Dinner, notes on speeches. 1964 1965 Heriot Club Annual Dinner, June. 3 speeches, 4 pp., 4 pp., Edinburgh Schools Dinner, Singapore, March. Speech, 2 pp., Founder's Day Celebrations, June. George Heriot's Trust Dinner. p. Heriot's School, speech to school leavers, June, 5 pp. Newcastle Heriot Club Annual Dinner, Oct. Borders Heriot Club, Nov. Heriot Club Committee Dinner, Nov. Dumfries and Galloway Heriot Club, June. Reply to 'The Toast of the School, 5 pp. 2 speeches, 4 pp. and 1 with notes and correspondence. Speech, 5 pp., N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 A.38 1966 Section A - Biographical and personal London Heriot Club, Feb., 4 pp. Dundee and District Heriot Club, March, 4 pp. Lancashire and Cheshire Heriot Club, April, 5 pp. Aberdeen and Disirict Heriot Club Annual Dinner, May. Speech, 5 pp., with menu. Founder's Day Celebrations, June. Dott, then Chairman of the Heriot Club, invited Prof. Michael Swann, Principal and Vice-Chancellor Edinburgh University, to propose the Founder's Toast. ltem includes correspondence, seating and timing arrangements, drafts for speeches, 6 pp., menu. Fife Heriot Club, Oct, lecture with slides. 2 undated talks to Heriot clubs, 7 pp. and 5 pp. A.39,A.40 Dinner speeches given by Dott on medical and social occasions, with menus, etc. A.39 T¥55-1959 Dinner in honour of Miss Gertrude Herzfeld, 1955. Royal Medical Soc. Annual Dinner 1957, annotated menu. Faculty of Medicine Dinner 1958, speech, notes, corres~ pondence and letters of appreciation from guests. Corresp. Sir Walter Mercer Ernest Fahmy 'Dinner of Associates - Past and Present’, 1960. Biennial Dinner of the Fellows in Dental Surgery, 1960. Dinner in honour of Sister Innes, on her retirement from Royal Edin. Hosp. for Sick Children, 1961, with letters of thanks. Dinner for Honorary Graduands 1958, annotated menu. Annual Dinner, Odonto-Chirurgical Soc. Scotland 1959 Opening of New Administration, Sighthill, 1959. Text of 2 speeches. Biennic! Dinner of the Fellows in Dental Surgery, 1962. Mess Dinner, Residency, Roy. Infirmary of Edin. 1962. Moynihan Chirurgical Club, meeting in Edin., 1962, speech with invitation, programme of meeting, menu. Misc. texts of speeches given at farewell parties on retire- ment, 1962. Dundee Angling Club Centenary Dinner, 1962. Royal Medical Soc. Presidents’ Annual Dinner, 1963, Dinner given by Dott for Prof. and Mrs. John Gillingham annotated menu. (Dott's successor), 1963. A.40 1960-1967 Speech and notes. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section A - Biographical and personal A.41-A.43 Misc. social souvenirs. A.A4l Signed or annotated menus, various dates 1947-62. A.42,A.43 Misc. dinner menus, for medical and university feasts, Burns nights, Heriot clubs, etc. Dott was a guest, but not a speaker, on these occasions (not sorted or indexed). 2 folders. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section B - University of Edinburgh The material is divided broadly into four sections: B.1 - B.36. The development of neuro-surgery in Edinburgh and including papers relating to the work of Dott and Doti's part in establishing it as a recognised discipline 1929-38 (B.1-B.10); his Brain Injuries Unit during the Second World War (B.11-B.16), and his service on the Brain Injuries Committee and other war service (B.17-B.36). See also H.34. B.37 - B.48. University of Edinburgh Faculty of Medicine; committees on medical education, staffing ratios, curriculum, etc. 1955-1965. (Dott's lectures given for the Faculty of Medicine appear in Section C.) B.49-B.62. Planning and building of the new Royal Infirmary and esp. the Dept. of Surgical Neurology, 1955-61. Because of the academic and administrative links between the University, the Hospital and Regional Boards there is of necessity some overlap between II and III. ‘B.63 - B.67. Misc. University of Edinburgh Committee and offices served by Dott. B.1-B.10 of Neuro-Surgery in Edinburgh The material includes reports, projects 1929-3 Although he In 1924, on his return from a year as assistant to Harvey Cushing Correspondence, reports and papers relating to the development in Boston, Dott began work as a neuro-surgeon in Edinburgh. he held appointments at the Royal Infirmary os Clinical Tutor in Surgery, and in the University as Lecturer in Surgery and Pediatric Surgery, and although he was frequently consulted by colleagues in the Edinburgh public hospitals, he had no public hospital beds, research facilities or official appointment in his specialty; financed his work on his fees, and operated from a private nursing home. incorporation of Neuro-surgery (later Surgical Neurology) in the academic and hospital organisation. possible. as the various possibilities for the physical housing of such work (within the Jordanburn Nerve Hospital, the Royal Infirmary or an extension thereof), its financing by hospital and outside funds such as the Rockefeller Foundation, and the nature and location of Dott's own appointment. and appeals drawn up by Dott and others, letters of appeal and recommendation etc., and is presented chronologically as far as The correspondence and reports below deal with such matters As his reputation increased, the pressure grew for the N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section B - University of Edinburgh The chief correspondents (chronological order) are: Sir David Percival Dalbreck Wilkie George Matthew Robertson Sir Harold Jalland Stiles Edward Arnold Carmichael Logan Turner James Lorrain Smith Wilfred Trotter Edwin Bramwell Sir Geoffrey Jefferson Sir Sydney Alfred Smith Alan Gregg (Rockefeller Foundation) Sir Alexander Grant (Copy) letter to Sir David Wilkie re possible unit for Dott's work at Jordanburn Nerve Hospital, Sept. 1929. Statement re Surgical Neurological work in Edinburgh by N.M. Dott (gives a full account of Dott's work 1924-30 and his future plans), May 1930. Corresp. Oct.-Dec. 1930 re link with Royal Infirmary, with: Sir David Wilkie George M. Robertson G.M. Robertson Sir Harold Stiles Corresp. Jan. 1931 re post of Honorary Assistant Surgeon, National Hospital, Queen Square, London. Dott applied for this post, partly in order to hasten a decision Corresp. Dec. 1930, includes letter re appeal to Rockefeller Foundation by G.M. Robertson, and statement by Dott on ‘Present Position re R.1.E.". about his position at Edinburgh, and later withdrew his applica- tion. neurology and neuro-surgery in U.K. at that time. The corresp. includes interesting material about separate clinic - e.g. Jordanburn', 3 pp. Harvey Cushing (full account of Doit's plans) Edwin Bramwell G.M. Robertson Sir David Wilkie James Lorrain Smith (and reply) Wilfred Trotter (and reply) ms. note by Dott, used as basis for his corresp., with heading ‘Question as between final development in R.I.E. or at various colleagues, outlining his plans, the history of the project to date, and asking their support. Letters to: Edward Arnold Carmichael Logan Turner Sir David Wilkie Corresp. Jan. 1931; autograph and typescript copies of letters to N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section B - University of Edinburgh B.7 Continuing corresp. Feb.-July 1931 re Dott's appointment, work, financing by Rockefeller Foundation: Wilfred Trotter G.ivi. Robertson Sir David Wilkie Sir Geoffrey Jefferson G. Elliot Smith E. Bramwell Continuing corresp. Aug.1931-May 1932, esp. re administrative relations and physical organisation of Dott's work between Royal Infirmary, Jordanburn Nerve Hospital and private clinics; containing a detailed account of developments up to that date: Dott's letter to Sir Sydney Smith of 29 April 1932 G.M. Robertson Sir Sydney Smith Alan Gregg Text of further appeal for funds, outlining history and funding of The letter says, in part,'As | explained to you, brain surgery in Edinburgh, n.d. but probably 1936. Letter from Sir Alexander Grant in reply to that, or similar appeal, agreeing to give £5,000 for 7 years for Dott's Department. | am really not in a position to give the ful! amount all at once and, frankly, | would not have been willing to have parted with it for any other object, but the scheme you explained to me appeals to me so much | cannot help it, even if | have to go into debt'. June 1936. See also H.34. Misc. reports and notes drawn up by Dott to further his plans, n.d. but probably 1930-31. "Practical advance in management of ceniral nervous disease’ "Premises and equipment' "Staff, remuneration, etc.' "Points that might appeal with special force to Rockefeller Dott's Dept. was opened by Lady Grant in 1938 on 'Ward 20'; originally the female Venereal Disease ward of the Infirmary; this had been vacated and established as the Dept. of Neuro- logical Surgery by the generosity of Sir Alexander Grant, the purchase of equipment being assisted by the Rockefeller Foundotion via the University of Edinburgh. Health Services by Roy. Coll. Surg. Edin., 1934.) (included with this material is Evidence prepared for submission to the Committee on Scottish a copy of the Statement of "Points that might appeal with particular force to Asylums Board! B.10 Foundation' N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section B ~ University of Edinburgh B.11-B.36 Papers and corresp. relating to Second World War, 1939-43 On the outbreak of war, if was expected that heavy air attacks might take place on all major cities, and the 'Brain Injuries Unit' was set up at Bangour, West Lothian, with 80 beds and 2 temporary operating theatres. Active neurological surgery for civilians and members of the armed forces was transferred to Bangour, while 'Ward 20' at R.1.E. was used mainly for out-patients. 5-year grant from the Rockefeller Foundation enabled Dott to recruit and train a specialist staff and establish Edinburgh as a major centre of Surgical Neurology. Bangour and arrangements for finance and staff. work of Scottish Centres 1940-45 can be found in F.60. B.11-B.16 relate mainly to the move to An account of the A substantial On a wider front, Dott served on the Brain Injuries Committee of the Medical Research Council, and as Regional Consultant in Neuro-surgery, and with Jefferson and Cairns played a part in establishing procedures and units for the treatment of brain injuries, notably the 'mobile units' advocated by Hugh Cairns. B.17-B.35 deal with this work. Although most of the documents relate to 'war work', other matters, such as publications, cases and their treatment are discussed, and the correspondence with Jefferson in particular is of a very friendly and relaxed nature. Dist treatment of Naval casualties in Scotland by Dot's unit. staff Oct.-Nov. 1940. Corresp. Dec.1939-May 1940 re transfer to Bangour, finance, C.P. Symonds organisation, etc. B.12 Corresp. Oct.-Nov.1939 re Dott's wish to use his resources at B.11-B.16 Corresp. re Doit's "Brain Injuries Unit' at Bangour 1939-41 Corresp. Sept.-Oct.1939 with Macdonald Critchley and others re Bangour fully by enlarging intake of patients to other branches of Armed Forces: See also D.38-40, D.42, D.43, F.60, H.6. includes copy of Brain Injuries Committee paper on rehabilitation by 'Group-Captain Symonds and Col. Cairns’ and Dott's own paper Oct.1940 on 'Bangour Hospital Rehabilitation Scheme’. Corresp. (mainly administrative) re Bangour and appointments to its Corresp. with George Riddoch re Bangour unit, its administration and personnel, April 1941. Corresp. July-Nov. 1940 on rehabilitation at Bangour Hospital; N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 - University of Edinburgh Section B B.17-B.30 Papers re Brain Injuries Committee (B.1.C.) The Chairman was E.D. (later F.C. Bartlett, H.(W.B.) Cairns, M. Critchley, N.M. Dott, The Committee was appointed by Medical Research Council to co-ordinate reseorch, circulate information, maintain records and make recommendations for research. Lord) Adrian, Sec. E.A. Carmichael; Members of the Committee included: J.G. Greenfield, G. Jefferson, A. Lewis, E. Prideaux, G. Riddoch, C.P. Symonds. The committee papers are presented in chronological order of the meetings, together withmemos. and reports for discussion. Almost all the papers have ms. notes and comments by Dott; corres- pondence etc. relating to a particular meeting or point of discussion has been left in the sequence. See also F.55. Preliminary material: paper by G. Jefferson 'on the care of patients with injuries to the head and spine’, and on regional neuro- surgical centres, 2 Sept. 1939, cand a letter to Dott re location and frequency of meetings of B.I.C. The letter, on exercise- book paper, was written ‘in air-raid shelter (super-cellar) since 8.0 p.m.'n.d. ? Nov.-Dec.1940, and refers also to Dott's Rockefeller support, air-raids, etc. Paper re B.| first meeting of B.I1.C. 7 March 1940; .C. 1, includes papers 11, with Dott's annotations. 3, 4, 5, 10, 2, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15,with Dott's annotations. includes B.1.C. papers Second meeting of B.1.C. 28 March 1940; Third meeting of B.1.C. 2 May 1940, B.I.C. 16. Fourth meeting of B.1.C. 30 May 1940, includes B.I.C. papers includes 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, with Dott's annotations; ms. note by Dott headed 'Bartlett' (perhaps notes on a paper or contribution by F.C. Bartlett); letter from Dott to Sec. re future policy of the committee, and formation of sub- committees (Dott chaired Sub-Committee I] on Traumatic Epilepsy); letter from Dott to C.P. Symonds on 'Glossary of Psychological terms' July 1940. on 'E.M.S.' (Emergency Medical Service). 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, with Dott's annotations; includes corresp. with E. Arnold Carmichael re post- traumatic headache, July 1940, to accompany B.1.C. 26. Seventh meeting of B.I.C. 19 Sept. 1940, includes B.I.C. papers 32, LB.1.C. 3, with Dott's annotations and ms. note by Dott Sixth meeting of B.I.C. 1 Aug. 1940, includes B.1.C. paper 31. Fifth meeting of B.1.C. 27 June 1940, includes B.I.C. papers N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section B - University of Edinburgh B25 Eighth meeting of B.1.C. 24 Oct. 1940, includes B.1.C. papers 34, 35, with Dott's annotations. B.26 Ninth meeting of B.1.C. 3 Dec. 1940, includes B.1.C. papers 36 18 s1.C. t.. B.27 Corresp. with E. Arnold Carmichael and Geoffrey Jefferson re ‘Glossary of Psychological Terms' prepared by B.1.C. B.28 Tenth meeting of B.1.C. 4 March 1971, includes unnumbered B.1.C. paper on research work by investigators at various centres. Misc. B.1.C. papers 41(a), 55 (this is Hugh Cairns's illustrated report on the use of crash helmets), and a brief summary of a meeting '28/2/42. G.L.A. [Alexander] present’. H.C. [Cairns], G.J. Wefferson] and Misc. duplicated papers relating to opening of Military Hospital (Head Injuries) at St. Hugh's College, Oxford Feb. 1940, and timetable of lectures etc. at 'course of instruction' held there Dec. 1941. Papers and corresp. re Regional Advisers in Neuro-surgery Committee papers of meetings of Regional Advisers in Neurosurgery, Feb. and April 1941. Corresp. with Jefferson Sept.-Nov. 1941, re Regional Consultants Corresp. with Jefferson June 1941 re staffing difficulties esp. in view of Cairns's demand for 3 more mobile teams; agenda for 3rd Regional Advisers meeting. includes Papers on management and treatment of head injuries dated 9/9/40, by G. Jefferson with extensive annotations by Dott, advocating Regional Consultants to supervise head injuries and co-ordinate views through monthly meetings with him. subject during the war years in Scotland. Corresp. re Medical History of the War, Scottish Section 1943. Invitation from J.M. Macintosh (General Editor of Scottish Section) to act as 'Watcher' for Skull and Brain injuries with responsibility for noting any special developments in the meetings Sept. or Dec., with discussion of forms for medical records and Dott's appointment as Consultant to Scottish Board of Health Emergency Medical Service. Corresp. with Hugh Cairns and George Riddoch re staffing of E.M.S. and mobile neuro-surgery teams, Aug.-Sept. 1942. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section B - University of Edinburgh B.37-B.48 | University of Edinburgh Faculty of Medicine B.37-B.39 | Medical Curriculum, 1955-60 Reports, committee papers and correspondence on organisa- tion and proposed changes in medical education. 1955-58. 3 folders. Copy of Report on Undergraduate Medical Education prepared by Edinburgh Pathological Club March 1955, with letter by Dott expressing mixed reactions and enclosing his own sug- gestions for the Edinburgh medical course, 3 pp. Letter from Dott with suggestions for 5th year 'specials' Nov. os: Minutes of Special Meeting to discuss above Report, 1956. Memorandum on teaching of Psychological Medicine 1956, annotated by Dott. Corresp. with Prof. K. Dott's Graduation Address (see B.64) 1958. Hill on medical curriculum, following B.38 1955 and 1960 D. Whitteridge 1959. 1959-60 Many undated. Committee papers on review of curriculum prepared for General Medical Council March 1960, and for interim policy during rebuilding. Draft memorandum to University Grants Committee, on problems during rebuilding, annotated by Dott, April 1960. Memorandum on Medical Curriculum prepared by Dott 1955 and sent to 2 pp. ms. notes by Dott on medical curriculum. or his summaries of decisions taken at meetings or committees. Misc. duplicated reports prepared by various individuals, University Committees and working parties on aspects of medical education - entry, course requirements, student wastage, examinations and methods, etc. (c) 1959-1960. Includes various memoranda, grant applications and notes of meetings which enable plans for equipment, staffing and research of Unit to be followed; many of the documents bear Dott's comments Reports, correspondence and papers re Neurological Unit, mainly exchanged with J.A. Simpson, Physician in charge of unit. Neurological unit, Northern General Hospital, 1956-60 N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section B - University of Edinburgh In 1959 Dr. Simpson applied to the Wolfson Foundation for support for a Neurological Research Unit in Edinburgh (a copy of the application is Dott wrote in support of the proposal to Sir Stanford Cade and Lord Evans. on this occasion in the folder); Dept. Surgical Neurology (See B.55-B.57 for Dott's brief for academic areas of Dept. at new hospital, prepared for Univ. Edinburgh Faculty of Medicine. ) Courses for General Practitioners Misc. timetables, stencilled material, and brief corresp. on courses for general practitioners: Some aspects of Surgical Neurology, 1959 Psychological Medicine, 1962 (arranged by Edinburgh Postgraduate Board of Medicine and Dept. Psychological Medicine). Dept. Surgical Neurology Nursing Studies Corresp., memos. and notes re courses for post-registration nursing training in specialised clinical work, 1960-61. Dept. Surgical Neurology See also E.24, Committee to deal with Review Committee on Medical Staffing Siructure in Scottish Hospitals, 1962 Visit of Dr. K. Kristiansen (Oslo) on Foreign University Interchange Scheme, 1960. Arrangements for visit, schedule of activities, notes of Dott's introductory remarks at a lecture by Kristiansen, and at a farewell dinner. in Scottish Hospitals for Soc. Brit. Neurol. Surg. with special! reference to the Platt report on Medical Staffing Structure in the Hospital Service, HMSO 1961, and the ‘Wright Committee! appointed to review medical staffing in Scottish hospitals (Chairman J.H. Wright, Sec. R.R.W. Stewart), 1961-62 See also F.88 papers and corresp. on Medical Staffing Structure Memorandum on similar subject, heavily annotated by Dott. Committee minutes and reports, annotated by Dott (Jan., Feb., March, April) 1962. Memorandum and letter from Dott to Dean of Faculty on grades of clinical appointments, etc. B.45-B.48 Misc. documents prepared or assembled by Dott re medical staffing, N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section B - University of Edinburgh B.45 Copy of Platt report, printed matter and press-cuttings re Report and Committee, 1961. B.46 Documents re staffing of Dept. Surgical Neurology and its expansion after opening at new Dept. of Western General Hospital in 1959, annotated and updated to 1962. Doit's review of work of his Dept., prepared for University Grants Committee 1960 and his Quinquennial Estimates 1962-67. Corresp. re medical staffing at Dundee (Univ. Sf. Andrews) and duplicated report. Dott's report for Review Committee on Staffing at Dept. Surgical Neurology, Jan. 1962. Letter from Dott on staff appointment and apportionment of salary as between NHS/University, 1965. B.49-B.62 The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (and associated hospitals) B.49 Modernisation and rebuilding plans. Copy of Memorandum on Modernisation of Royal Infirmary, prepared by Business Committee, annotated by Dott and with letter of comments by him to T. McW. Miller, June 1955. Second copy of Memorandum, August 1955. Misc. reports on medical organisation, assembled by Dott: 1957, 1959 commissioned during planning of new hospitals in Edinburgh: Misc. reports on hospital organisation and medical education Memorandum on Orthopaedic Service, with annotations by Dott. Memorandum on Radiotherapy Service at new Western General Hospital. Canada Scandinavia Buffalo Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, . Kuala Lumpur Johns Hopkins Med. School Social Security Medical care France Pathology, USA USA USA and Canada press-cuttings 1956 1956 1956 1957 1959 1959 1960 1969 1969 1970 (world survey) N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section B - University of Edinburgh B.52-B.54 Accident Service and $.O.P.D. Committee papers, plans, reports and correspondence on rebuilding of 'S.O.P.D.' (Surgical Out-Patients Department) at Royal Infirmary Edinburgh, including accident and emergency surgical care and surgical teaching. 3 folders. See also C.42 1957-61 Duplicated memos. on problems of rebuilding of $S.O.P.D., some annotated by Dott, Dec. 1957. Dott's own memo. on S.O.P.D., Jan. 1958, typescript ond ms. 7 pp. Dott's ms. notes and diagrams for ‘Poly Clinic’ and O.P. suite, A pp. Dott's ms. notes on similar project, 1 p. Letters, Jan.-May 1958 on rebuilding plans from Dott to Sir John Bruce, Prof. J.1.P. James, Prof. J.H.F. Brotherston, Mr. J.R. Cameron. Committee papers and reports, most annotaied by Dott, June, Oct. 1959, May, July 1960. 1959-61 The correspondence deals with the distribution of facilities Dott's letter of 19 April 1960 gives a very Doit's ms. note ‘Future of Ward 20' (Surgical Neurclogy), 2 pp., with covering letter to accompany completed memo. Dec. 1960. Dott's ms. notes on 'Anaesth. Meeting 12.12.61', 3 pp., and 3 pp. other notes on staffing. Printed report on Accident Services. Corresp. dealing with planning of new out-patienis dept. at Western General Hospital. (Corresp. begins with Edinburgh Northern Hospital Group and continues with South-Eastern Regional Hospital Board.) Phillip Harris for neuro-surgery, with special reference to out-patients, as between the two major teaching hospitals (Royal Inf. and Western Gen. Hosp.). clear account of his view on the appointment of staff, space and time for inpatient and out-patient work at the two hospitals. Corresp.: Charles W.A. Falconer F. John Gillingham Thomas McW. Miller Eric Samuel A report of the Out-Patient Working Party for Western Gen. Hosp. is included. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 - University of Edinburgh Section B B.54 1961-62 Commitiee papers and correspondence, mainly re meeting of Hospital Planning {long-term policy) Committee, Dec. 1961, to consider memoranda presented by Professors Bruce and Woodruff, Professor J.1.P. James, Professor Dott. of all memoranda, annotated by Dott, are included.) (Copies 2 reports on accident services in Royal Inf., n.d., one with 2 pp. ms. comments by Dott. Other notes by Dott on relations between Roy. Inf. and Western Gen. Hosp. Correspondence with Professor J.1.P. James on Bruce-Woodruff Memo., 1962. Copy of printed report on accident services, annotated by Dott. B.55-B.57 Academic Areas for new Royal Infirmary and Western General Hospital, 1960-61. 2 folders. B.«D9 Invitation to Dott to take responsibility of preparing brief for academic area of Dept. Neurosurgery, his acceptance, and misc. committee papers and procedure for preparation of brief (many annotated by Dott), 1960. 3 books of ‘jotting slips' (some loose pages inserted). No indication Misc. notes by Dott while preparing brief, and his comments on submission of requirements by colleagues. Typescript of brief Department of Surgical Neurology, Edinburgh, at the Royal Infirmary and Western General Hospital', 14 pp. + 2 pp. Appendices. See D.147. of date or place, but Doit's pencil notes seem to be accounts of meetings or conversations about staff appointments, develop- ment of Neuro-surgical department, hospital planning and relations with university teaching, etc. also contains several sketch-plans for the layout of wards and residential accommodation (probably during planning of new Dept. Surg. Neurol.) Ms. speech by Dott on unveiling of mural by Robert Lyon, commissioned by Edwin Austin Abbey Memorial Trust, in Dept. Surg. Neurol. 1962, with photographs. 1960. Press-cuttings and news items. Account of department by John Holt, 9 pp. One of the books Opening of Dept. Surgical Neurology, Western General Hospital, N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section B - University of Edinburgh B.60 Various photographs of equipment, methods of treatment, rooms, wards etc. taken at opening of new Dept. Surgical Neurology, Western Gen. Hosp. Copy of official brochure re Dept., which includes an account by Dott of ‘Development of Surgical Neurology in Edinburgh, 1925-1960". Sub-committee on Skin Sterilisation appointed by Hospital Com- mittee, Feb.1961-Dec.1962. Committee papers and reports; includes Dott's memorandum on the techniques of skin degermination as used with success in his department. Some corresp. with other members of Committee. "Pediatrics and Children's Hospitals', 1964-65. Correspondence and papers relating to question of building Children's Hospitals as separate institutions or incorporating them in General Hospital sites: with special reference to the siting and location of Royal Hosp. for Sick Children, Edinburgh. Includes carbons of Dott's letters on the subject to: the Editor, The Lancet, 1964 the Chairman, SE. Regional Hosp. Board, 1965 the Editor, The Scotsman, 1965 B.63 William Ramsay Henderson Trust, 1954-73 B.63-B.67 University of Edinburgh: misc. committees and offices. Misc. press-cuttings of other letters to Scotsman and Lancet. The Trust was formed to administer money bequeathed in 1829 by William Henderson to further work in 'The Science of Phrenology', later interpreted as ‘anything to do with the head’. The fund was generally used to further lectures and publications in-neurology and the central nervous system.” See also B.37. The file includes committee papers, suggestions or particulars of lectures or publications sponsored by the Trust, correspondence with other Trustees, Memorandum of Trust's activities 1928-1971. Printed copy of address, and programme of ceremonial with typed notes of procedure; corrections differing from printed text; congratulation for copy of address. typed version of address, with ms. letter of thanks and Graduation Ceremonial July 1958. (Dott gave the Promotor's Address.) Corresp.: J.C. Brash George J. Romanes Dott served as a Trustee 1955-73. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section B - University of Edinburgh B.65 Senatus Sub-Committee on Educational Television and Broad- casting. Committee papers and reports, and brief correspondence April 1961-Dec. 1962. Misc. short notes on examinations and staffing, 1963. Special (Elsie Stephenson) Fund Committee, 1968-73. Miss Elsie Stephenson was Director of Nursing Studies, Univ. Edin., until her early death in 1967. to commemorate her work for the nursing profession and Dott served on the committee constituted to manage the fund. An appeal was launched File includes draft of appeal letter, and list of contributors, Committee papers and correspondence, particulars of Elsie Stephenson Memorial Lectures and Text of First Lecture given by Prof. Helen Carpenter, March 1973. Corresp. W.H. Gardner (Elsie Stephenson's husband) N.M.j Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section C - University of Edinburgh Lectures Undergraduaie lectures 1946-1960 The lectures are in autograph manuscript or typescript, usually fully written but sometimes in note form. a title though it given within the course. is not always clear in what order they were Many bear Several series of lectures were given regularly, and many of the manuscripts show careful revisions and updatings; there are therefore several versions of Dott's lectures on many of the topics listed below. The material is presented in chronological order so far as Titles and descriptions in inverted this can be ascertained. commas are those which appear on the manuscripts. NB. See D.19, a lecture dated 1931, inscribed 'Delivered 11/6/31 undergraduate’, but not kept by Dott with his Edin. Univ. lectures. , Duplicated syllabus of programme of surgery lectures, and of material for distribution to class, 1946. before Dott became first Prof. of Neurol. Surg.) (This was the year Course of lectures, n.d. ? 1946. "Head Injury’. "Increased Intracranial Pressure (chronic)'. ‘Acute Increased Intracranial Pressure’. ‘Importance of C.N.S.' [Central Nervous Sys tem]. Outline of course and subjects to be covered, 9 pp. 'Physiclogy and Anatomy', with ms. note signed 'A.P.' [Andrew Paterson] beginning, 'No, | could not possibly improve on your selection of psychological functions in connection with the anatomy and physiology of the ner- vous system’. (lists of slides, or ward visits). 'Epilepsy’. Untitled lecture (on nervous reflex activity). Misc. brief notes for lectures, and for demonsirations N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 C.3 'Dec. 1947 U.G. Surgery’ nervous system). but were kept in the same folder. (lecture on disorders of central The remaining lectures are undated, 'Head Injuries’. ‘Intracranial Tumours’. ‘Intracranial Pyogenic Infections’. "Intracranial Aneurysmal Formations’. 'Pain'. 'Epilepsy'’ (text as in C2, with extra page added on pre- frontal leucotomy). "Spinal Cord’. Misc. notes, list of slides and illustrations to be made, comments on vorious topics and their treatment in the lectures (not in Dott's hand). ‘Surgical Neurology - Surgery Lectures. February-March 1949'. A set of 10 lectures, with booklist, on similar topics to those given in 1946 and 1947, duplicated typescript with extensive ms. corrections and additions, 45 pp. "Surgery Lectures ~ Surgical Neurology’, 1956. The lectures Intracranial Surgery for Primary Mental Disorders; Carotid Artery Thrombosis; Intracranial Aneurysmal Pain; ‘Surgery Lectures - surgical neurology’, ms. date added 1956. Ms. of course of lectures, given by Dott in 1956. The lectures were typed and duplicated, and subsequently updated as required (see also C.6, C.7). cover the following topics: Central Nervous System; Expanding Lesions; Head Injuries; Management of Head Injuries; Operative Surgery of Cranio-Cerebral Trauma; Pyogenic Infections; Formations; Epiiepsy; Infantile Hydrocephalus. additions, and several additional pages. n.d. Course of lectures with slides, duplicated typescript and ms. notes, 54 pp., and Doit's ms. introduction to the course. (Typed version of C.5.) Another version of above, but with extensive ms. notes and N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section C - University of Edinburgh Lectures C.8 1958-1959 ‘Surgical lectures - surgical neurology’. Text of course of lectures, duplicated typescript, 47 pp., with ms. corrections and additions, and many intercalated loose pages of commentary or revisions. Set of shorter notes for lectures. Misc. timetables and syllabus for undergraduate lectures. 'U.G. lectures - Surgical neurology, 1958. Introduction’ and 'U.G. lectures - Surgical neurology, 1959, Introduction’. These cover similar ground, but were written afresh for each year, and carry additional notes and revisions; illustrate the care with which Dott performed even relatively routine undertakings. they Text of talk by Dott on 'The Human Brain as a Mechanism’, delivered to Edinburgh Philosophy of Science Group, n.d. but kept in same folder as above. G10 Brief corresp. and timetable re Dott's lecture on cranial and spinal neoplasms, to Surgical Pathology class, 1959-60. Cr41-C.30 Postgraduate Lectures Dott sometimes used his post-graduate lectures as the basis ‘Cerebral Tumour and Allied conditions’. 3 lectures, June 1929. Many of the remaining lectures C.28-C.47 cover the period for conference papers or invitation lectures given elsewhere: see D.38, D.46, D.57, D.63, D.96, D.105-107, D.194-197. of Dott's service as Prof. Neurolog. Surgery, Univ. Edin. (1947-1962) and were given for the Edinburgh Post-graduate Board for Medicine. The first group of lectures C.11-C.27 dates from 1929-1933 when Dott was Lecturer in Surgery and Pediatric Surgery, Univ. Edin. (1925-1947). Envelope of 3 photographs of rabbit's pituitary. (c) 1939, all typescript with ms. corrections and additions. notes for diagrams and slides, and separate list of slides. 3 lectures given and numbered as a series, no date or place, Il. Special Pathology: 2 copies of lecture and list of slides. Il. The cerebro-spinal circulation in its relation to surgery. Ill. Diagnosis: 1 copy of lecture and list of slides. Cu 1. Gross Pathology: 2 copies of lecture notes with marginal Coraee.t3 1. Disorders of the pituitary gland. I]. Intracranial tumour. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section C - University of Edinburgh Lectures CA7-G.21 Lectures on ‘Surgical Physiology’ 1930. Surgicai Physiology: introductory remarks. 2 different texts, one dated 1/9/30. Blood transfusion: 2 texts with different annotations, one dated 4/9/30. . Preparation for operation, 5/9/30. . Chronic peptic ulcer. The Pituitary gland (not numbered, but kept with above under heading "Surgical Physiology’). ‘Concerning the physiology and surgery of the brain and spinal cord', given at Postgraduate Study Week, Edinburgh Branch of College of Nursing, April 1931. ‘Congenital dislocation of the hip, 19.8.31.' the lecture with different annotations; used as illustrations. 2 versions of notes on patients ‘Congenital Hip. Surg. Travellers', shorter ms. notes for lecture on same subject, n.d., presumably given to Surgical Travellers Club. course in Surgical Pathology, June 1933. "Some aspects of surgical conditions affecting the brain and ‘Postgraduate lecture in course on Surgical Pathology, General Pathology. May 1932'. Corresp. with Roy. Coll. Surg. Edin., which in May 1945 set ‘Surgical Diseases of the Central Nervous System’. Postgraduate spinal cord', ms. of lecture delivered to Congress of The Chartered Society of Massage and Medical Gymnastics, Sept. 1933. Includes programme of congress. up a committee to consider and report on the possibility of instituting postgraduate lectures in surgery under the aegis of the Professor of Neurosurgery in 1947.) Dott was asked to co-operate in the course, and agreed to do so, submitting a plan for lectures and demonstrations. (The course does not appear to have begun as planned,. but many of the subjects and participants were carried over into the course given at Univ. Edin. when Dott became College. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section C - University of Edinburgh Lectures 28 C29 Corresp. with colleagues re planning and content of Postgraduate course in Neurology; most letters include plan, titles or synopses of lectures suggested as suitable fer the course. Various dates, 1945-46: W. Blackwood (neuropathology) Mary Pickford (hypothalamus) C.A. Beevers (electroencephalography) Ernest Levin (clinical neurology) Anthony E. Ritchie (neurophysiology) Corresp. with colleagues re planning and content of Postgraduate course in Internal Medicine; including plans and synopses of lectures: J. Rostowski (motor system) George |. Scott (medical ophthalmology) Anthony E. Ritchie (neurophysiology) Mary Pickford (hypothalamus) Richard W.B. Ellis (pediatrics) David Band (urology) James Slater (clinical neurology) John Henderson (pediatrics) G.L. Alexander (anatomy and physiology, ms. synopsis of lectures only) n.d. 1947 1946, 1947 1947 1947 1947 1947 1947 Postgraduate course in Internal Medicine 1947; misc. outlines Doit's lectures in neurology for Postgraduate course, some headed (all these lectures of course, lectures and demonstrations, timetables and synopses, names of participants. 'P.G. Med.' and some dated 1947 are autograph mss. with indications for slides or photographs). 9 lectures as follows: 'Lect.I - Self! (Introductory) "Neurology’. "Increased |.C. Pressure’. ‘Chronic Increased 1.C. Pressure’ (dated Feb. '47). ‘Special Diagnostic Methods’. "Special Methods of Diagnosis in Diseases of C.N.S.' June 1948, in Postgraduate course. comporative types of cerebral tumours as found by Cushing and Dott (Nov. 1947). Includes lefter and table re (ms. and typescript versions). 'Treatment'. ‘Treatment of Neurological Cases’. 'Neuro-hypophysial'. Shorter ms. notes by Dott, mainly on lectures given by others 'The Clinical Syndromes of Chronic increased intracranial pressure', N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section C - University of Edinburgh Lectures ioe Timetable for Postgraduate course in Internal Medicine (Section in Neurology), 1952. C.36 Edinburgh Postgraduate Board for Medicine. 3 lectures *"P.G. Medical 1957', as follows: "Special Methods of Investigation’. "Special Methods of Diagnosis '. "Syndrome of I.Ic.P.' (Increased Intracranial Pressure). Extended lecture on ‘Intract. Pain', n.d. but probably intended for Postgraduate course; article on 'Facial Pain', Proc. R.S.M., 44, 1951. also includes offprint of Dott's Harris 54. Edinburgh Postgraduate Board for Medicine. Lectures in Surgical Neurology, Summer 1958. Dott's ms. outline and timetable of course. Dott's lectures: "Introductory’ "Intracranial Tumours’ "Special Diagnostic Methods’ "Displacement Syndrome’ Stencilled synopses of lectures to be given. Edinburgh Postgraduate Board for Medicine. Lecture on The Edinburgh Postgraduate Board for Medicine. Typescript notes for Dott's lectures, duplicated version (both with ms. additions). Notes, annotated typescript, and circulated outline for P.G. lecture; "Special Methods of diagnosis and neuro-radiology’. Course given by Dott and Dr. A. Donaldson, 1958, as part of C.37-C.38 above. head injury, Nov. 1958 (part of C.40 above). folder includes several versions of lectures on this subject as follows: introduction and revisions. 'The Living Pathology of Head Injuries and their Management", based on and enlarged from above. Lecture to Borders Clinical Club, based on above but with new ymp ‘Symposium on the Surgery based on above. y of Repair - Head Injuries', lecture Pp | N.M. Doit CSAC 55/9/77 Section C - University of Edinburgh Lectures C.42 'Dept. meeting 21.1.59', talk by Dott outlining plans to use 'Ward 20 R.E.1.' for 'Traumatic surgical neurology - mostly head injuries’ after opening of Dept. Surg. Neurol. at Western General Hospital, and explaining specialist treat- ment required for head injury service (see also B.52~-B.60). Ms. notes by Doit on the literature, and on lectures by colleagues, on the subject. Related offprints. Edinburgh Postgraduate Board for Medicine. Misc. brochures and timetables for course in the Basic Sciences, 1955-63. Corresp. Eric C. Mekie, 1958 F. John Gillingham, 1963 Doit's lecture on 'Circulatory Impairment of Nervous Tissue’, intended for delivery as part of "Basic Sciences’ course, and brief related correspondence, 1962. Edinburgh Postgraduate Board for Medicine. Misc. brochures, stencilled timetables for Surgery Course, 1958-62. Edinburgh Postgraduate Board for Medicine. Course on Road Accidents, June 1960. Edinburgh Postgraduate Board for Medicine. Misc. brochures and stencilled timetable for course in Internal Medicine, Ms. notes for Dott's introductory talk on injuries of the spinal cord. Misc. suggestions for, and final timetable of lectures and participants, and correspondence re organisation of course, Dec. 1959-May 1960. 1958-63. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses D.1 - D.295 Lectures, papers, addresses 1926-1973 Dott wrote prolifically on his subject, and was also much in demand as a speaker or lecturer. specially written, and, when he used previous material, he care- fully re-worked it and made extensive adaptations to accommodate new research ora particular audience. Almost all his lectures were The papers are presented chronologically as far as possible, though in cases where Dott preferred to keep work on a particular topic, e.g. Congenital Dislocation of the Hip, in a single folder extending over a span of time, this order has been preserved. Similarly, correspondence and research materia! remain in the relevant folders. Drafts, notes or manuscripts of published works listed by P. Harris in the Bibliography printed in Clinical Neurology, 16, 1968. are indicated by a note in the form Harris x (x = number). Other lectures and addresses, given at conferences or lecture tours abroad, appear in Sections E & F with the related corresponcence travel arrangements, etc. 5 r : . . a See p.?8 for an outline index of the principal topics covered. Medicine, Oct. 1929. 3 lectures on congenital dislocation of the hip. (Kept in one folder by Doft.) 1928-1933. article in BMJ, 2, 1926, Harris 20. "Discussion on diseases of the pituitary body' at Royal Society of ‘Pituitary Disorders', ms., photographs, captions for diagrams, for ‘The practical significance of the developmental factor in certain deformities of childhood - with special reference to congenital dislocation of the hip' delivered to Fife Branch B.M.A, Dec. 1928. as basis for other lectures on the subject. 'The treatment of congenital dislocation of the hip' delivered to College of Nursing Edinburgh branch, Oct. 1931. ‘Congenital dislocation of the hip' delivered at Brit. Ortho - paedic Ass., Edinburgh, Nov. 1933. 'Recent experiences of Intracranial Surgery' delivered at Edinburgh Medico-Chirurgical Soc. meeting, May 1928. Lectures on the surgery of intracranial tumours, 1928-1930. Heavily corrected ms. with case notes and examples, used N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section D ~ Lectures, speeches, addresses D.7 D.8 ‘Surgical aspects of brain disease’, Ayr branch B.M.A, Dec. 1928, using material of above, with new introduction. Lecture with some title and subject, given to Lanarkshire Division B.M.A. Jan. 1929, with new introduction and revision of material. gery of intra-cranial diseases', 'The surgery with more and fuller casenotes, of the subject and Dot's methods, 34 pp. n.d. but kept with group of mss. on subject. an extended account ’ t 'Technical advances in the radical treatment of intracranial tumours' delivered to Chirurgical Club, Edinburgh, Sept. 1930, with letter to Prof. Wilkie outlining points for the lecture. 'Experiences in the surgical treatment of intracranial diseases" delivered to Halifax B.M.A. Division, Oct. 1930. 'Examples of two common surgical cerebellar affections of child- hood', with ms. note 'shown to Pediatric club 28.11.30.' Untitled lecture (on 'cranio-cerebral injuries of civilian practice’), n.d. but kept with same group of lectures. 'The nursing of cerebral cases', n.d. "Observations on Electro-Surgery', n.d. Avertin, n.d. Contribution to discussion meeting on anaesthetics, esp. ‘Some points in the nursing of surgical cerebral cases', n.d. ‘Arterial Angioma', n.d. but probably 1930 draft for Harris 30. Extended lecture on brain structure and brain lesions, typescript with ms. correction, 26 pp., with note ‘delivered 11/6/31 undergraduate’. See also F.49. Paper delivered at Congress Ophthalmological Soc. of U.K., April 1931; of England Ophthalmological Soc., Feb. 1931. published in Trans. Ophthal. Soc., 51, Harris 27. "Hydrocephalus simulating tumour in the production of chiasmal and other parahypophysial lesions’ by A.H.H. Sinclair and Dott. 'The differential diagnosis and operability of lesions in the neighbourhood of the optic chiasm', delivered to Soc. Brit. Neurol. Surg., Dublin, July 1931. D.22-D.24 3 lectures on chiasmal lesions. and a similar (not identical) paper given to North Later D.20,D.21 322 N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 D.23 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses 'A contribution to the differential diagnosis of chiasmal lesions', delivered at Int. Neurol. Congress, Berne, 1931. 'Modern surgery of the chiasmal neighbourhood’, delivered to Dept. Surgery, Univ. Edinburgh, Nov. 1931. 'Modern surgery of the pituitary region’, delivered to Forfarshire Medical Association, Dundee, Nov. 1931. 'The surgery of the posterior cranial fossa in childhood and adolescence’, delivered to Aberdeen Medico~chirurgical Society, Dec. 1931. ‘Specialism and generalism in the Eutopic [sic] Medical School’, address to the Women's Medical Society, Feb. 1932. "Anaesthesia in Intracranial Surgery’, lecture given to Section of Anaesthesia, Royal Society of Medicine, March 1933, and published in Proc. R.S.M., 26. Texts of lecture as given, and as slightly revised for publication. Folder includes invitation to contribute te the meeting by Secretary, R.S.M., who says 'l understand that you have developed a line of your own which would no doubt be of great interest to our section’. Harris 33. Harris 35. 1934. to Scottish Ophthalmological Club, Oci. 1934. D.32-D.34 3 lectures on the hypothalamus. D.31 D.32 Untitled paper (on pituitary lesions in childhood), delivered to 'Medico-Chirurgical Society Clinical meeting’, May 1933. ‘Subacute and chronic inflammatory hydrocephalus', delivered 'Traumatic lesions of the optic chiasma', ms. draft, with notes and corresp. with W. Ritchie Russell, for article in Brain, 58. Harris 43. To Glasgow Univ. Medico-Chirurgical Soc., Feb. 1937 (talk originally billed as ‘Concerning Surgical Neurology’, hence Dott's opening sentence ‘To change the mind is the prerogative of the female ...'). Extended ms. on the hypothalamus, typescript with ms. corrections, probably contribution to The Hypothalamus, Edinburgh 1938. Untitled talk (on surgical aspects of the hypothalamus), n.d. but kept with above (c) 1937. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses D.35-D.37 Papers on 'Localised non-suppurative encephalitis', 1940. D.35 Typescript and ms. draft for publication, dated May 1940, accompanied by envelope with 4 sets of photographs for figures, numbered, described and with suggestions for arrangement on the page. bibliography .) (Not listed in Harris's "Cerebral Threinbo-phlebitis', ms. revision of above, with dates 'Received May 1940, Revised by author Feb. 1941." "Localised non-suppurative brain lesions associated with cerebral Thrombo-phlebitis', ms., perhaps draft or a lecture/paper on same subject. for above, 'The scope and organisation of neurological surgery in war-time’. Postgraduate lecture, Edinburgh, Sept. 1940. Royal Medico~Psychological Association: Scottish Division meeting at Bangour Emergency Hospital (Brain Injuries Unit), May 1942. Programme of visit, Dott's introductory remarks, list of service and civilian cases treated 1941-42, list of patients for demonstration. Univ. Edinburgh Surgical Union, meeting at Bangour Emergency B.M.A, Clinical meeting, June 1943. Arrangements for meeting, list of cases to be demonstrated. Hospital (Brain Injuries Unit), July 1942. on work of unit and rehabilitation of head-injury patients. Talk by Dott Foreword to Acute Injuries of the Head by G.F. Rowbotham (E. & S. Harris 50. Livingstone, 1942) and brief corresp. with publisher. Notice of talk to be given by Dott to Physiotherapists, June 1943, (There is no text of the talk, but the and spinal cord'. folder includes tables of exercises to be used in physical training of head injury cases.) of England Branch, April 1946. 2 mss. of lecture, one 21 pp. with many additions and alterations, one 24 pp. with some revisions. (The Morison Lecture, delivered at Royal College of Physicians, Oct. 1945. Brief corresp. with Donal F. Early asking to borrow copy of lecture, 1961. "Surgical Neurology of Childhood', delivered to B.M.A. North on ‘Physiotherapy in relation to injuries of the brain "Recent experiences in a neuro-psychiatric division of medicine’. Not published.) N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses D.45 'Pubertas Praecox associated with brain tumour', short account for demonstration with Prof. D. Cappell, n.d. but kept with above. D.46-D.51 Papers on intracranial aneurysms, 1946-66 D.46 D.47 ‘Vascular Lesions of C.N.S.', heavily corrected ms.’ with note 'P.G. Med. 1946'. 'Aneurysmal Affections of the Cerebral Arteries', delivered to Glasgow women students Queen Margaret Medical Club, Nov. 1946. 2 copies of lecture, each with different ms. notes. "Intracranial aneurysmal formations’, paper given at Lisbon, April 1947. 2 versions of paper, and a letter to Broni Sedzimir describing the work, n.d. 'Therapeutics of the saccular intracranial aneurysms', paper given at Fifth International Neurological Congress, Lisbon, 1953, session on 'Vascular diseases of the brain’. Copy of lecture and summary as delivered 1953. Expanded version incorporating additional material (some dated 1957). Misc. diagrams and notes for paper at Lisbon. to to Dott from Richard Johnson, 1958. intracranial aneurysm , 1953. from Doit to John Marshall, enclosing ms. of lecture ‘which | have not had time to publish’, hoping it may be of use. 1954. Dott from Bertram Selverstone re Dott's carotid occlusion clamp, 1955. Corresp.: from Dott to John Graham re R.L. Stevenson's death from See also A.15. Includes a copy of his letter of May 1947 to Dean of Faculty of Medicine, outlining his views on the Chair, its history, scope and finance. Offprint of Scandinavian Neurol. Soc. meeting 1966, with reference to Dott's equipment. 'The orientation of surgical neurology’. Dott's Inaugural Lecture as Professor of Surgical Neurology, Edinburgh, 1947. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses D.53 "Spinal cord lesions caused by cervical dislocation in two cases with Klippel-Feil syndrome’, n.d. but after 1949. D.54 ‘Paralysis of the lumbar plexus simulating paraplegia’, by A.R. Taylor and Doit. Corrected draft and corresp. with collaborator 1949, related to Harris 57. D.55-D.58 Lectures, papers and correspondence on cerebro~spinal fluid, 1950-52. (Kept in same folder by Dott.) D.55 D.56 "Anthropology and anatomy linked with the third circulation’, lecture given at Aberdeen, May 1950, with list of slides. Guest lecture (on cerebro-spinal fluid) given at course in Neuro-Surgery and Neurology, Institute of Neurology, Queen Square, London, May-July 1952. course. Includes schedule of 'The origin and circulation of the cerebro-spinal fluid’. lecture given at P.G. course in Medical Sciences, Aug. 1952. Corresp. re cases on subject with George L. Alexander Frank B. Walsh 1952 1955 D.59-D.63 Lectures and papers on cerebro-spinal fluid, 1950-56 (Kept in same folder by Dott.) Typescript of paper and printed clippings of other papers on the subject. ; 'A contribution to the surgery of hydrocephalus in childhood’, Paper given at Sixth Int. Congress of Pediatrics, ZUrich, July 1950, and published in Congress Proceedings. ; 'The third circulation - further observations - the subarachnoid pouches'. May 1955. (Includes some autobiographical information, and reminiscences of Cushing. ) "Subarachnoid "Pouch" formations and the cerebro-spinal fluid circulation’. Paper given at Soc. British Neurological Surgeons meeting at ZUrich, June 1952. Heavily corrected ms. See F.69. "Subarachnoid pouch formations and the C.S.F. circulation’, Paper given at Aterico Neurologica, Buenos Aires, 1953. 'The circulation of C.S.F. and its derangements’, with note 'P.G. Basic Sciences', 1956. Paper given to the Harvey Cushing Society, Quebec, See also D.96 and E.1-E.11. D.59 Harris 53. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses D.64 "Intracranial aneurysmal formations, 1951. Joint paper by Dott and G.L. Alexander as contribution to Neurosurgery section of Symposium ‘Medicine in Britain in the Festival Year’, 1951. the paper was read by Alexander. Dott had broken a femur and Text, summary and list of slides for paper; programme of symposia. Corresp. Hugh Cairns (to Alexander) John N. Walton D.65-D.70 ‘Facial Pain’, 1951-55 Paper given at the Joint Summer Meeting of Roy. Soc. Medicine and Scottish Ofolaryngological Soc., Edinburgh, June 1951 and published in Proc. R.S.M., 44. Harris 54. (This paper was read for Dott, who had a broken femur, by Phillip Harris. ) Text of paper, with summary, list of slides, and glossary of Scots terms used in poem by R. Burns 'Address to the Tooth- Ache', with which paper opens. first delivered, these verses were spoken by Dr. A. Brownlie Smith and the item includes Dott's letter of instructions to him on his 'powerful declamation’. When the lecture was Corresp. J. Angell James A.M. Zamora 195] Corresp. with officers of R.S.M. re delivery of paper and projected publication in Proc. R.S.M. Dott was asked to abridge his paper for publication but refused to do so. Corresp. with other contributors to meeting on Facial Pain re their material, 1951. John B. Gaylor Terence Cawthorne Dott on the subject. Corresp. with Sir Charles Symonds, re Dott's paper and Symond's work on same subject, 1951-52. offprint.) (Includes Corresp. with John Penman re Dott's paper and Penman's work on same subject, 1951. (Includes offprint. ) Folder includes offprint of Harris 34, an earlier work by Shorter corresp. re Dott's paper, and relief of pain, from: John MacLeod Robin Lowe W.R. Thrower 1952 1952 1955 N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses D.71-D.74 Lectures and papers on Tic Douloureux, 1952-55 D.71 'Neuro~trophic Keratitis - Sympathectomy in prevention andcure'. Paper by Dott and P. Harris, given at Ass. British Neurologists meeting, Edinburgh, Sept. 1952. Ms. notes and statistics of cases treated, dated 1954, perhaps preparcd for D.73 below. "Experiences with the treatment of Tic Douloureux in Edinburgh', delivered to Soc. Neurological Surgeons, Chicago, April 1955. See also E.1-E.11. D.74 Another copy of above with corrections and additions. D.75-D.78 Lectures and papers on Iniracranial Tumours in children, 1946, 1952 D.75 'The clinical features and types of intracranial tumours in children’. Lecture given to Faculty of Radiologists (Radiotherapy Section) Roy.Coll. Surgeons, London, Jans 8952. Programme of meeting, text and summary of Doit's lecture and of lecture by F.J. Gillingham following on Doit's. Brief corresp. re lecture and publication. n.d. but kept with above. Lecture on same subject to Leicester Medical Soc., Feb. 1952. 'A series of 676 cases of tumours affecting the nervous system', n.d. but probably 1946. as above . ) (Kept in same folder Untitled lecture on same subject, reviewing over 1,000 cases (including 140 children) of intracranial tumour treated at Edinburgh. Corrected ms. and list of slides for lecture as delivered. 'The common features in brain displacement: by tumours, by haemorrhage and by violence’. Lecture, 1955). Montreal Neurological Soc., May 1955. 'The time factor in cranial surgery, with special reference to urgent cases'. to St. Andrews Medical Soc., Dundee, March 1952. Heavily corrected ms. of paper given "Secondary midbrain lesions associated with increased supra-tentorial pressure’. May 1952, with list of cases. Talk given at ‘Surgery meeting’, See also E.1-E.11. Given at meeting of D,79-D.85 Lectures and papers on Head Injuries, 1946, 1952-63 Dw? (The Hughlings Jackson N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 D.82 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses Invitation to give lecture, draft of speech given by Dott during visit, draft and notes for part of lecture. g , Pp Corresp. Theodore Rasmussen 'The living pathology of head injuries and their manage- ment', n.d. but (c) 1961. "Head Injuries’, 1963 (expanded and updated version of D.83). 'The Management of head injuries', an early collaborative paper, 1946, kept with above. "La décompression aniérieure pour la paraplégie du mal de Pott’, delivered to Soc. Chirurgicale d'Alger, April 1954. cf. Harris 52. 'The Surgery of Pain', delivered to York Medical Society, Dec. 1954, incorporates and extends some of the material in D.65. D.88-D.94A Lectures and papers on Epilepsy, 1954-73. See also F.7-F.11, H.39 Address at inaugural meeting of the Scottish Epilepsy Association, 1954. D.88 D.89 Address ot Annual General Meeting of Edinburgh and S.E. Scotland Branch of $.E.A., Jan. 1960. Address at inaugural meeting of the Dundee and District Branch of the S.E.A., Sept. 1958, with programme and brief correspondence. Notes,speech and press-cutting re inaugural meeting of Edinburgh and South-East Scotland Branch of S.E.A., Dec. 1956. on Epilepsy, Edinburgh, July 1973. ‘Some Aspects of the Problem of Epilepsy', address to joint staff meeting of medical officers and health visitors, Edinburgh Health and Social Services Dept., 9 April 1969: typescript of address, correspondence. "The role of the voluntary organisations', address by Dott at Plenary Session of Hans Berger Centenary Symposium Address at social evening, Friends of the Epilepsy Association, May 1963. Address at Annual General Meeting, S.E.A., March 1964. Address at Dunbar, Dec. 1971. 1968-69 N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses D.96-D.98 Lectures and papers on cerebro-spinal fluid, 1955-61. D.%6 Typescript copy of Harvey Cushing Society Lecture, May 1955, with ms. additions headed 'P.G. Basic Sciences 1955'. See E.1-E.11.and D.62. 'C.S.F. circulation in neurology and its relation to surgery', delivered to 'Neurological Section Medical Association’, p. only, with detailed lists of slides, captions for exhibits 1 or demonstration, charts and diagrams on subject, in English and French. 'An Introductory Review'. Society for Research into Hydrocephalus, June 1961. Presidential address to meeting of Typescript of address as delivered, and of printed version in Develop. Med. Child Neurol. 4. Harris 70. D.99-D.103 Speeches and correspondence relating to Sir Geoffrey Jefferson FRS, 1955-71 See General Index for other correspondence with Jefferson. Speech by Dott at presentation of his portrait to Sir Geoffrey Jefferson by Soc. Brit. Neurological Surgeons, Nov. 1955. Corrected ms. of speech as delivered, with copy of printed version, photograph of portrait, and letier of thanks from Jefferson. See also F.74. Speech by Dott at Presentation of Jefferson for Hon. Fellowship, Roy. Coll. Surg. Edinburgh, July 1957. Harris 60. 3 versions of speech, all with varying corrections and revisions; corresp. with Jefferson's secretary for background information. Corresp. re dinner for Jefferson, 1958. Includes a copy of Doit's vote of thanks to Jefferson on the eccasion of his first Hugh Cairns Memorial lecture. (Stencilled copy.) Letter from Antony Jefferson, and copy of speech by Sir Harry Platt at opening of Jefferson Memorial Library at Manchester Royal Infirmary. 'The history and development of speech therapy’, address by Dott (Chairman) at meeting of Council of Edinburgh School of Speech Therapy, Jan. 1956. Corresp. Douglas W.C. Northfield Misc. printed obituaries of Jefferson, order of memorial service etc. 1961. (Jefferson died 19 Jan. 1961.) Corresp. Richard Johnson 1970-71. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses 4] D.105-D.107 'Neurological syndromes of cerebral displacement', 1952, 1958-63 This lecture, originally given as a Postgraduate lecture at Edinburg 1958, was expanded and used widely by Dott as an invitation lecture abroad. Ms. of original lecture, with extensive corrections and additions, 1958. Misc. introductions to later version of lecture, given on various occasions: Queen's’ Square, London, 1959; 1952; Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, 1963 (incl. corresp. with A. Earl Walker). Pécs, Hungary, n.d.; Portugal Previous corresp. re a paper on the subject by Sydney Sunderland, submitted to Dott for comment. 1952. Corresp. W. Ritchie Russell Sydney Sutherland "Infantile hydrocephalus - some physiological, pathological and therapeutic observations’. given at Glasgow, June 1956. Paper by Dott and F.J. Gillingham, "Multiple intracranial aneurysms. _ Three illustrative cases’. Paper by Doit and M.J. Powell, given at Dept. Surgical Neurology meeting, Edinburgh, June 1956. Harris 65. Corresp. Gordon E.W. Wolstenholme H.N.H. Genese D.111-D.116 Lectures and papers on aneurysms, 1957-64 "Mechanical aspects of the cerebro-spinal fluid circulation - Summary of paper, correspondence with organisers re content and participants of Symposium, 1956-57. physiological, pathological, surgical’. Paper by Dott and F.J. Gillingham presented at Ciba Foundation Symposium, May 1957. etc. "Acute spontaneous subarachnoid haemorrhage’. given to College of Physicians and Surgeons of South Africa, Cape Town, Sept. 1957. "Acute spontaneous subarachnoid haemorrhage’, with ms. note '1957 amended 1962'. Begins with p.5 of above and continues with ms. additions, list of cases and treatments, Text of lecture (pp. 1-4 only), and brief correspondence re publication. See below. D.111 Lecture See also E.15-E.19. NiWM. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 D.113 D.114 D.115 D.116 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses Introduction to address on same subject, given by Dott ond F.J. Gillinghem to Faculty of Medicine, Univ. See D.165-169, E.30, F.119. Porto, May 1962. ‘Ruptured intracranial aneurysms’. dated Sept. 1963. Lecture with 56 slides, 'The surgery of intracranial aneurysms'. Southport Medical Soc., Dec. 1963. Delivered to Copy of letter from Dott to Dr. Robert W. Saxton dis- cussing his (Dott's) operative treatment of aneurysms, 1964. D.117-D.121 Lectures and papers on Chiasmal Diseases, 1957-64 D.117 D.118 DJF? Paper given at B.M.A,. Annual meeting, Section of Ophthalmology, Newcastle, July 1957. Paper by J. McLelland given on same occasion. Extended ‘Surgical disorders of the pituitary gland’. lecture with 70 slides, heavily revised, using similar material to above, treated in greater detail, with list of case-histories. (lacks p.1). Ms. notes 'Case Summaries, surgery optic Ns', Feb. 1964. Harris 63 and 64. Symposium on the management of pain, at Durban, South Africa, Aug. 1957. Dott's contribution to discussion, and other papers given. See also E.15-E.19. List of ‘Pituitary Slides', n.d. (kept in same folder as above). D.123-D.126 'Chronic arachnoiditis and hydrocephalus in the surgical manage- ment of acoustic tumours - 'Facial paralysis and restitution by extra-peirous nerve graft’. a plea for early operation’ and Corresp. C.S. Hallpike Both these papers were presented at R.S.M. combined Summer Meeting of Sections of Laryngology and Otology at Roy. Coll. Surg. Edinburgh, June 1958 and published in Proc. ae R.S.M., 51. Copies of Harris 64 as delivered, as corrected, and as sub- mitted for publication. Copies of Harris 63 as delivered, as corrected, and as sub~ mitted for publication. Corresp. with other contributors to discussion, ms. notes, photographs. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses D.126 Editorial corresp. re publication of papers. D.127-D.132 Lectures and papers on 'Surgical Neurology and other disciplines’, 1958-63 A historical outline of the subject, revised and expanded on various occasions, and including personal accounts of Dott's the building of the new depart~ own special fields of interest; ments at Edinburgh, and his views on organisation of medical and surgical specialties. See also B.44-B.60, D.139-D.140. Ms. of lecture as given to combined meeting of Glasgow Southern Medical Soc. and Royal Medico-Chirurgical Soc. of Glasgow, Nov. 1958. Ms. of same lecture, with extensive revisions and corrections. ‘Surgical Neurology’, lecture given to University of St. Andrews Medical Soc., Feb. 1959, using similar material but re-written and further revised. ‘Surgical Neurology and other disciplines’, lecture using similar material and updated, given in Athens, 1963. See E.44. D.132 Corresp. with officers re lecture given at St. Andrews. D.133-D.135 Lectures and papers on 'The treatment of intractable pain', Text of contribution as delivered, with many revisions. D.133 D.134 D.135 Corresp. J. Sloan Robertson Joseph Schorstein John S. Mackay contribution to meeting of Neurology Section, R.S.M., Harris 66. May 1959, published in Proc. R.S.M., 52. Corresp. re lectures given at Glasgow and views expressed by Dott, 1958-59. Harris 58. Folder also includes offprint of "Facial Pain’, Harris 54, with extensive corrections, deletions and additional and an offprint of 'Palliation in Cancer’, material; Corresp. re meeting with other contributors, and brief corresp. re publication. Ms. notes, mainly on history of pain relief, perhaps for talk on another occasion. Corresp. Henry George Miller Peter Nathan N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses D.136-D.138 Lectures and papers on 'Vertebral Angiography: percutaneous lateral atlanto-occipital method’. D.136 Stencilled version,with many rms. revisions,of contribution at BMA Joint Annual Meeting with Canadian Medical Ass., Edinburgh, 1959. Brief talk with similar title, n.d., perhaps 1950. Talk or paper on 'Vertebral angiography’ signed Henry A. Maslowski, Edinburgh, 1950. Folder includes programmes of social events at Joint Meeting. D.139, D.140 Untitled address to Aberdeen Univ. Anatomical and Anthropological Soc., Nov. 1959. Some of the material is similar to "Surgical Neurology and other disciplines', but re-written and extensively adapted. also D.127-D.132. See Typescript of lecture with ms. revisions. Typescript of same but very extensively revised. "Surgical Neurology'. The Holme Lecture, delivered at Uni- versity College Hospital Medical School, London, Feb. 1960. treatment of Parkinsonism by coagulation of the globus pallidus or lateral nucleus of the thalamus’. Typescript of lecture as delivered, with many ms. revisions (uses some material from D.127). Folder also includes typescript of talk on 'Stereotaxic surgery in Dyskinesia’ given by Gerard Guiot at joint meeting of Soc. Brit. Neurol. Surg. and Soc. de Neurochirurgie de langue frangaise, June 1960, paying Dott and his work. Pamela Robinson (Horsley's daughter), 1963. Corresp. re arrangements for lecture and publication 1959-60, and request for reprint - with thanks for lecture - from Typescript of lecture as delivered, with many ms. revisions, and offprint of published version. D.143-D.144 'Brain, movement and Time’. The Victor Horsley Memorial Lecture, given at B.M.A, London, June 1960 and pub- lished, slightly abridged, in B.M.J., 2. Horris 68. Brief corresp. re arrangements for lecture. "Pallidotomy'. List of slides for 'Lecture on the Surgical N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses D.145-D.146 'Medulloblastoma Cerebelli'. The Alex Simpson Smith Lecture, given at Hosp. for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, London, 6 July 1960. Typescript of lecture as delivered, with many ms. corrections; includes printed invitation to lecture, and letter of thanks from Mrs. Simpson Smith (widow). Revised ms. of lecture on same subject dated 1 July 1960, with statistics of cases treated. 'The new Department of Surgical Neurology’. to Rotary Club of Edinburgh, Sept. 1960. Luncheon talk Ms. of lecture and list of slides. Corresp. re arrangements for lecture. "Surgical Neurology’. B.M.A. lecture given to Glasgow University Medico-Chirurgical Suciety, Jan. 1961. Typescript of lecture as delivered, with ms. corrections. Corresp. re arrangements for lecture, and letters of appreciation for it. D.149-D.151 ‘Surgical Neurology (and conirol of cerebral circulation)’. Typescript of above, with ms. revisions. Corresp. re arrangements for lecture 1960-61. Walter Schlapp Ms. draft of lecture. D.149 D.150 D.151 D.152 Address to Manchester Medical Society, Feb. 1961 (includes some reminiscences of Sir Geoffrey Jefferson). D.152,D.153 2 lectures on hypothermia. See also E.24, F.86, H.17-H.21. "Local cooling as an adjunct tocerebral operations’. presented in collaboration with Dr. K. Kristiansen at meeting of Soc. Brit. Neurol. Surg., Copeihagen, May 1961. Paper of Neurological Surgery, Washington D.C., Oct. 1961. "Selective profound cerebral hypothermia as an adjunct to brain surgery ~ cerebral arterio-venous malformations’. . Ms. of lecture, with list of slides and note to F.J. Gillingham re Copenhagen paper above. D.154,D.155 ‘Acoustic Neuromas - the desirability and practicability of Summary and 2 versions of paper, with different ms. corrections. total removal'. Paper presented at Second Int. Congress n.d. (c) 1961-62. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses D.154 Synopsis, text of lecture, list of slides. Corresp. with Congress orcanisers, g » p 1961. rv James C. White. D.156-D.161 ‘The Neurological syndromes of cerebra! displacement by expanding lesions'. varying times, 1961-68, and adapted to different occasions.) (lectures and papers given at Typescript of text, with ms. corrections. Another copy of above, with extensive ms. corrections and additional material. 2 lists of slides, for different lectures on the subject, one dated Oct. 1961, ‘American lecture’. Misc. ms. notes and texts of intioductions to this and other lectures delivered during extended tour overseas in 1965 - headings include Beirut, Calcutta, Ching Mai, Shiraz, Singapore, Utrecht. See E.49-E.59. Similar ms. introductions to lectures delivered to Montreal Neurological Soc., Wellesley Hosp. Chicago, Baltimore Neurol. Soc. 1968 and correspondence from Monireal Soc. inviting lecture, described by Doit as 'a standard old-time Edinburgh teaching session - delivered by an old man’. See E.74, and also Toronto Congress, E.70-E.74 etc. D.162 Corresp. George L. Alexander D.163,D.164 ‘The road to recovery’. Founder's Lecture delivered at Annual (mainly autobiographical reminiscences). Address to Edinburgh University Club of Bristol, Jan. 1962 2 copies of address, one with ms. revisions and extensions. Ms. of earlier lecture on 'C.S.F. circulation in relation to Surgery', revised and updated, with lists of slides dated 1958 and 1961, and re-titled 'C.S.F. Circulation and its Mechanical Pathologies'. Corresp. re lecture and publication, 1961-62. Congress, Society of Physiotherapy, London, Sept. 1962 and published in Physiotherapy. Typescript of lecture as delivered, with ms. corrections and revisions; offprint of published version. Harris 71. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses D.165-D.169 Lectures and papers on 'The organisation of surgical neurology’ Discussion at Symposium of Sociedade Luso-Espaiiola de Neurocirurgia, Porto, May 1962. See lia, ©.o0, F-119. Typescript of paper as delivered, with extensive ms. visions. re- Another copy, differently revised. Talk on 'Operating', extensively revised, with covering Note to 'FJG' (F. John Gillingham). Another copy, differently revised, with list of slides. ‘Surgical Neurology’. Sciences. extensive additions, on training of neurological surgeons. n.d. but uses some of above material, with Talk given to Scottish Ass. Neurol. D.170, D.171 Talk on surgical neurology, given to Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology, Edinburgh Branch, Oct. 1962. D.170 Typescript of talk as delivered, with ms. revisions. D.171 - Brief corresp. re talk and printed information about Institute. D.172 D.173 Architectural Ass., Dec. 1962. Corresp. re lecture, ms. notes. John Holt Church Literary Soc., Dec. 1962. Ms. of talk, and correspondence. D.174 'An itinerant medical man'. Talk given to Colinton Parish Typescript of lecture as delivered, with ms. corrections. D.172, D.173 'The neurosurgeon and the architect’. Talk given to Edinburgh Dott was born in Colinton and both talk and corresp. contain reminiscences. Folder includes copy of published version. Talk given to British Dental Ass., West of Scotland Branch, in Glasgow, Dec. 1962, and published in Brit. Dent. J. 114. Harris 73. D.175, D.176 'The dentist in relation to medical and surgical neurology’. Typescript of talk as delivered, with ms. revisions. Another copy with more extensive ms. revisions. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses D.177-D.180 Lectures and papers on 'Therapeutic Pituitary Deprivation’, 962-64. Dot and his colleagues used pituitary statk section in the treatment of diabetes on two difficult cases of retinopathy: in 1962, and gave various lectures and The folder includes: demonstrations on the result. Corresp. and misc. drafts for talks and demonstrations, May-Sept. 1962.’ Corresp. with colleagues 1963-64 re photographs and slides of cases, and publication of results. Corresp. A.P.M. Forrest 2 copies of Dott's lecture on Therapeutic Pituitary Deprivation’ dated Feb. 1963, with varying ms. corrections. This uses some of the material in Harris 72 (see D.181), expanded and revised to include discussion of the new cases. D.180 Short notes on the literature, references and bibliography. D.181-D.182 'Hypophysectomy'. Doit's contribution fo R.S.M. Section of Laryngology meeting, Feb. 1963, published in Proc. R.S.M., 56. Harris 72 (see also D.179 above). 2 ms. of lecture, with different extensive corrections. Typescript of lecture as delivered, with ms. date '1963'. Abstract of remarks, ms. of introductory remarks, case- notes for illustration, brief corresp. re publication and an offprint of the published version. Typescript of Dott's 1951 paper on 'Faciai Pain’ (Harris 54), with extensive ms. additions and corrections, which was used for above; and related offprint and photographs. See E.32. related esp. to: ‘Facial nerve reconstruction by Seats bypassing the petrous bone’; Middle Ear Surgery, Chicago, Feb. 1963, and published in Arch. Otolaryng (Chicago), 78. Dott's treatment of cases of facial paralysis from 1936 onwards, and the folder includes the corresp., drafts and notes for early papers dealing with the subject, and which Dott incorporated or referred to in 1963. This paper given in 1963 was in part a historical review of D.185-D.193 Lectures and correspondence on ‘Facial Peis 1936-63, Dott's paper given at Second Workshop on Reconstructive Harris 74. D.183-D.184 'The Surgery of Facial Pain'. D.183 D.184 NLM. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 D.185 186 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses Paper on ‘Facial paralysis’ dated 1945, delivered to Soc. Brit. Neurol. Surg. Text, and notes on cases. ‘Treatment of peripheral facial paralysis by facio-facial nerve grafting’, 1957, given in Durban, South Africa. Similar to published paper in Proc. R.S.M. 51. Corresp. with Karsten Kettel 1956~58, re importance of Dott's work in facial nerve surgery; note on Doit's ‘Intracranial Nerve Grafting’. Harris 61. includes copy of Kettel's Corresp. with Charles G. Drake on similar cases and Dott's comments on paper submitted to him by Drake, 1958-59. Corresp. with Glenn J. Gréenwood re treatment of similar case, 1961. Corresp. with Ethicon Ltd. (stopliers of instruments) and colleagues re manufacture and supply of special needles and sutures for facial surgery operation, 1960-63. (These are referred to by Dott in his 1963 paper.) Lecture by Dott on 'Facial paralysis - restitution by nerve graft by-passing petrous portion’, probably related to paper published in Proc. R.S.M., 51. Harris 64. A copy of the published paper with the title D.194-D.197 Lectures and papers on head injuries, 1963-65. ‘Otosurgical approach to the internal acoustic meatus’. Contribution to the discussion ot paper by Dr. Wm. House, given at Second Workshop on Reconstructive Middle Ear Surgery, Chicago, Feb. 1963. 3 versions of paper given at Chicago, with different ms. corrections or additional material. Dot's title for the paper was ‘Facial nerve grafting from the internal acoustic meatus'. "Facial nerve reconstruction by graft bypassing the petrous bone' (Harris 74) is included. Nov. 1964, Prasat (Thailand), Jan. 1965. 3 lectures on head injuries. An extensive survey with 90 slides dated 1963, adapted and expanded from Postgraduate (see also C.38-41) Lectures in Edinburgh on same subject; Misc. ms. notes and introduction for lectures on head injuries given by Dott in Amsterdam, April 1964, Colombo, D.194 Lecture II] (Operative Surgery) is entirely ms. Lecture II includes ms. notes of discussion in Singapore. Lists of slides to accompany lectures. Lecture on same subject, heavily revised and labelled '1963 adapted for U.S.A.'. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 D.198-D.203 Section D ~ Lectures, speeches, addresses 'The arteriovenous malformations of the brain: review of 115 cases’ (with J.J. Maccabe), published in Acta. Chir. Acad. Sci. Hung., 7, 1966. Harris 80. The paper was given at the Eighth Congress of the Hungarian Association of Neurologists and Psychiatrists, Budapest, Oct. 1962, and subsequently used with various modifications by Dott for lectures in 1963, a final version being submitted for publication in Oct. 1964. Text and summary of paper as delivered to Congress, Oct. 1962, typescript with many ms. revisions (103 cases were reviewed). Text of fuller version,115 cases, with note 'version used at Lyon, June 1963' in collaboration with J.J. Maccabe. Another version with ms. revisions and deletions,with note 'USA 1963, H.C. Soc. Philadelphia and Columbia Med. Sch.' Another version, with a note 'U.S.A. 1963 - not used’. Copy of 'Lyon version’ with ms. notes by Dott and Maccabe. 'Final version Oct. 1964', and copy of published paper, Harris 80. Speech with slides, to Manchester Edinburgh University Club Dinner, Oct. 1963. D.206-D.211 Address to the Borders Clinical Club, Jan. 1964 (includes autobiographical material on ‘Medical Travels'); for similar talk given to Kirkaldy Round Table, March 1964. notes Lectures and papers on carotid-cavernous arteriovenous fistula 1963-64 (and 1939) See F.93. Dott wrote an early paper on this subject (‘Post-traumatic carotid-cavernous arteriovenous fistula’ published in Trans. Med-Chir. Soc. Edin., 53. Harris 45) and returned to the subject in 1963, in a series of lectures and papers reviewing his and other recent contributions to the surgery of the condition. ‘Lecture of same title, given to Soc. Brit. Neurol. Surg. May 1964, revised and expanded, and with new introduction. ‘Carotid cavernous arterio-venous fistula’ with note '1963 version. 14 slides’, given Sept. 1963. Copy of 1939 paper (Harris 45). N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 D.209 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses Lecture of same title, for Middle East Neurological Congress, Ankara, Sept. 1964. Dott was asked to read this paper, but was unable to attend and arranged for his paper to be read for him by Mr. Kenneth Till (see D.211 below, and E.60). Lecture of same title, with note '1964 + lLaity slides, 19°, a revised and expanded version of above. Dott mentions here that the paper was Corresp. re delivery of lecture at Ankara and its publica- tion, 1964-65. to be published in Netherlands Acta Neurochirurgica, Folder but it also includes photographs and transparencies for use in lectures. is not listed in the Harris bibliography. D.212-D.216 Lectures and papers on Robert Burns and Medicine 1963-64 Dott first spoke on the subject when proposing ‘The Immortal Memory’ at a dinner of the Clarinda Edinburgh Ladies Burns Club, Jan. 1964, and later revised the material for the Medical Historical Soc. of Norway meeting at Oslo, May 1964. See also D.65, D.237, E.45. Corresp. with colleagues re references, efc.: Douglas Guthrie Sir Walter Mercer 1963 1967 2 copies of Edinburgh version, with different ms. corrections, one with note ‘lent to Dr. Happel 27.11.70.' Corresp. with Mary Aytoun, President Clarinda Edin. Ladies Burns Club, 1962-64. Copy of version given in Oslo, with title ‘Medical aspects of Robert Burns', with many ms. corrections, and brief correspondence re Scots dialect in the lecture, see E.45. on Burns. Background notes and material. 'Robert Burns in Edinburgh 1787', with ‘Sixteen Biographical Sketches of Notable Scottish Characters' by Margaret Farquharson Dott mine own'. the items in the contents list. Dott seems to make no reference to this work in his lectures with autograph note 'A poor thing but Edin. n.d. 'M.F.D.' has also initialled This includes a booklet Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses 'The surgery of the optic nerves’. Doti gave a shortened version of this Iccture, with 35 illusirations,at the Congress of the Ophihalmological Soc. of U.K. in Dublin, April 1964, and a full version, with 78 illustrations, at the Netherlands Soc. of Neurol. Surgeons in May 1964. Text of lecture given in Dublin, with note ‘Extract for Dublin 35 slides', typescript with ms. additions. Separate copy of introduction and list of slides for Dublin. ‘Extract not used in Dublin 53 slides’. Ms. introduction to talk given in Netherlands. Other versions given in India and Thailand, with ms. introductions, and adaptations of text. Corresp. with editors re publicotion in Trans. Ophihal. Soc. U.K.; Dott was asked to cut down the text to 12 illustrations, which he felt reduced its value. -'Reflections on personal experience’, 1964. ‘Ruptured intracranial aneurysms’. Talk with 55 slides, originally given in Edinburgh Sept. 1963, revised 1964, with ms. introduction for delivery in Calcutta. "Introduction to Special Lectures'. Misc. notes for various audiences Athens, Detroit, Singapore, etc. 1963-64. 4 versions of talk, all different or with different ms. corrections, and brief corresp. with club s2cretaries re talks. Talks on own career, including personal and professional material, given to various Edinburgh societies, principally the Rotary Club of Edin. (Aug. 1964) and the Soroptimist Club of Edin. (Sept. 1964). with organisers. Inaugural Lecture at refresher course for G.P's at Institute of Neurological Research, Dec. 1964. (Introduction, notes, and conclusion only.) Appeal on behalf of The Royal Blind Asylum and School, Edinburgh. 'S.N.O.D.!' (Surgical neurology and other disciplines). Broadcast in the Week's Good Cause, Scottish Home Service, Nov. 1964. Ms. drafts and script of appeal, list of subscribers, corresp. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses D.228-D.232 ‘Training and Certification in Surgical Neurology and Surgery for UK and overseas'. Memorial Lecture. The Third Sir Hugh Cairns See also F.96. The lecture was delivered in May 1966; material was re-cast and published in the Lancet, 2, 1966 (Harris 82) and another version including memorial and personal matter was published as a private print for Soc. Brit. Neurol. Surg., OUP 1966 (Harris 83). the professional 2 versions of lecture, one a report of lecture as given, one ‘based on' it and dealing more specifically with medical education (not the published version). Corresp. with Lady Cairns, 1966. “4 - " colleagues re publication, 1966. "Sir Frank W. Holdsworth, 1966 and 1968. " editors, Lancet, re publication. Misc. printed matter, mainly press-cuttings of corresp. in Lancet following publication of Dott's article ‘Training the Specialist Surgeon’. Opening of the Department of Surgical Neurology, Dundee Royal Infirmary, Sept. 1966. D.234-D.236 ‘Reflections on the history of surgical neurology’. 2 ms. drafts for speech, and typescript with ms. revisions of text as delivered. Corresp. with officials and colleagues re arrangements for the occasion, programme of ceremony, etc. Typescript of talk as delivered to Annual General Meeting of Scottish Soc. for History of Medicine, Oct. 1966. (The address uses some of the material in D.212-D.216.) Talk with same title, heavily revised and extended, given as Special B.M.A,. Lecture to Waltham Forest Division, Nov. 1966. Speech at Colinton Burns Club, proposing 'The Immortal Memory', Jan. 1966, and misc. correspondence. D.234 D.235 Corresp. re lecture at Waltham Forest, 1966. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section D ~ Lectures, speeches, addresses D.238 "Spontaneous spinal epidural haemorrhage during anticoagulant Paper originally given by Dott at meeting of therapy’. Neurological Soc. of Middle East, Shiraz, Oct. 1963, revised and published in collaboration in B.M.J., 1, 1966 eee (Harris 81). Text of lecture as delivered at Shiraz, with photographs of cases, and copy of published version. Corresp. on subject with Francis A. Echlin, 1965. Address to newly-elected Fellows at ceremony of presentation of diplomas, Roy. Coll. Surg. Edin., Feb. 1966, published in J. Roy. Coll. Surg. Edin., 11, 1965-66 (Harris 79). Text of address as delivered; college. ms. notes on history of D.240-D.242 ‘Surgical and Medical Neurology: disintegration and re- The integration in specialist surgery and medicine’. Alexander Walsh Lecture, delivered to Roy. Coll. Surg. Edin., March 1967. Text of lecture and diagrams as delivered. Another copy, with ms. notes and covering letter by F.J. Gillingham. See E.69. Principal speech against the motion ‘but needst not sirive ... Memorial Lecture at III European Congress of Neurology, Lisbon, April 1967, on the life and work of Egas Moniz (Harris 87). Corresp. with Editor of The Lancet re possible publication of lecture. Typescript of lecture as delivered, with note of corrections to be made, and programme of congress. Florey), Oct. 1967. at debate of Joint meeting of Medico-Chirurgical Soc. Edinburgh and Medico-Chirurgical Soc. Glasgow at Roy. Coll. Surg. Edin., Oct. 1967. Prof. Dott's life and work' at Dept. Surg. Neurol., Edinburgh, Dec. 1967. D.246 Proposing motion to elect Lord Florey to Hon. Fellow- ship of the College (with some biographical notes on D.246-D.248 3 speeches ci Roy. Coll. Surg. Edin., 1967-68. Text of speech, programme, brief corresp. with organisers. See F.13. Speech at Departmental Clinical Meeting, held as 'a tribute to N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 D.247 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses Presentation of Lord Florey for Hon. Fellowship of the College, Nov. 1967, published in J. Roy. Coll. Surg. typescript with ms. corrections. Edin., 13 (Harris 89); Vote of thanks to J.Z. Young after his lecture at the College on the Memory System of the Brain, March 1968. ‘God's Children’. Talk to Edinburgh Merchant Company Teachers’ Association, March 1968 (largely autobiographical). Text, corresp., letters of thanks. Paul Martin: Obituary published in B.M.J., 2, June 1968. (Martin had preceded Doit as resident (1921-22) with Harvey Cushing). Ms. draft of obituary, and press-cutting of shortened published version. Notes and correspondence with biographical information about Martin. Corresp. with B.M.J. re publication. D.251,D.252 'Stereoradiography in cranial and spinal fields'. Paper by Dott and A.A. Donaldson given at 23rd Annual Conference of Society of Radiographers, May 1969. D.251 D.252 In 1964 Dott was asked to prepare an entry on Cushing He D.253-D.256 Writings on Harvey Cushing, 1967, 1969. Corresp. with officials of Society, and with collaborator, 1968-69. Synopsis and text of paper with ms. corrections; of slides and illustrations. ms. list given June 1969. for 'Munk's Roll' (reference volumes of biographical notices of Hon. Fellows of Roy. Coll. Physicians). completed this in 1967, and used some of ihe material for a lecture given at the Dept. Surgical Neurology, Edinburgh (Clinical Meeting) in Cushing's Centenary year, June 1969. Dott then offered the lecture for publication in the Scottish Medical Journal, which agreed to publish it in Nov. 1969. Corresp. with Librarian and President, Roy. Coll. Phys. re above. 1964-67. Ms. of Dott's article for Munk's Roll - full version, 17 pp. (The published version was abridged.) 1967 (Harris 90). Ms. of Dott's 'memoir for the centenary year of his birth', N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 D.256 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses Corresp. with Scottish Medical Journal re publication of above. (Doit's letter July 1969 outlines the history -of the work.) D.257-D.264 Papers delivered at Congress of Neurological Surgeons, Toronto, Sept. 1968. surgery, 16, 1969. Published in Clinical Neuro- - (Prof. and Mrs. Dott were 'Honored Guests'. Most of Dott's papers were re-workings and updatings of previous material.) See also E.70-E.74, F.111. "Introductory remarks’ at Opening. "Intracranial aneurysmal formations’, with lists of slides and captions for illustrations. “Carotid-cavernous arterio-venous fistula’. 'The surgical treatment of epilepsy’ + figures. Addendum to paper by Theodore Rasmussen. ‘The training and accreditation of the specialist surgeon’. "Disintegration in specialist medicine - modern patterns of re-integration' + figures. p. ms. introduction to talk on surgical treatment of 1 epilepsy, June 1969. Robert G. Ojemann D.266-D.270 ‘Medical, Psychic and Surgical Neurology’. Paper delivered Brief editorial corresp. re publication in Clinical Neuro- surgery, 16. Vote of thanks to Mrs. S. Childs after lecture to Scottish Association for the Study of Dyslexia, Morch 1969. Includes ref. to John Hunter as likely sufferer from dyslexia. Misc. ms. drafts of paper. A revised version was published in J. Neurosurg., 1970 with the title 'Further reflections on re-integration in specialist medicine’. at Fourth International Congress of Neurological Surgery, New York, Sept. 1969. see Li 7o-k./7. Corresp. with congress organisers re paper and subsequent publication 1968-70. Corresp. A. Earl Walker NM. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 D.268 D.269 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses Misc. ‘reading ms.' of paper, with various corrections and subsequent emendations, Aug.-Dec. 1969. Corresp. with editors and colleagues re publication J. Neurosurg., including ms. of Dott's corrections, suggestions for change of title, 1969-70. in Corresp. with publishing houses, societies, universities and copyright holders for permission to reproduce illustra- tions, trace references etc. 1969-70 (inciudes some reminiscences, and photograph of Clovis Vincent). Talk to Surgical Travellers Club, Dec. 1969. Tribute to Dr. Kate Hermann on her retirement in Sept. 1969, as published in The Consultative (Staff Magazine of the Royal Infirmary Group), 2, p.10. D.273-D.283 Papers and correspondence on Colostomy, 1970-72 and Stoma Clinic Dott underwent colostomy in June 1970. He quickly He felt thot his personal and See also H.40-H.45. letter of enquiry about 'Colostomy Preliminary material: Welfare Service', Nov. 1970 and press-cutting of J.B.S. Haldane's poem on his colostomy (1964). learned to cope with his disability and resumed his activities with undiminished zest. professional experience of coping with colostomy should be put at the service of other patients, and also that the improved appliances and methods of care he had devised should be more widely known to the medical and nursing professions. Accordingly he devoted time and energy to drafting papers and articles, giving talks to G.Ps., nurses and students, and to the establishment in Jan. 1972 of the Regional Stoma Clinic at the Astley Ainslie Hospital, Edinburgh, where he acted as Clinic Medical Officer. by Dott and submitted for publication in B.M.J., Sept. 1971. Corresp. re organisation and delivery of talk to G.Ps. above, June-Oct. 1971. 'The planning of colostomy after-care', at Surgical 'Saturday Morning Meeting’ Edinburgh, May 1971. Demonstration 2 versions of talk, and summary. Notes for a similar talk to ‘Sisters A.A.H.' [Astley Ainslie Hospital] July 1971. Address to General Practitioners as part of Postgraduate Course, Nov. 1971. 'The planning of colostomy after-care'. Ms. article 'Colostomy - Technique and organisation', written N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 D.279 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses Corresp. re B.M.J. article above from colleagues in Edinburgh, and from editorial staff of BLM.J. who declined to publish article in delete his advocacy of Regional Stoma Clinics, and the article did not appear. Dott dic not wish to its entirety. ‘Colostomy after-care and the stoma clinic’. written in collaboration with Col. John Fraser, Physician Superintendent, Astley Ainslie Hospital, and published in Chief Medical Officer's Health Bulletin, March 1972. Paper Corresp. re establishment and organisation of Regional Stoma Clinic at Astley Ainslie Hospital, mainly with Col. John Fraser, Physician Superintendent of the hospital, includes drafts and texts of misc. handouts and information sheets about the clinic, and also corresp. about article for Health Bulletin above. 'The after-care of colostomy etc. patients by means of the Regional Stoma Clinic’. Talk to medical students on the work of the clinic, June 1972. Ms. talk on same subject, n.d. Misc. printed matter for G.Ps. and patients on colostomy and the stoma clinic. See general index for other references to Alexander. Chairman's speeches at Statutory Meeting of Dental Fellows, ‘Paraplegia and spinal paralysis. in Scotland: reflections and Diploma Ceremony at Roy. Coll. Surg. Edinburgh, Oct. 1970. Speeches and tributes to George Lionel Alexander (d. Oct. 1970); includes Dott's obituary notices for B.M.J. and The Scotsman; his speech at Bristol at Alexander's retirement dinner March 1967 and at a dinner for Alexander after a lecture at Roy. Gol. surg, tdin., n.d. "Reading version’ with list and captions of slides. 'The history of surgical neurology in the 20th century'. Paper given at R.S.M. Section History of Medicine, Meeting, March 1971, and published in Proc. R.S.M., 64, 1971. Text of talk (mainly reminiscences) and brief correspondence. suggestions' 1970. Stencilled copy of address. 'The Heritage of the generations’. Talk to St. Catherine's Argyle Youth Group, Feb. 1971. D.288-D.291 Pencilled ms. draft for paper. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 D.290 0.291 Section D - Lectures, speeches, addresses Typescript of published version. Misc. corresp. re meeting, lecture and publication, 1970-71. D292 Toast to Roy. Coll. Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, at Edmonton, Alberta. Speech at dinner after conferment of Hon. Fellowship in the Division of Surgery, Jan. 1973. Drafts and text of speech. Corresp. with colleagues re travel and ceremonial arrange- ments, 1972-73. printed material, Misc. photographs of honorands. Pp dinner menus, etc.; i t includes r Corresp. Charles G. Drake E. Harry Boiterell ‘A surgeon's view of the seat of the soul and its communications’. A 'Town and Gown' lecture, n.d. but datable c.1960-65 on internal evidence. "Lesions associated with prolonged disturbance of consciousness’, n.d. but kept with above. with Jefferson in E.14, and also F.72). Perhaps 1953 (see corresp. Short speech of introduction to meeting or Open Day on Rehabilitation at Astley Ainslie Hospital, no title or date. N.M. Doit CSAC 55/9/67 Section E - Conferences, visits, lecture tours Almost all the files in this section relate to overseas visits and conferences (though see E.12, E.13); material is presented chronologically as far as possible. the Cross-reterences to organisations, correspondence or lectures in other sections of the handlist are given where possible. programme with a given. Many of the major overseas tours include a list of lectures, with dates; and places where Dott rnade and kept notes, in varying detail, of names, addresses, careers and interests of many individuals met in the course of travel, of the organisation, methods and lay-out of the hospitals he visited, and of the papers and discussions at meetings. These often enable a picture to be established of the state of neurosurgery, its developments and leading figures, at a particular place and time. The more extended tours took place after Dot's retire- ment in 1962, when he was often invited to speak on his own specialty and also on hospital/ward planning and organisation, medical education and curriculum etc. statements of his plans and reasons for undertaking such tours. See E.42, £.45 for This tour was financed by various Edinburgh funds and Dott kept full notes of his journey, including The tour, beginning in New York and the Eastern states E.1-E.11 Tour of U.S.A. and Canada, April-May 1955 of America, included Dott's Hughlings Jackson Lecture at Montreal (see D.81-D.82) and his address to the Harvey Cushing Society at Quebec (see D.62, D.96). travel grants. professional meetings and discussions, papers and lectures given or attended, methods, equipment and hospital planning etc. as well as personal information, and wrote them up for reports and talks on his return. in note form. E.1 pps. 1-34; E.4 pps. 93-100; E.7 not paginated but following directly after above; E.8 not paginated, but headed 'Quebec' and following after above. 8 sets of journal notes of the tour, forming a paginated sequence: Similar material, somewhat condensed and more formally presented, bui still E.2 pps.35-64; E.3 pps.65-92; E.5 pps. 101-117; E.6 pps. 118-138; (See also D.73.) ‘American Journey - Highlights’. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 E.10 Section E ~ Conferences, visits, lecture tours 'Tour USA and Canada, May 1955' with ms. note ‘probably given to Sat. morning meeting soon after': an account of the journey, using material above. Misc. dinner menus and conference programmes, with ms. notes by Dott for after dinner speech, probably at Soc. Neurological Surgeons meeting in Chicago. 'The Endocrinology of breast cancer’. Meetings beiween Stockholm and Edinburgh groups to review work in progress, planned for 29 April-3 May 1957, in Edinburgh. In the event, the Stockholm visitors were unable to attend, the full programme was cancelled, and replaced by a one-day discussion meeting on 29 April. The folder includes programme planned for full meeting, Dott's notes made of his and others’ contributions at shortened meeting; conclusions'. includes duplicated copy of ' Provisional March-April 1957. ‘Endocrine aspects of breast cancer'. Conference at Univ. Glasgow 8-10 July 1957. Programme and abstracts of papers, corresp. with organisers re participation by Dott and his team. Corresp. A.P.M. Forrest C .F.W. Illingworth 21-28 July 1957. (The corresp. with Sir Geoffrey First International Congress of Neurological Sciences, Brussels, Programme of congress; duplicated draft, with ms. additions and revisions by Dott, of 'Constitution of the International Federation of Neurosurgical Societies’, to be considered at meeting of Soc. Brit. Neurol. Surg. Brussels Conference was the first Internotional Congress held by the Federation.); Jefferson 1956 on personal and professional matters, and on Brussels Conference. See D.99, F.74-F.75. See also D.111, D.122, D.186. in Durban 15-20 Sept. 1957, at which he gave papers on 'The Surgery of facial paint’ and received the Hon. Fellow- ship of the College of Surgeons of South Africa. He also visited Capetown, Pretoria and Johannesburg to give talks, visit hospitals, etc. In all these centres, he received many requests, both from the medical profession and from patients’ families, to give consultations and advice, and he saw as many of these cases as possible. E.,15-E.19 Visit to South Africa 15 Sept.-13 Oct. 1957 Dott attended the 41st South African Medical Congress N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 B15 Section E ~ Conferences, visits, lecture tours Preliminary correspondance with colleagues and 'old boys' in South Africa, making orrangemenis for tour, talks and visits efc., including final schedule, press- cuttings, notes for anecdotes etc,, March-Sept. 1957, with: Robert Lipschitz (‘Lippy’) Joseph Block Harry Reef Keith Lewer Allen Jack.A. Douglas Alst Medical Congress, Durban. Detailed timetable of Dott's programme at congress corresp. re papers to be given and conferment of Hon. Fellowship Coll. Surgeons. prog g ’ 2 memo. books of notes by Dott, mainly of papers and discussions at Congress, some referring to other hospitals visited or talks given during four. Misc. corresp. arising from visit to Durban, mainly from colleagues and acquaintances hoping to see Doit, or from doctors and patients hoping for consultation. notes of patients, Dott's remarks, letters of thanks etc. are included. (Selectively indexed.) Case- Visit to Cape Town. Visit to Johannesburg and Pretoria, Sept.-Oct. 1957. Schedule of visits and lectures by Dott (on Subarachnoid pouches, Facial pain, Pituitary Tumours). Corresp. re visit, colleagues, former patients and new cases to be seen, case-notes and notes by Dott; also a note on 'Method of bleaching skulls'. Corresp. with colleagues and friends re talk to be given, social arrangements, and consultations. Includes Dott's notes on his schedule, and on patients seen. of Surgical Travellers Club. Includes various notes, professional and social, on tour, and letter written on return giving impressions, contacts and advice to R.S. Handley re possible visit to Portugal Programme of visit, brief corresp. with British Council re travel arrangements. includes Visit to Portugal, Nov. 1958 Dott visited Lisbon, Oporto and Coimbra, lecturing on 'Facial pain’ and Spontaneous subarachnoid haemorrhage’. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 E.21-E.23 Section E - Conferences, visits, lecture tours 63 Joint Annual Meeting, British and Canadian Medical Associations, Edinburgh, July 1959 (Dott was Joint President of the Section of Neurology and Neurosurgery). Ms. draft of Doit's opening remarks at meeting of his section, his notes on papers given, and questions asked from the floor. Corresp. with Sir Russell Brain re Round Table Conference on 'The Surgery of Mental Disorders’ held as part of meeting and chaired by Brain, with ms. notes by Dott, probably of matters raised at the Conference. A note on the work of the Section of Neurology and Neurosurgery prepared by Dott for The Scotsman on the occasion of the meeting. Folder also includes lists of participants and guests, abstracts of papers to be given, printed matter concerning meeting, exhibitions held on the occasion, etc. Visit to Oslo, Dec. 1960. E.25-E.29 The visit was undertaken to learn local cooling perfusion techniques developed by Professor K. Kristiansen. result of the visit, Dott decided to set aside specific time to study local cerebral cooling and attempted to raise funds for the purpose. See also D.152-153, F.86, H.17-H.21. The folder includes programme of visit to Oslo by Dott As a and his team, corresp. 1960-61 with colleagues and officials in Edinburgh and Oslo, and his ms. notes of speeches and talks given in Oslo. Lecture tour of South and North America, Aug.-Oct. 1961. 22 lectures were given, and the visit was arranged to include attendance at the IXih Latin-American Congress of Neurosurgery, Mexico City, Oct. 1961 at which Dott was U.K. representative, and Second International Congress of Neurosurgery, Washington D.C., Oct. 1961. accrue from journeys. Itinerary and programme, with preliminary corresp. with colleagues, invitations to lecture and visit, travel arrange- ments etc. Corresp. Juan Carlos Christensen Misc. financial arrangements, appeals for travel grants, leave of absence etc., many giving details of projected research and hospital planning information expected to N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section E ~ Conferences, visits, lecture tours hs 27 South America, Aug.-Oct. 1961. Brief corresp., accounts etc. re Doit's visit to each centre, some with photographs, press~cuttings, ms. notes for speeches, names of colleagues, programme of engagements. Sao Paolo (includes photograph ); Montevideo Buenos Aires; Cordoba; Rio; (includes notes for speech); (includes photographs); Mérida, Yucatan; Quito (includes ms. notes for speech); Mexico City (includes photographs, press-cuttings, ms. of Dott's Remarks at opening of new Dept. Neurosurgery, and of his introductions to his papers at Congress and related correspondence). Lima (includes mss. of talks); Santiago North America and Canada, Oct. 1961. Programme of papers given, notes etc. of visits to N. American centres, as above, correspondence. Houston; Washington and Bethesda (includes ms. of speech at banquet); Montreal. Toronto; Baltimore (includes photographs); Corresp. Maitland Baldwin Jack Masur Wilder Penfield George B. Udvarhelyi Harry E. Boiterell Kenneth McKenzie The pad is numbered 1, but there is no Brief ms. notes on visit, colleagues and cases. © See D.113, D.165-D.169, F.119. Journal of 'The Grand Peregrination', pencil, occupying one pad of airmail writing paper, beginning in Edinburgh 27 Aug. 1961 and containing full personal and professional account of South American tour, ending in Mérida, Yucatan 25 Sept. continuation covering N. America and Canada. See D.185-D.193. List of lectures to be given, places and dates, accompany- ing slides, timetable, addresses of hotels and colleagues etc. The folders below follow the order of Doft's itinerary. Corresp. with organisers and collaborators, programme of events, Doti's notes on papers given. E.31-E.40 Lecture tour in U.S.A., Feb.~April 1963 Chicago. Surgery. Second Workshop on Reconstructive Middle Ear Visit to Portugal, May 1962 E.31 N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section E - Conferences, visits, lecture tours E-33 Phoenix, Arizona. Corresp. re travel and honorarium, Dott's ms. notes on visit and colleagues. Mayo Clinic. Ms, introductions to lectures, notes on visits and colleagues. Syracuse. Corresp. with colleagues re lectures to be given, ms. notes on visit. New York City. Corresp. with friends and colleagues re visit and lectures, and notes of discussions etc. with them. Detroit. 54th Meeting, Society of Neurological Surgeons. Brief corresp., programme of meeting with extensive ms. notes by Dott on papers given, volume of abstracts of papers given at meeting. Philadelphia. Correspondence and notes. Bethesda. Correspondence and notes. Visit to Salonika, May 1963. See also E.44,. Misc. shorter corresp., visits declined, etc. This was an emergency visit arranged through the "League for Democracy in Greece’ to advise on Gregoris Lambrakis, a left-wing deputy who sustained severe head injuries during a political rally and did not recover. Letter, June 1963, to British Council Specialist Tours Dept. (and reply) outlining Dott's plans for extensive lecture tours and conferences, to which he hoped the British Council would contribute some support. visits to Teheran and Athens 1963 (E.43, E.44), Oslo and Holland 1964 (E.45-E.48), India and Thailand 1965 (E.49-E.59). Corresp. with colleagues and officials, copy of Dott's medical report, letters of thanks etc. These include N.M. Doit CSAC 55/9/77 Secticn E - Conferences, visits, lecture tours E.43 5th Annual Conference, Middle East Neurological Soc., Teheran: Iran, Sept.-Oct. 1963. combined with a visit to Athens, see E.44.) (This visit was Corresp. with organisers re travel arrangements, Doit's list of lectures to be given at Conference and in Athens. Dott's ms. notes of discussions with colleagues, papers delivered at conference, and on professional and social engagements undertaken during stay in Iran. A copy of the conference programme is included. Visit to Athens, Oct. 1963. Corresp. re arrangements to visit Greece and lecture at Athens after Middle East Neurosurgical Conference at Teheran; Includes some sci. corresp. on brain injury arising from the Lambrakis case, see E.41, Dott's ms. notes on hospitals and colleagues visited in Athens. see D.130. E.45-E.48 Visits to Holland and Norway, May 1964 (Lecture tour undertaken by invitation from colleagues abroad and with partial support from the British Council .) Corresp. with British Council Specialist Tours Dept. re tours planned and Council support (includes letters about recital of Burns' songs in the vernacular), 1963-64. See D.212-D.216. Corresp. etc. re visit to Holland, April-May 1964. (Official visit under University Teachers’ Interchange Scheme). Corresp. with colleagues in Italy re possible visits by Dott originally planned as part of same tour, but later deferred, 1963-64. Graeme Warrack Invitation and corress. with British Council and with Dutch colleagues re arrangements, list of lectures, Dott's notes on visits, treatment and equipment etc.; includes photographs and letters of thanks by Dott, and reminiscences of Second World War received from colleagues to whom he sent autographed copies of 'Travel by dark after Arnhem' by Graeme Warrack. also Corresp. H. Verbiest Willy Noordenbos Arnold C, De Vet Melle Weersma W. Luyendijk H.W. Stenvers N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 “E.48 Section t - Conferences, visits, lecture tours Corresp. re visit to Oslo, May 1964, with programme of visit, corresp. with K. Kristiansen, Dott's notes on professional and social engagements during visit, hospitals visited, speeches etc. E.49-E .59 Visit to Thailand (and other medical centres) Dec. 1964- Feb. 1965 ‘ This visit was undertaken under The Technical Co- operation Scheme of The Colombo Plan, to advise the University of Medical Sciences, Bangkok, on the medical schools in neurosurgery, and to act as Programme-planner for postgraduate training in neurosurgery. combined with other lectures and visits in India and Ceylon. (E.51, E.52). The visit was Preliminary material re possibility of Dott visiting Baroda Medica! College, India, with which Univ. Edin. Medical School was officially linked under the auspices of the World Health Organisation, and background papers relating to the Scheme are included in E.49. Dott made no official visit to India but paid a privately arranged visit to Madras (E.52). In the event, In the course of his visit, Dott ascertained that none Background material re link between Univ. Edinburgh Medical School and Baroda Medical College, India. of the Medical Schools or hospitals in Thailand were recognised for credentials for entrance to the examinations of the Royal Colleges in U.K. Thai applicants for Fellow- ship of the Royal Colleges were therefore obliged to under- take appropriate periods of training at some recognised cenire outside Thailand. On his return, Dott attempted to facilitate such periods of study for Thai doctors and nurses (see E.53, E.55-E.58) and to obtain recognition for the Thai medical schools (see E.59). delayed that he was obliged to cancel.) Preliminary corresp. re planning and timing of tour with John H.F. Brotherston (includes formal statement of aims of tour) 1963-64. (Dott received an invitation to include Indian Medical Cenires in his tour, but official confirmation was so long Department of Technical Co-operation (includes contract) 1964. The British Council. Office of High Commissioner, Pakistan (unsuccessful ). Medical Adviser to High Commissioner for India. IN.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section E - Conferences, visits, lecture tours 68 Eo) Visit to Colombo, Ceylon, Nov. 1964, on way to Bangkok. Corresp. with colleagues and officials (includes contract); Doit's ms. notes on colleagues, visits etc.; ms. notes for talk on organisation and teaching of Surgical Neurology. Visit to Madras, Nov. 1964, on way to Bangkok. Corresp. with colleagues, programme of visit and lectures, Dott's ms. notes on visit; includes some professional corresp. Preliminary corresp. with colleagues re visit to Bangkok. Dott's ms. 'rough notes on applicants’ (for study in U.K.); see also E.55-E.58. Misc. bundles of notes by Dott (some dated) on places and personnel visited. Ms. notes and reports prepared by Dott during visit: "Suggested Disposition of Neurosurgical Departments' "Preliminary Impressions concerning Thai Medical Services and Medical Education .... Dec. 1964! "New School’ "Integrated Teaching of Neurology-Medical and Surgical' (timetable and curriculum, Feb. 1965) E.55-E.58 _ See D.209, D.211. 1965-69. Dott's list of the Thai applicants List of ‘Neurosurgical instruments’ suggested for dept., with letter of comment by Doit. The corresp. is not indexed. is included in E.55; see also E.53. Files (4) of corresp. with colleagues, officials and candidates re applications from Thai medical, surgical and nursing Dott embarked on staff to spend periods of training in U.K. the task of helping Thai medical education as soon as possible after his visit, many of the early letters being written from Shiraz, and continued on his return to Edinburgh, making careful enquiries about the best centres for specific studies for the applicants. photographs. Corresp. with Royal College of Surgeons re recognition of Thai Medical Schools, 1965-67. Invitation to attend and present paper and ensuing corresp. Dott was unable to attend and his paper was presented by Mr. Kenneth Till. 1964. International Medical Society of Paraplegia. Second Scientific Middle East Neurosurgical Soc. Meeting in Ankara, Sept. 1964. Meeting, Tokyo, Nov. 1964. Invitation to attend, and misc. related corresp.; includes N.M,. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section E - Conferences, visits, lecture tours E.62 Visit to University of Singapore, March 1965. List of lectures given by Dott, corresp. with colleagues re visit; i:cludes report by Dott on organisation and staffing of Surgical Neurology in the University. Visit to Hong Kong, March-April 1965. Programme of visit, corresp. with colleagues and officials, various letters of introduction and recommendation by Dott and some professional corresp. 1964-65. Visit to Calcutta, April 1965. Programme of visit, corresp. and letters of invitation, Dott's ms. notes on his visit, 1964-65. Misc. shorter corresp. with colleagues in or about India. Visit to Honolulu. Corresp. 1963-64 with colleagues re proposed visit by Dott in the course of his Eastern tour; by Dott re colleagues dated 1961. includes some notes Corresp. re possible visit to Australia following above. No financial support was forthcoming and the visit did not take place. 1964. Visit to Shiraz, Iran, April-May 1965. Visit to Beirut and Teheran, May 1965. includes ms. of lecture on ‘Surgical neurology Dott was first guest Professor of Neurosurgery, Pahlavi University, Shiraz. Corresp. with colleagues re visit and re problems of organising medical school. Dott's list of lectures to be given, and nofes on colleagues and hospitals; and other disciplines', adapted for Shiraz. See D.243. Invitations and corresp. with colleagues, Dott's ms. notes on colleagues, cases seen etc. Dott delivered a memorial lecture on the life and work of Egas Moniz. Third European Congress of Neurosurgery, Madrid, April 1967 and Lisbon, April 1967. Brief corresp. with British Council re financial support, 1966. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section E - Conferences, visits, tecture tours E.70 -E.74 Congress of Neurological Surgeons 18th Annual Meeting, Toronto, Sept. 1968. (Dott was ‘Honored Guest! , see also D.257-D.264, F.111) Invitation to attend as 'Honored Guest' and arrangements re travel, conference programme and lectures, mainly with President-Elect and organiser, John Shillito, 1967- 68. (Some professional corresp. is included.) Letters of thanks from colleagues for papers and participa- tion in Congress. Corresp. with colleagues re meetings at Congress and re other lectures and visits by Dott after the Toronto meeting. (Some professional corresp. is included.) Corresp. Edwin P. Boldrey Paul C. Bucy (visit to Chicago) Charles G. Drake (1967-68) Joseph P. Evans Kenneth E. Livingston Robert L. McLaurin Wilder Penfield Ernest Sachs A. Earl Walker (at Toronto Corresp. Robert G. Ojemann Tour of Canada and U.S.A., Sept.-Oct. 1968 and subsequently). Misc. printed matter re conference: official programme, newsletters, etc. Dott's schedule of visits and timetable of lectures given; misc. corresp. re publication of Toronto congress papers in Clinical Neurology, 16, with editors, and colleagues to whom Doti sent papers for comment or information, 1968-69. and papers. George B. Udvarhelyi John H.F. Brotherston J.R. Cameron F. John Gillingham Henry Cohen (Lord Cohen of Birkenhead) ae Invitation to attend, corresp. with colleagues re visits See D.160 ’ E.75-E.77 Congress of Neurological Surgeons meeting, Boston, Mass., Sept. 1969. See D.266-D.270 N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 E76 Section E - Conferences, visits, lecture tours Corresp. with colleagues and friends arranging visits (professional and social) in New York during Congress. ging P g Corresp. with colleagues and friends arranging visits to Baltimore, Chicago, Toronto, during visit to U.S.A. for Congress. George B. Udvarhelyi A. Earl Walker Percival Bailey (refers also to Bailey's auto~ Paul Bucy biography 'Up from Little Egypt') N.M. Doit CSAC 55/9/77 Section F - Committees and Societies United Kingdom Societies Overseas Societies F. Fy ltems in F.1-F.106 reflect Dott's continuing involvement in public health in Scotland, and especially his concern for the disabled, as well as his activities for his primary professional society, The Society of British Neurological Surgeons: see note on p.79. liems F.107-F.125 refer mainly to neurological/neurosurgical societies overseas, from whom Dott received honours, invitations to lecture, advise on new departments, hospital planning etc. Many of the lectures in Section D were given for meetings of British or foreign neurological societies, and many of the over- seas tours in Section E were built round such meetings. references have been given where possible. Cross- British Association of Paediatric Surgeons (BAPS) 1956-74 (Dott was Hon. Member from 1955.) .Mainly printed matter re meetings, congresses and affairs of BAPS, conference programmes, lists. of members etc. Edinburgh Committee for the Co-ordination of Services for the Disabled (ECCSD) Dott represented the Epilepsy Society of Edinburgh and S.E. Scotland on the Committee. See also F.6. Some brief corresp. is included, and also ms. of Dott's introductory remarks to the Macarthur Lecture given by Dr. E. Sandegard at the BAPS meeting in Edinburgh, June 1957. 4 folders dealing respectively with the main Committee, the ad hoc Committee, the Publicity and the Employment/ Education Sub- committees. developments which might take place in Edinburgh’. The Committee was established in Jan. 1970 by the Main Committee 'to consider any representations which should be made on the Chronically II! and Disabled Bill presently before Parliament; tions should be made to the Social Work Department on and to consider what observa- Main Committee. Committee papers, Jan.1971-Oct. 1973, some annotated by Dott. Ad Hoc Committee on Future Development in Social Work. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 - Committees and Societies Section F Folder includes: Committee papers, Feb.-June 1970, some annotated by Dott: draft of memorandum to Director of Social Work, Edinburgh, with amendmenis by Dott; with secretary of the Ad Hoc Committee re the Bill and re requirements of the Epilepsy Society; draft report with comments by Doit. corresp. Public Relations Sub-Committee. Many of the papers relate to the organisation of the annual 'Disabled Week' sponsored by the ECCSD, and the follow-up surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of the publicity. Committee papers, Jan. 1967-June 1973, some annotated by Dott. Professional Workers' Conference, 5 March 1970, debate "Are the Voluntary Organisations playing an effective role in the Welfare State?': programme, 2 ms. drafts of Dott's contribution (in favour of the subject), corresp. with the other speakers and with editor of The Scotsman re publication of Dott's paper, and other means of obtaining publicity for the 'Disabled Week'. Edinburgh Council of Social Service (ECCS) 1969-72 papers re special meetings of the Dott's Employment and Education Sub-Committee (originally called the 'Sheltered Work Sub-Committee'; the name was changed in Jan. 1971). Committee papers, Dec. 1966-Dec. 1973; some are annotated by Dott. of agendas for meetings on 10 March 1969 and 5 Dec. 1972. Full notes for discussion are on verso Council's papers, Sept. 1969-April 1972, including papers for the Hostels Committee of which Dott was a member. Annual reports of the ECSS. Corresp. and papers re working party to establish a Secretariat for voluntary organisations in Edinburgh: notes for meeting of the working party, 28 Oct. 1968, and copy of his remarks; ECCSD to consider the working party's report (see also F.2-F.5) with notes by Dott on the relationship between the two organisations. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 F.7-Fatl Section F - Commitiees and Societies Scottish Epilepsy Association, Edinburgh and S.E. Scotland Branch 1959-73 Doit served as Chairman ef Council 1967-68, and on several Sub-Committees of the Society. He was instru- mental in obtaining a grant from the MacRobert Trusts in 1966 for a research project on epilepsy carried out at the University of Edinburgh (see F.11). For lectures and speeches by Dott on Epilepsy, see the subject index on p. 98, and also H.39, Public Relations Committee, 1963-72 Dott was very active in his efforts to publicise the work of the Epilepsy Society. ms. notes of ideas for publicity in addition to correspondence, committee papers, minutes, brochures. The folder contains many of his Regional Development Sub-Committee, 1968-73 Committee papers; pamphlet, circulars (prepared by Dott). press-clippings; typescript draft of Employment Sub-Commitiee, 1959-69; Welfare Sub- Committee, 1973. Committee papers; correspondence. The Friends of the Epilepsy Society of Edinburgh, 1964-68. Ms. notes for speeches by Dott to the Association; message for financial appeal, 1965. Copy of proposal submitted by Dott to the Trusts on behalf of Gillingham; copies of annual reports to the Trusts, 1967-68, 1968-69, 1969-70. Corresp. and papers re 5-year grant from the MacRobert Trusts to the Epilepsy Society to finance a research project into epilepsy, carried out at the Department of Surgical Neurology, Univ. of Edinburgh, under the direction of Prof. F. John Gillingham, 1965-70. dinners. Faculty of the History of Medicine and Pharmacy, Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London, 1959-71. was a member from iis inception in 1959.) Corresp. re publication of proceedings; programmes of meetings, of annual British Congresses on the History of Medicine and Pharmacy; lecture notices, menus for society (Dott N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section F - Committees and Societies Peta Medico-Chirurgical Society of Edinburgh, 1956-67. (Dott was a member from 1934 (Hon. Member, 1965), and frequently addressed the Society.) Constitutions Lists of officers; programmes, 1956-58; notices of meetings; of Dott's election to Hon. Membership, 1965; script of Dott's contribution to debate, 20 Oct. 1967, on euthanasia (in opposition to the motion). Dott's suggestions for See D.244. notification type- Red Cross Society, Edinburgh Branch, 1962-66. 'The Red + as a medical and pharmaceutical symbol before and after the Geneva Convention’: ms. partly in Doft's hand, but most of ms. is in unknown hand. Typescript of speech at annual general meeting of Edinburgh branch of British Red Cross, 19 Nov. 1963. Correspondence; press clippings. F.15-F.18 Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh, 1955-64 Dott was elected to Honorary Fellowship in 1955. The year of his retirement, 1962, coincided with the launching of an appeal for funds for new premises, and Dott devoted much time and energy to fund-raising, especially from U.S.A. sources. Also misc. press-cuitings, printed matter, shorter notes and Corresp. re R.M.S. Appeal, presented alphabetically. Letter of election to Hon. Fellowship of R.M.S., 1955. John A. Calvert G. Morrison Carstairs Sir Derrick Dunlop Dott's speech as 'Guest of the Evening' at dinner given to him by R.M.S. on his retirement, typescript with ms. corrections, also letter of congratulation on speech from Sir Walter Mercer, and Dott's covering letter with his own subscription (the first to be received) to the Appeal. corresp. re R.M.S. and its Appeal. (Dunlop was Convenor of the Appeal Committee and Dott gave him a activities in U.S.A.) Similar corresp. 1963, with American Foundations and grant- giving bodies: Eugene P. Pendergrass 1.8. Ravdin Alexander Robertson Rockefeller Foundation Richard H. Shyrock Ewart Robin B. Lockhart John P. Hubbard 1963 1963-64 1962 1963 1962-63 full account of his fund-raising N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section F - Committees and Societies &.19-F.21 Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1939-73 Pai? Obituary notice of Harvey (Williams) Cushing, prepared by Dott for publication in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: proof, correspondence. 2 typescript drafts (one is amended), 1939. Obituary notice of Cornelius Ubbo Ariéns Kappers, pre- pared by Doit for publication in the Yearbook of R.S.E.: typescript draft, corresp. with W. Noordenbos who collected and translated biographical material on Kappers for Dott's use, 1946-47. Corresp. and printed papers re nominations for Fellowship (Restricted), 1957-73. Scottish Association of Neurological Sciences, 1955-56, 1962-63, 1969 corresp. re meeting in 1956 of what was later Programmes; to become the Association; meeting of the Association in June 1962. Dott chaired the official first P.20rh. 27 Scottish Association of Occupational Therapists, 1963-72 Dott served as President from 1960 to 1972, and was elected Hon. President in 1972. 1963-69 Corresp. re business of the Association. Typescript of Dott's address at graduation ceremony, Glasgow School of Occupational Therapy, 18 Oct. 1965. Corresp. and committee papers re Annual general meetings of the Association, 1963-69. typescript notes for his remarks as president. Includes Dott's ms. and/or Corresp. re the election of Col. John Cunningham (founder of the Association) as Hon. President, 1966 and re preparation of his obituary notice after his death in 1968. for meetings of Council. Corresp. and papers re negotiations for the creation of a United Kingdom Association of Occupational Therapists and the consequent disbandment of the Scottish Association. Corresp. re business of the Association; committee papers 1969-72 Corresp. and committee papers re annual general meetings, with Doit's notes for his remarks as president, 1970-72. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section F - Committees and Societies Fao; F.26 Board of Studies, Scottish Association of Occupational Therapists. The Board of Studies was established in 1962 to Dott was elected its first chairman and served The file contains committee supervise the professional examinations of occupational therapists. in that capacity until 1972. papers and correspondence re examination arrangements, examiners, setting of questions, educational policy etc. 2 folders: F.25 F.26 1962-1969 1969-1972 World Federation of Occupational Therapists. (Dott served as Advisory Fellow from 1962 until his death.) Newsletters; Congress, held in London, July 1966. corresp. re speakers for Fourth International Scottish Electroencephalographic Society, 1955-64. was a member from the inception of the Society.) (Dott Correspondence, draft constitution, and papers relating to establishment of Society in 1956. Programmes of meetings, 1956-64. F.30-F.36 F.31-F.33 Scottish Opthalmological Club, 1962-64. (Dott became a Programmes of meetings; correspondence re Dott's election to honorary membership, 1962. Scottish Paraplegic (Spinal Injuries) Association, 1963-73. (Dott was elected Honorary President in 1963 and member of the Club in 1927; in 1962 and was unanimously invited to become an Honorary Member. ) he resigned on his retirement re-elected in 1965 and 1970. He was very active in this, as in other societies to help the disabled, see esp. Scottish Spina Bifida Association, F.39-F.40, and also F.112.) 1970-73 Corresp. re constitution of Association, publicity, letters to the press. Includes typescript of Dott's speech of thanks at presentation of cheque to Association and other speeches, messages and press releases. Committee papers for meetings of Council and for annual general meetings, papers re Paraplegic Games, appeals, rehabilitation units. 3 folders: F.31 F.32 F.33 1963-65 1966-69 N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 F.34 Section F - Committees and Societies Correspondence re proposed paraplegic unit at Astley Ainslie Hospital (Princess Margaret Rose Hospital was chosen as the site instead); includes corresp. between Astley Ainslie Board of Management, Regional Hospital Board and the Scottish Office with copies passed to Dott for his information, 1966. "Paraplegic Units', 1968. Papers and corresp. with officers of the Scottish Paraplegic Association and of the Scottish Spina Bifida Association re numbers of paraplegics and spina bifida children in Scotland and provisions for their care. Includes memorandum by Dott with amendments by F.J. Gillingham and an expanded version with the title 'Spinal Paralysis rehabilitation unit' circulated by Dott, March 1968. Copy of article by G.W. Simpson re services and facilities available for spina bifida. Press-cuttings re spina bifida. children. "Spinal Paralysis Centres', 1970-72. Correspondence arising, (Dott was unable to attend Also includes Scottish Society for Experimental Medicine, 1946, 1961-68. Corresp. and papers re establishment of spinal paralysis rehabilitation centres. Includes copy of Doit's article ‘Paraplegia and Spinal Paralysis in Scotland: Reflections and Suggestions’, published in journal of S.P.A. and read at Edinburgh Meeting of The International Medical Society of Paraplegia, July 1970. with typescript of Doit's reply. the July 1970 meeting, due to ill health.) copy of Dott's contribution to conference on the Role, Design and Staffing of a Spinal Paralysis Service, Jan. 1972 (with programme, list of participants, correspondence.) Press- cuttings re closing of ward in Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh. publication of proceedings. notes by Dott on papers Agenda and programmes for meetings; presented by others, and notes for his own contribution fo the meetings (introductions of speakers, votes of thanks, chairman's remarks). Correspondence re proposals for membership, including synopses of papers submitted by candidates recommended by Dott. Scottish Society of the History of Medicine, 1948-73. (Dott was a member from the foundation of the Society in 1948, a member of Council from 1961, elected President in 1966 and re- elected in 1968.) Agenda; programmes. Corresp. re arrangements for meetings, choice of speakers, N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 F.39, F.40 Secticn F - Committees and Societies Scottish Spina Bifida Association, 1970-73. See also F.30-F.36. Honorary President from 1965.) (Dott served as F.39 Newsletters; committee papers; programmes for fund-raising projects. copies of appeals; Scottish Spina Bifida Association 1967-73. Contains corresp., papers, memoranda of discussions etc. re various research projects into the causes and treatment of spina bifida and re possible collaboration between voluntary organisations dealing with the disabled. script of Dott's address to the Annual General Meeting of the $.S8.B.A., 19 March 1967. Includes type- Scottish Surgical Paediatric Club, 1955. (Dott was a member from 1955 and an Honorary Member from 1965.) Notification of meetings, visits and programmes, corresp. re general affairs of the Club, draft of Dott's address to Club at Edinburgh meeting (n.d.). F.42-F.106 Society of British Neurological Surgeons (S.B.N.S.), 1926-73. Dott was a member of the Society from its foundation in 1926 to 1962, when he was elected an Hon. member. served as Assistant Secretary 1927-28 and as President 1938-45. He The more detailed Dott was a loyal member of the Society and participated The papers contain an almost complete run of programmes its professional meetings, its business as fully as possible in meetings and various ad hoc commiitees instituted for special purposes from time to time, particularly those concerned with training, staffing and status in the specialty. of the Society's meetings from 1926-73, with accompanying minutes, agendas etc. in varying detail. In his later years, Dott was unable to attend all meetings, especially those held abroad in conjunction with foreign societies federated to the World Federation of Neurological Societies. records and correspondence of the period up to (c) 1966 shows the important part he played, with Jefferson, Cairns and other Founder Members, in the affairs of the Society. The corres- pondence with Jefferson in particular is relaxed and informative, and often includes details of professional cases and treatment, and some personal/social news, as well as $.B.N.S. matters. pondents are listed in the general index on pp. 100-106 The papers are presented chronologically as far as possible, with an indication of the contents of each folder. All corres- N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section F - Committees and Societies 80 F.42 F.43 F.44 Constitution and bye-laws of society, with lists of Emeritus, Associate, Honorary and Ordinary members, 1926-28. / / / - 2nd meeting, June 1927, in Manchester; agenda, programme of meeting. Michaelmas meeting, Dec. 1927, at London Hospital; gramme of meeting, circular letters sent by Dott re formation of library by the Society. pro- Summer meeting, June 1928, in Edinburgh; agenda, programme of meeting, dinner menus. Michaelmas meeting, Nov.-Dec. 1928, in London; agenda, detailed programme of meeting, circular letter sent by Doit re exchange of reprints,and enclosing list of members of American Society of Neurological Surgeons and letter re meeting of same. (N.B. no papers remain re Summer Meeting, 1929.) Michaelmas meeting, Nov. 1929, in Oxford; programme of meeting. (N.B. no papers remain re Summer Meeting, 1930.) See D.22 for paper delivered by Dott. (N.B. no papers remain re Summer Meeting, 1932). Michaelmas meeting, Nov. 1930, in London; programme of meeting. Michaelmas meeting, Nov. 1931, in London; agenda, programme of meeting, correspondence with G. Jefferson. Michaelmas meetings, Nov. 1932 and Dec. 1933, in London; printed programmes only. Summer meeting, July 1931, in Dublin; agenda, programme of meeting. A.A. McConnell, G. Jefferson. Meetings Nov. 1934 (Manchester), June 1935 (Stockholm), June 1936 (Dublin), Jan. 1937 (London); printed programmes. Summer meeting, June 1934, in Edinburgh and Aberdeen; agenda and programmes, correspondence. Corresp. re meetings in 1937 (Summer meeting in Berlin) with Committee agenda, May 1933. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 5) Section F - Committees and Societies Michaelmas meeting, Nov. 1938, in Manchester; agenda and programme. Corresp. with Jefferson, Oct.1938-Jan. 1739 on the meeting and professional matters arising, and also on importance of organising neurosurgical teams in preparation for possible war (see also B.17-B.35). Summer meetings, Aug. 1939, Sept. 1940, July 1941, in Oxford; programmes, with annotations. Summer meeting, Aug. 1942, in London; programme of meeting. Autograph and corrected typescript versions of Doit's paper 'The importance of psychiatric and psychological assessment in the management and disposal of organic brain damage’, and related corresp. with G. Jefferson. (This was the 29th meeting, a system of numbering now being in practice.) 30th meeting, May 1943, London 3lst meeting, Oct. 1943, Enfield Programme and detailed summaries of papers. Programmes, agendas, etc. (incomplete sequence). The Committee was set up in June 1945 to consider The file contains preliminary correspondence to the 32nd meeting, Nov. 1944, Basingstoke (Symposium on baitle casualties) “See A.14. S.N.B.S. Planning Committee 1945-48. Hugh Cairns, Sec. Geoffrey Jefferson.) (President: Sir 33rd meeting, June 1945, Edinburgh 34th meeting, Feb. 1946, St. Albans 35th meeting, July 1946, Oxford (36th meeting was in Portugal) 37th meeting, Nov. 1947, Glasgow 38th meeting, July 1948, Dublin 39th meeting, Nov. 1948, Newcastle Sir William Jameson. organisation, training, teaching and research in 'Neuro-surgery as a recognised specialism’, and its relations with related disciplines (neurology, psychiatry). setting-up of the Committee (Feb.-March 1945), drafts and discussions of memos. and reports, background statistics and information (includes very full account of work in Scottish the Neurosurgical Needs of the Population and the Training of the Neurosurgeon’, is included. The corresp. is mainly with G. Jefferson, but comments, information and amendments are included from G.L. Alexander, __Centres 1940-45). A printed copy of the Committee's report, ‘Notes on NEM. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 F.6] Section F - Committees and Societies Misc. printed reports on setting-up of National Health Service, and organisation of various specialties (neurology, Psychiatry etc.). (Background material to above.) AQth meeting, July 1949, London. Minutes, papers and reports of Special Working Party, Ministry of Health, on surgical instruments. Corresp. with Jefferson and others re Dott's new technique of pre-operative bleeding, speech therapy, recommendations for merit awards etc. Alst meeting, May 1950, Manchester; agenda, programme of meeting, some corresp. F .64 42nd meeting, Nov. 1950, Birmingham; minutes (see also F.65). F.65, F.66 S.B.N.S. Committee on Registrars, 1950-52. The Commitiee was appointed at the 42nd meeting at Birmingham, Nov. 1950 'to report on urgent matters relating to the N.H.S., especially as regards excessive numbers of The Committee collected material by means of Regisirars'. questionnaires and correspondence, met on various occasions Dec. 1950-May 1951 and produced a report. set up an Advisory Council to consider matters of staffing and grading, which held its first meeting in Sept. 1952. The Society Preliminary draft of report and ensuing correspondence with Jefferson and others, March-May 1951. Dott disagreed with the draft. Questionnaires, reports and memos. on staffing in various areas and hospitals, notices and minutes of meetings, copy of report, correspondence, minute of Advisory Council meeting. Edinburgh but was unable to do so. First Combined meeting of $.B.N.S. and Ass. British Neurologisis, Feb. 1952, London; Jefferson that Dott should read paper, programme, brief letter from Hugh Cairns. 45th Summer meeting, June 1952, ZUrich; programme, corres- pondence, photograph. 47th meeting, May 1953, Cardiff; agenda, programme, corres- pondence. Dott was asked to entertain the Society in 4éth meeting, Dec. 1952, Leeds; agenda, minutes, programme. Business meeting, May 1952, London; minutes etc. See D.60. 43rd meeting, April 1951, Madrid; programme, minutes. minutes, invitation from N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section F - Committees and Societies F.72 A8th meeting, Dec. 1953, London. This was a combined meeting with Ass. Brit. Neurologists; Dott gave the summary of the second day's meeting on ‘Prolonged disorders of consciousness’. Agenda, programme, Dot's ms. notes on papers given, and ms. notes for his summing~-up. 49th meeting, May 1954, Brussels and Louvain; agenda, programme, minutes, Doit's ms. notes on papers or discussions at meeting. Business meeting, July 1955. (N.B. no papers remain of 50th and 51st meetings. ) 52nd meeting, Nov. 1955, London. At this meeting the 'International Congresses of the Neurological Sciences’ were discussed (see also F.75); it was also the occasion of the presentation to Sir Geoffrey Jefferson of his portrait by Sir Gerald Kelly (Dott made the speech of presentation - see also D.99, E.14). Folder includes Committee papers, programme, Dott's ms. notes and comments on papers given at meeting, corresp. re presentation speech and other matters. preliminary corresp. 1955 in detailed 54th meeting, Nov. 1956, Bristol; programme, minutes, extensive ms. notes by Doit. 53rd meeting, May 1956, Stockholm: programme, minutes, Doit's ms. notes on papers given; also includes copy of Constitution of International Federation of Neurological Societies, and some earlier correspondence about same. 55th meeting, May 1957, Dublin (combined meeting with Irish Ophthalmological Society): which Dott suggested a combined meeting in Dublin; programme of meeting and cases, with extensive ms. notes by Dott; agenda and programme. papers. 56th meeting, Nov. 1957, London; programme, commiitee papers, extensive ms. notes by Dott of papers given. 58th meeting, Dec. 1958, Liverpool; committee papers, detailed programme of meeting, ms. notes by Dott on papers and cases. 59th meeting, July 1959, London; programme, committee N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 F.81 Sectic n - Committees and Societies F 57th meeting, May 1958, Holland; programme of meetings, with ms. notes by Dott of papers given; agenda, committee papers, minutes, corresp. re training and secondment with S.A. De Lange and others. Corresp. re proposed new European journal of neurosurgery, with: M. Milletti, G. Jefferson, G.L. Alexander. Misc.: letters on S.B.N.S. affairs, 1958-59. 60th meeting, Nov. 1959, London élst meeting, June-July 1960, Edinburgh 62nd meeting, Nov. 1960, Swansea Duplicated programmes, committee papers, reports on meetings. Misc. duplicated papers on head injuries, accident services and training for neurosurgery, 1958-61 (mainly reports written by members or officers of $.B.N.S. for internal reference). 63rd meeting, May 1961, Copenhagen: commiitee papers, ms. notes by Dott on papers given; meeting and nominations, and with K. Kristiansen re their joint presentation of their work on cerebral cooling (see under Hypothermia in subject index). corresp. with sec. re Medical Staffing Structure in Scottish Hospitals (The Wright Committee). See also B.44, F.89. Includes: corresp. with 64th meeting, Nov. 1961, Derby; agenda, programme, committee papers, ms. notes by Dott on papers given, brief corresp. re overseas visitors. Corresp. and reports assembled at request of $.B.N.S. from Scottish members by small ad hoc committee chaired by Dott, 1961-62. J. Pennybacker (Sec. S.B.N.S.) setting up committee, Dec. 1961-Jan. 1962. 67th meeting, April 1963, Rome; programme, committee papers. 65th meeting, May 1962, London; agenda, programme, brief corresp. re Wright Committee on Staffing Structure. See also F.88.) 66th meeting, Sept. 1962, Warsaw and Cracow; committee papers, correspondence. Corresp. with members of committee, J. Sloan Robertson, W. Martin Nichols. Drafts for report, comments and amendments; statistics and background information on neurosurgical services in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen; copy of final report. N.M. Doit CSAC 55/9/77 F292 Section F - Committees and Societies 68th meeting, June 1963, London (combined meeting with Neurosurgical Soc. of America); with notes and annotations by Dott, corresp. re nominations, and Dott's contribution to discussion for printed account of meeting. printed programme, Dott was elected to Emeritus Membership of S.B.N.S. at this meeting. The folder also includes the first issue of the Bulletin of the World Federation of Neurological Societies, in which Dott is given the first ‘Page of Tribute’. 69th meeting, May 1964, Aberdeen; programme, committee papers, ms. notes by Dott on papers given, brief correspondence. See D.208. 70th meeting, Sept. 1964, Prague; minute only. 71st meeting, May 1965, Sheffield; agenda, programme, committee papers, ms. notes by Dott on papers given. 73rd meeting, May 1966, London. Third Sir Hugh Cairns Memorial Lecture,on the training of the neurosurgeon, at this meeting. Dott delivered the Harris 82, 83; see also D.228-D.232. 74th meeting, Sept. 1966, Dublin; programme, commitiee papers, ms. notes by Dott on papers given. Programme, ms. notes by Dott on papers given, business corres- pondence, autograph plan,draft, and typescript version with ms. corrections, of the lecture, and corresp. with colleagues about training and recruitment of neurosurgeons, 1963-66. §.B.N.S. 40th Anniversary dinner at Athenaeum, Dec. 1966; autograph and typescript versions of Dott's response to the President's Toast, with letters of thanks from colleagues, signed menu, etc. 76th meeting, Oct. 1967, New York; duplicated account only. Professor Almeida Lima gave the Fourth Sir Hugh Cairns Memorial Lecture at this meeting, and Dott proposed the vote of thanks. Also includes misc. corresp. on affairs of the Society, and esp. re proposal to form a Neurosurgical Section of R.S.M., which Dott opposed in its original form (Sept. 1966). File includes the text of the lecture (which Dott partly re- wrote to clarify the English) and of the vote of thanks, and corresp. with Lima re a proposed visit to Lady Cairns. Corresp. Henry Cohen (Lord Cohen of Birkenhead) Sir Arthur Porritt 75th meeting, May 1967, Preston; programme, ms. notes by Dott. IN.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 F.100 Section F - Committees and Societies 77th meeting, May-June 1968, Coimbra; notices of meeting, corresp. with colleagues re meeting, Cairns Lecture, etc., message of greeting sent by Dott to be read at meeting. 78th meeting, Sept. 1968, Glasgow; committee papers and notices of meeting; letter from Dott regretting his absence and sending message of greeting to be read at meeting. 79th meeting, May 1969, London; programme, and information re meeting. 80th meeting, June 1970, Cambridge (combined meeting with Deutsche Gesellschaft fUr Neurochirurgie ); programme and notices of meeting; of the Society's business papers. corresp. re circulation 8lst meeting, Sept. 1970, Hull; programme, corresp. re Dott's absence, from A. Norman Guthkelch. Sir Charles Symonds's 6th Hugh Cairns Lecture was given at this meeting; see H.32. 82nd meeting, Sept. 1971, Newcastle; programme of meeting. 83rd meeting, May 1972, Liverpool; programme of meeting. 84th meeting, Sept. 1972, Oxford; programme of meeting. F.107-F. 125 Overseas Societies F.107,F.108 American Association of Neurological Surgeons (Founded as 85th meeting, April 1973, Southampton; programmes and notices of meeting. Society matters, 1956-73. Corresp. re above offices, and also re messages of greeting sent by Dott to be read at meetings he was unable to attend; some professional corresp. 1955-71. Dott was a Corresponding Member 1955-63, an Honorary Member 1963-68, and served on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Neurosurgery from 1958. The Harvey Cushing Society in 1931; changed to the above style in 1967). the name was Printed notices of meetings, conference programmes and other N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section F - Committees and Societies F.109 American Neurological Association. Dott was made an Honorary Member in 1965. Printed material re meetings, lists of members. Associacién Argentina de Neurocirurgia. Corresp. nominating Dott as 'Guest of Honour', University of Buenos Aires, 1961, and re congresses to be held there 1967, 1968. Printed matter re meetings. Congress of Neurological Surgeons, 1961, 1971-73. Corresp. re congresses, and also Dott's presentation to Library of Roy. Coll. Surg. Edin. of Clinical Neurosurgery, 16, in which his addresses as 'Honored Guest' of 1968 Congress at Toronto were published; See also D.257-D.264, E.70-E.74. misc. newsletters of the Congress. International Medical Society of Paraplegia, 1963-73. Dott was made an Honorary Member in 1962. Corresp. re Hon. Membership, invitation to write for Society's journal Paraplegia etc.; committee papers, notices of Society meetings etc. See also F.30-F.36. Latin-American Congresses of Neurosurgery. participants) Printed material re congresses. themes,and evaluation of participants) 10th Congress (1963) (includes Dott's suggestions for Mexican Academy of Surgery. Dott was elected an Honorary éth Congress (1955) 1953-55 (includes Dott's suggestions for Corresp. with colleagues and organisers re Dott's participation in various congresses, esp: Corresp. re Honorary Membership, offered to Dott 1963. Peruvian Surgical Congresses. Printed notices of Congresses. Academician in 1962. Corresp. re election, possible visits etc. Netherlands Neuro-surgical Association. Corresp. re Honorary Membership, offered to Dott 1947. Polish Society of Arts and Sciences Abroad. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section F - Committees and Societies F.118 Scandinavian Neurological Society. Dott was made an Honorary Member 1947. Corresp. re above, and Diploma created und sent 1961, and some professional matters. Printed and duplicated material re Society's meetings, conferences, lists of members etc. Sociedad Luso-Espafiola de Neurocirurgia. The Society was founded in 1947, and Dott was made an Honorary Member in that year. Corresp. re meetings, esp.: meeting at Porto 1962, with ms. notes of speech by Doft and letter re papers he was to give with F.J. See D.113, D.165-D.169, E.a0. Gillingham. ' Meeting at Oviedo, 1963. Printed matter re Society's meetings and proceedings. Societa Italiana di Neurochirurgia.. Dott was nominated to Honorary Membership of the Society at its first session in 19ST. Corresp. re above, and re joint meeting with S.B.N.S. in Rome 1963, which Dott regretted being unable to attend; printed material re Society's meetings. the Society from 1955. Notices of meetings and activities, 1955-57. Société de neuro~chirurgie de langue frangaise. Dott was Société des amis de Clovis Vincent. Dott was a member of an Honorary Member from the Society's foundation in 1949. 12th Congress, Lyons, 1963, at which Dett spoke (includes Corresp. re election as Hon. Member, and re various meetings of the Society, esp.: 5th Congress, Algiers, 1954, at which Professor and Mrs. Dott meeting in Paris, 1955. Corresp. re election, programme of Society's meetings, ms. notes taken by Dott of papers read at 20th International Duplicated and printed matter re Society's meetings etc. 1949-73. Société de neurologie de Paris. Dott was elected Corresponding were guests of honour of the Society notes of speech); Member, 1946. N.M. Doit CSAC 55/9/77 F.124,F.125 F.124 Section F ~ Committees and Societies Society of Neurological Surgeons (U.S.A.) Dott was made an Honorary Member 1949. Misc. corresp. from officials and colleagues re meetings and affairs of the Society, 1946-73, esp. 'Golden Anniversary Volume! 1969 to which Dott contributed biographical material for his own entry and was asked to supply similar material for Sir Geoffrey Jefferson. Duplicated and printed notices of meetings, newsletters, lists of members and other material relating to the Society, 1947-73. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section G - Working papers, notes and drawings These papers were kept separately by Dott, and generally refer to topics of long-standing concern in his work, or to extended publications. | Other shorter notes and working papers are included with correspondence, texts of lectures etc. in other sections of the collection. The material is presented chronologically. Work on the Pituitary, 1922, 1933 Extended 'Report to the Medical Research Council of work done during 1922 (Jan. to August)' by Dott and John Fraser, from the Dept. Physiology, Univ. Edinburgh under Sir Edward Sharpey-Schafer. 7 envelopes, all bearing Dott's list of contents; typescript drafts. ms. and Note. ‘Part II Section I, An Investigation of the Influence of the Pituitary Body on the Developing Skeleton', had been removed from its envelope for separate publication and appears as G.2 below. Heavily revised and corrected ms. ‘An Investigation into the Functions of the Pituitary and Thyroid Glands with special reference to the technique of their Experimental Surgery’. Dott's thesis for Syme Surgical Fellowship, based on part of G.1 above and published with slight change of title, 1922, Harris 3. Lectures with ms. note on verso 'Paper on Pituitary and Thyroid Experiments especially Bone Growth given to Children's Med. Assoc. and to Biol. Club’. n.d. but probably 1922 during progress of M.R.C. research above. 1933 on epidermoid tumours with ms. corrections by Dott. 3 pp. notes for talk on same topic. Work on epidermoid pituitary tumours, partly in collaboration with Duncan 1.C. Finlayson (c) 1933. Ms. pencil drafts for two sections or chapters 'Symptomatoloagy' and 'Treatment' and 9 pencil drawinas of patients, are named and described by Dott. All drawings Ms. draft of D.1.C. Finlayson's Syme Fellowship thesis March N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 S./ G.8 Section G ~ Working papers, notes and drawings. Corresp. with Library Roy. Soc. Med. re bibliographies on epithelial tumours and intracranial aneurysms, 1933. Misc. biblicgraphies and notes on intracranial aneurysms (c) 1927-32. 9 Photograph and brief corresp. with Hugh Cairns re Fowler position bedsteads, 1933. G.10 Ms. for article on a case of ossified subdural haematoma, with photographs, 1936. G.11-G.13 Notes and papers on Pain G.11 G.12 3 ms. drafts for lectures on pain, the first dated '8/24'. Notes and diagrams of pain mechanisms by Dott; includes photographs for his later paper on facial nerve graft, see Harris 61. Corresp. on pain with Sir Charles Symonds following a visit to Dott's wartime unit, 1943. Misc. notes on the literature of pain, by Dot t and others. Pencil drawings by Dott, to illustrate operative techniques, n.d. Misc. notes of talks and papers taken by Dott at unidentified conference dated April 1970. Misc. notes and diagrams on hospital planning, for papers and Misc. case-notes, list of speech-therapy outpatients etc., 1953. lectures at various dates. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section H - Correspondence The correspondence is presented chronologically; all corres- pondents are listed in the alphabetical index on pp.100-106. Many of the files include notes, working papers, drafts for talks or publications etc. as well as correspondence. have been left in the files as received,and cross-referenced where necessary, and a brief note of the contents when these are of substance has been made in the list below. These Correspondence with Harvey Cushing, 1924-38. In 1923 the Award of a Rockefeller Travelling Scholar- ship enabled Dott to spend a year 1923-24 studying under Cushing at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston; he returned there in July 1929 for a few months only, and for some weeks was in charge of the major operative work of the Clinic. Dott always regarded his time with Cushing as the most important and influential event in his professional life, and referred to it passim in lectures, talks and correspondence. The correspondence ranges widely; it includes details The mutual respect and admiration of Cushing and Dott is very clear in this correspondence. Cushing's 60th birthday (1928-29) and re Dott's plans for neuro=surgery in Edinburgh 1929-31 H.3 1933-38 of professional cases and treatment, the developmeni of neurology/neurosurgery in U.S.A, and U.K. and the individuals and institutions concerned, arrangements for mutual vists, publications, appointments, colleagues, etc. 3 folders: H.1 1924-27 H.2 1928-31; also includes corresp. re memorial volume for one letter to Zangwill from Kate Hermann. in collaboration with Andrew Paterson, based on studies carried out at the Brain Injuries Unit, Bangour, Edinburgh 1941-43; draft of paper, with Dot's comments and ensuing discussion. Corresp. with John Saunders on congenital hip dislocation, 1931-32; includes photographs and copy of paper on subject by Saunders. Corresp. with Walter E. Dandy 1932, 1935, 1938 on treatment of aneurysms, and Thorotrast. Corresp. with Oliver Zangwill, 1948. Mainly re Zangwill's paper 'Amnesia and cerebral localisation’ includes Also N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 ' Section ii - Correspondence H.7 Corresp. with Lord Adrian and others, 1948 and 1957. Moinly on ‘ohantom pain' and its treatment (Adrian's wife hod undergone Sia: -knee amputation as a result of a climbing accident in the Lakes in 1942), but includes much interesting material on perception, the training of animals (including Dot's dogs) recollections of Pavlov, Cushing (includes operatior eaaricreaaa by Cushing during a visit by Pavlov) and sth. Includes bibliographical references on caysalgia and phantom pain sent to Dott by Mr. D. LI. Griffiths; thanks, Oct. Chornley [Sir John Charnley]. how his new hip arthrodesis procedure gets on’. asks to be remembered 'kindly to Ask him to let me know Dott's letter of 988, Draft of paper, and corresp. on similar subject, with Juan Carlos Christensen, 1957. Sir Geoffrey Jefferson, and Antony Jefferson, 1950-53 (mainly social and personal). Samuel Rosner Percival Bailey (post-card) Philip C. Bromage _ Phillip Harris (on trigeminal pain and other matters) in Edinburgh) Sir Sydney Smith (also Doft's letter — 1952 1952 1953 1953 1953 ie 1953 1953 Jorge Voto Bernales William Beecher Scoville Sir Charles Symonds R.H. Girdwood (re G.P. training to Smith on the death of his wife, 1962) Corresp. with colleagues re Peruvian patient with intracranial aneuiysm and esp. re surgical treatment of such cases, 1953-54. Jaeger. Tic Douloureux; and a list of operations for Trigeminal Section performed by Dott and his team 1931-1955 and letter from Rudol ph George L. Alexander (re ventilation units for neurosurgical operating theatres) Joseph Schorstein Samuel Rosner Hamish Campbell (re patient seen by Corresp. with W. Raymond Thrower on use of Stilbamidine for Dott in Durban, incl. case- notes, etc.) 1953 1954 1955 1955 1958 incl. offprints, press-cuttings etc. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section H - Correspondence H.13 Corresp. with Eric C. Mekie re drawings in article by Doit of 1923. 1956 H.14 Corresp. and papers on transphenoidal operation for pituitary tumours, 1957, 1964. Corresp. with Gilbert Horrax 1957 and H.J. Svien 1964 giving Dott's views and results of treatment; of lectures given by Dott on Pituitary Region’ at Pretoria 1957, Aberdeen 1958, Smethwick 1959, and a paper by Frangois L. Deborsu (one of Doit's students) 'Difficultés de la voie transphénoidale', 1957. ‘Surgical Diseases of the includes ms. Corresp. etc. with Wilder Graves Penfield O.M., 1959-60. Penfield attended the combined B.M.A. and C.M.A, meeting in Edinburgh in July 1959 and addressed the meeting in collaboration with Lord Adrian. received the Hon. Doctorate of Law from Edinburgh Uni- versity and Hon. Fellowship of the Roy. Coll. Surg. Edin. Dott corresponded with Penfield about the visit, acted as his host, and made introductory and presentation speeches in his honour . At the same time he ; The folder includes corresp. with Penfield (with biog. Dott had considerable difficulty in having these precision This resulted from Doftt's visit to Oslo to study techniques 1959-64. 1961-62. H.17-H.21 Corresp. etc. re Work on Hypothermia and Cerebral Cooling, Corresp. etc. on 'The Edinburgh self-retaining brain retractor’, reminiscences of 1922 B.M.A,. meeting, and some scientific material), misc. biographical notes and articles on Penfield collected by Dott, autograph and typed versions of speeches in Penfield's honour, invitations, order of ceremony, and some related offprints by or about Penfield. instruments accurately made; the corresp. is mainly with suppliers of surgical instruments re the reiractors, a drum holder for them, a neurosurgical operating table etc. and also supply of instruments to colleagues abroad. See also D.152-D.153. developed by Prof. K. Kristiansen, Dec. 1960, see E.24. Dott envisaged further work on this subject during his retire- ment and presented a provisional paper on unfinished work in May 1961 at S.B.N.S. meeting in Copenhagen, see F.86. The corresp. in H.17-H.21 below deals with research applications, staff, equipment, experimental and surgical results, and the location of Dott's proposed work. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section H - Correspondence H.17 With Michael F.A. Woodruff, 1961-62. With Sir Charles Illingworth, 1961-62 (re his work on O92 pressure chamber in Glasgow). 2 grant applications by Dott, Aug. 1961, March 1962, setting forth present state of research in Edinburgh and Glasgow. With colleagues, on equipment and surgical results (incl. some related offprints, photographs, suppliers’ literature), 1961-62. Misc. ms. notes by Doit, 1961-62. Corresp. with Sir Walter Mercer, Jan.-Feb. 1962. Contains full account by Dott of his views on 'Painful amputation stumps', sent at request of Mercer who was to give Roscoe Clarke Memorial Lecture of that title. Letter from Thomas T.S. Ingram, on cerebral palsy and the Neghteo3 Corresp. with Sir Rodney Smith, 1963, on 'Operative Surgery’. : Corresp. with Julio Sanchez Juan, 1964, on hospital planning. Corresp. with George L. Alexander, 1963-66; mainly re Alexander's proposal to create an 'Institute of the Neuro- surgical Sciences’ in Bristol, with plans, draft proposals, staff, etc. Shorter corresp., 1965: Brief corresp. from Percival Bailey, 1965, to accompany a copy of his autobiographical paper 'Eulogium Magistrorum Meorum', and typescript copy of ‘Pepper Pot', Bailey's account of his work with Harvey Cushing, which are included in the folder. Some other professional matters re hospital planning, and cases under treatment, as well as personal/social news are also discussed. Eben Alexander Robert K.S. Lim Barry C. Hovell (on history of anaesthesia) Yun Peng Huang Javad Hekmat-Panah, 1965-66 (on ventricular drainage) Corresp. re hospital planning at Kuala Lumpur, 1965-67; incl. Doitt's detailed views on planning of neurosurgical facilities, with: David Joyce Roy Selby NM. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section H - Correspondence H.30 Shorter corresp. 1966: Juan Negrin W.H. Brown (history of medicine) W.S. Craig (recollections of Dr. John Thomson) Shorter corresp. 1967 and 1969: W.B. Matthews James Bull (history of medicine) Sir Herbert Seddon (history of medicine) with Scots Magazine (history of ‘discovery of insulin’) Maitland Baldwin Peter Wu William F. Robbett (Centennial Symposium Manhatton Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, re Dott's pioneer work on facial nerve repair) a Sir Harry Platt Richard M. Swengel (1969) Corresp. with Sir Charles (Putnam) Symonds, 1969-72; mainly re Symonds's projected writings on his professional life and on the Sixth Sir Hugh Cairns Memorial Lecture which he gave in Sept. 1970 (see F.104), but also other professional matters, and social/personal exchanges; reminiscences of Cushing, Cairns, Jefferson etc. and the development of the specialty in U.K.; and a typescript copy of Symonds's lecture with ms. corrections in Symonds's and Dott's hands. includes interesting Corresp. and 3 pp. typescript account dated Nov. 1970 on history of Neurological Surgery at R.I.E., prepared by Doit for article in ‘The Scotsman' for the Centenary of the Infirmary; clear summary of the history, covered in B.1-B.36, B.49-B.62 passim. Misc. corresp. on various aspects of history of medicine, and of Univ. Edin. medical specialties, 1969-71; on anaesthesia, jejunal ulcer etc.; includes related offprints and photographs (Harris 10, 13). 1971-72 Helen Keating Neal Robert Katzman John Lorber (on spina bifida) E. Harry Botterell Alan Sutcliffe Kerr (on proposal to 1970 1970-71 197] 1971-72 1971-72 1971-72 a very Correspondence 1970-71: F. John Gillingham Cheok Fai Tham (on hospital planning) name ward in Walton Hosp. Liverpool after Dott) IN.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Section H - Correspondence H.36 Corresp. with George B. Udvarhelyi, 1971-73; esp. re planning of Johns Hopkins Institution; includes misc. duplicated reports and memos. on the subject, also personal and social corresp. Corresp. 1972-73: Murray Falconer Antony C.H. Watson (on Dott gag for cleft palate) Gérard Guiot George Palfy S. Kalyanaraman Corresp. re Committee for the promotion of angling for the This Committee was organised by disabled, 1972-73. Thomas Mackenzie, who became its Chairman; agreed to be a 'Patron'. Dott Corresp. 1973: Alex. R. Taylor John B. Wilson (on death from suffocation in epilepsy, and smother-proof pillows) See alsc F.7-F.11 H.40-H.45 Corresp. on Colostomy, Ileostomy, and Dott's 'Stoma Clinic’, 1971-73. with Colostomy Welfare Group, 1971. with Ileostomy Association, 1971 T. Donald Kellock with T.J. McNair (incl. 1964 paper on rehabilitation), 1971 See also D.273-D.283 which contains principally Dott's own articles and papers on the subject. H.40-H.45 below contain principally correspondence, though there is some degree of overlap. or indexed). Misc. corresp. with nurses, GPs. and other colleagues re equipment for colostomy patients and their training in its use, 1973. with colleagues, health authorities etc. re problem of disposal of colostomy bags, 1972-73. Misc. shorter corresp. from colleagues and friends (not itemised with Queen's Inst. District Nursing, Jan. 1972. N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Outline Guide to principal medical topics in the collection ANEURYSMS ed Ci BD: eng .25 5 51; oe 8-D.259 D.64; D.109; D.111-D.116; D.203; D.206-D.211; D.224; BURNS, Robert (and medicine) CEREBRAL TUMOUR 077 210 D.65; D.212-D.216;°D.237 E.45 C.AteC.13; : Cat6 D.6-D.11; D.45; D.75-D.78 CEREBRO - SPINAL FLUID Cals D.55-D.58; D.59-D.63; D.96-D.98; D.110 CHIASMAL LESIONS D.20-D.24; D.30; D.117-D.121 COLOSTOMY D.273-D.283 H.40-H.45 ENCEPHALITIS EPILEPSY HEAD INJURY OF THE HIP CONGENITAL DISLOCATION G. 44-B.48; B.49-B.60; B.62 42 30;. D,tg/-D. 132 Si; £54; £162 £67 34-F.36; F.65-F.66; F.85; i «Of? Gi dp eet AAS 15; D.40=D 43; 4-D.197 D.127-D.132; D.139-D.140; D.212-D.216; Pls 28; oe ayy tisa5;. Hs HOSPITAL PLANNING & STAFFING HISTORY OF MEDICINE D.234-D.236; D.288-D.291 P12F 38 H 28; TEsS0R ot; cit. 33; 534 D.79-D..85; F.88 B. c: Os eS F N.M. Dott 55/9/77 HYDROCEPHALUS HYPOTHALAMUS HYPOTHERMIA Cal D.20-D.21; D.31; D.126 D.59; D.98; D.108; : D.123- D.32-D.34 D.152-D.153 E.24 F.86 H.17-H.21 MEDICAL EDUCATION & TRAINING = B.37~-B.39 D.52; D.169; D.228-D.232; D.240-D.242; D.261-D.262; D.266-D.270 £.54; E.51; F.60; F852 Fees Grae >< DF l-D .74F DIZ D122; E.13 D.104 TIC DOULOUREUX PARAPLEGIA PITUITARY D.86; D.286 D.54; E.61] F.30-F.36; F.39-F.40; F.112 SPEECH THERAPY D.29; D.117-D.121; E.12; G1-G.7 H.14 D.177-D.180; D.181-D.182 Cola Cia D.1-D.2; D.25; see under PAIN N.M. Dott CSAC 55/9/77 Index of principal correspondents Adrian, Edgar Douglas, Lord Adrian Alexander, Eben Alexander, George Lionel H..7 POs hae ey A.27, C.30, D.58, D.162, E.64, F474;..F 382; 204. F968, A: H.26 See also D.285 F.4 F238 2 — N N n S ' O o N O O e e y wage, E20 0s Oo — D e e e N D N N A O — See also: B.29-B.30, H.32 n e m e n m o p l N a n m o r m m D.229 Bao, D164, F.68 , B.55, E.50, E.74 Rp E43, Bs7 2, Bas 7 ? w o S s O S Peer e g e , O i m O d o O C ! = = © e e . » s O O A A A O R E S A T S N A O R E O N W w R P L = a - A. ©. Ww. Ne Alister Alexander, |. Alexander, W. Allen, Keith Lewer Ameli, N. Anara-Ifiguez, Romdn Anderson, W. V. Angell-James, John Arnott, Stanley Avman, Nurhan Aytoun, Mary Bailey, Percival Baird, Lady May D. Baldwin, Maitland Balfour, Hon. David Balfour, Lady Jean Band, David Barnes, Roland Batkin, Stanley Beevers, C. Bernales, Jorge Voto Blackwood, William Block, Joseph Boldrey, Edwin B. Botterell, E. Bowden, Ruth Elizabeth Mary Brain, Walter Russell, Lord Brain Bramwell, D. Bramwell, Edwin Branch, Charles Brn, So ee Broager, Bendt Bromage, Philip C. Brotherston, Sir John Howie Flint Brown, Robin Brown, Wet. Bucy, Paul C. Bull, James W. Bunyaratevej, Sira Butcher, Nigel R. Cabraal, Shelton A. Cairns, Lady Barbara Cairns, Sir Hugh William Bell Harry Bryan OD. N.M. Doit CSAC 55/9/77 Calvert, John A, Cameron, J. R. Campbell, Hamish Carmichae!, Edward Arnold Carstairs, George Morrison Cawthorne, Terence Chakravorty, Binoy Chalmers, John Christensen, Juan Carlos Christison, D. Cloward, Ralph B. Cohen, Henry, Lord Cohen of Birkenhead 25, Coverdale, Mary Croign Wi Critchley, Macdonald Cuatico, W. Cunningham, Dan Cunningham, John Cunningham, Mary Cushing, Harvey Williams F.17 E.74, F.13 H.11 Bia) 8:97 F.17 D.67 .64 ee e t 25, F.113, H.7 i £29 T £65 e e h T t T Be a 6 .30 .11, D.144 -76 23 “23 .20 n e n o r c . o O . t i n e t S H.1-H.3 See also:D.62, D.253-D.256, D.288-D.290, E.1-E.11, F.19, MZ, Fis ZZ. S32 h b H. O O h b Gordon Romanes Armstrong Cutler, Elliott, C. Dalgetty, William S. Dandy, Walter E. Danson, J. David, Marcel Davidoff, Leo M. Davidson, J. Davidson, Sir Stanley Davis, Loyal Davison, M. De Lange, S.A. De Vet, Arnold C. Dinning, Trevor Dohn, Donald F. Douglas, Jack A. Dowman, Charles E. Drake, Charles G. Dunbar, Sir J(ohn) Greig Duncan, Archie S. Dunlop, Sir Derrick (Melville) Duthie, J. Echlin, Francis A. Economos, Doros Elgins, W. Ellis; Richard W._ Evans, Horace, Lord Evans Evans, Joseph P. Ewart, Robin B. — Lockhart Oy aera Rion, Ca 2 s e a N a A = — D N e a h C H Fe H B. r F. a ce & G By N O k B. C w A S F. O Fs S X E, H Cy — Fi — Ey Ei a e D g A o Fs s Fs s ; P D R D a i R rs B O S © S B. O t cE. e N FR: e N Fraser I N _ — de R. B. O W O o S e 7, D281, Fi24 F830, .34, F.40 . S O N A I U N H Y O o an ri3a; F.36, H.35 , ©.43,°D.241,, E.44, E.74, i o h ) e r e f 0 w C b O N W O 7 hs6/ T n m n e M O P I M O M Maelo, 2/0, Fit? Feliz E.68 0.425 F.36 F.38 B.oSp<1),F.35,. F.36, oy 8 7 46 7270, E.76, F.69;-Feae . 104 H. Girdwood, R. Goinard, P. Gotch, Paul Gould, Patrick Grant, Sir Alexander Green, John R. Greenwood, Glenn J. Gregg, Alan Griffiths, David Lloyd Guidetti, Beniamino Guiot, Gérard Guthkelch, A. Guthrie, Douglas Guttmann, Sir Ludwig Haddad, Fuad S. Hallpike, Charles Skinner Hardy, Alan G. Harrington, W. Harris, Phillip Norman CSAC 55/9/77 A. Fahmy, Ernest Falconer, Charles W. Falconer, Murray Peratson; +... Forrest, Andrew Patrick McEwen Forwell, George Fraser, John 3, .° K. Frugoni, Piero Fulton, John F. Gardner, William H. Garretson, Henry D. Gaylor, John B. Gillingham, Francis John m M m R 0 O F 2 ) e o ) e b e n a O O O W o s FFs O7 SE i8 3 e r e t y k e a e d d 2 e O e i i B m r O s Gordon F.36, F.40, H.23 Hekmat-Panah, Javad Henderson, John Henderson, William R. Hermann, Kate Heyl, Henry L. Hill, Charles, Lord Hill of Luton Hoffmann, Georges Holdsworth, Sir Frank (Wild) Holt, John Horrax, Gilbert Housepian, Edgar M. Hovell, Barry C. Huang, Yun Peng Hubbard, John P. Hughes, (Ernest) Brodie (Cobbett) Hunt, William E. 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