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N. Kurt NCUACS 165/8/08 We 4 e cpl le x k urd, = Title: Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Nicholas Kurti FRS (1908- 1998), physicist Compiled by: Anna-K. Mayer, Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell Date of material: 1880-2007 Extent of material: ca 4,400 items Depositedin: The Bodleian Library, Oxford Reference: GB 0161 N. Kurti papers © 2008 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath NCUACScatalogue no. 165/8/08 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 The workof the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists in the production of this catalogue is made possible by the support of the Arts & Humanities Research Council N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: HEAD OF WESTERN MANUSCRIPTS THE BODLEIAN LIBRARY OXFORD OX1 3BG N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION Items Page SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.1-A.286 SECTION B UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD B.1-B.308 SECTION C RESEARCH C.1-C.149 SECTION D SCIENCE-RELATED INTERESTS D.1-D.115 SECTION E PUBLICATIONS SECTION F LECTURES E.1-E.440 F.1-F.276 SECTION G VISITS AND CONFERENCES G.1-G.376 12 36 57 74 90 127 148 SECTION H SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS H.1-H.992 185 SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE J.1-J.1310 293 SECTION K NON-TEXTUAL MEDIA K.1-K.115 422 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS 439 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE 5 The papers were received from the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford, on 17 September 2001 and from Mrs Georgiana Kurti, widow of Nicholas Kurti, on 23 April 2007 and 30 August 2008. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF NICHOLAS KURTI Nicholas Kurti was born Kirti Miklés Mor in Budapest, Hungary, on 14 May 1908. He received his secondary education at the Trefort Utcai (‘Tretford Street’) Gimnazium, better known as the Minta (‘Model’) Gimnazium, a small secondary school under the control of the university rather than the Hungarian Ministry of Education. The Minta Gimnazium was famous for a numberof alumni of Kurti’s generation who gained international reputations, among them the economist Nicholas Kaldor and the theoretical physicist Edward Teller. Like Kurti, they came from a Jewish background and pursued international avenues in their higher education. Kurti himself chose the Sorbonne in Paris, where he studied applied physics from 1926 to 1928, and the University of Berlin, where he attended the lectures of such luminaries of quantum physics as Max Planck, Erwin Schrédinger, Max von Laue and Eugen Wiegner(later ‘Wigner’). Eventually Kurti settled on a topic in low-temperature physics for his doctoral project under Franz (later Sir Francis) Simon, completing a thesis on thermal and magnetic properties of gadolinium sulphate in 1931 (Magnetkalorische und kalorimetrische Untersuchungen zwischen 2° and 20° abs.(Leipzig, 1933)). Soon after he joined Simonas a technical assistant at the Technische Hochschule in Breslau (now Wroctaw), where Simon had been appointed to a chair in physical chemistry. By September 1933 he found himself at the Clarendon Laboratory in Oxford, having followed Simon again, this time also to evade the anti-Semitic agenda of Nazi Germany. The various namesby which he went during this decade reflect this itinerary: in Paris ‘Mikl6s Mor’ became ‘Nicolas Maurice’, in Berlin he dropped his middle name and adopted the Germanised ‘Nikolaus’, while in Oxford he went by ‘Nicholas’. With his naturalisation just before the outbreak of the Second World War the Umlautfollowed the middle name and he became Nicholas Kurti. At Oxford, Kurti worked within the new low-temperature research programme that Simoninitiated with the aid of a new helium liquefier and several other German Jewish refugees, among them his other Breslau assistant Kurt Mendelssohn and the brothers Fritz and Heinz London, who were working on the theory of superconductivity. These activities gained the Clarendon Laboratory an international reputation in cryogenics. Kurti specifically developed new magnetic cooling techniques and conducted experiments designed to determine properties that had previously eluded physical investigation. Between 1935 and 1938 he accompanied Simon on several visits to the Laboratoire du Grand Electroaimant at Bellevue, France, to carry out experiments on adiabatic demagnetisation with the N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 6 magnetthat producedthe highestfield then available in Europe. This work helped them, together with P. Lainé, to establish the thermodynamic temperature scale down to 0.02 K. The outbreak of the Second World War diverted the physicists of the Clarendon Laboratory into war work. Kurti first designed a magnet for removing shrapnel, then becameinvolved with the Tube Alloys (British atom bomb) project. By the summer of 1940 the Oxford team was in charge of research on the development of gaseous diffusion for separating uranium-235 from raw uranium ore. Kurti worked on metal foil membranes whose pores would allow molecules containing uranium-235 to diffuse at a greater rate than those containing uranium-238. Similar work went on in the United States at the time and by 1943 Kurti accompanied a mission to the US to join the Manhattan Project. When the mission returned in 1944 he stayed behind at Columbia University, New York, to set up membranetesters along lines that had proved successful in Oxford. Testing at Columbia wascarried outin collaboration with the Kellex Corporation, which was responsible for building the uranium enrichmentplant. At this time Kurti became one of many whom the American military falsely suspected of espionage. After the end of the war Kurti returned to Oxford, where he was appointed university demonstrator in physics (a post that involved lecturing and supervising undergraduatesin practical work) and elected a Senior Research Fellow at Brasenose College (1947). He resumed his research in low-temperature physics, developing techniques that allowed for experimentation at temperatures approaching absolute zero. By 1949 the facilities at the Clarendon Laboratory included a 2MW DC generatorthat enabled him, together with a team of academic and technical staff and postgraduate students, to explore ‘the application of high magnetic fields to quantum physics, the thermodynamic properties of paramagnetic salts, nuclear orientation with all its facets of nuclear physics (including proof of the non-conservation of parity in beta decay), and nuclear thermometry.”’ The Clarendon Laboratory made the headlines in 1956, when it was dubbed ‘the coldest spot on Earth’ following successful adiabatic demagnetisation experiments with cooling down to temperatures between one and two millionths of a degree kelvin. Kurti was promoted to Reader in 1960, and to a personal Chair in 1967. By the time of his retirement in 1975, one of his obituarists wrote, ‘his elegant and original experimental methods of attaining extremely low temperatures were taken up by laboratories throughout the world.” One of Kurti’s enduring interests aside from low-temperature physics lay in the culinary realm and specifically in ‘gastrophysics’, the physics underlying cooking techniques. This led him to experiment variously with meringues baked under vacuum, the reverse baked Alaska (frozen on the outside, but hot on the inside), meat tenderisation by judicious injections with pineapple juice and methods ofsoft boiling eggs so they would befree from the risk of salmonella. Gastrophysics earned Kurti national and international attention, notably an honorary membership in the Fachverband Deutscher Kéche " DNB,vol. 32 (2004). 2 Tucker, ‘Nicholas Kurti: The last word in cool’, Guardian, 28 November 1998. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 7 (‘Association of German Cooks’) and numerous invitations to perform his culinary experiments at physics departments throughout the world and even fortelevision. Kurti received numerous honours and awards during his long life. He was a Fellow of the Royal Society (1956), Foreign Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1968), Honorary Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1970), Member of the Akademie der Wissenschaften der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik (1976), and Emeritus Member of the Academia Europaea (1990). In 1955 he was awarded the HolweckPrize of the Physical Societies of Paris and London, and the Royal Society's Hughes Medal in 1969. He was made CBE (1973), Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur (1976) and in 1988 received the Hungarian Order of the Star. Kurti served on the Council of the Royal Society, 1964-1967, the last two years as Vice-President. For 1969-1973 he was a Memberof Council of the Institute of Physics and Physical Society. He served in various capacities a number of government agencies and international organisations, including as Chairman of the Advisory Committee for Research on Measurements and Standards, Departmentof Trade and Industry, 1969-1973, Treasurer of the International Council of Scientific Unions’ Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) 1974-1980, and Editor-in Chief of Europhysics Letters 1985-1989. Kurti was a Memberof the Joint Committee on Scientific and Technical Records of the Royal Society and the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts from its inception in 1967 to 1976, becoming Chairman in 1970. One of the principal accomplishmentof the Joint Committee was the establishment of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre in Oxford, now the NCUACS in Bath. Kurti’s invitation lectures included the May Lecture at the Institute of Metals (1963), the Kelvin Lecture at the Institute of Electrical Engineers (1971), the Larmour Lecture at The Queen’s University, Belfast (1975), the Cherwell-Simon Lecture at the University of Oxford (1977) and the Tyndall Lecture, Institute of Physics (1980). In 1946 he married Georgiana (‘Giana’) Shipley. They had two daughters, Susannah and Camilla. He died on 24 November1998. For a full account of Kurti’s life and work see ‘Nicholas Kurti, CBE, 14 May 1908-24 November 1998’ by J.H. Sanders, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, vol. 46 (2000), pp. 300-315. For another accountthat utilizes in particular conversations with Kurti and his reminiscencesin the Hungarian journal Fizikai Szemle, see ‘Kirti Miklos-Nicholas Kurti: A Short Biography (1908-1998)’, by Gabor Pall6, Heavy lon Physics, vol. 10 (1999), pp. 1-9. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 8 DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION Section A, Biographical, is substantial, comprising obituaries and tributes, autobiographicalwritings and biographical articles, diaries and jotters, documentation of career, honours and awards, and family correspondence. The diaries are Oxford University Pocket Diaries, 1953-1997, while the jotters provide a moreinformal record including travel arrangements, bibliographical references, notes on meetings, discussions with colleagues, research notes etc., c.1960-c.1996. Documentation of Kurti’s career, honours and awards begins with his birth certificate and includes records of his undergraduate studies in Paris, 1926-1927, papers relating to Hungariancitizenship and British naturalisation and his Oxford appointments. There is family and personal correspondencein Hungarian from 1931 to 1970 and the letters Kurti wrote to his wife when he was awayfrom Oxford on visits and attending conferences, 1953-1988. There are also miscellaneous biographical items of great variety including passports, scrapbook, theatre programmes, ‘old engagements (menus) etc’, ‘British Rail’ and science and cookery. Section B, University of Oxford, papers principally relate to the Clarendon Laboratory/Departmentof Physics, including equipmentand facilities, research funding and reports, researchers, visitors, teaching (predominantly notes and drafts for Kurti’s lectures on thermodynamicsand statistical mechanics) and the Cherwell-Simon Memorial Lecture (establishment and arrangements). There is some material relating to central university administration (correspondencewith Registry and Vice- Chancellors) and a more extensive record relating to Kurtis College Brasenose (correspondencewith principals and bursars etc). Section C, Research, offers a significant record of Kurti’s research, c.1931-1987. This includes a sequenceof notebooks which begins in 1932 when Kurti wasstill in Germany, continues in German for his first years in Oxford and goes on to cover Second World War and postwar research. The notebooksare used for experimental results, analysis of results, calibrations, testing of equipment, diagrams and sketches of equipment, etc. There is also a sequenceof research folders containing notes, drafts, data, reports etc, 1943-1972. Topics include ‘Tube Alloys’, general low temperature physics, magnetic cooling and heat transfer experiments. Section D, Science-related interests, brings together material relating to topics in which Kurti maintained a keen and active interest but which were not central to his research activities. The topics are cryobiology, energy, history of science, pollution, salmonella and university-industry relations. The largest body of material relates to the history of science, and includes such topics as the German wartime atomic bomb, Hungarian émigré scientists and the Royal Society motto ‘Nullius in verba’, and to individual scientists including Hermann von Helmholtz, H.G.J. Moseley and Erwin Schrédinger. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 9 Section E, Publications, includes drafts, book reviews, offprints and editorial correspondence. Drafts of Kurti’s publications cover the period 1956-1997, including his memoirs of Sir Francis Simon and L.F. Bates, and extensive documentation of his 1988 book But the Crackling is Superb, edited with his wife. There is editorial correspondenceincluding the journal Europhysics Letters (editor-in-chief in the 1980s), and a setof offprints of his scientific papers. In addition, there is a series of ‘letters to the media’ that extends over more than four decades (1956-1998), consisting of his responses to news items, articles, broadcasts, other people’s letters to the press, etc. Kurti routinely targeted editors of national newspapers, and ofscientific magazines such as the New Scientist and Physics Today. Sometimeshis letters sparked off more extensive exchangesthat could continue for weeks or even months. Included among the themes Kurti often revisited were ‘atrocities committed against the English language’, gastrophysics, the Farm Hall transcripts of secret recordings of German nuclear physicists made at the end of the Second World War, and the promises of Combined Heat and Power schemesas a solution to energy problems. Section F, Lectures, offers a substantial sequence of manuscript notes, drafts, illustrative material and background papers for Kurtis public and invitation lectures to a great variety of audiences in the United Kingdom and overseas from the 1950s to 1997. Topics include low temperature physics and physics and cookery and include such prominent occasions as Kurtis 1969 Royal Institution Friday Evening Discourse ‘The Physicist in the Kitchen’, his 1971 Institution of Electrical Engineers Kelvin Lecture ‘From Microkelvin to Megakelvin Temperatures’, his 1972 British Association Physics Section Presidential Address ‘Physics and Happiness — A Balance Sheet’ and his 1977 Cherwell-Simon Memorial Lecture at Oxford ‘La Temperature n’est qu’une Sensation (Amédée Guillet, 1927)’. There is also material relating to a number of broadcasts by Kurti on low temperatures and physics and cookery. Section G, Visits and conferences, spans the period 1946 to 1998. It brings together Kurti’s diverse interests documenting attendance at conferences and meetings on low temperature physics - including the International Low Temperature Conferences and the International Cryogenic Engineering Conferences, superconductivity, and the use and storage of energy. Kurtis culinary interests are well-represented, particularly by the regular Oxford Symposia on Food and Cookery held at St Antony’s College Oxford 1980-1998 and the International Workshops on Molecular and Physical Gastronomy. Kurti’s extensive travelling to the USA and to Europe (especially notable for his continuing contacts with Hungary) includes his sabbatical year 1963-1964 and his summer 1971 ‘World Trip’. Section H, Societies and organisations, is very large. There is a substantial record of Kurti’s involvementwith forty-seven British and international societies and organisations. The bulk of the material relates to Kurti’s scientific interests in low temperature physics, energy supply and use, N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 10 magnetism, and so on. UK bodies represented include the British Cryogenics Council (Kurti served on Committee B ‘The Future of Cryogenics’); the Department for Scientific and Industrial Research and its successor body the Science Research Council, the documentation including the Cryogenic Equipment Panel, Physics Committee and Data Compilation Committee, and UK efforts in High Magnetic Field projects 1960-1989; the Electricity Supply Research Council on which Kurti served 1960-1979; the Institute of Physics, including its Low Temperature Group; the Low Temperature Biology Club (later Society for Low Temperature Biology); the National Research Development Corporation (particularly relating to the supply and uses ofliquid helium and hydrogen and developments in cryogenic engineering); and the Royal Society, including Kurti’s service on the British National Committee on Data for Science and Technology 1966-1983, International Relations Committee 1966-1987 and Committee on Scientific Information, 1965-1978. Amongthe international organisations documented are the Institut International du Froid (IF) including documentation of International Congresses of Refrigeration and the UK Standing Committee on the IIF, and the Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA)of the International Council of Scientific Unions, 1966-1994. Kurti joined as the delegate of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics in 1973, becoming Treasurer 1974-1980. His involvementwith the International Cultural Foundation (ICF) supported by the Unification Church is also documented. Kurti attended the ICF’s International Conferences on the Unity of the Sciences 1972-1996; the material not only includes conference papers but also correspondencerelating to controversy surrounding the activities of the Unification Church. Section J, Correspondence, represents one of the most important components ofthe archive. It is presented in a numberof sequences beginning with an alphabetical series labelled ‘1950s’ butin fact extending back to 1942. From 1962 to his death there is a comprehensive record of Kurti’s outgoing correspondencein the form of carbon copiesofletters sent. For the period 1962-1977 the correspondence wasorganised alphabetically, but it was continued up to his death in chronological sequence. Theseletters coverall topics and are by no means restricted to scientific, university or professional matters. There is also an alphabetical sequence of Kurti’s ‘personal’ correspondence, 1944-1997. The ‘personal’ correspondenceincludesletters of congratulation, condolence, on retirement of colleagues, a great variety of social occasions, Hungarian connexions, representations about service levels of public and commercial bodies and correspondence with colleagues and others about a wide range of Kurti’s scientific, science-related and non-scientific interests including energy matters, history of science and archives, cookery, music etc. A large body of miscellaneous correspondencewas found unorderedby Kurti and is presented herein a single chronological sequence. It covers a similar time span and diversity of topics as Kurti’s ‘personal’ correspondence but was not designated by him as such. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 11 Section K, Non-textual media, includes photographs, photographic slides and transparencies for illustrating lectures, original films from the Clarendon Laboratory, including demonstrations of low temperature physics, video and audiotapes including presentations by Kurti and interviews of him. There is also a substantial index of correspondents. However, it should be used with caution since time constraints precluded the compilers indexing as comprehensively as they would have wished. Anna-K. Mayer Peter Harper Bath, 2008 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 12 SECTIONA BIOGRAPHICAL, A.1-A.286 1891-2007 A.1-A.10 OBITUARIES AND TRIBUTES A.11-A.35 AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL A.36-A.108 DIARIES AND JOTTERS A.109-A.150 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS A.151-A.198 FAMILY A.199-A.210 FINANCIAL AND IDENTITY DOCUMENTS A.211-A.286 MISCELLANEOUS BIOGRAPHICAL ITEMS A.1-A.10 OBITUARIES AND TRIBUTES 1998-2006 A.1 The Times, 27 November 1998 1998 The Independent, 27 November 1998. By M.J.M. Leask The Guardian, 28 November 1998. By Anthony Tucker Daily Telegraph, 4 December 1998 A.2 Nature, 17 December 1998. By W. Graham Richards 1998, 1999 Physics World, February 1999. By John Sanders Beyondthe Terrace, The Newsletter of the RS Pensioners’ Association, April/May 1999 A.3 Bulletin de la S.F.P. (119) mai 1999. By Hervé This 1999, n.d. Physics World, June 1999. By Ralph Scurlock [Oxford] Gazette, n.d. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 13 A.4 A.5 A.6 A.7 A.8 Biographical, A.1-A.286 ‘A celebration of the life of Nicholas Kurti’, /nterdisciplinary Science Reviews, 24, June 1999, pp81-104 1999 comprises The celebration Ralph Scurlock ‘The Clarendon Years’, John Peach ‘Brasenose College’, Erwin Hahn ‘American connections’, Tony Blake ‘Science and gastronomy’, Kati Evans ‘Hungary’ and George Marx ‘Nicholas Kurti returns to Hungary’. contributions from ‘Nicholas Matter 280 (2000) 1-3. By Olli V. Lounasmaa in memoriam’, Physica B: Condensed Kurti Correspondence to Giana Kurti 2000 1999 Invitation (accepted) from the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to organise an official funeral and the mortal remains in the National Pantheon in Budapest’. ‘the world-famous Professor's placing of Letter from J. Morrell re personal matters, Kurti’s archives. The official funeral took place on 14 May 1999 when R.A. Cowley gave a talk at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (see A.7). ‘Nicholas Kurti at the Clarendon Laboratory’, talk given by R.A. Cowley at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 14 May 1999 Opening of the Nicholas Kurti Magnetic Field Laboratory, 26 April 2002 2002 Programme, invitation, guestlist etc. Letter from R.A. Cowley, 21 March 2002, re arrangements for opening. Also enclosed draft statutes re Mrs Kurti’s gift of a Nicholas Kurti Prize Fund. The opening was performed by Mrs G. Kurti. AQ Nicholas Kurti Prize Fund 2001-2006 Correspondenceand papers. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 14 Biographical, A.1-A.286 A.10 Article on Nicholas Kurti from Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. By Ralph Scurlock 2004 A.11-A.35 AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL c.1957-1999 A.11 Curriculum vitae and ‘Main lines of scientific work’, list of publications andlist of research students c.1957, c.1961, n.d. A.12-A.18 Autobiographical writings 1985-1999 See also H.552. A.12 A.13 A.14 A.15 A.16 correspondence Brief autobiography with N.F. Mott re_ possible 1985 Reminiscences’, IVth ‘Oxford International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors for Neutrinos and Dark Matter, Oxford, 4-7 September 1991 speech, after dinner [21992] Printed booklet. ‘Birmingham, Oxford and the Bomb’ in ‘The Martians Hungarian Emigre Scientists and the Technologies of Peace and War 1919-1989’, Proceedings of the Workshop organised by the International Committee for the History of Technology, Edtvés Lorand University, Budapest, 1997 Photocopy of letter from Kurti to M.J.M. Leask with ‘the correct version of the Bartok story’, 21 October 1998 ‘Undergraduate in Brazen Nose(Vol.31) 1998 Paris; Postgraduate in Berlin’, The At the head of this article published in the Brasenose College Oxford magazine is the following explanatory note: ‘Remarks made by Nicholas Kurti after the Graduates’ Dinner on Transcribed from the audiocassette andslightly edited by Giana Kurt’. 17 February 1993: N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 15 A.17 A.18 Biographical, A.1-A.286 ‘Budapest to Oxford Return: A Twentieth Century Saga’in From Budapest to Britain and back again: an archive edited by Zsuzsanna Katona, Budapest 1999 ‘Undergraduate in Paris 1926-8: Graduate Student and Dr Phil in Berlin, 1928-1931’ n.d. Heavily annotated typescript and published text of ‘chapter 10’ of unidentified publication. A.19-A.25 Interviews 1968-1996 A.19 A.20 A.21 A.22 A.23 A.24 Transcript of interview conducted in two sessions by Charles Wiener, American Institute of Physics, New York, on 11 September 1968 and 22 November 1972 Transcript of interview on ‘Low-Temperature Research in the 1920s’ conducted by Arthur Norberg, University of California, Berkeley, USA, 14 November 1975 Transcript of interview on ‘Britain and the Refugee Crisis: 1933-1947’ conducted by Margaret A. Brooks for the Department of Sound Records, Imperial War Museum, London 1982 Inscribed on title page ‘Corrected with the help of the tape by N. Kurti, 15-17 November 1982’. The tapeis at K.55. ‘Uncorrected’ transcript of interview for BBC television series ‘Britain in the Thirties - Europeans’ n.d. ? mid 1980s ‘Notes for the RB-NK video interview 27 August 1996’ Transcript of short interview on physics and the senses n.d. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 16 Biographical, A.1-A.286 A.25 Correspondence and papersre interviews 1969-1996 A.26-A.32 Entries for Biographical Directories 7 folders. A.33-A.35 Biographical articles about Kurti late 1960s- 1997 n.d., 1983- 1994 n.d. A.33 A.34 A.35 3pp typescript beginning ‘What sensation does it give a man to return after thirty years to his birthplace?’ Articles from Oxford Times 1983, 1985 ‘Kurti Miklos - Nicholas Kurti 1908-’ Photocopied pages from George Marx, The Voice of the Martians, Budapest, 1994 A.36-A.108 DIARIES AND JOTTERS A.36-A.77 Diaries Oxford University Pocket Diaries. Lacks 1991-1992. 1949-1997 1953-1997 A.36 A.37 A.38 A.39 1953-1954 1954-1955 1955-1956 1956-1957 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Biographical, A.1-A.286 A.40 A.41 A.42 A.43 A.44 A.45 A.46 A.47 A.48 A.49 A.50 A.51 A.52 A.53 1957-1958 1958-1959 1959-1960 1960-1961 1961-1962 1962-1963 1963-1964 1964-1965 1965-1966 1966-1967 1967-1968 1968-1969 1969-1970 1970-1971 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Biographical, A.1-A.286 A.54 A.55 A.56 A.57 A.58 A.59 A.60 A.61 A.62 A.63 A.64 A.65 A.66 A.67 1971-1972 1972-1973 1973-1974 1974-1975 1975-1976 1976-1977 1977-1978 1978-1979 1979-1980 1980-1981 1981-1982 1982-1983 1983-1984 1984-1985 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 19 Biographical, A.1-A.286 A.68 A.69 A.70 A.71 A.72 A.73 A.74 A.75 A.76 A.77 1985-1986 1986-1987 1987-1988 1988-1989 1989-1990 1992-1993 1993-1994 1994-1995 1995-1996 1996-1997 A.78-A.108 Jotters 1949-1996 Small format notebooks used for informal record including travel arrangements, names, addresses and telephone numbers, bibliographical references, notes on meetings, discussions with colleagues, research notes, etc. A small numberof late notebooks haveindication of dating on front cover. For most it has been necessary to rely on internal evidence such as bibliographical references to establish a tentative chronological order. For loose pagesfrom notebooksand similar see end of the chronological sequence (A.106-A.108). N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Biographical, A.1-A.286 A.78 A.79 A.80 A.81 A.82 A.83 A.84 A.85 A.86 A.87 A.88 A.89 A.90 c.1960 c.1962 c.1965 c.1979 Lacks covers. Inscribed ‘1.V.81’ on front cover In use 1981-1983 c.1983 Inscribed ‘29 Feb 1984 ‘ on first page c.1984 c.1984 Lacks covers. c.1985 In use 1986-1987 c.1987 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 21 Biographical, A.1-A.286 A.91 A.92 A.93 A.94 A.95 A.96 c.1987 ‘Late 1987’ ‘July 1988’ ‘March 1989’ ‘Sept 1989’ c.1989 A.96A c.1990 A.97 A.98 A.99 A.100 In use 1989-1990 c.1991 Front cover only. 1991 1991 Lacksfront cover. A101 1993 Lacksfront cover. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 22 Biographical, A.1-A.286 A.102 c.1993 A.103 ‘From October 1996’ A.104 c.1996 A.105 N.d. Enclosed at back of notebook 1996 press-cutting. A.106 Loose pages from 1949 diary A.107 N.d. Loose cover, miscellaneous loose pages. A.108 N.d. No cover, miscellaneous loose pages. A.109-A.150 EDUCATION, CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS 1920-1998 A.109-A. 121 Undergraduate education, University of Paris 1920-1927 A.109-A.113 Notebooks A.109 Inscribed ‘Travaux pratiques Math [?géné]’ on front cover with Kurtis name and address ‘Paris Ve 269, rue St Jacques’ First page of notes dated ‘Lundi le 29 novembre [1926]’. 1926-1927 1926 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 23 Biographical, A.1-A.286 A.110 A.111 Inscribed ‘Optique Cours de M. Fabry’ on front cover with Kurti’s name and address‘Paris Ve 269, rue St Jacques’ [71926] First page of notes dated ‘nov 12’. Inscribed ‘Cahier d’expériences. Travaux pratiques de physique générale’ on front cover with Kurtis name and address‘Paris Ve 269, rue St Jacques’ 1926 First page of notes dated ‘Lundi, le 15 novembre’. A.112 Inscribed ‘Cahier d’éxperiences de Physique générale’ on front cover with Kurti’s name 1927 Headed on first page of notes ‘Optique’ and dated ‘Jeudi, le 17 février 1927’. Loose papers enclosed. A.113 Inscribed ‘Chimie générale Cours de M. Guichard Metaux’ on front cover with Kurti’s name and address ‘19 rue du Pavillon’ [1927] First page of notes dated ‘Vendredi le 18 novembre’. Loose papers enclosed. A.114-A.117 Printed and duplicated notesfor practicals 1926-1927 duplicated The contemporary notesidentifying the content. A.115-A.117 papers at have non- A.114 A.115 ‘Faculté des Sciences de L’Université de Paris Travaux Pratiques de Chimie Générale Analyse Qualitative’ 1926 Printed paper. 1926-27 ‘Paris Measurement Techniques’ Notes for Practicals Mechanics and Duplicated papers. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 24 Biographical, A.1-A.286 A.116 ‘Paris 1926-27 Notes for Practicals Properties of Matter’ A.117 ‘Paris 1926-27 Notesfor Practicals Electricity’ A.118-A.121 Textbooks n.d., 1920 A.118 A.119 A.120 A.121 A.122 Inscribed générales’ on protective cover ‘Tétrel 1920 Problemes de Mathématiques de de Méchaniques_ Mathématiques aux Problémes programmes de Mathématiques spéciales a l’usage des Candidats au Certificat de Mathématiques générales et aux Ecoles du GouvernementparA. Tétrel correspondant générales et Solutions de Problémes de Thermodynamique donnésa la Sorbonneet dans diverses facultés de provinces a l’'usage des candidats au certificat de physique générale au certificat de mécanique physique et expérimentale et des ingénieurs par A. Tétrel Laporte, H. Problemes d’Optique proposés aux derniers Examens du Certificat de Physique Générale a la Sorbonne et dansdivers concours développées Solutions de n.d. n.d. n.d. ‘Magnetokalorische und kalorimetrische Untersuchungen zwischen 2° und 20° abs’ 1933 Inaugural-Dissertation der Doktorwurde genehmigt von der Philosophischen Fakultat der Friedrich- Wilhelms-Universitat zu Berlin von Nikolaus Kirti aus Budapest. zur Erlangung Offprint. A.123 Certificate of Registration (under Aliens Order, issued City Police Station, Oxford, 6 April 1934 1920), N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 25 Biographical, A.1-A.286 A.124 Demonstratorship, Oxford University 1949-1959 Correspondence and papers including Kurtis reports on periods of his Demonstratorship. A.125 Appointment as Consultant to the Industrial Group of the UK Atomic Energy Authority 1958 A.126 Readership, Oxford University 1959-1967 Kurti was appointed to a Readership in 1960 for a period of sevenyears. Papers include Kurti’s report on his Readership, February 1967. A.127 Offer of a Physics Chair at the University of Leeds A.128 Vice-President of the Royal Society 1963 1966 A.129 Oxford Professorship 1966-1968 Kurti was created hominem’ in 1967. a ‘Schedule A Professorship ad Includes letters of congratulation. Unindexed. A.130 Foreign Honorary Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences 1968 A.131 Honorary Member, Hungarian Academy of Sciences 1970-1998 Kurti was elected Honorary Member of the Academy in 1970. A.132-A.145 CBE 1973 Letters of congratulation. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 26 Biographical, A.1-A.286 /... 14 folders. Unindexed. A.146, A.147 Retirement 1975-1976 2 folders. Includes memories and anecdotes. Kurti retired from his Oxford Chair in 1975. A.148 Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur A.149 80th birthday Seealso K.7. A.150 90th birthday 1976 1988 1998 Includes ‘remarks made by Nicholas Kurti after the Dinner in Brasenose on Friday, 22 May, to mark his 90th birthday’. A.151-A.198 FAMILY 1891-1996 A.151, A.152 ‘Hungarian documents (parents, grandparents)’ 1891-1940 Contents of plastic folder divided into two for ease of reference. Some manuscript identification of documents on verso in English. A.153, A.154 Letters from Kurti to his elder sister Hedwig (1905-1975), ?and another 1931-1970 Contents of envelope. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 27 Biographical, A.1-A.286 A.153 1931-1932 A.154 1945-1970 A.155-A.178 ‘From Mother and sister Hedwig. In Hungarian exceptfor 2 cards 1930s’ n.d., 1933- 1947 Bundle ofletters and postcards so labelled. A.155 1933 September-December A.156 1934 January-March A.157 1934 April-June A.158 1934 July-September A.159 1934 October-December A.160 1935 January-March A.161 1935 April-June A.162 1935 July-September A.163 1935 October-December A.164 1936 January-June A.165 1936 July-September N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Biographical, A.1-A.286 A.166 1936 October-December A.167 1937 January-April A.168 1937 May-August A.169 1937 September-December A.170 1938 January-April A.171 1938 May-July A.172 1938 August-December A.173 1939 January-April A.174 1939 May-August A.175 1939 September-December A.176 1940 January-July A.177 1947 1 letter only. A.178 N.d. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 29 Biographical, A.1-A.286 A.179, A.180 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers re Kurti’s Hungarian family connexionsincluding the role of his great uncle Josef Pintér in Hungarian industry 1968-1996 2 folders. A.181-A.198 Letters from Kurti to his wife Georgiana (‘Giana’) while on visits and attending conferences abroad 1953-1988, n.d. A.181 1953 A.182-A.184 1957 3 folders. A.185 A.186 A.187 A.188 A.189 A.190 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 A.191 1966-1967, no year [?1960s] A.192 1970-1971 A.193 1972 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 30 Biographical, A.1-A.286 A.194 1973-1975 A.195 1976-1979 A.196 1980-1984 A.197 1985-1988 A.198 ‘No Year’ A.199-A.210 FINANCIAL AND IDENTITY DOCUMENTS 1908-1996 See also A.123. A.199 Personal documentation 1908-1996 Birth certificate, correspondence and papers re Hungarian citizenship, British naturalisation, etc. A.200-A.202 Bank and cash books 1933-1943 A.200 Bank Book (Barclays Bank Ltd) In use October 1933-January 1943. A.201 Cash Book In use September 1938-June 1939. With later Hungarian’. inscription ‘Note NK always added up in N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 31 Biographical, A.1-A.286 A.202 Cash Book In use August 1940 - October 1941. A.203-A.210 Identity card and passports 1943-1996 A.203 Identity card Date stamped in 1943 and in 1949. A.204 Passport issued 1943 A.205 Passport issued 1953 A.206 Passport issued 1963 A.207 Passport issued 1968 A.208 Passport issued 1978 A.209 Passport issued 1986 A.210 Passport issued 1996 A.211-A.286 MISCELLANEOUS BIOGRAPHICAL ITEMS 1932-2007 A.211 Scrapbook 1952-1965 Cuttings temperature experiments at Clarendon Laboratory Oxford. 1952-1956, including low pasted into book, Loose cuttings at front and back of book to 1965 including telegram from Time and Tide magazine re the use of force N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 32 Biographical, A.1-A.286 in Rhodesia and ‘advertisement’ published in The Times being a statement on the Vietnam War, of which Kurti was a signatory. A.212-A.220 ‘Theatre Programmes Komische Oper [Berlin] & 3penny Opera [Oxford Playhouse]’ 1959-1989 Contents of envelope so inscribed divided into nine for ease of reference: programmes for the Komische Oper 1959-1971 with letter from Kurti to Sir Claus Moser, 27 July 1989 (enclosed in Hoffmanns Erzahlungen programme); Berliner Ensemble 1960; and 1977 Oxford Playhouse production of The Threepenny Opera with exchange of correspondencewith the Artistic Director of the Playhouse, Gordon McDougall, 6 May 1977. Kurti kept Komische Oper programmesfor performances (in addition to the Tales of Hoffmann) of Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail, La Traviata, Fra Diavolo, Der brave Soldat Schweik, Ritter Blaubart, Der Fiedler auf dem Dach and Deidamia and Berliner Ensemble programmes for Der aufhaltsame Aufstieg des Auturo Ui and 3Groschenoper. A.221-A.244 ‘Old engagements (menus etc)’ 1951-1997 Contents of envelopeso inscribed. Includes conference dinners at Oxford and elsewhere, Brasenose College and Oxford club and society dinners, Royal Society occasions and dinners honour of particular individuals including Kurti himself. in A.221-A.227 1950s 7 folders. A.228-A.235 1960s 8 folders. A.236-A.238 1970s 3 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 33 Biographical, A.1-A.286 A.239-A.240 1980s 2 folders. A.241-A.244 1990s and n.d. 4 folders. A.245-A.250 ‘British Rail’ 1967-1992 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into six for ease of reference: correspondence and papers including many press-cuttings re Kurtis relations with British Rail at Oxford and nationally. The bulk of the material relates to a famous 1967 incident in which Kurti broke the arm of the car park barrier at Oxford railway station when it jammed and trapped himself and a group of other motorists in the car park. See also E.250. A.251, A.252 Humour Examples of humour kept by Kurti. 2 folders. A.253-A.265 Science and cookery A.253-A.261 Miscellaneous material principally press-cuttings relating to Kurtis interest particular the application of physics in the kitchen in food, cooking and in 9 folders. At A.253 are recipes particularly associated with Kurti such as ‘Inverted “Soufflé Surprise” and ‘Vacuum Meringue’. 1932-2006 1932-2006 A.262-A.265 ‘Batch 3’ 1994 Contents of ring binder so labelled divided into four for ease of reference: a collection of recipes in the course of preparation for publication. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 34 Biographical, A.1-A.286 Photocopy of typescript with much manuscript revision not by Kurti. Some of the pages were faxed on dates in February and March 1994. See also E.201. A.266-A.271 Press-cuttings 1954-2007 Includes cuttings referring to Kurti and on a numberof topics low temperatures, science policy. including energy, interest him, of to 6 folders. A.272-A.282 Hungarian connexions A.272, A.273 Correspondence with A. Fabinyi The publisher Andrew Fabinyi was born in Hungary in 1909. He attended the same elementary school as Kurti and their friendship dated back to 1915. Fabinyi emigrated to Australia in 1939 and became Chairman of the Frank Cheshire heading PergamonPress's Australian division in 1969. He died in 1978. publishing before group 1968, in A.272 Correspondence In Hungarian. A.273 Correspondence and papers Includes newspaper cuttings about Fabinyi and typescript obituary by Kurti. 1939-1998 1939, 1968- 1978 1939-1940, 1946 1968, 1969, 1978 A.274 Correspondencewith L.I. Szathmary II 1990-1994 Chiefly re visits to Oxford, 1990, 1991. Szathmary was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1919. He emigrated to the USA in 1951 and became a renowned chef. From 1989 to his death in 1996 he was Chef Laureate and Curator emeritus of the Culinary Archives & Museum at Johnson & Wales University, Providence, Rhode Island. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 35 Biographical, A.1-A.286 A.275 Miscellaneous Hungarian language correspondence 1986-1993 A.276-A.282 Background material 1960-1992 6 folders and 1 book by Kiss Istvanné A Trefort utcai ‘Minta’ Az ELTE Sagvari Endre Gyakorlé Iskola térténete, 1987 (A.282). Principally Hungarian background. printed papers relating to Kurti and his At A.276 is contents of envelope inscribed by Kurti ‘1976 50th of schoolleaving’. A.283-A.286 ‘Lunatic File’ 1961-1992, n.d. Contents of Kurti’s folder so labelled divided into four for ease of reference: correspondence and papers advancing unusual and unconventional approaches to science and world affairs, their humorous value. or which were kept by Kurti for N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 36 SECTION B UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD,B.1-B.308 1945-1998 B.1-B.5 CENTRAL ADMINISTRATION B.6-B.191 DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS/CLARENDON LABORATORY B.192-B.210 BRASENOSE COLLEGE B.211-B.293 MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE FOR VISITING GRADUATE STUDENTS AND POSTDOCTORAL SCHOLARS FROM CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE (SOROS/FCO SCHOLARS) B.294-B.305 MISCELLANEOUS OXFORD UNIVERSITY B.306-B.308 MISCELLANEOUS OXFORD-BASED ORGANISATIONS N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 University of Oxford, B.1-B.308 B.1-B.5 CENTRAL ADMINISTRATION B.1-B.4 ‘Oxford University - Registry’ Contents of folder so inscribed 37 1956-1995 1956-1995 1956 1960 B.1 B.2 B.3 B.4 B.5 Copies of articles in the Oxford Magazine on ‘The Arts Man’ and ‘Of Science Men’ by ‘Skyresh Bolgolum’ Board of Electors to the Professorship of Engineering Science Miscellaneous papers 1962-1970 Includes papers re visit of Thomas J. Watson, Chairman of the Board International Business Machines Corporation, to the University, 1969. Miscellaneous papers 1989-1995 Correspondencewith Registrary and Vice-Chancellor 1967-1985 Found loose. B.6-B.191 DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS/CLARENDON LABORATORY 1945-1997 B.6-B.18 B.19-B.42 B.43-B.76 Equipmentand facilities Research funding and reports Researchers B.77-B.103 Visitors B.104-B.179 Teaching B.180-B.183 Cherwell-Simon Memorial Lecture N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 38 University of Oxford, B.1-B.308 B.184-B.186 Clarendon Kitchen Committee B.187-B.191 Miscellaneous B.6-B.18 Equipmentand facilities B.6-B.8 ‘Simon Building Extension’ 1960-1992 1960-1963 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of records of meetings, correspondence, etc. reference: sketch layout, of B.9 Inauguration of Mullard Cryomagnetic Laboratory, 30 June 1965 Contents of envelope: duplicated papers including remarks at the opening by Kurti ‘A brief history of the high magnetic field facilities at the Clarendon Laboratory’. B.10-B.14 ‘16 Tesla Hybrid Magnet to Oxford’ 1970-1980 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into five for ease of reference: tenders, agreement with Oxford Instrument CompanyLtd etc. application, grant is published 1980 item experience with the hybrid magnet. (B.14) article on operational B.15, B.16 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers 1961-1992 2 folders. Includes Laboratory, Mullard Cryomagnetic Laboratory, etc. University papers Oxford re Computing B.17, B.18 Newspaper cuttings 1960, 1965 Re Simon Building Extension and Mullard Cryomagnetic Laboratory. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 39 University of Oxford, B.1-B.308 B.19-B.42 Research funding and reports 1962-c.1981 B.19, B.20 Application of nuclear orientation to solid state physics 1963 Report on workat the Clarendon Laboratory for the period 1 September 1962-31 August 1963 and related papers. 2 folders. B.21-B.26 ‘Own Applications to SRC’ 1962-1970 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into six for ease of reference: applications, reports, correspondence, etc. B.27-B.41 ‘SRC Report, New Application (Topical)’ [1965] - 1973 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into fifteen for ease of reference: applications, reports, correspondence, etc. Undated notes and papers are at B.41. B.42 Miscellaneous papers c.1967- c.1981 Includes grant application to inaugurate a unit of physical cryobiology at Oxford, reference 1981, sent to Kurti by W.B. Bald with a request for advice about possibility of Royal Society funding bibliographical latest B.43-B.76 Researchers 1950-1975 Sequencesof correspondence and papersrelating to ‘past’ and ‘present’ researchers and a few papers relating to ‘future’ researchers. Includes curricula vitae, grant applications and recommendations. reports on research progress, sequence The postdoctoral researchers, and holders of various visiting and exchange fellowships, etc. and includes D.Phil. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 40 University of Oxford, B.1-B.308 B.43-B.68 ‘Researchers - Past’ 1950-1973 Contents of folder so inscribed. Correspondenceand papers. B.43 B.44 B.45 B.46 B.47 B.48 B.49 B.50 B.51 B.52 B.53 B.54 Ba. Bo. Ca. Ch. Cr. D. F. Ga. Ge. Go. Gr. H. 1958-1959 1967-1968 1961-1964 1963-1968 1967 1950-1956 1961-1962 1968 1961-1964 1961-1966 1963-1965 1967-1969 N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 University of Oxford, B.1-B.308 B.55 B.56 B.57 B.58 B.59 B.60 B.61 B.62 B.63 B.64 B.65-B.67 B.68 J., K. L. M. N. So. Sv. Sy. Te., To. Tu., Tw. Wa. Wi. Wy. B.69-B.75 ‘Researchers - Present’ Contents of folder so inscribed. Correspondence and papers. 41 1962 1969-1970 1961-1971 1962-1971 1965-1969 1968-1969 1962-1967 1963-1969 1961-1969 1961-1964 1963-1973 1965-1967 1967-1975 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 University of Oxford, B.1-B.308 B.69 H.70 B.71 B.72 B.73 B.74 B.75 B.76 Ha. He. La. ‘Future Researchers’ Correspondencesoinscribed. B.77-B.103 Visitors 42 1971-1975 1971-1975 1968-1972 1969 1969-1971 1967, 1970 1969 1970-1971 1961-1997 Sequences of papers re ‘past’ and ‘present’ visitors kept together by Kurti which may includes both brief informal visits by colleagues and visits by international delegations. There of ‘Researchers’. sequences some is overlap with the At B.103 are late correspondence and papers found loose. B.77-B.94 ‘Visitors - Past’ 1961-1971 Contents of folder so inscribed. Correspondence and papers. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 43 University of Oxford, B.1-B.308 B.77-B.79 1961 3 folders. B.80-B.82 1962 3 folders. B.83, B.84 1963 2 folders. B.85 1964 Includes papers re visit of Chinese delegation to the Clarendon, 27 January. B.86, B.87 1965 2 folders. B.88, B.89 1966 2 folders. B.90 B.91 B.92 B.93 1967 1968 1969 1970 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 44 University of Oxford, B.1-B.308 B.94 1971 B.95-B.102 ‘Visitors - Present’ 1971-1984 B.95 1971 B.96-B.98 1972 3 folders. B.99 B.100 B.101 B.102 1973 1974 1977 1984 Revisit of President of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, J. Szentagothai and others. B.103 Correspondence and papers 1993-1997 B.104-B.179 Teaching 1945-1984 Records of Kurti’s teaching at Oxford, predominantly thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, are presented here. For convenience somerecord of his teaching when he was away from Oxford, most notably when he was visiting professor at the University of California, Berkeley in 1964, is included. See B.140-B.147. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 University of Oxford, B.1-B.308 B.104-B.147 Lecture notes B.104-B.106 ‘Lecture magnetism’ 45 1947-1979 1947, 1949 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: manuscript notes for lecture or lectures on magnetism. On the first page of a sequence of notes headed ‘Magnetism’ (B.104) is the date ‘Hilary Term 1947’ and the name ‘Kurti’. It is possible that these notes were taken by a student. See also B.106 where page 23 of a sequence of notesis dated ‘1949, H[?ilary]’ B.107-B.109 ‘Thermod[ynamics]’ 1948 reference: Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of on thermodynamics, with manuscript calculations interleaved among paginated material. manuscript lectures notes for The material appears to form part of the same sequence as that at B.110-B.113. B.110-B.113 ‘Thermody[namics]’ 1948 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference: on thermodynamics, with manuscript calculations interleaved among paginated material. manuscript lectures notes for The material appears to form part of the same sequence as that at B.107-B.109. B.113A ‘4st Law 1951 Lectures’ Contents of folder so inscribed: manuscript working. B.114-B.117 ‘2nd - 3rd Law 1951 Lectures’ Contents of folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference: variously paginated sequences of manuscript notes. 1951 1951 N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 46 University of Oxford, B.1-B.308 B.118 Special subjects 1957, n.d. Manuscript notes including ‘Special Subject Adiabfatic] Demagnetisation Revised for H.T. 1957’. B.119 Manuscript notes for lecture course 1967 Notes begin: ‘In these 8 lectures | shall discuss how by applying the simple laws of mechanics and those of the theory of probability to the large number of atoms and molecules that constitute matter one can explain the behaviour mainly of gases and to some extentsolids.’ Paginated 1-47. Manuscript additions ‘TT 1967 2nd Lecture’, etc. indicate the lectures were given in Trinity Term 1967. B.120, B.121 Manuscript notes for lecture course 1968-1972 Notes begin: ‘In these 8 lectures | shall discuss how by applying the simple laws of mechanics and those of the theory of probability to the large numberof molecules that constitute macroscopic mainly of gases, fat and, to some behaviour properties extent solids.’ matter one can explain the Paginated 1-44. Manuscript additions ‘End 1st Lecture T.T. 1968’, ‘End 1st Lect. TT 69‘, etc. indicate the course was givenin Trinity Term 1968-1972. 2 folders. B.122-B.124 Manuscript notes for lectures on thermodynamics 1968-1969 Paginated 1-83. Manuscript additions ‘End 1st lecture H.T. 1968’, ‘End 1st H.T. 69’, etc. indicate that the lectures were given Hilary Term 1968 and 1969. 3 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 47 University of Oxford, B.1-B.308 B.125-B.129 Manuscript notes for lecture course 1970-1974 Notes begin: ‘This is the 1st time that two parts of the Finals syllabus, namely Thermodynamics and Stat. Mech are given in a single course oflectures’ Paginated 1-64. Manuscript additions ‘End ‘1st lect H.T. 1970’, etc indicate that the course was givenin Hilary Term 1970-1974. 5 folders. B.129A ‘Kin Theory RWH’ 1970-1974 Contents of folder so inscribed: manuscript notes for lecture statistical mechanics. thermodynamics course and on Continuation of B.125-B.129. Manuscript additions ‘9th Lect End H.T. 1970’, ‘End 10th Lec. 1971’, etc. indicate that the course was given in Hilary Term 1970-1974. Paginated 65-102. B.130-B.134 ‘N. Kurti Clarendon Lab. Oxford ThermodynamicsHil. Term 1968’ 1973-1979 Contents of folder so inscribed. B.130 ‘Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics 2nd Year, Hilary Term 1973. N. Kurti’ 1973-1977 Manuscript notes paginated 1-70 inscribed on first page ‘Master’. Manuscript additions indicate the notes were usedin Hilary At the end of the sequence is Term 1973 and 1974. duplicated crystal’, Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI 1976/1977. d’Einstein ‘Modéle paper d’un_ B.131 Includes ‘Physics 75’ final examination paper dated 12 December 1975 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 48 University of Oxford, B.1-B.308 B.132-B.134 ‘Thermodynamics and stat. mechanics’ 1979 Manuscript notes for ‘Physics 75’ lecture course delivered in 1979 in unidentified location. 3 folders. B.135-B.137 ‘Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics for Dr Bailey’ N.d. is not to a Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: 44pp typescript and 44pp manuscript drafts of lecture course beginning (B.135): ‘The object of these lectures of thermodynamics, but rather to survey and summarise those concepts both of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics which are of importance to cryogenics and, more generally, to the study of low temperatures’. Also includes miscellaneous notes andfigures. complete provide course There is no indication of where the lecture course was delivered. B.138 ‘Stat Mech.’ Contents of folder so inscribed: manuscript lecture notes. B.139 Manuscript notes for lectures on thermodynamics The notes are paginated ‘42-44’ and ‘a-m’. B.140-B.147 Manuscript notes for lecture course probably given at University of California, Berkeley, USA, where Kurti was visiting professor in 1964. 8 folders. B.148-B.179 Miscellaneous B.148, B.149 ‘Teaching course’ Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: manuscript, typescript, duplicated and printed N.d. N.d. 1964 1945-1984 1945-1984 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 49 University of Oxford, B.1-B.308 material. 1945 item is duplicated typescript ‘Report O.B.2 16th January ‘A Recorded Calorimetric Mass Flowmeter’ and inscribed ‘Teaching Course’ (B.149). Oxford 1945. 3.16’ titled File B.150 ‘Exams’ and ‘Oxford (exam papers) includes ex. papers from US visits)’ 1956-1964, n.d. Contents of folder so inscribed: manuscript and duplicated papers relating to Oxford, City College, New York and University of California, Berkeley. B.151 Manuscript, duplicated manuscript and typescript papers, principally examination questions 1963-1975 B.152-B.155 ‘Adv Cryogenics’ 1965-1967 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of proposed reference: postgraduate and vacation course in advanced cryogenics held July 1967. correspondence and engineering cryogenic course papers on re B.156 Brief correspondence and papers re kinetic theory course 1967 B.157, B.158 ‘Oxford lectures (teaching + exams)’ 1970-1972, n.d. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: manuscript notes, examination questions. B.159 Principally 1972 thermodynamicslecture questionnaires 1971-1972 B.160-B.162 ‘N. Kurti Thermodyn + Stat Mech. Loose papers, notes, etc.’ 1970-1973 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: principally 1973 lecture questionnaires. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 50 University of Oxford, B.1-B.308 B.163-B.165 ‘N. Kurti Clarendon Laboratory’ 1973 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease reference: of lecture questionnaires. opprincipally Kinetic Theory B.166-B.178 ‘Physics vs The Rest’ 1973-1975 Correspondence and papers re second year course for physics undergraduates organised by Kurti and consisting principally of contributions from outside speakers. The sequenceincludestexts of lectures by contributors. The course was ‘mainly to show them that physicists can do manythings besides research and university teaching’. 13 folders. B.179 Duplicated teaching material N.d. ‘Practical methods of estimating experimental errors’, ‘Some simple notions on thermodynamics and energy’ and ‘The phaserule’. B.180-B.183 Cherwell-Simon Memorial Lecture 1957-1997 and papers re_ establishment and Correspondence arrangements. 4 folders. B.184-B.186 Clarendon Kitchen Committee 1965-1978 Correspondence and papers. 3 folders. Kurti was chairman of the Committee. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 51 University of Oxford, B.1-B.308 B.187-B.191 Miscellaneous 1963-1997 Correspondenceand papers. B.187 1963-1966 B.188 1967-1969 B.189 1970-1976 B.190 1980-1988 B.191 1995-1997 B.192-B.210 BRASENOSE COLLEGE 1945-1998 B.192-B.202 General correspondence and papers 21950 - 1998 Topics include building honorary and visiting fellowships. projects, catering, heating and Kurti's correspondents include College Principals and Bursars. B.192 21950-1959 The earliest item is draft of speech by Kurti proposing the toast‘to our guests’ at a Brasenose occasion. B.193 B.194 1961-1962 1963-1965 N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 52 University of Oxford, B.1-B.308 B.195 B.196 B.197 B.198 B.199 B.200 B.201 B.202 1966-1967 1968-1969 1970-1972 1973 1974-1979 1980-1989 1990-1998 N.d. B.203-B.207 ‘BNC Othercirculated papers’ 1945-1983, n.d. Correspondence and papers re College business including papers by Kurti on heating systems for College buildings andvisiting fellowships. B.203 1945 B.204 1963-1969 B.205 1970-1974 B.206 1983 N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 53 University of Oxford, B.1-B.308 B.207 N.d. B.208, B.209 ‘Brasenose Feasts etc.’ 1963-1970 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: includes guestlists, menus and table plans. B.210 ‘Fellows Christmas Dinner 7 Dec 1974 4 Dec. 1982’ 1974, 1982 Contents of envelope so inscribed: menus and seating plans. B.211-B.293 MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE FOR VISITING GRADUATE STUDENTS AND POSTDOCTORAL SCHOLARS FROM CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE (SOROS/FCO SCHOLARS) 1986-1997, n.d. Correspondenceand papers. Including minutes of meetings, applications, assessments of candidates and supervisors’ reports on progress. The scholarships were funded jointly by the Soros Foundation and the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and were intended to enable young postgraduates from central and eastern Europe to spend nine months at the University of Oxford. Kurti was a member of the Management Committee (whose title varied over time) and took part the interviewing of candidates. in B.211 B.212 1986 1987 Includes minutes of third meeting, 27 January at which it was agreed to co-opt Kurti. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 University of Oxford, B.1-B.308 B.213-B.217 1988 5 folders. B.218-B.229 1989 12 folders. B.230-B.239 1990 10 folders. B.240-B.248 1991 9 folders. B.249-B.256 1992 8 folders. B.257-B.271 1993 15 folders. B.272-B.284 1994 13 folders. B.285-B.290 1995 6 folders. B.291 1996 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 55 University of Oxford, B.1-B.308 B.292 B.293 1997 N.d. B.294-B.305 MISCELLANEOUS OXFORDUNIVERSITY 1954-1996 B.294 Environmental Change Unit B.295-B.297 Maison Frangaise d’Oxford 1992, 1996 1969-1994 Correspondence and paperschiefly re 1974 visit of two of the first female students of the Ecole Polytechnique to Oxford. At B.297 are photographs and press-cutting. 3 folders. See also K.35. B.298, B.299 Natural Science Club 1968-1991 2 folders. B.300 Oxford Centre for Food Studies 1984-1985 Correspondenceand papersre proposedcentre. The Oxford Centre for Food Studies was described in ‘Bye- Laws’ passed 1 November 1984 as ‘a research centre, limited by guarantee, within the University of Oxford’. Kurti was a member of the Steering Committee. B.301, B.302 Oxford University Scientific Society 1966-1980 Correspondence and papers. 2 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 56 University of Oxford, B.1-B.308 Most of the material dates from 1973-1975 when Kurti was Senior Memberofthis student society. B.303 Visit of the President of Hungary 1995 Correspondence and papers. B.304, B.305 Shorter correspondence and papers 1954-1993 At B.304 is proposal by Kurti on Oxford’s traffic problems published heading ‘Movementwithin Oxford’, 1972. Magazine Oxford in under the B.306-B.308 MISCELLANEOUS OXFORD-BASED ORGANISATIONS 1964-1993 B.306 Oxford Instrument Company Ltd 1964-1993 Correspondence and papers. Includes ‘rough transcript of the remarks by N. Kurti at the official opening of the Oxford Cryogenic Ltd’s helium liquefaction plant, 10 November 1964’. B.307 Oxford Local Energy Group 1981-1982 Correspondence and papers. Kurti was an executive co-chairman from October 1981. B.308 Oxford Polytechnic 1972, 1985 Correspondence Management. with Department of Catering N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 57 SECTION C RESEARCH, C.1-C.149 c.1931-1987 C.1-C.54 NOTEBOOKS C.55-C.123 RESEARCH FOLDERS C.124-C.137 MISCELLANEOUS NOTES AND DRAFTS C.138-C.149 BACKGROUND PAPERS C.1-C.54 NOTEBOOKS 1932-1987 for analysis of experimental Used results, calibrations, testing of equipment, diagrams and sketches of equipment, etc. results, C.1 Labelled ‘Kurti 21a’ on front cover 1932 Inscribed at head offirst page ‘Fortsetzung vom 8.11.32’ In German. C.2 Inscribed ‘XXIV’ inside front cover and headed on first page ‘Fortsetzung Wechselstromversuch’ 1932-1933 Paginated 1-143. Dated entries run from ‘13.12.32’ (p.44) to ‘15.11.33’ on loose paper at back of book. In German. C.3 Labelled ‘Protokollheft XXVI’ on front cover 1933 Paginated 1-185. Entries run ‘5.2.33’ to ‘11.5.33° In German. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 58 Research, C.1-C.149 C.4 Labelled ‘Warmeleitfahigkeit’ on front cover 1933, 1948 Used April-May 1933 and April 1948-October [1948]. In German and English. Entries in 1948 are headed by namesofscientists and may represent The scientists include Bethe, Fuchs and Pickavance. at seminars attended. Kurtis notes C.5 Labelled ‘XXX’ on front cover 1933 Paginated 1-177. In use in July-August 1933. In German. C.6 Unnumbered and untitled 1933, n.d. Only one dated entry ‘14.12.33’. Predominantly in German. G7 Unnumbered and untitled N.d. Sameformat as preceding. Includes many diagrams and sketches of equipment. In German and English. C.8-C.34 Numberedseries of hardback notebooks I-XXVIII 1933-1940 Lacks no. V. C.8 Labelled on front cover ‘I Dec. 28th No Year’ and inscribed onfirst page ‘N. Kurti Clarendon Laboratory’ 1933-1934 Paginated 1-175. Entries run from 28 December 1933. ‘5.3.34’. Last dated entry In German. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 59 Research, C.1-C.149 C.9 Labelled on front cover‘Il 4.10.34’ 1934 Paginated 1-173. Last dated entry ‘16.11.[34]’. In German. Loose papers enclosed. C.10 Labelled on front cover ‘Ill ist Entry 25.5.34’ and inscribed on first page ‘N. Kurti Clar. Lab III’ 1933-1934 Paginated 1-171. Dated entries not in strict chronological order. Includes work dated in 1933 p.79. Latest dated entry ‘27.6.34’ p.[138] In German. Loose papers enclosed. C.11 Labelled on front cover ‘IV No date’ 1934 Paginated 1-187. Dated entries run from ‘18.7.34’ (p.27) to ‘4.10.34’. In German. C.12 Inscribed ‘VI’ inside front cover 1934 Paginated 1-143. Dated entries run from ‘21 Nov. 34’ (p.[20]) to ‘13 Dec. 34’. In German. Loose papersenclosed. C.13 Inscribed ‘VII’ inside front cover 1934-1935 Entries run from ‘14 Dec. 34’ to ‘1.3.35’. In German. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 60 Research, C.1-C.149 Loose papers enclosed. C.14 Inscribed ‘VIII’ on first page 1935 Paginated 1-219 Entries run from ‘4.3.35’ to ‘17.5.35’ In German and English. Loose papers enclosed. C.15 Inscribed ‘IX’ onfirst page 1935 Paginated 1-173. In German. Dated entries run from ‘22.5.35’ to ‘6.6.35’. C.16 Inscribed ‘X’on first page 1935 Paginated 1-227 (pp 195-227 loose at back). Dated entries run from ‘11.6.35’ to ‘9.7.35° In German and English. C.17 Inscribed inside onfirst page used ‘Xl’ 1935 Entries run from ‘16.7.35’ to ‘28.9.35’. In German. C.18 Inscribed inside front cover ‘XIl’ 1935-1936 Paginated 1-193. Entries run ‘Oct 31 1935’ to ‘January 18th [1936]. Predominantly in German. Loose pagesat back. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 61 Research, C.1-C.149 C.19 Labelled ‘Kurti Clarendon Lab XIII’ on front cover 1936 Paginated 1-175. Entries run from ‘Febr. 12th [1936]’ to ‘27.3.36’. Predominantly in German. Loose papers enclosed. C.20 Labelled ‘XIV’ on spine 1936 Paginated 1-139. Entries run from ‘27.3.36’. In German and English. Loose papers enclosed. C.21 Labelled on spine and front cover ‘XV’ 1936 Paginated 1-167. Entries run from ‘27.4.36' to ‘Aug 1 [1936] Predominantly in German. On an unpaginated page towards the backis a draft letter of thanks for letter informing Kurti of the extension of his grant which enabled him to work in the Clarendon Laboratory under the direction of Professor Simon. C.22 Labelled on spine and front cover ‘XVI’ 1936 Paginated 1-153. Entries run from ‘Sept 23rd [1936]’ to ‘Nov.10 [1936]’ In German and English. C.23 Labelled on spine and inscribed on first page ‘XVII’ 1936 Paginated 1-141. Entries run from ‘Nov. 17. 1936’ to ‘Dez 15 [1936]’ N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 62 Research, C.1-C.149 In German. Loose papers enclosed. C.24 Inscribed onfirst page ‘XVIII’ 1936 Lacks covers. Paginated 1-167. Entries run from ‘16. Dez. 36’ to 23. Dez. 36’. In German. C.25 Inscribed on first page ‘XIX’ 1937 Lacks covers. Paginated 1-131. Many pages unpaginated. Dated entries January - October 1937. In German. Loose papersenclosedincluding press-cutting, 30 July 1937. C.26 Inscribed on first page ‘XX’ 1937 Lacks covers. Paginated 1-175. Entries run from ‘19 Marz 1937’ to ‘5.4.1937’. In German. C.27 Inscribed onfirst page ‘XX!’ 1937 Lacks covers. Paginated 1-175. Entries run from ‘8.4.37’ to ‘Oct. 28.1937’. In German. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 63 Research, C.1-C.149 C.28 Inscribed on first page ‘XXII 1937 Lacks covers. Paginated 1-163. Entries run from ‘Nov. 15 [1937] to ‘December 20th [1937]. In German and English. C.29 Inscribed onfirst page ‘XXIII’ 1937-1938 Lacks covers. Paginated 1-181. Entries run from ‘Dec.21 [1937]’ to ‘March 24th [1938]’. In English. C.30 Labelled on spine and inscribed on first page ‘XXIV’ 1938 Paginated 1-159. Entries run ‘March 28th [1938]’ to ‘April 6th [1938]’. In English. C.31 Inscribed on first page ‘XXV’ 1938 Lacks covers Paginated 1-181. Entries run from ‘7.4.38’ to ‘21 June [1938]’ In English. Pageslooseat front and back. C.32 Inscribed on first page ‘XXVI’ 1938 Lacks covers. Paginated 1-99. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 64 Research, C.1-C.149 Entries run from ‘21 June 1938’ to ‘Sept 6th [1938]’. In English. C.33 Inscribed onfirst page ‘XXVII’ 1938 Lacks covers. Paginated 1-165. Entries run from ‘Sept 29th [1938]’. C.34 Memoranda or Minute Book inscribed on front cover ‘Kurti Clarendon Laboratory XXVIII’ 1939-1940 Entries run from ‘April 25th [1939]’. Last dated entry ‘April 17th 1940’. Much loose material at front. C.35-C.38 Numbered series of hardback notebooksI-IV 1940-1942 C.36-C.38 are foolscap size notebooks. C.35 Labelled ‘No.1’ on front cover and inscribed inside front cover ‘Expts - good results start page 55’ 1940 Paginated 1-87. Entries run from 17 November to 6 December 1940. C.36 Labelled on front cover ‘1940 Il’ 1940-1941 Paginated 1-145. Entries run from 6 December 1940. Last dated entry ‘Nov 13th [1941]. Loose papers enclosed. C.37 Labelled on front cover ‘Ill Nov.14 No Year’ 1941-1942 Paginated 1-151. Entries run from ‘Nov 14th [1941]’. Last dated entry ‘March N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 65 Research, C.1-C.149 19th [1942)’. Loose papers enclosed. C.38 Labelled on front cover ‘IV March 20 1942’ 1942 Paginated 1-185. Many pages unused. Entries run from 20 March 1942. Last dated entry ‘October 5th’ [1942]. Loose papers enclosed including undated letter to Kurti from H. Kuhn. C.39 Ring binderstyle diary/notebook 1943-1947 Used for diary type entries, addresses, expenses, as well as research notes. Relatesin part to visit to USA late 1943-April 1944. C.40-C.48 Numbered series of foolscap data books 1-10 1949-1959 Lacks no.7 C.40 Inscribed on spine ‘Data Book No.1’ 1949-1951 Entries run 31 May 1949-20 July 1951. Contentslist on first page. Loose papersenclosed. C.41 Inscribed on spine ‘Data Book No.2’ 1951-1952 Entries run 24 July 1951-24 September 1952 Contentslist on first page. Loose papers enclosed (3 photographs of apparatus at front). C.42 Inscribed on spine ‘Data Book No.3’ 1953 Entries run 26 September-9 October 1953. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 66 Research, C.1-C.149 Contentslist on first page. Loose papersenclosed. C.43 Inscribed on spine ‘Data Book No.4’ 1953-1954 Paginated 1-95 (right hand pagesonly). Entries run 9 October 1953-5 November 1954. Contents list fastened with adhesivetapeto first page. Loose papers enclosed. C.44 Inscribed on spine ‘Data Book No.5’ 1954-1955 Paginated 1-94 (right hand pagesonly). Entries run 14 November 1954-7 April 1955. Contentslist on first page. C.45 Inscribed on spine ‘Data Book No.6’. Paginated 1-94 (right hand pagesonly). Entries run 7 April-26 November 1955. Contentslist on first page. C.46 Inscribed on spine ‘Data Book No.8’ 1956-1957 Paginated 1-91 (right hand pagesonly). Entries run 16 June 1956-10 February 1957. Index on first page. C.47 Inscribed on spine ‘Data Book No.9’ 1957-1958 Paginated 1-93 (right hand pagesonly). Entries run 11 February 1957-11 November 1958. Index on first page. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 67 Research, C.1-C.149 C.48 Labelled on front cover ‘Data Book 10 14 November 1958’ 1958-1959 Paginated 1-91 (right hand pagesonly). Entries run to 30 April 1959. Index on first page. C.49 Foolscap notebook inscribed inside front cover ‘N. Kurti Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford’ 1959-1963 ?Used for notes on research seminars given byvisiting speakersat the Clarendon. Many pages unused. There are entries between 16 October 1959-15 February 1963. No entries for 1960. Manuscript notes headed ‘Elliott; Magnetism Conference’ enclosed. C.50 Foolscap notebook inscribed inside front cover ‘N. Kurti Clarendon Laboratory Oxford’ 1962-1971 Entries run from 15 January 1962. October 1971. Last dated entry 8 Manuscript working, calculations, notes of discussions with colleagues at the Clarendon, with visitors to the Clarendon, with colleaguesat laboratories etc visited by Kurti, etc. Loose papersenclosed. C.51 Foolscap notebook inscribed on front cover ‘N. Kurti HTFS’ and ‘AERE Harwell’ 1975-1987 Used 1975-1978, 1986-1987. Includes notes on discussions with colleagues. Most pages unused. C.52-C.54 Small formatjotters 1930s, 1941, 1943 C.52 Used for manuscript working, bibliographical references 1930s N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 68 Research, C.1-C.149 Latest bibliographical reference 1934. In German and English. C.53 ?Used on visit to USA early 1940s Lacks covers. Latest bibliographical reference 1945. C.54 Pagestorn from jotter 1941, 1943 Research notes, bibliographical references. Includes notes headed ‘Oct 28th 1941’ and ‘Jan 11 1943’. C.55-C.123 RESEARCH FOLDERS C.55-C.59 ‘Pirani (Tube Allfoys])’ 1943-1977 1943-1945 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into five for ease of reference: notes, reports, data, etc Relates to Pirani gauges, development of the hydrogen Pirani tests on membrane samples, etc. separation technique, detection leak C.60, C.61 ‘Gen. L[ow].T[emperatures].’ 1949-1955 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: typescript and duplicated typescript notes and drafts, data, offprints. At C.60 is typescript draft ‘The Use of Liquid Helium in Magnetic Cooling Experiments’ by R.P. Hudson, B. Hunt and Kurti, 2 May 1949. C.62, C.63 ‘Notes and drafts on Mag[netic]. Cooling’ c.1951, 21972 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: typescript draft by Kurti on ‘Magnetic Cooling’ with c.1951; photographs of equipment found in envelope postmarked '18.V.72’. corrections, manuscript additions and N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 C.64-C.66 Research, C.1-C.149 Contents of untitled folder divided into three for ease of reference: and calculations, etc correspondence, manuscript notes 69 1953-1958 Correspondents include E. Ambler, Cryogenic Physics Section US Department of Commerce National Bureau of Standards, Washington, D.C and H. Meyer, Division of Engineering and Applied Physics, Harvard University. C.67-C.70 ‘Expts on Heat Transfer (Ambler)’ 1954 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference: correspondence, notes, drafts. E. Ambler was a member of the Cryogenic Physics Section US Department of Standards, Washington, D.C. of Commerce National Bureau C.71-C.76 ‘Temperatures below 1°K N. Kurt?’ 1955-1972 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into six for ease of reference: manuscript working, offprints, press-cuttings, correspondence, patent application, etc. Much undated manuscript. At C.75-C.76 is contents of folder (within principal folder) labelled ‘The Theory and proposed design of a new typeof liquid air machine’ by H. Sixsmith, Physics Department, University of Reading. C.77-C.84 ‘Hahn Expt.’ 1956-1967 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into eight for ease of manuscript working, typescript notes and drafts. correspondence, reference: offprints, E.L. Hahn was based at the Department of Physics, University of California. C.85-C.90 ‘Vincent Arp’ 1957-1959 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into six for ease of reference: correspondence, notes, drafts, data etc re research on CoFe and CoNi alloys. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 70 Research, C.1-C.149 Correspondents include Berkeley, Harvard and AERE Harwell. Walter Marshall writing from Arp wasbasedat the University of California, Berkeley and then at the Cryogenic Engineering Laboratory of the US Department of Commerce, National Bureau of Standards Boulder Laboratories, Boulder, Colorado. C.91-C.101 ‘Research’ 1957-1968 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into eleven for ease of reference: principally correspondence. At C.100, C.101 are correspondence and papers found clipped together and labelled ‘UH3’. C.102 Contents of untitled folder: correspondence, manuscript notes and drafts by Kurti and others, duplicated paper by Walter Marshall on the specific heat ofdilute alloys 1959-1961 C.103, C.104 ‘Nuclear Cooling Calculations’ n.d., 1961 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: manuscript calculations, of Ohio Research Foundation Technical Report on ‘Measurement of Temperature below 1°K’. University C.105-C.108 ‘Paul Instrument Fund’ and ‘Integrating NMR Application’ 1961-1969, 1972-1977 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference: applications, correspondence, notes, reports etc re Kurti’s grants from the Royal Society's Paul Instrument Fund for research on nuclear spin temperature using ‘Pulsed Nuclear Resonance Thermometer’. C.109-C.119 Bundle of correspondence and papers re superconducting power transmission etc. divided into eleven for ease of reference 1961-1967 Papers include research reports, manuscript notes and offprints by Kurti and others. At C.114-C.116 are reports etc. for British Insulated Callender’s Cables Ltd. The material was found in considerable disorder. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 71 Research, C.1-C.149 C.120, C.121 Contents ofuntitled folder 1963-1964 Divided into two for ease of reference: correspondence, notes, research contract proposal between City College, New York and US Air low temperature physics 1963-1966. Force for research in Kurtis correspondent is T.C. Hardy, City College, New York. C.122, C.123 Contents of untitled folder n.d. Divided into two for ease of reference: manuscript working including paginated sequence headed ‘Calculation of what happensto cond. electrons during demagnetisation’. C.124-C.137 MISCELLANEOUS NOTES AND DRAFTS C.124 Photocopy of letter from Kurti discussing his research, dated ‘Budapest, 24 March 1932’ In German. 1932-1977, n.d. [1932] C.125 ‘Brain Magnet’ 1942 Note on brain magnet with instructions on its use, May 1942. The note explains that the magnetic brain probe for extracting shrapnel splinters from the brain was designed by H.S. Arms and N. Kurti of the Clarendon Laboratory and presented to Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford. Brain Department of the the C.126-C.129 Duplicated papers 1942-1977 Topics include heat conductivity gauges, liquid helium supply, application of nuclear orientation to solid state physics, applications of new superconducting materials capable of carrying high current densities, etc. 4 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 12 Research, C.1-C.149 C.130 C.131 Manuscript and colleagues found clipped together typescript notes of discussion with 1955-1967 Photocopy of pages from notebookincluding ‘Note added in 1990 / Experiment done during the night 6-7 June 1956’ and signed by Kurti C.132, C.133 Lists ‘A’ and ‘B’ of documents received from Kurti by the UKAEA,‘9/8/63’ 1963 2 folders. C.134 Manuscript data 1971, n.d. C.135-C.137 Undated manuscript notes, calculations etc. N.d. 3 folders. C.138-C.149 BACKGROUND PAPERS C.138-C.141 Dissertations c.1931- c.1976, n.d. C.1931-1938, n.d. C.138 ‘Messungen Temperaturen’ der spezifischen Waermen bei tiefen c.1931 ‘Inaugural - Dissertation zur Erlangung der Doktorwirde genehmigt von der Philosophischen Fakultat der Friedrich- Wilhelm Universitat zu Berlin’ by Robert C. Swain, Stanford University, California. Typescript in original covers with manuscript addition and correction. Latest bibliographical reference 1931. The work was carried out between April 1929 and July 1931 at the Physical Chemistry Institute of the University of Berlin at the suggestion of and under the supervision of F.E. Simon. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 73 Research, C.1-C.149 C.139 ‘Untersuchungen Metalle bei tiefen Temperaturen’ ueber spezifische Waerme mancher c.1931 ?Dissertation by Silvia Cristescu. Heavily annotated typescript in original covers. Latest bibliographical reference 1931. The work was carried out between November 1929 and March 1931 at the Physical Chemistry Institute of the University of Berlin at the instigation of F.E. Simon. See also C.140. C.140 Papers found enclosedat back of C.139 1932, n.d. C.141 ‘Thermische Untersuchungen an Flussigem Wasserstoff 1937, 1938 Dissertation by H. Gutsche, for the Physical Chemistry Institute of the Technical University, Breslau. Also includes two letters to Gutsche ?from Kurti. C.142 Technical drawings C.143-C.149 Reports and papers by others 7 folders. 1947, n.d. 1937-c.1976, n.d. reports At C.143 is photocopy of ‘British Reports 1939-1945’: list of technical the research and development work in the field of atomic energy carried out in Britain. At C.147, C.148 are reports for British Insulated Callender’s Cables Ltd. describing various aspects of N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 SECTION D SCIENCE-RELATEDINTERESTS, D.1-D.115 74 1880, 1931- 1998 Science-related interests, brings together material relating to topics in which Kurti maintained a keen and active interest but which were not central his research activities. Some of the material presented is background material and much relates to material elsewhere in the archive. to D.1-D.11 CRYOBIOLOGY D.12-D.44 ENERGY D.45-D.105 HISTORY OF SCIENCE D.106-D.109 POLLUTION D.110-D.113 SALMONELLA D.114, D.115 UNIVERSITY-INDUSTRY RELATIONS D.1-D.11 CRYOBIOLOGY 1952-1997 Interest in the preservation of organic material (including human bodies) at very low temperatures arose from Kurti’s work in cryogenics. See also H.735. D.1-D.5 ‘Cryobiology’ 1958-1977 D.1 D.2 Contents of Kurti’s folder so inscribed. Lecture to Oxford University Science Club, 4 March 1958 1958 12pp manuscript. ‘Notes about some applications of low temperatures in biology (cryobiology)’ by Kurti N.d. 2pp typescript. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 75 Science-related interests, D.1-D.115 D.3 D.4 D.5 Correspondence 1964-1972 Includes material re Society for Low Temperature Biology. Newspaper cuttings 1968-1977 Photocopiesofarticles D.6-D.11 Contents of untitled folder 1952-1997 D.6 D.7 D.8 D.9 D.10 ‘Deep-Freeze Longevity for Human Beings’, Oxford Mail, 25 November 1952 1952 Newspapercutting featuring Kurti, with typescript copy of text. The news story was based on talk by Kurti to the Oxford sub-section of the Institution of Production Engineers on ‘Low temperatures in science and industry’. Correspondence and press coverage arising from Kurti’s Oxford talk Includes coverage in French, Italian and ?Danish. Newspaper cuttings on presentation by Kurti at British Association for the Advancement of Science meeting, August 1968 Kurti expresses his scepticism at deep-freezing humans for later revival. 1953 1968 Correspondence with A. France, re science and cryonics Dolinoff, Société Cryonics de 1971-1972 Incomplete typescript lecture draft and manuscript notes N.d. The lecture draft refers to 1952 talk (see D.6), may be part of 1958 lecture (see D.1). N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Science-related interests, D.1-D.115 D.11 Newspaper cuttings D.12-D.44 ENERGY 76 1978, 1997, n.d. 1953-1996 This subsection brings together a range of Kurti’s interests, from power sources to conservation of energy and more efficient use of energy. In his concern for efficient use of energy and energy saving technology, Kurti may be seen to be aheadofhis time. The material D.12-D.40 is presented alphabetically by subtopic. D.12, D.13 Coal 1974-1980 Correspondence and papers, chiefly re estimations of coal reserves and resources in the UK. Includes note on coal reserves and resources compiled for Kurti at the request of Sir Derek Ezra, Chairman of the National Coal Board, and Kurtis own briefing note prepared fromit. 2 folders. D.14-D.18 Combined Heat and Power 1974-1995 Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is the simultaneous generation of usable heat and power, usually in the form of electricity, by a single process. Kurti was an advocate of CHP systems, particularly for district heating in urban areas. Kurti was a member of the Combined Heat and Power Group of the Department of Energy chaired by W.C. Marshall, which concluded in favour of CHP plants for areas of ‘high heat load densities’ (H.402) and also of the District Heating Assocation (DHA), later the Combined Heat and PowerAssociation (H.113, H.114). D.14 Correspondence, chiefly with J.M. Cassels 1974 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 CL Science-related interests, D.1-D.115 D.14A Correspondence 1975-1980 Includes correspondence with Cassels, Peter Rost MP and seminar on CHP to All Party Group for Energy Studies for 1981. D.15 D.16 Papers by J.M. Cassels relating to CHP 1980, 1981 Papers re final meeting and dinner of the Combined Heat and Power Group of the Department of Energy, 11 December 1978 D.17 Correspondence 1983-1995 Includes note on ‘Combined Heat and Power supply using Carnot Engines’ by J.H. Horlock, 1983; section of Royal Society Biographical Memoir of J.M. Cassels re his work on CHP, sent to Kurti for comment by J.R. Holt. D.18 Miscellaneous background material 1977-1985 D.19-D.22 Fly-wheel 1989-1996 Flywheel energy storage works by accelerating a rotor (flywheel) to a very high speed and maintaining the energy in the system as rotational energy. The energy is converted back by slowing downthe flywheel. D.19 Correspondence Includes correspondence electric trams/buses in Oxford, including Kurti’s letter to the Oxford Times on the subject. 1993 re plans for D.20-D.22 Miscellaneous background material 3 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 78 Science-related interests, D.1-D.115 D.23-D.25 Gas 1965-1969 Contents of Kurti’s folder so labelled: correspondence and papers on gas transport and storage. Incudes correspondence with Sir Henry Jones and Sir Kenneth Hutchison of the Gas Council; letters to The Times by Kurti, 27 January 1966 and 17 May 1967. 3 folders. D.26-D.34 Heat pumps 1970-1983 Contents of Kurti’s folder. Heat pumpsare devices that move heat, generally through moving heat from a low temperature source to a higher temperature sink. Muchof this material relates to the heat pump at Nuffield College Oxford originally installed in the late 1950s to draw energy from local sewers. See also H.425, H.428. D.26 D.27 Correspondence with P.M.S. Blackett re heat flow-meter 1970 Correspondence and papers 1974-1975 Includes Kurtis letters to The Times on heat pumps, 19 November and 5 December 1974; ‘Report on discussions in Copenhagen on 11-12 December 1975’ on heat meters. D.28 Correspondence and papersre Nuffield College heat pump 1976 Includes meeting at Nuffield, 29 March, and Kurti’s ‘Notes on Nuffield College heating’ and ‘Note on some heat-pump workin France’. D.29 Papers for meetings on heat pumps 1976 Combined Heat and Power Group Discusssion on Heat Pumps, London, 20 April; UK Heat Pump Workshop, Lincoln College Oxford, 30 June-2 July. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 79 Science-related interests, D.1-D.115 D.30 Correspondence and papers 1977-1979 Includes correspondence on Nuffield College heat pump. D.31 Correspondence 1980-1983 Includes correspondence on Nuffield College heat pump. D.32 Institution of Chemical Engineers’ Conference on ‘Heat Pumps. Industries’, University of Salford, Manchester, 7-8 April 1981. Process Savers Energy for the 1981 Programme; list of participants; Kurtis manuscript notes and transparencies for his Chairman’s introduction; etc. D.33, D.34 Miscellaneous background material 1970s, 1980s 2 folders. D.35, D.36 Insulation 1953-1972 Correspondence and papers, chiefly re double-glazing. Includes Kurtis ‘Notes on double glazing’, 17 March 1955 (D.35). 2 folders. Kurti was a keen advocate of double-glazing for energy conservation some years before it was generally accepted as a practical measure. D.37 Nuclear power 1972-1989 Chiefly printed material, including 1982 report of Study Group on Pressurised Water Reactor Pressure Vessel Integrity. D.38 Oil 1973 Miscellaneous material. Includes Kurti’s letter to The N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 80 Science-related interests, D.1-D.115 Times, 12 November 1973. D.39, D.40 Renewable and alternative energy sources 1954-1975 Chiefly printed material. solar power and wind power. Includes material re utilisation of 2 folders. D.41-D.44 General and miscellaneous material 1954-1993 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers 1954-1960 ‘Energy’ 1970s Contents of Kurti’s folder so inscribed. Material on energy consumption in cooking 1977, n.d. D.41 D.42 D.43 D.44 Letter from |. University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Fells, Professor of Energy Conversion, D.45-D.105 HISTORY OF SCIENCE D.45 ‘Reflections of an Amateur “Historian of Science” ‘ by Kurti, in ed. John Roche, Physicists Look Back: Studies in the History of Physics (1990) Photocopyofarticle. D.46-D.75 Topics D.46-D.64 German wartime atomic bomb Operation Epsilon: the Farm Hall transcripts, introduced by 1993 1880, 1931- 1998 1990 1880-1997 1943-1990s N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 81 Science-related interests, D.1-D.115 F.C. Frank (Institute of Physics, Bristol, 1993) involved in At the end of the Second World War in July 1945, ten leading German physicists their country’s atomic project were interned for six months at Farm Hall, Godmanchester, near Huntingdon. In Operation Epsilon, their conversations were secretly recorded by British principally for information on the German Intelligence, representations wartime atomic programme. over many years Society and British Academy, the transcripts (the voice recordings not having survived) were released by the Lord Chancellor in 1992. by the Royal Following Frank had served in intelligence during the Second World War. He had met some of the imprisoned German scientists before the war and visited Farm Hall during their time there. scientific D.46 Correspondence 1987, 1990 Includes letter to the Guardian by Kurti, dated 27 April 1987. D.47 Campaign for the release of the Farm Hall transcripts 1991-1992 Correspondenceand papers. Includes correspondence with E. Bagge, H. Korsching, C.F. von Weizsacker and K. Wirtz, the four surviving Farm Hall scientists, re release of the material. D.48 Correspondencewith A. Kramish 1987-1993 Includes correspondence re campaign for release of Farm Hall transcripts. D.49-D.52 Correspondence 1991-1993 4 folders. D.53 Correspondence and papersre the transcripts 1991-1992 Includes ‘Notes about the “Farm Hall recordings” ‘ by Kurti, 28 March 1992; note by P. Ganz on ‘Reliability of the transcripts’, 1992. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 82 Science-related interests, D.1-D.115 D.54 Publication of Operation Epsilon book 1993 Includes draft of Frank’s Foreword, with Kurti’s manuscript corrections, and reviews, including that by Kurti in Nature, 8 July 1993. D.55 Historical material 1943, 1945 Contents of envelope: material of F.E. Simon, including letter of 6 September 1945 on the advisability of employing German scientists on the atomic bomb project. D.56 Photocopies of 1941 and 1945 material Includes notes from UK Tube Alloys project meetings 1941, extracts from Farm Hall transcripts. D.57-D.62 D.57-D.60 Printed and typescript background material sent to Kurti for comment or interest 1990s ‘Heisenberg’s bombs. Error and deception in the German Atomic Bomb project 1939-45’ by R.L. Rose mid 1990s 4 folders. D.61, D.62 Miscellaneous printed and typescript papers 1990s 2 folders. D.61 includes material by Kurti. D.63, D.64 Newspaper cuttings, including historical articles and book reviews 1987-1993 2 folders. D.64 is German-language material. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Science-related interests, D.1-D.115 D.65-D.69 Hungarian emigre scientists D.65-D.68 ‘The voice of the Martians. The quest for nuclear chain reaction - a Hungarian version’ by G. Marx Typescript draft. 4 folders. This was published as The Voice of the Martians: Hungarian Scientists Who Shaped the 20th Century in the West (1994). The title arose from humorous anecdotes that equated Hungarians with intelligent extraterrestrial beings living among humans. D.69 Miscellaneous papers on Hungarian emigre scientists Includes scientists in Britain. material on pre-twentieth century Hungarian D.70 Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford Miscellaneous material on the history and archives of the Clarendon. See also D.94. D.71, D.71A Low temperature physics Miscellaneous material on the history of research in low temperature physics and cryogenics. At D.71A is typescript draft of ‘Introduction to the history of cryogenics’ by R.G. Scurlock. 2 folders. D.72 Superconductivity Correspondence and papers on credit for the discovery of superconductivity. 83 1975-1990s early 1990s 1975-1994, n.d. 1961-1994, n.d. 1880, 1967- 1990, n.d. 1982, 1996- 1997 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 84 Science-related interests, D.1-D.115 D.73-D.75 ‘Nullius in verba’ 1979-1980 In 1980 Kurti and P. Marshall, Moore Professor of Latin at Amherst College, Massachusetts, wrote a circular letter to scientists and to classicists asking what they understood by the Royal Society’s motto, ‘Nullius in verba’. D.73, D.74 Circular letter and replies thereto 1979-1980 2 folders. Not indexed. D.75 Kurti’s rough manuscript notes; photocopied background material ca 1980 D.76-D.90 Individual scientists D.76 Andrade, Edward Neville da Costa 1963-1993 1966-1971 Includes account by Andrade of the circumstances leading up to his resignation from the Directorship and Fullerian Professorship of Chemistry at the Royal Institution, 1966; appreciation by Kurti for The Times. D.77 Florey, Howard Walter 1968, 1970 Correspondencere archival material of Florey. D.78 Fuchs, Klaus Emil Julius 1982, 1984 Correspondence. D.79-D.82 Helmholtz, Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von 1963-1985 Material re Helmholtz and possible offer of the Oxford Chair of Experimental Philosophy in 1865. D.79 Correspondence, chiefly with W. Haberditzl, re Helmholtz 1963-1965 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 85 Science-related interests, D.1-D.115 D.80 Correspondence 1973-1975 Also includes manuscript draft of Kurti’s talk on ‘The ups and downs of Oxford physics’, 19 November, referring to Helmholtz and Oxford. D.81 Correspondence and papers 1984-1985 Includes copies of Kurti’s in 1865?’, Nature vol 308 (1984), 313 and ‘Helmholtz’s choice’, Nature vol 314 (1985), p 499 with transcript of letter offering Oxford Chair to Helmholtz. articles ‘Opportunity lost Miscellaneous background material, including manuscript notes Kronberger, Hans Correspondence. 1970-1986 D.82 D.83 D.84 Lindemann, Frederick Alexander 1985, 1986 Correspondence and papers re centenary of Lindemann’s birth. D.85 London, Heinz 1972-1979 Correspondence and papers, including notes on London by his widow, Lucie. D.86 Mendelssohn, Kurt Alfred Georg 1980 Exchange with J.F. Allen re obituary of Mendelssohn. D.87 Moseley, Henry Gwyn Jeffreys 1968-1993 Correspondence and papers including ‘A physicist not forgotten: Henry Gwyn Jeffreys Moseley’ by Kurti, Oxford Magazine, Michaelmas 1987. See also J.904. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 86 Science-related interests, D.1-D.115 D.88, D.89 Schrédinger, Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander 1984-1990 D.88 D.89 Correspondence with P.K. Hoch and W.J. Moore 1984-1985 Correspondence re Schrédinger’s attitude to the Nazis and accusation of cowardice 1989-1990 D.90 Smith, Samuel Spencely 1983, 1990 Correspondence re contribution of Smith to the ‘Tube Alloys’ project. D.91-D.98 Correspondence with historians of science 1963-1998 D.91 Brooks, M.A. 1979-1981 Correspondence re oral history of refugees in the 1930s and during the Second World War. D.92 Hoch, P.K. 1981-1985 Correspondence and papers, chiefly re Kurti as a refugee scientist, and Lindemann and the Academic Assistance Council. D.93 Kuhn, T.S. 1963, 1967 Correspondencere development of quantum physics. D.94 Morell, J.B. 1991-1998 Correspondencere history of the Clarendon Laboratory. See also D.70. D.95-D.98 Shorter historical correspondence 1968-1997 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 87 Science-related interests, D.1-D.115 D.95 D.96 D.97 D.98 1968-1974 1976-1983 Includes typescript draft of ‘The roots of modern magnetic research in for comment. Britain... by S.T. Keith, sent to Kurti 1985-1992 1996-1997 Includes in superconductivity sent to Kurti for interest. research papers on_- helium and D.99-D.103 Film records of science 1969-1981 Contents of Kurti’s folder. In 1969 Kurti discovered that somefilm footage of his heat experiment for a television programme about Lindemann had been destroyed by the BBC. He conducted a detailed correspondence on this issue June-November 1969, lobbying for the preservation of all important film material. He returned to the issue in 1974 and 1977 as a memberof the BBC’s Science Consultative Group. Correspondence, chiefly with the BBC and National Film Archive 1969 Includes copy ofletter to The Times, 25 June. Slade School of Fine Art Film Department conference on ‘Film and the Historian’, University College London, 22-23 September 1969 1969 Correspondence and papers. Kurti was unable to attend and suggested Professor M.M. Gowing beinvited. D.99 D.100 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 88 Science-related interests, D.1-D.115 D.101 Lists of scientists and topics represented in the BBC’s Sound Archive 1970 D.102 Correspondence 1974-1977 Includes material re Science Consultative Goup, including Kurtis typescript note ‘Taped and filmed records for science and technology’, 4 January 1974. D.103 Correspondence and papers 1981 Includes copyofletter to The Times, 24 July. D.104, D.105 Miscellaneous material 1931-1977, n.d. 1931-1961 D.104 D.105 Includes photograph of ‘The results of the test of the first liquid hydrogen cooled magnet coil on 1 April 1932 in Berlin’; copy (negative and print-out) from Das Reich, 25 February 1945 (on the first use of the phrase‘iron curtain’). Copy oflist of reports on Tube Alloys project, n.d.; ‘CERN History’, May 1977 1977, n.d. D.106-D.109 POLLUTION D.106-D.108 Contents of Kurti’s folder: miscellaneous papers on various aspects of pollution, including sulphur dioxide, nuclear waste, etc. 3 folders. 1972-1975 1972-1975 D.109 ‘Pollution’ 1972-1975 Contents of atmospheric pollution (sulphur and nitrogen dioxides). folder so Kurtis inscribed: material on N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 89 Science-related interests, D.1-D.115 D.110-D.113 SALMONELLA 1988-1997 Correspondence and papers on salmonella and methods of cooking eggs. Following a salmonella scare and official advice to hard boil eggs, Kurti was concernedat the deleterious effect on the quality of cooking that would result, and proposed a method of home pasteurization. D.110 1988 Includesletters to the Observer and Independent. D.111 1989 Includes papers re Sunday Express Magazine Workshop on Eggs, 19 July, and newspapercuttings. D.112 1990 Chiefly correspondence with Microbiologist of the Public Health Laboratory Service. T.J. Humphrey, Principal D.113 1991, 1993, 1997 D.114, D.115 UNIVERSITY-INDUSTRY RELATIONS 1962-1985 D.114 Miscellaneous correspondence D.115 Background material 1967-1968, 1985 1962, 1967, 1968 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 90 SECTION E PUBLICATIONS, E.1-E.440 1911-1998 E.1-E.236 DRAFTS E.237-E.242 BOOK REVIEWS E.243-E.303 LETTERS TO THE MEDIA E.304-E.438 EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE E.439. E.440 OFFPRINTS E.1-E.236 DRAFTS E.1 ‘Notes on nuclearcooling’ 1911, 1956- 1997, n.d. 1956, n.d. Original typescript (unpublished) further elucidating an experiment discussed in a forthcoming paper by Kurti et al. on ‘Nuclear cooling’, Nature vol.178 (September 1956), 450-453. includes Kurtis ‘Further Also experiments on nuclear cooling’, written sometime after 1959 and likewise unpublished. handwritten report on See also J.46. E.2-E.5 ‘Nuclear orientation and the hyperfine structure coupling in cobalt metal’, Philosophical Magazine vol. 4 (August 1959), 948-956 1956-1959 Copyof original article, 2 copies of typescript and original illustrations. Includes correspondence with 2 co-authors, C.E. Johnson and R.G. Scurlock, and with C.V. Heer re Heer’s work on cobalt metal as a low temperature heat reservoir. Also includes notes and calculations in several hands. 4 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 91 Publications, E.1-E.440 E.6-E.8 ‘The lowest temperature in the world’, Physics Today vol. 13 (October 1960), 26-29 1960-1993 and ‘Nuclei entitled cryophysics’, Copyoforiginal article and final draft. Also includes earlier typescript, 3 photographicillustrations. Further includes correspondence re the changein title, subsequent republication of ‘Nuclei and cryophysics’ as a chapter in a projected volume on The realm of science, and inclusion of the original article within the Physics Teachers CD-ROM Toolkit Project of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA. and 3 folders. E.9-E.18 Experimental cryophysics, ed. with F.E. Hoare and L.C. Jackson (London, 1961) 1956-1963, n.d. E.9 Contract 1956 Original memorandum of agreement with Butterworths for a ‘Low temperature techniques’. book entitled manuscript of a E.10-E.14 Correspondence Correspondence contributors to the book and the publisher. between the 3 editors, 5 folders. E.15 Proofs Incomplete set of proofs, partially annotated. E.16 E.17 Reviews Royalty statements Includes covering letters from F.E. Hoare. 1959-1962 various c.1961 1961-1963 1962, 1963 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Publications, E.1-E.440 E.18 Miscellaneous Contents of a folder inscribed ‘Calc[ulations] of Debye Func[tion]’. Includes tables giving the Debye functions for specific heat and internal energy. Further includes loose sheets with jottings and calculations. 92 n.d. E.19 ‘La désaimantation adiabatique’, Industries atomiquesvol. 7 (1962), 95-99 1960, 1962 Copy of original article and typescript of Kurti’s lecture, presented at a conference of the Société l’Air Liquide in May 1960. E.20-E.25 ‘Absolute zero’ and ‘Liquefaction of gases’, Chambers Encyclopedia vol. 1, Physics (c.1965) 1947, 1960- c.1965 E.20 Offprints Copiesof original articles. E.21 Proofs Copies of uncorrected proofs. E.22, E.23 Drafts Extensively corrected draft of ‘Liquefaction of gases’ and earlier drafts of both articles. 2 folders. E.24 Correspondence Correspondence with the publishers. Also includes older correspondence with J.R. Park of the British Oxygen Company Ltd (BOC) re liquefaction of oxygen. c.1965 1960x1964 n.d. 1947, 1960- 1964 The material suggests that Kurti was re-working articles he Chambers written had Encyclopedia. edition earlier for an of N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 Publications, E.1-E.440 E.25 Miscellaneous Illustrations etc. 93 n.d. E.26-E.29 ‘Spins and cryogenics’, Contemporary Physics vol. (1967), 21-40 8 1967, n.d. See also G.43. Based on a lecture given at Cornell University, US, May 1964. E.26 Offprint Copyoforiginal article. E.27 Draft Copyof typescript with corrections in Kurti’s hand. E.28 Illustrations Various publication. graphs, two of which were used for this E.29 Miscellaneous Jottings and loose typescript corrections. Further includes correspondence with G.R. Noakes re making reprints available for buyers and re numbers of pupils taking science in the Upper Sixth at Uppingham. Noakes wasthe editor of Contemporary physics. E.30 ‘The needs of Documentation vol. 25 (December 1969), 315-318 scientific community’, the Journal of 1967 1964x1967 n.d. 1967, n.d. 1969 Copy correspondencewith H. Coblans. original journal of issue, typescript and H. Coblans was the editor of the journal. He had invited Libraries Kurti Committee (Dainton Report) from the perspective of the to discuss the Report of the National N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 94 Publications, E.1-E.440 ‘scientist-user’. E.31 ‘Simon Memorial Prize 1970’, Physics Bulletin 21 (1970), 418 1970x1971 Proofs and 1 monochrome photographic reproduction, showing the award ceremony. The Simon Memorial Prize was named after Kurti’s teacher and mentor Sir Francis Simon. In 1970 the prize went to W. Meissner. E.32-E.38 ‘Simon, Sir Francis (Franz) Eugen (1893-1956)’, Dictionary of National Biography vol. 1951-1960 (1971), 890-892 1928-1971 E.32 Article Copyof original article, typescript and correspondencewith Oxford University Press; print-out (2007) of revised entry. E.33-E.38 ‘Simon-file’ Contents of a folder so inscribed. E.33-E.36 Correspondence 1961-1968 1928-1962, n.d. 1946-1962 Includes correspondence between F.E. Simon and M. Born and between Simon and Kurti; correspondence between Kurti and many members of the international physics community re Simon’s death; the establishment of a Simon Memorial Lecture and a numberof other projects, including fur a Textbook, physikalische publication of Simon’s Collected Papers and a Simon Memorial Fellowship. a Simon Memorial Zeitschrift Chemie, Simon Memorial Volume in the Also includes correspondence with N. Arms re her book A Prophet in Two Countries: The Life of F. E. Simon (New York, 1966) and with C. Sluzewski (lawyer) re a claim for reparations from the German people on behalf of Simon's daughter Kathrin. 4 folders. Kurti’s teacher and mentor F.E. Simon died unexpectedly in October 1956. Kurti helped orchestrate the ensuing N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 95 Publications, E.1-E.440 activities to pay tribute to Simon’s life and achievements, among them the Simon biography by N. Arms, who had been Simon’s secretary for two years and then married one of his students. E.37, E.38 Miscellaneous 1928, 1958, n.d. Loose material, including a monochrome photograph of F.E. Simon and typescript of his CV, dated 1928. 2 folders. E.39 ‘Cryomagnetic research at the Clarendon Laboratory’, in Search and Research with M. Ryle and R.L.F. Boyd, ed. J.P. Wilson (London, 1971), 56-91 1971, n.d. of Set correspondencewith the publishers, Mullard Ltd. chronological (including proofs table) and This publication was prepared ‘largely from tape-recorded interviews in the laboratories, supplemented by information from published and private papers’. E.40-E.42 ‘Chapter 1: Thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, and their relevance to cryogenics’, in Advanced Cryogenics ed. C.A. Bailey (London, 1971), 1-50 1967-1971, n.d. Proofs and correspondence re the book and Kurti’s chapter. Also includes a typescript outline of the course of lectures on which the book was based and a handwritten draft of Kurti’s contribution to the course. 3 folders. E.43-E.45 ‘Chapter 1’, Cryogenic Fundamentals, ed. G.G. Haselden (London, 1971), 1-15 c.1971-1985 Includes illustration and royalty statements for 1978 and 1985. extensively corrected drafts, 2 1 original 3 folders. E.46 ‘Cailletet - et aprés’, Chatillon presse 25 November 1977, 1 1977 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 96 Publications, E.1-E.440 Copy of original newspaper and typescript. Also includes correspondence re the article and re information on R. Pictet. The article was written for the centenary celebrations of the liquefaction of oxygen by L. Cailletet in Chatillon, France. Kurti was interested also in R. Pictet, who likewise had successfully liquefied oxygen in 1877. E.47-E.49 ‘Dr Kurt Mendelssohn’, advanceobituary for The Times 1968-1980 Several typescript drafts, some dating from c. 1977, some extensively corrected. Further includes correspondence with editors of The Times, 1975-1980, handwritten and typescript drafts of Kurtis remarks on presenting the Simon Memorial Prize to Mendelssohn in 1968, and additional material. 3 folders. E.50-E.60 ‘Scientific Researchers: The Nature and Impact of their Work’ (UNESCO) 1968-1982 E.50 Contract and outline 1980 understanding Contract with UNESCO for a book to promote ‘wider the knowledge, principles 1974 Recommendations [to Member States on the Status of Scientific Workers]’. Also includes typescripts of draft outlines and of part of the second chapter. acceptance norms’ and and the of set out in Kurti never completed his manuscript for this UNESCO book project, which was eventually dropped. E.51-E.54 Correspondence 1979-1982 Division Correspondence with Y. de Hemptinne and B. Goddard of the Policies (previously the Science Policy Division), UNESCO. Also includes notes and newspaper clippings. Technology Science and of 4 folders. De Hemptinne and Goddard remembered Kurti from an earlier collaboration (see E.55-E.60). N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 97 Publications, E.1-E.440 E.55-E.60 Additional material 1968-1969 Material re Kurti’s participation in a working party preparing a discussion paper on ‘Fundamental research’ for thefirst Conference of Ministers of the European Member States responsible for Science Policy (MINESPOL), hosted by UNESCO in 1970. Includes correspondence, successive drafts ‘Aspects nationaux de la recherche fondamentale’ draft commentary by members of the working party), and a handwritten transcript of the proceedings of a 2-day meeting of the working party in Paris in April 1969. Further includes material from earlier preparatory meetings, held in 1968. discussion paper on Auger’s (with of P. 6 folders. The working party was set up by UNESCO's Science Policy Division. E.61, £.62 ‘Dishy delectations’, The Times, 8 August 1981 1981 Copyoforiginalarticle, typescript with originaltitle (‘What's in a name?’) and correspondence. 2 folders. E.63 use ‘Cooks (September 1981), 168 should physics’, Good Housekeeping 1981-1985 Copyoforiginal article, typescript draft with original title (‘Is there and correspondence. cookery?’) physics place for in a E.64, E.65 ‘A scientist looks at cookery’, Home Economics (October 1982), 8-9 1982 Copy of original magazine, proofs, typescript draft and correspondence. 2 folders. E.66 ‘Liquid helium at the Clarendon Laboratory’, Nature vol. 302 (17 March 1983), 210 1983 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 98 Publications, E.1-E.440 Copy of original article and typescript draft of original version. E.67-E.74 Fleetwood ‘Leslie Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society vol. 29 (November 1983), 1-25 1897-1978’, Bates, E.67-E.70 Article proofs, Copy of original corrections, and handwritten draft. article, typescript drafts with 4 folders. 1970-1984 1978x1983 E.71, E.72 Correspondence 1978-1984 with L.F. correspondence students and friends, former Includes colleagues, Bates’s daughter E.S. Lautch. Also includes correspondence with the Contemporary Scientific Archive Centre in Oxford and the Manuscripts Department of University of Nottingham Library, re the Bates archive. Bates’s with and 2 folders. E.73, E.74 Research Materials 1971, 1981, n.d. Includes transcripts of a taped conversation with E.S. Lautch, 21 January 1981, and of conversations with former colleagues and students at Nottingham, taped during visit on 22 January 1981. Also includes material from the Bates archive, among othersa list of ‘folders which Bates wished to be put aside for Professor Kurti’. 2 folders. E.75 ‘The hypodermic syringe in the kitchen’, publication details unknown 1973, c.1984 Typescript dated 21 April 1984, photocopy of published article, with additional material. Possibly published in the Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, 1984 & 1985. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 99 Publications, E.1-E.440 E.76 ‘Fizikus a konyhaban’ [‘The physicist in the kitchen’, Magyar Konyha (1985, no. 2) 1984-1985 Copyoforiginal article, with 2 typescript drafts. E.77 ‘Fizikus a konyhaban’, Fisikai Szemle (1985, no. 2), 70-71 1984-1985 Copy of correspondence. original article, with typescript draft and E.78-E.80 ‘Kugler, Gerbeaud and Vérésmarty’, Magyar Hirek, 8 June 1985, 31 1984-1986 Copy of original magazine, in which the article appeared both in Hungarian and in English. Also includes typescript of the English version. Further includes correspondence with M. Agoston of the Konditorei Gerbaud and with the editors of the Guardian and the Christian Science Monitor. Further the Konditorei Gerbaud, chiefly in Hungarian. background includes loose material re 3 folders. M. Agoston was the director of the Konditorei Gerbaud. Kurti had approached both the Guardian and the Christian Science Monitor with this particular piece of writing. E.81-E.90 ‘A personal postscript’, in L. Hatvany, Die Wissenschaft des nicht Wissenswerten, with annotations by A. Grafton (Oxford, 1986), xv-xvi 1911, 1963- 1986 Hatvany’s satirical portrait of German university life created a sensation in German academic circles when it appeared in 1908. Kurti first met the Hatvanys in Oxford in 1940. Following Hatvany’s death in 1961, Kurti spearheaded a campaign to see the book reissued. The project finally succeeded 25 yearslater. E.81, E.82 Book 1985, n.d. Typescript, proofs and photocopyof Kurti’s postscript. Also includes typescripts and proofs of H. Lloyd-Jones’s preface and of J. Szentagothai’s foreword. Further includes proofs of A. Grafton’s introduction and notes. 2 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Publications, E.1-E.440 E.83-E.89 Correspondence Two sequences. Correspondents include the Baroness Hatvany, publishers, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences as well as a numberof scholars whom Kurti persuaded to participate in successive versions of the project, among them E.L. Bowie, A. Grafton and H. Lloyd-Jones. Someof the correspondenceis in Hungarian. 7 folders. A first effort to have Hatvany’s book republished by Pergamon Press foundered by 1970. A second attempt, launched in 1982, proved successful. E.90 Additional material Copy of the original second edition of Hatvany’s work (Berlin, 1911). 100 1963-1972, 1982-1986 1911 1986 E-9A E:92 E.93 Clifton, Simon: Helmholtz, Lindemann, Max Miller, ‘Cailletet, Pictet, in cryogenics’, in Proceedings of the Eleventh International Cryogenic Engineering Conference, Berlin, West Germany, 22-25 April 1986, (Guildford, 1986) mysteries Myths, mishaps and Copy of typescript. ‘Undergraduate in Paris 1926-28: Graduate student and Dr. Phil. in Berlin, 1928-31’, in R. Williamson, The Making of Physicists (Bristol, 1987), 86-90 1986x1987 Typescript, with a letter from the publishing house (Adam Hilger). sensual ‘The publication details unknown aspects of food consumption/eating’, 1987x1988 Typescript, with a letter responding to comments on the manuscript. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 101 Publications, E.1-E.440 E.94-E.178 But the Crackling is Superb, ed. with G. Kurti (Bristol, 1988) 1985-1997 Chiefly ‘Crackling’. contents of a number of folders inscribed E.94 Dust jacket 1988 Copy of original dust jacket, with photocopy of Kurti’s contribution, ‘Bird custard: The true story’, and a correction slip. E.95-E.148 Pre-production and production 1985-1988 In May 1985 Kurti sent out a circular letter inviting 50 Fellows of the Royal Society to contribute to a proposed anthology of ‘recipes, views on cooking, new ideas and anything that may come to your mind concerning food and its enjoyment’. After an encouraging response, he followed up with a second circular (September 1986) and a third (January 1987). By spring 1987 almost every Fellow had received an invitation. The resulting volume was published in October 1988, by Adam Hilger Ltd, then the publishing arm of the Institute of Physics. E.95-E.107 Declined invitations 1985-1987 Chiefly return slips, in alphabetical order. Includes some letters. Copies of original circular, list of 50 Fellows to whom it was sent, and second circular (September 1986) can be found at E.95. 13 folders. E.108-E.138 Correspondence with contributors 1985-1988 Chiefly correspondence, in alphabetical order, interspersed with (both handwritten and typescript). Not all correspondents ended up contributing to the anthology. drafts E.108 List of authors 1987, n.d. Handwritten list with word counts etc. circular letter dated August 1987. Also includes a N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Publications, E.1-E.440 E.109 Alfvén-Arndt Includes a typescript draft of R.M. Alexander's contribution. 102 1987 E.110-E.112 Bangham-Burton 1987-1988 a Includes background material Custard Powder. handwritten for by Bartlett and draft Kurtis contribution on Bird’s M.S. 3 folders. E.113 Casimir-Curran 1987-1988 Includes typescript drafts by D.J. Crisp and S.C. Curran. E.114 Datta-Eglinton 1985-1987 Includes an exchange with G. Eglinton on a geochemical recipe, for the preparation of North Seaoil. E.115 ‘Faraday’ 1988, n.d. Photocopies of extracts from the correspondence, diary and publications of Sir Michael Faraday, with a letter from the librarian of the Royal Institution of Great Britain. E116 Fellgett-Fowler 1985-1988 Includes an exchange with Sir Hugh Ford on energy used in making cartons for breakfast cereals. E117; £.118 Gaydon-Gutfreund 1985-1987, n.d. Includes a typescript draft by P.G.H. Gell. Also includes correspondence with G.A. Gilbert and his wife Lilo re her suitability as a contributor. 2 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Publications, E.1-E.440 E119 ‘Hales’ Photocopies of S. Hales’s accountofhis trials ‘to cure the ill taste of milk’, 1755. E.120 Hart-Humphrey Includes typescript drafts by M. Hart, O.V.S. Heath and A. Hewish. 103 n.d. 1987 E.121, E.122 Jamison-Krebs 1986-1988 Includes exchanges with A.R. Katritzky on ‘Rumfordsche Suppe’ on hydrodynamics, e.g. the ‘legs’ left by brandy on the inner surface of a glass. (Rumford Soup), Keller and with J.B. 2 folders. E.123, £.124 Laws-Lyttleton 1986-1987 Includes a typescript draft of J.F. Loutit’s contribution and correspondence with R.A. Lyttleton on the ‘cooking’ of results. 2 folders. E.125-E.128 McCance-Mitchell 1987-1988 Includes an extensive exchange with F.B. Mercer at E.126, E.127. Also includes an agreement procured by Sir William Mitchell and signed by P. Bocuse, allowing for a menu card from the Restaurant Paul Bocuse to be reproduced in the contribution ‘They orderthese things better in France’. 4 folders. E.129 Needham-Neumann 1986-1987 Includes correspondence with J. Needham on ‘The coming of ardent water’ (1972). N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 104 Publications, E.1-E.440 E.130-E.134 Parkes-Postgate 1985-1988 Includes an extensive exchange with J.R. Philip at E.131, E.132 (with typescript drafts of Philip’s contribution and of an Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) radio programme based on it). Also includes exchanges with E.R. Pike, N.W.Pirie and Sir Harry Pitt. 5 folders. E.135 Rabinovitch-Rothschild 1986-1987 Includes a_ contribution. typescript draft of P.D. Richardson’s E.136 Schmidt Nielsen-Szentagothai E.137 Tabor-Temple Includes typescript and handwritten drafts of Dom G.F.J. Temple's contribution. E.138 Walker-Widdowson E.139-E.148 Correspondence with the publishers In chronological order. Includes correspondence with G.R. Pickett, who providedillustrations for the volume, and with Sir George Porter (subsequently Baron Porter), who wrote the introduction. A circular letter to Fellows and Foreign Membersof the Royal Society, announcing the impending appearanceof the anthology, can be found at E.146. E.148 contains the original proposal to Adam Hilger Ltd, the original draft agreement, the contract, a reviewlist, etc. 10 folders. E.149-E.159 Reactions to the book E.149-E.154 Correspondence 1987 1987 1986-1987, n.d. 1985-1988 1988-1990 1988-1989 N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 105 Publications, E.1-E.440 readers who enjoyed the in alphabetical order. Includes letters Contents of a file, from includes correspondence with the contributors re their honorarium, the pricing of the book, etc. Circular letters from Kurti can be found at E.149. E.151 contains an exchange with the Earl of Halsbury on Volunteers for lonising Radiation (see H.955). book. Also 6 folders. E.155-E.159 Book reviews 1988-1990 Copies of book reviews, in alphabetical order, and with correspondence. Kurti’s lists of journals that reviewed the anthology and of journals that received review copies can be found at K. Mellanby’s unflattering review in the magazine Nature. E.157 contains reactions E.155. to 5 folders. E.160-E.175 Promotion, distribution and sales of the book 1988-1996 Correspondence, chiefly with the publishers and the US distributors. Includes sales figures. Correspondence with contributors re their share of the royalties can be found at E.167. Kurti characteristically took a hands-on approach both to the book’s marketing and distribution, and to the issue of his royalty entitlements. The interpretation of his contract was complicated the Macmillan Library of Science Book Club, and by switching from Taylor & Francis to the American Institute of Physics as US distributors. a deal both by with 16 folders. E.176-E.178 Second edition E.176 Cover illustration 1996-1997 1997 Colour copy of the new cover. For the dispute that ensued between the Kurtis and the publishers re the design of the new cover, see E.177, E.178. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 106 Publications, E.1-E.440 E:177,E:178 Correspondence 1996-1997 by the French Nobel laureate Correspondence re a potential second edition of the anthology, with new contributions, among them a new introduction P.-G. de Gennes. It appears that in the end the original anthology was reprinted in paperback, with one additional article. Includes a publicity questionnaire and a summary of sales figures of the book to date. Also includes correspondence re and with Edwina Currie MP as a suitable reviewer. 2 folders. In 1988 Currie, the health minister, provoked outrage by saying most of Britain’s egg production was infected with the salmonella bacteria. Kurti’s anthology contained an article on ‘Safe salmonella contaminated soft boiled eggs’. E.179, E.180 ‘Chemistry and physics in the kitchen’, Benckard, Scientific American vol. 270 (April 1994), 44-50 H. This- with 1993-1994 Copy oforiginal article, with an early typescript draft and correspondence. 2 folders. E.181-E.183 ‘How green is my Oxford college?’, Independent, 22 August 1994 1993-1995 Photocopy, typescript draft and original proofs of the newspaper article, with correspondence and background material. 3 folders. E.184-E.223 Blanc Mange: Raymond Blanc’s Guide to Improving your Cooking, by R. Blanc (BBC, 1994) 1992-1995 This book on the science of food and cookery started its life as a BBC TV Continuing Education project. Originally titled ‘Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble’, it was produced by G. Auckland and revolved around the chef Raymond Blanc. Kurti acted as one of the scientific advisors and in one episode could be seen cycling to Blanc’s restaurant Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons near Oxford. Another scientific advisor was the French science editor Hervé This. The series was broadcastin six episodesstarting in September 1994, also the publication date of the book. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 107 Publications, E.1-E.440 For videotape recordings of four programmes(1, 4-6) see K.111-K.114. E.184, E. 185 Coveretc 1994 Photocopies of cover design and of proofs of a chapter, ‘A pinch of science’. Also includes an early synopsis, copy of the production schedule, copies of the publicity flyer annotated in Kurti’s hand, and a photocopyof the review in the Times Literary Supplement. 2 folders. E.186-E.210 Drafts Typescript drafts, unless stated otherwise. E.186-E.196 ‘Batch 1’ 1993-1994, n.d. c.1993-1994 Contents of envelopes so inscribed, containing 3 sets of the first batch of recipes. 11 folders. E.197-E.200 ‘Batch 2’ 1993x1994 Contents of a folder so inscribed, containing 1 set of the second batch ofrecipes. 4 folders. E.201 ‘Batch 3’ 1994 Contents of an envelope so inscribed. A.265. See also A.262- E.202, E.203 ‘Basics’ 1993-1994 Several partial drafts of a chaptertitled ‘Basics’ or ‘A pinch of science’. 2 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 108 Publications, E.1-E.440 E.204-E.208 Partial drafts 1993-1994 Loose material, in chronological order. 5 folders. E.209, E.210 Undateddrafts n.d. Typescript and handwritten drafts. 2 folders. E.211-E.220 Correspondence 1993-1995 chronological In discussions between Kurti, H. This, R. Blanc and representatives of the BBC. Includes correspondencewith readers. order. Chiefly editorial 10 folders. E.221-E.223 Television programme 1992-1994 Correspondence, drafts etc re the television series to which the book wasintended as a companion. Correspondence(in chronological order) can be found at E.221, E.222. E.223 contains early programme ideas, a (partial) script outline, and handwritten running orders (by the producer, G. Auckland). Also includes a few recipe outlines. 3 folders. E.224 E.225 in Cooks and Other ‘Rumford and culinary People. Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 1995, ed. H. Walker (Totnes, 1996), 170-184 science’, 1995x1996 Typescriptdraft. ‘Mivel foglalkozik egy dreg fizikus?’, Fisikai Szemle (1996, no. 11) 1996 Photocopyof original article and faxed proofs with Kurti’s N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 109 Publications, E.1-E.440 corrections. E.226 ‘Space, time and food’, in Food on the Move. Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 1996, ed. H. Walker (Totnes, 1997) 1996x1997 Typescript draft. E.227-E.232 ‘Parity and chivalry in nuclear physics’, with C. Sutton, Nature vol. 385 (13 February 1997), 575 1996-1997, n.d. draft. Also includes typescript Includes copyof original article, proofs with corrections and a E£.228-E.231) correspondencere the physicist C.-S. Wu and her role ina crucial Further includes (at E.232) background material, among it an undated draft account by R.P. Hudson on ‘The 1956 parity experiment’, which Hudson had assembled from memory, his diary, and the experiment notebook of E. Ambler. 1956 experiment on violation. parity (at 6 folders. Kurti maintained that chivalry, rather than merit, led to Wu appearing as principal author of the paper in which the parity experiment was published in 1957. The timing of Kurt's paper was unfortunate: Wu died on 16 February 1997, 3 days after Kurti’s article with C. Sutton came out. E. Ambler was one of R.P. Hudson’s three colleagues at the National Bureau of Standards, Washington D.C, US, who co-authored the 1957 paper. E.233, E.234 ‘La science et le plaisir de manger’, Alliage 31 (Summer 1997), 3-11. 1997, n.d. of Photocopy with corrections in Kurtis hand. Also includes correspondence and additional material. typescript original article, draft 2 folders. This publication was based on Kurtis Andrew Simon Memorial Lecture, delivered at the Royal Geographical Society in London on 20 October 1993, the 60th birthday of the Wine & Food Society that commissioned the oration. Kurti’s lecture wasentitled ‘Science and the joys of eating’. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Publications, E.1-E.440 E.235 Undated drafts Handwritten and typescript drafts. E.236 List of publications 2 typescripts. 110 n.d. c.1952, c.1967 E.237-E.242 BOOK REVIEWS c.1951-1998 Copies and photocopies of original reviews, typescript drafts and correspondence, in chronological order. 6 folders. E.243-E.303 LETTERS TO THE MEDIA 1956-1998 as Kurtis responses to news items, feature articles, other people’s letters to the press, broadcasts, and other events prompting him to write. In addition to all the national newspapers, his letters appeared in the French and the North American press, as well as in scientific magazines such Today. Occasionally these communications developed into more extensive and organisations. Included among the themes Kurti often revisited were ‘atrocities committed against the English language’, gastrophysics, the Farm Hall recordings, and the promises of Combined Heat and Power (CHP). the New Scientist exchanges’ and Physics with editors, readers recordings were secret recordings of The Farm Hall conversations between 10 German scientists who were thought to have worked on Nazi Germany’s nuclear weapon programme. The scientists were interned at Farm Hall, a wiretapped house in Godmanchester, from 3 July 1945 to 3 January 1946 (see D.46-D.64). E.243 1956-1959 Includes letters to the New Scientist and to the Observer re the physicists C.S. Wu, E. Ambler and R.P. Hudson and N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 111 Publications, E.1-E.440 their respective role violation. in crucial experiments on parity E.244 1961-1964 Includes discussions re the potential impact of hydro- electric schemes on the Tongariro National Park, New Zealand, and re the Concord project. In 1962 the British and French Governments signed an international treaty for the joint design, development and manufacture of a supersonic airliner, Concord. E.245 ‘Brain drain’ 1963-1967 Material from a campaign against the loss of British scientists to the US. Includes draft and copy of a letter published in The Times on 5 March 1963 and signed by Kurti with 17 of his colleagues at the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford. Also includes correspondence with the Ministry of Science re the speechin the Houseof Lords that prompted this particular letter, and with the editor of the journal Minerva, where an extensive summary of the Royal Society report on the ‘Emigration of Scientists from the United Kingdom’ was about to appear. Further includes correspondence re a full page advertisement in Physics Today (October 1965), designed to entice British scientists to return to the UK, and correspondence re the French experienceof‘brain drain’. The speech in question was that of Lord Hailsham in the House of Lord’s debate on 27 February 1963. Lord Hailsham was responding to the conclusions reached by the Sutherland Committee of the Royal Societyin its recent report on United Kingdom. of Scientists from Emigration the E.246 1965 Includes correspondence re power cables, cryosystems and premium bonds. Also includes copy of an original advertisement in The Times of 23 December 1965, signed by Kurti and other concerned public figures in protest against the escalation of US military commitments in Vietnam. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 112 Publications, E.1-E.440 E.247 1966 status to technological Includes correspondence re the question of granting University institutions and the correct translation of the originally German expression‘iron curtain’. Also includes several letters to the New Scientist re energy storage by superconductors and re the physics of absolute zero temperatures. E.248 ‘Acronyms’ 1966-1973 A series of correspondence re the excessive use of acronyms. E.249 1967 Includes correspondence re domestic fuel costs, gas storage, postgraduatetraining awards and how to calculate prices in conjunction with currencyfluctuations. E.250 ‘Exit barrier’ 1967-1969 Kurti’s letters and those of other members of the public, with general press coverage, re an incident of March 1967 when Kurti broke the automatic exit barrier at Oxford Station car park becauseit was jammed. See also A.245-A.250. E.251 1968 Includes correspondence re the ‘regrettable practice of channelling money into fundamental research through Defence Departments’. Also includes correspondence re the promise of cryogenic research. E.252 1969 11 news team of Includes correspondence re flawsin articles written by the Apollo the inappropriateness of naming an underwater research ship ‘Ben Franklin’. Also includes an exchange with D. Fishlock of the Financial Times re the Oxford Instrument Company, and a letter to The Timesin defenceof I.R. Maxwell. Times, The and_ N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 113 Publications, E.1-E.440 fee The business practices of the publisher and MP LR. Maxwell came under intense public scrutiny in 1969. Maxwell was censured by the High Court as unfit to run a public companyfollowing a failed attempt to sell Pergamon to US finance group Leasco. E.253 1970 E.254 ‘Decimalisation’ 1970-1971 Material re decimal currency. The UK (and the Republic of Ireland) decimalised their currencies on 15 February 1971. E.255 1971 Francis Includes correspondence re Chichester’s record for sailing across the Atlantic, Oxford’s newrailway station, the new 160 kGauss solenoid to be installed at the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford, the thermal efficiency of power station tax, economical uses of electricity for heating, and the revival of corpses after freezing. Also includes an exchange with and re D. Larbalestier’s views on the new Oxford hybrid magnet and its British and European facilities. significance vis-a-vis boilers, petrol Sir similar E.256 1972-1973 Includes correspondence re art on the Underground, the Libyan Airlines Boeing 727 that was shot down by Israeli fighters on 21 February 1973, the use of culinary syringes, etc. E257 ‘Future of the railways’ 1972-1973 Includes correspondence with the SOS Campaign to Save Our Railways, the Transport Reform Group, the Railway Invigoration Society, etc. See also E.274. Kurti and his wife were loyal railway users. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 114 Publications, E.1-E.440 E.258-E.261 ‘Energy concerns’ 1973-1977 the world’s energy resources, Correspondence re a concern of Kurti’s prompted by the 1973 oil crisis. Includes discussions on alternative energy sources, the efficiency of powerstations, the promises of solar power, the dangers of discussing such issues before an uninformed public, etc. Also includes a lengthy dispute with N. Jenkins, starting in The Times and culminating in the magazine Energy World, and correspondence with P. Rost, MP, re Drax B coal plant. See also E.267, E.290, E.291. 4 folders. N. Jenkins was an independent energy analyst who became a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) evangelist. The Drax B plant in Yorkshire was a candidate for the first purpose built combined heat and power station. E.262 1974 Includes a letter to Nature re the UK’s new partnership in the Institut Laue-Langevin, which Kurti proposed should be renamed Institut Laue-Langevin-Lonsdale. Also includes correspondence with S. Day-Lewis of the Daily Telegraph for a blunder in his report of a recent ‘Horizon’ programme. The Institut Laue-Langevin was a facility built around a high flux neutron beam reactor. E.263 1975 Includes correspondence re the question of whether the curved-jet method for the separation of isotopes should be includes referred correspondence engineering profession, the discovery of pulsars, atrocities committed against the English language, etc. ‘West-German’. the of Also the as re status to E.264 1976 Further correspondencere atrocities committed against the English Also includes discussions of overseas student fees, the menus on Concorde, etc. language, including scientific English. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 115 Publications, E.1-E.440 E.265 1977 Further correspondencere atrocities committed against the English language, etc. E.266 1978 Includes correspondence re a proposal to establish a foundation for the support of the arts, education, research etc. financed by a national lottery, re British Airways’ plans to provide Elizabethan feasts on their transatlantic jets, re nuclear ferromagnetism and antiferromagnetism, etc. E.267 1979 Includes correspondence re nuclear power, waste heat of powerstations, hydrogenasfuel, etc. See also E.258-E.261. E.268 ‘Antisemitism’ 1979, 1988- 1993 Includes Exchanges re correspondence with E. Maxwell and pamphlets by E. Maxwell and H. Montefiore, Bishop of Birmingham. antisemitism. origins the of E.269, E.270 1980 Includes correspondence re the Hungarian orientalist and traveller Arminius Vambery, the price of gas, the status of engineers, etc. 2 folders. E.271, E.272 1981 1981, 1986 Includes correspondence re C.S. Wu’s role in the 1956 parity experiments, the increase of overseas mail rates, kitchen equipment and its role in culinary progress, the importance notably windmills. inventions, tolerance towards of The exchange on windmills drew an erudite response from N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 116 Publications, E.1-E.440 the technological historian J.S.P. Buckland 5 yearslater. 2 folders. E.273 ‘Oral history’ 1969-1981 Correspondencere the provisions in the UK for oral history and sound archives. J. Pengelly, who like Kurti had long championed the cause for improved arrangements. Includes an exchange with E.274 ‘High speedtrains’ 1981 Continues Kurti’s interest in the future of the railways (see E.257). railway enthusiasts. correspondence with Includes fellow E.275 1982 the editor of the New Includes correspondence with Scientist, encouraging Kurti to continue his letter-writing. Also includes correspondence and pressclippings re the intake Service, Combined Heating and Power, flaws in the headlines of The Times, a ‘Readers’ letter to the cyclists of Oxford’, etc. of science graduates Civil into the E.276 1983 Includes correspondence re parallels between the Israeli military government's dismissal of foreign teachers from West Bank universities and the dismissal of Jews from university posts in Nazi Germany. Other topics include the proposed nuclear power station at Sizewell, the art offrying iced lollipops, comparisons between the KAL 007 incident and the Libyan Airlines Boeing 727 shot down byIsraeli fighters in 1973, etc. The Korean Air Lines flight KAL 007 was shot down by Soviet 1 September 1983. interceptors Sakhalin island near jet on E.277 ‘Parachuting for charity’ 1983 Letters and further press coverage re sponsored N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 VAL Publications, E.1-E.440 parachuting. E.278 1984 from correspondence Includes the Observerre L. Szilard’s escape from Nazi Germany. Other themesinclude British participation in CERN (in particular the Super Proton Synchroton), architectural fads, coals subsidies, electricity prices, etc. K. Whitehorn of E.279 ‘Gillick ruling’ 1984-1989 Correspondence etc. re the interpretation of an Appeal Court ruling in favour of a mother’s case against the DHSS guidelines permitting doctors to prescribe contraceptives to girls under the age of 16 even without their parents’ knowledge or consent. Kurti took issue with the view of Sir Immanuel Jacobovits (the Chief Rabbi) that the ruling restored ‘the supremacy of the Ten Commandments ... over the medical profession’s self-proclaimed guidelines’. Includes correspondence with J. Neuberger of the South London Liberal Synagogue. E.280, E.281 1985 1985, 1986 returns to two pet themes, atrocities committed Kurti against the English language and the polymath Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford. Topics also include the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon and the International Cultural Foundation it sponsored, current affairs, etc. 2 folders. E.282 1986 Includes comments on current affairs, complaints that the Oxford Times should show more eagernessto publish the results of elections to the Royal Society, etc. E.283 ‘Kitty Little’ 1986 Responses to a letter by K. Little on ionizing radiation, published in Farmers Weekly in July 1986. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 118 Publications, E.1-E.440 E.284, E.285 1987 1987, 1988 a Mars bar, high Includes correspondence re the disqualification of a race horse after testing positive for theobromine as a result of consuming temperature superconductivity, what the Farm Hall transcripts reveal about W. being slaughtered affects the taste of meat, Kurti’s objections to repeatedly encountering a milk float driving the wrong way in an Oxford bus lane, the ‘dream diaries’ of the novelist G. Greene, the Zeebrugge ferry disaster, Sir Francis Simon, etc. how stress Heisenberg, prior to 2 folders. E.286, E.287 1988 More onatrocities committed against the English language, the National Health Service, the long-term risks of passive smoking, etc. 2 folders. E.288, E.289 1989 1989, 1990 Includes correspondence re the possibility of an ozone hole over the North Pole, various gastrophysical topics, energy policy and the environment, postage rates, etc. 2 folders. E.290, E.291 ‘The greenhouseeffect and nuclear power’ 1989 Continues Kurti’s involvement with questions of energy efficiency and the environment. Includes an original copy of a declaration that ‘nuclear power is not an answerto the greenhouseeffect’, instigated by Greenpeace and signed by 100 UK scientists and doctors, among them Kurti. Also includes ensuing exchanges, notably with J.G. Collier and M.S. United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA), and with E.P. Silk of the House of Commons Select Committee on Energy. Further includes Kurti’s letter to Nature on the Greenpeace declaration, correspondence with Greenpeace, and copies of letters other signatories of the Greenpeace declaration sent to the UKAEA. Ridout of the N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 119 Publications, E.1-E.440 See also E.258-E.261, E.267 et passim. 2 folders. E.292-E.294 1990 Includes correspondence re Lord Marshall's eminence as a physicist, Combined Heating and Power, cryonics, the fate of Germany's national academies following reunification, the closure of the MRC Cryobiology Unit in Cambridge, the West Bank, the lawsuit of the Unification Church against the Daily Mail, etc. 3 folders. E.295, E.296 1991 Topics include animal welfare in Sweden, the New Year’s Honours, current affairs, a BBC programme on Farm Hall, CHP, etc. 2 folders. E.297 1992 Revisits such themes as the neglected virtues of CHP and the Farm Hall recordings. Also includes correspondence re the destruction of Hungarian cultural heritage in Romania, the origins of the Institute of Physics, General Franco’s flight to Spanish Morocco in 1936, polytechnics and their history in a variety of European countries, etc. E.298 1993 Topics include fly-wheel energy storage, the regrettable shelving of the planned electrification of the Oxford bus service, the legend that moral scruples prevented German scientists from developing the atomic bomb, etc. E.299 1994 Includes correspondence re the Hungarian statesman Lajos Kossuth, non-polluting public transport schemes, the international barter of cultural treasures, alternatives to N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 120 Publications, E.1-E.440 nuclear power, the building of opera houses, etc. E.300 1995-1996 correspondence Includes last movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Einstein’s Oxford, etc. ‘Euromyths’, the re E.301, E.302 ‘Oxford cyclists’ 1996-1997 Correspondence and other material re an incident in December 1996, when Kurti was knocked down by a bicyclist. Includes Kurtis letter to the Oxford Times,letters from concerned membersof the public, press reports of the incident, statement, correspondence with Thames Valley Police, the Oxford Pedestrian Association, etc. copies Kurtis police of 2 folders. E.303 1997-1998 and n.d. Includes a letter re the physicist C.S. Wuetc. E.304-E.438 EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE 1960-1996 For Royal Society publications see H.816. E.304-E.307 ChemicalIntelligencer 1993-1996 Kurti was associated with the magazine from 1993 to 1996 and, together with Hervé This, dealt with contributions to its culinary section. 4 folders. E.308 Electrical Times 1965-1966 Invitation to contribute an article on cooled underground N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 121 Publications, E.1-E.440 cables. E.309-E.390 Europhysics Letters 1984-1989 a from resulted The journal partnership agreement between the European Physical Society (EPS), the French Physical Society (SFP), the Italian Physical Society (SIF) and the Institute of Physics (IOP) ‘to launch a journal of high prestige containing letters of general interest and importance to the physics community’. The new journal was conceived as a replacementof extant publications of the partners SFP and SIF. Kurti acted as editor-in-chief until 1 April 1989, when W. Buckel succeeded him. E.309 Correspondence and papers re the foundation of the journal 1984-1987 Includes Kurti’s invitation to the provisional Management Committee; copy of the partnership agreement between the EPS, SFP, SIF and IOP; Kurtis presentation on the venture at the EPS Condensed Matter Division conference in Berlin in March 1985 (in transparencies and in paper format); copies of announcements in Europhysics News and Physics Today, and a flyer announcing the first number (January of signatures of editorial colleagues, presented to Kurti in March 1987. includes Further 1986). set a E.310, £.311 Minutes of the Meetings of the Management Board 1985-1989 an to end-of-year Includes of Europhysics Letters on ‘The financial situation in the year 1988’. partners report the 2 folders. E.312, E.313 Minutes of the Meetings of the Editorial Board 1985-1989 2 folders. E.314-E.321 Reports 1986x1990 Reports on the performanceof the journal and its editors, including graphs. Includes a presentation covering the years 1986-1988 (E.315), a ‘note from the Past Editor-in- N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 122 Publications, E.1-E.440 Chief dated 27 February 1989 and a summary report with appended tables dated 6 March 1990 (E.316, E.317). Additional material, including handwritten drafts can be found at E.318-E.321. 8 folders. E.322 Circular letters Contents of a folder so inscribed. E.323-E.390 Miscellaneous correspondence 1985-1989 order. Includes minutes, chronological In financial accounts, reports on the performance of the journal, etc. Also includes material relating to a voluminous exchange with S. Marinov overarticles he submitted 1987-1989. Key themes of editorial discussions include the composition of the editorial board, the maximum length of contributions, delays between submission and publication, the refereeing process, evenly representedin the contributions, etc. European whether nations were Marinov was a physicist who questioned relativity-theoretical viewpoints and who came to propound ideas of perpetual motion and free energy. Bulgarian E.323-E.334 1985 12 folders. E.335-E.346 1986 12 folders. E.347-E.367 1987 An exchange (April-September) re |. Kirschner’s work on high-temperature superconductivity can be found at E.353; some of the letters are in Hungarian. There also is much correspondence with and re S. Marinov (E.347-E.350, E.356-E.363, E.365-E.367). 21 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 123 Publications, E.1-E.440 (ELTE) The work of Kirschner and his team at the Edétvés Lorand University by colleagues at the Central Research Institute for Physics (KFKI) in Budapest. Kurti referred to the institutional tensions shownon the occasion as the ‘ELTE-KFKI saga’. Budapest was questioned in E.368-E.385 1988 Correspondence with and re S. Marinov can be found at E.368-E.374, E.377, E.379, E.380, E.382. 18 folders. E.386-E.390 1989 For information re the journal and its history, compiled for a meeting of the editorial board in anticipation of Kurti handing over the responsibilities of editor-in-chief, see E.387. A polychrome photograph of Kurti and others from the editorial team, taken on the roof of Brasenose College on 25 February 1989, can be found at E.389. 5 folders. E.391-E.398 Gordon and Breach, Science Publishers, Inc. 1979-1994 Kurti edited Selected Papers of Louis Née/ (1988), the English translation Néel’s Oeuvres scientifiques (1978). of L. E.391 Author’s questionnaire n.d. Completed by Kurti. E.392-E.394 Proofs and drafts 1985, n.d. Includes copies of proofs and of various drafts of Kurti’s translation of the original French preface, as well as annotated copies of the proofs of J.H. van Vleck’s preface to the English edition. 3 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 124 Publications, E.1-E.440 E.395-E.398 Correspondenceetc. 1979-1994 E.398 includes royalty statements. 4 folders. E.399-E.405 Institute of Physics 1962-1996, n.d. In chronological order. An exchange re the desirability of making authors convert their measurementsto SI units(i.e. as supported by the SystémeInternational d’Unités) can be found at E.402. For an article on ‘The teaching of physics in French secondary schools’ (1973), see E.403. 7 folders. E.406-E.422 Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 1974-1996 In 1974, Kurti joined the editorial board of this new journal, which was founded for the specific purpose of presenting ‘in-depth critical reviews ... for those who plan, direct and execute researchat universities, equivalent institutions and in industry’. The first issue of the /nterdisciplinary Science Review appeared in March 1976. E.406 Correspondence and papers re the foundation of the journal 1974-1976 Includes letters from P.J. Farago and A.R. Michaelis, respectively consultant and executive editor of the journal. Also includes a prospectus ofthe first issue. E.407-E.421 General correspondence 1974-1996 In chronological order. Includes drafts of papers submitted to the journal. 15 folders. E.422 ‘IRS Dinners’ Contents of a folder so inscribed. Includes original dinner menus (some signed) and related correspondence. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 125 Publications, E.1-E.440 E.423 John Lewis Partnership 1981 Correspondence with the John Lewis Partnership re an article by Kurti for the Christmas edition of their Gazette. Includes a copyofthe article in question. E.424-E.428 Journal of Low-Temperature Physics 1968-1978 Correspondence and additional material, in chronological order. E.426 includes correspondence in Hungarian (with |. Kirschner). An exchange re professional etiquette in scientific publication, specifically the recognition of earlier work, can be found at E.427. See also J.291. 5 folders. Kurti joined the editorial board of this new journal at the invitation ofits editor, J.G. Daunt, in 1968. E.429 Nature 1968-1970, 1977 Correspondence, in chronological order. Includes a draft by L. Abello, SJ on ‘An ecological Achilles heel of a hydrogen economy’. E.430 Oxford University Press 1970, 1987 Correspondence,in chronological order. E.431-E.435 Pergamon Press Ltd 1960-1985 Correspondence chronological order. (with some additional material), in Press's Bureau of £.433 publication of H.M. Finniston as_ (with series co-editor international Includes invitation from |.R. Maxwell for Kurti to take the R. place Smoluchowski) of the of monographson solid state physics. At E.432 is material re a without due recognition, appropriated a compendium compiled by the National includes correspondence re similarities between A.W.B. Taylor's book on superconductivity, published in the Wykeham Science Series, and Introduction to Superconductivity by A.C. Rose-Innes and E.H. Rhoderick, a title of Pergamon of Pergamon Press that, Standards. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 126 Publications, E.1-E.440 PressLtd. 5 folders. E.436 Physics Today 1967-1973 E.437, E.438 Miscellaneous correspondence 1961-1985 2 folders. E.439, E.440 OFFPRINTS 1933-1996 In chronological order. Offprints 1933-1959 are at E.439, offprints 1960-1996 at E.440. 2 boxes. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 127 SECTION F LECTURES AND BROADCASTS, F.1-F.276 c.1928-1997 F.1-F.247 LECTURES F.248-F.276 BROADCASTS F.1-F.247 LECTURES c.1928-1997 F.1-F.208 Drafts F.209-F.247 Correspondencere arrangements F.1-F.208 Drafts c.1928-1997, n.d. A chronological sequenceof drafts and related material for lectures by Kurti 1950s-1997. At F.171-F.173 are notes for after dinner speeches. Undated drafts are at F.174-F.193, transparencies at F.194-F.202 and background papers F.203-F.208. Tape recordings of some of Kurti’s lectures are at K.53- K.85. F.1-F.17 ‘OwnTalks 1950s & 60s’ 1950s-1960s Contents of folder so inscribed divided into seventeen for ease of reference: various typescript drafts, manuscript notes, manuscript calculations, correspondence etc. re lectures delivered to a variety of audiences in the UK, USA and Europe. The papers are presented in the found order, which is not chronological. The large quantity of undated material made it inappropriate to seek to establish a chronological order. low Topics include adiabatic demagnetization, atomic nuclei at very temperature, megamagnetics and cryophysics, nuclear orientation and solid state physics, world of ordered spins, etc. temperatures, meaning of N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 128 Lectures and broadcasts, F.1-F.276 F.18 E19 ‘Low Temperatures in Science and Industry’, address to inaugural meeting of the Institution of Production Engineers Oxford Sub-Section, 24 November 1952 1952-1953 Typescript report of inaugural meeting, typescript draft of Kurti’s address, letter re publication of revised version. National ‘Current September 1955 Industrial Practice Fuel in Efficiency Service course on 26-30 Efficiency’, Oxford, Fuel 1955 Programme, remarks. typescript copies of Kurtis introductory Kurti chaired the opening day’s lectures. F.19A Lectures 1955, 1958 Manuscript notes for lectures. Topics are thermodynamics and low temperatures and theory of thermodynamics. F.20-F.30 ‘High Field Magnets’ c.1928-1981 Contents of a bundle so labelled. F.20-F.21 Background papers 1930-c.1970 2 folders. F.22-F.28 ‘High Field Lectures H.T. 1970’ c.1928-1981 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into seven for ease of reference: includes manuscript notes and drafts for lectures, and background material including offprints of papers by Kurti and photographs of magnets (F.25). undated 1961, 1970 1964 and and F.29, F.30 ‘Reprints for very low temps(e.g. Crete)’ 1963-1968 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 129 Lectures and broadcasts, F.1-F.276 includes reference: and typescript draft of paper on ‘High Magnetic Fields and Nuclear Cooling’, latest bibliographical reference, 1966. correspondence, offprints to the refers ‘Crete’ International Advanced Summer Physics Institute on the Physics of Solids in Intense Magnetic Fields, Chania, Crete, 16-29 July 1967 (see also G.88-G.90). F.31-F.33 ‘Lecture Notes’ 1959-1966 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: manuscript notes and drafts for lectures, 1963-1966 and undated, background papers, etc. Includes notes for lectures to a variety of audiencesin the UK, USA and Europe on such topics as ‘L.T. [Low Temperature] and some of its applications’, ‘Nuclei: hot and cold’, ‘Nuclear orientation and its applications in SSP [Solid State Physics]’ and ‘Megamagnetism, cryophysics and cryobiology’. F.34 ‘A rough transcript of the remarks made by N. Kurti at the official opening of the Oxford Cryogenic Ltd’s helium liquefaction plant, 10 November’ 1964 2pp duplicated typescript. F.35-F.39 ‘Lecture Notes’ 1962-1965 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into five for ease of reference: manuscript and typescript notes and drafts for lectures to a variety of audiences in the UK USA and Europe, 1964 and undated, correspondenceand offprints. Topics include ‘Oriented Nuclei and Solid State Physics’, ‘Importance of low temps in s.s.ph. [solid state physics] and ‘Aspects of Nucl. Orientation’. F.40-F.43 ‘Nuclear Cooling Grenoble Talk and papers’ 1956-1975 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference: manuscript and typescript drafts for lectures to a variety of audiences in the UK and Europe, 1965-1971 and undated, correspondence, offprints. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 130 Lectures and broadcasts, F.1-F.276 Topics include ‘Nuclear Cooling’, ‘Les temperatures les plus basses’, ‘L’orientation nucléaire .... and ‘Cryogenics: its uses and misuses’. F.44 ‘Is cold really necessary?’, Rutherford Laboratory, Didcot, Berkshire, 28 September 1967 near 1967 3pp manuscript notes for lecture. F.45, F.46 ‘Why Low Temperatures?’, British Association for the Advancement of Science, Dundee, August 1968 1967-1968 Duplicated typescript outline, 3pp; manuscript notes for a numberof lectures delivered in the UK on this topic and similar, with correspondencere arrangements, etc. 2 folders. F.47 Lectures 1969 1969 Manuscript notes for lectures on low temperatures at Essex, Harwell and Dubrovnik and on ‘Physics for profit or pleasure’ at Warwick. F.48-F.63 ‘The Physicist in the Kitchen’, Friday Evening Discourse at the Royal Institution, London, 14 March 1969 1963-1987 Discourse. accepted In 1963 Kurti had declined an invitation from Sir Lawrence Bragg, Director of the Royal Institution, to give a Friday Evening an invitation from Bragg’s successor, George Porter, and gave a Discourse in 1969. In the following years Kurti went on to deliver this talk and demonstration, and versions thereof (also under the title ‘Physics in the Kitchen’) on a number of other occasions worldwide. He subsequently See also F.129, F.130. F.48-F.51 ‘RI Lecture’ 1963-1970 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference: correspondence re arrangements and arising, typescript draft, proof etc. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 131 Lectures and broadcasts, F.1-F.276 F.52-F.57 ‘Physicist in the Kitchen’ 1963-1978 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into six for ease of reference: correspondence and papers re Kurti’s lectures and broadcasts on this topic, especially the televised version of his 1969 Royal Institution lecture. F.58 ‘Physics in the Kitchen’ 1969 Correspondence and papersre‘a little demonstration’ put on by Kurti at the Royal Society’s June Conversazione, 26 June 1969. F.59-F.63 ‘The Physicist in the Kitchen’ 1969-1987 abstracts, manuscript notes, Contents of folder so labelled divided into five for ease of reference: lists of slides, correspondence, press-cuttings, etc. for lectures on the physicist in the kitchen in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia. Address at the Inauguration of Amphitheatre Doyen Louis Weil, Grenoble, France, 14 September 1970 1970 Includes published text of Kurtis address and photographs of amphitheatre. Manuscript notes for lectures in the UK, USA and Europe and ‘English synopsis of a lecture to be given in French’ Topics are low temperatures, nuclear cooling and the transfer, transmission and degradation of energy. F.64 F.65 1970 1971 F.66 Lecture in Tokyo, March 1971 Proofof article by Kurti on low temperatures date stamped 24 March 1971; ‘Some remarks about the role of the physicist in the kitchen’, 2pp typescript with manuscript inscription ‘Remarks made after the lecture in Tokyo, 1971’. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 132 Lectures and broadcasts, F.1-F.276 F.67 Manuscript notes for lectures in the UK, Europe and Australia 1971 F.68-F.72 ‘From Microkelvin to Megakelvin Temperatures’, 62nd Kelvin Lecture, Institution of Electrical Engineers, London, 22 April 1971 1964-1977 five Contents of folder inscribed ‘22 April 1971 Kelvin’ divided into draft, correspondence re arrangements, background papers for Kurti’s lecture. reference: typescript for ease of At F.68 is a little 1977 correspondencerelating to Kurti’s Cherwell-Simon Lecture of that year. F.73, F.74 ‘How to be a physicist and let others enjoy it’ 1971-1980 Manuscript lectures on this topic. notes, abstracts, correspondence etc re Includes (F.73) Royal Society BAYS Lecture, Liverpool, 23 March 1972. F.75-F.77 Lectures on low temperatures 1971-1975 Contents of plastic folder divided into three for ease of reference: manuscript notes, etc for lectures delivered in the UK, USA, Europe and Japan. F.78-F.93 ‘Physics and Happiness - A Balance Sheet’, Presidential Address British for the Advancement of Science Physics Section, Leicester, 6 September 1972 Association Correspondence material and background papers. arrangements, re drafts, illustrative 16 folders. F.78 includes ‘Report on visit to laboratories in California, 13-19 August 1972’. &.94,/F.95 ‘Physics and the Joys ofLife’ 1972-1976 Manuscript notes, notices, correspondence, etc. for N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 133 Lectures and broadcasts, F.1-F.276 lectures on this and related topics in the UK, USA and Europe. 2 folders. F.96 ‘3 Visits to Hungary: 1934, 1964, 1973’, Great Britain/East Europe Centre, London, 12 June 1979 1979 Manuscript notes, letter of thanks. F.97, F.98 Lecture on Oxford Physics in seminar series organised by M.M. Gowing, Professor of History of Science, University of Oxford 1973 or later 2 typescriptdrafts. 2 folders. F.99 review of energy technology, ‘General the hydrogen economy’, British Insulated Callender’s Cables (BICC) Ltd Seminar on Energy Technology, 17 April 1974 including Typescript draft, BICC Report on seminar, papers. including F.100, F.101 Lecture on thermodynamics at Summer School on Aspects of Energy Conversion, Lincoln College, Oxford, 14-25 July 1975 1974-1976 Correspondence, 2 typescript drafts of Kurti’s paper, etc. 2 folders. F.102-F.108 Lectures on low temperatures 1976-1979 Manuscript notes, typescript drafts, transparencies etc for lectures, principally on historical themes in cryogenics, in Britain, Canada and Europe. 1977 wasthe hundredth anniversary ofthe first liquefaction of oxygen. 7 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 134 Lectures and broadcasts, F.1-F.276 F.109 Manuscript notes, transparencies, background papers, etc. 1976, 1981- 1982, n.d. Contents of unlabelled plastic folder. Topics include laws of thermodynamics, physics and the senses, history of low temperatures. F.110-F.120 ‘La Temperature n’est qu’une Sensation (Amédée Guillet, 1927)’, Cherwell-Simon Lecture for 1976-77, Oxford, 20 May 1977 1977-1980 Correspondence Cherwell-Simon engagements)including drafts andillustrative material. and Lecture re (?and other papers preparation of the speaking This diverse group of papers was found together and is It includes correspondence presented in the order found. with low temperature biology and the Society for Low Temperature Biology (F.117). the Government Chemist (F.114) and re Kurti visited the Laboratory of the Government Chemist in March 1977 and was guest of honour and gave a short address at the Annual Dinner of the Society for Low Temperature Biology, 14 October 1977. 11 folders. F.121 Lectures 1977 Typescript draft (in English) of lecture titled ‘Le stockage and le transport de |’énergie’, 8 June and manuscript notes for lecture at ‘Casimir Seminar, 14 June and talk at ‘ETSV’, 18 October. F.122-F.128 ‘Cailletet et aprés’, Centenary celebrations of the first liquefaction France, 2 December 1977 Chatillon-sur-Seine, of oxygen, 1977 Correspondence and papers re centenary celebrations and Kurtis address at Chatillon. 7 folders. F.129, F.130 ‘The Physicist in the Kitchen’ 1978-1979 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 F.131 F.132 F.133 Lectures and broadcasts, F.1-F.276 Manuscript notes, correspondence, newspaper cuttings, etc re lectures in Germany and USA. See also F.48-F.63. 2 folders. from Heating the DHA [District ‘Points Association] Luncheon Speech by Prof. N. Kurti CBE FRS’, Energy World, August/September 1978 135 1978 Published text. ‘Reminiscences and Random Thoughts of a Francophile Physicist’, University College, Cardiff, 8 February 1979 1979 Manuscript notes. ‘How mankind uses heat and cold’, Royal Institution Humphrey Davy Lectures for Schools, June 1979 1978-1979 Manuscript notes, correspondence. F.134 Lectures 1980 1980 Manuscript notes, notices, press-cutting, etc for lectures in North America. Topics include culinary physics and physics in Oxford. F.135-F.137 Course on Thermal Energy Storage, Ispra (Varese), Italy, 1-5 June 1981 1980-1983 Kurti lectured on ‘Thermal energy storage and the energy system’. Correspondencere arrangements 1980-1981 Typescript draft and figures etc. 1981 F.135 F.136 N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 136 Lectures and broadcasts, F.1-F.276 F.137 Correspondencearising 1981-1983 F.138-F.140 ‘Lecture Notes and Transparencies 1981-82’ 1962-1984 Contents of bundle so labelled divided into three for ease of reference: manuscript and typescript notes and drafts, transparencies, correspondence, background papers etc. for lectures in the UK, North America and Europe. abstracts, notices, Topics include culinary physics. F.141 ‘From the first mist of liquid oxygen to nuclear ordering. Anecdotes from the history ofrefrigeration’ 1981-1982 Notice lecture, publication, offprint. of typescript draft as prepared for F.142-F.144 Lectures 1982 1982 Manuscript notes, correspondence, transparencies etc for lectures in the UK and USA. Topics include ‘The Scientist in the Kitchen’ and ‘Physics and the Joys ofLife’. 3 folders. F.145-F.146 Lectures in Hungary, September-October 1984 1984-1985 Manuscript notes for talks on history of refrigeration, history of cryophysics and on culinary physics, transparencies for lecture on culinary Hungarian publications on Kurti and culinary physics. articles from physics, 2 folders. F.147 Lectures 1985 1985 Manuscript notes, lecture notice. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Lectures and broadcasts, F.1-F.276 F.148-F.150 Lectures 1986 137 1986 Manuscript and typescript notes, notices, correspondence, transparencies, etc for lectures in UK and Australia. Topics include ‘Physics and the Joys ofLife’, ‘Science and Technology: Curse or Blessing to the Arts’ and ‘Myths, Mishaps and Mysteries in Cryogenics’. 3 folders. F.151 ‘Cailletet, Clifton, Helmholtz, Max Muller, Pictet, Simon - Myths, Mishaps and Mysteries in Cryogenics’ 1986 Typescript draft with manuscript inscription 1986’, transparencies, etc. ‘30 March F.152 Lectures May 1987 Manuscript notes, etc for lectures. F.153 Lectures in Berlin, 14 and 15 October 1987 Correspondence and manuscript notes for lectures on ‘Hermann von Helmholtz und Walter Nernst - Physik zwischen und Oxford’ and ‘Der Physiker als Dilettant-Historiker und als Hedonist’. Berlin F.154 ‘The Sensual Aspects of Eating’, ICUS 1987, Atlanta, Georgia, November 1987 1987 Typescript draft of Kurtis paper, n.d.; typescript draft reply by J. Audrey Ellison headed ‘The Human Food Chain (Committee V) ICUS 1987’ and dated ‘Atlanta, November 1987’. See also H.684-H.690. F.155 Lectures 1989 notes, Manuscript at Manchester on ‘Physics and the Joys of Life’ and at Norwich on ‘Food and its Enjoyment’. transparencies for lectures N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 138 Lectures and broadcasts, F.1-F.276 F.156;F.197 ‘Friends and Foes of the Pleasures of Eating’, Friday Evening Discourse RoyalInstitution London, 25 May 1990 1989-1990 Institution Royal manuscript and typescript draft of Kurti’s lecture, arising. Lectures programme, abstracts and letter 2 folders. For tape of the Discourse see K.65. F.158-F.162 ‘Friends + Foes of the pleasures of eating 1990 + lectures 1993-1996’ 1989-1996 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into five for ease of reference: correspondence, manuscript notes and drafts, transparencies, etc. Includes papers re Kurtis 1990 Royal Institution lecture (see also F.156, F.157) and lectures for Open University (1990), International Wine and Food Society (1994) andin Geneva (1996). F.163 Lectures on science and gastronomy themes 1990-1993 Manuscript notes and typescript draft attached together by treasury tag. F.164-F.167 ‘Birmingham, Laboratory, Oxford, 24 November 1995 Oxford and the Bomb’, Clarendon 1995-1996 Manuscript notes, abstract, lecture notice, transparencies, correspondence, etc. 4 folders. F.168, F.169 ‘Lectures’ 1990, 1996 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: draft, transparencies, background papers for lecture or lectures on atom bomb. manuscript typescript notes, N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 139 Lectures and broadcasts, F.1-F.276 F.170 Talk in a series of lectures on the theme ‘Inside the two cultures’ 1997 Two typescript drafts, one with manuscript additions and corrections. F.171-F.173 After dinner speeches 1970-1983 Manuscript and typescript notes for after dinner speeches and similar, background papersetc. 3 folders. F.174-F.180 Lectures on ferromagnetism and antiferromagnetism, low temperatures, etc. n.d. Contents of folder divided into seven for ease of reference: manuscript and typescript notes and drafts. At F.180 is photograph of equipment. F.181 Untitled manuscript draft Kurti explains that ‘I'll first of all talk about the methods of producing a high vacuum...and then will say something about the methods to measure the degree of high vacuum...’ F.182 ‘Bristol’ Manuscript draft of lecture on recent experiments relating to ?liquid helium. F.183 F.184 Manuscript notes for two talks (same format paper and ink) ‘Aberdeen’ Manuscript notes, duplicated background papers n.d n.d. n.d. n.d. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Lectures and broadcasts, F.1-F.276 F.185-F.187 Manuscript and typescript notes and drafts on culinary topics 3 folders. F.188 ‘Remarks made by Nicholas Kurti after the Graduates’ Dinner...transcribed from the audiocassette and slightly edited by Giana Kurti’ Typescript of autobiographical remarks by Kurti. Undated but 1985 or later. 140 n.d. n.d. F.189 ‘Science and technology: blessing or curse to the arts?’ n.d. Incomplete typescript draft. F.190 Manuscript notes and transparencies for lecture in Hungary n.d. Contents ofplastic folder. F.191-F.193 Miscellaneous manuscript and typescript notes and drafts n.d. 3 folders. F.194-F.202 Transparencies n.d. Includes Hungarian. transparencies on culinary themes and_ in 9 folders. F.203-F.208 Background papers. 1959-1984 6 folders. F.209-F.247 Correspondencere arrangements 1958-1997 Contents of three bulky folders labelled ‘Engagements’: N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 141 Lectures and broadcasts, F.1-F.276 principally relate to speaking engagements in the UK to a great variety of audiences including university student societies, schools, Royal Institution and regional groups of professional bodies such as the Institute of Physics and Institution of Electrical Engineers. F.209 1958, 1959 F.210 1961 F.211-F.213 1962 3 folders. F.214 F.215 F.216 F.217 F.218 F.219 F.220 F.221 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 142 Lectures and broadcasts, F.1-F.276 F.222, F.223 1971 2 folders. F.224 1972 F.225, F.226 1973 2 folders. F.227, F.228 1974 2 folders. F.229 1975 F.230 1976 F.231 1977 F.232 1978 F.233 1979 Includes 2pp typescript draft by Kurti ‘Scientific research and enquiry: ivory tower or market place? Slaughterhouse or Shangri-La?’ F.234, F.235 1980 2 folders. F.236 1981 N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 143 Lectures and broadcasts, F.1-F.276 F.237, F.238 1982 2 folders. F.239 F.240 F.241 F.242 F.243 F.244 F.245 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 F.246 1990 F.247 1993-1997 F.248-F.276 BROADCASTS 1959-1997 See also K.86-K.104. F.248-F.256 Drafts F.257-F.276 Correspondencere arrangements N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 144 Lectures and broadcasts, F.1-F.276 F.248-F.256 Drafts 1961-1997 Kurti’s drafts, broadcast scripts and related papers. Tape recordings of some of Kurti’s broadcasts are at K.53- K.85. F.248-F.254 ‘Broadcast and TV talks’ Contents of folder so inscribed. F.248, F.249 ‘Low Temperature and Ultimate Order’ 1961 Duplicated typescript and broadcast script contribution to ‘Discovery’, April. Granada science TV for Kurtis programme 2 folders. F.250 ‘Hydrogen - Fuel of the Future’ Broadcast script for Kurti’s contribution to BBC External Services Programme‘Discovery’, March. F.251 ‘Sober Thoughts on Cold Facts’ Manuscript notes for ‘Seminar 6 March 1975’ found with television and broadcast material. F.252 towards BBC TV programme ‘Frontiers Absolute Zero’ programme 4: ‘Nearer to Zero’, filmed 31 December 1968 science: of 1973 1975 1968, 1969 Transcript. Thefilm was presented by Dr Mike Leask. F.253 ‘The Frontiers of Knowledge’ n.d. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Lectures and broadcasts, F.1-F.276 Duplicated typescript interview with Kurti for ‘BBC Topical Tapes’. F.254 Miscellaneous manuscript notes including notes headed ‘From zerotoinfinity and beyond’ F.255 ‘Kitchen Science’ ‘Filming Schedule’ for Bavarian Television, 29-31 March and related correspondence. 145 n.d. 1976 F.256 ‘Lettre au Pere Noel: Mr Kurty’ 1996-1997 Drafts and related to Archimede programme on Chaine 5 of French Television, 24 December 1996. contribution papers for Kurti’s F.257-F.276 Correspondencere arrangements 1959-1996 Includes contracts and letters from viewers of programmes in which Kurti appeared. F.257-F.272 ‘BBC and other films’ 1959-1996 Contents of folder so inscribed. F.257 1959 F.258, F.259 1960 Includes draft treatment and script for programme on ‘Absolute Zero’ in BBC television Eye on Research series (see also K.86-K.91) 2 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 146 Lectures and broadcasts, F.1-F.276 F.260 1961 F.261, F.262 1964 Includes ‘Camera Script’ for programmeon ‘Science - Toys & Magic’ in BBC Television series ‘Horizon’. 2 folders. F.263 1965-1969 F.264 1971-1972 F.265 1973-1974 F.266 1975-1979 F.267 1980-1981 F.268-F.270 1982 Re BBC television food programme ‘The Proof of the Pudding’ filmed partly at the Kurti home and partly at the Clarendon Laboratory. 3 folders. F.271 1983-1985 F.272 1988-1996 F.273-F.275 ‘Granada’ 1960-1961 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 147 Lectures and broadcasts, F.1-F.276 reference: of contribution programmeson low temperature physics. correspondence and to Granada TV’s Discovery series papers re Kurti’s of F.276 ‘Clarendon Laboratory’ 1982 Correspondence Laboratory. arising from BBC filming at the NATIONAL CATALOGUING UNIT FOR THE ARCHIVES OF CONTEMPORARYSCIENTISTS Catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Nicholas Kurti, FRS (1908-1998) VOLUME2 Section G: Visits and conferences Section H: Societies and organisations By Anna-K. Mayer, Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell NCUACScatalogue no. 165/8/08 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 148 SECTION G VISITS AND CONFERENCES, G.1-G.376 1927-1999 G.1 G.2 G.3 G.4 G.5 G.6 to some American ‘Visit Preparation and Assay of Tracer Elements’, March 1946 Laboratories Engaged in 1946 Typescript of report submitted (with W.G. Marley) to the Ministry of Supply, 22 pp. ‘Les Phénoménes Cryomagnétiques: Hommage National a Paul Langevin et Jean Perrin’, College de France, Paris, France, 16 November 1948 c. 1948 Copy of published proceedings. International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, Oxford, 1951 1951-1952, 1967-1968 Copies of circulars, menu of the conference dinner and correspondencere the supply of Wensleydale cheese that was part of the dinner. Also includes correspondence re the proceedings. Wensleydale cheese wasdifficult to obtain in 1951, owing to continued wartime rationing. Kurtis arrangements to procure the cheese from Yorkshire involved an exchange of it for peacock feathers needed for the Bolton Castle Festival, North Yorkshire. See also G.287, G.288. Science November 1953 Forum, Schenectady, New York, USA, 25 1953 Copies presentation ‘Atomic Nuclei at Very Low Temperatures’. versions different of of two slightly Kurti’s IXé Congrés International du Froid, August-7 September 1955 Paris, France, 31 1955 ?Lecture from conference; copies of twoillustrated dinner menus. International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, Rice Institute, Houston, Texas, USA, 17-22 December 1955 1955 Abstract of Kurtis paper ‘Nuclear Orientation Work at the N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 149 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 Clarendon Laboratory’. G.7-G.9 Visit to the USA, 22 August-11 September 1959 1959 3 folders. G.7 Report to the Astor Foundation G8 G.9 G.10 Copy of Kurtis report to the Astor Foundation, which sponsored thetrip. Also includes a letter to Sir William Penney. 4th International Symposium on Free Radical Stabilization, Washington, D.C., 31 August-11 September Programme,preregistration list etc. 14th Annual Calorimetry Conference, Yale University, 10- 12 September 1959 Copiesof circulated material. Discussion on Magnetism and Transition Metals, Oxford 15-16 September 1959 Circulars, programme, list of participants, etc. Colloquium on the Occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Laboratory for Low Temperatures, Catholic University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium, 9-10 November 1959 Copy of the programme. G.12 Visit to Israel, 9 March-1 April 1960 Copy of Kurti’s schedule. G.13 Simon-Gedachtniskolloquium’ Simon ‘Franz Memorial Colloquium], Humboldt-Universitat, Berlin, East Germany, 9-11 November 1960 [Francis 1959 1959 1960 1960 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 150 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 Mendelssohn etc. Annotated copy of the printed programme, featuring Kurti, K. the programme for the 150th anniversary of the Humboldt- Universitat Berlin and the 250th anniversary of the Charité Berlin, 6-20 November 1960. The Francis Simon Memorial Colloquium formed part of these festivities. a copy of includes Also G.14 Visit to Prague, Czechoslovakia, November 1960 1960 Correspondencearising. G.15 on Conference International Reactor Materials and the Effects of Radiation Damage, Central Electricity Nuclear Laboratories, Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire, 29 May-2 June 1961 Generating Properties Berkeley Board, of 1961 Copyofthe final programme. G.16-G.18 Visit to the USA, 30 October-18 November 1961 1961 G.16 Correspondence with the Astor Foundation etc. Includes a copy of Kurti’s report. G.17, G.18 G.19, G.20 International Massachusetts Massachusetts, USA, 1-4 November 1961 Conference Institute on of High Technology, Magnetic Fields, Cambridge, G.17 includes a copy of the programme. An annotated typescript of Kurti’s presentation ‘High Magnetic Fields and Low Temperature Physics’ can be found at G.18. 2 folders. Visit to the Philips Research Laboratories, N.V. Philips’ Gloeilampenfabrieken, 6-7 February 1962 Netherlands, Eindhoven, 1961-1962 Correspondence etc re a meeting of the Low Temperature Group of the Institute of Physics and Physical Society (IPPS), on the present state and future prospects of cryogenics primarily in the liquid hydrogen-liquid helium range. G.19 contains correspondence. Notes (including N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 151 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 notes from an informal preparatory meeting in London on 18 January 1962), copies of a provisional programme,etc. can be found at G.20. See also H.759. 2 folders. G.21 Meeting with W.H. Roberts, UKAEA Reactor Engineering Laboratories, Risley, Lancashire, 11 April 1962 1961-1962 Correspondenceetc. re helium vessels and superinsulating materials. Includes drawings of schemes for two types of calorimeter to make measurements of superinsulation. G.22, G.23 Visit on the Occasion of the Exhibition ‘Le Froid et ses Merveilles’, Palais de la Découverte, Paris, France, 3 May- 31 August 1962 1962 re the exhibition Correspondence Kurtis contribution to the lecture series that accompanied it. Kurtis talk (‘Le noyau atomique dans la réalisation des trés basses températures’) took place on 7 July. Anillustrated pamphlet of the exhibition (with a catalogue) can be found at G.23. and re 2 folders. G.24-G.27 Visit to the USA, 12 August-14 September 1962 1962-1963 trip Kurti’s Engineering Conference’ to attend (University Chiefly correspondence re the ‘Cryogenic of California, Los Angeles, 14-16 August 1962), the ‘17th Annual Calorimetry Conference’ (University of California, Berkeley, 22-24 August 1962) and the summer meeting of the American Physical Society (Seattle, Washington, 27-29 August). A programmeof the calorimetry meeting, where Kurti delivered an after dinner speech entitled ‘What's Cooking?’, at G26. G27 includes correspondence re the cause of the delay of Kurtis outgoing flight and Kurti’s report to the Astor Foundation, which helpedpayfor thevisit. found can be 4 folders. G.28 Visit to Grenoble, France, 3-5 April 1963 1963 Correspondence. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 152 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 G.29, G.30 High Magnetic Field Conference, Oxford, 10-12 July 1963 1960-1963 Notes programme, conference bookletetc. meetings, on planning circulars, provisional 2 folders. This conference was sponsoredby theInstitute of Physics and Physical Society. G.31, G.31A Cryogenics meeting of Sulzer Brothers Ltd, Winterthur, Switzerland, 26-27 August 1963 1963 Copies of programme, list of participants, typescript of lecture by J. Hannay. G.32-G.64 Sabbatical 1963-1964 1961-1967, n.d. The Kurtis spent the sabbatical abroad. Their itinerary ran as follows: after a term at City University, New York (September 1963-January 1964), they spent the spring and part of the summerat the University of California, Berkeley. During this time Kurti delivered the Howard Hughes guest lecture and the Xerox Lecture at Cornell (22 May), followed by a brief visit home in the UK. Leaving San Franciscoin mid-June, the Kurtis spent a week on Fiji, to arrive in Auckland, New Zealand, on 22 June. 1-27 July Kurti taught a postgraduate lecture course in low temperature physics at the University of Monash, Australia, also visiting facilities in Melbourne, Newcastle in New South Wales, Canberra and Perth. At the end of July he flew to Hong Kong and embarked on a trip to China (1-9 August), followed by a brief sojourn in Thailand (24-27 August). G.32 ‘University Registry Correspondence’ 1961-1963 Contents of a batch so labelled. G.33 ‘Travel Plans’ 1962-1963 Contents of a batch of correspondencesolabelled. G.34-G.39 ‘City College New York’ 1961-1964 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 153 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 Chiefly correspondence. G.34-G.36 is correspondence re arrangements for Kurti’s term at City College, New York (CCNY), with labelled batches correspondence (including invitations) in chronological order at G.36. at G34, G35, and loose stay, Kurti's G.37-G.39 dates from the time of with correspondence (in chronological order) at G.37 and G.38. G.39 includes examination questions, including a set of questions in low temperature physics and magnetism from the Honour School of Natural Science, University of Oxford, 1949-1954. Further includes a copy of an outline for a 3-year research programmeon ‘Thermal Propertiesin the Temperature Range 0.0001°K-0.1°K’' at City College. 6 folders. At City College, Kurti was Buell G. Gallagher Visiting Professor. G.40-G.43 ‘California’ 1962-1967 Chiefly correspondence. G.40, G.41 is chiefly re arrangements for Kurti’s term at the University of California at Berkeley, with labelled batchesat G.40 and loose correspondence(in chronological order) at G.41. G.42 is re Kurtis Howard Hughes guest lecture on ‘Megamagnetics and Cryophysics’, 12 March 1964. G.43 is re his Xerox Lecture on ‘Spins and Cryogenics’, given at the Materials Science Center of the University of Cornell on 22 May 1964 (see also E.26-E.29). 4 folders. G.44 ‘The Royal Society Hungarian Academy of Sciences Exchange of Lecturers’ 1964 Copy of the programmeofthe visit of L. Pal to the UK. Kurti helped host the Oxford visit of academician Pal on 5 June 1964. G.45-G.54 ‘Round the World’ 1962-1965 Covers the period 22 June-27 August 1964. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 154 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 G.45-G.51 Fiji-New Zealand-Australia 1962-1964 Chiefly correspondence. G.45-G.47 is chiefly arrangements re Kurtis visit, with correspondence batches ‘R.S. Street’ at G.45 and ‘British Council’ at G.46, G.47. G.48-G.50 is mixed correspondencein chronological order. G.51 includes notices, notes etc. 7 folders. R.S. Street was Professor of Physics at Monash University, Australia, and Kurtis main academic contact in arranging funding and invitations for his antipodean tour. G.52, G.53 China 1963-1965 G.52 is correspondence. G.53 includes Kurti’s spiral-bound notebook, his ‘Notes on a visit to the Shin-An-Chiang Hydro-Electric Power Station ...15th August 1964’ and a copy of his published report on the trip ‘Notes on a Visit to China, 1-19 August 1964’. Includes correspondencein Chinese. 2 folders. G.54 Thailand 1964 Correspondence. G.55-G.63 Correspondence with Oxford 1963-1964 In alphabetical order. Includes extensive exchanges with Kurti’s secretary at the Clarendon Laboratory (G.55-G.57) and with M.F. Wood of the Oxford Instrument Company (G.60-G.63). G.58 is correspondence Bleaney-Croft, G.59 Geissler-Phillips. 9 folders. G.64 Miscellaneous n.d. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 G.65, G.66 G.67 G.68 G.69 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 155 to Visit September-October 1964 Berlin, East Czechoslovakia and Hungary, 1964 (4-7 Prague October), Chiefly correspondence re Kurti’s visit to East Berlin (28 September-4 and Budapest (7-14 October). In Berlin Kurti attended and contributed to a memorial symposium for the German chemist W. Nernst. In Prague and Budapest he wasat the invitation of the Academy of Sciences of the respective country. Also includes a programme of the ‘Walther- Nernst-Gedachtnissymposium’. October) 2 folders. Includes correspondence in Hungarian. on Conference to Vacuum, Institution of Electrical Engineers, London, 26 February 1965 Cryogenics Relation in 1965 Programme and list of participants. Symposium on Laboratory, Oxford, 22 April 1965 Superconducting Magnets, Clarendon 1965 Draft programme and conference booklet. European Symposium on ‘Electrical Conduction at Low Temperatures’, Royal Aeronautical Society, London, 20-21 May 1965 1965 Programme and conference booklet (with annotations in Kurti’s hand). G.70-G.73 ‘Reunion of the International Commission 1’, Grenoble, France, 9-11 June 1965 Institute of Refrigeration, 1965 Provisional programme(including the Ladies’ programme), final programme and set of abstracts, lists of participants, etc. Also includes a pack for the inauguration of the Centre d'Etudes Cryogéniques de L'Air Liquide (Sassenage, France) on 11 June 1965. The reunion was preceded Hydrogen’ on 8 June 1965 (programme included). ‘Lectures on by Liquid 4 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 156 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 G.74-G.76 Visit to Rumania, 9-19 September 1965 1965 Correspondence and reports on the visit (including reports by the pharmacologist A.S.V. Burgen and the chemist A.J. Birch, who joined Kurti in this visit). Also includes offprints (in Rumanian, French and German) from Rumanian scientists. 3 folders. Inauguration of the Deep Low Temperature Helium Refrigerator, Rutherford High Energy Laboratory, Chilton, Didcot, Berkshire, 20 October 1965 1965 Includes programme, list of ‘People You May Meet’, press statement Ltd, photograph ofthe helium refrigerator, etc. British Oxygen Company (BOC) by ‘Journée d’étude sur la création des champs magnétiques intensesetleur utilisation en physique’, Saclay, France, 22 February 1966 1966 Programme and list of participants (in French). G.77 G.78 G.79 Visit to New York, USA, March 1966 1965-1966 Correspondence. G.80 Informal Discussion on ‘European Cooperation in the Field of Practical Applications of Superconducting Materials’, Royal Society, London, 17 December 1966 1966 Agenda, copyof Kurti’s report. This meeting was held to discuss arrangements for the Royal on Superconductor Technology in Europe, London, 3 June 1967 (G.86). Society-Wates Study Conference G.81-G.85 ‘Journéesinternationales des états extremes de la matiére aux trés hautes et tres basses températures, trés hautes et trés basses pressions’, Paris, France, 4-8 April 1967 1965-1968 The conference wasorganised bythe Institut Fran¢ais des Combustibles et de |’Energie (IFCE). N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 157 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 G.81 G82 G.83 Correspondence and typescript of Kurtis paper on ‘The Millidegree Temperature Range:the Problem and the Realization’ Microdegree Absolute and Conference introductory remarks(in French); etc. programme; manuscript draft of Kurti’s Correspondence re the published (French) version of Kurtis paper, and publication of remarks he made at the conference banquet Also includes a copy of Kurtis comments on a paper by H.M. Strong. G.84, G.85 Drafts and offprints of other papers presented 2 folders. G.86 G.87 Conference Manchester, 19-20 April 1967 Physics’ on in_ Industrial Research, 1967 Invitation, programme, Kurti’s notes etc. Kurti opened this conference. Society-Wates Royal on Superconductor Technology in Europe, London, 3 June 1967 Conference Study 1966-1967 Correspondence and papers re arrangements and arising, programme, summary report. Material re informal discussion meeting preceding the Conference, 17 December 1966, is at G.80. G.88-G.90 International Advanced Summer Physics Institute on ‘Physics of Solids in Intense Magnetic Fields’, Chania, Crete, Greece, 16-29 July 1967 1966-1967 Grant application of E.D. Haidemenakis, correspondence, programme etc. See also F.29, F.30, J.153. /... N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 158 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 3 folders. A number of scheduled speakers withdrew from the meeting in the aftermath of the military coup in Greecein the spring of 1967. G.91 International Congress of Xllth Spain, 30 August-6 September 1967 Refrigeration, Madrid, 1967-1968 Correspondence, chiefly re Kurtis presentation on ‘Low Temperatures in the Generation and Transmission of Electric Power’. See also H.468. G.92, G.93 Symposium on Physics and Magnetic Fields in Honour of Francis Bitter, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass., USA, 20-21 November 1967 1937, 1967 Correspondence, programme, etc. Includes a letter re magnets from F. Bitter to F.E. Simon, 11 June 1937 (with illustration). 2 folders. G.94 Symposium Low Temperature University, Lancashire, 9-10 April 1968 on Devices, Salford 1968 Report of the meeting. G.95, G.96 Visit to the Netherlands, 9-13 June 1968 1967-1968 Correspondence; Kurti’s report. 2 folders. G.97 Science of Science Foundation discussion on ‘Measuring the Effectiveness of Scientific Research and Research Workers’, London, 18 September 1968 1968 Correspondence, participants, summary of a UNESCO project on research organisation (under P.-H. Giscard). list of N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 159 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 G.98 G.99 G.100 G.101 G.102 G.103 Study European Aspects of Large Superconducting Geneva, Switzerland, 25 October 1968 Conference on ‘The Technological Magnets’, CERN, 1968 Conference minutes. to discuss Meeting of young physicists with a doctor’s degree, CNRS, Paris, France, February 1969 prospects career the Correspondencefollowing Kurti’s report. ‘Postgraduate Technology’, Harwell, Berks, 17-20 March 1969 Education Centre: Low Temperature Programme,list of students. Conference on ‘Low Temperatures and Electric Power’, Royal Society, London, 24-26 March 1969 Programme and list of participants. meeting The of Commission 1 of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR/IIF). was organised under aegis the Course on the Technology of Temperatures Below 20° K, British Academy, London, 27-28 March 1969 Announcement; programme; Kurti’s manuscript notes. ‘Cross Channel Transport: Under, Over and On’, College of Aeronautics, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, 19-20 July 1969 Announcement, programme, acceptance list. See also H.107-H.112. 1969 1969 1969 1969 1969 G.104 ‘High Magnetic Fields and Their Applications’, University of Nottingham, 17-19 September 1969 1969 Correspondence, provisional report (in Kurtis hand). minutes, announcement, list of participants, fragment of conference conference N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 160 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 This was the fourth in a series of international conferences on the subject, the first being held in 1961 (MIT), the second in 1963 (Oxford), the third in 1966 (Grenoble). G.105 Visit to Helsinki, Finland, September 1969 1967, 1969 Correspondence with O.V. Lounasmaa, draft of Kurti’s lecture on ‘Nuclear Cooling’ (dated 24 September 1969). G.106 to Philips Research Exhibition, Philips Research Visit Laboratories, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 31 October 1969 1969 Exhibition booklet, list of visitors on the day. G.107 Visit to the International Research & Development Co Ltd, Newcastle Upon Tyne, 16 December 1969 1969 Correspondence. G.108-G.110 Miscellaneous, 1960s 1965-1969, n.d. Declined invitations, cancelled meetings, etc. 3 folders. G.111-G.113 Visit to the USA, April 1970 1970 Chiefly correspondence. A copy of the proceedings of the ‘Symposium on the Production and Use of Ultra-Low Temperatures’, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC, 23-24 April 1970, is at G.113. 3 folders. G.114 Simon Memorial Prize presentation, Cambridge, 14 May 1970 1970 Monochromephotograph of the ceremony inscribed on the back with a message from the low temperature physicist L. Rinderer. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 161 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 G.115 Third International Cryogenic Engineering Conference and Exhibition (ICEC 3), West Berlin, Germany, 25-27 May 1970 1970 Copy of the programme, list of participants, typescript of Kurti’s of proceedings. contribution, correspondence re publication G.116 G.117 G.118 G.119, G20 Kurti spoke on ‘Problems of cooling below 1 mk’. Physical Society Summer School on Low European Temperature Physics’, Twente, The Netherlands, 22 June- 4 July 1970 Copyofthe preliminary programme, abstracts etc. Twelfth Physics (LT 12), Kyoto, Japan, 4-10 September 1970 International Conference on Low Temperature Copyofthe third notice. ConférenceInternationale de Magnétisme 1970, Grenoble, France, 14-19 September 1970 List of participants. Summer Course on Low Temperature Physics for the Verein Physiklehrer [Association of Swiss Mathematics and Physics Teachers], Zurich, Switzerland, 7-10 October 1970 Schweizerischer Mathematik- und provisional programme, synopsis Correspondence, (in English) of Kurti’s lecture on ‘Les températures les plus basses’, etc. G.120 is drafts (handwritten and typescript, English and French). 2 folders. 1970 1970 1970 1970 G.121 Departmental dinner, Department of Physics, University of Exeter, 4 March 1971 1970 Correspondence. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 162 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 G.122 ‘Engineering Application of Superconductivity’, discussion meeting hosted by International Research & Development Co Ltd, Newcastle Upon Tyne, 3 May 1971 1971 Copy of statement to the Science Research Council on the discussion meeting. G.123, G.124 Visit to the South of France, 26 May-2 June 1971 1971 Schedules, correspondenceetc. re a visit with Sir Harold Thompson, J. Kendrew and J.-F. Miquel. At G.124 is Kurti’s report in various stages of composition. 2 folders. G.125-G.137 ‘World Trip’ 1970-1971 Kurti’s world trip covered the period 20 June-4 September 1971. The itinerary ran roughly as follows: Copenhagen (20-22 June); Leningrad, Tbilisi, Moscow (22 June-1 July); Japan (2-31 Australia (1-14 August); USA (15 August-4 September). July); G.125 Travel arrangements Flight schedules and correspondencere them. G.126 Copenhagen Correspondence. G.127, G.128 Soviet Union G.127 is correspondence, G.128 drafts of Kurti’s report. 2 folders. 1971 1971 1971 G.129-G.132 Japan 1970, 1971 G.129-G.131 is correspondence. Kurti’s report is at G.132. 4 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 163 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 G.133 Australia 1971 Correspondence. G.134 United States of America 1970, 1971 Correspondenceetc., chiefly about the XIllth International Congress of Refrigeration, Washington, DC, 27 August-3 September (in Hungarian) with Kurti’s friend, C. Vambery. correspondence 1971. Also includes G.135-G.137 Oxford Correspondence 1971 Correspondence with colleagues at home and re mail arriving while Kurti was abroad. Includes drafts of Kurti’s report on the international magnetism conference in Grenoble in 1970, his comments on an OECD Report on science policy, correspondence with J. Reynolds of British Insulated Callender’s Cables re research into cryoresistive eee cables in Japan, accounts of the Kyftis’s experiences while travelling, etc. 3 folders. oo G.138 Visit to Helsinki, 30 September-?3 October 1971 1971 Correspondence. Kurti acted as external examiner of R. Gylling’s thesis and attended an extraordinary meeting of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. G.139 Discussion on dielectric design criteria for solid-insulated superconducting a.c. cables, etc., Institution of Electrical Engineers, 3 March 1972 1972-1973 Correspondence, chiefly contribution. re the publication of Kurtis G.140 ‘How to be a Physicist - and let others enjoy it’, 12th Royal Society BAYS Lecture, Liverpool, 23 March 1972 1972 Correspondence. The BAYS(British Association Young Scientists) lecture is primarily intended for science 5th and 6th formers. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 164 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 G.141 Europhysics Study Conference on ‘Thermometry and Thermal Contact Below 50 mk’, Albé, France, 11-14 April 1972 1971-1972 Programme; Kurti’s report on proceedings. conference information; correspondence; See also H.450. G.142 Fourth International Cryogenic Engineering Conference (ICEC 4), Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 24-26 May 1972 1971-1972 Correspondence; copies (master and corrected) of Kurti’s report on a ‘Seminar on Magnetic Levitation and Power Transmission’ on 25 May. G.143-G.145 Colloquium on ‘Science and Society’, St. Paul-de-Vence, Alpes-Maritimes, France, 5-7 June 1972 1971-1973 Correspondence,circulars, provisional programme, list of participants, draft and final report of the meeting, etc. 3 folders. Kurti missed the end of the proceedings to attend a conference on electricity in Paris (see G.146). G.146 Symposium ‘Electricité 2000’, Paris, France, 7-9 June 1972 1972 Copyof published proceedings. G.147 G.148 Symposium on the Occasion of the Retirement of H.B.G. Casimir, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 14 June 1972 1972 Copy of the programme. Third International Conference and Sixth Annual Meeting of CODATA, Le Creusot, France, 26-29 June 1972 1972 Correspondence. See also H.570. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 165 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 G.149, G.150 Science Research Council Vacation Course in Physics, ‘Fundamental and Technical Aspects of Magnetism and Related Topics’, Nottingham, 17 July-3 August 1972 1960, 1970, 1972, n.d. Includes copies of a lecture G.149 is correspondence etc. G.150 is miscellaneous material recycled here for Kurti’s lectures at this summer French) on school. adiabatic of a television programme on ‘Absolute Zero’ (both: from May 1960, see K.86-K.91), correspondence with B.S. Blaisse and notes (19707), etc. demagnetisation, (in part of a transcript 2 folders. G.151 Thirteenth International Conference on Low Temperature Physics (LT 13), Boulder, Colorado, USA, 21-25 August 1972 1972 Correspondence and copyofthe final programme. G.152-G.154 Visit to the USA, September 1972 1971-1972 Correspondence, flyers, etc. G.152 is re a lecture by Kurti on ‘Physics and Happiness: A Balance Sheet’ in Salt Lake City, 18 September. G.153, G.154 concerns the Fiftieth Anniversary (and the XIVth General Assembly) of the International Union of Pure and Applied DC, 20-25 September (see also H.727, H.728). Also includes material re a presentation by Kurti at the National Bureau of Standards, Washington, DC, on 26 September. Physics (IUPAP) in Washington, 3 folders. G.155 Visit to the British Railways Research Laboratories, Derby, 16 November 1972 1972 Copyof the schedule etc. G.156 Visit to the University of Essex, November 1972 1972 Correspondence. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 166 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 G.157-G.160 Visit to Rumania and Hungary, 21 March-11 April 1973 1972-1974 G.157-G.159 Rumania 1973-1974 on given At G.157 is correspondence and manuscript draft for a ‘Nuclear presentation Nuclear Refrigeration’ in Bucharest on 30 March (and repeated in Debrecen on 6 April). At G.158, G.159 are Kurti’s report on his visit (in various stages of completion) and copiesof reports of previous visitors to Rumania under Royal Society auspices. Cooling and 3 folders. G.160 Hungary 1972-1973 Correspondence (some in includes announcements of Kurtis presentations and newspaper coverage ofhis visit. Hungarian). Also G.161 G.162 Congres du Centenaire de la Société Francaise de Physique, Vittel, France, 28 May-2 June 1973 Conference booklet, correspondence. ‘Cours Internationaux Post-Universitaires’, Gand (Gent), Belgium, 19-25 August 1973 Summary of Kurti’s contribution. 1973 1973 G.163, G.164 ‘Franco-British Centenary Conference’, St Helier, Jersey, 5-9 April 1974 1971-1974 Correspondence (chiefly circulars). abstracts is at G.164. A bound copy of This meeting was arranged to coincide with the 100th anniversaries of the UK Physical Society and the French counterpart. See H.768-H.780. G.165-G.167 Seminar Callender’s Cables, London, 17 April 1974 Technology, Energy on British Insulated 1974 Correspondence, synopses of papers presented, notes on N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 167 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 the discussion, typescript of Kurti’s (expanded) introductory review of current views on the future course of energy technology,etc. 3 folders. G.168 International Fifth (ICEC 5), Kyoto, Japan, 14-17 May 1974 Cryogenic Engineering Conference 1973 Correspondence. G.168A Royal Society discussion meeting on Food Technologyin the 1980s, London, 22-23 May 1974 1974 Programme; remarks made byKurti. G.169 ‘Peierls Symposium’, Oxford, 11-12 July 1974 1974 Programme, list of participants, high table seating plan etc. The occasion for retirement. this symposium was R.E. Peierls’s G.170-G.175 ‘Physique sous Champs Magnetiques Intenses-Physics in High Magnetic Fields’, Grenoble, France, 18-21 September 1974 1964, 1974, n.d. G.170 is correspondence (some in French). G.171 is Kurtis presentation on ‘High Magnetic Fields: in retrospect and prospect’ (handwritten, in French; typescript abstract in English). G.172 is copies of the conference announcement, programme, etc. G.173 is a bound copy of abstracts. G.174 is correspondence etc. re the publication of Kurti’s presentation. G.175 is miscellaneous (includes Russian offprints with handwritten dedication to Kurti). 6 folders. G.176 Visit to Hungary, 12-25 October 1974 1973-1974 Correspondence (some in Hungarian), etc. During his visit Kurti attended the conference on Dielectric and Phonons (a meeting of the European Physical Society Condensed Matter Division), Budapest, 21-25 October 1974. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 168 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 G.177-G.181 Visit to West Germany, 18-21 April 1975 1964x1975 G.177 is correspondence re Kurtis visit to Karlsruhe, Wurzburg and Stuttgart. Also includes a handwritten draft of Kurti’s lecture in Karlsruhe and Wiarzburg. G.178-G.180 is lecture notes and draft lectures dating from c.1964 onwards, presented in locations all over the globe; mostly handwritten and in English, but including typescripts and material loose miscellaneousnotes. German G.181 in and French. is 5 folders. G.182-G.184 ‘The Hungarian Academy of Sciences 150th Anniversary’, Budapest, Hungary, 5-8 May 1975 1975 Includes correspondence, typescripts of Kurtis address during the festivities, programme, list of participants, report on the visit, media coverage, etc. Much of the material is in Hungarian. 3 folders. See also J.389. G.185 G.186 Physikertagung 1975 Munchen’ (Meeting ‘'39. Deutsche Germany, 31 August-5 September 1975 Physikalische Gesellschaft), of the Munich, West Correspondence German). etc. Includes a dinner speech (in European Physical Society Third General Conference on ‘Energy 9-12 September 1975 Bucharest, Rumania, Physics’, and 1975 1973-1975 Programme, lists of participants, set of abstracts etc. G.187, G.188 ‘The Chemical Age’, round table meeting of the Special Commission on Internal Pollution (SCIP), London, 22-24 October 1975 1975-1976 programme, etc. Includes circulated Correspondence, papers. 2 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 169 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 The organisers described SCIP as ‘essentially a “think tank” of a completely independent nature, unsponsored by governmentsorinternational organisation’. G.189-G.191 Visit to the USA, 7-30 November 1975 1975 Correspondence re Kurti’s trip, which included visits to academic and industrial institutions on both coasts. 3 folders. G.192 Visit to Berlin, East Germany, 12-17 December 1975 1975-1977 Correspondence. Also includes a handwritten copy of Kurtis presentation ‘Vom Nernst’schen Warmesatz’ [on the Nernst heat theorem], given on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the publication of M. Planck’s paper which laid the foundations of the quantum. G.193-G.196 Visits to scientific institutions in Hungary, 18 September-4 October 1976 1971, 1976- 1978, n.d. G.193 is correspondence. G.194 is outlines and drafts of presentations of transparencies, one of them a time chart of high magnetic field facilities (in English)). G.196 is schedules of the visit and correspondence. Includes Kurti’s report. Hungarian). G.195 is two sets (in G.197 G.198 4 folders. International Conference on Superconducting Quantum Devices (IC SQUID), Berlin, West Germany, 5-8 October 1976 1975 Correspondence. For evidencethat Kurti participated, see G.192. ‘Ouverture de l’Année Cailletet pour commémorer le Centiéme Anniversaire de la Liquéfaction de |’Oxygéne’ [100th anniversary of the first liquefaction of oxygen], ChAatillon-sur-Seine, France, 3 December 1977 1977? Includes a copy of Kurti’s remarks on the occasion. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 170 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 G.199 Fifteenth International Conference on Low Temperature Physics (LT 15), Grenoble, France, 23-29 August 1978 1977, 1978 Copy of the programme, list of participants, Kurti’s notes on the best poster-session presentations, etc. Also includes Kurti’s typescript ‘Note on the Franco- Swedish meeting on Energy Economics held 17-18 March 1977 in Grenoble, France’. G.200 Applications ‘The Semiconductor Physics’, Oxford, September 1978 Magnetic High of Fields in 1978 Correspondence(chiefly re supply of coffee to conference delegates), list of participants, handwritten draft of Kurti’s introduction, etc. G.201 International Assembly on Energy Storage, Yugoslavia, 27 May-1 June 1979 Dubrovnik, 1979 Correspondence, copies of Kurti’s introductory remarks as chairman of the Panel on Thermal and Thermochemical Energy Storage. G.202-G.211 Sabbatical at Amherst College, September-December 1979 Massachusetts, USA, 1979, 1984 G.202-G.210 Teaching 1975, 1984 correspondence loose Includes (G.203), transparencies including some unmarkedscripts (G.207-G.209). etc. examination lecture (G.206), Kurtis (G.204, notes and (G.202), notebook G.205), questions 9 folders. Kurti taught ‘Physics 75’ in the Fall Semester of 1979. G.211 Seminars 1979 of Kurtis Survey ‘An Announcements Historical Nuclear Refrigeration’ (includes a handwritten draft), ‘A Physicist in the Kitchen’, and ‘Physics and Happiness’ (‘An informal talk with slides to discuss ways in which physics can including and seminars, Nuclear Cooling of N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 171 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 to happiness by enhancing the contribute pleasures derived from the stimulation of the senses - especially tactile, auditory and visual’). G.212, G.213 Miscellaneous, 1970s 1969-1978, n.d. Declined invitations, cancelled meetings, etc. 2 folders. G.214 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, St Antony’s College, Oxford, May 1980, and Food and WineFestival, London, 23-26 May 1980 1980 Press clipping etc. re Oxford symposium and copyof the Food and Wine Festival programme. G.215 Joint meeting of the Royal Society and the American Philosophical Society, London, 5 June 1980 1980 Programme and list of participants. G.216 Visit to ‘Budapest-Vienna’, 9-26 September 1980 1980 Correspondence. G.217 G.218 Institution of Chemical Engineers meeting on Heat Pumps- Energy Savers in ProcessIndustry, Salford, 7-8 April 1981 1980-1981 Correspondencere arrangements and arising. Meeting on ‘The History of Discovering\Zur Geschichte des Entdeckens’, Wolfenbittel, West Germany, 6-8 July 1981 1976, 1980, 1988, n.d. Correspondence, provisional list of participants, draft of Kurti’s presentation on discovery in physics, etc. G.219, G.219A Sixteenth International Conference on Low Temperature Physics (LT-16), University of California at Los Angeles, USA, 19-25 August 1981 1981 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 \i2 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 Correspondence re arrangements, programme, typescript of Kurti’s talk. 2 folders. Kurti gave a plenary talk on ‘From thefirst mist of liquid oxygen to nuclear ordering: anecdotes from the history of refrigeration’. G.220-G.223 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, St Antony’s College, Oxford, 19-20 September 1981 1981 Correspondence, proceedings, etc. programme, list of participants, Proceedings at G.221-G.223 includes drafts of Kurtis contribution to Symposium Fare, a collection of recipes for the dishes enjoyed on the occasion. 4 folders. G.224 Visit to Israel, 14-31 October 1981 1981 Correspondence, itinerary, etc. G.225 Visit to the USA and Canada, 25 March-27 April 1982 1982, 1986 Correspondence, including re Kurtis share in a class action lawsuit against several US airlines alleged to have been involvedin violations of antitrust law. G.226, G.227 Meeting on the Application of High Magnetic Fields in Semiconductor 13-17 September 1982 Grenoble, Physics, France, 1982-1983 Correspondence ‘Magnets | have known’. photographs of the ?Bellevue magnet(with negatives). presentation Includes three monochrome Kurtis drafts and of 2 folders. G.228-G.233 Anglo-Hungarian Round Table Discussion on Energy Resources, 20-24 September 1982 1981-1982 Correspondence, programme schedule, reports, etc. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 173 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 Kurti’s report is at G.232. Includes material in Hungarian. 6 folders. G.234 Ceremony to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the First Liquefaction of Helium in the UK, ?Oxford, 8 January 1983 1983 List of participants. G.235-G.237 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, St Antony's College, Oxford, 24-26 June 1983 1983 Circulars, proceedings, list of participants. delegates’ contributions, copy of the 3 folders. G.238 G.239 Meeting on Ecological Effects of Deposited Sulphur and Nitrogen 5-7 September 1983 Compounds, London, Society, Royal 1983 Programme, abstracts, list of participants, etc. Department Anniversary Celebration’, 28 September 1983 Engineering Science, of Oxford ‘75th 1983 Copy of the programme. G.240 Visit to Hungary, 76-20 October 1983 1982-1983 Correspondence (some in Hungarian), including re the Fifth Ethnological Food Research Conference (Matrafired, 16-20 October), which Kurti attended, and re a paper by Kurti on ‘Science and Technology: Blessing or Curseto the Arts’. G.241-G.247 Conference on Coal as an Energy Source, Budapest, Hungary, 28-30 May 1984 1982-1986 Correspondence, circulars, list of participants, etc. A copy of Kurtis introduction at the first session is at N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 174 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 G.246, his account of the discussion at the last session at G.247. Includes material in Hungarian. 7 folders. Tape recordings of the discussion at the end of the conferenceare at K.57-K.59. The conference had been preceded by a preparatory meeting held also in Hungary, 18-19 April 1983. To Kurti’s dismay, the proceedings of the meeting were not published. Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, St Antony’s College, Oxford, 30 June-1 July 1984 1984 Correspondence, draft of Kurtis contribution. Royal Society discussion meeting on ‘Technology in the 1990s: Agriculture and Food’, London, 17-18 October 1984 1984 Programme, abstracts, list of participants. ‘Modelling Balatonfured, Hungary, 27-31 May 1985 Economic of and Technical Processes’, 1985 G.248 G.249 G.250 Correspondence; copy of lecture of Armand Hammer delivered at 1984 Conference on Coal as an Energy Source (G.241-G.247). G.251-G.253 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, St Antony’s College, Oxford, 29-30 June 1985 1985 circulars, programme, copy of Correspondence, proceedings, etc. 3 folders. G.254 Eleventh International Cryogenic Engineering Conference (ICEC 11), Berlin, West Germany, 22-25 April 1986 1986 Correspondence. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 175 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 G.255-G.257 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, St Antony’s College, Oxford, 28-29 June 1986 1985-1986 Correspondence, circulars, programme, list of participants, etc. G.256, G.257 is pre-circulated contributions. 3 folders. G.258 Conference in Hungary, 4-9 August 1986 1985 Correspondence(English and Hungarian). G.259-G.262 to Trip September-1 November 1986 the USA, Australia and New Zealand, 11 1985-1986 Correspondence. 4 folders. G.263, G.264 ‘Physics and Culture’, Como, Italy, 18 March 1987 1986x1987 Correspondenceetc. A copy of Kurti’s presentation ‘How Can Physics Contribute to the Includes transparencies. at G264. Evolution Culture’ of is 2 folders. G.265-G.267 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, St Antony’s College, Oxford, 27-28 June 1987 1986-1987 Circulars, programme, list of participants, etc. At G.266, G.267 are pre-circulated contributions. 3 folders. G.268, G.269 Meeting Implications and Application’, London, 19 October 1987 ‘Superconductivity: Opportunities, The on 1987 Correspondenceetc. 2 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 176 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 G.270, G.271 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, St Antony’s College, Oxford, 25-26 June 1988 1988 Circulars, programme,list of participants, etc. G.270 is pre- circulated contributions. 2 folders. G.272 G.273 G.274 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, St Antony’s College, Oxford, 24-25 June 1989 1989 Circulars, programme, list of participants, etc. ‘Liberal Democratic Societies: Their Present State and Their Future Prospects’, London, 25-29 August 1989 1989 Correspondence, programme, list of participants, etc. International Conference on Energy Alternatives Education, Balaton, Hungary, 7-13 September 1989 Risk 1989 Programme etc. Includes a typescript draft of Kurtis presentation on ‘Thermodynamics, economics, comfort: how to heat a house’. See also K.7. G.275 British Nutrition Foundation Annual Conference on ‘How Safe is Our Food?’, London, 30 October 1989 1989 Includes programme, abstracts, list of participants etc. G.276 Miscellaneous, 1980s Correspondenceetc. 1982, 1984, 1986, 1989 G.277 Meeting, ‘?Energie du Futur?’, [unknown location], March 1990 [19] 1990 Copy of Kurti’s paper on ‘L’Emploi Efficace de |’Energie’. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 177 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 G.278 ‘Food Matters’, Industry, Royal Society, London, 10 May 1990 Exhibition and Soirée on Science into 1990 Correspondence, programme, etc. Kurti presented and exhibited. G.279 British Nutrition Foundation Annual Conference on ‘Why We Eat What We Eat’, London, 27 June 1990 1990 Includes programmeand abstracts. G.280, G.281 International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, Brighton, Sussex, 16-22 August 1990 1990 Copies of the conference booklet, list of participants, annotated typescript of Kurtis remarks at the opening ceremony (with transparencies)etc. 2 folders. G.282-G.288 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, St Antony’s College, Oxford, 22-23 September 1990 1951-1990 G.282, G.283 Symposium 1990 Correspondence, circulars, etc. Proceedings at G.283 2 folders. G.284-G.288 Kurti’s contribution 1951, 1955, 1990 (G.284), correspondence Includes Kurti’s contribution (G.285) and additional material (G.286-G.288). G.287, G.288 is chiefly correspondence re arrangements for the conference dinner of the International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, Oxford, 1951. See G.3. drafts of 5 folders. G.289 Meeting, ‘?Energie du Futur?’, [unknownlocation], [8] April 1991 1991 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 178 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 Handwritten draft of Kurti’s contribution (in French), etc. Recycles on Economics and Comfort’ (see G.274). Kurtis paper 1989 ‘Thermodynamics, G.290 ‘Vth International Workshop on Low Temperature Particle Detectors’, Oxford, 4-6 September 1991 1991 Correspondence, copy of Includes information on R. Molicell Battery. Kurtis R. after-dinner speech. Haering’s rechargeable G.291 G.292 G.293 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, St Antony’s College, Oxford, 7-8 September 1991 1991 Circulars,list of participants, etc. Centenary Celebrations of the Eétvés Lorand Physical Society, Hungary, October 1991 1991 List of participants, programme, etc. In Hungarian. Meeting, ‘?Energie du Futur?’, [unknown location], 25-29 November1991 1991 Circulars, copy of Kurtis paper on ‘L’Emploi Efficace de l'Energie’. G.294 ‘A Kind of Loving: The Spiro Jewish Food Conference’, London, 26 January 1992 1991-1992 Correspondence, programme. G.295 Meeting on Energy, Royal Society, London, 22 May 1992 1991-1992 Correspondenceetc. G.296-G.317 International Gastronomy,Erice, Sicily, Italy, 9-12 August 1992 Workshop Molecular and on Physical 1990-1993 Material re a workshop originally planned for 8-13 August N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 179 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 1992. For tapes of parts of proceedings see K.69, K.70. See also G.369. G.296-G.299 ‘Erice ‘92’ 1991-1992 Contents of a folder so inscribed. In chronological order. Correspondence, chiefly with the Ettore Majorana Centre for some correspondence with sponsors and someparticipants. Scientific includes Culture, rice. Also 4 folders. G.300, G.301 ‘Zichichi’ 1990-1992 Contents of a folder so inscribed. In chronological order. Correspondence with A. Zichichi, S.A. Gabriele and J. Pilarski (all of the Ettore Majorana Centre for Scientific Culture). 2 folders. G.302-G.310 ‘A-Z’ 1990-1992 Contents ofa file so inscribed. G.302 is correspondence Berwick-Busse, G.303 Clarke- Humphrey- Goutefongea, Langley, #Palma- Szenthagothai, G.308, G.309 H. This, G.310 Thomas- Waldegrave. Healy-Heron, Lanting-Mégnin, G307 G306 G.305 G.304 9 folders. G.311, G.312 ‘Travel’ 1991-1992 Contents of a folder so inscribed. In chronological order. Correspondenceand circulars re travel arrangements. 2 folders. G.313-G.317 General 1990x1993 Poster, circulars, miscellaneous notes etc. Also includes photographs and correspondencere future meetings. See N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 180 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 also G.369. 5 folders. G.318, G.319 Meeting, November1992 ‘?Energie du Futur?’, Paris, France, 26? 1992, n.d. Circulars, copy of Kurtis updated paper on ‘L’Emploi Efficace de l’Energie’. G.319 is transparencies, inserted in a notebook. 2 folders. G.320 ‘The University Hungary?], 71992 in Transition’, [unknown location: 1992 Correspondence, copy of Kurtis paper on ‘Diversity and Specialization Higher Education’. Secondary Primary, in and G.321 ‘1OP Congress’, [unknownlocation], April 1993 1993 Copy of Kurti’s ?after-dinner speech, dated 20 April 1993. G.322, G.323 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, St Antony's College, Oxford, 17-18 July 1993 1992-1994 Correspondence, circulars, list of participants, etc. Includes a draft of Kurtis paper ‘Is a Meal a Gesamtkunstwerkin the Wagnerian Sense?’. Further includes correspondence re food safety and re the publication of the symposium papers. 2 folders. Kurti encompassing all art forms. translated ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ as a work G.324, G.325 ‘Science in the Future of Europe. An International Meeting of Eminent Scientists and other Outstanding Personalities’, Budapest, Hungary, 26-28 November 1993 1993-1994 Correspondenceetc. Includes a copy of Kurtis paper on ‘Pure Science vs Applied Science’. A set of ‘Comments and Papers’ prepared bythe participants to the main topics N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 181 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 of the meeting is at G.325. 2 folders. G.326 G.327 Meeting on ‘Technology in the Third Millennium: Energy’, Royal Society, London, 16-17 March 1994 1993-1994 Correspondence, list of participants, abstracts. Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, St Antony's College, Oxford, September 1994 1993-1994 Correspondence, lists of participants and papers, etc. Includes draft and copy of Kurtis paper ‘Going Today, Gone Tomorrow... Whose to Blame?’. G.328 ‘Oxford Instruments Seminar’, Oxford, 17 November 1994 1994 Correspondence. G.329-G.345 International and Gastronomy,Erice, Sicily, Italy, 22-26 April 1995 Workshop on Molecular Physical 1993-1996 Chiefly correspondence re arrangements and arising. See also K.8, K.73. G.329 1993 G.330-G.334 1994 5 folders. G.335-G.342 1995 8 folders. G.343 1996 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 182 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 G.344 Poster, programme,list of participants, etc. 1995 G.345 Account of meeting from magazine Lettre des Sciences Chimiques (May-June-July 1995) 1992-1995 Also includes copies of the ‘Molecular and Physical Gastronomy Newsletter’, 1992-1993. G.346-G.348 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, St Antony’s College, Oxford, 9-10 September 1995 1994-1995 Correspondence, Kurti’s contribution ‘Rumford and Culinary Science’. circulars, programme etc. G.348 is 3 folders. G.349 Lunch to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the first nuclear cooling experiment in which a nuclear spin temperature of 10 UK was reached, Royal Society, London, 7 June 1996 1996 Correspondence, seating plan. G.350-G.353 Twenty-first International Conference on Low Temperature Physics (LT-21), Prague, Czech Republic, 8-14 August 1996 1927, 1996- 1999 Annotated Correspondenceetc. re Kurti’s contribution, ‘The Prehistory and Early History of Nuclear Cooling: Reflections of a Cryo-Dinosaur’. sound recording (G.351), original offprints of papers by W.F. Giauque and other pioneers (G.352), draft of ‘Réflexions d’un cryodinosaure’ for the French magazine Pour la Science, product which appeared posthumously (G.353). including the final transcript of the 4 folders. See also K.74 for tape-recording of Kurti’s contribution. G.354, G.355 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, St Antony’s College, Oxford, 7-8 September 1996 1996 Correspondence, circulars, programme, list of participants N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 183 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 etc. A copy of Kurti’s contribution ‘Space, Time and Food (Barbecued mi-Cheval-mi-Porc, Whale’s milk)’ is at G.355. Saucisses Elephant, 2 folders. G.356, G.357 ‘100th Anniversary of Tungsram’, Budapest, Hungary, 1 November 1996 1996, n.d. Correspondence etc. Includes a handwritten draft of a speech made by Kurti on the occasion. Also includes a copy of the magazine Fizikai Szemle, containing an article by Kurti about his uncle Jdézsef Pintér, an electrical engineer who was Vice President of Egyesiult Izzo (the Tungsram Worksin Budapest). Includes 2 monochrome photographs. 2 folders. G.358 ‘Promotion of ENSBANA’, Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, France, 25 January 1997 1996-1997 Correspondence, copyof Kurti’s address (in French). ENSBANAstands for ‘Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Biologie Appliquée a la Nutrition et a l’Alimentation’. G.359-G.369 in Third Cooking’, ‘Heat International Workshop on Molecular and Physical Gastronomy, Erice, Sicily, Italy, 4-8 April 1997 G.359-G.361 ‘Erice ‘97’ Contents of a binder so inscribed. Correspondenceetc. 3 folders. 1992-1998 1994-1997 G.362-G.369 General 1992-1998 Correspondence, circulars, programme, list of participants etc. Kurtis paper is at G.366. G.369 is material from the first Erice workshop, in 1992 (see G.296-G.317). 8 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 184 Visits and conferences, G.1-G.376 G.370, G.371 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, St Antony’s College, Oxford, 18-19 July 1997 1996-1998 Correspondence, programme, list of participants etc. 2 folders. G.372 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, St Antony's College, Oxford, 5-6 September 1998 1998 Correspondence, programme, list of participants (styled ‘symposiasts’). G.373-G.375 Miscellaneous, 1990s 1988-1999 Correspondenceetc. re meetings that may not have taken place, which Kurti may not have attended or which he declined to attend. G.374, G.375 is material on the 4th International Workshop on Molecular and Physical Gastronomy, Erice, May 1999, which Kurti helped organise but which took place 6 months after his death. 3 folders. G.376 ‘Berkeley Seminar Adiabatic demagnetisation’. N.d. Manuscript notessotitled. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 SECTION H SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS, H.1-H.992 185 early 1940s- 1997 H.1 H.2 ACADEMIA EUROPAEA AMERICAN ACADEMYOF ARTS AND SCIENCES H.3-H.5 AMERICANINSTITUTE OF WINE AND FOOD H.6-H.8 ATOMIC SCIENTISTS’ ASSOCIATION H.9-H.15 BRITISH ACADEMY H.16 BRITISH COUNCIL H.17-H.28 BRITISH CRYOGENICS COUNCIL H.29-H.36 BRITISH INSULATED CALLENDERS’ CABLES H.37-H.51 BRITISH NUTRITION FOUNDATION H.52-H.92 CNRS ATP ‘PROBLEMES SOCIO-ECONOMIQE DE L’ENERGIE’ H.93-H.112 COLLEGE OF AERONAUTICS, CRANFIELD H.113, H.114 COMBINED HEAT AND POWER ASSOCIATION H.115-H.122 CONSERVATIVE PARTY ‘ENERGY POLICY GROUP’ H.123-H.270 CONTEMPORARYSCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE, OXFORD H.271 CORPUS VITREARUM MEDII AEVI H.272-H.277 COUNCIL FOR THE PROTECTION OF RURAL ENGLAND N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 186 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.278-H.399 H.400, H.401 DEPARTMENT FOR SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH/SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE ADVISORY COMMITTEE FOR SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL INNOVATION H.402 DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY COMBINED HEAT AND POWER GROUP H.402A ELECTRICITY COUNCIL RESEARCH CENTRE H.403-H.433 ELECTRICITY SUPPLY RESEARCH COUNCIL H.434-H.450 EUROPEAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY H.451-H.455 FRENCH EMBASSY IN LONDON H.456 H.457 GREAT BRITAIN/EAST EUROPE CENTRE HUNGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES H.458-H.481 INSTITUT INTERNATIONAL DU FROID H.482-H.560 INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS/INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS AND PHYSICAL SOCIETY H.561-H.566 INTER-UNIVERSITE H.567-H.627 INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC UNIONS H.628-H.725 INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL FOUNDATION H.726 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY H.727, H.728 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF PURE AND APPLIED PHYSICS NCUACS 165/8/08 187 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.729 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF THE HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE H.730-H.737 LOW TEMPERATURE BIOLOGYCLUB (later SOCIETY FOR LOW TEMPERATURE BIOLOGY) H.738-H.742 MINISTRY OF TECHNOLOGY ADVISORY COMMITTEE FOR RESEARCH ON MEASUREMENTS AND STANDARDS H.743 NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL FUEL EFFICIENCY SERVICE (NIFES) H.744-H.754 NATIONAL PHYSICAL LABORATORY H.755-H.762 NATIONAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION H.763, H.764 NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANISATION H.765-H.780 PHYSICAL SOCIETY H.781, H.782 ROYAL INSTITUTION H.783-H.926 ROYAL SOCIETY H.927-H.931 SCIENCE POLICY FOUNDATION H.932-H.935 SOCIETE FRANCAISE DE PHYSIQUE H.936-H.944 SOCIETY FOR ANGLO-CHINESE UNDERSTANDING H.945-H.954 UNITED KINGDOM ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY H.955 VOLUNTEERSFOR IONISING RADIATION H.956-H.992 WORKING PARTY ON CRYOGENIC TERMINOLOGY N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 188 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.1 ACADEMIA EUROPAEA 1997 Papers of the Annual Meeting and Annual Business Meeting of the Academia Europaea, Ghent, Belgium, 3-5 July 1997. H.2 AMERICAN ACADEMYOF ARTS AND SCIENCES 1968-1997 Correspondence, including with the Academy’s Committee on the Academy's journal Daedalus, etc. Intellectual Freedom, re Kurti was elected a Foreign Honorary Member in May 1968. H.3-H.5 AMERICANINSTITUTE OF WINE AND FOOD (AIWF) 1981-1988 Correspondence suggestions for the future expansion of the new Institute. membership Kurtis and_ re his Kurti joined the Institute in 1982. He discontinued his membership in 1988, because he considered benefits from membership negligible for someone living in the UK and because the AIWF did not develop his area of interest, science in gastronomy. H.6-H.8 ATOMIC SCIENTISTS’ ASSOCIATION 1948, n.d. Founded by J. Rotblat in 1946, the Atomic Scientists’ Association was a group of eminent scientists concerned with questions of public policy regarding the applications and dangersof nuclear physics. H.6 Correspondence 1948 Correspondence re an event at Rhodes House during the N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 189 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 Oxford Atomic Week and reaction of the Warden of Rhodes House. H.7, H.8 Draft lectures N.d. 2 folders. In Kurti’s hand. H.9-H.15 BRITISH ACADEMY 1970-1985 collaboration between the Correspondence re British Academy and the Royal Society. The project related to British participation in ‘Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi’, an the international medieval stained glass windows of Europe. See also H.271. research record project aiming to 7 folders. Kurti became involved in the preservation aspects of this research project and fostered exchanges on scientific approachesto stained glass conservation. H.16 BRITISH COUNCIL 1966-1985 Correspondence, including exchange. re Anglo-Hungarian cultural H.17-H.28 BRITISH CRYOGENICS COUNCIL 1961-1982 The British Cryogenics Council (BCC) was foundedin 1967 to promote cryogenics and support the application of cryogenic processes in industry. Kurti represented the Institute of Physics on the BCC (see his 1969 report at H.483). N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 190 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.17-H.21 Committee ‘B’ ‘The Future of Cryogenics’ 1971-1977 committee papers and_ circulated Correspondence, includes minutes of BCC background material. Steering includes correspondence with members of the Low Temperature Group ofthe Institute of Physics and Physical Society. Committee Meetings. H.20 Also 5 folders. of title Occasionally the this committee appears as ‘Technological Forecasting’. Its objectives were to study world-wide trends of cryogenics, covering the temperature range from 170°K to absolute zero, and to advise the BCC Steering Committee of any steps that it should take or recommend to further the development of cryogenics in the UK. H.22 Sub-Committee on Helium Supply 1971 Correspondence with J.A. Bayliss. Also includes drafts of the ‘Memorandum to the British Cryogenics Council from the Subcommittee on Helium Supply’. H.23-H.28 Background materials on helium supply etc. 1961-1982 Includes reference materials created by the Cryogenic Equipment Panel of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research and the Science Research Council in the 1960s, and correspondence and reports re helium supply and helium conservation outside Europe. 6 folders. H.29-H.36 BRITISH INSULATED CALLENDERS’ CABLES(BICC) 1965-1987 Correspondence, reports, etc. 8 folders. From 1961 to 1980 Kurti acted as a consultant on cryogenics for BICC (from 1975 onwards also on energy problems). After 1980 he wasretained on a small fee as an occasional adviser. See also G.165-G.167. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 191 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.37-H.51 BRITISH NUTRITION FOUNDATION (BNF) 1986-1996 Kurti was a member of Council for the period covered by these papers. H.37-H.47 Council papers 1987-1995 In chronological order. 11 folders. H.48-H.50 Correspondence 1986-1996 3 folders. H.51 Reports 1987, 1990 Copies of ‘Sugars and Syrups’ (Report of the BNF’s Task Force, 1987) and of the BNF’s Annual Report and Accounts, 1989-1990, featuring Kurti who provided the Annual Lecture, 1989. H.52-H.92 CNRS ATP ‘PROBLEMES SOCIO-ECONOMIQE DE L’ENERGIE’ 1974-1978, n.d. For the period covered by these papers Kurti was a member of the Comité that allocated research grants within the ATP (‘Action Thématique Programmée’). ATP was a French model for a research project that brings together a wide array of scholars and institutions around a broad theoretical topic. H.52-H.54 General correspondence 1974-1978 3 folders. H.55-H.91 Applications 1974-1977 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 192 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.55-H.65 1974 Applications, in numerical order. Copy of the key at H.55. Applications 1, 2, 5 are missing. Application 4 (at H.57-H.60) includes correspondence and material re a Franco-Swedish Round Table on Energy Economics, 17-18 March 1977. 11 folders. H.66-H.71 1975 Applications, in numerical order. Copyof the key at H.66. Applications 1, 4 are missing. 6 folders. H.72-H.81 1976 Complete set of 8 applications, in numerical order. of the Copy correspondenceand Kurti’s comments on applications. which H.72, also key at includes 10 folders. H.82-H.91 1977 Complete set of 7 applications, in numerical order. of Copy correspondence. the key at H.82, which also includes 10 folders. H.92 Graphs on heat content of conducting electrons and nuclear spins, etc. n.d. Found with CNRS ATP material. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 193 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.93-H.112 COLLEGE OF AERONAUTICS, CRANFIELD 1953-1985 Kurti was a Governor of the College of Aeronautics, Cranfield, 1953-1969. After the College received its Royal Charter and became the Cranfield Institute of Technology (1969), he served on its Court. The Institute changed its name to Cranfield University in 1993. H.93-H.106 Correspondence 1953-1985 In chronological order. See also J.33-J.37, J.43, J.87, J.88, J.91, J.221, J.222, J.232-J.234. H.93-H.95 1953-1958 H.93 Correspondence with R.V. Goddard and B. Lockspeiser Includes memorandum by Lockspeiser on ‘The present situation of the College of Aeronautics’. Goddard was Principal Lockspeiser was on the Board of Governors. College of the 1951-1954. H.94, H.95 Includes arrangements re a talk by Kurti on his recent LT research 2 folders. H.96-H.100 1961-1966 Includes assessments of theses and discussions re the extent of the association between the College and the University of Oxford, re the Robbins Report (1963), re whetherthe Universities of Oxford and Birmingham should ‘sponsor’ Cranfield degrees, etc. 5 folders. The Robbins Report included a recommendation that Colleges of Advanced Technology should be given the status of universities. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 194 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.101, H.102 1968-1969 Correspondence re the transition of the College into the Cranfield Institute of Technology and the appointment of a new Principal. 2 folders. H.103-H.106 1970-1985 1970. Chiefly correspondence and committee papers, Includes a letter from Sir Victor Goddard thanking Kurti for taking his side when Goddard was‘turned out of Cranfield’ in 1954. 4 folders. H.107-H.112 Cranfield Society Symposium ‘Cross Channel Transport - Under, Over or On’, 19-20 July 1969 1969 Correspondence, Symposium. See also G.103. programme, papers etc. from the 6 folders. Kurti chaired the first session of this symposium. H.113, H.114 COMBINED HEAT AND POWERASSOCIATION (CHPA) 1977-1990 Correspondence, circulars, etc. Kurti became an honorary member of the District Heating Association (DHA) in the 1970s. By 1989 he still lectured regularly ‘on CHP and other energy questions’ at the University of Paris, but his active involvement with the DHA (now CHPA) had become ‘negligible’. He was also a member of the Department of Energy’s CHA Group (see H.402). There is further material relating to CHP at D.14-D.18. H.113 Includes correspondence re Kurtis disagreement with the Combined Heat and Power(CHP) enthusiast N. Jenkins N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 195 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 See also E.258-E.261. H.114 Includes correspondence re J.M. Cassels’s pioneering role in the CHP movement H.115-H.122 CONSERVATIVE PARTY ‘ENERGY POLICY GROUP’ 1975-1979 In June 1975 Kurti was invited to join a new policy group on energy set up and chaired by P. Jenkin, MP on behalf of the then Shadow Cabinet. Initially termed ‘Energy Policy Group’, it was also referred to as the ‘Rational Use of Energy Policy Group’. H.115-H.119 ‘Jenkin’s Group’ 1 1975-1979 Contents of a folder so inscribed. Correspondence (chiefly with the Conservative MP P. Rost), minutes of meetings, circulated material etc. 5 folders. H.120, H.121 ‘Jenkin’s Group’ 2 ca. 1975 Contents of a folder so inscribed. Duplicated material including minutes of the early meetings of the Energy Policy Group. 2 folders. H.122 Duplicated and photocopied background material n.d. H.123-H.270 CONTEMPORARYSCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE 1965-1998 The Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre (CSAC) started its work as an archive processing centre in April 1973. Upon the retirement of its founding director (M.M. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 196 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 Gowing) in 1986, followed by the Executive Director (J.B. Alton) in 1987, the Centre was moved to the University of under the name ‘National Bath, where it continued Cataloguing the Archives of Contemporary Scientists’ (NCUACS). Kurti was involved with the project - the preservation of contemporary scientific archives - from its early beginning in the mid-1960s. Unit for H.123-H.167 Establishmentof the CSAC H.168-H.221 Administration of the CSAC H.222-H.245 General correspondence H.246-H.253 Relocation of the CSAC to Bath H.254-H.258 CSAC and NCUACS publications H.259-H.270 Background material re scientific archives H.123-H.167 Establishment of the CSAC 1965-1986 H.123-H.136 ‘General Correspondence H.M.C.’ 1965-1973 of of on_ so_ two folders Contents Chiefly correspondence resulting in the establishment of a joint committee Historical Manuscripts (HMC) and the Royal Society - the Joint (Standing) Committee for Scientific and Technological Records. See also H.259-H.261. Commission inscribed. Royal the H.123-H.129 ‘1965-1969 + Simon Papers for RS Exhib. + H.M. Bill 1965-1969 of folder Contents Includes correspondence re ‘the fate of papers of distinguished British scientists’ (H.123-H.127). inscribed. further so 7 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 197 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.130-H.136 ‘1970-19[73]’ 1970-1973 of so folder further inscribed. Contents Chiefly correspondence between members of the Joint Committee. Includes correspondence re the papers of Max Born and the biometrician Karl Pearson, re the question of whether objects such as Newton’s prisms or genetical specimens of the late Sir R. A. Fisher should be included in personal archives, etc. H.136 includes papers for consideration by the Joint Committee at its meeting on 25 May 1973, its first meeting after the new CSAC began its work on 2 April. 7 folders. H.137-H.146 Original ‘M.M.G. - Gowing\Pye Pilot Scheme - R.S. 4th June ‘69-Aslib 25th Nov ‘70 - Cherwell Papers’ 19.3.68 Report 1967-1973 Contents of a folder so inscribed. See also H.259-H.261. No material re ‘Cherwell Papers’ was found. H.137, H.138 Gowing Report 1967-1968 Correspondencere arrangements to preserve the personal papers of eminent scientists, re Gowing’s report on the topic (dated 19 March 1968), re the availability of a suitable archivist to carry out a pilot project, A copy of Gowing’s report, entitled ‘Pilot Survey of “Contemporary” Scientists Papers’, can be found at H.137. etc. 2 folders. The archivist chosen to carry out the pilot project was J.M. Pye of the Atomic Energy Research Establishment (AERE) at Harwell, Berks. H.139-H.141 Pilot Study 1968-1969 Correspondence and working papers re the pilot study (also referred to as ‘Pilot Scheme’), i.e. the ‘arrangement and listing of the papers of two or three scientists recently deceased’. discussions on archival procedures, chiefly involving Gowing, R.H. Ellis of the Historical Manuscripts Commission (HMC), E.N. da C. Andrade and Kurti, but in particular Pye. Includes detailed N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 198 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 3 folders. The scientists chosen for the pilot study were Sir Francis Simon, L.R. Wager and Sir John Gaddum. The physicist Andrade wasone of Kurti’s allies in the creation of CSAC. H.142 Exhibition of the Pilot Study 1969 Correspondencere an exhibition on the pilot scheme in the Royal Society, ‘for members of the Joint Committee, members of R.S. Council, and other interested peopleto... see what the results look like’. Includes sketches of the displays. The exhibition took place on 4 June 1969. H.143 Aftermath of the Pilot Study 1969-1970 Correspondence re whatprovisions could be made (on the basis of the pilot scheme) for the systematic preservation of the personal papers of Fellows of the Royal Society. Includes copy of the recommendations made bythe Joint Committee. H.144 Aslib Conference, 25 November 1970 1970 Correspondence re an evening meeting of the Association of Special Libraries and Information Bureaux (Aslib) on ‘The and Technologists’. Includes an offprint of the papers presented on the occasion by Kurti, Gowing, Pye and Ellis. Scientists Archives of 20th Century H.145, H.146 Leslie Scarman - ‘Sir Foundation’ Contents ofa folder. Sir Alan Bullock - Wolfson 1970-1973 Correspondence etc. re applications for funding from, among others, the Wolfson Foundation. Eventually this application met with success. 2 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 199 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.147-H.167 Standing Joint Committee for Scientific and Technological Records 1966-1976, 1986 Correspondence, reports of meetings, minutes, circulated material etc. relating to the joint activities of the Royal Society and the Historical Manuscripts Commission on behalf of the preservation of scientific and technological records. H.147 Origins 1964x1966 Duplicated material. Includes a memorandum on scientific manuscripts by R.N. Quirk of the HMC and a copy of the proceedings of a meeting of representatives of the Royal Society and the HMC on 12 July 1966. Quirk, who died in 1964, was an early champion of the preservation of scientific manuscripts. H.148, H.149 1966-1968 Circular letters, copies of agendas and minutesofthefirst meetings of the Joint Committee. H.149 includes an introductory note on Sir John Gaddum by his colleague W.S. Feldberg. 2 folders. H.150 1969 Copies correspondence. of agendas and minutes. Also includes H.151 1970 and_ material, circulated Correspondence including Historical Archives of British Men of Science by R.M. MacLeod, specimen entry (from the MacLeod survey) for the papers of J.L. Baker, and a documentproduced by the Joint Committee outlining its plans for ‘The Preservation of the Records of Science and Technology’. MacLeod, who was based at the University of Sussex, had launched an independentproject ‘to locate, identify, count and briefly catalogue existing collections of letters, papers and unpublished materials of approximately 3,000 British men of science who flourished between 1850 and 1939’. Funded by the Social Science Research Council, it began N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 200 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 in January 1969. See also H.222. H.152 1971 Copies of agendas and minutes (annotated). Also includes correspondencere funding for the cataloguing of scientific archives and re the Guide to the papers of leading British scientists from the 16th to the 20th century, to be compiled by R.E.W. Maddison. Further includes a duplicated report from the Standing Commission on Museums and Galleries collecting activities of all bodies which have collections in science and technology. re The Guide was funded by a grant from the Goldsmiths’ Company. H.153, H.154 1972 Correspondence, copies of agendas and minutes (some annotated). Correspondence covers the development of the Guide, funding applications, the quality of the MacLeod survey etc. 2 folders. H.155, H.156 1973 Copies of agendas and minutes (somealsoin draft). Also includes correspondencere the work of the new CSAC, the name and letter head of the Joint Committee etc. 2 folders. H.157-H.159 1974 Copies of agendas and minutes (some annotated). Also includes correspondence, circulars, a draft progress report of CSAC for its first year, a note by Kurti on the future finances of the Centreetc. 3 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 201 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.160-H. 162 1975 Copies of agendas and minutes (some annotated). Also includes correspondence, circulars, budget projections, etc. H.161 Salaries at is an ‘Aide-memoire on At the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre’ and a statement about CSAC, sent to the new President of the Royal Society (A.L. Hodgkin), and at H.162 a duplicated account of the achievements of CSAC since it started operating in April 1973. 3 folders. H.163-H. 166 1976 Correspondence, copies of agendas and minutes (some annotated). Topics covered by the correspondenceinclude the future of the Joint Committee, which in the view of some had ‘amply and successfully discharged its original function’, and re revisions to the Guide. 4 folders. H.167 1986 Correspondence with B.S. Smith of the HMC re material documenting the story of the Joint Committee. H.168-H.221 Administration of the CSAC H.168-H.197 Subcommittee on Contemporary Scientific Archives, British National Committee for History of Science, Medicine and Technology 1968-1987 1973-1987 Agendas and minutes of the Subcommittee meetings, with committee papers. On occasion, inquiries received by CSAC were circulated together with these committee papers. The Subcommittee on Contemporary Archives met for the first time on 10 December 1976 and for the last time on 8 September 1986. Its membership constituted itself from the former Joint Committee and Gowing (ex-officio member). Kurti proposed that a nominee each of the British Library and of the Historical Association be added, as well as a N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 202 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 universitylibrarian or archivist. H.168 1973-1974 Correspondence and minutes of a meeting of the British National Committee for History of Science, Medicine and Technology. This predates the foundation of the Subcommittee on Contemporary Scientific Archives. H.169 1976 Correspondence, agenda ofthe first meeting of the new Subcommittee on 10 December 1976. Also includes material from the last meeting of the Joint Committee on 13 April 1976. H.170, H.171 1977 Includes minutes from meetings of the British National Committee and Technology. Medicine History for of Science, 2 folders. H.172, H.173 1978 Includes minutes of a British National Committee for History of Science, Medicine and Technology meeting and a copy of an estimated budget of CSAC, April 1979-March 1980. 2 folders. H.174, H.175 1979 Includes correspondence re the transfer of the CSAC catalogues to microfilm. 2 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 203 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.176, H.177 1980 Includes correspondence. 2 folders. H.178-H.180 1981 Includes minutes of a British National Committee for History of Science, Medicine and Technology meeting (H.179). 3 folders. H.181-H.183 1982 Includes correspondence re the microfilm versions of CSAC catalogues, etc. At H.183 is material from a British National Committee for History of Science, Medicine and Technology meeting. 3 folders. H.184-H.186 1983 Includes correspondencere the Royal Society's attitude to the CSAC. Also includes material from a British National Committee and Technology meeting. Medicine History for of Science, 3 folders. H.187, H.188 1984 Includes material from a British National Committee for History of Science, Medicine and Technology meeting. 2 folders. H.189-H.193 1985 Includes correspondence re the minutes of the meeting on 16 January 1985 and re the relocation of CSAC to Bath. Also includes transparencies for a presentation by Kurti on the performance of CSAC 1973-1984 (H.191) and material N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 204 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 from a British National Committee for History of Science, Medicine and Technology meeting (H.193). 5 folders. H.194, H.195 1986 Includes Committee Technology material. for History of Science, Medicine correspondence. H.195 is British National and 2 folders. H.196, H.197 1987 Agenda, committee papers, minutes of British National Committee and Technology meetings. Medicine Science, History for of 2 folders. Kurti retired from the British National Committee for History of Science, Medicine and Technology as of 31 December 1987. H.198-H.204 Management Committee 1973-1976 Agendas and minutes of the Management Committee meetings, with committee papers. H.198 Ad Hoc Committee 1973 Notes and minutes from meetings of the ad hoc committee for the CSAC. predated The ad hoc committee the Management Committee proper, which was designated by the Joint Committee as a formal management committee to provide for the day-to-day running of the CSAC, while the Joint Committee was responsible for the larger questions of policy and finance. H.199, H.200 1973 Includes correspondence re the Progress Report. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 205 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 2 folders. H.201 1974 Includes correspondence re the papers of J. naturalist, broadcaster, publisher. Fisher, H.202, H.203 1975 Includes correspondence. 2 folders. H.204 1976 H.205-H.207 Management Group 1983-1985 Agendas and minutes of the Management Group meetings, with committee papers. Also includes correspondence. The Group was set up in November 1983. On it were the Chairman of the BNC, the Chairman of the Subcommittee, the Honorary Director of the CSAC, and the Treasurer and the Executive Secretary of the Royal Society. H.205 H.206 H.207 1983 1984 1985 H.208-H.221 Finances H.208-H.219 Fundraising Correspondence. 1968-1985 1968-1984 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 206 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.208 1968-1969 Includes material relating to a schemefor the preservation of scientific manuscripts instigated by D.O. Edge. H.209 1970-1971 H.210 1972 Includes an undateddraft of the application to the Wolfson Foundation (see also H.145, H.146). H.211 1973 H.212, H.213 1974 Includes a copy of Gowing’s application for a Royal Society Researchgrantin the History of Science. 2 folders. H.214 1975-1979 Includes a summary of a discussion with C. Jolliffe of the Leverhulme Trust and a copy of Gowing’s application for funding. H.215-H.217 1980 3 folders. H.218 1981-1983 H.219 1984-1993 H.220 Accounts 1973-1985 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 207 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 Miscellaneous balance statements, budget projections and correspondence. H.221 ‘Salary discussions mainly [19]75-[19]76’ 1975x1976 Top sheet so inscribed. Correspondence etc, treasury- tagged. In original order. H.222-H.245 General correspondence 1969-1998 H.222 1969-1971 Includes correspondence with R.M. Macleod (see also H.151). H.223, H.224 1972 H.223 includes correspondence re the papers of E.N. da C. Andrade. 2 folders. H.225-H.227 1973 3 folders. H.228-H.230 1974 H.228 includesa draft of article about the CSAC, written for Nature. H.230 includes notes by Kurti re the purpose and achievements of the CSACand its future finances. 3 folders. H.231-H.233 1975 3 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 208 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.234 1976-1977 Includes a draft survey of ‘the present work and future plans’ of the CSAC and a handwritten account by Gowing on whyits work must continue. H.235 1978-1979 H.236 H.237 H.238 H.239 H.240 1980 1981 correspondence Includes for Owners produced by the CSAC anddistributed through the Royal Society. Guide re the 1982 1983 1984 Includes correspondencewith the historian W.H. Brock re the papers of Sir James Dewar. H.241, H.242 1985 Includes correspondence re disagreements on archival procedures between Alton on the one hand and Gowing and Kurti on the other. 2 folders. H.243, H.244 1986 Continues the dispute over archival procedures. 2 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 209 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.245 1987-1998 Includes Kurtis comments on the first Progress Report after the relocation of the CSAC to Bath, where it was renamed National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists (NCUACS). H.246-H.253 Relocation of the CSAC to Bath H.246 ‘Bath-Oxford-Cambridge’ Treasury-tagged, inscribed. Correspondence discussing the future of the CSAC, with additional material. label with so a H.247 ‘NK, MMG, Regist. WP Corresp.’ with Treasury-tagged, inscribed. Correspondencechiefly between Kurti, Gowing, Sir William Paton and the of Oxford. Includes an account by Gowing of the story of the CSAC. Registry of the University label a so 1979-1988 November 1984-June 1985 November 1984-July 1985 Paton was a supporter of the CSACoflong standing. H.248 Transition to NCUACS 1986 Correspondence and draft publicity statements for the new NCUACS. H.249-H.253 General 1979-1988 Includes various drafts re the future of the CSAC. A copyof the first Progress Report of the NCUACS can be found at H.253. 5 folders. H.254-H.258 CSAC and NCUACS publications 1973-1987 H.254-H.257 Progress Reports 1973-1987 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 210 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 Incomplete set (1, 2 and 5 are missing). A report for the first three years and oneforthefirst five years can be found at H.257. 4 folders. H.258 Other publications 1973-1986 Includes copies of the first catalogue produced by the CSAC, ‘Report on the papers of William Hume-Rothery’, the the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre, etc. Catalogues Compiled original Guide, by H.259-H.270 Background material re scientific archives 1960x1989 H.259-H.261 ‘Pilot Scheme General’ 1965x1970 Contents of a folder so inscribed. Original and duplicated papers re the Gowing-Pyepilot project and the early Joint Committee. See also H.123-H.146. 3 folders. H.262-H.265 Preservation and Export of Scientific Manuscripts 1965x1980 Original and duplicated material. H.264 Commissioners, 1973-1974 and 1974-1975. Secretary's copies the of is Report to the H.265 is documents from a folder inscribed ‘Export of MSS’ and includes papers re a proposed Parliamentary Bill to ensure historical manuscripts. stronger control export the of of 4 folders. H.266-H.269 ‘MMG’ 1966x1989 Contents of a folder so inscribed. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 211 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.266 Correspondence 1966-1986 Includes correspondence between Kurti and Gowing re the ‘Simon-Kurti includes correspondence re Gowing’s valedictory dinner in 1986 and re the Gowing Festschrift (ed. N.A. Rupke). Papers’. Also Atomic Energy referred to The ‘Simon-Kurti Atomic Energy Papers’ material created by Kurti and F.E. Simon during their involvement with the Tube Alloys project. Since neither Kurti nor Simon werefull-time employees of the project, the papers were nottechnically official records and, subject to classification, were private property. Nevertheless Gowing persuaded Kurti to hand them over as she considered them an important addition to the archives of the UK atomic energy project. H.267 CV and nomination for Balzan Prize 1986x1989 H.268, H.269 Supporting Documentation 1975-1986 2 folders. H.270 ‘Paris Meeting’ 1981 Contents of an envelope so inscribed. Correspondence etc. (some in French) re a meeting of the Commission d'Histoire de la Physique of the Société Francaise de Physique. on 29 April 1981. Also includes material on the teaching of the history of science in the UK. Kurti presented a paper on the work of the CSAC on the occasion. H.271 CORPUS VITREARUM MEDII AEVI (CVMA) 1972-1973 Includes correspondence re the state of the stained glass windows of Canterbury Cathedral and re scientific methods for the conservation of medieval glass, a topic of interest to the Technical Subcommittee of the British Committee of the CVMA.See also H.9-H.15. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 212 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.272-H.277 COUNCIL FOR THE ENGLAND (CPRE) PROTECTION OF RURAL 1967-1972 Contents of two folders so inscribed. Chiefly correspondence. a document on ‘Power Transmission’, produced by the CPRE’s Working Party on Power Transmission. includes Also drafts of 6 folders. Kurtis association with the CPRE wasinitiated by a letter of his published in The Times. He resisted attempts to recruit him into the Working Party as a formal member, but agreed to act as a consultant. H.278-H.399 DEPARTMENT FOR SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH (DSIR)/SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL (SRC) 1960-1989 H.278-H.296 General and miscellaneous correspondence and papers H.297-H.341 High Magnetic Field projects H.342-H.371 Cryogenic Equipment Panel H.372-H.389 Physics Committee H.390-H.392 Data Compilation Committee H.393-H.399 Energy Round Table, Worcester College Oxford, 18- 19 September 1978 H.278-H.296 General and miscellaneous correspondence and papers 1963-1975, n.d. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 213 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.278-H.286 ‘General Correspondence’ 1963-1977 Contents of a folder so inscribed. H.278 1963-1965 Panel, the length re correspondence Cryogenic Includes Equipment Research Studentships, proposals for new MSc coursesin cryogenic engineering, etc. DSIR_ DSIR the of H.279, H.280 1966-1967 Includes correspondence re SRC Council Meetings and university-industry collaboration. H.280 is an exchange with the Earl of Hailsbury, May 1966-January 1967, chiefly re acronyms. 2 folders. H.281, H.282 1967 Includes correspondence re making techniques developed in government laboratories available to industry, SRC Council Minutes and the Annual Report, the ‘brain drain’, the Oxford Advanced Cryogenics Course, the history of the High Magnetic Field Project, etc. 2 folders. For the High Magnetic Field Project (HMF), see H.327- H.340. H.283, H.284 1967-1968 by new accounting Includes correspondence re the HMF project, the threat posed to fundamental research carried out in Government establishments, the ‘brain drain’, the seeming erosion of SRC support for fundamental research, proposed courses in Advanced Cryogenics, etc. practices 2 folders. Kurti's correspondent here is chiefly B.H. Flowers, who chaired the SRC from 1966. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 214 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.285 1969-1971 Continues Kurtis engagement with the question of the SRC’s Includes correspondencere the Grenoble High Field Laboratory. fundamental research. support for H.286 1975, 1977 Correspondence 1975 re payments to members of the SRC’s Joint SRC/British Academy/Royal Society Ad Hoc Panel on the History of Science, 1 July 1977. Committee; Physics papers 1977 re H.287-H.292 ‘Royal Society/Science Research Council’ 1966-1967, n.d. Contents of a folder so inscribed. Correspondence, chiefly arising from Kurti’s position as Royal Society assessor on the SRC. H.287-H.289 1966 Includes correspondence with Sir Patrick Blackett. Also includes notes(in Kurti’s hand) on SRC meetings. 3 folders. Blackett was Presidentof the Royal Society at the time. H.290-H.292 1967 1967, n.d. correspondence Includes courses, Research Training Support Grants and a grant proposal for space biological experimentation. Also includes drafts of SRC Minutes, Kurtis notes on SRC meetings, etc. postgraduate re H.292 is undated material. 3 folders. H.293-H.296 ‘Misc. Sci. Res. Cou.’ 1966-1967, n.d. Contents of a folder so inscribed. Correspondenceetc. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 215 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.293, H.294 1966 Includes correspondence re the Swann Report, notes on SRC meetings, etc. 2 folders. The Swann Report was the interim report of the Working Group on Manpower Parameters for Scientific Growth chaired by M.M. Swann. Charged to discover ‘whether there was any imbalance in the employment of qualified engineering, technological and scientific manpower’, the Working Group presentedits interim report to Parliament in October 1966. H.295, H.296 1967 Correspondence, correspondencewith A.B. Pippard and M.M. Swann. Minutes, SRC etc. Includes 2 folders. Pippard was a member of ManpowerParametersfor Scientific Growth. the Working Group on H.297-H.341 High Magnetic Field projects 1960-1989 Correspondence, committee papers etc re the proposed creation of a High Magnetic Field (HMF) Laboratory. In November 1960 R.A. Smith of the Royal Radar Establishment (RRE) Malvern was invited by the Low Temperature and Solid State Physics Subcommittee of the DSIR Research Grants Committee to form a panel to discuss the production and uses of very high magnetic fields and to prepare a report. The Smith panel decided in favour of setting up a HMF facility on a national scale. In spring 1962 an informal steering committee under Smith met and as a result a grant was awarded for a design study to be carried out at RRE Malvern. Between October of that year and May 1963 a HMF Project Working Party metfive times. Their report (presented by Kurti in June 1963) was discussed by the Research Grants Committee which recommended that DSIR should initiate discussions about it with the universities. There ensued dissentre the siting of the proposed laboratory. Candidate locations were the Oxford-Harwell area (with its extant centres of flourishing N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 216 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 Minister Sir of Science, solid state research), and Newcastle, the option favoured by the then Quintin Hogg. Nottingham was mentioned as a compromise. Eventually the project ground to a halt. By 1970 Kurti explored the possibility for the UK to become involved with the HMF installation created at Grenoble, France. This too came to nothing. H.297-H.309 Correspondence 1960-1965 H.297 1960 Correspondents include R.A. Smith and A. H. Cottrell. H.298 1961 As before. Also includes correspondencewith B. Bleaney. H.299 1962 Include draft reports by D.H. Parkinson (a memberof the Steering Committee) and correspondence with the DSIR. H.300-H.306 1963 1961-1963 Contains sequences of named parties (normally in reverse chronological order). labelled correspondence with Includes draft documents of the High Magnetic Field Project Working Party, correspondence re the location of the proposed facility, re candidates for the position of Director, re the possibility of a consortium between Bristol, Oxford and Reading to sponsor it, re a visit to high field laboratories in the US, etc. H.301 is drafts of reports (with appendices) to the DSIR High Field Panel. H.303 is Parkinson’s floor-plans of the facility, Harwell. if built at 7 folders. H.307, H.308 1964 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 217 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 Includes a note on the Clarendon Laboratory's possible relationship with the proposed National Magnet Laboratory. 2 folders. H.309 1965 H.310-H.318 Committee papers and Reports Includes some correspondence. H.310 1961 1965, n.d. 1961-1965 Reports of the Smith panel. Also includes a report by Kurti on Materials Capable of Carrying High Current Densities’. of New Superconducting ‘Applications H.311 1962 Includes a progress report by D.H. Parkinson on the Design Study and unconfirmed minutes for a meeting of the Magnetic Fields Project Working Party on 26 October 1962. H.312-H.316 1963 Contents of a folder inscribed ‘High Fields’. H.312 H.313 H.314 Papers for the Fifth Meeting of the Working Party on 31 May 1963, with correspondence D.H. Parkinson’s study of the running costs of a HMF Laboratory for of the meeting Papers Grant Committee in June, where the report of the Working Party was discussed DSIR Research N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 218 H.315 H.316 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 Notes by Kurti circulated at a Physics Sub-Faculty Meeting in Oxford Correspondence and documents re an extraordinary Sub- Faculty Meeting in Oxford, 24 October The purpose of the meeting was ‘to consider further the form ofliaison, if any, between the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and the University’. H.317 1964 Includes correspondence, committee papers and Kurti’s handwritten combined Sub- meeting on 24 Committee/High Field Working Party November 1964. physics a notes on H.318 1965 Correspondence and committee papers. Also includes Kurti’s personal notes (typescript) about an OECD meeting on ‘International Co-operation in High Magnetic Field Research’, held in Paris on 9-10 November. H.319-H.326 Correspondence and Committee Papers, 1966-1967 1964-1967 H.319 Correspondence, 1966 Correspondence with W.A. Runciman at MIT, C. Jolliffe of the SRC, H.M. Finniston of the International Research & Development Company (IRDC). H.320-H.324 Committee papers for 1966 1964-1967 H.320-H.322 Annotated papers for meetings of the SRC University Science and Technology Board and AERE’s High Magnetic Field Laboratory Main Project Committee H.323 Copy of a design study concerning magnets for the proposed laboratory N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 219 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.324 Original sketch plansfor facility at Harwell H.325, H.326 Correspondence 1967 Includes a memorandum re a meeting of the SRC UST Board on 21 March, when it was agreed to recommend that the laboratory be built on the SRC site at Chilton in Oxfordshire. Also includes a report of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft re magnetic fields. 2 folders. H.327-H.340 High Magnetic Field installation, Grenoble, France 1967-1976 Material re British participation created at Grenoble. in the HMF installation Kurti was a member of the Comité de Direction of the Service National des Champs Intenses (SNCI) in Grenoble and urged UK support for or, after 1971, cooperation with this facility. H.327, H.328 1970 2 folders. H.329-H.331 1971 3 folders. At H.329 is the SRC Physics Committee’s decision not to contribute to the Grenoble facility and Kurti’s response. H.332 1972-1973 H.333, H.334 1974 2 folders. Includes account of work at Grenoble from Europhysics News,July 1974 (H.333). N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 220 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.335 1975-1976 Includes Kurti’s notes ?for lecture at Grenoble. H.336, H.337 ‘Topical Information’ 1966-1974 Contents of a folder so inscribed: includes papers of meetings to discusshigh field facilities, 1966-1969. 2 folders. H.338-H.340 Printed background and information material 1967-1976 3 folders. H.341 SERC meeting on UK access to High Magnetic Field Facilities 1986, 1989 The issue of UK accessto thesefacilities was reopenedin the mid-1980s. The material includes Kurtis accounts of previous attempts in this area and lessons thereof. H.342-H.371 Cryogenic Equipment Panel 1962-1970 The Cryogenic Equipment Panel was established as a subgroup of the DSIR’s Research Grants Committee at the recommendation of the Low Temperature and Solid State Physics Sub-Committee. It held its first meeting on 16 May 1962 with Kurti was Chairman. With the creation of the SRC the Panel was placed under the Universities Science and Technology Board as the Cryogenics Panel. The panel was wound up in November 1969. H.342-H.354 Papers for meetings 1962-1968 The early meetings were chiefly concerned with the supply of liquid helium for research at UK universities. Later meetings were also concerned with equipmentissues. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.342 16 May 1962 H.343 12 July 1962 Surveyofliquid helium availability and requirements. H.344 27 September 1962 H.345 19 November 1962 H.346 10 January 1963 Includesfirst report of the Panel. H.347 28 February 1963 H.348 24 April 1963 H.349 3 December 1964 H.350 Second report of the Panel, 19 June 1963 H.351 28 October 1965 H.352 1 April 1966 H.353 30 June 1967 H.354 15 January 1968 221 1962 1962 1962 1962 1963 1963 1963 1964 1963 1965 1966 1967 1968 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 222 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.355-H.370 Correspondence and papers 1964-1970 H.355-H.360 Trade embargo on sale of cryogenic equipment to the USSR and People’s Republic of China 1964-1969 6 folders. Board As Chairman of the Cryogenics Panel, Kurti argued that the cryogenic equipment was too sweeping and damaged export opportunities for British industry. Trade’s embargo covering of H.361 General correspondence 1964-1966 Includes Kurti’s ‘Notes for a child’s guide to helium (liquid and gaseous)’, October 1965. H.362 H.363 H.364 H.365 H.366 H.367 H.368 Postgraduate applications at the University of Southampton course M.Sc. cryogenics in and_ its 1966, 1968 Proposed liquid hydrogen centre at the University of Bradford Correspondence manufacturersof liquid helium equipment, February-June Scientific Equipment, Philips from Survey of supplies of liquid helium to universities, May- June General correspondence, May-December 1966 1967 1967 1967 Meeting on liquid helium supplies, 15 January 1968 1967-1968 General correspondence, April-September 1968 Kurtis to Includes Universities helium liquefiers/liquid helium’, June, and Ministry of Technology draft ‘Memorandum of guidance concerning provision the of N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 223 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 summary report on Cryogenic Engineering survey, August. H.369 Papers, October-November 1968 Includes ‘The costof refrigeration’ by Kurti, October 1968. H.370 H.371 General correspondence Printed information H.372-H.389 Physics Committee 1969-1970 1968 1964-1978 Kurti was a memberof the Physics Committee. H.372-H.385 Grant applications 1964-1978 14 folders. H.386-H.389 Miscellaneous correspondence and duplicated typescript papers 1967-1975 4 folders. H.390-H.392 Data Compilation Committee 1973-1979 The Data Compilation Committee was established in April 1974 to review the support of data compilation offered by the SRC and to award grants in this area. It was replaced in 1978 by the Advisory Data Panel which wasdissolved the following year. Kurti was a member of the Committee and the Panel. See also H.826, H.827. H.390 Correspondence and papers 1973-1979 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 224 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 Includes letter from Kurti as Chairman of the British National Committee on Data for Science and Technology suggesting the establishment of an SRC committee, terms of 1975; correspondence re IUPAC Thermodynamic Tables Project Centre, 1977; terms of reference of Advisory Data Panel, April 1978. reference, report, April 1974; draft of first H.391, H.392 Minutes of meetings 1974-1978 2 folders. Also includes ‘Comments of SRC’s support of data activities’ by Kurti as Chairman of the British National Committee on Data for Science and Technology, February 1975 (H.391) and ‘The support of data compilation - the second report of the data compilation committee’, March 1976 (H.392). H.393-H.399 Energy Round Table, Worcester College Oxford, 18-19 September 1978 1977-1978, n.d. Kurti was a member of the Working Group on Energy Storage. H.393 ‘Energy Round Table Working Groups. Papers for the meeting to be held on 10th July 1978’ 1978 Contents of Kurti’s folder so labelled: papers for meeting of Energy Storage Working Group. H.394, H.395 ‘Sand storage and other storage. Papers for En. Round Table’ Contents of Kurti’s folder so inscribed. H.394 H.395 Draft of Kurtis contribution to Working Group report September 1978 report, August, and of 1978 Typescript copies of ‘Le stoackage et le transport de l'energie’, 1977 and of ‘Heat storage in sand’ by Kurti, used 1977, n.d. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 225 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 as material for his contribution H.396-H.399 ‘Energy Round Table 1978’ 1978 Contents of Kurti’s folder so labelled: papers for Energy Round Table, report of the Round Table (H.399). 4 folders. H.400, H.401 DEPARTMENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE TECHNICAL INNOVATION OF EDUCATION FOR’ AND SCIENCE SCIENTIFIC AND 1966-1969 Kurti joined this committee at its fourth meeting. H.400 Minutes of committee meetings 1966-1968 Also includes note for the committee on ‘Reports, Preprints and “Preprints” ’ by Kurti, February 1968. H.401 H.402 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers found with the minutes 1966-1969 DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY COMBINED HEAT AND POWER GROUP 1975-1979 Includes Kurti’s ‘Notes on heat transport’, June 1975 and his ‘Reflections on the Combined Heat and Power Working Group’, June 1976 beginning ‘| am worried about the progress of the CHP Group’s work and I’ve put down on paper my views. The presentation is brief and blunt’. Kurti was a member of the Department of Energy’s Combined Heat and Power Group, chaired by Walter Marshall. He was also a memberof the District Heating Association (DHA), later the Combined Heat and Power Association (H.113, H.114). Thereis further material relating to CHP at D.14-D.18. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 226 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.402A ELECTRICITY COUNCIL RESEARCH CENTRE 1971 Results of tasting tests. These comparison tests were made to determine whether there were noticeable differences between frozen and non- frozen food samples. See also J.399. H.403-H.433 ELECTRICITY SUPPLY RESEARCH COUNCIL (ESRC) 1960-1979 Kurti joined the ESRC in 1960. He served to 1979. H.403-H.420 Papers of meetings 1960-1979 Chiefly agenda and minutes. Some annotated by Kurti or with manuscript notes appended. H.403 H.404 H.405 H.406 1960 1961 1962 1963 H.407 1964-1965 H.408 1966-1967 H.409 1968 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 227 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.410 H.411 1969 1970 H.412 1971-1972 H.413 January, April 1973 H.414 July, October 1973 H.415 1974 H.416 H.417 H.418 H.419 H.420 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 H.421-H.429 ‘ESRC General correspondence’ 1960-1979 of folder so_ Contents Includes correspondence and papers re venues for meetings of the committee, heat pumps and membership. labelled. Kurtis The meetings of the committee were often at electricity generating or supply installations and included tours ofthe facilities. held N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 228 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.421 1960-1961 invitation Includes to serve and terms of reference, International Conference on Gas Discharges and the Electricity Supply Industry, May 1962. H.422 1962-1963 H.423 1964-1968 Includes Kurti’s ‘Notes on a visit to the Shin An Chiang hydro-electric power station [...] China, on August 15th 1964’, and draft paper by W.R. Hawthorne on university research, April 1967. H.424 1969-1972 H.425 1974-1975 Chiefly correspondence and including correspondencein the Financial Times. papers re heat pumps, Also includes annotated menu for visit of ESRC to CEGB Generation Development and Construction Division, 24-25 July 1975. H.426 1976-1977 Includes ‘Report on discussions in Copenhagen on 11-12 December 1975’ by Kurti, distributed March 1976. H.427 1978 Includes information for visits to Dungeness ‘B’ Nuclear Power Station, April, and Berkeley Nuclear Laboratories, July, and proposedvisit to a facility in France, June 1979. H.428 1979 Chiefly re visit to France, 25-27 June. Also includes Kurti’s N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 229 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 ‘Note on a visit to the Electricity Council Research Centre on heat pump developments. survey 1977’ to Friday 22 July H.429 Background information, chiefly in French 1978, 1979 H.430-H.432 ‘E.S.R.C. Energy storage’ 1961, 1972, 1977 Contents of Kurti’s folder so labelled: correspondence and papers. H.430 H.431 H.432 H.433 ESRC discussion electrochemical methods, 21 July 1961 meeting on storage of energy by 1961 Includes correspondence and papersre flywheels and fuel cells, Kurti’s manuscript notes on meeting. Advancedbattery for electrical propulsion Fuel cells Correspondence re application from Chatham House Grammar Schoolfor research grant to study paramagnetic resonance 1972 1977 1961 H.434-H.450 EUROPEANPHYSICAL SOCIETY (EPS) 1967-1989 Kurti was a founding memberof the EPS. H.434 General correspondence and papers 1967-1975 Includes letter to S.F. Edwards re inaugural meeting of the Society, Florence, September 1968. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 230 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.435 ‘Setting up the EPS leading up to Florence meeting’ 1967-1969 Bundle of correspondence and paperssolabelled. H.436 ‘S.F. Edwards re Roy. Soc. + finances’ 1969-1970 Bundle of correspondence and papers solabelled. H.437 ‘N.K. draft proposals for Europhysics Conferences (Gordon type) & comments’ 1970 Bundle of correspondence and paperssolabelled. H.438 ‘General correspondence Conf. Comm & Sub Comm’ 1970-1972 Bundle of correspondence and paperssolabelled. H.439, H.440 ‘Study conferences. Conference Committee’ 1970-1976, 1982 Contents of Europhysics meetings of the EPS Council and Conference Committee. labelled: so Conferences, chiefly Kurtis folder Study re reports planned on 2 folders. Kurti served on the Europhysics Conference Committee to 1975. H.441-H.445 Papers of meetings of Council and Executive Committee of the EPS 1984-1989 Kurti attended meetings of the Executive Committee and Council as the editor of the journal Europhysics Letters. H.441 1984-1985 H.442 H.443 1986 1987 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 231 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.444 1988 Includes Kurtis ‘Comments on the proposed Advisory Committee on Energy’, November 1988 H.445 1989 H.446-H.450 ‘Low Temperature Division EPS 1968-1973’ 1968-1972 Contents of folder so labelled. H.446 ‘Foundation of the LTP Division of the EPS’ 1968-1969 Bundle of correspondence and papers solabelled. H.447 ‘Draft of the letter from Gorter to Guinier - re closer co- operation between divisions + comments onletter’ 1968-1971 Bundle of correspondenceand paperssolabelled. The letter to A. Guinier, Chairman of the Physics of Condensed Matter Division was drafted in 1971 by Kurti on behalf of C.J. Gorter, Chairman of the Low Temperature Division. H.448 H.449 ‘Summer schools Grenoble - June 28-July 10, 1971’ [...] Twente June 22-Jul 4, 1970 1970-1971 Bundle of correspondenceand paperssolabelled. ‘Freudenstadt. Correspondence leading up to it - all notes + papers relating to discussions’ 1969-1972 Bundle of correspondence and papers so labelled relating to meeting at Freudenstadt, Germany to discussrelation of the Low Temperature and Condensed Matter Divisions, and possible establishment of the Low Temperature group as a section of the Condensed Matter Division. H.450 ‘Albé 11-14 April 1972’ 1971-1972 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 232 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 Bundle of correspondence and papers so labelled, chiefly re arrangements for Europhysics Study Conference on Thermometry and Thermal Contact below 50 Millidegree Kelvin’, Albé, France (see also G.141). H.451-H.455 FRENCH EMBASSYIN LONDON 1971-1987 ‘France’: Contents of Kurtis folder inscribed includes correspondencere television broadcast by Kurti for French television, correspondence and papers re meetings of French research workers in Britain organised by the Scientific Department of the French Embassy at the Maison Frangaise in Oxford, visits by French scholars to Oxford and French Government scholarships and related material. H.451 H.452 H.453 Reunions des Chercheurs Francais en Grande-Bretagne 1973, 1977 Correspondence re Radiodiffusion Télévision Frangaise television broadcast for Office de 1973-1975 General and miscellaneous correspondence 1973-1987 H.454, H.455 Printed background and information material 1971-1976 H.456 GREATBRITAIN/EAST EUROPE CENTRE 1969-1990 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers. H.457 HUNGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES 1993-1998 Correspondence. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 233 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 In Hungarian. H.458-H.481 INSTITUT INTERNATIONAL DU FROID 1958-1982 The Institut International du Froid (IIF) or International Institute of Refrigeration was established in 1920, as the successorto the International Association of Refrigeration. When Kurti joined it had nine commissions, of which he was concerned with Commission 1, Scientific problems of low temperature physics and thermodynamics. In 1971 the The first, A, was IIF divided itself into four sections. concerned turn three commissions, A1, Cryophysics, A2 Cryoengineering and A3 Separation of Gases. Commission A1 was notfelt to be as active as it should be and it was proposed to merge Kurti opposed this and a ballot was held the it with A2. result of which supported Kurti. Kurti was nominated to serve as a UK representative on Commission A1 1971- 1975 and served as Vice-President. Cryology. with This in had In 1969 it was agreed to coordinate activities with the Commission on Very Low Temperatures of the IUPAP, with Kurti serving as a common member to liaise between them. Kurti was also a memberof the UK Standing Committee on IIF. He served until its dissolution in 1981. See also G.102 H.458-H.465 General correspondence and papers H.466-H.468 International Congresses of Refrigeration H.469-H.473 Meetings of Commission 1 and Commission A‘ H.474-H.480 Meetings of UK Standing Committee of the International Institute of Refrigeration H.481 Background and information material N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 234 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.458-H.465 General correspondence and papers 1961-1982 H.458 1961-1963 Includes correspondence re possible IIF commission in cryogenic engineering, proposed by Kurti. H.459 1967-1971 Chiefly correspondence possible reform of IIF Commission 1. 1971 with E.F. Hammel, re H.460 1972-1973 Includes Kurti’s definitions of terms for cryology section of IIF dictionary. H.461 1974 Chiefly correspondence on Commission A1 and proposal to mergeit with A2. H.462 January-March 1975 Chiefly re future of Commission A1. Also correspondence re Canadian participation in IIF. H.463 May-December 1975 Chiefly correspondence re presidency of Commission A1. H.464 1976-1977 H.465 1978-1982 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.466-H.468 International Congressesof Refrigeration H.466, H.467 11th Congress, Munich, Germany, 27 August-4 September 1963 Correspondence and papers re arrangements; minutes of meetings; etc. 2 folders. 235 1962-1963, 1967 1962-1963 H.468 12th Congress, Madrid, Spain 1967 Conferenceinformation; programme. See also G.91 H.469-H.473 Meetings of Commission 1 and Commission A1 1966-1975 H.469 H.470 H.471 H.472 H.473 H.474-H.480 Commission 1, 17 June 1966; 29 August 1967 1966,1967 Commission 1, 6 May 1968; 24 March 1969; 11 September 1970 1968-1970 Commission 1, 2 September 1971 Commission A1, 24 September 1972 Commission A1, 17 August 1975 Meetings International Institute of Refrigeration of UK Standing Committee 1971 1972 1975 of the 1973-1981 H.474 ist meeting, 15 February 1973 1973 Includes invitation to serve. Kurti was notat this stage a member of the Committee. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.475 2nd meeting, 15 August 1973 H.476 3rd meeting, 12 March 1974 H.477 4th meeting, 10 October 1974 H.478 6th meeting, 14 October 1975 : H.479 7th meeting, 25 March 1976 236 1973 1974 1974 1975 1976 H.480 Meetings 1979, 1980 1979-1981 Also includes letter re dissolution of Committee, October 1981. H.481 Background and information material 1958-1978 H.482-H.560 INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS/INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS AND PHYSICAL SOCIETY 1958-1990 See also Physical Society H.765-H.780. Kurti joined the Physical Society in 1942 and the Institute of Physics in 1945. The Institute of Physics and Physical Society merged in 1960 to becometheInstitute of Physics and Physical Society. Subsequently this was shortened to the Institute of Physics. H.482-H.489 General H.490-H.495 Merger of the Institute of Physics and the Physical Society N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 237 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.496-H.498 Council H.499-H.510 Awards Committee H.511-H.513 Fellowships etc H.514-H.517 Advisory Panel for Physics Bulletin H.518-H.520 External and Professional Affairs Committee H.521 Meetings Committee H.522-H.547 Low Temperature Group H.548-H.556 History of Physics Group H.557-H.560 Holweck Reunion Meetings H.482-H.489 General 1961-1982 H.482 1961-1967 Includes correspondencere publications of the Institute. H.483 1968-1969 Includes material re response to Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia, re publications. correspondence including 1968, H.484 1970 Includes papers of meeting to discuss the report of the Science Committee; correspondencere publications. Research Councils Physics N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 238 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.485 1971 correspondence Includes fellowships, European relations, charges for conferences, and the Presidency. re honorary H.486 1972 Includes obituaries of Claude Bloch and Peter Frank. H.487 1973-1974 Includes draft of article on ‘Professional etiquette’ by Kurti, submitted to Physics Bulletin (see also H.520), and letter to O.S. Heavens explaining his resignation from Council, 1973. H.488 1975-1976 H.489 1977-1982 Includes correspondencere publications. H.490-H.495 Merger of the Institute of Physics and the Physical Society 1958-1974 The two organisations agreed to merge in 1960. Asa member of the former Physical Society Kurti was exercised by the constitutional treatment of that Society’s legacy within the new merged body. This came to a head in 1973- 1974 with the question of the status to be accorded to Fellows of the former Physical Society. H.490 Papers re merger 1958-1959 H.491-H.495 Correspondence and papers re status of Fellows of the former Physical Society 1968-1974 5 folders. l... 239 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 lee Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 Whenthe Institute of Physics and Physical Society gained its charter of incorporation, the title Fellow of the Physical Society ceased to be recognised and became instead Fellow of the former Physical Society. However, those Fellows of the former Physical Society who were also Fellows of the Institute of Physics were told they could only be referred to as Fellowsof the Institute of Physics. Some including Kurti were angered at what they saw as a breaking of the terms upon which the two bodies had agreed to merge and unfairness to the legacy of the Physical Society. H.496-H.498 Council 1969-1973 Kurti served from 1969 to his resignation in July 1973. H.496 Miscellaneous correspondence 1969-1973 Includes notification of election, July 1969, and letter of thanks for service, October 1973. H.497 Papers for meeting, 7 July 1970 1970 H.498 Minutes of meetings, 1972-1973 1972-1973 H.499-H.510 Awards Committee H.499-H.505 Meetings 1968-1974 1968-1974 H.499 29 October 1968; 28 October 1969; 27 November 1969 1968-1969 H.500, H.501 30 September 1970 2 folders. H.502 7 October 1971 1970 1971 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.503 H.504 12 October 1972 15 June 1973; 16 October 1973 H.505 9 October 1974 240 1972 1973 1974 H.506-H.510 Correspondence and papers re award nominations 1969-1974 H.506 1969-1970 H.507 H.508 H.509 H.510 1971 1972 1973 1974 H.511-H.513 Fellowships etc 1958-1973 Applications to be admitted as a Graduate, Associate or Fellow of the Institute. H.511 1958, 1963-1965 H.512 1967-1968 H.513 1970-1973 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 241 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.514-H.517 Advisory Panelfor Physics Bulletin 1981-1984 Correspondence and papers, including agenda, notes and minutes of meetings. The Panel wasestablished in 1981 and Kurti wasinvited to serve as Chairman (accepted). H.514 H.515 H.516 H.517 1981 1982 1983 1984 H.518-H.520 External and Professional Matters Committee 1970-1973 Correspondence and papers re matters for discussion by the Committee. H.518 1970 Training of physicists H.519 1971 Promotion of the Institute of Physics andits activities. H.520 1972-1973 Chiefly Kurtis paper on ‘Professional etiquette’ (see also H.487); and employment of women in physics (with Kurti’s note ‘Employment of women graduates’, June 1973, drawing attention to unfair discrimination. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 242 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.521 Meetings Committee 1972, 1975 Papersof meetings. Kurti was a member of the committee representing the European Physical Society Conference. He stepped down in 1975. H.522-H.547 Low Temperature Group 1960-1990 Kurti was a member of the Society's Low Temperature Group prior to the merger with the Institute (see H.766). He was elected to the Committee in 1966 as Vice-Chairman and was Chairman from 1967 to 1970. Physical H.522 Constitution of the Group 1961 Following the amalgamation of the Physical Society and Institute of Physics the Constitution of the Group had to be revised. H.523-H.526 Annual General Meetings 1960-1992 Agenda, minutes and papers of meetings. Not a complete sequence. H.523 1961-1964 H.524 1965-1969 H.525 1970-1974 H.526 1975-1992 H.527-H.529 Committee meetings 1966-1970 Agenda, minutes and papers of meetings. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 243 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.527 1966-1967 H.528 1968 H.529 1969-1970 H.530-H.532 Scientific meetings 1962-1977 Programmesof meetings, some annotated by Kurti. 3 folders. H.533-H.538 General correspondence and papers 1961-1970 Chiefly re Council and Committee meeting business (including membership), and for themes and arrangements for Scientific Meetings. H.533 1961-1966 H.534 1967 H.535 H.536 H.537 H.538 January-June 1968 July-December 1968 1969 1970 H.539-H.546 The Simon Memorial Prize 1961-1990 The Simon Prize was awarded for distinguished work in N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 244 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 low temperature physics. H.539 General correspondencere Prize 1968-1969 H.540 1961 Prize Awardedto |.M. Lifshitz. H.541 1963 Prize Awardedto H.E. Hall and W.F. Vinen. 1961 1963 H.542 1965 Prize 1965, 1975 Awardedto J.C. Wheatley. H.543, H.544 1967 Prize 1967-1968 2 folders. Awarded to K.A.G. Mendelssohn. Mendelssohn delivered his Simonlecture the following year. H.545, H.546 1970 Prize 2 folders. 1969-1970, 1990 Includes at H.546 Kurti’s remarks made in presenting the Prize to Professor W. Meissner, 14 May 1970. H.547 Newsletters 1963-1990 Not a complete sequence. H.548-H.556 History of Physics Group 1983-1989 This Group was founded in 1984, with Kurti as a founder member. He served on the Committee to 1989. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 245 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.548 Establishment of the Group 1983-1984 Includes papersof discussion meeting 1 February 1984. H.549 Steering Committee 1984 Meeting of Steering Committee, 1 March 1984; application for recognition as a Group; draft constitution. H.550 Meetings on Experimenters and Instruments, 20 February 1985, and Projects in the History of Physics, 10 July 1985 1984-1985 Correspondenceand papersre arrangements. Kurti spoke on the subject of laboratory notebooks at both meetings. H.551 H.552 Committee meeting, 17 December 1984 and 20 February 1985 1984-1985 Meeting on the Education of Physicists between the Wars, Manchester, 30 October 1985 1985 Correspondence and papers, including Kurti’s notes on his university education in Paris and Berlin, 1926-1931. H.553 Committee meeting, 30 October 1985 H.554 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers 1985 1986 H.555 Meeting on the History of Physics for the Physicist, Oxford, 2-4 July 1986 1985-1986 Correspondence and papers. Kurti spoke on ‘Reflections of an Amateur Historian of Science’. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 246 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.556 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers 1987-1989 H.557-H.560 Holweck Reunion Meetings 1970, 1977, 1987 Chiefly material relating to dining and social arrangements for reunion meetings of Holweck prize-winners. The Holweck Prize was established in 1945, jointly by the French and British Physical Societies as a memorial to Fernand Holweck, Director of the Curie Laboratory of the Radium Institute in Paris, who was tortured and killed by the Gestapo in 1941. The award was madein alternate years by the Councils of the two societies (the Physical Society to 1960, then the Institute of Physics, and the Société Francaise de Physique) to a physicist selected from a list of nominees submitted by the other. H.557 1970 Reunion H.558, H.559 1977 Reunion 2 folders. 1970 1977-1979 At H.559 are 4 group photographs ofparticipants. H.560 1987 Reunion 1987 H.561-H.566 INTER-UNIVERSITE 1966-1970 Contents of Kurti’s folder, chiefly papers re Inter-Université but includes material on science in France. Inter-Université was the common form of the Association des enseignants cooperation universitaire en Europe (or Association of University Staff to Promote Inter-University Cooperation in Europe). et chercheurs pour la H.561 Colloque de Caen 1966-1967 Report of the ‘Colloque National de Caen, 11-13 November N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 247 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 1966’, sent to Kurti for information by the Scientific Office of the French Embassyin London. H.562 Correspondence and papers 1967-1969 Includes Kurtis ‘Notes on a meeting held at the ... CNRS Headquarters in Paris on Wednesday 5 February 1969 to discuss the career prospects of young physicists’. H.563, H.564 H.565 H.566 re seminar on Inter-Universiteé a Papers European Community of teachers and research workers’, Brussels, Belgium, 23-25 October 1969 ‘Towards 2 folders. Inter-Université papers 1969 1970 Newspaper cuttings etc. 1968-1969 H.567-H.627 INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC UNIONS (ICSU) 1966-1994, n.d. See also British National Committee for ICSU, H.829. H.567, H.568 General H.569-H.627 Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.567, H.568 General H.567 H.568 Correspondence re General Assembly of ICSU Abstracting Board, York, June 1977 Correspondence re expulsion of Taiwan from International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics at the behest of the People’s Republic of China 248 1977 1977 1977 H.569-H.627 Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) 1966-1994, n.d. This material includes papers for CODATA meetings and correspondence re policy issues. However, the bulk is Treasurer's correspondence re CODATA funding from ICSU/UNESCO, sums to be awarded for CODATA activities, claims for reimbursement of expenses. CODATA was established by ICSU in 1966 as an interdisciplinary committee to promote the evaluation, compilation and dissemination of data for science and technology and to foster international collaboration in this area. Kurti joined as the Union delegate for IUPAP in 1973, also serving on the Bureau. He became Treasurer of CODATAin 1974, serving to 1980. See also the British National Committee on Data for Science and Technology H.819-H.828. Minutes offirst meeting of CODATA, 16-17 June 1966 International CODATA Conference, Le Creusot, Third France, 26-29 June 1972 Correspondence and papers, including programme. See also G.148. 1966 1972 H.569 H.570 H.571 Miscellaneous December 1972 correspondence and papers, July- 1972 Includes draft of revised constitution, and Kurtis ‘Some notes about the future of Codata’, December. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 249 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.572-H.574 Papers responding to CODATAquestionnaire, reporting on data compilation activities of the international scientific unions 1972 Probably September, Helsinki, Finland. assembled for ICSU General Assembly, 3 folders. H.575 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers 1973 Includes notes for meeting of drafting committee, 18 January; minutes of 8th CODATA General Assembly, Stockholm, Sweden, 10-11 September. H.576 of joint meeting between Notes of CODATA,the Federation of Astronomical and Geophysical Sciences, ICSU Panel on World Data Centres, Committee on Geological Data and the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research, 8 June 1973 representatives 1973 Kurti was a CODATArepresentative. H.577 CODATA Officers Meeting, Paris, France, 31 January-2 February 1974 1973-1974 Correspondence and papers. H.578 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers, January-April 1974 H.579 CODATAand ICSU meeting, Paris, France, 1 May 1974 1974 The meeting headquarters. considered room allocation at ICSU H.580 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers, May-June 1974 Chiefly re CODATApublications. H.581, H.582 Fourth International CODATA Conference, Tsakhcadzor, Armenia, USSR, 24-27 June 1974 1974 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 Papers of the conference and meetings held during its proceedings; correspondencearising. 2 folders. H.583 Miscellaneous correspondence, July-October Includes notes on CODATABulletin ‘Proposition’. H.584 Correspondence and papers re CODATAat ICSU General Assembly, Ankara, Turkey, September 1974 Kurtis ‘remarks’ when presenting Includes reports of CODATA, ICSU/AB and the ICUS Panel on World Data Centres. Kurti represented CODATAat the meeting. H.585 Miscellaneous correspondence Chiefly brochure. travelling expenses, preparation of CODATA H.586 CODATAfinancial papers H.587, H.588 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers Includes correspondence re expenditure by task groups of CODATA. 2 folders. 250 1974 1974 1975 1975 1976 H.589-H.593 International Fifth Colorado, USA, 28 June-1 July 1976 CODATA Conference, Boulder, 1976 Includes correspondence re arrangements; papers of the conference; Kurti’s remarks made at the conference wine- tasting (H.589); task group, panel and national committee reports (H.590-H.592). 5 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 251 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.594 Miscellaneous correspondence, January-May 1977 Includes correspondence re CODATA brochure, associate organisations of CODATA. and H.595, H.596 Meeting on_ Biosciences, Royal Society, London, 18-19 April 1977 the CODATA Advisory Panel of the 1976-1977 Correspondence re arrangementsetc. 2 folders. H.597 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers, June-July 1977 Includes Executive Committee meeting, Paris, 28-29 June 1977’. the 22nd CODATA decisions ‘Principal of H.598 Correspondencere scientific relations with Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China, August H.599, H.600 Miscellaneous correspondence, August 2 folders. H.601 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers, September- December H.602 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers Includes draft minutes of CODATAofficers’ meeting, Paris, France, 6-7 February. 1977 1977 1977 1978 H.603 11th CODATA General Assembly, Santa Flavia, Italy, May 1978 1978 minutes Draft Committee meetings. of General Assembly and Executive N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.604 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers H.605 H.606 CODATAExecutive Committee Meeting, Paris, France, 30 April-2 May 1979 Papers of meeting. ‘Proposal on interchange methodology for numerical data in science and technology’. Report of the CODATA Task Group on Computer Use, July 1979 252 1979 1979 1979 H.607, H.608 Correspondence re contracts and funding 2 folders. misunderstanding on CODATA 1979-1980 H.609 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers 1980 H.610 1982-1994, n.d. H.611 Newsletters Issues 17, 33-35. 1977, 1985, 1986 H.612 Notes on ‘Data needs for energy - a discussion’ and ‘A CODATA vade-mecum for energy?’ N.d. H.613-H.626 Alphabetical copy correspondence 1974-1977 Office set of carbon copies and photocopies of Kurti’s outgoing correspondence as Treasurer. Not indexed. H.613 A., B. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 253 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.614 C., D. H.615 EF. H.616 G. H.617 H.618 H., |. J., K. H.619 LE H.620 M., N. H.621 O; FO: H.622 H.623 R. S. H.624 Te, V. H.625, H.626 W. 2 folders. H.626A, H.627 ‘Secretariat’ 1979-1982 Bundle of correspondence solabelled divided into two for ease of reference. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 254 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.628-H.725 INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL FOUNDATION (ICF) 1972-1996 The International Cultural Foundation (ICF) was foundedin 1968 by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon ofthe Unification It was the Church (popularly known as ‘Moonies’). sponsoring the International Conferences on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS), as well as the Professors World Peace Academy and Paragon House Publishers. organisation behind The first ICUS was held in 1972 on the ‘Moral Orientation of the Sciences’. H.628-H.703 H.704-H.719 International Conferences on the Unity of the Sciences Correspondencere activities of the Unification Church H.720-H.725 Background material H.628-H.703 International Conferences on the Unity of the Sciences 1972-1996 is material correspondence The re arrangements, copies of papers delivered, including Kurti’s, and correspondencearising, including re publication of proceedings. Correspondence re the controversy over participation in the Conferencesis at H.704-H.719. and papers H.628-H.632 1st ICUS on the Moral Orientation of the Sciences, New York, USA, November 1972 1972-1974 5 folders. Kurti opened the proceedings with talk on ‘The objectives of the Royal Society as formulated in 1663 and their relevanceto unified science’. Incomplete proceedings are at H.631, H.632. his H.633 2nd ICUS on Modern Science and Moral Values, Tokyo, Japan, 18-21 November 1973 1973 Programme only. Kurti did not attend. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 255 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.634 3rd ICUS on Science and Absolute Values, London, 21-24 November 1974 1974 Includes annotated programme. H.635-H.637 4th ICUS on The Centrality of Science and Absolute Values, New York, USA, November 1975 1974-1976 3 folders. Kurti was an international advisor to the conference. H.638, H.639 5th ICUS on The Search for Absolute Values: Harmony Among the USA, 26-28 November 1976 Washington Sciences, DC, 1976 2 folders. Kurti was an international advisor to the conference. He chaired the session on Science and Values. H.640-H.643 6th ICUS on The Search for Absolute Values in a Changing World, San Francisco, USA, 25-27 November 1977 1977 4 folders. Kurti was an international advisor to the conference. He spoke on ‘Scientific research and enquiry: ivory tower or the market place, slaughterhouse or Shangri-La?’ (copy at H.641). H.644-H.646 7th ICUS on The Re-evaluation of Existing Values and the Search for Absolute Values, Boston Massachusetts, USA, 24-26 November 1978 1978 3 folders. Kurti was an international advisor to the conference. H.647-H.649 ICUS on The Responsibility 8th Community in Angeles, USA, 22-25 November 1979. the Search for Absolute Values, of the Academic Los 1979-1980 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 256 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 3 folders. Kurti was an international advisor to the conference. He was moderator for the session ‘Do newpatterns of wealth demandnewstructures of society?’ His notes are at H.649. H.650-H.654 9th ICUS on Absolute Values and the Search for the Peace of Mankind, Miami Beach, Florida, USA, 27-30 November 1980 1980-1981 5 folders. Kurti was an international advisor to the conference. He was a Group Chairman for the session on ‘Technology and Authority: Centralisation and Control’. His notes for the Chairman’s summary are at H.654. H.655-H.657 10th ICUS on The Search for Absolute Values and the Creation of the New World, Seoul, South Korea, 9-13 November 1981 1981 3 folders. Kurti was an international advisor to the conference. He was a Group Chairmanfor the session on ‘Materials’. H.658-H.663 11th ICUS on The Search for Absolute Values and the Creation of the New World, Philadelphia, USA, 25-28 November 1982 6 folders. Kurti was an international advisor to the conference. He was a Chairman for the session on ‘Technology as a panacea?’ H.664-H.668 12th ICUS on The Search for Absolute Values and the Creation 24-27 November 1983 the New World, of Chicago, USA, 1983 5 folders. Kurti was an international advisor to the conference. He spoke on ‘Science and technology: blessing or curse to the arts?’ (draft and final copies at H.667). N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 257 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.669, H.670 13th ICUS on Absolute Values and the New Cultural Revolution, Washington DC, USA, 2-5 September 1984 1984 2 folders. H.671-H.677 14th ICUS on Absolute Values and the New Cultural Revolution, Houston, Texas, 28 November-1 December 1985 1985-1987 7 folders. Kurti was a ‘discussant’ in the session on ‘Organisation and change in the universe’. H.678-H.683 15th ICUS on Absolute Values and the New Cultural Revolution, Washington D.C., USA, 27-30 November 1986 1986-1987 6 folders. Includes Kurti’s comments on papers delivered at H.681. Kurti was a ‘discussant’ in the session on ‘Energy’. H.684-H.690 16th ICUS on Absolute Values and the Reassessment of the Contemporary World, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 26-29 November 1987 1986-1989 7 folders. Kurti participated in the session on ‘The human food chain’, speaking on ‘The sensual aspects of food consumption’. See also F.154. H.691-H.693 17th ICUS on Absolute Values and the Reassessment of the Contemporary World, Los Angeles, USA, 24-27 November 1988 1988 3 folders. Kurti participated in the session on ‘Ethnocentrism vs world unity’, on science and ethnocentrism compatible?’ (H.693). speaking ‘Are N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 258 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.694-H.697 18th ICUS on Absolute Values and the Reassessment of the Contemporary World, Seoul, South Korea, 23-26 August 1991 1989-1991 4 folders. Kurti participated in the session on ‘The limits of science’, speaking on ‘The limits of scientists’ science’ (H.697). H.698-H.701 18th ICUS on Absolute Values and the New World Order, Seoul, South Korea, 19-22 August 1992 1992 4 folders. Kurti participated in the session on ‘The Modern University in Transition’, speaking on ‘Diversity and specialization in primary, secondary and higher education’ (H.699). H.702 20th ICUS August 1995 and 21st ICUS November 1997 1995-1996 Brief correspondenceonly. H.703 Printed booklets on ICF and ICUS H.704-H.719 Correspondence re activities of the Unification Church 1975-1994 Over the years considerable unease was expressed at the activities of the Unification Church, particularly with regard to students and young people thought to be particularly impressionable. In a number of cases it was suggested they had been encouraged to break contact with their families and to leave higher education. Many thought the participation of Kurti and other leading academics in ICUS meetings gave credibility to the Unification Church. Kurti defended his attendance at the ICUS meetings but was concerned at the allegations and attempted to help in a number of cases. H.704-H.711 General correspondence 1975-1994 Includes correspondence with officials of the Unification Church, colleagues uneasy at the activities of the Church and M.T.M. Casey McCann, who was trying to ensure N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 259 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 young British recruits to the Church kept in touch with their families and resumed their higher education. H.704 1975-1976 H.705 1977 H.706 1978-1979 Includes copy of Kurti’s article for Nature, and responses thereto. H.707 H.708 1980 1981 Includes correspondence re policy of Unification Church to Britsh recruits in the USA, and article by E.V. Barker of the LSE on the Unification Church in Clergy Review October 1980. H.709 1982 (1) H.710 1982 (2) Photocopyofcircular letter from M.T.M. Casey McCann to participants at 11th ICUS asking them to raise the issue of young recruits to the Unification Church, with photocopies of replies. H.711 1983-1994 H.712-H.719 Cases 1980-1984 8 folders. This material is closed. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.720-H.725 Background material H.720-H.722 Articles on the Unification Church and related 3 folders. At H.720 is ‘Should scientists attend KGB-sponsored meetings?’ by R. Godement, submitted to Nature as a response to Kurti’s piece published in November 1978 (see H.706). 260 1975-1984 1975-1983, 1990 H.723-H.725 Newspapercuttings 1975-1984 3 folders. H.726 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY (IUPAC) 1979 Information on IUPACactivities. H.727, H.728 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF PURE AND APPLIED PHYSICS(IUPAP) 1971-1972 Correspondence and papers re 14th IUPAP General assembly, USA. At H.728 is Kurtis report on proceedings and conference photograph. 2 folders. See also G.152, G.153 H.729 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF THE HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE 1968, 1970 Chiefly re meeting of the Science Policy Commission, Paris, France, 30-31 July 1980. Includes Kurti’s report. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 261 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 Kurti was invited to meetings of the Science Policy Commission (Commission ‘Domaine de la Politique de la Science’) as part of the preparations for the International Congressfor the History of Science to be held in Moscow, USSR in 1971. H.730-H.737 LOW TEMPERATURE BIOLOGY CLUB (later SOCIETY FOR LOW TEMPERATUREBIOLOGY) 1965-1990 Chiefly correspondence re arrangements and papers for meetings. This society began as the L6wenbrau Low Temperature Biology Club in 1965. It shortly thereafter changedits name to the Society for Low Temperature Biology and Kurti was elected to the committee. He became Chairman in 1967, serving for two years. H.730 1965 H.731 1965-1966 H.732 1967 H.733, H.734 1968 2 folders. H.735 1969-1972 Includes newspaper report on ‘Cryonic Suspension. An attempt to conquer death’, found with the material. H.736 1973 Includes correspondence re Society for Cryobiology 11th International Meeting, London, 4-8 August 1974, and N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 262 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 relations with that Society. Hi737 1974-1991 1974 material includes correspondence re Society for Cryobiology 11th International Meeting. H.738-H.742 MINISTRY OF TECHNOLOGY ADVISORY COMMITTEE FOR AND STANDARDS MEASUREMENTS RESEARCH ON 1969-1973 Kurti was Chairman. This committee was established under the Ministry of Technology in 1969. It was to identify the requirements of industry and science in the areas of measurement and standards, and survey work carried out in these areas in Ministry establishments such as the National Physical Laboratory. With the dissolution of the Ministry of Technology in 1970 the committee came under the Department of Trade and Industry. It was wound up in 1973. On the dissolution of the committee a separate body was established to oversee work on measurements at the National Physical Laboratory, on which Kurti served (see H.751-H.754). H.738-H.741 Minutes of meetings and Kurtis Chairman’s reports 1969-1972 H.738 H.739 H.740 H.741 H.742 1969 1970 1971 1972 Correspondencere winding up of the committee 1973 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 263 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.743 NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL FUEL EFFICIENCY SERVICE (NIFES) 1965-1973 Correspondence and papers, chiefly re Kurti’s participation in NIFES course. Kurti lectured in the NIFES’s annual refresher course in ‘Current practice in fuel efficiency’ in 1965 and 1967. See also F.19. H.744-H.754 NATIONAL PHYSICAL LABORATORY(NPL) 1954-1974 H.744-H.750 Supply ofliquid helium 1954-1959 Correspondence and papersre the supply of liquid helium. liquefier at the In 1954 there was concern at the adequacyof the supply of liquid helium for the needs of university, government and The acquisition of a Collins-type industrial laboratories. Laboratory helium enabled a greater supply to be made available. Kurti suggested moves be made to makeliquid helium from the He chaired meetings and corresponded NPL available. about the demand for liquid helium from universities, governmentestablishments and industry. Physical National H.744 March-September 1954 Includes Kurti’s ‘Notes on a central liquid helium supply for Great Britain’, 14 September. H.745 H.746 September 1954 October 1954 Includes minutes of meeting held at NPL, 7 October. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 264 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.747 November-December 1954 Includes minutes of meeting, 9 December. Much of the correspondenceis re methods of supply ofliquid helium. H.748 January-March 1955 Includes minutes of meeting, 21 April. Correspondence is chiefly on methods of supply and running of Collins liquefier. H.749 May-December 1955 Includes ‘The production and sale of liquid helium at the National Physical Laboratory. Notes on supply procedure and equipment’, 1 June and ‘Further Notes on production and sale of liquid helium’, 28 June, and minutes of meeting, 3 November 1955. H.750 1956-1959 Includes Kurtis ‘Report on visit to Louvain, 12th June, 1956’ and memorandum on ‘The supply ofliquid helium for research purposes 2nd year, April 1956-March 1957’. H.751-H.754 Advisory Committee on Measurement 1973-1974 This NPL committee was established the dissolution of the Advisory Committee for Research on Measurements and Standards (see H.738-H.742). It was chaired by Kurti. following H.754 Correspondence and papers, chiefly re establishment of the committee H.752 Papers for 1st meeting, 6 February 1974 H.753 Correspondence re and papers of 2nd meeting, 26 February 1974 Includes draft of proposed remit, and revisions made 1973 1974 1974 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 265 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 thereto. H.754 Correspondence and papers, March-December including revised remit, 1974 H.755-H.762 NATIONAL CORPORATION (NRDC) RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT early 1940s, 1959-1966 correspondence Contents of Kurtis file labelled ‘Cryogenic engineering’. Chiefly Research Development Corporation and industrial companies re supply and uses of liquid helium and hydrogen and developments in cryogenic engineering. National with H.755 Early 1940s, 1959-March 1960 Includes note on ‘Liquid helium asa fuel for aircraft’ by F.E. Simon, 1941x1944, lent to M. Zvegintzov of the NRDC for information March 1960. H.756 May-December 1960 Includes DSIR/NRDC Joint Committee memorandum on ‘Very low temperature engineering’ by Zvegintzov. Development H.757 February-June 1961 Includes Kurti’s ‘Remarks on the availability of atmospheric helium’, May 1961 and transcript of Low Temperature Group meeting low temperature engineering’ by Zvegintzov (summary of longer paper at H.756). discussion ‘Very of H.758 July-December 1961 Includes minutes of meeting on very low temperature engineering, NRDC, 5 July, with Kurti’s manuscript notes on proceedings. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 266 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.759 January-May 1962 Includes minutes of meeting on cryogenic engineering, NRDC, 18 January 1962; correspondencerevisit to Philips Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Research February, and NRDC_ personnel Kurti surveyed workthere on cryogenics (see also G.19, G.20). Laboratories, which during H.760 June-November 1962 Includes minutes of meeting on cryogenic engineering, NRDC, 2 manuscript notes; correspondence and papersfor cryo-pumping proposal to NRDC from Elliott Brothers. Kurtis July 1962, with H.761 1963-1966 H.762 Miscellaneous background material 1959-1961 H.763, H.764 NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANISATION 1979-1983 Correspondence and papers including planned NATO Workshop on Nutrition (with correspondence from N.W. Pirie) and re Physics Survey Group. 2 folders. H.765-H.780 PHYSICAL SOCIETY 1952-1974 Seealso Institute of Physics H.482-H.560. H.765 General correspondence 1952-1954, 1959 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 267 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.766 Low Temperature Group 1957-1960 Regulations; programmesof meetings. For the Institute of Physics’ Low Temperature Group, see H.522-H.547. H.767 Holweck and Simon Prizes 1958-1960 Correspondence. H.768-H.780 100th Anniversaries of the Physical Society and the Société Frangaise de Physique, St Helier, Jersey, 5-9 April 1974 1970-1974 This meeting was arranged to coincide with the 100th anniversaries of the societies. See also G.163, G.164, J.355, J.356. H.768-H.772 ‘General correspondence’ 1970-1974 Correspondenceso labelled, re possibility of holding a joint celebration, the choice of Jersey as possible venue, and arrangements for the meeting. 5 folders. H.773 ‘Subjects for conf. & organisation & collection thereof’ 1972-1973 Correspondencesolabelled. H.774, H.775 Meetings of Organising committee, Jersey committee and other meetings 1971-1973 2 folders. H.776 Conferenceliterature including circulars, list of participants and programme. 1973-1974 The handbook of abstracts is at G.164. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.777 Social functions Menus, lists of guests etc. H.778 Report of conference by Kurti in Bulletin de la Société Frangaise de Physique, October 1974 Photocopy. H.779 Financial accounts H.780 Miscellaneous material Photocopied extracts from 50th anniversary celebrations of the Physical Society, 1924: figures for logos of the two societies. 268 1974 1974 1974 1974 H.781, H.782 ROYAL INSTITUTION 1969-1996 Correspondence and Institution lectures, membership etc. papers re speakers for Royal 2 folders. Kurti was a Manager of the Royal Institution in the early 1970s. He was appointed a Vice-President for 1971-1972. He gave a Royal Institution Discourse in 1978 and the Humphry Davy Lecture on ‘How mankind uses heat and cold’, June 1979. H.783-H.926 ROYAL SOCIETY 1954-1996 Kurti was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1956. He served as a Vice President 1966-1967 and was awarded the Hughes Medal 1969. He served on many committees including the British National Committee for Physics (Chairman), British National Committee for History of Science, Medicine and Technology, and International Relations Committee. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 269 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.783-H.817 General correspondence and papers H.818-H.896 Committees H.897-H.910 Meetings H.911-H.926 Fellowships, honours and awards H.783-H.817 General correspondence and papers 1958-1996 Subjects covered range from policy issues, publications, to social functions and Royal Society hospitality, travelling expenses. At H.807-H.812 is correspondence relating to the Royal Society’s election policy. H.783-H.794 ‘Royal Society - General Correspondence’ 1961-1973 Contents of Kurtis folder so labelled: correspondence arranged in chronological order. H.783 1961-1962 H.784 1963-1964 Chiefly re visit of E.L. Hahn to lecture at the Royal Society. H.785 January-May 1965 Includes correspondencere research chair at Sussex. H.786 July-November 1965 Includes material re proposed Science Research Council National Instrument Centre. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 270 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.787 January-June 1966 Includes Kurti’s appointment as Vice President. H.788 July-December 1966 H.789 1966-1967 Photocopied correspondence re gift of Australian wine to mark the Royal Society’s move to Carlton House Terrace. H.790 H.791 1967 1968 H.792 1969-1970 H.793 1971-1972 H.794 1973 H.795-H.797 Contents of Kurti’s folder 1971-1975 General correspondence arrangedin chronological order. H.795 1971, 1973 material 1971 Research and Development’ (the Rothschild Report). ‘A Framework for Government is re H.796 1974 Includes Kurti’s letter to Sir Alan Hodgkin PRS, reporting on the ICSU General Assembly, 1974. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 271 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.797 1975 H.798-H.803 Contents of Kurti’s folder 1976-1985 General correspondencearranged in chronological order. H.798 1976-1977 Includes Kurti’s request for time at next Council meeting to discusspolitical persecution of scientists. H.799 1978 Includes exchange re celebration of centenary of Albert Einstein’s birth. H.800 1979-1980 H.801 1981 H.802 1982-1984 Includes correspondence re National Physical Laboratory Metrology Awards scheme. H.803 1985 Includes Kurti’s response to questionnaire on the ‘Health of basic sciencein the UK’ H.804-H.806 General correspondence found loose 1987-1996 H.804 1987-1990 H.805 1991-1992 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 272 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.806 1993-1996 H.807-H.812 Contents of Kurti’s folders 1969-1996 Correspondence especially those under Statute 12. Royal re Society elections policy, Kurti was a longstanding critic of Statute 12 elections, arguing for their replacement by a new class of Honorary Fellowship. This was brought to a head by the election of the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to the Fellowship in 1983, a move that angered many. Kurti also argued for clearer rules regarding the election of Commonwealth and foreign nationals. He also pressed for an increase in membership to reflect the greater number of scientists of distinction. H.807 1969, 1973, 1978 Statute 12 elections, election of foreign nationals. H.808 1982-1983 Statute 12 elections. H.809 1984 Statute 12 elections. H.810 1985 Statute 12 elections. H.811 1988, 1992, 1993 Foreign of correspondence 1966-1971): Statute 12 elections. Members’ (includes copies earlier H.812 1994, 1996 Election procedure; revision of Statutes. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 273 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.813-H.815 ‘Royal Society appeal’ 1966-1995 Contents of Kurti’s folder so labelled: correspondence and papers re appeals and response thereto. H.813 1966 Includes Kurti’s approaches to potential donors. H.814 1974 Includes Kurti’s approachesto potential donors. H.815 1995 H.816, H.817 ‘Royal Society - reports on papersetc’ 1958-1981 Contents of Kurti’s folder so labelled: correspondence and papers re refereeing of papers submitted to the Royal Society or forwarding papersfor publication. H.816 1958-1960s H.817 1977, 1981 H.818-H.896 Committees 1961-1989 H.818 British National Committee for Physics 1971-1973 Papers for Kurti’s final meeting as chairman 12 December 1972: letter of thanks for service. H.819-H.828 British National Committee on Data for Science and Technology 1966-1983 This was also knownasthe British National Committee on N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 274 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 CODATA (see H.569-H.627). establishment, being chairman from 1972. Kurti served from its H.819-H.822 Minutes and other papers of meetings 1966-1980 Some annotated by Kurti. 4 folders. H.823, H.824 Papers for meeting of ad hoc committee on work at the National Physical Laboratory, January 1981 1980-1981 2 folders. Concern was expressed at the April 1980 meeting of the BNC on CODATAat the effects of financial cuts at the National Physical Laboratory. H.825-H.828 Correspondence re CODATAand related business 1971-1983 H.825 1971-1973 Includes correspondence re CODATAandindustry. H.826 1974 Includes Compilation Committee (see also H.390-H.392). re Science Research Council Data material H.827 1975 Chiefly Compilation Committee (see also H.390-H.392). re Science Research material Council Data H.828 1977-1983 H.829 British National Committee for ICSU 1969-1981 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 275 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 Includes report on ICSU General Assembly, Istanbul, Turkey, 22-26 September 1974 (Kurti was part of the Royal Society delegation). H.830-H.855 International Relations Committee 1966-1987 relates to the material Relations This Committee (and subcommittees) formed in 1966, when the existing International Relations Committee was renamed the British National Committee for ICSU. International H.830-H.832 Ad hoc Committee on relations with the Academia Sinica 1964-1966 H.830 Correspondence re exchangesetc 1964-1965 H.831 Papersof meeting, 5 February H.832 Papersof meeting, 29 April 1965 1966 H.833-H.841 China Selection Subcommittee (later the China Exchanges Committee) 1978-1981 Chiefly papers for meetings. This subcommittee met to nominate scientists to visit China under the auspices of the Royal Society and to advise on placing Chinese scientists visiting the UK. With the dissolution of the International Relations Committee in 1980, it became the China Exchanges Committee reporting to Council. H.833 First meeting, 6 December 1978 H.834 Second meeting, 6 February 1979 H.835 Papers re relations with Chinese Academy of Sciences, April 1979 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 276 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.836 Third meeting, 16 May 1979 H.837 Fourth meeting, 6 November 1979 H.838 First meeting of the China Exchanges Committee, 16 May 1980 H.839 Reports on visits to China 1980 H.840 Second meeting, 27 October 1980 H.841 Third meeting, 30 April 1981 H.842-H.847 Fellowships Selection Subcommittee (later the European Exchanges Committee) 1978-1980 Chiefly papers for meetings. This subcommittee met to select scientists for visiting fellowships to European research institutes under the auspices of the Royal Society. With the dissolution of the International Relations Committee in 1980 it became the European Exchanges Committee reporting to Council. H.842 Meeting, 14 April 1978 H.843 Meeting, 14 September 1978 H.844 Meeting, 23 March 1979 H.845 Meeting, 18 July 1979 H.846 First meeting of the European Exchanges Committee, 17 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 277 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 March 1980 H.847 Second meeting, 1 July 1980 H.848 Ad hoc Committees on Soviet Exchanges, 19 January 1968, and East European Exchanges, 14 January 1969 1968-1969 Minutes of meetings. See also H.909. H.849-H.854 Visits 1964-1987 Visits made to the UK by foreign scientists and by British scientists abroad under Royal Society schemes. H.849-H.852 Visits to the UK 1964-1980 Visits of scientists from Communist countries. 4 folders. H.853 Visits abroad 1965-1987 Reports etc on visits by British scientists. H.854 Applications 1968-1985 Applications for travel grants. H.855 Miscellaneous international relations. correspondence re Committee and 1966-1976 H.856-H.872 Committee on Scientific Information H.856-H.865 Committee Chiefly committee papers. 1965-1978 1965-1978 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 278 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.856 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers 1965, 1968 H.857 Meeting, 4 May 1965 H.858 Meeting, 18 April 1969 H.859 Meeting, 6 January 1972 H.860 Meeting, 9 January 1973 H.861 Correspondence on responsibility of editors etc 1974 H.862 Meeting, 10 December 1974 H.863 Meeting, 13 June 1977 H.864 Meeting, 12 October 1977 H.865 Meeting, 14 April 1978 H.866-H.871 Conferencesof Editors 1965-1975 H.866 28 June 1965 Includes Kurti’s notes on terminology and nomenclature for the meeting. H.867 21 October 1966 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 279 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.868 8 May 1967 Includes Kurtis paper on ‘The identification of essential data for science and technology in learned journals’, and his manuscript notes. H.869 11 December 1967 H.870 21 November 1972 Kurti spoke on ‘The publication derived data’. of experimental and H.871 4-5 July 1973; 2 June 1975 H.872 Subcommittee on the Law on Copyright 1974 Correspondence re and papers for meeting, 3 June 1974. H.873-H.875 Paul Instrument Fund Committee 1971-1981 Correspondence and papers re support of work of G.B. Donaldson in developmentof tunnel junction thermometer. 3 folders. Kurti was the assessor to the project. H.876-H.893 Users Catering Committee (formerly the Ad hoc Catering Users Committee) Committee, Restaurant later the 1966-1989 With the Royal Society's move to new premisesat Carlton House Terrace in 1966, the committee was established to look into catering arrangements there. The ad hoc committee was subsequently formalised. Kurti was a memberfrom the beginning to the final dissolution of the committee in 1987. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 280 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.876-H.882 Correspondence 1966-1989 This correspondenceincludesletters regarding the quality and cost of catering on particular occasions, suggestions for improvements, issues to be raised at meetings of the committee. 7 folders. H.883-H.893 Meetings 1967-1987 Papers of meetings, some annotated by Kurti. H.883 1967-1970 H.884 1970-1971 H.885 1972-1973 H.886 1974-1975 H.887 1976-1978 H.888 1979-1980 H.889 1981-1982 H.890 H.891 H.892 1983 1984 1985 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 281 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.893 1986-1987 H.894 Ad hoc Committee to consider ways of improving slide projection in the Wellcome Lecture Hall 1972-1975 H.895 Ad hoc Committee on Proceedings A 1963-1964 H.896 Other committees 1961- Correspondence re committees service on other Royal Society H.897-H.910 Meetings 1966-1972 H.897-H.906 Royal Society discussion meetings on engineers and scientists in industry 1966-1968 industry's Two meetings, organised by Kurti and S.G Hooker, were held under Royal Society auspices at Brasenose College Oxford, 17 March and 6 July 1967. These meetings considered and recruitment, and collaboration engineers for Kurti and Hooker between universities and industry. summarised the discussions in an article for Nature ‘Engineers and scientists in industry’ (vol. 217, 17 February 1968). This was distributed to leaders of industry and academia asking for their views. scientists industry, training needs, H.897 Meeting at Brasenose College Oxford, 17 March 1967 1966-1967 Includes programme, Kurti’s manuscript notes, and report. proposal meeting 1966, for notice, draft H.898 Meeting at Brasenose College Oxford, 6 July 1967 1967 Includes programme, and report. H.899 Correspondencearising, re following-up the two meetings 1967-1968 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 282 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.900 ‘Engineers and scientists in industry’, Nature vol 217 (17 February 1968) 1968 Draft; copy of article as published; correspondence with Hooker;circulationlists of offprints. H.901-H.905 Correspondence received in response to ‘Engineers and scientists in industry’ 1968 5 folders. Not indexed. H.906 Background material 1967-1968 H.907 Royal Society/US National Academy of Sciences Officers’ Discussions, 10-12 June 1967 1967 Programme, list manuscript notes. of participants, report and Kurtis H.908 H.909 H.910 Meeting of Fellows of the Royal Society in Oxford, Hertford College Oxford, 2 April 1968 1968 Arrangements. to discuss visits Meeting Society exchange schemes with Eastern Europe, Royal Society, London, 14 January 1969 under the Royal 1969 Papers for meeting. Meeting of Fellows of the Royal Society in Brasenose College Oxford, 1 June 1972 Oxford, 1972 Papers for meeting, arrangements. This meeting discussed the need for an increase in the size of the Fellowship of the Royal Society. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 283 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.911-H.926 Fellowships, honours and awards 1954-1995 H.911-H.919 Sectional Committees 1961-1967 Material is subject to restricted access. H.911 1961, 1964 H.912, H.913 1965 2 folders. H.914-H.917 1966 4 folders. H.918, H.919 1967 2 folders. H.920-H.925 Candidates 1954-1995 Material is subject to restricted access. H.920 1954, 1959 H.921 1960-1962 H.922 1967-1973 H.923 1975-1995 H.924, H.925 Margaret Gowing 1984-1988 2 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 284 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 Material re election of Margaret Gowing to the Fellowship of the Royal Society under Statute 12. H.926 Other honours and awards 1962-1985 H.927-H.931 SCIENCE POLICY FOUNDATION 1972-1989 Kurti became Chairman of the Committee of Management of the Science Policy Foundation in 1970. The Foundation published Policy and organised meetings on aspects of science and public life. the journal Science H.927, H.928 General and miscellaneous correspondence 1972-1989 2 folders. H.929, H.930 Papers for Committee of Management meetings 1973-1975 2 folders. H.931 Programmefor Science Policy Foundation 4th International Symposium on 25-26 October 1973 Responsibility, London, Social 1973 Kurti chaired the third session. H.932-H.935 SOCIETE FRANGAISE DE PHYSIQUE (SFP) 1968-1991 Chiefly re meetings of the Council of the SFP. Material at H.933 includes Colloques d’Evian de la Société Frangaise de Physique, 25-29 May 1971. For material on the 100th anniversary of the SFP see G.161. For material on the joint celebrations of the 100th anniversaries of the SFP and the Physical Society see H.768-H.780. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 285 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 4 folders. Kurti was a member of Council of the SFP. elected an Honorary Member of the Society in 1974. He was H.936-H.944 SOCIETY FOR ANGLO-CHINESE UNDERSTANDING 1965-1967 Correspondence re early history of the society, papers for meetings, The Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding (SACU) was founded in May 1965. Joseph Needham wasits first Chairman. Kurti was a founding sponsor and served on the Council of Management and asjoint-treasurer 1965- 1967. He resigned as a sponsor and then as a member in 1967 in response to the growing politicisation of the Society and its role as an apologist for the regime. See also J.102. H.936 1965 Correspondence, chiefly with Sir Gordon Sutherland and Hugh Trevor-Roper, re role of Committee of Management, position of treasurer and pro-regime stance of the Society. H.937 January-April 1966 H.938 May-June 1966 H.939 July-August 1966 Includes Kurtis expression of concern at the finances of the Society. H.940 September-November 1966 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 286 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.941 January-July 1967 Includes Kurti’s letter of resignation as sponsor. H.942 Aug ust-October 1967 Includes Kurtis letter of resignation from the Society. H.943 Issues of SACU News 1965-1967 H.944 Miscellaneous undated and background material N.d. H.945-H.954 UNITED KINGDOM ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY 1943-1995 Kurti served as a consultant for the UKAEA in various capacities from 1958. H.945-H.950 ‘U.K.A.E.A. Harwell’ 1943-1995 Contents of Kurti’s folder so labelled. H.945 Wartime ‘Tube Alloys’ reports by A.S.D. Barrett 1943, 1944 ‘The testing and design of vacuum containing equipment for tube alloys. Part One Section One’, 17 September 1943, and ‘A review of T.A. vacuum testing technique’, 29 December 1944. These reports may have been used by Kurti in later work for UKAEA. H.946 1953-1960 Includes minutes of meeting to discuss possible uses of semi-permeable membranes, 5 January 1953; letter to H. Kronberger on low temperature measurements of physical properties of uranium, 27 May 1959; correspondence 1960 re production of helium. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 287 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.947 1961 Includes minutes of meeting of Helium Subcommittee, 18 May 1961. H.948 1962 Includes correspondence re D.H. Parkinson to UKAEA Capenhurst Works, Cheshire, 11 April. Kurti and visit of H.949 1963-1967 Includes letter to Sir William Penney re visit to Capenhurst Works, re declassification of reports. correspondence December 1962; H.950 1983, 1986, 1995 Includes lists of archival material from UKAEA Records, 1995. H.951-H.954 ‘HTFS’ and ‘Hydrogen energy’ 1960-1980 Contents of Kurti’s folder so inscribed. HTFS stood for the Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Service at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell. Kurti was a consultant for the service from 1978. H.951 Meetings on ‘Hydrogen as a Fuel’ 1974, 1975 These were held on 23 November 1974, 8 February 1975 and 16 May 1975. Includes Kurtis report on the second meeting. H.952 Correspondence and papers 1978 Kurtis Includes notes on work of M. Ruheman of Petrocarbon Developments, including meeting with him 19 October 1978. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 288 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.953 Correspondence and papers 1979-1980 Includes papers of HTFS Cryogenics Heat Transfer Equipment Review Panel, 5 July 1979, with Kurti’s ‘Some remarks about energy economicsin gas separation’. H.954 Printed and photocopied background material 1960-1976 H.955 VOLUNTEERSFOR IONISING RADIATION 1986-1990 Correspondenceand papers. This body was established at the suggestion of Sir Frederick Warner in 1986. He suggested the establishment of a voluntary organisation of engineers and scientists over the age of 65 willing to risk radiation in order to makeinitial damage assessments in the event of a nuclear accident. He subsequently wrote to members of the Fellowship of Engineering and Royal Society inviting them to participate in the scheme and met with a positive response, including Kurti. Although the idea did not meet with approval in all circles, the VIR were incorporated into the emergency provisions of the Order of St John. H.956-H.992 WORKING PARTY ON CRYOGENIC TERMINOLOGY 1966-1992 with scientific projects concerned This material brings together Kurti’s involvement in a range of terminology, particularly to do with low temperatures. In 1969, following a meeting organised by Kurti on 5 May, a working group was established under the auspices of the French Comité d’Etude des Termes Techniques Francais. This met again in 1970 and prepared proposals on low temperature terminology. It circulated these in early 1971 and agreed to issue a glossary of terms under the auspices of the Institut International du Froid (see H.458-H.4871). H.956-H.967 ‘Terminology General Correspondence’ 1966-1974 Contents of Kurti’s folder so labelled. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 289 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.956 1966-1967 Chiefly general correspondence re confusion in scientific terminology. Kurti re possible joint Royal Society/British Academy committee. Includes correspondence from H.957 1968 Includes minutes of meeting of Comité d’Etude des Termes Techniques Frangais, 24 April, at which Kurti was present; Kurti’s criticisms of various uses of the word ‘cryogenic’. H.958 January-April 1969 Includes correspondence re and agenda of meeting on cryogenic terminology, Paris, 5 May. H.959 May-September 1969 Includes reports (in French and English) of meeting on cryogenic terminology, 5 May, and arrangements for the establishment of a working group on cryogenic terminology and further meeting in November/December. H.960 October-December 1969 Includes arrangements for meeting of working group on cryogenic terminology and report (in French), 9 December. H.961 January-March 1970 Includes US Department of Commerce Cryogenic Data Center Cryogenics’, to proposals of meeting of 9 December 1969. ‘Terminology responding for H.962 April-September 1970 assessment Includes cryogenic terminology by N.A. Olien, US Cryogenic Data Center, and report of ‘La terminologie dans le domaine des basses temperatures’ by P. Akar, June 1970. proposals of on N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 290 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.963 October-December 1970 terminology, Includes arrangements for meeting of working group on cryogenic and ‘Recommendations on low temperature terminology’ for editors low temperatures’. partly devoted to of journals October, ‘wholly 26 or H.964 January-April 1971 Includes responses from editors to ‘Recommendations on low temperature terminology’; note by Kurti on ‘Scientific terminology’, reporting to the Royal Society and British Academy on the progress of the working group; notes of meeting between Kurti, P. Agron and R. Thevenot, 18 March, re best method to issue the conclusions of the working party. H.965 May-December1971 Includesarticle listing French cryogenic terminology by P. Akar, 1971, correspondencere progressin preparing general glossary. Générale Revue Froid, June du H.966 1972 H.967 1973-1974 H.968-H.971 ‘Terminology Administration (a) correspondence’ 1969-1970 Contents of Kurti’s folder so labelled. H.968 January-March 1969 Chiefly arrangements for meeting, Paris, France, 5 May. H.969 April-December 1969 Chiefly correspondence and papers re meetings of working group, 5 May and 9 December. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 291 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 H.970 January-March 1970 Includes ‘Recommendations on the use of Supercooled and Subcooled’ by W.E. Gifford and ‘Draft terminology in superconductivity and cryoconductivity’ by B.B. Goodman, compiled at the request of the 9 December meeting. H.971 April-November 1970 Includes papers for meeting of working group, France, 26 October. Paris, H.972-H.975 ‘Terminology Glossary’ 1969-1973 Contents of Kurti’s folder so inscribed. H.972 Correspondence and papers 1969-1970 of journals December extracts recording Includes proposals 1969; ‘Presentation for N. Kurti, April 21 1970’ on proposals of working group and of US Cryogenic Data Center. scientific group, 9 from working H.973 H.974 H.975 H.976 Correspondence, chiefly with R. Thévenotre list of terms for glossary Part of draft of Dictionnaire International du Froid (2nd edition), with lists of terms, May Correspondence and papers 1972 1972 1973 Miscellaneous temperature terminology etc and papers correspondence on low 1973-1992 Includes temperatures’. correspondence re use of term ‘ultralow H.977-H.983 Meetings of the Comité d’Etude des Termes Techniques Francais 1983-1985 Live N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 292 Societies and organisations, H.1-H.992 Chiefly agenda and minutes of meetings. Includes meeting held at the Maison Frangaise, Oxford, 28-29 March 1983 (H.978) at which Kurti was present. 7 folders. H.984-H.992 Printed background material 1957-1983 Found in three folders, one inscribed ‘Terminology Misc. pamphlets’. H.984, H.985 1950s 2 folders. H.986, H.987 1960s 2 folders. H.988-H.990 1970s 3 folders. At H.988 is copy of Termes techniques frangais (Hermann, Paris, 1972), with typescript and copy of Kurtis book review in New Scientist, 1 February 1973. H.991, H.992 1980s 2 folders. NATIONAL CATALOGUING UNIT FOR THE ARCHIVES OF CONTEMPORARYSCIENTISTS Catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Nicholas Kurti, FRS (1908-1998) VOLUME3 Section J: Correspondence Section K: Non-Textual material By Anna-K. Mayer, Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell NCUACScatalogue no. 165/8/08 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 293 SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE,J.1-J.1310 1942-1998 J.1-J.41 J.42-J.46 4950s’ ‘4956-PRE-US’ J.47-J.414 ALPHABETICAL SERIES J.415-J.716 CHRONOLOGICAL SERIES J.717-J.1036 PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE J.1037-J.1190 MISCELLANEOUSSCIENTIFIC AND PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE J.1191-J.1310 REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS J.1-J.41 ‘4950s’ 1942-1955 Contents of a folder so inscribed. In alphabetical order. J.1, J.2 Air Ministry-Avery and Co. 1948-1954 Includes correspondence with D.N. de G. Allen re heat conduction, and with H.S. Arms re superconductivity. 2 folders. Allen was an applied mathematician. At the time, Arms worked out of the Development Laboratory of the Ministry of Supplyfacilities at Capenhurst. J.3 Bell Telephone Laboratories-Bunemann 1946-1954 Includes correspondence with K.K. Darrow re adiabatic magnetisation, and with W. Boas re his to the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford, visit N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 294 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.4, J.5 Capenhurst-Customs and Excise 1946-1955 J.4 contains mainly arrangements re the ‘Atomic Dinner’ at Capenhurstin May 1954. J.5 includes correspondence with Sir James Chadwick re possible appointments at Imperial College, London. 2 folders. J.6 David Davies Memorial Institute-Duyckaerts 1945-1954 Includes correspondence with P.A.M. Dirac re isotope separation method. his jet Dirac’s work on isotope separation through centrifuge science dated back to the early 1940s. J.7, J.8 W. Edwards and Co (London) Ltd 1949-1954 Includes correspondence re liquifier developed at the Clarendon Laboratory and W. Edwards and Co’s potential Also includes correspondence re Oxford graduates who might be suitable for work as patent agents. the new helium it. interest in manufacturing 2 folders. W. Edwards and Co. produced high vacuum equipment. J.9 Fairbank-Freymann 1946-1953 Includes correspondence re the helium liquifier, etc. Also includes correspondence with the Delegacy for Extra-Mural Studies of the University of Oxford re Kurti’s contribution to their course on ‘Recent Developmentsin Science’. J.10 Halban-Hubert Jones Ltd 1950-1954 Includes correspondence with Hildebrand of the University of California, Berkeley, re a visit of K.S. Pitzer to the UK. J.H. K.S. Pitzer was a physical chemist. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 295 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.11-J.15 Harwell Library 1946-1954 Energy Research staff at the Correspondence with research and library Atomic (AERE) at Establishment Harwell, Berkshire. Correspondence with research staff includes exchanges re the possible use of membranesfor the filtering of viruses, neutron diffraction scattering, the modelof the gaseous diffusion plant which Kurti made for the ‘Atom Train’ press announcement about ‘lowest ever’ temperatures reached in the Clarendon Laboratory. exhibition and a misleading 5 folders. The ‘Atom Train’ exhibition was a touring exhibition that had been organised in 1947. Consisting of two railway carriages demonstration experiments, it aimed to educate the public about nuclear energy and its risks. exhibits filled with and J.16 IMPAGLtd-Institution of Mechanical Engineers 1945-1954 Includes an extended exchange with staff at Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) Ltd, among others on the effects of bending on membrane porosity. J.17 Jackson-Journal de Physique et le Radium 1946-1954 Includes compressors, storage of liquid oxygen, gas separation etc. correspondence Jackson with L.C. re J.18 Kaldor-Koller 1947-1954 Includes extended exchanges with fellow physicists, e.g. with C.F. Kearton re ‘Monofil’ materials, with C. Kittel on a variety of subjects and with D. de Klerk on low-temperature physics. J.19 Lang-Luyet 1947-1954 Includes an extended exchange with H.R. Lang re a paper submitted by R.P. Hudson to the Journal of Scientific Instruments. Also includes correspondence re Kurti giving presentations on low temperature physics to the Odling Society and the Maxwell Society. The Odling Society was an undergraduate science society N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 296 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 at Worcester College, another undergraduate society, was based at College, London. Oxford. The Maxwell Society, King’s J.20, J.21 Mather-Murray 1945-1954 Miles, Includes correspondence with the Rumanian emigré spectroscopist R. Mavrodineanu and with the physical chemist S. with whom Kurti worked on the separation of uranium isotopes in 1942-1943. Also includes correspondence with Monsanto Chemicals Ltd re heat exchanger tubes. J.21 contains an extended exchange with E. Mendoza, 1950-1954, chiefly re low temperature research. 2 folders. J.22 Nabarro-Oxford University Press 1948-1953 Includes correspondence with the future Nobel laureate L. Néel. Also includes correspondence with M. Nelkon, the head of the science department of a London grammar school, re low temperature research at the Clarendon Laboratory. Further includes correspondence with the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies re the Atomic Train exhibition (see also J.13). J.23 J.24 Philips-Pryce Randle-Runcorn 1950-1954 1945-1955 Roberts of the Oak Ridge National Includes correspondence on low temperature research with L.D. Laboratory, Tennessee, USA. Also includes correspondence with Joseph Rotblat re a model demonstrating the principle of isotope separation which Kurti had built for the Atom Train exhibition (see also J.13, J.22). J.25-J.27 Salpeter-Swain 1945-1954 Includes letters to F.E. Simon, summarising incoming mail and news while Simon was abroad; one of the newsitems concerned E.N. da C. Andrade’s court case against the Royal Institution. Also includes an exchange with staff at Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Company Ltd re generators, N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 297 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 correspondence with J.E. Spence re plans for a liquid hydrogen plant at the University of Liverpool, and with the Oxford University Scientific Club re talks by Kurti. 3 folders. J.28 Tarbell-Tsai 1946-1955 Includes correspondence with B. Tsai of the Laboratoire du Grand Electro-Aimant, Bellevue near Paris, France, re the magnetic coil ordered for the new generator at the Clarendon Laboratory. J.29, J.30 Tickford Ltd 1951-1954 Correspondence re the design of electro magnets at the Clarendon Laboratory, to be produced by Tickford Ltd. Includes a monochrome photograph of the microstructure of photographic reproduction of a test report on a ‘Prototype Electromagnet with Nodular Cast Iron Yokes’. electro-magnet casting and an a_ 2 folders. J.31 Ubbelohde-United Kingdom Scientific Mission 1947-1954 correspondence Includes re magnets in the Clarendon Laboratory and with the United Kingdom Scientific Mission (Washington DC) re clearance procedures for visits to US facilities. Ubbelohde A.R.J. with J.32 University of Oxford, Appointments Committee 1954 Includes a memorandum re the Metal Box Company Ltd. J.33-J.37 University of Oxford, Registry 1942-1954, n.d. re possible correspondence Includes for students engaged in research on the Tube Alloys project. J.33 covers 1942-1947, J.34 1948-1952, J.35 1953, J.36 1954 and undated, the ‘Chairman-Principal feud’ at the College of Aeronautics, Cranfield, Bedfordshire. including correspondence re examiners 5 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 298 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.38 Vacuum-Vodar 1947-1953 Includes correspondence with A. M. Vidal-Hall of the Scientific Department of the French Embassyin London re various aspects of Anglo-French scientific exchange, and with B. Vodarre the liquefaction of oxygen. Vodarwasan ultra-high temperature physicist. J.39, J.40 Wagstaffe-Wylie 1946-1954 re the of France, installation An extended exchange with L. Weil of the University of Grenoble, pioneering equipment to produce liquid helium can be found at J.39. J.40 includes correspondence with W.A. Weyl on the behaviour of liquid helium below its A point, with the Women’s Engineering Society re a talk by Kurti to the Society, a visit to the Clarendon Laboratory, etc., and with Sir Francis Wylie re the whereabouts of the Einstein blackboard. Sir Francis Wylie was the Warden of Rhodes Housein Oxford, where Einstein delivered a series of three lectures during 1931 (see also J.449). J.41 Unidentified 1945-1953 In chronological order. J.42-J.46 ‘1956 PRE-US’ 1955-1957 Contents of a folder so inscribed. In alphabetical order. At the end of August 1956, Kurti left for the USA to spend the academic year of California, Berkeley. 1956-1957 at University the J.42 Avery-Capenhurst 1955-1956 Includes an exchange with staff at the R&D branch of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, Capenhurst, Cheshire, chiefly re Kurtis contribution to a ‘membrane textbook’ - a textbook on some aspects of the Tube Alloys project. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 299 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.43 Chance Brothers Ltd-Daniels 1955-1957 Includes correspondence with and re the College of Aeronautics, Cranfield, and with J. Daniels re magnet cores. Kurti was a Governor of the College of Aeronautics, Cranfield, 1953-1969. J.44 Deacock-Hutter 1955-1956 Includes correspondence with the Ministry of Fuel and Power re thermal insulation and the Dounreay Fast Reactor (DFR). A prototype fast reactor, the DFR was constructed 1954- 1959. J.45 Jackson-National Physical Laboratory 1956, 1957, n.d. A.R. Meetham of Includes correspondence with National (NPL) Laboratory Middlesex, re the helium supply scheme. the Teddington, Physical in In 1955, the NPL started to supply liquid helium for research purposes. J.46 Nature-Young 1955-1956 Includes correspondence with the editor of Nature re Kurti et al article on nuclear cooling (see E.1). Also includes correspondence with Plyglass Ltd re a report on window casementsthat Kurti prepared for a committee advising the and correspondence re University G.F.J. Temple’s work on supersonic and hypersonic flows. Oxford, of J.47-J.414 ALPHABETICAL SERIES 1962-1977 Chiefly outgoing correspondence. J.47-J.71 ‘Feb 62-Jan 63’ 1962-1963 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 300 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 Contents of a ring-binder so inscribed. Found arranged alphabetically by first letter of correspondent’s name, and in reverse chronological order within each alphabetical sequence. J.47 A 1962-1963 Includes correspondence with B.M. Abraham of the Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, USA, and with V.J. Freestone of the Atomic Energy Research Establishment re the supply of UH3, an enriched uranium hybrid. Also includes correspondence with the philosopher A.J. Ayer re City College, New York, where Kurti planned to spend the Fall of 1963, with N. Arms re her book A Prophet in Two Countries: The Life of F. E. Simon (New York, 1966), and with A. Abragam re the possibilities of Abragam delivering lectures on spin resonance in semiconductors at Oxford during Michaelmas term 1962. J.48, J.49 B 1962-1963 Includes correspondence with A.S.D. Barrett of Research and Control Instruments Ltd, with R. Beeching of the British Transport Commission, and with N. Booth of the British Oxygen Company Ltd re the newly created Cryogenic Equipment Panel of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. Also includes correspondence with Mullard Ltd re the design of a new magnet for the Clarendon Laboratory, and with B.W. Birmingham of the National Bureau of Standards in Boulder, Colorado, US, re the costof liquid helium in the USA. J.49 includes a transcript, c. May 1962, of a letter to N. Bohr, dated 8 August 1945. 2 folders. The Cryogenic Equipment Panel was set up ‘to look into the supply of cryogenic equipment, and in particular, liquid helium, with special reference to university laboratories’. It was chaired by Kurti. In 1962-1963, B. Bleaney spent a sabbatical at the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. J.50 Cc 1962-1963 Includes correspondence with the Pergamon Pressre the suitability of W. Voigt’s Lehrbuch derKristallphysik (1910) for translation, with R.S. Cohen re new activities in low temperature physics and history of science at Boston N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 301 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 the at solenoid superconducting University, and with N. Calder of the New Scientist re tests on Clarendon Laboratory. Also includes correspondence onliquid helium with R.G. Chambers of the University of Bristol and with the Cryogenic Products Department of the Linde Co, Division includes correspondence re the B/S Journal (the journal of the British Interplanetary Society). Carbide, Further Union USA. the of J.51, J/52 D 1962-1963 Cryogenic Chiefly correspondence with M.O. Morris at the DSIR re the includes correspondence with P. Daly of the BBC re the use of ‘Absolute Zero’, a programmefeaturing Kurti, for lecturing and teaching purposes (see K.86-K.91). Equipment Panel. Also 2 folders. J.53 E 1962 Includes correspondence with Edwards High Vacuum Ltd re a rotary pump that Kurti was hoping to borrow for a lecture on low temperature experimentation at the Royal Institution. J.54 F 1962-1963 to Oxford Includes correspondence with V.J. Freestone of AERE re enriched uranium, and with H. Fluchére re the impending visit includes communications with J.S. Forrest at the Central Electricity Research Laboratories (CERL), including Kurti’s list of subjects of special interest to members of the Research Council. Abragam. Also A. of H. Fluchére wasthe first director of the Maison Frangaise in Oxford. J.55 G 1962-1963 Includes correspondence with G.R.H. Geoghegan at the UKAEAfacilities at Capenhurst, Cheshire re the proposed High Magnetic Field Laboratory (HMFL), with M.M. Gowing re the second instalment of her history of the Tube Alloys project, and with J.B. Gardner of BOC’s R&D department re DSIR’s new Cryogenic establishment of the the N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 302 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 EquipmentPanel. For the story of the HMFL project, see H.297-H.341. J.56 H 1962-1963 Includes correspondencewith K. Hoselitz of the Solid State Physics Division of the Mullard Research Laboratories, Redhill, Surrey, re the cost of producing liquid helium with the ADL helium liquefier. Also includes correspondence with R.P. Hudson and with J.K. Hulm of the Westinghouse Research Laboratories, Pennsylvania, USA, re Pergamon Press’s unauthorized use of National Bureau of Standards (NBS) data (see also E.432), and correspondence with Sir Noel Hall, Principal of Brasenose College, re the disputed authorship of J. Graunt’s Natural and Political Observations (1662), etc. J.57 I,J 1962-1963 Includes correspondence with V.F. Johnson of the NBS re Pergamon Press’s unauthorized use of NBS data (see also E.432, J.56). J.58 K 1962 re R. Royal Includes correspondence with Institution Kurti’s demonstrations at the RI ‘Research Day’. Also includes correspondence with R. Kubo of the University of Tokyo re the properties of small particles. King of the concerning arrangements J.59 L 1962-1963 Includes correspondence with J. de Launay of the Office of Naval Research re samples of powdered gold alloys, with H.R. Lang of the Joint British Committee for Vacuum Science and Technology (JBCVST) re a meeting on cryopumping, potential collaborationsin the field of physics between the University of Oxford and Culham Laboratories and with W.M. Lomer of the UKAEAre enriched uranium hybrids at the Argonne National Laboratory. Sir Kenneth Wheare re_ with The JBCVST, later the British Vacuum Council, was established in 1959 to co-ordinate meetings and similar activities of members interested in vacuum. It was also the N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 303 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 official channel through which vacuum workers in the UK could collaborate with their colleagues overseas. J.60 M 1962-1963 I.R. Maxwell re Includes correspondence with Kurtis editorship of Pergamon Press’s Solid State Monograph series, re Kurti’s planned visit to Australia in July/August 1964, with A. G. Monroe ofthe British Oxygen Company re liquid helium, and with the Presidency of the People’s Republic of Hungary re Kurti’s citizenship status J.61 N 1962-1963 Includes letters to the BOC re BOCliquid helium supplies, and to K.E. Nicholds of the Hymatic Engineering Co Ltd re an instructional air liquefier, etc. J.62 O 1962 Includes correspondence with the Danish low temperature physicist J.L. Olsen. J.63 P 1962-1963 Includes correspondence re the HMFL Project, and the HMF Conferenceto be held in Oxford in July 1963. J.64, J.65 R 1962-1963 Includes correspondence with R.G. Rhodes of British Insulated Callender’s Cables (BICC) re the insulation of underground cables, etc., and with staff at the Nuclear Research Centre of C.A. Parsons and Co, Newcastle upon Tyne, re the first all-British superconducting high field solenoid, etc. Also includes correspondence with staff at the UKAEA,for which Kurti acted as a consultant; with L.D. Roberts of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, USA, re recent repeats of experiments by B.N. Samoilov on Au 198; with colleagues in Switzerland and France,re lectures by Kurti, e.g. with G. Ribaud re a presentation by Kurti on ‘Le noyau atomique en cryophysique’. 2 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 304 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.66 S 1962-1963 with Sir Gordon Includes correspondence with the cryogenic engineer H. Sixsmith, whom Kurti hoped to recruit for the Clarendon Laboratory; divining instruments, the question of whether Oxford physicists with college fellowships left to take up appointments abroad, etc; and with the Reactor Research Division of AERE re irradiation experiments at liquid helium temperatures with thermal neutrons. Sutherland re J.67 T 1962-1963 Includes correspondence with R. Thévenot, Director of the International Institute of Refrigeration/Institut International du Froid (IIR-IIF), with P.A.. Tahourdin of the British Council re international contacts of science, with K.D. Timmerhaus Engineering Conference in Boulder, Colorado, USA, and with Ferranti Ltd re work experience placements for Oxford physics students. Cryogenic 1963 the re J.68 U,V 1962-1963 Includes correspondencewith F.A. Vick discussing various types of liquid helium machines, with R.W. Vance of the Aerospace Corporation in Los Angeles, USA, re Kurti’s visit on the occasion of the 1962 Cryogenic Engineering Conference in Los Angeles, and with A. Abragam and the publishing house Gauthier-Villars Editeurs re the unity of physics. Vick was the director of AERE. He chaired the working party on the HMFL Project. J.69 WwW 1962 Includes correspondence with L. Weil of the University of Grenoble, re experiments at Grenoble on heat transfer in nuclear boiling, etc. Also includes correspondence with V.F. Weisskopf, then Director-General of CERN. J.70 X-Z 1962-1963 Correspondence with M.W. Zemansky re the cryogenic equipment required for Kurtis proposed Low Temperature N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 305 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 Research project at City College New York, and with M. Zvegintzov of the NRDC reliquid helium machines, D.W. Holder's DSIR application for cryogenic work, the Fritz London Award Committee, the history of low-temperature work, etc. J.71 Miscellaneous 1962x1963 Typescript drafts of notices, notes, reports, etc. In original order. J.72-J.101 ‘Feb 63-Mar 65’ 1963-1965 Contents of a ring binder so inscribed. Found arranged alphabetically by first letter of correspondent’s name, and in reverse chronological order within each alphabetical sequence. J.72 A 1963-1965 Includes correspondence with E. Ambler, whom Kurti hoped to recruit as director of the proposed HMFL to be built near Oxford, and with W.P. Allis, scientific advisor to NATO, whom Kurti hoped to brief on the project. Also includes correspondence with N.P. Allen of the NPL re A.H. Cooke and M.F. Wood’s application for funding towards size superconducting solenoids, and with B.M. Abraham of the Argonne National Laboratory re the purity of enriched plutonium. construction design of large the and J.73, J.74 B 1963-1965 Includes correspondence with P.M.S. Blackett re cryogenic equipment on the embargolist for the Soviet Union and China. Also includes Kurtis report on his visit to the USA, 12 August-4 September 1962 (see G.24-G.27), and a long letter to re Lord Hailsham’s recent speech in the Houseof Lords’ debate on sciencepolicy. Bleaney, dated 2 March 1963, B. 2 folders. At the time, Bleaney was still on his sabbatical at the University of Pittsburgh, USA. In his speech to the House of Lords, Lord Hailsham introduced the notion of the ‘brain drain’. This and other aspects of the speech prompted Kurti and his colleagues in the Clarendon Laboratory to send a N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 306 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 letter to The Times (see E.245). J.75, J.76 Cc 1963-1965 Includes correspondence with L. Couture re her impending researchvisit to Oxford, and with Sir Harold Caccia re the Cryogenic Equipment Panel and the export embargo concerning includes correspondence with N. Calder of the New Scientist, with A.H. Cooke re the planned HMFL and with A.J. Croft re the High Tension Room of the Clarendon Laboratory. equipment. cryogenic Also 2 folders. L. Couture wasa solid state spectroscopist. J.77, J.78 D 1963-1965 Includes correspondence with various officials at the DSIR re ‘Osborne’s proposed Cryogenic Engineering course’, re the embargo list for cryogenic equipment (copy at J.77), re the proposed HMFL and candidates for the position of director, and re a numberofindividual grant applications to the Sir Frederick Dainton re the entry of Oxford and Cambridge into the Council on Admissions scheme. includes correspondence with Universities Further DSIR. Central 2 folders. The cryogenic engineering course in question clashed with plans to create a new graduate course on low temperature physics and technology at the Clarendon Laboratory. J.79 E 1963-1964 Includes correspondence with Kurti’s Oxford colleague D. Edmonds re the Eurovision film ‘Cold’ (see K.96-K.99), and with R. Edmondsof the DSIR regarding the IIR-IIF. J.80 F 1963-1965 Includes correspondence re a request from the Forrestal Research Center, Princeton, USA, for a copy of Br. 694, a report by P.A.l. Tahourdin on the Dirac jet separation method. Also includes correspondence with D. Fishlock of the New Scientist re a recent leading article on high field N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 307 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 solenoids, etc. J.81 G 1963-1965 with Includes correspondence with M.M. Gowing re Bohr’s meeting Lindemann photographs, etc. Also includes correspondence with A.F. Gibson re reasons for basing the proposed HMFL on superconducting solenoids. identification Churchill, of J.82, J.83 H 1963-1965 re Includes correspondence with W. Haberditzl the importance of inhomogeneous magnetic fields and re H.L.F. von Helmholtz’s impressions of Oxford in 1863. Also includes correspondence with the widow of L. Hatvany re his Die Wissenschaft des_ nicht the Wissenswerten Futher includes correspondence with Sir Noel Hall re the future heating system of Brasenose College. re-publication E.81-E.90). (1908) (see of also 2 folders. Haberditzl was an Austrian chemist. JAS: See also J.112, J.84 I,J 1963-1965 Includes correspondence with R.V. Jones re N. Bohr’s meeting with Churchill, Operation Epsilon, the history of low temperature experiments at the New Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford, etc. project Operation Epsilon was the code name for involving the secret recording of conversations between 10 German scientists who were interned at Farm Hall from July 1945 to January 1946. a_ J.85 K 1963-1965 Includes correspondence with C. Kittel re the creation of a National Academy of Engineering in the USA, and with the historian T.S. Kuhn re his forthcoming visit to Oxford and the papers of J.S.E. Townsend and F.A. Lindemann. Kittel was professor of physics at the of California, Berkeley. At the time, Kuhn directed ‘Sources University N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 308 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 for History of Quantum Physics’. Financed by the National Science Foundation, the project's assigned goal was to find and preserve primary source materials for study of the history of quantum physics. J.86 i 1963-1965 with Sir Ben interests, Includes correspondence with W.M. Lomer re shared research re photographs of superconducting magnets, and with P.A. Lingard of the Central Electricity Generating Board re electrical storage heating. Also includes correspondencere alterations to the Lindemann Building. Lockspeiser Lomer was a solid state physicist who worked for the AERE. J.87, J.88 M 1963-1965 Includes correspondence with B.T. Matthias re the y-ray anisotropy of Scln, with |.R. Maxwell re the life of L. Hatvany, with H. Mendelssohn re his plans to create a nature reserve in the Negev desert,etc. 2 folders. J.89 N 1963-1964 Includes correspondence with G.R. Noakes, editor of the magazine Contemporary Physics, with G. Pryor re her letter to the New York Times (Paris edition) on Lord Hailsham’s contributions to the House of Lord’s debate on 27 February 1963, and with BOC reliquid helium. J.90 O 1963-1965 Includes correspondence with J.L. Olsen re cryogenic meetings in Switzerland and the USA, and with D.W. Osborne of the Argonne National his forthcomingvisit to Oxford. Laboratory re J.91, J.92 P,Q 1963-1965 Includes correspondence with D.H. Parkinson of the Royal Radar Establishment, Malvern re the difficulty of wording N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 309 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 the British embargo list concerning cryogenic equipmentin such a way that legitimate research equipment may be sent includes correspondence with M.H.L. Pryce re possible sites for the proposed national High Fields Laboratory and with Sir William Penneyre the potential of H. Kronberger. countries. curtain’ Also ‘iron. to 2 folders. J.93 R 1963-1965 Includes correspondence with E.H. Reynolds of BICC re proposed symposium on Extra High Voltage cables, with staff at the German Institute, London re the origins of the expression ‘iron curtain’, and with L. Rotherham of the Central research fellowships, etc. Generating Electricity Board re J.94-J.96 Ss 1963-1965 Includes correspondence with N.J. Stone re high power cables, internally oil cooled cables, etc., with H. Sixsmith re his potential relocation from the National Bureau of Standards, Boulder, Colorado, USA, to Oxford, and re BOC’s ability to build a turbo-expansive helium liquefier, etc. 3 folders. Sixsmith Science in Oxford in 1963. relocated to the Department of Engineering J.97 T 1963-1965 Includes correspondence with the president of Trinity College, Oxford, re stronger links with the College of Aeronautics, Cranfield, and with the widow of Sir John Townsend re his personal papers and their potential relevance to the ‘Sources for History of Quantum Physics’ project includes correspondence with J. Trueta of the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford, re the potential relevance of the planned HMEL for biology and medicine. directed Kuhn. Also 7T.S. by J.98 U,V 1963-1965 Includes correspondence with J. Volger of the Philips N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 310 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 in Eindhoven, Research Laboratories re Volger’s colloquium and superconducting generators. Also includes correspondence with the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford, Sir Walter Oakeshott, re the Holford Report. Netherlands, Sir William Holford’s report on the ‘Future requirements of the science departments’ at the University of Oxford came out on 23 May 1963. It emphasised the need for a substantial strategic reserve of land to deal with the requirements for sites to respond to the 100.000 square meter of developmentit predicted. J.99 WwW 1963-1965 Includes correspondence with R.I. Wolff of City College, New York (CCNY) re arrangements concerning Kurtis impending visit there. Kurti spent the autumn of 1963 as the Buell G. Gallagher Visiting Professor at City College. J.100 X-Z 1963-1965 Includes an original typescript of Kurtis review of M.M. Gowing, Britain and Atomic Energy, 1939-1945 (1964) and M.W. Zemansky of CCNY re correspondence experimental visiting professorship etc. inaugurate activities Kurti’s with to J.101 Miscellaneous 1963x1965 Typescript notices, itineraries of Kurtis travels, lists of letters forwarded to him, progress reports on students, etc. In original order. J.102-J.127 ‘Apr 65-Mar 66’ Contents of a ring binder so inscribed. Found arranged alphabetically and in chronological order. J.102 A 1965-1966 Includes correspondencewith J.B. Adams of the UKAEA re delays with the Ministry of Technology contract for the production of superconducting materials, with P. Agron re N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 311 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 of the ‘Comité d’Etude activities Equipment the des Termes Techniques Frangais’, and with P. Akar of the Société Air Liquide, France re scientific nomenclature, the work of the Cryogenic includes correspondence with the new Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding (SACU), which Kurti joined in 1965 (see H.936-H.944), and with E. Ambler re the problem of how to rationalize low temperature and solid state research in the UK. provision helium of liquid the Panel, etc. Also for J.103-J.105 B 1965-1966 Includes correspondence with the Australian botanist H.N. Barber re acronyms, with American colleagues re liquid helium supply in the USA, with the World Federation of Hungarians re the malpractice of translating ‘tudomany’ as ‘science’, with B.V. Bowdenre his speech on the occasion of the formal inauguration of the Mullard Cryomagnetic Laboratory, etc. 3 folders. J.106, J.107 Cc 1965-1966 Includes correspondence with G. Chandra of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research re the T-Tx correlation of chrome potassium alum, with P.F. Chester at the Central Electricity Research Laboratories re whether Kurti’s role as a BICC consultant conflicted with his being responsible for the superconducting testing contract that the Ministry of Technology placed with the Clarendon Laboratory. 2 folders. J.108 D 1965-1966 Includes correspondencewith the editor of the Observerre terminological nonsense, and with the Board of Trade re the proposed amendments to the embargo list re cryogenic equipment and its export. J.109 E 1965-1966 Includes correspondence with I.G. Edmunds, physicist at the Manchester College of Science and Technology, re his equipment grant application, and with D.O. Edwards of Ohio State University, USA, re liquid helium provisions in N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 312 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 the USA. J.110 F 1965-1966 Includes correspondence with Kurti’s childhood friend A. Fabinyi. J.111 G 1965-1966 Includes correspondence with M.M. Gowing re RV. Jones’s account of the Bohr-Churchill meeting, with J.M. Gregory of Winchester College re arrangementsfor a talk by Kurti, etc. J.112, J.113 H 1965-1966 correspondence with W. Haberditzl the Includes nineteenth century physicist H.L.F. von Helmholtz. Also includes correspondence with the American physicist T.C. Hardy re Hardy’s low temperature physics group at CCNY. re 2 folders. Haberditz] was an Austrian chemist, communist and science-historian who worked at the Humboldt University in Berlin. He shared Kurtis interest in von Helmholtz’s relationship with Oxford physics. Kurti was well qualified to consult Hardy on his new project on magnetic structures of alloys by measuring the specific heat in a magnetic field as this was workof the type Kurti had done for his own D.Phil. thesis. J.114 I,J 1965-1966 Includes correspondence with the Science Research Council re the Report of the Cryogenic Engineering Panel meeting, with the editors of the Electrical Times re the newly opened Mullard Cryomagnetic Laboratory in Oxford and re differences between superconducting and normally conducting solenoids, and with R.V. Jones re the Bohr- Churchill meeting etc. J.115 K 1964-1965 Includes correspondence with the US embassy in London N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 313 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 re the situation in Vietnam, and with P.L. Kapitza re the international conference on low temperature physics (LT 10). Also includes correspondence with Sir Peter Kent of British Petroleum re the helium content of North Sea gas, and with the Hungarian artist and educator G. Kepesre his impending visit to the UK. LT 10 took place in Moscow in 1966 under the aegis of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics. J.116 L 1965-1966 Includes correspondence with J.O. Linde of the Kungliga Tekniska low temperature terminology, and with American colleagues re liquid helium supply in the USA. Stockholm, Hdgskolan, Sweden re J.117, J.118 M 1965-1966 Includes letters to D.C. Martin at the Royal Society re topics such as bets made during an evening at Brasenose College, candidates for the James Alfred Ewing Medal, the fate of archives of British scientists, a proposed National Instrument Centre to expand the service of expensive equipment, etc. Also includes correspondence with M.O. Morris of the SRC re Kurti’s concerns overliquid helium supply. 2 folders. O J.119 J.120 1965-1966 1965-1966 Ltd Includes correspondence with A.T. Oatley of Cannon Industries re the reluctance of various Gas and Electricity Boards to sell combined cookers. Also includes correspondence with of California, Los Angeles, USA,re liquid helium supply. R. Orbach of the University J.121 Pa 1965-1966 Includes correspondence with R. Parker of the Portsmouth College of Technology re a presentation by Kurti on ‘Atomic Nuclei: Hot and Cold’, and with J.G. Powles of the N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 314 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 University of Canterbury, Kent re grants to buy research equipment (the topic of both their letters to The Times). Also includes correspondence with J.H. Price of the SRC re improved nuclear cooling techniques etc. and with J.M. Pye of the UKAEAre the Cherwell papers. J.122 R 1965-1966 T.J. Reed re Includes correspondence with re- publication of L. Hatvany’s Die Wissenschaft des nicht Wissenswerten. Also includes correspondence with E.H. Reynolds at BICC re the firm’s potential interest in a development contract for superconducting materials from the Ministry of Technology. the J.123 Ss 1965-1966 Includes Siemensfamily re the Helmholtz papers. correspondence with members of the von J.124 T 1965-1966 Includesletters to the editor of The Times, correspondence with Sir Harold Thompson re international exchange on high current superconductors, with H.R. Trevor-Roper re Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding, etc. J.125 U,V 1965-1966 Includes correspondence with the Vice-Chancellor of Oxford, re his role in the formal inauguration ceremony of the Mullard Cryomagnetic Laboratory, and with staff at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development re research on the behaviour of matter in intensive magnetic fields. J.126 Ww 1965-1966 return Includes correspondence re an advertisement in Physics Today (October 1965), designed to entice British scientists to to the UK (see also E.245). Also includes correspondence with American colleagues re the provision of liquid helium and re the relations between science and small companies. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 J127 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.128-J.152 ‘1 May 66-31 Mar 67’ Contents of a ring binder so inscribed. Found arranged alphabetically and in chronological order. J.128 A Includes correspondence with staff at the SRC re the HMFL Project and with N.P. Allen of the NPL re a superconductivity meeting organised by the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE). Also includes correspondence re Kurti’s candidature for the Committee of the Society for Low Temperature Biology. 315 1965-1966 1966-1967 1966-1967 J.129, J.130 B 1966-1967 Includes correspondence re an IEE colloquium on energy storage, held on 23 May 1966, and with B. Bleaney re departmental implications of the Franks Report,etc. 2 folders. The Franks Report wasthe report of a commission chaired by Sir Oliver Franks. Following the publication of the report in 1966, a number of changes were introduced into Oxford’s system of governance. J.131 Cc 1966-1967 Includes correspondence re a 16mm sound film on superconducting magnets which Kurti received through C. Laverick of the Argonne National Laboratory (see K.92, K.93). Also includes correspondence re conferences on superconductor technology etc. J.132 D 1966-1967 Includes correspondence with R.L. Davies re samples. Davies was the head of the Chemistry Department in the Central Research and Engineering Division of BICC. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 316 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.133 E 1966-1967 correspondence Includes his equipmentgrant application and with the assistant editor of the Sunday Telegraph re a reporter’s visit to the offices of the Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding (SACU). L.R.B. Elton with re J.134 F 1966-1967 staff at in British College Includes correspondence with Aircraft Corporation Ltd and Davy-Ashmore Ltd re a Royal Society discussion about Graduates in Industry, to be held at Brasenose includes correspondence with H.M. Finniston of the International Research & Development Company Ltd re whether the original HMF working party had sufficiently consulted potential industrial users, and correspondence with W.L. Francis of the SRC re university-industry collaboration, etc. March 1967. Also J.135 G 1966-1967 Includes correspondence with D. Gabor re his Cherwell- Simon Lecture, with G.R.H. Geoghegan re a recent report from the General Electric Research and Development Centre, with Sir Charles Goodeve re universities-industry relations, and with M.M. Gowing re the conditions for the handoverof the ‘Simon-Kurti Atomic Energy Papers’ to the archives of the UKAEA,etc. Geoghegan was the Chief Technical Manager of the UKAEA. J.136, J.137 H 1966-1967 Includes correspondence with E.D. Haidemenakis re his proposed NATO summer school, with the Earl of Halsbury and Lord Hinton re ‘the insistence with which the Colleges of Advanced Technology, having achieved university status wish to be called universities as well’, etc. Also includes correspondence re SACU and its sources of donations. 2 folders. J.138 I, J 1966-1967 Includes correspondence with F.E. Jones, Director of N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 317 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 Mullard Ltd, re the ‘brain drain’, its different manifestations in other European countries, and the relations between pure science and technology, with the physicist G.O. Jones re the properties of water, and with Sir Henry Jones of the Gas Council re the production and storage of liquid hydrogen as a joint venture by the Gas Council and the Ministry of Aviation. J.139 K Includes correspondence with Sir Frank Kearton re SACU. J.140 LE Includes correspondence with staff at the Department of Education and Science re E.D. Haidemenakis’s proposed NATO summerschool. Also includes a letter congratulating Sir Bernard Lovell on his recent article on space research in The Times. J.141, J.142 M 2 folders. J.143 N 1966-1967 1966-1967 1966-1967 1966-1967 Includes correspondence with L. Néel (some in French) re his impending visit in March 1967, and with the editor of the New Scientist re K. Mendelssohn’s The Quest for Absolute Zero (1966), etc. J.144 O 1966-1967 correspondence the Includes organisation of a meeting on the technological aspects of new superconducting materials. Olsen with J.L. re J.145 P,Q 1966-1967 Includes correspondence re meetings of the Society for Low Temperature Biology and re applications to the SRC. Also includes correspondence with A.B. Pippard re the Interim Report of the Swann Working Group. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 318 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 Pippard was a member of the Working Group on Manpower Parameters for Scientific Growth, Committee on Manpower Resources Technology. Charged‘to discover whether there was any imbalancein the employmentof qualified engineering, technological and scientific manpower’, it was chaired by M.M. Swann. The interim report of the Swann Working Group was presented to Parliament in October 1966. Science and for J.146 R 1966-1967 Includes correspondence with the solid state physicist W.A. Runciman re the HMFL Project, and with the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences re the re-publication of L. Hatvany’s Die Wissenschaft des nicht Wissenswerten. J.147, J.148 Ss 1966-1967 Saur re a meeting European J.147 includes correspondence with the German physicist E.J. for superconducting materials, with R.G. Scurlock (University of Southampton) regarding his new graduate course on ‘Cryogenics and its Applications’, R.J. Seeger of the American National Science Foundation re N. Arms’s. includes correspondence with the pioneering cryobiologist A.U. Smith re low temperature applications in biology, etc. etc., and with biography Simon. plans on of F.E. J.148 2 folders. J.149 T 1966-1967 Includes correspondence with Sir Harold Thompson, the Foreign Secretary of the Royal Society, re the SRC’s expenditure on foreign travel, etc. Also includes letters to the editor of The Times, and to H. Trevor-Roper re SACU. J.150 U,V 1966-1967 Includes correspondence with A. Vidal-Hall of the French Embassy in London re literature on the migration of scientists. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 319 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.151 WwW 1966-1967 Includes correspondence with J.S. Watson, Principal of St Andrews, re a report in The Times on the Special Report from the Committee of Public Accounts. Also includes letters British Welding Research Association re argon-arc welding vs helium-arc welding, etc. R. Weck of the to J.152 X-Z 1966-1967 Includes correspondence with M. Zvegintzov of the NRDC re a proposed liquid hydrogen centre at the Bradford Institute of Technology,etc. J.153-J.176 ‘1 Apr 67-17 Feb 68’ 1967-1968 Contents of a ring binder so inscribed. Found arranged alphabetically and in chronological order. J.153 A 1967-1968 in and its Greece Includes correspondence with P. Aigrain re the political situation E.D. Haidemenakis’s proposed NATO summer school there. Also includes correspondence with T.E. Allibone re the upcoming Royal Society-Wates Study Conference on Superconductor Technology in Europe. implications for speakers at Haidemenakis’ A number of scheduled summer school in Greece pulled out in the aftermath of the military coup in the spring of 1967. Kurti remained neutral, then decided not to take part, but changed his mind again following assurances that there would be no limitation on freedom of expression. See also G.88-G.90. J.154, J.155 B 1967-1968 report’ on engineers and scientists Includes correspondence with the President of the Royal Society re a broad range of matters, including ‘the Hooker- Kurti industry (published in Nature vol. 217 (17 February 1968)). Also includes correspondence with A.S.D. Barrett re a proposed rental scheme of for universities, with A. Briggs re a future Colloque de Caen Franco-Britannique to explore university reform, with fellow physicists W.E. Burcham and C.C. Butler re consultancy Philips PLHe 209 Liquefiers in N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 320 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 and Ph.D.s in industry, and with J.B. Butterworth re the proposed Mathematics Research Centre at the University of Warwick, etc. 2 folders. D J.156 J.157 1967-1968 1967-1968 Includes correspondence with F.S. Dainton re a Franco- British Colloque de Caen, university-industry relations, etc. Also includes correspondence with the Physical Secretary of the Royal Society (M.J. Lighthill) re scientific authors’s reluctance to publish in the Proceedings of the Royal Society, and with J.J.P. Deverill of the Royal Society re the upcoming Hungarian Scientific and Technical Week of the Hungarian Embassy in London. J.158 E 1967-1968 Includes correspondence with the Office for Scientific and Technical Information re an upcoming Advisory Committee for Science and Technology Information meeting. Also includes correspondence with R.H. Ellis of the Historical Manuscripts Commission re ‘the location of papers of pre- 1930 great men of science’. J.159 F 1967-1968 re_ for funding correspondence Includes ED. Haidemenakis’s proposed NATO summer school, with D.M. Finlayson re the next international conference on low temperature physics (LT 11), with B.H. Flowers re a variety of matters (among them the question of how the newsof the demise of the HMFL Project should be handled), and with Sir Frank Francis of the British Museum re the automation oflibraries, etc. J.160 G 1967-1968 Includes correspondence with in providing evidence to the Dainton Committee, recently established to report on the national libraries. Also includes correspondence with C.J. Gorter re his recent Fritz London difficulties Gill re S. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 321 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 lecture and the desirability of reviving friendly relations between the Kammerlingh Onnes Laboratory and the Clarendon. J.161, J.162 H 1967-1968 political situation J.161 includes correspondence with E.D. Haidemenakis re the implications of the escalating in Greece for Kurti’s participation in the proposed NATO summer school there. Also includes correspondence with Sir Harold Hartley re the preservation of scientific archives, and with G.G. Haselden re liquid methane storage etc. J.162 includes correspondence with M.G.N. Hine of CERN re the meeting on Superconductor Technology in Europe (with excerpts from a draft report etc.), and with S.G. Hooker re university-industry relations, etc. 2 folders. J.163 I,J 1967-1968 with Baron Ironside correspondence Includes of CryosystemsLtd re cryogenic terminology, with T. Johnson re his Sunday Times articles on the Oxford Instruments Company and the BOC-Edwards merger, with C. Jolliffe of the SRC re the HMFL project and the Oxford Advanced Cryogenics Course, with Sir Sydney Jones re a symposium on railway research, etc. The BOC Group acquired Edwards High Vacuum Ltd in 1968. The Oxford Advanced Cryogenics Course was an 18-day residential course designed for senior personnel in industry and government establishments to retain their awareness remain ‘fundamentals conscious’. developments new and of to J.164 J.165 k: 1967-1968 1967-1968 Includes correspondence with F. Lange of the Institut fur Tieftemperaturphysik, Dresden, with J.D. Lawson of the Rutherford High Energy Laboratory, Chilton, Berkshire re the new Advanced Cryogenics Course, with B. Lax of the National Magnet Laboratory (NML) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, re demagnetisation work done at the NML, and with the Department of Education N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 322 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 and Science re funding for E.D. Haidemenakis’s proposed summer school. J.166-J.168 M 1967-1968 J.166 includes correspondence with J.R. Maddox, editor of Nature, re the ‘brain drain’ etc, and with Mme B. Marger of the French Embassy, London, re a future Colloque de Caen Franco-Britannique, etc. J.167 is correspondence with D.C. Martin of the Royal Society on a broad range of themes, schools, postgraduate training, catering at Carlton House Terrace, the fate of the Chadwick archives, etc. J.168 includes correspondence with H.A. Moe re the personal papers of eminent scientists, and with D.B. Montgomery re his report on the ‘Design of High Field Solenoids’. including in science teaching 3 folders. In 1966, Montgomery had spent two months at the Clarendon Laboratory as a Senior Visiting Fellow, the results of which were summarisedin his report. J.169 N,O 1967-1968 Includes correspondence with Westonbirt School, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, re the suitability of the school premises for European Physics Research Conferences. J.170 P,Q 1967-1968 Includes correspondence with D.H. Parkinson of the Radar Research Establishmentre a possible reorganisation of the Cryogenics Panel (the former Cryogenic Equipment Panel) into a joint SRC/Ministry of Technology venture, and with D.G. Pearce of AERE re his surveyof the British cryogenic industry. J.171 R 1967-1968 Includes correspondence with J.A. Ratcliffe re the notion that radioastronomy is a moreeffective training for industry than other branches of physics, with G.V. Raynor re the Cryogenics Committee, with the Ministry of Technology re the previous work of the Cryogenics Panel, and with the Biological Secretary of the Royal Society, A.A. Miles, re funding for space biological research. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 323 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.172, J.173 S 1967-1968 Includes correspondence with R.J. Slaughter of BICC re testing samples of superconducting materials. 2 folders. J.174 T,U,V 1967-1968 Includes correspondence with the Foreign Secretary of the Royal Society re meeting on superconductor technologyin Europe in October 1968, with the editor of The Times re East-Westtrade etc., and with H. Trevor-Roper and Dame Joan Vickers re SACU, etc. J.175 Ww 1967-1968 Includes correspondence re an incident of March 1967 when Kurti broke the automatic exit barrier at Oxford Station car park because it was jammed. Also includes correspondence with J.V. Wagstaffe of the SRC re the Cryogenics Panel, and with Sir Kenneth Wheare, President of the British Academy, re closer collaborations between the British Academy and the Royal Society and the ‘jungle’ of modern scientific and technical vocabulary. J.176 Z, Miscellaneous 1967-1968 Includes correspondence with Cryogenics Panel etc. M. Zvegintzov re the J.177-J.204 ‘19 Feb-6 Nov 68’ Contents of a ring binder so inscribed. Found arranged alphabetically and in chronological order. J.177 A 1968 1968 Includes correspondence with P. Agron re the foundation of an organisation to consider scientific and technical terminology, with E. N. da C. Andrade re the archives of eminent scientists, and with H.S. Arms re ‘the difficulties that universities and Government research establishments in recruiting’, etc. industry has in competing with N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 J.178, J.179 B Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 324 1968 Includes correspondence re ordering by magnetic dipolar interactions, re the fate of the papers of eminent scientists, re the ‘indiscriminate use’ of the word ‘cryogenic’ in the reports of the UK Scientific Mission in the USA, etc. J.179 also includes a report of Kurti’s visit to the Netherlands in June 1968. 2 folders. J.180, J.181 Cc 1968 Includes correspondence with Classic Publications Ltd re suitable people to write brief articles on the role of research in industry, with H.B.G. Casimir of the Philips Research Laboratories re an international meeting on the technology of large superconducting magnets, with P.F. Chester of the Electricity Council Research Centre re novel methods of cooking with the aid of electricity, etc. 2 folders. J.182 D Includes correspondence with J.G. Daunt re the editorial policy of the Journal of Low Temperature Physics. Also includes correspondence re the ‘brain drain’, and a joint meeting the Magnetism Group of the Institute of Physics and the Physical Society on the subject of ‘Ordering by Dipolar Interaction’, etc. the Low Temperature of Group and J.183 E Includes correspondence with the editor of Physics Today re an article on graduate students, and with R.H. Ellis of the Historical Manuscripts Commission re M.M. Gowing’s pilot survey on preserving scientific archives. The pilot survey on scientific archives led to the foundation of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre (CSAC), Oxford, in 1973. See H.123-H.270. J.184, J.185 F J.184 is chiefly correspondence with D.M. Finlayson re the 1968 1968 1968 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 325 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 programme of LT 11. Also includes correspondencewith J. Farrant re the new Society for Low Temperature Biology. J.185 includes correspondence with B.H. Flowers re the suitability of computers as topic of a Royal Society Review Lecture, SRC policy re fundamental science, the difference between training for technology and doing research in technology, etc. Also includesletters to J.S. Forrest of the Central long-term researchin the electricity supply industry, etc. Electricity Research Laboratory re 2 folders. Kurti was the chairman of the Society for Low Temperature Biology. J.186 G Includes correspondence re the BBC programme ‘The Lindemann Enigma’ and with J.C. Gorter of the Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratorium, Leiden, Netherlands re the need to coordinate smaller research conferences such as those organised by the European Physical Society. Also includes letters to M.M. Gowing re arrangements for the pilot project on scientific archives. international LT conferences with J.187 H Includes correspondence with Sir Harold Hartley re the preservation of scientific papers, with the engineer D.W. Holder re a report on postgraduate training in engineering, and with S.G. Hooker re their joint report as Vice- Presidents of the Royal Society on the problem of industry- university collaboration etc. J.188 I,J Includes correspondence re scientific acronyms and the Hooker-Kurti report, and with Johnson Matthey Metals Ltd re the measurementof cryogenic temperatures. J.189 K 1968 1968 1968 1968 Includes correspondence with R.W.J. Keay re the Hooker- Kurti report and its distribution, the potential use of the Casa Malaparte (a villa on the Isle of Capri, Italy) as the seat of the new Commission History the of on N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 Oceanography or for the Naples Zoological Station, etc. Also includes correspondence re a joint meeting with the British Academy on scientific methods in archaeology. J.190 L Includes publications and the useof SI units in them. correspondence with C. Laverick re_ his J.191-J.194 M J.191 includes correspondence with W.H. McFadzean, Chairman of BICC, re his views on research and industry, with F.R. McKim re Kurtis upcoming Sixth Form talk at Marlborough College, Wiltshire on ‘Physics and the Joys of Life’, and with W.C. Marshall on Gowing’s pilot survey. J.194 includes correspondence re a proposed ‘Oxford Advanced Cryogenics Course Trust’. 4 folders. J.195 N,O Includes correspondence with the editor of the Observerre the practice of channelling money into research through Defence Departments, and with the deputy editor of the New Scientist re the regrettable practice of using acronyms in publications that are not directed at specialists. J.196, J.197 P Includes correspondence re invitations for Kurti to attend conferences in Hungary and (with the British Council) re the visit of the Soviet physicist O.A. Chilashvili. Also includes correspondence re the pilot survey, editorial correspondencere the Physics Bulletin, etc. 2 folders. J.198 R Includes correspondencere ‘the Strategic Embargo List so far as it affects the export of Cryogenic Equipment’, the Hooker-Kurti report, etc. 326 1968 1968 1968 1968 1968 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.199, J.200 S Includes correspondence about visits, Society for Low Temperature Biology,etc. meetings, the 2 folders. T J.201 Includes correspondencewith the Foreign Secretary of the Royal Society re a proposed joint Royal Society/CERN conference on superconductor technology, Kurti’s recent visit to Hungary, East/West networks of cooperation re high magnetic fields, etc. J.202 U,V Includes correspondence with J.H. Van Vleck of Harvard University, USA, re his upcoming Royal Society Review Lecture, and with Philips Research Laboratories in Eindhoven, Netherlands, re his lecture on Flux Pumps and similar devices at the upcoming meeting of the LT Group ofthe Institute of Physics. J. Volger of the Van Vleck, who was awarded a Nobel Prize for Physics in 1977, was a personal friend of Kurti. J.203 Ww Includes correspondence with C.V. Wedgwood re the pilot survey, with G.A. Whitfield re future cryogenic work at the College of Aeronautics, Cranfield, and with A.L. Williams re his thesis that the majority of Ph.D.s are useless as far as work in industry is concerned, and with the Director of the Association of Special Libraries and Information Bureaux (Aslib). A.L. Williams was Director of Research at the Central Research & Engineering Division of BICC. Kurti was the Royal Society’s representative on the Council of Aslib. 327 1968 1968 1968 1968 J.204 Z, Miscellaneous 1968 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 328 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.205-J.271 ‘7 Nov 68-Sep71’ 1968-1971 Contents of 5 ring binders so inscribed. Found arranged alphabetically and in chronological order. preservation of unused film Key topics include cryogenic terminology, LT-12 (Kyoto, Japan), the strategic embargo list, European Physical Society matters, the pilot project on scientific manuscripts, the cooperation between the Royal Society and the British Academy, the recent declassification of research originating with the Science of Science Tube Alloys the Foundation, kitchen, power the countryside, etc. Kurtis performances as physicist preservation Project, Aslib, the footage, lines and the in of J.205-J.208 A 1968-1971 4 folders. J.209-J.213 B 1968-1971 Includes correspondencere Institute of Physics matters. 5 folders. In July 1969, Kurti had been elected to the Council of the NRPS St ae MKS ave Us alt e. Loe or a Laat Coe ay “ J214J217 CG Woes wee tg Cle ae Ae _ : a em Cup: as Dewar | 1968-1971 Includes correspondence re the potential of microwave cooking, Einstein’s visit to England in 1921, professio careers for graduate scientists and engineers, IPPS-IOP matters, etc. Pa J.218 J.219, J.220 4 folders. D E 2 folders. 5 a0 a A {7} . Tot Axe > : € ¢ Wye ~CS = 6 1968-1971 1968-1971 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 329 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.221, J.222 F 1968-1971 Cranfield, Includes correspondence re changes at the College of Aeronautics, the Cryogenics Panel, information managementon the part of the SRC, the dress code at the Maison Frangaise Garden Party, etc. discontinuation the of 2 folders. J.223-J.225 G 1968-1971 re recognition correspondence in Includes superconductivity, British contributions to the jet separation method, conference on high magnetic fields at the University of Nottingham, inauguration of the Amphithéatre Louis Weil in Grenoble, etc. BICC’s_ the interest early of 3 folders. J.226-J.229 H 1968-1971 re_ correspondence Includes to decimalisation, the weight of eggs at the time of Mrs Beeton, etc. J.227 includes a draft of Kurti’s introduction to Cryogenic Fundamentals, ed. G.G. Haselden (London, 1971). resistance British 4 folders. J.230, J.231 I,J 1968-1971 re correspondence implement Includes recommendations made by the Cryogenics Panel, the cost of participating in the high magnetic field installation at Grenoble, R.V. Jones’s contribution to a BBC programme on F.A. Lindemann, etc. delays to 2 folders. J.232-J.234 K 1968-1971 Includes correspondence re the future of the Cranfield Institute of Technology, problems of cooling below 10°K, the desirability of communicating in SI units, the work of the Hooke Committee of the Royal Society, the SCR’s N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 330 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 Cryogenics Panel, etc. 3 folders. J.235-J.237 L 1968-1971 ‘The Temperature Traveller’, Includes correspondencere arrangements for Kurti’s filmed lectures technologies of temperatures below 20°K, the Royal Society-IPPS working party on the relationship between university education in physics and the needs ofindustry, etc. 3 folders. J.238-J.241 M 1968-1971 Includes correspondencere the high flux beam reactorin Grenoble, the work of the British Cryogenics Council (BCC), the Simon Memorial Prize of 1970 (including a draft of Kurti’s speech on the occasion), etc. 4 folders. Kurti was a member of the Board of the BCC. In 1970, the Simon Memorial Prize went to W. Meissner. J.242, J.243 N 1968-1971 Includes correspondence re similarities between A.W.B. Taylors book on superconductivity and /ntroduction to Superconductivity by A.C. Rose-Innes and E.H. Rhoderick (see E.433). 2 folders. J.244 O Includes correspondence re decimalisation. Also includes letters to the local press. J.245-J.247 P,Q 1968-1971 1968-1971 of Includes physicists, the conference on high magnetic fields at the University of correspondence Grenoble teaching Laboratory, the re_ High university Field N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 331 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 Nottingham, J.H. van Vleck’s intimate knowledge ofrailway regulations and timetables, etc. 3 folders. J.248, J.249 R 1968-1971 Includes correspondence re a joint celebration of the centenary of the Société Frangaise de Physique, the history of cryogenics, etc. Society and the Physical 2 folders. J.250-J.254 Royal Society 1968-1971 5 folders. J.255-J.261 S 1968-1971 Includes correspondence re the records of the Academic Assistance Council (later the Society for the Protection of Science and Learning) 7 folders. J.262, J.263 T 1968-1971 J.263 includes correspondence with the editor of The Times. 2 folders. J.264 U,V J.265, J.266 WwW 2 folders. J.267 Y;Z 1968-1971 1968-1971 1968-1971 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.268-J.270 ‘File copies of circulars’ 332 1968-1971, n.d. Contents of a folder so inscribed. Circular letters, exam questions, notes and reports on meetings, etc. 3 folders. J.271 ‘Master copies & spare copies’ Contents of a folder so inscribed. Circular cryogenics, travel arrangements for LT 12, etc. meetings letters the on re terminology 1969-1970, n.d. of J.272-J.315 ‘6 Sep 71-23 Feb 73’ 1971-1973 Contents of a ring binder so inscribed. Found arranged alphabetically and in chronological order. of the the 1973 USA), meeting Topics include scientific terminology, LT 13 (Boulder, Colorado, British Association for the Advancement of Science (BAAS) in Canterbury, Kent, the Europhysics Study Conference on thermometry below 50 mK (Albé, the joint celebration of the centenary of the Physical Society and the Société Francaise de Physique (Jersey, April 1974), the work of the Advisory Committee for Research on Measurements and Standards, the ICSU Committee on Data for Science and Industry, Kurti as physicist in the kitchen and his reflections on physics and happiness, etc. France), J.272, J.273 A 1971-1973 Includes correspondence re the papers of the recently deceased E. N. da C. Andrade. 2 folders. J.274-J.277 B 1971-1973 Includes correspondence re the Science Policy Foundation (of whose Committee of Management Kurti was the chairman) and re Kurti’s presidential address to Section AA* at the upcoming BAAS meeting in Canterbury, Kent. 4 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 333 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.278-J.280 Cc 1971-1973 Includes correspondence re the structure and fabric of the cathedral of Canterbury andits preservation. 3 folders. J.281, J.282 D 1971-1973 Includes correspondencere cryonics. 2 folders. J.283 E 1971-1973 Includes correspondence re the neologism ‘microsonics’ and a draft of Kurti’s response to the Rothschild Report on the organisation and management of government R&D (1971). J.284, J.285 F 2 folders. J.286, J.287 G 2 folders. J.288-J.290 H 3 folders. J.291, J.292 I,J 1971-1973 1971-1973 1971-1973 1971-1973 includes correspondence re J.292 of physics to the visual arts and re the high magnetic field installation in Grenoble. the application 2 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 334 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.293, J.294 K 1971-1973 J.294 includes correspondencere cryogenics. 2 folders. J.295, J.296 L 1971-1973 J.296 includes correspondence re a study conference held under the auspices of the NATO Scientific Committee on the Technology of Efficient Energy Utilization. 2 folders. J.297, J.298 M 2 folders. N O J.299 J.300 J.301, J.302 P,Q 1971-1973 1971-1973 1971-1973 1971-1973 correspondence Includes low temperature biology. Also includes correspondence re stained glass and its preservation. D.E. with Pegg re 2 folders. J.303, J.304 R 1971-1973 2 folders. J.305-J.307 Royal Society 1971-1973 J.305 includes Kurti’s application to the Paul Instrument Fund, re support for the project of an integrating nuclear magnetic resonance thermometer. See also C.105-C.108. 3 folders. Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 J.308-J.310 S 3 folders. J.311, J.312 T Includes correspondence with R. Thévenotof the IIR-IIF re the ‘Glossary of Terms in Cryology’, a working title for their efforts to create a glossary of cryogenic terminology. 2 folders. U,V X-Z, Miscellaneous J.313 J.314 J.315 335 1971-1973 1971-1973 1971-1973 1971-1973 1971-1973 J.316-J.342 ‘Correspondence 1973-Filed alphabetically-(not replies)-To NCU’ 1973 Contents of a ring binder so inscribed. Found arranged alphabetically and in chronological order. Topics include the Jersey conference, the newly opened Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre (CSAC), the Science Policy Foundation, CODATA, European Physical Society and Institute of Physics matters (including Kurti’s resignation from Council), a projected lecture series at Oxford on ‘Physics v. The Rest’, scientific terminology, etc. J.316 J.317, J.318 A B 2 folders. J.319, J.320 Cc 2 folders. 1973 1973 1973 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.321 J.322 J.323 J.324 J.325 D E F Includes correspondence with resignation from the Council of the Institute of Physics. B.H. Flowers re Kurti’s G H J.326 Institute of Physics Chiefly editorial correspondence. J.327 J.328, J.329 J K J.329 includes correspondence re a study conference held under the auspices of the NATO Scientific Committee on the Technologyof Efficient Energy Utilization. 2 folders. J.330 J.331, J.332 L M J.332 includes correspondencere Lord Hailsham. 2 folders. 336 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 J.333 N,O J.334 J.335 R Includes correspondence with Lady Roberthall re the papersofherlate father. J.336 Royal Society J.337, J.338 S 2 folders. J.339 J.340 U,V J.341 J.342 ¥,Z J.343-J.372 ‘1974’ Contents of a ring binder so inscribed. Found arranged alphabetically and in chronological order. Key topics include the Jersey conference, international collaborations re high magnetic fields, energy research, Commission A1 (Cryophysics) of the IIF-IIR, the CODATA meeting in Yerevan, Armenia, Europhysics conferences and other European Physical Society matters, Kurti’s lectures on ‘Physics and happiness’ and ‘Physicsfor profit or for pleasure’, the lecture series ‘Physics: versus or with 337 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1974 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 the rest?’, etc. J.343 J.344, J.345 B 2 folders. J.346, J.347 Cc J.346 includes correspondence with R.E. Chabbal re the Service National des ChampsIntenses (SNCI). 2 folders. The SNCI was originally set up to provide high field facilities for research workers in France and from other countries. E Includes information re arrangements for the lecture series ‘Physics: versus or with the rest?’. Also includes Kurti’s extended notes on the meeting of the Council of the European Physical Society, Geneva, Switzerland, 28-29 March. J.348 J.349 J.350 J.351 J.352, J.353 H 2 folders. 338 1974 1974 1974 1974 1974 1974 1974 1974 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.354 I,J J.355, J.356 Jersey conference 2 folders. This conference marked the 100th Anniversaries of the Physical Society and the Société Frangaise de Physique, St Helier, Jersey, 5-9 April 1974 (see H.768-H. 780). J.357 J.358 J.359, J.360 J.361 J.362 J.363 K E M 2 folders. N O P Includes correspondence with R. Pauthenet of the SNCI re Kurti’s forthcoming presentation on ‘High Magnetic Fields: in Retrospect and Prospect’. J.364 R J.365-J.367 Royal Society Includes draft report on Kurti’s visit to Rumania, 1974. 3 folders. 339 1974 1974 1974 1974 1974 1974 1974 1974 1974 1974 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.368, J.369 Ss 2 folders. J.370 J.371 J.372 Y, Miscellaneous Includes a typescript of Kurtis ‘General review and energy technology, including the hydrogen economy’. Also includes a report on a meeting to discuss progress on the NATO-supported project ‘Construction of polyhelix magnetcoils’. presentation J.373-J.394 ‘1975’ Contents of a ring binder so inscribed. Found arranged alphabetically and in chronological order. Physical European Key topics include Kurti’s retirement in October 1975, the future of Commission A1 (Cryophysics) of the Institut International Society conferences, the activities of the Unification Church and the International Cultural Foundation, the NATO Science Committee Conference on Thermal Energy Storage, Harwell’s Energy Technology Support Unit (for which Kurti acted Marshall's Combined Heat and Power Group, the summer school ‘Aspects of Energy Conversion’ (Oxford), culinary physics, the lecture series ‘Physics: versus or with the rest?’, etc. consultant), as a part-time du Froid, W.C. J.373 J.374, J.375 B 2 folders. J.376 340 1974 1974 1974 1974 1975 1975 1975 1975 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.377 J.378 J.379 J.380 J.381, J.382 J.383 J.384 J.385 J.386 J.387 J.388 D E F G H 2 folders. I, J K L M N,O P,Q,R J.389 Royal Society Includes a typescript of the English translation of the remarks made by Kurti at the closing session of the Hungarian Academyof Sciences’ 150th anniversary jubilee general assembly, and of his report on the occasion (see also G.182-G. 184). 341 1975 1975 1975 1975 1975 1975 1975 1975 1975 1975 1975 1975 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.390, J.391 Ss 2 folders. J.392 ‘Summer school 1975’ Material Conversion’, Lincoln College, Oxford, 14-25 July 1975. the summer school re ‘Aspects of Energy J.393 T, U, V, W J.394 Z, Miscellaneous Includes typescripts of notes on heattransport etc. 342 1975 1975 1975 1975 J.395-J.414 ‘1976’ 1975-1977 Contents of a ring binder so inscribed. Found arranged alphabetically and in chronological order. Topics include energy research, Commission A1 of the Institut International du Froid and its amalgamation with Commission A2, EPS study conferences, the work of Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre, International Conferences on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS), Kurtis Simon-Cherwell Lecture, his performances as physicist in the kitchen, and the 100th anniversary (in 1977) of the first liquefaction of oxygen by Cailletet in France and Pictet in Switzerland, etc. J.395 J.396, J.397 A B J.397 includes correspondence with Scottish distilleries. 2 folders. J.398 1975-1977 1975-1977 1976-1977 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 343 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.399 E 1975-1977 Includes Kurti’s notes on a visit to the Electricity Council Research Centre, 22 July 1977. J.400 J.401 F,G H 1976-1977 1976-1977 J.402 International Cultural Foundation 1976-1977 J.403 I,J J.404 J.405 J.406, J.407 K L M J.406 includes correspondence with membersof the BBC’s Science Consultative Group. 2 folders. N,O P,R J.408 J.409 J.410, J.411 Royal Society 2 folders. 1976-1977 1976-1977 1976-1977 1976-1977 1975-1977 1976-1977 1976-1977 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.412 Ss J.413 ToULV WwW J.414 Y, Miscellaneous 344 1976-1977 1976-1977 1976-1977 Includes typescripts with the following titles: ‘Note on some heat-pump work in France’, ‘Notes on a discussion ... concerning the Nuffield College heat pump’, ‘Notes of a joint meeting of the Deutscher Kaltetechnischer Verein and of IIR Commission A1-2’, ‘Note on the Franco-Swedish meeting on energy economics’ (March 1977), ‘Combined chemical heat pumping and energy storage schemes...’, ‘Summary of a lecture given (in German) at the Fritz Haber Institut of the Max Planck Gesellschaft in West Germany ..., ‘Le stockage et le transport de l’énergie’, ‘A guide to energy paper number 20...’, ‘Utilisation deslits fluidises’, etc. J.415-J.716 CHRONOLOGICAL SERIES 1976-1998 Contents correspondence. In chronological order. folders Kurtis of of copies of outgoing J.415-J.433 ‘1976-1977’ 1976-1977 covered include European Kurtis consultancy with Cables industry Society Topics Insulated conferences, of Callenders energy engineering concerns, CODATA business, of the liquefaction of oxygen, terminology, Kurtis performances as physicist in the kitchen, etc. Society, centenary the Royal the Physical British (BICC), in the representation J.415-J.422 ‘Dec 1976-Aug 1977’ 1976-1977 Includes incoming correspondence. J.415 December-January 1976-1977 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 J.416 February J.417 March Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 Includes correspondencein Hungarian. J.418 J.419 J.420 J.421 April May June July J.422 August J.423-J.433 ‘Apr-Dec 1977’ Topics include the LT 15 conference, and the Maison Frangaise in Oxford (whether it should have a scientific director). 345 1977 1977 1977 1977 1977 1977 1977 J.423 April-July J.424-J.426 August 3 folders. J.427 September J.428-J.430 October 3 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 346 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.431 November J.432, J.433 December 2 folders. J.434-J.459 ‘1978’ 1978 Topics covered include CODATA, the International Cultural Foundation, the Department of Energy's Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Working Group, culinary physics, the end of Kurtis consultancy for the Energy Technology Support Unit and the start of Kurtis consultancy for the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, his resignation from the European Physical Society Sub-Committee on Study Conferences, work of the Task Groups on ‘Key Values for Thermodynamic’ and ‘Internationalization and Standardization of Thermodynamic Data’, the history of low temperature physics, Kurtis performances as physicist in the kitchen, etc. J.434-J.436 January 3 folders. J.437, J.438 February 2 folders. J.439, J.440 March 2 folders. J.441-J.443 April 3 folders. J.444-J.446 May 3 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 347 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.447-J.449 June J.448 includes a draft report on CODATA’s work. J.449 includes a draft of Kurtis speech at the luncheonafter the 6th annual Derek Ezra Lecture given by Sir Hermann Bondi, 22 June, and of Kurtis comments on ‘CHP Group Draft Final Report’ 3 folders. J.450, J.451 July J.451 includes correspondence with M. Goldsmith of the Science Policy Foundation re the work of the Finniston Committee, of engineering to manufacturing industry in the UK contribution consider the set up to 2 folders. J.452, J.453 August J.452 includes drafts of Kurti’s contributions to the ‘Report of the Energy Storage Group’ and his ‘Reflexions on “Nationality” and “Citizenship” ny ’. 2 folders. J.454 September J.455, J.456 October 2 folders. J.457 November J.458, J.459 December J.459 includes a draft of Kurtis review of Local Energy Centres (ed. N.J.D. Lucas, 1978). 2 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 J.460-J.478 ‘1979’ Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 348 1979 Topics covered include CODATA,Kurtis article in Nature on the congresses sponsored by the International Cultural Foundation, Energy Paper 20 which reported the findings of the CHP Working Group, Kurtis Humphry Davy Lecture and College, Massachusetts, USA,etc. forthcoming Amherst his’ visit to Kurti spent the winter term at Amherst College, where he wasinvited as Distinguished Visiting Professor. J.460, J.461 January J.461 includes correspondence re P. Rosbaud’s collection of photographs of famous scientists of the early 20th century. 2 folders. J.462, J.463 February Includes correspondence re the history of solid state physics. 2 folders. J.464, J.465 March J.464 includes material re the International Assembly on Energy Storage. J.465 includes a CODATAfantasy budget for 1980. 2 folders. J.466, J.467 April 2 folders. J.468, J.469 May J.468 includes a draft of a circular Kurti sent to the panel (‘On Thermal and Thermochemical Energy Storage’) he chaired at the International Assembly on Energy Storage, N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 349 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, 27 May-1 June 1979. 2 folders. J.470, J.471 June J.471 includes a draft on ‘Some CODATAactivities which might qualify for UNESCO-UNISIST support in 1981-1983’, a ‘Note about District Heating (DH) and Combined Heat French and Power (CHP)’ and legislation the utilization of heat’. conservation concerning ‘Notes on energy pending and 2 folders. J.472, J.473 July J.472 includes a draft on ‘Some remarks about energy economics in gas separation’. 2 folders. J.474 August correspondence Includes television programme entitled ‘L'Homme de Science en Angleterre’, featuring Kurti, P. Auger and M. Ryle. French re a_ In mid-August, Kurti left for Amherst, where he spent the remainder of the year. J.475 J.476 J.477 J.478 September October November December N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 J.479-J.502 ‘1980’ Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 350 1980 include covered’ CODATA, Topics International Congresses on the Unity of the Sciences, LT 16 (where Kurti contributed a paper on thehistory of refrigeration), the translation of L. Néel’s Oeuvres scientifiques (1978) into English, (‘Scientific Researchers: The Nature and Impact of their Work’), CSAC, Kurtis performances as physicist in the kitchen, etc. Unesco Kurtis book project J.479, J.480 January 2 folders. J.481-J.483 February Includes correspondencere the origins and meaning of the Royal Society’s motto, ‘nullius in verba’. 3 folders. J.484, J.485 March J.484 includes correspondence re an exhibition in the Radcliffe Science Library of P. Rosbaud’s collection of photographsof famousscientists of the early 20th century. 2 folders. J.486, J.487 April J.486 includes a draft obituary of B. Dreyfus (Executive Secretary of CODATA 1974-1979), a short account of the life of P. Rosbaud, etc. J.487 includes correspondence re Kurtis decision to terminate his consultancy work for the Atomic to continue as Treasurer for CODATA. Establishment and Energy Research not 2 folders. J.488, J.489 May 2 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 351 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.490, J.491 June 2 folders. J.492, J.493 July 2 folders. J.494, J.495 August 2 folders. J.496, J.497 September a draft of Kurtis obituary of K. J.496 Mendelssohn. includes 2 folders. J.498, J.499 October J.499 includes drafts of ‘Notes about someapplications of low temperatures in biology (cryobiology)’ and of an obituary of J.H. van Vleck. 2 folders. J.500 November J.501, J.502 December J.501 includes correspondence re K. Mendelssohn. 2 folders. J.503-J.520 1981’ 1981 Topics covered include the Unification Church and the ICUS, the translation of L. Néel’s Oeuvres scientifiques into N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 352 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 English, CHP-DH, Kurti’s presentations on ‘Physics and the Joys ofLife’. J.503, J.504 January J.504 includes drafts of van Vleck anecdotes and Kurti’s entry for the Observer magazine Dinner Party Menu Competition. 2 folders. J.505, J.506 February J.505 includes drafts of Kurti’s book reviews (Concrete and H. Turner (1979), The Technological Cryogenics by F. Importance Accurate Property Information, ed. J.V. Sengers and M. Klein (1980)). J.506 includes an obituary of K. Mendelssohn. Thermophysical of 2 folders. J.507, J.508 March J.508 includes a draft of Kurti’s review of Economics of Electric Utility Power Generation by W.D. Marsh (1980). 2 folders. J.509 April Includes correspondence with P. Hoch about refugee scientists, a typescript entitled ‘Is there a place for physics in cookery?’, etc. J.510 May Includes a 10pp typescript of a lecture to open a course on Thermal Energy Storage to be held at JRC Euratom, Ispra, Italy. Also includes a typescript of Kurtis apology (in Italian) for not lecturing in that language. J.511 June N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 353 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.512, J.513 July 2 folders. J.514 August J.515-J.517 September 3 folders. October November December J.518 J.519 J.520 J.521-J.539 1982’ 1982 Topics covered include ICUS X and XI, and a proposed BBC programmeinvolving a French chef and Kurti. J.521, J.522 January 2 folders. J.523, J.524 February 2 folders. J.525, J.526 March, April 2 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 354 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.527, J.528 May draft re of the recipes. origins J.528 of includes adiabatic J.527 includes correspondence demagnetisation. 2 folders. J.529 June J.530, J.531 July 2 folders. J.532-J.534 August 3 folders. J.535 September J.536, J.537 J.538 J.539 October 2 folders. November December J.540-J.550 ‘1983’ 1983 J.540 J.541 January February N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 355 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.542 March J.543 J.544 J.545 J.546 April May June July J.547 August J.548 September J.549 October-November J.550 December J.551-J.561 ‘1984’ 1984 J.551 January J.552 February J,553 March J.554 April N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 356 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.555 May-June J.556 July J.557 August J.558 September J.559 J.560 J.561 October November December J.562-J.573 1985’ 1985 J.562 J.563 J.564 J.565 J.566 J.567 January February March April May June N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 357 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.568 July J.569 August J.570 September J.571 J.572 J.573 October November December J.574-J.583 ‘1986’ 1986 J.574 J.575 J.576 J.577 J.578 J.579 January February March-April May June July J.580 August N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 358 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.581 September J.582 October-November J.583 December J.584-J.596 ‘1987’ 1987 J.584 January J.585 February J.586 March J.587 J.588 April May J.589 June J.590 July J.591, J.592 August 2 folders. J.593 September J.594 October N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 359 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.595 November J.596 December J.597-J.609 1988’ 1988 J.597, J.598 January 2 folders. J.599 February J.600 March J.601 J.602 J.603 J.604 April May June July J.605 August J.606 September J.607 October J.608 November N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 360 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.609 December J.610-J.620 1989’ 1989 J.610 January J.611 February J.612 March J.613 J.614 J.615 J.616 April May June July J.617 August J.618 September J.619 October-November J.620 December J.621-J.632 ‘1990’ 1990 N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 361 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.621 J.622 J.623 J.624 J.625 J.626 J.627 January February March April May June July J.628 August J.629 September J.630 J.631 J.632 October November December J.633-J.643 1991’ 1991 J.633 January N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 362 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.634 February J.635 March J.636 J.637 J.638 J.639 April May June July J.640 August J.641 September J.642 J.643 October November-December J.644-J.654 ‘1992’ 1992 J.644 January J.645 February J.646 March N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 363 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.647 J.648 J.649 J.650 April May June July J.651 August J.652 September J.653 October J.654 November-December J.655-J.666 ‘1993’ 1993 J.655 January J.656 February J.657 March J.658 J.659 April May N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 364 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.660 J.661 J.662 J.663 J.664 J.665 J.666 June July August September October November December J.667-J.678 1994’ 1994 J.667 January J.668 J.669 J.670 J.671 J.672 February March April May June N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 365 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.673 July J.674 J.675 J.676 J.677 J.678 August September October November December J.679-J.688 1995” 1995 J.679 J.680 J.681 J.682 J.683 J.684 J.685 January February March April May June July N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 366 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.686 August J.687 September-October J.688 November-December J.689-J.699 1996’ 1996 J.689 January J.690 February J.691 March J.692 April J.693 May-June J.694 July J.695 August J.696 September J.697 October J.698 November N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 367 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.699 December J.700-J.710 1997 1997 J.700 January J.701 February J.702 March J.703 J.704 J.705 J.706 April May June July J.707 August J.708 September J.709 October J.710 November-December J.711-J.716 1998’ 1998 J.711 January N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 368 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.712 J.713 February March J.714 April J.715 J.716 May-June July-September J.717-J.1036 PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE 1944-1997 Contents of Kurtis folders of ‘Personal’ correspondence: letters of congratulation, condolence, re retirement of colleagues, a great variety of social occasions, Hungarian connexions, representations about service levels of public and with colleagues and others about a wide range of Kurtis scientific and non-scientific including energy matters, history of science and archives, cookery, music etc. correspondence’ commercial bodies and interests J.717-J.734 ‘Personal - A’ J.717-J.720 A. Abragam 1958-1996 1966-1994 French physicist who contributed to nuclear magnetic resonance and electron paramagnetic resonance and was Professor at the College de France, 1960-1985. 4 folders. J.717 1966-1979 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 369 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.718 1980-1988 J.719, J.720 1993-1994 Correspondence and papers re Scientific Day in Honour of Anatole Abragam, 3 June 1994, Ormes des Merisiers, CE- Saclay, France. 2 folders. J:721 Abraham- Air Liquide 1961-1994 J.722 Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR 1975-1991 J.723 Aldabara - Allason J.724 J.F. Allen Allen was Head of the Department of Physics, University of St Andrews. J.725 Allibone - Amaldi J.726 E. Ambler Ambler did his PhD work with Kurti at the Clarendon Laboratory and subsequently made his career at the National Bureau of Standards, Washington DC. 1972-1993 1970-1996 1974-1996 1967-1986 J.727 J. Ambrézny 1985 J.728 Amherst College, Massachusetts 1978-1980 re visit by Kurti autumn 1979. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.729 Anderson - Appleton J.730-J.731 E.N. da C.Andrade Andrade was Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of London. 2 folders. is J.731 At facts concerning the affair at the Royal Institution’, sent to Kurti May 1966. copy of Andrade’s ‘Documented 1974 correspondenceis with Andrade’s widow. J.732 J.733 J.734 M.D. Archer Arnold - Atwell Austin - Auty J.735-J.756 ‘Personal - B’ J.735-J.736 F.T. Bacon 370 1966-1985 1958-1974 1977-1993 1960-1993 1973-1981 1957-1993 1964-1967 Bacon wasthe British engineer who developed thefirst practical hydrogen-oxygenfuel cell. 2 folders. At J.736 is copy of paper by Bacon ‘Energy Storage using Fuel Cells’ read at of Electrical Engineers colloquium 23 May 1966. Institution J.737 J.738 Baddiley - Balaban 1967-1982 N. L. Balazs 1972 Balazs Physical University of New York, Stony Brook. writes from the Laboratory, State N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.739 Bald - Banyard J.740 Barclay - Barkan J.741 Barrett - Baxandall 371 1972-1992 1973-1986 1963-1987 J.742 BDH Chemicals Ltd - Békési 1970-1993 J.743-J.744 M. Beloff 1974 Belloff was the Buckingham. first Principal of University College Correspondence and papers re questions relating to the acceptance of degrees of the proposed independent University College at Buckingham by the Council for National Academic Awards. 2 folders. Benjamin - Birmingham P.M.S. Blackett J.745 J.746 Correspondence arising from Blackett’s 1958 Rutherford Memorial Lecture. 1979 correspondenceis with Blackett’s widow. J.747 Blackman- Bloch J.748 Boas- Boltz J.749 Bondi - Bramah 1964-1981 1957-1960, 1979 1960-1986 1970-1978 1966-1992 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 372 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.750 D.F. Brewer 1974-1985 Brewer was Director of the Physics Laboratory at the University of Sussex. J751 Brickwedde - Brigstocke 1971-1987 J.752 British Airways- British Rail 1960-1979 J.753 M.A. Brooks 1981-1982 Brooks was Deputy to the Keeper of Sound Records, Imperial War Museum J.754 S.C. Brown Brown was based Electronics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Research Laboratory at the J.755 Buckel - Burgen J.756 Burhop - Butterworth J.757-J.769 ‘Personal - C’ J.757 Cairncross - Casimir J.758 L.J. Challis 1972-1978 of 1971-1993 1962-1987 1961-1997 1965-1996 1983-1997 Challis was based at the Department of Physics, University of Nottingham. J.759 Chandra - Churton 1964-1989 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.760 Ciardi - Conte J.761-J.763 A.H. Cooke Cooke was a colleague of Kurtis at the Clarendon Laboratory. 3 folders. 373 1969-1986 1962-1987 Includes Independent(published 1 August 1987). obituary drafts of Kurtis of Cooke for the J.764 Cooper - Council of Europe 1966-1986 J.765 L. Couture 1961-1988 Couture was based at the CNRS Laboratoires de Bellevue when the correspondence wasinitiated and subsequently at the Université de Paris VI. J.766 J. Coveney 1973-1975 Coveney was Head of School of Modern Languages, University of Bath. J.767 J.768 Cracknell - Cranfield Institute of Technology 1966-1983 A.J. Croft 1972-1988 Croft was a colleague Laboratory, Oxford. of Kurtis at the Clarendon Includes obituary by Kurti (Oxford Physics News, March 1988). J.769 Cruickshank - Czechoslovak Embassy 1970-1990 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.770-J.779 ‘Personal - D’ J.770 Dainton - Darwin J.771 R. Dalby 374 1955-1996 1966-1996 1978-1980 Dalby was writing the biography (in collaboration with L. Alder) of the Hungarian traveller and philologist Arminius Vambery (1832-1913). Includes photograph. J.771A A.E. Davidson 1972-1980 Davidson wasa diplomat and author. J.772 J.773 Davies - De Gennes G. Deghy 1965-1984 1981 Includes papers by Deghy on ‘Good Living in Budapest’ and ‘Reminiscences of a Gourmet’. J.774 Dennehy - Deverill 1971-1995 J.775 Diamond Conference - Dobos 1955-1975 Includes seating Conference held at Oxford. plans and menu for 1955 Diamond J.776 C. Domb 1967-1994 Domb was based at King’s College London and (1994) the Jewish College of Technology, Jerusalem. J.777 R.P. Dore 1982-1987 Dore was based at the Technical Change Centre whenthe N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 375 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 correspondence wasinitiated. J.778 B. Dreyfus 1966-1980 Includes curriculum vitae and correspondence with family membersafter Dreyfus’s relatively early death in 1979. J.779 Dugdale - Dyson J.780-J.788 ‘Personal - E’ J.780 Edelsack - Education J.781 Eglinton - Eisenstein 1966-1991 1963-1995 1971-1992 1963-1985 J.782 Electrical Research Association - Ellison, A. 1974-1986 J.783-J.786 JA. Ellison 1981-1995 Kurti first met Ellison in September 1981 at an Oxford Food Symposium. 4 folders. Epstein - Eurotunnel R.H.B. Exell J.787 J.788 1967-1991 1975-1988 Kurti supervised Exell’s D.Phil. thesis in low temperature physics (awarded 1962). He subsequently made his career at the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand. J.789-J.803 ‘Personal - F’ 1962-1997 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.789 Fabinyi - Feilden J.790 Fejes - Ferranti 376 1969-1991 1962-1988 J.791 Finnish Academy- Finniston 1971-1991 J.792 D. Fishlock 1971-1986 Fishlock was science editor of the Financial Times. J.793 M. Fiske 1973-1978 Fiske writes from the Physical Science Branch, General Electric Company Research and Development Center, Schenectady, New York, USA. J.794, J.795 H.W.Florey 1965-1967 Re dinner given for Florey by FRSs based in Oxford, ‘Australian Wine for the Royal Society’, etc. 2 folders. At J.794 is copy of menu of dinner in honour of C.S. Sherrington PRS given by the FRSsresident in Oxford, 15 January 1921. J.796 Floud - Fontaine J.797 Forbes - Fox J.798 Francis - Freeman J.799 French Embassy- Friedel 1972-1985 1964-1992 1967-1978 1966-1973 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 377 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.800 Frisch - Fuchs J.801-J.803 WS.Fyfe Fyfe was Professor of Geology, University of California, Berkeley, USA. 3 folders. J.804-J.812 ‘Personal - G’ J.804 J.805 J.806 J.807 Gabor - Gell-Mann Geoghegan - Germany Gluck - Godwin Goldman - Gorter J.807A M.M. Gowing re history of British atomic energy project. 1965-1997 1965-1983 1961-1996 1965-1990 1967-1990 1964-1987 1966-1980 1961-1965 J.808, J.809 M.A. Grace 1987-1988 Grace was Reader in Nuclear Physics at Oxford. Biographical information including drafts of Kurti’s obituary for the Independent (published 1 June 1988). 2 folders. Gracey - Greiner Griffiths - Gruner J.810 J.811 1965-1996 1972-1989 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 378 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.812 Guinier - Guttman J.813-J.839 ‘Personal - H’ J.813 W. Haberditz! 1982letter is from Haberditzl’s widow,Sibylle. J.814-J.819 E.L. Hahn Hahn was Professor of Physics at University of California, Berkeley. He and Kurti collaborated on nuclear magnetic resonance thermometry for very low temperatures. 6 folders. J.820 Haigh - Hardwick J.821, J.822 T.C. Hardy Hardy was based at the Department of Physics, City College, New York, USA. 2 folders. Harris - Haynes Healy - Hemsley Hensel - Hewish Hiebert - Hirsch F.E. Hoare J.823 J.824 J.825 J.826 J.827 1962-1994 1949-1997 1971-1982 1961-1997 1958-1986 1964-1967 1964-1996 1966-1995 1962-1994 1974-1986 1963, 1966 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 379 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 Hoare was Reader then Professor of Physics at the University of Leeds. J.828 Hoch - Holweck 1973-1986 Includes 1945 letter from F.E. Simon to R.E. Peierls copied to P.K. Hoch. J.829 W.P. Holland 1983 Holland was Special Studies Group Manager, British Nuclear Fuels Ltd. Correspondence and papersre superfluid helium. J.830 S.G. Hooker 1966-1984 Includes copy of Kurti’s letter of condolence to Hooker’s widow and order of service for thanksgiving service, 1984. J.831 Hookway - Hoyle J.832 Hudgins - M. Hudson J.833-J.838 R.P. Hudson 1966-1984 1983-1991 1949-1987 The correspondence was initiated while Hudson was based at the Department of Physics, Purdue University, Lafayette, the US Department of Commerce, National Bureau of Standards, Washington DC becoming Chief, Heat Division. He subsequently joined Indiana. J.833 1949-1951 Includes draft paper by Hudson, Hunt and Kurti on ‘The Use of Liquid Helium in Magnetic Cooling Experiments’. J.834 1952-1953 Includes photograph of apparatus. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 380 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.835 1954-1955 J.836 1961-1962 J.837 1966-1975 J.838 1976-1987 J.839 Huggill - Hutton J.840-J.842 ‘Personal - I’ 1966-1987 1963-1984 J.840 Independent Corporation University - Intermagnetics General 1971-1984 J.841, J.842 ences Design Committee/Isotope Plant Dining Club 1963-1982 Includes papers assembled by Kurti ‘For Michael Perrin’s 80th birthday’ with introductory note ‘The notescollected in this folder fortunately did not make their way into the Secret Archives of the UKAEA, so future historians will be able to judge with ease the that “diffusionists” indulged in after you had left the Atomic Energy Scene’. activities frivolous 2 folders. J.843-J.849 ‘Personal - J’ J.843 Jaccarino - Jacquinot J.844 James- Jaszay 1964-1990 1966-1988 1980-1984 J.845 Johnson -R.N. Jones 1972-1990 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 381 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.846-J.848 R.V. Jones 1964-1984 J.846 1964-1972 Includes Jones’s wartime recollections of Bohr including the Bohr-Churchill interview, 3 February 1965. circumstances surrounding the J.847 1974-1977 Includes Jones’s pre-war reminiscences of the Clarendon Laboratory (draft chapter for his book on the Second World War). J.848 J.849 1980-1984 S. Jones - Josten J.850-J.863 ‘Personal - K’ J.850 J.851 J.852 J.853 Kaldor - Kaufmann Kearton - Kersten Kind - Kingston |. Kirschner 1967-1980 1944-1997 1966-1988 1966-1992 1976-1994 1975-1984 Kirschner writes from the Laboratory for Low Temperature Physics, Eétvés Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary. J.854-J.856 C. Kittel 1961-1997 Kittel was Professor of Physics, University of California, Berkeley, USA. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 382 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.854 J.855 J.856 J.857 1961-1979 1981-1987 1990-1997 G. Klipping 1977-1986 Klipping Planck-Gesellschaft, Berlin Dahlem, West Germany writes from the Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max- J.858 W.D. Knight 1982-1983 Knight was Professor of Physics, University of California, Berkeley, USA. Re arrangements for sabbatical year 1983-1984 at the Clarendon Laboratory. J.859 Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood - British Kodaly Academy 1977-1991 J.860 Kompfer - Kornberg J.861 Koruna - Krige J.862 H. Kronberger 1967-1990 1966-1994 1944-1966 Kronberger was based at the UKAEA, Reactor Group Headquarters, Risley. J.863 Kugler - Kurzman 1960-1994 N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.864-J.879 ‘Personal- L’ J.864 Laasonen - Landsberg 383 1963-1996 1971-1992 J.865 Language teaching - Larsson 1972-1980 J.866 Laverick - Lax J.867 Leach - Leigh J.868 Lerner - Levy J.869 Lewis - Lide J.870 Lidice massacre- Little J.871 Lloyd - Longuet-Higgins J.872-J.874 O.V. Lounasmaa 1974-1987 1974-1987 1977-1988 1970-1996 1963-1992 1972-1981 1969-1996 Lounasmaa was a Technical Physics, Technical University of Helsinki. Professor in the Department of J.872 J.873 1969-1972 1973-1975 J.874 1977-1996 J.875 Lovejoy - Lubkin 1978-1992 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.876 Lucas - Lynton J.877-J.879 H. Lustig The earliest correspondence dates from Lustig’s period as Fulbright Lecturer at University College Dublin. He was faculty memberof the City College of the City University of New York from 1953. Includes papers on solar energy 1971. 3 folders. J.880-J.905 ‘Personal - M’ J.880 Macartney - MacDonald J.881 J.882 J.883 J.884 J.885 J.886 H. McGee McIntosh - Macrae Maddison - Magyar Maier-Leibnitz - Malcolm Manning - Marchetti Marciano - G. Marshall J.887, J.888 W.C. Marshall 384 1972-1976 1965-1980 1957-1996 1963-1996 1986-1995 1967-1992 1971-1990 1972-1989 1965-1990 1966-1976 1974-1996 Marshall was a physicist who became Chairman of the UKAEA and Chairman of the Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB). distinguished Harwell N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 385 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 2 folders. Includes obituaries and related correspondence (J.888). Marshall died 20 February 1996. J.889 J.890 J.891 Marsham - Marx Mason - P. Maxwell E. Maxwell 1965-1994 1970-1991 1985-1991 Includes Kurti’s contribution to Festschrift to mark 40th Anniversary of Pergamon Press and Robert Maxwell’s 65th birthday (1988). J.892-J.893 I.R. Maxwell 1961-1986 Correspondence and papers re publishing projects, social occasions, etc. J.892 1961-1979 J.893 1983-1986 Includes Kurti and his wife’s contribution to a volume to mark Maxwell’s 60th birthday (1983) and correspondence re S.W. Hawking (1986). J.894 M. Mead 1972 One letter only enclosing ‘a somewhat longer article [on communication] for the next meeting’. J.895 Meetham - H. Mendelssohn 1963-1992 J.896-J.898 K.A.G. Mendelssohn 1968-1983 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 386 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.896 1968-1981 Includes ‘Remarks made by N. Kurti, Chairman of the Low Temperature Group, when presenting the Simon Memorial Prize to K. Mendelssohn’, 8 May 1968, appreciation of Mendelssohn (died 18 September 1980) by D.F. Brewer, Physics for unidentified publication obituary Bulletin, by Kurti 1981, and J.897 1982-1983 Correspondenceand papers re 50th anniversary ofthefirst liquefaction of Helium in Britain including drafts of text for memorial plaque. The first liquefaction was carried out by Mendelssohn in the original Clarendon Laboratory, January 1933. J.898 1981, 1983, n.d. Includes photograph of Mendelssohn, drafts of article by Kurti on dedication of Helium plaque, papers re Oxford Vaporiser including copy of original 1941 Lancet paper by Mendelssohn and R.B. Mackintosh, etc. J.899 J.900 J.901 J.902 J.903 Mendoza - Meyer Michaelis - Miyazawa H.A. Moe In 1957 Moe writes from the Office of the Treasurer, Association of American Rhodes Scholars. Monosoff - Moore Morrell - Moser 1965-1993 1965-1992 1957-1974 1970-1986 1969-1988 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 387 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.904 Re H.G.J. Moseley 1982-1994 Correspondence and papers re centenary of the physicist Moseley’s birth in 1987, unveiling of memorial plaque in 1988, etc. See also D.87. J.905 Mott - Mutual of Omaha J.906-J.915 ‘Personal - N’ J.906 Nabarro - NATO J.907 Nature J.908 Neal - Needham J.909 L. Néel 1966-1977 1959-1996 1970-1993 1971-1996 1974-1980 1959-1980 1959 papers relate to Oxford Honorary Degreefor Néel. J.910 Nemeti - Newcastle Polytechnic 1983-1996 J.911 New Scientist J.912 Newton - Nicol J.913 W.A. Nierenberg 1980-1982 1971-1979 1961-1990 In 1961 Nierenberg writes as Scientific Adviser, NATO. He was subsequently Director of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, California. Includes contribution from Nicholas and Giana Kurti to volume of reminiscences on Nierenberg’s 60th birthday (1983). N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.914 J.915 Nikitine - Nozieres Nunn-Price - Nurick J.916-J.920 ‘Personal - O’ J.916 A.F. Oatley 388 1972-1989 1980-1983 1965-1987 1965-1970 Correspondence re combined gas and electric cookers. Oatley was Chairman of CannonIndustries Ltd. J.917 C.H.G. Oldham 1965-1966 Includes Oldham’s ‘Science and Education in China - discussion China Conference’ which drew on personal communications of a numberof scientists including Kurti. University Chicago paper for of J.918 J.L. Olsen 1966-1985 Olsen was based at the ETH Zurich. J.919 J.920 [Mutual of] Omaha Insurance ‘O.P.’ - Oxford J.921-J.937 ‘Personal - P’ J.921 J.922 Pakistan - ‘Papers (Comments)’ P. Parker Correspondencere British Rail catering. Parker was Chairmanofthe British Railways Board. 1976-1979 1969-1987 1962-1996 1974-1985 1978-1980 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 389 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.923 D.H. Parkinson 1962-1965 Parkinson was Head of the Physics Group at the Royal Radar Establishment, Malvern. J.924 J.925 Paton - Pegg R.E. Peierls 1971-1988 1980-1987 Includes copy of press release announcing winners of 1980 Enrico Fermi Award: Peierls and A.M. Weinberg. J.926 A.H. Pengelly 1983 re research on the technical and subjective replication of archival sound from cylinders. J.927 Penile - Pezdirtz 1966-1984 J.928 Phillips - Societé Philomathique de Paris 1974-1987 J.929 J.930 J.931 J.932 Pickard - Pilkington Pimental - Pippard Poland - [Oxford] Polytechnic Porter - Postgate J.933, J.934 Post Office 2 folders. 1974-1996 1962-1996 1977-1991 1963-1987 1969-1981 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 390 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.935 Pound - Powles J.936 Price - Pulay J.937 Purcell - Pyke J.938-J.963 ‘Personal - Q and R’ J.938 D. Quate 1 letter only. J.939 Rachinger - Rao J.940 Ratcliffe - Rawson J.941 Re Rayleigh Laboratory J.942 Redcliffe-Maud - Reynolds J.943 Rhodes- Riely J.944 P. Rife Includes draft by Rife ‘Family and Physics: Lise Meitner and her Scientific Circles’. J.945 Robb-Smith - G. Roberts J.946 L.E.J. Roberts 1965-1984 1966-1994 1965-1989 1950-1997 1977 1974-1988 1974-1991 1994-1996 1965-1988 1970-1985 1986 1970-1986 1976-1978 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 391 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 Roberts was based at AERE Harwell. Includes 2 photographs. J.947 Robertson - Robinson J.948-J.956 F.N.H. Robinson Career and research. Includes recommendations. 1974-1983 1950-1996 Robinson worked at the Clarendon on low temperatures from 1950. His correspondents include F.E. Simon and B. Bleaney as well as Kurti. J.948 1950 J.949 1952-1954 J.950 1955-1960 J.951 J.952 1965-1969 1973-1974 J.953 1983-1984 Includes curriculum vitae and list of publications. J.954 1986-1988 J.955 1990-1996 Includes Robinson’s tribute to his Clarendon colleague Harry Rosenberg, 26 November 1993 and Kurti’s obituary N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 392 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 of Robinson for the Independent, 27 November 1996. J.956 1976, 1996, n.d. Includes photograph of Robinson and obituaries of him by B, Bleaney, Kurti and M. Leask. J.957 Roche - Roden J.958 H. Roderick Roderick was Slick Professor of World Peace 1982-1983, LBJ School of Public Affairs, Austin, Texas. J.959 Rodgers - Rompe J.960 P. Rosbaud Only one exchange with Rosbaud who died in 1963. Other correspondents are biographer of Rosbaud, Arnold Kramish and nephew,V.C. Frank-Steiner. J.961 J.962 J.963 Rose - Rotblat Rothschild - Roux Rowe- Ruty J.964-J.991 ‘Personal - S’ J.964 P. Sacher Sacher was an extremely wealthy musician and musical patron. 1984-1987 1982, 1984 1976-1992 1962-1997 1975-1995 1974-1988 1971-1983 1954-1997 1988-1995 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 393 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 Includes correspondence re Bartok memorial concerts (1995). J.965 J.966 J.967 Safrata - Savet Schafer - Scott R.G. Scurlock Scurlock made his career in research and teaching in cryogenics at the University of Southampton, becoming Director of the Institute of Cryogenics and Professor of Cryogenic Engineering. J.968 Seeger - Sekers J.969 J.970 J.971 J.972 J.973 Selby - Sentance Series - Shoenberg Shtrikman - Silverman Simon- Sixsmith Slack - Sleath J.974-J.975 A.U. Smith Smith was based at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill. 2 folders. At J.974 is Smith’s memorandum on the need for an MRC Unit for Low Temperature Biology (1966). 1970-1982 1964-1983 1964-1990 1963-1989 1960-1982 1966-1991 1966-1982 1962-1993 1963-1983 1965-1978 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 394 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.976 R.A. Smith 1970, 1980 Smith was Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University, Edinburgh. Heriot-Watt J.977-J.979 S.S. Smith 1974-1989 Correspondence and papers re public honour for Smith (died 1989). 3 folders. Includes memorial tribute prepared by his widow and brother-in-law (J.979). J.980 Society - Somerville J.981 Soulen - Spicer J.982 Stanhill - Staub J.983 S. Sternberg Sternberg was Chairman of the International Council of Christians and Jews. J.984 J.985 Stevens - Stevenson R. Street Street was based at the Department of Physics, Monash University, Clayton, Victoria. J.986 Strong - Surrey J.987 Sutherland - Swenson 1980-1997 1972-1989 1982-1987, n.d. 1990-1991 1954-1989 1964-1974 1965-1976 1963-1987 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.988 Sykes - Szathmary J.989 G. Szasz Szasz writes from the General Electric Company, Zurich, Switzerland. 395 1957-1987 1961-1980 J.990 Re L. Szilard 1984-1997 Correspondencewith biographers and others re Szilard. J.991 Szentagothai - Szilveszter J.992-J.1006 ‘Personal - T’ J.992-J.996 P.A.I. Tahourdin Tahourdin was based at the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford, 1942-1945 where he was a member of the ‘Tube Alloys’ (British Atomic Bomb Project) team. 5 folders. Much of the material relates to questions of credit for the jet method of isotope separation. At J.994 is patent application on the jet method of isotope separation (abandoned 1952) and at J.995 a copy of Oxford Report no.36 ‘Final report on the Jet Separation Method’ by Tahourdin (1946 declassified 1953). J.997 Tarin - Taylor J.998 J.999 Tebble - Telgedi Thatcher - This 1965-1994 1963-1995 1969-1983 1972-1983 1978-1989 1985-1991 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 396 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.1000 A. Thom 1975-1981 Thom wasProfessor of Engineering at Oxford, 1945-1961. Includes transcription of taped interview of Thom recorded 12 July 1980. The interview was carried out by E.G. Forbes at the request of M.M. Gowing with the view of obtaining Thom’s reminiscences of the origins of the Oxford Department of Engineering Science. J.1001 Thomas - Thurlow J.1002 Tilbury - Titterton J.1003 Tobias - Toth 1972-1995 1970-1984 1964-1991 J.1004 Trans World Airlines - Turnbull 1965-1981 J.1005 J.F. Turner 1963-1985 Turner was Professor California, Berkeley. of Geology at University of Includes discussion (1966) of possible successor to L.R. Wager to Oxford Geology Chair. J.1006 Turrell - Tward J.1007 ‘Personal - U’ Ubbelohde - US Embassy J.1008-J.1012 ‘Personal - V’ J.1008 Vaciago - Vamos 1973-1987 1979-1990 1958-1996 1993, 1996 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 397 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.1009, J.1010 J.H. Van Vleck 1958-1980 Van Vleck was Professor of Physics, Harvard University and joint winner of the 1977 NobelPrize for Physics. 2 folders. Includes papers re 1958 Oxford honorary degree and Times obituary (1980) written by Kurti and B. Bleaney. J.1011 Varoquaux - Verkin J.1012 Vick - Voice J.1013-J.1033 ‘Personal - W’ J.1013 Wade - Walling J.1014 G. Wansbrough 1967-1984 1966-1994 1957-1995 1973-1994 1969-1971 Wansbrough writes from Dynalysis Ltd re energy and electricity supply questions. J.1015 F. Warner 1983-1987 Includes 1987 papersre ‘Volunteers for lonising Radiation’. J.1016 Warnow- Wechsberg J.1017 Weck - Weidman J.1018 L. Weil 1970-1988 1966-1987 1962-1967 Weil was based at the University of Grenoble where he researched on low temperatures. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 398 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.1019 Weinberg - Westrum J.1020 Which? magazine - Whitby J.1021 G.K. White 1963 White writes from In Standards Laboratory - Division of Physics, CSIRO, Chippendale, New South Wales, Australia. National the J.1020 White - Wiener J.1023 Wigner - Williams J.1024 D.T.N. Williamson Includes on Anachronistic Factory’ sent to Kurti, 3 February 1972. Williamson lecture copy of by ‘The J.1025 Williamson - Wittrick J.1026 Wohlfarth - Wong J.1027 A.M. Wood - J. Wood J.1028-J.1031 M.F. Wood Wood was Senior Research Officer at the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford Instruments. co-founder 1955-1969 and of J.1028 1957 1972-1986 1962-1988 1963-1983 1964-1983 1957-1989 1972-1986 1970-1995 1962-1993 1961-1982 1957-1986 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 399 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.1029 J.1030 1963 1964 J.1031 1980, 1986 J.1032 J. Woodfill J.1033 Woodward - Wyder J.1034-J.1036 ‘Personal - X Y 2’ J.1034 Yates - Young Warder J.1035 Zagon - Zuckerman J.1036 M.W. Zemansky 1981-1988 1974-1981 1962-1989 1962-1980 1973-1989 1964-1975 In 1964 Zemansky was Professor of Physics at the City College of the City University of New York. J.1037-J.1190 MISCELLANEOUS SCIENTIFIC AND PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE 1944-1998 J.1037 J.1038 J.1039 1944 1945 1946 N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 400 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.1040 1947 J.1041 1948 J.1042 1949 J.1043, J.1044 1950 J.1043 February-June J.1044 September-December J.1045, J.1046 1951 J.1045 January-April J.1046 May-December J.1047 1952 J.1048 1953 J.1049 1955-1956 J.1050 1958-1959 J.1051 1960-1961 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 401 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.1052 1962-1964 J.1053, J.1054 1965 J.1053 January-June J.1054 July-December J.1055-J.1057 1966 J.1055 January-March J.1056 April-June J.1057 July-December J.1058-J.1064 1967 J.1058 January-March J.1059 April-May J.1060 June J.1061 July-August J.1062 September J.1063 October N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 402 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.1064 November-December J.1065-J.1072 1968 J.1065 January J.1066 February J.1067 March J.1068 April-May J.1069 June J.1070 July-September J.1071 October J.1072 November-December J.1073-J.1081 1969 J.1073 January J.1074 February J.1075 March N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 403 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.1076 J.1077 J.1078 J.1079 April May June July J.1080 August J.1081 September-December J.1082-J.1091 1970 J.1082 January-February J.1083 March J.1084 J.1085 April May J.1086 June J.1087, J.1088 July 2 folders. J.1089 August-September N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 404 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.1090 October J.1091 November-December J.1092-J.1096 1971 J.1092 January-March J.1093 April-May J.1094 June J.1095 July-August J.1096 September-December J.1097-J.1106 1972 J.1097 January-February J.1098 March J.1099 April J.1100 May J.1101 June N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 405 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.1102 July J.1103 August J.1104 September J.1105 October J.1106 November-December J.1107-J.1112 1973 J.1107 January J.1108 February J.1109 March J.1110 April-June J.1111 July-August J.1112 September-December J.1113-J.1120 1974 J.1113 January-February J.1114 March-April N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 406 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.1115 May-June J.1116 July-August J.1117 September-October J.1118, J.1119 November 2 folders. J.1120 December J.1121-J.1124 1975 J.1121 January-April J.1122 May-July J.1123 August J.1124 September, December J.1125-J.1134 1976 J.1125 January-February J.1126-J.1128 March 3 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 407 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.1129 April J.1130, J.1131 May 2 folders. J.1132 June J.1133 August, October J.1134 November J.1135-J.1138 1977 J.1135 March-April J.1136 June-August J.1137 September-November J.1138 December J.1139, J.1140 1978 J.1139 January-May J.1140 July-December J.1141-J.1146 1979 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 408 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.1141 January-July J.1142 May J.1143 August J.1144 September J.1145 October-November J.1146 December J.1147 1980 J.1148-J.1152 1981 J.1148 January-February J.1149 March-May J.1150 June-July J.1151 August-September J.1152 October-December J.1153-J.1156 1982 J.1153 January-February N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 409 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.1154 March-May J.1155 July-August J.1156 October-December J.1157-J.1159 1983 J.1157 January-March J.1158 April-June J.1159 September-December J.1160-J.1163 1984 J.1160 January-March J.1161 April-June J.1162 July-September J.1163 October-December J.1164-J.1167 1985 J.1164 January-March J.1165 April-June N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 410 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.1166 July-August J.1167 October-December J.1168, J.1169 1986 J.1168 January-June J.1169 July-December J.1170 J.1171 1987 1988 J.1172, J.1173 1989 J.1172 January-April J.1173 May-December J.1174-J.1176 1990 J.1174 January-April J.1175 May-August J.1176 September-December J.1177 1991 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 3.1178; J.1179 1992 J.1178 January-June J.1179 July-December J.1180, J.1181 1993 J.1180 January-June J.1181 July-December J.1182, J.1183 1994 J.1182 January-April J.1183 June-December J.1184 1995 J.1185, J.1186 1996 J.1185 January-June J.1186 July-December J.1187 1997 J.1188, J.1189 1998 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 412 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.1188 January-March J.1189 May-October J.1190 N.d. J.1191-J.1310 REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS 1956-1998 Unindexed. J.1191-J.1295 "References' 1956-1997 Contents of Kurti's alphabetical sequence of folders of references. Include prizes etc. appointments, promotions, grant applications, J.1191-J.1223 ‘ReferencesA.-G.' J.1191 Ab. J.1192 Al.-Am. J.1193 J.1194 Ar. As. J.1195 Bag.-Bak. 1959-1994 1974-1980 n.d., 1970, 1978 1961-1962 1968-1994 1969-1978 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 413 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.1196 Bal. 1960-1964 J.1197 Barb. J.1198 Barc. J.1199 J.1200 Bi. BI. J.1201 Boc. J.1202 Bol.-Bret. J.1203 Brew. J.1204 Bro.-Bu. J.1205 Cal-Cam J.1206 Car. J.1207 Chal. J.1208 Chap. J.1209 Cl.-Cr. 1964 1976 1959 1976 1959 1981 1961-1982 1965-1971 1966-1977 1968-1972 1969-1974 1959-1963 1972-1987 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 A414 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.1210 Da-Den. 1959-1962 J.1211 Don. (1) J.1212 Don. (2) J.1213 J.1214 J.1215 J.1216 J.1217 Du. Ed. EI. Ev. Ex. J.1218 Fa.-Fi. J.1219 Fo-Fr. J.1220 J.1221 J.1222 Gal. Gar. Gol. J.1223 Goo.-Gr 1974 1965 1977-1985 1979-1983 1968 1994 1961-1983 1960-1961 1961-1970 1987 1969-1970 1980, 1986 1966, 1973 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 415 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.1124-J.1243 "References H-L' J.1224 Hah. J.1225 Hal-Han. J.1126 J.1127 Har. Hat. J.1228 Hen. J.1229 Hew. J.1230 Hil. J.1231 Hob. J.1232 Hudson, P.A. Includes obituaries of Hudson who died in 1983. J.1233 Hug. J.1234 Ja.-Je. . 1956-1995 1960-1987 1975-1981 1961 1971 1969, 1971, 1995 n.d. 1956-1958 1959-1963 1967-1983 1972-1975 1957-1962 J.1235, J.1236 Joh. (1) . 1959-1986 2 folders. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 416 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.1237 Joh. (2) J.1238 Jon. J.1239 Ka.-Ke. J.1240, J.1241 Ki. 2 folders J.1242 Kn. J.1243 La.-Lu. J.1244-J.1265A ‘References M-R' J.1244 J.1245 J.1246 J.1247 J.1248 J.1249 J.1250 Ma. Mi. Mo. Na. Ne. Ol. Pa. 1972 1959, 1968 1960-1965 1969-1978 1959 n.d., 1976, 1979 1958-1995 1973 1959-1965 1969-1979 1969 1960 1978 1962-1970 N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 417 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.1251 J.1252 J.1253 J.1254 J.1255 J.1256 Pe. Ph. Pic. Pip. Rep. Rey. J.1257, J.1258 Rh. 2 folders. J.1259 Ri(1) J.1260 Ri. (2) J.1261 Robe. J.1262 J.1263 Robi. Rog. J.1264 H. Rosenberg Includes obituaries of Rosenberg whodied in 1993. 1969-1976 1965-1976 1992, 1995 1959 1961-1980 1977 1963-1976 1961 1974 n.d. 1958-1987 1968 1977-1993 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.1265 Row. J.1265A Ru. J.1266-J.1277 ‘ReferencesS' J.1266 Sa. J.1267-J.1268 Sc. 2 folders. 418 1969 1968-1970 1958-1985 1968, 1977 1959-1985 J.1269 Se.-Sh. 1967, 1969 J.1270 J.1271 J.1272 J.1273 J.1274 J.1275 J.1276 J.1277 Si. Sm. So. Sp. Sto. Str. Su. Sy. 1974 1971 1981-1982 1958, 1967 1968 1964-1973 1971 1967-1984 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 419 Correspondence, J.1-J.1310 J.1278-J.1295 ‘References T-Z' 1959-1997 J.1278 J.1279 J.1280 J.1281 J.1282 Ta. Ti. Tu. Tw. Wa. J.1283 We.-Whe. J.1284 Whi. (1) J.1285 Whi. (2) J.1286 Will. J.1287 Wils. (1) J.1288 Wils. (2) J.1289 Wol. J.1290 Woo. 1981 1959 1987 1970 1984-1985 1960-1980 1970-1981 1962 1968-1969 1965-1984 1987 1961-1962 1983-1997 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.1291 Wy. J.1292-J.1294 Ya. 3 folders. J.1295 Za. J.1296-J.1310 Miscellaneous J.1296, J.1297 ‘Miscellaneous references’ Referencessoinscribed by Kurti found clipped together. 2 folders 420 1964-1973 1968-1982 1990-1997 1961-1998 1961-1966 J.1298-J.1310 Miscellaneous references found loose and as part of no organised sequence. 1965-1998 Presentedin a single chronological sequence. J.1298 J.1299 J.1300 1965 1967 1970 J.1301 1972, 1973 J.1302 1976 N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 421 Correspondence,J.1-J.1310 J.1303 J.1304 1981 1982 J.1305 1984-1986 J.1306 1990 J.1307-J.1308 1991 2 folders. J.1309 1995-1998 J.1310 1997-1998 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 422 SECTION K NON-TEXTUAL MEDIA,K.1-K.119 1920s-2007 K.1-K.20 PHOTOGRAPHS K.21-K.52 PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDES K.53-K.85 CASSETTE AUDIOTAPES K.86-K.104 FILMS K.105-K.114 VIDEOTAPES K.115-K.119 DVDs K.1-K.20 PHOTOGRAPHS K.1-K.13 K.14-K.19 K.20 People Equipment Progress of experiments K.1-K.13 People K.1-K.11 Photographs of Kurti K.1 Early photographs 1920s-1998, n.d. 1920s-1998, n.d. 1920s-1998 1920s Copy of portrait photograph; passport-style photograph of Kurti as young man; Kurti with his sister Hedwig and his mother. 5 pieces. K.2 ‘Photographs taken in Franz Simon’s house, in Breslau [circa] 1932 [...]’ [1932] Feature Simon, Kurti, H. London, K.Mendelssohn and R. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 423 Non-textual media, K.1-K.119 Kaischew. Photocopies only. K.3 K.4 Group photograph of Fellows of Brasenosecollege 1947x1950 Annotated on verso. 1950s photographs ‘NK as barman to Clarendon Laboratory Christmas Party 1950s’; at NASA Lewis Research Center 1959; Kurti at blackboard; portrait photograph; informal photograph. 5 photographs K.5 1960s photographs Monash At programme ‘The physicist in the kitchen’ 1969. University 1964; on BBC-TV_ Horizon 2 photographs. K.6 1970s photographs Photograph of Kurti in envelope inscribed ‘Copy for Forum, postmark 1971; inscribed on verso ‘1975 With the Coffee Pot, his retiring present from the lab, now at the Royal Institution, copy of Count Rumford’s coffee pot’. 2 photographs. K.7 1980s photographs of celebration With Sir Peter Hirsch and Sir Hermann Bondi, at 30th anniversary the UKAEA, Royal Society, London, September 1984, with copy of UKAEA newsletter featuring a further picture; photographs of Kurti’s 80th birthday party featuring him with E. Hahn and with Martin Wood, 1988. See also A.149. establishment the of Also includes photograph of tree (and inscribed stone) planted by Kurti at Balatonfured, Hungary, 10 September N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 424 Non-textual media, K.1-K.119 on during Conference International 1989 Energy Alternatives Risk Education (G.274). The tree was planted under the auspices of the Edtvés Society and other notable physicists to have planted trees included P.A.M. Dirac, Richard Feynman, Sir Nevil Mott, Rudolf Médssbauer, George Olah, Bruno Pontecorvo, Edward Teller, and E.P. Wigner 6 pieces. K.8 1990s photographs Photographs from International Workshop on Molecular and Physical Gastronomy, 1995; receiving medal from Hungarian ambassador in London, December 1996. Erice, April Italy, Also includes photograph of Brasenose College flag at half mast on the death of Kurti, 25 November 1998. 6 photographs K.9 In Oxford Includes photographsof Kurti cycling in central Oxford and in front of the Radcliffe Camera with his wife Giana. 7 photographs. K.10 Social occasions 4 photographs. K.11 Other photographs Includes photograph of Kurti at window of ?Brasenose College, eating egg. 5 photographs. N.d. N.d. N.d. K.12, K.13 Photographsof others 1994, n.d. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 425 Non-textual media, K.1-K.119 K.12 John Szentagothai 1994, n.d. With copy of obituary in the Independent, 18 September 1994, Kurti’s addition thereto, and other material. K.13 Unidentified occasions and subjects N.d. 7 photographs. K.14-K.19 Equipment K.14 Mullard Cryomagnetic Laboratory, Oxford Photographs of apparatus and workersin the Laboratory. Identified on verso. 13 photographs. 1964-1968, n.d. 1964, 1965, 1968 K.15 ‘20 January 1971’ 1971 6 photographs (probably from different institutions) so stamped on verso. Prepared for useasillustrative figures. K.16 ‘Office National des Rechercheset Inventiones’ N.d. 5 photographs so stamped on verso. 2 were prepared for useasillustrative figures. K.17 Identified laboratories and institutions N.d., 1963 laboratory, Gimnazium, coil Tanarképzo-intézeti Teaching Gyakorl6 magnet from Clarendon Laboratory; magnet coil of Oxford Instrument Company; UKAEA, 1963. K6zépiskola Budapest; 4 photographs. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Non-textual media, K.1-K.119 K.18 Other equipment and laboratories 11 photographs. K.19 Individual pieces of apparatus 11 photographs. K.20 Progress of experiments 3 photographs. K.21-K.52 PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDES K.21-K.48 K.49-K.52 Slides Illustrations for slides K.21-K.48 Slides 426 N.d. N.d. N.d. 1963-1974, n.d. 1963-1974, n.d. Kurti’s slides for lectures, K.21-K.47 kept in plastic boxes. A small number of the boxes are inscribed with some indication of the occasion of the lecture but otherwise very few of the contents of these boxes can bereadily identified. The contents of the boxes are generally very mixed and may include of illustrative graphs and tables, historical and current equipment, eminent physicists, and drawings. slides K.21 ‘USA NZ Aus’ 1963-1964 Probably relate to Kurti’s Sabbatical trip 1963-1964. K.22 ‘R.I. Gen.’ and ‘RoyalInstitution lect 1969’ 1969 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 427 Non-textual media, K.1-K.119 K.23 ‘For Grenoble Lecture’ 21969 Possibly to illustrate ‘High Magnetic Fields and Their Applications’, lecture first given at Nottingham, September 1969, but also at Grenoble. ‘Equipartition of En. Boys on ramp’ ‘Reading [illegible] 1974’ ‘Clarendon Lecture’ ‘Cumberland’ ‘Motors Trains Power’ Eminent Clarendon scientists Energy storage Various people Letter from William Thomson (Baron Kelvin) K.24 K.25 K.26 K.27 K.28 K.29 K.30 K.31 K.32 K.33, K.34 ?Forlectures on art and physics 2 boxes. N.d. 1974 N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. K.35 Visit of students of the Ecole Polytechnique to Oxford 1974 See also B.295-B.297. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 Non-textual media, K.1-K.119 K.36-K.47 Untitled and miscellaneous boxesof slides 12 boxes. K.48 Three slides on Combined Heat and Power In plastic wallet. K.49-K.52 Illustrations for slides K.49 ‘For newslides’ Contents of Kurti’s envelope so inscribed: five cardboard mounted figures. K.50 Contents of Kurti’s folder Twocolour card figures (in French). K.51 Contents of Kurtis envelope Three illustrations of cryogenic freezing of humans. K.52 Contents of Kurti’s photographic envelope Eightillustrations on refrigeration. 428 N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. K.53-K.85 CASSETTE AUDIOTAPES 1981-1996, n.d. K.53 ‘Quirks and Quarks’, Canadian Radio science programme, 26 December 1981 1981 Ampex 90 tape. Kurti spoke on ‘Reverse Baked Alaska’. The tape includes other features from the programme. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 429 Non-textual media, K.1-K.119 K.54 K.55 K.56 ‘Life in the Old and New Clarendon Laboratory’, talk 29 June 1982 1982 TDK M C90tape. Interview on ‘Britain and the Refugee Crisis: 1933-1947’ conducted by M.A. Brooks, Imperial War Museum, London, 1 November 1982 1982 EMI XT C60 tape. For transcript of interview see A.21. Interview on ‘50 years in Oxford’ with |. Smith for Oxford Times, 1983 1983 Boots C90 tape. K.57-K.59 Discussion at conclusion of Conference on Coal as an Energy Source, Budapest, Hungary, 30 May 1984 1984 1 AGFA FEI-S 90 tape (K.57). 2 AGFA FEI-S 60 tapes (K.58, K.59). See also G.241-G.247. K.60 Australian National University Public Lecture on Science & Technology, 23 October 1986 1986 IRU C90 tape. This lecture was given during Kurti’s trip to the US, Australia and New Zealand, September-November 1986, see G.259-G.262. K.61 Oxford Oxford Hungarian Society, Brasenose College Oxford, 4 May 1987 Reminiscences 1933-1987, talk to 1987 LH 90 tape. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 430 Non-textual media, K.1-K.119 K.62 K.63 Kurti’s reminiscences on life and background, talk to Oxford Hungarian Society, Brasenose College Oxford 21988 Maxell UL90 tape. Kurti’s reminiscences on life 1914-1939, talk to Oxford Hungarian Society, Brasenose College Oxford N.d. Boots F190 tape. K.64 BBC Radio 4 programme Science Now, 2 December 1989 1989 TDK AR6O0 tape. Kurti spoke on alcohol in cooking. K.65 ‘Friends and Foes of the Pleasures of Eating’, Royal Institution Friday Evening Discourse, May 1990 1990 TDK D120 tape. Tape also includes ‘Table Talk’ with Leslie Forbes and Farm Hall Drama. See also F.156, F.157. K.66 Interview by Mary Small with Raymond Blanc and Kurti, October 1991 1991 TDK SA9Q0 tape. K.67 Kurti discussing the British atomic bomb project 1991 TDK SA90 tape. Alsolabelled ‘Archive # 91’. K.69, K.70 etc during Discussions on Molecular and Physical Gastronomy, Erice, Italy, August 1992 International Workshop 1992 Maxell XLII 60 tape (K.69) and Maxell UR90 tape (K.70). N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 431 Non-textual media, K.1-K.119 See also G.296-G.317. K.71, K.72 From BBC Radio 3 Table Talk programme, 25 December 1993 1993 Supertape Gold Plus 60 (K.71) and Agfa F-DXI 90 tape (K.72) . The Kurtis contributed to a feature on Roasting. K.73 K.74 Kurti’s introduction and other contributions to International Workshop on Molecular and Physical Gastronomy, Erice, Italy, April 1995 1995 Sony HF90 tape. See also G.329-G.345, K.8. contribution Kurti’s 21st International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, Prague, Czech Republic, August 1996 closing and ceremony of 1996 TDK AD90tape. See also G.350-G.353. K.75-K.79 Discusssions, possibly at Maison Frangais Oxford, on French language and culture. N.d. Five Sony BHF 120 tapes. Mostly in French. contributions by Kurti. Sides A of tapes 4 and 5 feature K.80 Interview with Kurti for Quebec Radio programme ‘Tout en Frangais’ N.d. Compact Cassette C60 tape. In French. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 432 Non-textual media, K.1-K.119 K.81, K.82 ?BBC French language programme on Science of Cookery 21982 Two EMI XT C60tapes. In French. K.83, K.84 Interview with Kurti on his life and experiences Two TDK D90tapes. K.85 Kurti playing piano, singing, talking Sony HF-S60tape. In Hungarian. N.d. N.d. K.86-K.104 FILMS 1960-c.1969, 2007, n.d. All but K.104 are 16mm films. Also includes associated material: correspondence, scripts, photographs. See also F.248-F.276. K.86-K.91 ‘Absolute Zero’, BBC TV Eye on Research, 5th series programme 7, broadcast 17 May 1960 1960, 2007 See also F.258, F.259. K.86 Metal reel and container, labelled with details 1960 Monochrome, with sound. c. 30 minutes. Features Kurti, his colleague M.A. Grace, the presenter Raymond Baxter and Kurti’s research assistant. K.87 Metal reel, no container 1960 Monochrome, with sound. Incomplete c. 8 minutes. N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 Non-textual media, K.1-K.119 K.88 Metal reel and container Monochrome, with sound. Incomplete c. 18 minutes. K.89 Card reel and metal container Faulty film. Appears to be part of ‘Absolute Zero’. 433 1960 1960 K.90 Correspondencewith viewersarising from programme 1960 Also photograph ofstills. K.91 DVDcopyof ‘Absolute Zero’ 2007 Made at the University of Bath for this archive, 2007. K.92-K.93 ‘Superconducting magnets’, Argonne National Laboratory film 1966, 1967, 2008 See also J.131. Doesnot feature Kurti. K.92 Metal reel, brown plastic container 1966 Polychrome, with sound. c. 12 minutes. K.92A K.93 Exchange ofletters re copyoffilm sent to Kurti 1966, 1967 DVD copy of ‘Superconducting magnets’ 2007 Madeat the University of Bath for this archive, 2007. K.94, K.95 ‘Cherwell seqi[uence]’, BBC TV c. 1969, 1986 Metal reel, no container. c. 3 minutes. Monochrome, no sound. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 434 Non-textual media, K.1-K.119 An explanatory note by Kurti (1986, K.95), explains that this film sequence was madefor but not used in a BBC TV Horizon programme, ‘The Lindemann Enigma’. The Lindemann film was made around 1969 and broadcast 29 March 1971. Kurti is featured in the sequence. K.96-K.99 ‘Cold’, BBC TV Eurovisionfilm 1960s K.96 Metal reel, metal container Monochrome, with sound (music and sound effects). c. 16 minutes. Kurti is listed among three demonstrators but we do not see him. The others are A.J. Croft and F.N.H. Robinson. K.97 Scripts Commentary for voice-over. Two in English, one in German. K.98 Other typescripts relate to sound film on resuscitation Appear to of hypothermic, supercooled and frozen animals featuring Dr Andjus, Parkes (introduction); German languagetranslation of A.U. Smith’s commentary on the ‘hamster sequence’. J.E. Lovelock, A.U. Smith, and A.S. K.99 DVD copyof‘Cold’ Made at the University of Bath for this archive, 2007. K.100 Film sequences Plastic reel, plastic container. Polychrome, no sound. With manuscript note ‘1. Jelly in fresh and tinned pineapple juice 2. Vacuum meringue’. 2007 N.d. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 435 Non-textual media, K.1-K.119 K.101 ‘Energy storage in superconductors’ N.d. Metal reel, no container. Polychrome, no sound. c. 3 minutes. Film damaged. Kurti features. K.102 Millbank Films Ltd film ‘Very low temperatures’ N.d. Plastic reel, plastic container. Thereel is inscribed ‘Liq[uid] He[lium] Supercond[uctivity]’. Monochrome. No sound. c. 3 minutes. Kurti does not feature. K.103 Associated Rediffusion TV film transport of helium 2’ ‘Floating magnet and N.d. Metal reel, metal container. Monochrome, no sound. c. 3 minutes. Doesnot feature Kurti. K.104 6mm Hungarian film ‘Nyugatnémet alapanyagobol’ [?West German ?] ‘Ezermester’ [?Fixer] post 1975 Plastic reel, card container. K.105-K.114 VIDEOTAPES K.105-K.108 Betamaxvideos(three videos) 1982-1994, 2007 1982, 2007 K.105 ‘The Proof of the Pudding’, in QED series on BBC1 TV, broadcast 20 April 1982 1982 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 436 Non-textual media, K.1-K.119 Tapeis also labelled ‘1’. Sony Dynamicron L-125 tape. K.106 ‘Material Programme’ filmed by BBC for Proof of the Pudding 1982 The material is Blandford Avenue Oxford’. ‘a) Lecturing in Paris’ and ‘2) At 38 Tapeis also labelled ‘2’. The boxis inscribed ‘Wrong size’. Sony Dynamicron L-500 tape. K.107 Untitled Tapeis labelled ‘3’. TDK SuperAvilyn L-500 tape. K.108 DVD copy of ‘The Proof of the Pudding’ and unused film material (K.105, ?K.106) 2007 Made by AFX Audovisual Services, Stafford, for the family, 2007 K.109, K.110 ‘Chapeau et ‘Horizons’ programme melon blouses blanches’, French TV N.d. K.109 Fuji Beridox KCA-60 tape. Polychrome. 50 minutes. K.110 Fuji Super SHG VHS tape. K.111-K.114 ‘Blanc Mange’, BBC TV Continuing Education series 1994 Originally to be titled ‘Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble’, the series was produced by G. Auckland and revolved around the celebrity chef Raymond Blanc. Kurti acted as one of N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 437 Non-textual media, K.1-K.119 the scientific advisors and in one episode could be seen cycling to Blanc’s gourmet restaurant Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons near Oxford. Another advisor was the French science editor Hervé This. The series was broadcastin six episodes starting the in September 1994, publication date of the book (see E.184-E.223). also K.111 Programme one, ‘A fuller flavour’ BBC VHS ‘Viewing Tape’. K.112 Programme four, ‘You are whatyou eat’ Maxell General purpose VHS tape. K.113 Programme five, ‘Something in the air’ Maxell General purpose VHS tape. K.114 Programme six, ‘Forbidden fruit’ Maxell General purpose VHS tape. K.115-K.119 DVDs 1992-1999 K.115 K.116 K.117 ‘Rudolph [sic] Peierls interviewed by Nicholas Kurti’, 21 July 1992 1992 Sony DVD-R. ‘Nicholas Kurti Light-hearted Reminiscences, 1914-39’, 23 January 1995 1995 Sony DVD-R. ‘Nicholas Kurti interviewed by Bobby Berman’, 27 August 1996 1996 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 438 Non-textual media, K.1-K.119 Sony DVD-R. K.118 ‘Nicholas Kurti 90th birthday celebration’, 10 October 1998 1998 Sony DVD-R. K.119 ‘A celebration of Nicholas Kurti (1908-1998)’, 27 March 1999 1999 Sony DVD-R. NATIONAL CATALOGUING UNIT FOR THE ARCHIVES OF CONTEMPORARYSCIENTISTS Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Nicholas Kurti, FRS (1908-1998) VOLUME4 Index of correspondents By Anna-K. Mayer, Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell NCUACS catalogue no. 165/8/08 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS 439 A.P.T. CONTROLS LTD, LONDON J.153, J.207 A.V.P. SPIRO GILLS LTD ABAMSKY,Jack ABERCROMBIE, Nicholas ABRAGAM, Anatole ABRAHAM, Bernard M. ABRAMS, Hilton ACADEMIA SINICA ACADEMIC PRESS INC. (LONDON) LTD ACADEMIE DE MUSEOLOGIE EVOCATOIRE J.195 J.1114 H.241 D.97, E.427, J.47, J.72, J.102, J.153, J.177, J.205, J.272, J.395, J.462, J.504, J.717-J.720, J.1112, J.1129 See also F.68, J.1059, J.1168, J.1185, J.1186 J.47, J.72, J.177, J.205, J.721 J.520, J.526 G.52 J.102, J.205 E.62, J.517 ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE USSR G.213, J.273, J.309, J.436 ACANFORA,Domenico ACARNLEY,Paul ACHESON, Sir (Ernest) Donald ACKRILL, John L. 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Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 446 Index of correspondents ASSOCIATION OF EDUCATION COMMITTEES ASSOCIATION OF TEACHERSIN COLLEGES AND DEPARTMENTS OF EDUCATION ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY STAFF TO PROMOTE INTER-UNIVERSITY COOPERATION ASTIN, A.V. ASTON, T. H. ASVANY,A. ATCHISON, CRANE & CO ATHENAEUM CLUB ATIYAH, Sir Michael Francis ATKINS, Peter W. ATKINSON, Harry H. J.272 G.212 J.214 E.432 J.316 G.240 J.2 F.240, F.245, J.143, J.145, J.170, J.208, J.273, J.316, J.343, J.479, J.484 D.47, D.50, G.295, J.102 See also J.1178 D.89 B.166, B.173, J.177, J.273, J.316, J.343, J.373, J.1067 See also B.172 ATKINSON, J.E. ATLAS COMPUTER LABORATORY ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT RISO, DENMARK J.1154 J.325 J.297, J.332 ATOMIC ENERGY RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT(AERE) See UNITED KINGDOM ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY ATV NETWORK LTD AUCKLAND, George AUDUS, Leslie John AUGER, Pierre AUSTIN, Beryl AUSTIN, Enid I. 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J.129, J.737 J.209, J.513 J.506 J.103 D.27, J.344 E.97 J.396, J.498, J.1055, J.1171 See also J.737 H.710, J.274, J.738 J.1152 B.42 J.48 H.968-H.971, J.209 J.739 See also B.102 E.369, E.371, E.388 E.342 J.274, J.317 J.274, J.392 See also J.739 J.49 BAMBOROUGH, John Bernard (‘Bam’) B.215, H.224, H.233, J.274 BAMBOROUGH, Karin BANDYOPADHYAY,P. K. J.209 J.317, J.344, J.1114 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 449 Index of correspondents BANFORD, Anthony P. BANGHAM, Alec Douglas BANKS, John BANKUTI, Jozsef BANQUETS OF OXFORD BARBER, A.C. BARBER, A.D. BARBER, Horace Newton BARBIELLINI, Guido BARCLAY,John A. BARCLAYS BANK PLC BARDEEN, John BARDSLEY, William BARHAM, PeterJ. BARIEAU, Robert E. BARKAN, A. BARKER, Eileen V. BARKER, G. R. BARKER, Jean BARKER, T.J. BARLOW (née DARWIN), (Emma) Nora, Lady BARLTROP, John Alfred BARNARD & SONS LTD BARNES, Kenneth J. 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BASSANI, Giuseppe Franco BATES, Sir David Robert BATES, Leslie Fleetwood J.210 E.328, E.330, E.333, E.340, E.349, E.350, E.352, E.354-E.356, E.359, E.362, E.364, E.368, E.388 J.344, J.374, F.229 H.745, H.769, J.73, J.103, J.129, J.154, J.210, J.274, J.317, J.356, J.396, J.776, J.1039, J.1042, J.1045-J.1047, J.1128 See also J.502, J.1043 BATESON, Sir Paul Patrick Gordon E.110, H.187 BATH, A. A. BATHURST,R. G. C. BATTY, Peter BAUER, Raymond A. J.103 J.103 D.95, J.210 H.2, G.111, J.178, J.210 BAWDEN, Sir Frederick Charles H.877, J.250 BAWDEN, Marjorie Elizabeth, Lady H.228-H.230, J.347, J.398, J.425, J.741 BAXANDALL,MichaelD. K. BAXENDALL, Kay BAYERISCHER RUNDFUNK BAYLIS, John A. J.374, J.741 E.149 J.375, J.379, J.396 H.18, H.19, H.21, H.22, J.278, J.318 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 451 Index of correspondents BEACONSFIELD, Peter BEAMENT,Sir James William Longman BEAN, Charles P. BEARDEN, A.J. BEATTIE, A. G. BECK, Paul A. BECK,Shirley BECKETT, L. G. BECKETT, P. H. T. BECKMAN, Olof BEDALES SCHOOL, HAMPSHIRE BEDARIDA,Francois BEDELL, S. M. BEDWELL, H. R. BEECHING, Richard, Baron BEEDELL, Suzanne M. BEER, Janos M. BEGHI, Giorgio BEIGLBOCK, W. BEKENSTEIN, Jacob D. BEKESI, A. BELGIUM EMBASSY (LONDON) G.187, J.374 E.110, J.210 D.70, J.440 J.48, J.74 H.487 C.96, C.98, J.48, J.103 J.516 J.53 J.210 J.318 J. 172, J.210 J.154, J.210, J.238 J.396 E.260, J.396 A.284, B.49, J.48 J.1135 J.374 J.500, J.501, J.505, J.510, J.512, J.518, J.525 J.1082 H.671 J.1181 J.392 BELL TELEPHONE LABORATORIES LTD J.3, J.58, J.76, J.114, J.164, J.949, J.950, J.1048 BELL, George Douglas Hutton E.97, J.396 J.1125 BELL, Kenneth BELL, Malcolm A E.289 J.210 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 BELL,R. L. BELLHOUSE, Brian BELLOW,Saul BELOFF, Max, Baron BELYAKOV,M. V. BENEDEK, Giorgio BENEDETTI, S. DE BENEDICT, Manson BENHAM, Peter P. BENJAMIN, William A. BENN, Anthony Neil Wedgwood BENNETT,H. E. BENNETT, J. A.J. BENNETT, John M. BENNION, D. BENOIT,Alain BENSON, Rowland S. BEOTHY,Otto BERAN, Max BEREND, T.Ivan BERENYI, Dénes BERG, G. J. van den BERGER, Jeanne BERGER, René BERGLUND, Peter BERKES, Istvan BERKOVITCH, I. 452 Index of correspondents J.103 E.154 H.710 J.210, J.274, J.344, J.743, J.744 J.274 E.354 G.38 E.34 E.264, J.405 G.35, J.48, J.74 J.210, J.241, J.265 J.84 H.95, J.43 H.710, J.500, J.501 J.104 J.274 E.260, J.396 J.104, J.1054, J.1055 E.291 See J.1173 G.196, J.433, J.459, J.745, J.1139 H.461 E.335, E.336, E.338-E.342, E.347, E.352, E.356, E.359, E.360, E.371- E.373, E.383 E.149 F.220 J.210 J.344 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 453 Index of correspondents BERLIN, Sir Isaiah BERMAN, Robert BERNAL, John Desmond BERRIDGE, D. R. BERRY,Sir Michael Victor BERTERO, Mario BERTSCH, George BERWICK,Stanley BETTIS, Joseph BETTS, David BEVOLO, Albert J. B.304, J.745, J.1178 J.48, J.77, J.210, J.243, J.289, J.301 C.94 J.344 E.97 E.164 E.332-E.334 G.302 H.710 H.465 C.97, J.49 BEYNON, Sir (William John) Granville J.396, J.421, J.506, J.745 BHATTACHARYYA, Kamal BHATTACHARYYA,R. C. BIBLE, Alan BIDDULPH, M. W. BIE, Stein W. BIFFEN, John E.377 J.469 H.26 J.344, J.1118 G.242 H.117, H.118, J.396 BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY H.185, H.215, H.217, H.236, H.239 BIQUARD, P. BIRCH, Arthur John BIRD, G. A. BIRKS, Kenneth J.1043, J.1044 E.149, G.74, G.75, J.104 J.42 G.212, J.210 BIRMINGHAM AND MIDLAND INSTITUTE F.222 BIRMINGHAM, Bascom W. G.134, H.464, H.960, H.961, H.963, H.964, H.969-H.971, J.48, J.49, J.210, J.274, J.374, J.745 BIRNBAUM, George B.77 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 BIRSS, R. R. BISHOP, George R. BISHOP, Sir Harold BISSON, Peter BISSON, Philip BLACK, Gordon BLACK,Joseph BLACK,P. BLACKER, Carmen 454 Index of correspondents H.536, J.178, J.274 See also J.1104 J.154, J.275, J.510 J.210, J.275 J.275 G.140 H.825, J.275, J.344, J.390, J.461 E.247, J.104 J.327 J.129 BLACKETT, Costanza, Lady J.466, J.746, J.1116 BLACKETT, Patrick Maynard Stuart, Baron BLACKMAN, Audrey BLACKMAN, Moses B.181, D.26, F.48, H.123, H.124, H.231, H.287-H.289, H.291, H.357, H.787, H.788, H.790, J.49, J.73, J.74, J.104, J.122, J.129, J.154, J.178, J.211, J.250, J.746, J.1065 See also J.1075 J.483 See also J.747 H.435, H.483, H.486, H.491, H.771, H.772, J.48, J.74, J.104, J.129, J.211, J.275, J.344, J.356, J.1073 BLACKWELL, Richard J.211, J.747, J.1080 BLACOE, D. F. BLAIR, lan M. BLAISSE, B. S. (‘Ben’) BLAKE, Anthony BLAKEMORE, Colin Brian BLAMEY, J. W. J.73 J.374 B.78, B.83, B.93, G.95, G.96, G.150, H.461, J.42, J.178, J.211, J.275 E.304, E.305, G.330, G.333-G.335, G.338, G.354, G.359, G.360, G.364, G.374, H.50 B.222 J.129 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 BLANC, Raymond BLANDFORD, R. BLANDIN, André BLANK,Fritz 455 Index of correspondents E.211-E.213, E.216, E.219-E.222, G.302, G.333, G.335 See also J.1185 J.520, J.1152 J.104, J.154, J.318 G.333, G.337-G.339, G.359, G.362 BLASCHKO, Hermann Karl Felix (‘Hugh’) H.125, J.129, J.178 BLASCHKO, Mary BLATT,F. BLATT,Frank J. BLAXTER, Sir Kenneth Lyon BLEANEY, Brebis BLEAY, J. A. BLEGAA,S. R. BLENFORD, D. E. BLEWITT, Thomas H (‘Tom’) BLIN-STOYLE, Roger John BLITZ, Jack BLOCH, Felix BLOCH, Konrad Emil BLOOM, Myer BLOUNT,Bertie Kennedy BLOUNT, Patrick Clavell BLYTHE, Max BOAS, Walter H.125 See J.1051 J.73 E.149 A.126, A.146, B.8, B.10, B.49, B.50, B.152, E.245, E.290, G.58, H.16, H.278, H.298, H.302, H.306-H.308, H.317, H.325, H.326, J.48, J.74, J.77, J.129, J.154, J.211, J.275, J.345, J.375, J.950-J.952, J.1050 See also B.182, B.187, J.410, J.747 J.396 J.375, J.392 J.495 E.10, E.11 See STOYLE, Roger John BLIN- J.170 See J.747 E.112, G.302 See also J.1177 J.154, J.178 H.466 A.286 J.1184 B.85, J.3, J.748 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 456 Index of correspondents BOASE, Thomas BOCHIROL, L. BOCUSE, Paul BOCUTT,C. T. BODAS, Janos BODON, Pal BODROGI, Tibor BOER, Jan DE BOGDANOR, Vernon B. BOGNAR, G. BOGNAR, Joszef BOGNER, Guenther BOGOD, Julian J.166 J.74 E.128 J.104 G.230 G.228, G.229 G.240 J.73, J.218 J.275 G.160, J.275 J.1159 J.129, J.154 J.482 BOHLIN INSTRUMENTS LTD, CIRENCESTER, GLOUCESTERSHIRE G.330, G.334, G.336, G.340 BOHNING, Eberhard BOHR, Erik BOHR, Niels BOK, Julien BOLTON, Herbert Cairns (‘Bert’) BOLTZ, C. L. BONACINI, F. BONDI, Arnold BONDI, Sir Hermann E.57 J.431, J.433, J.1138 J.49 G.89 E.71, E.72, G.133, H.1096, J.211, J.275 J.211, J.318, J.345, J.748 J.375 J.456 J.422, J.436, J.438, J.489, J.749 See also J.1173 BONNEY, A. Auriol ROSS- F.61, J.396, J.415 BONNIN, Jacques BONNOR, William B. H.426 E.340 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 BONSOR, A. E. BOORMAN, C. BOORSE, Henry A. BOOTH, J.W. BOOTH, N. BOOTH, Virginia BORCHERDS, Peter H. BORDRY, Monique BOREHAM, J. H. 457 Index of correspondents J.345 J.11 J.129, J.1046, J.1047 J.48 J.48, J.49, J.74 J.211 E.277 J.211, J.345, J.349, J.399 H.142, J.48, J.49, J.74, J.129, J.154, J.178, J.250, J.305 BORGHINI, Michel E.427, J.211, J.345 BORN, Gustav Victor Rudolf H.130, J.104, J.130, J.211, J.749 BORN, Max BOSANQUET,Charles BOSANQUET,Peter BOSE, A. BOSSHARD, Francis BOSWELL,lan I. BOSWORTH, G. S. BOUILLIER, Henri BOULDIN, Christina BOULESTEIX,E. BOURDON, J. BOURGEOIS, B. BOURGUIGNON, J. BOURNE, Harry K. BOWDEN, Bertram Vivian, Baron E.33, E.35 J.1049 B.7 J.1126 E.379 J.29, J.48, J.61, J.74, J.89, J.130 J.130 J.345, J.375, J.406, J.418 E.329, E.330, E.333, E.335-E.337, E.339-E.345, E.347-E.361, E.368- E.374, E.376-E.386, E.389 J.396 J.345 J.396 J.130 H.278, J.104, J.178 J.104 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 458 Index of correspondents BOWDEN, F.P. BOWELL, Valerie E. M. BOWEN, Edmund John BOWERS, Klaus D. BOWERS, Raymond BOWIE, Ewen L BOWLER, M. G BOYCE, P.R. BOYD, Alice, Lady BOYER, Timothy H. BOZORTH, Richard Milton BRACHER, D.F. BRADDICK,A. BRADFORD, Bernard W. BRADLEY,D. J. BRADLEY,F. BRADLEY, H.W. BRADSHAW,Anthony David BRADSHAW,Peter BRAGG, Sir (William) Lawrence BRAGG, Stephen Lawrence BRAND, K.G. J.104 H.282 J.130 H.298 G.112, J.104, J.1048 E.83, E.85-E.87, J.104 J.211 H.794 J.1160, J.1161, J.1168 F.61, J.396 B.44, J.38, J.49, J.73, J.104, J.130, J.155, J.179, J.749 J.1046 J.1042 J.104, J.1041, J.1042 J.211, J.318, J.327, J.355 E.265, J.396 H.594, H.600 E.167 E.112 F.212, J.48, J.49, J.74 See also F.48 G.99, J.211, J.749 H.710 BRANSCOMB, Lewis M. H.575, H.578, J.275, J.318, J.345 BRASENOSE COLLEGE, OXFORD B.192-B.210, G.32, G.287, G.288, J.42, J.48, J.49, J.56, J.73, J.74, J.82, J.92, J.104, J.112, J.130, J.136, J.155, J.161, J.162, J.173, J.179, J.212, J.259, J.276, J.318, bows N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 459 Index of correspondents BRATTAIN, Walter H. BRAUER, Wolfram BRAUN, E. BRAUNSTEIN, Rubin BRAY, Jeremy William BRAZIER, L. G. BREDDY,N. C. BRETON, Denis BRETSCHER, Egon BREWER, Derek BREWER, Douglas Forbes BREWER, Douglas S. BREZIN, Edouard BRICKNELL, R. H. BRICKWEDDE, F. G. (‘Brick’) BRIDEGAM, Willis E. BRIDGMAN, Percy William BRIDGWATER, John BRIGGS, Asa, Baron BRIGHT, W. J.345, J.375, J.397, J.419, J.428, J.454, J.456, J.458, J.463, J.490, J.503, J.507, J.521 J.345 G.192, J.375, J.397 H.181 G.190, G.191, J.375 J:242 J.49, J.73 J.48 J.500 H.949 J.1137 E.323, F.215, H.20, H.461, J.73, J.74, J.105, J.130, J.155, J.179, J.212, J.276, J.318, J.345, J.397, J.431, J.432, J.513, J.750, J.758, J.1055, J.1070, J.1104, J.1114, J.1119, J.1130, J.1138 See also J.460 J.345 E.328, E.341-E.345, E.348, E.350- E.352, E.362, E.368, E.370, E.383, E.384 J.212 H.458, J.751 J.482 E.34 J.517, J.518 B.300, J.155, J.179 J.105 BRIGSTOCKE, Heather, Baroness F.235, F.239, G.331, J.751 BRILL, R. F.38 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 460 Index of correspondents BRILL, Robert H. BRILL, Rudolf BRIMBLE, L.J. F. BRINGEUS, Nils-Arvid BRINK,David BRINTON, Timothy Denis BRISTOL AIRCRAFT LTD BRISTOL PNEUMATIC TOOLS LTD H.9, H.10, H.12, J.73, J.276 J.49 G.240 E.345, E.360 H.708 J.48 H.746 BRISTOL SIDDELEY ENGINES LTD J.113, J.137, J.145, J.162 BRISTOW,J. R. BRITISH ACADEMY H.759, J.49, J.73 G.228, G.230, G.242, H.9-H.15, H.245, H.956-H.959, H.961, J.175, J.203, J.1131, J.1132 BRITISH ACADEMY FOR WORLD PEACE BRITISH AIRCRAFT CORPORATION LTD G.273 H.107 BRITISH AIRWAYS BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION BBC ENTERPRISES BBC RADIO BBC TELEVISION J.345, J.397, J.469, J.476, J.477, J.516, J.752 B.224, F.41, F.222, G.140, G.190, J.3, J.122, J.126, J.134, J.203, J.212, J.229, J.263, J.276, J.290, J.318, J.353 D.99, D.102, D.103, E.221, E.222, E.295, E.300, F.171, F.212, F.255, F.257-F.272, F.276, J.51, J.73, J.186, J.212, J.218, J.223, J.224, J.235, J.238, J.241, J.248, J.258, J.274, J.276, J.286, J.309, J.323, J.345, J.348, J.359, J.360, J.368, J.375, J.397, J.420, J.477, J.515, J.526, J.1048, J.1071, J.1162, J.1168, J.1184 See also J.524 E.211-E.222 J.221 D.49, H.131, H.157, J.491, J.521, J.523, J.526 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 461 Index of correspondents BRITISH CAST IRON RESEARCH ASSOCIATION J.29 BRITISH COMPUTER SOCIETY H.215, H.216, J.482 BRITISH COUNCIL BRITISH CRYOGENICS COUNCIL B.46, B.87, B.94, B.97, B.245, B.249, F.226, G.46, G.54, G.95, G.96, G.127, G.157, G.159, G.193, H.16, J.67, J.73, J.74, J.82, J.92, J.103, J.105, J.130, J.145, J.154, J.157, J.170, J.179, J.182, J.196, J.212, J.276, J.311, J.318, J.345, J.397, J.400, J.416, J.517, J.519, J.752, J.1065, J.1119 See also C.74 H.17-H.19, H. 28, J.337, J.380, J.1141 BRITISH CRYOGENICS NEWSLETTER BRITISH ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY J.294 H.215 BRITISH EUROPEAN AIRWAYS J.203, J.1066 BRITISH GAS CORPORATION D.30, J.392, J.398, J.440 BRITISH GLASS INDUSTRY RESEARCH ASSOCIATION BRITISH INSULATED CALLENDER’S CABLES(BICC) LTD H.10, H.11, H.13, H.14, H.271, J.299, J.333, J.426 C.114-C.116, C.147, C.148, F.222, G.37, G.81, G.130, G.136, G.165, G.202, H.29-H.36, J.49, J.55, J.64, J.65, J.73, J.81, J.93, J.111, J.122, J.131, J.132, J.134, J.135, J.145- J.147, J.171, J.172, J.203, J.219, J.225, J.248, J.265, J.303, J.318, J.364, J.374, J.386, J.406, J.429, J.453, J.475, J.494, J.505, J.508, J.1051, J.1052 BRITISH JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS BRITISH KODALY ACADEMY BRITISH LAUNDERERS’ RESEARCH ASSOCIATION J.16 J.859 J.165 BRITISH LIBRARY H.157, H.158, H.218, H.251 BRITISH MOTOR CORPORATION LTD BRITISH MUSEUM BRITISH NON-FERROUS METALS RESEARCH ASSOCIATION J.138 H.9 J.328 IUNY“N 80/8/69SOVNON cov s]Uspuodsaii0oJoXepuy} NOILVGONNO4NOILIYLANHSILIYE ‘LLE'D‘86279‘962'9‘6S1'4‘VLZA 0S'H-87'H NOILVYOdHOOSAVMUIVSVASYSAOHSILIYE GLZP‘@ber‘26‘ELT‘6Y'D‘CeO G11ANVdINOSNS9AXOHSILINE ‘Gt‘eT‘LyLH-SPZ'H‘8SEH‘vr7S ‘yLfELTLOT‘O9T‘br'8rT ‘GELLTLELTLLLT6888r ‘O8LT‘6ZLT‘OOLT‘SSL‘'ZELT ‘6S7P‘8S7T‘877‘pe7TrEe@er ‘err‘vZer‘L872‘987‘79OT S60L'f‘O8OL'T G11LNAWdO1SA4dGNVHOYVSSSYNSDAXOHSILIYE ost ALAIDOSSLYOdSDISAldVeWdHSILIYE oe?4 O1dWNA1IOYLAdHSILIYG Lvlif‘89Lf‘SLLT‘L9'a G11ONIGVYLdd G11SNOILVOINENdHSILIYE dNOwdSHSVMONdHSILIYE SAVMIVaHSILIYd GuHVOdSAVMIVYHSILIYE evlLter svtr LeLLe 87S‘GLE‘ZLZP‘SSLOS7'V CSLOSE89S ‘91735‘LS@'3‘SS7'3‘0S7'V-Lp7'V ‘BL7PLETEOLVLEOLL'D ‘y8v't‘7lvt‘vSpT‘LZET'767Te ‘BOLL‘O80L'T‘600L'T68rr ESLLPLHLLTECLLLLZLLT NOISSYNYALSAM ZcLbLf‘SZEr‘OLE AONAIOSAOAYOLSIHAHLYOsSALAIDOOSHSILIYE 981L°H‘L8b'H NOILALILSNISGYVGNVLSHSILIYd L@ZfT‘096°H‘6S6°H NOISSINWOSLYOdSNVUYLHSILIYE 6rr‘8vr NOILVIDOSSVHOYVASAYONIGTSMHSILIYE ‘M»‘NVLLINE "a‘YSHOONE "HWEIIIIM“MOONE yeqoy‘3JqGOug aulined‘FIGOUd ypnr‘AdOug LST vSLH vl Ov2'H 9LeTr os'a glc4 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 463 Index of correspondents BROOKER, Geoffrey A. BROOKES, L. G. BROOKMAN, Ariel BROOKS, Harvey BROOKS, Margaret A. BROOM & WADE LTD BROWN, AF. BROWN, Allan B. BROWN, Dorothy E.379 E.260, J.397 J.525 J.49 D.91, J.484, J.512, J.753 H.746 D.114 G.287, G.288 G.223 BROWN, Sir George Lindor (‘Lin’) J.105, J.162, J.179 BROWN, Harrison BROWN, J. D. BROWN, JamesB. BROWN, Lynda J.276 F.269, J.527 C.74, J.74 G.251 BROWN, Peter W.H. G.228, G.230, G.242, H.15 BROWN, Robert HANBURY- BROWN, Roger Revelle Harrison Scott BROWN, Ronald William J.430 J.213 J.213, J.902 BROWN, Sanborn C. (‘Sandy’) J.276, J.455, J.459, J.754 BROWNLEE, George Gow BRUCK, Abraham BRUCKNER II, Arthur BRUIN, Solke BRUNDIN, Clark BRUNDRETT, Geoffrey W. BRUNELLI, Runo BRUNETON, Pierre J.508 J.213, J.1082 D.39 G.335, G.336, G.368 H.251 D.27, D.31, H.426, H.437 J.213 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 464 Index of correspondents BRUNT,Sir David BRUNT, P.A. BRUYNSERAEDE, Yvan BRYAN, Derek BRYANT, John BUCHANAN, Robert Angus BUCHNER, Horst BUCKEL, Werner BUCKLAND, J. S. P. BUCKLEY, E. J. BUDAI, Joseph BUDNICK, Joseph I. BUECHE, Arthur M. BUFFHAM, B. A. BULL, G. M. BULL, Stephen BULLI, Dario H.421 J.1052 J.318 H.936-H.943, J.105, J.123, J.130, J.155 G.230, J.1157 H.219, H.243, H.245, H.248, H.250, H.252, H.253 J.466 E.327, E.328, E.333-E.336, E.338, E.339, E.344, E.349-E.356, E.358, E.364, E.377, E.383, E.389, G.177, H.437, H.438, J.213, J.277, J.318, J.375, J.755, J.1126 E.272 E.433 G.191 G.225, J.277, J.524, J.527 See also J.1153 J.213, J.345, J.1093 See also J.755 J.521, J.525, J.526 J.213 G.302 J.213 BULLOCK, Alan Louis Charles, Baron F.53, H.132, H.145, H.146, H.266, J.94, J.213, J.264, J.277, J.318, J.1081 BUNEMANN, O. BUNTING, Sir John BUNTON, Helen BUNTON, John J.3 J.105 J.345 B.8, B.82, J.48, J.74, J.105, J.155, J.345, J.755 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 465 Index of correspondents BUPA BURCHAM, William Ernest BURCHFIELD, Robert William E.286 E.149, J.155, J.179, J.213, J.277, J.1066 J.277, J.397, J.511, J.517, J.755, J.1130, J.1150 See also J.1129 BURCHNALL, J. A. (‘Tony’) D.14A, J.451 BUREAU NATIONAL DE METROLOGIE BURFOOT, Dean BURGE, E.J. BURGEN, Sir Arnold Stanley Vincent BURGER, J.-P. BURGESS, H. L. J. J.275 J.1175 C.96 E.112, E.149, G.74, G.75, G.228, G.230, G.241, G.296-G.298, G.302, G.311, H.193, J.105, J.345 See also J.755, J.1173 J.213 J.38 BURHOP, Eric Henry Stoneley H.232, J.277, J.375, J.397, J.1048 BURK, Cornelius F. (‘Niall’) BURMAH ENGINEERING COMPANY LTD J.464 J.323 BURNE, Jerome BURNIER, Pierre H. BURSTEIN, Elias (‘Eli’) BURSTROM, Hans G. J.506, J.1148, J.1149 J.213, J.521, J.756 See also J.1160 G.89, J.430 H.595 BURTON OF COVENTRY,Elaine Frances Burton, Baroness J.756 BURTON, Geoffrey N. BURTON, H.S. BURTON, Kenneth BUSCH, Georg BUSINESS ARCHIVES COUNCIL BUSSE, Michael and Marie Rose E.294 A.285 E.97, E.112 J.49, J.756, J.1041 H.170 G.297 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 466 Index of correspondents BUTLER, Sir Clifford Charles BUTROS, A. BUTTERFIELD, H.C. BUTTERWORTH, John BUTTERWORTH, John Blackstock, Baron (‘Jack’) BUTTERWORTHS & CO (PUBLISHERS) LTD E.269, H.223, J.105, J.130, J.155, J.179, J.213, J.277, J.318, J.481, J.756 J.426 J.1046 J.105, J.318, J.475 J.74, J.155, J.409, J.1059, J.1109 See also J.1144 E.10-E.14, J.73, J.105, J.187, J.232, J.247 BYERS, Nina C.A. PARSONS & COMPANY LTD NUCLEAR RESEARCH CENTRE E.229 C.98, F.213 J.60, J.64 CACCIA,Sir Harold CADE, Joe A. CADOGAN, H. J. F. CAGNAC, Bernard CAHN, Robert H.355, H.356, J.50, J.75, J.106, J.757 G.89, G.97 H.185 E.325-E.326, E.328, E.333, E.336, E.337, E.342, £.344, £.352, E.362, E.363, E.366, E.368, E.373, E.378 J.1187 See also J.1181 CAIRNCROSS, Sir Alec (Alexander Kirkwood) G.250 CAIRNCROSS, Mary, Lady CALDER, Nigel CALDER, Peter Ritchie, Baron Ritchie-Calder CALDWELL, Douglas CALLAGHAN, John CALLAGHAN, Paul T. CALLOW,Robert Kenneth J.466 See also J.757, J.1168 E.244, J.50, J.76 J.146 J.513 J.180, J.214, J.319 G.259-G.261, J.319 See also J.339 H.866, J.75, J.106 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 CALOW,C.A. CALVIN, Melvin 467 Index of correspondents C.96 H.704, J.398 See also J.757 CAMBRIDGE PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY H.216 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PHYSICS SOCIETY F.216, F.222, F.225, F.236, J.80, J.86, J.116, J.246, J.335, J.511, J.513, J.518, J.519 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS CAMERON, H. K. CAMERON, John A. CAMPBELL, lan A. J.100 J.50 G.58 B.45, B.90, J.66, J.106, J.156, J.214, J.422, J.424, J.445, J.757 CAMPBELL, J. Dennis J.370 CAMPBELL, John Middleton, Baron D.14A, D.27, J.376 CAMPENEY,D. C. CAMPION HALL, OXFORD CAMPOS, Christophe CANADA DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL DEFENCE NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL J.50 J.50, J.106 J.214 J.377 G.24, G.26, J.60, J.61, J.172, J.228, J.377, J.388, J.436, J.462, J.475 CANADIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION J.513, J.1155 CANARD ENCHAINE CANNON INDUSTRIES LTD CANNON, Cyril G. CANTERBURY, DEANERY CANTOR, Geoffrey N. CAPLAT, Moran CAPPS, Arthur J.214 J.120, J.214 B.99, B.166, B.171, B.175, J.319, J.346, J.376 H.271, J.278 H.181 J.75 D.41 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 468 Index of correspondents CAPRASSE, H. CARACCIOLO, Sergio CARAPEZZA, Marcello CARDEN, Peter O'Neil CARERI, Giorgio CARL ZEISS JENA LTD CARLTON (THERMO EQUIPMENT) LTD CARMI, |. G. CARPENTER, E.W. CARPENTER, L. G. CARRANDER, Kjell CARRUTHERS, Robert CARTER, G. Cynthia CARTER,J. H. J.457 E.376, E.383 J.442, J.447, J.462 B.13, B.69, H.307, H.308, J.278, J.346, J.1117 J.278 J.403 J.346 J.50 H.426 J.214 J.278 F.216, J.75, J.76, J.131 J.494 J.5 CARTLEDGE, Sir Bryan George B.218, E.183, G.228, J.757 CASIMIR, Hendrik Brugt Gerhard CASSELS, James Macdonald CASSIDY, Harold G. CASTAING, Raimond B. CATHCART, Brian CATTERALL, John Ashley CAUTLEY, Paul CAVANAUGH, MichaelA. CAVE, Andrew B.180, E.113, H.439, J.76, J.180, J.214, J.278, J.319, J.346, J.376 See also J.757 D.14, D.14A, D.15, D.17, H.114, H.402, J.156, J.214, J.376, J.398, J.435, J.438, J.441, J.446, J.447, J.484, J.502, J.503, J.508, J.523 See also J.1120, J.1169 H.629 J.214 D.97 J.75, J.106, J.131, J.135, J.156 See also B.42 J.278 J.1163 H.31 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 469 Index of correspondents CAWKWELL, George L. CAWKWELL, Patricia E.48, J.496 E.48, J.398 CENTRAL CHANCERY OF THE ORDERS OF KNIGHTHOOD J.859 CENTRAL ELECTRICITY GENERATING BOARD CENTRAL ELECTRICITY RESEARCH LABORATORIES E.261, G.228, H.18, J.56, J.64, J.86, J.93, J.104, J.146, J.153, J.171, J.179, J.198, J.207, J.278, J.325, J.346, J.352, J.358, J.371, J.378, J.380, J.385, J.398, J.399, J.405, J.412, J.423, J.446, J.448, J.451, J.472, J.475, J.476, J.482, J.486 H.29, H.297, H.298, J.50, J.54, J.76, J.80, J.86, J.116, J.142, J.159, J.169, J.185, J.195, J.222, J.243, J.260, J.278, J.284, J.297, J.318 CENTRAL RESEARCH & ENGINEERING DIVISION J.1058, J.1098, J.1104, J.1118 MARCHWOOD ENGINEERING LABORATORIES CENTRE D’ETUDES ET RECHERCHES DES CHARBONNAGES DE FRANCE CENTRE D’ETUDES NUCLEAIRES FONTENAY-AUX-ROSES GRENOBLE SACLAY J.138 G.241 J.181, J.216 J.74 J.102, J.131, J.140, J.481 CENTRE DE RECHERCHE, D’ETUDES ET DE DOCUMENTATION SUR LA CONSOMMATION CENTRE DE RECHERCHES SUR LES TRES BASSES TEMPERATURES, GRENOBLE CENTRE FOR ENVIRONMENTALSTUDIES J.296 H.285 J.220 CENTRE FOR SCIENCE EDUCATION, LONDON D.114, J.222, J.249 CENTRE NATIONAL DE LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE CENTURY ASSOCIATION CERN CHABBAL, Robert E. G.148, G.170, G.213, H.52-H.54, H.59, H.72, H.327, J.280, J.398, J.407, J.479 G.225, J.524 J.172, J.200 J.180, J.214, J.346, J.398 See also J.1125 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 470 Index of correspondents CHADWICK,Sir James CHAIKIN, Paul CHAILLOT, Bernard CHAIN, Sir Ernst Boris CHALLIS, Lawrence John H.124, J.5 J.502, J.505, J.506 J.214 E.251, J.180, J.458, J.1069 E.71, G.176, H.341, H.963, J.180, J.214, J.235, J.278, J.346, J.502, J.758, J.1168 CHAMBERS ENCYCLOPEDIA E.24, J.66, J.95, J.131 CHAMBERS, Robert G. E.342, H.368, J.50, J.156, J.180, J.215, J.256, J.504 CHANCE BROTHERSLTD, GLASS WORKS J.43 CHANDRA,Girish J.106, J.759 CHANDRASEKHAR, Bhagwat Subramanya (‘Chandra’) J.75, J.759 CHANDRASEKHARAN, Komaravolu S. H.829, J.215 CHANEY, Newcomb K. CHAPERON, Yves CHAPMAN, Christopher J. S. CHAPMAN, D. CHAPNIK, I.M. CHAPPELL, Jane CHAPPLE, W.J. C. CHAPUIK,I. M. CHARLBURY WOMEN’S INSTITUTE J.1057 J.278 J.50, J.76 See also J.96 J.180 J.759 J.1163 J.50 J.491 J.50 CHARLES BABBAGE INSTITUTE H.214, H.218, H.236, H.241 CHARLISH, M. MCEWEN CHASE, Malcolm CHASTON, J. C. CHATHAM HOUSE GRAMMAR SCHOOL E.272 J.494 J.76 H.433 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 471 Index of correspondents CHEETHAM, C. J. J.106 CHELSEA COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY J.160, J.241 CHELSEA POLYTECHNIC CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION CHEMICAL INTELLIGENCER CHEMISCHE GESELLSCHAFT IN DER DEUTSCHEN DEMOKRATISCHEN REPUBLIK CHEMISTRY IN BRITAIN CHESTER, Sir (Daniel) Norman CHESTER, J. R. CHESTER, Peter Francis CHEYNE, Julian CHICHESTER, Sheila, Lady CHIKAZUMI, Sdshin CHILDS, Bernard G. CHILVER, Amos Henry, Baron CHILVER, R. C. CHILVERS, W.C. CHINA J.26 G.363, J.1184 E.304-E.307 G.66 J.346 D.28, D.30, J.408 E.276 G.228, H.29, H.533, H.534, J.50, J.76, J.106, J.180, J.215, J.319, J.346, J.1060 E.293 E.255 G.104 J.5 J.215, J.278, J.280, J.376, J.481, J.525, J.527, J.759, J.767 J.528 H.422 OFFICE OF THE CHARGE D’AFFAIRES (LONDON) J.112 CHINOWSKY,Joan CHOPRA,W.K. CHOQUARD, P.L. CHOVIN, Jean-Jacques CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR CHRISTIAN, J. W. CHRISTIAN, Maureen J.508, J.510, J.517, J.759 J.1166 H.538 E.328, E.342 E.79, J.1164 E.291, J.370 J.511 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 472 Index of correspondents CHURCH, E. M. CHURCHILL COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE CHURCHMAN, A.Trevor CHURTON, G. V. CIBA FOUNDATION CITY ARCHITECT & PLANNING OFFICE, OXFORD CITY COLLEGE, NEW YORK CITY OF BATH BOYS’ SCHOOL CITY OF BIRMINGHAM PUBLIC LIBRARY CLAIRE, Alan D. LE CLAPHAM, Sir Michael John Sinclair CLAPHAM, P. B. CLARK,A. M. (‘John’) CLARK,D. CLARK,N. CLARK,P. V. McD. CLARK,PatI. CLARK, Ronald W. CLARK,W.G. CLARKE, F.J.P. CLARKE, John CLARKE, John Frederick CLARKE, Kenneth CLARKE, N. J.107, J.131 J.510 H.33, H.423, H.424, H.431, J.131, J.215, J.278, J.346, J.376, J.466, J.474, J.1143 J.131 See also J.759 J.171 J.479 G.34-G.36 J.96 E.111 J.358 B.180, E.34, E.35, F.167, H.877, J.131, J.156, J.180, J.215, J.346, J.743, J.744, J.977, J.978, J.1058 J.278 G.260, J.5 H.424 J.50, J.84 J.50, J.57, J.60, J.88 G.261 E.35, J.50, J.215, J.1086 J.514 J.1122 J.760 See also J.1160 E.149 See J.1174 J.75 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 473 Index of correspondents CLARKE, Robin CLARKE, Sally CLATWORTHY,Eric CLEAVER, A. V. CLEVERDON, C. W. CLOGSTON, A. M. COATES, J. G. COATES, W.A. COBLENTZ,William K. COCHRAN, William COCHRANE, C. A. COCKCROFT,Sir John Douglas COEY,C. MichaelD. COEY,J. M.D. COHEN, B. COHEN, E. Richard COHEN, |. Bernard COHEN, Louis COHEN, Robert S. COLE, Sir Colin COLENSO, R. S. COLES, Bryan Randell COLETTE, Alfred T. COLLAN, Heikki J.106 G.303 D.14A, D.30, J.398, J.440 D.24, C.97, J.50, J.106 J.50, J.106, J.215 J.76 J.75 J.346, J.471 See also J.370 J.760 H.284, H.520, J.75, J.181, J.319 J.376 D.35, H.482, J.33 E.395, J.502 J.480 J.278 E.332, E.341, E.342, £.347, G.189, G.259, G.262, H.608, J.1130 H.130, J.215 E.369, H.187, H.217, H.219, H.242, J.156, J.181, J.216, J.230, J.279, J.291, J.320, J.326, J.354-J.356, J.383, J.403, J.438, J.486, J.505 J.50 J.1161 J.346 H.483, H.771, H.773, J.60, J.156, J.181, J.216, J.280, J.319, J.327, J.346, J.490, J.1064 F.209 D.98 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 474 Index of correspondents COLLAR, Arthur Roderick J.106, J.1054 COLLEGE OF AERONAUTICS, CRANFIELD COLLIE, Carl Howard COLLIER, D. COLLIER, John Gordon COLLIEU, Anthony McB. COLLIEU, Eric G. COLLINS, Sam C. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS COLYER, Cecil COLYER, Ruth COMBER, Thomas G. H.93-H.102, J.43, J.50, J.56, J.76, J.82, J.87, J.88, J.99, J.106, J.113, J.136, J.142, J.151, J.175, J.203, J.215, J.217, J.266 See also CRANFIELD INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY J.516, J.526 J.50 A.286, E.290, E.291 J.131, J.346, J.1058 J.131, J.216 J.216 G.37 E.272 E.272, J.507 E.257 COMBINED HEAT AND POWER GROUP D.16, H.114, J.425 COMBRISSON, J. COMEDIE FRANCAISE J.131 J.466 COMITATO NAZIONALE PER L’ENERGIA NUCLEARE J.69, J.234 COMITE D’ETUDES DES TERMES TECHNIQUES FRANCAIS J.177, J.205, J.206, J.272 COMMISSARIAT A L’ENERGIE ATOMIQUE G.213, J.284, J.297 COMMITTEE OF DIRECTORS OF RESEARCH ASSOCIATIONS J.177 COMMITTEE OF VICE-CHANCELLORS AND PRINCIPALS OF THE UNIVERSITIES OF THE UK H.100, J.103, J.201, J.210 COMMONWEALTH SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH ORGANISATION (CSIRO) G.49, J.503, J.517 EDITORIAL AND PUBLICATIONS SERVICE J.431 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 475 Index of correspondents COMPAGNIE GENERALE D’ELECTRICITE J.164 CENTRE DE RECHERCHE J.182, J.262 COMPAGNIE GENERALE DES MATIERES NUCLEAIRES J.399 COMSTOCK AND WESCOTT,INC. CONCH METHANE SERVICES LTD CONLON, T. W. CONN, George Keith Thurburn CONNES, Pierre CONNING, David M. G.38 C.108 J.319 G.121, J.76, J.107, J.156, J.216, J.1094 J.461 G.296, G.317, H.48-H.50 CONSEIL EUROPEEN POUR LA RECHERCHE NUCLEAIRE See CERN CONSELHO NACIONAL DE DESENVOLVIMENTO CIENTIFICO E TECNOLOGIVO, BRAZIL J.424, J.436, J.452 CONSIGLIO NAZIONALE DELLE RICERCHE, ITALY J.424, J.436 CONTE, René-Rolland CONTEMPORARY PHYSICS CONTEMPORARYSCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE (CSAC) CONTICINI, Christian CONWAY, Eleanor CONWAY, Hugh Graham COOK,D. J. COOK,J. W. D. J.181, J.216, J.1068 E.433, G.43, J.89, J.143, J.169, J.299 E.71, H.155, H.157, H.163, H.170, H.172, H.176, H.181, H.182, H.186, H.187, H.189, H.194, H.200-H.203, H.205, H.211-H.219, H.226-H.252, J.316, J.347, J.376, J.395, J.484, J.490, J.491, J.508 See also J.334, J.339, J.389, J.398, J.399, J.410, J.413, J.424, J.430, J.472, J.473, J.478, J.481, J.482, J.486, J.500, J.510, J.519 J.1184 J.481, J.484 J.1064 J.280, J.1085 J.216 COOK,Sir Alan Hugh E.113, E.332, J.216, J.1188 COOK,Sir William Richard Joseph J.75, J.76, J.156 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 476 Index of correspondents COOKE, A. COOKE, (Alfred) Alistair COOKE, Arthur Hafford COOKE, George William COOPER, A. COOPER, Derek COOPER, Joan CORBIERE, Henri CORCIOVEI, Aretin CORDERO, A. CORDIER, H. CORNELL UNIVERSITY, ITHACA, NEW YORK CORNER, W.D. CORNFORTH, Sir John Warcup CORNWALL, Ilse CORRIHER, Shirley O. CORRY, E. LOWRY- CORSAN, J. M. COTTON, Eugéne COTTRELL, Sir Alan Howard COULOMB, Jean J.5 J.453, J.1140 G.58, H.305, J.76, J.182, J.216, J.280, J.376, J.398, J.416, J.761- J.763 See also J.72 E.98 J.5 E.295 J.40 J.5 J.280, J.346 J.356 J.156, J.181, J.216 G.112, J.73 J.131, J.156 E.113, H.186, H.231, H.238, H.861, J.346, J.376, J.764, J.1138, J.1170, J.1188 D.96 G.296, G.297, G.303, G.317, G.330, G.332, G.359-G.361, G.365, G.367, G.368 H.131, H.144, J.237 J.131 H.270, J.510 H.297, H.298, H.421, J.50, J.75, J.76, J.131, J.156, J.181, J.216, J.280, J.398, J.419, J.439, J.521, J.764, J.823, J.1058, J.1093, J.1108 F.122 See also J.764 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 477 Index of correspondents COULSON, Charles Alfred H.788, J.43, J.107, J.131, J.764, J.794 COUNCIL FOR NATIONAL ACADEMIC AWARDS J.743, J.744 COUNCIL FOR THE PROTECTION OF RURAL ENGLAND H.272-H.276 COUNCIL FOR UNIFIED RESEARCH AND EDUCATION, NEW YORK(CURE) J.288 COUNCIL OF ENGINEERING INSTITUTIONS (CEI) COUNCIL OF EUROPE COURTAULDS LTD COUTTS, Sir Walter COUTURE, Lucienne COVENEY,James COWAN, G. D. COWLEY,Sir John COWLEY,Roger Arthur COWLING, Thomas George COX, Sir (Ernest) Gordon G.81, H.158, H.163, H.164, H.211, H.212, H.222-H.224, H.227, H.229, H.252, J.295, J.298, J.330, J.347, J.405, J.500 J.764 J.18 E.434, J.280, J.319 B.84, E.11, H.536, J.50, J.75, J.76, J.107, J.156, J.181, J.217, J.319, J.376, J.765, J.1062, J.1069, J.1075, J.1077, J.1189 See also J.1122 H.251, H.957, H.958, H.960, H.961, H.966, H.968, H.976, J.178, J.181, J.217, J.280, J.376, J.429, J.766, J.1074, J.1116, J.1168 E.263, J.376 J.479 A.8, A.9 H.787, J.131 E.113, J.217, J.319, J.458 COX, G. A. H.15 COX, Harold Roxbee, Baron Kings Norton (‘Rocky’) H.98, H.99, H.101, H.102, J.50, J.75, J.107, J.233 COX, John D. COX, R. A. (‘Tony’) CRACKNELL, MargaretF. CRAIG, Gordon Y. H.588, H.828 J.465 J.131, J.156, J.217, J.1056, J.1078 J.346, J.421 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 478 Index of correspondents CRAMPTON, L. CRANE, Jonathan CRANE, LangdonT., Jr J.107, J.131 J.521, J.523-J.526 C.96, J.131, J.767 CRANFIELD INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY H.103-H.106, J.215, J.217, J.266, J.278, J.280, J.528, J.767 CRANFIELD SOCIETY H.96, H.106, H.107, J.280 CRANGLE, John CRAWFORD, A.H. CREER, K. M. CRENNELL, Katherine M. CRESCENZI, Giovanni SERLUPI CRISP, Dennis John CROFT, Anthony Julian J.421 J.217, J.280 B.80, C.97, J.50 H.520 J.181 E.113 B.187-B.190, E.14, G.58, J.50, J.107, J.131, J.217, J.280, J.346, J.376, J.455, J.768 CROFT, Margaret See J.463 CROSSCOUNTRYTRAINS LTD CROUCH, David CROWTHER, James Gerald CROWTHER, Michael BRETT- CRUICKSHANK, Andrew CRUTZEN, Paul J. CRYOGENIC AND INDUSTRIAL GASES CRYOGENIC ASSOCIATION OF JAPAN CRYOGENIC ENGINEERING J.1186 J.1168 J.107 E.275 J.503 J.436 J.217 J.242 J.217 CRYOGENIC TECHNOLOGY H.956, H.960-H.962 CRYOGENIC TECHNOLOGYINC, CA. J.158, J.220, J.228 CRYOGENICS E.238, G.134, H.970, H.971, J.126, J.217, J.248, J.274, J.280, J.447 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 479 Index of correspondents CRYOSYSTEMS LTD CRYOVACINC, OHIO CSAPODI, M. CUER, P. CURIEN, Hubert CURRAN, Sir Samuel Crowe CURRIE, Edwina CUSHING, George F. CWIERTKA,Katarzyna H.358, H.359, J.7, J.114, J.131, J.163 G.21 See J.1185 J.280 J.280 E.113, H.427, H.428, J.444, J.466, J.477, J.1145 E.178 J.769 G.354 CZECHOSLOVAK ACADEMYOF SCIENCES G.14, G.65 NUCLEAR RESEARCH INSTITUTE G.66, G.14, J.123, J.202 CZECHOSLOVAKIA EMBASSY (LONDON) J.185, J.217 D. REIDEL PUBLISHING COMPANY DAEDALUS DAILY MAIL DAILY TELEGRAPH DAINTON, A. David DAINTON, Barbara, Lady DAINTON, Frederick Sydney, Baron DALBY, Richard DALITZ, Richard Henry DALY, E. F. DALY, Ivan de Burgh J.388 H.2 H.708, J.517 J.348 G.241 J.1188 E.99, H.209, J.77, J.157, J.182, J.218, J.281, J.321, J.377, J.512 See also J.1150 J.477, J.507, J.1146, J.1149 J.108, J.398 J.182 J.108 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 480 Index of correspondents DALY,Patrick W. DALY, Philip DANBY,C. John DANCKWERTS, Peter Victor B.69, B.70, J.281, J.321, J.377, J.398 See also J.348 H.157, J.51, J.218, J.348 J.281, J.289 J.157 DANIELS, James M. B.48, C.92, J.43, J.281, J.321 DANISH PHYSICAL SOCIETY DARLINGTON, Michael E. DARRICOTTE, J. C. DARROW, Karl K. DARWIN, Sir Robert Vere DASH, J. Gregory DATTA, Naomi DAUDEL, Raymond DAUNT, John G. DAVENPORT, Hugh DAVEY, John J.321 H.538 J.523 J.3, J.77 See also F.10 J.132, J.770 J.52, J.77, J.467, J.469 E.114, £.170 J.401 E.424-E.428, J.40, J.77, J.108, J.182, J.218, J.281, J.321, J.348, J.377, J.428, J.429, J.452 E.280 J.108 DAVID DAVIES MEMORIALINSTITU STUDIES TE OF INTERNATIONAL J.6, J.321, J.377 DAVID SANDEMANN AND SON LTD J.4 DAVIDSON, Alan Eaton F.44, G.220, G.223, J.771A, J 1087, J.1189 DAVIDSON, Pamela J.464, J.771A DAVID-STEWART PUBLISHING CO. E.8, J.118, J.168, J.218 DAVIES, Anna MORPURGO DAVIES, Sir Arthur DAVIES, David J.483 H.241 E.264, H.228, J.348, J.377, J.398, J.408, J.425, J.444, J.457 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 481 Index of correspondents DAVIES, Donald DAVIES, J. Desmond DAVIES, L. W.(‘Lou’) DAVIES, Mansel DAVIES, R. L. DAVIES, R. O. DAVIS, Duff HART- DAVIS, Elmer W.L. DAVIS, Godfrey R.C. DAVIS, Harold L. DAVUR, S. DAVY, John DAVY-ASHMORE LTD DAWES, Margaret DAWKINS, Henry Colyear DAWKINS, Richard Clinton DAWSON, A.E. (‘Jumbo’) DAWSON, J. Keith DAWSON, Raymond S. DAWTON, Ralph H. V. M. DAY-IMPEX LTD DAY-LEWIS, Sean DEACOCK,C. P. DEACON, Margaret DEAN, P. J. D.12, D.13, J.491, J.492 H.737 G.260-G.262, J.443, J.772, J.1139 D.69, J.398, J.1123 J.132 J.51, J.52, J.772 G.323 J.157 H.133, H.134, H.153-H.160, H.162- H.164, H.166, H.211, H.224, H.225, H.227, J.281, J.321, J.347, J.348, J.376, J.377, J.398, J.772 J.483 J.182 J.772 J.134 J.108 A.249 A.250 J.132, J.182 D.42, J.377, J.422, J.425 J.108, J.132 J.11 J.348 See LEWIS, Sean DAY- J.44 J.456 J.348 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 482 Index of correspondents DEAN, Paul DEANE, H. W. DEFORD, John W. DEGENHARDT,Donald DEGHY, Guy DEHESA,Jesus Sanchez DEJARNETTE, David L. DELBOURGO, Suzy DELHAES, P. DELTOUR, Robert DEMARET, Jacques DENEKE, Margaret DENMARK EMBASSY (LONDON) DENNEHY, Constance M. DENNING, Alfred Thompson (‘Tom’), Baron DENNIS, S. B. DENTON, Sir Eric James DEPIREUX, Joseph DES CLOIZEAUX, Jacques DESTEFANIS, Gérard DEUTSCH, R. V. DEUTSCHBEIN, Otto H.824, H.828, J.218, J.289, J.480, J.482, J.484, J.486 J.51, J.52, J.54, J.64, J.78, J.108 J.281 J.1187 J.517, J.773 E.381 J.22 A.286 J.282 H.463 E.327, E.338, E.339, £.341, E.362 J.51 E.261, J.431, J.433, J.439 J.282, J.321 H.123 A.286 H.134, H.225, H.796, J.321, J.348, J.398, J.419, J.449, J.467 J.321, J.348 See also J.1114 E.368 J.348 H.440 J.132 DEUTSCHE FORSCHUNGSGEMEINSCHAFT G.185, H.326, J.436 LIBRARY SECTION DEVAS, Catherine H.231 J.1172 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 483 Index of correspondents DEVERILL, John J. P. DEVONS, Samuel DEVREESE, Jozef T DEWAR, Michael James Steuart DEWEY, John Frederick DEY, Philip DHARAMATI, S. S. DIAMOND, Jack DICK, Peter DICKINSON, Eric DICKINSON, Thorold Barron DICKSON, A.J. G.74, J.108, J.132, J.157, J.182, J.251, J.305, J.365, J.389 E.99 E.325, E.327, E.368 E.114, H.223, J.282 E.114, £.149 H.34-H.36, J.453, J.460, J.469 J.29 J.11, J.398 See also J.1125 J.218 G.333, 6.334, G.336, G.337 J.218 J.218 DICTIONARY OF INTERNATIONAL BIOGRAPHY J.218, J.396 DIETRICH, Philipp DILLINGER, Joseph R DIMITRIADES, P. A. DIRAC, Paul Adrien Maurice DISCOVERY DISTRICT HEATING ASSOCIATION DITCHBURN, Robert William DIXON, Bernard DIXON, John F. DOBBELAERE, K. DOBBS, E. Roland D.19 E.33 J.218, J.1083 J.6 J.111 H.113, J.455, J.466, J.471, J.492, J.507 F.212, H.304, H.745, J.77, J.78, J.157 E.266 E.249, J.157 H.710 E.327, F.46, H.963, H.966, J.78, J.218, J.282, J.348, J.377, J.398, J.774, J.1075, J.1083, J.1119 DODSON, S. C. J.477, J.484, J.486 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 DOLE, Arthur A. DOLECAL, I. DOLINOFF, Anatole 484 Index of correspondents H.708 J.218 D.9, J.282 DOLL, Sir (William) Richard (Shaboe) B.300, G.243, J.430, J.488 DOMB, Cyril DOMOKOS, Matyas DON, C. G. DON, W.A. DONALDSON, Gordon Bryce DONALDSON, R. H. DONNELLY,Russell J. DORE, Ronald Philip DOREY, A.J. DORRILL, L. E. DOSHI, I. H. DOUBLEDAY & CO INC DOUGLAS, R. W. C.97, E.36, F.42, H.536, J.52, J.182, J.218, J.377, J.776 J.1164 J.218, J.282 J.527 J.218, J.282, J.321, J.348, J.398, J.417, J.429, J.486, J.489, J.508 See also J.251 J.108 B.81, J.51, J.321, J.357 J.526, J.777 J.282 J.6 J.282 J.398 H.745 DOWTY, Sir George Herbert J.157, J.1064 DRANSFELD, Klaus DRANSFELD, Nelly CALDERON DE DREW,G.C. DREW,John DREW,R. L. DREYFUS, Bernard F.40, G.177, J.282, J.348, J.377, J.398 J.377 J.1061 F.246 D.12, J.348 E.325, G.191, H.285, H.447, H.580, H.585, J.52, J.108, J.132, J.218, J.282, J.778, J.1115 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 485 Index of correspondents DRIVER, Christopher DROBYSHEY, Yu. DROWART,J. DUBOIS, J. E. DUBOIS, Pierre DUCASTELLE, Francois DUCKWORTH, John C. DUFTY,A. R. DUGDALE, J. Sydney DULLEY, Terence Alexander Charles DULVERTON TRUST DUNCAN, Dorothy L. DUNCAN, James F. J.1114 J.440, J.443 J.424, J.477 J.427, J.432, J.436 J.182, J.262, J.1093 E.339 B.175, J.321, J.348, J.377 H.9, H.10, J.282 J.78, J.157, J.182, J.218, J.377, J.398, J.527 Seealso J.779 G.229-G.230 H.224, J.282 J.469, J.497, J.499 G.260, G.261, J.6, J.12, J.13, J.779, J.1176 DUNCOMBE, B. A. J.282 DUNHAM, Sir Kingsley Charles G.192, J.77, J.108, J.218, J.282, J.305, J.389, J.410 DUNLOP, F.N. DUNNE, C. M. V.J. DUNNILL, A. DUNWORTH, John Vernon See J.1183 J.348 See also J.366 J.218 H.751, H.754, H.825, J.218, J.282, J.321, J.348, J.377, J.1114 DUPLANTIER, Bertrand E.389 DUPOUY, Gaston DUPRE, A. DUPRE, Clarence G.123, J.6, J.108, J.218, J.779 J.779 J.282 DUPREE, SWIFT AND CO. LTD H.744, H.748, H.749, H.755 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 486 Index of correspondents DURAND, Henri DURST, Mose DUYCKAERTS, Georges DYNALYSIS LTD DYSON, James H.772, J.444, J.779 J.503, J.505, J.514, J.515, J.518, J.520 J.6 J.265, J.314 E.114 E.1. DU PONT DE NEMOURS AND COMPANY INC G.36, J.80 E.M.F. (ELECTRICAL) LTD E.R.A. TECHNOLOGY LTD EARTH ENTERPRISE PROJECT EASTMAN KODAK CO EASTWOOD, Sir Eric EBERT,Robert H. ECCLES, Sir John Carew ECKHARDT,Robert C. ECOLE NATIONALE SUPERIEURE DE BIOLOGIE APPLIQUEE A LA NUTRITION ET A L’ALIMENTATION, FRANCE EDELMAN, Anton EDELMAN, Jacl EDELSACK, Edgar A. EDEN, Richard J. EDER, Franz Xavier EDGE, David Owen EDITIONS BELIN EDMONDS, Donald EDMONDS, R. J.18 J.322 J.363 J.7, J.314 J.219 J.53 H.638, H.710, J.401 J.507, J.509 G.358 E.149, E.152 G.303 G.152, J.283, J.322, J.378, J.780, J.1098, J.1122 G.74, G.228, J.109 G.151, J.283 H.132, H.208, J.219 See also J.339 G.330 H.226, J.79 J.79 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 487 Index of correspondents EDMONDSON, Bryan EDMUNDS, I. G. EDSALL, John Tileston EDWARD ARNOLD PUBLISHERS LTD EDWARDS HIGH VACUUM LTD EDWARDS, A.P. J. EDWARDS, David O. EDWARDS, Derek R. EDWARDS, E. G. EDWARDS, John Hilton J.399, J.417 J.109 H.706, J.484 J.47 C.75, F.212, J.48, J.53, J.56, J.91, J.133, J.183, J.219, J.249, J.409, J.1071 J.501, J.780 G.41, J.109, J.183, J.780 See also J.466, J.504 H.30, H.31, J.219 E.264, J.405 B.221, B.233, B.235, E.99 EDWARDS, Robert Geoffrey E.99 EDWARDS, Sir Sam (Samuel Frederick) EGAN, H. EGGLETON, Lyndy EGLE, Karl EGLINTON, Geoffrey EISENSTEIN, Betty EISENSTEIN, Julian EISNER, Edward ELDAN, Jon H.160, H.215, H.231, H.233, H.234, H.327, H.434, H.436, H.446, H.484, H.485, H.494, H.771, H.966, J.158, J.183, J.219, J.283, J.322, J.349, J.390, J.399, J.412, J.482, J.780, J.1093, J.1099 F.114 J.480, J.482 J.283, J.322 E.114, J.781 J.283, J.322, J.378 J.133, J.322, J.349, J.510, J.524, J.781 See also J.76 J.348 G.359, G.360 ELECTRIC AND MUSICAL INDUSTRIES LTD (EMI) J.8 ELECTRICAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATION J.81, J.219, J.226 ELECTRICAL REVIEW J.450, J.1054 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 488 Index of correspondents ELECTRICAL TIMES E.308, J.114 ELECTRICITE DE FRANCE (EDF) ELECTRICITY COUNCIL ELECTRICITY COUNCIL RESEARCH CENTRE ELECTRICITY SUPPLY RESEARCH COUNCIL J.166, J.283, J.388, J.396, J.399, J.424, J.434, J.473 F.58, J.81, J.86, J.215, J.219, J.223, J.282, J.283, J.364, J.371, J.378, J.399, J.415, J.432, J.434, J.438, J.441, J.448, J.450, J.451, J.474- J.476, J.478, J.1141 H.33, H.402A, H.426, H.431, J.131, J.178, J.180, J.215, J.278, J.283, J.330, J.376, J.412, J.466, J.474, J.492, J.499, J.510 H.403-H.433, J.60, J.80, J.110, J.134, J.154, J.198, J.219 ELECTRONIC TEMPERATURE INSTRUMENTS LTD J.1178 ELEY, Daniel Douglas ELFORD, Barry ELIEZER, Isaac ELIZALDE, Emilio ELLIOT, Harry Henry E.72, J.504 J.349 J.322, J.1130 E.381 H.233 ELLIOTT BROTHERS (LONDON) LTD H.757, J.64, J.79 ELLIOTT, Douglas E. ELLIOTT, James P. ELLIOTT, Margaret J.349, J.782 J.219 J.420 ELLIOTT, Sir Roger James B.183, C.97, H.803, J.904 ELLIS, Mrs WILLIAMS- J.175 ELLIS, Reed HOBARTJr (‘Hobart’) E.436, J.158, J.183 ELLIS, Roger Henry D.99, H.123-H.128, H.132, H.133, H.138, H.139-H.144, H.149, H.151- H.153, H.209, H.223, H.230, H.238, H.244, J.158, J.183, J.219, J.283, J.519, J.782 See also J.1079 ELLIS, Susanne D. G.112, J.220 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 489 Index of correspondents ELLISON, Anthony ELLISON, Joan Audrey ELSEVIER PUBLISHING COMPANYLTD ELTON, Sir Arthur ELTON, Charles Sutherland ELTON, Sir Geoffrey Rudolph ELTON, Lewis Richard Benjamin ELVES, M. W. ELWELL, D. EMBLING, J. F. (‘Jack’) EMERY, Guy T. EMERY, John ENDEAVOUR ENDERBY, Sir John Edwin ENERGY HISTORY REPORT ENERGY WORLD ENGELEN, Henry van See J.782 E.145, G.355, J.783-J.786, J.964, J.1025 See also J.1165 F.49 J.220 J.283 H.976, J.1147 J.133, J.158 G.303 J.79 G.81, J.220 J.283 H.933, J.1094 E.238, J.69, J.100, J.283 J.283 J.506 E.240, H.113, J.425, J.426, J.430, J.451 H.644, H.705, H.708, J.401, J.459, J.518 ENGINEERING AND PHYSICAL SCIENCES RESEARCH COUNCIL (EPSRC) G.373 ENGINEERING & POWER DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS LTD J.360 ENGINEERING SCIENCES DATA UNIT LTD ENGINEERING ENGLAND, Stephen ENGLISH ELECTRIC CO. LTD ENGLISH, W. David ENZ, Charles P. J.409 J.109 J.97, J.220 H.360, J.130, J.219, J.949 H.956, H.960-H.962, J.220 H.710 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 490 Index of correspondents EOTVOS LORANT PHYSICAL SOCIETY EPSTEIN, Sir (Michael) Anthony G.160, J.393 B.213, J.787 ERBER, Thomas ERNEST COOK TRUST ERRINGTON, L. ESSEN, Louis ESSENHIGH, Robert H. ESTADA, Manuel ESTERMANN, lI. ETABLISSEMENTS LUCHARD ETHOLM, Bjarn ETIEVANT, P. ETON COLLEGE SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY J.283, J.787, J.1100 H.211, H.214, H.234, J.322 E.253, J.220 E.363, E.365 See also D.95, J.818 J.133, J.787, J.1058 J.183 J.53 J.79 J.322 G.296, G.301, G.303, G.332 J.322, J.345, J.349, J.358 ETTORE MAJORANA CENTRE FORSCIENTIFIC CULTURE, ERICE G.296-G.301, G.329-G.343, G.359, G.360, G.362-G.368 EUROPEAN CHEMICAL INDUSTRY COUNCIL EUROPEAN COMPONENTSSERVICE EUROPEAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY G.364 J.182 G.141, H.434-H.450, J.183, J.220, J.283, J.322, J.341, J.349, J.370, J.378, J.399, J.416, J.417, J.431, J.432, J.438, J.484, J.501, J.521, J.525, J.1098, J.1108, J.1126, J.1128, J.1137 EUROPHYSICS LETTERS E.309-E.390, J.755 EUROPHYSICS NEWS EUROTUNNEL EVANS, B.A. EVENING POST, WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND EVENING STANDARD J.280 J.787 J.79 G.49 J.158 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 EVERITT, C.W.F. EWART, J. A. D. EXELL, Robert H. B. EXPANDED RUBBER COMPANY LTD EYRES, Alan EZRA, Derek, Baron F.W. CHESHIRE PTY. LTD FABIAN, Mrs John FABINYI, Andrew (Andor) FABINYI, Jan FADDEEV,Ludvig Dmitrievich FAIRBAIN, R. E. FAIRBAIRN, W. M. FAIRBANK,Henry A. FAIRBANK,William M. FAIRBROTHER, J. A. V. FAIRFIELD, R. M. FALIKOV, Leopoldo Maximo (‘Leo’) FANDEL,W.T. 491 Index of correspondents J.1098 J.495 C.89, G.54, J.283, J.378, J.456, J.459, J.481, J.484, J.511, J.1163 J.5 D.98 D.12, J.158, J.378, J.1063 G.49 J.80 A.272, A.273, G.48, G.49, G.133, J.54, J.110, J.184, J.221, J.323, J.350, J.789 See also J.66 G.259 E.338, £.343, E.352 J.379 J.165, J.184, J.399 J.9, J.110, J.789 J.80 J.11 J.134 J.284 See also F.94 J.262 FARAGGI, Henriette MATHIEU- J.284, J.323, J.355 FARAGO, Peter J. FARAH, Munif FARELL, J. C. FARINHOLT,L. H. E.406, E.409, J.134, J.159, J.184, J.789 J.1048 J.430 J.134 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 FARRAND, R. G. FARRANT,John FARRAR, D. J. FARRELL,Chris J. FARRIMOND, T. FARROW,Roy FATT, Paul FAURE, Louise FAY, John F. FAY, Myf FEATHER, J. A. FEDDEN, Sir Roy FEHER, Alexander FEHER, George 492 Index of correspondents J.80 H.733, H.734, J.184, J.221, J.399, J.454 J.134 F.122 J.12 E.255 H.808 G.22, J.54 E.174 G.191, J.475, J.476, J.477 J.184 H.99, H.102 G.240 J.54 FEILDEN, Geoffrey Bertram Robert E.100, E.150, J.134, J.221, J.284, J.789 FEINTUCH, P. FELIX,F. FELIX, F. W. FELLGETT, Peter Berners FELLOWES, P. E. L. FELLOWSHIP OF ENGINEERING FELLS, lan FENNEL, Rosemary FENNER, lan FENWICK, Marye J.434 F.231 J.399 E.116, E.150 H.120 H.217, H.218 D.44, F.269, G.230, G.241, G.242, G.245, G.247, G.326, J.399, J.451, J.462, J.509, J.524, J.525, J.790 J.497 J.221 J.221 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 FERGUSON, W.C. FERRANTI LTD FERRANTI, Sebastian Basil Joseph Ziana de FERRELL, Richard Alan FERRIS, R. FEYNMAN, Richard Phillips FIDLER, J. C. 493 Index of correspondents J.1042 J.67, J.188 J.54 H.963-H.965, H.967, J.221, J.284, J.323 J.284 J.110, J.159 H.458 FIENNES, Nathaniel, 21st Baron Saye and Sele H.165, H.213, J.368 FIFIELD, R. J. FINANCIAL TIMES FINCH, George Ingle FINCH, Henry Le Roy FINEGOLD, Leonard FINEL, Alphonse FINKELSTEIN, Ludwik FINLAYSON, David M. FINNEY, David John J.110, J.284, J.299 J.159, J.185, J.221, J.284, J.323, J.350, J.431, J.792 B.82, J.54 H.651, H.710 J.221 E.339 J.221 H.367, J.9, J.159, J.184, J.221 E.116, J.1189 FINNISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCE AND LETTERS G.138, J.371 FINNISTON, Sir (Harold) Montague (‘Monty’) FIRMENICH SA, GENEVA FISCHER, Oystein FISHENDEN, R. Martin FISHER, Dorothy G. FISHER, George FISHER, H. L. E.116, H.48, H.758, J.54, J.80, J.110, J.134, J.159, J.379, J.453, J.791, J.1140 G.330, G.333-G.335, G.338, G.359, G.360, G.364, G.374 E.369, E.371 J.13, J.54, J.80, J.159, J.221 H.976 G.240 H.134, J.323 N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 FISHER, MichaelEllis FISHER, P. S. FISHLOCK,David FISKE, Milan D. 494 Index of correspondents H.967, J.323 J.54 E.150, £.244, E.245, E.248, E.252, E.285, G.91, J.80, J.159, J.185, J.221, J.284, J.323, J.350, J.792, J.888, J.1052, J.1140 G.111, G.112, G.189-G.191, J.221, J.323, J.379, J.399, J.793 See also J.434 FISONS SCIENTIFIC APPARATUS LTD J.66, J.110, J.123 THE 500 INCORPORATED FLECK, Alexander, 1st Baron FLEISCHMANN, H. F. FLESSATI, Dominic FLEURY, Vincent FLIPPEN, R. B. FLORENT, R. FLOREY, Howard Walter, Baron FLOREY, Margaret, Lady FLOTOW, Howard FLOUD (née McDONALD), Jean Esther H.958, J.228 J.80, J.110, J.134 J.54 J.323 D.52 G.36, J.80 J.54 H.895, J.54, J.93, J.110, J.134, J.794, J.795 See also D.77 J.221 B.80, G.37, J.54 J.387 See also J.796 FLOUR MILLING AND BAKING RESEARCH ASSOCIATION J.495 FLOWERS, Brian Hilton, Baron B.15, D.107, E.116, H.101, H.102, H.282-H.284, H.296, H.325-H.327, H.482, H.494, H.495, H.768-H.771, J.80, J.159, J.185, J.221, J.256, J.323, J.326, J.350, J.379 See also J.1124 FLOWERS, Mary, Baroness FLUCHERE, Henri FODOR, Jerry Alan J.54 J.54 J.323 N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 495 Index of correspondents FOGARASSY,Balint B.92, J.222 FOGG, GordonElliott (‘Tony’) FOLBERTH, Otto Gert FOLEY,Henry M. FOLLETT, Sir David Henry FONER, Simon FONTAINE, Marie-Madeleine FOOKS, J. C. FORBES PUBLICATIONS FORBES, Eric Gray FORBES, Lesley FORD FOUNDATION FORD MOTOR COMPANY FORD, Denham FORD, Sir Hugh FORD, Oliver Elemer FORGES ET CHAINERIES DE CHENECIERESS.A. FORGO, Laszlo FORMAN, Michael FORMAN, Nigel FORREST,Allister M. FORREST, John Samuel FORSTER, A, W. FORTESCUE, Peter FORTY,Arthur John FOSTER WHEELER POWER PRODUCTSLTD FOSTER, Jean E.150 J.222 J.222 H.149 J.222, J.323, J.796 J.796 J.350 E.65, E.170 H.125, H.150, J.379, J.1000 G.296, J.797 H.153, H.210 C.96 J.1171 E.116, J.222, J.244, J.425, J.797 F.210, J.80, J.159, J.284, J.797 E.46 G.230 J.445 D.12 J.1158 E.100, H.231, H.297, H.298, H.317, J.1103 See also ESRC J.466 J.9 J.54, J.80 H.484, J.222, J.284 J.425 J.486 nny‘N 80/8/99SOWNON 967 s]Uapuodsaiio)joxapuy} Apne‘4Y31SO4 "4Quleysely‘YaIMOS 17‘YaIMOS PIEMOH19}8d‘YAIMOS pauylyWIM‘Y3IMOS ‘Aa'XO4 uelypueuoly‘XOS weqoy‘XO4 ‘2‘L4OYNOXOS ‘O/H’‘TIAMXOS JONVYS (NOGNO71)ASSVSINZ 928°H L6LT‘v6yt‘8erT os'r‘vst 9llLA 6LyTr66ETr velftOLLT‘O8T EZET‘C27BES Z6Zf‘€61'H Zeer cece ‘L6Lf‘QOL‘SOL‘OSL‘Srz'a ‘OSE'€ZET‘LEZT'8L26‘vLer ysrt‘vy‘66ET‘v9ET ANDISILNAIOSSDIAMAS/LNAWLYVd3dOIsILNAIOS L9S°H‘VSV'H-LS7'H‘LHL'O 1VL417LANOILVONGAAGAYALSININ ATVNOILVNNOILVONGA.TAdAYALSINIW SAuYNAlYALX]ASNOILV144YSAGAYALSININ 86cr ceeer clor 13TAIYLSNGNILNAWAddOTSAAGNGAYALSININ ANODISILNAIOS AHOYAHOSYV1VATIWYANADNOILV93A140 ANDINHOALLAANDISILNAIOS OLETr‘PLL‘EvlL'S SNOILV14yLASNOILVNNYOANISDIAYSS SauyNsAlyalXa soer IPMOH*F'SIONVYS yUeI4IIS‘SIONVYS yorebiew‘SIONVYS 7]WIIIIM‘SIONVYS esr‘Opt‘Ela 6SLT cccer seyfosje88S ‘@82'H‘b82H627H8L7HE879 ‘SLT‘VELL‘OLLT‘06Z'H‘882'H 86LT‘9S7T‘727‘S8LT N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 497 Index of correspondents FRANK,Sir (Frederick) Charles FRANK,PeterJ. FRANK, Stephen G. F. FRANKE, H.-G. FRANKLAND, Mark FRANKLIN, R. E. FRASER, H. G. FRASER, Peter Marshall FREAKE, Stuart FREEBORN, R. M. D.54, E.150, E.259, H.284, H.285, H.791, J.159, J.185, J.222, J.285, J.350, J.430 C.97, D.3, G.129, J.80, J.285, J.798 See also J.298 J.9 J.285 E.271 J.80, J.222 J.9 J.44 F.158 J.134 FREEMAN FOX & PARTNERS, CONSULTING ENGINEERS J.198 FREEMAN, G. P. FREEMAN, Sarah FREESTONE, V.J. FREIE UNIVERSITAT BERLIN FRENCH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES ARCHIVES FRETTER, Grace FRETTER, William B. FREYMANN, René FRIDAY,J. R. FRIEDEL, Jacques FRISCH, Ulla FRITZ,J.J. J.9 G.365, J.435, J.437, J.440, J.455, J.456, J.798 J.47, J.54 J.400 J.396, J.416 G.262 G.190, J.80, J.285, J.379, J.799 J.9 H.130, J.222 B.83, B.87, E.324, E.350, E.354, E.364, E.366, E.368, H.434, H.437, H.438, H.483, J.80, J.110, J.134, J.185, J.222, J.285, J.432, J.799, J.1070 J.800 B.49, C.82, J.1095 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 498 Index of correspondents FROHLICH, Herbert FROIDEVAUX, Claude FROIDEVAUX, Eve FROMHERZ,Peter FRY, D. W. FUCHS, Klaus Emil Julius FUJITA,T. FULDE, Peter FULTON, A.A. FUMI, Fausto FURRY, Wendell H. FURTH, Dora (‘Dor’) FURTH, H. P. FYFE, Jo FYFE, William Sefton E.150, J.54, J.379, J.389, J.458 B.86, C.81, H.439, J.54, J.80, J.110, J.134, J.185, J.222, J.285, J.800 J.1140 E.373 A.284, H.946, J.54 J.800 See also D.78 B.99, J.323 E.328, £.329, £.335, E.344, E.349, E.352 H.423 E.345, J.44 J.159 E.150, E.162, G.35, G.259, G.262, J.80, J.379, J.446 J.54 J.511 E.100, J.110, J.285, J.441, J.442, J.521, J.801-J.803, J.1054 FYSH, P. J. A. J.110, J.134 G. T. JONES AND CO LTD J.57, J.114, J.231, J.327 GABOR, Denis GABRIELE, S. A. GAINSBOROUGH , G. F. GALBRAITH, Thomas Dunlop, 1st Baron Strathclyde GALEENER, Frank L. GALL, B. O. M. B.90, B.182, J.111, J.135, J.160, J.223, J.286, J.324, J.775, J.804, J.1073, J.1094 G.300 J.81, J.351 J.66, J.148 G.189, G.190, J.380 J.223 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 499 Index of correspondents GALL, John GALLAGHER, Buell G. GALT, John K. GANZ, Peter Felix GARAS, Klara GARDNER CRYOGENICS GARDNER, John B. GARDNER, P. F. GARDNER, William E. GARFIELD, Eugene GARLAND, J. A. J.1048 G.35, J.55 J.44 D.50, D.51 G.240, J.324 J.223 J.55, J.111, J.186, J.223, J.262, J.286, J.380, J.428, J.430, J.443, J.451 J.508 J.804 E.163, E.164 J.135 GARLICK, George Frederick John H.31, J.81, J.160, J.223 GARRETT,G. R. K. GARROD, Michael GARTON, Ursula J.494 J.223, J.286 J.223, J.286, J.324, J.804 GARTON, William Reginald Stephen J.223, J.286 GARVIN, David GARWIN, Richard L. GAS COUNCIL GASSER, Robert GAULT,F. J.324, J.449, J.473 E.229, J.160 C.83, D.23, D.24, J.111, J.114, J.137, J.138, J.160, J.163, J.171, J.175 See J.804 J.477 GAUTHIER-VILLARS EDITEUR E.432, E.433, J.68 GAVIN, Malcolm R. G.104, H.293, H.325, H.485, J.223, J.230, J.286, J.1082 GAVRILA,Mihai E.352 GAYDON, Alfred Gordon (‘Dick’) E.100, E.117, J.804 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 500 Index of correspondents GEBALLE, Theodore H. GEC-AEI LTD GEE, Cyril C. GEISSLER, Eric GELL, Philip George Houthem J.81, J.324 J.186, J.247 J.324 G.59, E.395, J.804 E.117, E.167, G.355 GELL-MANN, Murray See MANN, Murray GELL- GENERAL ATOMIC EUROPE J.54, J.80 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY C.97, J.1101, J.1107, J.1143 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY (NEW YORK) GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY (ZURICH) LIGHTING EUROPE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER EUROPEANOFFICE RESEARCH LABORATORY(NY) GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY LTD J.84, J.170, J.195, J.213, J.221, J.298, J.379, J.399 G.129, J.80, J.123, J.200, J.261, J.264, J.285, J.412 G.356 J.1068, J.1112 G.36, G.111, G.112, G.189, J.90, J.265, J.323, J.413, J.435, J.440, J.442 J.175, J.339, J.413, J.1069 See also J.1070 SUPERCONDUCTIVITY GROUP J.203 GENERAL POST OFFICE OXFORD POST OFFICE GENNES, Anne Marie DE GENNES, Pierre-Gilles DE GEOGHEGAN, Gerald R. H. E.254, J.247, J.312, J.509, J.933, J.934 G.152, J.274, J.302, J.334, J.363, J.388, J.464, J.509 G.367 E.177, £.324, £.364, F.114, G.89, G.303, G.329, G.332, G.336, H.770, H.773, J.55, J.282, J.520, J.772 C.100, G.284, H.947, H.948, H.949, J.55, J.81, J.135, J.160, J.223, J.805, J.841, J.1065, J.1159 GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON H.215 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 501 Index of correspondents GEORGE NEWNES LTD GEORGE, W.H. GERHOLD, Dorian GERISCHER, Heinz E.24, J.5, J.26 J.26 E.291 F.231, J.399 GERMAN HISTORICAL INSTITUTE, LONDON F.239, J.93, J.805 GERMANY EMBASSY (LONDON) J.86, J.116, J.236, J.241, J.392 GERVEN, Lieven VAN GHERMAN, Oliviu GHIBERNIA, M. GIANTURCO, FrancoA. GIBBS, Julian GIBBS, M. G. GIBBS, Peter GIBSON, A.F. GIBSON, G.H. J.313, J.351 G.75, J.111 J.111 E.326 G.202, J.483 J.81 G.152, J.223, J.286, J.338, J.369 H.317, J.81, J.160 J.111, J.160 GIFFORD, John Anthony Hardinge, 3rd Earl of Halsbury E.151, E.254, H.279, H.280, J.136, J.226 GIFFORD, William E. GIJSMAN, H. M. GILBERT,D.H. GILBERT, Geoffrey Allan GILBERT,Lilo M. GILBERT,R.E. GILBERT, R.S. JOHNSON- GILES, Brian Blair GILES, P.G. GILL, J. E. H.970, H.971 J.286 J.1075 E.100, E.118 E.118 J.81, J.111 J.114 H.735, J.211, J.223 J.223 E.248 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 502 Index of correspondents GILL, Stanley GILLET, Sir Stuart GILLET, Vincent GILLIS, Richard Galvin GILPIN, Bevan M. GILSON, Hugh C. GINZBURG, Vitaly Lazarevich GLAESER, Phyllis GLASGOW AND WEST OF SCOTLAND REGIONAL ADVISORY COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION GLASS, H. M. GLAUERT, Audrey M. GLENDINNING, J. E. A. GLOUCESTERSHIRE ENGINEERING SOCIETY GLOVER, Rolfe E. GLUCK,Felix H.401 G.29 J.324 E.151 J.399 J.55, J.1052 J.224 E.298, J.516, J.524 See also CODATA J.44 J.224 J.224 J.286 J.350 G.225, J.287, J.523, J.524 J.1139 See also J.806 GLYNDEBOURNE FESTIVAL SOCIETY/OPERA J.806, J.1164 GLYNN, lan Michael GMELIN, Eberhard H.694 B.92, J.287, J.1098 GMELIN-INSTITUT, FRANKFURT/MAIN J.55 GODDARD, Brian GODDARD, Sir Victor GODEMENT, Roger GODMAN, Catherine GODMAN, PeterJ GODOY,P. GODWIN, Jon E.51-E.53, E.55, E.56, £.263, J.224, J.477, J.489 H.93, H.106 H.706, J.460 J.806 E.87 H.59, J.380 J.806 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 503 Index of correspondents GOEDERT, Michel GOERLICH, F. GOLD, Thomas GOLDBERG, Norman GOLDEN, KennethI. GOLDFINGER, Ern6 GOLDMAN, John E. GOLDMAN, Maurice GOLDRING, G. GOLDSCHVARTZ,J. M. GOLDSMITH, Maurice GOLDSMITHS’ COMPANY GOLTZENE, Alfred GOMES, A. O. J.324 H.326 E.245, J.81 C.94 J.43 J.186, J.1068 B.173, B.174, G.189, J.324, J.351, J.380, J.399, J.807 J.186, J.719 E.364, E.366 J.1140 See also J.487, J.1168 F.240, G.97, G.135, G.136, H.127, J.186, J.224, J.287, J.324, J.351, J.380, J.399, J.431, J.444, J.451, J.457, J.462, J.475, J.807, J.1104 See also J.1132 H.154 E.366 J.401 GONVILLE AND CAIUS COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE J.106, J.186, J.351 GOOD HOUSEKEEPING MAGAZINE J.1140 GOOD HOUSKEEPING INSTITUTE E.63, J.505, J.509, J.512 GOOD, Irving John GOOD, J. A. GOODCHILD, Peter GOODEVE, Sir Charles Frederick GOODEVE(née WALLACE), Janet, Lady GOODKIND, John M. GOODLAND, J. H. J.224, J.807 J.81 J.186, J.224, J.1071 J.135, J.160, J.807 J.486 J.111 J.224 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 GOODMAN, Bruce B. GOODMAN, E. W. GOODWIN, A. GOOT,Henry Vander GORDON AND BREACH PUBLISHERS GORDON, Martin B. GORE, D. C. (‘Don’) GORHAM, Ruth GORMAN, W.M. GORODETSKY,Gad 504 Index of correspondents B.175, D.72, E.264, H.20, H.434, H.538, H.964, H.967, H.970, H.971, J.81, J.135, J.160, J.186, J.224, J.287, J.324, J.380, J.399, J.1092, J.1109, J.1110, J.1121, J.1130, J.1172, J.1187-J.1189 F.68, J.225, J.287, J.1093 H.159, J.351 H.710 E.395-E.398, G.38, J.482, J.501, J.509, J.519, J.523, J.524, J.526, J.527 E.395, E.396, J.501 J.432 G.35 J.55 B.89, J.135 GORTER, Cornelius Jacobus E.228, G.22, H.447, H.449, H.959, J.55, J.160, J.186, J.225, J.287 GOSLING, Zsuzsa GOUGH, W. GOULTY, A. E.R. GOURLAY, J.S. GOURLAY,R.M. GOUTEFONGEA, René GOWANS, Sir James Learmonth GOWING, Margaret Mary J.111, J.225 J.287 J.287 J.1044 J.1147 G.298, G.303 H.231, J.380 D.46, D.47, D.49, D.51, G.218, H.123, H.127, H.134, H.138, H.139, H.156, H.162, H.163, H.165, H.173, H.174, H.185, H.188, H.209, H.213, H.214, H.218, H.219, H.221, H.224, H.225, H.229, H.232-H.235, H.238- H.240, H.244, H.245, H.247-H.253, H.263, H.266, J.55, J.81, J.111, J.135, J.186, J.225, J.287, J.324, J.347, J.376, J.380, J.399, J.474, bse N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 505 Index of correspondents GRACE, Michael Anthony GRACE, Philippa GRACEY,G. C. GRADDON, J. C. GRAFTON, Anthony GRAHAM, Christopher Forbes J.512, J.769, J.807A, J.841, J.978, J.1000, J.1079, J.1089, J.1106, J.1157 See also J.1080, J.1143 G.59, E.118, E.151, J.160 See also J.808, J.809 J.287 J.111, J.810 J.55, J.81, J.135, J.160, J.186, J.250 E.87-E.89 E.118 GRAHAM-SMITH, Sir Francis See SMITH, Sir Francis GRAHAM- GRANADA TELEVISION LTD F.273-F.275, J.55, J.142 GRAND, Neville A. W. LE GRANEAU, Peter GRANT,MargaretF. GRANVILLE, W. H. GRAVES, Geoffrey C. GRAY, J. C. GRAY,Peter H.154, J.111, J.135, J.410, J.411, J.425, J.430, J.441, J.490 J.81, J.111, J.135, J.186, J.225 J.81 J.351 A.284 J.351, J.501, J.810 J.55, J.493 GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND AIR MINISTRY AIR HISTORICAL SECTION ATOMIC WEAPONS RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT J.1 E.35 J.1 BOARD OF TRADE H.356, H.357, J.82, J.108, J.141 CENTRAL OFFICE OF INFORMATION CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION J.237 J.145 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE E.55, G.81, H.319, J.131, J.140, J.146, J.156, J.160, J.165, J.171, J.182, J.203, J.220, J.234, J.298 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 506 Index of correspondents INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC RELATIONS DIVISION G.88, G.89, J.159 OFFICE FOR SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL INFORMATION J.158, J.199, J.351, J.362 DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY J.380, J.399, J.417, J.425, J.432, J.434, J.456, J.461, J.473, J.492 DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY J.492 DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH G.50, H.278, H.299, H.300-H.302, H.304-H.309, H.317, J.39, J.47, J.51, J.52, J.56, J.60, J.64, J.67, J.77, J.78, J.79, J. 87, J.108 CRYOGENIC EQUIPMENT PANEL J.51, J.52 HIGH MAGNETIC FIELD WORKING PARTY H.299-H.306, H.312, H.313, H.317, H.319 DEPARTMENT OF TECHNICAL CO-OPERATION J.87 DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT J.385, J.462 DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY H.28, H.233, J.213, J.235, J.258, J.263, J.286, J.309, J.312, J.324, J.338, J.359 INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY GROUP NATIONAL ELECTRONICS COUNCIL G.229 J.361 FOREIGN OFFICE H.355, H.356, J.131 EMBASSY, BUCHAREST G.75 EMBASSY, BUDAPEST G.193, G.196, G.228, G.230, G.240, G.244, G.245, G.247, J.179, J.400 EMBASSY, EAST BERLIN G.192, J.374, J.397 EMBASSY, PARIS EMBASSY, TOKYO E.55, J.258, J.356, J.397 SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT G.131 EMBASSY, WASHINGTON D.C. H.26, J.150, J.211, J.236, J.397, J.401, J.412, J.415 See also UNITED KINGDOM SCIENTIFIC MISSION EAST EUROPE COMMITTEE J.160 IUNY“N 80/8/S9lSOWNON 20S s]uapuodsaiio+Joxapuy} ALITVLIGSOHLNAWNYSA09 GeLO 491440SAWOH ‘097f‘66L'T‘ZELT‘E98‘9ST o9e NOISSINIWOSMOOLSAANGNVLVAW ZOLLT GOO4GNVSSIYSHSI4‘AYNLINOINOVAOAYLSINIA NOILVIAV40AYLSINIA AONASACSOAMLSININ YSMOdGNV14/N4AOAYLSINIW ADNAIOSAOAYLSININ AlddN$4OAYLSINIW ‘6LETOSET‘SZET607T‘EzE'D ‘SvLSvr‘LLyrt‘cov‘8ser ‘OLS‘90ST‘Z6r't‘89r'T‘SOT 8zsr‘27S‘Ses‘6LSTLZLST Over ZevrT‘L670‘OSLT 6SLT‘vr 98‘S~7'3 9pTCE92T‘ver‘OCTBLT‘VT AALLINNODTWOIWSHSONIYOLINOW ASYANAOINOLV40LNAWLYVdsd ver Scr ASOTIONHOALAOAYLSINIA ‘ZOLT‘EL‘89E'H‘09EH‘18Z'H ‘QOL‘GOL‘PSL‘OZLTOLLT ‘607‘86LfO6LTLLL89LT ‘Leer‘6E7TL‘'BETT‘LETT‘7L7T Goce‘ever NOISSINIWODSYADYAWGNVSSNIOdONOW SLLLT‘v9er NOISSIWSIsILNAIDSWOGONIMG3LINN NOGNOT‘SY¥.LN3O3dOwNsLSV3/NIVLINELVAD ‘69‘99‘LET'8Z2'H‘¥Z'D‘91D SLLPTLLLT '8SLf‘9SV'H‘Zv2'D‘Lv7'D‘96-4 ‘L6eT‘yzer‘Z8zr‘S7zr‘BZbT 9901fT ‘@“4XSYLVEYOD ‘ANOIOA‘NOAYNO yolWeq‘NASYD Alt‘NAAYO ‘71'N33au9 al|S87‘N34YD yuel4‘AVMWNAaY9 Sccr Z8OLTr‘Seer osrT Z6¢c4 Secor O0¢e'4 ‘OLS‘8zrr‘66ET‘LSET‘peer 60LL'f6601 N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 508 Index of correspondents GREENPEACE GREGORY, Bernard GREGORY, Charles H. GREGORY,J. Martin GREGORY, Peter GREGORY, Roderic Alfred GREINER, N. Miklés (‘Miki’) GREINER, Nicholas G. GREMMELMAIER, R. E.290, E.191 J.160, J.186, J.399, J.1058 J.1048, J.1183 F.36, F.216, J.55, J.81, J.111, J.287, J.810 F.222, F.228, J.55, J.225, J.351 E.100 G.133, G.193, G.260, G.262, J.399, J.513 J.810 J.186 GRENFELL, Pascoe Christian Victor Francis, 2nd Baron J.4 GRIFFIN, F. J. GRIFFIN, W.C. L. GRIFFITHS, Derek GRIFFITHS, James H. E. GRIFFITHS, John E. GRIFFITHS, John G. GRIFFITHS, M. V. GRIGSON, Jane GRIGSON, Sophie GRIMMEISS, Hermann Georg GRIVET, Pierre GRJEBINE, André GROVES, Barry A. GRUNDY,S. GRUZ, Tibor ERDEY- J.160 G.288 J.111 J.55, J.81 See J.1163 J.433, J.483 J.81 D.110 D.111 E.384 J.111, J.135, J.225, J.287, J.811, J.1055, J.1093 J.399, J.434, J.461 E.278 J.287 G.182, J.229 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 GUARDIAN GUENAULT,A.M. (‘Tony’) GUERIN, A. GUILLEBERT, J. GUILLERY, Rainer Walter (‘Ray’) GUILLOT, Maurice GUINIER, André GUINNESS SUPERLATIVES LTD GULYAS, Balazs GUPTILL, E. W. 509 Index of correspondents D.46, E.79, E.231, H.808, J.81, J.225, J.399, J.459, J.463, J.467, J.471, J.520 F.150 F.78 J.111 E.100 G.213, J.324 H.447, H.449, J.812 J.812 J.459, J.812 J.81 GUTFREUND, Herbert (‘Freddie’) E.118, J.444, J.465, J.497, J.500 GUTSCHE, Hugo GUTTMANN, Sir Ludwig GUTTMANN, William GUYER, R.A. GWYNNE, Peter GYLLING, Robert G. H. C. @RSTED INSTITUTE, DENMARK H.G.S. LTD H. REEVE ANGEL AND CO LTD H. WESTON AND SONS, CIDER & PERRY MAKERS HABERDASHERS’ ASKE’S SCHOOL HABERDITZL, Werner C.141, J.55, J.812 F.230, J.55, J.111, J.399, J.419 E.254, J.225 J.287 J.111, J.1070 G.138, H.460, H.461 See also H.16 J.300 J.353 J.248 J.40 F.239 D.79, D.80, G.65, G.66, J.82, J.112, J.136, J.226, J.352, J.381, J.400, J.1058, J.1072, J.1122 See also J.1078 HADLOW,M. E. J.219, J.226 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 510 Index of correspondents HADRILL, H. F. J. HAEFELE, Wolf HAENNY,J. HAHLBOHM, Hans-Dieter HAHN, Erwin Louis HAHN, Kathy HAHN, Nathalie HAHN, Roger H.422 G.216, H.402, J.381 J.56, J.83 G.197, J.400 B.54, C.78-C.82, D.95, G.41, H.781, H.784, H.816, J.56, J.82, J.83, J.112, J.136, J.161, J.187, J.226, J.325, J.352, J.477, J.480, J.482- J.484, J.486, J.495, J.498?, J.503- J.508, J.814-J.819, J.954, J.1051, J.1054, J.1056, J.1058, J.1059, J.1062, J.1111, J.1182 See also J.288, J.381, J.400 J.352 See also J.381 E.173, G.262 D.96, J.400 HAIDEMENAKIS, Epimenidis D. G.88, G.89, J.136, J.161 HAIG, C. P. (‘Clem’) HAJJAWI, OmarS. HALAS, Edward HALASZ,L. HALBAN, Hans von HALL, Angéle M. VIDAL- HALL, David O. HALL, Edward Thomas(‘Teddy’) HALL, Eric O. HALL, G. HALL, Henry Edgar HALL, Sir Noel Frederick H.425, J.381 E.276 J.82 J.161 J.10, J.36, J.82, J.820 J.38, J.150, J.264, J.1012 J.381 J.438, J.820 G.50 J.56 H.538, H.541, J.112, J.187, J.226, J.525, J.526, J.820 B.193-B.197, J.48, J.49, J.56, J.73, J.74, J.82, J.104, J.112, J.130, J.136, J.155, J.161, J.179, J.212 See also J.1100, J.1101 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 511 Index of correspondents HALL, R.M.S. HALL, Robert S. HALLETT, R. HALLS, A. N. HALPERN, O. HALSBURY,Earl of HALSTED, J. Michael G. HAMILTON, Anthony M. HAMILTON, C. G. HAMILTON, D. J. HAMMEL, Edward F. HAMMER, Armand HAMMERSLEY, John Michael HAMMOND, P. HAMPEL,Viktor E. HAMPSHIRE, Stuart HAMPSON, Keith HAMPSTEAD SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY HANDEL, J. VAN DEN HANDY, Charles HANES, Phyllis HANKS, A.J. HANN, Christopher HANNY,J. HANSON, Harvey M. J.112 H.428, J.472, J.475 J.288 J.82 J.226 See GIFFORD, John Anthony Hardinge J.82, J.1169 G.129, G.130, J.112, J.161, J.226 J.217 J.56 G.151, H.459, H.461-H.463, J.161, J.226, J.288, J.352, J.381, J.475, J.820, J.1168 See also J.1144 See J.785 J.400, J.820 J.226, J.820 J.428, J.438 J.1099 See also J.1098 H.119 F.228 J.161, J.325 J.1094 E.79 J.504 E.435 J.82 J.226 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 512 Index of correspondents HARDIE G. C. HARDING, J. B. (‘Jack’) HARDT,H.D. HARDT, Horst-Dietrich HARDY, Sir Alister Clavering HARDY, Truly C. HARESNAPE, J. N. HARGITTAI, Istvan HARLEY, John Laker HARPER AND ROE PUBLISHERS INC HARPER, John Lander HARPER, P. G. HARPER, Peter HARPHAM, Sir William HARRIES, D. R. HARRIS, Geoffrey Wingfield HARRIS, Harry HARRIS, Sir Henry HARRIS, John Edwin HARRIS, Peter HARRISON, Brian HARRISON, J. D. L. J.161 J.83 J.1106 J.288 J.112 C.122, J.82, J.113, J.136, J.821, J.822, J.1057, J.1061 E.258, J.325, J.352 E.304-E.307 J.113, J.355 J.504 J.1174 J.227 H.245 J.225, J.324 J.187 J.794 J.325 H.225, J.56, J.82, J.113, J.136, J.161 E.242, £.421 J.823 J.823 H.234 HART, Herbert Lionel Adolphus B.199, J.318, J.352 HART, Michael HARTLAND, A. E.120 J.1182 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 513 Index of correspondents HARTLEY, Sir Harold Brewer HARTMAN, Iclal S. HARTMANN, Sven R. HARTWIG, William H. HARVARD UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS HARVEY, J. T. HASEDA,,Taiichiro HASELDEN, Geoffrey Gordon HASIGUTI, R. R. HASKELL, Edward F. HASLAM, G. H. H.123-H.125, H.127, H.130, H.131, H.133, H.140, H.148, H.150, H.224, J.136, J.161, J.187, J.227, J.288, J.823, J.1057, J.1072 E.307 G.37 J.161 G.37 H.425, J.56 B.70, J.288, J.325, J.381 D.25, H.21, H.28, J.161, J.227, J.288, J.352, J.381 See also J.1044 J.56 H.628, H.629, J.288 G.229 HATVANY, Jolan, Baroness E.83-E.88, J.82, J.187, J.227, J.288 HAUSEN, G. HAVATNY, Lajosné HAVENS, William W. HAVLICEK, Karel HAWKING, Steven William HAWKINS, C. HAWTHORNE, E. P. HAWTHORNE, Sir William Rede HAYDON, Richard G. HAYES, Bill HAYES, Tom J.136 J.1081, J.1083, J.1108 E.325, J.289 J.227 See J.332 J.77 G.50, J.56 D.108, G.228, G.230, G.243, G.244, H.423, J.466, J.477, J.492, J.1090, J.1145 See also J.823 E.410 See J.823 J.417 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 514 Index of correspondents HAZLEHURST, G. Cameron L. H.133, J.227, J.289 HEALY, Bruce HEALY,P. M. HEATH, K. C. G. HEATH, Oscar Victor Sayer HEATLEY, Norman George HEAVENS, Oliver Samuel HEER,, Clifford V. HEERTJE, I. HEFFER, Reuben HEIKES, Robert R. HEILBRON, John Lewis HEIMERAN-VERLAG HEIN, Robert A. HEINE, Volker HELE, Desmond George KING- G.304, J.824 J.325 E.264, J.405 E.120, £.144, J.113, J.824 H.186, J.514 H.487, H.494, J.227, J.325, J.352, J.429, J.824, J.1103 E.4, J.83 G.304 J.289 G.37, J.227, J.1052 See also J.1082 D.87, J.227, J.904 J.462 G.111, G.112, H.971, J.227, J.289, J.824 E.334, E.335, E.342, £.384 E.120, £.167, H.193, H.240, H.245, H.246, H.249, H.252, H.253, J.852 HELIUM BUBBLE CHAMBER ADVISORY COMMITTEE HELLAWELL, A. H. HELLER, Robert J.69 J.56 E.259 HELMHOLTZ, August Carl B.83, G.40, J.56, J.83, J.400 HELMHOLTZ, Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von See D.79-D.82 HEMISPHERE PUBLISHING CORPORATION HEMMINGS, L. H. HEMP, W.S. HEMPTINNE, Yvan de E.168 J.228 H.95 E.51-E.53, E.55, £.57, £.58, J.228, J.477, J.1104 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 515 Index of correspondents HEMSLEY, Thomas J. HENDERSON, B. HENDRICKS, Robert C. HENDRICKX, H. HENNESSY, Peter HENRY,R. HENSEL, Paul Christopher HEPPELL, T.A. HERBERT,John R. HERMANN, Armin HERON, Michael HERPIN, André HERTFORD COLLEGE, OXFORD HERTFORDSHIRE SCIENCE TEACHING ASSOCIATION HERVEY,D. HERVEY,MrsS. G. J. HERZBERG, Gerhard HESKETH, Ross HESS, John HEUSTON, R. F. V. HEWER, Olive HEWES, Gordon W. HEWISH, Anthony J.83, J.352, J.381, J.1146, J.1175 See also J.824 F.234 J.289, J.1102 H.466 D.51 J.113, J.136 J.382, J.429 See also J.228, J.289, J.325, J.825, J.1184 J.56 H.273, J.228 D.96, J.382, J.400, J.421, J.825 G.304 J.481 J.162 F.238 J.136 J.113 J.228, J.289, J.825 J.382 J.289 J.56, J.825 H.231 H.710 E.120, F.58, J.228, J.353, J.430, J.825 HEWITT, Geoffrey Frederick HEXTER, R. M. H.824 J.113 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 HEYDON, Gunther HEYMANN, G. HICKS, R. Marian HIEBERT,Erwin N. 516 Index of correspondents J.495 H.772 G.335 D.96, D.97, F.233, H.182, H.241, H.243, H.251, H.402, J.470, J.478, J.520, J.521, J.826 See also J.1146 HIGATSBERGER, M. J. G.373 HIGGINS, Hugh Christopher LONGUET- E.120, E.151, J.19, J.442, J.460 See also J.871 HIGGINS, I. J. HILDEBRAND, Joel H. HILEY, H. E. HILL, A. E. HILL, Sir John McGregor HILL, Ron W. HILL, Shaun HILLS, David L. HILLS, Sir Graham John HILSENRATH, Joseph HILSUM, Cyril HIMMELWEIT, Hilde T. HINE, Mervyn G. N. HINES, Stanley F. HINSHELWOOD, Sir Cyril Norman HINTON, Christopher, Baron Hinton of Bankside H.655, J.510 J.10 E.249, J.162 J.519 H.882, J.507, J.826 G.59 G.337, G.354, G.360, G.362, G.374 E.180 E.288, H.828, J.400, J.448, J.461, J.517 E.432 E.164, E.165, E.171, G.163, H.494, H.771, J.325, J.353, J.826 J.513, J.1151 J.162, J.187, J.228, J.1076 J.4, J.42, J.56 J.25 H.156, H.158, H.160, H.164, H.215, H.221, H.225, H.230, H.235, H.427, J.137, J.228, J.289, J.325, J.347, J.400, J.444, J.478, J.482, J.826, J.977, J.978, J.1091, J.1137 See also H.239 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 517 Index of correspondents HIRAI, Akira HIRSCH, Sir Peter Bernhard HISTORIA MATHEMATICA HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS COMMISSION HJARNE, Leif HNILICKA, Milo P. HOARE, Frank Ernest (‘Henry’) HOBDEN, Maurice HOBISS, L. C. W. HOCH, Paul K. HOCH, Theodore Hellmuth HODBY, Jonathan W. HODGE, William G., Jr HODGKIN, Sir Alan Lloyd HODGKIN, Dorothy Mary Crowfoot HODGKIN (née ROUS), Marian (‘Marni’), Lady HODGKIN, MLR. HOEBEL, Bartley G. HOFF, H.S. HOGAN, Walter H. HOGARTH, Cyril A. HOLDER, Douglas William J.400, J.826 J.82, J.370, J.826 See also J.1159 H.172 See ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS J.289, J.1104, J.1107 J.113, J.162, J.1064, J.1065 E.10-E.14, E.17, F.32, F.217, H.745, J.82, J.83, J.113, J.137, J.827, J.1059 J.1185, J.1186 J.382 D.88, D.92, J.508, J.510, J.511, J.828 J.1184, J.1185 J.400, J.419, J.524 J.113, J.1055 H.161, H.203, H.221, H.226, J.251, J.366, J.367, J.389 J.353 J.228, J.325 J.1072 F.78, J.289 See J.1054 J.228 F.227, H.494, J.828 G.19, H.97, H.100, J.56, J.66, J.83, J.187, J.325, J.327, J.353, J.370, J.382, J.828, J.1068 See also J.289, J.1119 HOLGATE, W.P. J.382 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 518 Index of correspondents HOLLAND, E. A. (‘Tony’) HOLLIDAY, Robin HOLLIS, W.S. HOLLYER, Richard J.518, J.828 E.120 J.162, J.228 E.244 HOLMES, Kenneth Charles E.101, H.131, J.228 HOLMSTROM, M. HOLT, John R. HOLTON, Gerald J. HOMER, J. M. HONDIUS, Fritz W. HONG, Chao-sheng HOOK,D. T. SWIFT- HOOK, John HOOKER, Sir Stanley George HOOKWAY,Sir Harry Thurston HOPKINS, Harold Horace HOPPER, M. J. (Mrs J. R. Hopper) HORAK, Elizabeth HORLOCK,Sir John Harold HORN, A. J. VAN HORN, G HORNREICH, Jerry HORNSBY,J. N. J.228 D.17 D.50, D.52 J.228 J.228 B.191 J.392 E.344 D.27, D.30, D.103, G.81, G.99, H.209, H.787, H.899-H.905, J.113, J.137, J.162, J.187, J.228, J.325, J.353, J.382, J.400, J.417, J.426, J.432, J.434, J.437, J.439, J.478, J.494, J.501, J.513, J.830, J.959, J.1075, J.1139 See also J.318 H.157, H.158, H.165, H.166, H.218, J.353, J.400, J.471, J.831 E.285 G.3, G.288 E.287 D.14A, D.17, G.295, J.56, J.484, J.1144 J.392 H.421 J.519 J.56 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 HORSLEY,AlecS. HOSELITZ, Kurt HOSIE, JamesF. HOSKIN, Michael J. HOST,I. HOTOP, Hartmut HOUSTON, W.V. HOWARD, Anthony HOWARD, Donald Euan Palmer, 4th Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal HOWARD, John N. HOWARD, Philip HOWE, Christopher J. HOWE, J. HOWELL, Herbert H. HOWELL, Richard HOWES, E.A. HOWLETT, Jack HOYLE, Sir Fred HUBBARD, L. M. HUBERT JONES LTD HUDGINS, Sharon HUDSON, Maureen HUDSON, Peter A. 519 Index of correspondents H.936, H.937, H.941, H.942, J.113, J.137 B.79, J.56, J.83, J.228, J.289, J.353, J.482, J.499, J.500, J.502, J.503, J.523, J.831, J.1070 H.279, H.282, H.291, J.137, J.162, J.187, J.228 H.126, H.142, H.219, J.228 J.203 E.360 G.35, J.10, J.56 E.300 H.118 H.131, H.222, J.228 E.269, E.281, J.449, J.454, J.483, J.492, J.493, J.499, J.503, J.517, J.526 F.243 J.137 G.79 G.337 D.106 H.651, J.228, J.325, J.831 J.137, J.187, J.831 J.231 J.10 J.832 See J.832 B.40, H.334, H.337, J.1106 See also J.832 [UN"N 80/8/S9lSOVNON ‘dudjey‘NOSGNH 0¢S s]uapuodsaiio+joxapuy} ‘8774‘€'C‘16‘18°‘8rL'V ‘LPL'D'79'4‘Zev'a‘LE?A‘OE7S ‘6Lf'G9V'H‘COV'H‘190'H“LEL'D ‘tc‘ZOLTLELTL‘OST‘byT ‘Sv‘lyrr-OOvT‘78ET687T ‘ZEST‘vOST‘96r'T‘99b'T‘ZOr'T ‘GOOLT‘8E8T-CE8T9PZT'LZST O8LLf‘O8LLT‘6SLLT‘S80LT 9801’‘9901'f‘ESETOs|e8g 6eg'r‘eser Sze‘067Ose88g (Auo1,)auuAnyAuoyjuyuyor‘TID9NH ANVdWOOLAVYOYIVSHHONH cv YSN‘VINNOSITV9‘SSINOLVYOSVTHOYVASSYSSHONH 6ST‘779 'W981V‘SSHONH -M3dplAeq‘SSHONH uet‘M‘dINVXSINH l@YSIIN‘NITNH €GeT‘067‘627‘OVL'D Lzer8ZT c8erSZErTO67622TBVH oeeeety,6esr 6OLLfOS|Ee88S fe GZEr‘O67T‘622T‘VEBH€€6'H WeIIIIM‘AYSHLOY-SWNH -QINNHWEIlIM‘AYSHLOY88S jouer‘ASYHdIWNH YEqieHUYOF“AFYHdWNH ‘fWOL‘AZYHdWNH ‘S$‘3‘SASYHdWNH IUSOBYUD‘ONNH SHONAIOS4OAWSCVOVNVIYVONNH LSS OclA ‘6ZE'D‘LLE'D‘GOED‘ELLG-LLL'G LEED‘SEED eet ‘O62‘677‘66LTf‘78'7S'D vert 6E8TPOS|E88S ‘y8L'D‘L8L'D‘09L'D‘99'9‘LEL'V ‘G7‘677T'78LTTOVELSV'H 66r'r‘L9v't‘OOr'T‘Z8ET HOYVASSAYYVATONNAOALNLILSNI ery AYVONNH (NOGNO1)ASSVEWA ‘ELGLLTELL‘S8r‘7868'S ‘y97TT‘LOTT‘VBL‘ZOLT6ELT ‘OS‘errr‘8err‘78ET‘ESer Lest‘76vt‘8Sv'r‘LSP N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 521 Index of correspondents SCIENTIFIC ATTACHE MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY J.261, J.370 G.228, G.241 PRESIDENCY (MAGYAR NEPKOZTARSASAGELNOKI) J.60 HUNKLINGER, Siegfried HUNT, Stanley Ernest HUNTS TRAVEL SERVICES, FlJl ISLANDS HUNTZICKER, JamesJ. HURAULT, Jean-Paul HURLEY, F. |. HURST, Michael E. Eliot HUSSON, Nicole HUTCHINGS, Donald W. HUTCHINSON, G. W. HUTCHINSON, Geoffrey HUTCHINSON, Sir Joseph Burtt HUTCHISON, Clyde A. HUTCHISON, J.S. E.351 E.267, G.288, J.467, J.474, J.1143 See also J.839 G.49 J.137 H.772, J.325, J.355, J.356 J.4, J.42 G.223, J.517 J.839 J.229, J.290 J.113 G.287, G.288 F.49, J.229 J.83 J.839 HUTCHISON, W. W.(‘Hutch’) H.608, J.445, J.454 HUTCHISON, Sir (William) Kenneth D.23, E.249, J.137, J.162, J.229, J.839, J.1063, J.1064, J.1082 HUTTENBACK,Robert HUTTON, Graham HUXLEY, Sir Andrew Fielding HUXLEY, L. G. H. HYAM, Avigail HYDE, Gordon HYDE, H. Montgomery H.3, J.520 See also J.1152 J.464, J.839 H.249 H.307, H.308 G.224 H.630, J.325 D.96 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 522 Index of correspondents HYMATIC ENGINEERING CO. LTD F.212, H.278, H.760, J.56, J.61, J.89 See also C.98 IBC TECHNICAL SERVICES LTD IBM DEUTSCHLAND GMBH, BOBLINGEN G.268 J.222, J.354 IBM THOMAS J WATSON RESEARCH CENTRE J.174 IBM WATSON LABORATORIES, NEW YORK G.36, J.121, J.122, J.156, J.160, G.3 IDOTA, Isao IKUSHIMA, A. IL NUOVO CIMENTO ILIFF, N. A. IMPAG (LONDON) LTD IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LTD (ICI) J.291 H.1096, J.291 E.335, E.336, E.338, E.339, E.342- E.344, £.347-E.352, E.355, E.357, E.359, E.389 J.138 J.16 B.68, B.166, B.171, B.180, F.73, J.16, J.83, J.88, J.104, J.151, J.1037, J.1038, J.1041, J.1042, J.1044, J.1048 IC| FIBRES LTD J.99, J.278, J.319, J.376 PETROCHEMICALS DIVISION J.301 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT J.526, J.527 IMPERIAL METAL INDUSTRIES(1.M.1.) LTD H.358, J.50, J.57, J.60, J.129, J.138, J.141, J.142, J.166, J.168, J.191, J.238, J.241, J.1058 IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM J.484, J.512, J.514, J.516, J.518 INCORPORATED NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BRITISH AND IRISH MILLERS LTD G.335 INDEPENDENT INDIA D.47, E.182 DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY J.436 INDIAN CRYOGENICS COUNCIL J.403, J.508, J.518, J.840 See also J.1126 IHN"N 80/8/S9lSOVNON €cG s}uapuodsaioojoxapu| VAAN3D‘SANDINOLVSSINLSNGNI puowAeyAueH‘SONI G11O39GNVY-TIOSYAONI ‘3d‘WVYONI Ue“Y‘INVYONI sewoul‘NVYONI Lot‘lve 88LTt‘VLLT LvVL‘H 672°H‘SPZ'H ZSLLT OLL'H “SONJeudojsuydsleysilyv‘SSNNI ‘6v7Pr‘LLL‘OvLTt‘O”'r‘ees 6L0LTf‘voer a}ODEP|EDJUNODSI/PUZ‘MeJPUYYHEGOY‘d|MSNI 2SZf‘Leber VAAN]D“SATISLVELALILSNI ATIWLNAWVGNO4SNDINOYLOATA.GLALILSNI AONVYSAGLALILSNI AIAV140dLALILSNI AYIVATONNANDISAHdACLNLILSNI Sluvd‘WNIGVY30LNLILSNI LLer soer Levr secre 66€fr LLor ‘SIDYANAAGANDIAIYNLBANDINONODALNLILSNI AIGONAYS ‘69'86ET‘96ET‘09H‘6S'H ely FIDYANA3dSIVONVYSLNLILSNI 6LytT Ad1aSAIEILSNENODSACSIVONVYSLOLILSNI AISYSANAA ‘pLOLEOSL‘SPLTTSZLT Z6L¢ (41)GlON4NGIWNOILVNYSLNILNLILSNI ALNLILSNITWNOILVNYALNI99S NOILVYSSIYsAYAO TANSIAOICGNV.13GIWNOILVNLOLILSNI 86rTf‘L6rT ANDINONOYSVSAHOYSHOSYV1ACTWNOILVNLOLILSNI ZvE'D“ENED‘8679 ‘HOYUVSSAYNOILIMLANYOsSLNLILSNI HOIYNZ-NOMMHOSNY ASOT1OI9AOALNLILSNI AYOLSIHAYVHYOdWALNODAOALNLILSNI SulVdsVOINONODAAOALNLILSNI seer 6LOH 6LET Lecr AOSYANAAOALNLILSNI elyt‘69n‘vets N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 524 Index of correspondents INSTITUTE OF FOOD ETHNOLOGY INSTITUTE OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY G.240 F.239 INSTITUTE OF FUEL D.39, H.113, J.325 INSTITUTE OF GAS TECHNOLOGY, CHICAGO G.212 INSTITUTE OF MATHEMATICS INSTITUTE OF METALS INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS PUBLISHING H.215, J.482 J.60, J.73, J.85 B.13, E.178, F.46, F.150, F.219, F.227, F.234, G.104, H.20, H.185, H.187, H.215-H.217, H.219, H.242, H.327, H.482-H.560, H.768-H.772, H.779, J.16, J.19, J.50, J.57, J.59, J.66, J.75, J.84, J.86, J.88, J.90, J.91, J.95, J.114, J.120, J.123, J.138, J.148, J.156, J.163, J.165, J.170, J.173, J.177, J.178, J.181, J.190, J.196, J.197, J.201, J.216, J.223, J.230, J.237, J.239, J.284, J.291, J.320, J.326, J.337, J.354, J.356, J.383, J.403, J.409, J.422, J.438, J.447, J.471, J.474, J.481, J.486, J.505, J.523, J.527, J.528, J.1078, J.1083, J.1093, J.1098, J.1102, J.1110, J.1132, J.1180 E.92, E.139-E.147, E.160-E.175, E.178, £.179, E.238, E.399-E.405, G.263, J.197, J.230, J.245, J.291, J.326, J.446, J.447, J.462, J.473, J.474, J.488, J.501, J.503, J.507, J.511, J.517, J.525 LIVERPOOL AND NORTH WALES BRANCH F.209 INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS AND PHYSICAL SOCIETY See INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS INSTITUTE OF TERRESTRIAL ECOLOGY H.182 INSTITUTION OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS F.73, H.217, H.219, J.155, J.164, J.231, J.234, J.317, J.368, J.458- J.460, J.473 INSTITUTION OF CIVIL ENGINEERS H.216 INSTITUTION OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS F.68, F.214, F.216, G.136, G.139, H.216-H.218, J.16, J.81, J.109, J.128, J.138, J.156, J.181, J.217, J.231, J.283, J.291, J.319, J.351, J.378, J.432, J.1108 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 525 Index of correspondents INSTITUTION OF GAS ENGINEERS J.162 INSTITUTION OF HEATING AND VENTILATING ENGINEERS J.188, J.1071 INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS H.215, H.239, H.240, J.16, J.188, J.288 INSTITUTION OF METALLURGISTS H.215, H.216, J.482 INSTITUTION OF PRODUCTION ENGINEERS F.18, J.162, J.228, J.1048 INSTRUMENTS FOR TECHNOLOGYLTD J.380 INTERDISCIPLINARY SCIENCE REVIEWS E.406-E.422, J.386, J.407, J.437, J.479, J.495, J.1145, J.1150 INTERMAGNETICS GENERAL CORPORATION B.39, B.40, J.291, J.310 INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY J.289 INTERNATIONAL BIOGRAPHICAL ARCHIVES J.501, J.505, J.509 INTERNATIONAL BIOGRAPHICAL CENTRE, CAMBRIDGE J.332, J.360, J.412 INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR THE STUDY OF THE PRESERVATION AND THE RESTORATION OF CULTURAL PROPERTY(ICCROM) H.14 INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON PHYSICS EDUCATION J.405, J.418 INTERNATIONAL COMPUTERS & TABULATORSLTD(ICT) J.94 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THE UNITY OF THE SCIENCES (ICUS) See INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL COPPER DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL J.1120 INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC UNIONS (ICSU) COMMITTEE ON DATA FOR SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL FOUNDATION (ICF) H.567-H.627, J.317, J.424, J.426, J.437, J.452, J.453, J.454, J.456, J.459, J.460, J.469, J.470, J.472, J.474, J.477, J.480, J.482, J.484, J.489, J.1132 G.148, G.182, G.189, G.191, H.567, H.627, J.308, J.319, J.334, J.337, J.363, J.412, J.424, J.425-J.428, J.430-J.514, J.517, J.519, J.520, J.524, J.526, J.528 J.338, J.369, J.371, J.383, J.391, J.393, J.401, J.412, J.426, J.431, J.433, J.435, J.437, J.439, J.444 /... IN“N 80/8/S91SOVNON “] 9¢S sjuapuodsaiodjoxepu| ‘tLvt‘€9vr‘OOP‘8Sr'T‘SSPT ‘eos’‘esr’‘8Zpr‘Oly‘plyTr ‘Oozsr‘6LS'r‘60S'f‘ZOS'r‘Sos yes‘ees 86EfTOS|E98g HOYNHDNOILVOIAINNOse88S ALAIDOSANIMGNVGOO4IWNOILVNYSLNI 6LLTf‘6Sb'4‘8S14 SWALSASGallddVY¥OsALNLILSNITWNOILVNYALNI SISATVNV €6rr‘98ET‘L8ET9LZ'D (AII/UII)NOLLVYADINASYJOALNLILSNITWNOILVNYALNI G11(GNOW)OOTAMOINIWNOILVNYALNI G11O09LNAWdOTSASRG8HOYVASSYTWNOILVNYALNI ‘LOT‘L8VH-8S7'H‘QEL'D‘LHD ‘OBL‘ZLLTP‘OL?‘EZLTT‘SET ‘SET‘L67T‘c97r‘OE7Tr‘LO7Tr z6r'f‘Corr ‘LLLSELL@2LP‘SOTLED G8OLf‘Lezr ‘SLT‘VELT'8SEH‘ZOL'D‘90L'9 ‘GETPOET6r7r‘LOZLLLT 6601'f‘L9OLTf‘O€r'r‘88Er ADOIOHOASdWOILITOdAOALFIDOSTWNOILVNYALNI Ovytf GNVAYOLSIHSHLYOdNOINNTWNOILVNYALNI ADNAIOSAOAHdOSOTIHd ADNAIOSAOAYOLSIH40NOSIAIG 6cL°H eveH SAONAIOSIWOIDO1OIE40NOINNTWNOILVNYALNI Sve‘Ler GalddvVGNV3uNdAONOINNIWNOILVNYALNI AYLSINAHS €evt‘92L'H 8ZL'H‘L7L'H‘E179‘€S1'DSOISAHdGAllddVGNV3YNdAONOINNIWNOILVNYALNI ADNAIOSYVAVY4ONOINNIWNOILVNYALNI ALSIDOSGOOANVANIMIWNOILVYNYALNI G11SSAYdADOTONHOALGNVAONAIOSOd uolegpug‘de/sQpunwpz‘ACISNOU! ‘ft49604‘ONIAMI 'O‘OYSEN3SI GHO4XO‘G11NOILVAONNISISI ASLLINWOOSNOISAGLNV1d3dOLOSI ceer csLlrf Lécr ‘yLLT‘GLP'896°H‘8S6'H‘ZS6'H 79crLEte vSLLTT‘ESLLf‘986‘eser y8rr‘corr 8ce'D Lyer N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 527 Index of correspondents ISRAEL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES G.224, J.436, J.511, J.513, J.515, J.516 ISSIGONIS, Sir Alec Arnold Constantine ISTITUTO PER LE APPLICAZIONI INTERDISCIPLINARI DELLA FISICA ITTERBECK,A. van IVANOV,Victor Evgen’evich IVEY, H. J. J.138 G.334 H.458 J.57 J.114 J. SAINSBURY PLC G.332, G.334, G.364 J. W. KEARSLEY AND CO. LTD G.125, J.232, J.233, J.265 J.R.C. EURATOM ISPRA/ISPRA ESTABLISHMENT J.500, J.501, J.505, J.510, J.512, J.516, J.518, J.525 JACCARINO, Vincent H.3, H.4, J.114, J.843 JACK,D. JACK, G. A. JACK, lan JACKSON, A. JACKSON, Chris JACKSON, Daphne Frances JACKSON, Derek Ainslie JACKSON, G.F. JACKSON, J. F. JACKSON, Leonard Cecil JACKSON, R. H.745 J.114 J.843 J.231, J.292 J.114 G.212, H.485, J.138, J.292, J.354, J.843 J.138, J.355 A.283 J.11, J.12 E.12, E.14, J.17, J.45, J.231 See also J.1078 J.327, J.354 JACKSON, Willis, Baron Jackson of Burnley J.17, J.138, J.163, J.1061 JACOB, Maurice JACOBOVITS, Sir Immanuel E.333, E.335 E.279 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 528 Index of correspondents JACOBS, I. S. (‘Jake’) JACOBS, Margaret JACQUINOT, Pierre JACROT, Bernard JAEGER, J. C. JAINE, Tom JAMES, Barry JAMES, D. Geraint (‘Jimmy’) JAMES, Norman JAMIESON, E. JAMISON, Robin Ralph JAN, J.-P. JANCKE, Harald JANCKE, Werner G.36, J.84, J.231, J.843, J.1083 J.525 J.17, J.138, J.327, J.354, J.356, J.461, J.843 J.292, J.327 G.50 G.251, G.265, G.337, G.340 E.156 J.498, J.844 J.231 H.957 E.121 H.965 J.327 D.80 JANOSI, Peter E. DE H.153, H.210, J.282 JANOSSY, Andras JANOT, Christian JANOUCH, F JANSEN, Laurens JANSYN, Ellen JANUZZI, M. JAPAN ELECTRON OPTICS LABORATORY CO LTD JAPAN INDUSTRIAL PLANNING ASSOCIATION JAPANESE ASSOCIATION OF REFRIGERATION E.353 E.369, E.371 J.220 J.231 J.327 E.386 J.62 B.95 J.232 JARDINE, JamesT. J.292, J.528, J.844 JARRETT,William Fleming Hoggan E.121 JASZAY, Tamas G.229, G.230, J.844 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 529 Index of correspondents JEFFERY, J. W. JEFFORD, A. JEFFREY, K. R. JEFFRIES, C. D. (‘Jeff’) JEFFS, Julian JENKIN OF RODING, Charles Patrick Fleeming, Baron JENKINS, Norman JENNINGS, B. R. JERSEY TOURISM COMMITTEE JESSOP, Frank W. JESUS COLLEGE, OXFORD JET PROPULSION LABORATORY JOACHAIN, Charles J. JOHN, Jeffrey JOHN LEWIS PARTNERSHIP J.138 J.231 J.188 G.38 E.263, J.383 H.115-H.117, H.120, H.121, J.383, J.403, J.524, J.1129 E.259, G.165, H.402, H.425, J.354, J.403 J.57 H.768-H.772 J.17 J.114, J.138 J.436 E.328, £.333, £.344, E.360 H.709 E.423 JOHN MURRAY(PUBLISHERS) LTD J.194, J.241 JOHN SIMON GUGGENHEIM MEMORIAL FOUNDATION J.45 JOHN WILEY & SONS LTD JOHNSON, Arthur J. JOHNSON, B. Connor JOHNSON, Ben JOHNSON, Charles Edward JOHNSON, Gerald G. E.415, G.38, J.314, J.426, J.429, J.432, J.435 A.285 H.710 J.292, J.403 C.86, E.4, G.140, H.534, J.163, J.188, J.292, J.845, J.1071 See also J.231 J.424, J.426, J.428, J.433, J.439, J.456 JOHNSON, J. Thomas G.189-G.191 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 530 Index of correspondents JOHNSON, K.D. B. J.11, J.17 JOHNSON, MATTHEY AND CO LTD C.93, H.432, J.76, J.84, J.188 JOHNSON, Patrick JOHNSON, Timothy JOHNSON, Victor F. JOHNSTON, A.E. JOHNSTON, J. E. JOHNSTON, Peter D. J.17 E.252, J.163, J.188 E.432, J.57, J.60 J.292 J.13 J.481 See also J.292 JOINT BRITISH COMMITTEE FOR VACUUM SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY J.59 JOINT EUROPEAN TORUS J.845 JOLLIFFE, Christopher JONES, A. R. JONES, Alun JONES, Aubrey JONES, Clive G. JONES, E. T. G.81, H.214, H.232, H.279, H.282, H.285, H.304, H.305, H.308, H.317, H.325- H.328, H.331, J.309, J.77, J.78, J.114, J.138, J.163, J.188, J.231, J.256, J.292, J.327, J.383 J.354 J.333, J.361 G.81, J.188 G.305 J.46 JONES, Sir Ewart Ray Herbert (‘Tim’) E.121, E.167, J.84 JONES, Francis Edgar JONES, G. A. JONES, Geoffrey Melvill JONES, Grenville JONES, Gwyn Owain JONES, Sir Henry J.138, J.188, J.231, J.507, J.508 J.500, J.502 E.101 J.482 G.29, H.732, H.744-H.747, J.17, J.57, J.84, J.114, J.138, J.163, J.231, J.403, J.845, J.1177 See also J.175 D.23-D.25, J.114, J.138, J.163 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 JONES, Harry JONES, Mererid Index of correspondents AQ J.231 JONES, Sir P. Hugh J. LLOYD- E.89, J.236 531 JONES, R. Norman JONES, Reginald Victor JONES, Sheila JONES, Sir Sydney JONES, W. Mervyn JONSSON, Rune JONSSON, Thordur JORDAN, Illiam F. JORGE, Henrique MACHADO JOSEPH LUCAS LTD JOSEPHSON, Brian David JOST, (Friedrich) Wilhelm J.292, J.327, J.488, J.845, J.1166 C.105, C.107, D.49, D.80, D.99, E.35, E.121, H.132, H.133, H.159, H.165, H.226, H.227, H.234, H.247, H.647, H.709, J.84, J.114, J.163, J.164, J.188, J.231, J.292, J.327, J.354, J.365, J.383, J.403, J.410, J.462, J.477, J.484, J.501, J.514, J.846-J.848, J.1067, J.1087, J.1114 E.254, J.138, J.231, J.292, J.1061 A.247, A.249, A.250, D.24, G.110, J.231, J.292, J.327, J.354, J.383, J.1081, J.1121, J.1123 C.97, J.17, J.60, J.84, J.327, J.849 J.292 E.324 E.251 E.375 H.212, H.229, H.232, J.128, J.237, J.331, J.359, J.386 J.292, J.430 E.34, F.60, J.163, J.292, J.403, J.425, J.438, J.849 See also J.1050, J.1139 JOSTEN, C.H. JOSTEN, Conrad Hermann (‘Kurt’) JOURNAL OF INORGANIC AND NUCLEAR ENERGY JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS J.849 J.403 J.89 J.19 JOURNALOF THE BRITISH INTERPLANETARY SOCIETY J.50, J.67 JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL AERONAUTICAL SOCIETY J.104, J.122, J.130 JUDD, Brian B. J.1176 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 532 Index of correspondents JUNGERMAN, J. A. JUSTI, Eduard Wilhelm Leonhard KABEL UND METALLWERKE, HANNOVER KACZER, Jan KAISER, Philip M. KAISHEV, Rosteslaw KALAB, Miroslav KALDOR, Nicholas, Baron KAMIN, Leo KAMPER, Robert KANDA, Eizo KANEFF, S. KANZIG, Werner KAPITZA, Pjotr Leonidovich KAPLAN, Morton A. KAPOLY!I, Laszld (’Laci’) KARDOS, Istvan KAREL, Marcus KASER, Michael KASTELEIJN, P W J.57 J.292 J.384 E.325 J.115 J.232 G.305 J.18, J.484, J.1164 See also J.850 J.476 J.293 J.232 J.1063 B.93, J.232 J.115, J.232 See also J.328 J.232, J.466 G.228, G.230, G.241-G.245, G.247, G.250 See also J.850 G.182, G.193, J.503, J.505, J.507, J.1148, J.1149 E.435, J.232 J.45 KASTLER, Alfred Henri Frédéric H.704, J.115, J.139, J.384, J.850 KATANI, Maso KATO, [?Sumiko] KATRITZKY, Alan Roy KATZ, Sir Bernard H.608 G.142, J.232 E.121 E.101, J.232, J.404, J.850 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 KAUFMANN, Michael KAUFMANN, R.J. KAUFMANN, Walter KAUKAS, Bernard KAVANAGH, M. T. KAWAI, N. KAY, Roy H. KAYE, lI. KEARTON, Christopher Frank, Baron KEARTON, Kay, Lady KEATING, Conrad KEAY, Ronald William John 533 Index of correspondents E.340, E.350, E.354, E.362 J.850 J.480 E.276 J.18 J.139 F.212, J.58 J.85 E.35, H.250, J.18, J.85, J.115, J.139, J.232, J.293, J.404, J.419, J.528, J.851, J.977, J.978 See also J.433, J.1154 D.97 J.851 H.172-H.176, H.184, H.185, H.205, H.214, H.218, H.237, H.239, H.246, H.250, H.289, J.115, J.139, J.164, J.189, J.251, J.305, J.366, J.367, J.389, J.410, J.411, J.429, J.430, J.432, J.435, J.448, J.454, J.458, J.461, J.467, J.470, J.471, J.477, J.480, J.482, J.489, J.490, J.493, J.494, J.499-J.501, J.506, J.507, J.510, J.513, J.515, J.526 KEELE PHYSICAL SOCIETY J.519, J.520, J.523, J.525 KEELE, Kenneth H.193 KEELEY, Thomas Clews J.58, J.139, J.189, J.232, J.851 KEEN, B. E. KEERSMAEKER, J. P. L. DE KEITH, Stephen T. KELLER, Andrew KELLER, Joseph Bishop KELLER, William E. KELLNER, BruceD. J.357 J.232 D.96, H.181 E.151, H.770, H.773, J.293, J.1183 E.121, E.151 J.232, J.293, J.1144 J.232 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 KELLY, Anthony KELLY, Edward KELLY,J. P. KELSEY,Ronald R. KELSON, Itzhak KEMMER, Nicholas KENCO COFFEE CO LTD KENDALL, David George KENDALL, P. W. KENDREW,Sir John Cowdery KENNARD, Olga, Lady Burgen KENNEDY,A.J. KENNELLY, Barbara Adele KENNEY,Edward John KENT, Cassandra KENT, Sir Peter (Percy Edward) KENWARD, Michael 534 Index of correspondents J.85, J.115, J.189, J.232, J.293, J.357, J.384, J.404, J.851, J.986 E.368 E.259 E.180 J.232 J.139 See also J.851 G.200, J.445, J.451, J.454 H.892, J.189, J.232, J.384, J.389 J.293 G.89, H.585 E.122, £.151, H.828, H.882, J.343, J.357, J.426, J.435, J.436, J.440, J.461, J.1091 See also J.1136, CODATA H.332 G.202 J.483 E.63, J.505, J.509, J.512 J.115, J.936 J.521, J.523 KENYA, TANGANYIKA AND UGANDA COFFEE INDUSTRIES G.29 KEOHANE, Kevin W. KEPES, Anna KEPES, Gydérgy KERNFORSCHUNGSANLAGE JULICH GMBH KERR, A. M. KERR, Clark J.357 J.115 J.115 G.91 J.85 J.85 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 KERR, J. Alistair KERSLAKE, Celia KERSLAKE, Trevor 535 Index of correspondents J.428, J.436, J.437, J.441, 3.442, J.456, J.464, J.468, J.487, J.495, J.506 J.494 B.173-B.175, J.328, J.357, J.384, J.432, J.851, J.1111, J.1118 See also J.1115 KERSTEN, Martin J.328, J.851 KERTES, A. Stevan (‘Pista’, ‘Stephen’) H.602, J.328, J.506, J.516 KERWIN, Larkin KESKIN, Turhan KESSLER, Karl G. KEVDES, Ferenc KEYNES, Richard Darwin KEYSTON, John R. G. KIBBLE, Thomas Walter Bannerman KICHENASSAMY, Satyanad KIDWELL, Peggy KIENLE, Paul KIGHTLEY,J. F. KILCAST, David KILLALEA,J. KILLEN, John KILLINGBECK, Christopher KILMISTER, Clive W. KIND, PeterJ. D. KING, Alex KING, Anthony KING, D.N. J.328, J.384 E.381 J.496 J.232 E.122 G.28, J.85, J.189 E.329, E.330, E.335-E.337, E.341, E.350, E.352, E.354-E.361, E.370 G.330 J.483, J.1147 E.369, E.370 J.18 G.305, G.330, G.336, G.360-G.362 J.85 H.124 H.628, J.293 E.350 J.404 J.233 F.246 J.58 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 KING, E. BOLTON- KING, R. KING, Steven Index of correspondents J.154 J.58 J.495 536 KING-HELE, Desmond George See HELE, Desmond George KING- KING’S COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE LIBRARY KIRICHENKO, Yu KIRKHAM, P. A. KIRSCHENBAUM, Donald KIRSCHNER, Istvan (‘Pista’) KIRSTEN, Christa KISBAN, Eszter KITTEL, Charles KITTEL, Muriel KITTEL, Peter KIZAWA, Makoto KLAUDY, Peter KLECZKOWSKI, Helen KLEIN, Erwin KLERK,Dirk DE KLINT@E, Kjeld KLIPPING, Gustav KLIPPING, I. H.241 J.1086 J.293, J.328 H.602 B.90, E.353, E.426, J.115, J.139, J.328, J.357, J.404, J.447, J.498, J.853, J.1115, J.1184 J.115 G.240 F.6, G.41, J.18, J.58, J.85, J.115, J.233, J.293, J.462, J.854-J.856, J.888, J.1054, J.1077, J.1113 See also J.404 G.189-G.191, G.259, J.85, J.233, J.495, J.506, J.511, J.518, J.520 J.233, J.293 See also J.321, J.328, J.357, J.430, J.436 J.428 J.115, J.233, J.1076 H.229 J.293 B.90, J.18, J.164 J.233 H.965, H.973, J.139, J.164, J.234, J.404, J.857 J.1061 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 537 Index of correspondents KLOSE, Wolfgang G.141, H.434, H.449 KLUWER ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS GROUP KNAPTON, K.S. KNIGHT,J. J. KNIGHT, Walter D. KNILL AND SONS KNOEPFEL, Heinz KNOP, Karl KOBAYASHI, Hanako KOCH, Ferenc KOCH, H. William KOCH-LIGHT LABORATORIES LTD KOEFOED, J. KOENIG, Seymour KOETS, Erico KOHEN, Elli KOHLER, J. W.L. KOHN, Walter KOLLER, Victor P. KOLM, Henry H. KOMPFER, Rudolf KONDORSKIl, |. E KONINKLIJKE NEDERLANDSE AKADEMIE VAN WETENSCHAPPEN KONYA, A. KOPPANY, Eva de KOPPEL, H. E.333 J.115, J.139 J.294 J.85, J.858 See also J.1175 J.18 J.234, J.1072, J.1073 J.234 G.129-G.131, J.139, J.234, J.328 J.234 J.438 F.226 J.384 G.36, J.85 E.373 J.328 J.189, J.294 G.89 J.18 J.58 F.78, J.45, J.58, J.139, J.164, J.189, J.294, J.404, J.860, J.1059 Seealso J.280, J.1069, J.1103 J.234 J.436 J.85 G.261, G.262, J.1176, J.1182 J.85 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 538 Index of correspondents KORACH, M. KOREAN CULTURAL FOUNDATION INC. KORNBERG, Sir Hans Leo KORONKA,Paul KORSCHING, H. KOSARY, Domokos KOSMA, Tamas KOSZEGI, M. KOTANI, Masao KOVACH, Eugene George KOVACS, Istvan KOZGAZDASAGI ES JOGI KIADO KOZMA, Tamas J.328 J.523 E.167, G.305, H.894, J.234, J.294, J.328, J.860 See also J.1097 J.329 D.47 See J.1182 J.1171 B.85, J.85, J.115, J.139, J.234 See also J.861 J.428, J.1128, J.1129 See also J.504 G.141, J.294, J.329, J.357, J.384, J.404 J.1166 J.505 G.320 KRAFT JACOBS SUCHARD, BANBURY, OXON G.332, G.333, G.335 KRAMER, Bernhard KRAMER, Dame Leonie (’Nonie’) KRAMER, Harry KRAMISH, Arnold KREBS, Sir Hans Adolf J.478 G.259 G.259, G.260, G.262, H.789, J.164, J.795 D.48, D.52, J.960, J.1181 G.218, H.704, H.705, J.45, J.58, J.404, J.1077 KREBS, John Richard, Baron E.122 KREBS (née FIELDHOUSE), Margaret Cicely, Lady H.194, J.519, J.861 KRIGE, John KRONBERGER, Hans J.861 H.281, H.755, H.756, H.946, H.947, J.4, J.42, J.85, J.115, J.139, J.164, J.862, J.936, J.1062, J.1089 See also D.83, J.92 NIN‘N 80/8/S91SOWNON 6eS s}uapuodsaioojoxapu| "Yd‘SINOYm HEqJON‘CON "HPueYyoIY‘LOHOSdONM oboky‘Ogny -YSAVWJopoeyL‘YONMONM UOWIS‘Y3IONy PJEYJEYOWUISH‘NHN janwessewoyl‘NHN ‘af‘YS1ZNNM ‘SDsaveyud‘YAdN™ J@UJOH“Ggf'YAdN™ ‘d‘AHLYN™ ellwed‘LYN "WeuelB10ed‘(AATdIHS99U)LLYN (JP2H,)BIAPEH‘LYAY yeuuesns‘Lyn AiusH‘NYWZYNY JUdeIGIV‘YANSSNM U8d‘NSNOSVV1 euueer‘QNOWYAEV1 SSIBMJuyesld3AYIOLVYORVI 681f‘VOLT‘S69 clea‘€6'd veer 8ST'86'°9 Z6cPr C98'v67T‘VET €98'T‘vOrT‘8E°O v9lf‘SBT‘€6°a L6T‘vfOse88g est ZLLLTP‘LSE62T‘VET'vEeTT ve?Tt'V96'H veer ‘V8ET‘6ZET'€27'D‘G8L'D‘LSL'D C98Spr‘6zrT 6ceTr 6'V'8'Vos|e88S ‘GLLT‘O9L'D‘999‘BLLV-SSL'V ESOL‘6ZET‘V6‘68LT Lelee Oz6'f‘€98'T88S LOL’D‘O0L'D vos‘Séz7r OLS‘OZ2'H Over dddFIVNOIZVNOLVLINODS14dMIWNOIZVNIWOLVYORVT AIWLI‘ILVOSVYs‘AYVATONNVIDYSNAI CLIE AIWALIILVOSVUYS‘ILVZZINOISVDOIYOLVHOSVI SLL ger‘Z8fHOINNW‘HL‘MISAHdSHOSINHOSLYN4WNINOLVYEOSVT N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 LABOUR PARTY LACAZE, Albert LACK, David Lambert LADE, J. M. 540 Index of correspondents J.86 J.235, J.405 J.116 J.190 LADY MARGARET HALL, OXFORD J.199, J.385 LAGARRIGUE, André LAITHWAITE, Eric Robert LAL, Devendra LALOE, Franck LAMB, Jean LAMB, Kenneth LAMB, Willis E., Jr LANDAU, Judah LANDESMAN, André J295, J.330, J.355 See A.248 J.518, J.1152 E.385 E.72 J236 D.97, J.864 J.295 J.330 LANDSBERG, Peter Theodore J.385, J.405, J.864, J.1100 LANDWEHR, Gottfried LANG, H. R. LANGE,F. LANGENBERG, Donald LANGLEY, Keith LANKESTER, J. LANTING, F. LANYI, George LAPIERRE, André BLANC- LAQUER, Henry L. LARBALESTIER, David C. LARSEN, Egon B.72, G. 177, G.226, G.227, J.235, J.358, J.385, J.523 J.19, J.45, J.59, J.114 G.91, J.165, J.235 G.89 G.305 J.487 G.306 J.451, J.865 J.504 J.1169 E.255, J.295 J.460, J.865 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 LARSSON, Dagmar LARSSON, Mats LASCELLES, Rita LASKO, Peter LATAL, Heimo LAUNEY, Jules DE 541 Index of correspondents J.330, J.385 J.235, J.295, J.330, J.385, J.865, J.1082 E.144 H.15, J.505 E.375 J.59, J.86 LAUTCH (née BATES), Elizabeth Susan E.71, E.72, J.440, J.504 LAVERICK, Charles LAWLER, P. E. LAWN, Christopher James LAWRENCE, L. LAWRIE, John J. LAWS, Richard Maitland LAWSON, F. Harry LAWSON, John David LAWSON, William LAWTON, Jim LAWTON, Patrick LAX, Benjamin LAX, E. LAYLAND, Pen LE BEK,|. A. G. LE BOT, Jean LE CLAIRE, Alan D. LEA, K. R. LEACH, Alison H.27, J.116, J.140, J.190, J.235, J.385, J.405, J.866 J.116 G.228, G.230 J.59, J.86, J.190, J.291 J.86 E.123, E.151 J.140 E.41, H.367, J.131, J.140, J.165 J.140 J.330, J.492, J.498, J.510 J.527 G.89, G.92, G.93, J.165, J.235, J.429, H.328 J.59 J.295 J.103 J.9 C.94 See also C.101 J.86 J.506 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 542 Index of correspondents LEACH, Colin LEACH, Sydney LEADER, Elliot LEAKEY,A. R. LEAKEY, Robin LEASK, M.J.M. LEBLOND, Jean-Marc LEVY- LEDERBERG, Joshua LEDERMAN, Leon Max LEE, David M. LEE, Edward LEE, Eric W. LEE, K. E. LEE, P. M. LEES; C.F: LEFEVRE, Félix LEGGETT, Sir Anthony James LEGGETT, Peter LEGVOLD, Samuel LEHNERT, Bo LEIBNITZ, Heinz MAIER- LENGYEL, Béla A. LEON, Bernard J.867 H.769, J.295, J.330, J.358, J.867 F.226 H.145, H.211, H.212 J.86 See A.1,A.15 E.234, G.143 D.113, E.124 E.229 B.76,J.116; 1.295 J.235 E.72, J.405, J.508, J.867 E.86, J.190 J.358 J.19 J.116, J.430 J.295 J.165, J.190 B.56, J.235 H.437 E.419, G.185, G.251, G.298, G.306, G.333, G.334, H.231, J.238, J.386, J.406, J.436, J.438, J.482, J.528, J.884, J.1156, J.1159, J.1172, J.1180 G.24, G.65, J.59 See also J.1051 J.405 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 543 Index of correspondents LEONARD, Michael W. LEOPOLD,.D:B. LEOPOLD, Luna B. LEQUILLER, Denise LEQUILLER, Jean R. LEQUILLET, Mou. LERNER, LawrenceS. LERNER, Rita G. LESENSKY, Leonard LEURGANS, Paul J. LEVERHULME TRUST H.158, H.163, H.164, H.211, H.212, H.217, H.218, H.223, H.224, H.227, H.229, H.252, J.295, J.330, J.347, J.405, J.497, J.500 J.165 J.1089 J.358 J.330, J.884 J.165 G.42 E.162-E.166, E.171, J.868 J.19 G.43, J.140 B.59, H.209, H.214, H.232, J.298, J.409, J.459, J.905 LEVICH, Veniamin Grigorievich (Benjamin) See also J.412, J.868 LEVIN, Bernard LEVY, Francis L. LEVY, Paul LEWINS, Jeffrey LEWIS, G. E. LEWIS, J. W. LEWIS, John L. LEWIS, John T. LEWIS, M. LEWIS, R. P. W. LEWIS, Sean DAY- LEYLAND, Jean E.281, J.413, J.420, J.509, J.868 D.97, J.469, J.868 J.523, J.868 J.420 J.88 J.19 F.59, H.771, H.772, J.235, J.327, J.355, J.405, J.418, J.491, J.517, J.519 E.344, E.350, E.360, E.380, J.140, J.235 J.358 J.405, J.410, J.416 E.262, J.348 J.235 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 LEYLAND, Norman LEYLAND, Pen LIBBY, Don G. LIBBY, Willard Frank LIBCHABER, Albert LIDE, David R. Jr LIDIARD, Alan B. LIFSHITZ, |.M. LIGHTHILL, Sir (Michael) James LILLEY, Geoffrey M. LIM, T. G. LINACRE COLLEGE, OXFORD LINCOLN COLLEGE, OXFORD 544 Index of correspondents J.49 J.427 G.88, G.89, J.140, J.165 J.190 J.330 G.191, H.578, H.580, H.587, H.594, H.595, J.869, J.1127 J.165, J.190 H.540 E.402, H.807, J.140, J.157, J.190, J.235, J.296, J.330, J.1066 H.94, H.95, J.43, J.116 J.236, J.1074 H.224, H.233 H.100, H.218, J.59, J.86, J.190, J.228, J.236, J.274, J.392 LINDE COMPANY (UNION CARBIDE CORPORATION) H.756, J.50, J.165 LINDE, J. O. J.116, J.870 LINDEMANN, Frederick Alexander, 1st Viscount Cherwell LINDENFELD, Peter LINDFORD, Rodney M.F. LINDGREN, Ernest LINDLEY, E. J. LINDQVIST, Torsten LINDSAY,David G. LINGARD, P. A. LINGEMAN, Eddy W. A. LINNETT, John Wilfrid E.33 H.546 J.870 J.236 J.86 B.73, J.236, J.296 E.275 J.86 E.332, E.337, E.339, £.344, E.351- E.352, E.354-E.357, E.359, E.380 J.190, J.236, J.296, J.358 See also J.1101, J.1119 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 545 Index of correspondents LINNETTks F. J.140, J.333 LINSTEAD (née WALTERS), Marjorie, Lady LINSTEAD, Sir Reginald Patrick LIONDE A.G., HOLLRIEGELSKREUTH, GERMANY LIONELLO, Carla LIPSON, Henry Solomon LISLE, Edmond A. LISTENER LITTLE, Alastair LITTLE, V.I. LITTLE, William A. LITTLER, Derrik J. LITTLER, J. G. F. LITTLER, W.A. LIVELY Jer. LLEWELLYN, Don R LLOYD, Brian B. LOCK,J. Michael J.296 J.86 J.209 G.359 E.151, H.238, J.116, J.405, J.525, J.870, J.1159 H.59, J.296, H.428J.385, J.432, J.464, J.466, J.467, J.517, J.870, J.1138 J.358, J.1114 G.306 H.227 B.77, J.59, J.86, J.296, J.870 D.109, H.425, H.426, H.428, J.358, J.385, J.392, J.399, J.405, J.419, J.425, J.470, J.471, J.476, J.1124, J.1145 J.358, J.417 J.1157 J.236, J.244 G.259-G.261, J.19 G.135, J.236, J.296, J.417, J.422, J.424, J.474, J.1092, J.1137 B.166, B.170, B.173, B.175, E.431, H.26, H.368, J.165, J.190, J.236, J.296, J.330, J.358, J.385, J.1083 LOCKSPEISER, Sir Ben H.93, H.745, J.19, J.86, J.116 LOGAN, Sir Donald LOGAN, Jonothan LOHMEYER, Brigitte LOMAN, Daisy G.241, G.242 D.51 J.86, J.116, J.236 J.237 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 LOMAX,Bill LOMBARD, J. C. Index of correspondents J.1157 H.227 546 LOMER, William Michael (‘Mick’) E.431, G.55, J.59, J.86, J.116 LONDON (née MEISSNER), Lucie LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE LONDON, Heinz LONG, Andrew R. LONG, Earl A. LONG, Hugh M. LONGAIR, Alec LONGBOTTOM, G. B. LONGDEN, Gilbert D.85 J.241 E.254, J.228 J.237 See also D.85 J.116 J.5, J.40, J.59, J.86 G.91, J.140, J.165, J.296, J.1102 J.296, J.1107 J.56 J.116 LONGUET-HIGGINS, Hugh Christopher See HIGGINS, Hugh Christopher LONGUET- LOODMER, G. R. LOOMS, J. S. T. LORENTZEN, Gustav LOS ANGELES COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART LOS, J LOUDON, Rodney See J.405 J.86, J.116 H.461, H.462 J.292, J.403 E.337 J.140, J.1189 LOUGHBOROUGH UNIVERSITY PHYSICAL SOCIETY J.330, J.387 LOUIS VUITTON MOET HENNESSY G.298, G.306 LOUNASMAA,Olli V. B.80, B.90, B.91, E.335, E.341, E.350, E.363, F.220, G.105, G.126, G.138, G.141, H.295, H.461- H.463, J.86, J.116, J.140, J.165, J.190, J.237, J.296, J.330, J.358, J.385, J.405, J.439, J.441, J.447, J.461, J.463, J.469, J.857, J.872-J.874, J.1062, J.1084, J.1107, J.1178 See also J.1085, J.1087 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 547 Index of correspondents LOUTIT, John Freeman E.124, J.140, J.405, J.861, J.1130, J.1131 LOVEJOY, Alison J.519, J.525 LOVELL, Sir (Alfred Charles) Bernard D.114, H.785, J.140, J.165, J.875 See also J.1156 LOW,L. LOW-BEER, E. LOWE, lan LOWELL, John LOW-TEMPERATURE BIOLOGY CLUB LUARD, (David) Evan (Trant) LUARD, E. T. LUBBOCK,Eric Reginald, Baron Avebury LUBKIN, Gloria LUBORSKY,F. E. LUCAS, R. LUCE, M. R. LUDERS, K. LUDWIG, Wolfgang LUM, John LUND, P. G. LURCAT,Francois LUSTIG, Harry LUZZATI, Vittorio LYNTON, Ernest A. J.59 E.258 D.25, J.165 J.237, J.432 J.72 J.1080 J.237 J.392 J.511 J.140 J.405 G.28, J.86 F.231, J.405 See also J.1135 E.351 J.524, J.525 J.59, J.405 D.62 G.35, G.112, G.134, H.650, J.86, J.116, J.140, J.165, J.237, J.296, J.401, J.432, J.457, J.493, J.495, J.497, J.523, J.822, J.877-J.879, J.1063, J.1103 See also J.461 J.330, J.355 J.59, J.86, J.116, J.876, J.1061 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 548 Index of correspondents LYON, David N. LYONS, D. J. LYONS, W. H. LYTTLETON, Raymond Arthur G.41 J.385 J.59, J.63 E.124 M.E.L. EQUIPMENT CO LTD J.118, J.142, J.161, J.170 McANUFF, J. W McCABE, Edward MACCALLUM, Elizabeth McCALLUM, R. B. H.208, H.209, H.244, J.191, J.238 J.191 J.25 J.297 McCANCE, Robert Alexander E.125, £.151 McCANN, M. T. M. CASEY McCLINTOCK,M. McCLINTOCK,PeterV.E. McCREA,Sir William Hunter MacDONALD, D. Keith C. MacDONALD, G. MacDONALD, J. Ross McDOUGALL, Gordon McEWEN, Andrew McEWEN, Ewen McFADZEAN, Sir William Hunter, Baron MacFARLANE, G. G. McGEE, Harold J. H.706, H.709, H.710, H.711, J.500, J.502, J.505, J.511, J.512 J.60 See also J.238 J.880 E.103 C.94 J.87, J.88, J.880 G.37 A.220 J.517 H.229, H.232, H.751, H.754, J.331, J.359, J.386 J.191 J.238 D.113, E.240, G.251, G.261, G.298, G.306, G.317, G.329-G.334, G.339, G.359, G.360, G.367, G.370, J.881 McGEE, James Dwyer J.191, J.238 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 549 Index of correspondents McGLASHAN, Max L. MaclINNES, W.M. MacINTOSH, A.R. McINTOSH, John McINTYRE, Roy W. MACKAY, Alan Lindsay H.828, J.482 J.297 J.297 H.49, J. 88, J.117, J.484, J.487, J.1147 See also J.882 J.359, J.461 E.373, J.386, J.503, J.882, J.1148 McKERROW,William Stuart J.1058 MckIM, Frank R. McKINSEY AND CO. INC MACKINTOSH, Allan Roy MacLAGAN, Michael B.175, J.191, J.386 J.363 J.1107 J.479 McLAREN, Dame Anne Laura Dorinthea D.102, E.103, J.406, J.431, J.882 See also J.386 McLEAN, A.S. McLEAN, W.L. J.331 G.36, J.88 MacLEOD, Audrey S. HALFORD- J.56, J.82, J.83, J.381 MACLEOD, G.R. MacLEOD, H. A. M. MacLEOD, Roy M. McMAHON, H. O. McMEEKING, R. G. H.437 J.359 H.222-H.224, J.238, J.297 See also H.151 J.141 J.88, J.141 MACMILLAN AND CO LTD J.191, J.238, J.331, J.350 McMILLAN, Norman MACMILLAN, T. McMURRIN, Stirling M. McNAB, Sir Geoffrey McNEILL, Peter C. F.234, J.475, J.481, J.487, J.492 J.509 G.225, J.526 J.1060 G.165, G.166, J.359 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 550 Index of correspondents MacPHERSON, Wally McQUILLAN, Deirdre McQUILLAN, Marion K. MACRAKIS, Kristie MACROBERT TRUST McWHIRTER, R. W.P. MACE, Colin MACHINE TOOL INDUSTRY RESEARCH ASSOCIATION MACHINE TOOL TRADES ASSOCIATION MADDISON, R. E. W. MADDOCK,Brian J. MADDOCK,Sir leuan MADDOx, Sir John Royden H.428 E.293 J.166, J.191, J.238, J.331, J.882 H.241 H.211, H.212, H.214, H.221, H.234, J.331, J.347, J.376, J.398 J.327 J.117 J.281 J.139 H.127, H.134, H.140, H.150, H.163, J.238, J.297, J.331, J.359, J.406 H.36, J.1177 A.248, H.28, H.233, H.360, J.166, J.238, J.359, J.376, J.406 E.157, E.367, E.386, E.429, H.330, H.707, J.166, J.191, J.238, J.297, J.299, J.502, J.513, J.514, J.883, J.897, J.907, J.1062, J.1080 MAGAZU, Salvatore G.329 MAGDALEN COLLEGE, OXFORD J.166, J.191, J.297, J.359 MAGNETIC EQUIPMENT CO LTD MAGNIEN, Maurice MAGYAR HIKEK MAGYAR TELEVIZIO J.44 H.427 J.406 G.182, J.384 MAGYAR TUDOMANYOS AKADEMIA See HUNGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES MAGYAR, Balint MAGYAROK VILAGSZOVETSEGE (WORLD FEDERATION OF HUNGARIANS) MAINO, Donatella Biagi J.883 See also J.1175 J.104 G.359 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 551 Index of correspondents MAINO, Giuseppe MAITLIS, Peter Michael MAL, H. H. VAN MALCOLM, W.Maurice MALIK, F. Bray MALVERN COLLEGE, WORCESTERSHIRE MALVERN, A. R. G.359 E.125 J.150 J.884 H.709 F.59, F.142 J.355, J.356 MANCHESTER LITERARY AND PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY F.225, J.287, J.294 MANDAKOVIC, Marko MANDEL, Robert LEVY- MANN, C. Nicholas J. MANN, D. B. MANN, Frederick George MANN, John MANN, Murray GELL- MANN, Richard MANN, Thaddeus Robert Rudolph MANNEVIILLE, Paul MANNING, William Reginald Dermot MANUS, C. MARANTZ, Samuel A. MARCH, Jonathan D. MARCH, Norman H. MARCH, Robert Henry MARCHAND, M. André MARCHETTI, Cesare G.306 J.140 E.293 J.359, J.420 J.191, J.1072 J.386 J.81, J.111, J.286, J.804, J.893 See also J.1132, J.1139 E.301 E.103 E.369, E.370 J.238, J.885 E.335, J.297 J.191, J.238 J.238, J.885 F.220, J.238, J.359 B.57, B.74, G.59, J.117, J.238, J.297, J.465, J.885 B.80, J.60 G.216, J.386, J.494, J.885 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 552 Index of correspondents MARCIANO, T. MARCONI CO LTD MARCONI INSTRUMENTS LTD MAREL, L. C. VAN DER MARGENAU, Henry MARGER, Brigitte J.886 J.149 J.177 J.331 J.401 E.411, J.166, J.191, J.297, J.359, J.406, J.886, J.1075, J.1110 See also J.1107 MARGERISON, ThomasA. E.8, F.273, G.91, J.60, J.166 MARGOLIOUTH, H. M. MARGOLIS, David S. MARINOV,Stefan MARK TWAIN SOCIETY MARKLUND, Kari J.33 G.202, H.34, H.35, J.386, J.406, J.429, J.494, J.502 E.335, E.337, E.347-E.350, E.356- E.363, E.365-E.374, E.377, E.379, E.380, E.382, E.386, E.389 J.1137 B.57, J.238 MARLBOROUGH COLLEGE, WILTSHIRE J.191, J.386, J.510 MAROIS, Maurice MARPLES, Ernest MARSHALL, Ann, Lady MARSHALL, Charles A. MARSHALL, Geoffrey MARSHALL, Michael J. MARSHALL, Peter MARSHALL, Walter Charles, Baron J.238 J.1113 J.888 J.239, J.297 E.263, J.141, J.386, J.886 J.518 J.483, J.492, J.496 B.166, C.87, C.88, C.102, D.14A, H.124, H.139, H.300, H.306, H.316, H.325, H.328, H.330, H.402, J.117, J.141, J.166, J.239, J.297, J.331, J.359, J.386, J.406, J.448, J.463, J.466, J.473, J.474, J.861, J.887, J.888, J.927, J.1057 MARSHAM, Thomas N. J.469, J.470, J.889 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 553 Index of correspondents MARSON, G. Barrie MARTIENSEN, Werner MARTIN, A.V. MARTIN, Derek H. MARTIN, Jean-Marie MARTIN, N. E. MARTIN, P. MARTIN, Peter L. MARTIN, Sir David Christie MARX, Gyérgy MARX, T. MASCHINENFABRIK OERLIKON MASICA,William J. MASLECH, George MASON, Sir (Basil) John MASON, Helen MASON, Peter E.V. MASON, Sir Ronald MASON, Stephen Finney MASSACHUSETTSINSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY MIT PRESS J.360 J.239 H.182 E.71, J.166 H.59, H.60, H.428 J.239 J.88 D.27, D.28, D.31, J.360, J.386, J.406, J.499, J.500 G.48, G.49, G.52, G.81, G.182, H.123-H.127, H.129-H.132, H.134, H.138, H.139, H.142, H.143, H.149, H.153, H.156, H.160, H.162-H.165, H.208, H.221-H.225, H.231, J.87, J.93, J.117, J.122, J.141, J.192, J.193, J.252, J.253, J.306, J.331, J.365, J.389, J.410 See also J.889 F.247, G.160, G.176, G.373, H.694, H.772, J.332, J.355, J.360, J.386, J.432, J.889, J.1138, J.1190 See also J.1171, J.1184, J.1186 J.406, J.417 J.174 J.464, J.466, J.471 J.142 E.71, H.205, J.194, J.406, J.428, J.430 See also J.890 J.327 J.890 J.406, J.415, J.517, J.890, J.1130 E.125 J.56 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 554 Index of correspondents NATIONAL MAGNET LABORATORY G.92, G.93 MASSEY, Sir Harrie Stewart Wilson MASURIER, Sir Robert LE MATHER, D. MATHER, J. R. H.231, H.288, H.755, H.793, J.87, J.142, J.194, J.239, J.254, J.292, J.297, J.332, J.365, J.410, J.450 J.356 J.492 J.194 MATHER, Sir Kenneth H.279, H.293, J.20, J.142 MATHISON, J. F. MATOFF, Theo MATRICON, Jean MATTAROLO, F. MATTHEWS, Leonard Harrison MATTHEWS, P. W. G.38 J.526 G.306 J.454 J.60 J.242 MATTHEWS, Paul Taunton G.75, J.117, J.142 MATTHIAS, Bernd T. MATTUCK,R. D. MATZKO, S. N. E.432, J.87 J.239 H.976, J.386 MAUD, John Primatt Redcliffe Redcliffe-Maud, Baron See J.942 MAUDE, Barbara, Baroness MAUDLING, Reginald MAUDSLEY, Eryl MAULDON, James MAUNSELL, Harriet MAUNSELL, Ursula M. A. E.257, H.272-H.276, H.273, J.168, J.239, J.297 See also J.248 J.194 J.525 J.469, J.1167 See also J.890 J.1185 J.194, J.254, J.307, J.365 See also J.332 MAVRODINEANU, Radu J.20 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 555 Index of correspondents MAVROIDES, John G. MAXWEL, P. S. J.239 J.194 MAXWELL, Christine and Isabel See J.1176 MAXWELL, Elisabeth (‘Betty’) E.89, E.268, J.87, J.88, J.432, J.890, J.891, J.893, J.1176 See also J.1177 MAXWELL, Emanuel (‘Manny’) J.117, J.239 MAXWELL, lan Robert MAXWELL, Philip MAYNE, K.I. MAZUR, Jozef B.174, E.83, E.87, E.431-E.435, H.210-H.214, H.219, H.234, H.250, H.580, J.60, J.87, J.88, J.117, J.142, J.168, J.239, J.297, J.332, J.347, J.360, J.376, J.386, J.406, J.431, J.444-J.446, J.449, J.462, J.464, J.471, J.484, J.497, J.509, J.892, J.893, J.927, J.1143 See also D.41, J.190 J.890 J.45 J.239, J.297 McGRAW-HILL BOOK COMPANY J.146, J.464, J.466 MCMASTER UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS MEACOCK, W.J. MEAD, L. D. MEAD, Margaret MEAN. E. MEARA,B. G. MEATS, R. J. MEDAWAR, Sir Peter Brian MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL MEEKUMS, M. J. MEETHAM, A. Roger MEGNIN, Jean-Pierre J.201 E.277 E.285 J.297, J.894 H.36 J.87 J.142 J.239 J.128 J.11 E.433, J.20, J.45, J.88, J.895 G.338, G.340 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 556 Index of correspondents MEIJER, H. C. MEISNER, Peter MEISSNER, Hans MEISSNER, Walther MELCHIOR, Paul MELLANBY, Kenneth J.360 See also J.895 J.895 J.240 H.545, H.546, J.1090. J.1110 H.585, H.598, H.601, H.608, J.386, J.425, J.427, J.428, J.452, J.895, J.1127, J.1129 E.157, E.162, H.635, H.671, H.710, J.392 See also J.895 MELLINI, V. P. J.425 MELVILLE, Sir Harry Work E.103, H.289, H.306 MELVILLE, Jean MELVILLE, P. H. MELVIN, Mael A. MENCHER, Alan G. MENDELSSOHN, Heinrich MENDELSSOHN, Jutta MENDELSSOHN, Kurt Alfred Georg MENDOZA,Eric J.168, J.194, J.240, J.895, J.1066, J.1074, J.1095 J.297, J.332 J.432 J.298, J.332, J.1110, J.1111 J.88, J.895 J.503, J.897, J.1157 B.52, B.188, E.33, E.34, H.27, H.463, H.543, H.544, J.142, J.168, J.194, J.240, J.262, J.332, J.386, J.406, J.419, J.896-J.898, J.1053, J.1057, J.1070, J.1136 See also D.86, J.1076 E.12, E.276, G.224, H.533, H.746, H.748, J.21, J.60, J.118, J.168, J.289, J.506, J.511, J.512, J.515, J.516, J.899, J.1181 MENSFORTH, Sir Eric H.222, J.240, J.298 MENTER, Sir James Woodham H.231, H.232, H.485, H.488 MENZIES, Sir Robert Gordon H.789, J.168, J.795 MERCEA,J. MERCEA,MrsJ. J.899 J.332 MERCER, Frank Brian MERCIER, P. J. MERMIN, N. David MERRIAM, DanielF. MERRISON, Andria MERRISON, Benedict MERRISON, Maureen, Lady MERTON COLLEGE, OXFORD MERTON, Patrick Anthony MERZ AND McLELLAN MERZ, Walter J. MESELSON, Matthew Stanley MESSEL, Harry J.118 E.428 J.472 E.152, E.167 E.152 J.899 J.168 D.81, J.899 G.229 E.327, E.330, H.437, J.407, J.420- J.422, J.424 E.152 G.133, J.240 J.82 J.87 E.128 J.484, J.487, J.1147 J.88 J.45 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 557 Index of correspondents E.126, £.127, E.152, £.157 MESSER INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING LTD MESSER, Hans MESTEL, Leon METAL BOX LTD METAL INDUSTRY METALLISATION LTD, DUDLEY, WORCESTERRSHIRE METEOROLOGICAL OFFICE G.27, H.200, J.59, J.194, J.240 METHUEN AND CO LTD J.55 METROPOLITAN-VICKERS ELECTRICAL COMPANY LTD J.27 METZ, Claire O. MEYER, AndréJ. P. MEYER, Arthur L. MEYER, CharlesF. MEYER, Horst J.118, J.899 J.240 E.304 J.1143 C.64, J.496, J.899, J.1175 See also C.97 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 558 Index of correspondents MEYER, N. I. MEYNELL, Hugo DUNN- MEZEI, Feri MEZZANARES, Francesco MICHAELIS, Anthony R. MICHEL, Louis MICHELS, Antonius Mathias Johannes Friedrich (‘Teun’) MICHIE, Donald MICROMEDIA LTD MIDLAND JOINERY WORKSLTD MIGLIO, Leo MIHALY,Laszl6 MIKES, George MIKO, A. MILES, Sir Arnold Ashley MILES, Rachel MILES, Sydney MILIC, Bozidar J.298 F.158, F.159 E.328, £.343, £.353, E.361 E.359 E.156, E.163, E.406-E.422, G.218, J.298, J.386, J.407, J.415, J.428, J.437, J.445, J.454, J.456, J.462, J.470-J.472, J.475, J.488, J.495, J.500, J.510, J.511, J.513, J.516, J.520, J.521, J.900, J.1145, J.1150 J.481 See also J.1147 J.20 H.216 J.463 D.35 G.263 E.353 J.1164, J.1165 J.360 H.734, J.118, J.142, J.168, J.171, J.194, J.298, J.900 J.431 J.20 J.240 MILLAR, John Humphrey E.258, J.60 MILLAR, W. MILLARD, G. E. MILLARD, Patricia MILLBANK FILMS LTD J.332 J.179 J.194 J.298, J.303, J.335, J.1107 MILLECRON INSTRUMENTS LTD J.1150-J.1152 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 MILLER, Austin B. MILLER, C. W. MILLER, Rene MILLINGTON, A. E. MILLINGTON, G. MILNER, John 559 Index of correspondents J.60 J.298 J.240 J.77 G.139, G.156, J.298 J.87 MILTON KEYNES DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION D.14, J.358 MINERVA MINGES, Merrill L. MINNA-JAMES-HEINEMANN-STIFTUNG, HANNOVER MINNICH, S. H. MIQUEL, Jean-Frangois (‘Fran¢ois’) MIRANDA,F. J. MISPELTER, P. MITCHELL,Austin MITCHELL, Sir Edgar William John E.245, J.240 J.478, J.489 J.242 J.298 G.135, H.453, J.194, J.241, J.298, J.482 J.87, J.118 J.298, J.332 E.278 E.128, E.420, H.282, H.484, H.488, H.793, J.60, J.142, J.241, J.298, J.386, J.452, J.519, J.858, J.897, J.1058, J.1101, J.1141 See also J.900 MITCHELL, Peter Dennis H.694 MIYAZAWA, Yoshiko MLYNEK, Radomir MOE, Henry Allen MOFFATT,John MOHRHAUER, Hans M@LLER, H. B. MOLNAR, I. J.489, J.493, J.496, J.497, J.900 J.1165 D.95, H.123, H.142, H.956, H.960, H.961, J.45, J.60, J.88, J.142, J.168, J.194, J.241, J.298, J.901 J.60, J.87, J.118 J.241 J.332 J.60 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 560 Index of correspondents MONASH UNIVERSITY, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA G.49, G.50, J.60 MONDIN, H. MONOD, M. T. BEAL- MONOSOFF, Sonya MONROE, A.G. MONSANTO CHEMICALS LTD MONSANTO SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY MONSEES, Walter J.88 E.357 J.477, J.484, J.902 H.17-H.21, J.60, J.88, J.298 J.20, J.104 F.217 G.25, J.60 MONTEFIORE, Hugh William H.704, H.710, J.407, J.518 MONTGOMERY,D. Bruce MONTROLL, Elliott Waters MOON, Philip Burton MOONMAN, Eric B.23, B.24, J.118, J.168, J.241 B.182, G.190, J.241, J.360, J.386, J.526, J.528, J.1085, J.1122 See also J.902 E.103, J.241 See also J.1092 J.241, J.902 MOORBATH, Stephen Erwin E.291, H.808, J.407 MOORE, Anthony P. MOORE, R. E. MOORE, Royall T. MOORE, Walter J. MORAN, Patrick Alfred Pierce MORDUE, J. G. MORELL, David MORELLI, Walter MORGAN, G. T. M. DE M. MORGAN, John W. MORGAN, Walter Thomas James MORLEY, J.G. F.56, J.332 J.60 E.152 D.88, D.89, J.902 E.103 J.60, J.63, J.87, J.118, J.236, J.283 J.505, J.510 D.7 J.241 G.134, J.298 E.103, J.88, J.142 J.1073 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 561 Index of correspondents MORRELL, J. B. (‘Jack’) MORRIS, Sir Charles MORRIS, D. Geraint MORRIS, Elizabeth MORRIS, Nancy P. MORRISH, Alan H. MORRISON, JamesA. MORROGH, Henton MORSE, Norman H. MORTLOCK,Geoffrey MORTON, A.J. MORTON, John MORTON, P. H. MORTON, Sir (Robert) Alastair (Newton) MORTON, Ronald W. MORVAY,Judith MORVAY, Sandor A.6, D.94, H.186, H.189, H.194, H.251, J.903 See also J.1188 J.827 J.241, J.437, J.444, J.445, J.461, J.903 See also J.466 J.168 J.87, J.307 J.258 G.24, G.26, J.60, J.168 J.142 G.25, J.60 J.503, J.506, J.1148 E.248, H.961, J.241 D.35, J.45 J.168, J.241, J.1058 J.787 J.20, J.45 G.89, J.491 J.332, J.407, J.523, J.527, J.1067, J.1153-J.1155 MOSELEY, Henry GwynJeffreys See D.87, J.904 MOSER, Sir Claus MOSS, Norman MOSSERI, Rémy MOTT, Sir Nevill Francis J.1169 See also A.212, J.903, J.1177 D.78, J.407, J.416, J.527 E.337 A.12, A.285, E.152, F.55, H.305, J.20, J.168, J.241, J.332, J.905, J.1064 MOTZ, Hans E.331 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 MOUNT, Luisella S. MOUREU, Henri MOXON, A. MOYER, Burton J. MRAW, Stephen C. MUIR, Alec A. MUIR, Helen MULHALL, Brian E. MULLALY & BYRNE PTY. LTD MULLARD LTD MULLARD RESEARCH LABORATORIES MULLER, Burton H. MULLER, K.Alex MULLIN, William J. MULLINGS, Peter MUMMERY,S. MUNDAY, C.W. 562 Index of correspondents E.220 F.122, J.118, J.407, J.428 J.241 G.40, J.88 J.298 E.244, H.937, J.88, J.118, J.142, J.168, J.1070 See also J.1071 J.60, J.905 H.318 G.50 B.8, B.15, B.82, J.45, J.74, J.126, J.138, J.155, J.175, J.188, J.203, J.239, J.241, J.345 B.83, H.745, J.56, J.67, J.79, J.126, J.149, J.151, J.175, J.228 B.96, H.223, J.298 E.349 H.967 J.142 J.118 J.1063 MUNRO, Christine STEWART- J.491, J.498, J.503, J.506, J.507 MUNTAU, Hans J. SCHNEIDER- H.332, H.333, J.337, J.368 MURGATROYD, Walter MURPHY,Alfred John J.407, J.422 H.95-H.99, J.43, J.60, J.87, J.88, J.142 MURRAY,John G.335, G.340 MURRAY,Keith Anderson Hope, Baron Murray of Newhaven H.152, H.209, J.20, J.118, J.142, J.168, J.241, J.298, J.905, J.1062 See also J.1080 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 563 Index of correspondents MUTUAL OF OMAHA INSURANCE COMPANY G.33, J.407, J.435, J.438, J.439, J.507, J.919 N. M. ROTHSCHILD & SONS LTD N.P.L. QUARTERLY J.364 J.143 N. V. PHILIPS GLOEILAMPEN-FABRIEKEN F.58, J.122, J.189, J.223, J.334 NABARRO, Frank Reginald Nunes E.104, J.22, J.242, J.361, J.906, J.1114 NAESMYTH, Creswell, NAESMYTH OF POSSO J.195 NAGANO, Hiroshi NAGY, Elemer NAGY, Janos LORINCZ- NAKAMURA,A. NALLECZ, Maciej J. NAPLETON, L. A. NARAYANKHEDKAR, K.G. NASH, W.F. NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, USA G.130, , J.242, J.333 J.242 J.492 J.333 J.299 G.140, J.242, J.299, J.906 J.361, J.1117 J.242 E.167, J.213, J.274, J.276, J.400, J.408, J.906, J.1128 eA. AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION J.289 NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS, USA NATIONAL CATALOGUING UNIT FOR THE ARCHIVES OF CONTEMPORARYSCIENTISTS (NCUACS) NATIONAL COAL BOARD J.66, J.131, J.137, J.293, J.299, J.408, J.429, J.431, J.435, J.436, J.454, J.455 H.245 See also CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE G.228, G.241, J.158, J.343, J.387, J.398, J.419 MINING RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ESTABLISHMENT G.245 NATIONAL COUNCIL OF WOMEN OF GREATBRITAIN F.239 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 564 Index of correspondents NATIONAL CURRICULUM COUNCIL G.320 NATIONAL ENGINEERING LABORATORY, GLASGOW J.310 NATIONAL FILM ARCHIVE NATIONAL GRID COMPANY PLC D.99, J.236 J.1176 NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL FUEL EFFICIENCY SERVICE H.743, J.45, J.64, J.95, J.123, J.140, J.333 NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH NATIONALINSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH IN NUCLEAR SCIENCE J.169 J.66 NATIONAL LENDING LIBRARY FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY J.170, J.264 NATIONAL MUSEUM OF WALES NATIONAL OCEANOGRAPHIC ATMOSPHERIC ADMINISTRATION (NOAA), USA NATIONAL PHYSICAL LABORATORY(NPL) J.175 J.436 H.744-H.754, H.823, H.824, J.45, J.72, J.75, J.126, J.128, J.131, J.156, J.218, J.264, J.278, J.292, J.302, J.313, J.321, J.361, J.387, J.398, J.409, J.428, J.429, J.464, J.480, J.482, J.484, J.486, J.489, J.494 See also J.488 NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY J.299, J.408 NATIONAL RESEARCH CORPORATION, USA J.22 NATIONAL RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION B.93, B.189, C.73, C.75, G.19, H.29, H.117, H.278, H.358-H.360, H.363, H.366, H.367, H.370, J.46, J.58, J.63, J.70, J.127, J.176, J.231, J.265, J.267, J.293, J.1071, J.1073, J.1074, J.1079, J.1190 NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION, USA B.97, H.172, J.39, J.131, J.147 NATURE D.52, D.81, £.157, E.228, E.229, E.231, E.241, E.429, H.228, H.707, J.46, J.49, J.61, J.110, J.143, J.166, J.191, J.238, J.297, J.299, J.333, J.348, J.361, J.377, J.398, J.408, J.417, 3.425, J.443, J.456, J.457, J.502, J.513, J.514, J.883, J.907, J.996, J.1062, J.1080 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 565 Index of correspondents NEAL, J. Valerie J.494, J.495, J.908 NEEDHAM, (Noél) Joseph (Terence Montgomery) NEEL, Louis NELDER, John Ashworth NELKON, Michael NEMESSZEGHY,Erwin A. NEMETI, Ludmilla THE NETHERLANDS EMBASSY (LONDON) NETTER, Francis NEUBERGER, Albert NEUBERGER, Julia NEUFELD, Philip D. NEUMANN, Bernhard Hermann NEURATH, Peter W. NEVEU, C. Bruno NEW COLLEGE, OXFORD E.129, E.408, H.275, H.936, H.942, J.186, J.242, J.361 See also J.908 E.396, J.22, J.143, J.242, J.408, J.498, J.909, J.1042-J.1047 See also J.128 E.129 J.22 B.58, J.89, J.242, J.299, J.1097 J.910 G.95, J.164, J.392 J.299, J.333, J.361 E.104 E.279 J.242 E.129 J.195, J.1071 J:517 J.108, J.361 NEW METALS & CHEMICALS LTD C.98, J.54, J.64 NEW SCIENTIST NEW TECHNOLOGY NEW YORKTIMES G.91, G.140, J.50, J.75, J.80, J.88, J.89, J.119, J.143, J.169, J.175, J.195, J.243, J.284, J.299, J.361, J.387, J.408, J.433, J.444, J.484, J.502, J.503, J.505, J.521, J.523, J.911, J.996, J.1052, J.1063 See also J.1075 J.243 E.229, J.89, J.475, J.1176 See also J.1144 NEWALL, Venetia J.910 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 566 Index of correspondents NEWBY,J. W. J.243 NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, NSW, AUSTRALIA G.50 NEWITT, Dudley Maurice NEWMAN, R.C. NEWNHAM COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE J.299, J.333 F.237 J.387 NEWPORT INSTRUMENTS LTD F.212, J.48, J.61, J.74, J.89, J.130 NEWRICK,J. NEWS CHRONICLE NEWS REPORT NEWSTEAD, Gordon NEWTON, Roy G. NICHOLAS, John Keiran Barry Moylan NICHOLDS, K.E. NICHOLS, R. W. NICOL, James NICOTRA, Kirsti Kuivalainen NIELSEN, Kurt SCHMIDT- NIELSEN, Ole H. NIERENBERG, William Aaron NIINIKOSKI, Tapio O. NIKITINE, S. NISHINA, Yuichiro NISONOFF, Alfred NITROCHILL LTD NIXON, D. J.243 D.41 J.243 B.88 F.78, H.10, H.11, H.13, H.14, H.271, H.797, J.299, J.333, J.387, J.408, J.419, J.426, J.440, J.460, J.486, J.912, J.1147 B.200 See also J.912 H.533, J.61, J.89 J.482 J.243, J.912 E352, E.359 E.136, E.153, E.160 E.350 E.156, G.225, H.297, J.89, J.489, J.504, J.913 See also J.1187 B.58, J.243 J.914 G.131, J.299 H.706, J.465 J.243 J.247, J.299 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 567 Index of correspondents NOAKES, G. R. NOBEL, Jacobus DE NOCKOLDS, Stephen Robert NOLTINGK,B. E. NORBERG, Arthur L. E.29, E.433, G.43, J.89, J.143, J.169, J.243, J.299, J.498, J.914 G.96, H.961, J.195, J.218 J.299, J.914 J.195 F.238, G.190, H.218, H.241, J.387, J.408, J.526, J.528 NORMAN, Richard Oswald Chandler H.824, J.484, J.486 NORRIS, W. Toby J.243, J.1076 NORTH AMERICANAVIATION INC NORTH AMERICAN ROCKWELL CORPORATION AEROSPACE & SYSTEMS GROUP J.143 J.203 NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANISATION (NATO/OTAN) H.763, H.764 SCIENTIFIC AFFAIRS DIVISION G.88, G.89, G.141, J.294, J.317, J.329, J.344, J.357, J.374, J.384, J.395, J.404, J.435, J.438, J.466, J.514, J.906 NORTH OF SCOTLAND HYDRO-ELECTRIC BOARD J.47, J.48, J.66, J.80, J.1082 NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY NORTH, Richard NORTHERN ECHO NORTON, R. B. NOVAK,Dezs6 NOW! MAGAZINE NOZIERES, Philippe J.149 E.281 J.243 J.61, J.89 G.193, J.408, J.440, J.914 J.506, J.1149 E.324, E.327, E.333-E.335, E.344, E.345, £.349, E.356, J.914 NUFFIELD COLLEGE, OXFORD D.27-D.31, D.33, J.398, J.408, J.499 NUFFIELD FOUNDATION NURICK, Simon NURSTEN, Harry B.65, H.208, H.209, H.218, H.223, H.236, H.244, J.191, J.238, J.277 J.915 G.359, G.363, G.367 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 NURZYNSKI, Jan O’BRIEN, M. G. M. O'CONNOR, J. F. O’SULLIVAN, Patrick 568 Index of correspondents G.262 J.62 J.63 D.30 OAK RIDGE NATIONAL LABORATORY J.24, J.65 INSTITUTE OF NUCLEAR STUDIES OAKES, B. OAKESHOTT, Sir Walter Fraser OATLEY, Arthur F. OBSERVER OCCIDENTAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION ODA,Y. ODGERS, Katharine ODLING SOCIETY OELERING, Jan H.J. J.22 J.244 J.68, J.86, J.98 J.120, J.916 D.51, D.110, J.108, H.942, J.182, J.195, J.244, J.333, J.362, J.387, J.405, J.408, J.424, J.454, J.456, J.461, J.489, J.494, J.504, J.523 J.785 J.362 J.1184, J.1185 J.19 D.51, D.52 OFFICE DE RADIODIFFUSION TELEVISION FRANCAISE H.452, J.317, J.360, J.370, J.387 OGDEN, R. F. OGSTON, Alexander George OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OHTSUKA,Taiichiro OLARIU, Silviu OLDHAM, C. H. G. OLEANDRI, Angela J.90, J.120 H.225, J.333 J.466, J.504 B.96, B.99, J.300, J.333, J.362 E.336 J.120, J.144, J.917 E.335, E.336, E.338, £.339, E.342- E.344, E.347-E.352, E.355, E.357, E.359, E.389 OLIEN, Neil A. H.583, H.584, H.962 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 569 Index of correspondents OLIVER & BOYD LTD OLIVER, D. S. OLIVER, D. W. OLIVER, Ronald William Alfred OLPHEN, H. VAN OLSEN, J@rgen Lykke OMEROD, R. ONO, K. ONODERA,Yutaka OOSTROM, D. VAN OPEN UNIVERSITY B.88, J.144 J.300 J.195 J.1128 G.191, H.583J.1127 B.23, B.55, E.46, F.60, G.41, G.119, G.141, H.461, H.463-H.465, H.829, H.966, H.968, J.62, J.90, J.120, J.144, J.169, J.195, J.244, J.300, J.362, J.387, J.408, J.432, J.440, J.456, J.473, J.918, J.1058, J.1064, J.1082, J.1090, J.1095, J.1144, J.1159 See also B.81, J.455, J.1091, J.1155, J.1160 D.27 J.62, J.300 B.99, B.100, J.333, J.362 J.264 F.158, F.242, F.243, J.403, J.456, J.1132 OPTICAL FILM ENGINEERING COMPANY J.22 ORBACH, Raymond G.261, J.120, J.503, J.515 ORGANISATIE VAN NATUURPHILOSOPHISCHE EN TECHNOLOGISCHE FACULTEITEN IN NEDERLAND G.95, G.96 ORGANISATION FOR ECONOMIC CO-OPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT (OECD) G.143, J.124, J.125, J.132, J.136, J.144, J.149, J.174, J.1121 POLLUTION CONTROL & NATURAL RESOURCES ORIEL COLLEGE, OXFORD ORIEL, John A. ORME, Dennis F. ORMEROD, Michael G. OROWAN, Egon ORSZAGH, Laszlo J.376 J.211 J.25 J.442 J.169 J.22 J.467 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 570 Index of correspondents OSBORNE,DaphneJ. OSBORNE,Darrell W. OSBORNE,Donald V. OSHIMA,Kelchi OSMASTON, R. S. OSMOND, Charles Barry OSNES, Eivind OTTEN, W. OUBOTER, Rudolf DE BRUYN OVERMANN, Ronald W. OWEN, I. W.L. OWEN, John OWEN, Kenneth OWEN, Sri and Roger See also J.920 J.300 B.83, E.12, J.90 J.169 D.109, E.434, G.130, G.142, G.168, J.244, J.300, J.333, J.362, J.387 See also J.920 J.195 E.104 E.375 J.300 D.72, J.244 H.172 D.35, D.36, J.46 J.62, J.90, J.454 J.370 G.248 OXBURGH, Ernest Ronald, Baron J.392, J.512 OXFORD AND CAMBRIDGE SCHOOLS EXAMINATION BOARD J.62, J.144 OXFORD AND COUNTY NEWSPAPERS OXFORD AND DISTRICT COOPERATIVE SOCIETY J.920 G.288 OXFORD ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY TEACHERS J.373, J.393 OXFORD CENTRE FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES J.406 OXFORD CITY COUNCIL E.285, G.137, J.503, J.920 OXFORD COLLEGE OF FURTHER EDUCATION J.195 OXFORD COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY J.73, J.75 OXFORD CRYOGENICS LTD H.361, H.368, J.223, J.1075 OXFORD HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS J.90, J.144, J.265, J.333 IHN"N 80/8/S9lSOVNON LLS s]uapuodsaiio)Joxapuy} G11ANVdWOSLNAINNYLSNIGYOsXO ‘O9€°H-8SE'H‘ZEL'D‘90€'E‘vL'd ‘GLUT‘StL‘66'T‘OLEH‘Z9EH €90L'f‘O9ET997‘c9zT'LS7T dNOwSASYANA1V907T1GYOsXO 2Z0€°4 ANIZVOVWGYOsxXO IVANGYOsIXO ‘voc9E7TO6T‘PLT‘OV cSOLTr ‘yv7‘69LTPSL‘8r7V‘LezVv gos‘LZEer‘O0EeTr SAWIL8TIVNGYO4XO L6ET‘VYET'7PE'H G11SNOILVOIMNENdNWYHOSOXSINGYOsXKO OLY‘LYZH‘SEZ'H‘L8L°H‘PZL'H NOILVIOOSSVNVIWYLSSGSdGYOsAXKO ANVWdANODASNOHAV1dGYOsAXKO c0e4 O0c2'V OINHOALAITOdGYOsAXKO LELLT‘v60LTS80L'T‘LEB‘80a ADNAIOS40TIOOHOS ALAIDOSGHYOAXO YVLSGYOs4xO SAWNILGYO4XO Zgcr Zosfr verve covepevrceerveer9rT glsost96r'resrvor 8ycVole99S ALAIDOSNOINNGYOsXO OLS‘Z8ET‘Z9ET'ZLET'80L'H ALLAZVSALISUSAINNGYOsxO Ger‘SLE‘C9ETBPET987T SS4udALISUSAINNGHYOsAXO ‘€vLbf‘OZLT‘06‘O€7'S‘ZE3 OSLLT €N19OlsILNAIOSALISUSAINNGYOsAXO ser ALAIDOSSISILNAIOSALISYAAINNGYOsAKO ‘ZLET‘OLZT‘8VLTT‘PLL‘98T ‘ger‘eser‘eeer‘ezerZLETr Levtf‘80v'T‘O6ET SALVNAVYDSYO4ALSIOOSALISHYSAINNGYOsAXO €N19NOSHONN1S.NSAWOMGY¥O4XO TONNODALNNOSDAYIHSGYOsAXO SHOIAYASALYAdOddGNVONINNV1d NOLAXO o6efT ceed 61d veer N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 572 Index of correspondents P.G. DAY (ELECTRONICS) LTD P’AN, CH’UN PACEY, Arnold PAGE, Sir Frederick HANDLEY- PAIGE, Edward George Sydney PAKISTAN SCIENCE FOUNDATION PAL, Lénard PALADE, George Emil PALLEY, Claire PALMA, Ugo PALMER, Leigh Hunt PALUELLO, Lorenzo MINIO- PAN AMERICAN WORLD AIRWAYS PANDE, H. C. PANGE, Victor de, Count PANOFSKY, Wolfgang K. H.(‘Pief’) PANTIN, William Abel PANTLIN, Richard H. PAPE, Iris E. PAPINI, G.A. PAPPAS, Panos T. PAPWORTH, Joanna PARISI, Giorgio PARK, J. Gavin PARK,J. R. C.82 G.52, J.91 J.518 J.56, J.63 J.245 J.363 G.176, J.91, J.121, J.170, J.196, J.245, J.334, J.496, J.1071 E.104 B.190 G.307, G.330, G.331, G.337, G.340, G.359, J.921 J.170 J.332 G.25, G.27, J.59, J.63, J.66, J.245, J.921 J.170 J.218, J.282 H.274, J.245 J.92 E.274, J.518 H.825, H.828, J.334, J.363, J.482 B.63 E.378 J.516, J.517, J.1154 E.377 H.760 E.24 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 573 Index of correspondents PARKER, Sir (Arthur) Douglas DODDS- PARKER, Hugh PARKER, Sir Peter PARKER, R. PARKES, Sir Alan Guyatt PARKINSON, David H. PARKS, R. D. PARLINKSI, Krzysztof PARRY PEOPLE MOVERS LTD PARRY,J. V. L. PARSONS, Michael W.S. PARSONS, Rodney H. PATHOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND PATON, A. D. PATON, Sir (Thomas) Angus (Lyall) PATON, Sir William Drummond MacDonald PATTEN, John Haggitt Charles, Baron PATTEN, T. D. PAUL ELEK LTD PAULING, Linus Carl J.1080 J.363 J.454, J.472, J.484, J.489, J.922, J.1147 J.121 H.734, J.170, J.196 A.128, B.23, E.255, H.299-H.302, H.305, H.313, H.327, H.357, H.518, H.533, H.538, H.745-H.749, J.63, J.91, J.92, J.108, J.121, J.131, J.145, J.170, J.245, J.301, J.923 G.37 E.383 D.19 J.63 J.1074 See also J.245, J.301 J.409, J.450 H.215, H.217 E.255, J.301 H.130 E.414, H.124, H.130, H.134, H.138, H.140, H.164, H.206, H.207, H.215- H.219, H.224, H.226, H.246, H.247, H.251, J.91, J.145, J.170, J.196, J.245, J.301, J.334, J.409, J.513 See also F.58, J.924 D.47, D.50, J.474, J.977, J.978, J.1179 H.421 J.283 E.130, E.152 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 PAULUS, Kurt PAUTHENET, René PAWLEK, Franz PAXTON, H. J. B. PAYNE, Christopher PEACE THROUGH NATO PEACH, Charles PEACH, Gillian PEACOCK,Anne PEARCE, Donald G. PEARCE, R. P. PEARSON, Egon Sharpe PEARSON, R.M. (‘Ron’) PEARSON, William B. PEASE, Rendel Sebastian (‘Bas’) PEASLEE, D.C. PECHINEY COMPAGNIE DE PRODUITS CHIMIQUES ET ELECTROMETALLURGIQUES PEDLEY, J. B. PEGG, David E. PEIERLS, Sir Rudolf Ernst 574 Index of correspondents E.272, E.325, E.326, E.328, E.331,E.332, E.337, £.354, E.355, E.365, E.374, J.196, J.245, J.291, J.301, J.326, J.354, J.383, J.507, J.517, J.525 G.104, H.327, H.328, H.330-H.332, H.334, H.335, G.170, J.121, J.145, J.245, J.301, J.363, J.388, J.409, J.432 J.91, J.1053 J.301 H.113, J.453 H.764 J.301 F.242 J.519 J.170, J.245, J.1075, J.1076 D.3, H.134, J.334 H.132, H.133, J.245 J.1041, J.1042 J.301 E.152, £.263, H.21, H.215, H.326, J.170, J.363, J.388, J.409, J.481, J.924, J.1122 J.1046 J.130 J.363 H.534, H.730-H.732, H.737, J.145, J.170, J.245, J.301, J.334, J.526, J.924, J.1179 B.188, D.51, E.151, G.212, J.92, J.145, J.197, J.327, J.355, J.363, J.505, J.925, J.977, J.978 See also J.828, J.1160 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 575 Index of correspondents PELCZYNSKI, Zbnigniew A. PELLAM, John R. PENGELLY, Albert Hubert (‘Joe’) PENNEY,William George, Baron PENNINGTON, Anne PENROSE, Oliver PEOVER, M. E. PERCIVAL, lan Colin PERCY BILTON LTD PERDON, Henri PERGAMON PRESS LTD PERKINS, Donald Hill PERKINS, E.A. 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REID, Irvin REID, Sir Robert REINGOLD, Nathan REITSMA,A. E.182 J.511 J.335, J.364 See MAUD J.198 G.25, J.64 J.122, J.942 J.480 E.83, E.182, E.292, J.122 J.364, J.403 J.313, J.335, J.355 J.122 J.122, J.138, J.198 E.135 J.1183 See also J.942 H.181 J.122 RESEARCH AND CONTROL INSTRUMENTS LTD G.24, J.48, J.49, J.73, J.74 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENTSOCIETY RESEARCH SERVICES LTD RESMINI, Pierpaolo RETTIE, R. S. REUCK,Anthony V. S. DE REUTH, Edward C. VAN REYNOLDS, Ann REYNOLDS, Charles A. F.243 J.298 G.307 J.388 J.171, J.198, J.282, J.335 J.125, J.150 G.259 J.1051 N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 585 Index of correspondents REYNOLDS, E. H. (‘Josh’) REYNOLDS, Stanley REYNOLDS, W.N. RHODERICK,E. H. G.91, G.130, G.136, G.142, J.93, G.165, G.166, H.29-H.34, H.273, J.122, J.146, J.171, J.198, J.248, J.303, J.364, J.388, J.942, J.1092, J.1098, J.1118 See also J.373, J.409 E.265, J.425 E.433 J.122 RHODES HOUSE, OXFORD H.6, H.225, J.93, J.248, J.304 RHODES TRUST RHODES, Philip RHODES, René G. RHODES, William G. 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ROHONCZI, Edit ROHONY!I, Peter ROLLEFSON, Robert J. ROLLS ROYCE LTD ROMANIA J.65 J.957 J.515, J.958 G.48, J.93 J.959 G.136 E.297 C.109, H.34, H.36, J.146, J.171, J.198, J.304, J.374, J.466, J.1104 J.409 J.24 E.294 A.180 J.478, J.1146 C.96, C.97, G.99, H.209, H.755, H.761, J.50, J.106, J.187, J.211, J.225, J.353, J.412, J.426, J.441, J.449, J.959, J.1073 ACADEMYOF SCIENCES G.74, G.75 COMITE ROUMAIN D’HISTORIE ET DE PHILOSOPHIE DES SCIENCES J.373 EMBASSY (LONDON) ROMANOV,Andrei Stanislavovich BOROVIK- ROME, R. M. ROMER, Robert H. ROMPE, Robert ROOKE, Sir Denis Eric J.111, J.122 E.358, G.213 J.171, J.198 J.450, J.454, J.455, J.457, J.467, J.469, J.728, J.959 G.192, J.388, J.428 See also J.959 G.326, H.459 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 589 Index of correspondents ROOKER, Jeffrey William, Baron See J.1188 ROPER, Hugh Redwald TREVOR-, Baron Dacre of Glanton ROSBAUD, Paul ROSE, F. C. ROSE, Hymie ROSE, M. E. ROSE, Paul Lawrence ROSE-INNES ROSENBAUM, Ralph ROSENBERG, Harry ROSENBLITH, Walter A. ROSENBLUM, Bruce ROSENBLUM, S. ROSENBROCK, Howard Harry ROSENFELD, Arthur H. ROSENHEAD, Louis ROSS, F.F. ROSS, Michael ROSSMASSLER, Steve A. ROSSOTTI, Francis J. C. ROST, Peter ROTBLAT, Sir Joseph H.936, H.937, H.941, H.942, J.124, J.149, J.174, J.263, J.1079 B.181, E.35, E.36, J.64, J.65, J.960 See also D.48 J.122 G.107, J.64, J.249, J.304, J.354, J.388, J.961, J.1099 J.64 D.51, D.52 See INNES G.224, H.370, J.249, J.304, J.517, J.961 J.249, J.370 See also J.388, J.1086 H.610 G.37 J.24 E.105, J.1024 J.491, J.961 See also J.1154 J.198 H.426 H.710 J.429, J.431 E.433, J.249 D.14A, E.261, H.117-H.119, J.388, J.409, J.424, J.449, J.463, J.473, J.484, J.486, J.961 See also J.1165 G.108, G.212, J.24, J.171, J.304 See also J.961 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 590 Index of correspondents ROTHERHAM, Leonard (‘Larry’) ROTHERY, Mrs W. HUME- ROTHERY,William HUME- ROTHSCHILD, Dame Miriam Louisa ROTHSCHILD, Edmund Leopold de D.35, E.105, H.421, H.422, H.433, H.787, J.64, J.93, J.146, J.171, J.198, J.249, J.364 H.134, J.290 H.895, J.82, J.83 E.135, £.157 J.364, J.962 ROTHSCHILD, Nathaniel Mayer Victor Rothschild, 3rd Baron G.212, J.249, J.388, J.392, J.962 ROTHWARF, Frederick ROUBEAU, Pierre ROUX, Albert ROUX,Michel ROWE, TerenceV.G. ROWLEY,H. V. ROWLINSON, Sir John Shipley J.122 J.146, J.171, J.463, J.1142 See J.962 G.307, F.240, J.523, J.526, J.962 F.116, H.733-H.735, J.409, J.963 J.24 B.202, H.156, H.164, J.409, J.477, J.1145 See also J.888 ROYAL AERONAUTICAL SOCIETY H.215, H.217, J.482 ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY ROYAL COLLEGE OF SCIENCE MATHEMATICAL AND PHYSICAL SOCIETY H.215 J.403 ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS OF ENGLAND H.215, J.114 ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS H.9, H.10, H.123-H.128, H.132, H.133, H.138-H.145, H.149, H.151- H.160, H.162-H.164, H.166, H.167, H.209, H.211, H.223-H.225, H.227, H.238, J.282, J.283, J.314, J.348, J.376, J.377, J.398, J.521 ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS H.12 ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY H.215, H.217 ROYAL INSTITUTION OF GREAT BRITAIN E.115, F.49, F.133, F.158, F.212, F.246, F.247, H.781, H.782, J.48, J.49, J.58, J.194, J.197, J.198, J.203, J.249, J.263, J.265, J.304, N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 591 Index of correspondents ROYAL IRISH ACADEMY ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE OF SCIENCE ROYAL RADAR ESTABLISHMENT(RRE) ROYAL SOCIETY J.312, J.335, J.346, J.388, J.427, J.428, J.440, J.460, J.471 E.333 J.94-J.96 H.309, J.63, J.92, J.121, J.165, J.170, J.190, J.245, J.325, J.330, J.348 B.72, B.97, B.213, B.216, B.241, B.304, E.71, E.72, F.58, F.122, F.246, G.24, G.48, G.49, G.52, G.74, G.81, G.129, G.133, G.157, G.176, G.182, G.193, G.196, G.215, G.228-G.230, G.241, G.242, G.295, G.326, H.9, H.10, H.13, H.123- H.127, H.129-H.134, H.138, H.139, H.142-H.144, H.170, H.172-H.176, H.181, H.184, H.185, H.206, H.208, H.212-H.214, H.218-H.225, H.230- H.232, H.236, H.237, H.239, H.243, H.245-H.247, H.249-H.252, H.263, H.265, H.287-H.291, H.296 H.435, H.783-H.926, H.956-H.958, J.46, J.48, J.49, J.55, J.60, J.64, J.65, J.74, J.75, J.81, J.84, J.86-J.88, J.93, J.104, J.108, J.115, J.117, J.118, J.122, J.123, J.132, J.134 J.135, J.139, J.141, J.142, 3.145, J.146, J.148, J.154, J.156-J.158, J.160, J.164, J.166, J.171, J.175, J.178, J.183, J.186, J.189, J.191- J.194, J.198, J.201, J.210, J.244, J.250-J.254, J.292, J.305-J.307, J.312, J.328, J.331, J.336, J.356, J.365, J.389, J.410, J.411, J.417- J.419, J.425, J.426, J.428-J.430, J.432, J.435, J.436, J.438-J.443, J.446, J.448, J.450, J.454, J.457, J.458, J.460, J.461, J.463, J.464, J.467, J.469-J.472, J.474, J.477, J.480, J.482, J.486, J.488-J.493, J.499-J.508, J.510, J.513, J.515, J.516, J.518-J.520, J.525, J.526, J.941, J.955, J.1054, J.1065, J.1066, J.1070, J.1077, J.1102, J.1118, J.1128, J.1143, J.1145, J.1184 See also J.1124, J.1131, J.1138, J.1178 BRITISH NATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE, MEDICINE AND TECHNOLOGY SUB- H.168, H.176, H.195, H.218, H.236 H.169, H.175 ,H.181, H.184, H.185, N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 592 Index of correspondents COMMITTEE ON CONTEMPORARYSCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES H.189, H.191, H.194, H.237, H.241, H.252 JOINT STANDING COMMITTEE FOR SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL RECORDS H.147-H.167, H.169, H.205, H.209, H.211, H.213, H.224 ROYAL SOCIETY OF CHEMISTRY ROYAL SOCIETY OF EDINBURGH ROYAL SOCIETY OF HEALTH ROYAL SOCIETY OF MEDICINE ROYAL SOCIETY OF NEW ZEALAND ROYAL STATISTICAL SOCIETY ROYAL SWEDISH ACADEMYOF SCIENCE NOBEL COMMITTEE FOR PHYSICS ROYLE, Sir Anthony RUBINSTEIN, Hector RUBINSTEIN, Roy RUDBERG, Erik RUDERMAN, Malvin A. RUHEMANN, Martin RUNCIE, Robert Alexander Kennedy RUNCIMAN, W.Alan RUNCORN, Stanley Keith RUPKE, Nicholaas A. RUSSELL, P. SCOTT- RUSZNYAK,Istvan H.217, H.219, H.239 F.230, J.388 F.241 H.216 G.261 H.216 J.436 J.445 H.707, J.501 E.336 E.349, J.487 J.304, J.335 J.304, J.525, J.963 H.755-H.757, H.952, J.24, J.198, J.249, J.304, J.409, J.456, J.963 E.268, G.202 See also J.1144 B.30, B.83, G.133, H.319, J.122, J.146, J.963 See also J.249 J.24, J.64, J.249 See also J.1049 H.266 J.66 E.84, E.85, J.146, J.187, J.1051, J.1057 RUTHERFORD HIGH ENERGY LABORATORY (later RUTHERFORD AND APPLETON LABORATORIES) F.218, J.177, J.238, J.249, J.274, J.311, J.391, J.509, J.511 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 593 Index of correspondents RUTLAND, F. M. RUTSTEIN, Joel S. RUTTER, Arie P. DE RUTTER, Sir Michael Llewellyn RYDBECK,O. E. H. RYLE, Sir Martin RYMILL, Eleanor SABLON, B. LECLERC DU SACERDOTI, Giancarlo SACHER, Paul SACK,Henri S. SACKMANN, Erich SAFRATA, R. Stanislav SAHAKIAN, Barbara Jacqueline SAILOR, Vance Lewis SALAM, Muhammed Abdus SALANDER, Britta SALANDER, Carsten SALEM, Lionel SALMERON, Roberto A. SALMON, Alice (‘Tish’) [Mrs Dunn Meynell] SALOMAA,Martti M. SALOMON, Jean-Jacques SALONEN, Neil Albert J.93, J.122 E.371, E.373 J.515, J.516, J.525 E.105 J.335 J.409, J.430 G.260 J.140, J.147 J.172 J.964 G.43, J.94, J.147 E.373 B.78, G.65, G.142, G.350, G.350, H.784, J.95, J.96, J.147, J.199, J.255, J.308, J.965, J.1086, J.1087 See also C.96 J.523, J.965, J.1153 J.199 E.106, G.74, J.123 J.514 J.511, J.965 J.199 E.327, E.364 G.278 E.342, E.343 G.143, J.255, J.308 H.647, H.650, H.651, H.655, H.659, J.481, J.484, J.486, J.488, J.496, J.498, J.500, J.506, J.507, J.515, J.521, J.523, J.526, J.528 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 594 Index of correspondents SALPETER, Edwin SALUSBURY, Roger W. SALVAT EDITORES, S.A. SAMBROOK,Mrs SAMBURSKY, Samuel SANCTUARY,Chris J. SANDARS, Patrick G. H. SANDERENS, Alain SANDERS, John H. SANDIFORD, David J. SANDNER, Heinrich SANNANGELANTONIO, Luce SANSEVERINO, Lodovico RIVA DI SANTEN, J. H. VAN SARDI, Jacqueline SARGENT, Roger W.H. SARGENT,Wallace Leslie William SARK PUBLICITY COMMITTEE SARTORI, Giovanni SARUIS, Anna Maria SATOW,M. SATTERLEE, Nicholas SAUER, John A. SAUNDERS, P.G.H. SAUNDERS, Patrick SAUR, Eugen Julius J.25 See also J.1182 J.25 J.255 J.515 J.147 J.368, J.965 J.435 G.307 J.255 J.199 J.390 J.401 J.447 J.313 D.7 H.390 E.106 H.772 G.329 G.359 E.260, J.412 J.76 J.25 See J.337 J.965 E.424, J.94, J.147, J.199 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 595 Index of correspondents SAVET, Paul SAVET, Paul N. SAVILL, Peter S. SAXON, David SAYER, Michael SCARISBRICK,lan N. SCARMAN, Leslie George, Baron SCARROTT,G. SCHAEFER, Claus SCHAFER, C. SCHAMA,Simon SCHATZMANN, Evry J.965 J.412 E.182 J.515, J.517, J.521, J.523, J.526 H.165 J.308, J.512 H.145, H.223, H.401, J.123, J.255, J.308 J.94 J.25 J.966 See J.1177 E.384, J.390, J.412, J.430, J.435 SCHAWLOW,Arthur Leonard J.255, J.1087 SCHENK,K. SCHERMER, Robert I. SCHIFFMAN, Susan SCHMEISSNER, Fritz SCHMELLING, Stephen G. SCHMID, Alexander SCHMIDT, Klaus SCHMITT, Roland W. SCHNEIDER, Erich E. SCHNEIDER, T. R. SCHOFIELD, A. SCHOFIELD, Mrs SCHOLEFIELD, H. H. H.708 J.966 J.308, J.1105 See also J.1106 J.172, J.255 J.255 J.905 J.1092 J.434, J.437 F.229, J.337, J.368, J.390, J.1112 J.412 J.123 D.50 J.94, J.172 596 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 SCHOLL, G. SCHOLZ, Franz Index of correspondents G.187, J.390 J.412, J.417 SCHONLAND, Sir Basil Ferdinand Jamieson H.946, J.46, J.96 SCHRODER, Ulrich E. E.337 SCHRODINGER, Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander See D.88, D.89 SCHUELEIN, Margaret SCHULTZ, D. S. L. (‘Don’) SCHWEITZER, Paul H. SCHWOB, F. SCIAMA, Dennis William SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING RESEARCH COUNCIL H.187 J.439 J.25, J.1042 See C.97 H.773, J.308, J.327, J.337, J.412, J.1132 G.268 See also SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL SCIENCE ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA J.436 SCIENCE COUNCIL OF JAPAN J.425, J.430, J.436 SCIENCE JOURNAL SCIENCE MASTERS’ ASSOCIATION J.106 J.25 SCIENCE MUSEUM, LONDON D.70, J.25, J.324 SCIENCE OF SCIENCE FOUNDATION H.127, J.186, J.205 SCIENCE POLICY FOUNDATION F.240, G.135, G.136, H.927-H.931, J.324, J.351, J.380, J.399, J.431, J.444, 3.451, J.457, J.1104 See also J.1132 SCIENCE POLICY RESEARCH UNIT (SPRU), SUSSEX H.130, J.222, J.503 SCIENCE PROGRESS J.96 SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL B.23-B.26, B.27-B.41, B.42, B.44, B.155, B.166, G.81, H.232, H.233, H.234, H.278-H.290, H.293-H.296, H.319, H.325, H.786, J.107, J.110, J.112, J.114, J.118, J.121, J.123, J.128, J.134, J.137, J.138, J.141, J.142, J.145, J.147, J.151, J.153, J.157, J.159, J.162, J.163, J.168 I. N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 597 Index of correspondents J.170, J.172, J.175, J.184, J.185, J.187, J.188, J.194, J.197, J.199, J.203, J.211, J.222, J.228, J.231, J.239, J.240, J.246, J.249, J.256, J.262, J.266, J.284, J.292, J.308, J.316, J.323, J.335, J.337, J.343, J.364, J.368, J.390, J.412, J.420, J.435, J.442, J.444, J.452, J.455, J.460, J.462, J.510, J.1066, J.1074, J.1084, J.1094, J.1095, J.1120 See also SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING RESEARCH COUNCIL ASTRONOMY, SPACE AND RADIO DIVISION CRYOGENICS PANEL H.291 J.175 SCIENTIFIC AFFAIRS DIVISION J.1068, J.1070, J.1118 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH SCIENTIST MAGAZINE SCIENZA DELL’ALIMENTAZIONE SCOTT, Andrew SCOTT, Erika SCOTT,J. A.(‘Tony’) SCOTT, J. H. MacCALLUM SCOTT, L. E. SCOTT, L. H. SCOTT, Peter L. SCOTT,R. B. SCOTT, William T. SCOTTISH RECORD OFFICE, EDINBURGH SCRIVEN, A.E. SCRIVENS, J. E.180, G.330 H.961, J.257 E.163-E.165 J.274 J.94 J.94 J.487 J.238 G.91 J.96 J.337 J.66 J.966 H.237 J.412 J.25 N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 598 Index of correspondents SCURLOCK,Ralph Geoffrey SEATON, Michael John SEDDON, William Leslie SEEGER, Raymond J. SEGRE, Emilio Gino SEGRE, Rosa SEITZ, Frederick C.95, C.109, D.71, D.71A, E.4, H.956, J.66, J.94, J.123, J.147, J.172, J.199, J.337, J.368, J.390, J.412, J.457, J.511, J.967, J.1057, J.1107, J.1125, J.1147 See also J.256 H.215, J.338, J.482, J.484 J.172 J.147, J.968 J.199 See J.968 F.968, J.66, J.96 SEKERS, Sir Nicholas T. J.94, J.96, J.123, J.968, J.1060 SELBY, Michael R. SELIGMAN, Henry SELIGMAN, Lesley G. SELINCOURT, Charles DE SEMAT, Henry SENTENCE, W.T.W.(‘Bill’) SERIES, George William SERVICE CENTRAL DE DOCUMENTATION-CONGRES SERVICE DE PHYSIQUE DU SOLIDE ET DE RESONANCE MAGNETIQUE SEWELL,G. I. SEYMOUR, E. F. W. SEYTRE, Roger SHACKLETON, Robert SHALLIS, Michael SHALLIS, N. J. J.969 J.390, J.969 J.412 E.264, J.412 G.34, G.35, G.79?, J.96 J.969 E.136, E.153, H.483, H.773, J.147, J.257, J.309, J.338, J.970 J.301 J.186 E.339 See J.257 F.122, F.123, J.428, J.431, J.434, J.480, J.489, J.970 H.125, H.134, H.159, H.230, H.233, J.147, J.172, J.199, J.212, J.257, J.347, J.368, J.970 J.527 J.507 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 599 Index of correspondents SHAND, B. M. H. SHANKS, lan Alexander SHARP, Alan SHARVIN, Yuril Vasil’evich SHAW, Dennis F. SHAW, Edwin N. SHEA,William SHEAIL, John J.524 J.954 J.199 H.447 J.309, J.460, J.461, J.489, J.970 E.339, E.341, £.351, E.374, E.388, J.368 H.193 H.182 SHELL INTERNATIONAL PETROLEUM COMPANY LTD J.25, J.81, J.111, J.138 SHELL RESEARCH LTD SHEPHERD, G. SHEPHERD, Michael E. SHEPPARD, David SHEPPARD, Norman SHERBORNE SCHOOL, DORSET SHERCLIFF, J. Arthur SHERIF, I. SHERLOCK,R. A. SHERRINGTON, David SHILS, Edward SHIMANOUCHI, Takehiko SHIRLEY, David A. SHOENBERG, David SHOPPEE, Charles William SHORT,M. A. J.170, J.257 J.257 F.142, J.523 J.467, J.468, J.473, J.475, J.482 J.505, J.516 J.175 H.800, J.500, J.501 J.26 J.199 E.382 J.96 H.585, J.1132 B.77, C.102, J.364 F.213, H.534, H.745, H.746, J.26, J.66, J.94, J.95, J.123, J.147, J.172, J.199, J.257, J.309, J.432, J.474, J.897, J.970, J.1099, J.1143 E.106, E.154 J.26 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 600 Index of correspondents SHORT, Ramsay J.73 SHTRIKMAN, Shmuel (‘Mula’) SHULMAN, Robert G. SICHEL, G. M. S. SIEFF, Israel Moses, Baron SIEMENS, Hermann von SIEMSSEN, Rolf H. G.224, J.147, J.257, J.525, J.971, J.1139 G.307 J.27 E.35 D.79 E.328, E.332-E.334, E.336, E.354, E.359, E.361, E.370 SILK MILL, HENSINGHAM, CUMBERLAND J.85 SILK, E. Paul SILSBEE, Robert H. SILVER, Robert S. SILVERMAN, Joe SILVERMAN, Shirleigh SIMATOS, D. SIMIONESCU, Cristofor I. SIMMONS, J. C. SIMON THE CELLARER LTD SIMON (née MUNCHAUSEN), Charlotte, Lady SIMON, Sir Francis Eugen SIMPLEX WIRE & CABLE CO. SIMPSON, A. ST. JOHN- SIMPSON, Esther D.37, E.290, E.191 G.43 J.147, J.971 G.201, J.459, J.462, J.466, J.467, J.470, J.481, J.971 J.309, J.971 J.443, J.444, J.452 G.74, J.123 J.147 J.44, J.110, J.134, J.159, J.184, J.221, J.284, J.343, J.350 J.199, J.257, J.309, J.488, J.511 See also J.972, J.1083 D.39, D.55, E.33, G.287, J.3, J.8, J.10, J.26, J.27, J.33, J.39, J.828, J.949, J.950 J.1068 See also J.1069 E.290 H.125, H.126, H.142, J.27, J.257, J.972, J.1064 SIMPSON, O. H.748 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 601 Index of correspondents SINCLAIR, Hugh Macdonald SINCLAIR, Rolf SINGER, JayR. SINGER, S. Fred SINGH, Virendra E.136, E.157 J.450 J.426, J.1136, J.1137 J.526 J.391 SIRA INSTITUTE, CHISLEHURST, KENT F.223, J.309 SIXSMITH, Herbert (‘Herby’) C.75, J.66, J.94-J.96, J.972 SKELTON, R. R. O. SKEMPTON, A. W. SKERMAN, V.B. D. (‘Vic’) SKILBECK, Dunstan SKINNER, Herbert W.B. SKIPPER, R.G.S. SKRZYPCZAK, Ewa SLACK,Francis G, SLADE SCHOOL OF FINE ART SLATER, A.H. K.(‘Harry’) SLATER, Nigel SLAUGHTER, R. J. SLEATH, Alan SLIFKIN, Larry M. SLUZEWSKI, C SMAILES, A.A. SMALL, Donald M. SMART, Sue SMETS, G. SMITH, A. David J.26, J.66, J.95 J.493 H.595, H.601, J.429, J.431, J.432, J.455 J.309 J.26 D.28 E.369 J.26, J.972 D.100 F.225, J.123, J.258, J.309, J.338, J.368, J.972 J.1190 J.147, J.172 J.368, J.375, J.972, J.1164, J.1179 J.258 E.35, E.36 J.199 G.307 D.19 H.604 B.213, B.223 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 602 Index of correspondents SMITH, A. E. W. J.94, J.95, J.96 SMITH, Alastair Hamish Tearloch ROBB- SMITH, Audrey U. SMITH, B. D. SMITH, Brian S. SMITH, C. Colin SMITH, C. E. GORDON- SMITH, Carolyn SMITH, Sir Christopher Hubert LLEWELLYN SMITH, Sir David Cecil SMITH, Eric M. SMITH, Ernest Lester SMITH, Sir Francis GRAHAM- SMITH, Frederick Winston Furneaux, 2nd Earl of Birkenhead SMITH, Henrik SMITH, lan E. SMITH, Sir James Eric SMITH, K.F. SMITH, K. R. E. SMITH, L. S. SMITH, Michael J. ASHWOOD- SMITH, P. Lincoln (‘Linc’) SMITH, Peter F. J.198, J.249, J.409, J.417, J.945, J.1089, J.1169 D.3, F.53, F.117, G.16, H.731- H.735, J.148, J.199, J.258, J.338, J.974, J.975 J.491 H.167, H.238 E.252, J.263 J.186 G.235 B.16, B.190 E.136 J.1135, J.1165 E.136 E.136, J.381 J.74 E.338 C.96, E.259, E.278, E.282, J.368, J.1119 E.106 J.94, J.95, J.222 J.66 J.123, J.173 D.3, F.117, H.730, J.72, J.102, J.128, J.208, J.489, J.505, J.506, J.520, J.525-J.527, J.733 See also J.1154 H.361, H.434, H.534-H.538, J.123, J.148, J.172, J.199, J.258 J.66, J.1188 See also J.258 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 603 Index of correspondents SMITH, Sir Reginald VERDON- J.1011, J.1161 SMITH, Robert Allan SMITH, Samuel Spenceley SMOLUCHOWSKI, Roman SMORYAKOV,Vladimir SMYTHE, Chris SNAITH, P. SNOWMAN, J. W. SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL SOCIETE CRYONICS DE FRANCE A.130, C.128, F.230, H.297, H.325, H.328, J.123, J.199, J.258, J.412, J.976 See also J.491 J.977-J.979 B.96, E.431, E.433, E.434, J.199, J.258, J.309 J.309 C.966 J.95, J.123 J.258 J.391 J.282 SOCIETE DES INGENIEURSET SCIENTIQUE DE FRANCE H.453 SOCIETE FRANCAISE DE PHYSIQUE H.486, H.768-H.773, H.932-H.935, J.66, J.242, J.272, J.284, J.299, J.302, J.379, J.430, J.435, J.520 COMMISSION D’HISTOIRE DE LA PHYSIQUE H.270 SOCIETE PHILOMATHIQUE DE PARIS J.345, J.928 SOCIETY FOR ANGLO-CHINESE UNDERSTANDING H.936-H.944, J.102, J.105, J.113, J.123, J.130, J.137, J.155, J.1054 SOCIETY FOR CRYOBIOLOGY H.736, J.321, J.338 SOCIETY FOR ENVIRONMENTAL IMPROVEMENT D.108, J.338 SOCIETY FOR LONG RANGE PLANNING J.302, J.1105 SOCIETY FOR LOW TEMPERATURE BIOLOGY F.117, F.244, H.730-H.737, J.349, J.405, J.417, J.1127 See also D.3 SOCIETY FOR THE APPLICATION OF RESEARCH F.239 SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF SCIENCE AND LEARNING LTD J.257, J.980, J.1064 SOCIETY FOR VISITING SCIENTISTS J.27 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 604 Index of correspondents SOCIETY OF CHEMICAL INDUSTRY SOCIETY OF ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERS H.217 J.194 SOLOMON, lonel SOLOMON, Norman SOLTESZ, G. SOLTI, Sir George SOLTI, Valerie, Lady SOMERFIELD, G. A. SOMERVILLE, Sir Robert SOMFAI, Laszlo SOMMER, Alfred H. SOMOGYI, Johann Carl SOROS, George SORRELL, Martin SOTT, Milo SOULEN, Robert J. SOULETIE, Jean SOUSA, J.B. SOUTH AFRICAN WINE FARMERS ASSOCIATION B.295, B.296, H.771, J.309, J.338, J.355, J.356, J.369, J.980 E.268 J.1185 J.66, J.123, J.391, J.980 J.980, J.1179, J.1182, J.1189 J.199 H.132, H.133, H.224, J.309, J.347, J.391 J.1180 J.1145 H.575 J.1189 See also B.226, B.230, B.232 J.494 B.59, B.60, G.65, G.66, G.110, J.95, J.123, J.148, J.173, J.199 J.309, J.981 J.309, J.391, J.448 H.461 J.27 SOUTH OF SCOTLAND ELECTRICITY BOARD H.423, J.344 SOUTHERN ELECTRICITY BOARD J.149, J.174, J.177, J.396, J.464, J.1060 SOUTHERN GAS BOARD SOUTHERN REGIONAL COUNCIL FOR FURTHER EDUCATION D.25, J.175 J.63, J.91, J.92 ADVISORY COMMITTEE FOR FUEL TECHNOLOGY J.66 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 605 Index of correspondents SOUTHON, Hugh A. W. E.52, G.259, J.369, J.481, J.487, J.488 SOUTHWELL, Sir Richard J.46 SOUTHWOOD, Sir (Thomas) Richard (Edmund) B.4, E.136, J.981 SPACKMANN, Anne SPALDING GRAMMAR SCHOOL SPALDING, D. Brian SPATHAKY, Ronald SPATSCHEK,Karl Heinz SPEAIGHT,Richard L. SPECIAL COMMISSION ON INTERNAL POLLUTION SPEDDING, Frank H. SPEIGHT,P. SPEIRS, John SPELSBURY,J. A. E.300 J.201, J.258 J.412, J.868 H.962, J.258 E.342 B.92, J.258 G.187 J.27 J.981 G.363 J.309 SPEMBLY TECHNICAL PRODUCTS LTD H.358, H.359 SPENCE, Judy and Stuart G.225, G.259, G.262, J.524, J.526 SPENCE, Robert SPENCER, A.V. SPENCER, Donald SPEZIALI, Pierre SPICE, J. E. SPICER, A. SPILSBURY,F.A. SPINDLER, J.P. SPINKS, Alfred J.148 J.27 H.536, H.537 E.46, J.433 J.27 J.173, J.338, J.981 J.1100 H.790 H.655, J.510 SPIRO INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF JEWISH HISTORY AND CULTURE G.294 SPOHR, Art B.82 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 606 Index of correspondents SPOHR, D. A. SPONDLIN, R SPRIGGS, P. H. SPRINGER, Bernard SPRINGER-VERLAG SPRINGFORD, M. SPRUCH, Larry J.1095 H.755 J.309, J.338, J.369 H.554 J.259, J.434 J.259 J.96 SQUIRE, Charles Francis C.95, J.27, J.148 ST CATHERINE’S COLLEGE, OXFORD ST EDMUNDS SCHOOL, OXFORD ST JOHN’S COLLEGE, OXFORD ST. PAUL’S GIRLS SCHOOL, LONDON STAAS, F. A. STACEY, Maurice STACK,Violet Evelyn STAFFORD, Godfrey Harry J.94 J.73, J.149 J.138 J.479, J.488 J.310 H.421 J.46 D.42, £.154, E.324-E.327, E.333, E.335-E.337, E.349, E.368, E.375, H.438, J.259, J.310, J.338, J.391 STALINSKI, Bohdan J.528 STANDARD TELECOMMUNICATION LABORATORIES LTD H.746, H.747 STANDLEY, Kenneth Jack E.71, E.72, J.503 STANHILL, Gerald STANNARD, Michael STANNING, Ellis STANSFIELD, Gill STAROPOLI, André STARR, Chauncey E.93, G.224, G.260, G.269, H.682, H.709, J.515, J.526, J.982, J.1171 See also J.1172 J.259 J.338 J.982 G.143, G.144, J.310 J.369 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 607 Index of correspondents STAUFFER, D. STAUFFER, Robert A. STAVELEY, LionelA. K. J.259 B.85 J.148 See also F.117 STEEL & METAL PRODUCTS CO LTD, LONDON J.404 STEEL, Alan J. STEEL, E. W. D. STEELE, M. C. STEEPLE, H. STEINEMANN, Samuel STEINER, Vincent C. FRANK- STEINGARTEN, Jeffrey STEKLY,Z. J. John STENHOUSE, Sir Nicol STEPTOE, Sheena STERN, S. Alexander STERN, Samuel Miklos STERNBERG, Sir Sigmund STERNE, L. H. G. STERNFELD, Frederick W. STEVENS, Kenneth W. H. STEVENS, R. STEVENS, Sir Roger STEVENSON, D. R. STEVENSON, Donald T. STEVENSON, R.H.B. STEVENSON, Richard STEWART,A.J. E.433-E.435 J.200 J.27 J.123, J.148 E.375 J.960 G.355, G.362, J.1181 J.123 G.50 E.154 J.391, J.427, J.996 G.41 E.268, J.983 J.310 J.369 E.72, J.173, J.259, J.984 J.66 A.127 J.259, J.310 H.319 C.91, C.92, C.94 J.984, J.1054 J.66 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 608 Index of correspondents STEYERT,William A. STICKLAND, A.C. STIGANT, S. Austen STINTON, R. L. STOKER, Michael George Parke STONE, Nicholas J. J.310 H.495, J.46, J.66, J.95, J.96, J.123, J.148, J.173 J.27 H.877, J.259 J.410, J.411 G.41, H.798, J.94, J.123, J.148, J.173, J.198, J.200, J.255, J.310, J.412 See also J.191 STONEHOUSE, John Thomson J.259 STONER, Edmund Clifton STONER, Heather STORMER, HorstL. STOWE, Aidan STOYLE, RogerJohn BLIN- STRADLING, A. STRAIT, Glenn Carroll STRAUB, Bruno STRAWBRIDGE, David J. STREET, Robert STREETON, Derrick STRIKER, Gyérgy STRONG, R. Edmund STRONG, Sir Roy Colin STUBBS SOCIETY, OXFORD STUBBS, F. John J.173, J.1045, J.1046, J.1059 See also J.1060 H.126, H.127, H.134, J.259, J.310 J.391 E.276 E.172, E.173, J.48, J.178, J.375, J.522, J.747 See also J.1172 J.259 H.630, H.638, H.640 J.430 E.292 B.65, G.45, G.260, H.746, J.60, J.66, J.95, J.148, J.222, J.259, J.338, J.369, J.734, J.985, J.1110 See also J.310 H.121 J.1051 J.986 J.299 J.467 J.528 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 609 Index of correspondents STUHLINGER, S. STUTTAFORD, Thomas STYLER, Leslie STYRIKOVICH, Mikhail Adolfovich SUGAWARA,Tadashi SUGDEN, Sir (Theodore) Morris SULFRIAN CRYOGENICS INC, NEW JERSEY, USA SULFRIAN, G. F. SULZER BROTHERS LTD, WINTHERTHUR SUMMERS, M. J. SUMMERSON, Sir John SUMNER, John SUNDAY TELEGRAPH SUNDAY TIMES J.440 See J.1162 J.173, J.212 J.338 G.129, G.130, H.26, J.260, J.310, J.1082 G.243 See also J.1157 G.25, J.66 G.25, J.66 J.56, J.66, J.82, J.83, J.161, J.174, J.262 See also J.135 J.110 H.159, J.369, J.412, J.986 D.27, J.391 J.133 F.273, J.163, J.166, J.175, J.188, J.486 SUNNER, Stig J.424 SUOMALAINEN TIEDEAKATEMIA SUTHERLAND, Sir Gordon Brims Black Mclvor SUTHERLAND (née WAHLSTROM), Gunborg Elisabeth, Lady SUTTON, Christine SUTTON, D. SUTTON, Leslie Ernest See FINNISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCE AND LETTERS A.284, H.215, H.750, H.825, H.783, H.936, H.937, H.941, J.66, J.94, J.123, J.148, J.173, J.260, J.310, J.338, J.369, J.416, J.439, J.482, J.987 See also J.495 J.491, J.504, J.517, J.518 See also J.1152 E.349, E.353, J.484 J.66 E.136, J.260 N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 SVAB, Vladimir SVEC, Karel SWAIN, R. C. SWALLOW,John Crossley SWAMINATHAN, Monkombu Sambasivan SWAN, D. E. 610 Index of correspondents G.14 B.60, J.200, J.260 J.27 E.106 E.106 J.310 SWANN, Michael Meredith, Baron H.295, J.148, J.477, J.1145 SWARTZ, Paul S. SWEET, John SWELL, W.R. D. SWENSON, Clayton A. SWINBURNE, E.T.(‘Ted’) SWITZERLAND EMBASSY (LONDON) SWOPE, G. SYKES, Kathy SYKES, Peter SYME, Sir Ronald SYMKO, Orest G. SZABO, Gabor NARAY- SZABO, Zoltan G. SZALAY, Sandor (‘Alexander’) SZANTO, Miklos SZASZ, George J.291, J.310 J.450 J.523 C.96, J.369, J.987 J.1038, J.1039, J.1041 J.392 J.95 G.336-G.338 E.295 See also J.988 J.96, J.988 C.99, E.424, G.225, G.349, H.534, J.148, J.200, J.261, J.412, J.526, J.988, J.1080 See also J.338, J.369 J.95 J.1165 E.411, E.412, G.193, J.412, J.435, J.494 J.1055 B.79, J.96, J.123, J.200, J.261, J.338, J.412, J.430, J.488, J.989, J.1068, J.1122 See also J.1070, J.1100 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 611 Index of correspondents SZATHMARYII, Louis (Lajos)I. SZEFTEL, Jacob SZENTAGOTHAI, Alice SZENTAGOTHAI, Janos SZENTIRMAY,Z. SZEPMUVESZETI MUZEUM, BUDAPEST SZIGETI, Bela SZIGETI, Gyorgy SZILARD, Leo SZILVESZTER, V.E. A.274, G.259-G.262, J.988, J.1164, J.1175 E.355, E.383, E.384, E.388 J.991 B.102, E.89, E.136, G.307, J.412, J.419, J.435, J.1101, J.1164 See also J.433, J.447, J.1139, J.1163 See J.261 G.240 H.797 A.179, B.86, G.160, G.176, J.94, J.200, J.261, J.310, J.338, J.369, J.391, J.1100, J.1113 See J.990 J.991 T.B.T. SOCIETE D’'ETUDES ET DE CONSTRUCTION D’APPAREILLAGES POUR TRES BASSES TEMPERATURES G.28 TABOR, David TACONIS, K. W. TAHOURDIN, Peter A.I. TAMASY,I. TANDBERG, Olof G. TANNER, Neil W. TARBELL, Dean Stanley TARIN, David TARJAN, Imre TARONI, Andrea TASCHDJIAN, Edgar E.137, E.154, E.157, E.167 J.262 H.16, J.67, J.262, J.311, J.413, J.992-J.996, J.1157 See also J.511 G.245, G.247 J.890 J.124 J.28 J.997 G.216, J.495, J.497, J.523 E.336, E.344, E.375 E.410 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 612 Index of correspondents TATA INSTITUTE OF FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH TAUSIG, Peter TAWNEY,D. A. TAYLER, Alan B. J.29 J.339 J.149 J.370 TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD E.168-E.171, E.371, J.28, J.3114 TAYLOR, Alfred Jesse SUENSON-, 1st Baron Grantchester E.262 TAYLOR, Andrew W.B. TAYLOR, Charles A. TAYLOR, D. J. TAYLOR, Sir Geoffrey Ingram TAYLOR, Sir James TAYLOR, John Clayton TAYLOR, K.N.R TAYLOR, Patrick TAYLOR, Robert C. TAYLOR, W.Russell A. TEALE, R. TEANEY, Dale T. TEBBLE, Robert S. TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENTCAPITAL LTD TECHNISCHE HOGESCHOOL, DELFT TECHNOEXPOS.A. TECHNOLOGY TEISSIER, G. TELCON METALS LTD TELEGDI, BalintL.(‘Val’) E.433 J.370, J.413, J.427, J.429, J.997 J.201, J.262 H.227, J.339 H.493, H.494, J.201, J.339 See also J.997 E.154, E.363, J.508, J.893 J.124 J.1158 J.370, J.457 See also J.1127 J.67, J.311, J.997 J.149, J.174 B.90, G.36, J.97, J.174 J.482, J.998 G.50, J.56 G.95, G.96 J.405, J.422, J.424 J.56 J.1042 J.94, J.172 E.229, E.230, J.459, J.998 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 613 Index of correspondents TELFORD, R. TELLER, Edward TELTSCHER BROTHERS LTD TEMMER, George J.149 J.311 G.287, G.288 E.228 TEMPERLEY, H. Neville V. H.484, H.485, H.491-H.495, H.538 TEMPLE, Dom George Frederick James E.137, E.154, E.167, J.67 See also J.46 TEMPLEMAN, G. TEMPLETON, James E. TENNISON, Marion TEXAS INSTRUMENTSINC. TEXIER, Michel THAMES AND HUDSON LTD THAMES VALLEY POLICE THAMES WATER H.271, J.339 B.62, J.97 E.220 G.37 J.370 J.97, J.220 E.301, E.302, J.931 J.1144 THATCHER, Margaret Hilda, Baroness See J.999. J.1171 THE TIMES D.24, D.27, D.38, D.51, D.99, D.103, E.62, E.243-E.303, E.433, H.130, H.711, J.28, J.124, J.149, J.172, J.174, J.201, J.263, J.296, J.300, J.311, J.339, J.370, J.378, J.393, J.405, J.413, J.420, J.425, J.427, J.430, J.431, J.435, J.441, J.449, J.454, J.456, J.479, J.480, J.483, J.490-J.493, J.496, J.499, J.503, J.505, J.509, J.511-J.513, J.516- J.519, J.521, J.526, J.528, J.1002, J.1119 THEODORAKOPOULOS, Nikos E.343 THEVENOT,Roger THEWLIS, James THIEMANN, H. H.458, H.460, H.961-H.967, H.969, H.971, H.973, H.975, J.67, J.262, J.311, J.339, J.370 E.434, E.435, J.13, J.28, J.370, J.457, J.467, J.1141 J.311 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 614 Index of correspondents THIRD WORLD ACADEMY OF SCIENCES THIRLWALL, A.P. THIRSK, Joan THIS, Hervé THOM, Alexander THOMAS BOLTON AND SONS LTD THOMAS, D. B. THOMAS, Elizabeth Cawdry THOMAS, Gero D.97 J.999 J.262 E.158, £.180, £.211-E.220, E.304- E.306, G.296-G.299, G.305-G.309, G.312, G.317, G.329-G.336, G.339, G.342, G.343, G.353, G.358-G.363, G.367, J.999 See also J.1181, J.1184, J.1186, J.1187 C.91, J.28, J.312, J.393, J.498, J.1000 J.73 J.312 G.310, G.311, G.354, G.359, G.360, G.363, G.367, G.368, J.1001 E.309, E.324-E.331, E.335-E.345, E.347-E.356, E.358-E.362, E.364, E.366, E.368-E.377, E.381-E.386, E.388, E.389, J.349, J.370, J.501, J.521 THOMAS, Sir John Meurig F.156, F.246, J.1175, J.1176 THOMAS, Leslie A.A. THOMPSON, B. W. J.262, J.339, J.413 J.97 THOMPSON (née STRADLING), Grace Penelope, Lady H.241, J.312, J.1160 THOMPSON, Sir Harold Warris (‘Tommy’) THOMPSON, William B. THOMSON, lan H. WHITE- THONEMANN, PeterC. THOR CRYOGENICS LTD G.52, H.289, H.290, H.877, J.97, J.122, J.124, J.149, J.174, J.201, J.262, J.370, J.413 J.67, J.312, J.1001 H.271, J.1137 B.59, J.258, J.312 J.312, J.413, J.1001 THORN EMI CENTRAL RESEARCH LABORATORIES F.238, J.528 THORNTON, Eithne THORNTON, Frank D. G.135-G.137 H.965, J.262, J.312, J.413, J.1001 N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 615 Index of correspondents THORP, J. S. THOT, Andras THOULOUZE, Daniel E.344 E.343 G.81, G.141, J.312, J.393, J.461, J.1123 THRIFT,H. J. J.339 THRING, Meredith Wooldridge (‘Med’) G.373, H.421, J.312, J.1001 THROWER, Norman Joseph William THURLOW,G.G. (‘George’) TICKFORD LTD TILLEY,J. TILLEY, W.R. TILTON, John E. J.97 J.1001, J.1166 J.29, J.30 J.201 E.432 J.514 TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION SUPPLEMENT E.241, J.416 TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT TIMMERHAUS, Klaus D. TINKHAM, Michael TIRMIZI, S. M. A. TISZA, Laszld (‘Laci’) TISZA, Vera D.52 J.67, J.97 J.393, J.1123 J.201 J.263 J.201 TITTERTON, Sir Ernest William G.133, G.259-G.262, J.263, J.508 See also J.1002 TOBIAS, S.A. J.445, J.447, J.1003 TODD, Alexander Robertus, Baron H.235, J.472 TOENNIES, J. Peter E.325, E.328, E.330, £.332, E.333, E.335, E.345, E.349, E.350, E.363, E.368, E.373, E.377 TOLANSKY, Samuel H.287, J.28 TOMBS OF BRAILES, Francis Leonard, Baron J.1003, J.1145, J.1176 TOMLIN, D. H. J.97 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 616 Index of correspondents TOMLINSON, Muriel TOMLINSON, Roger F. TOMPA, Kalman TOOTHILL, Sir John TOPP, Mrs G. E. TOPPING, James TOTH, Eszter TOTH, F. TOTH, G. TOTISZ, Gyérgy TOULOUKIAN, Yeram S. TOULOUSE, Gérard TOURNIER, Robert TOVIM, Eliahu BEN- TOWNE, Dudley H. TOWNLEY,R. G. TOWNSEND, Mary Georgiana, Lady TOWNSWOMEN’S GUILD TRACEY,Richard TRAINI, Gaetano TRANS WORLD AIRLINES TRANSPORT REFORM GROUP TREGILLUS, Eva V. TREHERNE, John Edwin H.238 H.607-H.609 B.62, B.87, J.124, J.201, J.263, J.1003, J.1074, J.1082 J.1003 J.149 J.201 See J.1003 J.201 J.312, J.1099 G.243-G.247 H.588, H.589, J.425, J.429, J.431, J.434, J.436, J.1132 E.382 J.441, J.451 J.49, J.1073 J.471 E.293 J.97, J.201 F.240 E.265, J.425 H.962, J.263 J.1004, J.1109 E.257 E.292 E.155 TREND, Burke Frederick St John, Baron B.305, H.218 TREPP, Christian J.262, J.263, J.431, J.434, J.436, J.437, J.440 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 617 Index of correspondents TREVOR-ROPER, Hugh Redwald TRIER, Peter E. See ROPER, Hugh Redwald TREVOR- J.67, J.149, J.263, J.312, J.413, J.501, J.506, J.508, J.1004, J.1149, J.1155 TRIGG, George L. D.95, J.263, J.339, J.363 TRINITY COLLEGE LIBRARY, CAMBRIDGE H.194 TRINITY COLLEGE, OXFORD H.98, H.225, J.97, J.333 TROMBE, Félix TRONTELJ, Zvonko TROUSHIN, E. V. TRUETA, Joseph TRUMAN, Aubrey TRZEBIATOWSKI, Wlodzimerz TSAI, B. TSUJIKAWA,Ikuji TUCKER, Anthony TUDOR, Alan TUILLIERS, J. M. TUNSTALL,David P. TURGEL, MmeJ. TURNBULL, Sir Francis Fearon TURNBULL, John S. TURNER, Francis John TUROFF, Robert David TURPIN, Michel TURRELL, Brian G. J.28 J.312 J.97 J.97 E.385 J.463 J.28 G.130, J.263 H.808 J.1004 J.174 J.520, J.526, J.527 J.124, J.149, J.174 E.245, J.149, J.1004 E.259, J.370 J.97, J.124, J.149, J.312, J.393 See also J.521, J.1100 J.174 G.241 B.63, B.76, G.290, J.97, J.263, J.413, J.487, J.489, J.498, J.499, J.509, J.520, J.523, J.525, TURTON, A. G. W. J.124 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 618 Index of correspondents TUSON, James TWARD, Emanuel TWIGG, Martyn V. TWINING BROTHERS LTD TYRRELL, H. J. V. G.50, J.67, J.77, J.78 B.63, J.339, J.1006 See also J.263 F.237, J.526, J.527 G.288 J.263, J.312 UBBELOHDE, Alfred René Jean Paul H.10, H.11, H.152, H.224, J.31, J.174, J.313, J.461 See also J.1007 UJFALUSSY, J. See J.1007 UK WORLD LIFE EXTENSION, CRYONICS AND NANONICS SOCIETY J.1182 UMSCHAU IN WISSENSCHAFT UND TECHNIK J.264, J.308, J.313, J.322, J.1099 UNGER, Livia G.259 UNICAM INSTRUMENTSLTD(also PYE UNICAM) H.358, H.368, H.370, J.98, J.182, J.197, J.247, J.1067 UNIFICATION CHURCH UNILEVER H.706, H.708, H.711, J.461, J.503, J.505, J.514, J.515, J.518, J.520 See also INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL FOUNDATION G.304, G.330, G.332, G.333, G.335, G.336, G.362, G.368 UNILEVER RESEARCH LABORATORY F.48, J.248, J.264 UNION CARBIDE CORPORATION UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS G.25, G.91, J.64, J.69, J.115, J.137, J.139, J.140, J.165, J.1053 ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE GEORGIAN SSR, INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS G.127, G.136 EMBASSY (LONDON) G.127, J.147, J.201, J.264 TRADE DELEGATION OF THE USSR IN THE UK J.20 UNITED BISCUITS UK LTD G.335, G.336, G.341, G.359, G.365, G.368 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 619 Index of correspondents UNITED KINGDOM ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY ATOMIC ENERGY RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT ENERGY TECHNOLOGY SUPPORTUNIT INDUSTRIAL GROUP PRODUCTION GROUP UNITED NATIONS UN CONFERENCE ON NEW AND RENEWABLE SOURCES OF ENERGY SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE ON PROBLEMS OF THE ENVIRONMENT (SCOPE) UNESCO E.290, E.291, G.21, H.130, H.283, H.945-H.954, J.42, J.44-J.48, J.54, J.55, J.59, J.63-J.65, J.67, J.72, J.75, J.76, J.81, J.85, J.86, J.92, J.94, J.98, J.102, J.111, J.121, J.123, J.128, J.131, J.135, J.139, J.145, J.146, J.151, J.153, J.160, J.164, J.208, J.221, J.223, J.264, J.304, J.311, J.332, J.373, J.388 B.30, G.100, G.212, J.3, J.11-J.15, J.19, J.44, J.46, J.47, J.54, J.66- J.68, J.86, J.98, J.105, J.108, J.110, J.116, J.117, J.122, J.128, J.134, J.146, J.148, J.151, J.159, J.163, J.165, J.170, J.175, J.187, J.188, J.237, J.239, J.245, J.288, J.318, J.319, J.358, J.374, J.377, J.399, J.400, J.422, J.437, J.441, J.447, J.451-J.454, J.456, J.458, J.465, J.472, J.487, J.528, J.1057, J1068, J.1154 See also C.98 H.234 A.125 C.100 J.507 J.369 E.51-E.53, E.55, J.224, J.237, J.451, J.471 DIVISION OF SCIENTIFIC DOCUMENTATION AND INFORMATION PUBLICATIONS J.313, J.335, J.459, J.477 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY J.443, J.472 DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY ENGINEERING AND DEVELOPMENT LABORATORIES DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE J.1148 J.82 E.253 IHN"N 80/8/S9lSOVNON 029 s}uapuodsaiio+joxapuy} (NOGNO71)ASSVEIN3 LSvr‘Ler867r‘SLLLT MONNODHOYVASAYIWNOILVN GuHVOdAYOSIAGYVLVGTVOINSINNN gerr eevr AMWWN NOGNO17‘HOYVSSAYIWAVN4030Is40 ‘thet66‘6ST‘EST‘9b'T‘OSD ocer‘eszr NOLONIHSVM‘'HOYVSSSYIWAVN40301s40 eeerSL7r (AdOUNA)SADYOSWAVN Leet‘7S7'3 NOLONIHSVM‘ANOLVYORSV1HOYVSSSYIWAVN ZbLOvLLLS G11AONS9VGNVSS3udWINOLO!dWSYSAINN AIGONANDJdALISUSAINN voce seer FINDJINVWLaAYYAldSLISUYSAINN BLED‘€67°9 ASIGUVO‘3D3T109ALISYSAINN ALBIOOSHONAYS ALBIOOSSOISAHd NOGNO1‘43937109ALISMSAINN GuHO4XO‘3941109ALISYSAINN (99N)JSLLINWODSLNVYDALISHSAINN WVHONINUIE‘NOLSV4OALISYSAINN LINAADINOdADOTONHOSL JOALISYSAINNHLVaAuewoy)HIVE4OALISYSAINN (ADOTONHOSL Lov'r‘esr'r ceceer coer elet ‘GELLELTLLLP‘LOLSZ SLL‘LZS'T‘VOLT‘OOLT este 80ST‘L8L'H 8LL'f‘902'H‘Z8L'H WVHONIWYId40ALISHSAINN G8er‘OOL'H ALAIDOSTWOISAHdONILNAOd QuyOsavVYd40ALISHSAINN JOLSIYEAOALISYHSAINN AYVeal 6setr €9€°H Ov2'H ALAIDOSTWOISAHd LOcr‘891'f‘86‘EL‘ZZT KN'N 80/8/S91SOVNON AC) s}uapuodsaiodJoxapu| ALAIDOSTWOIWSHOSLNAGNLS A314y439'VINNYOSITV9AOALISHSAINN Byer Ly AYVEEI]LAOYONVE Les‘80S'r‘90ST‘80r'r‘Z8ET HOYNENIGSAAOALISYSAINN LSvr‘Loy6yzr‘esr X43SS3AAOALISUHSAAINN NOILVIDOSSV ALAIDOSIWOISAHd YSL4aXx4sAOALISYSAINN SOISAHd4OLNAWLYVdad ALAIDOSWOISAHd MO9SSV194OALISHSAINN 41545™AOALISYHSAINN LNAAOALISYSAINN YSLSVONVTSOALISHSAINN $d3]1SOALISYSAINN ALAIDOSSOISAHd AODNAIOSGOO4AOLNAWLYVd3adY4ALOOYd YsALSADIA1AOALISYSAINN AYLNASDSAIGNLSNVIYOLOIA 494MAOALISYSAINN TOOdY3ANNAOALISYSAINN SAAIHDYVALISYHSAINN GNVTIAYVWSOALISHSAINN WAYLNOW40ALISYSAINN SOISAHd4OLNAWLYVdad VIIVELSNV‘SATVMHLNOSMAN4OALISMSAINN ANALNOdNAILSVOMANSOALISUHSAINN ALAIDOSSOISAHd este escr 8ler L2L'9 Ocer cocr vorr 6cetr Scer‘SOL SOv'r‘SOL g9er‘ocer eee Lecr Ov2H sovr 6st 981°H Lov Locr vler yser N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 622 Index of correspondents UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SOCIETY DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS LIBRARY PHYSICS SOCIETY REGISTRAR’S OFFICE J.387 J.140 E.71, J.492 J.165, J.218 J.214, J.243 UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD See also OXFORD UNIVERSITY APPOINTMENTS COMMITTEE J.32 BODLEIAN LIBRARY CLARENDON LABORATORY ACCOUNTS KITCHEN COMMITTEE DELEGACY FOR EXTRA-MURAL STUDIES H.126, H.159, H.221, H.233, H.250, J.118, J.147, J.155, J.229, J.345, J.371 B.6-B.191, H.283 See also D.70 J.179, J.213, J.277, J.312, J.318, J.345, J.373 J.384 J.9 DEPARTMENT OF ENGINEERING SCIENCE G.346, J.109 ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE UNIT B.294 MAISON FRANCAISE D’OXFORD NATURAL SCIENCE CLUB B.295-B.297, J.87, J.154, J.210, J.238, J.295, J.330, J.331, J.359, J.375, J.406, J.419, J.489, J.884 See also J.432 B.298, B.299, J.171, J.248, J.260, J.361, J.387 OXFORD CENTRE FOR FOOD STUDIES B.300 OXFORD UNIVERSITY SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY B.301, B.302, F.210, F.231 UNIVERSITY CHEST UNIVERSITY MUSEUM G.32, J.27, J.264, J.277, J.339, J.393 J.67 UNIVERSITY RADIATION PROTECTION OFFICE J.64, J.69, J.90 UNIVERSITY REGISTRY A.124, A.126, G.32, H.100, H.221, H.224, H.226, H.241, H.243, H.246, N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 623 Index of correspondents H.247, H.250, H.251, H.302, H.305, J.33-J.37, J.51, J.52, J.54, J.64, J.66, J.75, J.76, J.78, J.80, J.92, J.93, J.106, J.108, J.122, J.125, J.146, J.156, J.171, J.175, J.186, J.198, J.214, J.222, J.225, J.264, J.282, J.287, J.289, J.379, J.393, J.409, J.414, J.419, J.424, J.426 UNIVERSITY SURVEYOR’S OFFICE J.86, J.313, J.358 VICE CHANCELLOR UNIVERSITY OF SALFORD UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD, LIBRARY H.225, J.264 J.500 H.194 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON H.362, J.174, J.368, J.370 PHYSICAL SOCIETY UNIVERSITY OF STIRLING UNIVERSITY OF SURREY J.46, J.57, J.169, J.403, J.453 J.231 J.143, J.165, J.225, J.260, J.315, J.986 UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX J.66, J.155, J.179, J.200 UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK PHYSICAL SOCIETY UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO, ONTARIO URBANEC, Jan URBANSKI, Tadeusz URQUHART, D. J. URWIN, S. J.391 J.527 J.223, J.265 J.203 J.257 J.202, J.264 J.470 J.264 J.98 VACIAGO, Alessandro J.340, J.527 VACUUM VAGO, J. VAJDA,Erik G.41, J.38, J.60, J.63, J.87, J.118 J.38 G.182 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 624 Index of correspondents VALDRE, Ugo VALLEE, Bert L. VALLIER, Jean-Claude VALOR PLC VAMBERY, Clara(‘Klari’) VAMBERY, Robert R. VAMOS, Tibor G.310 J.1008 J.313 J.1167 G.134, J.68, J.413, J.477, J.510, J.511, J.515, J.527, J.1145, J.1149 J.475, J.478, J.1144 J.1179 VAN VLECK, John Hasbrouck See VLECK, John Hasbrouck VAN VANCE, Robert W. VANDERVART,L.R. VANE, Daphne VANS, P. A. VARIAN ASSOCIATES VAROQUAUX,Eric VAROQUAUX,Eric J.-A. VENABLES, Sir PeterF. R. VERE, Brenda DE VERGNOUX, Anne Marie VERKIN, Boris leremievich VERON, Marcel VESCAN, Lili VESCAN, T. VICDADGE, Shirley R. VICK, Sir (Francis) Arthur G.24, G.26, J.68 J.1149 E.294 E.281 J.38 J.874, J.1011 J.150, J.264, J.439, J.444 J.153 J.427, J.443 H.439, J.313 J.393, J.1011 G.81, G.84, J.125, J.150, J.174 G.74, G.75 G.75 J.125 H.299, H.300, H.304, H.305, H.949, J.68, J.98, J.1012, J.1189 VICKERS, Joan Helen, Baroness H.941, H.942, J.174 VICTOR GOLLANZ LTD VIDAL, Félix J.435 E.352 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 625 Index of correspondents VIDAL-HALL VIGOUREUX,P. VILEE, Claude Alvin VINCENT, D. See HALL J.264, J.1107 J.525 J.1012 VINCENT, Ewart Albert (‘David’) J.264, J.897 J.1078 VINEN, William Frank (‘Joe’) H.541, J.202, J.264, J.393, J.1076 VISSER, D. VIXEN HYTECH LTD VLECK, John Hasbrouck VAN J.371 J.1170 E.257, E.395, F.8, G.37, J.38, J.68, J.174, J.202, J.264, J.313, J.340, J.371, J.495, J.1009, J.1010 J.1062 VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE ASSOCIATION J.1058 VODAR, Boris VODAR, Marie VOICE, Eric VOLFF, C. VOLGER, J. H.825, J.38, J.313, J.340, J.423, J.430, J.432, J.433, J.437 J.524 B.103, J.1012 J.125 H.536, J.98, J.150, J.174, J.202, J.340 VOLKOFF, George M. B.63, J.97, J.125 VOLUNTEERS FOR IONISING RADIATION VONSOVSKY, S. V. H.955 G.213 VOYSEY, Reginald George J.150, J.264, J.313, J.340 VRIES, A. E. DE VUGHT, Marian van VUORELA,Lauri A. E.339 G.95, J.202 J.371 W. A. BENJAMIN AND CO, NEW YORK G.35, J.48, J.74 W. EDWARDS AND CO (LONDON) LTD H.744-H.746, J.7, J.8, J.1038- J.1045, J.1047 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 626 Index of correspondents W. H. FREEMAN & CO, SAN FRANCISCO G.189-G.191, J.383 W. HEFFER AND SONS LTD WAARD, Hendrik de WACE, Peter F. J.227 J.203 E.241 WADE, Henry William Rawson A.247, J.175, J.1013 WADE, Richard H. WADHAM COLLEGE, OXFORD WAGMAN, Donald WAGONER, Glen WAGSTAFFE, J. V. WAGSTAFFE, K.D. WAIN, John B. J.482, J.503 J:203; 3.314 J.452, J.475 J.69 J175 J.39 J.449, J.454, J.1013 See also J.1190 WAKELING, Patricia R. (‘Paddy’) E.245, J,126,.J.151, J.1057 WALDEGRAVE, Lady Caroline G.310, J.1013 WALEY,Daniel Philip WALKER, David Alan WALKER, Graham WALKER, Harlan WALKER, Jearl WALKER, R.St. J. (‘Henry’) H.241 E.138 H.976, J.469 See also J.1013 G.282, G.322, G.323, G.346, G.354, G.370, G.371 J.1144 H.283, H.293, J.151, J.203, J.435, J.438 See also J.1013 WALKER, Sir Walter Colyer E.270, J.495 WALL, Charles Terence Clegg WALL, Daphne C. WALLACE, J. E.107 J.69 J.39 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 627 Index of correspondents WALLER, J. G. WALLING, John C. WALLWORK,A.L. WALMSLEY,D. George WALSH, D. (‘John’) WALSH, S.N. PAKENHAM- WALSTEDT, Russell E. WALTERS, Kenneth WANSBROUGH, George WARD, G.N. WARD, I. M. WARDER, Michael YOUNG- WARING, Robert K. WARNER, Sir Frederick Edward WARNOCK,Geoffrey WARNOCK, (Helen) Mary, Baroness WARNOW,Joan N. WARREN, E. J. WARREN, J. B. WARREN, Peter Tolman WARREN, T. R. WATANABE, Helen WATERLOW,John Conrad WATERMAN, A.T. J.265 H.362, H.533, H.534, J.126, J.151, J.175 J.527 F.234, J.483 J.314 J.1047 B.64, B.78, C.80, J.69 E.339 J.314, J.1014 H.94 J.99 H.635, H.636, H.638, H.640, H.647, H.704, H.705, J.1034, J.1138, J.1145 See also J.1128, INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL FOUNDATION J.39 H.955, J.1015 J.126 J.882 H.172, J.413, J.424, J.428, J.457, J.521, J.523 See also J.1016 J.53, J.133 J.34 H.193 H.422 E.174 E.107 J.39 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 WATERS, Basil WATES, Neil E. WATES, Ronald R. WATKINS, T.L. WATSON, Colin WATSON, David G. WATSON, E. A. WATSON, John Steven WATT COMMITTEE ON ENERGY WATTEBLED, M.-T. WAYNE, Richard P. WEART, Spencer R. 628 Index of correspondents J.126 See J.1016 H.222, J.265 J.39 E.282 J.371, J.423, J.427, J.428, J.429, J.433, J.434, J.477, J.490, J.507, J514, H.230 H.296, J.151 H.114, J.528 J.341 J.451 A.25, D.49, D.97, J.393, J.508, J.512, J.514, J.519, J.1152 WEATHERALL,Miles J.151, J.203 WEBB, Albert Dinsmoor(‘Dinny’) H.585, J.1016, J.1140 WEBER, Gustav WEBSTER, Charles WECHSBERG, Joseph WECK,Richard WEDGWOOD, Dame Cicely Veronica WEIDMANN, G.W. WEIL, Louis WEINBERG, Alvin M. WEINBERG, Felix Jiri E.328, E.330, E.331, £.344, £.362, E.371 See J.1016 J.265 See also J.1016 J.151, J.1017, J.1137 H.138, H.164, J.203, J.265, J.314, J.413, J.1017, J.1190 See J.1017 B.55, B.80, G.28, H.458, J.39, J.69, J.99, J.126, J.151, J.175, J.1018 See also B.81 E.408, E.410, E.411, H.650, H.655, H.705, J.401, J.486, J.492, J.494, J.505, J.509, J.515, J.1019 J.371, J.413, J.420, J.1116, J.1119 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 629 Index of correspondents WEINBERG, Steven WEINER, Charles WEINSTOCK,Bernard WEINSTOCK,Harold WEISS, H. WEISS, Richard J. WEISSBERGER, Arnold WEISSKITTEL, Harriot WEISSKOPF, Victor Frederick WEIZMANN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE, REHOVOT, ISRAEL WEIZSACKER, Carl Friedrich von WELFORD, Walter Thompson E.138, E.157 H.124, H.126, H.132, H.144, H.222, H.225, J.265, J.314, J.1078 J.69 J.265 J.265 J.506, J.1019 J.314 H.213, H.230, J.347 J.69, J.99 See also F.211 H.234 D.47 E.138 WELLCOME RESEARCH LABORATORIES B.86, J.151 WELLER, Albert WELLER, Laurence WELSH COLLEGE OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY WELSH, H. L. WELTMAN, J. WENSLEYDALEDAIRIES WENT,J. J. WERBLOWSKY, R.J. Z. WERNER, A.E. A. WERNER, K WERTZ, John E. WESLEY,J. Paul WEST, W.H. J.273, J.314, J.1101 C.97 J.152 G.37 J.55 G.288, J.40 J.341 H.684 H.9, J.265, J.314, J.1019 J.265 J.314 E.349, E.362, E.363, E.367 J.513 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 630 Index of correspondents WESTCOTT, Carl H. WESTCOTT, John H. WESTENDORP, William F. WESTHEAD, John M. WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CORPORATION RESEARCH LABORATORIES, PENNSYLVANIA WESTMAN, Anders WESTMINSTER SCHOOL WESTONBIRT SCHOOL, TETBURY, GLOUCESTERSHIRE WESTPHAL, Wilhelm WESTROPP, Celia WESTRUM, Edgar F., Jr J.40 J.1169 J.265 J.40 G.37 J.56 J.203, J.1067 J.393 J.169 J.40 J.265 E.281, H.463, H.571-H.610 passim, H.962, J.151, J.314, J.341, J.428- J.430, J.434, J.453, J.455, J.462, J.482, J.1121, J.1146 See also J.1019, J.1126, J.1127, J.1129, J.1137 WETHERICK, Norman E. E.265, J.412, J.420 WEXLER, David WEYL, WoldemarA. WHATLEY,Fredrick Robert WHEARE, MrsK.C. WHEARE, Sir Kenneth Clinton WHEATLEY, John C. WHATON, Bruce R. WHEELER, Sir (Robert Eric) Mortimer WHICH? MAGAZINE WHISH, June C. WHITBY,Joy WHITE, Adrian Nicholas SHERWIN- J.1168 J.40 J.438 J.126 H.956, H.957, J.59, J.125 C.79, H.542, J.175, J.314 A.25, J.498 H.956, J.203 J.1020 J.69, J.1020 J.1020 J.257 N. Kurti NCUACS165/8/08 631 Index of correspondents WHITE, F.G. WHITE, Gabriel WHITE, Guy Kendall WHITE, Harold O. WHITE, HarveyE. WHITE, Howard. J. WHITE, John W. WHITE, Martin WHITE, Neil WHITEHEAD, W.J. D.95 J.126 B.99, E.433, G.48, G.49, G.259- G.262, J.99, J.126, J.265, J.341, J.464, J.481, J.484, J.505, J.1021, J.1112 See also J.503 E.248 J.99, J.1022 J.487 J.520 J.23 J.371 E.255, E.260 WHITEHORN, Katharine Elizabeth (Mrs Gavin Lyall) E.278, J.1022 WHITFIELD, G. A. WHITFIELD, G. WHITHAM, James WHITROW, Gerald J. WHITTELL, J. M. C. WHITTERIDGE, David WHITTERIDGE, Gweneth M. WICHMANN, Eyvind H. WICHTERLE, Ivan WICKETT, A.J. J.151, J.203 J.99 E.274 J.289, J.1022 J.175 J.40, J.175, J.412, J.419 J.99 J.69 J.371 J.356 WIDDOWSON, Elsie May E.138, E.154, E.167 WIENER LIBRARY, LONDON WIGGINS, Arnold WIGNER, Eugene P. J.412, J.1022 J.314 H.635, J.383, J.393, J.1023 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 632 Index of correspondents WIJERATNE, P. Brian WILKIE, Douglas Robert WILKINS, George A. WILKINSON, Christiane A. WILKINSON, K.G. WILKINSON, K.J. R. WILKINSON, Sir Denys Haigh WILKS, John G.273, H.635, H.636, H.705, J.1023 E.107, E.154 H.588 J.175 J.203 J.186 B.82, H.486, H.771, H.772, J.69, J.99, J.126, J.151, J.314, J.327, J.341, J.355, J.393, J.412, J.430, J.1023 H.458, H.968, H.969, J.21, J.99, J.265, J.1072 WILLIAM WALDORF ASTOR FOUNDATION G.7, G.16, G.27, J.74, J.273 WILLIAMS AND WILLIAMS, RELIANCE WORKS J.46 WILLIAMS, A.L. WILLIAMS, D. O. M. WILLIAMS, Sir Edgar Trevor(‘Bill’) WILLIAMS, H. S. WILLIAMS, lan R. WILLIAMS, J. E. C. WILLIAMS, M. WILLIAMS, P. M. WILLIAMS, Robert Joseph Paton WILLIAMS, Roger WILLIAMS, Shirley Vivien Teresa Brittain, Baroness G.81, J.203, J.265 J.126 E.32, H.138, H.225, J.126, J.203, J.304, J.431 J.40 J.265 H.12, J.1063 J.203 J.473 J.266, J.371, J.1023 See also J.1087 E.275 J.203, J.266 See also J.1066, J.1067 WILLIAMS, STANDRING, SANDEMANAND HEATLEY LTD G.287, G.288, J.126 WILLIAMS, TrevorIlltyd B.68, D.114, H.227, J.69, J.151, J.175, J.314 See also J.1023 N. Kurti NCUACS 165/8/08 633 Index of correspondents WILLIAMS, William S. C. J.69 WILLIAMSON, David Theodore Nelson H.638, H.650, H.655, H.658, J.266, J.314, J.341, J.412, J.458, J.474, J.493, J.507, J.511, J.526, J.527, J.1024, J.1097, J.1127, J.1128 See also J.1103 WILLIAMSON, Malcolm Benjamin Graham Christopher See J.1025 WILLIAMSON, Raj WILLIAMSON, S. J. WILLSON, Dennis R. WILSHIRE, Peter D.97, J.1183 J.203 J.151, J.266 See also J.1025 E.249 WILSON, Arthur James Cochran H.390, H.826, J.371, J.461 WILSON, Sir Charles H. G.81, J.203 WILSON, Geoffrey Victor Herbert WILSON, J. G. WILSON, Leslie WILSON, P. J. B.65-B.67, E.434, G.48, J.151, J.266, J.314, J.341 See also J.105, J.249 J.266, H.155, J.203, J.208, J.266, J.314, J.1099 J.69 WILSON, Sir Patrick Michael Ernest David McNAIR H.116, H.117, J.386, J.406, J.1128 WILSON, Richard WILSON, Stuart S. WINDSOR, C. G. J.1125 J.99 J.175 WINE AND FOOD SOCIETY, LONDON G.287, G.288 WINTER, J. 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